Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1867 Page 5
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e moo. ? 'I- p Fighting Going On in tl|0 Inferior. ' ntilOl WHIPPED BY ESCOBEBO. ANXIETY TO LEAVE THE CAPITAL iui.SK.te. / SPECIAL TELEMUK TO T* NEIALO. Mataxosos, Feb. ? nn. Official information of U? light between ^ ^ ubai^ under General Escobedo end the imp- ua4er General Mlramon bee reached here. |?, to ?m the official report of Escobedo to V * of War and Marine, a copy of which was /forwarded to General 'Aii BenrlozabaL The report U dated /uike Hacienda do San Jaeinto, January SI, 1887, tbre< ^ T. ?, and says that at ea A. M. he case upr A the rear guard of the ??amy, with whom he /wanhaaged several cannon abate. The imperialists ta coafurion fonr ieagoes, when a sadden ^ ?terge of cavalry completed Iterant. The liberals' j^eoied a number of prisoners. aH the Imperial art!) mef^ Ammunition trains, equipage, aad all they had. ia? pa re nit contiooed up to the hoar the report ? m written, when Baoobedo ordered a halt to reel bis ttevjia TrevlAo aad Msrtines mean* while contlnne j tbe pursuit with two columns of cavalry. Tbe ? jtyeot was to overtake Mlramon, who bad kft San Jac' j^e precipitately on the approach of the liberal trooj A - San Jaci ^ te ^bont seventy miles from Zacatecas, oa the direc', ^ to San Lata It la probable, therefore, that aft ar his occupation of the former city, Mlramon had/i mieei towards Baa Luis, and, meeting tne liberals ln/lorc?% wae compelled to fhll hook possibly to form a i ^mtlha with Severo Castillo, who, according to previous aaoante, was moving on another road, i It is evident from the tenor of the deepatch that the (engagement was little more than a skirmish with the vearguard. Upon tbe arrival of the news here tbe bells wess rang aad guns died in honor of the event. f- Matawobos, Feb. 18,1887. Advteee have been received here from San Lais Potosi to the 4th Inst, and from Monterey to the 11th. The victory of General Escobedo over Mlramon is confirmed, ?ad the Minister of State has aent tbe thanks of Presi dent Juares to General Escobedo for this complete triumph. A large portion of the imperial force was captured, aad the balance have scattered through the country. Five hundred priaoaers had|arrived at General Esoobedo's headquarters. On the ride of the Imperialists there was a large number or killed and wounded, most of whom were foreigners. Tbe lose. In killed, wounded and miss ing, on tbe liberal ride was slight. General Escobedo captured twenty pieoee of artillery and fifty wagons loaded with arms and ammunition, and the Governor of Ban Luis has received information that Mlramon flad so suddenly that he left his private carriage, centalning twenty-five thousand dollars in silver. Vie liberal cavalry are still scooting through the The battle oommeaoed at San Diego aad continued oa to Ben Francisqo, where a sudden charge of cavalry de cided tbe day. Juarez had returned to Zacateose and aipoctad to ntqrn to San Luis Foteat very soon. General Besahado wan about to turn his attention to ?antral Castillo, who la the only imperial chief now Ml with any force Other reports state that Castillo had ??treated to QuerMaro, aad that Mlramon had fled in the name direction. General Law Wallace baa arrived here. Be alatae (bat the victory achieved over Mirsmon waa complete; (bat the latter waa wounded, and that be bad eaoaped only with the greatest difficulty. General Aflpa, who oocupled Zacatecae, baa Joined JSa oebedo witOTlMwlgade, and the intention Is to march oa QoerAtaNi Aa offioar loft Monterey en the 10th Instant to obtain teatroetioas from Joarea in relation to (be exohaoge of prlsoaers new on the French man-of-war Phiegathon at Ortega and Fatonl wore expected at BaHUlo on the 1Mb. Matawouob, Feb. IS, 1807. Monterey advices to tbe 8th lost, have been received, llotblng further is known in regard to the fighting between Eaoobedo and Mlramon. Private letters Cram Baa Lola of tbe 90tb alt. state that Castillo Is marching an that city. Large numbers of people are moving towards BalUlle and Monterey to avoid tbe perils of war. Little importance la attached bore to the reported fight. Mlramon levied a forced loan In Zacatecae. Lm Prima of Quadalniara, of the S8d alt, says Mint aton recently assented the Imperial chiefs, Forego, Paxy, Pnente, Balnea, Brisaac, Adoiph and others for confer voces with the hberala. Regales occupied Paloen on the Kb alt, after six beers' fighting, and captured tbe artillery and muni Mens of war. Mlawt Novel Fight Between the Liberate end Imperial*?Liberals Totally Defeated Of Caaepeaeby, dee. Iba Imperial squadron, iwmpnesrt of the following ?Mil veseela, Orients, s guns; Merida, 1 gun; Cam poachy, 1 gun; Conchita, 2 guns; Industrie, 3 guns; Gloria, I gun, and Leon or, 1 gun, started on the 20th of Janu ary from the Buy of Campeadhy to attack the liberal aqasdroa of four boats, off tbe bar of Ban Francisco Tbe craws of the Imperial squadma amounted to aboet 18 men After a lively exobange of abota, during which two pieces of the imperials were demounted, ma Signal was given to close In end hoard tbe liberals, ?umbers of tbe latter Jumped overboard and awam for Shore. Tbe imperials captured tear armed boats, eevarel transports, oee of which is a schooner, a ooo ?d stable amount of ammunition and anas, with twenty ate prisoners Tbe Imperials lost nothing. Several liberal* ware killed and wounded, and quite u number ware drowned in tha figbt. . ? _ . Don Baallto Galiado, commander of tbe ltberal squad voa, was taken aboard tbe Industrie. He waa the last to Mara his vessel. Tbe Imperial commander, Doe Jean Clraiane, pays a high compUmeat to the valor aad Intrepidity of his oammaad ?extaslllaa's ,iy ^|, -arrivals ABhlrs ware Ar Tbe DiarU del Imperio contains tba following rsasarks la connection with tbe complain to made about the aoa payment of parties who had claims against (he imperial civil list:? An anonymous sheet baa been circulated through the city complaining of tbe nonpayment or several creditors en tbe civil list Tbe document waa shown to bis Ma jesty by a member of the Imperial household, and its perusal gave bitn great pain and caused not a little sur prise on his part His Majesty st once gave orders that a commission be intrusted with the payment of outstanding debts and with the inquiry roadu* **"? ? tba conduct of those parties who had been in charge of tbe imperial household affairs. Tho Emperor has placed an his silver plate In the hands of the commission, so that tbs creditors of the civil list may be jald out of the proceed* of lie sale, i long as tbe Slate has failed to pay them out of the public revenue, owing to present circumstance* of tbe country. Moreover nls Majesty has givsn notice that If this were not sufficient to pay the still outstanding claims, his private property might he disposed of until all be paid. He is determined to spurs no sacrifice in favor of tho parties referred to in the complaint. The commission, by order of his Majesty, is now busy in carrying out the generous orders ot the Emperor, and In investigating whatever abuses mav have been com mitted at -any timo or by any party witb respect to this subject The following Is a copy of tha anonymous sheet shove referred to:? still Asonraa raoov or sternal. Dtauitx. It has reached our ears that numbers of our poor arti sans received draft* an the Vera Crux Custom House in payment, and that they were forced to pay down In cash bonuses to obtain these drafts For Instance, a mechanic, having a claim of eight bundled franco bad to pay two handred francs down in cash to the procurator of tbe palace, and then be received a draft (worthless) for one tbouruod francs. W* had before no Idea of so fltt i fine a way, not only to avoid paying debts, but even to get cash out or creditors. When any private individual draws or ac cepts a bill, If not paid It it protested, and the courts compel him to make payment out of the pro ceeds of whatever proporty or valuables tbe poor devil may have in hand. Why, then, should there be dMter ent weights and measures? How Is it that thepra carator is not aware of this sound moral pool pie? How come* it that the Emperor knows nothing of this? Is he unaware that numbers of persons belocglag to all slows of society are unpaid after having served him? ?nme in profession*? capacities, others with the sweat at their brow; some of them poor natives, venders of fowl, of butter, of fruits, Ac. Hundreds can testily tp these facia. Mow * it that tha Emperor can be so Illy eerrad and obeyed In bis iiTlvaL# affaire, eve* whffij Ifee amaai vs uf (be UOcr Secretary pf & Trieste? JA. uponhie drafter How commit thsl at ths Vera Cruz Cus tom Bouts, now la th* bands of the xesara. Frenchmen, wfrenl ami dttdaia_t? ell th? received by the govern iX^tFrtoe$r *** pretend to anpport t Bat . UUa la not all r The Mf^agSi araditora are receive*. | ?*,???? manner?are derided and in anlted m a way that I' 4, anrd to realise?on the part of persona who are totr a. n?flt for plaoea of treat. There (anot the least dor .^^"VheTrtTof thoee Inckleaa artisans who arm' insulted are mora brave and patri otic than la bell and we ahaU await the remedy of . . fW VT x Iflt doea not come soon we will enter Into details f M wlll BOt reflect much credit on the im perial hoot *?***' j and Coafnaiww la the Capital-Crowds *tr' Atag te Leave the Slaking Ship-Double P owMag of the French?MaalrelHaa'a aad Fnanlnr'r Cap tared Cerreepentleace. [From the Diarlo de la Marina, Feb. 13.] We have rsoelved letters from Mexico whioh atate that grant ooafbaloa and trouble reigned In that capital, owing to the approaching departure of the French gar rison. It waa generally feared that Um government ooeid not gather the means to defend the place from the attache of the dissidents, who are gradually ap proaching It and were already masters of nearly the whole valley. Hie number of persona who had already left Mexico for Vera Oram, to bow la foreign lands the security which tbsy lacked at home, ana considerable, and very many more were making their travel 11 eg pre parations to do Ukewise aa soon as they coald find the means of transport, which were becoming dally more soaroe, and were held at fhbulous prices. All the ateaxners that ply between Vera Cruz aad Havana bad their drat cabin plaoea engaged op to the end of Maroh, aad crowds of parties were seeking passage in vain. The neater part of those persons who signed the act establishing an empire are emigrating, not deeming it prudent to expose themselves to the vengeance of the republicans. The bishops also were resolved to go abroad, as'likewise some of the capitulars. Although hie Majesty the Emperor appeared deter mined to maintain his ground, and all his actions showed that he was trying to inspire confidence and to keep np the courage of the weak and timid, atill it was not generally believed that the result could answer the expectations or bis heart. On the contrary, the convic tion gained ground that sooner or later he Would he com pelled to abandon the cause. The relations between the Mexican government and Mursbal Bazalne were extremely unpleasant, and there was much gossip in the capital about a correspondence between the Marshal and various dissident chiefs which bad been Intercepted by the government. It is sold that In this correspondence there are abundant proofs as to the obstacle*; which the intervention (alio* the French) had put in the way of the consolidation of the empire. The chief object of this correspondence, It is asserted, was to secure from the government of Juarez a recogni tion of the debts claimed by France and French subjects. The Marsbal had complained bitterly of the violation of his correspondence, and demanded its immediate resti tution. The Emperor had oomplied with the demand, but not till he had taken copies of all the documents aad had them certified before witnesses. For this pur pose bo had called in all the foreign Ministers. There was much talk in Mexico on this aa well aa other occur rences. and every one commented on them, as la natural under such circumstances, according to the amount of irritation which he felt at the withdrawal of the French forces which now leave in a tottering and almost falling condition the edifice which they had come to erect. We should not forget that this irritation and indignation naturally leads to excess, and may give an appearance of reality to things that are unlikely and even absurd, it was reported, however, that the Mexican government intended to publish the whole correspondence. BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Accused or BonnLaiur.?Alexander Spauiding, who was arrested In New York on Saturday night, charged with committing a burglary at the reeldenoe of Richard Jeffers, corner of Johnson and Pearl streets, Brooklyn, in December last, was taken before Juatico Buckley yesterday, and committed until Thursday. Tn Laim Aixnoen Sovietdx.?An Investigation Into \ the circumstances attending the death of James Whales 1 will be eommsnoed this morning by Ooraoer Lynch. 4 Ike deceased was struck in tbe temple with n glass tumbler, by Michael Skein; during an affray about n week ago, ia n liquor atom, at Ma 11 Onion street. Aimum Midday Koubbrx?Taa Opera Ton Cat tuusd.?Mr. Patrick McKeana, residing at 208 South Fourth street, E. D., shortly after noon yesterday caught n fellow In the act of breaking Into hla residence, and Immediately oollared him and handed him qver to tbe police of the Forty-firth precinct. On being taken to the station house be was raooeniaed aa Patrick Murrey, alias Carroll, thirty-one years of age Be waa locked np to await examination. Mr. MoKenna'a family was ab sent when tbe attempt waa made. Guaxp Labcbst.?A oolorod woman named Anna Brown, alias Capelton, employed at the Wall House, Fourth street, E. D., in Abe capacity of cook, was yesterday ar raigned before Justice Dalley en n charge of grand lar ceny by bcr employer, A W. Jones. The accused la charged with stealing from the hotel at various times since May last silver plated ware, knives and forks, la dles' wearing apparel, lace curtains, bedding, Ac., te tbe estimated valne of $200. The prisoner waa to await examination an Thursday next PaoutT Pomona?A young man named John McKay died suddenly at hla reeldenoe, No. 8$ Raymond street, yesterday morning. Tbe deceased worked In the tobacco factory at the corner of Raymond aad WU lougbby streets, and tt is said ba drank soma of tbe spirits used in the tobacco. Coroner Lynch was notified to bold an inquest. Crrr Cocbt.? Owing to tbe Illness of Judge Reynolds the CUy Court has been adjourned until Thursday next Fatal Aociocrt.?Patrick Ledwith, employed in tbe New York aad Brooklyn Saw Mills, in Ninth street, was Instantly killed yesterday afternoon by n heavy stick of timber faille upon his bead wblcb be erne endeavoring to hoist An inquest was held on the body by Coroner Smith, when a verdict In acoordaaee was rendered. Weekly Mobtautt.?Tbe total number of deaths dur ing the poet week tn the city of Brooklyn wee 143. Of the deceased 30 were men, 30 women, 30 boys aad 83 girls. WESTCHESTER IHTELLIQEHCE. Scmosx Dun.?At an early boor yesterday morning a mloun proprietor, named -Henry Hi chela, or "Dutch Mike," aa he wan better known, died suddenly aft bin residence, corner of Cortlandt arenee and Mary street, Metroes. It appears that the deceased bad been lor some time suffering from a bilious attack, hot bis life was not considered in dangor until, within the post week, the aarrtoee of a physician were found necessary. Under skilful treatment be seemed to tally, and was aeon pro nooaoed convalescent. On Suaijay be looked axoeed lngly well and enjoyed himself te the utmost during the day with n number ol friends, remaining until about on# o'clock yesterday morning playing carda Shortly after rix o'clock Mm. Mlcbela ansa leaving her husband In bod. aa she supposed, fast aeleep. In attempting to atmkan htm, before going down stab*, she diaoovevad that bo waa deaa. a medical gentlemaa was at onoe called in, but the result or u? examination only con firmed the sad fact related. Eacara nam Pusou.?On making hta visit to tbs ?look up," Morrisania, yesterday morning the jailor, George Pabst, found that the prisoner Romwaid Burit harrii, who stands charged with having stolen a sow, tbs pi opes ty of a Mr. Muer, at Pelham, bud made good bis escape. Having euonaeded in forcing ibe flooring of bis cell Burkbardt managed to get Into the front coal collar, through the sou tile or which bo round aa easy outlet on tbe street The last seen of him waa on Sunday, when bit creature eomfhrte were attended to by hta. Anorana Tnsmmrr Horn SQCAsmx? A woman named Conners, residing In n tenement bouse on the Boston road, Melrose, waa conveyed before Justice Hauplman, at tbe Police Court, Morrisania, yesterday forenoon and "sent up" for sixty days for having attempted to strike a woman named Cooley, as occupant of tbe same bourn, with a hatchet An Alixobd Cowaxolt Attack.?On 8unday night, while a young man named David OoUlee, acoompaaied by a young lady, wae taking a moonlight promenade on the Boston road, Morrisania, be was suddenly attacked and severely beaten by three drunken fallows, two of whom, named John Blessing and iharlee Foster, were arrested yesterday moraine ami placed In "durance vtle'1 to j^walt an examination to be bald this forenoon before Justice Hauptman. DARIN ASSAULT ARD HONEST IN BOSTON. Bosto*, Feb. II, 180T. Tbe dwelling bouee of Mr. Samuel Appleton, a grand son of Daniel Webster, wae entered last night by two burglars Tbe noise made by them aroused Mr. Apple, ton, wbo proceeded to the room from wbenee it ap peared to ooms He opened the door and attempted to enter, but fell over a box upon tha door, and as be was falling tbs pistol be had In bis band went off, and aa It wae a single-barrelled firearm he wee without any means of defence, and tbe two men whom bo saw In the room as he opened the doer at ones made for htm, sal red him aad beat him until be waa senseless Before Mr. Apple ton made bis appearance tbe theives had collected and put In a pile ell tbe silver ware In the house. A consid erable quantity of tbe plate formerly belonged to Daniel Wrb|ter, and embraced friany articles that had been prownted to blm at different times by friends Tbe ren contre^ with Mr. Appleton frightened the thieves, aad they left without Liking their booty with tbera Thev succeeded, however, In securing two $1,000 Treasury notes. The detectlvoa are on the track of tbo thieves. Mr. Appletoo waa not seriously injured. CCNERAL IHIBIOAN AT COLUMNS, OHIO. . Comsat*, Feb. 1% 1967. General Phil Sheridan arrived here to day, accom panied by n Joint Committee of tbe Ohio General As sembly, by whose invitation he came He will be re ceived hy the Senate aft two o'clock P. K., and by tbe Houee immediately afterwards. The Governor gives a JlifiSr rnL>LU,-KX0C"UTe to ** k*4401 THE CRUISE er THE BETTYUUH. *b? Smrt Socket Bih?iI?-WImn the tillet States Buutr Uettyebwrn Went To?What the A?Meet Secretory of Mat* end Admiral Porter Palled te Aoeea?Uab? Kobbery oa Beard, dee. The object of the mysterious expedition which started from Anaapoita. Md., at the beginning of the preoest year, la sow It will he remembered that daring the month of Deoember loot the United Statee Xearner Gettysburg, with the Amiatant Secretary of State, Frederic Seward, and Admiral Porter on board, got aground while endeavoring te leave AnnapoMa harbor. Kvery effort to move the ship waa for aoae time un availing, and the Secretary and Admiral, together with several heavy boxao ef specie, were trans ferred to the United Statee steamer Don, which succeeded in reaching Portreee Monroe about New Year's day In a badly damaged condition. There the Gettysburg also arrived n few boats after the Don, and the two gentlemen end the specie were again put aboard the Gettysburg. In the midst of a henrr storm ahe put eut to sea. and want off no one know whom The knowing ones looked wise and hinted at Mexico; others boldly asserted that the little Island of 81 Thomas was to bo purchased with those thousands of bright, shining, golden eagles, car ried away on the Gettysburg. All were wrong. The steamer first touched at Fort Royal, Jamaica, and there the had luck which had attended the expedition from its outset culminated in a robbery. It aeems that the spe-1 cte boxes had been planed in the after hold of the ward room, and no guard placed over them. Some of the men found out the hiding place of the treasure, end when the steamer anchored iu Fort Royal harbor thoy broke one of the boxes open and abstracted three baga, contalaibg between five and six thousand dol lars. That was not to bo borne quietly, so the Assistant Secretary of State offered the very liberal reward af one hundred dollars for the recovery of the money. A few hundred dollars were found secreted In the hammocks of the crew, but the three bold robbers bad got ashore with the bulk of their booty. One of them was subsequently recaptured, with a small fortune of gold coin In his pocket; and here cornea In the same mystery which had characterized the expedition from the time it was first batched in the evor busy brain of the father of the Assistant Secretary of State. The culprit waa taken aboard the Gettysburg and banded over bis plunder to the first lieutenant, who, it in said, in n few hours afterward restored the money to bim and let him go ashore again. With that, the ciloris of the officers to recapture the deserters and recover the stolon money came to an end. After coaling, the Gettysburg proceeded to tbe island of St. Domingo, and cast anchor In the bay of that name. A messenger was sent ashore to Inform tne President,' Gen Jose Marin Cabral, of the arrival of the Assistant Secretary of State and Admiral Porter. He was not then at home, and a messenger was sent off up the country to convey the tidings to him. The next day he came down with an escort of upwards of one thousand cavalry. Guns ware fired, flags run up and cheers given by both sides. Amid the general rejoicing and hurrahing the two distinguished representatives of the American government went ashore to confer with President Ca bral. They remained aahore five days, during which Urns it in said they offered in the name of the United States to asanme the liabilities of the repub lic due to France and Spain, in return for which tbe mM republic should become a colony of the United Statee, and thai such an arrangement waa vary desirable, on tbe ground that the island would prove an sxoellent coaling station. The had luck of the expedition still prevailed. The President would not listen to any ar rangement unless be had caah down, with which bo him self could settle -all debts dae to the above named Powers. Horn was n dilemma, for tbe sum asked ejr the President ainesdsd the amount In tbe specie boxes, which, it will be remembered had already been depleted at Pott Royal. Tbe representatives of tbe American government, it in understood, exhausted all their powers of argument, persuasion sad coaxing, bat to no effect Tbe ultimatum of the President waa caah down, and plenty of It At the end of the fifth day thoy concluded that ha really meant what ha said, and ac cordingly btf him n very sorrowful adieu. Anchor was again weighed, and the Gettysburg steamed off for tbe pleasant little island of Nassau, where the disappointed diplomats went ashore to recuperate ! themselves after the arduous conversational exercise they had token at St Domingo. When their systems were thoroughly recuperated they again ordered the anchor to be weighed, and after on uneventful voysgn arrived safely at Annapolis en tbe dth last Kvery eflkrt ban been made to keep tbe object of the expedition and Its result a secret Sentries are placed around the Gettysbarg to prevent tbe saltan com municating with any person ashore, but l? apite of all precautions the above correct version of the mystery is laid before our readers, who must accopt It as another proof of tbe "mysterious influence of the Hkiuld. " THE STEAMSHIP ?? I. CUYLE1 BONDED. The public will remember that a few weeks since the steamship R R Cuyler was seised by order of the govern ment, on the ground that ahe had been 9tied out In this port for the purpose of making war on a state with which the United Slates ore at peace. Pull particulars of this transaction have already appeared in the Hnutn. Yesterday the owners of the steamer, Messrs. Russell Stuntis, Robert 8. Taylor, Henry W. Hubbell and Samuel H. Dollard, together with George Howes, of Brooklyn, and Francis Sklddy, of New York, as sureties, appeared before Mr. Samuel Q. Courtney, United States District Attorney, and entered Into bonds to tho amount of 9300,000?double the value of the ateamer and her armament?the condition being that she shall not en gage In any warlike operation against any country with which the United States have friendly relations. If this bond shall be violated the sum In question becomes for feited to the government. Mr. Courtney has approved of the bond, which has been forwarded to the proper department at Washington. If the government accept the bond tlie&R Cuyler wtU be at once restored to the owners; but pending this step we presume the steamer most remain In the hands of the Marshal's officers. THE PUBLIC HEALTH. The mortality report for the week ceding Saturday, the 18th Inst, was sent in to the Board of Health yesterday afternoon. The deaths by wards wore so fellows:? Pint, 4: Fourth. 12; Fifth, IS: With, 12; Seventh, 24; Eighth, 12; Nlulh, 12: Tenth, 1ft; Eleventh ?>* Twelfth, 21; Thirteenth, 18; Fourteenth, 12; Ffteentb, 8; Sli teentb, 18; Seventeenth, 62; Eighteeth, 28; Nineteenth, 27; Twentieth, 31: Twenty-lint 27; Twenty oooood, 31? making la nil, including the public Institutions, 414, ex actly the same numbenu last week. There wen during the week 10 deathe from diphtheria, 11 from croup, 7 from typhue and typhoid fevers, 10 from accidents and negligence and 21 from scarlatina. THE TOftF. "Old Sol" exercises an exhilarating influence over aaaa ud beast No sooner baa hie genial rays molted the Ma, snow and hard sartb than sporting men begin tbefr " bone talk," and racing and trotting matches are the order of the honr at all the stopping places on the road* and In the club rooms. Numbers of trotting matches have already been made, end more an on the point of culmination. The proprietor* of thy various racej courses have prepared their programmes for the spring and summer sea so no, and from all Indications the most brilliant racing and trotting carnivals are in stora for the admirers and patrons of the turf. Among the trotting mate bee made the following are a few of the moat im portant:? Htram Woodruff has matched bla bay gelding, Lew Pause, against James D. McMann'a black mare, Con; three racee for ftl.OOO a side ; the first at mile heats, best three In Ave, In harness; the second two mile beats, and the third throe mile honta These racee will be trotted early In the epring. Mr. Uendnckaon.of California, has matched the brown stallion George M. Patchen, Jr., against the bay stallion Commodore vunderbill tor 81,880 a aide, mile beets, beet three in Ave, in harness; the trot to come off over the Fashion Course In May. ICE C9RGE IH THE lAUiEE RIVEN. Teledo Pleedsi-Osssage to Bridge* dkr. Totnoo, Feb. 18, 1887. The Ice in the Maumee river, oppoelte the city, broke np yesterday morning, and, moving down, gorged at tbe bridge at tba foot of Cherry street. Tbe water roeo rapidly, flooding the warehouses, lumber yarda, base mento, Ac., along Water (treat, which was completely submerged at several points. The railroad depot, Islaad House Hotel and a largo portion of tho lend occupied by the railroad, and known as Middle Ground, were also In undated. About eleven o'clock In the morning tbe Cherry street bridge, upward* of three-fourths of a mile la longth, gave war, and nearly hair the entire stricture was swept off There were Ave persona on the wrecked portion, all of whom escaped on the ice. The damage to the bridge will probably reach $18,000. Pears were entertained for the safety of the Cleveland and Toledo railroad bridge, which has been rebuilt dur ing the present winter, and just completed. It wee far a long time la great daager but wit saved by stretching a train heavily laden with freight acroan It. The et*am< r City of Toledo broke from bar moorings and drifted down the stream some distance, but finally swung along side the Michigan Southern dock, where she wan secured. The small steamer Bell* sleo wool adrift, and shortly dls appes #d. It Is probable that she sank. Towards night the g< <* broke, and the water quickly subsided to the avenge level. It Is reported that tbe bridge at Maumee cn v, ten mile* above, was oanried a war, but the report lacks <?* HEW JEB82T nfTSLLlOEHGE. Jersey i Snroem Jjr?Ajmcrn?.?On ffSkfljr eeenlBg the body of ? mole infant ?u found covered all over with o coone cloth la o lot at the comer of Morgan and Provoet streets, by eome boys, who picked it op oa the snppoolUoa that it waa merely a bundle of old tags. The child wao about two day* old, and according to medical testimony it waa bora alive. Oovoaer Warren summoned a Jury, who, after viewing the body, adjourned till Thursday after - aooa, whea the Inquest will be held. Tim Btnamra Amur ox Spxdat Arranxoox.?Tbe aU Italiaaa meationed in yaatarday'a ????"" la connec tion with a riot on Sunday were brought before the Recorder yesterday morning. The name of tha in jured maa la Charles Stockey, a resident of Jeraey City. The accused, who reside in Baxter street. Mew York, were committed to prison to await the result of Stuckey'a injuries. Paixvul AocmxxT to a Child.?A little boy named Taylor, four years old, residing in Montgomery street, attempted to drink tea from a teapot by placing tho spout In his mouth, when be Inhaled the scalding steam in his lunga, He suflbr-d the most miserable pangs, and medical aid was procurod to mitigate, as far as possible, his distressed condition. Railhoas Accidxxt.?Tbe Washington and Philadel phia train due la Jeraey City at half-past Ave last evea ingdid not arrive till forty minutes past sis. owing to the breaking of the machinery In tho locomotive, be tween Chestnut street and Market street stations at New ark. The ordinary iraina were subjected to little de lay, and were switched off to another track till tbe

broken engine was removed and another substituted. Mewark. Pajudk op rax Vstrran Rkgjxxxt.?The Veteran regi ment, whose organisation has been recently completed, paraded through Broad and other public streets last evening. The battalion line waa formed ou Broad street, tbe right rusting on Kinney street, at eight o'clock, after which the line of march was taken up. The regiment, with the gallant Colonel Ward, who lost on arm In the service, in command, showed by their eteady "tramp, tramp, tramp," and perfect tactics, that they bod uot yet-become unaccustomed to the duties of "grim viaaged war." Pouxd Orowxkd.?Yesterday morning the body or a maa was found floating In Newark bay, which had ap parently been in the water some weeks. It was con veyed to the plank road bridge, where the county phy sician took charge of it. The body was clothed in drab pants, checkered woollen shirt and a blue coot. The body is at present at the dead house of Tolles k Vree laud, Market street, for identification. Attbmht to Bkkak Jan Several of tho "State Prison birds" confined in the Essex county jail recently con cocted measures for their escape; but through the falsity of one of their number to the plan the attempt was frus trate it seems that one of the party forwarded a let ter tc New York containing an impression or a key fit ting o loc). of tho cell in which he was confined and ordering curresjioudlng skeleton keys. Tb?| letter waa intercepted and the otttoera were at onee advised of the plot which bad been formed. Had the keys been ob tained the cells were to be opened, and whoever oppoaed their escape was to be put In a cell, the doors locked and the locks of tbe outer doore to be unscrewed, thereby aiTording a way of escape for the prisoners. Tho eight convicts were placed in irons upon the sftalr becoming known, and yesterday morning thoy were sentenced t-y Judge Depew and at once taken to their quarters in thu Slate Prison at Trenton. Essex Cocxtt Cocktm.?The following prisoners were senteaoed yesterday:?George Thomson (negro), who pleaded guilty to three indictments, one for tbe shootlog of Mrs. Ward, thirty years State Prison; Patrick Ma lague, manslaughter, ten years State Prison; James Bad ham, breaking and entering, five years Statu Prison; John McCloskln, grand larceny, live years State Prison; William TemlLbroaking and entering, five years Suto Prison; James Watson, two indictments, " breaking and entering, five years State Prison on.eaob; George Brown, breaking, entering and larceny, leu years state Prison: John Howe, bone steeling, tea yean State Prison. Hudson City. Bran Bros Com?Two companies wen mustered in at Leila's Hall, Bancoa avenue, last evening, by Captain Look wood. Captain Began having resigned his position In Company 1. aa election was afterwards held by that oompany, and the result of tbe ballot will be dine I used this afternoon. Another oompany will be mustered in at West Hobokea next weak. The militia movement has so far been a failure, and the elements an absorbed ia the State Rifle Corps, which embraces a splendid body of Elizabeth. Fatal Aoctosxt oa rax Railroad ?Yesterday morn ing, about eleven o'oloek, n little son of Mr. Robert Simmonds, aged about eight years, was run aver by a train on the Mew Jersey Railroad, and his legs horribly mutilated. He waa conveyed to the depot, when medical assistance waa rendered, after which he was conveyed to hie residence. No hopes are entertained of the little fellow's recovery, but be stood tbe agony caused by his wounds with groat fortitude, Treales. . Tax Lsoblativx Bxibkbv 1 rials. ?The Moroer Circuit Chert, which adjourned till yesterday for tbe purpose of trying the ease of Barclay Haines, met yesterday morn ing, when the secured appeared and pleaded guilty in manner and form as charged. He will be sentenced this forenoon. This makes tbe second conviction, Charles F, Rah being now t convict in state Prison. POLICE INTELLIGENCE. A CoroRBD Buscutn Pleads Gtiltt.?On Saturday night the premises of Whitfield Cue, 191 Third street, occupied as a market, was forcibly entered by George Henderson, a colored boy, tourtcon years of age, by means of breaking In the cellar door, and robbed of two coats, valued at 990. Henderson was subsequently arrested by officer Meagher, of the Sixth precinct, and the stolen eoats found In bis possession. George was taken before alderman McBrinn, anting magistrate at the Tombe In place of Justice Dow ling, who is 111. and pleading guilty to liotb the burglary and laroeny, was committed for trial In default or $1,000 bail. George was born In Salem, N. J., and says he doee moet any thing for a tiring. Tmrr or a Gold Watch, Ac.?On the 26th of Sep tember last Mrs. Rosa Bmitb. residing at 221 William street, was robbed of a gold watch, a number of llnm sheets, and a bod quilt, valued Id all at $100. Nothing was heard of tho property till yesterday, when Mrs. Smith learned that Llllia Brown, now living at Mo. 269 William street, bad stole if the property- Ltllie was ac cordingly arrested by detective Muliin, ef the Fourth precinct, to whom the conflssued stealing and pawning the goods. The accused was taken before Aldermen McBhcn, and committed to the Tombe for trial in default of halL THE EXCISE UW. The Committee on Applications of the Board of BxelM yesterday completed tbeir examinations of the petitions of unlicensed liquor dealers who have applied for llcensea A large number of the petitions were refusod, and niter the next meeting of the Board both the sue cental and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the fate of their respective petitions by circular. The following business was done in the oourts, in refer ence to cases ol violation of the law, yesterday: ? tub nana roues cocsr. Leopold Leopold, 22 Mott street; Charles Harris, 109 Chsrry street; Michael O'Mailer, 15? West street; Frau ds Mclaughlin, 119 Mulberry street; Edward Kunsdabl, 68 Bayard street- Chart as feigner, 61 Bayard street; Martin Reynolds, fit James street, and Henry Nomen, 12 Howard street, were brought * (ore Alderman McBrlen, at the Tombs, yesterday moi.ung, charged with violat ing tho Kicwa law, and beta to bail In 9100 each to an swer before the Court of General Sessions The Twenty-seventh precii. t police, as usual on a Sunday night, ariuutsd nearly thirty men who croened over trora New Jersey in a elate of Intoxication. The Sunday tipplers were taken to the Tombs, and Alderman McBrien fined them 910 each. Those not having the requisite sum were committed to pn-oti for ten days. jsrFim*ON uturner doubt. George Jordan, of 420 Broadway; John Thompson, of 262 uvenue B; Philip McConnell. 940 West Twenty-ninth street, and Charles H. Kolt, nf 394 Hudson street, were ng lit of 2041, Third avenue, and Patrick Garvin, brought before Justice Dodge yesterday, charged with a iling liquor without n licence; and John Googheghan. . * ' ' trick Garvin, of 144 East Twenty-fourth street, were before the tame Justice lor selling. liquor on -Sunday. They w ere each held to an swer in *300 bail. ?mrl MASK FT UitTBT. At the Essex Market Police Court yesterday Justlco Bhandiev committed the following persons, charged with a violation of tbe provision of the Excise act prohibiting the sale of liquor on .Sundays:?Hnber Ley, 94 Sixth stree*; Edward Lsbrkng, 41 Allan street; John D. Smith, 185 Ka" lloiiHton street; Jacob Delllff, 144 Stanton Ktr^et; rcderiok Jacks, 909 Broome street: Wtlllam Smith, t 8 East Twelfth street; Theodore i edstetn, 96 Ponyih ? i rest; Frits Wunsung, 72 Third street. GOVERNOR AIKEN'S VIEW Of THE WASHINGTON PROGRAMME. Ciutu?w?, 8. 0.. Feb. 18, 1847. Governor Aiken, who hat .Pint returned from Washing ton, sayn the South will c i crnlortaliMd in lees than two weeks He says that tl i'rseldent Is utterly power leea Tbe South can only rem* I a passive. He also thinks the President will he dep.- wd and Senator Wade Snt in hi t place, but that the Pm udent will resist to the ist extnmi'y. He thluk's Orr'e Southern prngramme will hat o no effVict on the republicans and ray* they will be sati*' *r. ' 'Hh nothing short of ut lrcraal suffrage, with a view to cvuoterbalancq.the opposition North and -outb. SYMPATHY FJK_ y,E CRETANS. Acorsw*, Me., Feb. 18, 1*87. Resolutions of sympathy for the Cretans In the r ?trug gle for independence were reported in tbe State-oinae this forenoon. IOSTON MISSIONARY SOt, LTY ARc YERSARY. Bowmw, Feb. 19, 1*17. Tbe Boston City Missionary Society eonimonoed tin -mi centennial anBtventary last evening. Oevert>.* ulloek. Father Cleveland (who In ninety-fDsr yean aI ge), and ethsrt delivered siidneess mooKiy milMmlffSh. Tie Beard mf Tha Board of Aldermen mot yesterday afternoon, Alderman Fisher in the chair. Alderman Hath*way, of the Ninth, and Alderman O'Keefe, of the Twelfth wards, had a Utile controversy over the adoption of the alnnteo of the preview meeting. The meeting, as will be remembered, wee called to order precisely at three o'clock, and for want of a quorum a recess of five mi nutes wae taken. At the expiration of the time a motion to adjourn by Al derman Hathaway waa carried. Mr. O'Keefe voted against the adoption of the m Inn tea because, as he ?aid. It wae rather sharp practice on the part of the Alderman of the Ninth. The minutes were finally adopted. Patrick Hughes wae awarded the contract for keeping the fire apparatus in repair in the city for the sum of $10,760. A report wae submitted by the special committee ap pointed to investigate the $4,000 eorraplion case. The report showed that the committee bad made a careful investigation, bat, strange as it might appear, they could find no one who had given any Alderman money. It was, therefore, resolved that in the opinion or the committee no attompt had been made to bribe any Alderman. The report and resolution waa adopted. The Auditor sent in a communication to the effect that he had no authority to pay the bills of the gas com panies, no contract having been entered into between the city and thorn; and also that the joint Board had failed to make a proviaion for lighting aU the public buildings. A motion wae made to refer the matter to the Mayor and a special committee. Alderman O'Ku.vs hoped it would be referred to some committee who would see that tho work was doue. The matter was referred to the Committee on Lamps and Gas. On motion of Alderman CasHow It was resolvtd that one hundred guns be hred from Fort Greene, and the national flags be hoisted on the public buildings, and the public offices be closed on Friday next, being the anni versary of Washington's birth day. Adopted. Alderman Bbbokk Wbred the following preamble and resolutions:? Whereas II la currently reported that there is reason to apprehend that a project is on foot to establish a quarantine station on Coney Island in this t-ountv, not only without the consent of ourcltUrns. but against the wlsliea and interest, and in violation of their deareal right* and privllegaa; and whereas we believe this me.-taure will be highly prejudicial not only to the preaent welfare and bapplneaa but to the ru tare growth ana prosperity of the city and county; therefore Resolved, Tl at this Hoard do respectfully hut most earn, eatly remonstrate against the passage of any aot by the Leg. Islature of the State, having for its object the removal of tho quarantine establishment, or of any ipurt thereof from the couuty of Richmond to the county of Kings, or for the making of any hoarding station in Kim:* county. . Resolved. the representatives of this county in the State Senate and Assembly be especially requested to gtva this subject their immediate attention, and that they en deavor to prevent the consummation of the project by all honorable means within their power. Alderman Bkrues said that a bill to this effect was about to be passed by the Legislature, and ho thought it would ho an imposition on tbc citizens of Brooklyn to establish a quarantine on this island. After a short dis enssion the preamble and resolutions wore adopted. No further business of importance was transacted. Itnitril of Supervisor*. | The Board or Supervisors met yesterday afteruooo at tha County Court House, promptly ot three o'clock, the i President, Mr. William M. Little In the chair. After the rending and adoption of the minutes or the lost mooting the Committee on the Lunatic .tsylum?to whom was re' committed their report in rolutiou to enlarging tho asylum, with instructions to rcimrt to the Board the pr. ?ent number of inmates at that Institution, tnclnd ng those Iron ...htr counties?reported through Supervisor M'hole-, oi t-.e o.ueteonth ward. The . unnili >? r-;?trle j hv siibmltting a .statement rrom I). K. it I' liipln, the resident physician, rrora tt{ ,M time there aro 4.Ki p.i iet,t.? u< .ii^luin. Of this number flfty loor are . mid the proe ot board ?t^i' ho'ag received irom r?^ni? o".' ,nore- Prtce entitle* the patients to .1 o,e 1. 11 |e supnrior to tho ordinary fare but in no other i-cfpoci is there distinction made between them and ? lie inn once supported by the county. The payment of I'oaru car.not he Vgallv entorccd and in many oases la volunt .ry. mere are also nine patients for whom from $2 to $3 is paid weekly by pari lee not tt ^nmnn!,?feo?t'rir?{f,,V" ? the expense off the county. One ol these inmates has been aumsiricd I by a sister, a seamstress, fbr tho past eleven years, t hose who desire extra accommodations am directed to other asylums, but no residents of Kings county can be refused admission to this Institution. Not one in ten applicants are received from other oonnties, and for aeyorai years none have been admitted nave from Quean's county and these mostly through the Influence of outside parties. Many of the insane vagrants hero who have been and are now supposed bythe authorities of the towns or of 9UM,n* wouW Otherwise, in all probability, nave become charges upon this county (Kings.) There are twenty of these, and sic who are chargeable upon the Commissioners of Emigration, for whom S3 iter week are paid. The total amount received rrom bwtm daring the past year was $10,338. In this connection Supervisor cchoiks moved to take uP 'b* fj"0!?41011 ?obmitled at a previous meeting, di recting the Committee on Laws and Applications to the Legislature to draw np a bill 10 bo transmitted to tbo -"da, payable In 1888, to defray the coat of the pro Dlargamant of the lunatic asylum, and that the (W.Yremun'lo/.iS6 ** requested to favor R. coma debate ensued, but tho vote on the resolution su OnflJy taken and reaolted In its defeat. The renurt of the Committee was accepted. r,port ittgn~tViaOT CsoOKLl ?* ""'hush, Oflercd the follow. Resolved. That spplicstinn be mule to the Legislature for I the i?.-Hge or an set authorising this Board to *1.,' thMnnd the county conrthouse, on the east to Moerurn street and on too west as the Hoard mnv designate, by commie slous to tx appointed for that purpose. The resolution was adopted and the Bonrd adjoorncd until Monday next, at three o'clock P. M., to moot at the Lunatic Asylum. posed on, Repreaeu GENERAL THOMAS 6IVES THE REBELLION ONE MORE BLOW. The Tone of Southern Sentiment. Hkuhhauter' lit: tRr-Kvr or Tkxnksxff I ?_ ? ? LnOrevtua, Kr., Feb 8,1M7. '} other? - Mv#,of the c"y ^ Rome, Ga., and OasTuatBtf?Tba Major General commanding tho de partment directs uie to acknowledge the receipt ot your communication of the 25th ult, addressed to Brevet Major General Davis Tlllson, commanding sub-district ot B'vjD8 statement of facia ana circumstances which canned tbo arrest of oertaln cltia-ns or Rome Ga for being concerned in the dl-play of tbo flag of the late Southern confederacy In that city, and asking that jus I Uee may Ix* done and tho prisoners released .w In./0?rJft,,r r?* ,tat? no <Mwtapnc8 was Intended to tbe United Statre government by the exhibition of the Confederate flag, and that tba parties who displayed It have accepted In good faith the present status or affairs and do acknowledge the Jurisdiction of the United States j government, he. ? \t? Is the case It can only ba supposed, presuming that theppoaeere ordinary Intelligence, thi they ml? nndemood the present status of affaire, which to that the rebellion has been decided to be a Imge crime era bodymg all tha crimes of the decalogue, and that It baa been conquered and disarmed, and that Ita very name and emblems are baternl to tho people of the United States; and he mast be Indeed obtuse wheexpecis. with out oflenoo, to parade before the eyes of loyal doodIs that which they execrate, and their abhorrentof Sh they have expresaed In the most emphatic language In which It to poeslble for a great nation to utterita sentl menu. It to pretended by certain newspapers that because no order had been lamed from these headquarters that the flag of the confederacy was not to soe the light the cUtsens were not warned thai It would be a treasonable Thie excuse to too puerile to answer, and unworthy of a schoolboy even. The yoeng men arrested, as well as other citizens of the South, know well enough what it right and what to wroag In such matters, without wain Ing to be guided by orders especially naming and prohib ling displays honoring treason, and of course robtemn log loyalty. Were they so stupid as not to possess such Innate tense of propriety, the order from there bead qu triers forbidding a rebvl glorification over the reins us of the rebel Brigadier Gonoral Hanson should have been a nMst warning that such performances would not bo tolerated. The ante cause of this and similar offences Ilea In the fort that certain citizens of Rome, nod a portion of the people of the Mates lately In rebellion, do not and have not acceptt d the situation, and that is, that the late civil war was a rebellion, and history will so record it. Those enguged in 11 are and will ha pronounced rebels J rebellion implies treason, and treason is a crime and a' heinous one, too, and deserving of punishment and that traitors have not been punished is owing to the magna nlmlty of tho conquerors, with too many peoplo of the Sf, 'YV'*" "Yc*"*'1 * revolution, rebels srn onlled "Confederates. loyalists to the whole country are called damned * nnkoee and trait,,rs, and over the whole great crime, with its tecum d record of slaughtered heroes^ patriots merderrd brause of thatr trne-1,earted ? corntry widowed wives and orphaned children, "1,.^ :;" rf 7" "?* m"' ?nch horrors as Ond no parallel In the history of the world, they are trying to L,^W f"" ?,f Y^foblMy, and thrusting with contumely and derision from their society ,?w .Ten * wo,nen who would not Join hands with them in the work of ruining their country. Every where in the States lately in rebellion treason to nspec table and loyalty odlona. This the people of the United .States, who ended the rebellion nn i saved the country, will not permit, and all attempts tn maintain this unnat ural order of things will be mot by decided disapproval. however, it to pretended by the friends of the citi zens arrested that they were so Innocent ea not to it no w that it waa wrong for paroled prisons* and unpunished traitor* to glory In their shame and flaunt the symbol of their crime in tho foce of the countnr, they will bo re. leased from confinement, with the understanding that no set ot treason will bo passed unnoticed when detected, ana maff they end others who tbtnk like tbetn profit by the lesson they hat v received. WM. D. WHIPPLE, Brevet Mujor General U. 8. A. sad A. A. G. KRSJRAL INTELLIGENCE. Captain A. Bartlett, of '..Inots, Colonel H. L. Preston, Of Idsho; Major ? barlea Hupwootl, of i on Riley ? aod Major ?. A. PI?hf, of Connecticut, are stepping at the Metropolitan Hotel. Man General Daniel R. Hickles to stopping at Uia Bre voort Houae. Idoe tenant Colonel V Welsh, of tha United Riatos Army, and J. W. Todd, of the Called 81 aire Engineer Oerpe, are MreplM at tbe rtfib Avvaae HetaL THE COURT S. turns 1T1TE1 1>KK CttlT Ipfereetlnc M SnrtiNI Mea and Uwrrr*. Warui-> f.Tos, >?b. it, 18(17. Mitktd TkmtMM ML Tkomat P. Bowie.?Tho defendant Id this cam la Thomas F. Bowie, late a member of Con gfem from Maryland. The suit was on three promUaorj notes for <1,000 each, an# the defence was tbu they were given for a gamins consideration. Unable to establish this defence by direct evidence the conn below (the Supreme Court of the District of Colum bia) permitted proof to show that the payee of the notes was uno Steer, a notorious fambler, who, on the date lu question (January 1, 1857), kept a gaming house In Washington, and that tho defendant was always inclined to gambio when under tho influence of liquor, and was grossly intoxicated on the night of tho last day of the old year aud the morning of Hew Year's day, 1857. The vordict was for ibe deleodant, and the case was brought bare on appeal Mr. Justice PhvIh now read the opinion of tbe Court reversing the judgment below, holding tbat to allow such a defence to be proven by showing tbat the defendaut wad inclined to gumblo when Intoxicated, and tbat be was drunk on the date when tbe notes were given, would overturn all the established rules o! evidence. Supposing, say the Court, it lie claimed thai a party is addicted to lioise stealing, and particularly an when drunk, and It is proven thai he was drunk on a certain dale, will it therefore tie thought established that be then stole ahorse! Oil this point alone, wiihool proceeding to consider tbo various other qL cat tons rai-od, the judgment was reversed. Mr. Justice Oder read a dissenting opinion. In which be took the view thai the defence was substantially that tbo notes were obtaiued from tbe defendant by fraud, while he was intoxicated; and the defenco being fraud, and not speciUeallv that of niero gaining consideration, circumstantial evidence was admissible to prove the al legation. Prize Instance. The United Stat* et. C. A. Weed and P. Htydenburyh. Claimant?, <te.?These were claims for certain sugar aud molasses captured in April, 1804, and whicn were restored to tbe claimants by decree that tho claimants were trad ing under certain Treasury permits, issued by special agents of tbat department, and no < nemy ownership being shown, the property captured was on boanl the government transport A. G. Brown, a boat under the direction ot I he Quarter master's Department, is the vicinity of New Orleans, where the trade was conducted, and which was hired or that department for tho purposo of such transportation. It wis objected in tbe case that it should have beuo on the instance side of tbe Court, and thai if there was any liability at all to forfeiture it was for violation of au thority under Treasury regulations, and not in prise. The cause was appealed by the government, and the Court now hold, Mr. Justice Miller delivering the opinion, tirst, tbat where u ease has been prosecuted as prize, while tbu facts show tbat it is not prize, but a case of forfeiture under statute, this Court will remand it for further proceeding In the court below, secondly, tbat where a case ban been in like manner prosecuted in the Instunce court, which, on tho facts presented, this Court takes to he a rase for a prize court, it will be remanded for proceedings in prize. Thin is not a case for prise, but of forteiturc under statute for viola ton of their permits by the claimants, but there is no reason to believe that a case of forfeiture would bo made out on the testimony on auolber trial, as most or tiie ct parte testimony taken by tho captors would probably be modified favorably to tho clalmnnis on croes-exuminauon. The doc roe of the District Court la therefore utSirmed. SUPREME COURT?SE1EBAL TERM. Important Opinion?The Power of Ike Htnte Courts to Discharge Unlisted .Ken of the United Mateo Array on llnbena Corpus. Before Judges Leonard, ingraham and Cierke. In re John O'Connor ? This la a case in which the father of |the petitioner sued out a writ of habeas corpus In December last, directed to Major General ltutUrfleld, superintendent of the general recruiting service uf the I nlied Mates, commanding him to produce the body of his son, John O'Connor, emitted Into tho service of the United States shortly before that time, under the age of twenty one years, tho father being entitled to the cus tody and services of his son. To this writ General Bu? torfleld returned that the petitioner had neon regularly enlitued into the service of Ute United Hiatus, and an nexed the enlistment papers. Tho following opinion was rendered by the Supreme Court, General Term, yesterday:? Ingram am J. ?Win to I am of Uio opinion that the Judges of the State courts might have exercised Juris dlctlou prior to the pa-sage of the acts of Congress or 1862 and 1864. 1 am not clear that the e.xerci>e of that power remains. Cougros< pa-s su uct to prohibit the interference of Urn Stale Jiidg-s with o'llleiuients Into the service of the Un ted Rimes. In ih ? event of their possessing such power the question arises whether it I* not prohibited li / the provisions in those statute*. A method or ottnm og discharge by the bec.retary el War, is pro* Wed by them, with conditions annexed, ou which cacti diMharue mar bo granted. These provisions may he constiued ss pro viding some means and prohibiting others." The opinion also declares the court to Incline to the oplnlous of the Uiiltod States Court Judges, us tho prison r lus the privilege of making application to those judges for relic! on habeas corpus uud that it is at lea?t unnecessary to return tbu case to the judge who U?ucd the v/rlt. Ail the evtdcuco was taken, and If the General Term am or the opinion that the discharge should he minted, they are at liberty now to order it. The application, aiier being passed upon by Die Judge below, was denied. I he General Term can only rover-o his decision and inske the order he ahauld huso made if h>- was in error. Clerkc, J., concurs with Mr Justice lugrabam in the opinion that the federal government hag, by recent leg s lation, assumed such Jurisdiction 'n cases of this charso Jer as lo make it unnecessarily exrlns ve, and that H has a constitutional right to to do under ilia [toner conferred upon It to raise and support armies (8. 8, rub. 11, coo. 17. M; bevidet, this is u controversy lo which tlio I.'aited Stales Is a party, as much as If It were an art-oo in which a collector or a port m a party ostensibly, hut the United MatcH actually. Justice I-couard dissenting. Jnrk Kogrni In be Admitted In the Bnr. A motion was muds before this court by If. H. Mo range, Esq., for tbo admission to practice In the New York louru of Hon. Andrew J. Hovers, member of Congress from Hew Jersey. The upohcution will be re ported upon at the reassembling <u the General Term on Thursday next. The Mnrderer Jereminh O'llrlen-Motion for a New Trial Denied. The I'r us. Jnrmiah O'Brien, i'lnintij in Error.? fho application for a new trial in this rase, on the ground of error In the admission and exclusion of evi dence, has been decided adversely by this court The Court yesterday rendered au opinion afllrmuig the Judg ment Mr. K. TV McCarthy, counsel fur tho prisoner, slgnlQed bia Intention ?l currying the ca?e to the Court of Appeals. SUPREME COURT?CIRCUIT?PART 3. Action to Recover Dsmsgea for lojorlca lu ll let ed lo o Iter room with a Pis tel. Before Judge emlth. Fatrilc (iilbride os. Michael Hughes.?The plaint I If in this action seeks to recover $10,000 damages from the defendant for injuries alleged to have been maliciously Inflicted by a pistol In the haads of the defendant oo the 18th of February, 1866. Tbo plaintiff la tho n>o prletor of a drinking saloon in rvenuo A In this cttfi on the occasion in question a party presen' were Im bibing to some extent. The oomplslnt altcgee that the wound was dangerous and ??*rc. and that the plaintiff was oonflned to Ih bed for tbo portnd of about light week* by reason of the wounds received, tbo tall entered the nght side of the plalntlfl's face, pene trating the cheek bono, and Dr. J. M. Carnochan tettl l<-d that the wound was of o dangerous character, treatly ondaagering the plainlilTseye and might possi bly have caused the death of the plaintiff. Anottier wttnoaa for the prosecution teslided thai Hughos a med the plftol, deliberately, at Gllbrlde and fired, and then mid that they might "lake htm and hang him " For Ihe defence It wis elicited that the parties had I rev lonely been on ferine of friendship, and that no naliciuu* threats had been made by the defendant. Tba defendant gave evidence to the eflect thnt he wee en deavoring lo lake some tofeaooo from bis pookot for a friend, and while sndenronng to remove the pistol from bis insldo skirt coat pocket, the weapon was dlschsrved Vddently, wounding plaintiff in the face; thai he (de r?ndant| expressed ureal contrition for the act and threw tie pistol upon tho counter, asking any one preeent lo kill Mm with ihe same weapon If they were of the opinion thai It had l>een done Intentionally: that ha cried and sohh-d bitterly, end that he defrayed the ex pense of rending a carriage for medical aid. Chan sail en. SUPREME COURT--CHAMBERS. The Washington Irvine Siramshlp Case. Before Judge Leonard. Tn Ihe Matter tf the Habeas Cnrpeu One of Oaptntn amrge olney. ?This case, which waa expected to have corns up yesterday morning for final adjudication, bat. by consent of counsel, bean adjourned until Monday, ths 26lb met, when It Is expected that Governor Reuben E. Fenlon, who Iim Just gone to Washington, Is expected to bo present In person, and the legality or Illegality of tho requisition signed by blm, ordering the petitioner t? be returned to the civil authorities at Norfolk, Va, will probably be determined. COURT CAIERDAR?TRg OAT. ream Court?Cmtrrr.? Part 1-Oyer and Terminer hos...1103, 1105. 1107, HOP, 1111, 1118. 1121. 11JJ, , 1143, 1147, 1149, nil, 1183, 1168, 1183, 1188, 1171. ' '181. Part 3-Nos. M48, 14U4, 148*. us4, ?? 0, |No. 2) 1502, 1804, 1606. 1608, 1610, 1614, 161s, K 1822, 1524,1826, 182\ 1630, 1632. IHrt 3-Noe. <W6. 626, 1069, 890, 1148, 1168. .W, 1168. 685, 2754, 247, 683, 972, 248, 889, 1061. 919, U61. ureas* ftovsr?Hpscial Tsa*.? No* 1P3. 194, 198, 901, 204, 122, 154 188, 178, 118, 29, 148, 110, 114, 143, 181, 230. 183, 827. i piisva CoraT, < iiashxbs. ..pfoei 28, 39, 40, 82, 84, lersl call begins ni Ne. 54 i ibsjus C'umr -Taut Tits*.? Psrt 1?Mo* 2787, r, 2693, 2908, 28t?, 1606, 2881, 2667, 27fW, 2771. 2981 r. Mil, 2781, 2961. Pan Noa 8120, 2668. 1964, .. 3096, 3180, 8132, 8U4, 2918. 8O30, 2794, 2863, 1132, I, 2984 wst or Onnam Braea?General term