Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1867 Page 1
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y -j THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO.- 11,136. NEW YORK, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL. (xOi i on ?i suspy i t that you are a m mrco. J If y> . .i*e n i >c;)diM a ootipon auJ 1 tin meet yon alone at any and place you ma> fix. TP THIS "l,ADY WHO SaTIN THE BALCONY, BROAD 1 way theatre, Kiitur4l| evwlM Februaiy 23 .dru'j bat and feal'nar1. afterwards went to Taylor's, Bndway, woo Id like t<x form lae ?? .n..miaucr of ttie gen whoolt snrrety her. and aat in tbe orchestra abe would oblige the aacio bjr sending her address to B. G. A S., Jersey City Post ?ftlcv TN1*<RMATT<>N WaNTEI)-i)F PATRICK BIT fLF R, J. who came to tl Is eounrry in 1H61 from AnscouN, parish into m i ?f Kilroasieti'y, eoiMUf Vleferford, Irtf.and. Any in. 'den eonoerning hlm.wll i* thanki ully received by bta slater, Katie Butler at Lovejuy's Hotel, New York. LESTER M .'.RINO-THEUE is a letter for you m Brookkn Post office. milK OINTLEMAN ON THE PLATFORM OF EIGHTH X avenue car is desirous of making the acquaintance of Urn young lady (accompanied by two other*) who noticed him in Hudson street Saturday evening. Andre-s B. 0. M., Bern Id office. The young i ad% that dropped two notes, Best rending You canne: come up,'1 Will please address Nariin, etut.ou C, stating wheu and where an interview can be had. The lady who on last Saturday evening recognised a gentleman at the Bowery Theatre and rode -with him to lite corner ol' Tenth street and Third avenue, ?and in passing out of the car shook hint by the hand, cau Rave an interview by addressing F. U., box 6,750 Post oljioe, New York. GOOD NK.ur. w ILL ANNLnTF; WHO LIVED WITH A FAMILY IN Clinton place, stout three years, send her address to H., Herald offloe w HITE FUR COLLAR?AT TAYLOR'S, SATURDAY evening No chnnce to give note. Piease write to C. W., box S,b63 Post office. 3D AVENUE CAR, SUNDAY EVENING.?WILL THE lady who got out at Grand street please confer a Listing favor Ly sending her address to Hixon, Herald oflict 1 - QQQ REWARD?J RROMK BONDS. AD dress, in confidence, box 2,40b New York IiOST AND FOUND. LOST?A BLACK AND TAN l)OH; ANSWERS TO name of Jack; steel collar around hia neck. Please return him to No. 9 Greenwich avenue, where a liberal re ward will be paid. T OST?AT COOPER INSTITUTE, ON FRIDAY EVEN XJ ing, Februan 2d a ludv's fur collar. The finder will he suitably rewarded by leaving it at 366 Weat Fourth street. Inquire for Mrs. Davidson Lost?a valise, from an express wagon, on Saturday evening, in going from Itleeeker, near Thomi> eon street, to Union square, from there to Eighth street, near avenue C. A suitable reward will be paid lor its re horn to bl Madison street. STOLEN?ON FRIDAY NIGHT, 221) INST., FROM THE schooner lying foot of Jackson street, one Leather unk. containing Clothing; I Sextain, made by 'filly. Ham. burg. 1806; four Charts of the east coasted the United States; -hoe pair Night Glasses, and one English Pilot Cloth Coat A ?bend reward (an l no questions asked) will be paid on re turning the above la the office of M. 8. Drigga k Co., 278 South street. REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST. ON SATURDAY, AT A rUNE vj ral, a Pocketbook containing! about |$2i) and a sacred telle. The finder will please return it to No. 23 Clinton ? C REWARD.?LOST?A LEAD SHOE BUCKLE RE V*-' presenting a wreath of Scotch thistles. The finder Will please leave it at Thomas Kirkpatrck's, 3U4 Broadway, erof Dunne street. *1 A REWARD.?LOST, FRIDAY. 22D, GOING FROM W?X" Stxth avenue and Thirty-llrst street, down Broad Way to Christy's Minstrels, Twenty-fourth street, a lady's Mink Collar. 319 Sixth avenue. !(> REWARD?LOST, WHILE GOING FROM Florence'e to Stetson's, on Central Park, a plain old Ring; initials inside. The finder will receive the above reward on returning the same to 167 East Nineteenth street. fit A REWARD.?TAKEN FROM 80 NEW CHAMBERS l?_)U street, on Tuesday, February 19. a large blsck orse, 16 hands full; white stripe on face; right hind loot White about eight inches up; full tall, and stylish in harness. Was to huve been taken to Orange county. The horse, no Asnbt, been pledged in some sale or liven stable. The above reward will lie paid for the recovery or the horse on application to 8. R. Morgan, Merchants' Hotel, Cort laadl street. *141A REWARD.?TOE GOLD HUNTING WATCH ^)XUl" made by Jules Juignnsen and numbered 6.304, with gold chain attached, was lost Friday qvenuig. Feb 22, Ml a Sixth Avetine Railroad car, somewhere between Four Seenth and t'blriy-sixth streets. The above reward of $100 Me. be paid to any one delivering aaid watch and chain at 6 West Fourteenth street. No questions asked. *200 ?EWA3-??-_LOS^'?.- <K)INa. ?.R COMING from Williams Bridge, bn She New Haven or Weoeter street care, the 22d instant, a blue enamelled Which, set with brilliants; Chatelntne Chain, with Initials A. G. R., and several Charms attsched to It. The above re ward will be paid and no questions asked, by applying at Ml Wouster street. ^ SPECIAL. NOTICES. BrwicTirrs or sr. Patrick. XV. The regular quarterly meeting of the Knlghta of Hi. ratrick will be held at llie \nt<>r Home on lueaday evening, 36th luat.. at 8 o'clock. Tickrta for the Annual Banquet, to take place at the Aator Houee on the 18th of March, will be ready for sale to membera. Punctual attendance la deal re Mai By order. W. K. LYuNS, 1'realdent. Jammk J. Tbitoor, Correaponding Secretary. ?OTICE.-LONQ8HORKMEN'S UNION PROTECTIVE AaaoeUtion In convention. Keanlved That ail Steve ia who, after Monday, the 4th of March, Jo not pay their workmen their wagea once per week, and that either en Saturdaya or Monday*, tbe membera of the differeut Longahoremen'a Union will not work for them. RODDER BURKE. 1'rea.dent Convention. Jama C. Kme, Secretary of Convention. KOTICB.?NEW YORK, FEB. 36,1867. TH hi JOUR neymen tallora In the employ of Meaara. Bruoka Bro?., adway and Orand atreet, are requeated to attend a meat . at 8 o'clock thia (Monday) morning, at No. 10 Stanton to attend the obaequiea of the late Mr. Daniel Dev. er Subscriptions to the southern relief com miaaion to date. Amount prevloualy ac- Caah 20 knowledge* 6*1,084 Than. II Smith 2u S. Walter Wood MO Auonynioua 2U Jooeph Shipley MX) PreabyierUn Socety of Wm. Cooper additional) 400 Amenta south 20 Qhrtat Church, N. Y 283 Citizen* of Ulyaaea. N. Y. ID Ottlaena of Udca, N. Y... 247 U. W. siephene, Crom Merace Greeley 3U0 well, Conn 10 Mary J. Deloton 2tXI P. Cong. Ch., Reading, Mra. A. J. Phelpa 2U0 Conn 15 ?enry T. Mall A Co 150 C. M. Wright, Brooklyn.. 10 Bnrdett A Bverlt 160 F. S 10 ?obert Bonner liw Kranklln, N.J 10 Jbnerxin Coleman 1U0 Anouymoua 6 Young. Smith k Co 100 Krtend 5 A. HrW 100 Uei-nian Preaby. church. ^M I'D Uateaaveuue. Brooklyn rhlm,Livingston k Poat ltX) (add.) 5 B. B. Wyckotr A Co. 100 J. W Kennedy, M.D. ... & Abner Beera, Newtown, D. Dodge.Kecaeville.N.Y. 9 Coon 100 C. P. Jaekaon 6 Alfred C. Poat 1U0 P. L. Hyde 6 Hoary Beadle 100 Auunytnouo I Bwoet Home 76 Ceeh 6 Call at Blooming Drove. MivF.,Hi?igl>aniton,N.Y. 6 Orange county, N. Y... (B S. Bighy, sponoerport.... ? Thomaa P. Cnminiug.... SO Tarrytowo, N. Y 6 Peter Marie 50 P. R. liyde, Jordananlla, Mra. T. A. Abbott 60 N. Y ? 6 W. H. Cauldwell 60 All Angaia' church, N. Y. 5 A nail n Thorp A Co 60 S. P 6 Ya Mackay 90 Jaa. Eldridga, Jr., Blng ?Ue C. H. V. Cochcroft. 60 harnton, N. Y 7T. 6 Aynaar, Degrauw A Co ... 60 M. Pkippa, Caaaopolla, Cltlsena of I'azenuvia 60 Mich 6 A. W. Porter, Monoon, Nathau IVe*tcott Uoahen, Maaa 60 N. Y 6 X. Y. Board of Pmvlaion H. Hunillng, I'lalntlcld, Broken 80 N. J . t HA. Cope, Philadelphia.. 40 Anonymoua 8 fir. H. J. P.. Youkera.... 26 H. Field 2 I.D.AT 35 A Friend 3 1, B. Merrick A Co 35 A Mite 3 Ceo. W.gMano , 36 Jamua Balfour 1 JJ. M. D 36 I. s. Connor I Abbott A Moore 2ft A Mite 1 Bestial ehurcb, Weal Friend 1 lAarkaayille, N. Y 36 Anonym una 30 Total 136,000 J A MLS M. BROWN, Treaaurer. 60 Wall atreet. New York. r TAILORS.?THE MEN EMPLOYED BY 1HE LATE Daniel Devlin, and the trade generally, are hereby rv ouested to meet at H75 Broome atreet, thia day. at 8 o'clock JL M., to participate In tbe obaequiea of our beloved aod ro oted employer, whoee lire and death viand aa au ex pie end a reproach to io at my of hia clan; one who quired wealth without crushing hia employee, and knew > to uae it aa a cleaning, but never learned ita abuae. By ir of the Committee. The pubuc is hereby cautioned aoainst negotiating the following promieaory note, tbe tranaier mod payment of which haa been enjoined by the Court of Common Plea*, ard which la now to poaaea ion of David Kaufman A Co. ?Note dated Jan. U. 1867; made by Hltnon Jtatcbenback. and endoraed by William Brunner A Co., fur Aha aum of |8,(Nli. and payable at three monllia after date. Nnw Vonx, Feb. *>. 1867 WILLIAM BRUNNER A CD. ML NIC Ala# '"aDK UNA P ATTI AND THE WORRELL SISTERS -A were ta.iyhi In tkugliig and Piano by ELIZA VALEN ^7*1 PA RA t ,VLLI. Prima Donna Soprano, who recetvea natta at 66 West Eighteenth atfot I A FIRST CLASH ALTO ANI) BASSO DESIRE AN EN lJlA gagement In a Prmeatant church in New Yerk, frum \S*y f Add. eai M i ear S. H., hot 130 lleraid o/Iice. A HON A I1A VEIN. M/NUFACTURERS OF CABINET Orgaoa, aalauiionte tM Broadway, New York, whom * ' ? ' of f * "? ay be foiiod the uvrgort oaaortmcnt or Inatruinonte of Una itv the country. Price*. $in or leaa to gl.uDoacti. EABTJKK SUPPLIED WiBH ANY NUMBER OF PER formera at ahort notice Bv a compcteni lander. Alao noa I'lued and rcguivted. Auplj at 7i* slitn avenue, car eer ?f Forlv (lr.( ??rec\ in the muvlr atore. rANTED?A COMPETENT ORGANIST, FOd A PRO teatant Kpiaeopnl c?nreb la Brooklyn. ,t niluiia %a he amiL'.pr.ntr<l )<y imtuivKilale aa tor ham. ability, Ac- Addreaa E. H. k. Bel- 'ier, he* 2,181 Poal i c, New Vol*; or apply In perron, after IP. M., at I*, lieigen at., fye. Lit >1 V HID IAVY CLAIMS. W. Y ? a R*r AV'D navy claims-additional bounty A now reAly for payment. Soldier*, brim' In your die faargea. < a?t given ou all good clalma. (, KDRDE W. ? M.VIN, Army Navy Bunker, principal oBh-c 176 "oiith oar eat corner ?f. Rcoaeveit: braocb oflloe 63 Bcw.rv. corqer gg Canal ISISTBl't'THW. 1 LADY,' FRENCH TEACHER. VERY XPERI J\ Mti'i 1 n con versa Hen teaohiug. wishes to pel -puis for -ha hour of live in the aftMMm, at the pupil . ??? deoreorat liei s; 'lw bout of references glveo. Address M., IK) Ka?l Seventeenth street. A T ft SO?WRITING, a) LKSfONS; BOOKKEEPING, A Writing, Arithmetic, Latin, Spelling, $.0. There are thousands ofper draggingout miserable, discontented Uvea tor ?vent of instruction In ihe?e essentials. Atleud RAISE, ?2 Bowery, or 319 KuKon street, Brooklyn. A T TOWN8F NO'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, 3P0 BOWBKT. A beiween Prince sod Houston strop's, Instruction is given u. H> tkcepmg. Writing Arithmetic, Spelling, Gram mar. Corresno deuce, Ac. Open day aril evening, Saturdays included. Rooms lor ladles, No classos, 1'rnuio instruc tion. /"A C MARSH'S ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND IN V/. STRUCTIOM IN BOOKKKEPINO AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Mb Broadway. Circulars. UJSOANT BIiSINEWS WRITING.?DOLBEAR'S SYS tern of hnn.l training, dOP Broadway, will positively re move all stiffness, cramplnjf or trembling, and give an easy. rapid, elegant business stylo. Gentlemen can-secure priv rooms. V17ANTED?A GOVERNESS CAPABLE OF INSTRUCT o log two Utile girls in music and the English brunches of education; one sneaking German preferred. Apply by letter, stating refereuces, to B., bos d.Otd Post otUce. HTANIFD-AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER fAMERI vi can), to instruct the English branches. mathematics ami bookkeeping m the forenoon. One able to iii?tract French preferred. Apply 171 West Thirty-seventh street. SPORTIIG. A LADY WISHES TO SELL FOl R CANARIES i\ uniting beautiful app'sr,nice and good singing. Also a clever Robin. All at reasonable price. U West Eighteenth street, near vixtli avenue. All kinds of dogs and birds for svle at B. DOVKY'S, ir4? Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam; about live months old; built of oak and copper fastened; lias accommodations for eight persons besides the crew; is well found in every re spect. Apply ou board at foot of East Tenth street. I?OR SALE?A THOROUGHBRED BLACK AND TAN 1 Terrier U. g. To bo .seen at 100 West Fourteenth atreet, in the stable. Francis butler, no. speck blip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure ane Flea Exterminator, .ft cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $i Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for ail dis eases. JOHN GRAY, 11 ROOSEVELT. HAS FOR SALE PAIR of handsome Newfoundland Dogs, black and tan, Scotch and Skye Terriers; one small black and tan Dog, very handsome. JUST RECEIVED?A LA ROB ASSORTMENT OF BEL gian and German Canaries, piping Bullfinches and o'her European Singing Birds. Also (lOiden and Silver Pheasants, Mandarin Ducks, Black and While Swans, Ac. For sale by CHARLES RKlOllE A BROTHER, ? Chatham street, near Chambers. ONE DOLLAR A PAlK WILL BE PATD FOR 1(10 pairs of Quail, delivered alive to A. C. LAWREN' E, 94 and 96 Leonard street, New York. Trout fishing. ? gentlemen wishing to avail themselves of the privilege or Fly Fishing will address Shanty Creek, Maspetb, Long Island. IIOIDiEX, CARRIAGES. AC. At public bale?on Tuesday, mth inst, at u o'clock, at 1,9)1 and 1,963 Third avenue, near RjHth St., Horees, Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, Harness, Holies, Ac. At public sale?on Wednesday. ?th inst., at 11 o'clock, at 1,401 Broadway, Horses, Carriages, Bockaways, Wagon*, Ac. bee Auction Sales. A GENTLEMAN, HAVING WILD HIS HORSES, NOW wishes to dispose of the following Vehicles and Har ness at a sacrt'lce :? 1 light Platform Coacli. curtain quarters, $3M. <-.?( $9 JO 1 six seat Phaeton or Brett (light', $6M. cost $ho0. 1 light coal box shifting top Buggy, $215. coat g-tnn. 1 light yacht body shifting top Hnggv. A-'", cost $490. 1 shifting top Depot 'A agon, $1 TV cost $JW. 3 sets tingle Harness. $T()0 cost $ih>. 1 set light doable Hai nes*. $56, cost $125. For sale separately If desired. Apply at Calvin Witty's Cariiag? Wnrrmoma, 638 Brondway, near Bleecker street. A handsome pony teaai of dappled gray Vermont Morgan Horses, half brothers, 6 years old; good style and action; also a chunky team of Canadian Mares; low priced. 44)8 Pearl street. Brewster a co.. of broomk street, invite attentiou to their new style* of Carriages for spring aud summer use consisting of Phaetons, Calcches, Lamlnis. Cabriolets and oilier fashionable vehicles; also on view au assortment of our celebrated Road Wagons In all the newest stvles, and of the most exquisite finish. Persons In search of "Brewster" wagons are reminded that we manufiictuie on our premises In Broome street every vehicle we (ell, and h*vetio branch of our establishment on Broadway. Buy your harness and saddles before sprlngr usli opens and prices go up. Call, examine anil compare our stvles and orloes Wholesale snil retail Saddlery and Harness Ware rooms, 67 Reade street, flrt door westo? Broadway. N. Y. DKMAKKST. BALL A CO. We manufacture our own goods, and Inylte the attention of dealers. No Broadway expenses or proliti. CARRIAGE*.-JOHN C. PARKER k CO., 65 EAST Twenty-flitb "'rent bufMera of first class carriages only. Invite the inspection of all buyer* apprcclniln.' tfx>a work. Order* for spring and summer use should be put to band >t once. FOR SALE?AN ELKO A NT BRETT MADE BY Brewster A Co., Broome elreet; but UttM Used. To l>? seen at the private stable 183 East Thirty-second street, from ? A. M. to 1 P. M. For salk-an established livery stable. with Stock pertaining to the same; the best stand in Brooklvn; sold on account of sickness. For particulars ap ply at stables at M Clinton street, Brooklyn. IpOR SALE?A PAIR Of CARRIAGE HORSES, OR ' either ot them. Apply at pi irate stable 212 Weal Thir ty-fifth street. FOR SALE?A NICE SORREL MARE. 16 HANDS high. S years, sound and kind, and can trot In 3:60. Light Wagon auil llarties-. Whip. Rolie and Blanket. Price for a.l $600. Call on Monday at l-ki East forty-second street, one door from Third avenue. FtOR SALE-A SMALL WORKING TEAM, SOUND and kind: sold for want of use; price $225 Apply at l29Ea?t Twenty-third street. FjM>R SALE?A LOT Of FIRST CLASS HORSES, JUST from the country. At for carts, trucks, express or any business. Warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 641 Cuual street, corner of Washington. Fior sale?stylish sorrel Horse. its',-, five years, for i-onjS! or family use, $::;*?. Three Horses, Irom $,'6 to $100. New llgbt Harness, $80. No. 144 West Twenty-ninth street. For sale?eleven horses; amonu them three ttre year old Colts. $ I->I esch; one handsome gray pnny tuiilt Mare $90: one nix rears old, $40. In onnae uiietice ol ? hurt. Also some tine truck nr curt Horses. The others are valuable for farmers or any business. No. 4)0 New Chambers street. Harness.?at a bargain, one set of second baud light double Harness; also two sets of heavy Harness, at a sacrifice. A. ROBINSON, 296 Pearl street, near Beekmnn. Harness for sale?two sets of first class single Harness, covered mounting. Broadway make; cheap lor nasb. Call on or address E. BAN KB, 837 Eaai Thirty-third street. Mules.?four pairs of young mules. 15 hands, well matched, and lour single ditto, very cheap. Stable Eighty-thirl street and Eighth avenue, or of GEO. CAULFIEI.l). basement. Rotunda, titty Hall Tark. tlfl or ?Bay horse, 6 years old, 15 hands, '|llad)> sound and kind; nnc do., 16 bands, $100, a sorrel, $60. 99 W>et Twenty-ninth street. OOPAHTH ERMBI PS. A^m special partner wanted?wiru from $29,990 to $60,900 to extend the business of an old es. tahllslied house In this city. The business Is desirable, pays n large profit, and Is attended with comparatively little risk. No agents need answer. Address 11. A. E., box 4.MKI Post oflice. Mr. lewis baar nAs this day retired from our firm. The business will be conducted hereafter under the old firm of Jacob Ftsher A Co. JACOB FISHER, LEWIS HA All. Naw Togg, Feb. 9$. H67. BABKT HKYDKCKER. P| ARTNRR WANTED?WITH $10 000. IN AN ESTAB lished wholesale jnbbltig hofise of undoubted respe< l*. blllty, doing a sate buslneaa. References first class ex changed. No agent* or bogus parties Deed answer. Ad dress Chambers, box 107 Herald oflice. PARTNER WANTKD-WITH $49.UOO TO $60,000. IN AN established and successful drv food* auction business In Philadelphia, to lake the place of a retiring partner. Ad dress Auction, box 6.114 New York Post oflice. PARTNER WANTED?IN AN IRON WORKS, NEAR Philadelphia; > ons'-ting of Rolling Mill; wnnttosddn nail factory. Prior of kali luterest $3li,UUU. Address box 89 Philadelphia Poet oflice. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF trom $1.W9 to $6,'4W. With this amount a good and honorable business man ean hare one-half Interest in a respectable and money-making business, thoroughly estab lished. No humbug 'connected with this, therefore none but principal* and those who mean business need apply or answer, and whoever does ran apply l? dr address Win. Van Wageaeu, 473 Sixth arenue, when the whole wtl be ah >wn and explained. fTWE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing J. between the wtbscrthera under the copartnership name of ninmey A Elder, at 212 Grand street, is this day dissolved by in lUtalconsent. Michael Tuutney is alone anthorlfed to settle up the biialnees of said linn. MIRHAEL TUOMET. _ . . w ? JOHN ELDER, Jr. Dated Nkw Yogr? Feb. 30, 18?7. C'?00 W"'1' MtWBK A HALF INTERK?r IN e legitimate good paying business. Refesenen* changed. Good reasons for wanting a partner. Apply at Nassau street, oflice No. #9 nrm -FARTNBJt WANTKD-AN E.VKPliEfIC rn*n,wt:h lhl* amount, to la.. -a half in terest in an established, well psylng mxla witter rusnu fgciotx For full partleHlara rail on or sdd'css advertiser. M Bond street, stating where act Interview oau be had. R*un but principal* need apply. toil nnn TO w"'t? FU.YCHANB the inter 9" 'ivVW estof a retiring partlk*v igoing t" Europe in an established cash manufacturing btx^nesa. sales io first alase houses in kite principal elties: artiea* always lit letnend; profit* on Investment I Ml to 3m) per cent Ad denes with reel name. Boca Fine Herald ollleo SAI* KM AT AUCTION. A VenOtt SALE K. ROTH. AC0T10jfBKl|. LARUI and positive sale op ELEG ANT AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD Fl RMTURE, MAUNiFICENr ROSEWOOD PIASOFoKTF. BEAUTIFUL PaRLOK SI ITS IN BBOCATBL. ?KLVET, BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS. Thi* tMonday) morning, fob. 26, at 11 o'clock, tho ? i-gunt Household Km mlure of the four story house 119 Vi nt.01 place, Eighth xtrcet, betW'ien Klfih U(l Sixth avenue* Magnlflceut Rosewood Pianoforte, 25 fine OH Paintlnge, Work* of Art, and BrookM: 16 Bru**''l? and Ingrain Car pett; lot of rich Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Ktirnl (tire; Spring and Hair Mattresses; Glass, China and Silver Ware; Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. VDKIAN H. MIILLBR WILL. SKIL. AT AU( HON, on Monday, Feb. 26, at the Exchange Saleroom, 111 Kroadwsv, the valuable proiierty 3*1 Bowery, 64 and od Bond street. 44 and 63 Bond struct are three story brick Houses: 330 Bowery Is a substantial four story store and dwel' Una, wlih good basement and tinder cellar, suitable for any business. This property Is desirable as an mvestmsut. T AUCTION?HARRISON'S COLUMBIAN HOTEL, A1 Chatham square. The above very popular and splen didly furnished Hotel will lie sold at public au-tioo on Tues rtsv, FVb 26 at 11 A. M. (If not previously disposed of>. for the b- nodt of the estate of E. Harrison, deceased. The bar room is one of the handsomest in New York, complete n everv particular; accommodation for a lodgers. The lease, good will, stock, fixtures and everything si pertaining thereto will be sold mono lot. Rent low. Parties desirous of seeing tho premise* can do so at anv time between now and day of sale, and any information will 1m- fr-elv given by calling ou the undersigned at bis oflice, 136 Chatham street. ? W. JORDAN, Executor. A TACTION NOTICE.-ALL THE ELEGANT HOUSE, hold Purnhure contained In. the five storv brown stone house No. ? West Sixteenth street, between fifth aud Sixth avenues, at private sale, at less than anotlon priori. Parlor Suits, KUgeres. Bookcase. Pianoforte, Bronzes. Books, Paintings, l.aee Cnrtnins. Velvet Carpets, Chandeliers, Mir rors, Clock, China Vases, rosewood Bureaus, Wardrobe, Bedstead, Table do Nuit. Mattresses, Heading, Extension Table, Bullet, superb sets Cains, Glass, Silverware, Table Cutlery, In lots to suit purchasers. A LBERT B. WaLDKON. AUCTIONEER?646 BROAD A way. BYLAND f A \V.A LDHON will sell at auction on Tuesday, at 11 o'clock, assignee's sa'e of useful aud orna mental Silver Plated Ware of every description. A COTTON TRADE SALE OK CROCKERY, GLASS, A Table Cutlery. Ac., Ac.-IIKNRY G. EVANS, auction eer, will anil on Tuesday, February 36, at lu o'clock, at 13 Barclay street, a general assortment from the shelves in lots to suit city ana country trade. Goods carefully repacked for shipping. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. "LEEDS ART GALLERIES." CONTRIBUTORS' SALE OF FINE OIL PAINTINGS, WATER COLORS, DRAWINGS. AC. HENRY II. LEEDS A MINER will sell by auction on Tuesday, 26th, Wednesday, 27th, and Thar-- lac. 2Sih of Feb. ruary, at 7!- o'clock each EVENING, at the LEEDS ART GALLERIES," 817 aud 813 Bruadwuy, soumwest corner ol Twelfth street ? L A ROE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OK OIL PAINTINGS. WATER COLORS AND DRAWINGS, BY AMERICAN AND FOREIGN ARTISTS, viz ? AMERICAN ARTISTS. Bierstadt, T. Buchnn Read, I.. R. Mlgnot, Ratuiev, E. D. Lewis, Doughty. K. 1., Ilenrv, Kenaett. H. Btspham, T. L Smith, J. CarMn, DurHe. Bean lieu, J.C. Wiggins, Burling, E. Mo an, Winner. lonstf, ? ' Ann-Ill. Dyke, Wat Craig, G. W. Nicholson, f 'til verba use, W. I >. Washington, Benseil, J. K. Wstereton, and others. EUROPEAN AKT7STS. J. F. Herring, Seigr.,Toulsxainl, <Becker, Dillon*. Schaep, Diar, Meadows, Zlern, An ? iril, Joseph Vernet, Koek Koek, Wilson. Callow, Kupper, at.d others. The above are row on cinibltion, FREE at the "LEEDS ART GALLERIES," until the aale, and two evening* pie vioua thereto. ( til AS. IIOHLENBERG, AUCTIONEER?LARGE SALE \J of Fancy Goods ?To morrow, Tuesday, $S,U(M worth of Good*. onlv three mouths in store; In lots. Dealers and storekeepers attend. |7 VAN NESS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL AT Al'C l j. tlon this day. at 12 o'clock, the Stock aud Fixture* of the Grocery Store 922 I Bird avenue. T7ERRY LEASES AT AUCTION. L At the City Hall, on Tuesday, It'th March, If87. at eleven o'clock A.M.. will be sold at public auction to lite highest bidder w*th adequate security, for a term ol teu years irum the first day of May, 1867:? The I .ease of the Kerry as now established from the foot of Whitehall street to Staten Island. . The Lease of the Ferry to he established from the foot of Twenty-third stree'. Ne~'h rlvor, to Pavonut, N. J. The sstd several Ferry Leases will be sold with all the rights, privileges and advantages thereof belonging to tlie D t/U ' " Corporation ?if the city of New York. Terms and eondltlous of sale may be had npon application at the Comptroller'* Office. Bv order of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. RICHARD B. CONNt'LI.Y, Comptroller. Cirror N?w Yoxa, DtraRvansT or Fiaanca,) February 14, 18S7. 1 H ENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. BALK OF HOUSEHOLD AND OFFICE FURNITURE. MINER A SOMKRVILLE will sell at auction on MON DAY. Feb. 28. at lOJa o'clock, at their salesroom .'17 Ra-suU sireet. a general assortment of Household Furniture, Parlor aud Bedroom Suits, Velvet ami Brussels, Parlor and SUlr Carpets, Sofas. Bedsteads. Chairs, broeate! Window Cur tain*. French plate Pier Mirrors, Mattresses, office Desks stidChuIrs, Ac., Ac. H ENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. 8ALJB OF HOKnEK, C.VRRI AGES. WAGONS. AC.. BY MINER A HOMERVILLS. AT 1IORSK AUCTION M ART, UNION SQUARE, 6J HAS! FOURTEENTH STREET. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 36 AT 12 O'CLOCK. Regular Horse sales at our Audio i Mart. Union Plaoe Stables, every Tuesday and FriJey throughout (he year. H. SNELLING, AUCTIONEER. DISTILLERY AT AUCTION. Bs order of M. L. llanis, Esq., Collector of the United H State* Internet Revenue, Eighth district, we will npo?.- for sale ut putdio enellou on Tuea lay. March 5, 1*67. at l'J o'clock M.. the Distillery. u>get her wtih all (io.xL. Wares and Mer chandise thereunto belonging, of one Patrick Calllgtutn, in East Eighteenth stieet, between avenue* H and C. S.NELL1.NO A ADAMS. Nrw York. Feb. 33, lLg. HKNKY FKLTMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS?THIS day, at 10'i ii'eloek, at SO Allen atreet, the Furn.iure of a family; Carpet*, Chairs, Redding, I'iano, Ac. Sale In lot*, poaltive. nCntlLF.Y, AUCTIONEER. SELLS THIS DAY. AT ? 1'2'j o'clock, the stock and Allure* of Cigar Store, 60 Sullivan -ucct; show Caeca, Countera. auiokliig, chewing, plug and Havana Leaf Tobacco; 211,000 Cigars, Ac. HCOOLET. AUCTIONEER. 17 NEW CHAMBERS . street, eel'* tiiia day. at 10 o'clock, the entire at..nk, fixture* and good will of the that class Confectionery. 183 ?NMS A, in lota. Henry o. cyans, auctioneer-will sell this day. ati o'clock, a rich ae-ortiiieni of Kiegbh China Bohemian Olamware. Parian marble I inc h Clock*, Ah., the complete Importation of B. Bi1iiim.Ii, 4119 Bioiidwny. J BOO ART. AUCTIONEER.?TUESDAY, FEB. 36. AT . Itijj o'clock, at the pi-Irate residence, 14 Went Thir teenth -treei, genteel Hoii**hold i'urnItun- cninl ting ot mahognnv Sofa*. Parlor Chair*. Minora, HmTeia, C.,rjieta, Bedroom Furniture, Cottage Suit*, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. JOHN L. YANDKW ATER. AUCTIONEER. WO LIBER. I ty street. ??hi Tueolav nan, at 12 M.. regular *ale of Horses, Wagon* and Harness. The f*!e will eiuhru<? *o.ue verv >? ulterior Road and Trotting Horses, thoroughbred s'oc^, and' i nlly warranted. Regular salea Tuesdays and Fridays. JW. CAMPBELL, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS ? day, at 1U o'clock, the remainder of Furniture, Ac., at 331 Hudson *tt eel. Muat I* eold regardlee* of price. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON TUBS ? dav, Feb. 36, at 10'4 o'clock, at saleroom TV Nsasau street, handsome Household Furniture, ren.ovad for conve nience of sale, viz:?Rosewood Parlor Furniture, in hrocatel, walnut do., In reps and haircloth;Library Furniture, Cham ber Suits, fine ro-ewood Wardrobes, French plate Pier Glasses, with Console Tables and Cornice*; Velvet Carpets, Matlresaes, Ga* Chandeliers, Billiard Table, rosewood Pi anoforte, one Cottage do., a general assortment of me dium class Furniture. Hale peremptory. MYER EI.SAR. auctioneer, will hell tiiih day. alii o'clock, at No. 9Carmine street, the Stock of Goods, consisting of Hoop Skirl*, Kid Glove*, Hosiery, Trimming*, Ac. PAWNBROKER'S SALE T1II8 DAY BY JOHN MOR TIMER, 16 East Broadway, ol 40J Lots .Men's snd Wowen'sCiothlng, Bedding and other goods. By order Mrs. Cohen, Eighth avenue. <J"ER'EF'S balb op dry goods, ac.-richard O WALTERS, Auctioneer, w'll sell on Monday, at II o'clock, at No. 27 Raet Broadway, a Urge quantity of Fancy and Dry Goods, via.. Print*, Handkerchiefs, Collar*, shirt-, Woollen Goods, Calicoes, Flannels and a general assortment of Fancy Goods. Trimmings, Ac. _Jomi Mr Kaon, Deputy. JOIIN KELLT. Sheriff. CHBRirrs hale iraddlkry).?richard wal O TKR8. auctioneer, will sell on Woulay, at II o'clock, at No. 27 Eaat Broadway, a quantity of Morse Cellar*, Blan ket#, Hun-ingle*. Draught Chains, Ac. _B.^, Daputy. JOHN KELLT, Sheriff. CHKKIPF'S BALE OP OLAH8 WARE.?RICHARD IC WALTERS Auctioneer, will 0*11 on Moodav at 11 o'clock, at No. 27 East Broadway, a quantity of Ttimhlera, Wine and other Glasses JOHN KELLY, sheriff.

D. Gillespie, Deputy. SIIERIFF'H SALE.?RICH aRO WALTERS. AUCTION eer, will on Monday, at II o'clock, at No. 27 K#?l Broad way. a quantity of Ladlea' Clothing; alao Feather Beds aud Bead Rig. JOHN KILLY, sheriff. D. Git.iesrnt, Deputy. 11'M. WITTERR, AUCTIONEER, HE MS, ON TPBH vf iley, 26lh, at 10 o'clock, at 607 Eighth avenue, .-oener of Forty wwond street, 70 cheats of Teas, berrels of 8 near, 16 bags t offee. 100 hoses of Hosp, Htarch, Candles, Flour. Htore ? Ivture* and avervttiing lu the *toce, being a large lot of goods, in lota, to trade to other*; al*o Morse. Wagon and Hsr ne**; also young Mare. 6 years old , light Wagon and liar tie**. A Ursa assortment. 117 M WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, HELLS, THIS DAV. J cl , street, two Parlor Suit*" French plate Pier Glatsne, Curtains; t.'en'pe. EnensUn and oilier I able*; I elv.-t Carpel#, chin# Tea .-rt* Hilverware; Chamber Hint#, In bl?ek walnut #nd mamebed; Hair Mat trsssc*. Beds Bedding, K Inn sets Linen khcets, Lounges, "'it* Bed* Rocking and other Chairs. Stove*. Bookcase, rosewood do.. Chamiwr Hull, also Urg* lot ef oilier goods; also Hotel Fumltnie. leftover al*<> ? <?cond hand Carpel*, one large < arpet of PJ?yards, Oiklotka In varl-ty. Kitchen FurnlUir*. kn. IV*I*r* WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER -OFFBUE 179 i halham squaw, sells this .lay, at II o'ebx i iMr Hloek and Futures of the grocery store, corner of FHty*rig'ith "tract and Eighth avenue. Hugars, Teas, Dried Fruit s'russ aril other Hra'oa; fine .'nunter and tiiae* c*?e atoo 'in* haw Wsroc *Vb shlftirn-tor 90 bar*ela Potato## IALEI AT HHTMW. w,uVim abhott, !< ? n? ,'J \> , bathaese^e^a^ ?T?s?d^a? W^. mT*Si?mS5w?. *??;? ""? _ _ ^Alli ft L??bif #CliW f ? -(btf* t% ?? , Afe* out seven A"a ? IUH?? 1<rAl V A ? "? ? 4Till aCCHOM '?LK. 1 AkttWi P.. N\NM Tt'NM 1 HaMuN ?i>?ll _ ON WEDhLfDAY, A#, ??? ~ *i? vm?, r?? tv? nrh?kt*> Laehawanoe ai. * ? ??>? J1 ???' * ' ' ??,">vH ? '' .r;; tlrtKMT*, ftl #??' ? tl JYlil UA^I w?SrVVuii%? ??* ***? *? ***? l # Feb. J7.?? il^aflg*. T?"M of FRKBM NINKl. ? ? ki ? ? ? KEtiloNAef "*2? J.,' uA^r m ' >? ?*? Elliabethnort, B. J-. 4nr?? ?A*"**""? '?{. " ., , ,?,4* TF.KM.w-Fiflv cants p" ?*??. pay*. ? u> " on he da* of and ?? Wo-.or, w*b.a *?? d-l aftar.allfceoAe.ef f*~ ?'?< riWAN< IAIm UviTI I> 'TATKI? TUK^*1' ^ ? A>*m ' S, h'-dille- of .?? .1. m "f 1 S '.. 4, .?? March I. l?". ?oW *"? ??"v"1"* '?* * United States f |ivi K. Iiti*"!" D CNCAJI, SIltRMAN A NANKKRB, CORNER PINE AND HT,:, J*' *' * Y"M' I..u? ClrcuUr R?N end "l-h'* el Ct^H fm laaveBaee. available in ?U in" prioctpel otvwm A Maem.ntiln credit, for oae la Rum,*. Cbma. *? *?- ?**" of money to Cali.orn a ?*?' ?< *"> f1*"^ Jt^1 allow i d on doporitd. M "^ uV ?-uA-u'mAB'vSW \V.wtuKfc.' ? *e,~. street. _ , ? ? rivirtCK OF PACIFIC MAIL STNANHHIF C?.MP.iNY. YW ,rr- , :h.;v . , ' ' at th?* ??' | . ? . ? r . 1. ?\vv: nmSCTwrT8 B, orderoMK* fe;;?/.{H.' m fN-ov. r. ?? ? ? PENNSYLVANIA nt \ TP. IX) AN. I rROPOBAIA FOR \ LOaN or tja ai'.** An .<?? to rv-M'i a 1?nn f irTUT"mt.-minlun of ib? *" bond, of tin' >'i>mmon\\"Kttli. ~.r. \.v, tii tc'iicitni'i". .tmo 'uliK U. "? I -.IO.I, to. ... ?- izz ^"l'A^cmbly met! "J>dT* ..e'r. t.y ena. leJ bt ^ tT of lh? nam-, that ll'? '^'."ny0.,abort rd an i emp"W iwenty thrre mllttoOH ui ?. ).wrs ^ ^*n?,g irre-VaTf -te not e^.i.n,, ^ ss?rSs? Duoda shall ***".?,,j ,l,ill t? p*r*?4? at I State, municipal itio?? 'of dollar^ pajratile ?l ail* ^"Ksn.MK l!TSlt?*S2 "m. F.t.l. on th. !-?*. Of _tM Audur,reU?..m:^ Hani of" PhUa lcipttla ; the pm ?^^..^^'X^'SaSL-.^auill IT;?of " b;c!"j."MdVfnJWSJ.'-tn ^,11 b- ?JTJJJ, ,nrr^T presence of Ul" *^**rl1.'1'-. ,'Jl'T ''Vr uldct That no tu ?h*u b" I for les-^lian its Par (? 4tlj ciilflrates of IndnM issaBtsss CJeneral *n l ctste lYeijsmvr iiwy F , ^ . i,?ll ?>'???? del for It e loan now'Sj U.o ^ |ta ^ lit., bid ^:,iini.niuaral*h. ^jywwrtcx; *uih,rt"d w ^"C?;^n ?r ^n.rt.ndlag^ ,h. Mvpg** DaritT Hiated in the fourth ae^tlon of th ? tru?t S inveat money to jJJ"vegV thr Plim* in the bomU mav, without on orilerof court. h.tfWB 1IIllim uot authorized to be Isoord by this act. at a rule 01 prt-i... exceed In i; twenty |nt '"J"1'1"?; ,hm nassnse of Ihla act all Hie Aississstasrssms-"- "?"*? their malnH'*- f ... rommonweslth not yet do# iuiTtlTe VZ&1? Kebr^J^o^bo-^'"'!" h8aot. Tha?'.MyeK/n?h'"wVa^r''0"' '"* cooaisteut herewith, are hereby repeal ^.^. ^ (?,Aj,S. Speaker of (be House of' '^P^nUllf^ Si'ieaker of the "enate. ArnPored the aacond day of February, one thou^e ght hundred and *l,,T*"fTc.1,'' Drl,T|aloi.s of the ohore ant of Aa In accordance with the PP^wlawin. "aw Ul(| nt the ?embljoteoleid propos^a win it tniwixtrs. Pennsylvania. State Treasurer. In th< ctty of Hants ^ ^ (K1 until ll oVlosA M. of the lat^orjtpnh a. w#n|(i endorsed a* follows ? I . ,. Called Sutee Limn, Treasury D6P^i"tincut, HuriwDurg. * ?? ot Anwnci. , ? a tu nnii ooo raimbnfMMA In fi'" Bid* wlU b? r??rtr?d for^WOTJ^i wimbunrtl? ?? years and payable ln^Te''"' fJrH anrt $i(.,iieil,t?l. relm len years and p..ynhle in btu*n y.ara,?? ?JftrK bunwiblf tn fifteen VS^5til!ftf^?nr ni'x percent per annum, th? ral? of fhl wUl- ana the bldi which must be -BPlWUJ Jfif^w B he accepted! No bid most advantageous to tin_ ., (. r 1." bonds will be 'wSferrr.Eara ,b ^oW.cUontK' mede between bidder. payl?? in cash or over due loana. joHN W. OF.\RY. .lovernor of Pennsylvania. JOHN Y. HARTRASTT. Auditor Oanoral. W. H. KEMBi.K, State Treaaurer. N. B. - No newajiaper pub.ishlu? the above, unless autho rized, will receive pa*. ? - $750" und^^CTiiriva^^^n^^^'11^?^^1^* lory 3SSh??,:; S. J. W., SVt South Fourth atreel, Jersey City (inn TO *?0*K O* BOND AND MORTGAGE.? "" I Aleo *tu ?l. for <MKh, two Ilcm-ex or Stnrea, ?t about $1A000 each. Apply lo BRADHUKbT A KIKLD, Ml Oe?l?r atreet. $75 000 32 Yu* nN REAI* estatk- ** THis i an* *un. V. H. WOOD, OS Wall atroet. LOAM OFFICE*. . AT NO. 11 CHAMBERS STREET YOU CAN OET THE full value for Old (lold Bid Silver, Bar Hold and Sliver Diamonds. Watrhea, nwilry, Precious Htoaea and Sweep. ing?. WILLIAM LKw>', Hold and Silver Asaayor. AT 213 BROADWAY. KN<* BUILDING. diamonds, watches precious stones, ao. THIS ODD EHTAILISHKD OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES. JEWELS, I'LATE, PEARLS. AO. OPTICAL INHTRIMBVfS. AC., AC. N. B.?DIAMONDS. WATCHES. AC.. FOR BALE. OFFICE HOURS FROM l() A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. (1. HAKRI.NORR 313 Broadway, room No. S. AT SIT?MONEY LI BE RAIL Y ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCIIKS, .KWELRY. AC., OR TIIR SAME BOUOIIT FOR CASH N. B.?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUOIIT FOR DAMONDH. WATCHES, AC.. AC . AT A. H. 8TCRTKVANTR, PRIVATE OFFICE. 01# BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 4 LEEDS' ART GALLERY). At 77?MONEY LIBRRAILY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES, AWKI.RY. Ac.. OR THE SAME BOUGHT AT TUB IIOHB8T RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS IOUOIIT POR DIAMONDS, WATCUKS, JEWELRY. Ac.,alT7 Hleeoker street, upstair*. T *17 BROADWAY, NBA! TWENTIETH STREET, _ room No. 4. the Ri?hea pricev paid for Diamonds, aiches. Jewelry, Ac., Or mow/ advanced on the aame. MARKS A CO. A At hymaN's, ws hroadyay, corner or bond atreet, will lie paid the Iwheat price for Dtamonda, Watrhea and Silverwara, or nil advaaoe no the above articles. AT S4I BROADWAY?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES for Dlamnnda, Watrhea, Jevelry, Ac., or adranne on the aama. ISM' S. Diamond Broker, Upoette Wsllack'a theatre. A I Ml PEARL STREET, BlYWhKN NEW BOWERY and Franklin wpiara, LEptRI-.K A CO.. adv in< e III) eralty at rea amiable terms on ailAluntila property, Watches, Jewc'ry Dlainon I . A -,, nr pqrwase. Advances made on WAttHEs. diamonds, jew elry. Dry Onorta and fermnal Property of every do a, rtptlnn. J. A. JACKSON, 1U <k~mnd street, two doors west of Broadway. Money advanced on biamonds. watches, jewelry, Silverwara, blka, Ac ,or the above bought, [pawn tinkers' t cketa bought, 130 Bowery, near Grand, rooma Nn?. I and 2. up autre. ' AWNHROKERS' TI<"KKT\pUR('HASKD.?JFST RB iwired, an assortment ofRnataeaa Coats at $S each. Come ami see them. GEO. lETIS, 417 Broome aticet. PHAWNRROKRRR' TICKETSkoCGHT?OF DIAMONDS. Waiuhea, Jewelry, Guns, 1st da, Musical Inalromenla, ( inthlny, Ac . at P W II Park row ovmwalla th A f< HES, DIAMONDS. Nl VERWARR AND OTHER ? Valuables bought, or adv.area made on 'ha me at --B-. A^ONRMKVT*. iia*un?w tiikatml aoMIRMIon m ckmt*. ?*kt??<r. '?? if lira.i- I to five ?n>i< fl* uad |t j noaaa* *f wnatlng arr.apearatu* b? attended'*/ WORLD RKKOWyrit ARTHra, ?mhV *,LUAM* ?*???? *anrkk urn. MOM>4\ KVPMNil H HtU'ARY 1ft I*17 ?r?# *?#*??? .. ( ?( t?. _, j mmni. * mri^.r. *aIH V ' " . ?*??-*' ' i ilh# original i. ??. U(l.ij draws und fiirf *?.,?#?,* .60 RAIRY CIRCLE; - - - cmr ffcudLiw imitN C?<n '??? arata* , thnr ra icmal t Mr R tKNKY WILLIAM* fc'?'"!'.!'. . * '*??*" '? '<? KUSKt VlllUlU hotert ?C *?->!. n,|i*aelj> ???*#*<. hi* fi-?? *lpe,r., ion h./**?" V *?? 0. w. UARK1NB T Ira drante I* di?.tr*led M M1 THRhK * I Kilt I NO T ? H I.'" t C X. MHeMWAf K??l hH\ i.l*-. (! HI I. B l'ARDOH and ? _ thr ?>?*ri.icT. MONPtf, Tl'l RDAY mil WKUMKRDAY RVKNTNCg "* P ri *?#*#,? a iii n.miod# oith lira muring comedy ?i -ru* in iiiKCui Nfnv ???>*?'??# Mr* HtKNI T Wit! TIMS IMI HnOtT, MIIM* 4 NII IA'11 RDAf RVKXIMOM '?? ?. ?" wt.rafc Mi* HVK.NLY WILL 1.411.1 *dV lain* *? t *>de,eai character*, entitled . I* AND U( t lir 1*1 I* LACK, D LI* lirri L COMir drlIMR 4TTONS er fheee Ara.. nr. -i, m* popular aritat*. their ucdtle* will he in reptd mm jiitii, Ru? ? >;,?.# ?> fnuti tin ft.i'tlaak daily when plane* may /Jr5?4NI -TtUT THR4TR". ? AND *7 BOWKRY. L.?"7-* K-br-r> *?6r,t n'?ht ?* ">? ik Brill MIL H4W40M. who Will .( pe.r la hM (real ehara.-tgr of R|M| f I. * la ArhiOtr i |i.ed Am a.I raw ty, BOW CABtOR , Na ur* rtaci.K .?r myhtt:rt. ngg broadway. . T.-tei. hi'wnw, reserved ?cat. *1. Untie anrnred*'! ?^.?.L-JPL.y ?' lh*" 11-I . from a tut A coNTIB Kit dl CCKtd a i-l I NB'tl'NDRD RNTIIITltl -'..V ?"**"' ''I fffwa*. w Kh mil apparatus, vuLvwf JP****" Mhaalm ol?? II <..> ie of lira May, Til l*K'?TI .. PROTRCS, rKO Kt N. I'Ih it I. I * Hi w.*.,vr M..' %?U it . W i I rRUlBllB, PRiiTLia. TK'iTHA PROTBITM, or, Metre l|.,a hnt a-n ? i^hn Raahet Trtoa,'< '!".* . * 'TTratlltig I lend, ' end other woiulnr*, ?"> ha twralinwd h\RRV t-.VINiN<I 4t *. r AT I' K li At at . . t u I?i' j? That he ha* **1 apart ' I* far . , Ml M ?. 11T. Cull dr. n re *?>> e?. ?, ra - ??The K?ake( I rtok," "rToalli,i Head," end other a in,aler*. I K\EkV Kll 4.4.1 it a .iirui.,11 v;t4 ,,!,v ^ v. KR'ianwAY. A-T "we lr>Mt??le wimumk. ? at a itiurtrr to 4. at- ,W! '?* ?'RLMK hC MINdTKKMT. Mlltt II WtaHoi II NK-.KM 4 KII A R 4' kl/'it' *A* rillCHNXI aiMIHMjt, Whw# ?*"??* ha* antra hen *anail-d at ear oimHar lepaa ?aaio.. M* the a.eld Me* aa I .-nearful Morieai.iaa r'.ra ZSLJrt ' "** k"" '"om. w Mtvi a*, llarlia?? PtHita ?-,*rt Ihwaaa. Aaiaiated rirat.<* Oanr.riua* tinrra of La#., Beer v,,.*, hh .uiaaf LuRhrat at the ihanh ? l ae en ara aad th* neraam.a* Blank '?d *od Afitoaa Barlai Troupe. ITKLLT A LK'iM d ?IKdTKt.l.s. BKUADWAT. Th# I murieaof tela week. TkBwtlto, hi K lira ONLY I.EOM In Opera. Mr 4R Mi. greet Yen*. Vt. J" ^ "T'k. K Th? rlaunted Huu*e. ToRoer, H, iK An ietihw * Irouhiea .hh-H Ciaderlroa and Ballet. T? Cea> ula*. III. tR lh.i#ug far a Wife, K ?? . And "111. ?,.ru ler, lutujiea. Ka "nniL a. , <nour,-eh. A'-ea* i, 1' and Cartpoeaa. Muan, Daihw. Tut* ud uddora* alwa|t the (enur /THAR1.PT WMirrn TROI Pf* ?7T BROADWAT Jra .O ... _ANt?fllLl< hftr ,iijd B.i.L. ML AC R 41.1) A IM Uli: UK 4 1 Karl I > M 4 II iBlLKR, m tr4 ?f,or Wt?BI?fcKril. KaTM 111* M K Hl*( >i'KH6, MI.K K III I VIIKR4 lACKVO^ KOIIOI9 Il4'l?oo0 Kr!i(?Kil. hum* raar* ?"?? CtlNllUtdg RKURdWAl B'lVit ftflMtftWAY lirV.d, TIIR l/>Rt> OP CL4"*TRi:t>l PT'V era e'.'A ' UKU .IC CLAT I K.RH. CPV, OR TIIR Modi, KV OP Til P RtRoMY. _Oom*e diuutna I an r I>ai,.4t.f an,I ?pi-a.|| | h*ie ta C'KIXWAY HALL?<.R4Nt> I'llti"tRT M<iti>4? K,.H la,,; it ? |' m Ml.*# KKI.l id., CTKIMWAY-R ROOM*. O RLVI Rlkf AMD rRAdP'S THIRD MoRMMtl QONOkllY. ?" I'AV, fe _ , re, .. |, Artt?ta-Mi*a ?4lli n\ rtunr Vh.'iataM M?Bor HRVKRIMI, Tenra fli A ll. PKtHR. Planlat QTMBaI rma, O MONDAY, rr.R ? |?7 L DACHARR* ? ?IU.*KOYAA tIMAMD COKCRRT. CTBIXWAY MALL. O Tirnntr, ^ MR BI.R-iMRR. De?* la Inforra hit frra- <1. ?a I the pul i* th*t hi* amkr41. ciiMtcnr Tt-**PAY RYBMIMo'pyRwf^RT'm AT ? O ( UK * Iw*"! "* artrata har* tiduateetad he.r aar We a w W,. *?"IR BTKRUMO. Mr. R. R. MILlJt, Mr a P W4RRK k Mr. TIIRO. TIIOMAR. Mr "iKli kiut Mr. rmr*H? HKMDRR, m, B." hM *^ Mr. HOCMnTKI.M, Mr t'Tlkirt. Mr. i. MOkKlTBAL iVadoraar Ton pmaramrna preaenled on 41,1a o a-,on ib.I.i lea Beethoreii a heptetl r. f!et. Op, ?). TM'KKTB. $1 h ACH , Can now be ohtalurd of Beer A *ei,n mar 7WI R,oadw.r Sehubanh A Co., ICAI Hr wdaak, and at R 'in*,, HaO STRIXW.4Y II 4 I.L?'. It AND COMCRRT Monday, pkm bk. iw;. at * r. m Hit.KOR RAKAUU, i?|iI>'lit hr Ml SIOMOR AI.BIIRh WILL *IMtl CtEINWAY H 4Lie O I'tkhPA IN OR 4TORIO ON WKHNKdllAT A.VKMJM,. I eh. ff Will be parlorntn,! llaa.i. I * great Ur.i e-i.a IHR MKxsrtC *,H> th# folli.wlHg poweitul -aat ? WADtMR PAICRP.t. Ho,.r*no Hew t orh Minn IIUTCIIlN.t, t'nnlratfo. Nimmu M?. OKO. SIMI'dON. Tanor. s,. MR. J. It. TIJmMA* Raaen. MR. K. J. COMNKLLY, Orgtolat X.ZZm MR. O. W. COI.BY. I'uarai " , ' MR. K, L. KITTEK, t'..n,tu l.r. The,, w". UK AMI OHi'llKSTRV. Ticket* CI; Rkrarved Neatn, Ji cents run CTeinw ay iull. ? i7 MONIIAT, ITH. TA. I*R7, IT l mi MISS HTERLIMi, WILL^^HINO, Ml*.d TORDT WTI.L BUMYAM TABLKADX?LARtlKMT PAMokAM t IN the world. C.NI'IN IfAI.L, Hr.tde ty acd Twrni, '."J ."T""'" .e0*""" m*rT n*i'' ?t *. '".uinMiaooit *1 TV Admltilon, BO cent.; rhllilm., M c -ul* Hulrar w, he. day and naliirri*), at 8 a . lock JTBINW VV MAT.L. > Monday, fee. at. .?r, at ? r. * MADAME GAZMANIt.A W lid* MM. 11B. JEROME HOPKIRr FIFTH COMCKBT ihjR TIIR jTl Orphfloo Fund, ably a ?oi tad, in Mteutwaj Its.In* Thttrodir, February 3*. TUAk oo?<?D will b? |,n u ?? <? APKKrt MIDI, at ifc o'clock P M. Pull son eaweeuaant* is Tuesday ? papers. " O. E. >wlWi Maaa?ef Harry wagnkr dramatic im"V Ladles and gentlemen wishing ta brnuaak araMrt as* address llafry W??nrr, simian U. Banjo and jig dancimg OUM am? ikinh jio Dancing taught bjr JoUN ROiIAN, Ul Boat Hous e street. Terms $A per MM Banjos st all pi !<??? po PCLAR CONCERT AT BROOK DTK ACADEMY After the concert go the POPCLAI* OTBTKIt HOIME, J3 ?l.utou .ireet, Br ttklya TWO GRAND TREAT* IN ONB I.VIMM. BI MII KMM (IPPIIH I I MTI ?;?>. ? A MERICAM HTRF.I, IMPROVEMENT."?HBE /V chains and maiiufnt irer should etsmlnc the ran*, able patent for rehnliig. wrl.iing re-1.? i ing, steel < ovanng oilier pidnta. Fur sale at D. VOt h is' H auaje store. M < ,rt* land! street. ARARR CHANCE to rt'RCHARX A PHOTOt. HA I'll Onllerr si hall Its value fall on nr add . ss Fn -r. prise, care of R. W. Bogardus MS Broadway, Mow \ orb maW or~nood~~chaBai-tre and bc*i*bbb oapsc.ty. with |iU) lo gl UW lasHsl, will be tatea sa partner in n tnsnafaeturing and oil e bunnso Tcspwurt profits $6.1**1 a year. Address W P. k., HomM afBBBT BXOM'HIVR right* for *ALE~~roB TMI BBWr aeltlng latest artirla In tba market. Retails at fit lurntahnd each No ? Plus street, enn Mm, B. Soon 1UBIM? OPPORTI'MITT -the wbix known Parisian npholskerr Fs'sbllehment nf es nklln, Rsrj., proprietor and eslabltsher of tfcls eel | .? Ing business, since afteen rears, in Iks edpef pmigi ie?yy sis, on the Hudson. Is for sals, as Ue owner will ret r? e Europe. This knUhllshnient is tbe onlr ene of ike k nd Blind tip In the I'ntted Blate? after Ike real Parisian stpte It Is divided Into three dep?rtmcc|s, wltk Open eeilln? H I naileries surrounding. First department contains paper hangings, window shades Ac , dbooad de|?irl'n#it ><m il s lace curtains, cornices, lahle covers, damask* and name root artistic arilclna. constating of nil paintings, statuary nek ets and Unpolled fancy (nodi; third d-panm-nt ? wlalas willow and camp fuitiHuie. On tba Dip "f ?fdeedll property la a lies .tlfnl Clunase cupola, wh'ch canJe se- i throughout the entire cliy. Attached In pus n.idt ig h ? handsome garden, with a heau'iful stsmegnr house tm*. rounded by statuary. There arv also a hrtck Istfa and ml rlage htmacs attached leading Into aaothar street which m ? v he separated imm U?e Iron! be' ding _ Tkta emslUnt business can. If dsslred, be sold aeparaielv from the h<> Id lugs, and ntav be teased for e term of years. It wl.l, ?>> stt means, he sold extremetr lew, as the pi mwMdnr. nnji wnnl nf III health, wl'l leave Immedielelt for EefWpe. For fur. tbsr particular* *ppty to CHAR' IRk . t",t ldd Post office, nr/OBKrH F Pit .KRMKO. twctJ.nevr and ronimission merchant. ?? *"1?1 straw, I ougbkeapsta, n. v.. or of 5 B. I'RCK, Real batata Agent, IB West Sevcutecn'h street. New Vnrk. T BARE. STOCK AND FIXTI'RK* OF A BROADWAY Li Ntoge for sale?Block consisting <*f ParoAola and Fancy Goods; bnelneas well established. tent low. Apply en the premises. Mil Broaden,. near Seventeenth street, weal aide Proprietor go ng Into the manufacturing business. VALCABLK patrnt right for bai.r. IMPROVED IIANOINO FUR CENTRE BOARD A Address J. F. Hall. Weeteriy, R. I. liLLUHM, ACW JitLLiABpp.?w. H.GBirrrra, m > ? r*^ stbb'by. I ngers for-sle a fine slock of ???? ,r?t se?ocd haed blaa. st reasnr.sbla nrlenn, A WtWWMT'jL -... >rt:\v York rukaruiv. ? . ... ,ha?,.h I .:er? Lewi* Baker And M.wh-inl.h. Se.-ond week of the accompli* iddurtlat. Lady DuN, who haa '.teen greeted by OR. WUKD ANI) FASHIONABLE At DI V tL Second week of the very aucccsaful burleAqun ol KhMLWODTHt u iinvy vv OR, VK Ql'EFNE. YK KAlti.K AND YE MAIDENNB. I.AOV l???N a.YKKAKLK >F LEICESTER Mfith To be prnccdrd ity. lir*t time here, the adinjrnble mm.") THK PRETTY HORSE-BRL A Kbit, nit. pp.!-.Try horse-breaker. . . wllb the song* of "I l ive the vi-rry Suuaulne. ?nd the "Hour of Ohaa. LAUY l?ON_ rpilEATBB FBANOAIS.?COMKDIB. 1 UUKAT SUCCESS. TUESDAY, Feb tti. i.r 7'-v Prerl hv, I.A FAMILLK BKNOIMS,, (ORIGINAL OK Till. FV-T 1AMILY1 Cotuedv In live new, hv M. Victorian Sardou. Ticket ofllto at 11. Dardonvllle'*, d h Broadway. Mrs. f. b. conway's park theatre, Brooklyn. FEBRUARY 25, Iteappeara nee of MRS. K. B CONWAY In a new dramatization of the popular novel of Kant Lynuo. H WILEY'S OPERA HOURS. BROOKLYN. - week ,,f the Grand K.i ry Legendary Trink Pan tomime. ? Hi new a lenery, in tehltiery, meeh:itil(M_uTeet i, dr. >'?. nt'i-le, tahleaiit, Ao.. entitled THr, HOI :sh I HAP JA?K itvu.r. Tins Hurletque BLACK CROOK AND BALLKT TltOl'PE. Grand Matinee Saturday, March i, at as o'ci.H'k. ___ - moNY PAsTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. "D1 HOWERY. 1 Immetue lilt of the Great Military Drama. Illl. M.W YORK \ OLl'NTKBKb: <Ot THK LAST OK L.BBV Pltl-ON PRISON. Anew and irllliunt v-ru-ty entertainment. T?" p w POST OFKlt'E. I'llF. GKKA'I DIVORCE CASE. Grand K.tllet. THE DEVIL'S WEDDING. Firat "I'I'Wance ol Mia* KATE P A RTLSOTuN. New .una* hv TONY PAsTOK, Ac. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SAIURDVV Tony pastor s opera house. COMPL1MEN r VRY BENEFIT TO MRS. J VMKS CIINN >R, MONDAY AFTERNOON. FEB. 25 The entire Opera llouae Company and a Inert ol V?.iinteer?, /N BIFFIN k CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS (t huh AVENUE Ol'EKY UOUSE. O. w. H. OPIFHN , ?; ;JI Avljuiuiug Klflb Avenue Hotel, No?. 2 and 4 We?l 1 .verity f-.urth Hi let. ANOTHER St .NATION. The lake* great p!ea?ife in announcing that ie ha* obtained at it grealVxru-nae a copyright Of the CELEBRATED sL.NSaTIO.NAL "1 l-CTA? i,K. THE HI,At K i ROOK, THE HLAl K CROOK, which ha* been gotten up In a rty e of magiiiUeence NEVER El," AI LEO IN AMr.RIOA. In order to pio.Lu ? ihla GREAT PIECE ?{?;,,*? NATURAL PERFECTION. n ATI HAL PBRFEcrioN, hab**ei,gac< I. Uir itgh the Influence of the irtsli Consul, HIE BItiLIMB PALLET TROUPE, who will ippe.r for the FIRST TIME IN AMERICA and eie uie aome of their Solo*, Paa dc Deux, Ae. The Lkae will lanulnato with the GorgeoU* Scene, TIIK PALACE OF DEW DROPS. THK PALACE OF DEW DROP-. In which REAL WATER will lie introduced to formi the Drops The Ocean Yacht Race and u ho?l of Comical!lie* ?t -rv night _ , . . Dooi. open at 7; com men e at 8 o clock. O"""0 ^IOTWiic arccw , u ?. ,.,u led^e-Mad "ts-fjl STREETS OF NKW Y'lRK. BTHFI TS OF NEW YORK THK OLYMPIC CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING |j -htir Tt*** *u cuthudelJfcht at 7 KJtCKLLKNT CAST OF CHARACTERS, novel effects, AMUBING WEN KB AND SITUATIONS, HK Ai riKI L SCENERY. AT. Door* open nightly et 7 oVI ,< k; jwrtnrmance* ntR o clock w^eorly MANN P ON SATURDAY, at 1 o'clock; ad wiik-hti, .'A- l<> *11 part* of the htmar. A CAPFMY OF MUSIC. BUoOKLYN. TVA KLFTII MONDAY POP! I.AK CONCERT. Feb 78. at 8 o'clock. i F iiaekimin Director EN..LISII RAMJtII NIGHT. Rntir# uaw ft-Nirani me b\ the folhiwing artl*t*:? M Ai> AMX PaREPA. Prima Dooua. Mi W .1 MIIX. Tenor. Mr. K. M MIEI.B. INanl'L Mr. OARL R >? a. Violin'.t. Mr. O. W. COLBY. Awnh" I*A. S L^I* Y^rT^iVr^:::1; X: i~,xm. i.u,..,- s'>;vvlr,oVTcHESTK'r*' TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Rewrrvwd Sen'* SO cent* eatra. WOTMMFUJ. FMXAK OF NATrRF.-'TIIB W ASH IN..TON TVA INS," horn nlire. hanng two head*, four nnwe, ?nd "at MM hody and on* umr U tad*; nldo the head >ud r,.Ul arm ef Prob'l. thr murderer of the Deerilig fami ly uwelher ell the magna-,, collection of Heel* In Pl.y. Mgr. AriaL.nuv Patholog* and Nakural Htawy; all ,rt whnh are ,iff,.irated daily by Imcturea and M.tuaoopifl View*, at til# N-W Y r* Mu-eum of Anatomy, 41# Broad way Open trutn 8 A. M. to Id P. 8. C* RK AT RXH1NITION OF FAlNriNOB. 1 1* or ae-n d? if frotn S A. M to 10 F. M. Kirs* Hon HE t'R'S original and rone weed picture of l L IMUsK FAIR." ? and one hundred at d (Ifty olhef .plendid worka. by eele bratoii American and fnretgrt ?r l"tw *t H. At DKNHY'S NEW ART ROOMB. Mu. Bti Broadway n?P ?lte Wal ack * Thentld. CL PI" BKLDINO. M WEST TENTH BTRKFT - ^ DK HAl* !? at (Minting. "Farragnt'* Boet pn*#in? Mm fnrte he low Now Oriean* Adtniaakm free. / XLINToN Hail. . _ L, Dr. Hh ItKABD lortetwe INN eeenlng en tbn Brnln and Ar e. I', tare# private le'oera o tad Ma will cwwirncni-n on Thnrartay alte laaw. ai f ?'? '"H; J" fenilomew. the *mnn eveniog Tne lomuiw un Food and Drink will be repented nfMT lAr petrel# leonree. ^_____ ??BATRM FRANC A IB ?PMtNPH TMRATRE TO LET? Fee er-i n.a end matlneee. ft.r eperaa, drarwna. euneerl*, i#. t. A' Ae App.y m Mon*. DM1 VET, ???d oF Fmoch theatre . fNI ATRlt TICKET OFFICR. Reeerred dMM* t>t eK Rial date The alma, Conotrta, de. ?ARl? db4?Rf ? b*? ' St Till A TKK TI-'RUT orrn R, 111 an I lit BROADW AY 5 LR^ THE THALIA, lately Wmid'a 1 heclret. Mt Rrnnrtwe* opP"*'"' 'be SA Ni holaa Hotel, n is , e.) aM* t- mMM toe L.v?> In runolng ...1 v rein ne I <o Ind | .ta?--#l of tt o ,r ; S ? I ""'ei by ta* day or wank np to April " l!r ' ela.a attrneti. n e-nhra-.n# Ota per'onnanee treated with far the oo-.ipaoer of the abrree, ttpon n cawtainty of akgrat of r?(? t?U 0*^B*S?WI4 !???? aii ROK liro^lwsy Thrstr#. U'ANTfH IMMKIHATRLT?ONR FINIS FIMAIH ' nmger ntrftrt Nege. Character that ftrf rnn? "n 1b* Toll" and una M*ai# Playor. Apply to JaMAs CON KEN A CO MM MenadeaF If iioVOBTM. _ ^ A GREAT RFDI't'TIOR IN PIaRO*.?RARMORF'B, \ Ma kff 'tim. *|4fl*s4}4 a" wwfiiUNi f>r% eeatra IJ |w ra rmuteia n? .ud Nun 1 I'lano# cheap splen dMona bjr Nuana _ a LADY WILL SELL A It t'l.FLL ROvf.W'OOD A orra rtomOortO; ? . na. pOee ???. ear?.d be. Ae ,. eerat i nig ba*a. lef bat yrta* indndlng BtnoL Au| If at Ml Ib.rd etrwel ___________ \B i Hi. A t \ A K T 7 'At CARVED R 'FK wend Ptaa ? and RTl gad a* "*w; petea. If aold tbla work %m At 781 Mt.mdwaf. O. Rualte AabJ pDew^ ^ 4 CHEAP PIANOFORTE, RoBEWOOP CA*IJ. A ran ud eornern, rteb too*. In good ufdoc maldr. Bmd bn*T iitnwti** Nee ru-aaf?e*ea aerv eraap. J. NIDI'LK. A* Amur atreeA. n*#r Rfoadway ^ "it EARlUr tlU IW U THF'R.. R AUNIFD-INT A Cnraed eaaawd Plan ?'<*??. **???*'? An bJtf a#f*n a* tare. oeeeaAcnnd. Inn fnanw, nearly now Ap ply at ML Real Towib nifW ____________ T r a M?<i?ini-rvf ri** ?ro*r* P*?* AALr-ro# A M i ??*> ?!*? ? far*? twin ?iaa i?? r?-m? ? Array ?*< faar M-lrw-ai. II ? Iviyni. I????v ?>(???? Ai?%ia*?k, Ml m<i Aa.uiKin?*t?r oi-tatk ??>?K*r*ioo fan ?* ??!?<"?? MM ?<?* ' n.#A for aa?. at a pny* 1 (aJ> aarramM MA M ?.raa4 ilm\ rut* A?A??*t*r?r i?r rummm** to lit { 'till ab ?? i?. *lM?aia ai iA* Ha^oM IM ai.4 ilti-i r*>m> l<?'i "I L P. I'i'VllR ii. & II tl JWIAWT ?WI IMA n roRUKKKO ?M oc ?ara ??*??*?I fiew*wW t* aal* ? ? u - , I At k ???t W? ? aT W?iAaa? aaaa. full* ?ar raw ? #? M awat far aM fca.f ralaa. fa* ar.Bl of ml Arrir at **tt? *a?A ? #??,?** '?.*#.?? Afau araaoa, aaar PwrtMA ??<*? frwaa T ? a w T f. II A*Ao*in?sinrrp*frth mmm#riAiwv far* f?r -.*? anlar r*ty mUar a-a4 ??* i pi man MM' ?*?' fa? |U Alaa fartar "all MM R* ? Arana** MM M*A far M" ? tefavaa A"ir.?, a*>! m *r ' aaa ?a*n%rf. rata*. Otaaa MNwtrare Ta AM 1fc* H>. ,? far aaW A aaMrfAr*. Ia<|ira at M Waal MMAMMB *MK, AMmaba r?fiA <a4 Alifh a*a< *a* AtMIAlKA ?< ABVKM OCTATI Mfa ia.?trr?m a..r?r<.. < ? *.. imtakr>1*4 aaakara |i*. - - - in an* B Ala Max ffaa-'l '? AIM Aa??ral <Aa a iarj ifW. Af*a ....tawai a?? f >a . iI'imm al aaaaafas-aarara M%*a IM.o A l.U A t It , ? >aj*a *a.. atMAM OaApw laa ? plAWnm*T* ro* * at.r -A nwumrrtrt, mmr f a -a* Plaaufana, ?f a a?n I >*, Hf?>r.l"l *1*4, ? ?ar A' H"* ? I Iff I, ?** awaj* at* |?4? a fM feMAi. i?|l| ai IAS tM la*a?wah awMA. K*? *IM At?' a awa' l ? kar.? ? ???-* - Ml la ral'M. If WWM am a*.? irai.fffi' rt%w?4, WtMaajR rat ma.*, i ? II. itTy1^ "itfli hit* ??< ?Pjjjj Mi4| y. MM1IV ?? AMI-ig^ 4raa. lama. aa4 f airmaa AAMJM Maga* Mr. i*iMi*|WWM ________ r.?- r?riamvuiV "Wi ...tKUnrKyyBaaw. * . I'MlUMtl* l?f?M.?fa ??! aaiihla.^ IM Is f A