Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1867 Page 2
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BOA II UK US AND LODGER* WASTER. AT TliB GRANT HOUSE?44 u an eni, Kinini by the day or weik. JU-. to 6oc per day; (I to fS per week 1 PRIVATE FAMILY AT 4J WESTiTtViiLFni STREET A oaq aco .inm > i*t? . gejtlem . . . ? >- ' two tie men with furnished Ruunu end II >srd., sen-itus and chil dren not taken. Ke.eretioe ri.q r d A Pttrh>7Ewi.JTANn3,>,!Frv >TRVI.-'IIM> KTO.VT Meeting a'?o 81 !e rjOBl cm A SUIT OV ROOMS ON Sr,OOND PT.OORj^ALSO hln>rlf punms wltii flr?' cl*s; o.ud, *. -4 W ?n? Licveu.b Street, nour Broad w?y. Kamily vu*u *iid qmel. AT 176 BLPECKK3 8TTtBBT-*IX BLOCK:* WEST OP A Broadway, frooma, with .x echo at Boar J, from ft to (10 per week. Families aeeurdtugly. A N ELEGANT SUITE OP FUKNITIIF.D ROOMR?ON A. first floor one on aocwtJ; al?u a ngle Ro m->. Table Jl'hnt' el pilvete. block Hfth avenue Hotel, M Weal Tweu tyfourlli ilriet . _______ AN RI.KOANT nUIT of richly FURNISHED PAR. lore, with all improvement*, to lei, with private table. Also a knit of front Room* and a nice Knout; labia d'hote. Unquestionable reieretinea required. Windsor Hotel. No. 23 Fourteen to street, betweeu Broadway and Ftult avenue. AT 17 WAVERLEY PLACE-HANDSOMELY Pt'R. malted I!noma to let, with tirai ila?.- Bom J. Reference* required. A HANDSOME BUIT OF ROOM ON PARLOR FLOOR, to let. With Unit class ituaid; also a s<111ara Koom ou third floor Apply at 118 Wavoiley place, Rei creneea el changed. A private family will let an entire third Floor, hand-omelv furiosi.ed. with baok parlor and ?xtrnaton. to parties de ring first claaa i ogotmoodation*. Private iitbla oulv. 1 bo highoat references required. Ap pl> at SI Wast Plxtocnih fn? A GOOD 8I7,KO HALT. BEDROOM, ON THIRD floor, with Hoard, a' 84 Hast T? jtitv-aeotnl street, one block from FUth Avenue Hotel. Referehcea required. AT 28 ST. MARK'S PL AC ?A I, A KG R FROM* ROOM to let, whb Boanl. to a g. ntloiaan nod Ms wife, or ttvo Xlngle gentle to -u. alio a ball Room. A PRIVATE FAMILY WIT.T. I.ET. WITH FIRST J\. class Boaid. two larqe, nicely lurnlstn-d Pooms In Seventy-eighth street, eighth bouse: east of Third avenue. Terms moderate. A LARGE SECOND FLOOR FRONT ROOM, HAND aomely furnished, to l*t, with Board, Inn tnctlr pri vate house. All modern Improvements. Good neighbor hood. 116 l" Thirty.firat street. A THIRD STORY FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, suitable for gentlemen and vrlfe: also two single v?n lloinen one be accommodated with hall rooms at 104 1. st Fourteenth street. A THIRD BTfiRY ROOM AND IIIDRt5>M TO RENT, with Board, to a gentleman end wife; ?l*o a tingle Room to a gentleman, at 11 West Twenty fourth street. References exchanged. .'A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET??? PER j\. week, with gas end heated, nt 2fl Third street, ttvo blocks from Uroadw iy. Reforenoes required. AT 122 NINTH STREET, FEW DOORS WF.ST OF Broadway, a f and wife or two single ccn'I* men can be accommodated with pleasant Room and Loard In a modern house. i A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A FRONT AND BACK .fa. Room. handsomely furnished, in brown stone house, 110 Bast Fifty-fourth street, near Lexington : venue, to reni, to one or two single gentl men, .with Breakfast If desired. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, OR A LAI'V, CAN PRO A cure a nicely furbished Room, with Board, at 1.16 West Tenth street A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET. WITHOUT _ board, suitable for two gentlemen, wmi gas an tire, |8 per wock. 82 East Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. ATI# WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW YORK iv Hotel, three Uandsutue Parlor. to reut. with arstc.^s Board, on first Itoor, for mart led gentleniru. French Un gauge spoken. AMH -TWO LARGE, ELEGANT ROOMS AND A STVOLK . Room, with Board, at M-i West i orty aeo ad street, near Ilrosdway. Agreeable putties rucre dislrahle than high prices. House first class. Refercncsa. Ah gentleman and wife, or single lady ok gentleman, can obtain a suit of well furnished Itoi.rns, With floard IT desired. In a re.autiful;ou; family (irl uate. Terms low. Apply in Nluety-flrat street, seventh house west of Third avenue. _ AM SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, WITT! ALCOVE, to Tent, w'th Jtoatd. Apply at <fl West Thirty-second Street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. A FRENCH FAMILY HAVE A ROOM ON FOURTH J\ floor to let to a single gentlemen, with or w.thout Board. Referenoea exchanged. Call st 71 West 1 ourtecuth atreeL OKNTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN GOOD Board tn a private family in ft flrst < ls*s locality on reasonable terms, at 46 Wed Forty-ftfln street. A FRONT PARLOR FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A Board for lady if required; also two ether Rooms to let by day or week. Address Booms, all tbla week, station D, KMe House. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR. BA.TH room adjoining, and amall Bedroom tn Irt cheap, to a ?Ingle lady or geatlcmau; family private; no children Elgh Ueth street, south aide, aooond house I rem Second avenue A" PARLOR AJ4D_BEDROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, with or without an extra chamber above, may be pro pared at the first class residcuce No. 86 I-nfayrtlo puce Private table only, lteferenoes exchanged. T 54 WEST TWENTY-THIRD BTREST-A BUIT OF two or three Rooms, on third floor, frost, or single furnished, with Board. Reference* A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AND nlorly furnished Frout Koom. on third floor, with or without Board; gas, water and otheroonvenlencee; very de strable location antl oonrentent to aU fromOUy Hall; very reasonable terms. Call at 4J King *1 AT FRANKFORT HOUSR, CORNER OF FRANKFORT and Wibtam streets, 260 rooms; groat induction in prices; He, toiOo. perdsy; (I 60 to (S per week. Open all night. _A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM-IN A FIRST CLASS A house In Thirty fourth street, to gentlemem wjth'mt bofcrd; ftlio ft Fbjsiclan i Office. Addreii boi o.<? 1 oil PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I.ET A NIcELY FITR l^. nUbed Room, to a genUeman; cloaeta. gas and bath, Breakfast If daslr.-d Ap "y at 92 East Twelfth street, uear Fourth avenue. References axchaugcU^ A~ WIDOW LADY HAK A FURNISHED ^*LOBA?D Bedroom to let, to gentle men. Call at 426 Eighth avc nue, betweon Thlrty-secoud and Thirty- third streets. ~7~ _t.Ar.OK. NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, A. to wnli?eaoMy. 81 Clinton place |KI;bth street). House has modern Improvements, gam bath, Ac. Care pass A LADY, OR OENTT.EMAN AND LADY, CAN OB \ ,-in a handsomely furnished Room, with Board, at 100 Lexington avenue, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty, eighth streets. AT 41 WEST SIXTEENTH 8TRBET-A SECOND A story suit of Room*, wish souther* cypoaure; also one single Kooin, with good Hoaid K<feiouce rt quired. JLL WANTING FIRST CLASS BOARD AND ROOMS, cltv or country, go to FOWLER*# free Board Dlrertorv. Thoae having rooma to let send description. Twenty-third a tree I, corner Fifth Arenue Hotel, beaemeut. APARTMENTS. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED. FOR A gentlemen, at Mo. S Brevoort place, Tenth street, three doors M of Broadway. A T t* TO 17 rEB WEEK -A FEW ORNTLRMKN OAN Jgobtvuu Board and pleasant Rooms, at 118 Charlton ?t. AFURNISUKD ROOM AND BEDROOM FOR HOCMK keeping; atao a Hall Room and Front Room, suitable for one er two gantlemon, at 3M Ninth at., aorond floor. kFllRNISIlRD FRONT ROOM, WITH A I.ARUK close i. at 37 Market street, will be let very low to one 1 two gentlemen. , ? AH AMERICAN LADY WOtTL0 LIKE TO HOARD two email children: beat of reference giTen. Call for three day. at 380 Baat 9th at. A HANDSOME NCIT OF PARLOR FLOOR ROOMS and a desirable Suit on the eeeoad floor a bore, to let, with drat class Board, at 30 We-t Seventeenth aireet, near Fifth arcane A?WANTED, A FEW RESPECTABLE YOUNO MEN ? to board In a amhll private family. Inquire In th n druggist's, MS FLral a ratine. ALAROK THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM, NICELY furnished, with al eonvemetMMa, to rent with or with out Board. Private family. 119 Baat Itth at. Board.?sfl cltnton place rEioiiTir street., near Fifth arpnne, a neatly furnlahed front Room, to w gentleman and wife, can be bad with first claaa Board. On. ner at ? P. M. Tonus moderate. Apply aa above. ? OARD.-GENTLEMAN AWD WIFE ANO SINOLK gentlemen can hare pleasant rooms, a liberal table and comforts of home at No. 7 St. Mark's place. toOARD?FURNISHED BOOMS, WITH FIRST CLASS X> Board, to a gentleman and wife, or a few single gentle men. apply at fll West Twenty-eighth street BOARD?A FINE SCIT OF ROOMS AND SINGLE Rooms. In a house having every modern Improvement, And convenient to Broadway Apply at lti East Twelfth at. Board?first class board in private fami If, HO East Thlrtv-foorth street. Suit of Rooma on ?eaond floor; ona chamber on third fioot. Fourth arenne fare pom the door. )N BROOKLYN.-A TlENTLEM AN AND f , wtra or lwo_qv vhrw single gentlemen can obtain pleas Ent Rooma^wuh Board, at<BCheerer place, between liar jpaon and Degraw atresia. 'R^lSmi2n0.15t OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN giinfiSfltffi? ' FtT*** Frem? family, br calling at lM ? SJ< ?tr**tv * minutes' walk from boulh ferry. Din A OFNTI.EMAN ?A ADA Wlf?| OOATtl for ibe lftdf. Modern iHlnrnt .?niwnli' Freandgas. At 300 KaatSltteenthstreet,c,ruerMuyveMAl I fURNlFHHD SECOND STORT FRONT ROOM awn ' Bedroom, with or without Board, le nriTata fiLwt m set Thirty third street, near Broadway. P * 43 TpilfRNWHTBD?OKNTIsEMEX JT in a private house, TlftJIS* WthHINO NICE ROOMS - . .. ?rp>* at 1"! Bteeekar street. Mi ?looks west of Hroadway. Modern Imp n>veiyte. VFCRM.-ifiKr) ROOMS?SINGLY OR IN SUITS, WITH JT or without tmrr'al Hoard, to gentlemen only, at 38 i... ?nartlnc pirn e, \\ t-at Twenty ninth street. rTCRMRTRD ROOMS?WITHOUT BOARD. AT N6 Ail tF treat Twenty airlh street, opposite St. Jameg' HotoL In Bin line * fine larg Pari >r and Bedroom on flrat floor. Beet of ftffercKM g^rcn an-J required. Ftr r <ii. d t'.hi . a to LET?wiiw or wiTnorr 1< -.| 4A Vi'brt 1 .u teentb street, near i?-n two r?'? lijmi ror three ot four gentieuiea. No moving In May IO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT !? lr*ta No uioriiuj in Mar ffh'-aa. > i irate fam ly. No moving in Mar, i .iro?H bftween out lb and derenih 11 POARDKKI A.%n toourRS^WAinDRD. [71URM8I1BD ROOMS TO *'-KN t?WITHOUT BOARD. | * to geatleiutiu o Uy, n first oLu?s house 29 North Wash' luftoa s juare. T/VRMSJTV.n lloOT TO REN't-A NICELY FUR. r n'-li..{ mt!- Bedroom to reut; *2 id per wee*. Apply ut 1.1 t'a,l Broadway. _________________ Handsomely furnished akcond story room ?im1 iw u Hall Rou-.u* u? lot, with Board, at 176 Weal Four teenth street. Handsomely furnished rooms to rent? win Hre*kfa*t if required; Fourth avenue ?n-s and ataman at the door. Flaaae call at 178 Lexington avenue. near Ihutjr-ici uQj atroct. for three day*. Term* moderate. Handsomely furnished rooms, en suite and s.ngly, with firat elaaa Board, at No. 11 East Twenty-clshth street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A Al lirel cl ia? private residence on Murray Hilt Addrrsa lLO.. otallou U. HANMSOMBLT FURNlSHrO THIRD FLOOR TO rent to geuiumon, with breakfast, at 81 West Twen ty-third r treat. H030KKV.?A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS AT 117 Uwdaon street, with or without Board. JERSEY CITY.?SECOND FLOOR ROOM TO A UEN r.emm an l wife, with Beard; also a Room for slugle gentle men, at SS busses street, Jersey City. TERSET CITY.?A WIDOW LADY. LIVING IN HER 0 own house in n vety pleasant locality, five minutes' walk from the fdrry, would like to rent her second or third Floor, nicely furnished, t? ? grntlenriu and Ills wife or a party or three adults, with or without Hot: I; house contains all the inod.rn improvement*. Those who would like toniske a per mauaut arrangement for one year cretmred, oommnntiua May 1. Oood refarenooa required. Address Permanent. Jer sey City Post ofllca. "VTEATLY FURNISH :43 ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR it single gentleim-n or gcatleiueu and their wives, tnay be had at 87 Es*t Eighteenth tlreet, near Benadway. fr.EA' AN'T ROOMS, WITH BOARD, IN A HOUSE containing nil the modern Improvements, can he hud by crr'0,'l't' a; D'S West r ghtutnlh street. Nj moving lu May. Isnn reasonable. QOMS TO LET?VVIT.l FIRST CLA 'S B ?\RD, AT lifit West Fourteenth sire.'. Terms moderate. QECOND STORY ROOM, SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, ' with Rnard; suitable for gentleman and .vife. M West Fifteenth street. OIO GENTLEMEN OB GENTLE an and tvil'K ?a I h ? ii lao'i.ol.v furn! ha I front Parlor and double Del rootat; piano tndgas. 6J8 Eighth avenue, three doors cbove Forly-I e, ond street. TO LET?I,A15.'if. llf OM i ON UIlRi) AND FOURTH 1 fl iiiir to alugie cent'-men or g Miila.n-'i and wive--. Ilouso lir-i class. Lot. ou i.u .u. pa :,ru. Apply at "d East Mini leont i street. TOLBT-1N A SMALL PBTYATF! HOUSE UP TO'.VN. fund-lied Aps inr* l with "oirl: no small childr n t Apply ,.t Hd VVnet Fort , -et :hlh Wreet. f|'-i LET?FURNI 11."D. A LARCH fBOW ROOM, I Willi g i and Imlli on the same Mr r. Call it Id Wch Eighteei.tu rtreet. hetuoou Fifth and Sixth avenues. fro LET?TWO FURNI SEED ROOMS WITH BOARD. 1 In ijcntlemm and wife, cr three single genMemtm: also two Utile boardeir, wanted. Apply at 161 Last Fourteenth street. References exchanged. rpo I F.T-W1TH BOARD, FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, j t? mni'.emaii and wile, or slmila gentlemen. Fire and gas. Terms moderate. 375 West Nineteenth street. rno strangers dp. otners.-a iiioiily re. I speetxbla German 1 dy will let a choice of handsomely furnished Rooms, with Heard or private tabic. Apply at lib Eighth street, Clinton place. Two FURNISHED ROoMS?1"0 GENTLEMEN; RENT two dollars per week. Iurpiirs at 23 Sixth avenue, b? t'.veen Diectkerand Fourth streets. XT N ION SQUARE.-ELEGANT ROOMS ON FIRST floor, fvmit, for and w ife; also one single Room. At 32 Hast Hevunteeuth strnot. \ITANTED?A f!F.MTI.EMANLY YOUNG MAN AS Vf Room m te In a privet" family, central location snd terms moderate, with Board. Addicts Buhillor, Herald ?Met. 1*71,ST TENTH STRRRT? NO. I B; CONVENIENT TO Iv four lines of cm; pie v.i lit, well furnished Knoms. with oxcrllcnt Board; wrst of Sixth avenue. Location good; terms moderate. HI stT MARK'8 PLACE.?FURNI SHE D R Oft ,111 TO L? ' let, singly or in suits, to gentlemen ond wtvos or single geutlemen, with or without Board;,gas and fire. References exchanged. fT7j ~VolTrtTi STRRRT, O NK~ kLuCK WEST Of &') It rood war?A handsomely furnished Ron a. for ten. tinman and wife, with good Board; also for single gentle men. "Dinner nl o. Oft UNION SQUARE?A SUIT OF ROOMS ON FIRST Ot" flour and a desirable Room ou fourth Uoor to be rented, with Board. Q< WF.BT FIFTEENTH STREET?TO LET, WITH Ot out board, two Itoonie, comrauolealinc, on second floor; also one Utge Room on fourth floor; all furnished. A A UNION SQUARE.?FRONT SECOND FLOOR SUIT TT to let. with Board, to a gentlo.nan and wife. Refer ences required. WEST TWELFTH 8TRFET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avunn**.?One Urge and two small Rooms to lut. with flftt class Hoard. References. AC MADISON AVKNITR? ROOMS F.N SUITE AND till single, for families and gentlemen, now vacant, at the Madison Avenue Ilotal. no FlFTli~A VBNIT E -AN ELKO A NTLY FUKN1SURD Parte,* ond Redmoin Intel, with lire and gas; $40 per week. Apply to SMITH A 00..82 Fifth avenue. Ift/T WOOSTKR STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO 1 Ul/ let, to genUamno only; Rooms from $2 to $6 per week. ALo Front Parlor, aultable for a phy*lcian. WEST FOURTH STREET, WASHINGTON 50 112 squsre.?A handsomely furnished Psrlor Floor to nil. let to gentlemen nr s family; Hrcskfe t 11 deslrei'; terms moderate; possession Immediately. 1QQ CHKYsriE STREET FRONT ROOM^ ON FIRST Ilg fl'vor. to let, furnished, aultible for gentleman and wi/e or two aingle geatlemen. Also single Room* to let. l!)h MACDOUOAL STREET. ?A PLKASANT ROOM IOO to let, with Board, Are and gas, to gentleman tad wife, for $21 Also Rooms for aingle gentlemen. BOARD A WD LODOIUO WA1YTKD. A nimu.Y respectable akd well educated gentleman wtHhM to meal with Board In a social nud ?ad strictly private family, having the society of young ladles or young people: no other boarders; below Twenty, sixth street. West. Moderate terms and full particulars. Address C., Art Journal, 81# Broadway. AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN OP 30 WISHES A furnished Room. with home comforts, in a genteel pert of the eltv. None but flr-t class accommodations will answer. Address Home, Herald office. "D OARD?WITH PARLOR AND BEDROOM. WANTED X) immediately, by a gentleman and wife, tu a private family; terms must be moderate. Address, giving full par ticulars, Mr. Blank, station O. BOAKD WANTKD-BT A YOUNO OtRL, WITH A widow lady; terms muat be mod orate; must bo on the east side of the Rowery. Address T. T., bos *? Herald offloe. Board wanted-bv a highly respectable middle age-1 gentleman, srith a respectable private fxmllv, where there are no children, and where he can find the oomfort* of c home. Addreee Mer hant, box Post office, giving number and vie script Ion of family, accommoda tions and term.< llOARl) WANTED?PO It A_"BKRPKCTABLK LADY Jy (engoced In business;, tn a plain private family, be tween fsnal end Fortieth streets, wen side; price from $1 to #9 Ad li-ess Thompson, with full particulars, for three days. Herald office. -? Board wantfd-uy a respectable young lady emploved through the day; l?rm< not to exceed $8 per week; location east of Broadway. between Bleeeker and Fortieth streets. Address L. 1'.. station T>. Board wamko.-a yoitno obntleman and nlfc desire a well furnished Room, with Hoard, In a pri vate Ikrnelitish family; locality between Ninth and Thirty fourth street", end between ffeoottd and Eighth avenues. Address for one week, stating terms aud accommodation, L. L., station D. \TTANTED?A LARGE ROOM ON THE FIRST OR vr second floor, with permanent Hoard, for four respect able younr men. who have been together two years; iuu"t be Mow lllee'ker t;reel and terma moderate; a private family prefrired. lieforence* given. Address, with pai ttculsrs, boy SAM Tost office WANTED-HY a single obntleman. a well furnished Room. In a respectable family, between Fourteenth end Twenty-third streets and Flrsl and Third avenues; price not above #13 per month. Address T. R., 44 White street, up stairs. WANTKD-PRRMANKNTLY, TWO VNFt'BNIHHBD vT Room*, sercn t or third floor, between Eighth and Four toenih streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, by a single gentleman, as private lodgings only; will pav $3S 1 -er month in advance for "ultable rooms, references unexceptionable. Address (I. W., box 138 Herald offleo. WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOd IN NINTH WARD: noi to exceed #< per week. Address rt., 197 Qreen* Wkjh s'reeL WANTED?ROARD FOR OENTLEMAN, WIFE AND nurse In a private family where there ate no other boarders: willing to pay #25 per srerk tn advanoa, If suited. Address J. Y. R., t>o? 181 Herald MDoe, stall eg terma. ?ftTANTED-BY TWO GENTLEMEN, A PARLOR. TWO yy Bedrooms end Bathroom, without board. In the vicin ity of Madison square. Address, stallag terms, box *,#70 Poet office. COrSTRY BOARD. >UNTRT BOARD WANTED?WITHIN THREE HOURS of New York, front 1st of May, lor gontlrman, wife, ? children and nuree; local Ion must be healthy, fare good riouirri \J of He four oblldr aud terma moderate. Address box 4,KM N. Y. Post offlce. hotblb. American hotel, broadw _ street. New York, on the European plan. Rooms, la stills or singly, at moderate rates. TMERRCPONTHODRl?BROOKLYN IISIGHTS, Firl rSlodffta <rf Wi3l street farry. BntU and atngle Rooms, mum tuttj. bum AO a m* * Rooms, permanent and Umset^t. I^^nan^U u^.ayl: CHERMAN HOCSB.413 BROOM* fftftRKf.?ON THE O European plan. Desirable ?ooomntodelieM for petm# nentor use sunt guaats, at roaaonable rates JABBLE MANTtwT-TTIB *t*t RUM IN THBI ?1 city to purchase Marble mantel* Of the latest desist L!RL9* irtoesly at A. KLABBR'R MarbleWorkJ, KB I tOTteftitr near A*TPUI *T "IPWBP PRICE B-nA PINE _ CSVY REAL EST ATM FOR BALE. AVCTION SALK3 THIS DA*. AT 11 O'CLOCK, AT BX. Ca ?NUB AALKSROOJI. Ill Broadway, BY KKMSEN APPLKBT.AUC I'l'JNKKH, OFFICE Na 10 BIKE RTRBRT. No. 490 Wf?l Thirty-fourth Unrt, a thro* story high stoop fir?*. cla-s luick Hon -a, SJ IO?45x9?.t? Two tour *:ory brick Building*, 337 and 331 Weat Thirtieth street, l'ix2l.6 eoch Also a l..rg?- plot of Lota on Kixhth avenue. Maps, particular*, Ao., at the allloe of auotlaneer AVKRYOOODTHREB STORY BNOLIRH BASEMENT bih-k Hon -4! for sde, 13x10x90, on Greenwich f'.roet, naar llanminn l. $3,600; a bariraln. For pennlU apply to ED MUND II MARTINA, 1J72-Broad war A?HARLEM PROPERTY: TWO TWO 8TORY, BASK , incut and attlo Houses, full fronts, Anl-thed complete, pnor $7,000 each; alao two adjoining Lots. Apply to MR AD ANNE*, Third areuuc, above 138th street. ALAROK NUMBER OF PRIVATE nOPSBB FOR sale?'M ith immediate possession, or May 1. Apply to J. A J. FiJTTBCTCn, <18 Third avenue. A NICE THREESTORY HIGH 8TOOPHOUBKIN WEST 1 hirtiadi street; all modern Improvements; $11,600. Ap ply^o SAMUEL BKBTBCHY, *44 Weat Thirtieth street. AT 788 THIRD AVENUE.?FOB BALK. ON EAST Fiftieth street, three story high atoop brick House for a small family; the neatest in the ?ty, only $8,760; $KWp#r mouth rent offered. JAMI'.o ROWh. AT'.68 TIIIltD AVENUE,-FOR SALE. AVERY DE sirablc ttireehrtory high atoop b. s. corner Hou?e. on ilia Beckiuan estate, (restricted); site 20x46. .lust call up aud see iL JAMES KO?K. AT 768 THIUD AVENUE.?FOR SALE, AVERT DE simple three atory h. a b. s. House, rrnlctr with Im ivovroieaia, ou East Forty-ninth street, at $11 0X1; $1,M> rent odored. JAMES ROWK. A PACT WORTH KNOWINO?THAT VOU < A*. CRT about the beat and most suitnhla (most ienable as to prices) list of thrcu and four story high sp-op brick and bro'.Tu atone Houses, fram $8,600 up to $30 ?'I9. J ml call at 768 Tutrd area f. _ JAMES ttOWE. A PINK MANUFAOTURHIO PROPERTY, A HO IIOKSU power Engine and other Uaehbiory fjc sale ot W.m Twentr-seventh ?tri-e!. Apply to R. KAKIti-il.L, 370 wud tlO.Cj rultoii row. West Washington market. A THREE ST'iRV IIRICK IFOU8E, FURNISHON Bank street, 21. lot V0; thorough repair, Jl.OdO having l>coii Spent in pahiPng and plumbing; pric.%, furnish'd, BIO.-TV). Ai>plyto W. tv. LAWS, 113 Puny street, or IRK LANl>. $01 Bro idwry. A MODERN T*IR.,E HTOItY HIGH KTClOP HOUSE forsnl?. o:i T'ortr-lrat rtraet; ucrr Hroitd.vay cars: pos sesion 1st o( May. Pi ice ?15.? l< pii- to suit, - , ADA MS A CO., Did RrJluway. All A ItO.t I .V. ?OOS V FRAME OC'Tr\QI{ ON llli'll c:.cet, utvir Central 1'n.iK, lib aiable; good neighbor hood; *36JC ? il.bvxi >s>"? immediate possession. 1?. C. KNIGIIT iklj Broadway, room 90. A GOOD INVESTMENT ON THIRD AVK.NUB.-A U\ lour story llotun mid lot, 25i&6allM. Teiuis easy. Apply at 619 i'hlid avenue, early. A BEAUTIFUL TIIRKK FTORT HilURE, 811 EASY Tblrti-aemud street, in flia, condition vd-h cl ?? d p axzu; aituatc.l ne-r Third nvnuue; price S'S.OaO An ?ly ror permit only to Sl'llNKY li. CAUlt, 189 Grand street, near Broad tray. A THREE STORY 1TIGH STOOP HOUSE. Tn TITIR. ttctli atr'ot, between Lexington and Fourth avenue*, for sale at $15,0(0. In jiarfee'. order. UR.MY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. A THREE STORY niOlf STOOP HOUSE? ALL TUB t\ modern i nprorrmcnte, In beat style of repair; chcnde ? Iters un l g ir Qr.turca go with tbe house; $'.4,000; 149 V.'ost Kifiy-third street, between RroitrtTay and Eighth avenue. THOMAS SCANLAN, 754 lilgath avenue. A N EXCELLENT FOUR STORY BROWN" 8TOXE iX Hoitrc for *ilc, 30x00x98.8. loca'cd on one of the best streets up town, $25,030. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY. No. 3 Pino street. A VERY FIN'J FOUR STOUT HIGH STOOP BROWN stov.a House for sale, 23x55x84 9, ou Forly-Qrst street, near Sixth avenue, $11,690. UDMUNdi 11. MART1NR, 1,272 Broadway. AHANI<SO'ME THREE STORY HIOH STOOP RR1CIC House for sole, m lino order; frescoed; excellent lora> tloii, Sia.OuO 1'OTi'EK BROS. A UE1.I.AMY, No. 3 Pino atreet. A TWO STORY AND HIOII BASEMENT HlUn STOOP A House (15x101). No. 8 Holyrood place. Eighty-third si root, tietvvoen Soooud and Third avonues, for aula; oontama oiglit i-uoins. gas llUurea, matblr maiilela, hard walls, water: In Que order; good location: price ?5.600; terms easy. THOMSON, 1.33d Third aveuue. A BROWN 8TONH TURRB STORY HIOH STOOP llou-e in it good nrlghborhood on East Forty-eighth ?trcol, U oh'ered ror sale; has gaa and water throughout, hard wood attire, cedar blunts, plate ginui windows, Ac.; price $14,(3)0. IC1NQ A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street. I Ifth Avenue Hotel. A NEAT rrtV'O STORY, BASEMENT AND SUB-CEL Inr House for sale, in Ilarlom, containing ten rooms; gas and Croton; lirico $6,000. Inquire of the o.vner, IIKNBY C. fKUMPKB, Id3th street, third huiiac cast of Fourth avenue, north aldo. A FIVE STORY CRICK TENEMENT BUILDING, with I wo Stores Uiereoi,sltn*l-d at 'ftil XTarttsjn idrect, for calc. Uuilti uow at a Law rate lor S7-IW per tiunnin. I'nr ?11.50. Turin-, easy. Inquire fur turvher p.irt.culara at I6i Scicntn nvenua. AN ELIGIBLE THREE STORY HIGH HTOoP BRICK House. Nineteenth etrc-(, between liighth and Ninth avenues, to let lo a party wtio wul purchase the Furniture. Kent of bouse $1,71M; furulliire $1,6(10. Apply to W M. L. KEYS. 831 West Nlneieenlh atreet. nonr Teuth avenue. AOBNTBSL nOUSE IN STANTON STRF.I1T, MEAB the Bowery, for aale cheap, tetms reasonable. ,!7 N. a sail sti vol, ofllco No. 30. H, E. LENT. . Bargains-call soon and skoubf. tukm. 4 story K. b., WcstYid at.. IR.H.A ?*<*3 9 $3>.0U$ 8 story B. (>, West K91U St., 16 BC.'.viW -i 11',6C<) 3 siorr b. s. h. *.. West 33d si 3.1x55*86.9 ?l UM 3 .dory h. s. biiok. 7th *v., 16 8x5(?r'(IO 11,60* 4 story K. b.. West 43d *1. 17x53x101 14,?*1 3 story b. A brick, V. e- l <5lh si.. IP 6:,V,vlW I5,U*J 3 atory h. s. brick. West 47th at, 16 8x45.100 IX f?M 3 story h. ... briok, AYoai fiOih at., Wxt.'ixIW. l.'f.oUl 3 atory K. b.. West 60tli al. DSxMH'Ov) 13 -V 0 3 story h. a. b. s.t Lexington a v., 29.55x1 JJ. 22 5U) These Houses have all the modem impiovcra -nta. Hlores ou Seventh and Onth ayenuea. Also line vncint Lou. W ATE BLOW A CO., 39 Nassau atreel YinKAPKHT BARGAIN IN THE CITY.-THREE HTORY x J high atoop brown stoae House near Hr.enih avenue, handsomely frescoed. 20x55x105. Prtee only $18,6.9. Apply only to RYl)NEV II. CAKR, 138Grand atreal near Broad way. 1ALKOANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONR FRONT i House for eale, 2.1 Lexington arcnus, nctr Thirty eighth direct, beautifully frescoed in euotulUe throughout. Furniture, which I* now mid first nl..s. cau be h?-l If de ?'rod. Apply to AI,f,I.N A IlEH'.i N, 'Ji Brorul ,\.?y. or to IHIMKR MORtlAN, No. 2 Pine street. litOR 8 ALE?Til F VALUABLE VBOPRRTY NO. H4 L1 Kmuk.ilII ettool, K few door* west of ] For terms, Ac., apply loOOX tlRUTllfclt., ??6 Urotdway, cor ner or Fourth etroot. FOR SAI.K?TUB HaNOSOMK POOR SrOKY ENO Itsb bMCbimt brown (tone llouae, 111 Rest Fourteenth atreet, between Sixth and Seventh am.ties; J2S.T00. HOMER MOROA.N, N . 2 I'ine street. filoR EAt.E?FlltSTCLAfiS NRW FOUR STORY SHOWN 1 stone Mouses and 1-ota, 61 and 63 We l Mth, between 6th and 6th are., rose wood doora. W. FANNING. S; W. l.Jtb OB SALJP-ON H0RRAY HILL THE FIIHT O I.ASS fonr atnry brown alone Hoaae 273 l-eviurtou avenue, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth atreet*. Full aire and finely situated. For permits ami further Information apply to 1IOMKR MORGAN. No. 2 I ine street. jnOK SALE.?WEST POHTV-NINTH STRKKT.?THE 1? Aral claw threo story hricU Hou is mid lot iM West For ty-ninth atreet. convenient lo Broadway cam; has all mod ern Improvements and Is In complete order; *1x50x101 feet; possession In A|ndl. J. C. RR DMOND, IM We.t Forty ninth stroct. OB RALE?? YAI.UaIm.B IMPROVED CORNER ON Fonrleentb street west of Fifth srrnue. Al.SH TO l.RT?A KUKNIttllKH HOUSE ON MADISON square and one on Thlrty-uinth street, near Fifth avenue. ALSO OFFICER IN 1W M ROAD WAY. snltable for bank ers, It.snranee cmpantea brokers or lawyer*. Inquire of CHAUNCFV BARNARD, 100 11 road way. ??,. 17IOB R.tLE?THE FIRfT CUM FOUR STORY J1 brown stone Houae.s and Lot* Nos. A and 10 West Forty nmth street, eoiilatnina all mod-rn improvements; No. 8 la, Ne. 10 Is lAfl.-Jfi; lots 100 leet deep. Apply to O. A W. YOONOB, lf.1 sevoutb avenuo. Ij'OR HALB-THS HOUSE AND UROUNDS NOW OC 1 cuplrd by the Matron Dotec. -itu. tad on Fourteenth atreet, opposite Union square, and extruding through to Thirteenth street. 46 by 163 .'eel 6 Inches; possession April 1. For full pirllouUrs apnly to E. 11. LU IU.OW & CO.. No. 8 Pioe street. tilOR WALK--THF. NEW AND KLF.OANT FOUR STORY r brown stone high stoop House and Lot No. 71 Park avenuo, of snparlor build ana finish; must be seen to be ap preciated. Apply on lbs premises from 11 to 1 For ralr-a fine two story house, all m provementa, lo Drat class neighborhood, up town, east ?Ida. Inquire at 74 West Twenty-ninth street, betwoen 6 and 7 o'oloek P. M. YjlOR SALK?SB VKKAL SMALL CORKY HOUSES, WITH A1 all Improvemenu, In varlou* parts of the elty. n. McKKMNA, 46 Duana street. For rale?a very fink new four btobyhioh sloop brown atone House, finished In the very beat manner, with walnut staire, walnut trimming. marble tiling,

and a splendid UUUaid Room, ompleta with all modern im provements. must be seen to be appreciated. Apply on tba premlees, Ut West FTriy-aooond street, between Broadway and Blffhth menus. For balk?a newly furnished house, suit abie for laehloaebl- boarding, with rood levee, one block west of Broadway, near St. Nicholas Hotel; la offered for cbtNiP^Ioroeeh. Apply from llo 6 P. M., to JOHN f LYNN, ISO Spring atreet. comer of Thompson. FOR WALE?THB TnRKE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK House 1*7 Third avenue, near Fourteenth atreet. In quire on the premises. filOR SALE-THREE HTORY AND BARRM8NT BRICK ??.'*""? ""-'I tewIf.TowV. ffZJSs.'JT' XfO* WALE?AMOSTDE8IRAB1.8 LOT. ON YtflRD * i?|? avtesiV g**'1"'' t&vsnv&it'. jft&stta* mite for over ta^jjeaint.. glow WM,W" ' KIOHARpS, M Wall street, hWMt frofc IlLfe-THfe F RAM E HO US B AND LOT fl WEffY f Twentr-sighth etreet; Hones on rev; lot arete* tetewe by W feet 6 Inehee. Inquire on the pretaleee. Tjlo* BALE?CORNER OF LEXINGTON AYR NUB 1.660. Apply 10 J. OORBIT. 2.11 Ninth arefiue. F??J f 10,160. BR HALR-ONR OFTHR BKHT FfRuT olasb tbnk ? C1TT WKA1. 1WA L^cn 8A1.K?TUB PLOT OP Ogb'W^ WICT BPILP* ?F in**. No* 45 and 47 First (trust, v*P Bsewd avenue, P"*** by 76 I nfli. i'rioe $13,800, or A* JwiMee# "ill M Plot ?H by 76 fnsl i'rioe $13,500, or J keel A; fir torAK.NiNU. MB Bowerf .f , IjlOR 8AI E-A THREE STOUT HIGH STOOP .BRIOK . House. basement* end c*l .era, with Stables en the ."Sir, one ot the best corner* ib the Seventh want, Wt Bant Broad' way, corner of Montgomery struct. Will be sold on reason ?Wo terina. inquire at St Brood* No. IT .M sllltyaK. L^OR 8AI.B?THE PLOT OP aROUND 00 FEET BT r 100. situated on the aouthweat corner of Second (ve nue and Twenty-seventh street, together with three brick Dwellings tberron. Price $19,000 Apply to J. H. IIER B1UK. 10 South street IjtOB BALE?HANDSOME BROWN STONE POUR r story ReOdenre. best part Rewind svenne, furnished or nnfurutaned. Pur terms and permits apply at 100 East Eighteenth street. Fob sale?first class, nearly new point atory brewn atone Rruse end Lot in Thirty-ninth (tree . east of Sixth avertne, splendidly bniit and finished, walnut doors end autre: 1$ elegant rooms, S water oioeeu. Ac.; occupied by owner since brushed; price gbi 5"0. STANLEY DAY, ai9 Fourth area we. rB SALE?A DESIRABLE HOUSE IN THIBTT f " m. fourth atruct between Second and Third eveanes; ell improvement-, English basement; 16.8*1011; clicap at 812,010. RICHARDS, 81 Wall eireet, basement liTOR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN BOND STREET; r three elorlr* and od'.rcti In the rear. Apply el 178 Ceu (re street, up stairs, between tl and I o'clock. E20R SALE.?THAT DK8IKABLK PROPERTY 1C4 r B ooster street, nmr Houston; kev of corner-. 25.9*78; price $16.UW. Apply to RICHARDS, 6i Wall i-treet, base mcnt lilOK SAI,B-V\N KKSS PLACE (CUABLi'.S CTRSBTt. I' three story hv;li kUk c brick House, 20x48, end bill the black; h:ia fbi-ucct end all the conveniences; price $l7.OTtt KM 1*1*11 A MUAH, 354 Eighth avenue I,-OR SAI L?A LOT ON (IILIU'H STHKKT, NKAtt I' Ltspemrd, with Immediate no***-?lon. Appt- lo.'OHW AJJII {AN UK, fid Kaeaeu street. bltmstt.l!-'TtIK TWO II HIS. - AIn'D LOT.'NON. 2fd " and 8:1 Went Ttverily-t.oveetli street. Hou*e* briok,; thrcfstaneit i.ntl basement 18.9 by 4b feet, lots h II th" block- iu K m1 nrder-nua well rented. Apt lr to J. 0. WIL SON, tO Canal atreet. I7IGR S ALB?CROWN STORE HOl'BliS ON RBCOND J' nvenue, KaM Pltttetli, Tifiy firel end Hfty-recold bircoth, lrom ?ll^td t?? 19,'(,M. U'.M. 8. JftNNlMiS, 111 RnMdway. Trinity Rtuldtug. basement. bXlR SACK -PUOPNUTY, 95 AND 97 CHSYani J 8 .re -t; lots 26. ml 400 oreh. W, 0. FLAN YUAN, 107 Chryatie street. flQtt BALL?STORE AND DWELLING SOOIIIV. BST c w' tol avenUisO and Peoottd street, ono ef the b at Luslnt s- elands on tho avenue; lot Ifli. ft; price gib AO). In quirool ./. A l'lr IiHi,-; rbt East Fourth street told number b9l), o oi'J. MArHhWr'o.N, No. 8 I'me street. tilOit -SALE?HtHJdli AND LOT 117 NINTH AVENUE; J' lotiL.sxWO; 45 deep; modern Improvements Inquire of L. i> AivII, mo Ninth avenue, or JAMBA PRIOR, 20b Uni on ette 'U on tus premises. t.OK SALL-HOUKB AND LOT 4i3 WEST T1IIRTY si*(U ctreet; lureo slory biirement brick; 20 ro ms; coutnnleut for two i.imiiiet, lot z6*98.?. Inqatre ot E. J. BATOn. 878 Nliub Hveuur, or JAMES FRILL, 200 Hadaon streuL Priea 86,ftJO. FOR SAI.K? IN TWKNTY-8KOONO HrKKET. NEAR K'ghih sroniie, a three Hnry attic high basement und undur otuhir hrlna House, containing ail modem couvo niunoos, tus ioitUalOU, with a four slur., ilouae on rrnr. re exovllt in ehaue, a very doalrablc proraity for tiiveitmnnl; price gib.000. baa M. RlLHATRlCK, Boll's Head Bank Uuildiugs. F lOR BALK?TtJE MOST DB81BABL8 PLOT OP a Oround on f.cvingtnn avenue, viz , the northeast eor uer oX lort> Mi*th ali^-i UsizlAl. Cellars now being exca vated. KUai'ATRtOR, Bull's IJesd Hank Buildings. For s.vLE?first class uioii stoop house on Eighteenth strost, ncav Irving place. I'rioe $28,0CU. Imrncdljtc po*>es?lou. Apply to 110MER MOUOAN, No. 2 Pine street. FOB HALF?HOUSE AND LIiT IN HBNRY STREET, ue?r Lrand street Pidoe gWXk). Apply to HOMER AiOBOAN, No. I I'iue street. POB 8ALE-A THREE STORY UI?n STOOP BROWN stone House, 18*48 nnd 86, on Potfe -fourth alroet, be tween Piflh nod Sixth avenues. $12,000. BDMHND U. martini:, 1,273 Broadwey. For salk-several modern built houses in good neighhorhooda, at reaeookble prieea. Apply W g, S. MYERS, 489 Broadway. POR SALE?POUR STORY HIGH STOOP BNQL18H baacmcnt Hnusa, In complete order throughout hand somely painted and decorated; modern iinprovementa-in. eluding furnnre; location unexoeptionable, on Mttrray HIU, near Park avenue, gee ttxturea, eernlcea and wiridow all ados with the house, as tnc owner leaves the city. Possession inny be bod 1st of April or sooner. Terms eeer. Price hlV 000 if aold Immndiatalv. If not sold within one week it I will bo rooted ten private family (without children) for two apply to PAiUHlNK t WARD, 79 Cedar "treat Por salk-on mahison avenue, a pi but class four "t ry high stoop brown stone House; 26 feet wide, in perfeet order: replete with modern improvements; in ico 9UOJMO; another on same avenue, $40,090. To he seen between II aud 8 o'clock. JAB. H. KDW Ait DR. 271 West Twenty-third street. IAOR BALL?TI1REK STORY UIQH STOOP BRICK P House i -* . " ~ modern gient order, bowery use and Lot. 28 Fifth street, near tho Bowery, with improvement,, g'S. tube, water cloantu, Ac., end in lor. Apply on tbe prem: tea, or at PANhINO'S, 223 tftUK BALE?ONE OR TWO OP THO.-f: PI YE STORY P bpm-n stone Hon tee on the east side nf Seventh Ave nue, between ftbirtcentli and Pouiteenih streets', all mo dern iniprn. um.niu in pevfeei order thtrmgVmt, at a low prtce nnd on easy tetmi. u. F.MHRRSON, 431 fsighth avenue. FIOH KALE CHEAP? ONE THRME UTORY CORNER hriokUouse on Tewtn av.; price $9,000, two MJotntiwi ikioe $4.000each: nl?oon elx'y Seventh street e eosy hr.ok uonsei all the modern Improvcmsnia, near Bro idw. r; prion 8S.WU, and one on .- evnntu-Ui street and I'.leventh avenue, (two lots); price LS,9U>. WALDRDN A CO., I'.ti \Vr : Pur:/ sixth street, near of Eighth avenue. IjIOK BALE IMMEDIATELY?TIIE BROWN 8TOKK I' House ami Lot No. 319 Loxinglon arsuue. IA9xfl0x87; all improvements: $14 WJ?98,1,0,1 moi tgags at g tier cent. KlLl'A'i'iUCK, Bull's lleati Bank Buildings. For sale i<ow. owner going to kuropb Fohi- l>r*t stem new three stoiy high stoop brown stooe front Houses Eighty-fourth sheet, Between Second and Third avenues; po?-ci*tni May I. 1887; price* SHkOOO lo f 12.000. Alsomic lout etory high sloop brink House 33 West Porty tout III street; independent w.ills, 35 feet front, la good ra pe lr; OT rooms; ihi-s'- .sion i in mediately; for 833.W0. In quire of F. PRENTICE or J. K. MM ITU, 3d I'laesu-aet. FnOR SAT.E OR TO LET, rURNIi?IIED-A FIRST I clsas id >nr front three story full tiled House, la com plete order. In NMictrcnlti street, between Filth and Sixth avcoucs. If rented, n.u?t oe to u private family for iivo or lhr<v ynare: tf sold. with furniture. 8"tfi,0J0; without furni ture. Poaaeaetoa cau be liad on 1st of Apnt. In quire of tlOMKH MOW'.}ANi No 8 Ptne street. H AKLEM PROPERTY FOR SALE. 129TI1 STRr.ET, between Fifth and Sixth arenute. Two first class Ifciee st'tv. biscment and count?r-vc1Ur high sloop Uounca, hating nilmodern impi orements. J tkawlso ihirty-flve , _ . . foot lot adjoining, with -table Inquire on the premises, Ma 30 lKih street. TTOUSK FOR SALE-BROWN STONE PROMT, FOUR n i - - -?. stories high, Ml Fast Twenty-second afreet. Inquire off UBADNUEV BAHN.\llli, Agent, 100 Broadway. TTOUSK AND STABLE FOR SALE. ?HOUSE HAS JI1 brown stone iront, three nior.wt, English bnsemenl. wtlli port eocbere and Mabln In tlieraar. will, live stalls and coaoli room, all finished In the must thorough manner by days' work end in complete order throughout. Aj pie to .J * " Bit MOR ALI.MN A GROWN, 9/ Broadway, or lo HOME GAH, No 2 Fine street. HOUSKM FOR SALE-BY A. JOUHNKAY, NO. 8 FINE West Twanty-aeeond atreot S story h. a. brick 817, Mi West Twenty-second Mi-net, 4 story J}, b., brick 14.0 0 ' " E. l>, b, I West Fifty-second street, 4 story E. l>, b s., furnL'-ted U.&O.I SeconH?.yjnmc. ? 4|o ^ h. a. b. U.aD T Q FOWIstR, WBSrCUKHTRK COUNTY LAND tf . Ap til. Twnnty.thlrd stroet, corner of Fifth Aeenus Hotel, has for sale at Fordbam, Jerome Park, a nice Cot tage. 10 rooms, good lioru. two aoros field, with fruit, for 813,000, half cash; at West Morrtsania, near Metro-e depot, a One Gothic House. 13 rooms, good stable, modern Imprort moots, quarter of an i.rre; iuiee 813,000 Madison k lot, full bur. bbtwben Forty-fourth and Forty-hfth klreots, pai tlciilarly adapted for building a first class residence on. as the n tyaoeut pro E'rtr Is restricted on both sides of the way and aide streets, pply to Mr. GRANT, till aisroci sheet, up ststrs olt'tee. New thkkf. story brown stonb house west Fifty-third street, partly furnished; 813-000. W A1>DELI, A ARMSTRONG, II Pine street. The best arranged, most substantial and elegantly built Brat class full sued brown atooe Re I denoe on Flflh avenue (Murray Hill) tor sale very low, with Immediate p"'sea?ton, by FRED A. PETERSEN, Arcutteot, No. 6)4 Pine stroet. mo BXCHANOE?SOME DESIRABLE CITY TROP X crty for a first class Farm , with good Improvements: on the Hudson river preferred. Mddresa K. B. 0. k Co., box 3,079 Post omoo. giving description, location, Ac OQTH STREET. -FOR SALE. FOUR STORY FIRST .SO daaa ltouse ln Twanty-etgh th street, near Broadway, by MUlsLKR. WILKIN8 A CO., No. 7 Pino street. fcll HAH -drOR BALE?TH RUB STORY BRICK C-l-X.VV/4/. House, brown atnno; basement. I9.6>4?il00. between Ninth and Tenth avenues, nice yard and with all modern Improvements. BfGELOW A BERNARD. U Pine street d>l Q AAA -HOLMES IN THIRTIETH STREET, ?Xsfi.UUV. one In 111 In too plaoe, near Fifth avenue, elA ilflfl -A ?R?T Phfs* ?ioa jroor pops flT.UUU. story brick House, 14 East Twentieth Mreet, oynUlnlng IS room., with olosets, and ell la good ra ?Visa r,,ijB STORY HIGH JSTOOP ? brown stone House, newly and elegantly Ably locate J, Woet Tbutjf.nlnth street. W. r. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. PROOKlsYIt RBAIs ESTATE FOR SAIsB. A BEAUTIFUL TWO STORY AND HIGH BASE meat House, together with the corner gore Lot tva mem iioune, ingeuier wttn tie oorner gore Lot (va cant) adjoining. oa aouthweeterly corner of Oxford street and r?ik l-.r - -rttyr . r.-s-jc-tshlc and healthv lo cality. Terms easy. Apply at the otloe pf G. ... Attorney, 341 Fultoa street, opposite the Oily Hall, Brook A COTTAGE (BRYEN ROOMS) FOR BAIJI-88 BY ? A feel, ground W by 300feet: prtoe 83000; on Maapetb HiU Horse Railroad, suburbs East Brooklyn. RIMING 34 Rest Twentieth B ROOELYN.-A FAMILY GOING TO KUROFB WILL aril or let a House and two Lots; modern improve ?Mats all through; ISO feet partly ori-tmented, partly vega table ganl?n; el?n several desirable I/Ot# adjoining; ire rnln utes from the farnaa, terms easy. Apply at fWrraaideal street PBOORLYN HOUSE FOR SALE -A ORBAT BAB gain. Naoksti strsel ParUeulare and permits frWl 9 BpNtsDiyf A 00 , 31 ring sire*. ? . ?OKLYN.-410DBRN ^fiS 111.000; modern llou-e.. WeatdtY' f? JffMWI 7" I lo Mor3w%4,(?) " ?' ^oilloX. lfe BroadwAf. nROftKI.YN PROPERTY 0? BOC^f On TO BO J1 afreet ?One of the moat desirable rcah.?no*s Twentieth ward; hua-c brown stone, 1S*W feet, * **Vfr*V and stable; ibree Iota of ground; house built In the be manner. Ajw-lv lo WYCKOFF A LITTLE, Montagu*' Street, ?RUBINES8 PROPERTY IX HOUTU BROOKLYN FOB D sale.?The three brick Stores on the aouthaaat corner of Columbia and Warren streets built by days' work u> the beat mauuer; In perfect order; alao one vscaot Lot In War ren street, three minute*' walk from the South ferry. In quire on the pi-cm lac s. IrUFTH AVENUE LOTS. WEST BIOS. BELOW THE 1 Park?Three, 24x130; twe, 2&UOO. For aal* by WM. AYNOR F%OR WALE-IN CARROLL STREET, BROOKLYN, near Third avenue, to eloaa an estate, a twe story and attic Ilouee, 12 rooma, in good repair, 36*40, with two aad a half lou, and af.bto on rear. Prloe $4 000. Muatbeaoid. $1,000dawn, balance In instalments. II. A BUAKARD. 1*0 Rerneeu afreet, Brooklyn, and 00 Wall street, X. Y. r)R B A LB?TWELVE BUILDING LOTH, NEAR THE parade ground of Proopeet Park. Brooklyn. Inquire at Meschutt't Ilofel, No. S Pulton alreet, Brooklyn. Is1 Oil BALE?W1TII POjSEr'SlON IK WANTED, THE I. House and lull lot, Sr4 Jay alreet. Brooklyn; In porfeet order, 14 room, aeren marble be slna, with hot and cold water; two hloeke fmm (llty Hell: core pats door; rootal ralue ?'?400; price 88,0*11: ti-rina liberal Mo and apply to JAMES RICHARDS, S3 ata-rH, N. Y. For saur?tubrk storv and babrmbnt House and Lot cu Fourth stiset, east of Dlrtalon are nee, Brooklyn. J*. D.: all modern ImpruremenL. Houae in une onter. Address P. N? box 2,107 Poet office. VOH RACK f? BROOKLYN-AT A SAClttFICB. LOTS . .bcaatlfullr located, ne-r Pulton and At lamk Av one liallroad-.; rory accessible; of neat proa pectiia ?.:1?b; pi-ieca from *7s to CB each. 7S per cent on bond end rnorijmge. DRAKE A 0?L,No. ? WlUoughby al. ]]tOR HALE IN ItftOOiCf.YN?TflKEE KTOKY HIO0 I atoo;, s-one front Hmw; Improvements; hull and par lors frrEOoed, ?13,030. Aeouuid. o'uio. convenient to Pulton inmin A.1ISI X? /! lO'lIt* A ANA a OAa ?*..?. _ _ avenue num. E. GATES A CO.. 2S6 Fulton areuu* DOR HALF, WITH OR WITWUr FURNITURE, THE pirn jointly located three rtorr brown stone front blah stoop ho j?e nr.ti lioL 'Jdx-lJxlOO, v.-ilii aK ooovontcuoo-., LOO Paolui- tdieel Brooklyn. Apply on the premises, or of D A ii. CliAUhO 'Y, &!outa-.o ncarCourt attest, Brooklyn. r la;;:: for sale?in williamsburg. near Ii tirand attest fur.-/; to the river; (X) foot front 0'-. one street en-.l A.I fei-t or- the other with goo.1 build. lnza; adapted to ? dLUlteiy ?v in.nubicUiitug business. Apply to J'iHN RIMOU A SDN, 389 llttiarlon htreet. S7 50') 8TO HOW't NO. Hot CLARE inont avenue; ail modern iniprnviuneiit*: houat n.-r. ol Kultni). Apply to li. STilATTAIN, 137 Lam avcuur, uc ir Grand. ClU-tiT'.l V RflAh ESTAT;-: FOIL hiLE. A-SHITi'.'.N POINT F ? t 1" '.LB. -THIS BEAUTIFUL . Oouoiry -'eat ontnlilnj V Oncra*. utB.ited i.lntil l!j mile* fi m t t onford, Conn , in t -urrrundcJ on thrnealdci by Look leUu i Sound, la uew for ails. Apply to N. i*. HOHi Its, 41 Wall str ut. Aid, wanting t-apms.-oood poil, mild clt m-nc, 34 m'len Bon'h of PMlulclpVu. Prh-e only per ano. Ai?o laiprovei! Viirtn.. IltinSrWts <.re seUling. Inlormutlon sent free. Addma C. K. La NILS. Ylnefanu, New.lorvey. ^ FARM FOR HALE, 1,1 ONKIliA COUNTY, N. Y., JB 57 acnia r.f" good Innd, with two Rood hot; .a- aud barn. Frier FLIO". For purllcubirn apply to Mr. SMITH, 176 East Twelfth etn-ot. A1 T NEW BRUNSWICK A OOOD PLACE OF THIRTY . acres good bullJlii"-. ti,03U; 45 a'-rua, r.ll fine ined, {ood lmprovcbicote and fruit Half inllc from depot. $ ve acioa In a village tr.o inilaa from depot, good build.n.ya, 8,500: 33 aerue first class place good Impi ovemonU, one eighth of a mile from depot, HSU. 4. S. FEUOUSON A CO.. 3? Naas iu at, loom No. 24. A BA( U1F1CE.-FOU BALK OR EXCHANGE FOR xl anything equivalent to cash, beautiful Ooontiy Beat, 95 acres, all modern; very handsome green house; best varieties of fruit; 10 miles fiom city, recumary clroumaUuces reaatiu for aelhug. Address J., box 1,414% i'oat office. ABAROAIN-IN T1TR OOUNTtlY. St ACRES AT Tarrytown. SO and SH Aorca near Peekaklll; all im provements. with fin* buildings aiul oulhouaea. A. BERG BANT, U Wall street. A PLEASANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NBAR NEW burg. 17 aeres, new houee, barn and fruit: ono of 5d XX burg. 17 aerea, new house, barn and fruit; ono of Oil acres, good bouse, three barua, fruit, near KiahkiU; for ante low. A. BERUEANT, M Wall straet. BARGAIN?WILL BE SOLD AT A 8AGBI AT MLTUqaU. n. J.. BPLBNDiD FARM AND Country Beat; iqg aoro?: fine Iinororemeats; SI5.0U0. P- country Beat; tag aoree; One iaprovementa; $16,008. Large new modem re^ieucn. $12,000. Also sorerJ a null lu ?**.? prions fepan $a,uuj t* $84)00. ^RAEFE, 171 Broadway, room Ne. % One hour by rait FETTlT A Avert pgHntAULK r awm on long trland, con ?entanttotb* ettr. I0M i^rea rich and highly celii bScVKu-^5 ilm.rrn^ WSCTRStf Address Farm, box 8,178 Peat Office. ^ At klieabeth, n. j.-a fine two a?d a half aMw*, fruit. ?Wade. Ae. ta Gmndanre, cncap; other* at Bloomflsld and alt parvi or New Jencr Hudson river and Woatebester oounlyt $4,0u*io kau.OJO aui upwards. WTP. BKYMilCS. l7TlGni3war AFfURTCLASS RESIDENCE FOB SALB-AT uW. rvbeth, N. J? at a bargain, only 4Q minutes from Ne? Yo.k. Thu la a very daaiiabla pro^arty and ^'Oered murh below It* ratiM. I'arUcutar* with H BMBBRMON, 421 Eighth avenue. nriLDixo lots ron sale cheap.?burgsn J J Heights on Moutweinary avenue, o.v,v acocu from Jar soy City ami Hobokeo horae ears. Apply to C. LUXTOS, corner of Palisade avanu* and Warren street, Hudson City, or JAMK8 PB1QE. 200 Hudson oL est. Now York. (10CHTKY STORE FOB BALE-FIFTY MILES FROM J city by Eric Railroad, built of brick and near depot and post ofuco; an exoollen: looition tor business. For par ticular* inquire at M Carmine street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 8ALE-IMMRDIATB possession: at Irvlngton, on the Hudson; first class risers, good building*, abundance of fruit, shrubbery and ?bade trees; 3D sere* of good land; one of tbo frtr places of Its etnas for *ale in this choice location; price low; term* easy. Particular* witu 8. UMKTiKHON, i'fl Eighth avenue. IitARMfl FOB 8ALB-IN NBW JERSEY A ED ALL 1 orer Long Island, from $700 to $40,000. Purchaser* are requested to ln*|>?ot my large list of farms. Some line farms on hand to exchange for liooac*. F. PLATA U, No. 4 New Chambers street Fine bargains in southf.rn plantations and timber lamls, either for sale or exoli*nge Commu yilnatlou* solicited front owner* who hare Southern property oi1 nig. yrNA'saa alfct, oflcc No #. 8. B^lknt. t^OR EXCHANGE?NEAR SCOTCH PLAINS, A 100 eoro Farm; good pletu huildinif*, *took, crop*, fanning ptenalia, Ao I'rioetpala add re** H. box 107 Herald oBloc I" At .'it SALK-T'rt, fKtTPUll iftfpiXERY, IiQCATED 1 *t a piece near ;he city o' BalUtnore and convenient tor shipping. vrlUs all imetury grounds, buildings, nveoiuuery arvd utensils. uew unit lu oonsplete order. A portion of (be purchase money can remain on the properly. Apply to ALEX WOLFF. H_Law HiCUltng*, gaWmoSS, Md. JW?H SALS?AT FMrTHTOWN, L. L, THE FARM OP (he Isle Benjamin Mill*, containing 7" acre* home, stead slid teres woodland; goOd boa*,! end large and con venient outbuilding* vrlth a floe yoeug orchard and large br-.ol; *i,ilnlde for making a trout pood. The stock and mnrabir* will be ?ntd with the farm If deeirod. Apply to KM AN R. svj ru, Administrator, kmuhtown, L. I., or B. ?!ILLri. CI While atrejt. N. Y. Iiiog SALE?*v7i'fH IMMEDIATE PORSKHdioN, an 1 c!?jnnt Dwallt-Ii llousc a? Fluihiug; Wide pie'/s; lOua tbin healthy: grounds lOOviSA; fruit trees, outhuildlng* A'., all li e Hin t order. I'.-ios $d,i*i0 Inquire 01 H. L. UKN? DEBfcOM, 7" South street. LM>K S ALP?FINE MtT.I, PROPERTY WITn COT r taje*. i<e house, *r, adtb iiercr failing wafer power, on Osatral Railroad of Now Jc;*ry, uoai depot, and w.lhln minutca of New York; wash-.Ill for a i>aprr mill. For terms, Ac,. Apply to R OUEITLf. 41 Wfciif <|rWi r> ? ** FIOR SALB-A MARBLE BUILDING AND OROUND. irit'i a water front on Ibe Hudson river, near Hasting* City p-oper'y would be taken In ccchange. To lease, a ram able property in ?* ? ~ in Prino? street, near Broadway. RJ'. UASD ^MKSMANj S40 sixth a ran ue. For balb-a small but neat aousa. com. plrtely furnished, and on* acre of ground; good oarll. water, Ae., at WllUamabrldqc. only iwelre miles from this ciiy; p. ion $4,uut>; easy tenu*. Also other out of town Prop erty. Apply at PANNING'* Bsal Estate Agencv. ail Bowery, FIOR SALE-A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING, with Frame Building attached, rontainiug engine, boiler, shafting. Ac.; chemical apparatus Ac., suitaMs for a ch'-mical manufactory or other factory purposes, together with a Stable Md ton Lota of Ground, on part of which It is bulit, all situated on Perry street, at ibe junotion of Ncwsrk avenue, Hobokeo. N. ebont Ore mlnutoa' waik from the fonr Apply to ALBERT 8PBVRRS, tt Naoaau street. Now York. the depot; groundo laid out by a competent land ? *pi dener, a daatrabie residence for a genUemau doing bu In New York. Apply to IlOMKlf MORGAN, No 1 fUest, N. f., or to A. B^BIQELOW, Cronford. N. J. L10R HALB-AT CRANFORD. N. 4., ON THE CRN T tral Railroad of New Jersey, 5* minutes from New I Turk, a new, handsome and thoroughly built Yllla, contain ling 11 roam a atUc and cellar a superior locution and naar I the depot, groundo laid out by a competent landscape gar |M|H|mM|4Mtmaloe?s rrioai FH.lR SALE-NEAR SUMMIT, NRW JERSEY. A SMALL ? Parm of ten a ore*, delightfully situated on the Passat* Irtrer. affording good boating. Ashing and bathing. Tha 'ho is* oouutns U rooms and is in good order. There I* a barn. StaWa, Hennery Ao. Tha garden la good The plaoo Icontains a Mod orchard yielding plenty of fruits, while there I are about llBcnotpe fruit trues growing. No healthier looation ? to be fiuiod. wall* It Is comparatively free of mosquitoes rtrer. affording good boating. Ashing and bathing. Tb ho-iso oontatns u rooms and is in good order. There Is ~ ? ? onery, Ao. Tha garden ttgood The pis frcbard visldlng plenty of frulU. while the tro fruit tree* growing. No healthier looaUi WuuA wkUs Il ls eomparaUreTy free Of miuqiiilot ft mvxjisssa nrooaiyu. FOR -iALR?APRl'IT AND 0RASING FARM OF N acres at Bedford. We>tchenter roauty. 4? mils* from New York; orchard of A100 apple tree.*. 100 dwarf and *4and ant paar trees. An* house la good rep*tr;..ou?bui!dlng* also In good repair. For particulars aidrooo A. W., Harold olBoo TTOR SALK-OOURT HOUSE HOTEL, LOCATED IN J; the rtllago of Rlohmond, Htaten Island; houso in Dgr fact order, with 1? rooms pxxl Ham nod other Outbnlld>ff|^. to* houso w#U MMdjnod pardon, Ao , and now doing a good business. PrieeSMw; freeof oil eno imbraoos. t-'or mfor matlon Inquire of lUARLEs D. OUmTIS, 141 Pulton street, upstairs, or of the proprietor of the aboVs hotel, or ?. L. BERKS, M Liberty strOst. yBOE BALB-A FARM OF 40 ACRES OF PLOUGH X* Land, la a high slate of Improvement; also fruit of. ohnrd una OS acres of meadow: also wood or timber Jjand can be purchased with th* farm. Good belldinga, also sport ' "bgss, it lying a half mile from th* .South Bay, la the greet ojfler b*J?, with a fair now of the bay. "BU", Willi ? l?|r TI?W Ol inn npy. Hb-res. posl o.Uce. schools, ?Mh ooureiileut, ? mils* MTATI ton. IALB. KS ?sHSUMaysLs gEM^.fffe'Sin OO.^BrnW*' 10 TtCfc F?"iSttSrf* FAB ROCK air AT. A H0U8B. COW. Us b^m r?i* ro??M. ?*? h oookhotjee, stables ud <md| i^m iSThL^l,0? lh? ?St2.i"'>*d- ?nr fl?* nalontJ^wmtt ?Wsrtys^:,?i2a? *? *' "? p,o? _ Cot? of choice iiSii ?,ran; nra m'nutealwatt n"??a the depot Priee f^aa!pa^B?;?wsi3AKS F?jS^T'E' WBB COUNTBT RESIDBBOBB A.T ti??.t hS'-wS"-^ m8S8$3 Tontine tioM, second Moor F'???^L?r .AfD?TO ^i'T-COCNTBY 8EATR COT^ "J"1?; Paru.s and Luildliic Si lee A p3 v-?nl?i , kjf, i'elhaio, V, o*t i heater Mor/leania. tiamHHZ C oJcge ^oifil.Mon'Clair an<l ltJnomfteUI. ? ?*? LUDLOWf, Architect. 34 Pitte a I reel. Near York. ff?* ?&**?. OR T0 LKA8B?A FIRST C',ASS WVTBI. ' "? *?? known as Union Hell; IcjTne Co* ofl?c<s i^w Yoj?ckP^Cl'Ur'' *MreM ?* "? *?** Tj^OR 3AF.E OH TO RKNT- A LAUGE MANSIOIf AMU eiteualve^ow 5WLieU if mg Slu* *"d s?*rt>oroush. with an "oubn e.U,!i'oa *?* '"My ii. l.'.; a desirable S'sHiSSr"? I'.. I> j.Awi'i mm? i <>L ii 'iirthpr rarficuhrs fli?p!v to v:. ^ HUProuert ? In i?'7?.NE ?r XT,IE FINEST HOTSE islifssss H"E3S;?ra?'-?? Ad URa-UT, d&i Canal atroel. N. Y. tn jj'RSBy crrr-OM ruon and soLrnoitoijifn" ished Sf'nhL'm'' basement and sub-cellar lioiu.e, fl? bess&sbk b,s d'SSir' luafar! !SuSufSS5.?!"X?"?" "" ?""""? -1" STRICKLAND A CUTTER, 810 Broadway. ' Missouri rkal estate for" sale~1)r~ eH cbaugo?Fur property m or u4*r New York oltr aa ^w.'now YorkVin,<tOD' 8ci*utiBc American, ? Park T^aas.^s.-aiikooo T<Jrhh of Texas land! Wanted, for caib, Adctroan for oqo wonk ?titin<? nutn Uiy. prion and location. C'lierl^a k Co., boa ui Her all offloa^ The most haonipicrnt country brat in km. ,frt??nfty' V" *?? l^rlhV^Ytwo^ ut . P0"** *??? ^ew Vork; house l&raelied a mu.i vU2L? raajwS zmfin?U|he<1, "If**0?1 improvefbPaU, bosuUfuilfr uv ielJf airbill ^ ?SP*rm?uer/' pure and boallbful uounWe ttt^^iZrsZciT ?"1 Bu'uhug"' <" R. M. WALDUCg, 124 Sixth itbdm. ;|^od With fCiUla mp- Aid XuXIVroii |' afss?ffi *",n RooA order. Ac jf^Al. bwate wantbo. r. ?""-Aw. tNfSHMr IN A FIRST CLAJM A ^P* , ?*?RO?A.oK A POOR STORY HOUSB, bclweenLexlii^tou and Sixth arcnuee. i'oarteea UiaM| etroete. en rery raay term.; $i.0Wt, uA, a3 il.ouo eaoh year Addi cea nerald, etaUo* P, New Yerk. A "IV1 "TO^P ROUSB WANTROw ?\ Between Fourth and Twenty.fourth etruli and reniik W Rlghlh areouee. $10,000 lo ftW.OOO oaeb suiTiri ctx, nrtith C?WMU1 JL?1*? 1YANTRD.?TUB ADYRRTUbA Houi bctweei 4!a^!Iin "??fll**?"? ei?aeorMZ teenth ?treel; lim^.r?""??..obeee.flS Irenth etrcet: Uii" , wtth partlculan, box jorh. near depot. City and wunlrr twi ?j'i'nAMchhofed at the Uerinan and French Laid of F. FLATAt, No. 4 New Chambers Street. ~? irtimwtlAlo improreiiiM)? LAn% ?? VICTOR HKAMaN, 38 Monro# Blrot^ W> ANTBD -LAND ON TlSS NORTH OR BUTT RrFRlL tl bete-sen Tenth Had Kortlath street*. about KM feet/raS by 10J t, 140 feat deep with water nght. Add rase, stating particulars, J. R., bos 'AIM Pool aJttoe IVantod FOR iNrwmpt-rtrQ lopairif >? oHoui flS.000 airh, no?h. Also $8,090 to IimO ou bond And mortgage. Apr',/ to BKADllURST A FIBLO, ? Cedar ?U^tr ? -j , _ , ' WANTRD TO BOf-THRlB"OR POfTB VOLf. LOtt on Madison or Hflb trsna below bttUaU atreeti owner. onl/ dealt with. Addrans rM station D. WARCRD TO PltRCHA8R-m SBOOhLrN, ON ok In the Tiotnlty of Olintoa ITWae, a CoU*gr tlowML tiiojer.i liupi-i.t rmrnta. with ground suibcleiii for sUibloi * ?mall bit hanisomelr built Itouae preferred. Addraea, ?UUug Inostioii. lowest tsrms do., M. B . Herald oflne. "W A "TED TO PU RCH ASB?A *0 nlSV BfTtUV " throe stor/ high sloop House, about MiSt. between Twenty third iuJ Fortieth street*, and fourth and Nlila arenueo. Address, glrtng tocslton and price, bit 6.tt9 Poll Ranted fo pukuhasr fob cahh-a nioR *? lirts Or four stoiy Ifouse, between Twenty-third as? Tbinf?PfbU street*, Lexington sod Slrth seenaes; pried from fit 000 loll&OM. Address R. Hchoonmaker, lie weet Twenty-fourlh'.stroel d>fn AAA ?WANTED, A TUBUS 8TOBY BRICK wJLUsUvl's House, between Tenth and fortieth strilK riM,^r?aup3r?.JSts. ts= bo? 1,510 New Tort Pds> v?rac#- __ ^ pnasitDk,*' ~ A mm rare chance fob hourerer>^ *1't* i able lot of furniture, whole or parti sLtp ^",2 l.flM forte, for sals at a good bargain. Terms oailr Oy*" ?"'t! Address furniture, station C. " , oRirriN B pavers. in oan^ btrht N'. AVL SINOBR'H FATBN^ BPBtNO beds buvim but one inattraas) cleau, dura bin; warranted for rtsm no leathers or string* about themi health, luxury. Beff near/where. WararOoms no OantrS street. ' AM I.. BATTBRflON'8 STORAGE ROOMS. FOR PVR. ? miure, Nn. ON Sixth arenas. Bear fortieth street w. B-?Lara* wagons for rarnoral of furniture ta ctt/ or soma try, furniture boied and shipped. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP llMT CLAIR A Household Furniture for Mtta at half the origins I ooet sr*s: Btagerns, Secretary BookoaM, Palatine*. Brontes. Oarpat* Mirrors Chandelier*, Barrasu, Armotrs Aglaoe Bedteada, Mattresses, Bxtenslon Table, Buffet. China, Olaiw, Rllraf War*. The House for aale. Inquire at M West BIiUmUs ntreet, between fifth and ilgtb gfeauea At pbitatb sale at lssb than acctiov ,.ianr? fe&fftjgSs,gs? sage Olase war*, Bllrer Ware. Hou|y fly sale. , A MAONIPfOKNT PIANOFORTE FOR SALB-fOB .mriiwwww-"'' tnobnttorb op a wholb IIOUAPOB GaLE-j 1? Beoaratelj or together) House to tot. Sold on isocount O? fnuilf going to Bhi"tie. Appi/ M RENBY fKLtfiAB; .a?macs jsw Vfiaaa;