Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1867 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 11.129. NEW YORK, MONDAY. FEBRUARY 18, 1867. PRICE FOUR OJSNf-i. peiwosia;,. C0tfou?r'~AUj WUUr" J'GW WJ'..L YOU HAVE IT INS2n*f?'h5n-W '^TEDy^f MARY OONLON. WHEN h?- I* tU7 of Now Yoik. AI V in B ! ' will be t* .lii,vt' nil v re ret ve.i bv her bri.ther. RuTmil' ?' ^ 1 ??nkiullv rf-vived bv her bn.tlier, U * - * "o of the p-trlsh of KHlauMtrnnay, .? -?-Wiunty of si'go, Ireland. Address Douu riat.V. .>? _ J.""- .' umy of Sl'go, Irelnml. ?tekOoufon, ho. 8 [-ent street New York. TNr?ffliT^0N WANTED?OP FRANCIS BRRN'ARD 'P11 Rellev, ?on* of Hert.rd Reiley, cart owuer, fclvojpoo^ Add. ess box 4.IW3 New York Pout office. ?p^VoRMATION WANTED?Or PETERC A LLKGEN, OP 'a. sour.ty <**v?n. Ireland If ho will call at 10 West Thirty eigbth street, New York, be will hear of something to hia advantage. Last priday night-black crook-opkra glasses, pleasant smile?, Ac. ?Will the lady of sweet geuateuaiice, If unmarried, be so ktad as to Indicate to her aBiu.rer a mode of correspondence or Introduction. Addreea Bachelor Herald oilier. PERSONAL.?8UND AY, 10U A. M. OREENWOOO car, Atlantie street. Tv> Indies. (lent tu corner on tame aide. Address Ami. box 306 Ilerald nflloe. LOST AND FOUND. CUND-IN GRAND STREET, NEAR BOWERY, ON Tuesday, 12th inst.. a lady s Gold Watch and Chain, er can have it by proving property and paying ohargea. Apply at 40 Market street. ____ Found?a small quantity op revenue Stamps. The owner ean have them bv proving prop* arty and paying expenses. Apply at room IB, No. II Broad OST-A BLACK AND TAN SLUT, LONG EARS, j named Lon. A liberal reward wlU be paid for ber at f Fourth avenue. T OST-ON SATURDAY. 16TH, BETWEEN HUDSON I i River depot and South Kerry, probably in a Twenty, feird street stage, a pair of Gold spectacles io a brown mo aaceo case, marked''I'ike A Sons." The tinder will be salt ably rewarded on leaving them with William Okell, 680 iway, basement office. LOST-ON OR ABOUT FEBRUARY 12, 1867. A Driver's Receipt Book of the Merchants' Union Ex piass The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at Mi Broadway. LOST-ON RATURDAT EVENING, 1HTH INST., A PAIR ef Lady's.Side Curia. The finder will be liberally ra ? " 1 by leaving them at >0 Third avenue. >ICKF.D UP?THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1807, IN Frlnce'e Bay, M Pine Logs. Tbe owner can have the > by applying to James Alton, Great Kills, or to Joseph ?on, at UtfTo Craeberou, at Gifford Station, Staten Island, and paying ex REWARDS. OST, SUNDAY Gold Bracelet, heart pattern coming from Forty-sixth tC REWARD.-LOST, SUNDAY AFTERNOON, A d>0 G ' ~ ' " ?Sghtk lold Bracelet, heart pattern coming from rortv-slitb Broadway, to 168 West Eighteenth street, through *1 A PER QUARTER FOR LESSONS ONJPIANO (ALL lessons strictly private), at No. 187 West Eleventh street, corner Sixth avenue. Offloe hours, 10 till 2. Pianists Ear parties. ? ffl REWARD .-STOLEN, FROM RnOI.Z'S SHAVING VOU saloon. No. U Cortiandt street on Saturday even lag. February 16. a heavy Sack Coat: In tbe pockets were a broker's purchase and sales booh, also an envelope contain ing 100 shares of stock of the Quartz Hill Gold Mining Com pany, certificate No. 1.851. All persons ere hereby eautioned against negotiating for said certificate, as transfer bas been ?topped. The above reward will be paid, and no questions naked, for the return of tbe book and atook to J. C. WEST BKYBLT. 12 New street. $500 REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE arrest and conviction of any person or persona appropriating my trade mark, thereby substituting their worthless condiments for tbe deservedly celebrated Pastilles muses, or Hit a Osa, for the Instantaneous relief of coughs, ?aids, i gM est, Ao. JOHN SIMPSON, sole Proprietor, 141 Henderson Jersey City. SPKClAIs VOTK'ES. A ?DR. H. C. F. KUKHL, CHIROPODIST, RESPECT /L. f ~ - he fully aonounoea that he has changed his office hours nsn 12 oVlook to 5 P. M. at 41 Cortiandt street, Mr. Schols hath rooms and from 6 to 8 P. M. at Mr. Schriber a halrdresa hag saloon. Fifth Avenue Hotel. B.?A PUBLIC MEETING OF THE McHALE CIR > cle will bo held at 267 Bowery, on Tuesday evening, i Inst., at 7X o'clock, to aid Ireland. JAMES McMAHON, Centre. Mm Fiakhsoah, Recording Secretary. gOUSB SAVINGS BANK.?CAPITALISTS AND ethers are respectfully invited to attend a meeting, to haM at Masonic Hall, 116 and 118 Bam Thirteenth on Monday evening at 8 o'clock.. Hon. Horace i will address tbe meeting. Theodora B. Tomllnson, snt Directors?Christian B. Morrison, David Smith F. Andrews, Robert W. Hyman, Wn. W. Wood i Walter Briggs, J. Warren Nash. xr? s.: Mha BTAUGH'S GELEBRATh O DUMB WAITERS? Manufactured only at 1.33S Broadway, near Thirty.aer. ?treat. Dumb Walter* of endless variety put up at short J8M U JAMES MURtABOH. rOTICK?THB PUBLIC ABE CAUTION ED AGAINST negotiating the following notes, drawn by Poultney f Moale to their own order and endoraed by them, mailed MB Pebruarv among reel ate red letter* for New York and supposed to have been aloleu:?One dated Baltimore. Feb ******M**i^*^*^*^^^*ltimore. Feb 1*7,90 day*, for $S,MS flu, and another dated Balli 'abrnary 8 1*7, M days, for lame amount, E OTIGB-E. ft. JAFKRiY A CO. HAVE MUCH ?leaaure la Informing their friend* and cuatomer* that ' * idair tst? reeeired only trifling damage from the Are thl* morn Their atookta In perfect order, and the bualneaa will wltbont interruption. Bo. *0 Broadway. on>, February IX, 1*7. ?ARI8 UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION. 1*7?THE AD yurttaar, a gentleman of large business experience and "" e French language flueutly, la de and write* the French language flueutly. la e few Drat class houses at the ap. representing n few first exhibition; Ta thoroughly acquainted with every' .elating to patanta for Inventfnna and their promotion, ferenee. Meaara. James Bishop A Oo , No S Beaver ? treat. . ? York. All communications made by letter, post paid, Mr. B. Telford, Park road, Bobo, England, shall bar* 1 attention. f|H) THE JOUBNEYMEN BOOKMAKERS OP THB A. United Stales?Tour fellow workmen of San Francisco an now on a strike. Bo not deceived by false advertise. Heats, aa thn maaufaoturara are trying to radnon our already email wages. 1110 CARPENTERS AND JOINERS.-ROTICE IS HERE 1 by ctren that on the 16th of February A. J. Dinner, " ma shop i " j la located on Jeraay avenue, near the Erie road, Jnenay City, dlacbarged all his man, 10 In number, because ?key and. tat common with other union carpenters, avowed fbe purpose of demanding an ndvaaee of 6i> oents per day, making their wages |S 90 per day. He also threatened to Weak np the Carpenters' and Joiners' Union Carpe tars will tberatore please keep away from there until matter* era arranged. By order of the Committee. COPAKTNKKSH PS. A BEL Jk tela Mfeee BEUABLB PARTY, WITH CAPITAL, WISHES AN Interest la n hotel or dining rwn. or In any honorable where money and Servians will be appreciated. J. M. MOODY A CO., ? Plan street. LUTION?THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between the undersigned, nnder the Arm Tmcy A Bristol, wae dissolved. August 1, lhflfl, by ~KOBGE TRACT, nwtuni ooaaent (J KG B. L BRISTOL, k. Lame end Mn-wavmae, Dee. IS, IS* N?i 1JU? MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, JANUARY SI, MSAOLUTION?1The partnership heretofore extstingun flw fee Arm name of De Foraat A Francis ta thl a day dis > by matual consent. Either partner win atfn In Ileal aam WM. T. DR PUREST, GEO. W. FRANCIS. NOTIRB.?The nadarslgned will continue the ell aud can ha huatnem at 115 Maiden lane. WM. T. DB FOREST. PMABTNBR ? capital I aaeageln bui WANTED?A BU8INB88 MAN, WITH destrm to meet a reliable party with a slew to bnalnaaa with from flS,U0U to fll.flOQ. A Smjjmm J. M. MoObY A Co.,? Pine street. PABTNER WANTED?IN A REAL ESTATE AND ^already naUMlaSad. add raaa Real Estate, Herald commission business. To a respectable, active man, ?apital, this alters a good opportunity to anter a goad mem already established. Add mm Reel Batata, Herald SABTNRR WANTED?TO ESTABLISH A HOTEL OF board ag bona* far Americans la Porta during tha at hi ea; $10.8*1 and upward* will aecura unequalled returns SAdrass International, box lie Herald efltae. r ARTS KB WANTBO?IN A FIRST CLASS MANUFAf. taring business. For pnrttcelara apply at M Walt ataaat. aaaond floor, in the mar, room No. A Ml/ANTED, A FABTNER-A OOOD, HONORABLE BUS. I YY neaa man, with $>,000In mah. Anyone wiahRig to ?neaps la a mepeetabta business, thoroughly established, wttnontany deception or humbug, and a gnodmonay making ipi'lr 1> WM VAN ? ai.FNhM A ? ?> . 471 flMHBMa. where the whole will he shown pad explained he the en'ire satisfaction of any one. Nona need sail unieaa they mean business ha agents aaad ealL hone hut prtn * rill be dealt with. A0 rnn WILL PURCHASE THB INTBRRST OF A M.UUU retiring partner In an established oaab manu ner cent. Investigation solicited. Address, with real T. C. W? Herald offloe. ?in Ann w $*0??WANTBD, in an abno. #IU.UUU lulely atfe. honorable and profltablabusl Sena, a silent or active partner Nona but principal* need addreae W. M tiler, box ?,0S7 New York Post offlce, appointing en Interview. DRY OOODh. Binyn brothers offkb great bargains? Blankala?13-4 Htankete at $6 a pair, formar price $13; I yards Muslins and Mheetla?a at 00 per mot reduction, toe. hinpraev Clutha. Bombasines, Alpacas, Plain and Fopliae White Alan use, shawls, Linen and White aaeda. totals for man's and boys' wear, reduced SO par cant, latii eli SOrenU a yard, in,000 yards Russia Oaab at la. {English eerae'e down Blanket* at half price; at CORNYN BROTH KIIS'. 4S7 Blghth arenua. (1ARFETS?D. KELLY SCO, ARB OFFBBINO THBIR > new stock of t'nrpeU, OtWntba. Drnggfta. Mattings. Br . at a great reduction on present prion*. Corner Twaety ?flh street and Sixth avenue. R EVERY PAIR WAJt*AF "?SONS, LACKS, EMBROIDERY, WHIfB GOODS, BOSIBRY, I DRhCIiAMP'S BEST duality Pmneh Kid f .oven. WAjtftANTBD. ? HANDKBitCIIIEFS, ______ GLOVES UNDER WEAR, BC., _ AY POPULAR'PRICE* we am now Importing all Abe Perfumes. Extract*, Saapa, ?a". Powders, Aa . of the getabraied Manufactory' ?' ?>? MA1SON VloLfcft PARIS, CFonrtaenU street, betwaen rfob end Rial* avenues, aed MM Mltth nuenue. dm# taraet aed ntsl Walk a?tuue INSTHUCTIly*. Argaatt, wuitino <ao lessonhr bookkeeping, . Writing Arithmetic, L.itin, Spelhug, v | > luetic and Writing, #lu ixr nuar <br> paINK'S Uiniatu Col lagea, C2 Bowery ana 3?9 Kulto/i, Brooklyn. IT DOl.BEAR'8 COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, #J9 J\ Broad* iy?Hookkc^pmg, Writing, Afrithme in, Ac., taught praotie-illy a? uin the heat New York houses. Stiffocas cramping, or trembling removed, and an elegant businc-s hand guura'ataed. Ueutiemeu or ladiea can secure private rooms. At TOWNbE'/tPa BUSINESS COI.LEUB, JflO BOW aiy, betis^e ; l*rtnoe and Houston streets, thorough and practx-aL instructlou in Bookaceplng. Penmanship, Commercial Correspondence. Arithmetic, Spelling, Gruui nuvi\ Cotu'roaition. I.etier Writing, Ac. Open dij and even ing Satuxdaya inc.nded. Rooma for ladiea and private in ?traction. A PARISIAN' LADY DESIRES TO GIVE LESSONS IN the French language and conversation, private, from 10 A. M. to U P. M. Residence Oil Thompson at, near Spring, Oral floor. Business writing, dolhear. ??i broad way, guarantees to remove all stiffness, cramping or trembling, and give anv lad* or gentlcinau an eaav. elrgrnt, rapid business style in a tew lessons. Three $6 seata va cant. Private rooma can be aeon red. Spanish language.?prof. a. de tornos.? ClaRaea for ladies at his teaidence, 336 Fourth avenue, with hla NEW COMBINED METHOD, pu oil shed by D. Appleton A Co. Theatrical instruction given to ladies and gentleman, including Singing and Dancing, by a profeaaional lady. Apply at Mo. 30 Varick street, N. T. SPOILT I NO. " ALL KINDS OF DOQS AND BIRDS FOR BALE AT B. DOVKY'S, SnO Canal street, near Church street Medicines lor all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking bints. Francis butlfr, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of l)ogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure aud Flea Exterminator, 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. W. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. JOHN GRAY, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOB sale a pair of Newfoundland Dogs; black and tan Scotch and Skye Terriers; good ratters. Pair of small black and tan Dogs, very handsome. JUST IMPORTED-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CA naries and other German Singing Birds, of the first qual ity. Also Two of the largest Lions Patent mockingbirds' Feed. A. C. BRAN DBS, 1W William street. STEAMTUG, SIDEWllEEL, 120 FEF.T LONG, FOR sale, cheap.?Also 3D second hand wood and metallic Boats, from 22 to 30 feet loug. Apply where the steamboat Ilea at the foot of 114th street, Harlem river, at Stephen Roberts' boat building shop, or 368 South street. SPORT.?FOR SALE. A NEW PRUSSIAN NEEDLE Rifle, with 7.000 Charges, Bullets, Moulds, Ac. Apply to AUG. OBLKKR, 21 Rlvington street, near Chrystie street. Trout pishino.-gentlbmen wishing to avail themselves of the privilege of Fly Fishing within an hour's dtstanre will please address, for terms, Ac., Bhan ty Creek, Maspeth, Long Island. ^HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. REGISTER OF 'HORSES AND CARRIAGES, AT private sale, is kept by MINER A SOMERVILLE, at 37 Nassau street All persons wishing to buy. sell or ex change Horses or Carrlsgea. should have their property, or the artlclea desired registered as above. AUCTION BALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the Sir. and at 37 Nassau street, every Wednesday and Satur y. Sec auction he.-ul A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND IIAR ness, all styles and very low prices; several Concord Buggias, light Bxpress Wagons, Ac. JNO. M. TUFTS, Jr., 47 Cedar atreeL A ""J*?????HORSES, WAG0N8 AND HARVPoa r^r* at ^o'clock*ut ?i5i'Si<?"cd 10 our auction a*le w-mor ASHsHwt-? nell'? T'n *' Cor Hf ????. "asses pips SNflgMpsamtf u- " '?r\ ? wareroome, Kix Broadway, naar Bleeckcr (treat. j pUST HOR8R WaNTRD-TROTTKR OR Parpen ~7iT HerafdreolS4!TlngfUl' knlcutar. ?** *"?? Price Horae, | FOR 8ALE?ONE HORSE TRUCK, $980 TO BR eeen comer Tenth avenue and Nineteenth (treat. i F?Lh2*"M ?,jDj HSTABLISHND 1,1 VERY ... with LfitiA itnd Stock coinnlfitji n..inil f flolng lnia the country" bStRSK IS^Sks PO? 8ALN?LIGHT AND HEAVY EXPRESS Wan 8W?i'?Iu l Cl"* *"?'?? ?">?*ntly on bind at Ho'. F'atalih'JJTf1 VALrABLK TEA* or HORSES ?aki a (uwrior^STfS T"?r" ?Mi "ould '-"IS!*.??w 'or a farm; alao one alsyear old ag^gr a^yigbe"^.';,"^.aUo "ver" cart F?R 8ALB?TWO NEW EXPRESS WAGONS. ~~ ^ROBERT BEKLINO. lg Bmome (treat. IP0?- PALE?a STYLISH PAIR Of YOUNG BAY ^nm ikS^. ^r*e*; w,rra,ited aound and kind: Juat arrived tz?i?s?ists&?js?sjf> ,7. V~ "Tv "'r wauvn, nearly ! I'w2L..,CSS,t or expraaa bualnaaa. MVa?on_at ?t ur?Mt Twcnty.elghthalraet. Alao an E*. F?* SALE?A BAY MARE t YE ARS OLD lav Ha Vrut f, h'?h. trotted In i ?l laat auwmer ean'lrot thtaH.. In 9 mtnutna; price <i.Y) .iM . snn-.i a _2_ , . ,1 handa high, can trot In 2 S0, aound and kind- prioetM +hi owner natut aaU. Inquire at Uu Rail rSrtV^eMnd!.,!?.? between Second and Third aveiiua ? ?"F-eeoond atreet, F?!wi??a" IIOR8E8, JUST PRO* THE COUNTRY F^IL't^J^T^O LBATIlER TOP WAGONS. m Canal atraeC nearlt roiShrar. ??UD"7 ?? APP" * FOR BALE LOW-A PINE PAIR OP BAT nia? el* yeara old, aonnd and kind' met arrived J???!?* Apply In the gruearrX&TiSSyJi? Baioban place, South BraStjya/fartwa day. * *u*1 ^ F?L55SL2" txch a ngk?a second hand doo. tor a Wagon; ?1-k> . two .eat ablftlng top Wa*on< ??? in beat order. App.r at U Marion at, np nam jCtOR SALE OR TO LET?A CANADIAN PONT HAR STA8LES TO LET?11 VRSTRY STREET; ALSO A Pur FHt^r' *'1^'^ /1C.PBJJLBY!bi: T?JLKv!J^D? ?|B . "CHANGED FOR. HORSES OP rJZK$tV!?SL% et^"?2Tr^ * 7 * D H CLAKIt- Wo ? W**??-*?? or noBSBB, istd hands HIGH i@?i^-s&srssr2 $85.~S?wTBgo'?*]?,? ai#*: B.R?aT*' ?10l; BAT OPPORTllYITlBg. A ? TV a mm m -V- ^ ?E?&$s9?'i A idid'{?!??. "I!;1;. |^P?*R 'ATENT?SUPER nstnirKsn,iTs?sjr A^hI^'.ViLu?7,hr"t.*r!,,r? M OTTERED TO PUR '>?( Apply ?i w ?n [JlJlIf* p**h ."?onlaeturing Itnal. ">?tn Nn. a, Or to It a r p -. .??*? **R"nd floor, rear oOleea, Nrotikiyn. _ ALR- w the Tararoona m Fulton atreet A ? ?giz Jbwn. Alao an oflf e bti^m^?* Crd"r; half eaah M Tlilrd aawwa, raSS kJ P uhe"P- 1U Health. B oMtlav^aniT^r"^^K3'iR'Wq VERT SMALL f It J*P*otaMa and aulUhliTe?2T '"?*l be JU?fK op JRM.I. buaJoeaa which baa exaaadZd <nim,' ,Bd th" non* Will of a rata, and a deelrable eepertnntV. V^lp*r *nnu?. rent node tolnvaat Addwaa DTCTSfSJ^Jg^ *?'">* <10,000 JjALKH AT AUCTION. 4 POTION NOTICE. A very Larue sale op damaged dry goods, saved trom the l4te lire un the premises of MESSRS. 8. B. CHITTENDEN A CO., THIS DAY (MONDAY) FEBRUARY IS, AT 10 O'CLOCK. Thle tele will contain 400 loUof valuable merchandise from thie well known and choice (took, a Urge proportion of which la verv alight!? damaged. The particular attention or all buyers of thlecUaa of goods If particularly Invited. Catalogues and goods now ready. WM. TUPPING A CO., Auctioneers, 132 Church street Auction sai.e-e. roth, auctioneer. LARUE AND POSITIVE SALE OP ELEGANT AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD Ft RNITURE, MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. BEAUTIFUL PARLOR SUITS, IN BROCATKL. VELVET, BRUSSELS AND INUKA1N CARPETS. TOIS (MONDAY) MORNING, PKB. 18, AT 111-O'CLOCK, THE ELEOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the four story house 119 Clinton place. Eighth street, be tween Filth and Sixth avenues; magniheent rosewood Pianoforte. 26 fine Oil Painting", Worka of Art and Bronzes, 16 Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, lot of rich Parlor. Bed room and Dining Room Furniture; Spruui and Hair Mat ? ties***. Glass, China and Silver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. Auction notice.-jameh jenkins. auc. tioneer?Offloe and salesroom 1.SD9 and 1.40! Broad way, will sell at auction on Tuesday, 19th inst, at 11 o'clock, at the fables of olirette and Owena, 1,991 and 1.963 Third avenue, near 139th street SO Horses, 5 Coaches, 1 Barouche, 2 Depot Wagons, top on back s-at^8 Top Wagons. 3 open do., 30 sets single and double Harnes,, El pairs Blankets, Halters, Kobea, Whips, Ac. Sale positive. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer-^ broad way. BYLANDT A WALDRON will sell at auction, on Wednesday, at 11 o'clock. Assignee's sals of Imported Staple and Fancy Clocks; also Bronte Figures, Groups, Ac. AT PRIVATE SALE?AT LESS THAN AUCTION J\. prices, all the elegant costly Household Furniture con tained In the five story brown stone house 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues Parlor Suit. $126; Pianoforte, $800, coal (900; Etagerra, Bookcase, Mirrors. Paintings, Bronzes. Chamber and Dining Furniture, China and Glass Ware, Silverware; House for sale. By biner a somerville. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. AT 12 O'CLOCK. AT HORSE AUCTION MART, $2 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, UNION SQUARE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. Regular horse sales at our Auction Mart. Union Place Sta bles, every Tnesday and Pi iday throughout the year. Messrs. MINER A SOMERVILLE offer unsurpassed ad vantages In location, experience and business capacity (o parties wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses, Carriage*, or anything pertaining to the horse business. 1JENJ. F. THE ALL, AUCTIONEER. >. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS. AC. THRALL A RROS. will sell by auction, on MONDAY, Feb. 18. at H o'clock, at 104 East Twenty-second street, nesr Third avenue, walnut and mahogany Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture; Carpets, Mirrors, Curtains, Kitchen Uten sils, Ac. Catalogue at house. CONTINUATION SALE OF FURNITURE AT AUCTION. J. W. CAMPBELL. Auctioneer, will resume the sale of Furniture, Ac., at auction, at 333 Hudson street, at 11 o'clock this day, oonaisting of Bedsteads. Tables, Chairs, French Plate Mirrors, Mattresses and a general variety of household articles; also one Bag itelle Table, complete. Sale positive, no matter the figures: must be sold out and removed. CAMPBELL A CO., oOlce AIM Greenwich street C1HA8. HOHLENBKKO. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL I this day, at 10J< o'clock, at 484 Broome street, the Lease, Stock, Fixtures and sll the Furniture of it well fitted up Ho tel and Restaurant; twelve well furnished rooms: rosewood l'iano, hair cloth Stilts, French Mirrors, splendid Bar and Fixtures, Liquors, Wines and Cigars. License granted. Rare opportunity for a business man, as a fortune has been m*de in this bouse, and It must be sold te-day without any reservation. Edward schenck, auctioneer. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. By order of Robert Murray, Esq., U. S. M. PREPARED HUMAN HAIR. By EDWARD 8CH ENCK, To-morrow. 19th Inst., at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom No. 90 Liberty street, about 35 lbs. Prepared Human Hair, to be sold for account of former purchaser. FER&Y leases at auction. At the City Hall, on Tumday, tiKK March, 1867. at eleven o'clock A. M.. will be aoid at public auction to th? bigheet bidder with adequate security, for a term of ten years from the flrat day of May, 1867:? The Lease or the Kerry a* now established from Ike foot of Whitehall street to Staten Island. The Lease of the Ferry to be established from the foot of Twenty-third street. North riser, to PaTonia, N J. The said several Kerry Leases will be sold with all the rights, privileges and advantages thereof belonging to tho Corporation of the city of New York. Terms and conditions of sale may bo had upon application at the Comptroller's Office. _ , By order of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. RICIIARD B. CON NOLLY, Comptroller. Citt or Nxw Yoaa, DgranTHwrr or Fnuiras,? February 14, 1867. f Henry o. evans, auctioneer-will sell this day, at 8 o'clock, a rich assortment of French China Bohemian Glassware. Parian maiwfc French Clocks, Ac., the complete importation of B. Behrlseh, CO Broadway. Henry felt man a co., auctioneers?sew this dav, at 10* o'clock, at 409 Urand street, the Stock and Futures of an byater Saloon, with three rooms fur nished. Sale positive. Notice.-The sale .advertised la* Saturday to take place on Tuesday, Feb. 19, is postponed until further notice. ftlidniTi near Forty-flrat itract, HoiieiiC^ritift* Rwki* do., ID pair# Blanket*, Jl outa of Rob##, Haltera, Whip#, flu., * ' rial# pom tire. J BOOART. ADCTIONEER?THIS DAY, AT 10* si . o'clock, at 3a8 Division street, the Stock and Flituies nf m. Rfhoosid Hand Furniture Store, eoo#i?tin* or Bureau#, T.bletchirVOmTpcU, Oilcloth? Clocks,kitchen Furni ture, Ac Morris wilkinb, adotion e bb. ?yai.pablb Business Property, on Greenwich snd Oortlundt streets, at auction.?E. ll. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction, on Weducsdsy Feb. *1. 1867, at 13 o'clock, at the Exchange trit.^ww?, ill Broadwey (trinity Building), New York, Greenwich street?The 3 three story snd basement brick Stores snd Buildings. Nos. 191,196 and Greenwich east side, between Fulton and l>ey streets, each about 18 5x75; possession May 1, 1867. ..... . . . . CortUndt street?Yaluable Lot with the two story brick Building, Nn. 78 CortUndt street, 82.6x68; possession Msy 1. 1867. Maps, Ac., at No. 8 Pine street. rnnTiiine SALE ? R. FIELD. ADCTIONEER. . li sals-room 489 Pearl at. will sell on Monrtaftiath.ati - ? - ? - j * under the ibtii# the# o'clock, at 614 Broadway, basement, under the Tbalui thes t,e the Furniture and Fixtures of the saloon. By order of W. Thompson, attorney for mortgagee. ? aiwvsROKFH'll SALE.?R. FIELD, ADCTIONEER, . . ?489 Pmr. street, w il l mi lOB. ^atlloJJjjA ??? of Women ? Clothing. comprising 811k and other Dresses, Bi-oekssnd Wnmilen Sbawls, Rcm'nanta, Dress?Jo^ Cnd.r eiaihinp hodia. Shoe*. Wtichci. Jewelry. Ac. By order of J Ly^.Wrand^t AU^at lOoelfick. Marsha's ml. of Ron's Clothing. By order of W. Thompsou, Mat-hal. ?PAWNBROKER'S SALE?THIS DAY, *Y -J'?"*.?,l22r X Tl MKR. lb East Broadway, of 4IW lota of Men s and Women's Clothing. JUSdius, washes, Jt^'ry 8"d oUl'r valuable pladfte*. By trd?r of H. r rewl* tl >trfCt Richard -Walters. ADonoNE**-wiLL sell on Monday. February 18, 1967, si I0?, A. M . the Fix lures of the Liquor Store situate at KB ificoawtch street. By order of an oxecution to mo dlrsrtsd SHFRfprfl 8ALK? R. WALTERS, AUCTIONEER* will sell on thta (Monday) mornlrg, st J1 E^s*1-^ ml" sstftstiJstkr DasisL OiLLCsrrs, Deputy Sheriff^ THOMAH YKITCH, ADCTIONEER?OFFICE 118 NAS sau Street Peremptory .sals of ?rn'l''7c mi Tusedsy'Feb. lV?5 A M ?'W street, near Tenth arenue. WM, WITTERS. ADCTIONEER?SELLS THIS DAT. at 2 o'clock, at 484 Canal street, the Furniture of s family; Parlor SulU, French Plate Pier and Mantel Mirrnr*. Curtains, Centre, Fancy and Extension Tables, handsome Carpets Chamber Hurts In black walnut, mahogany and enamelled; Ourled Hair and other MaUr-eees, Fealner and Bedding. Table and Bed Linen. Chlna OUas, Hdrer Ware, Wardrobes, Bookcase, Lounges. Sofa Beds, end other Chairs. Bureaus, Washelands,Toilet ware. Tin. Woed and Iron Were; 40 second kandI VelyjAWUIon, Tapestry, Three^lv and AUlr Carpets; Ollclelbs, Mais, Sewing Machines, Ac. _ WM. WITTKRS. ADCTIONEER?SKLLB ON *f?DNER dny.aoih. stWo'doch. at Exchange Blel,?6OwenwUh St. nil &? 1'nrlor.Chamber, Diningreom. 1-aniidry.1 Boom. Kitchen furniture. Ac., efjhe above bote,6neJCurled Hair Mattresoes. Feather Beds. Bolsters and PtUown Blan kets. Sprsada. Hbests. Table Llnon, China, Olasa.Sliver Ware. Cutlery, Carpeu. Curtains. French Plate Mirrors, Dressing Bureaus, WashsUodt, Office D^x A J ronHsfe, Paintings, Ollrloths. Mangle, Ranges. Gas Chandeliers, Bu rnetts and all other goods In the hotel; else Baggage. Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags. Ac.. Ac. A 7TH AUCTION SALE. 4 I 60.000 TO 80,000 TONS SCR ANTON COAL. ON WEDNESDAY, FEB. 87, 1867. Nsw Yose, Feb. IV Mm The Delaware, Lacks wanna snd Western Railroad Cam psny will sell, by Meser*. JOHN H. DRAPER A CO., Auo (tenner*, a> the Company's Salesroom, 6* Exchange Pjars, ooroer of William street, New York, on WEDNESDAY, Feb. J7, met, at 13 o'clock, noos, 60,0 A) 7o 00,010 TONS of FRESH MINED COAL, FROM THE LACKAWANNA REGIONS, of the usual sixes, deliverable at their depot, Klltabei hport, N. J., during the month of March, 1867. TERMS?rlftf eenU per ton, payable In current fund*, >n the dav ef sale, aad the balance, within ten days there after, at the oflloe ef ths Company. ' John BRISBIN, Preiddert ARMY AMD MAVY CLAIMS. LL OFFICERS WHO WERR IN SERVICE AT ANT ALL ornusss wnu wr.nn in er,tt?it r. ti x.n time between Mag 1.1664, and March I, ISA, are en titled to Increased nay Tor servants. Send discharge paper* to Major H. A. HALL, 866 f .troet, Wuhtngton D. 0. RMT AND NAVY CLAIMS ?ADDITIONAL BOUNTY sew ready for-fsfiMtt. i? JgH charge*. Cash given on all good claims. OMIKOK W. MRLVIN. Army and Nary Banker, principal office 176 South street, corner or Roeeeeelt; bmneb office 66 BoWery, corner ofCanaL A RMY OFFICERS IN SERVICR FROM MAY I. 1864. TO A March 8. 1866, are entitled to SB per month ?ddltl,.nal for each servant. Call on Of address P. B. BW1FT, IN Broedwap PRBFORTANT TO ARMY OFFICRRS.-WB HATR JUST ? ^-jawSfiuMwriRBSisr PIX&MCIAIm SJ JjCNUAN, SHKUHaN A 00.. BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NAsrt.vO BTEETS. NEW YORK, Imm Circular Noise and Letters of Credit for travcllcra, available In all tfte principal elUea of tba world. Mercantile credita for uae in Europe, China, Ac. Alio make tranifera of money to California and Oregon by telegraph, Iutereit allowed on depoaita Notice.?the shareholders ok the coxbcm era' Beuefll Conjpanv arc invited to attend a meet ing, at W in. Kuuk's, 274 Grand street, on Monday. February 18, at 7)? o'clock I' Mfor the purpose of tnquiriug into the condition of the company'? affaire. JJEXNSYLVANRA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF $23,000,000. An aet to create a loan for the redemption of the over due bond* of the Coinuonweulth. Wherein the bondi of the Commonwealth and eertain cer. tlflcatea of indebtedness, amounting to $J.H.(luo,(X)0, have been over dne and unpaid for some time pant; And whereas It n desirable that the Maine should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore, Section 1. He it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep reientalivra of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania til Gen erai Assembly mot, and It !? hereby enacted bv the authorl. ty of the same That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treaaurer be, and are hereby authorized and empow eied to borrow on the faitb ot the Commonwealth, in auoh amounts and with sueh not led (uot less than forty .lays as they uiay deem most expedient for the into real or the State, twenty three millions of dollars, and issue certificates of loan or bonds of the Commonwealth for the same, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually on the 1st of February ana 1st of Au gust. in the city of Philadelphia, which cerliticatea of loan or Fiends shall not lie subject to any taxation whaiever for Siate. municipal or local purpose, and shall be payable as follows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after live years and wuhin ten years; eight millions or dollars payable at any tune after ten years aud within fif teen years, aud ten millions of dollars at any time alter fif teen veers and withlu twenty-five years, and shall bo signed by the Governor and State Treasurer and countersigned by the Anditor General, aud registered In the books of the Auditor General, aud to be irausferable on tba hooks of the Common wealth at the Farmers' aud Mechanics' National Rank of Phllauelpbia; the proceeds of the whole of which loan, including premiums. A>- . received on the same, shall be applied to the paymcut of Hie bonds and certificates of indebtedness of the Commonwealth. bur. i. The bids for the said loan shall be opened in the presence of the Governor, Auditor General and State Treas urer, and awarded to the hglheat bidder; Provided, That no certificate hereby authorized to be issued shall be negotiated for lessjthau its par value. Sac. 5. The bonds of the State and certificates of Indebt edness. now over due, shall he receivable in payment of the said loan, under such regulations as the Governor, Auditor

General and State Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der for the loan now authorized to be Issued, shall state in his bid whether the same Is pay able in cash or in the bonds or certificates ol Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sac. 4. That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dian*. agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing in a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of indebted ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to but for the loan hereby authorized to be issued, snd to surren der 'be bonds or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making such bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to be Issued by this art. Sec. j. Any iieraon or persons standing in the fiduciary ca pacity stated In the fourth section of this aet who may desire to invest money In their hands for life benefit of the trust may, without an order of court, invest Uie same In the bonds authorized to he issued by this act, at a rate of premium not exceeding twenty per oeutuin. Sec. A. That from and after the passage of this aet all the bonds of this Commonwealth shall be paid off in tlie order of their maturity. Sec. 7. That all loans of this oomraouweaHh not yet due ?hall be exempt from Stats, municipal or local taxation alter the interest due Kebruary tirst, one thousand eigbt hundred and aixty-seven shall have been paid. Sac. 8. Thai, all existing) u? laws, or portions thereof in consistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House or Representatives. L. W. 1IALL, Rpeaker of the Senate. Approved the second day of February, one ihousAnd eight hundred and sixly-seven. JOHN W. OKAKY. In aoeordunce with the provisions of the above ant of Ae semhlysealed proposals will be received at the office of the Bute Treasurer, In the city of Harristmrg, Pennsylvania, until 13 o'clock M. of the 1st day of April, A. O. 1887, to be endorsed as followsi?"Proposals for Pennsylvania State Loan, Treasury Department, Hnrrlsburg, Pa., United States of Amaftco. Bids Will be received for $6,000,000. reimbursable in five years and payable in ten years; $8,001) 000 reimbursable In ten yean aud payable In fifteen years, and $1U,HUO,UUO. reim bursable In fifteen years and payable In twenty-fire years, tbe rate of Interest to be either live or six percent personam, which most be explicitly stated tn the bid; and tbe bids most advantageous to the State will be accepted. No bid for leas than psr will be considered. The bonds will be Issued in kums uf $90 and such nlgber sums a* desired by the loaners, to be free from sua*, lecal and municipal taxes. The over doe bonds of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be received at par in payment of this loan; but bid ders must state whether they intend to pay in cash or In tbe over due loans aforesaid. No distinction will be made between bidders paying In cash or ever dne loans. JOHN W. GEARY. ? Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HART RAN FT, Auditor Qcneiml. W. H. KKMBLK, SIAta Treasurer. !t. B.?No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rized, will receive pay. JOUTHBRN RANK NOTK8 AND SBCURITIBH.-BD WIN <jr BMJ.. M Broadway and No. 8 Now streot. bun and wslla all kind* of sontnern securities and bank bills outright or on commission. Befereuoes first class. TXTANTLD-lBU9U, OS FIRST MORTGAGE. 5 TBARS 7 TT per rent, on Improved properly, near Harlem bruise. No commission. Address M. H. D.. are of Or. Hanks, 83 Laurens alreeL $15 000 WA^TE^-TO HELP ?fppI?Y DEMAND for the water of a now mineral spring. de monstrated to bo the beat remedy for chronic rheumatism or rheumatic (out which the world has ever known, as well a* for a variety of bronchial, stomnrh, bowel, liter, kidney and urinary diseases. These waters are pronounced by eminent physicians and r.bemlats to bo "oqual In anme and In oth( superior In other respects to thnt of the famoua Vlchv Spring* in France." Reported supple of these new springs, 300 barrels per day, readily sold at $1 per gallon. Security given for the loan on springs nnd real estate adjoining them, and large Inducements or Interest in the business. Call at or ideaa* P address 81 Nassau street, room 12, N. T. $55 000 TO LOAK-IN- stn,s. T(?_8Un\ AT 7 per cent, on real estate In New Tork elty and vicinity. Second Mortgages bought. C. K. WILLIS, Travellers' Insurance Compeny, >1 Pine street, basement $G1000 70 *0A'* 0!f IMI'ROTED UAl E8" late in this citr, In any sum. W. H. WOOD, tf& Wall street. $100 000 ? k?*N?ON_NEW T?R.K CITY, New Jersey aud Brooklyn Real Estate. Apply soon. CIIA8. F. OILMAN. 113 Breadwsv, room No. 8. $.T>5 000 1,0 L?A*I0X B0ND AND MORT" /tr\J gage. In one or tnoro sums, on roal estate la this city or Brooklyn. JOHN r. CON REV, 82 Wall street room II $500 000 TO LOAW~IN ?DSI8 70 R-'*? ?T -7 Cr cent out, real estate in New York rond Morgage* bought C. E. WlLLiN, Travellers' Ins. Co.. 91 Pine street basement. LOAN OFF1CRK. a T 77?MONBT LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A MONKS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Att, OR TUB HA MP. ROITOHT AT TIIR HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCH Kit. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleecker street up stair*. AT (d NASSAU STREET. ROOM NO. 1?THE IJIOH e*t prices are paid for loose or set Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry, er advances made on consignments. A. BONIOMAN, Diamond Broker. jrt ?7.-;'Diamonds .wanted, an dthejiioh est CASH PRICKS PAID FOlt DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVER WARE. AC., AC. N. B.-PAWN BROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT. FOR DIAMONDS, WATCIloS. tC . AC.. AT A. 11 STI'RTEYANT'H Pill VATK orriCK. 817 BROADWAY, CORNER TWELFTH STREET, ROOM NO. 4. II RYMAN'M.fW BROADWAY. CORNER OF BOND A street, will he paid the highest price tar Diamonds, Watches sad Silverware, or will adraooe oa the abofe art Irlee. T 841 BROADWAY-I PAY TUB HIGHEST PRICKS L for DlsmunJs, Witches, Jewelry, Ac., or advsnoe on ? same. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, Opposite Wallack's theatre. ? T NO. B TWENTY-THIRD STREET (FIFTH AVENUE . Hotel), the highest price paid lor Diamonds, Walshes, , or advance made on tha same. AT 213 BROADWAY (RNOX BUILDING), DIAMONDS, Watches, Precious Stones, Ar This old established nfllee pays lbs utmost value lor Diamonds. Jewelry, Watches, Jewels, Plat*, Petri* Ac., he. J. B. RAKK1NGKR, 2U Broadway, room *, A AT 982 PEARL A and Franklin I orally st reasnnahlt Jewelry. Diamonds STREET. BETWEEN NEW HOWRRY ujusre, LKDLKER A CO. advance lib terms on all valuable property, Watches, Aa. or purchase. IT 807 BROADM A ro-im No. 4?fl Watches. JewelryJ rAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STREET, to highest prices are paid for Diamonds, A, Or mouey advanced on the same. MARKS A CO. ?TVIaMONDS, f* it Silks. Ae, M also Pawnbrokers' 1 near Grand, rooms { ?ClfKB, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, ight or money advanced on the above; ok*J* bought 120 Bowery, up stairs, oil 1 ib4 IT J DKNTIHTHV. a SF.T or TBE1 A Spier did sets! with Plumpers lo 4 appea ranee. TeeM ffiode Gas. No'I sorted ?t VAN Y, guaranteed. I IN THREE TO FIVE HOUR*.? A.9IO.flf. 820. Beautiful Gum sets, oat the cheek* and restora youthful ex'reeted without pall with Nitrous f8P tor extracting when Teeth are in ICR S, 179 Blith avenue. Kailafaotion A Rumft A Teeib. 88 to beet, 912 m fl*. ?aaApperaiue,ooi no substantial set or plain 18. AftiBatsd Beattoa Oum Tee'h, the eth extracted without pain. N. B.?A Into, for onto ak 129 Btoeeker street Dr. WRITE. 4 MOBY WON! A reacted withe pllcatna (NarcotUu tiful teeth, $1. J Broadway IEFUL DISCOVERY.-TEETH EX 1 pn?n (Jon years', by benumbing sp ?"b -PW. Jtol trmh dally. Beau J AT YILLRBB, 119 Ursnd street, near /loLTON DBNTA v ans^thetle nee the most approved ? and eer'slnly do It w Bee their names et IaSSOQI ATI ON ORIGINATED THR i ?l*rous oxide gas, administer 14 In ptf It nothing but Extract Teeth, 'font pain; oo 18 900 patients testify. iMtoO. 19 Coopor Institute. T>BRMAMBNTPE r sets 9* Call 1 ihSttDi* Teeth 8 pate. AB wevk ami ?mr CUM TBSTlf ?12, TEMPOR ART idfaamtne nulmsna before engaging ?Rwllh goWf, ?L Extracting wlthenl "wtod. OlM im sixth avesoA *MII8BM1Hi Broadway theater . "...^duikhion, au cum*. Corner Of Knwlw iy ami Hriiumn Jirrii. Owing t.i the ineraulii uairvu-r bestuwcd ui?m THE GREAT DOUBLE itUKLESUl'E BILL, ALADDIN AMU CINDER - I.OA, it will continue to be premium forTilUl VI0H1S MOKK. MoNOAY. TUESDAY, Mil l WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 18, 19, uud id, most positively the LAST v PI'KA IC.VNl.'E but fnuro- the popular. vouthful ami b-uutii'ul WORRELL blSTRRS, who will personate their favorite rule* In BOTH PIECES, abounding In annus, duet*, operatic gems, ccatic and dog dauoex, local hit", Ac., forming A PERFECT FESTIVAL OK KI N. Friday. Februarv /J, LAeT BENEFIT of MlsS JENNIE. Saturday. February 23, GRAND CINDERELLA MATIMKB at lie o'clock. Monday. February '.'.V t'?- world renowned artist*. MR. and MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, Hut sheet open frotn 8 to 5 o'clock for securing places. HARTZ' TEMPLE OK MYSTERY. ?W BROADWAY. Tickata 5dc., r.eo-Tvc.d Seats tiff or aale an days in advance. CARD.?Parties ahould Hscure their aenia durmf the day at the Itali, In order to avoid the rush in the ? veiling at the door. Tr.umpbant success of the great ?pee;*rular illualou, PROT1.LS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS UK "UK ARE HERE, BUT NOT HERE." The new programme, without apparatus. The Floating Head, Urowiti of Flowers, Devll'a Mat and the Bi-ket Trti k. In cooaequeuce ot the Immense enthusiasm and delight by which they are received, will be continued EVr.RY EVENING AT 8; SATURDAY AT 2. The Cbickerma l'iauo Is uaed at theae seance*. SPECIAL NOTICE.?In answer to numerous applications, M. liar' / beg* to auuouoce that he baa aet apart WEDN KH DAY, FEB. 21), and every succeeding Wednesday, for a Juvenile Night, on which occuatoua children will be admitted at half price. Ctil ARLRY WHITE'S TROUPE, > Every night at liryuula' Mechanics' Hall, ?172 Broadway, FIRST \V r.Kk OK THE NEW TRICK. PANTOMIME, entitled PUSS IN BOOTS; PUSS IN BOOTS; PUSS IN BOOTS: OR, THE MILLER'S THREE SONS. OK. THE Ml I.LKK'S THREE SONS. TlteOrginal BEDOUIN ARABS, in iniraculoua feats. The Original BEDOUIN ARABS, In miraculous feata. BROADWAY BOYS, BROADWAY BOYS. THK NEW OPERA, STRAYED?L?All. TRESPASSERS (Charley White's) TRESPASSERS STRIKING OIL. STRIKING OIL. Friday (Waahlngton'a Birthday), GRAND MATINEE, commencing at 2>? o'clock. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 885 BROADWAY. The trmihle cnmmencea at a quarter to 8. THE CKKMK DK LA t IRK ME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMHOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoae aucceaa lias never been equalled by any similar organ ization in the world. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Wambold's uew song. "Will You Come to Meet Me, Darling!'' Troubles at the Metropolitan Hotel. Animated Photographs. Gsmbrinua* Opera of Lager Beer. Nancy Fat. Shouts of laugbter at the Shadow Pantomime and the scream ing Black Cook and Afilcau li.Ulct Troupe. J^ELLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. Uurlralledon this continent G with EDWIN KELLY, Producing novelties In I In opera and the Fairy rapid succession that N N Scenes In Cinder-Ijron alwaye delight the large D D arc received with and elegant audiences B E screams of laughter, who have made this R L R Seymourgall in the pretty hall their L E L Demon Dance 9:30 nightly resort. The E O E with AUenallm, ONLY LEON, O N O Pricintand Fairy Prima Douna. N DEMON DANCE. N Apoth?o*ls-| QLYMPIC THEATRE. W MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 18, 1887. Production of thr great local, sensational and moual drama, the STREETS OF NEW YORK, S1RKBTS OF NEW YORK, STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. ProduemI with all the original scenes mid appointments, and a cast embracing Mr. JOHN K. MORTIMER, in bis great character of Badger, and many other favorites of the New York stage. In the various characterizations of the pl*y. TIIK CAST, SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS combining to make this one of the MOST EFFECTIVE PRODUCTIONS OF THE APE. STEINWAY HALL.?LAST POPULAR CONCERT. WEDNESDAY evening, Feb. 20. In view of the great success attending the programme of last Weduesdsy, Mr. Harrison is induced to announce e SECOND GRAND OPERATIC NIGHT. New selections from th'rteen operas by MADAME PAR EPA, Mr. B. B. MIMA Mr. CARL ROSA, Mr. O. W. COLBY, Mr. THRO. THOMAS and his CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. Tickets Ml. Reserved seats 88 cents extra. For sale at Beer k Soblrmer's, 701 Broadway; Pond k Co.'a, Ml Broadway; Pullman's ticket office, 112 Broadway, and Stetnway UalL M away I 188 MARIA BRAINBRU'S ANNUAL OR AND CONCERT, ? O'CLOCK, TUESDAY EVENING, FEB. 19?8TEINWAT HALL. HIG. SBVBKINI, SIU. 8TRINI. Mr. A. H. PEABE. Dr. CLARE W. BFAMES, Conductor; Mr. THKO. THOMAS AND HIS GRAND ORCHESTRA. Tickets One Dollar; Reserved Seats Fifty Cents extra. At Beer k Bchlrmer'*v701 Brosdway, and Pond's, 8t7 Broadway. Bunyan tableaux?largest panorama in the world. UNION UALL. Broadway and Twenty third street. Open every night at 7; couimenehurat Admission, SO cents; children, 28 cents. Matinee Wednes day and Saturday, at 8 o'clock. * SREAT EXHIBITION OP PAINTINGS, ITW. DERBY'S NBW ART ROOMS, Broadway, opposite Wallack's theatre, Including the original ROSA FONHEUR'S world-renowned ?HOUSE PAIR" and ISO other SUPERB WORKS OP ART, formerly the private collection of W. P. Wilght, Esq., of New Jersey. Open dally from # A. M. to 10 P. M. ADMISSION 36 CENTS. And the cry is. still thet come. NOVELTIES, NOVELTIES, NOVELTIES. SOMETHING NEW ANI> AMUslNO. Now being performed every night to crowded honeei. The bighlv amusing and Interesting dramatic spectacle entitled TEMPERANCE IN NEW YORK BY GASLIGHT; or.lTHB MAUIC EFFECTS OK THE NEW EXCISE LAW NEW SCENERY, NEW COSTUMES, NBW ARTISTS. Startling effect*. Wonderful and amusing. Music by Professor Engleinan'* oelebrated Band. Every night at the great REVEILLE MUSIC GARDEN, No. 627 Broadwav. Admission free. DR HAAS* LAST PAINTING.?ADMIRAL FARRA gut's Fleet Passing the Fori* below New Orleans, now on exhibition at 61 West Tenth street, Studio Building. CALL AND SEE TUB VEILED LADT. No. SIS Atlantic street, Brooklyn. API R8T CLASS ACTOR RECEIVES PRIIaTB pupils, rendering tliem r. mpen nt to nil the highosl roles upon the stsge. Address Manager, station F. MUSICAL. A CONTRALTO WIBIIRS AN KNUAOBMKNT IN A good quartette choir Irons May 1. Address Miss L. E. M? aiatnm O. * A T THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OP Ml 8IC, Ml Madison avenue, near Twenty-ninth street. Piano, Vio lin, theory and singing^ feims $10 per quarter. The Con ?erratary instruction nooks free. A LADY WILL OIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO and Sinking at pnpil'a residence for $10 par quarter; best or reference given. Address, with residence, Teaeher, box US Herald office. A S CHORISTER?IN OPERA OR CONCERTS; A PIR8T *m ba-sn, well experienced In that business. Address A. F... box 3111 Herald office. A T THE NATIONAL CONAKRYATORY OF MUSIC, Ki Madison avenue, near Twenty-ninth street?Piano. Mo llu Theory and Singing. Terms, $10 per quarter. The Con servatory Instrncuon books free. Guitar and sinoino.-napolron w. oocld, solo guitarist, eaables bis pupils iu s few lessons to ac company aouga and play effectively. No. OB Sixth avenue. Han jo taught practically. Mason a Hamlin, manufacturbrs of cahiNet Organs, sslesroonu 60d Hroadwav, New York, where may he round the largest assortment or instruments of this class ie the country. Prloea, $76 or leas to $l,UU0eech. THE BALL UK ANON. Grand openino or TMB ACADEMY OK MUHIC WILL TAKE PLACE FEB. 38, 1887, with the PIRE DEPARTMENT BALL. Tickets ean be procured of the officers or of any member Of the committee. C. OODPRKY OUNTIIRR, President, MM Broadway. Jms F. Wannaa, Secretary, ltd Pearl street. A. J. DaI.SVOL'S, Tresaorer, 26* Wall street. IIHREMSNS BALL-OPENING HIUUT?ACADEMY r of Music. An Impression appear* to prevail that the claims of the old Volunteer Fire Department on the public have died out with that department. Id order that the public may rightly understand their posi tion, we publish the following extract from the annual re. port of the trustees ol the fund, made for the year eudlug December $1: We hare on the pension list at the present time a larger number of widows than el any previous time, numbering about four hundred, whe^ with their families, look to thl fond as to a source of relief In thetr Ume of need, and which we ere proud to say has never failed them. Home of our widows are (two died in the month of November over 1)6 years of age, land have received aid from this fund for e long term of years), end we have many now over the ate of 70 years to whom the re lief received from this fund has been of great assistance, and while we have many that ore aged we have aiao many that are younger who have families of young rbHdrca around them. There here been mote widow* added to the petiaioe Hat during the last four rears than of any merltme period of aune length of time, a Urge number made en by their husbands1 laying down their lives Ie the defene# or tbelr ouintry during the war Ins) rinsed. We have alee many old and disabled 6rvmen t* whom also relief la iex tended, and we see no pnwpeoi of the demands fee relief and asaietanee being much diminished far eeme years la blare this report was made, .Tsnuanr I, 8fleen widow* tare been added to the pension list. These pensioners re aelve $16 a year, and U> these who keep kuam two too* of cool each dining the winter. This Ie the mlnhnNltiaiut given. If sickness or want overtake them the Donation Committee give them e weekly or monthj allowance, which ie much greater tbae the pen sloe. The trustees eipeodadlu these deeds of rharltv for the rear IMA $40,074; ftd M $40,264: for 1866, $*.W1. The recelpta from the bill Set veer were $A?U we have bo fear that the sum to be de rived this year from the hall will be at all diminished when . generous pub.le underetand the ^^w. sDH^y. President of Hoard of Trustees. ?70TW REGIMENT, HIOHLANDKRh?ANNUAL NALL J '' sad Reunion at Irving Hail, Wedaesdaj evening, February ?, IM7 Tickets $3 eeoh. AHtSKMKXTO. ^ EW YORK THEATK. -J* Managers Mark Smith A Lewis Raker misr APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK of the ? l.?tlngui*hed and accomplished artiste, LADY DON. ON MONDAY EVENING, FEB. 18, supported by lha POWERFUL and efficient compwy of ihU favorite e-ubllahinent. forming THE GREATEST GALAXY OF TALENT for the pruduniun of COMEDY AND BURLESQUE Til AT HAS EVER BEEN WIINESSKI) IN AMERICA. Tim entertainments will commence with Belby'e comic drama of rEOOY 0 KEEN. PEOOY GREEN LADY DON. in whirli character she will slng-'Mi-at Me by Moonlight Alone." " Himr. Sweet Borne," and"Cherry Ripe." Mr. Tippln* (blx first appearance). Mr. Hind Mr. Koverly Mr. Lewtl Maker N lobule a... Mr. (lotaeraol Mrs. Clover Mrs. WUklue Ac., Ac., Ac. To conclude with tbe grand production of the glorious his torical burlesuue of KEN M.WORTH; Or, YK QI EENK, YE BARLK AND YE MAYDENNE, being a novel edition of Scut a novel of that name, but aucb a long * v ?ner Soott a* to let tbe autbora oil' ttoott tree, by Andrew Hallidsy and Frederic LawlMM. I'he whole work got up with dun regard to hlatorioal accuracy, but totally re gardices of expen-e. In ouli r to give due effect to the various prceaalnaa. gala fete-, tuiirimiin-iua, Ac . tbe oi-nageiunul have Oonaulieil the beat heraldic authoritum, and tbe utlmeroUH banners aud de vice* displayed throughout Uie i will be found to be la ktrtct accordance witli Historical truth. _ distribution of characters. the earl of Leicester lady don With the taiuoua "Carter Song," and "Uupd Bye, Sweet heart, >.oo<l live. ? aa pei lor ued by lier Ladyship upward# ol ,ttl timea iu the leading theatres of tbe United Kingdom, tbe Australian Coluinea, California, Ac., uipveraally pro nouiue I by the Kngh.h aud Colonial pinaa to be the Ne Plua Ultra of hurle t;ue acting. Queeu Kluubetii ....Mr. Mark Smith Amy Kobaart Mrs. Coiners.'1 Sir Waller Itabugh Miaa Colo Treaatllluu ihu first uipeurauoe' Mr. J. Dunn Duke of Suaaox Mrs. Yeaiuanc Janet Mra. HI and Varuey Mr. GMMraal Wav nnd Smith Mr. Lewis Maker Michael Larobourue Mr. WlUiania Tony Furater, alias Eire-the-Fagot Mr. Chapman Ulles Gosling Mr. Men ton Coulters. NEW AND MACNfEirKN. SCENERY. GORGEOUS DRESSES AND EFFECTS. ITALIAN OPERA?FRENCH THEATER?'TRO'.'ATORE. THIS (MONDAY) EVEN!NO, FEB. 18, at 8 o'clcek. GREAT Hl'CCi.ftS. GREAT SUCCESS. By general rennest, will be given for the LAST TIME, Verdi's popular OPF.RA. IL TROVATORE. Slgnora ELVIRA N \ DDI. Sicuora ADELE PHILLIPS, Signer IRFRE, -I no FORTUEA. Full Chorus and Orchestra, under the dJrwcuou ol signer a. L. Mora. WEDNESDAY-FIFTH OPMIA NIGHT. SATURDAY-GRAMS OPERA MATINEE. Seals may lie secured at Beer A Sehlrmer'a, 701 Broadway; st J. O. Seymour A Co.a, Noa. 7 and 0 Nassau street, and at the French'theatre. Theatre francaih?comedie. TUESDAY, Feb. 10, st 8 P. M., LE MKUKl RlEtt DE THEODORE (ORIGINAL OF WHO KILLED.COCK KOBBiNSO, Comedy, in three sets. ONE F1LLK TERRIBLE?(Vaudeville). Ticket office at 11. Dardonvillc's, 6<8 Broadway. Tony pastor's opera house, 001 bowery. Au entirely new and oilglual grand military drama, by Poole. THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS; THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS; Or, Tus Last or Libst Patson. Entirely new scenery, novel and intricate machInsry, ap propriate cost umea, appointment#. Ac., and a FULL MILITARY HKA.sH BAND, to aid In tbe grand marches, tableaux and egecu. The entire company hi the cast, and AN AUXILIARY AID OF 100 PERSONS. The greut Olio Troupe in a choice variety programme. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. HOOLKY'S OPERA HOUSE?BROOKLYN. Hurlesoue Black Oroofc, Peruvian Ballet Troupe, Bleep ing Beauty. Palace of Huge Drops, The Coopers, or, The M?glc Flaw, Somebody's Coat. Les Miserable* Shake any Honey Shake Sully Come up, Wonderful uullar .Solo, The Queen and her Healthy Babe, Mra. MoQowaa'a Reel. My Father Mould Cbaronal, Ac. Ac. Brooklyn academy of music. ELEVENTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT. Feb. 18, at d o'dook. L. F. HARRISON Director GRAND OPERATIC NIGHT. Selections from thirteen favorite Operas, with the follow Ing eminent artists:? . MADAME PaKKI*A, MB. 8. B. V MA MR. CARL ROSA, MR. O. W. COLBY, MR. THEO. THOMAl, aud his CELEBRATED ORCHBSTKA. Tickets, One Dollar; Reserved Seats, fifty cents extra. Own new be obtained at tba Academy of Music, Brooklyn. New opera bouse, louhville, ky?geo. p. F! LLRR, manager and pmprleior. The uuderaigned I Is prepare<l to arrange with lirst class stare fur the above named establishment. CHAH. THOS. PAR8LOL, Dramatic Agent, Ml Broadway, corner Prince street Popular concert at Brooklyn academy. After the Cuncert go to the POPULAR OYSTER HOUSE, 28Clinton street Brooklyn. TWO GRAND TREATS IN ONE EVENING. Theatre ticket office. Reserved Mtu for all first rlua theatres, concerts, he., he., can always be obtained at (be THEATRE TICKET OFFIC*, 112 AMD 114 BROAD WAT. Theatre francais ?French theatre to lbt For evenings and matinees, for opera*, drama*, concerts, lectures, Ac. Ac. Apply to Hon*. DKIVKT, office of French theatre. NEW YORK ASSEMBLY ROOMS. BROADWAY, BB tw.-cn Twenty eighth and Twenty-ninth atreeta.?The beet ventilated hall in the rtty, suitable lor concerts, lee* tares, fails and first claaa entertainments. Apply en the premises. Banjo and jio dancing, cloo, burlesque snd Irish Jig Dancing taught br the renowned JOHN BOOAN, 131 Faat Houston afreet. Terms $6 per eourae. TO FIRST CLASS BALI.Vt LADIES ARB WANTED 1 Zj immediately, for the American Theatre. Philadelphia. Must be capable or lerformlng the Demon Dance, as .lanced In the Black Crook. Apply from 9 A. M. to 6 F. M . to FRANK RIVERS A CO., iFramatlc Agents, fit West Hous ton street, New York city. PI ANOFORTES. " AN ELEGANT 7K octave rosewood piano' forte for sale, made by the most celebrated city makers, having warrantee tor lire year*; richly finished, with double round comers, back finished same as the front, richest lose, lull Iron plate, overstrung baas, was made to order; la quite new and moat mi>gulfiu?nt throughout; la without spot or biemlah. ran be fullv tested In every way; war*room pries Mill): present price $M0. Apply at DM) Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street, from 7 A. M. till 7 IV M. , A. L. BATTERHON. A GOOD PI kNO TO LEARN ON-IN GOOD ORDER, and Stool, for $00. New Pianofortes at redneed prices far cash. J. HlDuLE, 11) Amity street, near Bread way. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF FIAN0PORTB8 TO LET? And sold on the manufactory. 1M and 166 Eaat Twanty-firu street L. P. CUMMINGB. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP THE FINEST snd cneapast new snd second hand Pianos in the elty lor sale and to rent at Wm. Candidua' warerooms, M Blcecker street AORF.AT BARGAIN.?SPLENDID PIANO, HIGH coat, used a short time, tally warranted, made by Nunns; must be sold as the owner m leering. M Bleeeter street. A LADY WILL SELL A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN octave Piano orta, original prioe $Al> for nearly half, including Hiool and Cover; beat city makers; nesrly new. Call at JH Third street A MAGNIFICENT RO^EWdOD PIANOFORTE PON a* *: made order; citv maker; eoat gOW. for $.W0. Par lor, Chamber, Dining Furniture. IMntlngs; sacrifice. 44 West Sixteenth, between Fifth ana Slith erennee. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALS?FOB $T$; oust WW Also a Parlor Hult for $1*6; one do. lor |7i Also the Furniture of a parlor and four bedrooms at a bargain, inquire at IIV West Klyhth street near filllb avenue. AMAONIFICBNT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte of superior tone and finish, for aale ate great bargain for cash; fuliy warranted. Cell at 1M Grand street near Mott talf sly at FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR MAON1FIOBNT carved rosewood Pianoforte, worth $6frl, for lees then seven octsve, overstrung, iron frame, nearly aew. Ah 367 Bast Tenth stieet BARGAINS-6*OCTAVE, MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, Jt Hall A Hon, mskers. $180. handsome rosewood, seven oetave Fienotoric, $l?, nearly new, together with several others; also sn assortment o< new Ftnnofortee at manufac turer s prices Mcdonald a CO., $0 Fourth aveane, op poops Cooper Institute. PIANOFORTE FOR SALE?A SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, of celebrated make, for $136. Alas OSS grand action Pianoforte, seven octave. Stool, Cover, he., will (e disposed of for $176. Apply nt l?H Bast Twentieth at WATERS' GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIOHT PIANOS, Melodeona. Cabinet Organ*, wholesale and retail, to lei, end rent applied If purchased. Monthlv payments re ceived. heeend hand Piano* at bargains. Prima from $60 t" 0226. New 7 octave Pianos for $276 so J upwards. Old reived, haeond hand Piano* at bargains. Prfaa* from $60 to $226. New 7 oetave Piano* for $271 a*4 upward piano* token la eschange. Cash paid far aeeoni pianos. Faainry and ware roenm 461 Broadway. N. T. _ HORACE WATBR*. DAStlSO V ADEMIK?.~" TJ ROGERS' DANCING ACADEMY, 101 BBQOMB ST. _ A NEW CLASS FOR TUBSDAT. 6 II ?k* #aahta..kl. A I. ~t Of I IALLETMASTER DUMAR'S DANOINO I*CADEMT M k West Fourth street?Lessons every hey far ChHdrwn. idles end Uentlsmen. All dancse tonght In one quartov. r dance* In tit private lessens t| QARMO'S Dancing ACADEMY, ,?gBMK!18UWSnM?,S555| tree every Monday.