Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1867 Page 2
Text content (automatically generated) DKRS AND LODGKRt WA\TKD. A PRIVATB FAMILY AT ?WKSTTW*LKrU ?iTKRBr jfk. ana Momntodt^ a gentleman and wife -mil two go fiAhkAA a?uk fuMi.k.A u...... .1 U,.v-.l aurVADU ADO Cull* A ??? *ooomnnr>(i*i* a can lie tn an am wjip ww ?? 7 WMt frfikfiiraubed Room. and Bo*rd. aenranu aod ctxil draa nei Ukaa. *e lore no? raquireJ A WIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND ,F';OOR, AI.SO single Rooms. with firs' i !u< hoard, at .4Kles euth BlMI, Dtu Broadway Family small anil quiet T_im rleeckrr sthkbt?six OF mIway pleaiant iiooma, Willi a*c<>U6Ql fluarti, from par week. Kamiltey accordingly. AT lM F Ltsrt N BLED ANT WITH OF KURNITHKD KOOM3-ON ci. Aral floor one o.i second, sl?" ??> ngle Kooms. J" I bole or pi irala. Bloc* ?if?h avenue Hotel/ MWm Ttscn _ "* 'tU aired. M BLKOANT SUIT OK RIOIILT FURNISHED PAR lors, with all improvement*, to let, with private table. > o autl of front Room* un>l a ntoe Room; table d'hote, ?ttonsbie refereneaa required. Windsor Hotel, No. 33 euili street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. A THIRD STORY ROOM AND BEDROOM TO RKN'T, J\. with Boinl to a gentleman and wife; also a atngle Room to a gentleman, at 11 Weal Twenty fourth street. References exchanged. a PRIVATK KAMII,Y HAVE A FRONT AND RACK* J\ Room, handaotnely furnished, In brown atone house, lid East Fifty-fourth street, near l.eongton aver ar to rent, to one or two single gentlemen, with Breakfast It Jesired. ^T 1? WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR XBN YORK Hotel, threo handsome Parlors to rent, with Ural class Board, on first floor, for married gentlemen. French lan guage spoken. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, with or without an extra chamber above, may be pro cured at the first class residence No. 35 Lafayette place. Private table only. References exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AND nloely furnished Front Room, on third floor, with or without Board: gas, waterand other conveniences: very do sirshlo location ana couveuleut to all ears: only IB mtiiutea from City Hall; very reasonable terms. Call at A3 Klpg at A T FRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OF FRANKFORT A and streets, 350 rooms; great reduction In prices; We, to Abo. per day ; $1 DO to $3 per week. Open all lilghl. A LL WANTINO FIRST CLAbB BOARD AMD ROOM8, J\ die or country, go to FOWLER'S free Board Directory. Tboee having rooms to 1st send description. Twenty-third street, oornar Fifth Avenue Hotel, basement. AM FBW DESIRABLE AMP BUBOAHTLY FURNISHED Rooms. #n suite or-olngly, table d'hote or a la European, at reasonable rates. Reunion Hotel. Forty-second street ?Od Fourth avonue. AT W WBST TWELFTH STREET?IN A FRENCH . family, a nloely famished front Parlor and Bedroom, eUaeBonrd? floorl etleo n Hall Bedroom to let, with Aral PBITATB FAMILY WfLL LET A WELL FURNISH td floor, with first clem Board Ap A PBSTATB FA Ml ytf w'ystngtoni JL%BL?SgM g^Wswderthmn OUUAL STRBBT-KLBOANTLT PUR. with everything necessary for house family may have n oomplete home. AM AND WIFB CAN OBTAIN GOOD In n private family In a Aral class locality on terms, at 49 West Forty-fifth street. A" MLDSJtLY WIDOW LADT, LIVING IN FUR jy nlehed apartments. would take n quiet, respectable woman an lodger on moderate term*. References. Inquire of O. 8WBBT, 7T West Twenty-aoventh street. A ?ROA1 ?BOARD.?A SUIT OF WBLL FURNISHED ROOMS at IN Weal Fouiteanth street. Dinner at 8 o'clock, oiohanged. ORETLXMAN AMD WIFE OR TWO OBNTLRMBN . Onn have n large, well furnished Boom, with Board. West Twenty-third street, near Klghth avenue. A LA ROB FRONT ROOM ON THB THIRD FLOOR TO A lot, with Board: family private. Apply at 1M East Forty-ninth street, between Second and Third avenues. f?Vnot to ospeod $1S or MO; location n**r Bro'*,r?r- WU AtZLmb2^1 wiuK^BfJ'T",?,T-LAR?5,^D ^WoMorlntlM 'o?Woa or ?iu?lo goo A * WKBT, HANDSOMELT to toAwNk or without. Boord, for ? only. 4'jSitKsius;' ?^gfSHL^SSaagfe ? ip ? ? ___ H^SSSilSLBSnggus I ? !V7 I'Jfo* -UUrt BOOM AMD BEDROOM TO XSzTLi? ti?Up?m it dUm CterlM J| A fta2SlKH"J5?*JL ""S1" *??M *I"BLT Ksssrs AT J*L!?A7T,rOU,tTK,i!!I5 STREET?ROOM8 TO A'JLT*** TWBMTt.rODRTn STREET, NEAR . -f^^y??. Hot?t. _ *. largo Room, handaomoly fur ?wut^" Boord, out to bio for a (aoUomao and A ?AM^T -?* AMMOLB OEKTLEMAM WISH IRQ ?, MtOBLT PURNISBRD ROOMS TO LET S5U^ay^WTi1%srSi gsggs. gyLesr- .gars Mi. MM MlocUontli atroot, Huso doors woat SffiX^ttmsgg, ARfJytl 7? 3fM Twanly alntb atraoL ? Um door* vM of IrttA nmillBN CAM RE AC. AMBtr **? feitek ? ttaMjar^asfl ?-sirs sFirxasva x^?j2/?*,S i" ooiow Rooood arooaa. RTH ono; itSWaSSSJ?1^ s. OR Clin r""*wiwtfw - r For f?stlom?i only, yP^MlRHBD WAM.UOR jfrQOR TO l,ET-00^. ?d^ WSrztffsaSiS wttcssK: ^^RE^JPOT^??!iKi!S: mm rsu r fdooo. TBR* PI,RAH AWT PtTR. foollorooi*, without board, mar r. *? tijjoat fwolfth siroot, oil BOARDERS A1TD LODflERS WASTED. IJtL'RNISHMD.?OBNTLEMKM WISHING NICK BOOMS ' tn a private home, apply at 171 Bleeeker street, aix block* weal df t) road way. HA N[)s(>MEl.V FURNISHED SECOND STORY ROOM and two lla.l Roouw 10 lot, with Board, at 174 Waat Four teenth Htreet. HANDSOMELY FURNIHHRD ROOMS, EN SUITE and singly, with first claaa Board, at No. 11 Llaat Twenty-eighth street. HANDSOMELY FOUMMI THIRD FLOOR TO rent to gentlemen, with breakfast, at SI West Twen ty-third street. Handsome furnished apartments to lbt? At 18 West Twenty-seventh street, uear Broadway; suitable for single gentlemen. HOBCKEN?A HANDSOME 8UIT OP BOOMS AT 117 Hudson street, with or without Board. Neatly furnished rooms to lrt-witr Board, for gentlemen and wives orsiorle gentlemen In a private family. Apply at 140 Ksat Thirty liuril street. Moderate rates. NO. IS WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?A NICELY furnished Back Parlor, with Hieakfast. for a gentle man. In a French family. References required. NO. 90 BAST FOURTEENTH STREET?WB8T OF UNI vertdty place, to let, with Board, a large, pleasant fourth Floor; front room suitable for a gentleman and wife, or party of gentlemen. Also a large Room on first floor. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN MAY OBTAIN PLEASANT furnl-hed Rooms (without board) with a private fami ly. location very desirable. Apply at 67 Amity street. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A NIOELY furnished Room, with Board. No moving. Apply at M Grove uireei, N. Y. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, IN A HOUSE containing sll the modem improvement!, can be had by applying at 1S> West Eighteenth street. No moving In May. Terms reasonable. PLEASANT FrUBISIIRD BOOMS TO LET?SINGLY or en suite, to families or gentlemen, with Board, at 17 West Twenty-sixth street, uoar the St. Jantes. Private family will lkt furnished room? Modern improvements; full Board; references requir ed. No. IB East Twenty-seventh stieel, near Lexington av. Rooms to let-witii board, AT 140 WAVERLKY PLACE. GENTLEMEN PREFERBSD. OOMS FOR SINGLE GENTLEMEN TO LKT-WITU Board, at 114 Plerrepont street, Brooklyn. "IJOOMS, WITH BOARD. IN A PRIYATE BOARDING IV house. lorn gentleman aud wife; alao a room mr two young men; Ts faiences required. 901 West Twenty-third st. OOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, AT U Vandam street. R R T? GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE?A handsomely furnished front Parlor aad double Bed room; piano and gas. 606 Eighth avenue, three doors above Forty-second a treat. mWO FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO A let, with Board, to gentleman. Refersnoea exchanged. Addreaa MS Went Fifteenth street. TMBRBB OR FOUR BLSOANT FURNISHED ROOM8 I to let?Without board; gas. kotnnd eold water. Inquire atlt9 Clinton place, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. LET-A SOUTHERN FAMILY HATE TWO LARGE ? handsomely Furnished Room* to let, with Board ?. very desirable location. West Fourteenth street. Address L. O., box 1,146 Poet ofllce. mo LET?8BVERAL NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, X second door, front, with or without Board, at 118 Seo ond avenue. mo LET-TO TWO OBNTLEMEN, A FURNISHED X Front Room for SB) par weak, Innindlng Bra and gaa; references. Apply at 86 West Twelfth street. TTNION SQUARE?B LEO ANT ROOMS ON FIRST U floor, front, for gentleman and wife; also one single Room. At M East Seventeenth street. UMNIoN SQUARE?A NICELY FURNISHED LAROE I front Room to let, with or without Board. Apply at? Bast Fifteenth street, one door from B roadway. _ T n WEST TWENTY.FOURTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH I X I avenue?Elegantly furnished Parlors; alao an ale- I gnntiy furnished suit or!Rooms, with or without Board. Call I for one week. Terms moderate; cy 1 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR HFT^J JjJl avenue.?Parlor and Chamber, aeeond floor, front. I to single gentlemen or n gentlemen and wife. Table good. I Terms numerate. References exchanged. House modem. I OA UNION SQUARE?A-SUIT OF BOOMS ON FIRST I OU floor and a desirable Room on fourth floor to he rented, I with Board. I ? WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET-ELEGANT FUR ? I nlahed Booifls, an suite and single, with first class I ?FRONTRBCOND FLOOR SUIT ^?te a gentleman and wife. ltefer Iw WEST IWHIWI-MrifTH STBRBT, A VERT DR. C 4. arable Hell Reus*. en parlor floor, to lot, with oard. to a single gantBwnegk^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WKS^WXTWajTl^WBBRT^^RR^MOlH \Ml OU fumtahadSooea. onaeoondfloor. for lady and gentle-B man, or terealngla genllaaasn, with flretelaaa Board. J ^HMADUtON AYEI^E-EOOES KN SUIT* AND Madison Avenue Hotel. 1 Hfl NINTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY?TO LET, XUO with Board, one large Boom, suitable for a gentle man aad wife or two single gentlemen; also a few day boarders taken. "I en WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET?A HANP XO I somely furnished back Patter to let, wllk er with out Board. ^^?oRAMD STREET?BETWEEN BROADWAY AND 101 GRAND STREET?BETWEEN BROADWAY AND IuX Bowery, a few maUeman mm Sad Board with Booota. Tereos reasonable. 260 WEST TWENTY-SECOND 8TRBRT-IIAN0 eomaiy furnished Baawi, for famlUee er tingle BOARD AID LODGING WAHTBD. A LADY WITH A CHILD ABOUT SIX YEAR! OLD. nttM, elation O. 'I Willi JR vniuv HB?*V B DBA lOAWB VMBj has Board Hi t strictly prtwH fMUf of reepectabll of references |Itm and required Addrtoo In. Board wanted.-a yocno obntlrman and wife dMlro a well furnished Boon, wtO Board, in * pri vate Israelltlah family; locality betwaen Ninth and Thirty fourth streets, and between flaaond and Blfhth avenues, Addraoa jfor^oy waok, staling ternu and aoooaamodaUan, HOARD WANTED?BT A YOU NO MAM III A SOCIAL J> Jowlah private family. American preferred, at about 1M per month. Addreaa box 0,11 Poet oHoe. Board wamtbd-by a lady and two chil dran. aged II and 11 yearn; location tplow Thlrtyflflh ~ frrenoea riven and re- - toanUan, 8. B., Herald atmnl; private family preferred.' lie frrenoea riven quired. Address, .taring tense and tot Board wantbd-by a obntlrman and his wife, In a genteel neighborhood up town; Room on aac ond floor proforred; muet have a good tehle. Beet of refer oacoe given end required. Pertlea moving in Mey need not "ff'r A(,drMS< *teUn* terms and full particulars. B? hot B' Board wantkd?for a lady in a private family where the comfort* of a home can be fed; best of reforenoe given. Addreaa, atettng terms and looatlon, Q. W. tl? Herald oOoo. JKOOKLYN.-A ORNTLKMAN DLfltRBfl A NKAT Room, with Breakfast only, In a first class house near the ferriee. Address W., box 114 Herald omce. WANTBD?IN NKW YORK OR BROOKLYN, AN UN. furnished Room and Bedroom, with board, for a (en tloman, wife, and child! years old, la a plain private nun by. Addreaa, slating terms. wHIeh must be moderate H. P., Tost ofltos. Williamsburg. WANTBD-BY TWO OKNTLSMRM, A PARLOR. TWO Bedrooms and Bathroom, without board. In the vldn iy ofjjadlaon square. Address, e^aJUag terms, bos 1,170 ttTANTRD?BY A OENTLRMAN, WIPB, BOY AND OOVITRY BOARD. DOABD IN MORBIRANIA-IN A PNIVAT1 FANIf Y. HOTRLR. A T THB WHITNEY HOUSE, BROADWAY. CONNER A of Twutfife etroet. Booms to let, on suite and singly, ?sola furalabnd by tbo amek er te erder. at the opUeo oftAe iwt DB LANBAU HOURS?T1 WBBT FORTIETH STREET, fronting Itnem iR Fork. One laega nod uamam Rloua suit ef three Rooms on Aim Seor; aim one en ernond. Tabln QHZREAM IIOHBB, 413 BR*Of>MB STRRRT.-ON THB O Suropnan plan. Desirable accommodation? for pirma nent or transtent guests, at maaonabte rates CFBCtAL NOTICB?THB ToNTINB MOTEL. 4? AND O !G Broadway, la still open for busleees. Rooms from g> cents to j? per day. B. D. CORprs, Proprietor. lQa7 -YARtS EXHIBITION, lot) I ? HOTEL DBS DBUX X A No. 8 Rue d'Aotlu. flri ?mondes. ^?flrst class hotel, tmnlaed by the American families. ? MItlTJ VI BTRRAMN OF THB WAR OF 1811 OF THlrt CITY and adjacent eouotlea wHl mast at the Mercer House, eomer Merenr and llroome streete. on Friday, tba 5!d loot, at It o'etoek r ? ? m ? ? lithdiy of wbImMaDWMWWRIW^^^W tain Titua N. B.-Dlnnw will be provided. Id mat, al II o'eteek M? 10 full onlfbrm, to orientate the itthdiy ef the Father ef hie Countvy.. Pen* fat Oeorge fashlngton. end will be eneorted by the Oomluentele, Cab tear will be prev Kriim Brigadier OeneraL I. M. Pirtre, Adjutant BILLIARDS, AC. AM laror mxhkb op nbw and It BOON i> hand Billiard Table#, with our Improved oomlflnallon cushions nhieh have bean peered lobe the most or rest au<t dursble cushiuna ever made. Specimens of our te'iee that have tieee in oouetant tee for maay years may bo asm prunteal hotels and t'..oone In this city. Pertloe In tending to purchase will And It to I heir Intermit to call and ? "'" H"'k- whloh Is the largest and dneal lo the rilBLAR A COLLANDBR. ? toG Crosby street N. T -MEW AND SECOND HAND BILLIARD CITY REAL ESTATE TOR SALE. NICE THREESTORY HIOH STOOP HOUSB IK WEST . T btrtle. ply to diV 1 Aif JLI _ ? IbirUf.a iiitH f 11 mailers improvement*: $11 MM. Ap JULI, BLKISCilY, 844 West Thirtieth street. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSB. IS THIS Untu atret C net ween Lexington and Fourth titnttu, for eale at flft.UOO Id rerreot order. uan/* OiPLAN 1>, 410 Fourth avenue. A NEAT IT WO STORY, BASEMENT AND BUB-CEL lar liouae for sale, la Uarlera, oootalaiuit ton room*; gas and Urotoa; prion $6,000. luqulre of the owner, HENRY r. TKI', 113th street, third honae east of Fourth avenue, north aide. A THRBB STORY BRICK HIOH STOOP FIRST CLASS House, furtiUhed or unfuruiehed, for eale; prtoa $22,000 and ?27,UUK Apply on the premises, l(Ni Weal Tweu ty-eoooud etreot. AFODB 8TORT BROWN STONE HOUSE. FINE LO oalton, Mirror*. Corofees, AoL, $10,000. Throe etorv high etoop brick, oontrai location, now Furniture, lor all $lo.U00. SIHONOS A CO.. Broadway and Thirtieth et. A T HIMONOS A GO 'S, J\. 1,227 Broad way. ooraer of Thirtieth street WeetlMth st., near 6th av., 4 s. b. a. t>. * HBS-OOO West SU i lit., near Mb av., 4*. h. a. brick 40,000 *.Ve?t Sv'h et., near 7lh av.. 8 e. E. b. b. a. 15,600 West 43d et, near 9th av., 3 a. h. a brick 12.U00 West 48th at, near 8th a v., 3 A h. tk.l 16.MM A TWO STORY AND HIOH RAHBMSNT HIOH STOOP J\ House flbxl0.1t, No. 8 llol/i.tod place, Kigbtv-ihird I treet between Bet" nd and Third avenues, for sale; contain# eight room*. gna fixtures, marble mantel*. h*r.l wall*, water; Ut flue order: good location: price Si.hcO: term* easy. THOMSON, 1,33.1 Tnlrd avenue A FEW PLAIN, STUBBORN FACTS.?1ST. THAT landlords and owneri of real e?iate can tave time, trouble ar.J expense by c. lineal 758 Third avenue; if lacy a an. to sell they can register their property free of expense. 2d If ihey want to rent Iholr hi use they need not put up bills or tote. 3d. That all business In my olflce U ?o managed that buyer and seller can and do ne at together; and last, though not least, neither printed liste nor reter enoea required to get ou Jne?-?. J AKKH ROWR. 758 Thirl avenue. A HANDSOME THREE STORY AND HIOH BASE inont Hon e for sale, on West Forty-eighth street, 21)4 feet trout, good neighborhood. 1'rice $18.MM. THOS. E. FISH, 26 Fine street. i -FOE SALE, on sixth AVENUE, near water 2\ ? It place, three etory brick House and Store, 20x66x80; ? ii. wl aw*. .. ii/u a ir/MirfM/id alii be sold cht .p. WM. S. JENNINGS, ill Broadway, Trinity Building, basement. A VERY HANDSOME THRBB STORY HIOH STOOP brick House for sals, In luorder; frescoed; excellent looa?ton. *'.3 (AM. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, Ho. \Plne at real. A PINE THREE STOUT HIOH STOOP BROWN -.tone louoc for etta, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, 20x60x1(10. in perfect order. $26,000. ^^RMHhMM * BELfeHri POTT.>11 into*. A BELLAMY, Nn. $ Ftna street. A SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIOH ? ?loop House t >r (ate. on .Madison avenue, flnlshcd In black waTnut throughout: strictly dret class; A1 in every respect. BROS. A BELLAMY, No. S Pin* Ah lakok, elegant brown stone house, with ? or without extra lot and stable; new furniture if (to ured; Onset tooatton ou Murrey Hill; a bargain, W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A HOUSE AND LOT ON SIXTH J n Warerley place, for aato: also one la i Broadway by JO.vBFH MoQUIKB, I to Ni HOUSE AND LOT ON BIXTH AVENUE, NEAR Amity street, near street. A| FIRST CLASS TENXHBNT, NRAR CHATHAM square, for sale: renting for $1,800; will easily rent Apjn.JO. A LOT, 20x1006, FOB BALE, OH SOUTH SIDE FOB ty-seventh street, ISO feet east of Eleventh avenue. JAB. R. EDWARDS, *77 West Twenty-third street. A iTHRElt STORY BROWN 8TONB HIOH MpOP House, unfurnished, in Thirty-Orel street, aeer Sixth avenue, to let to a responsible tenant only. Rent $2,020. Apply to Dr. BLAKMNByT 10$ Weal Tweuty^^rodiroM street, near Sixth aveane. Broadway store lease for salb-in one op the very beet locations, suitable for a bank, Insurance company or any other business. Inquire at 416 Broadway, one door boiow Oanal street. Bboulevard lots fob salb-m desirable ? Lot#, fronting on the new drive or Boulevard, 4 f ul I blocks of ground, extending from Tenth te Eleventh avenue Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. I Pine street. FHIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE, EXTRA ?IEB. near FjAh aveane; rent $600 per mouth. Also several others, in good location*. ROBERT MAOLAT, TT Cedar street. IPTH AVENUE LOTS. WEST SIDE, BELOW THE roMHHH^|tllll. Per aato by WM. Ehipth avenue lots. ?" Park?Throe, 26x180; two, MyNOK, Ne. 6 Fine etrea*. _ Fhor sale?the valuable pbopbrtt no. si Franklin etieet, a few doors west of Broadway. For tortus, Ac., apply to COX BROTHERS, Bt Broadway, cor luer of Fourth ?ureal. tilOR SALE?THE HaNDSOMK POOR SrORT BM?. IF Ush basement brown stone House, 111 Waat Fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*; $26,000. MORGAN. No * Pine street , C10B SALE?n R8T 01.AM HfcW FOUR HTOBT JJKOWS ' J stone Houses and Lois, a end M West 99tb. between jth sad Mi eve., rosewood doors. W PANNING. 57 If. Nik 8A1.K?OR MO BRAT BILL, TUB FIRST 0LA8B ? four story brown stone House. 173 Lerinrte* avenue, ^Bet? Thirty-seventh end Thirty-eighth streets, roll ate ?HOR BALB?TUB FRAME HOt'SK AMD LOT M WEST Twenty-eighth street; House on rea-:lot B feet 4 inches Btt feel I Inches Inquire on the premises. F^KM SALE?GUNNER OF LKXINOTIN AYBNUK I ^?snd Twenty-eighth street, s three story high stoop brown House. Apfif to UHMT A UOPL -ND. Sl? Fourth sr. IjtOR BALE?OME OF ?n BEET FIB8T OLAM TBNB F meat Houses up town, in Bast Thirty-third street! CTHBS JpOI^AL^TWt^^OAM^OU^TOBI^ROWl^ ? alone front, 6 ret o<sss Houses, on the northwest corner of Las! a (ton avenue and Sixtieth street, U and 84 Sixtieth i street. Inquire en thepraaatsea. fjtOB BALE?A BROWN BTOBB FRONT HOUSE, MO. r Id Weet rorty-lfkh streeA Inquire en the prenaless Pn BALE?ON THIBTT-FOURTH 8TRBBT, BR ^?tsreeu Bixth and Seventh avenues, a Brat olass brown Hom Koilisk hmm, ?Hk#r vtu or without Ho elegant Furniture. Apply te HOMKK MOBGAM, Mo. 1 Pine IjtOR BALE-ON FIFTH ATBNUB. THOSE BLBOANT r now Houses, user Forty-eighth street; unsurpassed in the dty. Apply to HOMBB MORGAN, Mo. I Fine street. FHOR BALK-THAT FINE PROPERTY 1M WOOSTBE, I below Houetoa street; key of coroer; beet house is the street. Rents for gl.eoe. Prion $18,WO. NIGGARD*, 1 Well street. IjtOR RALE?AT HARLEM, A LARGE DOUBLE r House, with four Lots or ground; Boo river view Bil liard room, conservatory, Be., attschsd te house. Address hoi 4,321 Post oflke. FMOR BALB?OMR MILE NORTH OP THE CENTRAL ? Psrk, on Broadway, near the Boulevard, with a doe view of the Hudson river, a large brick Dwelling, US Lots Of ground, with modern improvements; ooech house, kitchen, garden; oomuiunlcstlon i>y horse car end stesm

railroad. Houses furnished and unfurnished to let. A. B. MILLS, 156th street and Tenth avenue, and 117 Nassau street, room 17. ______ FMOR BALK?ON WEST NINETEENTH STREET, TWO three story high stoop Houses, in good order; one near Eighth, the other near Ninth avenuo; modem conveniences, Ac.; pros $KMM0 each; another on Greenwich street; same price. Those houses belong to an estate and will bo oFored for a faw days only. JAB. R. EDWARDS, 177 West Twenty-third street. IH^OR BALK -THE SOUTHWEST CORNER RIYINOTOH ? and Bheritr strcoU; $7,0jn; lut 39 by 6U; also plot tjiL 47 Flret street, near Second avenue, 87H by 7R 613,WO; four story House end brisk Stable, with ten stalls, 444 East Thir teenth street, la One order, lot *4* by 1WX, BUMM. easy terms. Apply to FANNINtl, Ml Bowery. I TJN>R BALK-TIIRER STORT BROWN STONB HOUSE. JF la Haoond avenue (Hanson place), betweeU 134ih and PHBi SaLR?THE THRBR STORY BR10C STORE ^^?snd Dwelling House with two story frame House uu i he rs-a r of the lot, U Carroll street. soar Hamilton avenue. Tertne easy. Also several Houses h? South Brooklyn. Ap ply u> JtMIKPH KIERMAN, W Court street, near Allan tie, Brooklyn | YjtOB BALE-A FOUR YEARS' LBA8S. INCLUDING r Furniture, of n three story end hneameat Bound is good reee.r; reel SWO; sltueied la the Eighth ward, twe Weeks nam Biaaduay. Address D. F.. atatiau A. Spring ft tjvOB BALE-WEST Vtm-THIRO 8TKHBY. REAR F Breedwny, three story brick Heaae, B feet (test free TWl Fm-OM HAl.B-WKVT POBTV.THtBD tTBBBT. BBVl ? three stery brown stone Home, ell brows stone House, ell insdiie improve Pine street. Tj?OB SALB-ON LEXINGTON ATBNUB, TWO TBRY r fiditli three story high steep brisk Houses, near IpoB SAI.B?BB BNfff.UH BR8SSBBT -H F stery brown stem House on Twenty third street, Sn hotel; soluble for e physician. Permits of rrmlu of ? KINO A CO., FlftnAvennn MM IjtOR 8ALB?A NBAT THBKR STORY, BASEMENT F and cellar brick Cottags, on SliVy-slith rimet, near Flret arsons: all the modern improvements; price very low. Apply 1? S. CaRDWELL. 496 Third avenue. FOR SALE?HANDSOME BROWN STOVE FOUR story Reeldenoe, best part Second avenna, lurnlaiisd of unfurnished. For terms and permiu apply at 10B Real B^htq^streeL PR SALR-Tnl Tw6 HOUSES AND LOTS NOR. M and M Weet Twenty illMgih timet. Houeet brink, stories and besemeia, is f by 40 feet, leu half the bl??'eo wmt?*4 ra? ApptT * J u< *"* IjlOB SALE?FIRST CLASS Hmil STOOP HOUSE ON F Klghteentk street, nesr Irving place. Price R16.6W. immediate possession. Apply to UOMKK MORGAN, No. 5 Pine street, ' TjtOE BALB?HOUSE AND LOT IN HENRY RTBBET. r near Grand street Prion 5A0U0. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 11'lne street . rf. modern good Bowery. ? BALE?THREE STOUT HIGH STOOP brick lloCW and Lot 18 riflh street, near the Bowevy, with ._ owmBcta, gas, tube, water rlosete, Ac., end In on the pvemlsei, or at FA?*TS?r8,?M 0UI SALR?ONI OS d?rn ImprorsmenU In perfect . thrmignoui, ? FOB BALI -WOO.T8R (ORKKT, K. w'i'ATa.' Serenth avenue snd Thirty-alilh street, cot. ' paying 10 per Wat, $?0.uou Rasy terms. vbs DYE A CURTIM, m SUth tvt. ? CITY REAL ESTATE FOBJIAW. DOR SaLB-HOUSH MITL0I1UV>*1> I? tbrt-6 MuriM, offlo?? in rw, Ac. Apply W*'? street up sUlr*. beiwoea 11 sod L I meauSuuas, Forty au8 Blxlh^'onuo. T7IAR A A LB?SI YBABn' LBAOT W ? Rterenth aranut. with Bulidln^. .tram, with Kind}* Wood ^ . m?",--,ir,. Wood BstobUshmeol. aapWMrfUM??J gg^SSffi^^sKKg* EISA's. iS*i stroot, noor Ftttu mo no aw, Wo. 3 Pino otroot. AppiytTwyooLT. lift WMl Thirty-second ?trcct TTIOIi 8ALB-VAL0ABLK ISffiPJhlrt^nth. Tw"mf S ?r?f -a ftwtm 1 tn M A M AlldftWor. *? em warun ana -r/ ' i p fire? i, from 7 to HA. M. and o to 8 r F? A pAVof"oround, 75*94, on 'n 88th si *1*000 I A th???Wji7 h. ?. brick M^??*nd ? Lou ? B 0Ool A throe awrv llouw, No. 10 ll? rt' . ... 12 COD I A four rnory bocS House la Wost SbA iflOSL~ '' Rft.Ut.ol A four Rloiy brown owue House m M?*"!???..????? *?>?\ Auti o.Uere lu goutl looatlons in and M MoedU.y,^^ TT'OR RA1.R?S TWO STORY FRaMB10^9KS, F^^UL r lou. 423. 427 ffeil forty fiui lb street. *>? *? HS5 four Story end bate ?-?ill brick hod Lo'. "?* Twenty-ninth street; 55,750. Te~m? !?> suit. E. H. MAKTiWE, 1,272 Broadway. ..reeL or T. MAKTINK, 103 Writ Twenty-eighth street^ DOR BALK-SO. 41 EQMPOH TRKRAOE^ I r third street, bouse S3**, Ul .1 W fect f. IS1 21 vear? I hold with 30 tnart to run *ud tnno renewals of SI y I street. UH)R 8ALR-AH BLEOANT rOD* 8TO*YH10H 25x100. WIU bo ?old at a baroaln. as '^M?mUa| F-wttWJSf aronuoa; room for *>>,>t'^frf2aBLAND. Yl Broadway. I FOR SALR-A SMALL UIQH STOOP BHIOK HOOSkL and Lot all imodero improremoate. In good or l rjj&BHrca. ?fe3KfiBS,!* ?M.-. Ataothroo^orr M* _a a AAxtO font 6 Itxoho?. Alio throe iforr ?- -?-J brick House M SsreuU strws^ IS iMbtook^ Ah? oast corner of sreauo J^U _str*t. m storr _Br?a.| UsSSH ^ N JM to. CH>B SALS-THB FIRST OLABg, WBLL BOTLT FOUR ?71 OR SALR LOW. OWWBH 0Q'*P TO SOBOPg^l Lfisgnifcg^^tg&Sgga.!Sl SSa.TSS.A. ?,. ."K.rBi.f'WVL'iKRI fi^thlltr?88$!AluTi^oed%l "?J'1'?, quire of 1 F. PR linSlCKorJ. R SMITH, A Ftao stroot. I F??n^L2o^TO^Viu Li OR SALB OR TO ?r. ?P.BW?pBPr^ >tg"| r ousssuwofwoitwjo^arftSSraBH JittH ^la KlnoUsolh ^ h-woo- ru* ?S ??? gZ^tWiTSZ zp SSJg, qulro of llOMKR MOROAM, Mo. 1 Fine stroot. a TPUSES FOB SALB BT A. JOUBNRAT, MO. ? FIMbL ^.iSr?;7?~Taa?25 ?ea iSl&ST^VSt'iS^''rE as Wost 43d streot, S story, k. tkt I^*? ^ JStt&EZ SUSSttU mm ? pjw*.g*jy abI Lot t? i . UoAifllMM tn rtifl Court'stfoat, HoBoo* <rty bom, WoateLeator ooaajH ? ?/ ? WWW-ss# ? - nfi I', from Fa oils?lb *o fratlolh ?=1^2SS 5EE ?!L-rA7S2i.y-gg-r!^" "^trswiSfiiSr isaart?? afrbo*. HOURRS FOB BALK.?TWO BNOL18H BARMMKMT brick, to Thirty- thlid at., noar Sorooth or., $5.000 m?h. One nTWrty slsthst., nsor Roroath ar^. Ono la 3ft St.. brwwa stooo. J ym T%2S*'SrF2~-*k". >MST Call. IS to 1 o'c*o?k 0 qkmSLLL, T? Cofrtr ^root. TORDOM TSSRAOK.?F<? ?Mtoa or laotory PAT. Bit Fourth aronoo. SuTS^. URIOM 8QOARB. ?FOR SALB OB ^*48* *1 Awnn FOR LOT OR l?D "RRBT. BBTWBRN S7UU Third and Fourth srennaa. Apply at onoo to 7aMKB C. C1A)YD. 170 Rrondwoy. ^ Mm AA(t -A BRICK BUILDING WITH A DISTIL. H.UUU. lery capacity of 188gaUoaa par dap. In full operation; license, Ao , paid to let of Map; reason of this eeerifloe, argent business <n Kurope. Address for two days $11,000 WssM^SSsASrSHSi $ teenth street; gas, batk sod heater. WM. H. WB8T, VVeeer street. $14,000.-^; W.,5S.B,S? sxsa street, containing 18 rooms, with closets, sad all In good re pair; win rent for M.OOO per annum Apply to BLR hi) KB R, HTDB A LOWKKBB. Hoe. 4 and 8 Tlne street. #1 7 Ann ?roR SALB. OOMPLBTB TRKBB 8TO 91I .UUU. ry high stoop House, 8Ps88sll8. la West fifty-fourth street, near Broadway; eoiaelili throughout 1 BOBBRT T. mBBU^M Cedar street BROOBLTI RBALB1TAT1 VOBIALB. Bhbookltw^-a pamilt ooibg to bobopb will ? sea or let a House and two Lots; aasdara improve ?Mnii a]i Uiroin! iiSD fuM nftrtlr orniniitnL Mrilv rsm? uUn front the ferries; terms easy. Apply at If flee Heat iTB PROPBRTT OH SOUTH OXFORD SA. t , slnhl s BSstilaii I I la tka ry %TmwJSwf\l L$9B^mwl^wi?u55! SSMK22 OnlumMa and wsrree streets, hdH by days' waS la the best wan ia perfSst order; also sue recant Lot la War ren street, thne minutes' watt frees the South ferry. In. quire oaths promtesa. naMSUB. d5D- fiSSK GfJ^aWi-l^SKrfKrRS*' ?"-? U?ob salb?broorlth pour stoet mat brown MSSsWffiaSCifia ??)R SALB-THRRR THBRR 8TORT, BARRMRHT AND f euboellar substantial brick Tenement Uousee In On T?0i Em siiboellsr subetsntisl brick Tenement ?l>ls street, near South fern, tow paying ? percent on Ss selling prl"? will he .old at a bs.saln, toeeJ^H^H arsaryf art? Court street, near AttsnUO, Brooklys^^^^^^^^^^^H TjVlR SALB IN BROOK LTN?SBTB* HOUSBR, . splendidly located on Oumberisnd street, between frees end Lafayette avenues, on tbo same block as Dr. Carter's ehnrrh; built In s subatsnttsl msnnnr; three story, Philadel phia briet fmwt, brown atone beneaeats and sloepe; hare III the modem Improvements, Urge ertensloss, papered, painted and frescoed from dining room to top store, Inotn ehre; grape arbors, large rinea. flowers end shrubs In yard; built without regard lo coat by owner as sa Investment LM better location In the city; on lbs crown of,the MIL, ?? rest from Tulion srentie. Will be sold separalely S# together, p,lee 818,*? each; term* liberal. Apply to J. DaVRB PORT, corner of fultoa arenue and Osrbrd eweet, Brook. ?T" .? H)R BAI.B IN BBOOKLTN-BI-KOANt THBRR If ones; modern possession; enly I ?lory basement brlok House; modem Unprorejwents; pcrfwt order. Immediate poeeeaelon; enly 88d?Wl St. rail* Itm* ne.r ^ _ BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE EOR ttALE. ON WASHINGTON AYSNUR. NEAR GATES. Large, commodious Maneiou, replete with modern lm provsmsuU; glgi.t full Lots, storked with fruit shade and Bo wars; wMtMrmr uml; dsslrabi# for iuceior improvement H. L. KIDKR, SBJ'lne street. YJROFBNTT IN RROOKLTN TO E XT Louis Property, iseoeho id or fee. ?EoEn. EXmTANOtR FOR ST. Address M. H.. Her npHKEB STORY HIOH STOOP STONB FRONT HOUSE; I J- improvements, Port Oi-sen piece; $l3J*d. Thins IU*7 stone f:eut House. Portland avenue; sU the modem lm P' srsmsula; $15jbtt. B. QATB8 g CO.. *38 Fulton ov. ftftA-?*ooklt?, oatbs avenue. near ?l).UUU, 1'atcliea avenus, House ood four Lou. two wory end attic, two story ssUnstoa Improvement Gates Atcduo Railroad will puss the door *j? B. CORNELL, 18 Court street. 45 ?nn ?EO. ?* BOOTH FIFTH STREET BHOOK fU.OUU, lyn, E. D., brtok Houso; three story, base ment snd Cellar; water and gas; thrso minutes from femes. Inquire as shore. 45ft Ann VE4 PURCHASE TIIB THREE STORY tTU.UUU brick dwelling. M Woodhull street, corner of Htcka,Brooklyn. F. B. MONSON. 10 West Forty-second street, W. Y. 457 -HIOH stoop housb no. *ji clvrk 5P I tnont aremie; all modern improvements; (1m? I.A..UU - tt. -M m..t. . - * a s . tl O'WIt iTTiktr Its'? first house north of Fulton. Apply to E. STltATTON, 1ST Outoo are nuc, near Urand. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOB SAI.R. A ?8niPPAN POINT FOR SALE.-THI8 BEAUTIFUL ?%? Country Boat, coital nl ng 800 aeres. situated about miles from Stamford, Conu., aid surrounded on three aide* KCwSt11 now for ?al8- Apply w N- r All wantino fares.-good soil, mu mate. 84 miles south of Philadelphia. Price only 8*? KJ acre Also Improved Karma. Uuodrede are settling, formation soot free. Address C. K. LAfi Did, Vtuclanu, New Jersey. MILD OU only Ui A FIRST CLASS RESIDENCE FOB SALE?AT ELI. labeth, N. J., at a bargain, only 0 minute* from New York. TbD la a voir desirable properly and offered much below IU value. Particulars with 8. EMBEitdoN, 01 Eighth arenua. IKARH FOR SALE?IN ONEIDA COUNTY, N. Y. 87 acres of good land, with two good houses and burn; gincOljor particulars apply to UEOROK SMITH, 17? Bast Twelfth i A N ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SALE, WITH ONE or four acres, at Wast Hobokea, K J., a substantial ^??Rte with louse, replete with erery oonrenienoe; adjoining the real-1 dance of James Kerrigan. The a bore Is highly lmprored and cultivated, and commanding n flue view of New York bay; within SU minutes of atl the ferries by horse railway. maoosch. Also SO building Lota for sola. Inquire of Al on the premises, or addraee boa 1M Herald odloe. MjLENm^^RS^N^OOUfORI^d^T^T ?? Somsrrille, N. J.?10 acres, under superior cultivation and In perfect fence; large two story Residence, 18 rooms; A BAROAIV AT KINGSTON. N. J.?A 0 ACRB A Farm, all good land; sppls orohard, fine pesoh orohard. nil kinds of other fruit; also nureery; good Dull dings: one m0? from depot Prteo, wRh stook, crop and tools, BLOOD. J A FERGUSON A CO.. MNasaao street, roomM. AT RLAUVBLTETILLB, ROCKLAND COUNTY-A A Farm, four acres; good dwelling and outbuildings; tare orchards. 8oo fruit. IMag stream. As. Price 8L6U9. No yfitM^iaSgT1*Sllw ^ 1 Twenty-sixth street. A T TONKBR8?FOB SALE OB TO LET, A BBIOK I Dwelling, 18 rooms, on Warburtou avenue; avtow of river for miles. Bant $808. J. W. LTON, 38 Pwk street AH COST LITTLEOOTTAOE OFTEN ROOMS, NEARLY new, by the sea share, near Ksyuort, N. J.. IX hours from New York; filled In with brtok ftom collar to garret, hard finished walla, two parlors, marble mantels, excellent water, large cistern, fburiota of ground; situated oa gently elevated land, commanding a magnlftoont view of the qnmwg elevated laud, eommeudtug a magnlfloent view of the ooeaa; nonulsaneea; prise S4.08R Photographs may ho soon at 88 CUnton pisce. Now Tort. NUMBER OF CBSAP FARMS IN NBW JERSEY, from tl.MO to 88.08. within 0 mllos of the elty. with Ammmgi Apply to A. SERGEANT, 81 Wall ot AHT 8PUYTEN DUYYIL.?FOR BALE, TO LBA8B OR to lot furulshoi well built brick House. If rooms, good stable, eottage and other outbuildings; 8 141 seres of Cud, In tqtrm irdtt; fine gantow, abundant fruit of all kinds; uneaotBad iW view. Apply ts THOMAS M. NORTH, U Nassau st rest A FARM FOB SALE?MB AOBKS. 18 HEAD OF OAT. A tie. log aire at Ma 8 Bast Brttadway, where the owner /NOUNTRY RBSTDBNCR FOB SALE?IMMRDLATB V pise?oslea; at IrvtwgMn, M the Hudson: Brut slaaa views, good buildings, abandonee of fruit shrubbery and shade trees; nacres of good load; one of the few piaoos of tte class for sale lw this eh owe location: price low; terms PsrtteuUrs wtth 8. EMBBRbON, 01 Eighth organs. JNOUNTK* HAT FOB BALB, AT THH LOW HUGE OP V 88.880, near BtaaafbrXuma.; hssma, outbutldings and SBMSSVKCTSSiT''-""* (?wmiT an wna * acm on mm pmi eon iuaat i Ford ham. Terr/town, Ton LSalWaSKL?4 F ARM AND [IARM OF 0 AORBf IN eowgfc rn*m diualf 1^iC%^oS at? p& ?tmi POB B4I.M- A PMTBOLMVM RMFINKBY, LOCATED r >1 a plaoa MU the oMy of kIMaon and onrtiltal tar ahlpplag. with ell imwdr (route bafldiags. ublntry Mil nUnaiU. now and tat wpliU order. A portion of Dm ibk-tSb* in.iK&z.ajssnu.^ ? 1DOM SAL (?AT BMITHTOWM, la I., TUB FARM OP A tho lata (anjamln Mllla, aonUlalnf 70 aoroi home, ?toad and M acraa woodland; pod bouaa and iMgo and con venient ootbulldlnga, with a Boa young orchard and large brook suitable for making a tront pond. Tho atock and moraMaa will be aotd with tha farm If daalrad. Apply te ft** all lo excsUent order. Prion #8.000. Inquire DBBMOM, 78 Month atraoc Fob balb?fikb mill pmofbbty, with oot. tagee, lea home, Be, with narrr falling water power, ?a Central Kail road of Naw Jeraey, Bear depot, and within 88 mlnutea of Maw York; waa built for a paper ntOL for terms, do., Apply la 0. OBRFPO. 44 Whtta atraa*. ? ITKJB 8ALB?A MABBLB BUILDING AMD GROUND, A with a water front on tha Hadeaa river, near Hastings. City property would bo taken hi axrhanga. ta lease, a rale nbte property la Priaae street, near Broadway, _ A FRUIT AND QRAIINO FARM OP 88 MOB f ALB?OM MBWTOWM t^SSbith ? YDOB 111! flintr PAUL ? ACBBd, 8* MIL famine land, and ralua oa the east white a ataaan ferry * Hirer Railroad a ad and arte naive, with BouoaQdn ttD#qQ?Ued ? mosquitoes or other net. Plaogtraai V7, li bfclT" r f ,rom Naw York. Apply at or address O. krakWsnirwn&vV""r-*-"' B BALK?AT CLIFTON, BTATRN IILAMD. PkONT. (71 OR 8lLk?A* VIUAJF BVIMa BIMIOM IBUAil U, P IVUiN 1 P Am <m Ui? water, ao4 within tea mlautaa of lha fern, TTIOR balk?country mbat on statkn inland, _r two mllaa from Vaoderbllt landing; superior houaa and outbuildings, with 40 acraa of ground? will be enid cheap. Permits ofA. JOURNBaY, No. 4 I'laA atreat. IfOR IALB-A NICK COTTAOB HOUBB, CONTAIN 1 lug tan rooma and good char. situated at Faetoryrllle. glaten Island cornar of Broadway and Market street: houaa ? by 88 leet. with an eitenalon of 80 hy 18 feat: lot 30 hy 118 feat: Dtioa #8,800 Alio. If dMlred, Lot adiotalag. 80 " fret, fronting on Broadway, Market and Stale atreet*. to B. 8NKDBKBR, at Mr. 8. AUiaon a, Drr Doeka, WO* 8 A LB TBRT OHBAf-A FARM CONTAINING 88 F aeraa of good lead la a high atata of ooltiration, 8 afcree COrjTTRT MAI. MswTork. ____ . F?AXiWlIjiVBfSLi fcASreSF IjgnaHuaw. l/lnioliM?l?* JL H. Him, HI Sixth wm* FOB BALB?AT WKSTBURT, L. L. ABOUT SO ACRJta of rich Land. Uffc kooae, good barn, wagon house, with stabling for six horses and fifteen cows. ran of the land M planted with strawberries, currants, gooseberries and peara. Also two fine orcharda Within two miles of dapet, and hi the oentra of the ' Friends' battlement." Fries A6.OJ0. A p. ply on the premises to W. T. WILLIH. or to BLBJntlJLEB A DEN180N. No. 8,^ Pine street. Mew York. FOR 8 A LB?AT NEWBURO, ON THE HUDSON, A ? very desirable Country Residence. In a pleasant loca tion. 1'rioe fiht.OOQ. If net sold will be rented for $2,M for the summer. HOMERMoRQAN. No. ? Fine street. TTtOR SALE OR BZCHANGB?A FARM OF ABOUT 801 r acres, building*. barns, three orchards, heavily tlss Imred. fine nieaduw and pastures, well watered; will he said at a bargain. J. 0. FRLRMAN A CO.. il'l B.oadway. EOR SALE OR BZOHANOE?TWO STORT HOU8B, tares barns, stable*. 2J0 acres of meadow and othad nd, Ac., In towu of 1'ultou, Rutland county. VL. near rait way; very rhaap. Apply to 00LLLX8 A CO., Real Lstata Agents, 17 Nassau street, room 11 FOR 8ALB OR EZCHANOE FOB CITY PROPERTY? A valuable Farm of 3* sores, l>y hours by rail: good buildings; derated location. Apply to JO UN K. BU8P FARO. 117 Fultou street. ' For bale or bzchanob for crrr prophrty Very desirable Place on Staten Island; house largi and commodious, built In beat manner; II rooms; barm carriage house and outbuilding*, tu complete order; 8D acres under high rulilrstion; a great rarleiy or flralU; pleasantly located and admirably adapted for summer boarders; foes miles ftorn landing. HAOOEBTT A PHBLP8, U Pine street. POR BALE OB TO B8NT-IN JERSEY CITY. FTT1 minutes from ferry, finely located, beautifully ftp nlahed; modern lmproremente; a perfect gem. Apply he mediately to R. F. KM SKY, lit Broadway, edlce No. I. Hotel.?tab old bstabusbbd hotel, with livery stable atlechcd. for sale, at Mocet Ycrnoe, West cheater county, N. Y, the proprietor retiring from bwtaeep| also a two story brick Building, Bgx70, suitable for a wade EWnsas N. Y.. or on the premises, of QBOR6b QOPLD. TTUDSON CITY, N. J.?FOB 8ALB CfTBAP, OOTTAOB fl with ooe or more lota; looetlon aaexoeptloaable. Ap ply to 'THOMAS BRIODY. owner, oorner dammit esmand and Thorns street, or to JAMBS k. Ta.TR, V Rim street. Mew York. TTOU8B AMD LOT FOB BALI IN HOBOKRM_*A aJL smell three alary end basement brisk Hawse end Lm for sale; all modern lmproremente; Mtuntlon firm eUee. Apply in the bonse 88* Bloomfietd street, er to W. la CstUIBSHAN... tfii Broadway, New York. fruit. '11 sores highly cnlti rated, I .sue rrau swa w selections; also fish pond. This place to particularly lidse hie. Wit. lKwiwiTw Yeeey gtreeA ti o nnn 8al*. a ?abm about i* i ?IzS.UUU. seres, at Olneter, on the N. J. N. R. B., I about twenty tullea from Mew fork, suitable for stook s* markst nrdM porpom. IiBinfilatft pomumIoq. J\MK8 *? WU^ElSr, 111 ?roadway. > nnn BOB a splendid furnishk. . 5.UUU Country Rasidanoe near Lake M*hopes| , farming utensils, Ac.; ii scree of land, free mag stone; all the buildings of modern style. A. SEROSA NT, M Wall I RKAIs BITATH WA.tTBIi. A llOUBB WANTED ?WANTKD TO FORGKASI, A I ft modern built Mouse, between Seventh ereaee aaA I Broadway, or Leslagtoa arenus. Eighth end lMrlMfi streets; must noTbe over SIS.DUO. Address tmmsdlstely f. R. A., station A, Spring street. I I ggSAai^^Mag?35i thtoprton Sitnntten gy Teeny street reSSC^ETKK. ^i.TSL'WSett I QIBBOMA A CO.. ?tf Broome Mrset. HMEg1* payment espteeld pair of Hemes. Apply stNe. U Myrtot wanted to pubohabb-a small oouwrmf ww -?? n?ftp tk? oitT, for a mmmt niwmmi ft m< forUbte bosse. old or new, with ptoaty of fruit end teas CHlOKB fl PB? CHALDRON. IN THE TARD. APPLY |/ at the Manhattan Oaa Work*, foot of Weat Eight ninth street and feet of Kaet Ponrteentb street. Delivered ut $$ pea Jt CRAPSKB A BCRK8. XOH West KlshieeaS street, and JOHN SMITH, oorner of avenue 0 and BnaI rtflesath street. ?O A CHALDRON FDR OOKH MI TUB TARD. OR delvered Immediately to isalimwi' houses el ML from New Test Oaa WortsTTnssly ?Melreei aal irsA A. 8. P. HHBRWOOtX Mltply ROM I-IUBam^wnd Dm. OOOPRR, M DUANH muurr. MAT salted on rerlnln diseases. Thirty-two years oaahtsa hint to mate rpeedy eorea er no ehaje MAT RB OO*. T^^POWBTI^TnrWOTUN^AND RPROBfW. BO. ? U waver1 ey plaoa, near Brot no days. CousnMattsn free at< TVR. HUNTER'S RED DROP IB TOR OVLT RRMRDT wilfrrvjt out polaoooua virus of a aortal n dlseas* , ill other* dry It it> the Blood. No. S Dlrtaion utrom. ?l t any nn HUNTRB CAN CURB WORST CA8RS OP XJ tain diseases, without meroury, in shorter time theAa other physlcdant or tto pay taken. Ho. I Division street, sli