Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1867 Page 7
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EUROPE. NEWS BY THE CABLE. The Derby Reform "Resolu tions " Withdrawn. Arrest of an Aid-de-Camp of James Stephens. Earl ftsaaeil "Cessans" Anerieaa CaMset Feaiaaisn. Mottl Americas Confederates Mil Paued ii the House of Lords, b. to to ?art DwkT'i Raftra Plan. LasDoe, Feb. 96?Noon. I of Sort Derby form the topic of The leading newepepera have edi tertal arttoUe in approval. The Dleraell Keeelntiees Withdrawn. Loanon, Feb. 96?Evening. The government hare withdrawn their reeolutiona en reform and promlm to lay before Parliament a regalar i ML THE FENIANS. OMtlurd SmpmiIh of tho Habeas Corpus la Mail-Karl Kussell Ceaaarea tho Wash ington Cabinet. Lokdou, Feb. J??Noon. Tho privilege of the writ of babeai corpus In Ireland has boon Mspeoded for three months longer. hrl En null oensures the American government for t for the Fenians. Arrest of aa AM of Jaaiea Htephrna. Dublin, Feb. 90?Evening. McAflbrty, formerly of the United Slates Amy aad recently a leading member of the Fenian or is America aad a companion of Head Centre oas arrested In this city to-day on suspicion of being coooernod in the reoent outbreak at Killarney. NORTH AMERICAN CONFEDERATION. Tho Anglo-Canadian Bill Pasaed. * " London, Feb. 90?Evening. Tho Mil fbr tho confoderatlon of tho British provinces In North America has passed the House of Lords. ITALY. Antl-Ministerial Election Retarae. Flomhch, Feb. 90, 1867. he elections which bare so far takoa piaoe for mom I of the Italian Parliament bare generally resulted la defeat of the supporters of Rtoaseli. OERMANY. Imp i i la Hem aad a Now Emperor. Bnaug, Feb. 28, 1S67. I William of Prusaa will be the Emperor of FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL bola^ rtsao mm The l?oadoa Mower Market. London, Feb. 98?Noon, i fbr money open at 81. Tho sgoolng ratea for American soeurlUm are m fol 87X OaotraL ex-dividend 77^ States ire-twenty bonds 73 V Losooa, Feb. 98?Evening. " el 91 for money, aamicar ecconmso ? at Mo following rates:? d Baton dve-twenty beads 78V Bah ray abareo n# tot Central, eg-dlvMaad 77* Who Frankfort aad Paris Boarooo. Fiuskvoot, Feb. 98?Evening. Hue-twenties admaood V per coat to* otnv Pawn, Fob 98?Evening, to-doy ware unchanged in price. Tho Uverposl Cotton Market. Lnraaroot, Feb. 98?Noon, (hot fbr oottoo to very dull aad depraeeod, and i me barely maintained. All gradea participate laaoa. The sales to-day will bo trifling, not 18,800 or 4.000 bales. The opening prions this roro tt%i. for middling upland*, and 144. for ; Orleans, with o prospect of a farther decline Lmsroot, Feb 98? Evening. Tho eothen market has been Irregular, aad quotations Ohs* a dssMsd tendency downward. Middling uplands hnen dnehasd JtfA staoe morning, and closed at 19)fd. but middling Orleans closed at 14<L, tba i of the morning. The bosleem of the day ~ , aad sales were trifling, not reaching 4,8881 * Trade Report. Maocheoter (Feb. 98) are unfkvorable. i for goods nod yarns is doll sod heavy, aad i hove o deollaiog tendency. Liverpool Breadstuff. Market. LtvmtrooL, Feb. 98?Evening. The bruadatnflb market is quiet American corn has dssHasd In 87a per quarter for mixed Western. Califor nia wheat h unchanged at 18a. td. per cental. Ltrwrpaal Prevision# Market. Litbufool, Feb. 98?Noon. Bmoa h quoted at 8Sa per owt for tmwinae middles. Ism Ma 84. per owt for Amerieea Livasroni, Fob. 98?Evening. Amorleaa land to Am aad unchanged at 60s. 6d. per wwt Uvea peel Predeoe Market. Lmmrooa, Fab 98?Evening. Aibm Pols bars deal I nod, sod sold lo-day at Sta fld. f Owt Spirits torpeatlae Or A at 87a 8d per cwt -Thta oblong fbr feeding, ?10 18a per MARINE INTELUtfNCE. hrssHOiwwn, Feb 98?Neon. Chf of Baltimore aad the Malta, from Now Torfe oa Satarday, Mawf 18, arrived here m rowh to Livorpeel Into last Paul, Feb. 98, 1887. R h aaaeaased that the Ant steamer of the aew Havre and Mow Primes steamship Una will leave Havre osam lime dwuw the month of May next SAAJM If TKJIKAT IAITEIN. A saMe l.lsgrsm of the 98th te Wells, Farge h Co., Atokot ageale of the stonambip Orent Eastern, aaaounem that the leviathan Is now Isodtag at Liverpool, nod will aad far New Tsrk on the AOth ef March. Aim the mm. Barmed te Death?A Iterlee af Wemea'. Righto Oaaveatleae? Dtwatlsfbetlea A beat the rattee af the Now Laoatlo Aaylnm, dee. Peranum at, Fob. 98, 1187. t Mrs Smith, tho mm at the Home of tho Friendless to this oltr was shookingly burned while standing by n store reoantly. The poor woman Uogarud la grant agony Ull this morning, whan she died. ? Susan & Anthony, Rev. Olyrapto Brown, Parks? Pills bury, Mm Louisa Jaooba, H. H. Garnstl aad othsn, are |at prossat holding oonvonlions la tho principal cities and villages along tho Hodsuo, at whteh they deliver ad Kroams bearing open the question of female miTVage, pad pom preembina and geoclaUoaa relative te the moist, thus working to bnng aa Influence to Mow a pen the ooiglag constitutional convention. The colored people oi tba city have commenced, aad are now pursuing a canvass of Dutchess county, la order do ascertain tho number of colored people to this section. their IntoltootuaTstates sad their aaaount of property, in mrdar. aim, to briag auch Information before a oonetlta Usual aiursahna to mat la urging upon that body the MsnemHy of colored suffrage. ?rant dtosatisfactton to expressed by many elttseaa of Tnughtiipda In ro let ton to tho location of the lunatic awytom at this plaoa. Senator lone of Now York, wag la town ymtsrday, aad stated that If ho had known tho mil was not uaaaimoualy favored by oar psoplo It Should uot have * KiTmmim* wrcmw ts& MURDER AT WWMARKET, N. J. A U4t Literally Batcher#* hy Her Mervant tltrl?Tbe Deceased Reeefvfce Tweaty.Three Weaa*e?t'ereaer'e Ianneet-Teetlreeay-Th* Prisoner Felly Cereretued far TrUl. Ac. On Monday night last a moat atrocious murder was perpetrated in the little towa el Newmarket, N. J., about three milea weetward of Plainfield, on tne Una of the Central Badroad, the rtcUm being the wife of a Dr. ! n eUeoe Coriell, a raaident of the former place. It appear* that about twetre o'clock on the night in question a gentleman by the name of Coriell, a die lent relation of the Doctor, waa awakened by a loud rapping at hta door, and on raining the window to aaoertain the cause, he beheld the doctor'* servant girl ^ the door with the doctor's child, a boy two year* old. In her arms, clamoring for admittance. He trt.~i aer what aha wanted, and she replied that there eras trouble at the physician's house. He told her te run across the way to the minister's, the Her. Win. C. Little's, while be got ready to oome down. The girl did aa aha waa told, and in a few moments the clergyman and a Mend proceeded to the doctor's, followed by lb* girl, while the gentleman who had been first awakened went out into the main street and rang a large bell as a signal of general alarm. In a abort time the whole village .was aroused. Mean while the minister and his com pen tone had prsossded to the doctor's bouse, where they found everything in total ilai turns The door was ahnt, hut unlocked. Entering on his hands and knees, and feeling hie way carefully aa be went, Mr. Little euoceeded in crawling aoruan the Hilling roam floor and reaching the door of the bedroom adjoining, whMh bo found abut. On opaaiag it a deaaa volame of amoka bant forth, nlmoat suflbcaUag thoee who were In tba outer room, and flickering flamaa, burning dimly under tip black cloud of smoke that bang about the plaoe, wore anon to be creeping along the bedposts aad the floor strewn with bedclothes. Amid the whole, with the hebltareeirta tarn to shreds and besmeared with blood, lay tba body of Mrs. CorielL With the assistance of the neighbors Mr. Liule bad the body carried out aad the flames in the room ex tinguished. 80 soon aa a light had been procured aad the amoka dispelled, a eoene presented Itself to the area of the horror-stricken spectators that made the blood frees# in th* veins of the most sturdy. On every aide war* evidences of a fearful struggle. Th* bad, with its posts blackened and charred; the bed clothes, which had been dragged to the floor Im the scuffle, and lay huddled here and there in ragged heaps, stained with blood and gore; matted feathers tarn from the pillows; th* kerosene lamp broken fragmanU under the balf-oousumed crib in which the little child had that night bean put to sloop by Its mother, together with the broken chair, with the spllntera seared with coagulated blood; all thee# signs betokened a strife that must hare been one In which the victim contended for Ilia aa fiercely as did the murdwer to do bar nalllsh work completely. But the saddest sight of all, the oae that harrowed the hearts?? ?" ft"" *Jj|? crowded round the corpse aad gasod, with pallid cheek and trambUng lip. upon the upturned, mangled face of the dead, was the body of the unfortunate victim. There was not an Inch of flash from ths forehead to the breast that waa not oovarod with hideous Bashes. The jugular vain was tarn out, not out, and the deep Imprtat of four teeth *as visible In the left oheek. Twenty three stabs in *U had lb* murderer mad#, any one of which would her* In all probability been the cause of the death of the vtc'tm. - 80 soon as the excitement occasioned by the terrlme occurrence bad somewhat subsided, the servant girl, Bridget Durgan, was questioned as to what she knew of the matter. She said that about half past eight o'clock that evening two men called at the house aad asked to so# Dr. Coriell, bat ware told that be had gone out to visit a patient At half-past ten o'clock they called again, while aba waa In the kitchen pad her mistress lying on the lounge In the sitting room. Shortly after ihey bad entered she beard Mrs. Coriell scream and call out to her to take the child away and go for the doctor. Without stopping to see what was the matter, she my* ahe ran out and alarmed th# neighbors, and on returning with them found the oedroom on lire and her mistress dead. These frets were Immediately telegraphed to this city and detectives put on the lookout for the murderers, while deteollvee Wilson, Morris end other officers on the Jersey side were sent to the place o!>he tragedy to aae what tbev could do towards ferreting out tha where abouts of the perpetrators of the bloody deed. During Ike day a Jury was ampaaelled by Squire Baan, and lb# results, which are given below, to the aasasement of but few of the townspeople, showed beyond all shadow of r*?r ^ryr rs than Ua or's own servant girl was tha actual perpetrator of the deed, and that she eoncociad tba story of the robbers, hoping by its plausibility lo shiald herself from ail consequences of her fleadlsb ant. Tha first witneaa called waa the Bav. fa. C. Little. TBST1HOSY or RXV. WX C. UTILE. I retired on Monday night about five minutes neat twelve o'clock, aad was awakened, I should think, about fifteen minutes afterwards by CorleU's servant girl, who cams to th* door with the child In bar arms, crying out in n broken voice for me to let bar in; I asked her what was tba matter, aad ahe mid that there was trouble at Dr. Corieli'a: that two men had come there, and tint Mm Coriell had told bar to run out tor tne doctor as quick as aha could: she said nothing about the house being on Are; she said Mr*. Coriell waa np stall* frightened; went to tha 2So?rt.oo?p?iywnb JohnTSra Job. Low, Jr., the girt following; tha bourn waa ta dark nam; I get a light and ftrend th* dear doeed, but unlocked; I did not at. first observe aay eigne of murder; I opened the bedroom door and found the room full of smoke; utmgatabadthe flames, aad found Mr*. Curtail lying between the rttUag room door end the hall door, wlthber loot toward the rtttmg room; drew bar out, and, aided by Mr. Lew. carried her to Mr. Billyar's; she was dead, but the body we. rtllT warm, and the 'limbo quit* pliable; at this time my watch told fort* minutes part twelve o'clock; about twenty minutes elapoed between the tlaae I came to the bourn aad the time tba fir* was extinguished; tba servant, during tha time wo wore taking out tha body, stood la the kitchen by the door ; when she came to aay house I observed a tares Wood sum on bar skirts about six Inches in diam eter; it was oa the left side, about eleven I do bee from the waist do wo ward; aha wa? bareheaded, bad but on* ?has on and wan in bar sight clothes (the witness here related the story told him br the servant an to the two men calling at the bouse, as given above); when I re marked that we could totarraph all over th* country, that the men might be caught, ahe said ah* guessed we 00aid not get them. ramntoirr or unmanr voaoA*. 1 came from Ireland two yean ago; have beest here four months; two men came to the doctor's last night and asked for the doctor, about half-past eight In the evening of Monday; when told be had gone out they ?aid they would go after him ; on was a big mao aad tba other was a medium stsad mao; on* had long whisk ere; about half-na* tan o'clock two man, who looked like the two who had called at eight o clock, knocked at the kitchen door aad I want out to open IL Mr*. Coriell telling me that It mart be the doctor, while I wan going to the kitchen they knocked at the sitting room door, and Mra Const I, who was lying on the lounge, got up and opened It- soon afterwards I heard bar cry out lo ma In a chok ing voice. "Go for th# doctor ;" 1 bad th* child la my arms. and I ran out, and an I got near tba gate I beard bar call out to m* to oome beck, that ahe would ears me If I were beinc killed; I saw the two men standing In th* sluing room, through the window re I pureed rewards the gste; I thou wont down to Coriell's store, tbo second house from the doctor's; I passed the llrei bona* because I coulda't find the reto, ] was employed In th* doctor's to attend to the kitchen: I kept the knives In the pantry ; wn have en old butcher's kaltaltVas-ised rtthe sapper on Monday night; It !?LuLrar token Into this sitting room; after eupprr I out the botcher knife with the other knives la th# pantry (Her* th*q butcher's knife referred to. which Kd been found In U?e privy by one of the neighbors, wm shown to her and wre Identified^ Theretaso way y watch the bedroom can bo #0tared nut taroagn too lit lag room; I did not have to pick th* child np when want out, aa I bad it in my arms wban the maa am* th* last Urn*; Mix Cbriell had no marntan that I am aware of; I sever heard any isreh words passed between Mm Coriell aad her has mad; I know of n* person who oould have ill feelings oward the doctor but *0* maa, named Doyta; I board Dm onoa aay he'd be revenged of the doctor, dead or Jtre, for killing hta cored a *a child; b* mid that tret iuaday two weeks ago, at his own boere; there waa a nan named Hams reore atao, and ha said ha stater's tbild bad baan treated by Coriell *0 badly that it wonld isver recover Its health; Mr. TlUwarth said at his house to-day that It was I who killed Mr Coriell. -rmnnoxT or naa. mum I waa awakened aboot two ire o'clock on Monday tight by some loud noire, and on listening 1 beard meads re If ? person war* knocking n chair against th* door; I *- '?A m re a child over ? the I looked ? room and some ueraou peering between it aad rea arery bow and then; I thought once that I heard a vole* cry ing out "Ob, my baby; ah, my baby;" to* crying wan like that of n baby, bat much louder tare I thought a baby could cry. Taennowr or waao n. mawoet*. I saw Bridget Dergaa this morning, after the mor (tar; I mads tba remark that no man. but a woman, had murdered deceased, an witness the marks of the teeth on tbe cheek; she looked el me pretty sharp, afl r breakfast aba remarked lo Mre Little, "What will they da with m* if I know who did tbe murder and won t toll who did It," A soars. After th# witness had gives hta testimony Doyta and ?ant war* brought in, and Bridget potato* them out re the men who bald dene the murder. They brought sev eral witnesses, who proved satisfactory ailbta lot them. The servant girl then reld that aba was acquainted with n girl named Ann* Li a are, who had perpetrated the deed, aha being piraont when Ann* took th* belabor'* knife and wrat into th* rtUtag room where Mr*. Coriell waa lying asleep, remarking, "An American woman's lift tint worth anything any how." 8b* atao swore that Aane bad proposed robbing the bouse, and that she herself had not don# anything to prevent**** from doing whatever ah* had a mind to. Th* woman thus aecueed mre put on the stand, when her employer* and others shewed dearly that Mm waa at hare* the night the murder was eommiued. Boeing herself thus baffled Is her determined eflbrta to fix the crime upan somebody, Bridget sprang up, and, striking the table with bor Art, cried out, "Who'll dare swear I did th* murdeit Teu're all questioned m* and think I did tl What etas do you want to knew f I knew who did It, bat I won't teU yon." Dr Cortall wre then examined He mid -My wife notified "? ? - ? ? r any more, InTtare wht* hi 4* ret'wnw wife; when tb<) 22d came the girl was aiok, and to um!iTqh#U0^ ,,lhM ?be 'waa (old la rumam *ul u? dunilay iast she laid ur wife aba '?* f? New * "?*, but I told my * tfa not to let i ?! . ,.*?* completely re-established in Health, Ini-^tTw Unv' ,MoBd*Jr. ?">eu aha herself would ha going to New York i ity. -?l^.?i"er J***" ??? then examined, ana af whom testified that ha bad aeon Bridget changing her clothes shortly after the murder in the yard. _ run vbkoict. The jury theu retired, and after a deliberation of a 'Tiof ?\.M returned the following verdict:? the jury holding an inquest on the body of Mm Cornell, Bod that, in our opinion, the aaid Mrs. Coriell wiiruiiy murdered by wounds Inflicted by a knife In the hands of Bridget Durgaa and possible accessories " The girl was then fully committed for trial, and the constable, Mr. Fiuwarth, Immediately proceeded with her to the Middlesex county jail, in Naw Brunswick. Bridget Burgoo, the alleged murderess, is a stout built Insh girl of about twenty-three years or age. She has an evil look that strikes a person forcibly on behold ing bar. Her maauer throughout the inquest yostt-rdey betokened that she was either a cunning ortl doer, bid bar moral ugliaaaa under n simulated appearance of n half idiot, or was a half wilted crea ture in the full etnas of the word. The unfortunate victim of the murder. Mm Mary Ellen Coriell, was aged about twenty-Are, a woman of uncommon beauty aad suavity of mann -rs. She wes regarded by the ciuxeos of Newmarket as a person whose gentle nature aad goodness of heart were suf ficient of thema.'lree to make her loved end respected by all who knew her, and It thus may be naturally sup poaad that the excitement and horror occasioned by the frightful manner in which the murder was committed were net leaeened by the fact that the victim was a general favorite la the neighborhood. What provoca tion the murdenws had to commit the deed Is as yet bat ??iter for ooajeoture. AMUSEMENTS. Theatre Fraaeafa. La FrnmM* Benoittm, which the aaeoctaled oomedians presented lor the first time on Saturday evening last, bids fair to occupy the bUU for soma time to come. As ? satire en the follies of the age, Illustrative of the dan ger of too greet foadneei for either money getting or moony spending, end introducing n number of highly comical representative types of tbo parvenu class, the work eaa be considered as M. Samoa's beak As to Its popularity at least there can be no doubt, i?..??/?>. u ia mimM *2"* U,W* hundred represen ?* t<,e P^rfs Vaudeville theatre. The not thLiJl ^ ,^X>me<1^', m Pr*Bent*d hi the French theatre, la thoroughly excellent. M. Edgard u a S^!?Ji!iU^^ng.8??c,n,?l, ? bueinesa man, and M. Choi 11- which of the two, fhther or Sift 2^ .""*?* 1k # 5e"t ,hwg?Ht. M. Cbnndora, as the u^nd' wi*h pathos and careful 2^f2K? ** m?lo<ln.matlc action, fame Saunler acted powerfully, and gave effect to all the traits of temlntne Uct-for Bwdoa'a heroines are noted. M. Scribot ? pTftJrtth **rm h *** dignity, end Mmes. Baire, Caruel and Dellgno added to the strength of the fEffA promising child, Mile. Georgette, assumed the r{>U or the infant speculator, and played this latter important part with decided gtmlxUtue. # Musical. Mr. Bergner, the well known vlolonoellist of the Phil harmonic Society, gave his annual concert la the smaller 8telnway Hall last evening. The endleaoe wee very re spectable, both In numbers and appearanoe. The benefi cial* was assisted by some excellent artists, among whom were Miss Nettie Sterling, Messrs. Mills, Warren, Matzlca, lleilenscbnelder, HocLstelu, Boehrn, bcbmiu, MoeentbaL. Ac. Beethoven's septet in E flat, opus 20 and a fantasia on L"Africa***, for cabinet organ, piano, violin and cello, were tbo most remarkable features in the ooncert. Charley White's < omblnatinn Troupe. ' The hall in which the state troupe cater for the public amusement was, as usual, densely packed last evening with an audience of a hat is popularly called an appre ciative character. The bill presented to bis patrons this week by Charles W bite Is an entirely new one, com prising, In addition to the established favorites perma nently attached, two new comers, Morissey Little, e very Waver follower of the burnt cork profession, end Silos B. Baldwin, a Juggler ef considerable ability. The variety pan of the entertainment brings oat Charley While, Ceorge Edeson, Josh Hart, Dick - Ralph aad the popular corpt <U ballet, and the iwrformances close with ?1_n*w comedietta entitled The Hand of Clatterduffy, or, the Monkey ef the Barooy. ~ ' Kgftly A I,eon's Minstrels. Aoepltal bill was offered at this lavorile minstrel hall last evening. The boose was crowded, aad from the screaming Introduction to the terminating agony each face distended In a brand grin to an alarming extent Leon, prima donna donseusr, vendor of city Items, aathor of excruciating burlesque, aad to quote the language of the bills, representative of others too numerous to mention, was of course the particular star. '"J* '? Ihe Dootor of All Can't Hear Her, of Ardltl i brilliant wattling noosenie. was deserving of bouquets and bravoa Hie voice is marvellously like a soptano,and Is aaid to range to tho ledger Una i>, not to bo continued nay further, we hope. His ptu in the ?nglaal and torrid spectacle of (ioder Leoa are Tsgiio The interminable legs of Noise Seymour stable quiet honor la the Dangerous Game, and tbo OUM wmotnie Kelly, with Allen and8am Price always 5^*5 <W> ineviuble sufihw from the more deniun ?traUvo portion of the audience, aad applhoaa from tho Wo owe wUl over besinicted with melancholy insanity, who hoars an editor's troublss, from tho Bps of Leeo or wlloimss SUmkln Jasons Bodging for a Wlis at ,kh k?' 1 llttta halt Fifth Avowwe Opera lloane. Tho original spectacle of the Black Crook palm its on holy Ira when contrasted with the new version pre sented by Grtffa aad Christy at this favorite establish ment. Made np of spicy dialogue, containing exceed ingly apt local hits, absurd contrasts and the wooderful saltatory per.'ormanoe of the ' Bighub Ballet Troupe," its effect upon the select audience who Oiled the house last eight was to provoke them to continuous merriment from Its opening act to the closing remarkable scene of "Tho Palace of Dew Drape," with real water. The Ocean Yacht Race still kssps the boards, sod the rest of the bill Is excellent. Tho Mas Francisco Ml war rr la. Crowded houaee greet this popular troops every ev.-n lag. notwithstanding tho feet that ao Important change has been made In tbetr programme for weeka The up- j roartoos laughter of |he audience is Just as genuine as j though the Jokes aad witticisms were ottered for the i first time, eaa It to searoely venturing loe much to say I that nowhere else In this city can each hearty and side apllttlog laughter be beard as at ibis eoeey minstrel ! ball. All ef the leading pieces new upon the Mils ere | precisely the same as those of e week or two ago. bat in t some Instances they are presented to the public under ' now names, and are appreciated perhaps better than if | I bey wars new acquaintances. Tony Paster's Opera llwnae. Last evening, as usual, Tony bad a crowded bouse sad ! a long variety bill, consisting of aogro sets, songs, j dancee, grand ballet features aad a flaale In the shape of a local drama by John F. Poole. Tho first part was so livened by the comicalities of Jetiaay Wild aad Billy Sbeppard ia the negro business, aad Tony himself la a new budget of oomlcaiftiot. A prom Inent feature of the Kromance was s asw ball-1. by Monsieur AseUsky, fiooet dm Dimbli. la which Mile. Bertha aad a troops of airily attired enrypMee did the agile and graceful la a manner provocative of expressions of sabountfsd delight on the part of the audience The new drams. The New York Volnaieer, concluded the performance with the greatest success. Haalay'a Opera lies**, Brooklyn. The Beam that Jack Built, a rather clever panto mime, which wae produced ia New York about,a year since, to the lending feature of the performance at Hooiey's fbr the present week, aad will probably run for e number of weeka The principal characters are ?Wale til by Henmadm, Arehy Hughes. Queen and Chorion Borne new and very clever tricks are Intro dosed la the performance, aad the culminating tableau to superior to anything spectacular that hat ever been pradioed in this favorite place of amoi CELfIIATWH If IT. MTMCTI MY. A commlttaa cooaiattag af Jodga Connolly ud Meow* 17111 1MB Witoy, PM*r Hal pin, Pater J. OiMn, W. McGot wa and Bag* Murray, ayyolated to confer with the nlli wry ud ferlte them to torn u aoiort for the Irlah an Metlaa In their frmmlin on 81 Patrlek'i Day, ware la km mi yeoHcAay at tka Aator Roaaa, at one o 'alort, bat la conaogaenoe of tbara balag bat twa of tba maia Mra, Meaera. Wllay and Ooldaa, praamL, and af tba ab mu af Mr. Daray, with wheat tbey wara ta confer, tba wo yreoont adjourned without traamcttoi any bati naaa. It la bawarar underwood that tba following mili tary bad tea will be reqoeeted ta act on tba oacaelon, and Lbatr oommudara are erpected to bo praaaat at a maet lag called far Friday craningThe frith compactor of tba rtrat cavalry, the Sixty-ninth and Ninety-ninth regt mant, tka Ibiayaanon Volunteer*, Company F, Fin* ar tillery and aaveral regiment* of Faalana. It la expected that a dirlaton jo llkejy to ooeur tKla year in tba pro gramma ta tka Irtah Tam pert oca nociotlaa bare chorea a rout* commencing at Fourt?enth atreat aad Third are nua, whlia It la probable that tba military and other Irtah aocietiee win take ay their aid llu af march In Eaal Broadway. TK RMNTIJMT. PATRICK. , Thla aaoodatlaa bald a meeting iaat nl?bt at the Aator

Hoaaa, tka yromdont, Otyfhi William 9. Lyon, la tba cbalr. Dniiag tka tamtam eoaatdoraMo bnolnam of a rovtiao character win trumotod, Incladlag tka admie ?ton of aoaornl now naomkma and tka racutton of aa noni doaa Tba aaaentlra committee, baring m charge hoaao af 8t. the Kaifhta by tba prUdul Among tha gi tk> haa*wat art PrmtHont Job?mt, **J| Omnt, Admiral Farmg nt. iKiveraor Fantoa. M tjror Hoff man, Avnibithoo MeClaakea and otkora ,> WJIMTS OF NITNfflU PIOXPflllTT. Cochrane. "v. \ ? bigbly respectable audience wq. *T,Bln* 10 Ue Down Reformed Dutch church, bixth avenue, on the occmiod of n lecture delivered by Brigadier General John Cochrane, who had eetacted L the inbjent of bis remark, the 'Elements of NaUoaal Proepority. 1 Tho pulpit wa* elegantly ami approwi Si! 'TV'" th0 nal",na, eMifrn' previously to I ?id ?tb6 "PC4ker * f#W selectlooj <**<**? III mU* W#r# by the 1 After being Introduced by the Chairman, the lecturer ?aid he feU eomewbat diffident of the .accn, which would attend bis efforts to present to hi, audience a topic of so varied and comprehensive a character as the theme which had been announced a, the snbjectef hie remarks, and which waaof ,uch very obvious import We control the natien of which we are component parts, but he did not intend to speak specifically upon aatlooal prosperity; but more properly, perhaps, of what might be called national progress, for ao cognate arc these twe subjects tbst it would require the morn jslssuS Er IfeSFS. jwild bs s vast confusion He would threfore cote? himself more particularly to the habits. manner* ?iHT toma, thoughts, fcHocyaeraoiea and polltta^" tolSoSL of th. various races, end choose to ^ tfhoTSteTS! turn of ,rr'T 01,1 b* ""J bo said to Se the ores f? ?i, "mate, country and race, In all that nor tains to the elements which advance his nationalitv ?very country and race seek to dad?? .LI; which has placed this country so prominently before H? *?fM? *nd he would endeavor to eznlain anm? or or exploeive energiM whlch hTvTduf Da^d^'h?*Kr* i*mon* th# AlMr,etoi Ptopla. He ex. pscted to be ablo to convince some of his audience that thfa^IIItoaift ,ype.of th# worid " to be found on tuts continent, a continent occupied bv a neonia aDT J? "n shone ^ ?d whose influences, created imperceptibly, are they which pompom the origin of life. Man la undonbtndiv mate,in>wh?rrhM,H ' or tendencies of the ell ? rwJS^ whether in the torrid, temperate vt.?!. ? *?n* The Esquimaux, who lives at 80 deereoa North latitude; the African, who lives rnmru!uii, more* *i!!oho' b?"*' or lhe Caucasian, who inhabits the more temperate regions, are all influenced h? the great and distinctive characteristics of th? v.r,A(^ of climate under which they are born vet ihit man, adapt, himself ,0 sU ta^^,7"1^ by further dissection of that ides which Is based tPnnn be'wi^id'rinIOM by ,natur*llW? the human ftunUy S?kI . .. attention to that wbloh has proved itself' to be the conviction of overv person rnmuini mountaineer who inhabits the slopes of the mountain ranges of the world, presents . miirt ed contLf ?? n?l f"rC?hM J"?'1 "* intellectual comparison with the native of the puo. The mountaineer hsssver been tho^ypo where the mnnnil?' '"d,,^nd*nt "d unconstrained, and ?JT!i?... 5ta[? top" rts4?10 ">0 elevation of the !? ' an islon mnges upward to limitlens ?pace there is ambition and ludomitable power and energy. He who traces lus descent from the bills must tines ofm??" "Z "n-?V'!e ?b?n,p?on of the d?. UDt?h of h race?a Wall&co or a TaIi inhabitant of the plain is the antithesis of the mountaineer Nor is this marked d.f ference of character confined bv such limits as the mountains or the plains, for frequently rivera are the discriminating lines between distinct national pecul'arU character. The Danube is tbe dividing n? Tlie north^han1?" rPeZP*Z,MC|1 of dl,*'??ctlve features. The north bank of the Niger is peopled by a fair tail and energetic race, while on the southern margin the i Inhabitants are of a sallow, ashen hue The ? oomplished minds are, however, t? be found in regions that are least visited by convulsions of nature ndv Places produce windy men; su.l ss an e asm pie of torn no would call ationt:on to Gaacony, in Kranoe (mn< whence is derived our word ? -gasconade." a blowing place D apt to produce blowers. Let us look at man as ni.B.t !! ov,,r ,he surface of this vaSt i? 1??"* wh" ,M bis leading char ?rteristlcs; end iet ue then endeavor to find wnioh man la the superior creature of bis raoe and intended to control tbe destinies of all others. The aptiearancn nf of'taut-fd1^1l<h"5h0i<! COBrtr0CU0B ln verione degrees ratib? i ? 5 .!?* when considered aeon n' '* f?uud in t ie north to be brown, southward red i mill?*! gy? b'^f Toward the northern latitudes ? fa , ; l*,e KmPtrft d tl luorMtos. and ?"'Mrvpto ft diminishes)again. The tampwamen! of ii i ? al"? 80*?roed ov the rame great laws Ujcli direct thoir energetic and functional tendencios T"e b'?ia*BCr of ?he temperam ent, which is induced by climate, leads a race to the commission of arbitrary and unnecessary actions, ns among tbe Eastern nations tbe practice of cruelty prevails to a great ex tent. The cruelties practisod by the Carthagenfans upon the Roman Ambassadors have been con 0B 'be historian's pitge with the cruelties of the Northern barbarians. It was a love of letters, arts sciences, commerce and war whtcn brought Europe for ward and mailo her the at tutor of the destinies of the re mainder o( the world; and all this wns the result of the "T.? Ule taucaaslan's piece or abode. Tit? inv?nti(ion of tho world are traceable to th* SUSSSSt iroqpowdTe and numerous other dlMoreriee being the oflspring of this prolific latitude 2? ??!? cotln,f3rcomposed of a barmoii'oni blend Inn of ell tbe various new and powers of the earth, In which tho Caucasian is tbe predominaUog element; end these bave "? modlfl*d ?^b other in tbla western World, by an expansion or explosion of Idooe end energies, w to make ue whet we ore. In onr population we find one of tho mo*t Impulsive races of the world? the Celt?holds an import ant position. This same Celt occupied o no leesim portant sphere in the middle ages; so that with the northern hordes that ovorron Europe we found this na y"*?.'* Pl?y'?g ? promineni part. At tbe base of tbe meridional civilisation of tbW period were paganism, deepotism and a false Christianity; but it perished, ao perMhed the weed uroece UII, ftome fell, Carthage ? fell, end the fioeii of northern barbarism thai drifted ell over Europe fell with them. Now, we find this Celt, i? Aurtc. ??on "Mhing with "Tbe Scourge" ffr.t'UDde<1 hto "rlu". smootbee the wrinkles from bis visage when at tbe shrine of a Chris tian religion And it m sale to assert mat in like man ner tot bey and tbe lierbanc trlbce of Europe advanced IVom their sieto of semi riyillratlon. that when this people shall have assumed all its complexity of compo sition there shall be seen such a people as the world has never beflwe seen. In this country, of all others, the I people tliffi comp se it are irr-pvessibla Their destluv ' la as obvious as the sun hi bis meridian splendor, and their laws will compass tba whole earth as oertsinlv as (fay ** illuminated with the glory of tho orb of .. A'conclusion of the lecture a piece founded upon "ora" ?f, Rice, "Let Me Die with tiy Face to the Foe," end the "Hymn of tue Nation." were dleperaeA ebolr, after wbieh the asaombl.ige TEMPERANCE CONVENTION IN PENMTLVANIA. Habhihscro, Feb. 28, 1807. The State Temperaooe Convention met this afternoon at the t oon House, end wee called to enter by General Louis Wagner, of Philadelphia, who nominated Gov ernor Geary as temporary chairman. Governor Geary wee received with much applause, and made a tolling speech on taking tbe chair, congratulating the Conven tion on each n largo assemblage, and thanking them for tho distinguished honor conferred bins. Ho referred to the many evila occasioned by indulgence In intoxicating ??riuka end rafmoJ toprteon% almihnnswand opyhtmaao tearful evktenee of thorn evils, and stated that a ism aumbor of the adult Inmates of thoee Institutions could trace their crimes and misfortunes to the excessive use ?f llquore, mhlie feeble niInded children were often llv ?H wHaeeeeeoftbe had haMle of their parents. Ho had !!Z2Lh2Vi2rM5"KB,M,'.?af,,? whrB > child IjMll . ^ * W**M B#TW drink ardent spH1ta. aad had nwer had warn to regret a During hlo S^^LdTJ!!u ?l"ro**h "?? rebel Iten. and white on tho shores of the PnMflo and Jj tojtoi?* nevor found It neceamry to nee liquor fe hadbwn aemlnntod lbrtbo bint^Slc. i.ii>Tt?rx it lb# pnopl# of Pobbij ItmiJa ; b#l I* bad con# (Aroufh K UK '"b'rxss. toi of lhe natien. end ho wn bony to nnnmiwo ih?fh? had to-day rwolvod iatoUigeawthat Oeaoral Grant?? about identifying btmsrir with tho cause. jSP'jssrsr.srs? 3^3 w."??<&?!??. C3SLJS rtr. Ovnrral tt sgoer mhde a brWf and appropriate address on taking the ohm,, and several re^uTiJ^^ S?^ among them one recommending n prohibitory liauor tew, 00 requiring kwvywenrtttao andhwvy Item, end in oppooitioa to tho fa tedolnhiq liquor lew, aed one designating heavy penalties foe drunkenness After SStereiteT^ co,T*nl'?" toUtotmed ?nnrs^mmm?,'^C^btad. Th. Bus, '".7? r(^l?''|?Jra?<r**d B Ifrtto of resolution, which lumlooue, ted heforathmr mi.iptionw"ere weniS^: Iteselved, That no lew, however etiinseni whinh rm, .. ?anction* si^rs heitete th!??i'la',^f drlnx* can receive (>?r fX5ihi^srwbao thu the people, and theh me Convention adjourned until to SSSL5T* "ro hundred delogatee wer,^ WESTMITEI MTilUKNCE. Ths Railsoad Staimi a* FonwuM.-Th? prc*o*tion made recently by lb Leonard W. Joreme to build a station honoo in thotmmedlata vtatetty of tho Usee Court# et Fordbem, ? bte own exponas, runnn the railroad ennmnymA remove ftSTlg,1bmmS J? situated in tho oontrmf tho viltagn, inn baSndocMM EIE ^sns-K t&SSs ?ccommodotlone at Mte>%t aNhrdqd 'uremriout X UO OUiWi? THE STATE CAPITAL. SPECIAL CMttSPMOEJCE IF THE HERALD. Auuvr, Feb. M, 1MT. The office hunters .V* bere again in powerful force beuieg ng the Executive chamber and members of the Senate, and fussing and blowing about the hotels. If tbeee wertblea an to believed the serf existence of the nation, to say nothing of the Interests of the great republican party, depends n.von their appointment If this be true, the country is sttre to go to rain and the republican party to pieces, for >?ot one twentieth part of the terrible applicants can be aooommodated by Governor 7entoo. The principal offleee to be filled are Commissioner of Emigration, Health Commissioner, Fire lommlssloners, Harbor Masters for the port of New York and Notaries Public. For the letter there are ever one thousand appliennts for the city and soma two thousand for the rest of tho State. The candidates are >?Fee Emigration Commissioner, a. F. Ockersbausen and Frederick Knpp, of New York. For Health Commissioner, Or. James Crane, of Brooklyn, who will bo reappointed. For Fire Commissioners, John W. Farmer, Wna. E Duryea, B. B. C hup pell, Colonel Michael Burns, Jamee Gal way, Joseph L. Parley, Charles C. Pinckney, Carlisle Norwood, Zopher Mills, John W. Scbenck, H. A. Burr, George F. Neemitb, Chsrlss Bonas end Goat Renneberd. Norwood, Sohenek, Burr and Nesmlth are not candidates themselves, bat pressed by their friends. Per Harbor Masters, Henry L Achilles, of Rochester; John C. Adams, of Nowburg; Ira Buckmae, Jr., of Brooklyn; Colonel ties Is F. Burke, I of New York; A 0. Buck, brother of the member from Chemung county :D. D. 6omstock, of Corning; John Cash ow .of New York; W. W. Corbett, of Statan island; Joshua W. Crosby, of New York; John P. Cummings, of New York; Jeremiah Drew, of Cornwall; Joseph T. Dewey, of New York; James A Dumoat, of Troy; Alfred Eslee, of New York; Perry H. Swing, of Albany; D. 3. Elder, of New York; Alex. M. Kagleeon, of New York; P. Frankenhelmer, of New York; E. P. Gould, of Rochester; Dennis Hoxnn, of New York; Joseph Hyde, of Troy; H. A Holt and ?. H. Huelnt, of New York; Lieutenant J. A Johnstone, of Brooklyn; C. M. Levy, of New York; David Maxwell, of Brooklyn; John G. Oat ram, of Rhinebeck; N. P. Pond, of Brockport; C. M. Plumb, of Now York; Charles F. Raun, of Cold Spring; Leander Reddy, of Psna Yan; James T. Reed and E. Roberts, of New York; Snmual Smith, of Mas peth; R. W. Smith, of Coram; E. E. Sherman, of New Baltimore; Wm. Smelt, of Lyons; T. W. Stevens, late Collector of Albany; A W. Swan, of New York, and E. W. Sinclair, of the New York JVibtine; H. N. Sherwood, James M. Thompson, Cornelius Yan Cott, Isaac Ton Schaack, James E. Watson, Theodore C. Williams, Geo. E. Welch, nil of New York; James M. Whltcomb, of Astoria; James Wing, of Rochester, and all the present Incumbents, besides a large number of others of no par ticular strength or importance. I should also stale that there is a number of candi dates for prospective commissions, not vet provided for by law, but which politicians are working for. Among those I may mention as candidates forSchoel Commis sioners under Assemblyman Berryman's bill are the fol lowing:?Messrs William B. Silvee, William H. Neilson, Aloxander Wilder and Thomas Boese. Boese is the present clerk of tho Board of Education, and Wilder is the Albany correspondent of the New York Evening Pott and clerk ot the Committee of Ways and Means. THK CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. The Constitutional Revision Convention betng the spe cial order for this morning, anothr debate, but ot a re markably tame and dull character, took place in the Ass -mhly, several republican and a few democratic mom bers participating. The principal speakers were Harry Genet, Henry H. Phillips, William H. Rice, D. C. Littlejohn, Henry i-mith, Charles S. Hoyt, Titos. Creamer, J. Yandenburcb, Benjamin F. Bruce, Horatio Ballard and Levi Blakesley. The debate was uofiDlshod up to the hour of adjournment this afternoon, and will be continued to-morrow morning. A good deal of manoeuvering is going on abont tho matter, and tta opponents declare they will light It to the utmost. TBI C.VDKRGROC.VD RAILROAD WAR has already been renewed. Nearly the entire railroad lobby is hero. Including "the old man wonderful" him self, the veteran Thurlow Weed, who Is understood to bo on the scene to look after the Broadway surface road la opposition to the many underground schemes before the Legislature. Thurlow is said to l>e in league with Jake Sharp A Co. on this project. Several caucusos of tho surface railroad people occurred last week in your oity, at the Astor House, and Thurlow's appearance here is said to bo tho result. Lira nrsuBAxcx. The Chamber of Lite insurance of the United State# held au official meeting to-day at the Delavan House, for conrultation with Superintendent Barnes, of thg State Insurance Department, relative to forms of returns re quired by htm oi all lira Insurance companies transacting business in this State. The meeting waa called to ordet by Benjamin F. Stevens, President; John Eadie, of New York, being Secretary. Mr. Barnes made an nntument in tuvor of his form of returns, consisting of one hun dred and forty-four questions, many of which relale to the internal arrangements of companies and the mode or conducting business, but do not bear on the stability of companies. A committee was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Morgan. Phelps, Eadie, Wetmore, Stevens and Cbickertn ?, to confer with Superintendent Barnes en points in dispute, to report to-morrow. n.LNIWS Or C. B. OOCHJIANE. Clark B. Cochrane is dangerously Ul. His physician pronounces him beyond rooovery. HEW YORK LEGISLATURE. >????. Auurr, Fab. 26, 1897. ?Ul UNHD MTOUnr. To provide t force of lea members of the Metropoli tan polloe for Newtown, Mao ens ooanty. To amend lit charter of the Onondaga Tract Com pear. To incorporate the Safe Dopoalt Company of (JUea, Now York. bills N<mcai>. Authorizing the Now York Society of Ruptured and Crippled to bold and convey real estate. To facilitate the construction of the Cooporatown and Swinrhanna Railroad. Authorizing the Directors of the Cherry Fallsy and Mohawk River Railroad to connect their road with the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad. Authorizing the North American Life Insurance Com? Kny to make apodal deposits of securities in the Bank ipartment. For a swing canal bridge over Keshanga street, Ro chester To increase the tax on dogs in Rochester To incorporate the New York and Brooklyn Passenger and Baggage Company. biilb nrraonccao. By Mr. Oimm-To prohibit the location In future of any hovpttal within one thousand yards of any inhab ited district without tbo consent of those living within such district. ? By Mr. Pixaaox?To incorporate the Brooklyn CUy Savings' Hank. By Mr. Woujott?For a Niagara ship canal. It glreo the roosent of the Stale to the United States, or to any company chartered by Congress, for the construction of n ship canal in this State aronad the Falls of Niagara, or from Niagara river to Lake Oatario, laid consent to take off ?t when tbo Legislature shall pees an aot for tbo enlargement of tbo looks la the Erie and Oswego mania By Mr. La Bap?To regulate the manner of choosing town o(Boers la Richmond county. It provides thai town elections shall ho hold and votes canvassed in precisely the same manner as at the general election* sosnn or rrsuo worn** von saw toss crrr. On motion of Mr. Lows the hill to eetablleh a Board of Public Works In Now York woo mads the apodal order for next Friday. stun oamnum 10 a man anaatnu. Tbo Christopher street Cross Town Railroad MIL Amoadlag tbo aot relative 10 Protestant Bptoeopol public school la Now York. To aboltsb tbo otooe of Inspector of gunpowder la Brooklyn. Tbo Mil amending the charter of the village of Etch For rebuilding n canal bridge la Etmira. Tbo Lorkport Common School bill. The bill relative to vhe election by the Rochester Conn, moa Council ot directors of the Rochester and Genaaee Valley Railroad. To amend the charter of the Yoang Men's Christian Association of Now York. A Mil ranking an appropriation tor the pnyraoataf the principal and interest of the caaal debt. A bill providing for tbo agisting deflate ados la the public school moneys in Brooklyn. A bill laeooyoratlag tbo Astoria and Hooter's Point Railroad. The Sonata Ikon adjourned. Assembly. A La asv, Fob. 2d, INT. fmoramoAViaaa. The Governor sent in a communication from the fee rotary of the Navy regnant am the Plate to cede to the United States certain lands near the Brooklyn Nary YariL The Bratm presented a communication from the Governor of Illinois relative lathe liaeoln Monument Association; alas the annual report from the Mate F-ngi hesr on railroads; also report of the Bask Superintend ent on Raviaga Institution* also the report of the Metro politan Police Commissioners relative to prsatitntloa in Now York. von statu lvnmurs asylum The Speaker appointed the following "erect eommlttee to laveettgate the affair* of the Inebriate Asylum at Riaghamtoa ?Morara Vandoabarg. Travis, Hoyi. Weed aod Prince. ran iramiiiwwtt omrtwvwn. The CondUtntlonal Convention bill was taken up and dlsruamd at length without coming to a vote. The Mil was made the apedal order for to-morrow, and the Aa aemMy adjourned Pma n Cnoaov Braanr.-Between eleven and twelve o'clock laat night a Bre broke oat in the basement of No. M Crosby street, ot pressct unoocupisd. The upper part of the butiding is oecaptod by Oathsrine dement aa a h^sr bo* saloon and dwelling. The Bra burned through the flooring Mo the saloon, damaging Mm Ml ltsrt ubie eod ?iteres bv flre and Water to the extent of mm. Insured tor l?,M? to the Atlantic Iwmw Oompaay. The bottom* la flamy,! about ?1Ml It to owned by aa estate Willtsm O'Doeaol was ran over by an oflgtoo tender m Grand atraca and aortooalv in lured. He wm taken tooths New Twa Hospital by the police. A'Pound M employed aa a Br nomaonboard the revenue MEXICO. SPECIAL TELEMAh TO THE HEN ALB. Farther ftmm /.MttrrM-Codrattuu mi M treason's Defeat-Narrow Bacape mi Juarea -He Will laaellaltlir Ue to the Capital. Tla Gaaaalaata. Zictmut Mexioo, Pea a, ? Via New Osuumm, Feb. 26, INT. J Oa the mdraing of January 27 General Miramon, with two thousand fire hundred imperial troope, including fire hundred Preuoh, attached General Ausa, who wan defending thin city with n garrteoa of two thounaad liberal*. The latter were rented after a spirited flgbt which lasted during half an boor. General Anna lest, in killed, wounded and visaing, two handled and fifty men; Mlmmoa lost about as many. President Juaret and his Cabinet sncapnd while the troope were fighting in the streets. They rode to Jeren en horseback in five hoars, a distanoe of foustwa leagues. The liberal army reached Teres oa the Sfith. Threw days afterwards the liberal government removed toPree nillo, fourteen leagues northwest of Zwaieoaa On the 31st of January General Eeoobedo was wMhia twenty-fir# lengaes of Zaoatecas with 3.300 men, and General Ansa wan marching to Join him with 1,300 seen, and Otdeoa with 500 more. On the same day at noon Mtramon evacuated Zacnta oaa, after having levied a forced loan of $100,000 on thw Inhabitants. He then began n forced march oa Age? Culientes. Teeterdny morning (February 1), however, hln army waa completely rented near the hacienda m 8ah Jacinto by the army of General Cseobed* AH thw Imperial trains, artillery and everything, with iwi mang 3ers, among whom were three brothers of Mtm were captured. The llberale also captured half ? a dollars of the loan which Miramoa had levied he Zfecftlwu, Trewlno and Martinez are In hot pursuit with their splendid cavalry. Juaret will march immediately for Mexioo, via Guana juato. Jsarea nt Han f.nls?Qnlet la Callata -mar que* on the War Path In Mlehnnesta?He Cnponrnn Zanora. 8*s Paasciaoo, Feb. 3ft, lfifiV. Official informatioa was received yesterday of the cap ture of Gollma by the republican army under Osrena The Imperial garrison capitulated en February % Corona allowed uo violent proceedings on the part of the army. Peace reigns there now. The capture of Tehuantepec in officially reported. Juaret was at San Lull Potosl, whew General Gonnalen Ortega and Pa ton I bad arrived prisoners. The city of Guanajuato was captured by the liberals on the 27th of January, with many prisoners, and all the artillery, munitions of war and baggage thereto General Marques bad captured the city of Z am ova, one of tho moat important places in the State of Miohe acan, and Cuornavaca had been taken by the liberals. NEW JERSEY LEGISLATURE. Trenton, Feb M, IfigT The Morris Canal bill, by wbtoh the Bute leaaaa righto to land under water oo the Jersey shore of the Hudson river for $20,000 per annum, after a whole day apant in considering the same, was ordered to a third reading. The rights of other parties are protected In the bill; ILLINOIS LE81SUTURE. 8ramorau>, III., Feb. 28, 1MT. The House reeolutlon, for a final adjournment en Thursday next, passed the Senate to-day. MAINE LEOSLATNNE. A counts, Me., Feb. fifii IMF. A bill providing for a Bute police, similar In Ho features to the Massachusetts constabulary law, pai to be engrossed. In the House this afternoon, by ? of 10? in its favor, an ? opposed to It. YIRfilNIA LEBSLATMBE. Richmond, Va., Feb. 28, M8T. The Senate in secret session to-day considered' tho subject of calling a Bute oonvontloa. No result ban been made known. OWN LEBtSLATONE. Coumm, Feb. M, M8T la the House, to-day, Boynton's resolution to antic* out the word whits bom tho constitution waa lost, altera lengthy debate, on a vote of 28-yeas to fiO nayn TENNESOEE LEMSLATME. Nam van, Feb. 28, 188T The Legislators baa adopted a resolution to adopt tho gold standard in the paymoa*. of members. Bonos* Prath. ?Towards seven o'clock moraine William Pantaoa, a- carpenter by occupation, aged eUlyfive years, fell to tho pavement at the comer of Bowery sod First street, and expired almost in stantly. The body was removed to the- Seventeenth precinct etattoa hones, and- Coroner Cover wee notified to hoM on inquest. idStwfciSSTr&'rfc. RKMKDt, purely vegetable. New York agens, Draie Barnes, Writ. HelmboSd. Kitchen, Ooddlngtoa, Rboddoa, Dmioi, Freemen, dnaggisU. A Card.?Tho Braver Ac Bnktr Mewing Ma. ?Hot Compear bag to lnform4nelr patrons and the psthno toot while thifr eetebMebmset. 4M Broadway, is batog re paired and refitted, their business wlli be roaUauad as uses I' at the adjoining premises, No W. sag BUSHTON, to Aster House, and by all dmgflHo All Prlxeo Cashed In Legal Latteries. -CTree lam and- drawings sent. J. GLUTS, Broker, 17* Broadway. Beautiful If air. "Chevalier's I-lfe for lbs HAIR" positively restores gray hair to its original notes end Cthful beauty imparts Ufa end strength to toe woakeaf -, stops Its (ailing nut st oooe. keeps ton bend nlnaa. Is unparalleled as a hair dressing. Hold by all druggists and fashionable hair drawers, and at my oAee 1,10 Broadway. N. T. 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