Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1867 Page 1
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rn w WIIOLE NO. 11.134. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PEHKON A I,. /lOUhlN B M .-IN VOn DID YOli ?IKT LET \J ten UlM Week. Will <MJ at the lio't . St half-past three to four thi.-i liiiTuiKin, sure. eatue place. Muti in itu. . * ? Helena h.?Capitoj ,inb wrote as requested year. If liicli'jea to renew acquaintance address box A.(US Poet oBlce. INFORMATION WAITED?OF THE WHBRKABOUTg of N. A. Paulsenwas last heart! of acme twenty yeara ainoe, from New Yot'a. Any Information will be thankfully reoeired by A _A. P?.ulaen. ft Eaal river. IE MRS. FRRf 1ERIOK8. FORMERLY MRS. WENT, worth, who t? jardad in 81. Mark ? place Mima two yeara ago, will pleaae t end her addreaa to Mra.W. M. 8., elation D. Hew York, ahe ' a;, bear of an old friend. Marie schahfkb, or hesse darmstadt. is request* d to call .it No. 3 Weal Baltic atreet, Brooklyn, to aw BaboU Wlrlemberger. KB. HARRIS L ??*?????on MISTAKE YESTERDAY. Your letter la at a tat ion A. Spring atreet. DUE M rttHK GENTLEMAN WHO BAD AN INTERVIEW WITH A. Lgnesn Y. Clarke at the American Exchange National Bank on Tuesday, Feb. A between the houra of 1 and 4 J\ M., will eonfer a favor by making himself known to S. X Clarke. HO Nassau street. N. Y. WAITING?FOURTH AYENUB CAR, THURSDAY last: curled hair, living in the country; severe cough; e an interview can be had with the gentleman who paid fare? Addreaa Smith, box S Slid Boat oflice. WILL K W. CALL OB COMMUNICATE WITH THE party be sent a letter to on February 18, M Harleut. UUth street. 011 strictly confidential business. Will be well rewarded. 0')D STREET?18TH INST. RETURN. "SWAO." N. jLZt R. belongs to "Cop." "Dead to rights," and cau ?>ulh" HATH1HUMAL. A GENTLEMAN. THIRTY-TWO YEARS OK AGE. absent for fourteen years in Brazil, and without l.idy friend* here, wishes to form the acquaintance of a ladr not ?*er tweuU-tlve, with a view to matrimony. She mu?t heor ?ood personal appearanoe. of refined manners, and with the usual accomplishments of a well bred ladr. Wealth not ea se nUal. To save time and trouble for both parties, answers should enclose photographs and give particulars of com Kxton, height, Jcc. Address A. W. H., bos 1,384 New 1 ork it oOlce. LOST AND FOUND. Lost-one dozen bottles of simpson-h con centrsted Kxtract of Hit-a-Oss. The finder will be suit ably rewarded by returning the same to the factory, 141 Henderson stroot, Jersey city. No.questions ashed. STOLEN WATCH WANTED.?IK T1IE PBKSON WHO has the Jurginson lever watch. No. 8,687 (valued for Its associations), which was lost between H. B. K. R. depot and St. Nicholas Hotel, on Tuesday night, will send It and chain to JOHN HOKhER, 146 Broadway, he will receive $100 and no questions asked. r BROKERS AND OTHERS.?LOST, ON THE 19TH of September, 1864, one United States ?-? Bond, $600. No. 248-3uo! the 4th series. The finder will be liberally re warded and no questions asked, bv addressing Peter f iu aey, 162 High street, Brooklyn, as payment has been stopped. REWARDS, ar REWARD.?LOST?A LEAD SHOE BUCKLE RE ?PO presenting a wreath of Scotch thistles. The finder - ease leave it at Thomas Kirkpatrlck's. 306 Broadway, rill plaaae corner of Daane street (lA REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RET 'R.N 3PJLU to 64 East Nineteenth street of a Bhick and Tan Terrier, lost on Sunday, Feb. 17. Had on a brass collar, with owner's name and stable number. i\ BEWARD.-LOST, A LIVER COLORED MOT $J_U tied Seller Dog; when lost hud en ? slip Uather col lar. The aoove reward will be paid on returning him lo 54 J Kighth avenue, near Thirty-ninth Mtreet. i\ BGWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKE#.?LOST, ?PXv' in a Fourth avenue car. on the tlsl iniant. two small Memorandum Books, of no value except w> owner. Address A> East Thirty-aec?nd street. AOr REWARD.?IF THE PERSONS WHO TOOK THE articles from No. 22 East Twenty-Iourthstreet on Wednesduv eveninsj will return the watches (one Mirer and one gold), and the evegiassea with the chain attached, which articles were valuable as koepsakee. they will twelve the above reward, or proportionately for the different article*, and no question* asked. gfrOC REWARD.-L08T. ON THE EVENING OF THE XZO 21*t till.. *n English open faced silver Ljrer Watch, U/driLf AIM UIV. , n U isii^iiBii "l'v - ---- - - ?- T Moncas. maker, in a Second street stage. The aU?ve reward will be paid and no questions asked by applying at 74 Cort * strseu In the ba*ement. REWARD.-LOST, OK TI1K EVENING OF THE % I O Bhh lust., 1U a Broadway car, a Gold Watcli. hunt ing case. American Watcli r'ompuuy makers. The above reward wiU b. in id and no questions asked on tie return or the Watch to 39 West Thirtv-ulnth street. $100 REWARD.?LOST. GOING TO WILLIAMS' Wi Vu Hildgc. on the New Haven road, otfrum Amity and Woostei l? Twenty-fifth street and Set ool avenue, on tbe Fourth uveutic oars, on the 22d Inst., a bits- eosmelled Watch. Mit tv i tu.i. nil l.i n tsJU ha tela met- hala, with thelniuals A <1. it. The above rfszrl will be paid ?nd to questlofia asked. MB Wooeter street. , ai /Win REWARD WILL BB PAID rOR THE Sl.UtfU deiec'lun of tbe pereon who proenred the certification of a forged check ^ T-(i-/Jmyloiik K?e?t ot? the Hauover National Bank, for $14,#M 12. Applj at the _sk. Fvsacsr 11. 1667. COPA Kl'N KlfM S PS. T fiPLENDlD CHsNUF. to MAKE MOWET-OW AN A Investment of a few hundred dollars. A partnership la a paying bunness ion* established. The fullest Invest!? gallon Invited Call si ? Nasaau street, room No. 1. TtiRT\KK WANTED?IN AS IRON WORKS. NEAR P Pbiladslnhl?;'u?>'>"1',?ln*of RfiR'fiJl *??. wsnt to add a mil fsctwy PA* ef half interest |ifd?U. Addres. box ?? Philadelphia P>st oilice. ThARTNFd WANTED?WITH $48800 TO gtiUOtW. IN AN r* iji?ll.hed and successful drv goods auction butltie", Pkllajelwhi*. to take tbe place of a retiring partner. Ad auction, box 6.114 New York Post otlice. t5rr WANTED?WITH THREE HUNDRED AND fly dollars rash, to extend an Increasing business; si.i ufi-ti' given and required. Address Geoi-ge Mason Herald office. Agent, not answered. nrtHl COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING 1 between tbe subscribers, under the copartnership name at Tuomey A Elder, ai 212 uraud street. Is this day dissolved fie mutual consent. Michael Tuomey is alone suifinrtxad to ^tta UP tie bu.iue.4 of .aid ?rm*KUjHAKL TUOMEY JOHN ELDER, Jr. Dated Sxw Yoaa. Feb 20, l*f7. _ Afrrwt?PARTNER WANTED; A GOOD, MTrtADY ?DUUi msu will receive the half Interest in a manit. taring budne**, P-fin^lar^fiij CO., J4 Duane street. rT7w?aA TO MM6 WILL mown THE INTER ?TU.l"" ' est of a retiring partner g??ng U> Kurnpei in ? aatoblshsd cash manufacturing huSlues,, sales <o first a hotaea In the pnnclpal cities: article always in demand; profits ox Investment 130 to Jftl per cent. Addres* with real ?, Pin- Plde. Herald ollloe. IVHIBM OPPORTIAITIE*. A~W BNTABLISI1ED NEWSPAPER. WITH A LARGE gad growing ?ub*cnptlon ll?t, for mi ? h.?rg?tn. r ss_a._TTr_ W f Vs.. ? t .1 Je.iij ?? ,,sasr lint *211, . JkJk Mia growiuu miwii|fiiwi ?"?? 7 ? JVia Petlsfaricry reasons given for sale Address Paper, box 214 Bora* effioe. _____ SOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.?Til R WELL xnown Parisian Upholstery Eamblteliment of < fiarles ?kiln. W|., proprietor and establtshei ef this well ps) tng business, sii ate, on tbe Jtn-tsou I* for sale, a* the owner wllj retir* n; This satabUahment is the caL one .rf the kind fitted up in the United Slate* after the real Parisian slyla. It la divided into three dapartmeeu. with open netting and lea surrounding. First department contain, paper window shades, fie ; second department conmins curtain*, cornices, table covers, damask* and numerous Ustic artu-laa. oonslatinguf oil paintings, statuary brack ?ate aafi imported fancy gnodi; laird department contain* f willow aafi camp furniture. On the top of this splendid ' ..iMarty It a beautiful Chinese cupola, whloh can 1^ seen m tha entire rity. attached to this building i* a wild a beautiful summer house bv statuary. There are also a hrtek hem and car * at teen ef ?"? -*?' ed laadtag late annlhar street, wfi ch Vbe separated from Uje froet betldtog. This ezoellem ?tmw een. If desired, he sold separately from the build mfa. It win. hy all rietoi. on * mount >j>e For fur ?hafi oaear huelaeaa can. If desired, be sold separately from ,m. and may be leased for a term of yasra. It' dmatu he auld extremely lew. as the proprietor t Hf til health, will leave Imaaedlstelv for Kumpe '?her particiiere aptdy te Gil KK.tNKLIN. Esq.. 1)1 ?I Tlrt-ir^Ter%?RrH f. PICKERING Auo^oa-ei ad returnleeloe merchant. 4M Mala street. Poughkeopsle . Y , ev efts 9> PBt'K, commlseion merchant. 78 w eel ieventeenih .ireet, New V ork. BASE STrtOK AND FIXTURBfi OF A BRGADWAT J sterv fer sale-dlook consisting ef paraeols and fsncv oods HuMnevs well established, rent low Aoplf on the .remise* 461 Broadway, near devealeentn street aresl aide. ' 'ropnetor gmng Into the mauufe<-turing busteoea. M4 ?ILLINEKT BfiBINRAH FOR SALE ?IfiOO WILL BUY a block worth ihat amount and an established Husl eaa A rsed opening for a small C?pita!; rem Ic.w Apply I Hi) Brmwlwif, noiUiM, or lo MIm t. A.. STK' B!48vr(, la > Mala street, tookers. N Y. rlgl HOMtFOPATllir PHTSIOIANB.-A GOOD OPEN log at New Brighton. 8. I., for an ejpertsnoed hnnuen. atklo phvslcisn, (here being no physician of that school Gib la several miles of the above mentioned pla.?. For lu jrnwfiuo addreaa box 1,6*6 Post oflice. ft?> mtUOGIBTB.-A YOUNO MAN OF MIX VF.ARf I etrperiencc in the drug trsdc wlshee a permaneni fiia Ion with an established retail house; ha* chsrgr "( ? drug I om at pren#Dtt BtH'of rff?fpnc#?. Aridi6i? Wlllliviii ?? I lllard. Myttif Hrclge. CulO. TALL ABLE PATENT RIGHT FDR 8AI.K IMrKOTE!) HANGING FOR CENTREBOARD'*. Addreaa J. F. Hall. wVeterly. R. I. in nnn -a partner wanted, in the lum 'lwswvwi her ,nd Manufacturing Rnslu*.* plenty timber- mills In uiM-rallnn, capability snd means only odnl to make ll pay largely. Address J. U. W.. box 1.442 Y. Post offiee. HII.LIAKUI. AC. large mumber of new and becond ,1 INI) I milliard fables, with our Improved c iihlnallon shhws winnh have been proved lobe the m ?i correM a duwsble cushions ever made. Bpeeimeqe of ourUhlefi it tifiee been In con,tan' Jee for many years insy l<e seen he unmlpai hotel# and ti-oon# In this city. Psrile# In. -dins to purchase will ftbd it to their Interest lo call and ?mine ofif Stock, which Is the Urges! and finest In the PBKLaV /.C^LLAN^Sil. m to ? Crosby street. N. Y n BALK-W'sMJODB ONB FULL HTZF.D , .i.r, Tfible: win be sold cheap, as It must Tf$1^ArrTvtkNshWbfi HoudA Hick. sC, Brooklyn. IWBTHl'CTIOM. A t DOLBKAR'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, 609 A Broadway?Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic, Ac . taught prHCtic.il1> an uc?d la the bast New York hnune>. Stiffness cramping, or trembling removed. sud *n elegant buaineaa hand gunrautoed. Gentlemen or ladiea can lecure private rooms. A LADY RBK1DING A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE A country desires to procure a competent teacher fur a Amllv of ten children; one thoroughly qualified to instruct in English. French and music: good referenoei required: to ?itch a pereon n liberal salary will be given. Address J. Car ter. Hempstead, L. J. A YOUNG WIDOW WOULD LIKE TO ENGAGE AS govrrneae to go to California, or would act in the ca pacity of housekeeper. Address Widow, station C. A SITUATION wastkd-in a seminary. for a a-m. Bret young lady, who has just completed her edu cation. She would accept a situation as governess in a first ? .ass fanulv. Addiesa for three days, with particulars, Teach qr- bo* A Sit Poat office. A TEACHER. DISENGAGED AFTER TWO O'CLOCK P. M.. is desirous of obtaining a few private pupils; particular attention pai<) to foreigners and per.-ous of neg lected education. Call on or address Teacher, 307 West 13th st. AN ITALIAN GENTLEMAN (VOCALISTi, HAVING ten years' experience in teaching singing in a first class female seminary, desires en engagement in a similar school near the city, for two days in the week: best of re ferences given. Address 107 West Twelfth street. A I-ADY WOCLIi GIVE LESSONS ON THE PrANO to a few young scholars, with the privilege of prac tising af her house, or give tliriu at their own residences. Teims?Ten lessons for $5. Address Music, Herald oillce. A LADY RESIDING IN A DELIGHTFUL LOCA -i tion. alxmt 10 miles from Boston, and near an excel lent school. M ould lake the entire charge of one or t wo chil dren or an invalid. Persons willing to pay liberally for kind care und a plea<-ant home will please address C. A. B., bor l'JU Herald oillce. CC. MARSH'S ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND IN . 8TEUCTION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. 516 Broadway. Circulars. FRENCH CLASS EVERY EVENING?CENTRAL Lo cation; also private lessons, daytime and evening; French surely acquired In three months. References given. Address box 16 statiou D. PTPILH WANTED?IN A SHALL SELECT BOARD ing School; terms low. City reference. Address Mrs. L. Lohdctl, Salem Centre. Westchester county, N. Y. PROF. STR. DE L'OUEST CAN DISPOSE OF HOURS in the afternoon for French Lessons, either in ooin mon st the Mercantile Library, or at his residence, 98 East Twenty-second street. OFANISH LANGUAGE.?PBOF. A. DE TORNOS.? O Classes for ladies at his teidilenre, 568 Fourth avenue, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, puolished by D. Appleton It Co. WANTED-A SITUATION TO TEACH THE ENGLISH branches or Drawing, by a lady graduate of expe rience References given. Address K.. box 3,980 New York Post office. SPORTING. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beau; about five mouths old: built oroak and copper fastened; has accommodations for eight persons besides the crew; i* wAU found lu every re spect. , Apply on board st foot of East Tenth street. A LI. KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT R. DOYLY'S, 350 Canal street, near Church street Medicines lor all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. F'RANCIS BUTLER. NO. 8 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL the choice breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible blunge Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75 cents. Butler'a new work on the Dog. $2. Dog- trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. JOHN GRAY. II ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR sale a pair of Newfoundland Dogs; black and tan Scotch and Skye Terriers: good ratters. Pair of small black and tan Dogs, very hands one. JUST RKCEIVED-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF HEL gian and German Canaries, piping Bullfinches and other European Hinging Bird*. Also Golden and Silver Pheasant#. Mandarin Ducks. Black and White Swans. Ac. For sale br CHARLES RE1CHK. A BROTHER, 55 Chatham street, near Cham bora. ON. DOLLAR A PAIR WILL BE PAID FDR 1(10 pairs of Qnalk. delivered alive to A. P. LAWRENCE, 94 aud 98 Leonard street. New York. rpo SPORTSMEN.-A TRULY VALUABLE RF.D SET I let Slut will be sold this day by MINER A SuMKR. VII,I.V. 57 Nassau street, at 12 o'clock. Particulars and warrantee given at sale. IV"ANTED?A KING CHARLES SPANIEL: ALSO A II a small greyhound 1'lease address H. 3. .Herald of fice, staling price and size. HOR8E9, CARRIAGES. <VC. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT private sale. i? kepi by MINER A SOMKRVII.LK. at 37 Nassau street. All persona wishing to buy. sell or ex change Horse* or Carnages, should hare their properly, or the articles doslred registered as above. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART. Union -unare. every Tueedav and Friday throughout the year, and at *7 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A GENTLEMAN, HAVING SOLD HIS HORHES, NOW wishes todtspoee of the following Vehicles anil Har ness at a sacrlfloe:? 1 light I'latform Coach, curtain quarters, $85(1. co*t $900. I ai< seat Phaeton or Brett (light). $000. cost 51*10. I ligln coal box shifting top Fuggy. $*11 coat $100. 1 light yacht body ahlflttig top Htlgfv. $2UH. cost $400. 1 shifting top Depot Wagon. SITS, coat $800. 3 art- aingle Harness. $100. coat $lMI. a 1 aet light double Harness. $55, eoat $125. Kor sale separately If desired. Apply at Calvin Witty'a Carnage Warerooma. 058 Broadway, near Bleecker street. A THOROUGHBRED SADDLE UORSK. 7 VEAKS old. 16fi hand- high. Terr stylish, and warranted son ml; two family Horse*, one 8 years old, 151, hands high, very stylish, wa ranted sound and kind in any Darne-s; also three new Ton Wagons, one Tttmorer Seat Phaeton, and one aet of Harness Inquireal Fifth aveauoaed Forty-fourth 1.1 reel. A -SPEED. AC-TO BE SOLD THIS DAY. AT TAN ? DKWA t r.R'S auction room, 100 Liberty street, at 12 o'clock. .1 beautiful giay Norman Horse, ljt. bands high. ? yeataolrf, tine driver. Or great endurance and power, a due roadster perfectly gentle and warranted sotiuu and kind; ran t-cat three minutes road wagon. to lie sold without re set re. Satisfactory reasons given lor selling. A HANDSOME PONT RI'ILT TEAM OP DAPPLE grav Vermont Morgan Horses, good steppers; a pony built team of blaelt Canadian Mare* for farm or any use. Price low. 4$8 I'eorl street. Brewster a CO., or rroome street, ixvitb attention to their new styles of Carriages for spring and summer use consisting of Phaetons. Caleches, Landau*. Cabriolet* and other fashionable vehicles; also on view an aasortineut of our celebrated Road Wagons In all the newest Mr lea, and af the moat pgqwIaHe dnish. Person- in search of 'Brewster" wsgoos are reminded that we manufacture on our premises in Broome street ecery veiiicle we sail, and hare so brancn of our establishment On Broadway. BUY YOl'R HARNESS AN1? SADDLES BEFORE sprlngr itsh onens and prices go up. Call, examine *nd compare our s'yies and Wires Wholetmle and retail Saddlary sntl lisrne?? Warerooma. 57 Itesde street, lirst door west of Broadway. N. Y. DF.MARKHT. BILL A CO. We manufacture our own goods, and Inrlte tho attention of dealers. No Broadway e?pensos or profits. CARRIAGES.?JOHN C. PARKER A CO.. Ml EART Twenty flitli street, builders of first class carnages only, Inrlte the Ihspeetlon of all burets appreciating good work. Orders tot spring otnl summer use should be put In hand at once. * IpOK SALE?TWO HOUSES, WITH HA P.NESS AND 1 Ho sill ess Wagons; all or the very host description, atid suitable for grocery or any business. Inquire at .">*7 Third arcane between Fortieth and Forty, first streets. In provision store. ?? CYOR SALE-HORSE. TRUCK, HARNESS AND WORK; I1 also .stable Room for eight horses and wagios to let. Inquire of C. R. KEKN1K. ?) Mactougal street. For sale?a large double sleigh second hand). '?auh* eeen *t stable iu Twenty-sixth street, so thtosst oorner of Thitd avenue. For sale-? horses, just from the country, i nim 5 to * roars old, suitable for a truck or carl. Prices $*> to$Aho No. ? Lauren- street. For balk?stylish sorrel horsr, h1, hands. ftve.yesrs. $.Vl Three Horses. I6R. pony built, sound and kind $75 In $100. Now tight Hsroess; $50 144 West C?TABM ol tf $.Vl Throe Morses. lAR. pony built, sound n$199. Now Ugl " Twenty-ninth street, three day*. ,ES TO I.BT?II TBSTRT STREET: ALSO REAR o( 19 Bond street, entrance on Bleecter. Also 145 Kaet Ibtrty-awth street. J. 0. RAILRY. 10 Fifth stresK.^ WANTED? A SLRIOH AND HARKBM.-THK UN derslgued will exchange .? piano for the shove on bra nrstile le me, of on? of the most noted makers In tho etty. Address Vsncott, Herald ofllee. Ft HMTt HE. All singer s patent sprino beds require hi i one mattress) rleaii, durable: warranted for years: no leathers or strings shout them; health, luxury. Sold every when. W?r? 215 Centre street. A Magnificent pianoforte for uu for$its. . coat f.Vsi; a beautiful Parlor Suit, In French aallti bro eatel. fo- Sl'JS i is! $275; one do., $73; sis# a lot of Parlor and Bedroom Furniture at a great aacriflec for cash. Inquire at 11$ West Eighth street, Mar eixth avenue. 1T, CJ,LVATK ?AL?-ALt, THE ELEGANT HOUSE hold Furniture nniitsincd in the brown -tone bonse 44 W-st Sixteenth ssreet. tw-tw-nn Fifth and Sixth arenues; a greai aecrlitce PletMform lor $900. coat $MW. Par I >r Suit. 1125 !?' i gnat, Roohoneo, Mirror-. Carpets. (Ml Paintings, Rrnnies. V,x,e*; chamber. Dining Furnlmre; China, Glass, Silverware, Cutlery House lor sale. t.11 RNITfRE, FURNITiritK.?BRAL'NSDORF A MET/, F aue-essors to ? ~tl A Bretm-dorf. offer their atook of well aasoried Furnit ure, consisting of Parlor, Sitting ltoom. Library. Bedroom and Dining Room Holts of the latest styles, o the public at wholesale pi ires, at 126 and 127 Rlrtng inn w. H.?All ffMMVft w*rr?rit*i. fW-RNITUEB. MATTRESSES, BEDDING. LOOKING Glasses, Ac., eheaieat, at G. W. SNKDEN A CAMP HELL'S. ?7t Bowery, between ttanton and Houston streets. Good* w*rr?tited; delivered free; Patent secretary Bed stead* rheap. . Payments received by weekly or monthly* inatalmente for I urniture of every description, Carpets, Oilcloths. Parlor and Bedroom Hulls Pianos Bedding. Ac. nl BENDALUA MiOTTd, corner of canal and Hudson *1*. IIHY OfMMMA. / ' ABI KTN.-D, EKLLTi CO. BAYiVuST OPENED A / ? ?rw *eieetlop of I ngllsh and American t'arpeie. at the lowegt ntbikot rates, .corner of 7 wetity-Afth -trvet and Sixth avenue. ?? SPKCIAL, NOTICES. Vast sim association ?property owners, lJ and Interi-stud ;n the welfare Of the east tide ol the city above Sixtieth street are requested to attend a meet log ol the above Association ou Monday otrenlng. February ,*A * ootel of Carl Them, earner Eighty-iavenlh street aud Fourth avenue. Information aa to the general object# of the Aaaociation 5r,"-v?,he had at the ufllceof the Secretary of 'h# t'ommi'tee, i JlS" ?lreel and No. 1.JS3 Third aveuue, where vub eerlptaw lieta will be In readmeaa for thoae desirous of join ,ug- w order of the Committee. HUGH CROMBIE, Chairman __Ai-l*. Thaiis, Secretary. MASONIC?THE BRETHREN OF KNICKERBOCKER Lodge, (J. D., of F. and A. M . are hereby auuimonrd tn meet m the Egyptian room", Odd Fellows Uall thia isaiurday; evening, at 7W o'clock. By order. JOSEPH J. JENNINGS, W M. Tho?. W. Rob Sec. pro. tem. TO ARCHITECTS. The under#ignrd, Commissioner* appointed by the Congrea* of the Cnlted States, have ?dopt?d the following Reaohu.oini and Kulea and Rrgnlattnaa in ba observed by Aruliilect# ou submitting plana for a building p. be erected for a Post tiiflce and United States Courts. in the cliy of New York:? Resolved, That all Architect# desiring to compete for the plait to be adopted by this Commission for the erection and building of a Poat OlUoe and Conrt Rooms for the Cot cd States Courts In the city of New York, he requested to fur nish Pians to this Commission for the purpose a foresaid, and that the following are the condlliuna and rules to be observed by aiieh Architects ? Pint.?1 he plana to be upon a nntfo'm scale of one sixtheenth of ?n inch to the toot, nml at leant one exterior perspective drawing to the same scale Second.?Tn lie fW from coloring, except so far as tn?v lie necessary to indicate inaterlals uaed. Elevations and sec tions may be timed in India Ink or sepia. Third.?To be accompanied by outline specifications and approximate estimates in detail. Fourth?>p. cuI reference must be had to the subject of acoustics, heat I UK and ventilation. Fifth.?The material of the extprtor to he of while marble, ?w-ept aa to liiwi door, which la to be estimated both for mar ble and Iron. Sixth.?Plana and estimate* to be submitted to the Com missions;# at the Mayor's oflioe. In the Citv llsIF in the city lBW.'at thflie'o'cloek M?,,d*y' thf 8lh *?>'"? _ . .. REQUISITES FOR THE BUILDINil. To be three storb1# and an aitle in height alsire the base ment; a sepurate estimate to lie made for sub-iellar. O^emen. and First Floor to be used entirely as a Post The Second and Third Floors to be divided as follows, viz ? First.?Six rooms for United District Attorney, assistants and clerks Second floor. Bei-ond.?Three rooms Tor United States ..?'i' ? ? ? v ? ? ?; ? ? Second floor. Third.?One room for Circuit Court, at least _ !?,9r - ? Second floor. ?ou room for District Court, at least bT ? - ? ? Second floor. Fifth?One room for District Court Judges' ait'.kIUIIrfr' ?' Second floor. Sixth.?One room tor Circuit Court Judges' u'?n?t>rr" Secoud floor. Seventh.?Two rooms for Circuit Court Clerk ; Second floor. Eighth?Two rooms lor District Court Clerk ?"'< 7^' Second floor. Ninth.?One room tor Orand Juiy Third floor Tenth?One room for arbitral inn Third floor. Eleventh?Two rooms for Referee# of Circuit and District Courts. Third floor. Twelfth.?One room for District Alturney'a ????; Second floor. Thirteenth?Four extra rooms, if required. for I nited States District Attorney and Msranal. Third fl.a.r. Fourteenth?'Two rooms for Janitor Third floor Ail other rooms in second and third stories and nttir will be required for Post purposes. All the above to be aoromponled with the necexai.rr wash [ room#, wardrobes, water clflseui Ac. A# many tanks In the upper atorv as mar lie required to rurnuh a constant and sufficient xupply of water through out the building. As mnuv safes and Iron vault# a? mav be required in the basement and each #iory of the A I (unnecessary and Inappropriate ornamen-anon to be avoided. estimates to lie presented aa aforesaid, sealed and addressed to John T. Ilotr.nan. chairman of the ( oimmtsion. at the Mayor's office or the uly of New York with the name of the architect. Res dved, That the sum of S6.0J0 will be paid to the arehl tect whose plan shall be approved of and adopted bv the Commission; that such architect be recommended br the ( ommigalonas superintendent In the em otion of said build ing. in accordance with the term# of a contract to he eme-ed into her-nIter by said architect and the United Sister, or the Uwrullv constituted authorities thereof for that purpose; that lia b" paid and receive a commissi' n ?? follows-?Five pe'eent on $Jf?.t*?). three per cent on rnO.OJO. two pet rent on balance of the amount of ex|a>nditure antf coat of erecting ?aid building * Resolved. That the sum of $1,010 he paid to the architect whose plan snail he reported upon and adopted bv the t'om mission a# second in merit; that the sum of $2,OfU be paid to the architect whose plan may b# determined bv the Com mission as th.rd In merit; and Hist the sum of gl.iXXi be j.aid to me anhlteet whose plan nuy be pronounced br the Com mission to be fourth In merit. Resolved. That the next ten whose plans mav be pro nounced respective}# by this Commission moat deserving of merit U elassthe.1 in ,w.. divisions, of live e ich, and thai the flrot. iviaion be puid $AUU each and that the second division tie paid A**J each. I,esolvrd. That this Commission lesorve the right of re jecting all plan- proposed and aubmlued to it. Resolved, fhat all plans for which premiums shall be awarded be retained a a the proper! v of the United rtfatea, aud that all other plans be returned to the architects who aubmtlied them. Resolved, That architecix are requested in apply to James Kelly, Postmaster, Secretary of the Commission, at the 1'oat Office for the proposals, stirrers ami map# The foregoing is approved. ALEX. W. RANDALL. Postmaster General. . . . B II. IROFKIIO. Secretarv of the Interior. John T. Hoflman, Mayor. James Kelly. Post master, bainuel 0. Courtney. P A Jonathan Merges, President AH .v. South n Dlxr., N Y. Chamber of Commerce. Jackson ?. Schtilts. Moses Taylor. Charles H Russell. Charles ll. Rogers. JOHN T. HOFFMAN. Chairman of Commission. Jams Kbllt, beeretsry. THF, PUBLIC IS HEREBY CAUTIONED AOAJXST negotiating the following promissory note, the transfer and payment ol which has been enjoined by the Conri of Common Pleas, and wli'rh I# now in posses ion of David kaufmsn A Co. ?Note dated Jan. II 1837. made bv Simon Rekhenback aud endorsed by William Bi uuner A Co . for the sum of $3,000. and payable at three mouths after date. Nkw York, beb JU. 1967. WILLIAM BKU.NNER A CO. RKLieiOI'g IOT1CU. A BKA1IAM FAMES. CELEBRATED CIIICVOO ARTE ?T. slan well discourser, lelates his MediumiaUO Experi ences in Dpdworth Hall, at JO'j o'clock. Rev. E. U UoAand dlscoctr.os on ' 'Divin.ty" at 7,'i o'clock. A KE UNIVKRSALISTH IN FIDE LS '"?THE REV. O. I - Dcniarrat will kiiswci to inoriow evening, at the ehurcb corner Second avenue and Klerenth street. Regular services at Iflfi A. M. A H VIN ON THE SOCI AL EVTL. -? Rev. Chas, B Smith's Sunday Afternoon Popular Leeture ihalt-poat three'. Argus Uall. rid) Broadway n? gentlemen only. BLEECKKR STREET CNIVERSALIAT CHURCH, corner of Downing street ?Services at 10*( A. M. and 7H P. M. Surtjeci of discourse to-morroiv morning?"lie peutstice and ' odversion " In the euininggMna" to voting men on "Book, of Fact and of Fiction " On dbursdav ?rening. 28ih lust., the Rev. 11 W. Bellows. D lb. will lee lure before the Lit'rary Aaso. utfou m this < hnreli. Subject?" Half Way Tliruugli the Nineteenth I'mtnrv." Lee uie at 8 o'clock. Tickets Till cents riRMIMK CHURCH. TWKN1V-KIOHTH HTREF.T, \7 ueai Broadway ?Service# Lord's day. February -'I, at 10', A. M. and TV, P. M. Preaching bv Urban C. Brewer. pastor. Church of the resurrection, thirty fifth ?tree., near Sixth avenue?This luring the last Snoday on which the congiegallou will worship tn their present edlttee. Rev. Edward O. Flagg. D lb, rector, will preach an appropriate sermon In the morning, la the evenings sermon will be preached tn behalf of the Church Hook So ''"^.'jhy.Kev. Chares N. Chandler. Services at 10l? A. M. Mo 7,H x . M. VTNTH FRESBYTER1AN CHURCH, CORNER NINTH a.1 avenue and Thirty-Aral street ?Sabbath evening. oe.ock; Sobject. Moses aud Washington. Rev. wm. n. pkndlkton. pastor fifty-third s'leet Haptlat ehurch. will nrearh Sunday, at Ifltj A. M. ?nd "T#ry evening through the week. Bap tising Sunday evening. r QqT. ANN'S FREE CHURCH. EICUITEKNTH STREET. Jrl "f*1! VB" -The Rev. Ka?ihuru Benjamin will preachi at .U. 10VA. M. and :t P. M.. the afterno^i service Boiulftjl' i ""lea, and the Iter. Prof. Obo. F. Sey. STRANOERS SUNDAY HOME?CIIAPKI. OF TIIK UNT ?erslly, \v osbinctou square. Rev. Dr. Ibteina will preach to morrow at is* o*clock, A. M Heats frer^ P fPIIE SHEPHERD or ZION, S S. SNOW. win. prwvch 1? Ike I nlveratty. Washington xqitxrn. on Sun fSiujcmL"Ca:,J" or lh* Kw THioJt'Jirsi^,NiLR^t anniversary for the wash ?ir.. rjUlJSVr Methodist Episcopal church. Fourh J.r t". . u ?**""?? Wl11 '* bold on to-morrow (Hun i yw ^.r d McCllntock. ?. I)., will preach at ltd M -luSai'y's" ,en a,:.',,plrMh Jur"n'" T?8aSr-,a!;Jt. WASH?URN D. D,. REi'TtlR OF ?erno'2i ^i-iliT ?rW,L' IT'"'\.lhe 11(11 h df the course of jgy&tj..1--hfH1/ * New York Protestant Episcopal SyJmfftCL:? "1?" evening. February 24. In the vifihareno# Tw""rnnth street, near nrin iTPDUf, ferries^ to <-*01x1111^no<" at 7b4 o'rlork a mil lection will be made lor the SA B.nmbsx llou J * PRAYTBffl BAWD?F. R. ANDERSON ven tb^dhil'EpbHWDal eh11*!!!?*'enue nrib.>dl#t Kiuaropal church, corner of Lexington avenue and TIIK I - KCTl;Rt|SA|OR, /alintiin hall. ?di. hrbiiakd will lbctcrh \J llila evening on Fred Douglaxs. Paretia Throat t'hesi J'? MPmoIIncriVtera''"|D("o,,Jh'"VI?'Ti Bronchitis tlon. msiiv kinds; /low 10 Bresthe* V^iiaMohBrcaVhe*UV>S tllalion. How lo Slrep. Pure Air. Who ?,e Strcng Who Weak. Who,re Lon?.|dw.d.l?.r,r.Uo"' Knim"1asm. Ar ^ IMPORTANT LECTURER DAILY-TfT~OENTI.KMPN I only, si the New Ynrk Museum of Anatomv. ?|g Hrnsd way. 1 hose unable to B'.Vts. I these l^eetures mar receive * copy hv forwarding ten ca.its Address SacrcuVv of New York Museum of Anatomy, DI8 Broad way. SHOUTIIRRN RELIEF. LECTURE BY KICIIAKD O'OORMAV AT COOPER INsTITU IK, Sunday evening, Frhruarr M, at 8 o'< lm'k. TICKF.Tb FIFTY CENTS. For sale al all the hotels and honk stores. WKW PI Rial lATIilR N? *"1 fTIDE TABLES. 01 VINO THE TIME AND hT|(Tht OF i High Water Tor every day In the year, at all porta In the United States, have beau published by the United States Cueat Survey Office, and are on sale at the principal nautical ?tore#. They can also he obtained by application to the <-'"ajN Btirvey OiBee, In Washington city. Price twenty-live FI!YA!b(IAI? ^ I'felTF.D STATES TREASURY I Scbedulea of <9U) thirty or more 10-40 coupon* due Mnreh I. If*.. *111 now he received for examination at (tie luited Slates Treaetiry. II. H. VAN DYCK. Auiataot Treaaurer L"V)R SALE?NEW YORK CITY RAILROAD STOCKS, r Al*o Insurance Stock* and other SecuriiU**, paying from 10 to 20 per ceut dividend*, at low rale*. ALBERT H. N1COLAY, Stock Rruker and Auotloueer. (Established 16 years. 43 Pineatreet, N. Y. Fob sale?a cabinbt or choice minerals, embracing a ran- collection of Uold, Silver. Copper,

Lead and other auci-lmen*, which cannot be duplicated at any cost, and will be sold cheap. Apply at 43 Ha* -nret. |?OK SALE?THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COMPANY r Stock, paying large dividend*. ALBERT a. NICOI.AY. 43 Ptne (treat. rncE or pacipio mail steamship company, New York, Feb. 2d. 1807. TMIRTY-EIPTII DIVIDEND Notice la hereby given that the beard of Pireotnri have thi* day declared a dividend of three (8 p?r cent nut ot the net naming* of the quarter ending January 31. 10H7 payable ai the olllee of the company Friday, March 1. The tiauater book* wil1 be cloned Tfciuaday. February 21, at 4 P. M. and reopened Monday. March 4. at 10 A. M. By order of the Board of liireclora. THEODORE T. JOHNftON, Secretary. 0 JJENNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF $23,000,008. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the over due I bonds of the Commonwealth. i Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certain nor. tifieiUcx of Indebtedness. amounting to $?t.0tXl,tL0, have h.-en over due ami unpaid for xome time past; Aud erherea.-'. it it dtudrablc that the aanie should lie paid und withdrawn ln>m the market; tliervfnre. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of Rep. reaentatiree of the t'oinmonwenlth of I'ennsylvautn In on era I Aaaemhly met, and It la hereby enacted bv the trathorb iv of the <iw. That the tiovernor. Auditor tieueral and . Stale Treasurer be and are h-reby authorized and empnw. eied to borrtiw on the faith of the Commonwealth, in 'itch ' iimounts and with anch notice (not leas than forty days) ae i they may deem moat expedient for the interest or the State, I twenty three millions oi dollars, and laeue eerkiflealea of ' loan or bowls ol the Commonwealth for the same, bearing j lute real at a tale uot exoeeding alx per crntn.ii per atioutn, pa\able seml Htinnally on the l>t of February ana 1 *t of Au- [ f[itat, tn the city of Philadelphia; which cerllfjcaies of loan or winds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever for I State, municipal or local purpose, and shall lie payable aa . follows, namelyFive millions of dollars payable at any i time after five years and within ten year*; eight millions of i dollar* payable at any tune at ter ten year* and within AC. I teen years, ami Mn millions of dollars at any lime after fif teen years and wr.hlu twenty-five j ears, and shall tie signed by the Governor and State Treasurer and countersigned bv the Auditor Grncral, urn', registered In tbe books of the Auditor General. and lo be translerable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mrclutnlcs' National Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of the whole of which loan, no lulling premium Ac. rnoaivad ou the ama, ahull be applied to the payment of the bonds aud certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Src. 2. The bids tor the said loan shall be opened in tbe presence of the Oovernoi, Auditor tieneral and State Tress nrer. and awarded to the ligihrst bidder; Provided. That no certificate hereby Hitthnrized to lie Issued shall be negotiated for les-Cthan Its par valua Hw. 3. The bonds of the State snd certificates of indebt edness. now over due, shall be receivable In payment oi the said loan, under such regiidttlons as the tiovernor, Auditor tieneral and State Treasurer may prescribe: and every bid der for the loan now authorized to he Issued, -hall state In his hid whethi r tbe same Is pay.tbl* In cash or tu the bonds III' certificates of indebtedness of the Common wealth. Sac 4 That all Irustees, executors, administrators, guar dians agents, treasure-*, commute"* or other persona hold ing iu a Udtirlarv capacity bonds or certificates of Indebted ness of the State, o-- moneys, are hereby authorized to hid for the loan hereby authorfced to he issued, and to aurren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by Ihetn si the time of making such Md, and to receive the bonds authorized to be Issued by this act. Sao. ft. Anv person or persons standing In the fiduciary ca pacity slated ill the fourth section of this act who may desire to invest moiiev in their handa for the benefit or the trust may. without an order of court, invest the same tn tbe bonds authorized to la- issued by till* act. at ? rate of premium not eiceerilag twentv per centum. fixe 6. Thai from utid after the passage of this act all the bonds of this Commonwealth shall be paid ?lf Hi lbs order pf-, their malurl'v. Hac. 7. That s'l loans of this commonwealth not vet due shall he exempt i com fitnte, municipal or local taxation alter the interest due February lirst. one thousand eight hundred and sixtv-seven shall have been paid. Hkc.A That all exisllngltig laws, or portions thereof In consistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS, fit **kcr of Hie House of Representatives. U f. BALL. Speaker of the Senate. Approved lbs second day of February, one thousand eight hundred and sixty--even.' W. uliAKY. In accordance with the provisions of the shore act of As srmlilvsi-aled proposals Will he received at the office ol tbe State Treasurer. Iu the city of llarrUburg, Pennsylvania. , until 12 o'clock M. ot the 1st day of April, A. O. Mil", lobe j "tutored as follows: ?"Proposals fot Pennsylvania Plate | I-oan. Treasury Department, Harrisburg. Pa., I'in ted States of America. Bids will be recelied for ti.UOUUUU. reimbursable In (lv* yesreand psyahle In ten years; RfMriObW reimbursable in ten years aud payable in nUcen years, and $lU,UUU,Okl. taiut bnrsahle In fifteen vesrs and payable In fweaty-fire ynars. tin r- if |?|arr..i <o lieetiiiertlveor six per cent per sunum, wikit.h-r.itul be explicitly aisled In tbe Md; ami the bids nn-t advantageous to the State will be Accepted. No hid for less than par will lie considered. The bonds will be issued In sums of $9U and such biglu-r st-ais as desired by the loaner* to be free Irom Mat-, local aud inutile pal taxes. The over due bonds of the Commonwealth nf Pennsylva nia will he received st par In payment of this loan, but hid den must state whether they intend to pay in cash or In tbe over due loans aforesaid No distinction will be made between bidders paying in cash or over due loans. JOHN W OB A KY, Oovernor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. HARIKANFT. A ndi tor Oeneral. W. H. KF.MBt.K. Slats Treasurer. V ? ?No newspaper publishing tba above, unless autho rized, will receive par. SOVtnERN BANK NOTES AND'sECFRITIEit.?kD WlN Q BELL 10 Hrnadwav and No. 5 New street, buys and sells all kinds of Koulhern securities ?nd hank bills outright or on comm'ssion. References first class. WANTED FOR THREE MONTHS?FOR I UU which $60 will be paid -md security given for five times the amount. Address T Y? Herald office. LOAN OFKU Es. A T 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A MONKS. WATCIIES, JEWELRY. Ac . OR THE SAME BOUGHT AT TIIK HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY Ac., at 77 Blea ker street, up-tairs. IT 382 PEARL strt kr. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY A and Franklin square. LRDKItKR A <'f>. advance lib arally at reasonable terms on all vainshle pru|ierly. Watches. Jewelry. IBsmonda Ac., or purchase DVANCks MADE f >N_WATCHER. DIAMONDS, JEW elrv. Dry Goo<1s slid Personal Property of every de ertiplion. J. A. JACKSON. Ill Grand stieet twudonawwl nf Broadway. A^MT 917 ?MONEY I.I BE KA 1.1,1 \I>V \ \i KK ON Hi t M'?Nlm, WATCHES. JEWELRY AC.. OK THE SAME BOUGHT FOk CASH. N. B.?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT POP. DIAMONDS. W .ITCHES, AC.. AC . AT A. H. STI KTEVANT H. PRIVATE OFFICE. MIT BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 4 I.F.EDS' ART OALLEKT'. Money advanced on diamonds.Watches" ? U-wslrv. Mlks, Ac., oi HMRMRg houglil; pawnbrokers' t'rkets bought. 120 Bowery, near Oraud straet. rooms I and 3. up stairs. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS ItOl fl IJT-OF Dl AM"NDS. Walrhea. Jewelry, tiuus. Pistols, M-tsleal l:i-.t unienta. Clothing. Ac., at lfif It-every Hil nn AfWI -WATCHER, diamonds, silver Ware and olitar valuables bought, or ad vances made on the nine, at the jewelry ?km% No. II Itark low. opposite Astnr llonse. TIIK BALL. ME AHUM. ARION ball. ACADRMY OF MUSIC. WKDNKSDAY. MARCH 27. 1887. PROPORALS. CROTON AQUKDUCT DRFARTMENT.-Tn CONTRACT or*. ?Separate oea.ed proposals, each endorsed with the name af tbe bidder, date of otTenna and title of work, will be received at this office until II o'clock A. M. of Friday, March I. 1887. for-be construction of the following alone Mock issvements and sewers, to witPavements In Canal street, from Broadway to West street. Flftv-ntnth street, irmn Fifth la Eighth avenue. Fifty ninth street, from Eighth to Trntb avenue: Vestry street, from Canal la Greenwich atreal; Ftflv.third street, from Htxth tn Revenlb ?venue. Pine street, front Fosrt lo Front street: Ptna st--set from Front to fioutti street; Front street. Irom Wall street to Old slip; William iltreet. from Beaver lo Pearl al-eot: Fiftieth street, from Haventh to Ninth sveuoe, and Thirtieth sit eel. front First to Fifth avenue; and for the construction of sewei?as follows ? ? No. I.?Ouli?t sewer in Thirty-third street and First age. ?ue. witli branches la Thirty-first and Thirty-second stieets and First aren ue. No. 2.?Hewers in l<aurena street, between Canal and Brown# streets, with branches in Grand street No. 3.? Rewsrs In York street, between West Broadway and fit. John's lane; in Church and Elm streets, between White sod Walker streets; In White street, bet ween Cort taudt alley and Elm streei, and between Centre and Bailer streets. No. 4 ?Aewers between Flf'y-firgt and Plfty sinh streets and between Ninth arenue snd Hudson river. No. fi.?Hewers in Houston street, between Thompson and Laurens: lo Commerce and Barrow streets, between Bleecker and Hudson: In Leroy street, between Bedford street and Ht. Luke's place; Id Cornelia street, between Bleerknr and Fourth streets. In Hudson -nnd G eenwlch streets, between West Tenth and Hammond streets; in Bleecker street, be tween llatnamnd and Bank streets. N'o. fl ?sewer In Lewis street, between Broome and Stan Ion streets. . , .. No. 7?Hewers In forty seventh and Forty n-nlh streets, between Tenth end Kleveuth avenue#, with branches tn Eleventh aeeniie. tin. $.?Bwetrlng besln snd culverts at Hie northwest corner of First avenue sod Forty fifth street; at the northwest re-nrr Eighth avenue and Fifty.fourth street, southeast oorner Brnadwsv and Fifty-ninth street; north we?t rorner Heventh avenue and Thlrty-aecond *treel snd anttthenslcorner Eighth avenue snd Thirty second street. The plans mat be seen, end a)>cclttcattoni ami forma of bids obtained on application at this nfilee. THOMAM NTEI'IIRNN, 1 Croton i IlfiHT. L. Da RRAGII, Aqueduct A. W. A ItAVKN, ) SonM Naw Yoaa, Febmaiy 16. DM17. 0' FFICB OF THE HOUSTON OAh'lToIIT COMPANY. HocstOV, Texas. Feb. 4. 1*7. Healed nropuasls will he received until the 12th day of March, 1*7. for the construction of a Gas Wek> for the city of Houston, Tetss, capable of snpplylng fifty thousand ruble feet of coal gaa every twenty-four hour*. There will be required I it miles of 8 Inch pipe for mains, t mites of 4 Inch pipe for mains, 1<4 miles of I Ineh pipe for mains, With ell the necessary house* end fixtures fog working a first clss* works. Ths parties will make their proposals In the alternetlre for one.half cash and one-half in the stock of the company, * *" tfi'l1 't>4 ?* duplicate. One copy ad dresaac] to T. W. House, tloiiston. sod one copy addressed to T. w. Mouse, care HpofiTord, Tiles ton A Co., Broadway. New York. For further parttcnUra address W. F. Hamblln, Secretary. _ T W HOI HE President AMlTftKMKIVTM. I^KOAUWAV THEATRE Al'M:>.-,|()N Ml CENTS. it street, t RE WELL 1) Comer <1 Hroadway and Brijaiaa street. last appearances and i a? or the WORRELL SISTFitK. TWO PERFORMANCES THIS SATUitDAY, PEP. 28. MATINEE EV K.NINO Open* 1214, begin* Op? n? *y begins IK. By La*t -' prasa(altona of tbs speunl desire of families (lie great double burlesque Kalrv Burlesque bill cinDerella aLaddin and and X1NO THE LINK. UINIVRILLA. A GRAND FAREWELL OVATION. Monday. February 88, the world renowned artlnta, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, commence their annual eugagemeut, limited to live week*, appearing in two piece*, FAIRY t IRCLB and CUSTOM OP TUB COUNTRY. Bo* sheet open. H ARIZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. 806 BROADWAY Ticket* 50 cent*: Reserved Saata $1. For aale six day* in advance at the Hall from .' to 8 Card Partle* shomd aecure their sentf during the day (o avoid the rush at the dour. Triumphant success or the "spectacular Illusion" PROTEUS. PROTEUS, PROTEUS. OR "WE ARE HERE, BUT NOT HERE." The new without apparatus. The Raxket Trick, (irowtn of Flower*, Floating Head and Dewl'a Hat Will be repealed EVERY EVENING AT 8; SATURDAY AT 2. The 0?tuckering Piano la used at tiiooe aeaore*. Special Notice.?M II AttTZ bega to auuounoe that be has set apart every Wednesday for u Juvenile Night. Children half price. German stadt theatre, as and 47 bowery. Re-engage men t tor a snort *ea?on only of VR. HoGl'MlL DAW1SON. who will appear on Mouilay, February 28, as KING PHILIP 1L. ? in Schiller's grand tragedy of DON CARLOS. Kelly and leon-s minstrels. ran broadway. D Kellifaiitl. C LKoN C reymourgali. D K E Allenall. I I Coryphees. A A M 9:30 M Preelm. N N Fairies. N 9:30 N O O Madagascar D O D Tnblesni. C C N Bnli*t troupe. E K N E Apotheosis. E O O The Rival R L O R Terminating C C M 9:80 M Darkeys, L E L Agony. N 9:30 N K E Trovatore. R E Trn o'clock. A A D Adellna Fattl. O O Scream* of D The houses crowded. N Laughter every night. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE-472 BROADWAY. matinee. matinee, matinee. MATINEE. MAI'INKE. MATINEE. TO DAY AT 2V TO-DAY AT 8}i. TO-DAY AT SK, ? PUSS IN BOOTS. Pantomime. PUSS IN BOOTS. PUSS IN BOOTS. Psntom'ine. PUeS IN BOOTS. PUBS IN BOOTS. Pantomime. PUSS IN BOOTS. PUSS IN BOOTS. Pantomime. PUSS IN BOOTS. PUSS IN ROOTS. Pantomime. PUSS IN BOOTS. IN CONJUNCTION WITH A HOST OF SPECIALTIES^ SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 888 BROADWAY. The trouble commence* at a quarter t? 8. THE CREME DF. LA CKEMB OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose success has never been equalled by anr similar org in ization in the world. New and cheerful Burlesque* every week. Warabold's new song. "Will You Come to Meet Me, Uurllngf" Troubles at the Metropolitan Hotel. Animated Photographs, flamhrtnus' Opera of Lager Beer. Nancy Fat. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Scream ing Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. STEINWAY HALL. TO NIOIIT. THEODORE THOMAS' FOURTH GRAND SYMPHONY SOIKEB WILL TAKE FLACK THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING, FEB. 88. AT 7 O'CLOCK. WHEN THE CHORAL SOCIETY, THE MBNDELSSHON UNION, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MR. W. HBRGE, will assist, together with The GRAND ORCHFSTRA DF EIGHTY PERFORMERS. PROGRAM MB. Suite in Canonform. Op 111. (new) ,...J. O. Grimm For string Instrument* alone. March and Chorus?"Ruins of Athens." Beethoven Mendelssohn Union and Orchestra. Second Episode, irom Leuau's Faust, (new) Liszt "DerTan in der Dort?rhenke," (Mephlsto Waltz). Symphony Kiom-s, Op. 98 Beethoven CONDUCTOR THEODORE THOMAS TICKETS $1 Ml EACH. Ko extra charge for reserved seats. Seats nan now tie secured at Beer A Sdhlrmer'* muslo store, 701 Broadway: sc tuberth A Co '*, music store, 820 Broadway; at Macoy A tierwlg's, 113 and 114 Broadway, and at the other of bteiuaray UalL J^TKINWAY MALL. TWENTY-SIXTH SUNDAY CONCERT. February 94. at eight o'clock. L. F. llAKKIStiN, Director. Second nppearanc* of the favorite Soprano, Mum Kate MoDONALD. i. CLARK, Basso. Mr. S. B. M ILLS, Pianist. Mr. F. LITisCII, Trombone Soloist. Mr. G. W. COLBY, Accompontat. Mr. THEODORr: THOMAS and hts FULL ORCHESTRA . i, Tickets 89 cents. Reserved seat* 30 cent* extra. STEIN WAY'S ROOMS. SEVKK1NI AND PEASE'S THIRD MORNING CONCERT. MONDAY. FER. 38. at 3 o'clock pi-eriaelv. Artists?Mist MATILDA TOKDT vkiliijlste; Siguor SE VKRIN1, tenor: Mr. A. II. PEASK. pianist; Mr. G W COLBY, pianist. Tickets pi. For sale at Stelnway's and Beer A Seelrmer's, I No. 7bl Broadway. CTEI.NWAY HALL. O PA RE PA IN ORATORIO. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEB. 37. Will be performed Handel's great Oratorio, THE MESSIAH, WUh the following powerful cast:? MADAME PAREPA. Soprano New York MISS Hl'TCHINGS, Contralto. Itaimoulc MR GEO. SIMPSON. Tenor. Society, MR J. R TillIMAS. Rasso SOIi' MR. K. J CONNELLY, Organist Voices. MR. G W t'lit,BY Pl.nlst. and MR. F L. KITI'KR. Conductor. Theo. Thomas. GRAND ORCHESTRA TIt:KETS ONE Dot.LAB. Reserved ?eat? SO cents e.xtra. OTEIXWAV hall. O MONDAY, FEB 83 1887. It. VILLANORA'S, I,. DACHAURR GRAND CONCERT. OTEINWAY HALL?GRAND CONCERT, k? MONDAY. I E B '.'4, I887. AT 8 P. W. SIliNOH BAR AG LI. SIGNOR REMI. SIGNOR ALHITES WILL SING. LJTF.INWAY hall. O MONDAY. UFB. ?. 1467, AT 8 P. M MISS STARLING WILL SING; MISS TOEDT WILI, PLAY. STEINWAY HALL. MONDAY. FEB 26. 1887. AT 8 P M. M MIA ME G AZZAMGA WILL SING. STEINWAY HALL?GRAND CONCERT. MONDAY, FEB 86. 1887. AT 8 P M. Miss. KELLOGG WILL SING. Theatre francais ?fbench theatre to lkt Fnr evening* sad matinees, for oyer**, dramas, concert*, tenures, Ac. Ac Apply to Mon*. OKI VET, office of French theatre. A PERSON WANTED TO FILL A RESPONSIBLE SIT nation in a first travelling entertainment; will be ei. peeled to depo*H $2U0. for which lie will he secured Apply from 10 to 4 o'clock to H. FORRESTER, 60 Bond street. HOrWKS. BOONS. &(*? WA3TKD. RESPONSIBLE CAREFUL TENANT WANTS TO rents House In Twenty-tlrsi or Twenty second streets, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, or vicinity. Address R. M . Herald office. # FIRST CLASS HIGH STOOP HOUSE WANTED to hire?From l?t of Mar, liv s stnc-Iy responsi ble party for a private residence onlv. located between Fourteenth and Fortieth street*. Fourth and sixth avenue*. Address J. R. F>itb, 113 West Thirty-third street. FURNISHED ROOM WAXTED-IN FIFTEENTH ward; flee evening* and Sunday*, at 84. ladrance pay to those who mind their own business. No other* nead address Bachelor. Herald office. A^rn Ctil'PLR OF ROOMS?8UITABLS FOR MMTM keeping, also a single Room foe a gentleman with par tial Board: a lady who understands music, t'.t'.h,die pre ferred. Call at M East Twenty-sixth street. AHH RESFON8IBLB FABTY~ WlMIIF.b TO RKRT A high stiatp II ousa, between Fourth and Thirty-fourth street* and Lexington and Seventh avenue*, rent 83.4BU to AddresA staling reni, with .bmvilptioo and loenUoo. Waldo, hot IfM tlersl I n'line. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DKSIBKS A FI,EASANT J\ Room, without laverd, la a privets family Pleaae ad dress. staling locality ?nd teima, M . box 8.118 i'ost office. YBUBOFE.-ANT PARTTT ABOUT"TO~TRAVEL, AXI) J!l wishing t? leave their House and Furniture in charge of a careful and responsible person, can address A. B.. box 3,984 New York Fnel nillce II WANT A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE. NOT ABOVE Fortieth nor below Twentieth street, for a family of thtge perfectly rcspnnaible. Addre** Rlker, 80 Broadway WHMANTRD-RY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. WITH, out children, two or three furtilshed Room*, suitable for bin-cheeping. In a respectable neighborhood reference* given. Address, stating location and terms, which must be moderate. 0, A. Milton. Herald office. Wmm antkd-Tfully fubribhed house, where the rent could be paid weekly; price not to exceed MOperwaek must be In a respectable location. Coil at .'49 west Thirteenth strent. I \kl ANTED?TO LEASE WITH PRIVILEGE OF BUT VV tng, s Residence, located between Union ?qii*re anil Thirty-fourth slreet and lietween Fourth and Sixth srenue*. corner bouse preferred, Address, stating rent and price, box 788 Post office. WHHANTED-A LARGE BRIt'K RUILDING, SUITABLE fors manufactory well I ghtcd, and sltnsted In th* cdy; alas about 911x40 Add..-.* p.anos Herald office. WANTED TO BENT?A SMALL HOUSE. IN A GOOD neighborhood: rent not to etoeed 81 ?*" Address R , b'ix 888 Post office, WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL HOUSH IN A GOOD neighborhood, between Third and Seventh avenues and below Fortieth street, for * small family. Rant from 8l.untl to 81.80) par vesr. B#?t eliy referen'-ea, or rent In advance It required. Address, with full particulars, W box 8,713 Post office. WANTED TO RRNT-A SMALL AND OONYBKIBRT House, within thirty minutes'rid* of Hudson River Railroad depot. Rent not to atcsed 81.000 per annum. Ad dress box 3, <29 Post office CIOARN A YD THBttfll, r,no ftoo !'T,;A,iy- K,R,n* ???,"rwABDCssa 0\JV/.' rv 11/ hiivera would do w*H to exsmlpe. O. CHEEKS, Ageni B, Y. Cigar ManufacturingCa,, ?4 Warren street AMI XKMKNTM. V Bw YORK rHKATRE. _ ??? IN Manager* .LEWIS BAKER aud MARK SMITH t'uquaiihed suocdaa of the iliklluguu^ed aud accoouiplialn -V artiste I.ART DON. This evening si 8 o'clock, Selbv's Comic Drama, PkdUY GREEN. PEGGY OREP.N LAOT OO.V. With songa, "Keel Me by Moonlight Aioae, 'Home, Sweet Home. " Ac. After wbtcb the glorloui historical burlesque KLNILWOUTH, OR, YE QDEFNE, YE KARLE AMD YE MAYDENNE, being ? novel edition of Scott's Novel of that name. THE BARE t>P LEICESTER LADY DON. With the famous "Garter Soug." and "OooU by Sweet heart. Good by." This highly Intsrenlng piece will be produoed with a powerful cast, including Mr MARK SMITH. Mr. LEWIS BAKES, ami their entire Company. New and Muguulceut" Scenery, gorgeous dresses and effects. fllEATKK KRANCATS. ' COMKD1E. L SATl'HUAY, FEBRUARY 23, AT 8 O'CLOCK. Pirst tltne of LA FAMILLfc BENOITON. (Original of the Fast Family.) Comedy In live nets by Vletorlen sardou. ^Ticket oltice at II Dardonville'S. 878 Hroadway. (JIONY PASTOR'S OPERA nOt'SE. 201 BOWERV. GRAND MATINEE. TO DAY AT2W O'CLOCK. The great Mtli'arv d"ama. THE N. Y. VOLUNTEERS. OR THE LAST OP LIBBY PRISON. TONY PASTOR and hl? enilre Troupe In a grand Variety Programme embracing a number of Brilliant Noveltiea. QRIFFIN A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Nor J and 4 West Tweutv-foiirtb street. GEORGE CHRIST*. THE GREAT Nl.W YORK FAVORITE THE ORFAT Ol KAN YACHT RACE rod description of a TERRIBLE STORM AT SKA. and complete wreck of ? NOBLE SHIP. Tbu tr the * PEOPLES FAVORITE RESORT. Doom open at 7. to commence at * o'clock. HOOLEYS OPERA HOUSE-BROOKLYN. Burleaquc Black Crook, l'eriirlan Ballet Troupe. Sleep* lug itciulv, Palace of Huge Drop* The Coopec or. The Magic Flute. Somebody's Coat. Lea Miserable#, Slinke my Honey Shake, Sally (Tome Up, WoudvrfuI Cuitar Solo. Tlx* Quern and her llealthy Babe, Mrs. McGowan'a Reel, My Father Sould Charcoal, Ac , Ac. OLYMPIC THEATRE MATINEE M ATI NEE TO DAY, cuoimcDi ing at I o'clock precisely. Admission to Matinee 60 centa to all acuta. REGULAR PERFORM A SCJ-. Tills EVENING. floor* onen at 7, |>erlorniiuiee at e o'clock. Upou both oc* caaloiia will be preacuted the CHEAT Sl OCESfl OF THE SEASON, THE 8IRKETS OF NEW YoltK, STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREr.TS OF NEW YORK, STREETS OF NKAV YORK, SIREETS OF NEW Y-RK. with its great caal. fine aceuerv and novel elfecla, including Mr. JOIIN K. MORTIMER lu hie apleadld luipereoiiution >f BADCER. The GREAT FIRE and UNION pQUARK SCENES. K. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Three groat Comedian* aud original imperaonetora of IRISH AND YANKEE LIFE Will commence a abort en M III commence a abort engagement at THE BROADWAY 1 HKAI'RE On Monday evening next. February 35 Bov book now open. | KYJNO MA't* .WILLIAM GROSCURTII'B Ajtn VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, lgC7 Admlaalon an P?" *VTr* night ay and Twaul. STUDIO BUILDING, 51 WEST TENTH STREET ? DK HAAS' laat punning. "KarragtU'a fleet paeelog the forte below New Orleaua. Admission free. THE IMPERIAL TROUPE OF JAPANESE BO LONG talked about have arrived by Evening Mar. For par* Jculsra eee noxt advertisement. w? ONDKRFUL FREAK OK NATUP.E--THK WASH INGTON TWINS,'* Imru ulive, two heads, four anna, and but onr body and one |>alr of lege; alao tbe head and right arm of Prohet. the murderer of the Deering fami ly, together with the tnagnlilcen' collection of cbjeoia In Physiology. Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are Ulnai-ated dally by l.ectuiea and Mlcuaaupti Vtewe, at the New York Mttaritm of Anatomv, #18 Broad Way. Open from H A. M. to III P. M. German likdf-rkkanz. THE ANNUAL GRAND Mc.OUF.RADE BALI, OF T1IK GERMAN L1KDEKKRAKZ win take place at the ACADEMY OK MUSIC. THURSDAY. MARCH 21. 1*7. Tlckete $15 each admitting one griitlentnn aud two ladfae. Can be had ol member* of the sucietv only. *y order of ihc committee. II. C. F. KOCK, Secretary. Grand masquerade ball or tux TtUTONIA MAEKNESCHOR. to be held on Monday, Feb. 35 1M1. In lite tlerm.inia Aaaem. lily Rooms, No* 3PI ami 3* Bowery. Ticket# (IT for gentle man and lady, and 31 for each extra lady'a ticket. Ticket a to be hail at .III J. Kaon a (Orotei, 78 Fulton atreel: Meaara. Hodea ? Oron-niierg, Si Eaat Fourieenth street and of each roeniber of ilie aocletr. Tlie well known decorator Mr Klein, will atitpriae the publlr lu deeoratlng the ball r'ooina Id a new style. (NREAT FXIIIBITION OF PAIN TINGS. J lo be .ecu dallv from " A. M. to III P M. ROSA BOXHKUR'S original and renowned picture of THE ID1RSK FAIR." and one hundred and fllty other splendid work* !? cele brated Ameru'en and foreign artlat* at II. W. DERBY'S NEW IRT ROOMS. No. AAA Broadway. op|eielte AA aback'# Theatre. BOX SHEET FOR MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WIL LIAM.'* night* at the Broadway theatre, open from S o 5 o'clock, and plnrea may h* aecurej six day# In advaoee. ENDKL>S<>11N UNION -MEMBERS OF Tllfe NEW York Memiels-ohn I nmn are reque?led to attend Ke M baarxai wun t'rrncnra at stemway llall this L'atnrday) morning ai III m lock By order ol w. H ALLEN. Pies't. Tuonan < PoLl-nra. Secretary. BOX SHEET FOR MR. AND MRS. HARNEY W.L I.IAM* night* and niatineea. at tha Broadway theatre, upen Irom S in 5 o'clock. plum may l* aeeni ad In advance. BANJO and JIG DANCING CLOG AND IRISH JIG Dancing taught by H4IIN BOOAN, 111 F.aai Heuston atreel Term* Vi pei com *s. Banjo* *i all price* Theatre tiokrt 01 kick. Keaeived anal* for til Aral claaa tiieatre. concerts, Ac., A<v. cart alwat * he obta urd it n? theatre ri?"< .-;r qpfick, 111 AND lit UllOADWAY. PI A TilFilKTE*. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FINEST and cheaps*! n?ar and aecond hand Pianoa In the city for sale and lu rent, at WM OANDIDUS' Bin rker air*. ' A LADY WILL SELL A M' A' TfFUL ROSEWOOD aevmi <?rlave Pianoforte, ut r price SCOO for baN. Inaluding Sued and Cover. Apply at le Third atreel. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALE-FOR ,1 $275. no?t fl.Val Alao a Parlor Suit, for $133; ooo do. for $75 Alao itie Furniture of a parlor and four bedrooms, at a bargain. Inquire at II* WaM Kl,htb atreoi, gear 31 ill avenue A FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR MAONIPICRNT rarved r . .ewood Ptaootnne. Worth 3fifi?. for leas Mian hail ?ev.-n oc ?r*, overstrain?. iron frame, uaai-ly naw. Ap ply at 367 Eaat Tenth -tract MAONI-D EST ROSEWOOD PTANOFORTE FOB a.ile mad- or>, epy makera; coat $030. for $303. Parlor. Chamber. Dmliu Mtr.iliure. a aaerlflet. M west Sixteenth atreel. ne*i Sixth avenue Bargains.-ko-ikwimih. seven uctavr, four round enruera. eembreted He-ton makera, $336; atx and a kali octave Plaeal atx ?lo'; several others very low. Alao aaaonmant ml near Piauofi r tea at ?naufaetarere' prices. Mrln N tLD k CO., ? Fourth avenue, op|?>?ll? Coeper Inatltiilat WATERS' ORANDSQHARF AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, Melouenna CnMnet organ- w* deaalr and letaB, le lei, ana rent applied If purnhs?*d Montbtr paymrata n* celved. Second liuiid Pi <aoa *t htrra'as. Prices fprwn 333 hi 3335 Rear Toruve I'll sea l-w ?J7.A and upwards. Old piano* lakrn In exchange C. n paid for aeennd hand pianoa. Fadorv iml a are i ?om? Ml Rnwdway. N. Y. HORACE WATERS. . .1... ? - ? _?? - ?. 3 Ml MIt Ale. A mm BARITONE BASS WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT IN a quartet choir, from May I; only a verv mntlerato aalarr de-ired an opporlunlly to practice good rlaaaioal mualc thee,ilef thing. Addreaa Baritone, a'atmn D, N. T. I3AUH PUPIL RECEIVES A PRIVATE i.EKSON ON 'j Piano at $in per quarter 137 Weat Eleventh street. rorner of Sixth avenue Pianlaia fnr partita. Office koura 10 till S. PIANO. VIOLIN. SINGING, H ARMONY, RUITAR. AC - 343 Beat Twenty.sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenu-a i all or send for elruular. Leaaona prl vat- term* lavrahie. ,1 ,uv WATSON. Agent. SOPRANO W ANTED-FOR A C ATHOLIC CHURCH IN thl*-lWy . "Aldfy liberal. Musi he a first elaaa r-ieallet rnidgiml reader; no other need address or apply te Organist. Hg Weai tAarren street, Rrwifclyn. WANTED-A niMPKTRNT ORGANIST, FOR A i. u-imSiT P ^c?r"1 rn"rch ,n B"*"klyn Appltoi to bo aocnmpanted by teatinionlala as to character, al PRO Itratfnna f?,hAdir.'Lr ~bo*"lKM PeeTaSraJ Brooklyn! ?rt*r ? r ? < ?' ?* ??. COAL. WOOD. AC. (i?5.F;kW?rt'!l '"haldron. in the tard, aptly y,.r't>nh?.tUn tlaa Works, fodl of Watt Elgkleeath street ?d foot of Rest Fourteenth atreel. Detivened at $3 per Chaldron, hy CRAPsFR a BURNS. 3t(IVi Weal Eighteenth ?wjeA. and JOIIN SMITH, corner uf aveaae C and Eaat Fifteenth street. WOOD, WOOD.-IIP HONRS OF FIRST QUALITY Oak and lilckorv Wood at met, as the ewngr wants the mom. Inquire at Cook's o'd raid. Fourteenth street Murrenth avenue, until anld. Sulchere and peokers, please ? O A CHALDRON F??R COKE IV THR TARD, OR Vm del rered Immedlelely to ruatomtrt' houses at $3 from New York Oas Work*, Twenty-Ural Hffftt rati aveoud A S. F. SHERWOOD