Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1867 Page 3
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Asqagg ggr* sgsg-a Asrasy'?.raL? iu^sf.i? i ?**! w?erand other conveniences; very do. rt??oloeoUoB andconveniantto oilcan; only liminutes froas City Hon; very rsasonsbts tarns. Call st 41 Ring st A^m GENTLEMAN OCCUPYINO PLEASANT ROOMS I to '??? of % teat locations In the city. wishes to 6+ FJ"8 ?' 'te?/or toe rsaoinder of the season to o reapect s^acf Mco,nmo* A PRIVATE PAMILT CAN ACCOMMODATE A OK* Uemanand wife or o few single gentlemen with good Board and Pnrnlshed Rooms, with gas, at 100 Vtrick street Vary conyetueut location; cars pass the door; term* very reasonable. Call and see. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE OB TWO GENTLEMEN Er- oa" h?ve a lame Room, well furnished, with hoard. 318 rem Twenty-third street near Eighth avenue. AT THE GRANT HOUSE?44, 48 AND 48 NEW BOW ?{7, Rooms hy the day er week. 85c. ts Wo. per day E? to 83 per week. A ~ wHl A A THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM, ' NICELY FUR nlshed, with all the convenience* to rent, with or without boa/A Privets family. 148 Ba*t Twelfth street. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN A NEATLY tarnished Room, full Board *>r lady, partial for pen If deslied, by applying at 83" eat Thirty first street. SMALL SOUTHERN FAMILY CAN FIND BOARD tng Willi Kentucktans by addressing bos 4,-80 I'oet A FURNISHED ROOM , T(> LET 84 Alien street, upper floor. A somely furnished Rooms, with Board; house first etas-, location excellent it) East Twenty-eighth street. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE A PLEAH ant home in 38 St Mark's place. A PARLOR. WITH 8MALL ROOM IF NEEDED, with Ural class Board, in a desirable location, for gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen. 68 East Twelfth street near Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A LARGE FURNISHED Room to let to two gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife. References given and required. No moving in May. Apply at 426 Hudson street A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET SINGLY OR EN suite a front and back parlor, with or without Hoard. Alao pleasant room on second floor, all newly furniahed; Ore, gat, bath, Ac. Terms moderate aad location desirable. Apply at 98 East Seventeenth street, between Irving place and Third, avenue. A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET Without board, in a strictly private family, to a gentle man only. Apply before 8 P. M. at 170 Ninth street, corner mt Third avenue, opposite Cooper Institute. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO let?With or without Board, at Na 49 West Twelfth References exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, furnished Second Floor, with private bath room, elegant house, between Madison and Gramercy io May n ?arks: no May moving. First class parties] may address A., bos 8,088 Post office. A LADY OR GENTLEMAN OR GENTLEMAN AND wife ckn have a neatly furniahed Boom, with or with out Board, of a lady (no other boarders), at Ml Varick street, new bonce, up two flights of stairs. A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-POR A one or two gentlemen, rent $8 a week; alee a Hall Room, nicely furnished. $4 a week, iDeluding gas, at U9 Clinton place, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ALL WANTING FIRST CLASS BOARD AMD ROOMS, JX. city or country, go to Fowler's Free Beard Directory aad get such places as you desire. Twenty-third street, cor ner of Fifth Avenae Hotel, basement AM PARIAH AND BEDROOM ON SBCOND FLOOR. ? with or wHkeut an extra chamber above. may be pro cured at the Brat class reaidenoe Mo. Ik Lafayette place. Private table'oniy. A GENTLEMAN AND LADT OB A LADY CAN HATE Jx a pleaaant and neat); furnished Room, with or wttbout Board, at37 Meat Washington place, Bearttxth arenue. AMT 181 WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET?A PRIVATE ?I family will lot back and front Rooms, neatly furnished, with modern improvements, to genUemaa and wife, with drat elasa Board. A PLEASANT ROOM, SUITABLE FOR ONE OR TWO JX aenllemrn, with flritcJaaa Board, at 11 Aahland place (Perry atreei \ near Greenwich arenne; terma reaaonable. Reference required. A PEW NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO (antlemeo. Alao one unliable for a doctor. References exchanged. Apply at IS Ninth street, between Fifth and ?lath avenue*. A OJ^T^RA>^N^WIF^CA>^^ACCOMll<r rot; dated with Board and a pleaaant Room, with modarn ementai at No. 1 new Canal street, corner East iway. X> gentleman, in a Brat class private family, on Murray I Hill, terma mMarate to a person of respectability and good reference. Add rose L. A., box 14k Herald office. T30ABD.-0BNTLEXAN AMD WIPE. OR THREE J3 young gentlemen, can be accommodated with Parlor Room, first claea, in every particular. At 83 Clinton place. BOARD.?GENTLEMAN AND WIPE AND SINGLE gentlemen can bare pleasant rooms, a liberal table sad the comforts of homo at No. JW St Mark's place. BOARD OR ROOM WANTBD-FOR GENTLEMEN, In a private faintly; widow preferred, with home oom forta. Address with full particulars, to bo noticed, Hus band, box III Herald office. Boarding.-an eastern family can Accom modate a gentleman and bis wife or two aingie gen de nse n, wbo would room together, with a good Room and Board, at 1M West Twenty-fourth street Boarding.?a front room, with board, suit able for man aud wife or tbree single gentlemen, at No. S North Moore attest, near West Broadway. Boarding-a gentleman and wife can find a handsomely furnished Room, with Board, hot and cold Water, with eioacta. Bra aud gas; bath roam on sanse flooe, at 317 East Thirteenth atreei, or No. 5 St. Ocoige s place. Mo sooving. "OROOKLYN BOARD.?TO LRT, WITH BOARD, D nicely furnlabed front Room,on second tour: dsn single Room, at 48 West Baltic street between Clinton and Conri. engaged, WLKGANj^EC??l?jllR^W>OMS^|^*liIT^m ^^Palnrle; alee a Parlor, with km dam Board, at SI CUn 1 8aw place. Refiwefiosa exehanged. Fu* URNIHHKD ROOMS?HI NO I, Y OR IN S0IT8, WITH Mw.tbout waxtial Board, to gaaUomoa only, at* La place, Weal Twemy-nintb street. ElBNlRiiBD ROOM TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT Board; alao a bach I'arlor, suitable for an office. In West ly eighth at met. Address W. L. D., Herald office. GENTLEMEN ONLY?WITHoP r BOARD. NICE ? gill mabed Parlor, with double Bedroom, at 149 Ninth street, between Broadway and Fourm aveuite. Keferenees N DM' ME BOOMS AND FIRST CLASH BOARD. IwiUi nr Without priiato table, oan bo bad in ft pleasant ^smgugy Udrm Hum. box II* Herald TXANDHOME ROOMS Jn with or without biuss to Oremerey gKkNDROMF.LY FURNISHED ROOMS AND FIRST ? rlai" Hoard oan he bad far $12 and ?l? per week for1 ? pirei,* Call el Seventy eighth street, flGb bouae eital TTOTBL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR GENTLEMEN?AT II (SClinton plnra, eomar UniveraMy ptoee. TranMsoi pTMperOuy, CHAH. LKFI.KR. Proprietor Ladies wishing buaku dukinu illnbbs. or Brat rla?a Medical treatment, la a pleasant and retired ..M?. Mr. a. y. Menken, Brook part of Brookl) n, may address lire. A. lyn Poet office. CMjdron adopted out If desired. NO. 15 WEST TWENTIETH STRKBT_A ROOM SUIT, able for a feoUeman, with or wtthoot Board. High ?t reference required. NO. 118 EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET-NEATLY furnished Room to lot to ooo or two single gentlemen; as moderate. SOOMS IN WEST TwENTT-TAI RI> OTRBBT, TO gentlemen, wltnont board^houm Oral riaaa family private, Site ?7. For address cell at Canavaa a, drag, glal. 167 Fifth avenue. "PLEASANT FURNI8HBD ROOM* TO JL or tn Buitp, to rtmilitt or jreoUeswneWiUi Board, it 17 Wmi Twenty-niith tirtot, ntmr (M ?!? Joint* Booms to let-furnished or ?,th or without beard; ue^ASmwrnS housekeeping, and ? DOStor ? Office U? lot- Apply bt 101 Hudson aires'. TO GENTLEMEN OB GENTLEMAN AND. WIFE.-A handaomely furnished front Partor and double Bod. room, piano and gas. 803 Eighth arson*, throe doors above MOrty aecmni "trset. fpo LET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO ROOMS, 1 wit b or w Ithnut Board. Apply at SIS Bast Tenth street. TO LET, WITH BOARD^-A SECOND STORY FRONT Room, with Bedroom adjoining, to a genii?nn and wife or two tingle gentlemen. Apply at (8 flouoad etrcet. 4 BOND STREET, NEAR BROADWAY,?4 DE8IRA ble, well furnished front Room to let, wife Board, suit able for two gentlemen or a | nBRF.VOORT PI,ACS (TENTH STREET) Broadway; third floor Hall f Broadway; third floor Hall Rooffito AO a gentleman. '21 "asuaragBJsnuaa^gg er . ngly u single gentlemen or families, boom ?darn tonus moderateiBh gsod, JIM^P? Iff IfDNHP W9 w flPNPI* 44 A rw flllMW AVENUE, OOBNBR FOUWKESTU 47 atrest.-Ntealy Famtehcd. *?>??. wttji im class ^'r t^ for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. ^Hntrnro place.?furnibhkdrooms ok ! Ulld Seer to let, with Betrd. References requited. | n A WEST TllIKTl-BKYK.VrM STREET, NEAR /T B road w?y?Nicely furnished Room* to lot, with or without Board. Private table if dealred. 1 Afi NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?TO LET, AUO with Board, one large Room, aultable for a gentle man and wife, or two single gentlemen. References ex changed. 1A7 EAST EIGHTEENTH STREET?FURNISHED JLU I Rooms to let. with or without Board, one block from the Everett and Clarendon Hotels. 1>?? NINTH STKBET, HALF A BLOCK BELOW J.AO Broadway.?Plenjwnt Rooms, drat floor, for gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen, with full Board. Ref erences exchanged. O7Q FIFTH AVENUE.?ONE LARGE FRONT ROOM, Ij I O three Sights of stairs, gas and fire, use of bath *nd parlor, for gentleman, with or without Board. AT Q GRAND STREET-FURNISHED ROOMS; ALSO tJ O Front and Back Parlors. H. BRAND, Hotel, Re. taura 11L dA K. BROADWAY.-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED l'T'1 Parlors and Bedrooms, from $3 to $15. Meal* served if required. BOARD AMD LODGING WANTED. AN ELDERLY LADY WISHES BOARD IN A PR1 vale Catholic family. Address, stating terms, Ac., J. W., box 106 Herald office. A THOROUGHLY EDUCATED YOUNG MAN OF 27 desires for Board rdU residence In a respectable Amer ican family to teach In evening hours the German and French languages, or to Insti nct in bookkeeping and com mercial mat hematics. Address W. M., box 109 Herald office, for three days. AUBNTLEMAN WANTS A COMFORTABLE ROOM, with or without hoard. A private family willing to re ceive a sewing machine as part payment preferred. Address Joseph, Herald office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WISHB8 A FURNISHED Room, with or without Board, In a social private fam ily: undoubted reference given and required; terms must be moderate. A<ldrcsa, giving full particulars, as none oibers will receive notice. WT J. B., Herald oflloe. Board and lodging wanted-on a farm, for a young man in ill health, who has been ordered to sleep in a stable where several cows are kept. \ Address L. L., 18 East Seventeenth street, New York. Board wanted by a lady and two cuil dren, aged 11 and IS years; location below Tbirty-flflh street; private family prelerred. References given and re quired. Address, stating terms end location, X. E. T., Her ald office. Boarding bureau ?families haying rooms to let should record the same 00 our books (which arc open to all in want free). Our charge is $1, wbicb entitles you to two insertions In the Real Estate Bulletin. Oflloe 482 Broadway, near Broome street. R OOM AND BOARD WANTED-BY A SINGLE GEN 1 Ionian, a neatly furnished Room, with Board, between Seventeenth and Thirtieth streets; private family preferred; iss E. H. S.. 184 Herald office. best of references. Address I rpo LET, WITHOUT BOABD?A FURNISHED PARLOR X and Bedroom, to gentlemen only; gas, bath, Ae. Inquire of Mrs HOWARD, 142 East Forty-sixth street, near Third avenue. WANTED?BOARD FOB A YOUNO LADY IN A private family In the vleinlty of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue; reference* required and given. Address & E. G., station & * HOTELS. TVS LANEAU HOUSE?72 WEST FORTIETH STREET, AJ fronting Reservoir Park. One Urge and commodious suit of three Rooms on first floor; also one on second. Table d'hote. Re-union hotel, forty-second street and Fourth avenue?Rooms in anR or single; newly and elegantly furnished at reasonable rates; table a ta European or (able d'bete. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AM PLOT, 80X120 FEET. NORTHWEST CORNER OF Washington and Chariton streets, with Ms brick Bnild Washington and Chariton streets, 1 legs, for aals on easy terms. E. Z. 11. T. BURNHAM, 800 Hudson street. , N EXCELLENT CHANCE.?REAL ESTATE FOR sale, corner of Eighty-third street and First avenue, Sise of ???AiMiliiiMEMlHB with Cottage House. Bise of ground llRsilOfeet; flrstelase neighborhood: an elegant view; no rock. Apply at THOM SON'S, 1,WO Third avenue, or to the cwnar.S. L. BRAD LEY, 861 Broadway. Terma eeay. M Am niceHH ^iThirtiethH ply toSXMUBL AM TWENTY PEBT FRONT THREE STORY HIGH ? stoop house In Thirtieth street, near Fourth avenue, for HM,atSuMM0. URNY A OOP LAND, 410 Fourth av. A SPLENDID THREE KTORY HIGH STOOP BRICK boQM, btMmtnti and suboellars, with sUtblee In the rear; out Of the beat corners In the Seventh ward; wUl be sold on reasonable terms, Inquire at W East Broadway or at SI Broadway, room No. 1. ?. SULLIVAN. ATStt FOURTH AVENUE.?BY STANLEY DAT, Office hours 10 to 4. Unfurnished Houses to let. In At torney. Bedford. Broadway, Mercer. Went Houston, Tweaty eightb streets, Union square, Fourth, Lexington, Sltth are upon receipt of stamped directed envelope. A THREE 8TORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House, corner of Lexington avenue snd Twenty-eighth street, for sale cheap, by UllRY * COPLAND. 41# Fourth avenue. A mm TWO STORY AND IIIOH BASEMENT HiOH 8TOOP ? House (19sM?). No. 8 Holyrood p.ace, Rlghtr-tbird street, between Seoond and Third avenues, for sale; contains eight rooms, gas fit tares, marble reauteis, hard waits, water; in fine order; gnod loeation: priceJ5.n0; terms easy. THOMMON. I.TO Third avenue. A -HARLEM PROPERTY: TWO TWO 8TORT, BARR . merit and utile Houses, full fronts, finished complete, price 97.9U0 each; also two ad joining Lots. A pply to MEAD AN NEK. Third avenue, above 138th street, A ?HOUSES FOR SALE ON STH. 9TH lOTH, 13TH, A. 1Mb. 1Mb. 19th. 18th 191b, 91st, 33d. OA, 38th. 9th, 30th, Slat, 3M. H4tb, aim. a#U>, 99th. Wet. 4eth, StKh, 51st, iM, 63d, 64th. 8ftb, flOth, tad streets, the avenues, YorkvBle, Har lem, and down town streets. Lots In different parts of the e;ty; also Psrvs and Country dels of all aims for sals and to lanu (Cut this out > FBKBMaN k CO.. 3l3JBroedw*y. A FOUR 8TORY HOUSE AND LOT POR 9ALE-14 ManaSaldplacet West Kilty-first sweat); price $13,100. A ? WW. C. CLIFFORD'S.? NASSAU ST., ROOM MO. 1. A. A corner Store and Dwelling, 4 storms, h a, new $0,009 Pirn 4 story brown atone Users end Dwellings, eaoh. TStooo Two Houses and LoU on W. 54th sc. 4 startss, each .. 14,909 A private Hanae East 13tb street, near 39 .avenue. 4 stones, high stoop, first elasa 14.190 One Lot In West 4Sd sti eet 8,000 Throe Lou In 88th street, near Boulevard. 8.990 TERMS EASY ON ALL VERY HANDSOME'FOUR OTORYHIGH STOOP liouve, first elsas local Ion ? 33x66x100. <an be bought low. POTffcR BROTHERS k BELLAMY. No 8 Pino st. A BARGAIN.?FOR RALE, A THREE STORY HICTH stoop brick Honse. Si?xR oo Twntletb street; ceo ir>UyiNlTTEh*BltaraEB8 R BELLAMY, No. S Pins ?i. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP House on Msdison avenue, finished In the very best manner; must be seen w> be appreciated; price $84,000 POTTRH BROS. A BELLAMY, Bo. 3 Pine tr^up sulrs. A8PLBNDID THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House for sale?Flue loeation; 31 foot fioat; ta perfect order, ell improvement*, price 916.(MU. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, NoJI Pine street. A| DERIRABLB POOR STORY HOUSE, IN COM piete order, on Tenth street, for sale, with ruble. Ac full lot. Will ash tow. Apply M A. SERGEANT, SWaB A HANDSOME LITTLE BROWN KTONB HOUSE FOR sale, be lew Twenty-third street, mat side, fto.or Others 916,000 to 960.000. J? H. TAYLOR, Sole Agent, N ? ? and 10 Pine street. A DESIRABLE BROWN 9TONB HOUSE. IN WEST eaatitol lomttee. W<* K, SON k CO.. 71 Cedar A Twwrty-fhbrd nr?et, for sala 'hesntlfnl toeatioa. Price $33,0991 Apply U> A. 7. BLBKCKEK. ????? A FINK THREE HTORT HIGH STOOP PHILADBL ? phla brick Honaa and Lot, in Fifth street, near Second arenas, for sals cheap by jbsBPH McOUIRE, No. Ill A THRRB STORY HIOH RTOOP HOUSE AND LOT, AaWEu"unitSsrnr*r'* Abloominodalb road hourb fob rale-con-I slating of Bar, Barroom. Slock, Fixtures, Sheds, Ru bles sod extensive Grounds; will be sold at abargain. Ap ply to ? _ KING SCO, Ha > Twenty, third street, Fifth Arcane lloul. A, MAGNIFICENT FIVE STORY BROWN STONE House for sal*, elegantly furnished. possession ?m ?mjUetoJ._ Inquire at 44 West Ritteenth street, between AM ELBOANT BROWN STORE HOUSB, IN EAST Ftfttetb etrest, for sale: atoo one in East Fifty-third street, prtoa $11.900 JOSEPH MoOltRR, 119 Namau at. a LARGE ELEGANT BROWNMRTONB HOUSB, NEAR mm I MMmEmisow, lffl?h3aresSr^ | ^^^^^MpROraBT^H^HtBENBT BLEECKER, ^^^^^^?(?^?Ptrtalon and Gold streets; also oa for N^ by IBAAC H0N1G, ?piJ)?nNtt? ?WT, ?kaI BIVINOTOII-THb5S iRf<22^T*w^,^^^S6.orot^nesU _ ^ ? JQ8BP?1S^ioiM?Ha?ttwd. 1 po* RALE?A THBBB 8TORY HIGH STOOP BROWN in rr,Ho^ <sjhirt?tfu ato*M> mv ytfu ?**nu?i A 0Q-. Id Wall street. ? E^S^Tuc-sTaaocABa, a thebb stobt high! ?stoop front House and a three story high stoop rear. I ?ind water all through the house; newer, 4c.. in perfect [order. Price >11,080. Tnquire on prnless.88> Madison at. ? CMOR 8ALE?FIRST CLASS NEW FOUR8TORT BROWN ? stooe Houses and Lota. N and B Weat 391b, between i I and tkh am. roaevood doom. W. FANNING. 87 W. IBth I ttOR^SALE-OlTMURRAY HILL, THE FIRST G LABS I r four atory brown atone Houao. 373 Lexlorton avenue. i between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth streets. Full sue and finely situated. For permita and further Information apply toHOMER MORGAN. No. ? Plus street. TJIOR 8ALE?Fl'RNlSUED, THE FIRST CLASS FODB r story Houee No. 41 West Thirty fifth atreet lramedi-1 ate lx>?aese*ODL Apply to UARVSf BAKER A SON. 1.30 Broadway. FMoK 8ALE^PROPERT^DESIRABl!^!orATE^O^ ? Amity xueel; two alory and attic brick house. replete I w ith ail modern improvements, 22 by about 40x116. 16 feet of I which la 2b feci wide. .Price $15,UJ0. Apply loA-JOUR- I NEAT, No. 6 P1ne street. I 1H10R SALE?A FIRST GLASS REAL ESTATB INVEST- I H me;.'?A large store and Dwelling on Ninth avenue, I near Tweritj-thlrd street; store80 reel deep; large'vaulls, At I The building la oue of the beat abore Fourteenth. Ia well I ienfd and paving a (nod intercat. re Jab. tt. KDWAHPS. 277 Weat Twenty-third at. J ?30R SALE-3 8. B. II.. H. 8., 9t? W. 11TH STREET, oorner of 4th, S17.0U0; 947 W. Sd, R. b. b. h., $16,000, and 924 W. 43d, E. b. b. h., $5,000; 104 E. 3*1, E. b. b., im provements, $8,000. B i. A B. T. BURNHAM, 608 Hudson street. For bale-the first class four story brown atone lLeuaea and Lota Not 9 and 10 Weat Forty ninth atreet containing ail modern improveinc.nts; No. 8 is 22x5fi. No. 10 ta 16.(1x60; lota 100 feel deep. Apply to Q. A W. YOUNGS, 163 Seventh avenue. iftOUR STORY HOUSE AND LOT, NO. 42 CARBINE r street, for aale. Friee $10,600. Term* eaay. Also other house*. Inquire of T. J. GIBBONS, 109 Blecckor aL For saiI^handsome brown stone four atorv Residence, beat part Second avenue, furnished or unfurnished. For term* and permits apply at 109 East Eighteenth street. For sale-a two story attic and basement frame House, full lot, south side of 126th atreet, 115 feet east of Fourth avenue; gas and water throughout; bouse in perfect order; poaaeaaton immediately If dcalred; pricu $6,tJUO. Apply from 8 to 10 A. M., or after 4 P. M., to JAMES McKENNA, northwest corner of 133d street and Fifth avenue. Harlem. FOR 8ALB?VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY on Broadway, New York: building 27x115 feet, running from atreet to street. Apply for particulars at the office of C. C. WUST, No. I Front street, Brooklyn. BlOR sale?TWO HOU8E8 AND LOTS. NOS. 138 AND 135 West Twenty-third street, between Sixth and seventh avenues; size25x100 each. Apply to R. A. GREGORY, 3K5 Sixth avenue, near Twenty-third street. F~ OR8 A LK?A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT brown atone Houae, 30x60. price $20,000. Terms easy. Apply from 11 to 4, at 2H Weat Twelfth street. POR SALE?IN EAST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET, three three story high stoop brown atone Houses; also Business Property and Lots on Second and Third aveDues; Couulry Residence* at Mount Vernon. JOHN COATES A CO., 682 Third avenue. J7H)U BALE LOW. OWNER GOING TO EUROPE? r Four first class new three story high stoop brown ?tonn front Houses, Eighty-fourth street, between Second and Third avenues; poMK-xglon May I, 1867; price* $10,500 to $12,000. Also one four story high stoop biick Houae, 33 West Forty fourth street; independent walls, 96 feet front, ia good re pair; 96 rooms: possesalon immediately; for $39J>00. In quire of F. PRENTICE or J. K. SMITH, 26 Pine atreet. UIOR 8ALE.-WEST FORTY-NINTH STREET.?THE JT first class three story brick House and lot 154 Weat For ty-ninth atreet. convenient to Broadway care; has all mod ern improvements and in in complete order; 20x50x100 feet; possrsslou in April. J. C. REDMOND, 154 Went Forty-ninth street. F~ OR 8 A LB?-1N WEST THIRTY-EIG HTH^STREET, two first class Tenement House*, bringing 16 per cent Interest on $87,000, which la the present price asked. Terms easy. Apply to EtJGENB OHEVALLIBK, 81 Cedar st. fiOR BALE-A VALUABLE IMPROVED CORNKR ON r Fourteenth street, west of Fifth avauc. ALSO TO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MADISON square and one on Thirty-ninth street, near Fifth avenue. ALSO OPFICB8 IN 100 BROAD WAT, aulUble for bank er*, tnaurance companies, broken or lawyers. Inquire of CHAUMCBY BARNARD, 100 Broadway. r ? BALE?8KTBRAL SMALL 008ET HOUSES; ALL Improvements; various parts of tha city. H. McKBN NA, 46Duane street, 10 to 18 A. M., 1 to 3 P. M. rR BALE-ON WEST FORTY-SEVENTH 8TRBBT. near Fifth avenne; a first class House In every respect; built to order for the present owner by day's work, oa the most approved plan; four story brown stone high stoop, >7.6x60, and extension 30 feet, three stories, with all the lat est impruvesaenta. The furniture all new and elegant To a party wanting a first class bouee this la worthy of their at tention. For permits, Ac., apply to JOHN KAYANAOH, northeast corner of Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. iR BALE?THB HOUSE AND LOT SOUTHEAST oorner of Hammond and West streets, and the House corner of Char tea and West streets, for F? I Lot northeast corner of Charles and West street*. I b. Inquire of WM. JAY HA8KBTT, 15 Centre etreei. TOOK BALE-TWO POOR STORY BRICK HOU8E8, f on Ninth avenue, $11(100 each; 1 three story brink front Houses, on West Forty-fifth ? tree I, lot 2Sxl(IO, $6. OUO each; I tiro OMIT frame Hon*#, in West Fifty-first street, all Im provements, $6,MO. WILBUR A 8IMON80N, (HI Ninth F?i CR 8ALB?Iff THIRTY-NINTH 8TRKKT. NEAR Lexington avenne, a three story high stoop brown stone m. Pries $18,000. Apply to UkUT A COPLAND, 410 Fourth arenas. >R BALK-A DESIRABLE THREE STORY BRICK _ tenement Hbuse on Thirty-eighth street, between See ond and Third avenues: also private Houses allow prices on Twentj-Ofth street. Thlrty-Sfth street. Thirty-sixth street and Thirty-eighth street, rest of Third avenue, and one ou Fourth avenue, near Ninetieth street. Apply to 8. CARD WELL, 406 Third avenue. For sale?by robbkt maclay. 77 cedar street, high stoop In Twenty-second street, near Seventh avenue; one in Third street, near Bowery, and Ml Water etreot. TpOR 8ALB-A FOUR STORY HIUH STOOP BROWN r stone House, modern Improvements; good order. Price only $16,00u. Great bargain 8. f. IRELAND, 301 Broadway. IJIOR BALF-A VERY NEAT MOD Bit NB17ILT HIUH JF sloop House on West Twentieth street, $lt,000; also one on West Twenty-fourth street. $14. WW. M. S. MYER9, 4<Q Broadway. FOR 8ALB?THREE~STOKY BROWN" STONE HIGH stoop House in Second avenue (Uaneon place), between 134th and I2Cth streets: in complete order; $13,000. MAOOKKTY A P1IELPS, No. 11 Pine street OR BALE-ON MADISON AVENUE, NEAR FORTY _ second street, an elegant four story brown stone House, bnllt by days' work; 2Axdht)08.6 immediate possession given. JOHN KAVANAIj'U, northeast corner Forty-second 1 Sixth avenne. F ? OR SALE?OM WEST THIRTY-NINTH STRF.BT, BB tween Sixth and Seventh avenuee. an elegant four etory wn stone (louse; has lately been thoroughly overhauled, ?coed nod painted thiuogbont; Slxtili-OO. Immediate m. Prtee $?uuu JOHN KAVANAOH, northeast ortrseoond street and Muh avenue. TJtOR SALE?THE FOLLOWING DR81RABLE PROP r ertv. on libera) terms andata bargain?East Thirty eighth street, between Second and Third avraoea, two three elery Mgh stoop cellar and basement brick Houses, with aM themodrrn improtsmentu; price lor the two,$30d??. East Thirty-third street, between Lexington and Third avenues, two four story brick Eujdieh basement, 36x89* 100.8 each; price each. 915<*? JOHN KAVANAOH, uortfaeest corner Forty second street and Sixth avenue. ITOR 8ALK-A BARGAIN, THREE STORY BRICK f House, high stoop, veiands, brown stone trimmings; near Beeond avenue; all improvements. OWNER. 48 Pice street, room 13 FilOR SALE-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK 1 Bouse, on Poitv-nlnth street, between Broadway sod Eighth avenne; TVitiOxlOO: in perfect order. WN. K. JEN NINGS, 111 Broadway, Trinity Hnildliig, basement. R SALE?A NL'MBKK OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE*'; located in the beat pans of the city. KINO A CO.. No. 9 Twenty -third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. F? TPOR SALE-ONE LOT 25 FEET FRONT BY 100 FEET ?F 5 Inches deep, on north aide of Fit'ly-drst street, be tween Broadway and Eighth avenue, coiumeuuug Ml l set east or Eighth avenue. Apply to BCCKENHaM, 10 Maiden lane. Nn agents need appiv. 8OR SALE-TWO LOTS ON WOOSTKR SiHF.KT, 80x100; Brat class House, 49 Hammond street. rents for KM; Houses and Lou, 41 Bai rnw street, 41 Horatio street, Greenwich street; oorner property Amity street and [Sixth avenue, 38i 104. throe hcueoa; Lot northeast oorner 11-th street and Fourth avenue. H. GRAY. 27 Woonter street. F? R SALE?FIRST CLASS AND MEDIUM'HOUSES. Apply to MUI.I.SR. WILK1NH A CO , No 7 P'nest. For sale-the house and grounds now oc eupted by the Mataon Dorse, nutated on Fourteenth street, opposite Union square, and extending through to Thirteenth street, 49 by 209 feet# Inches: possession April I For full iNurtloulars apply to S. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. rR SALE?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House, with all the modern improvements; In complete erder; house l?.*xtO: lot half the block. Ihlrty-eeeoud street, between Beeond and Third avenuea. Apply at hard ware Store oorner Fourth avenue and Ninth street. JAMES It. DRAEB. IjtOR HALE?A POUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, r in perfect order, la forty-second street, near Broadway. Inquire of A. W. NICULL, 97 Wall ttreet. FOB SALE-THE NEW AND ELEGANT POUR STORY brown etone high stoop Hoase and Lot No. 71 Perk avenue, of superior build sod flnleh; must be seen to heap predated. Apply on the premises from II to 9. IOR SALE?A SPLENDID FOUR RTOBY HIOH HTOOF Us? a SES^wrYirwjsMK ITtORHALE A SPLENDID FOUR STORY HIG {Lisa a raL'TSMnnuw ssj&rsBWtt sratfrssi? TTtOS HA LB-A FOUR STORY RIOR BTOOP BRICK f House, and Lot, ou Fifl/thlrd Street, user Broadway; ?wi - 98 Brand wny. IJIOR 8ALE-THR THRI1 NTOBY IUON STOOP i! brick Hones nndlmt, NoTil Fifth Mreet, near the Bow TjVOR RALE?A POUR TBARS'LRABB, WITH FBRNI Dbalk-in t CITY E1AL amffl fCT IALE ^ to M. 8. MYERS, 498 Broadway. ^3?aii: by 88 feel ? uieheA Inquire on tha premlea*. . TjIOB 8ALB OR TO LEASE?THE LABOR, WELL r built Dwelling, Mo. 40 Bast Houston etraet, aoraar af -SL!" "?"?*- *?5fS r^K BALE OB TO LBT-A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. Ino. 119 Waat Twanty-iblrd slroaL third house west of I Sixth availo& "orU* 3K Apply totha owau BUGBNB FBBB1S,81 Nassau streak PMUKNISHBD HOUSE FOB SALE OB TO LBT?CRN H tral and eoftwskteut to ear roolas and farrlaa, near Cl?r Iswr^nrsscjsaiijsgs" r House and lot fob sale?three btobt woodan Home, with all tha modem Improvement*; brick ahop on tha rear, full lok Inquire on tha ? 321 Waat Forty-aaoond afreet. Houses at reduced frices, in all parts or the city and Harlem, foraale, by ISAAC HON'IO, 38 Pine a treat, room No. A SOUSES FOB SALE-BY J. 0. BAILEY, 10 Fifth (treat, third door from Bowery. ? story h. a. b., In Tenth street, near Second av. Four story h. a. b. a In Twenty-aiith at, near Madlaon ?t. Four story h. a. b. a In Twenty-eighth at, near Broadway. Four atory a. b. brick, in Nineteenth at., ________ pot Ninth it. Three atory h. a. brlcki In Eighteenth at.,'near Eighth av. T AUREK8 STREET, 60X90, NEAR GRAND STREET, AJ with ButldlnfA now rentu^g for over $5^000: ?rlue 840,1100. Wooaler atreet. 38x98, with Hotiae, price $15,01X1 Elm atreat, 90x100, with Buildings, price $00,000. Eld ridge atreet, rhroc atory brick. 28x100. price 814.000, Ktautou atreet, No. 125. with Building*, price $131100. Broome street, No. 41. with Buildings, prioe 912.100. West Thirteenth atreet, tnree atory brick, price $9,IWP Second avenue, three atory brick, price $3,600. I.eroy atreet, two atory aad attic brl' k. price 39,000. West 38th at. No 443, three atory brick, price SA800. East TUlrty-foui th atreet three atory briafc, price 91IA0O. West Thirty-sixth at. three story brown stone,price $14,000.

Also first class Bouses between Ath and oth era., one lHtb, 23d. 30th. 94th, SSth, 37th, 42d and 46lh its., ami large variety or property in nil parts of the city Printed list at the office. D. M. SEAMAN, 14 Pine street. Tease 21 years-larcie premises, west side J of Hudson street, near Clarkson, for sale; 25 by 100 feet, 17 rooms. Apply to WILLIaM SMITH, 88 Fulton at Lots for sale. 3 liOta on Fifth nvenue, near 84th atreet. 20 Lou on Lexington av.. between 42<1 and 45th streets. 17 Lota on Madlaon av., between 41th nud 48th streets. 10 Lota on 77th etreet, between 3d und 4th avenues. 6 Lois on 78th atreet, between 3d and 4th avenues. And on oil the avenues and street* from Sixty-fourth to Seventy-eighth street, from First to Fifth avenue. W. H. WOOD. 66 Wall street Madison avenue lot. full size, between Forty-fourth anil Forty-fifth streets, particularly adapted for bulliliug a first class residence on. as the adjacent pro. perty Is restricted on both sides of the way anil side streets. Apply to Mr. URANT, 1UW Mercer street up n lairs office. Nine years* lease for sale or premises to let on the northeast oorner of Broome and Orosbv streets; building five stories, basement and cellar; 25 by 100 feet. Apply to A P. 8MITH A B RO., 44 Pine street. ON UNION SQUARE?FOR SALE. A VERY LARUE, fine property; po.-sesnon May. I"8i7; also other desira ble business property on and ueur Rruudwav. W. P. SEYMOUR, 1/1 Broadway. SEVERAL EXTRA BUILT BROWN STONE HOUSES, one In Thirty-second street, one In Thirty-eighth etieri, one In Twenty-second street, all near Fifth avenue, Offered ouly by ALVAH BKliBE, 76 Cedar street. SEVERAL HOUSES, IN GOOD LOCATIONS, FOB sale at about $15,UtAI each, by ALVAil KBEME A CO., 79 Cedar street. mHREK TWO STORY CUTTAOB HOUSES, CONTAIN X Ing two parlors, three bedroom*, busrvnent, kit lieu " cells ' * . ? . and cellar, pantry, bnlh'room and cotlies rnoin; inn mantels, tin roof, Uroton oil through, and gas in owiy room and hall; lire place for range or stove as may be ch'-lfM. These houses are entirely new and never occ upied; there fore Immediate poaaesainn; price $4,000 each, half i-aali; I") agents. Inquire of ED WIN JAMES A DUNPii Coun sellors-at-Law, 298 Rroadwnv. Tenement nousRs for sale uiieap.-213 and 216 East Thirty-fifth street J. J. SEARINO, lbtiBroadway. WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE nue-?Brown stone hlfb sloop House, J5c8'K IM. rn* > sale. The owner leaves tor Europe, and npeastehm will lie i given when required. Price moderate and tatte* n?-rouimii datlng. O. W. SIMMONS, Jr..9J ltrv?dwi?j. j 3| 8TORY HIGH 8TOOP BRICK. MODERN IMPROVE ? moots West Twenty-eighth street, near Sixth a venue. $18.QUO; four story high shiop brown atone, first class Lex-? ington avenue, near Plfty-ultitn street, turnishnl. 3?.,"<w; three atory high stoop brick, first class, West Twenty second street, furnished, $23,000 BLEKCKER. HYDE ft LOWE REE, Nos. 4 and 8 Pine street. $5 000 ^IU< B0Y A THKKE HTORY BRICK _ Tenement House and full sired Lot, with alleyway, affording a chance for lurther linpiurnoicnla; situated near First avenue. Apply to JOSEPH McUUlRK, 116 Naaaau street. $7,000 FOR A VERY NEAT THREE HTORY brick Huuse, modern Improvements, ut coni order; also one for $*V-i5J. 8. F. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. ATA AAA ? for Sauc?tbk four story bno ?1U.UwU, lir.h biutemeulbrick llouac ami Lot No. I'M Writ Twenty-fifth street, betwcn Sixth unit .Seventh ?ve nona. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar etreet. ATI AAA ?A NEAT THERE STORY HIOH 8TOOP ?pll.UUU. bonne. We.t Slit el; alao Weal 10tb at, 0O.U0O: East OSd st,i: VB0- Want 1Kb at, 811.000; Beat 33.1 at., $fo.D0?; Went Mtb at. $16,000: Weat 4M at, 1 HOW; Went 47th at., $11,000. IV. P. SKYMOlfK. 171 Broadway. BROOBLYR REAL. ESTATE PORMALR. A SMALL BRICK HOUSE. GENTEEL LOCATION. A five mlnutea from City Hall; modern improvement*; A bargain; very eaay terror: $3,000; a three etory brick, base Stem, Sarkctt rtreet, near Court, $7.fU0' a three etory, Hug. liah basement, Suuinnl nlrcot; all with modern improve HI.EEC.vER, HYDE A LOVEIIKK, merits, $2,000. Nna. 4 and $ Pine etreet. gROOKI.YH HEIGHTS.?FOR SALE, HOUSE 30 SID ney place, 33xt?, lot 138; tan, ba h, hot aad cold water; ,000; rtirtinbed, $13,000. Possess-un May or before. Call lrotn 4 to A gUSINKHS PROPERTY IN SOUTH BROOKLYN FOR nalc.?The three brick Store* on the noittheaal corner of Columbia and Warren streets, built by daya' work in the beat manner; in perfect order; alio one vacant Lot in War ren etreet. three minutes' walk from tbe Sooth ferry. In quire on ' he premieee. For hale-fhr first clash three story and attic brown ntone House No. SI South N.nth ntreeL be twees Second and Third streets. Brooklyn, within three mlnutea' walk of tbe ferrlea; being tbe residence of Wtn. Wall, Enq. Tbe home in 31 by 70 feet, well arraaged. built, and fniabed in tbe very beat manner by tbe owner for hla own U'e, and In complete order throughout, lot 30 by KM feet ; immediate po*-c?.ion can be bad. For ticket* to see the premium and further particular* apply to E. H. LlilL LOW A CO., Bo. 3 Pure atreet, New York. I^IOR SALE?HOUSE OT HICKS STREET, BROOKLYN; _ two atory, bnvement and atlle; 9 rooms; gaa and water theren; bullae In rnmplete order. On bd aeen after 12 o'cloek. Price $7,000. $4,000 eau remain. pOR 8AI ETIN_WILf. 1AMSBUBO> A THRKB STORY comer brick Houte, with etore; baa 14 rooma, gaa and ir and reefy thl ' " bekery or grooery. water and everything complete; a goo.I place for a butcher, bakery or grocery. Apply at ** Kwaa atroet. JN> R SALE?A SM ALL, NEAT, CONVENIENT TH RF.B vtory brink Hoove. 61 North Flrat atreet, Brooklyn, with K*"'I>UHUiH$ A tlKEPN, 188 Grand street, Brooklyn. IVOR 8AI.E-A I.AROE TWO STOUT FRAME HOUNR, 1 on Alnal'e atreet, wttk bnck baaement, oontainlng 12 rooms, 6 pnnlrtot. hetudrt attic and collar; gaa Mid water on ibe premises; lot 26.4 by 100 feet. Inquire et 187 AI Dalle atreet. Brook,ya. E. I>. , IX>R 8ALE-A FIRST class threr 8TCRY and 1 beaetnent trick Houae. In the Immediate vicinity of tbe City Hall and new Court Htmae. Brooklyn. coDvculent in tbe r niton. Wall and South ferriea and tbe several car rowtra; oontatna all tbe modern .mprovementa, ta amiable tor a private reeidence and lain ? most deal table Inenl inn for business purpose*, Apply to WILLIAM RACKET, W Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. I/IOR SALE-WrTH IMMEDIATE POSSRBSION, THK I r brick Hou'C 1 Park avenue, next to _ Oxford ditrt, Brooklyn, in good order, w lib water, ana Be ; price 84,000. mar be aeeu from I to 8o'cloek P. M. For further parllcit laraapply int >e at"re 30 Fallon atreet, N. Y.; convenient to three ear routes. For salt, in Brooklyn-four new first class Houses, ui Claremont avenue, near Fulton avenue, Bne location, 09.7KI. terms eaay. l/tOR HAI-tJA'f A BARGAIN. IN BROOKLYN.?A r three atary hrlck House, 07 W Prince street, noar WII leuihtnr. 13 niobtas walk from ferrlea. A ooaev little hnuae. with hay wlnlow. Itenta for 0000. Prion 06.000. Apply to C C. FLKK'I Fulten avenue, oppnalle Elm place. ? ,10B SALE WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, TIIR plea as n I v loraied three atory brown atone from hlali stoop houae ,nd Let, 'jrhBBxIOO, with all convenience*, BOO Pacific atreet Brooklyn. Apply on the premtaes, or of I) A M. 8Blf0aI,wpp near Court atteot, Brooklyn. UMFTH AAEMCE LOTS. WEST SIDE, BELOW THE f Park?Dree J6xl60, two, 16x100. For sale by WM. RATVOR. HTlIBB FDR SALE-BROWN STONE FRONT, FOUR vtoriea itgh. HI Eaat Twenty-aeeond atreet. Inquire of CHAUNCBY BaTRHARD. Ajent, 100 Broadway, London re r race.?for salb-j story and haaemetl br.ek Houae, In food order, London terrace, also 4 etory hi*U?h basement Bona* $58 Went Thirty hi th etreet, alnotNory brick Hon no. Went Thirty-rlvhth street. near Seventh avenue, alau 4 vtery brown atone Houae. TwentT-nlnth atreet. near Lexington nvenne. nltto tbe 3 etory brick House l(i6 Weat Thirteenth atreet, in thorough order- nlao tin 3 atory brick Houto 781 Washington atreut, saroo' All tha above will be aold upon aaay terms. Apply to J. PEC A RC, 817 Broadway. O SMALL IOPMM AMD LABQ| ^ /, Meni 107 atd 10P AMipol mr6?t, Hrooiirn, 97 rwt from MvrUe avmuTeaat aide, lota, teWandI rear, 88 feet 0 inches by Ui eat 8 Inchon deep; Utto perfect; no enrum SKe lhe hiwea an on tbe renr of We.. Price $8.1)00; ZhaT-L- fuonln on bond and mortgage three or Bve yearn, lamimef IJL JACMON, S3 WaffTwonty-foorthstreet. Hew York. "country REAL ESTATE FUR BALl| th? abarmiog '''^VRE^/rireMENTlrchTt^;? No. kM Pin* jpocmt mmai* imitfrtr AW NKWBCRO?FOR SALE OB TO EBWT, ON AC ? count or (he owner going abroad. a anug cottage, hand ??.' zirnss,s^sFffssrSv'-'s north at me landing ud dlraoUy on Dm watar, outbulM jra<^^..gTiii?sa ?? ~ I A '^''ISHE^COUKTBl^BBA^IJ^BCLAIVAN <!l*hon?trom lhe otOi co a baautiful Lake; Hfe in excellant eoadtUuo, larga iara, Stable, Han nary, KK I - AW TBBY DESIRABLE FARM ON LONG ISLAND, CON "anient to the city, lot* acree rich and highly colll "aladland, 1,400 choice dwarf (rntt tree*, mostly peara; briek homac and frame barn, nearly new; price |K5?. Addraaa Farm, box 3,176 Foal office. BEAUTIFUL COrNTKT RESIDENCE AT WEST -- Mount Vernon, price 66.400. Oiler* at Ferine, fonkera. IMu, Morrlatown. Westfleld and Scotch Elaine* at low pnoea. JOSBEH MASON. 29 Pine street. A A FREE PASSAGE TO CALIFORNIA GIVEN TO certain neraona who take free building lota in Newport city, California, Pacific Railroad tarmiuua, near San Pram ciaco. Office 137 Broadway, room 19. A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER RESIDENCE ON LONG I8L and for aale or exchange, double frame Houae, 7 acrca of Grounda and a great "arlety of Fruit, a only to KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A GOTHIC COTTAGE, TWELVE ROOMS, WITH ONE acre of good Land, abundance of choice fruit, sbrub bery anil shade treaa, carriage bouse and stable, at Irvlngton, on the Hudson, for sale very cheap. Immediate poaaeaaiou. Price git),SOU. A rare chance In this choice location. H. EMBERSOM, 431 Eighth avenue. ABA11GAIN.-61.7U0 WILL PURCHASE HALF ACRE und two cottages; Staten Island, near lauding; woith ?1,069; muat have Ur money. Alio one Aero at Portcbester, a bargain. TUOMESON, 780 Broadway. ADEUOUTFUL COUNTRT RESIDENCE, ONLY 46 minute* from this city, via llarlem Railroad, and five micro-*' walk from depot; large beuae, with heater, range and water In perfect order, and about thirteen city Lota, tilled with the choicest fruits. For particulars apply to Mrs. D. L. LEWIS, TremonL A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE, A situated in Queens county, Jt intlcH from New York. Thr promisee consist of a two story and basement frame House, with wing Attached, Barn and Carriage House, and about five acres of land. The buildlm;* an- nearly new; the location is plcaaant and very healthy, and within ten min utes' walk of a railroad depot, and one mile from u steam i. Daily communication with Now York by both. bcai landing. . Apply to WV. MaCKKY. 93 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Price $3,000. B EUGEN HEIGHTS PROPERTY.?Pit ENCII ROOF Residences, with all the modern conveniences; coaey Cottages. with rapacious gardens, and commodious old I'aah les. on verv easy term*. JOHN II PLATT. toned Houses. on verv caay I Opposite Court House, Hudson city. /NOUNTRY BEATS AT ORANGE, MILBI RN',_SUMMIT, ' J Jlontchiir, Bronkiield, Belleville, Elizabeth. Red Bank, Port Chester, on Staten Island and on the Hudson, for aale bv FRED A. PETERSEN, Architect, No. 5>j 1'lne street. Ctoo NTH Y STORE KOlt SALE-FIFTY MILES FROM > riiv by Erie Railroad, built of brick and near depot and post oltice; an excellent locution ior business. Korpur tlculars inquire at .'4i Carmine street. CVOUNTRY SKAT AT MUTUOHIN?HOUSE. BARN J mewl. fruit: ail In perfect order; three miuutaa'walk liom depot: heilthy location; price $6,009. CAM fit Eld-. KELLY A til).. 201 Broadway. /TOUNTEY KK81DENC1L4 FOR SALE?IMMLDIATE \ j poaacAsiM, on I lie bulks of ilie Hudson, at almo'l every station lu'pve.ui mis uiit! Albany. Parties abont pur ?r interest to consult with S. K.M cbaautg will nod it. u.tie'ir lot BR KHUN, 43! high tlr.,1".nine. /tOITAGK HOUSE F.lit SALE?IN NEWARK, N. J. j a A bonsain npecoi or; 13 roun*. ApolytoJ. i i t it'NSKLi'OR, 2'Tt Urn nl > iy, O.on No. 1, 0:1 Monday, be ta i-eo 11 and 12o'e'-o- \ A. d rtDtTAOT'h V, 1TII Mt'E CPOUNDS FOR BALE-AT ! 1/ Kisdnai l. ooot .daunt Vernon. Turrytewn Sing : ng. lit notion mil n nt pircc teriiH, A' , with S, EM- i JtK SO.' riAJiHS /VI ! I I Mil III IOR ?ALF\ -THIRTT ! Willi i ? ,.iu.?i- sod i nthniii-f?. eboic I) lilt of I II IHiidh, mo m i, on, P. S". ? hi. Hon on Kt e Ruilroad, iija miles I l oin t i.< .? v r- 111 irole* tfiun llnlMiken, price, e te y I.lie gent'* lie with nil tla- i ?> . > . .-.A t . sl-ii some to v gen suit c. H in I A e.i ,???*! "d |,od vicinity; also ' i.lto nl nil ? i-if Jo ? ? ? III itcrr- , nd i thcr counllca, New Act??* mi", , urli nr to najh-ka-w Hi New del-say. ule,ell,| ?.? ,i a-wer Oi.t invnifr,- Mtite, will en H ill io mil . nd ? >. .1 La . I.I , ice sua X beloce applying eiac wlt-ie. ..hi1.. ?"BLD*IANN *UO.. I oil M I, Apt |US. Ilnvkepsock, N. J. LTaKM' F??R HALPf-n ? t'/ IU ACIO.S. J 11)11,DlNtiS r worth 6ti.tru. ncaw ; IT *?*,; oce 43 i.ciW, triihoo; mie 7b Icrna, *ll.'iA) iv.intry O.osot J.?b'O up to JllPW O.IM'.'tt ...I,, 1U,\ A t'CUiSI Mioadway. INARM AT NliniSlv l\V . a,-81 AC IKS. FOR ? hole or e*t3n.,|i ;e pl.t:,, ly. Ii tOOKKTY A PHIELPS, It Fine Uree.t. L3ARMS AND COUN'TRx SEATS DE. 'PABLY LO P c it.'d m Wi IiishanlIT < ininly : ? One i,f 100 noim at Mount hiseo Jh M)T One i,f 113aeies ut Mount Kimio. .. Hi.641 One of U) acres at I'oflrUesier ... .... F. OUtl One Ol 80 wrea el Rye 3J.IWU A very tiuat Country cat at itye 4 Ofki One iteul Country -eat linri'.ir.g on Stain,1 70IMJtl S. F. IKT'LaND. *H hionnwst. ? ,AAH? FOR *AU; ? KM ACRES, 12 WOOD. 7 - MlLl S liom Saratoga n|, ing-,, a tptariei- fmm pnatofile*aatl raiinuid depot, g aal Iiiiiim" lati n and ?tithull,llnt?complete; iui ?i , *i ream of wnu-r p.i??ea thrcuch It; u t i-h bed of truck" |ioat; fruit ami ah uic trees. Also a Farm udimoing ol t4l iidb.mi, and otlterontbiilidlnganrd acres, with gixid h use and wood. Peat In abnniPiiH.e. Kor jwrth iiltrs lomirc oi H. I HEWLETT, No 3 Vesey stioel, Aator House. I NINE MANUFACTURING PROPERTY FOR KALE -IN 1 Jmcr City. Four Lois on oorner with large flour story brick Boil.lint near ilvcrand r?ilroail. For urrns sud irtlci particulars address I .'liar Ira Sir iron, 1MB Broadway. FOR BALK-A PETROLEUM KKFINhl.Y, LOCATED nt a place i.eor I bo clijr of Baltimore anil convenient lor shipping. with all raci ssary ginuudn boikliutn.iiuicli.oMi/ ?no ulensds, new mid In complete order. A portion of Ihe poichasa money ran irmmn on ihe iioperiy. Applr to ALEX. WOLFF, 17 l*w Buildings Baltimore, Mil. Fioit HALF-A BKAL'TIFL'L country beat and Faitn, one mile from Nctv Lnodon, I'oun.; tlrst clay* building', land In fine state of improt.-inent. handsome lawn, garden. Ae.; ibOMkwe of I. nit and 01 rnmenial tinea; a very desirable place; house lias Ill room*, with furnace, bathroom. Ac., commanding a lioe view of it,e l/oug latum! Sound, .New London harbor and Hie I'enont I loos* r g..nd boating, flablng nml bathing. Price $28,8U8, wllh farnlture. App'v to K. II. BIKMN, 1411 llioadw.y, Hold to clone an MM. pOR HALE?A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK HUH.PINO, ? wllh Frame Building iittiubeil, containing engine. ? boiler, shafting Ac.; chained apparatus, An , Mumble for a cbemloal mnnularlory or other factory pm | o-ck. tng-ilu'- i wllh a Stable and ten Lota of Ground on psrt u: which It is bunt, all m mated on Ferry atreci. at the i. inn ton of Newark avenue, llubokeu. N. JL uhent lue rutin,te..' walk I fI -m the ferry. Apply to ALBERT SEEVERS, 38 Neman ' tltect, New York. TjV)R SALB-A VERY DESIRABLE RK.MUF.hCK ON L Bard avenue, hmteii Island, near Bailor* Smtg Mai nor landing; for rale low and on easy terms. Apply to Tt'i'K KitMAN, MULLIGAN A CO . 911 IJroudwny. I/OR RALE-AT MAHTINOb, ON THE HUDSON. id) JP mllea from New York, a two alory frame Hon**: ate room*, bar, etna nt and attic, good Well of wnter and fiiul ? Attic, good Well of woter and frnil trees; lot lOOzlftreeL Pima ?a.4O0. Apply teK.KMBF.K ?, orj. KHHTLOh. on the premise*. BON, ggt Eighth avenue, I/OR SAI.F?THE Tfl.RO A NT BROWN STONE IIOl'HK, r four etorica and extehtion, 'JftilUt. No. fl Van Vorat square, Jeraey C'ty. Tbia bonne te on the l*ark, I be hand RQUMVl IUIRWVMBN IF WW IHW I no meat location In Jeraey City, and win ho sold for BI&tKO; property m> situated, buQl now, would eoet about SSO.OOli. Terms easy. Apply na above. rR BALE-IN THE TILLAGE OF SING SING, A Cottage, containing 8 rooms with outbuilding*, plentv of choice fruit; live mlniiten'lwalk from the depot. Price : $2,030. For particulars Inquire on Ihe preinliee of THOH. A ORR. orCHAH. SIMI'SON, BIT West Forty.second street, New York. PR BALK?A FIRST CI.ASS HlUlf 8TOOF BRICK Dwelling House, near the depot. In Newark, N. J.; Iia'f an hour from el'r only; water and gas throughout and good nslgbborbood. Priee$8,600. J. J. BEARING, 1? Broadway. T.TOK BALE?DESIRABLE FARM OF81 ACRF.R NEAR I1 Tarrytown, healthy location; Ural class buildings, plen'y of frnlt trees, gupe^ Aa J. W. BOG ERT, <8 Liberty street. For halr or *xchanoe?rliloimo loth in Petersen, Elizabeth, and on Long Island. Alen Mer chandise. Llqnors. Ac. JOHN W. JEROI.EMON, OR Broadway, around floor. For hale-a country residence, situated at Nyaek. on the Hudson, ilia house la large and of modern' const rm?? ion. With I , acres of groaad^eomtMtnd Ing one of the line*t views or the Hudson, eight minute*' walk to steamboat landing and twe miles to Kiulread depot at Plermont, N. ,1.; splendid drive*;, with Oilcloths and Window Bhndee all;new. $11,810; S'l.H*) cash; lioase rents for 81 <**>. Apply to WM. H. KVABR, kiS Booth street. New Vork. ^*OR SALE?AT SMITHTOWN, l_ I., THE FARM OF _ ihe Isle Benjamin Mills, containing 70 acres home, stead and 3H aci-ea woodland; good hmiae and large and con vcnlent outbuildings, with a line young orchard and large brook suitable for msklng a trout pond. The stock and movables will be aeM with the farm If desired. Applr to LYMAN B. SMITH, Administrator, Bmlthtown,L. I.,or K. B. MILLS. 61 White street. X. V. [/OR SALE-FINE MILL PROPERTY. WITH COT. tages, Ine house, Ae.. with never falling wster power, on Central Rellroad of New Jersey, near depot, and within " r built - W minutes or New York; was huill for a roper mill, terms, Ac., Apply to C. uRKi'Po, 44 White stittet. For sale?to close an ebtatf., the bratti f ill Restdcnce of the late C, A. Itoticrt, Esq., deceased, on 1'alisAde avenue. West Hoboken Height*, wltli entire view of New York and lis environs; bou*e larra and com modious, good stable, carriage bouse; will be sold with 8 to 17 bttx of fruit and vegetable garden; bor?e cars pass tlie promises to nod from the Hoboken ferry every IB rolntpe* A sole In flTt ll'V t'UP t'IL'1. A vlOV >1 U/_. sSsul Apply to JlU.1KN CRF.VlKk A HON, M Wasuingron street, lobok? '? Hoboken, and get a permit to visit the property. For balk-at yonkkrr, a house, furnished or nnfunushed, la an eirellent (oration, eight minute*' walk from depot and landing: house contains 16 rooms, and In perfect order; lot I8im,wttli e*i rlage house and hennery, good vegetable garden and abundanve or choice fruit trees and grapevines in full Mating ;_poaecM?n on or before 1st day of April. Apply to ? w.FRAN<;;h, Msio street, Yonkers, It. Y. "I210R BALE?AT CRANKOltD, II I, ON THE CRN J* tral Railroad of New Jersey. ISA minutes r-im New York, a new, handsome and thoroughly built > ma, << ".tam ing U rooms, attic and cellars, superior location and t~?r the depot; grnuads laid out by a competent landscape flsr doner; a desirable residence for ?3?'2'( ^2?*" In New York. Apply to HOHElf MORGAN, No. 3 Pine at roe t, N. Y , or to A. B. BIGELOW, tronrord. N. J. Ertee $11,880. R BALM CHEAP-LABOR HOUBR IN MOUTH BF.R nn commudKwiii ill niwltrn improTim^nUit TNOR BALE CHEAP?FOR CABfT PROPERTY KNOWN wnh A8NSJ. , , ' I" * WfVl I jw* mjub. _Jp*TRY HF.HIDF.MCB WT? of |rouad; fcue hoanc, wmpiHif ?wm ?? ? ???? ???? i. ?????? > tl%ble aud cow ho qn ; site ated on high fround. four biIm from Mew York. 1ft minetee' rid* by nlmf, aeemalble aeon hour; Ovc min utes* watt from two depote. WW ?m eotd cheap Apply to J. CORNELL, Mo. I'Mmmx Market. from 7 to 12 o'clock. r>B RALE OB EXCHANGE BOB CITY PROPBRTY A very attractive Place en States Island, four mile* from landing. Huum modern, built In boat manner end eery con venient, thirteen rooms; born, carriage house, At , XI acres under high stala or cultieation; garden, fruits, Ac. HAOOBBTY A FH&LPB. Ho. It Plus street LH)k SALE OK TO LET-ON 8TATEN ISLAND. MOT P two mioutes' walk from VenderbBt'e landing, orna mental Cottage, with 17 lota of laod; fruit and shade trees In abundance; house and grounds in perfect repair; will bo sold aheap, or let en easy terms. Apply to J. PYNR, M Wall street, or D. R. HITCHCOCK. 100 Broadway. 10R RALE OR TO LET-A FIRST CLASH DOUBLR m House, Barn and 11 arret of good Land, fruit, Ac_, at Cornwall. N. Y.. on the liudtou. Call on, or address, jjra. JAMBS M. DAVIS. Mo. 6 M..rsbfleld place (Broadway), Wil liamsburg, or No. 230 Wsahloglou street, New York. For kale ok to lease-a first class hotbi* at Sharon Spring". N. Y . known as Union Hall; terms easy and liberal For particulars at dress Oe OH, bus 1,303 Post office, New York city. Hotel.?'the old ertablirheo hotel, with liverv stable attached, for sale, at Mount Vernon. West cheater connty, N. Y., the proprietor retiring from tnielnese; also a two story brick Building. ftJi.U, sultuble Iw a whole vale state or manufaetorr For further particular* apply to F. II. LAWRENCE, 1 2*8 Broadway, or IV 'third avenue, K. Y., it on the premises of GEORGE OOULD. HHOTKL FOR HALE.-ONE OF THE FINEST HOTBL l*i In the vicinity of New York, with stables, outbuildings nnd a double three -tory Dwelling House. Ho tel of brick and doing a prosperous end lucrative business: $10.(XH> may remain on the property. Only principals need apply lor full particulars. E. A. A W. B. CARPENTER, lb9 Broadway, room 71. ' IN JERSEY CITY-OX l!K;!l AND SOLID GROUND, u new three story, basement end sub-oellar House, fin ished in very be"t manner mid containing all the modem Improvement', marble hall. AAnr one desiring * really nice home may apply to \t *1 II aKNEY. corner Or ore an if York Mtrocts. TQ FOWLER WE.-,TOIIESTER COUNTY LAND ? Agent, has Farm? and Country Beats for sale, in nil parte of the county Twent third street, corner of Fifth Arenue Hotel, basement. Missouri real i.statr for ?ai.e or Ex change?For pr<i(>ertv in or near New York c ly. Ad dress J. .li. Oov.ngton, office Scoutlfle American, 37 Park row, New York. Manufacturing property for hai.k cheap? A substantially built frame House, two alorirs, vise 26x611. with six Lola on Union Hill. For terms nud partine larr, uddiesy Win. Ilersec 611 Wnthtngton street, tioboken, N. J. AI so, a number of Hansel Of all kuij-. NOTICE?A GREAT BARGAIN?THE -IMPHON House loi sale corner of Tenth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Washington. D. Fur Inlormatiuti. in-.titrc oi GEORGE Ml I'CFlRLL, corner of Houston slrt et and Broad way, or E. CLAtlETT. Wastimglou, D. Proprietor. SARATOGA SPRINGS.-FOR HALE OK I.RASK choice location for hotel, school or boarding i>, o e, uvn story brick Building. 1IK) moms fully furni - lied l),j acres laiuf, line soadc; ample stable, and in g mil order. W. P. .SEYMOUR, III Brndwey. rpo RX< HANGE FOlt A SMALL FARM. IN THE A count;y, ? good linstnea in New York thai 1-u* l?een In onomtinii for the past thirty voars. For partic.i ore u.quite nt iUC Fnal Forty-ninth |kln-et. flttlK BEST ARRANGED. MOST BUr.KT--.NTIAL AND J elegantly tirn elu-afu'i -.zed brown hi. oe Ke-l denre on Fifth avenue t .Hin t ay Hill) for sile very low, with immediate posses-ion, by FR1--D A. PKTKK8KN, .'iiiuitnci. No />xj I'ine street. rpiMKER, TIMBER, TIMBER.?W.", HAVE St).MR OF J ilie hiicst iiiii cr Ian,is in the oountry for site R. A. MATTHF.W8 A CO.. 35 New street, ofTi, e? 3j and 31, riViXAS I.ANl)H.-J80.UtM At.PES OF HUM* LANDH 1 wanted, for rash. Address lor one week si ,Uiig quaii Uiy. and iocatiou. Charles A Co.. box 113 l.ersld office. 'pENNESKEK FARMS.?' OR SALE, LOW FOR OAKH, I two Farms of 3a) acres oaoli, Iviug near Bwuet Water di p, .Monroe conutv; high,;. fertile, well im; imnl hue spring water, with gomi loiihtnig*. Ac line bn, i < l, v.-Ib of lead and tne other lot' the finest ehalyh"ite spring in the South; HOajreson tneli in cultivation. Health nnd cllinule i:n> ni ps need. Address for one luooth Thomas <i Boyd, bwiot Water, Tennessee. ftlKNEMFXT rilOPKUfY WANTED To Kl'Y OH I leave? flie lugiiesi m.. r;vi va'ue _lvcu. Apply to R. il. (Jib HONS ,Y . 443 liruo li t ntreaL w 'KAVFR A MOORE. hi.oom uieid. n. j., have .or culo u Co..nti y M>iit one ?<Mh lour nuaulea' w.xlk. fiofr. Bi |jt>t, .n Hi t* Uf li'im; new ?ur..-e, 1'.' room* with oil moilrto untie cificni. fi'.'yaiP: ei* tsrnn. A w;ric:y of Ik .ft. !r from $1.1.40 to $ii. <83, Huuaea to mi.l ll\n FARM8 AM) UERIDHM.'KM FOR J.UIJ Kill At II imrgalo, or cxchvitfic, >11 ever, kvatily lu the eoiiulit- I '<> flOMn): diM i;ve ten l? (ittv miica, rajjr in iicii?? ?ml l/no impiovemitnlf. Wwi. JSM $..(:(> to $W.'oO. API ly to A. SKKk .ANI', 21 Wall struct. <27 iWli't ~A FARM OK M ACRES DBLHMIYPOU.T ?J* I .UIMI. . i.iiiO l ijio uik-, from Sjialou-i KkrtAge, with new b-ick House, one new I re me ISoiif- two new Ra-ll*, c .ji'.Nge Hons.' logetl.e; with other nub ii:.Iiiif>; Im-'i' v.stern. water running to the dwelling no I into; apple, pur and puim orchard; ta well c-.u-uluicd tor two lc-ilem i .. wor.ld be eolil asp .ratelv or together?; binlilit.nK eon. more tli n i asked lor iIm plae*.. Knr pwtml>ii in. autre -t !,16C liro ulwav, or address Pond A French, Har.iluga *P <?! __ c- I ? ? OOlt WIL1. BUY A FINK WATFK I'lUVKR ' ? i? I .2/ ?' "' " " Mil. IlwellKiaan I Sioe..hou?o. Y.' *e?l lieadt four ?? ? ihaii two bou ? by Mil. Aim two Hiram tin h. t.ncly ke-oti'.i oeur i lit ai low flume*. ?. A. MATTHEWS A CO , Ufticul Ocu.nii??.ot> XertU'iiit* mid Reel I alula I....ken, .11 New street, olTcea ll'lsn.l 31. ?kit /)/)() ACUFS or I,AM). WELL TIXRKKEI), tjI'.tn'W in Tal.ot county. tieorgia, far * ?? c a up-. Hull on or addie-- v., >, WOLF A e O , lill broad way. ;uom No. S. A rKAi. KM 1'ATM IVA* I'K ?. ?WANTED TO BOV, I PIECE OP T.MPKOVKD I'ropetly, I.out Canal to Kori.etb atrret, p. u* IdlCO In tDl.lti" cash. Add. em IV. li. P.. care or J . J, Olb bona, ill' Bk ecker street A IIOl SK.-WARIKO T.) I'UIICHASK A MOI) KM U\ b'illtr.lll Ihraeor las story Home with all improve ment! uot above fhlrlietu almai, nor be tow r*Mkitr?ii located betwi-nn Levlegfon uiul Sixth areouoe. Adoieea J4 B.. X Am'ty hi. act. tor three il.iva. WANTED?IIOU4RS OR VACANT (JitOUNDH ON VT Vta-li ngloo, Weal ;re?l?, or K'ghtli avenue Price retaomlle. Address A. W. K, a i'iuii O. \\' ANTED?TO runt'HAM! IN I! ARI.KM. A (IOOD ?t Motive, iienreen llOi.i and !"XHh atteela aud second and Fonrtti ai mi te? north ?iil?: ppwe from nhoui j.'dUio fk OHPJ ai one third eaeSb Poa rsaion preierred on lal nf A|>ri'. No agen H t;e,-d antwer. Addreaa N. K, lloiaitf vv WANTED?TO PURCHASE ASMALL81Z l) ItOUSR. Willi all ihe modern Imriroveinenta, Hltnated tie'ween Lexington iind Seventh avetr.i ?. abore Pwent) tfeinl etreet, f..r hi i l. will be paid part ? i?fe and good tuanulacliiilidl atoek. Aildirae box 3b< t'oet o?. a. DANTKD- A t'OI'NTItV It! UflBRCR, WI1I1IN ONK an i or hew Ycrk, tnruta ed or in if annulled, in ex ?rhancufor town add Ne'JPnafca (arm laoda. or pocel mining atoek... A.k'.iraa I". P. H., Ie>x 4il'JD New York I'.mi nltire. tl'ANTWll TO PURCHARK- A SMALL llollHk", BE. Y> low I. ;b'? alith atreet. A nlie*.- aUttng tertoa i.wd k> eiit.oi , A U.( let MM Herald o?ee. WANTED TO ?XunAXOK.-A NEAT t'OUNTRT Pine, fttn .aboil or inloi mmed, In a apo< < I up U-wl.tJ, peer New York, world be taken in etrhange for the ttret and only of a great n.Hum il masterplroe of AH, kleblr rmloiH. il bv our prominent auteaoien. Addtree U.a SMl New lor* Koat offee. U'ANTED TO 1TRUHASE-A IIOU8R IN BROOK lyn. oil a??y terina; prlee from fllOOU to $4 OTO Ad dreaa. with full parllrulera, Hoitae, Herald oflk*. Wanted to pvrchamB?a small hoiisr. not above Thlrtietb atreet end uol below Seventh ateood, between Swonil ana Hlxlh aveanee. from fT.OUO (o 9'N.tMR A.fdr. na A. A., Herald oflice, atallog tereaa and particiilnra. WANTED TO PURCHASE OR RENT-A BUILDING ofoinrlderableeapaelty. with or without open vpaae adjota ec. Tor rnamifo. iuritig purpoeea, below Fourteenth etreet. Addreaa box 4.IM1 Poet oflice. WANTED TO Pt'RcUAHK?A HOUSE. WITH UOOD store In one of the arennev or btuineae itioeie not ahore Fort loth atreet. Price not to eieeed SL&.OUU. SiO,OM raah. Addreaa J. C., Herald o?oe, atatinc locution, wnh lowest pure. flRIimRE. A LL SINKER'S PATRNT SPRINO HRDs RBQUIRB J\. but one matirraei eleen. durable; warranted for yoaM) no leathers or atnnee about them: health, luxury. Hold everywhere. Warrtootna 215 Centre street. ALL TIIR FURNITURE OF A THREE STORY MOD urn House in Hrouklra, No. At Llrlngaton Htreek, for private ?n'e. splendid ro?ewood French brocatel Furniture. Frenrli Paintings and Sroorea. Urge gilt Camieee, rape aad brocatel Cnrtaine, banes, Hruaeeis Carpel Everything ewa> pleut for fiirniahtug a bnnae, and alnmat new. Am I. BATrKRSON'8 8TORAOB ROOMS, FOR FUR I . ii.uue. No ?? sixth avenne. near Fortieth street R. B. - l.aige w a*. i?a for iwmoval of furniture In city or ewug. tr?. kBimiure h?i>ed end ahippod. Ah MACNIFfCENT PIANOFORTE FOR HAI.R-FOR I $2.4, coal 8MU: * beaut il ul Parlor Bull. In Freudi aatiu bro.-atei, for $IA cost 8278. one do. for $78: elan n lot of Pai .nr and Bedroom Furniture at a great aecrfee for cash. Impure at III) M eat Eighth atreet, pear Blllh avenue. AH SPLENDID MAIIBl.K TOP SUIT OF TRN PIKCRM and a hair olnih Lounge for tale cheap. Prlee $41 and [$Tv, no leas. Mrs. BAHIIKTT, BHHeeond avenue. VURNITI RE. FURNITURE -1RAUNSDORF A RETS. I r ? n-eeaaure lo IVetl A Hiunnadorf, offer their slock of well aeaorled Furniture, onalating of rarloe, Sitting Koota, IJhrarv. M.slroom and Dining Koora Hidu of the latest styles, o Ih.j uldie at wholesale prtrea, at IB and INI Riving toaetreet. J?. B. - All goods warranted. Clt'RNITUKR, CARPETS, BOORS AND LlRRARISf r honglit for i nah^at 13 sixth avenue, betweeu Ninth aud T< nth iirveta. ai ?| velnmee for anle. 1NOR SALB-AN El,F.OANTLY CARNED WALNUT LI r brary Halts roneieting of two NlllkieiM, one ToM% two Sofaa. two Ottomans, and six Hide their*. ?a hies reps end etcel, studded. For fur.hei pur'leulare tea of Til BALL A BROTUERB, auctiooeer*, ? LlbertR atreet IREAT REDUCTION IN PRICKS PRIOR TO SBBO i vaFurniture of etreiy deaciiption, l-oeAiiji tliaeaew tUreaaea, A<\ , Parlor and Chamber SnMe at eoei B. M. COW PERTH WATT. II Bowerf. ATMKNT wwritiVED BY WBEELY OR BONYIILT ?3: i^TSSmJaE aehlngiou pb*| rm? i jf?r asa