Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Şubat 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Şubat 1867 Page 5
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IMP E1 CHMENT. ?f Willtaai LUjrd fianhM at tie BrteUya leukayef luii Laat Iflflt. A large, fashionable ud intellectual audience si*m Med in the Brooklyn Academy of Mane M avuning. They were drawn ibiiuer by the announcement (hat William Lloyd Garrison would deliver a lecture on "Im peachment." When the lecturer made his appearance ea the platform he was received with applause. A. L. Fa well, of the imi-Slawry Standard, opened the pro oeedmia by stating that another bill on reoenatruction la before Congrum, and that it will probably re ?elvo a veto ; that the flrsi thing Congress should do is to impeach the President. It aboold not die aolre wfthont preferring the impeachment which the people preferred at (he laat election. He then Intro doeed In eomplimontary ierma the lecturer ef the even ing, William Lloyd Garrison, of Bottom (Applause.) The distinguished lecturer then came forward and ad, tonnsed the meeting aa follows :? Lamm t*i> Gnvxicms?I see it oot In the TrOntne that I am to speak to-night on the Impeachment of the Piwatdoni of the United States. The announcement is ? little too specific and exclusive, for my topic is "Our hiattoaal Situation." But you may bu sure before 1 get through 1 shall hare something to say on the subject of (?punchment (Applause ) With a recent exception K tu nee ly a your since I addressed a public audience, ow ing ton severe o dily Injury. Nor do 1 yet feel in n oniiOhio meninl or payaieal condition to undertake such n task. Bat I am tiers to meet my engagement as best 1 may, throwing myself a pan your indulgenoe for any pneoeptible lack of rigor or interest in my lecture. If you will grant mo n quiet hearing I shall feel wary grateful, a* wall aa the beat complimented. There are sensatooal speakers whom chief aim nooma to be to bring down the bouse. For myself, I shall feul incomparably more gratided if, by anything I may any, 1 can bring the house up? up to a higher plane nt thought and action, though no audible approval be given. Though for so long a period thrown out of the arena of public discussion, my conaolation has b?en that any voice wa< not needed to nee pen popular abhorrence of Southern treason, or to vindicate the claims of the freedmen to nil the rights of American citizens. If at ?ay time prior to the late rebellion my testimonies and labors were of anv value in effecting the emancipation ?f the millions who ware doomed to a life lung bondage, aow that their chains are broken, and their perpetual freedom constitutionally d 'creed, and their friends and advouate* are legion, it is of no imi>ortacbe whether I apeak or remain silent Nevertheless, while there is a right tube obtained, era wrong to be redressed, i can sever be au indifferent sp ctator of the conflict, until the reason be dethroned, or life become extinct. dHory to God I 1 have lived to see the haughty Olave power of the .Sooth crushed as a pot ear's vessel is broken. I have lived to see that consti tution which through its old pro slavery guarantees waa indeed "a oovenan' with death," purged of its Hood guiltiness. I trust that before this mortal shall put on immortality I may be graciously permitted to see (nose who ure now recognlxed as freedmen In the South In the full possession of every right and pri . liege en joyed by their white fellow countrymen. Every day wear? making progress in that direction.. Happily we are ao longer to declaim about slave corrals, or slave ?action blocks, or sieve prisons, or Fugitive Blave laws. ?r pro slavery compromises. These belong to the pa-t. The question of the hour relates to reconstruction snd eWaenfiflp, the osiab'iBhm -nt of tree institutions on a tunnOD basis throughout the country. In the di ecub of this question not a small anti-slavery band bit millions of voices, are earnestly engaged, and Doming pise so Interest* or ebaiienges the public si tuation. Once the wrath of the South was concentrated ?poo the sbnltttonista. Now they are lost slgbtof, and it ft* a royal Congress which r?n.?es her hottest indigna tion. Bo long aa that body by its action draws down npon its head all the vials of bar rebel mat gnlty 1 shall Jain in no speaking impeachment of its Integrity, for ouch a filthy outpouring Is a good certificate of its patriotic character. Congress may need counsel and attmulus, but to hurl opprobrious epithets at it should feu loft exclusively to rebels snd oopperheads. (Ap atatus ) Tuere is no serious di\islon of opinion in the loyal ranks as to the claims of the colored population to ?quel and exact justice, or the necessity ol so recon structing the fallen Southern States as to give mutual protection to the rights of sit classes. True, the ballot Isast yet in the bands of the freedmen as it o igiit to i it must be. and, assuredly, as it will be, boih us a ? of right sad a weapon of protection. True, the aramnt ?tats of the -outh Is more or less chaotic; the ?res of rebellion are <et hotly smpuidnlng in ijieir asaaa; the rood tlou of tho* w o have been sot free M attended with many sad ami harrowing ruocomitanis la a few extreme cases ibeir former owners have attempted to exercise dominion over ihrtn as of ?id. In o<ber instances free blacks have been sold into temporary slavery, as a penally for crime, or cruelly ?eourged m public at the whipping post Tiiey have feme frequently delrauded of their earnings, and in ttie making of industrial contract". Here and there the ?ferns, established by Northern benevolenee for their fewtnniiioo, hsvs bean violently broken up, the teachers own polled to fly tor their llvos snd the schoolbouses feutavd or pulled down. O it rages of all kinds have been ?mat wantonly inflicted upon them, in order to make the.r ?mancipation a mockery. And, to cap the climax, thou martf of them stj alleged to have been brutally murdered, tfeoagb the number probably is somewhat exaggerated, ?st there is this wide difference between the old >4gime Sad the present. Ail thorn crum a snd sufferings pro ouod from bo established institution, but are simply in aldsatal, however grievous and deplorable, and certainly they are in flagrant violation ol the laws of the laud. They belong to a convulsive, transitional state, and in vary many rases have been penetrated solely to spile tfeo execrated Yankees and gratify the wounded feelirgs af baffled nonfederal? am hi ion. To argue from their ?ccurronce that the coaaiuui lonal anil-slavery amend ment >? o nattily, or tbfet the condition Of the freedmen Is worse than when they wen held as chattel slaves. Is to feo m Cfosoopie io vision and unphlosophic in Judg mmt It should be rememlwred that such outrages amy mom to bo.oi' unusual frequency and severity b cause they con now be reported, snd through the medium of s Ihoneanrt Jtinnial* made known to tte whole coun try. Ti e freedmen, to a large extent, can uou volunteer to speak for themselves, or where In ? own persons compelled to ellcuce tbr.mgh fear of a poulehinent they can And voice, sometimes fey redress, and at all times more or lew or ?ucoor through me various brandies of the Freed men'." Bureau. There is of oppression that is not now made menferet in the llgut of freetkita; whereas. In tbc mid mgbt reign of slavery, though countless atrocities were perpetrated, the heipleee suflerers bad to vrran and hferod without n symiieUilziog Irieud, a protecing voice, ? reporting pen or an electric telegraph c m dlu u. in s etoflie day?I sincerely beiieve in a single day?those atrocities exceeded in number and cruu'ty far more ea* have taken place in n twelvemonth the traffic in b iuid fleah was aa hourly puce. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives beb. g at the breast were constantly on tne auciion block to lie -old for the reputed dower. . half a do* n cases have been reported within the pmt year of the selling of any one as a for nriaies, and tnen only for a brief term of servitude: mid such an indignant outcry lies beeif raised far snd wide mat this diagnc fill practice will no longer b j tolerated Before the abolition of slavery the great Imfe of tbe slave driver was taken to inflict stripe, and ~~ i huge puddle and the hot branding Iron did their t, and shreke end groans filled the sir, and no one ived It wrong to smile. Now, if a no. to be carr.ed to tbe whipping pout, uveu m a convicted felon, a unl worml remonstrance, breaking out la thunder tonus at ton barbarous infliction. Btill the sltustion of the fbeecmnn Is anquestlonsbiy attended with very may mtlerloga and perils. While my bean has bled to view et what tbey have had to end.ire since emanci wa* proclaimed, arising out of the old broken it of slavery, 1 am not surprised uor dismayed at anything that has happened. When 1 reflect bow sud toaiy and unexpectedly and completely the slaveholders worn deprived of their vast property Id human flesh at a market valuation of two thousand million dollars; bow ?? their brill lent e xpec:ai tone of attaining Southern la dependence and establishing a vast slsveholdlng cos led ?racy, mailing away "iiku the bssslsss fabric of a linos,' left tham aa powerless as any one mm Imagine, there la bo doubt, thou, in deter 'to mum how the tro.blo through booth was nt drat developed, and it out, aad then from oar hum Me knowledge of She people whom they affected to despise, we may fex the basis of the wrath of what were oaoe the mere sieves ?f the owner; how tbey bad beaa tdestlOod with him, ?ad to find them planed mom nearly eo a par would grsally stimulate to feveago How manifest fees been the provocation to give thorn wrathful deeds lu tbe end dsa transfer fromcbaios to the ballot box, as tbelr point eel eeuais. those whom they y aster ray bought and sold en the aociioa Mock, along with calUe aad swine; snd ?anlly, bow utterly ignorant aad brutally (Ungraded u a hrge portion of the bouikem wkites, and how fiercely Inimical to the norma# having any e ban or in ihe race for freedom. When I remember all these (nets, and the miaiogm onld bo Indeflmte.y ex.eadei, I am surprised m wotnlng ibev hove dooeto make emaeelnation a feil ore or the Situation Uf the freeimen as distrustful as ?arable. By tbu taws ef the human mmu tbey oorld mot have beaa otbarwaa If you will mm to "Milton's FmmiUee Lost," you will And In the Ural two books the eliefe -nothem rebeltloe portrayed with graphic power amd marvetlaus scouraey. It would nlmoet seem ss if puiiw [,nd lied n clairvoyant virion of It, snd obislued from it tbe mete rials ef the book?the imagined re ts til tin in heaven. For ha tan you bava only to s ib-n dnte Jeff Pavli; for Belial, Stevens; fhr Beeixebuts ?aeon; for Lucifer, Lefe; /or i'sndemoniuin, taed<>u<b. What was her ground of < oraplolutf They say It wen tbe tyranny of the North, the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln that constituted their plea of revolt, The HouUi n as devoted to-day to bar UessHincus design* as sbe ever was. Her language ? that though overc?u>e by superior tome ehr la not yol conquered. Such la Die spirit of the rseihmn rebels to-day, and they are giving ample ?vldence or their vlndfe tivenex in tholr robbing, scourg ing and even murdering the freedmen?gjvlm. to the flames their reboots and their cburrbe% snd enact ing ogalnet them penalties and reetrtrijou* such m never have hoen beard of. Their hcstlUiy mt the white loyalist is la ibe seme aplrit-in ? aord, their hatred of the North is sodiemiM* that it is ?at safe fur a white man to travel '-outh, not to speak of hi*attempting live to there Tbcir ostentation* p?;mp In their eud-atar to ccmuieusMate their dead leader* by erecting monnmente lo perpetuate Ibeir fain -, their declarations that it I" boiler to reign lo hell than to earve In beaver, ore clear Indication* of ihelr Jtptfll of antagonism to the national government The Richmond Timet mys that "the great mass of the people of the North bate us with MftihMiif that would martia Uie d-viis iu hell, and that many gernle women nmd many white era vat led ml n latere would com* tramp lug to outness thu banging of our illustrious ex-l'reddout ?f the (onfederate fttates, or my of our distla galrhed chieftains." The Pine Bluff tUfmbiic. thus duarntMM the present Congress:?"A Congress I A Congratof I tons rear I What ? euuremfe !? ?all Sc? * degraded, pot u ted, dissipated ?1 M bow moot at Washington 4 Congress. {s it a a perfect outrage, aa insult sufficient to call ttft the spirits of our forofalhiirs from their celestial ?<1" to rebuke the perpetrators. The Wilmington ik*it<itcK says tho people of toe South are united as one ban against the acts of Oongrem; they cannot he made *>ave*, they wtU not be held In eub) jction and tyranny. At the right time, if the lTeuideut of the United State* stands flrm in bis position to protect the coasttiution and check tho march of despot Ism and fanaticism, ihe combination will he effected They will light to the knife. The Lyn hburg Rqnuh)if<XH declares that it can see only one way by which the peo pie of the South can extricate ft from its present dilom ma. and that is that the Prescient stand ilrm, and an nounce by proclamation at the close of the present Congress that the next Congress shall be composed as the ooastitution requires, or two Senators from each State, and that he will euforco this by the whole ariuv and navy ef the United Stab*. General Grtuii and Admiral Farragut would have au eit'octive word to ?av about this matter if the President should come to the aid of such treasonable sugve* lions. Another journal says that our Norih?r? leaders commenced their progress thus?Butier turned thief at the start, stealing spools, Thomas displayed remarkable skill in giving white peonies churches to hie black feilowcrs. Grant tried to conouor Lee fairly, but failed. (Uughtor.) Sheridan diserir. d an hottest father by being a libel on and a scorn to the Irish people, by issuing his General Order. No 14. Bin. tar? Dlvieon of the Gulf. The Mobile Adorrtxt,r saVi, _ 4 We have not ohanged our principles; we *t<ll Jiold rhem as ftrraly as ever. We era not penitent* from rebel, lion, because we have been guilty of no rebellion. (Hare Mr. Garrison read an abstract of a letter from a promiuent citixcn of Alabama, who was a warm sup P"*' ?o JohlMou. l?? gentleman of Ctncln eatL) The Houth is just as rebellion* in feeling to ffy In 1881. I hope the Conine* o? the I Dlted States will bring Mr people to their senses before these -taie. are robbed. We have the most arrogant and m the 8oath that God ever per I V- Jl? 'be earth, and if they are not com pellod to respect the national government they will bring about another conflict In tuiure years. - hoT>*y brotf' ?P,nt toward the freedmen and this I naturela^orat?KlU^d3tewards the national government Is I f, ?, .If "'?vcboldtng domination has the poeon If not the fangs of the rettleauake. We must !?i f?r.any sJwh r9VOI<i""ii8 of character to follow hh!^?*0 i f ?i,shw?T Md 'he termination of the .. fy P?'98" believe that the aboil tionists bad maligned them at the North; tuat they had grow.* exaggerated the evils of slavery, and basely libellod the charaotorg of ihe holders of slaves at the south. Ba( as nothing can exceed in inramy the sum of all villanies, so nothing, unnatural, nothing extraordinary has occurred from the rebellion until now?no Southern perfidy, dls loyalty, barbarity to the emancipated b acks, and infer nal cruelty to our captured soldieVs. This, then, is the south! Vanquished on the battle Held, but not con quered in xpirit-t-unchanred in rebellions intent?lack ing only the means to renew the struggle for radepea donee?contemptuous and insulting toward the North ? execrating tbo very existence of a loyal Congress, hutju bltant over the perfidy of the President, and anticipating a ilnal triumph under his usurping measures?amenable to neither Divine nor human laws?deaf to at) pleas or reason and Jnstice?utterly destitute of all patrioitc foellng?ignorant of the meaning of the word "loyalty"? thoroughly un-American in everything pertaining to the rights of human nature and a true republican govern ment?given over to mental and moral lunacy?having passions set on lire of hell?barbaric in condition with out capital, or enterprise, or organized Industry, or com mon, intelligence, or educational advantages, or religious culture?th? masses demoralized and crushed?despotic assemblies dominant?the Inundations of society under mined, and a reign of terror existing wherever the .controlling power of the federal government has been withdrawn?what shall be done with her* What is her exact status in the Union 1 How shad libertv be secured as well as proclaimed through out all the land and to all the Inhabitants thereof ? I can answer these questions only in tbe briefest manner for I will not trespass too long on your time and pa'kmoe. First, then, what shall be done with the Soutb. Obviously, we should do by her as we would be done by. No vengennoo should be inflicted, no de grading humiliation required, no oppressive burdens imposed?notning beyond what Jnstice demands and tho public safety and general welfare make Imperative. It may suit the malignity of parties tor the Richmond Km to say, "Wo know mat tbe great mass oi tbo North bale us with an inien- ty I cat would startle the devils in bell;" but nothing can be further from the truth I'ruly u would not lie vory surprising if, in full v ow ol tho unparalleled horrors of Audcnon vl lie and I.ibby Prison, oi the revolting massacre of the colored sold lore at Fort Pillow, of tbe horrible .laughter iu the street* or New Orleans, of the worse than savige manner in which the ?ouih conducted the war, mu t'la'iug the bodies Uf Northern soldiers who fail in con flict?in some Instanoes turning (heirbones Into trinket* and often perUdiously hoisting the white tla of truce, the bier to carry out their murderous do-igri* I repeat, it would not be very surprising If, In onnre upla. Urn ? f this awful spectac. ?, and r>calling these terrible reiuini cences fierce maledictions and cries far retal a tunio tbe utmost should bo beard on every hand. And yet in all the North there is no chcn bed wrath, no cull for vengeauce, no desire to return evil for evil On (he contrary, there is no other wish than that the south may be speedily clothed, and In her right m nd fur nished with all the means needed for the intellectual and moral improvement of her benighted mass -s, aided to any extent by Northern capital, raechaahal resources and enterprise, her waste places restored, her desolation removed, her peace ?nd prosperity built oa an immovable basis. Tills she baa seen, but cannot understand, nor iu her present in flamed state cen she ballets it; bftt let racts speak lor themselves. Tbe niiiM of the people at the ooutlf have been guilty of high treason against the govern ment, and have thereby legally forfeited their lives: nevertheless, up to this hour not one of ihem all baa been punished or even arraigned at this tribunal of Jus tice for this deadly crime?not even the arcn-traitor J h.inself, Jefferson Davis Is this a proof of Northern | hatred or Northern vengeance T An almost universal amnesty has been given them, end their confiscated property generally restored. Is this a proof that the North is Implacable towards tbe South? I In 'he ptans for reconstruction no ether conditions have been sought to be impoved on the South than the North binds herself to obey. Is this a proof of Nor>hern intol erance T In the spirit of good will and laudable enter prise Northern capitalists, mechanics and laborers nave gone down to tbe South to build railroads, advance the Interest* of agriculture, make produclve once more the abandoned plantations, extend the mannfectiire of ail those great staples on which Southern prosperity de pends. rxpand her mineral resources, widen hor commerce, and make her wilderness to "bid and blossom as Ihe rose." This she has treated with malts nant contempt, adding, In many case-, violence to menace?rejeetlng their ov rtores and retm-iug ihcir pro,'erod esristaaee, leaving nothing undone |o prevent success crowning their enterprises, and often compelling them to fly from their schools for eafetv. Is this a proof of Northern Intolerance t Millions of dollars have been . expended by the government, contributed by tbe North for tl.a relief and maintenance oiT sufferers In the South?to relieve tbe woes of me Booth, brought on by ibeir own ecu in this terrible rebellion. And yet this has been made bat ? fresh occasion U insult and slander those who hare given them bread lo appease their hunger and clothing to rover iheir nakedness. I may give yon the latest illustration of this hateful spirit. A short tune the Cooper Institute In New Tork was crowded with a mint r-s portable gathering of ciitaena to dense means to afford relief to the destitute in the South, and among other eloquent and effective speakers was Rev Henry Vtart tree.her. who spoke with his characteristic tenderness and generosity, urging the most liberal contributions by the claims of a common brother hood. Now listen to the R.chmood TV?j The gcofleman read tbe quotation, and commented sarcastically upon it, continuing ae follows ? Beside those, millions of dollars?which have been ex pended tor the sustenance of the suffering, rebellious population of the Bomb, (bus under the most flagrant provocation literally obeying tbe scrptural Injunction "If thy enemy bnngcr. feed him; if be thtmt, give him drink ''?millions more have been raised by volun tary contributions at tbe North, to organise schools and furnish teachers and school books for the education, not ! only of the blacks, but also o the whites, after the pat : tern or the New England common school system. And If thin Iu valuable privilege has been spurned by the lat ter. bat thankfully accepted by tbe former, It onlv shown thai there Is more bepe of tbe eievstios of this black than of the while race. It Is the noblest boner .cttoe that can possibly be bestowed upon tbe South, and it has Just been Increased to the extent of an additional million of dollars by that truest or all muniflcent phllantbro i pista, George Feabody?(applause)?? native of the "Old Bay State," tbe 3'ate of all o'bere most detested I by tbe Hontbern chivalry. Already some fit teen hundred cotnpeuAt teachers have rone down to tbe South on this mission *>f love and o, tight, many of them of the highest cellar*, leaving homes of affluence and refinement, who are scorned, Insnlted, ostracised from white society, and subjected to a thousand priva tion* and peril* because of their love for God's oppressed sad suffering poor. Already an army of more than a ' bundled thousand freedmen can read and write; and the ory la, "Still (bey come," eager to learn, and show, leg e capacity to acquire knowledge scarce ly equalled by any or their while tradueera. The inception and maintenance of this sublime educa tional mffvemcut of Northern philanthropy and pa triotism oon-tiinte the i Umax of bumsu magnanimity, having no parallel in alt history, under clr< umstiincea ?veb remotely analogous. It marks tbe highest range yet attained by any people In Christian Civilization Whet, then, In the second place, is tbe exact statu* of [ the late Confederate "totes In the American Union? ' ?* the Gordian knot thet box puzzled tbe wits of Northern men ebeib' r to cut It at one bold stroke or still laboriously % try to untie It. Nothing lias ????ted to mo clearly in the path ol duty In lire r-euta meat of this vexed question?that Is. reasoning upon ihe plan of the government. No historic pre eilont csn be round to help to a rhhl conclusion, lor no *ucb eveni a* the Iste reb'Uton la found In the record of na.ions. Bcarcely a rqv or light can be got by consult ing the con illation of the United Hiatcs, lor It has sole reference to Stales revolving In harmony around a common contra, not to States dismembered, rebellious, waging war against Ihe general government, and elm Dg at the overthrow of the Union. The oa-e is wholly ?Doraaious, to be settled on tin own merits ?nd as gene ral *n ety rexotrce. The Romeo maxim, "Tbe welfare TJ. . .T1"? ?"Pwroe law,.' was nevnr mure ap. pticaide tban it la to our own slinailon. That which ha* ?sit grown eut of precedent can never be settlril !<y an tfjTf J? precodenl. That for which the constitution IfLT* ? PT'Vlslon as a possible occurrence can nut be setiied by an appeal to the conatiiuiion. Not the: that inetr ment does not confer ample governmental pokers " "'/T* ?%wTi exigency, but precta i? bow thoee p?were ?"'?J' h* "?vcleed io aa attempted rebellious dismember ment of the republic u has secesssniy tart to the netrl "sIT1'0* ** 9-*Jl"'"??tere authority at 'be .^k?. t. moonstatoeey and audacity is shown Hrn Hints that for ftoer long yean J".. to withdrew from tho Union; t.istjia* adjured the . onstliutlnq sod made war upon the f*"*?' ^??T??*dt te achieve her independent*, now that she has been defeated by aapsrior mllhary force acd cdn no ioBgek h?pe to make a neeesetnl, clpiBit a oonsilteiMnaJ right le he exemsd Ml pun labMW and to been her Senatore sad r6pw?e?l*Uy?|i (n Cllli|liiW preciwly u though A* bad nleray* bMt Iml to till core, while ahe estonia tiously oontinuee an treasonable In speech and In spirit, and, h Ikr u opi?ortunity offers, In oh at nay time during the war. And, atrange 10 there i* a "powerful party at the North that endorsee n r impudent cla m to the fall extent, a }>arty tluy '?t'^ sented by the poisonous copperhead: and, Orangery , there are tnose who support the puelilon nealntttand by President Johnson, and to maintain which ho Uae Plac?^ himself at the head of all that '* ? the South and all that U (hcwoue at the ? ate^; - MS ^??T^^^8iervBe?d\^Ume ?wah each as are sound? And if n State tfeaeou.bleabdc.Us its plane in the Union, and declare* war J* flnally lurro'iuT-d and compelled to ,?arrender. baa It forfeited none of It* former may it authoritatively demand to be "wated tL UoioTT W SPK then' i'^a*? equivalent to loyally, then are all ?D,tl'"t'0"?1 guards mockeries. Tbte Inaldioea claim is m^ tobe detested than open rebellion, and lb?1? * "hUr U arc to be ranked with the enemies of the republic (Ap plause. ) Another theory is, <hat as1 a pena consequent of the r rebellion the Southern Stales_ have reduced themselves to a Territorial condition. Literally it la not so- Dractioallv it Is eo to all intents and purposes, to f^^e claim to be recognized by Congress!- con earned. A Tereitery Is ? ?ato inembryo After it passes into a Bute it ceases, to be a Territoiy, and noth ing that it can do afterwards can reduce It to a con dition dim-rent under the constitution. As a Torrliory it mav knock at the door of the I nion lor admission as a 'State, but It ie ?1U the prerogative of Cowgrosn to araut or to refuse its application. The constitution provides that new States may t>? admitted by Copgross into the Union, but Uib power is discretionary. Uaquas Uouably this same dicrctiouary power can be, nay, most be |ir1>(i by O-ngreee "to determine when and how States ^ !?-. treasonably saoede from the Union may ba readmit - ted to it otherwise th*y msv go In and out at. plea-ure, light up the Barnes of civil war, work ail manner of evil'and escape the punishment due thoir crimes. The rebel State* then an not to be classed with Terri tone*. In either cue? they are not ai the marble iu the quarry, nor as the iron lu the bed, nor as timbers iu the unrolled trees in the forest. They are Hiatee in ruins. hence they need to be reconstructed. Ttist ie the exect word?r "con-tructed?rrw 011 structed from foundation to thi. top stone. But w enever speak of reoonstructint Territories. 1 In regard to my third proportion, How shall libertv bo secured at the .-oath a. it h at the North t I answer: re member what the South is; remember that she belong* to the dark ages, not to the nineteenth o niorv; that alio is the habitation ol cruelty, that she never was demo cratic, nor for democratic forms, except as she bold absolute mastery over the couutry: that those who led In the rebellion now hold evorv place of honor and emolument on her soil where she is froe:o choose; that the entire white population, with few exceptions, are embittered enemies, and the largest portion of them in the depths of moral degrada tion and as illiterate as the heathen in India. Left to herself, the most dreadful contrqueaees may with certainty be predicted. In that case, woe, woe, woe to the hapless freed men, and wis: to every mau known or suspected to have been loyal in scuiiment during the rebellion. Lynch law, assessina tion and civil war will do their fatal work. Within a few days the Nashville press has stated that s diabolical conspiracy had been entered jnto by certain rebellious cilizens of counties of the Stale or Tennesson to procure the assassination of a number of leading and iutliieutial Union men, whose names are given, as well as tne prices to no given for the work, all of the parties being men who were oiiicers in the federal array and residing in the Third Congressional district. Unle s predictions can bo faisllled as ociations of Union men will soon also be the order of the day In laid .v II county, Texas. If such things are done in ihe green tree, what wilt he done in tlio dry? Ir. without representatives in Congress, and while partially subjected to military rule, each* to obtain one and r move the other, this is the spint of the South. What she will be emboidoped to do when fully reins wed may no easily conjectured. What then Is the inevitable conclusion ? This:?The Soutu must be kept under the "ise and benetlceut guardian ship of the general government for an iudeiinitc (i?rlod, that Is. until she is civilized and preponderantly loya-, bo that period when It mac. Until tnen sh ? must ho allowed no Senators or Reprosenw.ivcs iu Congre-s, there must he no barga uiug with her for impartial HQ Trage In place of universal amu.-sty? that amnesiv she ought not to be granted. 1 ruat the Wished wolf with a lamb; trust that th? thundorhol:< will leave no mark uu the object that it strike* and In her present condition and mood trust not either in tbo will or ability of the South to be loyal. Before she can be loyal vhe needs to he regenerated? created over again. Bucb 1* the view taken by ton gress on this subject, as set forth in an act for the uiore efficient government of the reliel mate*?an act sure to be vetoed by the President, and Just as sore to be pass, d over his veto by a two-thirds vote of Con gress. (Applause.) But after alt, w.ihI real value will there be in such a triumph so long ss Andrew Johnson is allowed to occupy the Presi denlial chair, (Murmurs.) The most Important nep remains to be taken by Congress, and that lithe Irn ncichment and removal of the President from the office he now so barely disho.iure and betray;. (Applause > In him the whole rebel el- moot Is centred; to him the whole reoel forces look as their leader end de.ender tor Immediate admission 10 all political rights, both in <on gre-s and out o' it. Let Justice be ex.-euted u(?.u him, or let tnos-J section* of the constitution relat .ng to pun tshment lor h-gh crimes and misdemeanor*, and imneachm-nt for these and treu-on, be ex punged from that instrument forever. (Applause.) The people are rqariy fur the trialand ihe verdict. -Wvwv ?? (.&, upha tn. Thou art weighed in ilic halancee and art fouud wanting, will be unhesitatingly recorded (Applause.J Let the penile, U?<> loyal people, be tested In any little gathering North or South, and they on hc-itatingly respond fbr impeachment. I mean the peo ple, not a partv or the representatives of any party. (Renewed applause.) Two parties Indeed exist The one is ihe loyal people, and the other Is the sympathisers with rebel*, their aiders and abettors Ubtoied and ud held by sucn a partv Andrew Johnson <e?*r? to be the President of the United States. There should not be a traitor in the camp. I strongly believe that the committee on Impeac-.menl will report In1 favor of m n aching Andrew Johuson. Let impenchnu-nt be toe . first and the only mea-ure con-idered and actedI up?n bv Congresn It Is coheedod that the Pro idont cannot bi trusted from March to December bv the meeting ol Congress on tlie 4tli of March. w*>y not ',ve '"JI'JJ ticket of leave aud let him go t Notbiog else is ne ded lo give t ine and strength to the whole b dy politic. (Applause. I Borne men ?V afraid or tbls cowno. They aav all things are lawful but not expedient. But in this ess-- it Is ss expedient ss Jawtul to arraign the traitor who sands st the head ol his governiDcul. There an- othors who wait lor eome tbing still more des,K>tic before they make out a ca?e asaiu-t lum. They remind me of me mau who was spit st in the face, kicked, down stairs and rose to ask If anything wns meant, to be Insinuated agsinst him. (Laughier) The ban hcen entity ol many heinous offences, yet ihc?e periple mcan to wk-.f Anything U meant to be IMnu sled agsinst them. What sullerlng and anguish hue he not brought upon the country with n sne year. .Give bun two more, and these mens heart* may well fail then, for fear. The selfish cry ie r^-dtnat apan lc 'LJX' ko? they^'said up *0 ^'^mh.rim Z Sf Port Sumter. What came of It all T A in ilnon slain; the sky luijd wlUi couilugiation and ruin; and a na ttouai debt or $3,000.000 000. 1 hat AiiuneeeriiuL Just In pp,portion as we are true to our SsTm Md * r uJId. juM to shall we be b.eerad. Liberty includee all earthly blessings; and that her glnrtoaH reign be thus secured, sho demands I be 'ml,emcl'tul^' muval of her pseudo lYeeldent, Andrew Johnson, an J let all wbo pretend to be loval exvlatm in tuunder tones. and the meeting broke np. OBZffVllT. Robert Hwttt Mr1l|*t<?. Robert Swift Livingston, of Almont, near Rod Hook, DrtckM county, died la thie city on Monday loot, aged otgbty-otgbi yearn. He waa the eldeet eon of Robert Livingston, of the manor of Livingston, la Columbia ooonty, and sprung from a family which, though claim lag precedence among the old colonial aristocracy of Raw York, became, nevertheless, prominent on the pop ular aide la the American Revolution. The Livingston family, unlike the Kings, Hamilton*, and other great faint I lea of the last generation, were democrats or the school of t Jlnton and Jefferson, and the subject of the preeont sketch retained the traditionary political bias of Ma family. Ha apent hla life, however, In avucationa other than poltt cat, and wan especially food of rural em ployments For several yaars be was President ot the Farmers' Clob, and waa an active sad prominent mem ber of the American Institute of this city. H s beautiful country seat, Almont, opposite the CetekMs, an the Hudson, has boon for Bfty years the admira tion of foreign tourists of tasto and disttnrtloa. Mr.

Livingston was a gentleman of culture and touch gen eral tnformeiioa: hla wealth. tastes and hab.ts kept him Moaf from the hue loess worid and I rum active city HfS. but bis many friends recognised the admirable traits of bis character, his genial cordiality, klnoaesaof man ner and moderation, and tho sterling nature of his friendship. Mr. Livingston wss admitted as a counsel lor st law in the city of Albany la the year IMS, sad at the time of his death waa tha eldest member of the profession in the huts. The funeral ?III take place from BL Mark's church at three o'clock this atteruooo. Hrseral MehuaMt, of tha Proawtan Army. Tho Prussian Generals who took part In the late German campaign, and who warn mostly men of advanced age, seem to be succumbing, one after the other, to tbs un wonted fatigues <hey had to encounter. Two rommnnd ora of army corpa, Generals Matins and Soback, died soon after KM cessation of hostilities with Austria, sad now a third, Lieu town t.Qeacral Prbmidt, hns snaffled off tb-s mortal coll. Me Was previously commander <>f toe Ninth dlvimon of Prussian infantry, from which b? waa transferred at the cwmihenremcttt of the war to the second army Corps, st Ma hand of wbkh ha fought In ail the principal engagements of the campaign. Hla lli ners! took place February I. at the churchyard of Ihe Houee of Invalids, Rerun, with all tha military boners doe to hla rank. Wka* Nsane Atokwt m Moimn.? Laura Keens found It necessary to placate the teamed and refined Moblllana, who warned her that "she wss a kaakese end would have to out," b* the fuliowteg statement:?"! could out be the enemy of John WlNBm wrath, as 1 utter met htm or saw him in any Mb I aasar was called upon by the autborltlM lo Men'lfy Booth, never gave testimony i agamet him or perron wbam^^^m^^M with the aaMHSIsiitioa. o- % , ' v EXECUTION. SKOAL TELE6BAN TO THE HERALD. UtiflHor Marl in \v. Dates. at Barltacaaie. Kansas. for the Murder tf Abel Pulley? Yeatbfiil Depravity?The Culprit Only Nine teen Yearn Old, dbc. CuirA?K), Feb. 38, 1887. Martin W. Bates was hanged at Hnrlingame, Kansas, on tbe 30th instant, for the murder of Abel Pulley. The execution took place in the Court House, at that place, at noon of thai day. The Sheriff of the county, his deputies and the prisoner's spiritual advisers assembled at the Court House. The prisoner was summoned, and, cross In hand and leaning upon the arm of his confessor, the Rev. Father Farrier, bowed his head and spoke at considerable length to the crowd. He opened by (ey ing:? Dnaa Fiusnon?I am about to appear in judgment. If I have wronged or grievously injured any of you I hope you will forgiv* me, as I I eel that Cod, for Christ's sake, has forgiven me. He then addressed himself to tbe young, exhorting them to obey their parents, tracing bis own sorrow and impending punishment to dis obedience of his father, and wound up J>v saving:?1 hope to meet you all in a holier land?in Heaven. Adieu. Tbe prisoner betrayed no emotion on beholding the gallows, but at tbe request of Father Ferrier knelt near the foot of the scaffold stain, facing the halter. Tbe last consolations of religion were then otfered to the doomed man. The Bev. J. B. Orwig (Protectant) read a few passages from the Scriptures, offered up a prayer, and was going on further, when the Rev. Father inter rupted htm by askiag Bates If It was bis wish Still to die In the Catholic faith. Bates' answe'r was "Yes," kissing tbo crucifix. The priest then put hie arms around the prisoner's neck, and with groat warmth kissed him upon both cheeks. Tbe prisoner did not falter in ascending tbe stairs to the scaffold, but when upon It ha again fell upon his knees by one of the chairs, remaining about a minute. On inking his seat the priest bade him adieu. The Sher iff then adjusted the rope alaini hie ue k and bade him goodliv. Hates thanked blm for his kindn ?s, and said be Imped to meet them in, where be soon i should be. He then rose to his b et. the Stici'lll stepped i hick, unit Hates said. "Jesus, I t me lie with Thee in Paradise.? liear friends, goodbc." Here the Sh rift ton. bed iliospriug, and tbe wren-hod man was no more, dymg ea--y and without ane struggles. Uates was b'irn in Grant oouuty, Iowa, In 1847, and consequently was only nineteen years ol a^e. He came to Kansas in 18(30. In lMtil, when only thirteen years old, lie v. , in back to Iowa, enlisted in the Twen y first Missouri Infantry, and served lour years in tbe army. He married a girl at Kiupoiia, Kan-os, who, during his incarceration, bore him twins. Ue has committed many crimes m his brief career, and the ouo for which he was banged was perpetrated for robbery. THE POLITICAL SHOW IN CONNECriCUT. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF THE HERALD. , lar-reneing Intercut in ibr Content Between the Kival Uurnnma? Barnuin, the Hhuwman, Churned wick Bi'inv IJ i? to Trickn?11 in Op ponent Said to be Up to Simll-Mlta.kapeore'o Assertion Ke luted tiint there in Nothing In it Nuitie?The Men Wlioui Connecticut Hondo to Conitrcmu &r. Hmdukpokt, Codd., Feb. 26, 1867. The politicians of Connecticut have given P. T. Bar num auotb r show. Tins Jt? beyond nil doubt an estab lished fact, and as bis friends and admirers are using evefy effort to secure his election (o Congress from the Fourth I'ongreHsional detrict tho Interest in the com est is rapidly increasing and will ere long be developed into a genuine excitement. Then you may expect to bear a great deal about stratagem and spoils, as the great showman is already openly charged with bsing up to trlclcs, while hie r -at, Wm. H Barnum. of .Salisbury, an honest aud. unpretending ironmonger, is equally is highly kept up to snutl'. 'I his whole iflair la unquestionably a remarkable political exhlbi- ' uon. And, by the way, it Is not wholly unlike some cher exhibitions with which Mr. Baruum?not tbe iron monger. but the showman?baa had to deal In this 'xhibitton a sUx wd manager, particularly on tbe Union icpublican side, is absolutely necessary ; and where can you Uud a greater one than tbe Union republican nomi nee'' Of all the political nutmegs on the spicy little tree of Connecticut, P. T. Burnum. the showman, la the ? rosiest. Ho can pulvertxc them all. For this reason he is going to he elected. Tbe truth of llie matter is, that Connecticut wanted a svnsaiion. It has at last wot one. It warned soiueth ng which would draw out uu ont correepoudeut of the H tenet. D. It has ad mirably succeeded. Bestdes, Connecticut wants one able mau to represent it in Congress Where is there a man who is "able" to do more than Barnuin, tbe snowman f Did he sue cued In "coining It over" thousands of p opl >, in all parts dfth* United States, some of whom boasted that they po .-eased ihc highest refinement and iu'eliigencc, and, hence, dor* it niand to reason that he cannot '* OdRta "manage" tinflgrcss where thore baa been no rellue ment uod such n lack of dignity and statesmanlike ah llty observable fnr years pa-t. Every Congressman when he leaves bis home Is a little lion, or ihu big dog ol the occasion, or something of the sort, and worn these all get tog. t tier id Washing ton anil assemble in Congress many of them forget io throw of! their animal propensities and liecome states nu n. Therefore they are constantly growling and bark ing at each other. Tbe lion from Pennsylvania opens his ogiv mouth and shows 1iis teeth and growls at the B ar front Ohio, while tbe cunning tox from another Mate puts out his paw to see what tome wild eat will give Litn. Indeed, tbey ail have their paws out. air. Barnum, tho showman, In being elected to enter thin menagerie, wi'l go there experience dose behind him, and will quickly red io o tne animals to that degri-e of sobr.ety which his teroperaac" lectures effected In the districts where be " preached." His particular iriend and by some eiyl >d " Man Friday," Mr. David Fherwood. who It la alleged is doing up tbe election for Mr P. T. B. will of course accompany the showman to Wa-hln. ton and a'Siat him in leading'he animals to drink nothing b .t pure water. What a great moral spectacle this will be.! Forn y will immediately lose thwbcneili whlcb he gen from that Influence "corked np as tightly as tf be hod been in a bottle." Aireadv the newspapers have commenced to take aides, according to their party aud other interests, in support ol' Uie -lie or the other of th ? rival candidates Boon *e may expect to see all ihnee wily attacks made upou the immed atoly inoroxtod parties which ever nr. company a political candidate's march to fame, whether he is honest or not. Fifty thousand dollars are said to be in tho held, ready for use. KuuioF also has it that the showman has challenged bis rival to atnmp the dis trict with him. but the latter it Is understood has de cline I as ha is net anxious for the ofllcu and does not wi h to make a show of himself In any way, not oven politically. rtm snow* ah'h Brvat The d"tnncrats on their side claim that they have made a capita) selection In the nomma'lon of William H. Barnum. of Salisbury. He is said to be a man of superior SDlllty and lb everv respect a complete coun terpart of P. T. Barnum, the Union republican nominee. It la further stated that be (the ironmonger, not the showman) did not seek ibe position in which we now And biro, and that he accepted It only after being pressed to <Jo so by scores of hta Irienda. When, during the war, a draft was ordered tn his (the ironmonger's, not the showman's) town, and tbeie was a fearful appre hension among tbe wives and children of the lal>uriiig meg ibat their husbands and fathers would be forced to leave them, pcrbapa Borer to return, tor. Barnum (the Ironmonger, not the showman) did not atop to express regrets and tender empty con to 1st I owe, but drew hie check for the whole amount ncceeeary to satisfy the d' inand of the government, and thus relieved many an act)lag heart. Need we wonder, Mrs tbe Norwich Ad r ifisr, If the worklngmen of the Salisbury Iron mlree and factories are a little emphatic la their frieadabip for inch a mi 7 It i - a matter of hietory that for more than forty yean tbe of Fall Be Id and Lltohfleid, which bow com pose the Fourth Congreseionat district, have been repre sented in tbe popular branch of the natienal Legislature by only twe non-profesaiooal men; and during thirty years ao business man has received a Congresdhnal nomination, while in the eouree of the same period, ex cepting two ML it.'a, the bar bee been drawn upon for political talent. Some four years ego a prominent man ufacturer was presented to a convention for a t oogres sional nomination, bat he failed let secure it because he waa not e lawyer, and therefore judged to he unfit to manage connectk ut'e little caae la CongreHL It will be seen then that the nominations of P. T Barnum, the ehowman, and Wm. H. Barnum, the sturdy ironmonger, are exceptions to whet baa op to the present boar hern the general rale. ? inn rnnmn on. , The Belfast JtmmaL in speaking of Mr. Barnnm'e, the showman, nomination, aeys:?"Barnum, the.ehow man, baa been nominated for Congress liy tbe radicals of the Fourth Connecticut district. A Alter candidate eonld hardly he found." WHAT MAT sa Tim BfVP or IT. In this political struggle the supporters of the re spective alias charge the mndidale* with attempting to st al each ether's thunder. Fnr Instance, the friends of P. T. Bamt.n, tbe showman, any that William B. Bar nurn, the .ironmonger, hopes to be elected on the former's popularity an e showman, while the friends of the latter *y that the former will, in tbe confusion of names avdl himself of the latter'* good character t* secure hi* iiwi ion. Thus it goes. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. Colonel %. H. Spoouer, of Beaton; Rev. j. A. Worflcn, of O'Wfgo.and f. C. Lord, of Cinclnnali, ere stopping at the Bt l obolae Hotel. Major K>nxle and Major Mclonanll, *of the United Stales Am ol Ft. Lou , l'r. M White, of Connecticut: J 0. Butler, ', and W. H. Gardiner, of Philadelphia, ar* stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. General 1 W. Mansfleld-of the United States Army, i* stoppings! th* Bverett Rouse. Wm. Ba rtngtea, of th* British lepttten, and Captain R A. Jobi Mildmay, of Montreal, are (topping at the Clarendon Hotel. Colonel earning, of Albany ; J. 8. Ceriyie, of Mary land, and (harlea L. Fearing, of Boaton, are stopping at the Fifth Jrenuo Hotel. . Oeverwoj Kent, of Bangor, Met, and ei-Bayer GeoiM tame, ef Jbugbteepsie, are stopping at th* Aetor Mens*, POLICE INTELLIGENCE. Brka*d?i Into a Dunsa Saloon.?Jamce McDonald, a waiter, on Monday night forced an entrance to the diutug saioon of Augustus a Combs, Nos. 13 and IS Ful ton Market,-by means of false keys, and stole from the money drauer a quantity of fractional currency amount in* to $1 34. Before tnakiug his escape Mr. Combs dis covered the burglar in the place, who, on being arrested, confessed to being guilty ot both the burglary and lar ceny. The scour d was yesterday taken before Justice Beganland Mmmitted to the lombs formal m default ol $J,000 bail, McDonald is thirty years of a^e, a na tive ol Ireland^ and lives at No 70 North Moore atroot. wneo before the the prisoner md he know nothing about the burglary. Trsvt or Cottoh.?William Brown, an Iriah laborer, Uvlug at No. 112 Hudson street, was arretted by an offl cer of the Fifth precinct, ha having beeu caught in the act of roiling from the corner of North Uooro and Went streets a bole of cotton, raluud at $100, belonging to the Board of Underwriters Mr. John Cornwall of .Jo 10 Dutch street, inado a complaint ngaini-l Brown and in ?[ ti-bOO hall Justice ttogan committoi/ him to the Tombs for trial Was. Van Winkle, of No 143 Front street, la the man woo saw the prisoner roBln* away the bale 01 cotton. Youthful Rohhkus. ?On Monday laat a lad named latum Plser, whom parents live at No 73 Attorney street, was sent with some thing* to pawn at a shop In the Bowery. On leaving tho place, with $2 20 in nulus and fractional currency in his band, Isaac was assaulted by Tliomss Day and another boy whoso name Is unknown who caught aud held him fust while Jenn U. Day took tho unney from his hand, after which all ol them rau away. Thomas Day was pursued and am-sted, but tbo others made their escape. Yesterday J din H. Day was brought into court and a complaint for larceny preferred against him and his brotuer by the boy whom th?y had robbed. The prisoners are about seven arid ten yours or age. Justice Hogan committed them le tho Tomb* tor trial, fheir couledura'e has no; yet been taken. It m.SLi? thoro Is a gang of young thieves who make it a practice of hanging about the Bonerv pawn shops ft* tho purpose of robbing girls and boys as thay leave these places with the money thev get as advances.upon such articles as Iheir pareuts are fjircod to part with In order to keep them from starving, luis case of robbery is not the first by many whi;U has occurred uuder nearly similar circumstance, at iboeo places m the Bowery and elsewhere. Justice Ucvan seems determined to put a stop to it. Assault wrrn a Shot*?Mary Alobatt, of No. 14 Bax t' r street, and C atharine Kennedy became involved In a quarrel on Monday night, when Catharine, as charged, seized u shovel and struck her adversary on the arm in meting a dancorous cut. The assailant wui* arre-'ted 1 and Justico Hogan required hor to give $60j oa.l to an swer the charge before the Court of General Sessions. A T.ilou Romusr. Hib F.uri.neiiY.?Detective Dovoy, of the Astor House, yesterday arrested a German tailor namod Chorion Kragcr, charged with having at diilcront times within the last few months stolen ultra valued in tho aggregate at $260 from Mr .Tared IV. Bell, liis cinplnyer. doing business at 408 L. .adw y. Ki ger on leaving the store ot night would take cloth for coats, pants and vests, with the necessary trimmings, cut aud maze the garments at liome, and di.poso of the in to the best advantage. After his arrost the prisoner acknowl edged his guilt and gave Detective Devey such infor mal ion as led to the recovery of nearly all the stolen goods. Tho acc iwd, who ltv s at No. is) Uiry-tiu stu e . was taken before Justice Ho an aud committed to the Tombs for trial. On being applied to by Mr. Boll to in vestigate |thc cause of his losing so many goods Dc ee j live Dovoy cut off two butto-is irum his coal and had thorn sowed on by the prisoner In Mr, Hell's *toft*, auu anting the tim 1 thus occupied Devoy becamo satisfied that the pris- n-r was she man he warned. ^ Pick 1 no a I.adt'b Pocket is Broadway.?Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Mary J. Krsktne. living at No. 171 West Thirty first street, while passing down Broadway, noar Fnlion street, was violently jostled against by a young I fellow who Immediately rau oft Mrs. Krskino InslanMy missing her * allot. . o?i?iii,,? $3. f oiu the pock, t of her dress, gave cha.- to the motive and caused his i,rre t by un offt'-er in ihe i|r-i precinct. prisoner, ?ho gave his name as Frederick Voigi, was searched but the lute-sing tn-mcy could not ha found. Voigt was token before Justice Hog&o and locked up for trial. l)isu(.sa,-r Cltok?FjiBisaLiniKNT.?George A. Over ockcr, n youth of eighteen years, recently employed as clerk for Mr. Henry Scott, No. 203 Hudsou street, was yesterday arrested by Captain Petty, of the Fifth pre cinct, on the chur.e of embezzlement. On the 7th iaet. (ienrgo collcei. .1 ? blll of *3.'. du- l.y Mr.. Ann OroMn, ??f Na 8 I nlver> ity place, to his employer, aud converted the siiue t ? Iiih own ubd withoui or cod* rent of Mr. Mott. Justice liogun couunltlcd Hie youth 111! oflendrr to the Tomb* for In default of *1 000 bad. (iveio' ker has collected novoral other bills aid quietly plari-d ihe nioiiey in ,i.g without making any reiuru to bis omployer. Another False Pretknce Examination.?An examina tion sn the i ate of John R. Bacon, recently arrested at hts country residence, near Tarrytowu, Westchester county, on the charge of fraudulently obtaining $5,000 ill cash from Mr. George E. Borland, of Na 7 Heaver street was commenced yesterday before Jost re llogan. Mr. Bacon was President of the "Commercial Hti-atnboal Company, anil, as charged, Induced the cornpinniunt to lake uty shares of stock iu the Bienmboat Com. a v bv rep. csonting tnar the stork- was above par, at 4 com mended u premium of seventeen per ieni. T ? de fendant was io deliver the stock the dmy after receiving I Hi? bu' ,l |K alleged he never gate Hie stoca to -r l.orlnnd, nor returned him his money. Mr Bnaud "1 grcml '"Wit by the d -laudont's co .n?el, but nothing of public importance was elit ited j The further hearing stands agourn.-d oil next Saturday. Aitkiunc a Bill.?About two weeks ago Melville Bigi-g, living in Boach stieei. was wafted upon by Gus ia\ e 5'. Iterge, who presented a bill against the Wheolor k Wilson Mmiitai'turiBg Cnrajmnv, Grovcr A- Baker Hewing ? lie11!no Company and the Finger ?.laoulacturinc Company lor $10. for scrvae-, tendered, and a-Kc-d linn u> approve K Mr. Btg.s. knowing the bill to he oorre t. approved it accordingly, afitr which itr Bergo pre sented it to Mr. Theodore Myers, an attache of the Dinger Manufacturiiig Company, No#468 Brmdwav and usced to ha\ ? it ca-hod. At this time the hill was $ '0 Instead ol $16, as approved bv .Mr. Biggr, aud Mr Myi-is believing :t to be correct, gave Berjre ihe rash on It It subsequently app^d to Mr. Myers that the bill hn.l I been al.ercdi Irani $16 to $20, arhh the felonious intent I to .'heat, and Berge wasyesierday atie-'ed and Drought 1 b'dor. Jut-lice Hogan, who required him to give $600 bail to answer lierge Is a Gcnuau. twenly-tive veas ol age, aud ?ays he is a "detectivo in machine mailers." TIiuiiwat Rorhert.?On the morning of the 26th lust., about one o'clock, as Henry Johnson, redding at No. 12 seventh avenue, was going through Twenty-third street, he was attacked by two men, who snccecded In throwing him on Ibe ground, and were In the act of forcing his watch ?nd chain from him. when an *01 cer or the Si*, taentb, wuo wws on the opp.nita sidj of the street, pciceiviiig something vos wrong, rame nereis arid Ihe men took to their heels, followed by the olhcer who sucrei-di-d tn arresttnc one i?T the parties The ?e' envd was yesterday brought before Justice Ledwilh. at the Jo.'leiwon Market I'uiice Court, and gave his nutne as Thomas Kelly, and was committed without bail. Ataviiicd Grand I.arpknt Jams* Dooley was ar raigned berore Justice Ledwlth, at the Jeffereou Market Poll, e Court, yesterday, charged with being Implicated 'b* *tc*IiDk <?f ? cio-h cloak and overroat. valued at 1 $6a. It appears that Dooley and another man were oh- I ?crved coming out of the More No. 60 We.t Twenty.slath street, by Chanes Smuh, residing at No. 420 f-lxth ave- 1 Due, and from the Iaet thai the articles In question were 1 lying on a aal* In the store at the time thea cus- d en- i lered, and that thojr were mined aud found on the side retiredri*rturf'BDd when ,he ?'?rw "nop iii..L . been givBn, Dooley was arrested, and oum milted to answer in default ol $600 bell. Allo<tan Larcwit from trs Pnh-or.?Sophia C. HofT maa appeared yesterday be or* Justice Udwtlh, and ! charged Mary Brown with having stolen her pockcibook, containing $4 In currency, from off her person, while rtdmg In one of the city railroad care. Mr* Hodman states mat aho p. reoived the a. cowed liandiag t? * con federate a pocsetbook which she recognised as her property, which she mined hip a few momenta prevt oua. Mary wae committed, without ball, to answer. CuAsons Aoaisst a Raomar.?Anna Combes resides at Nn. 217 Bleacher street, occupies apartments on the ?econd floor, pud has a room on the third floor, la which ?bo bad stored Jswslry, fun sad clothing, in value amounting to $138 The room In which she kftpt this rv^o^t'^r k,pl ,ocktd Po? ooierreti John Wmt0o, a rsfrniitt by ocfvuiati in in tno boose, sm, occasion lo go VS discovered ths room in which the property was stored n? ML"*. !2li^ *Mp' ^ ?hort t me prevT facte ihi reni'a htT* "rt>,,nd ,'h* Upon these aluwed BunoLAET ?On the nigot ot November 22 last, the front room of the rear house 07 Sidrtdge atreot, (x cupied by Mrs. Hild"rbrand, was broken into by bur glars, who loroed open tbo window blinds, and $42 worth of clothing, consisting of n set of furs, ? cloak and bon f*S ?f No clue could bo obtained to ihe perpe trator of this daring theft until recently, when Mrs. Hli Sri. *** ? c'"ek and furs In the iitMHoeslon of Jlra Htrtckuer, of 73 Eldridye street, which she Idem died as hers, end Which Mrs. ctrlcknor Informed hor she had "nr'T In Dccemoer from Cbarlus ichoiu for 10 60 Accordingly Mrs. Hllderbruad procsred bciiulis's arrsat, and yoetorday ho was arraigned before JuMcO Man-field, by whom he was commftfo<i in dsfault of $2,000 bail, to answer to ncharge of burglary. Nona Knso Maim.?On Monday night ibo police of the Tenth precinct made a descent upon an alleged gambling house, on tbo second floor of No. 180 Bowsry, where, It is mid, tho game of "keno" was then being played. Moms Henry, Fblltp Boner, Hugo Gorlck, said to he the proprtetore, with eleven others, Were srrestcd. <>n arraign men t, yesterday, before JusMo# Msnsbold at tbw Kmsz Market Police Oonrt, the alleged preprteturs worn held each la flAdfl to aaawor. The other parties, whose names are a? follows, were discharged with a ? Finland ?John A4ama, Charles Kooh, MMianl ' .'T John Biepoena, Henrr Vinoeac Michael Heanesaey Wd! l am Baker. George White, Oeofg# Striker, Obariaa Barrv and George -teph-nn. " ' ""r Alloosd Lawwrt.?Ymtwdag Marks Uvt, milor. was arraigned before Justice Saamuey, at the Baaax Market D K Coart U, M.?r to the *bov, ch^ prefemd UtfMtU. by <haa. Aarnu. The comZ^aZd UMU^of 'h<f"v*u^.'f tir JT?,? ;,f P*Bt" I t? him being aiei by reputed He ww committed in default of f oo jrumo. CITY INTELLIGENCE. CuillD.tTE' FOB TUB OFFI'll OF ClTT UUIMUn _ There ni considerable Uik aboat the City Halt yeeter day in reference to the omce of City Chamberlain, made vararit by the death of Mr. Devlin. It waa thought that the Mayor would make an appointment to Mil the ? *fKl a number of the Aldermen were on hand !?. i l?,00Jn' ia aut> ? special meeting of the Board should bo celiud to oontirm or reject the nomination, Juat as the case might he, but there waa no meeting, and beyond the usual aniont of "hoszlag" in cident to eurh a let uppoiutmeut, nothing lrannpired. tinnrtl>ua& lia nA"<l',i*t?!3 for the lucrative poel tion are Mai how T. Br.nflan and Peter B. Sweeny. Bren nan hue the Inside track; but between now and the nest me- ting of the Hoard or Aldertuen the elate may be to?fa"? Vl6 e^n^JI ?r Ct,y f'fa^'^rlaln la est mated man * $o0,000 a year. Who will be the lucky Kmiahormbut a an Rkpaib of raa Cbirch of ma Tras mug i'ration ,s Mott Mmsrr. -Consequent on the increase In the congregation of the Church of the Hans flgnraiion It has been found necessary to enlarge this structure, and workmen ere now engaged fer thu pur pose in removing the maa.-lve dead walls and the vaults ? *XT"tI ?f 'a" bujWl"?- Alterations in the bwi rn arc also to be made and other Interior arrange men is. wi irh JuW ?d<bUonal uccommodaUun. The work, wi.ieii will occupy some three or four months. Is so car ried on aa not to Interfere with the ifsual MrvVtm Portrait of Ju,m,b nai.r.-Testenlay an e*e?t took place n the Court of Common Pleas which was not on the calendar a Urge numb r of the member : or tbe bar asaombled in the court room, and, through Mr. Chas. Tracv, presented to the Court a lUe-ntxe portrait of udgc Daly, and in tba pi dentation speeco said he i^o'l'IVi'1'9 c"n'm':alra'!"n accompanying ibe por n ? ' , !nUr;(1 in "? tninutra or thocourt7o ii? P "fe p ,0 lho Incidents of u? property. Mr llenry Morrison, in second ing the motion nude by Mr Trie v made a vsrv oloeent JudwDaKh^'omc10. "" to V f official cuiiacity as flr*t Juifre ol thr Court of Common Pica-, and also ,s a hUK honorable gentleman. Judge Jirady, on bvbult of the nur! nill in ^ bU '? accepUtiy me y itrail, and, after a faw words ??tloiz i?ti ? of Jadira Daly, promised that tbe picture should lie received as the properly ol the Court in /??rpetultv. XI Km so or the Fabmkim'Cu a-v-The annul meeting of the Farmers' Club yesterday was well attended and Its discussions were interesting. Among the subjects token up was the time for the judicioua sowing of spring wheat, which |r appeared varied greatly In di lie rent lo culitles, It having been found :o prosper best In ICiune sota and Northern New York wheu sown as late as the last of May or Qrst of June, while in Illinois it required ,h? Rfound us earlv as tbe thawing or the cart I f ,1trm'L In a "',ter fro,n Wive mstn the f??J ,K . p,ur ulK,n tl,u ?tock ,h? mountain ash was advocated", as securing it from the vicissitudes of climate T.,e various modes ol treating poultry, the means takcu to avoid tbed.lllciiltlesationd.ini utMin ihelr whirhThie" m'?rg? muntwr"< R?d the methods by which they could tie made most profitable, were partially the ? i t' * t0 oxcltecqnslderablo inuresL the subject wus made the order of the day for noxt bb remedies fer the dlteao in catilo called J t s K?"r? i Wer" discussed, and preventives tug gestwd. Hsveral new varieties oi potatoes wero ox m sirflan , ?n 'b'erc-iiug convooetion ensued umin the d'llnrent fsmllie* and various modes of plaiiilu" this useiui vngetahle. From the Concord gr.tpe hiihcrlo as ' *e,t?d by mau.v to be uuiit lor the produetio i of wine a sarup e wus exhibited, of ihe vintage ol 1804 which was nit'irn far?r a?d woa'd compare favorably with other taw a not' oT" V* "djoarnirien'. of tho meet u** ?"?d announcing the death of Judge Kobert fev Ift Iuvliigslon?one of the oldest members of the American Institute and nlwsys deeply interested in the proceedings of the'farmers'flub, ind inffg the members oli tho club to alieud his funeral to-morrow afternoon frtnn st Mark's church, which invitation It was upon potion resolved to accept. 0-r.r.A-v,: Pf.taTBi.KRa -The regnlar monthly meeting of this organlration was hold last evening at the Demllt Dispensary, ih Presideni, William Byrn ?. in tho chilr The atte ndance was quite large, but no busiuoan Imyond that of ordtnary routine wa? transacted. tV-veui new TncmlH-r ivepn udiniitod, and permita granted to Mrsons proposed ta work a certain leugth of time uuu -tBc r< - cognition o. the society uulll it could be a,cerr3ned If the, wer- snmctently expert to he deserving of ndmiH ki n. Delogations from Westchester, and Brooklyn fc. D., wer ? present and addressed the meeting. DaAiiKitous Butbsisor ? Yeucrday a building in .Sixtieth rtreet, between the First and Second avenues, upon which workmen wero engaged In preparing lor use as a distillery, presenting au unsafe ap( carauce was inspected by Fergtaot Burns, of the Nineteenth precinct, who found In it such indications of weakness ^ "V""'* ordere<111,0 '?borers to coasc thoir work and s family iiccupvlng a small building In the vlctnitv to remove, Some cows st.b ed n ,he^Zr of th* S si ructure were atao taken away. The front "mi was Wind oSrotTny'tLr AS !?????& ment? ? the Unsafe Building D^rc ?M?trs affrat or a Barroom.-Yesie dnv forenoon an occurrencj, which resulted rather seriously, took place In the drinking saloon of John Black, on Third avenue, Harlem. It appear* a man named Wilson, who it If stated, was expelled a short time since from thi las inic lodge In Hsriem, appeared ycrterdav at (ha above saloon and aca-used tho bartender hu'iimL! named Mjiliffcu. as boing tlie prime mover in tbe affair Ul;>?s were soon exchanged, during the course of which f X ? Moll,ran, bat without "<r?cl whereupon ? TK hl??od took summary venge. oolisted in hlaXehidf.?f * druK 'M aare ?"bsequently NEW JlRSEY intelligence. Jersey City. ?cim.i I>i ath.?About half-pant tea o'clock on Mon day night, Mr. Geo.go 0. IJrown, of (he firm of T. C. and (t. G. Drown, dry good* merchants, Newark avenue, while on his way home stopped for a few miautea at No. IT Newark avenue 10 have u talk with some friends, bot before tbc conversation bod well commenced be fell to the floor and expired H'? body was removed to the house ot Empire Hook and I .adder Company No. 1, of which ho wan a member. Doc.eiuted waa to have been married tomorrow- An inquest was bold last evening by coroner Warren, and a verdict of death from disease of I he heart was returned. The remains wilt too con veyed tbla afternoon to Peterson for interment. Fousb Dkowsbu?The body of a man waa found yes terday morning, floating la the river near Qulatard's deck, at tbe foot of Morris straat. Be was about thirty years 01 age, Ave feet aix inches la height, with light hair, mo'i.-iacha and goatee. Tb dress w ? blrck pants nnd v ,i with a blue overall, red flannel shir , IrtCi-d shoes and cotton stocking*. Two dollars and forty - tlx ceuts were found In one of UlO pockets The body r mains ai tbe almshuuao for identification, where an inquest will be held this afternoon. Ths Afwam.r two Staiwiwo Casus. ?Patrick aad Thomas 8 Jinn on and John Pbertdaa, charged with a deadly ae ?a-tlt on Patrick MeGoern, oi Sunday, wvrsfid-nttta.i to bail vest, r-tey. l>omlnieo Demoato. charged with slab bing Ci arle- .- ockey ou the Sunday previous, waa also released on bail. h'rwsrk. Ratkbb Stbabwb Awai*. ?Theresa Weiss, a married lady, beeomins highly tnraged as ths oondoot of the wife of William It ilk.-. ? e ermined to gtew that lady a chastisement; bat, for fear ?.f being arrets a %r the oflbBC*. she dirgeIscd herself In male atUro, oa Fetur day night, and ret em on her mission. Meeting the ladyln one of the public streets, aba in mediately set to work floggin.- her. Strange things do come to pom, and so It seem'd in thto (in, for tbe brthand of Mr-. Weim bappenia - to para that way, observed, aa ho thought, a man beating a lady, and. with true gallantry, ha uureretnomousiy "pitched Into" the supposed rut dsn. After having raoghly handled tbe meeltBnt of Mrs. Mull' r, and helped tbe loiter to sseepm ho found, to hi* surprise, that he had b en severely whipping hie own wife. Mr* Wel*? was yesterday morning arrested for an awanlt and battery oa Mh. Mailer, and held to bail. >ti t.h Pins n MacnABic Stwbbt.?On Monday afchfl a fire occorred ad Nov 14 Meohaalo street, woanpdod hp swveral manufacturers. The toon aad ceittagBof I am Win in the centre of the building worn quite badly bat and; but the strenuous efforts of the Fin Departaseat saved the building. I ho loss is estimated at $4,140; nuorod for 9-1,200, divided as fotlowfl:?ft. H. Burrett, coach and carriage bard ware manu'neture-, fWO. in sored for $300; W., manufacturer of boefclo tongues, $400, fully insnrsd; (.arrtgnn h McOralth, preparers of metal for silver plating, $100, taaured; David Richardson, coach lamp manufacturer, $600, Insured; Mr. 8tmw, Jock smith, $300, no Insurance, toss sustained fly Mr. Isadora Is baton, owner of the bulMtog, $2,WO, faily insured. Other parties had sieok damaged* somenamextont. A Ksw Oavarnmrarr.?Detective MwHesMp. aa officer ia the United Statos special servtee, has Just disoevered a weU-emeoatod ecuntoriet $1N bill salheOeatral Na liooal Dank af Nsw Tsrk. D l? qui* a perfbet imitation, although the engraving Is somewhat Jjy*' V1* genuine, the most rigid scrutiny wfU be requrfad to do* im m* inpoiiUAD. "r^'flMg Harteir WV*0; Boston Dtapvussrv, IO00 Itsrvsrd Benevolent .society, J5o,000; I osto i ^7'of Nstoral History $tf>,0od: the Temporary ne for lb# Destitute, $10,000, Boaton Provident OCiStion $!?(?*?