Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK. HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,130. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. IAL. Brooklyn-if THB LADY riOH BROOALTNWHO bad an appointment with a mbUmm* on Broadway Saturday. or ir stormy on Monday, will litm a seta to the undersigned appofotlag an Into maw, will bo faithfully steaded to. I1ABBT, boa W? Herald WBoa. CH (IDMDAT), ELEVENTH STBBBT, 4 P. M.; if stormy. Intnimit day. A. Q. f^'VlVP *AyBOR, "> YEARS or A OB. A NAT1Y8 vJ of this r.ty, a seaman, wants to bad bin kath. r, whom V. V4.?"4 etacca mild. jny laformatton wliioh wi I tU 11 f'b ?,' ^ to 40 Caib irtuo street, M. Y. fori't Weeding Room; will ao thankfully received aa My T?tb"r wiM bod It to hia adtanugo to awt with bin eon. B-AM GOING TO PHILADELPHIA, PROBABLY TO ? Baltimore. Will a* yon same hoar on Yburedaj in road ot Wednesday. L'LIRT."?SEND ADDRESS TO la L. O, BOX 1U0 ? , Herald oAce. ao thai be stay answer you. You gave 00 add it a*. HAil.'TE L N*N?YOUR MldsTHl* CAM RB REME ? ^ died at p/oeeut'rrry easily. Write me In eonildence and 1 wUI arraug* it. "Truth," Herald ofllce. r MARTHA HOWARD, LATE OK UUDSOV, N. Y., will <m11 at 190 Srotmd avenue aa toon aa posalb'.e, aha " hear of eoiaethlny to bor advantage. S E RS. E. C. WI1ITT2 WILL PLEASE SEND HTfR AD drees to her lady fr end who eaute with her liout the Address J. 9., Herald ofllce. PH. M.?THERE ARE THREE LETTERS FOR TOD ? at the station. H. L. Robbie t.-iam about to leave the city and wish to see you. MARION E. SEMPER-l MOST SEE YOD SOME TIME THIS WEEK. Write me. OI'ITKR-THRRK 18 A LETTER IN STATION A. D. A? Hie Or. ns bixttt armiur. Kerr no poreon. A ? ? ? ? ST STEPHEN'S. SUEDAT AFTERNOON.?SAT IN TUB ??mo pew end followed lady h<uue. Oraut interview. Audn-es a. B. C. Johnston, station I>. Tmf;. tw?v yooho ladies dressed in black, i jllowed by two gentlemen down Fifth areuue to Thlr 'V?84 4nd '"'her, would confer a great faror by nLowlng tbem a meeting. Addroea H. P., Heiwld ofllce. TV ,LL ,MJBS B?A Qssesej} 0B MRS. B. L??N, FOR - ?f *?- 5A""l p***e. please send address to W. Ts K endall, itation A, or answer taroogh Personals. 3 tT?. cASj *onday mornino-lady in !'t bl48k ?Uh. mink's head muff, tippet and long curt. If S^ '/ tl"! gentlemen who sat at ner side and got oat ?>*inBPoSofffce. 10 ** pr*Mn4*L Address Hope, MATRIMONIAL. AN ELIGIBLE OBNTLBMAirSriSHM^TOr^CORRB ipond with a young lady, with a view to matrimony, nulress Hugh MazweU, bos 1^00 Post ofllca, N. Y. LOST.?ON SUNDAY MORNING. PROM 21 , ' North Moore street, a small light colored Sky* Terrier Dog; anawert to the name of Pink. A reward of $6 will be paid for bis return to the above address. D?? LOST-ON SUNDAY, A PAWN COLORED . ii"7h,ound- l41*8 *?d heavily built. Liberal reward gld_r? "fenR4***" hl?. whereabouts. Answer* to uwrMenw ?? Notify cigar store 88 Bleecker street. rtUND?ON THB NTH INST., IN FULTON STNBBT, 4 pogkotboofc containing a small stun of money soi ?* popers, which the owner ean have by proving property ? QST?ON SATURDAY EVENING, GOING THROUGH 1*. jwehtf_eaeuji airaegaad Sixth avenue to the French 4,ln.K oooar. Tbaflnder win he liberally reward 1 on leaving the aaae at lq West Tewtr-wcoajitiwl '-ON MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 18, TWO SZSS&iyZSJ1? V2Ef*P" BTRBET sas5gE?sr???* SQUIBB A CO., Hfl Washington etreet TOW-^N SATURDAY KTENIKO. BETWEEN 7 AND a bra '^awasJSSi fourth .treet yd no questions asked, aa It le the int ? #10 REWARD?LOST, FEB. IS "< THE , in the waiting room at Cortlawtt etreet ferr '? ?Aicto4WfI5l*|h'ngreoeir? books for O ?.vdolnll, or novalitA toauvoa* hut the ovu,r, .. OHtefoeberg Company, UNWilUam etreet, N. Y. _ ~ RKWAKPg. fc/t RP-WARD- IvOaT ON StNDAYf AFTRBNOON. A "T'' Odd Brncclet, heert pattern, coming from l orty-elxth street, Broadway, ; Uirough Eighth avenue to Eighteenth ??lK: 3*/i RByAHPi-LOST. ON THB AFTBRBOON OF THB y*' UW o* forenoon of the lttb, a leather Pooketbook. OMlalnlng notes and papers of n* veins to sny one except the ewoer, with the n.rae of J. H. Taylor. Rtamford, Ct.. wrtftefi inside. Whoever will return the same to 119 Broad. WSy, room IS to J. D. Bowers, will receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. (in RRWARD?LOST-A MORTOAGB AND AS ?IV slgnment thereof ea premise* No. 10 Read* street; the shove reward will be paid to the Under by returning the ?ametO|TBOMA8 MORRELL, Jefferson Insurance Ce.,90 COft REWARD OFFERBD FOR A GENTLEMAN'S enamelled Diamond Breastpin, lost February 13. Ingntre at St sad At Park place. MoC'OT. RRWARD WILL BB PAID ON THE RETURN of a black and tan Slut, lost on Thursday, tho 14th Had on a ebain cellar with owner's name. GRP. 4. MBBWIN, Ml Washington street. $25 tut. I ftoe RBWARD?LOST OR 8TOLBN, AT COOPBR Jeitl Institute, Saturday evening. Poekothook. ooniain. MNaeumofmo^' If retoraed to & Irving pEteo, no que*. mooej. Mk?i VWiUty of Ksrand IhngerRlnge; also seven Opera Glasses araoui soTipfla. tyjs: ALL F1R90NS ARB hereby NOTIFIBD not to SOU any goodsoa evedit te ar reeelve the aeteo of tho i of R. B. OonkUn A ( o., without my ronmnt. - vs.. a . . R?B- CONKLIN, 1M Pultou Market. ? Dated PvaaoAitT I. UN7. INFORMATION WANTED?DP FBANCI3 BPRNABD A and Joseph Relivr, sona of Bernard Rellsy. oart oirusr, Ltverpoc.. Addre*a box tt4 New Yjrk P0.1 o.xc ?. TOHH MoQUADR, WHO BNU3TRD IN THB FIFTT ?l third New York Volunteers In 1994. will learn some thing to lile advantage by calling at Tbt F jhon street. EB.-A PUBLIC MRBTINO OF TUB McBALB CIR > cle will b* geld at J*T Buwary, on Tuaadny evening, Inat, at 'H o'clock, io aid Ireland. _ _ ~JAJ?B McMAUON. Castro. Jan* fijuouom, Recording Secretary. XTATIONAL BOARD or F1RR UNDERWRITER*.? Xl The Committee of Reception I mm the Now York Board of fire In?nr*uce Companies would reeneet ell deto nate* to the Convention of tke National Hoard m Fire Under witter* lo be held on the RMh Indent, to eel! el the room* of the Row York Board. No. IM Bm* lw?*. room No. U, nnd ajgjj^tbalr name, end addrew eon. HFNRT A. OAKI.FY, freivk a. conk 11 Vn, LINDLKY MURRAY. marccs F nynr.Ks, CARLISLE NOIDVnw.V Con: mill"* of New York Board of In*. Companle*. Maw Yon*. Fgb. It, 1H'57. rTHK JOURNEYMEN BOOKMAKERS OF THE H United Suite*.?Your fellow workmen of Ran Fr*ncl?<o tre now 011 ? etrike. He not deceived hjr lel*r advert I ?# tneni*. a* the manufacturer* are trying to redue* our already TIIK LRCTIRE SEA?0*. nil. UEBDARD IN CLINTON HALL.?PECULIAR AJ and Important Lreturaa. Parlor aud Kitchen Woman. Food *nd Drink. Bow to be Fat. How to bo Lean. Hon to form Munelao, Brain. Nervee. Rone. Ac. How to be worm. How to keep pool. Relailve value of *11 kind* of food, what we ahonld and ahonld not drtuk. Pork eating, tobacco okaying, Ac. Hon. james t. bradT win deliver a . 'LBCTURB WRDNRRDAT EVENING, FEB. go, AT ? 0 CLOCK. ..0UR PROPLR." In lb* Reformed Dutch church in Waal Tw?nty-flr*t atraal. dkdof nlcth avenue (Rev. Dr. A. R. Thorn pion'aj. Admlaeton 60 cent*, Tlekel* for aafo afO. Sorlhnar A Oo.'a, 6M R> oadway, agd at th* door. AT street. birds. re 0ALB-A NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, SIX MONTHS old. Inquire at No. 6 First muiw, rear bouse," MAfli * F?i.^gJgA'5gg^^g0M^K-.''a;. ...i......??&,...?? Fhbancis butler, Ma a feck sup. has all the i holoe breeds of Dogs. Butler's lsfa llble Mange Cure end rju Rjtrnetnetoi- 75 cents. Butler e new work on the Do*, ft Dogs trained, bearded, Ac. Medicines for yOHM CI RAT, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR eele a pe'r of Newfoundland Doss. black und tan Sco'ch end Skye Terriers- good ratters. Pair of small black and tan Don*, very handsome. JUST IMPORTED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP 0A narles and other German Singing Birds, of the first qual ity. Also two of the largest Lion* Pun-nt mocking birds' reed. A. C. BRANDRS, in William street. ?EACOCKH AND PEA HENS POM BALE, .BY R- M. ALLEN A CO., Ut Water street SLOOP TAOHT ETA POR SALE.-SHE 18 U TONS, completely fitted oat la every respect; built last spring, and le acknowledged THE VASTEST YACHT IN AMERICA, and will be sold at much less thsneoat. Ad dress G. L. Lortllard, 18 and It Chambers street SPORT.?FOB SALE. A NEW PRUSSIAN NEEDLE Rifle, with 7.000 Charges, Ballets, Moulds, Ac. Apply to AUG. OELKER.fl KJvlugton street, near Chrystte street. HOUSES. CARRIAGES. AC. A-SPKRDI-J. L. VANDEWATKB, AUCTIONEER, . 100 Liberty street, will sell this day, at II M., the - j itrMt, VII tell thia dijt m 11 *.# nelehraied Horse, ROCKET. UH hands, 9 years; has trot ck in 2:31, registered; will travel In co ted on Union track in 2:H, re glstered; will travel In eondl tto i any day In 2:36: perfectly gentle, sound end kind. Shifting leather top Buggy, city made, oost last spring $476; also set black mounted Harness, Blankets, Whips, Robes, Ac. . _ ,. Tno property of a private gentleman going abroad. Sold without reeer A?SPEED AT AUCriON.?BROWN HAM BLETON (AN . trotting Mare, 16X hands, 7 years old. Decidedly handsome; shows fine breeding; fine driver; without spot or blemish. Can trot clone to 9:46. Sold by order of Administrators. Warranted sound, kind and as represented. street, L, . .. . Auctioneer. A?WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION. THIS DAT, AT IS . M? at VANDEWATBB'S Bazaar, 100 Liberty.street, the oelebiated Dorse Bey Dlek, 16>4 hands 8 years old; very handsome; stylleh and gonlla; can be driven by a lady; not afraid of locomotives An unexceptionable hone in eveiy particular. Can trot In 2:47 er 3:48. Sold on account of ill health of the owner. Warranted kind and sound. A REGISTER OP HORSES AND CARRIAQBS. AT A private sale, la kept by MINER A SOMERVTLLE, at 37 Nassau street. All persona wishing to buy. sell or ex change H ones or Carriages, should have their property, or the artioles desired registered as above. ? AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, I Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at S7 Nasaan street, every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A STOCK OP 000 CARRIAGES AND HABNE88, RE. duoed 26 per eent Ism than Broadway aloree, to make riWm for spring stock. HAM*B, 10 East Fourth street, eornar Broadway. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND HAR nese, all styles and very low prices; several Concord Buggies, light Bxpres* Wagons. Ac. JNO.M.TUFT8, Jr., 47 Cedar street. IssTiB l**P|WB?53^^gl A NUMBER or FINK BUSINESS WAGONS. SfTCH aa trow'^lwr'i. plunber'a, butcher**, milk depot and nMr?eUr?Uf|iul'n?.fyir t?<K**' *nd InWta Um attention or deelera. Wo Broadway erpanaea or profile. awss^says wssSHjrft ??'%'? ? ~ *?*- - ? .?^d ?1:^25SAJ BA52A15?; *?*8ALE cnuAr (i?.i ^ii??7^!"' *?l5l?d: 800 Mfl* Carriage*, uraat reduction tupricea: 1,0? aeia of Haruaar * C. WITTY 8 wararooma, 888 Broadway, near Bleecker atraei, CijKfs. asjiafc;i?s js jkss jasti way'e^S^S"i9)V*sJllD,toa ,,?aw?- Apply at 88 Broad SygeqiSigiaBBg AND gTABLE.?A CLOSE PANNBL COACH ii ??wi4* rSfissiitre^rst' ?"??????? Wagon Mannlhrtory. 17 Third aranua, na^SSuath^SS" cwsESbs&as?'~ ?ite* F?* ? ALf?A, bobkbl MARK, BIGHT TRAM* or,D 18 hand* high; aoun l and kind: can trot la |3 will pa aold cheap. Inquire at 180 Kaat forty-aaeond iSu T tween gecoadaadThlrd arenuea "oonaetreat, ha 1710 R PALP-A FINK r from beet atock In-., blamlah, and raty raal. Will the owner la going to Europe. meal pOR SALE?TEAM BROWN HOMER. 18* BAND* J~ ~ 8r? yaara old, kind, sound atyliah end handiKane. witii ?** '??; aold low or^T; learn, at atl Beranth arenua, near Forty aaoond aWoet r" HOMBR. JU9T FROM THE COClfTRT. aSP.Af?.8 i"*7.#,d- 14 to II haada high. Prtcw '"*? ?* W I'Tk No. 8 Lanroaa atreoi. POR 'ALM-A LOOAN MARE, WAGON ANI> HArT wnft':;rrrly D"7._f,n *? ???"" mile's *ubio, mm toanlh street. near Birth aronne. from t to 8 P. MT F?5>u?d aU7atJV,AId' T?AJF! oooi> WORKBRH, F?l1.8^ LIGHT ROAD WAOON, SHIFT. Iao MtwN&fE? ,0?4"J?n. Alao a act of lljht harncw, TVsutjr aa'rentlTit realn Hogd" A?""y at M "d " G?mm ll"L_rHO,;ynTT_ A_T p?^ate rale - Collaro.SB ?nd saeond hand Harney Saddles, PhQilpfrafY.. *?* 0*5w?fheaoLTmhu HARNESS FOB BALK CIIEAP. _ ^ "? *old to-day. Call at 43 Fulton street, up aUlrt. PRIUgb?miPa?? 'AHOrB OROCNOl, 108 WI RT Apply a^yronM^t.10 "Dt fra- ?f E Frlca 8W8. STn?Vh Sldl^ot^r 8*v?*TEENTn STREET. Apply to JOH% a&3? ,T># rvfcr. jmhl ^ai1bro?kp?. on one block from tha Homh ft!r,r?}?^ AU*nUo ,lrW!*. only rpo bf - ? - "" I I *aa S?S52? W'ESfct ?li&'MZ.'l?.'' ?Mf rayori. N EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY IE OFFERED A* *1 JX. ujr bast monJ dtntaly At IMUmu Urine a Mute capital M partner In the gymakiag exhibition IB A mart on. Inquire Unme 287 Budaon street. MAW WITH A TRW HUNDRED DOLLAR* CAN . aaruraa Half Inlaraat hi a pleasant and profitable buxi a. Tor particulara anil at SZIWaat street. N EXCELLENT CHANCE 18 OFFERED TO PUR. chase aa lateraat In manufacturing business: alao pari wanted In business. Apply at luiloeii DISSOLUTION.?THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between tha undersigned, under the Itna nemeofTiaoy A Bristol, was dissolved. August I, 1H88, by mutual content. OKOKtiK TRACT. E. L. BU18T0L. Br. Loots and Mtawaoant. Dae. It. 18QA DltfOLUTION?THE PARTNERSHIP HERETO PORE rslstlug under the name of It eimore A Brother <in the punting business), la thla diy dtaaolrad by mutual oousen'. W. H. We.more signs lnquldatlou. W?. n. WETMORB. KUAS 8. WETMORB. 448 Anoowi Staaar, New York, Teh. Id, il?7. h AW PARTNERSHIP.?WANTED AN ASSOOI ATE, with a fair library and aome practice. Add res. M? boa New York Poet office. M R. ARTHUR J. PRABODY IS ADMITTED AS Partner in our houaa from this data. - . . ?BARLES SCttlBNKB A CO. Knr Toaa, Feb. I. MOT. PARTNER WANTED-TO ESTABLISH A HOTEL OR boarding house for Americana In Pane during theexhi* bltlon; $10,M) and upwards will aacure uuequ lied returns. Addresa International, box IDS Herald office. PARTNER WANTED.?A PARTYHAYTNO PROPERTY, good referenoaa and a promising new business, requires Ke ready money. Will aire a partner security against "Bureau of Information," WD Pulton street. PARTNER WANTED.?A PARTY HATIXO CASH CAP* ital or $8,100 would lika to form a copartnership with a respectable business man with some menu s, to start a strictly cash manufacturing business In this city. In which the ad vertiser Is wall posted sad has recently been engaged. No humbug and a good paying busineaa. Address, with ree , name, L. S. W., box 114 Herald office. 1 PARTNER WANTED?SPECIAL OR ACTIVE, WITH from $10,000 te $20100. to extend the business of an old eetabllshed bouse In this cr y. The business Is strictly rom* leroial, sad paying largely. None but partiea of undoubted integrity and respectability Willi be treated with. Address, with real name. E. A. H., box 4,890 Poat offloe. The undersiqned have this dat formed a oopartnersUlp under the designation of Sldell A Fargls. aa contraetora and builders of telegraph Unas, alao agents lor telegraph supplies, at No. 2 Beads street. JOHN 8IDRLL. N?w Toax, Feb. 14,1887. JOHN 8. FABQI8. WANTED?A PARTY WITH $17,000 TO PURCHASE tha controlling Interest of a retiring partner In a flrst class cash business. Address A. B., oaro of Mr. B. Thomas, 200 Water atraot. TIT ANTED?A PARTNER IN A PROFITABLE MANU TV facturlng business, with cash oapitai from $10,000 to ?$,000. One acquainted with ladles' lansy goods praferred. Idreaa JobberTHerald office. WANTED. A PARTNER?IN THE MERCHANT TT Tailoring business, with $*,000 or $0,000 In cash; aa tabUahed on Broadway. Addreei Tailor, atation D. jga?; ISSftJfc ? IS8 OOOrgfg* *1? tMBD TO ?M ?ti????^.?i ? b*m?mtaring baal , t*i?'P*1'^?N<w>r ilfeirTiaenSlSSee. M bot J55SS5L ^fORTlI?ITU?. ~ A W OPFKRED~TO~r?. Z? n*vt ? ffSfryjy???? *Uy?.SithA wwrooa Wi Pulton atrect) A <t?Si2!5?Ii?J,?OF BOMB CAPITAL would L.IKB ! HH J??--t^1. *w*b"*1"" tw.ineai, or ha would I ?on?l?m?V?.-c!?^ wllh ?2"><1 pamon win would nut in >? I f"JSrr*J'B<uerenc?a evchanmd. Addreaa ' ?* day* A. boa gtt Yonhera Port oBkc.M?T A'uSm*? MAS, OF A SPIJCIJJLATIVK MIND WITH nd&T^," Intent lit bift5?bi?oSS aagBfegjasag .jg^gggSSS taiar, U|rMjoi^ ^Urcucaa g.raa. Ader?M Mauuf.a B^ w'iilnf atrJuTnS7wU^*?'OR A NODTHBBN MAN ss?iStt^~osr Kss^^^^drssyfei".?^1' { Wth *ANUFACTHRIjro RUSINRH-t P.IH AAT.E For ralb-exclubivb Rioirra for a patent don'jla acting, non frao* ng F.iroa romp: ha* ao laatw '"W "??><? Packing. No. 6 I'm a rtreat. roomNo^ft l""'V MS* .B,0X MANUFACTORY, IN rDIt, s%yss! t:"Ynorr^,r,n? GR?i ss^s^msssrssss:\?i& X:^'t0ru!r^ 10 A ^??22E. "AjiK T BARB, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY iw-tf 2L ?' ?.toek eon?UUng of Paraaola and Fancy T e*ub,,'h'H; *?n? low. Apply on tha Broadway. aaar H??.nta?nth atrunt. woataldi Pmpriotor going Into toe maoufaclnring butine... Pj??!S 'ISPJiirf0 WTHI*? ?*>* KVF.BYBODyTFOR iliiB!S. i. fight for an article of daily una. Agcma wan Lad In trary Iowa and eonnly. Hand itunm for drcilar. Ad draaaJiwaph i., Rontaaba, Frederick (Hty. Matytan" I PA^?g11 WAlfT^D-1 W A BOTEI. IN THIS CITY, 1 ;~. .. I abwrt KM roonia, and which ran bo anlarard ^wrnlitTJirlh ?X.a2? m*Ur **** *n * *?vUk# ??***.?' one of tlie department* nl aj^wus^r gpsa&jrjssyr'sais RA?nd ig?PyV^. "ELr- ARRANGED isK-a?SffaSaa WBhnSn?f B'pBLLKNT OPPORTUNITIES FOR xrooerlaaandatZln J** ,or ???*" ??P?tal. nwnulac.urei, Onat.nnJT' rwa Jiff* tJ?l Information. CUAMBKRDIN A CO., 9?N Broadway, room So. R $500.ll0h^'lfTh';-MA7. ""WO WB8T WOULD that MWakrSZJSifm ?l!i.'a-Sn ?M"Uhllahad baatnana ?aiixfr iiroMtST^T? ??' A focr 1 rhanot for thr man who cm gneteyAe?:-?^10^^' *? Addrea.Bpw.1. $1,000 YaJ^SfLZ" '"VBSP II* At* HHORT. and mM> UrlloLi?d !*f\5H**<,on whrr? rtak la niuali $.1.000 -!TA?tTRI>--A PARTY WITH THIN iwi^v wrE,ntJ?.=^jLt^ .rpv'^ I boat paying banlnoaa MW?| larnT.' JTrT'T - * * r"-41 ^^,<S?d,barra?r,?:K.Wha, ?K T^r'raaw?u,?''*'*1 ihM ?*" ^ f0 >0 boat paring bu.fnoaa found, iddrcu Paat, $5,000 TowfJ?5:??i,irBXT,lAP,lD,!*ABT rcsisms KiftAS 3"sr:.r? fe.u'ssya&gti Wa-Rajyas F? $10,000 lon?( li?i'hliIi^J,TA^ "ANTED?BY A nSSn nUd^i'SmJ^SX*iSl^''*b'r- 0n" &D DWf (??>?*. towaa^marltat nUaa. ^r,t r ?IMA!?I FRMSCH RALMOIAIi SKIRTS ^ofwb.ahbara^^^ 1 a ordar to aiaha now i? w milft IMFORTATIORR. Impoi tar and MaaalCetnrar. LBIShMi^g^a fcaifja-wMi-A buat i: W*I D5T ?OODS?FROM THB GRRvr~FIua~'iw nxucub UNITED STATUS TEE A* BEY. ScheJulsa of (80; thirty or mora 1M9 coupons da* Mareh 1, M<7, will now be received for ?t me United Uteres Treasury. H. H. TAX DYCg, AssistantTreasurer ?ONKY TO LOAM ON MORTGAGE ON IMPROVED R?J Estate to Now York or Brooklyn, In rami f from eooo to JJ.ltt). Apply to AM 11EKS1 WIGHT ? BOM, At neysat Uw. 118 Broadway, room 34, N. Y., betsin 10 A. M. and 8 P. w. * ' P M ENNSVLVAN1A fcTATK LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF fT! 000,000. An mi to create a loai. for the redemption of the orer duo bonds ot' the Commonwealth. Where** tli ? bond* of the Commonwealth nml cert da cer Manama of n loUie 'u??*?, amouatlng to $.'3,Jui>,itjO, have b. en over due and unpaid for tome time past; And woerne* It J* desirable that the ??'mo should b? paid and withdrawn :ro-:i the ?toTWei; therefore, ."?action 1. He it enacted by the donate and House of Rep resentative* of the Commonxeulth of t'enuayl un'a lu Gen eral Assembly met, and It is livreoy ennc'ad h,-the anihorl tv of the unit. That the. Governor. Auditor Getter*, aud Suite 'frea*urer bi?, and are hereby authorized and empoiv ered to borrow on the fattu of tho Commonwealth. in such amount" und with euuh noUoe (net kesa tnati Lurty days) aa they mar ducm moat expedient fur t be lu Ureal or the State, twenty-turee millions of dollara, and (s*uc certificates or loan or bouda of the Coromnnwe.ltU for the same, hen-jug lutereat at a rate not ero. edl.og alt p ir centum T- r aunitm, payable semi-annually on the let of February ana let of Au gust. in tl.c city of Philadelphia; which of loan or bonds shall not he subject to any taxation whs-oyer for State. muaicJral or purpose, and si. tli be payable aa follows, namely:?Five raillloua of dollar" put-able at nuy time after fire years and wt.hin ten yean; eight millions of dollnri layout- *t any time after ten yours aud within fif teen year", and ten ml lion . of dollars at any time alter fif teen yean and within twenty-five years, aud shall be signed by the Governor and Stale Treaauret and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In tho books 1f the Auditor General, and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Furraers' and Mochanics' National Bank of Philadelphia: the proceeds of tha whole of which loan. laAiudhng prem.ums, Ac., received on the aatue, shall be applied to (he pavment of the bonds and certificates of indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Bsc. A The bids for the said loan shall be epened In the presence of the'Governor, Auditor General and Slate Treas urer, and awarded to the hgiliest bidder; Provided, That no certificate hereby authorised to be issued shall be negotiated for lehi^tlian its per value. Bsc. 3. The bouda of the fltate and oartlficatee of Indebt edness, now over dua, ah*U bo reeeivable In payment of the said loss, under ?uoh regulations as the Governor, Auditor Cneml aud Male Treasurer may proscribe: and every bid ? fortbe loan now authorised to be issued, shall state in his bid whether the same is payable lo cash or in the bonds Mr efirtltostes of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Mao. A That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persona hold ing in a fiduciary capacity bouda or certificates of Indebted ness of tha Htate, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan hereby authorized to be issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making aueh bid, and to reoeive the bonds authorized to bA linued by thti *ct? Bsc. A Any persou or persona standing in the fiduciary oa. paclty staled in the fourth section of this act who m*y desire to invest money in their hands for the benefit of the trust mar, without an order of court, invest the same In the bonds authorized to be issued by this act, st a rate of premium not exeecdlng twenty per centum. Sao. A That from and after the passage of this set all tbe bonds of this Common wealth shall be paid off In the order of their matnrttr. Sac. 7. That all lean* of this commonwealth not yet dua shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the Interest due February first, one ibouaand eight hundred and sixty-seven Shall have been paid. Hrc. 8. That all exlatindng laws, or portioua thereof In consistent heron uh, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GI.ABS. Speaker of the House of K-i - oseu.auvcs. U W. HAL I., Speaker of the Seuate. Approved the second day of February, oae thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven. JOHN W. OIIAUY. In aceordenoe with the provisions of tbe shove act of Aa eemblvieuled proposals will be received at tbe oflloe of tbe State Treasurer, in tbe city of HarrtabttHL Pennsylvania, until If o'clock M. of tho let day of April, A. i>. !8r(7. to be endowed as follows:?"Proposal* for Peonsylvnnia State Loan, Treasury Department, Hsrrlaburg, Pa., United states %f Amanodu Rids will bo received for fift.000 00(1, reimbursable in five years and payable In teu years; fi8,0u> 000 reimbursable In tan years and payable In h.taen years, and fill',UU0,000, reim bursable in fifteen roars andjutynble In twenty-fire years, (he rate of interest to be either five or six percent per annum, which most be explicitly R'slcd in '.lie bid; and tbe bide most advantage?U" tn tbe htate will be aonepted. No bid for leas than >>r will be considered. Tbe bonds will be tnsned In sum* of $9fi and auch Mahi-r sum* aa desired by the I genera, to be free from State, local and munlc.pal taxes. The < over doe bonds of tha Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be received at par In payment ef this loan; but utl dara must state whether they iatead to pay In voah or tn the

over due loans aforesaid. No distinction will be made between bidden paying In cosh or ever duo loans JOHN VT. GEARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. IIAnrHANPT, Auditor Genera). W. H. KEMH'.E, State Treasurer. V. B.?No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rized, will roee'wt pay. COUTHEKN BAXK NOTES AND HECUJltTIES.?El*. O WIN Q BELL. 80 Broadway and No fi New street, hnta and selle all land* of Southern *e.-nrlti?* and bank hdl* ?uir.gUUr 9 commlMlsS. Rjtfenrt. first fa _ t^A BOXUS FOR THE URB OF MGO FOB FOUR T(JU montha; aornrily $1,300 worth of furniture and i.he P^rBOn for W F?r week, in Juraey City. Addreaa S. c, Herald g.Dcc. <KQ n<IH WANTKD ON BOND AND MORTGAGE? for Ore to Un year*, on property naor Har lem. AdJfts* for three day J. p. B., station O, New Tort. /Win -WANTBD. BY A MANUFACTURING ipO.UU'/. firm of undoubted standing, a loan for alt or nine months time, on flret olaao security. for tbencoef which fifteen par rent per annum will be twi t. None bat prinefpala need nnawer. Addreaa II. 8. T., Ha raid office. Ann To loa*-tn sums to suit, at t Vrl/ per cent, on real eata'e In New York olty and vicinity. Second Mo-tg\gea bought. 0. li. WILLIS, Trarallsra' In.anno* Company. 81 Pine atreet, hj*"mcnt o inn finn TO r-0A* ov BOND and mort. npltfU.UtMr mare in auma to ault; all descriptions of d. Apply to aaann atreet, jropcrtv; property bought, aold or exchanged. Apply to B>D,lN8 A CO., Seal batata Agents. 17 Naa room 111. TiLr, b:m,d and mort eatato In this city or Brooklyn. In ona or uuiw auma, on real JOllN F. CON KEY. ? Wall atreet, room 11 C;r,nn Ann TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, AT 7 O'lUil.UuU per eent out, real **Lil* In New York cut and r.cui ty. heron I Montage* bought. C. E. WILLIH. Travellers' In*. Co., SI Pine atreet. basement. PHOPOSUS. Builders.?sealed proposals' invited for Story lOlx&i on Boiling Spring Hotel. New Joraey. Plan* and are. .licaUon* aoen on* uuitl Wednesday, Lilli; Low I3tb to 30th at ofhoeof Moore A Browu, 31 Nassau atreet. CUOTON AQUEDUCT DEPABTMKN L?TO CONTRACT. or* Separata aealad propoaala. each endorsed with the name of the hlilder, dale of offering aud title of work, will bo recivej at thta ofDca until 11 o'clock A. M. of Frld. y, March 1, IW, for the construction of the following ?t"uo bloi k pavement a and scwcra, to wit:?Pavements In Canal street, from Broadway to treat atreet; Fifty-ninth struct, from Fifth to Eighth arsons; Flfty-ntnlh aLoot, from Eighth In Tenth avian*; Veatry street, I rem Canal to Greenwich atreet; Ftflr-thlrd atreet, ftun Sixth to Seventh avenue; Fin# atreet, from Pearl to Front atreet; Pine ?treat, from Front t* death atreet; Front atreet, from Wall ?treat to Old alip; William atreet, from Beaver to Pearl atreot; Fiftieth atreet, from Seventh to Ninth avenue, and Thirtieth atreet, from Find to Fifth avenue; and forth* con at ruction of aewara aa follow*:? No. 1.?Outlet aewer In Thirty-third atreet and Flrat are an*. with branchea In Thirty-Ural and Tttlrty-aecond aitcota and Firm avenue. No. A?sower# In Ldnrena atreet, between Canal and Broom# aireeta. with hranohea In Grand atreet. No. A?Seware In York atreet, between Went Broadway and St. John'* lane; In Chtireb and Elm ?lreeta, between Wh te and Walker etreeto; In White (treat, between Curt Undt alley and Elm atrnet, and between Centre and Baxter No. 4 ?Beware between Fifty flrat and Fifty-sixth ntreet* nnd be:ween Ninth avenue And Rud'on river. No. Sewnre In Houston atreet, between Thompson and Lnurena; In Common-# and Harrow street*, between Bleecker and Mudaoo; In Lemv atreot, between Bedford atreet and Bi. I.oka'a plaae; In Cornelia street, between Bleecker and Fourth aireeta; In lludaan and Ure-mwlch street*, between West Tenth nnd llnmmond etiewta; In lileeekar aired, oe twren Hammond nnd bank streeta, No. A?Sewer la Latvia street, between Broome and Bun s'a. 7 ?Sewers In Forty-acvsnfh and Forty-ninth street*, between Tenth and Eleventh avenue*, with braucbes In Eleventh avenue. No. A?Receiving baaln and culvert# at the northwest eornar of First avenue and Forty-fifth atreet; at the northwest corner Eighth avenue and Fifty-fourth atreot; eoutbeaat corner Broadway and Fifty-ninth atreet; north west corner Seventh avenue and Thlrty-aecond street anil ?nntheuat corner Eighth evenno and Thlrtv second atreet. The idaoa may bo aeon, and apoelflcationa and forme of MA* obtained on application at this oOo*. THOMAS STEPHENS, ) Croton RORT. L. DARRAGU, > Aqaoduat A. W. CRAVEN, ) Board. New Toat, February I*. 1SS7. OFFICE OF THE HOUSTON OAS LIGHT COMPANY, lloorvoit, Teiae, Feb. A V0I. Sealed nropoaalo will bo received until the Hth day of March, UW7, for the construction of a (lea Works for tbo ally of Houston, Teaaa, capable of anpplvlng fifty thousand cable feet of coal gaa every twenty-four hour* There will be required lit miles of I Inch pip* for mains, 3 rail** of 4 Inch ptpo for mains Sit miles of S Inch pipe for mains With all the nicaaaary houses and fixtures for working* flrat Olaaa works The parties will make their propoaala In th* alternative for ontvhalf cash and one-half In the stock of the company, or all cash and In duplicate. On* eopy ad* dre*s?d to T. W. House, Houston, and one copy addressed to T. W. House, qera Spoffbrd, TUeaton A Co., Broadway, New York. For farther particulars address W. P. HambUa, "*<r*tofy' T. W. HOUWB, Prealdept. HILI.lAJtDN, At . ~ T laROE FUMRIR OF new a.NF SECOND hand auahtoao, which have he** proved tab* the moot correct and darahta aaahlonc ever mad*. SpaMmcna of our UuleS that hove bee* In nmeUu* i* for m*uy year* may he one* In ihcprthcipm hotels auf vidtona in th'* city. Parti** la. landing to purehaae nlU And ,, to their lifarcet to call and examine our atxi, which lc the Jarg?*t and flaaat la the world Suva' H'll.ard Tabtee. FHKI.aM A CQLLAWDRfl. Wtefli Creehy .treat, H- T Bhlliards.-call and examine w. h, oRtr. FiTlI d q >nd l Tk lea, at ihfT Fulton atrpat. before to i buy elwtwhere. Urders by mail atiaadad te for Table* and ITinifn aga. H fao* ? B AMUSEMENTS. ROADVTAT THEATRE. ADMISSION SO CENTS, v'erner at ttruedwer and Biooote etre< t. East m juts of tub wokkell bisters. Aledrt a. Urn night*. THE TWO GREAT Cinderella, laet n guw. BUttLKi O! K Lt>?l of Oluf Oaocaa. HI fa aT FUN. Laatof Oouiie SECURE V1 Ut SEATS. Eri.ii:y, Waahinjrton'a Birthday, Uat Heuetiluf MiHS JENNIE WORRELL, Saturday, E. b-uar, ts, at 1M u'eoo*. F.mllv Matlned, tho Fairy Burque D1NDEHK1.U, by requeat. Mond..y, P. lira.iy 9, the woi.n rrnunn*.tar Ittei, MH. AND MRS. HAK.N.IY MlM.lAMS. wlil cemtuduco thali annual eugag' uttit, ap .-a-tag is TWO OFTUEIK ATTRACTIVE PIBUKJ. Box aheet ope i from 8 llil 8 oVb-ek to- a-Mui-h.g pi icea. HABIT'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. 1'odworth Hall. Rid Cioadwajr Tickets 60cent*: leaerved Seal* $1. hor aale six daya In advance at ihe Hall from 9 in ?? Card I'artia. ? Lomd ecuio their .e.ita duriag the nay U> urold the ruah at the jmr, Continued aud triumphant auoca-a of tha "apecuculer Qluaiuu" l'LOVEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, OR ~WB ARE HEBE. BUT NOT 11KRT The new piugv.imme without apparatus. Tlie Hmket Ti ck, Growth of F.uwcr*, Floating Head and Devkl'a Hal will be reiieuicd EVERY EVENING AT 8; SATCRDAY AT 9. The Ciuekei ng Pi ?uo la u?ed at the*? aeancex. Special Notice M. HahTZ bega to auuouooe that be baa act apart Wednesday, Feb. 20, and every succeeding Wedneeday, for a Jureuile Night. Children half [trice. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 088 BROADWAY. The trouble oonunoaoe# at a uunrter to 8. THE CREME DK LA COEME OF MINSTRBLST. BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoae aocceRB hay Uttver been equalled by anv almil tr organ* Iza.ion In the world. New aud cheerful Burtexquea evury week. Wambold'a uew tone. "Will You Come to Moot .Mo, Darling?'' Troubles at the Metropolitan Uotoi. Anlotuted Photograph*. Gamhrluua' Onera of Lager Beet. Nancy Fat. Shouts of laughter at tbo Shadow- I'aulomime aud the Scream tnr Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. J^ELLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. Unrivalled on this continent C with EDWIN KELLY, Producing novelties In I In opera and the Paiiy rapid aucceaelon that N N Scenes lul'lnde -Leou alwnya delight the large D D are received with and elrgan laud leaves hi K aoreaina of laughter, who have made this R L R Seyntounpl'In the prvt'y ball their L K L D , in.ui u iboe9:30 ulgliily reaort. The ROE with Alb r.allni, ONLY LEON, O N O Prlefnl ami Fairy CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Every ulght at Bryant..' Meelianlet' Hall. 47J Bread war, FIRRY Wh?k OF THE NEW TRICK FAN ToMIiiflB, erUtiod PUHB IN BOOTS; PUSS IN HOOTSj PUSS IN BOOl'S: OR, TOR MILLER'S THRF.B SONS. OB, THE MILLER'S THREE S.f S. Tha Original BEDOUIN ARABS, ,n mbit u'oua feata. Tbu Orirlual llKDOUIN ARABS, Jj||iL|;.,cnIona feats. BROADWAY BOYS, jBPtli.YAA BOYS. TIIK NEW OPERA, STRAY U-L?VII. TRESPASSERS (Charley White's) TKESPABSBB8 STP.IKINO OIL. STRIKING OIL. Friday (Washlngton'a Blrthd.iyj, GRAND MATINEE, commencing ut 2yt o'clock. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THIS EVENING. ' The greatly aueecwful local, aenaatlonel end morel drama, the STREETS OF NEWVOUK, STREETS OK NEW YORK, STREETS OF NEW MI'b, STREETS OF Nr,W YORK, with Its excellent c?st and uilmlrahlu appointments. GRAND MATINEE ON RATI'ttI)AY A I' 1 O'CLOCK. jy?lbS MARIA l\INER0?8 ANNUAL YD CONCEPT. ? O'CLOCK, TUESDAY EYE O I'Vi'b" 19-Sr ITNWAY HALL. Bit). UNI, Sl.J. STillNI, Mr. A. H. PR ' :E W. 15 AM is. Conductor; Si:-. : IT ANO HIS OIIA t ilFSTH \. Tickets One 1) ? I t : , Seats F'fty Cente extra. At Beer A riclilrtner'a, 705 i ?, mid l'ond'e, M7 Broadway. (JTEINWAY HAIL. LAST POPULAR CONCERT, O WEDNESD AY EVKN1NO. Feb. 20, at 8 o'clock. LAST TWO Nltlil'fS In tho Concert Room OF THE CELEBRATED* PRIMA DONNA MAD \ Ui PAKBPA. In view of the great aureeee stum ding the programme of last Wednesday, Mr. llon-iaon ta lndu.-?d to announoe a SECOND GRAND OPERATIC NIGHT. New aeleetloua from thirteen eperaa by MADAME PA RE PA. Mr. S. B. MILLS, Mr. CARL ROSA, Mr. <h W. COLBY, Mr. THRO. THOMAS and Ma UMLEBRATBD OBCHM8TRA Tick eta $1. Referred aeataW rnita actra. For aala at Rear A . obinuar*A 701 Broadway: Pood ? Cu.'a.Ml Broadway; RnUaaau'a ticket office, 112 Broadway, and Slemway Hall. WEHNEBDAY EVENING, Feb. 17. ?tat appearance In thia citv In oratorio muaio of MAUA " K PARRPA. wheo Handel's great work will be produced, THE MESSIAH. STEINYVAY HALL. SATURDAY. THEODORE THOMAS' BY MWloNlf^S? REE will take place On SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. ?, at % When the Choral Society. TUB MBNDRLSBOHN UNION, under (be direction of Mr. W. BKKOB, will assist, together with TUB a RAW!) ORCHESTRA OF KIOHTY PERFORMERS. PROURAMME. SUITE IM CANONFORM, Op. M, (new). J. O. Grimm MARCH AND CHO*K ^-"RuiM of^thtSi"... .Beethoven Mendelssohn Union end Orefeeetre. SECOND RPIBODK, Don Lenau'e Fa net, (new) Uot "Der Tan* In der Dorfechenke," (Mephlato walls). SYMPHONY RROICA, Op.K.7777!...J7T. Beethoven CONDUCTOBj. THEODORB THOMAS. TICKETS $1 00 BACH. No extra chance for reserved teats. Seat* can now be eecnred at Beer A Scbirmer'a mnelo store, 701 Broadway; Schuberth A Co.'a mutlo store, 820 Broadway; at Macoy A Ilenrlg'e, 111 and 114 Broadway, and at the odioe of Stela way 11 all. MUSICAL. A respectable lady, oerman music tkacubr, desires to fire lessons ou the pianoforte, In a respectable fan.llr, to obtain Board. Refareneae exchanged. Addresa Music Teacher, Herald office. A GENTLEMAN WILL OIVR INBTRUCTTON ON THE piano, at pupil's residence, for $10 per quarter. Beat of reference given. Addresa, wtttpveidence, Teacher, box IIS Herald office. PINE OUITAR FOR BALE CHEAP. CALL BE tween 10 and 4, at 119 Naaaau atreet, room No. 3. A Church muhic.-a competent organist, op 1$ye -ra' experience, deilret a situation In Iheeltr: Epis copal service prelerrr il. Can furnish a first rata quartette ebolr If wanted. Address Muelcus, Herald office. INAC1I PUPIL RECEIVES A PRIVATE LESSON ON !i risnoalflO per quarter. 137 We?t Eleventh street, corner of Slxtb aveaee. I'lab 1st a for parties. office hours 10 till A J/IOR BALE? \ NPAT ROSP.WOOD PARLOR OKOAN, r three imp*. rm tal ripe*. sll In good order, price $f | Apply at storage office, 3U0 West Tliirty-fourth street YIUITAR. PUNO, TIOUN, BINOINO, HARMONY. VT 343 west Twonty-eli'h street, bo tween Seventh and Eighth avenues. Leseoas private. No els sees. Call or sno | for circular. JAY JAY WATSON, Agent Mason a, manufacturers of cabinet Onus, salesrooms IWi Itrosdwav, New York, where tnny lie found tke largest assortment or Instruments of this class lu the eoutilry. I'r'eea, $70 or lees to $1,<M0 each. M^HUKir.? AT THT NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF Mu'.ic. IH Madisen avenue, plaoo, vlolia, theory and singing. Terms $10. The Conservatory Instruction books free. I UtbCnS AlAUKMIKS. J BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, Nil BROOME ST. A NEW CLASS FOIl WE81)AT. All the fashionable dsn--** In oae eoni*n of lei ton*. LADIES nievt Tumdava and FrISnra, 3 io At; P. M iil.MliEVKh'. Tuesdays and Kr .Uy*. "A m in P. M. CHILDREN-Wednesday* and satui.lays, 0 to A' ( P. M. LADIES' Pilmary I'bM Instructed by Mrs. Brnnia. HOlIlllK LvriItV WEDNESDAY EVENING. D E OARMO'B DANCING ACADEMY. 03 ITFTII AVENUE, corner Fourteenth street CLASSES NOW OPEN FOR BEGINNERS. THIS BALI, SKASO*. TfkTn REGIMENT, III'lHLANDERS?ANNUAL BALL ,y and Reunion at Irving Hall, Wedoesday evening, February SO. 1807. Tickets $S each. LOAN OFFICES.* A T B17?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DtA A MONDH, WATCHES, JEWELRY. AC.. OR TIIR B\.ME BOUGHT FOR CASH. N. B.?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT TOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, AC.. AC , AT A. II. 8TURTEVANT8. FR1VATE OFFICE, 817 Br6aDWAY. ROOM NO. 4 (LEEDS' ART OALLKRY), CORNER OF TWELFTH STREET. AT HYMAN'H.MB BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND 2V street, will be paid the highest price for Diamonds, Waiohes and HUrcrware, or will advaaea oa tbs above article*. A T Ml BROADWAY ?I FAT THE HIGHEST FEICBB A for Dlamouds, Watches, Jewelry, As., or advanee oa the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, Opposite Wallaoh's thesire. ^g^N DIAj liffl [up i ALSO amonds. A T NO. $ TWENTT-THIRD OTMRrFlFTH A Hotel?The highest price paid (Vr Dlnmondi, Watches, Be., or sdvanoe* made en the earns. Jewelly, Diamonds, As. or purtk,is. ^ AT 007 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STRUT, room No. i-Tbe idhts. Jewelry, Ac., or money adranced^oa Ui^same^ ONET ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, WATCHER i,upi p,*Fuonu< ncrjrj0Bi ^ AMVIIXKHTI. VTEW YORK THEATRE. J Manager* . Lwrti Baker end Mark Smith First abearance In New York of the dUUngulalicd and ao con-pUshed artiste, LADY DOW. ? , EVERT BVENINO. ^ v ? irpnrted by the powerful and efficient oo-nnanr of lb? fs?. nte r-t?niuijiUeut, foimlug the greatest galaxy of talent for the production i f COMEDY AND BURLESQUE that Uat tTer beou wiin"sied lu Amarlea, TH18 EVENING, ATS <?'CLOCK, Hclbf-* Comic Drama, l'LGUY UU2-.N. rrsgy Green Lady Don With songs, "Meet M? br Moon I jUI Alum"Uoma Sweet Fame," he. After which the glorious Him .r; tl Burlesque, KiiXILWOKfH: Oa, VK Ql'F.ENE. YK FA LK AND YE MAYDBNWEt Being a novel edition of u vel of thai natne. The Earl of Le.c*'ter Lady Do? with Uio tamo ia "(Inner Bong" and "?.o.tdby Hwmiheart, irlad .hip upward of 700 t'taafl Goodhy," as performed br he rlad . 11 Ii upward of 700 tin it: the 1-ndiiig theatres of Ktmlauil, in., J, oo'land. Aus tralia, California, he., and unlier-ally pr.,DouriC id by tbn R iglisii press to be the ne pl'it. ultra of burle-cue acting. Tins highly liilerstiilng piece will be produced wt.h a power* fcieurt, liuiudlug Mr. Mark rtmllh, Mr. loiwls .aker and their eutlre ci;u;>. ly. New and magnificent scenery, gor gewiie dress,s and eit'octa. Theatre krancais?comeqib. TUEdDaY, r>b. 10, at S P. Ln MKl'RTEIEB DE THEODORE (ORIGINAL op WHO KILLED COCK BOBBINS!), Ctiuiedy, lu urrce nets. (INK PIU.K TFR!UBT,E?f Vaudeville). Ticket o do* at M. llardonville's, Sid Broadway. Tony pasior'b opkra iioush. 101 boweby. An ,nii.ei]r n<iw and oiigiuai gi.tnd military drama, by Pools, THE aKW YOLK YOLUNTBEHBj Tit 12 SKW YORK VOT.UNTKKRA; Or, i'ub Last or Lmnr I'nuox. Ent.rely new ??iierj, nuiel and I nricat* machinery, ap propriate costume., spacim mauls, Ao., and a . FI'l.L MILITARY hKABK maND, to aid In the grind*. uMs.ux and egecu. The entire company ln ihe cast. . ud AN AUXILIARY AID IIP 100 PERSONS. Tlie Olio'i roupo in a clin.cs ,,.rlit? programme. MAilM.i: O.N \f DNKSOAY AND SATUMOAk. ^NRIFFIN A CHRDinTS MINATRELB. Sua 2 and 4 West Twenty fourth street. OKOKUK CiiHlaTY, THE OBKAl NSW YORK KAVOEITF. THE UltKAl- 01 LAN 1ACHT RACE and description of a TERRIBLE STORM AT SEA, and complete wreck of a v NOBLE SHIP. This Is the PEOPLES FAVORITE RESORT. Doors open at 7. to eotnmanee at 8 o'clock. TJUNYAN TABLEAUX? LARGEST PANORAMA IW 13 the world. UNIOJ" - - - - ON HALL. Broadway and Twenty third slrret. Open every night at 7; commencing at "if? Admix.'Ion, 60 ccnU; children, 29 cento. Myliuee Wednes day and Saturday, at 8 o'clock. (T BEAT EXHIBITION OE PAINTINGS, T H. W. DERBY'S NEW ART iToOMB, Mr. Broadway, opposite Wallack'a theatre. Including the original ROSA BONHBUR'S world-renowned "HORSE FAIR" and 180 other SUPERB WORKS OF ART, formerly the private collection of W. P. Wright, Kit. Of New Jersey. Open daily from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. ADMISSION 25 CENTS. DE HAAS* LAST PAINTING.?ADMIRAL FARRA. gut's Fleet Pausing the Forts below New Orleans, new on exhibition at 01 West Tenth street, Studio Building. A FIRST OLA88 ACTOR RECEIVE8 PRIVATE pupils, rendering them onmpetent to All the hlghcal roles upon the stage. Address Manager, station F. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seats for all first oloat theatres, concerto, ha, he., can always he obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 112 AND 114 BROADWAY. PI A X O FORTS S. A FINE ASSORTMENT OP FIAHOTORTB8 TO LET? And told on insulmeuta.nt the manufactory. 1st as US Eut Twenty-first street. L. P. OUMMIMUS. A ORE AT BARGAIN.-8EVB* AND ONE-THIRD OC. tan Hoot:wood Pianoforte. nearly Mr, worth |St; will bo aold for ROB tf colled for to-doyt MA A. THURSTON, 90 Bleeeker atml A LADY WILL SELL A MAGNIFICENT I OCTAVB Pianoforte, original price $000, tor naorty half, hsctad* tag Stool and Dover, boat eRy me bar*, nearly now. Call at 98 Third street. ^ magnificent pianoforte for hale?for *rs; cost SAM. Also a Parlor Salt, for $185; one do. badEMnuj^ nt a bargain. Inquire at 11# West Bl?hth street, arenas. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE TO* sale, made order, elty maker, eoat $SX). for $YX): Far. lor, Chamber and Dining Farnttura; a sacrifice. M Wart Sixteenth street. near Sixth arcane. A"i FAMILY, SUDDENLY CALLED TO ECROFNL will sell their splendid TM octave beautifully toned rosewood Piano; quite new, artth sS the latest improro mania. Apply at 8$ Clinton place, near Fifth arenas. BARGAIN.?ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE, CARVED roeeweod Piano. Coat $17$; good as new; prloe. If aoM I $97$, at 709 Broadway, opposite Astor^ilace. MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF TUB FINEST ^^Meepest new and second hand Pianos In the align* ^^Hd to rant nt Wm. Osntfldus' ware rooms, to ?or sals nnd u B1 seeker ati set. AM GREAT BARGAIN-SPLENDID PIANO, HIGH | aoat, nsed a abort time, tolly warranted, made IB Niinn*; must be sold aa the owner Is 1 earing. SSS Blaeeker ?treat. AN ELEGANT 7M OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, torts for sale, made by the most celebrated city mabcre, baring warrantee for Ave year*; richly finished, wfth doubts round corners, back finished same a* tbr front; richest lotto, fall Iron plat", overstrung b.i.s, uraa maJo to order; la quits new and most magnificent throughout; la without spot or blemish; can be fully tested In arerr way; weremotn price fdOO; present price $500. ^Ap^ly at WO Sixth arenne, sees Fortieth street, from 7 A. M. till 7 P. M A. L. BATTERSON. BAROAINS.-4M OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. MODERN improvements. Hall A Son maker*, $110; handsome rosewiad 7 octare Pianoforte, gTBft, nearly new together' with several others; rosewood ft octave Mtdodeon. $03, Savon A llamlln makers; also assortment new Pianofortes, man?, faclurur a prices. MoDONALD A CO., 80 Fourth arenas, opposite Cooper Institute. PIANOFORTE.?A LADY, THOROUOHLY COM PI. tent to give l*s?on? on the plaoo In the best school of pkylnc, will give lessons to pupils of respectability either at '?? ? ? -n. Address L M. D., ttlelowey'a. their rcsidenoea or her own. Fourteenth street PIANOFORTE CHRAP.?AVERY FINE PIANOFORTE I only four mouths In nse. for 9840; also aheap, Walchee, ?Tewelry, Paintlo a, t'lgars. Albums, Hewing Maohlnoa, Uuas, Revolvers, Ac. Stora* Ac.; ^ ^ fPHE PIANO.?FINISHING LESSONS GIVEN AT PC I pits' realdenoes bp a talented artist just airlvt-d tram Europe; $!"J quarterly. Apply to Mis. FRENCH, 184 RulIU IMBTRUCTION. DOLBPAR'S COMMERCIAL ACADBMT, ?? Writing, Arlthnae'le. Ac., beat New York bona AT DOLBPAR'S COMMERt Broadway?Bookkeeping, W taught practically aa used In the oeat new Tor* nooses.* cramping, or trembling removed, and an elegant business band guaranteed. Gentleman or ladles oaa ssctira private rooms. A T TOWN BEND'S BUSINESS COLLBOE. 940 MOW V err, between Frtnco and Houvton streets, thorough nd practical InstrucUoa In Bookaoeplag. Penmanship, onunerclal Correspondence. Arithmetic, spelling. Oram isr, Composition. letter Writing, Ac. Open da/ and even Satcrdtyi lncludid. Room* flK WlHioaprlTiU *?' n* itmction a FIRST CLASS FRENCH PROFESSOR OFFERS IN. r\ struct'on la French, Mathematics. Ac. for Mnfiirl. ible board sod lodging; best references given. Addraaa joula. Station D. __________________ i vorVG FRENCH LADY, OF GOOD EDUCATION* \ llily .rrived from Paris, wishes togl^rrenchLee. on*, at h -r resident*. fti? Bi wms street. la thoroughly so* ua'nted with Paris. a DINTING FISH ID SCHOLAR, FIRST HONOR MAM \ of hla eSlagih sod Rmlr pra4mor of an Kngllab ool ... .Ives lessons lo Latin, French, Logic. Liters, nn.' isslhi ? stint Ac. Terms moderate. Schools attended. VstimonUls and refer*hM*** character. Ad. res? for one week C. W. B., Herald o?oe. A SITUATION WANTED?IN A RENIN ART. TOR A \ first Haas young lady, who has Just completed her ed?. Ml"*?He Address for three days, with particular*, eacher. Ix?i C.RM Post tSct. A ^?M4^2mvio?^bS!A FRENCH A 'iKSrtiLi'cSL^.* YKars experiRwrm some more pupil. in one oV the"deel^e 'on Mia* M , iu Broome at. W$F- Apply to or eaU AN RPI8C0PAL CLEYUYMAN WOULD DEVOTB A few hours dally for giving private lessens h? Oerman jingo age. Ac. Addreea OT F. J., oara of 71 Reek man street. ACCOUNTS, FENMANSHTF, BUSINBS8 AFFAIRS A. laatructlon (private if desired) at GOLDSMITH'S Jomtnerrtal Institute, 799 Broadwav Established |g4>. oal oraoe, no. ? wpiuce ssrges. Applston A Co. -