Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1867 Page 1
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j'Tr ? THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,138. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. w??.?m?v WKMXLTN-AJpfrrBR RBOElVtt> TOO LATE; RN "* t4M*oS?i^Sr paoiy^-^jrlg, M THMRE AMD CaBBT 111 MT PtA. WILUAMSBUBO, U L-fflBKI IB A yoh. H -GOT UBTTKR MONDAY. WILL WRITS i up spirtU, til will be well. Am iTW ADOPTION?A MALE CHILD, BIX WRBK8 OLD. %,nA^:^nnat otrMt, earner of Broome, third NPULTON STREET STACK, QUARTER TO TEN, f r Ions delayed on Tumdav moraine from City H*U iN street, through which tha itan Irate. Win tbo la t a liae'oo A. ban NMHereidifflceV INFORMATION WANTED.-IF MRS. SARAH JANE 1 "alley will Mad bar address to Captain J. P. hoc lor, MM often, oho ?m hoar from her hnabaad. FORMATION WaHTRD?8MITHWICX CAKPBX ? w. who afterward called htmaalf ln.horod Carpeotor, par from Ireland about tbo roar IBM, and io h ah mil at ?o time to haoo iload at aoiaoa bo named BalUnaktll.ln Ktac and Queen oonnty, Virginia. Any Information that fiada to Boding tha ptaca and data of bla Moth wtll be suit, ahtr rewarded oo appUoattoa to Qeorgs H. Stuart. No. U Kak street, Philadelphia, Pa. ? VTO. I.?ONLY ONE RBOEIYKD; WRITE NO MORE it to 2; pet latter to M?f Thursday Into or Friday. Z. YRAS8EMOER8 ON THE THIRD AVENUE CARS WHO X aaw aa old gentleman fall In netting on tbo <-ar on Sal. fidai loot, at Thuty-tbird otreot, addrean a note to V. L., Tferald oBton, tnformlag mo whore 1 can aee them. SAMUEL L. IE ENTREATED TO RETURN HOME ?I 110011111 He wiU be weloome. Do ant hesitate. Sam Mh, m?MM at onoa UNCLE AND At NT. ?ftO THE LADV THAT DROPPED TWO NOTKS.-1M A poowblc for me to be at the plaee you appointed before Mturday, 4 P. M. Be en hand. MARTIN. gWM. WAYNE. JR. WHO LEFT LIVERPOOL toot May, per City of New York; taat beard from at Bwdgwiek. Augnst IB, 1ML If ho will call at Sir. J. O. >4 office, 15 Broadway, will hoar of sometliinc tn bia ad vantage. Anj one knowing hie whereabout* will hindly by sending it to Mr. T. Saxon. SI5 West otreet. WILLIAM BASCH, OF BERLIN, PRUSSIA.-THE gentleman who about two rear* ago gave information Shout W. B. will confer a great favor by eendlng bia add rem IB Pa. Bo., box MB1 Now York Post office. 5 ANTED?A BOY BABY. FROM ITS BIRTH. CALL auto* DmnH'i, MB Bowery.opposite Sixth otreot. WILLIAM WARD, OF DONIUOA, COUNTY KILKEN ?y, would be glad to hear from any pernor, knowing Ma Malar1* residence In New York iMary Ward). who left Ireland ooaaa tan years ago. Any wocuni would be than fc raU; received by htm at tbo above addrean. William Ward, Bi Washington street. Now York. LOST AND FOUND. IOBT-A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, AT 87 Allan street. $fi reward will bepald. LOBT-ON SATURDAY BVKMINO, A LIVER OOLOR ed Pointer Dog, with ateel chain roller. The finder will ?gtulis a reward of SIC on bl? delivery 10 14 Baal Thirty alaib atreet. T OCT?ON MONDAY NIGHT, AT WALLACE'8 THE 1 atre. an Ermine Collar lined with blor. The finder will handwijjvelj rewarded by leaving It at 110 Fourth avenue, i atreet. ? OUT?A SMALL A I.I.EN A WHEELOCK'8 PATENT Xj Revolver The party returning It will reoelre the .market value of the aame, by returnio( It to Toblaa Effea,No. 1 Park row. IT.-A LADY'S VIGNETTE PHOTOGRAPH, BY irfian, Groenwlch atreet; two ferrotypes; tost in a lavay ear, ar near Twenty-fifth atreet; suitable reward Aaei Graham, 1,190 Broadway. T OfT?P1* BUNDAY BYBNING, 14TB INST., IN GOING Jj Ninth atreet. Second avenue, through Fourth, a mink M The per sen reternlng the saaae to B East Fourth ataaet, aaar I sfapetie place, will be liberally rewarded. OST?ON SATURDAY BYBNING LAST. A PARCEL, The finder mil receive a reward of $J9 by at WeatooU'a Empress opt*, Twenty-olath ^^Kw with Nr. Powell, at the Tarry town station., I TED?FROM THE BOUSE ON MONDAY EVEN g. February B. a'.white woolly Dog, slightly marked |B|iaamn to Ik# name of John. The finder win ^^? by rotamiag bun to No. M Beat Fourtoaath BVNBROKBRS TAKE NOTICK-glOfl REWARD Ham, ee evening Md mat., a gold hunting case Watch, | ^^^?Twuker, LoaMn. Nu. (1.808; Chain and Seal attached. ? reward paid and do questions asked, on their deliv ?ay at B Chambers street, room No. fi, rear bnlldlng. AO BBWAKD.?LOST, FBOM 3K FULTON STREET, mJU a tan aolered Puppy. The finder will receive the above lOwerd on returning the aame to JM Pulton at rest. BBWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY. THE MTH mO inat , a Newfoundland Hint, with four white fast and freest alao the end of tail tipped, and had a German silver OaDar on Apply at ITS West Forty-first street. REWARD ?WILL TDK HACKMAM WHO TOOK A party of three from tip town to the corner of Cham ad Weet ?uests leave the Umbrella left In hla baek at r of West and Chambers streets? Ha will receive above reward. REWARD.-LOST, ON SUNDAY, IN TWENTT third struct, between Eighth and Mloth avenues, a I lan Terrier; had on a brown leather collar. Tke at will be given in exchange for hia delivery at eat Twenty-third street. ? RCil REWARD?I.OHT ON * MONDAY EVENING. CUV going from Fifth Avenue Hotel to Westminster Ho <el. aneabetboek centalnlag about $Ufi, including one hill MMBfiBL Tfea above reward will be paid at the otfice of the Wkelmlnaler Hotel, earner of thirteenth street and Irving , open return of the >ane tl AAA reward will 1I.UUU severy of Lynson Emit wtUbe paid for such lat RRWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RE i Y. Clarke alive, or a libera: forma ken aa will lead to bis isauvery. Be left b te place of business February i. la El fears add, akset A feet 4 Inches high, thin face, blue eyes, laid, wktakers all round, slightly gray at the sides, ao<? " kbgbt brown hair; haden Mack cap, pepper and mil M sail. aqua aaulem overcoat vary thfck abase end overshoes. all hla unrierrlotnea marked L Y. C. I far hla bedv if daad. g. X. Clarke, at the oBtce of C D ,M Nassaustreet. New York. KPBCIAL NOTICES. "a FHYBIC1 AN OF LARGE EXPE R1RNCR AND A preeOee. a graduate of the eehooia el London and MhweTtm eauetly, ef mtddla age. without enenm kaaaa will acijsat a position ee resident attendant and medMel adviser SW aa Inveltd who amy wish hla services; up ebjesMoe te tiavel anywhere: eelkwaetery refetenoea. Berth end South, ma be given; salary moderate, as hla ob Jmt la far seem Ram te getaway trem hla Southern home In vfiifiBin apd rent em hla aetata Addruaa w. r ears of lnilAllikdl. beg ?S Rnebaeter PeetsOea. N. Y. ITANOY DBBBS BALLS.?GUST RECEIVED A LARGE F aeanrtasant of akaraster Wigs and Beards. To loan er fir Mat WM. DIBBLKB H, 884 Broadway. P PORTA NT NOTICE.?MATING JUBT ARRIVED. I bafto taMnmte to the distillers of this elty, Brooklyn hUd aSawhara that I will put them In possession of the pal aid Imam last secret, so much n had ad here or ohtain-| ma first quality rum and whi'key, and improving tbe same, at a tiftag seat; also other valuable information given, rnrtlvalere an ta terms, be., am da known at my ofliee, No. 11 BuBlvaa dual. Hours of HtStan from 9 A. M to 4 F. M. istlsfnaaary rafarenea give*. P. H. WILSON. N* H3E W TOMB HOMtFOP ATRU' MEDICAL COLLEGE.? met mem will be held In the hell of tbe If istoti Seaond avenne, corner of Eleventh atreet, nn y. Feb. 91, at S P M. Valedlctorv by M Sample, ? * - a Man it. Tbe pa bile geeerally ere invited te ' BKAKLEY. Dan. ?? OTICE IN HEREBY GIVEN THAT THB JQINT COM ?.f tbe oarptntera of Woetchooter. New York and eount'ea. on the rsi?e of wage# to $4 per dav, will ro hla on Vridsy, the lat dsv of March aeit. at 11 o'clock . M , at Party Closing Hall. B7 Bowery. G. J. Tavooa, Itwrviery. N. O. FARRON. President. %JOTU IT be be held i Sank'* OTICB.?THE SECOND MEETING OF THE 8HARB holdera of the Consumers' Benefit Coal Company will on Wedneaday evening, Feb. J7, at "H o'cloeh, at W. 174 Graad street. TJAINTRRH.?TO THE EMPLOYERS AND ALL WIltlM JT Rmay eone^n. Ai a regular meeiing of the New lark FracUnal lions# Painters' Association, held on Februaty ID, ft was nnaalmoaelv resolved, that on and after March 4 the Vhn would be #4 per dev. and quit work at 4 o'elr* k en Saturdays. By order of the Assnrlatinn. JOHN T. EIBHER, President. W. N. Mavubws. Recording Secretary. THE REGULAR WEEKLY MEETING OF THB DRT Goods Clerks' Larlv Cle-inr Association will tale Plsic (hl< (Waunesdayi evening. Feb. 17, nt i o'clock, at E. C. ?all, 197 Jbswery. II B. COW LBS, Fraaidoei. Jan. E. Cni?v, Recording Becretarv. rpo ? ion tractors of Belgian favkment.-no 1 ties la herebv given ibatUie Society member of lb a mid Wade demand |t a day en end after March 1. M1CHABL MAYS, President. Jans MfiDoJta'.a, Secretary bosh n.ASTPREKR?EXCEPTING those be ?oiurl'ia to the Onaratlem' Society ?Tbero win be a most J longing to tbe Operatives' Society.?'There win lug held on Wednesday evening, at 7J4 o'clock, atGDWBBHN m?rit.H?et c??r<?v of Th rtv fourth elreet sod Eighth ?>vu?i? MKVF PUBMUATlONt. INRT A. DANIELS, M. D* IjtflHAYdl CATARRH. BY HENRY A. DJ Jul Kueweon. No. 1 Unloe square. Waned nu receipt of red stamp. T'V TAILR8t giving tub HNB end bright op w wwt dif Iff Jbc fiffft il iU port? to Ik# pel tediwaiaa. have beau publiafiad rn the United Stales Cast mrrZy Olha ft Waab'i^on 9?l?t Iwauty 9vu iFparoo. COCFLB OF BXTRA LAMB 8TBBRIAN BLOOD " for Mia; nn handeome and well trained; 10 old: weight U* lbs each; tha beat watcb. 2Q Umaalhtold; weight Uh Ibe. each; the beet Watcb ?8BS,ce ? STEAM PROFBLLBR TACHT FOR BALE-FIFTY A. eight feet long, ten feet beam; about five month* old; built of oak and copper faetened; has aceommudations for emht eeraoee besides the erew; U well round In every re spect. Apply on beard at foot of East Tenth street. All kinds of dogs and btp.ds roR sale at B. DOTBT'S, 360 Canal St'eeC near Church street. Medicines for all illeeeiee Frepared Food for mocking Fancy and common fowls cheap?only tihk teen pairs left: they will be sold by the pair or pound, same ae common fowls. W Bast Fourth street. In the rear. For bale-imported broken pointers and Setters, pare Newfoundland Dogs, white Ksoutmauia. ?mall Black and Tane, Ac., at DANIEL FOSTER'S, No. IS 1SOR SALE?A HANDSOME NEWFOUNDLAND DOC, 1 well trained. Apply to R. FaTTBEHi,, 469 Broadwsv, ?P FOR SALE?AN IMPORTED ENGLISH WHITE AND hlaek Carriage Dog, at 3 Division atreri, in the hat store "EM>* SALE?TWO STEAM TACHTS. ONE tu, THK r ether 70 feet long. For particulars sdd-nw S L. Rebwts., N. J. 1JIB.AKC1S BUTLER. NO. SPECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE choice breeds of Dog*. HuDer'e Infnlllble Mange Cure aim Klaa Exterminator. >6 oeata. Htiller'it new work on the Dog, SA Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all dls JOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT Has FOR BALE PAIR of bandantne Newfoundland l?nes. black mil fan, Ssolch and Skyu 'lerriert; one rniali black and tail Dog. very handMitue. J I'ST RECEIVED?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BRL pian and tie iermani'anariea. piping Bullfinches and other European Mnging Kir,!*. Aim iinidsn anil Silver Pheaanuta, Manila':n Ducks- Black and While swans A'' For sale by OH ABLER REICH*. A BROTHER, 66 < bstbaw street, near Chambers. fit ROOT FISHING. ? GENTLEMEN W ISH ING TO J arall thernaclvn* of the privilege of Fly Fishing will address Shanty Creek, Maspeth, long Island. HORSES. CARRIAGES. AC. AT PUBLIC SALE?ON WEDNESDAY U7TII. AT 11 O'clock, at 1,401 Broadway, Horaea, Carriages, Wagons, Harness. Kobe*. Ac. See auction sale*. A LIGHT BREWsTER WAGON FOR SALE. WEIGHT 16:; pounds: has never been run. Apply at private eta hi. re:ir nf 7g7 Hrnailwav. A SPLENDID PAIK OP CARRIAGE HORSES FOR ?nlf. Apply to HARVEY MARSH, Superintendent Adams' Ex pre#* Stables, W Broadway. A FOUR WHEEL DOG CART, COACHES. CABKIO lete six Mat Rook*way, Coupe Rook, Tup Buggy :al*o MU new Carnage*, llirnws, 25 per ceot leas than Hruedwsy atores, to make room for spring trade. HAM'S, 10 East Fourth street, corner or Broadway. A SPLENDID SORREL HORSE, FIGHT TEARS OLD. A sound and kind; a lady can dr!\e him; s'so lop Biggv and Harness, made to order; have beeu used but a abort time; will be sold cheap, na ihn owner I* going to leave the city. Apply at private stable, rear of 28 Washington square, near M action gal street. A REGISTER OK HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT A private sale, la kept by MINER A SOMERV1LLE, at >7 Nassau street. All persona wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horaes or Carriages, should have tbelr property, or the articles desired rugisb iwd sa about. AUCTION BALKS AT HORBE AUt.TION MART, Union square every Tn-sday and Friday throughout tbe your, ana at X F>ssaau street every Wednesday aud Satur day. ?ae an, UOO hiad. A FAST TROTTING GRAY MARE (MAT QUEEN). AT auction, tiais day at II o'clock, at l.ffl Broadway, near 3:40; libauds, 'orty-firat; ha* trotted ta 3:9(1: can beat eoued and luuo; seven year*aid, and a good pole mare A FJxAO TAIL NAY MABE, 19* HANDS, SOUND AND kind; can trot la three minutes. One tine brood Mare. Ateianehev TvotMhg Foo^ Tn besold this day at pubiio auction, at 11 o'claek, at I.WI Broadway. Bee auction sale A TKBY HANDSOME MATCHED TEAM OP BLACK , Oaaadtai. Marea, C yean etd: heaiy bulU. til for farm eraay uae^j?>od alepjaers; weald take a low priced work BHEAUTIPfTL RAY HOR1ga.FIKB BRED. 7 TEARS ? aid. ? f h gf exceedingly sty llah. a ad prompt driver. Without blemish, and ran trot tot AO; Optendtd pels borwH ?siul sound in all rexuartn. B the property of a private rHulls man, and must be RMd, wMmaiil, reserve, this day, at ? l. VANDKWATRR'S anrllonWMO Liberty street, at IS M 11ARRIAQEH, HOR8KB AND HARNESS FOR SALE.? V Large steak o I new a ad second band Family Carnages, Groosrs' and business Wagoua selling off cheap. 10 Nevuaa street, Riooklya. C'OUPE HARNESS WANTfcp.?ANT ONE HATING A / set that has been but little need to sell cheap can hear ?fa cash cuatuinei by addressing Harness, station F, Third avenue, for three days. IJIIFRBNE FOB BALE?FIVE 1IOK1KN. WAGONS II and Harnevs, and work. Apply at i3>v t.'harlea street. fAOR SALE-ONE OK THE BERT MATCHED PAIK of Carriage Horses tn the country; blood bays; no white; long tells, black points; seven years old, 15W bands high, sound and kind, single or double; price 91,80t?. Apply loT. 8. UI.ABKSON, Tivoli, N. Y. Twenty.eighth Greet. between S^e^h and^1^ a^!^ For balk-a bat mark, seven years old, fit for a truck or exprers wagon; just from Iheoountry; 18)4 bands htrb. 54 I'rtnoe street, B: ookly n. LH)R HALF-TWENTY-HVE HORSE-' JUST FROM r the country, from four to eight years old; prices from $90 to $3(91; warrunied sound and kind. No. ? ..aninna sheet. I TOR SALE?A FINE GRAY MARE. SIX YEARS OLD, 1 sound and kind in all harness, 15 hands 3 Inches high; eat' in,i in 3;10. Price $170. fan be seen at 14 Charlton sL 1i?OR BALE?THIS DAY. AT J. L. TAXDEWATER'S, 1 100 l.ibei.y street, *t 12 M.,Ute Trotting Horse Port Monmouth, blood buy, !A)g hand* high, eight years old, low n1and I 1 mg tall, black points, is perfectly sounlend kind and ran trot In 2 ?A or belter; la a bcniitliu! horse and ahows fine breeding, is the property of a gentleman gniag abroad, end will be sold without reserve. TjYOR SALE?A STTI.ISH SORREL HORSE, 1?'4 r hand,, A ye*'* olo, tor family use; $900. Two Horses, 15L hands, sound end kind. 94A to $85. New light Harness, $? 144 Wast Twalymn.h street. IjlOR S * LB?A BROWN IIORSK, HKNRT CLAT 1 stock, he Is seven years sid, IA bands high, souad and kind, fully warrauietl; . , n iroi In three inlau'.ee and Is un trained. Also aee A lie top Buggy, neatly new. beet city make, and one aiugta Harness. Apply ie M. WOOD, 99 Ful ton Street, Brooklyn. IJMJK SA I.E?A I'AIK OF THE HANDSOM gST CAR riage Horse, m line c,ty: beyef 16 hunds. seven and eight Care old; pen* fltl,Bs?> Also a fine road Team, I Ma Mauds, ys, loog NMis. pries $3.MH>. No party need apply unless prepared to pev sboie mn Inquire at private stable 198 West Twenty-second street, oral 110 Nassau street. LHOR BALE? t \ ELEGANT BRETT. MADE BT Brewster A Co., Brotune streel, but little used. To ho at the private swble 183 East Tbiriy second street, from . M to I P. M F OR BALE?A COUPE HORSE BIX TEARS OLD, 18 hands: sound and kind in singlo or double haraesa; ?Old cheap, tbo owner bsviag no further nee fur blm. 1 Boat ThlAv " -httb street LfOH BALM?A I.OT OF FIRST CLASH HORSF.8, JUST 1* .rem the country, 8t lur larta, trucks, express or any business. Warranted eouud and kind, laqnlru at A41 Oaual street, ocrcsr of Washington. F?c _R RALE CHRAP-FfVE BBOONO HAND CLOSE Concurs, four seta Coach Harness, four llorseo, one Ex. JM8B|M- . ureas Wagon, one Brett, one Light Wagon Comer Plfly. fourth street and Third avenue. CVOTEBNMKNT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE. 3 I9.0HI SCI* new still second hand HsiWeas, Saddlss. CoL tars. Bridles, Halter*, Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings. Bel Ticks, Grain Beg*. Tents, Toot Block, Blan kets, Ac., very low, OfBcete' Met 'lellan Saddle* (new , front $18 to $30; Plated Bit Bridles $>, Artillery Saddles, good as new, with Bridle, tIA PITKIN A FO? B? North rront street, Philadelphia, Pa., and No. 8 Park place. Mew York. Small orders bv express C O. D. EOOND HAND CARRIAGES-MUST HE HOLD. Have no neu for tnsm. 1 square ride seat Buggy. 1 I meter a Phaeton. 1 shifting top Express Wagon, light, I lop Buggies, ell in 9ae rnnufog order. HAAC MIX. JR., A SON, US Broadway. STABLE TO LET ?FIRE PP.OOF BRICK STABLE. Ml East Thirty-second street, lo let t? 1st of November next. Apply to HAGGKKrr A PllliLPH. II Pine street s TAMI-l H TO LET?THE PB1TATE RTABLF, ON rear of ? Bond Greet, entrance on Bleacher street. aleo the Private HUM* Ob East Thirty sitih street. Thirty-i J. C. BAII.EY, 10 Fifth street rrtwo HORUEH, t'ARTft AND HARNEHf) TO BE BOLD 1 for want of use; one gray stands 18 hand* high. 9 years old; ooe sorrel hoise, ? year* old, warranted sound and hind loquirs at 4Mi East Nineteenth street, In the stsbls. for two days. WANTED? t YOUNG HORSE; MUST BE SOUND, hind ?nd feat, Addfag Stone, box 3d Post oflhe, gir. rg price and fnll pvrtieuiam Wantbd-top wagon, city mare, and binglk harness, in good ordv. Address, stating price and where to he seen, Y A p., hoi WW New \ ??k Post office. M7anted-A COrPE HORHE OB A TEAM INJ^ W rtenge for #ne jewelry or unsnmimbvrirt i?*l e?te' Jwetteh~ter onuniy", m.i.l ba kind and rn?s ?em Apply at 1 188 Wdway A. UNDO ANTED-A FAMILY HORHR, BOUND AND O] . ... * Also Harness and light Koekawny Carriage ? be cheep. Address hoi 3,838 Puet nffl v w *mn wn''' ?UYA GOOD HORREL HORHE, BIN W" r*? "18. '*Vi hands high. Apply at 991 High avenue, In the bekery. ARMY AND NAVY CLAIMS. COPART9>IUHir8. A PARTNER WANTED?-WITH $I,W8. in A RK1JA. ble eaah main factoring bmlnaoa; article sUule, prottta Urge; oo rink wbaterar. Addren T Baker, box 114 Herald A PARTNER WANTSD?TO BUT AN INTEREST I* a valuabb- Patent, to enable the patentee to mauufao tune the artlfde. which 1a uaed bp ererj etrlllied human being. For 1 u Herald oflice being. For further Inlormattoa addreaa Humphrey, box USD " raldi - Ln active partneb por a wholesale bcki ne?a wanted. A edreaa Merchant. II ere Id office. A FRENCH OBNTI.RMAN WELL KNOWN IB NEW York, Car an article of great demand, dealrea a partner in travel, (me that ran apeak Freni-h and Kagliah will be preierred. Addreaa Monsieur It mile, 79 Greenwich atreet. DISHOEV TION. ?TItK COPARTNERSHIP HERETO, fore bntwe- u the underatgned, under the nntne of Wiarda A bl.tlwn, la ikia dap diawdved by mutual eon? aeat JOHN WIARDA. lEthikL P. SH11,TON. Near Yoka. Tab. 2d. 1W7. Tlie bii>ln"aa foriuerly conducted hp the firm of Wiarda A Shi! uin will he hereafiei carried on ai 'be aiuue nlaoe bp ike atlbninler. DANIEL P. nHil/rON. New York, Feb. 3B. 18(7. DBl'G BURnUMh ? PARTNER WANTED, WITH abont $11,000, In uiie of the beat located and bualne^e dr.ic-i'iic? in tlu . city. tVAl.l.l K A BP I 811, 2Ti ? iiatuhera atreet. PARTNER WANTi:il-A RESPECTABLE M AN, WITH capital. >n an entabl'.xheri and proOiabla haalnam. Appiy at *< Broadvrli.v, roonm IJ and 14. PARTNER WAN IF D?WITH (l.C-kl. I.N COMMISSION and clothingalore. I'riiiee street. Kxellenl biurtnesa. entirely for oaab. PruCis $.'i.i sn net, pearly. Apply a. Sti Br.wdWwy, room d't, fur three (lavs. FaNIN'KR WANTED?$10,$09 OR 0P0-.IN A wboleaale Fau<y <1<iih]? lleuae, ealabtiabed, nut in ??heed: biialueas increaaliig. None bill parlies with jjood red'-i-hbom need au? ver, w . th full name, Fancy Good", box 1011 Herald ollli e. PARTNER WAN I Kli-WITH $10 0(10 IN A WHOLE rale Vaukee >omoii House, well e?mt>ll>lieil end dnlug a aale biiaine.-a. Addreaa Notion*. bo> 170 Herald uOu-e. OILLNT PART NET. WANTED?(A .SPORTING MAN O preierredi. e lio has the "nerve" to invest in a paying biistneaA from Odd tn $10,000. Addre?e Big Thlug, lleiaUl oMre. fjpHL COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between Prctoott A l>e Noyelley la this day dt?a?lTrd by mutualeoneenu CHARLES F. PRESCOTT. Hated February *. 1867. DANIEL DE NOVL 1.1.K.N. The busi.iesa huroiolore earrlod on _ liy Preacott A Da Noyeiier will be cguttnuad by (lie underabriied. Dated February Zii. 1867. OHARLKS F. PRESCOTT. Wantrd-a partner in tiik book tradk ?, . * CI"1*' ?' to *1,000, by a person who ran the /n?"i'1 "u"i ? 'raJe, ami who is conversant with y, ?o?Th^^r tranche* Ad.lrr.. Andcsou. Herald $;")( )0 ~?*RL?,?R WANTED; A OOOD, STKADY V'v r u will receive the half interest in a mann. * bnalneHa, paying large profits. to intend the business. WOBCROB8 1 tjO., M Qua no street ?**"? or $3.000.?AOTIVR PARTNRR.-A maw ?Z.TFUU of business liahtt. I. willing to Invest said . ati ouiit In a rood Baying leei'lmuie business For parflcu j ftSfefc M S- ?*?*??. ? Oarnuna street. from 3 Si. I $2 00ft W*?lB *antkd-an energetic ' **?,' 71"? thl* nuionnf. to take a half id fSuIL # it , ?f' weI' P*3rt*f wat*r mann. SfiSSi /ulVpartlenlar* call on or address Advertiser, " *" ,nt'rvi"wcmn * h,Ml- Noo? $3 000 ~IAHl5BffR.i WW" C3KRII IN Sat.*1rJZ2 HP-.?!*? j?3RE5SF??*?a5a (A ftftft wa*ttd.~a rjutn with tub abovb amount, either a. active or special m. a S*w ^^ie^rx^'Tit'sr ftH Oftft -wanted?a party with thk abovb v' .-APftal to Uki on iAlmal in * ??*?? 1,1 prnotlesl operation in the Potted btaiaa toMMBRgtreSa?: a" fcHMMW Ti'* ""=?*? JJUJ? 40 R?"*r; ,h? fuel Ik derived from a new' and ""T"?' ?> ? I"?*"?al interview it can be awT. .iff J? ~ ' Ule l',v*nu?r that the Investment la yy?,* **C* Que, Agents and non-capitalists need not apply. Address New I ower, Herald on:.-a, appointing an Interview. ^ Bl'SINKUl OHPORTPMTIEh. " t FORTTKR CAN BR MADE IS TWO YKARB BY uwreanTr'^Yiulun^7/"?!! H?*1 te time, a moon Un a In the segregate to $ Hi.000; I will furnish half; no hum bur Ad dross Ale*. Han for. I, New York Poet OSes. ?' " A r^the?a2te,,L'E.2f>R A '"APrTALIST.?A rRRSON aesa l7.t J?.Si/lJ ?p ul/-\" P"OW? part interest In a bust. I iS*4 I* ? fo' tuo'- pnrttes can be either silent StrlTwTth o^TV^4*7 A -A OENTI.F.MAN OP LEO A I. AND W men ml ability, who has an office and ?otne means, de dJir.".aw *gen?>-"r'h??n*n*gernentu/ some boaimwr. Ad dress M. SI., ho. 1<0 Herald office I^NRRIVKTIP MIA. WITH I A ROE <iH sMaI.I, CAPf // I r^n.'?v**t p oBubly in m* mi factories an.' other ^B^oadway"'"' ln,l"'rln* of CHAMBEHMN A CO., Hai.k ivn:ru> r of a h im. ESTABLISHED bi* Ktnow. for asle. Inquire on the premises or fig BANTO iw Hlec-ker aireei. 1 TA*3,STOf*A?P WXTORBBOPA BROADWAY .i.'iJr r*u 0^ *?Ntuek consisting of Parasol* and f ancy Oeo.U. Hiiainess well er.uhlished Kent low Applv on the premlaea kbl Broadway. ne ir heresieenth atreei west aide. I rppncoi going Into the manufacturing business. MEN WITH CAPITAI.-TO PPRCIIASr HTATF OR count* rtglua for a n.-w patent article of ,-re?t merit. inV?i,iFKAN.?W'-VJ:,'<,W "'reet hot"', from 10 jo 12, or in the evening, afl^r 7. (I10 MTABLfSUKD B*K)T AND flHOR NTOltB FOB w "" ^ RAJIECIIANOR?A N Y ORNTI.KMAN HAVINO $1,000 ^ZHX???n~l w-t ?*" "r M" m,>,,t ?'Inordinary Sy^ison at money ever offered by applying at r UARDRNKRN AND PI.OKIttTB.?TO I.EASE THR (?menhouse and Bnalners of the late Hemge Ingram, at wr?*nwood Cftrn*t<?rv. For imrth tilum tpplf it rornrr of Tweoly-llfth atrset and Pifih avenue Brmtlyn. VALUABER PATENT RIO If T FOR RAI.B. * HANOI ho for CENTRE BOARD?. _ Addre.a J. p. Hall, Wealerly, it. I. ft/Jfl -A "ARB CRANCR IB OFFKrEp FOR ANY JTJjfy. boalneas man with a small oapital of from $80 to $?0to mahefrom $3Wto $800 a month Thtsm nohuii % Row. JT \r ^ ClMt>rr * Wr1?ht. I'?*#jcy Hotel, S2ftft "AXINO A FEW HPNDRKD ! iPyV' dollar. In invesp can reallre aa many thousand doltere la a few months. NoaS Pine street room No. ? S3 Oftft 1?. ?*?*?*f lAKCK TO INYKKT IN AN enterpHeew that promises large returns. an^nMvirS?/iVApplyal 874 Third avenue,.wr ?r *f Twenty third street, to B. Bolivar. Manager. ?3 ftftft -??.0rP CHANCE.?BTDKB ?**d Qmd WUI of business of house furniah wff f ?5?TS^. i S4, J"1 F"i*h,h ?keuue Apnlv to J. F. fourth street 448 E'fhth avenue, near Thirty. ?10 Oftft 1; BALA?? IN INSTALMENTS. ^ALIiBK A BRURR, 15 Chambers ?trrrt. iKsrarciioi. AT\t*rltte^i'a?.,.Il!i.0i? I'KBBONR; BOOKBEFPfNO, 4JJ*?",*r. pi tNB? buaineaa " oVleg^?^'(ahfwh'io|k |h?? 1^61 SoweiT. -d fc? Fulton it?e\ i?,;.TZnf)'" :SS=!= will be most happy to preriro them m rontiiLl .J4T*r,'li?r Kr;^r,*i,SS"^ a1 zzxxrjt given In Bonkkespiag. Writing. Arithmetic' B~?if^T 1?" Eafajsgjgg, acs^wgL'gig: rormiAL. TTKJT80 STATES TREASURY. " M.?J?ib?Sr*Vmf*i?)?Jh'n7.or Bor" 1<v? ??upon?, doe U altal 1T1 itaeTmee n r *d ,or "???'aailua si the H. H. TAN DTCK. Assistant Treasurer. a LBBBT H. NICOLAY, wo a pinb ?0KI AMD aoctiowbkr, T?.ur.w cu, ptete ,5^ tsrsss:jsl dradaatUw rstee lor Investments. J^UNOAN, SHERMAN A CO.. ' MASKERS, CORNER PINE AMD WANSAC KTEKT8. NEW YORK, Istue Circular No-a* and Letters of Credit Tor traveller*, a vi. liable in ?U ">e principal citur of the world. Vi-iranul* credit* for am in Europe, Chin*. Ac. A No reuke transfer* of money io California and .irrgmt by telegraph, Interest allowed on drpwii*. VfONBY TO LOAN-AT 7 PER CENT, 1W LARGE OK J.vJ. ?10*11 AtOoiintu, on ft rat c1u*m pi-upfrtv in tbi* ntr ^ . KlNP. * ro.V * *W?ntj-tfcirtl miir*M, Fifth Avenue Hotel. OETlCi; OK MoNTUOM KKY ASH BCKAOLA RAIlZ toad, Montgomery, Ala . Feb. ii. IHC.-The -eml-an nual Internet on th<- H per rem bond* of thia road will ho paid in sold com ,.u the Ih( of M. i li prorlmo. Holders of oonpnrui iwill pre*>ni the uamc u> the Chatham Sh tloimi Bonk, New York, (or payment. ;v I?. OWEN, Freeldent. OEiJCE OF PACIFIC MAIL. STKAM#HIP COMPANY, New York, Fab. Al. Ldt>7. ?ruiuTY-Eiith ntvior.Ni>. Notice I* hcieby eivei. Ibid the Hoard or Direct.,rs have thin day declared * divideiul ul throe J t?-r cent .mi of the ni t earntnca of the quarter ending JannarT 31 1MH7 diitable at tiie olUoe of the oompanv Friday, March 1. Tiie transfer btioka win be cloved Thursday. Fehrusrv 21 at I I . M. and reopened Monday, March 4 at 10 A. M. ' By order of the Board of Itirenorr THEODORE T. JOHNSON, Secretary.

pENNSVLVANIA STATU LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF 623,000,000. An act to create a loan for the redemption of the oter due bond* of the Commonwealth. .i??Lh.lre"." t^Jb,:nilI of lhP '"mnmonwealth *nd certain cer. title* tc* ot Indebindneaa. amounting to $23,0UU,W?. hare been over due and unpaid for vimr time pact* And whereas it te deairanle that the same should he Da d and withdrawn Irom the market; thri-afore, Section 1. Ho it enacted by thv Senate .tod House of Rep. revcniattvcsol the Commonwealth of Pennaylvania in Gen eral A**embly mel and it ta hereby enacted hr the authori Ly,.?, i "?"t*-. Th*f the Governor. Auditor General and State Treasurer be. aud are liereby auliiorlaad and ouipow ned to borinw 011 the faith o( ihe t'ommunwealth. In such amount* and with ?ucb notice mot leu than forty daym aa J"'/"""l ?*"PW??^??l?<lfen' for the interest of the State, twenty throe million* of itolL.r*. and i*aue cartihiHte" of loan or bond* of the roiiiuwuiwealtb (ur Uif be < :nc i Interjut at a mle not 6xci:pdlnj Mi wt i^iituni per annum, payable sorDi*annua]ly on tho I hi of February and bt of Au C"*t? tn tho ?fty of Fhlladelpb!a; WhichcvrlihcaUM of Joan op bonus shall not bo subject to any uutaUoii whatever lor State, munt< ipal or local purpose. *ml .hall be payable aa follow*, namely ?Fire million* of dollar, payable at an* ihne arter lire yeara and within ten year*, emhl million- of doliare payable nt niiytlrue after ten veiu* and within ilf teeu year*, and ten million* of Uollure at <nr time after 11 f teen yeara and within twenty-flee year*, aud .bull he -ugi oi by lit* (loveruor and state Treaauret and ? ounteniigiiml bv the Auditor General, and registered in the book* of Uie Auditor General, and to be irauel'erwhle on the hooka of the Gommonwealth at ihe Farmers' and Mechanic*' National Rank of Philadelphia; the proceed* of the a hole of which loan, tm-iuding premium* Ac., received on the name, ahell be applied 10 the payment of the bond* ami .wrtlflcates of Indebtydoe** of Ihe I.nnimunwealth. Sbts. ?? 'Pkc lod* for the aeal loan *hall be opened in the preeeneeof the Gotcrnoi. Auditor General and state fraaa nrer. aad awarded to thabuiheat n.ider: Proyidod, That no eertulcata hereby authorised ta be is. ieti shall bo Defoliated for IftsCUiiMi ifh ntr rilus 8?7l The liouds or tka Suie cud cei tirirate* of Indebt ???*. oow aoar Uae, shall ha rf?iv?hle in payment of the aaid loan, under *u?ii ragnlaiion* aa ih.i tloternor. Auditor staU TreaMrer easy piT-oni*-. *ad **ery bid ?Vt?Z??" autborueil to be i*su.?i, shall state in hMbbld wbetbar tho satue Is payable in r..?b or in the bond* ar dfcrtJJIcaiea ol iodelMednesa of 1 he 1 'ommonwealth. OBC. ?. That all trustee*, eieuiiU.r*. adtiimnHrators, itiar ?"?V. ?*'0US ?waeuram, committaea or other |*>r*oo* bolit laf tn fBd'ialafr capacity bond* or eartitk-ate* of Indented oeaa d' the KtMe,or money*, era huiehy aatboruMd la but for the loan Wirrbv ia he i...,e,t i* ?? ?. * Vl wo ""'coj EttVUUfidW U> 'j* l?" J^feWy aitthoruad ta be i?*.i?*t, and to Mirnw tbe boada or oartiboata* of loan bald by tbcni at the ttrna to , <cc>>* fha bonds auttmriaad to "?*? k Any pet sou or Mraetut atandlug In the Bdadary aa PMf^eUtad ta tb* rourth section or this act who may desire to tayeet money fh their hand, for - he banedt of the troat may, without n order of court. in\eai tho name In toe bomli ? imtieR by tbla act. at a rat* a I premium not oxeeedlng twenty per centum. . rwc. A Tbatf-om and after ilia Buunvl this sot all the Jphde af thhi GdAmrnaweaMk abail W,Jl4 ?T la Urn order of ?Mir nntuiitv. .Sac. 7. Tout all loans of tbia omemvnwealth not yet due mall be eihy.tpi ironi State, niunieipal or local u> nation altar the ieterest dna Fehruarv Aral, one ihouaand eiabt hundred and eilly-aeven shall have been pwfd. "? That all en*imeing law*, or ooruon* thereof In dansiaAent herewith, are hereby repealrd. .lul/N P. Gl. ASS. Speaker uf the House of Representative*. I. w. ham, ... ? , Speaker of the Senate. Approved Ike second oay of February one ilintiaaad eight honored aad ajuy-aeren. ? .loJfN W. GEARY. j In accord*una with the pm?isious of Ihe shore act of As ?emblyaaaled proposal* will be received at the oflloe of the 1 Huie Treasurer, In lb? ally 0/ llairl.bufg, Fennsvlvanla, until II O'clock M. of the 1st day of April, A. 1.1. IS6/. to be emlor-ed as follow*:?Ml'ropoH*i* for I'ennsylvHnia State Loan, Treasury Department, Harrfsburg, Pa., I'nitad etataa of Amerine. Kids will be received for td.HU ?*>. relmburnsble In Ave Cars and payable Urnei. year*. (KUW.WiU rciniburnatile In n year* and payable in fifteen year*, and ?IO,lMU.iiOO. reltn bnrasble in rtfteen years mid payable in leauty-liv- yeara, tbe nie of in^rrn to he cither flfr ?ir all percent permmuin. whk-h mtut be |?I?oitTj statvd in the bid, nmi the bids mo?t advanrageoii.'* the State will b? ac epleu. No bid for |e?* than per will lie consUlem!. Ihe bond* will bo Issued in ?uic? of gfto and ?uch tii.hrr aura* *a desped by the lorner*, to be free from Stair, local ami muuic.ual lave*. 1 be over due bond* of the t'cnum iinerlih of rennsylra nla will be received at par In fierincn: of thl* Ioiuj; hut bid der* miiat ?taie wnethrr they intend to pay in .-a.b oriu ihe overdue loan*nforeaa ii. No distinction will he made betweeu bldtlers paying in eaah or over due loan*. JOHN W GEARY, Governor of I'ecnsylvanla. JOHN F HAKVRAnFT, And.tor General. W. H. KKMHEB, _ ,. . . .. State Treasurer. N. B.-~No newspaper publishing 'he above, unlaw* autho rised, will ruoaive pav. , fJIHB INTKRRNT ON LAND GRANT BONDS OF ONION FACIFIC KAIi.WAY COMPANY, ? t EASTBRN DIVISION. March I. IM7, will be paid en pre .eolation of coupone tlsereior, on and attar that date, at the Hanking House of DAHNBY, MORGAN A Oft. M Kxcbange pls.-e Wg. J. Treasurer. ? ^ Tork. 00n ^? A"D f""0 T? LOAN ON UN1N cumbered real aaute in New York or Mrook lya. No brokerage cba-ped. 8. BPHI EB, M Rroome street. a Hon WANTHD?MY A FIRST GI.ASS MANH faetiirlng Arm, for a few months, for wbieh r- mamrHi giveu for tkroe times mt; beat of referanoae, Ac. Addreba J. T, Herald JRSQ (KIO I2.';?AV,? *1** TO SO IT, ON IP . ?Brooklyn, New t ork aod New Jersey Real E?uta. Prompt atteutlou. GHAH. 8. OILMAN, 118 Broadway, room No. 61 $75,000 ?r. W. H. wool), 6b Wall street. 3117^000 m L9A" O* BOND AND MORT ?T11 vJ.UUU gage. In one or mora sums, on real aetata lu ibis el'j or Brooklyn. JOllN F. t'ONKBY, 6t Wall street, room IX <u nn (Win 1? loan-in broorltnor new ?PTGG.Uvv >or?. In sum* to suit; Second Mort gage, bough*. Traveller*' Invuranee Company. C. K. WILMS, 61 Pi 1 fine street. I-OAB OFFK'Elt. AT T7-MOXMY I.IBBRaI.I.Y ADVANt'ED ON DIA J\ MOND8, WATCHES. JKWELEV. Ac, OK TUB SaMF. BOUGHT AT TI1K HIGHEST RATES. ALSO NOUOBT FOR DIAMONDS, WATt.UEB, JEIYE1.RY, Ac., *177 Bleerfcer street, i>p ,tatra. A DVANCBS MADR ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. NIL J\. vrrware, Fur*, fine Fnrnttnra, Camela' Hair Shawl*, Ac . or bought for ea?h Term* moderate. J. H. COHEN. 736 It roadway, nearly opposite Aator place. At nyman'n,668 broadway, corner ok bond street, will he paid fhe hlebeat price for Dlrmonda, Watches and Silverware, or will advaace on the above articles. A-watohbs. diamonds, ru.ter wari; and . Other valuable* bought, or adrance* made on Ihe tame. In toe Jewelry star* II P*rk row oppoeite Aatnr House. A T Ml BROADWAY -I PAY TnB HIGHEST PRICBN A for Diamond*, Watches, Jewetrv, Ac.. nr advance on tee mme. ISAACS. Diamond Broker, _ , ______ oppoeite Wallai-k'atheatre. AT^? .* T?E?,TTT.HIRD*1EBK7^"FTH AVENUE Hotel.?The hlghe?i price pefd for Diamond*. Watehea. Ac., or advances made on the aame At :mbi feari, strrkt brtwmen new bowrbt and Franklin aqoara, LKDRRRR A CO.. edvanea lib erally at reasonable term* nn all valuable property. Watehea. Jewelry. Diamonds, Ar , nr purebaa*. AI'YANCHt MADE ON WATCHER, DIAMONDS, JEW airy. Dry Goods and Personal Property of every de eTSmS'way JACCBON' 1,1 0rm?- "treat, tw* doors west A T NO IPCHAMBEM STRRBT YOU CAN ?lf TNN A full value for Old OoW aad WIvrr, Rar Gold aad Bllver Dlameeds, WsJcbe^ irw^. Prectoea stoaea and Sweep, lags. W ILLIAM LEWIS, Gold aad Silver Aaaayer. TLfONRY ADYAMCED ON DIAMONDS, WATCH Ed", 1H. Jewelry, Silver Ware, Silks, Ac., nr tb# above bought. Pawnbrokers' tickets bought 166 Bowery, near Grand at met. iisbis Nn 1 aad 1, up amir*. ?~ AWNBROKERT TTCKBTB FURCHASMD. JUST BE calved, a Urge let of buateeoa fiesta at |6; eaaalmere ita $i 66. Gome and see them. 417 Broome street, be twees Crosby and Kim GEO. LEV IB CO Ale. WOO*, M> _ *Q A CHALDRON FOR COKR IN THE YARD, ON del sored IbsmadtelaiT to euatoaeers' hesee* at fa, Jem New Terb dee Worka Sraety irM etm<M ^smd ?***? AMUBBMBNTS. Broadway theatre. admission so cents. Cirnf of Broadway **d Broom* atrett. UNBOIJNdWd"KN?h'7^R?>WDlfD*U0^8E8 ! STANDING ROOM ONLY early hour render* It advisable that plaeea should be ? ecu red Id adraDOA TlfltKB HOURS or FUN, with th* world renuwued Comedian* and original Dellnea ? tori of IRISH AND TANKRB 1.1 YE. MR AND MRS. BAKNKY WILLIAMS, who** engagement ii limited to only four week* mora, THIS EVKNINO AND SATURDAY MATINEE, the delightful ple. ee or THE FAIRY CIRCLE, CON O'CAKOLAN'H DREAM, ANU THE CUSTOM OK THE COUNTRY. Thursday eren-na, IN AND OCT ON PLACE, lu which Mr a Barney William* perac mates ill ehamcter*. Otvinr to the Oriel item of engagement, Mr. aad Mra Bar nev Wiilitnm' plecee will b* piDuiued in rapid euoreaalno, and cnuitot be prolonged upon th* bllla beyond announce ment. 11"v office open from 8 to 8o'clock. Seats secured els day* m advance. [ '?HUMAN STAUI THEATRE. 4# AND d7 BOWERY. Tli la ( d cd a* stlay) ??en InK# Iiniry 87, Mil HOIHIMIL DA __ as mahquis de maillekoht in Lugcr.e Sue'H giand dmink. Der Buck due Maniuia, oderdle Relclie Br bin. tfbe Hunt-Una. k Marquia, or the Klrh Heir***.) GHAKl.I Y \\ IIITH'S TROUPE, 478 BROADWAY. Baldwin, Baldwin. BALDWIN BALDWIN, THE CHEAT EAST INDIA JUOOLKR. BA( KWwult ECHOES, BAt IvlVOOD ECHOES. Bl At'K BLUNDERS. BI.ACK BLUNDERS. BROADWAY BOYS. SHOADWAY BOYS. THE MONKEY OK THE BARONKY. THE MONRKY OK THE HAKONKY. COMIC slNUINU. KANCY DANCING AND BALLETS. matinee on Saturday afternoon at it;. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. BROADWAY. The trouble volume noes at n utiarier to 8. THE CREMF, DK LA CKKHli OK MlNnTKIil.ST. B.'RCtl. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoa* *(,' cent haa never been equalled by any similar org* n* laulioit in the world. Naw and cheerful Biiriea<|ii*i every week Wauitaild'a una Ming. "Will You Come to Meci. Me. UarltngT ' l'oliee Court S. enev. Anlui* it'.l Photographs di.nibrltiiia' Opera of l.uuer lleer. Nancy Fat Sanmiof latigh'.erat the Shadow Pantomime and the creaming Black Cook and African Ballet. Troupe. KELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. TM BROADWAY. Dcuion fiance,9:80 D Dodging lor a Wife. The only LEON l) Kcliif.tntl, Hrymoiirgall, Sloe-; new Waltie*. C Alliuialini, Preclnleyi, City llcma. ALL 'AN T I1KAR HER. Falnea, Be. The Hntinted Hottne. O A Dangei ou* flame, cinder* IAton and K The (iruud Apotheosis Madagascar Ballet. O fixim Hi ACK CROOK Terminating Agony F anil CENDRILLON BR AND OTHBR DELIGHTFUL LUXURIES. V4MUMK PARKPA IN OBATOHIO. J1W run great .lolre of the New York pul.lir to be-.r the for *. p JX??jW5S^Il^8C,KtT -HI. .... , TUB MK881AH, ' which anil take ri are on Wkl)Nh.K|)AY KV'KNINf! PEB. 87 ...h .1 , ... AT MKINIVAY MALI., with the following powerful cut .. MMK. PAKE Pa, Soprano. S.? ""'fU'llMW, Contralto MK.j.'hoKHP. SIMPSON Tenor. iMK. J. H. THOMAS. Kummo. MK. H. J. tiONNOLKY, Orgniind. JMK. O. W. I'OliHY. Pianlxi. I MB. K L. KITTRR, Onnduetor r??K HARMONIC SOCIETY, nauolor numbering lw,. ....mired rmera, anil Voi-Oh.J'o" fl??*AM? WW. ORCHESTRA. ?'YK DOLLAR. , . ,. '?< '-??i ~ do Morula extra s$ k" ? _?AMS0S A YD J I'DAM MACCARKUH. jTKINWAVS ni>OVv " ? 'art WiPro.i h's wjnrh iMikmn Mat. see, rrtflji. Varri, |, at A o'clock. s .. : , u 1 **r," m ?o chici. At lOiM ccn!?*<*(? i, ri??* fmai bui ootof tbn Mrif?S Mr TtnXt ?o*n will V flMftfM-fty r^u^YrilartMi! AmVm m 7 MKKTII V JOIUMNBr'n" JS sonata of Beethoven, orliHin * ?* Door* open at ? P. jg. TVtala At ---. r_, .... ?, BkrtaWafbf AIM rlje prir.' lnal muaic storee^^^' lienor torn,' th* PAVoi'ili' iruor, win tumttr for th? A**t 1>hoadway thkatrb. ?O MR. AMI) MKS. KARHRY WIL1IAMS OPINIONS OR THIS PKBHS. Mow York 8inM :^1aT;tT,xT0r,r?^:.rn^.,v ?oat bolnti occupied. U.I lea wren tnltns c2?Un *ml lobht?* "??" barol," -undtn? 7i.m % nuined. The era* teet charm to Barney's representations? * ,ir<?* tie?while rtoh and complete. U alwaysnmmtT few strained or UTtrdonc. while hU action la nerer oi'"r deinnueirai ire, oor, aaaiu. la he erer "stagey" or stilted He a a* an a. tor, arflauo to naturalness, free In Hie ranr* ?nutation of rudeness. lint snfflelrntly polished lo roan an. It bo",Kl*: ??? ?"? 'Ul.nolnon, or th7pa!?ot I , tbro"fb ",*?B pocuherltiea bare maintained a lirm hold OO II:o appreclallon of the publir who r?n?l.. il n.? ?n . . WI" both her Irish and Yankee mrl J"?'ii'e.| her reputation aa an autre*? who fin I deal arJth thai lino nf 7n a mn.Tnl, 111 . soflMenilv refined and modest to please the la,Ilea as well aa the gentlemen lu the U M M w#" ?? n ... ^vn V?#-k Tim**. Bailnet Wiliiam*.?Mr nmj Mr*. Barn*? VVil iamw innk nn|5ht*?titCilnr"d I,rr"''.2" an ea(a?emeat lost n! I Broa.lwny theatre. It la l.ardlr no.^Mry the honae wa. c.owrted and the reception o7f th?7,Utt?' .. , >>?w York Tribune. Jnl ^^^^ou^:,"^hde^VuhCOpL^ SSrfi^ rfe X"; r1'1" r'""" Th,oh ?"? f,U1 ot b??"'r. Kor oiam ple, the tra"f ...naciaatlon between ( on ?u(| b.e wife Vole. nr^e' ,'Tr'nw*ll'|h.e Wl,!i *?"'' ;on'? ent: aisw nio the h ai,^ ' lrT*- *'? willlama dlaplajra In thoae. and auch aa the..*\.1* V whi'h la ?|>iirk por rpUou of Hie a# h'.nnor that lira in In...041 uona oniraala It la not t'Cl of MiVIlham "! *" ""Ml "">t 1 , Irsm lh^.hfa^'tirHof m"htal w __ Y*rk Worlci. j Mr. ana Mm. W.iilnrnii opened tb#*ir five fmnkam mem with a bill draw m the bank of hon. r nn<1 arho.o^fm " bnnyet dared dlapnte. The Kiln Circle J1#- ir?e ^',|Sto? Country hav* long br^n?ronairt*red iWftittanpIiir the public's (reenharka. The production iniuweto" r"?TlVoe? p" ou' "',bi ,he "P*r,U of 'hB lhe Run. 1 here are no piapi which con rev bet lar morals are mar. dr*'.rr!?il.(*tSa,vn?r*nr m#r* ln,?fuctlTe tbau the Ir.ah dramas and the Yankee farrea repress a led by Mr. kud M 1 a Bwwey^WllpenM. We hs?c beard mors outraarnua avo ir ing in the perfurnuiiMt of a An* old comedy 4 W*I)?rkN dtXX,rtao^l,1r? ,00d7,r ?^O.milKVod rf^T_Jr?r >???* shocked la a Blark Crook hJirt ?T*2-HVt'wfi pUy.""' ?***? *' have never T WHioms utter a word which mlyht nuke A tody hiuth, nor W* w* *?ei* ?**n Mr. Wllliomii ,.,LmTi .: <w,*r*ind|uf consur# on the most rigid moral ground* v .. *r. end Mm. RaKNRY WTLIiaMS ha?e kindly conaonteU m appear In ? be ssssr.'^ """* Mate amy be seen red in advance. TMK BAIal. WKAMOI?~ BKIITWJf.KJl^RC,W?? "RA"Nl> "Al.MA.igUK ii- ?'i? V Oertnanla Aaaemblv Rooms JB] an.J yiffT' OWW Idnnday, Kebruary 87, IM; ThkataAA To he had at the foilowlog alarea -Rudolph'. 11* kJ* way, DelmooieoU, 28 HrWad street; Durkoop'a corner of I Broad war nod Thirtrntmh street; A Danua" 7SSZ 2 Broadway and Dey street; Standlnge.'a. 8U Nassau aireet pSim." Wn<^; ia'i , 0,le?? >?* ' Usrinanla Ttaaembly the^loo'r Bowery. Poaitivsl> no Hrketa sold at QKRMAM PIEDKHK KA.NX. ~ | TUB ANNUAL C'RAMi MASgi EKAI>E BALL , ? pr THJ oerma.n i.ikhkrkran* Will taka pla.'e at the AI'AHPN Y t?K muhic r. u . ... r?W??!"?AT MARCH .>1, I St;' c.-.? c admnting one genP 'tnan and two ladlesi Cao he bad of member* of lua Mociety only By order of the < on m.tiee H. f. V. KOCB. ( - . H#H TT?t?rf. Grand ofkning or tub A?'*m;MV ok muric With the TAKK f'ACK KEB. ?, ltm, HUB "RPAItTMRNT BALL. Tickets ean let prucurrd of the officers or of aav ?f the ininmlttee. any member c. OODKRRT OUNTHRR, rresident. MB Broadway Jams K B anass, Neoretan, l<? Pearl atreeL A. J. l)r ?Ti.ra, 1 reakurer, 3?H Wall sirest. F'ofMu-V NIHHT-ACADBMY '.mP""""on ARP'ars to prevail thai the id.ima ?r BiBS*" " .w lY. "SS '.STw^rsi,;; ??"Z!.,a^.!e.y,^n*SJ^ter aboiit four hnndre.!, Who, with iheir fsinllie^ lTOk^thU fund as to a source of relief In tb*U^MmeofSeid ?A whleb wo are proud to aay baa /.fun ibem. Home of .ur widow, .re aaad itwT dIM m the raonth of _Notemher over Ml yesra of awe, 'and hav. ?ES ?^ * 'on* itrm ?PjTBBT*k And B t5iU2d^fJKTSTsiLT07JL*"?,oik." ?Bd JT? find baa been of great as.lsUn. e, V*, *?"*'' hare aaanr that are aged we hare also many are younger who MSe families ?f young children }hem. There base been more widow. aSd^t JlTtbS pension jiet during lbs last foar rears than of any prerleun ^rlunkTndl- ll^'n.j0 *. ''rf number ma-fe ho by thS r . Tj their live, in the defence of JTL. SK2I th; *Af JUM closed. We have slso uJSdZd iii -- ^Cld ?? 'wbom r*l?r la ev sed^stanoe beinTm^^nl.'hld^' aystK'rjafe-a-rt SKstrr.* AMUUUnUVTS. WOODS THKATRE-COMIQCB, W SH Broadway, opposite 8t Nlehmee Hotel. AdmiuioD B mi?. Reserved >uaIs, orchestra and balcony chairs extra. Tho above bijou establishment will bo Immediately opened wltb A GRAND COMIC ENTERTAINMENT. Wanted, Brst class talent In every department. Apply ?* the box oflee of the theatre, between ID and U o'clock. NEW YORK THEATRE. . ^ , , u Managers ..Lewis Baker and Mash Smllh. Mecoad week of the aaoouipllahed artist. LADY DON, W^?CWWDeBTnD VaSHION A BLE ACDIE.N'CM. Second week of the very successful buries) no of KKNILWORTII. I.ADY DON as YE EARLE 07 LEICESTER t with W>d|a> lo be preceded by. second time bere, the admirable OomeQ of THE PRETTY 1IOR8E-BRKAKBK. BELLA 8UNNT8IDK. with the wings of "I la?? the JJwrj bunshme." the "Horo of Chase." LADY SATURDAY?KENILWORTH MATINEE. THEATRE FRANCA IB-COMBDIE. Immense success. By general requ eel, SATURDAY, March 3 at precisely. Third representation of LA KAMlLI.K BENorrON. (Original of The Fast Family), Comedy, In ftve acts. Iiy M. Victorian ttardon. Tieki- offlce at H. Dsrdonr ills's, <98 Broadway. OLYMPIC THI'ATRK. MOST EMPHATIC SUCCESS of the greet Inc.I. rensatlnnul and moral drama, the STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. SI RESTS OF NEW TORK. THE OLYMPIC CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING nightly. Tim audiences eiitlmHastlc with delight at the EXCELLENT C tST OF CH ARACTERS, HOVEL EFFECTS, AMUBINO SCENES AND SITUATIOKH. BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. Ac, Doors open nightly at 7 _oVTo<A; jmrforinanuea at 8 o'eteek pieiiisely. MATIN EE ON SATURDAY, at 1 o'clock; mission ISOr. to all part* of the house HARTIS'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, HI* BROADWAY. Tickets, Mlrenis; reserved sen!*, da;, s In advance at the Hull, from) fill Tickets, Ml cents; reserved seats, $1. Heals secured six __ ? . ~ , : ui 3. Continued snrweae and unbounded ??i,thu?lasin, caused by Continued success and unbounded '-nth >?ta*ni, csiim ? he NEW PRtMiRAMMB, WITHOUT APPARATUS, the lire tes' Spei '..iiilui I Huron of the day PR01RU8, PROTEUS, I'ltoTEUS, FKOTEUH, FROTH U8L PROTEUS, WE ARE HHBJ5. BI T NOT HERE, TIIEfM ASKKT TRICK ? --%? Growth of Flowers, Floating Headland oiher wonders, wUl he prndiK-ed EVERY BVBNtMG AT 8 SATURDAY AT! WEDNESDAY JUVENILE NKJHT. Children half prtoe. Mrs. r. b. conwavh park thkatue, ubook iyn. FKIIKI'ARY 37, THK NKW LttAH. Dehor*h Mia. F I. Conway. fRllUV?Bmrtltof Mn K. B. Conway. Griffin touum minbtrklb, F'IKTH AVKNUK OPKP.A HOUSE. Nos. i anii 4 West Tn enlvfiMirth street. The prettleal Minstrel Hall In the rlty. <J. W. II. UK1PFIN MANAGER. First week of the Grand Spectacular Burlesque. TUB BLACK CROOK and PALACE OF DEW DROPS, PALACE OF DEW PROM. Second weak of the descriptlcn scene, OCEAN YAOHt KACR. Doora open at 7; oommrn -a at 8 o'clock. HOOLKYS OPERA HOCHK. BROOKLYN. Klral weak of the Grand Fairy Le?endary rrtek Pan tomime. with now -eenery, machmeiw uieHiankai e">ctn dresses. music, tableaux. Ac., entitled TUG 110 ITS K Ml AT JACK BUILT. The HuHaa<|ua BLACK CROOK AND BALLET TROUPE. Grand .Metfnce Saturday, Mar eh a, at 3},' o'clock. rpONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. *11 HOWBRf. GRAND MaTINBH. TO-DaT. AT V6 O'CLOCK. ? A ?rr?y nf AltraeUona, Drama, Burlesque, Ballet. Bth Ofitim fcumvagani*. singing, Dancing, Gymnastics. Ae, pabt^Tr'A "?.tEat variety troppk. / Y iiKA'l EXHIBITION OK FAINTI*f*L~ \X Tobeeeen <Lllv frouii A. M to 10 P. M. ... ? BONA HONHRUE'S original and renowned picture of v "'THfe IIOKSK FA111." and one hundred and flflj other splendid wore*, by eel*, hrated Atoancep-nnd foreign ailMn. at 11. W. DERBY'S NKWaRT ROOMS. He->46 Rrnedwny.jeppjette Wallace's Theatre. I WB?I ?**" 8TRBKT. the forte ?2SHKVK" ?? flYHEA TRR TtCKET OPTIC*. X Kararred ?cata for all Oral claae Theat r?v, Coneert \ 4r . can always oe obtained at tha THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, I"andJilt BROADWAY. f|X> LET. A _ TMB THALIA. ... _ "alely Wood * Theatrel, 814 Rioadwav. opposite tba Bt Nlrhobi* n?4al, with capacity to acoommodate 1,800 pereon* In tanning order, tuiring nnexpeciedly returned to the poeaesalon of tba l? DM"'* ' 'eu4ed hjr "?* ihy w*ek ?P U> April clnss at trad ten embracing tba pariormance treated wi n lor tnr oci'upaucv of thr Above, upon a corubiol? or ?baro ?f rrrripiff iin<J*r ponpetFni m*u?ftiaonl. i GK'ROK WOOD, Hroadway Theatre. ?TES?YK "'""KINS' FIFTH CONCERT FOR THE ! *t Orphan,, Fund Stc/nwa H?U, AritES-MIDI. Thura cfi'elr ; "8'S ?"l00* aAwib KKMP, oontrallo. JwfJKE 7 ton oT Mlmar. Jairatt A Wbaatleyi. Mine LA ?rRATrnifB^wu f"' *r P.UtiBNF'. nRKm??' M* J???- XAXfOHD. Baritone; Mr. . !1 ? <:?n',"c'"r- Tickets, 50c. to all naru of Ike honae; aold only et rtaar A Schlrmer'a, 701 Broadway. BPKVAM TABLEAUX-LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Tweets ??i, *T't- 'Opm evnrr -light at 7; ? ommendtne at 7L Admi-sion, 80 cents; ebiMreii, 26 cents. Matlaaa dav and Saturday, at 8 o'douk. weonea XTOW OR KXIII HITUt.N, IN ROT HEKMKL'S tiKKAT HISTOniCAL TA INTINO, TI1K REPUBLICAN COURT IN THF. DAYS OF LINtNH.N. A eomiwnioo work to llnulington'a "Kepublh-an Court In th>-IIh>h ef Waaliingtiiii. 1 tlie two painting* rap.eeantlng the two great epoch* of the country '? hl<tnry, 'The Rerolu tioo aud the Uebellkin." Thi* great hmbirtaal work baa en gaged the artioi for nearly iwoyeara. The aeane t* laid at the second inauguration, and la Intended to glie to Ibo pres ent geurr.iiloo and to poatarilr p. rtraita of tha prominent pm-anrugrs of the time In tha,mo*i pleasing manner. Open day and eteuing at the Ineutuie of Art (Derby Uallery), 638 llroedway. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURB-'THE WAHH I INCTON TWINS, ' bom allro. baaing two bead*, four arm*, -,nd hot npe twsly and one pair of lege; alao tha hend and right urui ol 1'robai. the murderer of the Free ring fami h; together wllh the uiagoin<wui collection of cbjoata In PhytlologT, Anatomy, t'aiuologr and Natnral History; all of which are 111 i*t rated dally by lAwtnroe and Mleoaeople Yiews, st the t \'i rk Museum ol Anstoeay, 646 r~" " way. Open Irom b A. M. to ill P. M. tV:YBNTH KKUIMKNT N. O. BAND ?THK COMFIJ O maniary concert to C. B. (Irafiilla, Hand Maater. on Peturday eyenloc, Mnreh 3. at Seventh Regiment Aunory TickaU to he hadfnwn incr.sars of the raguneat or freas C. H lira:ulla. No. 1 Stanton street. AfiK AND CONCERT 18 OIVKN BY TUP. RPRIRO street Sabbath school lu the church Spring etreet, aoar Varlrk. Wednesday and Thursday arenings, at o'elook Daora open Admission :?e. Pfooaeds far purchase of library. fTUiE ATKJCAL INSTRUCTION OlYKN TO LAOIKS J and gentleman, tttttng tbass for the stage. Alftin Dana A <o . Theatrical Agents, 467 Brand way. Serarol youag ladtoa warned. Theatre francaib ?french theatre to lkt yor erenings and matinees, for operas, lecture-, Br. Ac. Apply to Moaa. DRIVKT, sHt! of Fran eh theatre. PUNOrORTBI. AMAtlNIFICBNT ABBORTMBNT OF THB FINEST and cheapest new and eemad band Ftaaea In lbs city for aale and to rent, at WILLIAM CAJfDIDUB' Warerosme, 4t> Bleecltet -treat. A GREAT REDUCTION IN PIANOS.-BARMORK'R, 34B Blaeeker street; , tlrndld ? aeorttnent, warranted ft*e year*. 17 prize medal*. B? und band Pianos all top. H plan did one by \ inn AFIME ASSORTMENT OP FIANOFORTBB TO LBT and aale on inatalments at tha manufactory. 166 and IIS East Twenty Aral street. L. P. CUMM1NOS. FAMILY WILL 8KLL THRIR MApNIPIOBMT oarted rosewood Pianoforte, worth 1160, for leas than I half; seven octave, oreratrung, iron frame, nearly new.' Ap ply at 36" F:.i?t Tenth street. A LADY WILL SACRIFICE A BEAl'TIFUI. ROBE worKt Planolorte. original rrfee $600. for half. Including Htool; seven nrtavea. ,i,er?irung has*, carved lege, oeee, he.; Atai class malers. Apply at AS Third street A MAONIFICRXT PIANOFORTE FOR BALR-PO* A 6375, cost $,sW> Also a Parlor suit, for $l?. one do for 676. Alao the Furniture of a parlor and four bedrooms, at a bargain. ln<iulre at II* Weat Highlit street, near Sixth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOPORTB POR sale.?Made order, city maker: used Ave moalba. Coet KO, for tlliM. Parlor Suits, covered bronatoi; I'laanrna. nkcaae. Faintluga. Hronsea, statuary, Carpet*. Mirror*. Chamber. Dining Furniture, China, OUasware, silverware A sacrifice Inquire at 44 Weat Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. BAaR2,-IN-.T5M PIANOFORTE. WM. BALI. **>o. rot^wood, 7 ocuvpk. * hort um? QMd, for hftif COli; kin MTkril oih^r^. An?r>Ytmr>nk MB PlBnofortcR at mAnnfkcturorv* nrk<i MoDONiLD Aoi ? Fourth trenttt, oppo^luliuUtiii ' W'LL BB~FAIP for ?*com? dard's Stein warns* L!-wu iU'"?1 ord*r- Wnrcestm-'a Sled Poet cfUoe Or Chiibertng's make. Addrcsa bos A4II mrwcAt. SALE-AN EBONY SILVER KEYED BOF.HM riule^. Rosenherg'a make; alto two Clanenela Address r\RG ANIBT WANTBD.-AN ORGANIST OP THE FIRST \J eUea wanted, for a Catholic church. Apply p> IIterv Rrben. M and M Wooster street, between the enure ef ID MM 16 o'eleek, Ihls dav fWednsedsf). SOPRARO WANTED-OUARTET CHOIR IN PRRBe bylertin chtueh. Address, with refer*noea. stating where now engaged and salary cspeeled, Mae mi. bes 1.6M Feet egiosa