Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1867 Page 8
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THE MISSISSIP PI. SPECIAL COIKSFUOUCt OF THF, HERALD rroponed IapmemeiM la ihr NaviialltD anil PnrllttlN for Tranap art n( ion an the MiHsiwatppI?The Con venti? m ut M. Loala? A Memorial to be Meat to Cwnarcao, At. St. I?U*^ Mo, Feb. 13, 1S67. One of the most important-convenHons, if not, indeed, the most important of any ? ver held in the Wem, has been in session in the bp '1 of the Mercantile Library .Association In Una city for two days lis object Is M memorialize Congress to take the necessary steps to improve the navigation of the Mississippi riser, bo that the fatalities of the great West may bo mora readily opened up to supplying the constantly Increas ing demand for its prod actions. The call for the con vention sets fecth that invitations have gone oat to ?II the principal points on the Mississippi, from tho Fails of St Anthony to the Gnlf, as well as te the leading cities and towns along the tributaries of that stream, with the view of conoentrat tnp oa the occasion the wisdom and energies of the citizens of the great Mississippi Valley for the further ance ef the proposed object The government or the United States, through the War Department, has just flaiahed a survey of the upper and lower rapids, with the design, if the work Is practicable, ef removing the formidable obstructions to navigation presented at those points; but as conflicting interests may oppose the necessary appropriation for the purpose, it is advisable that a popular demonstration in favor of the measure should he made. Hence the call for tho convention, and dhe extensive area embraced In its composition. The report of the Topographical Engineers recom mends the construction of a canal along the line of thorn Impediments as the best mode for overcoming the dlffl rallies presented; and taking Into consideration the com parative economy of the plan, both aa respects money and time, there can be little doubt that the suggestion will be adopted. An appropriation of a few millions, therefore, with the occupancy of not more than two years, wi II place tho people of this great valley In pos session of an uninterrupted line of river communication from the head waters ot this graud river to its month, J and secure them, aa wall tba advantages of ocean transportation. | In respona* to this (DTlUtkm there were present, at the opening te?ion, delegations from all the principal sorporalions engaged In transportation and the protni neat cities and towns in the West, including St. Joule, Mo ; Pittsburg, Pa.; Lyons, Iowa; Nebraska City; Lans Mississippi county, Mo.; Columbus, Kv.; the Pre sident of the Warsaw, Hoclc Island and Galena Railroad; Independence, Ho.; Canton, Ma; Lex ington, Mo.; CiarksviUe, Mo.; Alexandria. Mo.; Hanni bal, Ma: Port HarnK'r. Ohio; Marietta, Ohio; Detroit, Mwb.; Memphis and Chattanooga, Tenn.; louisiana, Mo.; K-ud St. Louis; Cincinnati; Cairo, 111.: Hamilton, III.; Belleville. III.; Andalusia; New Albany, Ind.; Quincy, 111.; Rock Iiland, 111.; Montrose, Iowa; President Lies Moines Valley Railroad, President Iowa Central Railroad, Chester, lib; Hanover, 111 ; Burlington, Iowa; Jones county, Iowa; Winon? Minn.; Hudson. Wis.; Madison. Wis.; McGregor, low#} Red Wing, Minn.; Bastmgs, Minn.; Wabasha, Minn.; Anthony, Minn.; Glasgow, Ma; Keitsburg, III.; Grigcsyllie, III.; Still water, M uu.; Alton, III.; Muscatine, IottA; Louisville, My.; Bath. III.; Weston. Mo.; Miami, MdT> Dubuque, Iowa; Boonvtlle, Ma ; Davenport, Iowa; Mln.'ieapolls, Mlnu.; Little Rock, Ark.; St. Paul, Minn.; Liberty". Mo.: Waraiw, 111.; Washington, Ma; Nashville, Tenn.,- end Keokuk, Iowa. Tne mtemble of tbe convention woe excellent in Mitrance, most of tbe delegates beinv mai?? .t "?*" prime of Ilia, and exhibiting ail the ouerev th?i KfiVeiT to the American Business mam TOe ^reea?e we^Sf represented here, too, far exceeded that "er MnonmJ? to any heretofore held west yf the ?e object which brought these reprosefitX men ^eiyerlegM tha| cjosely connects itself with the col rotTTu imaay sol the Western country. The agricul SS%i^*?LSf^Tt!i "f ,be ?sMsHgj3g!aa2lfs^S^^ dtgroia) ly of the great "Father of soVhatcbwp and facile transportation to the Golf may be alTorded for a^im!I?n,CJST' XT#*thoB* ? ??">?? nature, that ~JT? entitled the W?et to the proud appellation sT the 'granary of the worid." Although the improve ment of the Mississippi was tbe ostensible otyect oT the a HO!^ d#le?atee there ware not want indications, however, that other rivers, whose navi a Si?"??? wtn on^ local as ootnparod with those ^*a*Mfamrolppl, had oarneat advocate- u the conven "?w. gSM-ona. of pressing on Cong reus the necessity of ?y.--- a*prOT?rfc-',tlnna for rendering these smaller jMoi ,, ?r t?7?1 and transportation. Many b? sa^SSa^Mi ^ c ~ laUone reports* by tM coinuaittee appointed to draft an expression of Ujj PntlmsptS of the people of tbe West ern* BUtee were plSsod unatiluiousfy, after several at tempts to amead them bad proven futile. At tbe opening of the aeaeion on Tuesday the delegates ?rare welcomed to the city of St. Louia by hla Honor Mayor James K Thomas, who spoke as follows Okxtujiss?As tbe executive officer of SL I.oula I have boon requested to call thfe River Improvement Con vention to order foj the purpose of ascertaining tbo pews of (hla Mhrentiaa on tbe beet way for the Immc &to and speedy commotion of this great Western and national In behalf of the citizens of this city I will not deny that our people are much gratified to ?eel these large and lulluential delegations from so assay Stales who have this day presented themselves in this l?li as friends of the liver improvement, and sre determined to accomplish tbe work, and 1 extend to tbe ?ember* and ail other strangers present the cordial hos pitalities of this eitr. Forty-one years ago, when I first hunJcd on the western hank of the Mississippi river, et M. Louis, this great work of improving the rapids or the Miasift.ippi was spoken of. An old saying that "a work well begun's half done" 1 believe will apply to this con vention, and now I propose to begin the work by re questing the Rev. Truman M. Poet to pray to God to amis; you in yoor work. Tbe Rev. Mr. Poet tben offered op a suitable prayer, after which General Win. Vandever, or Iowa, was chosen temporary chairman. On taking the chair Gen Vandever returned thanks for the honor conferred on htm, and stated the object ot the eon vent Ion, as follows:?Oar object is, as Ifregard it, fo Kmol" tne best Interests of thoee wno have comp to us in afar, as well as of our own interests. Oer, first duty, then, as practical men, and good citizens, at this is to oootrlbuie, to the utmost of our VhllUy, to the consummation or this grand stent. This groat river, in ita course, draining tome fifteen thousand mliet la length, exceed tag tn its grand proportions tbe Atlan tic seaboard o! the country?for tbe latter only coven three tbousano ml lee, while the noble Mississippi river, on both banks, washes thirty thousand muss of shore earns* on 1U boeono ?u wout of commerce Urn* t mm m great In ralue u '-tie entire foreign oumattit of this swtira country (Applause.) Now, thon, lei me state Mother feci? that the 8udes bordering upon . the ponton of Ihle valley end inoiadiag whet known as the northwestern Suites, aang with Minnesota end embracing Wisconsin, _ , Illinois end Missouri, ere ell furnishing, by well ?MCenticeted statistics of the country, one-third in ?mount or veins of the entire foreign export commerce ?C thlssrent notion. (Applause.) Now thet becomes e ?Better of greet Importance. We heve recognised the tbci te?t It Is not within the compose of individual efforts to srcomnllsh this great object? that It ts not within the eoeapsee, n?r within the gpnere end eotUority of MUte aflbrt. Those Rtata* bordering upon the river unite the fhr North wtth;th. sunny South, stretching out Its srms, east snd west, from on* *?uesuity thereof to the ether, el most r-aching from the confines of the ocean m the east to the contesn of the ocean In the west. It is pre-emi nently shore every other claim that can he made on tho general government?e great national work and a greet aattonal Interest, (Applause.) 1 simply wiat so allude to en idee in this connection, end that la this:? Double bsvs exlsied in the mtoila of many persons in the days gone by In relation to the powers of the general government concerning an blgeci of such vast importance and Interest and eolict lede to the people of thiscountry; but how, In the light or the present day, can there bo ?urh doubts any lotiger f It a government cannot thr< \ its benign Influence, lis prut. - ting power anil apgis o.- . ua Inionvi so vast as this is, It might reasonably tie questioned whether that. gov rnmenl possessed the powers of self-preservation, tApplause.) It la analogue to the power of self-pre servation tulierent in ibm as in every o'her government; eon as you have seen thm wheuever effort* hare be-n. put lorth. n ? matter froir wlmt source, threatening tner Mainiity (if u.m f ivernmcrt. itum-nse eacrltlcea can oe mads by tn.r peopl*-, what an Immense atnuuabj e' treasure and bio ?d cs i be poured ? ut, now then,, when we conic dowa tot - i*ae-ful objects of every* day lifn which are oaV uiat* <1 uoot more to cement u! i feu* ai barmoQiuua who;o from the very p<> iree to the< ncoth of thi? great -ippi r ver, ran we not unite Heart tad hand m tmrytr the animo*in<* of the past la* r? tafriifchtDg a iyatom v ,Mch a! tall cumi let * our proa parity ukl inaura it for ail time to cornt y <App hum ) (- mmtttooa on oration tot! a and prrtuanmt orgrtnidation t were then appointed, which closed the procetdicgt. of' merr-ng session. la the afternoon the Committee on Orgs itzation re ported the following geoti-men as lor perms-" sent olTcers, which report war agreed to: ? Pr-sidrnl?Win. M. ?'? "hereon, Kt l.ou:? Virt lymidnti- Hen L. P. Woatherbv. Wiscon* n- K O. Stanard, Missouri; <?eo L. Johnson, tihlo; Josw M-. Intyre, Minnesota; W. C McCarthy, I'enneylvaam; R, Briggs, booMsna; John 1 Jlavls, Iowa; Dani-i Kurd' Illinois; J. E Montague, Tennessee; James P erec, In diana; Jaa. t. Koy, Mich g? : 1'. ttoolfolk, Kentucky. Stri iarim?Coionol Mare- Illlno.s; Geo S Packard, WKc< isln; W. & Pry, In ? ? W. R Baker, Mimo'M . H. Knox Taylor, Minno?ia; (lea A. 7hurston, lennsyi. rati; B. Haioer, Teuncaae.; A. & Nye, Ohio; 0. it. Pe s town The Peisidust, aflor baring been conducted to tlx chair, returned bis ihants to the ( onvontlou, and spoke at some length relative i/? tho object which brought the delegate together, j,.-, riling the improvement of the Mississippi riror, bo said.?It Is s question which every one may a* h mseir with prop-iely, why has this great question slept so long; why he (he nation been permit ted to sleep en In leth-rgy and ndifforence towards this bBtfortantsubject, one that el- .id not be o. ilooked In the development of Ihb "astr< ntry of tho V est?-this opening and Improviag the gr< At artery of tho InUhd commerce of this costlneat f (Ayp'nnee.) Wo cannot ?Ira any aetwf?terv answer. Railroad cor. oratioM hare kitheno seemed to be Uie prominent eonsi-l-ration ef the-aeuatry. The.great schemes of (be rellriM i cor fyntiejg ffre to be fnji}|j1^Jir perhaps laodghie ?a deacon, bht they seem to have entirely absorbed tne public while this tree caaal? this free channel of uarigation, that will coot nothing but the removal of the alight obstructions which the rapids above have thrown upon it?has been led to work ita way as boat it could, anil the insurance companies and the boatmen meet anil struggle aa beet they can with the obstacles thrown tn their way. Oentlemen, it is not a question of promoting the interests ef St. Louia, or New Orleans, or New York, or Dubuque, or say of those growing towns or cities that are upon the banks of the Mississippi. It is not a question of contest, as some foolish editors make it, between Chicago and St Louis, as to their Individual ascendancy, but it is a question about what shall be done tor the great agricultural inter est of this mighty valley. (Applause.) It is a ques tion whether the agricultural interests shall be taxed be yond endurance, and with them the cultivators of in# soil thus far impoverished. Because it takes but llUle arithmetic to determine that a bushel of com can be carried but a comparatively abort distance by railroad before it is all swallowed up by the oost of transporta tion, and it therefore becomes necessary for the farmers of this mighty valley, which la a few years will be ca pable of feeding the world, tn have a cheap means of transportation for their produce to market. In speaking of the jealousy existing between St Louie and Chicago, the President remarked:?Gentlemen, I made an allusion a little while ago to a contest between various editors la relation to the rivalry between St Louis and Chicago I do not like to apeak against editors, because they have paler* and I nave none. Bat I for one protest against such contests er rivalries We are two hundred and eighty-one miles apart There ia room enough here to build two larger cities than New York. Every reader of history know* that the great cities of the world have been interior cities, surrounded by vast field* for tne de velopment of agricultural and mineral resources. Such must bo the history of our country?that the inland cities will have the population?and tho time will oome when, if they are uot great commer cial centres, they will at least be mighty cen tres or power and wealth, larger than any of the seaboard cities. That is as certain as that there is to be a future for our country. Wo arc one hundred and eighty-one miles farther apart than Philadelphia and New York, and as long as they continue to grow 10 the extent they do, there Is no cause of jealousy. Thorn is another thing I will take the liberty of saying while here. Chicago has shown an enterprise which, I am eorry to say, has not existed here, and for which they are entitled to the success It gives Uiem. If we remain here as drones and sleep npon our landed security and One locatiou and prospects and go down, it Is our fault, and Chicago is not to blame for it. All I have got to say to Chicago is, "If you can get the trade away from us, take it; we do not deeerve It;" and to St. Louis, "If you want tho trade you must work for it, and if you show proper enterprise you will get it." There is enough for both. There is ample room for everybody in this coun try. There need be no jealousy in regard to any of these matters. At the close of Mr. McPberson's remarks a committee of one tmii, each Stale represented was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the Conven tion; after which the evening session was closod by ad dresses from Captain J. B. Ends, representing the Union Merchants' Exchange, and Alderman Henry U Brock moyer, representing the oitizens of St. Lou la Both these gentlemen heartily welcomed the delegates, and spoke most enthusiastically in favor of the object of the Convention. At the morning session to-day Mr. Abbott, who had been engaged as civil engineer with General Wilson in the survey of the Upper Mississippi, was. on motion of General Vandever, invited to addresa the Convention. Mr. Annorr complied with the invitation, and entered Into a detailed statement of the surveys made by General Wilson and the Engineer corps. The following is the substance of that statement:-?The features of the upper and lower rapids differ in the matter that, although the same volume of water passes over each, the upper rapids are only two thousand feet wide, while the lower rapids arc five thousand foet wide, and thus the water at the lower rapids la shallow, and necessitates a different method of improvement At the lower rapids that im provement must be by a canal six miles and seven tenths In length and threo hundred feet wide, with two lift locks, in whioh the velocity of current will bo one mile |>er hour, affording a large water power, which could only be counteracted by the passage of twenty ! ??0f fipws tarougn we canal eacn Hour. The nppei [ rapid? Oh the contrary have deep water, comparatively [ olid can hj^mproved by cutting out the natural channel! in doing whit ?> (be largest excavation would be at Mo lina chain, when ^on'd occur the phenomena of rather retarding than Inor^abig the volume of water at the aame lime that tho cM* ' would be widened, because the inclined plane woNff be extended and the rapidity of the current would be lessened. These positions were sustained by a minute state t>?nt of the survey, in the course of which Mr. C. said thevP?st of work at the upper rapids would bo $760,000, and .V making tha Improve, ment there as suggested, and no"* by canal, $2,7*0,000 would be. saved, which would neari** defray the cost of constructing a canal at the lower ra^dd*, where such improvement Is absolutely necessary. \ Letters wore then read from Hon. AiexandeTBnmsay, M. C.; Governor Faircbild, of Wisconsin; Governor Ogleaby, of Illinois; and Oovernor Fletcher, o( Mist Von, all or whom approved heartily of the object contemplated by the Convention, and expressed their regret thaW public duties would not allow U?ir being present to participate in its proceedings. U having b'en announced (hat the Committee on Resolutions would report at three o'clock P. IL, 4>e Convention adjonrnod till that hour. At three P. M. tha delegates reassembled, and the Committee on Resolutions, through Mr. Theodore Cook, of Cincinnati, reported tho following:?^. In order to bring before this Convention the dtaumifira That [he whole Mississippi Valley r*HU'TXjoe immediate improvement by the national government of ".ho Mississippi river from the Palme to the rolls of St. Anthony, luoludlng especially the burs at tbe Bsllzc, the upper and lower Rapid* and the removal of ob structions above those rapids; mid also of the Ohio river from Cairo to Pittsburg, and especially tbe work at the falls of tbe Ohio, said improvement to secure the navigation of those rivers free from all tolls or triUuTff Resolved, Ihat the vast Importance of such action as will secure the needed Improvements at an early day of the fol lowing rr, ere is commended to tbe favorable aud earnest consideration of Congress, viz?the Missouri river, from Its fiouth to Tort Denton: tbe flllnots river, the Red river, tbe ennessrd rlyer, to Chattanooga; tho Wisconsin and Fox rivers, the ArkalisM river, to Fort Smith, and the Cumber rivers, laud river lo N'asbviiie. Resolved, That whed the financial condition of the country HI, vivfilM may justlfi t, Cougi ess be requested lo cause proper I nvesll gat ions to ta niaaq as to tbe necessity of improving hercaf Mr in lite oilier navtagable rivers of the Mississippi valley. Resolved, That Congress should so legislate on the subject of bridging the Mississippi and other navigable streams of tho United States, as will, while recognising the equal Impor ts ucc of railroad and river transportation, barmonioe those Interests by securing proper facilities for both. Tour rnuunmcu leoommcnd, In furtherance of the fore gciKK objects, the appointment of * cofatmlttee, consisting ot one member Irom each Siste repraaentcd In this Conven tion. with a autscommiuse ot five, to prepare a memorial to ('ougre.-a, demonstrating the nstiynal importance of said H '?"'h member of said general committee objeets; and (bat each report to *ul.. snb-eommittre such statistics as will facilitate tta work. K 1* f ui Jtst recommended that the reaoluttooa mentor norlai be forwarded to Congress in tha a lopted tied thi memorial be fo ? _ I ugme of tills Convention, by its President, and that copies thereof be furulvhed to each Senator and Kepresenta'-ive frqm the Stataa of the Mississippi valley. The report of the coffltnittee was accepted and a mo lion made to iidopt the resolutions, when quite a spirited debate sprung up. Mr. Hkikxm, of Quiucey, 11L, moved to add aim tb< Illinois river. The State of Illinois bad, tu her infancy he said, tried to open a highway from the Gulf to thi lakes; and she to-day bore the burden ofthe debt there by incurred. The constitution of the United States, li his opiuion. conferred on Congress ample power In thi nn,vision ,'lvins the right '-to regulate commerce," t male* necessary improvements oa ail western river*. n? hoped lb* wants of the IlHnm* river woe Id be ?specially referred 10 la (be proposed memorial Tbe 1'kzktdevt of (be St. Lout* Chamber of Horn merer feared that too many things wo?M be lacked on to the proposed memorial and that thus the object of tne con ?enilun would be defeated altogether. He boped action would be concentrated en the Mississippi improve meat Ural tbe others were eare to ooom la time. Mr. HimaaDs, ot Dubuque, Iowa, aiede a stirring speech In faver ol adopting the report ae preeeated by tbe oemmlitee. Tea years ago, lie mid, the State of Minnesota imported wheat te support her people, while she now exported three millions of bushels annually. What was warned, la order to ben est the whole West, was the free navigation ef tbe Muatmippi, so that the immense grain products might be taken direct to the Oulf. The railroads were tending towards monopoly, and were taking Western products eastward. The Im provement of tbe Mississippi would counteract this tea dency. Let all strive to render the Mimtseippi what it ought to be. aad in dee time all other Western livers would be adequately improved. Tbe improvement ot the groat river would lend to unite inalienably tbe com* mvrce of the North aad of the *mih. and would tbu ? prove the surest preventive against the disintegrate >n ?f the country. The resolutions reported by the oaeamillee were When adopted. The following gentlemen wore then appointed, as a committee of one from each State to carry out tbe desUu embraced la the commiueeNi report:?PVinnayI vanta. J M. Knap, of PKUhurg; Tennessee, Captain H. U. Uarri <>u, ol NaahvlUs; Iowa, B. a ILcbards, of Dubuque; Indiana, Chaa. H. Mnekin; Wisconsin, L. P. W oarttiPy, Keriucky, IL C. Levy; Louisiana, Th.-odoro W. IletU'tTke, Illinois, Colonel John Duusherty. Ohio, Theodore Cook . MluufrJola, Hoary M. Kiee; Missouri, Charier I- 1 uo?>r. The ramioitrr stated that he would hereafter appoint the sub oomm it tee of five coutemplated in tbe resoiu. (tons, all the m tubers of which would tie for conveni enct stke citir.ers or 91 Iauis. Tiiecuatoiu'iry uw ot thanks was then tendered to the olBt ers of Uio convention, to the pr-as, to the Mcr <? an til" Library Association for the gratuitous use of the hail, and t- Uie citizens of Pi. l,oms for Uieir hospitality; when on motion tbe Convention adjourned tirv ut> A giu; bnnquet wss gireu to the d .ojratcs by I lie city Corporation in the evening at the Liadeli Hotel. Tho attendance was large, aad tbe proceedings very spirited. STATE* ISLAWP UITEL11GEWCE. Cimw Brmsui to Dram?Coroner C.affbney held an Inquest an th? f>th Instant upon the body of farah Pur eed, n daughter of Mr. Themaa Pnroell, of Clifton, who si- burned to death by Its clothes accidentally uking Are. The jury ? e turned a verdict of ??accidental death.1' Tn* Bnunnrrg or ftrsT** Iwjiirn Vansrs rna Memo, mtnav Potki Foaon?The Hoard of Supervisors of Richmond countv held a meeting a few days since rela tive to the police force now stationed at Stnpleton against the "^11 and v isbes of the residents of tbs Wand. The board jlu sed r? solutions requesting "tbo Senators and members of Assembly representing the county to use tbelr influence to have certain sections of the act estab lishing tbe Metropolitan Polios force so amended as to allow the peorb of the several towns to determine for *hs'.hsr any or what number of patrolmen rtlall be dr ailed by the Hoard <Sf Police for doty In the .L - . ,ur ?7t*s eontend, and H la said justly, that the sen-tree of the potice now doing doty on the island are a .ery poor equ vaient for the enormous ei peueM irni osed on the county far the maintenance of FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MonuT, Feb. lft?4f>. 1L The railway share market was somewhat unsettled this morning, and without recovery from the extreme decline of Saturday, but during the aft rnoon It expe rienced improvement. The undertone of the spcouia tion for a rise, however, laeka flrmneaa owing to tbe weaknem of the bulls and the ascendancy of tbe bears; and not natil the political and financial questions now before Congress assume a more settled aspect Is there likely to be a sufficiently strong demand for stocks to form the basis of a substantial upward movement Tho action of tbe market la at present feverish and spasmodic, and It la liable to relapse after every trlfiiac recovery. The general Impression, nevertheless, is that at tbe current quotations stocks are cheap, and that within the next six months they will be much higher; but pending a decided torn in the tide of specu lation tbe prevailing disposition among those who are unencumbered with securities la to hammer the market lower. Hence there is a large "short" Interest outstand ing, but the power to profit by it ie wanting. There is no change to note in the rates for money, the supply being ample at six per rent on railway col laterals and live on governments. In tbe discount line there is oonRidornble activity, and the best grade of com mercial paper passes at seven per cent. The statement of tho associated banks for the week reflects the chntigos occasioned by tbe sale of five-twenties of the new issue by tbe Treasury. Some of these have beqn bou. ht bv the banks and are counted as loans equally with those they have advanced upon, but In either case the result has been a drain of currency into tbe Sub-Treasury. Hence the-legal tender notes have decreased $2,980,052, while the loans have Increased $2,802,003. The deposits have decreased $2,104543, owing mainly to the Hamo cause. The specie Rows a decrease of ftl,304.031, which is due to drafts for customs duties, and the circu lation an increase of (170,309. Tbe clearings for the week were fifty-three millions below those of the pre vious woek, a sufficient Indication of tho dulness of business in Wall street. The t^ta's of the present and preceding statements are as under:? ' ^ f'r'yruary 9. February 10. Loans. $260,208,829 $253,131,328 Specie 10,167,257 14.792,026 Circulation 32,777,000 32,966,309 Deposits 198,241.836 190,072.292 Legal lender 07,028,992 04,042,940 Clearings 608,825.532 466,883,829 Balances 20,478,493 20,915.067 At the ten o'clock open board railway shares were steady. New York Central sold at 99% a %; Erie, 65 % a %; Hudson, 138; Reading, 103%; Michigan Southern, 71% a %; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 78 a 79; Bock Island, 96 a 96%; Northwestern, 34% a 35; da preferred, 64% a %; Fort Wayne, 96%. At the first regular board the market was active, but without Improvement as to prices. Pacific Mall was pressed for sale, and declined from 147 to 146 on the call. New York Central closed % lower than at the same time on Saturday, Erie %, Read ing %, Illinois Central %, Rock Island %, Northwestern %, da preferred %, Fort Wayne %, Ohio and Mississippi certificates %, Pacific Mail 3%, Atlantic Mall 3, Western Union Telegraph %. Cleveland and Pittsburg was % higher. Government securities were firm. Coupon sixes of 1881 advanced %, five-twenties of 1862 %, new issue or 1866 %. Tennessee sixes of the new issue were % lower. At the one o'clock open board prices showed a fractional decline. New York Central sold at 99% a %; Erie, 66%; Michigan Southern, 71%; Rock Island, 06% a %; Northwestern, 34% a %; da preferred, 63% a 64. it me fiair-past two regular board the market was stronger throughout the list, and Pacific Mail recovered from 144 to 148 on the call. New York Central closed 34 bigbor than at the first regular board, Michigan Southern 34, Cleveland and Pittsburg >4, Rock Island 14, North western >4, da preferred 14, Fort Wayne 34, Ohio and Mississippi certificates 34, Pacific Mail 4, Atlantic Mall 34. Government securities wore dull end steedy. State stocks were unchanged. At the open board, nt half-past three, the market waa Inactive and slightly lower. Erie ?old at 6614; Reading, 10334-, Michigan Southern, 72 *4; Cleveland and PltUburg, 7934; Rock Island, 9634; North weetern, 3634 * 34: da preierred, 6434 a 66. Subse quently it became firm, and a general sdvanoe took place. At half-paet live the following quotations wore current:?New York Central, 10134 a 34; Brie, 66; Read ing. 103)4; Michigan Southern, 72*4 a 78; Cleveland and tv.tdbffj 79J4 a SSt Rook Island 0734 a 34; Northwest ern 36)4 ? Mi preferred, 6634 * 34 The gold market has ruled about 3* per cent lower than at the eloso of last week, mainly In consoquenoe of u slight advance In five-twenties on the London Stock Exchange and tbo tenor of private advicos by mail. There is very Utile speculative activity and the debates at Washington are regarded with diminished interest. The fluctuations of the day were from 13634 to 13634. Tho foreign exchange market was firm, and at the close of business bankers' bills on England at sixty dsys were quoted at 10834 a 34; at three daye 10934 a J4; commercial bills, 107)4 a 10834; francs at sixty days 6.20 ? 5.10'4; at thres days, 5.15 a 5.18*; mils t ? Berlin, 71* a 72*; on Bremen, 78* u?t; og Fri ? M ' fort, 40* a 41 <4'; on Amsterdam, 41 a 41*; on T Afc butK, 38 a 30* ; on Antwerp, 6.20 a 6.17*. Jwa Mining sharee were heavy. At the first board ' dated Gregory Gold closed 75c. lower than at ? JwwoM time on Saturday, selling at $10 46; Color -** and Silver 5c., selling at $1 80. Quarts H shUn Gold higher, selling at $3 96. Corydon sold at WAS 20c. second board Corydon clo*od 25c. high ^ *' the $8 26; Columbian Gold and Silver 10c., ? 'Selling at Quarts HiU was 6c. lower, selling at $3 **^04 ?t $1 90. Consols and Aruerioan securities * London as under on the dates me * **efe Quoted In Feb. 8. atoned ? Consols 90* >1)6.?. Feb. 18. Vnltod States 6-20's.. 7218-18 -918 16 si Erie 40* 72 16.10 73 K Illinois Central 80* 40 37 The following Treasury r 81 77* -- * ?t?ii of savan-th' ^?t'tus is relation to the xt,j. noitT lorwaraea 10 the Department for Oircu ^ ^ repf0j0<.e(j lt iog. geetion of th? latter > m When notoe ,t*l*?*r xitsed for settlement on payable to order, and awneia transmitted by tbe payee, tboy ?oat bo eod??ea him, " Pay to the Secretary or tbe Traaoury fer/ted" over bla signature, and boa da will issue In nts aaaae Notes payable to order, aad bold by other paTtier lxkMn the original payee, mast here tbe en dorsetney. of t ^ payee, and aleo be endorsed "pay tba Sec retary of the /oeewry lor redemption" over hie signature, by tbe bov M preesnting tbem. In ell caaee of notes payabT? to, order, satisfactory evidence of identity of eador sere. neugt be furnished. When notee issued In bleu ( ijt forwarded for conversion they must be en dor *ed "pay tbe secretary of tbe Treasury (or rederap ti? ,n" over tbe stgnaturo of tbe party forwarding tbem. /' /baa notes transmitted are endorsed by an attorney, administrator, executor, or other agent, they must be acoompenled by tbe origin si or e duly oerilded copy or oertincate of the authority under which be acta All letters ebonid elate the kind?"regtetesed" or "cou pon"?and tbe denomination of tbe bonds wanted in exchange When registered bonds era ordored, parties should state at whlctt ot tbe following pieces tbey wlab the interest paid, viz:?New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, 81 Louis, Cincinnati or Charleston. Express charges on seven-thirty notes for warded by Adams Express Company for conversion, aad oa bonds seat In return, will be paid by the department until March 31, 1807. Considerable business is at present being done In the way of conversions, but the manner of doing it is liable to tba objections which apply to ell secret transactions of tbe kind. Why docs not tbe tiocrntary announce his terms of conversion publicly, so that all may enjoy equal privileges in Ibis re?pectf As It Is, tho door Is open to Jobs great and small. Tue Bank of England return for tbe week ending Jan uary .10 Is at follows, compared with tbe slaP-mant of tbe prevloue week:? Jan. 23. Jan. 30. Government deposits ?8,200,071 ?0,101.842 Other deposits 1K637,S4? 18,643.42V Government securities 14,111.008 13,111,000 Other securities IV,411.77.1 19,190,303 Best 8,414,131 3,830,302 Notes unemployed 9.P62.910 10,10!>,835 Notes In circulation 22,vl?,%6 22,001,2*8 Specie and bullion 10,801,848 10,090,422 The English bullion market continues firm, prices beiag supported by the continued withdrawals of gold for the Continent Tho following ere the la tost prices, acoordlng to the British standard, per ounce:? ? a <L Foreign gold In ban 3 IT 9 Silver In bare 6 0J< Gold com?Portugal pieces 3 17 7 Amcricaaeagies 3 14 4 Doubloons, patriot 3 14 3 Doubloons, Spanish 3 14 0 Napoleons 3 16 4 10 guilder pieces 8 16 9 Silver coin?Mexican dollars. TJt..,. 0 4 11 J? Amortcan dollars 0 4 11 Spanish pillar dollan. 0 4 UK Tba returns of tbe Bank of France for the week ending January 31, show the following results t?tempered with tbe previous account:?Increase, "ash In hand, 6,000,600 franoa, bills discounted, 41,666,000 francs, notes, 48,600, 000 francs; private accounts, 4,700,000 (Tanas. De crease. advances, 100,000 Anna, treasury balanae, 1 500,000 franca. TB# following m the laU* roc money in the lending citlea on llie Continent:?Parle, 8?2X; Vi enna, i?4; Berlin, 4-3*; Frankfort, 3*-3*; Am eterdnm, 4?4; Turin, 0-0; Bruesela, 0-2*; Madrid, 0?0; Hamburg, 0?2*; % Petersburg, 7?0. sales at the hew toak stock exciume. Monday. Feb. 18-lOiJi A. M? 02SOOO U B re,'Ol, con. 109* MO ihaNY CBH .slO ?*? Dare,'81. ret.. 109* 300 do 2d call llSOO Dare MOc.%. lOOTt ?00 do. looooo do lio #oo Ene RR 6"0U> V B re 6-20 c, '64. 107* 600 do lftWO URTel-Mc.'m, nl 106* 200 do 2!MAJQ C 8 5't 10-40 oou.. 101* ?0 do b?0 4000 Tr a 7 S-IO, let ee. 106 100 do -gib? WJO do 10ft* 1100 da Meell 46* 4000 do Id ee 1)** 160 Erie KR pref 70 10UU1 N Y 7'e, bty In, reg 106* 100 Chi 4 Alton RR.... US* 4oOO N Y 6'e. 74. ? liXI Reading RB M?X 8000 Ohio 6'a, '70 90* 100 do 1?* auuOTennre, ex con.. 06 ?<1 do 103* fiiiOO do 3d call 66 700 do 10?* 8000 Tenn ft, new.... 4ft* 300 do.. ...-2d eaU 103* ISOuO da ?ft 100 Mleh KftNIndKRbM 71* 10000 Ohio ft Mi.? nr.. 24* 100 do 71* 1090 N Y Cent 6'a.'83.. 93 SOU do 71* 4(M) i 'rte 4th mortgage 91* 900 do 71* 3000 V J Central let m 100 300 do......3d call 73 2000 Alton ITHliln 94 800 111 Ceutral KR lift* luOUChicftNWcono be 83 100 do 116* 1UUO i"lev ,t Pitta4th m 74* 300 do 116* 4WW Morrhftbaaex 1 m 9G* 16 da .. 116 3UX)Morri?AE?sex2m 85 200 do >30 115* 6*b? Am Kxch Hank. 116 100 do !d call 118* 50 l ourtii N bank lot 100 ?io lift* 10 Ocean Rank 103 200 do 116* 109 Comb Coal prefd... 34 mxi Cler A VltlsburgRK 78* 200 do 3d call 33 200 do bflO 79 100 ,d.> <W 32* 409 d" 78*

800 WeflernbulonTelOo 43 a*? do bio 7hV 600 do 42* 11-0 Clil A NW Bit. ..1210 31* 1000 do b.t? 43 800 do 31* 300 do 42 V 460 do 34% SCO do 2d call 42* 10O do 1.30 31* 100 Maripoaa Mining Co 10 100 do W0 31* 200 Atlantic Mall 8Co.. 97* 100 do 2d call 38* 100 '.dams Kxure.i.... 6ft 1(M do 38 6 Well*. Fnr*o Ex.... 61* 800 Chi A Nw Kit, pref IWV 6 American Ex Co. .. 80 4oO do 63* 1ft Pacific MallH Co.... 110 4U0 xlo 2d caU 64* 200 do IvSO 147V Mil C!?t ft Toledo KR.. 117* 876 do 147 200 do el# 117* 300 do 146 300 do 3d call 117* 100 do Kid 147 200 Cblc ft Kock la KK 9ft* nn do 1*0 146 800 do 9rt 100 do bJO 116* 50 do 96V 100 do 2d call 146* 100 do 2d call W* 100 do 146* 64 Chi, Bur ft Onin RR 1J0 ? ft* ? 900 do 14ft* 300 Pita, Ft W ft CUI RH 96* 1080 do 116 200 do 9ft* 900 K Y Central RR ... 119V 600 do 96* 2800 do 99* M do S6* 300 do a30 99 COMMERCIAL. REPORT. Monday, Feb. 18?6 P. X. Ashfs.?Receipt!, 21 package*. The market was un changed In all particulars, with small sales to oonsumers at, $8 24 a $8 CO for pot BuADsirrrs.?Receipts, 1.682 bbls. flour, 2,180 bags oorn meal, 3,20} bushels oorn, 2,466 do. oats and 500 do. malt. The market for State and Western flour was inactive. Holders stood ready to make concessions, tf by so doing they might be able to sell more readily; but the demand was limited to the Immediate wants of the trade, and the business was at about Saturday's prices. In a few Instances concessions from 10c. to 19c. were made, but the reduction was conf to certain undesirable lots which were pressed for sa' ^ we do not quote the market decidedly lower. The tniamkc tlons were upwards of 3,000 bbls., at our appeo^ ?uola uoa&. noutnarn llour was doll and drooping, be x not quota bly lower: the sales were confined to 360 bb'^ Rye flour wus quite neglected, but prices were well suatAlned- th sale* were 130 bbti., at from 97 to So. acoo.uing to nuabt ' J-or corn meal (hero was no demand, and '/rices were no /? Inal. We quote:? a Superfine and Western $8 OUaf *9 90 J' ? ? I Choice State 10 80r Common to medium extra Western ft gfl ,11 Extra round hoop Ohio 10 $ a M 75 Western trade brands 11 i i a 11 50 Common Southern 10 da 12 49 Fancy and extra do 18 JO a 10 00 Rye Hour (superfine) 10a MOO Corn meal, Jersey /00 a SOO Corn uioal. Brandy wine 9 Ml a 5 33 ?In the ahsunce of business the wheat marl ? ?* a 5 30 nally unchanged, but the offerings of sellers i .et was ooml weakncM; soma offering to sell at a redurt' ndtcated much per bushel from the current prices of Sato cm of ?c. a Ho. were conUnrd to small lots white Canada cdav. The sales Stale at <3 ?7>j. Corn, without quotable A $a, end amber dedlv heavy, under a very light demand. change, was decl 50,000 bushels, at $1 09 a $1 U9J4 for mix- , We note sales of and $1 10 a $1 11 for do afloat, and 9 j* MVstern In store, yellow Jersey; the outside prloe ar i 98a91 12 for new steady but quiet. We note sales of &' , ?extreme. Kye was 91 18 for W estern in store and dellve , 799 bushels at 91 16 a troely, and prices tended in buyer', > red. Oats were offered limited to about 30,000 bushels, decor. The sales were and Ode. a (4c. for utile. Malt we ) at B6c. a 59c. for Western Barley was dull of sale and pile 'a weolected and noraldaL comprised 804100 bushels at 98 ja ruled lower. The sales and 91 55 for Bute. a for Canada West In bond, Cottoji.?Under unfavorable for this staple ruled modvr , foreign advices tbe market about >ic. per lb. was concr Ml'.' ncuve, and a decline of Irregular at the reduction. Jsd.'tbe market closlngduU and We quote:? Che sales aggregated 1800 bales. (Man Ordinary 3!' J. Mobile. S.O. + T. Low middling 3 30 31 81 Middling ?JU 33 32 33)4 Good middling JQg 33 34 34 Corn I.?Km rill, M 35 86 38 sales to report Ot 4 iflim, though quiet, and we have no value. jertUnas also ruled dnll, but steady In Kilt ightk wera ? To Liverpool, pe flint but Arm. The engagements ware:? bushels corn at < dU-ainer, 3,000 boxes cheese at 46s.; 15,000 6>fd.. and 600 > Jfe'1' 'fo 49,0410 bushels barley^at rosin at 8s(6" /its rosin st 2s. <d. To Bremen, 300 (ibis. steamer, 5f?) were reported^ at la. lid.), and. per eases do. at waJlard at 00a. ; 100 libds. tobacco at 35m reported cl Ma., and ISO bales cotton at l tjo. A bark was low.7-14<1 uttered Irom Ba'tmore to Liverpool, cargo tab Orwjrr ,/per lb. on pnv; htr.s were more active. Sales in Boston. 300 bales, (Irs /?terms, and 800 do. at 16>?o.. gold, in bond, at P<\. afCxoTn was in moderate request. Bales, 130 bales lie jetd, Hi bond. Bab returnu<M moderately active at unchanged prices *,<40 Iwle- at 35c. a 70r. for new crop American. Jsuatssrs was in moderate demand for distilling purposes , dbll prices. Saks, 357 hhde., 67 tcs. and 40 bbU Mania /It i at 52c., and 1U0 hhds. new crop Cuba muscovado ou prl aMc term*. Natal Stores.?Spirits turpentine *11 in Improved de end the market ruled a (hade firmer. The e&lan cum prised 987 bbla., m 70c. In shipping end merchantable order, Mi'i,.. m ivv.. in snipping aiiu uiercnauuinie oruer, chiefly in shipping order, and a email parrel, on the dock, at 100 bble.. In bond, at BIJke. (now held higher), i ?Hc.: alao 100 bble., In bond, at BlVe. (now held higher), and 60. do., New York bbls.. at 71V. Koslne?The lower gradee were In moderate request at about prerioua prleea. Other grndee were dull and nominal. The ealea were 1,1100 bble, ?trained at $4 l'i% a $4 25-almo?t nil at the outalde price; 1.6M do., common, at $4 a $4 06H' 900 do., etrained common, to arrive, at M 18k; 100 do.. No. 8, at $4 60, and 1? da, No. 1. at $4 75 a 96. Tar wae dull and uomiuaL at $3 79 for Wil mington and $8 26 for Newbern. Oil*.?Linseed ruled quiet but firm, at $1 99 fer jobbing lota. Kleh oils remained dull bat etcady, at our last quota tions. We heard of no ltniiortanl sales. Provision*.?Receipt*. 1.075 bbla. pork, 800 do. beef, 1,878 package* cut meat*. 8U8 do. lard, 2,247 dressed hog*. The pork market wa? dull, but unchanged; the aalea were 9,000 bble.. (Sib and regular, at 880 28 * 890 75 for uew mess; clos ing at the outside price for Wc*teru;$19 92 a $19 76 for old eeapg ' M' vutniwc |?i ?V EJ I < if nvniviu, flV Vd U <>$7 |U 1UT UtU do., closing at $1*? 75 regular; $16 <tt a $17 for prime, and $19 a $19 <5 ior prime /Beta. ^ AIho. for March and April de* irery, eeller^a option, 1,60(1 bble. new mess, at $20 78 a 821. For beef the demand wa* fair, and price* were steady; the eakia were 700 bbls., at $12 a $15 for new plain mesa at $17 a $20. Of tierre beef 800 tierce* were sold, at 891 a 89958 for brlae, and 817 a $20 for India men. Beef haras, with e good demand, were firm. The sale* embrace 9(0 bbls., at from $32 to $52 au. Bacon wa* neglected and nominal. Cut meata were steady, but quiet. The sale* wore 490 package*, at Ska ? 10c. for shoulders, and lie. a 19c. for hams Dressed hogs were easier. The sale* were at to. a 9\c. for Western, and 7T?c. a 10?,'* for city. Lard wa* dell and nominal, with a downward tendency. The sale* were 890 packages, at lie. Butter and a like, for old, and 12c. a 12V for new Butter and cheese were unchanged merer, respect. Prruounm.?The demand for both crude and bonded wee ettremeiy light, end we heard of no Important transaction*. 18c. was generally demanded for the former, while the Utter 'as quite nominal at 29c. a 19He. fer standard white. Bics wae steady at 10c. a K>kc. fer Caroline and 9k* * quite nominal at 29c. a 29W-. for standard whits. ?kt was steady I9kc. for Baueooa. Rcoar ?A fair demand preralled for raw, chiefly from re finers, and an advance of lolly H* P*r lh. wa* established, fair to good refining closing strong at 10kc. a 10V The sales comprised llwbhds. Cuba muscovado at 10c. a ldVc, ' chiefly at 10k* a 10kc., and 90 hhds. Porto Rico at 10k* a II He. Refined was moderately active at 14H* for soft white i end Ifikc. e 19k<- for standard hards. Birds.?Clover wee unchanged at 19k* a 16c. Timothy was steady at $8 90 a ft with small salea Of Calcutta lin seed sale* were made of 3,01V begs In Boston at 8810 gold, duty paid, and 8,090 do., to arrive there, at 88 80; gold, In band. Stsawoi was unchanged. Bales88,000 lb* at 10* a like.; alao 16.0UU lbs. grease at 7c. * 8k* Taixow was Inactive end heavy. Balsa ware made of 90,000 lbs. at 11c a Ilk* whisebt.?Receipts, 916 bbl* The demand war moderate and prions were firm, with small sale* at 48o , m in. u* TELE6IAPWC MANET NNRTi PniLAjmunuA, Feb. 18,1887. The stock market is dull. Pennsylvania State Ores, 99; Reading Railroad, 61k; Philadelphia and Rrte Railroad, Ml Gold, I88J4- R*waqgs on New Tork-par. Flour dull and unchanged. Saloe of State at $19 90. Wheat dull. Red Wcvtern. $8; d* Southern. $9 ll; white Southern, $3 85. Kya $1 M Corn dull. Yellow, 98* Data, 97c. Rio coffee, Uiic., In " ?mum Hbecp Ilk* i <>ead were eold. Balvimorb, Feb. 19L 1897. Cotton qnlei; middling upland 38V- Nto coffee firm; sals* private terms. Sugar firm and Heady. Flnnr dull at a decline <>t 25c. a 90* for spring wheat brands. common Howard street dn? also declined Wheat firm at $1 a $3 30, prime white $9 10, prime red $S 16. Corn dull and declin ing (tonnage scarcei, white, 98c. iWc.; yellow, 93c. a98c. The market favors buyer*. Oats dull st 56* a A7e. per bushel. Clover seed $8 AO a 98 <6 for common to good; prime now crop $9 Provisions nucha need. Bulk meats active for Southern want*. Pork, new mess, 821 50 a$21 75 for city and Western. Land, 19'*c. a 12;,c. whiskey, no sales. Oswaoo, Feb. 18, 1887. Flour le In moderate demand, chiefly lor the Interior, Eastern and Southern trade, unrt the market la unrh .iiinl; aalea 490 bbla. at $11 Ada $11 7A for Ma I spring. flH s $13 9A for red winter. 914 35 for white, sad $16 a $16 25 for doubls citra. Bye flour Is steady at $7. Buckwheat flour Is selllsg at $8. W heat I* quiet and uo sales, under the con tinued ItiUueoof of unfavorable advice* from the East. Corn Is dull but unchanged; small sales at 91 12 for No. I. Date are quiet, at (Uc. for ehotec Western. Barley. 17* and peas are nominal. Corn meal 93 M a 93 70 per 190 lbs , and $1 90 a $1 4tl per AO lbs., In tacks. Short* are seldng at $90, ship stuff* st $26 a $2ff, and middlings at $83 a $94 per ton. Kuil road freight*? Flour, to Boston, $1; to New fork, 90c ; to Albany, 8fc OniCAoo, Feb. 18. 1887. The provision market is llfslsss and nominal, mess pork, 814 611a $18 76. There le some Inquiry for Iresh meats. Lard 1* Inactive and nominal at Ilk* * Ilk* Offering* of hojja are meagre, tnd_ tM4 market rules firm at ? a $7 <a Live hog* are held firmly at an advance of i?r. a 15*; the demand la limited and sonflned to packers; nrtoes range from $( 40 a 87 86. The flour market le dull and nominally easier, with llgbt sales at $9 75 e $10 76 for tying extra* and at 86 89 a $8 fer superfine. There la a moderate Inquiry for Na 2 spring wheat, but the market closes weak And He. lower, with sales at $1 84; at the open ^?PMHMNPSHNNsbout Saturday's dosing figures, MNVwar* subsequently weakened and receded tnfflkc o. 1 *ata opened more active and closed dull at 8814* a SMaBwdpts-AOOO bbte. ff'Mjc. 4. an boahals wheal, fl '-'I corn, 6,890 do. sate, 710 bog* Shipments?6,400 bbla. r,6^?by?elgWbeiS. Omcmm. Teh. 18.1887 Flour la flrtri, bul unchanged. Trade or* ida, 811.99a Floor la flrtn, but unchanged. T $11 an, and fancy hrands, $14 a 816. Wheat I* ' rm and the supply light; Na 1 spring, $8 46; d supply Hght. Na 1 spring, $8 46; do. winter, $1 9* The Oau are dan u ate. tot no. u fsyirt do &L. ^*! ft ? a $1 26 for Ho. 1. Barltr l? unchanged. Y> hiskey U In good demon 1 el $2 28, In bond. Cotton It dulL Mbut unchanged; ulet of 700 bole* at 28u. a 2814* for mif Holders ttiU u a rule, aak 80a tbe large falling racelpta at Southern porta give bolder* confidence, rrovtalona are dull and unohanged. There 1* no demand of ooniiequeiioa far moaapork, lard or balk teeaU, but then la no preaau.e to tell. There la a moderate order demand for 2?ci>n.If5ln th? Bdutb. bale* of 1? bhd*.. at ?Mc. for thoul '"St^o Ht for aldea. 12c. for elear rtb aidaa, 12)?c. a )' <t. lor clear do. Sugar cured hama lie. a 18c., according to brand and condition. Lard dull at l2Uc. for prime kettle 55fG??. Butter aad cheese unchanged and firm. Clover .o8 Kt Llnneed ml held at 11 46. Orocarlea are ateady ?i Idlie. for auger, aad iBJac. ? for rotlee. m?um 2ung * oteady at par buying, and HO pro ?. . . _ JdiLWaca**, Feb. 18. 1887. . ai a?* tVu^t ?keat dull at 88 10 torHo. 1. and si M KM A?,ii^.*? Cora i? firm atgl>?c. for No. 1. OaU are hhii "a n?f}JFn' 2- FrorUjona are dull; Receipts?1,*10 Khi^J? uf1 V8 bu,h?k? "heat, SS0 do. oorn. 1,800 do. oata Shipment*?3,800 bWa. floor. 100 buahela wheat. ?... _ , _.. Loouviu*. Feb. 18,1887. * 8hd? : ?"???>, gl 10; lug* $2 10 a 84 80; Lm?J^.nMdlum to*T.< V* $15 ?1 selection.", 820. Four, fn ?S5l ? Prime wheat, $2 #0. Shelled corn llel, ?aM- Mess porkT $11. Bulk aK^. nJim'J Urd ,n "en** 18c. Kew Orleant i&$T prime, 14kc. Plantation molasses 86c. WbUkfv Jim' 'roc. ? a?; whiskey in bond, .5- ' ' KltL ?l UW Ml KENTUCKY. _ , ? Paawaronr, Ky., Feb. lt/lM. About midnighi last night a mob of forty -en rode into Danville, twice open tbe jail, and took out a man named Carrier; but finding they bad taker J th? wrong man they returned him to the jail. A brot a?. ?i ranw bad been tried lor stealing a horse in n ? ? Carrier from the rebels at tbe battle of PerryvUb e8(^? agreed and Carrier gave bail and went h * . mile. The mob, after roturning the * at I Afkes Jail, rode to ParkesriHe, and about 1" b^*J V tb# open Carrier's house, took him fro /!?C*>ro , liung blm. The mo{> was compose' ^ r ?k amtly and (Juantreil's guerillas. posw A of the remains of THE THIRTY-EKHTHCfll REGIMENT. The steamship Victor, RfroB * M"8*ok, Feb. 18, 1887. for New York, arrived this ? <* ?ew <*}*?*? Thirty-eighth regiment o f* disembarked the Rienmood, where they 4 oolored troops, en rout; for sailed this afternoon ?ra to bo mustered out She BU? gCAL AND THEATRICAL. "Our littio Lot' ? . _ . , burlesque actr * favor,Ui WosUrn cona#dlenne 8nJ Bold III laf maJ? a bit M Pocahontas in Spring Acurlou 4'?reek. _ Paris, on 1 *nc,deDt occurred at the Theatre do Chatelet, the the 4 *ight last mouth. A well known patron of Bengc 8?*e m attending the performance when a mes Not -^arrived with the news that his house was on Are. rar- a'uding bftn In his hoi tbe manager announced the "* irotn tbe stage, but the audlenee, including the per ? In queoNon himself, treated the announcement aa a ^.?ac flcal ,ioke. On his return homo at midnight, how evt t, tbe gentleman found that it was not a joke, for bis bf gise was in ashes. 'A startling occurrence recently took place at a masked 8all at Vienna A young couple linding their steps con stantly dogged by a female figure In a black domino, wtut: buvui iu ituvo uiu untire hi cscapo nor espionage when tho atranrer suddenly daubed a phial of ?ttnol ia the face of the gentle man. Tbo domino was arrested and unmasked. She proved to bo a lady belonging to tbe chief Viennese aristocracy, and the divorced wife of the young man she followed. Tbo face and neck of tho husband were horribly burned and one eye waa com pletely destroyed. 'I he domtao had also spilled so much of the deadly liquid on her arm that amputation became necessary. Colonel Knox brought an ^tlon la the Court of Chan cery against Mr. Gye, regarding an alleged partnership existing between him and defendant in the management of the Royal Italian Opera. Judgment waa given in fa vor of defendant. / Puritcmi was given by Begin at Parle, and proved a deplorable failure In spite of PatU's genius. Tout le Monde went to Les Bouffes to flee one of the leaden of the demi mohdr, Miss Cora Pearl, as Cupid in Orpbte aux F.nfert. By the way, this laughable trifle ha nearly reached its Ave hundredth representation at this theatre, and Paris is pretty well posted how in high Olympian life and low life in hades. The "pearl" of great price, now coram publico, is an English woman. On tbe night of January 33 a handsome young Prus sian officer was sitting in a stall at the Pagliano theatre, Florence. A Prussian soldier stood near him in atten dance. A native of Frankfort-on-tha-Main, who stood nearthem, suddenly turned on the officer and addressed him with some grossly insulting remarks. Both Prus sians remained motionless, although tbe eyes of the sudlenoc were attracted to them. At the close of tbe performance the soldier hastened to his master and car ried htm ont in his arms. It was then observed that the officer had lost both togs, said to have been shot off at Sadowa. The audience broke oat Into deafening cheers of Vive la rruuia, and the Franlciorter was removed by tbe police. Tho King of Baxony has appointed Count Palaten to tbe post or lntendant general of tbe theatre at Dreed en. Tbe directors of the Porte Saint Martin are already actively engaged in preparing for the reproduction of the famous spectacular piece, the Bicke au Bole, which is to be performed for the amusement of the numberless foreigners with which Paris will be crowded during the exhibition. A complimentary concert will be given to Mtse Sarah E. Sanderson, a graduate of tbe New York Institution for the Blind, at Clinton Hall, this evening. A large number of vocalists and instrumentalists will assist. SHIPPING NEWS. illOliO rot mrw TORS?TBI* DAT. SITS RISKS < 49 ? MOOR RISKS ere 6 68 SCK SKT* 5 40 I HIGH WATER morn 8 60 rORT OF HEW YORK. FEBRUARY 18. 1887. Cleared. Steamship Columbia (Br), Carnaghan, Glasgow?F Mac douald. Chesapeake, Johnson. Portland?J P Ames. Ship Adelaide iBrl, Cutting, Liverpool?Williams A Onion. Ship Adelaide (Br). Cutting, Liverpool? A Onion. Ship Abide Ryerson (Br), Deanta. London? Boyo A Hint-It Bark Ruoer (Nnrw), Erichsen, Cork for orders?Punch, Metncke A Wendt. Brig Ad.le (Venei), Laurctzen, Porto Cabello?Boonea Graves A Co. Brig Conrad (Dan), Clausen, Maracatbo?Punch, Metncke A Wendt. Brig Strom new (Br), Moore, Jaetnel?Brett, San A Co. _ > Brig John Freeman, Baker. Bermuda?,1 N Harvey. .dBI. Brig leiuisa (Br), Oovell. Bermuda?MeCnli A Frith. ' Schr Kochantrees (Br), Webster, Para?.' Hlahop A 6*. 8ehr F V Turner, Cook. 8t Pierre, Mart?B J WenbyFg- . Schr Mary Kelly (Br).NotcheU, St J ago, Cuba?Bluer A Houghton. ttchr America (Br), Nicholson. Canning, N8-D R DeWolf Schr Impudence (Br), Hlmpeon, St John. "??* Smlthere A Co. Sch r Fd Kidder,.Ph iltljp*. o^o^ton-Mjimjr^Ferrl. A Co. so?r icd aidder. runm AT??1 8chr M J Ruse;!', inerfl., Witmlneton-N !.????? Schr Amazon* Rose. Richmond?\ ?n Brunt A slight. it wk, soatoiry B..,um. S W Lewis, Schr Plymrdib Hock, seabury. ? Evelyn. Burger. Stamford. Bohr Sadie Burton. Calmer. Stai j Stamford. Steamer M Stevens, McKaig. South Amboy. Arrived. Swam.htp Protnetama Beekettj(Oe)ve*ton. with maM. to Cpoodspeed. Inlat6608. Ion 74*6, saw brtgQ Buck. Steamship Carroll, Hudglua, Charleston.BO hours, with cotton aad passengers. to CTW Perveil. cotton aad paaaoogar*. to Hsuamwbip Albclnarlf. Bourne, Rlrhmond and Norfolk. with md?*e and pa?*mgert, to Llringston Pox B Co. ShlpVIWrmno^tirjpharLl^mJB^De^?^ Wight Dec t*. with mda* and MnseMprs, to B K Morgan A Son. Was between tea *? and*) from Jan 1 tp 2?th, with very heavy galea aad squalls f cotnW ?Sl; sines then had i moderate weather. Feb R let It 1i<wd>7, R. ship Mayflower, of Richmond, bouad B; about WO miles SB of Sandy Hook, saw a ship's mlmenmad. serapod bright! Ship Athena (Brtffn), Wark, Bremen, 9 days, wlthj and 136 ncwmtsra W master Rsb S Ut 11. ion 63. ex changed signals with Am Gitp Glad Tldlngs- bouad K: llth, 1st toTTon 66. sgw Am ship of Black Ball line, Sd dial ^#rkT^aie(SS?tewre. Pening, Mot 1, with pepper. Ac. m master. Passed Cane Good Hope Dee W. crossed the ltutuir Jap 33. In Idn *1 _ tlreaf Long Island (ctioced seaman), wko?n: <' Jan (1, erpeneneed a barrlcaie. lost inlssen staysail, started topgal iant bulwarks, tore tarpaulins off ng*tn add allef hatches, nd causing the ship ti make considerable wate Bark Aoius (Morw), Knudsen, Malaga. Decit \r 2flth, with fruit Ac. to L B Ajalnck A nf*AMcUt Lefalton. St Jago de Cuba, 14 days, with sr. to Simpson A Clapp Had heavy went her, sprung Mopmast and Jlbbmm. Fob 14, lut 16, Ion 74 10, picked tar 26th, with fruit, Ac, to L B Aifilnck A Co; vessel to Hhlmboe A Co. Brig i <iH>topmast and Jlbbmm. Fob 14, lut 16, Ion 74 10". pick . up a lifeboat, palntedMack; builder, L Raymond. v8w York. Brie John O (Br), Johnson, Nassau, f days, w th salt, to J jbrta AMff Watson (of Sedgwick, Me). Watson, Saltilla River, Oa, 13 days tdth lumber, to D C Ripley. Brig Isabella JewoA Walker, Providence. Brie B Young. Kbit belli port for Boston. Schr (Inters (of larhlas), Huntley, Morant Bay, Ja, 18 day*, with logwood, Ac, to master. Fchr Owes Cjneed(Br), Jones, Antigua, ? dsrs, via St St Thomas, with mJ naee, Ac. to O A J Snow A t o Schr hi .eel Hall, Jsll, An* Cayos, ?) days, via Edgar towa, with logwood trvWm B Brown A Co. Bhr J N Maker. Adams, Galveston, hr Harriet rhorsaa. Robinson, (Ht Mark*, 14 daya, With Aton. Ac, to R D H iflnnt A Co. Bohr .Ffturley. Beaufort. MO. iekr Gen Grant, Cntiklln. Baltimore. Sehr Fly, Fllmora Philadelphia. J () bavin, Dane. Boa:on. Bchr Bay Ftate, Bafaeti, Boaton. Schr L A Dancnheker, Shepherd, Greenwich, 4 days Schr Only Hon. Ocfltns, from wreck of snip Tarutr. ' Rebr Ocean Belle,Smery. before reported from Newport, ia rrem i'alraoe, Giaad Canary, via fi. Tbotnas and Newport (Wdaya. with wine, to Ifolyoke A MutTty Bad van heavy weather, waa,blows off, and came by the way af Long Island Sound. Bark Montezuma Mailed. Marine Pianist era. Brit Anntioe, akxtn, of Kennebunkport, reported by cable as loat, wae from loumbaya bouad to Amsterdam, having touehed at St Heima DeefeOon bar way. She waa a vessel of MM ton* regtamt, built at Kenehbunl In 1MB, from whloh I plane she hailed. [vpTa^irma CitT of Batb. lurftit on the 16th Inst, waaan ? Hif$K#rZld his (Wl year In AeSsvannah Mm. ? vsbed at 960,000, and wu insured to the unoam M 000, divided among ^ in Hovtifthir Ifitr i wu pat B thorough order, and hr<d three Ufe boate, two metallio and toe wooden, also a large boat carried on deok ae freight. and all coald easily carried 190 peraoua She had but three passengers?Mr C W Apthorv, of Bostdflf and Mrs K Oiuble, accompanied bv an Infant child. Tho freight wu nsured for illUOJ Hhe wu commanded bp Capt Joseph I Cony, of Cale>, Ma; S H Head, of Wln oheater, mate Isaac Bacon, .of Boston, seoond mate; A R ohester, mate1 Isaac Bacon. ,?f Boston, seoond mate; A R Calden and J L Wiggln, oi f'jksi Boston, and C W Clark, of Chelsea, eagiieers (Bangs jfayior. of Orleaus, and Tkomu Hopkins, of Ouarlestown .^nartertnaaWrS. . Kair Pilosis (Br), fr Martinique. Was ashore !7th Inst Jit off0''' bBl0* 8*T*'-*kab, and it was doubtlui if aho wooj^ (Br)! whore'bebwTwSftthT& * starboard rail or A? ?.tor at binh tide: ihm mmubrshlr I considerably sand. She la The re are very alignt -^roapepts of her oxtrioatlon. A survey wu to bo beld on heg on/reb 14. -- i ... -^atiosal Kaolb. Candage, arrived Jan 90, from cecnr UWhile lytng to In a gals from KB, on tjab 5y|Mflfi 'iong 96 W, wu struck by a sea forward, carrying a way, forstopgallantinast, and gammon to bow sprit, sUf ung figurehead. splitting main stem, causing onr ship to 'gnk badly, besides doing other damage. While en deavor iog to get on board the wreak of the jtbboom from under the the bows with the fish tackle nt the roremuthead, and the first ortioer washed overboard from the lee cathead, bu t succeeded la throwing him a line, and haul! toard ogctn. Lost jib. flying jib, and bad the parted, chafed and washed to pieces, carried away I bu t succeeded In throwing him n line, and hauling him on hand gear crosstrees, parted main royal and skyeall stars, ^topgallant waar, losing fid blocks, Ac , overboard, and chafing stays, backstays, and rigging, with the swaying to and fro of the wreck, before we could gel It down from aloft; also spot and lost other sails on the passage. Snip MomiouTH?Liverpool. Feb 1?The David Cannon;. Walsh, trom Mobile, arr..ed here, reports:?Tan 90, fell In* wlthtbe Monmouth, JortM, from Pensocola for Liverpool,. In fat 40, Ion 48. watcrlonged. and with fore and aflhoaM, bulwarks, stanchions ami busts all gone from the dmk; mainmast goue close by i he deck, Jtbboom broken, sals all blown to pieces, deck and stern broken, timbers ssei king out. Took twelve men from the rigging and tope, all dle aded, with swelled feet, legs, hands and arms, some of them ? not able to stand, havlug been in the rlggiug sis dapa, on short kllowanoe of bread and water, all their provisions nod clothes swept away, and the ?ea making a continued break 'over her. she was level with the surface of the water, and four men had been swept off the deck, and one bad perished in the rigging from cola and expoaure. Saved nothing from the wreok. Brio How* (Olden), Kuhn, from Rio Janeiro Nov 18, with' <200 bags codec for New York. is reported by oable to have been abandoned at sea. The M registered 238 tons. BrigEllsk Dickic (Bri, (not ss before), from Ctenfuegoo for New York, with sugar and moluseca. wu wrecked St 6 AM 10th Inst, on the shoals of Marlafla. an the coast ef Cuba. Crew laved; vessel and cargo totally lost 8hs registered 228 tons, new measurement, wu built at Prtnogr port, NS, In 1362, and hailed from Truro, NS. ? Brio T)ckhy (Br), from Galveston for Rio Janeiro, before reported totally wrecked 10th inst on the coast of Cuba, wu 365 tons register, rated A2, built at BlUehUl, Me, in 1866, and' owned la ?t John, NB. Brig T W Rowland. from Savannah for Carthaoena. be fore reported burnt. hail a >-argo of 105.991 feet pitch pine' planks and 87,584 feet timber, of the same duality, which1 was valued at 97200, aud insured In England. Brio Dunrkld (Br), at Boston 15th from Glasgow, en* countered a heavy gale from E Jan 18, and wu obliged to throw over about 40 tons iron for the safety of the vessel. Scurs Aurora, and Mixican. both of New Orleans, were driven ashore In the harbor of Vera (not Santa) Crux dur ing heavy weather on the 9th Inst. Sorr Rio Gaaicna. sent down from Newborn, NO. to-the steamer Sappho aground on the Swash, was drivea-from her anchorage 10th, and totally wrecked. She was almoal laden, and had probablv 200 hula on board at the time the went to pieoes, of which half the number were blown out to sea and lost. Nearly 100 bbls pork were picked up on thk adjacent shores. Sciir Barbara Fketciuk, before reported ashore at RaM Point, has been got olf, and arrived at Gloucester 14th Inst. Sloop Wild Rovkl,. before reported sunk below Savannah, wu raised nnd towed to the city ISth Inst for repairs. Am stir dam, Jan DO?The Krcole. Bottone, from New York, which arrived ut Palermo Dec 22, had sustained damage and thrown 84 casks of beef overboard. Bristol (Pill), Jan 81?The Louisa, Howes, from New* York (reported u arrived olf in ballast 19th), wu towed down channel this evening for Bedford. Pal south. Jan 80?The Alexandra, Dalgarno, from Cal lao, arrived here yesterday, reports that on the 25th Jan in lat 48 N, Ion 28 w. pasted a full rigged ship, supposed the Anne Hodgman, which signalled that she had lost her rud der. The vessel was light nnd seemed otherwise to be ln> good qrder; a squall with thick rain coming on, could not make out any further signal. Feb 1?Tho Cock o' tbe Walk, Pengelly. for Philadelphia from Bremen, which put In here 98th. had her jlbboom car ried away by a schooner working out of tbe harbor tbla morning; also had her mainsail and a stanchion carried away by the Laura, of Brlxbam, aud- mainboora, as pre viously reported. Sootuamfton. Feb I?The ship41 aria, (?) of New York, with loss of fore and main masts, was spoken Doc 99 In lot 41 N. Ion 64 W, by the Baxoma (e), at Cowes, which offered, assistance, but which was not required. WscellueeRa. Tim Tablms Ten all tuc Principal Ports or thr Uhitbd Statu?The United States Coast Surrey Office at Washing ton hu just published tide tables giving tbe time of every tide for all tbe principal porta in the United Statu In two , pamphlets?one of which Is devoted to the Atlantic seaboard and the other to the Pacifio. They can be obtained at all tbo prominent nautical store* a* well u at the Coast survey office la Washington, DC, foi tbe mere cost of publication. No vessel should bo without a copy of these tables, u they are hardly second to the charts by which tbe mariner guides bta way into tho ports. Emigrants for Braril and thr Lou or thr Brio Drrrt? In yesterday's Issue we gave the loss of tbe British brig Derby, near Havana, while on her way from Galvaatoa < bound to Rio Janeiro. She bad 102 emigrants on board with all their agricultural implements, Ac. Fortunately all'an > board with part of their baggage were saved, though meet Of1 them are left in a destitute condition. It is surprising that all emigrants fur the Brazil* do not avail themselves of th? - regular steamers that leave New York on the SO of eaM > month, when the fare la so low and the time saved In leash ing their destination Is taken Into consideration. Lacmohrd?Tbe pilot boat James W Klwell, tor tbe New Jersey and 8andy Hook pilots, was su oessfnlly launched on Saturday morning, 16th inst, from the yard of Mr John* A Forsyth, nt Myatlo Bridge, Conn, the builder of the eelo brated yacht L'Hlrondeile. There was a large delegation of pilots from this city end other invited guests nt the launch, who were handsomely entertained by Messrs Robinson A Foots, residents of Mystic Bridge. Tbe dimensions of tha J W E are:?Length of keel, 89 feet; breadth of beam, 99 6 Inches, and death of hold, 8 feat 4 Inches. She win be towed to the etty in a few days. STTAmurir saeaoo?sa?The popular and ?u:oo**fn! ahip Haragoesa, of Leary'a lino of Charleston ahina, having been newly coppered and had tome improvement* made tc her acrew, came off the aerew dock yeeterdav, and will aall on Saturday next. Bbe la In command of Capt .4 b CroweU, an able and eery popular officer. L aixouxd?A brig named Stephen Blahop waa launched at New Haven 16th I net by Mr W O Nettle ton. Her length on deck la 118 feet, depth of lower hold 11 feet, between decka 5 feet, breadth of beam >8 feet. The 8 B rate# Al bv tbe French Lloyds, la designed aa a general freighter, and la td be commanded by Capt Win H Orifling, wbo la part owner. Whalemen. A it at Sierra Leone 8th ult Oeorge Brown, of Boeton, from Iale de Loa (and aid lltth for Dolled Btalaa). Saekea, dee. Ship Annie Boylaton, from Baltimore for Acapnloo, IB daya out Jan IS, lat a S, Ion M W. f hip Western Ooean, Onfllth. M daya from OaOaefor Gibraltar, Jan 17, lat SI SI N. loa SB % W. bhip Samuel O Olover. Malbon, from Ran Pranclaoo Septff for Liverpool. Doc 9, lat 48 01 S. Ion M 16. S Bark Oaaelln, Meyer, from NTork Aug ? for Aeepolco, hNov 7. lat SI 8 Jon 71W. Bark Chief, Harding, from New Tork Nov IS for Buenow Arree, Dec 17, lat S N . Ion 37 W. Bark Hollander, from Cuba for Rotterdam, Jan 16, lat St N Jon 20 W. tork "Chco" (Brera), from New York, Nov 7. lat 17 8. loo 71 w. Pniaelan berk (name unknown), from Seville for NTork, Deo IS, lat S7 86 N. Ion 18 S4 W. The Black Brother*, (torn Antwerp for NTork, no date, lak ?, Ion 32. Ferelffa Porte. Biivtol, Jan 11?Towed down the channel, Lonlaa, Howee. from Philadelphia for Blddeford. Hainan n a vax, Jan >7?Arr Hasea. NTork. Bobduacx, Jeo 80?In the river, Bon Pile, Prtvat, from New Orleana Bid 10th, KlUabeth. Jensen. NYork. ?w'?LT2iI'..vfnofr DecJD-Arr Kate, Dyer. NYork; Jan 16, Qoree v"ler, Boston. Bid bee U, Saxon, Uraen, Cow**, Jan 81?Arr flhxonia (a;, wynra for - burg (and oroceeded). Tor* ,or Cadis. l..n St?Aid A K Sherwood, Lecraw. Bnenoa A jnm. Coin tv-.i. .Tan 89?Arr Peter, H reck weld t, NTork; Om pells, Oh-Wtoffera, rhlladelpbla. Car* ' oast Cabtlk, Africa, Dee SI?Bid Roebuck, Homane, bound to n?atward. CaapenAA, Pab 7?Arr brig Etta IT Tucker, Tucker. Port land. CiswrtTMoe, Feb S?8ld barki Erwln (Br), Goodwin, and ? W Ilolbrook, Smell, NYork; brig*, Tarrv, and Mco ede*, Kohl Je; 6th, bark* Cleufuegoa, Cole, do: fcva H Pi?k, Cleave*. Mooila; 7ih, brig* Kouway (Br), Rodman, tout; 8th, G F U?err, Ward, NYork. Caibaribh. ,lan 17?Arr bark T K Welden. Weldcn, NTork ?la Cardenas; trtgi Don Uulxote, Hasaell, Havana;Mth, Prenuaa llobbs. Morion, Portland; aehr M C Bart, Hart, NTork. Dtai, Feb S-Slrt Highland Vary, Perry. Bnaton. Phc?Hi!?i. Jan II?Arr Topeka, Blancharil, Philadelphia for Aatwerp. OraaAi- , Jen 10?Arr ehlp Oeorge Washington. TUlnea. Ci*llao (an. .id Mth for Valencia; tllh. bark Lemuel Meane. B ton (and a'.lMth for THeete). Hid 23d. brig Caroline, Ft kin* (from sew Orleena). Malaga. 1 i port Jan k8. ship Harry irtuff. Oliver, from Callao, sit 28th. 84 du. ? pa- tge, wtg orders in Algrclra" H"*" Ktarr King. And. raorh from NTork, arrkBlh, (or MawaWjeat brig Mary Stewart. While, from Palermo, arr 27th, for New i oA. Wind to, SW, light- . w _ Uavux, l?u&--CM Vanajr Imrrabee, Handall, Cardiff. S5B? JrSt*T 5S5SiSrS!^W416.-. "ssj;si.T^a&*??* A-st-fKi 2?ih, brig 8 HtrourL W*U?r*. Wilmington, NC, ?chr 1 r?ne# 8?di ?cl. ' t'oble, ton Prem ised; ?mUy AngusUs P'ummar. * al, ,.t inut?oeorge Hn-, ut, Meaaon. Mobile, David 'omTbM .. L.-Voupara?i, Lowe. Philadelphia; Arcadian. ABen tor* nah. Da-John oidtv. VcDougal. Apaa.-hi cola; ' Hlpra -oboa, Vanghan, Boaton; Seaman, Doyle, OmMn (a), for dt <"T, .lave a > .b; C't(y of Dublin (i). for ^ La ? tout BeekwftSy-rfo do 8th; Thatcher Magnun, SmSucu i'v tTeii n kfrc I, rebeell. for dp Immediate. lJ Cree We-"Urn, Ctlnnlgfhatr., fof do 16th; W J Hal 'IK KSSrfiliflfair wink; Abot.hc ^ Oco^or do, reedy, ?rr.. Polo, for Meb.le, dp; aedbthl i I S-Arr^i ipyyig