Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Şubat 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Şubat 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON The Tariff Bill Substantially Rejected in the House. Passage of the River and Harbor Ap propriation Bill. Numerous Other Appropriation Bills Disposed of* THE TAX BILL PASSED IN THE HOUSE. Refusal of the House to Abolish the Cotton Tax. ?eport of the Internal Revenue Fraud Investi gating Committee. Ac. Ac. Ac. WasnwiTos, Feb. 28, 1W7. The Reranstrartlnn Bill?Tlie Veto Prepared and Ready to be Ment to Coii(r?M. The veto message is prepared and will probably be seat in to-morrow. Judges Stanbcry and Black have, It is said, materially aided in its preparation, furnished authorities, decisions, tax, bearing upon the case. Still it is asserted by some that the President still wavers In bis decision, and may seen at the eleventh hour sign the bill. The Tax Bill. The House was relieved for the present from the con sideration of the Internal Revenue Tax bill that bas consumed so much of the time of the session, and iias been amended all out of its original shape, by lis passage this evening. The action of the House in Committee of the Whole abolishing the tax on cotton was disagreed to, so that the tax of three cents per pound remains on that staple. An average of $5 por thousand specific tax was fixed on all cigars. The Tariff Bill. Tho failure of the motion of Mr. Morrill to-day to sus pendsthe rules to take the Tariff bill out of tho Committee conference committee is regarded an a test of the strength of the measure, and its final defeat is confidently predicted. The vote was 84 in favor of to 88 against tho motion, showiug a very even division, and bringing out an unusually large vote, of the Whole for the purpose of committing it to a The opposition on the republican side comes almost en tirely from the Western members, who are nearly unani mously against the partial and burdensome legislation. The Bill Providing for .the Redemption of Compound Intercut Note*. The Committee on Finance of the Senate have re ported the House bill for the redemption ofjhs com pound interest notes with an amondmont, which sub stitutes tho Loan Certificate bill of the Senate for the Cn.ted States non-Interest bearing notes provided for in the House bill. As the antagonism of the West and East is now very marked and manifest in the appropriation bills, the tariff and the currency meas ures, it ts almost impossible to conjecture what will be Ifee result, but the matter will probably go ton commit tee of conference before it is decided. The River nnd Harbor Appropriation Bill. In the discussion of tbc River and Harbor Approprt alion bill in the Senate to-day much useless expenditure waa exposed, and many jobs are, no.doubt, covered up In these appropriations. The most unquestionably meritorious of the whole was the Item for the Improve-'| meut of the navigation of the Mississippi river at Dee Moines rap ds, and this was the item which met with meet resistance. In the conflict of interests of the Cost end West tbe public wlU have some little security against wholer ale plunder. Tho Went worth Investigating Committee. The curiosity of tbe Houee was to-day developed by Ihetr vote directing the Smelling Committee, of which John Wentworth is chairman, to report to-morrow, and to furnish tbe House with tbe newspaper assertions and rumors upon which his charges of bargaining between the President and cor tain members of Congress were based. Notwithstanding Tbad Stevens' vigorous opposi tion to the resolution it was adopted, many of the mem bers seeming to regard tho chargos as wholly unjusti fiable, and the delay -in making tbe report unjust to some of the members. Considerable feeling was mani fested. Mnnlnlpnl Election In Georgetown. An election took place to-day in Georgetown for Mayor nnd Common Council. It was tbe first election in tbe Dis trict of Columbia at wblch the colored vote ts counted. The registry shows 471 negroes and 1,380 whites. A detail of 148 men for duty was mads, Including tbe police of tbe town and the mounted force, in order to preserve the peace. At nine o'clock the polls were opened, and the rash or voters, without distinction of color, commenced. The votes of several colored men wero reject d because ibev could net be identified, end a few on tbe ground of minority. This action of the judges of election de layed tbe colored voters somewhat, requiring them to make oath to their identity and age. Great exer tions were made by each party to bring voters to the polls. During tbe entire day there was Ism of drunken nets and disorder than usual upon (ho streets, although from an early hour the streets and corners in the vicinity cf the polls were ?eoapted by gmnps of etUseae, without distinction of eoler, who were evidently deeply tote rested in the result ef tbe election. Tbe restaurants and tippling bouses were ckmed all dag, oud tbe Metropolitan police were con stantly petroling the town. Cnmrles D. Wefcb, radical, la elected by a majority of ninety-el x votes over Henry Add lean, tbe present Mayor, who woe tbe conservative - or white men's candidate; but the larger number of Counclmen on tho Addison ticket avo e tec tod. The vats for Mayor was as fellowsWelsh, 1,014; Addison, 003. . Tho OMirages of Regulator* In North and Month Carolina. Tho War Department has received copies of a General Odor Imued on the 40th instant by Brevet Major Gen oral J. C. Robinson, commending tho Carolines, in tbe ehseaos of Major General D. E. nicklea, which is as fol lows:? Tbe civil authorities of North Carolina end Snath Caro lina being unable to capture or disperse the bands of outlaw* calling themselves '-Regulators," who ere reported as engaged in robbing end murdering freed men nnd in committing depredation* and outrages upon the portions sod property or well-dtrpeeed clttaons, all com manding officers ef posts within this department ere Erected in use every means at tbetr disposal to rid the ?mm try of these banditti. Whenever reports of outrages ore received parties will he sent in pursuit of iheso "Rectilator*." and when resistance to arrest la made thev SrtUbe treated as guerilla* and summarily punished. AH prisoners so arrested will be held la military confine ment and the case reported to these headquarters. Aaeiatuut Cawiuilealonern uf Frudmre'a Affaire* Tho following offloera are announced by the Cemmis Blotter of the Freedmen's Bureau as Assistant Commis sioners of Freedmen's Aflhtrs in tbe States mentioned :? Tennessee, Brevet Major General Wm. P. Carlln, head quarter* at Nashville; Alabama, Brevet Major General Wager Bweyne, headquarters at Montgomery ; Louisiana, Brevet Major General J. A. Moter, headquarters at Now Orleans; houtb Carolina. Brovot Major General R. K. Scott, headquarter* at Charleston; Georgia. Colonel C C. Hlbley, headquartera at Savannah; Missouri and Arkansas, Major General K. O. G. Ord, headquarter* at Fort Smith, Arkansas, Texas, Brevet Major General Charles GrIIDn, headquarters at Galveston; Virginia, Brevet Major Gen eral J. M. bcbofleld, headquarters el Richmond; North Carolina, Brevet M*|ar General J. C. Robin eon, huedquertera at Kemgh: Mississippi, Brevet Major General A Ivan C. GlUem, headquarters at Vlcks burg; Florida, Brevet Brigadier General J T. Rprayne, headquarters at Tallahassee, District of (olumbia, Bre vet Brigadier General C. H. Howard, headquarters et Washington. Maryland, Brevet Major General E. M. Gregory, headquarter* at Baltimore; Kentucky, Brevet Brigadier General Sidney Bur book, headquarters at Louisville. The Cuban (lave Trade. The government is satisfied from Commander Gasper's cruise around the island of Cnba and the result of his inquiries that no landing of negroes has taken place or expedition been filled out for upwards of a year, the importation of Coolies having In ? great measure dons sway with the sieve trade. The Indian*. A treaty made between the United Ptatee and th ? Cbeyenn* and Arrapaboe tribes of Indians In 1888 has'| been published only within tbe lest few days. One ef lbs stipulations agreed epoq wag M vtttf* vwifrlpf the limits ot the territory which should be occupied by tboae tribe* This eritele permits the Indians to room orer a part of the country north of the Arkansas river. An order issued by Lieutenant General Sherman a short time sinoe forbids the Cbeyennee and Arrapahoes from oeming north of the Arkansas river, and directs that if they are found upon the forbidden ground their lives f shall be forfeited. It would appear that this order was issued in Ignorance of the existence of the treaty re ferred to; yet it is difficult to conceive why General Sherman was not informed of the provisions of the treaty, even though it bed not appeared*in print and was regularly distributed. The Superintendent from that region says that the Indians were utterly unable to conceive why they were prohibited from entering or re maining on the lands which had been lawfully secured to th em. Condition of the* Negroes In Tesss. The Freedmen's Bureau has received a letter from Grayson county, Texas, saying the government must do something to protect the negroes, two having been most brutally murdered within the last few day* Ruffians are continually maltreating the blacks. Within a circle of twenty miles a dozen have been assassinated. Hurra tt. John H. Surratt was visited, as usual, this morning by his sister and his counsel. He is in belter spirits, and now devotes a considerable portion of his time to reading. Personal. General Butler was on the floor of the House this evening, meeting with complimentary attentions from many of the member* No Appropriation for the Portugal MImIob. By a proviso of the conference committee oh th ? Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation bill Minister Harvey has to look to some future Congress for his salary. I'niforni System of Ganging and Indirection. The Secretary of ibo Treasury has adopted a new hy drometer and an accompanying manual, containing cor rection tables, Ac., and has directed the use of the cali per and head rod system of gauging, la order to insure a correct and uniform system of inspecting and gauvlng in the Pnited States. To introduce this system the Sec retary has appointed a special agent of ?ho Treasury and three expericucod inspectors and gtuigors?Messrs. G. W. Guyse, of Cincinnati; Juslin H. Olas, of Peoria, and Wra. T. Prime, of Baltimore?who will act under the instructions of the Commissioner in this matter. These gentlemen will Immediately commence the visitation of tlie several districts assigned to them respectively, for the purpose of instructing the general inspectors of spirits and inspectors of coal oil in the use of the instruments prescribed by the Secretary, and every col lector is expected to facilitate their labors as far as pos sible. The new hydrometers will at present be fur nished at the expense of the government only to gene ral inspectors, and to none of that class excepting such an are actively engaged in the performance of their duties. A Digest of the Rates of Duties. Mr. Lewis Heyle, a clerk in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury, has prepared a digest of the statutes of the United Slates prescribing the rates of duties in force October 1, 1866. It contains the existing statutes, chro nologically arranged, with all the repealed portions stricken out, and an index to the paragraphs containing the name of every article that is enumerated in the stat ute. The digest will be found useful, particularly for a reference. The Public I.anrfM. The Commissioner General of the I.?nd Office Is in re ceipt of returns showing an aggregate disposal of 13,683 acres of pnblic lands during the month of December last at the following local officesOregon City, Oregon, 6,471 acres; Roeeburg, Oregon, 6,017 acres; Vnncouvcr, Wash ington Territory, 740 acres. The Commissioner also re ceived from the local offices at Oregon a list of selections by the Stato of Oregon, under the act of Congress grant ing lands to the State of Oregon to aid in the construc tion of a military rood from Eugene City to the eastern boundary of said States, amounting in the aggregato to 29,460 acres. The Parle Exposition. The President to-day sent a message to the Senate transmitting resolutions of the Wisconsin Legislature, which ask Congress le make a farther appropriation to defray the expenses of transporting large quantities of articles now In New York intended Tor the Parts Expo sition. ('?nflriwatlonn by the Senate. The Senate to-day oonOrmed tbe following nomina tions :? Surveyors of Customs?John M. Byres, Nashville, Tenn.; William Q. Smith, Selma, Alabama; William G. Mnydor, Yeocomtca, Va; George C. McLean, Pittsburg; Hiram A. Rood, Traverse Citv, Mich. Collectors of Customs?Gilbert Bogert. Washington, N. C.j John W. Dixna, Ynrktown, Va.; Edgar G. Spald ing, Part Huron, Mich.; James B Carpenter, Cape Vin cent, N. Y. Assistant Surveyor of tbe Navy? Augustus Theodore Rick. Receiver of Public Moneys?John Kirtwood, Little Rock, Arkansea Assessors of Internal Revenue?Willard Slocum, Four teenth district Ohio; James M. Meibling. Fifth district Ohio. Collectors of In'trnal Revenue?Benjamin F. Cooles, Eleventb district Ohio; George J. Anderson, Ninth dis trict Ohio; Eugene Powell, Eighth district Ohio. Postmasters?Alfred B. Smith, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Harvey K. Dodi-e, Columbus, Wia Hampton D. Denman, of Kansas, to bo Indian Super intendent of tbe Northern Superinfendency. George R. Latham, of West Virginia, to be Consnl at Melbourne. Simon V. Cordiery, to be Marshal of the United States Consular Court at Bangkok. Among tbe few brevet promotlone after death con firmed by tbe Senate on Saturday was that of First Lieu tenant Bayard Wilkeaoo, son of Samuel Wilkeeon, of the New York Tribunr, killed at the age of nineteen at the battle of Gettysburg, In command of battery G, Fourth regular artillery, promoted to be captain for gallantry In tbe battle of tbe Deserted House, and to be mgjor for gailaoiry at Fredericksburg, and lieutenant colonel for gallantry at Gettysburg. Extra Pay to Holdlere Employed la Hospitals oe Moreen, Cooke, Orc. The Paymaster General to-day promulgated the fol - lowing ctreaiar for the Information of paymasters:? Enlisted men employed continuously la heap Hale ae cooks and curves under existing regulations for e patted exceeding tee daye ahell-bepaid twenty-oreta pea day ae extra duty pay, by the paymaster, ea tbo hospital mutter rolls, when the men ae empleyed are property mastered ce entitled le It. THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Second IEJTATE. ?WeenrvoTow, Feb. 26, 1867. thi nonrorvo intkrpst raromo bill. At tea o'clock on Saturday night, just before tbe ad journment of the Senate, Mr. Hhkkbax, (rep.) ef Ohio, reported from the Finance Committee the Compound In terest Funding bill. The committee recommend non ceocurrenoe In the House amendment, end report the hill as R passed the Senate In the nature of a substitute, anwaron svx'e man srrs*s?xcs. Mr. Nye, (rep.) of Nevada, appeared in his seat this morning for tbe first time this session. Petttlene and memorials were presented and referred, rns coast svsvxv asr-nr. Mr. Aw moss, (rep ) of R I., reported from tnc Com mittee oa Printing a resolution far the printing of two thousand copies o." the report of the Superintendent of Coast Purvey for 1866, which was pas-ed. sounms axn sailors in roe covurnubwt psinttnu orvics. Mr. Anthony, from tbe same committee, made a verbal report on e memorial from tbe Soldiers' and Sailors' Union, of this city, alleging hat discharged sailors and soldiers bad been d acrfmlsated against In the employment of workmen at tire government print lag office. Mr. Anthony sahl that after mature delibera tion the committee bad decided that the s'siora <ut of tbe memorialists wss not borne out by farts. It ap peared irem the report of the Superintc- dent that one third ef the employee of this department were dis charged soldier* and sailors, and he leit it his duty to exonerate the Pnperlntendent I mm such charge-see the memorial presents stalest him SXXATOR S1KCT I ROM MAINS. The Crrant laid before the .Senate the credentials of Joatfn & Merrill, Senator elect from Maiee from March flied*"' te March 4, 1873, wbicb was ordered to be RSNATOR PATTMRSOW. Mr. Patirrhor, (dem.) ef Tenn , said be bad bad ta his posses won for some daye a Joint resolution of tbe Legislature ef Tennessee requesting him to resign his seat In the Weenie. He deemed it dee to tho Mate be represented le present the resolution. He did not feel ihe present a proper Urns to do more tbae ley tbe reso lution before tbe Senate. At some future tln.e he ?bouId vindicate bfmseU against the serious charges ooutallied in It R was also doe to himself to say that, with the lights new before him, he would net obey the kastructiona ef tbe Legtslatare of bis Were. The resolution wee sent te Uie Clerk's desk sad road. It declares, in e preamble, that Mr. Patterson was elected ae a member ef the IT a Ion party, and identified himself with tbe democratic party, aad tbe resolution appended requests him to resign his east. mnoxNTiAi s or senarna naor row Nirvana. Mir. Ntbwart, (rep.) of Nevada, presented the creden tials of James w. Nye, re elected for the term com mending March 4, lgef, and ending March 4, 1873, which were ordered te be filed. nOWTARA. Mr. Warm, (rep.) of Ohio, called up a bill M relation to the gorernmeni or the Untmy of Montane, eeneist ingof seven miMiea The firm aeottea pioflbtfo tae *S? * m OTwti Tmmitfifi tpm granting private charters or special privileges, hut allows them to permit persons to associate them*olves, by gen* era! Incorporation acts, as bodies corporate for mining, manufacturing or other Industrial pursuits; the second section defines the Jurisdiction of the Probate t'ourts of the Territory of Montana; the third section increases the salaries of the Governor, Chief Justice and Associate Justices of Montana to $4,000; the fourth section regu lates the duties of the judges of the Territory, and em powers them to detine the Judicial districts of the Terri tory, and tlx the time for holding courts ; the fifth section authorises the Governor to divide the Territory into Legislative districts, and abolishes all distinction on account of color or qualifications for electors of the Legis lature; the sixth amends all the arts of the two sessions of the so-called legislative Assemby of the Territory of Montana, held 1866; the seventh section repeals all acts inconsistent with the preceding. Mr. Enstcvns, (rep.) of VI., moved to amend by strik ing out the third section, and in tbo course of debate said that the Territorial officers generally made a good deal of money In land and mining speculations, enough at least to make up a good salary. Messrs. Tonuess, Williams snd Stewart oprosed the amendment, and It was disagreed to by a vote of yeas 12, navs 26. Mr. Wii.iiAMg, (rep.) of Oregon, moved to amend the third section, so as to include the Territorial officers of Idaho, and increase their salaries. Agroed to. Mr. Edmunds moved to amend the third section by striking out the word "governor," so as to apply the in crease only to the Judges. Agreed to. Mr. Bxndbkkj, (deni.) of Ind., moved to amend the tourtb section, by providfug that two terms of each court shall he held each year. Agreed to. Mr. HsvtiRirKS moved to amend the fifth section, by providing that the Legislature may at any tfmo reappor tion ihe districts of the Territory. Mr Pound, (rep.) of Vt, moved to amend by an addi tional section, providing that after the 1st of April the salaries of tbo Judges of the Territorial Supreme Court shall be $3,600. except Montana and Idaho, which are increa*ed to $4,000 in this bill, which was agreed to. The bill was then passed as amended, and now goes to the House. Mr. Ciiahdlbb. (rev.) of Mich., at one o'clock called for the regular order, which wss the consideration of billa from the Committee on Commerce. LAND (III * ST. Mr. Kirrwood, (rep.) of town, from the Committee on Public Lands, reported a bill to .-rant aid in the construc tion of tbo Wisconsin and lake Superior Railroad, which was ordered to be printed. coxrcssiTieH or omocRg or m revenue irrrt* NCI VIC*. The Senate then proceeded to the consideration of bills from the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Chandler called up the House toll to fix the com pensation of the officers of the revenue cutter service, which wns pawed, and goes to the President It Oxes the pay of captain at $2,600, first lieutenant and chief engineer, $1,800; second liouteoant and first assisiant engineer, $1,500; third lieutenant and second aasis'ant engineer. $1,200. Pay on leave of absence while wailing orders?Captain, $1,800; first lieutenant and chief en gineer, $1,500: second lieutenant and first assistant engineer, $1,200: third ileutenand and eecond assisiant engineer, $000. The second section provides that from and afier December 31, 1866. each officer of the revenue cutter servico while.on duty shall be entitled to one man'sraimn per day. TrsSKl.s FOR NSW TOUR QUARANTINE. Mr Cdaniiikr called up a joint resolution to extend for two years the time during which the Hecretarv of the Navy shall place at the disposal of the quarantine offi cers of Now York unserviceable vessels to be used for cholera hospitals, which was passed. CONSOLIDATION OF TIIK PUBLIC DENT. Mr. SrtFiRMAN introduced a hill to con olidaia the na tional debt and to provide for its paymenh which he de sired might lie on the table and be printed. He asked no present action upon it. but gave notice that he should < all it up at an early day of the next session. It ie a- follows:? Section J. That the anthnrily of the Secretary of the Trea sury to issue bonds under unrt by virtue of the ect approved March S, 1865. entitled "An act to prov do w.iya and means to support the eovernmi-rt," is hereby so extended as to an thorize the SecrrtAry to I-"sue bonds under said act. and of the character and denominnt'on described therein, pavable. princ'nal and interest, in coin, and bearing interest at tbe rate of sit per rent per annum, parable semi annually, to be known as the "consolidated debt of the United Stales." and to he disposed of in such manner nod on such terms, at not less than par. as he shnll prescribe, the proceeds of which bonds shall be applied solely to the purchase or pny mentnf ext.ting Indebtedness of the United States. Sec. 2. That the bonds Issued as aforesaid shall bo subject to an annual tax by the United States not exceeding one per cent per annum upon the principal thereof, which shall be In lien of all other taxation upon said bonds or the income therefrom: and sa a mode of collecting said tax Congress may authorize the Secretary of the Treaanry to reserve the amnuntof said tix from the interest on said bonds as such Interest matu-ea. and the amount so receired shall he de posited with the Treasurer of the United States, subject to the order of the Commissioner of the Sinking Fund, herein after provided for. which said sums and the interest accru ing ihereon are hereby irrevocably pledged to tbe reduction of the nubile debt. Sec. 3 That the Chief Justice of the United States and the Seereiorv of the Treasury of the United States are hereby constituted the Commissioners of tbe Sinking Fund, and the sums derived from said tax and the Interest accru ing thereon shall eonet'lure the sinking fund, and shall he Invested In bends of the United Ststes, issued as hernia provided for. to be registered m tbe nam* of tpe as ul com missioners: and the said commissioners are hereby author ized to purchase, from time to time, any of the said bonds, and at their discretion In select by lot for purchase any bond aforesaid, paying thersfor a premium not exceeding five per centum and such bonds when issued shall exnraaa upon their face this condition, snd Interest thereon shall not be paid to the holder after such selection shall have been dnly made and notice riven thereof. Sec. 4. Thei the Hscretsrv of the Treasure hi hereby au thorized to Issue bonds of the United States to an amount equal to $600.00!),nn0, bearing Interest at the nte of not ex ceeding five ner cent per annum, pavable semi annoatlr snd redeemable twentv years from dale nf issue, the principal and interest payable at such places in Europe as he may deem best, and in the coin fit the onuntrv where pevable, said bonds to he disposed of only in exchange for six per rent Interest-bearing bonds nf tbe United Ktains held in Europe, provided the difference allowed on the six percent bonds so received In exehanre shsM not exceed that which the romralsalonccs nf thn Sinking Fund are authorized to pay for bonds issued under llili set. PIHRH, PENALTIES, ETC., UNDER THE fTHTOWS LAWS. Mr. ( handler called up a bill to regulate the disposi tion of the proceeds of fines, penalties and forfeitures in curred, under the laws relating to customs, which was passed >n the following form, and roes to the House: ? Section I. That from the proceeds, lines, pennlttes snd forfcliucca Incurred under thn provisions of the laws relat ing to customs there will he deducted such charges and expenses as are bylaw In each case authorized to be deducted: snd in addition in rise of forfeiture of Imported merchsnd'se on which duties have not bean paid, or In case of a release thereof upon payment of its appraised value or of any fine or rompos'llon In moncv there shall also be de. dur'cd an amount eqnlvslent t? the duties In coin upon such merchandise, Including the addlt'onal d uties. If any, which shsl) be credited to the art-mints of the coflcclor as duties receired, snd Ihe residue of tbe proceeds aforesaid shxll be paid Into the Treasury of Ilia United Mates snd distributed under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury tn ike manner following, to wit:?One-hslf lo the United"Ststes, one-fonrth to the person g'rtng the Information which has led to Ihe seizure or to the recover v of the One or penalty, snd If there be no Informer other than the collector, naval officer or surveyor, then to the officer making the seizure, and the remaining one-fourth to be equally divided between the col lector. naval officer and surveyor, or such of them as are appointed for the district in which the aeizn re has been made or tho fine or penalty incurred, or If there be only a eollec'or then lo such collector; but when anv fine, penalty or forfeiture lorn rred by virtue of the laws relating to run tome shall be recovered 'In cnneeqiienre of any Information given bv an officer of a revenue cutter, the proeeeda thereof ehall. e'fter the lee-il deductions. Including ihe deductions i herein anlhnrixed. have been disposed of as fel lows:?One-fonrth to tho United States, one-fourth to the t officers of the customs, ss hereinbefore penvhied, and tho remainder to the officers of snrh revenue cutler, to be divided among them tn proportion lo their par. i fine. 1 That whenever It vhall he made In appear to thn i satisfaction of tho indge of the district court for any district in the Un<te.I Slates, by complaint and affidavit, that any 1 fraud on the revenue has been oommltted bv any person or I persona intrusted or In any way engaged In the Importniton I er entry of sneerhsndtse at any port within such district. I said Judge stall forthwith Issue hie warrant, directed In the I marshal of the district, requiring said marshal, by htm | self or deputy, lo enter any place or premises where - any tn voter ?, hooka or papers are deposited relating ?? mer chandise in respect lo which f-aud is alleged te have town committed, and to taka. possession of such hooka er papers end produce them before the said Judge: and may Invoices, hooka or papers so seised shall he subject to tho order of said Judge, wbe shall allow tbe examination of tbe same by the codec! or of I be port Into which the alleged fraudulent Importation ehall have been- made, er by any officer dnly authorised by sold collector; and such Invoices, books or pa pern may be retained bv said Judge as long as In bis opinion the retention may be necessary: but no warrant for such aetsure stall be leased unless the complainant shall set forth distinctively and ?neclfleally tbe fraud alleged, the nature of the same and tne importations In respect to which It was committed end the papers to be seised-, and tbe wemnt Iseued on such complaint, with tbo report of servlee snd proreeedings thereon, shall be returned, as other warrants, to the court of tbo district within which such Judge nreaides. flee. & That whenever the collector or other chief officer of the customs of anv pert shall be notified In writing by the ?owner or consignee of sny vea el er vehicle arriving from anv foreign p rt or place of a lien for freight en anv mer chandise Imported In such vessel or vohlr'e and remaining In hla custody, such collector or other officer Is hereby author ise I and empowered lo refuse the delivery of euch tnrrnhan dlae from anv public or bonded warehouse or other place In which the same may be deposited, until proof to his ?atla factlon shall be produced that ibe freight due thereon has been paid or earn red; but the rtgbt of the United States ehall not be prejudiced therrhv, nor shall tbe United 8 ales nor Jta officers be In anv m naer liable for Insaea consequent upon atseb refusal to'dellrer; and If the meichandlae on subject te a lien, tegsrdlng which notice has been filed as afbresatd. shell be forfeited to the Untied St*tea and sold, tbe freight and duties thereon shall he nan! from the pro coeds er eneh as la. In tne asms manner as other merges or capon-as net authorised by I >w to bo paid therefrom. hue. 4 That Ihe ninety, first section ef the act to regit la to the collection of duttsa on Imnnrts and tonnage, approved March 1. ITffk: the seventh section of an act to prevent and punish frauds npon Ihe revenue, In provide fir the more carta hi sat speedy eolleainn of claims In favor of the United States, and for other purpoe-a, approved March 3, 1863; the sevcnteeuih section or the art to further fir-vcut smuggling and for other purposes, approved Jelv 8, 886 and all other laws or parts of laws Inconsistent with or supplied by tbo provisions of this set. be and they are here by repealed; and the Secretary of tbe Treeeurv aball pre scribe all needful regulations to carry out and enforce tbo provisions of this act. EATAI. BOARD OF SURVEY. Mr. Qarm, (rep,) of Iowa, introduced a Mil to autho ri*o the creation of a Board of Bnrgey of the Navy, which ho oeked to have prlotedand lie oa tba table until coiled np at Ihe next eons ton. It provldaa thai the Board aball consist of five mem bore, three or whom shall bo I ns officers, one a chief engineer aad one a naval constructor, to bo appointed by the President and bo onnUntied by tho .-onato, aad to bold offico for tbreo years. It to made tbo doty of tbo Board to examine all pUsae aad spoolftcalioas for tbo eonatruotlem, equipment, armament and repair of all veeaeia of war, and lo preneat opinions thereon to tho secretary of tbo Navy; to rev loo tbo allowance book a of the complement of men end equipment of vessels of tbo navy, and to recommend each other alter atzeofi ami nmendgtant* thereof torn lime to time as may seem expedient. It a loo provide* thai a* money shed bo expendod or contract mode for tbo construction of any vestal of war, or far its equipment, until the plans, sporificattoM aad drawing! aball bora been pre sented to this Board osd examined, nod tboir opinion In writ tog obtained. It requires Ml commending officer* afioot to a*port, as directed by tbo Secretary, to give fail snd speotfie reports of tbo performance, with sugges tion* sod MoommondoUoao sorb a* lboy may ffeom proper, which reports stall bo aobmlttod to the Board lor a laminating. It is further note Ih Board annually tdgtab* a personal exami MtT'taMi^retbCai *** Ul M inspect the public works, 'locks and ships, an"1 make a report of such examination. PRKM18MION TO ("APTIIS WKHTTR TO ACCEPT A MEDAL FMoM TUK ilKITISM GOVERNMENT. Mr. (kunn called up a Joint resolution to allow Captain John A. Webster, of the steamer Mahoning, to accept a gold medal from the British government for the relief to a British vessel in distreas; which was passed. ANNOCNCUVIXT PROM TUB IOCK The Clerk of the House announced the passage by that body of the bill known as the Indemnity bill. Also the omnibus approprialiou bill. The former was referred to the Judiciary Committee, and the latter to the Finance Committee. BKUEF OF CONTRACTORS op ntON-CLAPS Mr. Hendricks called up the bill for the relief of eer tain iron-clad contractors, rocenily passed by the House, with an amendmont in the form of a substitute, and moved that tlio Senate non-concur In the House amend ment, and call for a committee of conference. It was ao ordered. RITBR ARK HARBOR AIU'ROPFIATION RILL Mr. Chandlxk called up the River and Harbor Appro priation bill passed by the House a week ago. It appro priates among the sums tlio following:?For examination and survey of works of improvement, for which appro priations have heretofore been made, and concerning which no sufficient information is now in possession of the department, on the Atlantic coast, $30 000; in the Pacifle, $26,000; in the Northwestern lakes. $75 0#0; In the Western und Northwestern rivers, $126,000; lor extendtnz the pier at Erie Harbor, Pa , and dredging the channel. $26,000; for improving the harbor of Buflalo, N Y $100,000; Dunkirk, $100,000; Oswego, $00,000; piaitcburg. $20,000; Ogden?burg. $10,000; Thames river, Conn., $36,000; Big Podus Buy. $S0.0?0; Olcott, N. Y., $60,000; Mississippi river. $200,000; Ohio river, $100,000; Boston harbor, $376,000; Hudson river, N. Y., $305,188- ? j i . v I The Committee on Commerce recommended the strik ing out of the following:?For improving the navigation In the Mississippi river et Des Moines, or Lowor Rapt ill, $1,000,000. _ ? . Mr. Kirkwood opposed the striking out, und after de Mr. Chimrs inquired if it would bo in order to amend whet wes proposed to bo stricken out f The Chair decided affirmatively.

Mr. Grimes then offered an amendment thut any canal which may bo constructed around the Lowor Rapids shall forever remain free to the commerce aud navipa tion of said river, and no tolls shall be collected thereon. Mr. Kirkwood moved an amendment that the im provoments of the rapids shall be according to such plans as a board of engineers, to be npiiointed by the of War, shall approve. Adopted. Mr. liDRVRne moved to reduce tho appropriation to $300,000, which was disagreed to. Mr. Grime* moved to reduce the appropriation to $506,000. and it was agreed to. Tho question then was on striking out the clause as amended. It was disagreed to. So the bill appropriates $500,000 for the improvement of the De Moines Rapids. Mr. CnANDLKH offered an amendmont appropriating $40,000 Tor builaiug and sustaining a snag boat on the Wisconsin river. Agreed to. Mr. Wiilums offered an amendment appropriating $30,000 for tho Winucboc river, below Portland, Oregon, i Agreed to. XXKCmVl SESSION AND RF.CRSS. An executive sosrion was held, aud nt live P. M. a re cess was taken till half-past seven o clock. Kvruing Session. PRIVATE LAND CLAIMS IN FLORIDA, LOUISIANA AND MISSIS SIPPI. Mr. Harris, (rep.) of X. Y., called up a bill to extend for three years tho time for the final settlement of pri vate land claims in Florida. Louisiana and Mississippi, which was passed. THK R1VF.R AND HATtHOR APPnOPTIIATtON RILL The River and Hurbor hill was rosnined. Mr. IUvray offered an amendment appropriating $37 500 for runny ing the snags and boulders from the Miuuesotu river, which was agreed to. _ Mr SPRAorr, (rep ) or R I., offored an nmendmont appropriating $25,000 for improving the Provldenco river, off Pawtuckot bar. and lor the Improvement of tho Pawtucket river $17,000. Agreed to. Mr Edmunds moved to ?trik? out the appropriation for Sac la Belle. Lake Superior. $46,000. Agreed lo. THE MILITARY ACADEMY APPROPRIATION MlL Mr. Sherman, from tho conference committee on the Military Acudemv Appropriation bill, made a report, which was agreed to. The chiaf |?oint in the dispute was an amendment of the House that no cadet shall be ap pointed from the Southern States until they shall be de clared entitled to representation in Congress. Tlio con ference committee screed to this In a modified form, adopting an amendment that no money under thin act ahall be paid Tor the sapjmrt of any cadet from any of the late rebel 8Utea appointed since January 1, 1807, until said Slate shall he declared entitled to representa tion The Senate amendment, providing that the < *ap lain shall be relieved of all academic duties, was dis agreed to by tho committee. The report was agreed to, and the bill goes to tho President. TUE DIPLOMATIC APPROPRIATION B1I.L. Mr Sumner, (rep ) of Mamt, rrom the conference com mittee on the Diplomatic Appropriation bill, made a re port The cWef point In dispute was the Portugal measure. The Home struck out the word ?-Portugal" from the list of missions, and the Senate put it In. In the conference committee the senate amendment was agreed to With ? proviso that no money shall be r*ld to the present Minister to Portugal out of any fund what ever, and this proviso shall eontlnna In force nntll re pealed hy law. Tho second point In dispute was the amount of money to bo appropriated for the contingent Tund of the mate Department The House flted It at $65 000, the Senate reduced It to $30,000 The con ference committee a*reed upon the House figury Mr. HtwtmM**, alluding to iSmST farftnr* comMittee In roeara to An* raruifai mtwwimi, ErckoSSCTw-* ? whloh to fitly characterize such legislation He demanded the yeas and nays aw agreeing to the report The yeas and naya were ordered, as follows:? Taas?Mewint. Brown. Cattell, Chandler, Connesa, Ores well, Edmunds. Kessenden. Kowler. Howe, Kirkwood. Lane. Mru-mii Morrill. Nye. Poland, Fwneroy. Kamsav. lfhermsn. fit raiu'e. Sumner, Trumbull, Van Winkle. William, and WNAre-Mesir?. Buckalow, Cnw.n. D?olittle Kn?ter. Hand rh k?. Norton. Pattersou, Roas, Wade and Wllley?10. So the report was agreed to. TKK RIVER AND HARBOR APPPOPRIATTON IULI. RESUMED. Mr Kirkwood moved to reduce the appropriation for the hstoor of Burlington, Vermont, from $80,000 to $30 000, but subsequently, after an explanation from Mr.'Edmunds, withdrew the motion. ifr Henderson, (rep. I of Mo., moved to Increase the appropriation for the Des Moinos Rapids to $1,000,000. " Jif'hkndcrsor moved fo strike out the appropriation Of $375 000 for Boston harbor. Disagreed to. Mr Edmunds offered an amendmont authorizing the Secretary of War, when in his Judgment tlio public service shall raqulro it, to suspend the whole or any part of the Improvements under this act, and report the details to the next Congress. Diangreed to. Mr Henderson moved to strike out the appropriation of $16 000 for the Bt. Croix river, Maine. Disagreed to The bill was then read a third lime and passed, and now goes to tba House for concurrence in the amend ment. INSPECTION Of OOODH FROM THE RRITIXH PROVINCES. Mr CMAEnunt called up the bill reported by blm on Saturday last to repeal all provisions of law allowing goods brought from the British provinces to be earned mio U?e interior of the eounlry without Inspection. It repeals sections 3, 3 and 4 of the set to prevent smug gling parsed last session. It was passed. lACMTWOCMFa Mr CHiNoajot called up a bill authorising the build ing of osrtatn lighthouses, which wsa passed, sod goes to the Room for eowenrrenoe la amendments. It pro vides as follow# s? j Rente* 1. That the Beerelarv of the Treasury be and be la hereto v sutherlsed sad directed to provide, by centre*, fnv building light hooeeo at the following points, to *IL? for building a lighthouse on a proper site at Trowbridge Point. In ThnnderWay, In tbe Htatoef Michigan, nt a ennt not exceeding $10.W0; for building a lighthouse on a proper site nt Mepdola. o? Lake Superior, In the state of Michigan, nt n ennt not exceeding $1t,<M>: for building n Ufbtjmuae nt Pigeon nver. Minnesota, $1M?0. for building a bghlhouae no a proper stto at er near Brnddoek's Point, Ooorgia, at pmh ? receding B15.000; for building n llghtnouse to mark Tvbee Island Knoll, Georgia, at n co?t not exceeding $15,l?0- for building * range "fl1,*hl* Island as guide, la eroe.lng Charleston Bar, Mouth lins nt a runt not exceeding $16.0(4); for rebuilding the light house en a proper rite nt Deeuwnter Shoals, in Jam** rir?r. Virginia, atn ennt net eioccdlng $16,010; for rebuilding the lighthouse tower and harper's dwelling on a proper stir ?t Bt. Buttons, (Isorgla, st n cost not exceeding $46 000. R olf Island beaeon Hthto and buildings connected therewith. OeorgU: for rebuilding Lnpnlo I.Lnd lighthouse and heorv.ns, Georgia; for building three lighthouse* and buoy steam That the Lighthouse Board Is hereby directed lo make n survey, if no survey has been mrde at Cross l<edge 8h"tl. or at some paint In the Delaware Bay in the neigh borhood of said shttaL and report on the survey to be mado or which has aires# been made to the next Congress as to the feasibility of ereotlng thereon a permanent ll?hlhou?e, and an estimate of tba amount necessary to be appropriated "l That noeontrnet ahall be made except after publ'c ndTertisement fot proposals, in aurh torm nnd msnner as in secure general notioe thereof, and tho same sh.tll only be mndn with the toweribidder therefor upon saeurity deemed sufficient in the judgment of the Heoreuu-y. Bsc. 4. That from nnd after the passage of this art the Recretarv of the Treasury be and lie Is hereby authorized and empowered lo regulate stid tlx the sslartes of the re spective keepers of lighthouses In such msnner as he shell dt-em Just and proper, provided tbe whole sum allowed shall not eaeeed an average of $frt) to each keeper. A LEANT, M. ?., A PORT OP DR1JVERT. Mr. rttANPLMR called up a bill deciarlug Albany, S. Y., a port of delivery, which was p?a?ed. CAMttrN annexed to tee rwAPrnoN pottToprmtAPEtrHtA. Mr. Chandler called up the bill annexing Camden. S. J., to the collect ua port of Philadelphia, snd provld Ing for the appolntntoEi of an eenlstant collector there at a salary of $1,600 per annum, which was passed. NIAGARA SNIP CANAL Mr. Chandler, at tew F. M., moved to take up the Nia gara BMp (anal MIL Mr. Bhkrmar moved to adjourn, which was disagreed Is ?r. Chandler's motion was agreed to by n vote of 19 to 16, and the Mil was taken up. The question was on In serting the clause thai thri act ahall not lake effect un less the State of New York shall give Ite consent within two years. Mr. Morgan, (rep.) of N. Y., spoke In fltvor of this amendment. i Mr. Rbhunh spoke agulnst It. I Mr. WtiJ-tAMg, et twenty minutee pest ton o'clock, i moved to adjourn. Dinagreed to. Mr. Oowar, (rep.) of Ph., spoke against tbs hill, deny ing the right of Oongreto to create a corporation to ope retta within a State At eleven o'clock, without action on the above, the Senate adjourned. HOUSE OF lEPUBKHTATiyES. Warning-ton, Feb. 26, 1867. The Hons* met ah eleven o'clock. siua Aim taan ngRotrrtotm After the rmdlnf of Uw Journal of Raturdsy the Btstee ' were celled for Mile nnd Jelet reeolnliane for reference eniy. Under the call btHB worn Inirodnced and referred | eefollows:? I * m amis mm # a mmm ? National School of Science. Referred lo the Commit toe of Way* and Mean?. By Mr. Faumroam, (rap.) of III.?The resolutions of the Illinois Legislature In reference to a canal at the I)?8 Moines Rapids. Referred to the Committee on Com mon e. By Mr. Harping, (rep.) of III?The joint resolution in refercne to the jurisdiction over Rock Island. Referred u> the same committee. By Mr. N'otu, (rep > of Mo.?A bill toeatend the rights and remedies of tho Civil Rights bill to the white citi zens of Missouri. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. By Mr. Buaran, (rep.)and llr. Fkkry. (rep.)of Mich.? Several joint resolutions of tho Michigan legislature in reference to hnrbor improvements, light houses, Ac. Referred to the Committee on Commerce. llr. I'm he, i rep.) of Wis., presented the Joint resolution of the Wisconsin Legislature ratifying the constitutional amendment. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Lynch, (rep.) of Me., presented Joint resolution! of the Maine Legislature relative to the shipping Interest. Referred to the Committee of Ways nnrt Means. The call of States for bills being completed, the Speaker proceeded to call the Stales for resolutions. Under the call Mr. Buomwkil. jrop.) of III . offered a resolution Instructing the Committee of Way? and Means to Inquire into the expediency of pro'vldtng for the i*aue of live per cent bonds to the amount of fiOO,000,000, payable, praripal and interest, at such places In Europe as the Secretary of the Treasury may determine, to IP" disponed of only in exohaege tor United State? six per cent bonds held in Europe. The resolution was rejected. Mr. CrttOM, (rep.) of 111., offered a resolution directing the Jndiclarv Committee to report a bill making eight hours a legal duy's work lor all government employes, Mr. Wil-on, (rep.) of Iowa, chairman of that commit tee, remarked that the resolution was unneccs arv, as he had already heeBQastroeted to report such a hill, but hud withheld it because it could not be considered by the House in its present condition of business. Mr. Ccllom, on that statement, withdrew tho resolu tion. Mr. Hiti.. (rep.) of Ind., offered a preamble and resolu tion in referenoe to Mr. W'-ntwortb's select committee to inquire into alleged corrupt bargains with tbo President, directing ?uch committee to report after the reading of the journal to morrow, any erldenoe In Ite possession, and also,requesting Mr Wentworth to present the news paper paragraph upon which hi? resolution was based. Mr. Rnraa, (rep.) of t'o.. characterizing the resolu tion as a most extraordinary one, moved to lay it on tho table; but the Housa refused to do so by a vote of 34 to 63, and the resolution was adopted. Mr. Niiii.ack, (dem.) of Ind., offered a resolution In structing the Committeo for the District of Columbia to report a hill conforrlng tho elective franchise within tho district on all foreign born male persons over the age of twenty-one years, who aro entitled to naturalization under* existing laws, end who have resided one year within tbo district, and have declared their intentions to become citizens. Mr. Stevrns moved to lay the resolution on the table. The vote was taken by yens and nnys, and resulted, yeas 47, nays R6; so the House refused to lay the reso lution on the table. Tho following Ir the vote ? Ykas?Messrs. Alley. Ames, Arnell, Baldwin, Banks, Bid well, Bingham, Bnutwell. Hrnoniall, Cook. Dawes, Dodge, Farnswortb, (Jarrieid. Grlnnell, Hawkins, I'eudaraon, llnltii"a. Hooper, Huhbard of Uoan., Jenckes, Kelley, Kelso, Lalllo, Loan, Lynch, Miller, Myer-, O'Neill, Perham. Pike. Randall of Ky., itavmond, R.ce ot Me.. Rolling, Kchenck, Itandiill of Ky., Itavmond, Itice ot Me.. Koltina, Kchenck, Scolleld, Spalding, Burr,' Stevens. Blokes, Vun Horn of N. Y . Ward of N. \Warner, WasUburne of Mass.. Welker and Williams?47. Nats?Messrs. Allison. Aneons. Anderson, Baker. Bea mau. Bergen, Buyer, Rroinwell, nucklaiid, Campbell. Clarke I of kunaaR. Cobb. Conkllng. Cooper. Cull em. of Ohio, Chirke ? DarliiiE. Davis, Dawson, Defrnes, Dounc'ly, I gslestou, El drldge, Furquhar. Kerry. Ftnck, Oloasbrenner. Condyear, Harding of Ky.. Harding of 111 , Harris, llayes, Hlghy, Hill. Hlse, Mosan, Hubbard of W. Va., Hubbard ot N. Y., Hub bell of N. Y.. Ingemol). Julian. Kasson. Kerr, Keirhara, Kuykendall, Lawrr.noe of Pa.. Lawrence of tthio, Le Blood, Leltwleb. Longyear, Marshall, Marvin, Mcfndoe McKee, McBtier .(forehead. Nerval!, Niblack, Nlrhnlsou, Noell, Ortb, Paine, Plants. Price, Rlttar, Rawyer, Rhanklln, Shellabarger, Kitgreavrs, Sloan. Sdilwell Rtmiise, Taher, Taylor of N Y., Thayer. John L. Thomas, Trimble. Trowbridge, Upson. Van Aernnn. Wentv.inth, Wluiley, Windoin, Wilson of Iowa, Wlulield and Wrlrlit?8(1. Mr. Niblack having moved the previous question, the House refus'd to second It. and Mr. Earnsworth having risen to debato if, the resolution went over under the rule. Mr. Tatl"h. (rep., f Tenn., offered a resolution for the ap|Miiutmcnt " n commission to adjudicate and settle claims of i-vi.l ? Ozena of Tennessee for property lakes by the Uni datee forces. Tho House refused to second the pic> <? s question, and Mr. Rollins rising to debate it, the r "s-doiioii wont over under tho rule. Mr. Taylor, of Town., also offered a resolution declar ing that the surviving soldiers and sailors of tho w$r of 1S12 ought to be placed on the peuslon rolls by'.this Congress. Tho resolution won adopted. Mr. Campbell, (dem.) of Tenn , offered a resolution declaring that humanity, civilization and Christianity enjoin ti|>on the people and government of the United sutoa tho duty of persistently insisting on the observ ance, by the belligerent forces in Mexioo, of the princi ples qf international law, la mitigating the horrors of war. Ac. On motion of Mr. Ccllom the resolution was referred to tho Committee on Foreign Affair a Mr. Rollins, (rep.) ot N. 11., asked leave to oflkr a resolution declaring tho cordial concurrence of the House in the views of the Secretary of tho Treasury in reference to the necossity for the oontra tton of the cur rency, with n view to as early a resumption or speclo payment us the business of tbe country permits. A torrent of objections answered the request for unan imous consent, and the retaliation was not received. EXPORT OV TI1K CORUITTRK O.N INTERNAL US MM VRAVO?. Mr. Darling. (rep ) of N. Y., from the select commit tee on internal ravoaue frauds, made a report, and Mr. Trimble got leave to peasant tbe views of the minority. 1 Ordered to be printed. THE TARIFF HU, Mr. Mtmiuix, (rep.) of Vi., chairman of tba Committee of Way* and Means, made a statement lo reference to the business of tbe House, and protraeed that the Com mittee of tbe Whole on tbe t'tate or tbe Union be dis charged from tbe further consideration of tbe Tariff bill, and tbat tbe House concur in the amendments of tbe Senate, with tbe amendments thereto reported by the Committee of Ways and Mean*, as subs- qurntly modified In regard to tbe duty on books and marblo, and thai then toe subject shall be referred to a conference committee. Oeotlemen would see tbat when tbe report of such con ference committee came in it could be voted down if not satisfactory. He offered a resolution to that effect. Mr. I'm it, (rep ) of Me., suggest'd that It would be moro acceptable to take tbe Houso bill of last session and let tbe committee of conference have both bills before It as a basis of agreement. Mr. Moskili. expressed his conviction that thu bill, as proposed to be amended by the Committee of Ways and Means, was a more pcrfoct bill. Mr. (isaviKi i>, (rep.) of Ohio, suggested that, If there was no rule forbidding it, the conference oomm ttee might be composed of double the usual number of mem bers, so tbat all Interests might be represented Mr. Mohkill said be should have no objection to that. Tbo Si'rakkr said tbat no con t ere nee committee, In bta recollection, had been composed of more than three member', but if it was desired to bavo a larger commit tee, tbe rienale might be asked to agree to tbat. Mr. AiLWOk, (rep.) of Iowa, Inquired of Mr. Morrill whether anv opportunity for debate would be given on the report of tbe committee of conference t Mr. MotRiix made no response 10 tbe question. Mr. Frahcis Thomas, (dero ) of Md., representing tbe bituminous coal interest, made some remarks as to ths necessity of having soma assuranou tbat tbat Interest would be properly protected before members yielded tbe v antage ground ibev now bad. He intimated that there wn-< no need ?t committing tbe whole subject of tbe tariff to a conference committee. That K might tie over until the nest caston and then/be taken up and acted ?ooo deliberately. He aaggeatad on amendment to Mr. Marriirs reoeintino, la the shape of .a. proviso tbat tbo eoinrmUee. on tbo [>art of tbe House, s -ail not coneent to change any iaipeat authorized by Use House Mil and agreed to by the Henate. Mr. MoRititL could not consent to tbe proposition In sueli broad terms, but would admits proposition tbat tiis Conforenoe Commutes, en tbe part of tbe House, aball not consent to s lower rate of duty on coal than n spec 11) d rate. Mr hooram, (rap.) of Mass., announced tbat ho would object to tbat Mr SC 'Visij). (rap.) ef Fa., suggested n proviso that tbe duty on coal shall not be leaa then $1 10 per ion. Mr. Tiunw Thomas said that so fbr as be was con cerned he would agree to tbat Mr. ScoriRui remarked that that was tbo proviso, both In the House and .-ena e bills. Mr Moasitx expressed his surprise tbat tbe rate of duty would be so Ho bad supposed that tbe duty of $1 per ton would have aatUiled that Interest I r UawEf, (rop | of Mass., put (tie question to Mr. Momll wbotner he could expect tbe House to agree to his motion If be allowed the committee of conference to b? hampered with lostruc.huia In favor of particular in tere-ut Mucn as he daslrad tbia bill to becomo a taw, bo was not wdi>ng to allow that thing to bo done. Mr. Mosnill modified his resolution so aa to let It road simply that the rule* b? suspended, so tliat the ("oinmlt tea oi tha WIiula on the 8ta>e of the Union lie discharged I rum the lurtlier coiiald ration of tbe rsrlffblll; that tba House noo concur in the Hei;ale ainendnn uts, and tbat tbo House ask a committee ol conference with tbo - en ate on the disagreeing voter thereon. Mr Hi oi Ian a-k?d ibe Hpesker whether, under the ro< luiinn, tba commutes of cnnfereuce would have the power to mako lbs duty un coal either lees or mure thau ngieed on by both Houses f The Hcrarsr rem ed tbat tbo whole subject, with all Its details, would be referred to the conference com mittee. Mr La Ifuwo, Idem.) of f>bl?\ deciareil himself op po?cd io this proposed inu/xllng of the Ropieaentatlvra of tic people, an<l turning them over body una soul to a oumiaiitee oi conference. Mr. the Rouse tbat unless bis propo sitions ware agreed to be should lie compelled to ask the House to sit in continuous session until tbe Tariff bill should hodlspo-ed of. Mr. Boms, (dem.l of Pa., inqn red of tba Speaker wlietuer there would b# any opportunity to amend any of tbo section* ol lbs Mil tbat might be reported by tbe Cnnferen e committee. Tos Hi'sarkr replied In the negative The report of tbe conference committee would have to be acted on aa n whole. Mr. Horn anid tbat la tbat view of the cam be should vote against the motion of Mr. Morrill, leaviog the re spouKibillty oi tba defeat of the measure to thorn who bad I alt this important subject to so late an hour of tba session. Mr. SoorisLD Inquired of the Speaker whether be would feel bound to appoint on tbe conference commit tee a majority of memocn In favor ef tbe bill as paaaad by tbe House. Tbo SrsAKkR said that it would not be proper far blm to answer < hat question. If a conference committee wore ordered by the House, lie woul i appoint it aa be appoiLted all committees, in accordance with parlia mentary usage. Mr. ttoviaLD remarked In the way of inquiry that there was no parliamentary role on Ibe subject. Tbo grans aa corrected that statement by remarking that there were Farliam otary rules in reference to the appointment of conference committees, but Hint be could not answer In ndvnaoe as to what he should do on the subject Tba House then prat sod ed to vote by yens and any* an Mr. Morrtlla mot lea to suapoad tbo rata* which re qujna a m*arMy ******* Theva*rag** rm 1 85, nays Ml. So the House refused to suspend the rule* The following is the vote m detail YaAS?Messrs. Alley, Ami* Astilry of Oh o, Baldwin Banks, Barker, Baxter. Biainao. B.dwell, Bi .rliam Hla.ii* Houtwell, Bnxudege, Broumall, Buokland, Baud} Clarke ui Ohio. Coiikllng. Darling, Davis, Iiawe DoLu., Dentins Dixon, Eliot, Ferry, Garfleld, Ormnell, CrUwold, llaie iiighy. Holmes, llotchkias, Hubbard of We. t ??., HuObsi i ol Jf. Y., Hubbard of l'oon.. Iluhb.-U of (>.uo lliithurd .Icncke*. Kelly, Kelcbuin, KoouU, Lutiin, lat erra -e of p? Lawrence of Ohio, Longyaar. Lynch, Xlarv.i. Mu'tori: M ire. MoKu-r, Mercnr, Miller, Moorhoad. Merrill Mor ris, Myers. .Newell, O'.Vedl. Patterson, IVnun, plm, I'laDls, I'omeroy, Kice of Ma-m., K.ce ol Me, Kuliins. m-o. field, .nhi-dabm-ver, Spalding, Burr, Meveu*. Thayer. Trow bridge, hp-ton, Van Aeriiam. Van Horn of S. Y., War.l of N. v.. Warner, Washburn of M.ies., Welk.T, W-miwortu, Willi.mis, VVileou of Pa. and W >odbi"id;;e?85 Nat*? Me?sra Allison, Ancoua, Anderson, Ariieil. Ashley of Nevada linker, Benjamin, Bergen, Buyer. Bruin* if, Campbell. Chanler, Clarke of K iiisas. Cobb, I'ook. Cooper, Cnlioin. Davrsiin, L'a frees, Dodge, Dninun:. KultitM, Kldildge, Parnsworth, Kart|uh?r. Flnck. (llossbrenuer, ilood>?-ar, Harding of Kv., Harding of 111.. Harris, Hawk ns. llayes. (lender* ,11. Hill, llise, H.ajan, of N. Y., Hunter. Iiivt- 11, Julian, Kaason. Kelso, Kerr, K nikenUall, J.e Blond, Leflwich. I.n,m, Marshall. Maynard, MrCnllougb, Mmition, Nihlsck, Nieliolson, Vieil, Orth, Paine, Phelps, Pflre, Radford, Kandall of l'a., Raymond, Kilter, RollSaeaU, Bawyer, Schciick, Siiankiin. Bligreaves, Hloau, Stiliwoll, .Stokes, Stroll so, Tuber. Tavlor or Tenn., Kranrm Thorns*, John L. Thonua, Thornton, Trimble. Ward of KynWaefc borne of Ind., V> iialey, U lison of, Vt Indom, Wiufleld and Wright?86. The House then went into Committee ol the Whole on tlie state ol the Union, Mr. Doulwcll hi the Chuir, aud resumed the consideration of THtC I AX Bill. Mr. Williams, (rep.) of l'a., moved to amend the lout section of llie bill by adding to il o soot ton? of the ex ist. ug law. which it repeals, soction 97 of the act of June 30.1964, which section allows manufacturers deliv ering goods under contract inndo prior to the act to add to the price of such goods so much as will bo .-univalent to the duty subs, qip-iltly imposed. Ho spoke in sup port of his amendment. Mr. Conkijn , (rep I of N. Y., argued against the amendment, I'ho amendment was rejected. Mr. Cox&uxo moved an arr end moot repeating all acta and parts of acts inconsistent with ml* act, and also re pealing sections 60 and 114 of the act of Juoc 3d, IH64. The edi ct ol the repeal of s clioii 114 Is to put advr-.r ti<enieuls on the fr e list The other is one of the ad mtslntrativn sections about distilleries aud oil rottneriea. The amendment wiw adopted. Mr. Ftkvp.n-i offered an amendment an a new section, providing that In rases of selsure for alleged fraud bonds may bo viven for double the amount of alleged fraude and the business allowed to go on. The umrudiueni waa adopted. Mr. Mtllkb offered an amendment rei|iiirine inspectors of distillenes to givo bonds in not less than $1,600. Mr. Darunu moved to amend the amendment by mak ing the minimum $5,0:k), which was adopted. The amendment, as amended, was adopted. Mr. Sloan, (rep.) of Wis., oitrred an amendment, abolishing the office of inspector of dist ilerlos, which was rejected. Mr I.AWitcxck, (rep.) of Ohio, offered an amendment repealing the law authorizing the secretary of the Treasury to com-act toe curteucy, but Uie point being made by Mr. Morrill It was ruled o il of order. Mr. hiiKiXAit.vktiES, (rep.) of Oliio, moved an amend ment, enacting tbut no claim or prosecution for toe recovery of any ctuimstuririiig from a violation of the rovenuo laws shall bo com prom!-tod or discontinued without the as-cut of the UnitedBtates District Attorney or ot the Attorney General, or without the approval of tho court; which was adopted. Mr. moved an amendment permitting an Informer to prosecute a suit in me name of u.e I'n.tod States, notwilhstund ng ttio rnlusnl or neglect ol the col lector to do so. The amoudinenl was adopted. Mr. Lysi a moved to exempt canned and preserved shell tlsh from iho lax. Tbo motion was rejected. Mr. Boss (dent) of 111 , moved to make tlie tax on Incomes over $20,000 ten per cent. The motion was re jected. Mr. Mulct. (rep.) of l'a. moved an amendment per mitting persons interested in unstamped paper* to affix and cancel slumps, which was rejected. Mr. Radford, (detn ) of N. Y . moved that on the ar tides in tho freo list a tnx of one por cent be im posed after the 1st of June, 1868. The motion was rejected. Mr. iVJMRLE, (dem ) of Ky , moved to reduce tbo 4?x on whiskey to $1 ner gallon, which was rejected? youa 44, nays 79. At a quarter Itefore three tho committee rose and im ported the hill to the House. Mr. Mosnill reviewed the various amendments re ported from the Committee of tho Whole oi> the state of the Union. In the course of bi* remarks lie opposed the ab.Jition of Ibo cotton tax. He raid It was not an oppressive tux, and lie had no doubt that the Koutnern States would themselves he In favor of Its continuance. Mr. Rollins on tins aubjent submitted a tablo showing the amount of tax oollretc-d in tba rebel Hlulee for 1"66, from which It ap|>cared that Ihe tax collected from cotton was over llftccn millions, and that fr?m all other sour- en waa only fourundahalf millions, a sum which was twelve thousand dollars less than woe paid by the small -Pule of Rhode Island. This amount distributed through ihe ten States would hardly pay the expenses of collection, and It would be as well to exempt those Slate* from the operation- of the Internal Revenue law. The following la ibe table:? State*. TrtalTar. Cett -n Tar. Otter to ir-ea Alabama $4,101,340 $3,733,020 $907,730 Arkansas '.'.'6,137 203.073 53.063 Florida 99,215 97.488 730 Georgia. 4.254.918 3,654,544 780 373 lxjulsiana 0.055.219 4,300 160 1,755.069 Mississippi 791,201 750 629 24,631 North Carolina... 413.015 211.668 301,33? South Carolina... 986.253 731,939 354.313 Texas 1,571,540 1,395,524 176,01? Virginia 1,151,847 1*9,208 983,578 Total $10,690,749 $15,152,89? $4,646,852 The next amendment was on striking out of the free lict the section exempting leather aed Inserting in Its plaro boota and shoes. The amendment was reje< led, and the free Hat embrace* leather and skins, tanned or partially tanned, and doea not embrace boot* and shoot. The atrieodmrnt striking out ol tbe free list manufac tures of Jute was rejected, and they are restored to the free list The next vote wan on Mr. Blaine's amendment abol ishing the cotton tax after 'he 1st oi' (September, 1807. The amendment was rejected?yeas 66. nays 96. TIIS IXniAM AITHOi'HIATIOS BIIX. The Senate amendment to tbe Indian Appropriation bill was taken from the Speaker's table and referrad to tha Committee on Appropriations. Tint diplomatic ai iTtdPAiATioir mix. Mr. Stkvkvs. from the conierence committee on the Consular ar.d lilplomnilc Appropriation bill, made a re port, which was agreed to. Tbe proviso In rrnard to the Portuguese mission is that no money shall be paid to the present Minister out of any funds" whatever, and thai the provision shall continue in force until repealed by Congress. iwr MinrARY acadkmy bill. Mr. SPAinixr,, from ihe conference committee on the Military Academy Mil, mudo a roport, which was agroed to. Tbe section In reference to cadets from rebel State" la that no money ahull l>e paid for the pay or subsistence of such alter the 1st of January. 1867, until the htata shall oa restored to Its original relations to the Untoo. accaaa The House at half-past lour o'clock took a recess till half-past seven. Rvralag Heealoa. The House roaumed its session at half past seven o'clock, and proceeded to dispose of the remaiuing amendments reported from tha Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union. w tax mu. Tbe amendment pauing on the tree Mm Whites tha product of baad looms was adopted. The amendment striking out tbe line taxing brandy made at grapes fllty cents per gallon waa "greed to by a vote of 96 to >7, Tbe effect of which is to leave tha tax on grape brandy the same aa oa other brandy. The vote taken in the afternoon by which the license tax nf distillers waa fixed at $600, Instead of $100, waa, on motion of Mr. McKee, reconsidered. Finally, alter three votes by yeas and nays, the friends of the lower rate of license prevailed, end the tax rental as as at present. $100. Tbe amendment striking oat of tbe line which placed ??steam locomotives and marine engines, Including holl ers," on the free ilat the wools "locomotivesand marine,' * so as to make the lino rend "steam engine#, Ineludi iff hollers," was re.tectaA. and the line remains as at trst reported la tbe bill. The amendment adopted to-day on Mr Stereos roo tten permitting persons ac need of revenue frauds to glra bonds and to ronilaue ibeir business ?as rejected. The bill wee then pawed without e division. tub skw mu.KA*s rrarm aor-a i*vs*ti<iatk>*. Mr. Fa.iot. (rep. i of Mass., fr. m the Select Uemmltteo on the New Orleans Kiot, and to which waa also referred an Invest iratlnn ef the New Orleans Custom House, made a report on the letter branch ?f the subject. Mr IPiran, Idem ) of Pa., dissented Iron the flftb point or the report In reference to there not having been suffli iont rare nbeorved In the appointment of officer* ma mitTirrr'ATio* arrsofwiATimi anx. Tbe House then went into Committee of the Whole on the Male of t ie I n ion, Mr. (mauelly In tbo chair, and took up the Fort f<-ait"0 Appropriation bill. Hah re commenc ni It Mr Mowanx gmva notice that ha wooid in-morrow, immcMlately efier tbe atoralag hour, attempt to liave the Tariff bill taken up, and that be would press its cous deranon until d sposed of. He hoped the friend- of the bill would be prsaenl and stand by It Die b II appropriates lor various coast fortifications $1.0)10.000 ur dollars, generally $60,000 for each; fot p. ,-manent platforms for cannon of large calibre, $100,000; for survey of Northern and Northwestern lakes, $I6."> 000; for nrrbase of slteafor permanent sea coast defences, $50,000; for purchase of sites now occu pied by temporary, seacoasl deienoe*. $26,000; far bar racks, Ac. ai Willett'e I'oint, New York, $99,000; and for barracks, Ac., near !?t. I Aula, $20,000. On motion 01 Mr. Sronsxn Hie appropriation for coua ructiun of cannon platforms waa atruek out of the bill. Mr. Soormto moved to redtioo the appropriation for tha aurvsy ol Northern and Northwestarn lakes to $100,000 Hejecied bv a vols of 47 to 60. Mr. Hoaa moved loauike out tbe enacting clause of tha bill. Mr. KAseow, imp.) of Iowa, thought that la connec tion with that motion the gentleman from Illinois should mora to disband the army and dismantle the shlpn of the navy. Tha estimates for preserving these fortlflcs t'oas were reduced to Ihe lowest possible ffgure by tha head af Um Kngineer Duparttaeat, end he hoped that the House would not adopt Ilk motion or any similar motion, bat would pass iha bill - Mr. Rom reiterated his opinion that there feM ??? of no benoflt or protection to the country, and that the sooner the expense at maintaining them was got rid ol the better it would he. _ ? TtahSJ^d mRmR?T!hS appropriation* would he wasted; tbe fortlffca lions would have tebe all conatrocled orer Mr. Dat.ASo, (rsp.ief Ohio, spake oatnssams mao, -??'trusws: M Mt U5CTthat many Ihr cail oaa was toe truo way carrying It owl A much mmwn oi tot iml