Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1867 Page 3
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BOARDERS AND LODOESS WANTED. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LKT?WITH OH J\. without Board; first clan French board. Apply nil Weal Twelfth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenues. At a UNION sqdare-a parlor floor, hand aomely furnished, with Parlor and two Bedrooms on third floor, to let, with private table. Reference* exchanged. Apply for one week. A WELL FURNISHED THIRD STORY ROOM TO let, with Board, in a drat claaa houaA No. 27 Weat Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Reference* ex AT 176 BLEECKER STREET. SIX BLOCKS WEST OF Broadway.?Pleasant Rouma. with excellent Board. <fl >0 to $10 per week. Families acoordln(ly. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AMD nicely furniahed Front Room, on third floor, with or without Board; gas, water and olberoonrenientes; very de sirable location and convenient to all cara; only IS mlnutea from CRy Hall; very reasonable terma. Call at 42 King at A FEW DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooms, en suite or singly, table d'hote or a la European, at reasonable rates. Reunion Hotel, Forty-second street and Fourth avenue. A T 110 MADISON AVENUE. CORNER OF THIRTY A first street?Handsomely furnlahed Rooms to rent, with Board. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE THIRD Floor, handsomely furnished, with back parlor and extension, to parties desiring first class'accommodations. Private table only. The highest references required. Ap ply at 31 West Sixteenth street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO let. In Depau place, without board. Address H. D., motion A, Spring street A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A FRONT AND BACK Room, on second floor of house 140 East Fifty- fourth street, handsomely furnished, with gas, bath, Ao., to lent, to* one or two single gentlemen. A LARGE, PLEASANT ROOM TO KENT?TO ONE OR A two gentlemen, with or without breakfast; family etrtetly private; references unexceptionable. Address J. F., box 1,938 Post office. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, for gentlemen, with full or partial Board, on second Seor, in a private house, 93 West Twenty- seventh street. Reference* required. ANDSOMB PARLOR FLOOR-ALSO TWO ooina on third floor, to let, with Board, in the first ? house 164 Weat Thirty-fourth street Terms moderate. SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR TO let; also a handsomely furnished frout Hall Room to Apply at 11 East Twenty-eighth street A & A?GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND WIVES . can he accommodated with Rooms, with or without Beard; only respectable people need apply. 87 Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PRIVATE FAMIBY WILL LKT A SUIT OF PUR plsncd Rooms ou second floor, with use of bath room. II IM Bast Thirty-llfth street, between Second and avenues. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, with or without an extra chamber above, may be pro eared at the first class residence No. 33 Lafayette place. Private table only. References exchanged. AT FRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OF FRANKFORT and William streets, 35C rooms; groat reductlou In prices; 36c, to 60c. per day, $1 80 to $3 per week. Open all night A FRONT ROOM IN THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, furnished, without board, to single gentlemen; bouse ftret class. Also a Physician's office. Address box 6,763 Pest office. No moving in May. * Avery pleasant room, suitable for two persons; would board the right parties; house modern; ;as. Ac. 242 West Twenty-sixth street, between and Eighth avenues. A LARGE THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM, NICELY furnished, with all the conveniences, to let, with or without Board. Privato family. 149 East Twelfth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO A GENTLEMAN and wife a front Room and Bedroom commumeaiiug. aenfly furnished, with all modern conveniences, and good Board. Inquire at 261 West Pony.second street. hath, gi Seventh ?rinte B#w?ry NEATLY FURNISHED BOOM?WITH PANTRY, for ooe or two gentlemen, with or without Board, lna - family, can, do hod U No. 6 Delanoey itreot, near A Si Jk un Inquire SUIT OF BOOMS TO LET?FURNISHED OR unfurnished, with or without Board; otrlctly prhrate. at 384 Ttti Forty-oecond atreet. I * W OREENB STREET, NEAR AMITY.-CHEAF A furoiihad Apartmenti to lot, with water and gas. a HANDSOME FURNISHED BOOM TO LET?T? A, A gentleman and wire, with week, with full Board and gaa. Apply at 8* Harrow street, ?enter of Uudaon. i A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS, ON THIRD FLOOR. A well furulahed, with first claas Board, at No. 8 Eaat Thirtieth atreot, batweon Fifth and Madlaon aranuoa. A GERMAN WIDOW LADY DESIRES TO EBTTWO 1?. a NICELY FURNISHED ROOM JO LET WITH A Bra and gaa, at 84 Horatio street, naar Eighth arenua. Km moderate. _____ FBW 8INOLE GENTLEMRN OB GENTLEMAN and wife can obtain hanuaotnely furnlabed Rooms, f or an aulta, with or without hoard, at N Lamartine E West Twenty-ninth street. A E1?2?S,,J??2?5SS?^?ra,SM>&^ ?* by a amall private M ptoee, Atm LARGE FURNISH BD FRONT ROOM TO LET XARGB, handsome furnished room TO lat to gentleman only; 11 Clinton plana, gas. h* ' I' I 1 th?door. Alio pleasantly located, naar Broadway. "a LARGE AND COMMODIOUS SUIT OF BOOMS. ON A also one on third. Table d'hote. or private, ft..^?^'uw'aWwt Fortieth atreet, fronting Re. eg i all Bark. ? a WRENCH FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOMELY FUR A nlahed Sitting Room, with bedroom attach^ on second Boor- also a single Room to let. with Board If desired. Re j^Moea reqnlref. Call at 71 West Fonrteentu atreet. . vnnvTunFT) ROOM WITH BOARD, FOR ONE OR V>^?S2S!Xl-B3SZS2: ?r ?"? Wxrwaek tor gentleman and wife. Also a urge Room SVdram on tSTrd Hour, with fire, $17 per week, for gen y? _n(i Wif* a i go a nlceiy furnished Room, for a gen lift* ?ia i; wJk AppW At S17 Ernst Thirteenth Atreet, or jnltSt^rp,Ace,.'-?r Second avenue. No morlng In . , TtOARD ?TWO FINE SUITS OF ROOMS AND SINGLE IJ Rooms, at 135 East Twelfth street, convenientto Broadway. Dine at A References required. No moving in St BnaRD -TO LET, AT 68 CLINTON PLACE, AN EL Arat floor Room, suitable for gentleman and tlTteu antoel* furnlabed HaU Bourn, for single gentle BRMta " """ ' | -noiRD ?VERY SUPERIOR BOARD, IN GOOD LOCA O tton at 110 East Thlrtv-feurih street. Milt of Rooma ? floor aSd front Boom on third. Fourth avenue gn pass the daor. "DOARD.?BEAUTIFUL ROOMS EN 8yrnt. OB 8EPA K nu with Board for gentlemen end wife, w Alngie ?mtiemen In a prhrat ef a in II y, 337 West ThlrlyUfth street. Bo storing In Mug. ?noaRD AND ROOMS CAN BB HAD AT CLIFTON, ivai.,*. Island five minutes from ferry; billiard table, ?J modern conveniences. Adnresa Walkers Cot ^a, Clifton, S. I. OARD IN HARLBM?IS A SMALL FAMILY. HAT Ins more room thin they went, ternii l< per week. AMmi M., bo* t* Hermld ottoe. UILBOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS IN SUITS. WITH K prtrats table; aleo single Rooma for gentlemen. Apply ?t MS West Fonrteonta sireot. ELEGANT FURNISHED BOOMS T? LKT' AT 79 BROADWAY. TCTRKNCn BOARD.?A WELL FURNISHED BAOlt If" pSrlor to let, in the family of a French Professor. lo a gentleman anuone of premising the language. Apply at 91 Baut Thirty-Art* street. ?BOM~THE 1ST OF MAY. TWO BUTTS OF THREE OR J more rooms each, with prieate table, in a magnificent Boo bis brown atone mansion, near Delmomcos.^ Refer to No. ? West Twenty-third atreet, Fifth Avenue Hotel. FJRNISHKD ROOMS.?TO I.ET, ON THE MOST DE airsMe part of East Broadway. without hoard, a Bed sworn and Silling ?<*><"? "??*?* famished; rent $* per week. Afldrwea Mr. better, AM Broadway. FtlRRIHlIRD ROOMS?NICE. COMFORTABLE ROOMS and Bedrooms for small roapecUMt families or 'ingle ?anilemen, rroaa $1 ?to $4 pur "uek. APT'T ,l ,s# El1"* Both atreet. naar Broom*. ___ estmsuiirn APARTMENTS AND DINGLE ROOMS F to22a tthaiN aw Y ork Restaurant. 734 and 7* Broad way. Apply at the Otflr e. _ _ eisvTi vurv a\D THEIR WIIR4 AND SINGLE O gentleman ran be sreom mod*tel at'r,^'v' " * I mad pleasant Rooms tn a private family. No 1st or May. Address Jackson. Herald ojlHse. Handsome furnished rooms-modern im pruvrmenU. gas, bath. Ac- io ^'iilemrii au'l ; ' wires or single gentlemen, with orwlthout Hoard. Inquire alBl bust SlstesnWi street, east dtuyvessni square. furnished suits ok apart msnUto let, with pri rate table and Orat olass trench em Mine, at flt Hast Tgrcniieth struct I WILL GIVE A FURNISHED ROOM, FREE OF Hi itv#* to * *<*nti#ni?n who ?m?i lend $W lor thro# Month* small prieate I reach family; hoMe near Brosdwsy > Bud Fich^atwi; th# ?boT6 ?mi'tni will be wcured hy a SSmtoMM^STaiu furniture, goods. Ae which amount to BI.MD Address Immedistely Oarderes, station 9. rO j TaVUfO PLACER-FURNISHED ROOMS TO lat; eery Mwr prioe; single *r In suite. K~rT7 GREAT JONES STREET.?FLEO S NT PARLOR Rutts (four roomsi. first floor. Also double st.d .Ingle una. with first claas Hoard. ?TO 138 WEST FIFTEENTH riTltKF.T.?ONE on TWO N gentlemen rsn And Awommo.lstlons In a I rencb fsm ity. ftef ere noes required. tsaRTIKS "desiring TO MAKE PI'.RV \NENT 1R, P ?snrmetits can obtain s handaomtly furnished Snvtnd Sj_r ?Rh ?r without hosid. near Fifth aemne and Drl SSh'sKs; prteato tahle if desired. Address Board. Herald flflMMs ?' ^ V*o|VATE ROARh"?ANT LADY CAN FiNfV^Ql'lST, P re^perwhle home dnring rwrnrted sl^nr-,,; il sliendenre and nursing. Msoarae liOHNL, Midwife, 47 West Thlrternth street, betweenJ- lfth snd Sistb sreencs. (KT^tTTollRT-rCRNIKIlKD or" UNKURN18IIED. T? ?,ih ?w without Board Also Rooms to let suitable for oo Apt flwr, ?(rtl UiuUoa + . BOARDERS AHD tODGERS WANTED. Rooms without_ board?elegantly furnibh ed.tolet; also " at US Eighth street, 1 J\ ed. to let; also Parlors, suitable for busuiesa purposes, IS Eighth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. TO LET?WITH BOARD, A FURNI8UBD ROOM, to two gentlemen - fUD per week, with fire and gas; references. Apply at U3 West Twelfth street. rpo LET?IN THE FAMILY OF A WIDOW, A FUR. 1 niabed Room, to a gentleman; idsoi two Rooms, with privilege of housekeeping 3ol West Thirty-sixth aueet, be tween Eighth and Ntnth avenues. TWO 8INOLE ROOMS TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, with full Board, at 111 Second avenue. References ex change J. TWO FRONTROOMS,SECOND FLOOR, TO LET?WITH first class Board, to gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, in the brown stone house 89 West Forty.flfth at. TWO NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOMS TO LET-TO gentlemen only, without board, at 119 Ninth street, be tween Broadway and Fourth av. References exchanged. TWO GENTLEMEN OR TWO LADIES WISHING A plcssant home in a small private familv can be accom moda'od with the usual conveniences. Board, Ac., at 181 West Forty-eighth street. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?A FRONT ROOM to let. in a private familv, with or without partial Board. References required. 234 West Twenty-second at. <J?0 KH PKR WEEK FOR A DESIBABLE FU1. t)U nlshcd Room to let, wlthont board. at2<HJ West Twenty-fifth, corner Seventh avenue. Inquire for Mr. BANCKBR. nWEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR Fifth avenue.?Elegantly furnished Parlors; also a suit of Rooms on second floor, with or without Board. ST. MARK'S PLACE.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with or without Board. 18 91 WEST TWENTY-RECOND STREET, NEAR FIFTH SUA avenue, handsomely furnished Parlor and Chamber, aeoond floor, front, to single gentlemen or gentleman and wife; references exchanged; terms moderate; family small. 20 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, UNION SQUARE.? ?) A nicely furnished large frout Room to let, with or without Board. A A UNION SQUARE.?FRONT SECOND FLOOR SUIT x rfc to let, to a gentleman and wife, with Board. Refer ences required. ?inn PER WEEK FOB PLEASANT SECOND ?PIWU story Rooms, with first class Hoard (private table), in a strirtlv private family, for gentleman, wlfo aud nurse. Address 0. B. A., Herald office. 1 9f| MACDOUUAL STREET (LATELY CHANGED A?rv/ hands).?Nice double and aingle Booms to let, with Board. * 1 f\f\ FIFTH AVENUE-A PARLOR FLOOR, THEEF. 1UU rooms en suite, to let, with or without Board, or with private table. 1 7H F1FT1I AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-SECOND 1IU street.?Very desirable nicely furnished Rooms, with bath and bedrooms communicating, for gentlemen only, without board. Q1Q WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET?NEAR OIO Kighth avenue, a largo Room, well furulsbed, with Board, suitable for gentleman and wife, or two gen tlemen. (*A C BROADWAY-HANDSOMELY FURN18HED UTt) Parlors and Bedrooms, from S5 to 915. Meals served it required. ? ?OA5? ASDLOpoillO'WANTBD. A ^ouno Lady desires board witw a *?* p'P IlrHtSm Tl?*!*? wanted?by a youno lady in p* SSH-SSft? Sfia33iBi3?3^2^iS lull particular!, ffnil.m?. g?r,n"0.h.!^ffld- Addr?% with airs ?TOR THRBE YOUNG GENTI P ^S'SsS-fflS F'jMK mat be moderat^T1 Heffd*?d^r?"' whlch B0^I^\^En^Rp?ENrLEHANt WIPE, TWO dree. C.. bo, Sjm rZZta?" mn* * reawmabie. Ad WANTED?1N A QUIRT PRITiTR pa www Wdll located up (own. for a lumii> ft# A f moderate price: a pleasant arrmlHHlZ,* ~?1r. \*ulu- ?' Addreaa D.T Herald offle? ?*,om#ot "fcb* be made. JJOOM WANTED?WITH OR WITHOUT RREireiov TT^ANTRO?BY A VOUNO MAN. A FURNIRHFH Tir ANTED?BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY RV a ISSiSaiass^a per^week for all. Addreae, will particular#, box 3^07 1'oat IlBSillpsi ^aagaasags TT'Af.TKD MARCH 1.?A GENTLEMAN ITT cm q a ttatln* le.m. and VlwawSi E V. T? bot^ia .'Ty.'P<??ofl"? hotel*. AT.M*W FAMILY HOTEL, M WtTbT^TWPNT^ "rm^iStKVd^.TuLS' JOHN OERKEN, Proprietor. DBl2t^"0V^ 108 BLEEt'KER street, NEAR >??iww:> Hrri-ne and Wooeter atrreta Pur. gi*wt* ' * *'lU ,!"u* r?r tr*naient and permanent CITY HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. A Tl?i?r-8TO,JY "J0" 8TOOP BRICK HOUSE, ON wr**t Twen'/.fonrth etieet, for aale at? low prloe. and ammie ?articular. with 8. EMBERHON, <11 Eighth \ tIL^AAWr Hlon WOOP HOUSE, WITH Hon UU* * flM#t lo? W.Y 8ETMOUB, 171 Broadway. A h}??I.,lLL\?a THRf:B STORY HIOH STOOP w,Jh fo''r Lota, on avenue A and term.^rktlr."'*? V5,n,,'d'*"' pok-e.aion. on very rail embVuu^, SAgR t^raL *"*?*? "?> I AT (Utr tX*L1LR?A ? L'MBpR OP THREE AND Uout^iK B bi irk and brown atone UuU to Jam Eh KOWE. A *S|Kh b^?mR.?,B,R.OWX. ??N* POt;B STORY ENG. lb!mt,ltal'r^e?fou"'I'i ?r w"*?'SrWUf* Pl O- QBRBl.L. 73 Cedar atreet. 13 to 3 o'clock. A BBOBMT "iTRRRT, FOl'R STORIES h0UM *.:x?rioi^r?S?t"*' W4lU "j?c'*nt ? 8m c1"' store; ***** *? tI'THILL. No lit Warren .treat. !_ '""MBMjJ A Th^'.v "r,ORV HIOH STOOP and In tou t oider. pi k? |U l d*i **'' *" <?nWt??oti MASON. ? Pine atrret. A^ESmrffiLKS,"* ATENUE. COR i?u?ch. rnc. ior mrrw'm APPLRBV, |0 Pine street. AT SAr'K 8ER WHICH I AN BR fl In k'JlV'' SMTITK CIRCULAR. CEIPf OK STAMPED L.VVttoPK ,'RD 1 ,,,,N KE NAUXIPICPVf A ^|IeetVbu.wi,",oL,%,5i)' w!tf? TWKxTY-THtRD alon In April next, prloe gil lJOtT "ttenaloa. Poetes ? ? T J- M, KYILT. aga Third arenue. ArRNUR, POUR Price $a?,S00; half o?n remadn * "plr?, M?T >. ?*7 J- ?. McKYII.T. SM Third arenue. A 'a'omp'ifick FHonmaf'm' Km?1TORr 1,10,1 avenue, .lire, waend aS'^Jd. n'*r Thlr^ - ?W-h. T. ... ^Ev'iLT'sR.te^uu!?*' A PHn.f~7orU?.?Tc"?RJ ,Ho,($thT?F HROWN STONR CITY REAL ESTATE FOR IALE. A TWO STORT AND HIGH BASEMENT HIGH STOOP House (19x100), No. 8 llolyrood place, Eighty-third street, between Second and Third avenues, for sale; contains eight rooms, gax fixtures, marble mantels, bard walla, water; In fine order; good location; price AVflOli, terms easy. THOMSON, I SO t hird aveone. A MEDIUM SIZED FOUR STORT BROWN STONE House, in complete order; modern Improvements, in cluding furnace; beautifully located on Murray Hill; price $19 000 if sold Immediately. Further particulars and per mlt of 1'ARSuNS A WARD, 79 Cedar street. AT 788 THIRD AVENUE-FOB SALE THE MOST desirable unimproved corner on Third avenne. viz., the northeast oorner of seventy-second street and Third avenue; alia *6.8 on aveuue by 296 feet on street. J AS. BOWE. ASPLF.NDID FOUB STORY BROWN STONE HIOH stoop House, with all modern Improvement#, for tale on Twenty-fourth street, opposite and a little below the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Apply to KINO A CO., No. ? Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel.. A BROWN BTONB THREE BTOBY HIOH STOOP House, in a good neighborhood on East Forty-eighth street, for sale; has gns and water throughout; hard wood stairs, cedar blinds, plate glasa windows, A>\ Price $14,000. KINO k CO.. No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue HoteL Avert valuable property for sale?on Tenth avenue, near Thirty-seventh street. running from street to street, with large brick building thereon, well rented and paying a large percentage. This is a good In vestment fur capitalists. Particulars with 8. EMBEKSON, 421 Eighth avenue. AT McEVILTS up town real estate OFFICE, 862 Third avenue, near Fifty-sixth street, bargains can be bad of Store Property ou First, Second, Third and Sixth avenues, and of private Dwellings on the cross streets east and west above Thirty-fourth street A DESIRABLE BROWN STONE HOUSE IN WEST Twenty-third street for sale?Beautiful situation: price $22,000; possession in April. Apply to A. J. BLBECKEB, SON A CO., 11 Cedar street AN ELEGANT HOU8E FOR SALE IN THIRTY, third street, furnished complete; billiard table. An.; perfect order; early possession. Apply to O. H. BENE. SlCT A CO., 81 Pine street. _ Brown stone house and lot-southwest corner of Second avenue and Fifty-first street for ssle; lot20.5x8(1; house20.6x68; elegantly finished;, marble hells; painted and frescoed throughout. For particulars apply to JOSEPH MoOUIRE, lie Naosau street JgROADWAY. Several prime Corners and Fronts for sale* Between Union square and Thirty-third street For sale only by ALVAH BEEBE A CO., 76 Cedar street Broadway property.?fob sale qheap. one of the beet Leases on Broadway; will be sold at a fair Srice; splendid marble Building on the premises which veil b paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by letter at 238gWe*t Fifty second street Broadway property for sale?fine corner near Bleecker street cheap if sold this month; also 78x200 feet In same vicinity; 80x100, near Spring street; first class modern Store opposite City Hall Para, with L ou side street and splendid Store near Howard HoteL Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. CAEaP.?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House, 107 West Sixteenth street 26x48x100; contains all improvements; parlors frescoed; prioe $12,600; terms easy. For particulars and permits apply to KEMSEN AP PLEBY, No. 10 Pine street. Conspicuous, large premises, 26 by 100, Store and House, seventeen rooms, An., on Hudson street; tweutv-one years' Lease for sale. Apply to WM. J. SMITH, 88 Fulton atreet Desirable three story high stoop bouse on East Fifty third street In perfect order; location very desirable. Price $13,000. JOSEPH MA8QN, 29 Pine atreet FOR SALE?F1R8TCLASS NEW FOUR STORY BROWN stone Houses and Lots, 61 and 63 West 39th, between tth and 6th avs., rosewood doors. W. FANNING. 37 W. 39th. For sale?an elegant four stori high stoop brown stone front House, and Lot on West Six. teenth street near Fifth avenue: slxe of house 26x80, lot 26x100; will be cold at a bargain, as the owner leaves for Europe in a few days; Independent walls. For permits and particulars apply to ALLEN A BROWN, M Broadway, or G. W. 81MMON8, Jr.. 96 Broadway. For sale-the first class brown stone add brick Houae 148 West TwenW-flfth street Prioe $10,000. Apply to W. O. COLT, 126 West Thirty-second street. For bale-three story hiob stoop brick llonse No. 234 Weat Thirty-first street; 20 feet front fit deep; lot 98.9; with all medern improvements. Price $16,000. Can be seen from 8 A. M. to $ P. ft. tfORSALE-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN ?,nu j Jf?5' House Forty-seventh itrt?L between 1* ifth and Sixth nvenuee; well built; ill modern improve ?n??f\lD.?r! onto; amoatdealrebleimldenc^and 2E ft,1*.1TUSSftaJS! ^ York- Add"~ '? ??*? K?? J^b5r23HEAPE8T. PROPBRTY IN MARKET? ~,ti ? good Houses: one has 37 rooms. 11 pantries sub ahthi, Sif^frot0n t^roufho?': to within two block* or F^HouL^fJur ?*$"&?. &?}?*2SrCB^ ehea FOE "^^f*77OK. thirty.foubth street, be twefin Sixth sod Seventh avenues, a first flmn brown Mono English baaem.nt Houae, ?Tbw iilth !2? Without thS ?tocsnt Furniture. Apply to MOMER MOKUAN, No. I Pine ?JORY FRAME DWELLING inli A ^ hrtck), 82 East Bightr-third street; lot stmri^ajv^fi t^T?* story brick House* *1 and 263 DeUncer fft u CSSS? '"che*. Also three story and basement brick House 236 Seyenth stroet, 10 x X blook. AleoTearth eust corner of avenue 0 and Tenth street five stow rpIa^ I with store. Also Property on Grand and Madison street*/ 4^"?*"?dl?tl4 Sorth Big? s"?t WmiSmZS. nue <? ?oWM. E. BR1NCKBKHOVF. 96 in! For balk?five first classs tenement Houses and Lola, built together. Gas, water and all modern improvement*. Will be sold separately or together, on easy term*, a* the owner is In need of money. Also four 1^U'*WUh a COrD"r: one or U,e "bole, in a first class neighborhood, ou easy terms. Also two Hou<e* on the west side of Eighth avenue; and nine Houses on Third ave Jn'qiilre of J F. FISHER. 149 East Houston street, near Norfolk, from 8 to 10 a. M.. and 4 to 8 P. M. POR SALE?88 ELDRIDGE, CORNER OF HESTER street; w per cent can remain on bond and uue i owner, P. LILLY, 367 Sixth street, near are OR 8ALE-A THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT House, all modern Improvements In West Forty-sixth street, near Broadway, for $U,UOO. Will sell Furniture at valuation, or will let house turnlahed. Inquire at It* West Fort).sixth street, FOR 8ALE?A VERY FINK THRBE STORY HIOH stoop brown stone'corner) House In a fine location; ?vrM^sai^^m7^,i,y^''ut or Aprtt Ap^toj F??Ji^1l5~TnREP "TORY BRICK HOUSE, S FEET ' front, Third street, naar Bowery; well lighted; sub eel T "* "orT lli,h """op kick House. Twenty second street, near .seventh nvenne. Several cheap Houses in Harlem. KOhEitTH. OOFF^lf Ce&rstreet. ,hoA F^^AJ?ZA WH8T CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN n?aDd F"r;1,"r?v.?? w??* Forty-seven th street, thSL sS.ueL r #a0h,"1th ?n "tonatonyef JOfeet; !55*?*toi The house and furniture la only ona year in J1*' to"* ffound. To partiea In want of such a house this to su opportunity that to Mldom offered. - .. _ _ JOHN KAVANAOH. Northeast corner Forty-aecond street and Sixth avenue. ?EK)R SALE?AT A VERY LOW PRICE AND TERM8 ?hit?.'i S* thr*e, ,t?ry m*r,'to front House on Thirty. W?r , L??la*ton avenue. Apply to 8. CARD WELL. 490 Third avenue. E?i LOTS FRONTINO CENTRAL " ?00.f?,t ?f "J? ??uleTsrd and 600 feat of ?> ? CHAKLK8 CABOW, 70 South street F?^A^f.-A 5PUB ?K!FT BASEMENT " V.on? Honse. 30x00, price $<1,000. Terms assy Apply from II to 4 at? \VcetTwelfth street. ^ F?"h8iLK.7WrTE POMHS8ION. FOR A FAMILY nkv V22*?L* oomforUhle home tbls Is s good opportu aodd odTw^o'iISPKba*<'m^nLan,d ?IUo br'rk House In gtaas-is! syr jsawwa ^SftS8?ggTc8%.*aa .SK7 *??*"? F??to8MLh^A.,"R?7 CL*88 THREE STORY BROWN Brosdwav and on fS'W-thlrd street, between - "FtPtta. Two Tenement ilouees on F?Uii?33S EST SfS ^l(SwslBSaf&iif? swJbL" Jood ^.gh^"^Vh^mf7^T)rnvi;)nspl^d,d ord8rl ?mall oo.y Housedre.Vand treat i dl ?' F0onSB^nk7lUiH|! ST2RVi,OH STOOP HOUSE Possavsiou toon. Prior 0HJ.8O).'O^baJtill? fln* ?""r - IRELAND, an Broadway. F?2d/h,u5 Fortv-sixth street, between Muth and HoMMk' price moderate; or will rent It I furnished) at $76nJ*?S?2; Northeast eornar Forty-aaaaod street and Sixu avenue. iron SALE?TIIRKK STORY HIOH WMnv ..... ga*. bathroom, I POR SALE. WITH IMMEDIATE. POSSESSION ?IT ra now vacant* To any one who wl?he* to nwkTV. vestment this Is really a good opportunity - . "*? high stoop brick House, with an extension ? half the block; the homie has all the modem .k,t newly papered and naleted througho" ?tT.n i5, "^Trt"; $t,400 perannum afany time. T?e oUer .rt^lW^.Il' to rent it, but will sell very cheap If aold soon I^TiIhTT Esu Thirteenth street, near Second avenue a' JmaV!l i hot hood. For pennlM apply to WM VAN wfTinwisJ^: CO.. 471 Sixth avenue. WAOBNBN A FOR SALE CHEAP-MODERN STORE FRONT rnnn panel Iron box columns IS* feet high, la inehro^ bnd Ltntvl Utah and double doors complete. ornioe I Day etreek It*0R SALE ON TO LRT?A FIRST CLASS HIOB r stoop House and Lot; haa aU the modern Improvement^ #j85Slr3?wr CITY HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. rR SALE CHEAP-ONE OB TWO FOUR STORY brown stone front Heuaea on Went Tweuiy-snoond street, aoer Seventh avenue. in perfect order throughout; 17x49x80; prioe 614,UOU; term* hull cash, balauoe on bond end mortgage, if desired. Permits from S. KMBERSON, 431 Klghih avenue. Fob sale cheap, and on reasonable terms? carmen end milkmen take notice?a good two story, basement and attic frame House, brick basement, all in par feet order, for $",000; house ?1x35. lot 100x25; aleywav to tbe rear; stabling for seven horaes; located in west Thirty-seventh street, near Ninth avenue. Apply to WM. YAM WAOBNEN A 00.. 473 Sixth avenue. F OR SALE OR TO LET?TH08B TWO SMALL marble front Houses, one door above Thirty-seventh street on Second svenue: will be sold for 89,000 eacli; houses now rent for El,000: will bring SLEW. For permits apply to ADAMS A CO.. 943 broadwsy. Fob sale or to let or lease-no. its qrernb street 36x100, three stories, bssement snd extanslon; in fine order. BEMAN' A RAWS, 44 Pine street. Frederick a. Petersen, architect, NO. 6H PINE STREET, offers for sale as an Investment a valuable Building on Broadway, below Wall street; a five story Building, 75 feet front on Greenwich street; a Factory, 100 feet front in the Seventh ward; and a large Lot in the Fourth ward. TTOU8E8 FOR SALE BY J. C. BAILEY, XX NO. 10 FIFTH STREBT. Three story h. s. brick, in 10th st, nesr 3d av. Four story h. a. b. at., in $6tb st, near Madison av. Four atory E. b. brick, in 19th St., near 9th av. Four story h s. brick, in 18lh it, near 8th av. Three story h. s. brick, in 3d av, near 19th at H OUSES FOR SALE-BY URMY A COPLAND, 410 Fonrth avenue:? SOth st, between Lexington and 3d avs $MA00 80th st, between Lexington and 4th avs 1AOOO

89th at, near Lexington av 18,000 38th st, nesr 4th av 16,000 98th st, corner Lexington avenue 22,000 29th st, near 4th av 32,000 89th at, near 4th av 25,000 JOHN KAYANAOH, REAL ESTATE BBOKBR, northeast corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue, baa a large and varied assortment of Property for sale, 1 m proved and unimproved. Store, Tenant and Dwelling Houses In every part of tbe city; Fifth avenue and Central Park and other Lou, and Country Property for sale aud ex change. Lots for salb. 8 Lots on 6th avenne, between 83d and 84th streets, 8 Lots on 6th avenue, between 47th and 4Sth streets. 8 Lou on .Madison avenue, between 47th and 48th streets. 9 Lots on 47th street, between 6th snd Madison avenues. 9 Lou on 48th street, between 5th and Mndison avenues. 9 Lou on 78th street, between 3d snd 4th avenues. 18 Lota on Lexington avenue, between 42d snd 48th sts. 1 Lot on Madison avenue, southeast corner of 46th street, and Lots en all the avenues and streets from 43d to 187th street snd from 1st to 5th avenue. W. H. WOOD. 86 Wall street. Lots fob balb-on all the avbnces and streets. Central Park LoU, Boulevard, Yorkvllle and Harlem, at very low prices; some with builder's loan. T. J. McEVILY. 863 Third avenue. SEVENTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNION SQUARE and Irving place.?First class four story high stoop, full tixed House; superior order. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. The best arranged, most substantial and elegantly built first class full sited brown stone Resi dence on Fifth avenue (Murrav Hill) for sale vcrv low. with Immediate possession, by FRED. A. PKTKRbEN. Arohl tect, No. 6)4 Pine street. TnREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR $12,000; location Second avenue (Hanson place). between 134th i and 136th streets; all modern Improvements and perfect or- I der. HAGGERTY A PHELPS, It Pine street. rrvwo op those elegant five story brown J. stone Houses on the east side of Seventh avenue, nenr Fourteenth street, for sale on easv terms. Povne*sloii 1st of Mar. Price, permits, Ac., with S. ESI BE KSON, 421 Eighth avenue. V. '3th. 125th .nd"2Ut ,TLta H 1 SALK-?* 12Urif modern, and from four to slxtou" ? ^ 11000 all rll'Zr"*9 ?**s* Parth?u? withaoS;wi.niVuh ^*le Eighth avenue. ""icuiare with 8. EMBERSOX, <21 $6 000 ?P?B 8^K' BRICK_110U8E, 25 FEET wide, and Lot, No. Ml Water street: broker ROBERT MAOLAY. 77 Cedar street $10 000 FOB - HIOH ST<)OP BRICK HOUSE. West Twentieth street; three story high stoop on Fourth street; also one on Sixth avouue. A. SEROKANf. 21 Wall street. AT O Cflft -FOB SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE j VlttatlUu. four story brick Tenement House No. 363 Ninth street, near avenue C: occupied by twelve families. Inquire of L. KKLLMKR, >1 Wllbam street. <fc1 ? nnn *>OR A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP UPlU.UU vf brown stone House; modern improvements: location: possession May I. Apply Immediately to ?F. IRELAND, n Broadway. BROOKLYN REALBITATE FOR SALE. ? t AUCTION. CLINTON 8TRBETrBROOKI.YN.?THE A T AUCTION. CLINTON 8TRBET, BROOKLYN.?THE A modem four story stone front Dwelling. 296 CUnion street, near Sacks tt, will be sold at 12 o'clock on Wednesday, 27th Inst., at the Commercial Exchange, SBB Fulton street, Brooklyn, by James Cole'a Son, Auctioneer. Two thirds purchase money may remain on mortgage. A'?S.tVjji'.dS TO , uuTwor AH THREE 8T0RY AND HIOH BASEMENT HOUSE. replete with modern Improremente, In a very desirable location, near Prospect Park, for sale cheap. FRED. A. PETERSON. Architect, No. bX Fine street ami ?x^'app^ JjllBST PLACE.?AN ELEGANT BROWN STONE front House for sale, 26 feet front. In perfect order. Immediate possession. Apply to G. H. BENEDICT A CO., 31 Plue street For sale?in Brooklyn, 66 first place, a new first class brown stone front House, four it rule* and basement French roof, with all modern improvements; will be sold cheap and on easy terms. Inquire of D. 8. VOORHKBSiJ, at his carpenter shop, corner Court and Nelson streets, or In the evening at his residence, 196 Presi dent street Brooklyn. POR SALE?A NEAT COTTAGE AND FOUR OR eight lots, with large carriage bouse, grapes, cherries, pears, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, Ac., on Marion street 250 feet east of Rtuyvesant avenue. Fulton avenue cars naas the door. Price, with four lots, $8,000; eight lots, $1(1,QUO. Terms easy. Apply to BEURIAN. ou the prem FOR HALB-TN SOUTH BROOKLYN, ONE OF THE two three story and French roof and brown stone front Houses on Henry street opposite First place, convenient to ehurches, railroads and ferrlea. looking into the beautiful gardens in the neighborhood, with a southern aspect look ing towards the Prospect Park, the Bay and adjacent shores. The view Is truly magnlfloent; the houses are finished In the best manner; walnut stairs and all the modern improve ments. Apply lo M. DIXON, on the premises. Terms very easy. r>R 8ALE?THE BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE HOUSE AND brick stable, lot 60x100, KB South Ninth atreet. comer of Fifth street Williamsburg. Apply on tbe premises JjlOR SALE?BROOKLYN?THREE STORY BRICK a. House, all improvements, 268 Gates, near Bedford ave nue, at $8,000; ditto 191 Carlton avenue, wtth two story ex tension, near i-afayette avenue, $$?00; ditto268Navy street, near Fulton ave., ft,780. Apply to agents or H. M. NEED HAM, 74 Wall street TTSOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, THE THREE STORY JD high stoop brick Dwelling House and Lot 08 Lawrence street, near Fulton avenue; house 20x40, In good order; ten minutes' srelk from Fulton and Wall street ferries. J. R. SMITH. U WUllem street, New York Between 1 and 3 o'clock. POR SAL^^O^^iXFOB^TREET^IUniN log the residence of Rev. Mr. Cuyler, overlooking tbe so-called Brooklyn Heights, and commanding a fine view of the bay sad New York harbor, a two story, attic and base ment frame House, with one or twe extra lota of ground; beautifully tetraced court yard In front; built work la the most substantial manner by the present owner; fillet la te peek with brick; contains all the modern Improve menta; location unsurpassed, between two linss of can running to all the ferries. For cards of admission to view the above premises apply to A. KNOWLTON, southeast corner Fulton and Portland avenues, opposite tbe old eland. _ House, In perfect repair; good location, near tba City Hall, and suitable either for business or as a private rest, aeneo. Possession immediately. Apply to WILLIAM .lAUKET, OT Fulton avenue. , JjlOR SALE _JH BROOKLYN?$8.800?FURNISHED three story English basemant Hons*. In perfect order, convenient to cars to all the ferries; would sell unfurnished. No. 8 St Felix street, near Lafayette avenue. Inquire on tlM premises from 6 to $ p. M? er it $41 Fulton street Hew Tori elty. JjSOR SALE IN BROOKLTNr-TW0_ FOUR STORY _ English basement brick Houses, Hon. 123 end 125 Adelpbi street between Myrtle and willoughby avenues; 211 about 46x120; gas and water; In good order. Termite of JOHNSON, MILLER A HALL, 2A Nassau street. CpOR SALE IN BRUOCl/iN. I? House 43 L'heever place, price 18,000 House 31 cbeever place, price 6800 HAUUBRTY A PHELPS, No. 11 Flue street. ?OR SALE OR TO LET? FURVtHitVrTT^ story brick House, ft*B^SSyn VfP< A THRPR It house west of Bedford avenue' Rodnsy street D. ALLEN, 71 Pine street New York 00 ?,retn,??, or STORE PROPERTY FOR BALE.?A. KNOWLTON offers for sele a very valuable Corner on Fulton avenue; 88 feet front by 100 feet deep; also a four story brick Store; choice location for business; also a three story brick Store will be sold ?t a very low bgitre; also other very desirable Store Properly on Knlton street Myrtle, Fulton end Atlantic avenues These are well worthy the attention of c.spttallsu end business men generally. Inquire of A. KNOW LTON, southeast oorner [ niton end Portland avenues, opposite lbs old stand, Brooklyn. a, 4 riU\ ?A SPLENDID COTTAGE IN BROOKLYN S4.DUU* cheap, thirty minute* from Fulton ferry. Good neighborhood; all modern Improvements. Inquire of WILLIAM WHITE, steamer Matoawan, foot of Barclay street to-day and Mondnv, from ten to two. i?0 Oflft CASH DOWN.?A FURTHER SUM BY ?D.L.CU'/ Instalments and remainder on permanent mortgage will purcliaa* the splendid brown stone front three storv attic and sub cellar llouae, 108 Amity street Brook lyn- 16 rooms, vestibule doora, marhl* balls, seven marble mantels, stationary vrsshitends and tuba; hot and cold water baths ami water eloseta; very handaome ornamented tiarlor* sliding doora and inside blinds, stained and ground glass hall doors; built In tbe moat fashionable style and very convenient and desirable as a genteel residence; lol 25?100; house 26x46; ground leased but equal 10 perpetual; posses ion May I. Apply 10 A. 8. NEWBERRY, 182 Broadway. -NO. 61 SOUTH FIFTH BTRE8T, BROOK ~ ' 'L House, three stories, base three minutca from ferries $5.800.'>-n. K. I. -Brlok ment and cellar; water and gee; ? Apply as above. tprj Ann -ON FIRST STREET, NEAR NORTH 11 ,UUUi Sixth atreet Williamsburg, two Lola, BOiKlO feet with a double threa story frame House, containing 24 rooms, built of the beat materials, with all modern Improve ments; also 4 Lots. ll? feet square, on North Sixth street one block from the wharf. T*r*? mj. Apply to Ik |pWMA7|?IUrtr OPUIVTRY re al estate for s ale. ATflRKK STOBT HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE IN Jersey Uity; luipruvemeuu, seven minutes from ferry; *!*o ?ue at $4,80u. Easy terms. Apply to A. if. ML Kl.KW,la# Newark avenue, Jersey City. _______ Avoid uiqh rents and own your own Homes. A farm of 80 acre* choice lead ell be dlfldel ??. SuiJ* f"*? "r ??re acres to auit; one hour's ride ?yj*?f*d?lphia train from New York: a atatlon on the place; aultaMe for business men, aummar boardlug houaca. private residences, gardening:, uuraeriea, llonat or anv domestic tradesman; commutation $80 per year. Plota #1.M. half ?"?? ?A15f;.nJr*r5f of 18 acr??, entire Stock and Farming I tenells, $15,000. Owner 164 Fourth avenue. A VERY HANDSOME RESIDENCE FOB SALE?AT New Rochelle, with two acrea beautifully laid out In {lower, fruit and vegetable garden: line etablee and coach house. Must be aeen to be appreciated. POTTER MRUS. A BELLAMY. No. 3 Pine strcet AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOB SALE, WITH ONE or four acrea. at West Ilobokcu, N. J., a substantial Houee, replete with every oouvenieuc-; odjolulug thereat deuce of James Kerrigan. The aboro i> highly improved and cultivated, and commanding a fine view of New York bay; within 3d ratuutes of all the femes by horse railway. Also 50 building Lota for sale. Inquire of A. MaUOSCU, on the premlaea, or addreaa box 180 Herald office. A T 8PUYTEN DUYVIL.-FOR SALE, TO LEASE OR xV to let. fnrniabed, well built brick House. 13 rooms, good atable, collage and other outbulldluga; <1 1-3 acres of lend, in flrst rate order; fine garden, abundant fruit of all kinda; unexcelled river view. Apply to THOMAS M. NORTH, 31 Naaaau street A COUNTRY SEAT, NEAR LONG BRANCH: HOUSE coutaina live rooms on tint floor, eight on second; base ment, kitchen, good outbuildings, Ice house, choice fruits, with 2( or more acres of Hues land. J. BROWN, IB Fulton si. AT 319 FOURTH AVRNUE?COUNTRY HOUSES. FARMS AND SUBURBAN BUILDING SITES FOR KALE. SEE STANLEY DAY'S REAL ESTATE CIRCU LAR, WHICH CAN BE HAD FREE OR MAILED UPON RECEIPT OF STAMPED ENVELOPE. BARGAINS.?WESTCHESTER FARMS, OP 18. 72 AND ISO acres, all handsomely situated, commanding tine view* and for sale cheap O. H. OLIVER, No. 7 Beakman afreet CHBAP PROPERTY.-A NEW HOUSE IN NEWARK, New Jersey, with ground attached, $3,600; also high aioop brick House, all lmprovcmeutu, In Jenev City, $i,0w. JOSEPH MASON, 39 rlne street COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?WITH OR WITH out Furniture, four miles above Central Park, near Harlem Railroad atatlon and horae cars; 13 rooms: bath ami furnace; good stable; uear two acres land welt stocked with fruit. Apply to W. B. WOOD. 286 Front street N. Y. COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR SALE OB TO LET-ON the banks of the Hudson, at almost every atatlon on the Hue of the Hudson River Railroad, between this cltv and Albany. Parties lnteudlng to purchase or hire will fiud It to their Interest to ooneult with 8. KM HEREON, 431 Eighth avenue. Office open from 7 A. M. to 9 1*. M. COUNTRY SEATS AT ORANGE, MILBURN, SUMMIT, Montclalr, Brookfleld, Belleville. Elizabeth. Red Bank, Porteheater, on stateti Inland, and on the Hudson, for sale by FRED. A. PETERSEN, Architect, No. 6)4 Pine street, COUNTRY PROPERTY FOR SALE.?TWO HOUSES and three Lota on Staten Island, $6,800; also one acre and House ai Portchester. $1,800; uDo House ou Broadway and Ninth atreet, at a sacrifice. THOMPSON, 780 Broadway. Farm for sale-at bloomfield, n. j., as acres, near depot; Buildings, Fruit, Berries, good water, Ac.; the is high, overlooking a large extent of country, and for building sites cannot be surpassed: terms easy. For parti" u!um apply to E. B. OOIT, Bloomfield, N. J. Farm m acres.?price $9.ouo. would leasb. $600 ; cr annum. Country beat adjoining, wltb five acres, $8.<HW, or lease, $480 per annum, or furnished, $150 per month. l)i houra from Now York. Inquire at 47K Amity aireeL PALM FOR SALE-ON LONG ISLAND, NEAR THE vill age of Cumuc. convenient to the ruilioad and steam boat landing, and of easy acoes i from the city; contains 160 acres, 70 ot <vhicli Is choice wood lund. heavily timbered; balance tillable and In a high state of cultivation; dwelling House, burn. .trc? and a most drirable purchase; or would be e.ruluiii;,.' I for city property. .. Apply to WILLIAM MACKKY, .. Fulton avenue. 1jV)H FA ).!?.?U HOVE STREET. EAST ORANGE, HOUSE ami 1.ui, noli Oiocary htoieand Stock, now doing a gom! bns'ue.-s nuincdiate pjvse.sion. For particulars call on the pieuu-e?. For sale ? ?cnwATBB, ox the west bank of ttr> i.u! . niiies Irom Weehawken ferr.v, a Luge House. , sot Uud. suliaoic for a boarding hoes.-o pr.v contiusnding n line view of the onv ami Uai si - iork. Apply .o TitEOOORE U. MOSilE.t. It l i -trubi. i.Ol! .sAL' '.lit. KLBG AN f BROWN STONE HOUSE, " four stories avid exte i-ion, JJflOK. No. 8 Van Vorst square tS76 V O, , -tel. aeie v City, 'i hi# house is on the Park, the handseritasl loc,in ,ier?ev Otty. and wilt be sold lot S-6 W. piopeitv tosituated, built uow, would coal ebov. g' Terms easy. Apply as above. F Ij^OR SALE-f>? ACRE* OF I,AND, 60 IN CULTIVa lion, containing throe tr>od dwelling houses, large barn, ? - - I from A lion, containing three good dwelling houses, large barn, uw mill, loo house and o'her buildinc-, elgbt miles from raHroad and canal, price $-.300 Apuiy to JOHN LONG, Fifteenth Ward llol el. corner N nth sroetaml Sixth avenue, or to G. W. DAWSON. Kemson, Oneida MMtT, N. Y. FOR SALE-AT SMlTHTOtf.N, L. I.. THE FARM OP the late Benjamin Mills, containing 73 acrea home stead and HA arret woodland; good bona* and large and con venient outbuilding;, with u tine young orchard and large brook fut'gble tor making a trout pond. The itoek and movables will be acid with the farm if desired. Apply to LYMAN B. SMITH, Administrator, Smlihtown.L. l.,or E. 8. MILLS. 61 White street. N. Y. FOB 8ALE-HOUSK, STOllE AND LOT. PAYING 17 per cent interest; If sold within s few days will be sold cheep. Call on or address J. DIMOND. No. 10 Cnurcb street. New Brunswick, New Jersey. yOR SALE?LARUE AND ELEGANT HOTEL IN MAS m. sachuaetla, completely furnished, In perfect order. Will exchange lor New York or Brooklyn property. O. H. BENEDICT A CO., Si Pine Pine atreeL F? R SALE?A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING, with Frame Building attached, containing engine, _ ? -? - *? Hr"" holler, shafting. Ac.; chemical apparatus, A*:., suitable for a chemical manufactory or other factory purposes, together with a Stable and ten Lota of Urouud, on part of which It is built, all iltuated on Ferry street, at the junction of Newark avenue, flobokeu. N. ?!.. about five minutes walk from thelernr. ^Apply to ALBERT SI'S YE US, 22 Nassau si reel. ! IrtOR SALE?AT TREMONT. A WELL BUILT HOUSE, ' containing ten room*. Apply to JOHN K. FKAZNK, Tremout. For bale?a brick ootuic cottage, halp an acre of Ground, with stable, Ac , at Wappinaer'a Falls, between KDhklll ami Foiijhkeepue. Apply to '1. hi. COZ ZENH, 194 Pearl atreet, K7 Y. For SALE?the pacific hotel, at far rocka way, L. I., with outbuildings atliiohed nnd all MeaSMJ* modern Improvements. Terras easy. Address Thus. tl. Martin, Crook's Hotel. No M Chatham sireei, N. Y., or O. C. Norton, 81 Seventh atreet, Willlsin.tbuig. N. Y. For sale-in astoria, a pleasant and con ren.ent residence, accessible by steamboat worn Peck atip in 96 minutes anil by railroad and terry; situation etc vaied and healthy. Ilonae forty feet square, two stories and basement; piazzas front and rear, with cupola and fourteen rooms. On the place are berry-bearing shrubs, flowering trees and evergreens, with a variety of small and large fruit. Also aocommodalioiu for horsea and carriages. Dimensions, 116 feel on Remsen street, extending back to Wooliey street. 104 feet, with breadth on the latter of lib feet. Apply to CRANE * BAYLIES, 11 Waebington place, University building. For sale?in jersey city, three story brick House, 22x44x1(1); subcetlar. gas flit tire I, hath, Ac., Ave minutes from ferry. J. B. JAMBS, 29 Cedar etreet. TjtOR BALE VERY CHEAP-A FARM CONTAINING 96 J acres of good land lit a high atatc of cultivation. 8 acrea In heavy timber, a good house, two haras, stable, Ac., Iocs, ted within one tail# of UnionvlUe depot, and three tnlies east of Tanrytown. Immediate poevesston given and terras to suit. Further particulars with 8. KMBEB80N, 421 Eighth aveaue. TjtOR SALE OR TO LET?ttFINB RESIDENCE AT P Saratoga Springs, mils south of Congress Spring: lo ^MonHroailway, corner South street; 100 feet front on Broadway; running through to Hamilton street 260 loot; the grounds are well laid out, with a une frame house about 46i by 76; In good ooodttlou; lofty ceilings; about 11 good statu rooms; a nne grape arbor, about 40 feet long; with a good| ?table, stall for tBree horses and cat nagea. Ac. For further particulars apply to JOSEPHC. LEVI, 128 Broadway. rR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY A valuable Farm of 98 acres, 1M hours J>y rail: good buildings; elevated location. Apply to CALT, corner of Canal aadCburch street. MAGNIFICENT FARM OF 1,000 ACBES-ON HUDSON river; Farms and Country Seat* in Westoheetor and Kookland counties; also In New Jersey. STRICKLAND i CO.. 240 Broadway. fFUBRYTOWN, N. T.?FOR SALE, A DESIRABLE X place, with four acres. Price $16,000. HAOOKBTY * PHELPS, So. 11 Pine street. A PL ACRE FARM FOR SALE, AT DERBY, CONN. ; good house and barns, young orchard. Ac.; three Ktriers of s mile from railroad and boat landing; one mile m three villages; house in New l'ork. Kirttfn -ac ms m three vlllsges; a verr pleasant nlaoe; will exchange for C. H. PAUL, 90 CortUudt street. gntr nnn-TORSALK. A FIRSTCLASS IMPROVED WAGiUl'U. property In Newark. N. J.; large Hons#, with wing addition; brick 'stable on a struct tn the rear of the premises, grounds 107 feet trout, 218 feet deep. For further particulars Inquire at room No. 4 Custom House, Newark. RKAIj ESTATE WASTED. A BRICK HOUSE WANTED FOR PURCHASE-IN Eleventh, Twelfth ?r Thirteenth streets, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Address, etatlng' street, number, terms, possession, Ac Purchaser, hoi 20a Herald ofllre. GENTLEMAN'S HOUSE WANTED TO RUT?FROM Tenth to Fiftieth sir-et East. Cash, $#,I?M. Owners send particulars nnd information in a letter. Address A. 1}., Herald office. Agents need not apply. (TENEMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OK 1 lease?The highest value given. Apply to R H. GIBBONS A CO.. 446 Broome street. T O OWNERS HP BROADWAY AND OTHER FIK8T class property.?Parties Bmadway or other .irst class property for sale, to lce?e or In let will greatly laclll lair on " I * lata i heir object by leaving a full d' S riptlon of the same with the undersigned, who nas many applications for such property. All business Intrusted to his care will receive faithful and Immediate attention. Leases on Broadway wanted. J. PKCARE, 617 Broadway. Ill ANTED?TO PURCHASE, A HOUSE, IMMI'.DI Yf atelyr for cash; four storv, 20 or 26 feet front, between Fourteenth aod Fortieth street*, and Fourth and Htith are niitf): price to be not ofpr I^^OOO, Addn?? P. L. boi 110 Herald office, with full description, and the lowest oath price by owners. WANTED?A PLEASANT COTTAGE AND ONE OR two acres of ground; moet have from 111 to 14 romwe and be of easy access to New York. Addreaa, riving full particulars Hamilton, box 2,907 New Yerk Poet office. KTH AVERUft LOIN WA IfTBD?THRMM VACANT U building lou on east aide of Fifth arenue, between six tieth and Ninetieth atresia, in exchange for stock la en In corporated company now In active operation, and gnaran teed to pay 16 per cent dividend per annam on the pnee asked. Address T. H. 8., box 112 Herald office. IXnUMM A-BURNHAN'8 FURNITURE BXPRRM, 11$ WBBT , Eleventh xtreet, near Sixth avenue.?Furniture moved tlty or country, birnltura peeked and shipped. Furniture iter* FOR SALE. A~~LABGB SIZED LILLIF.'S KIBE AND 12. HI.I.AK proof Safe l or sale. cheap; *l?o several smaller Safes, of Herring*. Marvin's ami tiaylur't make. rrrng a, a Q y0,KK( n WUUm ^ Abargain.-kor SALE, THE STOCK ANI) Fix turee of one of the oldest established Boot and bhos Stores iu the city, with a lone lease at a very low i euk Ad dress Morris, box 1,884 Post office. No notice taken of agents A CANAL BOAT FOB SALE?IN EBIE BASIN, JM tens, lucluding lines, anchor amljall equipment#. In quire at oorner of Ailaa and Plymouth streets, I SPLENDID SALOON FOB SALE?NEAH BROAD A wsy and Post office. Also ona on Broadway, near Ca ne], Also Hotel on Broadway, near Amity etreet. Also ons on Broadway and Eighth street. THOMPSON. 780 Broadwsy. A LA ROE SIZED HERr.t NO'S S APE FOB SALE CHEAP, also three medium ?lred Safe*. Marvin's and Lillle ? makes; one De.k, and Fairbauka' Scale*. 98 Liberty street near Post office. Butter stoke fob hale cheap.? good loca tion; splendid chance for an emer|.rising man. Pot particulars inquire at 328 Washington etreet Distillery for sale-in complete bi nning order; receiving room and bonded wurehotiso atuched. Applv to J. ANTHONY, 121 East Twenty-fifth street before 10 o clock A. -M. or 4 P. M. _____ I EXTRAORDINARY OPPOItTlXITY-POSSKS-HON !M j mediately ?Lease. Flxlures and Slock for sale of tha well known Sample Koom. 8BS Broadway, elegantly Idled up. business good and constantly Increasing. fOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A KINK TEA store In a loading thoroughfare: an established cash trade; estimated value $4,UW); stock can be reduced to suit ? purchaser. Apply for particulars to P. Q. R-, station O. For sale-a bitter store in Brooklyn, es tablished over eleven years. Apply to BARTLE A SI MONHON. 22u Washington street. New York. For sale-in jersey city, the well known Reading and Br.liard Room 100 Montgomery street, cor ner of Warren. Price $6.?X). P. P. MESCHPTT, Proprietor. For sale-a fancy qoods store, with stock and Fixtures, In one of the best buslnoss localities of the city. Inquire at 119 Spring street. For sale.?a small, complete stock of Plumbers' Materials for Mile at a bargain at *>39 Ninth avenue, near Forty-third strret. Benches, Fixtures and Stand also on reasonable terms; entry Immediately. IilOK SALE-LEASE, FIXTCRKS, STOCK AND It' 1 cense of the well known Hk Nicholas Restaur.mi, cor ner Broadway and Spring street, under the hotel, all m com plete order; will be sold cheap. Apply ou the premises. For sale-the lease, fixtures and uood Will of an old established Millinery and Dressmaking business, near Broadway. 101 East Thirteenth street, cor ner of Fourth avenue. Inquire of Mrs. JACKSON. For sale-the stock and fixtures of a re us Boot and Sboe Store, on one of the principal avenues. The fixtures are new, and will be sold reasonable to a cash purchaser. Apply to CAMMEYER k N.kSON, HQ Warren streak For sale-the store and fixtures and House Furniture of the Hardware Store 420 Eighth avenue; .old on account of III health of the proprietor. In quire ou the premises. For sale-a first class private millinery Establishment on side street, near Broadway. Address J. C., uox 901 Post office. For salf.-a splendid stock of warranted Scales, for stoics, lactorte*. markets, Ac.; also several good second hand scales. Buffalo Scale Works depot, 86 Curtis ndl street tLOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORK; LI. A" cenxo pull! to January. 1888. flood reasons given for selling ?? the owner has other business to attend to. Apply at 021 Canal street FfOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS SAMPLE ROOM: IN THE neighborhood of Wall atrcet Reason for sellln t. owing to the proprietor going South. Apply to BYEuETT A DOBUS. 11 Park place. IjTOR SALE CHEAP-ONE OF FAYS' LA ROM SIZE 1M 1 proved Tenoonlng Machine, at No. 181 Orchard street S. H. KNAPP. locality for miUintry good*. ? 4.4NJ k'on ofUCN M V. TJSSTAl'RAMr ANRJ!*^LF,'on,"1a ?lasrMMrafcra#* ?"???? DOHOt), M Par* plaoa. CBIXINO or^RKOAROLESS 0r^O9T,#^ff^ONM^ 0 <|Ueuoe Of IMM pf M"J? itocL irHH than half priwTitOBKRT* 1K W1S. ?*? Bowery. WW Bond ?dreel^ OTORP. P'*??? ^A?i,d MluhllArorRf?n?lU^ : S,su?3J,MV" &.S i from 7 to ?0 A. M.orfrom 7 to ? 1 M ?? I 1 forriti ;Mtfe' HT.7.iNa.aa.. .tr??t._^V; ? buiineu. ?? ~ W ACHIXKR V ? a.. Boiler Work*, foot of Morgan airnet. Jerne, Oll>. T^Th^vTbIa STE \M HOISTING ENGINE. Ar.; AI-SO TOE SALK.-A BARGAIN. WOBOlUMtfO EN. T glnea; mu.l bo lemoeed, ^,cKEn2ik ? f*rk ?ireet_ riA?i\i PV A SMACK, CLINTON IRON FOUNDERS, 2l?3^&?'8?S?ffiS ?oiuiblt terra*. _________ - ??? P?MAANU B0ILKR9AS^RcLAB^BAW mYlK The be.t a ml u*>et complete In "?e. ^stbTm engine company. and W Meldeu lane, ^ow 1 orb. COAL. WOOD. *?S jr aoxe $i Pi-n ?H*\:: J" S^^OHH^Prit. coiner of .?.?? C an a Jto* flltaenih aim*!- __ ? T" . . hat OUON FOR COKE IN THE YARD. OR $2 u.l eared' inu^dtotoly ?? g&figZfET????? New Yo;a 0*. Work., rwo.nty-lirrt rl.eet " v. ATVHkla. Jf-v. hlntll^RC. sswpsa?# airy, St&er and Plated Wnre^ rRA?,EFIBLD RCO.. SOP Sixth arenue. corner ofKoor.r.nth au^t, nnd?U Klgbto aeeune. corner of 1 wenty-Mxta atreet. "WATCHER?SUITABLE FOR _?55?2I?J*2iId rtaied W po.e. anil gift enl?rpri.e?. ^^^"p&^jeweby, 3SU& A?nO??Sr toiWEL JACOBS, W Broadway. - - = M RDW AL* I-MMiSft." WSJtSSi'* Ureenwhh atreet. ? ?~ a -DR. ORmDLE. ACCOUCaEVU T^TH^RlVATB A. Lying-in lmdltnto, No- * ftgELT All fe?nln board, nunung and medical auenu* plautU akilfhily ireaied.^ 1 ? a BLF.R8INO TO EADJ*^~*AL^?^n*^g^, wltSim A tugnoae "rn?? 1W" iTmaURL ^^gflRl lSbgySr^. f by tonO. fL &2R&& ladle.-frotn w aaterer cnuea. ANDISITRK ?W?? r?R towli P*1l*ono'^;'<,f,t5(U|iAUBiciiAU. Ub LibiartY *rnei. traciA ur' Al - druMiat'a, 168 Urrenwichatreet. __ iiint.K okINDLF., FEMALE FIIY8IC1AN, NO ^wrHsaasr-sS ssfs-ss kn<i roedleal attandaacn. C0cf^UJ.thDom mK.SEn^b!rtatodL^rS^or^S prrfect rigor and nMUllOCi. tny other phyalMan, or no pny token. .No. S Dtrlaton rlnce Ih'H. ? "tub bTfOWRBR' KLIXIB OF LIFE "^J^fSIubood. moit * haltered "7"wm-.?VonStK^m etrwt. Hiirceaa certain; cure gnarnnteed^ l?l.-m??|___ r\R. POWKI.U PHYSICIAN AND WJjS&totoMB l) Warerle? place, near Broadway. a 48 bourn, ( onenltotkm free. nUfNCW , VIVPRTANT TO" rowaSS*^ on. RsagYCttBS? r AD1KS CAN ALWAYS^RE''JoJ0,! nothing ??*? *? :?? ertnln jfTDWlFRBT AfADAMR M oeer Ihlrty T'*^1^ >^rgtonl lrea?ment Doto; *"y ?dy rwgN|tf?'ajixafc sw* ?r?**?