Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1867 Page 2
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grri; vnori w anted?few a lbs* A RESPECTABLE WELL EDUCATED YOUNG I.AI'T wiKue* employment a? housekeeper for a gem r'n*u V knxlerme circumstanced. R, 'entices moat ho c-e. in-ao. and full particulars given. A p ' *ant I ?m? l* ir thau a large remuneration Adlroas for l*1 days ?? B. N., Mew SnuMrlek, M. J. AYO"NG lady I !" V N w rv ? ' ' ' " Ilk*- a situation aa companion to an tovaltdfc ?. OTA** hoUMik.-eper; beat ut reference* gtvou ?uJ reqtt.reu. dress w E. 81. station G. . A FAMILY Bill', u. '!r?j m whillo J\ Ilk. to Uud situations to.- a cook ?? ?welfare ther fee! a personal Interest. AP^T tlie hours of 10 ..nd 1 o'clock. Monday. Feb. 3k at ? taatkial ?t. Grsuiercy I'ark. Av.i[? vi* wnAI iV WOULD LIKE A SIT! ATION IN a sure Wa ??d * li.woa.aa; understand. Ilia dry goods and fVm*y b"?'ue*?_ Andress M. M.. llaraldoffloe. A HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION 18 DESIRED BY AS American, In a hotel or private family; li?? mob taction to * widower'* fanitly or to ba a oomponion to a Ldv ia domestic and capable to 611 any position, or would go (smith or M eat; can ibe awn to-day. Mr*. Al.en, < omp ton House, corner dd av. and 2Uh at. A NEAT, HONKsT GERMAN OIRL WISHES A 8ITU J\ ath.n a* nurse; is wry fond of ohlldren, and cau do plain sewing and crocheting. Call on her parents, 333 Sth ?i, near ar. C. A DRESSMAKER, JD8T D18RNOAGBD. WISHES A situation tu a family; can rut and lit children's clothes: haa no objection to go In the country or to traTel. Call On or addreaa for one week. 0. C., 410 3d ay., In the store. A NORWEGIAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS oooh in a small private family. Apply at 78 Hamilton av.. South Brooklyn. A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION TO cook and wash; a good place la In preference to high wages; would go a short distance In the country, has good reference. Call at 8U West Washington place, for two days. AN OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON'S SBW lng machine wants a situation; would vrork by the day or week. Apply at 174 West 31st at. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY AliADY of education and retinmuenl; would take charge In a widower's family; best of reference given. Address Q. 6. V., stat.on F. Monthly nurse.-wanted, by a lady, a few more engagements; best of city reference. Call on or address Mrs. Dickson, 116 Allen it., near Dclancey. Would Attend on an Invalid. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, IN A LARGE boarding hour*, hotel or elnh house, by a woman who Las a child afit years old; fully understand* plain uud fancy Cooking in all lis branches. Call at 40 Pitt at, sixth door. "TITANTED?BY A YOUNO I.ADY. WRITING A EAST " tr.d plain though not a handsome hand, .1 situation as copyist, eithor with a lawyer or stenographic. Address, elating full particular*. Mb ? \. C. K . MS Uh trlton St. "\\f ASHING.?A REBPECTAIILR WOMAN WISHEST? v v get the washing of a f?w lailie* and gent] (tn M, at her femdence. Shirt* done up In the neatest manner. Call at 41 East 41st st., 6r*t door, ba'1; room. HELP \\ ISTED-.FEMALN8. A FIRST ft.Ass MILLINER WANTED?ONE Til vT IS a good trimmer and capable of taking the ontlre charge. 3,145 Broadway, near &>;b si. A FIRST CLASS TP I N.M ! R WANTED.?NONE OTHERS need upplv to Miss D'Orsey, 1,175 Broadway, between 87th aud 2Ath st*. A LADY, WHOSE ILL HEALTH RENDERS HER lur .pnhle of superintend^ her household, would re ceive tn licr lamtly a middle-aged eduentid lady as oom pan'mi and to superintend Ihi housekeeping. She will be greeted In every re*peet as on* r.f the faintly. Unexception able reference re<|Uiied. Addrcas W. J. li., station G. Poat ofllce. COOK WANTED?A FIRST CLASS UOLORKD OR English cook, who 1* willing to live with colored *er?. ants, at Newport; one who I- nap.i hi* of getting up dinners In good style; no washing or mining; the l.vinlly oruu*tg of ?nly three permits. Wage* excllent: good recommenda tion* required. Addre-s Mr. Y., studio Building51 Went lllth COOK WANTED?ONE WHO THOROIOHLT UNDER. Htand* h?r btialne** snd has no objection to the euuuiry. Apply at 141 Lexington nr., on Mondiy snd Tuesday, be tween tf and 11 o'clock. IflMBUOIDKilBKS AND BRAIDERS WANTKD? J Sample of work and reference required; also good laundrpHoe* to take work oat. A. T Stewart 3 Ccg, Broad Way, entrance on 9lh sL IAD1ES WITH GOOD REFERENCES WISHING J poai'iona euoh as t'lveflnj c*?mpminus or busiDeas agencies should call at Bus.u ?- t.enev. 497 Broadway. All letters must cnu.ain lull t?. ;l.i- with stamp. Twenty good straw hat and bonnkt trim mors wanted, lnnu.r- of Kraft A Hill, 441 Broadway, oornrr of Wftlkar etreei. TIT ANTED?A GERMAN LADY'S MAID. FOR A ?v young Lady: mti? ur >e/t-in1 dressmaking. arranging hair and sew nentty; to competent person food uutgea wtU tie given. Add.ess In German, t il Monday, A. P., box LW7 Poat oQice. TXTANTED?A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL. SPEAKING ?? little or no Engl *h to ss*Dt In the care of the chil dren In an American fern Iy. ' nn willing, obliging and of amiable disposition, well 'ecommended, miv be*.- of an excellent horns and good wages by addressing M.C., box 4,978 New York Post WANTED-SF.VERM, ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT agent-., cither lsd'e* or cun'.iemrn. to aril some articles tn great demand. A iqitendia remuneration ran be secured. Call at Mme. Demurest'* Emporium of Fnshtoua, 473 Broad w ANTED-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS. APPLY at ll West 35th at.. btuwo?n li aud 3 o'clock. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL FOR ORNEKAL housework. In a ?m*H Umlly, with city mferenco. Ap ply between 10 and 1 o'clock at iO) West 35tn st. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WET NURSE; MUST BE a neat, bedlthy woman and have nulk one or two ?aonths'old. Apply, with good renouiuiendauona, at 90 id place, Brooklyn. ANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER. Apply, between 9 end 13. Monday, at 193 Eaal 10th st. w WANTED?A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. APPLY at 41 West 3fth st., on Monday. Wages |10 per month. WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK. WASH AND IRON. City refcreuce required. Ayply at 41 Wen 16th ak, on Monday. Wagaa $11 per month. WANTED-A FRENCH OR OKRMAN LADY'S MAID, thoroughly underalandlnx he" business, to trnyel with ? Ronton lady. Young, and well recommended by city re ference. Apply at 90 5th nr., before 1 o'clock t. M. WANTED?A COOK AND CIIAMHERMAID AND I waitress, Oerman, American, er English, to go a ehort distance In the country. Apply at 122 I'o.irl it., down etalra. WANTED?A YOUNG WOMAN. WELL EDUCATED and thoroughly eomrcteni, a? aeamatrca and to hare ear* of two grown chilJrn, n* companion more than aa nurae. Apply at No. 0 W net UD.h at., between 12 and 2 P. M. WANTED?A FIRST CLAH-S NllRsR AND 8EAM seamstress, one who mo cut preferred. None but tboae with good recommendation* need apply at 161 Weat SSd at., between the boura of 10 and 1 o'clock. WANTED-A OIKL. 16 YEARS OF AOS, FOR UP atnlr* work and to m. id rhtl Iron: good reference re quired; a German who can sneak Enpltali preferred. Ap ply from 1U to 12 o'clock in atom 9>U Stn or. WANTED-A OOOD COOK. WITH CITY REFER eneee, to aasot with lUe washing and ironing. Apply between 11 and 1 o'clock on Monday, at SI Weat IWt at. ?ITVATIOYS V* WTKD-MALF.S. An energetic and unliable youno man capahle of 611'ng a good pultion dealrea a situation In any re?pert*bl?i buauieea; la a good penman. quick and eor. pert at AgBree; understand* bookkeeping by alnglr and double entry, and baa tome experience in I he notion hualneaa; salary moderate and 1"?? ..n obi" t than a situation la a good bwse; reference, preaeut rmployar. Address K. 11. J., boa 6.818 New York l'oai office. RELIARI.F, MAR '.TED MAN WANTS A SITUATION aa porter In a rc-peci bit- hnuae; la thoroughly poated la pecking brittle go?d? an 1 c -m.-mnda the t>eat reference*; ?peak* French and Em liah and underatanda tlrrman. R dreea C. M., Ill Broadway Trinity Hutldmg), room 101. MASONIC-WANTED. A SITUATION AS STEWARD of club or lodge he d * slier, or trarelllng servant for the continent, by an experienced man and brother; apeaka wereral language*. Address for one week, Theodore, llerald office. SITUATION WANTED?RY A OKNTLBMAN OF MANT rear*' experience, cither la a wholesale dry rood* or oommlaalon bualnea*. AtMreaa H. W. H., box 4,211 Poat office r HOTEL AND SALOON PROPRIETORS.-A SORER and reliable man. thorongbl acquainted with hit bual nea*. want* an engagement aa barkeeper or to take the en tire charge of a bar or a bar and restaurant. Addreaa Bar, Herald office. RANTED?A SITUATION BY A THOROUQFTLYCOM. W tie lent French waiter. Addreaa H. F. DeMalUy, 607 6th ar. CLERKS AMD AAl.ElMKA. A BOOKKEEPER AND CASHIER WANTRD-TOTAKE J\ an Interest In n 6r*t data hualneaa, who ean command from $1,000 to $3,000 In readr eaah. A rare chance for lha right kind of a man. Addreaa S. M. N., Herald office. flASHIER.-BITUATTON WANTED AM SUCH IN A yj atork broker'* office; age SO; lour rears' experience In the street; can keep b-iok*. write letter* and hold aty magna, reference*. Addreaa Wall street. Herald office. CALESMAN.-A GENTLEMAN ALREADY RNOAOBD L T** h*Ta oddb onal engagements a* aaleaman In the pnntham and Westcrn .'tales. Addreaa for four tlaya A. B, box 100 station D. CITUATmN WANTVD-nv A YOUNG MAN AS ENTRY mLrwwilt. J!?k1401 or t? Mlr?m?io In ink) j.T? j ^TxTtiVp^t o^a.0- r*f,r,M* ?1T,D *W5*'/***** wnO CAlt COMMA*!) A * 1,1 houaf Adlrwi boi WANTED?A MAN OF THOROUGH BUBINRsq ? perlenoa. fnllx qualified to aet a* tSfwalklrl manager In a retail dry c oda store; a maa wRi, caolt ,1 ,u Toil r>*? Will tlffi nr.if ft I . .! ' rani 1 ?- . 1 . VMI m vonnwyr in m nrwin uij h<A.?M,n?, ? man with clDlt il mid experience will be preferred- capital *.,ured at I Die rest term* liberal. AdJren r. II n., Herald i,u,ce WBH ANTED?A GOOD SALESMAN, IN A IIRTAIL BOOT and ahoe atore. Apply at #6 Montgomery ?l, Jaraer rtty, Monday morning, bt4weeafandi0^87'^'__* Wanted-bt a muBO nan, a situation as aaalatant bookkeeper, clerk or otherwise. can give satisfactory reference. Address H. S. Y., box Ul Uarau office. w ANTED?A DRY (1CODS RALESNAN. APPLY TO J. C. Mooro, Mi Fulton ai, Brooklyn. iKTicCrlro .naat. ewejOTOHm "\A7 ANTBD?TWO FIRST CLASS Y1 the a)Ik department: alao an OR hoatary stoat. Apply at LAKE A MoNI ukMBBT'0. *71 Broad CLtRKR A*D IAUHNH. WASTED-A POSITION A* CLERK, BY A YOUNG insn having iH'cn two year* in a *w*'k 1 roke."'? ofli s, to whom be refers. Addro?* 0. C., He raid ollioe. "IirAirrBlJ-PtltKT 77BASK P4LKSMEN IN MS'TH II men's fur ,'ilng goods to sell New York Plate and cl'.y trade. WKTMORB A HITCHCOCK, 37 Chambers st. \1*ANTED?AN ACTIVE. TASTY TOUNO MAM, IN ?? the gentlemen's furnishing goods department. Apply to C. Taylor, 779 Hra*d??y w T ANTED?A YOUNG MAN. FROM 16 TO 18 YEARS old. as cashier. Apply to C. Taylor, 779 Broadway. COACHMEN AND QAKDHNEKS. A YOUNG GERMAN. WHOHPKAK8GOOD ENGLISH. wtuU a sllu ttion as c wchman and groom; has the best city reference from hts last plaoe, and wtO be found willing hi make himself generally uaefuL Address, for three days, P. ri , box IU6 Herald office. YOUNG MARRIED MAN (OBRMAN). WITH ONB child, wishes a situation as garde oar; understands the care of green booses, graperies, Ac.; beat retsrenoe given A. Bauer, #7 r " Address A. Bauer, 97 Broome at., Newark. N. J. A GERMAN MARRIED MAN WISHES A SITUATION as gardener; understands the care of vineries, baring served tenyssrs on alirge geutlomen's piece; best refer ence can be given. Address Anthony Schmidt, Fox meadows. Hart's Corners, Westchester county, N. Y. ? W7ANTBD-A OOOD COACHMAN WHO UNDER 77 etauds something of garden tug can hare a situation by applying, with references, at Ml rear! st. on Monday, be twaen twelve and ona o'clock. TITANTBD?BY AM ENGLISHMAN, A SITUATION AS TT ooacbman; one who understands hts business; can be seen from 19 A M. tUl IP. M. Address, Walter, 90S West ?th at.. N. T. HELP WANTED?MALES. & PEW FIRST CLASS OANVA38INO AGENTS OAN . find profitable employment by esUlng on or addressing T. Kellogg, 99 Beekman street. flFTY AGENTS WANTED?TO SELL ONE OP THE best domestic machines ever offered to the public; also to soli patent rights lor the same. Profits large. Call on O. T. Newton, Cortlundl Street Hotel, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Horse breaker wantbd-on a gentleman's place, near the city; a man who thoroughly understands breaking horses to the saddle. Address box 1,470 Post office, with reference. ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE HOUSE IN TIII8 city, s smart aettre boy, who is ready and willing to make himself generally usoiul; one who lives in Brooklyn prol erred. Address in owu handwriting, box 3,499 Poet office. - ?. TTtrANTED?A STOUT BOY, 16 TO 18 YEAR8 OF AGE, 71 who will make himself generally UMful. Apply at 49 Warren street, up stairA TITANTED-IN AN OFFICE IN THE UPPER PART OF Yv (he city, a smart, active and intelligent boy, about 15 years of age; must write a fair hand and reside with his parents. Address. In own handwriting, Business, Elation C. .BILLIARDS, AC. A LARGE NUMBER OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Billiard Tables, with our Improved combination cushlom which have been proved to oe the most oorreet and durable cushions over made. Hpoclnions of our tables that have been in 'JS? for many yean may be seen lu the principal hotels and "eloons In this city. Parties In tending to purchase will find it to their Interest to call and examine our stock, which is the largest and finest lu the world. Boys' Billiard Tallies. I'll ELAN A HOLLANDER, 63 to 69 Crosby street. N. T I DOR SALE.?BILLIARDS. ONB FULL SIZED ' rosewood slate bud Table; will be sold cheap, as It must be removed. Apply ut Mansion House, Hicks St., Brooklyn. Three billiard tables for sale?now rent ed fur $30 per mouth, without balls. Addrosa K. Q. P., Herald office. 0 MARBLE MANTELS. Marble mantels at reduced prices.-afine selection on band at S. KLABKK'S manufactory, 54 First avenue, near Third street. New York. Uall ana ex amine. VfARRLE MANTELS.?THE BB8T PLACE IN THE ivi city to purchase Marble mantels of the latest designs, at very low prices Is at A. KLAKER'S Marble Works. 109 East Eighteenth street, near Third av.. N. Y. Out this out. VfARBLBIZKD SLATE MANTELS?SUPERIOR IN 1V1 app enrance, more durable, half the prioe of marble. ~ I. STEWi ~I - " T. B. STEWART. DUO Sixtn aronue, between Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth streets. HOUSES. ROOMS. ?C? WAITED. AN UNFURNISHED HOUSE IS WANTED BY A first Olnsa pertv, oentrally loesled; rent from 81,500 to 8I.9UU. Address Adams A Co, 961 Broadway, naar Twenty third street. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A LARGE ROOM, SECOND floor, pood locality wear Broadway, in a genteel private family, not moving May 1; Board preferred. Addrtas, stating terms, Lincoln. Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAYING MORE BOOM THAN -A is reeuirei, and wishing to reduoe their reut, ean find a gentleman and wife (no children) who would take part of their house, either furnished or unfurnished, in a good nrighhorhood above Fourteenth street, and suitable for home keeping. Address, stating terms and Inflation, which mud lie for s definite period of time, my by the ysnr, ?. W. C , station D. Bible House. w A FIRST CLASS HIGH STOOP HOUSE WANTED to htrd-From 1st of Sty, bjr a strictly responsi ble party rtfa private residence only, located between Fourteenth and Fortieth street?, Fourth and Sixth avenuea. Address J. R. F'lth, IIS West Thirty-third street. A three story hioh stoop nniiHR wantbd Itt a good neighborhood. Address, slating rent, box ItN Post odioe. 1710KOPE.?ANY PARTT ABOUT TO TRAVEL, AND Pi wishing to leave their House and Furnttuie In charge of a careful and responsible person, can address A. B., box S,RM New York Post oflloe. Furnished room wanted?bath, ao.. conven. lent, between KourUi and Sixth avenues: rent not to ex ceed Bid per month. Address A. H. O., Herald office. House wantbd-unpurnished, three or four stories high stoop, By s responsible party. Addreae M. P., station C. I WANT A SMALL PURNISHKD HOI'SB, NOT ABOVE Fortieth nor below Twentieth street, for a family of three; perfectly reeponslble. Address Hiker,-SO Broadway. TIT ANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, WITH V? but children, two or three furnished Rooms, suitable for housekeeping. In e respectable neighborhood: references given. Address, statlog iooatlnn and tanas, which most be moderate. C. A. MUton. Herald oflloe. WANTED?PROM THE 1ST OP MAT, UN PURNISHKD House, by a gentleman and wife, with the exception of chandeliers and mirrors; ft teen th ward preferred, higher up town might answer; must be in good ordor: would board the owner If desirable; good reference given. Addreae Broker, elation O. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?HALI, OR BOOM PGR religious (Protestant Eplaoopal) services between Thirtieth and Fiftieth streets wsai of Hlxth avenue. Ad dress Clergyman. 7? East Ft fly-second street. ANTED?A MEDIUM SIZED nOUSR FURNISHED or not. on the banks of some river, lsks or seaside, about one hour rrom New York, or at Saraloat, rent mod. orals: possession April 1. Address A. A., box 81, Elisabeth, New Jersey. WANTED?A FOUR STORY HOUSE. WITH ABOUT W rooms, from B meeker to Tenth street, between Broadway nnd Sixth avenue; rent not to exceed fS.UK) per annum. Address or apply la J. P. BURNS, No. 8 Wall street. WANTED?A SMALL FURNI8HKD HOUSE IN THE country to lease for one year or more- muat not lie more than one hour's rlile from the city. Addreae W. A D., boi SW New York Poet office. ANTED?BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, A second floor, fire or six rooms. In a good locality down town, by 1st of March; will pay fflOJ. Addresa H. A. S.. hot 3.473 Post olUce. YXTANTED-WnOLE OR PART OP A HOUSE. UNPUK Yf nlshed. except carpets. In an unexceptionable pert of Brooklyn or New York, up town; rent not io exceed f9rt> to $H00; also Hoard In a plain private family tor a young mar ried couple; uafiirnuhed rooms preferred; also asnwtarr bed, torma must be moderate. Address, with full partlcu are only lor replyfS. K. W. Herald offiec. TV ANTED?FIRST OR BECOND FLOOR, POUR YT Rooms, with water, unfurnished. Any family having the above to let, now or by the 1st.of May, west tide, at mod erate rent, for a family of three, address A., box 1,194 Post office. WANTED -A 1H OR 3 STORY BRICK HOUSE-PROM Twelfth street to Thirty-third street, between Fourth end Sixth avenues; annual rent from $1,000 to $1,900; fam ily consists of two persons. Please address for three days, Osorge Steward, station U. Wanted?a large modern unfurnished English basement House to lease or buy, between I>etlngton and Hlxth avenue* and Twentieth sod Thirtieth ?treats Address House, 1,113 Broadway. ANTED-A FURNISHED OB UN FURNISH ED ID'use. In a good location, for a first clssa tenant; sloa on or before May. Address with particulars, irtty, box 1 Poet office New York. WANTED-A THREE OR FOURHTOEY HOUSE, UN furnished, la s genteel neighborhood. AgenU need not apply. Address K. L , box 223 11 nraid office. w w BWi rti W ANTED?HOUSES, FOR RESPONSIBLE TENANTS, St $1,000 to $1.(100; furnished or unfurnished PAGE A MANN, No. 8Greenwich arenas WANTED-A FLOOR OF SIX OB MORE ROOMS, OR part of a House, west side of city. Address slating terms and location, A. J. P., station O. Wanted?by a man and wife, without chil. dren a House or Apartrasute, in a good neighbor hood. Netv York or Brooklvn Addresa J. A. D., Herald Oflloe, for three days Kent mu?l he moderates WANTED ON OR BEFORE MAY?AN ENTIRE FLOOR, nnfurnlahed. In a private house, good location, Ar.. between Illeeckrr and Twenty-third streets, tor a single gen tleman. Answer with full particulars or apply tbetween 10 and 3 o'clock I to J U? 7W Broadway A T-.I WANT TO LEASE, WITH PRIVILROB OF BUYING, A Residence, located between Union sijuarn and Thirty fourth street and between Fourth and .sixth avenues, corner house preferred. Address staling rent and price, hex TV Poet office. N. Y. TX7ANTHD TO RENT?THK LOWER PART OF A Yf small bouse. Is a gu?d nelghborliood. for a family of three would like possession 1st or middle of ApriL Ad dress R. B . box It* Herald office. ^ atraNTED TO RENT?WITH THE PRIVILEGE OF NUT W Ing. by a responsible tenant, a three st<iry high stoop Bense situated between Fourth and Eighth avenues and Fortieth and Fiftieth streets Address stating lowest terms, Tenant. Herald office. WANTED TO RKNT-A EMALL AND CONTENTENT House, within thirty minutes'rM# of Hudson Elver Railroad denpt. Rent not to axoesd $1,$90 per annum. Ad dm" box *.S# Poet oflloe. _i Wanted to rem? sited House, below ^llhWUt MfML ,fWM FROM MAT I?A MNDIUM Thirtieth etreef. on the line of the i Railroad. AdOreee U. E. 0., $T HOT'??ri"s. noons. *r.. to f.kt. ITNKW RKIOIITON. BUIIIilOK PARK-I.'RN i\. nUhed and unfurnt iQSd lirat ctuM brick Houees t'-u rooms ecrh. prnv. led with fa*, waR* work* ?'?' ?? iii 'dorn hum v.-n in ?gar-os, *? it.'.cv A''., ?' c?ireB at Mr. li aMLLXu #B ufl. o, ? Bi o cr steed 1 RECOVO STORY. WITH BOOM ON THIBD STGKY? .'V. Use nf kitchen and cellar; <"> Thirteenth street. nwdern improvi-romta; rent fJMJ. Inquire si Bo 11 Seventh or. 1 CORKY ICIt Of FURNISHED HODSllKKKI'INO Jx. Rooms, and several unfurnished Floor* and empty Houses, on Ion* 'ease. to let inimrdltirly (oentrall. M WESTHEOOIC. 114 Third arenne, room No. 1. \ HANDSOME BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET? four story, high basement, replete with modern Im provements, cntral loeatlon on line of Hrotdwsy, ntxth ?raiinn and Klfhth svenue railroads; rent moderate. In quire of J. P. O'JJKIBN, 877 Broadway. Agents need not apply A LARGE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE NO. SO Warerley pltee to let?Fully or partly furnished, from 1st of May next: all Improvements in the nouae. Ap ply at 716 Broadway, in the store. An ekolant new brown stone house to let: four stories; Franoh roof; high bas'-m.-nt; replete with all modern Improvements; splendid location; near main entranoe to the Park: 80 East Sixtieth streak Rent mode rate. Inquire of owner, 177 Sixth avenue. Agent* need not sppir Avery larob. first clash furnished house, np town, to lease for a boaulinx houae. Rent $360 per month. Poeseaaion immediately. Addrnaa Jameson, Her ald offloe. with rnstl name. A FURNISHED BOOM AND KITCHEN TO LET.? Also, in a few davs, a suit of three large Rooms, fur nished for housekeeping to small, quint families, without okildmn. Inquire at M) Fourth avenue. A PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE IN WEST THIRTY-FOURTH street to let. In a brown stone house, without board; also a furnished Room. Address box 6,766 Post offloe. No moving. AT 106 BAST NINETEENTH 8TREBT?SECOND FLOOR to let. handsomely furnished for housekeeping, also furnished Booms to let A FLOOR, OR TWO OR THREE UNFURNISHED Rooms, with gas and water, convenient for houseseep. Ing, wanted, by a gentleman and wife, without children; luoatlou not above Twentieth street; nearer Cenal street pre furred; possession on lat of March or sooner. Address, with terms and full particulars, K. O.. 441 Greenwich si rent. A COMPLETELY FURNISHED BROWN STONE House, on West Fourteenth street; linen, bedding and silver; poaaeeslou Immfdt?'"! ?T W ?nSTWllfllMIT. II 8tr?ck A NICE FLOOR TO LET-ON THIRD AVENUE, near Sixtieth street, to a small, respectable family; rent $36 per mouth; alao a Basement for business purposes. T. J. McEVILY, 852 Third aveuue. A SECOND FLOOR OF A NICK COTTAGE TO LET? Water and waate pipe. location desirable. Call at Eightieth street, first cottage west of Second avenue, north side. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET-19 ROOMS, 3 water closets, 2 baths, splendid gas fixtures, view un obstructed, 400 feet frontutid rear. No. 47(lreenwlch aveuue. Kent 32,000. Apply at 61 West Tenth street. PARTY WHOSE FAMILY CONSISTS OF THREE adults only has a new and elegantly furnished brown irhood, whli' atone House in a choice neighborhood, which can be readily rented for $7,000 per annum. He expeots to be absent a considerable portion of the year from May next, but will rent tha house, furnished, reserving one floor <not the be.I) for his own use while in town. Rent, to a small family of aduHs, $400 per month In advance; completely and vary ele gantly furuUhcd throughout. The beat referenoes given and required. Address Nicholas, Herald offloe. A FOUR STORY FURNISHED HOUSE ON WASH Ingtoti square to let (immediate possession); suitable for first olam boarders; only $326 per month Permits of --- KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. ALAROK FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP House to let, on Cllntou place, near Fifth avenue with all modern improvement*, to a party purchasing Ihe Furni. turn, appraised st $6,000: this nouse is uow a first rlss* hoarding house. In successful operation; a good chance: possession Immediately. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third atreet, Fifth Avonue Hotel. AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE?CITY AND COUNTRY HOUSES. FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED, TO LET. SEE STANLEY DAY'S REAT. ESTATE CIRCU LAR. WHICH CAN BE HAD FREE OR MAILED UrON RECEIPT OF STAMPED ENVELOPE. A FINE FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP DWELLING. 909 We t Fourteenth stroet, in complete order, to a E'vste family only: unfurnished, $3,000; with furniture, , $4,i;oa C. H. CLARK, 61 Liberty street, room No. 6, from I to 3 o'clock. ?SPLENDID PROPERTY TO RENT, OB FOB SALE HI House containing nearly 100 Rooms. handsomely fur nished; with large grounds filled with fruit trees; built for I a male or female sehool In winter, and hotel in summor; lol catad atone of our moot fashionable watering places, will be sold oa easy terms to a responsible party. Apply to DYE A ?TO LET, HOUSES FOR DWELLINGS AND BU8I JrX. neat per poms, Mi Wavertey place. Mercer street. Prince street Barrow street. Bant Broadway, Hubert street, GIBBONS, Greenwich avenue and Bleeoker street. Inquire of T. J. riiBiilfk M9 Blssefcsr Broadway store to lease-mi broad way; io by KlOifive stories; to a first olass tenant For terms apply at V Water street. Broadway stork to let.?half a double Store, corner of Twelfth atreet, for a ladles' business which would combine with the present, whteh la e first class old establishment, skirts end corsets, ladies' and children's made up clothing, with stamping, embroideries. As.; would hare a business at oooe and pay handsomely, or would take an sotire partner la that branch with a capital. None but hijthlf respectable parties need apply to Mrs. UAYNOy. to TO LET?ESTABLISHED FOR THE LAST twenty-fire rears, 181 Nassau street, Brooklyn, doing an excellent business. Apply to D. O'CONOB, 41 West Seventeenth street, New Tork. Broadway.?to let, dressmakers or others. Dwelling Part of 890 orer an old established fancy store: has been let to a dressmaker for the last fire years, who Is retiring from business. Broadway stork to lkt-?m, nbar spring: of flcei and Lofts, ssme building. Apply from 11 to 1, la Hoff*s Malt Jtx tract Depot, on the premises. Distillery to lrasb and fixtures for sale. In perfect running order; one hour from New York: watercommunication. For particulars address Dis tiller Herald oCoe. First class fitrjhturb, carpets, mirrors, Mattresaea, Bedding. Ao., furnished upon monthly payments by OKO. A. CLARKE, 743 Broadway. Houses and Rooms furnished entire. Furnished house to t.rt-om oxford street, between Fulton and Atlantic avenues. Brooklyn; has extra lota, with plenty of fruit Rent $U)0 per mouth. For permits and particulars address box kit foil office, N. T. Furnished house on mcrray hill to let llousc SH Park arenue; house and familure first class. Immediate peeaesalou. HAOOKKTT A PHELPS, 11 Plee street. FURNISTIRD nOUSBS TO LBT-IN OOOD LOCALI. ties, from $119 to $BT) per month; alio unfurnished, upper part of house on Broadway, above Eighteenth street, and several low priced houses In Harlem. BOBKKT MACLAT, 77 Cedar street Furnished houses to let.-the four story Kngllsh Imsoment lit Kaat Nineteenth street; also three story high stoop 41 East ThIrtV-flrst street near Madlsoa svo nup, to private famines only. For permits apply to J. C. BAILEY. 10 Fifth street OTEL TO LBT.-STSVKNH HOUSE, BROADWAY. Apply HEWLETT A TORRANCE, 00 Wall strtwt H Houses to lbt-rt j. c,, 10 KIFl'H BTllHKT. 11 Beach street, foer story, high stoop. 220 Wast Fourteenth street, four story, high etoop. MO Broome 'treat, two story and store. 194tli street three story, high stoop. House to kbnt-and furniture for sale at a sacrifice: house three story brick, situated In (iarlen street between Stith and Seventh street-, lloboken. For terms or Interview address Charles, box 1,474 Post oflce, New York. House to rent and furniturb for sale-at 918 Broadway, furniture of rosewood and black val nut, first class and of the beet manufacture. Terms reann. able. Housekeeper*-a rare opportunity.-*.l the handsome Furniture of a parlor nnd four led rooms for sale, at a great sacrifice for rash; magnificent nee. wood Piano for sale, cost $Ull. will be sold for $279: a bsxti llful Parlor Suit cost %Tb, for 9125: one do. for $75. In quire at 119 West Eighth street near sixth avenue. Housekeepers or persons goino to uocib keeptng will be supplied and ean pay by weektjor monthly payments for Carpets, oilcloths. Furniture, of every description: Pianos, Parlor and Bedroom Suits, Ad ding, Ac., at BBNDALL A SCUTTH, corner of Canm aid Hudson streets. HOUSRS TO LET -nOUSBS TO LET IN GRAID, Elm, Rose, Minetta. (iteene, Kaat Eleventh, Llbety, Doyer, Wator, West Tblrtr-nlnth. Laurens, Greenwich, Mat Seventeenth, Mangle, Kaat Broadway. Mercer, Barrw, Ninth, 11udron and Broome streets, and In Firm, Heeoid, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth avenues, and In Bergen, Stfth and Front streets. Brooklyn. Also Apartments to suit. 4* ply for permits to R. B. GIBBONS ICO., 446 Broome si House to let and furniture for bale,in Brooklyn, R D.?The house Is In good order and fir nlture nearly now; furniture $1,000; rent $800. Applito ABRAHAMW. OOPFUMY, 19 Spruce street. LOFTBTO LET-FOUR LOFTS, TOOBTHKR; WALCR I and Centre atrvou; well lighted; low rates. Inqulreof KKRIt A Mi>KU \N, 151 Centre street. ONE PARLOR AND FOUR OTHER DESIRABLE Itooms, In s fine four story, high stoop brown etne huiae, pleasantly located up town, to let, unfurnished, ti a small family of adults; immediate possession; pries $70 er month. Addres. Occupant, station O. Fart of a stork to LET?AMO a room foba dressmaker Apply at l.Hlfi Broadway. Rooms to let-three rooms to lht: a:d black walnn'. Furniture, nearly new, for sale. Applym the premises, Ha Esat Fifteenth street, oorner Third aveile, top Soor, after 4 F. M. STEAM FOWKR.?THE FIRST STORY OF BRIK Shop Fifty aecnnd atreet and Eleventh avenue to It; A4 fbel deep: am ill engine In complete order. Rent |5, monthly. Immediate posaeaelon. In iulre of K. MEEK,.11 the promisee. OTKAM POWER TO LET.?A NUMBER OF ROD s O to let, with ream power. Apply to CHRISTIN SCHWARfX, K3 Hast Fifiy-third street_ STORB to LET?dl FRET DREP, ON SIXTH AV. nun, near Fourteenth atreet, suitable lora dry goods r fancy store Inquire erf KNIOIIT A CO.. 477 Broadway. SJTORR TO LET?AT 34$ SEVENTH AVRNUN. OOO. > pled as butcher shop for the last six yean. Inquire a stairs. * STORE TO LET?LADIES' 9*99 to let: stoekend n.uirae foe sale; doing ?w Ml Cam la* street, near Blpeeher. f.Tmt to"iTFTiB FRET DEEP, ON ^ 1 nue, near Fpurteentl $r(MH7 WWA s nOUS'"B. ROOMS. TO LET' ^ crnRK TO 1.V P?RENT LOW: T.EASR AND FIXTURES S I. Mil' aJS? Six ill avenue, bet weep Fifteenth indSu i-ab su'oeU. Inn ui" a as! Slith ivenu- mature. ? OtMtE AVU BA.-BMENT TO LKT-EXDER BARLIW S toi.-l ill" M of May: -!>90- first class location for

liuiif- ' iuquir-at theoBkw, Karle's JIouiI,Censl street nT)t,F * \i) K1RST FLOOR T"> I.ET-AT3S" BOWERY: S? bumLels Ph^Iou lu Now York. Apply on the prephui*. __ _ lOlIIIM) ANI) THIRD FLOOR?WITH FRONT BASK S I , let in n .m il hou*e. Will let Floor* separately .VwT^u Apply ?i "-1u#,,tT flfti between Secoitu and Third avenues. m) LET?THK UFFKR FART OF THE FIVE STORY T rS ??or. 15* Chamber. .timet & "<3 10 to 12 o'clock. For term* apply to ?? BLANCO. 1H booth Wlliatu utri'Ot. ^ T? 'between TTk?rty-??SIS!li^??d Th'i nv^ ehhth streets, J, J^wlTkl.wTpo^ Aui? of WM. H. GOOD. \VIN A CO.. aw Water street ? ffO LET?TI1E DWKLLINO F A RT AN,%B B??Sw?r! ?ore. 1 1*0 Broadway. inrTlRT TIIP TWO BRIlWN STONE FO'JB. WORT r?hVKop Hoimp* No*. Y"dS Basi l near Filth avenue, with nil tk? moJ*? ./oPu .iden uiie. be lot together or separately. Inquire at9t Mniaeniane mo LET-ON STATF.N ISLAND. A ]"*** MmSf I commodious House, with about 70 sere* or inuo. oar ^ carriage house and outbuilding*, throe mile* from Kichmund. Inquire at 04 Maiden lftne . mo LET?THE LOWER PART OF A TURKIB SJ?* 1 and basement House, in CoUagi? terrare. ^ No 8 fourth street Apply to or addres* a. R. MANN, Greenwich avenue. ? mO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, 1 a flrat class Houae near Stuyvasant square. Address o R. B., stationJD. ? mO LKT?STORK LOFT 811 BROADWAY OJtNr^ OF 1 Houston street; new and spacious. The finest ana m conspicuous corner on KlTW^OPlue^reet,_ rno LET-WITS' 8t3aV(' POWER. TnST 1 FlonT. 80x40 feet, on the corner of Bank and Hr.on wlch street*. Inquire on tho premises. . mr? T.PT?A BROADWAY STORE. NEAR WHITE ^ street 150 feet, through to Cortlandt alley, with i** front, plate eta"". Ar. The whole building together or the .tore and basement^nratefv^ SWBroadwny^ mo LET?FPRNISHED HOUgB, No. 9 WT-JJ TWENTY i fourth street, near lirosdwa^t.rownstnpfour st and basement Apply In J. BI St; 0,158 Last Tweutythiro street, before 10 A. M. or after 1^1 .Me - mo LET?WHORE OR PART OF A THREE STORY T basement anil cellar brick House^on ^l*t1V^rf*"n^i s'Js-t-s wr c?-iSt sws* Court and Montague HtreeU. - To TFT?A SMALL AC0KFTARLT5 FAMILT Of adults can secure a rc:*v dr drable furnl."bed House, with modern convenience*, for 91.200 and the ^oard o. thj^vnen A gentleman will n.iv *1.000 for board. No )^Ldf*? allowed. For Interview address, particulars and refer cnoe, Marshall, Herald ofllce. _____ fPO LET?THKEB STORES ON CANAL STREET, NEAR 1 Broadway. VJxlSd. with full fronts on Raker, well lighted In contre; platn glass, Ac., on each; separately or tocether with archways connecting In each story, togetner, nun area o(sTAVUri baYLIKS, ?40 Broadway AO LI'T-A LARGE HALL ON THIRD AVENUE. NEAR bUtieth street for me.U^or huMne^^.^^ mo I.F.T-FROM MAY 1 NEXT. A SPLENOrD BROWN 1 stonii House in Ks*t FitUeih street; ?ent 8 .800 per:rear, also a first c'ass House, furnished, in Thu^eth street, oe tween Fourth and Aiadl-on aveni^re^^ppr^r^ cTl.RT-THRHK LOFTS, 108 JOHN STREET; AT>S0'A Loft, 75 feet, and nine windows front; rent $SOO. Ap ply to BHADUDRST A FIELD. 80 Cedar street ;0 LET?FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSES ON 12th, 14th, 22d. 24th, Stilh, 37th, S8lh and 42d streets and 8thavenue.t30uu,?7t>0r mogth.,MOpKi TO LET-TWO FIRST CLA8S HOUSES. NOS. 96 AND 97 Clinton pl*c?. opntslnlM n n>om* ?IB be W>t together or separately. Inquire at HALE iSS AG uTsI ANN h. 480 Bnrtdtvay. Agsnts need not apply. T~ O LFT?A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BROWN ?*?fl Hou?. W feetjront.*92*"t ?y.fiDh.tre-U to a small. re*pe.ctible private famUy JJ"1!;. ,?*'a'Il mother and daughter desire to Board with the family. To be *eea after four P. M. r~ LET-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED POUR. STORY brown stone English baMment House. ^ Nwwnbei? 1, 18(18; genUol neighborhood, between Fifth and Rlxlh ave nuea. near Muditon square; $375 a mouth to a responsible arsS3W.'Mii^'?TflaOTSttEas street N. Y. mo LET?THK COLLINS HOTEL, CORNER OF WEST 1 and Hoboken streets, with Immediate possession. Ap ply at 193Broadway, from D 'J," i wenlv-seventh street, to PETER A. II. JACK8QN. mo LET-IN 11STH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND 1 Jfourthaveuues, in a first otsas house, front Basement. ILitcbenTCianilry^teceplion Room, *ww TWrlor. awd A*r good slsed Rooms so third floor, all to one family: posses sion Immediately; rent moderate. Applv ooJh" Ji.T'.TJ'Jfl fifth house off Third avouue, or to WM. FBTTRETcH, 4*4 ?iUlt Irillliruiuawj?, , fifth house off Third avouue, or Third avenue. > LET-THE THREE STORY HOUSES 98 WAYRR. ?. ley pUoe, $A&?; 100 Waverley plaoe. $*,00U. Apply to W. A. CO IT, No. 4 Pm# street mo LBT-A THREE STORY HOU8R AT NEW I Brighton, Htaten Island; on York avenue, three mlu utes walk from the ferry. Inquire of CHARLES SALFBLDBR. ri LET?THE STORE AND BASEMENT, 408 BROAD way. Apply? to ABNERJ* ELY. ** Pine street^ mO LET?POSSESSION 1ST OF MARCH, A FOUR 1. iterv brown stone House on Twenty-third street near Ninth avenue, furnished complete In the very beet manner with elegant furnllurr. House handsomely decorated. To let to a .elect private EifME arenue. r LET-NICELY FURNISHED, FOR IMMEDIATE occupation, front >ud hall Rooms, with gas, water, Ac., on second floor of hou-e PT Ninth street. r LET-A NKAT TWO STORY HOUSE NO. W MADI ?on street, (itreeiipolnl; convenient to the ferries and railroad; rent front 1st of May *400: well salted for one or two families. Can be aeon from 9 to 11 A M. 'TO LET?TBE BUILDING FIVE STORIES. BABE J. racnt and suboellar, on the northeast oorner of Broome and Crosby streets, 15x100 feet, well lighted and ventilated; 14 windows to each floor; plain rlew from Broadway; In perfect order; hatch war. Ac. Would dispose of a Lease on this building, nine years unexpired. A. P. SMITH A BBO.. 44 Pine street. r^m LET?THREE STORES ON THE OORNER OF Sixth arenun snd Tweuty-serenth street. House 46 West Twenty-seventh strc.-t, fit tor s boarding house, for letting In furnished rooms or for two small fnmllles; also a Floor In 47 Meat Twenty-seventh street, containing Ave roomi. two flights of atalrs up; rent 94U per month. Apply to Mrs. KIL Lou AN. at 47 West Twenty-aevcuth street, northeast cor ner of Sixth avenue. r LET-THREE OR FOUR ROOMS IN A OOOD location up town to a man and his wlfs, Americana. Address A. B , station E. LET-THREE STORES ON THIRD AVRNlHI, near Forty-third street: an excellent business location. Apply to 8. CAKl'WKLL, 4Jt> Third arenue. THO LET-A FINE RESIDENCE, WITH FIFTEEN scree, at Pktnfleld; rent 270J; aereral Keeldcncea at Flushing: rent 1750 and upwards; pood sited House slid four Luis st Belleville, on Passaic river; rent J400. PARSONS A WtKll, 7? Cedar street. LET-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE IN WAVERLRT puce, near Broadway, *2 by 64. four stories, elegantly furnished. has all the modern improvements; rent $eUU per month to a private family. For permit apply at XI Water st TO LET-ON BROADWAY, SEVERAL FIRST CLASS Stores and Lofts abore Canal street. Also some on ths side streets. Apply to M. S. MYERS. 49S Broadway. rm/m LET?TWO CORNER STORES. ON FULTON street, Brooklyn; beat locations In the city; possession of one immediately if required. Apply st 2H Broadway, fourth floor. LET-UNFURNISHED. A THREE STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House, corner of Lexington avenue and Thirty-brst street; rent 62 Mi. URMV A COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. rHH LET-SMALL HOUSE ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, below Twanty-llfth street; this house will be altered, new bay windows put in snd ready for occupancy in AprlL ADAMS A CM., Ml Broadway, mo LET-VERY HANDSOME, SMALL COZY HOUSE X tn Eaat Twenty-fifth street, with bsy window; In rlew of Madison square; handsomely furnished, possession April *0; rent $226 per mouth. ADAMS A CO.. 668 Broadway. rlH LET?THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE 227 Lew la street, near Eighth; possession Immediately. J- c BAILEY, 10 Filth street. THO LET?POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY. THE HOUSE aod Store 123 Merer street; good aund for any business. Also Dwelling Mouse 147 Waverley place, near Sixth arenue. Inquire of T. J. GIBBONS, IW Hteectcr street. r LET-A OUOCEUY STORE. NO. AM WATER street, between Seammel and Jacluon; s good place for business and very low rent Inquire tn the bakery on the pretnlaea TO LET?TO AN UNEXCEPTIONABLE I ENANT, THE commodious foqr story snd liesement high sloop House No. 6 Kusl Sixteenth street, between Union s?;uaru and Fifth steane; peculiarly adnptmi fur a first iluaa hoarding house. Apply to JOHN KaVanaGH, northeast corner Korty-sac ond street and Sixth arenue. rHH I?RT?PCRNIgHi".D, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSES alon, s neat two story high stuup basement and cellar brick House, with all modem improvement*; located IT IShh street, near the steamboat landing, beautiful vhwtil the river; rent only glOH per month, or wll a-ll Uvnte for turn for loas than its actual value, arid rent VAN A CO., *000 per year. Apply to WM. VaN WA' 472 Hlxth avenue. " ? ~? yw, THB WHOLE OF A TO LET?WITH POHSBrtic, on Sixth avenue, between four story corner Jfreeta, an clsgant store, 'JOxUO. sor Tanth and Fourtpeeller under the store, four floors nbofe ner saloon hsf floor has six good rooms, with all modern lib the alursita; rent only for the whole gfl.AJO per year; leaee pro"years. l,e?se and Fixtures for sale. Apply to WM. FAN WAOKNKB A CO.. 472 Mxlh avenue. TO LET?AN ELEGANTLY FITTED OF STORE. Of Hiiih irttBtHi, Iwiow Thirty* Aral lirtfl, with ?pta4li ?how window. countdrt, iMtm. dnwtrii B?t?r#A, And all the *oo*Morl4?* of a Art! <>1am irlrnll AdtAAltalMviMlt r?n4 only $400; l**?e of two from May t. ?pd All tn* At turoe for tale cheap. Apply te WM. VaEWAUBNMN A CO., 472 BUlh srsn&e, housf*. nmv*. <vc.. to lut. ftf) LET -I fTON'l) F'.IMIS. IM GOOD Oft OF R. TO 1 a small family, <>o?su?iou i!-ir.'h I. ISM Wooator Ktrael, corner of P-'ace. rno LVT-TT IS SOW r AO A ST. A KBt AND RLE 1 sunt two a'ory hlih atoup haseineut and cellar brick " ? ?nt throughout: lo rl.BT?FOR SAI.R or EX 'HANDE. A FIRST CLASS Kealdencr at Elliatx-th, So* Jetssy; ten minutes' walk from the depot : eotnatunlaUlon forty time* * day by car*. Acl<lr.*t II. W. H.. box 4,311 New York Post ofllee. TO LKT?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, NOW vacant, a splendid Urge Store, newly fitted up; well adapted for any iwueci-ibie buaiue**; Urge *U?>w w edow: no lease nr (lxturea in be bought. rent reaSunabU; lo#at?d ou Broadway. above Twentv-flfth street. Apply to WM. VANWAQBKEN A CO.. 471 Sixth avenue. TO LET CHEAP?TILL* MAY 1. A FURNISHED 1. brown atone House, in a central location. Apply at 10 Cortlaodl street. TO LET. FURNISUBD?A HOUSE NEAR FIFTH avenue. In Twelfth street. containing 1# room* aad two bathrooms; in complete repair, and will be let for one Tear from May 1 to an unexceptionable tenant; rent $*00 a mouth. Address >. B.O., box III Herald ottloe. TO LET TO A 8MALL FAMILY?THE THIRD KL'">R of house 198 Spring alreet, with gas, water and hath. Inquire on the premises. TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE?HOUSE OB Eaat Twelfth street, near Broadway. Two vaara' leaae will be givento aooepUble parties. fllO LET IN BROOKLYN. J. Unfurnished House. Summit street. SHftO a year. Furnished House. Summit street lnb a month. Furnished House, Man-v avenue 100 a month. HAUGERTY * PHELPS, II Pine street r LET AT MANHATTANVILLE?A FINE DWELL Inff and about fourteen lota of (1 round, aituate about 135th street. For particulars apply to JAMES M. TAYLOB, 3< l'inc alreet. AO LET t>R LEASE FOR ONE OR MORE YEARP No. 4 Bond struct, near Broadway; well adapted for bnsiunsa purposes or for a first class hoarding house. Apply to JOHN KAVANAGU, northeast corner of Forty-second street And Sixth avenue. ITIO LET OR LEASE?IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, 1 within fifteen minutes' ride from llurh-m bridge, front on the Sound; u first class place in every respect; rent mod orate to a good tenant JOHN KAVANaGH, n-rt'irast corner Forty-seeoud street and Sixth avenue. TO LET OR l.KAPE?VALUABLE PROPERTY IN West Broadway, 88 and 40; also other valuable Ileuses And Stores in tho Fifth ward. Apply nt 290 Bridge street, Brooklyn. mo LEASE?ONE FLOOR IN NOP. 109 ANI) 301 WA A tcrs'roet. Brooklyn, with from 10 to 30 horsepower, size TS'Jsll): good light; roeiu heated with team; shafting In. Apply on the premises or to II. W. OKEENE, 13 Spruce street. New York. TO LEASE-IN THE FIFTil WARD, LEONARD street; suitable for first class building; lent ? for twenty onc years. For further particulars inquire at 2.'0 Broadway. TO LEASE?TH ? PROPERTY 10;) PRINCE 9 TREET, A bu one *s location . 8. 11. SKIDMVKE l-WSpriugsL TO LfAPF?FOR A TERM OF YEARS. THE PROPER 1 ty Not. 140 and 144 Elm street and 181 Prince street: lota 25x101) feet. Apply to WARREN S. WIlKEY, No. 22 Spruce street, Irutll 10 A. M. to 12 M. TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEAR3-A VALUABLE piece of Property on Union square, one door from the M.'itsou Doree. For full particulars apply to E. 11. LUDLOiV A CO., No. 3 Pine street. TO MILLINERS.?TO LET, THE FIRST FLOOR (three splendid rooms), for m'lltnery business; also front Basement for a physician's ctfice; Immediate posses sion. Apply at No. 7 West Fourteenth street. TO KENT-FURNISHED, WITH STABLE, SMALL brick House; modern Improvements; near Fifth ave nue, Harlem; neatly furnished. Price $15J per month. Ad dress Harlem, box 15J llcrnld office. TO RENT-THE PRINCIPAL PART OF A LARGE four story brown stone House; desirably and healthily locntnd; furnished; to a small family onlv Rent S1U0 per month. Apply to ADAMS A CO.. 9M Broaaway. r RENT?FURNISHED. AT TUBBY HOOK. ON THE Hudson, u very handsome Residence, with three Acres. House 40x30. Ton private family only. $35U per month. potter brothers a bellamyTnq. a rite at TO RUNT?FURNISH E D IrTSFLRNDft) ORDER, THAT handsome corner House situated on the corner of Isl ington uvenue and Fifty-sixth street: rent $300 pewmonth. For permits apply to JOHN FETEUBTCU,418 Third avenue. TO BKNT-WITH IMMEDIATE F038K3.SI0N, A HAND some brown -stone front House, 148 East Forty-ntath Street. 20x50; lot 18J; three store high stoop and basement; r*ntgl,?dU Apply toJOHN FKTEREfCH, 413 Th rd avenue. O RENT?FURNISHED OR PARTIALLY FURNISHED House No. ? Weal Twenty-fourth street, near Fifth avenue, oontatolng a Billiard Room; 83flb per month, fur nished. T. J. HOSTED 18 South street ITtO RENT?THE THREE STORY BRICK DWBLLINO X House No. 11 West Washington pi act. Inquire of F. W. BURKE, No. 190 Nassau street. T 110 RENT?FOR A TERM OK YEAR* THE SECOND I Third and Fourth Floor* of the h indome brown stone Hmne No. 46 Ka?t Fourteenth street. betwxen Bro d>9AT and University pUce 33x112 fret. also Bailment, which will ha altered Into a lir*t claaa store, 33x112 fed. The first floor will be oocupted by the undersigned aa a men'a. boy*' and children's clothing store. Apply to J. K. FRANKLIN, 84* Broadway, next door to Wallaok'a theatre. TO RKNT FURNISHED?A NEAT THREE 8TORY high stoop brlok Houas, la Went Thineanth atreet: Orat elan* neighborhood. Apply to BLESCKIK 1 DENldON, ho. ft)? Pine atreet ?OA PER MONTH FOR A PARTIAILT FURNISHED four atory Houae, with all the modern Improve ments; or rural locution; noasesston Hard 1. Fur particu Ura inquire at cottage, 283 Heat Righteenb atreet PROPOSALS. ~ CROTON AQDEDCOT DEPART* I-NT.-TO CONTRACT ora.?Separate aeaied propooals, each indorsed with the name of the bidder, dole of offrrint andtltle of work, will be reortred at thla ofllce until 11 o'clook A. M. of Friday, March 1, 1887, for the conatruntlon of the fallowing atoi.e block paramenia and sewers, to wit:?PavenenU In Canal atreet from Broadway to Weat atreet: Mfty-alnth street from Fifth to Eighth arenna; Fifty ninth atreet from Eighth to Tenth avenue: Vestry street from Canal to Greenwich atreet: Fifty third street, from Slxthto Seventh evenue: Pine street, from Pearl to Front atbol: Pine street, from Front to South street; Front street bom Wall street to Old slip: William atreet, from Beaver to Pearl atreet; Fitlieth streei, from Seventh to Ninth avAne, end Thirtieth street from First to Fifth avenue; and for the construction of aewera as follows:? No. 1.?Outlet sawer in Tbirty-thlrd street and FFst ave nue, with branches la Thirty- flrst and Thlrly-aooondatreata and First avenue. No. 2.?Sewers In Lauren* street between Catkl and Broome streets, with branches In Ur.nd xlreei. An. 3.?Sewers In York street hctwe.ui Wast Brotdway St John'* Una; In Church and Kits atrec s, baween Wh te and Wslltrr street*; In White street, betsreent'ort landt alley and Kim street end between Centre and Alter street*. No. 4 ?Sewers between Fifty drst and Fifty-sixth sheets and between Ninth avenue sad Hudson river. No. A?Hewers In Hnusteo street between Thompsocanit Laurens: In Commerce s?"l Barrow streets, between Sleeker and Hudson; In Lrrar street between Bedford street*ud 8t l.nki's place; Is Cornelia street between Hlc eukt-r ,nd Fourth streets, la Hudson and itiecnwtch streets, batmen west Tenth sa"l*mnioud streets; In Bleeekcr street te tween llumisond nn1 Hank street*. No. ??Mower In Lewi* atreet between Broome and Ma ton street*. No. r ?Sewers In Forty-seventh and Forty-ninth stiweu* between Tenth and Klsventh avenues, wtvh branches la Kftveoib avenue. No. 8.?Receiving basin and culverts at the northwest oorner of First avenue and Forty fifth street: at tba aoiihwest corner Eighth avenue ami Fiftv-fonrth atr.-ei; southeast corner Hrosdwsv and Fifty-ninth street; north west corner Heventh uremic and Tblrty-soonnd Street and southeast corner Eighth avenue and Thirty second street. The plana may he seen, and apeclflruttons and forma of bida obtained on application at this of.loe. THOMAS STEPHENS, ) Croton ROUT. h. DAUKAGH, > Anuduot A. W. CRAVEN, ) Board. New York, February 1ft, 1887. THE TRADES. A^?TWII.LIAMH.)N S. FULTON STREET. BROOKLYN.? An opening tor two flrst olaas artist* in water colors and Indian Ink. A PRACTICAL HPlNNBIt AND CARDKR WANTS A ? situation In a cotton factory: Southern Stiles pre ferred; can bring the best rsferenos from manufacturer*. In both England and America*. Address, stating terns and particulars. William Lancaster, 34 Van Uruut at.. South Brooklyn, If. Y. Dress and cloak cutter wishes a situa lion. Address II. R.. station F, for one week. Engine turnkr.-a puiar class watch case engine turner desiroa a steady situation anywhere: has good reference*. Address for two weeks, II., uare of 4. M. II 111, 21 MaidsnUns, Naw York. Photographer wantkd.-onk wiio under. stands printing and toning; Sunday work. Address, .stating terms. R. T. B.. Williamsburg, L. I.. Poet office. SILK AND CASSIMERR HAT TRIMMERS ^7^KD~ ?t Clerk's. 118 Nassau at. - CHIRT CDTTHR?A YOUNO MAN Ofnp.^lo^e" ea O ence and good address will shortl*, good hosia- and situation as above In flrst class bowgRiign^.g ^ can take entire management of the Sims A. 7V7 3d av. ?? ? Z3-A FIRST CLASS WORK STOTB MOUNTER W*NX|?fW?il ?nj good wa^ea. Call man can hare "Ord* ft ,t.. ur ?*. at B. I)?ker'?, 40 OnrtU^ ?* ?-? Sri-KHi-* tttvna man or com rro BOSS CAR!"-* "Jhe* to *? under ln?truct!nn* In I airternWe e?^?**?.M? nddreaa W. C. f, No. X) Oraud the trader." in the *)f oae week. hL. BrooUjfB* ?. i*? ? ?? .1KT CUTTER. A FIRST CLASS MAN. Wrnm ANTED?4*1n* hi* bu*in*M ihnrnugM* end ahle to onderfV* branch In a Broaden** roUll hnn.e, may take eh.rMItnr refereneee and **lary expected. J. M , bo? addt nafci nlliif 4.UU ",wT, t*-A HOLD KH CTAOLr. M AKER; OMR WIIO %l[ _,,A?r**n>l? mak'naeye ?U-ie? and j?bhlni prefcried: " j iund wh> nna*r?unil* ht* bumne** etnotl* etn? * %'tet ?nd Rood t*ng<*< v||| be rf*en. Addreea or call on riav*. A ntreeter, New IU?en, Connect lout. ?rA.ffEB?TWII PA UK R II gHOEltS T') l,NUAU?H?M W t*1' MftCt N?n* bill fltat *Ha? workmen who under ?landel'kind* of decoration* poo.apply |*r*mi*ily or *<*? ,lre?? Lewi* U. Baker, rarrytown, >c?trhe?u>r Y. TXTANTIJi-riARNESd MAKER. /. FINE GENKAAL y? workman, to whom the will h? ilteni ai?o two *0011 atltniier*. Apply ft' ti m'?;. i,: .nflctyn. TtTANTT'D?A R'>Y rSED TO ENORAV.,,. A Uo0? ? chance to lenreihe above and eti*me?n_. r#. fere nee. Apply Ml Bleacher *treet. ANTED-A FOREMAN CARPENTER: t?H THAf undertund* rurrlnn for ?rotaln? and chuA work ls general; tn?t he well recommended. Direct for ^ day* Sea W Herald oflloe. . *?1tTATCHMAKER WANTED-A FIRBT CLAW Sr*. W eta, to (0 into the country. Apply to M. W. ??-? 4 Oo* It Molden Une.eeoood Boor. DRY GOOD*. I BOTH AT BOTH STORES. A TUB HEAVIEST WEEK * SALES ON RECORD. Th.' immense popuU ity of our hou-ie* lead* othe: mer chant'! In copy our advertisement* and anuouuce their ?lores belong to u*. EIGHTH AVENUE CUSTOMERS, OUR ONLY BIOIITH AVENUE .-TORE IS NEAR EIGHTEENTH STREET. It Is j sure *!gu a lirui sell* good*cheap when others try to hitch last to ibetn. TIIE ORE IT NOISE we made last week by retutliug a ttr.t rate shirtiug raualta for lJQc. a yard, and the immense crowd of customers thai ratur from tar and uear to try them, startled HIGH-PRICED MERCHANTS LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHTNING. Tbey looked at their own stocks, and found the same goods coat th?tn from Id to a) cents, and tbelr Idle clerks told the sad tale of big nrotlu and dull trade. While other flriae are discharging most of their aaleetnea? retaining hut three or four?the Immense business we era doing in AUCTION GOODS. AT AUCTION PRICES, necessitate! our employing nearly forty hands. This shows what cheap goods w 111 do. Customers can come from JKR.-KY CITY, HOBOKBN, WILLIAMSBBURO, BROOKLYN, and surrounding country, without fear of this sdrertleeewswl being overdrswn. To-morrow we shall tmen 10.000 yards more of the XhtoA muslins, to be sold at 1% cents. You can buy of us almost srery kind of dry goods dWf the prions charged IN OTHER STORES. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION MUSLINS, lOe. to Wffi. IMMENSE LOTS, 14a, Its. and Ma. IMMENSE LOTS. Me., Me. sad 26c. BEST 4-4 WAMBUTTAB, Me. AUCTION ROOMS OUR HEADQUARTERS. BIG LOTS DRESS OOODS, Me. BIG LOTS, S7Hc. end Me. IMMENSE LOTS MBRINOB8. EMPRESS CLOTHS, REUS. ENGLISH OTTOMANS, Ac., Ac.. AT HALF PRIOE. IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LINENS. CRASHES, FLANNELS, BLANKETS, CASSIMERES, CLOTHS, PRINT'S, DELAINES, SHAWLS, H018BRY. SHEETINGS. Ac., PROM AUCTIOM, AT ANY PRIOE YOU WISH. BLACK ALPACAS, 21a, 37fcc. end BOc., WORTH 46c., 60a and Tie. THESE ARE TIIE CHEAPEST ALPACAS OF THE THAR. Extract from the Montgomery Standard, December Mi ll, u astonishing that while most merchants are suffering terribly by dull trade, they (Foeler Brothers) should bo crowded with customers, and we can only aocouot for it by their heavy transactions in auction goods, and their weu known determination to sell goods so cheap; their stores wiR continue to be the great popular resort for DRY GOODS FOR ALL. We feel we violate 110 commence in stating that we under stand. on high authority, that their sales tills year are largely In excess of any tirm outside of Bro idway. PUSIEK BROTHERS. 167 Eighth av., near Eighteenth street, and FOSTER U EOT 11 RES. 273 Bleeckar street. At low prices. ^ \ Ladies can hod at our two large stores "7 (1 lOVOM " ^SaUt U8 4m) {'Mir* Embroidered Edgings. V.^'f Udkfa'Ws^^wl't^" ?Ku aw*":- ui,,"P': ,j? "oa^SiV r Wekeeu the laji : one-fourth importers' prices, mu n 6,1',-2'"?. sWck of SmaU Wares up VelF'linv. ? BOUHEKBEPfNO OOuDS. ket* Nentln^Tr11"8 ,andJSMuslins, Flannels, Blau Prlli'hiui rl s Towela, Table L&eii, Liiiqh Sheeting an4 1 elC7 1d?PanmleQt Udiec can 2nd lota of Auo itoa UQ0d3 much tinder regular prices. RONALDSON A MEARES, Corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. And 185 Eighth av , between Nlneteeuth ami Twentieth sta. AT. STEWART A CO. . Will make, on Mouday, February 26, large additions to thoir POPULAR STOCK OP CARPETS, COMPRISING SOME ELEGANT NOVELTIES IN WILTONS, BRUSSELS. VELVETS, AC., at extremely low prices. Broadway and Tenth street. A. , STEWART A CO. Will open on Monday, February 25. LADIES'. CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS" CLOIHINO AND UNDERGARMENTS, made In the LATEST PARISIAN STYLES, At exceedingly attractive prices. Broadway and Tenth street A T. STEWART A CO , .!? Will offer on Monday, February 35, large addRlona to all their popular stocks of Drees Goods, at 86c., 30c., 50. sad 75a per varj. NEW SPRING STYLES JUST RECEIVED. Broadway and Tenth A T MME. VIOOUBOUX. IM FOURTH AVENUE, BE n twoen Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Stamping, Em broider}- and Lingerie on band or to order. Initials, Mono gram, for handkerchiefs. Curtains, Table and Bed Uloth. A LADY WOULD LIRE TO DISPOSE OF HER MEW velvet Cloak, never beep wont'* hut twice; betgftoM shape; will sell at e haigaln M Address Mlas S. R. B., sutLn O. ' CARPETS.-D. KELLY A 00. HAVE JUST OPRNB0 a new- selection of English and American Carpets, to the lowest market rates, oorMr ef Twenty-Bfth street sod Sixth COBBBTC. A SPECIALTY AT MRS. GAYNOR'8 HEW STORE, BROADWAY, OORNBR OP TWELFTH STREET. hPRINO goods. Ladle*, before making new dresses, should procure a pair of Mr*. Garnor's celebrated Pari* band m*8* Oorsetn Ik* MOST ELEGANT SHAPES EVER IMPORTED. Aim every variety of Pranok woven Cornet* for ladle* aai MLse*. SKI UTS?latest Part* style* constantly rsoeivlag. in eluding the full dress Orertklrt with train* FOR BALLS AND PARTIES. Also the favorite Train Attachment adapted to skirt* Of aR sizes. Skirt* and Corset* to suit all ILruraa. N. B.?Mr*. Oaynor personally attend* at tkis upper storm SM Broadway, oonter of Twelfth *t< m Broadway, between Bighta gad J)RB8?._ OUTTINO.-LADnie, 4TTBNTION INWOOD>8, basques Ac . ?tree*. Perfect It guermnteed. KID'S, admirable system fee ontUng , taught in n short time, at It Beet PHI; ?feet at guermnteed. ' Elegant silk baoquss and babqoer, paIih made, *11 TO SM. FORMERLY MTO|R * A PEW CHOICE NOYBLTIES, Just received. . A. T. STEWART * CO.. BroadvRyend Tenlit s^ggk FDB PERCEVAL, . | . 7W Broadway, opposite ajter pleen Infante' Wardrobes, Ladles' Uodesmtrme nta. Bridal hR Dressing Sacks, large stock of Chi mil I, Bends and Yokes, Drawer*, Trimmings, Nightgown Beta As. Handsome Initials sad monograms smbiotdsred to for handkercklefh, table linen and hedelotbee, Sta and stamped goods, wholesale and re tag. Great bargains in auction dry goods, AT LAMBERT'S, SB GREENWICH HTRKBT. Big lot or Crash at ISJgc. Market price 18c. Lot of Chsmbrnp* Wet at 21c. Lot ol Table Damasks at 75c. and 87c. Worth 87c. and |L Large lot of A1J Wool Casslmems 78c., 87o. and $1 per yard. ' ' ' Lot These goods are as ohsnp as before the war. Of Black and Colored Alpacas at Be., 44c. and M*. MUSLINS, MUSLINS, MUSLINS. Increased demand for Muslins. We have a lame slock at from ke. to 10*. per yard lean than former prices, l arge lot of White and Brown Muslins at ltjKo. BeUc- quality Muslin* at I8e? lie., 18e. and He. 4-4 Pine White Muslin at lie. K ztra quality 4-4 M usllae at tie. and ?*. Heavy Brown Sheeting* atiOe. and tie r A full lino of 5-4, At. SA aud lo 4 Sheetings, very low. .T CLOSING 8ALE AT ADOLF KDATHR'A ' in nvniM ^Mo maka belter* aala. The k of Winter Ooods to be closed. Splendid all*Woel nael. only 25 oenl* per y or Jdlanksis el lower jtrtaso O'SgV jock of PfcuaeL c _ ? ? thavaver Muslin* less than package prtoee; Dress CloeV, sli iwls. Skirts. SBLLINq OTP. SELLING OPP. SELLING OPT. Tbeehos^sv Ainaca* In the oountry. Groat bargains In Lines "ooil* ^ViMo-letx Call before the slock Is solid net, at A HOLE K. i-iwu'A Mt Eighth avenue. IN ORDliR TO MAKE RooM PGR SPRING IMPOB A Ltlons, e DB rBB^.Kr?V 731 Broadway, OpJVOHM' Will sell this week nis winter stoev q{ Children's Sacks. Suit-, Bonnets ?r vfi6-, AT a GREAT RBDUCTPtw jjf PRICES. LOIRE A ITS PATENT HOOPH?*t HOLDER No more aentdeats1 from hoop skni*. R0 mor> ridlcnlone situation* lor IsUles. Ho more springs showing below the Balmoral. No more t*^*d ?prtn? Nu more Hoop skirt turning every whtob w? With the loiaeHl i j|,w,p fa(rt Holder sheoiut* Immobility, safety, ease rlsiaaoa. Sold at retsU In all pbc/ond dry goodt stores. WboGe2e dealers, KM LOISEaU A CO., tut Broadway, New Ym* Wsnted-Age^1 for the country. OHAWI^* WCHPSRSIAN SHAWL WILL BR DIB twE7iv.,s??vst!Si*:ia.,sr Jane ~ MlLLItEBf. MB. RALUMG8, SIS CANAL STRBBT, M Invites bar wholesale enekomer* to vMt her oaUbllehmont. a* she ha* now ready a splendid assortment of Prenok Boa nets and Mate, os also Mr own manufacture, which foe ? ? 1} WV MB'H M A mm MAfNIPTci'ff PIANOPORTe' fob SaLB -POM SWA cost MM; a beautiful Parlor Suit. In Prench eatlo brucatel. for SIM. oust one do., $78. also a lot of parlor snd lie troom Furniture at a great seartflos for oaah. Inquire st lit West Eighth street near Tilth avenue. At privatb rale?all the blboaitt iiomtR. hold PuraMgra contained la tba Im ntmj brown KtoiM hmnn M WmI Sixteenth, brtwMn Fifth and Sixth nrennea; Parlor Suit*. 1'ianolortaa. ilionxea, ktagerra. Rookeaaa. Painting*. Chamber, Dining Room Furniture; a aacrlflon for aasta; Mirror*, Oarfwta, Ohanrfellar*, Ac. Th? buuae for aala. UBAUTtPUL OOBTINUOUd OUM FETE OP TF.ETh! J) oa rtilcnatm ba?n, with Plumper* ta re?tor* natural riilnaaa nf face, $8. $16 and $*>. Paiuiaaa attracting with iu IW Oraad rteeet. El for *ala, wttn Hafaa, Ac. Apply at 11 Raaaati utrwt. FOR RALE ?A LOT OF HOUSEHOLD PUKMTUKB eha-ip CaS for two day* at It Mtitli arenua. Ring tba lower boll. F*Ult!*mmB WASTED-THE ADTRRTJ8ER WISHES to mtrebaea pumitnra, Carpet*. Mirror*. Piano. Car. tain* and everything oomplatn for a three atorr houae, la largo or mall lotA Th* abura can be delivered any tlam before Iha l?t of April. Addreaa, for one weak, Furniture box 1*1 Herald Bp TpURinTUEM, FITRWITURR -RRAPNSIniRF A MKTZ, F auroepeor* to Wall A Rraunadorf, offer their atoek of well aaaorted Furniture, counting of Parlor, Hitting Room Lmrary Bedroom and Dlolaa Room Suit* of tha latent rtrlr?, to the tmblle at wholeaala price*, at lib and 1*7 Rlrma toa streak If. R ?All good* warranted, PAYMENT* REOBTYRD RT WEEKLY OR MnirnfLT ? Inatalmenta for Furniture of carry deaerlptlon Carpeta, Oilcloth*, Parlor and Bedroom Hulta, Piano* ileddina. Ar^ etBBMDALL A WOTTE, earner of Oaual and UvidiLu my