Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. OLE NO. 11,133. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 22, 1867. _ PRICE FOUR CENTS. FBRMNJIL. t IK?I URVD KK(lH run*. 8UNDAY. MEET MB J\ knonati \> i Cridtjr1 n?nlu|. 8 BRBvmr OOI ONBI. B. J. STRANG, A. g. M., WILL |i1?mi nail at the Quartermaster's office. 18 Slate il. "|)MrtA>H?RK TO-DAY AT I, IE FLBA&ANT. CORKER 11 iM and Broadway, carry Id band a yel low swselcpe. J t. BOMB ATI ON WANTED?Of JAMBS MALOY, A NA )w of Mm perish of Htraaorleu, oounty UonrpL lr? aaad B yearn: whan laat seen bo waa in Brooklyn. N. uftirmetlun of him will bo thankfully received by hta wlstex, BiWgai Uakiy, 41 Bkillmau street, Brooklyn, N. Y. California ytpwi please copy. _____ INFORMATION WANTED-OP MARGARET GALL, who let t Cold Spring, N. Y., two rears ago for . ma la anpponed) Sew York cltv. Any information with reasnl to her wot Id be gladly received by her brother, .lonn <Hul, *11 ford, Goao. IK JOfiKKH FKKHMS, Of NEW YORK IS LIVING, or baa died leaving heirs, they will hear or something io ?heir advantage by sending their address io K. M. Car*. Port Richmond, Slat en Island. N. Y. r THK GENTLEMAN WHO GALLED AT 79 GRAND street for a famished house will call again be will bo M M IF MRS. FREDERICKS. FORMERLY MRS. WRNT worth, who boarded in 8L Mark's place some two years ?cu, will please send hey address to Mw.W. M. S., station D, Mew York, *he eait hear of an old friend. ^ ^ 188 CARRIE DOW, OF BOSTON, WILL FIND A letter for her at station D, Bible House. MAR1R SCBARKKR, or HE SHE DARMSTADT, IS ' requested to call at No. 3 West Baltic street, Brooklyn, to hoc Bab-'t; W'irtemberger. RS llARRIB L"??0!r-A LETTER AT STA tlon G. MB. O. D. B WILL PINO A LETTER IN TBI FONT to decide biui to recommence bis afternoon French Imwoiih. KRENG11 TEACHER, Broome si rem. NOTICE.-IF JOHN CLLLEY, WHO RK8IDED AT Motley. Staffordshire. Kngland. and man led Diana Sltedt iu 18G1. and left Motley In 1863, will apply to the Rev. V Wn.?nn, Motley Parsonage, near Wednesnnry. Stafford shire. on or before the 16th of March next, he will hear of aomctbing to bis advantage.?Dated the 2hl day of Jauuary un. THE GENTI.KMAN TO WHOM THK NIGHT WATOH ?nan at the New Haven depot gave tbe wrong Mult' la.1 Thursday evening (14th i, will oblige the owner by sending il to 10 last Fourteenth street. 146. -FRANK, I WILL GALL TO-DAY, 4 P. M. NO. 40 LITTLE MAC. MATIkinOMtAf <? A GENTLEMAN OK MEANS DESIRES TO MAKE TOE acquaintance of a young lady not over 20 with a view to Matrimony. Address, In ronlideoee, Eugene, Herald office. A N KLIGIBLL BATCH L Loll OF THIRTY W1RIIK8 J\ the acquaintance of a lady. View, early fnatiimony. Address Salic ro, llsrald office. LOST AND FOE NO. LOST-A COMMOTKR'N TICKET ON THK ERIE Railway Co., between Paterson and Long Dock, in name nf the subscriber. Any person returning same will to sul'abl? rewarded. JOHN CAMPBELL. No. 7 Broad street. T OBT?NOTE NO. 1,75b OF JOHN WILLIAMS A CO., ?j In.wn to the order of Jcsee West; 936i 63; dated Peh. Hi 1867; one month. A!! parties are forbidden negotiating ?aid note, as payment lias been stopped. LOBT?ON TO BSD AT KVEMNA A MINK Fl'R COL lav. $10 will be paid for ha return to O. D. McClaln, W Bprlng street. T 08T-$li6 BO IN liBGAl. TENDER NOTEfl THE XJ bnder will be liberally rewarded by learfcg them at 230 Brood way. Loirr?on* doeen botti.rb ok simpson'S cob eentraled Rstiaci of lilt-a-Oaa. The under wlU be suit ably rewarded by returning the tuuae to Ibe factory, 141 Meoderaoe etreet, Jersey city. No question* ashed. T OFT--ON THE KVKNTNG OK THE 26TH INSTANT, XJ while l4M.fiu? Kibio'a theatre, a lade'a Valenciennes Uee Nee It ha nd kerchief. A suitable reward will he Mid by * ?[ It with Mr. Taylor, In the saloon !M (I rauil atreel. Loft?a king ( slut, white hrkast, strayed from 3K Fourta|evcuiie. Any one flnoiuf i.he eaaae will reeelte a liberal reward by applying at MM Fourth r BROKERS AND OTHERS.?DOST, ON THE Will ef September. 1864, one 1Julted Slate* ft 20 Bond. tSW: Me. 64S-8U of the 4th aerie*. The tinder will be liberally re warded. and no eneMlnna anhed. by addrwaalng Peter Fin wey, MB High etreet, Brooklyn, an payment baa been ? .upped. RJKWAKUS. (IB REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THB RETURN wJLU to 64 Raal Nineteenth street of a Blank and Tan IWrtcr, loeton Sunday, Feb. 17. Had on a braascoilar, wi'b en nor'* heme ead aleMe number. (1A ?TEH DOI.I.ARS REWARD WILL BE PAID 91V. /or the return or the Papers tahen from the pocket ef the gas tie man on a Math avenue ear on Wedneaday evealug; Urn wateb and ehatn may be retained. Tbe papers ?ae ef no vaiwe et<-ept te tbe owner, et 4<W Greenwich street. Mj "SlSwARD BRIO! P. U OLMftTKD. (1C REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED? wiO For the return ef e pair of yellow ker ?> Horse Blankets, with bine Gripe around the edge: Ion on Monday af tern eon, Feb. IE Bring lo 1'larendon Hotel ul?r. (CA REWARD With HE' PAID ARI* NO Qlt*8 (ijU Men* aaked. to any person thai will return 64 I pen Duelers b? Urlesstnan Bros A iloSinan. 18 Warren Mreel, ?r Van Riper A Fog. W Wed Furty-tlnrd atrvni. on tbe eorner of Read* atroet and B.oadwav, ou tbe Slat tn*t ? /I A/1 REWARD. -srol.KN FROM LOUIS ANHIt'H . (t'/U 7XJ Broadway a ainglo atone Diamond Fin, weighing about lire curate, with a blank apot in tbe centre. Pawnbroker* and loan olfli-er* are requested to -Ion If. Whoever wilt bring it will receive the above reward and ne eueeMona aakeil. (r/ut reward -mtolkk, on the evknino of W>? )UU Feb. 20, 186C. ona Ladlea' Gold Welch. 16.74't: one eetef Dlaihoud Btuda, tneethrr with other Jewelcry. Are ward ef fW will he paid for the reeotery ol the shove, or any part >o proportion, by addressing A. f. H., Herald ngler, and no question* aaked. #1 AAA REWARD -A I.1BKK Al< REWARD WILL ?JL.v/vrvr he paid for secret information regarding rob bery. forgery, emnvrzlemetit fraud, urim. con. and every ayaaea of nuaallty. Bureau of Information, Ion Kulioo sweet, where all diaboneatv la alfied for parties iutwe-ted AAA hkward will be paid for the deter,Wn of tbe peraoe wbu procured tbe as11Igi slbis ol a furgsd check af T. L. Tat lor A Kurd tin Maaoeor Haitocs.Bank. for Applv at he ftPKMAI. AWirEa, fit AIR FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE SUNDAY N47HOOL F ef the Vbersh Of the Keanvrectiun, on Friday and Mater Bee, Mhtoary 36 eed A, at tbe Harvard Room*, Sitlh are. MM ead Ferty-aecond street. Admt-?ton ut Tableaui. Friday si si eg. at H o'clock, an caste eObTRUN RhUKr fid*MISSION.-A MEETING 4?F U mia Cornellaslee will be be Id on Saturday. at I o'clock FT ML, et thaw reeem, Adams Kipreen Buildtni;. ?l K oao BRIGHT. Cocrsap ending Smn-ctnry. Recording Secretary mO TUB JOURNEYMEN ROOK MAKERS ?F rHR JL Belted gtalea?Veer tallow wnrkaaen of Mas im o aee sew am a strike. Be set deceived by false advertlae ?aeate, ae the mannfamuiar* aia try leg te reduce our already rK PUBMC IF HEREBY i'AUTIONRD AHA1NBT wegntmCtng the loilowtng pronuaeory note, tbe iratialer 7 which baa been enjoined bv the ( nun or , and trhf h la now lo poasce Inn ot David I A Co.:?Bote dated Jan. II. )W7: made In Simon , and eederasd by William Bruneer A Go . lot the cam of SMM. ead parable m three eteelha after dale. Mm VMS, Feb. 5Tll?f THE HA 1,1, AKANOIV. AKION BALI. ACADEMY OF MUMM1. WEDNESDAY, MARCH XI. W Grand ofkning or res Ai'ADKMY OF MURM' WILL TAKE FLACK FEB 3H. I*.. FIRE DEPARTMENT RAt.l,. TMR el* can be pseeered of the oghwm or of any member ^ ^||^yyt . C. GODFREY GONTHEK, President. BIB Rrmdwsy. Jtwm f. Wemtan, Heceetarr. 146 Pearl street A. t Dstarotm, Treaeeser, H'u Wall stieet rBBMBN'S BALL?OPENING NIGHT- ACADEMY ef Mnsle. An Iwptnssioa appears In prevail that the claim* ?.f the eld Volunteer Fire |tepartwier\l on the public have died out with that department. !? order that tbe public mar rightly nttderaiaad their pnal Ron, we eabMah tbe following enraet from ibe anneal re tort ef lee trustee* ol tbe fund, matlc lot the year ending We have on the penstnn lial at tbe nreaari time a larger Bum bar nf widow* than et any pievlmia flm?. eumhertng ehoM foer buadeed, who. wlih their iamlllev lonk in tbl* ratal Mb! aeeree of relief In their time nf need, and ?hlah we are proud to aay hae never failed them. Home ef our widow* are aged Itwo died in Mm month of November over M6 year* of age. land have received aid fremtbiafuBd for a mug levm af year*), and we have many now over the age ef 26 yeera tn wbetn tbe re MN.received from ihi* fond las been ?f great aaalatani-e, ead while we have many thai are aged we have also asany ?gm are fsnegw who here famihea of young rbllrfiee atOMSd tbam There bass been more widows added to the aandvn MR during tbe last four epsrv than of any pre* tens ?wing ?f maae length af tune, a Was cumber made a* by Sew bnabandn' laying down ihetrTlve* In tbe defence of their cannier during the war just closed We hare also many aid and dim bled Iremnn to wVuttn also relief la ei weded, and are see tin proaperl of Un* dear and* for relief mid sastalaniit being much dlnonlvbed for aotne yeera to a"?* this report wee made, January I. ffieen widow* n added to tbe pension Bat. These pensioner* ts i a year, and to these who keep bottae two ton* tn aaai aaah thtrtng the winter Tbl* la the refutinsm amount If atctoeaa or want over take them tbe MonatlJn (Cm ttee give them a weekly or rnontHy ailnwannSk whleh M nl greater than tbe pension. The trustee* ciperated In these deed* of c.harltv for the veer IBM, MMH4, for 1MB, for im. 6*."71 The receipts from tbe hall "sat mar wars IrSk We bays no fear Ukat the anm lo betM Bled this year from the ball win be al all diminished in " I ?Biter JtoM ef| IHHTRVt-TlOn. r doi.beark oqukmul academy, ?u? At DO! .BE A K B (.llHBKKIUi At AIJI.MT, ?. Rrnadwav -Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic. Ac. taught pracuevtiiy ae "-ted in the besi New Vora bouees. jjKRieea. cruinptag or trembling removed, and *u elegant hueiuese hand guaranteed Gentlemen or ladies ean secure private room*. * A 1-ATIT RESIDING A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE A oounlrv desires to procure a competent teacher lor a family often children: one thuroughlv qualified to instruct in English, French and innate, good reference* required; to such ? person s liberal salary will be given. Address J. Car ter, Meinpetead, L. I. AYOL'KU WIDOW WOULD LIKE TO ENGAGE AS governeea to go to California, or would act In the ca pacity of housekeeper Address Widow, station T S3 Ml. WRITING, 311 I.I'.HSI iNK-ROOKK CKPING. .A. t^riUng. Ariiluneuc. Algebra, Spelling. $30. There are tboufands of persons dragging oui miserable dbcontented lire* for want of Instruction in these essentials. Attend PAJNB'S, 63 Bowery. orSlf Fulton street. Brooklyn. J,YRBNCH CONVERSATION AND THE LANGUAGE in all lis branches uught by su accomplished lady from Paris, who is now teaching 111 fbe best families In this city and Brooklyn, to whom reference will he given. Address or nail en Mile. G.. at Bancroll House. QPAKISII LANl.TAUK.?PROF. A. DB TORNOS. II Classes for ladles at his residence, *88 Fourth avenue, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, pudbthed by D. Apple ton A Co. WANTED-BYA FORBION GENTLEMAN, an eng. Iisb teacher; one lhal understands frrmh. Call be tween m sud J2 o'clock to-Jay on A. A E. Wallach, 847 Broadway. SPORTIMG. 4 STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOB SALE?PIFTY A eight feet long, n-n feet beam: about fire months old: built of oak and copper fastened, b?s i,econiniodatlons for eight persons besides the crew; is well found in eerrj re spect. Apply on hoard at foognf Easl Tenth street. A J.I, BINDS OP DOGS AND BIRDS FOR NALK AT K. DOVEY'S. SiU Canal street, near Church vtreel. Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Ptssl for mucking birds. JAOK KALK?TWO BREECH-MlADINU GUNS NEW. one 12 s'l ige. ISO Inch barrel; tbr other 16 gunge,Ml Inch, with cases, implements. Ac., complete. Price $176 each, cur rency. .1 PENT*, 167 South street. JjAR4NCIS BUTLER. NO. 3 PECK KLIP. HAS AM, 1 the choies breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Core and Flsa Exterminator. 76 centa Butler's new work on the Dog. $3. Dogs trained, boarded, A< Medicines for ail diseases. JOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT 8TRBKT. HAS FOR sale a pair of Newfoundland Dogs; Mack and tan Scotch and Nkve Terriers- good ratters. Pair of small black and tan Dog's, very hands.,me. JOBT RECEIVED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP BRle ginn and Germsn fallacies, piping Rullilnches and other BonipuKti Kinging Birds. Also Golden and Stiver Pheasants, Mandarin Ducks, Black and White Swsns. Ac for sale by GHAKI,EK REIOHE A BROTHER, 86 Chatham street, near dumber*. hN . DOi.LAR A PAIR WILL BE PAID FOR 100 LAWRENCE, 94 ONE DOLLAR A PAIR WILL BE pairs of Ouail, delivered alive to A. C. and 96 Leonard street. New York. The field marshal hopes to see a good attendance of his friends on this hi* sixtieth annirrr. sarv. Feed precisely ai 2. Manipulator, Ebony Stornis; Pas. site Exerciser. John Davidson; king Master, Crngin: Master of Ceremonies. Bishop; Umpires, Felter and Blair. Tickets to be hud or Harry Lyons WANTED?A KING OHAKLMB SPANIEL; ALSO A a small greyhound. Please address H. J., Herald ef liee, stating price and sine. HOR8E8, CARHIAUEM. AC. A GENTLEMAN, HAYING SOLD HIS HORSKfi, NOW wishes to dispoaa ol the following Vehicles and Har ness at i. sacrifice.? __ _ 1 light I'latiorui Gnsch. curiam quarters, $360. '-oat $900. 1 Mx vest. Phaslnn ?r Brett (light;, $660. cost $900. 1 Ughi. eoal box shifting tup Buggy. $33v eost $409. 1 light yacht hodv shining top Bu/gf. $300. <?si $400. 1 Shifting top Depot Wagon, $17u. coot $800. 3 sets single llru uess. $100, cost $J50. 1 set light double Harness, $66, eos' $116. For gale separately If desired. Apply at t'alvlu WiUj'o Carriage Warerooms, 6SH Rroadwsv. near Bteecker street. A REGISTER OK UOKKBB AND CARRIAGES, AT A private Ml*, la kept by MINER * SOMEBf TLLF, at 57 Nassau street. All person* wishing to boy. sell or ex change Horses or Carriages, shonW have their properly, or the ariMaa desired rcgicti-rvid us above. AUCTION BAIJW AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Vouut squat, every Tuesday and Kvtdey throughout the Y 4 ? ? year, and aiS7Ka<*au street every Wednesday and Satur day. ,See auction bead. AWKLL STOCKED STABLE OF 12 COUPE*. HORSES and all the appointments, with a steady and reliable run of custom rnr sale, fov txtab only. Inquire for particn lars of Colonel HOLMS'fMDT. at stables 110 and lit East Twaaty-ih'ri! street. A GOOD TRUCE AND K1N11 HOUSE FOR BALK.? Truck nan be adapted for two hersev. I nun Ira at W West Houston street. Brewster a no., or bkoomp street, invite attention to rtasiir new styles of Carriages for spring and summer use. consisting efj*haeu>n*. Oaleobee, Landaus, Cabriolets and other fashionable vablrlas: also on view an rtmeui ?r our aelebrsted Road Wagons In all the nss \im. r atrlra. and of the moat exquisite finish. Fersona In search of ?Brewster" wagons aiv reminded that we raanufarture on our prnaisas In Broome street every vehicle we pall, aad have no branch of our estaollsbmont an Broad war. B I'T YOUR 1URNKK" and SADDLES RRKORB apringr nab opaaa and prices to up. fall, examine and compare onr styles and orhea Wholesale and retail rtaddlerv iWarew ? am! Harness Wareroomv *7 Reade street, first door weat of Broadway, N. Y. DEM A REST, BALI. A CO. We manufacture our own goods, and Invite the attention of dealers. No Broadway expenses or profits. CARRIAGE!".-JOHN C. PARKER A CO.. ? EAST Twentv fifth street, builders of first elsa? carriages only, invite Uir inspection o< all Purer* apprndaiing ?.od work. Oi-derv lev sprivg apd anmmet nse should he pat in hand at once. <"arriaues AND HARNESS for SALE.-a LARGE J s??oriineni of uew ami second band family Wagon a, Boeg-ra. Oroev pqf Ma NuslMeas Wagons selling off aheap, at MM Fulton avenue. BruuktVa fcVlR SALE?TWO HORSES. WITH HARNESS AND r HuCus** Wagons; sic of the very heat description, sod si lube fot grocery or ally buatnevs. luuitire at S87 Third eve war, between KorileG. sod Korfy. first streets. In pi oriskm ?lorn. rR HALE?11 HORSES; AMONG THEN ARE SOME fine farm Horses ami work Horsss of nvsry deacrty tton; also one, t> years old, $40, la consequence of a hurt, and a splendid blind Mm-ae. *l New Chamber* street For kai.k?a vine ray horse, i.v, hands bleb, hi fn> anv boslneas; aold for absolute want of use; prior $??'. Apply to Mrs. KIJ.LOKAlt, 47 West Twenty-seventh street I NOR BALE-AN ELEGANT RRKTT, MADE BT ' Brewster AOo. Broome street; but. little used. To be seen at the private ?ahic ia East Thtrtv-seciwid street, from ? A. K hill' V. ftoh SAI.K HORN*. TRUCK, HAKKKSR AND WORK, 1 also Ma "ic Pvami tov *lgui hotel nod wagona to let. Im uiieof I* N K.ERNIK. Mllacv'uof&l street. IjVfSN KAI.F-A I.AFUK DOUBLE SLEIGH tSECOND ' hand). >'an be MM at -table in Twenty-eHlh street, sot btensi nsrncr of Thi'U avenue. F ?1|)R SALE-TEN PAIR OF FOUR FOUTCaRTOR I truck Wheel. - moailr m? heavy tire. Will be sold cheap Call si *.'? and 367 l'esrl *L. hssement. ^ JAMK8 E. BROWN. litOR BALR t MKAF-A BRETT IN GOOD RUNNING 1" order. Inquire of .HlH* A Mil,PS, stable, fit West Nineteenth slre-i; would suit a hsekmsn.. DOB SALE CHLAP-k COACHRs. I BRRTT. 1-EX prcsa Wagon, font seta Coaeh Harness, four Horses; - bangs for bur-ea. tht" at Fifty-fourth street and or ev.-hangs Third avenue. Private stable? above ground;, bp west r igliteenih street, to rent from Ms) I; priee fffiun Ap ply at Ml Krent s'reet. s1 K7 JLRIGHN KGB RAI.l .?ONE LAKIiR RXPRESS, ONR two bursa, for carman er grocer: one single, for eaj-man or arooer; otir -ingle, pete sail shafts, far eannao or grocer. hs sold to-usy. ROBINSON. 4M2 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn. CM.KIOHS AND CARRIAOKK. SRYRN SLEIGHS TO BE O s<d<l ? In-ap, te closes conegnment; lb l 'srrtsges. Igff sets Harness I.IHIt straps Bells J. WITTY. dfib Hmadwav. tteur Blrwksr street. STABLF.M TO I.BT?II VFffTRY STREET; IblU BEAK of V Bond street, entrance on Bleerker. Also 14A Last Thirty.sntb street J. U BAILEY. HI Fifth street rno BK Mil D OR I At HANOKD FOR HOR9RN OF 1 leas value, lb find rls.s Horses !r?et the ronotry. ? to 7 Ees r* old, fit fin .-art*, trunks stevednre, el press, or may oslness tVa.iauted win I snd kind Inquire at Ml Usual air eel, eurqer ol Washington "UTANTBD?Firry OR MORE HORSRK FOR HEAVY If learning, low prue<1 Address J. A . hot KM Herald offVw. stating prlee and whrre ihe> ? #n he acen WANTKD?A TWO ROKSI.. sQlAUB BOX BUB KRui. with pole still whltHetwr Apply St 157 West N las teen I h street, lu the sbop. WANTKD?AT A REAHONABLF PRD K. A ROAD Horse, I4\ m Ifit, nands high, long tall, not over nine years old; iniisi lie -mind, kind in double and single har ness, wide saheil and able to trot intide ol 2.411 sddr-ss, mating spen,|, <i/e, pv|i-e. air, color and where lu hv seep, .1. H.. bv? ISfi lleislil i,|| re WANTED TO IIIKK?A COUPE OK COI 1'R HOCK sway, in list lie in gnoif coiitfltion. also stabling for par ol horses snd nstrisge luoni In v I'-UlIty of Tweatv seventh street stin Biosdwst. Ad ltesg M A. B., 31 West Twenty seieotl street. WA VTRI>?AN EXP REUS OR gCILDRKNi WAOON. se.-oad hsml. Address. w?th lewsat cash price, 0>l a a Onrncy. 52 Third rvenue WANTKD TV I PURCHASE - < NINoLK AND DOUBLE Truck sad Horsea for the reed bmMPffw. tddreas, stating isrssa Tnst, tmv 17* Herald off1- e <3'l *11 - BARf. AIN-MOKGAN MARE; HAN TROT *ijt/U. tad in <? lA5t hands, fli Nu aov husloeas. sleigh, belle, harness, robs, blaaknis, whip, k> field srper aie IT desired. Ml -erenlji avenue. HKW PVIMOA'I'fOllfi. riunr. lani.r.e, kiviisu nut TTWK AND HBIGHT^H 1 High Water fee every day Is the year, at all porta In^B United States, have bean published by the United Cos t finrvey Office, and are on sale at tba privufpsl imuttnal stores.- They eju alee be obtained by spdWGUlen to the 1 Bttrvey Offtaa. la Wwhipfflsw M(y Rl MALES AT AUCTION. A I'CTION SALE.?E. ROTH, AUCTIONEER. A LOWE ELECJANT AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD KL'^JtlTURE, MAUNIMCLNT ROSEWOOD El AN I BKAUTIFUL PARLOR SUITS LN R VELVET. BHUSSBLh AND INGRAIN _ ?? TUU (Friday) morning, February tt, at 11 "Nut, the elegant Household Furniture of the tour ettwy J?W? lit CHmoo place, Eighth street. between K^fth Aj Sixth J? KURBITURI SOFOlUjfc, mm* avenues, *magoifl<wnt roootrood Pianoforte, W ftneBii Paint ing.. Work* of Art_aud Bronse?,_l5 Brueeeis >N ta^ralr Carpets. lot of rich Parlor. Bed room and Dining Kgpurur niture, Spring and Hair Matlreaaea, Glass, China aM Silver ware, Cutlery, Ac. data positive. Auction notiob.-all the elboant boume hold furniture, oil Paintings, Bronx*, and Norfca or Art nonuined in the fire story brown stone honae M West fifth and Sixth avenues, at Mri SUteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue^ at wri rate Sale, at a great sarriflee, for cash. 1 truer tog Room Fur nlture. oovered brooatel; rosewood Pianoforte. Vol (ft Oar pew. Mirrors. Curtains. Chandeliers. Books* so, nnanrb rosewood Eugeres. Centre Tables, Broiues. Statuary Jjuf fet, Kxtenalon Taolr, China, Ota*. Ware. Silver Ware. Bu reaux, Annoire-u lilaoe, Bedsteads, Ac. House for I|p. Am LRERT B. WALDKON, AUCTIONEER, W way.?BVLANDT A WALDBON will sell at this day, at 11 o'clock, assignee's sale of imported I Marble. Ortndlu, Cuckoo ana Trumpeter Clucks and 1 tors; also Bronxe figures, Croups, Ac. J^ r AUCTION?nARltlSON'S COLUMBIAN HOTEL, Chatham square. The above very popular and dldly furnished Hotel will lie sold at public auction on 1 dully furnished Hotel will lie sold at public am day, Feb. 26. at 11 A. M. (If not previously dti the benefit of iheoststeot K. Harrison, devee. room la one of the haudsnmast in New York. Cusip every particular, accommodation for *2 lodgers. The I good will, stock, flxturesaud everythiugap|iortalning t will be sold in one lot. Rent low. ? Parties desirous of seeing the premise, ran do so at any Ume between now and day of sale, .tnd any information wtfl be freely given by calling on the undersigned at his i 1MI Chatliam street. W. JORDAN, D.A...S BV HENRY H. LEEDS A MIN K. "LEEDS ART GALLERIES." CONTRIBUTORS' SALE OK KINK OIL. PAINTINGS. WATER COLORS, DRAWINGS. AO. HENRY H. IMBEDS A MINER will Hell b?- auction on Tuesday, 36th, Wedneuiay, 87th, nud Thursday, i?ih <>i Feb rear; at TjL' o'clock each EVENING, at the ''LEEDS ART GALLERIES." 80 and 819 Broadway, routbweHt .-Oruvr ot Twelfth street ? LARGE AND VALl'able collection ok oil PAINTINGS, WATER COLORS AND DRAWING*, BY AMERICAN AND KOKKION ARTISTS, vL AMERIC AN ARTISTS. BiernUdt, T. Bucban Read. L. R Mlgnfu, Ranney, K. D. Uw?, Doughty. E. L. Henry, Kenaeu. II. Hliuvbant, T. L Smith, J. Carlln, Dmrte Beanlieu. J.C. Wiggins, Burling. R. Mnran, Winner, Reuc-dy, Dyke, Wn-.. '"raig. Anneal. O. W. NicbcUon, Ciilverhoo*e. " W. D. WaahlngiuO, Beuaell, J. R. Water* ton. and o her*. EUROPEAN ARTISTS J. K. Herring, Setgr. .Toulvaulnl, C. Be- her, D.llr iih. Schaep, l>m*. Meadow*, Xlcrn. Aimtloll, Joteph Veruet, Koek Roek, \\ ilaon. Callow, K upper, and uther*. The above are now on exhibition, PRKE. at ihe ? I.KKDS ART GALLERIES," until the eale. and two evening" pre* nona thereto. By miner a homkkvillk. AT AUCTION, SATURDAY. Feb 2S. at 12 o'clock, AT SALESROOM 37 NASSAU STREET, BLANKETS. SEVERAL SETS HARNESS, AC.. AC. Regular Hone Sale* at 37 Nassau itreet every W edneaday and Saturday, at 13 o'clock. Meter*. MINER A BOMERV1LLE Oder tunrpatMid ad vantage" In location. experteoee and bn*tne?e capacity to partioa wiahtng to bny or desiring to tell Hornet, Carriage* ?r anything pertaining to the bora* buiinna BY JOSEPH I1KGKMAN.?THIS DAY, KK1DAY. rEB ruary 33. at the Central Salesroom*. corner or Willongk by and Pearl atreeta, Brooklyn, regular weekly tale of Fur niture, Ac. BY MINER A SOMEKVILLK. AT AUCTION EXTENSIVE SALE OK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at aalearoom 87 Naaaau alreet, Saturday, Feb. 33. at I OS' o'clock. H ENRT D. MINER. AUCTIONKRR. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION, NOTICE. TO-DAY he lug a legal holiday, the regn'ar Ft Mae aaie at out Horae Auction Mart, Unlop square, Ijiir A MrMabon a stable*, win be omitted. The next regular tale will take place ou Tueaday, February 31. HENRY FKI.TMAM A CO., AUCTIONEERS. SELL To morrow. at 378 Bowery, the entire Heck ?r Kurutshlnr Good*; the lota are pnt up expreaaly fer dealer* and atore keepert. All will he told positively. TOBN I-. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER, KM LIBERTY ?l alreet.?la consequence or thia day being a lecal holidav, combined with the laelemency of (be weather, tbe tale ati vertlaed for thia day la unavoidably postponed until to morrow (Saturdays at 13 M., when will be offered Him* verv superior Trott!Of and Road Horxw, worthy of a special alien Loo. Tbogary. auctioneer. will sell on satur. . day, Feb. 3B. at HIV o'clock, at "lore, No. I North Wil liam atreet Houaehold Furniture, Ac.. cunaiatiog of mahoga ay and black walnut Buraaua. Tables, t'haira, Bedetead*. Sofa* and Lounge a. Hair, Huak and Straw Mattreaaeo: Blanket* and Quilt*. Bruaaela, Traa-ply and Ingram Carpa.a. Store*, Counter*. Refrigerator*, Ac., i*. Pawnbrokers sale this dat-by iohn MOR TIMER, Ih Eaat Broadway, of 4<B Lola of Men'aand Women'* Clothing. Bedding and otliar valuable fudge* worthy the attention of dealera and otliora PTK. FRBKL. 87 Grand aireet, Williamsburg. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 170 Chatham square. sell* on Saturday, at IDS o'clock. the [Slock and Ktxluie* of tbe Grocery and Icq nor More 8b Mul berry atreet, near Canal; Tea*. Suga.a. Soap, starch. Gla*? ''area flue Counter*, a large quantity uf Meat, Kiab. Ho.r. bon. Ulna, Brandy. Beer I'limp*. A'. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONKEK?SELLS THIS DAY. at 2 n'rlook. at 4M Canal *treel. Parlor Suits, Centre, Kxtennton and other Taldea: t'arpeu.. Oilcloth*. Stair Rod*. China. Clan* and Silver Ware, Stove, Bed* and Bed ding. Rocking, Kaay and other Chair*. Sofa Bed*. alao *0 Hair Mattrea***. 2b Tareairv, Three-ply and other Carpet*. Pier Gl**?ea, Sewing Maehloea; alao a large lot of *ecoad band g'HMl*. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. BELLS THIS IMT, at l?V o'clock. at corner ot Eighth avenue aul Thirty third *treet. Bat and Ovatar Bar. Restaurant. Furniture end rtiluin*. Liquor*. Cigar*, China, Ola*a Mirror*, Cliatm, Table*, H?tice*. <>? Iclolha, with a lot ol gotvi, by \ irtue of a chattel mortgage. Po?tponed from ye*letviay. 4r HI AUCTION SALE. I Mi.000 TO ?>,000 TONH St CANTON COAL ON WEDNESDAY, FhB Ji. 1MB New Yoaa, Kelt 15, 1887. The Delaware, l.*rkJiwaniia and Weatern llailruad Com pany Will aell, by Hear JOHN It. DRAPER A CO., Aur Uoneera. at the Company's Salearoont, 3k Exchange place, isarorr of William *uect, New York, un WEDNESDAY, Feb. 77, in*:., at 13 o'clock, nooo, ML (WO ft I ?LW0 TONS of FRESH MINED COAL, FROM THE f.ACKAWANRA REGIONS, of the usual dim, tlelive;abie at llioli depot, RltratieUipvnt, V .1.. during the men: u of *?rh, 1"f>7. TKRMiL-Flftv cent* per ton. pay**'* in current fund*, or ihe dav of *ale. and the balanre, within ten day* 'here after, at the *Ri ii of the Company. JOHN HRI'BIN, F(evident. PRUPUSA L.B. [ NROTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT.?TO CONTRACT* U or*.- Separata aea.nd proposal*. each endorsed with the nameol the bidder, date of offering and title of work, will be received at thia office until II o'clock A. Mi of Friday, March I, 1887, for tbe conatrnrtlon of ihe following atone block pavement* and newer*, to wit:?Pavement* In Canal atreet. from Broadway to Weat atreet; Fifty-ninth atreet, from fifth to Eighth avenue; Fifty-ninth atreet, from Eighth to Tenth avenue; Vestry street, from Caual to Green wick atreet; Kifly-ibtrd atreet, from Sixth to Seventh avenue; Pine alreet, from Pearl to Front ?uwet. Pine aireet. from Front to South atreet; Front ureet, from W*ll street to Old allf: William street, front Beaver to Pearl street; Fltllelh atreet. front Seventh in Ninth ?vcnu?-. and Thirtieth atreet. from Klrat to Fifth avenue; anil for the nnnatnietioo of sewer* a* follow*:? No. I. -Outlet aewer tn Thirty, third alreet aod Fir?l?re. nue, with braoehee to Thlnv-irst and Thirty???t'?kid atreeta aod First avenue. No. A?Newer* In Taoron* atreet, betwee n Canal and Irnonan atreeta. with branches In Grand atrael. No. 3 ?nowora In Tor* aintet, between Weal Kte*dway aod Bt. John'a laae. In Cbtireb and Kim atreeta, between White and Walter etreeta; In While atreet. between Cort land! alley and Elm atrnei, and between Centre and Batter ? No. A?Sewer* between and Flfty-atxtb atreeta nud between Ninth avenue and Budaon river. No. A Sawar* In Houaton vtreet. between Thompson and ?djrtai; In Cora in an-e and Harrow atreeta, between Rleecker and Hudaon; in Lemv street, between Bedford afreet and St. l oke a plane; in Cornelia alt-ret. between ll'eccker and Kourth atreeta; in Hndann and Greenwich atreeta, between Wont Tenth and Hammond atreeta; in Hleeaker street, b? tweea Hammond and Bank atreeta. No. 8. Bower in Lewis street, between Biooom and Staa ton atreet*. ? ?8 7.?Reuma in Forty-seventh and Fortj-ninlh atreeta, between Tenth and Rleventh avenues with branches in Eleventh avenue. ?I?Mlti and oulverta at the northwest "orw*r "f ??t avenue and Forty Ifth atreet; at the corn*r *'?'"* aventie and Fiftv-fourth atreet; aoutbeaat corner Broadway and Fifty-ninth street: north weet oorner Seventh avenue anrl lYtlrtv-seronri street and Southeast corn., Eighth avenue and TbJnv-aocond atreet. ^ pe pten* may he aeen, ami sperlfl. atloti* and form* of ntds obtained on appli.- iilon at thia office. THOMAS STRI'HKNS, ; Crolcn KOBT. L. IMRKAGII. ' Aqnednet A? W- CRAVEN, \ Heard Voga, Fehrnarvli, O""" *' '?? "O. 0? uoBTToTroir. "gS7*Jwee*i;j elty cf of a no. Werk- for the enbtr fret of rnnl "?PF'F'af tifly Ihocaand

There will he roiutrod "^D four hours wtaTor J122 SS? I* ?*??s tOriini a in# anoroouro for rmeGialrLL L2*? ?*aD propomht tn of the tumgauj. or all cash and la^b.ill!' ' ,n l"* dreaoed to 1*7 W. M Pf-^lt. SS ?n* "d' ? r*rr Spotford TilruSan^f /*Ff a?hlr#eeed New York. For further por?t*n|.n??,irt. i Sj-', froodttor. Secretary. P-mowars addnww W. F. Hamblln, T * HDrsK. r re at den L I . __ uonDtt. CAHPETN -D. RRLLT A fjo Iffavi* " a new selection of Ragl i.h and J WRRRD towem market rates, rorwrTf T^STaiC!? Uhrpeto. at the arsons. iweoty-ltfth streeiand Ruth yoR? alu# ~ Bn Ml UNsI??l.,urATJ'8 ?UU*"BY. March 1 IMv'wl'lV an'.^'''rty or more 10-tO coupons due United State.' Ti^u? for "??""*<'<"? ?HU " H.^VAK DVCK. Aaaieiant Treaaurer JJUNCAN. SHKKMAN i(?ft, ' ~ ~ ? BANKERS, ? ORNKR PINR AND N A 08 AC STSETS. NEW YORK, tana Circular Note* and Uu,r, of Credit for traveller., available In >11 toe principal c.Ur. of |ht wor|d, credit. for uae lit Europe, china.*- Al*r make ira?.fe? of money to California and ^Iregon by urle^ph. allowed on depoait*. ?.A''uKIJT H *'COI.AY. i' Kiiahi !? i ?*ii Auutfonanr. <K1ahU?b?Ml l&yeara.i 43 Plue atmri. N. r. f^OR BALK?A CABINHT OP CHOICE MINERALS* ?adT,dTtbrf,''nA? ',,Uw!1'": ?r<lold, Sllae* <\Ippel? ALBEKT H. NICOLAY. 43 Pine street -mwB COMPANY, Entree I. K?tKIBTY PrK.,'H,>IVII>RV''? at 4 p 5???f" bo?ka will be . toned Thursday. Knbrturr Zl ?J ? ? 5fM **op^D?(l Miifjclav. March 4 ui 10 A y * By order of ibe Board of Diatom A" M . THEODORE T. JOHNSON, Secretary. PENNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. ~ j PKOPOKAI<8 FOR A LOAN OP |ZJ,OliO,(IM. <" the over due j lib. ai'a'o? 'maS.?4! "f the ??'""""'uweslth and .rruin .. r- I ??j^te,ssiuy?,w? "???1 * ??'? reaentaitve* of theCm""1 hy "T ,s""?u" ;'urt House of Rep. fffUtii i ? toe Lourmonwealth of Pennevlrama In Hon il!rr,'bT ?^0dVtee iulWi. stale iwr/IIir'K- j ^ov'riinr- Au.Htor (ienoral and =r?=3 H?S ?wraiy'lnan rnuT' C1'^d)p1"1 "" ",e interval oAlmSUm 1 loan or S r dollar*, and issue .ertlri. .tes of inMrAvJ 8,1 Summon wealth for the s um trau ma ?r ,0< Ulir?MMM:, ami nhttll t)? UMVJthlf rh ^ M?fV,nsr,y"-Kive miuki,iE ?r ?s? pj^sg^*v, dollar* tmyihWia rintT.'nIl'iri to? y9mn; ?l*hl. miMonm of r?1*' W*?*<?? ?ny time Elt?i Mil VfUtts and lviihrr lit burnt jMnraj, hf?<J t?n milllofia of dollar* at anv tim?* ftcr H?* jwn ??iri and withiu twaaty.five %*a Jami?hJal I fe,0? ^veram and but? V&J&Z?tr a . ?s^ ? erml? nD<1 rVd-WHl in ,h#- book wif Him A?J General, and to he tranalerable nn tpe .sinks ur the Commonwealth at ibe Farmers' si.d We.u.1. u .J . . Bank of Pbiladelphla. ebe ^l-imditf"h? wh3i ?$T"ch loan, inrfnillng pramiurii^ ?.?- iwcvpiI m. i? ? ' v. ,, !St*SUrd 10 "?-"?ent ?r the ?? i Vmum), indebtedness of the Commonwealth of oKC. 2- rhe bl<l? tor the *ai?i luan ahull l?f unonari tn lh? preeenee of the (Jnrernn,. A.tdlp.r tie "e'-.l ,i,Ts?m! 1,^1 nrer and awaided Ur tire h>iheat bidder: Prsrrl.ia.* That tr > u> -- W-jxs toUZlZl"^Wb^g'ilatlon. .? the CovWuo.. Arrdito" ja?# if . ireanuier fn.ty i- ev?rib?:, nml avacv Ki>< a? ma* if nf** ?utltori/.ed 10 be issued shall si^e iti his Md whether rhe same .. payableln <"ot rn he hood. Bar t TlVtail *h" rllanT ' tn"te**. ej.suitora, a.ltnlnrarraiors Kuar. ???st?S D^*?r?5n1^IWvu^ ol loan imM brtbetn at Ibe t ime ^ N^bVU?hto2l|*",',#I*,:,,T* ",h"Tl'?l to maT^rHlS^,n^,,h*""" f.?r ?^-"? nf tVe wu.t Sfcrtii^to te Li*?? toa "4? to the bond. hoada of *-^r P"??S" of thle act all toe Sntr mahfih J owt*?****Bh ahaJl be paid oil Id the onler or .aSy-^Ty*1 *n *y? commonwealth not yet dim attar Ihl ?f.tI?F . 52? V a**- -r local laiattoo ?^al^l^Jl^X'^ie.r^' ,hWW 1 -- o k r . ?"?HN r? GHASR Bpeaker of the Hnnae of RepreaetiiatiTea. L. W. HALL, A usutriH the a.. , Speaker of the bar I ate. "h"'*"r2"oe with Urn prs.Vistonaof Ihe abore art of Aa g^traealed pmpoaala wl|[ be rweived at rbe elhoe 01 the ontir IS 2S ii?. ? i 'J*."*'* of Harrlsottr* PeonaylraBia. -jyj-'A * "to?*.. N of the 1st Way of Apell. A. il hS;. "^ I'ettoavJeania State of Amerna^ " m* Marrlaorir*. Pa. Ceilad stale* ee2!?VlaLt2a?,2tiTed ,tr ce.Kbu.sable I. flT? ass." mirmWe m fifteen Team and payable in ftwentv.Are tmii wl,V^?ut "5T*VfidIi5"^,;^r',nr .hi ,blU?2lo!rr,h,enbMi s?x^a,n.i-;A,-rrEa.^i? Lift t">t0 tool air"! municipal over.hre'loloiVo^Iii;'.',.ll'"' '"teod U. paj .nr..n or in ,he wSt^^TiRSli" "*,!r w'""n hliU',n ln JtlllN W CKARV. ? ?overnor of Peuiurtitsiria. JOItN F. nARTKANKr. Aiitlllo. tlenerai. W. U. KKEBLP, a o, _ ' , . Slate Tress irer. n^Tn.VrZ'rV?: Hie aho?e, n...... su.ho OOl"TIILllN BANK NOTES and SI.':riUT!K\-Un. s. *IN If. BRIJ,, W Br.sulway au.l Xo. New sireat urs and snM* all k.ada of Southeru ie-urlties unn hsut Wlls rminph. or on .'ommiasion. R?ferr-nres frsi dan WANTED?flOO FOR POOR MONTHS: MORTGAGE ??en on fnruit'tre of ooe 01 two , |lv houa ? .1 |,.e '""to' M per rent. A.l.lreasF., sist.o i l>. 00(1 "~5L*3rTKD TO BORROW, RIO.UIO TO Ihtesem! .,. n ?*????"? ">ree ye.n.^? ,,?,?? Day. -X" %'/7 0(H) LOAN, on bond and mort. p.*r-to this rtly or Nnsikljn, 'a li^ ?r *u?* ISAif. HON ki. aTpine slre.-t, nsm. Vt .^33;") 000 Tn l,OAN ON "o*" AV'? mort JOll.V F. CON KEY, <B Wall streo:, room 11 A I'M AM mcriVBA At 77?MONEY I.TBKKAU.V ADVANCED OB IMA MONDS, JKWKI.RY. At . OB TI1K NiMK BOUOHT AT THE HIOHRsr KATRK. AbM) PAWNBROKERS' TICKET* HOI'UItT POR DIAMONDS. WATCHES, J KWELRT. A<-.,at77 Hieer-km- ?tro*t. .tpaloiro. At nyhaN's,m broauwav . opv-u ok hond ?irttt. will I* p*M ibf blgheat prt.-* lor ll.auinuda. Wni<-b<?? and Ktlwrwup, or will ad ? *?><?* no the above WlMK AT Ml BKOAIiWAY-I PAY THE UOBIhT MUCKS for Dlamoo'la, Wax-boo. .lowelry, Ac., or advance on ? be acme. ISAAClC Diamond Brokt-r, Opposite Walla.-*'* theatre. t am peari, street rrtwrkn new rowrrt aod Kraaklln square. I.KDKRKK A CO. advann* lib erally At maaxoahl* to no a on all valuable propertr, Walrheo, Jewelrr. Diamonds Ae.. or pnrebaar. ADVANCES MADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JBW elry, Dry Ooode and Personal PracPy of every do ariipBon. J. A. JACKSON, 111 llrud street two iloora weet of Broadway. At no.? twenty-third ktrkkt, pirrii avkni-f. Hofol.?The h if boat |rn-e pool for Diamond", , Ae.. or adranee* made on the aame. AT *17?PAWNBROKERS' TICKET* WANTED -I WIIX PAY TUB H HI If EST CASH PRICES TOH PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS OP DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JEWRI.RY, Hll.VKKWARE. AC.. AC. AT 817 BROAD WAY. ROOM NO. 4. MONRT ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS. WATCHES, ?lewelry, Sitka Br., or (he food* bough). pawnbrokers' tb-kola bought. 140 Bowery, near Crand atreet. ro>-ma I anal 1 op ataira PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUOI1T-OP 1)1 AMONIIS. Watches, Jewelry, Unna, Pletola. ItiatruMonM, Clolhlof, Ar., at lt?? Howery. (tOn -WATCHES, DIAMONDS, MII.VKR ?P-lVrU.'-MMJ. Ware and other valuable* Imughi. or ad ranee* made on tbe aame. at tb* jewelry (tore Nr. II Rark row, opposite Aator Rous*. COPARTNEH8HIP8. Partner wanted-with siatnu. in wiioi.esver Yankee Notion* and Panny Oond* Buaineaa. The houao I* well ostobHobed and doing a aafo bualnea* None but nartier of undoubted Integrity and reaperUb'llty will bo treated witb. Addroaa leal aame, Impoilera, Uo lM Herald ?Woe. Tub copartnership hbketopoke riibtinh between tbe subscribers, nadar tbe roportnorahlp i-emo of Twwney A RRter, at J12 (I rand street, ta tbhi day dlooeitad by mntnal "inaoiit. Mlebael Tnnntey la alone authortaed to mtii* up b<i?lo?ra of aatd *rm. MH'HAKI. TIJOMET. w _ _ JOHN EI.DBR, Jr. Dated New Yonm, Keb. *>. 1*87. AlUin -WANTED. A RMLIABEK PARTNER. WITH $*J\Svr. ?*??* iaf*i antl. ka a woll aaubllakad oaeb bus*. -"tolargn; no rlak. Call -PARTNER WANTED. TO OPEN AN . Aunt Ion House. The adrertteer will for. anwaat Addroaa J. H. Morrison, Herald ?Mi. prod to large; do rtak Call and at H Prinoe atreet. ndiee. stating iatorriew. H P. CUARMB HAS RBMOYBD PROM ? BROAD way te* Day sWant B AnimRNBivn. ROADWAY THEATRE MiMl^lON SO CMNTB. Corner 01 Rroitdwarsnd Broome street WASHINGTON'S HIKTHDAY, LAST BENEFIT OF MISS JENNIE WORRELL* and laal appearance but una of ibe WORKEIJ. RI8TKRB. THE OREAT DOUBLE BURLESQUE BILL ALADDIN and CINDERELLA. Maw Bones, Diwti, Dances and Lmal Hits. MONDAY, Feb. Jb, ibo world renowned artist* MR. ANI> MRS. HARNEY WILLIAMS will oommence their nnnusl engagement, sppeaiiug in TWO PIEUKB?THE KA1KY CIRCLM and CUSTOMS OK THE COUNTRY. Box sheet open from 8 10 It o'clock, and place* may be se cured without extra charge. HARTZ'R TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. MR BROADWAY Tickets SO cents: Reserved Seats $1. For sale six dayaiu advance at the Hall from 0 to A Card Phrbee -hou'd secure their seats during the day to avoid the rpsh at the door. TrlumpbaDt aiiecess ol the "specumdar illusion" PROTEUS. PROTEUS, PMOTEUb. OR "WE ARK HERE. BUT NOT HERB " The new programme without apparatus The Bs.ket Trick, Growth of Flowers, Floating Head and Devil's Hat Will tie repealed EVERY EVENING AT 8; SATURDAY AT 3 The Chtrkcrlng I'D no Is used st these seam cs Special Notice.?M. I1ARTA loigs to annonnee that be has set apari every Wednesday for n JuveDiJe Night. Children hull pm s. (JAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 586 BROADWAY. O The trouble commences at a quarter to 8 THK crkmK DK LA CltEYlE OF MINSTERI-HY. BIRCH. WaMHOLD. HRRNVRD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoee suoeeaa has never been equalled by aay similar org in Uation in the world. New and cheerful Burlesque* every week. Wambohl s new sung. "Will Yon Coinn to Mem Mo, UarllugV" Trouble* at the Metropolitan Hotel. Animated Photographs. Grmhrlnua' Oneca of Lager Beer, hniicv Kui. Shouts oflaughter at the Shadow t'autoininie and the Scream lug Black Cook and African Halls' Troupe. Y7"ELLY AND LEON'S MINSTRELS. 7*1 BROADWAY. JV D Kellll'snti. C LEON' C seymourgali. D E E Allenaii. 1 I CoZypbecs. A A M 9:.? M Preclni. N N Fairies. N 9:3t> N O O Madagascar. II O l> Tableaux. C O IN Ballvt troupe. E K N E Apotheosis. K O O The Blvs! R J, O R Terminating C C M 9:30 M Darkeys. I. R L Agouv. N 9 .Yl N E ? E TrovaPire. F. E Ten o'clock. A A D Adellna Katli. O O Screams of I) The houses crowded. N Laughter every nigh*. CiHAKLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, <72 BROADWAY. / THIS AFTERNOON, AT 2J? THIS AFTERNOON. THIS AFTERNOON, AT 3\, THIS AFTERNOON. EXTRA GRAND M ATINEE. IN HONOR OF WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. A GLORIOUS BILL FOR THE OCCASION, MAKING GNU OF THK MOST MIRTHFUL PRO GRAMMES OFFERED. Notice.?To-morrow our usual Family Jlatiuee, with the funny pantomime of Puss in Boots. Ac. liMFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, r MATINEE TO-DAY, AT 3 OOLOGY, LONDON ASSURANCE, by rns PHIJ.O-DKAMATIC AMATEUR ASSOCIATION. STBINWAY HALL. SATURDAY THEODORE THOMAS' FOURTH GRAND SYMPHONY SOIREE Wll.l. TABS FLACK ON SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 23 AT 7 O'CLOCK. WHEN THE CIIOKAI. sOCIKrY, THE MKNDKI.SSMON UNION, UNDER TIIF DIRECTION OF MR. W HKRGE, will sssiet, together with THE GRAND ORCHESTRA l?F eighty performer* PROGRAMME. Suite In Csi.ui fin in. Op III. mew I J. O. Grimm ' or string iuslrunieiiis alone. March ami Cinu is? "Ruin* of Athens." Beethoien v. i.-i-sohn Union and tlreheatra. nevoid Kpinslt. .i-i.Bl Lenau's Ksust. inas) "Dor Tan it. uer Dorfechenke," ' Mephislo Waltz). Symphony L.ou .. <)|>. 56 Beethoven CONDI iTilll . THEODORE THOMAS . ...IS $1 AO EACH. No ii i life for reserved easts Seats can mm u. ured at Beer A Schv mar's inuslc store. 701 Bruailui.. . c. uberth A Co.'s, wiuaV: store, 831) Hroarlwa}: a Msiyii .'. in ? wig's, lit and 114 Broadway, and ?t the office oi So- , w v llall. s 'TKISBAY IIAI.i TWKNTY-BIXTH SUNDAY CONCERT. Kr'i iary Bt. at eight O'cloek. L C. HaBBIRON. Director. Second anpearaocr of the favorite Sopraao, Miss K ATB acDON A l.D. J. CLARK, Basso. Mr. H. B. MILLS, PlaawL , Trombone Soloist. Wr *M * tVihVmkJrk 'thSmAB sod Ills PULL ORCHESTRA. Tlekets BO cents. Reserved seats M eeata extra M ADAMK PARBPA lit ORATORIO. - The grent desire of tba Bow York pobfle to i% of living singers in emMiiogBUSie, ha* Induced Hi. Harrison to arranae with the NEW YORK HARMOMO BOCIBTY for tbo production of Handel'* great work THE MESSIAH, whieh w 111 take place on WEDNESDAY EVENINW, Feb. S7. AT 8TKINWAY HaI L, with the following powerful cast ? M ADA MK PARK!* A. Soprano MISS IIIITCHINHft, Contralto MK. a BO. SlMJ'KON, Tenor. MR .1. K. THOMAS. Hasan. MK. K J. CONNOLLY, Omental. MR. a. W. COLBY. llaolat. MR. V. L. RIITKK, Conductor. THK HARMONIC SOCIETY, Kumber ng 31)0 voices, and MR Til BO. THOMAS' F1TT.L ORCHESTRA. Notwitlistandlng thia groat attraction, tha prii-o of admit *ioi. ha* boon plaosd at ONE DOLLAR Reserved wests ? cents extra. Tie tale of wbleh will commence thl* morning. st Hear A Kchrlmer *, 701 Broadway; Pond's music store. M7 Broad way; Unllmaii's ticket office, 112 Broadway, and at Riain wsr Ball. In rebonrsal. SAMSON AND JUDAS MACCABEUS. VOUNG OKNTLFMRN WISHING TO JOIN THK I American Orchcatra for Amateur* will apply thl* even ing at St. Paul's church, corner of Fifty ninth *lreei and Ninth a<em;e, or iii-niorrow from 9 A M. to J P M.. at the residence of tha Director, E. KHERIIAKD 134 Porxvlh xtreet. BIMYESS OPPOItTl \ ITIKR. AFREK I'A-SAI.! Tti CALIFORNIA AND t Fttl.F building lot In Newport. California?terininur of the Ureal Pacil.c Railroad?near nan Pranclao-i. Office 1ST Broadway, loom 10. A LARGE FIRST CLASS FOUR HTOKY HIOll STOOP llouar, on > Union place, noar Fifth avenue, with nil modern Imprm rmrnU and thoroughly furnished, to rent only to party purchasing tlie Furniture, valued at fl'sOOt). This lioiiae in now a find claaa hoarding house, In rm mii nl operstlon. A good ? liance Possession tinmediatelv. n KINO A Co . No. 9 Twenty Hard street, Fifth Avenue Howl. AN KcTAHLISIIKD NEWSPAPER WITH a LAIIUK and growiui. subac lotion hat, for xnle at * bargain. Satisfactory re#win* g.ven lor salt. Addrwui Paper, hoi 314 Herald office a profit milk business,?wanted, a gentle a V man having an scnwamiance ainang huslnaa* men or othera, auu sufficient influence to get them Interested In a niOMt ilealrahle ohjeci of great pecuniary lieoefit in Individ cat* generally. A gentleman with ant spare lime lo devuta to this business can BMke inooey. Address bog 4.500 Po*i office. Unexceptionable referem-aa nauaired. ? HPI.KK DTDOHANCK TO MAKE MONKV on an fV investment of a lew bundled dollar*, by ?n energetic | ian. No. fl Pin* ?ireei rnoui No. fl. (?NOOD BUSINEHK OPPORTUNITY.?THK WEI.lH J luosn I'ariuan Upholstery Ksialilisiiiuaot of I 'harles Franklin, Kap, proprielm and estahlisber of this wet'-pav Ing business, since fifteen years, In the city of Ponghkaep sle, on ibe Hudson Is for (ale, a* the owner will retire lo F' .npe. Till* establishm-nl the nnlr one of ihe kind filled up In the I'oiled stale- aflei the reel Parisian 'vie It t? divided into three dei?rtuicei?. with opes reding and Kuile.iea surrounding Fleet ibp.rtmr m iwiltlw itaper banging-, window shade*. Ac : ?e. end department comalus Isee -nrtsltiv, -muter*, 'able i-ovrr*. damask* and numet-np* *rt>?in artiste* consistingol oil peiniag*. ikaBiSry 1 | et* and iaiuoio-d fancy anoils: Uuril dep.-.mem ecnlaiu* willow ami -amp furniture. On ihe luu of llila splendid properly Is a heantlfnl Chine** epenbi, which can he seen throughout the entire vi y. uta ueu to ible building is a hsmlaome garden, wi h a bcautifo' suminar house siir nuiided by statuarv. There are cl-o a brio* bsrn and <iar r'sge house* all* bed leading uuo another street, which may be *epnrated from the front building. This ei ellent business-an, If desired, be add *c|i*rate|) front the build ings, and may be leaved for a ISrm m yearn, ft will, by nil mean*, he sold ailreinely low, ss lb* proprietor, on nccount of ill health. will leave Immediate!- |.,r Europe. Fo fur thei partlcubir* apply to 'Ml ARI.K* T'UtNKLlN, K*i., hoi 144 Post office, or JfMEl'M F PIi'KEIllNH, Auetmneer and ?-oinmisaiou mcrchsui 403 Mali. Xlfrsi, Puiighkeeusie, N V.. oi of C. X. PK,-K, reriuniaeidii inerrhviii 79 We*l seventeenth "treat, New 3 ork. MB II.f.IN FRY BUSINESS FOR SAKE. - RdOO WILL BUT a Stock wnrlh that amount and an established Busi ness A good opening for a small capital; rent low. Apply at JSP Hroadsav. up stairs, or ui Mis* O. A. HTKVEN HON, No. -3 Main slieei. \-inker-, V Y. ARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OF TIIKIR BU81 nes* or bavins capital to invest, or wishing io procure A nr?*. or having capital lo invest, or wishing to procure partners, should call on the Business Agency, 497 Broadway. ARK i'HANCK TO MA KE Ml).NI. V?FOR BALM < cheap, Ihe rlglil of lha territory of New York Slate, for I-w and valuable (talent article, wanted in every hoiier ld. Simple and eleaii to m*nufiicture. Call at room 117 Ixnajoy'a Hotel. New York, from 9 A M. lo 4 P. M. r HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS A (VftOli OFI > Ing at New Brlghinn, S. I., for an axpcrlanced bomteo pnthle pby-ltuan, incre being no pby*i<-lan of that ?chonl wl'hln -ever*I mile* of the above mentioned place. For In formation ?ddit-?a hns l.ftJU Po?t ofline rOIL WKLI. BORERS -WANTED, A MAN WHO CAN fumlan lit* own toot*, to put. dow a number oi hob-a, on an Iron ore propertv. la one of ihe eastern enuntlea of this Htaia Add re? boi ASH New York Poet office. r? nRUOOISTS.-A VOCN'I MAN OP SI* YEARS' etperirnce in the drug trade wishes a permanent *11 na tion wMh an esiabliahed retail house; has charge of a drtig sbtre at Pi e*enL Be-t of referencaa. Address WiUlam O. Itillsrd. Mystic Bridge. ' ou* VALU4BLP. PATENT RluHT PGR RALE. IMPROVED nAN'JINH FOR CENTREBOARDR. Address J K. Ilall. Weaterly, R. L ?lA n(Ml -* YAHTNRR WANTED, IN THE LtTM Ifl'i.UUU. her and Manufacturing Rottoaaa: plenty nftimlier: mill* In operation, capability and naaana onlv needed Ml make It pay largely. Address J. C. W? bog 1,443 N. Y. Post offifla RRLIUIOIIN YOTICEg, CYAEfE AWKRICAN CHURCH.-THE CHURCH OF g5 Saalia^.?lebrM*s divine service In Hnaalffh, la Trtnlty 3S12JS^^3Iw7"'TK"L!"rTF'.'SJ,"K2 AMl'IfCDrRNTI). VTBW YORK THEATRE. AN Manager* L"WU Baker ami Murk Smith Unqualified nuereas of tbe distinguished ami ar-vompl <h. I atrial* LADY DOW. TH 18 EVENING, AT 8 COLOOK, selhv'a Comic Drama, PEGGY GREEN. HetlJ Green * Lady Dim With wings, "Meat Mo t>v Moonlight Alone,' "llome. Sweet Home.'1 Ac. After which the glorious Hiatorlral Burlesque, KKNILWORTH; Oh. YE yt'KKNK. YE EARLE AND YB MAYDLNNK; Being a novel edition of Scutt's novel of that name. The Karl of Leloeater. Lady Don with the faniuua "Garter Bong" and "Goodby Sweetheart, Gnndby. ' 'fhta highly Imereatiug piece will he produced with a pow ?rful cast, Including Mr. Mark Smith, Mr. lerwla Baiter, and the entire company. New and magnificent acenery, gorgeoua dreaaoa and eNeol*. Theatre francais. covkdie. SATl'hDAY, FEBRUARY 28, AT 8 O'CLOCK First time of LA FAM1LLE HENOITON. i Original of the Fact Family.) ('?.rnedy in nve acta by Victorian Sardon Ticket ultloe at 11. Dardouvtlla'a, 878 Broadway. G RIFFIN A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. So* 2 and 4 VYest Twenty-fourth street. GEORGE CHRISTY. IHB GREAT NEW TORK FAVORITE TUB GREAT OCEAN YACHT RACK and iirs.-i i|,iton of a TERRIBLE STORM AT SEA. and complete wreck of a NOBI.K SniP. Tkia la the PEOPLES FAVORITE RESORT. Doom open at 7. to commence at 8 o'clock. OLYMPIC THRATU, WASHINGTON'S RfRTIlD \Y, Fob. 23 1807 ORAND HOLIDAY M VTINEB. Commencing at one o'clock precisely. For performance the ureally at e'a-ful drama, the STRKETt. OF NEW YORK. STREETS OK NP.W YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. -STRnKTS OK NEW YORK. AdroMnuun to Matinee All rente to all scat*. TO NIGHT fifth performance of the STREETS OK NEW IORK, wblcb will be presented npou both occasion* with ILr saute EXCELLENT? AST OK CHARACTERS MAGNIFICENT AND NOVEL EFFECTS. Regular FAMILY MATINEE to-morrow, atoue o'eloek moxv PASTOR'S OI'ERA 1TOCSF. 301 BOWKRY. J WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. GRAND FESTIVAL MATINEE GRAND FLSTINAL MATINP.E THIS (FRIDAY) AFTERNOON AT 2* O'CLOCK. THIS (FRIDAY) AFTERNOON AT 2M O'CLOCK The great auueeaaful military patriotic Drama, THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS; Or, THE LAST OF I.IBBY PRISON. Fnll military Brass Band, grand Effect*, Marches. Tab leant, Ac. Tonv Paator and hi* entire troupe lu A BRILLIANT VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT. HOOLKYS OPERA HOUSE-BROOKLYN Burleaque Hlaek Crook, Peruvian Ballet Troupe, Sleep lug Bean'v. Palace of Huge Dropa. The Coopers, or, l'uo Magic Flute, Somebody'* Coat. Le* Mlaerablea, Shake my llunev Shake, Sally Coiuo Up, Wonderful Uuliar Solo. The Queen and her llealthy Babe, Mr* MeOotvun'c Reel. My rather sould Charcoal, Ac., Ac., MR. AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS. Th*ae great Comedians and or gin*) impervona'ors of IRISH AND vank*;e life Will commence a euurt e_ i^cnvint at THE BROADWAY THKATKE On .Monday evening next. February 20. Box hook now open. ONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?' TUE WASH. I NT (TON TWINS,'' hem alive. liarrox two head*, foul arm*, and bill one body and vae pair of lege, alao the head and right arm of Probst, tha murderer of the D*e*iiic farul "y; together with the magulfleeut colloctiou of clijectain rhyalo'ogv, Anaiorav. Fattuilegt and Natural Hialory . ill of which are Illustrated dally by Lecture* and XlemeopM Views, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broad way. Open irom 8 A. M. to TO P. M. I AST MATINEE OF THE WORRF.Ll, SISTERS. SAT. 2 URDAY, Fab. MS, at I'* o'clock. B> requeat of families, CINDERELLA and Xing the Line?Broadway theatre. BOX S11KET FOR MR. AND MRS. BARNEY W1L. f JAMS* nights. at the Bruadway theatre, open from 8 e 6 e'clouk. and places may be secured atx daya in advance. vv Buntax tableaux?largest panorama in the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Twenty iklrd atreeu Open avryv night at 7; commencing at 7f(. Admiaalon, 60 ocnts. children, 2S rente. Matinee Wednes day and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. I ART MATINKK OK TUK WORBKLL HISTKR8, 8AT A IJRDAY, Feb. 23, At ?, a'ciouL. Br reqeest of famlllM, CINDERELLA and Xing lb* Line? Broadway Ibaatr*. A FIRST OLA Bit ACTOR RECEIVER PRIVATK puptK rendering them uompcmnt to Ml the blfbmt role* upon ttia tugi. Adilrcu M anager, nation Y. BOX t?HKKr FOR MR. AND MRS. BARNEY Wtb I I AMM' nlfbt* and ma'tneea, at the Broadway thaatra, epen from 8 to 6 o'dO'k: ph..** may ba scoured iu ad v a no* TAST MA1IXKP OK PUB WORRELL 8ISTEFS, 8AT J CODAY, Feb. id ?? l>y o'clock. By family requenl, CIXIIKIIKIAA ami Xthg the Uae?Broadway theatre. CRVT RAT< nrKBT OFFICE. at CMIt'KRRINO A Sana' Piaoofo.-i* lYanrrn mi*. tifiC Broadway. Chnine ?eat* for Lady IJou and all hnu cl*** thaatra*. THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. R***' rod neat* for all Brat rlSxa theatraa WiaadA Ac., A' can a'wayi be obtained at tlir TTTEATRK TICKET OFFICE. IIS AND IU BROADWAY. - ? Lady vocalist wavtrd-kor a music hali.; alio mwnl yo tug bdie* for the flage; al?o * pi niiat. A|i|i!) to DAVIS A CO.. Theatrical Agent*, 487 Broad nay. i'lANOVOHIEd. A FINK AS8or.TMI.NT OK PIANOFORTES TO LET? And hold on instalments. at Ui* manufactory. lfltt und MBBaatTaraalY-ftrat Mi eat. S, P. 4JUMMINON AVACXIKII'KN'T ASSORTMENT OP TUK FINEST and cb**ji*?t n*w ami eeooi.u Piano* In in* rtty lortaiesnd 10 r*ni, at W.M CaNIHULV Warrrooma, tit HI* ckrr street. A MtONIFTCF.NT PIANO. WITH ALL MODERN !M. provmorut*. for -aI* lor half ita value, fully warranted. Apply at lot Ka*i Thirty-third atirat. A MAflMKI'"M PIANOFORTE FOR RAKE?FOR J\ 2-To: CO-1 AVIO. tlaoa Parlor holt, for $136; on* do. for $7.V A No '.h* Fu 1 nitui-e of a pal lor and (our bedroom*, at a h*-gain. Iticclr* at lis Weat Bit bth *tradt, near Sixth avenita. AMaoNIFHENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR .ale: ma.le order: uilv'maJter; co*t Cdtlti, for $3DU. Par lor. Cham bar and Mnhu Findtm; a ?aerlBee 44 Weil Suieeiith atraet, near Sixth seen T>IANOKORTE KOR SALE. .1 wood Ptaanfort*. of powet m*k*. will be 4*.|iii.?l of if applf SALE.?A BSAimpUL ROSE vertni tone .Sunt!* A Clark'* > db>|Hi?*d nf if applf-d for Imiaodlately, allM)* Kail Twentieth street. I'reeCIW Pianoforte.-a i.adv. thoroughly comfe WHif lo fir* l**wnn? on tit* piano in the b**t wihool of plnT.iif, \*ill giro l*a*on* to pupil* of i*?portability either at their .' ??utane** 01 her own. AddiW?a L. M. D., Me.nway'a, Koo in can lb ?treet. PI.ANOFORTM WANTED AND FOB 8 ALE. TUNED and to 1*1 cheap. t'n*h will he paid for (hre* email Pu aro* lor beginner*. Me.ak- tanghl by Prof. DITNHIIAf. IB Creed ?'re*i. RinCAIn A. OK NTLKMAN Willi, OIVE INSTRUCTION ON TH* iT pmno at nnpil*' residence*. for $10 per quarter; beat el refeiToet- given. Addreaa. wiin residence. Teacher, bo* JIS lleiald office. _ \ f A SOwN A HA >1 I.I N.MAN UKAtTtJRKRS OF CABIN IT? ill Orgnua, aalesriMiin* M*l It m:. J war, New for*, where mny he f.emd <h* i*rg*?t aaaorlmcut of instrument* of this rl??? it. 1I1* 'viunlfy. Prioea, $7T>or lea* to |1,000 each DAACIAU AI'AUEMtm. Dk oasmos Dancino, At FIFTH AVKNI K. oorner Fourteenth aire* 1. CLASSES NOW OPEN FOR BKOINNP.Its. F POST OFFICI NOTICE. 1ST OFFICE NOTICE. The M" II* for Urest Britain and the continent, \ Soiith*mptnii and Bremen, per Rieamer Hertnaon, aad far Irrlmid, ?t* Oinweaiown, per *teamer City of We*hinmoo% will *ln*r ai thl* uffl. '- on Satnrday. February IB. at K flb A, and at tb>> up town idncee aa foilowB:?SUUon* A *ni H.SWA. M.: Station* C aod D. 7:4b A. M.; Station* M and K. 7:SB A. M.; Station O. 7 36 A.M. The Mate for France, ri? Hre?t and Harre. per ateam*r SA L. ? jranL. will rloae at Mil* ofliue on S?(itrdey, Fehrtwry 23, at f A. M . and at ih* up town oflW* aa fetloera:?On Frl dar. F*bru*ry 23, SUtlnn* A and B 11:30 P. M., MtaMowa O and l?, 8 13 P M.; Station* R and P, 8 P. M.: O, B P. M. JAMRM KELLY, Poatmaater. TUK I.IC1-TTU.B 8M4BOI. /?ILTNTO* IIALL.-.I)R. HUBBARD WILL LBCTOBW Vf Hd craning on "Wendell PhUUpn and Heart and Bloou. I'alplUifon; hear tdl?aa*ea; aympathett* aff*. tlon*j poetry, l"*llng, 1 tower, wonders and uiratnrte* of th* heart) broken heart; influence of dreaa, pa*atiin, nentlmenu. *t#r *t*e. dr.. upou the heart; how th* Mood circulate*; impure hlood; humor*, what I* noble Moodf Ac. IBM PORTA NT LECTCRKR DAILY?TO OENTLRMBW only, at the New York Muawum of Anatomy, (ll Broad way. '1 bo*e unable to attend thene Lecture* Mlay reooh-a a copy by fot wardtn* leu urnt*. Addrea* Secretary ef New tork Mitaeum of Anatomy, MIS Hroadway. OUTIIKftN RELIEF. LECTURE BY RICH ARO O'OORMAN. WMl. A*r ivtfinvn iVATiriin* JHfM \IVORCS8 LEUALLY FROC17RKD FOfc WIEBWy * from any Slate, without puldietly or ?of 1ie*4 looe. Inenmpatlbwlty. d*a?nl*tii .1LT: teue*Bguar:int**d. Adrtce tree and iwnfld* ila^_ *_^ly H. BATKMAN, ?i Law, 1?1 umBiwai, rr>*m o.H. ? _ J ATT AN BROOMS. *5 I Street and Stable Natian Snow * rooms *m mnd utr^f, opp?Hi* UmWtTBB iriVTFf)?FROM 10 TO 100 FKKT ()F 01^ H'R I*aR? Y mtwI Vd Sall, or deed q mlity *>4 eondtllen. Ad. era boV7?W Fo*t "McA *y ? fTED?A SECOND HAND snow CARE, II TO IA V reet l'iig, not to com oter ??x Addreee bl ?re*4 reet. WUh?*mhur? '< '