Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1867 Page 1
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rr tt JLr- JtjL ( ^ ? i ? E NEW YSB? "I SRA ? ?* LD. t ""^jTBOLK NO. . ._. > ->.";? ' new 'YORK. SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 17, 1357 PRICE FIVE CENTS. ?MM ^jygZfgaftJw,1 FOCB HOYTMS a awniint?.?g.ttS?aw D^BIAHOND HKBASTI'IN?MONO A V, AT 1 O'CLOCK. trjiwABt Ifnot. ac?tfair day. 'Put dtaappmnt. EMmbrald t'ROfis.?"thkre ii morb joy ovkr ? om sinner that rspenteth," Ac. Am surp u> Uke your tile. Oonrnondomma. or sendaddress. VOLTON AVBNFX CARS. BROOKLYN, FR1DA* r night?Will young ladv, lilting next gentleman who left ?on it Clinton avenue, giro time and plane where m in'er-l view eaa be hid. Address George B., not 98 Herald oflloe.l C^avnua?mi itui r iiw iw driho v ? ? ''SJgrr** Mur Restorative." My hair i? laUijft off AVEOKOR-DO MOT PAID TO BR TWO CP A BOTTI.K War of "9ing|il *w wHrBpt, "INFORMATION WASTED?OP MARY CONLON. WHEN x lilt hmrd from >u in the city of Now York. Any lay fotmiUou of h?r will bo thankfully reeetved by her brother, Thomas ('onion. ? nsttve of the partih of RiHmietronoy. town of Rlilarny. county of Sllgo, IriUnd. Addren Duiai nksk Coalon, K?i 1 Paari Ilreet. New York. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF FRANCIS BFIt YARD iml Joseph Heiley, mm of Bernard Reiley, tut owiur. XJrerpooi. Address box 4.308 New York Post oUce. JOnN McQFADB, WHO ENLISTED IN THE FIFTY thlrd regiment Now York Volunteer* tn IBM, will heir af something to bia advantage by applying at 9 i'ultuu it. Vfl. COLEMAN, OK WAVERLBY PLACE, WILL ill please renew tbo engagement made at the St. Nicholas Hotel, through letter or wtrodactloo from our mutual friend, Copt. C??J, of London. Eng. Please address I m aaodiataly to box tSi Washington, D C. L. B. B. Xf ART W ? ? ? ? R, BLACK CROOK, WILL OBLIGE ill a good friend who bnew her it ntty of Waeliingtou by ?ending lor address to KVo, box MM Put om-e. \f RB. MARY MARSH. AUSTIN, NEVADA. WILL CON JM. fer firore upon an old friend from Virginia, by sending Sir address to fCw., Herald odtaa. Kg. T. WHO ANSWERED A* ADVERTISEMENT IN . the Herald January 13, will flad letters at station H. TEN YOt'XG LADY WHO OX FRIDAY"AFTERNOON same ap Pottrteenth street, wint down Broadway and at a ataow window in Twelfth street, then crMsad HiuadWay and wont to Fast Twelfth near Second avenne, mill confer a favor by sending her address to B. ?., sia KflHE ORNTLEMAN THAT TOOK THE BROWN O VElt 1 east, with velvet trimmings, fmtn No. 1 Vest Twenty- I foorth street, Saturday evening, February 3, will please re STUB PKRSON KIVDINO A LARGE LETTER. AD "Col. Johnson. Private Secretary to the Ml teat. Washington' loet between the Register's omee hen straet, will ha snltably rewarded on ratummg I dark, Lexington aeenne, three doors south or ad street, aaat ade. Xuat ha returned this day, MATRlHttSUL. HE NT LEX AN OT THIRTY, POSSESSING MEAN'S, I ^?M and genteel, deolree the acquaintance of an tn - ^?B ssmwpllthiil lady, with a view to matrimony, be young, amiable and good looking. V?ter..i, - will ptaaeo aot answer Address kT B.. boa l>n BMn xwbs?slonde and ?Mj^otanm viewing mat. 7 AT STANCE OF A uotr no podhd. FOLLOWING atnMM, HP rUi K^rinow or koboekk turtle ? Bight; has Mil mirror on ouuii!*; girt uillh I iutl of owaer at Ko 7 * GRAND tlUKET, K AH BOWERY. OK Apply to dO Market street ??VmiBiTI ^Kl' npftfifi nr.?n DunLKi, un ??k.a lady't Oold Wat-h and Chain. U by proving pafipcrtj aod paying charge*. KTGHT LAST, U TMlffY Fifth a vena*. a Ana Kiak Half Ibesedy rewarded by toasting (to Ilk event)*. a 'MM Braoal# t. A liberal I 'or Ma return to 4U West Twenty-first U. BhTWEEN THE CORKER OF IArj^ Tka findsr will ba liberally rewarded by leaving ? Twenty-1bird atraat, ooruer Fourth sverur.H Y OUT?FIFTT Sl? SHARES EOUIHVILLK CITY RAIT lj way Stock, standing la my aame. 1 warn all peraoaa ?aJESMrWlSSBSftSIW ?- x?t. T (l?T-OK THK 1ITII I*9T., J, FOCKKTBrtOK CO*. ? ) i talulng a email amount or money. The finder will be rewarded and rectors the gratitude of a poor gtrl by calling to IS! Ninth Street, near Broadway. T OCT?BRTWKEN BROADWAY AND BROOKLYN. ???toii^M^totoBtototoliWto Tbe lj via Fuitoa fairy, a Boot marked Ned R1?* ?ndar will be rewarded by leering it at 17* Broadway, T OCT-A GOLD BUNTING WATCH, OK FRIDAY lJ evening, going from Amity street along Waabinarton jlaee to Feurtb areooa Tbe finder wlH receire a good re. ^?to by leering It at M Fourth eranaa, aa tola the property E^Bllrf?FRJPaY BVKMING, IfiTH IKRT , A MASONIC ^?Mark, marked Albert C. Bower. Columbia M. L.*1. oon ^?lng two pictures, one of deceased tnoiher, which cannot ba reptoaed. A kandeome and Hberai reward wlUV paid for lie ratnm to the owner at ?? Broadway, roem Ne. X be gwato fi A. M. and fi F, la* HALL for f OCT?A FROMIBBOBY BOTH, MADE BY K. HAH J-lday A fto. to thair own order aud endorsed by them. ? Y, VRBMOAMV 11, W7. Ill ^?Tto iiran mm to" torn ?totoMwuJneB ?Newel Hh or to Joseph m Idtal.i^^^M ft, ON tMNNBDAY aCTKRN Assrstxturs z aCTkbnook, ????CTBan, I K. T. ? e rkwabd.-lort, a memorandum book. ?>/ iwitotaiag papers, Br., also orders from Russell, fr SthJZ^JVJBXxnsr-' c*u"1"" 6m _BJrWABD.-l.OBT. 'IK OR ABOUT FEBRUARY ? A last.. aDraft f.?r |t,00?> upon the Central Batlenal | of New Tan, payable to erder and unendorsed. The ere reward wQ ba paid for its dehrary to C. H. Kimball B i., ? Bread street. New Yorb, within ten ?who wii.uNmnl rate House with lot or leased It House, for sale cheep, le tbe ? OC REWARD. OK SATURDAY, A MALI, f^t) fststonas Dag; answers te the name of Addtel ?hew. Any persen returning the seme te A. Shew, 11B Rest Thirteenth street, will eeeetoe tbe shore reward. ?a-m, iwi warn ""?F| ward. Address George THROAT, A BMAIA, te the name of Addle $l50rsracgs^g&fl2 *"C? em w L. A <-a. Wintern be paid and as question* ashed. TOO* THB WAD'II ?third street WHI re- I ?^?street, fiUO will P1AFOFONTBA IN BT.NG ANT 7W OCTAVE ROSEWOOD HAKO J\ forte fbr sale, made by the nod celebrated city maker*, havlag werreatea ter torn yean; ridhly finished, with doable round earners, beak finished same ae the front. richest ten.. _ I corners, beak finished seam aa tbe front. richest ten., fall tfoe plate, eaeretruag bass; wee made to order, ,? quits new afid most magnifi-vei throughout; is without ap<d or toeatlsh; can be fuUy tested leerery way, warermm iwice fSA^'lSWI'CTf T ~ " 4. L. BATTERWlK. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE-TOR J\ ??*( ceatiflM. Also a Parlor Halt, for gltfi one .to. lor 97b. also tbe Furniture of a parlor sad lour bedrooms, at a bn-gain. Inquire at lit West Eighth street, near Hixtn asenhe. A GOOD FlAKO TO LEARN OK?IN UOOD ORDER, A end rtool, far $Mt Kew Flsnofetfies at red'tecf prices ii>- cash. J BIDDLR. IS Aatttr street, near Broadway. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF FIAKOFORTES To LET-s And sold on Initalnients. at the ennn-ifs-piry IVI and IV East Twenty Aral etresH. L. F cl'MalKclB JM.EASE CALls, ETA VINE AKD SEE THE FUICE of our I'lauoe be fir let, and rent dswDnstcH If pu tuoa before purchasing cl-cwhsre. ruane deducted If purebred rrlt^tln sD^innnti*. ?' end am Broadway, center of ^ Twenty-first 'treat. ' WAU?!iLOHA""f"*"* *?"> OFNIiKrt FlAfok. VF Msdedenns .'sbtnet "iwaca who.eeUe end retail, to tot, and real applied if pnr?Saed Monthlr nay meats re i eatoed Meeaadfcand Fmhmb at bargalaa. FriroS from ptol to TBS. hew 7 octave Ptaaw far flrfi end upward*, nidi " ? "''W s tjiimwwj g lanow i*h pyfD 1IQ NVWRT1R, IR'I , Plenos taken In esidmnge Cash pant for aermnd hand > lam* 'eatery sad ware room ?l Sroadwar. K. T. HORACE WA fRHR ? f MNW FtrkLICATHMfi. Mo-as ?j.^m.s'.^gjyjwsuia. ? 4 JMtod on rrceipf of red etaato I Broadway. HatablUhrd IMO. {*> llMO!ID; BOOK If KRl'INU, Spelling. |rHb-| ?T lUmrtPr, rAfSH'l TO ton. Brooklyn. J Htm. I Kb! * re-nored, in ^^?qflenen orladJ. Col ACATiKitr, m ArttluneHC. Ac., New York hooW njiud sn elegant ?H*-! can tccurc A Z^J&JtJKSrjS ?mmomTwM aoMM Bawllu ?M. 5 ??Wit reduced in ciprum ?M. wishes 0 altuatiou si I fMBflJr. to '?ke the an tire gt M teUMikappnr. Nona ?ctly moral principle nr.ii $R-MML DOLBEAX, ?* BROAD alt st'lfnees. ? nmn HIAWbW, cramping. or ladr or mn-Jsmaii an easy. ?ar*nt, a few laaaong, TUtee ft seats vn <M be aeon red. *rwjr -*I TT bayional conservatory or iJL Musto. S MedtsanaTemie, piano, rtoUn, tbaury and ?NBaf- *?n?? $10. TW Conserealery instruction books Nautical 9chool.-captatw jab. r. mai<com has removed to No l? Booth street, New York; ??-*?? prepared for passing lbs Skip nastar*' Aarociation. Rrfcr anaa Hco. w. Blunt. Kaq., and J. II. Toton, Esq , Secretary of Amcneaa Shipmaster,1 Association. PRIVATE MUSICAL IMSTRriTTON.?TERMS VERY low. MaJo and female teacher*. 2Ci Woat Twenty stxtb street. between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Call or ?acid far circular. ? J KV JAY WATSON, AgonC gKLRCT'BOARDING SCHOOL. AT NORTH ORANGE. Raw Jersey. '"08 minute* by Morris and Rusrv Railroad from Now Vork city 1, sat-oud straai north of High, In Main, opposite Jefferson street. on Lh'deu Hill. The grounds are hlgli and cpaclnua, artth a beautiful pmapact. In thl? lusti tution boys ara thoroughly prepared for buftnees or collage, and an joy th? trua comfort* ?V homo. Rare advaniaf* are - - - kJU4toll. ~ er joyed. One vacancy is opca. Number limited to B. No day scholars Coma mm. or addreun Principal, box 132 Tost oillos. Orange, N. I. S?ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL, AT ORANGE, N. J? ? aaeoad street north of maltreat opposite Jefferson. on Linden HtU.?Tbe grounds are saaeicios and high, with a beautiful prospect. In this Bamlnary boye are thoronghly prepared for bnall of home. Rare advani 12. No day sehoiare. patroua Address box SFAMKH LANGUAGE.?PROP. A. DE TORNOR. Claeees for ladies ai his residence, JM8 fourth avenuo, with his NRV COMBINED METHOD, published by It. Appleton k Co. fTIiEATRICAL INBTRUCTION GIVEN TO LADIES 1. and tantieme*, including Hinging and Dancing, by a professional lady Apply at Bo. tJvarlck street, N. T. SPORTITO. A LL KINDS or DOOR AMD BIRDS FOR SALE AT A B IMIVKT'A, SO Canal street, near Obureh street. 1 MedicInsa for all Meeeaae. Prepared Pood for mocking JjTRABCIR BDTLBR, NO. 8 PECK BLIP, MAR ALL A Mm choice heeedeef Doge. Bu tier's fnlbillhle Misjp iV|flnK rsasSs , C*TEAMTCO,l O ante, cheapi Bails, from ft u Baa. at the Beet ?rt urn' heat bu -yam* .M norms grat mam ,7 years eld, sound and M; can beat l:d| also Top LA?Ug 4UMQ?t>aiT Of CABRIAOX8 AND HAK J nrtrtl Concord Jr., a (Mv struct. I A* ELBfUNT C SPRING CI. ARE NCR, OP OCR A own makr, far ul*-llu been run but t ftw times and i In perfect order. HIKWSTRR A CO., of Broome at. STOCK OP MO CARRIAOE8 AND HARNESS, RE duond 20 per cent leea then Broadway aioree, to Make ' leek. 10 Beat Fourth at reel, corner Broad wav. ro^^for ^>rm|^ato^r A COACH FOR RALE ?IT HAS BEEN C8ED BY A private family; blue cloth trimming. In complete order; ae t>x>d an new. Would etohange for a sty U lb six seat Phae ton. Inquire at MB Pulton avenue, Brooklyn. Blooded mare for rale.?a gentleman- in Baltimore offers for aale a thoroughbred Reg liter mare, dark iron gray. 1A handa. five yqara obi and a beauty: ?bo Is a line tandem leader; can trot to the pole inside of ftlf min utes, and cannot be surpassed under the saddle; price BAOOO. Address 8., W! Broadway, room 16. CARRIAGES.-GREATBARGAINS; FORBaLECHEAP several Carriage#, damaged, 000 new styles Carriages. Great reduction in prices; 1.000 eeia of Harness. O. WITTY R warerooms. 0M Broadway. near Bleenker street. ER RALR-A STYLISH PAIR OF YOUNG RAY Coach Hoi sue; warranted sound and kind; lust arrived the eouutry. Apply to JAMKH, at UeutscVa stables, dway. corner of Thirty-ninth street. PR 8ALB?AM OLD KSTABLIHHF.D LIYRRY Stable, with Lease and stock complete. Reason for sailing, going into the country. Inquire at 01 East Twelfth at rest. TJVJR SALE?A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAYIBO FOR X1 Europe will sell hie Park Equipage cheap, vl*:? A very light six seat Brett, nearly new, bull? by J. C. Ham; fine rbleod bay Homes, eiegvnt Harness. Robes, Blankets, Apply between 10 M. and 3 o'clock P. M. at private stable Hweet Thirtaamth street, to FATMOK. eoackman. |JH>R RALE?A FAIR OF YOUNO HORRRR, PARK ??CssiflftaEaar s JjU)R RALE- A RATCBRD PRAM OP FAMILY BAV| r Horses, fuB brothers, 1?S' hands high, loag tail, sMbI ag*Vig'Jgi?lSSsg aS",i .EN), UU-bT UU. 1 TRAM OLD, IURUU r far heavy work;Meek Home, IS hands high, suitable yOv a doctor or milkman, cheap. M Prince street, Brooklyn. T7IOR RALE?A OOOD 8XCOND HAND CLOSE PAN r oiled Cooab, with new wheels. In sound running order; sine ft new Express wagons and 1 seooat band Rnatnean wagon, at Uft Bast Twenty-Ornt street. PROPERTY AT PRITATP. SAIJt - ? sets new and eeooad band Harness, Raddles, ^?^??iMIea. Haltera. Wagon and Bono Covers, Pauline, I Awnings, Rage, Tents. BtankeU. As., very cheap Ofllcers' | Raddles (newVftiOt with plated bit bridM, fttl. Artillery I Heddlea, good as nw. with bridla, >U: amah orders by ex I presXc.TTd. PITKIN a CO.. m North Front afreet, I ^iMolphie, Pa.; Mow ?Perk place. New Torh. I PRIVATE STABLE (ABOYK GROUND). 10R WERT I I X Tenth Wrest, to rent from May 1; price ftioa Apply at 5TABLKR FOR BALE -TWO NEW BRICK RTABLER, en West Forty-fourth street, between Fifth and Rtxth venues; pnmnn Hay 1, Uftf. Pries eeeh $10,000. ? JOHN KAVANAOH. N art beast corner Forty-second street end Rlxth avenue. GTABLBR TO LHT-11 YERTRY STREET; ALSO A PRI O rate R'aMe in rear of W Bond street, also private Ruble MO East Thirtystith street Apply to J. C. BAILEY, 10 Filth etreet. EI.RT-A LIYRRY HTABLE, FIRST RATE LOCA tlen. does to a depot of the New Tort and New Haven wad. Kor psrtlcnlere apply to D. H. CLARK. No. 0 Qiilntard Block, HUmford, Conn. rP WAHON WANTRD-A GOOD ONE, BIT' LITTLE need; innet bernnmy and suheuntlal. Address for one weeh Gould, box I,CM Post offloa. giving descrtpiloo and price. OTAOONS, FIT POE BTBBT BUSINESS PUfFOBK, constantly en hand or made to order, such as grocers', bakers . btiu l.ers , milk, plumber*', depot and eipresa. Ton Will Rad this place more favorable than any In the city, and every article warranted no represented. STKWAKT'B F*ct"ry. fifty-third street, near Broadway. \yantrd-a pull rrat AGuare box wagon. pote and ebarta: alee trotttnrhen Wagon, not over 1M pounds. HUte lowest pries. Rot 6,7*10. I*. O. lrutuiik rea?os. BsmmmmsSi to he known lw?r Those onsble to attend these lectures taiv rer-lrs , HON. RIUHARD O'GORMAit, PEOPLE OF TBI BBBBI qirrnami ii BON. RICHARD O'OORMAR, ? Frtoek. /FECIAL M?TIC?i. Sr. JAMES' ROMAN CATBOUC T A. B. SOCIE the orty of Mew York?Ata mooting of tbo ?tfl association, hold on i bo craning of XoMk;, fhh. I the following, ompIWOOotAry to Mr. JOr ORATll. President ol the Sooiatr. were presented wild ordeied to bo pnntod in tho Sunday Horrid York Sun:? IE8OI1FYIOM. Whereas, oirlni to the Infirmities of am and tbo rapid advwnooo of time, all tending to wwaken tbo onoe firm and an oog constitution of our w orthy and highly esteemed Pre*i dent, Mr John MeOrath, ao an to render l.tin unable i<? ac oept a renewal of tho Presidency. and to cause him to iralan allacthre participation in tbo affairsof the Society, tbemfore bo it Reaotvad, Thitln the reoaaotollovi of Mr. John Meg rath front ihr Presidency?an office in whl-h ho hoe re ate too ted tho society f-r nearly twenty-one ynora?the society hue loot *11 entrant and honest officer, the inomhera a fhllhful friend AiM adviser, the cause of temper-me an onnieot ind ale qaant advocate. While to the boom of hla adoption a trusty servant, he never failed to -Ttnco a lasting lore for hla ttattra laud, and an unliitermiuing afttattoa for her equal right* among the nations of the earth. Resolved. That honorary membership be nooferred op ear Ok-Fn-si lent, Mr. John MdJrath?a privilege never liefore itaanted bribe society, and never ti be conceded again to any other person. John Ward, John Dwyer, Kranct? Joseph Hsggerty, Com mittee on Resolutions John tiiltlran, President if St. .lames' T. A. H. Society. Richard Lombard, Vice President. David Hartley. Secretary. Michael McUratb, Corresponding Secretory. Feb. II, 1847. A?PR. H. C. r. KUF.HL, CHIROPODIST, RBftPECT ? fully anuouncea that he has changed his other hours from IS o'clock to 5 F. M. at 41 Oortlandt street. Mr, Schola bath roomi and frocn d to 8 F. M. at Mr. Sehrtber'a bairdxnaa tng saloon. Fifth Avenue UotcL CELEBRATION.-THE MTU DENTS OF THE COOPER Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, will eomronnorate the birth or Washington hv suits tile exercteee on Thursday evening, February SI. at o'clock, In lb# largo hall of the Cooper Union. The puoloe ere rc?)iect ftilly mriled to aueud. Tlrkeu can he had free on applies* lion at the nillor. A Hit AM S. HEWITT, Secretory. House sayinoh hank.?capitalists asd other" are MMpeetfaity invited to atteud a oaeating, to be held at Masonic Hall, 114 and lift East Thirteenth street, on Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Hon. Horace Greeley will a-1-1 pees the meeting. Theodora E. Tomllmiqa, President. Director."?t'lirietian H. Morrison, David Smith Eufua F. Andrews, Kol-ei, W. Ilyrnan, Win. W. Wood worth, Waller Briggs, J. Warren Nests. EINO SOLOMON'S LODGE, NO. JW, F. AND A. M.? The meuiliers will please assemble at half-past one o'clock liita alt-moon, at Runk's. No. J74 Grand street,iln order to Join tho funeral of our lamented honorary member, brother Jscohy. By order of the W. M. Ph. MiciiAauo*. Secretary. MURTAUGB'B crlkrkatkd dumb waiters... Manufactured euly at 1.355 H road way, near Thlny-ser onth street. Dumb Walters of endless variety put up ai short notice by JAME> ML'RTAUOU. Notice.?the pcblic are cautioned against negotiating the following notes, drawn by Po iltuey A Moehi to their own order and endorsed by them, mailed 10th February among registered letters tor New York and supposed to have been stoleu ?tine dated Baltimore. Feb ruary 11 IHo7, SO days, for $3,065 SO, soil another dated Balti more, February * ISO", SO days, for same amount. SOriOB.-E 8. JAKFRAY A CO. HAVE MUCH pleasure in informing their friends and cuslotnere that r reoelred only tnfliug aamaire from tho lire this morn ing. Their stock is in perfect order, and the business will continue without interruption. Mo 350 Broadway. Nsw Voam, February 12. 1867. VrOTKE.-TTIE MEMBERS OF THE MACHINISTS' AN Protoctlre Union are requested to meet at 1S&1, Bow. ayy.en Tueeday evening, February IF. at 7K o'clock. By order. J. J. BLAIR, President. BsAT WABft, Secretory. PARIS EXHIBITION.?crTIZFNH ABOUT TO TRAVEL JT la Rurope way procure Passports from A. C. WIL MAJtTH, United States Pessport Agent, 41 Chambers street. ! BK"*'oo* mfrj|S8 JgZSZ?; ?? ltw,...l,?m _other*., ]H 08 B&tillUl'J SH fi B*f*1*! ehureh Oa?tle Baiiltt etaurei <S*ak, K. T tgt&2+ Am OapUln An*. Foal..., Coaa .. Jmm llaaan, Brook 16 00 (Ste*mgB:: Sb2^;gg 2^^?;;;: JSS ~g?# ':! ? ?0 f 0" 55 'sSlSt"*1 5"<W4<fe^rmJ^s "" IS $ *5 is Or.A.r. frrn*. Brook- AnoDyiuoui, Bias P^iSS^T Y Relief ,0? 88 bernptoii. N. Y Aon John Clarke. North. r 7TI\ .717777. ami J? "0 Luther Jenieon, Hlngl LTi C? ??"?; 10 00 h?Bi|>ton, N, Y...... AM Kd DeUtteld Vi m Gardner Bollard, K*r ui ?/??M ? ^?- 80 "U otoc*. N. Y f 00 90 UO Richard Caldwell. dal **fb'i7 mu* t*? **J"7 90 00 A Lady 5 ou C. W. Cooper so 00 E. 8hnphard, Dan*. SO'W vllle, S. Y Ann W? Mart* MOO C. Hhrphnrd, Dane iSn ?*ru*r'1 ?" 00 rllle, S. Y X. Stile. Ely.. SO 00 H Jf. k. L . Danaville, Yr?. K. O. Wjckof.., WOO Wla A 00 TomHnwn Spnn* A A. O. Marshall. So ,th n V- rfiyy ?:???? ? 40 " . Charleston, Ohio. ... 4 no Cong. Oh., Weirtviile, Jamb Lapp 8 hi ? *5 79 Anonymous j oo Oliver Ely, Bingham- C. 8<<aburj, Township, too. H.Y. 40 00 B Y. .:. 7 t 00 "zxiwrr.?. 'jyws.lrr >. la,,;.:;;: S3 ?? Mr*. Fanny M. Robin- 8. B., Bow Haven, *>? X00 Conn 100 JJaaeldyBOo WOO John Villa.Buffalo.1'.. HI 96 06 A Friend. Carenovla.. 17# W.C. Mumford IS OO Anonymous | y, Hr". E. F. Burnay. tie- m. 8. W i an neaa. M. T * 00 J. E. Wavaard. Owe*. " ^'t Baptlit Chapel ? 40 no, N. Y_7. 1 00 W. F, Waimwrl^A.... MO) Mra. U Lamoreaux, ?. B.A 10 00 North Hector. N. v!? 100 jj.iyuiL! JJ ?J E. D. Kinney, H. G. Norton..... 30 00 Oarten, Conn 1 on Fraacta A Loutrwl to 00 A Yuaos titrl l no W.C. C.,Now 1-oadon, _ M. A. rtpeaoarl!!!!,!" 1 m Cona^..^... 10 01 Mra. Jamea Anderson, Dr. N. F. Moor*. Oar- Syracuse, S.J 1 uO an 00 Tho Widow" t Mite.... 100 S&^SSiiiGiii. "" **" mm '* iwiHt'Wai ? | 9B wall ahmat, Now York. r lltE JOtriNKYkTRl* BOOK MA KERR OF THE Called Htatee?Your fellow workmen of Dan Krmnriaro are bow oa a atrtke Bo am dooatved by faiwi adrert???- ' montc aa tho ?aaufaotararo are trying to radueo oar already ? 00 r _ WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. 1 ??HI a larpe root for a email, Inronveatmi honaa 'I1?!'^1"-^ *" "uH *9 "h>ert aow I* ? t??*boot ?P?ooiorrMrt that are willing to gn a eluwt ?^?a, any ? milam oat of town ami ht.lld It will mage * Tt"aRe 0o"T'",tf?* <?_*? tlty. pleaaant for all. and Sara travelled Berth, eon OTeoot ead worn for a ?0?** ** of tho etly, and can not And oaa for BAOOO or jj4'?.'* ? B*jd aolghboihood, Wltbowt aofae nulaenee near ?? ' "aro taken the kouae I now occupy for one ymtr mora from aorl May, hoping during that Mate u? better my-elf aSwiujailTi orimr to aoeaiapUah the above it mu?t bo useriStss CAVALRY SABRKH. ADDRRKB, Y^F^o&r1 -b boi .1,(174 N.-w VT.TBOP8ANM MB?f DRYOTRD TO --- -*"?"? ? ?W?aM. aaoh of whooa can defray hie SZt of BUM. Aptdr lor ona weak rtrMt- P J. DOWN1M1 | RBUttlOCI MOTli lCB. AWpatmlaVA|!i!u.75Km w2LA.N" B" h*YTH'R RUNDAY % oTn^tj v~r.igr^o?vr'M; . I!P-r.'^ their I?ir ty Stall wire, nr, l'wrert! ? ?' ipalatore, Kdltore, Doctor*, Clergy, all in a <|uagmlre. " A *9!* ?;_p7CKJRSON WILL CITE HER NRW LEC 'Ctt7LS;,1"3.lS!t rasr?'5 financial. _ fo* MIB-HBW YOKE CTTT RAILROAD fTMKKB: A ntoo Inaursnoe.nd k*nu<heturtnx UtockS. paying fVom I 10 lolBpareeat dividend, tt tow rtitesTor In vestment?, l?y albprt o njuolay, MMWtOTl?> "ssjys ?* ownraac a mr* nonaction of frta, ?flrer, copper, 1mm* and othersueclmcu*, whieli oetinotbe dupHoeKd at any cost, VIA ^gf be *?ld ghe?p. Apply m II Pln? stroll T OANB MADS OK LB ABB HO LB PROFBRTY IN THU ?AfOltM TO LOAW-AT BEVF.N- PER CENT, IN lYL Iafgd it 1MB amounts, on (rat cLu>> property to ibis Ws. t Tweaty-third street, Fifth Arenas Hotel. JpBNBKYLYAjnA STATH LOAN. FBOFO&ALR FOB A LO AN OF $2X600,000. .. Aqt??? low *?r Ue redemption of the ov?r due bonde Of the Omwmoti wealth. Whereas the bonds of the Oi'iiui?ii wealth and certain oer ^^^^^lndobtelnca^(amonotUyt u. $3XOOu.t??'. hirve N laU^M<rahto "SET the sen* Should b? paid Home of Hep. ? Milium i in nf nw ruiiiiiiiiKHN^i? land Assembly noot. and it ?* 1 ? of the same. That tha ^??Treasurer be, ^^?a borrow aa tba fbWi innNHFnMIM HHHbto and with tod aottoa (not lose than forty days) to they may dhem maat expedient for tha interest of the ftata, twenty-three millions of dodan, and tuna certificates. or loan or bond* of tha Commonweal A for tha axmtf, ban ring interact at a rate aot exceeding six par oaaMma par aituum, i payable saml-annuallx oa the 1*1 of February aadtat of Ad- I ?u*t. In the city of Philadelphia; whlata osrgdnaf of I in or I bond* ahall net be subject to any taxation whatever for I Mate, municipal or looal purpose, and ihall be payable a* I follow*, atmaly ? Pita million* of dollar* payable *1 any I time after Are year* and with la ten yeare; eight million* of I dolltn||m|lMhMminaMlmmwnmwmdmilAdNl able at any dine after ten year* and within fif. and ten million* of dollar* at any time after Uf teen year* aad within twenty-live years. and shall ho signed by the Gevsroor and Mat* Treasurer aad oounteratgned by the Auditor General, and registered in the booh* of r Andltor General, and to bo transferable on the hooka of I Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' N? tonal Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of the whole it which loan. Including premiums. Ac., reoelrcd ou the same, shall be applied to tbo payment of Uir bonds and certificate^ of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Rue. S. The bid* for the said loan shall be opened in the preedhee of Urn Ooeernot. Auditor General and Kintc Treas urer, and awarded to tbehgthest bidder: Provided, That no eertlflcate hereby authorized to be issued shall be negotiated for lewCthan its par ralne. Sac. S. The bond* of the 8tate and oertIdeates of Indebt edneos. now over due, shaR he receivable in payment of the said loan, under such regulation* a* the Governor, Auditor General and State Treasurer may prescribe: and every bid

der for the loan now anthorired to be Issued, (hull stale In hi* bid whether the same it payable In cash or in the bond* er certificates of Indebtedness of tha Commonwealth. Snc. d. That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dlans, agents, treasurers, committees or other per-?m* hold ing In a aduciarv capacity bonds or ourilflcstesol indebted ness of the Mate, or moneys, are hereby authorized to hid for the laan hereby authorized to be issued, ?nd to surron der the bonds or oartifinatee of loan held by them at the time of maktnx such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to be issued by this art. 8*c. & Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary ca pacity stated la the fourth section of this act who m,tv desire to invest money in their bands far the benefit of the tru-i may, without an order of court, inveel the same in the bond* authorised to be issued by this set, ale rate of premium not exceeding twenty par centum. Rao. A That from aad after the pasesge of this aot all the boads of this Commonwealth shall be paid off In the order of their maturity. Sao. 7. That all loans of this eommonwealth not yet duo shall ha exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the interest dim February first, one ihuusand eight hundred and sixty-seven shall have been paid. Rao. 8. That aU atlsUoglag laws, or portions thereof In consistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOUR T. GLASS. Speaker of tha House of Representatives. JL W. HALL. ' so* with tha provision* of tha above eat of Aa I proposal* will be twelve* at tha otlea nt the irerjnthe etty of Hantstmrw Pennsylvania, sck if of tha 1st day of April, A. O. MB. tobe v*:?"proposals far Panoaylvanta Htal* ?fmaat. Bant*burg, Px., Lulled dtates whisk must ha expitoltly mam la tha ? ? , moat advantageous tn thy Stale will ha accepted. Na hid t for lea* than par aril he sniHewj The bonds will ha Issued In sums of $30 and such high** sum* as desired by the teeners, ta be free from flUttf, leeal and muulripal taxes. i ? r 1 Tha over dne bonds of the Cowunoawealth of Fenneylva nla will be received at pstr tn payment at this loan; but bid der* must slate whether they intend to pay m cash or IB the aver due loans afaresnid. No distinction will be made between bidders paying in cash or over dne loans. JOHN W. GBABY, Governor at Pennsylvania. ?Ii%ThiII r ii,r iII at > -inn !?? Ft BAMTRAVrr, ' A u <ii tor Genera). W If- KKMHl.lL. _ Mala Tsenaurer. X. No newspaper pubibhing the above, unless umbo rfsod, will receive par. The farm universal exhi hiyion. MORTON A Oo.. AMERICAV BANKKRS AXD COMMISSION MRRCHAN W, U HUB Al'BKR. FARIS. HivJUEST PBKMICM ALLOWED FOR EXCItANtfE ON LONDON. Special MMnUon paid to areaHng etRM-titient* for AnterL ?m vlaillog Parti, and letter* of U-iuiry replied to by re lurn mail. mo FHTSICTtANS.?AVERT DESIRABLE PR tfTIt'E, A yielding at prevent 9EUOO oar annum, and rapidly In. ereaatnit, can bo aaenrad to a wall <|ualtfad practitioner. Ad di-*e Physician, cara of J. I'eaid, E?q., Clifford ltnu*e, Broadway, N.Y. TXrANTf-.0-Bl.MM, ON FIRST MORTOAOB. A YEARS 7 TT par mm, on improved property, oaar Harlem i>rtdc?. No nmnlnloa. Addreaa M. H. I) , on* of Or. Hank*. 10 Leu-en* atreefc. WANTKD-BAOOS FOR ONF YEAR. FOR WHICH ?.tna tern of land la Virginia will bertven aa uul lateral. Addmaa on Monday boi 238 I'oat office. BC nnn 70 ??.* specialcapttai. WANTED 0l"?""vr to extend a popular caah whoieaale and retail Broadway bualneee; will raallxe ilfty par cant on luveatmcnv. Principal! only addmaa (In real name and addmaa , C. W., box It} Herald office. $10 000 TO ?#n,n,? JrA7,TKD ?-OR BraoiNo Law la, MorriaUwn,'?! nana at Moni*town, N. J. Addreaa H. |p,l nnn to loan on improted real eb *01-uuu ? w?* loor nnn to ic.,w. at an, per ( in, ?f UUU lu auma to ault on bond And mortgage, oa property in thia on/ or Brooklyn, 5aa?< HONiaTi# PIm atreat, room No. A_ B'JQry Ann 70 ?* BONO AND MORT. ifO^iy.UWU gape. Hi oaa ar mom auma, oa real Wtoia In tbia dly or Brooklyn. JOHN P. CORBET, ? Wall atnot, roam II LOAN OFFH Et. A T 77?MONET LIREBALLT ADVANCED ON DIA A MONDN, WATCH Ed, JRWBLRT A<- OE THE SAME BOUOHT AT THE HIGHEST BaTes. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOCOHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCUEB, JEWBLRT. Ar., at77 Bleacher Rtreat, up Rtaira AN UNCSCAL OPPORTUNITY IS OFFE A party baring capital to buy out an aatabl! tale manufacturing buatnaaa of tuple anode, < toted. Addrasa F. W. M.. Herald ofltea. pitting - TylAMONDH, WATCHER, JEWBLRT, SILVERWARE, 1/ Silka. Ac , bought or money advanced on tha a bom; alto Pawnbroker!' T afeata bengkt. 1SB Bowary, up autre, apr Grand, roonu Noa. I and 1 ?LNINKRS OPPOR TV NITIB S. N UNUSUAL OPFORTONITT IS OFFERED TO A eaubllabed , dealrahly lo ,? ?? - ? .?.. ?, . where an In errtew ma* ha buR. Only prtnetpela naed antwer. A valcabi.e new PATENT, TOGETHER with A the biiRlneaa lirfl deea\ leaaa, ate., now In tao tetafnl nperatlon Hi Ihle rtty, wltb opportunity for on ImHed eitenlloa. for aale (or a xtork company conld be 171 Port office. N. T. A TALC ABLE STBF LADDER PATE NT-80 PER. 11 icded by oona; and l? light, rtrrng end dnrahle, part Ira laving BfMW r*n purebaaa (be whole In I ted HUtee. I'mMa K. Alto two amtllrr InreriHon*. from BLOO* up __ "2. ?!1.* GO., 117 Maaean drwi. A GOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR A MAN A with a araall caab rapHtl Thlx la a good chance to gat an eetebllaliod bualneee. Apply at Ratineta Agency, <07 giwelway. _____ __ boamRM OPPOJCTUNITY FOR A BOITTHERN MAN D with a capital of gl.MlO. Any gentleman fatnl tar with (he Soeth and aavtog the above amount of -aidul nan con liml a bualneaa both plnvaant and pr.uuhle in eight of tbu Southern Stoic*. Addreaa boxATm New Tork Foat office. TpORSALK-ON BROADWAY, A STOCK OF MILLI r ncry Looda. at n low yaluation. and tha Good Will of ? btixlnaaa which ha* txoeeded ?70,000 par annum, real mode a capital of|l.?n. Any ganllemtn fatnl itar and navtag the above amount of naplul nan meaa both plmtaaot end ptofiUble in eight o SUUa. Adilrnma box A7M New York Foat atll LK-ON BROADWAT, A STOCK OF Ml fjooda. at A luw valuation, end tha Good Will rhlch ha* axceeded BTOdMper annum, real tr. fate, ami a dealrabla opportunity fur a party having 11o,W0 10 InveaL Addreaa D., bo? M4 Herald office. fNSIJBANCE BI'SlNESB?CONNBC1BD WITH AN I eligible uji town office, with Rpedal adv anUge*, can be kgurcd by addrevalnf Oenaral Agent, Herald office. |APBKMILL.?A <X)f PRTBinr , HAN OF HOME uaanR wanta to aaaoclaie with a capital let for the ea " " men I of a ?traw print paper mi II large prod to to Da iibeat refcrencea. Addreaa papal will, box Mtl l'?a< ,H.r Air A RLE PATENT MOtlT FOR S ALB. ranted?a cgoo Echinrss man, with Not f tea* the a BMOIcaeh. to bay a half Internet in a menu It -: rl u ic burlnaaa whioh page over 000 per rent pbiflt. hretw Lewix Scranton. Oeneml FoatuBIce. New York. 20.000 aWMia*aMx He amount nan have the eontmillng Intereet, either R* at or active partner. Addreaa U.1. M., box k,MR I'ovt afc PINHl ARTS. fW ANTKD?IN ~ LANfHi QHANTIT7ES STEEL EN ?1 grarlngaof a large alee: Iboae having job lota will , dnlaparaltaaar bp apptyUg to TWOS KELLY, Ml Tb rd AXV8KSBn%_ _ ? _ JgROADWAY THEATRE ABMHMIDN, ? fB.VIS. _ Corner of Broadway and Broome street. Owing to the Increasing patronage beetowed lP??n THE CHEAT DorBLF^HUKLKSQril BILL, CiNDKHF.LlI : _ CINDKRF.LLA. U win oontiaoa to be predated for TURK* Kit. 11TK MOKE. MONDAY. TUESDAY, awl WEDNESDAY, KK*nt.VBY IS, aid JO, moat positively the LAST A PPKAR AN" E But four ot too wbe will pnraongtO their favorite ro^i in mtlTH I'l SCKH. &A&S!SHj| tat. or pun. MdayJ|eb^^^AM^UiiiE10rorMiB^.msMMt. Saturday. February ffl, GRAND CINDERELLA. MATlHr.R S3Rit5Sefe?E^iB^-~"-' Rax sheet open from 8 to I o'clock for eemrlng pleree. J |-AUT^KMrL^^IYHTrR1^w^ROi^^o IV Tickets Mo.; Raaenred Santa$1; for ?*lc nix l?y? In advance. CARD.?Partlee ihould secure their ?eat* during the day at the kali, to ardor to avoid the rbah IMtbc evening at tbe door. Triumphant ?ucoooaof ibo great sperta. alar sxWmaSRfo ,srS.- "K rSc 5^sTssa,"<Sffi rftrsfi. Ms? IneoMoqaormo of the Immenseenthnslaam and delight by which they are received, wilt be continued Uf^lSSSJWS^^SSSL^ 1 HPKCf Al. NOTICE.- iu answer to Dnaaarona applies" una, I. Hart* bags to aMoonae that ba has seA apart WEUNES M. llartz bags to annoo noo that ha haa eat apart VTKUNi: DAT, FEB. JO, and every succeeding Wednesday, for I Juvenile Night, on which oocaaioin nlilliliea ?m*WWdgM| at half prtjt Juvenile Night, on which cOoaeRMs ehgdrea srttl bo admitted i^Eur * lap** minstrels, rw broadway. Unrivalled en thia continent O with EDWIN KELLY, Producing novaltlai la I la opean and the Fairy rapid enooeeaion that If Jt Raeoaa in Cinder -l/aoir alwayndallghtthe iargn D D are rnealred with and eligaaf mill?me % B awaama of laughter, who have mad* thle BLR Kayiuourgali In the pretty hall ihair L K It Demon Danee 9JB nightlyreaort. Tha ROB with Allnnutiiii, OSLY LEON, O If OJfrfolniandhlry Prima Donna. N DEMON DANCE. 9 Apflthroais.| GIT AN LET whites TROUPE. Every night, at Btraat'a Neohaniea' ITall. 4TJ R mud way. ANOTHER SPLENDID BILL FOR THIS WEEK, ri M IN BOOTH. Pantomime. PUSH IN BOOTS. PUSH IN BOOTS. Pantomime. PV8H IN BOOTS. PUSH IN BOOTH. Pantomime. Pi'HH IN BOOTS. OR THE MILLER'S THREE BONE. OH THE MILLER'S THRKS HONS. NBW OPERA. STRAYED-L-Alf. TRESPASSERS, STRIKING OIL. BROADWAY ROTS. The original HEDOUIN ARABS In their miraculous feat* The original BEDOUIN ARABS in their miraculous feats* SAN PRANCIBCO MINSTRELS, 886 BROADWAY. The trouble commence* at a quarter to 8. THE CREXE I?K LA CEKXB OP MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMBOI.I). BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCIS''O MIN8TRKLS, whose mccesa has never been equalled by any similar organ Ixa'lon in the world. New aa.l cheerful Rurlosquaa every week. Wumbold'a new sods. "Will You Oomu to Meet Ale, Darling! " Troubles at tn? Metropolitan Motel. Animated Photographs. Gamhrlnus' Onera of Lager Beer. Nancy Fat. Shunts oflaugh tar at the Shadow Pantomime aud the scream ing Black Cook and Afrtcau Ballet Troupe. OLYMPIC THEATER, MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 18, W. Production of tbe great local, arnsatlonil and moral drama, tbe STREETS OP NBW YORK, STREETS OK NEW YORK, STREETS OK NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. Produced with all the original scene* and appointment*, and a ? nut ombrae'ng Mr. JOHN K. MORTIMER, in hie great cl>aract<?: ul Hunger, and many other favorite* of the New York stag*??. in the various chatacterlsaUone of the play. THE CAs" SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS comhlnlngtu mat a thia one of the MOST rIFlT.t TIVR PRODUCTIONS OP THE AOE. STBINWAY IIA. ' . TWEN TT-FIPTH SUNDAY CON CERT. HTNDAT B i-ARY 17. AT$ 0?CL0CE. L. P. IL'JIRISON .Director, Mi ? tk Mcdonald, Ur ' i .orito Soprano. Mr. s. B. MILLS, . . the Pianist. Mr. MEINDL, Pluto Soloist. Mr. O. W. COLBY, AecompanM. Mr. YHBODORK Til OMas.Conductor, and hig _ V PL I.L ORi. MKHTRA. TtelBII V .'.T. PIETY OTNTB Reserved voats 60 eauu extra. For sale at Hteinway Hat thiaevsning. , Aran d oratorio festiv a l.?the new yore It Harmonic Bouety. haviag completed arrangement* Willi Mr. L. F. Harrieon, wfl'. give a aerie* of sntTorlos in the I nmtlXrt talent will sua orehaatra of elxtv perfarmera We tberaftMW wiah on thia ear sat on to prosent tha laiweet and heat cheraa ovdr brought toarthar in New York, end aollrlt tbe uo-operaUon of ALL SINGERS WHO CAR BIRO ORATORIO MtflH ;sic to moat at Dr. Cheever'e ohorch, corner of Uaioo aqnana and Fifteenth street, on Monday evenings for rshtaraale Ptrat perfomanee at Hteinway HaU. We laewlay evening. Rob. B. M IBS MARIA BRAIMKRD'S ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT. ? CFCLOCK, TUESDAY EVERTNG. FEB. l?-STRIwWAY TlAtL. SIO. SEVEKINL SIO. 8TKINL ?!iaM,-dl?i c~?" GRAND ORCHESTRA. Tiekete On? Dollar; Eeeervcd Heal* Fifty Cent* extra. At Boer A Hehlrmer'a, 701 Broadway, and Pond'a, .117 Broadway. VTATIONAL HALL. HARLEM. H Mr. E. O. H. HOLD KM, Tenor. SBt'OND GRAND CONCERT, THURSDAY EVENING. Feb 11. 1M7. He wl|i be assisted by the following arbales? Madam* atUtOLNUi l?E BUSMaN: Mr. J. H. PATTlRoN, Pianist, Mr. LEVI, Baritone, and III* ORPHBUB (gUINTET BUNYAN TABLEAUX-LARGEST PANORAMA TN the worM. UNION IIAI.I.. Broadway and Twenty third street. Open every nlgbt at t; rommenoingat 7\. Admission, SO cents; "hlMrao, M c?nu. MaUaee Wednes day an>1 daturday, at a o'clock. DE HAAS' LAST painting.?admibal parra. gut's Fleet Passing th* Fort* holoir New Orleans, do* on etblblllon at 41 West Tenth llrtrt, Studio Butl.llni:. VT.W TOR* ASSEMBLY ROOMS. BROADWAY, BE ' * tween Twenty eighth and Twenty-iiln'li streets.?The heat ventilated hat! In the city, aultahle for concerts, lec ture*, fait a and tint elaa* entertainment*. Apply on the premises. AN JO INBTRUCTIOR-BY MY CHAMPION MRTHOO. 15 a courae. $6; eael. pupil taufht aeparately. A perfect B tune a leeaon or no charge J. K. BUCKLEY, 578 Hudson atreet. COPARTNRRKH i PR. A partner wanted?or for kalk, a patent for a beautiful nad useful article, a aaddle for riding. Por particular* call on or addracn J. Meyer, UM E wen atreet. near Jobnaon, Willlamabutig. ^ A RARE CTIaMCE.?A PARTNER WANTED WITH rt lltWU or BRIM. in an old and well established bar and hineh coun ter located en Broadway. .Par partteglare I centre atM Chambers *4., room Not 7. SMITH A WHITMORE. "DONNET FRAME MAKES WANTED-AB PARTNER O 1n the business, who therwnghly under at aaada the manu facturing. Address, stating where to be seen, J. w., *|a tlon 0." TVISSOI.UTION.?THR PARTNERSHIP HBRHFOFORR IJ OkleMag between the undersigned, under the firm name if Tracy A Bristol, was dissolved. August I, IMI, by mutual cones at. GEORGE TRACY, Br. Lome and Mawivna, Dae. It. PMARTNER WANTED.?AN OPPORTUNITY IB HERB ? by offered for a party having command of aboot laO OW. to enter Into business with a first class house well eetab- I Hehed in the produce commission business, in ccnssd'tetiee of s change In the firm, a member being about to retire from | buslne**. Address, with real name, boa 4.687 Now York Post office. mmd Fmariner wanted-an ai tive man not afraid ? of work, with fkeOQ capital. In a highly ring in table a^m profitable business. Addrnsa bos 5 686 Post o?se, N. Y. H T?1K COPARTNERSHIP IIRRRTOFORB KXIKTINO | between the undersigned, under the firm of Schumacher A Hutenwhon, is thla day dlaaolved by mutual eonaoat. All 1 outataadlng claims have lobe paid to Nicholas P. Bnteci. sehon, who will r?nllnue the buMnesa at lb# former place, No 30S avenue A, corner of Twentieth street. New Tork. M T. W. BCfll MACHRR. ? New Toss, Feb. 15.18B7. N. F. BLTEN8CHON. ? W^HANTED. AS PARTNER-A GOOD. IIONOFIAHI.R ? business man. with IS (Mn In cash, who wlsbea to en gage In a respectable bualneaa. thoroughly eetaMlahrd. w>th nut any deception or humbug, when the whole bualne** will be shown to the entire SaUsfadlten. ran apply to WM. VAN WAUBNEN A CO.. <71 BIlUl avenue _ ? Q AAA -I WANT TO INVERT IN AN EBTAR. ?PiI.UdIF, bllshnd bualneaa mono other): stationery preferred. Pall pnrtlnnUrs In replies, to reeetve attention, (enterprise, hot HO IleVaM office. WILL PURCHASE THE INTEREST OP A "TimJIFd retiring partner In en eetabltehed rash manu facturing business. Article always In demand: profits over ISO per cent investigation solicited. Address, with real name, T. C. W., Herald office. DKNTISTKV. _ A PULL SET OP TEETH MADE FOR $5; WAR. ranted to fit. Teeth attracted without pain. AMERI CAN THRTH COMPANY, 41 Rest Fourth attest, twrasr of Bowery. Cat thla out A RET OP TEETH IN THREE TO PIVH HOVER.? Splendid asta, jjfi, flffi $15, IffR Beantlfol Gum nets, with rlumper* to811 mil the cheeks and restore veulhful appearance. Te--th wt trusted without nam wish Nitrous Glide nee. No charge fbr attracting when Te?'tl *re in eerted, at TAN VLBOK R, HI Blilb avenue BattMaetkm guaranteed _ __ 1 "JP*PTUCUL AMP SUBSTANTIAL SET OfPIAUl A With. (I to RlC Artllteial Aertlon Horn Teeth, the beat, fit to f|A Teats attracted witfcmrt pefn N. B.-A Has Appnmtue, eomptdea, feraale at IH Hleeeker street . - "T", .77 . " .. . '? Dr. WHITE. fNOLTON DENTAL ANNOOtATION ORIGINATED THR \j anmatNeUr oae of altroua aside gna, sihtaalMcr R la tie meet approved method, do setting hut 8 a tract Teeth meet approved method, and (Mmlnty do It without """?? at the office. do atneing but Eitraat Teeth, petal m 'VddO pal teats testify! I. Id Cooper Wetltnte. U restoring leeth in every stage of decay to their original ?pRRMANBNTSETSOP GUM TEETH tML TEMPORARY I ?&SW3n?KW"B A5fr*EifjewT*. New* vork theatre. _ lliun "j. ...Markltatlth AW1* *"",r FIRST AP^KAKAjJ'K IN WJr TOR* of the .Mating melted aud *.-< oinplrahad allikln. ON MONDAY BVeSn^Q, FEB. 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[n oi.ier to gi.? due offset to the various procession*. gala ' * let waiiWrftho fain,, loiiruMuventa. Ao . the iniiMgemeut hare . beet hrr-itdic authorities, and the uumarcus banner, aad He Vice* .11.played throughout the pleoe Will bo found to be ta alt let ac. .>t<U rim with historical truth. ? DMTRIHUTIO* of CHARACTERS. , THE EAR). OK LEICESTER TJtifeV DOM With ihe fatnuu* "Carter Song," and "Good Byet Mweet heart, Good Bye.1' ?* petluruwd by bar I-adyship jspwsrde of .!> lime* In the leading tUauimaof Iba United aiiigrtsta. the Australian mIoum, t'alifurnla, Ar., universally pro nounced by the English and ' olunial preaa to tie IM Ke fine Ultra of t>'irte,.,u? acting. Queen Elusbilh Mv. Mark SmtVt Amy Hobaart Mrs ifameracJ Nir Wallet Italelgh Mies Oil*. 'JVrsaliltan (lue tlret appearance^ Mr._J Duke of Susie* Mm. Tea ?lanet Mia. Maait Varney Mr. ibunei Wavlsnd >mlth Mr. Level* Maker Michael Lanibourue Mr. Tony E?rster, alia* Ftre-tLe-Ksgot Mr. r. Mi '. <*Va Giles Gosling Mr. Tiewlow CmUm NEW AND MAGNIFICENi SCENE BT. GORGEOUS DKESSE8 AND EFFECT*. 1 TAI.IAN OPERA?FRENCH THEATRE?LUCIA. A. L. MORA Diraawr MONDAY, FEB. .11, 1M7. .R'f.lll.RI, r r.D. IV) ACV'a (*t 8 o'clock, doora open at 7V), FOURTH Oi l-MA NIGHT. DuoigetU'l fa favor ta Opera, LUOl A DI LAMBRXOOR. El.VI ft A NADDl ELVIRA NADDI In hgr great role of LI'CIA. Slgnnr IRFRE, Signer FORTUNA, 8ljinc- B A hi 1,1. Full chorus and orchestra, under the direction of higuor A. I.. Mora. Wednesday?FIFTH OFKR\ HIjWT^ Saturday?GRAND OFEHA Mi Ticket* to be uad at Beer * KclSMeitr's, 701 Broadway; at J. 0. Seymour'a, No. t and U Nassau a*., and at *ue theatre Theatre francajr?combdis. TUESDAY, Feb. IMItr. M , . LE MKH Kl'RlKlt DK THEODORE (ORIGINAL OF WHO KILLED COCK KOHBIMM), Comedy, Id three acta. I'M, FIL1.K TERRIBLE?(Vaudeville). Ticket Office at 11. Dardonvllle'a, 9li Broadway. H OOLKT'S OPERA HOUSE?BROOKLYN. , Rurleiuue lilac* Crook, Peruvian Ballet Troup*. Sleep. ing Beauty. Palace of. Huge Dnpa, The, The Magic Flute, s.imcti idv'a iToat. Lee Miserable* Snake mv Honey Shake, bally Come up, Wonderful tlnhav Solo, The Queen and her Ileal thy Babe. Mra. McGowan'a HaaL My Fatbar Mould tlbarooal. Re. Ac. rpOMY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE?J01BOWKRV-. A 1 grand military Drama, by Poole. THE NEW TORE VOLUNTEERS; or. THE LAST OF IJBBY PRISON, haw ?Soaneiy, novel and mh-icate M lehlnery, and a full Millie, v Bras* Band. T be entire company and ona hundred auxtllar.aa A grand < illo by the great variety troupe. Matinee every W'Mueaday and Saturday, at 2X e'alock. UR'HIKJ.YN ACA0V MY Of MUSIC. .D EI-l.VP.NTIl MONDAY fOPUI-AB OOHCEMT W0 Fab. IS, at I .? L. f. HARRISON w. .Hive, lee At HAND OPBHAtlC RIGHT. . .T Saleeiloua from thirteen favertte OyMMm, with the follow tag enureat arttata. ? MXUJ'IR l'ARBFA. ? R. S. B. MT1.I.S, KB. CARL ROHA. , , MR. O. W. i'0' BT, MR. TIIKO. THOMAR^aiei bin cp i.erkatkd orchrstra, Ti.-ket*, One Dollar; Reearved Saata. flfty oentt cfiiH [ Can now be obtained at the Academy af Mutlc, Biooklrn. ok MUSIC. BROOKLYN.^H Thai Allay and Friday, VeRtt and B, 1WT, MRS. <i. C. HOWARD. ? taDar ? THE OSlliTNAti TOrSEY. In the great kmerlcai drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. ?ATimB- TBK m ANR arm* and b it <n>-h.idy and ona |ulr of lega; alao the bead and right arm o' Probst, the murderer of the Uooriag fam alive, bnvlng two beads, fe?i ?SHiimHriM tii m tl^ together with thejuagnlllonit ro'lectlon of Objieui iu (View* at the New York Museum Open from It A. M. to 10 P. It I'liyal'ilqgy. Angfomy. Fatholngr aid N.uural History; all lof which are Illustrated dally by I.?i. i n*and Migrrusiunte View at tlie New York Muaeum of A slaty, 018 Broadway tIAFB I-OI'TB1?, ) N.IH. :?*. XT AND ?S9 HIUi VOW'AT, corner of Twenty -wind itreet, rnr; LARflKsr bkprkhiinkxt AND OOPFKK HtDOOR In the city. Opeu on Honda/ ereuiug. porULAB OOH' BRT AT BROOKLYN ACADEMY 1 A fler the Concert pn A< the POPULAR OTHTJ.R HOfHB, B Clinton .treeLRreehlrn. Till OKA Nl> TKBATM IB* ON* KTRNIN J. Akoch haLL.-BBT. char. ? hmyttch bendat popular Denure; 100 Hro?dw v, near BoukIjh or* *t: J** P. a., Hi# Street* af New Vork b/ Oullfbi." S P. v ., ''The Dirty Doctor* and their Dirty Htatbilea, or, Mtwyatw, legiMntor*, Editor*, Doamra, Clargt, all In a qtiarwnc/ ABPIRITtTAL INVENTION ON exhibition to day at uodworth Ha 0, 808 Broadway. PRANK CIV ABB. Banjo and jio pancino, cdoo, bcrdesocp *nd Irtata Jig Dancing taught by tie renowned JOHN BOO AN 181 Kaat Moo* ton atraaL farm* RA par dourae. .ni81(AL. ~ Ai.adt WHO IS A THOROUOI1 TEACHER wtahaa pupil* la Moale or French. Addroa* P. II. *, AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER OP PtANO AND A Kinging irite- )a<M<>a?. with dally practioa; method aaar and prngi aaelra: vperlal eara Uban with begin oar* at Thlr. ty.third "treet, rornar of Broadway. i * THK MUdlCAl, ACADEMY, IB WRRT TWENTY. A eighth atraet, naar seventh aranue, pupil* nan raoalra thorough leatrwatlaa on tha Piano at R8 par quarto* Daa> km atngtly prlvatn. A. jprwd^'ioartnue ehc GMI7ITAR, PIANO, VtOMR, RINGING, WABMOWT, At ?? wnat TwnniT t'itb rtruet, batwwan rpreath and [Eighth ?v?nw?. '"all or *aod tor eimier. Luaaen* prl raia. Term* favorable. J AT JAT WATSON, Agent. MMa.-ON A HAMMN. MANUFACTURERS OP CABIN It P | Organ a, MleeroooM Ml Broadway, Maw Tort, wkara ?>*y S. found tb* >*rrer| aaaxrtment of Inetruateat* o( i* ? rlaaaln theoountry. Prl wa, 87b or laa* la |l,WaaR. VfTHIC FOR PARTIBB, WRDDINOB, AC.-dt FOR M orianiaalM i $10 far Plane aaA rloMa. Apydy aTUP On nal atreat, naar tha Bawary. MMusic kor PARTIRB, AC.. AT p PBR BTBRINU ? Any kind of inatrumpat fumtabad. 87 Rlaenwth atreat, _ warn Fifth aad Hlalh aranuaa I KTDF.tlN WILD OIVB INSTRUCTION OB TRR ^^?lana, at pupil*' ndlmi, far 810 par peart ee. Beat ^^Him firm. Addraaa, with iwMtaat|Tinb#. hoi ill Herald oBwe. G? ITtK AND "INiltN.l -SAPoDEON^^^^^H | Halo <Jultai1?V from tbe principalis mama hi* in?wn?m?*tb1 Kutlf practically. No agenl* <irM THHB MlHHKB 8DO*AN, PROPRRNOBS OB HlRlJINO. ? Piano and Harp, will auand to ? limited naabtr of pu pUa. ReaMeoea, 88 Baal Baeaataaath abuat fllHB PIAMO -PIN IBM I NO MMftOBB OITBN AT PP ? pit*' reet-lenera by a talented .rt tat J not at i laid from Kuropa; BWqUHrtarly. Apply to MraPBBNCH. IB8 Pol.i ran ati-rel VHIOLIN, HINOINO, HABWONY. OIHTAR, PI ABO. AC. Ml We.t 1 wooiy-diih adrurt, hatwaaa Baawalb *ad arjaa ?* ??^.vas^rat.r AJA -POR HALR, A OOOD TONBD AMD DI7RABI.R * JpoU. *11 ?K!t?*e l iauoiorta,af good aaakar. Oan he *aoa ?i 840 Hiith aranna. IMltlYM AllAliilBIBl. BHKOOKKH BB ACADRMT. Ml RROOMR ?T ? A NEW CLASH FOR ?lIEBDAT All the fMhkmgbln danona in one roarue of la#*nn* DAD I Kb meet Tueaday* aad Prblariv ItabWP* pAUiBTNAaTBB BIII4IM DAN01 NO ACADBHT. t* I> Weat Fourth atreat.?I,?lag aarwy day Mr Oklldrea, ? H* "LAJ*2'f DANOINO AOAOBMT, P TIPTH AVBND'R. anrnee Pawrleeath atreet. CLABHB8JNOW OPRN FOR BBOIBNKW^ Um s: Cwflitlttw of aa. - ATaajarv^ar KiSr.O'r j, '^spagex.'sp^ie^. MM *eary aaoA#