Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1867 Page 2
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?OAIDBKI AWP * * krankfoki house, 0011BI PAawxrort A end William streets, 360 roomrn graejjeduotlon In ?c, to Ale. per day; $1 MtoP per ?Mk. Open all Sight , ^ i||^, a FRONT ROOM IN THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, A furnished. without board. AhEwZTuil 4.7W Aral olaaa. Also a l'hjviutaaa ofio*. Address box |]R foat l>ll Mo moving in May. ________ a a^t^A'.'ygg^agp? M id ?u. wun or without Mall) n? a uutniaa pldM, Wral Twenty nlnih atreet A 4UIT ON BOOMS. WITH N^ATBJSATH. g*?* A seooad floor, front, to I at, with or WKMII BOMM, at HfoMM-lUlfc s place. A PBIVATB FAMILY, AT <8 WKST TWBLrTH A street, can - -^ !T? - ? two geotleosea, with fur^* RbonaanajJiBourd, rarvants and obildroa not tahen. Referenoea required. LADY HAS A HANDROMBLY FURNISHED BOOM toSitoV gentleman. at IM Waat Tenth street, can venieal to four lines of ? My cora. Ty II WKST RLKVBNTH 8TRBBT, A KKW STB FA A from Broadway, to lot?A ntoely furnished front Par lor un first floor; oua on second floor and Bedroom, with private table. No movtug In May. a FINRLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH AD A joining hall Bedroom, to let, with first clues Board, at very reasonable rates, to tingle gentlemen. 183 Weat Four t,-ooth street AriNB SUIT OF ROOMS; AN ELEGANT SUIT OF Pat lore, consist lug of two ar more rooms. Also a Room. *11 conveniences and handsomely furnished, to let Willi Hrst class Board Table d'h de and private tables. Windsor Hotel. XI Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. AN ENTIRE 8EOOND FLOOR, F.N SUITE, TO HEN Ucmen an l their wires, with ilrst Blurs Hoard, may be had at 24 West Eleventh street, near Broadway. A HANDSOME SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS ON THE third floor to In, with first cl-iss Board. Apply at 119 Wsrerley place. References exchanged. A FEW DESIRABLE AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooms. en suue or singly, table d'hote or a la European, at retable rates. Reuntou Hotel, Forty-second atreet aud Fourth avenue. A private: family will let an entire third Fluor, hand-toiuelT furnished, with lute* parlor and eiletiKion. to pulies tleelriug firat class auoommutl lion*. Private tittle only, The lilglia?t references required. Ap |>ly at 31 West Sixteenth street. A LARGE AND COMMODIOUS SUIT OF ROOMS. ON lirit flour; also one on third. Tnble il bote, or private. Do Lat-oau, 73 Woat Fortieth atreet, (routing Res ervotr i'ark. AT 110 MAOBOUOAL 8TBBET?BLKGANTLY FUR ntabed Rooms, with everything necessary for house keepln . In order that a family may h ive a complete home. A?TWO OBNTLEMEN OR A OF.NTLKMAN AND wife can And a rhcertui Roam and good Board at 147 Waat Bierenth street, near Sixth aronue. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH { Board at 131 (new number 2101 Wast Twenty-first atreet. t required. ? QEMTLEMAN AND W1KS CAN OBTAIN A PLKAS it Room, with Board, until May I, by applying at No. Thirty-second street, Aral house from ruth avenue, given aud ruqulred. Am oej ImTt Acenti.rman and wife, OB two single gentlemen, can procure 11 rat elans Beard and a large Room on flret Hoot, with extension and eioaeta. Apply nt It Weat Twettty-alxih atreet. THIRD STORY HALL ROOM, FRONT, TO LKT? with Board, to n gentleman, at 33 But Twentieth ' n few doers from Broadway. A N ELBOANTLY FUKNlflHRD PARLOR AND BED L rtmm for rant. Apply nt Wl Fourth avenue A THIRD FLOOR FRONT BOOM TO LET?WITH Re SAC unfttrniahedL with two Urge pantries. Rooms, furnished, with Baaed, for gent'emeU 10 Abingdon square, Hudson street aide. A Greenwich avedoe. FLBA8ANT FRONT ROOM TO LKT?WITH BOARD; tooaHon good; auilablo for one or two gentlemen. 39 A SMALL ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A RINOLB GEN tleman to let, with Beard, at 150 Weat Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. * 4 PIMYATE FAMILY WILL LET TO A GENTLK ii man eud wife a plan sently furnished Room, with Beard. Terms Idtv. References exchanged. Apply nt Co Kaat Fifty, second street. AoentlbsiaW AND WIFF. CAN OBTAIN GOOD Board lit a strictly private family on re taooAble tonus, nt <8 Weat Forty-fltRi street. Dluuer at A A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED RO^. WITH OR it without Bedroom attached, to let, to gentlemen onlv, in a French family, at 8b Weal Fourth street (Washington square). 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT A NICF.LY FUR it ntahnd Rouen, with ba'.lt, gas, Ac., u? a acntlemau; Hreak fast if deail-v <L .Ippt) at 92 he... Twelfth street, near Fourth nvantte. Rafet eacaa required. AT 191 EIGHTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH ?treet?Salesmen r.rtd clerks can be accommodated with Board. Terms moderate., AT ITS AND 171 BLKKC.v'KR STLKKT, SIX BLOCKS it wen of Broadway?Pluasaut lb to ins with exeelleut Board, from f7 to ?12 per weak. Fa itillle* cc ?ordtttgly. 4 FRIYATK. FAMILY WISUiNG TO I,B SEN EX {%. nenses will let a few nleptot Rooms to oli jible parties. ueeeHty easy of accees i,) all uux! uxrlv uf the city. No a?vfog in May. 135 We*t roui-ijcalh street. A LB,V^TK FAMILY OFFER A LARGE. WELL y nirnlahed Itoo.-n w"tit lloard; terms m, derate. 6i west Thii ty ascend struct, new No. 138. A LA I: OR FRO XT ROOM, WITH BEDROOM ADJOIN -q ing to let, with Haar.t. Ibrtlci tvl*o would furulslt theirown rooms preferred; terra t moji-r.t'n; ret-reocea ex ohanged Apply at 176 K tai -teventeentli slteei. M BLKG ANTLv FURNI.8URD FltOX T F tRLOR TO I jet, with or witltoui malt at No. xij ,-ast Twelfth second black from Broadway. FEW GENTLEMEN C\N F ND EXCELLENT Board and plca.*.tnt Knouts, for ffl pur week, it the tier. > ic?nkfl| ili.use Zo Ciiy ilaii plotu, near l>irl Alreef. A LA HOR SINGLE FURNISHED ROOM TO LKT, without bn.ird, to a griiilenjan only, nt 329 \Vr?t Fifteen th street; best of rnfrranca required: S3 SO pet ALAk#,K THIRD HTORV FRONT ROOM. RICHLY furnished, with ill the aonrenleaoe-, to let, with o. ?ntttom H-kh J: vrlvaie huntl/. liy li m Twelfth ?tmet. AM PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A I 4JI',H AMI) I K.VrM"r,,,.n""h'J 51a Utb-*. Hour, with or without Hoard: M wsier tint otherer.-,... ?v|i' Ttr< n... rxtas. -nS^JSpt* Tram City Hall. \ory i-a-tup. it u,rms r. 'l ?( 4J King rt >r* KLV FURMAHKD ROOM* TO LKT, lloawliM- ""?n 011!*. SI (TuImi plw^* t'hl'Ulh street), the does -ud-rn injprOTt-uients, gs?, bets, Ar. Carr p?ii A FEW HIGHLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT TO gentlemen; n 1 ?>> ouo ?n:l.h]? (or r dootnr; refrreJicra riok>n|<d. Apply at No. 13 Ninth street. bn*fcn Hfih end Hlith av'nue*. ^ TJOARD.?GENTLEMEN AND THK1 !l WIVES OR A J# few single gentlemen esn bo ncwniivisUNl with Rood Board. by celling si Sot) llridgc street, nesr Johnson, UrooL Ijrn. Dinner ?t 6H Board.?two fink kimt.s of rooms. havino crerj conrenimcr. an 1 k few single to-un \ st I3J I'.esl Twelfth street. near llroadway. References re |Ulred. No nntring in *sr. Board?a small private family can aci om module tw. stogie gentlemen with Bo..rd; price go pe. week. ???!! nt ?Hd -.1 -ei. . . h f.eot. BOARD.-TO LET, A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, with or without Bo.rJ, to one or two gentlemen. Iu i]litre At 6R Amity street. TJO AR D.?ON K LA ROE ROOM. SUITABLE FOR TWO J) persons; slso single Rt?ims for gentlemen. at from 96 to $7per week. Apply at :*B Wrst Twelfth street. HOARD?WITH WELL FURNISHED ROOMS. IN A D prtrata family, for gentleman and wife or one or two gentleman. Inquire at 314 Caat Tenth street. Reference HOARD AT M CLINTON PLACE. EIOHTH STREET, D near Fifth arcane.?Neatly f urn Whs I Parlor and Bed room together or separate, can be had, with first das. Heard, by applying aa shore. Reference* required. "BOARDING-BROOKLYN HBIOQT8?PRIVATE FAM J) Sy hare two or three furalahed Rooms, with as a and (Irs, to gentleman and wife, four minutes from Wall alraat ferry. Addraas Jubalo. Herald offloe. Brooklyn board.-okntlrman and wife, or two nr three eingle gentlemen ran obtain rlessont ana with Beard, nt U Cheerer place, between Harrison aad Degruw streets Brooklyn hriohth.?board-am elkoant par. ler aad a Urge and small Bedroom, or either eeperaUiy, win be lot lo uaoireptlonaMe parties deairlug Oral cU-s a noaimodsUone. In thr rrlrete rreidenee 80 Columbia street, orertoohing the bay and near Wall street aad Fallow ferries FORNIRHBD ROOMS FOR OK NT LEX EN, WITHOUT Board. 43 Baat Twentieth street. TjHIRBUHRD APARTMENTS AND RINOLE ROOMS " telei-At tba New York ReeUaraat, i>4 aad 73t Broad way. Apply at 1 ho odlre. TjHfRNIitHBD ROOMS TO LET?TO OENTLEMEN, A without hoard with a prlraie family; location rerr de Wr"Aa Apply at ? Ami 1 r street. TTANDMOMRi,T purnirhrd suits of apart ? ? *et, with prlraie table and first clasa Frenoh ctillp*, at 86 Rail Twenttirth utrert. EAWJjy*TT.TUrwIWHED rooms TO LET?AT 14 rd RVerVT? SXrgS? w1,h or WllhaU' YJANDROMRr ^ FFRvv.HRp ROOMS AND FIRST 11 1 1 nid Her' t- . . ,,??! ?' ? *"?*1 tmr lwo " WW! t.t ?ifth h?m? ?m| of TlrtHI t. IfWSftSATC! JW-*OA!fT ROHM TO LFT. eijtxdifvs' NKATLT FT'RNf F ? MTOT-r-n oa the fir 11 e > - s s .^,OA*D' XT?ATIJT F' R^ ) OENTT.R T " "u r'"r b r?T ikJO. < ORhTai Jf.-I "di aT>.7.-LLtOANT PARLOR JN Suits ffonr ro- ? ? floor. Also douhla si.d sinj.e Rooms, wLh first wits* ??.?t J. xTTRO>- T'or STRKFT, OORNRR OF i ATiTarTxf arret?Be d for gentlemen. 1'rire from $;>? to I d hNK OR TWO HANDSO.dKLT FURNISHED Rooms V* in let with first Hoard. Inn prtratr fsmtir An pjr at ITI West Fourtreoth atreei Beat referenda tt aoAEPy Ain> ?EITATB FAMILY WILL LET - A Ibi i iHlft with g No Ml IMMiM fruNtrafiM. 1 l*ni|to?ivn?. R??, M9 TO LBT?TO GKNTLBMEN, WITH FIK8T Board, at 1SS West Fourteenth street. Terms rH LET?TWO 8INOLK ROOMS FOR OENTLBMBN. Huloely furnished. Terms moderate. TM IrsSetf. mO LBT-COMFOHTABLV RORHUHKD ROOM, RUIT 1 sNe for gentlemna end wife. Single ltnoon for Si per week, with or wfchMl B?I Magei n improvements. ? Best Tweety eighth stmotToeraer oTFourth wsssi. THO LET?A FIRS FURMUUMD ROOM, TO TWO OBM ? tie men or ? Rlllwn sal wife, la ? pslunle hawse, M LET?TO OBMYLBM.t V AMD WITH, OR TWO ^?(eaRsmom froet Room sud Bedroom, furnished ; ire end fas, with Board, 919 per weak, without 98. 119 Charles TO RENT?A MltTFI V FURNT8BBD FRONT HALL Rod room for one , two gentlemen. (MB Eighth avenue, three doors above Km j .ocond street r STRANGERS AND OTHBB8.-A HIGHLY BB8FBC table Herman Udy will let a choice of handsomely fur nished R ism i, with Board; priests table. Apply at 11 5 Eighth strent. Clintou place. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?A FRONT BOOM to 1st, In a private family, with nr without partial Board. Kefereooes required. DM West Twenty-aeoond at. FOR SINGLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD: ROOMS O 1 without, $3; Board by tbe day, $1 10. At toe Dupont House. 18t> Hudson street, corner of St. John's Park. $15 I WEEKLY.?HOOD BOARD FOR TWO; A ?dlv furnished Room, with every convenience: uaTl'r " small-T Room lor $7; family private. 17M West Twenty-serrnth street, near Eighth avenuo. nKAST TWELFTH STREET?NEAR UNIVERSITY place (late-y changed hands), nioe double and single Kooma, with Hoard; good table; clean house. Dinner at 0. 1 (? ST. MARK'S 1'LACE (EIGHTH STREET).-.FUR Ai7 nidied second story b.ick itupm and hall Roo,n to let, t<> gentlemen and wives or tingle gentlemen, with or with out iiosrd. r.O ST. MARK'S PLACE. NEAR SECOND AVENUE? Genteel Apartments to let. wrh Hoard, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two atugle gentlemen. Reference, exchanged. Oft UNION SQUARE? o" A suit of Rooms on second floor, and single Rooms tor gontlcmen, to be rented, with Board. ?l/j WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.?TO RENT, WITH 'Ji first class Board, two nicely FnrnMhod Rooms on fourth floor; location unexceptionable. References ex changed. M UNION SQUARE.?A SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS on second floor to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife. References required. A WE8T SIXTEENTH RTRBBT, BBTWEBN FIFTH Tt.1 and Sixth avenues.? Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, in suits or siogiy, to gentlemen. without board; terms moderate. Cft WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?A VERY PLEA </vr mat and nicely furnished Room, for lady and gentle man or two single gentlemen, with first rale Board and moderate price. , ? RAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET. ?FURNISHED l?i Rooms on second floor, with ait convenienoes, to let, with Board; location near ear* and stages. Before noes. No moving In Msy. 52 58 WE8T TWENTY-THIRD 8TREET?BOOMS TO rent, with Board. Reference required. (|Q IKYING PLACE-A LARGE FURNISHED BOOM I/O at rcduoed price, to quiet, respectable adults only; nil improvements. Also Board for a young gentleman willing to occupy a large room w"" '* class; no moving lo May to occupy a large room with another, house and heard Am ring lof* IaK WOOSTKR STREET?1FURNIR1IRD ROOMS TO H)tJ let, to gentlemen only. Rooms from 9> <0 te 96 per week. Aiou front Psrlur. suitable for a physician. 1 Oft NINTH 8YR-RT, NEAR BROADWAY, TO LBT? IUU with Board, one large Room, suitable for a gentle man aud wife, or two single gentlemen. Also n few day Bos rilers lakeu. ??1 Q WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET?NEAR OIO Llgbth avenue, a large Room, well furnlabed, with Board. suitable for gentlemen anil wife, Or two gen tleman. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED. A QUIET GENTLEMAN DEBIRE8 A SMALL. NEAT .1 lv Furnished Itoem, without boird, between Fourteenth and twenty fourth streets. Address, with lull particulars and terms, V. U.S., box ti.OBS Post office. GENTLEMAN WISUES TO PiIOCURE A PARLOR ud Bcdrucm, on first or second floor, with Board for IV ?un oMfBMn, on first or second finer, with Board . for hU wife nr.d ghihl- location between Fuurlh and Fourteenth streets. Aridities Tliodiloils, station D. B OAUD WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN ABOUT OtVINO up liousi keeping, whose family eousUts of blmsqff wife and tr.-o daughter^ the youngest of whom is thirteen, locution hi u family taking few desire* accommodation hi u family taking few or no other ti oardeiH, and woll located, above Twentieth street: will re quire a Parlor und two sleeping Rooms. Address, with terms and otho- partiru'.urs, R. 8.. box 3.521 Pott office. Board wanted?for two married oentle men aud their wires, on flrsl, eecoud or third floors; location from Eighth to Twenty-third streets, between Fqurtli and mx(1i avenues; unexceptionable references re quired sed siren. Address box 29K Post office, staling terms, wliu h must lw moderate, ana lojation. Boahd wanted?a neatly furnished room. with or wl.hout Board for a lady. Address, with par ticulars, II. ti. 11., station D. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A FURNISHED PAR li.-r an t Bedroom or a large Room, in a respectable bouse in or near Broadway, whore lie may lie perfect's In dependent uud free from boarding beuse gossip. Address M., box 1,353 Port oiliae. IITANTED-BY A O NTLKMAN AND HIS WIFE. A vf Peilor end Bedroom, with tiret class Hnuid. above Kouitm-nth street, betweeu Fourth and Nixth avenues Ad dress M., station U. TXT ANTED?BY A SINGLE (5EN1LEMAN. A WELL vf FiuoirlieJ Room, with closet, gas, water and heal, on third or fourth floor, with or without iionnl; price 95 lo 915 Blr week: m private family or few boarders; between Ighth and Twenty tilth streets and Second end Seventh av enues; very beat r-ferenqes. Add re.a for three daya Room Wanted. Herald office. WANTED-A NICELY FURNI8HED BEDROOM, with Breakfaht. by a lady; undoubted refciwnce. Ad dress Xiuio, station A, Spring street. WANTED. MARCH 1.?A SINGLE MAN WISIIRS A Single Room, with Board. b- tween J.itst Fourteenth and Twenty .aixui Greet*; imai.1 n.ilio t-invd $10 per weak. Addrea*. elating trim* and location, J. N. 8., box 11/7 Ilerald office. Waxtfd-board. i;r a young oknttveman. in m i ???,'e. lible. -octal family. wnero the c r.ufort* of a home oau he tii/ojrci. Addresx, with tetma, M. B.. lleraid oftoa. \1/ANTED?FOR A YEAR. BY TWO LADIES (Sis II terat. wUkoul IhmiU, n furnk-hod Ki.otn wiiti fin1, - Ar., tu e private faiiulv. nut?l be In a good locatbiu: ptu-c nolilee .teed A-0 a in mill; reference* exchanged. Ao.ire*. $5 Kaal TvtllU Htreet. k&T ANTED?R2: YAON ABLE BOARD; B II.IHV TW NT1 It third ureet preferred, by a young man. Add.e,a B. B. B., box 1-1 Hen Id oiikce. IV ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, ON OR# NEAR yy Bnoklyn II-i?h;*. a ne?t Room, with Bronkra-1 only In a 8r?i c'..m liotuc. AdtlrC** K. box II,bit.' New York i'o.t ?aw, CM f |f \ I'sR WEEK FOR pleasant sic .no i?l WU story Kontn*. wiia firat cir?a H? id, wanted ipnv.ite table), in a Mi-ii'tly prlraiv Unnly, for gentleman, wile and uui*-'. Addrrs* (i. H. A . Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD. CCOUNTRY BOARD-WITHIN A IIA LB HOUR OF / New York city; good Bnanl and ploaannt Riomi; or Room* on llic parlor "lory will l-e rrnted till the lei of April nrior the eiinnuer sea on. Addrcet M. K., tlarenawood, I.on$ lalaud. HOTELL American hotel, broad way and eighth aLvet, New York, on tba European plan.?Room., in tun* or -nng!v, ?i tucJeia.e rate*. Atlantic hotel, onatram square.?well KurnleheJ Room*, at modrrata price*, by ibe Jar, week or month. Open at all hours. JOHN GERKEN, Proprietor. CITY RIB A I. kiftTATK FOll SALE. AT M# FOURTH AVKNIT.-H0UAR3 FOR HALE. SEE STANLEY DAY S UKAl. ESTATE CIKCL'I AK, WHICH I'AN BE HAD l it. E OR MAILLD Ul'ON .t? t EIPT OF STAMPED ENVELOPE. A THREE STORY BRICK Ilfon STOOP FIRST Cla's Hons* for sale, with lin-nr.liste pneaceelon If dc aired. Iminlrc on Lie premiac*, ICS W'eat Twenty eecond hiteei, aaar Sixth me-iue. A -FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT NEW HOUSE, BROWN ? atone front, lilch eloop four etory, btitR lit the moil ml>?t?iiil*l manner, near Park avenue. No. 8J F.;?l Thirty - lilnib etieet. In.pure on the premieee of K. H, CtlBOI.V. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. STORR AND J\|tto?*mriit, lot J?\TO, tor ?ale, on Blcecker, ntar Harrow aireet, $14 ima Torn-.? teiar. EDMUND 11. MARTINF. 1,77i Btoodwe*. Avery good three story English m?r ntenl 1-trklHouee for sale, Utmtf, on Greenwich aireet, near G*njn.?n.l>.. KliMI ND II. ?fARTlNE, 1 |7J Bf --dnsy. AYBRY SIT'-.P.Ii.H BllLT TOUR STOr.y RRO X atone blah Hoop llouee; all Improvement*: tUvtWtb J rery handsomely riejoed and r un tad. very ... lor gas lltmrea, mlrrore enrniroe, go, on We?t Twenty eighth aireet. $W,i?X); a bargain. EDMUND II. MARTINI', l.r2 Broadway, Am first class high stoop brick house, pos aeasioa, $1 AW; I irg*r r.trt oan remain on mort ?ige eieellenl eiirmnnlinf*; IIS Forty-(Ifth eireet, between Brndway and serrnin avenue; car roule?; aereral mora line dwelling lloueaa In aame nelehborbno I and aaut". leraia Apply aaabara ta owner before IJ and after J o <lo k. Am two stcjrt and high basement high stoop Henae (IStilBtt, No. $ Hotyrood plaee. Klshty-third ?treel, between and third awenne*, for aale; e'.nialoa eight roAma. gat future*, tnarhle mantela, hard e al'a. water; la fin# order; good looatleo; prlca $AdWi; urnia eaay. Thomson. I Aft Third arentte. At rroucrd fbicks-tiibhe new brown a-one lloiiaea on Eaal Blrtleth atreet, cine cut Ea?t |lru atreat. and a Brat rlnaa hnek Hon*e on Pao Fifty.|tf?h atreet For peimlt *rp>' to ISAAC 1IOMU !U Plncatre^fr room No. 4. ^ ... A ORE at BARGAIN. -TWO FULL SIT.B BRICK f\ II. u<ea, tbteeatnrv high alnop, with three l/M? adjoin, ing. on Fifty third -treat, between Sixth and Seventh are SS?ib??l "o'l Cheap. For permit apply to ISAAC *; ? '',n* "treat, room No. 4. A THRKK STORY HIGH STOOP brown htonr Hon**,u.rner ,.f Leimgton avenue and Twenlr eighth mraat, fatmlatkT. by (TrMV A COPLAND 4ti> Fmntn ? ?fO U?B ?JSSLS^* SSCtfli? ?t, lewnrlStoCiS Jl^r:.,,.... now ?third ?fourth at.. 4 rtory brows atone..... 14 000 ?, rsr~. 'liyg^. aMtI M him* Am ELEGANT BROWN STOWS HOUSE, KOKT Y-8BY ? onth Html now Fifth imu. Fmrtteul.r. and per mlti of O. H. BRNEDICT S OQ., fiLflna atreet a tot. ffij.? rapier an? man and ? fret A 4?s wis taw Honsa, s>? OS front, ui brink Building la mar. Hi rod atarias ?a4 --llir. end sorarod alley. jRt; fert wide, used for ? labia*, for mte on ooap karma. Alto bji lull MTU db. ^ " AlkUt BUBNHAM, m Hndnon street. HOT OS IOB, WITH COAL TAB I) AND STABLE. anla cheap and oa easy a FMToswm. wrmroAikTA A 46xfi4 foot, to Horatio street. far aal terms. *? L.AAT. BPItMH AM~ AOOOD OPFOBTD*ITT TO PUKOHASR CHKAF - *ao three story first otaaa built nigh .toon Houses, ?nth ehandallart; would now aoot $17,000 to build. Will bo sold from $10230 to ?11,000 each to cloaa an estate. AUo two English baaanenf Houses, brown alone, four wlnrtea. on Second ereiioe, for SML0U0 each; would now ooat ?UM*B to build. Apply to ABNKR L ELY. <37 Fourth areuue, oor nor Forty-flret street, org rtne street. _____ ATHRBK STOUT BRICK HOUSE ON WB8T TWBN ty. fourth atroot, $11,000; a fonr atorv brown .tone on Wool Twenty.second street, near Seventh avenue, $11,000; two elegant Ave atorv brown atone on Seventh avenue, near Fourteenth atroet, $19,000 each: a three ato.-y brick on West Thirty-seventh alreet, near Ninth avenue: nrlre, which la very low. $0 300. 8. BMBKRSON, 421 Eighth avenue. A FOUR STOltV IIIOII STOOP BROWN STONE Honse oa West Forty-eighth Greet, near Sixth avenue, 30x<0x% the block: price $23,009. Alao a three atorv brick on Forty-fifth etrcet, near Fifth avenue; proa $22,000 An elegant (our story 111 own ?.tono on Eaet Foi tv-flrat street, with magnificent Furniture; everything complete and in perfect oracr: price $00,0<i0: immediate nowes-doa. 8. EMBERSON, 431 Eighth avenue. IJROADWAY PROPERTY.?FOR SALE CHEAP, ONE D of the boat Lease, on Broadway: will be sold nt a fair prinei splendid marble Building on the premises which will l>c paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by letter at 289 Wed lifty second street IpiVE LOTS ON 128TH, NEAR EIGHTH AVENUE. FOR sale clu-ap; alao one on Ninetieth street and Hmadwav (Boulevard), by JOSEPH^ McUUIUK. US .treat JflOR SALE-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK 1 Houae No. 224 Wcat Thirty-first street; 30 feet front, M deep; lot 98.9; with all modern Improvements. Price $14.IXA. Can be seen from 8 A. M. to 5 P. SI. ? For sale?three houses on the southeast corner of Seventh avenue and Fourteenth street. A PLOT OF GROUND OV ER TWO HUNDRED FEET front on Now Charaliera and Rose streets. ONE HUNDRED FEET SQUARE ON CENTRAL PARK, near Fifty-ninth street. Also Ollices to let. Inquire of CHAUNCBY BARNARD, 100 Broadway. CH)R SALE?THE HANDSOME THREE STORT BRICK r House No. 48 Weat Twenty-seventh street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; has all the modern Improve menu and is every complete residence. Price $23,000. Ap ply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. IjTOR SALE?FIRST CLASS NEARLY NEW FOUR I atopr brown alone House end Lot in Thlrty-ntath alreet. eaai ef Sixth avenue, splendidly built and finished, walnut doers and stairs; 16 elegant moms, three water closets. Ac.; occupied by owner since finished: price STANLEY DAY. 319 FMurU avenue CH>K BALK?THR TWO THRRB STORY AND BaBB 1 asent Houaaa $8$ aed 382 Weat Twenty-seventh a treat: house. 18.9x40 aod half the block: In good order and well rented. JOHN 0. WILSON, 88Penal atrcoC TjM>R SAL'v?TWO THRRB 8TOBY. BASEMENT AND J oa liar Philadelphia brick Houses, 61 and 63 Barrow street, $4OM each; earner Store property adjoining, $8,400. Term, amy. Owner 88 Weat Forty-eighth atreet. CKXR SALE?THREE STORT HIGH STOOP BRICK F Houae on Waat Thirty-fourth street, 31x100 feet, lu per feat order, aouleinine all improvements and In fine location, for BI3JU0. DBWITT C. BROWN, 83 Nnaann street. CTOR SALE?A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSH, r on Thirty-fourth street, $13,230: three story English basement; full Lot oa Second nveutie, $10,000; two story high Stoop, York villa $8,1X10; modern improvements. W. McfONNELL, 4M Third avenue. rR SALE?THR THItER STORY BASEMENT AND cellar brow* .tone Trout House. No. 140 East Thirtieth alreet: la In p-rfeel order; can he seen from 10 to X Inquire of WM. P. kkTKKREOOK, No. 87 East Twenty-eighth atreet, or 8. R. Johnson. 38 Wall street. LTOK SALE?FOUli STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, r all modern Improvements, 1,39* Bro'divav: prion $40,000. For permit apply at W. II. GIBSON'S Confection ery, 833 Broadway. filOR KALE?DESIRABLE RESIDKNOKS ON FIFTH 1 and Mndlhen avenues; al?n near a ild avenues, either Willi or without Furniture. Apply to EUGENE CHKVAL LlER. 81 Cedar street. T7IOR SALE?PLOT OF GROUND NORTHWEST COR r nor Lexiuglon avenue unci Stzty-aesond atreet being 82 feet ? Inche. on Lexington avenue and 130 feet on the "treet; will be divided Into building lot. if desirable. For particular, imply hi IIBNKY Fl TINBAC1I, Architect, 31 Nntuuiu street, room 33, fiom 3 to 4 P. M. IPOR 8ALF.?NKW BROWN STONK FIRST CLASS FOUR D .tury high stoop House, with extension and let. 67 West THItty-iiinlh street, between Fifth ami,Sixth avennns, splen didly finished, wdh rosewood doors. Inquire on the Penn ine.. J FOR 8ALK-ON WASHING TON HQUARE, A WELL built :iud arranged four story brown .lone Houae, 38 feet n hie, with buck building, the whole In perfect order. Apply to K. II. LUDLOW M CO., No. 1 Fine street. filOR SALE?IN TWENTY-NINTH STREET, NKAR 1 Fourth avenue, a diet claaa high atonp brown stone house, 2 1.80x99.9. URMY k COPLAND. 410 Fourth av. For sale?with immediate possession, a good, well built three story high stoop hnr* flonu nn Twenty second street, pear Sixth avenue, all naxlan: 20x 4:ix\ tho block; $22,000; $8.3IH> <>n honJ for four years at six pei coot. 8. EMBKR8QN, <21 Eighth aveuno. IXORSALE?A THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT I House, all modern improvement*. on West Forty-sixth street, near Broadway, foritLOuO; tar-ax eery easy, or wiU let the house furtifvhed at ?175 per month. JOHN KAYANAOH, Northeast ooroor Forty second street ami Sixth avenue-. F>R SALE-ON THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, BB tween Sixth nud Srvenlh avenue*, a first rlass brown stone KuglLsh basement Hons -, either with or nrlthout the elegant Kutaaiure. Apply to HOMEit MORGAN, No. 2 Fine etreet. LilOR RALE?A FIRST CLARS THREE BTORY BROWN X stone high sloop House on Fifty tlurd sin-cl, between Brosdw?y and eighth avenue. Too Tenement House* on Thirty eighth slreet, betweeu Serenth sod Kii-hth avt-unee, paying 15 per cent. IIOLMAN A IrliU 1,884 Brued* ay. 1710II WALK-A TIIRKK STORY Mil 8TOOF BRICK " Hume In Tenth street. ie.T If .venue, with p .sues slon. Apply to DYK A CL'RilS, iOdMxtk avenue. LXOrt SAl.r.?A BEAUTIFUL HOME IN WK.ST FIFTY t* tilth street, ham<-?n Broadway and Eighth avenue; fine view ol th- peril. -.pcculat >ra nec.l not apply; puce $20 0 0; terms caiy; Cttt this out. U. S. DYE, WS SUih avenue. IJtOll TVt'> BRICK HOUSES AND LOT ' 877 Molt street: lot 30 by M feet deep. lor pnrticuUfa inquire of JOHN HAYES, Cotuijellor ?t Law, 183 It o*d w.iy. N. Y. TjlOR RAI.E?THE WEU. BUILT THREE STORY A high si.kiti brown stone corner Hou r of 1 e'mi nvenne unit I h!r y-nimh *Ur*t, 2.1 feel fronu at a lew 115. ll'-e: atto234 Hast rhlrtv-socond streei, noir Third avenue, lor $12,0 -0; iBand 111 East Thirty -.set-cud street, near Lex ington avenue three story, high ?t'?>,>. brown stone, only $lh,;ui for both. Apply to bVl)NEY tl. OaKK, 129 Grand siieel, near Broadway. FOR RALE?1WO HOl'SKS AND I.OTS, 25X1U0 EACH, Nos. 1S3 and 106 West Twenty-third stro t. belween blxth and .?eveuth avenues. Apply tu H. A. GREGORY, St! Mxth svenue. l.TOK SALE?THE HANDSOME FOI'R STORY KNtl. II ll?h hivnemont brown stone liouie 42 West Unify vlxili streei. nexr Fifth avenue. HOMER MORGAN. No. ? fine elreet INOn SALE?BY WM. KKNNELLY, OFFICE, 14 FIVE 1" SI reel.?22(1 at.. No. f r'srt, furuUhcd complete. .$00,000 22d at., No. 16# it est. n-ar ,tb av IS.; IV) 29th sf, Nos. lSJanJ 183 East, each 10. .70 Division St.. No. 113, opposite Orchaid St..... 20.UW t'linlon St., No. OS, two story and attte 5,00.) TTtOR RALE-THE NEW FIYB STORY DOUBcB I' House*. 36 leet wide, on Forty-sixth street, near Third avenue. Also tour and five story House*, with stores and bakery, on Third avenue and Klehty-third street, and Third avenue and 116th street. Apply to LOPE K A DAY IS. cor. First avenue and Thirty-sink street. TTtOR SALE-THE FOLLOWING HOCNKS: r Three story brown atone. VhSi. WestCoth at....$15,000 '! wo Houses, esrh ihrr* nlory brlrk. West 48lh si... l7,f*M Three story brick. West .THh at 11,50" JACOB WllARTE, 28 Fine street FOR SALE?FlRSTCLA"S NFW POPRSTOfcT BROWN stone Houses snd Lots, 50 and 66 Wenddtb, twtwvn tih snd tith svs? rosewood doors, w. FANNING, $7 W. 3Tth. fTIOR SA1 E-TWF.T.FTH .STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH P snd sixth avenues, brown alone high stoop House, cheap. U. II. BENEDICT A CO., 31 Pine snort. ? 6?-J 1 .' "- tf IiTOB RALE?OIf THE CORNER OF MADISON AVE

" nnesnd fnin'tne Madison square, an extra wide Hon**, ir-tig abo'lt three lots of ground. Apply to E. II. LUD A Co., No. 1 Pine street. 1TOR BALE?WEST OF UvlON SqCaRE. A VERY $? strahlc lull sited four ? lie i.e. Willi bsck build,nr. Price $08,000. Apply to E. H, LlIDUi W A CO., No. 3 Pine street, r-.- *?. . LIOR SALE?ON WATER STREET, BETWEEN COEN r ties ?nd Old slips, a four storv store and Building, *4x76 leet, with possev?to? May). Apply to E. II. LUDLOW * CO , No. U PIne ?uee?. liTOR SALE?'TEN YF\R?' LEASE OF CORNER, A with a linnt of 28 feet on Union square and 98 fer t In depth, with buildings on Uie whole of the lot; well routed. Address box W Herald ofll e. TTTOR SALE?ON THE WEST SIDE OF UNIYERSlTY A1 plsre, belaeen1 Twelfth and Thirteenth sti-eeta, two lluqvoaaud lAWsa of Lots. IJ years to run; sine 18 by 17 feet 1 ln-h. prion cash. Apply at the paint Morc.M L*nl yerv > .-lace. 1,- I ALfc,? ' 1IREE 9TORT HIGH 8Tol?P BROWN ' etc ?- w ?' rorly.serond stre?>, 191, feet front; price $9.(V); rents ft $1.200. TIIOH. F? HPH, I8 Pine street VOI! S4LE-TIIE FINE PROPERTY, SUITABLE FOR P business purposes, l?t Woostcr streei. U6.9xi?. Will ? let fio $Mm rrioe fiuwc. Rlt'UAItDH, 63 Wall street, basement. |T?OR SALE?THE NEW FOUR STORY HUM! STOOP A briwii stone House and Lot 71 Park avtnue. Teiine easy. Apply <"? Hie pr-mlaes. frunll to S. TDOR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE THREE STORY A high sump brown seme House on Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth aveuue, 82x011 by half the Monk, $I&O0W OYK A COBTIHg, tdfiglxth avenue tTOR SALE-EAST THIRTY-FIFTH STRKkT-A FIRST A rlass four xtoiy bruan atone House, 2-1x00. built in beat manner and In perfect order; witb the Furniture if desired. Address A. Uereld uitica. w s I --- JEJ5T 'ITATB fog UJlAi F?L-i.ALi 0? TO LgT-HOPflB NO. Mi HENRY V fw Pnrthmlaw apply al HO Raat Broadway. HOD8B AND LOT lQf 1 fifth and .'-Istk tfnuat mt, tub cellar mid attlo! :? ?11 "i ???/'? work, hu 11 Rooma, iuTi' SS^XZ^ ?f"irt,Vole*,,u ?"* ?'???>? ?n<i and cold w^?lTn?} M. ??,h'QS roomo, wator cloaota. hut with ail throii/fhniu an J. In fins, la replete S*Mdih! '"P???."""* Tto Lot t. .bout rn7?nT??.f *bo?t * Part of the pamha.o may be/Sur dLPbouSi *n D'or,1^?' kTh8 from tha und^ST.^ batwco. ll .iad i ojaock. OB ?n order who will (five further particulars. __ WM. W7 RQ3K, 57 Ci'dtr street. F?doubleH?i?.R?n a ^KT-AT IIARI.EM. THE l.AROK fire ^ aud -nJ ,2"U ??reet,wUh ?IKQ. CHK8TKKMAN. 78 N??mii street. F?F^rn*bVno?i|T? L?.r-"AND?OMR THREE STORY _ V- M. BI<1 V fcN, 25 I'lne .tree! F 'oi-M.lorv ItUc hET~HOUSB IN BOND STREET, ]?OR "ALE or TO I,ET FCRNISHKn-THR pn?eT ;^r ^ r modern turps iveinenta, furnace, Ac with the luilhna.^?^' dow shades and ma ?itiir? n.?. ?"Wmln. win owner. ,t*t5 E?,"?**? App'' to lh* S?|S3| "TJOUdS FOR 8ALK?AN RLEOANT FOUR STORv ^^'"ar^r/xvh^"" s?* asrsri-j?' fo* ?"??.?* ?r?bn. *aak. Full particulars br^DOl'dnr Jt ^*5* th* Irf1n? room No. 0. ' ?PP?J"?* ?* <1 Nassau atroot, Tu^;r^7^Rss:- ?r**vi House. with ?to22?(&S!& ,l??* W. P. 81VMOPR. Ill BiMwtf. 17*58?P^rt7f ?Ti?o?.?^^hWA,R' on and Frnpcrtr fr- ^8eVnOW1T^ W AS'?^R "K'?"?.-FOR BAIJf ON 10SD s5 i???? iTi^itrrJt:r,W,nlt,p,,,,,oK- H- Lt'DLOW roo." No $,") ()0(| *"'1' n?7 A TflRRR BTORY TKNEMBN I' rl /* llouao and lull a/.ed U>C wKh all** wf* .r fording opporluultr for further IniLroJrmenU ' T' JQ3KPH McOPfHg. 1M Nassau atrret. $8,500 hrtik i'\f VR?Yw KR4T TnR?2 8TORY fed order; inoder^t^.^T'^frS,i0,nlr9M' * ? fr* lRKl<AXi>, 201 HroAdiraf. SI 0.500 %c!r'irr8^ ?WM?iW fourth sfr??t- m?v ? ^ and Scraniy. ? JOSKFII McOt lRK, etreeta ftOft -,'(,R SAt'E. ON LEXIYfJTOV AYR nut ofWM. U. WERT, 67 Ymey airnadT q Wm*" Par EHOOKiyjf RE AJL ESTATE FOzTs&Iii. ARARB rHANOR.?1TIIE OWNBR AND OOOHPaNT fr .al "" houeokeepln*. will soil bla bonne In mo*1 neairablo loril nna tnRi.mklrn with'or 5Ksr,drt^f? Uiarmrnt. J5,r*. hrnwn "to^^^nutt^^aKS n?ortmr^,''ro?*r?*l^ii,UJi a?y'Vimr" Avioo'ai>^ii(A0w?thn"n r"rmlnre.^ Addreaa Owner, Jo.TtM !-o.t Ci2IHLi. BRO<?KtTN LOTS -WLLE LOCATEa V "J"1' Fulton .vidua will 1* .old cheap, or eaclun Jd for a Bret class place in or near New York IU",eed J. W. PARTL>:fT. 689 It roadway. Now York. IrO?SAL??A TUKKK 8TORY HAS/JMKNT AND <i7r. rt11" Hon a?. U2 perfect ordor. Parlors ! hull f-?? sspsssiill F?BU>on Hon.7T?u?Eu flT!?RT BRO^FN RTONE llfulf Lafayette end (l'rer? BJir*iyn.P bMlv**u BLMKNDQRj. HROH., ltd Rroedwmy. "LIOP. SALK IN BROOKLYN?ONR*of TIIR Mtmr prcmi-aa tl.and ayeiiae. nweahUi"' l0rTnr Apply on the F' Swh?li TO Uff-fl'MlStiaD, A FIN'li TIIRFF of 1>. ALLEN. 71 I tnc ^rll^wVrS9^ premise, or T E??vitiIjn 1' ?100X1 DWRXaUNU HOUfiE. FW .1 AY On Washington AYR sue, near oates.?largk. ciinun-ueur. Mansion, replete w.lta mod rn i inpi-ove Itiom*;. elphi Cult I.<>ts, stocked wiih fruit shade and llow.!r?; stable on eM~v , d?m-bin fur occupation or unptov-niect. HENRY I.. K1DKK, 39 Pine sir. ei. PHr.OSI'KCT PARK LOTS. .1. OOLIC, !?.'< Pulton atrrot, Brooklyn, wlU mil at noon oa Wednesday, Fab. ?7, a Ur?r number of tfMendld Lot.., neai tho Park, (niin 'lng tho entire front on .Sevanlb ave nue, west side between Kit-1 aixl Macomb at reels; fon^.ou our tier of Lusu. siren ami Sixth avenue, Ac. Ma pa relay. dicitn CAsn down. iiooo on iht may, and a 5)?A/U furtbor sum by instilments and ruong-ne, v.ll purchase Hie splendid bnurn alone front three amry. attic and oure-lire Hcuao 1U4 Amity street, Brooklyn; IS room., Ti-<tttiula doors, marble balls, seven marble' mantels, a'a tlonary we?.if.*nnds and luhs, liot and en'd water, bstha anil water clovrta, very handsome ornamented nsrlors, sliding door* and Inside blinds, atalueil and ground glass hall doors: built in th* most fashionable atyie and very convenient and daalrabla aa a cent-el icaidenee; k>i?6xlOU; house '>8146; ground lrased but equal t<> rcrpe'nel: possession May 1. Apply to A. ?? NKWBbKRY, I At Broadway. CiTfinfi?'ON FIRST STREET, NKAR NORTH O | Fisth sirestV Williamsburg, two Lota, 60x100 feet, with a don da aiory frame House. containing ?4 rocm*, built of the hen metarule, with all nicj-m improve menia; nlao 4 l.oia, 100 feet square. on North Sixth rtreel, one block frmi the wharf. Terms eaay. Apply to M. liOW.NL, Til ihird avenue. * COtNTRY RRAI< ESTATE FOR SAL.K. 1 T FAFRAIC, A FARM OP TF.N ACRES-, HOUSE IN i\ perfect order, containing nine loomv large ham, Oerjr. chicken bouse, pear and apple on-hard, strawberry amall fruit, nine ui.lea from New York, on Peter son plank road, and within 10 minutea nC tnc -utl^is on F.rie Hallway. Price |I2,?W0. Apply vo MM. ELY CH1L BON, l'aesilo. W J. A MM ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SALE. WITH ONE or four acres, at West llohoken, N. f . a auhstantlal llouto, replete with every convenience: adjoining the real denee of .laine^ KeTrjjjn. fb* aWe Is fcighlv Improved avd coliiraDl. and effEmUndlng a fine view Af New York rnf; within Id minutes of all the femes by horse railway. Also 20 bolldlnc Lets for sale. Inquire of A. MAUOSCH, on the premises, or address hot lbO Herald office. A^HT SIS FOTTRT1I AVLN'.'E?OQI Sfttt Thm.'SKS, FARMS AND srfiuRHAN Bt'ILDIja SITES roft HALF. R'jK STANLEY DAY'S REAL ESTATE CIROU i,ar, WHICH can bp, hah pure ok .MAILED L'PON RECEIPT OP STAMPED BNVKLOI K. A^m YAl.l AHi.c HOTEL AMD MINERAL 8PIUNU Property in this Stale for sale; city property would bo taken In part payment. STRICKLAND A WILLIAMS, 240 Broadway. AMT PASSAIC. ELEVEN HOUSES AND LOTS, FRO* SuiTA Ic four acres, within five rainatoo af station. Pr's* M.tss) to ?t?,0UU, csab. Arply to WM. ELY OHIL. WIN, Pasaate. N. J. ___ A mm large HorsR. with m rooms, n( acres op (Round all pe.jaseary nmbuUilngsi a una stream of water running ihro igh it: can't he heat for a hotel or board lug honor. Apply to R. P. HARRIOTT. 14 Pine street, or to HARRIOTT, VAIL A Co , at Plalnfteld, New Jersey, oSoe uppo re the dapol. NKAT COTTAGE. NINE ROOMS, FOUR LOTS, ttne fmlts and shrubherv. for sale at a bargalu. located at East Nev York, handy 10 rslltoads. Apply to O. IV. D1 rClIBTT, No. 2 New Chsml>era street, corner of Chat ham ______ A^m COTTAGL norSK. EIGHT ROOMS, COCNTRT I Store, with two acre* of Ground, in New .lereey, ebeapt npleudld Farm iu Saratoga to aiebange, bargain. .1 AjjliBs. AW Broadway. A^MT NEW HRUNHM'IGK?A FIRST CLAHg RBSI denre. large double house. 4Axtn, with all MP pmeementa; 17 large room kn j r-*?-wa^j of ground, with a variety 1 J. M. FjvftUliROR ACIVj* na. barn and euble; about MB lou ' of fruit: prloo ?rA<X*V A G(L*JB BABCAtf BUMOW OOtlTEf BBAL ERTATi ?*???? IN MARLB0BO. lp|0*OI71* of the rfif ^Ul^" ?! H^Bl. 110 'iga n> >M; Ml.** t ohuw like IUnMui B ^?^Hll. Herald oSto*. fik'H *OB 8ALH-I* ON EI OA COUNT*. *. *.* ^HvH of good land. with two goad houses and harm. Tpr parilculare apply to Mr. SMITH, 17* Kut first CM? FARE, CONTaIMNO 86 MMM OP ptdl?A tops bowse. mitbTrrtfflhr* let fbr two. ? or Are rears, iuiua?d wtlbin oea tulle of White Plains: r House, 21x44(190; suboellur gut fixtures, bath, No., five minutes from ferry. J. B. J AM xiS, 80 Cedar a pabi* tor naui of ma acker -toum? a*. A chitd? fouroowTTwUl havecalves Id Mmehj. IP head ?aMt? la aM. BuMtngv alt to svoelleut order. IMwiit eaa beaean far mm day a4Bw 8Bml Broadway. OAROAIN8?AT MBTUCHBM. N. A; 11 AOBBBj BMW A> mod era Cotmge, eight rooms, AVOO, others heaMB to IIO.OJA. Sanaa easy. PNTTTT A > kxZltU. Ml ?Ml way, room Ma. A fjlAKM FOB SAAB.?A SMALL FARM. TWELVE f acres, two bousaa. bant, Ac., lo iUd tu the Immediate vicinity of While Plains, Weato ,o*tcr county. For partiou lata apply to ROBBRTB. HLLM. 41? Broadway. I?OB SALE?GROVE STREET, BANT ORANGE, HOUSE A1 and Lot, with Grocery ittorecod Slock, now doing a good iiuslnaas: Immediate possession. For pariioulars call on the premises. P'OIi HALE?AT GRBAT XF.OK 1,. f.. NEAR STEAM - boat landing, froatlng the Sound, the Nassau House, of SO rooms, 12 acres. MILLS A VAN WVCK, 91 Broadway. For salb?on bbinkeuiioff street, south Bergen, N. J., a two story frame llousr, containing A Booms; Jot S7*? feet by 100; oouvcment to the -Ir. -ay l.'ity and Kergen Horse Railroad. Apply to GEO. HASTINGS, 1S< Chambers street, New Vox*. Prloe $4 000. JpoR SALF-IN PHILADELPHIA. FOR fS0,O0O?A8H. a business property, four storr b-ick. S5xo0. together wit', other Improvements; lot too lout deep, rents lor over $3 JGO per annum. For further uarticiilsrs inquire of 11. R. K> i till INS, 1IM John street. FOR 8ALS-IX VILLAGE OF NEWTOWN, LONG Inland, Plot of Ground, with large Mansion, well finish ed. double parlors, dining room, kitchen, large and small sleeping moms: water in house; nurblo insntela. do ; with Hi in carrlaje house, plenty of fruit, Ac.; lite minutes frotu above depot on I lushing lioilmad; price Jo.fitW. Sevoral other desirable residence* In same vicinity st low prices. J. E. HATCH h SON. 375 Ninth avenue. fOU SALE?IN JEltSBY CITY. THREE STORY BRICK wth, At street. FpOR SALE?AT 8BITHTOWN, L. I., THE FARM OF 1 the late Benjamin MUls, containing 7<0 acres home stead and 3d acres woodland; good house and large and con venient outbuildings, with a fine young orchard and large brook suitable for making a trout pond. The stock and rocxables will be sold with the farm If desired. Apply to LYMAN B. SMITH, Administrator, Smlllitown, L. 1., or K. 8. MILLS. 61 White street. N. Y. FM)K HALK?A BRICK GOTHIC COTTAGE, HALF AN ecre of Ground, with stable, Ac , at Wappinger's Falls, between Flshklll aud-Poughkeapsie. Apply to T. M. CUZ ZEM8, 1*4 Pearl street, IT Y. TTIOR SALB?IN ASTORIA. A PLEASANT AND CON f renlent resldonce, accessible by steamboat from Peok slip in M minutes and by railroad and ferry; situation ele vated and healthy. House forty feet square, two stories and basement; punas front and rear, with ewpola and fourteen rooms. On the plaoa are berry-bearing shell bn Dowering trees and evergreens, with a variety ef smell and large fruit. A iso aerminmoaations for horses and carrlagM. Dimensions, 116 feet ou Keutaeo street, exteuding bank t > Woolsey street, KM fee,, with breadth on the Utter of II* Met Apply to Oft AN R A BAY LIBS, >1 Washington piece, University Pudding. TOOK BALE-ON BERGEN ITTLL. IN ONE OF THB A best locations. a splendid Uothio slate roof Cottegr, a ear Jersey City and iloboken horse cars; gas' and water, else heater In the house; good let; has fruit trees and ben bouse on It; is every way desirable home for moderate etae family. Furniture and Carpets would be sold with house and let if wished. Apply to ORG. W. BaKEK, No. 7 Brie Buildings, 204 Duana street, New York. Price $*,60u. POH SALK?AT AUCTION, ON THURSDAY, FBB. ?. at 1 o'clock, at Hicks' Hotel. Newtown. L. L, to doeo the estate ef Moses Suydam. about 40 acres of valuable Land, with the buildings thereon, joining the tillage of Newtown on the wost and Meyers' uildiilnn on tbe north, which is alraadv sold in botltlr.g lots. The above land will be sold in five parcels or together. For full particulars in quire ef J. S. SUYDAM, 30 William street, with M. Morgan's Sons. FOR SALE-A FARM OF 40 ACRES OF PLOUOH Land, in a high aisle of lniprurnweut; sl-o I ruit orchard and 3S acres of meadow; al?o wo el or dmber Land can be purchased with the farm. Good building* also sporting privileges, it Ivtou ? half mile from be Swath Hay In frunt of the groat oyster beds, with a fair view of the bay. Stores, po?t office. rcbools, churches uuiireiiient; 60 miles from the city, in Sajvilie.. SUIIblk county, L ug Island. N. Y. Tor further particulars apply to HAlsdKk HULHK, on the premises. IPOR SALE?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC COTTAGE. ' with n quarter acre of ground, at Mount Vernon; 14 miles from Now York by New I'aven R-.ttroaa. Possession April 1. $3,two. AUG. T. GKLLENDalK, 60 Liberty street. FOB 8AliK-*?,?W-IN WBST MT. VERNON. THE pre tt lost auil ue*U Ideal koo.ile.l little Hums tn West checter county; Liigh ground*. beautiful riew. cotti.-c, Are ro?ms, occupying eight city lot"; accessible to Harlem and New llaron d-jpois; three raluutcV walk from either. In quire or Mr. BUCK, at Depot Hotel. Wot Ml. Vernon or of A. BeOHHAUC. Hvorett Mouse ior. New York. JjVIR HALE OB TO LET?AT ASTORIA. L. L A LABOR L Dwelling Moure, handsomely situated; 12 lots of ground, lxrje Carriage llo?<e, enoiue frultr, Ac., price jli.ivo. or will be let iwni HmuwxI; rem $l,.r0J. Apply to JOBIAU XI. WHIT-Nki. Astnrla. L L L>OR SALE OR EXCITANOE?FOUR TIIRK8 STORY F brick Dwelling House*. In the ci.y of rhIUdelphln. for a country res.deuce or farm near New York worth j^.UC*. Address F. W.. box HO Herald office. F?f?R COUNTRY PROPERTY, WITHIN H HOUR OF New York, by boat or r.itrond. I offer good Mouse and nice garden in Newark. Ownere addrnaa VluU-rn, Ileratd oflice. Hudson rivf.r property.?eor sale, on the weatbenkol the Hudson, a number of bandanmr Residents-*, with nver front*, between I'lermont and Nyaok, with from 1 to It uoros, ranging lu price from $10,003 to $2 6t?>. Apply to WM. If. PLA rr. Plermont. N. Y. ORANOB OOUirtY FARM /OR HALE?120 ACRES, with auitable lliilldlnu ?, fruit and spring water, Ac.; 2if tunes from depot of Art# railway: price low; pos*e?aton April 1. S. OLA ttK. 132 Eighth arcnue. C. B. KNIOHT. WILL BUT TWO ACRES OF LAND. WITH a frame House, delightfully altnatod In Now h. lie. Apply tn JOSEPH MoOi'litK, 116 Nassau street. Roth 100 i?^^ ft A/h?FOR BALK. A FIRST CLASS IMPROVED VAUaVl 'U. properly In Newark. N. J.; large Mouse, with wing addition; brick htable onaatreetln toe rear of the; grounds 107 lent SmL 21b feet deep. For further* inquire at room No. 4 Custom House, Nee-ark. IlKAL ESTATE WASTED. Farm.?wanted to rent, a pmalt, farm, with grfod sired Hour*; prefer It ftr ilshe.l, within one or two hours of city. Address J. H., 16.1 >Ve?t Fourteenth street. niRNHMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO HUY OR 1 toeao?The highest mart*! value siren. Apply to R. If. OIBBOin & Ot? .44$Brn?na struct Tenement property ?wanted?to purchase or let ie; also a Dwe'llng House between Canal and Ttvc- ty.thtrJ street* Third and Sixth arennes, $b,000 to $9.0(4. Addresi Kennedy box 161 Ilerald office. Tl,'ANTED?A COUNTRY RU-MUKNCE WITHIN ONE ?v hourof New York, In exchange for Western Lands or good Mining Slocks Address C. P. 8., box 6,629 l'ost $m$. ~ __ _?* VST ANTED? k COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH FROM rv five to ten aor-a of Improred land, about one hour's fide by railroad from eity; heu?e and ontbuildlnga In good order. Address, with full particulars, T. W. Becker, box 42 Nnw York Post oIIopl TV ANTED TO RUT-A HOUBK fN EXCHANGE FOR rr a rrry handsnmo lot of black Cbsnillly L*oe, and part in money. Addreaa box 1,123 New York Post office. WANTED TO HUY?A HOUSE IN EHCHANOE TOR TT a vory hniid? lot of Rlnck Chantllly Lace, and part In money. Address box 1.232 Now York Post offloe. WANTED TO PURCHASE?IN BROOKLYN, IN TnE Vlt lolly of Clinton seenue, a small cottage House, with Improvements; price about $6,030. Address, girtng location, plan of house. Ac., a. M. K , Uerald oflice. WANTED TO PURCHASE-A WELL BUILT THREE Store high stoop House, worth about from $10,000 to $11000, between Thirtieth and Fiftieth strcsst, from Second to Fourth arenua. Address A. A., box 2,840 Post office. WANTED TO PURCHASE OR LEASE?A BONDED Warehouse. Ore stories high, oellar and 6 ram-oof; not ?mailer than l?t?, either le Hreenwioh, Wwrt, Washington or South street, North or Bast rirer. COLLINS A CO., Heal Estate Agent*. 17 Nassau street, room 12. M H. *KBT, BROKER IN REAL ESTATE, 67 Vesey street, New York, snlieite the petrooage of par lies holding property for sale or to let, city or country, and assures prompt and faithful attention thereto. Property p exclusively in tnr hands will be advantageously edrerUsed without extra charge to owners. Refers to W ALEXANDER W. BRADFORD, Esq. lIKNKlf CQUDILL. Esq. JOHN RANDALL, Esq. FOIl SAVE. ..'el Ypu i ?FOR SALE?ONE OF THE OLDEST COFFEE A. and Dining Saloons: long lc*?e, low rent, part cart. Aprlv "t 91 sixth arenu?, basements-w pm :. ??w 1**? ^ " A'-fob* 5a1i:, OORNKR LIQUOR STORES, RES, ? taurania, I .Inner and Lunch Rooms, a cheap corner Habere, Groceries, Billiard dab-ons, Bowling Saloons. Ho tel* twafeetionefT, Paper Hag Faoiory; a urge Soda Water Manufactory <1 IT''IIEl.l.'S st0ie Agency. 77 Coder at. 1 FIRST CLASS DOWN TOWN BARROOM FOR A **1' ?Apply to KIEF, SUIIR A CO.. 2S8 Waahinfton si reel. BAROAIN.-FOR SALK CHEAP, a LIQUOR STORE, with License and Apartments to lira In, doing a good business; must be sold <>n account ef ether bueine.a 462 Weet Twenty-sixth street. A" * OLD ESTABLISHED BAB AND REBTaURANT for sale; location unaurpanerd: long lease; price $6 OUR Address J. 0. O., Herald office. A BATE FOR BALE?WILDF.R'8 MAKE. $300 SIZE| will sell It sery cheap. *164 Merlon street. _____ A LOT OF COUNTERS FOR BALK-SUITABLE FOR dry gouds, ot-dhlar, Ac ; be sold cheap. W. K PEYTON, $74 Boe ery , Abutter and c.hf.ese stork ron sale cheap; g-xvt location. For particulars Inquire at Waverley Market, corner of Charles street and \\ averlcy plaue. ARTAND FOR sale IN JBFFKRdON MARKET.? One of the host location*. Apply all this weak at stand 60, faring Ninth street, from S A. M. to 1 i\ M., or In the evening at 12V Wert Tenth street, to W. C. LouHf.KrY. Ah first ci.aih fruit wink and oioaw bto ? with Sample Room attached 1 Lease, Htock^M WT??(ureaie- Aonlr n0 Pfea^fM. ^ Oft: ^ ii orriMD to rn oka sash K>ii?(uiahi|M. Apply at ? Wall street. aeoond floor, rear Hm o. X or te MALE, at the wereroom W Yultoa street a NRAT LITTI.B FANCY STORE FOB SALS.?BENT H. CQOtyr. gBar Otartww street -das a*? lBBob r&*, mke up hi nsit 13 daMstyle, HaiyiUi| ?tANa, lor aaiacheap. Site* ?sx^ESisz.srusiSsSt L. B P., etatton-% Bair Yerh. DVTCEB STORE POK ML? CHEAP.-MWD LOOA X) Uoa; aplnndid dhanoe far aa enterprtsldK #Mfc pHiiMiaTmprtro sFBM Waahtaglen street y fJMraLIRT FOR SALE?IN COMPLETE BVMSIM V a*aarj receiving riflaw aad Radad wnrchcuadratt?M? rd^A^y j^ AWTI?C*T. Ill Km* Twen ty-fifth Street bcfbrelgsfctact A. M. orafterlo'clhoh P. M. DMRUO STORE FOR SAAB IK BROOKLYN?LOUAr ? ttoa ope af the beat la tee cut and dome a fine MM neaa. Apply to MITCHELL A MWAFRS, 78 Cedar atroM, DRUO STORE IN BRIDGEPORT FOB 8ALK?Ex cellent location ; go-xl stock, about $5 88 \ parioa weiL For particular* apply to W. H. WHEELER A CO.. Bridac port. Coon., or HENRY HAYILAND, Esq., B John at DRUGOI8T3 AND MANUFACTURERS.?S BARRELS of 95 per cent Alcohol for isle. at $8 IS per gallon. ha barrel or 6 gallons. JAMB8 AINBL1K, 'JS9 Front alt-eat. DRUO FIXTURES. BHEI.VINO. COUNTERS, 8TOOK. Ac., of a Retail Store?For eale eery cheap If applied for eoou. at 56 Greenwich avenue. DXTRAORDINARY Ol'l'ORTrNrrY-POSSESSION UK J!i mediately ? Lease Fixtures and Stock for sale of the well Known Sample Room. 896 Proud way, elegantly titled up, business good and con stantly increasing. For hale-a fancy goods store, with stock .and li it urea. In one of the heat bualneaa localities of the city. Inquire at 119 Spring street. 1,10R SALE?A COAL YARD OK TWENTY-SECOND P stieet, near North rive, with ecalo and fixtures oo?n plete. Possession immediate. Storage caparlty about t,0M ions. Will bo sold at a bargain. Address 8. L. 0., Herald oaioe. For sale-toe lease, with part fixtuhbs, of one of the beat Hoarding Houses down town. In quire on the premises Ne. 8 Carlisle street For sale?a butter store in Brooklyn: Ubllsiied over eleven years. Apply to BABTL HIMOh'KON, 398 Washington street New York. DOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOK J' Store, a short distance fmm the city: Inhabitants I09.80P. Must be sold, on account of III health. Apply to ?. J. BATES A UP., 88 Day street. For sale?thb stock, fixtures and ooob Will of Saloon and Restaurant 37V Fourth avenue, and Bra years' (.ease of the build toe, throe stories high. In quire for particulars of D. D ORRELL, 18 Cedar street F?>R BALE?8 SCHOONERS, S SLOOPS, 1 PBOPBL ? ier. Agency for the sale or exebanga of vessels of erevw description. PRIOR A POOP WIN, 39 Wassail at, row >C FHOB RALE?LEASE, STOCK. FIXTURES AND OOOO ? will of so oM established Millinery Store; one ef ton most desirable locations far a Aral sheas t-ade In the eMr Inqulre at 8*0 Sixth area as. DOR RALE?ONS OP THE OLMNT AND BBBP U established Corner Liquor Stoma to the Ninth ward, having a flne assortment of Liquors on hand, and aillefbn tory rensons glean for selling. Apply ad Mo. 8 Piae ?Unt room.aj, from II to 8 Wstook. DOR SALE?AT M BARGAIN, TUB LBA8R. STOCK r and Fixtures of a Brat class Lad tea* Hafnlroasleg and Fatter Store, long aad areM established: setoemly n eanea amienceof the owner gates to the country. The lease has Etvc years to ran from hit of May. House tote good ardsm The store is 65 feat deep, with a good yard. The parabasal eau have toe store and apartments to live in rent fraa. ant aa income of $480. Mo agenti need answer. Apply for and week at 881 Sixth avenue, In too store. DOR SALE?THE 8TOOK AND FIXTURES OF A HAT r Cap and Fur Store, wall located on Sixth avenue. AD ply to P. GARRISON, 697 Sixth avaatie. _____ DOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS BREAD, CAKE ANB f El# B.-> leery, on account of sickness in the family, at Ml Eighth avenue. ___________________ IpOR SALE-TUK LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURR8 OF ' a Brat class Family Grocery, Including Stable, two Horse# and Carriage#; In a godd location, with a good run of can torn. Address C. W? King* Codnty Inauranoe oOtee, No. I Nassau street. ? - DOR SALE?A SCHOONER OF 116 TON8 BOBDBM, F about 7X feet draft of water. Apply to L.. 9- WIN?, aid)) chandler. MB South street DOR SALE?THB STOCK, FIXTURES, GOOD WILL, r Ac., of u Qrat das* Drug Store, near the Fifth Art Hotel. Apply to HOMER MORGAN. No. 2 fine street. FOR SALE?L".ASE, FIXTURES AND OOOO WILL of a flrat class Dining Room and Bar, between Broad way aud Nassau at Apply II Nassau at., rooms 10 and II. -pOR SALE?THE FIXTURES AND LEASE OP THE quire on the prem't Wtue and Liquor Vault 48 Walker street; rent low. In ?n FOR SALE-DISTILLERY, A WOODEN STILL, WITH a.I the latest Improvements. Inquire of H. ObBORN.M Hudson avaaua. Brooklyn. FOR SALE-ONE MASn TUB, IN COMPLETE ML der; 10 vinegar Generators, 6 new Tnbs, 2,208 gaDsnn each: 2 Receivers, 1,100gallons each; 1 new wooden rung, 66 feet long. No. 87 Water street, Brooklyn. DOR SALR-OOAL YARD, WITH LBASE, FIXTURES, r Hemes. Carts. Harness. An., now doing a large bad naaa,.for eaah. Address Dcaleq station F. New York eHy. For sale?a good liquor btorr. with etook. Lieenae and two years' Mae; cheap rant; mas* be soil ssUie owner is leaving the country. Address Hi, Hernia T7IOR SALE?8PAR8, BAILS, RIGGING, LINES, HAW F Mr, Cabin*. Pollook Pomp, Anchor*. Chain*, Ac., ofm steamship. Inquir* on board, foot of North Taat* street. Will lam* burg. li^OR SALE?ON MOST ADVANTAGEOUS CONDI r Uoaa. the Good WiU and 8o?CM?omhip of a Wine aod Brandy Importing Hoot*. Mtablnrtiad in this city fo*r years ago and well known In tin United Stalo*. Apply to Mr. FO t/AUTY, lawyer, No. S Pine (traet. FOR SALE-POUR YEARS1 LEASE OP A LAMB House and Store, oonUlnug all natures neooaaary for a first ctnss dry rood* ?tore. Apply to P. A. BERT, Real Ro tate Agent, iii Urand atreet, Wllllamabjprg. F)R SALE?WITH LEASE, A DOWN TOWN OIGAM Manufactory, containing tables. Ac., for erurking aiity baud*, which, with oRlre fnraiture, will be sold low for eaab. Address Tobacco, Herald oil toe. For hale-a wilcix a gibhs sewing machine, nearly new. Addreaa Mr*. E. S. W., station D. For sale?a five years lease, stock and Fixture* of a rent*1 Furnishing Store, ou Eighth aye nue; has been established for twelre year*. Reason for selling, the present owner going Into the wholesale business. Kor further particular* apply at store 236 Kiglitn syenite. INOIt SAT.E?OYSTER SALOON, RESTAURANT AMD I1 Bar, with four years1 leaae, at vary low rent. Addrsea J. R. L.. Herald olltee. LE.ASF. FIXTURES AND STOCK OF A MILLINERT store in the vicinity of Fourteenth street and SlnlK avenue. Addreaa M. R.. Ilerald oOloe. ,N. B.?A nplendH locality for millinery good* I EASE AND FURNITURE FOR SALR-OF A FIRST .J cinss House, Twenlteth atreet. near Ninth avenue; cheap, for B7,flOB. Apply for this week at 67> Second evens* LEtBB OF A FACTORY AND LOW RENT IN THE lower part of the eity and Machinery for aal*. eoraMatiag of n 26 hoi "o power Engine and JO Iiotm power Bolter, wttn Steam Ptttrp, Flttinr* ami Shnfttug, all new and in running order. Andrei* E. P., box 2.9 Herald ofries. Lease, stock and fixtures or a broadwat store fur tsale?Block ?>u isle of Parasols and Faney r.ooda; buainese well-e-t*Wished; rent toy; proprietorga In* Into the manuiactutiag bueiuesa. Apply no the pre mises, (Ml Brondway, near Serenteeuth atreet. MANUFACTORY FOR 8ALE.-$?,000 WILL PHB ehaM the entire interest in lease, machinery, stock and fixture* of n manufactory of a staple commodity; profita un usually large. For information addreaa Advertiser, IfaraM utile*. w . IN OOX8E I2A.00U worth CELLING OFF?REGARD LESS OF COST, O of loaso of storo expiring May 1. I of Koota Hhoae and Trunk*. Soiled stock I* I price. ROBERT IRWIN, 399 Bowery. Corner Bond Street. STORE FOE BALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A Millinery and Dressmaking establishment. In Jersey City; good locution; coming in rery low. Must be told by llie 1st of Msrch. App'y si I *3 Warren street. CTORE FIXrURTB FOR BALE.?A RANGE 57 O Drawers msde of oak and suitable for raney goods, with pstent labels. Inqu're at 99 East Twenly-sUta aungl, frost 7 to 10 A. M. or from 7 to 9 P. M. THhf. ? AND OOOD WILL 01 an old established Hat and Cap busineee of thirty years standing for tale. Inquire of ddlt Hudson street. Tm~ O PLUMBERS AND OArtFITTlWlB.?A SPLENDID opportunity for an enterprising man fm Bd.tOO cash; the bej-t aland In the city of Newark, w,lh. ?!"?*? Good Win and three rears' l.easc, can be bought Addreaa or call en L. L8LONU ,211 Market street. Newark. <!?*? en A -FOR BALE. SPLENDID BOARDING $3-500. House, near 8k John a Park, crowded with Wrdcr. always; can .r omn^staU, mshtng trM.aay faak Addreaa for three day*, A. A., box 110 Heraldjvfflce === tOAL- IVOOD. AC. ?>OKE 12 PEE CHALDRON, IX THE YARD. APPLY ; allhe Manhattan Gas Works, foot of West Eighteenth street and foot of Beat Tourtouuth irict. Delivered st ?3 per chaldron, by CBAPBKR A i,I .l.?a, utlM Wast eighteenth street and JOHN SMITH, corner of avenue C and East Fifteenth etrtei. __ AO A < n.\L0EQIl FOR COKE IN TnE YARD, OR del rered Itmfiadl ilflt to customers1 house. at|:t. from New York Gas Wmlu. Twenty-Aral MARBLE MANTELS. M AH RLE MANTELS AT mVuCTCD FRJCRS -AFiNR sefeetton on hand st H. KLABKH 8 Manufacture, M First avenue, near Third street. New Aerk. Call and ex amine. M?"aRRL* MANTELS.?THF. BEST PLAGE 1* THE city tepttrebaae MarWe man tela of the latest design* at rervlciw prices >. *t A. K LA BBUS Marble WarkslA t-..? Eighteenth atreet, near Third a? , N Y. Cut thl* out 9f AKBLEIZP.D SLATE MANTELS?SUPERIOR I*