Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,137. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. lb g?giaftgg?tgMB? n^HiBornoa-i rnuii nrunr ron bats ^Frtr-igTii i>ii Awmmrflw?, f? ?ATId M>AMIR, FORMERLY OP BT. LOUIS, MO., ^hr* P FORMATION WANTBD.?SMITH WICE OABPBN *?&"*? aFtofwutda ealfed hlmaalf Buabard Carpenter. W^fromlrolaodabeut the year MM, u4 Is bettered ai VS.tUMI A*"* at ? Ptaie he mbmI BalHnakilL la Kb? and Queens ooaaty, Jlrglala. Any Informattonthet lands to finding place and Ma of hla death wUl ba suitably s-teasfeig* u*?^u- *?<? ????? ? TETINO HALL.?THE L A the feolhaut standing tto. wfll please addreaa, la LADY WHO KINDLY NOTICED near the door, on Saturday, night faith. If. Oh., box 300 Herald TOHN DE CORDY.?INFORMATION IM WANTED OF V John Da Cordy. If thla meets hla aye, he la earnestly ?treated to return home, where the peat will be forgiven ?d forgotten. Hla aon laatpreaent to the Houae of Keruge. Where h? la being treated In (be meet cruel manner?oonf ned la a damp cell, without a bed to he on and furntabed with ne ?ere food than la neceaaarj to keep Ufa in hla body. If be wtahea to ree bta aon litre he la entreated to return home. Rah Fautcieco, Jen. IB. 18S7. JANE DB COBdY. JULIA?RETURN TO YOUR BBOKKN-HKARTED brother. All will be forgiven. JOHN?38. T AURA-WHEN, WHERE AND HOWT REPLY AS Jj before to 1.88A M & O.?A LETTER IN THE STATION TO THE AD dreaa given in your leat note. Ana war Immediately. Mmp w ? ? ? ? a, PLEASE ADDRESS' ROX 3.6M Poet olHoe. 1,0. 906 ta not between 87 and 98. N BW YORK THEATRE. SATURDAY NIOIIT. Pleaae grant Interview or aend addreaa to itatlon D. HARROLD. PASSENGERS ON THE THIRD AVENUE CARS Wno anw an old gentleman fall In getting nn the car on Sat urday la?t. at Thirty, third street, address- a note to V. C., Herald office, Informing me a here I can see them. OBVENTH AVENUE OAR, ASTOR HOUSE.?"AM I O never to eea you agaiof" Will not the person to w otn a worda were apoken aend addreaa to H. 8. S., aia Of W| & ASHINOTON'tf BIRTHDAY ? WILLI AM8BURO, South Seventh street hi First (treat, intention of fak irs-to Brooklyn; afterwards Roosevelt street boat to York South street to Fulton ferry, thenoe to Brooklyn, two young ladles who took above route above day s address T. and A., Herald office, and oblige the two Who attracted their attention. WILL LADY RBCOaNI3I.NO PARTIES NEAR CLIN ton and Conereaa streets. Brooklyn, please addreaa No Faakage, box 188 Herald oflloef X0DNO WIDOW, FULTON FERRY STAGE, 8ATUR day morning. The gentleman who could not get in. bat ? she recognised in Broadway, would like an Interview. I A. bTH.. Brooklyn Post office. P??. JJD8T AND FOUND. ND-A NEWFOUNDLAND SLUT. ON THE 78TH ef J an wary; white on breast and fore legs, and a collar P. UOFFMAN, 41 Sullivan street. FIUND-AN OYERCOAT, ABOUT THE 7TTI OP NO. vember, which the owner can have by proving property ?ad paying expenses. Cnll at the little store, Fifty-fourth street, second door from Third avenne. NJNyUND?A GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN. THE OWN V or ean have it by proving property and paying for tho advertisements. Apply to Gilbert A. Robertson, til Fourth ?ranno, between Twenty-llral end Twenty-second streets, ?p stairs. LMT-FROM 131 WEST TWENTT-SIXTH STREET, A small Tan Terrier Dog; answers to the name of Billy. Ill will bo paid for hla return to tha above number. LBAT-ON SATURDAY LAST. EITHER IN NEW YORK ?r Brooklyn, a lady's Hold Watch and Chain. The flnd Or will be suitably rewarded by returning same to M State ?wot, Brooklyn. ' " LBBT-8UNDAY AFTERNOON, 94TH INST.. IN THIRD avenue cars, a Masonic Ring, wrilh name; also a black floth Cape, for which a suitable reward will be paid, at Ne. F Groat Jones street. . LOBT-A PLAIN GOLD RING. GOING PROM SIXTH to Seventh avenne. In Twenty-eighth street The finder will receive a reward of $16 by leaving It at the store oorner of Twenty-eighth street and Sixth avenue. ? 08T?ON SUNDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY N, IN Jj sleeping ear from Boeton to New York, via Springfield, ? tody's Travelling Bag. cnuUlntnw a sum of money. The ?dor will be suitably rewarded by addressing box 8,?I Beaton Post office. fel ES OBT-IN COMING FROM HOBOKKN TO BT. DENIS Hotel, rtn Cb.yrtle street ferry, a Pocketbook, marked Cot A. C. Ducat, containing papers of no ralne to any sen bat the owner. The Hudcr will be rewarded by leav ttat the office of the Home Insurance Company, 186 -OffiT?ON SATURDAY EVENING LAST. A PARCEL, s?lalnlng laces, and a box of stiver, either on the ears M Hudson River Railroad, A T. M. train from New York, ' ~ town. The Aader will reontre a reward of $89 by _J same at Westeott'e Express a Bice, Twenty-ninth spot, or with Mr, FoweB, at the Tarrytowa station. RJiiWARM. BJBWARD $?.-L08T, A DIAMOND PIN. S1NOLR A etone, plain sailing. The above reward will b? paid and aagpMatfona aakod at labia a Haaiian A Co., HO Pulton AC REWARD.?DMT? A LEAD SHOE BUCKLE RE ?y prunntlDf a wraath of Boatoh tblatlaa. Tbe finder please leave it at Tboataa Kirfcpatrtak'a, M Broad war, aaaaiv of Duane street. RE REWARD.?LOST. OH SATURDAY EVER I NO, SO Febinary 23, a Mink Capo: ioat la tba vicinity of ?eater and Orrh.rd streets. Tba finder will ptaaao leave It MfigfiM US Baa tar at root. REWARD.?LOOT. OH BUND AT, IN JERSEY CITT, an open faeed English allver Lever Watab, with leather Ha qaeatloaa aaked. Apply la John Simpson, U1 wo atroet, Jeraey Clip. REWARD.?WIST, OH THURSDAY RIOHT, A Bundle Of Capers, containing ihorthand no tea. a* are of no una la any one bat the owner, the finder will w the above reward by leaving them la the elore No. Pearl atreet. n #C RKWARP.?LOST. IN BROADWAY, SUPPOSED BO bet wen Ninth and Tenth street*, a lady Hi email Pneketbook, without a alrap. Tbe finder will renelve the ?Rare reward and the thanks of tba awnar by leaving It at A. Rooiey A Co.'a, OS Broadway. m REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING, a liter colored Pointer Dog, with ateel chain colbr. finder will pleaee return him ie 14 Beat Thirty-ninth tt. REWARD.?LOST, FRIDAY. 22D, GOING PROM Sixth avenue sod Thirty first street, down Broad $10 way to Christy's Mlntrels, Tweuty-fourih street, a lady's ?tab Collar. SI* Sixth avenue. tin RRWARD.?LOST. OH SITHDAT, TUB ?TH wiU Inst., from 121 Leonard street, a small Black and Tan Terrier Dog; answers to tba name of Nan; had a collar ea with aaine of tbe owner, John Palatte. The above i? 1 will be given far ita recovery. REWARD.-LOST, ON RUNDAY, IN TWENTY third street, between Eighth and Ninth arenuna a A and tan Terrier; bad on a brown leather collar. The Mara amount will be given In exchange for hla delivery at Ml West Twenty , third street. e REWARD-STOLEN, PEON Mfi EAST TWBNTT fourth street, neir Second avenne, - a graan Dirt V. $au (and na questions) wUl be paid by returning Mae skive. . ?PgClAls sonoci. ~ A PRBNOH GENTLEMAN (NATURALISED AMERI J%. can), residing now In Paris, would like to represent Ee Interests of Amerioen exhlbtlori at the Parla Exhibition. The beat of references and gusrantees wUl be given by ^plying to T. ftpilHr. 1W Wlfilam at. OS* 'NIGTITS OF ST. PATRICK. k. The reguler quarterly meeting of the Knlgbta of St. itrlek will be held at the As lor House on Tuesday evening, lb Inst., al R o'clock. Tickets far the Animal Banquet, to place at lb# Astor Houae on the 1Mb of March, will ha y for sale to mam bar a. Punctual attendance la daatrn Hy order. W. T. LYONS, IT iAwm J. Tnsvwon, Corraapondlng Secretary. v? rt a OTICE.?LONGSHOREMEN'S UNION PROTECTIVE _. Association in convention. Resolved, That all Slav*. Jhisa who, after Monday, the tth of March, do not pay their workmen their wages once per week, ami that either an Saturdays or Mondays, the members of the different Lesmshorrmen's Union will not work for them. - RODGER BURKE, PrMldMt OonvenOan. Issa a Kim, Beerutnry of Convention. TJROTRCTTON TO THE WORKINO WOMEN-FOURTH x anniversary meeting. The Working Woman's Pro lee. Vim Union, Han. CharleeP. Duly, f 1 ? Mil at. will held their fiMrth anniversary maaUng In MM lagga hall of the Cooper Intitule, on Wednesday evening. February 27, at < o'clock. I A n ember of distinguished MM Will address (he meel Including his llonor Mayor jl off man, Ju. W. Gerard, mo corrmactors op bbloia* pavrmeht.?ho Jam MoDoesi.n, Beoratary. ^S^?SrrjSrK?s^s& months IDOR tALB-lMPOBTBD lUUI POINTERS AND QESlSCnK WUfifiwi F RANCIS HOT USB ?chotoe hrnds of 1 an* Pins Extern Dog.1 ??$?< f OHW GHAT, II ROOSBVRLT. HAS FOR BALE PAIR O of handsome Newfouudland Don, black and tan, rtcotcb and Skye Terriers; on* email black aad tan Dog, vary TORT RECEIVED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP BBL V flan and Herman Canaries, piping BullAnchea and otbar European Singing Buds. Alao Uo.den and SUrur Pheasants, Mandarin Duckc, Black and White 8 wan a. Ac. For ?br CHARLES REIOHE A BROTHER, M Chatham .treat, new tnambtra. SLOOP OR SCHOONER TACHT WANTED TO PDR. chase.?Address, ititlni all particulars and Dries. Aut. D. w hltc, 62 8t. Mark', plica. ana price, mBOOT FISHING. - ORNTLEXBN WISHING TO iLnruhln?wm HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A GENTLEMAN, HAVING BOLD HIS HORSES, NOW wishes to di.poae af the following Vehicle, and Har naas at'a tAeriflcs:? I light 1'latform Coach, curtain quartern, $800, co.t $900. 1 fix ?eat Phaeton or Brett (light), $080. co.t $000. I f'ght coal box shifting top Buggy. $805. eoat $4oO. J hght yacht body .hifung ton Buggv, $800, coat $4001 I shifting top Depot Wagon, $170, coat $000. 8 net. .Ingle iiarneee. $100, roet 0160. 1 set light double Harness, $65, oost $180. For sale serarutely If desired. Apply at Calvin Wltty'a Carriage Warerooma, 638 Broadway, near Bleecker street. A SAMPLE OF OUR SPRING STYLE OF FolJR, SIX Seat and Pony Basket Phaetons. Dog Oartr, Barouches. Cabrlo.ets, Buggies and Coupe 1 toekaways; orders received at advantageoua terms to purchasers. HAMS, 10 Bast Fourth street, corner of Broedway. A FEW MORE HORSES CAN RE ACCOMMODATED with a-ood Board by the day, week or month, et $1 per day or $80 per month. Apply at 883 East Twenty-fourth street, between Second and Third avenues. Also Stalks to let. A GOOD MILK GOAT FOR RALE THAT GIVES TWO quarts of milk a day. Apply to Mrs. MCLAUGHLIN, 178 East Seventeenth street. A BARGAIN IN HARNESS.?THREE SETS OF SRC ond hand; one set of new Trnok Harness; alao one of Wilder'. $8U0 safsa^very cheap. 64 Marion street AOOOD CHANCE?ONE BROWN HORSE, SOUND and kind, eight years old, St for a butcher, grocery or express. Come and eee. Price $44. fnqulr&at 8.3 avenue B, between Twelfth end Thirteenth streets, lager beer sa ANT PERSON HAVING A ONE HORSE TRUCK FOR sale can find a purchaser by applying to 8. T. A A. T. MEYER, 401 Broadway, aornev of Walker street AYERY STYLISH HOR8B FOR SALE?DARK RAT; tall touches ground; has been need In con pa during winter; a Sue oarriage or road animal; young, sound ana gentle. Apply nt stable rear ef carpenter shop, on Thirty fourth street, corner of Madison avenue. A SPLENDID FRESH MILCH COW FOR BALE? Warranted to milk twenty quarts a day ; also make lea pounds of butter a wnekyApply at H0 Bust Twenty.flfth ft. AT PUBLIC SALB?ON TUESDAY, 88TH I.V8T., AT II o'elock, at 1 001 and L993 Third avenue, near 188th at-est. Horses, Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, Hsmeag and Robes. Bee auction sales. AT PUBLIC SALB?ON WEDNESDAY. rrril, AT 11 o'clock, at 1,401 Broadway, Hordes, Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Robes. Ac. See auction sales. Attention is called to the bale of horses and Carriages this day by MINER A SOMKRVILLK, at their Rome Auction Mart S'J East Fourteenth street (Lane A McMehou's Union place stables), this day, at IS o'clock. ParLeularsHndor auction bead. A TROTTING HORSE FOR SALB?CAN TROT IN 1:00. Also (wo Cart Horses, aheap. To be seen nt 804 Gold street, Brooklyn. Cabriolets and other fashionable vehicles; also on view an assortment of our eelohrated Road Wagons in all the newest styles, and of the most exquisite finish. Persona In seereh of - Brewster" wagons are reminded that we manufacture on our premises In Broome street every vehicle we sell, and have no branch of our establishment on Broad war. Express for sale?five - HOp-ses. wagons and Harness, and work. Apply at 1i)4 Charles street. [FOR SALE?AN ESTABLISH ED LI VERY STABLE, X1 with Stock pertaining to the same; the best stand in Brooklyn; sold an account of sickness. For particularsap ply at stabloo at 89 Clinton street, Brooklyn. (DOR SALE?THE THOROUGHBRED RUNNING F Mare Casta Diva, broken to harness, bay. black lege ?nd feet. 1016 hands high. Also a Black Hawk Mam. 15 hands high, together with a two seat Carriage, extension top; single end double Harness, blankets, Ac. Will be sold very cheep. |a\ the owner has left the country. Apply to or addjroe Mm J. U. STEVENSON, Eighty-sixth street, North river. New Tork. LPOR SALE?A VERT HANDSOME BLACK FONT, 14U f band* high, Ham Melon I AD slock; warranted perfectly sound and peutle la bamoss or saddle. Inquire of J. J. STAFFER, 3P Worth street, ap Mam, or at lbs Hobokea rR RALE-ONE OF THE BEST MATCHED PAIR el Oarrtspe Horses In Ibe oountry. Mood baps; no white; long tafila. Meek polots; eeren pears old, 15*4 bands high, sound and kind, single or double; prise Apply toy 8. CLARK8QH. flroh, W. T. FOR SALE?THREE FRENCH PONIES, FOUR AND ire years old; well broke to harness: nice saddle pontes end warranted sound. No. > Maodougal street. LX>R SALE?A CITT EXPRESS AMD ROUTE; PRICE r kS8t& Apply for throe days at 171 Obeny street, hew TjlOE SALE?ELEVEN HOMES; AMOKV THEM X* three Bee rear old Colls, $150 sac hi one handsome gray pony built Rare $M; see alx years old, $40, la eonse quaooe of a hurt. Also souls Sue truck or cnrt Horace. The others era valuable for termers or any business. No. BO New Chambers (treat. IjtOB SALE?A BROWN MULE, 14>: HANDS HIGH; r six years oM; sound and kind In all harness. Apply to JOHN RIKLLY, In the liquor storo, Hudson City, V. i., LlOR SALE?A NICE SORREL MARE. OVER It P hands, sound end kind; oan trot la 1.B0: slsoaaoiv set of Light Harness, Blanket and Robe; prx-e $800. Apply at ISO Bast Furty-seoond street, one door Lota Third aranue rR HALE?A LOT OP PIR8T CLAIM HORSriS, FUST from the country. St for carta, trucks, express or any basinet*. Warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 541 Canal street, comer of Washington. For salk-a dark oray horse, is hands high. i years old; perfeetly sound and kind In single or double harness. Call at prlrat e stable, 38 Wast Thirteenth street, FOR 8 A LB?A PAIR OP THE HANDSOMEST CAR rlage llorees In this city: bays; 14 hands, seven and eight Cars old; piles $l,MW. Also a fine road learn, 15*4 hands, ye, long tails; price $4,500. No party need apply unless pr?l>sred to pay above prices. Inquire st private stable MS Weal Twenty-second street, or at 110 Nassau street. Government profrrtt at private sale. 10.0W seta now and second band Harness, Saddles, Cob lars, Bridles, Halters, Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grain Saga, Tents, Tent Stock, Blan kets, Ac., very low. OArcra' Venetian SadJles (new), from $16 to $80; Plated Bit Brtdlea $8, Artillery Raddles, good ae new. with Bridle, $15. PITKIN A CO., fm North Trent street, Philadelphia, Pa* and No. I Park plsoe, Now York. Small order* by axprsea C. O. D. Horses and buoot-a beautiful bat home, 16X hands high, very ttvltah. Also a good Work Home. Now top Buggy. Stable corner Forty-foarth street and Fifth avenue. TTORSR, WAGON AND HARNESS, SUITABLE FOR II n grocery, bakery or butcher, for sale. Particulars on application to C. B. HOWES, IB Broadway, root*No. 7. STABLE POt BALE-ON THE CORNER OF TWBNTT fourth street and Lexington avenue; four stalls, with sewers, gas and water; room for three carriages, accommo ' lions for oeachman's family np stairs. Apply on the smlses. QTABLBS, STABLES FOB SALS-LEXINGTON AND O Thirty-second street; complete order and Immediate possession. Alee new Sublet building la Baal Twentieth street, finished Mar 1. ltOCBRT T. MBBEB, 81 Oedar etreeC 17 AN TED. A SHIFTING TOP BREWSTER WAGON ' that haa bean hat UtUa oaed and weighs about EM Founds. Address, with terms, F. F. D., box ROBS Paal oOea. XXTANTED-A sboond hand truce for one 'J horse. It atuat bo atrong aad weQ lronad balaw, and light but strong platform, curved behind aad not much worn. Apply at A Day street, mumrniT, WPJ?nwal Toath extreoted without pain wtth Nitrous GUM BETS OF TEETH, to rasters natural axtraotlag with pOLTON DENTAL ABEOOIATION ORIGINATED THE k PARTNER WANTED-WITH M TO OAjjUtT ON laqeir* alOl OUrtw <wN, Ah partner WANTED-WIV A OaBM CAPITAL ? ofti.NI m mw. ?? ? gfroter. to. M WWfTMORB. A PARTNER WANTED?'TIMM IN A GOOD Es tablish* Appi/dBfTa: brown, m rut. ton (treat. sflpt :r WAflrrut A SPECIAL PARTNER WANTBD-WITII $4,000 TO taka the place of ? reilrlnf partner. In an established manufactory doing a safe and profitable business. bast of refaraaea girts. Address O. B.. Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?IN LIGHT. PROFITABLE business, old established; la a good opening for a rail able person; $l,0U0oan obtain halt the business. For par ticulars address A.. Business. Herald offioc. CAPITAL AND PARTNERS.?WANTED $10 000 TO $1&,000 in a eerjr profitable each monopoly business. Address R.. bos W New York Post olllce. MR. LEW1B BAAR HAS THIS DAY RETIRED FROM our firm. Tbe buslaesa will be conducted hereafter under the old Ann of Jacob Fisher A Co. JACOB FISHES, LEWIS BAAR, Nrw Tana. FeBJS. 18H7. RABKT HEY DECKER. PARTNER WANTED?Wlftl J 10,000, IN A LIGHT manufacturing business, already eetabllahed. A man of nerrr pre!erred. One who has faith In printers' Ink. Ad dress Alex Ban ford, post oflice, N. Y. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $4,000 TO Bfi.UOO. TO lake half Interest In a sawmill couth, In an ellglhlo location. Machinery on tbe ground, ready to be put up. For particulars apply to J. R. DICKINSON, 194 William rt PARTNFRS WANTKD?WITH CASH CAPITALS OF $100. Also one wttb $MU. In safe, profitable businesses. These are good chances (or young men to got into business. Apply at Business agency, 407 Broadway. PARTNERSHIP INTEREST WANTED.?WILL IN X rest $70 000 lo $38,000. either In the produce commission or flour business. Address V. II. 0., Herald office. The copartnership heretofore existing between ua,|under the name of Thorn A lloagland. Is dissolved from this data. B. THOKN, Wnw Yona, Feb. ffl, 1H57. H. V. UOAQLAND. r CAPITALISTS.?A PARTNER WITH CAPITAL (ranted, to engage In the distilling business on the .1. R. and K. canal. Vs., one of the first places in the State for stioh. Address C., Goochland Court House, Vs. WANTEO-AN ACTIVE AND RESPECTABLE MAN with capital, as partner, to extend an established and lucratlTS business Apply st rooms 1? and 14, 88 Broadway. WANTED-A PARTNER TO MAKE ANILINE colors. Address Aniline Colors, Herald office. <J?Q nnn -PARTNER wanted, to take an in iDa.vUU, terest In and run a drug store on a liberal salary. For sale, lbs most attractive Drug store otf Broad way. STRICKLAND, 240 Broadway. Ann ?* $8.00#.?ACTTVB PARTNER.-A MAN VL.UUU of business habits Is srMIIng to Invest ulrl amount In a good paring legitimate business For particu lars Inquire of 8. ROBED ALE, 41 Carmlno street, from 3 to $ o'clock P. M. BO nnn ?PARTNER WANTED-AN ENERGETIC VLiUuU, msa, with this amount, to take a half ln tere-t in an aatablished, well paring soda water manu factory. For full particulars sail so or address Advertiser, #0 Bond street, stating where an Inlerrlew can be bad. None ??mood apply. TO $5,#00.-PARTNER WANTED, TO IN rest this amount In a safe and first class sues Address-8. K., bos lit) Herald olllce. ?PARTNER WOULD BE TAKEN IN > manufactarlng monopoly; profile not lev# . per annum. This may seem fabulous, but In TSStlgMtoo w ill prove it strictly true. The Incoming party wlil oe secured twenty limes the amount of Investment. The above amount only required for half Interest, or will sell entirely out for $*l.OOO. Apply immediately to J. DAVIS, 148 West Thirteenth street. fmn?partner wanted?in a manhfac iP'LuUU. turlns business of articles secured by patrnt, lor which there is a large demand, and profits large. To nn aetlre. aesrgntlc m m with tan above capital an excellent opportunity is offered to m ike money. One who would not object to traveli ng part of tbe time If uore.-esry preferred. All ooeamuntcatiuas eoufideutlal. Address box S.IUU Post office, N. Y. *19 AfW) TO $18,000.? PARTNER"WANTED.-AN (IIai.UuU enterprising young man, wbo thoroughly uudrr-und* the maaufseluiTug uf pr.uted window shades, dos res a partner to start up a factory hern orelsewheio. References as to honesty and capability. Address box 33 sta tion G. INSTRUCTION. ATTOWNREND'aBUSINBSS COLLEGE, 300 BOWERY, between Prince and Houston streets, instruct on In given In BookkeepmWriting Arlthinetle^Bpelllnc, Gram mar. Correspondence, Ac. Open day and evening, Saturdays laeludnd. Ilnomn for Indian. Ha rlaaaaa. Private inatrnc Uaf. A T DOLBBAM COMMERCIAL ACADEMY. ?0B ji Broadway.?Bookkeeping la laiigbt practically, at naad In the beat New Tork house*, (lenlleinan tun aeeure pri vate d??ka this week without extra charge, and be fully qualified aa head bookkeeper* la the shortest possible time. AT H fO-WRI riNll, JO LESSONS; BOOKKEEPING, Writina, Arithmetic. Latin. Crammer, Spelling, $20 per Barter. PAINE'R Business College (established IMP), 63 waxy, and MB Fulton street. Brooklyn. No moving. A LADY. JUST ARRIVED FROM ENGLAND, WISHES n situation aa resident governess; her course of in amotion comprises the higher branches of English, French, Italian, music and the rudlmeeta of German, with drawing. Reepeciabie relerence given and required. Address for three days J. X.. bos lOfiHerald oBlaa 1 N AMERICAN GENTLEMAN OF LXISURB AND J\ means desires to make the acquaintance of a young French lady for the purpose of a rapid acquisition of tho language. Addreea w. H. Worth, bat RH Hsraid office. Aladt. trench teacher, tbrt exprri eneed la eonveraatloa teaching, wishes to gat pupils for the hour of See in tho afternoon, at Ike pupils'* resi dence or at har'a; tho boot ot reforonooo gtvao. Address M.. MS East Seventeenth street. A YOUNG WIDOW WOULD LIKE TO ENOAGB AS governaaa to go to Caltfornlmer would act In the oa paclty of housekaapar. Addraaa Widow, station O. BOOKKEEP1NO. PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute, 764 Broadway. Bstabllohod ??0. Private Instruction. ft C. MARSH* ROOMS FOR PRACTICE AND IN \J. STBUCTION IN BOOKKEEP1NO AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. ?!? Broadway. Circulars. French in sixty lessonb.-$? a month; day class also, t.'onversatioa. Neither grammar nor dic tionary is required. Proieaaor JOSEPH J. GRIKKRE, Mo. IX Clinton place, Eighth street. LBR80NR IN FRENCH. GERMAN, MU8IC AND EVERY other brunch of science, by an experienced Oermnn gentleman, recently arrlred from Berlin. Addrees M. K., DnaJfH Herald office. LERPINA8SE FRENCH BOARDING SCHOOL. WASH ington Height*.?French Is the language of the school. Thirty acres or beautiful grounds. Cueulara?Broadway, 18$ MUhau'a drug store; 701. music store; 813, drug store. TXT ANTED?A RESIDENT OOTERNKSS OF MIDDLR TV age, to Instruct a young lady In the EiulUh branches and music (piano): one speaking French preferred. A lady fully oompeP lit will hare a good salary and a pleasant home. Unexceptionable referet c? required. Address, slating resi dence, U. E. D , station O. DAXCPB ACADEMIKH. A DODWORTH'R DANCING ACADEMY, A. MO. ill FIFTH AYENUB. For terms, Ac., sand lor a circular. B ?ROOKB8' DANCING ACADF.MY, iWl BROOME HT. ? A NBW CLASS FOR TUESDAY. All the fashionable dances In one coarse of lessuna LADIES meet Tueodays and Fridays, S to &X P. M. OBRTLBMEN, Tuesdays and*. 7)i to 10 P. M. CHILDREN, Wednesdays and Saturday*, 8 to lit P. M. LADIES' Primary Class Instructed by Mrs, Brooka SOIREE EVSRYWBDNESDAY EVENING. MIK RILLAN KOC IhcB CRRAMMACflINE, IN GOOD ORDER, WANTED, I B at R CAW'S, M7 Court street, Brooklyn. IMRAYITPS PEAT MILL AND RAMPLBS OF CON ? deneed neat can ba seen at office of PARDEE t BKNR BCT, Agents Boston Peat Company, 31 Pine street. ??^81081^ NUMBER OF ORIGINAL RIDDLES. H Charades, As., by en ex-Profeaeor of a University, will ?disposed of. Review a, Articles, aad Corrections of MHfl. made, er Cerreapondence furnished. Addraaa F. B. 0., 10 West Niath street. PARTIM WANTING LIGHT MACHINERY BUILT, OF 1 ay dsaarlguen. win do wdU te addruee John Dane. Jr., manufacturer of aU hinds eg wuhlairy, M Hamilton street, Newark, M.J. ' MW SCRAP, AT THE IRON Work* feet of Fifty second street and Not th river. TXTAHTHD TO PUBOHABB?A r BO FELLER TUG, VT sower la fine ardar U tell lack: alee two email housed Bargm. A. Ii. DA PORTA, d> Water street. Kfin QP. ^**0 MABRBLR SHOB PEGS Si's. JSSXiSJXXSZiS:? LL GOOD THE LECTVHH BBS A BOH. hall-db. hbbbabd taarvwu this MHKnc mARCUt. ?.AN DTC*., LUBT & NIOOLAT, t ? run miffifVr"'" "? ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN TUBA Monet to loan on bond and mobtoaqe. .Hp ?? wlLT riLUAM A A. W. LOW SERB, M Winu OrrioE or pacific mail steamship compant, Net* York, Feb. JO, 1887. TIIIBTY-FIITH DIVIDEND. Notice to hereby wren that the Board of Dtreotora hero (hla day doctored a dtridrnd of throe (S) per oeot out of the net earning* of the quarter ending January SI, 1887. payable at the office of the company Friday, March 1. The tranaler booka will be rloaed Thuraday. February 21, at A Y. M.. and reopened Mond.y, March t, at 10 A. M. Br order of the Board of llirectora. TUBODOKE T. JOHNSON, Secretary. p BNN8YLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN 0P $38,000,0001 An act to create a loan for the redemption of the over doe bond* of the Commonwealth. Whereaa the bouds of the Commonwealth and certain oer. tMcale* of indebtedness, amounting to $23(JUU,lfaO, hare been over doe and unpaid for tome time past; And whereaa It la dralrable that the aame ahould be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore. Section 1. HeU enacted by the Senate and Rouse of Rep reaentattrr* of the Commonwealth of I'ennaylvanla In <leu eral Assembly met. and It la hereby enacted bv the authori ty of the aame. That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treaaurer bo. and are hereby authorized and empow eied to bur otv on the faith ot the Commonwealth. In auch amounta and with auch notloe (not leaa than forty days) aa they may deem most expedient for the Interest or the Stale, twenty-three miliums of dollars, and lsaue certificates of loan or bonda of i?< Cbminouwe ilth for the same, bearing Interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per unniim. p-iyablc aeml annually on the 1st of February and 1st of Au gust, in Ilia city of Philadelphia; which certificate* of loan or bonds shall not be subject to nny taxation whatever for Stale, muuicli ol or local purpose, and shall be payable ai follows, ltuinuiy:? Five millions of dullars payable at any lime aftei tire years and wtihln ten years; eight inlllloua or dollars payahU at any time alter ten year* and within fif teen years, un-l ten millions of dollira at any time after df teeu years and within twenty live years, and shall be signed by Iba Governor and Stale irea-nrer and eouutcra'gncd by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor General, and to be transferable on the book* of th'e Commonwealth at the Farmer*' and Mechanics' Natioual Bank of Philadelphia; the proceeds of the whole of which loan, including prem'uma Ac., received ou the same, shall

bo applied to the payment of the >>o,.d* and cerUficatea of lfulentcdncrs of the Commonwealth. Sao. 8. The bid* for the said loan shaft be oponed In the pretence or the Gnyernoi. Auditor General and State Treas urer. and awarded to Ihehglheat bidder; Provided, That no cci titivate. hereby authorised to be issued shall be negotiated for lessjlhan lis narrnlua Rsc. 3. The bonda of the Stite and certificates of indebt edness, now over due, shall be receivable tu payment of the said loan, under sueh regulations as the Governor, Auditor General and State Treaaurer may prescribe; and every bid der for the loan now authorized to be issued, i-bsU stain In his Md whether the same Is payable In cash or In tbn bonds or certificates ol Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sao. A That all trustees, executors, sdministrstors, guar dian*,' agent?, trra-umn, committees or other person* hold ing >n a Adnnlanr capgetly bonda or sort! flea tea of Indebted ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan herrby aMhorfited to bo issued, and to surren der the bonds or eorhteala* of loan hold by them at the time of biakfci* sueh bid. and to receive the bonds authorized to be issued bar this act. Sac. A Anv person or neracna standing In ibe fiduciary ea rjity stated is the fiutr.s section of this set who may dsstre Invest money in llieif ham's fur the benefit of the trust may, without an order Of court, invest the same In the bonds authorized to bo Issued by this sot, at a rate of premium not excosdbuf twenty per Sen lam. Pec. t. That from and after the passage of this act all the bonds uf this Commonwealth shall bs paid off la the order of their maturitv. 8rc. 7. Tnat all loans of this commonwealth not yet due sbntl be exempt from Htatr, municipal or local taxation after the Interest due February first, on* thousand' eight hundred and sixty aeve? shall have been paid. Sac 8. That all exislinging laws, or portions thereof in consistent herewltii, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House of Representatives. la W. HALL, Speaker uf the Senate. Approved the second day of February, one thousand eight hundred and *ixly-*cven. JOHN W. bKAKY. I it accordance with die provision* of the above act of As semblyscaleil pro;xKsls will be received at the oflloe of the 8into Treasurer, In tb* elty of Harris).org, l'ruiiaytvanin, until 18 o'clock hi. of the 1st day of April, A. i). 18i7, to bo endorsed aa follows-.?"Proposals for Pennsylvania State Loan, Treasury Department, iiarrlabtirg, I'a., Cnlted Mate# of Amopea 8Ids will he received for $2,000 000. reimbursable In Ave yenra and payable In tan years; $8,030 UUO reimbursable In ten years sua payable la of lac n years, and $10,1*10,000, reim bursable in fifteen years and payable in tweuty-Ovc yoars, the ra.* of interest to be either live or *lx per cant per annum, which must ba explicitly slated in th* bid; and the bids most advantageous to the State will be soueptad. No bid for less than p-ir will be considered. Th* bonds will be issued In sums of $00 sod sueh nig tier suow aa desired by the Its inn I* ha Iras fiom Mate, local and mnnte pal taxes. The over due bond* of the Gommonweelth of Pennsylw nl.i will be received at par In payment of this loan; but bid ders most stale w noUter tbey Intend to pay in cosh or in th* aver dun loans aforesaid. No distinction will be made between bidders paying la rash or trvsr due loans JOHN W. GEARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. HARTRANPT. Auditor Geo eral. W. H. KEM8I.K, Male Treasurer. N. B.-No newspaper pobilthiag the abose, unless autho rized, will receive par. 41 n nnn TO LOAN-ON bond and MORTGAGE, ?Pi"-"'"' on city property, In nun amount. Apply Immediately to BRADHUK8T A FIB LP, 88 Cedar Hrcet. (|>On nnn TO loan-in ONE OB MORS BUMS, on bond and mortgage of Brat class dty property. No oommlulona. Apply to CUA8. CHENEY, 1KB Hroadway, Now York. 47& nnn ? LOAN on real estate, in this V I tl?UUU city. In any tun. y. H. WOOD, <1 Wall Qtroot 41 nn nnn *? loan-on bond and mort. viUUiVUU gage, In mai to intt. All description* of property bought, autd or exchanged. COLLINS A CO., Real Estate Agent*, 17 Na**an elreet, room 13. 417^ nnn *? LOAN ON BOND AND MORT. 911 'LUvU gags. In on* or nsor* sums, on real estate in thl* dty or Brooklyn. JOHN r. CON RET, ? Wall street, room 1R conn nnn to loan, on bond and mort. JpOUl/.UUU gate, at 7 per cent, on first data tin proved New York city end Brooklyn property. Apply to MORRIS BROTHF.Kfl. No. 7 I'lns street. 4.1 nn nnn 70 loan-in brooeltn or nrw ?PtUU.UUU York, la sums to suit; Second Mort. gages bought Traveller*' 1 asursnce Company. C. E. WILLIS, 31 street. x'oAw wmcei^ zrmr AT 817?MbNBY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA* MONl>S,'WATCHES, JEWELRY. AC., OH THE HAMK BOUtlDT FOR CASH. N. B.?PAWNBROKERS' TIC ARTS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WaICUES. AC.. AC., AT A. H. HTURTBVANr8. PRIVATE OFFICE, 817 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 4 (LEEDS' ART GALLERY). A T 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA. A MONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac.. OB THK same hougrt at the highest rates, also PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOWOHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleacker street, upstairs. AT 807 BROADWAY, NKAR TWENTIETH STREET, teorn No. A the highest pnoes paid for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or moaey advanced on llie same. MARKS A OO. AT HYMAN'8, 8B8 BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND street, will be paid the highest price for Diamonds, Watches and Silverware, or will adraaoe oa the above article*. AT 841 BROADWAY.?I PAY THE BIOIIRST PRICES for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac.. or advance en th* same. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, Opposite Wallack's theatre. At ins pearl street, between new bowery and Franklin square, LEPERER A CO., advance lib ?rally at reasonable terms on all valuable property, Watches, Jewelry, Diamond', Ac... or purchase. A T NO. I TWENTY-THIRD STREET, FIFTH AVENUE A Hotel, the highest pnos paid for Diamonds, Watches, Ac., or advances mads on the same. AT 811 BROADWAY. KNOX BtTILDINO. DIAMONDS, WATCHES. PRBCIOU8 STONES, AO. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCIlhS. JEWELS. PLATE, PEARLS. AO. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. AOT.AO. N. B.?DIAMONDS. WATCHES. AttJroE SALH. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A. M/TO ? F. M. J. H. BARR1XQKR 111 Broadway, room No. A Advances made on watcher, diamonds, jew. olry, Dry Goods and Personal Property of every do MloUHi. J. A. JACKSON, 1U Grand street, two doors weet af Broadway. A -WATCHES DIAMONDS. SILVERWARE AND , other valuables bought, or advmnoea made on the same. In the Jewelry store II Park row, opposite Aator House. Money advanced on diamonds, watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks. Ac., or th* above bouxht. rnbrokers' ticket* bought. ISO Bowsry, near Grand, rooms No*. 1 and S, up stairs. AT NO. II CHAMBERS STREET YOU CAN GET THE full valoo for Old Gold and Silver, Bar Gold and silver Diamond*, Walehae, Jewatrr Precious Stone* and Sweep ing*. WILLIAM LEWIS, Gold and Silver A?y?r. PAWNBROKERS'TICKETS BOUOHT-OF DIAMONDS, MAGNIFICBNT PIANOFORTE FOR SAL K F"R A MAGNIFICBNT PIANOFONTN 1 ,BAsr*eh.of u0? XrURNITURR, F?RN1TUIIB.-BRaDNSDORF a mbts, r *uen**st?? to Well A Bmunedorf, offhr their (took of well assorted Furniture, con.1 .ting of Parlor, Bitting Room, Library, ledwom and DloSof Noam Suit* it the Moot rtyle^ tothyyie n} wh rthmJ* y>to*^ *4188 i*t 187 Rtvtng r? roadway thratbh. admission as okirre. from Parquotte to Doma ud many airsiil fill MW aaaMe to nia admittance. rooOvrtsg it S.sSreteo IM riiAcfts should bb sbcukbd in advamck. FIRST WEEK ef the limited uaMMMat m A* ? _ AND Mg?.^ARltKY w imTha, tt? Original Imwiimiiw at IRISH AND YANKBK LIFE, whe win, snppsrted bjr the faU oowpeny, appropriate Nta iff am iDDOtnUntnU. TUImKVNNINO and SATURDAY matin en, appear la two ot their delightful pleres. IM legendary drama In two acta of THE FA1R1 CIRC LB; CON O'CAROL*jIn'8 dream. Con O'Carolan | their original./ Mr. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Moleshee I character* t Mrs. BaENEY WILLIAMS. To conclude with the roaring oumedv, CUSTOM OF THE COUNTRY. Melissa (with song) Mrs. BAKNEY WILLIAMS. Thursday evculng, IN AND OCT OF PLACB. In which Mr*. Barney Williams personates ?'x different characters. Box olhce open from ? to 5 o'clock dally, when places eaa bo secured tlx days In advance. OLYMPIC THEATRE. MOST EMPnATIO SUCCESS of the great local, aenaational anil moral drama, the STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YORK. TIIE OLYMPIC CROWDED TO OVKRFLOWTNO nightly. The audiences enthu?la?tlo with delight at the EXCELLENT CAST OP CH ARACTERS, NOVEL EFFECTS, AMUHINO SCENES AND SITUATIONS, BEAUTIFUL SCENE? ' ?pen nightly at / o'clock; pe MATINEE ON SATURD mission 80c. to all parts of the house. BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. Ac. ees dock; ad snAuuruu otr&nuivi, nu> Doors open nightly at I o'clock; performances at 8 o'clock precisely. MATINEE ON SATURDAY, at 1 o' EARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, 808 BROADWAY. Tickets, an cents; reserved seats, $1. Seals secured six davs In advance at the tJall, from 9 till 5. Continued success and unbounded enthusiasm, caused by Ute NEW 1'KOOUAM MK. WITHOUT APPARATUS, and The greatest Spectacular Illusion of the day. PRO I BUS, PROTR.US, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, WE AUK ItERB, BUT NOT HERE, THKlBABKET TRICK. Growth of Flowers, Floating Head, end other wonders, will be prcdi-ced.EVERY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY AT 11 WEDNESDAY JUVENILE N1GUT. Children half prlec. Kelly a leon'S minstrels, m broadway. The l.uxurles of thia week. To Smile, SEE The ONLY I,EON In Opera. To Titter. BEAR His great Vocal Waltses. To Lau.h, SEE Thn Haunted House. To Hoar, DEAR An Editor's Troubles. To Scresm, SEE Clndcrleott and ballet. To Convulse, IIEaR Dodging for s Wife, And other original fair, luxuries. KeUifanti. Scyuiuuitiult, Allona i, i'llmni and Coryphees. Music, Dance. Minuend oddities always the feature. C1HARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, 473 BROADWAY. J ANOTHER SPLENDID HILL. SILAS BALDWIN. THE OR' AT HAS I INDIA JUGOLBR, IN A VARIETY OP WONDERFUL PEATS. BLACK BLUNDERS. BLACK BLUNDERS. BACKWOOD ECHOES. BACKWOOD ECHOES. CANDIDATE POR CONGRESS. BROADWAY HOYS. BROADWAY BOYS. TnB LORD OP CLATTBRDUPPY. THE LORD OP CLATTERDUFFY, OR TUN MONKEY OP THE BtBONY. Comic Singing, Fancy Dancing end splendid ballets. SAN TRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 885 BROADWAY. The trouble commences ale quarter to 8. TIIE CREME DE LA CREMB OP MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAX HOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' BAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, Where success has never been equalled by any similar organ Ixstlon In the world. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Wambold's new aittg, "Will You Come to Meet Me, Dartlngf" Police Court Scene;. Animated Photographs. Gambrlnns* Opera of Lxgtr Beer. Nancy Pat. Shun la of l*ug liter at the Shadow Panuimime end the Sereammg Bladk Cook and African llallei Troupe. STBINWAY BALL. TUESDAY, MR. HERUNKR, begs to Inform hie friends and the pub ic'that his ANNUAL. CONCERT wilt take place on TUESDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 88. AT 8 O'CLOCK. The following artists have kindly volunteered their ser rlcea:? Miss NETTIE 8TERLINO, Ur.,8. B. MILLS, Mr. 8-J\ \VaUREN, Mr. Tflfco. THOMAS. Mr. GEO. UATZKA. Mr. PPEIPENSCUNEIOER, Mr. BOEHM, Mr. BOCHSTEIN, Mr. SCI1MITZ. Mr. J. MOBENTnAL, Conductor. The programme presented on this occasion Includes Beethoven'* Sepiett K flat. Op. *). TICKETS. $1 EACH. Can now be obtained of Boor A SchInner. 701 Broadway; Rchnberth A Co., SO) Broadway, and at Btelnway Hall. Madame parepa in oratorio. The great desire of the New York pnblto to h*ur the most eminent of living stngerw tn oratorio musie bas Induced Mr. Harr iott to arrange with the NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY far the production of Handera great work, THE MESSIAH, which will Ukejilsce on WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEB. 81, AT 81 KIN WAY HALL, with the following powerful cast:? MMK. PARFPA, Rnprano. MISS HUTCHING*. Contralto. MR. OEORGK SIMPSON, Tenor. MR. J. R. THOMAS. Basso. MR K. J. OONNOLBY, OrganmL MR. O. W. COLBY. Pianist. MR. P. L. RITTKR, Conductor. THE HARMONIC BOC1BTY, numbering two hundred vetoes, and MR. THEO. THOMAS-VULL ORCHESTRA. Net withstanding (bis great attraction, the price of adaie. ONE DOLLAR. Referred Seats 80 eents extra, the sale of which will oommeaoe this morning, nt Beer A Hchlrmer's. 701 Brondsmy; Pood's music store, 847 Broad way; Rullmaa's ticket HalL In rehearsal, SAMSON A! amy; Pond's musie store, 847 Broad 4 offlee, 111 Brendwny, and at Stein way AND JUDAS MACCABEUS. miioroRTM. A FINK ASSORTMENT OF FIA NO PORTE 8 TO LET J\ and ?a1? on instalments at the manufactory. 144 and 146 EastTwenty-Srat street U F. CUMMIMQS. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR ft ALE?FOR ?175. cost $MQi Aleo a Parlor Soft, for |IK; one do. for $74. Aleo the Furuittfre of a parlor and four bedrooma, at a bargain. Inquire at HI Weal Eighth street, near RUth avenua. A LADT WILL SELL A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD eeren eetare Pianoforte, original price 1400, earred Ac., overstrung base, for hair price, including stool, at SPThlrd street. Ap'pV AN ELEGANT FOUR ROUND OORNERED 7% OC tare rosewood Pianoforte for sale; la extra superb and richest finish: beat dtp makers; of rlahnst tone; fully war ranted. Will be sold for about half value, fur want of cash. Apply at BATTKRSON'8 storage rooms, WO Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street, from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. A OIU-'AT REDUCTION IN PI A NOB.?BARMORE'S, i\ ailFfileecker street; splendid assortment, warranted Ave pears; 17 prize medals. Second hand Pianos cheap. Splen did one hp N unna. ?? A MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for asle?Made to order; clip makers, used five months; cost f?Wn, "for. SBhO, Farlur Suit, covered French brooatel, coat $100, for $100: Ktagerea, Bookcaae. Palntlnge, Bronxea, Biatuarp, China, Glass, Silverware, Table Outierp. The llouae for ssle. Inquire at 41 Wast Sixteenth street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. BAROAIN8.-R08F.WOOD 7 OCTAVE, FOUR ROUND corners, overstrung base, celebrated makers, $231; 6)f octave Pianoforte, first several others, very low; also as sortment new 1'lanolortcs, st manufacturer* prices. Mcdonald a co., 20 Fourth aveone, opposite Cooper Institute. PIANO WANTKD-8TEINWAT OR CHICKERINO. little need; modem sty'e, at low price. Address, stat ing where instrument can be seen, with price. P., box 1,147 Post office. MtMCAKe AN ITALIAN GENTLEMAN (VOCALIST). HAVING leu pears' experience In teaching singing In n Aral class female seminary, desires an engagement in a similar school near the elty, far two daps In the week; l ost of re fei encas given. Address 1417 Wast Twelfth street. A TOLERABLE SOPRANO, UNDERSTAND!NO MUSIC A thormighlv. but having little vocal praetiee, would sing In a Catholic church for a alight remuneration. Address Practice, Herald oflioe. An oroanist and good quartet choir desire an engagement la a ehurrb. Please address Organist and Quartet, box 114 Herald office. A FIRST CLASS ALTO AND BASSO DESIRE AN EN gagement In n Protestant church in New York, from Mnp L Address S. B., box 144 Herald office. An experienced organist is desirous to have an engagement In a Cntholle ohureh. In Brooklyn or this clip. Address Organist, Herald office. CABINET ORGAN FOR RaLK CUE AF?HUIT ABLE for a small eknroh or Huadap school. Inquire at 122 Bast rtp-Aral street, near Third avenue. Mason s hamlin, manufacturers of cabinet Organs, salesrooms DIM Broadway, New York, where may be round the largest assortment of Instruments of this class la the oountrp. Prioeu, $74 or lses to fl.uuO each. ? ARTIES SUPPLIED WITH ANT NUMBER OF PER formers at short notice bp a competent leader. Also not toned and regulated.. Appli at 714Nlith avenue, oor ner of Forty-Brat street, In the music store. PIANO, VIOLIN. SINGINO, HARMONY OUITaR, Sc.?244 Weet Twenty-sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth avanuee. Call or send for circular. Leeeoos private No claeees. JAY JAY WATSoN, Agent mHB national OONSERVATORT FOB musical 1 INSTRUCTION, m MADISON AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-NINTH bAtKET. TBRMS $10 PER QITABTBB. Wanted-by a first olam tenor of large experience, a poeiilon In a ebetf. Is thoroughly ae qualotad with muata, aa excellent sight raador, and eompe tent to taks ehazgs of a sholr. Address Taaor, Herald oStaa. an a MONTH FOR EIGHT LESSONS ON THE ibZi Planoferte, hp aa axpertanced teacher: beet of rafer ennaa. Apply this week at 1*1 East Thirty-4rat street, be tween Second end Third avanuee. ATA FEN QUARTER FOR WANO LESSONS; J?0 JrlU eiaaeasaa at other musical soademlae. Wo. 187 Wool Eleventh street. PlaalaU for partlee. Office houra IS Ml I e'alook. EIPRRBIEI. AM -Bt ntHAN d FURNITURB F.IPRRHS !!*? ? . Eleventh street, near ftlxlh avenue-Purnlinr 5?2viSifis5nSsa,s" * WEST ?Hare '/> ii ? ? wmmmmmmrn" vr?w rou nuuiu. ^Jtrss-idmii^QJtg who kM kMB bmM If CiOWUnff iKD /assignable LADY DO^7??*"RA RLE or J To bo preceded by. Int time hen *MS PRETTY HOBSE-BK . ?h" and tW'^orn e? cSm* ,* ^LADM rpilBLATRK PBANCAIM.?COMBDIB. 1 ORB AT EUOCKSa e TUESDAY. Feb. M. el 7W M ?*, LA KAHILIS BKNOITGM (original or tub fast family). Comedy In Are ecu. by M. Victorian Bartow. Ticket oBlue at U. DaniooTille'a, 178 Broadway. MRS F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOM lyn. FEBRUARY M, THE MEW LEAH. Deborah...... Hit F. B. I FRIDAY?Benefit of Mr*. F. B. Couway. TUNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, SB MOWBBY. Immense Hll of the Groat Military Drama. THE NEW YORK VOLUNTEER*; OR THE LAHT OF LlBBY PRISON PRISON. Anew ami brilliant variety entertainment. THE NEW P<WT OFFICE. TUB ORE AT DIVORCE CASE. Grand By1"- THE DEVIL'S WEDDING. First appearance ei Mloa KATE PARTINGTON. New songs by TONY PASTOR, Ac. MATINKF. ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Griffin a chrihtt's minstrels. FIFTH AVKNUE OPERA HOUSE. u. W. II. GRIFFIN MANAGER. Adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel, Noa. 1 and 4 Waot Twenty, fourth street. ANOTHER SKr.RATION. Them.?,fcr lakes great pleasure IB annoandag that ho haa obtainedat no great eipeuae a copyright of tho H " ? knsationaL spectacle; THE BLACK CBOOE. THE KLAUK UKOOK, which haa been gotten an in a at re o NKVKil EtjUALl.l'iV IN of rnagntflorDoe AMERICA. In order to prnduo* tbU Gl'.HAT IMECH lu aotyloef NAlUK il, PERFECTION, NATURAL PKRFBCTIOW, be has engaged, thruugl 'lie Influence of the Inch Consul, the Hinrii H :iai let troupe. for the FIRST TIME IN AMERICA SMI execute some oi their Ho: w, Pas de Deux. Re. The piece will terminal* with the Gorgeous Siena THE PALACE OF DEW DKOFtl. THE PALACE OF DEW DROPS. In which REAL WATER will be introduced to form tho DrAp? 1 be Oevau Yacht Race and a boat of OomleaUltw every nigbt. Doors open at 7; oo mm en oe at S o'clock. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. Flrat Week of the Grand Fairy Lrgandary Trick Paw to in line, with new acanary, machinery, mechanical affeeta dreaaua. mu?lo, tableaux. Ac., entitled TH-t HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. The Kurleaque BLACK CROOK AND BALLET TROUPE. Grand Matinee Haturdav, March 2, at. 234 o'clock. CIBEAT EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS. Y lobu oeeu daily from 2 A. M to IS F. M. ROSA RONGEUR'S original an J renowned picture of ? TUP. UoRSB FAIR." and ona hundred and Ally other iplendid weeks, by < broted Ameneau and foreign artiste, at U. W. DERBY'S NEW ART BOA BtA Broadway, epfiogtte Wabash's T _ BUILDING, 41 WENT TENTH O DE HAAS* loot painting, "Farmgut's Boa the forte below Now 01400000 Admtexion free. Theatre ticket office. Heoerred neata for all Bret does Than tree, OoMwk, Aa, ?an alwaya ha obtained at tha TnZATRE TICKET OFFICE. 112 and 114 BROADWAY. rpo LET. THE THALTA, (lately Woods Theatre), _ ^ 414 Broadway, oppoalta tha Ht hi testes Hotel, with a capacity to accommodate 1JM0 ' order, harxng unexpectedly returned to . ondereigned, will be rented by the day 4 14. ias; WO persona la running I to they nest ,ricu of tho day or wash op to AftB Fir, t claai attraction embracing tbo performaaaa treated * - * *---'-"Idtolr with for the oe-upunoy of the abore, upon a certainty ?hats of reoelpta under competent men igameot. OEcROE WOOD, Broadway Theatre. 1EROMR HOPKINS' FIFTH CONCERT FOR TUB yl Ornheon Fund Ktelnwa Hall, APRES-MIDI, Than* day, Feb. 28, at In o'clock. Mies ANNIE KEMP, eonirallo, fby perraieaion of Palmer, Jarrett A Wheatley). Wits LA COnTK. the youthful Amei lean Tragedienne. Mr. fcUOBNB TKASrork, riaatat; Mr. ORO. 8ANFORD, Baritone; Mr. DRM8SI.ER. Conductor. Tiekels, 40a to all parte of M house; sold only at Moor A Behlrmer'a, 201 Broadway. BUNYAN TABLEAUX-LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and TwenHb third at real. Upon every night at 7; commencing at IE AdmUaion, 40 seats; children, 24seals. MqMiiee Wsdnwe day and Satorday, at2 o'eloek. ~Bsi?EM OPPORTl'NITIB1*. ABCBNTaNTIAL INVlfBTME NT?$1400 RRQOIR Manufactory for articles pertaining to WheoLr 1 ton's and all other sewing machines in the world; At universal, unchnging and increasing; complete msflhlNflfy. belting, pulliee, dies tools, stock. Ac. 224 000 eaa bo made yearly. Ituaaoni far aellinc g"iflgto Europe to axtond the business. CaU on M. WESTEKUOK. 114 Tblrd or., rsoeal. Agents wanted?for byertcountt in rvbry State in the Union. The boat eliaure ever offered to enterprising men. Article entirely new. ousts only IS eaaie, and wanted m reery hi us* hold. Send for oireular or sail at SHALKR A OO. '*, ? Cliff atxwet, th.rd floor. ARKOULAR PHYSICIAN DKKIROUM or Sl'OCEBO lng to an aetabliahed flrat Ciena New York eity yrae Hoe is offered an an usual opportunity. Apply to Mr srRIUKLAND. 444 Broadway basement. CI ANAL STREET STORE-LEASE AND FIXTORS* > far sola, with or without Rusk Large stare and hood location to tha street. 1mmediate powssseSoe if ieohnd. Addraea Wilmot, Herald oflton. /CARPENTER'S SHOP FOB SALE?WITH _ \J atoeh and fltluroe; on# of Aa beat atsada down Iowar aatlafaatory reasons for selling. Apply at Shop, AM Waot Broadway, between lend 4 u'ctoak. gOOD NUNIHF.BH OPrORTUNITV ?TUB WBEE known l'artatan Cpbnlaler? Faiithjishmcni at Charlee tnkbn, Knq., proprietor and oatanllahor of ihia eelt-pay log builnw. ainoe fifteen yeara, In the ?ty of rougbhean ?la, oil the HuOaon. ta for aala, aa the owner will reUrw to Europe. Tbla eal*bliabm-?ut la Ute oalv one of the kin* Blind up In the Umt*4 Slate* after the rani Paitaiaa atptn. It la divided Into threa department', with open celling and galleriea anrrouiuling. PIrat department contalna pain banging*, window atiadee Jto.; acnnnd daimrtnwmt aontalna laaa curtain a, eornleea. table orrverv damaaka and aneaamna artutle art lot sa eonalatlng of oil paintings, -latin ij betuh eta and imported fancy a .oda; third department contain# willow and camp furiilltire. On ibc tup of tbla aalaadld property la a beaattful Chlne'e cuonU, which can he nan throughout the cuttre city. Attached to tbla be tiding tg * handa tine gardan, with a beautiful aiunmer house ear rountied by atntuary. There are alao a hrlck bam and enr rtagc bouaea attached leading Into another turret, wbleh m ty bo ae para ted from the front bnlldiog. Thta eaeelleat bualneaa pan. If desired, be aold acpamtaly from the bnttd Inga, and mar ba leased for a term of years. It wid, bpeS mean*. be aold ailremely low. aa tne proprietor, on aaeeunt of 111 health, wt'l leave tminedtaletv for Kuiom. for fur ther particular* apply toCllAREES PltANKLIN, Ban , ban 144, or JObBl'll P. PICKKItlSO, Auctioneer and tommlaalon merchant 40,1 Main atreat, t'onghkeepsla. N. v.. o- of C. 8. PECK, Reel batata Agent, It Wan beret.leanth atreat Maw York. IMPORTERS. COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND MANU facturera daalrouii of eatibllahlng an agency lo Phila delphia for the aale of thair gooda by nam pie will hear of a responsible and anergatic party thoroughly acquainted with the trade by addreaalng for one week A. U. A? boa Mil Poat oOcn. PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE Of Til KIR BUM ne a, or having capital lo Inreat, or wtahlrur to proenre partner*. abouldcaU on tho Buatneaa Agency. 4ft K road way. Rare chance.-por sale, the erase and pie turea at the old eetabllahed butter and egg atora 608 Eighth avenue. N. Y. Inquire ou the pramiaea. Rare chance-ant oentekkan havino ti,?o> enpitul a?n meet with one of the moat eiiraordlaarv opportunltlea for making money ever offered by applying at SS7 Hudaun street. __ mo BE SOED-TWO COPTRIOHTS, NOW REALISING X flO.uQO per annum; cash reoOlmd fl.MO, Ihle la e gen ulne chanoe. Addrea. Alfred, Herald oflkoo. r GARDENERS AND PEORISTN.?TO ERASE. THE Green houae and Bualneaa of tha late George Ingram, at Groan wood Cemetery. Tor particular* apply a! eonter of Twenljr-dfth atreat and Plflh aeeoue. Brooklyn. mOMBRCBANT TAIEORB -ANY ONB WISHING TO 1 go Into baaloeoa aaa buy out an old esUbUahed aef pay. Ing ttueln aa on Broadway. The stock well wleetafL and will ba aold at a fair price. Addreaa Marohant Tailor, ItnM otllee. AEPAREK PATENT RIGHT POR SAEI^. J IMPROVED IIANOtNO POR CKNTRBBOARBH. ' Addreaa J. P. Hall. Waouriy. R. I. sen ?A EARS CHANCE IS OPPERHO Hp* Ajrr bualneaa man wMh a amaB oaplUI of ffoan Mite $9)0 to make rrom MH to IMS a, month. Thta t? no bank bug. Call on or address Cooper A Wright, Eovejeyttelet, Park Bow, M. Y. None but thorn who can furnlah unqnaat^^^^^^^^H naad addreaa Banker, boa ET7 Herald aytng^Mgba year. {?1 nnn WIM' B0T A PATRNT, PHOM WHICH a rt uv CHANCE TO INTENT IN AH $3,000 toaffagsau. was; aa,,-?? OffeO ~TO ^BEIRHBRS, BOOENEEEHRN AND ?.VlUlf. manufacturing aUtiooera-A rare bualaeaa opening.?A wall arranged and ealabllsbed atanaa fmdary |for aale; hna been In aueeanaful operation for many yenmi parties retlriag from bualaena. Addreaa Caanpaall A Arm MHMM retiring HIM strung, H An* atreek $4.000 wholeaale Tor and fancy Gooda Neatness MHWWH In reference to Importation given. He agwia neee eaawer. Address box M Herald oAoe.^sjtiafjaSsS paay and Inreat $&000 ie gMWeaab. A aecurlty given or an lutare.i '"J' * ," '"Tj g ' . Id. fromTt BIN WIM ^ I*?* J