Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1867 Page 2
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k IPH ITXOira WAKTKIWFKNALBI. firstclaas seamsn k- , who i cut.lug and ti*tit ' ?1 >"'<tw>n'a drcaaaa. _ .emenl print ?v? >? , enoe; St. Louis I roei-red. ? 1 >' ?* .O; " a pi" 1*1 > rvnr Y o I'Mi ,;iiil \\,.--iii.s a sin a A , t I | , . In a 1'*?Yalo lainl .1 1-'" 1 A FK' M-W i.IRIi W1SHK- .1 SITUATION TO WAIT A on*! '* ,'hil.l -en. 1 ' ?'"? v _ . ? HHOT'-iTAX rOKRSi \ ' GIRL OE IRES A SITO A ?" . . ?.1.1 01 slon# ?.i a (??'!? without ,r j 1 '..?rn:1 t?i wa h? r and m a r: neat caa bt ;he ?tr Can ho ncu at 14b Wi W" am or WELL KKi OM^RMDED OL VAN' irl* "V* ;I?t nitUB ilillS ilia. LOV J A (ttt'UMB iion ? uMP poire it ____ i YOrNii UIRL WISHES A SMUATION Ah n. )"? \ a -1 I'm.* In ;? private latn lv, v* ? ? M do ?.. ???*"?t v.-ork; g ? 1 c.tjf reftuunca. Call at liW Nth ?l.| between bin and . young othl wishes k situation as first jr. c.11 work or Wheeler A ti ?'* machine; beniof reiete:.;*). Call at tCSO Kaat fid st., beteoeu lit and 2d avi.. A YOU NO GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A in an A man. an family. can waah and iron and do all general housework; would prefer a t'U *e where thoro ta inottae-German girl. Call at 142 latar.. n the shoe alore. A DRESSMAKER w.l 1,1) LIKE TO t.O OUT HY THE I\ ^ iy to do or *a Call at 4l? 47th at . tHh ami lOili -4?*. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS FIRST A da?? latindrer? In a private tanilly: underatan.1 < her buatneea thoroughly and ran do French fluting Ha. oxoel lent citr r? r rencc. Can aeen * JfcJI - aat. S3d al.t urst door past ul iit av# 4 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN I\ 0. ok *,.? ,er and Inner, or would do gener-1 house work In a sm ill p. .v .te family. Ka? the be.t -tty r-ferencev Can bu seen for tw . d?rsal lit 3.1 ar.. eea ? Iflth at A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS i\ chaml-t innW iti a private family. Inquire fo.- two dtjrs at 112 Hud ?a ?t.t drat floor. A BE3PECTABLE MARRIED WOM AN WOULD LIKE A t<> g"' home tor boraelf and baby five rr >nths old, to do housework. ? u do a good deal 01 work; wage) not re quired . Call al 181 Madleon at. respectable young woman will no the wii'Mimof families or single gentlemen U her own ra. wn^nuxir ni lamitien ur "1115m ?mmr..., - - house; Ir V juipeteul to do the dueit ilc?crli..i ui of work. French fluting, polunnig, Ac,. In the '.esi style; highest c.ty reforeuoes. CaV at 103 West 36th s between Broadway and flth ar. jff \ BBSPBCTABLB OBBILAN WOMAN. WHO BOBS *i- no* get aeulck, wishes to go with a family to Europe this spring; alio has no ob)ecti?>u to aitead to chlidipj or a hick por;-..n?. Oall at 4T? 6ih i-v. a PRKNCI! DRKS8MaKER WOULD TATE A J\ more customers by lh? day or weok. Call at?-tttn Ciii av., shoo store. _ _ AOOMPKTKNT YOUNO WOMAN WISP S A SITU A. ?Ion aa chem harms Id and itaitreas; w ?uid assist In washing If requ red. Apply at JOB East 3Dth street, corner Of id nr., Inaemrnt. A LADY WltiTIXS TO FIND A SITUATION FOR IIF.R a? m.ud; shet. a frst clu-s halrdres er; h also a good milliner and a tlrai data aaamatreaa; uuderakvud. Wheeler A WU.on's .-wins ma-.-tiine. Oank lie seen f t her present enployer'a 60 11th it., between '6th av. and University \RP8PECTABLH YOUWO tvnna.n wan..-, a m. . - auon in a priTrte family aa cook; thoroughly under stands hci hiislnosa; Is also a good baker understand, f'reimh cook in. ; will .lo coarse washing; be?l of city ref.-r enco Can Do .ecu for two days at IS1 East 311'. at., room 10. AKESPROI'ABI.E WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN A family', or grntlemau'a washing. Apply at la- alel ?it , bttwoeo 2d and 3d hta A SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT, COMPBTRNT A young girl, as waitings and chambermaid: has the best crv reference. Call at 64 West Washington place. a YOUNG GIRL. AGED 17, W A NTS A SITUATION TO A mlud a ch . : two or Hire.- years old and with plain s. wing. Apply at 381 East Mth at., seoond floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE PRO i\_ tesunt, to fit k, wash and trim In a si ial. private f vnuiy; gnou city reference. Call for two days at tdb oth av., p-ar hou^o. room No. 8. a HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W VNT8 J\ a siiuAtiun to sew and mind children, or to do np stairs wort ilo,..I reference. Call at 81 Weal 2Sth su. ac.weeu eth and 7th avs, ARXKPKCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WISHES v SITIIA. Hon; lali.'.y aHor laudlm;. To bo leen for two days at 110 West I7th st. ? AN EXI'ERIKNCKD WOMAN WISHES A SITUAT'ON as a Hist rote cook; can do all kinds of family baking, fiao ooi.,? well r.-oouimeuded. Call at 136 West Uith St.. be tween 7ih and Slh ava. A wit? iattoo a*^urewom'mTAKER W?l'LD I.1RV . rmld- la^ia0' a"T other citr wheAfa*Bh^"iihment eiu?>' in A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESPBI TAB iB etrt, a. cook, washer and ironer; refereuce ran b. given. Call at 12D East ?in ?t-. wcond floor, frun' ro m. A SITU tTlON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do plain aewing sod to take (are of oae or two oh lid re o;' would like to go to Europe with a fnini.y. Canbo aeen al her present employer., Park Ho i?e. room 321. RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO THOROUGHLY A RESPECTABLE WlllllAV, A under.tand. her buslnew. wlsliea a attuatlon to taks Wire of cMldrcn a.d do plain sewing, has no objections to the country; has the best of city references Call for two Uiyn at 111^ V??t 24th A respectable woman, who thoroughly understands her buslties-1 wishes a situation as chsm Iwrmal'S inil wailn-SA; has the hr-t of city no ohjtcihiii to toe country. Call tor two nay. at 111X W est 2fh at. a SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MO A man a. go-t cm kfnre; rote baker, and willing to e,. slsl in tti" washing and l.ontng. be.' of city reference. CaU al 112 West 19th t. hrst go-T, in the rear. . HK-iPE.CTAr.LE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU A A tlon lo do general homework in a private fxniilv. 1Lett bu seen on Monday and 1 ueaday a> b>l Wh ?Y.. near f6th at A YOUNG WOMAN1 wants a situation to do A housework; t. a giaal pUincwk ami r?od washer and ironer. her of ctt> refereuce. Cal. alii! We*t t.tU ?t., be tyrern 7lh and blh av-. A RPSPECTABLS >? IUL WANTS A SITUATION TO A do houaow ofikt R'lod reference gi?en. Call av 1!W East 17th St.. second tl<k>r. for two days ___ A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTEST\NT WISHES A \ aim i .on ise cook, wisher and ironer; city or country. Good refer?nce. Call at ?18 East '3th ?t. A PROTESTANT < IBL WISHES A SITUATION AS rl'ini' uruia.d and wm.'.rr.i, or rham wrmald and wailros. Two years' reference. Can be seen at 4. .Id ah, cast of 2d er. A OOMPRTtNT SEAMSTRESS WANTS FMpr.v and .Trends of" I^'/aXV "'e" A Pit-PFCTABI E YOUNG PROTESTANT OIUL ? * . .. ' tln as ih. mbermatd and waitre<s in a 2--J f mlh it 'vou " do hoUM-work for a sm.iH family. STbS ?ecu at Ft. Weal r-h > . beiwrcn 6th and 7tn an., for two day*. A RESPECTABLE TOt.NG GIRL WANTS A SITUtTU N to do ch.m' e-work and aew or to take care of chd lr, n r.nd aew; is k.riu md nhll/mg; La. good reference. Call for two days ?t UN West ' - A COMPETENT PK"'.80N WISHES A SITUAiIOS TO cL.k and aeslsl with the wnkhme; a good place in rruf; ?;,^? ruaes. Can b. .sen until uliul at U) V eat Waaliiugton place, roiGjiomo .MjfioniMlooi^i'fe^nfi . A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOM VN WISHES TO lake In .orae UdteV and g-ulfii.irn'g wasulng. or wou'.dgo c uby ued.y. Call aiiytaa; 17th at., between av. A aud lat ay., 'op fl??" ARKUPKCT ABLE YOUNG CIHL WIS1ILN A SlTUAe tlon t.) do general housework; ta wdllng and obhklng. ??dhai?U reference. Can be -cen for two daya at 2.0 Went 2bih A y*ane' aromaV, tt.. tren'tpi-a, over the store' s ci-iffflON WANTED ?BY A RXSPF.C1 ARI.E care ',f cl 'idler ; can eper.tii on nma, ,? ^ .... eMne. Can be s^on at 7MI Ludlow st. nea" llrmat, n. ADKR.wSMAKER WISHES EM PLOYM KN T IN A GLN tieman's f. iiuly be the day or week; i.m cut aud lit ladles' and Children's dresses, sh'rta and do Plain sewing. opetate? un a machine. Good refeienoe Call at 144 Lew*. LTTitJS MM. WISHES A SITUATION TO MAKU UeraeU meful. Apply at 49*< B""oma m. _____ aF>rrcT\Bt.i' q'rl wisiirs a srrt'ATlo* W . aipj ill priTato family; ha* good referono?ii frotu Hat !*?<-? ? a' >1 ?1 Oraenwleh at., front room, for twoda)*.^ A RR4HK(TABLE TOfltO WOMAN WANTS A SITl' alio.) a*. rmnre or plain aeometro..*; e?n operate on a martilni 01 la*? charge of a baby from Ita birth; has in Hiwbib WIti tonmrr: l e.t tnr 'reference. Call for two day? at 148 7th ar., betwuen ;?Rto and 11at 'la A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A RESrE'rrActt.E WO. man, tu <m <k, W Mh ittul Iron to a vrteato famlir; no ot (or ton In ? .en't'l >,*?? ,u g p. an willing ton utr limelf us'fnl; MMofally tetareaee. t!au be teen tor two da/a at I7S lAUieoa at., between Hnualon aod tl.eaoAar, la the gro c*rj At.QMI K1 !!NT PERRON WlsllKii A SITUATION AS nora* and plain low*, or would do ?: nn error* and mind children, ran mind a baby I ram a month oid; Una many run ?pe' Ant tn 'no <a ? o| CU1.1 an; Hh i aat of o l| i*f renr* glran frwn iter 'ait t lair, wh*.i> the hat been aror four yea-a. Call at har ?, n.?.ut employer',, ilk. Vtaat aal it A 81TOAIION YfAATED-SY A TOt.'NO Wf.MAN. a? food pla n out'k an 1 ftrai rata w*?Vr n i lb nrr In t ?raall frifala fat illy , hmipiod city 'fnreur* (*, i m We. t flbh at., be wean dth nod 7t: *v , to t?, tgar A YOtJNU Ollfc WISHES A rirCATION AS CHAM. Iwr I aid (.I'll waitrera, or to aaai. in waau.i.g and iro?. tn*. In a - nail pirate family, beat Of ra crept* gl ,u. Call for two da fa nl SUf dadlnni at. third floor. A HIT ' ITOK WAMTflUN-H* A RMfEtXtm.t i,if;l_ ae el a born old tun! B*nm itraaa, With a llmth a fa nl. ly. Oi n be'oon atSfid ?ra? ifkh at., be rfthW., third fl. of. A TR. iTI At ANT W( 'MAI. WANTS A SITU ATI ojr_l# J\ a ai<r' e.i k. Waaler and lr?r; bread, blw >' I aid B ?*tn nruW; . a? n ? ob'-o Ion t) go to JtRWon't I 1 I eld Oil/ !*;< MMHR from har Mat Plan*. Call to Iwndhya a Vt tie t O'.o ?t . \et" eon gth and l? b artM tV rear. A rsai" T/'NM OIRI. WlNHB* A SIl t/A ft' ? * AR JX ? r\ *??'?* and Ifomr, or to do giieral bou?eWbrl|| la ha nail nri- hte a dir. i.ett ctly rafarenWt Ua at MM We at m .a at,, t* tn, t*ar. A (ITI'ATUrtH WASTKO?KKM Vl^KN. ?<!., a RLE ?! !IM AN GIRL WISHES A SIT!'. . wit i..i; i'. .n.u i In v >-b tg lt d iron tojj&ml re(?>'i -a can h-gtven. Call rt 11 B?wwcy. A EPSPKCTtHI.K YOUNG GIKI.. LATK' y 1.AM?KI>. \ ? inil- a sitttetl >n to do gem .1 h'?u?ewnrk; Is ? n r'.t.- ' i' ?!? r. rail . t ' ?? . > ? \ BRhPFOTAM.* WOMA* WMUM ? A Hit- ok ?>r to do the work of h muiUI family, 1 , r\m t , corner of Duaee. No objection to ao a little way in ta?< country. _ 1 \ RFspBCTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SilTtA i \ tioa hs chmuhermatd ?r*.i wailre^orlo do lint | liuj and ironing. N" ol'j.ftlmi tojp? to the ?*'??? !ry. ?? ? I r'ty reference. Call st 210 Went Jib St.. betwoer .lb ?nd Htli avs. . 1 SITUATION wantbd-by a im'Vf! wo't a N A to do the work of a email family, Cull *1171 ?>*?' ? rear 8'h ar., in the rear. . A SITUATION WANTED?BY A *nun mwGz'*V? ?A do chamherwork and waiting and pl*I- F^taiat beVen for two day. at hur present employer1*. *> ha.t Slat at., near 4th a v. ? - pwouvrrAHi K WOMAN DE^IRKS TO TAkR A ^hl5CI-V^uKAh'er own home or to wort - by the day; fluting 11 required. Call at 100 .Tent J?tu su, m floor room No. 7. ? * ppcpprTVRLE (JTRL WANTS A R1TI '7I0N Afi iiSSr-s'^a rc, tweeu 7th end Hth ?-.? ? T RF?tP'-('TAHl.r. YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA- j A Mon.?Set or to go out by the day or week. Call at 100 Uhth st. a YOITNO WOMAN. NOT LONG IN THE COUNTRY. A wishes to do homework in a small ^selT 'for work end a- t?t In rushing end ironing. Can be seen two days at 169 Wv*t3W at.. In the rear. 7 FRENCH LADY. SPEAKING KNGL'SH 'kUBNTLY. , A. wont i like a situation aa housekeeper in a hotel, <JJ" 1? atten*Kior '; noo' iee;lon to leave the city. Beat reference given. Address A. P., station D. _ . a SITUATION wanted?by a young woman as A tvuir-s. or chambermaid and waltree^ln a ?mUI family, several ^"r^NaT^fng plao^ToTtwe days. a ra da/o? I'STO"$??:?{$? a dressea. or wouh! take work to her own houee. tall at l-s Weal l'Jth eh, butw?en 6ih and 7th are. . a YOONO OIRL WISHER A PfTUATlONTOPO A /"?jtarrjji.'v'.rs Wfta.?" a of care and con give the Seat of reference if required Call at 69 West 20th ?t.. New York ctiy. uitit aTIGH WANTED?BY A MIDDLE A. woman a* nur.v or to do ohamherwork and washing, orhoneework of a small family: city reference.. Lull at 411 2d sr.. near Cltit St., second floor. ____________ YOUNG girl wishes a situation as cook in a'urtvata family; would aaaUt with the Wfcihiwlf | lequired. Call at <t West lflth Best of references given. RESPECTABLE WO KAN WANTS A SITUATION ad' i- >ok w.isher and ironer; I. ? good bread and i biscuit baker:'willing to go ft sh &tw^en reference. Call for two d .ya at 144 t\ oat 2511. ?t., otf "" 7th and 8th a ? In basement. s EtlOEVrTABLK GERMAN WOMAN WISHES A A. situation to do peneral housework, or ** chambcnita . in an Air-ncan private family. Call at 160 Orchard St., room No. 9. a RESPECTABLE YOUNG 01 RIf US?-t^DO 6th A out by he week or daj as seamstress, Cell et 4A> em nr., near 30th St.. room No. 9 ? WAT TIDY OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION AS A cook in 1 unvote family; h?^n?,,?_bj?f'?eni* ^Apply the washing . nd Ironing: has goat city reference. Apt . et 94 Tib st.. 1 stween 1st and 21 s.s.. or one day. RRSPrUTABLB PROTESTANT SCOTCH WOMAN J\ wishes n situation in ft small VjMner* bMt clU"rufer nlaln eook and first rate w?.?her and Irom r. best city rerer Apply et iQI Mulberry st. near Canst. AirOUSFKEP.PKR'S POSITION 18 DESIRED BY A lodj of educe lion end refinement; would tH^eCw,^i" Of a (hub house or a linen room; willingt. would take any itonorabls position. Call at or auuress oir^ Welkins, 942 West 18th st. ? i SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO A " a IS., ;? si I w?s 1 SffiSSSSasaJSLtaarAB S lih et... room 17. A OOLORED LAUNDHES3 WA.NT8 WA3HINO AND ?\ Ironing to take home; all kinds of Que lulling anno ^ ?u ?t.. top floor, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young girt, aa cook; ha. no objection to and iroi: It capsule of doing her work; Is a flret rAMI baterof all kitids and 1. a Brst rsto washer andi ltoner. Hee the best of city reference. Can be seen et 43. 7th av. hespectablI; woman wiriier a situation as wet n.tree: best of references osn he given; l'" lo?t her b^TTwo wMk. old; hss a full b.easi of milk. Call for two days fct 113 Morris ?t. maid or "J?,'""jir^olas^fandly; noVbjecUot'is'io leer, mrtherto Cso be seen a I 226 '.Vest 2ftth St.. between Bth an<l 9th av?., third floor. niurrTF^ SUITED IMMEDIATELY WITH CAPABLE P Mr van t. at Carpenter-. Employment Offlce (established IS years;. 138 11th st., corner Hto sr. ibeoountry. Address E.G. rt.. Herald offloe. -VTURSE AND SEAMSTRESS.?SITUATION WANTED, Y-SGdlTION OK SALESWOMAN I* A rnNKKCTION. l ?rU. Store wanted, by a person eemtstotned to the bust _ ,.M u,,i,.i i'.- reception rootn of a photograph T.'.?iiivrenoeAddrew? M.x E. D- C., Herald SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO qH, to ilo rhamberwnrk ami wnlting: excellent city rofcre . -?-. Call a. 2)9 Weil ?2.1 at., roar building. OlTC.tTION WANTED BY A RUS PHOTABLK WOMAN. Cj aa l ift OlAas cook; would a*?i d cub the washing ana Ironing; no objection 10 go a abort distance In th?i country; beat ol reference, t ail tor two day i at at, near lull av.. tliinl Door, frout room. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, to do general housework, In a hi tali, prirato famtlT; wou'.d like to have b.-r little boy, an nuly cblM, with lier. Call at 199 hast 3bth at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE COL ? ira I man. oa In a private family; beat of city rof'rvncat. Call at lift Lexington ar., between and 3Sld aw. SITUATION WANTED?WITH AN AMERICAN FA!* ily, by a Oemum girl, aa chambermaid and eee-natraa; oaraa more for getting an opportttnity to team Kngliah than tor high par; highest rifemuceagiven. Call at 161 Kaat 14th at.. from 9 to II A. M. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RKSPECFABLE YOUNG glrL to go to Europe ai mine, or travel with a lady; ex rollout refereuce. Call at 219 West 33d at, rear buildlug. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE KNCLI3H O w. ioe , i i do go eral h u.ework. Can he seen for two <t iya at ITf, West JT*1 at. Good city reference. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPKf TABLE young women; one aa chambermaid and laundre,. and the other >te and waltreaa; both understmd tl elr bualueaa thoroughly. Call at 136 Weal 2ilh at, botwoen 7lh and 4th era. CJITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, il to do gene-al houacwork orna laundreaa; no ohjeotlona to the country. 141 West liith it, between Broadway and 7th a*. VITI ATION WANTED?TO DO OPNERAL HOUSE gv work In a xinnll private fxmllv; beat of city refer*.ice. Call at ti<> w eat W whuikton place, for two daya, In the rear. C'TUVTION WANTED?BY A YOCM1 GIRL, A9 O In a private family; I* a good operator ?n Wheel r A ?> acwmg machine ami la willio&lo make In-rc-lf generally useful. Call at 339 Weat 36th at, aecond door, front SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE l? All I., wuh gt??l city reference; one aa cliamber-natd and plain a war, the other aa general hooaeworker. Call at las Laal Sftth at., between Dt a id 2d avs., lop Poor, back room. SITUATION WANTED-A8 COOK. IN A PRIVATE i' family. Is an eacellen' baker; would eaa.m with the waahli.g If required; h.u? heal of references. Call for two days at DM Rest 34th at, in the fancy store. SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE y-ung girt, as and wal'reas, or to aaalet wt h'the * taking and ironing; good reiersnce. Cull at 3,3 3d av., uear >th *t. SITUATION WANTED?BV A MIDDLE ,\0ET> WOMAN, to rare of an invalid or growing children. Call after 12 M. at Dr. L. Fotsoms, 124 West 3Hth at. w SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS SEAM. atreaa. tojp ont hy the month or week; can cut and hi and w.irk on Wheeler A wilion'4 aewtng machine. Call at 1C3 Kaat Tvrenty-iilcth street. ANTFD-BY A PROTESTANT GIRfa A SITUATION intake rare of rhiljreo, or tod- chamherwoik and pi Jn sew Ing: good reference given. Call at Xt 7th avenue, over the bake./. ANTED-A SITUATION, DY A RESPECTABLE young woman. a? no-k, wi.sher anJlroner, beet of city rerere nee. Call at 79 West Mil n at. ANTKD-A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED ntirae; la also capable or taking rliargn of an lufanr; can give the l>eat of roiervnt* f r throe and a hall ytara from her Inat place I all at 73 Weal 17th at., three do, rs from 4lh sr., for two days UrANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, vY a situation as laun'dresa; Is willing to assist with the chamber-work; has the beat of olty rcfereuoo. tad fot two l daya at 63 East !Md at i "Iff ANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. WITn r? three years'reform e, a altuaWon to rook, wash and linn, nr to do griientl houagwork lu a email I surly. Call I aljlixi 3d at., Wnt'amaburg. ______ _ \\* ANTED?A SITUAt'fON AB WET NURSE, RY A voting m rnei! womap, wlthnnt Incum'oran-e; the t-aat '.f r ferrnce given If required. Can l>e aeen at BCK Writ 4,ih l"P lloor, h.irk eoout. 1 WANTPD-RT a NF.AT GIRL OF 15 YE IRS. A SITUA " ? tlori an mill in nur*? And ehainbflrmiitd, or to wait >a . a iAd r who hoard*, wnum f.V, h* r? neallj iiut It williog aid ob.ig ng tali at 192 Kast ilst an SITUATIONS WANTRD?T*B1*fA U 7 ABIT! NO WANTRD-BY A COMPETENT I.AUK (dvi| tbn oirirrMitiil'i all kinus of 1 ni'.iiv v aabiug, .md (tin ut> liming oeatlv; family wiu-btuf; <??+*< ? ul ? - "?>?. t.nll "21S West .tiiu lop Qui r, back room, bi tees* 7th I 8tl w > I * NO WANTED?BY A COMPLTi i I M'N - In1.- . t h*-r own honk*; tindernit I. . kin Is uf in! 1-reach Haling; also L.imi esf or l i 11 ie >. .nhlnv; b?-t of citv flerfaoe. CaU ut III Weat r- .r I mi.,Iiiiy, roo.n so. 8. bpertabla wctnan, In hen m house: or to r1 out by llf <1 v. Can give food city refit eoca. Gab f<?-" iw? days at 1 >7 4 M., buiveon Tlh and 8', . ars. VyAVTBD?BY A SCOTCH LADY OK TilOlc roll ?" i usincss nahlto, a sitmittor for cutting and getting tip r1 idir .'s clothing, wh< le.iaia or tcUit, or ?.?l woman. Ad ilrera .V. A. I)., notion B. TI7A.irED-.BY A RESPECTABLE .**.iMAN FAMILY '1 ivi-shin.; to tag. u> her ovu hoiut; boot of re: reuee ijrven a? to honesty and eapab'l ty; all kinds "i fluting <1 me in Ute n ttest and che ipoet manner. Call at tilt 1st a v., be tween 2f It and iflth sts. WANTED? BY a YOUNO LADY or EXPERIENCE, a eltiiutioii as first class dress, cloak ami m .nulla maki".-; a few mors engagement* t>y tfle day or week; no o'? jectiona to Brouklrn; operates uu a machine. Call i.H tlie week at ner rest,'once, St Varlck at. WAN1BD-BT A RESPECTABLE PRO TESTANY WO mail, a situation as baby's nurse, to Ining it up be bot tle; wiu ill years In last* situation; the best of city refer ences. A'nily st my employer's, IIS West 44th at. WANTED?BY A RF.9PBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN, A situation pa chambermaid and nurse, or vn t ike c ire of children and sew. lis ithe b, st city reference. Can be seen at C4 West 30th at., between Olh ana "th ova W-ANTED?BY A RF.dPk.CTA 11LK MARRIED WO man, n slluntKni as net nurse, havfii : her brat baby one month eld. Call foi two day* at Ml East 15th St., fi-unt room, one st-lr up. WANT. D?A SITUATION AS Cll 4MBEUMATD AND to! ke care of children; neat city references given. Can be ae i from nine o'clock at 227 5th at., In the store. WANTID?A SIT" ATI ON AS OPERATOR AND aeenstreoa on Wheeler A W ilson's 3t wing machine, or as maic to un elderly lady; understands famtl; erwing; hasworkel for eight yeans on Wheeler A iVilson's sowing machluo: Hrst class ciiy ivference. Addresa 0., care of Mi. Tridtur, IT Haiti SI II av. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL (PROTBS. taut), n situation as seamstress and to do light Cham borwork. Good reference. Call at 202 West 24th st WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situ 'Hon as wet nurse. Pall on or address for a few uays K. M, C., 117East Broadway, fourth floor. \\TAKTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A 7 7 situation to do oha'r.berwnrk and wait!) g or pla<n in^; has references. Can be seeu until engaged at K2tS West WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young American lady. In a photograph gallery, as aaleswon nu; had two years experience in the business: best of referr.icea given. Address, for two days, MUs Clara, Jersey City Post otfice. WANTED?SOME WASHING TO DO, BY A RE spectable woman; best city reference. Call on Mrs. Beery, 135 West 25th at 117 AN TED?BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION AS Vy chambermaid or waitress; be?t city reference. Call at 8S West Wth at WANTED?BY A STRONG, HEALTHY OIRL, A SIT nation m do kitchen work; city reference. Call fur two days at 157 tpaiikltn st, In the basement WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG GIRL A situation nsfthanbennanl ond waitress, or to take cam of children and do plain sewing; aan do embroidering; Is willing and uullginv; g>od city reference. Can be seeu at 342 West 2*th st.. until suited. WANTKD-A BTTUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS first class laundress; has no objection to assist In ohamherwork; la truly oompetent In her niinlness; can come well recommended. Can be seen .for two days at dtti 7th ur? near S4th at. WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT OIRL. A situation as competent nurse and Reatnstte?s or would wait on a lady; understands hair dressing; has seven years' reference from last place. Call at 154 West 19th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A 3IT1 A tion to take care of children and to do plain sewing; beat of references given. Call at 286 West Houston St., near Hudson, lu the milk store. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW. LADIES' and gentlemen's w i lling; understands tlutlng and tine washing. Can be recommended. Call at or address IS) West 28th at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, with a fresh breast of milk, to take a baby to curse at her own residence. CaU for two days at 219 East 23d st. WANTRD-BY A PROTECTANT YOUWG WOMAN, A sitii'it in as dressmaker and .seamstress; no objection to go travelling. Good city reference* given. Can be seen 148 Hultlvan St., for three dsys. In the store. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, THE washing of a few ladles ami ceutleinen. or faintly washing. Pest of city reference. CaU at 121 2Uth St., tint floor. WANTED?SITUATIONS FOR TWO OIRLS; ONE AN chambermaid and waitress; the other as nurse and seamstress; good city reference given. Cell et or add res* No. 9 West Mth St., between 5th and Oth avs. II7ANTEP?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED TT Isdy. who has lot.* her own baby, an infant to wet nurse at her own residence, 610 East lflui st Wanted?by a superior chambermaid with the beat of elry reference a situation to ik line washing and rnnlng; does up linen in style: or ar thor nigh waitress in a genteel boarding house; wages $12; el'y or country. Cell at 192 East 21st at. Wanted-a situation, by a colored girl, to do light chantherwork and plain sewing. Can be seen for two days at 215 West lJlh St. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE youg woman, to do light chamberwork and sew. or would take earn of grown children aud sew; would be will ing to go a short distance in the country; has good city refer, enoe. Cau be seen for two daye at 15 East 15th St., near 5th av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as good plain rook: 1* willing to assist with tbe washing end Ironing, in a small private family; under stands linking: can cnmc well recommended; Is willing to go a short distance m the country. Call at 208 Went loth at., near 7th av. 1X7 ANTED BY A LADY. A SITUATION WHERE SHE II oan lea: n to operate on e Wheeler A Wilson maahine, on all kinds of family sewing, has had some experlem s; po pay required. Call on or addresa Mrs. B. D. A., 28i Bleacher Bt., for three days. Wanted-by a respectable woman, with good reference, w.i? and inming. In her own house, or would go out by tne day to work. Can be seen at 172 Kaat2Mh St., third flour, bark room. HKhP W A VTED-rEMALEB. k FIRST CLASS MILLINER WANTED?TO GO TO Waablnstc l, D. P.; best clly reference* required. Ap B, between 11 and 4 o'clock, at So. 8 Cornelia St., near av. AOOOP PLAIN COOK, WA8URR AND IRONBR wanted; colored preferred. 1,147 Broadway, near 28th street. ONNET FRAME MAKERS WANTED.?ONLY FIRST hands need ipply to H. Van Btcrue, 418 Canal at. B W Housekeeper wanted.-a perron compe tent to t ike charge of two rhlldren and do the work of a small family; an American woman preferred: wages $12 Esr month. Apply at the store 188 Graham av? Williams urg. WANTED?A CII \M BERMAID AND LAUNDRESS. German pre'erred; city referenres requ .ed. Apply at 58 7th av., Iwo doors north of 14tb at. 'ANTED?A WET NURSE TO TAKE A CHILD ONK week old to her own home. Address for one day, ftat Ing terms. Charlie Howard, station D. Mk WANTED?AN IRISH OIt GERMAN COOK. WASHER and trouer, undarstaedlng French looking, at 108 West 4?ih et ANTED?OIRLS FOR ?'.ICING FRATHKRSj NONE but guod hands Apply at No. 1 Wooater st. WANTED-LADIRS TAWIHT PHOTOGRAPH PAINT. Ing, Ivorytype, poroeltki, Msinricsl, lands-?i>e flgures, flowers; also wsx flowers, mom-chrome, drawing; every thing furnished. Paintings for sale. Hoys taught sepa rately Apply st 1886th av. ET NURSES WANTED IMMEDIATELY. APPLY at Mrs Hansen's Nurte's Institute, No. Bdth at., near w w Bowery. TV"ANTKD-A COM PET .INT LACNDRK98 AND CHAM TT hern.aid; < / referenda required. Apply *t 107 Eaat lmh lit. \1TAVTF.D?A WOOD LaODRKSS, WILLING TO AP TT il?t In ehe nberworfc ind welting; only ? capable fpe-aoo, wile food eilj- refeairce, need epply at >1 Writ Mth it. WANTED?A OH AVBERTA'.D AND RKAM9TnR*9. .Suite iee,l apply wlth.iit the belt of reromraenda tlina. > p. <i* IB Kelt 40lh ak between, th* houri of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. WANTED?A PROTI 3TA9T OIRL, A* WAITRK88. Apple at 44 Weat *J6tir t., between 0 and It o cluck tbU morning. |1TASTRD-A PROTRBIaNT GERMAN HSRVANT TT girl. to takeoharge of a yon ng eh lid, and to be g*n ?rally reefiil; one having avne *xp< lenoe preferred, >nd willing t<> go Into the cam trjbirlng the iiimuier. Addreaa. with i ?nn and r -fcrenoe^for one week, box Old Herald offloe. j l< p ' tXTA.fTlID?A J RflT CLSg WATTRR9H AND CHAM TT bjrmald. at a rnnutrjrealdence: beat r?ferencei re quired a Prote>tant (leriiMi or Buglish gtrl preferred. Ap ply at 111 Wall it. W/ NTF.P?A CTRL AB ArNDRBNB; M09TUNDBR itand her bqainoai aw bring good elty references. Ap ply a 90 WNI# I at. WANTRD-A GOOD W'WAN. TO (TOOK, WASH AND iron; mint have beat >ty rnerenoe. Apply At 80 West 48d ?k v TITA; TRD-A WRI.L RECOMMENDED OfRL' TO TT c ?k. waah and IroOhr a faady of alx peraona. One mmpe -nt and wtll'ng to dtne above majr oall it 1186 Weat aoth it. Wagei |10. WANTED TWO FIW CLAft.9 TRIMMRR8, AL90 ' uir competent mlmera. Call at 9. Hotuerloh'a, 404 Rroip. ? ay. from 10 A. M. p* P. St.. thti day. WAh TED?A CteHMJl flIRL TO WA9N AND IR(,N and do general lum. work. Apply to A. CoUetibarger. 116 Eaat tfth at. _ tlf AN TED?TWO PMTE9TANT WOMEN; ONE TO TT en-A. warhead 111, the other a? waitreai: good ell y reference required Apy at No. 7 Waah ngton place, ?p?r ner Mercer at,, between and II A. IT ______ 11/ANTRD?-A TOMPTKNT WOMAN, IN A PRIVATE TT family, to rv> ,h, wih and Iron: alao a V'lttng girl, to do ehamberwotk and taMtre of children. Apply at 46 North Moore ik " IIF".7.P WAIiTED-VV.yfM.f.%. tlTANTRD?1M A SMALL P k MI l.Y, A Glut. TO COOK, i > *. sii red iron and make barrel! geeeeelly useful. ap flj. r lib -.ty reference*, it) audi o'clo ?' , at 78 W< <t 4?ili at. "lit AN7ED-A noon GIRL. TO DO \V AMU I NO AND . I ii ?iinj .? ! gen i ! boo -v irt Ooo wl.o u uol afraid to writ may apt iy -t 394 s-irlng at. I ? 'AN i'K 1'?A COOK, WVHHEB AND iRONBR; AI,SO II a < batnbrnruid and waitress Only tb? ?? having ty r? f-'reuce. niai apply x'rora Id A. M. to 2 P. M. at 3d We?t ' lib ai. wAh: WHO OAH DO UIRIAL housev irt In a atnull fi ailljr. Good rsfarOMM ia qulrivl. Ap^ly at Ml Broome ?L WANTEO-A LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID;

luuat be willing to make uaofuL Apply, with : aferene", at 3t> Boornias place, 2*1 xt. VVANTED- A MIDDLE AOED PROTESTANT WO. ? I man. us coot in a private boarding house. Apply at 8 * Weal 23d st Wag"- $W. ANTED?A FI".st CLASS COOK. NONE NEED ! ply without the heat r. ftwma at ISO Ewt 17th at. \ TANTED?A WET NURSB WITH MILK FROM TWO I t to four months old; muat show her bahy. 3dK Woat 38. at, between Hih and 9th art. QAA RTRAW SEWERS WANTKP.?TO OOOD HANDS Ox "U good work will be given; none otl.ors m-.ed at ply. F. HAWKINS, 747 Broa.iwiy. RITVATIOA'4 W A VTED-MAbM. ATODNO HAN, WHOSE EVENINGS ARK FROG oupied, withes a chance to do copying. Athlrers E. II. C., box 2,211 Post office. A KITCATION WANTED?BY A YOUTH OF IS YEARS, a* barkeeper or aseialaot; or would be willing to make him-elI generally useful iu any buxiii--**; no objection to leave the city and live with his employer; given. A iply to oi address A. Mxnee. 491 9th uv. A FIRST CLASS BARTENDER AND CARVER S SIT yi. uatioa wanted. Adilr"s? D. P.. Herald ollioe. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BOY 18 YEARS OF .A tee, In jewelry or fru t x:oro; eip. neuoc in both; or ax clera In a wholesale atore. Address S. C. E., ata'lou A. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN TO go to Europe with a gentleman. Address A., box 113 Herald oillee. Druggist.?situation wanted, by a young man of over 13 years' experience in elty and country trade; tity referei)c*given. Addreax orcnll at Tutile A Co.'s 192 Fulton at., New York. SITUATION WANTED?IN .A STOCK OR GOLD li RO le er's office, by n jruung man who halt had flue ycarx ex perience in that business. and who can give unexceptionable references u? regards hoaeety. ability, Ac. Salary not xo much of an object a* a good jnositlon. with prospect of ad vancement. Pioase address R., box 6,017 Post office. w qtock brokkraoe?situ anion wanted by a > ' young man, thoroughly acquainted with that- branch; refer* to Ural class houxes of this city. Addroas Stock broker, Herald old x\ ? ANTED?BY A YOUNO 'JAN. A SITUATION ON A farm. Wngex no object. Address G. 1*. J., st ition D. TtTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN, TO TV take c ire of horsex; no objection to the eornit-y. In quire in the office of the Tammany Hotel. Good references. ?OTANt'kD?A SITUATION AS BARTENDER, BY A VT young tnnn fully conversant with the jobbing or bar trule. Apply at No.'l Woosier street, between II and 6 o'clock. CLERKS AND 6ALB3NK3. A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERED TO YOUNG YEN PY a prxctical dnuilst. to teach them 'ontlfctry grnt.s. Ap plicant* will state age. real uanic, realdence and if a; le to support themselves one year. Address Dentistry. Herald office. A N EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER WILL BE OPEN 1\ for xii engagement within thirty daya. Address .A. A. A., Herald uliice. A YOUNO M AN WANTS A SITUATION AS SAI.ES man In a wholesale Fancy Goods ..'.d, Yankee Notion* honse; he has had three veers' experiou^. in the business good city referc.toe. Address bus 3,WBb?cw York Post office. A YOUNO MAN OF TEMPERATE HABITS, WITH good i oeoTiimendatlons for sobriety and fidelity, desires a situation In a warehouse ax clerk, or Ir. any other oapacity where he ean make himself useful. Address, ware'ioutc, Herald office. QATUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG M AN OF STEADY O habits, aged 22, as assistant bookkeeper, shipping or en try clerk in some wholesale house, or as assistant bookkeeper In a stock broker's office; has had two years' experience in the latter capacity, and can give the best referenoaa from last employers. Address W. B., F Herald oilioe. SALESMEN WANTED-ONE OR TWO MEN AC qualnted w1>h the paint trade, to sell first class colors on commission Liberal arrangements made with first class salesmen. Saxou Color Manufacturing Co., 89 Fulton st. TO DRUGGISTS.?WANTED, A SALESMAN FOR THE cits trade, to take orders by sample. Apply from 10 to 4 to C. Lewis. 188 Fultnu st , first floor. WANTED?BY*A COMPETENT PERSON OF MANY yearx experience ? position in a wholesale Importing or jobbing hoi.xo a* salesman, or haver of white goods or embroideries. Address P. T. M., Harlem Post offioo. COACHMEN AND OARDKNERI. A respectable young man wishes a 8ITCA tfon Id a private family as groom or footman; good city reference. Apply at 767 Washington at., room U. Coachman or oioow.-situation wanted bt a young man just arrived from England; steady and obliging. Call on or address W. B., 109 Greenwich at. (GARDENER WANTED?ON OR BEFORE THE 1ST OF T March; n young. active, unmarried Engliahman. bring ing satisfactory testimonials of character and limes* may liear of employment by addreasiug Merchant, box 3?0i New York Foal office. Gardener and wife, without children, wan'ed. to take charge of a small farm in New Jeraev; muxt understand gardening and the cultii atlon of fruit and ornamental trees. Apply to James Hodge, 17 Uoratlo at. or 35Janost. WANTED?A COMPETENT OARDENER AND FOUR farm laborers; Irishmen preferred. Apple between 10 and 11 o'elcok at McAlcer'* llrery stuhlea, 979 Madison St., to Wm, Lindsay.. WANTF.D-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A com net ort Protestant young mar, who thoronghly understands his business; baa two sears' city reference irom hie li?t place. Cell on or address for two days Robert, Lowden's harness store, 79 Bleeckar st. HELP WANTKD--MALR9. A Tie NTS AND PKPLER8 WANTED?FOR A NEW and useful art'rla required everywhere; profit SOo per cent. Country ugents liberally treated with. FOSTER A CO., 920 Orand St. A GENTS WANTED-TN EVERY CITY AND TOWN. TO sell two articles of gn>' value in every family. e*? mike f A o $1(1 a day. Onll at SIS Fulton it., rn nn Mo 9 Agents wanted-for evep.t city and town In the Union, lo sell ? Patented article; entirely new and wanted in every lumfohnld. Cost. Mi cents. Sale tin tier. *e and pyolim large. Exclusive right to territory granted. 2d ("l?ff si . thir l Coor. Agents wanted to sell a new invention; $100 ?wr cent profit; ready sales: *6 capital; ADAMS A FLINT, 119 Nds-ian st.,tdon. N<- 1. a GENTS WANTED?WITH A CM PITAL OF 99 TO $SP, J\ to sell a new pi tented art'ele. I i oil r *rt? of New York state. Has a rapid sole. Call at 90 rult".i street. WILLIAM ALLEN. Aoents wanted-to canvass this mr and vlcin ty for a splendid large steel engraving, ?ix? 7i,2M. just published. Agen-a will find ready sale and i(!ae profits For terms apnlr at room No. I. second fl(>or, 1x6 Nassau at., New York, to MeOsra. lllg'iy A Co. Agents wanted?to solioit advertisements for the American Pictorial Adreruaing Compnny. office 17< Broad* ay, room No. 7. Liberal oaak commissions given. Agents? wanted-to sell an article pat. ented, wth sell In every kn ; ia, hotel, store. ? ffico, Ac., cut or country. CaB on or address 0. M. isiowu, 76 Bloecter *t> eet. A MAN WANTED-TN A DOWN TOWN TTORK, TO make himself iiaaful, and a man wit* $200 la a good btudneas at J. H. Brown's 63 Fulton at. A FEW RAPID WRITERS, A OEKERVL CLERK, travelling salesman, assistant book reaper and entry clerk wanted I?nmedlalely. 213 Broadway, room 19. Hell furnish, <1 gratia AT 4? BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 9?WANTED. b7>OkT keepers, collectors and clerks, men for Oil Clt?; also men who wrlta fair Hani'a Call v irty. Afmbtant bookkeepers. clerks, salesmen, copyists, porters, all of ivsnects'allltv employ, meat call at 69 Nassau at. room N". 1. Yaeau -tea this day. ALL DESIRING EMPLOYMENT IN ALL DEPART, men is of business c- ll at 61 Chambeis st Deairabto yaoaneies this day. Good paving salaiiiw. SINGLE MAN, THOROUGHLY POSTED ?IN THE retail shoe well reeom. 13 and 1 >o day. WANTF.D?A BOY IN A LAW OFFICE. WHO writes a good hand. A idrers box lie Peat office, in handwriting of applicant at* mg term*. A SINGLE MAN, THOROUGHLY POSTED ?IN THE IX. retail si oa b js'neaa, to go west; most be 'mart, young and well recommended. A pp.;- at 661 Bread Way, between WANTBD-A YOUNG MAN, AS PORTER, IN A light business: must bo a fair renin* i: g -od refer ences required. Addiesa in applicant s own band*- itlnj, i. T. W. A Co., box 190 Hera d office. TIT ANTED?AN ERRAND BOY, AT PIANO ROOMS *T No. 46 Bleeoker St. ___ WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 18 YEARS OP age. to attend la a llqu r stare; no bnr buaincsa : oa* who understand* the mea.iuti l.nslne js and l.vaa with 1 la parents up tuwu preferred. Apply after 10 A. M. at 1*38 Greenwich at. _ WANTED?BETWEEN NOW AND MAT 1. A COL ored man, to take the endiT cbargo jf a rentletr sna arrangements lu the ejuntry; be will oe required to cook breakfast, Ac., and ta' a cce of two rooms, to drive and take charge of a horse end .rafinn; he be able to do what he under akes and he neat in ha ap-yaaranco; a aermanent ar r angmicnt will bt nu?)o. A.idre..s Aah, box Sid Port office. WANTED?A PRACTICAL SUBMARINE DIVIR, TO go south, w lb or wuhoi t pump and crmors; m at un> deratatld Ills busbieaa and lie 'af steady mints. Aa|drtsa J. N., bog tin Hei aid oil so, giving addrea*. __ \itanied-a apply to mil ma. " guire, noi ,er .tut st snd 9d av. _____ WANTED-* smart, nONRSf BOY, ABOUT SI*. tv L'eu yeots of sge. In a wl.a lese e staire, must * i^.le r good hind and wise well recommenced. App y al 47 ana 4g hi1; rebeth ?' . e fter 9 O'oleck. _____ ?\VANTH?-AN A'*I?TANT COOK AND OTgTKE t y o|Ki?fi, ?n "in Kn>l oltop A 7 artef (I ? M., lUc uiliua Qy?l?r i\ j i*. *1 Av **U M il ?*> Tiff? THADR*. A LITIIDGR vrnic AKTHI (GERMAN). AT PBK?* NT A in I.real Britain. w*II tra'll-Sd in til brUMllll of IllkOi graphic lit, Id poase-o ion of gocd certificate.,, is o.oen to an ? "H ;?cm?m in *ny p.irt of the United State*. Ad-Bess and ttieo fi ?n? to be;h oi at bookkeeper's u. <k, N.Y. Herald utUce. ABOl, 17 YkARS ? 'K AGF, WISHER T> I.I'.ARN tb i ctrptnttr or tr .do. Apply at or address coi ner of North Pin and Prospect -.trcets Jers?y City. BMl'tAVRH WANTED?TO WORK IX IVORY AND l**rl; mint come well recoatme rec lui.ieajed. Apply at 371 Broadway up .itairs. rpsoRAVRji and on jewelry AJ want it situation; no objection i _ ibiooilj.i to go la the country. Ad Ires, li p.. Herald ofilce. "CI NOR AVER WANTED.?SEVERAL OOOD WORKMEN W o*n and steady employment by applying to tl.e Meri den Brlt-mula Company, 199 Broadway, between the hour* ot 11 uinl 1, Feb. 19 an,I ?i. PILE CUTTERS WANTKD.-WAOIW 75 PER CENT ON 1 She'Neld statement. ala - a good former and hardener. None but lirat rale. sober, alpady iir.ud* need apply. Ad dress Re- A Heat, Philadelphia Kile Works, I6U1 at., above Widow, I'hILtd. Iphla. J^OCKSMIIH WANTED. - 3*. A D. FA Also a sllverplater ot LIHBK S 7S1 Third l 10 STON PAINTERS.?A GOOD LBTTERER WANTED by the weak; steady employment will be riven. C MO.N KB, (99 Broadway. r PRINTERS.?A TOWNC. MAN WHO HAS SOME knowledge of cylinder at-.d Gordon presses wants a situ ation. Add rive J 1".. cure Mrs. Miller, 74 I 'Ivor at WANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE MANU fanture oT at raw and fancy brsld bonnet*. Mutt be thoroughly competent to take entire charge at the manufac turing. A.ldi-ea., Htr.iw Goods, Herald ofOw. HrANTED?A FIRST CLASS CUTTER: MUST BE A i . J? general cutter and good salesman; liberal s-lary. Addreaa Edward P. Korly, {Lt Oheataut at. Pbila dt-iohla. WANTED?ONE OOOD FOROBMAN ON BLOOMS; AL *o ..iie good boater,-and aorae men for boxing and fag gothig fact-Hp. Apply at iron woraal foot of Weal 5ikl at ourth rtver. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED ENGINEER AND machinist. to take otmrge of a boiler, repair pipe*, cos futures and brils. None need anplv without lioonse and good reference* as to cuatacter and ability. Inquire at M tnsion llouae, Ulcka at, Hrooklyu. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, TO LEARN THE PHOTO grapble huainei-a; inuat come well recommended, at Smith's gallery. SS6 3d a v. \\! ANTED?PRINTERS (TWO-THIRDEK8); A SMART Ti boy who can type: one who has had aome expe rience In joboing preferred. Apply at 80 Yeaey ot WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS PRESSMAN TO TAKB W charge srgeot a job press room; must understand plain and?? lored work thoroughly. Apply to Charles C. SlieUey, Steam Job Primer. 88 Barclay at. PROPOSALS. Builders.-sealed proposals invited for Story lb 1x5.) on Boiling Spring Hotel, New Jeraey. Plans and spei-uicatlons seen on premises until Wednesday, 13th; from 13lii to 20th at ofllceof Moore A Brown, 31 Nassau street CROTOK AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT.?TO CONTRACT ors.?Separate aeaied prop< sal*. each endorsed with the name of the hiddci, date of offering and title of work, will he recetved nt this ofittoe until 11 o'clock A. M. of Friday, March 1, 1887, for the construction ol the following suu.e block pavements and sewers, to wit:?Pavements in Canal street from Broadway to West street; Fifty-ninth street, from Filth to Eighth avenue; Fifty-ninth street, from Eighth to Tenth avenue; Vestry street, from Canst to Greenwich street; Fifty-thlrd street, lrom Sixth to Seventh avenue; Pine street, from Pe..rl to Front street: Pine ?treat, from Front to South street; Front street, lrom Wall street to Old altp; William street, from Bearer to Pearl street; Fitliet'i street, from Seventh to Ninth avenue, and Thirtieth street, from First to Hfih aveuue; nnd for the construction of sewers an follows:? iio. 1.?Outlet aewer lu Thirty third street and Flrat ave nue. with branches In Thirty-flrat and Thirty-second at.eels and First avenue. No. A?Sewers In Laurens street, between Canal and Broome streets, with branches In Grand street. No. 3.?Sewers in York street, between West Broadway and St. John's lane; in Church and Elm streets, between Wh te end Walker str i-; In White street, between Cort lundt alley and Elm street, and between Centre nnd Baxter streets. No. 4.?Sewers between Fifty-flrst and Fifty-sixth streets and between Ninth avet.ue end ItudRon river. No. 5.?Sewerr in Houston street, between Thompson and Laurens; In Commerco slid Barrow streets, between Bleecker and Hudson; in Leroy street, between Bedford street and St. Luke's place; In Cornelia street, between Bleeckerand Fourth streets; in Hudson and Greenwich streets, between West Tenth apd Hammond streets; lu Blecckar street, be tween Hammond and Bank streets. No d.?Sewer in Lewis street, between Broome and Stan ton stroets. No. 7 ? Sewers In Forty-seventh and Forty nlnth streets between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, with branches in Eleventh avenue No. e.?Receiving basin and culverts at the northwest cormr of First avenue ytnd Foriy-llfth street; at the northwest corner Eighth avenue and Flftv-fourth street; southeast corner Broadwar and Fifty-ninth street; north wost corner Seventh avenue and Thirty-second street and southeast corner F.lghth avenue and Tbirtv-second street. The plans m-ijr be seen, end specifications and forme of bids obtained on application at this ofUoe. THOMAS STEPHEN'S,) Croton RUST. L. DAltRAGU, \ Aqueduct A. W. CRAVEN, ) Board. ?ir, ias? Ksw Yoke, February 15,1887 OFFICE OF TUB HOUSTON OAS I.IOIIT COMPANY, Hops?*, Texan, Feb. 4, 1807. Sealed proposals will be wived until tbe 12th day of March, 1Mb?, for the construction of a dan Work* for the city or Houston. Texas, capable of *u; plying tllty thouaand "Hole 1*"" " ? feci of coal gun every twenty-four hours. There will l*? required IX tnilea of 6 Inch pipe for mala*, 2 mile* of 4 Inch pipe for mala*, 2V, telle* of 3 inch pipe for mains. With all the rieceroary homes and fixture* for working a first clam works. The parties will make their proposal* la tbe alternative for one.half oath and one-half in the atock of the coragan^, or all Cash and In duplicate One copy ad <! rested to r. W. Houae, Houston, and on: copy addies*ed to T. W. Houae, care Bpefford. Tl'e*ton A Co., Broadway, New York. For further particular* addreu W. P. Haiublih, Secretary. T. W. HOUSE. President FURHlTIiHE. All the furniture of a three story mod era Iloute in Brooklyn, No. !K6 Livingston street, for Private sale. Splendid rosewood French brocatel Furniture, reoeh 1'aln 1ng? and Brontes, large gill Cornices, reps and brocatel Curtains. nace*. Brucsai* Carpel. Everything coin plate for furnishing a be use, and almost new. AL. BATTBRSON'S storage rooms, FOR FUR . niture, No. ?9ti Sixth avenue, n?_r Fortieth street. N. B.?Large wagon* for removal of furniture la city or coun? try. Furniture boxed and shipped. A magnificent assortment or first class lion* bold furniture ioi tele at half the original oust; superb Parlor Setnvcred brocatel, com $4IKi, f?r $210; one do. $70; rosewood Pianoforte, $601', for $200; Ktagnre*. .secretary, Bookcase, Paintings, Bronze*. Carpet*, Mirror*, Chandelier*, Bureau*.Armidrc a-Olace, Beds;**,]*, Matire?*e?, Extension Table, Buffet, China. (ila??. Mirer ware. The Him** for axle. Inquire 44 Weat Slxtei nth, he tiveen Fifth and Si th aveuues. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE-FOB $275, coat a lieautlfnl Parlor Suit tn French sulln broestel fo' $126. cost $275; one do. for $75; a!*-, * lot ef P in >r and B'.-droo-n Fnrnitnre a', a groat eacr flc , tor cash. Inquire at 119 We*t Eighth airret, Sixth avenue. For sale and immediate possession?the Fur .iiu-e of a brnwa atone house, in tbe be*t toHfita; well lasted for furuithed mums: nxw dole * a good bnal ne??; lb rooms, beadle* a large store and ba*?m? at: water altthriugh; li will bodtapo ed of to a responsible psrtv only, and the bouse wtlU>e leased for a term or years, if do. sired. Inquire at L'OIWSTONE'S, 677 Sixth ?venue. ?.>r. n rThirty-ninth street. PAYMENTS RECEIVER BY WEEKLY OR MONTHLY Instalment* for Furniture of every deeerlpt'en. Carpets, Oilcloths, Parlor end Irunm Suit-, llano-, itrlding, at BKXDALL A 9COT1V, corner of Canal ami iju tsou ate. MKL'ltAI,. A LWATS SURE.?A FAT1BNT WRITR8:?"1 SPENT J\ f-40 lor drag*. All failed. Electricity ;-el!ev< d me In ten* without pain or ?i; wnre ' A private Imter, wi rth fortv books, glvaii away: wr.le for it and save health and money. Dr. and Madame DUBOIS, 38 Third i Advice to married ladies.-madams res. TKLL'S Infallble French Female Pllia; No. 1, prow $1, or No. X price 15. which can never fall; tare and healthy. Ofiiie 94 Wnt Thlrty.fourlh street, near Sixth svexue. Sent by mall. Address box 2,380. Also sold at druggist'*, 152 Oreenwish street ABLF.8R1NO TO LADIKH.-A LADY WRITES;?POR. tugucse Fetr ile Fill* relieved me in me d y, without inconveirenoo, like magic Price $A. Dr. A M. MAURI CKAL". ofiice 129 Liberty street, or sent by mall. AM. MAURTCKAU. M. P.. FROFEKHO 10FMIDW1P3 . ry, thirty rears' traetio*, at 129 Liberty street Guar ' nutee certain tnlef to ladies, from whatever nause. A GREAT AND SURE REMEDY FOR ladip.s.?the Portuguese Ksma>e Plila always give immediate relief fe nrloe $$. Hewer# of im-tatora who oopy mv odeerUse meats to veil poisonous cuinoounds as 'Feniale I'll*.'' an I 'Kt tracts" I>r. A. M. MaUKICEAU, l? Liberty street A-MADAME OKINDLE, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, NO , 6 Amity pie e, can be consulted on all female com. plaints. Pleasant rooms tor ladies whs desire good nursing njitl n,*d' 'al Att?9D(imnc<i. ? LL LADIBB WHO NEED SPECIAL MEDIC \L OR aural, al treatment should consult CHARLES 1 LTZH. . D., **? Broadway, who has had twenty years' snccesaiitl " f In prs-tlca, and guarantees Immediate rtlief in all caso* with out pain or exposure. Consultation free. (NONFJDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS.?DR. R. COR J BEIT member of 14. Y. U. Mad'oal Collrge ami R. O. Rurgvona, London, can be consulted ns nst .1 on certain dle e mm, Office 20 Gentre at .vet, near Chaubsra. N B.? No lne unless cured. DR. COOPER, 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON. eulted on c# ain diseases. Thirty tern years evpeekenoo hmtuui. ie sp -dy cures or no charge made. DR. FUVTKR CAN CUKE WORST CASES OF CER. f ? XJ tain disease*, without mercury, tn shorter tune than any cfihcr physician, or n >pay taktn. No. S Division street aiaoe DR. LEWIS I1A8 NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTII or o lios In tie city. 11? can be eonsu if 1 on v at tbe old Medical Institute. No. 7 .'leach *tre< t. Ktndtoh.d 1640. DR. POWERS,' ELIXIR IS THE INVIGORATING mbd knne long sought lor, never before fo nd. The only remedy. Office 196 Sim airret. Ladies, use dr. durajfts, celebrated ri m. edits, which g,ve saMefr Hon In srery case. llurdiedi have been relieved without ,n Instance of failure. OBn No. / Ilea ii street Madame Wallace, prdfbssob or mowiYERY, (lb yean' praeUse). and Electrician ?Khdumalisiii a id Bp nai Cirrsture troiled sneer ssfully Can be seen at 26 Stmt,. Sixth vrreet, Br ahlyn, t. D. H' urn from s to '1 A. M., and frrw, 6 to 9 p. M in New Folk, at ?1 West Houston Streq., trom 1 to 5 P. M. Term*modette. MBS- HROWf.'S MErAniYSIOALDISCOYERY 18 .'fyniv per eel < art for Direated Kyo*. Pn? $6. Of five M I*,, d ,t-eel. JH'R.UOXB NIFHING OOKFtri.NT'AL MEDICAL treatm-ni ?h ild consult Dr. HARRIeON, 61 Sixth ^enue; t iee wuu emirs eatiilaeUon. Consultation aU aura. FOR SAIiB. ,ir k Ifil'-T CLASS RtKKKY AMD ICR I'ttF.AM ffjr A " ? for sale. To be .old wiUi ell the Future.. m Eultou .truec, Brooklyn. ___ vi RnT CLASS CIO Alt AND TOBACCO STORK FOB dc?Zf?largebusmen; will .HI half int. net. A r.,,?ce at MITCHELL d Store A n Cedar ?lrect. TTiCK WELL PITTED UP RESTAURANT, DOINO .V nood builneee, lung, for e.le eh up, on account af iicku. a? Apply frun^H t" - at ** Liberty street. room Ml "7 ~nR CALR CHEAP. RESTAURANT. LIQUOR A.Tnd LurtA Hnom. Billiard Saloons, BowIHb *sl???2 Bu ?er aud Choo-e M Confectionery, coruor Liquor ^ ^ c^utreM. Cll aXOE FOR A BI-8INENS MAN TO PUB chase a Meat, Poultry and Vegetable Market, oa wart ?m. with Horse and R igon. no* don g a B>od business. * ' WUU "0IIM! BR' n N i HOLPkN. 1218 B_r-a.lw^._ a WFITa LOC\TRf> CORNER LIQUOR STORK, LI A JSXd. *ndlongof whole bout*, w,U far u down towu holder hoard in e, very cheap nw, f??r biiIf di l ureal aacrl5?^e If HOld this d*y. tale *l L gltt" ;f. 0 iQLKY. 27 New E h%mhen* at reel. _TUK LKABK, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN . Oveter Saloon, doing a cood hualnesa, for eale; good reason, given for selling. Apply at Ml ltowery, A CONFECTIONERY, SALOON. STOKE, STOCK, "J A turea and Furniture west side Btehtii rent MO: price of all $830. Ai ply to THOMAs SCaNLAN. 7* Eighth avipnc, _ . up if FISH VROETABLE AND BUTTER MAR ' A ke't, corner Store and daremnnh lce H" ^tur**1 | Furniture, tsBn? r*w\Y 9TORE LEASE FOR 8ALF?IN ONI B nl thfvVrr iTl^U or suitable for a bank, kD?? eMeoompMiy or an iher business. Inquire at 4D Bread way, 0Q8 door below Oaual street. ____________ well kuown Sample Room and Segar Store ?*> Broea J Business good nnd steadily increasing. tpOR HALE?THE SLOOP JOHN ^ *"2 r month's old. 25 ton* ca winter's measurement. Menu? in.,..ire of O. D. f35F* CO., on oyner boatMfc^ foot of Wkst Tenth street, N. B.. where the said aloop can ?? seen. fT>OR SALE-LEASE, STOCK AND ?I J4 one of the best 'ocated dry and fancy ?^?%3 the city of Newburg, M. Y. For particulars address box 3W Newburg Post oifioe. ? ? For SAijt?TnE ooon will and bt?ck of aj? old established book and stationery store on Broadway, work and boihI par for at leaat three young men of energy and intelligence; the proprietor retiring lrora bust required (lO.UUO. Adddress thU week, with real name and. address. Omega, box 101 He rati office. i7toR~balk-tuFleIbf. fixturesand ooo^ r wiu of a first class Dlnmg Room and Bar, betweew Broadway and Nassau street. Apply at 72 Naaaau sttse, rooms 10 and II. . THOR^ALK?LE ARE AND WXTURKS OF *8 OAKAt Ju street, corner of Broadway, with or^wlihout Mook. fPOR8ALB.-A STOCK OF FURNISHING AND FANOT f G'Kidg for milo chnap, and large Sb?re and Basement.t? rent on r...isonable terms In a good business locution, 1.3 Fulton aveuue. Brooklyn. FOR SALE-COAL YARD, NOW DOING A LARGB business; Lease, Futures. Horses, Cur's, Ac., foe cash. Address Dealer, station F, New York city. ^ Trinit KU.F.-THE nUCUKNOT MINERAL SPBINO F lintel. ? completely furnished botel. pleasunt y lneivM^, Bond r <ads ar.d drives, four miles north of Port dernm Orange oounty. N. Y., on the Erie Railway. Apply to ROB A WILSON, 200 Y rick street. *-,no SALE?A FANCY AND DRV GOODS 8TOR^ wilt-Fixtures, and cheap Lease, of a whole house; and of th^t burtSMaoe. in the city for 'JO for selling, owner wants to go to the countrj on [loeonnt of heulth. Inquire at fial Greenwich street, near Spriug atreed Market. FOR balk?THE OLD HOMESTEAD, *? EIGHTH avenue kept bv tlie preseut proprietor over thlrtddM years? Cause of selling, fatUf U^th. Apply as aborp. ?nin PAIR?A GROCERY ST >RE. WITH STOCK AND ^ FixturS, and anartmenls tc , ire; rent reaaonahle Id quire af82?Heoond avenue, between Forty-fourth and Par ty-11 fib streets - x-vtiR HALE NEW AND SECOND HAND DRUG DRAW" F?er Sbow C.^ Offloe Ratlings. Tables, Sash Doors, *^; also s'ejvlnf and^ moved, and stores refitted. Aopjy to J AMES HOIXSH, 35 Jane street, ouc door west of B^ghtn avenueo For sale?one of TnE best wholesale and ??UU Ale and Wine VaulU on Bros lwar or win Uta. partner: sickness la the o*itse of making this offer. Apply toWM. VAN WAQEXEN. ?72 Sixth avenue. TTIOR 8ALB-AN OLD ESTABLISHED CORN RR 0?C^ J eery Store, on the Bowery, ^Ith lease, for esleotsMS count of death of the ownar. Inquire at No. 4 West Forty third street. - ? TriflR BALE?TnE CUBAN CIGAR STORE. _STOCK, F ^turi and l^ase, No. 4W Canal ?treel flwe dojjl from Hudaon, tho own^r baring to learo for California The flitaret are gulled for atiy kind of buiineaa- ,, CIOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FfXTUP.RS OP A OMk r eery Store and four years' Lease, tu?ethnr wltt ? Horse and Wagon; all will be sold at.a woflftce. Apply at 267 East Fourteenth street, from 111 to 4 P. in. TTIOR 8ALE?A FIRST CLASS LADIES' UNDEROA1J r ment and Fancy Store. Inquire at an WAMBsa, UK Eighth avenue. For bale?a neat milk and obocert S79a in a good neighborhood; the rcaaon for soilingIstbg owner is roIdi into the wholesale cheese bttsiness. AppIS t^GEOROF AXiAM. 138 First .venue, Teuth atroets. ho agenU need apnly. FOR SALE CHEAP?A HAND MANGLE, HsM make as good as now. Sold for want of wa Ingudrw ot 331 East Fi/ty-thlrd street, between First and 8eeond am U>OR SALE CHEAP?THE r\XTV^9firA.Wn^k T established oorner Oyster and Dunking Saloon, iaU# bast location on Eighth arenue; low rent. A|W ? THOMAS OAFFNFY. Auctioneer, Eighth avenue. {Ty0R SALE VERY CHEAP-FOUR FIRST RAW r Counters with black walnut Dps, for tailor a or dry goods stores, at W7 Greenwich street. { tTkaSR STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY j L Store for w.l??Stock i-on-l-.tlng of Pars *>U and fug, Good.; bii-lnc. i well established; rent low- AiPP'j?**"* uremines, 861 Brosrtway, near Scven'eeuth street, weet atam Proprietor going Into tue manufactn''ng bustnee*. T IQUOR STORE, FIRST CLASrl, IN OOOD BUSINRS? | j neighborhood, for sake; license paid. Apply to..F. PAYTKN, 96 Dlvlalon sheet. XTO KXCISR LAW.?FOR SALE HPTBL AND ^A. JN vorito ro?s>rt, eitucted on tht IIudium, ?'tb Urtr ?md eommodloue imll mom sud ?ummerhou^; for excuiwlonw ulcnli s end targr l nompaules; good 'tables and shtwle at. Wtch-'d; all In good order; boats land at the d~>r every hour In th s day. Fo' p-irtlculare apply to JOHN McLOUOULlM, East River Motet, 14 Bast street, near Broome. CODA WATER FOUNTAIN FOR 8ALB CHE fer's patent, for eight tyfupa. Apply at 414 Third avano^ corner of Thirty Irst .iroet, THE BTOOK AND FIXTURES OF A SHOE STORE for sale, end .tore to leuse. Apply at 1^87 Fulton atrm nuo, near Huntar street. Brooklyn- . TfikIitock and fixtures or a wmn. kstad d Paper Hanylof and Window Shade Store for eale cheap, pr prliioraoiug to the eouiitry. Houie and amre te b t or iwxe 5*6 Ninth arenue. bet wee a Tweuty-aaveuth and 1 wentyelghth atrecie. THP F.NT'RK STOCK OF DRT GOODS at 147 RPRIK4 street for eale to one purchaser; for ?a?(m^MBTr F MACHINERY. Fob sale?hnoink and mho, and eighteen [<on>DK. with Jucqusrd Meclilnes, Winding M .chlos. end everything complete for weaving ribbon*, tape* and sua pender*; ad In good running urder. Also the r,ei*<-of ifci Kactorv, In Brooklyn, B. D. Inquire of ALLEN A JOLI SON. I'M Nmo street, New Voik. OR SALE?A STEAM F.NOINB, WITH 16S IHOt _ cylinder. 4 feet stroke, sr'tt. band Br wheel, 12 feet dl ameler Mid 14 tueh face, turned and balanced, with Porta governor. Also thine Boilers, each 40 fret long ami SI las diameter, with cross holler 10 feet long by 4 feci dinmetar Can be seen in perfect mrutna order on Application to MARTIN A CO., MBioadway, New Fork. For sale-a tonctting and grooving ma chine, mad* by M. R. Tide, ilonhle; also Saw TaWi Shafting and Pulleys; at 111 aiker street. For balk, a bargain-two labor tubcla Bot'.crs and F.nqlnea, 40 and M horae, three of *?, Ul aa 8 bono, will lie sold low. WM. McKKNSIK, 81 Park strand, Ptra P data HATTER:*?THE EXCELSIOR BERING MACHINE are always en band at the Raw York machine shop,! Centre street. ?WcKINLEY A SMACK, CLINTON IRON POtTNDRRi 1VJ KB nod 804 Water street, and 28J and MI Cherry strea hare on hand a large seWUon of Pulley and Mvldnery Pe alto Column*, fltrdfcr* *nd Wind***#*. -Unf ? !<?*? and dry ?.*nd Castings made at shortest notice and on re eonahle term1-. ORTABLB AND STATIONARY BTF.AM RNOIN! AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR BaW ,V1LL The beet and moat rompleta in use. CMMM sent ou Application, f WOOD A MANN STEAM FNOINE COMPANY1. rtler. 1N. T., and M Maiden lane. New York. STRAM ENOINKf.?HAVING INC.'.EASED PAOTl ties we sen tteUrar ft, 10. Ik, i? Horae Power, pertahle stationary, piompthr; any alaa to 1,1.00 horse at short nottr Our engine* save 80 rercenl In apaea, weight, frl lion a parts orar the teat. For ctnnlar address The Hick. Kagt Company, 8b Lloerty street. New Tork. COAL. -WOOD. AC? RSDVOBD CASH BATES I AM DELTVERTN the best JO.- lily of Red Ash and I.ocas' Mountain Co THUS. TBEDPORI), Twenty-seventh el. and Ninth av Best red ash and lemioh coal, rw rt' tan. Large Nnt $1 Til OB. EToKBS, corner fhlri *< iwind street and Tenth avenue. Branch oSlce 278 Foul ar rune. WOOD?WOOD.?OOOD PINE, $8 80 TO ?4~P load. Superior O ik, $3 80, A liberal discount kit to bakers and other* purchasing by the onrd; delivered f of car tags. Yard OM, 484 and nfiti Second avenue, nest T* iv-slttu street. ENOW A Of Qi'X A Chaldron for cokl-d^livkri tjpij AlVf immediately. Applr st nir c?ke olhce at New York Use Works, Twenty-first street and srenue A, / s. p. bherwoiTN ?l?pHB'ISlE?r ~~ a ?BCRNHAM'B FURNITURE FX rRKS^-F a' -/V. lie* moved, olty or a<.untry, Ptanorortea, Furnitt boyed Sid shipped Furniture storage Cesh adi?n< utnoe lie Wast hlereuvh, iH.weea fif th sot Math hit