Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,132. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PKRIIOlf AL. & BEADT1PTL GIRL, WITH DARK BYE8. OMR jw old; also an infant two weak* old for adoption, at Greenwich afreet. BLACK CROOK, PROMT BEAT, TUESDAY EVENING win the lady who reeofniaod the gentleman at her sight confer the favor of granting an Interview! Address Alfred, boi UU? Herald offloe CHAMBERS STREET KERRY, TWO O'CLOCK-A MOTE addreaeed to year first name, front Jchn, at Herald From the bowery to the dentists-tuesday afternoon. Lady with curia If agreeable addreae Manltus, Herald oMne. flEORGE DOUGLASS?INFORMATION WANTED OK JUT hha; left Canada la 1864. Addreaa .1. B. H.. atatioo D, New York. ?2."? N.-LATE OP MEMPHIS. SUPPOSED TO RE VT near Chiengo, St. Louie or Junction city. Yoornaienta In grief for you. Telegraph to your father who will tend you means to iwm home. r> MARTHA HOWARD, LATE OP HUDSON. N. Y, will call at 198 Second avenue aa soon aa potable, she will hear of something to ber advantage. JULIA, OP ALBANY. WILL FIND ? LETTER TO ber address at station D, Bible House. M R A. H. MILLS WILL PIND AN IMPORTANT LET. ter at office J. Eager, 41 Broad street. Murray street?Tuesday afternoon-black velvet rloak.?Will tbe lady who kindly acknowledged one of two gentlemen please communicate In strict vonli eteoee T AddressG. W. Kingsbury, Bible House Post otllee. MVLYMPIC THEATRE, TUESDAY EVENING.?VELVET V eloak, dark bonnet, Oirtation with hsndlcerchiel sod fan. Please address Ilany Harris, Ht. Nicholas Hotel. 'INTERS OP CHARITY?YOUR WHITE Ml" KKS WERE 7 forgotten. H. K., Herald oflloe. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS.?BROADWAY SIME aa far as Twenty.lhird street and Fifth avenue. pIV address, slating where I can see you, A. B. B., station!> Feet office THE GENTLEMAN TO WHOM THE NIGHT WATCH raau at the New Haveu depot gave the wrong Muff last Thuiedsy evening (14th), will oblige the owner by sending it to 19 Rant Fourteenth street. MATRIMONIAL. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF SI. WEALTHY AND generous, about making a tour or the Woat, desire* to torm the acquaintance of a pretty and stylish young lady or widow, not over 22, with a view to matrimony. Address in atrint confidence George Kennard, Herald office. A GENTLEMAN OP MEANS DESIRES TO MAKK TUK acquaintance of a young lady not over SO, with a view to matrimony. Address, In confidence, Eugene, Herald other. LOST AND FOUND, FWND-ON THE ?TH INST., IN PULTON STREET, a porketbook containing a small sum of money and aasne papers, which the owner can have by proving properly and paying for this advertisement. Address, note ie the Eagle office, for Mrs. O'NeU. l^OIJND-A SILK UMBRELLA. AT IRVING BALI Uln ^um/on b'r "6 *".? J6', J"7' **? OWD" ?" hav'e H&TSfflS adverUa<mie5it ,trMt- " ir *- ? L0ltJ~-A COMMUTER'S TICKET ON THE KRIK Railway Co., between Peterson end Lone Dock in SmAm* An? pmoa retnrnluK ??"? '??? ? CAMPBELL, No. 7 Brood street. 1 CRT-?ASO REWARD?ON TUESDAY EVBNINO ?beoTeora. fftSL Jr0!?1 "??'??? sTenue fferry, in West 51, ^ Plw 11 North river, and from the ore to Jinev SeJeb?^ *_^'.?i*."''n* *bf>Ut V* TBo Under will receive ?U P.nid r.Td T T#,urni"? ?? mm to J. W. Whitney, S^ltmth1!ueA*"'f*b>" nwur4 wflI *? l*w *7 MMrtBf M at fi^tt^srswmatsa I .o?-?y T.*5,f?flDAT mormimo, about two ? eloek, a lady's Par Collar, In Sooth street. Catharine *BPi Cherry or Market streets. The finder will be liberallv ftliigg Hosing it at No. AS Heater MreeL ___ L?w-from ponohonw hotel, corner op ?*th.avenue and Fifteenth street, at 11 o'clock P. M. a Danish Carriage HIul with one black and one white eve ?er name is niaYa ? reward/ " ^ REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST, OR SUNDAY EVBNINO, A ?<J Mtek Cane, go las from Stanton to Fortieth street by She avenue I> cere. CaD at 6H East Fortieth street (1A REWARD.?POINTER DOG, MEDIUM 8IZR, Viv white, soeekled with orange, two ronnd spots on tew of hie head, black strap round his neck. Strayea on the evening of February It, from Mr. J affray's stable, No. ZI7 Ninth street The above reward will be paid on hla de nsity. #1 n REWARD?FOR THE RETURN OP 8 A PR KBY vlU No. 22.51* to K. C. Herring A Co , 251 Broadway. Aiir REWARD WILL BE PAID ON THE RETURN V>io of a black aud tan Slut loot ou Thursday, the 14th Met Had as a chain collar with owner's name. OEO. A. M RRWIN, 342 Washington street. #1 fllUI REWARD.?A LIBERAL REWARD WILL "If" " ho paid for secret informs1 loo regarding rob bery. forgery, en, oeri lament, fraud, crim. eon. and every apeuiee of rascality. Bureau of Information, ISO Fulloa ah Bit, where all dtshonssty is sifted for parties Interested. BBIlRMfi OPPORTUNIST! KS. EXCELLENT CHANCE IS OFFERED TO PUR rbaso an established first class cash Manufacturing Rnsi weoa. Apply a< SO Wall street, second Door, rear oOtces, seem No. 2, or W> HAIR, at Ihe ware room 2RI Fulton street, Brooklyn. _ _ A SPLENDID \)PPORTUNITT TO PURCHASE A half inter**' in the newoat and beat advertising ?elrerne eoor brought belore the piiblio; It It copyrighted, and will be oak* cheap. fiA.dOOa year can be made. Can anil investigate. I GEO. OOVEKM, fiU Hood atraei ATTENTION, lumbermen -splendid oppor. /V tuaMy for eusifctlc men. Ws have two luge tract# of hood M Now York R&ta, nne In Orange and one In Harktmer neuwAp, with mllla and d?oiliu|n, a portion cleared, voiv ehdhp WALLER A BRI *H. SChambers etfee', room & A SMART, ACTIVE MAN, WITH SHOP CASH. CAN J% sncwr* a half interest iu a pood paying business; pays ?MS* n TMr. Call at HI Naaaau street. uMee No lye INOR SALE? A WELL KMTABUHHED REAL BNTATB r OPiee. m an aooaHeul Innatlia up town. (Maibrt. wMand; rtnifme worth the money, Address R. W., br.c 104 ??rid o?W,_ MNRRAT BISINB8H OPPORTUMITY-TBF. MEAT V Sink, ovster, Vegetable and Sutter Market, No. 1,001 Mn as sane. Mr sale ehonp to a eaah enatoaver in-to-re ok the market. Good chance to make money.-to re mold. twe vol noble eegyilght Chramomuphs, very popnlai, ion eneh Viter for energctte man en - Prompt, bov 4.490 DASTfBS nURSO BUSINESS, OR WITH MONRT M M tevnnt profitably, will do well to isves Lgai* the eppeeMMty n^roi at04 Brand e?t. room IK PARTIES RATING A PEW HUNDRED' DOLLAR* eon rcsited no many thousand dollars en the heat sell ing pnlnu In market at No ? Pin* street, room he. fi. RARB CHANCE TO MAKE MONET-FOR HALE cheap, the right of the territory of New Tort state, for ? new aud rateable patent article, wanted In every bo-? held Simple and ehonp lu manufacture. Call at mm Iwvejoyii Hotel, Maw York, from t A. M. lo 4 P. M. r-" HOkKKOrATHIC I'HTHICIANi"?A good OPEN tng ai New Brighten. t. l.,*for an ev parte need bomtvo. I nuUit phvsieiep. there being no physician of that school within several mllee of the above mentioned place Per ln rerase tic, a? ? ??? ? ?*? formation address bos 1,570 Post i r OIL WEIX BORERS.-WANTED. AMAN WHO OA N furnish his own tools, lo pal dow a number of bole*, on an iron mo property, la one of the eastern counties ?r ibie state Ad drees box 4, an New York I'ost offer. Va i.r a hi f patent right for sale. IMPROVED HANGING FOR CENTRKSOAI > Address J F. Hall, Wsalerly, R I AOAA -A MAN HAVING THIS AMOUNT. CAN BUT fOUU, a half interest In a first iste i?yiag Imstuess. Every satisfaction given. Call at XII West street. AOAA WILL BUY THE Htl.F INTERRhT IN A QtOUU most valuable Patent, (he unlr one for the pur pose patented. Address Charles Patent. Harold oRtre. ?il nnn ~To PUBLISHERS, booesbllers and manulscliiriDg auuoners?A rare business ?petting ? A well srrsuged slid estahlished strain Bindery for sale, has been In successful operation for many wars; nnritne from business Addiess Csmpbrll 4 A .m ntr.inp yp am, stteai RKNUVAI.N. U r. i i.arrr h as REMOVED prom dt nun aii way to 45 Dey street. COAL. WOOD, AC. A??SR $2 PER CHALDRON. IN THE YARD. APPLY ai ih? Manhattan tine Works, foot of West F'.ighUenth "treat and font of East Fourteenth street. Delivered st. fiU per by ? KAPMFIl A BCRNM. YBM Wesi Kt,h ?en h "?Jte1 eud TOHff MMITH. rnmer of aveaiu- Oand Last irioenti. strvet WOOD.?Mi OOEDR ON FIRST QUALITY vv risk ami Mlekory Wnml st enst, as the owner wants **1?"? 'nipilre at Cook's old ysrd, Fourteeoth street e^Teath aveuae, nntfl sold. RnbtMia and packers, please BO, A < MALDRON FOB COKE IN THB YARD. OR ^vered I,"mediately <? rustomers' ho trees at $k twim W*m Tf.rfc <iMff Willi, Twrnlj Ann ?lrt?( and b * t ffuvtPiWoon gPOETIHG. A.STEAM PHOPELLKR YACHT FOR SALE?FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beada; about fire month* old; built of oak and copper faateoed; has accommodations for eight persons bealdea the crew, I* well found In every re aped Apply od board at foot of Baai Tenth street. A LI, KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOB SALE AT A B. UOVBT'8, 380 ('anal street, uear Church street Medicine* for all disease* Prepared Food for mocking birda _ ____________ For sale-two breech-loading gums, new; one IS gnage. SO inch barrel; the other 16 gunge, SO inch, with case*, implements, Ac., complete. Price $1TS each, cur rency. 3. PENTZ, 1S7 South street JitRANCIS BUTLKR, NO. S PECK SLIP. HAS ALL 1 the choice breed* of Dor*. Butler's Infollible Mange Cure and Plea Exterminator. 76 cent*. Butler'* new work on the Doc. 83 Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for JOHN QRAT, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR *ale e pair of Newfoundland Dora; black suit tan Scotch and Fkye Terriers: good ratten. Pair uf small black and tan Dogs, very handsome. JUST RECEIVED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BBL gian and German Canaries, piping Bullflnchea and other Bnrooean Singing Birds. Also Golden and Stiver Pheasant*, Mandarin Duck*. Black and White Swans, Ac. Kor sale by CHARLES REICHE A BROTHER, 66 Chatham atreet, near Chambers. PEACOCKS AND PEA HENS FOR SALE, 1BY R. H. ALLEN A CO., 1M Water atreet. TIT ANTED? A SMALL STEAM (PROPELLER) YACHT ** from 40 to SO feet long, to uaeaa a tender to a sailing facbt. Address, wlthtyarticulars, 4c. w. Whitney, Hoffman louse. k A HORSES. CARRIAGES. ?C. REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGR8, AT _ private sale, m kept by MINER A SOMERVILLB, at 37 Nassau street. All persons wishing to buy. aril or ex change Horses or Carriage*, should have their property, or the articles desired registered as above. AICTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, ana at 37 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A THOROUGHBRED 8ADDLE HOR8E. 7 YEARS A "Id. I8A? hands high, very stylish, and warranted sound; two family Horses, one 6 years old, 16!* hands high, very stylish. wa'rant?d sound and kind in any harness; also three new fop Wagons, one Turnover Seat Phaeton, and one set of Harness Inquire at Filth avenue and Forty-fourth street. Alight cutter sleigh, but little used? prioe 860; also lung tailed gray Horse, 8 years old, 153? bands Inch,trot* fast, ran he driven by a lady; light top Wa ?ou and Harness, in Complete order; price $803. Apply at rug store, corner Myrtle and Yates avenue*, Brooklyn. FINE NEW SIX SEAT SLEIGH FOR SALE. AT 8360; a great bargain; worth 8600. WOOD BROTHERS, bM Broadway. A gentleman, having mold his horses, now w.eheit 10 dispose of the following Vehicles and liar. ne?? at a sacrifice:? 1 light Platform Coach, curtain quarters, $36*1, coal $800. > all neat Phaeton or Brett (tight), $550. coat $900. I light ro&) box ahlfting top Buggy. $335. coal $400. 1 light yacht hotly ahiftlng top Boggy, $800. coat $400. 1 auifting top Dapot Wagon, $176, cost $9011 3 acta atngle Haracu, $100, coat $(50l 1 act light double Harness, $65, con' $186. For sale separately if desired. Apply a'. Calvin Wltty'g Carriage Ware rooms,$M Broadway, near Bleecker street. A?ten Portland sleighs, $40 each; second . hand Coach. Phaetona, Rock*way*. Depot, Top. Road and Express Wagons; Gigs, Pony Phaeton. Heroes* of all kinds, very cheap; one sorrel Work Mara. 27 Wooster at. Brewster a co? or broome strebt. invite attention to iheir new atyles of Carriages for spring and summer use oosddisiOf Phaetona. Caleches, Laudaua, Cabrioteta and other fashionable vehiolea; also on view an assortment of oni celebrated Road Wagona in nil the newest ?ivies, and ol' the mnet exquiaite flnlali. Persons In aearob of 'B re water'wagons are reminded that we uianuraetute on our preulana in Broome street every vehicle we sell, and have do branch of our establishtnent on Rroedwav. Buy your harness and raddles before springr nab opens end prices go up. Call, examine aad eoannit oer styles and orlrea. Wholesale and retail Saddlery and Harness Waieroom*. 67 Reade street, first door west of Broadway, Jt. Y. DEMARfiRT. BALL A CO. We manofaetnre our own goods, end Invite the attention ?f dialers. No Broadway expenses or profits. Y~9AltRIAGE8.?JOHN C. PARKER A CO., ? EAST \J Twenty-fifth street, builders of first ciaaa carriages only, inrMe the Inspection of all hayera appreciating good work. Orders for spring and summer uae should be put In band nt once. R RALE?A PIRBT CLASS PRIVATE STABLE, OR Twsnty-six'h street. near Sixth avenoe, arifiOitOP; ail mane; price $15,000. DYE A CURT18S, 508 With avenue. 17IOR SALE-TWO HORSES, WITH HARNESS AND P Business Wagons; all of the very bent description, end suitable for grocery or any business, Impure st 687 Third avenue, between Fortieth and Forty-first streets, in provision store. Y7IOR HALB-A COUPE HORSE. SIX TEARS OLD. 1$ P hands, sound and kind in single or double harness: void ? heap, the owner having no furthar use for him. Stable KB East Thirty-fifth street. T.X)R HALK-A PAIR OP BLACK HAMBLKTONIAN P Rial linn Colts, three years old, well trained to drive to gether or single, being an exset match, bright black and no white, with elegant long manes snd tails, and In else, style, ranee, beauty or action and nromlse of speed, with good an tecedents; most splendid types of gentlemen's horses for the Park or the road; price $-9,000. Address the owner, W. W. Carrenter, P. M., Bouth Granville. Washington county, W. Y. POR KALE?11 HORSES; AMONG THEM ARE HOME fine farm llorses, and work Horses of every descrip tion; also one. A year* old. $40, In consequence of a hurt, and a splendid blind Horse. AO New Chambers street IVOR RALE CHEAP-OKI NEW HARNESS; MI ST BE 1 sold lo day. Call at 48 Fulton street, up stair ffOCK HORSES FOR 8A LB?SUITABLE FOR ANY kind of business. Can lie seen at No. 354 Gold street, P.rooklvn. Government property at private bale ? 10.000 sets new snd second hand Harness, Baddies, Collars, Bridles, Halters. Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulius, Awnings, Hags, Tents, Blankets. Ac., very cheap. Ofliwr-' Baddies (newb $18; with plated bit bridle, $81. Artillery Baddies, good as new. wltii bridle, $)5: small orders by ex press, t\ (). |) PITKIN A CO., 33K North Front street, Philadelphia Pa.; No. S Park plane. New York. STABLE WANTED?TO RENT OR PURi'HAHK: MI ST romasn seven stallr. Address, stating terms, site and location, box 1.6M6 Post ofllee. mwo BPI.RNIIID HORSES FOR BALE.?ONE A I emit horse, and the other a stylish gray. To be teen at M' Heck's bvery stable. 143 Liberty street. f|M> LET-A LARGE STABLE IN BROOKLYN, ON 1 Ceii.rabU street, KW fee south of Atlantic street, only one blocs rrom the Boulbfsrry, lately occupied bv the Na tional Krtrreae Company. Apply to MULPORD' MARTIN, i m Co, Uand street, N. T rl RT- POR AROUT TWO MONTHS, A HANDSOME private Tnria iiA?Clarence fiont Coupe, florae Prln ewes Metal Harness, Coarbinsn and I,irrrv Private parties such an estahllsbmsot may address ? onp*. box ''.JUS Ton oliter. Would prefer to let the above without t be lorse. WANTED-EIPTY OR MORE HOR8EB FOR HEAVY teaming; low priced. Address J. A., bet MS Herald egies. sta'Ing prion aad where they can be seen. WANTED TO EXCHANGE-A FINE BLACK MARK, elegant Top Buggy. Hsruees, Ac., for a good Truck and Week Horse, Harness. Ac Address box ASSY Feat office. WANTED TO NCT-A HOOD TRUCK FOR TWO VT horses. Apply at .914 West Forty-sixth strsei, In the raer. 11/ANTED?A TWO HORSE. SQUARE ROX ROB TV Bind, with pole end wblfiietrte. Apply at 137 west Nlnesewalh street, in the shop in HORBRB J OUT FROM THE COUNTRY FROM 1U Ave to eight years eld, from 14 to 1$ heeds high Prices from Ren to MM. No i Lee ran* street. ? 1 in ?BAT HOR8B. IfiHAXDR, ROITNIf AND KIND, q" J o, A sorrel florae for $40. ItU bands, dual from the ennnlrv; must be sold. W1 Seventh aresoe. bands. Just eea MM LOAN OTPICER, AT 77-MOKET LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DJA NOMDB. WATCHES, IBWBLRY. Aft. ON THB HANK BOUGHT AT TUF. HI (111 EST RATRB. ALW) PAWN BROKE RB' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHER, JEWELRT, Ac , at77 Bleecker street, up stairs. AT 21$ BROADWAY. KNOX BUILDINO. DIAMONDS WATCHES, PRECIOUS BTONES. AO THIS OLD ESTABLISHED OrPICE PATB THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHER. JEWELS, PLATE. PEARLS. AC. OPTICAL INBtAl MENWAC , AO. N. B.?DIAMONDS. WATCHES. AC., FOR SALE. OFFICE HOURS TROM 10 A M. TO 4 P. M. J. H. RARRTNOKR 113 Broadway, room No A AT HYMAN-R.dM BROADWAY. CORNRR OF BONO SI reel, will be paid the highest price for Diamonds, Watches and Silverware, or will advance ne the above articles. ATS41 RKOADWAT -I PAT THE HIGHEST PRICES for Diamonds, Wetrhes, Jewelry, Ae.. or advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, ^ Opposite Wailack's theatre. AT 30 PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY snd E'anklln square, LKDKRF.R A CO sdvsnoe lib erally at reasonable termenn all valuable property, Watches, Jewelry, Diamond*. Ac.. or pnreb???. Advances made on watches, diamonds, jbw elry, Dry Goods and Psruonal Property of every do seripUon. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Grand street, two doors wast of Broadway At no ? twentv.third street, fifth avenue Hotel, the highest price paid far Diamonds. Walshes, Ac., or advances made on I be same Money advanced on diamonds, watcher. Jewelry. Rllks, Ac., or the gooda bought; pawnbrokers' vs-heis bought. 120 Bowery, near (fraud street, rooms I and 1, op *talr? ^ _ PAWS BROKERS'TICKETS BOntfHT-OP DIAMONDS, Wat< has. Jswalry. Onn?. Pialnia. Mitim-el Instruments, I'tath'ng. Aft, si IW Bowery. linn 1IJUI watcher, diamonds, silver ?F LUU." Hrlf. Ware and other valuables nought or ad vances made on the same, st the Jewelry store No. II Rsrk row. oppoe'le Astor House. OANCIMO ACADKMIK6. I\K OA HMD'S DANCING AOADEMV, If m FIFTH AVENUE, eornrr Fourteenth street CLAUSES vow OPNN POR BEGINNER*. SPECIAL notices. C?S2iR2S?J! PER PALMYRA ARE REgiTBSTMrO othe/fu^ur. ^Th"0?^ now lying, it tbetr mk of "^ ,, omer injury, on the Company's wharf, in Jersey City ' OUMARP. lio. 4 Bowling dre^. rtBLEBRATION.-TIIB 8TUDEIfTS OP THE COOPRR uiR Ttckeu can be hil S.," I*X? MOO Wi the office. ABKAM 8. HKW11?CwSSy!^ QFFICR OP THE CAMERON COAL COMPANY; M 71 Broadway, > the fel? 'IP?Uo* for Directors of thnOMojwBj?MM jjfJ'jL the following person* were unanimously choi?i7_ "tudsy, I LEVI A. DOWLEY Pint spm,n., mu&3r*?- ?srlS"1' *? ' "?"??. ?0.Aa Jg&SSRShw. j jsna&fs, i ftSSLtsa' Z5^?ICK O. 8o1?ERSS*liSLry. | the bereavement which had Her*nITn tiLn i? "Onikter death of ita Vice PmLi !.?? iT aU ? t6f Commission In the UllU" ??* lh? fo1' . Htnieailaoitary Oommisston"hmra* w7!ITtwS of ,th* ,Tn"?d of the death ilt Ih?,7n hears wlih fraternal sensibility drr OalUa Bacbe one o<f,|S??n VT<y,|,'t? *nd fr'en^-Aleinn ' mission fis i!!.'. original member* of the Com among Ita most eotfyeMand'valu'hii1 hPlILh wholl7 7?tleil, President, and nl^y, worker*, ita only Vice J supporter. " hjyal, wartn-hfAi ted and influential hdte.d^nfL^ ?'?tery, eeientniennd ! tire fulness of mhnd a5 ?^fXpene?e". " ""?? ? 'n his iu I Commission foundIn liSHl? ,lLt ch,ijra;ler. 'h? Sanitarr wisdom, while In hia e?ii?.TuhlIi . MP 01 c"?n?el and warm hearte^no^of'm^btlfsM'ooia^e' hk'?,*i *n'' every member of ih? r-?JSIS.!!??e!*'S J1*4', endeared him io every member of the Cnnlwli. . 00 5 i endeared him u> our official intAPtvtiir 01'iniinion, tod mad^ the meinorr of ^"^f.bethat^mTnit^e * A??eW and ,,r- J ?? ppo ARCHITECTS elfy of Ne w York'- U"' ??tes Courts, in the Stt?b AShltaX?"111* "?"d,,tonsa?d r"'* fokobserved f?ZXk"Za"cnrt[!!r r ar * *ruS*FJ?"** l"!l i.^o 4^ "' ?wSS^I&SEFKfiiu1* *?? 45r^Wa?^t?r * h"d 10 ,h" ?"Meet or 0?JAementand Plret Floor to b. awl enrtrel,"? a ^ TT^nL^Oiie mom teCtait CoiirtJ' at Jsiai "*0"<l i0Br" Fwjrth-jO'no room fir IMmm Court.' nilieiit Ptmu-One room for' Wcm Judge.^ B00r "otiibSS. r"?m ** '&***"vimn J trees' ,ow H,'nBn', **' fir'Dtotrlet Ooortc'lerii' Hec00d ???' fillth'irRS? room for Ori'nd jiiiy .' "??[ Twtt.-QBniwOTn tot arbitration .....'i 11!|; ThlM n^r Eleventh?Two rooms for Referee, of rire.oi n hod Olotrlet Courts orWrc,"t . Twamhu-one room for bietri.1 Aitoriey'. ??r Tfctrteenth.?Pone extra mom*, if reoiiirwrt 'rim S#c#nd ?oor ^ k s? ?io,'"""uawic wi? ^-,b;:^,^^?i^rdAcwl,h o,a sSS-rtwsyr l^^n7.m.f^r.t'r7"of^beWbn*? ,D ,b? # Allluunecewar, and Inappropria.e mnsmenUUo., to be ae^l!!dP^ adVri^d m'T". luT aa aforreaid. liiolved, Th*t th? Hum or $x?.ono win r* r niai ?#* tk*. *.? Uct whoiie plan ahull I* T. . lb^Mrr,li Commiasion jthiit inuh anhiiHt^.l?*" '?? &re^nS^c?rU'i ? ssSSr^S EH^SiSS Reeolved, That the sum of $.)UJI be i.nld i., >h. .. n, whose plan shall be rejiorled upon und adoi rd by the r,,? mission as second In merit; (hit the sum of *? is in J miion'iIktlSliiTn menc^nlTrba?tbo'siim'of^^S^Se ^5 J wiolvpd That thla CommiAiikm i cRArvo tkn _f __ i awISSd^lIS I !l' for wh",h Premium, shall be | - eaffjpjssBtS ! KeoTpSeMItir* hili^rTUf rr*?"r*?"* "> hoplv to ,iainea Ogee, fto theiS&RZZF.i2?r*a> ?? , Tba rorafotni i? apnn ^ I o IfANnALIi. l'nPtma?(/ r (Mu#ral John T u ,?1, ? j WNI.Vif, Secretary of the lulerior #a4 ?ST Jam "rl"?Pyl''*'<' ck??"?he??f tJommteaton T? dud OP~"THE ire ^ZffZZr* ?; ,??>' Pr.ueheo maxiPi ?w* _?? wat f?)M? iultprti?# ??kA|| wages to raiiwc iMir already COPAHTRKRKHm. A- GOOD SALESMAN WANTED AH PaRTNEK IN A A aafe manufaetorlag buatneaa already eetahlUhed. " " " Call un or addreea C. FA VON. IS Fifth, Brooklyn. A aafe MmifuMrlBt t Samll capital required. Call < Fhttbwah aweoue. near Fifth, Afartneb WANTED 1 cahh manufacturing h ?h; profit* ISO par oant. A<N nlbee. T ? * T7K)RTUHB.-d>AF. SOAF. 80AF PATBNTBE WANTS r apartneroretherwlaa with capital, or would maoufae A PARTNER Wanted with eho, in A RRMAHLE each manufacturing boainae*. Arthle hud' read* aula, profile ISO par oaal. Addreaa H Wilaon. hoi ISn Herald i far aa eaubliabrd Orro Addrcaa Chemlat, Herald MR. ARTHUR J. PEA BODY IB ADMITTED AR A Partner la oar hoaaa from thla data. Naw Tom. F*. *7. CHARLM 8CWBHE" * ?? PHARTNER WaNTED-IN A FIRST RATE RUKINER8: ? a young 1MB with BMW or over, rauai be a lira man. Re rarenoaa gTvrn$and repaired. Addreaa, atatiag capital and where an Interview oan be had, RD., box 111 Herald a (Dae. PMARTVKR WANTED-IN AN IRON WORKS, NEAR H Philadelphia; ooual.tlng of Rolling Mill; wantloadd a ra regg. f.,.^ w. jggrtgd TJARTNER WANTED?WITH fld.OM, BT A HOUSE OF JT undoubted aUndlng la wholeaale jobbing of Yankee aotimia aod fancy gonda, well eatebllabed and doing a aafe bualneaa; reference* exchanged. no agente need anawer. Addrea. Sincerity, box Zt) Herald office. TO BTOCK BROKERS-THE ADVERTISER, WHO baa an eatabllahed office near the Exchange, wllh good credit, banking facilities, Ac., deairea a partnership wllh nonte member of tbe Open or Mining Board, who bae a fair onmmleelon hualnea. and modarale capital. Addreaa, in conddence, flood FaHh, box t.oto Poat office. WANTED?A PARTNER! IN OHM OP THE MOST Aeurlahlng and handanme retail dry gcoda atoree; tbe beat eland on theeaatern aide of the city; a party who la a good bualneaa man and can give good referenda, wltb from 110,080 to 116,000capital. Addreaa, elatingwhere an Inter view may be bad, A. <? , boa 309 Herald office. Kaffirs?"* 19HI SSi or one ?pltJUIr. retiring, a good man will reeeive hair Inieroat in an eeUbllahed manufacturing buatneaa. Apply te NOR CROSS A CO.. 94 Unane street. DF.TTINTRT, B? TO $1*1 work ABKAflTIf Ul> NET or TKKTH $* TO BIA-ALL aperallona In Dentlatry akttfully performed: all work warranted Dr. MICHAUD, French Dentin, M3 Sixth avenue, near Twenty eighth atreet A SET OP TEETH IN WRBE TO FIFE HOURS - splendid "eta, 15. $10, $15. $30 Beautiful unm tela, Flnmpern to Oil out the cheek* and realore yenlbful with L , _ apnea ra are Teeth extracted without pain with ftltroee Oxide Cat No charge fer extracting when Teeth are la ?erted. at VAN VlJtVs. 17$ Sixth Ventre. SatiefiniM guaranteed. SIOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED THE J aamathetlR ?ae of nltrnaa oxide gaa. admlalater N In Ml and < Peel aamathetlR uae or nurona oxiue gaa admiaieter M In t mnei approved method, do nothing hut Extract Teeth, 1 certainly do It without pain; no 10,WD palleata testify, p tbetr aaSwaa ?? 'he offiee. It Beeper inatitute. JISTANflAL. _ UNITED STATES TREASURY. ^ScU^Aule* o.f i*l> thirty or more 10-49 ooupons, da* March LIB*?, will now b* received for sixmiuaiiou at lb* United SUt*s Treasury. B. B. TAB DVCk. Assistant Traaaurer. r? SALE? NEW TORI CITT RAILROAD BTOCICS. Alee Insurance Btooks nod other Securities paying from 10 to SI par cent dividend*, *i law rate*. ALBERT II. NIOOLAT, . Slock Broker end Auctioneer. I Established IB years) 45 Pin* airaatTN- T. |J10R SALE-A CABINET Of CHOICE MINERALS, J* embracing * r?r>- collection of Cold, Silver, Copper, L**d end other specimens, wbi-h cannot be duplicated at any eoet. and will be igld ? beep. Apply *t AS Pine street. ti?0R 8ALE?THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COMPANY r Stock, paying lane dividend*. ALSV.KT H. NICOLAV ? Pino street. rkFFICR or PAfilOTC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, U New York, Keb. ? I8S7. THIRTY-KIPTH DIVIDEND. Notice le hereby r.iren ibet the Board of Direetore have this day declared a dividend of three (Si per cent out of lb* net earning* ot the quarter ending January SI. 1X17. payable at the other of the company Krldar, March 1. The tranaler lioob* will be dosed Thursday. February 11, Ot 4 P. M.. and reopened Monday, March 4. at 10 A. M. By order of th* Board of Directors. THEODORE T. JOHNSON, Secretory. PP NNKTLVANIA STATE LOAN. PR0P08AXB POR A LOAN OP SZS.OOO.OOt. A n aet to create a loan for the redemption of the over da* bond* of the Commonwealth Whereas the boudsof the Commonwealth and certain err tihrataa of ladeblediuaii, amounting to $-.3,0011,1100, have been over due ><ud unpaid for some time past; And whereas it is drairab'e that the same should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore. Section 1. Be it enacted by ihe Senate and House of Rep roeentatires of tins Commonwealth of Pennsylrama in Gen Oral Assembly mat. and It m hereby enacted or the authori ty of the s.uiie That the Core.ruor. Auditor General and state Treasurer he. and are hereby authorized and emp >w to borrow no the faith ot the Commonwealth, in auch i amounts and with such noth-e ,not lea* than forty days) a* ~~ " - if " they may deem moat expedient for the Interest of the State, twenty-three million* ol dollars, and iaaue car- ideates of loan or bonds of the Commonwealth for the anme. bearing lnturoat at a rat* not exeaedtng six per centum per annum, payable aeml-annually on the 1st of February and 1st of Ail gust, tn the city of Pldl idetpbia, which certificate" of loon or bondsthall no: bo subject to any laxm no whaterer for State, municipal or lecM purpose, and shall be payable a* follow*, namely ?Fire minions of dollar" payable at anr lime after five years and within ten years, eight millions of doilorn payable at any tuus after ten year* and within fif teen year*, and ten millions or dollars 'at any tiin* after fif teen years and within twenty-fire yeais. and shall be signed by tb* Uovnrtcir and Mat* Treasure! and . ounierstgned by the Auditor Loners], and regutered in the books of the Auditor General, and to he transferable on tba Nooks of the Comiaeowealth at the Farmers' and Nrubanlcs' National Boas of Philadelphia, thu proceed* of ibe whole of which loan, including premium* . received on the same, ahull bo appUad to the ga.vnteni ol llieimnda and certificate* of indebtedness of the Common wealth

Skc. 2. The bids for the mul loan shall be opened In the | presence of tbe (lovcrnoi. Auditor General and biatc Traaa I urer. and awarded to the hglheat bidder: Provided. That ti" j nartiheale hereby authorized tn he issued shall be negotiated I for lesiQhan it* oar value Sac. a. The bonds of ib* Stat* and oeitificates of indebt edness now ove ' due. -hallreceivable ui payment of me "aid loan, under uch regulations a? ihe Govoruor, Aiidilur General and State Treasurer mar rre-orilte; and erory bid der for the loau now anthorired to lie lasti-d. -hall mute io I his bid whether the same I* payable in rash or in the bond" | or certificates of indebted tie- s of the Common* rnllh. Sic. 4. That all It urtcea, eiaontdra. adininlMratora. guar dian", agents, treasurer", rotuiaiilnc* or oth- - person" hold ing in a fiduciary raparily puiui* o- certifies'i* of Indebted nem of the State, or money*, arc hereby author, sad to bid for the loan hereby authorised in be luaued, and to aiirren i der the honds or ri-rt flri.*" of loan held by them at the tun* I of making euro bid, and to receive the bonds authorized to I be issued by this act. She. h. Any person or pr-iaon* standing in the fiduetary ca pacity "laird iu the l uiriu section of this act wen may dealre to invest money in ihelr bands for tin benefit of the tr ial may, without an ord4r of court. lmvai the -ame In the bond* aulhuiurd to be i-aitcd by tbir act. at a rale o premium not exceeding twenty per uauluui. Sac. ti. That from and after the passage of this ant alt the bonds of IhtaCouimou wealth ahati o* pawl off in Hie order of tkeir maim-In. 8jer. J. Thai ail loan* of this Sumaiuuardih not yet due shall be exempt troui state, municipal or local taxation alter U>< mterrat du* Pebinart first, oua ihouaaod sight hundred and sixty-seven shall have been jwW. 8rc.fl. That ali e-.istlnglng la?-*, or portion* thereof In eoe slate at herewith, are hereby lepealrd JtlMN P. f.LAHft. Hpaakarof the Manse of Kepreaeatauve* Speaker of the Senate Approved ihe reread day of 1 ebruarj. one ibuovand night UUWSd and *t??* <????!. < JOHN W. ItKARY. the provision* of lbs shnva not of Ae ?emngj-?ll?d nropOMtt .Till I* rweivodul (ll* ?>?*-? M 1 be la aer.jrwence w?tl> 8iaUi Trnmrir, la iue ctlr of H?rrl*biug, Pennsylvania, until 13 o'clock M, oi' lb* l?t d?? of April, A. O. 1WT. to b? endorsed ** follows -"Propn-am fur Peoovylvnnta Stole Loam, Treasury I'epor latent, lJarrfaburg, Pa. t'n'iod Slates of Ainer > *. Hida mil) be re-elved for Bb.WO.fNB, reimbursable in Ave years and payable iu ten yeara; JfUW.uoil reimbursable In leu years end payable In htteen years, and RHUMUMQi relm bursabrp in lifieen years nod pavaula in years, Uie role of intereai tobe ailber Per <u ui iieroeaipernunnm. winch must be espliotlty naled in the bid; aud the bids most advantageous in (be Kit to will fir accepted. No bid for leaa than par will be mm ilerorf. 1 lie bonda will be iaaued In suiim of $60 and such Signer auma as deal ret! Iiy the loooera, In Is free from State, local anil municipal la tea. The Over due bunds of (lie CcmanoiwesHii of Pennaylv*. nlo will be MMlbed at psr In p?< men' Of tbi? bum; but bid ders must state whether they intend In |?y in cash er in tlin overdue loans afo>es;tid. No dlatln tion will lie made between bidders paying In cash or over ode loans. JOHN W UEAKY, Governor of I'eniisylranla. JOHN F HAMTRANIT twl'trr General. W H. KKMHl K Slste Treasurer N. B. ?No newspaper pubu.htiig the abme, miles mibo riaed, will reee.rc pa*. SOUTIlKhN 81NK NOTKN AND SKfl1TRITIR-<.-ED. WIN (J HI- .1.1,. lii-oarway and Nil. h New iireei buy* and sells all kinds nr Southern aeenr'tiaa and bach bills inilngti! ill on ? ontn>i?Mon. Ri-; emnce* Urol ol?"?. (Ji-ll /lllll A PARTY, OOMMANDINtl ?4t>WC TO wl/U?U"U, $>M ivw, ean w tbr start (a controlling internet) of a etna!I Western Nation-i! ISaak, favorably In ?aied. that ha* errand m ar ?Jt t?er rer pr- ananan. I w-li be In the city two ur braeday* tddieas. nummg time and p.are for aa later* lew, Itanker. THtuinr cdiee. $150 000 TO U3A* ON h"n" *N" m,>rt~ gsae upon Wc'l ua ateil city and II lyn property. K A f.fir KI.N4J A HAI.iJM.'K, 141 be ,ver siegst. *?>or AAA tii t.oan on rtoNn tso moRT V?)*eil.U"U giige. in one or more amna, on real eataie in this etoy or II. imltlvn. d?i>?N f . CONKKT, HZ Wall at-eat, room It. Nisi Kl.t.AN K,i? /IHARLEB-THK -BLOOM Or YOUTH ' TO IT SUNT \.J iiie was not gemiiue. '"all at ihe depot. 71 Fallon street, and set fur a battle of Ueorg* W. I,an dV that la I be genuine. 1 wIRespfe: enu to-night. RokF. Ml*n. Divorces legally rnocORRD mik hkhsiinh from any "late, Wllboul puld-cRt ur '-bange <>;' tea. deaoe. Incumi stibil ,y. desertion. Ac. aufBeieai esraa, NueeefSraarsateed. Adr-re tree and eoaddeatlel. Apu'v m H. BATKMAN, Couoaeller at Iaw. 171 Mro dw-iv, mum ho. I?. I S 1118?AI PAGE. I? HI. K VIVIENNE. Rnliiim id the court ?aed on the lel.t Mr opec alt* for Stlfcs. Manilas HA I IRN NOCVKAt. I r.g. rpO DI8TII.I.KKS AVli RV.CTlflKRb EOliBKKT A .1 l.A M OTTO l.'nitad dU'eaeinl KSrOtuMS Patent*, giv Ing greai advau'egna up m all ;nn kuuw n system* The new apparatus applied with HtUc esp'iief in anvaopmaiue HI use. Office M Broadway. Noa. 7 and 8. bra Vara UPHOI.STKRF.R TO BE H AJ> BY DAY OR JOB. BY calling tor Mr. Kdvardo I'untl, 146 Ru Hon si. wy ANTED TO PI RCHA8K A ri.lMPTON BBC HI T*. J. HTXON, Uh Bond tivaal. WANTED-PBOM 80 TO 100 rr.KT OP OFFICE P.Alt. Hi ion and Rail, of good quality and eoadltme Ad dress hot 8,633 Poal ndlce. Minn AAA ?WANTED BOO IN AND BIIOKN, JplUU.UUUs clothing. Dry Goods, to ameuntBltgl.tiOv to ghOUJUOO Pay S3 to 50|ea<b, halaneefn real estate. Addroa B. H., Herald office. rtRYITI'RR. Ah. BATTETISON'S 8T0RAGE ROOMB, TOR PUR ? nlture, No. ABO Sixth avenue, near Fortieth ttreet It. B.?Large wagon* for rereoaal of fitrnltnra In ally or ronn try. Furniture hosed and ahlpimd. LL 8IN0EH 8 PATENT NPBtNO RRD8 REQUIRE but one mallres?> eleau, durable: warranted tor years; aa leathers or strings about tbem: health, luxury cold b. Warerooios 718 Centre street. everywhere. MAGNIFICENT PIANOPORTE FOR BALE?FOR A $378; rost $880; a beautiful Parlor Suit, In Frenrh aatln broealel. for $141. < oat S375: one do , ?76 Also a lot Of Parlor and Hedroom Fnrnilura, at a great aa- rlfna for cash. Inquire at 113 Weal Eighth street, neer 8i?th avenue At private sack?all thb bleoant pur nltare, *?.. contained in the brown atone house 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* at a sue. rlflee lor cash, suit of Parlor Furniture for t*X) r?.t f?oo: do. ?0; Etagerea, Falnling*. Bronge., Piannfnrte foi fgjff cost ft*ft Bookcase, Chamber and Dining Furniture. Bnffet. Extension Table, China. (Haas and Bltver Ware. Blroant PARLOR FURNITURE, BRUNSRLS car pet. Be-; also Kitchen Utensile, in whole or single, .mlt tour months In use. To he sold st lit aVenue B. fourth Bade. INURNITURB. FURNITURE.?BRAUN8DORF a MET*. 1 suseeaaors to Well A Brauaadorf, offer thetr stock of well assorted Furniture, cnnelstlog of Parlor, Rlltlng Room, Library, Bedroom and Dining Room Suit* of the latest styles, to the pnbile at wholesale prices, at 1* and 117 Rlrinf ? toa afreet. W. B. - All geede wsrraated. Payments received by wbeely or monthly iuitalment* for Furniture nt every description, Carpet*, illelolha, Parlor and Bedroom Bulls, Planus Redding, Ar , A BRAD ALL A SCOTT* R, corner of Canal and Hudaon alo. WATCHES JEWELRY. AC. WAtCHEB?BUITABI.E FOR NPRCUIiATrTE FU1 poaet and gift entorpnaea. Gold, Hllver sad Flab Cases for Amerleaa Watches. Rleciro I'lale Jewelr Chaise, Aa Bead lor pries llei to 1.IONRL JACOBB, I Broadway. A THB BALL NBA RON R10N BALL. ACADEMY OF NUBIO, * WRDNMAOAT. MARCH 17 IffT AMUSBMKNTS. Broadway theatre. admission so ckmtb. < orn?r of Brotdwit And Broom* strool. LAST NIOHTO Of TH* WORRFXL BIBTERS. Aladdin, Is at nights. THK TWO GREAT Cinderella. laet nights. HUKLFHOUE Last of Clog l)*uw? H ITS AT TON. Laat of Comie Dances BECl'UK TOUR SEATS. "jffifKssiWain.p-"10' Fairv Burlesque. CINdF.KKL.I.a, by lequeat Monday, Februan 36. III* world renowned enisles Mtt. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, wUl commence lb*lr anonsl engagement, appearin* is TWO OF THEIR ATTRACTIVE PUCKS. ^ Bos ahaet open from 8 till 8 o'cioak for securing place*. HAitTE'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. 808 BROADWAY Tickets &0 ceo In; Reserved Seats $1. For aale ui days i a advance at the Hall from 9 to A Card Pardee thould secure their seat" during tha day to avoid the rush at the door. Trinmphaut suocaaa of the "spectaonlar illusion" PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, OR "WK ABB HERE. BUT NOT HERB." The new programme without apparatus. The Basket Trick, Growth ui Flow era, Floating Used anil Devil's Hat Will be repealed BVTSRY EVENING AT 8; SATURDAY AT 3. The Chickerlua Piano is used at these seance*. Special Notice.?M IIARTZ begs to announce that be has set apart Wednesday, Feb. 30. and every succeeding Wednesday, for a Juvenile Night. Children half price CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, Every night at Bryants' Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway. FIRST WEEK OF THE NEW TRICK PANTOMIME, entitled . FUSE IN BOOTS; PUNS IN ROOTS; PUSS IN BOOTS; OK, THE MILLER'S THREE SONS. OR. THE MILLER'S THRBK SONS. The Original BEDOUIN ARABS, in miraculous feats. The Original BEDOUIN ARABS, lu miraculous feala. BROADWAY BOTB, BROADWAY BOYS THE NEW OPERA, 8TRAVEU?L?AH. TRESPASSERS iCharley White'*) TRK8PABREILS STRIKING OIL. 8TR1KING OIL Friday (Washington's Birthday), GRAND MATINBE, rominenriag at 2>, o'clock (CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUTE. 472 BROADWAY. J WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY MATINEE, WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY MATINEB. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY MATINEE, TO MORROW AFTERNOON, FEB. 23, AT 2.V TO MORROW AFTERNOON, FBB 33, AT 2>?. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 986 BROADWAY. The trouble ooinmeime* at a quarter to I. THE ORE ME DP. LA I'RBMK OF MlNSTKEl-SY. KIRCH. WAMBOLO. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MIKMTKKLS, whose Huu-i'-i Iimm never been equalled by anv similar orgsu Izttlon in the world Neiv and cheerful Burlesque* every week. Wamboitl'a new song. "Will You Coine to Meet Me, Darling*" Tumble* at the Metropolitan Hotel. Animated Photographs. Gamhruiua* Onera of Lager Beer. Nancy Fai. shouiaoi Lughie. at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screan. ing Black <;ook and African Ballet Troupe. Kelly a lkovs minstrels. 720 Broadway. Theoulv e 10 4" P in C 9 an C Continued rush LEON I 1 I 10 witness Prima donna. N N N Madagascar Theoulv DF.MON llANCK D BaHetTroupe. LEON E E K with KELLY, Danvenw. R R K Seymourgali, Theoulv L L I. AlleonlTtu. LEON E K K Prldnleye, Coinedleiine. O O O Coryphees, In Opera smi ballet. N aud teriuinatiugagnny. JTEINWAY HALL?TO NIGHT. FEB. 31. ? GRAND COMPLIMENTAUY CONCERT TO Mr. FREDERICK WIDDOWS. Mnaloal Ageut MISS NETTIE STERLING. Mr I ERNEST I'ERRING Mr. J. ?. THOMAS. SIGN OR S. 8TRINJ. Mr. GI O. V,. ''ORGAN. Mr. A. ti. PEASE. Mr. HENRY ? ?u.i,E\H.AUKR. Mr. .IAS. OAULF1KLD Mr. Jill'" \ED HOFFMAN. Pianist and ?'ondurior. TD'Kl.TS ONE DOLLAR. For Mle at tha door. STEIN WAY" HA.. RAT CRDAY ? ItoRR THOMAS' I- NTH OR A Nil ? MONT BO IRK* * TAaa rises OB SATURDAY" j.y \U, FEB. 23 AT 7 O'CLOCK. WHY'i Till ? St.ill Al. SOCIETY, fill, mf.ndkihshon UNION. UNDER Hit DIRECTION OF MR. W. BFHGK, iher tr ih willaeaiat, logman w h THK lift A Nil ORCUF8TRA OT F.itlilTV PERFORMLKB. (?h'OUBAWMK Suite in Canuuru in op Id, (new) J. O. Grimm >ei ?i->ag laatr.imenta atone. March and Cherna -'-Ituma of Athena" Beethoven Meieielaaubn I'aton a?d Ondsextr*. Bemud Episode, Iron, larnau'a Fauat iuew i LiaBt "Dei Tali la der Darfaehenke.'' iMepliialo Waltz I. By mpbonv Hi on a. Op. 6.1 Beatbovea CiiNIil CTOK TDKODORK THOMAS .TityaLis ft M RACH. No eatea charge fur reaarved aeal*. Seals .an now b* ae ntred at Bear A hcklrmer'a ntnaje Marc. 701 Broadway ; HcUnberlb A CeBins,* jt .fe, ? Broadway; at Macoy A Hcrwig'a lit and lit Broadway, and at the ofllre t?r bletowsy Hall. s TE1N WAY UALji. TWKNT Y'-WXTH SUNDAY CONCERT. KM' Mi'f If at eight O'cloeh. U P. HaKRIHON, Director. Seen nil appear,, ocr of the favorite Heptane, " " TR Mi. fl'IN A Ml. Mm* RAT! Mr. s. B. Mli.i.v, I'KDiit. Mr. K I,fT.->OH, 1' Koloiu. Mr. it. W. COI.BY, A.-eonipamat. i-ill.Ill, A>*cnniuMi"*i. TtlKODUKK THOMAS and lii* POLL OJifHKSTBA TUketa 3tf<ei>u. Reaerved reel* M real* extra. I AST MATINKK OS THK WORRELL SISTERS. SAT J URDAY, Bab. 23, at Io'rlook. Br reqneat of fnmlliea, CINUKRi.l.l.A *111 Nine tbe Liu.- Broadway tlieaX'O. MADAME PARP.PA IN ORATORIO The great deaire of Ibe New York pub)!'- to hear tlie u.Oti eminent of s'ngrra m o'auirlomnaic, t.*a Inilnce.t Mi Hai. lann m arrange with the NKW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY for the production of ItaMM** great work EBHIAtl, 'UK Mi-;j Whirl) ? III lake plarr on \t KONKSIIA V KV'BNINU, Feb 1." AT NTKINWAV IIA CI., w'lb the lotion inn power fe) ratal MAOAMK PAHKPA. Soprano. MISS 111 TCHIN'IS, I'obi ratio Mli HKO siMI'SON. Tenor '??It I. R. THOMAS. Bna-n v t;. K. J I'DAMII.I I, Ogantat. MIL It W I'OI.MY. Siiolei MI s. L. Coadweior. ' III. HARMONIC HOCIKTY, N'linbei ing 'XAI own, and MM. TitKO. THOMAS P01.I. ORCHESTRA Noiwltliataaii'uii tin great a It met Ion, t be pr to* of admW aion Iota brrn pi not et tl.VB DOLLAR. SiraerveA fll.. mil* eitra. The ?*l# of wl.icb Will ' tttntnenee lb if mortiibg, at Beer A Schemer a, /AH Broadway; I'.md a murk More. C47 Hroatl waj : K"llin*io? lU-Aetohne, Ili Hrohdwaj, anil at Stein wav Hall. In irlo'aiaai. SAMSON .AMI Jl'tlAK MACCABEUS. flYHK TWO OKA VII CONCERTS ?T nTUINW AT IHI.I., I honrlt enlb atrr ?, on Friday, Fob. 21. emitter**r> nf M ?ahingiiu. a idrirdav. e.JI eoreinniicr Afternoon i - u'?:'nrt; evening ..I T', o'clock l.UAU tie lege lea Irate ft.* i ManrttAf ami piuM a 'ato tla tinile tn the cborlfaa* 1AST M AT7NKK OP THE WilRKhiM. SIsTKIta sg'f. j I'RIiAV. l-o.a. -I I'f n'efmk Mt leqtvwtef famiHea. CtNDMir 1.1.A .-in. Xing the l.n.r? M ->*>tnra> ilieaue. I ART MAM <li> Op THK WORRELL SlhTER". EAT J IT.PAT. Feb. S at I!, o'clock. By family ret,neat. Ci.VIIKKKI.I.A ami V ht the Liai ? Broadway ihecire (VENTRAL TICKET Oft-ICE. AT CHI'KERrill A J vooa' 1'Ui.nforlc AAararaeitwa, OfC HnailWkl. t'hol keata for 1-ady lion and ali I.rat daaa thewtlca. All NH'AI AKERI'Ecr.AHI.K LADY,OKRMA V MCRIC TEACHER, i rteali ea to gire lf?aou"on tbe pnwrnftnre. In a reapectal-ie. | fanilh. in nhtaib H-hm-J. IKariww rirtutnged. kd.I.e-a ; Mna- Teacher. Heral.l ollVr. \oknit.kman wii.i.oivi: instruction on the piano ai nnpHu'raaMeneea.'nr Sin t>* quarter, neai of r?|e ?i.m'? grvru. Artrtrea*. ? . i. i ea. irrve. Tei eber. bpt IH Herald n.l'rc. VACH POSH. HKCKIY'P.S A PRIVATE i I S-oa ON Pi Piano*' $W per qtmiler l.'l, Weo T.lnvaMh atreri < inner of sit in arenue. flwUr't for parti**. ONh-r hnnra m till S. TAJ A SON A II AW 1.1 ft, MANUf ACTr IARKS OS ? ABlNRT ifj Oigana, aalmitNtomk MM Biw iwo New Y ork, where may be found ihe iarge-i aaattitHest Inafrniaenta of thia rlana In Ibe eouotry. I'rirea, 1..ior bmale $1.MAI each QROANS.-CIHKII ttROAVR FOR s AJ.K._ SO I R OS _ lit itnpa, peiltl haaa. Ho'i-dou. I'CC; lUrre aetnmt hand nf A. 6 and III-lop-. Thrr are warranted to he an pa* : rmr In mnr and wnt kinanaliip. W. ll. IHVIt ?? Dow in tig at reel. The piano.-sinisminh lessons oitkn at sr. plla' rMMetMwa by a talented anlat Jim arrlred from Europe: $S0quarterly. Apply in Mr*. FRENCH, lit Hullt ran alreei. f? MASONIC J.ODUEN AND CHAETERg?A ORKAT ? bailee: organ wuflh S*At fnr rale at SIR), at Bmther BRIIKJMAN'S aegar amre. No. A Hamilton atrnne South Brooklyn. THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY FOR MUSICAL loan ncflnn. *t Mndlann arenue. n*ar Twenit ntnlh atreet Term* $10 per quartei. VIOLIN. S1NOIKU, HARMONY, fll ITAK. PIANO. Ac at 9<a M eat Tw. nir-alrth atreel, be'waen Serenih and Rlghtb avennoa. Call or aen.l fnr . treiilai t.eaaora pi irate Term* farorahle. IaV .IAV WATSON. Ageut. WAMTBD-A COMPETENT oNOANIST, POR a PRO tettanl Kpiacopal enureh In Brooklyn. Appllnatlnna to be annompanied hy terilraonUI" aa to charaeter. ahill'r, Ae. Addreaa R. H. K. Belrber. l?>i 2.151 Po?t "'Hre, New York; or applv in peraon. aftri ? P. M., at IS* Heiari af., Brooklyn. THK I.BCI'I'RK NKAHOM. A1L1NTOM HALL. -DR. H EBB A RD WILI. IJtCTURK \ > thta evening on Parlor and Kitchen Woaaen _ evening on Parlor and Kimhen Woaaen m f'ood and Drink. How to be fat. How to he loath How io form muarlea, brain, norma, boae, Ac How to J* iw*? How tokeepennl. ReUtlra value ol' a'l kind#of food What we ahould and thonld not drink Pork eating. t-Mmeen ehewtug, Ac. Thla ta the Itwtnre appointed for last Tn. aday arentng. hat poatponed on areonnt "f a pra ?ngac?mei)t of the halt - ? lof anpertor bread wlUhe a"enL Tteket# ?0 MM* JMPORTANT J.ECTT KRS JI4JIJ ^To nENTIEMr.N ?ay 1 only, at (he New fork Mua? un of Auatomy, ?|g Thoveoeahl# to attend I hear Laeinre* may reeelra a m by forwarding ten rent*. Addreaa Naeretarr #f New Maaeam of Anatomy, MR Broadway. IYELIRF PON THE RTANV1NO PROPER ON THE TaSSta. o ..... SUNDAY RVRNINH Neb M, at S a'atewh. a. far aale avertwkM? T AMU8EMBIITS. NEW YORK THEATRE. Managei ? Utx Baker and Mark Smith. Unqualified auoreaa of the distinguished and accomplished artiste LADY DON THIS EVENING, ate o'clock, Seiby'a oomiedrama. PEGGY GREEN. PEGGY GREEN LADY DON With songs, "Moot Me by Moonlight Alone," "Home, sweet Home,'1 Ae. Altar which the gioiiooa htatorioal burlesque. KKN1LWORTH; OR, YE QUEENS, YE EARLE, AND YE MAYDENNB. Being a novel edition of Scott's novel of that name. THE EARL OP LEICESTER LADY DON. With thalamus "Garter Hong." and "Ooodby, Sweetheart, Ooodby." as performed by her ladyship upwards of TOO times tu the leading theatres of England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, California, Ac., and uuTveraally pronounced by I be English press te be the ne plus ultra of burlesque ant ing. This highly interesting piece will be produoed with n powerful oust, including Mr. Mark Smith, Mr Lewis Baker, and their enure company. New and magnltteent scenery, gorgeous drrssee and effects. HEVftlK FRANCA1S. COMB DIE. Saturday, February ?, at ? o'clock. First Uine of LA PAMILLE BRNOITON. (Original of the Fast Family. 1 t Oiard; in live acta bv Victorian Hardou. rr Tichat omen kl h. l>ardonvUle>s, ?WBroadway. rriONY CASTOR'S OI'ERA HOUSE. X01 BOWERY. A UNT IL 1Uttl HER NOTICE the great military dram*. TUB NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS; THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS; Oa, Te* LaaT or Liear Paiso*. Great effects, marcurs, tableaux, ite.; full MlllUry Brass Band. Horrors or l.ibbv Crison, Moonlight March ol the Troops. Bivouhc of tne \olntiiaers. Attack on the Prison, f'ombat., A<. A GRAND VARIETY PROGRAMME. TOMORROW, Washington's Birihday, a grand Matinee. QRIPPIN A CHRISTY'S MINBTRRLK. * Nog. 3 and d West Twenly.fourth street. GEORGE CHRISTY. THE GREAT NEW YOKE FAVORITE THE GREAT OCEAN YACHT RACE and description of a 'I RRR1BLE BTORM AT SEA. and complete wreck of a NOB'-E SHIP. This is the PEOPLES FAVORITE R'iSORT. Doors opec at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THIS EVENING. The gres'lv successful local, sensational and mmai drama, the STREETS OP NEW YORK, a ri:KKTS OP NEW YORK, sTKliKTS OP NEW YORK, STREETS OP NEW YORK, with its eteelieut ouat and admirable appointment*. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT 1 O'CLOCK. OLYMPIC THEATRE EXTRA HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT. FRIDAY. FEB. 1U. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. GRAND HOLIDAY MATINEE GRAND HOLIDAY MATINEE GRAND HOLIDAY MATINEE ef the stniBently suceesalnl local and moral drama, tbe .STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OP NKW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORK. Doors uu-u at ISR o'clock; performance at 1 precise!!. REGULAR FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY. MR. AND MRS. BABltEY WILLIAMS. These great Comedians and original hnperaonaiot a ef 1RI.SU AND YANKEE LIFE Will commence a abort ancsgcment at THE BROADWAY TlftUTSK On Monday evening next, February SR. Box book now open. WONDERFUL FREAK OP NATURE-' THE WABB INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two heads, fear arms, and but one body nod one pair of Wis; also tbe been and ugbt arm of Probst, the murderer ot the Deering femi ?; together with the magnificent collection of objects la bj.lologv, Anatomy. Pathology end Natural History; all of which are Illustrated dally by Lectures and Mlcuauuplu , at tbe New York Muaeu * ?* - Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. of Anatomy, 018 Broad BHOX SHEET FOR MR. ABD MM BARNEY WIL, ? L1AM6' nights, at the BrnadwayMMatre, men frees I tot o'clock, and places m\y be-eecured els days m advance. BBML'NYAN tableaux?largbst panorama in ? tbe world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Twenty [third street. Open erenr nlgSt at 7; commencing at7fe Admission, fit ccnta; chtldreu, 31 oenta. Matinee WadeS day and Haiti rday, at 8 o'clock. rtK HAAS' LAST PAINTING.?ADMIRAL FAJtRA IF gut's Fleet Passing the Porta balow BewOiteaa* M> on e?hibltluu at? Warn Tenth street. 8 tad to Bnfldtng. a rsejws.jsrs^zxrs-a ^taa roles upon the ataga. Address Manager, station P. BMOX SHEET FOR MB. AMD MRS. BARBEY Wile ? UAIP ulghU and mat mora, at the Broadway liieetwy open L om 8 to ft o'clock; places may he aeourediIn advanee. TBHHKATRE nopi OFFICE. Reset\*d reals for ell first etaes theatre*, eon car la, Me., I Ac. can always >,? obumed at (he THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 113 AND ltd BROADWAY. PIA VOrORTESi A FINK A8SORTMBUT OF PrAVOFORTBB TO LBT? .1 And ?old on InalaliuenU. at the manufactory. 100 and 1M Kaat 1 wenty-firat at cot L. P. CUMMINUS. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORT8 FOR HAL.8?FOR J\ f3<A; coat AJ?o a Parlor Suit, for $113, one <to. for $7.r? Alao 'be Furnllnre of u parlor and four bedrooata, at a teugain. inquire at 119 Went hi*lith alreot, near Siith avenue. A MAGN1 F1CE.NT ASSORTMENT OP TUB FIN RET l\ and . heaueat new and aecond hand Planoa In the rite fot aale ami to rant, at FM OANDIDU.S' waierooma, 41 RtO' rger rlrrat. \M.AONJFI<:ENT PIANO. WITH ALL MODERN IK pvwteiotota, for tale tor half in value; fully warranted apply sit 131 Raat Thlrty-tlurrt street. AMAONIFIOF.XT ROM--WOOD PIANOFORTE FOR aale, ruuoe to order, cfty maker, coat $f*JQ for $800; Pallor, " hatuiier ami Dining Kuroliure; a eaeritlee. M Wrat SUlc.iii tn eel, near ttiath nveatte. |i*i?R KALE?A 1'ITIi KEK1M. PIANO, NO. 19; COST r I c? le.a ihup a year ago $>G6. in perfect order and will be <nitl tor $VHU, with ainot. Apply to JOHN W. MOUTH AllK. lias Broadway. V>1 t.MiroRTK.?A I. IDT, THOROUGHLY COUPE I let I ,o \; ve l-a.i o? on the piano In ihe heat ael.ool ef playlet? will gist- ieaaonnto ptiplUo' rearectablllty either at loon ? bet ?wn A<idre>a L. M. D., feletnway'a, Ftn ? ieet iii at rent. A\'A 11- - ii Wl? Mt^UAKG AND I1PRIOHT PIANOS, ?t, ,? i.ibiur irrgati- w bole tale and reUul, to loi.anui. nt applied if Monthly payment. re . eiM i seo.u! liapd Pianua ?i ii-rgaina. Prices from $49 io ?xp. New 7 o '.ve Piano, inr $2J.'i aod upward*. OM pi. II le labnii In etcuange. tVah natd fer aenond heed Pla ins. K??(tiorr end wa:-e nmraa tol Hroedway. N. T. iioraiTk w a term l\?TBITTI01. IT DO.*BaR*H COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, fto iX Kr adwaV llnnl Acs.nng. Writing. A n!.h:?e'te. Aft., irp OM ?own i catty aa to the beat New Yor* houeae. Ml.It'lle*- ? .titping. ur icmhltag removed, and an nle^ftt It >jt|a-. band guaranteed. Gen'lemtn or lagles c?a wore p, V;t I* aT to a'nmkND'S ?ORIRF.ftf COLIAMB, m 900 J\ r ?. In iwren Prim e and Houston streets, thorough and pi4f.uaI inttrinlinn la Ro?kKeeping. PenmanaMp, tVimut-i i*l iVsrrespondenne. Arithmetic, Spelling, Gram mar. I 'o?ft|to?iitoUt latter Writing. Ac. Open day and evew ? ng, ?pltft dayi .nc.uded Hooma bar ltdtee and yrleatt la st rtr 1 A ' ' NTS. PENMANSHIP. SPSIXB8S APPAIRR A Insrw 'ion 'prHate if deal red' at OOLDaMlTMl t'oniit e n aI tost nie, ~,;4> tt-oedwav Established IW. I SITUATION WAN1RD?IN A SEMIK ART. FOR A J\ r ok .??ng lady, whe baa just completed her ogw. Ca on s|m w ttultl ??-, eni a eUuallon aagoeernftgft In a tout C* on si.e wmiltl ?.. epi a gt.nalioB _ ?ia?a latoily, Add'eea (or tbrge days, wllk partlaalara, feaabtr. b<ii (AH Pmi elDiy A N K XPF.RIRNtlRO DBSTI9T WILL TRACT 9kAtM -A ln? pi it!*?** on to two yoang men of good addraae Ap pl rati is will a'i'e age. name, re.idem-e. oaenpatlap, refer eure and If able io a.ipaori tbamselyea far one year Ad d'eaa Deni.auy, Heralil olllre AyoOHR i.ady. TmoaE attautmrhts, patrop age and nsfereires are a'r.cUr flret rlaaa. vtattaaad rerelrea adult rU"!* ??"? married ladlea for prleato Hljiae m all the . .iBtiuoa Pnfilah bmnrbea, mathemattea, rbetana ami belle, le, ? i aa. onmpoalt ion, em re.pondeuee, nonvaraaOem. erltieiatn, toptoa oftha day, rwad na the poeta, blatory, Saw II.!, (Herat,ire. mn??? *oi ? Unt'iB aqnare Paet otfee. A I.ADT REdtDINO A SHORT DIHTAHCB IH TBI \ imuniry dedraa lo proeure a competaot teacber far a family o( ten children: one thoroughly omslHled to netrnto In Pngh?h. Preach and mnale; good l eforeaeae rei)olrad; to a,ieh a pel ana a liberal aalary will be gteen. Addreaa J. Opts I or. Ilrmpetaad. L,. I. LTRSN'1 CONVSRSATJO* AND THE LANOI'AOB r III all lla hianchee (.ugh! by an nocompHabnd lady trim Pa,i.. tvboia now teaching In the bant lamlllea In thla eRy and H'outlyn, to whom reference will he given Addrnca er rati on Wile O , at Haaeroft Hnnae. Prop. STK. DE L'OURRT can DISPOSE OP HOURS in the afternnon for French Leaaona, either In ?K men at tba Mer antlle Library, or at bla realdrnee, ff Baal Twenli accond at met. Spanish i.vnouaok.-prop. a. dk torsos. < la.eea for ladlea at hla reiddenre. :fflS Fourth avenna. With hia NEW ( OMBINKD METHOD, publlehed by K Appletne At'n. WANTED-A O0VRRNBRN, IN A PRIVATE PAMILT, ta leai'h all the h lgh?r Kngli-h htanebra. with VMM and ,netramantal mraic, piano, to iwie who It iMtopy emuiieirnt a raaaonabla eompenaalion will be glvea._ aaaa oihrr need apoly. Foi fiwtbrr u>rti< nlar* addreea Geerge Jtoaop. Coekeyavlllc Poet office. Baltimore county, Md. WANTED-A PROTESTANT oOYKRNEW. CAraRLR ol teaobing the lower biaii-baa of an Knglteb atotos lion and alao Herman. French and nanete Addreaa. ana referen.ea aa to charaeter. eapaalty and erponanee, w . t,79l Poet nfflee ISA_ r _ M ARRI.R MANTFI^ -THS BKST .PLACS 'N THH . eiiy 10 pnrchaee Merhlaiaantelaef Wltoktt deetnto K tsu low ?? ?? A. JwW* ? v ? .tiTmIpJyi K?i>t Mwt, w? ?' r Af AP-ffliKITED Vlw'Vhn rnmnEof^'mlrblf |j g^wasr ?a?nifth ?w5 belweerSlrty aTh a!^ Thirty .(lib ?ireete_ _ -a* AHR1.K MANTELS AT RE DC CRD PRICRS-A ETRjl D1! eelertlOB on hand at ** Find aveinie, near Third etmei Raw Talk. WteJp