Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1867 Page 7
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THE EXCISE LAW. Trlali Before the Excise ('?mmlselnaere for ?lei el lens ml ike Lew The Eecta eid Ken ?r the Caere?Meeting ef the Beard?The Lleeaeee Uereked, Jkr. A meeting of the Board of Excise took place yesterday at the Police Headquarters, Mulberry street, Jackson & flchnlts presiding. The meeting was for the purpose of trying cases of alleged delation of tbe Excise law. Superintendent Kennedy appeared and presented sixty eomplalnla, fifteen for violations of the conditions on Which licenses were granted and forty five for violations of the provisions of tbe Inw. He moved that the license# Of the following named persona be revoked, and that, with the exception of the fifteen last mentioned, tbey be also prosecuted, according to tbe provisions of the Ix eise law, In a civil rait for the recovery of the penalty of fifty dollars:? Hen rick Hosier, Gates avenue, near Lewis svsnus; Adam Gets, corner of Graham avenue and Varet street; Henry ?hiandt, corner Atlantic and Claason avenues; Hy Wade, corner Fulton avenue and Hunter street; Cherts# Baseett, l.ogi Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; Talon tao Masilnl, 414 Sixth avenue; Wm. Bonn, ISO Cedar street; Robert McGregor, lid Cedar street; Nicholas Hafi; 283 avenue^ A; John Geoghegan, 204)4 Third ~ " ung, T2 Third street: August arcane; Frits Waasung, .. Behwagcr, 239 Fifth street; John Berkenbury, 136 Huue tos street: Wm. Nebriog. 90 avenue A; Wm. Smith, 186 Kaet Twelfth street: Philip i-chelltng. 136 Third street: Paul Madden, 191 Hester street; Hy Gasseltno, 236Canal street; Relassus Wick, 263 Rivington street; Geo. W. King, Third avenue, between 124th and 1251h streets; Id ward C. Wat Ion. 395 East Tenth street; Frederick Jorks, 306 Broomo street; Chas. Knots, 14 Delancey street; Jacob Detlere, 166 Stanton street: Jobn D. Schmidt, 185 East Houston street; Kundahl A Kruger, 167 Eldndge street; Wm. Belts, 177 Bldridge street; 1, A. Lincoln, by George Jourdan, 429 Hroailway; Ant?ine Cells, 158 Spring street; Richard O'Reilly, 277Division street; Ed ward Kunduh), 53 Bayard sheet- Leopold Lufold, 22 Mott street; Char es Lvljpier, 51 B.ivard vtrcet; William Stoddart, 333 Greenwich si reel; Ed, Bernhardt, No 7 L street; N litanlel P. Rome, 202 south Frankfort street; Ni liunlel P. Borne, 202 south'street. George Chambers. 113 Cherry street; Charles Kelly, 04 Now Chambers ?treet; Dnniel Cnnnin-bam, 11 James street; Martin Abern, No. 7 Vandewatcr street; Dautel Casey, 2o4 Front street: Fr der ck Bohnari, 37 Stanton street; Clans Tinken, 207 Mott street; Frederick Perry, 698 Broadway; diaries Barnkatitp, Firth avenue atid Fourt-enth sifi-et. ltrouklvn; Ernst Walters, corner Sec ond avenue and Sovonty ninth street: William Smith, corner Fourth avenue and Kiglity.slxih street; Albert Kimble, 610 West Foil--fourth s re t; Henry M. Aliivus, 367 West Forty-tliird -m e-; Em-I Unas, 541 lentn nvo nue ; flans O. tiojeu, 351 West Fortv-tiilrd street; Henry C. Rover, corner F. eventh avenue and Fi-ty-ninth S'reet; William Va-i Cook, 384 West Furty-tlith street; John Heaiy, Seventh avctiuc, near Fifty third snoot: August H. Gebben, 81 C osby sir ot; Charles Bauer, 29 Hester stre -t; Annl ? Fi-her, 59 avenue B; Freiiettck Mutton, 707 Greenwich street; G orgo C. Rush, No. 7 Latght street; Henry W. Rod\ 263 West Fourth street. Mr. Acton, froin the Committee on Applications, re ported that 243 applications for licenses had been form ally passed upon by the cotnni ttee siuco the last meet ing of tue Board, making In all 7,290 licenses grunted, 1 The committee reported that they had also deuied 68 applications. Charles S. i-pene -r moved that a licence be granted to*, Harry Hill. I Mr. Acton, from the Committee on Invest gallon, re plied that Harry Hill kept onu of tho vilest (duces in the city, and that tuey c >uid not gl c him a lit una# He was eight months under trial, mid lie was so well known tout a license could not be granted to htm. He keeps a house of prostitution, and thai makes it Impossible to grant him a license. The Chairman said that is the matter stood the appli cation was denied, and that the counsel would be fur ther heard before tire cuiiunltte < upon the sub|ect. The complaint agHlns; J-ihn T> lean, 328 Pearl street, waa next heard, for liiclfe dually olos ng his place. He pleaded guilty, bnt said it was the first offence. TkwMcaase wa^jpevoked hv a vote of foe to four. The ease of Pa'r ck Gordon, 38 Cherry street, waa the next. Captain Th?rn swore that on the 27th of January ho found Mr. Gordon behind the bar selling liquor; he tested the liquor; R was whiskey; the store is a corner ?tore, en an alley; the place lied the appeaianne of being closed on Cherry aireot Colonel Bliss tuen cited the law, showing that it re quired the lie -use of Gordon to lie annulled. Mr. Spencer opposed tnls v lew. The vote waa taken, and toe license revoked by n unanimous vote James Cogan's cue was the next that came np. Patrolman Ethan test died ibat on Sunday, the 27th of January, be was at toe place of witn *a, and that be knooked at tbe door and it was immediat- ly opened, and that he saw a number or persons In the bar aud in na adjoining room; knew of no violations before; the plaoe Is an orderly one, arrested Franc a Egan, the bar Colonel Bliss called attention to the peremptory lan guage of the law, and tho vote was unanimous aud the license revoked. Karl Kline's, of 197 Bowerv. wm the next case. Officer Herring tesifli-d that he saw the prisoner wait lag on customers in a laser beer room; there were tables In the room and glas-cs on them: did not mo enything teeat on the tables; only saw beer, and the defendant waiting around on the people there; tbe barroom waa down stairs and tnlw iooui up stairs Tho defendant being sworn, testified that tbe barton den. boarders and family omv were pri-seet; that he has boardi iters who pav him weakly; that uie room in question is n dining room, end Hint he gives beer to tho boarders. Tbe vote ?n taken aod tbe board unaol monsiy refused to revoke foe nee .so. Jobn Winters wm .he next case Officer Davis last Hied tie was standing on the cor ner of avenue A sua Twelfth street and saw two men go In on tbe 27>h of January; sew Ik* bartender on en tering with his cunt oil; arretted the bartender, Patrick Flynn; there were decanter* on ibe bar; did not knock at tbe door; entered b. two doors. Tbe defendant being sworn testified that he baa a bed room off the sluing room; about aeven o'clock there were a few friends but lie sold no liquor; be treated his friends but sold nothing: the. paid at no subsequent time; n.-vnrbadany trouble with an injunction or any other law, and appeared to tbn Captain of the precinct for n character. One of the officers being recalled testified that there were six or eight irersuns In tho room off the bar when the arrest was made. Tho vote wee then taken, tbe Board refused to rescind the license by a vote of live to three. Jaoob Fisher's case was i be next. Offioor Copely le. tued tb i be knows the plaoe of do fondant at Na 192 avenue C; went in through the kitchen and waa .on. cod by hi in from that into the her, and found a no into- of men siting thor.-; he said they wore his b ard re; fois was on Munday evening; there were about ten or Ufieun men In tbe bairoom, and ho wm behind tbe liar witti a glans of wlue in his hand; tho Sunday bef re that -aw about lifteeo or twenty more people there; d.d not iMte the ilquur, but smelted it; defendant aaid that it wm btougntou b.Iters, but It ?mulled Lke Bo.irlx>n. The defendant, ts-mg sworn, testified that he koepe a boarding house; on u.e occasion in question sold 6a liquor, but gave home liquor to ins bomdura: there were demijohns behind the bur that amcilod of liqoer, bnt there wm none in them for two or three years; d d not consider the officers hoarders; did nut ask t lie officer* to drink. Mr. Soheltz said that lie did not like to vot- for revok ing this lioeuse, bui at tlie same time nome distinction must be reads betwi-eu bo irdlu^' houses and barrooms. Tbe voto wm takou. Some or the members oxplatned hy saying that "the pat.- ma'' should have some otner way of entering th oariootn The vote being taken, tbe Board refused to revnko lbs I cense. The case of Tomer, of 67 Orchard street, wm the next caled. Officer Herring testified itiat on - unday, January 20, he arrested ibe def<-nd>iut; that there were two other men in the barroom at llie time lie eolered. Tbe defendant sworn that into the barroom tbe offioere forced their way from the rear; that they were not drinking beer; that in tbe room off the bar room a number or Irtemis were warming them selves ; that the lag?r came iu e gieas In tbe bar by a boarder wbo was drinking at his dinner; sold no lager that day: gave nunc away exicpt at dinner; had never Mid that lie could Mil twenty kegs a day in spite of the pollco; bad always obeyed the law. Tbe vote stood seven in favor of annulling tbe license against two. Alexander Hollman'a com wm the next called. He waa charged with keeping open oo the 13Ui and 20th. Officer Ciincbard sa d that he knew this man's place at No. 7 Elisabeth at rev.; hut he watched his place and mw n number of pc<>pl? pass an In and out through the alley way: saw a.o exposed In a tub on gofog Into the barroom; ne saw ale in ibe measure there too; on tbo 27th or January saw twenty men there drinking and playing cards; ho Hcd to arrest him, bnt tho crowd prevented him; bo ran off ep stairs; he drew a pistol end followed, but be e-capod in tbo darkm-ta; on enter ing bis place ibe following day te arrant blm bo struck him with a chair. The dciendant. being sworn, aaid he had hit door closed; that the officer km eked him down with a kick. He described the mode or entrance to the side door; bad ?o other place for boarder- but the barroom; there were twelve or fourteen liter. , ih<-y had been boarding about nix weeks there; there was no liquor exposed thorn for sale; he only sold lagsr beer. Tbe police officer, being recalled, testified that there wero others there bes des boarders, to htv knowledge. The license was revoked by a vote or Mvrn to two. The cmo of Christian Rink w m again railed. The officer sent for the dciendant returned and re ported that he raw liim ai hia bn Inets. James O'Connor, anot'-er officer, testified that he knew deponent's pinca, 164J* Orchard strwt; that be beard a row there on 8 .nday, ibe 20lli of January: got two otber officers to assist him, and found about forty men drinking at a table. Officer Jsflerson testified that the officer who called blm to bit seel ?dance was surrounded by the parties In tbe piece: tbls wan about two o'clock lu th- ipormng. Counsel argued that It wm not the barre m that wm open, end tbo flndlnr of people drinking ism no proof that the law wm violated. Judge Hosworili wished to know what section of tbe law was violated In tnis n?e. Colonel RIim sad that he conld not say exactly, bnt people were found drinklnval No. 164)4 Orchard street at the lime and In the way desrribed. The counsel of thfi Hoard argued that tbe licensing of the building means the whole building la the abMnce of ear proof to the contrary. Judge Boewnrili thought that the accused wm celled te answer ? certain charge, and be had answered It snc oesafnlly. Tbe Board unanimously refused to invoke tbe license. . -The case of Anne M. Flood wm next called. Mr. ?nr asked an adjournment or this case, which tbn rsfoved, end pending th# stamlaatten of whwh th? Board adio'truod, WASHIMTON'S BIRTHDAY. Washington's birthday bovlag only lately become e legal holiday H 1? not expected that Its ob-errance will be aa general on the part or the public, and eepecially our business men. as Is that of the few conventional holidays whose celebration Is entered into with such ex treme fervor by our people. But nevertheless the ma jority of the business houses will do little or no business aTter ten A. M. to-day. and a great number or the stores will be closed altogether throughout the entire day la order to give full scope to the patrlollo Inspirations of both merchants and employes. Indeed the indications of the approach of "the day we celebrate" are quite distinctive on this occasion, and seem to argue for Ita observance more of a genuine holiday character than haa ever berore marked It, although last year's celebra Uon was noted for lis extraordinsry festivities. Tin DAT, which is distinguished as the one hundred and thirty fifth anniversary or the birth of Washington, has re ceived character mainly, ot course, from official action, and will be enlivened to aa unusual degree by publlo manifestations appropriate to the Joyful occasion. As usual on SUte bolulavs, the banks, insurance offices and broken' boarda will be closed, while all government bu BlneM will be entirely suspended. The Treasury will do no business, the Poet Office will be closed et ten o'clock P. M. end the business of the Custom House will be restricted to one hour?between nine and ten A. M. The United States Commissioner's office and the District Attorney's office will suspend business for the day, and there will be very little done In the courts generally. TRR CtLXSXATION in the city will consist of the firing of s solute nf one hundred guns et twelve o'clock, noon, end the ringing of national airs on the Trinity chimes at gleven A. M., while in the evening the masses will be delighted with the usual pyrotechnic dtaptajaat the several squares and psrks in the dir. THK M1UTART PAmAPSS were calculated to form, as nsual, a prominent feature of the ce'ebrstion t-hows of the day; but owing to the se- , vere storms with which the past few days have been marked, and the dreadful condition of the street* conse quent thereupon, the martial poition of the festival will not paRs off with its usual smoothness and offrct. The parades of the venous regiments, however, aro to be voluntary and Independent, no orders having been Issued from division headquarters for a general turnout of the militia. , . The SeveDlv.firs' regiment. Colonel Parm" e, will nave an afternoon parade, in fntictte uniform, with overcoats. The lino will lie formed in Bond street, Iho right resting on Brnedwnv, at one P. M. After the parade the regi ment v. ill proceed to 'he -fnte Arsenal, In Seventh ave nue, where it will be lormallv presented with a stand of colors. The Ninetv-sixth reefment. Colonel Krehblcl, parade at two I'. M., IIbulng formed tn H<>nd street, with tho right resting on the Rowerv The regiment will march d-'wn Br '<vlwnv to the Ciy Hall, where It will receive a stnnd of colors from the eitv authorities. Tlia Eleventh regiment (Ormau Rifles). Colonel Maia hof, will rarnde as an ccort to the Ninety -sixth. Line wili lie formed in r.rrit, Jones street at two P. M The Veierans of 1812 will pnrado at noon, uador escort of the Continentals aaiioiirs sEimrxs or a special cbarn-ter appropriate to the cccaslon well he celelirated tn tlio morning, hi eleven o'clock, at Trinity rh"rch. The muric of th ? occasion, which will he given bv a ;-nnd clioir, tinder tho tlir'Cl'on of Mr. Arthur H. Messi'cr, Itie orpanisi of fhe church, will inrlndo prn t-e-sional hymns, a "<? Deun bv Boyce, an anthem by Jtiphint. Verbeckcl's Xtecne f'roed. and tlio OU> ia irom the twelfth mass. Washington's Farewell Addrosa will also he read bv Or. Vinton, In the course of the service, at the ooueltiHinn of which Mr. Ayliffe will ring the na tional airs upon the chimes. AMIHkSfVS'S will be patronized to an extraordinary degree, of course, as is aiwavs the case en holiday occasions, and managers of theatres have especially prepared lor an unusual de gree ot' pohlic patronage. At the ttroadwav tlmat'e Miss Jennie Worrell will take her final benefit this erening, the double burlesque bill constituting the attraction. Tho New York thea're gives an evening performance, with lady Don in comedy end burlesqu". , At the Olympic there w?d be given a matinee perforin ance of Tbo S'rsets of New York, beginning at one P. M. The ?>m" bili will be repeated In the evening. 'list ley White's t-nupe will give a matinee at hall-past two P. M., In addition to the regular evening peform anoe, and Tony 1'a-tor will also present a fine bill in the afternoon, as wen as the evening. ITurta, at 80# Broadwav. Keilev & Idxtn'a, the San Francisco, and Griffin A CUnsty'a minstrels also give very fine evening porf .rmanees, MtsrXLI.ANKOOSL The pupils of the Cooper Union will give an entertain ment in the evening, consisting of orations,. vocal music and orchestral performances bv Dodworth's band. The Church of toe Resurrection will hold a fair at tho Harvnrd Rooms, Sixth avenue and Forty -second street, throughout the day. In the evening there will be tab Uair ei'oouf ?. ? . Two grand concerts, a' two and half-past seven o cloek P. M., wi'lbo given bv tho pupils ef the public acnools of i hit city, under the <11 rod ton of Professor L. A. Ben jamin, at St< luway HaU. One thousand children will l>artiC'paio In the )>ert o mance, tlio proccods of which are to he devoted to a charitable objoct. The Drama* ischer flub will give a masked ball at the German* Assembly Rooms, 291 and 293 Bowery. The right w'ng of tho Twenty-second reg raent will givo an extdbltion drill at tholr armory, commencing at eight o'clock P. II., under the dlrecUon of Lieutenant ^At^tslppaiit sgvta P. M. Kev. * H. Chap in will deliver a lecture before the members of the Ninth regiment, Colonel WHcot. atOoope- Ualon. Company B, Twelfth regiment, will give a ball at the New York Assembly Rooms, and at the Portland Arsenal, Bn??llyn, the Pifiy-slxth regiment, Colonel Adams, will give iU third annaal reception. The Celehrntlon In Brnnklya. Tho birthday of Wmhington was never very generally observed in Brooklyn. At the meeting of the Board of Aldermen on Monday night, a rasolutloB was passed ap propriating the asm or $100 for the firing of a salute of one hundred guns in the Eastern and A naluio of one hundred gun* will bo fired in tho Nayv Yard, and all the veeseis will bo gayly decorated with boating. All the publm offlcss will bo closed and some of the merchants have resolved to close their stores at boob, la tha evening there will ha several bails and ounce rta. The Celebration In New Jersey. Tbe wltbmbw of the anniversary of the Wrth of Washington will be observed In Newark with more than usual Mat Business of all kinds will be suspended, tbe oltjr offices, banks, ho., being closed. The Common Counc l basing made an appropriation of $300 for tbe purpose, the bells of the citv churches will be rung at sunrise, noon and sunset, and salute* will be tired at tho same hours b)r tbe citr battery, under the command of Captain Monroe. The military demonstration will be on of the finest ever witnessed in tbe city on a similar occasion. Tho First and eoond regiments or tbe rifle corps, under tbe oommand of Ceionels Peck well and Plums respectively, and ths regiment recently organised, composed entirely of rote "any of tho late war, under command of Colonel fa Ward, will Join In a parade. Owing to 11>? fact that Washington waa a member of the Anci?nt Order of Free aad Accepted Masons, fit. John's U>d<ro will celebrate tbe anniversary In the evening with becoming and appropriate An oration will be delivered upon tbe oeaasion by Or. Grant POLICE INTELLIGENCE. Tns Gnoxwrctt Smrr Ansov Cask.?In ths case of Pinion t'-rnfels and Charles Blschof, tbs liquor dealers of No. 343 Greenwich street, receatly arrosted on ens* plclon ol sotting their premises on fire, tbe bearing was to have b ?en reeunied yesterday afternoon at the Tombs before Alderman MrBrion; but, owing to tbe notion of ex-Judge Dluenhoetor. counsel for tbe defendants tbs case was cut short. Tbe counsel waived his right to proceed with the examination, and asked that his clients be rdmilted to bail; but ths magistrate denied the mo tion, and committed the prisoners for trial, ball being refused. All so so Lottest Swtxdix ?James M. Keath, for merly a soldier in tho rebel army, came before Alderman MoBrion yesterday afternoon end entered e complaint against Charles White, charging that he bad swindled him ojt of $70. Keath alleged that White Induced him to enter the basement of premise* 432 Broadwnv, and then persuaded htm to take a chance for aorao money put np at a loiter?; that he paid White $70 and took a aumbar which was a chance at said lottery. Keath drew a blank, and hence tbe complaint Tho evidence railed to make out a rase under tbe statute asalnst White, aad tho tpaglaualo accordingly discharged him from custody. STATU ISLAM IMTELLIfitHCE. Stmnnr Dun or a Torso Mas. ?Mr. Joseph Eg bert, of Granltevllle, died at his residence a low days sieee under singular circumstances. It appears Mr. Eg bert bad been called to Virginia oa business, and while there e small sore appeared oa one ef his fingers, from the pain of which it was supposed to be e felon. Me Immediately started for home where be arrived In doe course. Notwithstanding tbe attendance of two medi cal gentlemen, be suddenly became tnseuslhle and re mained in that condition until the evening following, when death pat on end to his sufferings. Ax Usssow* Max Forgo Biao.?Conner Conner held an Inqnest on the 18th (net, fit Marshland, upon the dead body of an unknown man, f oundfylng In a bay barrack, where tt Is supposed he went to steep Tbe de ceased was dressed In a blue cost, dark pantaloons, while linen shirt, marktd P. A.', stripped undershirt, long white stocking*, and shoes. In the pockets ware round directions to ths cars of tbe Po.droits company, also a letter directed to Mr. Andre* M. W. Helm, F.aat Tenth street, 278. HI* faoe was eatlrely eaten off by rats. Tbe jury rendered a verdict of "accidental death by freexlng." Exrtostox or a Rmtonxi Last.?On Wednesday evening last, a fire occurred at the residenoe of Mr. Wil liam Fair, of Htapleton, caused by the bursting of a kerosene lamp. The fire spread rapidly, threatening the destruction of tbe building, when fortunately Mr. Fair made his appearance, and with the assistance of some neighbors the fire was estlngutshod. A child of Mr. Fair's, aged five years, was badly Injured by pieces ot the glass from the chimney of the lamp. Forxo Paowvtn. ?The bodies of two men are reported to have been wnabed ashore yesterday at Hew Brighton. They are presumed to he the bodice of the erew of 0 small esllhaat which was run down and sunk by h Steamer la th? VLiU Von kuli gome tune glwM. , FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thursday, Feb. 21?# P. M. The railway share market baa been on the whole firm to-day and the tendency towards Improvement was stim ulated by a report that the Ways and Means Committee had agreed to report a Mil suspending the farther con traction of the currency for a year. There was a further break in PaotOe Mail and the transactions were unusually heavy. The speculative feeling on the Stock Exchange is tame, but there la at present an absence of pressure to sell the railway shares down, although not a few of the wiseacres of the street talk of lower prices for alt kinds of securities. The supply or money con tinues abundant at sis per cent on ordinary collaterals and Ave on governments. There is an active business going forward In the way of con versions of seven-thirty notes Into flve-tweotlee of the new tissue but this morn ing the Sub-Treasury was notified from Washington to sell no more of the bonds, and they became firmer in price aooordlngly. The discount line is moderately active, and first class commercial paper passes at seven per cent, and in some cases at a half per oeut variation from this rate. ~ At the open board at ten o'clock railway shared were Arm. New York Central sold at 101X; Erie, 50X a M; Michigan Southern, 73X a X1 Cleveland and Pittsburg, 80J?; Rock bland, 07X n X; Northwestern. 36X * 30X J do. preferred, 05X a X; Port Wayne, MX; PaciOc Mail, 127 a 128. At the A ret regular board the market was steady *aod rather dull, escopt for PaoiAe Mail, which was greatly excited, the sales aggregat ing 11,600 shares on the oall at prices ranging from 13? 10 ^26- New York Central closed X higher than at the same time yesterday, Erie X, Reeding X. Michigan Southern X, Cleveland and Pittsburg X- North western X; do. preferred X. Port Wayne 1. PaciOc Mall was 10c. lower, Atlantic Mail 5c., Western Union Tele graph X- Government securities wore strong. Coupon flvo-twontles of 1802 showed an sdvanco of X. Issue of 1804 X, new iet>uo of 1865 X- Seven-thirty notes wore without chnnge. Tennessee sixes were X higher. At the one o'clock open board the market was dull and slightly lower. New York Central sold at 10tX*Xi Erie, 50; Hnd?on, 188Xi Michigan Southern, 72X; Illinois Central, 110; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 79X n ";0; Rock Island. 96"(; Northwestern, .15X; do. preferred, 04 X: Puclflc Mall 127 a % At the half-past two regular board railway shares were steady, but 1'aclllr Mail continued activo and unsettl"d, 3,300 shares having been said on the call at 125 a 127. It now seems probable that all the woak holders of the stock have been sold oat, and that tbn ?fleet of tbe'ro dtircd dividend has been discounted. Tbe decline, pnlocd, lias been too great to be due solely to the latter cause, and a "bear" comb inn'Ion to depress it no doubt underlies tlio movement. Erie closed X lower tban at the first regular bear l, Michigan Southern X, Clevoland and Pitt-burg X? Rock Island X- Pacific Mall 1, Wesfrn Union Telcgrah IX Reading was X higher, Pacific Mail 1, Canton >.{. Gov ernment securities wore Inactive. Coupon Ave-twenties of the new issue of 1866 advanced X- Al half-pas* three open board the market was Arm, and Pncific Mail sold at 127X a X, New York Central sold at 102X a X; Erie, 50.X a Si Michigan Southern, 7iX a X; Cleve land and Pittsburg BOX; Rock Island, 07X; Northwest ern, 35X: do. pretorred, 05X 0 X; Western Union Tele graph. 40X a 41X- Subsequently Erie advanced to 57, but soon relapsed to 50X, and at Ave o'clock the market closed steady at the following quotationsNew York Central, 101X * X; Er,0, 50X a X5; Rending. 104; Michigan Southern. 72X a X; Illinois Central, 110X a X; Cleveland A Pittsburg, 80X; Rook Island, 87X a X; FVrt Wayne, 00; Northwestern, 35X a X i do. preferred, 66 X a X; Western Union Tolcgrapli, 41X; Pacific Mail, 127. By this time it was generally known on the street that a MR authorizing tbo is^ue of one hundred millions of now greenbacks in redemption of the same amount of compound interest notes had been passed by the Honsc of Representatives, and that Mr. Hooper's bill to render compound interest notes unavailable as a banking reserve bad been de feated. The Ant mentioned is a substitute for ihe l.onn Certificate bill as originally reported anil iu accordance with the plan suggested by this journal for meeting the maturing compound interest notes. By issuing plain legal tenders In redemption, tho interest which it was proposed to allow on the certificates will bu saved, and tho Treasury at the same time freed from the embatrass mont In which tho Issue of certificates would have in volved II. The amount of tho compound notes maturing this year la variously stated, no two reports Agreeing on tho anbjeot. Mr. Sherman submitted to the Senate the fol lowmg statement respecting them, bat it will be ob served that bis figures are estimated, whereas Mr. Mc CuUocb'f, given to Congress last May, carried with tbem no such qualification. Which, therefore, is correct; Sherman's hundred millions, or McCalloch's fifty millions I? git t mated Intern! at Date of Dat' frf Umm. oW? andinQ. maturity. maturity. June 10, 1864.. 80,000,000 $1,014,310 June 10, 1807 July 16, 1804.. 17,600,000 3,385,916 July 15. 1807 Aug. 15, 1804.. 30,205,000 7,2l??,403 Aug. 15, 1807 Oct 16, 1804.. 17.400,000 3,376.400 Oct. 16,1807 Deo. 16, 1804.. 10,600,000 3,784,019 Dec. 18, 1607 Total $90,066,000 $10,340,122 toy 16, 1806.. $10,400,640 $3,783,040 Kay 16, 1x08 lug. 1, 1866.. 12,600.000 2.425,40* Aug. 1.1808 Irpt 1,1806.. 6,400 000 1,241,034 Sept. 1,1808 lept 16, 1805.. 2 000.000 388,101 Sept. 16, 1808 lot 1,1805.. 2,000.000 388,104 Oct 1,1808 10,1806.. 1.000,000 104 062 Oct 10,1868 Total f <3,1*6-1.640 $*7,761,021 The gold market was strong, and advanced from 137% to 138%, the closing price liaving been 138 %. l oans were made without interest and at from two per coot for carrying to 1-C4 per cent for borrowing. The im provement in the rates of roroign exchange contributes to the proeent buoyant temper of the speculation toy a rise even more than the passage of the Reconstruction bill in CongTei* and the belief wh?h is generally enter tained that the President will veto lu 1 lie partial. ascendency of the non-oontrsctlon par*y at Washington also coutributes to the flrraneea of the market. The foreign exchange market continues Arm, and rates are without alteration. Honkers' bills ou England at sixty days were quoted at 109 a 109!,' ; at three days, 109 % a 109*2; commercial bills, 107 '2 a 108% ? iran'*, at sixty days, 6.20 a 6.16%; at three days, 6.17)* a 6.13*2; biH.i on Herlin, 71% a 72%; on Hreraen, 7**2 a %; op Frankfort, 40% a 41)2; on Amsterdam, 41 a 4172; 00 Hamburg,:? a 36%; on Antwerp, 6.20 a 6.17%. Aa to-morrow will be a leaal holiday according to a law of tbta State, the banks, the public offices, the Slock fcxg change and tbe gold room will bo closed, and there will be a general su. pension of busineaa throughout tbe city] SALES AT THE HEW TOM STOCK EXCHAR6L Thursday. Feb. 91-10:30 A. M. OfdOO C ft B's, '74, reg.. US l?wm shs P?c Mcll 66 Co IW% JMim (I 8 6 s, '81. cou... 119% 'MM do 12".I 169 I, 8 6'sA-'JU tUusm 111 .00 u? M l> do 111% WO do .... MO lt-.t WUOU Hi's, 6-X)c "64.. tl*t% 600 do 126*2 1090 1 8#*. AWrg 85. IIJl?% WW do P2*% ?BUI l'SI'l>-?r As. 106% 1200 do .. 1-* .VAMI L'8tt'?>Wr. M n I 1IW% Ml do -to 127 109U00 do *10 li 8% %0 do SOU 1*1 MOO TrNoteo.70-101*1* 10# 400 do ...CO .26 SOU do small MK% 400 do .00 125% 2OU0U do....2d soilea l'K% MM do 127% UU60 N Y Stale B's, '73, 100 MM do 127 BOW N Y H J's b'y L rs 106 ?M do i? BOOB do '.eoup |ur,% MM do.. IW% lOOoOTenn d'o, ex-c h\ 200 do 127 UMBOTeon 6's, new.... IP; IS do 2J call 128 6000 N C 6'a, now.... 62.'* 45 do 127 ?0B0 Connecticut?'*... 109 1090 do 126 20009 Ohio A Miss cer.. 88 MO At Moil 88 Co 06 MWChieA Kllmb. 190 luu Boston Wat Power. W 4090 C ARIA recti RR Bl>% HM .Mariposa pref 28% MOO Hud River BdrfbT's 198 *00 M Y Central 192 HMO Hud River 1 m... ? 108 800 do.... 101% 100 shs Msnhsltan Ml. 133 Fx) do lulX 19 Hhoe A Leather Bk. IIS 700 Brie ItsHwsy BgZ 23 Fourth National Bk l<?4 Btm do M% 28 Merchants Fx Bb: 106% 400 do 66% 90 Continental Bk 102 SCO do slOWU IB Union Bank IN 460 do Ml% 73Chatb*m Bank 140 *10 do ,*00 M. 1W Manhattan das 101 100 Hudson Rivsr RR.. 184 90t? canton Co 40 ?M Reading Railroad.. 104 *? do... <6% ma Mich Central RR... 107% 100 Adams Kipress. . .. M 800 Mich Hand H 1 RR. 72% 100 do M XM III Oemral Railroad 11 ? *16. do..-,. W 109 do b.10 116 ? IB AmerlcanKipresaCo 17 luo do 2>1 call 116 7 _ , do M 20 Cleve. Col A Uln RR II* 15 Wells, Fargo Ks.... 60 BwClave A Pittsburg K *? a* f e a ??"*.?.?**' * XXII_l'acine Mall 88 Co.. 130 BbO Chb>ag^ and K 1 KR 9 l'XM do.. 1X?% IM 100 Alton A TH RR.... 81 lw WA Ckle (*? 190 MU A M Paul Pref. 10 100 do..... COMMERCIAL RKFORT. Tntnaoar, Feb. tl-l P. M. Asnrs.?Receipts, 19 pkga The Inquiry was very limited and eearoely any bualnaas was done, Prteel ware weU maintained, however. BssaesTtrrrs.?Reeelpts, 4.181 bbls. flnnr, 480 go. and 1,611 bag* corn meal, I,no bushels corn and 8,700 do. oats. The market for State flour was 6a a 10c. better under an Im proved demand, for Western flour there wat a fair trade demand, and the market was more steady, without material advance lu prteea. The sales comprise 7,000 bbls. at mir revised quotations. Southern flour was fairly active and full prices were readily obtained. The transaction* reached <69 bbls. Bytjhmr rt4?d a shade Omar WiU Baleo ?f boat If , f.r"ra ?"v* Corn m??' ?u uulel but steady kt ourQMoUtloiM. No sales wi re heard of. We quote: ? tiuperfine nul Pesirrn <n tiAnSH .V) ?????'?"? ::::::::::::::::::::::: wSift? Choice Mate.. 10 sua 11 5) Common to medium t\ cetera 9 ? . u 10 H> K*:ni round hoop Ohio Id 7l)a U feu We?u>rn braiula 11 66 a 12 Common .Southern ''11* */ lo mtm If ?mi '.V.V....12 ilia l(i (HI Kye flour isupei tine) 71>,U H ^ Cora Wit Jersey 6 Ida ft 36 Corn meal. Hr nidi wine III."."".'III..6 li* fi 3D ?The.."?rk,'Lfur w'"'al. under a more active demand, ad vancra ac. a .v. At the hnpiornineut the busbies* wan com nar.iltvel) fair, the u .?? aggregating 33.(4)0 bushel*, llifiud fng No. 3 Milwaukee at $2 12. and No. 2 Milwaukee at $2 SO. "J1. dewaatl. but at a reduction of la 6ermli! . ii V? "i.1* w,<le l.rge, comprising nearly 125.000 Knufel . *i r?r "i'1?1* Wealero. iu More, tl 07 a * ^ {? _? 'If estern, alio,it, and $1 07 for Mqssieru yellow, In "lore. Oats were a Ir'lle liuncr under a very fair Inquiry. We note aatag of .Tti ooo bushels al Mc. a 5t?-. for tAealern. andflfle. ad7c. for State, live wan steady, with a ? of 10.030 bushels at $1 ? a t1 .1 i'tT*'1"' dut> feifl, and ?1 1G a tl 17 for We.torn. For htil?r Ihrre was a good inquiry and full prices weie ob Jhe.*alr.* .T"re 2X000 bushel, at <1 15 a $1 20 for were^fearTof Wms Qoglecte<l *?d nominal. No aaloe Binwai waa dull, and prices were nominal in the absence Of irAQMcuoua, Cottoji was rather more active, but price* did not 1m (aUona ? * 00mprue 1100 tt Ithe loUowlud quo. Vf*md. rinri Ia. Mobil', Jf. o. d- T. Ordinary xg Si 30 30 Low middling So 81 31 u *iu Middling...' 33 3312 33 si Good middling 34 35 " 35 3G Coma ? the market was quiet, but very steady. No sales were heard ol outside small lots from aecouds, which realised full prices. were dull alSlMc. ? *2e-. with email sales; sperm were Quoted 38c. a 40c., and pateut 48c. a 60r., without, however, sales to rep.irt. Dtswoods cuuUuued dull and uuciiauged. No aales were reported. bnoat ain> IOvx*.?Chemicals ruled dull at essenUully un altered price*. Sales 25 tons soda ash at 2Vc. a 3c. gold. 50 huge bi carb soda at 8c.. 50 cash* bieucbitig powder at Mir., 10 tons caustic toils at M,'c.. 35 do. aul sods S'^'o., 30 bales cutcb 17c., 10 hugs Honduras cochineal aud 80 tons soda ash on private terms. rKstflim were quiet and a shade easier. The engage, mnuta were:?To Liverpool, 35 0T0 bn -hels corn at ti',il. and .100 balsa cotton at *;d. a 7-ltld.; uud per Homier. 7.5,*) bushels com at fl^d., and WO bales cuttim at V< u J4'd ? nearly all at the inside rale. ilia charters wore:?A Brit *h ship fnun Darlen, tla.. to llruuu'ii. t'mber. at 41*. 3d.; an Italian ship to Cork for < rdrra, 25 0M) buahoU corn at 5?. I'd.; an Amcricau bark to the Mediterranean, petroleum and other goods, at a lump ?uui, and hii old brig to the Kircr l*l*u\ iumb?r and gcn'Til in^rclmudiiw, on priiuie terms. \\ e iioticod the- sale of the schooner tiybtl [ on i rivate terms. I ibuM Hao*.?A small lot sold In Boston at at which ! price the market rnlnd firm H rarer Cloth wi.s quiet, hut firm; last sale at 10c., gold, In bond, to arrive In lion,on. ileqr ?Manila was dull and nournnl at ll' le . gold. Other kinds wciy uls'o dull but prices wore unchanged.

Iliu m ?The 'ii iikoi ruled dull null ivu lieard of no trans sell >us, and prices were entirely imtninal, Horn wine steadc, iviih a moderate demand from con sumers. t he - 'lies roiiiprise 10) bales Al*e:j.aii at from 100. a .ih'., according I ? quality. Lkatiikk.?Hemlock?At the docl'ue noflc-d In our last re port liqpi.rkct lias rule! dq'l and U.Mty lor all weights. ! On:, r milncd dull at our last quot itions. Li>t was dull it JI 7u or common and $2 ID for lump. J.ATu , w re uncha w -d nt $3 25, w 1th no . les to re|Mirt Naval Nioi.-k-. ? Ihere was in g? uenil uctb .ty in the maisei lor spiru tiir))ciit'iic, thuii -li ihe sale, ive.v. to a fair extent, and ut hi her prim, romprisintr 3)0 bl>|s. in merchiint ihle order -.1 71c. a ?2 <!K) <| m ,hiM 'n? order at ,3c. a Tec., and tfitl do . In twuul, t I.T ? Hin.1'.?'Tl r lower grades ruled firmer, common closing at 94 3. *i i $? 50. with scarcely anv otfering. The nu-inc conM.itraated. how ever, was licitt, the inclemency of the weather lendln : to limn tr uaa- tlons. Tic only ssles we lie rd of were 3ST '''ili-.'A'*' v". 1 "t*4 7.'i.i$5, ?" ! 0.M '. stc lined at 84 37;, a $1 50? the 'utter dosing si blgber p ? e . ? 111.*.-I I?h oils rem lined Ilulh bir lead?, a! $2 70 for crude sperm, and 81 10 for hie ichi d ivlme w ha'.c. was ucclisnced at 81 36 a'gl 37 lor Johnln Ints, without, hoc, i \ "r, siiu-- o! imiuieiil lo lepuri. City di-ti led red ;..dd in a am.ill ivavut 80j. Lanl was dull and uu.qi uig t ut I former prices. l'i ovisioxs.?Tlceelpta. 128 bbls. [Sil k. 'JU5 do. beef. r40 p u s gesont me ilsHud 1.223 de. h rj. fork was without partkular cliaimc, though ttN> market wm snmeivhat firmer 11 aiivtlung. The sales wore 4 UOO Uhls., cash and i'c;;ulaf. nt t2fi 50 a s'll for new mew. Western < l .sing at $2.i Do. 19 02 a $20 12 lor old inns-, closing at $1!' 87 regular; $lti 76 a 917 for prime and $|. a $!!? foi- prime n,i4?; also for the bit er part of till- nicmh. all of March and April del rerr, about 2,00.1 bbls. new mess at $90 8? a f.'l 35, sollei 'a mid buyer's opt lull. Beef was siendv. with a fair demand. The aalea were 5t*l l.hls. at $13 n $18 lor new plain ines.-, $17 a $20 for new exti.i uless. For tiei. " beef ilifl dctnauil was fair, and sales Wei-niado of 4"'licrces a'JiJ) a $'l! 5.) for pt-tme me-s and $82 50 a $3S 90 for India mc- . xte?f lianv weie /tn moderata demand ill Iir. yi.ius prlcos. The sales comprise 331 bids, ut Iroiu K3 a 535 Tst. Bacon was tie fleeted; no soles were heard of. ? t.'ut meats were tiriu aud airly active. Sales weir lauu" ol 3oi) p .oktges nt 8Mc. a 10c. for sliolllieiN mid lie. a 13'jC. fur haius. Dtra-cd "lings were ill fair demand and prices advanc ? I. The sales were at P?*c. a 9'ir. lur Wea'ern an I IMfc. a lOV.e. for clly. f.ur.l, wltli an active demand, rnled firmer, timi sale* were made of 2.3UU pachapw at lf*ac. a 1214c. for old and 12','e. a lJP^c. for new. Butler and ehce-.c were uuehanged in every respacl. I'i tholkoM.?Crude, wae'n moderate request at about for tnsr prices. A sale was uiade of 200 bbls. 40 a 49 gr..y|ty, at 17?T?'. in prime new p icsaces. Bnndod xvaa In moderate re quest nt steady prime. s.le? LOOM bbls. at 241*0. lor alan dard while and 381,c. Tor prime light straw to white. In Philadelphia a lair hnsinoss was (lone, tl^ aales comprislntt. beyuud those reported ye.? errlay, 2,0(Xi bbls. etaiidard while lor March, a' 28? . havers' opt on. 1.1**'do. prime light at. iw to w hile lor dune, at ItAc, Imveioption. 1,500 bbis. stan dard white for April, .'lay and June. 1,00.) do. do. tor Au guest, i.lkklilii. do. lor iletiietiiber, and I.UUO do. do. for Oc tober, buyers' option ou private urate. Soar.?No sales of importance weic reported, and prig's Were entirely Mumlnal. StKAVNr was dull ami unchanged. Sales 18.1*10 lbs. at 10!/. a 12fi.e.; elso 4 fit*) lbs. grease at 8i..c 10>.lC. Skkds.?< lov?c wa- unchanged ui 13c. a 14!y?., with small Sales. Tiino.liy was unebaoged at $3 fid a $4. Of Oalcutta llnsee I. bevonil the aales last nnlioed, wc beard of I'riis s. however, weie unchangi d. Sll,t remstued quiet but tirm at pievioui rates. No aales have been etleeted. We quote' ?Jobbers' prices? Ashton's, $4 35: Marshall's aud Wortliinglon s, $3 20; ground, $2 25, and Turk's Island. Hon. SooAii was vi" j dull of aale, but holders were firm In their views and full* were In all cases demanded The sctlens were limited ?n small Iota, eompi iaine 150 bbls. on a basis of llifto. a Ifi'-e. for fair In bimnI reiiuitig. Ilefincd sugar wea quiet but steady at UBtfe. a 1514?. for crushed, powdered and gianulalnd. aud Mlye. lor sort white. Tallow was in vigorous drmaud, and were Arm. The sales amount to 2251*0 lbs., at l!!,c. a li^c. Tobao o Was dull of aale. The want of suitable alncka prevented business and tint tea unset Ions were confined to Ml fihde. Kentucky, at from He. a t.'r., ebtelly new crop. In Yarn there waa ajrhuabtecahle movement, the sales amount ing to 1,800 bales lor extmi t and consumption. Whiskst.?ltcclj'ts, 38$ hbl?. The market wis firm but Inactive. XTooi..?'The Inclement weather which bus pretalled since onr last re|*?rt has cheeked bnsme?s lo some extent, and the transaction*, consequently, are quite light Th? markot has ruled heavy for nil qej.lca for ilecrable Iocs, wlileli were Iiel.l quite flrnily iu view of the lliriied at'.ck. t)f dotnesllc flec.TS tile axles were lbs. al 45e. a fir., including coarse and medium Ml. lilff .u at 45e. a 48e.. 2$ 000 lbs. Pennsylvania at fiOe.. lj.lklO do. Southern at 33-. ? nl?i fill,14)5 lb?. pulled, inrliidlng super and ettra do , at 421Ar. a 48'tc., and law do. at 33'fe. a It"*-.; tlfi.r.10 lb-. Toxaa at 33J^?. a 3.V-., inelti.ling 31.1**) uariiel do., st '22'jc. Of foreign we heard of sale* of 3A.GO0 lb*. Mexiciu at lite, a '-Me., in bales Kaat India at 1C>\. 83 1 Miles line M?? li/.a al 35 , and 236 do. low do. on terms not allowed to trans; ire. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Mnrrteri. Ann? I/>-.o?On Tuesday February 19, hv the Bee. 'George JarvH (ienr, D.|0., Wiuiav N, \mi lo XlitUrt. arinv A. Lose, all of thin citv. No card.'. Bnwai?Ossosk.?In th.? ctty, on WMnwdii, Feb rnary 20, by Hot. Thomas (J. Qsborn, WlllUI I.AMOJrr Bipwv'L, of Windsor Conn., lo Mls? [>"Lia H. (Hi: ins, ftn*??tter of Tnomas O?born, M. I)., dec a.-od, ?f River bed, L 1. CoRfilu.D?Mimnxi.?In thJ? city, on Th' rsday, Fob ruarr 91, by Kev. Samusl J. Knapp, pa-cor nl South linpto'i church, Mr. tiicoaoe H. UnrnSi ol th'p r ijr, to Miss fir ah la. llrrcnrii. of Newark, l!eliw?r? Cai;tw'iii:iit? Kaarnvr.?4m Thursday, ?wnary 21, by the f!iv. Dr. AmlerMn, of (lie Flr*? Rapt', t ahorch, F.nwis R. Ciwrwiumrr, ef Now York, to Jam. K. Ki:s *snv. of Baooklvn. No cards. Draaxof?Diva?In Brooklyn, on Tnnrdai*, Februwy 19, tiv the Itef. N. K. Smith, J 'mks IV. Dt w to Sail - Lortaa, onlv daughter <>f rt'lllaoi Barb, Hiyawi- ? Hnvsi'Lt*.?In Brooklyn, ou Tun <ley even inc. Fabinarv 19. nl the residence of tbo briiic '* mother, bv Rev. N. K. Hmlth, Ww.i.iav A. Ha;:'tig, <h Brooklyn, to Asmk O. Rrrnocna, daughter ol the late Colonel Reynold ?, of I'hll'doiphia. Ktwiiov?Pstkrh.?On W'dn? <iaf. Frkmnr 20, at Chris' church, New Yorlc, by Kcv. K. C Ktver, ?%? Kvowts.'.s. of Troy. If. Y., tj Miry K, daughter of lii'ii C. l'eters, of New York city. Mklvaiw?Bi R'tKit ?On Wsdheeiav, February 20, nl the residence of the brlda'n brother, Brooklyn, K. I)., by Cio Her Oortro L. ITentnw, I? D.. assisted by the Rev. Charles K. I'nnieroy, Bomrt 0. Mklvain to Bonus D.f daughter of the la"- Kb-n. H. Burger, ail of New York. Oncopii?- raiBSKBKHt:.?On Ttodne-d:iv, Ft hruar.v 20, by the Boy. Kamoel Osgood, assisted by the Roy 0. B. KrotblngiiHin. W ii. t.i am H. Oisoeot) to Ma am F.kimb, daughter of Geonre W. fchenkborg. Wootto*?Wrwbt ? On Thursday, February 31, at the raetdetK*at the Mitafather, Washington. l>. ft, Mr. Bpwtn Bit far Woi.tto*, of New York, to Mart Hat, tiilighter of Major General H. C. Wright. United Staler Arm v. Ikied. Basvarp ? On Weduesdny. February 30. CtTtARiyr Barmaid, the beloved wife of Fran< in Bui nerd, after a long nines" aged #3 year*. The relative* and friend* of the family am respectfully Infiiod lo a'tend the funeral, from her lale residence, 94 Greenwich ttree*. corner of Rector street, tin* (Friday K afternoon, at two o'clock. ' Brows.?Ou Thorwdiy, February 21. or membranous <-tonp, Br* I* Hcst, daughter of Richard and Thai .a F. Brown, e*ed 2 ye-irs and 3 month*. The friends of the family *re respectfully inriied to attend ibe luncral, from 26 Hammond atreet, on SatuN day nltemoou, nt on" o'clock. . Bssaos ?At Barmtraw, on Sunday morning, K*b-J rnary IT, Mart R. Pitssos, wife of Chnrtaa Benson, asea 1 66 year*, II months and IS days. Boom.?On Tb'iraday, February 91, In the city of Brooklyn, Jambs Boom, In the 88th year of his age. The friend* of hi* family are respectfully melted le, attend ine funeral of his ratnaln* to the Cemetery of thee Holy Croat, BMMl from hi* 1st* ravtdanoe, No. 13 Humllton avenue, South Brooklyn, on Saturday after aoon at one o'clock. Forth* Tin.?on Monday, January 28, of Injuria* sus tained by a railroad accident at Chllhoothe, FUnMiticK F"ht*>:vbr, formerly of this city, )n tbe 63d year of his age. Fimurr.?Suddenly on Wednesdar morning, February 20, (Jrast, only son of Ceorga Flndfoy, aged 4 year* and 0 months. The Mends of the fnmlly are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral service*, fTom hit aunt's rrailencc at Tuckahoe, Wcatcheetcr county, on Friday alb moon, it two o'clock. Flakacias ?On Wednesday, Febrnry 20, Try** B. FIasacas, the beloved wife of Patrick M Flanagan, of No IB Oliver street, after a short Illness, In tbo 83d year of her age. k or the ob?ec|nle* see to morrow'" paper. Oauaousr.--On ThuradSy morning, February 21, ?f ter a long and severe lllneaa, Jajik* Gallaoui a, In th? amh your of his age. The relatives and Mend* of the (tally, Biro the mem ben of the Ooman Aaeoclation. are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at t.?o o'clock, from Ibe rcsidenoi' of his mother, No. 44 Tatt uewitut hUuBW curuir yi Gaotdn. ?On Thursday evening, February 21, HrxmcA Gaston, widow of Ale it tuider Gaston, of Eualon, Pa., aged 94 yean and 6 days. The friende of tho family are raspedfully requested toaliend tbe funeral, from the residence o' ber son-in law, Robert Husen, No. 109 East Fifteenth street, on Eunday ul it-moon, at two o'clock. Eaaton (l'a i and Pateraon (N. J.) papera please copy. Grass.?On Thursday, February 11, after a llngerm# Hln 'a?, lutvLusTtri^ d arly beloved wlfo of William F. Galeae and eldest daughter of tbe late Jos. U. Stevens. Due notice of tho funeral. New Orleans, Philadelphia and Newark papers please copv. Hamilton ?On Wednesday, February 30, at the r?ei denco of bis son, South Bergen, N. J., J. C. Hamilton, in the 80:h year of big age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his. lato residence, 135 East Eight enth street, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock. The remains will he taken to East Chester. Hawkins.?At Ronkoukomo, Su(folk county, Dong Island, on Thursday, February 21, Jams, widow of Miles Hawkins, aged 03 years. Funeral services In the M. E. church on 8unday. IIaoan.?On Wednesday, February 20, Fsux Hagajl aged SI years, a native of Carigfbas, county of Longford. Ilia friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from his lute residence. 244 yt East Eighteenth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'elook. Hi ix?In this city, on Wednesday, February 20, Jvuvh W. Hull, in the 49th year of his age. The remains will be taken to Troy for Interment. Troy (N. Y.) and Dubuque (Iowa) papers please copy. Ivans?On Tuesday, February 19, of consumption, Eliza, the beloved wire of Wo. J. I vers, maiden namu Eliza Clancy, In the 27th year of her agu. The relatives and friends ol the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residi-noe, 540 Firth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Lams.?At North Belleville, N. J., on Thursday, Feb ruary 21, Jobiah Burghs-', infant son of Captain N. P. and Ida B. Lane, aged 2 months. Funeral at tbclr residence, North Belleville, on Salur. day, at twelve o'clock. Marshall.?On Wednesday, February 20, Mrs. Maet Wai.iack Marsha l, aged 70 veara. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invi'od to attend the funeral, Don: the re.-ldcnce of her Ron-in law, Pun el Chauncey, 07 Joralemon street, Brooklyn, this (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, without furitier notice. Mount ?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February 19. David J. aged 47 years. The relatives and fnends aro respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, thai (Friday) afteriymn, at two o'clock. Iroiu the residence of his uncle, G. B. Miller, 186 l)eau stroet. Monti ?On Thursday, February 21, Lilly Stewart, daughter of Henry T. and Julia K. G. Moore, aged 1 y nr. The rclutlves and friends of the family aro requested to attend the funeral, from Triuiiy church, this (Friday) afternoon, at Iialf-piurt one o'clock. Rim?On Wednesday, February 20, Jomr, tho youn.? ect. son of Joha and Kat ? Bush, aged 9 months. Tlit friends and relutiv eg of the family uro respectfully Invited to ultouC the funeral, from his parents' residence, No. 6!)'; Third avenue, this (Friday) u.tcrnoon, at one o'clock. Sti'atton ?Of consumption, at his res? dence. No. 134 West Forty-tlfth street, Hknry Dwiun Ftratyon, iu the 431 year ul' ids ago. Funeral services wiP. bo announced in the morning papers of Saturday. Scurodkk. ?On Thursday, February 21, a.\>a, youngest daughter of John r>cbrod?r, age l 6 months an*, (j days. The relatives and friends of tho family are invn?.| attend tho funeral, the- (Friday) afternoon, ut ouo o'clock, irom tho re-iduuc ol her father, No. 200 Stanton street. Smith.?On Tuesday, February 19, at No. 1,630 Poplar street, I'liitiulelphia. IlttiKY Pundas Uastib. in;ant son of W. Hast e and Isabella .Smith, aged 11 months and 21 divs. Spakard ?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday morning, F b ruary 20, MrNXtK B., youngest daughter of Rev. Houry A. and Miranda Biair rpafard, aged 9 y.urs, 10 months and 26 days The fttuernl will take place at St. John's church, cor ner Wurhiu.ton and John eta., this (Friduy) afternoon, at one o'clock. The fricuds of the family are invited to attend without further notice. T.'YIor.?At Stapleton, Staten Island, on Wedoe-dav, February 20, Eltyoop Iaylor, in tho 50t'a year of his age. Too friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the fanernl, at tbo Reformed Dutch church, Stapleton, S L, this (Friday) arteruoon. at on* o'clock Wagvkr.?On Wednesday, February 20, Habry, in'ant son of Arnold H. and t'ocilta G Wagner. The relatives aud fricuds of tbo family aro iuvited to attend the funeral, at the residence of his parents, No. 171 Went i o .enteonih stroet, this (Friday) oTieruoou, at 2 o clock, without further notice. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC rOU NEW TOR*?THIS DA*. ? sen Ri.srs 6 45 j moon hum # 57 M'V ?VT* & 44 I HIOH WATER Qioru ID 53 COST OF NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 21. 1837. Cleared. fttemnshlp Palmyra (Br>, W?l?on. Liverpool?X Cuusrd. Steamship Ht Laurent (Fri, Unaasau, Havre?Qe<> Mack'-n ilv. Htaamstup Oen Barnes, Mortou, Savaunah?Livingston, Fu* k Co. Steamship Kllen 8 Terry, Chapin. Wilmington. Ship Kler trie (Ham1, .lunge. London?K M riluman k Edye. Ship I'lillowxe (Norw\ Larson, T.iabon?Punch, Metncka k Wendi. Bara llattorno M (Ital), Costa, fork for orders?J P Phil lips. B-?rk Valkjrion iNorw), Larson, Antwerp?Punch, Meincka Wrndl. Hark l'eiloniu (Norw), 1'ederaon, Bremen?Slooorirh k Smith. Bark O H Hunt, Woodhttry, Cardensa?Brett. Son k Co. Brig ilermiini/t (Oldeni. t(*tke, Loudon? sloman k Kdye. Brig li M Iloslen, .lonea, Cienfuecos?Miller k Hougbtoo. Brig Torrent, (lould, Now Orleans?N H Rrlgham. Brig Camilla (Br). McKenzle, Wilmington, |KC?McColl k Frith. s.-hr Mollta (Br). Fougera. Ht Johns. PR?B F Small k Co. ? Hu " " hchv Dan I Holmes, ll.iyivood, Sarannah?Van Brant k sugtrt. Arrived. Steamship Allnmannia (Ham). Malr, Hamburg Fab S. and Southampton (till with mdse and J54 psaaengrus, to Kun liardl k Co. . IIj I strong wustarly winds the entire passage. Pit juitliip OtiMIng Star, Berry. Itlo Janeiro, Jan 16. Ha bis ii'th. Perttambiicn hist, I'ar* Feb fi. and Kt Thomaa 13th. with md -e and passengers, to Harrison k Allen. Feb 14. 1st ?iP-t N, Ion 96 40. signalized Br baik Jessie; lgth. la t 34 20 Ion 73, schr Telmuna, of Danmri'cotta; 19tb. lat 37 16, Ion 73 M, sleainahlp Kenstnglnn. Ktacnuc Sit'. Steamship San Franc, sen, Hebm, 11 ray town.'Nle, Fab IS. with liK) pasaeiigera, to the North American Steamship Co. Steamship Nerens, Beemc. Boston. Bark PI.ilea- (of Portland), Davis, Mstanzaa. Feb A via Delaware or.- tester 18th, with molasses. Ait, to Miller A Houghton. Bug KaUmo (Br). Morns, Windsor, with plaster, to D R DeWoli k Co. Brig Fred Clarke i Br). Coaldeet, Cornwsllis. NS. with potatoes to Durvea A llvtle. Schr Ann l^onsrd (Br,, Wilson, Fortune Bay, 30 days, with herring, t>i master. Si 'ir Coins m i Br,. ('.tuning. Cornwalll*. with potatoes, to Duryes A Hyde. Schr Waterfall. Came.on, Deer Island. NB, with herring, to master. Hrhr FreJonta, fhouiiisou, St John, NB, with lumber. Is bound to I'h'ladelph a. Sebr Ah hen. Sovy, Corpus Chrlrtl. Bohr Nautilus. dntnoson, Koeklaml. Sfiir Hlliow, Pierre, Rock!slid HelirCnrvn. Boekland. Hi in- Junes Henry, Oliver. Rockland. ' u. Dill " Hehr La martini. Dill Poitland. Me. Hflhr lawtle.Tnlar. Boston Sehr Ada Herh'-rt, Hawer, Olnueester. schr snllle Smlll', Chase, Fall ';iver Sehr W 11 ilmes Dr.ty. Prorlne-P?wn for ?iiginla. Seh. l.iiTiiila, Bnrir, from e re k of ship Tartar. Wurine Dissslm, s i AMsn.r Cas-Annua, whleb was wieek-.l Feb 6 on Brie Til sr.ns owned principally In Hoatoti and Prnrl. ? insured ?s follow ? Washli gtnn. $10 OR; 13 OIK); Net,tune, $7 500; New Kngland. $111. ItyAM: Mitnulw turttrs', $0 0,*); Equtstile, ?ntiue Hlioala. was owned rdeltee and was I Cldnn Mutual, $5 owi. Boeton, nmHHHiiHMRHlin $.r..Oil; Franklin, $.1,500; Nntionnl. $5.i?l; Atlantic, NYork, tiin.'UO. The ha la nee, about $$5,000, la insured In NYork a ud ilalllmore ofUcea. Hliir PunniB (Br), Richardson, from Martinique f.w Savannah (before icpovted), went asnore el Doboy Inlet It a mat. Mio lay in nu uiifavoralile position, hut If the weather eon'itilted fair she m ?y he got nV. The I' was draw ing 13 feel of water at the t ine of the disaster. Knrr La- caster, CofPn. at Philadelphia from Liverpool, hemic leported with loss of furctopuiast, also lost every yard forward, likewise blew awny all head sails and carried aw iy head of main and ui'uen topgallant inn. is at the same time. hmr Catrvpral, Melcher, from Cah-ultA for Boston, put into Ht I hums* 3d Inst leaky, aud was discharging IStb to repair. Fur Richard BrsTERD. Knnwles, from Calcutta for Bos ton. rut Into Ht Thomaa 4th Inst leaking and crew alck with scurvy, and remained ISth repairing. Purr Mart Raymond?A survey was held on Kstnrdiy morning lust nn the ship Mnry Raymond, ashore on Peiiean Hank. 1'he report onndemned the veeael, re< ommcudiui that she Is- dismantled and sold, Rmr Dasrtno Wsvb. from Han Franetseo, recently sunk ?ear the eW Hpit, was Insured as foilows? At the Washing n*"M 'fifi rtt njiii, wlire hi iiirra mm loti'iwiAt wiC ?? Ailiinc* ton offlce, gio.'isi; Neptune. $10,000; New Kngland. $10,iu); Equitable. $10,no0; also on the fr-fght money, $IV90Dat the Washington and $8.00) at Hie Notional, and on the eargn, $|i,Otio at the Button and $tt w? at the Buylatoo. There Wta elan $10,00$ on the vessel at the Pboinlt of.iee, NYork. c Bare runivriANA?The auptmeltion thai the hark ChHstl Sana (Dan), from_ Itlo danelro^wae the veaa, 1 found sunk south of Hsnitv llook bar has been oooirmed by the arrival of tha steamship (iu.ding Htar at tills port. I he Christiana wa- run down .,an 32 by the steamship North America frout thir port, whleb ? rrlved at 81 Thomag Jan 10 with the see. mid mate and four seamen of the bark. Nor farther partic ular* coind be ohtalnoj. as toe N A had loft Ht Thomaa pre vious to the arrival of (raiding Hlar. Bark Qurbn Victoria. (Br). Iltighes, from Rwtossa, which arrived below Baltimore 10th, has on ho%rd the bal ance of th? oflleers and crew of ship AquUls, oeforc report ed abandoned. Rik WntTK Squall, ashore at Well (lent, la fast Oiling up with md. Th<- lara bssbeen almost wholly savi d in a Ldam u.-'M slate, and w ta Insured principally In Boston as fob ?Iowa:?Merchant'.', $$1 000; Waahlneton, ~R3S.OOO; Manofac turere'. $10.00) ; F.qulUbla, $I5.U? ; Boft?l"R. $I.1.0IM; Franklin, $10,OD; Nnotuna, $18,'*10: China, $15,000; Mer caiHile Marine $15,000- Boston, $14,009, America*, $*JU,0M; Hhoe and Leather, $6.UB0, Bael Qrrww or the Fi.rrt (Br) from Ardrosaan. Is ashcr* on the lower middle, Breton harbor, aod must discharge part nf her cargo to get off. Bark 0?e or the 8fA, Adamaon. from (Nenfucgot for Bostun, putlnto Kt Thouuta $1 Inst leaking badly am, out of water and provisions, and was dlsehnrglug 13lh to tepalr. Brio If* B Forrcst (Br), Cunley. from Hai|a*n, for Ro inn. put into Ht Thomas 3d Inat to repair pumps aud f ro ccu.lad dih. Bhio Alice Lea, Herring, from Rt Domingo Tor New York, ut into Ht Thotua* 3d mat short of prorlaloua, and ratnatrAd Ith. Mrs Herring died on llio 10th. BcheNadab, fmm eh* lesion for RalUmore. bdfore re ported ashore on I'opla. Island, has been got off. Hone J II Bcbnbtt, frntr, Cardenss, which was ashore at the mouth of the i'atapsoo River, arrived at Baltimore aM '30th Inst Hceb (I W ITtnson, from New Orleans for Frevldenre (before reparted), ashore .it Huoan, wa* going to pie**s Feb art and she w*? to !?* ttrlpjied n?t. ? ^Rtbamm BatI wm sunk Ifth inat at her wharf at Nor. pui 1311 VuodSb * Uamw>* 011 Y:I*1 Inn off rr/inf I Feb A-The hark Charlea * Edw.rd, nttBM. I arrived bare from New York (petroleum , eauer-earmd he*** wr.lhcr, Juriu| which she lo?l main.ail snd Strang lows* topsail yard. Ha nil, Jan IS?The Samuel 0 Grant, from Raker's lalaiid for Liverpool, which put in hen- ?Kh ult wuh crew sick. am previously reported, aalled on the aiu iu?i (or uer donuoa lion. (?kvkhocc. Feb 1?The ahip Rboda. for New York, which put bark with cargo edified and damaged, will be surveyed und docked. Li*boh, Jan SO?'The Oaoar I, Overgaard, from Liverpool for Philadelphia, which pm in bare Jan 2A, reported to he leaky, Ac. la In quarantine, 1-avlng ne bill of health. Manila. Dec 10?The bark Jeannie, from New York for II.Ml* Kong, put In 16th with cargo ail if ted and other dam age. YaanoirrH. Feb S?'The American chip Fannie Larrabee, Randeli. from Havre for Cardiff, le on ahore at Brooke. The government steamer Kolio is In atlendaaoe. but owing to the ground aea and the ahtp luaide the breakera. ahe could uol get near enough In take the hawsers. Seamen are unbending aaila and arndlng down yarda. She does not make a great deal of water up to thia 7 I'M. Mlsoellmaeows. We are indebted to puraor U P Lllllbndge, of fnmetoft Hen Franciaeo, from Ureytowa, for late Jama Ice and Mien ragua paper*. Anothbb Fast Paaxaoi mom Fax Fbahcuco to Enon The oelebrated A1 clipper ahlp Herald of the Morning, Uept Hears. haa luat arrived at Liverpool In about 100 days frasa Han Franoieoo. wbloh la one of the aborteat passages erei made between the two porta, (By Allautlc cable, Feb St.) Bpekea, Ice. Ship Flying Ragle, from Boatoa for Han Francitoo, DeoM. no let, Ac. Bark lrma. from Oaleeeton for Liverpool, Jan 36, let M IT, Ion 3D W, with deck* awept, abort of provisions, and boar Ins up for Fayal io reBL Brig Prairie Flower, from Baltimore for Buenos Ajiee, DecSI. UtSSaOR, loni6 W. Forelga Perte. ANTwvar. Feb 1?Arr Topeka, Blaaobard, Philadelphia; 2d M U L'uthbert, Cuthbart, do: Id, Kurrgle, Cbrlatoffocm Mork Aib. ChaUworth, winter*, do. Bid let, ChrteteC Freidrichs. NYork. Arret Fln-hlng PebA, Portia, Jameaoa. BTerk; Created Wave, h lug. do. Anjikb. Dec 7?Paaoed. Congress, Vywaa. from Manila for Bomoii; 9lh. Lnrlon, Fell, Yokohama (Or NYork: 16th. Powbaltan. Patten, Whampna for do: 17th. Chill, Rows. Singapore for Buatou; Charger, Hatch, Hong Kong for Now Voile; Ihlh, Keuowu, Adam*, Fuoohow for Motion; 20th, Brothers, Week*, Amny lor N York; 26th, Proa Trade, Smith Mork lor Hung Koug. Bristol. Feb S-Arr ,1 p Wheeler, Harrit. Now York: Ath, Charles A Kdwnrd. PtlUn&n, do; Cardigan, Young, Cbarloa tou: 6tb, Liberies, Kroclla, NYork. Mvi kast, Feb 2-Arr Paolo, Fancrlde. NTork. Bacuiui, Feb 2?Air Anua, Mutters, llaltlmoie; John Trucks, liuljo*, NYork; Konuos, Wlericht, do; F L Thior niann, Nordenhnlt do. Bouiikacx. Feb 2?Arr BordeUlie. Broil, New Orleant. Harpklona. Feb 1?Arr Felicia. Millet, New Orleans. Baxmkok, Dee 16 - Arr Cai*lugmdon, Watson, llong Kong. Sid Dec 8, Amy Warwick, liaiaoa, Bombay. 18th, Dantol Marcy, Host, Nlngpo; 20ih. Young Creek, Thompson, Hung Kong. Hl'knos Athkh, Der 8? Arr Dlritto, Boston; 9tb, C A Llt tti'held, Nichols, NYork ; Commodore Dupont Clifford, I'lirll ind; lAlli l.a l'latu, Cruwell, New York 17th. Helena. Jackson. Haugur: 21*1. James Welsh, Bales New York: 2Jd, Alice Talnter, Murray, do: ?.'3th. Harriot Live-ley, Waterm, ortland; 26. a, Honduras, Ma run, N York ; 27tb, lark ' Mo. Portland; *6;li, Honduras, Maruu, N Yore ; 27th lark"1'Mo 7' a Machiii*; 21?th. Alfroil, Hufn.igi J, Baltimore- 31st. Fort ',V. Ti V"*- """3- >">' * En-lISfe VoJk* a if I hnow, do; 5'h Cornell,Iliggs, Sow In port Dee 28. ships H Aymar, Sawyer, and Paranm Langs tun. fur NYork, Idg; harks Llbortad, Hnwdoin, lor do, (1m; Jonn bwver, H ilman, lor do; Jaa MoCarty. Mi-Uart>, lor do; llobart, Croston, for Hob ton; and olbfra. Hatha .fan 9?Sid bmai C Grant, Klch drum Baker's Nluitd). Liverpool. Cakkxauvon, Keb 4?Arr Walton. Robert a. Harannth. rob '-AW Lincoln, Ijraman, Lon<1ntt for tauter Uoom- doIur ??>J KVork w Axr off Ath, OfKL^- w>ye Kim fro;n ?ew Vork for Ao(. Passed liy 61 h. Ann A I >J. vraflr ?s ,??_ yer, liom NYork lor LoniloV, ?"n Fyfe. ? ?m Dubl-n, Feb 4-Arr Primo. Swhler,, Wcw. York Fiumk, Jaiii Jh? Arrsvava. lldK^e Ki.-hmonil. Vs. Foocaow, Doc 16?Sid F .ickmX ^ux-kuian. Now York; Queen ol the Ocean, l'.lllsun, do Cuascow. Fob l-Arr Moraloa, McPN^ flbadlac. Hid Id. Ilihcruli (s), NYork. IloariiKAii, Feb S?Put In, Antarctic, Mutoker, iu)m i^w. orp -ol lor New Orleans. ilaaatiKU. Jan 30?Arr Peter. Breekwoldt, Ns'ork. Arr ut Ciuhuven Feb 2. Urare Parllng, Martin phlltdat pbia; Maxonia >mi, Hsack. NYork, hmlly. Buclianas do Hici.viikt. Feb 2?Arr Helie, hlaon, NYork. Havwr. Fob I?Hhl Fanny Larrabeo, Randah. Caitiff and United Htales (since goue atb?ra|. Ilotii Konu. Dec 26?sld (J?m? Cock, Sherburne. Mmlla. Livbkoool, Fob 1?Arr F A Palmer, Patten, NYork,Owl tivalur, Kusaell, do; r.mpress of India; Siimaon, San Kaa clscti. Maty Ogden, Coldney, Charleston: Trutonla. CM*, tollers. San Krauclsco; John Patten. Hill, Saviuioah; Ntw Ktiglund, Hedge, do; Rochester. Oliver, do; Km (a). Cla im g. New Yortt; Royal Family, Hnwett. do: Manhattan (a, Williams, do; bill. Calhoun, l'aga, do; Albert Oallniln, Do lane, do; City of Now York (a), l-olteh. do; H U Olovor. Malone. San Francisco. Also arr about Feb 10, ahlp Herald ot the Morning, ceara, Han FranctaOM, 100 daya. Sin 2d. Atmosphere, Oram. Bombay; Sd, Arcadian, Olov or. Savannah (he I ore reported sld lat). lib, hew World, Ot llwell, NYork, Tripoli ta). Martyn, do. Old Hh, Mlaaourt, Kdwarda, Charleston; Maroo Pelng For i Mia, Mobile. Knt out 2d, D Cannon. Walah, Mobile; Belgian fal, Brow a, Portland; Ath, Wbuxmaln, Arena; hnn (a), nutting, and Ta rda tay, Langlands, NYork. London. Feb A?.Arr Otell, Catheart, New York; FranoM Miiioy, (luotou. do; 3th, Plymouth Rock, Warner, do. Old Id, Warrior, llavies, Philadelphia: Ath, L.iarpnot. Chamberlain. New York; Ann A Alloc, UUey, Boston; 6th. i.Uctow, t.'ard. I'hiUdelpUia. Arr ut Or ivesend 5th. CoromandeL Dow. Boatoa. Sld Id. Wm rapacott. Boll. NYork. MstuaiLLKs -Iwu 31?Sld Thrudvang. Jorgenaen, NYork. Manila, Dec 1A?Arr Clara R Hutir Hau. Han Franciaeo via Hong Rung; Itftb, Jennie, Uunham, NYork for Uec^ Kong. Msi norone. Jan 26?Arr previous, ship Alpha (Norwi, Nellsou, New York. MorrKyiDko, Dec 16?arr Pembroke, Skaling, New York; ISlh, Sarah Crowdl, Messenger Klo Urande; Sllth, Mathil da. Blake, bearsport; Kremlin, CberryUeld; Jan A, Sarah Klixaboth, Sinclair, M.uihlaa (and sld for Buenoa Arrest; M A Herrors. Havener, Heaiaport; 6th, Whoattand. Johnaoa. I Savannah; 7th, Czarina, Seavey, Frankfort; llth, Sooaar . villa, Hill, Baltimore (and aid for Buenoa Ayrae). Shi Dec 20. Herman Is. NYork; Bet. Joliannev, do; ath. h'asbwaek, Heritor. Buenoa Ay res, Jan 2, Dclphla, and Ber tha, NYork; Dacotah (a). Hardy, Itaplaara, 7th, AddM Decker. Peuaell, a Brazilian port. In port Jan IA, bark. RmUia (Br), for VYork. Ida; Lord Palmeraioo (Br;, MoC ready, fordo, do; brigs Atlas. Coomba. for do. Ate; Anna iPrua;, for do, do; huometar (Boo;, fan Man's an an. Deo 16?Arr IF Naafa, Brtoo, NTork. Pslkkuo, Jan SI?Hid Corvo, Loogobardo, NYork; Para mount. Durham, ko. 1'ARa, Jan SO?lo port brig SaUnaa (Br), Bail, from NYerte juat arr. PkBNaunuca, Jan S?Arr brig Lapwing. Cremer, NYork. Qunbnstown. Feb I?Arr Danish Frtneaaa, Baker, Ardren tan mr PUiladelphia^leakv. Rio Jsnkibo, Doc S7?Arr Oarlbaldl, Laroen, NTork- 2Mb. Contest, Hoott, do; Jan A Lis ale Uakford. Roodo, do (sad aM Jan 6 ior CoUlornla; Mb, II a Stephenson, Uartuog, Bueaeo Ayrea for NYork. put In for repairs, A Cotter. Uerdea, It t atharluea. Ihh, Lottie Beard, Perry, CapodoVerds; 11 IA. M A Bersuu. Hmlth. NYork; Jeremiah, Ford, Charioatoo; 13th. W itch Queen, Millet. Boston for Valparaiso, put la te refresh (and proceeded ISthj, 17th. CuddI (Ham echr), ftraa mann, NYork; Slat, HCarling, Morse, CafWtff; ted, Braaiilo ra, We* els. Savannah; JaaC Coale, MoOahan. Baltjmore. Sld Dec 30th, fiertrude i Br), Kichards, NYork: Dallet-, Smith, Philadelphia; Jaa Id. Aberfeldv, Kvans Mo bile. 6th. Klvertyn, Deriaon, Balilmoro; llth. Persia. Dean*. Cellar ; 221, CllfW liavet, Baltimore W*. ?In.!>".7,'?*nSB<J^.ship* North Amerloan, West, and Oreaa Ragle. H ileumb, from Baltimore for Baa Franciaeo rent Star of the Union, Heed, from Honoiala for'Hampton Roalt do; bark H A fitephenaon, Hartung, from Boenoa Ayrea for Murk, do; hark* Lliza A Maria i Br), for .V Orleans, eld - Nova (Br), for NYork, Idg; Cricket, Keen, for BalUmoro. ?lo. Peter Dick ion (Swel.Tar Norleaaa; brig* A P Jordan, tirern, lot Ban Francisco cid; Hvanen (Daa;,Tor Nfork. St visoint Doc ??ArrT A Darrell, Payne. NYork. SaaaSANu, Dec IA?Arr Webloot, Btnrrock, BaUvu. SHiNouaa. Dec 8?Arr Newsboy, Ruswetl Hak .ladl: llth H W Aimy. Freeman, Puget Sound. Md Dee II. AadrenI Htolt, NYork; IStu. Aaaynau, Means, do; 1Mb, Lady Lentaal Msracller. do. Si I Noaaa Jan 39?Arr atea-uahlp North America. Tim mer una. NYork (and aid ami day for Rio Janeiro, diet: fi-b 2. ship Cathedrol. Mel-her, Calcutuv for Boston, In dia Ireva; bark IJciu of the Sen, Adainaon, Cienfnrgoe fur Bon Ion, in diatreas, brig Win n Forrest villi. Con ley, Surinam for 1 ustoii, put In to repair pump* 'and proceeded 8th); 3d. ?teamei t.'nmlirla. WliN-hoater, NYork (and aid Nth for Rio Janrlro;; brig Alice Lea. Ilrriiug. St Doiuineu for NYork. In dtstrrsa, dl-( 13th (Mra Herring died IWlii; Ath, (big Richard B inter I. Ki.uwl a, ('a.eutia for Huston. In dKlresa; ?'?-eJobb ti Whipple, I uoper, l.igalra; 7th, Wenonah, Tar NYork (ami lid 13th for a salt ialand). Sld Mb, aobrM rladen, Kllbttrn. Caiie llaytten; 6th. ship Mary Kuaaeli, Weeks, New Oclosua, llth, brtg K C Wright. Hagg. BalU mire r**eed by do 3d, brtg Anna (Brk Morrow, br Ponce In fmrt Feb IA ahipa Jam>-*(iulhrie. Johnson, rpg. Ki-hard Bu?teod, Knovlra, a?; Cathedral, MeDher. rtisg, barks Bo boff, Liiacumb, do; ilea of the Sea. Adamsun. do; br|^ Alice Lea, lie mug. wtg, AalaiBr), Oaudimfor Hoetoo. Idg. Cora! Isle (Br), Htuhb*, for Wllralnttoo, NO, repg; JokaQ ^i^T^/ouN^N^Vab^i?Cld bark Keyatune. Woooter, Ha vana. 1 snasbONa. Jan II-Arr Relna del Hud. Aasei NYork. Viuo. Jan 26?Arr Hoarding DoCunha, NYoik. Yobohsns, Dec I-Hld Hand a, Murria, NYork Awserlcan Parte. ALEXANDRIA, Feb 11-bU schr M W OrtBng. Or1Ho% Hew Hcdlord. . __ __ . DO?T(iN. Feb 10? Arr barque Almoner, Oray, NOH sane. Cid. steamer (feorge A op-Id, Mo wee, NnrMk sad Baltimore t. Hr ship Allan a Dai* Ruwe. Hi John, NB, barque Knreka, Cbanoler, Havana; brigs Crcelone, Haoerty. Port an Fitaoef Redwood. Uardner, K> medio*; also old. barque B Wright. Jr. Taylur, Satilla river, to load for Booooo Ay roe. eenr Planet i Hri. H isnnun, St Mnre. BIB Wted BBB to EMM land K off ibe Capes i. fresh, with tblek snow ttorte, barque Helen Maria (and anchored la the RosAL) ; BALTIMORE. Feb II-Arr bark DolawteB (Br), White, Norfolk: sehre Anna AjObdaa. Banks, NYork; Wooonah. Tall. Oaivestoa; tleo N Deveront. Batik Portiaad. 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