Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1867 Page 2
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CITY REAL ESTATK FOR IALR. THRIiK 8TORY BRl'K HIQH STOOP FIRST lloute fur sale, Willi tmmed-ete uion ho aired Inquire on tbo premises, 1U3 West Twenty ?*?* meet, near Sixth __ ? -FOR SALT?. AN E LEO ANT XI W HOI J\ ? uUine front. high Sloop four Plor?/ bl<ilU Ti .rif* ?uh?utntial manner, near Park ?Teoue. ;?j% hN. ninth a tret-1. Inquire on th* ? - ???-?? A TURKS STORY HIGH STOOP ^ Tweolv'TlgeRh House, corner of Le*>[\S?"n . '?""yfLA'x D. 413 Fcurlb atieet, tor sole cheap, by t KM ) A iur it sw mm AVE n^e?h \ r j? * cnfcn) i^ar. A STAN LEY OA V > *"";AkLoBMaI LU> I TON KK WHICH CAN HE HAD CEITT OK STAMPED KXVKLOPn. v rvr er PIT FT FRONT AND RKAB AND W tEKT A LOT. WW FRET ?3l40 on front, and brick A. ^eep- w"1' f,,rM ?iorie? :Dd cellar, and covered Alley. MW feet wlile^ueed for stables. for sslo on easy -rut*. Alto House* ?>h1,,1.ou in nil [&M, 808 Hudson street. Aim oT OP LOTS. WITH COAL YARD AND STABLE. M?M fret In Horatio street, for eale cheap and on eaajr wnni*'N "K' i. * H. T HURSHAM. 809 Hudson street OOOD OPPORTUNITY TO PUBOUASK CHKAr. Ten three story tirat class built mgb stoon Houssa with chandeliers; would now coat $1.,000 to build. Wldbe ?old from $ III 250 to $11,U00 each to close an estate. Also two Bog'ish basement Houses, brown atous. lour stones, on Bemud avenue, for $14,030 each; would now coet $18,00) to build Apply to AHlfER L. ELY, 637 Fourth avenue, cor ner Forty first street, or SI Pine street. A THREE BT'iRY BRICK HOUSE ON WEST TWBN ty-fourth street, $11,000; a four story brown stone on West Twenty-second street, near Seventh avenue. $14,0i)U; two elegant five alorv brown stone on .heventb avenue, near Fourteenth street, $19,000 oacli; a three atory brick on Wont Thirty-Hevrnth atreet, near Ninth avenue- price, which U very low. $? SCO. 8. KMKERSON, 421 Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY HI OH STOOP BROWN STONE House OS West Forty-eighth etreet, near Sixth avenue, 10x50x1$ the block; price $2Vl*r). Also a three story, brick on Fortv fifth street, near Fifth avenue; pries $22,>W An elegant four story brown *?tone ou Ka?t Forty-first street, with magnillcent Furniture: everything complete and lu perfect order; price $80,000; Immediate possession. 8. E M IlKli.iON, 411 Eighth aveoue-_ y^JIIRfP. STORY moil STOOP BRICK 1IOTJSE. Jv^fc-rlrct order, modern Improvements, court yard front nn<W!*?r: l-lftv-lbird street, near Broadway, $U,OA). In quire of SKI XAS, 778 eighth avenue AN BNOLTSH BASEMENT HOUUL 26 feet PROMT; nil modern Improvements; Hftleth street, near Broad way; pri c $14 030 inquire of SK1XAS, 778 K.^hlh sj^rnuA ATIIKRF. ST;iRV HIGH STOOI* BROWN STONE Hou-e; modern Improvements; Forty-seventh strc-t, near Tenth ivenue. prion $ia,t*W. easy terms. Inquire of SRIXas. 77* Kluhth avenue. _ AT 758 THIRD VVKN0E-POR SALE, A NUMBER of vitry dt'KimMt thrnp and lour itory lii^h stoop and Kngllst. basement fr.inie nrli It and brown stone Ho use vat pr res ruugltig frinn $8 000 to $i IK**, $10,000, $15,1*10, $18,000, SlHiryi a-'! on to $Ri,Q0J. Full parlic Jlara by app yuig lo James lMWi:. AT 758 THIRD AVEM'E-fl > "R ON We (i W -ill I ?>" nl w, R'lh street, 8!-t. 34th. M b, 40th, 4't'i 4; tb. Mb, 8 I, aid aiUI. 65th, 5i th. f?i.h, Ct'tb. 8al, YStb, / 84lb. an . on u ? lo 125th. JAMBS KOWh. a FOt R ST-IRY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE J\ i .??? <>n Fifth v nea. elitier furnished or uiuur vil ' d; on n 'ca elide id fir business purposes. Apply to Dr 3. G. I'(<U.-H, 4-# Broadwa/, eniruticj ou Broome etr e . ACHANC FOR CAPITALISTS.?A FIRS t* CI. t-'S five sorv e imer .i.ui-o ou I'hlrd avenue, and the ihree five atory br ok mod :rn b.illl House-, witn at u-es adjoin..ig; e ie of I x i 0.5 .100. For -a.o cheap by SYuNiiY II. I AUK, 12'J Grand si ca., u?ir Hru dw.iy. A T A SACU1FIC :-l*i AND 114 FAST TUTRTY-SEC J\ on. s ,e t uoir L,et,ni;ion avniiue, three atory high stoop brown atone. OTily$l >7-*0 for both. Ajiply to SYD NEY II. CAR it, i-H nr.tud street, near Broa lway. AN EXTRA P"LL LOT AND HOUSE, WITH THREE Sb-res, on Division street, piytnf 2J Per cent on pur chase money, will be sold cheap by SYD.vKy H. OAKlt, 129 Grand street, u -ar Bronl* ./. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE House; Knglleli basement: 30xfW*98.?; with or with out furniture; splendidly frescoed; $J?.il0l). I) D. iiRKKLL. 78 Cedar street. A FOUR STORY FROWN --TONE CORNER HOTSE, one of the nn-st com: lete 28 fool houses In the city, on the corner ?: Thlriv tilth atreet; ihc nouse Is 25x103 on the basement and ti'Sl Uour. is llnlslied In black wuliuil. and has small conae v..tor, .n the rear ihe whole Is arranged with much tnx.e and will ia> aold with immediate pns v??lon IT the furnUuiti t* puruiuiKed; if not with the furulturc, pos aeaslou tvUl be given In April. For permits and particulars apply to V U. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Ptne street. A SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH stoop House, -.will all modern imp.ovemcuts, for sale, on Twonty-louith ureal, .war the hotel.^ ^ No ?Twenty-thtrd atreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. NUMBER OP HOUSES FOR BALK?AT VARIOUS prices, from $i.(?v upwards, In various puru of the city, some tine Country ri<x?.u?nce?. Alao good Store - rop ?rtr and vacant Loin. Termi e**y. ' WATswKLoW 4 CO., ? Nawan ?trve ARARDAIN.-A COMFORTABLE LITTLE IIOME. sL-ad IU West I we ity-e.ghth street two story and base mont bilak tiouM, wltu ^tHO^ng lor Qr? hortc?, on a lull lut; ui ijcrfcct order. Prior oulv $&,W0. Of.OHOK WllifliL Tv 417 Ninth avmuo. A GOOD INVESTMENT?IN A OOOD LOCATION, 11 nest -iigliili veuu-, in rorty-second atreet. two three itory and baaemonl UuilHl ou a i all Lot. I rlco (lUivJU. Wtl rent for ?l'**{j,)lu,g vflllTELT, 417 Ninth aveuue. T HANDS ink TI'RKF. BToRY HIGH STOOP liriCK A uou-r. for maIt, on tV oat i ?rif-?ii,hth itrrct, XlV^fc?t front. Price ?18*U01). Permit* of 1'IIOH. K. FISH, 2S Pluo ?treat- _ _____ A OOOD INVESTMENT?1 HE PROPERTY HODTfl wc*i corner L .n?d and Woosier streets, I0h.vlu0? aix butldliik's an.! pay? 26 per cent. 1'rn-e e-w. Terms liberal. Title Ad > '?' - iM.tN, 7$4BlghUiav??. A DESIRABLE LOCATION; A ODOD INVESIMKNT 81 nil lot-... iiiiisiiu Film street-, (25 .ect east of Eighth avenue, parol, ei. o i fade; $18,000 for all; terms iberol; Utle gooxf i'liO.i. sCaNLAN, 7vi r*lghth avenue. Boulevard ami ckmral park 1f^.T'lklK,"1' sale-On the n. r h side of Slity thlrd street. *W feet from Mghth avenue 31 . -t f: .m Boulevard; price $?,?*). Apply at 119 ?eii i iliy tb rd street. r. ct rr. Brick and fkamk houses?all sizks nrioes tu New York. Brooklyn and Williamsburg. ?or sale low A pply soon lo JOHNSON, MILLER A HALL, $8 Nassau strc. i. Broadway paopkrty.-fgr sale cheap one of the best Ia.i-1 on Hrosdwav; will be sold at a fair price, splendid marble Building ou the premises which will W paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by letter at 2fo West Fifty second aiicet TxWKLLiNG HOUSK Ft?K SALE-PRICE $18 001).? J ) The three slory House 118 West Eleventh strrrl, between Fifth ?ed alxth evenuss, _W-Hh _nKHl^^" iorutM. For cjard apply lo JAMES N. UlFtOED, 101 \v?lvr street, from 12 M. IoOn, P. M. 1.x FIlXSIMM-iNS. 705 THIRD AVENUE. CORNER 1 , Ko ty eighth offers for sale at reduced prices the loll iw tig very desirable pr?periy.:-A brown ?'?"0 East Sot ty-eiiihiu sirert, at $14,000, one on East t ifty-first atreet at $13,01*1, our on I wgington avenue at $14,(**(, out onT^r>ut,n!? ouu $9V); two on becoml avenue, In.,ra,^2 *lt uo aid $15 000 an 1 several corners on Kti -t S? ond and T.Iird sv-nne.< Also first aiid second class Ten em.-urn paving from l? to *> per cent, In different parts of thecltv No m.aretire?entati(ins V7XOR BALB?ON WUT TWBNTT-FIfTH STREET. A BBrrsaa -' Rbsv "??" bo SOW II wanwo. ^ Wa(t TwplltT Ul|rJ ,tr8ot Ixna aai.w?ON MADHtOli avinuk. BBLOW.HUB 1 t, seventh Street, a first class, four story high stoop House with extension, replete with modern Improvsmenls and lo f rsl rat# order. Pr re ?Pl.i*W. Another on same avenue $811000. JAMES R. EDWARDS, avenue, fou,uw. Twenlr.thira llnet V.AOK SALK-A TWO STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE J modern Improvements For Pennitv spply st .4 We.l Twenty ninth street, between ? . oo.nek 1 . M. I"i*OR 8ALB-TWO BROWN STONE III'iH STOOP 20 1 f.nVt Brst class ll u-es. west side of Second avenue, dween Flfty-eignTh ...? Mfty-nmth streets, high, eligible, bl aBM near oSlrnl Park. Applv to owner at property, or WkTMORE A B .WNK. No, $ Pine street t otnmission eale. s,nn sst-E?STORE AND DWELLING SOUTHWEST F0".rn-^fvcn" C and Second ^ buslne-s stands on the avenue; lot 18x86. price f 1IM*k>. in JSsTj ^rrKiOGK. ??. K.ri ^ Dumber 591), or of J. MATHKW.nH*. 5a 8 Pine sireot. VDOR RALE?HOUSE AND LOT 117 N,W*i??.A>o.>'.Iire r lot22 4x100, *8 deep; modern improvemenU of K. .1 M tTcrf, t:i Ninth avenue, or of JAMES PMCK. $05 Hudson street, on the premises. . Uxor rale-housb and lot 4i? L:a.rr.-^?yr^s^??2; HA li II, .175 aveuue. or JAMkS PRICK. MM ijuusob street. PrWe $*,890 ___ ?Lxor hale-on WEST FOUBTttNTM RTRMPjA r four story high sloop brown stono front, ?xs?*t?. rt<?A?nTK. BDWARD8. 777 West Twenty-UIrd streoL IjHlR RA..F. I.N wi- rWFNTY -SECOND STREET. 1 in |>?rirQi or<l*r m tour Plory Kng.uh jlmj*?. 1? gxlivmx. ai ply (o JaXi.s H. LUWaRDH, ?*7 We?I Twenty taird street. IjXOS RALB-A TIIRRR RToltY HIGH STOOP BRICK 1 House; ill tmprovsments. in splendid order; Thirty, ufth street, west of K.ghih $ll.i?w. t.t> . S'. F (K.Ni.'il Atjii., 29S Ninth avenue. f-njw ?b4i.R-<>, t. miRrv-PiR-r ssiNUaa-i 1 fonr story high stoou brown stone Dwelling; all nwaont , Improvement* ? ei' $17.5x1, on Hlxt e-h street, do.. $*3 JUb; also ? three story brtck on Thu tj ufih street, near Third srenue $4d.i*>' Ioire w MKrtW(( k Mrl.KAN. 5*1 Third an MALE?ON FORTY-FOURTH HTRKKr, A FOUB r ?ior-. M*b stoop brown -ton# iloase. in good order; i.isck walnut trin-mi -ga, alt in--tern convrnieneeu *r. I'noe h! KDWaFDK, 277 West Twenty third street. Fn* RALF-TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, TWO TRRBR sto.'V high stoop House*, 2* and 9*0 nest Nineteenth street bavin modern convenience*, and In gewd order , prl.e ?0 500each- $4 i*? can remain on mortgage. To be seen only ri.nt i rirr nn Fifth and fltsth avenue*,M.8x55. lot half furnished $4AG?, nnfurnisheJ $40.tJ?. terms ^?Tblol**l!ilni!.h:.dv^-, fiiM New York Poet ? ? wiiTf.nMT RTRBET, OPPOSITE ST: with eitsnslen, (a tb* most P* , ^ nrf gag^rablo CITY RRAli ESTATK FOR NAL.K. TpoK SALE ?Til RKE IIOI SEd ON TUB B'?rTUKA9T I coi ner of Seventh avenue and KourtaaRth street. A PLOT or i.HUL'NH OVER TWO HUNDRED FEET flout on New Chambers end Keen ? treaty _ ONI HJNIMtKIi Kfceif SyUAKK ON CENTBAL PARK, near PlftiMiulh street. Also O&Des to leL Inquire of CUAUN01Y BARNAUL), 100 ilrouAwajr. ___ , I?V)R SALE-FIRST CLASS NEARLY NEW FOUR F story brown stoue House and lot In Thirty-ninth street, east of sixth avenue, splendidly built and bnlthed. walnut doors and stairs; 19 elegant rooms, three water closets, Ac.; occupied by owner since finished; price A82.9JU. STANLEY PAY, HID fourth are qua. For salk?koi*it story brown store house, all modern improvements, 1,397 Broidwav; prnia *40,001). For permit apply at W. H. GIBSON'S Confection ery, US Broadway. FOB SALE-PLOT OP OROUND NORTHWEST Con ner Lexington avenue and 8lxty-seoond street, being 83 feet 8 inches on Lexington avenue and 190 feet on the street; will be divided Into bulldlug lota If desirable. For particulars apply to HENRY PERNBACll, Architect, 11 Nassau street, room 33, from I to 4 P. M. Fob sale?at harlem, a large double House, with four Lots of ground; fine river view. Bil liard room, conservatory, Ac., attached to bouse. Address box 4,323 Post odlce. Fob sale-by vm. h. jenninos, hi bboadway, Trinity Building. basement ? East SIHh ?L, near 8a av., 3 story high stoop b. ? $19,000 EaatOSd St.. near 3d av., 8 story high stoop b. s 11.980 West 44th St., near 0th av.. 8 story high stoop brick.... 11,900 West 81st st., near 8th av.. 8 story high sloop b. s 14,600 Lexington av., near 96th st, 8 story high stoop b. s 08,000 J NOR BALK?THE POUR HTORY BRICK HOUSE AND 1 Lot, slluatad on the southeast corner or Houston and nlberrv streets. Qood location lor almost any business. Price *0,000. FOR SALE?THE THREE story and attic bkick House 137 Third avenue, near Fourteenth street Terms easy. Inquire on tbc premises. For salk-the elkqant brown stone house, four stories and extension, 39x108, No. 8 Van Vorst square (376 Yorx street), Jemey City. This house Is on the Pnrk, tho handsomest location in Jersey City, and will be sold for $.ri 000. Property so situated, built now, would coat about 820.000. Terms esay. Apply at above. FOR SALE?three htouy high stoop brick House No. 2M Wasl Thirty-first street; 20 feet front, M deep; lot 98.9: with all modern Improvements. Prioe $19,000. Csn be seen from 8 A. M. to 9 I*. M. ipOR SALE-VALUABLE CORNER PROPERTY ON r Uruonie street. Also on Centre. Hester, Baxter sud on Hleecker street a three story briek Store BARNARD A CO., 390 Ilroome street. F'0?|??ALK-AN BLBOANT FOUR HTORT HIGH TMrtf ,lon5 H?"xe, on Madison avenue, near rtj .seventh street; full size, in complete order. f- lHfciliANU, Xfl Broadway. I^OR BALE?$5,000 CASH-THREE STORY UI(i7f i . ?,Tpv"'! t5ra* "'<"?/high stoop rear Houses, win, & *LuZ? it,'?}?r; I,rlc" ?1;i'(XI?- In'l,lIro on lhB promises, MaUihoq Mtreet. 7*.K* "ltOWN STONE FIRST CLASS FOUR ThIrtr Mnm ??P. ,'ou"e. ?'lh extension aud lot. 57 West dWI?7ih wee n ?"?'? a,,J Sixth avenues, isus ' lh rosew'0(xl doors. Inquire ou the pretn P??R SALE?IN TWENTY-NINTH STREET, K\H Lsxusssr r,a:r I wenlT.serond street, in-sr S.Jlh avenue; all modern? i?5! 43v 4 the block, $22,00J; $H,:iOO on bond for four years at aix |>nr cent. 8. KMBKB6QX. 421 Eighth avenue. J|,02L8wI:V~THK ,TW() brick houses and lot ^Jott street; lot 20 by 02 feet deep. For particulars irny^N ?Y HAYES. Couusoilor at Law, 10* B road ptOR SALE?TWO HOUSES AND LOTS, 26X100 EACH sUlh^ind w.?ii Twenty-third street, bet wren Sixth aveuue ?venuea. Apply to K. A. GKKGOKY, 1WJ FOR SALE?F1RSTCLASS NEW FOUR STORY BROWN ?? t??,tMoUM8 t'"1 ?'Ota, 63 and 66 West S3th, between ??' aud tfth aj^rosewrood doors. W. FANNING. 37 W. 3#th. I [FOR SALE?ON THE WEST HIDE OF UNIVERSITY i' between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. two /'in .h Lota, 15years to run; size '<8 by 17 feet vJrajty plaoe. C""' A,'plr *' the paint atom, 64 Uni SALE?A VERY" DESTRABLB THREE STORY highi sloop brown atone Hnuae on Twonly-xixth street near SUib aveuue. 32x60 by half U.e WockT |Mm. DYK A CUKTINS, 60S Sixth avenue. F?5 SALR-HOUBEH AND LOTH 133 AND 136 WEST 4 C?- oor,",r?f *?? Tj>OR BALK-BY D. M SK AM AN, 14 PISE 8T1KBT-? A Mftitor it., near RJeackar, 67x?2 mdm Wooater Ht Ijaltw, wlMl V."::"" ?faS? Elm at., 30x100, with Houaea. Broome at., 41. with taree bouxoe ...'.. JJ'ttS ?-,3.txl0tK with two Houaea !! i:.;"* IXOUO l?t^?nTl^?11rr with Houaea....'.: 16,600 ** end lIHh at., four atory brick t?Z At. C and 3d at.. two atory. IBxM fe'SI Leroy xt , two atorv and altie. S^tS Ridge at. two Honaea. each y SS Bowery, 40x73. near Broome at joSx) Fob balk?thi valuable property mm woos brin,Yi;Kntr?^ttX%f??r?JS^ PUrP?^; KICUARDS, 63 Wall, baaemeot. Lion SALE?A FINK THREE STORY BROWN STONE F?.???a^i.Ur8T.KAe"T,0r "ROADWAY, ON WHITE No. 3 PmeStro" PP ' 10 U' Lt'DDOW A CO.. For sale-west twenty-third street,~nk"ar N nth avenue, a first oiaaa four atory brick House, 25x55 iX&rartV*,lJai. P"**"t order throughout. Price $?).00tt. Apply to E. If. LUDLOW A CO, No g Pine aC For sale?a first class house in twenty second street; a n*w brown atone House on Lexinatnn L'ethll?J?n.t*MS'Il"!,'1ilS?*t: " Uo,,ae ?"<> Lot in East Thlr r2Ws?v .?o,;T.nntah?,'KER- HyDB 4 ^Ow'k'r^: p-*OKBALB-THAT VERT DESIRABLE THREE BTt.Tr high atotm brown atoae corner llnuae. No. 90 Second avenue, 30 Sirf houae replete with Improveinen^, JAMES ROWE, 750 Third araoua. BWI HALE?<4 WEHT FIFTY-FOURTH ST hk ft ?V House 35x65; lot 100 feet, 6 Inches; prioe $37 000 \V plTjo owner. CHAS. J. UlBBtINS, on the prriit*^' ^ F?^,JtA3<R.-*,OC.R. 8T2RY KNOLISn BASEMENT ??i % ^ Housr and laut, Twwntr-ttfth strrrt Hsti ndi .n<( tSSi F*0!1 8^5~?.Nwi.A?K STREET, NEAR GREENWICH ' * *n?d nolghborhtwd. a three atory high stoop Home' Six edapted far two famtllex; water closet anti ^ ^ lower and upper part; two cbji mrir?w* i>Ui,k ,.u? price ?TsK(Ou" 4<"'1 *,"* :W,HUa' ,ot n'- f?t deep; price f 1J U0U, $l.UUi Mn remeIn on bond and mortgage J'*' - R- KDWARDH, 377 Weat Twenty-third atr 1,1 Broadway. Trinity Building, baaemeot FDR SALE?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONF north went cornar L^xlnxton nrenuo sod Twrntv n?ii?K ettwet. Apply to K. H. LUplow AJ?a FOR balk ?'IfEAr-BA'RrLKXDID CORN Kit HorsK and fgOt on Thlrtl avonuc. 8.5td), four atone* store gbot^xgpgid ? F^?Plne^.er.",RAPv-THE. ""2"*" NOB. hi AND ? both EuJFVJZZ br|rk building*; price for ?X^^KBY l?P^MlI^.P*rtlCU1*" lo KKM F0R8AJ;B ?"Ar-A factory, five htorier, 40 mj ? ^ ?0 horse power; patent hoist wheel ?c., in kaat Thirty aavanth street. B. il. HINK, 561 Sixth avenue. ?'?R "ALU VERY LOW-JON I43D STREET 300 FEBT Bleyenth avenue, a email Cottage and four la of "round. 100 feet square. Price $4,000^ JAN. R. EDWARDS, 377 West Twenty-third atreet. F?M"heINa?aunTDl.^A?BrT^,! ,'R0PRI'TY KNOWN LrDLOW g co. * *to0 Apply to E. H. F?\i2^i? Pi KK"T?A SUPERIOR FOUR RTORV W. r SEYMOUR, in Broadway. FOB, -SALE OR TO LET FURNISHED?THE FIRST c aaa four atory blown atone Hotiae ard I,?t m? nt Ji*'' Enrty-ninth street, onpoatte Cobtmbla College In t feet order. Apply in Ho AV.R MORliAl^Na 3 ifti Mr For sale, to rent or lkask?tjtk tihTpp stiry and baaemeot Houae. with ciiei.|n? n"R?m Ofttene atreet; UMIOM. BKMAN g HAWS. 44 hneat. Furnished housf. for sale?a okntkri three at/,ry modern IIouw,. neatly furnlalie,)" will lex ,600 Apply at "ili Eui KortyT HARLEM?FOR sale OR EXl'IlANOE?a three xlory and IInlxhed haaemrut brown xtune llouiw. N? 6 Duncan place, I3*th atreet. In perfect order. For nermii apply to JOHN LACT. W Mercer atreet. p"*'t UOUSF FOR SALE?IN FIFTY-THIRD HTRERT BIL . tween Bitxdway and Eighth avenue. Thta la a fine neighborhood, and xome of the beM Improtremenu in the ritv now going on. The houae ta In good order, with all modern ?nprovementx; three atorv high stoops Prtea $14,001 There Is no cheaper property in Ike city. Ingture at UK Fifty-third xtre-t. near Broadway. T RASE FOR SALE-ON WEST HOUSTON STRRbT, "y Breed way, building ?t? feet, atilUble for manu WowSyeuiet Pur?w*fc AP?,,' yard 17* L?exawS.HALB-4"olrlr KKKT NOB. 640 AND frome konans, well altualed i or at,, res, or factory Improve men!*. STARLif DAT, 314 Fourth avenna MA'a:M ' nAVV1 LOT-Ys AT DESIRABLY SrTU rafisssssaB"*!*? j CITY RRAL ESTATE FOR IALE. MURRAY IIILL ?for sale, a number of first clu> Huu-ifi on 30th, 34th, 65th, 37>0 4lid *nJ 43il Street*. betweeu 5lh audhlh itvuuel. Apply to l> M SHA MAN, 44 Finn street. N08. 337 AND 339 WKSf THIRTIETH H18BKT CAN be purchased at the low flftrp of $:l,U00 -v-ch. and on uiy Uru.a; being two four story and eel gr brick bulldinga. newlyJ'-ilnted: wain >>a each door. Fat particular* apply to RRM8KN APPLEBY. 10 Ptoe atreet. ST?.R^ VSSKlff'SF' rOR SALE-ONOREKN. a tree A THK PREMISES NO. IK WEST FORTY FIFTH atreet are for sale: Store and Tenement, 25 ill*) Prlea $9,260. POTTER BBOTUERK A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine atreet, up ataira. TO BUILPKRS.-FIVK LOTH TO I.BABB FOB II year*; three on Third avenue, inoludiug a corner, and two adjolulng on the street, near the Third Avenue Railroad depot. T. J. McEVILY, 861 Third avenue. VALUABLE LB ABE OF BROADWAY PROPERTY fur aale, suitable tor 11 rat data reataurant or dry goods atore. Leaaa exptrea May 1,187$. Apply to J. W. DOUuHTY A CO., 1,298 Broadway. WASHINGTON H BIGHTS.?FOR BALE TV atreet, between Broadway and Eleventh avenue. SALE ON LSD with aol^0"' ""'?'ted. and re rt?f? bout?, 17x60 feet Riirf^un ?Qutre: rer? large car ?y^TBST FIFTY/THIRD STREET, BBTWEBN FIFTH avenue and Broadway?three store brown atone hl(h atooD, entirely new. partly furnished; $18,601). WaDDELL A ARMSTRONG.11 Fine atreet CTH AVENrK, NEAR THIRTIETH STREET.?FIR8T O class four a Lory high atoop fuU alsed brown done Honae; others, on and near Fifth avenue. $38,006 to $186 000; aome with atable?. W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. AO CllA FOR A VERY NEAT THREE STORY Jo.DUu brink Cottage on Twenty-fourth ?treat in perfect order; modern Improveraenta; pod location. B. F. IRELAND. 8B1 Broadway. ?1 O HAH J"0* A THBKR STORY BROWN 8TONR wla.UWH House in Second avenue (Hanson place), i 114th and 166th streets. In perfect order. HAGGERTY A PHELPS. No. II Pioe street. <f?l O CAA ?FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE ?1a<s?JIvU. four atory briok Tenement House ' No. au Ninth atreet. near avenue"C: occupied by twelve families. Inquire of L. KRLI.NbR. 91 William atreet ?1 A RAA -FOR RALE. WITH IMMEDIATE POB JPArt.OUUs eion, the high atoop brick House 25 by 48. lot 10U, 219 West Twenty-Anil street: in good order. Also others, by WM. H. ROOEK, uew No. 866 West Twenty-first $15 000 ON EA8Y TKRMS M^LL BUT THE three etory high stoop basement and under eelUr brisk House to Tliiriy-ntuth street, between Seventh anil Eighth avenues, together with all the Carpets. Oil cloths, Stair Carpets, Chandeliers unit Shades: size 20.6t 94 9, the house lain the bent of order; foldlnr doors on second flour, gas. hot mid cold water, two water-closets In the house, bath, speaking tubes, bells, Ac. Inquire of ibe owner, l!H West Thirty-first street, near Eighth avenue. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR MALE. AN ELROANT FOUR STORY BRICK BROWN STONE basement and cub-cellar; twelve rooms; all modern Improvements: In fine order; in President atreet, Brooklyn, near the ferry; will sell furnished if wanted; terms easy; owner going to the oountry. 64,7.7) P. /Hiil.fO. 19 Centre street. A BARGAIN.?THREE THREE STORY FRAME House* (filled In), sitnated In first rale letting neigh borh od, producing 81 230 a year; will rent after May next si $1,890- l'rice $9 0.10. Terms very easy. W. CooK. 43 Nassau street. Brooklyn. A TWO STORY HOUSE. BASEMENT AND KITCHEN, In Nlnetli street, Brooklyn, between Fourth ami Fifth avenues: view of the r jeer I high ground; marble mantle, ' i good gas. Ac.; eight rooms. In good order: two lots; owner going South; terms easy; $6,970. P. ZKGI.IO, 18 Centre street. Brooklyn.?prospect park lots for sale. 545 feet front by 181 feet deep, on the north side of Wyckolf street, betweeu Carlton and Klaibush avenues, lieuutifiilly loeaied, nud near the main entrance to the Park. The lots are restricted to Ur?t class residences, with court yards of twenty feet: water, gas and aewer in the street. Apply to E. METTLER, 37 Peck slip. Brooklyn house for salr.-thrkk story hi Irk. ba-ement and cellar; water, gss, stationary tuba, Ac. flood lucaliir. For $9 000. JACOB SHARPS, 25 Ptoe atreet J^ROOKI.YN HOUSES TO HULL-WITH VERY LITTLE rash, or rent from May I. near Fallon ferry, with every convenience; three at $6,800, rent $907; iwo at $4,800. rent $059. and mis at $4 QUO. rent $800. ^ Apply to New York at 37 FuUon atreet. up stairs, ofttce No. I, from IS taS. For sale-in a rapidly improving locality to Brooklyn, ? Frame House (new), tea rooms, base ment and altlr: four full lota, stable with fear stalls, Ac. $.4,600; $4.0U0 mortgage. H T. BRAGG. 86 Plus street. TjTOR SALE?A RPLRNDIi) NHW THREE STORY AND r bear meat brink Honae to ProokHa a venae, between Monroe and Madison atieets. Brooklyn, on west side; all Im provements: In first els as looatlbn; built In heal meaner. House 80x40; lot 86x108. Prloe $8,800. Inquire of O. I. POLBY.1S8 Chalham street New York. pa R SALE?THREE NRW THERE 8TORY, BASE, raent sub-cellar, brown atone stoops- with all the im provement*. Price $9,000. Also two throe atory. basement prloe $7 860, and Tour three atory, basement $6 600. to WM. A. BRUSH. 40 Cumberland street, Brooklyn. fTtOR SALE-THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP I1 Honae 143 South Second atreet, corner of Sixth. Brook lyn. E. D. Trims easy. J. O. BAILEY, 81 Coart at PHOR SALE?SEVERAL SMALL STORKS AND DWELL I ings In desirable locations In Brooklyn. BLKKCKKK, HYDE A LOWKKEE. Nos. 4 and ? Ptoe atreet to" MOST road*. Will be aoll?leh2le,,,,*,",'? bloc7" from?6"' *nd '?isssm"siwrsit F jtOK SALE IN WILLIAMHBURG?THE THREE STORY high atoop brown stone basement House, corner Third and North Eighth streets; also a similarly built House on _ ' North Eighth and Norlh Ninth Fourth street, between alrcelt; gee. water, Ac.; prior $6,009 each; terms easy. Apply to JAMES H. cot.AllAN. 188 North Sixth streets. jpiOR SALE OR TO LET-NEW HOUSES ON WAR ? ren, Wyokoff and Baltic si reels, near Fifth avenue: on Warren, near Klatbuah aveone; on Fourth avenue, near War ren ; on Douglass si met. between Bond aod Hoyt; and lor aale onjv, two on Atlantic avenue, near (Itoaaoo; one on SI. Felix street, near Fallon avenue, and two on Clinton, corner of Warren atreet, with modern Improvements. Apply to T. H. BOBBINS, agent, 78 Fifth avenue, or to F. T. JOHNSON, 74 Wall street. New York. For sale or to let-furnished, a fine three atory brick House. In Brooklyn, E- D., on Rodney street, first house west of Bedford avenue. Inquire on premises or of D. ALLEN. 71 Pine street. New York. Take notice-great raroatn?for sale, a two story brick House with modern Improvements, containing ten rooms and sub-cellar; terms easy and pos session given Immediately, aa the owner ia giving up house keeping. Inquire at 188 Hoyt, atreet, between Dougla** and Degraw streets, Brooklyn. THE DESIRABLE HOUSE Mi JAT STREET, BROOK lyn. near City 11*11 ?4.4iI0S V. Present rent $I,3M; will let for f 1.MO Price $0,000. Sea outside. J. RICHABPS, tt Nassau lire* W. T. rllKK BTORT BRICK HOUSE ? IK DKORAW street, Brooklyn: sub-o<ller; *n modern improvements. P ZKOLIO, If Centre Hire*. >10 nnn BUT A MODKRN THREE STORY ?JVI ' high stoop muble llouse in one of th ? fine-l streets In Brooklyn: bouse now would coat more uioney. Title perfeel slid house in perfect order. Terms ensy. trwner R. T. BUBH, 149 Rrosdwsy. COITWTRY MAI. ESTATE FOR SALE. CAM HOUSE. WITH 20 BOOMS. 2^ ACRES Op (irouiid. sll no. etaary outbuildings; * noe of wiser running threegh it: onn't i.e i>e*i for s honi or i?.sr<;. house. Apply I.I K r. HARRIOTT, 14 Pine streel. ..r to HAHHItiTT, VAIL A CO., at rialnfleld, New Jersey, oltife opposite the depot. A A FARM FOR SALE IN MARLBORO, comity, N. J.; 1-6 seres of the venr I* State; hss plenty of msrl. no buildings. Toil FARM FOR SALE IN MARLBORO, MONMOCT1I bestlutnl In tne n desiring Idom <u-. fare. Will be sold, subject te e three yesrs' lenso uow on ?he firm, Address K. B. J.. Ilersld offloe. A FIRST CLASS FARM, CONTAININO 36 ACRES OF 4V good lend, urge house, outbuildings. Ac., to let for two, three or tlve vesis, situated within one nnle 01 'A bite Plains] rent, whieh n very cheap, $1,300 per year. All particulars wiib ft. KMBI RSON, 421 Eighth avenue. A LL WANTIX'I FARMS.?OOOt) SOIL. MILD CLI A mate. 34 miles south of Philadelphia. Price ontv $27, Kr sere. Also Improved Farms. Hundreds are ssltling. formation sent free. Address C. K. LANDIS, Vine land. New .tersey. At yonkers ?foi? sale, a hoitse. furnished or unfurnished, on Locust Itlll avenue, elgl.1 minutes' vmlk from depot and landing; house <ontslns 16 rooms and Is in perfect order; lot oii'Al. with rsrrtage house and hen new; good vagotonia garden, and an abundance of choice (nut Ureas and grape vines. In toll bearing. Possession on or before April I. Apply to OHO. W. FRANCIS, Main street. Yonkers, N. Y. HANDSOME NEW HOI'Ml. KIOHT FINE ROOMS, with two Iota of ground, wlihln three minutes' walk of depot. Will be sold on easy terms If applied for Imme Amtety. H. P. SIMMONS 50 Willi. -t-aeL Vatarson, N. .1. A FIRST CLASS BROWN* STONE HOUSE FOR SALE, Snseei place, .lerscy City; sub-cellar; a large mirror with tt Frlce $14,01)0 Terms half cash. Inquire of A. MILNoN, 26 Montgomery street, -leracy City. N. B.?A n ,mbrr of other 1 louses for sale. Inquire as above. ArARM FOR SALE?IN ONEIDA COUNTY, N. T.; 67 aeees of good land, with two good bousee and barn Pr ee $1,100. For pertlcutars apply to Mr bMITIl, 174 East ^Twelfth street. ATERY DESIRABLE FAR* ON LONO ISLAND. OON. vealenl to the . It), 1014 acres rich *nd highly culti vated land; 2,400 choice dwarf fruit trees, mn.llr peara; brick house and frame barn, nearly new, price'$10,WO. Address Farm, boy S.I76 Post ufliee a roTTAUE A* ORANOK, NEW JKRSKT, WITHIN A one hour of New York, for tale at $*.0?i; also an ele gant l<nt of eight acre*. In Llewellyn park, for gala low. Ap ply to the proprietor, L. R HASKELL, Library Building, Orange, W J., or T. B MERRICK A CO., 70 William atreau N. V | T NEW BRUNSWICK?A SPLENDID FARM OF ?? _ seres, elegant Unprov, t> enu, four or hards. |Rsh pond, stock, orops and tools; overlooking the city; will eicbange; $17,140: very rlieap .1. b VBROISON A CO.. ? Nssann sire*, worn $1. ASPLBNDID RESIDENCE IN NEW BBIINSWICK, ckesp. 7 acres onolre 1-an I filled with Frelt and Oma. mental Trees; large brink Mansion, Carriage House, Stable, Ac., ten minutes' walk from dap*. PETT1T A, 171 Broadway, room No. 2 A AT TONKERS-FOR BALE CHRaP, HOUSE OF IB moms, gas water, river view, stable, fruit, shade, Ac., half acre; neighborhood first c1m?. Prica (30,0110. FREEMAN A CO.. Ml Broadway. MEAT COTTAOB AND BIX LOTS. $3,460, AT MOR faW'fc&Tri.*.' sw??,"k; COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AT MORKISANlA. llARl.KM, MBLBOBE AMI FORD bam House, Lot*. fur sale and to let: prices $3U,UU0, down to 6J.UUU. D1TGHKTT, WestsSaaAar Lando0ir>-, No. 2 N? w Uhaiuuers street. ATI N h TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HOT f AUK AT Mount Vi-ritao lor sale or to let. lot 20O<1$). GEO. W. FlihNCUjk CO.. M Math avenue. Bargains ?westciikhtkr farms, ok ia 7* and 190 acres, all handsomely situated, oomtnatidiug line views sad for sale cheap. C. 11. OLIVER, No. 7 Beekman (treat. COUNTRY SEAT AT MKTUCHIN, N. J.-GOOD HOUSE and Barn; fruit: three minutes' walk from depot; price $9 000. Also Karai" and t'ouutry Seats wilhla one hour by rail of New York, from SS.000 up to S19 000 CAMPBELL, KELLY A CO.. SOI Broadway. COUNTRY SKAT AND FARM NEAR LONG BRANCU; One house and grounds; M or more acnes of line land; good building*, toe bouse and fruit in abundance. J BBUWrW' Street COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE?ATTHR LOW PRICE OK $8.0OU, near Stamford, Coon.; house, outbuildings and faurneresof ground; fruit nod shade trees. Apply to A.

JOl'K.NKAY, No. 8 I'lns street rURM FOR SALE OR RXCHANGB POR CITY PRO IT perty.?Thirty scree of exoellent land, good dwelling house and outbuilding", with plenty of fruit, and about one hour from New York city by rail, with steamboat commu nication twiee a day. Title perfect. Apply to OBOKCB W. WALKER, pierSU Bast rlrer, N. Y. YjIARM op SIXTY-SIX ACRES AT BNOLI8HTOWN, I? Monmouth oounty, N. J.; price *4.'JO#; terms easy; pos session glren immediately FRANCIS WOOD, 0# Bast Nineteenth street, N. Y. L*ARM FOR 8ALB.?ONE OF THE MOST PLEASANT U ly sitoaterkFarms oa Shrewsbury riser, two miles from and fa view ef theoeean, one-quarter mile from steamboat landings, In neighborhood of schools, churches, stores aud Pent often; with s good water front, good dwelling and nut buddings, sad very desirable for a country seat or truck farm; consisting of about 06 acrcs. For particulars Inquire ot 8, B. COMPTER. 2(1 West Washington Market. Farm for ralk.-ioo acres, 12 wood, 7h milks Irani Saratoga Springs, ^ from I'ostofllce and railroad; good house and outbuildings, a large stream of water, a bed of mnek or peat, fruit and shade frees; price #4,6(11). Also one adjoining ol 60 acres, with good house aud outbuildings, wood and peat; also a fishpond near the doors, price ST 500. Inquire of U. L. HEWLETT, No. I Vesey St., Astor House. For sale?prove street, kaht orange, house and I<ot, with Grocery .storcsnd Stock, now d?ii g a good business: Immediate possession. For partioulars call on the premises. For bale-on brinkkrhoff street, south Bergen. N. J., a two story frame House, containing V Rooms: lot 37l? feet by It*); couveiuenl to the .)er-ey t by sud llergen Ilorsn Railroad Apply to (1KO. HASTINGS, 117 Chambers MMt, Now Yoik. I'rtoe $4 IJUO. For sale?at hnithtown, l l, tiik farm of tlio isle lViijamin Mills containing 71 acres home stead and "jH acres woodland: good houso and large and con venient outbuildings, with a tine young orchard and large brook suitable for making a tmut pond. The slock and mumbles will he add with ilie farm If desired. Apply to LYMAN H. SMI I It, Adimn.sirator, Smithtown, L. 1.,of E. 8. MILLS. 91 White street. N. Y. F*or sale?a brick oothic cottage. HALF an acre of (.round, with stable, Au , at Wappinger'a Falls, between Flshklll and Pougbki-epina- Apply I., f. U. Cu'i ZliNS, 134 Pearl street, NT Y. Jj*OR SALK-A TWO STORY AND ATTIC COTTAGE with a quarter acre of ground, si Mount Vernon; 14 miles from New York by New Haven Railroad. Possession April 1. Price #-W?. AUG. T. Oi'.LLENDEK, 09 Liberty street. FAOR HALF.? COUNTRY SEAT flF TP.N ACRES, within (>rty live imnutesof city; brick house, burn and all necessary outbuilding*; house has twenty rooms, gas, bath, hot aud cold water on Passaic river, opposite Newark, N. J. Apply to GEORGE W. Fl.ATT. JU Maiden lane fi*OR SALK-IN CENTRAL MORRI8ANIA, WBSTCHBS ter oounty. a two story and attic Kr one House, with I wo wings attached: house contains twelve rooms, furnished in best manner with water gas. streaking tubes, Ac. Lot f>0x 300. Well s.ocked with apple pear, cherrv and qulnoe trees. All the smaller fruits In shuudance. Twelvo varieties of ?rapes. All in good bearing nondition. Apply to JOHN It. BUXTON. 706 llroadway. upstairs IjdOR KALE?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, ' with three lota of ground, pleasantly 1 waled In the town of Morrison!*, on the northwest corner of Wsshlngtou avenue aud Eighth street. Price #4,900 cash. Apply to P. S. WINCHESTER, 20 Nassau street, UP stairs. FOR SALE?a VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Hard avenue. Staten Island, near Sailors' Snug Harbor landing; for sale low and on easy terms. Apply to TUCK F.RMAN, MULLIGAN A CO.. 90 Hroad wajr UTOR KAI.K-COUNTRT SEAT, FOUR ACRES, ATTAR I; rjrtown. fit. Y.; house modern oonstrurtlou, eight rooms, bath, waler closet, wash tabs, range, Ac.; outbaildmgs complete; price $19,000. UAUGKRTY a PHELPS, II Plae (treat. _ MIiw lgggBT, A *n< HotmM**? IyTiriia. VAN rBLT A lot Si 40*y uromisM. of rBTTlT. ? P1KRSON. ""?Ake.^st New York, orto *? '*> MOORE, Attoudto ~ ACmK8, IS GOOD lfOR ^ifdRSfttoSf ,or * <UU'y" pnee $100 lor acre. g VAN WYCK, M Bnm4w?7 FOR 8AT.E?BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED ON THE banks of Cayuga lake, eight miles from Ithaca, aa He gant Country Residence and Farm of flfi sores, with first rises outbuildings and tenant bouse. For further informa tion address box 26 Jacksonville root odloo, N. Y. Ft OR SALE?8RV KRAI. SPLENDID FARMS, WITH river front, on the west bank of th? Hudson. Partteu tars of R. II. MINE, Ml Bixth avenue. IHOR SALK?IN RKKOKN. N. J., HALF AN HOUR I1 from Jersey City ferry hy horse cars, large Dwelling House, containing 16 rooms, slate roof, good dry cellar; oa lot 1(M feet squ*rc; all in good order. Apply to W. E. ROGERS. 101 Broadway, or to R. C. MARTIN, 28 Water St. FOR SALK?COUNTRY HEAT ON STATEN ISLAND, two miles from Ysnderbllt land lug; superior house and outbuilding*, with 40 acres of ground: will be sold cheap. Permits of A. JOUKNEAY, No. 6 Pine street. T7IOK SALK-AT CLIFTON, HTATKN ISLAND, FRONT r Ing en the water, and within 10 minutes of the ferry, a beautiful Country Seat, with nearly two aerea of ground; will be sold low. Apply to A. JOURNBAY, No. 6 Pine si. For sale or to let, furnished?a superior brown stone House and three acres of land at New hurt; oneof the finest situations on the river. BLKBCKER, HYDE A I.OWF.RBK, Noa. 4and* Pine street. TOOK SALK OR RENT?A LAROE, COMMODIOUS JP- House and Barn, nearly new; IK acre of ground, fruit trees of all kinds; five minutes' walk from depot. Price $6 UOO: will rent for $600 per annum For further particu lars Inquire on the premise* of H. CHRISTIE, Botliug Spring. N. J. LiOR RALE OR TO RENT, FURNISHED?AT YON r ken, s Collage, with about an aero of ground, barn, to., fruit and shrubbery. Price $8 00U. Or would rent to a small family,(furnished, for the season, at $100 per month. JAB. R. EDWARDS, 27.' West Twenty-third strset. FOR SALK OR RXCHANOB IN WB8TCHR8TER county?A fine Country Kesidenoe, with HO or 60 arm of good laud; building* first class: one hour from thla city by Uarlcm Railroad and near 8car*dale depot. Kor particu lars apply to K. 8. M., 14.1 Weal mrtv-arroud ? treat. IjlOR HALE. IN DAR1K.V. CONN.-R5.OUO WILL BUT A r plaor, consisting ol I acres or land; gnid house, barn and other oittbu Idinga; well * looked with fruit and shade trees: vera pleasantly located on the main road, half way between Norwulk and hUmford. convenient t-> dopoi, chunab. xhool, Ac. Distance irotn New Turk do miles by New York and Now Haven Railroad. A few ajres of Laud may be had with it if desired.^ Ap^stv to tiK'l. Mi MATHER. IOC and 1UH Fulton street. New York. 11TMRKR PROPERTY TOB HALE?WITHIN ONE J hundred ml Irs of the city. In the State of New Vr>rk. con aistlng of about sli hundred w-resor lard, free from rnc.imb ranee and heavily covered with Umber, Mich aa beech, birch, maple, ash. whilcwood, t ine, Ac . and un excelled water power and mill, slocked and n full operation. Any per*cn wishing to engage in a vcrv profitable and sate builne** will do well by addressing H. W. G . at illoo (I. New York, stating wtiers an Interview can he had, with full name, will meet with attention. M ILL* FOR HALE.?THE EXTENSIVE EUREKA swam saw Mills, at Marietta, Pennsylvania, an l stone lire proof Flouring MdU atBloomsbury, N. J. Apply to K.'bKHT L. PELL. 218 fifth avenue. Milt, property fob hale.?the umdfusigned offer for sale a large alone Flouring Mill, with a very valuable water power; w ter wheel 34 leet diameter; to getlier with 36arres of land, two Dwelling Houses, ones f.n# large brown stone, the other a te st irnme. with all nee?? aary outbuildings and a rbolee variety of fruit trees and plants The property 1a located In a good grain region, on a railroad and cauaJ, near Trenton, N.J. For further infor mation addresa Kaff Brothers, Post olttce box 180, Trenton, N.J. PLEASANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR lo let, furnished, within two miles of Drakes, ilie sta, tion on the Morris and Essex railroad; bouse large, with hot android water and hath llxiurea; snouted on elevated ground, surrounded hv shade trees; large garden; fruit of every variety; premise* contain fourteen seres; within ten minntea' walk of Post office and churches; price RI5.UU0. If not sold before the 1st of May will be let furnished for the summer. Kor further information address C. V. fret man, Esq., Morrletown, New Jersey. 100 <;OD!!,,rRlr SEA'n' A?0 *ARMS IN NEW JEL. s?y, Connecticut aud New York. a short dtetanoc A ITALL, 36 Nassau street. ion VaRS* and COUNTRY NBSIDKNRN* r,>I A"U sale or ei'-bange. at a ourgaln. in everv locality; 11< lull acres; distance 10 to 60 miles; easv ol access. and Urn Improvements. Price *3.000, *5,(J00, *7.000 lo #40,0*). Apply to A. 8L 11(1 KANT. 31 Wall street. Al CAA WILL BUY TWO ACRF.8 OF LAND, WITH sPl.tyl/vf house and barn, three-quarter* of a mile shore New Rocbelle depoL Apply at K. RKWOLP'S, 381 Sixth avenue. SI 800 F1LL ?'!.* .A. PL* A8 ART Hi,MR IN vJ.iOUU Rah way, N. ,1., three minute* from depot. Oood locality, everything In good order. Apply to J. Q. A. KKANT. at H. B. i laflln A Co.'* shoe deparimenL SB 000 nKstDR?CR-HoDr*R TWft STO. ri"s, ten rooms, Barn, Ac.; Ifl acres of Land, Kiult, An., 30 mil"* fr, m New I o>k. Terms easy. BOIILAND A DK1IKY. 14 Chamlw-rs street. REAL ESTATE WANTED. a BRICK HOUSE WANTED rOR PURCHASE-IN JA. Klevcn'h, Twelfth or Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, or Hammond or Bank street or Sev enth avenne. Addresa, stating street number, term*. ] . _ * - eeaalon, Ac., I'uruhaaer, box 306 Herald office. COUNTRY REBIDENCE WANTBD-NOT MORE THAU 46 minutes from New York; comfortable house, medium site, m,stern Improvements, with two to Ave n tee of land; location must he healthy and In all respects desira ble. Address, wltb full particulars, Country Mouse, bog 4.681 Poel office Farm or country brat wanted?on the line of tbe Hudson river, In exchange for cash and ral.road stocks. Address or apply a! 71 Naaaau street, room No. 9. DAJtTIBR HAVINO FIRST CLAM DWELLING AND X Tenement Froperty for sale or to let. will be feni*ah?d with perrhasera and tenants by applying to L. ItKYO. 891 mms^Isii fl? Ninth avenue. sat REAL ESTATE WAMTRd fflSNFMENT MfOPRRTT WANTED?TO PURCH ABB A or le,-c; al~. It Dwe.ilug House, between Canal end Uttr-thlrd afreets. Third and Sixth avenues, Sb.lMOio Mt,0Ui>. Addrrai hruucdy box 164 liaraM < WANTED-A OOl'NTRY REHIDKNCK WITHIN ONE bourof New York, la exchange for Wo^loru Lauds or good MluinK blocks. Adireaa C. P. 8., bos 6,626 Post WANTED-A PABM TO LEASE OK ON SHARKS. BY a practical farmer. Any person having such a place will pleas* address, with full particulars, H. Dlerkeer, Hart's Corner*. Westchester county, N. Y. "ttTANTKD-AN 10 K COUNTRY HONK. NEAR A DEPOT, YY with suitable Buildiugs. convenienors and wlthla One hour of Wall meet. Full pariicuhtrs mti?i lie given,_wttk location, name, price, age. s>xa and lorm or noose. moe not eaoaedlug $15,001). Will give city propertv or valuable stocks If acceptable. This is a onaaee srldotn met with. Address J. C. lmompson. box X426 New York Poet office. WANTED-TO purchase, a FIRST CLASS POUR YY story high stoop bouse, between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Twenty-kith aad Forty-sereuth street*. Ad dress for three days, box 4.6S7 General Poat office, giving name, location and priee. WANTED TO BUY?A FOUR STORY AND BASE meat House, witn improvements, belweeu Fourth and Sixth avenues. Amity and Fourteenth street*. Terms must be easy. Address D. 0. 11., Herald office. WANTED TO PURCHASE?IN BROOKLYN. IN THE vicinity of Clinton aveuue, a small cottage House, with improvements; price about $6,000. Address, giving location, plan of houae, Ac., 8. M. K., Herald offioe. T*f ANTED TO PUBOHASE-FOCR OB MORB LOTS. YY below Cbrlatopher atreet. Loeatlon must be 'aultable for a manufactory and in or corner of a wide tlnroughfrtre. A sound betiding covering apace required will suit. Akdreea, with full particulars, O. H., box 4,181 New York Post office. FOR SALE. An excellent chance is offered to pur chaae an established drat class eash Manufacturing Busi ness. Apply at b0 Wall street, second floor, roar oflloes, room No. 2, or te HALE, at the ware room 2#.; Fulton street, Brooklyn. A WHEELER A WILSON SEWING MACHINE?LIT tie and carefully used, and in good order, for sale very cheap at 140 West Eighteenth street, second Hour, rear bouse.' LAO Kit RKF.R AND RILLIABD SALOON FOR Kale, at Tarrytown. Address J. J. Bird Tarry town. AN EIGHTH AVENUE TEA WAREHOUSE FOR sale. Slook. Fixtures, with long lease Apply at 865 Eighth avenue. A aplcudid chance for a man of capita; and business tact to make money. A?FOR RALE, BAKERIES, CORNER RF.STAU . rants. Liquor Store*, down town ReKtaurania, Liquor and Lunch Rooms, Billiard Saloons, Groceries, Hon la, Cigar Stores, a Confectionery on Third aveuue. Hat and Cap store and Meat Markets. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar C.reet. A SPLENDID CIGAR AND TOBACCO STORE FOR sale, a lino Imsln-*< loculon; w 11 sell half interest; now doing a good business. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A GREAT BARGAIN.?FOR SAI.K?LEASES, STOCK. Fixture* and Furulturo of Hotel near Hudson River Railroad depot, doing a large business; long lease and low rent Also Leases and Klxluie* of Houae* and Stores on Eighth avenue, suitable for ntiy buaine**; large Hat. Cap and 1-urSiore In Canal intent, near Broadway; Liquor, Gro cery, Dry Goods. Mlllinerv. Boot, Shoe and Fnncy ?tores. Saloon*, llolei* and Baikertoa, Splendid ban turns. L. DKYO, Peal Estate and store Agent, 392 Eightu avenue, formerly '.118 Ninth avenue. A GREAT BARGAIN.-OYSTER AND PINING SALOON (excellent corner) for sale cheap. Inquire of P. CUR TIS ACKKKM AN. No*. 3 mid 4 Ackertnan place. New Cham bers, near William street. LARGE SIZii HERRING'S PATRNT HAKE FOB fi sulc cheap; alao two medium sixe Safes, of Herring's and LUlle'a make, and one ama 1 Safe. " 8. O. QUIRK, 72 William street. A COAL YARD FOR SALE OR KXCIIANGK FOR Improved property, situated in William?burg, in a good location, and doing a Una business, with everything com plete. Address Coal Dealer, box 111 VVilliamsburg Port office. AN EXCELLENT CHANCE IS OFFERED TO BUY an old established Tobacco Route, togeibar w lh llorse. Wagon *ud llama**, all in the beat condition; will be sold Immediately, as the owner has other business which must be attended to. Apply Immediately at 412 Seventh avenue. A MEAT. FISH AND VEGETABLE MARKET, BUT -fx. trr and Cheese, loe House. Fixtures. Horse and Wacou, oorner Fifty fourth street and Eighth avenue; Immediate possession; fl.Ot*; a Confectionery Saloon ctock, Flxmrea, Furniture. $880; n Toy and Variety Store, Stock. Fixtures and Furniture, SSUU. TUGS. SCAN LAN, 764 Eighth or. A N OLD F.STAULI8HBD RESTAURANT?IN MASMAV A street, doing a good buatnaaa. with aioaui bo tier, r^^M patent toe houae. marble top tables, Ae. Apply to DBURERG, 148 William street, with A. King A Co. ranges, icTfee A LEASE FOR SALE OF A FIRST CLASS STORE? Suitable for soy kind of business, In one of the beet business street* In the eity. Apply at 43 Catharine street, eeruer of Madison. " Bakery for sale-located on fourth aye nuo. baking 10 barrels per week; also lot Cream Sa loon attached. Rent very tow. MITCHELL A SWaIN, 78 Cedar atreet. room U. EiININO ROOM ON BROADWAY, NICELY FURNISH ' ed, and excellent loeauon. la ler sale or exchange t or proved real estate. A rare chauoe. Tarma easy. Address A., box 1(0 Herald oftoe. Drug storr.-a very old established stand for sale, on a prominent oorner, with a physician's practice attached; low rent; doing good business. Address Doctor, box 174 Herald office. D RUG STORK, WITH OFFICE, FOR SALE, AT 46 Allen street, N. Y. Drug store for sale in rrooklyn-loca tion one of the best in the oity and doing a floe busi ness. Apply to MITCHELL A SWAINS. 78 Cedar atreet. room 16. For sale?a butter store in Brooklyn; Es tablished over eleven year*. Apply to BARTLE A 8IMONHON, 238 Washington street. New York. Fob sale?lease, stock, fixtures and good will of en old estsb'hhed Millinery Store, one of the most desirable location* for a first elass trade In the city. Inquire at 640 Sixth avenue. For sale?one of the oldest and best established Comer Liquor Store* In the Ninth ward, having a One assortment of Liquor* on hand, and satisfac tory reasons given for selling. Apply at No. 8 Pine street, room (3, from 12 to 4 o'clock. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a hat Cep and Fur Store, well located on Sixth avenue. Ap ply to D. GARRISON, 567 Sixth avenue. 17IOR SALE?A FIRST OLA S3 BREAD, CAKE AND 1 Pie Bakery, on eooouut of sickness In the family, at 602 Eighth avenue. For sale?the stock, fixtures, mood will, Ae., of n first class Drug Store, near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Apply to HUM ER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine atreet. IjlOH SALE?LLASE. FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL of a first elaaa Dining Itoora and Bar, between Broad way end Nassau SL Apply 76 Nassau at., rooms 10 and 11. For sale?toe best cioar and fancy ooods Store on Broadwav. very old established, rtohly fitted np and bed stocked a'.ore on Broadway; store l3xl(M feel; cry Improved real estate will be taken in exchange. Address A X. B . Herald office. 1jK>R SALE?IN UARLEy. THE STOCK. FIXTURES nnd Lease of a first ola*? Grocery, totfetber with the Dwelling above. Keut very low. Alao Horse. Wagon and Harue*.'. Apply at the southwest oorner or Sixth avenue and 124th street. For salk-a first class dykino and reftn Ishlng Establishment, now doings pro per >us hmlnr-.s, together with Lease. Mucninrry. Future* and Good Will. The advantage of this factory 1* that 11 can he used for all piiri-oer, where *ieam power is required. It must be seen to be appieclated. To a responsible purchaser terras will be made easy. For further faiormalton address box 2,753 New York Poat office. F%,au^IHul,L?*??.,.QOOD WILL, stuck AND best avenues In the a'i? V. ?1roo5l* f,,or?- "O one or ii. *nJL7'h "ode. Applrto MUrtL*^' cUm famly "reet and flcoond aveuue. rKL' 00rn?'r of Thlr For sale?tub lease and fixtures of a more In Brooklyn, amiable for Dry Ooo.U, Uetilleraen'a Furnlahlng or 1,'lotning Slot* AppL on ?ho premisei, J17 Court street, near Douglaa. For sale-^a first clars hotel, up Town, or n partner wonted; newly furnlabed; In a drat ctaaa location. Apply at 649 SUtb avenue, to U. DON A III. For rale?a dksieablr business. consist. Inn ot Stock. Flitnrea, Hood Will and L?u?e of Store. Apply Tor two .lajra In haaemenl ?A and SS7 Centre atreet JSOR salk-a first class bakert. afplt at 1 136 and 167 Centre atreet. For sale-a splendid orain dihtillrkt, in perfectrnnnint order, conalatin* of Engine. Roller .and all Mher Apparatua, In connection wltn rceili .tug faotuliea. The whole muit be aold thia week. Addrca a. Ptilnal, Herald oilioe. Mo agenta wanted, only partlea with ready eaah. _ rtOR SALE?POUR TEARS' LEASE. AMD STOCK OF r Hat Store No. I New Chaiabera mrret. corner of Chat bam. Apply on promlaea, JOIIN CKosBT, 71 t bat ham atreet FOR RALE?STOCK. FIXTURES. AC., OP A PtlOTO gtaph Gallery. In a Tillage of b.000 Inb abltanta. 41 uillee from New York; eeuae for twill ug. inability to attend to tbo btialueaa. P WaRNKK, 746 l'r.?ad?ay. For sale cheap?a lot of hood shelving and Countera. Can be aeon at 36 Veaey atreet. For rale cheap-a news dktot, with a great aaaortment of boot:*. Apply for two daya at tbo corner of Oreeno and Prince etreeta. For kale or exchanok-any person having a atnek of (ionda Ir on nm to Uo,uou to dlapnao of, can And a p irtthaaer by oaliln; oa J. J. Palmoi, lor two a?i?. at at Frenoh'a Hotel. __ . XJ iM.xkit Hardware, stdvks, house furnishing a!?d Tin Beameaa forado. Alao 1oo1? and Hand Cart, a? the owner l? going In other bna ne?<s. I :{W.? Ilrtiadway, be tween Fifty firat and Pifly-aocond alrocta. P. VAN QIKSON. IRON SAFES.?FOUR LARGE SECOND HAND I IRK proof Safeo for eale cheap, at tuO Maiden lane, neat Paarl ?treet. T EASE. STOCK ABO FIXTURES Of A TrOCERY J J Store for eale->ow doing a good bnam-aa Applr at corner of Franklin and Greene atreclv Green polat, L 1. Photooraph-for SALE, the BUST PHOTO graph Gallery on Chatham etrnei with long teaee and low rent* and aplendldly Sued up. For particular* call at l?S Chatham atreet. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A LADIES FANCY Store lor aale, In a good buetnesa blook oa HUlh avenue, weal aide; two hand-tunc ahow ?.udo va, etock light Im * ?"*? VAN WAqjSNBN A b'O^VIMUAartMft - FOR IAMB. ^ THE LEASE, 8TOTK. FIXTURES AND OOOD WILL or an okl eatabtlsbed Hat and Con business of thirty ydiars standing for -*Vt Inquire of 445 Hudson street. fptf PLUMBERS AND GASK1TTERS?A SPLENDID A opportunity for an enterprising man for $6,601) cash; the beat ?land la the city of Newark. N. J., with Stock. Good W oil and three years' Lease, can be bought. Address or call on L. LELON G ,tll Market street, Newark. ?9 Oftfl W1,IX. BlTT THE OOOD WILL, TYPM and all the futures, cxospt cresses. of a week.If newspaper, lately started, bet eery prosperous and pn,qua rig. Address Bargain. Herald offloe. $9 ~'8HOB STORE.? a first class ladiba* ?Pae.lJUU. and Children's Shoe Store for sate in tho upper part of the city: $1,900 net profits last year, rertiea ?renting such business, and havteg the abore amount sT capital, may call for particulars at it Liberty sk, third floe*. ~~ HACHISKHY. ~ Engines or all sizes, from $ to"900 horse power; Quart* Crushers. RoUera. Shafting. Pullsys, irsnisst.j'fr'BiS; farsy^JMs^Toit, " Hndseo street, near Jersey Otty For salb-at a oreat bargain, most be re moved, a 40 horas Engine and Boiler, as mod as new. and one ten horse. McKKNZlE, M Park street. For bale?geometrical lathe, shaftiro Lottos. Planers, Ao., by J. DAM8, M Hamilton street Newark, N.fJ. POE SALE?A ? HORSE POWER STEAM BNOINE r Corliss' make, with Flue Boilar, Steam Puma IT rat nr. Pipes and couneoUon, all In eompiete order; to be delivered by the 1st of May neat. May he seen In ooeraUoo dally In the basement, 69 Duana atreet. To he sold also the Steam Hoisting Machine and the Shafting in tha building. R. HOB A Co.,a*and 81 o3d atreet. DOR SALE CHEAP?AN BNGINB AND BOILER, r now In use. Inquire at 113 Okunt street, up stairs. Wanted to purchase, a small Upright Boiler. Inquire an )R SALE CHRAF-AN ENGINE AND BOILER. i tad above. ONE NRW WOODSFI.1TT1NO MACHINE FOR RALE? Conorer's patent; in perfect order; also Sawbeuch and Maodel. Apply at 903 Washington street. POWER PUMP FOR SALE CHEAP?AT G. H. MEAD'S plumbing. m( cam and gas tilling establishment, Mo. 141 Mercer street, near Houston. PORTABLE AND STATIONARY STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. lire best and most complete In use. Circular sent on application. WOOD * MANN STEAM ENQINE COMPANY. Utloa, N. Y? and 96 Maiden lane. New York. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS AND ALL KINDS i>1 Machinery, new aod second hand; Propeller Knglnse, Hhafling, i'ullcvs und Melting; small Cupula. WILLARD A mTlLWAKD. -JM Water street. HOUSES. HOOKS, AC., WANTED. AFIB8T CLASS SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL pay liberal rent for un unfurnished House, well lo cated. AddresAdiius A Co.. 963 Broadway, Tweuty-third street and Fifth avenue. A RESPONSIBLE PARTY DESIRES TO RBNT A lirst class House, between Thirty fourth and Forty eighth spouts, and Ft.'lh and t-.ighth avenues. Root not to exceed 33,0,10. Address, with full particulars, C., bos 1,18$ l ost office. A A. A.?PARTIES HAVING HOUSES AND ROOMS . to let, untarnished, can have them advertised FREE in the Real Estate Bulletin, by seoiiug full particulars td the office, ASS Broadway. A -IN ELIZABKTn OR NEWARK?WANTED TO ? rent, with privilege to purchase, a neat Collage, pleas antly situated In a healthy location, convenient to a good school and a Baptist church. Address W. B. D., box 1,17$ Post office, New York. A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK HOUSE wanted from May 1, below Twentieth street; must bd In respectable neighborhood and rent not exceed $1,000. Ad dress Builder, Herald offloe. Europe.?any famtlt visiting europk foe some months and desiring to leave a Furnished House In good hands at moderate rent, can hear of a first clam aad responsible family, without children, wishing such a deuce, by addressing Lurope, Herald office. Houses wanted?unfurnished, we have a. number of first class teuauta wanting Houses, la Iht best localities in the oily. KING A CO., Mo. 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue HoteL House wanted-by a responsible . pabt*i good sited; location Fourth to Sixteenth street, aad rent mode rata; would board occupant If wished. Address G, C., Herald office. TTOCSB WANTED TO RENT?IN OB BETWEEN HAIL XI lem and Tremonk with seme ground, at a msfflwt* mat; near depot; eight rooms. Address Bodge**, Herald TEOUSK WANTED TO BENT?WITH PRIVILEGE OF 11 buying, for a email familywf adults, from May L la ft between Thirteenth aad Twentieth streets, aad ftMNllE Tbird avenue. Terms mast be moderate. Address, with feM particulars, h. B., 949 East Nineteenth street. I WANT A HM ALL FURNISHED HOUSE, MOT ABOVB Fortieth nor below Twentieth atreet. for a family a* three; iwrfectly responsible. Address Hiker, 99 Broedway. Rooms wanti d-suitablb fob drbssmakimqi first or second floor preferred. Rent not to exceed $8$ e month. Address H. R. O., Herald ottoe. Agents pteeaa notice. ? Rooms wamted.-a oemtlfmam, teaching mu sic in one of the best ladies' Institutes, wishes a Fes nished Room where lessons would be taken in part far pep moot. West up town preferred. Address H. B? oereef Beer A Rchlrmer. 701 Broadway. SUMMER HOTEL WANTED?BT A BBBPONRIBUi party, for a first elasa summer hotel, furnished, for eaa or more years. Address, aritn particulars, ~ ? J Herald offloe. TIT ANTED?A FIRST CLASS, WELL FUBNI vY House, for one or two years from May L feral private family. No uoliee will be takes of easwi advertisement unless they stats lowest rent and I bouse. Address box A.ADO Post office. w ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE IN A GOOD Lo cation. Address J. H. McMtUon, ?H0 Broadway, la 1MB exchange offioe. sitting where the suras osa he seen. t\JANTED?A ROOM THAT CAN EN USED AN A Yl studio. Address M? box B9S Poet ettea WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A SUIT of furnished Rooms for housekeeping, la a strtstMf Cvate family: west aide, below Thirtieth street, preferred, it references glVen. Address 0. O., Herald otto*. TXTANTED?A COTTAGE BB8IDBHCB, WITH ALL TV modern improvements, to ' be situated oa the HuAma river, with 10 or It seres of ground, garden, fruit trees, Aa Address W. H. A. box 9.948 New Tork Post ottos. Wasted?a small furnished room, between Twentieth and Fortieth streeta Address, etetlag lowest price, A. C.. station Q. TIT ANTED?A LA ROB UNPURNISHBD HOURS IN A V? good locality, In neighborhood o* Broad war, mu or Madison avenues, between Fourteenth nod Tblrty-f streets, containing from SO to 411 room*, or two targe Housaa together, to be used ?? * f**hlon*bt* boarding tvsnm. iA drees V. M . iWJ Sixth avenue. \ir antbd-a small store, with aparpmbmte Vt to lire In, flt for * Cigar Store. In Grand. Canal, Mm or West street. Heat not M aaeaed $*> Address C. AC - ?6 East Broadway. WANTED?TnREE OR TWO ROOMS, FURNISHED ?tillable for housekeeping, by a gentleman aad hia wife; rent moderate, locality good. Addrea* Comfort, ata tion A, Spring etreet. WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH out children, two or three furnished Hooma, suitable for housekeeping. In a reapeclable neighborhood. reference* given.- Addrea*, stating location and term*, which mutt bo moderate, C. A. Milton, Herald office. WANTED?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED House, In a desirable location, for one year or longer by a responsible party. Addroae W. W. H., box DM HeraM ollce. XXTANTED?A SMALL HOUSE OP ? OB 10 ROOMffi, ? r w rat of Rroadway, above Fourth etreet. at a moderata rent, by a good tenant; beat of referenee or security; num dlate poasevdon If possible. Address for twn days H. H. S-, 104 Henry street. WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN NEW TOEK v v ut Brooklyn, near the ferries, the rent taken in board. Address .1. Jones. Herald office. Ty ANTED?BEFORE THE 1ST OF MAT. BT THRBH " l.?dlct, an unfurnished Second Floor la a private fam ily, the best references given aad required, tug terma and locality, G. W. P., station F. w ANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE; ABOUT BIQH teeu rooms; neighborhood and location good. Ad dress O. A. H., station 0. WANTED-A PART OF A FURNISHED OB UNPUE nisbed private House. In a good neighborhood, flbg gentleman and wife; or the whole or a small House. J. O. FOWLER, Twenty third street, earner of Fifth Avenue HotaL WANTED-BT A TOUNO MARRIED COUPLE, TWD unfurnished Rooms suitable for housekeeping; redd not to exceed $ A) per month. Addreee W. H., Hentld office. 1*7 ANTED?A PARTLY FURNISH ED HOUSE NEAR If Broadway, between Great Jones and Thirtieth street*; rent moderate. Addrea* J. L . 8X1 Broadway. WANTED-A NICELY PrRNISHBD HOUSE. ETA responsible fsmlly of sdulta. Would bewiUtaf far the own?- to remain and board. Addraas O. R. Waliaea, Herald office. ? WANTED. FOR THE 8UMMKR MONTHS-A LARGE furnished Hou*a. with seabathing, Long Branch pre ferred rent paid In advance and highe?I refsreaiss gt v ea. Addreis, wltn number of rooms, B. D.. ho* MW Poet offiaa. tew Turk. 1*7ANTED TO RENT-FOB THE SUMMRE, A PUB IT nlshed Cottage, with stable and vegetable garden *4 . pisMaut location, snd within eaag >. Address, with full particulars as In lore 1 else of rooms, terms. Sc., box t,m Phi ached, In a healthy loc-ss of the cityj Ion. number aad iBoa-H ANTED TO RENT?UNFURNISHED OR PARTLY ,, tiitniehed. a good, roomy family restdenoa, bet wean Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets; west side preferred; or would rent two adjoining Houses. Tensntdrat slam, with ?Bounty Addre-s w., box 4.42B Post office. MAHBLB MANTELS. UAIIBll MANTELS AT KDUOHp PRICES.-AFINH M selection on hand at S. KLABKR 8 manufactory, 94 First avenue, near Third etreet. New York. Call and ex amine. Marble mantels.?the bebt ruAvi ib thr dtv to purchase Marble tnanteU of the lateet destgnw at very low prices Is at A. K l. A HUE'S Marble Works. SB liast Eighteenth street, near Third ev., N. T. Cat thl* out. ARBCRIXHD SLATE MANTELS?SUPERIOR IM appearance. more durable, half the pries of marble. RtKWAhT. m RUM avsaita, between TmnyWih aaffi UAI