Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1867 Page 9
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. iloxiur, Feb. 26?0 P. M. The stock market was dull and unsettled during the early part of the day; but in the afternoon its tone be came tinner. It la still, however, without any marked feature, and there is even less disposition to buy than to sell. The supply of money continues more than ample to meet the moderate demand from the Stock Exchange; but it has undergone a perceptible reduction during tho last tew days from causes connected with the funding process. Henee loans were made this morning on ordi nary stock collaterals at seven per cent, although the general rate is six, and on government securities five. It is reported that the Treasury will this week buy seven-thirty notes, and so reduce its balanoe, and tba latter has already undergone a material redaction since -Saturday. There is n moderate business doing in dis counts, and drat clam commercial paper at sixty days passes at seven per cent The statement of the associated banks fbr the week ending the 23d instant reflects the action of the Trea sury in selling Are-twenties of the new Issue of 1886 pre paratory to buy ing seven-thirty note* with the proceeds and so funding the floating into the bonded debt The loans show an increase of $4,002,066, owing to purchases -Of and advances upon these bonds, and the deposits an increase of $2,348,066, attributable mainly to the flow of 'Currency from the interior. The legal tenders have de ?creased $1,480,046, the result of payments into the Sub Treasury on account of the bonds sold, which is less than was expected. The brisk demand for customs duties has resulted in a decrease of $1,270,170 in the specie, which reduces the amount held by the banks to about $13,600,000. The circulation shows an increase of $40,832. The totals of tbc present and previous state ments stand as under, and the dulness of business Is partially indicated by the clearings and balances:? Feb. 16. Feb. 23. Loans $253,131,328 $267,823,094 Specie 14,702,620 13,513 456 Circulation 32.U56.3O0 33.006,141 Deposits 106.072,292 108.420,347 Legal lenders 64.612.940 63,153,895 Clearing 455,831.829 448,574.080 Balances 20,478,403 18,214,490 The policy of funding the seven-thirty notes into five twenty bonds at the present rapid rate is open to sorlous ?question, inasmuch as it exposes the money market to derangement. The balance in the Sub-Treasury bos already risen above thirty million?, including specie, under the operations of tho department,, which, by being secretly conducted, are obnoxious to grave criti cism. The leading dealers lu government securities have wither a distinct understanding with the Treasury regard ing the terms on which they can sell seven-thirties and ?buy live-twenties of 1865, or they are omployed by it to b^y the one' and sell tho other, the ?department paying therefor the full rates of commis sion? Damply, one-eigbi^ of or.3 per cent each way. It to probniiio "that Ifi lift it instances tho' govi iprobaino That fij most Instances tho government pays a fraction more than tbc market price for Its seven thirties, and receives a fraction less for its five-twenties, and that the profit in each case goes to tho brokers. The system of conversions as at present managed i3 so unsatisfactory that it demands the special attention of Congress, and provision should be mude that the terras and time of all conversions shall be publicly announced by the Treasury, so that brokers may have no more ad vantages in 1 his respect than the community at large. At the 0|>cn board at ten o'clock railway shares were steady at tho decline of Saturday afternoon. New York Central sold at 102 %; Erie, 56>4 ; Michigan Southern, 72% a %; Rock Island, 90>4 a %; Nurthwestcru, 35% ; do. preferred, 65% a %; Fort Wayne, 90% (s. 3). At the first regular board there was no material change in prices, and a moderate volume of business was trans acted. Now York Central closed % lower tban at the same tunc on Saturday, Erie Cleveland and Pittsburg %, Bock (aland 1%, Northwestern %; do. preferred %, Fort Wayne 1 %, Atlantic Mail 1, Mariposa preferred %. Hudson was % higher, Pacific Mail %, Western Union Telegraph %. Government securities were rather active and firm. Coupon live-twenties of i862 showed an ad vance of %, new issue of 1805 %, seven-thirty notes of the second series %. Missouri sixes were % higher. At the open board at one o'olock prices were a fraction lower New York Central sold at 102%; Brie, 50; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 80%; Rock Island. 95% a %; Michigan Southern, 72%; Northwestern, 35% a % ; do. preferred. 06; Pacific Mail, 129. ' At the half-past two regular board the market was generally steady but dull. New York Central closed % higher titan at the first regular board. Hudson was % tower, Cleveland and Pittsburg %, Pacific Mall %, Atlan tic Mail 1. Government securities were quiet and barely steady, five-twenties of tho new issue excepted, which were unaltered. Coupon five-twenties of 1802 showed a decline of *%, issue of 1M6 %. State steaks were steady. At tho open board at half-past three the market was a fraction higher and New York Central sold at 103 .<b. 3), Brie, 60%; Beading, 104%; Michigan Southern, 42% (b. 3); Cleveland and Pittsburg, 80%; Northwestern preferred, 65 (a Mi; Book Island, 96% a 90%; Fort Wayne, 90; Atlantic Mall, 84 a 87; Pacific Mall, 128%. Subsequently the market remained firm, and at half-past five the following quotations wore current:?New York Central, 103% n %; Erie, 60% a %; Beading, 103%; Michigan Southern, 72% a 78; Illinois Control, 107 a 108; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 80%; Northwesters, 36%; do. preferred. 00 s %; Bock Island, 96 s %; Fort Wayne, 96% a 90; Western Union Telegraph, 42% a %; Pacific Mail, 128 a %; Atlantic Mail, 80% n 82. The gold market was, on the whole, Arm, although after openiog at 138 It immediately declined to 137%. It subsequently, however, rose steadily to 138%, the clos ing quotation. The supply of coin was equal to tbe bor rowing demand, and toons were made without interest and at 2 a 6 per cent for carrying. The foreign exchange market was firm, but dull Bankers'bills on England at sixty days were quoted at 108% a 101*; at three days, 109%; commercial bills, 108 a 108%; francs at sixty days, 5.15 a 6 30; at three days, 6.18% a 5.17%. ? Mining shares were without much activity and slightly Irregular At the first board Consolidated Gregory tn ld sold at Sir. 73 a $14 10; Quarts Hill, $4 60 a $4 70; Orinnell t.old, 81; Boarobol diver, $4; Walkilt Load, TOc.; Pes Moines. $2 35. At the ?|cond board Consoli dated Gregory Gold closed 43c. higher than at the Orst board, selling at $14 56; Quartz Bill was 30c. lower, sell ing at $4 30. According to a return made to Congress the coin and (taper r-trr >ncy belonging to the Treasury on the let inst was (tin* distributed:? Date of Return. Coin. CVrrency. Washington .'.Feb. 1 $2,861,780 $901,590 Boston Fob. 1 7,938,610 1,176,811 New Yovk Feb. 1 76,419,583 15,300,373 Philadelphia Feb. 1 2.332,968 803,207 St. Louis Feb. 1 664,478 ? Han Francisco Jan. 6 012 333 ? New Orleans Jan. 19 230,078 120,740 Charles; on Jan. 26 8.*47 137,652 Denver City Jan. 19 7,061 ? Baltimore Feb. 1 1,262.343 0,653 Butralo Feb. 1 36,736 16 208 Ctno.nnuti Feb. 1 626,170 872.866 Louisville Feb. 1 67,183 148,706 Pittsburg Feb. 1 13,021 86 748 Chicago Feb. 1 ? 266,930 8t Paul Feb. 1 10.882 12,240 Hanta Fo Jan. 12 1,780 20,049 Omabn ?, ? 10 8 Otympta Nov. DO 776 ? Oregon City Dec. 8 470 112,380 Mobile Jan. 19 82,701 ? Little Kork Jen. 10 ? 12.280 National banks Feb. 1 ? 20,846,000 Asnay once of the 0. 8. New York ? 3,462,418 Mint of the U. 8., Philadelphia ? 744,664 _ Mint of tba V. 8. San Francisco ? 1,236,000 Mint of that. 8., Den ver Ctty ? 3.108 Total $97,468,773 $48,728,010 llem* in suspense 72.206 1,003,880 Balance proper ."$97,380,508 |i~mjo30 SALES AT THE HEW TOM STUCK EXCHANGE. Monrfny. Feb. 2J-10i30 A. IH. $169009 ' Hffs. '81, ?m-ll8*f 20) *h? Atlsn'c M His Co M? 5lMli;*G-. 6 i.n.tpg. ?2 I0i% IO? do 8<1 call HI fcirtll s8's.6 2n.ei>u, '? 111*2 HO do Still do 111% lllu S A N A MKKI'ohOO 116 MWI L'ee'aAW. 1C?. 46 109 1211 Adams'Kxprcss.... 86 'At 0 UsFs, S-'JU cou.'84 10*% HO Welis, FargoBA press 60 resOt do UK1* 17 Araer fcxpress Co.. Km huwi ,ln l??j? lu? lilts. Ft W A Chi... 9*', WWl'xi S.5 JO. ?, Ai. ii 1(W> liW do 94 svasi i so'?. .vaOc.'66 ni* tup* nun Pacific Mail i*8 Co.. 130 Mm do l?5fk ?W do ? rf JNAUU do 196 i **? do % XIBBl'HF*, 10-40. run. lOljJ 96 do -JON HUM) do llllfs 5 2Utt*) FS 5*s 10-40 reg.. 98% 390 do 2d call 130% 601**) Tr u. 7.4-10, 1st s. 106% 48 do iW MW do 2(1 * l i5*J list do ............ UgM 60011 H V :8 s.'75 93 100 N Y Central KB ... ll?% HMUNY '*, hi, Ng.. 1U4% ?cfl do )!5% 21**1 Ohio S'a, '81 101 lta.0 It volenti 6's. eg eou.. 67% *i*l do. fipMll IW j 12U09 do .. 67% A*) Krle UK 66'* ? *l<*> Teniies?.f.irs.n#w i>8', 6t*l do ?*> 46 l?**)Jt Carolina? ?.e*c 62 A*1 do N;'. gait*) Missouri S'a 93 2"0 do M's l(?*i Frio, 3d nttga. .. lilt 6t*l do.. 66|, ll**i M Houtbera, 2d m 93 !M do bA) 86% N**) M Honlliern ? f bd 9* 1U> Krle Hallway pref.. i* WHO P, FtW A ( b, 2d ra 96 ?*) Hud??n River It. K 137% 1IWU C'lev A Plus, 4th ni 74% 'AO do 137% MM Clev A Ti.l ? f bda 1(H IKY4N ??? RR U8 HM ("bit- A Alton l?t iu W 100 Illinois < en RK sou lib 7<MU ' li A K 1 A l'? 7' - 300 do -? jw iUUUi'.aleiia A Cbl 2dm MH 303 do ..*10 116 7UOO Tol 4 Wab 1stmet S??i 71W Clev 4 Pitt* K K. . 89W '-5 aha Bk BUle of * Y 100J* 30U do...... .... HHVt 140 Bonk of t'nmmi'ri 114 MB CUt 4 bli MB S?>3i 10 Ainer Eirhung - Bk 1I5'? dOI) , do.........pre! <&', 49 Central National Bk 1JM'.. 400 ChlARock l?lan<l K MB', lib Fourth Nat l Bank 104',, 9IU0 do 96>, 10 Kk of Common*'lib 107 100 do *15 Mb 600 West t~n Tel Co. . 100 Mil A St Paul R K . SB 400 Mariposa prld SO do pref 671* aoo Atlantic Mall 8S Co 90 SO do 67 COMMEUfUI. It K POUT. MoKDAT^Feb. 25?8 P. M. A?hk?.?Receipt*. IS packages. There waa no perceptible change In the market. RuiiaTirm.-Receipt*. 10,646 bbls. flour, 2,190 bati corn meal, 9,660 buahela corn and 2,000 do. oata. The market for State door ruled a ahade firmer under a fair trade demand and price* were a trifle better in come Instances, though there wes no general improvement. Western flour waa somewhat Irregular, but generally quiet and firm; the aalea were moderate and the aggregate waa made up of a mall lota; the aalaa comprlaed 7,000 bbla. For Southern flour the demand waa quite limited and prtcea were nominally un changed; the aalea comprlaed 460 bbla. The inquiry for rye Boar waa moderate and prioea were ateady; we note aalea of 400 bbla. at from $7 a $8 according to quality. Coru meal waa ateady but Inactive; aalea were made of 400 bbla. Bren dywlne at t690. We quote:? Hunemne and Western $8 75 a 10 00 Extra SUte 10 06 a 10 90 Cnoloe State 11 00 a U 60 Common to medium extra Western 10 05 a 10 MS Kxtra round hoop Ohio Ill 80 a 11 76 Western trade brands 11 SO a II 85 Common Southern 1.10 60 a II 00 Fancy and extra do ? 10 a 16 80 Rye flour (superfine) 7 00 a 8 00 Corn meal, Jersey 5 15 a 6 40 Corn meal, Brandrwine 6 40a 660 ?Wheat continued steady under a limited Inquiry from the local millers, and none from shippers. The market, though quiet, was firm, in sympathy with flour. The stock is ample, and, considering the near approach of the opening of Inland navigation, may lie considered quite Urge. Still, holders are confident and mumfest no Inclination to press sales, not withstanding wheat is relatively higher than (lour. The sale* comprised 7,300 bushels ? hlte Canada at from $3 03 a $8 15. The corn market opened firmer, though without apparent cause, while quotations being the same, ami tho Inquiry being moderate; still, holders were firm In their de mand* for higher price* and buyers were compelled to ac cede to them. The market at the close was firm at 61 07 ^ in store and'ft 09 afloat for Western mixed?showing an advance of 1c. a 2c. The traasse'lous comprise 66.000 bushels at $1 07 a 91 071; for mixed Western lu store, 91 08 u $1 09 for do. Hllout. and 91 IJB a $1 09 for new Southern vellow. Ouls were firmer, with s steady, fair demand; sales were made of 30.000 bushels at 68c. a fflir. for Western and 67c, a 68c. for Bute. Itye was neglected and easier, with *ale,s of 8.000 liu*hel* Wns'ern at 91 10 a 91 12. Barley was dull but nominally unchanged: the sale* were 10.IMU bushels at 91 18 for Canada West, duty paid. The demand for malt w?* very limited, and no sale, of moment were made. Cottox.?The market ruled heavy and -rrcitular under tho unfavorable new* from I.iverpoof, and price* were lower and somewhat nominal. The sale t aggregated 4/JXI bale*. Wequotc:? Up/ami. fori la. Mobil'. -V. O.d- T. Ordinary 27 27 28 28 Low middling 29 29 30 30 Middling Ill Si 32 32^ Good middling it! 31 34 ? t"ovetk.?The market for Kin ruled quiet bur firm at tho advance no!iced in our Inst. Other kind* were unchanged. Frktohts were heavy nnd lower, under the decline In the Liverpool cotton market. The engagements were: To Liver pool, 1,5UU bale* cotton at 3?d.. and per steamer 1,800 bales C'vUSU it Hi- n VI. ? ni"' 15,080 bushels corn at 7,'jd. To Glasgow, per steamer. 15.000 bushels corn at TO 77ft lueaiMWtga; logwo'Hl on private terms, Shu per sleamer 4U0 bales cotter! ?t 1360, To Hamburg. 500 bbls. petroleum at 5*. 6d. To Rotieiuam, fiOul Phlladalohla, 2,000 bbls. petroleum at 8s. The charters were:?An Italian bark, from I'iiiladeiphia to Genoa, 2.000 bbl*. petroleum at 8*., and a British brig to Cork for orders, from Philadelphia, 1.600 bbls. petroleum on private term*. Ouxirr Macs remained quiet but firm at 12,V a 28c. OtJNXT Cloth wa* In active speculative demand, and ths market ruled decidedly firmer. The sales were fully 3.300 bales at 10c. a lie. gold, lu boud. on the spot, here and lit Bos ton. and 10V. a IIV. gold. In bond, to arrlre 10 Huston. Hors.?The demand was moderate, but the market was firm. Hale* 20 bale*, at doc. a 70c. for new crop American. IIr.ur.?We heard of no transactions. Manilla waa quoted at ll)4c., gold. Mo Lassos.? Beyond the tales noticed in our laat we hoard of nothtog though the market remained firm and steady at previous quotations. Naval Storks.?Spirits of turpentine was In moderate reque*t. but firmly held. Sales were effected of 13d hbls. at 74c. a 72 V- for merchantable lots, and 73c. for a small lot In New York barrels. Rosins?The lower grades were moderate ly active at steady prices. For common, at the close 94 37,14 was freely bid. The sales were 1.000 bbl*. common at $4 37V 260do. good at $4 45' 1.2.10 do. strained at $4 60 a $4 75, 450 do. No. 2 at 95 a 95 12 V. and IU) do. extra p ile al $11. Tar was neglected Oils?flab oils remained dull at our last quotation*. Linseed ruled firm at (1 36 a 91 37 for johb'ng lots, though the demand was light. Provuhoxs.?BeoejpU, 408 bbla. pork, 138 do. beef. 1 446 packages cut meats. 514 >lo. lard and 1,194 dressed hogs. The pork market opened heavy under a limited demand from the trade, and before the close of 'Change price 1 receded 12V. a 18V. per bbl.. new Western mess being freely offs.-ed at 920 SiH, without finding purchasers at over $30 76 There wu* but little speculative inquiry, and lots for forward de livery were very sparingly dealt in. The sales oomprlse about 3,000 bbls., cash ana Irregular, at 910 87 a $21 for new mess. Western closing at tbe inside price: $19 87 a 920 25 for old mess, 916 75 a 917 for prime and $19 a $1.) for prime me**: also, for March and April delivery. 1,000 bbls. new mess at $30 87 a $21 12. Reef waa firm, with a continued gelid de mand. Tbe sales cover 700 bbls. at 913 a 918 for new plain mess and $17 a $20 for new extra tnesa. Of tierce beef 460 tierces were sold at $28 60 a $31 for prime and 932 a $35 90 fer India mess. Reef bam* were steady but quiet. We note sales (of 800 bbls. at 932 a 935. It icon waa dull of sale, but unchanged in value. 1 he transactions were 300 boxes, at Wkc a 101?'e for Cumberland cut, 11%!. for short clerr, and ll\c. for short Ob. Gut meats were steady, with a moderate demand. We note sales of 400 packages st 8V- ? l"0- for shoulders, and lie. a ISl^c. tor hams. Dressed hog* were aleady, but quiet. Rale* were made at 9%e. a 9Ve for Western, and 1044c. a 1041c. forcl'y. The transactions In lard were limited, the demand being very moderate, and prices were somewhat heavy, though 110 quotable change transpired. The rales were AOO package* st 12V a 14c for old snd llV- a 13,V for new. Buttar and cheese were quiet, bat steady. PrrsOLBOa. ?Crud# ruled dull, and we beard at no tmi actions, and prtce* Were nominal. Bonded was scarcely firm, standard white being freely offered at the close at 1 No sales of moment were reported. In Philadelphia aalea were made of SOU bbla standard while for April at 29c.; 1,000 do. for May at 30c.; 1.010 do. for June at Sic.: 1.009 do. for August at 334*0.. and 000 da prime light straw to wait* for August at 32c., buyer** option. lye* was dull at 10c. a lOJfc. for Carolina. We board of no transactions. rtcoAR.?The market for raw waa moderately active at previous prices. Tbe aalea were 430 hogsheads, chiefly Cuba muscovado, at 10V- a ll'sC., and Porto Rico at 10V-; 110 hogsheads Cuba muaoovado and Demerarn on private terms, and 90 boxes at 11V Rtkarikx continued steady, with sales of 18,000 pounds at Ua a 12c ; also 16.004 pounds grease at 9V. a I0%c. Rucoa.?Calcutta liaaeed ruled quiet, but firm: last sal* wsa made to arrive in Boston at St 40. gold, in bond. Timo thy waa unchanged at |3 Ml a 94?the latter price for prime. Clover ruled steady at 18c. a 14 V. Tallow was quiet. We note sale* of 86,000 pounds at like. a IlKe. whisrkt.?Receipts, 1,17V bbla Tbe market waa dull, but unchanged. TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS PHIUNLrHU. Feb. lb. 1W. Cotton dnll; middling upland* Sk-c. Flour quiet; Wea tern $13 SO. Wheat dull: prima mate $8, red Southern $8 IS. Corn dull: aale? SOU bushel* yellow at Wo. Oata un changed. 67c, caah. Barley active; sales 15.000 buahela at $1 SO. Provisions unchanged. Cloeer seed quiet; sales 1.C00 bushels at $7 36. Contraband whiskey 60c. Cattle active and nnchanged; 1.780 beeves said, extra Western, at 18Xc. a 17e.; fair to good, 16c. a ifle.; common. 12c. a 14c.: Sheep advanced; sold at 61.C. s 8J<c. Hogs in demand; 2.8TO sold at 10c. a 113*0. Raltixom, Feb. 25, 1807. Cotton dull; middling upland, 30 V- n Xtc. Coffer Arm at lit^c. a 14c. gold, in bond, for prime cargoes. (Stigarflrm at 10",c. a 10\c for fair, to good reflnlng. Flour quiet and steady. WTieat scarce and unchanged. Corn active: white, 95c. a 97c.: yellow, 96c. a 96c. Oata, 87c. a 58c. Clover aeed quiet at $8 60 n $9. as to quality. Cincinnati mass pork, $21; loose shoulder*. 9c., In dry salt; rib sides, f>*c. a 10-,<. i.urd, ltUc. Whicker, tu bond, 38c. Oswnoo. Feb. 28. 1887. Flour in good demand and market steady; sales I.OUU hbls. at $11 60 for No. I spring. $18 for red winter, $14 26 tor white, and $16 for double extra. Wheat unchanged: sale* 6.00U bushels No. 2 Milwaukee club at $2 40, and 2,(100 do. red winter Canada at $2 76. Corn dull; salea 800 bushel* No. 1 at $1. Oats quiet at 86c. for choice Western. Barley, rye and peaa nominal. Buckwheat is sidling in small lots at 76c. for Canadian. Bhorta. $30: shipslutfs. $26 a $37: middling*. $33a $84 per ton. Railroad freights? Flour, to Boston, $1; to New York, 90c..; to Al bany, 80c. " Cure ago, Feb. 35, W. Flout in fair demand at $9 a $10 *6 lor good choice spring extras. Wheal dull nnd lower. $1 86 a $1 86 H for No. 2; nothing doing In fall extraa. Corn lea. active, but without change; sslaa 76.000 buahela at H6Wo. a 8Hkr Oata moder ately active; 4l%e ?< 43He. tor No. 2. Provisions quiet, but no change tu prices, mass pork nominal at $18 60 a $18 75. Bulk meats are In good demand and Arm: holders are re stricting their transactions. We note sales of short rib middles at 9!,c . loose. l<ard dull snd rsther wesk?11c. for prime steam rendered. Dressed hogs opened at an advance or 38c. a 40o.. but closed unsettled with the advsnce partially lost; tha demand I* almost exclusively for shipments; sales st $8 s $8 40, dividing on 2U0 pounds. Live hoes, supply limited snd price* steady, salesstt $8 75 a $7 75. Receipts? Flour 2,700 bbls.; wheal, 10.000 bushels- corn, 11,OUO bush els; hogs, 630 head. Phlpmcnu?Flour. 86 003 bbls. CtKMinuii. Feb. 38. 1887. Flour steady; $11 60 ? $13 60 for made brands; nothing doing in supcritne. Wheat quiet; No. 1 spring $3 40; winter $2 90. Coru firmer; No. 1 la quoted at 88c. In the elevator, and 78c. In aacka Oata Arm: No. 1 Is quoted at 8$e. in the elevator, and 88c. In sacks. Rye la In good demand and firmer; No. 1 Is quoted at $1 36. Cotton dull and orleea nominal; middling, 38c.; recent* for Die last week 6,600 bales, and from September 1. 92,754 bales, against 118,173 bate* the same time last season; exports during the weak 0 880 bale*. Whiskey unchanged nnd steady al $1 36 In bond. Me,* pork unchanged, and not mneh doing; small* salea ware made st $JU a $20 36. Bulk meats unchanged: city packers ask 7*c. a 9He. a lUHe. for shoulders, sides ead clear sides, but Mo. has ' to be socepted when salee are effected, and 7c. a 10c. weie socepted for a lot of country cured shoulders and shies to-day. Bacon Is In fair demand at Ike. a IWc., 11 Sc. a like, for shoulders. side*, clear rib and clear side*, pack ed. laird Is in good demand, but little is offering: pr'cwe are 36c. higher; sales 90 tierces al f IS for country, and $13 60 roe ty. Clover Is dnll at $8 HO a $8 40. Flax Is In good demand _t $2 86 n $2 40 for choice clear; lit for seed $3 60 Butter dull all kind.< but fresh yellow 26e. a Wc.; choice yellow, 39c. *30r. Cheese steady; 10c. a 16,He. for W estern reserve. Egg* 4edlnrd to Sin. s tic., wllh s good supply, Oold I ffk Kxrlisnge steady. p?r buvlng and 11-f" Money market steady at 10 a 12 SALES OF REAL ESTATE. By Muller, Wilkin* A Co. Lot and buildings 88" Bowery, northwest corner Bond St.." f $61,600 Lot northeast corner 4th ay; snd 80th st J.000 3 lots nd.'oinlng on 4th a v. each ' A'36? 1 lot adjoining on 4th av 2,100 lot west aide 80th st? 82 feet east 4th av 1-19? Lot adjoining above 1.836 l/ot 10 rear uTiore on 919 list 1.875 2 lota east aide 8th av.. 25 feot south 116th at., each... 2,460 Slots south side KM at., 112 feet east of Madison av., each K130 2 lota west side 104th st.. 350 feet east 6th sr.. each.... 1,275 2 Iota adjoining above each 1,176 8 lota south strfe I cm I, tt,. 350 feat weat 6th av? oach.. l.AW led adjoining above.. 1.173 Lot northwest corner 77th *t and 11th av 2.560 8 lots adjoining on llth av., each S,l"0 lad northwest corner 7*th st. and llth av 3,700 . 8 lot* adjoining on llth av , es h 1800 4 lota west aide 78th at, 1UI tret west of llth av., # each 1,900 4 Iota adjoining above, each 1,700 4 lots south side 7!"h at. 100 feet west of llth ev? each 2.760 4 lot* adjoining above, each 1 2,600 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. Badly Emmm.?The New Orleans JNoaywm, m an swer to a circular iuvitiog Southern card players to a Eucbre Congress, confesses "with sorrow, that we have been so badly euchred by the present federal Congress that we have come to the conclusion that the South is essentially played out" The North holds both black bowers, the knave of clubs in Sumner and the knave of spades in the hero of Dutch Gap Canal. Besides, It plays a "lone band." The Picayune, therefore, acknow ledges the courtesy of the Invitation, but dasires to "pass,'' at least on the political part of the play. There is no chance to take a '-trick'' with people who are so "tricky." However, polttioal pleasantry aside, the South will, doubtless, send players to the Euchre Con gress, if the Northern folks will only "deal fair," who can probably hold their own. Prbsident Johnson Unkast.?The Washington corres pondent of the New Orleans Cr&cent, on the Oth Inst, writes that the President has become uneasy and anxious to settle matters on terms ho would have scouted a few months ago. But he has got his eyes opened to tho alarming condition of affairs too tato to arrest the terrible march of events. The concessions he is now anxlouB to make, If made twelve months ago, would have brought the South Into Congress and broken the radical party to fragments. But he has only brought tho South and himself to tho verge of ruin, with appa rently no hope of escape. Never did an administration, show less foresight Has Studiu> tub Snuscr. ?The Washington corres pondent of the Augusta (Ga) Chronicle thinks thoro Is no prospect of compromise between the President and Congress. The former is opposed to the Louisiana bill and will veto it, and It is to be hoped he has deeply con sidered the subject of impeachment and already taken measures to prevent his own deposition, without at least a show of resistance. Which Way Will mi Cat Jphp??The rebel organs in the South very geueraily ins st that the nogro, If admit, ted to the suffrage, will bo controlled by tho whites, and will vote as his employer bids him. The Detroit Fret Preu furiously argues that if made the majority of voters in the South, under tho House bill, they will not only vote as they please, but will "elect their own color to office. Their Governors, S'at - officers and Iiepreseniu tlves In Congress will b i selected from the frecdmon," and "tho white people will be made hewers of wood, Ac." Where democratic doctors differ who shall de cide. Tuk Parsons Plan ?Tho Parsons-Orr proposition hav ing been unanimously rejected In tho Alabama House, whereas the Congressional plan received eight votes, the Montgomery Mail "Infers that Mr. Parsons' thermorae. tor is in the cool neighborhood of zero." The Missis sippi House also rejecu-d the proposition; but passed, by a small majority, resolution.-' requesting Congress to offer a Anal plan for the adjustment of State and foderal rela tions. Thb Nkxt Governor of Mapsachvsrtti?Hon. Thomas D. Eliot, the author of the Louisiana Reconstruction bill, is talked of as a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. Thb Sword or Van Dorn.?Quite a sensation has been occasioned in Mississippi by the receipt of a letter by Governor Humphrey, from George D. Greonleaf, of Pe oria, Illinois, who informs all whom it may concorn that ho has the sword of General Earl Van Dorn, and that it can be obtained from him for $600. A Johnson Goino to Rb?igx.?The Macon (Go.) Tele graph says that ex-Provisional Governor Johnson has resigned or will resign the office of Cofloctor at the uort of Savannah, on account of the difficulty of procuring a continuation from the Senate. Qr bstion a blk Complihbxt.?The Seguin (Texas) Journal says the present Commissioner of the Preodmen's Bu- " reau at that place conducts it so that "our people are not huVt by It as thejr faared. Major Smith's urbanity and just disposition gives general satisfaction. Go on, Mitlor, in tbe wont and you will be sustained by those who have enrsod the institution because it was a curse to them. . What a change! One year ago, on any day, yon might have soen from fit ty to one hundred freed men standing around, idling, while the crops were neglected and ruined. This thing does not exist now. To what can it be attributed but tbe wholesome regimi inaugurated by Major Smith." Nebraska tobia Stays?The Legislature of Nebraska | having, on tbe 20th Inst., complied with the conditions imposed by Congress in assenting to impartial suffrage, tho admission of tbe State will be complete when the President by proclamation announces tbe receipt of an authentic copy of the act declaring such assent. It will probably reach Washington before the 4th of March. Worth Trtwo.?'The Raleigh (N. 0.) Standard learns AR?t Governor Worth " has sent a messenger to Wash ington to employ Reverdy Johnson to make np a case for the Supreme Court to Met the power of Congress to reorganise North Carolina." Unkind to thb "Gbrat Constitutional Lawyrr."?The Louisville Journal, which has lavished praises on Rever dy Johnson while en tta side, says now, "His defection will not amaze anybody. He is politically a miserable whlffl r.? SHI P P IN G N JEWS . AUIAKia roi IfBW TOBK?Tlflf OAT. ?nroius 8 39 > boob um mom II 4ft ?tnr sktb 6 411 miuh watts eve I 01 PNT OF NEW TOM. FEBRUARY 25.1867. ClHirtJ. Steamship Helvetia (Br), Thostp?on, Llrerpool?Kstlonal ?team Navigation Co. Slilp Young America, Cummlng, Ban Franoiaco?Button A Co. ' Ship Bhine, Kroinmrrllng, London?Orlnnell, Minturn A Co Hhlo Ferdinand (Brem), Dannermann, London?Punch, Meincke A Wendt. Ship Protector (Norw). Mamnl, London?Fnuch, Mclnckc k Wendt. ? Bark Challenge (Br), Westlake, Sydney, NSW?R W Cam erun. Hark Llbertaa (Prua), Wlechke, Cork for order"?Punch, Melnrke k Wendt. Mark Hamburg (Brem), Waehter, Bremen?K M Hloman k Edye. Brig Princess Alice (Br), Prion, Montevideo?Murray, Fer rla A Co Brig Charlotte Buck, (lott, Arroyo, PR?B P Sherman k Co. Brig Aura (Br). King, Xasa?D R DeWolf k Co. Sehr Neptune's Bride Hears, St Orou?S W i-ewfs k Co. flcltr K Rlohaislsoii, Thompson, Neuvtlas?Trujlllo k VI ning. Sehr R F Stockton, Soner, Waablngton, NC?Van Brunt k Staght. Bchr Snow Flake, Roee, Richmond, Ya?Goldthwalte k Overton. Hchr J B Myers Tan Cieaf, Baltimore?Van Brunt k Staght. Bchr Lynchburg, Van Cleaf, Baltimore?Raker A Dayton. Hchr J S k L O Adatna, Adama. riiiladelplua?Young k Cowan. Bchr Electric Spark, Phillips, Newport?J A Stetson. Hchr Ueo Waahington, Peck, sUmford. Steamer Ootarora, Reynolds, South Amboy. Arrlreil. Steamship Wilmington. Spencer, Oalveslon Feb 14, >la Key West 30th, with cotton and paaeenger?, to Williams k Union. Steamship E B Hotider. Lock wood. Charleston, with mdse to Livingston, Pot A Co. Steamship Juno, Smith, Wilmington. NC, with mdse and passengers, to Mnrrav. Kerrts A Co. gleamkbip Dudley Buck, Partridge Newborn, with mdse and passe' gera, to Murray, Ferria 1 Co. Steamship Saratoga. King. Richmond and Norfolk, vWth mdse and passengers, to llelneken A Palinore. steamship Albemarle. Bourne, Richmond. City Point and Norfolk, with mdse and passengers to N L MH ready k Co. SteamahlpNeptune, Baker, Boston, with mdse and pas sengers, to W P Clyde. ?hip Johann Wilhelm (Prua), Leudee. Shields. 74 dan, with mdse to H k T W Meyer?vessel to Win Salem k Co. Had strong westerly gales moat of the passage; stove bul. WArkw, Stc. Nark Albion (Br), Elsenbrock. Shields, 51 dam. with mdse, to C Messing. Latter part of the passage had strong west erly gales; stove in bulwarks, Ae. Berk Regie (Norw). Lersen. Bordeani, 53 days, with wine, W R Carina De Ruvter k Co. For the first three weeks of ihe passage had heavy N and NW gales, store bulwarks and water casks, and lost and apllt sails. Berk John Urfflln. Chase, Neuritis, 11 days, with ma hogany. Ac, to Jamea E Ward A Co. Has been 6 days north ofHntleme. with strong NW winds; Feb 31 1st 37 IH, Ion 74. spoke sehr John, from Wilmington, NC, for New York. Bid In company with bng Convert, for New York. Bark Palermo, Mocarty, New Orleans Feb 2. with cotton, hides, Ae, to John Swan. Had verv heavy weather since passing Halteraa; 17th Inst, In the Straits of Florida, saw ship Joeeph Fish, from New Orleans for Liverpool. Brig Oertrnde (Br), Richards, Rio Janeiro. 57 days, with coffee and rosewood, to (J F Boiler. Brig I so la. West. Oalvestnn. 31 dam, with ordnance stores, to B P Sherman. 17th Inst, lat 88, Ion 70. spoke sehr John Frenob. from (lalveston for Boston; 28d, 1st an, Ion 73, brig Laweenee (Dutch), from Antigua for New York, short of provisions, snd sifpplled her: she reported having been off Barnegat Dee 2ft, and blown off. Behr K O Knight (of Camden. Me), Whlttemore, Para, II dnys. with rubber. Ac, to Miller A Houghton Bchr Dorado (of Harwich), Kldrldgc, Ban Bias, 18 days, with ooanuis, to master. Bchr Lord of the tales (Br), Cnmmlngs, Ragged Island, N 8. 8days, with Iron, to Brett, Bon A Co. Bchr H L Rhonpan, Spates, Indianola. Hchr Albert Thomas Van llruut, Ht Marks 18 days, with cotton, to R D Hurlbnt A Co. Hchr II B Boyntnn, Htuhhs, Bamnnah, 8 days. Bchr Uriah A Tubulin, Ulbson. Norfolk. Hchr R W Tut I, Bobbins. Boston. Marine Dlsnsten. ggr- For WTeck of the Acadian, from Llrerpool for Savan nah, see general news columns. Bene JnsTFHipp?The vessel before reported as having collided with the wreck of the eteamahip Beotland on (Satur day nl.iht to the sehr Josephine of and for New York from I'orto it loo. Bite has since been towed Inside the Hook snd run ashore, ?hamt Chmtiaita?A letter dated at sea, on boatd ihe steamship North America, Jon 211, gives the following par ticular* of the sinking by collision of the Danish bark Chn' - tiana (before repoted):?"We left New York Jan at 8 #> PM, about half-past si* o'clock, when some live miles below Handy Honk, and sighting the l.ighshln struck the Danish bark Cliristlsna (of Copenhagen), Osbrandtsen, from Rio Jaur'ro. The hart sunk In ten minute*. A boat from the steamer picked up two uirn; the lirsl and accond mate jumped on board the steamer at the moment of tbeooUtalou.

Tbe master of the hark with four man and the New xovk pilot, from pilot boat So l.r> supposed to h:??e born arowuec. The eteutn'T receiving no injury of couseaueBCB MWeMM on her voyage. The wreeted seamen will be lell at st Thomas." ? Hake Wim IIuktvr, ftoni Calveetod for Liverpool, which put into Halifax Feb 24. was in want of sails. Buig Fur-stive I loans, Morton, at Calharien from Port land, had very rough wt-aiherou the pa?*a?i-; aplll sails, and lost both anchors and chains on the Bahamas. Bute J A* as Miller (new), of and frotn Belfast, at flit veaton, had * rough passage and came uear being lost with all ha mis. During heavy weather from the 26th to the 29th Dec lost jib, foretupmast ruv.atl. jtbboom, guy and cap, stern boat and davits, parted 'dying jibsuty and lote royal backstay, store forward house, shifted deck load, and lost two water casks ana stove the remainder. Sour Twrkd (of Nassau), with e load of cattle, got ashoro on Snipe Point night ut lliih lust, end filled with water; was got off on the 14lh for titleeu thousand dollars and takrn to Key West. Schb J amis Yocnc. from Philadelphia for Boaton, dragged ashore on the point of Cape Heulopeu morning of 22J Inst, and at high tide had four feet of water I n her hold. A steam pump and other wrecking material were sent to her neat morning by the Wrecking Compauy at Lews*, Del. Miaeellaneona. Ks The eldewheel steamship Manhattan, formerly of the New York and Veia Crux Hue. was bought yeatenlay by Messrs Garrison A Allen for (170,000 cash?sold by Burdetl. Jones A Co, auctioneers. The Manhattan ranks A No 1 at Lloyds, and la peculiarly well adapted for our coasting trade. She carries 3000 bales cotton and 300 tona coal on 14 feet draft, and with her well known speed will prove a valuable acqul atiou to the uumrrous fleet of flue steamers owned by the above enterprising Arm. Steamship K R Odtler prooeeded down the bay a short distance yesterday PM, and after Uktng powder on board returned to the city. Sciib P CoorvB, of Pawtueket, 96 tons, built at Middleiown. Ct, in 1S57, has been sold to Captain F.zektcl Nlckerson, of Harwich, for (6.000. She wil hereafter hall from Harwich, under commend of Oapt Nlckerson, lete of schr Diadem. Kcnn S Tyler (new), of Hartford. SOOMons burthen, ha* been purchased by Capt Kicd Tribble and other*, of Mystic, Ct, for (I5.1H0. She will hereafter hail from Mystic, under command ol Capt Tribble. Scnr. ltnave. of Barnstable. 127 tons, old measurement, has been purchased by Capt Letidal Snow, Jr, of Harwich, for (3,1)00 cash. Sciib FnANkroBT. of Belfast, before reported sold at Key West, brought ((5,0(0, not as before. ^ Korrign Porta. Bombay. Jan 14-In port ships Arabta. Hinckley, and Wiirtemberg, Chase, unc; Priscilla. York, and Snropta, Oil V' lli mirt 12th. ships Enterprise Dunbar, for NYork. eld; Wizard King, Woodworth, for Mouimeln; Jennie Eastman. Sturkey, unc. _ - tlA!.ci.T*.\. Jan 8?In port shins Kearssrge, Stevens, Tor New Orleans; Mongolia. Weston, tor Boston: Houghton, Biu'kminiler, nnc; and others as before. Callao, Jau27?Sid bark George Treat, Klllman. 1 ulted CtvKFPXUOS, Feb 15?Sid echr Lottie Klote, Endicott, Phil 1()HAvin ToRB. Tl, Jen 28? Arr schr- (iolddhder, McBride, NYork; 30th. 8 8 Lee. Milton, Bncksvllle, SC. t Id reb -. schr 1, 1, rapley, Jom-i. New Orleans. Kingsion. ,1a. Jan 27?Arr brig Iluulrn (Bri. West. NYork (aud ut Old Heritor 31*1). shl 30ih, scht Athlete, fouslna, St Ann's Bay, J* (let N Yorki. , , Malaga, Feb 6?Cld bark Dorchester. Reynolds, Cagliari and Messlun. ,, _ , ? , Matanbas. Fob 17?Sid barks Maty C Fox. Roys. Portland Lottie, lluglies, ctenfuegos: American Lloyds, I litUidi'lptiia. Ida F Wheeler. do; brig Castilla, Hnrdcitbrook, Baltimore; schr Eric. NYork. ?,. I'm^ambcco, Jan 15?Arr sehr J A Woodhousc. F.ldy, ^Kto Granok, Deo31?In port brigs Klla (Br), Pool, and Bird of the Wave (Br). Latter, from NYork, just arrischt* Maria tUan). and Johanna (l'rus), for do. lug. CldSHItU, schrs S 1' Auger, Eldrtdge, NYork; Elizabeth |Du?), do. St Vinci .vt, Jau 26?Arr brig Candace, Johnson, Boston (and ?ld 29th for woree). . Singapore, Jan 8-In port ships Hooghly. Jenkins; Rich art! Ill, Urcenough. and Emily hat num. Slincs. line; barks Ceo Canning ( Br). Harris, lor NYork. Ida; Bravo (Hutu , for do; Maude (BrI, for Boston; 1''euaiig. I atte.n._to loiad tor Hong Kong. Sid Dec 22, steamship Meteor. Watson (from Boston), Kanagnwa. , , D.?, San Hlas Pel) 4?In port schr France*, of and fot Halti ""s'r .loii Vs. PH. Feb 8?In port brig Nile (Br', Whittler, for Baltimore, to salllSlh; *chr Silvia, BUuchard, from bavau "st Ja'go. Feb 11-Arr brig* Hunter. York, Baraeoa: 13th. Montro&e. Peterson, NYork: schr Kai? Walker, Tapley, "niuca Feb 12?Arr brig Frontier, Skinner, Port land. Trinidad. Feb 15-1 n uort brigs Kiuliv Fisher, Shackford; Omaha, Tootbakor: M Welsh, "trowbr'.dge. *nn Ncwbury, Howes. Ida; B II Kich. Hopkins. dNg: Cuba (Br), Jenkins, seeking; sciirs Wave Crest. Darts, big; Edwin WaUon. Gor don chtd and commences ldg 16th; B C scrihner. Burge s. seeking. S'.d previous to lSih. bark* Morning "t*1 '{?'!? Watiglu NYork; 11 I) Stover. Pierce, and Norihwo-id (Br), Douglas*, do; brig Humming Bird iBr), Karlc. do, *ehr? A Flsn.igau, Coreon, aud John Johnson, McBride, Philad PVA!.rARA.*o, Feb K?In port *hlp? ELlxabeth Kimball, Frost, lor San Francisco, cld; Tecumseh. c?ye^^?u'' noiii Ids barks Fatuile, Hinckley, rcpg; Enoch Ben net. Beniiei. from Buenos Ayre?. arr 18th. chartered wheat from the Bay of Valparaiso for Liverpool or London, Sierra Nevada, Dickey, for loine to load wool for Boston. Ainerlcne Ports. BOSTON. Feb 23, PM?Cld steamer Win Tlbbette, Baleh. Ssvsunnh: bsrk* Howland. Lewis, Cayenne end ^inam, , ^thbsw! I K'gii'h?Sid Sh"p Soriento; b*rk Tslavora; brigs Cvtlono Constantino; tchr Henry Perkins, end from OUucua, New YlAL^li?^\.9^A^lXp Wm Oao (Br). Howe., Newport' bark* Plelde* (Br), Bradley, Londonderry: Lap wiimBrnthall, Klo Janeiro; Klverton, Clem (Br). HoDkfne. 8t Johns, PR; R C M Thomas; Model. Johneen. Mayaguez; eobr Maiy AUertBB. Parsons, Peovldenoe. Cld ships Atlantic, JJr?/r!!l^urio Bel dim; Laurrns, Goff. Han rrancleco; barks Mwcuno, Bel fX. 1: brltfs O C Oolson. Perry. Cardenas; G W John (Br), Dnff flt Johns. NFl W H Blgelow, Roberta, LUbon: erhrs i ?ev I(,nes Muney Providence; hucoephslus. Mclnlosli, K Ws^ennan. Edgel^and Cnltod Brothers. Blaey. Prorldenee; Alice Curtis, Pattlson, and Mary Louise, Hamilton, Ports ""iiIm VaRT Feb *?Arr James Davla. MaUnxa*. CHARLESTON. Feb ,|-0ldvv^.L'"'y' no?"0"' 8,^Sfpmntrn;^,I^^n^hWri,Trdf.7s^ron.Thomp ?on HYork; i?tb. Iiyndon. Shackford. do; lgth. Magg.eJ C'pALL*ill'vEsT Feb23-^-Arr schr Fanny Moss, Davis, New ^(lALVEHTON, Feb 18?Cld steamshtp Gen Sedgwick, Whitehnrst NYork; brig F I Mcrryntan. Merryman, Boston. HOLMES' HOLE, Feb 21?Arr schr Derrickson, Galveston '"ild' S'AM Arr brig Jame* Blatchford (Br). New Yorit for Halifax: schr Plymouth Rock, do for Boston. Sid brig B1?ph-?T?r schr John H French. Galveston for Boston 23th?Arr bark E A Cochrane. MuUtiia* for Portland, hrhrt Amo* M 'toberts, do for Belfast; A D Tom/. Charles Bnti'j'i. sclir Minnie Repplier, Savannah 'or d? , ?NDIANOLA. Feb 13?Cld *cnr* A C Leverett, Squire*. NYork; Huh. James Jone*. Rutin, do. ? voHUaF K?b 11>--Arr brig V lli^ar (Rp> llftvi?i?*e Cld ship Tudor (Br), Wherlend. L(ver;sml .bi^AmuiM* Guion. A*hby. Bremen; schr t.haarls ri Baylls, Steele, New YMACHIA8PORT. Feb 18-81d brig Cosmo#. Parsons. P NORFOLK. Feb 31 - Arr schn LA Clementa. Prioe. and T*NEWIH)fiSS&ffjSw-Asr?cJlrTol,ln' uu mth. jh>p United siiitew, Lunt. Mobile. _ pf'nkaCOLA Feb 11?Arr nchr I) H Jonea, f . ? u^ uiu aKin Catherine r^we),. Pedemon, IsOtidon. bark M HoonnnVbd. Bodto Mnrtlnque. CldlHh. Mayo sSiry, Indlmnoln; 15tb. Ooideu Fleece. OruuU PHIhAUKiifHIA, iteamsiliip Korinw. O. wM Miry Beutley. Clark. Tendon; brif { Sm .'h (Br aSurev. xitAnzs* vln Ncwp(.rt; Watson Smith, Portland; D 8 HHer Hunt^de; W O gins', and D'ck WriUma. Scuddrr Nlork. Ga achni A Mav. May, Portland via RwcadHe.; DeP Jam? PTovid'erJce; ^ hark-Tubal C??n. for Trinidad; A uTim \r.vnrl?T for Klo .Janeiro: achra Mary Mantin. ior ConlruM"; John GrlfTV.h for Boston; ?m'!f d",} Fannv K Shaw, for Charleston and J '"j" from Phlbidelphla. went to aea to day. Schrs f1. re nee from Baltimore forBoston; W K Lmcgett, ffttn NTork ^rA^m^c^ud Palana, from do for Hog IsUnd. are at the Breakwater, with a large fleet of An4Brson PORTLAND, Fch 22?ArT brtga Mlnr.le Miller MaUMas; Gentle Annie (Br), Burgess. Zazs via H^lburne. NS. wh?rr ahe put In with loes of *n''Kock; achr* Maria lAlutae, Kohtnwn, and ArcUe, lloaley. Rocb land for NYork; Mary A. Merrill; K^Press. KeneW. ana Julia K O.image. Wrntd, do for do; Haram *onon, ao l?$?!'yrn3ZZ: ?r." NYork* Sldlohrs'.iame* H B Wheeler. McLaughlin, Newcaalla, Del. Onn R >ck, 37^S,a^?ifls!oa.,s???) ^Vtn'.Mi NOTON,' NO. Feb 23?Arr achr Beu, Jonea, NYork. ^IcT^RD'm^r^mBe^amtU Butler. Fowler, and John M taylor, Fowler, Etlxal'ethjKWt; aloop Agent. Chadwlek, NTork. UK Y UUUO?. Aurkat rurh at both stores Auction room* our headquarter*. Two stores enable ua to buy big lota cbaap, and to keep both enpplled with bargain*. IMMENSE LOTS DKKS8 WOODS. 29c IMMENSE I.OTS, S7?c. and 50o. AUCTION MUSLINS, I0e? Wkc., IV. and Kc. BEST 4 4 WAM8ITTTAS. SOe. ALSO IMMENSE LOTS ALPACAS. TAIILK LINENS. EMPRESS CLOTHS. Ac.. Ac., from auction, AT NEARLY HALF PRICK. FOSTER BROTHERS, Iff? Eighth arenue. near Eighteenth atreet. and FOSTER BROTHERS, 272 Bleacher atreet. LOISF.ALt,8 PATENT HOOP SHIRT HOLDER. No mure acctdenta from hoop skirt*. No more ridiculous altnatlona for ladlea. No more aprlnga ahowlng below the BalmoraL No more tangled aprlnga. No more hoop aklrt turning crerr which war. With the LOlBEAU'B HOOP SRIRT HOLDER, Ahaolnte Immnrabllltr. aafctr, eaae and elegance. Sold at retail In all fancy and dry good* More*. Wholeaalc dealers, KM. |/>IHKAUA CO., 6W Broadway, hew York. Wanted?Ageata for the country. 1)ARI?-AU PAOK. It RUE VIVIKNNK. X Bottom of the court yard on the left, flrat 1 eor. Specialty for Silk*, Manllea, IIAITRS NOUVfCAUTHH ; rai for Silk*. Mantle*. 8 NOrVKAI'TS niLUYRHt . Milliners, attention-opf.nino for the aeaaon of Pattern Honneta, Bonnet Frame* and Straw tiood* <ei Wednesday and Thuraiiav, Fob. 27 and 2*. U*K. at ASHM' N, PRaEKKA sroHBoKY-8, SHI Canal street, near Lauren* AWIIY ARID WAVY CLAIMS. RMY AND NATT CLAIMS-ADDITIONAL BOUNTY A now ready lor payment. Soldi ere, bring In your dis charge*. Cash glren on all good claim*. UBORUK Mf. MKI.VIN, Army and Nary Banker, principal office 17k South atreei. corner of Rooaerell, branch olllcc W b'.wery, corner of canal. A A' MALES AT AUCTION. A UCTIOK NOTICE?R T. HAZKLL, AUCTIONEER. THIS DAT (TUESDAY), FEBRUARY 26. at 10H o clock. at our salesroom. US Cortlandt street, HARDWARE, CUTLERY. AO., IS LOTS TO SUIT CITY AND COUNTRY BUYERS. A 1*0, FRENCH TINNED AND ENAMELLED WAKE, a large assortment. comprising la part Sauce Pan*. Stew, Rake aiul Fry Pan*. Kettle*, Basin*, Cupa, Dippers, Ladles, Skimmer*, s'pooon, Fork*. Ac., Ac. HAWS?SO dozen frame Saws. SCALES?2tu Counter Scale*. J and 8 lbs. Catalotfuea on morning of sale. R. T. HAZELL A CO., Auct toneer*. X! Oortlaudt street. CCTION NOTICE.?ALL THE ELEOANT HOUSE hold Furniture contained In the Are story brown atone house 4t West Slzieenth ktreet. between Fifth and Slith avenue*, at private at leaa than auction prtoes. Parlor Suit*. Etagere*. Bookcase, Piauofurte, Bronzes, Book*. Painting*, Laoe Curtain*. Velvet CarpeU. Chandeliers. Mirrors, Clock. China Yaaea, rosewood Bureau*. Ward robe*, Bedstead. Table de Nuit, Malices***. Bedding, Ex. tension Table, Kulfet. superb *et* Chins. Glass, Silver Ware. Table Cutlery. In lota to suits purchasers. Adrian h., auctioneer.?houses and Lots on West Thirteenth street at auction. ADRIAN H. MULLER, P. R. WILK1NSAC0. will sell at auction on Thursday, February 28, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange sales room, 111 Broadway, for account of purchaser* at the Ale of 14th lust., they not having compiled with the terms of sale. West Thirteenth street Two three story brtck Houses and Lot* on south side of West Thirteenth street, 66 feet and 10 inche* west of Ninth avenue, known as 240and 342 West Thirteenth street. The house* are about 40 feet deep, and have gas and water. Lota If teet 8 inches, 18 (eet 10 inches, by 77 reet 6 Inches. Auction trade sale of crockery, glass, Table Cutlery. Ac., Ac.?IIKNRY O. EVANS, auction eer, will sell ou Tuesday, February 26, at 10 o'clock. at IS Barclay street, a general assortment from the shelves In lot* to suit city ana country trade. Qooda carefully repacked for ahlpplng. Attractive auction sale of a valuable stock of Cotn Silver Plated Ware, embracing the most recherche pattern* of English and American goods in ex tended vsrlety. 681 Broadway, corner Arnitv street, west side. Wednesday, Feb. 27. at 12 o'clock. Now on exhibi tion. j. R. GARDINER, Auctioneer. Auction notice.?james jbnkins. auction eer. will sell at auction, on Tuesday, Februarv 86, at 11 o'clock, at the stable* of Ollivctte A Owen, 1,861 and 1.863 Third avenue, near 126th street. Horse*. Carriages, Bocka way*. Wagon*, Harness, Robes, Bells, Blankets, llslters, Wlilps, Ac., Ac. Albert b waldron, auctioneer.?bylandt A WALDRON will sell iu auction this day, at 11 o'clock, assignee's sale of and useful Silver Plated Were of every description; also some imported Ware. A UCTION SALE.?E. ROTH. AUCTIONEER. J\. LARGE AND POSITIVE HALF, OF ELKfilNT AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. BEAUTIFUL PARLOR SUITS, IN HKOGATKL, VELVET, BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS. This (Tuesday) afternoon, February 36, ut 1o'clock, the elegant Household Furniture of the four story house 118 Clinton place, Eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte. 26 fine Oil Paint tug*. Work* of Art and Bronze*. 16 Brussels stnl Ingrain Carpet*, lot of rich Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture; spring aud Hair Matt re* <e*, Glass, China and Silver Ware, Cutlery, Ae. Salo positive. BY HENRY if. LEEDS A MINER. "LEEDS ART GALLERIES.?? CONTRIBUTORS' SALE OF PINE OIL PAINTINGS, WATER COLORS, DRAWINGS, AC. HENRY II. LEEDS A MINER will sell by auction on Tuesday, 2>lih. Wednesday, 27th. and Thursday, IStli of Fch ruarv. at T'i o'clock each EVENING, at the ''LEEDS ART GALLERIES," 817 and 818 Broadway, southwest corner of Twelfth street:? Large and valuable collection of oil PAINTINGS. WATER COLORS AND DRAWINGS, BY AMERICAN AND FOREIGN ARTISTS, viz:? AMERICAN ARTISTS Rlerstadt, T. Buehan Read, L. R. Miznot, Kauney. E. D. Lewis. Doughty, E. L. llt-nrv. Kenseit. H. Klspliam, T. L Smith, J. Csrllu. Durrie Berniilieu, J. C. Wiggins, Burling, E. Moruu, Winner. Rernaey. Dyke, Win. Craig, Annelli. G.W.Nicholson, Culverhouse, W. D. Washington, Bensell, J. K. Waterston, and others. EUROPEAN ARTISTS J. F. Herring, 8*igr..Toulasalut, C. Becker, Dilh-us. Scbaep, Diaz. Meadows, Zlern, Ansdell, Joseph Vernel, Koek Ivoek, Wilson Callow. Kttpper, and others. The above are now on exhibition, FREE, at the "LEEDS ART GALLERIES," until the sale, and two evenings pre vious thereto. BY IJENRY II. LEEDS A MUTER , . HENRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER, we beg leave to inform the public thai we (ball sell the rr.ssr.X's wlwre, S By THKALL A BROS.. AUCTIONEERS O Moi ?uTw ! IcE Kl:'{N1T''11K CARPETS. Ac.. ? O-MUKKOIA (H odiie?day >. heb. 97, 1887, ut U>% o'clock. At their salesroom, bj Liberty street. DH H,?,HJoKNIlPKO' AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY \J at 10'J o'clock, at 671 Eighth avenue a l.rL. fttook of Fancy Oood?? Hoop skirts, Conw?tg, Kid <Hov#h Hosiery, Spool Cotton*. Rlbbona. Trimmings ? also Counter*' Blt?wca?f?. Bhclrlngs, Chairs. Ac.. In U.u 'o'e.ler. a^nl"' D*!1? 9- E?^* AUCTIONEER-WILL bell this 6*J> fot whom it may rouoern to Dav storaire I.* P?nses, Ac., at 14 Ureene street. at 10)4 o'clock two band' eome Wardrobe*, Bureau*, rosewood Bedsteada.Tattlea ma hogany Chairs. Mattresses. Ruga. Uooka, Blankets. Quilts, ?-hi-eta. and a variety of articles too numerous to nientiou. ' D BURKE. AUCTIONEER. OFFICE 10 MEAT ; ,Jones atreet?Will sell, on Wadnrsdav. 97 th Inat J alt?a "took and Fixtures of the large tlroeerr Store e?s$K. .,'saiwri?s Kss'i.'xri asaSSS?8 HorejS Oart, Harneea. Cotton, Sugar, Tea. Bo?UL?m!l CiiZ fjKJ*Y D- *IWER, AUCTIONEER. O. BALE OMOhSbM, ^ARRIAO&.r WAO?W. Ac.. AUCnOM MART, UNION SQUARE " "MfiHr&sra " Yery fine BROWN MARK, ISW hands high ? rears old ?VT*2? P",f?cUy ?ouad, kind rn all harnaei an/goSd m TOP BUGGY. city built, by Dnsenbury A Van Duxer nearlyuew. and act of r.ingle HARNESS ' I 1.IOIIT GRAY HORSE. 15 hands high, warranted nor fectlf iound, kind in all harness, 8 Tears old; excellent uii" I BAV^OMR^WE " VL"* ,r0m *U ?)* sou ml. klndand tn.1" " ' 'b?at 9 old' ?AY CARRIAGE HORSES, 14 hands high 7 Tear, old. kind In all harness; good family team ' Several other HORSES* oJe 10 *ood orfcr* Three two scat ROCK AW AYS. In first rate order ,^;law Ai<n "?^dmuu. Tnr^ TOP BlMlYiS. in food onitr. Two no top ROAD WAOi 1N8, in good order. Regular Home Sales at our Auction Mart, Union Place Mabfea. every Tuesday and Prlday throughout the year Henry d. miner, auctioneer-salesroom i; dkllvn'r k'-uV "l;1""1"' thp Fo*t onle*- miner A ~y.*KRV ILLK will sell at auction, Friday. March I at 11 o clocks at their aalesroom 37 Nmhmii atm*t a itrtyt* nn?_ i_ collection A N CI KM T OIL PAINTINGS, the pro?riy*r a flth MU?oSuen' 11 " ?" ''xhlblllo? Wednesday HE51Kd PRLTMAN a CO., AUCTIONEERS?SELL Wednesday. Feb 97, elegant Household Kurutture Kuir^ioX';hu,ua c'ul,?" ? ? HCUOLKV AUCTIONKKIl-r NEW CHAMBERS . street sells this dav. at 101* o'clock. Pifture" of sab "n iftaStT'.ffSt J ^'"ABT. AUCTIONEER.?TUIS DAY~ AT ioi" *3 . o'clock, at 14 Weet Thirteenth atreet. the entire gen* teel IIotwhoM Fnrutture or a four atorv House. '"nTtitl?. ts..!?'T!l!. w l-outigCK, Parlor. Easy end Rocking I hair*, aorftuR, Wmhstindi*, Bnmssh arid Im/rain (??. peU, Oilcloth. Cottage Suits, flue Feather Beds M ilr silt" tresees. Quilts. HUnkeU. Sheets. Pillows dK' IfeSm ?d Basement Furniture, Crockery and Glass* ,7m KUchmi Utensils, Ac. Cash deposits required from ail pur .T B.?w^RT APCTIONEER.-WEDNESOAT. FEB ?r ?J ? at 10* o ctork, at the auction rnnu. No 1 North Wit. Ilam street, a general aaaortaneat of Parlor Bedroom ta* CmT^uric.*"4 KUoU*" Furn'tur". Bruaeeia and Ing.ahi TAMES JENKINS. AUCTIONEER, WILL HELI at *3 auction, on Wednesday. 97th lnat.,MII o eloek. ,t | Broadway near rorty-first st'reet. Horse., CarrtamU.^ Roek a ways. Wagons, Ac.; * lloraes. 4 CMtehes lOTieST! Phaeton. 1 si* seel Kockaway. I Doctor's Phaeton Wagona. 4 Sulkies, ? seta Harness. ? Klilgha IkSiwitfUT nXLV-1 ,r"do-4,1 TrrFA1*? w"55i r'"?Msa, iWUo WILL HELL AT AUCTION morUaae "uSSTS 'J.W: *? P? ?eut van remain on mortgage. Mapa, Ac., at anetloneer'a ollne, N0. j pine at. M0*b!'I WILKIN8. Al riTIONRER BMt?Aniff?s*nTB "i'RTHWRST CORNER BROADWAY AND BATTERY PLACE. K. H. LUDLOW A CO. nw arwow"J1'1' AT AUCTION ON WEDNESDAT. FRIC 97. IBB7 AT 19 O CLOCK, in s'Ve.ol''. hanob salesroom nn..iInw,V?AHyA1f'T"I*,TY BUILDING, N. T. BROADWAY?The very valuable property No. 1 Broad way, northwest corner Battery place, being Ml feet 9 Inches front, 61 fael 8 Inches rear, IIP feet II Inches on Battery plaoe, and IMS feet north side, with the large hotel and budd ing thai eon Mapa, Ae? at No. ? Pine street Morris wilkins, auctionrrb.- valuable Bttalnesa Proper!v on Greenwich and I'ortiandt streets, at auction. B. If. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction. <>n M ednesday, Fehruarv 97, 1*17. at 11 o'clock, at the Exchange aalesroom, III Rroadtrav (Trinity Btif'd'ng), New York. Oreenwieh street?The* thrre story end haeement brtck Stores and Buildings. Noa Itt, IIM and IWGreenwich street, east aide, between Fulton and Day streets, each ahem U.IS.75: possession May L IB?7 t'ortlandt street? Voloable Lot with the fonr story brtck Building, No. 73 Cortland! street, 99.dtM; poesessbm May I, 1867 Maps, Ac., at N<?. 6J*"" ",r^ M DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL ON TITER. . dar, Feh. ?i at ll)M. " rloek. at aalesroom 7? Nassau stieet, handsome Household Ftirnltnre, remove-l for conve nlenoe nl sale, via.-Koaewood Parlor I urniture. in brocaWI. walnut do., In reps and hslrrloth ; Library Furniture Cham her Sulla, flee ro-vwood WsiMrobea. French plain Per Glasses, wllh console Isbles and Cornices: Velvet Carpet^ Mattrcsw-s, Gas Chandeliers, BilllaM Tible, rose a oodl' C annforte, on# cottage do., with a general aawwtmeut of ?' dium rlaas Furniture. Bale peremptory. '?neu* ?? ?+? ?? aj? j? ! uhtMM adotow. Marshall hale ok leap tohaih'o wr^fpHr Liquors. Ac ? S lib.KM,\N Auctioneer, will ull on Wednesday, February Iff, at loir o'clock AM at I? Bowery, f ei Ms of Leaf Tobacco, wrapper., dUU emin r ? ? Boies, new. Also an enure stuck of LiquornTcomnrtslae about 3I>0 bbja. fine Brandies, Gins, Bourbon and Rye Wbu keys. Rum, M bbla. Branch and Bare Bpliiu. Wine' 0hi? poguea, Ac., Ac. L. kindskopf. City Marshal Rmm B. ROLLINS A CO., AUCTIONKKR9, WILL HRLL . this day, at 3 o'clock, at Ml Canal street, tbe entire Furniture of two lanp Houaea declining housekeeping, con sisting In part of Mahogany and Walnut Parlor bulla in repa enamelled Chamber bulla. Brussels, Three uly and Ingrain Carpet., Oilcloth, largo Fenlhei .*eda. Curled Hair. Husk and Straw Mattreaaea, Bedsteads, Blanket*, bbeets, Comforters. Billows. Dsmask and Laoe Curtains. Mantel, Bar and Btes Mirrors, Cbandallere, Gas Fixtures, bUeer Blaled Ware,Cat lory. Hat Racks, Corner Stands, bureaus. Wardrobes. Wash stands. Extension, Dining and Centre Tables, chairs, Sofe and Coueh Beds, Parlor Sloven, Cooking Ranges, nnd other miscellaneous goods. Sheriffs sale.-office furniture richard WALTERS, Auctioneer, will sell Ibis day. at 10 o'clock, at 45 Bearer street, a large quantity of Offloe Furniture, Desks, Oil Paintings. Iron Bares. Tables, Chairs, Ac. William Dunham, Deputy. JOHN KELLY, Sta IHOMAR RILEY, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE IL - ? Thirty-third street-Will tell this day (Tuesday). Feb. at 11 o'clock A. M . on the oorner of Broadway and Slaty fourth street, the ounteula of a Grocery and Liquor bloca. Fixtures, Ac. Bale positive. M. WITTERS, AUCTION BE R?BELLS THIS DAT. at 10 o'clock, at 507 Eighth avenue, corner Forty second street. 70 barrels Sugar, 100 chesu of Tea, * bag" A'lBfc w Coffee, 100 boxes of boap, Starch, Candles ? turee. nod everything In the store, being a large stock foe tbe trade and others. Also, Horse, Wagon nnd Harness, Also a young Mare, t years old. light Wagon nnd Harness, the whole being the balance of n large Uroeery rtteee of first class. Must be sold as the lease la sold. WH M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?SELLS ON THUEA d iv, at 10K o'clock, at the 11 vera stable In Walts street, near Hudson, 4 Coaches, 8 Horses,5 Light Wagons, Doable and Single Harness, Sleighs, Robes, Blaaketa, Whips, Ae.. together with the Stable and OlDoe Stable. WH ILI.IAM ABBOTT, AI'CTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 175 Chatham square, sella This Day at IK o'clock, hbe Furniture kr,. contained in house No. 148 Mullierry etreot. near Grand. Tap-mrv, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Bu reau., Solas, Chairs, Feather Beds aud Redding. Extension Tab e nnd liming Room Furniture, Freurh Pier Glasses, one seven aud a half octave rosewood l'lauolorte _ DATID DKALY. Administrator. A I71H AUCriON BALE. T I M),000 TO G),0U0 TONS St RANTON COAL ON WEDNESDAY, 37, 180. Nbw York, Feh. 19, 1887 The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Ooei iniiy will sell, by Me.srx. JOHN H. DRAPER A CO., Auc tioneers, at the Company's Sale?room, 3b Exchange place, O.rtier of William street. New York, on WEDNESDAY, Fob. 37, mat., at 13 o'clock, noon, 00.UCD TO 00.000 TONS of FRESII MINED COAL. FROM THE LACKAWANNA REGIONS, of the usual aixea, deliverable at their depot. Klixnhethport. N. J., during the month of March, IHbf. TERMS?Fifty cent- per ton, payable to current funds, on the dav of sale, and the balance, within ten days there after, at the otllce of the Cotii|ian^. H JOHN BRISBIN, President. THE BALL SEASON. ^ ARIOM BALL. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27. 1867. Beethoven maennerchor grand balmarqok will be held at Geriuania Assembly Knouts. 301 end 303 Bowerv, on Wednesday, February 37, 1887. Tickets $9. To be had at the following places ? Rudolph's. 118 Broad way, Delmontoo'a, 33 Broad street; Durkoop's, oorner ol Broadway and Thirteenth street; A. Darius', corner of Broadway aud Dey street . Standlnger'a, 80 Nassau street, Charles Render's. 13 College place: Germanla Assembly Rooms. 391 and 303 Bowery. Positively no tickets sold at the door. \K ASQUKRADE. MASQUERADE. iVl GRAND MARDI GRAB BALL or THE CEKCLE FRANCAlb DE L'HARMONIB. AT 1RVINO HALL. TUBBDAY, MARCH 9. 1887. Great nreparat ona are being mtde by the committee to reuder tins Ball a success. FULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets may be obtained of Messrs. L. F. Harrison, Irving Hall; L. C konpel, 11 Ann street; Jsmutot. 58 Cedar street, Ed. Dechaux. 1< Howard street, Francis Klnxler, Hoffman Hou.e, cornerTweuty-llfth street aud Broadway; Delmon ico's. Fourteenth street and Fifth nvenue, nnd tbe members of the society. THE CHARITY BALL?FOB TUB BENEFIT OF THE Nuraery and ChUtl'a Hospital, will take place at the Academy of Music on Monday. March 1. Tlokota $A en oh. admitting one person. can be had of the following oounrrrm or Matuuxur. Mr vLtmca Sidney Asbmore. William Axtor, Lloyd Aaptn wall. vWrill. Lloyd Abbott, Barlow. Barril Belmont, O. L. Beeckman, Wm. B. Bend, C. F. Blake. John B. Brady. J amen Hrooka, J. F Hutterworth, William Blodgett. C. mu*. Dutilh, l-orenxo Draper, Dudley Field, Jr.. F. S. Forbes, Fremont. Forayth. E. Frith, Earn (Aoudrtdaa. Walter ft. tlurnee, Wm. A. Haddtn, O. O. Haren, Alex. Uumllton, R. 8. Hone. Henry gills, F. A. B. Molt. J. H. Murray, D. Golden Murrey. Mct'ormlokJ Charlm H. Netlaon. Chan. O'tfonor. Panon, H. Palmer, H. Pariah, J. Pvne. Edward' Plerrepont, 8. Peonimnn. B. H. Pendleton, Ponvert, P. P. Randolph. J. J. Rooeeveli. K. Raymond. H. Ren wick, W. Rhlnelauder, Bernard Rhtee lander. Rnaaell Htebbina. Ferdinand Suydam, Parna Ste rena, John Bchermerhorn Stevanaon, Horchan. H. Sob last a Ser, H. W. Ohelton, O. T. Strong, John Bharwood. Henry A. myth,. Edward Snelling, Barrfti Shepherd, B. W. Slough ton. Tighe. KOnghatn Townaeud? Wm. Tracy, L. Turn are, J. H. Thompaou, KT Vide. J. Kearney Warren, Egerton Win throe. Joel Wolfe. J. H WalnwnAt, Monlajmie Ward,Wm. Whftney.T. U. Walker. W. 0. H/WaddoU, Wm. W. Welle. Wm. O. w*M, Meeara L. At. E. H. Anderton,' Barlow, !t Benae . _ Bfmnger, Wlllott Bronaon, Blnoa, ueorge H. W. Brtdghaw. Jr.. I 8. Dexter Bradford, WUllam H. Bend, Dr. H. D. Bulkley, Meeara Ooldabere 1 9- P Jamea Bleeeker, Henry ciewa. J. Cadwailader, Le Orange B. UinouDjJ. W. Clendenln. General Crawford. BeemsJ. a. Coaler, WMilam B. Cooper. S. Charlier, Robert L. Gut ting. Jr.; William CotttegTHenry Ooeter, B. D. DibMe. William Donates, Robert l,. Do Camp. J. Ooddea Day, V. F. Fearing, Mortimer Fowler. Men. C. Godfrey Ona ther, Messrs. Shepherd Uandjr, Frederick Otbrrt. Albert (?aliatin, K. T. Gerry, J. W. Hamnwraley, Bdwtn Hoyt, Oeorge Hoffman. Wilson O. Hunt, A. 8. Hewitt, Dr. J. J. Hull, Hon J. T. Hoffman, Meeara. C. K. HaMeht.Tuehard Irvln. Jr. L W. Jerome. H H. Jonaa, Dr. I. Lot Jen en. Dr. W. W. Jones, Meaon. Peyton Jnndon. C. H. JmtnoMn. Dr. A. Jacobt. Meeara. O. K. King. D. Kingalaod. Hon. C. P. Kirk land, Meeara. Bmlle Kin gel and. Frank LlrinnMon. B. J. Livingston, Arthur Lenry, J. Lentilhon. J. Bhware Lee. William Low. A. F. Mutuant. Lf. Moutoo, Dr. A. B. Molt, Judge A. C. Muneon, Meeara. W. H MorrelL Janmn Murphr. John B. Murrey, Dra. T. M. Markse. J. T. Met calfe, Meeara. W. D. Morgan. Wo!ton Oakley, FMUp M. Oakley. John Pvne. U. II. Redmond, WlUtem B. Bopera, Livingston It opera. M. O. Koberte, K. Randolph BoMneoo, Colonel Reod neeere. Walter Satterlee C E. K. Sherman, Seliginan, John Srhuylrr, George R. KehleffUtn. B. Detniild Smith. B. K. M(arena, Jr . K. H. Stoughton. Hon. Anpnatno Rebel', Dr. Foster Swift, Meeara. W. P. Talboya, Henry A. Teller. Alexander Tavlor. William B. Travera, General Tan VI tot. Meeara. J alee V enable Sidney Webator, Buehaaon Wiuthmp, Hon. John E. Ward. Mr. Cf. B. Ward. ?I,OTHIHO. T LEAST M PER CENT MORE THAN ART OTHER A eetablialvment will be paid for ladiea' and geotlsmon'B c*,t off Clothinx. Furniture. Carpeta, Be. Calf on or ad dreaa Mr. or Mrs Dl'CAK, IM Seventh arenne. earner off Tweotr-hrat street A? LARGE ORDER FOR SOUTHERN MARKET.?B. . MORRIS pay, the highest prtee for Icut lee' and Oen ttemen'x Caat Off Clothing flarpete and Furniture Far Pent - $5. for Ooata 8* ?" IB Dreaaee 8Sto $?. FlaaeecaM at or addreaa IM Serrnth araaao. Ladles attendad to by Bra. Moms. . AHTU EAST TWELFTH STREET. NEAR BROADWaT L. CASII BR RO payi the highest Broadway prices for ladiea' end gentlemen's caat off Clothing. Ladiea Waited upon iff Mra. Cash berg. ATTENTION -LADIES AND OEMTLBMRN CAN EE orivr the full value In each for cast-off Clothing by nail ing on or addressing EDWARD MILLER, IM Seventh wa nue. near Nineteenth street. ___________ AT the ORIGINAL M. MARKS', m sixth avenue. ladiea and gentlemen can rseelrr gv per cent mora tken by any other dealer in the city for their Cast-off Clothing. Carpets. Furniture. Jewelry. Pure, Ac. Please be kind enough to call at or addraea the number as above. ladiea walled upon by Mra. Mark,. In and out of the city. /GENTLEMEN IIAYINO ANT CANT OFF CLOTHING IT to dispose of can gel a fair price by ?Ulng on or ad dreaalng JAMES KIRKPATRICK, m Panel street, near llarrta, KM Sereinh arenua, between Twenty-Irnl and Twen ty-aeeoud "treat. ASTROIjOO T . ATKHT-NO IMPOSITION?NEVER FAILING ?MRS STARR from Europe, born with n natural pft Greatest Buaineaa and Medtenl Clnlrveynnt known. Tatla name and llkenaaa. past, present andjnture Cauaea speedy marrtage* In love affairs. She was Mm known to Utf. r Fourth avenue. Gents not admitted. Uenrt from t A. till S P M. Astonishing.-madamb morrow, seventh daughter. IM Ludlow at reel, near Mauaten. Gentleman not admitted Honrs from ? A. M. till 8 F. M. Fee Bdn. A" STONIHHINO.?MRS. NR0HEDHL TELLE PANT, p rear tit and future, a Stanton street, over lha grn cery. Ladiea. DM rente; aentlamen, fl. MMADAME WALTERS. DISTINGUISHED OLAfRVO* ant. Vlnil ber for eiai f Ihken sink nana theft, namea. numbers, nood luck. Ml Canal strw Madame byron-tiik greatest busimesh and me. Ileal SplrltunUat known, anussa speedy marrtagaa S10 Fourth areune. Ladiea $1. VfADAMK NORMA. NATURAL CLAIRVOTAJEP. ATI from Fnrta ?Conanltetlonn on pant, pretent and fu ture X Enid Bleeeker street. MMadame rora. great natural clairvoyant. reveals your wtmte life. GBlce No. S Greene street, corner of Panel. Coueultatten jj. >i\7 THIRTY-SI ATM STREET. NEAR SEVEN TW uU I arenua.?Madame DAI, ^]7g/Ta!ur' ^ tr everything. I.nHty namhera WO HEVEHTH AVBNIE.-MMR. RAT. WO aut aud Aatrukk^. l ?cW numbera. Speedy aarvtagea. Ladiea, Steam*, rteote. (9 ceiUn. "too LATR FOR CLAM1FICATIOS. i to to * e'eioek PANTED?A WILL RECOMMENDED GIRL. FOB 'In,rat buueevurk Apply at >1 BlomaSei I at. H-Jbm* , It J.