Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1867 Page 3
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It FRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OR FRANKFORT A and Willlaa llmll, WO rooms; great reduction in MNi 36c, toSOc. per day; fl 80 to $8 per waek. Open ail AT 78 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET-NEAR THE Fifth Avenue Hotel, ? handsome Parlor Floor to lot with or without Board; a private table II deal red. Also Boom* for tingle gentlemen. T 180 AND 181 BliBBCKER STREET-LARGE AND email Rooms, with Board, for families or tingle gen No moving In Hay. A PRIVATE FAMILY AT 48 WBSTfTWKLFTH STREET can accommodate a gentleman and wife and two gen tlemen with furniehed Roomt and Board; aervante and chil dren not taken. Reference required. A FEW NEATLY FCRNI8HED, HEALTHY ROOM8 to let, to single gentlemen, without board; bath and y. reference required. Apply at 87 Bleecker timet, eatt Avery pleasant room and bedroom to let, separately or together, to gentlemen or gentleman aad wife, with Board; houtenew, with evary convenience. Apply at Na 1 Van Nest plaee Charlet ttreet. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN WKRT Thlrtr-eighth street. would let, to part let of 11 ret elate respectability, two or three Roomt, witn Board. Addrett fl. B. F., hot 1,988 Pott ollloe. HANDSOME ROOM, ON HECOND FLOOR, TO let, furnished, with Board, to a gentleman and wife or two tingle gentlemen. S3 West Fifteenth street. A FEW DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Roomt, en suite or single, table d'hote or a la European, at reasonable rates. Reunion Hotel, Forty-necond street and Fourth avenue. A A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE OR TWO GENTLEMEN can have sslarge, well furnished Room, with Board. 118 Wett Twenty-third street, near^Elghth avenue. AT 81 LEXINGTON AVBNOE?NORTHKAST CORNER of Twenty-Qtth street, newly furnished Rooms; plain aooklng aud abundant table; terms reasonable; those seek ing cheap accommodations should not eall. References ex changed. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH PANTRY, for one or tiro gentlemen, with or without Board, run be bad by applying at Mo. 8 Delancey street, near Bowery. A CARD.?AT 80 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, A FEW doors from Broadway, large Front Room with alcove, on third lioor, to let, with Board. A NEATLY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, WITH sloaets, hot and cold water, tire and gas, with Board, at ?3 West Thirty-third alreet, in a private lamily, on reason able terms. Kelerencea exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL L5T A WELL FUR ntslied Room on second floor, with lint class Board. Apply at 328 Lexington avenue. A^m FEW GENTLEMEN AND 'A GENTLEMAN AND wife ran he accommodated with nice Rooms and good Board at 147 West Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. A LAROE SECOND FLOOR FRONT ROOM, IIAND A. somely furnished, to lot, with Board, in a strictly pri vate house; all modern improvements; good neighborhood, lie East Thirty-ant street. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH OR without Board; first class French board. Apply at 4i? West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth areuues. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO GEN tlemen and their wives, a nicely furnished back Par 1 lor; also Koom on second floor, with or without Board. Lo nation desirable and terms moderate. Apply at 96 East Sev ddress " " entcenlh street, near Irving place, or address box 4,719 Post '< oflicc. A PLEASANT FRONT BOOM, FURNISHED; HOT I A. and cold water; also a single Room, with Board, at 44 j West Tweuty-flrst street. A FURNISHED FRONT BOOM TO LET-TO ONE OB two gentlemen, with or without Board. fnf three days at 263 West Sixteenth street, or at Uope's, *33 . ?gJVw?~. A SUIT OF FIRST CLASH BOOMS, WITH EYCEL 1entnjgienicBoard.canbe.had at the Turkish Bath Establishment, ? and <6 Columbia street, Brooklyn Heights, three minutes' walk from Fulton terry. h FRONT PARLOR AND) BEDROOM TO LET, FUR nished; gentlemen preferred; breakfast it desired. At ? 126 Ninth street, near Broadway. BOARD.-A OENTLBMAN AND WIFE OK TWO single gentlemen can oblaiu, with Board, in a private family, a furnished front Room on second Boor, at 37 West Thirty-first street. B? ARD.-A HANDSOME LARGE FRONT ROOM TO let, to a gentleman and his wife; also a good steed Boom for a gentleman and wife or a stoma genftomsn, h Apply at X East Twelfth street, a few doors west of Brands xsay. .."HOARDING.?TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN 1 J> to ii At tod with Board and fMaaat Boom wfaers they can ftod Iks ooeaforto TaJ..: tsmi modm also a few day boarders^sSecT pOMFORTAByr ffRXISHKD ROOMS TO LBT-TO gmartXThi >4 Leroy street, near Bteooker. Terms Kteni}, ___ TAURNISTIED ROOMS TO LET?TO SINGLE GENTLE J? men or gentlemen and their wives, with or without Board. Apply at 806 Sixth avenue, between Forty-fifth and {forfy-eteth streets. ?jjtURNISBED BOOMS TO LET.-119 WB8T FIFTEENTH street. Handsomely furnished thibp ..floor to rant to gentlemen, with breakfast, at 31 West Twen ty. third street. IANDHOMR FPRNI811ED APARTMENTS TO LET ? - 1 At IS West Twenty-ravenlh street, near Broadway, issuable for single gentlemen. \w Neatly furnished front and hall boom connecting, lo let-Without board, t^elber or raparate, no gentlemen only; good referencee required. ? W est Nine teenth street. iBIVATB FAMILY WUX LET FPBNWHBP ROOM. x Modern Impeovementt; full Bnard, id. Bo. 8* East Twenty ??even ih aired, uear Lexington a\. P mo nVNTLFMPN OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE.?A <T handsomely I urnlshed iront Parlor and <loubie Bed ?room"piano ?i?l eat. ?0 Eighth avenue, three doors above IPorty-secoiid "tree*. Stooms at the .evenlb house east of Third avenue in Seven ty-eighth street. Charge moderate. rHO FRONT ROOMS, SECOND FLOOR, ^LET-WITM first .lass Board, to gentleman and gentlemen. In the brown stone bouse 9# West forty huh ? fno I ET-A SOUTHERN FAMILY HAVB TWO LARGE T handsomely Fure'shed Room. to 1?L with Board^ very desirable location. West fourteenth street. Address L. G., hoi 3.146 Piet otfice. Vim I KT -WITH BOARD, A GODD SIZED PLEASANT I^'SaraS ww bhbss: between fcJgfcth Md Ntiitfi attPM". ?A . VT A prusmHFl) ROOM FOR ONK OR TWO T^.m^uU?^n'H^^at Apply at .4 Light gvv CLINTON PLACH.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ' 21 Ku sufto or singly; pviwle tahi. I? reared; ?v moving in May. References exshaagra. no 'rawsr&awgKHS with bath and bedreome uewmnmeatmg, for gentlemen eely, wuheot heard. 64.5 BROADWAY-HANDHOMBLY . Parlors and Bedrooms, from $6 to $16. Meals it required. ' BOARD AMD L0D?U?0 WANTBD. T" OBNTLBMAN AND WIPE OF.HIRE A SECONn fred, Herald ? (JRNTLRMAN AND WIFE WISH TO OBTAIN . ??- - - A atoTi^lyAiplo*V"^y l^fei?^),1 fo/ S&SStoroolm^*ddrera H. TV room F, lower floor, frinlty Building. HI Bread way LADIES. IN A B?re^UbtoT|^rtlW T^l'mosr^ mcderato. Pf?^n^vlTn^d ^.lred. Addrera Board, suuon D. ?*- House. ~~7?__n . ROOM. WITH FIRST CLASS FRENCH IJTAKTKP?A Rf ? mngle gentleman. Location ^7a^TFD-BT A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLB, TWO K r'^b"ihr"rs?&rs.?';r.i's ?h f?m 7 m a^tolltlv pnvate family. Address, with B!c* ogtoa. irajtwo days W'.eTFoI-BY A SINGLE GENTLE* AN, FURNISHED w!3im wtih Board, north of Bleecker street west of ^..WenltT Address, with description and price, H. P., ?tatinn C. ZZT. -mn mR A MOST RESPECTABLE AND WELL XSZJXi jtddrara ho. 641 New Tort Post ofrea. ir month. Open 1 ell bonr J0HR qbBKBN. Proprietor. CHF.RMAN ?^gKt^f *y^2^moda*tonsfoe'perma BXP1UMSM. L a -BVRNHAM'B ^"JRn^'arVTmf?h .".^-Furniture city iitati for ialb. A* III FOURTH ATKNUB-BT btawlkt day. of tea hours Uitt ITlimi for eels. Tor full particu lar* aae ?* ReaJ Relate Circular, which ean be had upon P4rsosal apulicaUou free or nailed upon receipt of stamped aimctsd envelops. No. 41 ready. A CHOICE THREE STORT HIOH STOOP HOUSE, on Waal Thlrty-dret at met. Urea rooms deep. Inelegant order, paints and fern. 4 T 7J6 THIRD AYENUE?A NUMBER OF THRSB AND PL four atom high ?toop and B. B. brick and Itrowinitons louses, from $7,000 to $90,(U). JAMES ROWB. AT THIRD^VENCE -FOB 8ALE-THE MOST drairable unimproved corner on Third avenue, via., the northeaal corner of seventy-*eoond aireet and Third avenue, alee 76.8i? on avenue by SS.A feci on street. JAMES ROWS. A TWO STORY AND HIOH BASEMENT HIOH 8TOOP IIoiiae (19x1001. No. 8 Holyrood place, Eights-third aireet, between Second and Thud avenues, for aale; contain? eight rooms. fa* fixtures, marble mantels, hard walla, water: In fine order; good location: price Ji.riOO; terms easy. THOMSON. 1,SO Third avenue. A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE. IN THIR tlelh street, between Lexington end Fourth evenues, for sale at $15,000 In perfect order. UKHi A COPLAND. 410 Fourth avenue. A BLOOM I NOD tLE ROAD HOUSE FOR SALE-CON sistlng of Bar. Barroom, Stock, Fixtures. Sheds. Stahlee and extrusive ground*, with Lease of adjoining building for four rear* at very low rent; $600 taken in nine days during the sleighing season. KINO A CO.. No. 9 Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue UotfL Business property fob sale at less than its value?A valuable corner Lot on Centre atreet; alao four story brick Store on Cliff street. JOSEPH MASON. 29 Pine street. B ROADWAY. Several prime Corner* and Front* for aale, Between Union iquare and Thirty-third street. For aale only '^LVAH BBEBE A CO . 7? Cedar street^ roadway property.?for of the ba?t Lwa on H roadway; will bo ioWI?{ ?*? nriee snleodid marble Building on the premise* wbieh will Kud for ?l erpiratiou of lease. Apply personally or by ? . . . .MA 11' a Diria* aanAnil a# v*s***t DU U'ilU iui ??- *_r "? ,? letter at 288 West Fifty second street. /"YENTRAL PARK AND BpUDEVARD.-rOB^AIjlB. Lis: swsstt or lilbug in. Apply at 119 West h tfty-lbird stree.^ cCFF ?RtLDRIDOB STREET, BETWEEN ^^"^DwelU Pi Delanoey streets-Three slory h gh stoop *J?r price fliow! m0d,:rD ,mPl?To8EPb MASONS? wSLuv*L_ ner or Fourth street. ~ ~ , p fi rst CLASS NKW FOUR STORY BROWN rfOR 81LE-FlI?n'tiJijo ri Jnd?3 West 30th. between L*nT' *W.?th T.YOR SALK-ON "VR^Y HtL^^Hj^^ CLASS apply to fl O^IK RM ORG AN. No. a Fine .treat. OR SALE?T1IE FRAME HOUSE AND j** ? P TwentT-cightb street; House on rear: lot *81 eet 4 incite* by 98 feet 5 inches. Inquire on the prcinlae*. ."H>R HALF?H aVDSOME BROWN STONE FOUR F i^i^ R^idence, best pert Second avenue, J"***" unfurnished. For term* and permit* apply at K? K Eighteenth street. T7IOR sale-first CLASS HIGH BTOOP HOUSE ^ JLsssfzzss- ? Pine atreet ? ? Koi SALE-fioull! AppljB|? SHOMEU f near Grand atreet. PrlflB r,wu vl ' MORGAN, No. 2 l'ine atreet. IF THOafe TUTf. aafit aide of Sev. fourteenth atreet* order throughout, TlEMBBBBOH, 422 Eighth arenne. ITiOR SALE-ONE OR TWO OF THOS^/O^^^y,. F brown atone Hoaaanon the eaal. .Weo^ ^ U* r brown atone House* on urn eaei ? jj ssisssuawsja ssrsft4f?--r.... irice ami on eaay term*. _ wiahth avenue. ?yin? *Hw ??*? aan guth i 1" f:: S38 * thtfre^ioo ' ioaattona in ?^*5?jS?k n0R SALE?TI1B FIRST &JJJ3 P atory high stoop b?"?%"^ ^d Kl ?h avenues. It n Forty-ninth atreet, between Murta an miendUl nelgh lontaina all the modem SSSXfftS^ TM&FlSC ln*h* >nihood, and u ?od5t*tomer For oartlcu ESfiL .Slv^"Rtttggai"? Broadway- __ irtOR SALE?-ON THIRTY-NII^H WM^BETWBEN F Fifth ,">a KltW "*in"?*tkre??hout; will be aold with bt'rr^^'isrs^ iirt?n co.. So. 3 ?tue Street. Ill? ?nwh XLKNA wrTTwK. w Broadway. >arueulara apply I" _N . bRDWN. 96 Broadway, or O^W. SIMMONS, Jr.. 96 Broadway. |7?0R SALE?W1T1I ^MEDIATE J^rfE^^"^nmon, r great bargain, * splendid tour ??,r? vomenW. hot tilgh sU>op bnca llo?i^, with all in Thirteenth and cold water gaa. bath. A< , amiatr i half a EN EN A ?*>.. 472 Hlallt atcuue tsrz^??:^^?svwjt ! two Story alti> and Ussem street near Eighth rtier. 3S*40. lomUd In AlioonVtwo story high venue; f5^nsel w*tli stable for flvo horses; all in loop bnmmcnt House. W1U? [n Wml Thlrty-seventh erf ??ft order, fttll auj? I 'y. wil a.,td oo very rea Lretl, near Ninthave^ &?>? WW o?m van wao. unable terms. ? or permits. ?r.. ?p? ?/ ' *I 'J..?7J Sixth avenue. ^^otW^rtfrty^nd street. __ H>RS AI. F.?T HE HOUSE ^*D O'BOVKDB NOWOIN eupietl by the jto.ZTeS oa Utw-h to reel, oppnsne L mon ' fl ln,.|iea posseaMon April "KorTiIll'SSiwtaM apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 '1M street .. ,? niifi HIS HKAI SOUTH BTRBKT, ?OR BALE?IN FKCK S}* ? jj ^Mmini. Very cheap SSSZSZSt1 w"V eEVlKcR. 171 Bmrniwa^ > ...svB STORY high stoop brick 'OR 9ALE?A TriRKK 8TOWJ near the Bowery. (Ions* and LW. ? J bathroom, washtuhe, water trirxipremu^ - OMUli mk***? W" ^ . . . ??' '? 1 1 " 11 m*m rtek. **0?" parweulara "apply tlT M ? TBUJILLO. iw? ?i street. ^iTsALR^H^ WEST WRKETJNDNOS.^ AND . Caroline street, sirect to of , ,Uhstan Caroline, ?.?In depth. l.?,n. m u,r most dcsiraW# party wa\l on tMjwmUi _Mda.J?'"f J'? ? lt and h.vlna a wall on the south.aide,bamjl^>n1 d h,?|ng 1 part* wal rt ol Waal i ear entrant MMMWrfiti fsr*.-ag ,OR BALE?CORN HR OF brown ea^HmT^Ap^y VlWACUl'LaiD.HO Fourth a?. NOR BALE?A VERY NEAT ? 'JimSfeirillcfe??au4A>n atreet. NOR HALE-A MRHT { ''i". ^enth street, between I atone trout Houae 'n Forty- ? miM]rrn improve iftb and Klath ?venuer;weUb.iilt. ra>inence and 55,?vortT." A?re- I*"* wtaTTn firtrt rate order; a most Mmtrajrere? ^ m of the beat loeaUons In Now York. AMdreaa ior , rs I)., bo* 4.249 Post ofllre. SpiIxv ?e?6?46; terms easv. possession lat o? AprtA APP'J AMES ROWK, 7hb Tnlrd avenue. ?_ NOR SALE?FURNIBIIKD OR UNFU ?tl,ree .uVrv brown high Forij-Rtnwi, norths *[de, wIwwd ??ot? I ltd mvMU?8* Inqukr# il Ni Bow ury. IOR SALE?AN KLKUANT rOjTR BTORT stoop brown stone House, on Madlson ere" . B^Svwth .ueettjull front; 3)V SALB-OM FIFTH AVBNUB, TUOBRRLEOANT IT,::" s* "tfctl. fiiri'SLA. tiZS&Sgyt D KAI R?AT H\HLKI, A LaAltMF* itoiiw with four LoU Of ernnnd: See river view. BR ! rTotm 'fonservatory, Ae., S.Uchad hheia Addraaa 4.323 I'ost ode ?. "W^t^SwSShSRst.WKtri: eet. (oiTbalb-threb story eramb ith CITY RKAL CmTK fOK ?ALK. For rale-a brown stonb front house, no. MWm Forty-fifth street. inquire on tfcn premises. rft SALE?TWO ELEGANT TOUR STORY BROWN ?too* front. Ant class Houses, OB the northwest ooruer or Laxbuton avenue sod Sixtieth street, <? sod (6 Sixtieth street. Inquire on the premiss*. fOB SALE?DESIRABLE RKnIDKNCBB on fifth sod Madison avenues: slao near sold avenues, cltner with or without Furniture. Apply 10 RUQRNR CHE V'AL LIBR, HI Cedar street. _ For sale?a pull size four story high stoop brown stone Arst class House, on Thirty-seventh street, near Fifth avenue. JACOB BHARPE,36 Ftne street. IFOR SALE-WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR r Fifth evenite. s full sited three story sad attic brick House, in good order; desirable for business. VAN TINE * MYERS, M Fine street. POR 8AI.K?ON MURRAY HILL, FIRST CLASS FOUR story brown stone high stoop House, in perfect order, with the Furniture, if desired. Address X., Herald ofilor. IFOR BALE-ON FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIR. r ty-Aftb sod Thirty-sixth streets, e four stoij brown stone Honse, >x70 feet, lot US. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. fo. 8 Pine street For bale-a valuable lkasb. on broadway, 17 years to run; sixe of prooerty 25x4J00. Full psrticu lar* with K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 itue st: eat. FOR SALR-aOXI'O FEET ON WHITE STREET, BR twecu Church and Writ Broadway. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine etreet. For bale?turee story brick, in tine order; splendid cellar; Third street, near Bowery. $14,0011. ROBERT MAC LAY, 77 Cedar street For salk-handsomr three story high stoop brick Hones. 30x06; lot, 100; In Twenty-second street, near Seventh avenue; with gas fixtures; $17,000. Alto three story high stoop House, lull size, in Twenty eighth etreet; $18,00(1 ROBERT H. UOFF. 77 Cedar sk Fob salf.?a splendid manufacturing prop erty, a thirty horse power Engine, with othei Ma chinery, in West Twenty-seventh street. Apply to J. TRACY. 270 and 37014 Fulton row. West Washington Market. OR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN BOND 6TRF.ET; three stories, offices in rear, Ac , Ac. Apply at 170 Cen. tre street, up stairs, between 11 sod 1. For rale low. owner oorxa to kurope? Four first class new ihree slory high sloop brown stone front Houses, Eighty-fourthstreet, between Second and Third avenues; possession May 1, 1867; prices $10,300 to $13,000. Also one tour story high stoop House, 33 West Forty fourth, street: independent walls, 25 lest front, in good re pair; od rooms; possession immediately; for $2X1^10. In quire of F. PRENTICE or J. K. SMITH 38 Pine slieet. Fhir sale or to let?a first class high stoop House and Lot: has all the modern improvements; on Eighty-fourth street, near Ninth avenue. Apply to JOHN ? BOSS, 48 Eighth avenue. For sale or to let furnished?the first class tour story brown stone House and Lot No. 64 East Forty-uliitb street, opposite Columbia College; in Tier feel order. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 t'tue street. Lease for bale.-oreat chance.?a popular Broadway corner House and Lot. having au elegaut, large frontage, of over 100 feet deep, suitable I or u store, hotel or any business desiring to make a good show up Broadway. Lease Included the rent would be only $8,400 per year. For further particulars address immediately A. W., station D, Bible House. F LARGE, other do S=S?'fffls and l-c?iu?U)n avenue ' 2XiMwiii? ??rner of sixtieth street KLTCH. 418 Third 'venue. Pply W J Jt J- *KTT ! nZ'.'^V <^fD*^eD *rBo Lu*BENEmcT *BcafK1 TTNION SQUARE?FOB SALE OR LEASE A T < W. I. SEYMOUR, 171 Broiiie^ I OTII STREET, NEAR BROADWAY -FOR SAmT^ 5*;'rSMM,iS?ahW "<** *?*>5?ft?f w p SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. 38? clam? uTTied. hT" avENUE^KIR8T ?BSWgt cheap; EwliursTf^S** ,tone Uou*. with [ SEYMOUR, in Broadway. $23,000 modern four story T^r.r ? . <*h rt??F brown Mono House, In fire ssr-jsassTwSSfes . W.ysKYWOy^m Broadway. MPWBfj* heal estate for 4ai.iT. I1 r"U*'rrORT ?"? BROWN toM? MTOVUffi,<!fc!ffwe,tof franklinraw. Apply lo Mr. BBYKA, 1116 Chatham square, New York, P-LIWS^SS0!"!1 HEIGHTS. PIERREPONT FiiroufiK C^M drown (tone House. with or without K?mMn7tmt ?r "4dreM P- *? Van ZANDT, 146 F?S. ?tibSrA CO^'OBTABLE FURNISHED HOUSE rooms, laundry, and boated by furnace Prion 19 ulo^nr without furniture Si.UuO. Atmlvhun^. in .Va. W.wJU, or R. T. LUNSCOMB. IWFulton ?tree? " Md < or j f^thrcesulro Pn2 fcB?OOKL*w?W.M0?FURNISHED gissfeSslssl F?Fnf.M'EKIN 8R?>"KL*W-TWO FOUR STORY .iiS,? . Vcmflnl br":k Houses, N'oa. 19.) and 1J5 ax1Tbiu"'idfihFEr:. Myn]rnn''di"' **h" ?"?u'v. gMtegfefMrtifeiBaSLjF" ON WASIKNOTON AVENUE, NEAR DATES ? Large, commodious Man*tou, rcpleto with modern im. proromenu. e.ghtfuli Lota, .uut,| 5nh fruit ,h.." ?nd bowers, on rear street; deilrable for occupation or Improvement ri. |? RlDEB, ? Ittno auSt. Thri-e story h:oh rtoop brick house Tm prove.nents, Elliott place, *11.000; throo .lory high stoop orick House, improve uit*n is. Csrllou aveii'ie n?>^r wi> loughby; $9,lag). E. GATES A CO . W KuTuin .tinuo $/) 000 -^??,,ALK:;BR,rK HO,'*K TWO STORY _ 1/ * bane me nt, ueirly new, mi Ciintou street, nrooklyn, one ininuie from two r.ty railroad*, lb minute* APPl/ U>J('**rU ?? JACKSON, $r\ ?00 -NO- 61 SOUTH FIFTH STREET?BROOK ' .,0vy,* K- ". ? Brick House, threeWir? ha,*. Ap^y" aborer; W"'W il?d tLle* "?"ule? from farnea. $6 000 .P'^OHASE THE THREE STORY flleM. Brooklyn "? Wo"dh?u corner of F. H. MUXSQN, 148 Watd Torty second i I street. V. T. ?i7 OOO ? ?" "MT STREET, NEAR NORTH ZJ ?JT.yX' ?UUl "r?l- Wllli.un.bury. two LotT a^IOO feat, with adouble three story llouae. couain'ng 34 USS" 7S 2 *?? "~UrulA with all modern Imnrore y?ntt\*'*?winare, on Nortn math -Vmt, ^nTwtBsoIs^ T,rm" App!' to *? COUNTRY RKAL. ESTATE FOR SAL.B. A Hi y^A.PT'!", 'A RMS.?GOOD son,. MILD ru. ?jate. 84 miles south of Philadelphia. Price onlv %Jt Improved Karmi. llundredg are gettliriiL New j2roe?y" ^ AMnm C *" v!nela2d; A FARM FOR SALE, IN ONEIDA COUNTY, N Y ce^?i*wm*?? 800,1 '*n<1l w1th tw? good house, and harn' KSJftSi'iSiei. parUcui*" W 10 *r MM1 r". '?? E-rt AT F.?A iZ? LTSVILLE, ROCKLAND COCNTY-A I ireharts inm rrof.'^f !??d dw?"lD? *nd outbuilding-, two I t^A ?M fruit, living stream. Ac. Price g" SUI. No I MaiikIitPiJ^ ?'? w- l'ark street,'or Mrs. |,DCMARKST, lug West Twenty-slith street. ATDwenmP??Z!!OR 8Ai)RvOK TO LET, A BRICK Urn rlTer for^lleeT^Rent'lSUO*' 0'1 mr>tm ot J.' W. LYON. X Park si roet A T wtTAIw10'-^THIRTEEN HOUSES, WITH LOTS, aFarmtf t?n 2e fr"m ?8,0U#*??l"-on" egrh; T.rl7!l2 *,?. '."tf.iWLl.Mwl fishing. piloe |17 u0u. containing twelve hir-?? g sPrln?r an elegant new Villa. ate poseesalon glren. LaVEHty. BlTMol^renn?^' hlliabeth, N. J. A or t^I/f?8WestNnoboken" 6A>"' WIT" ONE S2^C?m?nite7W^^ Also 80 building Lots for sale Inoni? ^/ . Vt on the premises, or addreea bog ItRlTJt^MA<io8, n. FAa^r1a. nearR.l.^t!'?~imT BD?C>MFIKLD, N. J? M sa.r.ayai.'^aiK brook. snltablai for making a trout poniLThgi SSlL HH mors He* will be sold with the farm If dealrod aeLilS LYMAN B. SMITH, AdmlnlstrmtoTSmlthtoSaT l^^ppl 8. MILLS. ?1 White street, N. T omitatowu,U I.,or B. fclOB SALE?ON NEWTOWN il???| TW nm. 7 fcg'sa^nrS? *H'^ for the summer.' HOM^it Mohqan, no'TfSJZiSll!'9 gg| ?i?MW4Wtft F COUNTRY RBAL KHTATK FOR SALE. OR SALK-A MICK OOTTAOE HOCM. CONTAIN lng ten rooms and gootl wUr. situated at Facto: yvllle. JH I aland, oorner of Broadway and Market urwi; house SB by 96 teet, with an extension of Ml by M feet. lot W by U? feet: price $S,d(M. AUo. If desired. Lot adjoining. St) by 13 feel, fronting on Broadway. Maikrtand Staur street*. Apply to K. SNKDKKF.R. at Mr. S. Allleon'e, Dry Docks, foot of South seventh airaet. Jenry ruy. U?OR SALE?HOUSE, 8T0KF. AND LOT. PAYING 17 J? per oeut Internet; If aold withlu a lew days will be so'd cheap Call on or addieaa ,1. DIMo.N U, No. 10 Church street. New Brunswick, New Jereay. FOR 8ALB?AT MADISON, N. J., A TWO STORY Cottage, with barns and oue act* of laud; all improved and beautifully situated; eery healthy and desirable loca tion; prtee fA.UO. For particulars apply to QKO. O. MUL FORD, 1M Fulton street. fiom lotoX fOR HALE?THE PACIFIC HOTEL, AT FAR ROCK away.L. I? with outbuildings attached. and all nm-ea eary modern improvements. Trim* ea?y. Address Thoa. H. Martin, Crook'a Hotel 84 Ch ilbaia atrret, N Y.,or Ooo. C. Norton, St Seventh street, Williamsburg, N. Y. fftOR SALE AT NEWARK, N. ,1.-A KINK. STATELY 1 three story stone trout Mansion, over 80 feet from, with proportionate depth, substantial In structure, noble iu ap pearance: Ihe Interior Is finished wltli elegance mil taste, and M altogether unsurpassed by auythtug in the Hiaie; grounds highly cultivated and sufficiently ample; pine $ihi ?00. Ap ply to OH AS. A. LI NT. Real Estate Agent, 317 Broad atreet, Newark, N. J. IjtOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-A COUNTRY SEAT AT J; Prekskill, 3)4 cures of ground: house built in the best manner; all the modern improvements; healthy, convenient to ears and boats; Furniture fur sale If wanted. Apply at 88 Watts street. FOR 8ALB OR EXCHANGE FOB CITY PROPERTY? A valuable Farm of 88 sores, 1)4 hours by rail: good buildings; elevated location. Apply to JOUN K. nHEP PA RD. 187 Fuiton street. IjlOR COUNTRY PROPERTY. CONVENIENT TO RAIL P road, ritlu# 93-800 to $10,008, I offer good house, nice yard aud stable, In Newark. Owner's address Fisher, Herald office. (Ijopr AAA?FOR SALE. A FIR8TCLASS IMPROVED ?Pa*?J.Ul/\y. property m Newark. N. J.; large House, with wing addition; brick stable on a street in the rear of the premises; grounds 107 feet iront. 1118 feet deep. For further particulars tauuira at room No. 4 Custom House, Newark. hkal KXTATH WAVTKI). TpARM WASTED?TO LEASE, FOR ONE OR MORE M years, uT about 80 acres. within about HO utiles of New ^to?inKMk^N^<Yo,^4drW' WUh ^cuUr?. GENTLEMAN'S HOUSE WANTED TO BUY?FROM Tenth to Fiftieth street Kmi. Casta. $8,0.10. owners if 1?&*rt'u 1 Ari.?uJ lnfiirra.ttioii in ? latter. Addresa S. B., Herald oil ice. Agents need nut tpplv, rpKNEMENT PROPERTY WAKTBD TO BUY OR A"P'X? \A[ANTED?A HOUSE. IN NEW YORK OR BROOK ? mi. Ti r?? tM,000 to $8,0(0, in exchange for a ?oiintrjr residence of 111 tj acres line lllluble laud, with house, Knoll,r.y? T Tni*' ? ln "r,t eUM onlcr; located In ?r J ? JwrSSLV1^ a wile* from depot. Appij to owner, 7. I. HNKDBCOB, 80 VanderblU av., BVookiy ,,P1 WAS.!ED J? PURCHASE OR ~LEASE?A TWO m. ni. '."Jo ha8elnent House, with modern improve ments. situated In a respecuble neighborhood of the heventh ward. Apply to J. J. H.. 70 Pike street. WANTED TO PURCHASE?a oood house, above annir ?i%c v1r.8tlJet.: ?U~ ^ moderate. Address or apply at 71 Nassau street, room No. 9. HOU8EA. ROOMS, die., WANTED.

A HOUSE WANTED?WITH AM, THE MODERN I*. Movements. in the vicinity of Fourth avenue or Broad Henry ^box^hW H^ffi"*1 >our,eeu,h A T5?*S ?T.?RY PKAMF. OR BRICK HOUSE WANT Add real HMdrkduTHeraid offle^' WOdcru A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE. HAVING A NICE ,P?S ?tn th8 Hudson or Harlem .oad, within un hour I "'?*** York, can hear of a nice family of three, who would iuiIod 11 A* ?t it rent free, for the season, by addressing B. J A GENTLEMAN AND LADT DESIRE ONE OR TWO unfurnished Koomf. *11118810 lor housekeeping. Ad dress O. boa 6,977 Post offloe. A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS AND HIAHEST RE. ?pectaolllty desires a small brown stone front House, eompietoly furnished, in good locality; rent not to eaeead $400 per month. Address Security, Herald offloe. A OOOD SIZED WELL FURNISHED HOUSE wanted, by an excellent family of undoubted respond. MUty ;toon? ton Tenth! a Twenty-filth fflreet, central. Ad drees Adaase A Co.. 1 Broadway. ALADYOF REFINEMENT AND RESPECTABILITY . wpuld like te meet wMh a gentleman and wifa or party ras! hm&9 r4 statten ft ^ A RB8PONMBLE CAREFUL TENANT WANTS TO rent a House In Twenty-flrsl or Twenty.second atresia, between Sixth and 8eventh avenues, or vicinity. Address R. M., Herald office. bE8K ROOM t> TOWN WANTED BT LRADTNO AND popular life Insuranoe company for branch agency. Address G. W., box $00 Herald office. FARM.?WANTED TO rent, a small dairy farm of 40 or SO acres, near depot: not more than one hoar from city. Addraas box 380 Herald office. Five or six unfurnished rooms, above for. ty-third street, are desired by a small family. Reut must be reasonable. Address Z., box 868 New York Post House wantrd-a medium sized modern House, in good order and well located, la the vicinity of West Twenty-third street, by a small and private family; rent not to cxeoed $1,000 to $3.UUU; possessiou May 1 or be fore. Aldre.s Christy, Constant A Co., 36 Murray street. Houses wanted immediately-furnished and unfurnished. Also all parties wishing houses fioin $AI to $600 per month invited to rail ur write. . Rli'K A ANDREWS. HI Broadway. HOBOKKN.?'wanted to rent, from MAY I, BY a small qu el fsmily, a house, or pan of one. Please address A., box 8,1198 New York Post I WANT A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, -NOT ABOVE fortieth nor below Twentieth alreet. for a family of three; perfectly responsible. Address Itlker, 83 Broadway. PART OK HOUSE WANTED?UNFURNISHED, FOR a family ot lour, west aide. In rood neighborhood, say Ave or six rooms Address, giving particulars, amount of rent, A<- , box 210 Herald office. ? UNFURNISHED HOUSE*?A FIRST CLASS BROWN store four siory, 36 feet wide, warned $8.1)0$ per year will 1- I" : I. O II. BENEDICT A CO.. Ill P.iie -tre t. WANTED?WITH POSSESSION ON THE FIRST OF May. for an unexceptionable and perfectly rospnnsi ble party with .tamall tnm.iy, a good aixe tin. o ar four story high stoop brick or brown stone House, In good order, loca ted between I wentleih slid Thirty-cuulh street-i, and Lex ington end Sixth avenues. It must be In a rood neighbor hood. M ill pay from $$,000 to $8A0a Any one having such a house 10 rent to a partv as above represented, can apply to or addresa \Vm. Van Wageoer A Co.. 412 Slith avenue, for three days. WAN TEH-A FIRST CLASS, WKLL FURN ISHLD House, by a small private famtlv. for oue or two years. Address, with full particulars and lowest terms, bos 4 100 Post elliee. XIf ANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH VT out children, two or three famished Rooms, soluble tor housekeeping, la a respectable neighborhood; refnmnoaa given. Address, stating location and terms, which must be moderate. C. A. Milton. Her aid otliee. WA NTKD-AT NKWPOKT. A FURNISIIED COTTAGE, with stable, for the summer luoatbs. hy a lespc- table private family; rent moilerate. Address M. d., 381 Broad way. WANTRD-A FURNISHED 1IOUSB ABOVE FOUR, teenth street for two months, for which a fair rent ; will be paid. Address C. L^S., tan 0,991. poat office. "Il'ANTKD? PART OF A HOIJHK, UNFURNISHED, IN TV good order, below Broome street for a small family, no children, who are prompt and caiefnL Addresa F. D.. box Z1A Herald office. 1ZTANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM, IN EXCHANGE TV for less,ma In German, French. laxtln, Art., by a Ger man gemleman engaged In teaching .n this city. Addresa H. $, box 113 Herald office. WANTED?EITHER A SMALL HOUSK OR PART OF a bouse, uufurniahsd; rent not to exi-ewl $8011. Pay ment o rent In advanoe If preferred. Addresa box 78, ata lien D. WANTED TO HIRK-FOR BUSINESS PURPORKH, A one or two atory Building, with lot adjoining prefer red: above Grand alreet and below Houalnn, east of the Bowery. Addresa, stating particulars. J. K B., Herald of Oee. WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE, IN A GOOD neighborhood; rent not to exeeed $1,001). Address It . box M l ost office, WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSE IN A GOOD neighborhood, up town. Kent oot to exceed ll.UOQ Addresa S., box 4,501 Post office. A NEW BOILER. IW HORRr. POWER. EXTRA BUILT. J\ aoltahle for steamboat or factory, for sale, at Frankllu Boiler Works, foot of Morgan street, Jersey City. rR SALE-A TWENTY HORSE POWER STEAM Engine and Boiler; also the lease of a two story nnd basement Brick Building, containing the engine, In South Brooklyn. Apply at No. ? Liberty street, New York, up stairs. toORSALE?A STEAM HOISTING" KMuTnb ~AC.; ALSO J; an Iron Vacuum Pan, four feet In diameter; Pumps, Sc., all complete, nearly new. Inquire at 18 Rose street. rnpR SALE?A 23 HOUSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, r * Curllcs' make, with flue brtllera, steam pump, heaters, Elpes and ckiiinccihine, all In complete order; to be delivered V May 1 next; may b? seen In dally operation. R. HOE A CO., at and SI Gold street. TjTOR SALE-A SECOND HAND FOUR HORSE POWER J; portable Engine; evllnder 5x10. WOOD A MANN Steam Engine Co., ft Maiden lane. Mckinley a smack, gun-ton iron founders, tm aed AM Water rtreet, and m and la Cherry street, heve on band a large selection of Pulley sad Machinery Pat tenia; alto Columns, Girders and Windlasses. Ureea loam and dry mad Castings made at shortest notion and on rea sonable terms. PORTABLE "A??*AJ*X?.8T5a* ENGINES J; and boilers and circular raw mills The beet and most complete In use. Circular sent on application, WOOD A MANN HTEAM BROKE COMPANY. ?r ? seas kMS?;,TiW*. GTS.S BSOtSSS . SniLRRS AMD MACSISBSr, OR S jz.'rts: sarsaasrsi a8"RtNmiutaan sweet POR SALB. Abakuain.-kob SALE, THB STOCK AND Fix tures of doe of the olde?t established Boot And Shoo stores in the city. wlUi ? tool lease ft a very low ronl. Ad droM Morris, hot 1,864 Foot offlco. N<5 notice taken of Menu. A GOOD BAKERY FOR HALE-BAKING ? BAKEELS -t (lour per week, with a two vsara' lease, rent very rea sonable; wish hone and wagon it desired. Inquire In the bakery, 226 avenue H. A-fob salr-onk oh the oldest coffee and . baloona. long lease, low reut. Agenu ueed not apply. Address Will sou. sUlion D. A ?FOB SALE. CORNER LIQUOR STORES, LIQUOR ? Saloonaand Lodging Houses.down town Restaurants, Lunch Counters. Bakeries. Groceries. Hotels, I'uper Bag Manufactory, Soda Water Manufactory. Milliard Saloons Bowuug be loo u*. Meat Markets, Ac MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A bargain.?for sale, the goodwill, stock, Fixture* and two *e*n4 I-e* -e ol a goo<l paying Oyster and Ale Saloon, well located tu Kaal New 1 ark; tho sea ton now coining ou. Call on or addrrsi, Mr. U REEVES,star Ho tel, It) Stale -treel, N. V., ornt the Harvest Home, WyckotT avenue. East New York. L. 1. CITY EXPRESS FOR RALE.?FIVE HORSES, W AO oua and Harness, and route-. Inquire at 2b Chain lien. Street. DRUGOI-TK' I. A BELLED SIIELF BOTTLES? \ , nv plete set, good In tut A for sale cheap. Apply at 244 l'earl street, New lurk. KlK HALE--THE. KINK STEAMBOAT GENERAL HKOG _ wick, 46C toil., rcgistei, 156 lent long,28.7 wide, ii.G h i d, 4.10 draft; ooppered and in perfect order. Apply to S. W. LEWIS A CO., J4 Southj-treeL __ For ralk-lease and fixtures ok sw canal street, corner of Broadway, with or without btook. FOR S/l.F.-A COPPER DISTILLING APPARATUS with Fermenting Tuba. Pump, Iloee, Ac., nearly new; capacity lb to 18 barrels per day. App'y nt 276 Water streel . For s alb-the lease of a house, contain nig It furnished room*. Apply at 35 Forsyth street. N. B.?Ai?o a Billiard Table for nalc. rR SA1.E-ON ACCOUNT OK DEPARTURE, A Fancy and Variety Store. In a good location on Kigliih arenuo; small capital required. Inquire In the grocery, eoutbeaat corner or Twenty-eighth street and Eighth av. FOR 8ALE-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT, 90 SIXTH avenue, between Seventh and Eighth street*; two ynara' lease from May next. Apply at 2li Third avenue, corner uf Ninth street, in the liquor store. For sale-a silk hat manufactory, estab liahed seven years; baa an annual trade of over t30,lK)O, rhleh could lie easily increased. Will lie -old with the Fix ture* and good will, ou very easy terina, for $2,nQJ. This i? a splendid cuanue to carry on the manufacturing busiues*. No agents need stidiva- Hatter, box 217 Herald oillee. IfOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY ESTABLISH 1 mam; located lu one of the beat situations in this city and now doing a line trade. Address Grocer station D. OR SALE-SHELVING THAT WAS IN A HARD- j ware store. Apply at office, Park Hotel. 1HOR SALE?BTOOK AND FIXTURES OK A KINK TEA store In a lending thoroughfare: >u established cash trade; estimated value $4,000; stock can be reduced to suit a purchaser. Apply for particulars to I*. Q. R., station C. F For SALE-ONE OF THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR SI ores on Fourth avenue. Apply on the premise:., cor ner o! Twelfth street. 1". CUFF. POR 8ALK-A BUTTER STORE IN BROOKLYN, ES tablish.'d over eleven yearn. Apply to BARTLE A Sl MONHON, 22S Washington street, New York. FOR SALE?A COFFEE AND SPICE MILL, IN COM plete order, cheap. Terms reaaonablc. Address T. P., Ilerald office. FOR SALE.?HOTEL TO LET, LONG LEASE; AND Furniture lor Mile; would exchange furniture lor real estate, or aell for half rub and balance oil tluie. to u good party. Apply to F. I'. PERKINS, 727 Broadway, N. Y. Hotel for rat.f._thb house, sm Weal Twen'v.-. street, New York. Inquire on the promises. Batiafa* ..sons for selling out. .CELLING OFF?\ .'IDLE88 OP COST, IN CONSE O quouceof lease: e expiring Mav 1. $25 000 worth of Root*. Shoes and sotleo stock less than half j price. ROBERT I'tVl . :ivory, coruer Bond street. STOCK AND I IN I . (if A NEAT LITTLE MIL linen and .'amy v > for sale aud Store and Hwelling'to rent tor onl* in a good bulines* place: stock and ttxtnrcs nil n? . will be sold below cost? about $2 SOU.' c at 72 ? i. m strnei, Hrooklru. STORE FOR SALE?A KINK STORE IN ONE OFTnK best location- for business in this city, being on Green wich street, near Warren. For full particulars apply at 71 Nassau street, room No. 9. r BAKERS-A FIRST CLASS BAKERY. WITH Lease, ou Eighth avenue, for sale. Apply at Mr*. VO GEL'H I agar beer saloon, corner of Ninth avenae and Thir ty lifth * licet. - -. - - TEA^8TORE POR RALE?ON EIGHTH AVENUE: Stnr.k and Fixtures, with long lease. Inquire at 1M Chatham street. VALUABLE LEASE POR 8ALE.?SIX YEARS' 1.BA8R of aeonnd floor, 66J Broadway, suitable tor any jobbing business. Apply on the premises. WATCH AND JEWELRY JOBBING BUSINESS FOR sale, in the oountry, u short distance from the city; an excellent opportunity; will be i-old eheap. Apply cany to R. A. RUPRE'HIT. 76 Nassau street, N. V. A1 f)nn ? FOR SALE. THE STOCK AND FIXTURER ipl .LOU. of a splendid paying Groonry Store. 166 Graham avenue William-bug, now doing a ikih trade of taiW per week. Store well atocked. Price fl 201). Rent $22 per month for store and four nice rooms. Rare chance, <ti nn nnn ?'wanted, boots and shoes 3blUU.Ul/U. Clothing, Dry Goods, to amount of $1(10,0W to fduo,0U0: pay 36 to 80 cash, balance in real estate. Address B. II., Herald office. B1M.IAHDN. AC. A LARGE NOMBKIt OK NEW AMI' SECOND IIAND J\ Milliard Tables, wuli our improved combination cushions. which h?vo been proved to M the most ? orroet and durable rush oils ever made. Spec.meu* of our unles that have bc?n 10 constant jC? for roan; veara may h?i aoen in tbe iwuncipal hotel-; and ??: toons lu tills city. Parlies in tending to purchase will nod it to their Interest to call and examine our Mc.-h. which li the largest aud linest in the world. Bovs' Billiard Tables. PUKLAN A C'OI.LAXDRR. SI to Crosby str?t. N. V tstOR 8AliE.-BltX.URDH. ONE. FULL FIXED F rosewood ?!ate bed Table; will be sold cheap, aa it must bo removed Apply at M.iujIoii limine, lllck* at., Hrooklyu. COAL. WOOD. <kO. (>OKE n.R CHALDRON. IS THE YARD. APPLY J at tin Manhattan <la? Work", ftad of West Eighteenth street and foot of East Fourteenth street. Delivered .,t $11 per chaldron, by i KAI'sKK At HI' KS8, .1U3'? Weal Eighteenth street. and JOHN HK1TII, corner of avenue fund Last Fifteenth atreet. 7 Of ID, WOOD.-IHO filliDS OF K1RST Qt'Af.I i'Y 1 Oak and t b-hory Wood at coal, aa the owner u ntil* the room. Ii piire at f'ook's old fatal, Kourteentti street and tenth avenue, until sold. Uutclieia and j u.a< m, please w At) A < HAtiDKOS 1 (iH CORK IS THE YARD. OR ?i1?/ uel rered uuined airly to custerner*' houses at $d. from New York ttua Woi?a, Twenty-first atree; and avenue 8. K. SHERWOOD. AMTH0L043Y. At AKD.-MADAMK ROSS. MEDICAL AM) BIS! in-ss Clairvoyant. has removed to 119 >Ye?t Fifteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue, where >ne abowa the likeneaaaud telle the name ol toe oar-'U, you will marry. Beware of Il literate pretender- who try to Imimto her. Lucky numbers. Astonishing.?mbs. nkuiiedkl tells part. present and future. 42 Stanton atreet, over the gro cery. Ladles, no leap, gentlemen, $1. \ PACT-MISS WELLINGTON TKLLM OK BUSINESS. thoft, good luck and numbert. 392 Bowery, uppovito Blxlh atreet. IJoura 9 to 4. Madame Walters, distinguished clairvoy anL Ylalt her fur every tiling?aickneea, business theft, namea. numbers, good luck. 381 Canal street A NKDKAi. DVKE TO MARRIED LADIES.?MADAML KKs Ti.LL'8 Infsllble Krcueh Female Pllla; No. I, price (I, or Mu. 2. pree ?, wlueh can never fall, aafe and healthy. Odlc-e 44 Weet Tblrty-fonrth etreet, near <uth avenue. Kent by mall. Addreaa but 3,349. Aieo told at druggist's, Greenwich atreet A BLESSING Tfl LAD1KH.-A LADY WRITF.K -FOR. tmtunae Frmale fills relieved me in one day, without Inconvenience like magic. Price $4. Dr. A M. MAt'KI t J v I office 129 Liberty e'reet, or aent by inail. AM. MArRK'KAt*. M. D., PROFESSOR OF MIDWIPP. . ry, thirty yreara' practice, at 119 Liberty etreet Guar antee certain relief to ladies, from whatever cau.e. A GREAT AND SERE REMEDY FOR LADIES.?TUB Portuguese Female Fills alwaya give Immediate relief; price f&. Beware of imltatore who copy my advertise menu In sell i ..cannons cmniioiiode aa "Female'Villa." and "Bx. traeta" Dr. A. M. MaLKIpLaU. 129 Libertv atieet All ladies who need special medical t?R aurgleal treatment should consult CHARLES Lt' M. IE, 92V Broadway, who bae had twenty years' aiio eaalul practice, and guarantees tmmed'ate relief In all raara with out pain or evpoeiire. Conciliation Iree A TRUTH.?MA DA MB DKHPARD'fl PILLS ark WAR ranteri to give certain relief to ladles. Price $5. 392 Bowery, opposite Sixth street. Hours, 9 A. M. to 4 F. M. Medicines aent hy mall. ^4-FOVND, TIIK LADIES' BENEFACTOR, DR. POW Rftb'never fniln.g French Drops. Immediate relief giiarnnteed al one consultation. Office, 194 him street. CBTOSBULT DK. KKXNBDT, 195 ELM STREET. ?IIK J cures without mercury. Debilitated persona reatored to perfect v Igor aud manhood. CI IRK WHEN ALL OTHERS FAII*-DR KENNEDY'S ) only guaranteed remedies. Debilitated persons, try Kennedy's Iiiognritora. Ofllee, 194 him street DR. KENNEDY'S GUARANTEED REMEDIES CURB ? the very worst cases. Try them, and Kennedv'a la vlgeratora, where manhood la Impaired. 194 Elm street. R. POWERS' ELIXIR OF LIFE RESTORES THE moat shattered system, restored vigor and manboc;!. Sneeeaa certain; cure guaranteed. 198 Bim street. Ladies can alwayn rblt on dr. powers' tin falling Pemale Reraedlee, aad OP nothing elae. A oertaiu cure. Offioe 194 Elm street. D IMPORTANT to LADIBS.-DR. POWERS' PEBNCH Comiiovind, warranted atioeeaaful l? every IM. One it auBieient. Office 194 Elm atreet. MMADAME RF.STKLIi?PROFESSOR OP MIDWIPBBT over thirty years, guarantees immediate relief to every lady requiring medical <ft aurgleal treatment from whatever <muar. 0?re 44 Weet TMrty-ftmrth street, near With ?v. QIONS NBIDINO SPECIAL. MEDICAL TREAT. sj'saas^ bat asitFja? ? fflQP^I fjm FMPi^W THE COURT S. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT C0U1T. Important Tarlf Qucatlon-Oplulon ?< Court la Connection wltk the lapMillu al Excess af Oatlea at Ibfl C'aulaaiu. Before Judge 8malley. g. V. Itaridttm ti. IT. A. 9mytke.?This ?u another of Ute legion of litigation questions arising o> the construction given to the various tariff acta, and to the *? regulations" of the Tr?saury Department intended to be explanatory or the tame, but which, from the rich orop of auita that hare sprung up in consequence, and which have occupied the Circuit Court for tao terms, have evidently made confusion worse confounded. The plaintiff seeks to recover $10,000 In gold on an importa tion of wool from Huenoe tyre.-, made in May, 1865, per ablp Alice. As the case was stated by plaintiffs counsel, Mr. t-iiluoy Webster, it appeared that the plaintiff in the la:tor part or IK64, being at the time in Europe, ordered an importation of wool from Buonoe Avres, the price not to exceed twelve centa a eouud. The order waa received iu due course y plaintiffs brokers in Huenoe Avres. and 32* hales wore forwarded in the following May to plain tifl'V order m New York. On this im|Kiriattun there was six tenia a pound duly levied, and on tbe liquidation of the emrv tor this aliened excess plaintiff protested In the nana! form, and appoaled against the exaction of the Collector to the Secretary or the Treasury. The plaintiff 'a ground of protest and appeal being based on ihe tariff act oi 1861, which provides that on unwashed wool valued at le-i than twelve cents there shall be imposed a ilutjaof throe cents a pound, and if valned at more tban twolro cents and uudur twenty-.'our conts there shall bo levied a duty of six cents. The wool on Its arrival was appraise.1 hy the apprai-ers at the Custom House, who reported it to Is- worth more than twelve cents, this \alualion being in excels of and contrary to the Invoice value Upon this rojiort the addition'of three centa ? pound to the three centa nllowod by law If tbe article were worth a le-s sum than iwelvo cents was added, mAklng the ex?-o>a which tho action was brought to recover. The tentimimy of the plaintiff and his Custom House clerk, with tho production of tho In voice, us to the actual value, and of the entry us liqui dated by him. according to the excess of duty appraised by the appraiser, fully sustained tho claim. Mr. Courtney, I'oited Si aloe District Attorney, for tbe defence, concluded that the appraisers' r> port waa final and .is to the dutiable value of the wool In question: that in the ahaeuce of any fraud or incapacity on the part ol tho appraisers, neither of which waa charged, It would be Impossible, under previous rulings of the Court, to go bofiiud the querlion of thr appraise ment, and that therefore all the lo?lhiiony as to the value of the wool in Huenoe Ayree and all the lo-ilmouy as to the cast of the article here was wholly Irrelevant and In admissible. It was char also that the plaintiff bud not applied for a reappraiaemcnt o' tho wool, which lie waa bound to do to sustain him in the action. The Court said thai the rights and equity of tbe case were very clearly with the defendants. There waa no doubt at ull that the government bad $10,000 of the plaintiffs money which it bad no eurthly right to, and which in equity and good conscience it was Pound to restore without instituting a suit to recover through the courts. Tho evidence shows, and the officers themselves show, that tbe wool in question was worth only three cents as a dutiable article. Tho defence is purely technical, which. 1 must say I regret a great govcrnm> nt like our* should ever make. It is not rrcdltahlo to the government to embarrass merchants in this way; to say to them, "The merchandise that 1 bava taken by a strong arm, these $10,000 of yours, plaintiff, which 1 bare possessed myself of, I will keep, availing myself ot the technicalities ol the law so to keep it and withhold It from you. The court must deal with tbe law as it finds It The courts do not mako the law nor do they execute it; the courts only administer it as they find it The law offi cers of the government?the United States District Attor ney in this case?are bound to defend these cases arising under these acts, and tho courts are bound to adjudicate on them; but It Is clear that a great wrong Is done in compelling the collectors to bear the brunt of these no tions I will direct a verdict for the plaintiff in tbe cos* on tbe facts, and if counsel desire It I will hear argu ment ou the points of law hereafter. Verdict accordingly for the plaintiff. SUPREME COURT?CIRCUIT?PART 3. The Pawnee Ageary 1-lbel Cane?The Testi mony Closed?The Case Hsbaittf* te the Jsry. Before Jadge E. D. Smith. TTmry W. De Pun a Oliver P. Ilutford ti oi.?The hearing of this cane was resumed yesterday morning, when tho first and only witnos* for tho dele do*, Oliver V. nurford, being sworn, testified as follows:? 1 reside In Omaha, Nebraska, boeam* acquainted with niainllir In WW; he spaaed as account with the firm of Hur.'ord k Brother; he opened an Indian asancy ac count and an Individual aeoouot; I did not know of any transfer of Items or of tbe making out of vouchers; an March 25, 1862, I waa in New York; it took about ten days to come from Omaha; I was batk at Omaha about the 1st of April; don't remember the exact date ; a hen I left Omaha I gave my b mkkeeper general instructions to colleot acconnte; I always gave diroctloua to oollect ac counts; when the accounts wen- niado out I wa< absent; at tbe time 1 left I knew nothing of what happened at the reservation; 1 bad nothing to do with tho rocetpt at the $100; wban 1 returned my attention was called to the books, and 1 saw the account of $100: the Agency account war scat on in December, 1862; after the plain tiff was removed from office be remained some time la Washington; he never nettled up his agency account: tbe charges were mode betore Dc Puy was removed from oltice; with regard to De Puy'rfdtdteullics, 1 remem ber one dl-tmclly, which occurred at our store; it waa a ganeral conversation; the uccounts were not referred to In any way wbn tover; I was fnvotably inclined towards Mr. Do I'uy, and was desirous of doing something to favor him; I spoke to him with pohieucss; he said ho wanted the Pawnee agency, and would have it or would hove Mr. Dole removed; I sent nn- acouui on, and had no knowledge thai any part of it bad boon paid; 1 gave the account to Uushbaogb; in October I saw Una notice in tho nee..-paper called tbe Oi.mha Hepu'Aican:? soticv. I'swm.r I suits Answer, Oct. 7, 18IE. All p'TWOiis hol' certificate* ol indclitcunest siued by H. W. De Pay mi account of services rendered ou titia re s-riMtion, or other cletnis against ml* agency, arc hereby not fi?d l? pr> --nt lite name to the undersigned, for inns mission m tin- oli'-e of theCommissioner of lodliwi Affairs, lor IIU-.1 adjudication. B. K. I.tfillBAI'UH. Indian Agent. I did not semi my account until some lime after ontug this notice; I tolit Mr. Lu<hbaugh Pi make out tho ac count in consequence of seeing that advertisement; Mr. De i'uy tnid nie a mul won charged the agency account, but it had !>< "u charged to tho Individual ac count, in Jiisii e to Mr. Do Puy I could say that it la not ca?tomacy to change tb dates of items; tt has a ten dency to confu-e tho books; 111ore la no injustice in It, P only makes trouble when dealing with such men aa Mr lie Puy; I received a letter)rota Mr. l.tislibaugb, and afterward <>o irom Mr. Dole; I had made inquiries a .'i were el t uh'iI l > have been signed b Bui md It Brother peraooaBy; I know they had not been rign 'd by usuur under nor authority; I did not intend to c.narge it open Mr. De Puy; my attention was called t<> Has a lit Miliar hy Mr. 119 Puy's letter; after receiving LuahtMnjh s letter 1 saw Hays, and he ptaid he bao bo recollection of having signed any such vouchers, and I a< ted under that bellcl; I found after receiving IP- Pay's letter thai Hays had sinned other paper", and as noon on 1 discovered it 1 wrote to l.asb baagti and I>* Puy, exonerating the plaintiff; In writing ihe letters 1 merely need tbe word* which he put In my mouth, hut did not intend to cbafgh him with forgeries; 1 had nothing in do Willi the rbajrges against him, and did all I could te have tusiico done film?so much so that I.uslibaugli found fault with me; I acted ae the friend tt Do I'uy. No essentially new facts were elicited flrom the croon examination of this witness, tho questions being malaly confined to ascertaining tho correctness of amounts sal forth in the iudiv idual snu agency accounts. The following letter from De Pay to Harford, dated Washington, June 27, 1863, was here lotroduoed as evi dence. It was as follows:? O. P. Ilea roan. Ksq., Omaha ? ma?1 have this morning been shown two letters from you?one of January 17 to 1. P. Lu'lituugh, so* one of Jsss 10 to the Commissioner of Indlsu Affairs?charging me with forgery of certain vouchers in your name I am somewhat surprised thai you should do. but I htic requeued the Cent iiilsslotier in send you the vouchers, bavins no doubt that you wiU mil undertake to sustain your charge, and I shall ti nee l * prompt and thorough retraction of It. The t ouchers are In the handwriting of your hookkesper Mr l.ehiner. and the signature waa attached by your partner 1 In ihe Loup Pork Perry , Mr. Hays, who wss sent to the reser vation hy arransemrn'l with you In the fore part of April, I Ml, lo willed the money at the time of the snuuity payments. It you have made ihis charge Inadvrrterdly a consultation with Mr. Ilavswiil show you how much Injustice yon have done me. The witnesses thai Mr. Have was there and signed tbe vouchers which he received from you for that purpose, and reeeired the money, are among your neighbors, ?od beyond impeachment. HSSBt W. DKrliT. P, K.?You wbl observe that the reeetpt was written hy K. II. H grra. of Fremont, who was among those proses* when the money was paid lo Mr. Kays. Tills dosed the testimony In tb* cans. A motion waa tban male by Mr. k'olierton for the di missal af tbe cms. but tbo Court overruled tb# application, and ordered that the esse should go to tb* jury, to decldo whether they tind that the dotrndaot waa awara of tbo effect that bit letters might produce, at th* time of writ ing inera. Mr. Pullerton then summed up In a brief speech af about fifteen m.antes' duration, and wna fallowed by Mr. Cutler for the plaintiff, at ihe conclusion of which the I'ourt charged the Jury, and ordered a eealed verdict lobe returned this morning. SUPERIOR COURT-TRIAL TERN?RAIT 2. Action to Recover Five Thomooud Dollars Unmoors tor on Aliened Brenek ol Premies to Marry. Before Judge Robertson and a Jury. tfoffdakma /'repp nr. John Aoarher.?This was aa action brought to recover $6,000 fan* the defendant for oa al leged broach of promise to marry, wtth the damages \>imed to have bean agruvated hy a seduction accmn pllau under that promise. The svtdsnoe showed the* tbe defendant accompanied the pialatiff front Qermany to Una country, arriving hers in November, 186*, ??* that be nniformly refused to marry bev; li** frequently asked dofandaat to do so: also, that In April, IBM, defendant waa married is another ^ Tho counsel for tbe defence moved* son-salt, on iihn ground that there had been no proof of a promise mar riago, and thnl the testimony did sot show any promise "uSSTlVmni f^SSfSSSSLieaA herde mitt 72ZT2 SSL mmeto thlayntry. ^ ^...wltnem for tho nfemtiffsnd testified that she bad ssksd him to marry Sff sass swt-jsas ?*??????i " \