Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1867 Page 2
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'IO ?N M HV.-r of lain W>1 ?l., umii \ DUE: -M \KK * m ,i? ?!. ?. r 4 lIKSnri) t,K .MAN | All !?: GERMAN i JI HI, WI!?"!! f- S A ? ?>is: .* ?'? tu ??s *t with the \ htnr .mil -? 1 ? Irrvt ? c t.n to (f.veo. C'Ul at > 31 Jo A ST ? KESl K ' I.A '' ? <i? Woman WISHES TO TAK IV ~ V was!.. >r utu. ituQittq. can wash and tr? n w?u f: l-? * , 'ire. i r 'li give beat u! ieifi'uiico if rt* ,4?r-a. Ui t*;? \S t at 2 nit ?'. I I ABI B WOMAN WANT;* A SITUATION AS . itamimii'.* ; > u: ke her .elf g aurally u dill. I* % <i i ar ?*xp*T(oi??t??,i upc*-rtiur fh.*? com. ?rt.* ,i a me mire dL'sir.iWe mot:<>?. 0*11 m ?*;? ?th iV. ? KEsl'EG T vlll.B WOMAN WISHES \ SI I AT, ON a?aiMtii4ir?**; iimhmiiHi * l Hu t*of . milv * w. ?*> iii cut ami in la li.'N' and uruUirtm* div* ?<?-.; f(, Aid g*j ut by ta*1 week ?r month to new. J*!;.- in? t oi rtiv velum et* *? hi bo given. Caii f'ji t .vo diy* at 10(1 West lilt n ?t A FIRST 01.ASS SEAMST1H- ^s WISHES A SITE*. C. i. ' -Utiil.,'re.?m ? \iiif . id ail Iclndsof ncedl . . ' ? ' ?i it .<? an Kill .tui nt'OCIJ ? \ " ' ? ' ? ? ? - ?-rK *? ! . . . I.. ... , ..J, . 4~t lui K;?at >tM ooj n?*r 3d av. King drat b ?tl. A YOUNG W'iMiN. llo.\EST ani> obliging, _ wig.. , vxpl I.\. .sill in ?oin.! nrtvate family. is ? mud *t .i-her an I ,r tier; uiidersttnd-. plain cookou;, or wou.n go aa ffhamba > ' HMfitl iL. room Kq. y * ? YOI'N'g HERMAN PROTESTANT (URL, WlsllES f., ,?? ,0oiri"r * c?i!mt5rn,,"< ??'? waitreaaln.m American f fuily. tali for two du>* ut <J9 La ureas *4.t j? the bukc \ T il Nil WOMAN (PRl)T! STANT) DE.GKIS A ,*? Hltuiu. 'd cs nurse and ecnmalreHt,? in a ^'. k! tin i-'lSE i'-zi' ?? b,Unlroa*u,?i city reference. \pply A YOlNt, LADY Oh EDUCATION AND REFINE al nn-nt >"h! ? a situation as comp tnlo i to ? ci . 'icWi," lo iran liing. Apply lx.t?reea 12 udiulUlleil A widow lady, of praotioai, pxperienob *.* Indls' Kwper wi.h.. u .dtuat,on, with nr Arilhoir liar . , ' -???.?PHU..4IIH1, wivii <>r MTiinoir nor Hkn!.iiA?Lln a Rm '1' ProtfiAUnt piodA ( uniij ; la i ill. quail, ect to lake entire char**, la city or country; oh J. <:t Kialil Ikiiu. . No triller lieeil nllawltr. A,<? ?iT ,i . No trlllor need answer. Adilroaa lor one ek ..'ra, H. Ouvl*. suton K, Mill uv. A IaAI^Y, WHO Sl'KAK.-J-FLUENTLY TDK KNIII.lFH auu (lOrman laoy'iagce, and is oapable oi supariiuoi d 11 ,,r ' hi.Usiilioid, <!'? ir 's a sltustniias h i i a oSo''" ' VV' lainily preferred. Andreas S. s.. llei.dd A YOCNO WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN A situation to travel with a fatnllv to any imrt is 1111 a; oi coBapao.on. t,ali at Ut t herry st,. for o-ie It. A YOU.NO WOMAN WISHES \ SITUATION AH FIRST -n CIS' ; ronlt; one wlto has no objection to do t!n? wasMnn nntl. rotdaao. abe-t city rofe.ence. Call at .so .sit! i St., betwen 8 h atmfkh a vs., i,r-t Uiair. * SITUATION WANTI.D-BV A COMPETENT W'.MaN w - t*iK, 'a **1' city r,'lcn""ca- Ran be iecu at llf ,\ SITU \T|l>N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. I MirS's "ll1 '",ln,lreH*; K? c'ty refetencc. I'all at 168 A SIiDATiOV WANri'D-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS onauibi niittld and waitreas In a small family; best cur i efore nee. UaB at 38 West ?stsi? near Bnsdwy. ? rkspi.ttanr e wom an desires a V.. If- mlmien'a or families'tv addna timlvi ? add, osa 161 West JKtb ?t? between 7th and 8tli are. P? ' A RESPKCTAULE YOUNiJ PERSON DESIRES TO ??l '"'P"1'*1'. families to do dreasm ikltc .rfanllr Kn ^tb tind Suit Isek ?r 7l" ?v 4 RTe.>I * ?. PAKLK PRO! KbTANT OTRL WISHES A /\ AUi: n as cook in a gftntlamaiPs family; no <>b ?? ? tn?n u> a?%.s ?t uith wanbiug ami irouins; ft nit cl*** refar Ir ?iiV I?*' two day, at 343 Jblbst 13th St., second lioor. A Rlj.iI'hCTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT ? "R':l'" w cook. washer and troner, in a small fatnllr. "! mt i;;'b-ju-wwork, g.iod city reletenoe. Call ?l *-7.? VI ? .it loth at., in the rear. \S AMERICAN YOI.NO LADY, OK OOOD FAMILY ?J ;ca' 'lBMr" a position In some family to In struct Children ?r as companion to a lady; she. an u.oely and Is wlllnd to make herself useful; bo objection ,o 5th > ' eful'enc'3* B'vrn and requited Cult at 26 West A ORKAT NUMBER OF OKRMAN GIRLS WANT SIT _ii^Mon*. Apply ?t 114 KMt ifoiiFton it , n?ar 2d av. A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS good plain cook; would assist In the washing; la a c?ud r-tst- hand- GiKid city reference. Gull atiHJ \Ve.,t 261:1 ?t. awxnid floor, front rtwiiit.. for two days A HIGHLY RKSPKUTAHLK GIRL WA' TB A SITU atton in n small urtvste family, as good plain cook and Oral class waa. er and ironer; Is wl'linf and . bilging. II is Hie best ol city tofsrence. Call at ttl V\ est ItH'. at, between <Hn and 7th avs. A SMART and intelligent girl wonnl ikn to trayel with a lady as cutup niton; la of a kttid and am; ,ble deposition: no ob)eett?n t, take caie of a chlia or would i!" out by the day or w eek t cw; is a nest sewer; can Ull est! er. Aditrc a or call at 112 Uin'toii nla.-e ?" fhh store. 1 ' A LI. WANTING UAPAI5LK, WELL KECOMMKNOED ? ? *erT ,,l.s Enfl.-h, Scotch, liertnsn o Irbh?can be soiled itnrtif diatclv at C VRPfcNTEK'H Kniploymeut Olllce. l.? 7?ar? t>li.Mh*?<!, 138 11th at.. cornerfchti n.*. A COMPETENT WOMAN W ANTS A SITUATION AS -* c.Hik. undc. >t.mds her btieines* in .ill t - bianviiea; la an eiceflem haher. M? ti |ty Call for two d.i'vs ai Ihl fein.t Utb St., first Mo ?r, bi.clt room. A YOUNG GERMAN GIRf. WISHES TO DO GENER AL . I housew. ? I tn a m ill family. Goal reference. Call at '.1M lias; 17th si. to,, Door. 4 RESPECTABLE WitM.VN WISHES A S Tt'ATION 21 as nitre u , ;ersUuds the cue of en infant from Its ItVw 'J'"'1""1 '? trnr"l' Good refe.enots. Cat. at 4 TOOWO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE G "4'^'"^' 'IMCli U ^bltdrcn. c, .od rcfmo'.cc. Call at 116 a Tn' \g tiir.L wants a situation to no .. ? v"rS ?:,rt waiting; tb- be- t of nty refer, noes. * all for two dnr? at S3 if?tI, st A YOUNG WON an WISHES a SITU vTION AS PLAIN cool, v md ironar, or would do general heme %' rk in i - \i*l' prirate fftralh': ha< Rt?od c'.tv refer *rc?* * .in buaccii l, i two dan at 14j :ll ny? between lith and I bin Hr sm \ rio.\ wanted-nv a com pete N't young voniiti. ? tv a. was1' apd ir.?p. or <??> ,-n^rd ho ?? o. w ?rkii ? n !i g?wwt t lty rrtfreuiT. t .51 for two tin)* nt Uj \\ o.^t '.."iih '.I , i.u ?r Ttli av. A RESIT TABLE OfRL WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ pi mi <o.?. w -h'T . ? 1 Iron r. Call for two d?r,, a: F.' Mest 3. tb at. Goo tctty reference 4 BTRONG. HEALTHY WOMAN, WHOSE CHILI) IS J\ Aia.i. want- *o ce cs wet ncr? - no on^eetion to the .-?miitr/. Call at il ilam ilou at., room N ?. a. aerond H< or ?N V. Mr-. MARY SIJBKM AN. ' A CAP.tB'.E VGUNG WOMAN' WISH,IS A S TUA _ ton to lb. s'nrrel b usee , k Is a ,mo,l waaher and ,rwt?T c "'*?tH''' "f city irfereuca. Call ut Um west ,-Hb ?t.. m.r line iloor SITI Alius W AN ED?BY V RKSPRCTABLR WO. mail, u too.; Will a?Gl III washitc. and ironing, has ?"Trefer***. CaJ at 9tt West tttii at., between HI, ami Ath a ra, A Arni NG GHlI, W HO Js * COMPETENT DRFsjC fT)4K . ill II ?i t 4 ' ? "! *, V-* i'l's 'll enjp#e by u c d.?. w>>? .r month, wnh pr r'te fatoUtea 4 ?ll a i?r I?m* t?i?? lay* .it tu? R,twi ri n gj. A YOUNG Jt'.iMA >' LATELY LtND'il) WlSilt'S A S37 West 46 h at. on IS r'umberttistd and sei ame. . Applr a! \* Jft KTorso WtiMAV tMNTrt A *Ttrv |io? <ingpfmMM Whc- 'r > n.l W?l?on an<.:h1n*: '? ? rroi*?;ai?i, wtlll th<- br?l of rltj-n foraurak. Ai l .?> 173 Fn?i >l?l ?l 1-JHHT of Cd If. A *N *. T ?/I'M AM IJIRI. WWT-i k III ATJ N id .1 ?'n ??? ??< a-ork In a ?m ,11 family, Call At <>r *<i 4rna* 1.4 I* .-i l.i.ii *i. \ ?KM'Kl'T\H' A .*A> M I-ill l-> t" III. i , MUr (>|| |?. ?Mli.i'l I ? .|o. UwWalaii In ikr Inm *aa> ilor.??lili; U. n< i?.i4arnM. Inqui.-e at 7# H Mrt ft i 4. hroi ,i.?.r hn k i.?>m. ? *KHrrrt*ii;.R TurNu wiman vriKHK* s ?iri ? ikawukf f?rt W (IhMn>*; m 4>. iilalk Mkrlnk', ?I. .rn<i|, i i t?h U liar ?i, idly r?f?in?iw?: ? ? ??)? Jmm tm IM wmHT. dan ua Man far lin> uavn ,il 74 Faaiiri *i. \?iti .ri.iN w r'nik in a prtTAi ?: f?m > ?> <.a-?>?l a tnr h Mn.- II minlrrd; gmid .,tyr??,.r , . I ,, . ? ,i iH n>.| Mill ? ?n...!,.?> ?AATRo-ar a ?i si i.'-r?i k ?" "??!' lii t' k. WXI an iml>?r?>('AMli|i f .ux an;. .14.. w?ii I a. a..* .lad. In |nlre at JM Wm-i Ttrh A \ '' i'l.rr*?i i r? a RBRfIIYTIC. fUl' '*** * M<>atn.n aa ehwiMnMll, ar aranM 4a ?*?^if *aaaai 7aM.Ur* am an .rati aldr a* A k<w?Nwae <l? ??,,? l\,l ?i log Mod*, a M \ *' *ri' N u . . , ? i ? ~ i t.amr took, 4 92J?i!l*fc2?ii2! *<>**? n wrDovi faieea aewx-g X tar r,?? Vaua m IJaSTln iaaM'rawti ' *i S' 1 1 7"""t ?maria*. I an la ?a?a fa i? ik?,fc i ? Ti (? USHfaMTYAIUI Wi* i 'fii I, IMtB ' \iiiriT/rvo)i tAMTti ycrttfig i?, ?*?iwn%; ) lv ? 0PMMI (MH* ?? ferwMf v*M v ?lf?1 4f UMlWd I? lit ? h ? Man far i?.i dajrn, ? all ? him r im J i>k a* arat ? ??? Ma a A \ A Mlfl 4TV09T WAHfril ? ?; ???? Mil# li kit f>>#4 r?<?r?Mv. wW . iro* : i* # #; # ah ? Viin- ? li.i H t?i In *,?*# (li rati' ? ils* M* ? 1 v? *i? ' ui 4 * a v-WT-A ? i' v A \T** ?I v ?rr: ..? ,.. A )?- j. ,-v?' " k ? b v ? in : i print" ftmly ? " (?{ : ' A lit. ?| 'vuji, in .1 If ei gni. MlrttlV< A 4 SITUATION WANTED?AS TOOK; IR A tioop V ??? '''I d ironcr. tua no oblerdfi.-i toe ty oreouat:y. ('in Iv < . ^ i i'tlllsitt 4111c er a4., ro 1 No. G. t Ki M'K?'lAH?.K YOC.Nn WOMAN WILL IIOTI". ,\ w*-!i _p if r.m .>? oi .ingle R-.liemsa it h.-r own i i in'. % onitpoii I)' i? Jo tiic lined ?tev'ii*to-. of wa ?* .. . - ,<i g, *<?., ?n i.i.i Iwv'. itvii'. 'i4 1 ?<* i /-if Ci? ItK We l Jt.h at., Uotivtvn Broaiit J tail tiib av. A RBSPl CTaBLK YCt'NU WlI?f?V,' Wfl'lAV WANT.-t .i * lu.ii.. m K- \vc. nur . : bnbv thraa week* ntd: ro ob .icoCm to tiie country. Cit 11 for two day* at 311 West 44th til., icar, 11*ird IS..or, AW EDUCATED TOUNU WOMAN WANl'9 A HITH V " tt'in an housekeeper ri a am il' firmly: or would do 1.10 i'i i"li||'t> Hi I lianj M'wln.; ami Inak" lientclf "rner*Hy "**? fnl, or wm.11 t-ke charge i.f ,11 uii.i'id I .Iv; 1* a goo I drran nod oioik maker. Addre** T. T . Herald office. HITUATIOS WANTKP?BY A UPSPHUTAill votinc if'rl, lo 1 > rh nnherwo;*4. ami I ifivllbllg lo I11 lor w i?hins.,ii.l ii uiliu four vei ??' rltv reference .rum her .,?t place. Call lor tiv.i d.iys .it li9 27th at., IwlwatD 7th aiiil t h uv-. \ SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RPSPEtTABI.E young w.iui-i: vhn ha-i cood ivf*r?-nors a* rook inner ami Waaher in a anvil! private family. Apply at 196 Mailt aon at., MtoiiJ Hoor fmr.t room. AfO v. (ITBIi W \NT<i A SITUATION IN A PR1. rate fion'y aa ? reamstresa; 1* a irnod operator on Wha.-'ar A Wils.o'a machine, and I* willing to aaaist in el... ntorMll, Call for two daya at SA7 7ll? hv. ? k - . 1 vr.i.i'. ivov \n wihups to take ,\ ?t hei ium retiiinior rr go out by the day; lint l ily Irfirenr Cull at Kti Wi lt 20th at. VYorvOOIKI. WimiES A situation as cook and to a* .it In lie washing anl lr.mlng. her lost era flopr can be aeen. t'all at 119 We?t 27tn si. \YOrWO VOVAX LATCH UIMD, W1RHM A ?H 11..11 .11 to do am-i ll housework. or in c'i imb-rni .4d ar.d l.ior Ir a: 1* a mod plain rook 1 ml w*ahrr tnd irotier. ( all at IA7 We*: /7lh at., flrr-floui, hark room. Si t \m mh; - op mr? in m want situations. at Mrs. llanaau'a Nurse*' luitttute, No. 5 f>th at., nrar Bowery. _ 4 winow WOV A If IVIT I! ITET1 HOY. TYKARPOI.D. J\ wi ihr? a aitnnt mr aa h(m?eker;^r or to ri ? the iiotiie work of a un til private fatn'lv: ia a ?|> Ill pl.'UM cook, nd liai no obpi i 1011 to go a auort diataace lu the country. Call at 199 K nt JimIi at. \ RESPECTABLE YOCJiO OTRI. WANTS A S'Tt'A t' .n aiwiitPeaa and to limine waahlnv aua ironlnc itt n pr.ra'e i.miiiv: I* wlli'n* and oMump: go-rl city reference. Call at 210 Woat ?6ti. at., he! ween 7;U nod Sill av*. VBITUATTOM WANT o-ltY 1 RESPECTABLE v ifis ?lrl, a* ro, k- l? willlri! to maCt with too wiuh in( and Ironing. Aptdv at 61 Kaat l 'IU *t. near t'urk nr. A PR1 v H KtOD 1 > PROTECTANT WIOoW wlihra a iltiiillon na umnekerpe- or nor .e In * nen Ceman'i fanilti . aha mtfurataMh thd- unpitr the m in i"" nirnt of a bonav n.u.L t all on or addreai at 2i*. Rait 21at at., vix'ond floor, front, for two dnva. t BITCATIOIf WWrkTl-BT 1 Vfll'NO WOMAN, AS ?"\ (e.inialre?a; i|.id?r*tiiid? all kinds of family aewlnc: aim ratling and fitting lade*' and children'* droanea; liaa had five yean* eiiier/ciio In travell'ng; the country pi ? ferr.'d: { md retcromo. Call at tfi9 Clh av., between t9,b and Nlrh ,U. \roVXU OIMi VAVW A siTCATf IV AS MtTRSE and ?amitcci -; c in take c.j.r of j fn m 11 1.100th old; or would doehionbe, wor\ and lake r.ire of children; e.upr du r two v??r?'etty refciencr Call at lob Oroiia.d at , llrat C.a.r, front ro."i?. /"III WHVHN \ TI> 1Ni> WAITRTSS.-A RP.SPEttTARLE *7 young ? cm in a ituai on In tho ?1 ove ejipaciti; heit of eitr rrforence. Call for two day* at 81 .U av., abort the *hoe store. /dOOK BITCATIOW WANTED, BY A fJEKMAN "y wmrnn, A* flrat rl?m Prworh nook: thcronghly tiuilrr every branch of the art; beat of city reference. 21 Pelaneev at HOltSEK UPPER'S SlTl'ATIoN PERTRED?BY AS American lady, fully o.mneieiif to like the entire charge of a rniitiiy c a operate alao on Whc lor A Wllaon'a rawing macMu*. SuUr. not so much ao object a* a cojn fo.table ho:nr. Re^i of'r?ferc:.eei giveaaud rcq tired. Ad drui M. K n., Jer?ey City Post ofVe. Hi 1 IBEKEEPBRSSarrCATIOR VANTED-SY A LADY ; of education and r oinimcut, would tako cbarrelna wi.lower'r f.imilv; la-at of rel- rrnoe given. Addrtaa 0. S. V., aialton K. __________ _____ Monthly ncrsk.?wasted, ry a lady, a pkw more cngakemcnte: beat nf city reference Cation or uddri-ii Mra Pichaon, lift Alien a;., near Dclancey. Would at'eud on ao invalid. arruAfim WAjrno -by two tpcn vormi p nne a* rhnmiMtnuaid ond aaltra** or do pi* naewlnc; the oibar a* cook, wadlierntnl trnncr or to do general hon?cwnrk In a amnll f.unllv >>??' of refer. nc?? from their last place. Call at nil IVa j'ttlth at . between Cih and 8th an. O IT CATION WANTKD?BY A RE8PECTARLR PNPT vi eitant w -ni'in 10 conk, w<*h no 1 Iron In a prlva'n family or boarding lionae; I* willing 10 make h*r*elf genrr alli ure; ul; city rclcrcu.-e given, ttall at !M 1 anoam at., llrat lloor, front of street. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress: good city reference. Can ha area at AM 7th ar? near S2d at. SITUATION WANTlip-BT A MOST RESPECTABLE M to do the genera! h.iuaawork of a -mall laioili j la HI a,, .' w. iher and Ironer. has no ob.aril.m l" 1 HM distance In the o-iuntrr: la both willing soil obii* i*g. Can bo aaen for livo day. .11 BR l'a?t D?' ?f , 1. Ml i-'a . SITUATION W'.NTKP-BV A RESPECT ABLE YOCNO woman, a - first rat* rook and to 1 a- at at w*?h!ng and Ironing: no ohjaetion te go .1 al*ert ,U-l?n s- ft, 11,a rnnniry: tie?ti.f refar?nce Call f.>r two diva at 261 31-1 at , neai Vtb av.. tbu.l floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED?A? Pl. ilN DOOR N I. Al". dinar. Iwstcity referunce. Call at Idn We?t MKb *L, fur Iwodaya. OITl'ATION W ANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND tons* it at washing aud ironing; good refersfioa. Call at 149 West 27th d. CJITUATIOM WANTED-A9 cook. IN A PRIVATE 11 fatnlfv; I* an eaerllcnt tmker. baa Iwwt of rafi-r. ncew; no Objectlou In a-aisi with ? lull* Waalung If re?;uli'i*l. Cill lor two d.iy.i at 308 F.ait '24th at , in the lainy ?t >er OITl \TIOS AYaNTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND iO waitrenn opto (to genwral koiurMrk; g*?l cite reter eoce. i "nil si 135 \Vf??t 1 .It h st.. betwe-n 7tli unl f*tu 'T?. CtTUATToN WANTED-TO DO O iNF.R AT liot .?!% i^ work in a amall private family; good cdy iggfivoee Call at 'J2I Hudson ?t. SITC VT'oKS WANTED?BY TWO PP.OTK-TANT gtrla; ":i? an r?i*. tu? ether a? eh.u?i1a.T>atd and lantnlr. *?; the country preferred; got d city reference Call ? ' ;.Jt? Wee '26' U at., between Sl'.t ?nd !Hh ?*?.. in Die rear. CJITtTATlOJt WANTED-AS 8EAIIF TRUSS; 1'NDMl O Manua all kind > or family ??wt:u;. Cal> at Jul Snot I ,"Ui ?trce u siirration wanted?by a respectable girl vi aa n r<? or rhambonnnld: no obj*< .ioi to the eowi ;ry. Good cite rate, nee Can be aceu tor two <1 aya at 311 tAs.i 73d at., betniatn 7lli and blh era. SITUATIONS W \ YTKD ? BY TWO RESPECTABLE O Kill", ore as en-ik. washer and lron?r. ilic oiier in rb imbarm. Id and * treaa; h ve tt<> objectina in a hosttUng liomtne i oat of r if nwwm given. CaU at bWtHb at., room No. It) TWO YOUNG WOMEN?A MOTHER AND GAUGE* ter went situation a, o c in i> k ard the other aa eh mil ?rra.ild an I waltroaa. and tn v tiling and mid obliging; wl I do the wattling and ironing m a tmall f.'-mlT; have go hi ?ennee, Coll for two day* at 341 Wen*. Kth ik, inir Itjr refer 8th iv., baaemcDt tool, back room. YlTAETFTt? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL if who imdereUnda general housework. Inquire at IS"! Eaai ?lh at It' \\1 ED?A 9ITUAT ON tiY A RESPECTABLE GIRL ?t a* 0"ik' or would : ??i*t In waaliing. Call a' 131 AAeat 13th at., between 7tb and Mk ?v?. W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE IVny \N A SITU.A 11 tint! an cook; no ibjcii M to tbeooon'ry or n private boarding home; ford ,ty rcierrn-e e .n be g|.-eu. < a'l f it two dm a at It"" tl jv, between Htih and 17th eta., baacncnl. TV ANTED? BY A ItBBIV.f TABLE YOUNG Otlb A ?T aMttation ?*'w altmao. or would do ohnaiborwork and wMitii.4; goint eity refarewao. t'ali for two day* at 31* West ?! \ 1'ANTKD-RY A PROTEST ANT YOCNO WOMAN, A ?* u nation at ' nly'a Blnld an I a-mmatre**; iMdera'ands h ? r.tren-.i r. r*nbr<sb;ery, Re., or would take earn of on ? or two gwe: itlldien. rati ba nee i for thine daya at 4462h ar. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN". A ?? a tufttl m i eo ,* and to I <1 in the v u-hn g an t iron* liia Hon* r'ty rrfeieoeo, Call at 80 Weat IJth at., oolwecg 6lr> and 7th ?va.. foe two duyn. It'*NTKP-B S1T1* VT'ON BY A YOCNO OIRT, AS ?f nr*< . t*n? laiind Ma; h.i? no object'an to .ia?iat in eti mborwoik: ta|fitll) eovnnetent torfber tmalnean <an onme w> I rat hum u.le t. Can oa scan for two Jayn at Ttli or near 34th at. tYfANTED?A SITt ATiOV. BY A 'liirPECTABLK r? .v n>en. a? o.a.1, and to ana t wlllt the waaktM and ironing, the bimt O ilv rofaiewcwfan ba given. Call at Mi A* eci itllh 11., between th and .'i j bva w * ANTED?A BIT.: ATION, LY A Rl'spRCTA RLE girl in oook, Wa?ber and Ironer; 11 a gitod bread an4 h.* lit m iker. hug ? d i lly rwferonco. tiail at 139 AVe>t ?ith and 7'b s at., bete een 6tli Wanted?by a married YfivtN. who has If l-w I er baby two dara otd, nnabjr bi wet ntir o at hof now re*i',, ire. Call on or add)ran, for thrao daya, Mrs. n'Korke 3b> K >*? Wth at. TANTED?A WftTATlON, hV A RE81ECTABU; Nerigob "1 ea rood plain rook and to aaatat itw. bi t iro iing. is wUling and (iblutii a; ean g-te good refer* mM r.ull .or two el lya nt ti IMcks st? Brooklyn. w T ANTED?bt A RRBPECTARLR WOMAN, a SIT! atii .i is eook; I* an rtoe' nt bak'" ot b ? ? id and baa go nMsriton tnaaaistnith waabttig) boNof city Ore. I to be aeett at lid' lYs.'. :kl i at. IT ANTED?A 41TDAW0N, BY A URBPRCIMILE f Int.! ? I aroma0. n a rest rr-Hlila fain Iv. aa w rl imiae; be two isrok old. Cull ? l S3 3d H.. hiojt 16. VV v\ 1 t>_A Mil triON. BY A RESPECTABLE WO* la i wr*e and *?airstress. Best "a fi?m i? ? ,n bi aeon foe two daya at W Mattbefrr at., ?at ' r ba wont. \ ctilf, AA'HO WOERNE in a orn 1 li da id. a tnatl ? I us geoeral nor ,.w I nran oMmt' rnaatd dnd Walts ? S bottoe; m i .?" ??, city n? co'intr,. W NDRPSS, WITH ? | e i tJT f r < ' til*, litititig aud criuit. t gt*l t V, A BlfcATIDN Hargu of i boartl* es *1 It. 'AT'IVS IVWTPTWPnMAlF.^. W-*""" "'v ' a -'itahav .*-? \ coon ? ' w ml nor r. -i a>:oi>t r,?eA ie b"?t of ty i -f"r,... ? mi' < ,?:l at lil lj ,i liuaati' - >u the shoo w .? (or ?t?i*.te. It. t, nr,'sr?n-?Y \ r y < s<- " :f>rrr-. (u". girl. A sifni 05 to d? general 1 ? '??!.?? ' ?" ' "*? ?''J b:tlo?, to a,' in t: .? ri. at m sK, roo-i No 3. _ W ASrjJD?BY A RESPECTABLE Y"t ?'? WO* AM, A *Y "'oatto-i it go .d phfu e . .1; U wil!in~. t-i assist Wttl the *<?! log and Irooins, or i< ortllio ? to do %:.? w ?hlng ?1.1 (in: l- s of ?' 1' fan 1 v; jo, < iho '???? dtv rer ? n ??. C .11 at 4;'? V.VftSi'-l ?i., be I ween !?th and ipi'i av . tirrt floor, (or two .1* 11/AN'Sll-BY A HHXP3CTABLF V h -VANT WO. * ip to tri'!! IKUn jirl (lr? rf ir oM. ? a.I 1 <t oo o*? 1 on"c Kee(*-r. rook, or to do general hntsework. fioory rvf. eretims given. A(?(?!> at 52 Allen at , near Grand, ronni No. 7. ~\\T AN'I'K' >?BY A KESPEOTAKLE WOMAN'. WO X ?t by the d house clean in V or w rihirnt i.nd ircit'n,;. c*n he well r< conr.uu u !od. Addrecs Laundron, 4S8 Cto m room 17. WANTED?A SITUATION ItY A H'.-'l*PCTART.F. yonng woman SB ehsmherm ild nod wsilresa; ? ill ntr to assist in t.ashing and ironing: lnnl of city reference given, O, II for three dayit nt 310 Weft lid St., between 8ih and '.Hli hvj. 11/ ANTKD?BY A RXSPiJOYABI.E PERSON, A STTU.A ii tlon aa chainbernaid tod waitress or eh tmliermnid end nur.a; in tin' city oi country: bent of citv rrference. Apply at 103 Went Hfltli it., between Ot'i nr. and !t;oa Ivrsr. 1ST ANTED -BY A KABMKtt VioMN * BABY TO '* wet nnrMO nt bet own liotase; has lately lo t her ow n. Call at 382 2(1 at'., room 11. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS COOK: UNDERSTANDS ail kinds of rooking. EnglMt or Aiue- em: has no oh. jc-etlon to assist with tbn washing: h?? the if ' <if city rcie rcace. Call at 317 bunt 31st st.. In the lv.semen. WANTED?BY A KMMSGTA.BLB YOUNG WO MAS. A situation first elnan p.undrcan; understands ail ' Inda ef French fluting; tlie best of eliy re. err tea. Call at 31 King St., rear. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YnUNO LA PY. A atran r In the city, to attend store or davuerrean gal lory, or would accent of hut employment to earn a geuteel llvfni!. Best of reference as to chnraiucr. AdJitgj, ap pointing an interview, Kmma Stewart, stall in 0. WET NTIRSR.? SITUATION WANTED. PV A YOUNG married woman, as wet nurse; o( would a baby to nurse at her own bonne. Can tin seen till suited al WIS West 4ltti nt., top floor, back room. XT (jyr: ENGLISH WTDOW WOMAN WISHES A SIT I u.;iina a? nnrs- and *irst e'sss saamsTess; can take the eritt-? charge of a child from It; birth; can give tl.e heat of reference Ci.U for two d ws at 201 East 14th at., between m ?. A and It. second floor, rear. HELP W ANTKH-FKMALE*. A PTB8T CLASS MTLLINBB WANTED?ONP Tif \T T8 /\ a Rood trimmer and capable of tuklut; the enthe enarge. 1.145 Itroadv. ay, mar Stith at. ClOOIf WANTED?OKB WHOTHOtODOHLY UND : . / stands her business and lias no olm etlon to the eonntrv. Apply at 141 Lev'rgtou nr., on Mondiy aud Tuesday, be ttjceo p and 11 o'clock. Employment wanted-by the day, ry a conipeteiil seamstress and oper.ato-: under.lands -Ires-, making end a'l kinds of family sewing. Call at 102 West U all at., top floor. Housekeeper and general housework girl wanted. Wnntod. in n private family of six persons, a wo n>ar. to tako the general charge of a house; she w-l'l be expeetod to do the ohamberwork and writ on the ta'ile; must hive nr recent Ion able references. ?s full trust will he n'aoed in her: the Louse contains every convenience, the work will be light, and, if the applicant suits, a plea: ~ut home and liherul wages May lie scoured. Also w Mod, u girl to do general housework: must be willing and chUciue uud have uuexi-eptlonnbie rcfer viocs. The lion :e Is situated In Brooklyn, Eastern District, but applieition ra iy he rindo at 8H EastSSth a!., nenr.'ld av? N. Y., betwocn the houra of 8 and 4, on 'fonday. the 25th. /ANTED-A tlllti,. BETWEEN 12 AND 14 YEARS of age, at 31 East 11th st. ('.ail for two days. WANTED?A COMl'KTKNT OPERATOR ON WHEEL er A Wilson's sewing machine; constanteinploymetil year round. Call Ml 4ti'l i olnuihia at., between Socket! and Liegraw, in the store. 11/ANTED?A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS. TO WORK ?? by tk- month: uni t he welt recoinuieuued. Applv at 450 West 23 ! at., before 12 o'ciook. ANTKD?AN EXPERIENCED LACE TRIMMER, by Miller A Grant, 7U3 Broadway. w w "11/ANTED?A PROTESTANT COOK WHO UNDER, vv stands plain cooking; has good o.lty reference, and is able to dp the washing and ironing for a eery small faudlv. Ca'l at 79 East 18th St., between 1U and 2 o'clock. ll/ANTED-JN A PRTYATK FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS vv eiaik, who thorauclity underrtanda her Imsiness; also a competent laundress. Nooe need apply without unexcep tionable reforencet. Apply froni 8 to 2 nt 13 Kaat 14th at. 11! ANTED?A ATOM AN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON " in a amal! pnvato familv. None iced apply unlca-. they are willing to make themselves generally useful. Call, with city rtfereucja. at 454 West 23d m. XiTANTED?A GIRL TO OfiOK. WASH AND IRON; IT must uriilcrrtand her work thoroughly; musi tie ele .n and unit and have go .d rity revominntidiition. Apply nt 4} WctSihsl. 11*ANTED A PFOTi: tTANT (1IRI,. IN V .sl'W.r, ?Y family, to da general housework: she must be .i good wialifu and (roller arid a plain cook. Call nt 511 6lh av.. ,m cond dor.r above 18th st. WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON, and one aa nurse and -eanivtress; both must huve re ference. Apply at *5h West ISiii st. VV *VTRD-AN EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN IN A YY cake, pastry and eonfeetinitery store; must h.ive go .d references and wriU a fair hand. Apply at S35 Broadwnv, corner ol 13th st. TV ANTKD?A GOOD GIRL. TO DO CENKRAL IlOUSK. YY work: must be a good washer and troner and make herprtf en ersRy useful. Must Uare goo.I referenee. To save trnollr none others n.ed apply, [nmtire after 11 ?'? l<*k at a'l 10th av.. corner of Dlh st. W ANrK.I - i ORAMBIttAID, WHO UNDSMTAXIM YY waMiop upon table and doing embroidery. 223 West Uiti si. tITANTI D-A HOOD LAUDER** EOS A PfUV?TF y Y family. Apply. with rf'.y r rterer.cea. at No. Its Wort ?."7th at. h<1 Toon 10and 1Y otcloek. \VAXTKD-A WOMAN TO Do THE GENERAL WORK VY I it o.iiu'lv. with mc exi?mion of n-aalung .mil Iron ing. A) ply *? '.J Wott AVI al, b.-f >r? I'd M. WANTED?A r.oon rll'1 COOK. WASHKR AND tenner, with good city inference. fall at ?3 Urevosrt place. U? ANT-MI-A YOU NO WOMAN. WELL EDUCATED and thoroughly competent, ?? ycnm.trer and In .me care ?.f tw.i grown children. Apply at No. 9 Waal 3idh at., belorr 17 A. YT7 ANTED JMM'MHATEI.Y-KOR A PRIVATE BOARD >Y itift ho?M>, n (<**' idem c o*. amaher and iron t, Knv M?N or Scotch; ii?ii?l I* ?cm ? . I v economical and nbilgimr; reference leqniie.i. A piy .,t ISA Wed Hth at., from 9 to 11. SJTt' ATIOtR V. ANTKIUa %taZ39. \Yot*m." man wishkh v situation as bar. keeper; l?e?* ofecli reuce. Inquire for George I'biiltpa, 74Ra?l Broadway. Tjl*rWTYMT WANTKD-BY A RESEKCTARLE VI ynttng ii'tm w'.iowrites ;;ood la qnlck end ro re t at and sell ncoualnlcJ with th< c.ty. U.njd refer crtcca. Ad'licat Th ira. 12 (tn-cunicli ar. TO TIOTEI. AND SALOON PROPRIETORS -A SORER and reliable mat", thurnughlr .wpudntml with !>'? hnal ????. want* ait engage ncnt aa harl-crvr or to ?. Ur th? en. ti.e charge of a bar or a bar anil .-vauuiant. Addreaa Bar, Herald office. TV ANTED-r.Y AN ENGLISHMAN. A SITI* \ TION AS YY btlller in a Jtrlri >e < rr 'y. nr ca brad waiter in a In tel. AnpU to 1. A3 R aahlnglen ?l. v fll'isT fl.iss M tN COOK. FRO* I moon, a altiie<nn in a hotel, r ub, or reatauram. Apply to A. II., 471 TYnahlngton -I. WANTED?BY A Vol NO MAN FROM LONDON, lately Ir tli? lea'fccr irnle cptploj men* In Ihe chore or any utbtr capacity;letierally uacfttl. L, Lb Waahmg-nn at reel. r , TV-ANTED?BY A WltfXO M AN. AGED *>, A SHTA ft Uor aa b rt-nfr; baa hail (real e.iencncc in the bii'lnraa. ami baa uistielaaa refereticca Addreai f ?' C., II11aid ofben. COAt II Ml-JT AID OAKUMAKItS. I \'i il'Ni i M\iil jit MAN 11 MA V WITH ' M J\ rMId, wtthca a alAailnn aa gardener. itwrternUnda tl.e cari of rreenhoua-iJcraperlea, A .. i.c?i reieratwr- g.ten Ad A. Rimer. ? Inemr at., Newark N. ?? \ YOUNG MAN tltNTP A SITUATION AS OOACR man anil groom] Hood reference n,n he had Iror.t hia ln?t employer. .Nnnfectloa to the country.. A<idr?aa for tbrre d?ya hot 214 IIpaid offne WANTED?BY Al ENGLISHMAN, A SITUATION K coach nan; ntt nbt u.ideratainl? hia Imalt one: rani# acrn from 10 A. .VI, ill 1 1'. M A Idrcae, Walter, 3" IV cat 37lu at. N. Y It' A NTS D?A Stl til .N, BY A IH>I F.fTAItli: YY, aa rfichnmn; nndetet trul? hia hoi m nil lla brain he . .m l ai, l?l n ,,r. for hano?tv, m brletjr and gno.1 oi iiiu X (.'all im or ad Ireaa J. Ik, 99 Wtat lltli at., private aul I*. CI.KKl ORUQ CLERK nc ,r Oa lal at. Retail dry JimmeAj .1 P SALESMAN ? A o N V At'll SAliKSMEI. ANTED?AT 4S6 ORBSNWICH St., HODS SAI.KSMAN Wan . ED?by iham 1(M VlVtnlie *t., Rrnoklyn. CAI.E.SMAN.-A ENTI.T-MAN AMT.tJY ENI1AUED 1 " w ?he. lo hare r dlininal cut ''7ir.ei ?. >? ?(,| ? In the Son.nornand H la o. tea a for i'?ur 4efa 4. !>., boa 200 atation I). . f - ro i.i. s riu-; < ity < YorV, (lac jrqatllit! 1 ?|i I If lnMiirdi and win can c "li trie Ml a ir.ulc v ill oe ilb.ra Ij il.'alt ?.U ,, Iti'r.ld o(Tn O AI.Es'M V N wiyfED.?A SfllllT HO USE WtSMVN O to engage a-ale.i.jin n ho baa t g*u! tr .de, nooibera weed HOpll. Avtipa ,,.rt Ito I'C, l| 'l.iUl o li.' '. <?<?,. M. ATl.D?at fllR-?: *V| 'i?| Vn Y t > O *4.4 W Itttfiimat., corn r or Kr?n*llit; nne fmiiint wltl. the i> ? luceei r with ,ni w ? ... a id m.l .itrai l of r ..r., ? ill Iieinnw 1,1 and I . ?> dm k. VITfATION V lifEft-l.V ,% vol" NU was" As"l : Ti V i' i'cr!? -r ? I. *4 en. a-.ilcrcn In I d!?r> ariw ion . In .i oi i.<;cr,itcta ctrea. A4drr?a .). it. -1 . "niv I,OH 1*1 .nice. \\' 4" | H \ tl M. V N Fill, lloTI I. f'f.EI'K f I ., O' c "d; the I -t r.f . - rfer it e fe plircii, Apply a '2 l,a,.t tl., fii.ii, 4 .o f? .i l .ck rLFRKS A".'D K4I.ES"P*. YIMxted nv a toiko max, a situation ?s ' * i- - Jtit bookkeepi sinrk op ot ."wan ; t!i gi*o ' f .ot ry raftreooe. Aden ?* H. s. y , i.u\ .Herald UKUP W A \T KD-13 ALXII, A I.I. MVIR1N J IMXI !)!4TR RVPLOY.VBXT IN AM, . V ' ?:> nun : o: bu Iiif * rail at CI chautirfTs street. ' . .It able v? -ancles tb'.s dA;; enod paying aturies. A LI. WANTING SITUATIONS IN ALL BT ANCUKS j\ of holiness call at W Nassau a|rrrt. Excellent anil perm nt it biiuatit us thbntay{ immediate employment. ALL Y ?UNO MEN OK BUSINESS QUALIFICATIONS

seeking employment and having rofemnc* auitnd bn. medial'.y at .'12 Broadway, room No. Id. Information free, \T 4-9 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 3?WANTED, ele: :s end four young men who writ* Mr hand. AKo at* vui'i, men for it 'bt businoti; salary All per woek. Al'dce'lt ;i i"" and A'tdnii q ?'it t $ 4. A FEW Ffn>T C' CANVASSING AGBNTS CHN IA fit '1 profiiah?* etnployiuatit by eulUiig on or ?4 Ue-*mg F. T. Koll ?tp, 20 street. A OiiNTS WANTED?TO SELL AN ARTICLE PATENT J\ td: oalla iti every hods', star', hotel, ollloo. Ac. City and tountry. ' allot or ad,Ires, C. M. Urowu, >4 Jtls>-ck r street. New York. Agents wanted for every city and town in the Union, to sell an artiolf entirely new, end wanted every*'here. Exclusive territory granted to men 30 i' .IT at, third Uoor. a N AGENT WANTED IN EVERY COUNTY iV thriMig.i nt tli" United tatea, to take oh ar**e of a new publioattou; would not Interfere with other worm. We make no iiousts. If you want to know nli.t you eao mtxk ; try it. Civ nlar free Noue but energetic and cxpericnued sales tnrn need apt ly. 1317 Address Uix 317 Philadelphia Poat offlee. AGE WE WANT IN EVERY CITY AND TOWN, to ~rll two or three articles of grant value to every family", can in ike $5 to $10 a d iy. Call at 31$ r'niton ah, room No. si. Agents for "oitimus" wanted in cpy and every town. NOW per cent proftt?exclusive privilege*. FOSTER & CO., 22) Grand St., New York; TP Main Brooklyn. A MAN WANTED THIS DAY.?STEADY EMPLOY \ ntent: pltj par w-ek to one who will loan $.1)0; -;ood se curity and 7 per cent Internal for the money. CapL STINK, 16* Dunne it. AN ACTIVE, HONE*T II ILL BOY WANTED-AT Win'' or Hoiel. 14th at. weal of Broa.lway. Unex ceptionable ivfbfvooes required. BOY WANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE.?MUST BH exp "Ieneoil, \vr te well and live in this edv: wcwkly ray $1 Address in handwriting box ti.KW New York l' olliee. ?>OY WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICE. APPLY AT 25 I Nassau at., room 25. BOV WANTED?TO GO ON ERRANDS AND MAKE himselfgenertt Iv useful tn an Oilier; wMt* 12 b> per week. Address, tn own handwriting. Tob exio llorald ofl'-e, TjtlKTY ADEN : ? WANTED?TO SELL ONE OF THE I bos I domes maebinne oyer olTui .-d to 'ho |iuhll": also to aril patent Ht his toe the Mime. Profits large. 4; ill on J'. Netvlou, Ct rtbmdt Street Hotel, Monday, Tuesday and V| cdneatl y of tit xt weak. TIT ANTED?FOR VETERAN RESERVE CORPS. REGU M lar army, so dltr- ???>. tided performing their duty mid now competent for a^rrttton duly. Apply, with evidence of di charge, .it 115 Cedar at: ret. TV" ANTED?A SMART AMERICAN BOY, 18 YEARS ** old. to open oy.d' .send attend the billiard room. A|> ply Between la end 2 to J. \V. 1) uituey, Broadway Club llouae, 1,11X1 Bros hear WANTED?TN A BOOKSTORE, A YOUNG MAN TO learn the l usiii is?: most he willing to make, him-'-lf generally useful sod mine well reooraniend I; salary $3W. Addrcsi.'ivith refoienor t'. B.. bo* I2f> uerald office. TIr ANTED?A "M AN TO WORK IV A STABLE WHO t? ttnilerat.inds the oare of horses; no others ueed npply nt 358 4ih ot. IIP ANTED?A YOUNG M AN WITO UNDERSTANDS It opening oysters and making stewa. Apply at 23 dougal st. UTANTED ?A noon. INDUSTRIOUS MAN, To WORK t? on n inrm. .Apply at 411 Canal at., In the store, front 8 to 11 this day. 7 r PER MONTH TO ONE GOOD AGENT IN EACH I') e-uiri'y In the United Slates to sell our Patent White Wire Clothes Line. Address American Wire Co., 149 Btoaun a>. room No. 3. YHE TIIADEB. A MAN WANTED?WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER stands galvanizing Iron: none hut a nnmpeienl man need apply. Call thi- day at U17 Fitluiu at., Brooklyn, front Pin 11 A. M. I OR DYER.?WANTED, AT UTIC V. N. Y? A TT RST rate job dver, to whim steady employment and the beat of v .iqe? will in' given. Addruas TUlinghast A Kcxlo-d. Ad vertising Agents. Utica, X. V. TO CLOTHIERS? K FIPST CLASS CUTTER. WITH 5 years' praetieal experience and unexceptionable rel'er ffTi. wi-hra a situation in a it rat class house, Address Mr. McC., station D. TOJBWER AND DRAIN PIPE MANUFACTURERS.? Wanted, iiv an English.nan thoroughly competent, a situation to tnanufaeiure the above. Address Potior. Post oilier. Brooklyn, N. Y. TV AN I'.'P-A GOLD SPECTACLE MAKER; ONE WHO >f naderstands rnnkui" eye glasses and jobbingpmforte<l: to n goial hand who uiitlerstands his btttluesi steady eui pioyment and uoml wages will he given, tildreasor csll on l.eorge L. 81 reefer. New Haven, Connecticut. MJTF ANTED?A FOREMAN CARPENTER; ONE THAT ti understands fUTior for groining nnd ebttreh work i i general: rvi-t be well teeomme, Jed Direct for two day*, box 191 Herald olliee. w J ANTED?A COMPETENT YOUNG MAN TO WORK at clock an ) watch work. Apply at UH Ot Ii av. \\7 ANTED?BY A YOl'XO MAN. A CHANCE TO vt learn Uie ijrpenler trade. Address Win. Campbell, 57 Centre at. raSRCH ADV K ItTIS K.11KVTS. TTNE FILLE FF. ANCAIBi: PF.OTESTANTE, ICS U bian reeommtndvn di -dre ?n placer coram- bonne d'en fnutH. S'-idreadcr uu 1,315 Broadway, between 30th and tllat ata., In the fancy atom. HOtTRKR. ltOO>JK cW\. WANTRDi APARTMENTS WANTEO-BY A SV \LL liAMII.V OF adult*, no children: four to lire room*. InoiN be tween Twentieth and Forthrtb street* and Third anil Eighth avaiiiie-<: n-tu not to earned $30 per mouth. AddrcesS. I,., lleiald oflim. A FIRST CLASS HIGH STOOP HOUSE WANTED J\ la 'lilw-from l?t of 'la?, by n atru ljr inspnnxi hie party fot n priviUi realdeoee onlv, located between Fi urtei nth and Fortieth at reel? Kawthaand v";xili arriiuea. Add re Ma J. It. K?ith, IIS We*. Thirty-lUtrii timet. A FLOOR, OF TWO OR TURB1. UNFURNISHED Room*, with pnand water, eonreittem for Ihui*.-*.-*,.. in -. Warned, by a gentleman and ante, without .-blltlreti: l.critlnti not ri'iove Tweniloih atreet; ?caret I'anal atreet pre ferrod: poaaeaaien on 1*1 of March or -noncr. Address, with termaaud lull partm tiara, K. <3.. 4tl Green whth airoeb tFOUR STORY BROWN STONE TIOOSK WANTED to rent, fit nlabedor unfurnished. I '"iwn Fenrteenth and Fort'eth ?tr?ei?, and Fourth and Sixth ae*nne*. Ad it. ??, with teiutM. L. II . carrot Sturitv.-ll A Flock, No. 5 Wall atreet. A RESPOND! Bt.R PARTY WTSHFS TO RLNT A atoop Hints*, bet wen Fourth nnd Thirty lourth *t-e-l* uiid Lexln t in and Snveittb arenuea; ren'$3,400 to $1.0011. Addr~ <#. stating relit, a iih dear. iplieu nod b? itlon, Waldo. b?a uu lien Id ofQeu. a three story mtwr stoop house wanted JV In a good neighborhood. Addreaa, ataling rent, Itex ai Com otliee. I WANT A SMAI-I. FURBISHED IIOI SC. NOT A BOTE Fortieth m r below Tivenilelli atreet for n famll* of tbrct., peifo-tly ropon-ibte. Addresa Biker, 80 Broadway. OFFICE WANTED?OR DESK ROOM IK OFFICE OF teal e?i?ie or ?to<-k broker, oonvement to Block Ek t'h.tnsr AU.ltea* F. II. W., lox W Herald otllce. SUMMER HOTEL WANTED?BY A RESPON'SIRLE |*riy, for a first rl.ias ?unimer hotel, furnished, for nt.e or more yara. Addreaa, wiln p.u*. Stimnier Hotel, Herald ooior. TIT ANTED?ST A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH. FT out i-blldrwu, two or three furniahed Room*. anlt.ible On liouael ? epng. In a respertftbU neighborhood; rafereneea given. AdSreae, ?t ting Mention ind term*, which roust he moderate,' . A. Mtlton. Herald or re. "TIT ANTED?A ROOM. WITH RTF AM POWER, Br low ?? c iumI Mtre< t. Apply bet ween ll and 13 M. to GEORGE M. hTILL, No. * Wall atreet. ttdBifr-WOM TUB 1ST OF MAV, UNFURNISHED " llooae. bjr a geBtlemnn and wife, with the exoeption of rhandel are and BMrraraj r*fte*nth ward preferred. higher ill town might art* ww: met ba iti g.iod order; would board the owner if dMbkbh, good relerence gtreu. Addreat Link -r,-elation G. TLT ANTED?A FOUR f.TORV HOUSE, WITH ABOUT FT 3D r.iomp foim Rleeoker to Tenth Mreet. lietwem Rroadway and Mxtb a?<-nn ?. rent not to ex rend $1 noil nrr annuiti. Aiblre-a or apply 10 J. F. U RNS, No. 3 Wall atreet. TITANTED?A LARGE MODERN UNFURNISHED I* Bngtlah bitemeul Hou<e to leaae or buy. Iw tweeti L**tnftot> and Siglh aeenuea Nqd Twenucih M4 Thirtieth atreet* Addreaa limine, M3S Broadway. tirANTKD-iiY a Family, large house in the ff eon utry, r.nehour'a ride from Mw York: furniahed nr unt urinal * I. l?- t referenee and scrnrliy. Call at No 3M Wait Plitoenlh ttraet. W ANTED?ON May L UN FURNISH ED, FOR AN ff iinoueetlopable and perfectly reapom-lhln party, with em-ul famuv, a Kia~l .!?? Hirer or four awry High abaip brlek ol blown -t'-n- h i-?e- in ?| ha In a poo.1 neigh ?orho<wl. he Iween Twentieth and Thlrtr-algth atreet, and Leilagtnn nnd sttkbneennra; will pay from Hull to$169% aecurdlngto looation and honre A partr lmvlng am h n liou.e to let 10 an b a p.rtv will apt v to . reddest* WM. VAN W At JEN EN tin. I.J "?nt,i an iiue, for tiiPW" dayK. TIT ANT TO LEtSK, WITH PRIVILEGE OF BUYING. A ff R-MJenwe. Irene I lielraen Union *-piirt and Thlrty foiirt-t ati-et ami bMwnen FtHirlh np 1 ?ixtb arenuna;crimer h-I e | referee , Ad l.e<?. ataring lent ami piko, ho* T84 t'udi !<l Ye w TKD Fi? U^.N r?WITH THfi rRIVIIiTiUK OF BT'Y* " ? ?'?'? '* n ?n;, #? ih?f?i> *t?,ry hlirh rtonp ii ,i I t mi fourth mikI hiufiih *?vcmu?w, m.d ?'leih iad Fi irtli itiwlk, Adi!;e.?r, iw.iilnalowe.ltenna, nit llrrald <i3?e. TANTVn To RENT?A SMALL AND CONVENIENT 'I ?, mi i in, mnnii ?' rl i? nt llndann River I' Lent nm t. eit d $l .tak) per annum. Ait w t\r in I'M ro n vi a <ii >F <iN i i or floor, id ?' ??? U ?? 1,1. I wn - ml :i I to Id feel deep. Cor part tenia ? .,,|,|re-. S. ., Ilerald uilcoe. C I U11 Pl * WEi'K FOR PLEASANT SECOND ?- I'M" mi It.. ;? "i i i lii -i r c lloird, Wn ed t*v t t.- in a ?-ie* prifaie ' iniie, i if grntleinau, WlTjIilanri A l.e ... C v., He: ait lib*. IVUrSES. ROO"*. AiC.. TO LET. k OOSEY BP IT Of FUKNISHRD HOUSEKEEPING -,'Y Rooms, Mad Mwml iii>" ur ? ed Flow* aid empty House*, on Inng le.,*?. |oH iinm< iivt"lv feentrail. M. It t.STBBOOK. Ill rh tduv nt.n, room No. I. A HANDSOME BROWN KTONB IIOU . TO LET-. ? \ four story. Vuli haw-ufoi, replete with m lorn tm RnnmntN central locution mi of <ir ? ' y, Hutta avenue 1111 Eighth vomtn ratlro t?: rent n od.Ti e. In quire o< J. P. O'ttUlEM, H77 Broadway. Agent* need not apply. AS ELEGANT NEW BROWN 8TDNE MOUSE TO let; four stories; French rtMf: h'zh aaement; replete with sll modern laiproVMiMtB; splendid t ration: nmr mailt entrance to the Park H# E aat olit eth -t St. Rent mmlo rato. Iuuulre of owner, 177 Sixth avenue, A yen to need not app'y. A PHY 1CTAN S OFFICR IN' IT!' 'T T1 IRTY-FOURTH ?tinet to h-t, In a brown stone Hondo, without board: a'ao n furnished Room. Andres. box 6,<uo Post oKce. >? moving. AT 315 FOURTH AVENUE.? CITY AND COUNTRY /Y HOt'SPS, FURNISHED AM) UKKPRKWHRO. '?'? LET. BEE STANLEY DAY'S REAL K? ^TtrvniVHr I.AR. WHICH <"AN HB HAi) FRF.P. <?R XAILJSD UIUN RECEIPT OK .STAMPED LfYELOPB. A pine pour story Broil stoop dwelling, 31 19 Went Poiirlpenllt wLr* in onmpiet* order, to a private fnmilv only unfunsl- id. $3 0 id: with furniture, Ae., $4,000. C. II. CLARK, Si Liberty street, room No. 6, iroin I mJo'oloci. A FURNISHED HOUSE to HENTT?ONLY to a P.?i spoi. ?lble |i rtT. Inquire at 194 lllreoke" Mr, et. \RARB OHANCR.?TO LEAftE, OR LB ABB BOB sale, the House 47 end 49 Be'-ckor tire 40 feet by 93. A. P. Mai.VK, No. ft Chambers street. A THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN? Near Klr?t nlace. Imined'nte pnesesslou 10 party who will purchase furniture. Rent $1,000 to Mar, 1S88; furniture <3.000. P. t:. KNItiHT. autf Broadway, mom 30. AN ELEGANT!.Y FURNISHED R0U8W IN TWKNT wand street, near Slxtlx avenue, $328, unfurtilRlied Hoaae?, centrally located; Apartments in piivate houses, furnished and uufnr?:lsli-d. KLKIKB, XX West Twent) fifth street. A STORK, WITH HOUSE AMOVE, TO LBAPJS, ON Sixth avenue naar Fourteenth street: tl, best block on the avenue Apply to S. C. BISHOP, <57 Liberty street A PARTMF.NT9 TO LET-IN WEST TENTH STREET. f\ near Fifth avenue. consisting of second and tbird floor., Itt moms, closets, pantries, water closet ga,, Ac. May be sep irated. Apply at StiS Canal streat. 4 nOTTSF. TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE J\. O11 Eighteenth street near F>fth avenue; tborc is a bargain in the furniture, us the lair Is compelled to leave for Europe. Apply to KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third street. .Fifth Avenue Hotel. A?TO LET. TO A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY ? only, the Second with part of the Third Floor, six rooms, seven rlotats. Ac.; or the entire Third Floor, six rooms, 'our closets. An.: privilege of bathroom; house is a three story, high stoop; location WestTbirty-strtb street; diagrams shown and permits givcu by E. L. COOPER, 51 Murray street. A ? HOUSE'S TO RENT IN THE COUNTRY. FUR ;A . nisheB and unfurnished: nLn an Estate for ssle on the IIudson for $.10,005, worth Examine and satisfy yourselves, furnished House* in city, cheap rent*. FREEMAN A CO., 212 Broadway. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? with gas and bathroom; hot and eolil water; all modern Improvements. For full particulars call at 5b Pike street, I et-.veen the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 P. M, A A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO A OF.NTLF.M \N / V or gentleman and wife, without Board: $4 per week, lira nndgas included. 91 East Fifteenth street. HOUSE TO LET?IN AN EXCEL '?nt business locality, near Broadway: first floor would be let i;-ui< ly if preferred. Permits of Mr. WALSH, t>7 Navrau street. A NEAT STONP COTTAGE HOUSE TO LET?FROM 1 next May; rent W00; Fiftv-fourth street, near Broad wey. Inquire at SK1XAS', 778 Eighth avenue. A FOURTH FLOOR IN NEW RROWN STONE HOUSE, n Eighth avenue, near Fifty-second street: quiet and se le-n; rent $4f'l a year. Inquire at 77b Eighth avenue. A MILLINERY STORE TO LET-WITIT OR WITH. out stocic, iu a goad htisiness location. A great bar. gain is oli'ered. Apply nt store 25 Carmlue street, near B Mocker, ELAKERY TO LET?ESTABLISHED FOR THE LAST ' twenty- ive years, 182 Nassau street, Brooklyn, doing ?" exei I lent tuutne'S. Apply to I), O'CONOR, '42 West ?Seventeenth street. New York. Broadway store to let-644, near springs of tioes and Isifts, ssme building. Apply from 11 to 2, in TTotT's Malt Bxlrart Depot, on lite premise*. BROADWAY BASEMENT, 243. TO LET?FOR INSU rauee or light business; buildings ST. and 55 Mu'tsv 85 and lift Warren, with others, with many Stores, Loft 1 ,nt ti Ofilce* all over t ie cltv; aim Houses, l'urnisbci and uul'ur uished, iu city ami count re. N. C. BISHOP. (17 Liberty at met. H ir Broadway loft to let?first loft at w*> Hruadwav, near the Metropolitan Hotel; 98x60; four window* in front and two ou ide, near the roar. Apply on the premise*. BU.lSKfW PROPERTY, FTORE8. HOTELS AND Dwelling* to let or lease nnd for *nlo. Apply 10 El' O/'.N K GHF.v A I.I.I Kit. hi Cedar strict. Docks, slips, houses. a<\. to pent. The Comptroller of tho city of Vow York will receive proposal* uiiil Saturday March IK, ISiif. at 2 nVlock 1'. M., tnr the letting for on* yotr of audi Wharves, IMbrs, Houses, Ac., th'- lei-c of widen M-iv 1, I1"),. Information coneerning the location of the property may lie had upon appliestion m the Collector of Cur Kerenu? at till* office. By order of th? Co!nmi*?loner<i of the Sinking run1. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY. Comptroller. (Vrr or Nkw York, DnrairriiSNT or Fimaxcu. February 11. 18d7. tjMlRNIRHKD HOT'SE TO LET?ON OXFORD sTUEKT r between Pulton and Atlantic avenue'. Brooklyn; ha extra lots, with plenty of fruit. Rent RISI per month. For pei :iuta and particular* addrcas box ill l'o*i o.lioe. N. Y. liU'KNTSHF.D HOI'KE TO RENT?ONE DOolt FROM P KJlli arenue. No. 2 \Ve?t Thirteen'h *treet. three room* deep; nil I lie impr.ivenMnt*; Been ni ter 1; po-><c?*,ou 1st of y-ir, to i responsible p*rty. Hobo ken. to i bt, with immediate posses. *Ioii. * tiirrn ?tory ?nd baeement brlek Mouse. with modern Imprc emouts. Inquire on the premises. No. >'5 illiMimficId street. HOME- -THE REAL ESTATE AND BOAR DIM! Bulletia he had at all the new* stands; from il you ru ?ele?'t a home Read it, only two rent*. Oilier t*2 Broad'' ay. OTKL TO LET.-STEVENS HOUSE, BROADWAY. Apnlv to t HEWLETT A TORRANCE. UP Well street. OOSBS TO i.i;t-hv J. r. liILIT, II) ITEIII STREET 23 Reach "fret, four story, high stoop. ?"0W>.| Fourteenth ?treet. four utery. high stoop. ?ifi'l Beorun* I reel, two story and store, HMl'i "trn p. three *tory. high stoop. HOUSEKEEPERS OR PERSONS GOING !*o Hot 'E keeping e*ii *npp|ieil and p'V b- weeklvnruioni.'iy Instalment* f? I araeia i.tlctotha, Funiitui Be t :.. < :?.i - In- ami . mi Knit". fcc., t KENDALL A 9UOTV.*. cji ner of Canal and Hudson Htreet*. Hoii?KK' eim:: .-. t rare opportunity?alltmk hnnd. oit c Furniture of a parlor and lour bedrooms to. sale at a groai ?.."iclt# e for e?4h; inutoilk- mt rOeou.**! ITanofi rte. co-.i ?"50. will he sold for S2f.">. I*ir lor Bill*, cou; $275, for $195: on* do. for $75, A.. I lie aire at 119 Wet Elgalh xtrret, near Sixth avenue. I1KNT |I2 PER MONTH.-TO LET, TO A SMALL .11 f.unlly. three Room* on frat floor; a rear cnttnge, very g udeel and i|iiict. tt, Grand street, Williamsburg. IIENTJCSPKR MONill.?TO LET. A SMALL, GEN It leel Cottars, with privilege to tense or purchase; prep S.I.7U0; e*r? pass; water, gas. ?KH Grand street, WUlliirna burg. (JTE AM POWER.?THE FIRST STORY OP BRICK if Shop Fifty.second "trrel and Eleventh avenue to I-t: 43 feet deep: snr"ll ensue In com pie;.- ord-r. Ren in ntbly. Immediate possession. Inquire of t. MIi?.K, on M piemise*. oTEtM power, with large and small well O lighted FIoot-h. to let. Ill Son. 9 and 11 Baxter aire t. Apply to the engineer. STEAM POWER TO LET.?A NUMBER OF ROOMS to let, -villi Mesm power Applv lo Oliti.YflAN SCHWARTZ, 8MEast Klfiy-thlrd aireee CJTORE TO LET?<15 FEET DEEP, ON SI*. 711 AVE. O nnc. uear Fourteaoth street, auitaM* tor a diy goods or fancy *toi*e. Inquire of KNIGHT A CO.. 471 Broadway. CTORK TO LET?AT Ml SEVENTH /VKNH8. OCCU 0 piad as butcher shop for the last *<x year*. Inquire up sulr*. BItOWN t whole or Apply to C. L. JONES, dt.1 Broadway. CJTORE AND BASEMENT TO LET-llM ANI1 127 to oraud street, next door toj Broadway. Inquire st 29 Howard sticei. up Stairs. CTORE AND BASEMENT TO LET-UNDER EART.E'H 0 Hotel, from (he lat ot Muy. 'J4i!W; lirst close loe.uior for business. Inquire at the oflirc, Karie'a Hotel. Canal street. THE HOUSE AND HTORB NO. 99 DITlvfON STRBET; also House and Flore No. 3 East Houston slice', near Broadwav; *ls > Store No 2 f Elm street. Cor particulars apply at P'ANNING'S Ileal Estate .Agcney, 225 Bo-very. TnK GREATEST CHANCE FOR A DRY GOODS MI?R. i hint.?Store to let. Fixtures and Htnck of Dry Goods for aale.'ln Bowury. Addrcas Ahl, llrr.ild alllo''. fpo LET-*)! FRONT STREET. SECOND DOOR FROM L Fulton, with steam power; also four tine Lofta o Ful ton siren, with steam power, inquire of IVM. H. GOOD WIN A CO., *C Water street. TO LET-TDK TWO BROWN STONE FOUR STORY high stoop llonsc. Nos. 1 ami 3 East Twentieth atiaet, near Ffith avenue, with nil the mode;,i lin rovcmcnta will lie let together or separately. Inquire at 9 JtaMaa laua. rpo LET-ON STATEN ISLAND. A VE.IY LARGE AND L commodious House, with about 711 acr ;? of Dad hum, carriage house nnd outhulldlngs; three mile* trout Port Ka hmrml. Inquu c nt '. ! M oneu l .ne fro LET?WITH ?TF.,'M POWER, THE. SECOND 1 Flour. b)v!0 feet, on the corner of U nit und Green wich streets. Inquire on I bo premises. rpo I-HT.-A uMAl,L. ACCEI'TABLK FAMILY OF 1 adult* rail 'e, lire * very d Irable 1 urn!' tied House, with modern convenl?nre?, f,? $1.f t) and the bci rd of the owner. A gentleman will pa- gl.itsi lor hoard. V ? other boarders allowed. For Interview a,Idre',s, with pari il.trs and refer ence, Marshall, Herald oilire. fpo LET?TWO FIRST CI,ASM HOt'SKN, NOS. 95 AND J. F7 Clinton place, conDluitiv '/I room* es-'ii. will l?e let t-gether " scpar.i'cly Inquire at HACK r.S A Gil MANN'S, 4*o Hro ,'lw iv. Agents need not apply. fpO LET-TIII COLLTNg IIOTEI,. CORNRR OK WF.ST I. ami Hohokeu streets, with Intlftedlata pwmnaatot). Ap ple at 193 Br sclwav, from II t-i id o*elo<lt. or u 91 Rial 1 wenlv-aeventh atrnat to I'RTRR A. il .IA' KSoN rpn LET?THE Sinus xND BASE ML NT ? * Blt'>AD. 1 Way. Ap > to ABNEA L I L\ -V 'on;, n't CJTORE TO LET?257 BOWERY. FIVE STORY, O stone 25 by 94 feel desn; will ba let whole or in ffOl'BKE. BOOMS, dec.. TO tKT. TO I CT-A THREE STORY HOUSE AT NKW Brighton, HtaPn Inland; on York ivmur, three min uter walk from the feiry. Inquire of CHARLK.H SaLFLLDBK. m UT-HMNiRM UT Of liML a four i. xtonr brovu Ktour llouw An Twer.ty-ihird atree Ninth avenue, furnished cmud -to in the vet - l>e?i mtm ib elegant furiiltgre. House bandanntniy decorated, lo u i c .cet private $M1 jv r 111'-nth. S. I VBl.KS'. 421 r.igtith I i avenue rjto LRT-TIIRKK STOP.E3 ON THIRD AVENUE, ar Kory third street ail exrel'eut business louslioiL Apply to S. CARLitYKI.L, 4A> Third gveuue. rpO LET-ON BROADWAY, SEVERAL FIRST CLASS I Store* sud 1 'ft* ttbovit Canal street. Also sutnc on Unt side street* Apply U< M. S. MY Ft IS. 4fld 1. Iliad. ,uy TV) LET-TWO CORNER STORES. ON FULTON street, Hr""kivn; besi locations a the city; noasesdon of one immediately if required. A;> ly at 238 Broadway, lourtb floor. TO LET?A QBOCKKY STOKE. NO. dob WATER street, between Scatnmel UU'1 .I&ckt.iu; a g" .<1 it lure for business and very low n it. luqitlie in tun bakery on till premiers. rpo LET?A THREE STORY HOU R, TARTLY FUR J til lied. Addreaa 141 Eitat Thirlieti street. TO LET-BY W. J. REHMANN t CO., 101'i WEST Tweuty-tifth street, coruer SixHi .ivenue; Store and House IB sixth avsuue; Dwelling IIoum 6'!S ilud*t..t street; ? mall House 14S West Seventeenth street; small House 147 Weal Seventeenth street, tbe latter from 1st of March. TO LET-ONE nALP SECOND FLUOR IN MARKI.K building 32 Walker street; splendid chance for oommla aion House. Inquire on the preutlsea. TO LET?THIRD FLOOR OF BROWN STONE HOUSE 2A5 Ninth avenue, six rooms, Orotnn, gas, water closet, pantries. Possession March I. Also snug two stoty brick Cottage, in good neighborhood, Ninth ward; Crutou, gas. bath and water closet. B. C. WANDELTj, 116 Ninth (ivenue. rrv_ _ . 1 stone House, on Twenty third street, completely fur ntshed In the llrst stvle; walls elegartly painted last July; house in perfect order and contains all the modern improve ment*. For, Ac., inquire of l>. THOMSON, 40 Stoaa street. TO LET-FIK T LOFT OK T* .? MARBLE FRONT Building 34 Walker street, sine 30x100 feet. Apply on the premises. IV) LET?BROADWAY CORNER. THE ENTIRE UPPK* part, or would be let in doors, 83o, corner Twelfth street. / Inquire In tbe store. TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. A FLOOR of four rootua to u gentleman and wife only; m*. hutb, Ac.; tio moving. Applv at 82 East Twenty-eighth street. rpf) LET-A FURNISHED nOUSE ON TWENTY-THIRD 1 street, near Second avenue, at a very reason able price; Immediate possession. Apply to <T. Q. FOWLER, Twenty TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF THE FIVE STORY marble Store, No. 152 Chambers street, lit complete or der. Can he seen from 10 to 12 o'cloek. For term* apply A B. BLANCO, No. 13 South William street. rpo LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PAK 1 lor, tirst door, with dressing room, litith, A-., with or without Hoard. to single gentlemen or geiitleuiuu and wife. 74 West Thirty-seventh street. rpO I.KT-KIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE, 106 L West Fourteenth street. Went $2.MO. Part of the Furniture for s ,1c. Inquire at 313 Blccr.kor street. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. POSSESSION 1ST OF V irch, a three stor brick Hnusn; all improvements; In Livingston street, near Clinton. Apply to S. HoNDLoW. M'lti a -tie street, near Court. rpo LET?FIRST, THIRD AND FOURTH LOFTS 173 I Fulton sticet. Immediate 4>osscs*lun. Apply on the premises. rpo LIT?VERY COMMODIOUS fit-'POND FLOOR OP I live moras: new house: good, clean neighborhood: It hi Isom -iy furnished, every : v luislie for butts.-Mnrptng, and the Furniture for sale vorv iuw. Address II. k. .latlmi F rpo LET?A SMALL HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 1 House House in Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, to a small private family. Apply at 144 srley place. 'po l::t-thb upper part of a brown st ink I House 136 'vast Forty-eigntU street. Inquire after II o'clock A. M. rpt) LET?AT 151 WKSY FORTIETH STKK L BETWEEN 1 Seventh and Eighth avenues, ! to a small and re-per.Uhle rant I the Secontt floor. with nnrt <?; third, with all modern iinprovninents; can have p.isse k:oii nniiiedta . ly. qto LET?TWO COT1AOKS, CoNTAIKiNii ABOUT SIX 1 room, each, Simula ut ISlttli street, wot of Broadway. Relit $Xr) each. HAN I) ELL & POUTER, l,9al ihirdav. rjlO LET?A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE. SUITABLE for a tm.i'ding bouse. Call at or adores. iM West Thirty-third sheet, all the week. T O LET-SEVERAL HOOD STORES ON SIX Til AVE. iitie, at very low rent*; lease.- given la-fore the war. Lcsaes and Fixtures for *?l- ve;-v cheap: witiafuctory r~a 4'ma given for letting and selling. Also., large and in wly iltled up Store on Broadway, above i'weiiiy-iT'tii street mo leu-ei, and fixtures for .ale, a full descri|.lloii of i .teer ran lie seen ill yesterday's Herald. For car'Oculars ami pernula apply to WM. VAN \\ AUE.Ni.V ,t Co., 473 S.xtl, aieaue. TO LET?FURNISHED, IVMEDIATE I'OSSliBSION, rrnt only S'dyd. a gooil three st"iy. h.aomeot hrlrk Ilou. all modern improvement*, ismtuinin ; 1*2 mum, be sides bath and closet..; comlortnhly flii'ii,.bed tb. nguoui; tbe whole lioinie will lie. put i i gocsl order, w,11 )s> let until May. 180*. with the privile",- located 1U East third street, near Second avenue; nelgbhorio nd good. Al-o one furnished ill Ea.?t 130th treei; lent $1'>'J. AIsa one ua furnlsbod uu the Eaat side of the Central Park near Fifth avenue, no town; rent $:i'fl,ur annum; iianudiate posaea Mhin of either. For more .1 particular* of tue last two place* reier to yespwlay'a II ?: ? Id. For permits .tpuly to VM VAN WAtlENr.N A CO., 472 (sixth avenuo. TO LET?THREE ROOMs ON SECOND STORY. SUrT able for hou.ekeeuini or a small family lelthnat chil dren. Inquire at 137 Fourt' avenue. Hours 12 to 3 P. M. rpo LET, FURNISHED?PAR!.t?R FLOOR IN A IllOH J. uhiii iiron II stone Ji .use: rent SIIO per month; Im mediate ?e?s*ea Mill. Apply at lib Ka >: Fifty ninth street or 41, It. .Mime. rp(> LET. FrilNISIIED-A DESTRAIILK OFMCB FOR 1 x phvtfrisn; also a furnished Room for a sniuema* in !>'? me family No. ft Wr<| forty Ur?i "treat, to-ar Sixth nr. r|A<> LET. Fl'K.VlHMIiD? No. '-?Til PSION KTItFKT, I Itm.-Uvr,; all modern improvements; # J'l) per monlh; also No. 3il W"?l tlii tv room street, unfurnished. VAN Wl.NKLK A WISANS, l.? Broadway. TO LET AT M \NIIAIVANVTC.LK- \ KINK DWEt.U inc tod alio ii fom lo-u i"t-< of (troond, eitnste*i>ut ISftth olivet. For pjrt.cula.a J|ply to JAMBS M. fAYLOlt, r.7 hue "tree:. ?TVi LET, OR LIUSE-TltE t'fVK STORY R'Tli.DI Nil 1 to- l:? .mil ITS IV meter street. for manufacturing pur p,-e-? iifeel front. In pure of Daniel N. Ilfvoc, 'Pi) 1,1.1 Oi: iiKkftC-VAM'AhT.E PltOPKRTT llf I \v... Broaden v. AS and ?(.; ilao mlier rulu.iV.e IIimim ho I t itv. in ilm r'UHi ward. Aj ol' hI TO street, ii. > l,!-.0''-|V TIP FIK ? H WARD, LKONARD <ti . tmiuihir for lirat. I'*? bnUiline: le w for twcntv jetn... ???(?! further particular* Inquire at SHI Bridge wl, Ui.nkliii. rpo I.KAHR?ONK FLOOR IN NftS. Ift.t AN i? 101 W I I e r ,; r- sU, B'uoklyn. with from 111 to ??> horsepower; 1.1" . HI. S.HHi Oylu. IH..IH l?c Or. I with Ii am; ali lflloe in. At-; / on ? h piemiae* or to II. ft'. ULLol h, 18 Spi ura siren. New York. TO M:\SM-TII14 DIWRAHI.Y LOCATED HMAM ? J .in 1. mot h .-m-pt, nr.ii ??.irnccee oml turin. Alan and r?m i?hed. or wiU (.oil Furniture. In pi re ?f id La fir ntlr pin.iv rpu Ml 1,1.1 NKli.--.-TP LKT. Till FIRST Fr.OOK I (On e.* "ideud'd i.virnai, for m IHiiwry i,,w'ne??; aim front IS.i- men! for* pbv-'r,?n's i-ss; Immediate pi>M?e? tppiy hi So. 7 We- Fourteenth a1 reel. rjv> KENT-TUB TllRT:i STORY UIUCK Dft'RLUNB 'lull" No II Writ Washlngem 11,40(3. fnqtlim of F. Ill KKK, N MO Naaa tu atreet. I'SMN .-gi IKr.-TO LEASE Foil V term of team. i:,e |r?lrahlf Prom i ly now known a- Sua. ti s:i I R i t Finn t-eruli aliool brftig aboui 7ft foot treat of t.'nMii "inare. and h.t\ln-. a from on ft'ourteetiUi s.rectot 43 feel by SI feet 7 Im bo In depth. Thla Is one of the finest I- Hons V ' |, ii,,. es n i? | in tins rb-uiitv. Apply to rtlKi). iiFRUOYMi. 78 Cedar event, room So.3. \\/HPI,KOIt PART OF PREMISES Art E Vf (HIR ? i ti eii r*ot. two do >es tvrs of Br> a.!wny, to lei, foe business and dwalhug, imm Mi? I. or will ?' li three >.wis" lea e. j. O. W'lllCDMB on the prem sea. <><>?> WEST F.IOHTERNTH STREET?TO I.KT TP ?. ?' ) 4"the- nv.i aiory br|c!c shop, -in til,n- for light quiru? faciiolnd. and two atori fr.inie Cottsye to ill- r'ar. Apply I > II. !i AW KMNCK. 23H \iv?t Nlnnieettih stront. PHOPOSi WATCHES. JEW V, AC. VkTAn'MES-Si irARI.R FPU SI'bi l l.ATITR FCT II po*e* and qlfl eni-vi . II -s il *-.? ? ? ,t F|n| c? e? for Atn-r.r ?* V,' ft ? ? o Flala ynwelrr ? , n. ,to. heiul 1 V i ? i ii ',,1 IA ?pus | ;l |t r i. i I'll 1 ? pROTON AWUKDUCT DEFARTVEST.-To CPSTU ACP \ ore. ? Sepaiaie -eaied pr>i|Mi?aK a.,eb emloraed with the (lame of the li.Uitei, of otV. rili ? nod title of work, will tv rev ived nt thN oiften until II o'rlork A. M. of Krtdn/, M iriih I. Iftii, lor the conatrneUnp ol the I'oUowbiir rtoi.n bb? k |iaeemenin nod noarim, to wliFnvemenl* In I'nnni ntreet, fr .m Krosdwav M Weiy mreet; I'lfty.r.lnth itiwA, from Fifth to Klehtli avenue; Flfttr-nlmh "treat, from Elithlh to Tenth aronne; Vestry mi-eet, irom ?'ni,al In Oroeninch meet: Flftr-third atreet, from Slttli tf 8m mMI? avenue: I'lne ntreei, fpnu I'etrl lo Front ?tre?t: l'ln<* street, fmm Front to Smith .tis^t: Front ntpvt. trom Vail nlisvt to Old Klip: William atrnet, from Hearer (o Pearl street', I illielh mraH, from ?'irrentli lo Ninth a'entut, mid Tlnrtieib *trei-i. from ft list in Flllli avenue; and for tint l. nslranoli of ecwer* *n follows ~ No. I.?(iiilmt sewer In Tblrtr third at met and Fir t ave nue, with brtuicliea in Thlrtv-tlral and Tltirty-secood i|imm and ft'irat avenue. No. J.?See era In Laarena aU-eel, between Canal and Btooma streets, wllh br.Ancbe.? in Or.nd ?treid. No. X?Sewers In Vork elreet, lielwre.i West Tlrosdway and St. Jolui's lane: In Church and hhn slreola, Ivtweei* Wli te and Walker atieets: I" White street, Oeieesn Corf, landt alley and Kim atreei, and between Centra mid lUxter ""jTo'4?Sewer* between Fifty flrat and Flfly-slrth atreets and between Ninth avenue nn'il llud-on H' rr. No. I,?dewers in Houston aircet, Iveiweon Thompaon and Isiurena: In Commerce anil Bmrow "Ireep, between tile- Icel and IIud"on In l.ernv alieet, lietween Be Iford atreut and St. I.uke'a place; In Cbrnella atreei. between Fleeck r and Fourth street". In llndaon andllreenwlch street., brlwrei Weal Tenth and IIvminond streets; In lileeckrr street, bi. tween llammon l and Hank a reel". Nn. 6.?Sewer In Lewis street, between Broome and St,ui ton street". . . _ No. 7 ?eewers In FikIt aerenfh and ro-lv-nlulli atrfteta, brieeen Tenth and l^r.'ntb avenjiB, with brui bes in Elere.nth avenue. No. B. ?Receiving ba"ln and ciilv'-rls nt the northwest corner of ft'lrst avenue and Flhr'.j-lilib strict: at the norihwe-t corner liiphth avunue and Flflr-fourtli s-rrei; aodthca"! corner Hroadwnr and Fifty-ninth street; nortn Weat corner Seventh aeenue and Thirty-seoond ?tree' Hint aonih'-nat corner 'ilshib nrende and Thlrti second st eel. The plan* maybe seen, and apeofii-nflona and fort is nt bids obtained on nppHcrt'.lon ai this,"nice. THOMAS KfF.I'flENS, \ Creton liiilir L. fiARRAHH,-: Amieluet A. W. CRAVEN, ) Hjsol. Nrw VnCK, Pcbrttary IS. 1*7.