Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1867 Page 11
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A IjWll ATTOITB WAWTlD-raWAL?B. YOUNG WOMAN WOULD UsF^O OBTAlN~A situation lo travel with a futn1!> to any part mm nurse or ipanten. Call at 1M t.'harry st. for on weak. OBKAT NUMBU OK GERMAN GIRLS WANT HIT. itatlona. Apply at 114 East Houston at-. near 3d >*. A J2". WAWTED?BT A RRSPECTABLE ??J8! wL care of children and do pUiu ww. L^flW ^f.,^TbVort; 4 ?? ".ase herself gen. 'slCaud Stfai'^ fer l"? ^ " 944 " " ? "* A "ARKtBD WOMAN WISHES a to wet nuraa or a child to can. Call at MO Weat A T?tu!l?k,.TE?WwLADT _WI8HK8 TO OBTAIN A l>h?-West A 8t71,KRIf?B 8BAM8TRESS DBSrBES A* ENGAGE ?an"T ?0*U6 work; to cut ?aa mi ladle* and child ran* nnneou, at home or At am f!?^a?^>IMj tfiree daf? m each week. Call at or ad ?t, fourth floor, back room. A 5lTt7ATIO,J WANTED-BY A RBSPEi TABLK AK^WMftrajisiai Ir^r. Can beacoa for two daraaAUfl W.5t41stT A S Sogtlah A TBRY RESPBCTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A JX situation aa flrat elaaa chambermaid and to aaalat ta tha fine waahioi and Ironing; first claaa reference*. Call for ?w? days at? North Ttst, Williamsburg. A SITUATION AS COOK WANTED?BT A COM PR Ji toot, steady woman; haa lived ta tha moat respectable familtoa in tha city, and can rive reference aa such. Apply mt 147 Weat lflth at., between 6th and 7th ava. A YOUNG AMD HEALTHT WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation ai wet nurw. Herself and baby can be aeen atWM av., between Bid and 83d eta., in the rear, flrat Boor. ' A YOUNO GIRL, LATELY LANDED, WISHES A altuatlon aa chambermaid, or would do light house work ; willing and obliging. Can be aeen for two days at 130 WeatHTth at YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid; Ha good plain sewer; speaks German and lah. Call at 1ST Ludlow st., room I. RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU alioti to do chaml>erwork and assist with the washing ted Ironing; tbr best of reference from her last piaoe. Call ?ttuwast 2Mhst A N EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A employment an oook; can make excellent bread and biscuit: will axsist with washing ?nd Ironing If neccssary; best reference given. Can l.e seen at H28 8th ar., between 67th and 58th sts., second floor, bank room. A PKOTK8TANT ENGLISH WOMAN, WITH EXCEL JX lent city references, desires a situation as nurse or ludv's maid, with a family gotajf to ruroiw. Apply for one week at No. b London Terrace, West 23d sL A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as children's nurse, and take tlie care of an Infant from its birth, and do plain sewing; has the beat of reference. Can be aeen at 231 West 26th at., in tha rear, for two dnys. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS laundress, who is thoroughly oompeUmt; can do flut ing; haa the best of city references. Apply at 91 Weat l'Jlh at, second floor. A YOUNG LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINE ment wishes a situation aa a companion to a lady: no p objection to travelling. Apply, betwaeu 13 and 4, at lit Weat 9th st A YOUNG GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO DO UP stairs work. Call at 27 Columbia st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO il do up atalra work, or light sowing, or to take care of children; cltj reference from last situation. Call at IS Des brosaea st, between Greenwich and Hudson sta. A WOMAN OF LONM EXPEKIENCE, WHO PRO. feaaea to be a flrat claaa cook and baker, wishes employ ment in a boarding house orpnrate family, where wasnlng la not required. Call at 134 Charlton at., corner of Hudson. AS CHAMBERMAID.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL wiahes a situation aa chambermaid, and wonld assist la the washing and ironing. Call lor two days at 381 East 14Ut at., between 1st and 2d ara, third floor. Haa good re ference. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A R K6PKCTABLE girl, aa oook, washer aud lroaer, or to ilo general house ; tha boat city reference given. Call at CB Hick* St., SrttoHyaf, or two ittya. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ledys' maid and aaamatreaa; can operate on a sewing bine; haa ao objection ta travel with a lady. Can be t?4 Weat2mt>et Haa good reference. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE JX girl, to do ohaaabarwork and take care of children; la ? flrat rate waaber and ironer: hits the best of city reference. Call for two days at Ml East llth st, near lat ar., in tbe dry : asofla store. A SITUATION WANrED-BT A RESPECTABLE girt, aaoook and laundreaa; can cook all kinds of [7 aama; good city reference. Call at 189 East 38th at., seoond torn, baofc room. A N EXPERIENCED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION j" as an exoellent cook; is a good baker of break and pan try; oan come well recommended; no one need apply but a ? private family. Call at 4fl3 6th ar, corner 38th al. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION il ta oook, wash and Iron; no objection to go a short die dance la the ooantry; good reference. Call for two days at a8*W-t8Mai. " A COMPETENT PERSON WI8HB8 A SITUATION AS A good plain eook, in a email private family; la a good WMdasd biacalt maker; good city reference, t.'ali for two days as M9 Weat VUt st, second floor, front room. 4 ? ?> I West Kth st, seeond floor, fron^ room. TOUMO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and lrooer; beat eity referenee given. Call at ITaat Mth at. * RESPECTABLE GEBMAN GIRL WANTS A BiTU ?lion to do general housework la a family travelling to Franctaoo, CailfornUw can uoAe wall reeommended be aeea for one week at li) Bast 38th sL, la the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 WET NURSR, BY A JX married woman. Can be saao at her present employ ?ra, 187 West 38th st A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO OEM A oral housework In a small private family; good city r? firsaass, Can a> U8 West 37th it A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A aa flrat olaes laundress; nnderataads French fluting; Is ?wllllag to assist with ohamberwork. if required; beet atty referanoe. Call at 110 Waat 19th st, betwoen 8th and Tta ?vs^thifdSoor. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS A ohamlxTmald and aeamstreas, or aa chambermaid and ta aaalat with the washing and Ironing; no objection to the eematry; good reference un be given. Call at UM Weat 3fth at., room lft. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as a good cook, and willing to aaalat with tbe washing and ironing. In a private family; no objectlona to going to the oountry; beat of oity referenoes given. Call st No. I Waat 46th st, near Uo av., in tha private coaah house. A RRhPBCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SiTl'ATION A to a email private family, to do general housework. Can he saan for two day a llu i.ast llth st, up stain, Iront A RRSPRCTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS A flrat cUsa waitress and to do chambrrwnrk. Haa good atty refereaee Qaa be aeen for two dars at 83>i Weat" 7th ?t., between 0th end 9th are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE JX jonng woman, in a private family, as Hrst claaa <;ook; ? willing to assist with the w sahing. The beat of city rcfer ?noa.can be ^ven from her Ust place. CaU at91 West 19th ?" ? between Kh and 7th are., flr.t tluor. A SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST CLASS LAITN. JX draaa, by a aompelant person. Understands Anting, flood reiereuos. Call at &1 an av., first floor, front^ .Kn trance on Blth st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman aa lanndi*sa; no objection to go a abort distance in tbe oountry; would aarfst In chamborarork; go>d reference. Call at 202 7lh av . near 24th st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL as ohambermaid and waitress, or would take oara of ohildiaa and do plain sewing. Call at 49U Sth av., room JiO. V, A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A aa nuraa; is capable of taking rare of a baby from Its birth; la a neat eewar; three years' reference from berlaat place. Call at 490 tlh av., room No. 9. A OOOK WANTS A SITUATION; IS A GOOD WASIIRR J\ and Iraoart no objection to tha country. Call at 337 Madisoa st. la the rear. . A SITUATION WANTRD-BT A COMPETENT WOMAN, A aa laundress; has bast city reference. CaU for two Jays at MS Wet Kth at A TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO HOU8B JfV. work In a Mtall family; has good reference; la willing . Bad obliging. Call at 149 Bank st. Tn tha roar. A NBAT. COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA J\ tton as a good oook in a private family or nice boarding bouae; wauld help at the washing; understands aieaU, poul ?8ry aad game, eaaps, pastry and bread. Call on or address Cook, at19 8th av. A^m NBAT, COMPETENT OIRL WANTS A SITl'ATIOK In a lintel or Hoarding house as waitress or chamber maid, or as chambermaid and waitress. To be seen till auit L< ed at 89 5ih av. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM A bermaid or waitress, or would take care of children. Can give tbe beet of city retereuoe. Call at 178 Raat 17th st, for two daya, la tha store. AN AMERICAN LADY WANTS A SITUATION AS housekeeper In a tentleman's family, or for a widower. Good rafereucea given. Call far two days or address House keeper, 244 West SBOl st, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL. ta do chamberwork aad take care of children; the br-t [?of city reference can be given. Call at IM Eaat 23d St., be tween 3d and 3d svs. A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A BITUA tion in a small fnmily t? do up stairs and general house work. Inquire al 114 33d st A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE OIBL WANTS A HITITA lioa In a private family as g>?>d plain cook and hi -I rate washer and Ironer and bsker; understands her business, and is willing ami obliglag. fall at HJ Watt 19th St.. flrat Jlsor. ^ A TOUNO GIRL WANTS TO OO AS AN IMPROVER r JX with soma good dresamaksr; is a good sewar. Can be 1 ?senjat 138 kaat 3&th st, Ma r id av. A WIDOW OP BDtTCATION AND RRF1NEMENT would Ilka a situation as housekeeper: haa etrallenl reference*. Sddraea Mrs. Kate I lemlag, Brooklyn Poat office. A "'TlJATIf>N WANTKD?BY A TOUSO WOMAN 4 UMHMM ?^^WS"iST. ^ MtJon *" i'IimmbariiLilti AM HAlU^W? ?? . _ ZUSlftSS? It her prr.eut empiyer'a, corner of l?th av. and 84th ?t I'FWV WKLL EDUCATED Sals# foo l reference* eu be f?*?n Inquire ? w""' ? basement a bpo'Fi^TAHLK YOUNG OIRL W18BK8 A 8ITUA AJjESflSfc ghafcaau" RUflPUPTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A OOOD ? cS?a ?L*8ouUi Brooklyn, for two day*. AsTviTtfiAff wantbu~*by a re^pectablb Tnnn r I m'n- u chambermaid and to assist with the ,??? &W?STfit? U.>od city reft-rcnoe. Can be -ku foTTjSfdays>t ?K"t J situation WANTKD-BY A BB8PBCTABLB L ^SmwSum. aa *a?Km afti and wonlfw wiling ^?Tat In the washing aad imping; haa the beat of city Staffo. eff bTffnTor two da?, .Th Wcct ITth et. ?? Abtttt iTloV waJ(XED~"BT A RBSPB^T ABLB jlZntZouZn. wohainbermald and to do walling in all rtr*ncb?Si neat and tldjr, wUllBf and obliging; not afraid ^'.^VnaadXreaa W K?t 11th at., la the store. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, to do general houaework Inn amaUprtratefrmlly; city reference. Call on or address SS Best Uth at, irof it. A Ah expebibrced dressmaker wants work by the day In private families. Can be Men at H Weet l>th at. ______ AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WISHES A 8IT0A tlon aa housekeeoer In ? Mntlemanj, fsmUy orhotaL Mo objeotfcra to Ibo ooontrjr. Inquire at M6 Ha d., for one wm)l A~~ N EXPERIENCED WOMAN WISHES ASlTUATtON aa cook and laundreea In a genilemau'* family. In city oroountry; 1* a first rato baker; willing to work and able; wages moderate; good re fere noes aa to honeety and caps billty. Call at 14ft East 88th *t A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WANTS TO GO OUT by the day or week; flrat claa* city reference. Call at 140 woat 33d st, for two day*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atioa to do chamberwork and walling or to aaalat In the washing and do almost anything that la four Years' best city reference. Call at 088 3d ar.t between 46th and 47th *ta., aecond floor, front room, A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WI8HB8 'TO \ gut fjentlemen'a and families washing and tlutiug, at 88 Went 30th at., third floor. Call for two daya. A ffiTSWSS ?' AYOUNO WOMAH WISHES a .8rri'*2IO<*-n rook; understands cooking 'V^iSLaBthw near Lox *oen at her present employer's, 1US East Win at., near l*>x lnglon ar. ASWSSLS^r^ present employer'?! l6lfK"t MtV^f^e aj L* * Uigt:> n lr a RP3PKCTABLE WOXAH "WISHES A SITUATION A "odo?n? h^work or chamberwork; good city reference given. Call for two day? at 88 l*t av.. top Qoor, room 18. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK; would assist with the washing and ironing; would like to so to Yonkors to lire; best city relerences given. Can be set^n lor two days at W Weal &th *t. eeoond tloor. front room. A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 SEAM A Stress In a private family; la a good ^SSSjST & Wilson's machine, and la willing to aaalat In ohamberwork. Apply at 857 7th **j A YOUNG COLORED OIRL WISHES A SITUATION aa chambermaid and waltreee. Call at T< Laurens *t A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOPNO WOMAN. AS A chambermaid and waitress; Is a first rate plain sewer haa no objection to the oouutry or travelling abroadL Haa good city reference. Call for two days at tilltj West 37th at. BESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 81TUA tlon aa cook; willing to aaalat in waablng; underaUnds her business In alt it* branobee; can glv^tAe ^st clty refw ence. Call for two daya at 148 W eat 17th at, between 7th and 8th ava. A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WILL DO THE ..rfajasnrs stjesssls and Oh ar. A SITUATION WAMTEP-BY A RNhPECTA vonns girt, aa oksanemM 1*4 waltreWj y a raie waitreaa and kind to tkUdfn; M4tt*IMd? tar work; hWheat city i Broadway and dth ar. SITUATION WANTED?>T A WWMTAM-I Tonne gli-l, ? obantbermald ?*d waltreee; tea Bret rau. wattresa and kind to children; understand*i her bn*l pSm; ^eteKy referenoe Can be aeen at 4S7 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNO woman, to do cooking waehlngand "5^? private family; c?**l city re^erenoe^ren. Call for two daye at 61616th at., between ava. A and B. tret floor. a YOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN, SPEAKING FBEhCH A fluently, aocu.turned to travelling, walttng on Udlee and the care of children, wlehea a re-engagement to accom pany a family to Europe, good references. Apply to preaent employer, Mr. I^awia thonia% %i Chambera ai. A SITUATION WANTED?HIT A RESPECTABLE American girl, to mind children or do plain aewing, or would go out by the day or wee* lor pjaln aewing. Can be ?een for two day* by calling at No. 7 7th av. A8P.AMSTRK8S WISHES A SITUATION; UNDKR aund* dressmaking, onttlng and fitting, and aleo bora dothes, andean operate on any m*ch'n?- *S We*t I^th at, between 6th and7th are.. In the baeement. A FIRST CLASS DBE88MAKBR WOULD LIKEI A altuation aa forewoman In aa eatabliehiMnt either In Mew York or any other city where a liberal aelery will be nald' la thoroughly competent to take the enUre charfe; ean fumiah the beet of reference In thlaoltr and Boeton. Ad dree* Dre**maker, Boaton (?aea.) Poet olBce. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A EES PEOTABLM young 0rl, to do chamberwork aad berwork aud nuralng. Apply for two daya at >88 M av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RK8PECTABLB elrt to do general housework, or aa good plain cook; . washerand IronVTthe beat of elty rr1?.? place. Call lor two daya at ITS *d ar., between Hat ana Ma ale., top floor, front room. _____ a EESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AB A cook, waaher and Ironer; no objection to do f?nersl housework In a ainaU fa sail*, good reference. Caff at ?6 Baat list at. between 4th and Lexington are. AYOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION' AS NUR8E and aeamstreee; can Uke eare of a baby from old, or would do ohamberwork and Uke care of cbddrM.. Can produce two yeare' city reference. Call at Id# Orchard at, room No. & ^ SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK. A. wbn thoroughly understands Prcnch and hnallaK cook lag. also boning and larding; no objectionto a hoi*l ,h?s goi best of citr relerence. Can be aeea at 1U6 dth ar., near Vth et, fer two daya. BKSPKCTABLK WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN washing at her own place; best relerence giren. Call at 4*8 East ljth St.. flr?t floor, rear house. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young wo ruin, to rook, wash and iron, or do general housJwork In a am*U private family; la a good hiker^haa the beat of cliy reference. Call for two day* at 413 West a6th ?t A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A NEAT AMD TIDY girt. io do general housework for a small private fam I lly ? two years' reference from her last plaoe. Apply at 31> hasttth si., between ars. B and t). RESPECTABLE YOUSO WOMAN WISHES A SIT uatlon aa chau.berm ild and waltreca, or chamberm ild and to a.ust in washing and ironinj; cltr reference given. Can be aeen for two d*y? at 3fcii V\ eat m t> AYOUNO AMERICAN OIRL WISnES A SITUA Hon to lake earn of children, or do li?ht hotmework; good city relerence. Call at 17W We*t 17th st, between 7th and 8'h ava. 4 PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO \ general housework In a small family; Rood rcfercnee can bc^fiven. Tan be -een Tor two days at her present em ployer's, S48 West list St. between .tU and 8th ars. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE girl, a* chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and *??m?tre?s; t in do all kinds of pl?[" ?["" broidery; would help with the care of fhlMren; best of^oty reference 1 mm her last nlaoe. Call at 468 bth ar., between 2Mb and EKh stv, room No. 9. s RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A chambermaid and *eam*tre*?, With er wttkowt^ma ehine, or s* nnrse and seamstress, good e'?J refereno* if' ro Tilred. Call for two days at 110 Eaat Mth *t, one door from Alar. A GIRL LATELY LANDED, WISHES A SttCATIOV A. to do general bausework; will make herself generally useful. Apply st 106 We*t ll?th st, rear. AYOUNO OIRL WANTS A PLACE AS F1BST clam waitress la a prtr*te fwnljj jear* refer ence from last place. Call at 111 W est 16th it. ? YOrNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AM J\ seanutres*; wonld aaalst with ehamberwork: under stand* dre*amaklng and trimming and all kind* of f*ml^ aewing: food city reference. Can be seen for one dsy at l?i 4th St., near 6tl. ar. A LADY DBSIREB A POSITION AS HOH9KKEBP er; none but re*pectablc parttce need apply. Addrees A. B., box US Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE grown alrl, to do ohamberwork and watting or gereral housework in a small private family. Call for two days st IS North Moora st, In the roar. A YOUSO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bennsld and waltreee; good city refcrenco. Call at 44 Eaat Md et A FRENCn LADY, WISHES A SITUATION IN AN J\ American family hs milliner and to eew on dreeiee. Call on or addres* Mrs. Cordler, 14S Knlton st., N. I. A PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rihhI plain cook; Is a first rale washer and ironer. Can be seen at her Ust employer's, 114 1th ar. A NORWEGIAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS o?ok In a private family. Can st 78 Hamilton ar., cor ner of Summit st. HoutheUi JOklyu. top Door. YOCNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE xa. and weamilre**; I* willing and obliging; h a lived four rear* In her last situation; no objecliou io the oouutry or to trarel. <'kM at 1*1 East 29th st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A WELSH PROTE8 taut wnman. as I ret clan cook or to do anything else; belt of city rerereac*. Address for two day* MS Weet 2?th *?reet A SITUATION WABTED?BT A BESPECTABLE roung girl, aged lit, to do chamberwork and waiting in a private ram" ly. Call for two daya at 90S Weet IMfc *t, lop floor, front room. ~~k PROTESTANT OIRL, WISHES A SITUATION A9 A plain ooolr. waaher and ifnner, or would <> general liKW* ?mall family. Oatl (it V MA at, isar build BfTVBTfOW* WA^TOTV-rrWO*'**' AHj mrwRKR ok w ' ?? n- ???:? o ,;v' ^ ? |irl- waul sltuatiuus ki Mr., Low- s uerxaan 1* ?Utut<\ 11 Stanton st , oeur Bo weir FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION Ik a pr<iate lamily; understand* soups. pastry, Wild low ? and aii kind* of made up dlahea in Kuropaau aule; la a good baker. Call on or address C. C.. Mi turn ttlli at, up Main. All families wantino oipablb servants. Ciertnati elrl-, & , Immediately, at Atneilcaa Lutploy Inatltute, lQdtftU a*., bolow l)th >t YOUNO OIKL LATELY LANDED WISHES A SITU atlon to do light housework or ch-tmberwork; la an 'x cellenl embroiderer. Can be seen lor two daya at 110 West ttlh au A SITUATION WANTED-BY A A. young girl, *? cook aud to In the J*****1**** , lr mlng. Can give two yeare' reference. Can be seen at 167 WeatUth at YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAIT J.a. rasa; la a ttiatclasa weltreee; can take the entire charge ot a dining room: the beat oll7 bSii-JS chamberwork. Can be aeen at ZM ? aat 3m a treat, between 7th and 8th ava. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION XX to oook. waah and Iron In * V ?relnrts r'u her girl to assist In waiting and run of erranda. Call at 3W Weal 37th at. for two day*. A PROTESTANT YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8 ITU A Uon at ehamberwork a ad waiting, or general houae work in a email family jciiy referen^i/has no ooieeUon to Ka abort distance in th? country. Call at 4*8 Id a*., oe een 37th and 38th eta., tn tna eandy atore. SITUATION WANTED?AH GOOD COOK, WASHER XX and irouer; la a good baker. Alao one for chamber work and walling; would wlah to Ure together; city refer ence. Callat 4lfidar.. near Mth au. aecond Boor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, aa wet nurae, with a freak brnaat of milk; baby lour weak* old. CaU at 1,414 Broadway, euruer 40th at, YOUMO AMERICAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION , , u> do light houaework or to take earn of children. C.ill on or addreaa J. L., care of Mra. Butterworih, 11M Prince at., A rear. A SITUATION WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS: IS A firslrlaa* operator on Wheeler A Wtlaon'a rasonlue; In a private family or hotel: by the day or week; can do all ktuda of family sewing; city refercuoe. Call at 411 'id ar., near Mth at., eeeoiui floor. AREal'BOTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 3ITUA tlon aa plain cook, washer and troner; best city refer ence given. Call at 614 3d ar., corner 44tli at. Abkspbctablb woman wishes to ao out nv the day as housecieaner or waaher and Irouer; la per fectly honest and a good worker. Call for three day* at SU 4th av. " A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do housework or kitchen work in a small; good reference. Call at 34 City liall place, for two daya. A respectable WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION? la n good p.,?m cook and an exeelleut via .her and ironer; best city reference. Cau be seen at Mi West 37lli at., third floor, back room. m \ RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS TO QO BY THE dsv or week an dressmaker and eeannitreas: can cut and tit ladiea' and children's dresses and do all kinds ot family xewiug; can oporute on two tnachiuea. Call lor Ure days at Hi 3d av., uear Klh at, lir?t II? or. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE a situation to superintend a gentleman's house; la willing to lake chirge of one or two children; or aa pla n seaiu atrnaa. Call on or uddrcsa lor two daya Mra. House, U3< at, near Yarick, ti Dm 10 to 11 or J to 6 P. M. YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST elans waitress; be-t of city referencca from laat place. v all for two daya at S74 Y\ oat lad at. A COOK.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN DESIRES A SIT uat on as a llrat claaa cook. Call for two days at 81 M av., near 18th at, above the ahoe atore. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD-BY A LADY of education and refinement; would take charge In a wldower'a family; beat of reference given. Addreaa U.S. Y? station r. Millinery and fancy business?a youno lady, experienced In aalea, and with a fair knowledge of inilllnury, a aituatlou. Salary not an object. M. C., box 1UG Herald ollice. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GBR. man girl; fll a cod seamstress and hairdroaaer; wishes a aituatlou in a llrat claaa family. Inquire at 3D ilelancey at, Uiird Hoot. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO respectable young girla; one aa first eiaaa waltreaa, the other as chamber maid; would like to aaalat with fine waahlug or plain aewing; would like to get aituatlona together. Beat city reference from laM employer'a. Call for tw? daya at S7 Lafayette plaoe. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKSPBCTARLE YOUNG girt, aaoouk In a resectable family, who thoroughly ua I demands her bususu, meata, aotipa, fish poultry and game; u ml a: stands hakln^, pastry, blanc mange, jeltlea and craaa. kaa good oily refaraaoe. Call at 66 Oarmtne at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. O to do chxmberwork and waiting or obamberwork and line washing; best of city references. Can be aeen far two daya at U KaatKid at., between Madlaoa and 4th ava. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE O family, by a respectable young woman; best rity retor ence. inquire during the week at 141 Weat l<Hk at No ob jection to the country. > SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. , to do general housework in a email private family. goo<l elty reference. Apply at 1,124 M av., corner Beat Wth at., top floor. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE famliv; la an excellent baker, ha* beat of referenoea; no objeouon to assist with a little waahlng If required. Call for two daya at 308 East Mth at. In the lancy atore. QITI'AIION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, O toeook, waah and Iron; good c'ty reference. Call at IB Weat 10th at. between eth and Tth ava. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD GIRL, TO DO general housework; Is a good washer and ironer; will make herself generally naeful: haa reference. Call at H7 Waat lMh at, between Mh aod 10th ara. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A8 chambermaid and to ueelet In waahlng and ironing; good oity refercuoe. Call at 111 Wast lAth at., between Ma aad Tth ara. SITUATION WANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. as chambermaid and waltreaa, or would aaalat In the waahlng tnd Ironing; la willing to make beraelf generally usefui, good city re:erence. Can be ee< n for two daya at 134 Weallith at, between 7th and Mli ava. SITUATION WANTED?AS OOOD COOK, WILL AS. a 1st with waahlng If required. Beat city refereuoe given, la an excellent batsr. Call at 111 Weat U,h au VrrUATlON WANTED-AS NURSE; CAN TAKE O charge of a baby from Its birth. Beat of city reference. Call at No. 9 frtn su. rear building. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK; IS AN EXCELLENT O baker, willing t' usaiat in the waahlng, aud thoroughly uoderatands her business; best city reference. Call at Ail Weat Mtlt st., three di?rs from 7th ar. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND aesmatreaa: understands chamberwork and la a good aeamatieas; oo objection to go to the country. Call M 1<8 Eaat 13th at. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK. WASHER AND ironer, or to do general housework in a small fam ily; beat city reference. Call at >75 Weat 18th at, tn the rear. SITUATION WANTFD?AS CHAM BF, KM aid AND waitreas and lo assist at washing and Ironing; good eity refereuoe. CaU at 144 Laat 2!at at, uetweeu ^d and 3d ava., Ural floor, front room. Situation wanted-by a respectable youno girl, to take ctre ot ehlldien and do plulu acwlnif. h .t no objection lo tbe country; guod city ruicrcnoe. Call at SO 6tb ar., corner or S'th st. SITUATION WANTED?BY A HEALTHY YOUNCI OElt O man woman, aa wet nnrse- hna a fre*h bn.-.tsl of milk; no objections to the country. Call at 30 iiauiiltou at., room No. 8. second Boor, Irout. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK, WASHER AND Ironer, good reference from laat place. Call at 14S 26th at, between ?th and 7th ava. SITUATION WANTED-BY A respectable YOUNO O woman, as first rate oOok; excellent washer aud Ironer; no objetUona to a ahori distance In the oouniry; best of reference. Call at Jtw 31at st, third floor, Irout rooui, for two day*. Situations wanted-by two respectable O young women, one aa fliat claaa oook and laundieaa i.ud ts an exoeneni baker; the other aa chambermaid and walt reaa. or would lak" care of childreu; haa the bestol city re ference. Call at 173 Weal 37lli at., between 7th and 8th ava., eeeund floor, back room. CITUATtOK WANTED-BY A STEADY, MIDDLB AOED u woman, to do the kitchen work ol a reapecUble pi ivate family: la a good cook; waaber and Ironer: haa the beat of city reference. Call for two daya at 131 East Xfcl at SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OEKMAN OIRL. In an American faml'y, aa ehamboruiald and aeam atreaa or to take care of children. Call at 346 3d at. be tween ara. B and C. room 17. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPhCTABLE YOUNO girl, aa waltreaa, or would do chamberwork; good oity refereuoe. Call at ttltf Weat Md at SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL. TO DO chamberwork or waiting, or to take care of children and aew: no objectlona to a short dlatance In the country. Call at 1M Eaet Mth at SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN; oae aa oook, washer and Iroaer, or to do general house work: the other aa chambermaid and waitreta or Uke care of children or do plain aewing; baa good relerenae. Call at 1/8 Laat 10th at, betweea 1st ?v. and Ar. A. ITUATION WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS: UNDBR ataoda all klnda of family aewing. Call at 780 3d av. SITUATION WANTP.D-TO DO CHAMBRRWORK AND i aaaist with waahlng; good eity aeterencea. Can be aeen at Wast 3Mh at, betweea 7th and 8th are. SITUATION WANTED?AS OIIAMHKRMAID AND waltreaa; haa good city references call al V4 7th av., near Sfcd at SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO elrl, to do general housework in a amall lamily. Call at (12 t-pring at itflUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTES O taaigirl, a* con? and to aaslat witn WsltlMi 'to u |e? lloa to jr> a sh irt u.svaai e In tne noantry. k<km1 miy reler ennn. CaU lor two ilaya al 4Mi Kd av., beiwaeo a/th aud 4i*ia su., in the oandjr atore. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO AMRKIOaN slrl, 17 jesr.i old to do light houae nrk, or to Ink* Cere of uilAren. Apply at 78 Oaunoa at., aaoood floor, over | Ike atore. rrwo SliTBRS WISH SITUATIONS, TOOHTll ,K IF X poaaible; are trustworthy and th >rou.;1uy c^ao.o oi fllllna any position lu which Inloliigauue, ekt>erieaee ad ennoation m'ght be ileeired: are a,ei ulaaa snamalie^sH , apeak French well; aoonatoumd 10 the entire cn?rgn nl ehil

dren, and oompeW-nt io IHMrlMt llieln .( deslieil. i xoei cut eitf refereuoe, no otij-etlon to t'ie Cot. ,.rt. i .Uat -i a?<lr<ia U m ".r" *?"* hetwaea !?? ar i ,? vk MTTATfOWH IVAHTKn? PRMAI.F*. 'fWO TOt'lll 1 IRI S WISH SITUATION*; ONB AS l< good ptiuu cook; the other as chs'iiberin lid and wail ri-KS; go.alcity releie:i;e. Can t* seen for two d?)r? ?t No ll i.aureus ?l _ 11/ ASTED-A SITUATION. KY A TIM'NC WOM AN AS TT etiainberm d *ua inutidrese; l( willing uul obliging. t'?um U7 w.-bi? list. ll'ANIED?A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN GIRL, A %*? good sewer and w "II acquainted with oil kinds of liav 'd work, to a 't on chiHreu In mi American or Herman lanil.'y- IklU'l* *t So- 5 Orchard St., Ill lite milk atore. WANTED??* AKEKI'KCrABLKOIRL, A SITUATION *? nit chambermaid or waitress. Can be seen for two days Hi M! E*-t 3jJ st., uei.voeu 1st and 2d avs., second boor. front room. IITANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT young married woman, a* wet nurse. The bo?t of city reference if required. 0*1/ at 129 Ink av., second floor, front room. WANrED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABIjE young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, with good city reference. Apply at 177 Hester at. Wanted?a situation, by a youwg woman, as tt uurao; would like to engage with a family going to Europe. Can give tbe beat of elty reference. May be 1MB for two days at ber present employer'*, 52 West 11th at. WANTED-BY A RK8PKCTABLB YOCNO GIRL, A situation aa chambermaid and waitress: baa Ave year*' city reiereuoe from her last place. Call at 244 Baal Uth at, top floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO OIRL, A situation aa cook, and to assist with the waahlng and Ironing; la a good baker of bread and biscuit; hai the beat of city reference from ber laat place. Call at <3 Eaat 41st street, between Madison and 4th ara. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion to do the housework of a (mall family; city refer ence given. Apply at 86 i-ewis st., first tlooi, back room. WANTBD?A 8ITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, waaher and Ironer la a private family; good elty reference. Can be seen at *48 Went 16th at. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A KKSPIiCTABLE young girl, an chsinbermald tind waitress, or would go aa nurae; ha* no obieol'oo to ipi In Uie country. Call at u6 Court at, between Dean and Pael.1c, Brooklyn. WANrED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waltreaa. Cau be seen at tier preasnt place, 10 Went Slat at. nrANTEO BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT HituaiIon ax cook, or to do setieral housework; the best city referenoe can be given. Call at 138 West Slh at., room N*.?. i WaXTKD-BY a BFSPECTARLE YOUNG LADY. TT diresmaktng to bo out by tlie day or week; good re ference* given. Call at or addresa in SttL at. WANTEO-1IY A TIIOROUOHLY COMPETENT Wo man. a situation its child's nurse, or to take charge of an Infant from It* birth. Can bo seen fur two day* at Mil West 17tli st., between 6th and 7tti avs. WANTED A SITUATION, HY A YOUNG WOMAN notions In the country, to do general housework; I* willing and ob'lgltig: would like to got a borne more than wages; can got good releretioe In regard to honesty. Call for two daya at lluach at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAS OIRL. n sltuntlen In a gentleman's family as nurae; i* a good plain sewer; DO ObJ -lion to assist In light okaakwnvki has the b<'.it of tlty reference. Can be seen for two daya at 112 East 2lcl sU, botweun 2d and 3d avs. Yl^ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BE -iPECTABLE VT married woman, us wet nurse; has a frc?U breaat of tnllk; u?.ed 17 years. Apply at 146 Tt'.i av., second fleor. WANTKD?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND seamstress; can work on machine; or as waitress and to assist wlili fine washing and Ironing; best elty refer ence. QM be seen for I vo d-y, at Ml 3d sr., e?If h at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITKA tlon a* chambermaid and wa!tre:;s. Can be MM I<?r two d;.ys at 425 E&st St., a oar 1st av., third floor, back room. WANTED-TO ADOPT OB WET NURSE, A CHILD immediately. Addreae D. M. Burk, lloboken. T\7 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, a^ lauudress In a private family; un derstands It la all Its branches; good city rofcrence from ber last ulace. ('all at bit) 6th av., betuoen 47th aud 48th ?ts., in tbe basement. 117 ANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS WAI TT triss and to do fine Washing and lr<>nlng. by * respect able girl, who-hat the be*t of city reference from her laat place. Apply at 60 West 28th at. WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION AS good cook, and to aaslat with washiat and Iron lug; good efty reference. Call at 169 l?t ar. near 7th it. WANTBD?BT A FIBST CLASS COOK, A SITUATION in a botel or first class boai nug house; one wbe ean superintend as housekeeper; North or South, no matter bow far; bent ofTefereneu. Can be aeen for Mo days at bo. 6 Union court, Unirorsity place, between lltb aud Uth it^., top floor. Call or addresa. MTANTHD?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE TOUNG WO TT man, a frituiktlon to do general housework, in a small family; has the beat of -ity referenoe. Can be seen at M East Steih it. for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MOST BE8PECTA ble girl, as chambermaid and waitress; good reference from bur last place. Can be aeon at 1M Wast 20th St., first floor. WAVTED-nT A BE9PECTABLB TOUNG GIBL, A situation to do watting and assist In ohamberwork In ? small private family; will be found wUllux aud obliging; best ol city rofemnce. Csll for two days af 214 West 36th St. first floor, trout room. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIBL, LATELY AB rived from England, a place aa seamstress and wait ress or iu u small family to do general housework. Beat of reference can be (tren. Can be aeea at S18 Weal 3tth St., for two daya. WANTBD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION TO do general housework; is a good washer and Ironer. Good city reference given. Call at M6 3d ar. ?wit Wt2^eSimben *"**r"$?ln1s???w roi,*?? OIRL. to ? *9*mntrBH? u 10 in *hmwLOlRr a a WANTED-A SITl'ATION, BY A B8SPBCTABLE young woman, to do general housework; Is ? good SI iin rook, washer and Ironer. Has good referenoe. Call at U Sth ar. 1I7ANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A BF8PKCTABLE TT young womsn, as chambermaid In a private boarding house. Thoroughly understand* her business. Best of city reference. Cslfal 141 Weet WQ si. 11'ANTbD-BY A BESPECTABLE PBOTESTAKT TT girl, a situation as chambermaid or nurse. Can be seen for one week at 116 Madison st, fifth Boor, room 19. tVV Aa [,Uu*Uon *?"<H{I8H WOMAN, i?g. or to do cuamoeraork and WaiUn.11 V d<JJ>'?iu sew. twodaysatl'lUKasiis^at w*'Uu?- c?" be aeen for Uf ANTED?BY A UESPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do geueral housework tor a small fam ily; tbe beet o< rtty re erenoe from her last place lor twelve years rail ... ItA Hudson si., for two daya. WANTED-BY A YOUNG B.NGLISU LADY, A SITU atioti as InilyN maid or oompaniun to an invalid; an deratsnds ha.rdr. sing, has no objection to travel either to kurupe or elsewhere, salary not an much an otUect aa a permaueul Lome. Addresa Miss liylaud, 737 6th ar. 41/ ANTED? BY A BKSPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN Tf a child to wet nurse al her owu residence; Iti Weal si. VirANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITCA Vf non as plain co.ik. ironer aud waaher, no objectiou to do hou-ework iu s small private family, best oily relerunoe. t,al I. en., st,, -en sin and !?th av a 11/ aNTLD?A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT OIBL TT to do ruainlxrwoik and plain sewing or waiting. Call alSltf 7ih av., lieiweeo 21th ana 28th sis., in the p iper store. WANThD-A SI IU ATI ON BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as ?n excellent plain cook, good waaher and Iruuei; is willing and obliging; would act as chambermaid SAd ai-siat Iu toe Aashliig and ironing; is a neat plain sewer; bost ofciiy tolerance; no objecUou lo the country. Can be seen for two days at 144 2d sr., between 4Mb aud 41st sts. lir ANTED?BY A KESPKtTABLE YOl NO GIRL, A VI situation as operator ou Wheeler A Wilson's machine, to go out In private fainillee by the day ar week. Call U>r tnree days at 4i4 A i6ib at WH AM TED?'ITUATIlJNH BY TWO OIKLS; ONE TO cook, wash aud iron; the other, aged 14, to aasiat; oaa oome well recoinui-mded. Call at 424 >tii a v. W AaNchud i:.Hb^.^r?7Aw^ndWt,hDOW fWOMAN' baw*j^CaJI at M Weet ?1M WM A.N rKD -UV A KKSPBCTABLB WOMAN, A SITUA U n touo general housework in a small private family, or toeoos. w>sb ami iron; best of city releranoe. Caa be m en lor two days at Ms West 27iu St., rear building, roans 6. VV ANTED-BY A BESPRCTABLIt MARRIED WOMAN, TT who has lost her own baby, a baby tn wet uurse; it will have a mother's care. Inquire la tbe store, S47 Madi son at. WMINTED?BY A STEADY WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do .ene:al housework for a snail private family; la a rood p: .In co. k, washtr snd Ironer: no objection to help lake eaie ol chikJren. and will make herself generally use ful; c >n be seen nil engaged. Call at 124 Eaat 2Mb at., be tween 24 and 3d avs, nrst floor, back room. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO Tf g ? out by the day, week or month as aeamstreas; un derstands cntting aud fitting ladies'and eUlldren'a dresses; has had live years' eipelienor In travelling: the country pre ferred; good reference given, ( all at 874 2&1 st, aoruvr ?ib av. 11/ANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, to do general housework In a snisll piivain family, lies tbe best of Mty reference. Apply at fit Vi est 46ib at. \t; anti:i?-a httuation to do general hhuse VV work ; goal references given if desired. Call at 80 v>e?t Broadw?y. ' ' ' 11/ ANTliil-BY A TOUNG GIRL SIXTEEN YEARS <)P Tt ?Ke. t "itua'.hm; she la c ipsble aud obliging. Can be tour for t MO ilaye at tier present pLi<?, JO Lost 41st St. VI AMED?A -ITUATlON, UV A I'BjTESTAST WD \\ man, UP Ccok. aud to .inalai with the waahlug and litni u.a. tfi?U? -' d, counuy preferred; good relerenoa. Apply ailL:' Wee St.. beiweeif Hili slid Vib avs , la the rear. \4/ANTED?BY A tOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION IN Vl airiva.-l-.ogllsh or American fan.lly; mu*t be the only st. vaui In the i.ouae; wiU not go in tlm t-imury; no lei t, rs alls we, ed; she l? a go?d plain oook and excellent washer and irone.. /?pi ?y ?t 281 % Llliabeth st, Iu tbe rear. UANIKH-HV a Itr.M'ACTABLE MARRIED WO man, a eiilld to wet nnra* at her own house. Api'ly i,i| .* .,t2d av., lieu 23d St., rooni II. 117 ANTED?A SITUATIOM AS PF.BFBOT COOB, BY A TT Vndesunf wom>n. who uiiderstaada all kinds of me-tai. 'peat ? eoohlng T1.a ??* of ?li| reference CaA , lor two dsvs hi Uon . e, w 1 SITUATIONS WArren-fRMALBS. V^ANfED-A SITUATION. BV A TOUNO MAM. ) i-lt'ier u assistant bookkeeper or clerk lu the ?l*Uouery hu?.n, **? Address box 4.08S foil office. U'\Nt t>-vsn t ATIOX, BV A RLSPECT IBI.E UIRU as . 00 v 'n ' prickle tmin 11/, city reference glveu. Call at JO! ba?i X. 4 *? U'AVTBD?A. SITUATION AS COOK; UNDKRSTANDS all kliiJa of 'inglisn auj Auwrlcau oookli.g. and has Ave /ran reisteni J truui ber last plaus. 1*11 at H7 Last Jotb *t. ^ . J ANTED?BY A Bs. """ECTABLB TOUNO OIRU A I situsilon as chamber!, ^'d or to do general housework; U williug to assist lu washing snd Iroulua; good city refer nice. Can l>e se?u for two !?>,< li 870 Waet Mil at-1 frout room, second tlour. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TOUBO OIRL, At chambermaid and seamstress or a ? regular ehamber mald; ha* from three to Br* years' rBfari'Oce. Ckl at 134 Wi?t 18th at . No. 7 White a place. WANTKD?A SITUATION. AS FIRST Cl-ASS WAIT. ram or chsmbermald and to do plain ae*'l"g. by a re ?portable ?iri with good reforrooea. Apply at bar last em ployer's, SS West 14th at , after 10 o'clock. AS mm operate oo Wheeler A Wilson's uiachtng, haa gaud city rsier enoe. Call at IM Baat l?th at, la tha rear TIT ANTKD?BY A SUPERIOR COOK, WITH BXCB1 m leat city reference, a aUaallon In a Aral claaa lamll.', to the city or ceuntry; understands all kiodaof baking, soupe a ad Je We*. Call at 10 Baal Slat at. \]tTANTKD?A SITUATION. AS CHAMBKRMAID OR "V chambermaid aad laundreaa; heat of city references. Call at T2 4th av., In the trimming store. 117"ANTKD?BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN. " a situation aa chambermaid and to aaalat in the laun dry If required. I'aeiaepttunable reference given. Apply at lOT Od at, between id and Lexington m. IIT ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A HIGHLY RESPECT A TV ble young woman, aa nurae and aeans llreae; under stands tbe rare of a baby from ita birth; no objection to efcy or countrv; the beat of reference If required. Call for two days at ael East Hth at., between ara. A ami B, fourth room, three pair a of stairs up. IITANTED?A SITUATION ah WET NURSE BT AN " Amu Iran i'roteslaai woman; ean be aeen with her child ar 126 Weat 13th at., between 7th and Mb ara. Inquire for Mr*. Hubert. ? X\7 ANTED?A SITU ATI ON, BT A TOUNO OI.HL. vv seamstress; can do all kin da of family sewiuf. A HKLP WANTED?FEMALES. LADY IN DELICATE III?ALTH WOULD LIKE TO engage the service* of a widow lady not over W; no ob. ject'onsto Prenrh or Merman; must be willing to asaist in hoiMckei'pIni: mid wait on the lady. A klud disposition, ca pable Hiid industrious, may hear or an excellent home bjrad aresslug, with fullest particulate Compaiilou, Herald offlco. AWl'TI?ES8 WANTED-WHO WILL ASSIST IN the washing; city refcrcnc- required. Apply at 87 I .si :;ith st, between ObbJ 10 o'clock. A COOK WANTED.?WANTED, A FIRST RATE oook; also a waitress and chambermaid, for a private family Apply, with city relerunco, at 1J Diuaton at., from 10 till i. A PLAIN BUT EXPERIENCED COOK WANTED?BY a small private family; alio mint be willing to aaalat In wnshlnir and Ironing. Apply from 10 to 2 o'clock, at ljl Eaat lltli at., near 2.1 av. EAD TRIMMINO HANDS WANTED.?WORK GIVEN out to resposlble parlies. JOHN LACY, S3 Mercer at., near Broome. B S pOOK WANTED?WANTKD, A OIRL WHO UNDER. \J atanda plain cooking, and to aaalat with the washing and Ironing; muat furnish Aral class citv refcreucee. Call tbls day. between 10 and 12, at 186 Ka?t lfitb at. Fancy hat trimmers and cloth hat and cap Quiahera wanted.?All of my old handa will pleaae call at ouoe; alao 3D other good trimmer*. A. P. REYNOLDS, 498 Broadway. F^IRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANTKD IMME dlutely; none others need apply, at 94 Teuth aired, near University place. HA1RWORK.?WANTED, HANDS WHO CAN MAKE all kmda of ornamental halrwork; alao those who un derhand making colored people's hair. Apply for one week at 405 Pearl St., up staiiD. niRT HANDS WANTED.?NONE BUT EXPERIENC ed hands need apply at Union Adams', 837 Broadway. rE HANDS WANTED?PIR8T CLASS FINI8UBR8 on cenilemen's bows and ties. WKTMORE A HITCECQCK, 37 Cbaatbers jt. fTTANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. WASHER AND vf 1 roner; alao a chambermaid and waitress; French for the laat preferred. Apply at 158 Livingston at., Brooklyn. WANTED?A COMPETENT MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, to t <kc cnarae of an invalid lady and do tbe housework for a small f?iufl>; waces tit per mautb. Kefereoce re quired. Address J. C. B., Foat onloe, Brooklyn. WANTED?A OIRL F<% CftAMBERWOBK, WASH, lng aad Ironing; the beat city reference ratpsirad. Apply from It A. M. to 1 r. M. at lit Weat 4tth st., near Broadway. Tir.AHTRD-A WRT NURSE; ONE WITHOUT INCUM- i v v branoe. Inquire between the hours of 1 and S, of Mrs. Robinson, l'ontlne Hotel, oorner Howard aad Broadway. \TTANTED?A GIRL. TO DO THE HOUSEWORK OF vv a small plain family; muat know bow to wash and Iron; a Catholic preferred. Call at 118 East 4tlh St., after t o'clock. WANTED-A DOWN STAIRS CURL, BY A FAMILY residing on Rergen Hill; must l>? a good cook, washer and Ironer. Apply trom 10 to il o'clock, Wednesday, at lit William at., second floor. WANTED?FIRST CLASS OPERATORS ON THE Wheeler A Wilson sewing maeblnga, to work on draw, era. Inquire at 08 White at, up stairs. 1X7ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN IB A vf fa ii or gooda a to re i city reference required. Call at in Canal street, near Thompson. ANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAB OR OIRL TO oook, wash and iroa. Also a sham barmaid and waitress, to go in the oountry a short distaaos. Apply at Ut Pearl st., town stairs. UT ANTKD?AH SALESWOMAN, A MIDMiR AOK LADY, V v aoeastomed to the too Broadway trade, having a thor ough knowledge of children's rlothiag and ladles' undergar sannta. aad able to take orders; one spanking French pre ferred Apply, with good city reference, la r. da Peroral, 798 Broadway. W' WJ ANTED?A WOMAN, WHO It A GOOD BEAM stress and to assist io waiting In a small family. A p. ply at 413 Weat tM si. balwoen 10 and U o'clock. WANTED-A NTBONO, WILLING GIRL, At CHAM be: maid and waitress aad to assist with the waabtug aad Ironing. Call at 77 Willow si, Brooklyn Heights, en Wednesday, betweea 10 and A City reference required. WABTKD?A OERMAN OB ENGLISH GIBL, AS laundress and ehambarmaid In aprlvata family; city refereooee required. Apply at It East Mth st. ? W ANTED-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER, TO OO TO Columbus, Miss. Apply to Korman A Fisher, 421 Broadway, from IS to 1 o'clock. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, TO OO TWENTY-FIVE mile* in the ooaatry; la to do a portion of the wssh lag; good reference* required. t;all at SIS Weat Slat St., near ?th sv? before two o'clock. WANTI;D?A GOOD, HEALTUY WET NT ItbE WITH freaU milk. Only respectable perMiaa need apply at the Splnglcr House, Union square, room 85. RANTED?A..GIBL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON; enee W ANTE It?A GIRL FOR OKNERAL BOUSEWORK; one ibst can eook, wash, Iron well snd bring a city referencs asay apply at 188 Weat Slth St., third door west or 8th ar. also a ainall girl as waitress. Apply with city refer ence at US hast 36th St. w ANTED-A SERVANT OIRL OF ALL WORK, FOR a small family. KB Klvlngton st, oorner of Ludlow. W& ASTED-SEVERAL ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT agents, either ladies or gentlemen, to sed some articles In great demand. A ?plendld remuneration can bo aerured, i 'ail at Madame DSMUKKdl'S Emporium of Fashions, 473 Broadway. WANTED?A TOUNO WOMAN, TO ACT AS Nl'RNK and lady's inaUl to au Invalid ladv; must be a good aea'nsireas, understand bairdresslng, aad be willing to make herself general)v useful; moat be or a cheerful and obliging disposition, with the very beat of references aa to all the ab vs qnsllflcsUona T?a person fully answering tha above rsqiilrements tbe best of wsaea and aa excellent home will beK<*^?- Address t., stauon G, M0 tu> av., giving ad dress, Ac. Wta ANTED-A GOOD COOK, TO COOK IN A RESTAU rant. either white or colored. Apply after 111 o'clock at 49t Broadway, corner of Broome st Wanted?an kxcellrnt cook, who under ? stands all breaches thoroughly; none other wanted. Kag' iah. French or Hootch pre I erred. Alao a diahwaaher wanted Apply in the saloon. 3J Ann st \irANTED-A FIRST CLASS PROTESTANT OOOK. W None other need apply at Ho. S Rutherford piaoe, Buy B1TUAT1QMB WA?TBP-MALE?. A SITUATION At SALBHMAB OR UOHT PORTBR la wanted, by a young Scotchman; has llrst claaa refer ences. Address Alexander, box SUft Herald odes. A YOUNG MAN DBSIBEt A SITUATION AB FIRST claaa waiter In a wHrate family; apod etty refereaees can he given. Call at No. t Weet Stth st. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WHO UNDERSTAND! . V science thoroughly, wishes to gst Into thn mercantile business: he will be found by any Hrm by whieb he may be employed to be atrtetly omniscient of whatever be under takes. Advertiser Is a graduate of Trinity Collide, Dublin. Address K. X , Herald onloe. A TOUNO GBRMAN, WELL ACQUAINTED WITH bookkeeper, English, IpiiM, French and Italian correspondence, wanta employment In the evening boars I rorn 8 o'clock. Addreas F. M.. No. t CoUega place. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A tTOUT AND ABLK bodled young man, In any kind of honorable buaineee. Kaferemo turn,ancd. If required. Apply to A. W. Chamber lain, 141 Ksat Sith st SITUATION WANTED-IN THE PRODUCE. WHOLE 0 sale giuuery or tei bualneas. by a young man well ao Suainted, best of reference. Call an K. M right, 2St Weet rtbst rno DRAPERS AND OT1IBRI.?EMPLOYMENT 1 wanted by a respectable jronng man from Eneland J four tears' experience in a l<ondon house, salary no object Ad ores* G. K. II., Herald otton. t\ ANTED-RY AN AtrTIVK RUSINRSt MAN, A SITU >f atlnn as colleclor, or In some ont dinir rapacity , good* references and security given. Address Collector, IMand lt*< f uitou street \V ANTKD?BT A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS TT b^.rlender, good references given. Addteee F. W. C., Herald odice. WANTED-BY A F1BST CLASS MAN OOOK FBOM J JUoodon, a situation la a hotel, club or reelnuraai. Ap ply at tit Washington St WHaNTID-A SITUATION. BT A TOD NO MAM thoroughly eonrsrsant with tha eommieattM notion bitklgqas. Addivas lu Uoa l (Ht e^oa, . ' 1H nTtAWOM WA1VTRD.4WALB1 > W^A SPi^n' u'nJ'r^rdwtfe "T akeVar?,* T??i[ Z?~&r.. UrANTED?BY A YOUNd MAN, WITH A TRADE A situation In a MMAtrtmmiug ^uU^iueu ? fu.ruu? U| bouM. Addreaa box 114 llrmd ulkiv. Wanted?a situation. by a he*pr<:tahlb married ui?n; vrilw a good baud ai.u ui. lsraunda bookkeeping. Address Tor three daja T., elation K \I7ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN AGED ?, A HIT' Tf (Ion ?a waiter In a private family, English, Beat refer ence given. Apply for two days at the SUr Uot-U 10 statu x. ANTBD?A SITUATION AH LIGHT FORTKR OK clerk, by a young man of If who baa bad some export w MM lu a general atore. Can give Ant clnaa cuv referencea. Will work cheap, to begin, If a good opening for advance ment M oflcrml. Would bar* no objaotiua i* #) u the euuntry. J. M., box 1*1 Herald odlce. ^yANTBD?A TOUNO MAN WANTS A PLACE porter or to maka himself uselni; ua i Of horses, can give the beat of references for boBeetf ana ability. Address H. B. Roberta, MttkaL CLERKI AMD A GENTLEMAN DKKIRK8 A SITUATION AB TEAT etliag salesman, weald prefer New York Central roedg refera to laat employer. Addieaa Umuut, bus MB iieiala D RUO CLBEE WANTED APPLY at 231 ttth a v., corner of 9 SITUATION WANTBD?BY A YOUNO MAN 2S YEANS of age. aa dark or salesman; la thoroughly aequainleS with the hardware and houae furnishing gooda buainsee. andean InHuenoe aeaae trade; willing to lualtn blinaelt ue? ful, end la not afraid ef bard work; nonbjoaUeo to go out aff towu. Addieaa J. C. M , Herald cdice. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A FIRST BATE 8ALKB inan, to a grocery er provision houae; good penman, MB afraid of work; pay reaaonable; beet ralereoeee; well ac quainted with the bualaeis. Addreaa L. C., 375 Weat 1Mb ak I1TANTBD-IN A MILLINERY JOBBING HOUSE. 4k TY tew first claaa aaleamen. Addreaa, with teal name, referencea, alaount of trade, Ac., A. B. C., Heiuld oilire. WANTED?BY A YOI NO MAlf. A SITUATION AS assistant bookkeeper. olerk or otherwise; ran giT* satisfactory releteuco. Address U. ii. Y., box lib Ueiald otUee. ANTBD-A SALESMAN IN A GLASSWARE a tore. ;JJ5 Greenwich atreet. WANTKD?BY A YOUNG MaN. A 81TUATIOB A? aealitant bookkeeper or clerk In any c.apecity; boat of city references. Addreaa CUarlea II , Llor.ild otiloe. WANTBD?A OOOD SALESMAN FOR A WHIT* gooda linportlug bouae. Addicts box 4.0't 1'oat office. w w ANTED?CARPET SALESMEN. LORD A TAYLOR, firand and t'hryatie aU. WANTED?A CLERK IN A GROCERY STORE. CALL at 4<3 titli ar. None need apply without coming w?l rerommeuded. 4i'i ?\Mf\ -ANY PERSON HAVING $3,500 TO LOAM ipO.tJ'/i/i for one year, with Interest. ou f>od ne?tirily. (?'in net a aitiititlou aa clerk at a good salary. lor live day*, between 11 aud 12 o'clock, at it Broad ai'eat, loom ?. A COACHMKN AND OARDKNERS. EBBPECTABLE PROTESTANT MAX Wants a ?u nation aa ooaehman; liaa long experience in the country, unci thoroughly tniderstunda Ui? bo-.U'-a , liia toe bent ol reference. Call lor oue day at the Ueluuout Hotel, 1;<3 Km ton at. A GARDENER, MARRIED. WITHOUT CII1LDRRN, who nuder>tuuda hla art thoroughly, would like to take a aituation. Inquire ut 161 av. A, third lloor. A?;kntleman wisnEs to find a oood hitua. tlou for hia coarhman (alngle miin), who lian been aritk him about live yeara; he la thuioughly aoquaiuted with hla dutiee, and la every way a valuable aervant. Addieaa A. B., llerald oflice. COACHMAN Of LONG EXPERIENCE IN THIS __ city wauta a aituation; la a Qrat claaa driver and gr*?i?; a alngle man and obliging; the beat of rafuieooe. Addreee for two daya P. D., Herald olUee. A AGARDENBE WANTED?A MAN WHO UNDEB atanda lie culture of frulla, vegetablee and flowera, am a xmnli place nrar New York; lie mnat be able to take ear* ol a horse, cowa, poultry. Ac.. aUerman or Swiaa preferred. Addreaa B. A., bo* 1,9#7 1'oat oflice. ? Coachman.?wanted, a situation in thb above capacity, by an experienced Proteatint man. ?ri? thoroughly nnderatauda the oare and managenieoteC horsea; beat city reference given. Call at er addreee lot "taw daya 7f Bleeeker at. Coacqman wanted?to go to wbktuhbktmm, ten milea from the city; ha muat thoroughly indfiMaal hia btiaimun and the aare and treatment of horaea. and hav* good re oramefidattona; a alngle maa preferred. AMm? box 0H6 I'oat olliee, with felt pai tirnlara. COACHMAN'H OR OABDENER'S SITUATION wanted?By a HcotckmaM. who uodaretaarta the ear* and management of hoaea perfectly; his the beat of city and oouatry reference. Addreaa A. B., bos IN UeratM OlSce. GAKDKVKR'H SITUATION WANTED-BT A MARRIED man. who haa had great experience and caa give ike beat teatimoniala aa to character and capacity. Apply !? T. C'Hihrau. 443 Broadway, up atalra. SITUATION WANTBD?AB OABDENER OR RUPEE, ij lutendent, by a young German, to take charge of a gea> tlemau'a ptaoe; thoroughly undevatanda hla bualneaa tn all Ita branchea?green, hot houae and grapery, frulta, hotbed vegetable*, landauapc gardening aud farming; waa flrat aee retary of the St. Lonia (Mo.) iToriktnltural Koulrty lor aoaaa yeara (HUU-tS), and It thoroughly acquainted with the New York market and flower More trade; nooujection logo Soutfc or Weat, with or without hia family. Addreaa, with parttou lara, Floriat. Poet oflloe, Jereey City, N. J. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNG MAN. BWINB. aa vegetable gardener and coachman for a gentlement la willing to make blmaelf generally uaeluL Addreaa B. T, <8 Eaaea at., baeemeat. CjtTUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BE O a married man aacoaehman; laagrad driver and ua? deratanda hia bualneae; can giro good oity reference; no ak* jeotlona to go la the country; prefers to lira la ike tlaMk Addreee G.N. A.WIth av. WANTED-A SITUATION AB GBOOM, BT A BE apectable young man, who la a good driver nod wBI be well i-ecommeiidedby hla laat employera. Addreaa T. Ik, at Er. Wlleon'a, W> Eaat 10th aL WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO MAN, A aituation aa coachman; underatanda hla burtneea, aag| can furnish excellent reference from hie laat piaee. a8nb 38 Kfst Mth at., for two dare. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT A BUB young man, aa coachman and groom, with a private family. In oUy or country: thoroughly uiidcratand* the bual neaa; good city reference can be given. Call at the private stable ? sad ? Eaat Thirty-third atreet. WANTED?A SINGLE MAN AS COACHMAN, fflfl flrat claaa Hty references for honesty, Indnetry and aobrlety; a ooiored man preferred. Call at Bo. fl OeUagn place. WABTBD-A SITUATION AH GARDENER, BY A respectable married man who thoroughly uaderetanda his bnalneaa; haa only one child, and nan be well reeeca nx nded from his laat emplover. Addreee Hendereon A Floiuing. seed atore. ?/ Naaaau at., for P. C. B? for two daya. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH MABBIED VAN. WIT* one child, a aitnatlon aa gardener or ta manage a small farm, thoroughly undeiatands his bustaeea in an KB liranchea; the Weat preferred; good refrrenoe. Addreee far three deya D. B., Newtown, Long Island, N. T. IIEI.P WARTBD-BALES. a UK NTH WANTED?TO SELL AN ARTICLE PATENT* J\ ed; selU In every bouse, atore, hotel, odtee, Be. OMf and country. Call at or addreea 0. M. Brown, 14 Plarehaa atreet. New Tork. AGENT WANTED IN EVERT COIfl AN AOENT WANTED IN EVBRT COCETT throughout the United States, lo take charge of a new publication; would noi interfere with other worla. Wo mate no tmaata. If you want to know what you oan make try It. ? in ulara free. None but ouortotle and experteneed mlea men need rxnply. Address box 317 Philadelphia Ptoet olBee. AOENTS FOR "OPTIMITS** WANTBD IN CITT AND every town. Mb per cent profit?exclusive privileges. FOSTER A CO., tS? Grand at., Bow York; 7? Mala ek. Brooklyn. All desiring permanent situations in hotels, oScea, wholesale and retail atarea. aall at # Nassau atreet. Excellent salaries. Wltuatlooa this day. All demibino situations as bookeeeperb, assistant bnekkeefiera. copftata, hotel dry Moods, m<a? <ery and aleembsat clerks, per term, bar leu 4 era, tt, oefi nk 61 Chambere st A LL TOUNO MEN OF BUSINESS QUALIPtCATtuB> A OENTS WANTED-IN CITIES AN1> COUNTET FOB. A a new thing; will aril fa* WjyeMWj J*"1* postpaid, ou receipt of lb eeui* 1IB Naaaaa ak, Baw Yen, room No. 7. Agents wanted?to maeb sbvbbal hundre d sSvn Boy wantbd-in a "wholesale orocekt ? i?AEM HAND WANTED-A S1MOLB preferred. Ap?ay at SB Front street. Fifty aoents wanted?to sell one of the heat domestic navhlnee over etfered to the p?HhM al*o lo aell patent rights lor the same. Treats lane. Call on G. T. Newton, Cortland* Street Hotel, Men day, Tuesday aad Wed neadsy. WANTED-AN EXFBBIBNCBD CABRIAOB WAftBKK at A. A O. Polhemne' livery etabla, 8S and M Broad way. Wllllamaburg. L. I. WANTED-IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. AIT AOHVB. intelligent boy, about M yeara ef age. wke writes ? good hand and resides la New York. Addreee, la haed ? n'ii^tof appUoant, atatlag referenoea, box Ml New Yevk WANTED-A TOUNG MAN TO ABBIST IN TRNWWJ bar. Apply ta John Black, eoruer ol IBMb at. and M mniM. Y1TANTED-A YOUNG MAN, 18 TO B? TBA?" II aa porter In a down town store; one whole ee?v""~ " tmg and can come well recommended, wsgmjv?nojr l<or week. Address In own handwriting, rring eea, L. B. J . box IfB Herald oMoe. . . . WANTED-A II the best 01