Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1867 Page 2
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BIYtATIOm WASTBU-FEHAI.EN. A riUST CLASS DRESSMAKER WOULD LI KK A J\ sanation as forewoman lu an e-tablishment JJ! >fw York or an> oilier c tv where ? liberal *.?? ?y *w,u 8lid; i* ihoiOM^hly competent to |*ke the em ire f?* an turniiah the best of references in ?h??euy end bo?tuu. Addreee Mrs. 8., Boston (Mass.) I'ost oibce> A YOUNO LADT WHO FULI-T VN!>,t**TAS A. business wishes It"1 nualiloa of forewoman or manager In som? milbuerv depatumenl. Address ? L-. box 1,317 hew York Post odice. A NFMRER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN J\ girl* want situations at Mrs Lowe a German Institute, 17 Stanton at., near BoweT A YOUNO GERMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION x\. aa chambermaid; alee a small girt as nurae. Call for two daya at lol Broome at, second floor, back room. ?aaeiWiMJ YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation aa plain cook, washer and ironer. can m Ae wood bleed and biscuit; good city reference. Can be seen lor two days at j05 East 24lh at., between 1st and &1 era., eecond floor, Irani room. 7 COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION A8 J\ nurse snd aesmstresa; no objection to assist w ith the ehamberwork, baa lived with first cls?a fauidies; no objec lion to the country. Call at Silt Broadway, third floor, front, between Prince and Spring. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK: understands all kinds of meats aud soups, jellies aud desserts; good eity reference. To be seen fur two days At 123 Weai Jtlih it., second floor, bark room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE young woman, aa competent seamstieaa and would help Id waiting; underatanda cu.tlng and biting ladles' and child ren'a dresser and all kinda of family sewing. Address Seam stress, hoi 114 Herald office. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUA A lion aa oook. washer and Ironer tn a small private fam ily, best city reference. Call at ?! West MKh St., between 6th and 7lh a vs. A YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE care of children and make herself generally useful: best city reference. Call at 47th et , two doors east of 3d av., over the coal office. AN AMERICAN LADY. A OOOD SEWER, WOULD like shirt-, ladles' and children's underclothing, b.iby s Clothes or dresses end tires to make. Address Mrs. Rich ardson, No. o Jones at., off 6th av,, near 4th st. A YOUNO OIRL, LATELY LANDED. WISHF.S A SITU attou in a pr.vale fani ly to do chsmberwork and plain sewing, or ehamberwork and see to children, would nlso be willing In in kr herself generally useful. Call for two days et PI West llllu si., between tith and 7lh ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU A lion in a small private fatuilv of about three or four persons to do general bou?ework ;* of city reterenoes Can be seen foi two days at I'Jb East ldth at. A RES PEC r A It LB PROTESTANT GIRL WISH K A situation as nurse and plain sewer, or to take ihi , n tire charge of a baby Irom us birth; has tune ye its re e reuce from her last p'.a. e Can ho seen tor two uays at 16 West 37lb at., between Bill ami 6tu avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS first class lautidress and cinimberiind; un iei lands her business thoroughly; has the be.t oi eitj le-erence Call at .Til West doth si., betweeu 8tu and bth nvs? second floor, Iron: room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Cook; understands all Kinds of baking soup, and jel lies; would nut object to a.-at I with part of the wasbmg; has the best o cuy re erences. Call at 331 West J6th st., be tween 8ib aa a 9th ava. A RESPECTABLE GIRL DU.SIRES A SITUATION AS tiihi class laundress. ,,r would cook, ws?li aud Iron lor ? small private lamily ; no objection to go in the co intr.; city refcrc.-ce if re-iulred. Call for two days at 1U6 3d av , between 13th and 14th sts. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO GO out by the day to wash and Iron; she Ik a first class laundress; can do all kinds of French fluting. Can be seen et 169 VYesi 3Ju st. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITU sfion es cook and laundress; good reference. Call at S37 SUtli St., lop floor, between 10th and lltli ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as nurse and seamstress, can take entire cha ge o. a baby, and has the best of city reference. Call at 28. nth av., near .titli at.. In the store. a ( AS COOK-WANTED, HT A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH Protesting e situation in a gentleman's family: thor oughli understands her business; uaa excellent references. Can be seen at 68 West 2Utb St., uear 6th uv. Country pre ferred. ABITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young women, aa chambermaid and -.e ttnstre.,. or would do watting; understauda fltiuug. Can be seen at5*3 West 2dth st., front house. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA X*. tion to do general housework; la a go.<d washer aud Ironer and platu oook: kinato childieu; wili ng and oblig lng; good reference. Apjny.fcr twe days at tbU West 23d sL. ream No. 7. A KE8PECTABI h GIRL WISHES A tttUATlO-h AS A good cook; la willing to assist with the washing and ironlug tl required; beat or el'y roferenre. Can be seen tor two daya at98 Weal 28.h at., between 6th and Jilt ava. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN W1SHLS A u>< to take C-?..?. ?-?? .... ?. ,............ ...?. aeen for one flay at ner last pis-c, no. a Ubudiany pWe, XI to obtain a situation as nurse; la perfectly competent lol ' ..... ke charge of an infant; beat of city reference, -.all oe Tor one i ? * . . from 11 to L. ? STEADY GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A PKI v.ite family; la a good piain cook and washer and Ironer; good city reference. Apply at 127 West 2&tu at., be tweeu 6tb and 7th avs. J RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA . ^fion aa ebamberma'd and to do fine w slnng eras nurswsnd chambermaid In a private family; a willing umi ?bilging, no objection to .stolen Island; good reiCieocc. Oall at Mill Weai*J6tb st.. between 7tb unu 8 h ara. A RESPECTABLE SOuTCH woman WANTS a sir uatlon, aa good oouk, either aud ironer, aud to do gen eral house uort. no objection wn.-ther city or country; g <?<! references can be given. Call a; *TJ hast 15th at., neei ave nue A. A Lady wishes to procure a m i cation for her girl, an good cook, waaher and ironer. Apply at Mb Weat 15'h at., between 6 h and 7lh at a. A COMPETENT TOL'.VU WOMAN WISIIKa A STEADY situation, aa ehambarnia d ..tut WatHMS, ar chain r. Bald aud line waaher, beat city rclcrence from lier la?t roe. Call lor tweday?or addre.< -u Weat IbUi et,wa?t 6th a*. 4 SITUATION WANTED-ltY A SCOTCH 1'KBbMV A lertati woman, aa piufraaed c iok, and a.It assist a the weaning aud ironing. the feat lelerence can be gt ?ene but a private tannly need apply; no objection to the * a at 130 r*- ? ?* Apply for two day a at 130 bib at., In the rear. ANKAT, COMPETENT WOMAN WANT# A SITU A lion to cook waah and Iron, baa go id reference a, city or ceuiiiry. Call at 17V 7iu av., corner ?ld at. OKKMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK waah and Iron; alao two email tidy young girls t<<er - 1 loo dth. Baa) for any uaeiulneaA Can be aeeu at lav tlthav.. below Hh at. 4 SITUATION WANTKD-BY A VliKY OB.TKhL A.Nil A reapectahle gtii. aa chatubermatd In a boarding hou e. Can give good raferenca if required. Apply at duo . b av.. arXtf lib at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNU WOMAN, AK chambermaid or for general housework ir a mall family, beat city reference. Call for two nays .a MS #:ti *v. A YOUNG LADY WHO WKITK8 A GOOD b '. M> wtshea to obtain e pyiag whic'a mat employ t wo ? i tb: i? Mown aa.-h day. Add iro-? J. A., boa I'C Herald n nr. 4 RF..-PKCTAMLE WOMAN WISHES TOT. . J\ bee'or geuUemeiTa washing lor thr eeau.i French fluting, l.aa tb > bea' of oily reference. C lb til St.; between Hth and 7tn are. lady wishes to take a child to lira own home; baa nn cbllIreti; It will receive 1 molhar'a care; I reference. Call nt IVi vteai Jot', at. A YOU NO OIRL OP RBSPBCr.tBLITY WOULDW ri to make an eng.gc nnnt with a lady who is about in go 6o California aa c iUd'a nurse or to wait on ladles. At'.tre-* for one week Agnes I' trvey, station O. COPYIST.?A TO UNO LADY, WRITING K NE tT, legible band, daetree employment at hulas, copying. \u drees ton 5,'A.l New Yore I'osi o;Il TTOUSEKEKPiiR.-A TOU.NO AMERICAS IT would laaecbaige of a getu.en: in ? r w qua i ao objection to tbe country Address for our i ? atatlon b. Monthly nurse-wanted, by an 1 eored l.idy, a lew more engage euts; t est ot faraaoea; would attaud aa Invalid t ail Ou or ad : [liokaen, 116 Alien et., near iielancry. OITUATlON WANTKD-BT A K .SPECTABLE ' O weraan, a Aral data neok and eompi nt la al! I r> ef, beet recommendation* Irom nn pi employers. CaU on Mr. Schmidt, W Llv.ngalon at I. Ipn SITUATION WANTKO-rO CO i, W ? .1 A .'. ? er to do get eial houaework ; good city rtlkrans atW i.aat JJ?l. between lal And Man., aeroud do , ler two days. SITUATION WANTED. BY A COLt'RhP C'*' ? do light rnaniberwurk or plain sewing; goer* r W*e?. Can be seen tor two daya at 316 Vtesl 15th at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOll ' M. aa chentberinaui ami wa trees; good uty re; c> ? 11 for two nays at AC Want Ttat at., If." 'en M and Mi avs. QITUAT10N W ANThD-BY A RKSPECTAlii.o TOl Nil bw g.r; aa chamor. nald and wa I treat r to tasS ..'??? f oaildren or lo dv tbe boi.*e> k of a aBall lamlly. I'm w ?oaaat her laat employer's. in* We-1 'adtb aeiwgenb'b and Ota avs. flTWO ItKSPECTABLB PROTEST A NT UIRL8 WISH 1 altua iboatodi, thewor. of i house '. ecu the.... I pots catin, t go tngelMe one .an ,o - . ., ..rn.o end laundress. the other to do gr ,er*f ho .<?*. tin ' family; beat city rafbrenom tall for two ??atl? L.un SOth at. w ANTED?ST A RKSPP.CT ABLE ' at her own bouse, or to g o out 1 #1aan. brst of < j r?itrer, n Hh'i dtd at . between II,"' and llth tva . t ?. \lf AM I'D -BY A PKHPKiTa ' . YO' ;; , 1 If long i, om Eng'i 't'vl. a sruatlon as . , . ig and 1 weltrees, or to taSe .?i? rf r-i)lii. r . ? m i .# ! Can beeeen for two naya i t No. :!? \< i h and Bleeoker. MMB6nbjtulloa to t>r, .te , ,.,a ; Ing house AN^fo-A SITUATION, PY A" \v < i In aeon'netlonnry ortinke'V. ti !. * bin than wages Adi rese 1. Y. D w ANTED-BY A Yl> UN I eti.l reflnemrnt from eampanlon to a lady about to tta niabed. Addrasa fllsa M. Jtalloi. V, Ni WANTBD-Br TWO Ri'M'F. TA HI.E tlona one aA Ural < ass i tn ; Bald and wt best, or Would ssaist e h tin haigood raferen' * fn.m ti.eir I 'nte. u ISO *>th at. nesrgtb av , |p tb* reai w ANTBD-BT TWO KRAPK' TATl'.E WK'.C : PR taste nt flrla, abuatlon", o i? ?? f)r?t nlssa ehantuerm u and thaciherae nnr*? and N do | alo fee i'|J " s-.i . work in a gan Uaiaau a family. AbV-1 St itW u cat at. w (ITl'ATIO.%9 WAS i KH-KKMALE*. ^ ANTED?BY A TROY LAUNDRESS. FINE AV vail ing and fl.ipng; t. ;<n? reason l>lr , be?l of city refer ences. Apply lo Mr*. II. CereuA, -H w cat 4Sd it., top floor. UT ANTED ?A SITUATION BV AN EXPERIENCED seamstress understands dressmaking. Cap be mod for two days at l u 2lst <4., between 2d and 3d are. 11' ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE >1 Protestant woman, a* cook: understand* all kinds of cooking, In a private family; baa no oujectlon to aaaiat with tha wasbiug and Ironing; beat of city relereocu from lor laat place Call at 631 Hill a?., corner did at., oyer tbe ?lore. IITaNTED-BY a healthy youno woman, who If has losi her baby, a aituation aa wet nurae Can ba well recommended. Apply lo Or. d. P. MoKlroy. M Preal denl at, couth Brooklyn Ur ANTED?A SITUATION BT A TOPNQ AND WELL educated will, lo attend a confectionery or a finer good* store; la conversant with the Ueimen and English language*. Addieaa B. W., 260 William a tree L belief actor/ reference! given. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa waitreas and chambermaid in a pri vate family; beat of reference. Call at or addreea lli Lau rens an, near Prince WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, A situation aa wet nurse Call at 20 Oak at., corner of New Chambers, Mr*. Buckley, first fluor. WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY. WHO HAS HAD considerable experience, a sltuatlou lo a fancy or trim ming atore; good referencea given. Addroae O rani ham Biuoklyn 1'ott office. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION A9 good cook, waahe and Ironer; has tbe beat of cite referencea. Can be seen at Ml West Utb at , bowoeu Tin and 8th art. Tlf ANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE ft young woman as chambermaid and waitress, or uurse or -cumst ""aa; good reference given. Can be seen at 180 Weal 83d at., rear house. WANTED?THE WASHINO OP A FAMILY OR OF A few la be* and gentlemen, by a competent laundress. Call on or adJri-a* Lauudtcsa, loj 7th av.. belweoi doth and 81 th sis Wanted?a situation, by a young girl, to do light cbnmberwork or Inke care of h oiilld. Ap ply between 'he hnnra of lb and d at W Weal 3btb at., be tween bib and bin ava. WANTED-A BABY TO WET NURSE. BY A RE sjs-ci tiiiii'tii' I I d' b.ivlng 1 ist her own, oue day old. Apply at lib E.iat l5ih st. until suiied. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN who h.ia lest her own b by, one v ek ?M, a child to wet uurae al her lerideuc. Apply ut 326 West ilt'.b st. ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT Wil li mm as wok, wa- ,er a .unmoor iu a smalt private fHmilv; understands her well; Rood city reference from ier last place. Ca1, ut ltd Vt'esi kSiii at., between Vih ai d at > m?, 11/ ANTED?A SITl ATION, UY A RESPECTABLE ft (, as cook an ;o nasi I with w ishing and Ironing; s venyeara' icieieiice fn in lirr list |iloct'. Call at VII Weal 2oth st . between lib bi i ?>s . memd door, trout room. Ur ANTED I 'IC'lSii. ?? REaPKOTaB' E MARRIED wimisn, living in .. n as i it. Iic.i.thy local ty. wishes to take a baby to ? ; -g un by tbe buttle. Address Mrs. iliguam, Poat office. II in,sun city. Iir'.P IV ? I' / ? : V. ,AT r.-i. f TOOK WCTKh-A 1 . T .'La. 1 COLORED OR I ' Engil i .k ..o is w 'lluz'o live with colored serv ants, at Newp- t, oil tuoi- cipiiVr' ?f gclli-g un dinners In goon st.-le; l! witanfi g or I mtlrg; the family consists of only three p,r "IS. t ' ? ex." In at; good recommend a tloiis requ rc i. Adilr. * Mr. V , b.udlo l'u lutnghl West lt.b street. Necktie Mak Wa! EXPERIENCED ha .U? Hard 'a ii, si .\.rk: also yoin ? la lies, swart with the.r ncidlr, In tliiUh ti H. it IT "HAU A CO., S4 Barclay it. VrtTRBI WANTED.- O I TANT YOUNO WO iv mau: one whon acouati med to Liu i vv of children ml c.iti fur. I-.' ? clss. th .up. Uuod wages paid. Apply at No. 7 East 81 at, no.. Bo.> y. V, ANTED-A wet M R K: AMERICAN, ENGLISH, ? Seotclt or Irish Proieetaot One who can gi ve good refr-eticra ml,roes 1 ?>., i job New Yurk Po.,t office. w TANrEi)-LXP.i!ili. NCED SALESWOMEN. K. H. MACY, Idth .t. and 6ib av. AIT ANTKD-A T"i,;:iti ;n ; LAM.STRESS, WHO UN vT i-rsUod IV'iu, ci- '? .Vlbo-'s tci.ine and hair dress ing: irnr.1 be u Hro;e-'...:t. Apply with references at 82 W est 83! at. l'rum 9 to i2. MS- A TRIMMB.i IN A MILLINERY ESTAP, .m nt In Trov, Ne* York. Employment furnished the year nmud. Applv between tbe hours of 10 and 13 al ffild Con ' ' W A Han ma! street, up stairs. TED?A GOOD .STEADY WOMAN FOR GENE il h'-uai work on Mateu island; must be an excellent \\A"n waahm and .rone . g.iod ?laln cook; i < that oau appreciate ' a gool ho.,,,- and kind treatmt it. Faunlv amnll; waueoSiU. Ajudr I" Mrs. Muiler, 3A3 Weal 42u st'., between a and 10 A. M i.nd 5 |M 7 I'. M. \\rAKiED-OI :L ?() WORK ON ' OLLARS, WAISTS, v V aleeve*. . at . o. 7 av. I), near 2d v. AV' ANTED - N A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 2t? MADt vv am 11^' , * wn.iun ."scnnk. wsiher and 'tuner, "t one bavin oily .etc, * :c?s good wages wilt be paid. ' W'AVTi' i-\ S RST CL.abS DRoSSMARRP to OO vv u> i nladelphu, as iurewoman. Apply for two days at room l-l st. N.olio as Hoicl. II.'ANTED?A G )OD, C MPETEKT CIRE. TO 1..AVBL T> hi. tike r.ire 01 children. Apply, with references. Immediately, at 1M Madisou a v. tlfA .1' .-A KK AT TIDV OXRL, 15 OR 16 YSAU3 OP ? ? a.e fur iiii -dura work ati.l to la at) c;tro of three llltle girt*. ii.e youui.t year- old: <>ue aocu corned to work pt e'e. "d .vpply la store SOS Mi ar. nus'f u-sevki:al actitu and intelligent II .,!? i< ei: nr lid'*? m ,en iemed. to aell tome articles l.i er a. demand A ?i'ieti<ilj remuneration can be secured. inlatM'iie. Lemoie t'a Lippornuo o fashions, 473 Broad lroner none bu1 on- who thoroughly undo:stands her bnsir.e leed pply ?t 41 Towpktus pU.e.'Brookly u. I\ PR ..IK..ft WOM AX, WHO 18 A * n .. n l irnner; mutt come well rec mi p, y at 1411 dt Ittk II MR? ANTED? A WON AN TO OOO K. WAsIT AND IRON, li ii.a ual p it. * family. None n?r1 apply unless tLi-f are wi ? n ?? i .i.e. . (.. nerally useful. Call with city ref err . it CM We-:<8Mst. Wasted?a inoK wtsii a and iroxrb, to go South; must have vOii references. Call for Texaa, at 384 ttrusdwaf. il? ANT D-A PI sTCi.A-iS COOK; KHB MUST KNOW IT i ir;. - >ii hi ii . . ..ranches; also a strong, cxpe rieoced laui. In a. 45 La-i Uuii at., between I ?ud I.o'clock .1 Alii \ 11. \ *:*.:?? A3 DRESSMAKER; \> wag" . flO App.y at 25 i .o.-sri at. W A' f l.-A HOC I ? \Sllt A IROVER. AND IT to t.ltn ih.s kitchi n wrorlc. in ? j rleaia boarding house. Apply at at i.*ia .t ei U'AN TEll?IN A Itl VA,"., HOUSE, SIX 01F.I.H. wall !>'"1 chai.i'>?i ? > 4i. ir:i . thoroughly ointer. rt ? v A;< j ? . It) and 14 o clock at 84 M i n?A liEUM tV I AO; Mil T HE A FIRST 1. ? s. <??> n-r Jr., apply In the Exchange >: I". ua.. e 788 Broad*:. .c ? o >v, ?: in ! In baltmorr. i .,-1 ...i ? r nurse and ream good , ? '?.? ? to #n?i who csn enme :r, :sy;, before four u ,<U . si . i iook ?>. El>?a UOOO COOK: AI CO A LAUNDRESS, y , wi' re*. . i nee, ..t No. D Xitvin iton place. i". ? l o Uli TH?U*BWOBK. ii .; h. - ti ..>* J ?referred; must rare > r rem A J ; I I- -I Mifc St., near 5th ar. U .1 M'r.m.?WANTED. A C'LRaNLT, BBALfftY . a ? i ? . ...; ivItLottl 41. V.. it lOJt Si., for two V\A; VV A ' .'iK. lii. t ; w VI fREHS IN A . . aity reicrMce, at So. 8 V i .. K IS A HMaLL PRI i w toe .vsahingnnd ?ron , . ply ?l 44 East ltd at. Ja/A.siBU?A .TK.-m.TAlii.R WOMAN AH Nl'RSE ' in. V; , ?. S M. ? trkV place, bo r I ICR TIE HANDS; ALSO rp.,-r t a'oue hut girls of .j'fly. Atari Nan l'tdu: Neck ie . oi i V"ie? ? 4ta *t t RITVATfOKR VV A MTTSIUM ALK6. . io :?.) ? mi .' a v. a . ii'Uation ah for. fa ter ef dr.ter; (net rsferea # g ?eu. in'iuira ftn M in ? ?g. -u 1 ? Chi at t (? Hi" ' t'l.S ?' i iPKDTRSTARTl 1? t . ?. 1 0 1 f it Mi,roh I; wo .Id 'I. ? i ? .. ?ke .n. elf fener ? ui ? ,.c ? , hso ib? > ty r' cronce l...o "? ? o o At.- 'sa w. II. S . , ' . ? V '? I 4 ,r i 'UK Ad it oi>n " 1 i a ; . nn; .? . . iu fiaic of rork. nitirrsunds die cars o:'. II k ..Is of catUe peffecty. ?Sl . .'si, OS. ,1.1. I, Uu: ... C '..lit t, *oi no *' in okP s* ?. r , .c t.'A- rs / stTO. . l. a l.".. ? ' ? ? . .'-.-?sir . ? t I . ? els joh ,ng house a i< "d judg* ?'f ckhI? and some In Ute i ? *s 'i ? > i i i - go. .! hoti.e: , -A, Awd ? f< to- i's . IS , III r ild oi'li r. t MH'ATION WaRTRO?RT A fOUNO MAKRIRO \ r. , i. n <1 >re. ?* i ??' hi . ? Ha h~?t rlui u . iii'l i . open .-s'-rs If . * .it trier ? , el.en Addiess l or IJi Post o111n, Wii.iam*^ irg, L. I. A i . AN.' W I.I . ?'! sn A tilme.'lf generally uentul In euymsptt.iy. I? ivmuiM el.lrio empiayrcol; writ## a lair ban1 eau I# qmek at t? . c y r e rn ? A . * J. ' ., l> ?? i .5 Her t , a^|) WIFK WFiH * J\ u li> !M THR ieunUf. 0?Uni ID U* lf f :4 *Uir - ... t . Hf. KH.? WA flTBC i F\r,v TO trotsK OS hp? ,i it o i d i &kt ;f r! a f fl?ce; f ?*# t>f?l rt>fi*wnC'" Add ? eg a. I<. < U*? x?iiim k Pom A tO\ mi man or s * vr;AM' i - ? mm ? dt at Of ?i" W ipfcill i ll vvU .ii ffsfn1 1 I oip?. of * drug t ff-nt. ; .f $t of ft ft r fR, Ari J iftf WillUtt il. r^ Mi nn, ^ IN., Ill TWO TOO NO NKN. 1 '.peak I , a .,e.nn, t rnu h and Its isn, good "?i ; *itb s.h.i rriffpag##, Riidrpa# c'btries Dv I? Pud|o# ?l, SITUATIONS WANTED?MALE*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEtmBI.R young m*a, In a wimlaaala liquor store; or a* light porter; the ?| plic-iiu !? a splendid writer aod la not airak' of worfc. Brat city rreeuoa. Address Edw'd. I). Luiju, ff Bayard at.. New York. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO MAN, AS bartender; baa bad (We years' eipertent in the busi ness; would have no objection to go in the counwy for the summer season. brat city refereuce given. Addreaa X. C 11., but lad Uerald u.Iice. D CLERKS AND SALESMEN. A CHANCE FOR A YOUNO MAN.-WANTEr), A young man who Is experienced In the merchandise bro kerage, as a partner; no capital required. Address 1, Uerald office. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN ANY kind of business; la a good penman, quick and correct at figures: salary not so much an object as steady employ ment; beat of relarenoe from last place. Address Charles, station O. _______ C1LKRK WANTED?A YOUNO MAN OF PLEASING J address, an elegant penman and accurate accountant; none else need apply. Address, in applicant's handwriting, W. J. T., box 2.481 New York Post office. RUO CLERK.?WAN1KD, BY A YOUNO MAN, aged M, a ettuauon as abort); u thoroughly competent: hus had ten years' experience, fire of lliem in London; well up in city telail; referenoaa unexceptionable. Addreaa E. If., 15 Rest 37th at. ' Salesman wanted-in a cloth jobbino house. A young man who can command a first class merchant tailoring trade can secure a good situation by addressing and stating terma, Ac., Salesman, box 5,6fl Post ouiee. WANTBD-BY A HOSIERY, YANKEE NOTION AND white goods house, a salesman acquainted with the tr-vde lu Illinois and Wisconsin. Address box 4,441 Post of floe. WANTED?OUT DOOR SALESMAN IN THE 8TA tlonery business; one who can command trade. Apply between ay, and 11 o'clock A. M . at No. I Park place. WANTKD-A SALESMAN TN A BOOKSTORE IN ST. 1-oiifs, mi'st be a good salesman aa well as baring a general knowledge of the business; a Cathode preferred. Address, stating s> lary, experience, Ac., box Hfifl Post office. WANTED?A SITUATION AS 8HIPPINO CLERK, OR II light porter, by an American, ill years of age; good references given. Address L. N. A., Herald office. Wanted?BY a boot and *iiok house, a good n.tle--iisn, v-11> can communis good country trade. Addreaa, with terms and referunooo, 0. W. L., Herald office. I17ANTED?SALESMEN TO SOLICIT TRADE?A LIB W oral romiu-sion will bs paid. Addreaa Wholeaale Warehouse, box -10 Herald office. COACHMEN A VD U VRDKNEKS. i YOUNO MARRIED MAN WISHES A SITUATION A nscosc liuaa and groom; has bad abundance of expert ci. ? in taking of ho; his wife Is a first class siam si e*a and ivilttr,sua; ould go to the rnuiilrr; best of reter enee. Adflt.'aa foi four d,.ys .VI. J., box Ida Herald office. ( AOACH !AN AND OKOOM- WANTED.?A SINGLE J liiaa, cuoipottnt to take oare of carriage and trotting horse ; i;.aj _ ureas. > :aiin,~ wages wanted uud relerenoea, Edward M .llej, New liaveu, Conn. r,' v > .: :? A 8ITI ATI ON A3 AB8ISTANT OARDBN rv or, by a voung men who has some knowledge of the bu?li'CHs; \vlate lolrain It thoroughly in a first class pri vate place. AddreasM. It., Yonkcra, N. Y. Wf ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN. AS r? c.iarhmc.n a 'd groom; beat city reference. Call for two lays at 26 Knit doth rt. U* ANTS V SITUATION AS OAUDKNKR AND TO lake Lie general ma nagement of a gentleman's coun try test: understand* the hus1. modern systems of horticul ture and fioricu! ure, and baa had the best pne'foe the rro fexalon coulu aff'id, having had long and extensive prac tice; none but sucn nn reiinlrotbe services of a nrat e!n-s man need apply. Address F. O. I)., cure Henderson A Flem ing'), seed suuv, 67 Nassau St., N. Y. XK7ANTED?BY A SINGLE YOUNO MAN, A 8ITUA H tlou aa ccachmau or grjom; present employer going to Europe in a couple ol uayc. Address Advertiser. &7 West 16th st WANTED-A PRACTICAL FARMER AND OARDEN er, one competent to take charge of a gentleman's place of 20 acres, ; t Elizabeth. N. J.; one understanding the retting out of trees, grapes and berries; mint be a single mnu, with full recommendations as to uobriety, honesty, &r. To an in'clligeip and capable man a good situ ation is offeied. t'ermati pi-eierred. Address Joseph, cigar store, comer of Fulton and South sts. \A/ ANTED?A SITU ATION A3 COACIIMAN; THE 1' bo.,t of city efurence given. Apply at Robert tV. Chapman's harness store, 00 Bleecker at, corner ol' Crosby. UK LP WAMTKrt?MALKS. A" GKNTS WAWTED-IO SELL AN ARTICLE RAT eturd; will fell In evary house, hotel, sto.e, offloe, Ac.; city or country. Call on or address U. It. Brown. 71 Dlsecker street, New Ycrk. Agents wanted-for every citt and town in the Union, to ?cl! an article entirely new and wanted everywhere. $10 per day easily made, Exclusive rights to territory granted. 90 Clifi" at., third floor. Agents wanted.? exclusive territory giy cm Prout loU tier cent. ADAMS A FLINT, 11? Nassau ?U. roopa No. 7. Assistants and bookkeepers clerks, sales man, copyists, collectors, travelling agents, limekeep ere, waiters, valois coachman, Ac., suited immediately. 913 Broadway, room 19. A SCOTCH OR IRIS IT LAPPF.R WANTED.?ONE WHO thoroughly under laucN his buiiiirM. None other need apply to John L. Salt >hurv, 169 Dtiatte at. AT 439 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. A?WANTED, ROOK keeper*, clerks and four youn; u:ea who write fair hands; afw young man will $16. AN ACT'YE ENERGETIC nuS'NES.S MAN OP EX. penenee wai led?To sol'cit trade from city and West, ern Jobbers for a commissi iu dry goods bouse. Apply at 380 Four th avenue. before 9 A. M. and al ler 6 P. M. A FEW FIRST CLASS CANVASSING AGENTS CAN find profitable employment by calling on or addressing E. T. Kellogg, 1SI Beckman street. All desiring immediate employment call ? at 89 Nassau St.; botkke> par, o>py:eU, grocery. dry foods, drug clerks, purlers, udcrs, waiters, conductors, rakeuien, timekeeper. Boy wanted-in a pirst class grocery, as cash boy; about 14 yoar* old; m?sl be smart and Intelli gent, and board with hla employer. Address A. P., auil.on BOT WANTED?EY A WHOLESALE HOUSE; TO ONE who can bring good Icetnnontala a* to chare ~ler a per manent situation witl be given. Apply Broadway, up a L.Ira. COLORED WAITER BOY WANTED?ABOUT 16 YE ARS old; one.who thoroughly understands bis btiaiiiese. and can show tho very best of cny references; none otbora need apply. Call at No. 6 West 90; b at., for two days. DP.SIRABLE AT ?I CHAMBER* FT. IN all rtepr.rtrrebta of bu-meas fur men wnb good rt fer encss. Excellent paying salaries. NE Oil TWO GENTLEMEN OF SOCIAL STANDING, well acquainted wiib busine s m n, wantei. to obtain 0 attbacrpurns. A llbet tl eommnalou allowed. Apply to R. H. Gillespie 89 Broadway, root i 16. w ANTED? M?:N TO SELL AI'AMS' CANDY. CAPT. tal re-iulred, AS. Apply at 73 Cortland! eL, New Vork. WAN i ED?A GOOD. HON .ST BOY; ONE RES1DINO in tba neigh I orliood and with Ins parent.. Apply to J. C. Bushtou, Broadway, corner ot Shth at. TXT ANTED?A MAN THOROUGHLY PORTED IN THE ?Y oil trade io travel In ilia Southern h: tea. Address, with real name a..d referents*, C. B. B., but 148 lleraid office. \tfANTED.?A FlURT PI,ASS TRAVELLING AGENT v v wi-he- sn engagement with some good bouse to travel fjrthetn; test of roi -rente given. Address A. B. Thomas, Boston, for one week. WANTED?A FEW TTP-TOP MEN, TO INTRODUCE my celebrated Pastilles Rus-m. for roughs, Ac. To men of the right utripe this wilt prove a big thing. No car - ttivl requ red. J0I1N BIMPd-.N, 141 Henderson at., Jersey City. VVTANTED?A SMART. ACTIYK BOY. IN A BROKER'S v? ofilsn, one who can write well and bung good refer ences Address in own handwriting, tor two day?. V. 14. K.. Herald office. ? ?nn TER MONTH TO ONE GOOD AGENT IN FACH l?r county In the Untied Stales, to sell our Patent hlie \1 v* t 'lollies Lire. Address American Wire Co., 149 Bioadway, mm No. 3. TUB TRADER. A LITHOGRAPHIC ARTIST (GERMAN), ATPP.F.SBNT I n Great Britain, well trained in all branches of tnho (raplc att, ip no-session of good certificates, is open to sn engagement In any part of the Un'ted Rules. Address and erer'rnens to be had at bookkeeper'* dek of New Tork Herald office. A PRACTICAL TINSMITH WANTS A SITUATION AS foreman; I* ?,mp<",ent In every respect Is also a good ealoeman. Address Foreman. Brooklyn Post office. A GOOD BUTCHER WANTS A SITUATION AS JOUR aeymsn, understands the business in *11 Its brsnehesi alsotl.c p.?rk; Wilt go n the r.i-intry. Call on or address for threo days, Thomas. IK \ wrick si CMLYER8MITflj JTANTED.-TWO OR THREE GOOD i ? hands. to to tc New Orleans Those understanding the tnsliicvs .a all its branches call on J. A. Abry, 68 Nassau St., up stairs. TITANTED?A FIRST CLASS t!i'TTEK; MUST BE A VT frst rale general cutter and good ealeeman; liberal salary. A rena Edward P. Kelly, 613 Obestaui at, Phila delphia. WANTED?A SHIRT CUTTER. A FIRST CLASS MAN, understanding nis bunoeao thoroughly and able to take charge of his bra..rh In a Broadway ifUll bouse, nisy address, stating references and salary expected, J. M., box 4,0.3 Post office. I*'ANTED.-TWO FIRST CLASS RULERS CAN FIND TT steady employment at blauk book manufactory 43 and 44 Ore me at. w ANTKD-A CARPENTER; ONE WHO UNDER stands his .usincas. Apply el Kretoh'* Hotel. FRENCH ADVERTISRMENTR. UNE DAME FRANCAISF, NOUVELLRMF.NT ARR1YF.E de Paris, parts1.1 ?? league d*n? tone *a purete, desire ?e placer dans tine honorable famllle pmir soigner une ou d> i.a petit*? filiest e' .- est ires bonne coutu.iere. d'adresvor 4 Madame. Dupont. 38 Amity st. DNF, 1 RE I'RBIRR pf ACER CNR JETINB FJli.H frar;. tae dans fsaiUe pour allatn ea Europe. H'a difsver an 156 &me av. UNK FILLS FltA>CAlcE PUSIREBAIT ?8 PLACER duns tine ftmille pour aUer en Eurnpo. R'addroster an 196 Dm* *v. A BCRVHam s FURNITURE EXPRESS, 116 WRIT /?, Eleventh nreet, n?*r Hitth avenue.' Furniture of families MOT mi, elty or country, fitrnlturo packed and ?Li; ped, fara'turg stored, mouoy on*,

aorm. rooms, sc., to lkt. A SMALL. OENTBBL FURNISHED HOUSE TO LF.T. for one year tram May i ext. Kent )li/ per mouth; by WILLIAM H. BQOMK, 2tsi WestTwentyilrst street A PARLOR FLOOR TO LET?WITH BASF. MR NT. Alan single Booms fruui $4 to t? per weak. Apply at 873 Broadway. A FINE FOtTR STOUT HIOII STOOP DWRLLINO, NO. S.9 West Fourteenth street, in complete order, fur Risked or unfurnished, to a piivate family ouiy; early pos ses-inn. C. 11. CLARK, SI Liberty street, room No. 6, from 1 to 3 o'clock. AT N?SW BRIGHTON, HAMILTON FARK-FURN ni-bed and unfurnished first class brlrk Houses about ten rooms each, provided with gas, water works and tbe modern improvements; gardens, stables, Ac., If desired. Particulars at Mr. HAMILTON'S office, S3 Beaver street. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?EVBRTTHINO complete: terms $150 P?r month. In sdvanoe, Apply at lli6 West Nineteenth street, near Eighth avsnue. AN BLEOANTLY FURNISHED house in twbwty second street, near Sixth avenue, $326; furnished and unfurnlahed Apartments, singly or en suite, $16 to $60. ELK1NS, 6H? West Twenty-fifth street. A THREE STORY BROWN STONE HIGH 8TOOP House, unfurnished. In Thirty-first street, near Sixth avenue, to let to a responsible tenant only. Rent $2,000. Apply to Dr. BLAKENBY, 103 West Twenty-second street, near Sixth avenue. A STORE AND BASEMENT TO LET-NO. 6 FOURTH avenue; aiie 26x100; well lighted and la tine order. Apply on the premises. A HOUSE TO LET?FURNISHED, IN THE MOST fashionable part of Fifth avenue. Permits of KING A Co., Wo. > Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A SMALL STORE?WITH OR WITHOUT FIXTURES, having show window on Fifth avenue, near thla hotel, to rent, suitable for any light, genteel business. KINO A CO., Wo. > Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue HoteL A FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?WITH ALL modern Improvements. Call early at 48 WeatTweuty fourth street. Also one in Thirty-ninth street. Inquire as above. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT.?IIOU8ES TO rent and Furniture for sale, In city. Also excellent bargains In Country beats for sale and rent. FREEMAN A CO., 212 Broadway. Business property, storks, hotels and Dwelling* to let or lease and fo- sale. Apply to EU GENE CHEVALLIER, 81 Cedar street. BROOKLYN.-TO LKT OR FOR SALE, TWO STORY and basement brick Building, 40x80, lots 60x100, In Flushing avenue, near Kent avomi-; wilt lease for term of years. J. K. CORNELL, 10 Court street Brooklyn.?a family going to europe will let a three story 1 igh stoop House to Elliott place, at a moderate rent sod sell Furniture cheap for cash. For par ticulars apply at C. FRAN K'b SONS', 466 and 463 Broome st BRKVOOET PLACE, TENTH STREET.?TO LET, PUR n'shed, without board, from March 1. a large Room with Bedroom to a single gentleman; house first class; best referen es required. Apply at no. 1. Basement corner Nassau and ,iohn streets to let. Apply to GEO. C1IESTERMAN, 76 Nassau st CIOUSTRY SEAT TO LET FOR THE SUMMKR.-A ) fine o Id place in the village of Richmoud, Berkshire county, Mh ??. House 60x40 sua extension, two story, with spacious halls and large uiry rooms, w ell furnished ;2ngh and healthy location ml command n? view: abundant (ta bling, c rn ge houses, Ac., location central and about six milts from New Lebanon Springs, Shaker Village, Lenox, Ktockbridge and I'iuuetd, Kent for tbi summer, $1,000. Inquire or HOMES MORGAN. No. 2 I'lue street Docks, slips, houses, ac? to bent. The Comptroller of 1 lie city of New York will receive proposals until Saturday, March IS, 1SS7, at 2 o'clock P M., tor th letting foi one year of such Wharves, Piers, Houses, Ac., ihe lea es 01 which expire May 1, 1S67. Inlormation concerning the location of the property may be bad upon application to the Collector of City Revenue at tins office. By order of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. RICHARD it. CONNOLLY, Comptroller. CirrorNew Yonx, Dura him lgrr or Finaxck, February 14, 1867. First class furnished house, extra size, near Filth avenue; rent $300 per mouth. Also several others, in good locations. ROBERT MACLAY. 77 Cedar street. ftlRST FLOOR OF 85 WALKER STREET, NEAR Broadway, to let. $86 from now till lat May. L'tOR RENT?A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT. COM P plelely furnished, with about 21 acre* of land, situated on high grouud, between Kin- bine aud Jamaica, Long Island, and within a ?hqi t di tanee otall the railroads. The buildings are all first class. The houae Is 44 by 83, and con. tains 16rooms, with ballroom and mllt&rd room, large gar den, with abundance of frttlt of all kinds. Will be rented by the year or summer mouths. Possession immedletely. Apply at 544 Broadway, tiwm No. 7. Handsomely furnished house to let? Brown stone, four "lory. pood location and nelglibjr hood, between Tilth and Sixth nvetiuea, near Madison square; all modern improvement# and convenient**; 837ft per month; immediate possession. Address boxC,7fil Post office, New York. OTKL Tt? LET ?STEYENS HOUSE, BROADWAY. Apnlr to HEWLETT A TORRANCE, 69 Wall street H Housekeepers or persons ooino to house keeping will he annulled and can pay by weekly or month.r payments tor Cornets, Oilcloths, Furniture, of every description: Piano*. Parlor and Bedroom Suite, Bed dine, Ac., at KENDALL A SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Hudson street*. House to let and furniture for sale, in Brooklyn, K. D?The house U In good ordr-r cud fur niture nearly new; furniture $2,(X)J, rent $800. Apply to ABK.tllAM Vt. GODFREY, 29 Spruce atreet. Housekeepers?a rare opportunity?all the h indwme Fiirnltuic of a parlor an ? lour bedrooms sacrifice for cash, niarntlncnt roa?wood Piaunforte. curl will he sold for i'Z7ft. a beautiful Parlor Suit, coat $275, for $125: one do. for $7f>, Ac. Inquire at 119 West Eighth street rear Stvth arenue. House to let. furnished, with stable? Erich, modern improvements, neatly furnished; near Fifth avenue, IT -em; price $181). Addrese Central Park, boi PA) I'.eralit u-ice. Lofts to let-first or second, about so fbf.t square, light and desirable; rent $900. Apply on premi ses. of 11. U. SCuVVKIO A CO.. IA Church street. Lofts 17a fulton strkbt to let-first, third and Fourth Lofts, '10x7(1. together or separate; imme diate possesion if tequtrod. Inquire on the premises. OFFICES TO LET?SEVERAL YBRY DESIRABLE ofllccs to let In the urw building corner of Water aud Pine streets. Inquire of FAILK. WILLIAMS A CO. STEAM POWER.?I.OFTS, WELL LIOHTP.D. WITH steady ateam, to let. Apply at JOHN KENNEDY'S s;o?-n marble work*, Broadway, earner of Thirty fifth strict. QTORK TO LET?A FOUR STORY MARBLE FKONT 0 Store on Veaey street near Broadway. a. H. C ARM ANN, SI Pine street. STORE TO LET OB LEASE?IDS CHAMBERS STREET, near Washington. Inquire ut *44 tirernwtcb street. STOitE AND BASEMENT TO LET?UNDER EARLK'S Uriel, from (be 1st of May, -4x90: first class location for business. Inquire st the office, Parle's Hotel, Canal street STORE TO LET -RENT LOW ; LEASE AND FIXTURES for tale; J41W Sixth avenue, between Fifteenth and Sit teenth streets. Inquire at 861 Siith avenue. In store. rLET-4 THREE STORY HOUSE AT NEW Brighton, Stolen Island; on York avenue, three mlu utes walk tram the ferry. Inquire of UI1ABLE8 8ALFKLUSH. TO I.ET-A P0RN18HBD OFFIOH IN ONE OF THE beat binh'l.ign and location* In Broadway, suitable for an lot'" c. Address box 5,316 Poet ofilco. TO LET-TWO STORES; ONE A CORNER STORE, and Ihe Dwelling part ol a hnu*' on Sixth avenue. In quire of ED. LACTKlllt/VCH, 3)0 Broadway, mom 14. TO I.ET?THE FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD l-OFTS of House 4871. Broadway; ail newly flm she J. For terms inqune ot iiENRk'NEW A CO.. 6S Read* street. TO LET?THE LtlttlE THREE STORY GOTHIC House, with all modem Improvementy, altuati d corner of Oilmen an.t Greens Hvenucu Brooklyn; stable, fowl bouie and six lot* of ground; garden conuxuis all kinds or Irnit Inquire of R ILLl AM McKE.LEY, corner of Pearl mid Chatham etreetx. 1IO LET?A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE. FURNISHED OR unfurnished, in a central lo-.uiwu, a *'.ion dUUwe frora Broadway, rent fVO per annum. lie*! references given and required. Apply at IM Bleeck tr etreeL fpO I.BT?FURNISHED, SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS 1 of a modem Improved tvuae, to a .'mall respectable family. Referen-ea required Icquir* at IM and 139 Rant Thirty-third street. rLF.T WITH 8TP.AM POWER FltOM MAT 1-THK Basement and Second and Third Floors of the first clam brick Building. Not lit aud 114 IV ouster atreet. SOilUQ feet; welt lighted, and suitable fur my m.inurnrturlna purpose. Apply to BRUNKK A MOORE, fi and if King street. TO LET-THIRD FLOOR OF 678 BROADWAY, OPPO alia Southern Hotel. Apply en the premiaea at A. C. Fischer A Co.'a, office. rl.RT FURNISHED (IMMEDIATK POSSESSION)-A large first clssa House; every improvement; excellent neighborhood; rent low to a good tenaut. Apply to J. Davenport. Fulton avenue, corner of Oxford street. r LET?AN ELEGANT BROWN STONE HOUSE. IN Thirty-fifth street, near Madlaon avenue; rent $3.(W0; a brown stone front on Twenty-eighth streot, near Fifth ave nue, rent 83.juo. small House near rstnc, $l,9ui; three story brtck in Twenty-second street, $2 Otw. Apply to F. F. BOK 29, front 11 to 4 P. M. HELL, 64 Broadway, i turn I mo LET?ON BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME STREET, Ji a large and elegant Store, k)?ti2ft feet, rear entrance on Mercer street; or will be divided Into two stores, App<y box 4,517 Post oidce. , " * TO LET?THE STORE AND liAiFMEVT, 408 RHOAD way. Apply** ABNKK L. EI.). a Pine street. mo LF.T?FURNISHED, X One Henee tn West aid st., 4 a.....Rent 8400 per month. One In West V>th *t., 8 story h. s Rent $>M per month. One in Wsat 33d at., 3 atory b. a Rent $22? per month. _____ R. 11. 11 INK, Wl Sixth arenue. r LF.T-AN KLEOANT RET OF APARTMENTS ON Union square, beautifully furnished (four rooms on one floor), with private bathroom, Ac. Conven.ent to all the Klanes of public amusement, concerts, ras'.at rnnta, clubs, Ac. uitable for a .mall family or several single gentlemen. Ap ply to tioMKR morgan, No. S Pine street. rpo LET?THR Horsa AND STORF, 409 RIOflTH AVE. X ntte, earner 1 birty-Grsi st-eet. Fixture* and Stook of the well e-.abllstied llxt. Cap ami Fur butlnaaa for sale. Apply on the premiers. TO LET-IN A NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE ON Fourth avenue, near Twentlaib street, the Flrat Story and Other Apartments, by Mr. FAIRBANKS, Albemarle Hotel. TO I.RT?TWO COTTAGES, CONTAINING ABOUT SIX rooms each, aliusl* at ISOth Street, west of Bros 'way. Rent 82AII each. ttANDKLL A PORTER, 1.951 Third sv. mo LET?AN UNFURNISHED, PLEASANT ROOM. TO X gentlemen, or man and wife, with privilege of eooklng. Address Booms, Herald a nice, for particulars, three days, HOCSKS, ROOMS. AC.. TO MoT. TO LIST?IN BROOKLYN, POSSESSION 1ST OF March, a three slorv brick House; all tn"Pr?J?; 1b Livingston ..reel, netr Clinton. ipflj to 8- HONDLOW, Montague street, ne*r Coart. npO LET?COLLINS* HOTEL. CORNER OF WEST AMD A. Ilobokt n ?trrcta, with iiumo late P"?**41"'- Apply at IN Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at 93 East Tweuty aeveulb atrect, of I'BTEB A. H. JACKSON. f|10 LET?FURNISHED, A FOUR STORY BROWN 1 stone front House on Tl Thirty-ninth street, between Lexington and Fourtn arenues. Irani Ut March ueit. For permits apply of J. B. MARRECKLLA, 552 I hlrd avenue. T? bri?k1n,u T"REB STORY HIGH STOOP W'oth arenues. 5n n^V?h!!K'lihth and of house $1 ;xjq nrtr??tr VT . 1 P.u|ILhlw<? furniture; reul ^EY8, 334. wLi. uf /urniture $i,6U0. Applr to WM E Wereotb ?eenJJi Nln^eenlb "?*C*i*wSn Tenth and 'PO LET-IN THB FIRST CLASS STORE SW WASH. A lngton street, near Chambers, first and veouud Lolls, with Office; aise 80 by 70. Apply on the premises. fTK) LET?FURNISHED, A BEAUTIFUL THREE A story basement and suboellar brick House in Schermer horn, near Clinton street, Brooklyn, with modern Improve ntents. The house Is beautifully furnished and in perfect order. Rent $300 per month. Possession 1st of Auru if re quired. For particulars apply to S. FBTTIT, 461 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. 'O LET?FURNISHED, THREE ROOMS ON THR ? third floor, for housekeeping; gas and water. 24< West Twenty-fourth street 10 LET-FOB BUSINESS PURPOSES. THB FIRST ?. .r ?* House 969 Broome street, between Broadway and Bowery. Inquire on the pi ami see. T 110 LET?THB BUILDINO. FIVE STORIES, BASE '. ?eDt ?nd subcellar, on the northeast eoruer of Broome nod Crosby streets, 23ilU0 feet, weU lighted aud ventilated; It windows to each floor; plain view from Broadway; ia P^octorder; hatchway, Ac. Would dispose of a Lease on this buildiug, nine years unexpired. ' " " 1ITH A A. P. SMITH A BRO.,tt Fine street. TO LET?A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED FRONT ? ?rlor and Bodroom fur hoyickaaping, mitabla for n&> lleman and wife, at 357 Grand aireei, corner of Eaaex. TO LET?BLTTEB, CHEESE AND EOO STAND, IN A first rate neighborhood. Inquire at the meat market 258 Tenth avenue, for two days. J. D. QUIGLEY. TO LET?FLOORS SUITABLE FOR BUSINESS PUR po.-es, at 55 West Broadway; will be altered to suit the tenant* Apply to J. ROGERS, ou the premises. TO LET?THE TWO BROWN 8TONB FOUR STORY high stoop Houses Nos. 1 and 3 East Twen lelh street, near I nth avenue, with all the modcru improvements; will be let together or separately. Inquire at 94 Maiden lane. TO LET?ON STATEN ISLAND, A VERY LARGE AND commodious Hou?e, with about 70 acres of land, barn, carriage house and outbuildings; three miles from Port Richmond. Inquire at 94 Maideu lane. TO LET? TWO CORNER STORES, ON FULTON street, Brooklyn; best locations in the city; possession of one immediately, if required. Apply at 268 Broadway, fourth floor. TO LET?IN WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. FIRST class four story brown stone English basement House. elegantly furnished. Will be rented tor one year or longer to an unexceptionable private family only, si $4,OOP per au num. Permits ot A. JOUHNKAY, No. 6 Pine street. TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF THE FIVE STORY Marble store 152 Chambers street. Can be seen from 10 to 12 o'clock. For terms apply to B. BLANCO, 13 Sou lb William street. TO LET?17 AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, for business, the three story English basement House. Apply to cl. CliESTKltMAN, 76 Nassau street. mO LET-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN BOND STREET, X containing fourteen rooms; rent $275 per month. For permit inquire at 32 Bond street. TO LET-A DAIRY FARM OF 180 ACRES. NEAR Norwalk, Conn., 40 miles from New York. Buildings complete and in good order. To a good tenaut a long lease and immediate possession given. Also a COTi AGE, with ten rooms, pleasantly situated, with about one acre In garden and lawn, bai n, shed, wi ll, Ac., all in good order, at Darien, Conn., near the depot, about 36 miles from New York via New llavcn Railroad. Neigh - boi hood first class; near church and school. JAMES G. KELD, at Wilson A Co.'s, 92 Pearl street, sec ond floor. TO LET-A LARGE ROOM, 45X60 FEET, ON BROAD wuy. near Twenty second street : possession immediately Inquire at 957 Broadway, in the millinery rooms. Kent very low. TO LET, FURNISHED?A LARGE FRONT ROOM. Bedroum and Puutry. with gas and bath on same floor, or the eutire floor in a short time. 62 West Eighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. rro LET?CORNER STORE. FRONTING SQUARE, 1 Sixth avenue aud Thirty-second street, two do->rs from Broadway; large window jo n both sides. Possession imme diately; divided or not. Inquire *t-636 Sixth a enue, tu the store. TO LF.T, IN NEWARK, N. J.-A BROAD STREET store. 18x73, up one flight of stairs: suitable for a flrat Class millinery or cloak store; one of the be-A locations in Newark, posssessiou 1st of April. Apply at Mrs. M. DOB MAN'S Skirt. Corbet and Pattern Emporium, 398 or 198 Broad street, Newark. TO LET OR LEASE-NOS. 178 AND 178 WOOSTBR street, Mores below aad workshops above; SO feet frout. Inquire of DANIEL M. PEVOK. . TO LET OR LEASE?ONE OF THE BEST LIQUOR and Milk Stores in the Seventh ward; rent low to a good tenant. Call nt 498 Water at. mO LET OR LEASE?VALUABLE PROPERTY IN X West Broadway. 38 and 40; also other valuable Honsea and Stores iu the Fifth ward. Apply at 290 Bridge street, Brooklyn. TO LET OR LEASE-NO. 139 WEST FORTY-FIFTH street; a four story high sloop brown stone House: site 30x?0. Apply to J. ROIlAiNE BROWN, 1,379 Broadway. TO LEASE-THREE FLOORS OF 900 BROADWAY, corner ol Twentieth street, from May 1. Inquire in the store of WM. 8. CORWIN A CO. TO LEASE?THB SECOND. THIRD AND FIFTH Floors of marble building 814 Broadway, together or separately. Each floor 110 by 36 feet. Inquire of A. EAGLE SON, No. 7 Bible House. TO LEASE-NEAR BROADWAY AND BLEECKSR street, fine Corner for business or hotel, 06x110; also a well established and fultv furnished Restaurant en Broad way, below Fourteenth street. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. fTK) RENT?71 EAST TWENTY EIGHTH 8TREBT, PUR. X mahed, $a? per month; S9A Thirty-fourth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avennes, furnished, 94UO per month; 417 and 419 Fourth avenue, $2,Out) per year. AHNOCX A PIKE, 160 Nassau street. TO RENT, FURNISHED. FOR TWO YEARS, ON FIFTH avenue, a first class extra wide corner House, with sta ble. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No 3 Pine street. TO RENT OB LEASE FOR A TERM OF KITE OR ten years, a whole Building, constating of three floors and cellar. 90x40 feet with steam pc.wer. Inquire of WM. F. HOLSKE, 628 Water street, near Jefferson. IJIO WHOM IT MAT CON'Cr.RN. I hare paid a large rent for a small, Ineonrenlent house quite long enou In this city to auit me. My object now Is to IIml about itt pMMHtrwn thiitare willing to go a ahort dlstsuuo. say Ztl uidee, out of iowd and bolld. It wilt make a atn.ili vilLg? conrenlent to the city, pleasant for ell. and I bar rent low. I bare travelled north, south, east and west for a house ont of Die i ty. and esnuot find oue for IS,WW or $4 WW In a good nolghboi huod. with nit some nuisa'?* near IL I hare taken the house I now occupy for one year more from nett jlay. hoping during that time to better myself and others; hut in order to accomplish the abore it must be attended to at onoe. Any person n hlic'.sinp a note to |l,000 Rent, Herald ofiea, wilt be Culled upon and consulted. P. a.? I have twerty-llra pe.sons to call upon when I rg turn to the city in two or three day*. T.J. GIRBOKH, 109 BLEECKKR hTRBKT. HAH TO . let or lease, IS Mercer St., 4 slory and store, rem $-",600: 147 Warerley place, I story and basement, gl.MW Posses. *ion of the abore house* -so be bad Imma.iUtely; also frntr. May I, 17<t7. 322 East Broadway, 5 story and basement, rent No. 9 Hubert st., K story, with aitensi in, $1,600; 53 Harrow St. 1 atorr attic and baae.neat, 910U0; 10ft ijreen. t? ieh sr., 3 story and basement, $1,400, lib ttteecker SL, Con laming 40 room*. $3,101. TWO TEARS' I,EASE AND FURNITURE FOR BALE? <>f a first class House In West Twentieth street?s great bargain. 1'oaseaslon on or before 1st May. Address Q. X. Y? Herald office. WANTED TO LBT-UNFURNISHED, TWO ROOMS on second floor of bouse 60 East Twulflh street, lie ir llroadway; possession now or May nej,t. Inquire in tha stora 817 Broadway. CLOTH I MO. T TUB ORIOINAL M. MARKS'. #3 SIXTH AVENUE, ladles and gentlemen oan receive 60 per rent mora than by niir other dealer In the city for their Cast-off Cloihlng Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Furs, Ac. Please be klu 1 enough to call on or address the numbor as abore. Ladisa waited upon by Mrs. Marks, In and out of the city. AT LEAST 60 PER CENT MORE THAN AMY OTHER establishment will be paid lor ladles' and gentlemen's off Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Ae. Call o east oil Clothing, Furniture, Carpets, Ac Cali on or ad dress Mr. or Mrs. DUCAS, 168 Seventh avenue, oorner of Twenty-first street. AT60 EAST TWELFTH STREET. NEAR BROADW kY L. CASHBERO pays the highest Broadway p, ices fur ladles'and gentlemen's coat off Clothing. ladies walled upon by Mrs. Cashberg. Attbntion.-ladies and gentlemen will re oelre the highest prices for east off Clothing. Furni ture, Carpets, Ac., by calling on oraddrassing Mr. or lira. C. MISM. 19 Third avenue. Gentlemen havino ant cast off clothino to dispose of can cet a fair price by calling ou or ad dreaslng JAMES KIrKPATRICK, 448 Peart street, near Chatham. Ladies and gentlemen can obtain the ut most ralue for Cast Off Wearing Apparel, Furniture, Carpets. Ae , by calling on or addressing l/. ROSENTHAL, $63 Bowery, opposite Great Jones street. Ladies attend*! to by Mrs. RnseuthuL $75 000 WORTH 0r_LADtBS' and GENTLE. men's oast-nff Clothing, Furniture. Car pets, he., warned for the Western rnsrket. The high ,?t puce* will be paid by r. lime on Mr. aud Mrs. BAER, b--> Seventh arsuue near Thir.y flr t street. ASTHObOGT. A^rn TEST?NO IMPOSITION?NEVER FAILING ?MRS. STARK, from Europe, horn with a natural gi't. Oreaiest Business end Medical (la'rroysnt know .. Telle name and llkonc \ past, present *1,0,1 nturo. Causa* speedy marriage t In love affairs, she was never knowr. to fall Hl.i Fourth sventie. tienta not admitted Hours from ? A. M. till IIP. H Astonishing-MRS. neihirdkl TELLS past, present and r-Jture. 4t Stanton street, orertbogro eery. Ladle-. 60 oenle, gentlemen, $1. Madame waltem, distinguished cla'Rtot ant Visit her for everything?alt-knees, uuslnsos, theft, names, numbers, good luck. 381 Canst street. Madame iiopb-bt palmistbt. on all affairs of life. Ladiga.iL QonUamon. 4*. l#4 $Ulh argnur. ! FOR MM. A first class grocery store forValb-o? one of th* boat iwduu in the city, nod doing a splsw didfitmly and cash trade of $ti) (JUt a year, satisfactory reason* giveu tot sailing. For particular* inquire of GEO. W. MuIUULL, Real Estate agent, MS Broadway, room No. S. A RAKE chance -for sale, thb entire fix. lure* of a cloak and mantilla eatabltahment placed la three large lofts, comprising Carpet*. Figure*, bewtug Ma. chines, Offce Furniture. Shelving, I'rawer*. Iron Safe, ta, Ac., all In oomplrte order; U) be aold at a bargain. Inquire at 88 Chamber* street, up stairs. A MEDIUM SIZED HEKRINO'3 FATE NT SAFE FOR aale cheap; alao a amall Wi der** Safe and one lama LlUle'a Safe. S. O. QUI HE. 71 William street. A?FOR BALB, AT GREAT BARGAINS. BESTAU ? rants, Liquor and Luneh Room*, Billiard balooaa Bowline Saloona, Uroeerlea. Bakeries, Meat Mar he la, Broad way Restaurants, Barroom*, corner Liquor Store a Hotel oppoalta Brooklyn ferry. Soda Water Bualneea. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar atreet. COUNTRY DRUG STORE. DOING A GOOD BOH. ness: rent $300; east of whole about $1,710; no paletA oil* or hoary good*; within 10 milea of city, and altnated in n olty. in a leading street; plaoe oontaina over 18.000 inhabit, ants. Address 8. O., box 80 Poet oflloe. New Brunswick, N. J. COAL YARD. WITH GOOD WILL, AO., FOB SAUL For particulars apply at KM Barents arcs an Drug store fob sale-doing a cash, retail and prescription buaiaaaa of $11080 per year; rent of bouse and a to re $100; principal thoroughfare. STRICK LAND'S Drugglau' Agency, MP Broadway. Distillery roR bale-in complete eunnind order; bonded warehouse and reotlrlng room attackai. Addrea* J. P. A . Herald olBo*. Fob sale?a first class dining saloon and Restaurant down town, now doing a good paying bwM> nam. For particular* address E. E. B.. station D. For sale-oyster and dining saloon, in a good location, with Stock and Fixtures, and Apse* menu; rent $14 per month. Apply at 100 Eighth arseue and Fifteenth street. F Foe 8 ale?the fine steam boat general sedo wick. AM tone register, IBS feet long, 08.7 wide, 9.0 hoig, 110 draft; coppered and In perfect order. Apply to S. w. LEWIS A CO., 24 South street. _____ OR SALE-LEASE AND FIXTURES OF 303 CANAL atreet. corner of Broadway, with or without Slock. IPOR SALE-THE STOCK, WITH USE OF FIXTURES, 1 and Leaae of a fancy and gent'a furnishing store, foul yearn established. 191 Grand street. Williamsburg. FOR SALE?a COPPER DISTILLING APPARATUS with Fermenting Tuba. Pump, Ho e. Ac , nearly new; capacity 16 to 18 barrels per day. Apply at 376 Water atreet. 1JHJR SALE-THE FIXTURES AND LEASE OF THE F Wlue and Liquor Vault 49 Walter atreet; rent low. la* quire on the premise* For sale-a class bakep.y on thikb n venue, on account of the owner retiring Iruin the bual neaa; lease no object. Inquire tut 123 .Molt atreet, Unioa Mustard Mills. For sale?lease, au.. of a drug store, with the Fixtures. Stork. Ac., or It -mild be used for .,ny other business; location Broadwm near Fifth Art- tie 11* tel. Apply to HOMER Mo ; AN' No. 2 Pine street. IpOR SALE?ON ACCOUNT OF SICKNESS, A DUTCH ' er and Market Business. situated on One of the pnoct 1 at streets In Brooklyn, doing a first class business, u>.:eth?t with Fixtures, Horse*. Carts. Wagon. Harness, Aw., An and a four years'unexpired I.ense; price $4 600. Apply M C. C. WU.ST, No. 1 Front street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-THE LEASE OF A HOUSE, CONTAIN Ing 14 furn-ahed moms. Apply at Hi Forsyth street. N. B.?Also a Billiard Table for sale. For kalk-a corner liquor stork in the Fifth ward, with Stock. Lease and Fixtures. Apply *1 384 Washington street. No agents need apply. OR SALE?AN OLD AND WELL PAYING TAILOR establishment in a large village. naif an hour from New York, with long or shOrt lease of store; also a large Store M leaae. Apply at 31 Day street. For sale?a first class boot and shoe siore, a short distance from the city; Inhalutaau 1(10.000; must be sold on account of 111 health. Apply le A. J. BATES A CO.. 33 Dey street. For sale?on account of departure, a F'ancy and Variety Siore, In a good looatiou on Eighth avenue; small capital required. Inquire in the i:r*oery, southeast corner of Twenty-eighth street and Eighth ar. F For sale-a first class restaurant, 90 sixth avenue, between Seventh and Eighth atreet*; two years' lease from May next. Applv at 26 Third aveuuo, corner *f Ninth street, In the liquor store. FOR SALE-TUB STOCK, LEASE, FIXTURES AND good will of an oM established Grocery Store, In the beat part of Eighth avenue. Satisfactory reason* for selling. SMITH A CUTLER, 491 Eighth avenue. L'OR SALE-NEW AND SECOND HAND STORE FID r turns of every description: also atoms and offices Refit ted. Apply le JAMBS HODGE, 96 Jane street, oat tW west of Eighth avenue. ? ? fj*OB SALE-THE STUCK AND FIXTURES OF THH F first class fruit and liquor store 888 Fonrtb avenue, corner Twenty-eighth atreet; also the Lease of the entire building. Inquire In the store. A. H. MAROY. For pale?a silk hat manufactory, kstae lisbed seven years; has an annua! * rsd* of ever Sfib.UOK which oould be easily Increased. Wnl U? > eld with the Fix lures and good will, on very easy terms, for g3.<X>3. This is a splendid chance to carry on the manufacturing business. No agents need address Matter, box 317 Herald oSoe. FOR SALE?LhASB, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL of a first claae Dining Room and Bar, between Broafi way and Nassau at Apply 79 Nassau at., rooms 10 amUL For sale?fixtures and three years' lbasd of a successful Liquor Store on West street; will earn at a bargain for cash. Apply Immediately at IS West street. L30R SALE CIIEAP-BUTTER. CHEESE AND MEAT r Market. Apply to RYAN, Out Veaey atreet. For salr at a bargain-nicely pttted vw and welt loealAd Saloon and Bar. wlih elub roomt, and Apartments to live In. Apply 413 Grand street. No agenU need apply. l?fi'T f?d f"" -"r^e~Mra* B' A ? w B CAKPEN1SR, TTOTBL FOR BALE.?THE HHKRMAN HOUSE, Mi XI West Twenty-ninth street, New York. Inquire en Ike premises. Satisfactory reasons for selling out. Hotel f k hale.?one of thf, finest hotel Properue, In the etcinltv of New York, with stable^ outbuilding.- 1 s double three storjr Dwelling House, (To tel of brick sou doing a prosperous and lucrative business: $10,1100 mar remain on the property. Ouly principMi n>we " full F-rtlcule ? - - waj, room ST. Hotel for sale?a first class hotel, ban and Billiards attached, doing a good business. Apply at No. 60 Wall street, second floor,, room No. 3. I EASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY J Store for sale?Stock consisting of Parasols and Faaog Goods; business well established; rent low. Apply on UtS premises, 981 Rroa tw* r, near Seventeenth sireet, srest sida Proprietor gotng Into the mannfact'ting busioeis. Long established print business fok halt with stock ef saleable nnnts, on terms rery .idraotn. ceous to tilt- purchnser. Ad freas Lithographs, Herald otflca. SELLINO OFF-RECARDLKS9 OF COST, IN CON8R. quitnee of lan e of store ezpl-ing May I. Sit.Oil worth of Boots. Shoes snd Tunk . v-iled stick less than hof price. ROBERT IRWIN. 330 Bowery, corner Buud siteel. STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A NEAT LITTLE MIL linery and fanc> sice fjr and "IOre ail liwellin* to lent for only $1,0(10, in a good bnslnest p'.aes stock as ft fixture,', all near ..nrt will bo eotd below ecsi? about $1.50(1. Inquire at 78 rulton street, Brooklyn. SHOW CANE FOR SALE-#* FE&I LO.NO, 3 FEB* wide, glass all aronnd D. A WuOirWORTH, 137 Nassau straw VALUABLE LEASE FOR -ALE.-HIX TRAMP LP.AM ef second floor, 633 Brordwnv, suitable for any joon.i.| bi/*iueis. Apj y on the preml-tcs. MAtHl YE IV. t NEW BOILER, 80 HORSE POWER. EXTRA BUILT, * 1 aui'ablc for slsam t! or fsch.ry, foe su.e, at I'l-aukita Boiler Works, foot of M ..-gin street. Jersey City. CdOR HALK-A LABor. LOCOMOTIVE BOILER. IB X qiiir* st 9 > Vand-toi sti e ?: IjV)? 8? ,E?A TWENTT HOT R POWER KTB ' M 1 Buflnaai I Boiler; also the Isaae of a two story ana baseiT.rnt Brick Building, 00' slnlng ike endne, In Mouth lironklyo Apply at No. 8 Liberty street, New York, u? st* re For sale?it"o large new marine ri >ur$ Tii akr Boiler*, bull! from design* snd superinten dence ot Kmstus W. Smith. Bet Ki . in utmag Awl auaee feet of ere surface and It'J feet of grab Surf t? A* y to Dx LAM ATKK, iron Wuiks, loot oi West ihir*. street, N. Y. 1/or sale-double Hoihtinq F.ffdlNRS amo X Boiler, IS horse Engine and Flue Bo.ler, 3b horse iu bular Roller sod Knrlne. to-horn" rt-oWci and K??.u*. ???*' 8-horse and on-- 8-bur<e Uertgisl BoUer, one Ml-horse Pure ableRnginr. W. 8. FOX A t,;)., 470 Water struct, c-.isrof Pike dipt, FOR SALE CHEAP-TWO NUBIA MAI'HIbBS A8B two r stent MacMnae. Apply to ilhu. 0 US, ?1 Liberty straet. Mckinley a snack, OLinton iron founder*, 802 and 804 Water street, snd 237 and Ml < berry ? net har? on hand * large se.ecliou / Puller end Machin-ry ?'si torn*; also t>!umu?, Qbdors and Wlnoieaaa*. O-een loam, and dry sand Castings made si shot test notiee and oo rem eonable term*. New to iiobsc powlr tubular boiler, built o.' .est ra.t Ti iis, luelii Jms vast In,:. front legs. is. . will lie sold for $1,100 mciie ? aiie> ?- . <Oat In u,u.fc?r lest $1 itt; never be-in uss I. Apply nt 80 i rout street OBTABLB AND ST A TI( ?N tRY BtNAM TNOINFf AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR RAW MILLS The beet snd tnort complete In OM, Circular sea', on # pelfs' 'n, Vi"iD A MAlflr blEAM ENGINE noMrtNf in ? N.Y., andT1" ht-'ien I :,<% N ? w York. STEAM ENGINES. IK' L 19 M all kinds, new ard eev. i : ban 1 Br.Uluu. ten bon-e Boiler and Bug -.e, s at Ilulson Oil}, at a Lie. . i i. WILLARi' S Mtl.LW P.D,?9<Wal S--W.V* BNUIN..4 -LA*. S.j . . <?:? PACII i i ee we e?'i le ? '? IP ' PO Ho-se " t.m, yr; i'? ?? eMtNouAry. Ifom. auj aue ?.> LOW borse at e\ui t n ?? y? ciur eu*lae ?? ? rApereei' in * . ar gm, it.. ,.i . t paru orer the I l or eim,' ?r ad ' "* The Hick- :.n| *4 CoTup^uy. 88 Liberty street, New York ^ IKaNTFP -?* IIOXP HAND ii'EAV NK fT VV 78 b -is power, Ir.iu fents. Addres* hot:8,03. N"? York Poet ollce. yYri.lAP.D4, AC, AI.AT.1K NUMB.'.ft oi Si *M? SECOND IlAVt) Bbllsr.1 labia*. w,.u our linernreg r ji. .is *u*L'ens. whi h bays of;' ? J t ' VI c n. ? *a and durable cost, one e-t* ms'e. Fp* rims of OufUb'W that base been in rnn >%.>' . ? I >r many > eera m .- ,, ? a* in the prlorlpal h . el, *>i I ? >?? t,? this . its Id lie, in tending to jmrcha*# will nd It to thetr Inter* i te -aivi4 elimine onr ruck, * eh t* the largrsi nud fined in ti? woriu BotI' Billiard Tn 'en, PHBLaN A WioflYGrerb/ *tf?nc N, I