Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1867 Page 10
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WASHINGTON. CONTIHCED FROM THIRD PAGE. telle* way to prepare fur war would he to husband the resources of the country and place its lluauoes ou a ? Bound tMMi Mr. Htkvwns opposed the motion to strike oat the i Baseline clause, nod said that tins bill lollow. il the e-n ?tales made bv ibe Oeaerai-m-CU.ef oi tho artny for ^ carrying out work* that were absolutely MCtMiy. il answer to the sugge-iion that fori ideations were of little ?ttlitv he referred to 'be imiuense trouole uml expense which the government was put to in getting control of ak.. o .1 .fiwe tha hftli Si'l/ftl ltlft fllPtA t Southern pons after the rebels hail sained the foru. did not nretend to such kr wlodge ol 'ho i He did not pretend to such kr wledge of 'ho subiect as thai on twirl by hie colleague 'Mr. Scollehl), or the ?eotleutnn frota Ob.o (Mr. Delano), or even by the Seoerai-inl'bi'f 01 Die army; bill the House would ' Bever gel through the business if every subject was to be diaeareed In this way, and bo would there ore move to cios<' flehiu?. Dorwiif was closed, and the vote was taken on Mr. lioes motion to elnko out the enacting clause. The motion was agroed to, SI to 48. The committee then roue and reported its action to the House. Mr Halt, (rep.) of N. Y, trusted that the House would not take so grave a step as to kill this bill at tins stage of the tension. How would gentlemen reconcile their votes on this bill with their voles to maintain the military arm of tho government and to mulntain the aavy ? They should, to be consistent, disband the army and navy aud dismantle the lorts. Mr. Kldkioor, idem.) of Wis., suggested that the theory in regard to the army and navy looked to a fight aaioug ourselves, while formications were only regarded ta tbu aontiBgency of a war with some foreign nation. Mr. Halb declined to take that view of the question, and did net believe that members generally bad done so. The previous question was moved ami seconded, and Ibe House proceeded to vote bv yeas and nays an stnk tng out the enacting clans*. The vote resulted:?Yeas ?7, nays 60; so the enacting clause was not struck out, ?ad the bill was, under the rule, recommitted. cuMvaaawcc ixmsirru. On motion of Mr. Dblano the request of the Senate for a conference committee on the bill for the relief of tnm-ciad contractors was reciprocated, and Messrs. Has, Delano and McKee were appointed. AUKtir U ral On motion of Mr May.vard, (rep.) of Tenn., the Sen ate amendment to tbe House bill, saKmtliug the beuefite Of >he Agricultural Collage bill to Tennessee, was con curred in. THK PARIS RXPOtUTIOV. The SraASBH prcentod a message from the President of the l'n ted .-hues, transmitting a message of Governor Faircbild, "f Wisconsin, with the resolutions nt the Wis. ooosin Legislature in reference to the Puns Exposition. Referred to the Committee on Foreirn Affairs. At half-post ten the House adjourned until eleven O'clock to-morrow. INTERNAL REVENUE FRAUDS. Keport of the CoagrMiloaal InTtiil??iln| Committee. Washington, Feb. 25. 1867. Representative Darling to-day made tbo following re port ? The House of Representatives, on the 4th of Decern. fc?r laat, adopted tlie following resolution:? fJVif Pub,1( l7 alleged that great trauds are dally practised In the payment ana collection of the Internal rev# twrrilv !?nd fl^iliirlnf' ih'UCCO "nd ,:1Iar*' ln??lvlng the in thSSjfoJS. 7 revenue oflcer. of the govern i?-l,<"lvrd' T5at * committee of five be appointed to Urreatigaie and report to tbu House the facia as to an* du'tw am. "r";,"* 10 th"/anient of IniVrnal r?e5S2 ?!?'.! / . terms of compromise or settlement in any cae of underpayment or alleged fraud of any bartlea eoiiccrnedtn the manufacture of dlstilled ,nir,T, K , S&TJE ? lofeSft re^nue '"'rb ^od'fol^^ra^a'a'nd'papers," UDd#r ,l,e abov# rec,,ed The committee was appointed on the 10th of December ?nd entered upon their duties immediately Thay nm nY?ti'{ nTi.c"m?lonced "?? examination' a* wilnemee on the 17th of December and continued aaf "? ln lhat c'ty *ud Philadelphia until ?he 17th of January, with the exception of a brief Inter mission during tbo holidays. They then rcturned to Ti? *nd continued the examination ot witnesses SHill/closod! February, when the testimony was HE consequence of the limited duration of the present jaesion of Congress they have conilned their tnresttga Uodb to the ctuee of Mew York, Philadelphia end Brook ?fei 1?.??*? 1 Mm? w#uM h?1 permit them to 5^,8^wt?SiS^ C^?ful ,nqolry ??,h? ,mPon?nce ?r ihe oubject demands, The accompanying evidence Is Much or It T" iu wuitu luiereMiea pan es tea UDWU1 fag witnesses were to bo exsmmod, and whose state ments in soma Instances were useful only so far as thav ef ???ilmoDyd'raCUn'attention to more Important aouroM the Imcompleteness of the investiga tion, enough has been elicited to satisfy your committee 1b U>< "eeqfaetore and sale of tobaooo, cigars and spirits, especially the latter, the most stupendous frauds mre practised acaltut the government In the collection of " ^.,^V.*^ c?-,y 11 " bellere<1 that at least seven eighths of tbo to tiro amount of spirits manufactured committee feel warranted In the assertion that few If "['If' 1,rf", <?<mierie8 in the United States now in ?pevaUon ere dolwg a legitimate business. The conrlu moo, thongA sweeping and apparently censorious in iu eoome JtmUBod by the facts. The tax on distilled ?t'irtia is two doliars per gallon, while that article is sold ?peely In market at prices ranging from ooo dollar and cenU to one dollar and eighty cents per gallon. It iBimpoasible, therefore, to see bow whiskey, the first ?oat of which Is from thirty to forty cents and tbo tax upon which is two dollar^ can be manufactured and sold lor tbe prices above named, they, providing the tax has a paid, constituting only about two.thirds of the C0?V Thmo fwjs are appalling, and they excite ension. as well in reference to the morels of tbe ?ecpie as in regard to their bearing upon tbo public ueasury, and If the present condition or afleire is to be continued, that which bee been regarded ae one of the principal sources of Internal revenue may now be deemed substantially exhausted. The evidence herewith reported, containing voluml sons statements of manufacturers and dealer* as well Is ?he opinions and suggsei Ions of experts, detectives and other officers of internal revenue, will show the practi ?*j "crktngs Md many of the defecta :n the laws for the collection of taxes on distilled spirits, and will, therefore, supercede the necessity of so elaborate report in detail' out some conclusions bevs been arrived at in tbe minds ' JT*"r eommlttee, resulting from their examinations Bouse.they d**lr? 10 lor lhe consideration of tbo T*7l???">oa, and offers great tsmp s - ?VM,to2.0' "" p*y?,'nu T?? Impost la now M least five hundred per cent, ad valorem. Too many ? our people do not regard it ao a crime to avoid toxa ?ton, and hence the temptsttoB to defraud tbe govern T1T gsinatoo frequently becomes me sleubie. Whatever view wo may take of the-wisdom ot ?ho sup by which the tax was raised to lie present *y*l *??? mo thc> there are ohjrcttowa to redoclng it m. me preceat time, owe of which la ttJtlhaie ere spirits ?.M? **** *9 V* ?? Impost daty, sad pet ' this ffifficuWy * more epecioea than reai. be II has virtually Sgmotteam ttS wo*M mflhrbot little by a The laws have been brought Into coMemnt because 2?Fhwe not hem rigidly enforced in the prosecution ** ossea-of delected frauds. Among all the eslxnres and lih.ttt,S? EE.York- ??m?3E ?2 ?imlL ?nbum,rtH?. your oom "i"01 fmmnala that a single one has been pur f .'"^me limit provtdea by lew. It is true r*1 . *?ah?cated and nenaltiea have ???I MuMiiO, Wit IMH ft BlUftto BBftO bftl fall th? ntmntt stgwr ef the law. That pmtrtf your mSJJm whteh S? ? lafamooa to cheat the goverament and awards impri sonment has retnained a daad letter Even In caae Parfettore and sale ef property by order ef the eoort for 1 Illegal practices, the aamehae In maoy inaSU? ?raised at much leas than Its aotoal value, bid In br aoe Vovwlmmenc* *** ^ 4?frMdluI - ???' oasnmlttee alee aaoeat for the consideration of flhsBonss whether or notlt Is wire to conunos in tbo Treasury Deportment the power to compromise and smile oacoe of aetsura for violations of the low. Ii n h obviously dlfflcuH, If net quite Impossible, for tbe Pecra !EJ? trooamry or the CommMoner of Internal ??venae to acquire sufficient knowledge of reel facte In cay given earn to make a proper deter mi netted end final disposition of It. In most instances he moat rely on rx ws?r?s etatemeata, and depending very much for his information upon the opinions and recommendations of Mnetora, asuiasors end inspector*, to say nothing of tbe ufiuenoe created by the importunities of the culprit and hie pemonal and pollUcarfrloade; he Is liable to be 1 2E!* ,^ F t?? ms*emeJii of IntereeteU persona Why ffitould not these odbooee be disposed ef by the same J sppHrmbfs to other vlolattobe of tbe laws tlafl! courts opea to the ebeervation of tbe puhttc, rn Whiob cease are prosecuted by pubiio offlcera, IUhwTf??Si,L!!!?(^!T,d mscording to the rules of law, ?object,to tbo test of cross-examination, end liable tu ^ "JIT* ranro hke|y ?? administer sub *** *' Jastioa, would secure a greater degree of public ?2? wo?14 h* '?* more eflecUve In holdUig e god of terror over tbe heeds of evil doer*. Under the eh1 dl*"",r K?** K? "Wh not with 0Qt anlDOiitt cftlcalfttton. Hft looks oftr tht whol? grouid ftad weighs the probftblliilos. Tbo chftftcos sro oui of 1 wenljr'lbat h6 W uO% aliiorw? HOT Cftllod to IS MCOUDI at all If nn /ortunntely, he le detected end seired, what is' the' ) a"rm,n' ?o impnatHiawnt, no vary rigorous prtmeruiloo before Mm. Re bee manufactured aed ditpoeed of aay fire * thousand berreta upon whion he baa pe.d no tax i.. ?bleed with fifty barrel* on bend. Tbe case soe* m * Washington and la compromised by tbe payment tbe ?axes on the fifty barrels, with or without the penalty as ?be ansa may be. la tbe case auppoeed, estimating the article at one dollar and fifty cents, though be hw lost ?he fifty barrets, be has put into his pocket one hundred *' and fifty thousand dollar*. Tour eommlttee also suggest that the present bonded warehouse system seeds careful revision and radical alteration. It wmld appear from the evidence that to to th way stem is duo a very large port too of the fraud by which spirits escape the par mm I of tax. It is a source of corruption to both officer aad manufacturer. Spirits are taken out ef the bonded warehouse and to supply their place. Spirits ?re transported from on# district le another until a Pliant officer ia found. Barrels are fraudulently branded tax paid" by the connivance of the officer; and tome, times forged steesll plates are aseel Barrels are re lieved of their contents and then replenished with water. On the subject of bonded wsrvnoesee the fol lowing extract from the suggestion of Mr. J. 0. Horton will be foend pertinent and instructive.-? ?. I . The rutswme win illustrate how readily a fraud I "kT"*?Brit,r^^T,roU*hSoppoMf ft distiller In the M-td^iroftiofodlw^bfta-rUot .hiurv f. this 2u'y to>v* lb; cjllectur of hi? Oj.lrirtft tiaii.po kition i>on4 .ay lor 1 tlUi) b.n,?U t'lxin thW . n..r i* granted. Now uuilrr llin. permit ho writ, ?hip lour lot. ?f I (iUU barrels eich. each ;0l <orres ELiVflH. marks. numbers Ac. <ue bu be wilJ ?bip v|a MiUimora on* ?u Hhiledelidue. one lot vbi Kne ll?J?ro*ii aSisr.'sr tutES? lota .??* by these rueuni kopt wp.rate, and in tha event nf lh<- seiture of either lot ih.' prudiict.uu ot tbe permit will at oou^r^r":?? ,uul"**' ,lbo *ev?r;'l correspu .idlng l?u SSii hondroUa >il *?&, tg? , Him"nU|V.of*ietiiCf" "?nn|i up ucder permits for exports , ?w ,om Inlormattou derived from the Treasury De ft"?". 'l f,,pfars lbM of lbu fourteen million* forty tour thousand aud ninety gallon* of spirits on hand and IhS ?ev?*n ^i th#,? *,re "n ,bo 31* u:' December, .in . l*o hundred and ninety four gallon* unaccounted for, which should pay lm.> the treasury 1 notlallee.tml,|ll'V^httVe hunilr J thousand dollar*. It is boai^f?au*?i !nJ. o #n,'rt' "mount unaccounted for lias i? t ?*wjfotly disposed of; hut tt is fair to presume inu I*. kK <li;aule poitiun Of It ba* b eu on the market, ana ban contributed m no email dt-gre < to the reduction the price oi whiskey to the rate ol one dollar and Ufty cents per xaiion. i re we to adopt the suggestion heretofore made, viz: to mute** the us upon tho capacity o: the still, of course we should be relieved of all I lie questions and difficulties luat spring out ol the u.nded wan-house system, and the ?warms ol ottkers made neces-ary by that system; but it that system ts to oe com tuned, ought it not to he so modified as to dispone wiih all warehouses c unec'od with disiillerli-s, aud to retain only general bonded warehouses, to be placed under the immwImiM control of the Collector? It has occurred to your oomunttue that perhaps no whiskey should be taken Irom ihe distillery or from bond lor re i distillutiou or rcctiiication, wiiho it prepayment ot the tax, and it way well be doubted whether In anv case it should be removed from the distillery bofore'thc govs eminent ho* received ur ruveuuo. A reference to statistic* will show that the policy of enimnragiug the manulacture of tho article under con ,ien[or,sxp",^,,on to small consffiera- ! i-t r#,K?Vt U0trl116 of knowing precisely Uie est- ut of the manufacture of liquor l.t*u v?*ar. lu I860 ' ooCniir!?2.l'tyii,ntt"u,.'l't"r*a **" estimated at about I I ^ "'"lug the fiscal year ? nding June | the total amount ol exports ot d:-'ilieil spirits ??';?r,rrD- r1^-^ a" "l,,w" malo.lahi ?aa I AOOb.079 gallons, less than two and a liair p r cent of the | em ire production, assuming the amount to be the same kP U m ^hl" eltiemeut ol cour.-e gives the apparent amount of exportation, hut how rnuuy ol the barrel-purporting to contain whiskey had been relieved of their coutenta and replenished with appear 7 *Hre Pul 00 shipboard doe* not Yew commutoe canuol too forcibly oondemn that part Tors n?r H*. nU"r" ?utt?onxe? the appointment of insfiec ilr^iu- ^nL o 8 l? '"Ul1 ,he di-tiner. It l?rac It would i?e?af?r'rP?Vh'r,b0m'rV,,nt of 1110 '"?tiller. It would be safer lor the goveruiunut to rely entirely upon the conscience of the uiaolaciurer for a return of feel thaTr ?n i product,on- ,D that rase he might I if.*i . *l c"B"<Ience was reposed in his integrity, and that hi* honor was Involved. Hut when the govern ' u.n?o,hf?? an a"eDl 10 ,ook after It* interests, though the agent is In the pay of the distiller, tho tnanu' acturcr'naturally comes <o the conclusion the gov f uP?n |U| own serv??t. and mat each tmriy S I, r .k f '"8 '"rn From the evidence touching this feature of the revenuo system, from per SEZZ"*' by com'"? ,n ?o"'^ with many uC o'n8,rnr /!?Ur conim,Uee rotne to the con slow ,n . 1 18 .uo1 "n extravagant expres sion to say that the plan of aproimiug in STiuipton d'S""trlM' I0 he P*"1 bv il'atillors. is simply Mti e viine?,r ,?U \rTe- ,n 1,la"> Ihbtancea 'iie ? ,wh,!ikey rem rued exclusive of the 5S-E Smukwe !'av"? ",yI",ct,,r. >""> in fouie caaes the whiskey so returned with the tax Paid is not M vicr'?,^^ the iospccior tor li s " Inspectors are tiot generally a sin erlor class are tl,ey alrtays distinguished for intelli gence, or social position, "hey are. some of them, appointed at the instance of the diatiller und not unfrequently they regaid themselves as employ," ?f ,he hi, if !?f*tiicr 'i"ln "le ff?v'rnnieut. ?ome fact* may bo ?lal?d jDd'^fing that frauds must have been perpo *i>b, lU? ?""'iv.nceof luPsX rapacity of one huudred and seveuly-ono dis tlilerioa licensed since September 1 istifl, m the l ir t Ninth and Thirty-second districts of the .statu of New ihn .'ni'.i'yh!'?* l,? the commute#by the ?-essow of districts; amohnts 19 dS.WJff-glTouf ?y mi^hi nif?ani#r*t quantity the stiil S> T * ' gl" tlme 8?letn chaige* may ksst nnuiJov^*enty-four hour*. Were these s"lis running for three months, estimating 8 743 6W L|?2! mon,h' th?y would produce Hi 4g7 ma rt?J5u* 10 lhe amount of IttfrtLT part Ir'i * d^'ved thai this state men 1 ^'?e manufactures oT Uio n ime 7?u? operating in th, same dk.rkts wuimnt in th^ m^!h.m0Usl UJ paid by those distill ores ia?A?M n November 30, l 66, was fflhriw 1.1 11 '? 004 Preceded that those dfstinarlea hava been inn np to thoirlnll capacity though thera baa been lately considerable activity in that branch of manufactures It U known thaMho|ewe? ,* "P1 s?orces December 31, I860, 8.y,f?6 gallons, aud 6.206.W& gallons, made Iti dinbrepi pana of the country, have beeu "removed # a^^ ^ r???aln unftcof'QQiei lop. The?A facto are stated wlUiont an attempt to give an annrox I"*1* *">?ni>,t f* 'be "Pints manufactured in the dls tr cts referred to, but the above figures are sullkiem 10 totew'1 v'nT'i am?Klnt of 4he wl^syTantfU0 imnr?? a. L.K .x ** 1)00,1 accounteJ for, and they impress as with the conviction that tho rsveunea of the fid *iYn th? i" * dnngsroon condition when they are eon ihe keeping and guardianship o; in-m of dtaUileries in tha pay of the manufacturer* It is suggested aian, as a question worthy of serious consideration, whether the practice of pay np moieties o lnm?irr?nT'th.CsndUC,Vl' *? B00d more,-;- ,ho I" bl'c interest and the due execution of the law tVe are aware of the argument that the hope of reward stirau lutes watchtulness and Ihe detection of Illicit transar , 'oa4- W1?"c ihe force of this argument Is admitted It is a proper subject of inquiry whether the nract co is benefi!? li by ,u,ncient to countervail all its bCDeina It creates a system of Interested, hostile espionage s-rioualy annoying to the b isine^ ma,,. It holds out to the worthless Informer an Induce ment to,perjury, it becomes the means or levying blackmail ; and lu numerous cases of detection of actual violations or the law the spy deems |it more fur bis interest to settle with the manufacturer than to take ^ ??un -?r llUn b-,ln ?Tvtr to the department. And this objection eppTies aa well to the officer or the revenn. aa to the private individual. It is a temptation to the officer in more waya than one. i-here i? au in ducement to look to his own Interest rather than to that or tha government. The manufacturer |s nr,t unrr?. srasrW p?yn?Mtor ^ axttiiA nod ft doubtod'm T,ew 01 testimony, that in some Instances your revenue officers have decoyed the manufacturer Into a breach of the law, with a vkw ? wU! Ur?* * mnjetiea Your committee submit that with proper modifies!loos of the taw, with Judicious care lu the selection of;hon.?, capable ifflcew, ?d wUh the aid that would be derived from honest raanufac "r-bon tb" Uw ,ha1' h*ve been so enforced that f.DW ia bu,ln**??the revenue can bu oollectad without the demoralislug practice or . m orth lees aodfofamoa chasucty jn the capacity of In former* But it lu believed that a modification of the law ao u to ItlfsTT* vn>iihf I?!*rill**! m ?* the dis Jfl*? h bo found at once simple, easy and affba. oprn,u fr^y * ^^?h^ penae of collection; and until some automatic con c?? b* Invented ta indicate unerringly the ex ? u#,k 7. proof spirit preduced we are of the opinion ihat the tax should M M upon the capacity of the dlaO"ery, as above suggested. An .xpen cJum rmdUy aetermlne very neerly the ectual capicliv, and, >.fP*?*??? the collection bfthi'revel ?M uhI remove oil tbo various tompUlious and omw.r tunitles for fraud to which allusion bae already ^cn made, and which moot ever exist under a system ?. r.hPt,^jr^eprrnt- 8om* "*"onable ieduction r!m *ctu"1 eacertained capacity to th?* i2?.?l *"? ,toPP^e ? *?- If It be said that by each deduction some spirit? might eecspe tax it leeuawered that It would opeiile oely u a^edLctkn' of m?-i?*iiS!T ??" """J'' la,F?> but " would prei lude the e^4 m t^boCia,tOUld 0p,r*U ?qtUl'y upon aU!?.'deno*Juk,n yy *be committee touching the noue^w'Ti^ tobacco and cigars is not volnml nous, but It shows much evasion of the tax on cisar* wiui?,.!?r!h V? ru,horl*d prsctlce of stamping cigars without the ectual payment of the tax is ----- - .? lhM th0 **" m,*ht h* remedied ? tamps representing the actual amount of 'l J* procured from the treasury and placed on the **K: U?*y ?re subject u, remov.l or mlT ninth t ! spproach of the dissolution of the Thirty fomptin 5Z^7.r? ",r?1 y?ur commiuee in at ^n'cJZ^M lh0 C?'foclk>n 04 ,u esveooe! W edd thm'wVim'SeTCZ ZS'"iTawn ,BP,ltod^ cities are so universal and gigantic, thf " J? revenue force lu tbem cttM*. EviaSm tending In aom# degree to imphcaie wrteTn^mclTf of the government lu Improper precipes. Offis h.? ateobeen beard lu their delWaT Tour commiMw ~Z?. ? ?S?2E*5r*?t!:i "S -S? ?*pr?^?ion of opfolou. Hut, w^iviDir all *'* ?gainst particular Individual*. It is maniteSt ?nt fK22 cannot be practleed so generally and so o(>enly without either connivance or from Inefficiency on the^part of a Imie number of the revenue officer*. ^ a w*. A. DARLING. F. a ItKAIIAN. LEON A Mi MYERS. B. K0GLE8T0N. THE MURDER OF UNION SOLDIERS. Mlnerlty He pert ef the Ceeereeeleenl Cem. mlttee te l*ve*ilgate the Menler ef Uelee Neldirra te Heeth Cereltwe. WaaBuraroR, Feb. V, 1167. Bon. Edward Cooper, of the detect Committee to In quire into the murder of Union soidkr* in South Carolina, submit* the following minority report:? I de not concur with the committee in Ite report, and submit briefly the reasons for my dissent Tb# proof In the record establishes clearly that i orporal Corbett and Klvates Emery Rmlih and Maeon Brown, of Company A, ; ret battalion of Maine Volunteer* wore wiirmiv a*?r I deliberately murdered at Brown's Ferry, on the fiavannab river, in the State of South Carolina, ou the night of October 8, lHdfi ; but It dues not, in my mind, prove " beyond a reason aide doubt" tho guilt ot ihe deiendauts, J. 0. Keya, F. U. Siouer.-, Ilobo-t Keys aud EUnha Bey ram. They were arrested by order of the military au thorities. arraigned before a military c mintsson, tried, convicted and k ntenced to be executed, whether upon sufficient evidence to justify the finding is immaterial, as tho logi lay uf the sentence does not depend in the slightest degree upon the weight of testimony, but u|ain the legality of tbe tribunal before whleh they were ar raigned to try them aud to intlici such punishment. After tbe verdict was rendered and belore the sentence was executed the punishment Of two of the defendants was commuted by Major General Sickles, commanding the department, from >no penalty of death to imprisou mont for hie, and as to the others, by the President, under the advice aad recommendation of the Secretary of War. After tlie sentence of death was thus commuted as to oil the defendants thev were removed from the Dry Tortugas to Fort Delaware for the order to bo carried out. While the accused were thus Imprisoned in Fort Delaware a writ of habeas corpus was sued out. and on the hearing of tbe writ Itemro the Hon. Willurd Jlull, Unit d Status District Judge for the district of Delaware, they were released. Now, was tho action of tho President In commuting the sentence of death to imprisonment for life, under the circumstances of tbe caw, right and proper t 1 have no hesitation in saving that it was; aad in this opinion I am fully sustained by the Secretary 01 War. aud will be by every unprejudiced mind dadroua of arnviug at the truth. Tbe evidence of Secretary Stanton shows that the "record of the trial aud the conviction of th accused" was by mm carefully etamiuea a ter it had been reviewed by the Judge Advocate General, and that "in view of what was understood to be the opinion of the Supreme ( ourt in reference to trials bv military commissions," lie " recommended and advised tho Fres.d >nt to commute trie sentence from tho death penalty to Imprisonment for li'e," because, as he justly and correctly aiated, "it seemed to be improper to recommend the execution of the capital saateaoe when there was any doubt us to the jurisdiction of tbe tr.bunal to Inllict such punUtnnent." How couolueive and satisfactory ! Tho commuting of the sentence was nut because of letters wri'ien bv dis tmgei-hed Southern leaders, or bectuse Hon. Ot H. Browning, now Secretary of the Interior, thou a lawyer, argu-d tho case, as intimated by ihe couimiuce in tbe r report, bit !>ecauu?! of tbe doubt raised la tho mind of J the Set retgry ot War as to the Jurisdiction of the com mission to try the accu-od Again, were tho pruonera removed from the Dry Torfttgus io Fort Delawaro with any design ti at they should be hmuugt within the Jurisdiction <>? a court com petent to try the legal ly of their sentence f The testi mony Is equally irue and com lusivo I hat t' ey were not The evidence of Mr. Siuuioii shows, in answer, to a direct question propounded to liitn, that "the order for inn removal of tiie prisoners from Hie Dry Tor tu as was made by mo in the exw se of my b'-st Judg ment and ou my official rcspou-ibntiy, and that I had no intent! in. in brmgiug the pr soners to Fort I) lawaro, to bring tlicm within the jurisdiction of a court so mat the writ ol httbeus corpus might apply." How once more the a ton of the President h vindi cated by the Integrity or the Secre cry of War ! But again: Was the ruling of liis lienor Willard Hull, in relea-ing tho pr soners, le .ul aud founded np.iii t proper construction ol the law t I have no doubt that it was iho decision of the Supreme Court uf lite I'lilted Males in tho Mithgau case clearly sustains it, and to uty mind th<- country will look to the decisions ol that leaned tribunal for prece dent and authority in ri gntd to he legality of m iliary commission- with tuuca mote cotlfiiisno ? iiml resp i t tbun tho opinions of th i commit on, hoe vcr intelligent and capable it may be. Judge Hull expri a*es no doubt. He buys, iu the conclusion -if ins able 'iiiuion on th* cese:?"My convictions are clear, and my sen.-e of duty constraius me to adjudge that, ac oidoig to tho law of iht laud, the pribonets ought not aud annoi iet I etd under tbe "enteuce el" Ihe mll.tory commiv-doa, and that they 1st discharged." Here I might well close, so far ihe proper subje ts of itiquiry submitted to the eominUtco wera involved} but as tho committee have g tie furtlicr, and from ihe testimony of Generate Thomas, Bulr i, Wood, blculcs and .Si'iioiiehl argaed nod reponed '? iliat under the ctii c instaaccs its sworu by them it would iceiii lo he con clusively established that the besi uiatoriu! i..teres of lite couiitty, as well its the highest cctisid rations of humanity, ca'l for Use intervention oi t!ic a .ibori ' oi ihe general government in ihe only pr.v-l.icM mo-It; in which it can he exerted, and that Is by Uf 'u liiary forces," lib'cones tiinony. and lo sho It is tru j that Gen oral Wood and Genera! Ualrd in tit or lettlmony express |lie opinion that the civil tribunal? in the departments un ler (Tioir commun.i do not adffihilsieF'ftifl md jm partial Justice In casos where Utaion tneu. soldiers and freed men ago parties litigant; but they furnish bat one single case, nlihougti the direct qiicsiton is a*ked tnem, and that was a cose in the staio ol Tennessee, mcnttaned by General Thorn?is, ??' hicfa J/tEtilS Jj go ttic only cue w.ihio his dopiirX dL If IS tiMC U.'aT Inef.ii >n in general terms that Union men, federal s iltfi r? und fr<-rd mon are not aafe In their department*: but when m-kod to specify the number or ra-oii and tbe lo -tlltic.i where they have occurred, tunl tbe names of tlto paftlew Injured within the last twelve months, ihoy could only mention one enso in tlto Slate ot Ton new,;, at Nashville, one iu the Mat : of Mississippi, 'it Grounds, one in the (state of isiuDiunaon (he road bet-Aeon Alex andria and Monroe, and ?ot,a single - use in Virginia, except the Wataon case, aud no case in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida or Alabama. General ibomos prui e:; that the accused in the case at Nashville wa? promptly arrested nud held for trial. Genera! Wood states thai in tlio case of the murder nt Grenada "iho civil antliarlUba din exert themselves to have il.e murderer at rested. and that it was not their fault Clint he was not arreate.l." General Balrd ears, in "vard to the murder of tbe ofllcer of the Fre?-(lnien's Bureau on the mud between Alexandria and Morn on, "that we never aiWWnled in llud'ug out tlie parties ?Mdid it." General -xcbetlctd testifies.?-G have not aeen any iliapontinu inauiles'cd to Interfere witli soldiers of the I ni"-d riuto*, ho far as committing assaults on thorn, ami I snow of no instance wl-cic ihero has is-ou any iblm' like :ui u-provoki it attack up u tbem." And us to the frcodaien, lie aays:?"W'lien negros are arrested uuT r any cr,miual accusation I think they arc desli with rather len.cntl v than severely. I do nut tliluk there is a disposi tion to persecute them or to be unnecc- <ar:iy harsh w?th them. Indeed, Iho i^enenil feeling of tlie- resi>*ctnb n people of Virg uiu t> ibut of pitv toward the ireednn-ri " Tin y all testily iu 'he most explicit manner that they have no fault, t<> llnd with the Governors of the respec live Slates or afiicials, or the supreme Court, or the intelligent und well informed clti/ens, and that they have ulwuis manifested nn earnest desire lo a-alst tbem whenever called upon to do so. Hen-a I cannot agree with the coinnnttoe that be cause of the*-- lew aud Isolated cases of lndlvMnal wrong and cruelly, occ irring at long Intel mis in lur u slant localities, without any con eri of action, tho Congress of the United Blaies is j.islificd 1u enu-ling laws by which i ,:\orioi., tutu iinii is oy it- >u niaiy iei my duty to briefly rv-. it.-w that to io.v that tV|: con. In ,ion is net cow:', leneral Thomas, General Sickles, Gan SyrC2S28tI :!*We Bit'i mllltarj- govern wilt u MMwl 'iitdTu tnmr MfMk lo my opinion die war bat caused, tlie rebellion has been Buppreased, peace and ob'sbence to law prevail everywhere, tne authority of the Cn.ted States govern ment la alonr iccogui/.e<l and or,know tedg- d, and l.eucc I sco no necessity lor the eua< i men' of laws of such "donbtful expediency" and "dengerouetMdency," even for the limited period suggested by tlie committee They ?object over one-third of the citixeus of the country to martial law; they substitute the wtil or au officer for the rule of Uie courts; they turnisb for tbe tribunals of the law and th#? decisions or the jury the findings of a drumhead court martial or a military commission ; they provide,instead of lheproi;e*H.sot n court executed by tho legal officer*, the order ol military satraps, enforced liy armed eeMiers at the point of the bayonet. Such legis lation, In my opinion, destroys all the safeguards of per sonal liberty, and all tbe necartty or private property. It deprives the cltixens residing la the States Of sul ex isting peaceful aad legal modes of n-dr-wa lor admitted wrong, and constrains them laseeiy to submit to Um Inturics Inflicted or wrongs suffered, or lo seek illegal and forcible means to redrses tbem. It propones to adopt, in lieu of tbe pea, efhl r- mediea of 'the courts, military authority, which Is in violation ot ths plainest principles of Jostles and lbs most familiar precepts of oonatrtutionsl law. It clothes sacli military authority in times of profound pesos with unlimited power over the rights of persona and property not warranted by theoos stltuilon of tbe United States, and which aro is psipable violation of IU express prohibitions To my mind the constitution of tba United Pta'os guards with sacred care tbe rigbu of the people. It was adopted to ystabtlsb Justice, insure dome-tic tranquility, and secure ths blessings of liberty. Tbeee groat objects are steadily kept is view. To Ihh end there are pro vided special prohibitions, such as somar-cs without warrant, detentions without presentment or indictment, Imprisonment without a speedy and public trial, or de privation of life, liberty or property without the Inter vention and the due process of taw. It has beco the boast of our statesmen that Congress has hitherto mainta.ned these cardlssl principle* and by necessary legislation perfected these guarantees of personal liberty and rights of property, and that ths courts have enforced them by judgment uad execution. Tbe legislation proposed and advocated by the com mittee deprives the courts of tho pouor to afford such protection. It releases tho citlssn from appearing for redress to such peaceful and legal trlbuhais; It will provoke mors summary measures; it destroys all confidoncs in tbe wrtttsn con stitution sad law; it makes the will of one man su preme?an autocrat, omnipotent and all powerful. Hence I do not believe, with the oommlttee, that "the courts cannot bo relied on ior tho punishment of crime whan the Uaton man, soldier or freed man is concerned, and that Justice ts practically dented tbem," or 'that np to this ttms, sinoe the close of the war, there has been

no cbsngo for the better," and "that the best material interests of ths country, as well as the highest cons dera atloos of humanitv, call for the establishment of military governments over the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, IxMilslana, Arkansas and Texas. On tbe contrary, In my opinten, general freedom Is imperilled by each legislation, and It cannot long survive tbe corrupting Influence of bristling bayonets and ths vaulting ambition of mill tary rulers. To my mind, the true remedy is not to be found In ths enactment by Coegreas of oppreesslve laws, discrimin ating against tbe personal liberty and pecuniary interests of tbe people of tbat eectlon. but In such legislation, * " * * " r, as will rear founded upon high and broad liberality, as will restore brotherly fueling and Induce tbem to believe that they can And foil, complete and ampin protection for their Uvea, their liberty and tbeir property iu the beneficent wisdom aad patriotism of tbe Congress of the failed States. EDWARD COOPER HAVY BULLETIN. ?oaonasLT mam Again. A. C. Onrg, Master; F. p. B. 8hand, Acting ASS Paymaster; Arthur Sibley. Rsnavanov novas an. Act log Assistant Burgeon Oscar M. Rlvss, aad piaood on leave of absence flRBMMh Midshipman Charles K stnrr. o?era ttsvossn. fellmsker Wm E. Moo*I to ths Monongshola. 1 "?seed sa waiving ardem KINGDOM OF CANADA. T?e FrHraMt-Tke United ?Idl 7** ?.** C?J,ed tk* **??*"? ?> Cm. ??U-Loctl Lemiluurea, ?fcc. Tomoxro, Feb. 25, 18?7. An advance copy of the Confederation bill to be Intro onced into the Imperial Parliament haa been received. The name of the united provinces ia to be " The King . ?t? ?'Cao*da-" Th? Inderal Legislature will bo styled Ji! ^'"?enl ?f C4nm(lm-" n< ?PP?' houM will be ylad The Senate," the lower bouse "The House of Commons." The local legislatures are to be known as "The Pro ' DcUd WisUiuro or Ontario. Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick," respectively. Ontario, formerly Upper Canada. Is to have but one chamber, to be known as the Legislative Assembly of Ontario." The other pro vinces each have a Legislative Council and a House or s-embly. Tb? 8peakerof the Seiate is to be appointed by the crown, and la to have power to create six add! actors b-yond the stipulated seventy , two, in tbe event of necemdty. Tbe House of Commons is t0 con sist u one huodred and eigbtjr-ooo member*?oightv two from Ontario, sixty.flve from Quebec, nineteen from ota . cotiu and fifteen from New Brunswick. The Queen's representative, presiding over the new kingdom, is 10 retain the old title of Governor General, with a salary of 160,000. Rech province ? to nave a Lieutenant Governor, appointed by tbe Governor General n council. The seat of government is to be Ottawa, sub ject to royal prorogate. Toronto. Quebec Hallux and Freder.ctonarotobetbe scats of the local legisiaiures. A radioed from St. Lawrence to Halifhx, Nova Scotia, is to be commenced in six month, after the union and completed within three yearn. Provision Is made for the adml&don hereafter into the union of Newfoundland Pnnoo Edward Island, Rupert's -and, the Northwest Territory and British Columbia, on such terms ? the fix Lament ofCsnads shell deem equitable, and as dull receive the assent given. Detnlln of the Cntifedrrntloii Ncheme. following details of the progress made in England in the measure of British North American confe.lerat.on are interesting in view of the importance which the Canadian question is likelv to assume:? [From the Toronto Leader, Feb 22 I Wo received last evening Irum Sir. J Gordon Brown who is at pie^eut u Em-land, a synopsis of tho chaoses inad in the confederal oil sci.emo by the del.- ates from Uinada, Novarcoliu anil New Bruuswiok Mr Brown had am se n Lord tarmirvon's bill wuen his dexpuch ?ui !'mv UB' We hav" tP ,loubt 'he -II asuro Will lie found to be in harmony with his information lite name el tbe now confederation is to ho Canada Upper (anada is tob - s.yied the Province of Onlato J. ?\\er Canada is t?? bo catlod Q ? and !ho other P'Ovlncos arc to retain tnelr present designations. We !nad? 8? * evi ction as could have been uon' ral 'eftlnres of the ???home o" tho Qicb'c f??"t tr|T.?'ir K.rf?""1 u:n? b?t deeply regiet to learn tut tin re have be n several very iiiiportiiut mod; Urn ttou < made in matters of deiuil. And Ur-t, a serious change has beou mad ' in tlin ^ eU|o. aril.n!,lr0,n ,h" CheU r,,r thO support Ot ti e local govenimoii.a Under the Qj h e tuheme it isiumM0V r"lt <"ach froviuce enibrucc.i in tl.e union e. ua' to ?ioh? tM ni lm"",rv ?D ^ "?;??? to eighty coins per heart of its i?ot?iialiati w l"; f-u? <>r imi-*uci. ,ud i,. iu'run . v l.<.m iii i?f ail future rtemamN upon the federu cov en,me,, Mr ,",.1 , u,,****. v,e annus! burden fbu. imposed on the ied<-nil chigt was as follows: } Cana-lu f Sm j uTo" 73 '.>?'.?* 5*" 263 . .?.. 33G.S67 2IM 0.S8 -vew brio-wick 26oW7 2U1,?U8 To al grunt 92,472 460 Theannual grams w re no?. to lncreo-e in luture yours with ihe m rease or population, but u> lemuiu ner nianeutiy ut ibcso But this princ ple, it now an pears, has been overthrown by the delega-es so fa- as ro ftnrds NVw Brunswick, Ihat province*!, to" an s'ibuidy from tlino to tiiuo as her popuiuiion .eases until she has 400.0C0 people, and her V ill amount to $.I-0 ')00 Then the Increase is to smn ai.d,licr grunt, like tnut of the other provinces s to re' main suitonaiT?b ti at $320,000. Newr'nofvrT^rt04 ,b" uSJer ??'? Q^bcc scheme - e\v i> had a *|.ociol ??Ivantage over u>c other p.ot .noes, flic sixty-lifth residutlou declared that "the position of New Brunswick being such aa to vntml laJgJ !????. b"r ,OLHl "tveiiuer, it i, agreed nno.f i.i 'o ?r ,elLye*re? ,r",u lUe "'oe when the tjoloii takes ellect, an additional allowance of ?03 000 pe; annum shall be made to that province.'" Our ilus pa-ch doss not eav thai this special grant is lo lemaiu a p.irt of ihe scuenie iu addition to the new Iswtu cou ferrrd on New Brunswl: k but ?? Infer that It la and provlncro. ,1M "" ???"? ?o the other But I his is not the worst It appears that* the dele gate.- have agreed to increnee the grants lo all the lo. al governments; aud tliat, not ou the just principle of pop uuilion udotued at Quebec, but in a manner totally irrs l ona and nest unjust to Upper Canada In add I'Ion lo tho eighty cents per h-ad, distributed as already shown, the dotegaies have agreed that the rollouiiig annual chov* Tertnanently irom u.o K-doral To Upper Oan.ids SS0 OOO T" I.owor Canada "" ro Nova sootia ;;;;;;; To New Brunswick 6o|ooo Total additional grants $2^0 000 Hud tins sum of $260,000 been d slribui'Jd according to |Hipu atiou, aa doivrmined by the census of 18(11 tbe distrlhuilon would have been tu> follows ? ' J-lpper fktiruiu " $117 440 I^iwor Canada iJi'tri Novo ^ cotiu New Brunsw ick '? 21 2b4 Total $300,000 The whole gram for local purpose* under the scheme a- umeuilmJ wl.l now bo a? lollops;? j Upper tumt<la. ..$1,190,873 New Brunswick. 314.638 Lower Canada... 9-)9,353 ______ Nova cotia 3-4 680 Total >3,795 430 These grains, at the estimated populations of the sevrr. rat province* on l?t January, 1867, give the following rales ot giant per bead:? Pputaltn. Prr head. Upper Canada 1,803.036 60 cents. laiwer Canada J, 74 cents. Nova <coiia 368,781 88 cents. New Brunswick 31)3,084 110 cents. Nothing could be more scandalously unjust to Upper Canada than thta, and we are antased that Mr. Howlaod could be a party to It The second departure frem the Quebec scheme Is, that until Briucc fed* turd Isluud come* into the Union Nova Scotia aud New Brunswick shall have botween thorn the four, Meet* in the Upper Cbamboc. that the island was to have had. The distribution will now to as follows Ptpulabim. Ihetsi. Upper Cenede ; 1,802,038 24 Lower Canada 1.298,880 24 Nova scuMa and New Brunswioe.... 603,884 24 There Is nothing to palliate this change. Under the Quebec scheme the Injustice to Upper Caned* was marked enough, but to add to it In tbi* manner waa totally inde fensible. Why, the three provinces of Lower < auada. Nova Scotia and Now Brunswick united have but 160.689 people more than Upper Canada, and pet they are to have forty-eight Legislative Councillor* and Upper tan ada bnt twenty-foer. Every Upper Canada Councillor will lb us represent 76,086 people, while the average of all the rest will be but 40,682. The thing is utterly un fair. The House of Commons will start with the following distribution of seats, and remain so until the census of 1871. when Upper Canada will get a number of additional Upper Canada .....82 NewBranswiek 16 Lewer Canada 66 ? No<aSootn 16 Whole House 181 The third departure from tbs Quebec scheme Is that ths Crewn m to have power to enlarge the number of legislative councillor* to a limited extent, when neces sary to prev ent a dead look. Tbia is unquestionably an Improvement upon the original scheme. The fourth departure from the Quebec scheme ia the transference of control over the fisheries and over penl tautiariea from tbo local to the general government. This Is very far from being an improvement. It Is just putting In the wedge of federal interference In local mat ters. The more distinct and apart are the dalle* and functions of the two governments the better. Last, hut very far I rum least, come* the sectarian school qeeetlon. And here, as tbe wording ie not so clear aa we could have desired, we give the ?erto of our despatch:? la reference lo tne school question, clauses bar* been In. trod need, Drvt, stating that any pririlee** granted to sepa rate schools III Upper Canada shall also be granted to sepa. rate schools In Low er Canada: and second, tnat all measure* about separate schools shell be subject to an appeal to the Governor General In council. Aa to the Brst of these provisions. It sterna very harm leva There is not much danger or en Upper Canada? we beg pardon?Oniar.o Legislature passing laws for tb* farther extension of sectarianism In tbe working of our common school systom. The meaning of tbe second provMoa la unloriunately not clear. Tbe fifty-first reso lution of the Quebec scheme provides that "any bill passed by a local legislature shall be subject to disallow use by tbe Governor General within one year after the passing thereofand ir nothing more Is done in the Com ?deration bill than to confirm this power of disal lowance, and to state the precise mode of bringing oqjee-' lions to any separate school bill fully under tbe notice of the Federal Executive, with a view to tta disallow aace, there can be no possible objection to that. So long aa the power of Interference of the Inderal authori ties is merely negative little harm can result. What waa to he feared wsa the outrageous proposal to clotba the federal Parliament with the right to leaislate In school matters In direct defiance of taa local legislature. Those wa anoersmiid to b* tb* whole of the departure* made from the original Quebec scheme. Some of them are quite unre* son able and axesodtngly unjust; end we can hardly understand bow the representative**)! Upper Canada now In London assented to them. There may poe ihijr be yet an opportunity of amending soma of them. When ae bav* the bill at full length w* will to In a batter position to survey lhe whole question But, , meantime, we have no hesitation In etating our epinh that if ih* whoie tale baa bean told In our daspatcn?If there are no other changes to bo beard of?the Mil, with nil Its defect*, will to an immeuao buoa to the people of Upper Canada, and we will heartily rftolo* whan II re ceives (to roval sanction. CITY INTELLIGENCE. The Salarhs o* Ccsto* Hot** Orricsas. -About fire .hundred merchant* of this c.ty hare sign* ? Congreaa in favor of Inching Ihe salaries of the d pu J collectors of custom* deputy naval offlcem, deputy aur veyora and assistant appraisers at tbia po chants, who ara made tbeyCspeak, say thai business with the on7roi;g ?nd respon tno duties of these officers are most annum) si hie; that thevom^nsat.on (at^t f3 000 Per^eni J is inadequate, considering the . Uaracter Mlliriea of their duties, and they therefore asK that enhanced the officers be made to correspond with the. enu^ ^ valoe of all articles of neoessi y an commerce compensation now given in all departments and manufacture. Aerial Burner?The inclemency of the wea tarded the progress of the work on the Broadway bri g on Saturday night, rendering it impracticable to adt ance it as far towards completion aa was anticipated. La* night the workmen wereagain amploye<* ? 'but I lion, all travel between Ann and John *"^^0 ^rdem off from Broadway lalo In the ^enm^ Thc rrders intended to connect the two arches aire^y erocted a ^ spanning the street werpon the grouud as earlv o'clock in the afternoon, ready for elevaiton aa as the travel should ceaee. Securing . ,b proper placet occupied the laborers engaged during the night. . Tbe Proposed Sew Rmwri Office.?M is expecieu that if the negotlationa for the proposed new barge office at tb^Battery for the revenue officers go on satis factorilv that operations for tbe construction will begin by tlie first of April neat. Yocno VIen's Christian Jumocumom.?A meeting or the Youne Men's Christian Association waa held last night at their rooms, No. 161 fifth avenue, at which, after approprlaU devotional exercises and the transac tion of ordinary business, an eaaay waa read by Mr. Thomas Cochran, Jr , whose subject was J0??* Man uf To day; bU Wants and big Work. lo-dav. said theessnvwt woe ours Tor Ule and wora, for joy and snr ^rTerefore U wa? wise to consider the wn^ fluenco* oi the present The young men of u>-<toy had a threefold work to do-in the healing of the wounds loft by U>o late war, in the reformai loo ol society and in the advancement of Cliri?tian.ty Cbla work wan readily to b? seen by those who wished to labor For it the young man needed that true manliness wlitch was inKMmbie from godliness. By this only could hobo fitted lor !iis work, and, when to-day should have boon merited info ilie eiernkl morrow, b- iouud where no warn would ev.-r htnd'r Htm in work .and stand J"?**? nerfect in C'lu 1st Jesus. Cbancelior Ferris, ol the I ui ?r*rMitv of Now Y^rk, was pfogeiii and took part 'n tli? addresses ^rMcb tollowcd^tbe essay, as well as in the exercises. Meetino of the East fide Association.?This a-soci ation met last ovening at Weiss Ho el, corner of Eighty sevcnih street and Fourth avenue, lor the purpose or completing tbe organisation of the soctoty which had been commenced at a previous moeiing. The meo'lny wus presided over by Mr. Bugh The Committoo on Organization presented ar .port,whio ' ^ in ?hirn iliev siaied that Hie idij Ct of the associauon tbe prouioinm of the general welfare | of the cilv 1/ifcs ea't or Central l'ark aud north of r Hty . ntnih strew. Tno bylaws of ibe association provide j for the appointment of an ever Hive C'uimiaee of iwenlv-five persons, who will lime iu cliarge in. subject of securing appropriate Iciis'uiion i to the regulation <?i mo streets, such .is grading, look ng atier ihe severs, pavements, *c., and ! will also sec tlia' the subject ol taxation not ov*r' TtoUd Ti.c initial.on Te ? is $10 AH ?. her .ubsenpuous will be voluntary. A rcsoiu ion was adopted a. cept. h B tho oiler ol the Harlem Steamboat Company m slop n* the fool or S'net*-second eireot, lor tbe convenience tllos ? residing lu that part ol .he city, t. the assoc.m Hon would aiiaruutee a sul'ielfiii number of | to in ike it pniiltablo. Toere biunu so no difficulty in the wav o, s^uriiiT a dock. Mr. Crornbc has generously donated one or his o? n to the u>e ol tlie company, free of charge. The then adjourued until next Sat urday cv ning. ? Bh.i.evi'e losriTAt Mkdk alCoiasce.?Tlie third anneal reunion oi Un O. M. Society, Bellevue HospHal College, took place Inst evening in the lecture room of the institution The auditorium wot filled ov a large a-semhlage of students and Irlends, male aud female. Dr. Heorgo It. Kent presided, vt.o, in u a eat address In rrWirf Kew York; . u/l i,v j Evaue, of Ohio; an Address to the and responses t<? the lot iu wing legator toasts?Bene* ue H spitai Mtd cal College, vliu FaculW, Aiataui and Mem bers of the a .K S.xiety, and the Ladies, by Dr. Jamoe R. Wood Dr Frank H. Hamilton, Br Charles A.l-cale and Dr l.ouis .-ayre rh? intellectual was agreeably in leretierecd with instrumental sclecuons from standard niH-ras which pleailngly varied Die proceedings At the 2Tn,S election or ihe aociotv the following geottomen w.-reVhoscU a-officers for the ensutnu veai -Ed. C. Witr\N ??otl or Vermont, Pr^siilent; William Sprngul, ot New Yhr k, V i o Preshlen l; C O B ed man ol Ohio, ?ec retary, Md J W. Do-den. o. N w York, Troasarer. Tit* 8ovth?kn Kmjee Co**issio*.-Mr. Jamea M. Brown, Treasurer or the Southern Relief Commission, acknowledges the receipt of $36.06^.u^rtbwl for the reli if of the sulleriDg women aud ohildr. n of 1/rcaof or Natdbai. Histort. The annual meeting of this wocMy was held tost evening at ito rooms. Clin ton Hall, Professor Joy in the ehwW. The reports of the officers for tbe past year were teud, approved and ord-red ou flic and the following gentlemen were chuseci as money a actually received by film lor the benefit ot the Lyceum. Pkoikctios for Wo*kino Wosi*N.-To-morrow even ing the Tourth anniversary meeting of the Working Women's Protective Union will be held at Cooper In and others. , emm or frAXM Wines.-The recent seizures of Spanish wlnoa iu #ueton and New York are exciting determined opposition on tho part of tbe importers Th?? have formed a comblnailon, and employed able cou uslt o prc-ontthe Tacu in the c'.re ro the Secre.ary of tbe TreMr.rr. An agent from Ckdl.Jj- .arrnredlwj? ample eikleucc that the action at the United Bt*?W Ooasui at Cadia and the Custom House Is without excuae, and subjecting importers to great inconveuienee and in Instica. Pickkd VP at Mi.?The Coast Wracking Company 1 steams* Amanda Winants, Captain SteUwage* lag, picked op a schooner etna It ed and abaad muss to the southeast ot the Hlvhiaoda, and M Inside the Horseshoe at Bandy Hook, where she tslQ he raised by the Wrecking Company hciciDB op a FstxcuiAff mr Sononira.? For nearly Ave months past Aoguat Marquet, a shoemaker, has been la the employ of relet Raymond of No. M Prince attest. Marquet eras a quiet, orderly and strictly temperate man. For the last few days, however, there was a marked change came over blm; he seamed to be dis turbed in his mind, and could do nothing correctly. On Saturday Marquet told his employer that he expected a great deal of trouble in France and was tearful of being arrested here by the police, and la explanation to Mr. Raymond be sad It was upon a religious cause. On Sunday morning be was so absent minded that be opened tbe store as usual| and when requested to cleee np again ha raid he did not think what day it wan. At night be employed must 1 of hie time In writing, and at twelve oolock Mr. Ray mond retired, leaving Marquet still at the table writing. Yesterday morning Marquet did not appear as usual, and on making a starch ho waa discovered In a stooping position at the root of the bed, with a double-barrelled gnn pressed to his breast and quite dead. A closer ex amluaiion showed that deceased had placed the muzzle of tbe gun in bis mouth and discharged It, thus carrying away the roof of the mouth and causing deaib, the con tents of tbe gua having so tared the brain. Coroner (lover held an Inquest on the body, and a verdict of "heath by suicide by shooting" waa rendered by the Jury Deceased was thirty years of age, and a native of France. Nahsow Esoapb mo* Dura sv Bcmxixo ?Yester day morning a woman bad a narrow escape from death in the ooel office of Mr. A. L. Benedict, at 90S Lexing ton arenas, comer of Thirty-third street Dr. Q. Bene dict, late surgeon In the army, wee at tbe desk In the office, engaged at writing. The lady bed come in to order coal, and was Mending near the stove, which was at a red beat. The doctor detected the smell of Ore, and even heard the sound of tbe Hemes, which, as he turned, already reached t > the celling. The woman at the same Instant discovering her peril started for the street door. She waa at once seized by tbe doctor, he being the only other person present In the room. In s few momenta be succeeded in extinguishing tbe Hemes, at tbe expense of one sleeve ot bis coat and one slightly burned hand. Tbe woman ?scaped without Injury save the lose of her dress and a portion of her underclothing. Ths Svicids op Mb. Dat.?Coroner (Jambte yesterday hold an Inquest at the Twenty-third precinct polloe sta tion on tbe body of John Day, tbs man who committed solctde In tbe barroom of John Lawrence, foot of Eighty sixth street, East river, seriy on Sunday morning, by shooting himself through the heed, as reported In yes terday's Hksalix The testimony revealed no new facts, and tbe Jury rendered a verdict of death by shooting himself with a pistol. Deceased was twenty-nine yean of age and a aative of tbo Lolled latest Tea Aw* 1*0 Casualty.? An inqnest was yesterday held by Coroner Wlldey en the body of Mr. lienry J. Free land, whoso death waa the result of Injuries re ceived on tbe evening of the 23d Instant by the falling upon blm of an awning, comer Sheriff md Oraod streets, as heretofore reported. In the venBci thn Jury censurn Bernard Volk. owner of tho awning, for neglreitny to have II properly secured. Fatal Auidbxtto a ('into. ?On Saturday afternoon Emma F. Richmond, an infant twelve months old, whose mother, Sarah Ann Richmond, 'ires at Nik 1? Cliaum street, ncc denudlv roll*' down a flight of tblr Uen stair", and was so badly Injured tliat concussion of the brain and death subsequently ensued. Mrs. Rich mond was absent from the room at tbe lime of tbo occurrence, and bad left deceased in the cars of an older cbild. Coroner x-h irmer yesterday held an inquest on the body of tbe cbild. HEW YORK LEGISLATORS. Mesnte. Alhitt, Feb. 25, 1867. The Senate reconvened this evening, but there wan not a quorum tn attendance. Sundry petitions were presented for more canal boat piers in New York and lor a metropolitan railway. Mr. Low introduced a bill to facilitate the construction of Montgomery and Kne Railway. The Christopher Street Railroad bill was gone through wiib in the Committee of tbe Whole, and on Utequeeiion. af ordering it to the third reading, Mr. tiMooa moved to smend by providing that tiashcngcrs who cannot be ae commodated witb scat" shall be charged only four ~.ents fare. The vote stood yeas 2, nays 12 The question was raised that no quorum was present, and the -senate adjourned. AmcmMt. Albavt, Feb. S5, 1867. A large number or petitions and remonstrances were presented and referred. Tbe bill providing for the construction of a swing brige over Buf&tlo Creek was recommitted. Several local bills were referred to Sub-Committee of tbe Whole to report complete bills istoodccbd. By Mr. Dixon?-To Incorporate the Williamsburg Bridge Company. By dr. Oaeky?To emend the time for the construc tion of certain docks and basins in Brooklyn. By Mr. Watt rat**?To improve Graham a venae, Brooklyn. By Mr Bickvell?To amend an act relative to Surro gatcourts. Uv Mr. Horr?To provide (pr a Board ot Commissioners of Public ( liarilies By Mr. Lutlej. iin?To amend the Metropolitan Ex cise law. By Mr. D. P. Wood?To legalize certain Onondaga county bonds. By Mr. H. Smith?To remove county buildings from Schoharie to CobtoekiU. Schoharie county; also to amend tbe Capital Police District act By Mr. Hix-iule?To unttbio the city of Brooklyn to rui-e money by tax. By Mr. Robbmis?'To am-nd an act relative to the Re corder's court of the city o. I'tica. By Mr. Wk-ndovrh?1 n amend an act relative to tbe cutting of ire in ihe Hudson river. the soLDiKcn or the wait or 1812. Mr. Waootavv called up a resolution requesting Con gress to grant a rea-otiubln pension to soldiers of the war of 1812, which *<< adopted, and the Assembly ad journe d. EXPLOSION OF A LOCOMOTIVE AT ALBANY. Alsaxv, Feb. 25. 1807. At a quarter after eight this morning tbe Central Rail road locomotive No. '220, while standing on the track be low Broadway crossing, exploded her boiler with eflccts Ihe locomotive was torn to pieces, and frag menu went through buildings three blocks distant. Ab >ut one third of the boiler passed through the roof of John Tracy's distillery, on Cotonie street. All the sur rounding buildings on Broadway are more^r less in jurrd, the Third district station house being most in jured No person was killed, but the following were injured i?Henry Ford, engineer, nose oroken aud other wise injured, he will probably recover. Michael Qulnn, lireinnn. arm broken -raided and badly cut about the head, out not fatally injured, (enrad Julius, foreman of a tin shop at West Albany, was injured, but not so badly. Captain Carroll and oliiceis Kieucliier, White and Bul ger, of the |K)hce force, were slightly hurt. Alexander Carvin. scalded and cut about tne head, not daogerouslv. The locomotive was one of the largest on the road and *?? damaged to the extent of $10,000 Ihe muse of the explosion is suppo-cd to be insufficiency of water in the boiler. LIQUOR SEiZblES IN MASSACHUSETTS. Bortom, Fob. 20, 1867. l'hc State constabulary seized tbe stocks of twenty one liquor dealers in ibis county last week, and prose cuted ibirty-two. Died. Pklton ?At Franklin. Pa., on Saturday, February 23, Kate Ahull, wife of William Tikl"n Pelton, of New Lebanon. N. Y , and daughter of Rev. James AbeU, of Chittenango. N. Y [For Other D'nlhs See Eighth Page ] A. M 1MI KL1L.AN KlIUS. A GREAT ADVANTAGE EXHAUSTED AND*WEAK PERSONS PROM THE USE Or HOFF'8 MALT EXTRACT BEVERAGE OP HEALTH. THE ONLY TONIC SLIGHTLY STIMULATING CONTAINING BUT A TINGE OP ALCOHOL. AS HAS BEEN STATED BY THE REPORT PRESENTED BT THE COMMITTEE OF THREE TO THE NEW TORE ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. IIOFF-B MALT EXTRACT BEVERAGE IS ALSO ADAPTED TO PERSONS SUF FERING WITH DYSPEPSIA. 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Brooklyn, where subscriptionsaioo will be reset >?*. B