Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON WORT ANT PROCEEDINGS IN CONGRESS. TNI RECONSTRUCTION QUESTION Til Ionia Amendments to Xr. Shermao'i Bill Accepted by the Senate. #f the Army Appropriation Bill ii the Htuse. CwMideraUoa of the Internal Revenue Bill. The Captured and Abandoned Property in the Rebel States. hi hi Washington, Feb. 20, 1807, The Reconstruction MeuarN. ?amendment to tbe Stevens bill for the more effl govenrroeot of the insurrectionary Slates has at length taken a shape such as to be acceptable to the greater part of the republican party, and to command ibo fall vote. Mr. 8bellabarger, of Ohio, has the credit of giving tbe finishing touch to this measure, and If it I become a law, and shall be the means of restoring and harmony to the whole country, he will no i take a high stand with bis party. His amendment a provisional government in each State on a loyal basis, wblcb shall have control of the elections mad determine the reorganization of the State govern Bents, and thus obviates the objections tnado to the Bberman amendment, as well as to that offered by Mr. Wilson as a proviso thereto. In tbe Senate tbe deliate on the new amendment presented satisfactory evidence of Ma having the support of tbe party in that body and Of Ne receiving other votes which have hitherto been cast in opposition to tbe entire bill. Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, announced bis intention to vote for tbe bill as the lesser evil and as tbe only means left him of giving ?one settled government in those States. Shortly after Mr. Johnson had concluded his speech Speak er Collin entered tbe Senate chamber, and, advancing to Mr. Johnson with a very smlliug face, ?hook him warmly by tbe hand, and, as is supposed, osngrululated him on tbe stand he had taken. Mr. Jehnasn received the Speaker's compliments la a very grave and rather disconcerted manner, and both gentle ?Ma, retiring to a sofa, mm si nod for some time In con It has been rumored hero for several days that the PiseNlit would sign the Military Reconstruction bill nseisin log the Blaine amendment, bat there seems to be So geed foandation for each report It is quite certain ?Met Mr. Blatlbe and those who have co-operated with Met in securing the passage of the measure have do be Med whatever that the President trill approve tt The So nth era Rrcoaetrnetien Proposition, flovernor Humphreys has sent a message to the Legis lators of Miasiesippi disapproving entirely of toe bonth icUon proposition prepared by a North tehgtelwn. rimilar to those latrodaoed ia the ate by Kr. Dison. Ami e lei by the President. J The Prstedant has approved the bill authorisiag the of the Trisanry to grant permits to cnrators of institutions to Mae aleobet in spastftsd quantities ftom bend withes* ^^^Hofthe internal roveaae tax on the same, or on which tbe alcohol has been disitiled, for the Mtoanheaoloatvo purpose ef preeervhtg specimens I of anatomy, physiology nod of natural history belonging to California, and Portland, in Oregon, not loss than three Mtoto per month, in continuation of the service Prom Mow York via Panama to San Francisco, provided the ?eat of sneh service eball not aatoed twenty-live tboo BBMd ilnMew per aannm, the contract to be given to the leweet responsible bidder. Also the blU authorising and directing the 0? watery ef War to pnrshnn for the government of tbe United gtotae Devld'g Island, in Long Island Boned, for tbe ?|? of $38,880, in aooordanoe with the tonne and een dtoane of the tame ef Siaaon Letaad, dated April 13, MM, and renewed March 30, 1803, by which the Ulead to the.Coiled States, end is now occupied by Ther Tariff Bill. i of tbe Tariff bill now despair of the bUl I o law at this session. The Bankrayt Bill. IBs Baakrapt MH Is tbongbt to have a good cbanoa for ~~ Jeha H. Hwrmtr. It la understood that ex-Governor Thomas H. Ford and hnvo been retained ae counsel la ease ef John H. Snrratt, on a charge of murder. The bad heretofore repeatedly denied that be was Bar when be was about to be delivered ?f the United States Marshal the following Mm H. Snrrattf MS,dnLl to me Bp ^^Hyoa by virtue of e bench the criminal court of tbe District fkmd Abandoned Property he tbe |mistier si toe decretory ef the Trees Bepreeenwtlyee to-dny by in engwer to o i solation with regard to ^?property in tbe rebel Statea, of too eatee of cotton amounted property to 31.785,6*1; of rents of abandoned property e miBiaa; other reeeipts $3,800,003 the total dte i were $0,310,187, malting e net profit to the ? ef nearly 388,000,008. The receipt! in l wee pita-' \?o Simeon Draper, cotton agent at New Test, far ante, and toe dltooisamsate were mostly paid Item etoer sources, as that the receipts and dhhorae menu stated in the labia are no indication ef the reel wen lie ef toe transactions ef an agency. The nnmber ef Mm ef eottoo eotleetod as abandoned was 11,180, and the nomber ef bales released to owners 1,001. Tbe asmbar ef balsa ef cettoa aeM was 0,213; the nnmber at halm oaNeeted as mptored 101,808; the number ef BOM received by Mr. Simeon Draper .from other , 8,108. It farther appears from toe documents ?hat the number of hales noise from agnate - 148. *ed lbs lumber burned while la the hands of agcui*, 1,607. The nomber of holes reoeived by Simeon Draper per bis rayerto *** >0,880; the nomber shipped to him par agaato' reports. 01,800,imafeiag as exoam of 4,58* Tna nember sold by Simeon Draper was 0,300; the number I gviaeeeu by him, 8,1*3; too nomber of bated on bans, | AM, making o total of 85,88a I prom toe tepert ef eettm purchased by eseota under ghe net of July 3, 1804, Is taken tbe following:?Nnmber efdmles of eorton purchased, 53,838; reenld, 85.339; lost In repack inn, 1; shipped to Simeon Draper, 6,388; Shipped to cotton ageat at St. I/Ottle, 110 W g report from the Qoertbrmertor Oeoerel show* that i pmneennt of instruct tone, Colonel Reoenm took charge J tow iceptorod cotton at Sevaonah and Charleston, and | turned Aver to tbe Treaasry agents ep to March 21,1805, ?ppwarde of 38.000 balsa, and It appears from toe etetametil that there was hot little cotton .meto leg In the hands of the officer* of the Pomrtermawr'e Department at the cirw* of the *r, and hnt rery little re-eived afterwards, ?water hnvdrad and eeven Imle* ware derived from cot Koo collected from toe beltanes bridge*, tranche*, hos itiala, eampm delde. Ac., in end tround the work* of Vrt Uudpoo 6,r negro troop* and <?otrab?ado Much of t was m had rundiUoo, baring Man boned IB too earth, mod for beds, and some ef it woe teamed with ton blood d our soldier* mvtilaied in tbe siege of Tort Mudeon. bondced tbouetmd dollora of too praooeds of tote top was applied is toe guar term atee/"! Deportment, 1 Ml ?- ? M MM ? 111n 11H mihI IntiAit Thto Itivtornrle ef ikU ? nnvnifl ^pMBMnliy IM^ffitewllWl. M lev JsfYte.i" "Uffi vi wBMI ton shte be mid te Kfrra severed oil fhe ovpenseo ef t*fc e#eoia far Urn poor colored people hi Louisiana up It 1Mb, and pogg^y through that year. There waa a tot of four hup?jog and few balee of cotton from ike Braaoa, captvjad by the eoterprtae of the troopa on the Rio Grwa^ ^ several hundred mllea from the held* wher^Yt waa grown, which cotton waa sold by the direc tion of the tiomin'ir*? of the Department of the Gulf to umat in paying for the ateamere and vessels torn la the expedition to Biaam Santiago and the Rio Grande. There was much more captured there and Bold. Colonel Hola b.rd, who bad the matter tn charge, aaye moat of the rotton and other products gathered waa off the Atcbafelay* river in 18di, and waa ao gathered and delivered at points of transportation by the negro alavee of tbo country, who, with rare tact and industry, nsed the teams of their master*, who had fled to the enemy, and brought it from all manner of hiding placet, in swompe and foreeta, as well as from the plantations of their masters. They seemed to be Impressed with the belief that they were thus doing the government some service, and earning their transporta tion to freedom. It was owing to their efforts that it could be thus moved in the midst of rapid operations without any real attention being given to the subject. Removals of Peat maulers. A communication from the Postmaster General laid before the House to-day shows that between the -8th of July, I860, and the 0th of December of the same year, the whole number of postmasters removed was 1,044. Of tha number 1,283 were for political reasons, 92 to give piece to soldiers, 04 for failures to boud, 45 were supersedurea by change of site of office, 23 for unfaith fulness In office, IT were caused by misapprehensions of facts in appointment of postmasters, 17 were caused by poetmaatore moving, 10 were caused by postmasters abandoning their offices, 8 for Intemperance, ? tor being unsatisfactory to the citizens, 8 left the State, 7 were for mistakes or names in appointments, 7 for delinquency, 0 for mismanagement of office, 4 for political reasons and neglect of dnty, 3 to give place to widows of soldier*, 8 had absconded, 13 for incompetency, 3 became disquali fied by marriage, 2 for acts of disloyalty, 2 to give place to sailors, one did not live on the route, one for steeling from the mails, one because the office was kept in an improper place, one for writing improper letters to the Department, one for violation of the revenue lews, one because he was not commissioned sutler, one was ap pointed assessor, one moved the office off the route, one was not confirmed by the Senate, one was not of age, one was caused by consolidation of offices, one was indicted for murder. The whole number of post offices In the United States is 29,389. The total number in operation on the 30th of June, 1800, was 23,828, of which 709 were subject to appointment by the President. The National Bank Tax. A communication from the Comptroller of the Cur rency in reply to tbo resolution of the House aaye that since the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States that the States can tax the shares of national banks they generally teem disposed to aquiesce in the decision, and bare paid tbo tax, although It may not be levied in strict conformity with the requirements of acts of Concrrees. Two hundred and eighteen banks have responded to the request for information on tble subject, showing they have paid $0,412,100 under State taxation. Taking the average rate of taxation and applying M to all the banks, including those which have not reported, the approximate total is $7,8d9,451. The fthlpplnir latere**. The depre=tsed condition of the (hipping Interests of the United Stales was to-day the subject of s confer ence between a delegation of the Board of Trade of Bos ton, which also represents the Chamber of Commerce of New York, and the Secretary of the Treasury. The del egation was presented to the Secretary by R. 8. 8. Andres, a member of the delegation. Mr. E. P. Toby, in behalf ef the board, submitted the views of the delegation and those represented on the subject, to which the Secretary responded, reiterating the opinions expressed in his an nual report, to the effect that no-country could maintain the position of a maritime Power which ceased to be a shipbuilding country. The conferenoe is understood to have been very satisfactory, and some measure will probably be agreed upon which will resalt in or at least tend to the temporary ralisf of the tnteseat repre settled. CaMset Raaesrs, It la now understood that the old political veteran. P. P. Blair, baa gone on a visit to Beaton to indues Governor Andrew, of Massachusetts, to accept the posi tion of Secretary ef state. It Is understood, of course, that this vi-lt Is by authority, sad tbet It is in ths interest of those who favor the programme of universal suffrage and universal amnesty. Personal. Governor Fenton, of New York, has been hare two or throe days consulting in regard to public aflhln, aad bas bean vary cordially received. Ha Is accompanied by Quartermaster general Merriit, of his staff Ha to day visited those bureaus af ths Treasury Departtneat in wbtch tbe war claim of tba. State is saw beiag ad justed. He expressed himself pleased with the heads of ths bureaus and the progress made toward settlement. The Indiana. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs yesterday had an interview with the Siseelon and Warpeton bands of ths -tionx Indians, at which a treaty was concluded with them for their removal from the northeasters portion of the Territory of Dakota to ths Isdian country. On Monday last a treaty was effected with the delegation representing the several bands sf ths -?aca and Foxes of Minnesota, by which tbsy agree to dispose of the lands now held by the tribe and remove to tbe westers part of Dakota Territory. Mr. Watson, ths Treaty Commissioner of tbe Isdian Bureau, is now engaged in holding councils with the Miami Indians, with a view of enteritis into a treaty with them to secure tbe sale of their lands and tbe removal of such members of the tribe as are willing to tbe Indian region southwest of Ffir* Firs treaties have been completed with ths Indiana by ths Commis si on ere, aad nearly all of ths delegations that first ar rived here are on their way hoses. Patent Office Krpurt. Tbe report of the Commissioner ef Patents for the year 1808 Is nearly campleted, aad it is thought will he fia tebed I* time to he submitted la the present Coagroaa Owing to the insufficient tores employed in printing toe Patent Office repasts sad eegrnrtng the piasss for them, or to some other unaccountable canoe of delay, the work is aboet two yean behind bead. The reports for 1M4 were distributed bat a few weeks ago, aad work opoa tho report for 1806 has only just commenced. Tba -Maryland Negro Jease* Reateaee Com muted to Imprisonment liar Life, colored man, Wlliiam'Joaea, who baa been oea fined for the last four months |p the Upper Marffme jail, Prlaee George's eaunty, Maryland, under seataaes of death for cemntUIng raps upon a white woman, aad who nas been throe times reprieved, baa had his sen tence ee tarns ted by Governor Hwaau to imprisonment lifo m the Maryland penitentiary, and waa taken tbiibar by the sheriff en the 18th instant. The Public La ado. of the General Land Office baa pre pared sad submitted to tba Secretary ef the Interior for his approval, two llote of select*om by the State of Oregon, under the five hundred thousand acre grant of September 4, 1841. The aggregate of these selections in Oregon City laad disten t la 114,684 acres; in the Resetting district, 78,614 acres mating a grand total of 188,088 aeroo. felted Nausea he urease rewrt. ? On motion of W. Y. Sanders a W. fttsplston, of Mon tane Territory, waa admitted as an attorney aad counsel lor af this court. l*e i?, lessee of Robert Coiall, M. Plaintiff in Error vs. John M. "beward. The argument of this causa was continued t?v Mr. Mtadlev, of eotinssi for Dsfsndant in Ewer, am* concluded by Mr. Johnson, ef counsel far Plaintiff la Error. NVI41, the Illinois Control Railroad Company vs. William Harroo The argument of this fnrt waa eom meaeod by Mr. Tracy, of coasts) for the plaintiff in error THIHTY-MHTH fOUlM W ?EMATI. ? , ; ; WaenwoTov, Tfeb 20, 1887 roursiwATTov or ? nixaa or tbb coram or ran msratcr. Mr. Moaaiix, (rep.) of Me., from the Committee or Conference on the bill to fix tba of bailimi and oriere of tba courts of the Distriat of Columbia made a report which was agreed to. mars son ma raaea wrowftm Mr. Armour, (rep.) af R. L, from the on Printing, reported back a mediation te provide seats on tbe foot ef the Senate for repertto of tbe Mew York As sociated Praaa aed the United Wales and Europe.. New. Association, ?nf naked te ha 4feoiMt|ad (mat the farther s^^A^egaarjas porter of the New York sasociahen; ho', fa* understood from the reporter that he did not wir j uy guch accom modation If It *u to be looked upon jn the light of an obltgaU'<n or if there were any Senator* to object to it. The committee was discharged. <w?m>a Mr. Tommy, (rap.) Of Kansas, presented the rerclo ttons of the Kansas Lecpdatare In ravor of the admiar ^n of Cohmdo, which were ordered to be printed. imonunw roa thi rams axruemos. Mr. Doouitlb, (rep) of Wis., preeea'ed the memorial of the Wisconsin Legislature for an additional appro priation for the Paris Exposition expenses, which was ordered to be printed. in <x>xfrmmowjA dock moat nt rramsTLVAxu. The Osaut laid before the Senate the oertiflcata of thy Governor of Pennsylvania that the State of Pennsyl vania bad rattled the amendment to the constitution, pacific railroad. Mr. ParrsRaoR, (rep.) of Tens., presented the reeolo tion of the Tennessee Legislature in fevor of e grant of p<ibltc land in aid of the Tennessee Pact Be Railroad, which was ordered to lie on the table and be printed. ths i.?umnT op nforo chh.dken. Mr. Poland, (rep.) of VL, reported from the Judiciary Committee adversely upon the Mil to protect children of African parents from belog enslaved In violation of the constitution of the United States, and moved the indefinite postponement of the bill. Upon motion of Mr. Scwtait, (rep.) ef Mane., the bill, with ttte motion of Mr. Poland, was placed upon the calendar. . DISTRICT NEWSBOY*' BONE. Mr. Wadk, (rep.) of Ohio, reported without amend ment, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, the bill amendatory to the act incorporating the News boys' Home and for the relief of abaudoned children in the District of Columbia. LAND GRANT. Mr. Pomkrot reported without amendment from the Committee on Public lands an act granting lands to the Mate of Orecon to aid in the construction of a military wagon road from Dallas City, on the Columbia river, te Fort Boise, on the Snake river. i he lew on rax. Mr. Morrilt-, (rep.) of Me., Introduced a Mil providing that ao further appointments to the Levy Court of the county of Washington shall be made until the number of members thereof ia reduced to live, and all appointments hereafter made to said court shall he so chosen that a ouOonty of its members shall be residents of the county. Referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. HOT SPRINGS RESERVATION. ifr. Trcmbcll, (rep.) of III., Introduced s hill authoriz ing the survey and .sale of the Hot Springs Reservation, in the State of Arkansas, which was referred to the Com mittee on Public Lands. THK 1ROX-CI.AD ONOVPAUA. Mr Grimes, (rep.) of Iowa, reported from theCemaait tee on Naval Allaire a bill authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to transfer the iron-clad Ouondaga to George Qumtard, of New York, upon payment of $75,07a REPORTS ON INTEKOCEANIC CANALS AND RAILROADS. Mr. Asthont introduced a resolution for the printing of two thousand copies of the report of the Secretary of the Navy on interoceanic canale and railroads, wttn accompanying maps, which was referred to the Commit tee on Printing. POTI.IC PARK IN TtIK DISTRICT. Mr. Brown, (rep.) of Ma, called up the hill, which was before the Senate last night, for the establishment and maintenance of a public park In the District of Colum bia. It appropriates no money, but provides for the appointment of a commission to negotiate for a site and report to the next Congress. It was passed. THE LOUISIANA Bit L. Mr. SUMNER, (rep ) of Mass., got the floor, and attempted to call up the Louiaiana bill. Mr. Hendricks, (dem.) of Ind., asked Mr. Sumner if he did not think the Louisiana hill would lead to debate * Mr. Sumnrr said he hoped not. (Laughter.) Krery mod republican would vote for it. He thought even Mr Hendricks could vole for it, ss it was a great measure of peace. (Laughter.) PURCHASE or A PATENT TOR POSTMARKING LITTER*. Mr. Van Winkle, (rep.) of W. Va., called np a bill di recting the Postmaster General to purchase from Marcus P. Norton, of Troy, for $100,000, a patent for postmark ing letters, packets, 4c.. and cancellation of postage stamp* thereon. Mr. Wilton, (rep.) of Mass., moved to amend by striking out one hundred thousand dollars and in serting twenty thousand dollars, but subsequently modi fied his amendment by substituting fifty thousand dol lars. The amendment waa not agreed to. The bill wap then passed. INSPECTION or INDIAN AFFAIR*. Mr. Henderson, (rep.) of Ma, called up the bill to provide for the annuel inspection of Indian aflhir*, upon which the question was upon agreeing to a substitute passed by the House transferring the Indian Bureau to the Wer Department. Mr. Henderson believed that the transfer of the Indian Bureau would aggravate the present difficulties with the Indiana He believed the Senate bill for the inspection ef Indian affairs would accomplish all the reformation that waa needed. Mr. Pomrwoy concurred in the views expressed by Mr. Hendenon aa to the expediency of making the transfer. Mr. Strwaxt, (rep.) of Nevada, spoke of the prevent system of Indian agencies aa n miserable failure and a cheat ef tlte Indiana He thought It waa time to make a change. It would take eome time to make the man agement of the Bureau as corrupt under the War De partment as it was under the pre vent system. THE ACTION or TTTE BOUSE ON THE RECONPT RUCTION BILL. At two O'clock P. M. the Clerk of the House an nounced the action of the House on the Reconstruction MIL Mr. Wuajams, (rep.) of Oregon, moved the postpone moot of tbe Indian bill, for th? purpose of taking up lbs Reconstruction bill. Tbe amendments of tbe House were reed. Mr. Williams moved that tbe Senate < 00ear. Mr. HraneA-v, (rep.) of Ohio, said be did wot like tbe dlsfrancbising clause In ibe proviso, bat be sbooM not 2M>poee it now. Tbe Additional section wan only a rope- 1 Htion of wbet was already in tbe bilL I Mr. Fruit ait, replying to tbe speeoh of Mr. Hbermaa of 1 yesterday, ie whlcb bo (Mr. Sumner) Is charged with a I new espousal of tbe <(octrlne of dimranrhleanisnt, reed I from a speech nob by him more than a year ago In I favor of tbe dtaftpnohising of rebels. I Mr. CnasoLslt, (rep.) of Mich., Interrupted Mr. gomner I to ask that be (Mr. Sumner) have loave to print bis I speech instead of reading It. (Laughter.) I Mr. Hnmtm declined to yield. I Mr. bimuiAX, replying to Mr. Himner aad to an ssser- I Hon that be bac some to Mr. Gunner's plat/arm, said I bo bad dono no such thing. Cod forbid! Ha would I never agree to exclude the Southern people from par- I ticipattng In tbe government of tbeir own States He I was willing to exclude tbe leading rebels, but not tbe I mrrr of tho people. I Mr. Wnoox, (rep.) of Mass., sold be regarded this as s I greet measure, and yet be shootd not vote for It without I regret. He thought it ought to turn every rebel out of I office. He objected to the disfranch ising clause In the I House amendment. He regretted that It had bean in- I s rted, but be would vole for the bill notwithstanding. I He would say, at so, thai just at soon as the Southern I States were recon-lrnc.teil properly he would vote to re- I peal tbe disqualifications in tbe third section of the con- I stituiional amendment I Mr. Joessox, (deiu.)of Md., said if he bad his wish I be would Immediately receive the Southern represents- I tlves Into this Chamlier, but be hail not his wish, and I be must therefore acquiese with the majority in any- I thing that held out a hope, however faint, of accom- I pllshlng that object. He would vote for tbe bill bet auso I he saw in it a mode of rescuing tbe country from tbo I penis that now threaten it, and not because he approved I of K In any particular. I Mr. HiSwast congratulated Mr. Mioses that be bad I progressed so far towards universal suffrage and univer- I sal amnesty as to vote for this bill. I After further debate in wbleh Messrs. Hendricks. I Hnckalsw. towsn sad Howe participated, the denote I took s secern until half-pest seven P. M. I ? Rrestsg Srsitss. I Tws snrnnios n rwm sotnm I Mr. Teuwaoix sailed up the jolot resolution of tbe I House, authori/iog the emplovmeat of e t'ntteh sutee veeael far tbe transportation of food sod clothing for the I destitute people of tbe South. It was passed. I Ml as tie op vwe xowmees resmw. I Mr. Soman, from the Committee on foreign Bete- I lines, reported tbe bill W provide for tbe defence of tbe I Northern frontier, ordered to be printed. I TUB aSOCSSTRMTHWi qutoiius. I Tbe Reconstruction bill was thee taken a p. I Mr. Dooumi offered an ameedmest to lb# Boose I emeedmenls, as follows;?Add to the last section tbe I following proviso? I Provided, that nothing In this act contained shall.he coo- I timed to dfaOeecktae any person In either of tbe said mates I from voting or bo ding ofloewbehaa motived pardon and I amnesty in seeordsnoa with the constitution ana laws. f I Mr. Ooolittlb took tbe Door in support of his amend- I mont, prefacing with some remarks upon tbe condition I of attain in the South, and denying tbe statements I made by certain radical Senators as to crime and lawless- I now existing there. Mr. 8mmun said that If the Heoss amendments were I too harsh the Southern people bad the democratic party I in the Hons to tbeek for It. It wm very well known that a majority of tbe Union party were In favdr of tho I Senate amend meet, and a minority of the Union party, I assisted by every democrat, helped to defeat Ute accept I anoe of tbla proposition In tbe House sad IdTt it open to further amendment with the result now before tbe Senate I Mr. Hsnemrms defended the action or tho democrats I in. the Heeee. They could not bavo voted d Berently without placing themaoives upon the record as in laver I of e bill to which they were oppoead In every respect. I Tbe responsibility for tbe bill or Its amendmenteeouId not be plsccd.upon the democrats while there was e ma jority against them. I Mr. FtKWAxr naked ' Mr. Hendricks M be would here voted as tbe democrats of the Bouse did he* be been la the House when the Senate amend menu came befogs that body t I Mr. WouAne raised e point of order thai this allusion to the action of tbe o'ber house wee not la order. I Mr. Hs.xnsiat* resnmed Me ramsrks le dsfowroof the action ol the democrats of the Boose, Hr. Wiliiaaaa hev- I log waived his poiet to permit him to de am, I Mr. COSwrss, (rcp.) of Cat, did not exactly what this debate was about. If it wee to reputetloa of tbe detnoeaeile party, it nsceeaaty. ,w ? Mr. Csaow. JimlO# N. H., to sopport of the House I amendment asked If It was not building of e corse sat itPHMPiMMpB Mr hkxsxwsox took the floor et hslf pest etos o'oleckl end delivered e speech of ever eehoer'e dtotohto. at th? close of wblcn Mr. Cms rains* appealed to the Iseets tobriM thode- I lots to a close. I Mr. Ooolltile's amendment wee thee rages** by s vote ?f ? to 32. Tbe afflrmaUvSO were Messrs. Ijmrrnlm. Cowan, Davis, Hendricks, Johnson, Npsmlth, Pattaseoa anil Haulsbnry. A <t, XEJwsl Mr. Wiiao* ofibred aa amendment, with sn additional section, to vscats all offloos now held seder rebel an- I Uimity within niesty days after the peesegs of iSTact. which was disagreed to. Th# amendments sf the Hones wore thsw ?oncurrad for by the following rots;? | I CmfWell, nuts: Ik* loUowthg Is the bill M pMMd by both^^^H WkoaMooldllhUttr^mMoU Uob for life or property now exist* in the guua, North Carolina, Booth CaiuMns, (Jeorrfa, AlaNUhl. Ml-wifetppt, Louisiana, Florida, Texas sad Arks DOS. sod whereas U is neerasary that neace and good order should ba aafurt ? d to Mid SUtaa until loyal and republican biota gov Hi umrnU ?su ba legally established; therefore. , | Ka it enacted Ac., That -a.d irbei Slat.* shall ba divided | mill tan district* and made subject to the military an ihorlt; of tie United States, as hereinafter mentioned; and for purpose ^ irglma ahull constitute the rind district, i North Osrotlaa and South < ?rnlhu ihe Second Smrirt, HilMntI Mo,,, a Third district. Miasessippt I Fourth district, and Louisiana and Tessa tsitbut the the duty of each officer assigned aa ?persons in ibeir rights of person aud ? Invurreetlor disorder and vMenne, cause U> be punished Ml disturbers of the publie pasfa and criminals; and M this and ha amy allow f *al utxHUtbunala u> uka yo uahetion of sod u-v olfaouers. or, whan in hUiWgmaat h may ba seeeesary tor the iris] af iffmnsait, ha alp! teen power to organise military cum. mtttsae or tribunals for that purpose; and mil interference under ooluraf State authority with the exercise ol military authority under this sat shall ba null and void. Sac. A That all pansoos put under military arrest by virtue of this act shall he tried without unnecessary tleiay, and no cruel or unusual punishment shah be inilu ted. aud no sen tence of any military commission or tribunal hereby author - Ised affecting the Hie or liberty of any person shall b*"tw cuted until It Is approved by the officer in command of flit district; and the mws and regulation* for the government or ibe army shall not be sff eest d by this act, exoept In so Jar at lb ay n*> conflict with Its provisions. Sac. 5. That whan the people of any one of said' rebel Mates shall bare formed a constitution ana government In conformity with the constitution of the United States In all respects.framed by a convention of delegates elected bv the male rtiiians of said state twenty-one yearn old an I upward, of whatever race, color or previous condition, who have bean resident in said State for one year previous to the day of such election, exoept such as may be disfran chised for participation in the rebellion or for felony at com mon law. and whoa auoli constitution shall provide that the elective franchise shall be enfoved by all siteb persons as bare the uuaUffiauona herein Mated for elector, ol dele gates. and when such constitution shall bo rati lied by a ma jority of the persons voting ou the question or ratifl catton who arc qualified as electors for delegates, and when Roeti constitution iball hare been submitted to Congress for examination and approval, and Congress shall

have approved the same, ana when sold Htnle by a vote of its Legislature, elected under aatd constitution, shall hare adopted the amendment to the cooalitution of the I nil<>d States proposed by the Thlrtv-ninib Congress, and known s* article 14, and when said article shall hare become part of the constitution of the United States, said State shall oe declared entitled to representation in Onngrosa, and Sen ators ami Representatives shall be admitted therefrom 011 their taking the oath prescribed by law. and then and tbere a ter the preceding sections of th a ant shall be inoperative in said State Provided that no persou excluded from the privilege of bidding offlcp by said proposed amendment to the constlta'ion of the United Suites shall be eligible to election aa a member of a convention to frame a constitu tion for anv of said rebel States; nor shall any such person vote for members of such conven tlon. Sec. 6. that until the people of the said rebel Ptatre shall bv law be admitted to representation to the Congress of the United States any civil governments that may exist therein shall tie deemed provisional only, and shall be' in n 11 respects subject to the p?ramount authority of the United States at anytime to abolivh, modify, control and supeisede the satne: and in all elections to anv office under sueh pro visions) government,, all persons shall be entitled to vote, and none other", who are entitled to vote nndcr the pro rlxionauf the ttfth section of this act; and no person shall I be eligible u> any office under sueh provisional governments who would be illauiinnflai from fiaMing ottos under the I provniona of the third article of said constitutional amend ment. The -Senate adjourned at ten minutes to eleren. HOUSE or REPRESENTATIVES. WimivcroN, Feb. 20,1807. corrxcticn oe thk jocrsal. Mr. Binuha*, -rep.) ef Ohio, moved to correct th* Journal in the entry in reference to the death of temuel Downing, described ae the ieat surviving eoldier of the Revolutionary War, by mating it reed "the laat sorviv ing eoldier of the Revolutionary War who was borne on the pernios rolia " The correction wen made. oanmt or aoaxaea. I Mr. Mr ess, (rep.) of Pa., asked leave to offer ateao lntlon directing that after the Tea bill atoall have been acted oron all regular ordain eacept the moraiag hoar, end all other macial ostein, ?ball be tot e?ide aqdthe Tariff bih ahtfbe^lW^^cial order until disposed of. tuiutoa? re vawrvram On motion of-tfr arwa, trep.) of Oh o, the Secre tary of W"c- ?V directed 10 communicate all correepon dance hetwaen the commandant of the United Htatee Arsenal at Augiiaaa, tie,, aad the Ereeideot of the Ao ?rnrtaand SemmerviUe Railroad Coaapaoy. la reference to tbe eatenaion of that road to the arsenal. rem oo*vaa rears renviaviov a*n carat. cowtahy. Mr. Mo Rent, treat of Ual., (rem the Committee on Public Lands/reported a bill giving Urn nght of way mad making a grant of land to tbe Sierra Nevada and Cootre Co?ta Irrigation aad Canal Company in California. Re committed aad ordered printed th? kiutabt nacoKMjnccTion bill. The Wooer proceeded to the consideration of tbe hill to provide efficient govern meow for the rebel Steles. Mr. Buuxa, imp.) of Ma, withdrew bis motion to re cede from disagreement to tbe Senate am end men la, aad moved the previone quettioa Mr. Wilww. (rep. 1 of lowe, moved te concur with the SeoaU amendments, with an amendment to the bite section m follows;? Provided that no person excluded ftrom the privilege ef hnidtns offlee by sal'l proposed amendment to toe eonsltu Sono^UmUtaiiu MaZa shall be eligible toeleottea as e member of the convention to frame a conetlluUon tor nay of eaid rebel Hlater, nor shall aay auob -person vote for members of rsech eonreellon. Mr. sntCdMiwni (rep. i of Oblo, asked Mr. Blaine to withdrew the previous question to enable him to offer en amendment. Mr. Blaisu absolutely refused to do so. Mr. SntuuioR then expreeeed tbe hope that the Bonne would not second the previous question. . Mr Baskr (rep) of Maes., asked Mr. Wilson to mod ify bit amendment so ae to extend the disqualification ^Mr.'Blaix* objected resolutely to any debate being at lowtd, Tbe House voted by teller* on eeeondlng the previone question, and refused to second ltbv a vole of 72 to 76. Mr smc; uftiRUKA ihtt moved lb? foUowlog as an amendment te the amendment, to come in aa a sew MCtsQD And be It farther eoaetrd. That until the people of the ?aid rebel Stales shall bl law De admitted Li representation ffffiSoSreSwTor the Haded State*. any clrilgovrrnmenla Uiat mar eilat therein ahall be deemed provisional only, and (hail be in all rasnecta subject to the p*rma?o.H? authority of the United Stales ai any time to aboliah. modify, control anil aupersrde ibe aame. sad in ail elections to any office under snrh provirional rovernaaenta all peraons sh?U be ee ttlled lo voie, and none others who are etiliiad MVOte under the provl-lona of tbe flfib eeotlon of tbie act; and no ?arson ?hnll be eligible to any office Under auel. ?overnmenia who would be disqualified from bofiWg ??* under the l> rc? tiuos ol the third article of aasl constitu tional amendment. The previone question was tbe* moved aad seconded. Mr Ross idem.) ef 111., inquired wbolber it wee in order to move to refer the amendment to e committee to have it condensed and simplified. The Sii'BAKX* replied to the negative. Mr norm, (dem.)ef Pa., move to ley the Mil end amendment* on tbe table. Negatived without e dlvi ston. . Tbea question wee taken on Mr. SbeHaharger'v amend, merit, sod it was adopted by a vow of 98 yeaa and 70 ^Tbe question than .re drred aa agreeing to Mr. WH ann's inoUoo w eonCur with tbe Senate amendment, with the amendment offend by Mr Wilaeii as that wee amended on motion of Mr. SliellahnrgBT. The vow was i taken by yeas end nays, aad reaulted 126 yeas end 4? cava a strict party from. So tba Senate amendment a* thus modified siae aprec^o, end the bill was at half past one o'clock sect took tAbe Senate. The following la the voie:? v>A>?Meaar*. alley. Atiisoe, Ames. Anderson, Arneli, Ai.iilev ot Nevada. Ashley of Ohio. Maker, Baldwin. Hank*. tt&WrVSR BontweU. Braudegre, Bmmwell, Hroomall BuciJy, ? Urke of Ohio, Clarke or Kansas t obh, SS*.i'iussaS!ft' ar Newell. O Nell, OHO, raine, ranerson, i ernam. riae. PlanU Price, Alee cf Mass.. Rollina, Hawser. Schenck, Scofleld. Hhellabarger "loan, BpaKfos. ?tarr Rtevana, stoker, To wi r.Jjie l p*<m. Van Aeroum, Vat[ Horn of N V Van Horn of Tin.. hard of N. ?., Warner, Wanhl'irn of Ii.d Waehburn of Mhee., Walker, Wentworth Wlltlama. Wllvon of low*, tVilsencf Pa., Wlndom and Woodhrldee -98. N*tv?Meaars. Anoom. Baraer, Benjamin, Bergen, ling ham. Blaine. Blow Boyer. Bnrklan.l, i ampbell, thanler, I 'onncr liar line. Davl*. IJnwea, Dawson. Pe.aoo. Decileuii. nru?e FldrulSR. F.nck.Oloaabrenner. i.oodvear, Harding of Sr &IW Mnhbardo^wTi., tin obeli of N. T.. Hnblell of Ohio Humphrey 'tnnter. Kerr, Ravkendall. I.aflln, lLwrenre of he?'?nd. Leftwtch.llar.nall. Mar |i Mri'nllmigb, Mctee Melitier, Miller, Noorhead. *SUEju5eKl. fstf Phelpa KmHP. Hartford. Ran-1 ' USSRSsZKS' te its L All the repiibltceni Meeont, inclodlng Meevr*. .Stevens, Ranka, Bouissetl end Hivmoed, need for MP. Wllera'e amendment ae modified, and all tbe democrats agataaM M. On motion or Mr. B*?* It wee ordered that for the remainder ef the eeeeteb the arerning hoar ebould not '*lbe*HwMwtben proceeded to the busmeeeef tba mora Ing boar end Ifiok upte Mditie bill, wKIeh wee before tbe Hones. ywn *m rru MA | I Mr Faisx. (rep.) of Win., chairmen of the Committee on tbe Militu. which nported the bill, said be would relieve Ma friend* Oh the democratic aide of their tppre heeetoo* as to tbn eifecaef Una UHI, and Wonld t ot put I them to tbe trouble of lliimstailog, ae they had threet aaed to-day. He did net wleh to Mock up tbe bnataeas nf the House, and thsePfore ho would Move that ibo BUI bo reotwalttod to the Oomiattlee oa (he Militia It was so oidemd. i, ^ Br Rev, (rep.t of wet, from the Committee on Naval AffMre, reported tills, Aa, which ware dknoaed ^iTe Vmu* joint reecbiion to extend aid aad fhcil.tlp# ?stosaSsanaSRhaf 1 Yhe flou?e Bill lo rendnl applicable to aeataen of the ''the Hones bill to ?etahlWh the office* of master en-I ?i**er mw>i*r m*< hieiel, mesWr oarpeniar. master biacaeml b, meatm ho lermekef, nreewr plumnai. maator maikwr. master painter, ataator aailamker. master laborer and naval sterekoesar la Ihe United uut?* Navy T irds. alter aeme die. tiasme, wea pasewd. Vrea ws nay* tvTihm eaiary attached to 'bare offiaaa la ? I He Howe tolnt rreolutlea euthaMslag the Secretary ef eta Maw la grant the. uaa of tww etevea. laoh Dani ?rem geas W John fedgway. of ItoMoa, for tire trial ad 'WSiS k "w t&zrzsui* dtawiheta M artec esssj Blffffffn. the vaia* ? the piratical stoam-r Abbaim, to OvmmMtoW Wmnlow and Urn olbeers and crew of the Koarswga, winch dnstfoynd the Alabama on Uie 19th day of J?B% IMA. m token ?u ?r. Faxmvobtb, (ns.) of 111, mode ttoa point ef order that the bill moU ai^proprtotion, and must, therefore, W WtoMmd to Committee of the Whole. The Steak an, having examined the hlU, decided that It did not make any npprupr.aUon, Mr. BTAptncL tree.) ?r Ohio, inquired of Mr. Woe whether this Ma bid lot been voted doitt ill Uw Hwiig Hi several occasions. ? Mr* Wts replied that tLla bill differed from thooe bare . Me explained the prinoiplee of the btlL u? Alabama had been taken into port ae a , rjjta?Uie woold be euiuled u> her full value: but as the ?flora contest which had reKeswd the great. OB the American nevy, uad been eent to tne [UtpKei*rsai-ge. there was no moans of raooru "era uad a?w of Uie hoursarge except by Jam TitUto, e? .fto.yuahoata, ai before taking a Mr. SrAUBWO asked Mr Rice whether there was any preendnat lbr thto bfll, awf whether the officers and crew ef the Oenatlflton had had the value of the Guemere distribated ee Mis# eiuaey. Mr. Sum thought they had, and knew that at ail event* there were several precedent# fur this emitua. H?,poke In favor of the kill, and the quantum be i.g saaea the bill was pawed without a d.vbiou Mr. Gnsswou), (rep.) of M. V., from the usual com mittee, reported the Mil for the payment of kbt.OuO to " eootraotor, fop building four United , and proceeded to onptom the bill. Inking' a vote open it the morning hour ex pired, at hall-pact two, and the bill wont over until to "'morrow. FAOCAOB or TUB ABUT ArPEOTXLATKW ?ILU. By unaniutous couaant the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union wen discharged from ithe uon aidem'lon of the Army Appropriation bill, aad the bill eamej before the House, with the understanding that there should be a vote by yeas and naye On striking out the second section, relating to the gewernl of the winy, Mr. Binomak moved to amend by striking out all after the Oral sentence, which was rejected?yeas 02, naye as. The vote was then token on striking out the whole of the second section. Rejected?yeas 41. nays M. Among the yeas were Messrs. Bingham, Davis, Kuykendall. l.uan, Marvin and Raymond. The bill was then passed bv a vote of 80 to 32, including the second section, which is in these words:? Hbotio* 2. And be it further enacted. That the bendquar ten of the (leueral of the army o! the united Stale, shall lie at the city of Washington, and all orders and ius>ructions relating to military operations issued bv tho fr -sidcnt or the _ '."J, b ? Secretary of War thall be issued through the General Of ibe army: and in e??e of his inability, by the next in rank. Tho General of the army shall not be removed, suspended or re lieved from commend, or s .signed to duty elsewhere than at aaid headquarters. without the previous spi rovai of the Senate; uud any orders or instructions relating to military operations issued contrarv to Itio requirements i.r ibis sec tion shall be null and void. And any ulllner wbo sbail iseu J orders or Instruction* contrary to the provision* of (his see tion shall be deemed guilty ot a misdemeanor In olloe, ami any ofUcerof tho srtnv who Khali transmit, convey or obey aoy order* or instructions so issued uontrary to the provi sions of this section, knowing that such orders were issued, shall be liable to imprisonment for not less than tw o nor morn than twenty yours upon conviction thtieof in any court of competent jurisdiction. nxnccnvw cowncKirATtoKn. The Speaker presented executive communications as follows:? From the President of the Tutted Stele* trannnUtinr: reports from tbe.^ereUnr of the Treasury aud Secretary of War in answer to the Houso reeolution of the 28th of May requesting certain information in reference to captured and forfeited cotton. Re!erred to the Commit tee on Way* and Meana From the Postmaster General in answer to the Honso resolution of December fl, with the namee of the post masters removed between the 28th of July, Hoe, and the 0tb of December, 1M6, with the reasons' for the re. m?v*1 of the new appointee* ? From the secretary of the Treasury relative to salary tax on clerks to postmasters. Referred to the Committee | on Waya and Mean* qra-Tio* o* pjuvilki* Mr. H.ill, (rap.) of Ind., offered aa a question of privi lege a reeolution reciting the action of the House last Saturday on Mr. Wentworth's ranolutin cttargtng mem ?era with corrupt bargains m reiereoce to tlie impeac.b w1.11? PT",d*nt' w>d directing the select commit tee to which the matter was referred to report to morrow any evidence In he possession relating to ancb alleged corrupt bargain* \ The Srnaan ruled that the reeolution was not a que* j tion of privilege, and the resolution was withdrawn. mm istsenai Bcvmnm mix. p 1 The Boms then, an motion of Mr. Hoots*, (rep.i * hair-past three o'clock, went into i;om tniltee of the Whole on the slate of the Union, Mr Boutweinn the chair, on the bill to amend the exuding Utws relating to internal revenue, the pending queetlon being the amendment offered by Mr. Myors to modify the paragraph rvlating to cigarettes, he., so that it shall read as follows:?"On cigarettes, cigars and cheroots of all descriptions made of tobacco or any substitute $6 per thousand." The vote was taken by tellers, and the amendment was agreed to?yeiw.64, nays 48. Mr. htbvbns, (rep) of P*, offered an amendment to JwJSl 1b*5?Tw# 00 lhe "ce" ovtr %u per Pwp*. (rep.) of Iowa, moved to strike oat the lino *on brandy made from grapes fifty cents per gallon," claiming that all brandy should pay lha same tax. Mr. BMir, (rep.) offal. argued against striking it oat. Mr. Do do it, (rep) of N. Y., supported the ameudmeut "?'f*""' guarding against rraud* A similar pro pasal bad been made la favor of beat brandy, aod if the door was opened m this way there would be no end of frauds en the revenue. Br; Hpexir. (dees) of Ma, argued in favor of retaining the clans* He thought that in order to keep at home tbelmmensesums sent abroad for brandy, e premium XUtSUSS,!* ?? t~?' '?? ?JtlatSyfiW Tl "J?*.' *?" jeS?**:r~ Mr. Alusow, (rap.) of Iowa, said ho had been originally lSi!r?L0. i?OW,,,?.lt,W "Mbtll; bstborecog nixed that it would open the door to extensive frauds, and therefore he was in fnror of striking It out. aJU'il <rnC' ?f Y,> "u*"|D*d Mr Price's mo 5? ? 5ff?2 2* J"* clause, and he had a letter sent to !^e.S'lrk ,..<t**k ??? what a pernicious effect the wcrlin.nalioB in favor of grape brand/ would iiave on me revenue. rJd'*"2l,fJ2??1 *4m?Dd th* ??"*?? by making it IS?, * brandy made of grape* peaches or apple*, two dollars a gallon. He knew no reason why any di? 2inkaaU011 "h0Bkl ** m,d* '? the uu on intoxicating I Mr. Bidwsu, (rep.)of Cel., spoke la defence of the grn[ie crowing interest ot California. Mr. mounts Mid bs inMtded to move to striko ont the provision to exempt apple and peach brandy from the higher tax. .. ^L &.en wi,hdrew his amendment, and the mo tion of Mr. Price was agreed to, striking out the line taxing grape brandy at fifty cents per gallon, aod leavtug it taxed at the same rate* as whiskey. A discussion arose on the clause Using manufacturer* of wool two and. a half per cent ad valorem, and various motion of*" amendment were offered. Finally, on Mr. Aumoit, the clause was modified as as to make It ?n mcDufactures of wool, or of which wool is tbs chief component malarial, aod tba component malarial of Ohlef value, two uf, half per cent adraiorem " moved to iasirt ?on aod die* bridles and hamsa^lwo p?r own, valorem " He thought saddlers should bo jifstttl on tho ?p~ footimr as shoemakers sad tailor* IootlB? Mr. Bnorsa opposed the amendment ? amendment was agrvod to?yeas 00, nays 4a fbrnVmE'JSEnJ? tb# WH cover ?? ,n *? foregoing report of the prooeeding* paragraphs worn disposed of, leaving taxation as follows:?On boots and shoes mads wholly or In part of India rubber, two nor cent ad valorem; on halo, naps and boeds of ail dwrtn tion*, two per cent ad vatofenT c daecrrp At half-past four tha Houoe took a reooos till balf-Mst rv;VthobUl being dlapoood of to noar tho and of ffesMss, The House resumed Its session at seven. toi nissriTirnojfxL annmnmrT tinnn sv rassrri. _ _ . ?Alt* The tfrr.sxx* prevented o communication from the Governor of Pennvylvool* announcing the ratification amendment *" 8ul# of "? constitutional PAtmt of fiifc roMPoniD in rrbut rotm . ..y joorvn, (Top.) of Mass, aoksd leavs to Introduce bills for reference to the Committee of Ways and Meana to provide ways and means for the piyment of the compound interest aotes, but Mr. Price obiocted. isvALip rxssioss This evening baying been assigned for action on fifteen Senate pension bilta, referred last week to the Commit {*?* ? Pensions, such bills were reported back hy^tfr. Perfaam, chairman of that committee, aa fbl "renting pensions to Patrick Keshan, E ghty-ninth Indiana Volunteers, aod to Kara B Cordon, Fourth New Hampshire Volunteer* passed with amendment* laav the PenJtou law.0' ?? the provisioM of Increasing pensions of Cha* Applet on and Kenned v 0 Prion, from $8 to (18 per month. Passed. Granting pensions to John Carter, Fifth United 8tates IW*' M<1 ^ N' D5#lrlct <* ColumbtT ^ ?? ^/wyijh rage, Mr* Adeline ill **tb. 8*1110 Allen, Mary F.U MmTj' Louisa Daniel, o? Tennessee, Ohl^ TaVMA ; ^ * Fowltr. CUve mS?i?2tiK5S2e j? 1"*18n* r?w- Bor' PaMed N*w,mryporti *?*. from (8 to (24 per month. Bills from the some committee ware reported by Mr. I'swawn, (rep.) of P* end pwsed. ? follows - Granting pensions to Piter Fisher, of Iowa, Charles vaieaoe, Forty-second Psnnsvlvitnia Volunteers; Ob a dl*h AJorto* of Maine, David Cole. Aleo by Mr. Tatixh, irep) of Tenn , granting pen sions to orphan children of John Paris, of Tennessee; to wm. H. Hater, Second Pennsylvania cavalry; lane H. I inch man, widow of Lieutenant Coloeel Ducbaan, 8ev#rty ? - ? ? ?? lativeeo vehta (fry; ? the orphan couuren Of wiuiam sosiss, wn nno 1 red and Sixth Pennsylvania Volunteer";Mrs. Aievphlne ffio-ftn. widow of Mm tenant 8lonum, Ftfty-slxth Col tired infantry; Caroline MoGee, of Greene county, Ten nessee; Mary H. Pmlth. of Johnson county, Tennessee, Widow of Lieutenant Coloeel Be> th. Thirteenth Teonm &Volunieers; Mertha Iff f?e?r, widow of Malor , Jeflhraon county, Ohio, en annuity of (JM Also by Wr, Vjs Asjiss*, (rep.) of N Y i Sos* to John Roger* ot the war of 1812: to nw. ef Kentudtf? at (W per month , to Jo ng I? ^u %<JGTS Ootaaabta, iarrwaalt.g pension of Levi M. Robarta, of llM war ?r 1112; gNmliag pvmsloo lo Kfljo J Harvrv, widow of Faynasur Harvey, United Htate* Navy; lo Mrs. BruoKiioe Becker, widow of Capuun Heeler, Twon ly-fourth Illinois voluuteera; lo Mrs. Nancy Hiulua. ?loo by Mr. Hawtkk, (rem of Win, graniing pensions to Mm. KliaabeUi Htuiey, of Clnciuuati, Obio; Captain Puiiel Mi Maiion, Twentieth New York Slate Militia; I'll on me Glasgow, of the war of 1812. to daw troiu Uie 4th or March, lsdl. Paused. ?loo by Mr. Bsaj-isi*, (rep.) of Ma, granting pen aiono to Virginia G. Wilson, widow of Uapluia George W. Wilson, Becond Maryland Voluuteera; to Mrs. Mary Hosea, Car bonds*#. Pi. Parsed. Also by Mr. Ijutwi. h, idem.) of Tena. granting pen sions to iiarid B. Cliainpiou; Mrs. Rachel McCleliau. of Ohio, giving her back p-nslnn; Jamea Riddle, of ltow York, late ol' Kighlh United .Stales inlaoiry; Olivia W. Cauaoo, widow of Midshipman Cannon, Mikon Vel xy, late of One Hundred and Fourth New York Volun teer-, giving him bark pension. Passed. Mr. 1'khmam, (rep. i of Maine, reimrted bank adversely the ran ale bill for (bo relief of Ward B. Burnett, of New York, which was laid on the table. The reports of the commute* on Invalid Pensions being lit us disposed of, si a quarter lo nine o'clock Mr. P. KtuM. in the name ol the soldiers widowa and or phans, thanked the House for It- action. tuk tax BILL. The House then went into the Committee of the Whole on i lie Stele of the Union, Mr. Boutwetl in the chair, and resumed the eonsideration of the Tax but. Mr. Wiiliam*. (rep.) of Pa., moved to strike out the paragraph io amend aecllon one hundred and three of lb# art of the 30th of Jane, 1864, by sinking out the words "until the 30th of April, 1WIT. H The effect of the para graph is h> remove the limitation of time on the rtghi of railroad and steamboat companies, 4c., to add lbs tax to their rates of fare. The effect of the amendment offered by Mr. Williams is to terminate that right on the 30th of April next Mr. Williams explained that his amendments would carry out the principle established by this committee in reference to xaa companies. Mr. Woopbkitmib, (rep) of Vt, and Mr. Dana, prep.) of N. Y.. opposed the amendment The vote wan taken by tellers, and presented rather an amusing scene, in the active efforts of the memoera who weru fr endly to the railroad Interest to induce othorn to vote against Mr. Williams' amendment. There was so much excitement and confusion, and there were ?o insiiy changes of votes, that there had to be a second count, which resulted in the defeat of the amendment by ?? to 51. Mr. IIoupkh offered an amendment, the effect of which is to relieve ferryuoats of the lax of three per cent and to sutyect them to the same tax as steamboats, two aod a half per cent. Agreed to. Mr. Allison, (rep. j of Mass., offered an amendment, the effect of wbich would be to compel street railroad companies to sell on the care packages of tickets with out adding on the tax. Rejected. A discussion arose on the paragraph to amend Schedule B, in relation to stamp duties. Several propositions were made to modify the paragraph, and explanations were made of them. Finally, on motion of Mr. Diwafe the entire paragraph was stricken out, leaving schedule B as in the pre-enl law. Ou motion ol Mr. Spaldikci, irep.) of Ohio, receipts for the payment of money were exempted from stamp duly. Stamp duties were also removed fro* all legal docu ment", affidavits, probaies of will#, ha, where the value of real and personal estate doe* not etceed $1,000; ap plications for soldlei*' bounties, peusions, ike. The ? ommitlee rose at ten minutes past ten o'cUx k, and the House adjourned. BREECH-LOADING ARKS. Sfrnn4 Dar'i Experiments--The Gray* Pi(*i Speirrr, Miller. Jtrrdan, Hiibbcll a ad Mel?a Brreeh-I.oudrra Tratrd. The board of officers for testing (Ira arms n day, at ten o'clock, pursuant to adjournment, following named guns were tested ma gr>v 01 s. On the drat trial of this gun ninety-nine abota v.? fired in eight minute*. later in tbo day eight abota were Ored in liriy-flveseconds, of which number seven* the target. I'pon ih- eand test being applied U a? worked the earns as before, and did not seem to be affected by it. It* penetration was in the twelfth Board, ma pawk (aaCAUsal. This Is a repeating rifle, with tbe magazine under the barrel. It Is somewhat like tbe Winchester ride In that respect, and, like it, is too complicated. Twenty shots weie Ored Iron this gun In one and three quarter minutes, using the matazioe loaded with seven cart ridges at each charge. res kpimw* arris. This was tbe third gun tested. It fired ninety-nine ehota In eight minutes and twenty aeooodr. Atterwarda i nine shots were fired in one minute, of wbteh number seven struck the inaide of the target. Tbe send teat wen applied with suoceaa This weapon la a recent impressment on the Breech loader of the same name, which has been adopted by tbe United states government for altering Springfield rifles. It la very simple in its construction and poaaamas n powerful ejector. On yesterday it was fired by a gentle man who was not an expert, and ninety-nine abota were fired in Six minutes and twenty seconds. Afterwards seven shots ware fired for accuracy In one minute, ef which number ell entered the target. Its penetration wea through tbe eleventh board. TBS Bt'HBKLL. This la an alteration (Vein a muzzle loader, and m aomewhat novel 10 its construction. On the trial for ra pidity It fired one hundred rounds la thirteen mlouten and thirty-two seconds, bat this slow action was staled to have been caused by the fact that the party filing waa not an expert. The cartridges us*d not being lubricated tbe gun touted rapidly, thus testing the strength of lb# breech piece and barrel to tbelr fnileet extent, and sat isfying tbe board that tbe weapon was strong aoongb for all practical purposes. On the teat for accuracy eight shots were fired in one minute, of which three ah the target, the gun being fired by a gent never before handled U. Its peoetretloi the eleventh into the twelfth board. me mil: ea mnjl Ninety-nine ehota were flrsd front this gwn in nine minutes and twentv-aeven seconds. With a hardened ball It pern-:rated fifteen boards, but with a soft bell (the regulation ball) It only p netrated eight boards on the first trial and nine on the second. The send test win applied successfully, the gun working the ansae as befhra. ran MBo-' riujl This breech loader is an alteration, end differs from ell others in its construction. It flrod 100 shots In ftos mlnntea and forty seconds, part of the time being Uod down, and afterwards from the sboalder. On the test for accuracy being applied, sals an shots ware fired is on# minute, of which number ail so tared tbe Inside of the target. lis penetration wna through the eleventh board. While the gm can be fired with much rapidity, it Is not simply con structed, nor does It possess the . strength of many of tha others. It la quite com plicated, being made of several swell parta^bsch of which nre exposed and iisble to accident nt any mo ment yesterday, after thu gun bed been Ored one hundred times It became so hot that the wood work ol der tbe Barrel partially bdrned, end time had CB he given for it to ccvL now -ran onus ass isauzu Tbe tests of the guns nre for rapidity of fire, accuracy, strength, pen straiten and reliability. While ell tiaasln tug boards per W* tha gun in be tied up when flnof fbr rapidity, we do JMI think it a fair test tMdtsn flew are shf* * *? " should he fl impossibly _ ^ when It Is tisd ep, therefore the national rtfiSL which was flrsd fri* the shoulder at the rate ef 100 i shots In seven mlm.*'* ?nd thrso-qnastera, 4M Better than the Empire, whi vh waa Ued up and fired tbe mat# number In four minute *d forty aeooads. In factJUbe National is the best cnt new gnn yet experlmeatad with before tho Board An the tyfeg up la moreir a matter of choice on the pe * df the nraniMtoia, It woe Id be well if they imiietad tt a example sf the ownnra off the National and have u>. Nr waepons Ami from tha , shoulder. The follow tag ITth^^ti jTsleet: amy* ' ?i '"**? ? Herden...... 11 2 Hubbeil 11X "? llK Board desires tbetths p "ties a xterSag guns'win be present to-morrow (Friday) at the Arsenal, for the PJ"Toeeaf taking their guns to piecss andexplalnlag ?h*lf different merits, and the clalsm pu I <a again; an may <desire* Thiala iajjM-rat)?t,"ss#tj ha hoard wSS also of explaining auch parts of their i probably hold no more meetings, tha ml* having been nearly all tested. After cooclsding the test of the M ^*| adjourned until ten o'clock this NEWS FRO* FORTRESS fc OUR FMTK8 MMOE Arrival ef tha I'sltfd Marcs ts?( Nartherwer-ltra Is NarfWIIi- Gaverwaseat Traaps Meat ta Manth tar alias, dke. Fortran* Mormon, Ihk 1% lfiBV. The United fitaim rwvsnua cotter MarthfitMr asnaai thh afternoon. 8bo left Baltimore yesterday, put late Annapolis, sad last night anchored at the mouth of the I'ataxeat river. (Coming down|MM bwjqte day she henrded | several vsmeta bound far Haiti more, Ml norther hart any news of importaeoe ta eommunionte. After visitiog tha Norfolk Navy Yard ta-marraw tha Morthasnar will eruwa sp Urn hny Bad about tbe rapes until the Nemaha reports here again far duty, which la expected within two or three days A fire oosarred lam evening in Norfolk which deetrwyed n building and peri laity consumed two others **WV# ?j program waa stayed. The baildtng homed, Vo. ? Chnrah street, was occupied as s stwie store sod cabinet manufactory, and was uninsured This time there wes fonenatety plenty of hone, and the new steam firs en- . glee render* invaluable service . , The detachment of mcr tits for the United ????*? '? fantry arriving on the steamer Hatfre*from New York I have gone south ever the North* end Weldon R-tlce*. Their demtnettea Is Sleuth < ami lea A rain storm set in this evening, wltti wled eonth'wj ueelng the mulcatiom of a jwotracted mm, eettinf em mis era oomlag in for shelter. ' ?s "Mt a am mm. an SSttffiWS&gsgr