Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 16, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 16, 1867 Page 5
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already Im hundred MB he.? been lapinwd, Ml the hon? here be t Mat from half the prirsu atabtee to the city. The impressment ef voluntoqn te aot the only in flto ft Mb that Puebla kaa to hear. Within the loot let deye hit forced tonne, eat at tMM end the other of $10,000, hove beet levied by Marques en the merchants of the i no til ton dollar lean It Mexico city realised city i *0?,000. Hetelte tolerated the merchants of the capital that If they cheat to make the Emperor a t they eonld do to, but if they reftaed he protect them, and naturally thia hat not lat 1 the f?ling between the- Preach Merahel hie former y-uip*, end afew days ton? there wee Tory near en armed rupture. Tour resident eorreepond ent in the capital baa doubtless adrtead you of the eercat of Bettor Don Pedro Garay y Stray by Marquee, hat, leet the feote have aet been fully given, let me, at fan risk of ?me repetition, elate lhem. Seder Stray waa one of Juares's miuiatera In Ten Crue during the troublous timet of 1868, 1U0 and 18M. He bow reatdoe to the capital. Mare hat Baaalae la hie men bora friend abip for the liberala choee Garay aa hie go-between, end to?ted him with everturee to both Jnarea end Porflrto Una, giving him, at the aaasa time, n aafe conduct. When the repiiee to theea proposals wore received Gar Sff'e agency in the matter became known la the im perial l?t, tad Marque* art?tad him. The French fleaem! of Police protected, and Marques en?ted him at? Both were quickly role?ed, but the affltir gava ?bt to a rumor winch for two daya received general eradenoe?that there had been a collision between the Frenoh and imperial troops, and that Marques bad been arretted by Bazalne. , The Emperor will leave the capital with or before the ?ranch. H a oourt carriages, hie plate and furniture, are aH advert lead for ante, and hie departure ia e matter of but a raw deye. Personal antipathy te the Frenoh being accepted ? the reason why Maximilian returned to the capital at all, ?are yet remains some motive la be eug?sted for the a?Ion of Marquee, MH?aea end the char? party. They mm a? men who fa? any chivalrousfaeltag would eaet In Mr let with n Halting cauae. What then wee their SMect In giving ha ihetr adh'. ion to the moribund em ?Ml An ?ptasaltan In given here wblofa been ? the face at It some-embienoe of probability, though it If In other reap?to wIM and extravagant. They aimed ism, uul *3 Fr ?d?nt They bayed, end it pould eeem e?1 hope, to entry eul this eeheme and to ?cure the focognKita of the United States. To thia end ?hey ha? eel ? foot n big bribery jebt The ehureh property bee been celled upon pretty frequently, but there is still ?me wealth left The forced loans now being rawed In Mexico end Puebla are only for tem porary purposes. The ?lid sub-stratum, the twenty amnions spoken of in the compact between Maximilian and the churchmen, to to be devoted to other usee, ft to to be employed to secure the good will of Secretary fa ward, Thad Stove? (??who,"" eaid my informant, "ia fas Congress"), sad Generals Grant, Sherman President Johnson is left out of calcur Feasibly because of bin es pec ted impeachment One of the ageots in this nloe Utile business, lienor Arroyo, of Fnebw, has left for the United Stat? ostensibly to par she? arms. Another la to follow shortly, whatever ?eount of truth there may be lu thia Quixotlo bribery nfaa?e, it ia morally certain that Mlramon and Marques bad and have at ill some ulterior object in the oourse faey bave taken, very different from the cm that ap pears on the surf eon Papers from the Jon? headquarters, received here to-night, contain a number of edicts by the President, atoaavly hostile to foreigners, threatening banishment and confiscation of property to all who have in any way Interfered in Mexican eDelrn All the Imperialists end ? the pries te from the greet sugar growing district of Matsmnros (State of Puebla) have arrived in this city ? fugitives today. Arrivals el French Treepe?Feave fa the Capital and Paebla?Price ef aa Iwipe ?W Deenratlon. , M Pu?u, Jen. M, 1M7. fa?eh troops are rapidly p?ring into this city, thousand arrived to-day, with a convoy. The French convoy was to Wave the capital this mora VBra ffovvlU, the FT?oh organ In Mexico, ad eVocy compatriot te avail him?If of thia, the I?t ot leaving Mexico under safe protection. In this ?Hp the French merchente era all preparing to leave, g?hCTB%gsje ?? i UW ?air beedq?rtere and attempt Ac?mad SI, l to the attar d?wtotiim of the alter, akr?dy tared by the fa?eh apt?be Americana. % nil directions?from Matamoroa, Monterey, 8eh l POtadsad OoJeco?the liberal fore? ere ?a the capital. If Mexico sky flalM, to irkoe^Tato fasted to u faa?a?g 1 i tariff or foriy-flveTbou jtton ia the order ef the day where?r the Kbe ?htoga Already it -to estimated that Juer? h? oonUe ?Sad property to the vahte of. one hundred end twenty ?la the Stat? ef Dorengo, Chiheahne, la?1? jo boa potoel. Durango Don Juan Florae received the Order ot from Maxtaalttan. For title offence Juares his twenty-three haciendas, worth eleven dollara IndlcaUoos of the unfriendly smd San In D< I? ef thfl Mexican President towards foreigners ore IB?suing, ?d If the capital should fall into Juarvs' heads without a straggle It will hardly bo the pie?for area pa American te live to. Mews to expected daily ef aa engagement between fatoatooa and the Jnartots under Cetoael Jo? ftiaeon Ito'lnr"-. In the Btete of Ago?CaUoatea > Dmvn ?f Juni Aflut Bnr?iwaM CwbmiU-FmIIh To war da Foreign' rcachma Haled, Aaerleaai Frared - Ptmmu, tea 30, mi ftt/te LXxrai, tbo org ajJ of Juures to Zacapoaxlla, publishes the following alleged dcoree bl Jnarei;-^ - ? Bmwto Jcabxs, President of the United States of Mexico. -.D? all the people. Know ft? Abticia 1. AU the Powers of Europe having recog ?taed the government of the usurper styled imperial, all eolations between the republic of Mexico and the afore aaM powers are hereby terminated. An. 2. Such nations as desire to renew their relations ?Mh the republic must name new ministers to negotiate new treaties conformable with tbe interests ef thla Asr. 3. All retail oommeroe exercised by strangers in An country must cease. An to the authenticity of this document there eeem to ?npmmdonbUL But it Is worth quoting and careful aMaatlon for tbe purpoaoof showing the feeling that gnulails towards foreigners, ss manifested by the recep ?aa which thla proclamation has received. Tiie Jdta thrill in publishing tbe document can acareely And eaarde forcible enough to sxprees the. strength ef Ita sp ?'It M^oterioan, says thla libanu journal, that tbe retell ?snsmeree ef the whole country is m tbe bands ef straa gmn Masters of a gnat portion of the landed property, ainiml of one ef the prtnetpal Bo ureas of public rtohas, ? ? A ? ? .rg ? Jk h?ur smimlm^lnmnl sisainiasn hatta Mu pTWn tflfl Oj 11'VrurvlOMH NwiTV^I *5ni IITW dUion truly huminaUar, in ipe that our coin me roe will aSspmint MM la nmntfosted by other and which oonlrlbntee so much to the progress and protected by ? internetionai tv ndnred the Mextaaas to a conditio 5e2b the* 9S?^iZfLi\ ?t greatness of a country. Coaeewoentty, to "W* **?, e*H commeree carried an by ,*ouiJty an immsnae which implies nothing leea (ban tbe placing ?r Mexico in Wtm rank ibe ought M ooeopy among the eivl Heed oa MamvcCtbe earth. by npeniag ap one ef tbe principal noarccg or nubile industry. "Vibe decree which we have thus examined briefly ami nates, an we sanpooe it does, from the supreme gov. ertmebt of the nation, we Mull be the flrat to recognise fbn high Mgaeity of tbe citlnen Benito teares and hit re fare for ihn honor of bis nenatry; and we shall also be ?M'mnt to proclaim the opportune character of hie do staion sad tfce great beagdta Which will result to Mexico ?w Py*ng la fnH and complete execut on this urn ?M* ' * >be decree baa not get bean psnmnlnaiod W ?? Propose it, fueling coafldeat Vis ttWWgkty neoeeaary aidof Immeasurable impor derre ihe grandeur with all our heart*" J*4 ?? chnfaoterietio and rwpraeenta ?**? iiT^ bCnnkmmn am m nothing ee eouststeal aa in Ibelr dtrtrwet ef and nverwon to ail Prretgnem If there Ueny dlfcrence of degree a ts thisi-ebly hate Fremh ? ? 1 "** mm- 1,111 gaapsmtm to make a second bhlna of Mexico would bo pwwlnaprosoerliy of (he liberal nan*' 8 The French ara in the worst caae. In Poebla aad ltesico yhatfthrturei at least are ranted by French ?? i~ILipos'poaed for a day or Wdp iMtIV 09flMIIJr BB IB? 1jI| OJT I* Bbfiiftty IfoLyvMftn BrrMtg*m#nu) to qoi* ino wnmr? %r reeL,* UMimBivAa ?s tbe Under mercies of tbe llberai^;h^7%i!^! e^^vKSstsssss. follow,og letter, sddreeeed to w of age:? ^ Palacu or Marion,a* twrr Mr Peak Miwistsb?The poUlteal oonVuMoot happened and wbleh are acl iaUy bapi<enlng in SuiHl ?es'iUed In the complete ruin af Innumerable fautlllet. ?Sm rigors, eSfMMiaUy those of Fresoh nationality, who i.nd thCMselves unable in avail themselves of tbo Invitation pi landed t? them by tbe PrrMb Legation, to return fo their Ee own try with the <n.xw nqpafMioaaat ?. I deslte to their anxiety as Wrteh a* possible, and to gfre the means of raising a do mantle hearth among us by ?unending to them lands to oOhmfss. I recommend vi.ti, tjhsyefore, te propose to me suitable means to attain this Hcpelre the eaauraace of the high consideration of ronr rsry ageetionate iAxrVll.MM. On the same daw the Emperor also leaned the' follow, tig order of the any to bis army ClBssaAAS, Cniarorncxaa awn Hoji-Coxewoiran Orri Ks Or rma Msvmsax. Xanw?bhers etUtsemeng nsa mim of worthy soldiers who did uot Oral eee .the light of day I ex too. but who irp Vex leans by ad?ptlen and by eentf pa, ?sssh'was ?ev should remain untied alike m Partaklpa of the dangnrs *(?? oempsltm and in <>isrlitS<beMMslnad of peeee. "w? adjure all Wyou. thrrnfure. eo to as! thai U ahaU not ha mtw bar os re nun hi* any wsnt of harmony, not only " but even la wer*t which might wound the auscef. ief those wlrhre now our brothers. We sssHt to e same reessst, and danM est we shell be as wah J wtth on? he with the other. The Freneh army re Jpms t? its oo so try! hut a great number of the eons ef noble franco remafn smong ns to farm pari of our national stiay, Kler serving in tbatef their country, er to devote IhemaelxM sseammeroe. Industry and the arta. it Is fir ns to take the ?sost scrupnfaim Mr? that tad flrst shall not ilnd any ssotlre Mr difaereemeat smoM the# ssmaesloas In ana* in ? change for iIm Mlf denial ?Nk Which they trrfir to remain tn Wurlee toMmaof returning*? thau-country; while, with ?ko th? others, It U do* that we should man If eat the eeHsttude, eo the* they su*s? neither hi person or propsrty. General O'Horaa, an impeatol ohlaf, with e command *T two thousand men, at Unpen, BMW Mexicg city, to, day wN*we?d ft* the liberate. ruble le glvem ay to the Preach end the chudunee. Zouaves ere encamped every where, even over the un marksd, miiaclmiil, BBmI * mart nan bnrtal groonA | The emote awnree with eamackad prteeta, end the hearty prooeeaion of the hoot la once more aocora C^Bed by e m ilitery guard ef honor. When the ^?rals ere round, thee# thtnn ere done eery quietly and the prtoata Mag small. Tie (breed levy of troope fer the Im perl el army conttnuee After uightlhil few Mexicans dare etlr abroad. The euarfab are aurrouuded ? at all hours of the day by cored* of weeping Indian women whooo hoabaade have been seized for Imperial ^^^^^MBIfcree hundred imperial troops, with a battery, left yesterday ostensibly ft* Matamoroa (laurl ear)?la reality for Mexico city. I Maximilian la dally expected la PueMs to set ap hie government hern, leaving Marques to defend or evao uale Mexico elty, as the droumatnueea aaem to warrant. In the present revolutions, aa la previous onas, Puebia will be the keystone. The last light Ip the coming campaign will he for the posassslon of this city. The imperialist* sought to forufy it but Bazaiaa baa pre, vented them. The report art on foot In the city of Mexico that the foard entrusted with the oonveyepoe of Ortega from Zaeatecaa to Duraago had declared for him and set him at liberty to regarded here as a pure invention. Nothing has bun received flom the Juarax headquarters to oon '-*? it Details ef the Zncnteeu Affhlr-Plnuolble hat Denhcfol?Sarprlalac AeUvlty ef Mlra ? Mwuawq ftk T, 1 ?In Southwest Pan, Path IX, 1MV. J Tha arrival of the Monterey stage en the evening of the Mh last brings the important information of tha re oocupation of Zaoataeaa by Miramon. This offioer, who late three divWenn It wro auppsaH by the Ltberala that the drat, numbering UmenhtMud man, undar Genaral OaatiUo, would move directly on San Lais Potoel; that tha cavalry, numbering one thousand, under Gene ral Quiroga, would move by another route to the same plana, and tha balance, under Miramon himself, by still another. Contrary to expectation, the latter force moved directly to Zaeatecaa Joans ha* arrived there but a short lime previous, and had been enthusiastically received. He was obliged to flea A train with $800,000 had moved out toward San Lute Potoel a short time pre vtooe, add it was feared it might have fallen into the hands of the imperialists. The movement of Miramon was a surprise; nothing was known of it in Zaeatecaa three hours before hu arrival. General Miguel AS? evacuated the place, and tha Imperialists entered with out firing a shot, When tha news reached San Lois Potosi it created much ooaaternatioa,- and it was finally determined that Trevlxlo should Immediately march on Zaeatecaa with four thousand man. Tha whereabout* of Juarez and suite is not known. It to (bared they have fallen into the hands of the im perial cavalry, under General Qatroga. It In moreover, reared that this cavalry, of which nothing to known, ana General Castillo's three thousand men, will appMr before San Luis Potoel, now left comparatively defenceless by the withdrawal of Trevlno. General Mails to sick at San Miguel Allende. It to said he despairs of the empire end has discharged some of bis tteopu General Cortlaa has written a letter to the Governor ef Nueva Leon, in which he saye that be will shortly be la Monterey, *n rrm'e tor the seat of government, for the purpose of placing himself at the orders of tha President He to now In tho vicinity or Oamargo. Ortega has arrived at Saltljlo a prisoner. OUR DIMMNSO CORRESPONDENCE. Details of the Capture ef ?aa4altdara-Baa dUa at Werk la the City-Hew Order Wm Maintained?Caaalee Beeapee?Treaele la Sw.thw.mter. CeakaUa-OHekU Aakyaee ? ^tSSSISfim. bwlMlI Informed you ef the etptare ef tble grew eHt second only te Mexlea la importance te the liberal mid mil/ *ha moond la popojatloii^eod ee? MIW The fuMoataj 1 Z- tha extra potuahed by the liberal towae the day alter (hey iiAnn forest, nnw* (onifliiid of Coloosl Eologio Pwtj irtamph ?? ??????? traitor force wbloh aailted oat Sglre hnOWtotho *** jk-m ilka liiiertltVa M tifc? pttvfolt iw ?sllsd loolt fJJ? Lrror nDon (enitfA domination. W# cannot yst ?We ^Stalleof this Important and decWve batile, but M M |Ku io affirm that all the enemy a force were rare either Wiled or taben prleoneie, loaln? all their **!?# r7toryefjorontilawteao treat aarriaon of thla place rewired to evacoatelt, aether BS222TS? ITthrill rftST^fr^b.ft.11 peak), they abandoned a great q"aaUiy of par*, K artillery, clothing, oocimi?arr *e-f? KS3, rL.i. of Egafe ?A>Skh.r. ?cbo^: sr?yS&5T? which appmrod poeted at Jofcorsere la the early boon of the morning^-,/ The uideTaCne^^in^iil"* flnua* and Spain, PPHa , nllsctllfeed .Sth^he public tranaulll ty of tnw fo11 jir^^'mJnlcl'pa^auar.l* Ceoad! tboS MidCi) coMm?in.'t OHM mw e PJJ I m h, ?,w|, who la any mM?M t^watotbe Inhabitants ?h? SbsnRfKyswffW^ s'asisss I flDADUAiAUi ftC. IVr^K I An or?'er tu efierwarda laeaed by the conaula^ln I . ?hi?n nrohlbited the atleof intoncauog drlnke, I ?ra,hXofb'p?aon, in tMaO^Je^ .ILm ioJ, larh the peace te thus Ueecribed. by tne "5t3?s#t???"?"???. jaa si SEShSpas? s? rsri sss EfSMSB?feg?fggl lura rite l ortunaUly, laflar Alawrrt, teotmeea or ? ??LrMHM. took decided and energetic actton apluaB SSSSk: 3s?5l *LdEu *T^S5&ea>i? tka dg ? Sgi "r"?'. n iiail lino Boro, who bad mareoed- tarn tne S5s.^JTKsas?aaw ^edVproclamaUon. [Pnblahed la UeBpaaxn I Parra ?'rbToffi^rUrt f LBrr..Qrn^ hare yesterday. The original la before ma _ a. W *im? R?r*a"0! A"*T cagssnMmggfgg g^s^^0j?sa.Tiswf<s?" "**? i ir*DauiJ*aa. Doafk MM llr Fetnw <*?*** "uS?.* ^LeVmT ewaSfwhSL anwn. 1 aan only t.Uyon of the toMMM ? T r.BT?????? " - (|# .ha )||??t ?T?IM WHICH SSS S& o?? Wit? '? SLnwdof {boary^ierrow ME^tSaTo'SrtSP ?" nnavotdaSe eonbat command. On the morntna wjcombat AtetUu and CoronilU ourforoja badan ? o( two with ait huadiwd m*n of of Ureitors hundred aM my Pi^h aMwn??Me|iiM th#^ Att*r mi smtrswclir lOooaf^cwm <wfl pOW#,P huJ. computeMWriilnf war; tbe djidend Wn I^w Mraaed all "tair ?^ the Held. The 2.W rAffiw^Cf d^ffi'o. Mined reaidf ??.??waatM?- . Ui(fc }^y rb-raas? [that STbTt a lanuoa*', for r ha?en to write awj ""J* (|f lba ihPfoee the mnrntni dlllf?ti<^- ? "j1"* ?T(iuca<| ?jdth I'ahUr wouixled, end for tide rcaeon I hero >RotToU?i.Uno. K,,n,lrod and ten prt I ehenM ernte to jot' th*lf ?^,,?^hf??JI?b,1or T tr?l ioner*, In erhotn I before referrcdjnreL ,naeraf the tan we hod hMUM a treat nnmher' 1 le ^ .tn.phlef, bn-neh were killed. ?mnn? ?>?" th^ ajarnanner m^{ . **(? Lbs f?huh was tbst not fiSVaJeilThc Jirsctlon U Tepotlen, 0,? great, andTofffRa are ?? Jfaiedeooed ?T lf? EiSSm Tve.r forcea are completely dSmnrallT'd end l ire if they do not eracuam theae planea eoof, tboy wiu ndhrtcly after they learn TOM are adraii'dng. _ PnbUe traooiiiiilW haa uet ihanpM In anythmp Btmry bae cenfldetiow In 0<tr for ee ana enjoy* comrteif PUP** cred U> me. and Wtlw \r?th, that Adanoo and srsiU,::hiS,A?in!ariS isSas 1?f JUIiOlf C010HA. Oawt m aota Bams Den M, iNh fr.w. -Jjr m A rw> 91.m 9mm * 'I >?WW I HiX IK II this be tree, uj Imparl*] fore* Id th* Stat* of 8m I.uis Petoel. wtkh i* aorth of U*t point, will find great dUB enliy In s#caplng 8m Luto Pototo. according ID Information rueelved here, at the g*|* ut mr last laltov, na to b* evacuated on too tttb of Docemliar. A* rot tl>? evacuation bM not baan confirmed. Oanornl Thomas Malta wna, ? few days tone*, lying at thai point, very eertouaiy ilk Bo to considered on* or the beat BoxIom officer* In Uia Impe rial sendee, and bto tnectlvlty at thto moment ? a serious '?1 tar'? I think the Juarex govenment are awaiting certain newt of th* capture of 8na Lola Petoet before they advance further into th* Interior. Within a weak of the arrival of each Information they will advance lo Zacatocaa and ?oathward. They exp**t to be In the ally of Mexico in April at th* latoat. nboobedo'a forces ere new hi front of 8m Lnta PotoaL On th* 30th of December a large train of artillery bad reached ttaltlilo on Its way eon th ward. Colonel Barbaado Cuito, who made each murderous work at Matamoroa, and who naa on hla way e prisoner to the general government, has aacaped and will soon commence again hto bandit work on the Rio Grande. It to a mistaken generosity on the pert or th* govern* meat to let such men live to constantly keep Mexico in a revolutionary ferment. Another case of a similar nature now oxiato among th* "Laguneroe" In soothweet Coahulla. light hundred of them are under the oommaad of General Gonsalrs Herrera, who bids defiance to lb* government end keeps Damn go, Nuevo Leon and Coehoila In constant dread of a bandit Inva sion. I gave you a full account of them people, the "Laguneroe" when I pawed thorngh there In October last They am a brave, hoapttaMe people, great lovers of liberty, bat with very little idea of how it should be T " * ion has r Education has not expanded their Intellects sufficiently fbr them to understand the relationship that exists between the government and the clt'sene; there, fore they are disponed to think (hat everything within reach was made for their especial use; and being a bold hardy race, they generally act as they think. It would take at leant 6,000 man to whip them out of their moon* tolas and forests, and, therefore, as tbsy are nor now la open hostility to the government, they are let alone for th* primal. Let on* thing be satd In their fovor?they never bowed to the Preach yoke, and they formed the addon* of support for th# liberal government when avaST&m rflgirth^lh/Mffil^ th*y live, lie 6k*ri> oths# people la Mexico, a feudal lifo under a foudhi chief; knowing only the laws of the Immense feudal domain which he cinline to th* ruin of the country. Them feudal eetatoe are fortunately sink ing under the sturdy blows of the "laws of re form" and the liberal policy, and Mexloo to now being divided up an rapidly w tbe circumstances will permit Reform to th* order of the hour. A great deal of difficulty to experienced la th* sel*o> Hon of a governor for this hut*. General Arando, wb? inarched with his foroe to the southward on th* lfth, will no longer hold that position. Don Francisco del Palaelos will reoelv* the appointment, elthongh the nom ination has not yet been published. Derango require* a man of strong nerve and great tact, for ig la one oi the strongholds or the clergy and oonaeqnenUy of imperial ism. The following to the official announcement of the foil of Agues CaMsntos* 1 havs the satisfaction to Inform you that on tbo 17th Inst I entered this place, which was abandoned a few hours before by tb* French and traitors. I have taken In consequence possession of the government of tbe State and of tho military power. All the people have shown m enthusiasm worthy of being Imitated for tb* realisation of an avent so plausible. Constitutional order being established In the Stat*, and finding myself at Its head by the popular election ut nomination of the President or the republic, I tender my force* and those of good liberals that th* national cause may triumph, and that th* fundamental laws may be re-eetabliahed absolutely. All of which I participate to yon for your information, and that yon may communicate It to tho President of tbe republic. Independence, liberty and reform JESUS GOMEZ PORTUGAL. To ran Mimtrat or Wan. Aquas Caukxtbs, Deo 30, 1800. Han Luto Potoel la occupied by th* forces of General Trevlno, but tbe government nave not yet received the official account This Information cornea by a gentle man who left Matahnala a few daya since. OtvM ?f Delay la Dwance-Ntuarau af Coroun?Anxiety Abaat Campbell's .Xlselon? TraaUa Aaasi lla California Treope, Ace. Donaxoo, Jan. I, IM7. There la, so yet, aa day bad far the movement south ward of tba coostttnUoaal government. The a Sain af Derange were la snob a dMtarbed state that It will re. quite at least a week or Un days Bare far their proper amamiaeet The country to tba southward la entirely open for aa adveade tn perfect aafety, the evacuation or Ban bale | Potovi, Agu?p hallentee, and Guadalajara, having left I thooovntry for a lon? diet ansa alaaoat free from the Imperial lata There wan a rumor that Guanajuato had fallen, bat It la not confirmed by any official Information. That point In now the meet northern ontpoot of the French and Imperial lata, and la nop cloeety proceed by two superior bodies of liberal troupe of a larger force than that defending It. It will fall within ten daya et moat. Queretaro la the only nortborn Cilnt the Imperialists will try to bold tof a abort time tiger, and H?6 ofalv to gajfl then time to hurry ont of [ Mexico all that they car* to get oat of the ooantry bo fore the Tlbemla occupy the capital. With the frill of OuannJoaio the Imperialists will bgve bnt Two ettleo of any Importance that are off of their line from Mexico to ?era Cms. and tbed* are Morelta and Queretaro?the former with twenty-fire Ui?find Inhabitants, the latter with fortj-ssven thousand?all strongly liberal In senti ment. and only hold down by the bayonet domination Of the ?Tni) M. 1 Corona has entered Guadalajara with bio whole form, and la now reorganising bin troops and gathering now forces from all parte of Jal.soo, officers having been sent throngbout the Rtote for recruiting purposes. The Plate will tnereaoe the liberal army by a teres of twenty thousand good fighting men. It la not anticipated that Corona will make any advance movement from Guadalajara before the beginning of February, at which time be will throw his forces In be tween Queretaro and More lis, operating with the forces of Ttruvioo. now preparing to march southward from the city of Pan Lais Potosl, which he has just taken. Balls, parties, feasts and amusements are the order of the day la Duraago. There In a email opera company here; from the cllv of Mexico. An occasional bull fight takes place, to which, according to the advertisement, every one Is expected to go, "that be may show his patriotism by attending n Jubilee given in boner of the President." As yet wo have no now* of the coming of Minister Campbell. He le anxiously expected here by his coun trymen, as we have boen altogether too long without a represents* Iv# In MOxloo to attend to the large amoaat of businem that constantly calls for his presence There hove been many troubles fa the California com pany now attached to the brigade of General-Aranda at thia place. The officers have been unable to agree among themselves, and were much incensed at having a Hungarian offleer placed In command of them. Thanka to the good managemant of tbo Minister df Was, General Malta, the dissensions, stnoo bis arrival. have boon completely healed. An American ban boon placed In command? Lieutenant colonel George Gross and the foroe of about rocty moo will now be son* to Join the army of General Corona at Guadalajara. Five officers, who could not agree with their eompaaione In arms, bare resigned, much to the regret of the government, which counselled Uiea to remain la the service, seloot ing employment In any one of the armlen new operating against Um empire; they preferred, however, to' hove their reo (nations accepted, and this has been dene. They now return to Calif ore la, resigning their opporv tualiy of obtaining the bounty to which they would hare been entitled bad tboy fimsined tn the service until the end of-the war. now ao near. __ The reeds are now full of bendfia The dOigenevcnmo In from InrMeooe two dejro Maes. It beta been, stopped near that etty by eight men, who plundered the passen gers of everything worth steeling IUR HAVANA COUUfONKVCE. Imperialists Still Owing Ahvond MnnlmH tan'e Carriages, dfcc? for Me at the Palace Ill voir y Between Mlrsnes, Mar?ae* sal Laris Baaatwe Reviews the Proneh T?oo?a In the Capital The Kmperer Ulvew Hie Flat* to Soeare Payment of Tradesmen<*4. HiVtss, Fob. fi, 1MT. The English steamer Mont, from Vera Cms on the fid fastest, arrived ot this port yesterday, with datte from the Moxlmn capital to the ??h ultimo. Dm news la. interesting and important. Among the padmagon per Solent I noticed a fbw more personages who have figured tn the so-called empire, sag who are now m route for Europe; oho ex-General Ma grader and fhmlly. The taa oonvoy waa to lesTO the capital fbr Vara Cms on the 1st Instant, nocordlng to a communication of Marahal Basaioe to tbo Jfru, whereby the public waa no tlflrd that thorn who withad to avail themselves of the opportunity should not faH to do so, as nobody would bo admitted after that ported. The Ufa Liberal, Juarist paper, of Tseaponxlla, eon talaa the rumor that the dooMon at La Teja was fbr Max's abdication, and that ho would leave Mexico with the French troops. The remainder of tho Archduke's baggage tele sent to Tom Craeon the Uth by the wagons of MlgoaL His earrtagsa, horses, mules, Aa, were ad vertised to be eoM at auction on the Stth, 30th and Slat of January. They wore open to examination at the The drafts drawn against the French Treasnry which circulated In Metloo and PmMn have been protested for non-payment. . Mtmmon has not (one fhrtlber then queretaro Me Is 0IL?*^Both tho latter and Larse aspire Id the Presidency of Mexico, General Mmrman'i reply to Marahal Bazalno'o Invito vj&i&srba***"*-?? ?- b?s.. .I??,**4 gratia! npoa Maximilian to five sway more than two hnallm u ?f the French forces, by Mantel 11?lit. ea the plains

of W<* Than van us all about sight thousand men. Including the cavalry, artillery aad engineer* General rtelnau and a large nun bar of eiUMM eajeyed Ore Aa Inoesse tax or one par etnttea been Imp?d by tte Junriatgovernment en all incomes aasonaltiig to |M0 and a d war da Bustamaute, tte Jurist Governor, ana alao collecting a contribution of three par nil. The No tlaaal Guard contribution waa alao saferoed by Janm A Custom House bookkeeper aad a cashier"of tte mu nMpal (bade, both of whom hare tel< teld situations under Maximilian, ted been appointed by Juarez. The Archdnke la laid to bare placed all his allref plate in the tends of a commute appointed by him to inveril gate the validity of claims mads by several trades people, who oomplained that their claims had not boon paid by the Pal? paymaster, at which he expressed great surprise 8?e arrests wen made by the imperialist authorities far non-payment of quotas of the contributions Imposed; bat the parties wen soon again set at liberty. Ex-General Hindmau waa seeking to obtain n pardon to return to the United fltetee, through the medium of the United flUtee Consulate In Mexico. General Miramon was said to have Are thousand men In Guanajuato. According te a despatch by telegram received in tte city of Mexico te was In Loon on tte 18th ult Joans is said to hare published n decree of general amnesty. After the attack of Carrajnl on Apam te ntlred with eight hundred men to join Juarez. Texooco had been attacked for the second time, aad the liberals repulsed with loan Tne garrison, however, was ordered to abandon the town and some te tte olty of Mexico. The mixed forces; which left Pnebia for the capital two thousand strong, were at the lest dates in flan Angel and Coyoacan. Tte greater part or the republican for? which came from Slnalon ted arrived, on tte 1Mb, with Corona, In Guadalajara Oarmnza aad Persa Patacioas had Incorporated their men with tte forces of O'Haraa la tte valley of Mexico. CUBA. Tte rissmw Cuba, Captain Bnkehart, from New Or leans on tte hd, via Havana en tte Mh Inst, arrived at Baltimore yesterday. We thaah tte Panes of tte Cute for prompt forwarding of our despatches and files. IIUI HAVANA COTM?ima?Cf. rratracced Interview Between n United States Nnval Oncer nnd the Captain Gene ral?Death or a Portland Lumber Merchant? Ovater and Cbarceal Enterprises in Caha Commercial, dee. Hatasa, r,b. t, 1867. The United States steamer Choc urn ^ to mil for Key West this evening, but nothing Is known as to the final doings of Ihe Hugh McCulloch. If the pal? gossip may he believed, It would ?n>ear that one of the United States naval o (Boers, now her*, ted a very long nnd highly entertaining conference with onr Captain General a few days ago. It Is said that the interview lasted five or six hour*. It waa Impossible for me to get any clue te the topics discussed or commu nicated on that extraordinary occasion. It is averred that General Maaxano already regrets tte departurs of flellor Moraaa, the former government sec retary, whom bis Excellency brought out with him from Spain. Madame Rumor says that the General sees he has made a mistake by having given Henor Llorente too mnch preponderance in the political machinery of the government. The French steamer Novena Monde, from St. Naxaire aad Martinique, arrived yesterday, and leaves for Vera 2rut to-day. She brought about fifty passenger* for exioo Six of the crew of ths American schooner John Law rence, which vessel was lost on her voyage from New Yorit te Falmouth, bare been picked up and brought here by the American bark Is? Rich, Captain Achora, arrived from Bath on the fith Instant. I have te announoe tha dfath of Mr. Win. P. Cham, a Inmbei'merchant of Fcfrtiaad, Ma, long connected In Kith this Island. He was attacked with the smallpex wa He_m Mai ansae, and, having been convened >y night. A coord lag te tte sanitary returns from that city there te a great decrease Tte weather tee been very warm recently, end many of onr American visitor* are removing back noma We learn from China that the bark Avon, with up wards of five hundred ceolke, bound fur thin port, ww aenedhy the authorities In Hong Kong, because her papers wees not fo-md in order on her arrive) there. It appears from the investigation made at Macao, that r.he had a number of young boy* on board, which bad been kidnapped. Tins, of course, will materially prejudice the coolie emigration. For the last few days, I am told, a mulatto slave has undergone public punishment for eome sort of Insubor dination to bit master. It appears that the latter first chastised him at home, when the mulatto made a gesture of resistance, and the master then handed him over te | olio*. It i the polks*. It ia a disgusting right to ate a human crea ture stripped, receiving Ofty lash** every morning be fore the public prison; the mors eo as this le te be deity repeated for the space of a week. I beve not yet found out Ihe name of the magistrate who ted the "disposal'' orthisc? - ? . *. Among the many examples er American enterprise in this lelnnd 1 am assured of one which, if carried out, will bo quite s novelty In this country?ths "cultiva tion" of oye'er beds. Tour readem an not aware that although thera Is tio lacs or oyster ? ? enters on this Island the people are perfectly ignorant about "oyster beds" ' that biv " ~ er the raising of that bivalve. The oysters of Cuba are very delicious, particularly thoes from Ortigoea, only rather too small; bat with n little nourishment I am sure they could become "developed" and even become OMNnM There in ? bullae**, however, which would perhaps he far more iowrgttv* than the oy-der enterprise, end that Is .the cbnroool trade, which is almost a monopoly for want of enterprising persons to go Into It The retell price varies from $1 80 to $2 50 per bog, which, on the Mexi can coast, can bo booght for twenty-live <* nts. There is no want of foreol wood on this cou. t Large tracts of uncultivated land are unoccupied for any purpose what ever, and yet In close proximity to Havana. The Hanta reroja copper ore roln", situated in the rural district of Bacuranao, near the Maiianuo Railroad, not Laving been worked since 1SC2, the title to it has been declar-d as extinct, and the right will accordingly pass over to another applicant, who may be disposed to work It in conformity wltn the existing law. Tbo sugar market continues dnll for the season. The supplies do not yet nAord the 1 ariety of qanliltee required In sufficient qnsntlty, and holders sse ne motive for tho moment to part with the lots on show at press below the recent quotations. Molasses Is Ann at i^rs. for good clayed. T nnkge is la demand for Europe at improving rates. For the Uaited States small craft ore in fair request, and tb* rates have Sdvanoed. The British hrtg Clio hat been engaged for a part north of Hatters* at |1 AO per box: lb* American bark Andaman, for New York, at $1 87 !i Iper box, and tb* American brig Meteor, to load at Ma tonaas fe* theactual portion odrfd hha fid ft par heptheat ofsu'gnr. Vu^mf^Madelphia^t i actual quotations for essstwlss freights are In pro Exchange on Knrepe firmer end In demand. London, 14,V a It per cent premium; ParH IV per cent pre mium. On the lulled Htalee there itsafiaU. New currency *1 sixty days eon be hod 28 H n SB per 'unt dti Mmaajnahffi| nlMwa^t count, while short sight goM drolls are trss at s 8* MiJMjKg AR *1 tVIMUM IAK. Yesterday merntng Mr Willi am Peiey, of No. 8* Most Tpslt berth street, celled upon Superintendent Kea astf *?< lolenaed 1pm that he hod received a letter dstsd Newark, Feb. It, 1MT, from some person styling himself James Corcoran, la which letter be was told that s friend of bis bad paid a dollar fWr a ticket <e tb* (Mr of OMrtlrarati of the Holy Cross fW lb* he sett of the Right Rev. Rattier angora, of Newark, *. JL and that tbs tlokat hud drawn an elegant salt *f parlor rural ton of twsntv-two pieces of send blaok walnut; worth $M| tb* IsUur stated, moraovsr, that the fnraitqr* I was on bond up end ready to b* sent to his address as iBMMWfRfi was paid to defray the boxing sad exprsssag* .expense*, la U? sou was as envelops addressed I apt* was ta envelope addressed MX 227 Hmutn office," which the aid he seat to that box with tbs ISO. ?antes Corcoran, swindler saM shonlH I Detective Farley was ordered to take the esse In hand, and after consultation with Mr. Foley, sad learning mmgMRiffiMihMldbhdbbAM^B a* such from Vicar Oeoerol surra that (hero had boon fair In Newark as was mentioned la th* letter, he sent the following lotto* containing tea UNba dollar bills os the "Sugar River Bask," to Uts address opacified by Cor N?w Too* Fatx IS, 1W7. Mr. Jaubs Coenotuir?I raeelved jours of the 18th, In forming me ef my e*od lock at the fair efths t'huroh of the Italy Crow, In Newark. Believing yon at* on the square, I enrinee yow the requested amount, ggj. Phase send the KO Keel Twanty-fourtli atreat This lobar Detective Parley left In th* Hsnaia office, sad there waned natll Mr. 'H-orooran'' ihonld eae fit to lend for It. About bslf-pest four o'clock a little hoy came Into the ?Meo and seked for the letter, which was handed to blm. ' Farley followed tb* boy through Nas sau street, saw him enter room 17 of No. 177 of the same street, and then entered the apartment hliweelf lust In time to And a young man openlag the decoy letter and counting the money, lie then took him Into cuetody ami brought him to the central station, where he was locked Bp. The swindler's real name, It was ascertain *d after his arrest, Is Robert Bonner, Corcoran being only on alia* He claims to bees Inventor's agent. Bonner coot nds that this was his Arnt attempt at swindling In any i SUICW IN NARTFtM, MM. Hiwrvoiut, Feb. II, 179T. ibottly after one oYtock flits morning Msfor H. C. Rawssa, while labotiag nnder a teatporory M of insan ity, throw himself from a window of his i Bstflsasi, fall. Ing * distance of fifteen or twenty fast, crushing his ?cull and causing Instant death. The ctrcuhtslMCsa of |Vd tragedy were at fellow* -For several toys M^or ?t.?? -* loAMb 1a Mdd. lafiiiMa - ? narnlas |Sm nan ?? xVw ^w^^yxx m rmkfi 7 WW jjs^^^^W WPW^P ? Ewfiw geW^P^fi^^^p r se vw ilgT. ? and Wwsfl Observed thai kiw nflad was oflhetsd. Jnat before bis suksld* b# was lying down lb bin room and bis wife bad Men bath lag Ms hand. He bade som* ascend for sending hsv oot of the room for ? moment, and when she returned he won Hdiing, Tb* open window revealed tb* terrible eeearveas* Major Rawsoa wan well known all ever the eohatsy, and eepectollr is Hartford and New York. He has to many year* bean the leading mar shoal ef tbraojjv and Itejer oomasaading the Oovoraqr's ft.n? .msfs Ma |* * ? am * aid* ? * ?* -a..? A?? i mm mm- m iwrriw s whs dm umtv Whwanflt ' CITY FINANCES THE BUDGET FOE llfiT. The following are the Comptroller^ MtteOM ?f lb* expenditures, income, tad unooat of taxation inquired for lb# curreat year, oa city account:? cLAumtunow or txrmrnrrrnfifi. The expenditures of the oorporttloa art clawed ffi M Iowa:?L Tht support of the city goronuaoat. & lata r**" $? It +?*-. | Redemption of tht prtngpelof the city debt. 4. Construction of public we*s; tht ?utaaafor which arc provided by loaac tm ctti ctooha. 4 PuliUo improvements; the coat of which ie Jefriayed by aemmmeate upon the property benefited the*by. The expenaee on city ecoouat for which app'priatloaa art required to ha made by the Coctmoa Jouaell cat 1 cell mated aader the first, aeooad sad third f the above ? named division*; and the eetlmates herein ^commanded refer ooly te the expenses under euor division* or Kaa<ta I ? urronr or ifi cirr oovaaaxyc. ? The eetl mated expenaee for tbmpurpde are provided for aader the title* of the seven! deparOirnu, commie tiona aad officers having charge of the sW>?, as follow. :? ? mm MtMLnnva axraantfT. ? The appropriation* required for tx/*odlturee of thla department are aa follows:? AdverUstu for Oomama Unwell..../. $M,0oo Clip contingencies ,.V " wmiTm City dlepeaaariee /? >000 Donations. 80,000 Donations to the blind / 80 000 Printing for the Common Council. 80,000 Salaries?Legislative Department............ 130,010 Society for the Reformation e*J?v?"u* iiaquents .7 Mlfi Total VU, 010 The expenaee of the Mayw* *? esffininied aad provided for under the rawing tltlee of accounts, Contingencies?Mayor's Salaries?Mayer's offic* $8,600 Total J W.MO tbs vxaconvn iianann? ia. jjm. <?* sawsitf sa?.? Oop^geiKlw?Comptroiler's office 'iMOO city Chamberlain?fees of 10,000 Cbargea on anroare of taxe* ? 000 Chargea on arreare of aeeeanaenta 6,000 Jndgmants.... 106,000 ?Opening new streets?expenaee of 10,000 Real estate expenaee 80,000 Rants 86,600 Salnrien?Department of Pinnace 100,000 Total ? ess * * m?n .......... $668,000 The Street Department The eetlmated expenditures of this department are provided for under the following heads, Tlx:? Contingencies?Street Department $16,000 tamps aad gae 1,080,006 Lo?dsand places. .'. 60,000 Mount Morris square?Improvement of 10.000 New stoae bridge?to replace King's bridge.., 6,000 Printing for departments 40,000 Public buildings?construction and repairs.... 60,000 Removing obstruction* In streets and harbor.. 1,600 Roads and avenues 60,000 Salaries?Street Department 187,180 Stationery and blank books 40,000 Street improvements ? 6,000 Supplies for and cleaning public offices 76,000 Wharves, piers and slips 331,000 Total $1,886,676 The Cretan Aqa-durt Department. The appropriations required ior expenditures in this deportment are as follows:? Aqueduct repairs and improvements $60,000 Belgian pavement 60,000 Contingencies?Croton Aqueduct Board 7,400 Public drinking hydrants and urinals 8,000 Salaries?Croton Aqueduct Department 07,808 Sowers?repairing and cleaning 104,000 Street*?repaying and repairs 140,000 Water pipes and laying-. 800,000 Welle aaC pe "" r pumps?repairing aad cleaning.... 6,1 Total Depart**# or Public", h<h?E2^ follow, ,ng appropriation is required to be made for ?*"??** ? U,? department, V&>T W Public Charities and Correction m> ?>< _ Thr. Um Dtpirtmmk *?*???? the following are Uta estimates fee "t't 111 aria an I iiasar-;::?!^8B Werttoe amSeaaa *"* M*lr<>poh,*n *?&?? aifefieem: pojke statknbou^;:;;;:;;::;:;;;;;;;-";; Hoooo Polios telegraph 7,too fe'al ST3.M0 f?? Board < aw^.t^, a mew The following appropriation la required to be made farjhe eipeneei of the Board of EdncaUoo, vis: Public Instruction 13.192.400 r? *tr*rt. C'lmming O.mmviicm. Cleaalog streets, under con TKf aimmimiaa/or Repaviiig Broadway *M<'241 **~IK2$CSEV sag- MM'"' _ srenrepadAm ./>,>? Department. The estimate of expenses of this deDartmant a? iv. pear 1867, submitted brZ. BoJ* oHSE 2! prored by the Board of 8ap?rrl?ara, acting as a BoeriTof ?22 ,"** "!*? lW,l .!" 9100,000. whfoh amount to provided for under the following head, via. . Metropolitan Fire Department fund 1700 000 The Iwird of Aescstoea 1 #~ * ,following appropriation Is required to be made via ,"a *** ?f Assessors and thslr Clerk, Salwies- Board ef Assessors. e7 qoo The Beard of OommUtioaen qf the Cmtral Pari Wa following la the mnoont required to be approprt ferk, vis*? Board Commisaionara of the Central Central Park. Maintenance and government of 1200 000 Laying out the city north of 166th street 16,000 Total, aula ann Jhe B ard of Revision aid Correction if Aummente. followlag appropriation to required to ka Salaries-Beard of Revision and Correction of AaeeaamenU... HW0 _ . Tfn cm cotnrra, For the payment of the salariea of the jastleea. clerks of Ike District (civil) (ourta and the ontom) CwU'oUearlng appropriaUoo Ism iielar 4e?city conrto a101 oeo RcctpHnlitioo of |li# mtniud sunouoti reouirvd to *uPP?rt of the Boards and Commtorfane of the ??? ?# wptrtmtnl or naiMt cimam apSSrsr,^ .. 2j* ??** ?? Wucathm 12,622.000 TkeBtreatriaaningCommMaa 608.261 The pMamlstoon for Repaying Broad The^etropislItaii Boart of MasUth'.i 'so 600 g? ^PgiUuriraDepartmeat.. 700,000 lb* Board of Commtaatooeri of the *,S0# Uoa eft is mmma..Tr.^T^ a,aoe The city courts M,W,W 7 W" 101,080 Total ? sa?M? "ST 4 "wSa srr Interim oa Bavsnaa bonds ataaana jsssgssas fa Kssffl-' '?tercet (?n (>nir?ipf*" Fund mock iS,009 sn^eriaia Improvemeat Fnad ' Kit :imi^;;r r,^ 1"0 000 andKTlpa 26 ooo t!SrMwk?.b,.'?.8MW!!.!"!Tob,p- 2'979 Tnteeroat en Floating Da'ht Fund Rteek ?f 18T8. 164>ho "sasioS-ftr bowi""' ??V Voh,nl??r tkidiera' Family Aid B?n<to a: U,?40 interest on Volunteer Boldlen' Family Aid ES* B"*4-' ?. ?) ? MA P?r cent ....... 100 000 'I*1*. *? Velaateer Foi8lefis' Family Aid ' bund bonds, Nos. 0,.10 and 11, at six percent 90,000 Interest on volunteer Roidicru' Family Aid Fand benda, Ma 12, at seven per oeat 18 016 fetal.,.' f^ws r nnMmrnoH ?r tub cm near. aAppropri?t|?f,e are required to be made for the fbllow ' lo-taiwniR an the principal ef the City Debt, vmr emu,, year 1887, vis ^ ^ Pahlla Rdaeatlen moekeri878 .p..,,. Id at Public stock for Rebuilding Tompkins Market 17 <vm Floating debt fund stock of 1878.777. 1M ma Volunteer soldiers' bounty land iad>ni|itiato Btock for dinita aaidalipe.,.i'.'l 'S'oS Total.,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,, haou e^a < uaeaast anasnrrnATiask " utLZXim irau.'STT""' ? *??? For redemption of the city debt! .V.V;|'J^OO ?1LML88B rpiua payment of i*. JrSSXftJZr'"4 I to he miaodhyui... 19,801,803 fttatsmeil showing the estimated Income from tbe ?everal sourooe of revenue pf the general fund lor anil during tbe jranr 1867:? CommHou on odmlnlstrntloa of Intestate ?estates by iho public administrator $600 Common ocboolo (or city?for proportion of ? tbo oily and eonnty of Vow York of UkO oonaty three-quarter mill State tax, and of the In come of common ashooi and United States dopoilt fund $$0,000 Intoreot an (nun-tor tnteroot da# on nnpnld tnxee of previous year*, to bo collected and roc el rod during tbo year 1867 880,000 Internet on ivdoaptwae of lands purcbnoed by the Corporation at public sales for unpaid taxes and assessments 10,000 Lloenssn-ror reoolpts for licensee granted for various purposes other than those appro priated to tbe sinking fund 88,000 Permits for connections with sewers and drains?For receipts dor snob permits, in purananoosf art loin 8 of chapter 8 of the Bo vised Ordinances of 1880 18,000 Miscellaneous? For receipts from various sources d.000 Surplus revenues of the sinking find for meet of interest on oily debt?For estimated amount of surplus of thin fund for 1007, as per act, chapter 101, Urn of IMS ,V> -1,138. ...... $1,008^0 THE COOPER IRSTITtlTE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Unlneky Nnnsher Ptlnon . Hemes at thp Oiatrlbatlea Office. P?sing with tbe upward Uda of tbe promenading throng that gHdea along on lbs expensive ride of Broadway, the stranger and even the citizen "to the manner born" could not fall to notice many strange dad enjoyable sights, bat among them all none would bu found more ludicrously txponsntial of the varied ?nar? acterlstica of the olty than the scones dally enacted in and about the building No. 680 Broadway. An linmsnsn crowd is hers assembled, blocking Op the sidewalk and forcing tbe passers-by to make a wide detour in thelg, forward movement The party consists of about sixty persons, with the number constantly growing in propor-r ttoa and being reduced alternately by tbe arrival of fresh accessions or tbo departure of those who have found their way in and out of the building, toward whom narrow portal all are pressing forward so eagerly aa to And themselves closely crowded together, with scarce I j tbo room necessary for the slightest motion of thehr limbs. Two pollosmen have charge of this crowd, anft control it as if they were drovers and the people thetr cattle. On being queetloned, as thsy are by diil'erent parties at Intervals of a minute, they gruffly state that the excitement ts occasioned by tbe drawing of the small prises by tbe holders of tickets In the Union Home school lottery scheme. Such an answer cau'.es the gentlemen of leisure to pause In pass ng and lake n position, perhaps In front of the Metropolitan Hotel, to watob tbe proceedings more eloeely. Tbe crowd le composed of the poorvr da see. the foreign* element being plainly predominant. Burly laborers and rugged urchins form the greater part of tbe mass, in whtoh ere wed;ed in many .-pots numb, rs of chattering women, roughly clatl, bu: with aa air of tidi ness withal, which Is uumistakable evidence of reepeet able poverty dlgnltted by the fruits of houeet labor. Tbe officers guard the flanks of thla body and ko*p It clear of loungers, who stop in number* to satisfy tueir ourio ity.* but are rudely hustled along by the tail police men. 1 third officer keeps guard over the door tu wards which all are so eagerly preMlng, hot through which they are a^m admitted at his pleasure la tqnoflhaC Ihsos m Bse Mat Ion* intervals The lucky awes hastes up w hew row flight of etans Into a room wb-re griakto ovgMtoa tnfleo |mi >? inhuii ror toe aa The outdid? crowd to rough but good humored, and the potto? And no difficulty ta present? then* tomtit r an closely m way be powrtWe. to toe effort to koop oMar ? narrow way for the pnamg? of tbe protuenad ra Tbe | women occupy tbo una ta acaodal gossip aad iwde Jekea screamed at each other, aad tbe m?a auui'e thaw I salve? with making ocaantonai charge? oa Mm uIWffW I too door, aergtng too groat crowd against him with I mighty force, and eojoyiag to? fun hugely when b? for I a moment or two rails t? stem too proming torrent I Them crushed am frequont. for tbe pel lance ef too I orowd Is sorely tried bv to? delays of too clerk? above; I but the o(H er always faces the mam boldly, gesticulates, I screams unill'he is black la tba face and pushes the I foremost In toe throng back upon the rest. Bat while I be does this a dozen urchins wriggle through the crowd, I dodge between his lags and ran ip a'a rm, where lu safety I they laugh at hie Impotent rave, rb ? crowd o tialda re I Jolcee Immensely at tola, and chuck to with delight,' I meantime prej aring insidiously another forward surge. I From toe doorway those who have gone In with so mocb I difficulty emerge again after a time, aiaglv, aad attempt I to slink away unnoticed, and oowerlng in ai.eoplsh I looks, a? if truly ashamed of themselves; but Uiey era I tolxed upon by the stragglers on too outskirts at the I waiting throng, and surrounded by the ourlout passers, I who are an nous to learn the cause of the eiclioineat I The outcomors answer with pltoous tales end woe-begone I countenances to their Interlocutors' demands. I ? The sidewalk In front of too dagneireotyt>e gallery to [crowded with little knot? of persona. In who*- centra I some unfortunate drawer Is ventiiutius hi* grievances or [ ewstrlng out his Indlgnat on. Here a man baa drawn foarsmall engravings, another an ivory tooth pick: and a wiser!* German, gray hatred, pinched In body end'half starred In appearance, may bo noticed tnv lug In fbarotnc madneat and displaying to his cliwl# of grinning auditor? ???oral carta <fc vitu, which era to? only return ha bo? had of the five dollars Invseted for the fttroe of blind fortune: Paper folders, fruit kalvem brass rlnm and galvanized tin Jewelry are the treasured borne forth by the drawers, who vainly try to eecapd from the cross-qqesuoning throng, who he in welt aad roar with laughter at the rage or Mheept?h looks of those who sneak oat tone laden Into daylight. The polios occasionally clear off the bystanders, and at eueh time* I thadrawors are Tree to pocket their prizes and saunter off, so acting aa to delude too observer into the belief that they never had any Interest In Mm grant lottery schema. | Although these ludicrous eventa occur In their sight aad haaiing however, the salting orowd does not diminish. Eaoh on# fat determined to go, aad does so, but aiinke out alone, abashed, and ameosrer to escape tow scrutiny of the bretanden aa were those who went before. These ludicrous scene? continue dally, without intermission, from an early hoar in too morning until dark, and are wttaessed with delight by crowds of Idler? who lino the curbstone on both side? of to? way and "chaff" the holders of tickets unmercifully. ? WESTCHESTER f TEL LIRERCE. ? "U/" ?Th? Mar a*d Bcbvzt Him?A petition, to be pro created to the be glide tu re aisa early day, la In course of Islgnaiare by toe citizens of MorrUanle. It pray* that I toe bill now he for? that body to appoint tba comMMnn lets to map aad survey the town? of Morrtaanta aad | West Farms may be withdrawn. Tba Hat la headed by I the names of ?o?se of to* meat prominent reoideni? of ?both town?. i I Fm? a? Pont Cn*m?On Wednesday night to* Ireeidenoe of Mr. Henry Johnson, Pun Cheater, woo com pletely doatroyod by flro, through too ailaged corals?? I nam of a servant girl, who, M appears, bad placed some I damn kindling wood to dry near too etevw I? too I kitchen, previous to retiring for too sight TIM hand ling woe valued at 911,000, agalnat whiob toare laaa Mof tio.ooa A few evenings since a gentleman I ?am?d Blha. while returning to Meet Farms frm the haaa? I of a Wend la the neighborhood, we? waylaid and robbed I of o valuable gold wstch aad chain aod a pocket book eoo I tain lag $?.?. By the lima Mr. Blltn re ovofd from tba I shook occasioned by the sudden attack, too ruffian hod I made good his escape beyoad the range of a revolver. I His description baa been ghran to toe ooiios, who are I odag every aflbrt M make him amenable to JaatMOi I Buenos Ihum. ?Aa aM lady named Mrs. Mary Lowar^ I died suddenly at Waal Farm? ? few days ?gn I disease of toe heart boor prevloa? to ttto I mrt?.ci.oir oomrrrenoe ah? had bmra apparaotly enjoy ing the me" perfect health, but having gone to on? of I tbe bedroom* for en article Of clothing, dropped an too I floor ami erpirwd with"-* wmkin* the ellghtest onto?. Aa Ii??..<hu **? ?utissquently held over tho rsiaala? bp lior .ner Oliver, and a verdict returned .coording to too Ifacia. . I mATMM If Tffl mcai u?. I Tbe following arrceis worn mode uptoilap for Violet lit / the F.rciso law:?tdward Mulvlhlll, BOPlia?> Street; Iaum Bchnrman, No. 7 Frankfort street', floury Clinton, Ino. 8 Pearl street Tbe defendants wore held by Juetioe iHogan to bail In $100 each to answer before toe Court of At toe tone* Market Police Court yesterday Rcrmaa Pteflena, of No. 107 Kldrldge street, was committed to answer for violation of the Pzerte law. Peldarleh Hearing, of 7M Waohiarton street, was art ralgnod botora Justice Led with yesterday, charged with selling liquor without a license, and naa held w bell to SALES IF RIAL ESTATE. ^Humiar. WHtoOOdC?. medO the following raM. of I? toto to tor * fftoWJ Hon? aad lot ?8 me sv , 1? rtWI jj?- ? ? ^2 jfeglSglfipH- .1 P-;.' St ISIS IS 8. - Th? Ow?? PWiywrrT.-mAl toqjp?Mb| ?f too ramrd ?ef Trust?** on the lSUi, Iron W. trams A. M , tad William a RoOssll, i f , were Selected a? pcirteerwn, the Orel ot methemstiea and civil engineering, to? mhar I of modern languages and history. Proposals War? (he addssc o BMdMOi and a tosihwlenl mheal