Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1867 Page 11
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run OIU, LATELY uni ? aa lauadrase ta ? private family, at Mtk at, to the rear. BO. tiW ?u?ll at ar IOOM YOKH WOULD LOO *0 OBTAIN A stxtrsuzagxet!"? A YOUW A*** r - A orb at avaan or obrkan oau aettaae. Apply ?? 1M Baat Haaataa at. WART SIT rSJar. TOU19Q OIBL WARTS A SITUATION TO DO, OTMHBBMBpikakaalarett/n^^H At 12221 oca A SITUATIONWAWTKD-BY a RBSraOTABLR OIBL, ? tf#a-&'KSs?Ks,?rt.r,xffisr a . nruATtoii VAirmh-fr. a mmfbot.blb J1 roams womea, to do iseme} Imaauuuih, or weald do EreSr4 War two da/a at 87 Weat Stat at, top Soar, front rooat OR WANTEO-Bf A OOOD QIRL, TO SO n family. Call at SSI Waat boa aa work la a muB 1 A SITUATION WAMTBO?BT A TOURO WOMAN, TO . . . . _ | wood RIM A do general housework; la a good plain eook and a -masher and trooar; baa food reference I ?" ?* I ?Can ba aeeu at SSI SSth at. near Mb ar. <6 jj&Ef2^1j* "JWWCTABLB ?wean Slat and 23d ata. ^ ?* M ttk ar., bi A YOUNG LADY OK REFINEMENT WIHHBUrpR aom? light employment: writes a plain, rapid hand; baa objno ton to travel with a familyOj*Itforo1* or?J^*r . Adti ** - - ** *" ~4'" "" m Aw AddreM for three days, wilb particulars, B. Fountain, * RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS TO J\ go out to work by tho day, or take la washing; caajive Aha beat of city referenoo. Can bo eaen at No. I Weal RTtbet A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES a 8ITXJA tion to oook, waah and Iron ta a private family; good reference given. Apply at 637 3d av? top Boor, front. RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A baby to wet aurae or a child to care. Call at MO Waat A BBSPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A SITUATION aa nurse: baa acted In that capacity several years, and fully competent to take the entire charge of an Infant m lia birth; has the very beat of city refer R from lis birth; haa the very beat of city reference*. Can be ?een for two daye at 373 3d av., bet wet a Rd and Sid ate.. In Abe etore. A COMPRTRRT DRESSMAKBR AND RBAMTM88, A going out by the day, wiahea to make a fsw mora en wagoaaonU; is a good operator on Orovao A Baker's machine; also en Wheeler A Wllaon'n Can ba eaen at bar home, MB A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WISHES TO RNOAOR A by the day, week or month; underetaoda all kind of family sowing. Terms reasonable. Apply at bar preeent employer's, iff Waat Uth at, nearTthev. YOONO GIRL WARTS A SITUATION AB CHAM A *22 A barw t aalaa i Swaaarth barmaid aadfwaltrvaa or to aaalst with the washing awd ~ " Call at MS Weat lithet, be Oood city reference, i and Bib a vs. < A TOURO WOMAN WISHRB A SITUATION AB CHAM A barmaid sad waitress, or aa anree and seamstress. Seed otiy refereeee. CaU atUt Weat 1Mb at, near Broad A TCUNO GIRL WISnBS A SITUATION TO DO A general b ones work. Can ba aaan for two days at 111 Sib at, ta tho rear, lap Saor, botweea <U and 7th are. TOURO WIDOW LADT WISHRB TO OBTAIN A . mtuatioa aa konaakeepsr. Please address Mia. Waat A station B, Stb av. TOUNO 01RL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM, bermaid and ta do plain sewing. Oood clly reference, at 13* West S7U st A YOUNG OIRL WISHES TO GET A SITUATION TO A do general beusework. in a email family; le a plain ?oak and good washer and Ironer. Oood city referanoe. Can jb ttae for two daye at SM Weat Stb st A TOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN WHO HAS JUST AR A rived from England withes a situation aa chambermaid In a panUeman's family. Can be sees at 19 Grand at A N AMERICAN WIDOW LADY OF INTELLIGENCE A and refinement withe* a situation aa housekeeper in a ft? frprivate family; or would take any situation repair a Bufv of energy and capability. Address for three days re. Butler, Brooklyn Poet ofltee. N AMERICAN LADT OP MIDDLE AGE WILL DO __1 Uw worf * " wrest es perls: A the work of a small family la or out of -the clly; havlug wrest eipeilenee; capable ot taking entire charge: la kind And ebliclng:. the highest reference given. Address B. M. J., Herald ofllce. A TOUNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM PA. bermaid ana seamstress, or a* chambermaid and aaslel in the washing; no objection to the eountiy; good refertnee Rlvea. Call at SS8 Weat 36th v.. A A young woman wishes a SITUATION AB JL ehamb abermald and wallresa; good reference. Call at 210 Baat SSUi at., third floor, back room, between I and 3 o'clock. TOUNO SOUTHERN WIDOW WISHES A BIT nation at housekeeper to a widower or a bachelor. j at or addresa 7d Weat 36th et. Noue but Brat class need apply. A TOUNO OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AB JL chambermaid and to assist with the washing and Brewing; good references. Call far twa days at 173 Ninth av., aaar at. Seam*4' TOUNO WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION?TO eook, waah and iron, or would do general housework iu family; beat oX oily reference. Call at 616 illcka ow ConjyMt and Amity, Brooklyn, top floor, front A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU Jk. attoti to cook, waah and Iran, la a small family; flrat Ciaii for two days at 117 Weat itAl at A SITUATION WANTED-BT A NEAT, COMPETENT Jl young girl, aa waitress and chambermaid; best or city Rerereaoe. CaU at M West Waahtagtoa place. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress; best ef city reference, ba seen et 438 4U av., between 80th aad 3lal ata. KSPBCTABLK YOUNG GIRL, LATELT LANDED, _jta?s a Mtuatioa as chambermaid; is willing to aaaiat i the washing and ironing. (Mil at 14B Sullivan at., ia SeSrM. Rack n ESPEOT ABLE GIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO tha housework of a small famllv, plnln cooking, and Ironing, or wonld do chamberwork and take of children; ibe Is a Lion tabular: ety reference ir re gf, * CaU at 437 Columbia at., Brooklyn, second Boor, ; A WIDOW LADY RKS5KF8 A POSITION AS UOI'SK keeper in or out of Ih. otiy; can furnish the boat of ref erences. Call on Mrs. Sidney, Girard Louse, corner of Chambers *(. and West Brniihrnv. Ssi RESPECTABLE LtDV-JUST RETURNED PROM tha South, wishes a situation as boiieekeoper or lo at _ on an Invalid; Is a gi od seam*lre*a aud a c.pilal olar. Call for one week at 40 Sheriff sL t RESPECTABLE GIRI. WISHRB A SITUATION AS A oook, washer and Ironer Iu a small resiiei'table family: lias the best of city reference from her last place. CaU at. RCVSth av.. East 48th si.. In the candy store. ?A msli A HJJtn e? SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RRSPBCTd BLE Mrs is. Una I Rise store. , aa good plain cook, washer aad ironer; rlv of cook aU kind* of etjokir.j and la an esc-ileal luun ba seen at Sltt West 3Mb at., front room, over A 90PR R toR BRAMSTItKSS DESIRES AH ENtJAOK ?n UK-nt to do plain and fancy needle work; alao to cut And 9t lidta*' ana chlMranx nrmrou, at home or at em Mofar*a rceideoco, lino daya la each week. OaU at or ad bm lit Sib at, fourth four, back room. Fa touno oirl wishes actuation as cham mil bormatd; la a moot excellent wallrea?; aieo a girl to do ~ " ouaowork; tha be U of fljlv nfannmi at SI Weot I iASS the boat of oity reference!. Call for iflkaL 1 , SITUATION WANTRD-BT A COMPRTBMT TOCKU I woman, aa ebomborvnaM and laundroaa, la a ivato family; good elty raferaiieo from berlaat place, n bo aooa tar two day* at 3? Kail aid at, aeoood floor, RJWPBCTABLB WOMAN WIBUM A SITUATION aoaook. waahar and iron Or In a private family; 'hae I cH^ ioforeaoo. Call for two daya at OA! let ar? be HOUSKkEE PRH'M SITUATION wanted-bt an Kngllah woman with a IBMifn IM| gentleman and ililraa; la capable of making a home comfortable. Can ba 'a for iwo daya at Itf fcaai Fith at., In tha toy atoro, iron till i. TOlINO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAM. BnrmaMand waltrooa or aa waitraoa alona; good ro Call a t SSS lat ay.. entrance on Xaat Situ at. TOUNU AND VERT OFATERL PROTESTANT girl wanu a aliuation to da rliamoerwork and waiting ; I rataraaco. Can ba aaaa at US Weet ISih at. J RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT UIUL WISHAS A _ _ situation aa chambermaid aad aeamatreaa or waltroaa End chambermaid; frx.d chy reference. Can ba teen to-day (Tnaaday) at HI Waal ma at., Smt floor, in tha rear. SITUATION WANTED-AB COOK; IB AN RXCEL lent baker and good meet add pantry cook r no objac i to do the eonrao washing. ran glye good etty rare ranee. t SO lflth at., corner 7tn ae. BTBaDT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS plain cook; la a good wgaher and Ironer; or would do ral honeewwH In a email family, good diy reference i her laet place. Can be aeen for two day* at LA oreb I at. t>p floor, la the rear. SITUATION WANTliD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, aa lady'* maid ai d aeamatreaa; undoretande henaa mm t and drcasnwklug In alt Ita braaebed; would hare no i to me toEurnpc with a lady; con ba wall reoonf Call from 10 to I o'clock at <38 flth ar. SITUATION WANTED ?BT A RE8PBCTABLH you eg woman, lately landed, aa oh era barmaid; la a I plain aewar. Call at MB Kaet fBth at., flrat floor. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to do chamberwork or to take care of chlldrea; i of elty rafaranoa. M Weat iiOth at., front baaemeni. RRflPROTABLM OIRL DRSIRBB A SITUATION AS competent obomberm .id; would aaatot with the waah 1 lioulag, in a private tamllr; the beet of city refer Call for iwo daya at MIS Sd av., between l.*h and ?. IRS PHOT A BLR TOUNO Q1RL WANTS A 8ITUA '"to do aanaral houeoworkl la a good waahor and Dan in nan tar two dare nt IIS Weat Uat at. Ar UTNKWJ 41 Cril _ rcsa?i#wss >f family ?nte:?imAoi im? "OaUiiWn?:"A.. Wt?fSfc?US?,*!*' a ^Ta&ga^^wwaiaa taoeian. er I* do mm) aeusework (a a Mull ornate urs arnTiSd dlyrefarauoa. Can for two daya at 14 Spring ikawn>>liiy> A SITUATION WAMTBD?BT A TOUMO OIBL, A8 A waitress or chambermaid; U ? geod aewar. First olaaa Oaa be ?? a* 175 Knat lfith at.. first floor. SITUATION WAMTBD?AS COOK. WASHER AND lnmer. Apply Mrdey at pmaeni mpU|m<a W La* lngtoaev., between tth and diet A PROVABLE ENGLISH OIBL WISHES A 8ITIT I alio a m chambermaid sad waitress; can uslit In washing mad Ironing. Call at bar present empiyer's, corner af tab As. and 84th at. _ A RESPECTABLE, NEAT PROTESTANT GIRD wishes a situation to travel with a lady to California or any part of the United States. Call at 110 Kuiton St., Brook lyn, for three weeks A VERT WELL EDUCATED PROTESTANT GERMAN girl desires a place to tend tocbfdren and teach the German language, or as lady's maid and to do plain sewing; good references osn bo given. Inquire at 81 West 00th at., basement. A FIR8T RATE COOK'S SITUATION .WANTED?BY A 1 A. very competent person; Is a good bakor; nnderatand* French and American cooking well; be.t city references. Call at 80 West 18th at., between 6th and dth evs., in the rear, for two days. A SEAMSTRESS WANTS WORK TO GO OUT BT THE day; can cat and St ladles' and children's dresses and boy's clothing; is a good operator; has a machine oPber own if wanted. Call at 188 7th sr., near 83d st A COMRETENT PERSON WiSllKS A R11UAT10N AS A child's nurse and to do light chamberwork or plain sew ing, or chamberwork and assist with children; he* first class rei erotica for character and capability. Call at or address for two days 158 3d sr. FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, ACCUSTOMED TO work In French establishments, wishing to work out the day. Is la want of a few brut class Isdy oustomors. " at 8W 6U> sr., between 18th and lf?tb sis. by tl Call _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, i\ as nana and to do plain sewing: best of oily rofarencs oan be glean. Call at 164 East 88d st. between Id and 3d avs ARKSPEOTaBLB WOMAN WISHES, A SITUATION aa nurse and asamstress; sen take ehargo or a hsby from Its birth; Used tn ker last plaoa nine years. Inquire st 1U 7U? av. A SITUATION WANTED?RT A OBRMAN WIDOW woes?, to do general housework in n private Amen ean family. Apply at I6I> Orchard oC, in the rear, root No. 9L A TOUNO OIEL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAEB A career ehildren end aaake herself geaerally ueeful Beat city reference. Call at 17th A, two doors east of 64 as., over the coal oMeo. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RB8PBCTABLB young woman, to do chamberwork and waiting. Has good refersnoa. Call at 1M East 47th at. between 8d end Id ewe A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE-AGED WIDOW LADT A wnete n sitae den as aaree, or woeM lake charge of a baby from ite birth. Call at K8Beet 16th eg., between av. A L A WOMAN WI8HBS A SITUATION AS COOK.-SHE Jx nndaratanda all kinds of eoofctng, and la e good baker; is willing lade some washing; is clean and obliging; esn lake charge of ker apartments. '.laving n Utile fc:rl a years old, would like her fit the house with hei s is a good man nered, healthy child. Wages will be moderate. Mo one need caU but a respectable family. The beat of city retereuce. Call at 116tb st, near the Bowery, one pair of stairs, front room, for two days. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL WISHES A MTU A JX lion as chambermaid; or would do housework In e small private family; has city reference. UA11 at 86 West 61th street, near 6th av. A SITUATION WANTED-KY A RESPECTABLE girt. aa wst nurse in n private family; no objection to the country; has the best of clly refereuce. Apply for two days at Mast Ibth at, between let and 3d svs. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do oh unborwork and as seamstress; bast city reference from last place tor four years. Apply at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUSG WOMAN AS nurse and seamstress; does ail kinds of fine sewing; be-t of eity reference given. Call for twe days ei 81 West 10th st., between 0 h sad 3th avs. AKESPBCrAHLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO GO out sewing by the day or week or month; uadersU mh ell kHids of family sew tar and Wheeler A Wilson's me chine; good nity reference. Call at or address 130 West lfith street, near 7th av., third tloor, husk room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation as good plain cook, or would du general housework la n small private family; good references. Call at 18 Downing street, rtilrd tloor, busk room. A RESPEOTABLK WONAN WISHES A SITUATION AS A plain oook, good washer bad Irooer la a email family; would maka herself generally uaefnl; good city refetvace. Cal at amw of Mth at. aad Sd or., aaat aide, top Boor, i two days. A TO UNO AMERICAN OIKL WISHBS BMPLOTMENT by tbo day or week fo a pi-Irate family; Baa always worked at dressmaking. Call on or addreaa-l/raeaai? bar, lot Waat Slth at, between ?h and 7th are. ARBS I* ROTABLE OIRL WANT* A SITUATION TO oook waah ana Iron or dogenaial boneewurk in a ?mnll beat city ruference. Call at 817 4th av., between 46th A RESPBCTABLB OIKL ITISUBS A SITUATION Af ohambormsld and waiiraM; boat eity rereiaiico Irom ber laal plaoe. Call at 8S9 West KM at., betareenfthaadhih avenues. ATOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS PIRST olaaa family oook; baa the beat of otty reference fur eaatnaaa, economy and indnatry; la wlllingi? aaalat in tbc washing. Oan ha aaaa for two day a atATI 7th nr., near Sith at ? A healthy, respbctablb married wd *an, with a tresh breast of uulk, ail weeka old, baaing bat ber brat baby, wlabea a altuatlou aa wet nurse in a genile man's family. Oan giro Srat elaaa eity reference. Can be acen at 8ll 4th a v.. above ttth at. A SITUATION WANTED?AS OHAOTBRMAID AND waltraaa, by a reaper-table gii L uood reiereuoe. Call at 490 tills nr., room No. 9. a SITUATION WANTED?A8 NURSE AND STLUS A stress, by a yenng Three v-srs' relcicuoa from last place. Call at 490 6th it., room No. S. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PTRST CLASH COOK j\ in a private family; understands cooking in all lie brsnoijua, and haa (r od retereace. Apply at HI West IKtll St. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO DO jl chsmbarwork nrid Wrvltitui. Oood city roferaocee. Call for two dmyeot 2o0 Evst 14th St., between let ?v. au.i ay. A, second lloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED. ItY A KKNPKCrAKI.K OIRU jf\ na waitress. or would R**Ut In chautberwork. Cantur oisb rood reirret c Caa be seen tor two daye at 69 Went awh ?t. A SITUATION WANTED. AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress by a thoroughly competent ?ri- 1 a?t otty rcf eience*. Can be teen at her rmployar'a. lie East 89th at. A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A LADY, AS CLOAK ratter, baring yeare ol experience, or to take eharge of a work room; the beat of reference. Address H. 11. A., station B, Grand at. A SEAMSTRESS WISHES A SITUATION IN A PER Tata family to do plain sewing. Apply at di Orchard St.. near tlrand. a RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT WKftS A a good altoaHon aa rood rook, washer and Ironar; na objection to ctty or eouniry; good city rcferraoa nan be given. Pali at East ISth at., np eta re. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPBCTABLB A young girl, aa oook, and would assist With tbo washing aad Ironing If requlrnl; the bast of city reference given Irom last place. Apply at 90S *1 av., between *4th and?U eta., lop floor. AS COOK.?WANTED, BT A RB8PKCTABLK SCOTCH P rotaetaat, a situation in a gentleman's family; thor oughly understands her business; exoellent , reforenooe. Can re aeon at? M eat 80th at. near Sth av. Country pre ferred. , YQUNO OIRL WISHBS A SITUATION AS nHS+ class ws I tress; best or dty references from laat place. Oall far two days at 874 West Sltb at. A RBSPRCTABLB YOUNO OIRL WISH** A WtUA; A tlon in a price te family to eook, wash and Iran. Call for two days otfS Waat 19th at., between 4th and 7|h am A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE M4R rted woman, aa erst nurse; baa a freah broaai of milk; ber Bret baby. Apply ta Mrs. On , Sd Hamilton tL, In the roar. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PRO A teat ant woman, who la a first class oouk; is willing t# assist with the washing Ir required, good city referanor. Call at 84 West 17th at., between #tn and 7th sts., la the rear, until suited. ___ A YOUNG WOMAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDEB A stands her business wlshoa a situation as waitress; the beet of otty reference given. Call at DM 9tb av., in the fancy store. A MOST RKHPKCTABLK YOCNU WOMAN. JVHT A arrived from Bngteftd, wishes a aHnatlon aa chamber maid or plain oook In a small family, and has had good at patience In the cere of children; would travel with a fam ^Wr'tmhT ?* ra,er*B**- Can b? men for two days at A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A GOOD A notation to do general housework In a curate r milly: caa cook, waah and free; haa good dty reference. Apply at 98 Carroll at., Booth Brooklyn, far two days. _ A N AMERICAN WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS A nurse to an invalid lady or children; haa the bast of city reference. CaB at ITS Beet 17th at., In the iters. A SITUATION AH CHAMBERMAID AND WAtTRK?8. Apply for two days at 169 Weal KM A. PI fteen monlhe reference irom last plaoe. ACoMI'RTBNTOIRI. WHO HAH ACTED Ad CHAM hcrraald and nurae. and an ilo plain sewing, d. sires a situation; best of ally raiareoco. Call for two daye at Na. 189 West 89th at. A RESPBCTABLB PROTESTANT YOUNO OIKL wishes a situation to do chsmberwork and plain aew. SITUATIONS WANTED?-PKMALKS. | I srea .s;^ a?a;m .".gag fris> IT sh, ?r Bowsrr A MPSPBOTABLB YOUMG OUL WANTS A ?TJJA A Dm' I* do moeral biimwwt; good whrnm. Call far twe fc>? at A?U A wrOkaki A A SITUATION WANTBD NT A TO UNO OKA HAS A woman vlth a fresh hrmil of milk. Good iAmih gleam Oo? ah Kw. LomMa, Al r A FIRST CLAW SEAMSTRESS WISHES WORK NT the day; oao out and fit hWlmm aad work M W hooter a Wtlaaa ad 16 Bast llih at. A A BBSPBOTABLB MABBIBD WOMAN WISITKS A A baby to wet aaw?atherewm iwldsim. WEIngst. A TO UNO AMERICAN GIRL WVMBS A SITUATION to taka ear* of a babr. aad to wiling m mate herself asearoliy useful. Cabat?av. B, between <ttandMsta., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN WMIIKS A MTU atlon as chambermaid and waitress; has no objection to take cars or children, or would do housework la a small private family, has tho best city reference. Call al Ml KU av.. between15th and lfith sis., In tho fancy stove. . A respectable young woman, will do thb washing of fumlttes or ojugle gentlemen al her osra hours; la com potent to do the flneit description of work; French flultug, poUshlufcAa, In the best style; highest city refers urn*. Cab at lflrWast 86th St., botwaen Broadway and 6th ar. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A8 NURSE and seamstress; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine; or would do ehamberwork and waltiog; has bast city reference. Call at or address 181 East 6th si., near 84 ar. AYOUNO AMF.BIOAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION to take charge of a child or to do light ehamberwork. I or address J. L., care of Mrs. Butterworth, rrar of 188 Prince st. ACTUATION WANTBD-AS FIRST CLASS COOK. Including baking and pastry; also a young woman to do ehamberwork cud waiting or washing; city retereuce. Call at 411 2d sr., uear 24th St., second floor. A GERMAN rilOTESTANT PERSON, SPEAKING French and English, wishes a situation as lad ha' maid or sesmatresi; no objectiou to travel to Europe. Call at 153 Sd sr., lu the store. WIDOW WOMAN?WITH A HOT 10 TEARS OLD. wishes a situation as a first class cook; no objootlon to the country and to make herself useful; wat.-ea no object but a steady home. Gall at <W Waat Washington place. A FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A private I'aynily; understands soups, pastry, wild fowls and all kinds of made up dishes in European style; Is a good baker. Call on or address C. C., 80S East 84th St., up stairs. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH flrst class waitress, or to do ehamberwork and waiting; good city referenoe from her laai place; no objections to go in the country. Call at SSS West 36th st GOOK.-SrrCATION WANTED, BT A GERMAN woman, as flrst class French cook: thoroughly under stands every branch of the art; beat of city reference. 21 Delaneeyat. Only flrst class house. No Washing. COOK.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITU, alios as first rate eook; no objection to aaalat with the washing and Ironing; bast of reference Apjjty at 78 West DRESS AND CLOAK CUTTER WISHES A SITU. alios. Address H. R., italioa P. ftw oae week. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A LADY of education and refinement; would take charge In a widower's family; best of rtferenos given. Address G. 8. P., station F. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A PER. son fully competent to-the eity or eosratry. Addreae for three days Mrs. Hie acker, station D Post oillee. Ladies wishing to Learn to cut and fit their awn Ureases, also Improvers that have no chanoa to learn, should apply Immsdlateiy or address, statng residence. Dressmaker, 462 Id sv. Millinery and fanct business.?a young lady, a good saleswoman and hariag some knowledge of millioory. wants a situation; salary not an object Ad dress J. W..boi 217 Herald oglce. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A MOST BBSPBOTABLE girl, to do Ute general housowork of a small (anally; te an excellent washer aad ironar: has no objaution te go a short distance lu the oouutry; is both willing and obliging. Can be seen for two dhya at gl Bast 81st st. near 1st av. SITUATION WANTED AS REAM9TRESS.?UNDER stand* ell hinds of family sewing and embroidery; by the week, day or month. Apply for two days at 418 4th a v., in tba store. QITUATION WANTED?BY A. YOUNG AMERICAN O girl, to mind ohlldreu and do light ehamberwork; good eity reference glvsu. Call at her present plaes, 281 8th sr., lit the bakery store. Situation Wanted?To do general hours work la a small family, by a respectable girl; willing and . obliging. Apply over the bakery, 3d av., corner of 81st st SITUATION WANTED?TO DO OHXMBKKWORIf ASrD fine, w gibing: mod eMy referenoe. Call at 3U Weat Kill at., between fit band 8th ass., first floor. QITUATfON WANTBD-BYA RESPECTABLE WOMAN. O as eook; te an excellent washer and Ifoner and good bafcar; bast of city mfarsuea. Call for two days at 81 West 90th st., nanr 6th ay. CITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, AR O good plain rank, washer and iroaer; good oily ml-pence. Call be seen al 187 Weat 2%1 ok, between 6th and ith ova, SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, as chambermaid or waitress; best of elly refer, ence. Can be seen for two days at 226 East 28th at., flrst floor, front room. SMT0ATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND ? waltresa, or a* oh imbermald and plain aewor; boat oily rs/sroncs. Call at 131 Waat tlatuc, agar nth aT. SITUATION wanted?bt a rmt class fhbncr I O oook; iiim ler-tandv American ; a Ian boning and larding, aim pa, paatrlea and daaaarla of all klmto; apeato both lan guage#; no objection to a mall boarding boaaa or hotel; ollf rofereuc*. Cati at ?> Holt at., teg door, haak una. J SWTCAT10N WANTED?BT A RliSPKCTABLB GIRL, I ? aa Br?t olnaa-cook; la an excellent baker; good city ref- I aience; would aaalat at waahlug and Ironing. Call for two I day< at M Weal 24U) st, third door. I SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE OKR BaB sir!; la a good aeamatreM and hatrdreaier; wishes A situation in * drat olaaa family. Inquire at IB uelancey at., third floor. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL. wash and Iran; la n good SHTUATION WANTED?BT A ? in a private family, to cook, w. (Wot. Cm for two daya at dthi BUa I S1 rou, i# m go in av., corner 3Hth at. uood olty rafarcuue. ITUATIO* WA.NIED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 1 woman, aa wet nurae. Call for tliraa days at IS Matt at, room It. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A COMPETENT WGMAN. to do general bouiework; la a plain oook aod a good wa -.Uer nnd iro.ior. No objection to liie country. Call fat two dayi at AM Wcit adth at. Uood reference. SITUATION WANTED?BYARESPECTABLE WOMAN, aanratol iavuoo'ic; unilareii ode c ?olung In itUlla braechca; would bo willing to a-Mat wltb plain Wnahing; beat of city rcfcrunr;' can be given. Apply for two da;> at 12il Win 19th at., near 8th nv. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPEOTARLS YOUNG girl, aa 11 rat rate eooh; nadoMtande tier bnxincna thor cook moot, poultry end game; can al?<> make good *oup and paltry; out ghre the boa' of oily refarenoe. oau be Mien lor two day* at 149 Weal Kith ah, between Tth ami Sib nva. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, to embroider and a* aeamatroai; would not ob joet to take ehargo ot a baby; good rnleronoe. Call lor two day* at 3!>1 i-Uxabelh at., ooi ner lion-ion. OTTUATtON WANTED-AS PROFESSED COOK, BY A p? woman who thoroughly uudoratanda her buslue?? m all Ita hrnnenea; beat city reference. Cen be Men at her em ployer's. KB Beet :>3tli at. SITUATION WANTED?BT A FIRST CLASH WAITRESS In a private faintly; beat city reference Call at 117 Weat Eld at, nenr 7 th av. SITUATIONS WANTSD-BT TWO RE8PECTABLB persons: one oa eiok and the other aa wait rexa; both thoroughly uuderatond thrlr bitalne--, and dealre altuatlona In a in :vaie fatally: good olty references Call at 1X1 7th av., between XBth and lutb ale. Situation wanted-as seamstress, bt a middle aged peraon, a ProteeUat; can eut and fit; un derstands dressmaking; by the day or month If anitad; le willing la mu bene* generally oaeful;ts strictly trust woi thy, and of good tanlUy. Can be eeen where aba hae lived lout year*. Addrexe It. A. Herald oflioo. SITUATION WANTED?BT A PROTESTANT WOMAN, C? ae nook in a aaloon or restaurant of meet, paatry or cooking in general, Adderts Cook, etaiion D. 8tn at. CITOatijN wanted-bt a middle aosd wo O man. In n private ramlty; U a Oral ola-a cook; under atande her buaieea* in all lu branched no objection to go eabort dl-tancutn the country. Call Tor two daya at 147 Eaet SBth ?V. be; ween Id and ?d,aca. S'lTCAIIO* WANTBD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, TO > do general hooaework; good city reterenoe. Call at 131 Baal A* h at., first floor, beck room. Situations wantrd-by two protbstant girts, one to oook, wash end Iron, the other aa chamber maid aad wallreaa; no ofejeedona to go In the country; good referenoe. Call s! 70 Wnat Mth at., tceend floor. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PRO tesiant girl, tode general housework, or aaalat at the weebingsn.i lrenieg; neod city reference. Cell el SB Bast 98d at., near 3d at., second Boor. WASHER leferenen. ? days I (JITUATION WANTED?AS PLAIN OOOK, U andlronaria a private family. Oeod city Call ion.two daya at Weet flttb at. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG healthy Prmeetatit woman, aa wet mit ae, Beat oily ref ereoee. Apply at (73 Weetaflth at, between Alb and 10Ui ???., twu flight* up, back room. ?*' SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTBSTANT WOMAN, ij aa chamber ml Id nod waltroea. Call at t7fl Kaat 17th at., between tat etyd 3d aim. No objoogoe to the eoeatry.

SITUATION WANTED?BY A UOOD OIRL, TO DO general bonaework; la a good waaher and Iroaer; will make hei-elf generally neeftiT; hea reference. Call at Stlfl Weat 1Mb at., between 9th and loth ava. OlTUATlON WANTED?BY A RBSPBOTABLR OIRU O aa chambermaid and waUram. Haa good city referenos; Cell el Bt<- W t <t metbetween Ml sad nth ave. SITUATION rANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do geuoral uoOMWork, M a email family; good refer ence. Aildreaa 1^1 lludaou at, Situation wantbd-bt a respectable young girl, ae at* ma tr as or to attend children; excellent aewer end culler el drarnes Be. Highest references given. A'idreea Mte? M. H. II., atatton I>, Bible Honaa, two da>?. SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUItO WOMAN, AS cha-nbermald and wallrwea, or ae chionlmrmaPt and to aaalat with wnahtng; good reference given. Call furtive day* **S7 w**t *?>" ??? SITUATIONS WANTBD-BT TWO RKSPBCTABLE girt*; ofle aa ook. waaher and trtmer; the other at chambermaid and waltreee. The of city reference ban bu given, call for two mm at its west ?th at. J ?! i in i inira iri w i hi | ? yfy; ?" ?y?*? "? griStV/???*?4uTw6ua!T ?iVSasrsaa 'jsasvsKs SITUATION WAHTKD-BY a respectable dbb< man woaaan, a* wst nurse. Apply at 96 11th st. May. npwo GIBLS WISH SITUATIONS?OMR AS COOK AED X to aoalit with washing and Ironing; the other to to ohamberwork and Suei waahlngjbotb In the mum house: city referenoe. Call at 198 Weat 27th St., between 7th ud IHh ATA qiWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG 01RL8 WT8II SITU A X (ton*; one A* cook, washer and Irooer; the other aa chambermaid and waitress; no objection to assist with wash tug and Ironings good eltr reference from their last places. Call for two day* at 835 West 26th it TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS; one as good plain oook. washer and Ir ner tlie other as chambermaid and waitress; best city rttfeieuoe from last place. Call nt SIS West 28th St., between 8th and 9tb arm., in the rear, for two days. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good plain conic; Is wtlltnr to assist with the washing and Ironing, or is wlUiu: to >Io the trashing and Ironing of a small family; has the host city reference. Call at 4?2 *Vo?t32J St., between 9th and 10th av*., flrst floor, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION A9 NURSE AND SEAM, stress or aa chambermaid and setimstress: does not tin. dersland running a sewinc machine, or to do plain cooking, Washing and Ironing. Hits got the best of city references. No objection to the country. Can be seen for two days at 169 East lull nt.. near8J av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A GERMAN GIRL, A good sewer and well acquainted with nil kinds at hand work, to wait on children In an American or Gorman family. Inquire at No. 6 Orchard St.. In the milk store. ANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NORSE. INQUIRE at 87 1st p.nce, Brooklyn. w W( TIT-ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO CTRL, At II w.itrca* or ehnmbermaid and to assist in the wash Ins and tronlnz. Good city retereuoe from her last place. Call at Lit Charlton si. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A PLAIN COOK, washer and Ironer; prefers a situation wlthonl wnsh Imt Mid Ironing; lias a little girl (1*years old! who le rery handy to wait on table, who she would tike to hare with her In the same family. Good references given. Inquire at 186 fin*t *M st., Brat floor, front room, from Wist o'clock. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOBD woman, a situation as cook. Cangire the beat refer eneos. Can be eeen until engaged at lOSWest RHh at, first fleor. tT7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A TT situation to do general housework in e small private family. Can be eeen at her laat place, 137 Beet 39th at ' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as waitress and to assist In light ehamberwork in n private family; witling to go to Newburs In summer. Best etty reference can be given. Call at <67 MB av., be tween 87th and 4MB ate., for two days. WANTED?BT A GIRL, A SITUATION AS SEAM stress; would Be willing to see to e child from three to four yearn of age; understands all kind* of sewing; can do silk and eotton embroidery, or would bo willing to travel with a family; Is never seasick; the beet ef etty inference. Call at No. ? 6th at. WANTED?BY A GERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION AS VV chambermaid and waitress in a private family. Call at No. 13938*1., rear house. ?**sad floor, WANTBD-BT A YOUNO WOMAN LATELY LANDED, f T a situation to do general housework In a small family Inquire for two day* at MS West Mth at., hut ween 8th and 9th era. first finer, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A. MIDDLE AOl If women, as laundress In n private family; he* the h of ally referents, f was six years In her last at (nation. ] outre at 390 Tih a v. between 94th and 3Mh sts.. top floor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chamhorntUd^nd seamsiress, or wouKl do walling: naa the best ot city reference. Oull at 163 Beet 48lh st., fourth floor. I* a good embroiderer. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK AND TO Vt assist In washing and ironing; no objection to go e short distance in the country. Can be eeen for two days at 83 7th at., between 1st and 3d art. ^ SPfiAHJUL' JEL A BEJasuc II 55Rig womSn. 57RBfcerS2^ work; is a good waah?r and maker up of linen; haa Ibe beat or reference. Cuu tie tpen at 83 Orchard at., rear, first floor, for two days. . WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION YY aa chambermaid or waitress. Can be seen tor two day* at 331 East B8J st., betwean 1st and 3d ars., second lloor, froul room. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY girt, as plain oook uud to assist In washing and Iron ing; best of relerenoe. Can be seen for two days at 864 Uest 16th st WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, who la a competent seamstress: can operate ou Wlllcox A tllbbs' or Qrovor A Beker'a machines; has no ubje.:Uuu le Ughl ehamberwork or to take care ef growing children; best referenoe given. Can he seen for two days at 382 East 9th at., flrst floor, front room. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE . PROTESTANT w girL s sltnsllon aa children's nurse; would have no gtion to a family travailing or going to Europe; baa the m.-omraendailoua. Call for thro* day* nt u> East 1Mb objection I bast reooa . sl, between 1st sv. and sr. M, flrst flour, back room. ANTED?BY A BEWROTABLE OIRL, A SITU A tioii as o bam barms id. nraitros* or aeamstrocs. or would assist In the care of children; b is good raferenon from her last pUo*. Call at ID) Want 19th al, Bear Mb nr., la the ruer. w WAMTKD?A. SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE gift, u chambermaid and to assist with waiting aud Ironing; boat of reference. Apply for two dara at 3M Waal What: _ ' WANTBD-BT A WOMAN, A SITUATION; IS A GOOD cook, washer and irouar; ally reference. Call at Ml) Allen alraet, top Door. TpiTAfcTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO OIRL. AS VV chambermaid or la do light housework. Call for two, days at <90 oth a?., corner 30tk at. TI7ANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girl, aa nurae and waitress. Haa the beat of e?ly refer enoo from bar last pUoa. Can ba anaa at SI West idt b at. WWm ANTED?BY A RKRPKCTABLK PROTESTANT I gir , a situatlou aa cook, waaher and Ironar. Apply at aia Weal 19th at. TVANTED-A situation, by a married woman, TV to (Jo light lionscwork, or chumburwork and plain sewing. Wlsbca to hare her Utile girt with her, aged nine jre.u a. Apply at 83 3d at., room 18. Nona but Protestants need apply. \I7 AhTElr?BY A RENPBCTABLE WOMAN, A SITU TV atkin ua cook; no objection*, If required, to as*l*t In washing. Too boat 01 ct|y rcfeteuco. Call at US Waal .llii at., for two days. ii/anted-by a respectable touno curl, a TV situation aa chambermaid and wait.eta; gocd refer en -e given. Call for two tlaya at 228 Kaal 1Mb at., oue night of stairs, back ru9ios. WAS 111 NO.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN wishe* to gnt the waabing of a few tab tea aim geitUe mcn at tier evidence; ahi] ta done up lu the neatest manner. [Call at 383 Went UMh it., third floor, tront room. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE RNOLIAH PERSON, I a alturtlon aa seamstress In a gentleman's lamily; would assist m tho light part of tha housework; reference glgrn. Address M. D., Poat office, Brooklyn. W^HANTED-AS BOUSBKKLPEB, BT A WID 1W LADY accustomed (n the chargs of a house. a sltm. t? noma lamily or ealabliahment; salary not eo much an oi.,e:i aa a comfortable home. Addieaa A. W , nation D. WANTED- A SITUATION, BT a FIRST CLASS COOK; IF understands cooking In all Ita branches; baa no objec tion to a Ural cUas boarding bouaa or n small hotel, or would gun aboil distance In the c-untry. Cnn be seen for two daya at 131 Md St., between Lexington and 3d ars. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS chain barmaid and waitress or to do the general work of a small family; haa two years' city reference from laat place. Call for two daya at 307 Greenwich at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, I a situation aa good seek; haa no objection to aaaitt in the washing or to go to the country; city reference. Apply at the orockery state, 377 Sd sr., between igitli and 2th u slA, tar two daya. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO DO out by tho day boost cleaning or to wash and troa. Good city ra aranea. Call at 191 Weal X7th el, rear butldiug top floor, for two daya. WM ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A HITUA tfcun to da general housework, la n good washer and ironar; haa a buy U years old who la uaefiil round a house; no objection* to go to the eenntrr, or would honsnkeen for a widower. Best of references can ba given. Addrnaa House keeper, tie i aid office. w nrANTED-OITJATIONH AS FIRST CLASS COOK TV and chambermaid or ? $% ' waitress, br two respectable Welsh and ivnglleh. Have good city reference. Call Wast ttth at. w ANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A PROTESTANT young girl; Brut class waitress, haa three years' reter | sue* from her laat piece. Call at 81 Wast 19th si., near 6th aranne. TIT ANTED?BY A RKBPBCTABLK PBOTBBTANT W girl, a situation tn take care of children or do rbtlii sewing, or to du chamber-work and taka care of children. Can aaow good r-'erenees. Call for two days at 87 8th ar? fourth floor, lront re>>tr>. Wanted?a aitc ation, by a re ?purr able young woman, aa laundress, and w< aid In eb.imberwurk; no objeatlnna to a short < ? '.<-* < tha country; good rsferenoe. Can ba seen ?tfug7.1, ,?a near Jlthet._ VIMS TBI)?A Slti ATION, BV A Kl.^PKCTABLK VV widow w -. lug, washing ud like to take her. ? at 319 3d ar., top fl,?u. W widow vr imau, todu grns.-rl likii<'w. a, plain ceuk Ing, washing ud Ironing, h .? .. ^ rl la >vrs old, and would like to take bet. >,aa be ?ueo .'ui ?'i .leys, fruw 10 till 8, YOCBO UIRL WAAtd A ii(.'ATION AH CHAMHKft meld .'.ud ' ? v ?( ni .,o objection to assist in wash ing; has the her'. c../ re; or nnce. Call at 248 7 ih av., Ik I ween tsR and fT'li ???. T\7 AN fKK?BY A EP.HI'KCTARLB Y 'iNGtliRL, S VV situation as chauilie:- nald snd waltrera. or waitr* alone; two rears from last altuadwn. tiall at griO West Slel at, betwoeu bib and lUh avffi, Ur,t toor, up stalr-s. Wmm ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A girl, as nook and to naatet with the wrahlafl and Iran seven rears referonua lium her laat p.ace. t * I h>. Ill sea., aaeet-.d floor . front VT (Jin, ne anu v> nsem will Ing; seven year* referonua from he Weal Fir h at., b?tweefl flh and At It mom, for two .U?a mlmmSSmmlk mfc ttr trg TOJJtTBD-A BITUATKMI, IT A TOC7BO 0% TO *0. YITANTRD?THB WASHING or A FEW 0SNTLB TT men. bya respectable ?hbu, whaee cli iwiliim I""1"' "?? piof Ottt *? work. Those answering U^staGon V>UMnMa4 ** MMnd> ^">l? Mm>. utantrd-a situation, by 1 kksfbotablr TT young flbt to do ehamoerwork, walling and iplain ?ewtogi no objectionsto the oouniry. Beet or city refer ence. Call et ill Kul Xth sL, In the rear, between Id sad Id arm. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RB8P8CTABLR youug woman, to do general housework in a small private famUy. Una the heel of oily reference. Apply at W West 46th at. Vl/ ANTED?A" SITUATION. BT A RESPBCTABLB TT widow lady, aa good plain cook in a amall private family; baa no objection to the country for the summer; best reference from last employer. Can be aeeu for two days at lrit West 30th st, fourth floor, front room. XXTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. TT a situation aa chambermaid and seamstress; ran do thitiue. Can be seen for two days at her employer's, 100 East lttli st. t*rANTKD?nY A RESPECTABLE yoonq woman. TT n s.niatlon as 000k. washer and lroner, er would assist In the washing an Ironing; ie a good baker and baa geud city reference. Tan be .teen till engaged at 310 West H61I1 st., be* twecn 7th and 8th avs. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS seamstress; would assist with ehamberwork; under* stands dreastn tklug, shirt making and all kinds of family sewing; good city refereuce. OaJI at 143 West 4tb at., Ural floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO 08NEBAL HOUSE* work; good rafereuces given It deal red. Call at 8# WestBroadway. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, TT a situation aa first class ouok; nndersUnda her imsls ness thoroughly and can take the whole management if ro quired. Apply to M. W., 3BJ East 31st at. WANTBO-A SITUATION Afl NURSK: 18 OAPABL8 TT of taking charge of an infant from Its birth; la a good operator on the Urover t Baker machine; tfao boat city re. ferenco II required; would not object to travelileg to Eu rope. cell for two day at IB Weal Uth at WANTED?BY A SUPERIOR NUR8B, WITH EXCEL, lent city reference, a situation aa children's maid; aews neatly; will take chary of e be by from its birth or wait on a lady who boards; wages fW. OeR at tU Bast list sL WANTED?BY A YOUNO QIRL SIXTEEN YEARS Of age, a sltuatiou; vhe la capable and obliging. Caa bo seen for two day at her proeenl plena, 11 Mast 41at ot WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURBB, NT A RE TT apeotabte young girl; It willing and eMtatag; had good etty referenee. can be aeon at Ml Baat Mi at WANTED?BT A RESPECT ABLB WOMAN. A BITU* TT ation as 000k or laundrsaa. naa the bast of city refee onoe. Call at Ml ith av. ? WAKTKD-BT A respectable WOMAN, WITH A TT fresh breast of milk, o iltuatloa so wot nureo. Apply at 1M William at WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT woman, to do general housework; la a good plain cook, washer and lroner; good reference. Apply at MM East 1th at., near 1st av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A YOUNO OIRU, A! waitress, or nurse and seamstress, no objection to go to thegauntry for the summer. Call tor two days a* to WAHTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT mad, to do gene ml house wofk to a small. Private family. Call at Idl East 13th at. between Si and 4th ava, first floor, rear. HELP WAiiTBD?PEMAliBS. _ _ A~LADYWANraiV-TO DO WRITING, AT HER OWN A house or In an offlce; state whloh preferred, end ralair weekly expected, to own handwriting. J. P., box 115 H?r?|u ofPce. ? Ah Lady in delIcaik Tiffiliiil Would lmTe TO ? engage the services of a widow lady not over IP; no ob* J-cUonMo. Frencher tterauin; must be willing to usgist In hoibtokasplju YttJ wall on the lady. A Mod disposition, o| peble and industrious, may beer ot aa excellent home hy ad urasslnu, with fullest particulars, Companion, Herald oaiee. A RELIABLE WOMAN CAN OtiVAIN A PARWaNBIMP aitnation as nurse. Apply ot 141 Wast Nth st A NEAT AND STEADY GIRL WANTED, POR BOUSE work, at 887 Grand st All families Wanting capable servants immediately, and Merman girls, at American Employ meat Institute, log6th av.. below ttth at. CiOOK WANTED?ONE WBO THOROUGHLY UNDER* / stands her business and has no objection to Ibe country. Apply at 141 Lexington av., on Monday and Tuesday, be tween il and U o'clock. ? ? Ladies wanted fob profitable business and correspondents In each town, village end city. All mutually Interested and promoted. Address (with stamp) the Ladies' Union, lU Broadway, N. t. "IITA-NTED?A PROTKHTANT COOK WHO UNDER. YY stands plaio cooking; haa good ctty reference, and to abto to do tha washing and Ironing for a wry small family. Call tIMIaal Mtfc at., batweoa Wand 3o'clook. WANT8D-A YOUNO WOMAN. WBLL EDUCATED and thoroughly oom patent, aa aeaawtreae end to hare earn of two grown eaUdrea. Apply at No. 9 West 30th at., distance la the country; one who to willing to asalet With the washing aad Ironing. Apotr oa Tuesday and Wed ;19th at., between the hoare of 9 aad 1. before 19 M. yy ANTED?A FIRST CLaHS COOK TO OO A SHORT with ? . nesuay at 9t Bast I TV'ANTED?A OOOD PLAIN COOK AND CHAMBER YY maid, both to assist In washing and Ironing; must come well recommended and be willing and obliging. Apply from 10 to 1 o'clock at 97 London terrace, Weat tad at, be tween 9th and Idtb alt 'ANTED?A WET NT7RNB (PROTESTANT). INQUIRE ' at 2*4 West Ittli ?u ^ w WANTED?A FIRNtCLASS WAITRESS IN A SMALL private family; city relerenee required. Apply be tween the boor* of 9and I, at 16 Baat IM at. WANTED?A PROTESTANT U1HL, FOR OFMI'RAL buutewoik In a prirata family. Apply at329 Weat l?th at. "\VrANTED?A OIRL, TO COOK. WASH AND IRON IN YY a Knell private family; must l>e nn excellent cook. Apply at I,(MA 2u nr., between BAtii and 6Mh sla. WANTED?A OOOD OIRL. AS SEAMSTRESS AND YY t? a?ai-t In chombei wore; rone need applv without good city relerenee. Apply at 57 2d *r. IKiKTllD-A STEADV WOMAX, A3 COOK AND YY laandreee; mn-l understand her buatnexa tliorongbly; relnronocn required. Apply between 10 audi o'clock at X7 24 place, Sooth llrooklyn w~ ANTED?A OOOD COOK AND A LAUNDRESS. Apply, with reference, at No. 9 Livingston place. WANTED?TO OO TO STAMFORD. A RES RECTA B14: woman ea waitress and chambermaid; eood city ref erence required Apply at 429 6tli ar., from 9 till 11. WANTED?TWO NICE, TIDT AND OBLIOINO (URLS, aa waltrea* ana chambermaid In a private uucidlng bonne. Apply at W Weat Wth at., between the hours of 9 and 13. WANTED?A COLORED WOMaN. AS CHAMBER, tnaid and w.tltreat; !>*>'. reference* requited. Apply, after 12 o'clock on Toeeday or|Wedncaday, at 80 lianison at., Brooklyn. WANTKD-A WBLL RBCOMMENDED OIRL FOR general homework, In a prirata family. Inquire at 901 Bloumtield at, Hubofean. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK, TO IRON AND aulat In washing; muat bo obliging. Call on Wodnoa day, before 1 o'clock, at UW Waal tod at. Wagaa SIX WANTED?A PROrEBTANT WOMAN OR OIRL TO cook, waab and iron, alao a chambermal'l and waitress, tn go in the country a short distance. Apply at 123 Pearl at., down italre. WOMAN WIIO UNDERSTANDS llENERAI. MOUSE work and can bring a good recommendation caa Sad ateady work at 1.265 Broadway. Applr for two daya. WANTED-A FIRsT CLASS NURSE AMD SHAH etreae; one who ran cut out prerwrred. None but with good ctiy recommendation* need apply at 161 Weat 23d it, between 12 and 1 o'clock. TrrANTED?A RESPECTABLE OIRL, BEST CITY YY reference, to do ganerel hour*work for a small family, at 710 (ircenwluh at., near Weal 1Mb. TIT ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OUT OF TOWN, A YY reapeetahle woman aa flrat claaa cook, waaber aad Irontr; none but eonayetant and nail recommended porvnna onod apply, and lo auch gooti wagaa will bo Llvi-n. Collet 90 Wall at, ofike No. 1, up stairs. T1TANTBD?A FIRST CLASS BAND ON A OBOYHB A YY Raker** aewl- g maablne; only thcae accustomed to dreaamnklng need apply. 94 10th at., on* door irotn I Diver aity platie. \\TANTEIa?A CLEAN UKltMAN OJRL TO DO THE Tt work of a *:hma1 f?miky of two; oiuol bo ? good oovfc, wiiImt nn?t IroMf. Apply At 70 Wool DA it Wanted-a protectant oirl as chamber YY maid and waiter, to go Into the country. Aimdfi "? tween 9 audlg o'clock, at No. ? W eat 4Mb at. _ 'ANTED?A OIRL WKLL BBtN>MllBNDE? " cook, waak and iron and do the ganoral hooaework o a etamll family. Ar>f>ty el 199 West it to ?t WANTED?A SEAMSTRESS; MUST SB A NBA?, plain aearei an I willing to assist w the nuraerr. Ap ply at 232 l<eTingion a*. W WANTED-A ROUSBKRirBB fO? AFOllRKJ N hotvw;one a hoaaa apoek Ftgliek pra(? i^l. 994 at the Ratcelona Hotel, Bluroat io?ce >*?> from to to is, with reference*. YVANIKD-A NEAT, "DTP*wJilcui YY about 2(1 yen if. of M* ' washing ApDi.v at 76 .th av., third Q"Ov ??w *" **? Alt ANTKD-AS SALESWOMAN, A MIDDLE AOK LAllT. W nne Broadway trad* having a (bo- - ?idh km.lT.Wv of eh'idren'a elethiNg an IMSs' taa.krg.v a i.V?hL tf* ukfl oti?r?i <>tiA ?|?*AfciMg hfiwh urA "A"pr trilk SS- e?ty iroterawes, to P. do Pon,'... ierred API ?39 Broadway UraNTKD-A OIRL Tf) DO IJP STAIRS WOE> ANI' m.ka bertolf geoei?|ly oacfel. t 4?, with (S al City w, it fen reieraoea. at to llamrauMd at, wamybo-a oibl, who tnrwuH EmSSiiXSlXfJS&SffiZ IVVgyd?tfa?. ^5? A Ittfgsyx 5?iV2U StSR fialSSirasJ^^Btggiajae a ss&)^ssa^gffsi ssfgt tamrMp of Mm la (Mmt; will MHpt wiiihi jlfimoj ?dOTHl M wdgMygggi il?|i jraajMssssB ssswt&ms SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG BAB, Aft BAB LkTwB-i^rt.8-4" p*"r~~ -wswrt situation wanted?bt a rociro bam. ab ba*. O tender or porter. Vol of refereuo* Adilrsaa B. I, ua E??t a?h at. O DRUGGISTS.?WANTED. BY A RESPECTA BliB yuiiug umd, who wishes to turn the trade, a place IA ? Us! d??? retail drug .lore, food raforooooo. Addteee 0. J., autiou D, Bible llouae. WANTED?BY A JOURNALIST, O* LONG BXPKBI cuoe, a poalliou upon aome daily or weekly paper la Of out of the city; n competent to assume any position; weala ?o.-ept ?u otter to go H eat. Addroaa Journalist, Herald at* floe. \V ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUMO BAN. N ' ' y?arao( age. with the beat elty refereooea and weB noriuaiaind In 1'arta city, .peaking Kngll.h, Preach, Ueriaaa tod Italiau. to travel with * gentleman or family In Karoo*. Salary ta up object. Addreaa J. R., Ig Blrlngton at, M. T. WANTED?BT A 1'IK f TEST ANT BARRIKD BAB, A situation to taka charge of a gentleman'# country aeat: underatanda farming and plain gardening In aUNg braocbea. and tbe care of atook alto; oan furnish good r? eotomauilaUon to the above. Gen be eeen for. two dope at SIS Greenwich at.. N. Y., in the tea store. ___ WANTED?BT AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN, A SITV atlon aa collector, or In aome out door capon!ly; goad referenoaa and aocurliy given. Addreaa Collector, ItSaaidlSV r uj ton street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO BAN. IB any respectable buataeaa. Good refereooea. Made raia salary ae pasted. Addreaa G. H. T., MS Sth ev. CU,BK:> AMD BAHB81WM. ~ iboKKBRPKR WOULD LIKE A STTUATION IB a Mod buunotij unoioopitflniblf rtfffwtw AiMwi H. JCHarald orBee. AN 1MPOBTBB or GBRMAB HARDWARB ABB cutlery waata aa oipsrlennsd salesmen, with geaA city acquaintances; no salary guaranteed hwt to eatt an tmm lea; good refereooea. Addreaa C. R., benUdliieald A YOUNG BAB DBSIRB8 A MTU ATI OH AS A* B, Grand af. riLBRK?a Young ban fbom v to w tear* ? V make himaalf generally ttaaful la a wboleaale hoemct toilet artlgloo. Address ?>., Harold ofboe, for two dye. Bruo olbbk wantbd-in a bbtail atom; one competent and with reference i ad nr., comer 6Pth tt rwRUG CLERK.-A YOUNG MAN OP U. \J yeare' experlenoe. want# a eltuatlon ; aan kee| books aud la not afraid of won; city Jraferenm. J. B. B? atallon A. .. Drug olbbk wanted.?apply ax tub diob store >6 Id av. TART GOODS SALESMAN.?AX ENGLISH AND OSB ""a&txaBr IJ1NTRY CLE UK WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE BOOB 11 atoraioiie living with h.s par.nU, and between IS and *1 yenra old preferred. Addreaa In own bandwntia* atar tlug^upcotaiLius, age, and giving refereooea, bos MB Maw 1 ?? * 1 , m f CWOAtioN WANTED?MY A YOUNG VAN 11 YNABB O of ag". an deck or salesman; la Utorengbly ? unslaked wttb the hardware and boaae furnishing goods bnsiam* aud can lnlliienoe some trade; wttttag to mare htfhesH naa fuL and la not afraid of bard work: no objection to go oeted town. AddraaeJ. O. M., Hereto oAtfe. ? Wanted-Br a steady, educated 133 * situation ae clerk. Ac.: would make hlmmlf umftdi not afraid to work. Best of references. Address M. (, B ?rANTED?IN A MILLINERY JOBBING HOUSE, 4 vv few first claaa salesmen. Address, with real ngnest references, amount of trade, Aa, A. B. C., Herald Offioe. IV ANTED?BT A YOUNO KAN. A SITUATION AE TT assistant bookkeeper, clerk or otherwise' eon men satisfactory reference. Addreaa H. 8. Y., box 116 Belaid YVAHTKD?A 8ALK8MAN IN A OLAS8WAU TT store. 32S Greenwich street. COAVHMR AMD OARDKNKRI. A TODNO MARRIED MAN (GERMAN), WTTh' OHM JX. child, wishes a sit nation aa garden sr; understand* thd care of greenhouse*, graperies, Ac.; bast refsriass an sa. Address A. Bauer, 87 Hroorae A, Nawrartt. N. J. A GARDENER, MARRIED, WTTH OCT CHILDREN, who understands bis art thoroughly, would Iks la take a situation. ingdtre at Mi ar. A. third Raatt A SITUATION WANTED?Ah OARDRNER, BT A J'rotastant married map; noderatanda the care of a rattemaa's jrlaoa. Address R. W? Uraressad hat oStem I., for thraa days. d AN.?W ANTED, A SITUATION IN TH* I rapacity, by an experienced Frotsataal mam Wba r understand* the aere and management of A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO FIND A GOOD MBtTA tloo tor hi* ooeehmao (single man), who baa baaa with htm about bre years; bo Is ihoiougbly acquainted with Ma duties, and ta every way a valuable sorraat. Addroaa A> El. Herald oflloe. Coach m an.-w anted, above ( ?NMHw _ _ horaas; beat city reference gt von. Call at or address far two days 7* Lleecksr ?i. CtOAUlIMAN WANTED?TO GO TO WESTCHESTER. ) ten mile* fro,,, the city; ba must thoroughly an " hi* ousuiea* and lb* ear* and treatment of bormea, i Bjd racomn.un da ileus; a siugte maa prcfarrad. i t*6 I'om owe*, with lull parti oulare. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VEGETABLE GARDEN. O ar, lu a private lamily; knvwa bow to graft, Ms Wlfa know* bow to do general housework. Addrma J. Vioter, No. i Grand ?C CITLAriO.V wanted?as coachman and Oar O d.'iier; no objection to city or country; bam ad refer ence. Address bo* It* Herald Alio*. rc HESTER, d. tlftsi WANTKD?bY A SINGLE YOUNG MAN, WHO IS willing to tn.ike hiuiseli geuerally useful, a sltuatlMi aa eoacutiisu; cau have years' flrst .-l??s city referenda lioirt last einpioyar. Address M. L., box 1UH Herald ofllea. U^M' ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SINGLE MAN, AS coachman; a good croom and careful driver; caa drive four in hat id if it ba required, has no objections to lha count. > ; ba t of city reierence ean ba given. Address J. C., at It. tampoelI ? eaddlrty, SO tin aju Wanted?a situation, by a single young awn. aa coachnwa and groom, thotoughly under stands the business; good city reference ran bo given. Call lor two day* at Mr. Low Jena haruca* store, 7V Bleeckar at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS GROOM, BT A RB? If speotehle yo ing man, wbo t* a good dtlver and will be wall recommended b> bl* last employers. Addrem T. V, at Mr. Wilson'*, WEast10th at. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAR. A situation a* eoaobroaa, groom or portor^ma glee tad beat or eily relerouoe*. Addroaa J. Amoa, lid wast MM As or H. Ssrra, Esq.. to Hearer st * HELP W ANTBP-MALBV. A FEW FIRST"CLANS CANVASSING AGENTS CAM Sad profitable employmeat by aaliiag aa a* ? idreaeiag K. T. Eellugg. ? Seamnau .treat. A OBNTS WANTS D-TO SELL AN ABTICLf FAPHtT A ad, aalla in ovary house, tore, hotel, oGea, fc Wy Add country. Cnil it or id'irwi M# Browi, ?! +tmU Ww Yort A'fss ?J"* * flktm wanted etebywiikrk-to hell two Aflh.p" er?" to every family; OA make M u? this day I all st Kulloa A, ream No. A T^SNART.TtTIVK ROT WANTED-AT BT. ???* A 1 Hotel, 7W Hi oadway. . - , L "s TOT NO MAN WANTED?WITH 1*0, TO T*l IS V eh?r*? of a t ountry liquor ?tor*; salary SMfor moii.m and boatd Address Liquors, Herald ofllce. TuTDIAIRING EMPLOYMENT IN ALL DEPAKT A meats of business call al ?1 Chambers A MaesUet.A 'u sines* v scans ic* this day; good pay log salaries. "* FEW If P TOP MEN, ENBRGETIO AND PEKSK A vrrlng. ean earn anstly ?S dally by tntroduetng mv eel brated Hil-a-oae Pastilles tor the immediate relief at uugha, colds, Ar. No capital required. JOHN SIMPSON. Ul Henderson A. Jereey OHy ' a LI. DKKIROUM OBTAINING SITUATIONS CALL AM ;\ A Neman st? Beokkeemta, eepviete. hotel, groeety. ry goods, shipping, drug tierks, porters, watchmen, bai ndeta, timekeeper*. . I t IrL YOUNG MEN OF BU81NE8S QUALIFICATION* \ seek t up employment aud baring raffireperisuRjB ttely st l? Broadway, room No. IV. l*ft?A*H? Do*. A . IB# BROADWAY?ROOM NO. ?, ^^reu^Trntw A aau steamboat clerks; also SopyJst* I*1"* ? or light business Call early. ? - f l KRW AGENTS WAHTBD-TO NELL THE B^RNT iV tiling invented; mr? chanc? toW sbuih at.# iaw, light, geawai; aeUs to srerybudy. Hd 15 ^ - ? *??? "T COPY INT. ^" onYynn" * A wife, wirl'ir nnd w?tehmsn want ,, *1 i.w A~ Wrela AH ? *" : JtrassmrA