Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? | WHOLE NO. 11,135. ???- NEW YORK, SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 24, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTA PERSON All. LITTLE GIRL. FROM ONE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS L old, wanted. Also a little girl one year "Id and an lu ll two wceka old to be adopted out. 741 Greenwich it. "TVTJFP?PANBTE8 RECEIVED. I "DO NOT FORGET" J./ either you or your handwriting. In epite of venr at tempt at disguise you are reooguited by CHARLEY. 17 B.-YOC ARE MOST EARNESTLY REQCHsTED rj. to let your wife and children know year whereabouts, ?he will be ejected by the landlord and will be thrown on public charily. N. B. fOR ADOPTION-A LOVELY MALB CHILD. FIVE 1 weeks old. Call at 149 C hariet street. P PATRICK. THE BON OF ANDY AND ANN McGuire, is in the city, or if any of his Mends know bis whereatmuti., )>y writing he will hear from 2ns sister, who has not aeen or heard front him si one 1837. Address Bltna JfoUuire, Waserbury, Conn. IF WILLIAM STUART, OR THE GENTLEMAN WHO signed his name as such In a note v> Samuel order to faeor him. will be so kind as to call or seed me bis address to Samuel Yates, corner of Sevvuty-flret street amd Third avenue, Ramble House, be will Oblige. TF THE EXPRESSMAN WHO TOOK TWO TRUNKS J. from 90S East Thirty-seventh street, about fear weeks sum, to bring them to 40 Gold street, Brooklyn, will bring them to 130 Gold street, he will be paid over avajn fer his trouble, and thanks of the owner, M. Garcia, 120 Gold tareet, Brooklyn. The trunks were addressed to Mrs. O Well. IF TUB LADY WHO GOT INTO A FIFTH A YEN IB stage at Fifth Avenue Hotel, on Thursday? morning, about Tea o'clock, and left it at Stewart's, would like to make the acquaintance df the gentleman who observed her, and who net at the upper end of the stage, she will please address In ?onMeoce, J. G. D.. station O, New York PetaOffiee. JERSEY CITY-OMNIBUS 1W A8TOR HOUSE THREE weeks ago. across the ferry. My letters are tinanewered. Write to M. N., station G. New York. T?YDfE, WITH THE WOUNDED HAND, FOURTH 11 avenue stage, Friday evening.?Let me know where I can see vou some afternoon soon. Address R. B. C., sta tion D. New York. M INNIE?THUB8DAY NIGHT. FREE L. LET ME know when I can meet you. Address F. L., station D. MIHK ANNIE NELSON?DID NOT GET YOUR LET tor giving address. Pfease forward it again to station D. T. G. C. Mrs. o. c. mance-there is an important drop letter for you in the Pom office from an old St. Louts friend, now in New York. M B.?RETURN WITHOUT DELAY. U. 8. 18 FIXED and will work. W. XTOTfCE-WILLIAM THOMAS FINCK WISHES TO O.N find an ancle. Charles Finch, late of Manningtree, Es sex. England. Apply at brig Edward, pier 12, East river, or nddress ntm at Poat office. THE GENTLEMAN WHO HAD AN INTERVIEW WITH Lynsen Y. Clarke at the American Exchange National Bank on Tussdav, Feb. 5, between the hours of 1 and 4 T. M., will eonfsra favor by making himself known to S. X. Clarke, 80 Nassau street. New Yore. Times building-haturday. 2 p. m. on the stain. Will the lady for whom the gentleman in mil itary cap done a favor, in obtaining Information, oblige the 1 by sending her address to B. M. C., Herald office ? YX7ILL ANN LOW, WHO LIVED WITH A FAMILY IN vv Clinton place, about three years, send her address to B. H.. Herald office MATRIMONIAL. flTWO LADIES. A BLONDE AND BRUNETTE, STRAN J. grrs in the eity, of the respective ages of 33 and 26. of ?prepossessing appearance and superior refinement, solicit the acquaintance of two middle aged gentlemen of soda Mil ty and liberality, with a view to matrimony. Address Blonde and Brunette, box 168 Herald office. LOST AND FOUND. WOUND?A TRUNK, BUPP08ED TO HAVE BEEN F stolen, In the rear of 178 East Twelfth street, contain taga few articles of clothing. The owner oan have it by ?raring property and paying expenses, at the above number. rr THE COACHMAN WHO DROVE A GENTLEMAN | And two ladies from the serine ef Third avenue and Twenty, fourth street to theeorneref Thlrty-mislh street and Bemad avenue.'?n Friday morning last, February 31 about ? A. M., will return an Immhys#and Penal Earring lam in hta-eoaeh io'MC Second avenue, he ww ho suitably rewarded. T EFT AT PROFESSOR AGASSIS'* LECTURE. AT nstlt ate, 4he Rth instant, a Lady'r For Cellar. Broad i L^Host-metropolitan police -shield no. an. M Any parson retnrnlnf the sum to 168 West Twentieth eCeet will be suitably reworded. EHost?a bunch of ebts. supposed to hate ? been dropped corner of Eighteenth street and Ninth raenue. Suitable reward paid ir returned to No. 243 West Eighteenth street. T 08T?AT COOPER IN8TITUTE. ON FRIDAY EVEN XJ inn, Febrnarv 31. a lady's fur ootlar. The finder will fie suitably rewarded by leaving it al 3*6 West Fourteenth tares I. Inquire for Mrs. Davidson. Il OfT-ON FRIDAY. BETWEEN LOVEJOT'S HOTEL. T-OW OR SATURDAY AFTERNOON, IN FOUR between Thirteenth Veil. Tbe finder Xi Seenth ttraet win Sixth avenue, between Thirteenth And Fourteenth streets, a bine* tace Veil. The finder will fissultabiy rewarded by I in tan it at WWest Fourteenth,**. T?DST?FRIDAY AFTERNOON. ON SIXTH AVENUE, Jj between Bedford and Twenty.first streets, n Geld Brut let with Initials J. H. 8.. for which,-on its return to T. D. Bishop, 39)4 Carmine street, a liberal reward will be T 08T-OM -SUNDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 10. IN Ju alanptng ear from Boston to New York, via Springfield, ? Wj'i Travelling Hag. rnnuininga aura of money. The jbder will ba suitably rewarded by addressing bo'i 3,486 f OST?ON SUNDAY, 10TH INRT.. EITHER IN NEW JJ York or In Wtlllamiburg, a silver hunting Watch, with gold Seal and Kay; No. 100,586, the finder will receive <?? reward far the aama from M. Gibbon, (8 Beekmaa street. New York. S0KT-8VNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, A PAIR OK GOLD Spectacle*, in going from Twenly-seanntb street to Fifty th street, In Third avenue oar. A liberal reward will be paid on returniag Uvem to WO Canal ?tree I. Valued aa the 0ft of a deepened friend. T OST-ON THE NIGHT OF THE MD, IN THIRTY AJ fourth ar Thirty-aaoond ?treen, between Eighth and abnth avenue*, or w the Eighth or Ninth avenue, between Thtrth-aeonad and 1 hlrty-ftfth alreeta, a lady'* Mink Knr Col lar. The (Voder will reoeiv* $10 reward by taklug ilia O. C. gaga, 427 Waat Thirty-fourth atrael. mo BROKERS ANDOTHERA-LOST. ON THE 1#TH J. of September, 1864, one Unltad State* 6 30 Rood, $500. Ho. MS3u*f the 4lh aerie*. The finder will be Uberallv re warded and no questions aakad. ha addraaatng Pater Pin nay, MS High atreat, Brooklyn, aa payment baa boon stopped. REWARDS. REWARD -LOST. A BLACK AND -CAN SLUT ?aware to the name of Hip. Tha above rawsnbdSU toKher rahina to No. 4 Gold atidat. '>? ft REWARD-LOST-A lead shoe buckle RB VG praseotiag a wreath of Hcoteh tblatlaa. pa Seder will, plume leave Mat Thomaa Klvkpetrtek's, JU6 "roadway, Duana atraat. OgLORBD MOT allp leather col returning tin to HI Wl-O BBWARD.-LOSE?1,_J'*n>AT NIGHT, IN glU Spring (treat. Vj^aaoWeai and Variek, a liver aelored RHrtever Slat, y paraoo returnln* the aame to MS Oraad atraet. wtF ??*'** the above rewarj. I. OO lo in DEW-**?-?1?P*1, THURSDAY EVENING, O LU lugTimaa SlrtS avenue and Tblrty.flrat atreat Bowaag aad ChrhiT * MluatraU.a mini fur Collar: ?, RETARP-IFTHK fKBHONA WHO TOOK THE M*6*8* "?>- ?*l-Ja-1>Vt Twenty-fourth atraat on Wady^eveaMgi^U^ra * wau*w (one ailvar aad ?tp)>?d "w yj? chain attached, which " &''d1?i?T^e? I aaked. ???.. at tha oSea of aaah REWARD WILL BR PAID TO ANY ONE Wff. will return an Oveeooat, with heavy aUh lining, f 10 which disappeared trom W Grand atraet, two Halm h lurther q.ieatlona will ba aakad. The ? iihei Rppaler, Baulevavd. Farta. ? Ulft REWARD.?THE GOLD HUNTING WATCH. made by Jala a Jurganaanaad numbered 4,804, With gold chaia aUaebad. was last Friday evening Feb 12. ?a a Sliih Avenue Railroad car. somewhere between Four teenth and rh?rty ol*th ?treete. Tha above reward of ?IB0 will be paid la any ooa delivering said watch and chain at Ho. 6 ffaat Paurtaenth wreet. No pupation* ashed. snnn rrward.-lrst, ooing or cosuno S^lMI from William* Bridge, aa the New Havener Wooater atraet car*. the Bd ln*tant, a hhj# enamelled Watch, eet with brilliants; Chatelaine Chain, with initial* A- G. A., aad eaaaral Cbarma attached to U. The ahoee re ward will ha paid and do gesatloae ashed, by applying at JE Woo*tar airaet. A~ DYASCBS HADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW eWy. Dry Good* and Personal Property of every da LOAN OFFICES JADE ON WATCHES J\ giry. Dry Oonda and Paraonal gwjPtWg J. L JACKSON. lUUraod mt Broadway a T Nu. ? TWRNTY-THIRD STREET, F1PTH AT A HoteL?The higbeat price paid for Diamond*, W 2c.,?r edvaanan made on the sat AVRNUB i?a, STREET YOU CAN OBT THE _ aad Silver. Bar Gold and Sliver Iry, Precious Stone# and Sweep SiVIS, Geld and Silver Aaaayer. OBEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA >9, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac, OR THE OHT AT THE HIGHEST RATES. ALSO iBRtr TICKETS BOUUHT POR DIAMONDS, IEWELRY. Re., At77 Bleeeker atraat. up atair*. OBBY ADVA NCR D ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Jewelry. Silverware, Rl)k?. Ac , or the qbova bought rnbroker*' Uekato bought. 1$0 Bowery, near Grand, 1 Noe. 1 and t, up ? la Ira Watches, diamonds, silverware and other Valuable* bought, or adraoeea mhda on Iho aame, at H Park raw. opposite the eater Houng* ? . IHBTRVCTIO!^^ AT DOI.RBAR'B "commercial ACADEMY. (09 Broadwav.? Bookk*?cping to taught (Tactically, as used In the be.t New Torlt bouses can secure pri vate desks this week without ertra charge, and lie fully qualified a? head bookkeepers Is ih.e *hiriest poiidble time. AN EDUCATED FRENCH LADY WISHES A 8ITCA lion as governess in an Imerietfi faintly; the trachea the French and German language* thoroughly m all the dif ferent breaches Boat of referODtsea given and required. Address C. MP, Herald oftioe. a LL WANTING TEACHERS OR POSrTlOSS-ENG iV llsh, Frenoh, (lermaa. Italiax. Classics Fstaling. Mumc, Elocution, Penmanship. Bookkeeping, (300 to (2.500. All teachers luvtted. Address American Educational Un.on, 5X1 Broadway. ? A LADY. JUST ARRIVED YROM ENGLAND, WISHES a aituation aa risldedt governess; her conrae of In atruWioii eomprtseakhe hlghre. branches ef English, French, Italian, muilc and the rudiments of German, with drawing. Reaper table reference given and reqstlred. Add re* a for three days 3. K., box 108 Herald office. A LADY RESIDING IN A DELIGHTFUL LOCA tloti, abont 10 miles from Boston, and aeir an excel lent school, would take the entire charge of one or two chil dren or an Invalid, i'ersnns willing t>> pay liberally for kind care and a pleasant home will please address C. A. B., box ISO Herald office. A YOUNG LADY WISHES THE POSITfON OF RESI dent governess to-young children; is fatty competent to teaeb English, music and drawing; persoas about to travel preferred; first class reference given. Address for three days Teacher, station G. GC. MARSH'S ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND IN. . STRUCTION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. (16 Broadway. Circulars. French teacher wanted?t? give private lessons st the pupil's residence, twe or theee evenings a week, of one hour each. Address, with terms, dox 3,826 Post o (lice. rJRTRUCTION IN ITALIAN. FRENCH. GERMAN AND the Scandinavian languages, by WQCLEPF, Graduate, 264 Spring street. PANISH LANGUAGE.?PROF. A. DE TORNOS Classes for ladles at his residence, 338 Pourth avemie, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, pnollshed by D. Appleton A Co. WANTBD-A GOVERNESS CAPABLE OF INSTRUCT. Ing two little girls in music arid the English branches of education; one speaking (lennsm preferred. Apply by letter, stating references, to B.. box 6,088 Post office. OH WRITING LE880N8, $2 50?BOOR KEEPING, aU Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, Latin, $9) per quarter. PAINE'S Business Colleges (established 1849), over (8 Bow ery and 349 Fulton street, Brooklyn. No moving In May. SPORTING. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE?FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam; about tire months old; built of oak and copper fastened; lins accommodations for eight persons besides the crew; Is well found in every re* spect. Apply on board at foot ?f Eaat Tenth street. Breech loaders?a first class second hand double gun each by Jetfry, Mabury and Westley Richarda; also low and medium grades of breech and muzsle loaders, for sale by CHARLES POLSOM, 38 Maldsn lane. New fork. Francis butlbr, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Doss. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure ane Flea Exterminator. 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. (2. Dogs trained, boarded, to. Medicines for all dls s JUST RECEIVED?A LA RGB ASSORTMENT OF BEL gian and Orrman Canaries, piping Bullflnohee and other European Singing Birds. Also Ooiden and Silver Pheasants, Mandarin Ducks, Black and While Swans, Ac. For sale by CHARLES REICHE A BROTHER, W Chatham street, near Cham byre. ONE DOLLAR A PAIR WrLL BE PAID FOR 100 pairs of Quail, delivered alive to A. C. LAWRENCE, 94 and 96 Leonard street. New York. Trout fishing. ? gentlemen wishing to avail thamselvea of the privilege of Fly Flahlng will address Shanty Creek, Maspetb, Long Island. ANTED?A HEAVY GUN FOR DUCKING. AD dreas L. H. H., box 1,861 Post offlaa. w CAKRlAoag. ?C. T GENTLEMAN, HAVING MOLD HIS H0R8E8, ROW A wishes to dispone of ill* following Veh iotas sad Har dm at a sacrifice:? 1 light Platform Coach, curtain qua 1 ail sent Phaeton or Brett (light),) 1 light eeal feci Miff' AUUllUn SUM I Union aqua* every Ti Smear. and at#7 Nassau a ?ay. See motion head. 1 light yacht body ahifUngl 1 shifting Up Depot IV agon, L > aeta single Harness. glOO, coat -ft 60. ' 1 act light double Harness, $66, ooat $10. For sale amarately If deaired. Apply at Calvin Wltty'o Carriage Waaarooma, 08 Broadway, near Bleacher street. g REGISTER OF HORSES AMD CARRIAGES. AT A private tale, la kept by MINER A SOMBKVILLB, at J7 Nassau stwet. All persona wishing to buy, sell or ox change Hors# or Carriages, should have ihelr property, or the articles (haired registered as above. AUCTION SALE? AT HORSE AUCTION MART, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the ~ i street -every Wednesday sod Satuf JMF- ' ' All thecoCpfb, victorias, cabriolets and Hanson Cabs fmarked letter Hi, with Horses and all appointment) complete, for sale, with lease of stable. The business of tie establishment was never better, ae will bo shown: tern* cash. Apply only at tbo stables, HO and III East Twentythlrd street, between Lexington and Third avenue*. A COACH FOR SALE?wfTH SHIFTING PANELS; lined wth fine blue cloth; has .been used but a few times, It is ytt unootled and inperfcct order. Must be sold for want of ids. Inquire at HS Milton avenue. Brook iyn. ASAMPIE OF OUR 8PRINO STYLE OF FOUR. 8IX Sealant PonyRaskot Phaetons. DogCarts, Barouches. Cabriolet* Biggies and Coupe Kockaways; orders received at aavantigesus terms to purchasers. HAMS, 10 East Fourth street, corner of Broadway. A T PUBLIC SALE -ON TUESDAY, 28TH INST., AT II A i'cloek, at 1,901 and 1,963 Third avenue, near 126th St., Horns. Carriages, Wagons, Slelgbs, Harness, Robes, Ac. At PUBLIC BALE-ON WEDNESDAY. *TH INST., at II o'clock, at l,<01 Broadway, Horses, Carnages, ROkawaye. Wagons, Ae. See Auction Sales. 1REWSTER A CO.. OF BROOME STBRBT. INVITE attention to their new styles of Carriages for spring aid summer use. consisting of Phaetons, Caleches, Landaus, Ohriolets and other fashionable vehicles; also on view an snortmeut of our celebrated Road Wagons In all the Rawest evles, and of tbe most exquisite finish. Persons In search f 'Brewster" wagons are reminded that we manufacture si our premises In Broome street every vehicle we sell, and isveno branch of our establishment on Broadway. uy your harness and saddles before sprlngr ush opens end prices go up. Call, examine and compare our styles and orlras. wholesale and retail 8addlery and Harness Wareroom*. #7 Rends street, Ural deer west of Broedway. N Y. DBMArksT. BALL A CO. We manufacture our own goods, aud invite tbe atieatioa of dealers. No Broadway expeneea-or pvuita. B /-XARRIAOES -JOHN C. PARKER A CO, 0 BAST \J Twenty -fifth street, builders of first class earrings* only, InvUe the inspection of all borers appreciating geot work. Orders for spring and summer use should be put ta baud at once. . rR SALE-AM ESTABLISHED UfBWT STABLE, with Stock nerlalnlog to the some; the beet stand In Brooklyn; sold on account of sickness. Per pnrltautan sp. ply ot stables at W Cllelou street, Brooklyn. T7IOR SALE?A LARGE DOUBLE SLEIGH (SECOND I hand). Caaba seen at stable in Twenty-WxAh street, eauhtoast eorner cf Third avenue. For sale-a fine bay morse. i?k bands bigh, fit for any business; sold for once lata wont of nse; price MOO. Apply to Mrs. KILLORAN, 47 West Twenty-seventh street TpOR SALE?A FAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, OR r either of them. Apply at privata stable 213 West Thlr ty-flflh street. TOR SALE?A NICE SOBEEL MARE. M HANDS 1 high. 8 years, sound and kind, andean trot Is JM. Light n and Harness, Wklp, Robe and Blanket. Price for all Call on Monday at 10 East Forty second street, one ? from Third avenue. CR BALK CHBAP?A SPLENDID LIVERY STABLE, Lease and Stock; worth double the amaanljasked, hither particulars apply to T. J. McKYILY. 02 Third avenue. MfULBS. ?FOUR PAIRS Of TOT NO MUXES. It JTI hands, well matched, and fenr single ditto, very cheap. Stable Eighty-third street and Eighth svenee, or of GEO. CAUI.FIELD, basement, Rotunds. City Hall Park. O LEIGH FOR SALB. CHBAF, NEARLY MEW. O Broadway maker Can be eoeu at etabta He. 8 Second near the Bowery STAe^ TO LBT-li VESTRY STREET; ALSO REAR fkirtr Riith1d Krwt, mtriBM #n Alio 146 Eiit mi. J. C. BAl-LBY. 10 FtfUl If?i. S'lSwt; flseproo^T?IN BAST THIRTY-SECOND II AiTJ' k;jgaa, water. Be. -liBTYA PHELPS, 11 Pine street. WANTED-A DOUElL?I Harness Call at 119 y T^tTClt, HORSES A*D 1 o'eloak. Monday. 28*. '?*eny street, up stairs, before LrA * I, ,, UNT MARI All?IT WtS L iterative thai restored meMmPWEtpg'' HAIR RE ' heir and Ms erfor. LAURA. 0LAIRYOYANT WaNTRI)?BITHBR" _ aisle already developed, or whose can&fLB OB iE abta tor dceetopmeat. Address Truth, go^aarefavor office. CIN1TURE, CARPETS BOOKS AM ?ought for sash at 126 sixth aveuue. beiw?KSjllll alients. 0.IOU volumes Books for sale. '?Mead SHRBP HHBAEB?WAB* B PAYNE'S, WJatRANTTT the beet In tkie mark*. For sale to tbe tram. ^ p. IR VI NO B CO., M CUT i rADYBRTMERB-^WWTO 80,00 DIRECTED EN velopes for , tafim letters received from all porta of the Ualea;4""* ?de. Addreee box IS, station D. WAMTED-F^* ? TO M? FEET OF OFFICE PAR ti Hon aii.*0ig SfOd <MR*P and condition. Ad dre?ebox S ^?'t "Bc* YirANTBJr800 RJTLBS OR MUSKETS; 800 CART W tSmSSf** ??< Equlpmeeta. *0,0,00 Round*; 00 Suits Soldl*ra'loU,lB?- Address, giving price,,box 1,178 kew York Post idler*. it ?CL COPAKTN KRSHIP8. A special partner wanted?with from $30,00# K> $00,000. to ett>nd the buslneas of a| old es tablished hoeae in thin dtjF. The business i? iestmHe, pays a large profit, and la attended with comparatively lntle risk. N? agents Deed answer. Address B. A. E., box 4J90 Post 0$N. For hale?an interest in a financial and literary journal, Including material. Address P. B., box 119 Herald otllce. Mr. lewis baar has this day retired prom our firm. The business will be conducted l.iieafter under tbe aid Arm of Jacob Fisher A Co. JACOB FISHER, LEWIS BAAR, N*w York, Feb. EL 1867. BAliET IlKYDECKEB. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $10,000, IN AN ESTAB llshed wholesale lobbing bouse of undoubted respecta bility, doing a safe business. Reference* first claw ex changed. No agents or bogus parties need answer. Ad dress chambers. box 107 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED-ONE TO TAKE THE PUCE of a retiring partner, wltii a cash capital of lrom tU,'** to $6,000. To an upright, honorable business man thb is a good opportunity to engage In a respectable and money m king business. Thoroughly established, withoit any humbug or deception connected with tbe business, thertfore none but an honorable business man need answer thb ad vertisement. Whoever baa the above amount and wlibing to engage In business, may rail upon WM. VAN WAGE KEN A CO., 479 Sixth avenue, where all tl _ _ %li the p?rtictii*n will be given and ahowa to the entire aetifaction of any one. P ARTNBR WANTED?WITH $40,090 TO $00,000. IN AN established and duccessful drv goods auction busteess in Philadelphia, to take tbe place of a retiring partner. Ad dress Auction, box $,114 New York Post office. r CAPITALISTS.?WANTED, A MAN OP MEANS, to form a partnership with a man wbo has got six pat ents In bis own right, sad genius to get them In tbe m eieL Cloth Pressing Machine; second, a Horse First, improved Rubber Overshoe; third, s Snow Plough, to clear track* of obstructions, and fourth, a War Implement, with two eth ers. Applicants treated with confidentially by addressing H. P. F.. Newark post office, N. J. w ANTED-A PARTNER TO MAKE ANIUNE colors. Address Aniline Colors, Herald office. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED. HAVE THIS DAY EN terod Into a Copartnership, under tbe name and style of Kingman A Murphy, for tbe transaction of a general Furniture Business. SUMNER A. KINO MAN, New Yoke. Feb. 12, 1807. ROBT. H. O. MURPHY. qitl rUM) -WANTED. A PARTNER TO TAKE A half interest In a new article bow being manufactured, and good prospects. Address, three days, i. M. Henry. Herald office. ^ $2,000, ?PARTNER WANTED-AN ENERGETIC man, with this amount, to take a half In terest in an established, well paying soda water manu factory. For full particulars call on or address Advertiser. 10 Bond street, stating where an interview can be had. None but principals need apply. $3,000 TO $5.000?PARTNER WANTED IN A SAFE and first class manufacturing business. Ad dress 8. K., box 100 Herald offioe. $6 000 TO ,<l'W0 WILL PDR0HASB THB inter. est of a retiring partner (going to Europe) in an established cash manufacturing business; sales to llrst class houses In the principal cities, article always In demand; profits on investment ISO to 300 per cent. Address, with real name, Bona Fide, Herald office. SPECIAL. NOTICES. ACARD.-I DESIRE TO RETURN THANKS TO PO liceman Muuson for bis faithful vigilance and hii promptness in srouting my family at the first appearance of the fire which occurredln the store under my dwelling, at Ave o'clock this morning; also to policemen Rlker, Rower, Curry and others, under command of Captain Dickson, or the Twenty eighth precinct, fur their fuithrul services la and about the house. I am also Indebted to Metropolitan Engine Company, No. 94. for their gentlemanly deportment while In and about tbe bouse, and the masterly manner in which they subdued their fiery enemy. I would also state that their kind and considerate conduct while making use of my part of ihe building to aid them In their efforts te sub due the flames, have won foPthem a sincere friend In yours truly, JOHN C. WEST, 9$ Carmine street A MEETING OF THE JOHN MITCHELL (BLOOMING. A dale) Circle F. B. will be held at Mr. Groh'*, corner of Sixtieth street and Ninth avenue, on Tuesday evening, Feb ruary M. All the members are requested to be present ? _ THOMAS EGAS, Centra. Jom McCountax, Secretary. Emm igrant industrial sayings bank, no. u ? Chambers street New York, February 8,1% At a special weutoy^eftbe Board of Trustees of thin bank, held this day, the foils wing preamble end resolutions wore adopted:? Whereas It has pleased Almighty God to remove from among us by death our late associate and much esteemed friend, Daniel Devlin, Resolved, That In the death of Daniel Devlin this Board wuatalns the lose of one or Its mo?t efficient members, one wbo, during years of Intimate association, we have foand to be a courteous, honorable, hlgb-touod gentleman, whbee sympathies were targe and whose puree wee always epan te mM call Ok wtn^fv Resolved, That4hts Boaxl rfpcsvair.??????? *?s?wm or iiwir rrwna andfellowaaambar. and deeply sympathises with his family In their greet bereavement Resolved, That the offleers end members ef this Board he semble at nine o'clock, on Monday, Vth instant; that they may attend tbe funeral In e body. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to tbe family of the deceased. Resolved, That the above resolutions be signed by the President end Secretary, and published in the Herald, Times, World end Kvcning Poet. HENBT L. HOGUBT, President Edwxbd Barn, Secretary. Ban sing Hooas or Ieiih Eaioxairr Socibtt.; _ t, "I- ) No. 61 Cnanauu Strut, Nxw York, > *7. ) Fell. 23, ltifcr. . At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of this So ciety, beld this day. It was moved and seconded that the preamble and resolutions adopted this day by the Trustees of the emigrant Industrial darings Bank be sod the same are herein- adopted by this society as the expression of their sentiments on the occa*lnn of the death of their lute co trustee, Daniel Devlin, and the 1'reaidsnt and Secretary of this Society ara hereby requested to sign the said reauiutiona In the name of this Board. RICHARD O'GORMAN, President Edward C. Dokiollt, Secretary. EABT side association -property owners, and others Interested In the welfare of the eaat aide or the city above Sixtieth street are requested U^attnml a meet ing of the shore Association on Monday evening. February 26, at the hotel of Carl Tbeia, corner Eighty-seventh street and Fourth avenue. Information a? to the general objects of the Association may be had at the olllce of the Secretary of the Committee, No. D I'lne street, and No. 1,333 Third avenue, where sub scription lists will he In readiness for those desirous of join ing. By order of the Committee. ^ ? Ul'illf HUiH CROMBIE, Chairman. Aucx. Tbsis, Secretary. ? 1 TACOB la BAYLE8 BEGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE t) customers of Boiomon Saylea that he has purchased the Stand and Business of his brother Solomon in Jefferson Madkel, and Is prepared to furnish them with the choicest meat* at the most reasonable prices, rmcuia. )B87. JACOB L. 8AYLB8L TT NIGHTS OF ST. PATRICK IV The regular quarterly meeting of the Knlghta of Ft Patrick will be held at the Astor House on Tuesday avenlng, Mth Inst., at 8 o'clock. Tickets for the Annual Banquet, to take place at the Astor House on the 18th of Msrch, will be reedy for sole to members. Punctual attendance is desira ble. My order. W. P. LYONS, President. Jans J. Tasmoa, Oorraspondlng Secretary. 1XAB18 EXPOSITION?UNITED STATES PASSPORTS A furaisheS to cttuens about to travel In Europe by A. ? k 41 Cham C. WILLMARTH, United states Passport Agent. l hers street fTtEMTLK EMANU-XL.?THE MEMBERS OF THIS 1 eengregaUpn are respectfully requested to attend the funeral of MrC Sarah Goldsmith, thla (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock precisely, from the residence of her son. Jseob Goldsmith, 147 West Fortjosecondstreet. STERN, Secretary. WAXEN, TAXES, TAXES-FOR WAKEFIELD. OLIN 1 vtlle,r ? m. villa, Caionpart, Pelhamvilla, Prospect Hill, Fordham, Belmont, Claremont. Fairmont. Central Mnrrjsanta, Mt lent, ( W, Mt JKdan and Powell's, Benton's, Valsntins and r's Farms, at Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner Grand end Rllsaheth streets, Monday, Feb. 86, 1867 George Cooper, I'eter Brtggs, James Jay Byrne, Joseph Horton, Collectors. RELIOIOCR IIOT1CEI. AT UNION SUNDAY SCHOOL ROOMS?DR. THOMAS D Anderson, psator First Rsptlst ehurch, will addreis ' the chlldrea's meeting of Unlen Sunday school, at their room*. 478 Grand street and SOU East Broadway, this Huu- 1 day evening, at 7X o'eloek. Good singing by the children. The land of oanaan?the rev. jambs reed will lectern thla evening, at JH o'clock, in the New Jer usalem church, Thlrty-flfth street hetweenlFourth snd Lex ington svenoea Heals free. Ireland. _ NOTICE TO NEXT OF XIN. Whereas Richard Barry, late of Drogheda, In the county of Louth, Ireland, poltoeman, died Intestate at Proghede, on the Xld day of June. 1880, possessed of money and property. And whereas bts sisters Catharine Barry, Eden Berry snd Mary Barry emigrated to America over ten years ago, and his brothers, Owen Berry and WHIlaa Harry, also emigrated to America over seven years ago. This Is to give notice to said partita or thalr ehthl or children (If any), or any other per son or persons who claim to be neit of kin of said decsssed, or sniltled to said money and properly, or any part tlisreof, that David Lombard, of Ballymacallen, near Fermoy, In the county of Cork. Ireland, maternal uncle to the aald Richard Barry, is stool to apply for letters of administration to tho estate and effects of the said Richard Barry, to the principal registry of the Court of Probate. In Ireland, nn the ground that all the said brothers snd sisters of the seld Richard Barry ye dead without Issue, and the aaldCatherloe Berry. Ellen Barry, Mary t Owen Berry and William Barry or their children (If any) are required forthwith to eoounnnlnate with Thomas Rice. Boiieltor of Fermoy, In the offnty of Cork, Ireland, and to state Whether they will toko of lb?*i'our ratios to the said Rlehard Barry, aod In default their tokHiBWinuntoatlug with the mid Thomas Rloa, or of Richard Barry wtodlnga to ohtala administration to the said

this advertisement, icwo months from the peblloatlen of of Ballemaonllen, nde hereby given that David Lotn Cori, FmSe^ll^PpI^^Wwrinthoa^ooun^B bale, at the itrinc|gai registry at Ddoe of the Court of HI and possession of said money. Richard 'or administratis! mac la ure nee and WW torn Lombard, of Casdard, of Bally and Johanna Barry, etherwlee Lombard, wife ofarmenl Basry, of Coolacorrln. fa'mer. all near Fermoy, in tW<ar| county of Cork, the natural end lawful maternal unties a J ausl "I "aid III h?'d Bar T. having financial. UNITED STATES TRKasUEY. Schedule, of (30) tulrty or mora 10-A) ooupon?, due Marsh 1. 1887, will now be received (or examination at the United Stela* Treasury. H. H. VAN DTCK. Assistant Treasurer. WOK SALE?NEW YORK CITY RAILROAD STOCKS. _ Also Insurance Slocks sud other Securities, Paying from 10 lo 30 per oent dividend'-, at lowjutes. ALBERT 11. NIOOLAT, Slock Broker and Auctioneer (Established 15 years),? Pine street. N. Y. EOR SALE?A CABINET OP CHOICE MINERALS, embracing a rare collection of Oold, Silver. Copper, td and other specimens, which cannot be duplicated al any cost, and will be sold aheap. Apply at 43 I'lne street. Money to loan on bond and mortqaoe. ap. ply to WILLIAM A A. W. LOWEKHE. 86 Warrea street. OFFICE OF PACIFIC MAIL BTEAMSHIP COMPANY, New York, Feb. 20. 1867. THIRTY-FIFTH DIVIDEND. Notice is hereby siren thst the Board of Dlrectnre hare this day declared a dividend of three (8) per cent out of the net earnings of the quarter ending January 81, 1867. payable at the otllce of the company Friday, March 1. The transfer books will be closed Thursday. February 21, Id Monday, March 4. at 10 A. M. at 4 P. M.. and reopened By order of the Board of Directors. TUEODOBE T. JOHNSON, Secretary, P BNN8YLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF 928,000,00s. An set to create a loan for the redemption of the oyer due bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of the Commonwealth and certain oer. Uneaten of Indebtedness, amounting to 923,000,000, have been over due aud unpaid for some time past; And whereas it is desirable that the name should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore, Section 1. Be it enacted by Uic Senate aud House of Rep resentatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in ilen eral Ansembly met. and It Is hereby enacted bv the authori ty of the same. That the Coventor. Auditor General and State Treasurer be, and are hereby authorized and empow ered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth. In suoh amounts and witb such notice (not less than forty days) as they may deem most expedient for the interest or the State, twenty-three millions of dollars, and Issue certificates of losn or bonds of the Commonwealth for the same, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per anuuin, payable semi-annually on the 1st of February and 1st of Au gust. In the city of Philadelphia; which certificates of loan or bonds shall not be subject to any taxatlou whatever for State, municipal or local purpose, and shall be payable as follows, namelyFive millions of dollars payable at any time after five years and within ten years; eight millions of dollars payable at anytime after ten years and within fif teen years, snd ten millions of dollars at any time after fif teen years and within twenty-five years, and shall be signed by the Governor and State Treasurer and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor Cenersl, and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of the whole of whloh loan. Including premiums. Ac., received on tho same, shall be applied to the payment of the bonds and certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. 8ac. 1. The bids for the snid loan shall be opened In the preseoce of the Qovernoi. / idttor General and State Treas urer. and awarded to the hglhi-st bidder: Provided. That no certificate hereby authorised to be issued shall be negotiated fur lesajtban Its par value Hue. 3. The bonds of the 8tate and certificates of indebt edness, now over due. shall he receivable In payment of the mid loau, under suoh regulations as tho Governor, Auditor General and 8tate Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid ' authorized to be issued, shall state In der for the loan now i (??? his bid whether the same Is payable lu cash or in the bonds *r certificates ot indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sac. A That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing in a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of Indebted ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid ? - . 0^ied for the loan hereby authorized to be Issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificates of loan held by them at the time of making such bid. and to receive the bonds authorised to be Issued by this act. Sac. A Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary ca pacity stated In the fourth section of this set who may desire to Invest money In their bands for the benefit of the trust may, without sn order of court. Invest the same la the bonde authorized lo be Issued by this set, at a rate of premium not ?acceding twenty per ? Snc. 6 That from and after the passage of this sot all the I bonds of this Commonwealth shall oe paid off In the order of their maturiiv. Sec 7. Teal an loane of this commonwealth not yet due ?hall be exempt from State, muniolpal or local taxation after the internet due February Drat, one thousand eight bond red snd sixty-seven shall have been paid. fine. 8. That all exlstingtng lews, op aortloas thereof la one si stent herewith, are nersby repealed. Approved tamdrodam ^jco^^f February oa^thottmn^eigBt ? N IMsha or the ?????????tf ???? until II o'clock IT. of the 1st day of April, I. i>. MB. tdbe eedorsad as rollows:?1''Proposals for Penasylvaata State Lean, Treaenry Department, Harrisborg, PflHM ry Department, Harrisborg, Pi., United Mites "SteTvSi be received for 9MMWB. reimbursable In five Ki and pnyabla la tea years; $6,000.(JOO reimbursable In years and payable is fifteen years, ssd 910,000.000. retm bCrssble In fifteen years and payable In twenty-five years, Morale of interest to be either firs or six per oani pay annum, white mast be explicitly slated In the bid; and the bids asset advantageous to the State will be accepted. No btd hr ffie than par wilt be considered. The bonds will be tns5H.Tsi j?w s? & The ever due bonds of the Commonwealth of Fennsylra d?Vm" s^^tew^^teVyma te S?S ever doe loons aforesaid. Mo distinction will ba mod* between bidden paying la cash or over due loans. JOHN W. OEART, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. HARTRANFT, Auditor Soneral. W. H. KEMBLE, State Treasurer. N. B.?No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rised, will receive par. SOUTHERN BANK NOTES AND SECURITIES.?ED WIN Q BEUUlO Broadway and No. 4 New strget. bore and idle all kind* of southern securities and bank bills outright or on commission. Reference* flret claaa. $7C Hftn TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE. IN THIS VI O?vvU city, to any euro. W. H. WOOD, ? Wall ?tract. nn nnn t? man-on bond and mort. M'JLIJx/.UI/U gage. In sums to eult all descriptions of DrooertT. Property bought, sold or exchanged. Apply to 8 A CO.. Real EeUte Agenw. 17 Nassau street. room It. $325 000 ? LOAI' ow BOHD A*D *obt" ' isltyi JOHN F. CQNREY, ? Wall etreet, room It. estate In this dtyor Brooklyn. gage, lu one or more sums, on real Brook!1 BU8INK8S OPPORTimiTIES. A BARE OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED To't party with Hmall capital to inreet In a manufacturing Iness already well established; prnllts Immense; no humbug. Address Alas. Han ford, Post office, N. Y. ANY PERSON HAVINO FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS, and wanting a good outdoor business, well established, ean And a good opportunity by addressing boi 111 Rahwar Post odloe. Also a gray trotting Mare, W years old, perfec lly sound and of great endurance. Address as above. Agents wanted-to okt foreign advbrtis e meuta In this city, which la very esstly dona. >10 a day can be made, working actively. Only agents soqnaluled with the busluess and furnishing tha bast referenoea must apply at US Nassau St.. room 10, to-morrow (Monday), from t to 10K A. M. LADY WOULD LIKE TO MEET A PARTY OF THE highest respectability, who would be willing ton Mint her In taking a house In New York, with view to letting the rooms, they reeerving choice of rooms, the highest reference given sa to character, poattion, Ac. Address Mrs. A'lr I la Crane, Boston Post office. FKER PA88AUK TO CALIFORNIA AND A FREE building lot in Newport. California?terminus of tha Sit Pacific Railroad?near San Franc!sou. Office 117 Broadway, room IS. C" ROCKERY WARE STORE FOB RALE?ON ONE OF the principal avenues, where a good oaah business can be done: rent moderate; terms pasy. 71* Sixth avenne. Exclusive rights for sale for the best selling patent article In the market. Retails i furnished at B& each. No. ? Fine street, room No. >. SNOOD BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.?THE WELL Vj xnown Parisian Upholstery Ksiabllshment of Charles Franklin, Esq., proprietor aud eetabllsher of this well-pay ing business, since fifteen years. In the city of I'oughkeep. sle, en the Hudson. Is for sale, as the owner will retlra to Europe. Tbl* establishment la the nnlv one of the kind fitted up in the United Suiee after the real Parisian style. It I* divided into three departments, with open celling and galleries surrounding. First department contains paper hangings, window shades, Ac.; second department contains lace curtains, cornices, table covers, damasks and numerous artistic articles, consisting of oil paintings, statuary, brack ets.and Imported fancy goods; third di-parnnent contains willow and camp furniture. On tha top of.this splendid property Is a beautiful Chinese cupola, which can be seen throughout the entire city. Attached to this building la a handsome garden, with a beautiful summer house sur rounded by s 1st nary. There are also a brick barn and car riage bonnes attached leading Into another street, which may be separated from the front building. This excellent business can, If desired, be sold separately from the build ings, and msr be leased for a term of years. It will, by all means, be sold extremely low, as tha proprietor, on nceount of III health, will leave Immediately for Europe. For fur. Iher particulars apply to CHARLES FRANKLIN, Esq , box 144 Post office, or JOSEPH F. PICKERING, Auctioneer and eemmteaioii merchant. 408 Main street. Poughkeepsle, N. Y.. or of C. 8. PECK, Real Batato Agent. 71 West Seventeenth street, New York. LKasF., RT(jck AND FIXTURES OF A MERCHANT tailoring esiabllshmeut of long standing for eale.?Rent reasonable; possession will be given at any time between this aud Mav 1, as the present owner Intends going to Europe. Inquire at ft Spring etreet, under the St. Nicholas Hotel, one dbor from Broadway. PARTIS* WISH IRQ TO DIEPOtE OF THEIR BUtl nees. or having capital to Inreal, or wishing to procure partners, should call on lha Business Agency, Iff? Broad way. __ PARE CHANCE.?FOR RALE, TUB LEASE AND FIX Jl tures of tha old established butter and egg etoro tul Eighth avenue, N. Y. Inquire on Hie premises. TO HOMfKOPATTlIO PHYSICIANS.?A GOOD OPEN lug at New Brighton, S. I? for an experienced homoeo pathic physician there being no phyelolan of that school within several miles of the above mentioned pleea* For In formation address hot 1,470 Post offioe T~ ALOABLH PATENT RIGHT FOR SALE. " IMPROVED HANGING FOR CENTREBOARDS. Address J. F. Hall, Westerly, R. I. ssi in sw, "i priv ones a nasiranie ana urH lian t e hence for Invest wont Refers atas. G. Paaeoaet. of Archer. Pancosst A Co.. and .p. H. Follows, ef Fallows, HoTman A Co. Address Q. L. P., Herald offioe. Rb/mO JSilEfJP INTEREST I N A t It ROADWAY THEATRE. flje we,0 :beTO"d J) Engagement regretfully ^teuvled) of which it cannot by exiaUng arrmiigemania ?? ?? U" WORLD RENOWNED MR. AND MRS. BARNEY W1LL1AMB. th. original ^~ND? YANKEE LIFE. W|B Monday1 evening. ramauAEYjj, up. apectade entitled CIRCLE; Con 0'CarolAn^S?oAp)trIffi?\ V1&S& HMHWAI EVP.S.NOB MONDAY, TITE8DAY A- ^ Uie roaring remedy th0 performance wm^nclu t?k COUNTRY w,lua?8 Mt'liana (with :V'aira SATURDAY EVENINGS THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SAJufo WiLLIAMS ana tho protean farca, lu whlon Air Ulna tlx dlfferenticlianwterjT pLACB> will be aubatltuted for the <0needy. . THB P1RCE8 Owing to the brlefneat of y*y^LI A M 8 appear oa". tn which Mr. and 1^ BARNEY^ and, it belug dejitr SMStWiKS^be gratifled b, - f <~t - ?? - ^EUOHTFULCOMIC MLIN^Vno^tle. will of theae deaeiwedly moat popuWr artiste. uwi dally, Whenplm~ -1 be aecured all daya lu advance. ? PER1i7ns7adT theaire ,46 ??? "OWBB*. Or Re^m^.o^a^ort^ who will ?>pe*r on Ut Schiller'a grand tragedy of DOM CABLOB^ iu ?jss; ^^srec^f^oVtbeda, PROTEUS. . . uni iirrt ' "The Baabet Trlok, ' or, "We Are nere. but. Not ID ire- ? Mjd olher wonder* ??Arowth of Flower*. F1 j.V}^N11|U'A,f 8. SATIRDaV will be produced E\ ER* he hM apart ^^WeSekSJRt f".'juvenile night. All. dren half price. ? " (? .a 81I^irAL^ME0OF%ONDBRF^LFEATS.B BLACK HLUNUr.RS. BACKWOOD ECHOES. BACKWOODECHOES^ fqr CONGRESS BR0ADWAY.,fe?/F ^y SSmtTSS V^"?"iU"^r.rrtSo"!.? JSSiuffli-i1?'""' <* Cool and African ltallet Troupe. _____ . irELLY A LEOSS MINSTRELS 710BHOADWAY. K The I.uxurlea of ^^Jylron In Opera. To Smile, ? f-*> Hl? great Vooal Waltaea. To Titter. "-."R xl>? flaunted Houea. To Laugh, J-.R An t^loi-eTroublre. To Roar, kt t Cluderteoe attdRallet. To Scream. jt Dodging ftr a Wife, *> C?nVUl^ And o'l'ir ?r?^'Tfflla Coryphm* Jrvieo haluwiixia1| omogomrrfc'B ^Toori^lnmrume-J- , SUNDAY, FEBRUARY M, MP. ^"ilmliia ittKHM. Tntaia. MB. organ rrery JTBINWAY HALL. . r. Harris on; i _ lw? L. S. HAKRISoK; Director. Second appearance of the favorite Soprano, Mlae KATE MoDoNALD. J. CLARK, nana Br. 8. B. MILLS, Pianist Mr. P. LITSCH, Trombone Soloist Mr. O, W. COLBY, Accompanist Mr. THEODORE THOMAS and his FULL ORCHESTRA. Ticket* M cento. Reserved sea* M aeato extra. STEINWAY HALL?GRAND CONCERT. MONDAY, FEB. 26, 1M7, AT 8 P M. MISS RE LLP OAt WILL BINO. STEINWAY BALL. TUESDAY. MR. BERONER, bega to inform hie friends and the puixic that hla ANNUAL CONCERT srlll Uke plice on TUESDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 18, AT 8 O'CLOCK. The following artists have kindly volunteered their ser vlees:? Mlea NETTIE STERLING, Mr. S. B. MILLS, Mr. 8- I*. WARREN, Mr. THEO. THOMAS. Mr. GEO. MATZKA, Mr. PFEIKENSCIINKIDER, Mr. HOKHM. Mr. HOCH8TEIN, Mr. SUMMITS. Mr. J. ROSENTHAL, Conductor. The programme presented on this occasion Includes Beethoven s Heptett K flat. Op. 2U. TICKETS. $i EACH. Can now be obtained of Beer A Schinner. 701 Broadway; Schuberth A Co., 820 Broadway, and at Hleinway Hall. STEINWAY HALL. MONDAY, FEB. 28. 1887. B. VILLANOVA'S, L. DACBAER S GRAND CONCERT. STEINWAY HALD-GRAND CONCERT. MONDAY. FEB 28, 1817, AT 8 P. M. HlGNOR BAHAGLI, 8IGNOK REM I. SIONOR AL8ITE8 WILL SING. s TE1NWAY HALL. ? . PAREPA IN ORATORIO. OK WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEB. 27, Will be performed Handal'a ureal Oratorio, THM MESSIAH, With the following powerful oast:? MADAME PAKBI'A. Soprano. Mew York MISS HUTCHING*, Contralto. Harmonle MR. OEO. SIMPSON, Tenor. Mcoiety, MR. J. R. THOMAS. Hasao. 280 MR. K. J. CONNELLY. Oiganiat Voteea. MR. O. W COLBY, Pianist and MR. F. L. RITfKR, Conductor. Theo. Thomas. ORa.NO ORCHESTRA. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reaerved aeata M oruta extra. UNYAN TABLEAUX-LARGEST PANORAMA IN 1 the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Twentv thlrd street. Open arery night at 7; commencing at Admlsalon, 88 oeata; children, 28 eanta. Matinee Wednee day and Saturday, at 2 o'clock. WR. JEBOME HOPKINS' FIFTH CONCERT FOR THE Jvl Orpbeon Fund, ably aaalsied. in Hleinway Hall, on Tharsday, February 28. This coueert will be given ae an APRKH-MIDI. at 2fi o'alook P. M. Full annuuncementa ib Tuesday's papers. 0. N. SNOW, Manager. B New tore. fkb. is, isi7. (Jnonoa Obmots ??Dear Sir?We, the nnderetgned. baring heard of your Ion. and feeling annlous to eld end eipreee our eeteem for you. prnpoee to five you e compli mentary tektlmonlal at any time and place you may anggeel. Youre, rerpeetfnlly, Wm. B. Weaton, Frank DrewTE H. Reene, II. Edaon Wood, L. Lyoo. W. T. Woodruff, A. B. Deraiamea, B. Uuatbal and olhera. _ _ _ _ ? N*w Ton*, Feb. ?, 1897. Meaare. W. B. Wmto*. Pun Due and othera:? (lairri.iam?Your kind faror of the l*ih t? received I would name Thuraday, March 7, and French theatre aa the time and place for my benefit. Hoping thla trill meet your approral, I am, moat reapect folly, yours, OBOROE DESHOYB. rmm SKATERS.?OOOD SKAT1NO OB TBR FIFTH Aveuue Skating Fark. Will he open thla day and even log. _____ IL MI fFlI ILL. Froprletor Banjo, and the art of lrarnino to flay it perfectly, taught by a new and Improved method, en aiding the pupil to learn a perfect tune In Iwenty mlnutea. Mr. (.harlea h. Dobaon, now performing at the Olympie theatre In "The Street* of New York." the moat marvelloua eiecuter on the line airing banjo that erer ailated. reeeired hla enure inatrncUon under my tuition; to learn to play la to aee the beau nee of my method, ban joe from M to (SO. HENRY 0. V)Olla(>N, <81 Brnidway. POPULAR CONCBRT AT BROOKLYN ACADEMY. A _ After the concert go to the 'OPPi^jOTSTBIt HOUSE, 2S Clinton street, Brooklyn. TWO UKAND TREATS IN ONE RVhNlNO. A THEC HALL SEAMIII. EI ON BALL. ^ ACADBMY OF MUSIC. WKHNKSDAY, MARCH 17. 1887 G RRMAN LBIDBRKRANE. THE ANNUAL ORAND MASQUERADE BALL _ . .OF THE OKKMAN LIKDKHKRANg Will teke piece at the ACADEMY of music, Thursday, march ai. Imt. Tleketa $16 each, admitting one gentleman and I we lad lea. Can be had of member a of ike eoolety enly. By order of the Committee. H. C. F. EOCH. THE LECTURE SEASON, SOUTHERN RBLIKF. LECTURE BY RICHARD O'OORMAN, ESQ., AT COOPER IN8TITI TB, 8?nday evening. February M, at 8 o'clooh. TICKBTB FIFTY CENTS. Fee pelentan the hetyii and book a tore*. AMtSBMENTH. T^KW YORK THEATRE. J.Y Managers Lewis Bnker and Mark Smith. Second week of the accomplished artist, LADY DON, who hie been greeted bv _ CROWDED AND FASHIONABLE AUDIHlfl* Second week of the very auoceaiful burlesque of KENIL WORTH, OR. YE QUKENK. YE KARLE AND TE MAIDF.NNE. LADY DON ai YE KARLE OF LEICESTER (with Mup.) To be preceded hv. first tune here, the admirable comedy of THE PRETTY HORSR KRKAKKK, THE PRETTY HOKSB-BREAKKR. with the tonga of "I love the Merry Suuiblne." end the "Hour of Chaao " LADY DON. Theatre fbancada?comedie. GREAT HUCCEHB. TUESDAY. K.b 3B. ,.t 71* Precl ely, LA PAMILLK BKNOITOS (ORIGINAL OF THE FAST FAMILY>. Comedy in live acta, by M. Vietorten Hardoo. Ticket oQlee at H. Dardonvillr a, 678 Broadway. Mrs. f. b. conway'k park thrathe, Brooklyn. FEBRUARY S?, Reappearance of MRS. F B CONWAY in a new dramatization of the popular novel of Ea*t Lynne. Griffin a Christy's minstrels. fifth avenue opera house G. W. II. GRIFFIN MANAGER. Adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel, No*. 2 and 4 We?t Twenty fourth alreet. ANOTHER hK A RATION. The manager lake* great pleasure in announcing that he hae obtained at no great expenac a copyright of the CELEBRATED sensational SPECTACLE, THE BLACK CROOK, THE BLACK CROOK, which haa been gotten up in a atyle of magnltn cuce NEVlftt EQUALLED IN AMERICA. In order to produce thia GREAT I'lECK In a style of NATURAL PERFECTION, NATURAL PKKKKOTION, he hae engaged, through the influence of the Irish Consul, THE HIGldMH BALLET TROUPE, who will appear for the HKST TIME IN AMERICA and execute some of their Solos. Pan de Deux. Ac. The piece will tertnin.ile with the Gorgeous Scene, ? THE PALACE OK DEW DROPS.* THE PALACE OF DEW DROPS. In which REAL WATER will be Introduced to form the Drop*. The Ocean Yacht Race and a boat of Comicalities every night. , Doora open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. HOOLEY'8 OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. First week of the Grand Fairy Legendary Trick Pan toinlme, with new acenery, machinery, mechanical effm-ta, drcsoea, music, tablcuux, Ac., entitled THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. The liurloaque BLACK CROOK AND BALLET TROUPE. Grand Matinee Saturday, March 2, at o'clock. Tony pastor's opera house, soi bowery. Immense Hit of the Great Military Drama. TUP, NKW YORK VOLUNTEERS; OR, THE LAST OF LIBBY PRISON PRISON. A new and brilliant variety entertainment. THE NEW POST OFFICE. THE GREAT DIVORCE CAKE. Orand Ballet. THE DEVIL'S WEDDING. Flint smxaranee of Misa KATE PARTINGTON. New ?ong? hv TONY PASTOR, Ac. MATINEE UN WEDNESDAY aND SATURDAY. OLYMPIC THEATRE. MOST EMPHATIC SUCCESS of the great local sensational and moral drama, the STREETS UK NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF NKW YORK THE OLYMPIC CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING nightly. The audiences eiilhu-ta'tlc with delimit at the EXCELLENT ( AST OK CHARACTERS, NOVEL EFFECTS. AMUSING HRF.NKS AND SITUATIONS, BEAUTIFUL SCENERY Ac. Doors open nlghtlv at 7 o'clock; performances at 8 e'clook precisely. MATINEE ON SATURDAY, at 1 o'clock, ad mlsMlon aOc. to all parts of the houee. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. These great Comedians and original Impersonators Of IRISH AND YANKEE LIFE Will commence a short engagement at THE BROADWAY THEATRE On Monday evening next, February M. Box book now open. OTBINWAY HALL. r> MONDAY. FBfl. 26. 1887, AT 8 P. M. Ml88 STERLING WILL 81NO; MISS TOBDT WILL PLAY. _____ A CADRMY OP MUSIC. BROOKLYN. A TWELFTH MONDAY POPCLAB CONOEET. Feb. St. at 8 o'clock. > L. r. "oaaujjj^.^ ?"? Mr' WMr.K EMI^LsI L3, Pianist. Mr. CARL Rosa, violinist. Kr.O. W. COLHT. AoemnpanleS. m Zither, Soloist; Mr. Sobmitx, Horn *ololel. Mr. le Soloist; Mr. Letsch, Trombone Sohuet, Mr. impel Soloist, and Then. Thomas' FTLL ORCHESTRA. TIOKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Seats 10 cenla extra. OTKINWAY hall. O MONDAY. 'FEB *. W.AT 8 f. M. MADAME UAZZANIOA WlLt. SIMO Brooklyn academy op music. FRIDAY. MARCH L Bouclcauli'i (rami drama. the LONG STRIKE. H v lh? principal members of lb* MBW YORK OLYMPIC COMPANY. J. H. Rtoddart aa Money Penny. Jem SUrkia, by Cham. Vandenhnff. Cranksbxw. by J. T. Ward. Johnny Reilly, by KcKee Rankin, lane Learoyd, Mlaa Caraon. Box ofllce open on Tueaday, Feb. 3btb. Grand sacred concert at sr. joseph-s Churnb, Pacific at reel, near Yanderbill avenue, Brook lyn, tbia (Sunday) evemnj. ttlh Inai., at 8 <v clock. bv several eminent artlata and a (rand cborua Professor R. Oeoxalex, Mualcal Director; Mra R Gonial ex, Organ I at. . STUDIO BUTLDI.VO, *1 WEST TENTH STREET.? DK HAAS' leal punting, "Parragut'a fleet passing tbe forta below New Orleans " Admlaaloo free. A young lady or beautiful and highly cultivated voice and of experience wishes to meet with mme (lr?t clss* concert mnnager who would make her pub licly known' would atnr xriinUciualv at flrat, would travel; heat reference. Address Concert, box 140 Herald odtra Banjo and jig dancing. cloo and irish jig Dancing tancht by JOHN BOGaN, 1S1 P.aai Houston itrect. Terma (It per course. Banjos at all prices. Banjo instruction-bt my champion method. (5 a course, (S. each pupil taught separately, a perfect ;uue e ieeeon or no charge. J R BUCKLEY, m Hodeou street. pianofortes. AN ELEGANT TOUR ROUND CORNERED ?V OC tare rnaewood Pianoforte for sale, la extra superb and 'Icheat fini.n. beat city makers, of rloheat tone, full* war ?anted. Will be sold for about balf value, for want of caab. Ipptj at BATTERSON'S storage rooms. (MO Sixth avenue, tear Korttetb street, from 7 A. Jt. to 7 P. M. A CHEAP PIANOFORTE. ROSEWOOD CASE, round corners, rich lone. In good order; maker. Bred* >ury, price $178 New Pianofortes very cneup. J. RIDDLE. IS Amity street, near Broadway. I MAONTKICKMT 1*1 A SO FORTE FOE RALE?FOft l\ $173. com $aoo for $78 Alas tbe Furnuure < it a bargain. Inquire i i lA.vuronia rua sabE?rua Alao a Parlor Suit, for fUlfi, owe do. reuure of a patter end Tour bedrinaae. i at lit Wset Kl?bib street, near BtnS FINE ASBORTMBNT OF PIANOFORTES TO LET end aale on instalments at tbe manufaetorv. 198 sad Beat Twenty-Itret street L. P. CUMMlNOS. KEARD PIANO -A LADY LEAYINO FOB EUBOPE will sell at a greet ?aerifies a handsome grand act km Irani Piano, 7 netaves. In perfect order. Apply at Tt Beat rwenty-aeventh street, between Fourth and Lexington eve. nfATERS- GRAND SQUARE AND OPRIOHT PIANOflL YY Metodeona Cabinet organs. wholaaale and retail, in at, end rent applied if purchased. Monthly payments re vived second hand Pianos at bargains Prices froan MO o MS. New 7 octave I'lenoe for 8175 end upwarda Old llanos taken in exrbange. Cash paid for second band danoe. Factory and ware room* 481 Broadway. N. Y. HORACE WATERS. MUSICAL. A COMPETENT ORGANIST OF FIFTEEN YEARS* ea per I voce desire* * situation la th* cltr from Ma; I; ?an furnmh a good quartet choir If desired. AMrm M ustcas, UaraM office. A GENTLEMAN WILL flIVR INSTRfOTION OR TUB Piano al pupils residence far $10 IXr quarter; MM Of rrlerance given. Address. with residence, Teacher, feet lit Herald omro. CTOITaR AMD RINGING.?NAPOLEON W. GOULD, r solo guitarist, enables hla poplla In a few lessons to accompany and pta; effective!;, at IS Ruth arantta. Ben 10 taught practlcall;. (NUITAR PIARO, YIOI.IN, SINGING. AC.-MS WRBT J Taentr ?nth street. betwaao Seventh and Eighth are num. I,attain* atrtctl; prtvala. fall Or acntl fur circular. Terms moderate. JAY JAY WATSON, Agent. Mt'Sir FOR PARTIRS, AC , $6 TER K E V EN I HO.?ART kind n( Inatrurnent furnished, at B7 Rlerenth street, between Fifth and Hltth avenue*. I natruction on the piano. Term a modarata. MASON A H ARUM, R A NUFACTURERS or CAITMRT Orcaria, salesrooms MM Broadway, Mew York, whet* ma; ha rmind the targe*! aaanrtment or Inatrumenta of thM ola*a in the countr;. Prtoea, $75 or leaa to $1,000 each. MCS1C FOR PARTIES. WEDDINGS, AO.-S# FOB one Planlat; $10 for Piano and Violin. Apply el !$$ Canal atreet, near Bower;. PERSONS DESIRING FIRST CLASH PIARO INSTEUO* I lion el e moderate prtre will pleeae eddreee A rtlata. Mi Broeawav, cere Hell's musio store. Rtrtetl; prlrale laasoaa. OOPRANO WANTED -FOR A CATHOLIC CHURCH IR to Ihlaell;. Salary liberal Mttat be a first el aw and good reader; no other need address or appl; to ( OS Weal Warren street, Brooklyn. aas vocalist lo Organist T'Teat^feJ!?*^ CONSERVATORY FOR MUSICAL Terms ??^per*$^^!E^??n"?? "" DANC1IY6 ACAPRMIM. P ALLET* ASTER IHMAR'S DANCING A?4P*? D No. $1 West Fourth street.-Leaanna everj da; fo^mjl* amen. All da no private lessons. dren, iiidie* and" (JenUemen." All dances taught in oao $??* Mr. Rli dances In all private All the faahlonahla dances In one ooniye of lessons. MAT.