Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1867 Page 3
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BOARDERS AID LODCEAS WASTED. AT C EMU* MR ARK?A PARU1# FLOOR. H\ND totnely furni ard with P?rlor and two Bedrooms oa tlerd laor, to tel. with private table. Re., retire* ex. aanBed. Apidy for uiie week. AT 176 BLfcECKER STREET, BIX l?!,0< K.S WliST OF Broadway.?'Pleasant Rooms. with excelkut 15-axd, J* St' to $';? per week. ? .milled nmordingly. I bi rr or IIAVDSCM: >.Y FliitM HIED ROOMS. !>.r feud-mes, wi h lull or partial Hoard, on Mvon I I!.' r. taaprlv i < ,a?e, jJ Wm Twc.'iy-ac.ealli street. Reference* ie<t> nod. t PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET V SUIT OK FUR. j\ msbed Room on atcund loor. with I1M of both rou 1 Ami all.'ibKaal .'liir sired, be.ween Sttooud anil Third avenues. I T 51 LRYiNOTOM AV NUK-KORTHK 1ST OORNRK J\ of ^renty-''Lli aire-i, neww furnished Rooms; pi in cooking mid abitn -ai.i tuhlr; terms .bio, the ,e seek ing cb> ,|i aocoiri jd?tion? should not call, lie fere noes ex* changed. A T FRANK' )RT HOUSE, CORNER Of FRANKFORT J\ unit Wil i. i sir- i' s, twine gi ? it reduction in prices; d&c. lobjper day; vl oil to ?3 por woe*. Upiu all night. A FRONT ROOM IN THIRTY-KODRTU BTULET, furn had without batiriL to single gmticmen; In ? firm cl.uw, A' 'i a I'liysirnn'g oilier. Andreas box A.T'ia Fududn, No moving In May. AVERY PLEASANT ROOM. SUITABLE FOR TWO persons; woo id bo .rd the right n ir'??. honee modem; h ill gas dr. til W?M Twenty eulb street, between ?Seieolli ami I ightU avenue*. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO A GBNTLKM VN and .vif.- * front Room and Bedroom eominnuicit 113, neatly 'urn ? . ? 1, iv-.'.i . I.ualoru toanoiniM 1, ? K >? 1 Board. inquire at ddl Wed boriysooond street. A SLIT OF BOOMS TO LET-PLK.N1BIIKD OR UB! urn he<l ivith nt without Board; suiotly private. Impute 01 At!k West Forty .aieon I street. t Si ll OF THREE ROOMS, OJf THIRD FLOOR. jK well furnished, with lira; cl trs Hoard, at No. 8 Emit Thirtieth street, between Ktf ii and M d.-ou avenue*. A KfcW SIN i LE UFsNTTaEMRN OH 0 '"NTI-FM A N - ? aiuJ w.i'c r u obtain h.i'KHorn lv furai>h"d >?Tn-;, hi ugly or en mute, with or \vl.i?out board, at 23 pine**, West Twouty-niBih Hire^t. A T IR W.4SIIIROTON PLACE, N'AR NEW von ?? Hotel -Handsome Parlors and Hudr ? ms to rent, with Irwt etas* Board, IN) '.lie BMt and hccjiiU Hours. Private ta ble If preferred. 1 FKWNT.ATLT FURXI8HKD HEALTHY ROOMS TO ,\ iet 10 kill.-lo gentle.lien. Without board; ;r 1* and b.ith; reference .. quired. Ap,j.y at S7 Uleeeker street, ea.t of Hi oiulwiiy. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH OB L without Board; first e'ass French board. Ajiplv at 19 iet Tw. fiU suctl, bef.veon Filth aril sixth avenue*. SLIT OP ROOMS. WITH PRIVATE BATH, ON THE I *'*? in.I l it. to let, with or .villi ml Board, at t. M bit. Mm k. s ph.00. MR.VTLY Fl RNIS'TUD FRONT ROOM TO LKT? L with Board, m a prlratn lamtly, to u ? ? . !??;, 111. and tiW wife. ? two single dtntlemen. ienri?8B|ier week. Inquire at Filly-'ijbtu street, leoatid uouse .ve tut Liijlitii \pi va:e family will let?with hoard, a h e I'lilor. fnruli'.ie'l. Apply, wi.h refereu^*, to Laiiiartiiie ,>1 ice, H est Twenty-ninth street. t P \ \ fE F \ il"... AT 48 WEST TWELFTH J\ stree;. ran f o 11 mo late a geitttedian and wife and wo giuii urn. witli furnished Room and Hoard; servants >nd children ?n t taken. Keferenees required. * LADY I! IS A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM d\ to i ,n gentleman, at 156 Woat Tenth street, oorw intuit to four lines ol etty c trs. ,/ LADY CAM o AVE A SMALL ROOM WITH BOARD, 1/1 in u p ain laindy. Apply at 115 S" ind areaue, corner ?; Tweniy-fotirtli street lu.-t fioor, front. A private family will let a LA ROE AND nil i.v furnished Front Room. 011 third Hoor, with or v. tin nit boird. ci witter and otherounvenienres; very do irable iur.. ion end convenient to all cars; only 18 m nmen r.unCHy Hall; very reasonable terms, c.i.l u yJ K ing rt \T l'JS NINTH STREET, FEW DOORS WEST OF Bi" !way. a ecutleman and wife or ? wo single seitle [tien can 1 ? iiccotniuodated with pieasabi l.ooois and Boa.d ? a modern himaa. A Private FAMILY WILL LET. WITH FIRST clas, UoAi'ii, two I.irT-, nicely fiirulsned Rooms 111 evenly eighth street, eiglitu houso east of TliirJ avenue. errns moJerate. A T 11 WF,S*r ELEVENTH STREET, A FEW STEPS from l?i osd?. ay, to let?a nicely fur dshed front Parf r. on first door; one on second door aud Bedroom, with nvate taulP. \u mo.' .-11 u .vlny. I F1NMLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH AD 'S joinmd 11 ill BediMOta to lei, with Ural class Board, at Irry re isonabie ales, to sinfilo gentlemen, 188 West Fonts Tenth street. l\ BF.AriTFLL. SECOND FLOOR TO LEI'?WITH i\ Ku rd. An a family, or to gnntleinen aud mwes, or to 'nitoMwn it Ms ..iac i street, three doors Hum Wash igton - ,>. ' * PRIVATE FAMILY U'I'.T, LKT A SUIT OK CHOICE V Kouius Inge, her or separately, with Hoard; house d.?t ?vs. I..own -dime, modern hi; reiitr.J ami <"?" <ot liuighhorno il. On.I ?t or address iUI Went Twentv llghta at ret:i. ,>o mortal la Hif. Kit T an WK8T ELEVENTH STREET, FEW DOORS l{\ from tuo-i may?trout Room, wnh alecve. to let. with I imril. Convenient to e..r?, stages ami place* of amuse I ents. jt HANDSOMB 15UTK PARLOH? NICELY UK \ mailed, to lot, to a geiulem in .aid lady. Lo.-atlou ho w Twenty.third street, near Sixth avenue, .Address Ea ' ?aril*. It tat. on (1. k KIN : ?; IT OK TtUiMtS; V.N ELEGANT SUIT OK V Pi. lorn, consisting of two oe luo.e ruo.u*. Al"<> a mm. nil conveniences no I handsomely furuisne.1, to 1c. nh first <? uss Mount. Table d'hote ami private uh'es, ludsnr Hotel. 22 Koi.rteentb street, between Broadway id Kit til nvenil". 1 T 3.-, To $7 PER WEEK.- \ FEW GENTLEMEN OR \ tauten. who nre encase I timing the day, cin obtain ?urd. Apply nl lit'o.i street. i N STORK SBC .Ni> FLOOR, EM SUITS, TO OBI. \ tlnn n and tlieir wives, with drat clues Hoard, may be d at 24 Wc : eleventh street, near Broadway. i T 6t ?'! IN'MX'E NEAR KIKTII VV.NUEAND V Hrevoort House 'iv.i or three singl-- gent emen run nb. iu Itoouis on lourtli floor, without oonrd; uu moving in ay. . PRIVATE KAMI1.Y H AVISO A FURNISHED I Room would r-nt it. wlih Hoard, to one or two su.gio nllemcn. Apply ut 173 Fust Fonrtcenlh street. I SUIT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, PROMT, RECORD \ storv, and single Room, far gentlemen, with l.oard, at t. 3 East Twentieth street. Immediate pos-tvon. I HANDSOME SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS ON TUB V third door to let, with first' i.i-s Hoard. A| ply ut 1 ID averlcy place. References exchanged. kOARD il AND* OMBI V PI R> 18H1 D, I BRT CO > venlent. second mrv bsek Parlor niul Kxtaagton, snlta r for two or more person*, in lei with (mud; table excel at; tenaa rensunii'ile. 74 St. Mark's place. OARD?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR fj families or dsgk persons at Mi wen Twenty set-end reel, bc-'Wecu cveuth and Eighth avenues. JOARD.?TWO FINK SUITS OF ROOMS VXD SINHl.F > Ro >!ti? at 125 Bast Twelfth ?tr et, convenient to -?avdwuy. Dine ut ti. References rr.|ulred. .No moving in y. IOARD.?BEAUTIFUL ROOMS UN SUITE, oft SKPA J rule, wlih Heard for g?nOwn and wife or sin -|e nth-men. In a p-1 rale family, SSI We at Thlrly-llfth stm--1. ? moving ill May. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A GBNTLBMAN AND ) wife, or two single gentlemen, ran in- aeoomtnodati I ith Hoird in a small pnvate f..imlv l>y applying nt .Yi High reel: live niiniilea' walk fmoi Pulton farrv; ? second try front R.ium with nlcnve. furnished; also it Hall lied ? on, for u single gentleman. ? OAROINO.-A WELL FURNISHR!) FRONT ROOM i with good Hoard, to a gentleman ami wife; also a sin .-To m; all modern Improvements; te, :na moderate, l.'tf aver ey place. kROOKLYK HOARD.?GENTLEMAN VND WIFE, OR I two or three -.ingle gentlemen can obtain plea-em Mima with, at 42 Cheever place, between Harrison d Drgruw at.eeis. 'BENCH HOARD AND FRENtTH I.KSSONS?AT 1117 West Twelfth sirem, in a Frenrh family. Sever .1 nin-ly rniahrd Room.'- to let, with Aral class lh.ard. Rofcrem-e . 'URNlSllED ROUMS TO LKT. Apply at 37 East Eighteenth street. 'UltNISH - D ROOMS FOR GENTLE MEN, f.1 to $d per week. Prlvste lio-tw. I&2 Wrecker street, six blocks west of Hroadwsy. I'TJRNISHRD ROOMS To LET?INf'I<U 1>IN0 TWO Isrre parlora. with or without onir.l. W M eat Twenty, irth street botwera Fifth and Sixth nvennea. 'URNIStlKD ROOM! TO LKT. WITHOUT BOARD. AT 74 University place, earner Thirteenth street. Apply this i -ek. VURNISIIKD ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, WITHOUT Board, 41 Ti.nt Twentieth -treat. ?URNtSUKO ROOMS TO LEX?WITH OR WITHOUT b ard, w.ih every cm vent"iB- foi housekeeping, In ? ??te faiuiiy, at 1W East Th.rly-eljbih street , .Second -nue. "UKN1S1IKD VND UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOMS? nonv.'!. e-I for lioueelteening; Itooins for sltu'le genthv n I'run $2 .v upward. Ill Grand street, and at l4tf Clinton feet, i.c.d-1'rand ??rv.-t, IENTI.EMKN CAN FIND PLEASANT ROOM At 24,1 Weai Twenty-rcconJ street, between Seventh d Eighth avenuee. (OFF \T MANSION.?AN KEKG ANT ROOM To LET. with Roirdl i 'i tlour, front. Also a aiugie Room, St riast street. ro. 7 ORB AT JON 89 NTKRBT.?ELEGANT FARf.olt I Suits tmtr rivc.ii'fir?t dour. Alao double and ?ln.-ic i'mna. Willi drat visa* Hoard. fo. 13S WI'v'T FIFTEEN i'H K7RRET.?ONE OR TWO i gi-i.ileiiieu . in hud Act riminodstlona III s Freneh fam . Rnfe.enees reqmrod. iHDA't BOARD ANY LADYC.VN FIND A QUIET, rep... i l.le h.iuie dunn t ' xt>? I airknesa: heaimedb iitienilan. ?.... I nur? rig. \| . . . ? LOUISE Mi.lwi'o, 17 | ..t ? : > II" III. all. -I. b. te.- - II Fl" I .lid UV.-ntl"'. IIKV-.V RHOMB, WITH BOARD, CAM BB Mad on uio .e. ue term ? at No. lid W - .1 fwenty-elghtli street. Ilcn-ta-es ex.-'wiitril. [fMiMS TO LET?WITH OK WITHOUT BOARD, AT .11 Tlioinp?on 'Ireet. .. R1 BPBBAb NBATLT FU'INHIIBD R iOMS. Hee-u.d H.e.r .ronl, at liis oral clars f.rlvaie rosMnm-a, [ Second avcuue. LKT?A FRONT ROOM. FURNISHED, WITHOUT heard, to twu ?lng!e pun me. . Apjlv ef ill We?t .jxtbrd strcei, ?"tx nd Utw. ''oil all ti.c week. BOARDSn8 AND UDUGEM WA^iTKD, 1*0 J.KT-VY1T1I BOARD, P-ARLOB AND BTDRgjiM adjoining. uea-.K (i rn' he.i vacated ?v the ?a r ee1' J rtannil ut iu- moac-it occulta ui from tue city. Inweat Forty-third MIU in * rpo BENT?A JQCy.lY FURNISHED FRONT BAM. I Bedroom fbr eiw or two gentlemen. 60S Eighth ttvut.tie, three >' otb above 1' rt? Ke ? ? iJ ?i.'ft. rnv. o EI-EGAXTUf FURNISHED ROOMS TO L!f'~ > with ;j.r si: ;!_> two other Rooms; house first da* : )<>~.ltion etmi'.-jt. &r i T-vtuiy-etgliih sUfat. Two neatly furnished front rooms, r on 1 nectl to 1ft, w thoitl I. iird, Sf|.v??If or to two or three gentler* i room: ? Good reference* required. Si VVo; t Nineteenth - rot. ?? ?\7-ERV Ot - IRA ILK ROOMA WITH GOOD BOARD AT \ lur s1 prlr ret* 1*" hid hv Apsly t : io Fowttr a Foard Utrootory, Teoaty-third street, ?ilta Avenue Hotel. I If INT TWEHTY-^ECOND STREET.? A FRONTBOO't *\ "to l<i in a private letnl , with or without il B trd. I ? "ri new* required. S31 We t r v tni i-1 on ! st. (T. i r> PER AVERS FOB V NEATLY HfltSlSBKI) ilio Room, with full Board, .to U-o ii'rql ? n-n !e -n; Co on Room t ar to n gentleman. KA W.'- t 1 wenty-uft'i ?tract, near Eighth newwu! ()Q bast FLTEKMTH STREET, OHIO* ft.H'trR An furaUlitd bit go front Boom to let, with or without Boarii Qrt UNION RQTUltK<-A SUIT OP ROOMS ON ,)iI eseoutl Uo u. Ut single Rooms for gentlemen, to be rented, with B ' ird. ??7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, RFTW'HV BROAD ?> I way and Fifth itYttnue?A tine suit ol itmwi. band, nonidv furnished, to l?t lo flritelus* familieeor gontlrinen. Ruble Urn claaa. Raltmrn exeit inged. rj\ WB8T TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ?)" ' nr. I iviti ireifioe?-To let, w'ih first el.'tsH Itoird, three Rootn?, suit . u!e lor geutlemau anil wife, or atn ;le gen tlemen. Refer ncei. ,-,7 EAST T0JRTV-FIRST STREET?!' v it LOP. Av'> 'If B?l"!?nt| itl >n single Rooms, to let, with Bo ril; be: ntul cold v iter, ulosuti. Vc. <5*1 |)(1 1-KR WEEK FOR PLEASANT SECOND ?.I III' story Rooms, with ilret ti ;s< Hoard private 11We), in A stVeUr Wit te faml'y, f >j gentle urn, wife ami nam. Address G. B. A., Hmai i onu p. 1 Of? NINTH str.:et, near beoa reviY, to let? J if\) wltii Hoard, oue large Room, suitable form gentle man an'I wife, or two nicgie gentlemen. Also a few day Roanl ,-s taken. 14>f? MA?DO0?AL ST It EST. Jill) A Mall Ro 'in on si-nil 1 door to 1ft. with Board, for $S. Also a Room suitable for two. NoiMvingth Muy. 1 ~7 WEST THIRTY NINTH STREET?HANDSOAfE J * / I ly furatahed Kooma to let, with Hoard, with utl mo lern In provemnnta. K?/' FIFTH AV'VUE-A PARLOR FT.'MIR, Til TEH )l) rooms en suite, to lot, with or without Board, or with private table. IiUAiUI AND LODGHSQ W ANTED. Board wanted.?a liberal price will hi> p ill 1 by a Rlntt'e m m for it well furnished Ttonm ii a quiet nrivate family, wh re there are few or no boarder*; lointlon below Twelfth street, near Broadway. Adilreaa h ?; A.OKI Post olllco. TJOARD WANTED?FOR GENTLEMAX, WIFK, TWO l> children ii"i nurre. Price most bo ruasonnblo. Ad dress c , hov 8,831 Poet o?k?. rpwo YOUNG LADIES DESIRE BOARD IN A CRN L trul part of thiarlty. Terms moderate. Addiajas C. L. Ii., box 2U3 Herald oftlce. IIr ANTED MARCH 1.?A CIENTLE V AN WISHT.R A *? largo furnished Room, without hoard, below Kourteontb atroet, nenr Broadway: private family preferred. Address, staling terms and location, F. W. T., box tit'2 N. Y. Pustolllce. WANTED?FOR GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, LARGE Room, with Hoard; price not hi exceed $14 per week, including lire and r;as. Address M. A. B., itrrald olllce. References required. IlfANTRD?B ? VRD, FOB A LADY, WITH A YOUNG ?V Infant, whose husband will he ah-cut MX months; wishes to be nettled before the deuartureof her husband: the country preferred; could furnLh part bedding. Ad dr. is. Stating terms. J. L.. box 2"23 tier Id ol: ee. HOI'EliV. ATLANTIC HOTEL. CHATHAM SQUARE.?WELL x\ Fur..! Tied ItiHuns, r.t inotl rate prices, >>y tbe Jay, wees or month. Open at all hours. JOHN GERKEN, Proprietor. DE LANEAH HOUSE. T2 WEST FORTIETH STREET, frauiing Reservoir Bark, ttoomsiu emu and singly. Tabic d hoU: or private. PIKRREPONT HOUSE?BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, WITH lo live minute* of Wall street ferry. Permanent anil transient cucsts ran cod tlrst etass neeomm stations. This is tbe liotrl where Hrii .alyulies resort, 'fhn Ahi w..s cele brated by a ttiiiptuona banquet given to the Philomatliean Idtorary Society. On ttie '.'Sia tiie dynpostao tlluh will liaio their annual dinner, which we hollevc will be served in a sum) woits style. I'h'.se desiring to he cared for will no well to engage quarter* at the Pierreponl II.? iso. Re union hotel, forty-second street and I'onrih nvenni?P.ietins in auit or single; newly and decently fnriunbedat roaauunbtu rato ?; tnbio a In buiopemt or tab is d'hote. CITY REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE. * FIRST CLASS THREE STORY IIIOII STOU1* 1\ brown stone House with four Lots, on avenue A and ilHslstreet, lor sale, immmliato on very easy terms. This is n giatd lnivstmenL Particulars with S. KMBKRKON, *31 l.iglith avenue. A 1IOUSK NO. 12 HUBERT STREET. FOUR STORIES, Mih.ri llni-. independent walla suflicicnt; lirsi das* Store; house 28.7x80, lot 1*1 fe-t. JAMES M. Ti'THILl., No. 114 Warren atroet. AT 3!? FOURTH AVENUE?HOtHRfl FOR RALK. SEP. STANLEY DAY'S REAL ESTATE (WBCULAIt. WHICH CAN BE HAD IR.sK OR MAILED lll'ON RE CEIPT OK STAMPED ENVELOPE. 4 THREE 8Tt)RY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, ON J\ Went Twenty-fourth street, for -ale at a lew price, and on nu'v terms. Particular* witn S. l.vtHEKSON, 431 Eighth * BARGAIN.?PGR SALE?A THRKfc STORY BRICK .A House on Writ Fifty-fourth street. In best order; 26 foot front; price $.",6i0; $3.(Wtl can remain on mortgage. Apolr to |? WAKsZaUR, IiiO West Twcuty-liflli street, l? twetb sixth and Seventh avonues. A BROWS STONK HOUSE, LOT, C ARRIAOIi J\. House. Smblos. on F.iglily-tl ird street. $16.00(1 Three (louse- unil LnMOiiCIWDi! stmt. near Canal, together or separate, cheap. First class marble 11 on <o <uid Ln , iter tarry, Brooklyn. 1 wo full Lot* on West Fifty-sixth street. $-.MU each. other IIdaws niH !?ol-. W. II. MKt.ICK. 421 Broadway. t GOOD IN VESTMENT.?THE PROPERTY 114 FHKT. A sauthwcMt corner of Grand aud Woo iter streets. sj teei on the latter; six buildings: ;my* 26 per cent for the capital Iuve- ted; price In v; 'erui* liberal; title good. Apply to iliOS. MIANLAN, 784 i'.ighth avenue. ? TWO STORV AND HIOII BASEMENT Iltfitl STOOP j\ House (IHxlOOi, No. 8 Ilnlymod plan.', Eighty-third r-treet, between Second ami Tbim .ivouue.. for sale; eon tolas eight room*, fax i .tun:., marble mantels, hard wain. Water; iu urd ; good location: price $1,9X1; term* easy. THOMSON, 1.33J Third avenue. i HAN DROME TWO STORV FRAME AND BRICK j\ balenientCollage, in We, t f wenty-pev. ith street, be tween Ninth end Tenth avenue*, In perfect order: price }b 6tX), half iin0$! inquire of HJtlXAS, 778 Eighth avenue. Avery valuable nortm fob sale?on Tenth avcune. near Thirty-seventh street, running from street to street, with lnr.:c brick budding theroon, w*i| rented ami paying a large percentage. This i* a food in. vestment fur capitalist* Particulars with 8. EImKBIX, til Eighth avenue. ' Buck and frame houses-am. sizes and or a, In New Yur?, Brooklyn ami Williamsburg. F'"r sale low. Apply SOOB to JOHNS'iN. MILL! R A HALL 25 Nassau street. BROADWAY PROPERTY.?FOR PALE CUE IF, ONE of the best 1*mk?? on R-oadwsy: will be -old at a fair ?rice; splendid mnrbie Ruildhif on the pim'.-e wlncli will lie p .nl for nl exptrntkm of lease. Apply or hy letter nt 23$ West Fifty ? -? and street. 5 / lONSIMClTOrp, I.AROE PREMISES. 2o F.Y HO, \J Store ,md House, seventeen room-, Are., on Hudson street; iwrntv-oue veer*' Lease foi sale. Apply to WM. #. SMITH, 88 Fulton struck _ FOR SALE?FIRSTCLASS NMV FO'R STORY BROWN stone nouses and Lots, ? and M West 89tb, h'-twren 6th anil thh a vs., roscvood doors. W. FANNING, 37 W. !Oili. Back salk-threb story iiioii spoof brick House No. 234 Waal Thirty-flrs! *tree ; II feet front, 61 deep; tot IIs 9; wiih ail modern Improvements. 1'rice $18,UU0. Can lie seen Horn 8 A. M. lofl F. M. I/OR 8.VLB?CHEAPEST PROPERTY IN MAKKHT? r Two good llnu?e?: one ha- 27 rooms, II pan tries, sub eellsr. gas and r.rolnn througlmnt: Is within two block* of ?II the principal ear routes; price ?i4.(iM; li.ilfe.ish. Apply at 248 We <t i hirty-llftti strret, ami: March I. fXOit HAMv-SEM.N YEAR-1' LKA3B Ot HOUSE AJil) Store 80 Sixth avenue T feet by B; lias 14 room*, store and basement; all modern improvements. Been from 13 to 4. F'OR RALE-HYU FIRST OLASSK TENEMENT Houses and Lots, bu!1t together. Cms, Water nml all mod' in Improvements, Will !*? sol I separately or t .gather, on easy terias, as the uwnnr is In need of money. Also fottr llon-es and I.ois. with a oorner; one or the whole, hi a t'.rst class nelghh u hisi'l. on easy terms. Also two Houses on the west solo of i-.ighlh avenue; and nine Houses on Third ave nue. Inquire of J. F. F1R1IHR. 249 East Houston street, near Norfolk, fr un 8 to Ml A. M? and 4 to * I', M. I/OR s VLB?A THREE KTURV INOLIHIt .JASEMHNT F House, *11 I i sl? ra Hive,,.,urn: - hi West sixth street, near H 'lolvvsy. for $11 inn. Will sell Furniture at vslii'itlnn. or Will let boase luriiiabod. Inquire at 1U8 West Forty.sixth street. f/OSlSALK-A MODERN IICILT llOt'.iE, ON WEST I Thtrty-rtf i ti atre-'t, $26,910, Al.ioue on West Twenty li-nrt'i ur-'ct. $H i-."i; one on West Twentieth street, 3I4.0UO. Apply ??? B. s. .1 i'.iiRd, 19$ H roadway, I/OF. SALE?AT A VERT LOW PRICE vNd| TKP..MS r '? u-t,d three story mnrhle fioni Hoc eWin Thirty, eighth street, near Letiagtf avsnua. Apply to s. gaud Wr.496Third aveuue. F OR SALE?A TUB BE 8TORY HIGH STOOP HO Oil oil B..Hs r-c-, haiidwmu-ly I in nishcd. In One oider. l*oH??Mion ?ooit. I r?' $10.Mjo. Oronr tai-gnta. RF. IRK LAND, ?i| Broadway. TpOR NALB?THREE STORY HIGH HTOOP BRICK r House and Lot i1 Fifth street, near the (lowery; baa g-i?, batbrooni. tubs. Water closets, Ae.. an I is in order, slso hue line yard. Price, including parlor chandeliers. $IJ.fs ii At plv on the premises. I/OK MAt.E?TUB PLOT OF OHOUND IW FEET HT r |tx?. situated nn the wttWiwest earner of Srennd ava. nue ind Tac.iiy-sevenih street, together wilh three brick Dwelling, 'hereon. Price S19.IM. Apple to .I. II. HER. rick, hi -oiith *irret. LMill HALE?THREE BTORV HIOII STOOP BHK'K r House, wlih all the modern Impruveoieuu in line orler, in rhfrty-*eeiind|4re?k between Second an-i I bird are* III \puly to 'AMP, M. DRAKF, at hatdware .tote, cc i cr ol Fourth avra.,? and Ninth sliret. CITY '.i'iAli ESTATE KOH. 8 * I.E. F?" . JALE?T*#(> ELK ! ANT Fiji R STO'tY BROWN - st> i f fret h, fi-x' ol**s or the northwest Mf of I,f \ n too feTMue ?nd glulfth street, 83 auii 8ft Milleta tori it. iuqui:c oa thepremise*. IJIitfl BALE?T1IH: F. HOISRS ON TIIR d H'TIIE AST I corner ? s.-v ? i tver or* *inri Fourteenth utiwl. V PLOT of OIMCND 0 R WO HUNDRED FEET rnintra few Cb,irth?ra .ind Rn? street*. III NDP.L'M'. :r StJl'ABE ON t'EXTRAL PARK. Mr Fttv-ninth *trec. "?-> Oil* ua to leu Inquire of CU.VUNCEY BARNARD, 1U0 liiuadwtv. ' CIOR HRKtr irtlK'T, TWO STORY ATTIC ' wd luKuwiit 1' i < Hour, 25 feet fmnt, in perfect ur !? i, hnaee It r t?*e f t V.N TINS a MTRRd,aiPi?r -tret. Fur. SALE?THE 'I VNOAOME THREW STORY Blifi'lC r Hon,, v . is \\, t rw n'- evontb street. ? ten Rro-tdw? .*end ;i\?H ,u ? w h.* ill the moment 'mprove n ? I ? v ? - i n .or*. 1 ,?'?*. Prlw JBiD1 ' A(> pi lo ? Kit MO HAN Bo.? Pine stroal, * fjV>R SM.E-'T"K FIWB PROPERTY 104 WOOSTEIl ' ?'reet, ilSi.'S: dtoin* c truer: rente for ?1,8?': price $I6UW. RICHARDS, 52 Wall street, basement. FVlR BALK?IN RAST PTFTY.PIRBT STREET, FIR twecn Third and Scent nrenuee, a three at ? ht.'h utivjri brown a'O'te House *nd Lot. Incltwl'tirr Ch*nS?V?r?. ti.? K *''ioh, Carrots, 1 [clothe n"d Shades: Kxs' 102: p.,- >tt .. n if requied: p ' <'<? ?i( "*) for *11: also on r me 1,1,,o'; , yer hauJsnuie three *tt ry hialt etooii brick, tor ?11,(100. KILPATitICK, Btfll'n Head Rank Buildings. Fsj.r? -'.vlf?thr ponrt jtory men stoor brown to,-* It >ns.,* hi,I l.ot*. SO# Mil 90610 Koet Teatb str?el, opri *,:?* the " . -k; tli ?*., | j, re fnrn :???< hid .JAnr-d e-n ,*, nrantenoee: am A, ' set deep; to'* 112 feel. only #H ? HI for bo ii. nd teem* to suit: coni l no* be '"ii t ??>, ? KIl PATRKJK. Knll's M< nd Han* Untl,<in;-e. 770R HALF 10 '.OTS ON ID \V. AK'i 1"3D ST. " IP ? , ?,v? WA ?t. !"'t. Rro ifl .viy -,n 1 tfh av. R ' O - ou ?' h -t.. liel LrT'n* Oft itst.l 1U *r. A bur uin. Uv, ler . olna to Iflroie BROW NK t Mi l.:: VN. Wl Thlnl avenue. fjtt?R ?5 \t.K_TN P1PTY-' VO'iND STRRRT. T?IR VRRY ? tv little three s nr* high *:oop brn v 1 atone Iloexe anil T.-,:." No. 3"*i; i? ivrly rimr ied onntalna all mojorn cnnvisnicncee. Prion SI0.751. |5 "Oil ej.n remain. Kn.PA'RfCK. Bnll'a Bank tlnllillnai*. POR SaT.R?S18.''T>?THE TORRE STORY 'I'd'! atoop brick llouar, No. Iti'i West Thirteenth (feet, U"'' iitT nil 'he modern 1 onrnvqn enti : so 111'' 0 ' tli or lor, '1 rliriniolier*. mirrors and carpets throughout the wlv'o hoe so. AH n?w. ros.sfs.ion 'mmt Italelv. Price ?13,ii3t}. Term* very easy. A poly to.I. l'Et'AR ,C. 01" Kro oiw.w. YJtOB SAT,*?(J* TiONDON TBRRACE. $11.7N>. \ r>Te. . eireble torn ? nt irv iilgh ' to >p bsink IIouh *. 11 f ? ro t; 1 ordee. *vMli nil the tnoder 1 l-nnrove-c int*. lion* - ?" , 1 >t over |2S feetilenp, OR I^sndon terrace, fwenty-tiiicl . s r'. Price ?11.R0. Torraa *ati*l'.otory. Apply io'J. fSCAHR, 617 Hi orutwav. bio terni* Pi,e more foil dewsr'r.tlon of ,"tch plceth refer to 1, and Iff part'enl?r* niiply (to VVM. VAN ve?t"'. ,l?y'* Ueralil, WAOF.NKN ft CO., 17! ,-ittls hvimur. into store* iirole iientli, paying rf-ntal of 5,J OiKI pi r annum: " "cli stoop ~ ill no a three etorv hlch stoop Dtveiilny House, hi I wentv-eifthth street, 100 fe?t from Lexington ovaaoe. Two. third* of purrhnxe money can remain on bond and mort n?tr. Fvsr salt-:?in HAIU.KM, in c.ooh location, v throe story It:trb ?toop b"ick D 'Adllng, vtth tin iern lm provrrnout*. aMdxinO: i*?renin. f: .ct.i. Termse*ey. Also t'oit i^t-s, f om 1*:! c V1 to $15 0 K?. BKOW.N ft Mof,K AW, SSI Third avenne. FOP S\LK? DEBIRABLR RRHIPFNCKS ON FIFTH and Madison avetmea; nleo near said nventtett, ett'i-r wl'lt or without Furniture, Apply to BU02SN8 CHEVAle LI BR. hi Cedar -tree I. IjAOR SAi.s-rii:-: rorit STtry 1 Lot No. lift tve?t Porfv.fourth street, between SfYtll. enue .' ,ii Irmtdgty: a tn-.t class lot m; bouse oontiiina all tiv- fern Improve men t*. price P'TV"1", Of' other*. In good ioiatiions. App y at PAN NINO'S, 234 Boiiary. FihOU SALE?'THE PLOT OF OROUN!', WITH RI'ILP tints, 37 foet 6 ittchn* wide and 76 feet deejh No?. tr,t. and 47 First stmct. r it- Second avenne. ''rio 1 oi.T..V)0. ftp. ply at P.ANNINO'S Kual Vgen 1 225 l'.owery. TPOR SALE?KrRST CLASS NEARLY NEW FOCR r story brown stone Iftcise mil I, 1 In Thi tv.ninth ?in*'*. r?*t or Sixth nvennr. *p! -ntl- iy built nd (inirfh"'l. wnlnut door* snctstairs 15 oleca.-f too ns, three water eleecta, ftc.; oionpied by owner ?lueo finished; prico A32.5X1. STANLEY DAY. 3*9 Fourth avenue. C?O.R S VT K?THE TWO TH P.RE STORY AND BASK ! ment Hnusos 2i!) and' 2S2 WV*i Twenty-- vntitb atrent; honseii I&9x40 and hult tho Hock: in trooa order anil well renteiL JOIJM C. WILStiN', 61) t'.iual stri ct. FAOH SALE?WTTII POSSESSION, AT A BVCOaIN flT ia unocrt;pied\ a splendid four story high stoop base, ment and cellar, with extension, brink lion*-.In the moat porfeet order thron^huiit; newly papered .-.nd pairitnl inside and ontaido: atooobeawn atone: nineteen room*, be. eidog hi 111, closets, clnthcH prt-.e*. An.; Rood, range, stationary tubs, apetiklmr tube*, bell*. e?; marble mantel*, waahetand* on each floor. Tbia house is out to '*? seen to bo apureelated for the p no for whieh It. .'MS h# iMinght. Lo. rood in Knat I l.ttn enth street, near Second avenue , netgh* liorhood unimestlotiable. Also one ch"ip on W'est Seven* toenlb au-oet. near Ligbtb avenue. AJao omjon West ihlr tj .sei enth stie?'t, near Nin'li avenne. The last nr,e h ,s a tab|e for seven horses, and can be bou.tbi on very ro?^oiul? fBOR PALB?BY r. H. L1TDLOW. AT KXOHaKOR 1 Salesroom, It I Broadway, ou Tueaday Kebruary 3d, vatnal 1 ? pieces of Property, No*. 42, flaniHd Clinton street; lot AO fort by Itn. three front an I two tenement Heuaer: also}4 Ludlow street, one live story Tenement, mn be alto red J AO It HALF IMMEDIATELY?-OMri OP THOSE VFPY neat two etorv hWh ba emcot and tuuler <*>llnr I'liila dciphia Mot front House* and l ot on Pifty-Bftth street, near Senmnl avenue; contain* all modern iiti| ro.erae.ota; *l*c Si) by 40 bv Mil- or : $3,600 can remain. KILJ'Al UK2K,* iiuil's Uuail Hunk Hulldinas. F yore SALE CHEAP?OMR OR TWO POUR STORY r brown stone friint Houses, on West Twenty-second street, near tfoventh avenue. in perfect, order throughout; 17l HJtlW; price si 1,100; terntl half cash, balance on bond ami mortgage, If desired. Permit* from S. i.MftERSON, ?11 Klglnli avenue. OR RALE OR TO LET FURNTSHT D?THE FIRST ? fonr ntnry brnr.-p ?:one House and hm No. 54 East Forty-ninth mwi onpoeile Columbia College: In per frrl order. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, So. 2 Pino Kt"wt Houses tor sale by j. c. batt.ey, NO. 10 FIFTH STREET. ' Thrr* story h. a. brick, In 11th si., near 41 *v. Four atnrv h. h. "n. a'..'!" SHth it, near Vadiaon an Four a lory K. b. brt k, In 19th st.. near 9th ?v. Four atory it s. brick. In 18th at., near ath ar. 1 brer atnry h ?. br ck, in 2(1 ar, near 19th at. Houses for rale-by crmy a Copland, 410 Fourth avenue:? Snth hi.. between lcxfegt m and 3d avs $16,901 90th at., between f.cximpon and 4th ava lfiaflO 39: li at., near Lexington .i? Ill 'HO 28th at, near 4th r 28th at., corn n Islington avenue 22.<WK) 29th ?r., tiear4ih .>v 2.'.iM 29th nb, near 4tb ar 28.UU) IOTS FOR SAFE. J 3 Lota on 5th tven?e. between "31 ami 84t'i streets, 8 Lot" o.i 3th irenna. hetweon 47th and484h "'rceis. 8 Lot* on Madison avenue, between 47th ?rl :*th street*. !' Lots on 47'h street between 5th and Mndieon avenues. 9 Lot* ot. 44 h atreet, be' .veen .Mb and Mad a-nn avannea. !? Lota on 76ih -tree, between 3<l and 4th aven ????. 16 Lola on Lexington avtnne. between 42(1 and 46'h sts. I Lot on Madtaon aremte, amttlreaat eornee of 48th atreei,, in all the avenue* and atreet* froin 421 to IliTUi ?tree; and Irom lat to 3th avenue. W. 11. WOOD, 63 Wall atreet. TWO OF THOSE ELEGANT FIVE STORY BROWN Htnoe Houses on the e.i?t aide of Seventh aveuue. near Fourteenth sweet. for aale on ea?v ter.n?. Poaae*alon lit of Mar. Price, permits, Ac., wilii 8. KMBEKbON, 421 Elghih avenue. \TALU ABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE?OX 12HTH UWh. 123'h and 121at s't ecta, llarlenr. good iionaea. ?I1 modern, nnd I mm four in'it loo toenrh: ?ome with -table and enrviage houao. MmUtt with 8. LMHERsON, 421 Eighth avenne. 6 THREE STORY. BASEMENT. RUB I'KLLAR FRAME linn*-*, French front, with all the modern Improve menta illlled In t In II irlcua; price $7 .VK) c.,ch . $4 (Oil or monsoon remain cm ruorteaae for three yeara. s. TttoM SON A Cedar hlreet, 13 till 3, or 1,333 Third aveuue near Eighty-third atreet. CI ') -FOR HALE AT A BABO A IN?TI1E ?a) 1?i.'7' It/, four alory brick Tenet,lent Hon e No. ;*H Ninth aireet. near avenue t": occupied by twelve families. Inquire of L. KRLI NKR, SI William atreet. Q"l ? (Win FOR A FOUR STORY IIIOH STOOP vI'/?"VU brown Hlonc Ilouae; modern Imnrotaineuts; C*?l bicaWnn; possession Vav I. Applv imtnedla'ely to s. F. 1KB I.ANI>, 201 Broadway. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE PUR SALE. \ VERY THOROUOllLY BUILT RESIDENCE IN /V Brooklyn for sale; claaa in all respect* aa reg..rds loc.itton and hon ic Hat feel wide, tlime torles. utile and buaenient: lot SOxiW) feet. Keya at 191 Preableut street, Brooklyn: nottso not ocettpled: In drat rate order. Terms easy to close the nutate of the late Ji. Kellogg. For lertue apply to K. R. KELLOGG 64 Cedar <tre<l. New York. AT AUCTION. CLINTON STREET. BROOKLYN.?THE modern four story atone front Dwelling, 396 Clinton street, near SacketL will be aold at 12 o'clock on Wednesday. ?"lli ln?t., at the Commercial Exchange, 2MB Fulton street, Brooklyn, by James Cole's .-'on. Auctioneer. Two thirds purchase money may remain on mortgage. ItLEOANT MODERN KTONK HIGH STOOP HOUSES, A First place, Gates avenue and Boulevard; modern man alone: 14 and 16 Lota, fruit and evergreena. Farms to ex Bhang*. POILLOX, 100 Broadway. fPOR S ALT.?THE HFAUTIFCL COTTAGE IIOUHE AND P brick atthle. lot, WxKX), 169 Smith Ninth street, corner of Fifth Hired, WilllHNi.ihu.g. Apply on the pr-miM*. FOR SALE?A TWO RTORY, ATTIC AND RASRMKNT frame Mouse, eontolnlng 16 llnoma, in MIddagh ?trrct, n arlhe llelghia. Brothliu; priest tf, ?M. half cash. Inquiro of L. AELLNi.K. 91 William stieot, .New York. tilOR 8A' E IN WILLIAMSBURG?THE TtlRRE 8TORT r high "toon brown atoh* boaemolt House, corner Third and North Light It streets; also a Similarly hnilt House on Fourth street, between North P.lginn and Nnr<h Ninth atreet*: sns, wnler, Ac,; price each; t?rrns caay. Apply to .IaMK.T H. COI.AIlAN, 1271 North Slxih streets. F10RHALF. OR to LET?FURNISHED, A KINK T1IRFK story brick House. In RrrMiklvii, H D? on R'nluey streeA lira' h?U*e (Vestof Bedford avenne. Ingutieon prxnmaes or of D. ALLEN, 711'lite atreet. New York. L'OR SALE OF. K1,C MANOR?E A NDNOXR RFlSI. r ilcme. with Marty 16 l^da, In aubmha ?[ Brooklyn; beintlfi.llv Im ited; oonveMM to Wty cat* and ne?r tbn r?. Uittiiib I vat: I'll Ililtllf'Yil III I !V**lV? hull** !??> ?* i ? iL_ t. ? (ftfiimCASn DOWN, I2.UO0 ON 1ST MAY, AND A further sua by Instalments and mortgage, will purchase ibo splendid brown atone front three aiory, attic and sno-eellnr tlonae MB Amity ao-eet. Brooklyn, 13 rooms, veatlbul* doors, tnarble balls, seten nimble mantels, sis lionary wasnatands and t'.bs, lint, and ro'd water, bmhs and water clneela, very hand?o,ne orn-im. ntert rwrlors, sliding doors ami Inslda hllnrt'. stained and ground glass hall doors; ho.It in Ihe moat fashionable gtyle and vm \ ? uu.euieni and desirable as a ecnteel residence. lot SWIM house 28? I6; ?ronnd lea?ad but em ml to | criminal: i oeeesakm May I, Apply to A. P. MiWRF.RRY, 108 Hmn .w.iv, Ait) i if if i WILL buy a modern tiihekhiohy hlgli basemght marble House tn n liist elaa* ne phborhood. Bi >hlrn; lot .'1x138 fvet, Iciuj- ,r,iey. Gaber it. T. BC -U. 14? Broadway. corxTHY ar. v, R statu vot ?? % i ??*. Avoid high ,ri nth tsr> own Torn own Homes. V Kariu 01 Cm ores c ink > li?nd w:ll he divided In idols about H*e or m r< il; oue |mnr'* rtde by .'In .tdclpbU train from Mew Voik: a atathm on ika place, potablePer bwdnee*men. - ? iiwrhnj keiuM pr.vsto h'Cil'acM, gardeu M, BUiseri.s, 11 m t nr auv floiri 'M'.le tr <les:uiu; commutation $*o i >r. !"<-?* #1 80D h.if eeah. th.o a Feriu ??r ?. a-rea, emu* Stock and farming t'lenidU, e-S.'^i). Owner M A T 3l? FOURTH IV' SI'K-IIOLSTRV HOUSES, J\ FARMS \sn SI'HmiHM BUILDING RITH.4 FOR XALK. HKK STANLEY 0AY'S I: A!. I!STATU 151RCU LA f, WHICH CAN HE il >.i? FRS ?; mt MAILED UPON K..C ? IPX OK STAMPED l.NViiUOPK. A T YONKKRS?FOit SALE OR TO LET, A BRICK .'V D? lllns, IB rodins, ' " v'" irburton avenue; a view of t!?e river lor unlet. Kem *>>'*>. J. W. LYON, 55 Park street. * T BLAUVKLT8VILLR, ROCKLAND COUNTY?A J\. F irm, four acres: ?o.i I dwelling and outbuilding*; two em her da line Unit. Ilrieg itreim, Ac. Price $3,600- No in .nit need epulv to J. '.V. LYOh . 36 Park sued, or Mr*. U...MARliST. Mi Won Twenty ? th afoot. All wantino parms.-oqod soil, mild cli mate 54 tn'te* south ef Pllladelpbi. Prion only 635 Br a< re. A m unproved I nut. Hundred* aro seitlui;. formui n sent free. Addrea* G. K. LANDiS, Vloeland, Keelentgr. T ELISABETH?NICK HKSIDEXCK, .MINE JUNE . Room*, furnace. mi* pipes Ac.; lot 1Hoi153; evergreen 1 I so in Irani: fruit and (lowers iu abundance; AXilOU. Klfty other*, $400:1 to StAUtKI, PKI'ITT A FKAZER. 171 Broadway, room Mn. 3. I CHOICE AMD BEST FRUuTfiD FARM I.N A Ko- .lind county: large buildings; near d-pot: 33 or aerea; f.T,OiKi. Ferula end Country Seats. all loou aous a ill prices, sonic within h.i'f an himrof .Ni".v York.

W. ii. MEL1CA, La Broadway. AT YONRBKS-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HEAT FOR li. ?lie or rent Holme 10 re nin; all improvement*; out building*; price $20 111. itoi t, 'oral shed, ? I.0.HJ FREEMAN ? CO..SIV Broadway. VERY DESIRABLE FARM ON LON'O 1ST,AMU. COM. sicnt iiTilir ? uy. In', ?cr. s rich MM highly mill, vine ; laud. -,liJU ?:.!? o dwarf Iruit trees, mostly peon, b: i. k lion e and fnimn burn, nearly new; pr.eo di.i.OOJ. Address Farm, box 3,ITS Pott oilier. A1 \ v' J.\ ve BARGAINS.?WESTCHESTER FAU'IS, OF IX. 73 AND l >i it ill V. iodeomel; situated, commanding flne viows..u,l for Hale cheap. 17. II. 'if IYER, No. 7 Beekman atreat. /Mil' "ilY IT. IDENC7 s FOR SALE OR fO LET?ON " ' the huus o: the If Hi uc, it itlmost nrory stat'on on ti. ? line il the I.'ii'l.'oii K'v. r lluiUoutl. oete 'en lh1* rtty and ?' p.irtl i ntte.. imff in pu Tiatr or hire will hnd it to the r I f . > ; . ?? >?.. il all ; iWKItsON, 431 Eighth .it ".Ue. O&l.'IOpen 1: ul 7 A. M. to 3 P. M. TT'ARM FOR SALE?AT BLOOMFIKLD, N. J., 28 I' ar s, 111 ?? ,7 ? ... i .uincu, Fruii, lie. i ?* , Hood water, A-.. tie , .in a,. v i looitinir J larcn extent of eonnt-v, Wul for bni h! ifl'-e unot b ? urpuuaed; ?.u?y. Fur jMirtlfltUura apply to K. R. COIT, Blonmtield, M. J. IjAOR SALK?tiROVB -TR .ET, EAST OR ANlIE, HOUSE ai..l Lot, OriK iry Store*nd Sioek, now doing u COimI bneiiu'ss; Immediate pocaeHX.on. For partlealara call on the premlsea. IflOR Sale?AT EmiER'ATER, ON THE WEST HANK of the UivLou, u>4 i?;ie tro.n Weehntrken ferry, a 1 iriie Hou?e and three ?u rea of lend, suiuble for a hoarding hoii?e or pi vale dwelling, eomtnundlng a tine view of the city and harbor o vew York. Apply to TilEOiitiltE U. MOSlIER, 141 Kulton street. FNOR SALE?AT SMITHTOWS, L. I., THE FARM OF th" Lite Hen mln Mills, coetnlning 7U aei*? home si end and is. acres tv, odbtnil; good Itouar rod dirge und eon .rnieut outbu I.Un - , with a fine young orchard and large brook sniUhlo !or tuaklug a trout pond. The stork and mr cables will be sold with the farm if desired. Apply 10 LYMAN 11. SMITH, AdmtnMrater, bmiibtown,L. 1.,or E. S. MILES. M Willie Street. Y. L?OR SALE?LARflE AND ELKHANT HOTEL IM M vS f lehusei!?, eotiipirtely lu'til hod, in perfect order. AVill exchange lor New York nr Erooklyu property. >: U. BENEDICT A CO., 3l Pine atroet. F^OR RM.E-AT TREMONT. a WELL BUILT HOl'SE, co .Uimug ton room-. Apply to JOHN K. FUAZliU, TreinonL For sat.k?a brumc hotiiic cottaof, half am acre o! <!i nind, ? itil si lb;**, Ac , at Wappiuger'a Fulls, hctnevi; Fislikllluu'l PmifhkcriiKie. Apply to T. M. COZ ZENs. 13* ivarl suoek JL Y. FOR SALE J. W. HOOERT. m Liberty aireet ? Farm of fit neres. Tarrytowu $3o (Kft Farm of SOS acre*, (jneena oounty 16,(Hit Country Seat in Peokakill 20 EU Countie. Sent In While Plains 8,1*10 Country Seat lu Uaeke.isui it fc,W,0 Many others In all sectiur.a .nut all price*. "LTOR SALE?A VERY DESIittBLE RESIDENCE ON L Ihui J avenue. Suticu Isiind. near Sailors' Snug Uer' er landing: for-ale lev and on easy terms. Ap;dy to Tt'CN KKMAM, MLLLIilAN A <70., tk) Broadway. C3HRSAI.H ?A FIRST RATE BUSINESS CUSTOM MILL and ? ,i S'ore for ?rle. fine water power ?nd bnilant good the year round. Apply at S3 Cherry street, Now York. F'OIt SALE VERY CHRAP?A FARM CONTAINING 35 acres a; g.sid land in n h gh skite of enltiratlon. hacraa in lintiee timber, u good house, two burns, stable, A*., lis'a ten within one mile of Unionville depot, an 1 three miles east of Thrrytown. Immediate js s-. srlon glren and terms to suit. Further particulare with S. LMBhKSON, 421 Eighth nrenu>'. FlOB SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPEF-TY 1 A va. liable Farm of M acres. 1J j hour* by mil : good buildings; eleratod h?.allon. Apply to CAl/r, corner of Canal and Church aireet. HOMESTrAD FARM FOR 8A1.E?<1F 70 ACRFW; flnit daas UulMmgs: dep.A on the farm: one hour from the eh*; price $18.6(10; one of .*) aeree, near Plainfield, fur S6.000; Co.intrv Sistta from $10.0,Hi up Ln $2) 000. CAMPBELL, KELLY A Co.. 201 Brondwey. 0~WINfTTO THE BTORM THE RALE OF T~dfjONE? nlace nt dmninll, aa advertised Id the Herald of the )9tli, I* postponed so as Ui admit of parties to inapeei the *an*e. inn COUNTRY HEATS ANI> FARMS /N NBW JBR ll'U *e?, Connecticut and New Tork. a *hort dUtancc from city, for s ile or exeliauge. JOHNSON. MILLER A n ALL, 26 Nasaau street. <cn AC UBS HEAVY TIMBER. SAW Mill. Dwellings, Hirns, llomc*. Oxen, Kalinins Utensil* Ae., 8 mile* from Erie Rnllmnd dc|>ot, will in 1 \ mile* from Dclavwn ri.or; ea?h Si.OWl; bal-nee 6 or IU year* niter at# per cent ApiHv bi !W4 Broome ornct. fllAS. O. SACHS A CO. MEAL ESTATE WASTED. A PRICK BOVn WASTED FOR PURCHASE-IN Eleventh, Twelfth or Thirteenth strode, between Mxlh an.I Seventh avenue*. Address. (tatinf street. number, term", posse- Inn, ,tc.. Purcl, i-e . I...a 30 ll--r .d .-l:Vo. CNENTEEM \V S TioWb "WANTED" TO* BUT?FROM X to Kiltietli street Earn, Cash. $8,UX). Owner* vnd p.rticular* anil information in a letter. Address S. B , iletxbd otliee. Ageut* need not apply. TENEMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR 1 leaee?The hlahcs mark t value given. Apply to R. if. OlItBoNK Sl tin . 44b Broome street. A VIED -im INVESTMENT. TWO UODSEs" AT it about Jl'.drtl ea?h; ?t*o a -mull modern Ifottae, ??ant vide auoiii 3U0UU. Apply b> BIIaDIII' US f A KiELl). SO Cede. street. w 'ANTED FOR CI S i OMKRS?SEVER AL NM A I.I, Houses, with Improvement*, from $7 MKI toglO.lssi. also Houses to let, f2.*IUU and under. Owner* oleaw apply to BROWN A Ml LEAN. iSl Third avenue EXPRESSES. A HI RNHAM'N FURNITURE EXPRESS, 118 WEST ? Eleventh sirect, near Sixth moved. n:y or country: furniture psr-Ked mid shipped; fur niture stored. Money advanced on Furniture. BBDIVAu. VTRl'TH.-MADAME despabips pills ark war ranted to give certain lel.of to ladies. Price $6. .192 Bowery, opposite Sixth street. Honrs, V A. XI. to 4 P. M. Medicines seut by mail. A LL LADIES WHO NEED SPECIAL MEDICAL OR A surgical treatment should con-ult CHARLES LPTZE. M. P.. wi Broadway, who lias bad twnflty yam successful practice, and guarantees Im ied ate icttel fu all casus with out pain or erpomre. Con?u!tallyb free. A?MADAME GRIND!.K. HEM VLB PHYSICIAN, NO . 6Ami:y t?la-e, can be consulted on *11 f.-inale com. plaint*. rooms for ledie* wne deals* g s>d nursing ami medical attendance. A -DR. GRINDI.E. AOCOUCHElK TO THE PRIVATE ? Lying-lu Institute, No. tj Ain.t.v pla. e. 0O*d rooms, board, nur-ina and medical attendance. All tumalc com plaint* skilfully treaieil. ALL UNFORTl'N \TEs SHOULD CONSULT DR. A tiRINDLE, No. < Anuty place, dure relief iu all spe cial complaints. Advice to married i.adies.-mapame res. ThI.L'H Infallnle X'rench Female Pills; No. I, price 11, or No. 2, price 66. which can uerrr fail; safe and healthy. Office #4 West Thirty.fourth street, near Sixth avenue. Sent by mall. Address bus V,1U9. Also told at druggist's, 108 Greenwich street. A blessing to ladies.?a ladt writes:?poil togucse Keinale Hill* relieved me In one any, without Inconvenience, like magi' Price $8. Dr. A. M. MAURI CEAl", office 120 Liberty m reel, or cent by mail. Am. maubiceau, m. o.. professor or xiuwife. ? ry. tlilrtv V'-ai s' practice, at I2B Liberty street. Guar, enter certain relief to ladlp*. irom wnatevarc A GREAT AND SURE REMEDY POR LADIRR.-THR Portuguese Female Piil* always give immedtata relief: price $8. Beware of im.txtore who my advertisement# to wtil poisonous compounds as ? Kern tie' Pills," and "En tracts ? Dr. A.M. M xUltlrEAIT, 1# Idliert' st ?? t A -DR. POWERS' ELIXIR OK l.IFB RRHTORKS . the moat shattered systems, re-tores vl?orsud msn. hood. Success cei lain; ctireguarauieed. 196 Kim street. A -IMPORTANT TO I.ADTKS. DR. POWERS' ? French Compound; warranted successful In every ca-e. iIn.- Iri... ?.ill ??.'?lit. ti nee l!k". Mlin str.a-t. -LaDIMS can ALWAYS RELY ON DR. PdWF.RS' . unfntlliig Female Remedies, and on uotulug use. A ertaln cure. Office 196 Elm street. CtONSl'LT DR. KENNEDY, 1!?6 F.LM HTRBtT.?HK / rurea without mcreqrjr. Debilitated persons re it. red to perfect vigor and innnboo I. CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS?OR. R. COR BUTT, member of .4. Y. U. Medical College ani R. (J. Surgeons, London, msn be nonsuited as usual on cerstln di ea-c's.- oaiee 211 Centre street, near Cliatubeia. N. U ?No lee unless cured. TvR. HCNTER CAN CURE WORST CASES OX PER. A.J mm diseases, without mcicury, In shorter tine ihsn any other pliy-b Ian, or no pay lakeu. No. 3 Division street, since 1K34. DR. POWELL, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON-NO. 13 Waverwy place, near Broadway. Cures delickto oasi s In 4b 11< ure. Cnusuluttc* free. DR. COOPER, 14 DI ANE HTIIKKT, MAY Rt CON suited tin er-tain dl-eases. Thirty-two year* Mbi Isneo WKble# lilmto make-pepdy eur.-s or no charge male. Madame rrntell- professor of mtdwh i :;v over thirty years, guarantees immediate relH:f U every lady re.jiiirtn ? m",li al or surrleil Ireatmenl from \v%icve'r catise. Offire M A ?-I flilr; y luurlh street, near P Kit SONS N I'll. I 'I NO SPECIAL MEDICAL TV AT. meut sbnnltl .xuisnlt Dli. HARRISON, 82 bnth a^cnuo. Maniatiiees* ivlicf from whatever caueo. CVROPEA1 sTEVMfl'"*. fJlt|B_?KI,Y AMEKiCAN LINK TO LNiLABD AMI FRANCE. The New York aod Havre nvhin CorapM? w II run tWrl. ?('?'' ? - n>-,Mps Ann: ? and Pulton !n "" i ''' >n With the 5ew York Mail Mean ?'hip tlotmuny ? strinm-H Wnr? pri and Merrimack, to ilevre. Curving tlM Galled :c Ira uiiiK inon :. ? ? So. iti North river at no.?B, the tub h.v.i' g days, call .? ; .it raluiuuth AIt u, II. A leu..?atnj>0?y, P<h Id. *W VI.? I BIPPI U. .Sumner... .?y. Match J. I ';/ FI'LTON, S. Samuels .uni l*y. J'- ?rrh 11 .' MKRKIM AC K. Van Si e.. Sa .rl ijr, Mirch IH IN.. AKAGO .... il A. OadMicu. AaGr .lay, April 1J. I""' -. Jay, Api- - Jll.-sl SII'PI s, inner Saturday. April *7, !S*?7 aod every fourteen daya th< real tar PWChii Or' PA; S \GE, PAYAUI.E IN GOLD, first or a.-s ..$?*? Si-.OONll CLASS ,J Through tickets to London $5 ?? tr.i. An experienced 'iirrwn nn board. The rompaniaa will not bo responsible for specieor vain, nlile mile s mile of ladlug, having the value tvprc-i jd. are bi.i.1 d ihuretor. C. K. fSARRIKOK. firx. Y M. 8. s Co. JOS. J. COJlKTGC'i. flit N. V and 'J.Co. Fer Innl.ri ihfomiation spplv i ? JOei. J. COMSfOCK. Agent, No 7 Be M ! VST. JAMF8 A. WOTi'ON, Havre. General Agent in Europe. vtaiional ;;am navigation company. J.M ( ted.) BfRAMFRrt WEEKLY I'D LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QI'FENSTOWN, leeve pier 47 North rlvr as foloiwa:? 11 ELI E IIA. Thorn | son. 8a,arday, February 23. PENN ? VEVANIAi I.ewl*, Saturday, M irr.h Lot IS1ANA, Unirington, Saturday. MarcQN, ENGLAND, G.v.ce, Saturdav, V irch ]I ERIN. Cutting, Setnrdsy, Mn'-ch ?t. THE QUI I N, Grogan, Hatttrtlav, Ms rob 30. Cabin i'- lis ??? to Livery il or QurtfflStowu fPO in gold age p.issage to Liverpool or Qucoastowu 130 in cor. wncy. So ernge pas' ica C krt*, to bring parties from Liverpool or Qureuatown. for |!U In cur* uey. Through p? ige to I'mAntwerp, Uumbttrg. Bremen, Ac.. ,i low ra"-H. Draft* isriied for any amount, payable it any bank ill Britain or ou tin Continent. For height and ru tin passage unpK-nt tl.o ofllre of the coin pauv,S7 Broadwry. , And for steer, tee t.oket* at the pates go office of the com l am, 37 Uroidwuy ami2.3 Pear) euv.ei. near Fulton. K W. .1. Hl'RST, Man iger. OTKAM TO GLASGOW AVD LIYKitPOOL, O Ca ling r.t Londonderry to Ltnd paxHCtigers and ninihi. The pv-eny.'i steameM ot the ANCHOR J.lNb. sail hVKRY SATl.'RD Vf. HIBFIRNTA. Munro, sail* Tuesday, K'ttaruary 20. UNITED KINGDOM, miii.1i, rail* Saturday, March 3. lt)M \. Ci lie, sill* S'Uurilav, Mareli 1H. LATHS OP 1' tbSAUK, PAYABLE IN Cl'ItKENEY. To Llverpnnl, UXoagow and Deisy?I'ubin , $11J and g&O; ?tee ngit. $ il) Prepaid . ?rtl.'nates from those porta, $15. Pas. , t. its >i*o 'nrwarded to II ?mii :rFtavre. Antwerp, Ac., at verv iow rate*. Koriur.hei i u nu itlou uprlv at the cninPittty'n olbees. PitANCIS .A1MONAE!) A CO. Vgeii's. No. tl Bowltng tire -it. New York. QTEAM TO LTTERPOOIj, CVLl.INO AT QCI KW8. O town.?The Use. nailing st un-weekly, currying the United I'tutai mails. CITY OF NKtV YORK Sntnrilnv. March 2 CITY OK MANCHK..YEK Ve in- day, March n CITY or ANTWERP (new Haturday, M ,r-h <? CITY OK BOMTo* batitrdsy, War-Ii l? CITY OF UALTIMoRit. ...Sntn.d*)', MitrchSB ibm ml sneceading Pattirduy and wedneadpy. at bom, from pier 4b North river. It A ! rU OF I' ASSVCE or run jtatt. sinsimt sstuao i:vkitt *ati i i>,v. Pavaide I , Gold. I P.tvable lu Currency. First Cabin $110| fkteerae- ' ?.$30 To London lib J To London lib To Porta 12.5 I To Pan* 45 lielimt tlckeli) iu I'aria and back, t'-UU, gnl.'. Passage bv the Wednesday st Minora. lirat -abln, $110; Stecrag)!, $30. Payable In Cmtoil sute currency. 1'as'cm, r* also lorwarded to llavre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., nt moderate rates. Btceragc passage from Liverpool or Qncenstown. $37 enr renry. Tickets tun be bought here by persons aeumng for their frtou lH. For further inlorniation apply at the Company"; oil ice j. JOHN G. DA LA.', nt, Jft Brouuway. N. Y. 1BOR LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT yUEEN'STOWN.? r Ounard steamship CHINA, from Boston, via Halifax '. February 27 JAVA, from New York. March 6 ASIA, from Boston viaH illfax March 13 PASSAOK MONEY PUOM NKVV VOltk. Cabin $1.50... | Seomd cabin $100 passai.i. sums' fmom bumum. Cabin $125 .. | Second cuhi n .$80 Payable In gold or its equivalent. For freight or passage apply to E. CANARD. No. 4 Bowling Green. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S Steamship Dfct'TSOilLAN D, H. Wr**?!?. master, carrying ihe I'inch Snues raalt, will sail from the Bremen plur, f?wt of Third etreot, Hobokon. ON SATb'HD4V, MARCH H. run BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pa>*?ngci ? to LOsDON, HAVKlt, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates, payable in gold or Ua equivalent in currency: ? For t he Brat cabin, $136: second cabin, $76: steerage, $37 SO, gold. To be followed by the Kteamahtp AMERICA, Meyer, a i*.l?r, March IU. For freight or passage spplv to tiLLlGCilS A CO., G8 Brnad street. o NLT DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. Tbtiplcndtil new pmmIi on thia favorite roue for the Continent will tail from pier No. SO North river, as fol low h :? ST. LAURENT Rocande ?atnrdny, Fob. 73 PKRKIRE Saturday, March W VILLK DE PARIS Sumiont Satiirday.MnrchJS EUROPE Lamariet Saturday, April a PRICES OF PAHBAGR IN COLL). First cabin. $160; seron'l cabin, $100. Including wine. These steamer* Jo not carry steerage passenger*. Medics] attendance five of charge. Passengers intending to land at Brest can b# furnished on board with railroad tickets, and have their bngga.o cheeked to Paris at an additional charge of $8 for first and (3 tot second claaa. OBO. MACKENZIE. Arent, No. 6S Inwiluy. V"EW YORK AND BREMEN STCAMSIIIP COMPANY. jLl The first class United Suites mall aleamshlo WESTERN METROPOLIS, Wm. Wolr. euinmauder, will leave pier 46 Nortli river o:i THURSDAY, March 7, at 10 o'clock A. .?.. FOR SOUTH A M lTt) N AND BREMEN, Taking passengers u> sonthaiiipton, London. Havre and Bremen at the following rates, pa) able in gold or its equiva lent in currency First cabin, $120; second cabin, $70; steerage, $37 50. ATI, ANTIC, Captain C. Hoyer, will follow April 6 BALTIC, Captain A. O. Jones, will follow April JO For freight or passage apply to Isaac TAYLOR, Prerld-nt. 40 Broadway, STEAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AMD QUEENS. town twlea a week, l'as are ?:?" enrrencr to Liverpool or Queenstown. Prepaid tickets from Liverpool or Queenstown at the (ow es: rates. Drslls payable in any part of (beat Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO., ?6 Booth street, or 23 Broadway. IONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. J Pa'sage m London or Brest $110, $31, otirreney. Excursion tickets at rcdm-ed rates, avitilaoln for sit months. I'KLLA. C*|ilaln tlleudell. from N<".v VoR Mni?h t. WM. 1'KNN, Captain Bllllnce from New York Marsh 23. ATALANTA, Captain I'lnkhsm, from New York April 6. RELLONA, Captain Dixon, from Nrtv York April Tb* British iron steamship CKLIA will i eave nier No. 3 North river for London, calling at Brest, on Saturday, March H. Until farther nntlee nil the steamers of this line will call at Brest to land passengers. Baggage i looked ami tickets sold through by rail to Parts at 25 per cent less than regular rates. Freight will he taken and through bill* nf lading given to Hnvre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. I or passage apt ly to CH AS. A. WHITNEY, 26 Broadway. For irelglu apply at 64 south street. HOW LAND A AKPINWALL. Agents, RAND EXCURSION ' T(? THE PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first class ooeen going Iron steamship HAVANA, 2I?'I tons burden. Stephen Whitman, eomiaaTvief, Will makn an etcttraion from New York to Havre an I back, sailing from jpier 4(1 North river, on Wednesday, April 17, at 12 o'clock M., taking passengers for Pari-. London and Bremen. Returning, will sail from Havre on June 5, giving passengers holding excursion tickets about six weeks In Europe. This magnificent stesmshlp Is divided Into watertight enmpartme it?, and has been newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The Havana will only carry first class passengers. Price of passage. In nttrreney. to Havre and return. $2(10 and $nn<>, according to sUe of stateroom. To Havre ouly $150 and $17A For furtlier partleuiars and passage anp'y lo the srenta, MURRAY, FBRItfts a CO., 62 south slices or TIlAYER A BAKOKNT, S$nouih ilrwl. The hamburo American packet company's Iron mall steamship allkmannia, N. Meier, commander, earrving the Untied Slates matl, will sail on Saturday, March I. al 12 M? for HAMBURO, taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, "Southampton and London. _ First cabin, $126: second cabin. $78: steerage, $37 50, pay able In gold or Us equivalent. The TEUTONIA will sail March 16. EUNHARDT A CCA, C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. ileneral Agent*. lienersl Psssencar Agents. 46 Exchange place, N. V. No 6 Barclay street. M. Y. STBAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK, LIVER pool and Queensiown, bv the Cunard Line. TRIPOLI aula 17th February. TARIFA sails 6th March. Cabin |manage $63. gold: Steer* -e, $11, rur ency. Cer tificates MM fi en all part* of Ire'und or England at low ,-t rales. Apply at E. Cunnrd's Hteeragc olbce, 6V Broad way. VTORTH OKRMAN LLOYD. jLm In accordance wrtth an arrangement effected wlthibe United Stales Post Department the steamships of Ibe North Herman Lloyd will, on and after the 21st of Flan li. leave New York "n every Thursday, and on nod after the 2d of April sonthatnpion on every Tuesday, carrying tba Umt-d Mates. English and Con' mental Malls. OMLRlCHd A CO.. SB Brawl street. day STEAMSHIP TRIPOLI WILL DISCHARGE UNDER general order, at Cunnrd wb <rf, ilcrsey City, on Unit , Bill leak Hoods not permit e l will or sent lo Canard ?nr.. B. 0CNAHi>. No. 4 Bowling flreen. mamsihp Java will discharoe under o 'oral order, at Cnnard wh if, Jersey City, on Tuesday, Hill tn-t ile.ods nnt permit'ed wHI bo seat to Bonded Ware bou?es, 122 and 124 tiiemivvicli street, N. Y. K. ("UN ARP. No. 4 Bowttns Crsen. COAKTW1IB ?TEAW?HI>?. titOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. I" 1 he I'ae'fie Mali Meamshlp Company'* steamer RISING STAR will sail on Friday, March 1, at li o'clock, noon. Freight received as usual For rales, Ac , inquire at freight oSiee, on company's pier, 42 North river, foot of Canal s el. IS ELLA, KAROO A CO., Bole Freight Amenta, Paelfle Mall Steamship Company. ClOAt, DKFOT, AT BT. JOHN A PORTO RICO. ) Steamboat owners and c?ytatm era adsiMt that at the above mentioned port Coals of every knul can be sqp. piled wit limit any d<dav Ye -els dri wing not over twenty fee: <f water can go along- idu the wharf andhavuH whee.cii on bOitrn. Appiy to LATIMFR A eft., $t Johns. Porta 11 mo, orto.i Y. UNATiVlA A CO., 67 bouth street, N?w York. P ?OASTWISW ST" * MS'f lf?S, .ICIFIo'MAIL STFAtf-Hit' COMPANY'S TO CAl.i 'Mi, OARBTTIfC f N '? t" I't\r ' M VIL, VI \ PANAX i RAiLUO I) i \'?r? Jp .<??? t J .North rivm, f jot 01 Canal Greet, *t 12 ./><?? no m, folio .V i , , s,; SIAd. On' in W. G. ruri>r, cou nt I" wit) uol '/ -N Cl'fV ? ?H J. T. iV.tU.inv. . in II' ?Mi IfKV I'llAl' -CKY, Captain A. (i. limy, 00!., , , ? .MJNTAMACaptain J. SUttOU. si i-t;l ; .t ?>f Ca.n fJUKKX, Captain T. A. Harris, cou nt-. I. g v '< i t Tit N". Captain Oavvily. A . i. pa I i* touch at Acapuieo; those of l?t and 21-t connect at r. imma with MiCttiiicri Cor ?><iuth Pacific p^rN, 1st ! i It h I If, ulna Amertcan ports, and Oioso of Is* touch i t Munzaullto. . I>, ? in - ,1 Hid c.'Ch mouth connecto with tM new ?team iint'?.'-' i I',,u i. i A >iMrnIla and N-tv Zealand. m .i.?. il, ibi. will connect wifh tbo e nnpauy ? stuam, < ..ft. n Fianelsoo lor Yokohama ?: on '.I r i! :t. i'to/. .... . .; ? aii . . i < ueh adult. Modicinea And an ? , . r . .. ,i kcu and al! further Information apply at the otQ on the wharl', loot of Caaal ? treat, " th river, ,\, . . r ft. BAUY, Agent. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP com PA NY'S THKOUOU MMf I'O .1 il'A.- A CHIN VIA PANAMA AMI KAN IT iNCISCO, CAHKYINO 'ill: I'NI'I It S'I'aTi i >1 \IU 8 teenier .1 N' V (Ml ' I'NORY will loare pier Ail North river, fool "1 Canal street, N-'v York, at tstclvo o'clock, noon, on Monday, MHrok.ll, ihfi.. oonnccU f vi, Panama Railroad with mww MONTANA. for Sun Krunnioi, where p: ? ngen wiil In '.rn a ,.trrcd to Urn company ? v ci. i i ,,.,ii;i,.|- I'lliiUBApO, to l-ase tint p. t at no >n <>n V, ,'doo i.,y, AprllS. i'Mil, di cot for Yokol, ma and Ilong Km g. , l'n **ugeri. who profkr to lie vor ton dn,s at San r r.m. nisei, ''.i.,.in,, oi ic.u'uko can the RISlilO STAR hi > ? vnrch 1. conn ?' mg with CO' XJKS CI rY. Tri -oti . i is ..ued from New York, addln" to mgulnr prices its, i ii .\cw York nod in 'rnuciaoo the lolluwir.A rates payable In g U or lia e/|Ui.oieit:? rut.-- ABirt. kEtX'M'.CAaui. San Frtiiu Wco to V* kolnttM * 0 f. 7U San Pruiico 'o to Hon . . !i?itl SOU Out 11oi 1 ? w ill la Oi,cno'. <>i' nt vnyncr*. For t! letup: tick at M inn! nil f'-rt. '? Ii tmtly nt the oil i > on tho wharf, pier 4JNor'i r ci lo o ,i Canal air act, to F. B. BAfH Y, Agent. tTMiTMt STATES M ML TO H VV tNt. J tVl.Sf INDIA MAIL IV ? fl? COMPAVY. Bv i ? t-,n I'dtr, a' > : n trior No 1 Jfor: i river, thec'r tnt sldewhrel Mcam .,a? t.'OI.',' V HI Carton Siitard'.y, tlurch d MOKRO CASli.K, A dime ,nr,i.v. Murcli B KACLii, Orecue nr.., . r,.h Id OA RBI.- "N .? "V. Mm.;-, ..a ? ; iv.lniu i..ecu. .s. Y. FlOB HAVANA VIA NASS.vr. N. !'.?TM . BP.ITTSII and N-rth Anm I-in t: >y,il M ,i! m {? ? Co- ;n nv'g nn?- Kteamer CO'.JSli'A "'apt I.c ?- 11< ? will - ill fi r the iibovn porta : mn i ccoiii)1: r'- <vn .t Jci icy City, on Monday. ?i?ih J'coruury, and Saturday, ".'d. March, at noon. a P?a- ? money to Nave/tit J15 ftuMfe ?W''" U Havana m I'.i.vablo in gold or It" eqnlv .lent. No freight received on '.'av before a. li For fn-iuht or paaaagn upi'lp to K. t NACfl, No, 4 Bo .vlh.*; taioen. CJT. JOHNS, P. K.. ST. THOMAS, LAULAYRA AN1I O l'orto Ci.i eilo.?/'tin In at ? *; tumsuip MF.i.t ; i a. CarryIntt tin) Hi nod St ilea M t in, la now receiving Irel lit i . inct .0 Host r,vm, end will ami W 1>NESIIA V, March ii, a' ,T I'. 31 of till* l;nn i.i ke eonin ci ion with steaun i n frout Kt. '1 lion: i* far Jamaica, Wlinlwurd Inland/, ,ie. For tlsnghl or pa-s/Agr !? to SJlfl ii A IiUNNINO, lis Sou'M itrect. iifOB ST. THOMAS VND BitAZTT,. ' L'.NIIEil SI TIES AND BR ZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP t il l PAN ? RKAl'LAIt MAIL STEAMhltd, aallinit on the Sid of ery mouth ? I IIHNil ST\R, Captain Hoord* R- Slocttut March 'Li NuItT11 A ? ERICA. Captain I,. K. Tliuui rroan Vljrd Si St', 111 AMI li'.OA, Cama.ll E I. Tiuk.ep tu. o May : Tbi-*o eli - int steamer., anil on aclmdulo tini", rid e-ill at St. i iimiai', 1'iira, Pornatubttco. Hahla unit Klo Janeiro, g niig and rotiiruiiig. For engagemetita of f. eig'ntor pa'.?age ai Illy to OAUKlJ ON A ALl.EN. A, ? .t*. No. 6 Rowling iireen, N .v York 1710ft GALVESTON, TEXAP. J "SAlf.ING NVKBKLY." TLXA LINE. HIE Al ! I'EAMER THuf IK. Poller, rmiiuiatider, will receive freight at pier 21 1 aat river, and sail on Sntnr dn.'. March 2. For freight ur pontage, hiving superior aeronimodition/, apply to C. 11. MALLOUV A CO., iali Muidmi SOI'TII! RN LINE.?FOR NHIV ORLEANS, The Al, team -hip NIGHTINGALE. For freight or pnasaBe apply to C. II. MALLORY A CO , liS Mnhlen lime. 1710R NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. ' The new and firm rlua* *le,ini*htp GEORGE CROM WELL, ; Apt id II. K. E. Vull. will louvo No. U North river on Sagurdav, March 2 utSo'-inck P. 31. For I ltd .lit oi pa*rage, having unxurpaiired ntxonnno<la tic lia, litjply to II. P.. CROMWELL A Co., tfi Went xtrcet. The GEMtUAL GRAN r will follow Marok tl. ISMflRF. LINK FOR SAVANNAH, j Krciy Satnnluy, from pier 13 North river. Punutually al S o'rioek p. M. The favorH* etdewrheel stnainakt * SAN SAJ.VAlton, Nlckcrsoncommander. *alli March2. SAN JACINTO. All In* onimi ndor, tail- March It Ttirough ticket* tud bills of hiding to all points in Uon w.HiiCctitral Uailrooda of Georgia, Atlantic aad Gulf ltndroad uud Florid i hteimci* Lieguni passcnuer a/nom udutinns. tlAi.UlSON A ALLEN, No. 5 Bowling Green, S. Y. BfOR SAVANN YH. OA., EVERY THCRHIMY.?'THE Atlantic Coast Mail Stramshlp Company's MJ-wmul ateamsldpe HKUMaN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker, aalla Thursday, February 2S. CKNKKAL BARNES, Captain Morton, tails Thursday, Mareh 7. (? rotn pier 38 North river, at 3 P. M. precisely. Tlimegli passage tickets jitnl bill* of lading to all poiuts hi iinoeUoii the Geutrai Uailroad o! Ceor. iu For fi-ciglit or p?? age npplv t.a LIVIoGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, SS Liberty street. For savannah, oa.?nrEAMFfKs every ti ksiiay and Hi a -day. First onbiii. g2i; second, $12. Apidy to J. M. F0NTANK, No. 3 Broadway. v.w fNHARLESTON STEAMSHIP LINE. \J The flue Stcatnaiilu <".AK..OTTA, Captain Ch.irlr* Col lin-, I* now reoelring freight, at pier No. * North rivar, at reduced rate*, an 1 will tail for Charleston on SaTIRDAY, JKrch 2, at S P. M. F'ul Irrigbt ui paeiiata: apply to CHAS. a. WHITNEY, Agent, ? No. IK b m. 11 way FIOR CHARLESTON. S. C.. THE FLORIDA PORTS and tha Snath and Sonthweet. -The Al eery feet and rrliablf steamship ANDALUSIA la now reeelvme urpi ..ud will **11 Saturday, March a. front pier 14 l.a-t rlrar, con necting at Charleston with the ?team?r DIOlAToRior the Florida p iru. Tkrtnigh otlla of lading and p,la-cgo I ckrta j?Mi'it in .ill of the principal poltiU on the South '"trolina and connecting rail: oud*. ARTHUR l.EAKY, 73 WUUaa atreet. TiXlR CHARLESTON, S. C-THE PEOPLE'S MAIL I SteamshipC mpnny.?ll ?? icgular mi l popular steiuii ?lilp I Vll.Y 11. -<>I DKR. Cup! .In l.'icltwi O'l, will leave on, February Si. at 3 P. M.. I ruin nirr No. 3d North riuT lundiug fra g il on Saturday momihgat Cbane* ton. Through Uokat* and ltills of lading Issued to all poinia South in i in cction with tlie couth Carolina Railroad. LlVlNUAION, KOX A CO.. Agents 6S i.inrrty street. IjMR CHARLES fON, .?. C.?STEAMERS EVERY ' Wednesday. Kir-i c*blu $i'>; ? :< ond cla- , Id3. Apply to J. M. IONI ANli No. :i Broadway. BIOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK ANIM'ITY Vtll NT," OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, From pu r :i? North rlrar. foot of Itearli street, steiini..tup ALU).M.VHLR, Captain Iloneu, leave* avory Wednc-drv. at It o'clock M. Steamship HAT1K HAM, Captain Al?xaudc., leaven every Falt'vuay. at 12o'eloek M. Giving through bllla bid ti2 to all p.dnta on t'.m aenboard, ami Roanoke iletlroad ami i|a connection*, bllla lading signed on ike pier. For ire'glt or passage apply at the ofllee on the pier, or to N It. MoCKKADY, Prcaidc it. 187 diernwlcli, corn-r Day street. 1'RAVBLLBRM Of I OF.. Hudson miyer and iiabler raii-ioao* . 1 nun* for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern and We/tern train* |r ,ve New York, via UMson Kivcr K HI ruatl. Thirtieth itrect and Tenth avenue. H anj M A. M. and H 4(1. P.W) and II I'. VI.: and via Harlot) Railroad, Twenty attth atreet and Fourth avenue, at II A.M. and 4 1.1 P R. Ti e 6 HO I*. M. train via Hudson Hlmr w ill run on Sunday*. Sleeping car* attached to 0:ai? and 11 P. M. tr.dn*. on li 31 P. M. tr.ilu l? also ultat bed a *1 ping car eve v day except ?ng s.ilurtiay* wlitob la run tnrough to Ugdem-hurg via IV. V . and O. Railroad without change. Sunday ir*ln on Hudson River Kond, New Tork to Pough kec; ale and return, leaving Now York at HJ0 A. M , and on Harlem Road, Forty-second *trcci to RtQanoa and return, leaving New York ntllA. M. WM. II. VANDF.RBILT Vice-President. clothing. ? T THE ORIGINAL M. MARKS', *1 SIXTH AYP.ltI E, A and gentlemen ran reeolve #H par cent more lh?n by any ether denier in the city for their Cast-off Clothing, tiarp-t*. Kiirniiure, Jewelry, Fur*. Ac. Plei?n be kind enough In call at or adder.I the numhor aa above, loulina wmted upon by Mr* Mark*. In and out of the city. /vKNU.EMrN. i will PUT AM*. flCAlTOT or J T new atul left oR Clotlilng for the Western market. Call at the *iore, or nddrtsa Thomas l>. Oowrev, Wl Pearl street, between Centre and Cnatham atreet*. C" * EN ri.EMKN HAVING ANY OAST OFF CLOTHING I" to dl*po?e of ran get * fair prto* hy calling on or ad dre??ing J AMES KI UK f \ I Kick, 4dh Pearl atreet, near Chatham. Cj7 1 IWWI WORTH ??F LADIES' AND GENTLE 9|i),vl'i! men'* ? t'loilnng, F'arntlure, Car. pel i, Ao, warned for the Western market. Thu hlghaet price* will lie n.tld hy railing on Mr. and Mr*. BAKK, IU9 Mroath act nue, ne*r Thlriy-tim street. ABTROLOOT* * ci UEVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQC aL?AND J\ ?M.ow reward unterod to any person who own ear* j*,** her in giving t c.rrvct Rmtoment* on all matiem of lm itorlOnce. On io- o*. *lckna*a and business sho nevor fall*. I'lenaoi II .ml teat hor *klU. N. B.?She doe* not pretend til how tutor" hu-Vi.11d*? Bhenes*. Offfee No. 1 ivtr K.t*l TMrty-third street, between Lexington end Third avenue. * TV st?NO IMPOSITION?NKVRR FAILI NO ?BUS. -1 srAiIB. from Bwropu. born with a natural clft. Great ',t Bunt, *a and Medical Cl-.lrt oyant known, fell* name and Ilkonoaa, pnat, prea-uit antLfutti.-n. Cau*e* "jwr iy t larrlitge, in lovo itQ tlr*. She wa* never knowti in f ill, bill Fourth arenti'*. Gents not edmlltod. Hour* from ? A. M. till 1 P. M. AFAOT.-MlSS WELLING TON' TELLS OP BtJr|NK*4, .theft, guotl Inek and number a. avi Bowery, oppoote Kith H'lVint. Hovu * t'to 4. A card.?madams. b*>sb. medical and Btd'. ne*? ClMiriuyaiik In* removed b, 119 tf"* ? treet, near SKth ?t etiue, where ?he tbowa tkeuaeanaa^aao tell* the name ot the ii?r?i i you will marry. Beware or n llteiate lu-eiendura trim try to Imitate trw. Idttay nnmner*. Vf ADAMS WALTERS. DlbllNO I ISHEP JILAIBYOY JVI .nit. Visit her fur cvarvtlllnf-ehkneOT, biMloeaa, iftert, n?me\ ntinnHtri, ttood i?i- *. c>sttai 1? ADAMF BY RDM -TH i gSBAYIW* SISlN.yA^D . _ met,ml Splritn list k ??". ,*ua?. ep?w??Jjr marriage*. 3It Koui tU avenue. >'? ?IOQ SEVENTH \ VI" N VX.MB. K t v, <' LA I Rtct * BIO .-.III en 1 tatrf.loeiar Lm tj numlUfi. ?P?bdy im, rlasba, Ladki, *'4 -.cut', tia#*. * ceo* M