Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1867 Page 8
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THE COURTS. IK'TIO STATES CBCUTT rVr. ArmivRwrin uf Uxfor* JuJ/e Sum i> AV the of the court yesterday the VudtitMB ol tli* term was carn'rienced. The lolluaiug yrkaoimra a-ere then arraigned and pleaded ?evur*lly to the charges preferred ?-*'OSt them Tredertek Gro?*ath, charged with r-n attempt to de fraud the government (o forging, m arte^ed, an enlist ment pap*', plOedad not guilty. William Prowti, charred with uttering counterfeit Vnitad Stites rurrvicy, ploaded not gallty; Joseph Got Ann pleaded gutity to an indictment charging Ulm with liwvu it .0 ho. pneoosetoa, with intent to pass the name, en jBiorfeM Caned .Mates ourtency; Mary St. John plead ed f oilty to forging an endoraetnont upon a oert U ate of dep ?t of the felted States Treasury; Cbaries J. Bran aaa, alia* Wiiliatu Mulligan, pleaded guilty to an iud ct m. lit ct.arring tiira with forgiug and uttering a false ?wr.fltu with Intent to defraud the fatted States. The. panics pleading guilty AlU be sentenced before the end, CWHT 6F *wn TERMINER. I Knr?? of Arwam?Trial of John Kane for Tlif ilrr in tbe First Weiiree _ The Tenement lluuor It timing In Thirty-firot tttrect aiad Second Arenne. Before Judge Ingrahwn end a Jwry. Yesterday John Kana wan pot upon bts trial for the alleged ra-irdw. in the Anil degree of Mary Send ford by maliuiuusly setting Are to ? tenement bowse, of whf ich has the owner, on the night of the 12th of Deo imber, INK. The d. nth of the deoeaaed resulted Irons, burns she receded at the fire In question. Tbo ease excited much interest, and the con rt room ons ? rowded from the opening to the close of I.ho day's proceeding* Th. prosecution is conducted by Mr. M&rtindi le, Attor ney U' nerai of the State, and Mr. R. C. BiutchingR, Assistant Diet ret Attorney. The prisoner in defended by Mr. James T. Braily and ex-Judge A. A. * Thompson. A tu <M1 of the building was placed on the taJ >le for the in.'orioa u-n of the Court and jury. orxstvra statsmknt soft rns Tmnwcrrt on. Mr. Hutching* said??entieme.. of the Jury , this is an indictment for murder in the first degree. It is special In its character, and has been drawn under a section of a recent law. Where a person causes tho deaf U of others by arson, the law regards it as murder in. tho first de gree. You must be convinced by positive evidence in the case and also by circumstantial evidence in the case, that the prisoner is guilty of the crime of : -rson. There Is on.y one witness who will swear positively ss to the facte of the case, but thure are circumstances in connec Im?b with it from which I believe you will hare no diflV oultv in arriving at the conclusion that the prisoner at the bar, deliberately, for some motive and to accomplish Bonn: purpose, set lire to this building, which he owned, and which tire, I bnliuve, resulted in the death of five human being* Thus. It Is simply necessary to lny in lite indictment presented to you that one person, s won an, came to her death by this fire. Thi- indictment substantially alleges, and the al legation is to he proved to your *ulaf action by the evidence 1 have offer, and by the circumstances of the ea*e pointing iriowstibly to the guilt of the prisoner, that he set fire to thin building in Thirty-Qrst street, and that the burning resulted tn the death of the woman, Marv .-and'ord, on the night of the 12th of December, 1S60. 7 bo budding was four stories high It ?t> situated ?a the corner of Second avenue and Thirty-first street. There was s h.tmtnent or cellar, and the front portion of this was occupied by* bariier. In the cellar was Kane's woodrdi?d, and over teat his liquor store The whole of the tiocr abo-e was oaoupiod by one family, and the floor above that by a man named Sandford, and on the fourth Moor was a iitmiiy named Webb. Mrs. Sandford came to her death from the burning, and Mrs. Webb, starting from Uio tiro, and not seeing tier child ss she oxpecled rushed in again and was nearly suffocated. Three chil dren alio came to their death from this burning. After i the examination of this case, you must c.imo to the eoticluc-on?and I caunot soo how you can como to any ether conclusion?that this Are was started in tho eejiur of Kane's ho se; that from this collar to the ether parts of It there U no communication; that the lire was not tho result of accident, but that It was started by eomc one Intentionally, and with deliberation. And ihe pr'secuiKin Intend to prove to your satisfaction that they have no moral doubt of the guilt ol lb>8 roan, aud they will pr?. nut this cnae to you so that there cannot lie a legal doubt that Kane was governed by Some motive? stea you aro to lind the motive from Uto evidence?nnd that ho is the person wbo started this fire, whtcU resulted to the death of fire human beings. There is only oue wiinc s in the case who testifies positively to certain tr.?n-actual, ou Die part of Kane. He is a* I can we'.t ant < pute, a dangerous witness to the prisoner, and tbeie.or* it will be attempted to discredit him iu your sw'iiual on He, in fact., comes on the staud as a witno-a to some extent impeached by coutradictory statements of ois own; and yon, for the purpose of discovering what was the true statement he made, must examine wherein lav the motive originally for ottering a false statement, Tbe imiue or this witness is Sbcciian. He is Kan s corona, and was bis barkeeper at the time of this tragedy. He was on Intimate and friendly relations with bun. Their relationship was not only that of friends, but ol family, and he will tell you wby It wan that he had originally made a statement beiorc the coroner that was fit lee. Ho did make a state men: before the coroner which war not all the truth. Mr did so to rave Kune. Kane was free and Shechan was arrested. Shceban had no motive to oommit this ?rune The prisoner promised to bail Phcebau out if he wouM no', loll on hint, sod say that ho was not at the fir , hut Hi prooner had no such intention, for he in tended to make bhechsu tbe victim of his own crime. Seeing that he would be the victim of Kane, and that Kane was using him for his own purposes, ho then made the revolution that will be presented to you to-dsy. What Is the revelation that he will present to you t It will bo aub.'atilialfy as follows;? Thatlhe was I tie barkeeper of this place; that on tbe night of this tragedy Kane or fien-d him to close the storo earlier than it had b-en the custom tu close it; that Kane went up stairs, and came fiowi. and sad to him, ?' Damn you; why have you not had ibis shop doted upf Shsfbsn saw Kane go down the ccilar stain-, and while ha was in the cellar be heard aoi*- like tbeinoviiig ol barrels. He came up soon sfier; the store was not closed and again he ordered him to clues iu Kane was then seen to come down stairs aga-u wish his coat and hoo'.a off. He wcut into tbe cel lar again, and remained ibore several minutes. He then went up '-fairs. and almost Itnmooialely after Sheehan, wbo was in the store, observed smoke issuing trom the cellar and up the stairs leading to the upper stories of tbe Kane escaped. He was the only man that wa- seen in Die cellar?tbe only man that had access to the cellar at thai time. He went up stairs: he was fully Mr?-??ed; he came up from tbe scutilu of the room. Oc cupying the upper portion of the hoiAe, that was the host way Tor him to encapo after the Ure and alarming the other inmates of the house, as there Is ? long row of dwellings there, and he had only to pass from toon** te house As he passed by Webb's room he gave tbe alarm of fire to tbe Webb family. Ha was tbe first person to discover the fire, even b-fnre ?h ebon or any of the other persons had got any intimation of It. The learned counsel la concluding his statement observed thai neither Bheehan nor the barber bail any mot-ve to barn the Bare, and that Kane, knowiug ha was supposed to have id s hand in the arson, told the police officer to watch the burlier, saying "he did It/' The barber had no mo tive to t-um the place for he was not insured. He (Mr. HntcMng*) repudiated the notion that it wan a pro ?eeuibin for the ndvsroage of the insurance companies It was usiitub d to vindicate the law, and if the jary ?hrrold believe fha evidence to be adduced on the part ?f the people it would be their duty to find the prisoner t??"7 TsmwnsT or Tit* wrrsEssas . David T. fNui.liord was the first witness called and Mr. Brady intimated that there were a great many things which ho supposed the witness would prove?tlie details of ihe burning and tbe loss of his wtfa He wmiIu adin.t oil tbcac outline! of the case for the take of saving time, and narrow tbe matter down to the question wuclher Kane set lire to this house in the night Mrau Mr. MarUndalo accepted tba offer of Mr. Brady, but ?aid it would be necessary? nevertheless, to exarane the vUwh on some points. The witness (landlord eras examined oa follow* ?The Pai d ng was on tbe corner of Thirty-first street; I oc cupied a kitchen and bedroom on the third floor; tbe kitchen was over the entrance door on Thirty-firat street; my wife, three children and alstcr-in-Uw resided to the?? room*, (cased them front Kane at |12 s month; tbe lire occurred In the month of December at night; bsesd an alarm in the street; ran to th? kitchen window aad saw flames waning from the beer men t; saw tbe hall ful' of smoke; ran up stiirs and saw a ladr in her ?.ght dress; saw bheehan with a ladder, ami ached him K be could Ox It ?p sons to save himself aad bis fami ly; the !-wider fell short, and then witness went up to the scuttle, followed by his wife aad Dually. The wit tires d.-scr.l-cd at length his efforts to escape and bow his wife nnd two children perished from the affects of tbe in r. s?w a perron oo the roof that night, but could not swear it was Kane. To Mr. Brady?1 bavo alwavs been on good terms with Kane M. J Sinn ban. 1 have never before been in ? house thii wm tmrncd; I did tot smell keroaenc that night: tbe emeu i got tro- boil that evening wan the smell of varnish . i am sot awar-> that Kane had triads arrange ment' to nave bis premises painted shout that time. 17i* neat wttr.ess railed wss a police offlcer, hot Mr. Hutchi"g? '? was not necessary to examine him, as Mr. Brady admitted that lira. Handtord died Of the burro, alter ah* wna taken to Hospital. _ A doctor fnati Bel'eTue Hospital deposed that Mm. Band.ord diedsdburna in that mtabllsiiment en the 14th of D- c< tuber, itw A Herman woman named Miaut* Punlncer deposed ?bat she aa-l her U'.sb-.d a.d two child? ^?7^ the front part of the basement of Kane's bouse In 8ecood avenue; bar husuand kept a barber shot, the baxcinout was noi coun-ctrd with tbe back 'nart the wtaess went ta bad at ten o'clotk and h*r liusbaod and children also; she some time after beard *? explosion which awoke her; she ru led bar husband, aad said there was a fire- ber buabaod took the two children, end be went' with them into the street; aha saw the (Ire; the smoke come through a door loading to where Kane had whig, her stored, hut that door had been nailed up; having beard |?<-ee above her she knocked with a broom and Os Id "please, Kane, comedown;" tbe nolae cea?ed; lbs noise of tbe expleeieo was ss loud aaa revolver; all her property was horned, she d?a not exactly know tbe waitie or it; the raploa'on was the first lb log tbe law or board. Crnso-assm lived by Mri Brady?Wb*b sba said "please, Kane, come down," sh* did not kfiovr where Kan- ws*; she use examined before the rioroner's jury; she sold there that *ha had heard a ndxaC, I olio wed by *a ex phwion. ? Tho hn*? nnd of the test witness, ,Tu1loe fnnlnger. wa* aeit efaiiuiitd. He deroexd thai ne lost oil bia prop erty wor"! rVmt $1 OOO. hv the #r? . . ?m': ?^r'h'rt'ilrrt "hlrfaZ at "* Ending ou table Ui? door at Thirty UrrtiUr.^ at ^ ^ 0J ^ ?Miot ?? .Blocking the door. I k i ahfdi' I* SkMkM, ud 4M not mo htui u*aiu that ingi", ?' K ? . . jowlti? S. neraHy very fnendK Verm fci u' KllIl0. ll0 Udd t.a(j ? ?Mil peudog agate* UW, ' ? ^ h%d b?e'. ,nwlTCd w|u ne,? wonW no *?*???? ^ t0 recover ta* demand except U| <m hit own ?*?** ?ul b? had ?eon , ^ Kane'. c*.?'?r the day b rf<)r(! lhB but le not knowwhMwna in tt ? ? tfoere wa* a trapdoor from ma loor w the b. bat be oeatd not aay if it had boor. aai'.ed up. ^ n To lf> (fitness had three yean of hie lease i j j ?T ?"?r *"m anytblnK tor hi. lease dt retjliy, hut he did Ui an<>iti?r person. rtve juror?whs ? ^.v r in8ured in any other place Irra. l'l nmpBr i ^railed and examined by Mr Hrady? I before trie jnrener'a Jury that the noise appeared Ukcume trout w1 Wiethe trap door was. Caoorge K. nt a-ruan examined? I aw twenty-fonr year, or ge;l o'ia a vn iu Ireland-, camo to th s country in MM; land* d at New Turk, and went to Albany; did not tf? 'nl?^' there; I went to meet an uncle and aunt named I> -e'anee; went into uncle s employment, attend tin; to hi 4 tne-go; 1 wont into Kane'* employment In April le <t ne barkeeper, corner of Hecond avenue and Thirty- liret trreet: tbore was a license taken out In my nametUis was done with Kane's assent; the business was c undented there for Kane; he gave me $20 a month and ' tn? beard; I remained tn his employment until De cern .berr, e >roe of bis stock was got In April, and the pl? ce mm, opened on the 17th of Hay; there was no ot'.ior Meek got but some plantation bitters, some syrups ?uJ some blackberry brandy; the whole stock was 'worth at the tune of the tire ebon' $2 600; In Hay it was worth ft,000; last summer the prisoner told me ' he btul effected an insurance on the stock; be showed me tbs insurance; the aggregate was $20,000; the bar room and fixtures. Ac. were insured $10,000, and the rest of the building $10,000; tbere was a bar, billiard table, pictures, pump, mirrors, decanters, two plated pitchers, cigars, copper measures, plated spoons and a clock; they wero worth about $1,000 or $1,200; the insurances were shown to mo some time before the Ore; tbere was a trap door that admitted of descent into the back cellar, but when the business was opened the trap-door was boarded over and nailed up. the witness, having mentioned the names of the families who resided in the bouse, aaid?I was in the hubit of closing the store about the time of the Ore from twelve to three o'clock in the mornln?; on the night of the fire Kane came in about eleven o'clock, and told me to close the store; he was dressed Hi a black coat, black pants and patent leather boots; I told hlin to go to bed, and that I would close the store; he said, "Damn you, close the store when I tell you;" he went up stairs without bis coat and shoes, and in about half an hour arter he came down stairs again and said, "Damn you, have you not closed the store yet;" I raid 1 was closing it as fast as 1 could; Kane then closed the side door and went down to the cellar; tbere was a light in the I.all; there were some barrels of whiskey and port wine there; there were also some paint pots; heard . some noiso like the rolling of barrels; be came up out of the cellar, and I asked htm if it was not time for him to go to bed; I was then in the hallway, and be told me to go into the store; T did bo, and began to count the day's money. The witness then describoU the prisoner as having gone down to the cellar a second time; he re mained there a while, and soon after the prisoner, who was in a slave of lntoxicat on, went up stairs; subse quently the witness discovered the place to be in names; he gave the alarm of Are, and when the house was in flames lie saw Kane in i'hirty-flrot street; be ?ald to witness, "Shut up about what you saw to night; do not say that you saw mo golug down into the cellar;'* did not speak to him that night further ou the subject, a* Kano was drunk; next day spoke to him about it; Kane replied, "Keep quie.t?it will be all right In a few days;" 11 is was when he was going down to the tire Marshal's office; the cellar was not used for de positing a^bes; witness had been in prison on a charge of arson for two months and nine days, and prisoner used to visit htm in prison and say every day he would get htm out. Mr. Martin dale here put in the schedule of Kane's losses as supplied to the insurance company, and exam ined the witness with tho view of showing that the goods stated to bave been destroyed by the Ore worn not on the premises. Tho witness raid?Tho business of Kane was dull during tho summor, and Kane spoke to me, saying he would like to soil the place to advantage. Cross-examined by Mr. Brady?It is about three weeks ago since I lirst told any one that I saw the prisoner go down twice to the cellar, I told it to Mr. Baker, the Fire Marshal; I told Mr. Baker all I knew, as I wus in prison on a charge of arson; 1 was indicted in the Court of Gen eral S ssions, and I did not, being innocent, wish to be tried; Kano told me that he would get me out oi prison and go to the District Attorney about it; wheu I found that lite prisoner was telling me lies, I told the Fire Mar shal all I knew of this affair: I w.-s in the Tombs, and tho prisoner there gave me money?$6 and $10; I be lieve Kane thou owed me $60; he gave me in ail about $50; I complained to Kane that the place was not tit for a pig to live in. After being cross examined as to whe ther lie bad any hope of escaping lrom puD.shmcnl If Kane was convicted, the deposition of the witness taken before the Coroner was read to the jury, counsel for the prisoner contending that this testimony was altogether different from that given by Sheoiiau on the present trial. The witness said the reason why ho had mode a different statement was because the prisoner was lits relative, lie had liked him much and did not wiab to see him inlured. Tho court adjourned at three o'clock to this morning, when the trial will be resumed. SURROGATE'S COURT. Tbe Surrogate's Court adjourned yeatorday without transuding any business, In consequence of the death of Mr. Robert 8. Livingston, Surrogate Tucker's father-in law. Tho Korman will case, which baa been on tho tapla for more than a year, will be argued on Friday. COURT OF GENERAL SESSiONJ. Cbarle* B. 31 initial Srntvnrrtl to be Executed. Before Judge RoaseL At the opening of the court yesterday morning Assist ant District Attorney Bedford, in tbe absenoe of District Attorney Hutchings, who conducted tbe prosecution, rose and said:?If tbe Court please, it now becomes my duty to move for the judgment of tbe law in tbe ease of Charles B. Manual, convicted during the present term of this Court of tbe crime of murder in the first degree. Tbe prisoner's counsel reasserted that Manual claimed that he subbed the deceased in defunco of bis own per son. Judge Rups l addressed the prisoner ss follows:? Charles B. Manual, you were charged by tbe grand in quest of tbe county with haviuir, on tbe 29lh of De cember last, murdered Henry Schlosser. To that charge you pleaded not guilty, and placed yourself upon a Jury of your country, who after a patient investigation, con victed you of murder in the first degree. Tim evidence was bo clear and convincing that not a doubt could be raised aa to your guilt or tuo motive that induoed the act. Your character i? notoriously bad; your previous career has beeu that of crime. On the 11th of November last yon met In a public house a man of yonr own color named Abraham Thomp son ; yon asked htm to treat you; he refused; whereupon you stabbed him In the neck and heart, nearly causing his duatb. Un tho same night you knocked down, in Thomas street, a bargeman named Jackson and robbed him of his watch. On tbe 18th of December last you were employed by a lady living in Amity street to curry a trunk, the couieuls of which were valued at $1,500. You got possession of it, con verted it to your own use, and the owner never recovered her property nor saw you until you had committed the murder of which you have been convicted. Tbe night Sou murdered Henry rchleeser you went to tbe house of Pxsbelli Dykoff, 210 .-prim: street, a half an hour after, and stole tbe ball lamp. You were arrested on that charge and the property found In your possession. There are other charges against you which it is unneces sary to mention. Notwithstanding all this you had a fair and Impartial trial and were ably defended. You have forfeited your life to tho rlilatod laws of your country. Ily the lawsol Hod and man the puui-hmenl of the crime of which you have been convicted Is death. You have nothing to bope for on earth, i'reparo yourself for the horeafler by devoting tbe remaining days you have to live to penitence and prayer. My duty Is an un pleasant one; it D to pronounce that sentence which the law ordains for a crime of this magnitude. The sen tence of the court I* that you be taken to the prison Irom wnenoe you came, and on the 19ih day ol April next you be hanged by the neck until you are dead, and may God have mercy on youryouL Mr sparks, the Deputy Clerk, then read the death warrant aud handed the prisoner over to the custody of Sheriff Kelly, who wits in attendance, and at who-e re quest a deputy sheriff brought Manual bach to the Tombs, lbs prisoner exhibited considerable emotion when the sentence was passed. Henry Wheeler, who was Jointly Indicted with Wm. Blmpaou, who was convicted last March and sent to tho S ate prison for Uva years, for burglary In tho third do giee, was tried and convicted. On tho 23d of February, ImMI, the store of Levi H Mace, 111 and 113 Knot Hous ton street, was burglariously entered and an attempt made to blow up the sofa An officer arrested these prisoners and found burglarious main menu upon them. Wheeler was remanded tor sentence. Joseph Wr.glit aud George Kelly pleaded guilty to aa attempt at grand larceny, having stolen three gold chain* valued at 1108, the property of George W. Pratt, on the ldtl. of February. They were each sent to the State prison for two years and tlx months Victor A. Harden pleaded gttlliy of an attempt at " i $37 from ~~ * grand loreeny, having stolen 827 from Wm. H. Cately, and waa remanded fur sentence Ghdrloe M. Klco and Alei. Stringer, charged with stealing plated ware worth $85, owned by Clemebtlna Courtney, 81 Downing street. Jacob Lena, who sto|p $32 from John Renker; David Miller, who ahared in re ceiving $1,100 which was stolen by Jests 8. Mlnerly fiom Henry L Foots; Martin Kraft, who stole a watch and chain front John Kngel?each of whom were In dicted roc grand Inrgeny, pleaded guilty to so attempt. Judgment was suspended In the above cases, the com plain an is interceding In their behalf. Thomas Wethereon. Indicted for burglariously entering the store ef John Flyaa, 180 Spring street, and stealing $400 worth of cigars, on tbe 28th of June, pleaded guilty to an attempt. At the raqueetaf tbe comptainaat judgment waa suspended. The Grand Jurv brought in n number of Indictments. I it ay will be dlsehaiged en Thursday. COURT OF SPECIAL SESSIONS. Before Jostles* Dowilng and Kelly. Thirty-firs oneos were dtepeeed of in this court yeeter ?y, of whteh twelee were Par admit end battery; if ?n, petit larceny; one, picking JWDketa; one. ceu ?iraey; ire, violations of tho ExdM Uw, And three sepeaded from last sitting. ctmnmra it fit roue*. The only cms tried of any interest wm a charge made V police Officer Rely against Ge* Sterling, fhr await It nd battery, which wag supported by the svldMcr of , the complainant and partly by another policeman, while the wilrie-*e*, four, for the defence, -wre that in consequence ot a disturbance in the bouse where pn ?oner res d?d ibe oiflo m enteral, put him under arrest, and then, as alb-gad, cluboed bun in bis own room, when, t<> es ;tpo :h ? hem ng, he jumped out of the win dow, was followed by the police who took him in tho yaid and four of ibem recommenced the clubh ng aud continuud it to the station house, where tbu defendant arrived covered with blood. The judge found biin guilty and remaud d h.m until next court day. ooMaenucv. The caae of Griffith va. Tilths and others, ont of the la to dry goods all god nwlndling operations of Folger h Tibba, the purlieu tars-of which have already appeared in the IIkralo, was brought before tbis court 011 a ennge of conspiracy to defraud, but in con* quence of the illness of one of the presiding parlies, the hear ing of the case waa adjourned to Saturday. SXCVB CAIT'S. Three of theae cases were adjourned ; one, against Charles Botham, dismissed; and the fifth, against Charles Iiulieclc, 210 William street, lor disposing of whiskey without license, was disposed of by lining the defend ant *30. LOUWSBERRY VS. LEIGH. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Tour report in last Sunday's llr'" " of the above case ? in the main correct. I would, however, state at the request of lbs sympathizers with Miss Lounsberry, and as tbe counsel who tried ber cause, tbat she Is not, as was alleged on tbe trial, a believer in all tbe doctrines of spiritualism. Tbs death of ber sole surviving parent, the estrangement of ber brother ana ber lonely condition preyed upon her mind and affected ber pbyalco! aud mental faculties. It was in tbis state, as it is insisted, that she signed tbo lease in question. HENRY H. MORANGE, of Counsol for Miss Loansberry. BROOKLYN LAW COURTS. United Males Cammisslnner'a Court. Before Commissioner Jones. United Slates vs. J Oram Young and Frederick Sua man.?Tbo defendants were arrested in the Eastern District, on Friday evening last, charged with selling cigars in unstamped boxes. Several witnesses were ex amined for both sldoe, when the case was adjourned over until tbe 0th of Mar<;h. Tbe prosecution estab lished tbe fact tbat tbe officer who made tbe arrests bad seized eighteen hundred cigars, which the .defend ants claimed they had procured from No. 211 Seventh si root, New York, for tbo purpose of selling them to one Samnel Winn, residing in the Eastern District, borne of the boxes bore dolaeed stamps, while the remainder were not stamped at all. United States ei. Albert Smith and James Mullen.?In this case, previously reported, the defendants were charged with removing distilled spirits on which no tax had been paid to a place other than a United Hates bonded warehouse. The Commissioner discharged Mul len and held Smith to await the action of tbs Grand Jury. United Mtntm Circuit Court. Before Judge Benedict. Tbe United States District Court, Judge Benedict pre siding, opened yesterday afternoon, when the caae of Lieutenant John C. Braine, late of tbe confederate navy, who is charged with having seized tbe steamer Chesapeake on tbe 7th or December, 1803, wblle on the high seas, was called up. Couu?el for accused, however, was not ready to proc< ed, and the nose went over to tbe next term of the Circuit Court. Tbe United Mtntea District Court. Ho I ore Judge Bonedict. United States w. Five Thousand Oatlosv at Molasses.? This case reported in tbe Hkkald of Tue-day last, came up in the United States District Court yesterday alter noon pursuant to adjournment. It Is an jHton brought by the government for tho confiscation of 6,0u0 gallons of molasses seized in January last at' lbs distillery of Mr. Redmond Burke, First street, E. D., who had been manufacturing whiskey without an inspector to his establishment. Tbe testimony of witnesses and tbe arguments of counsel ou both sides having been con cluded, Judge Benedict charged tbe jury, after which they retired to d<-hberate. Ttic jury remained out (or two bourn, when they returned, unable to agree. Tbe judge then directed tbem to return a sealed verdict this morutng. United Stales vs. 7too Steam Pumps, de.?This was an action similar to the preceding one, the property being claimed by John Cover. Gayer us charged bod been running n distillery in Clinton avenue before tbe ap Kdntmont of an inspector, thereby violating the law. is establishment was duly seized together with tbe property, lor the possession of which this action is brought, and tbn case came up boforo Judge Benedict and a Jury yesterday afternoon. Several witnesses were examined, and the cose was subsequently ad journed until ibis afternoon. Kuprrmc C'onrt. Before Judge Gilbert. J> teph Van Brun' vs. Richard AVu ton ?This was an action brought by plaintiff to recover the value of clothing left by him at defendant's hotel In Fulton street. Tho case was formerly tried before Justice Walsh of tbe First District Court, when Judgment in the sum of $75 was rendered for plaintiff. AD'appeal being taken to the County Court, it was dtsiHimeri, whereupon an appeal was taken to tho General Term ot the Hupreme Court from the order of the County court, which was affirmed, with costs, by the Genoral Term. 1'huntiff's counsel then inado an applicatlun for lull cosis of the appeal, $01 04, which was .tronglv opposed by defendant's counsel, who claimed that undor the code plaintiff was entitled to $10 only. Yesterday Judge Gilbert decided to grant tbo order allowing fall costs. Court of Heooioos. Before Jndgo Dlkemon and Justices Hoyt and Yoorkcos. The People vs. Martin MeC->rmack.?The circumstances of this ease, briefly stated, are as follows: -It is charged that McCormack, In company with two other young men named John Monaglian and James Hineson, bur glariously entered tbe house 202 North Seventh street, E. P., early on Hie morning ot December 2, 1803, and robbed and ravished tbe Inmates of one of the rooms, Ellen Walker. Margaret Lacy and Anna Campbell. On the examination of the o< cused before Justice Paltry tbey wore all IdootiQcd and committed for trial. Nona ction has already been couvlclsd. and Jhe Dial of McCor mack was conclud-d yesterday, almost two days having boon spent lu tbe examination of witnesses for the prosecution and detence. The Jury retired shortly after three o'clock, but, being unable to airre-* by live, they were locked up for the night and tbe court adjourned until nine A. M. to-day. COURT CALENDAR?THIS OAT. 8census Cocrt?CntrcrT. ?Fart 1.?Oyer and Terminer busiuess only. Part 2?Adjourned for the term. Part 8.? No*. 1069, 115*1. 390. 1108, 683, 2764, 387, 247, 243, 889. 1061, 019. 1254, 204, 1031, 616, 663, 1144, 1172, 1034 ScrRBin Court?Special Txk*.?Adjourned lor tbe term. Srrnxn Court?Ciiamprr*.? Nor 22, 84X, 27, 60. Call commonree at No. 66 Citt Cocmr, Brooklyn?March Tesw Jury rasas, first weak; equity, fourth week. Motion dtjfb, Saturdays in term. THE SUBMARINE CABLE BETWEEN FLORIDA AND CUBA. goma erroneous Impressions prevail sa to the time wben the cable between Florida and Cuba will be com pleted. The following facte will correct theee Im preeeionaThe contract for tne cable call* for Ita de livery In May, enleee aocldeate or itreee of weather pre vent It. The work on the land line in Florida to connect It with the Western Union Telegraph Company's Nne will be commenced this week. Lets than sixty davs will be required to build the land Haw The cable and land line will be oompleted ud In working order by Jana L The President of the company la Hewers! W. F. Baldy") Smith. The engineer, now In England super intending the construction of the oablo, and who will anperlatend the whole work (patting down, ha), Is W. E. Everett, who Invented the paying out apparatus of the Srat Atlantic cable. For several yean pant (nntli January 1, 1867} he was manager of the Novelty Iron Works; and he Is now of the Arm of Qnlatard k Everett, of the Morgan Iron Works of this city. THE MARIPOSA MAIR6 COMPART. Sa* Fbawciscd, Feb. 38,1867. Judge Dwionell yesterday dented tne motion of the Mariposa Company for an order restraining the Sheriff of Mariposa county from levying an execution ef ?000. The Judgment was granted to Dodge Brothers in nary Inst. SALES ff REAL ESTATE. By A. J. Bleeck W. Bon A Co. 195th at?1 let a aide TS ft e. 7th sr., mtfcbl $1,090 1 lot adjoining 1.690 1 lot n. aide 75 ft e. 7th a* 1,980 9 lota adjoining, 25?H block, aaeh. 1,490 4 lota adjoining, each .. 1.439 .taut at?3 lota n. a. 460 ft w. 5thtv? 39iW.ll, each.. 1 190 133(1 et?3 lota a *. 366 ft, w. 91b it.. 35x9*11, each.. LlfiO 4th av.?1 lot a. s. cor. 117th at.. K9x99 1.460 1 lot n. s. cor 116th at , 35 6x96.x 1.400 Henry et?Leasehold premlaca Mo. 349. 19x69 ..., 7.280 Montgomery a..?Leaachold premises No. II. lot 19x96 T.WO lMst it?? lots a. a ?*i ft e. 6ti it., 36tW.ll 1,090 By Mnller, Wfhns A Co. House and lot 0 Blceokcr at., m-.KO $90,000 House and lot SI Ka?t 26th at., IN98 P 11.199 Houee and lot 34 l.udlow at. r Houses and lota 41. 44 and 46 House and lot 48 Went 43d at. Ileuee and lot 41 Weal 4ad at. Lot *7 Weat 43d at.. 22 6x100.9 llouee and lot 290 Hudson at, House and lot 393 Hudson st, llouee and lot 343 Keel 33d at 29961 17 luton at. 60x100 3Ai2? 3.6x100.9 14.000 61I116S 14.100 t.r3 *80. * ' 1 let 6. a9da 13lHh et, 536 ft. Eith av., 99x100.11 !.?? j lot adjoining, 39x69 4 1 tot adjoining. 36x*M. ? 1 let adjoining, 96x99.10....... 1 lot S. sMeflth at. 326 ft. fc 1 enrs lot 6. a. 70th at, 1US ri Slots N. a. 424 at, 909 ft B. :wAr , 34x10*4 ???b ?? Jamm I, " 116 0reeowloh at., house and 297 Centre ?t, houae and I'd. Wit. 8 Rnjfrrt at bona* and 196 neat Broadw iv, bona" at 197 Boat Broadway. bsuae ai d av . 29xlW...... 3d av., Ms 109.A. f , 39x101 .Miller. ? 32x9*4. 9>FW 401 Weat St., bouse and lot, 2**48 3 11.569 x64 9 990 .77x90.,..,. B.909

k*. 9.(Hi lot 19.6x49. 9 925 Wo. * 6th ?t.. house and iet J i9C.. 11 W ftli Keel I6lh at , houao to W hast JiHt st. bouse aaw u. SrKwl Nil) Wx.9. ..19.99* MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Carroll?Hawiclnh.?Ai Harlem, on Monday, February 35, by the Rev. K Magulrc, Hakim. Carroll, of Harleui, to Viboima L. Hawkinr, of Greenfield Hill. Ooan. CooraH?Lani ?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, February 21, by Rev. Wm. T. Engard, Alexandra & Oooraa to ^"in aoxT^f'wK.? On Tuesday, February 30. at Trinity rht.rcb, Nw York, by Rev. Franels Vinton, U. D., as slated by K v. Sullivan H. Weston, D. D., John B. Odh'imt to Lozzia Stewart, oldest daughter of Satnuel A Cook, Fsq , all of this oily. _ Mones? Stiver. ?On Wednesday, February 20, at the Temple Einannel, by the Rev. Dr. Adler M. H. to Evtukk, daughter of Jacob Stintr, Kbq.? all of thU 01 Ouistrab?BARRfrr On Tuesday evening, July 8, 1808, by the Rev J. V. Smith, Mr. G. W. Olmbtrab to Mlae Kim F. Barrett, all of thlarUy. Smith Clark. ?< ta Thursday, February 21, by the Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, D. D., Alxxardxb M. C. Smith, Jr., to Mariahna W., only daughter of Joseph Clark. No cards. tt Hirth. Bum.?On Saturday, February 23, wife of J. N. Bum, of a boy. San Francisco (CaL) papers please copy. Died. Aaron*.?Killed, la the late massacre at Fort Philip Kearny, Dakota Territory, on Friday, December 21, 1880, Henry E. Aaron*, Company C, Eighteenth United States Infantry, youngest son of Benjamin and Either Amrona, of London, England, aged 18 years and 1 month. English and Australian papers pleaao copy. Andrews.?On Tuesday morning, Februray 20, of heart disease, J. C. & Andrews, of Goshen, Orange county, New York. _ ? The friends of the fhmfly are inrltod to attend the funeral, on Thuraday afternoon, at two o'clock, from hut late residence, Goshen. Trains leave per Erie Railway at eight and ten o'clock A M. Axe?At St. Thomas, W. L, on Tuesday. February 20, I860, David Axh. ' Boooocn.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, February 24, Jonw W. Boocoot, in the Hist year of bis age. The relatives and friends of the family, and also the members of Central Lodge No. 301, F. and AM.,aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No. 302 Heury street, corner of Sackett, Brooklyn, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Booth.?On Tuesday, February 20, Cbablss A Booth, aged 40 years. . The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem bers of New York Lodge Not 330 F. and A M., Manhat tan Chapter No. 184 R. A M., and the members of Olive Branch Lodge No. 31 I. a O. F., are respectfully re quested to attend the funeral, from St. Luke's church, Hudson street, opposite Grove, on Thuraday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. Boyle.?On Monday, February 25, of dropsy, George Washington Boylr. aged 5 years, 0 months and 10 days, youngest ton of James and Teresa Boyle. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his uncles, Thomas and John MoQuade and Patrick Boyle, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, 394 Third street, cor ner of Goerck, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half-past ooe o'clock. . ? Bro- r >n ?On Punday, February 24, Mrs. l-trcMTiA Bboknon, widow of Greene 0. BronsoA The funeral services will be held at her late residence, 44 Went Twentieth street, this (Wednesday) mornldg, at eleven o'clock. Her friends and those of toe family are Invited to uilcnd _ Brown.?On Monday evening. February 26, George 0. liaowN, of the firm of T. C. L G. G. Brown, aged 32 < ' The relatives and fWends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the tuners), from the Tabernacle, jer-utv CM*, this (Wednesday) alternoon, at half-past one o'clock. His remains will he taken to Paterson for Ibtertr.etii ? Chalks. ?On Tuesday, February 20, Aistandee C. CH'liLRf, InUifit hod of Klcbard P. and Elizabeth F. (.'bare*. aged 7 months and 23 days Cuut On lluuday, February 25, after a abort and re ere llin m?, Edward, eldest son of Thomas and Julia Clarke, in ih? "list vrar of his age. Hia ren aios will be taken from the residence or his pursue, Nu. 25 iili ?er f.troet, this (Wednescay) morning at bait-rest nine o'clock, to Transfiguration chtrcii, MoU street, where a solemn nia-^ of requiem will be offered up for ibe repose of hia sou!. His frienda, and those of his parents and uncles, Andrew and Dr. P. J. Clarke, also the officers and me in hern of the Hlxty nimh rrglment, are reap'Ctfully invited to attend thp funeral. His remains will be Interred in Calvary ^Donnell.?At Castleton Heights, Ptaton Island, on Monday, February 26, Theodore, only son of E. J. and 1.ydia Grace Donnoll, In the 14th yeiir or his age. Funerul servicos th s (Wednesday) alternoon, at one o'clock, from Pt Paul's church, Tompklasvtllc. I>oi'gd>:rty.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February 20, William D ?ronicRTT, In the 281 h year of bis age. The relatives und friends oi the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 34 Bridge street, on Thursday afternoon, at half-pagt two o'clock without further notice Di'racr.?On Monday, February 25, Mrs Margaret Pi-rack, eldest daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Kelly, and wife or Wlillaru Durack. The luneral will take place from her late residence, No. 848 Third avenue, this (Wedneeday) alternoon, at one o'clock. Boston papers will please copy. DrRVBA.? At her late residence, in the town of Flush lag, L. I., on Monday, February 26, Ida, relict of Jacob M. Duryoa. . ? The relativ es and friends of the lamily are respectfully Invited to attend the fudcral, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence. (arriages wilt be in waiting at the Jamaica depot on the arrival of tho Long Islaifd Railroad train leaving James stlp at nine o'clock, and Hunter's 1'oint at hall-past nine o'clock, on Friday morning. _ . Dye ? Margaret, wife of the late Clarkson Dye and eldest daughter of Wm. and EllrnDeth McLean, departed this life on Tuesday, February 20, aged 50 yearn Funeral at Bedford street Methodist Episcopal church, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. _ Furry ?At Harlem, on Monday, 1 ebruary 26, ELI Ferry, In the 82d year of his age Relatives and friends of the family, and the members of Harlem Lodge, No. 457. F and A M., are tuvtted to attend the funeral, from hia late residence. 123U stroet, south side, between Third and Fourth avenues, this (Weduesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. H s remains will be taken to Bethel, Conn., for Intorinent. Hallaiian? On Tuesday, February 20, Hart Anne Hailahan, wife of John llallahao, aged 39 years and 21 dava. . . _ , The funeral will take place from Calvary chapel (Epis copalian), Eusl Twenty-third street, on Thursday after noon, at half-past one o'clock precisely. R 'Mdeuc 311 East Twoutv-;ourth street. The members of Keystone Lodge. No. 235, F. and A. M , and Empire Lodge, No. 1, A. P. A. are respectfully requested to attend. Hewitt.?At Uloomfleld, N. J., Jon* H. Hbwht, In the 01st year of his age _ _ , The relatives and frienda of the family are respectful ly tuvtted to attend the funeral, I rem his late rendenoe, on Thursday alternoon, at two o'olock. Herts. ? On Tuesday, February 20, H. B. Herts, St., aged 79 years. the friends of the family and of bis ton, H. B. Herts, Jr., are requested to aliond the funeral, this (Wedneeday), at twelvo o'clock, from hia late resldeac , 80 Chatham street. None*.?The members of Ad el phi 1/xlge, No. 28, F. and A M., are requested to attend the funeral ol our deceased brother, H. B. Herts, Sr.. on Wednesday, Feb ruary 27, at 12 o'clock noon, from No. 80 Chatham street By order. M. J. BENNETT, rocre tary. Hdwe.?On Monday, February 25, of apoplexy, Jumw C. Howe, aged 04 years, 7 months and I days Lrnu'n.?On Monday morniog, February 20, Hbxrt M. Li nn M, Sr., aged 78 years and 0 months. The relatives and friends of the fsmlly sre reapeetfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of bla eon in-law, Alax. Trumpore, fitaploton, Staten Ialand, this (Wednesday! afternoon, at two o'clock. Howku.?Suddenly, on Tuesday, February *, nt Mamaroneck, Auda Palmes Howell, second daughter or Cocella A Howell and the late Ephralm H. Howell. The funeral services will take place from the residence of her grandfather, Thomas Palmer, at Mamaroneck, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock. The relatives snd friends of tho fsmlly are Invited to attend. Carriages will be at the depot to meet the half-past slsvsn A M. Nsw Haven cars from Twenty-seventh street * JjtwasNC*.?On Tuesday, February 20, Asms Hon. doubter of Cyras J. and Emily A Lawrence, and granddaughter of Richard M. Hoe, aged 1 year, 11 months and 0 days. Funeral services nt the residence of her parents, 00 East 128th street, on Thursday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. The relatives snd friends or the family art Invited to attend, without further notice. Ltmwm.?Oa Tuesday, February so, Franc* J. Lno with, aged 80 yearn , The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attoad the funeral, from bla late residence, No 109 Hamilton street, Brooklyn, oa Thuraday morn ing, nt ten o'clock. Hartford (Coon.) paper* plena* copy. Livingston ?On Monday, February 30, Robert Swift Ijtimorton, Esq. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, from si Mark'a church, corner of Tenth street and Second avenue, this (Wednes day) afternoon, at three o'clock, without further notlee. Mall?On Sunday evening, February 24, at bla resf deuce, at Fordbam, Hrnrt w. T. Mali, Consul General of Belgium, In the 0Sd year of his age. The friends of ths family are invited to attend the funeral, from 8t. James' church, Fordham, tbla (Wednes day) afternoon, at half-past three o'clock. Carriages will be In waiting at Fordham station, Harlem Railroad, on the arrival of the half-peel two P. M. train from New York; Manning. ?On Snnday, February 34, Mrs. Elkaeeth, wife of Dennis Manning, In the 40th year of her aye. Relatives and mends, members of Ptraeveranoe Lodge ef Good Samaritans and or Ixidre No. 133 Good Tem plars, and of the New York Riggers' Union Association, are requested to attend the funeral, in All Salnte' church. In Henry street, corner of hcammel, this (Wedneeday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Liverpool and Tralee (Ireland) papers please copy. Man.?On Monday afternoon, February 30, CatHA rime uoxr, widow of Vincent W. Many. The relatives and friends are requested to attend the funeral services, at hsr lata residence, 147 West Twenty fourth street, on Thursday morning, at ten o'clock. Merran.?On Tuesday, February 36, Rose, relict of Patrick Meeban, In the 84th year or bar age. The ralativea and frienda of the femily are respectfully to Tiled to attend the luneral, from her into residence, 90 East Forty-ninth street, on Thuraday morning, at ten o'olock, to tlie Char eh of Fit. Beailaee, where n requiem mam will be offered for the repose of her eonl, thence Calvary Cemetery. Dublin and Longford (Ireland) paper* pleaee ??FT _ MntGAT.?Huddcnly. on Monday, February 25, wi uam H. MmoAT, in bm 40th year. , The friend* of the family, also of hie brother, Jamee B , are respectfully invited to attend the inneral, told (Wednesday) afternoon, at eneo'oteck, from the nurd Inivarmliat church, corner of Uleecker and Downme UXJ. ULJil streets. The remains will be Interred en Cbeetnut Hill, Greenwood. DUca (New York) papers please copy. MoNcitt.?On Monday, February 25, Q??*n? P. Mc Ncltv, of consurdpuon, in Uie 39ib yew of his are. His friends end acquaintances, and those of his brother-in-law, Robert J. Johnston, are respectfully in- ? Tiled to attend the funeral, from his late reside roe, 199 Lexington avenue, on Th irsday afternoon, at three o'clock. The remains will be deposited In boeond Street Cemetery. The members of Continental Lodge No. 287, F. and A. M., are heroby summoned to meet at the lodge room, 694 Broadway, on Thursday, February 28, at half-past one o'clock, afternoon, for the purpose of attending the funeral of our brother, George P. McNuliy. By order of J as. B. Smith, Sea WM C. BENNETT, W. M. Monday, February 24, Mart licMn, 1*' M, daughter of William and Honorah McMulien, native of county Wexford, Ireland, aged 2 years, 11 months and 20 day a The relatives and friends are requested to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her parents, 105 West Twenty fourth street Dublin (Ireland) papers please copy. Nrourr.?On Monday evening, February 26, Ann Nournt, relict of Michael H. Nugent, in the 61th year of her age. The friends of ber sons Christopher and Thomas and of her brother, Christopher H|ggiiu>, and ber sons-in-law, William A. Hudson, William \euting and Francis Bon ney, are most respectfully Invited to attend the foeeral, from ber late residence, 272 First avenue, this (Wednes day) morning, at half-past nine o'clock, to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and front thence to Calvary Cemetery at half-past one o'clock, for Interraout. Orr?a.?On Monday, February 25, of dropsy, Mart Lous a, wife of Maurice L. Otter and youngest daughter of the late David Vaodefvoort. The relatives and friends of the firmly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 164 West Thirtv-third street, this (Wednesday) after noon, at one o'clock. O'Raillt.?On Tuesday, February 26, Matukw 0'Rkju.y, a native of Vergina, county Cavaa, Ireland, in the 68th year of his age. The funeral will take plaee on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock, from 146 Third avenue. Cavan papers please copy. Rmy.h >liis.?At 8L Augustine, Fla, on Tuesday. Feb ruary 19, 8amdel W. Rcynolds, of Irvington, N. Y., aged 47 yearn Notice of funeral herearter. Rmu.t.? On Tuesday, February 26. at the residence of ber nephew, Michael Reliiy; No. 2:14 East Twelfth street, Miss Matvaret Reilly, a native of the parish of Edge worthstown, county Longford, Ireland, aged 78 years. Her remains will be taken to the Church of the Im maculate Conception, corner of avenue A and Four teenth street, on Thursday morning, at half-past mue o'clock, where a requiem high mass will bo offered for the repose of her souL The relatives and friends of the family, and also those of her brothnr-in law, Patrick McKeon, are respectfully iuviiad to attend the funeral, which will take pluce from the church to Calvary Ceme tery, at one o'clock precisely. Raymond.?On Sunday morning, February 24, Wit lie Bosh Raymond, only sou of Willian M. and Lixzle B. Rarmond, aged 12 years, 6 months and 22 days. The burial will take place at Orange, N. J., this (Wed nesday) afternoon. 8mti"h. ?On Monday, February 24, Amos Smitb, aged 67 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfelly Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 100 Fourth street, Williamsburg, L. L, this (Wednes day) afternoon, at two o'clock. Sr. John.?On Monday morning, February 26, Milton St. John, In the 63d year of bis age. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the Reformed Dutch church In Twenty-third street, between Hxth and Seventh avenues, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock, without fur ther notice. Swart.?On Tuesday, February 26, Robirt Gamklr Swart, youngest son uf William D. and Marianne Swart, aged 2 years, 10 months and 9 days. Happy art thou tu the heavens above. Where thy spirit, so chaste, now is dwelling; A blissful abode, both of joy and of love. Where the praises of God thou art telling. Relatives and friends of the family are invited te at tend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, in Sixty-second street, between Second and Third avenues, on Thursday, at twelve o'clock. 1omi*kin8 ?On Monday evening, February 24, at 137 Fecund avenue, Edward M., eldest son of the late Stephen B. Tompkins, formerly of Tarrytown, N. Y. The funeral will lake place from his late residence, this (Wedncsddjf) morning, at eleven o'clock. The re mains will be taken to Tarrytown by tbo two o'clock train for intofhieni. Vauuhan.? On Monday, February 25, Wiiliam Vaivjhah, aged 74 years, a native of Carrigaline, county of Cork. Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem bers of Enterprise Lodge, No. 36, I 0. of 0. F , are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Woono v uav) afternoon, atone o'clock, from the tesldcnce of his son, William C. Vaughnn, No. 44 avenue D. Waring.?On Tucsdav, February 26. Marnl, infant daughter of George Dudley and Lydia C. Waring, aged 5 weoks. lbe relatives and friend9 of the family are invited to attend the funeral, front the residence or her grand father, Edward Van Rnnst, Esq., 131 East Sixteenth street, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. Wkmplb.? Ob Monday, February 25, Jonxptnxx, wife of Christopher Y. Wetuplc, Jr., in the 30th year of her age. The fnneral will take place from her late residence, 199 West Twenty-eighth street, on Thursday afternoon, st one o'clock. The relatives and friends are invited to attend. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC PON NKW TOR It?THIS DAT. RI7N HUBS It 88 . MOOR RISKS OIOITI 1 89 ICR ACT* 6 50 | MIOH WATMR eve 2 57 POnr Of NEW Y0RX^FE3RUARY 26. Clrnrrd. Steamship Htbcrnla (Br), Monro, Glasgow?F Macdonald A Go. Steamship Virgo, Bulkley, Savannah?Murray, Ferris A Cc. Steamship Prometheus, Beckett, Wilmington, HC?C Gnodspeed. Steamship Neptune. Baker. Boston?W P Olvde. Ship Marlborough (Br), Armstrong, Liverpool?Snow A Burgess. Hark Fannie, Marshman, Liverpool?U D A J V Brook man. Bark Hermod (Norw), Olson, London?Punch, Meincke A Wendt. Brig MetHa (Br), Sorrier. London?Soman A Bdye. Brig Naimle (Ham). Manas, Hamburg?Sloman A Kdye. Brig Eclipse (Br), Peterson, Antigua. Brig Lydla H Cole (Br), Hainp on, St Jago, Cuba?Wardell A Brig Skylark, Lorlng, Sagua? Brockway A Baker. Brig Elena (Hr>, Moses. Caibarien?G S Mcnhcn-on A Co. Brig Hunter (Br), Kpence, St Johns, NF?J K Whitney A Co. Brig Florence. Rathbnrn, Galveston?0 H Mallory A Co. Schr Hamburg, Sprsgue, Neuvitaa?Slmes, Obnse A Co. 8ehr Flirt (Br), Keefe. Harbor Grsoe NF?.1 L Overton. Bcbr Came, DavU. Brazos, Texas?J 11 Woodbouao. Schr Adolph liugel, Robinson, Wilmington, EC? A Ab botta Kclir Saml Eddy. Letts, Alexandria?N L M'Cioady A Co. Schr L A Danenhowar, Hhepurd, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. sehr Julia A Berkeler, Hemmlngway, Philadelphia?J W McKes. Schr Nellie Mows, Hilton, 8alem?ft W Ropes A Co. . Schr H 8 Boy u ton. Stubbs. Gloucester?K P Buck A Co. Schr Annie, Carpenter, New London?O K Rackett. Steamer W Woodward, McLaughlin, Sontb Amboy. Arrived. - Steamship City of New York (Br). Leltch. Liverpool Feb 13. and Qaeensiown Hth, with mdse and 877 passengers, to Job a G Dale, 34th Inst, 1st 41 IB. Ion ?, missed a National steamship. bound K; 8Mb. Ut 40 83, Ion W 88, a steamship, ?opposed the Chicago, hence for Liverpool. Steamship Tartfa (Mr), l.angtaeda, Liverpool Feb IS. and Uoeoiistnwn 13th, with mdse and 173 passengers, to K Cu nerd. Feb 33, Ul 43 31, Ion 33 30, passed one or the National Go's steamers, bound W. steamship Pennsylvania (Br). Lewie. Liverpool Feb 7, and Queenstown 3th. with mdm and 3d eesaengera, te the National Steam Navigation Co. Feb 31. Ut 43 * Ioni 48 14. saw a steamer supposed to be the Arago, bound B; 34th. 11 PM. Ut 40 63. Ion ?36. a Bremen fte.mer, bound E; ?h, 9.30 AM. let 40 401 loo ? (H. spoke steamship Chicago, heace f?8teamXlpl*8an Salvador, Atkins, Savannah, with mdm and ussei tigers la Garrison A A ken. Steams hip .A ndal usta, Burstey. eimrWwtoa. gO bours, with mdse and paadbogera, to Arthur I-oary. 33d Inst, off Cape Romaine passed schr Sydney Price, bound 3. Steamship Fairbanks, Hunter, Wilmington, NC, With mdse and passengers, to James Hand. ... Steamship Patapoeo, Naff. Charleston, wttb mdse sad pas mdmk to J B 8m?tll BrigAtephen Bishop (new. of New Haven), Orlffla, New Haven, ? hours. In beUast, to Lant Bros. Was towed to tha eily by steamer KlmClty. Schr M E Tabor, Morns. Charleston. Outiii J ? lirtrbfleM Hllabury, Baltimore for Fall River. Hstllod. Steamships Helvetia. Virgo. Amerleaa Nhlpmnatem' Association. No B Wall Sraaae?Rooms B, 33 Aim V. Ilso fallowing approval Masters and Odteert have resetvsd uemnilselnna from tkU AeeeaUtlon remains?Noa 4WL Sylvesttn K Ragiey; 4188, Walter W Ooff. ship Lanresie; 4977, Ira Webstar, eehr Enchantress; 4WA Tbosnae Mitchell, eehr Mary Kelley; 4*78, Thomas rvBriemtaark A C Small; 1973. Ass Baker, brig John Free man' 43^8, Wltllam Fougere, schr Meilta; 4&Rt, George R ?orlter, brig F.unlce; IWYUalen W Davis. brig B Young; 43Ml James Hilton, aehr Willie Mows; 4383. John J Moms, sa 8ssir? wsrMtif ausiR'SSviias:'1 Maie-im Voho (j'AbiiotL6' * *" All iwiaaikwlone not renewed annually are Invalid. Marfan Dlastatora. Sair Ai.NiARoanra, Cooper, from Moulmein for Toulon, Ct Hrto Mauritius Jan 1, experienced heavy weather Nov 80, Ut 4 N, Ion 90 R, and made eight inches water per hour. Base Awratora. from New York for Han Cm*, ran on a reef off Bermuda when 7 day* out, damaging sheathing and keel. She got off. and was at auebor off 8t Georges 11th test. Bank Fanscrmis. 87 days from Demarara for New York, put Into Bermuda Id inst, leaky. Babm Arlctta, Coleord, from Now York, before reported supposed to have been lost, performed her quarantine at Vigo, and aid Jan 38 for Los Falmaa. The error arose from the loss of a Portuguese bark from Baht>. of Vigo, having a name similar to the above. Bam Rmntea. Bonner, at Marsala, Sicily, from Baltimore, lost part of deck load, tails, bulwarks and rigging, and re ceived other damage. Brio Tim*. 38 days from Ouracoa for Now York, pat Into Bermuda 8d las leaky. SOU* M F Variwm, from Bueksport, He, for Florida, was totally dismasted in Peoemher last. The crew remained hv the vessel in the hope of reaching Bermuda, but having passed the Island, signalized ship Sedvberg, and were taken off by hob after being V day1 OD the wreck, and leaded at Bermuda ut Inst. fkma Joeaenuva?Capt Stlllwagnn, of tho tug Wtnsnta, who towed ilie schr Josephine, of New York, which nwently ?truck on the wreck of the Scotland, has succeeded In right ?g the schooner, and has stripped her of her sails, Ao. ivers report two holes In her bottom. The prosoecu ire fair of getting the sehooner off. The oapUtn of tho Winanu reports having had a hard lime in getting tno schooner Into tho Horseshoe. Much credit Is due to Capt HtlllwafOn for bis energy working to get the schooner inside the IIoak. gc?e WiWRMsN (whaler), of Provlneetown. thieved g ma o? the fffth oh, store bulwarks. washed away bests, lost twr . men overboard, and put into Bermuda 'id mat for repairs. #rua Justus M Law*, of Belfast, Ma, before abandoned, was a good vessel of SUO to OS. built at Oamdea Inlsfit and was owned by 8 8 Lewie, Capt Shuts, Capt I I Fiye, of Camden; N C Aycr, of Bangor, and others. Rhe oast $31,700. rant Shut* 1? Insured for $28*1 in the Union oltoe. Bangor. Capt Frye tor $340tMu the Rockland olboa. awl 8 S Lewie, whose Interest la three-sixteenths, for out , $<*), also In the Union office 8chr Mast E Walkxk, 43 days from Port au Prince for Beaton, put into Bermuda 8th Inst with rudder disabled. ?chb Tban?it. from Boston for Charleston, put luto Nor fctk iftih, generally damaged. Boh a W H DrWirr. of West port, from Rear Turk for lllng him which wsscunk st Hysnnis in the .tale In January has been raised and taken to the railroad wharf at llyuoms She had a cargo of corn add rye, and is bow full of water. ? She will be taken ou tne railway for repairs. The lid of a cheat with a portion of one side attached wse picked up at Smith's Point on the 13th Inst. Ou the button of ihe lid was a drawer containing several books In a foreign language, papers, pocket Imofcs. photographs, letter". Ac. About the same time a portion of a veaael was plrked up. upon which the name Joeephlue. New York,'' was painted ?1N an tuckat Mirror. Mlscrllanrons. Bhig Stab Castu, about 100 tone, which got ashore st . Nantucket last rear, and subsequently was g>'t off and re paired, now at New London, has been purchased by Messrs i liamou A Judd. of Fatrbavou and others, and wdlbe ftltic . for the whaling buclneas, under coin maud of Captain Henry CUy. Be tin Pbawb 'not Frankfort, na misprinted), of Belfast, was recently sold at Key Weal for $6000. Notice to Mortaero. The S?a Bnoy at Absecom Inlet, NJ, has been replaced. Buoys Noa 2 and 3, oi Absecom Inlet, hare been earrl't I away by the lee. and will be replaced as early as practicable uuwrs AT MABOWB BAT. WasuiBOTOH. Peb 2T., 1W1,. The colonial cosemment of Nova Scotia has given notice that two lights are now exhibited from the llgliilioiire r? rently erected oo Iron Bouud at the entrance of Mah >oe Hs* They are hied white Ughta placed horlxoo tally -i.iert aoart and In clear weather should be seen 13 mtles. A fixed while light is ilso now exhibited from the lighthouse recently i erected on A met Island, In Tatamagouche Buy, North um , bet land Straits. Whalemen. Bid from Ran Pranelsoo 26ih ult. bsrk Merlin, Rowland, Bj&rd. wo. utcape r Town, UGH, Dec S3, ready for sea. No oil etnee leartng Payal. . _ Spoken. Ac. Btesmshlp United Kingdom, from Glasgow for NYork, nc date. Ac t by steamer 8t Andrew, at Portland). Steamship Raleigh, from NYotk for New Orleans, he > * ? 10 miles K from Cope Florida. ship Anna Kimball, from New York tor Bbanghae. Dee#, '"'rtMpVity of Boston (which way steering not stated). Dec 'a r y?B entl ey, frem London for Philadelphia, Peb IS, ^BarM 'cleaUv'from Boston for Australia, Nov 14, lat 18 8, Ion ? W. _ Foreign Porta. Airrwnar. Feb II?Arr Orafin Knyphausen, Pnbst, NYcrk; 13th Mary IMirkee. Crosby, do. Auor Dee St?In port bark Lord Clyde (Br), Murphy, for* N ABHorofpR, Jan S$-Arr brig Oeoree. Trim.Ud. Belfast. Feb II?Ait Leopoldine, Ssuer, BnlUmor*. Bkocwkbsbanin, Feb II?Arr Mersey, Smith, Phi!?del? PhBHB?KRHATK!<, Feb 9?Arr Ooschen, Probst, NTrk Bsrmi da Feb $?Put In. bark Prlneeiou. AeAerly, froir Demarara for NYork: scbr Bedona. from Newport, RI, for Virginia; 8th, brig Time, Manning, from Cure ena for New York; seitr Mary B Walker. Iloyt. from Port an Prinoa for Boston; 11th, bmk Antelope, White, from New kork fox Bnnta Crnx (see Disasters). ... .. Crttb. Tab 8-Sld bark Eagle, Potter, BloUjv to load fo. N Cai/Nttta, Feb 11?Bid ship Fred Deal. Feb 13?Arr Glasgow, Card. London lor Philade' ''priflitiwi, Veib 11?Passed by, Hector, from NYork for *Foocnow, Dec 24?In port barks Isabella Rtd'.py iBr>, WaUon. for NYork; Forest Belle. Bryant, for Chef oo. Patau. Jan 28? In port bsrk Fredmita. Burke, fir Boston 7 days; brig J M Wlswsll. Leckie. for New dediord 8 day* Gkbstkmumdk, Fab 7?Arr Dr Harih. Msycr. N \ orh ? Cot Ooorge, Arlmaun, Savannah; 8tb, Advance, Crosby, Pbibs de{P?VM Feb 10?Arr I^ione, Thebaut. New York; CetleJsV Gleadell, London for NYork. Rid 10th, Emma Sweet, New V )'i"nBfRiJ. Feb9?Ait Mnrv. Dart, Philadelphia. Hong Kong. Jan 1-In port shiga Autucref, Horwrtl.tor San Francisco; Hes Serpent Winsor. for NYork; California. Barber; Ellen Southard, Howes: Tenny-on. Graves am Sintoda. Holmes, unc; barks Calulhca (Ham). Cerr U. tor Nkork; Zepltyr. Millet, .unc; scbrs Aleua, tldml^e. do; Child of the troean (Br). Moar for NYork. Halifax. Feb 19-Uld scbrs Margaret Ann, Nkork; 20th. "iuvVrkktl, Feh 12-Arr Waller, Llbby. Galveston; neles Clinton. Rprngtie. for New Orleans, having put hacs. Sid 12th, Albtna, Waefl. r. NYork: Cowner NP--;r,?' ton Htnparohus. Vanghan, do; John Oeddle, Mcnnunaiu Apalachicola: Marco Polo. . Forbes, Mobile; Nonpareil, Lowe. Philadelphia; Southern Queen. Atkins. New Or ?*,ins. - Cld 18th. Mil gas Chart*, rtarllgan. Baltimore; Bl irrrtin. Campbell, ChamitUg, Wullaee. Oarncv, New Orleans; I C Merry man. Morrvman. Buenos Ayres via Card ft. In the over 13th. Alexander. Holberg; BcsscL Jaeobson, Clti of New York, Thmnns, and l.ooisTans fit, Hnrriugton. for NYork; AbboUford Cooper, for New Orteaos; Asn hrcMu' Williams for San I ranc.sco; Monsoon. ',unU- rscn, anJ Vlfolfrille, Hnfrnss for Phtlnde?phis: Wspella. Orr, for bavannah; Mt-sou-i, Edward", for Charleston Put out 12th. NsthmaF'.aslo, Candai;e, for Boston, Free Warren, Uoniewood, Mclb.iurtieand i.celcng; A.humbra isK ) tKiniss. New'Orlesns; Columbia, Robiason. N \ ore; N A Farn*worth. Ttiorndike, PhtladelphlB; Lltxle Moses. Com. do; Nova Soottan (s?. Wylle Portland. I oni-os, Feh 12?' nt out, John ryfe. Weaver, Boston. Leghorn. Feh 1?Sid Foscolo, Poster. Varskiiaes, Feh 10?Arr St Ntcolal, Anderson, PblladcV plM ARSAIA, 9lolly, Jan 28-Arr bark Seneca, Bonner. Balti Mauritius. Jsn ?-ln port ship Alexandrine, Cooper, frtmc Moulme n for Tpttlon. loqky. K.OI1. s? MATAorrXt Feb 7?in port nchr ET?rett Evnnn, irnon, x? 5JimS1^Bav, Js. Jan JO-Xrr brig Acg.a, NYork. North Forkland, Feb 12?Off. Wm T.pecott, Bell, froir ThiiicIou for NYork. with loss of an anchor and chain. NrSSort, rlbWJSd Mutlnh. Miller, New Vrriemis; I belU S ,tinders. Seott. NYork. via Nsrtvs to Feb#?Arr Hermann. Knhlmsnn NYork. Add. to 8th. H J Bui-urn. Burton. Mesaina. _ .. . NxtwcASTiR. NSW. Nov 27?Rid Gem of the Ocean. Prlicb ard Hong Kunfi; Dec A Vldettc. MerrltU San F ranetsco . PORTtnocTH Feb 12-Rld Assprta, DeUno (from Callao), "prT^Jan 7?8ld Ceylon. NYork. Stlbum for do; Gabnlva (B.),Wejr, fordo; biTg Helen W Rodolfo, VAi.mcciA? Feb 4?Arr Harry Bluff, OBftr, Caliaa, ****** ,Hn V-I^port sbtpe Portland (Br>. Pelers. for NYork- A M Lawrenoc, Taylor, In dock; Galatea, Cook and1 W fl Rnill (Br), Jewett, nnc; bark* Ernst * Maria (Rr^^Meyw: Amerantfi (llam), Wuhrmann, ?,d Dm Tokfe: Dec*#?Di port ship Oobton State, Drtano, UDa Amerlrnn Porta. BOSTON, Feb 3#-Cld ship Success, Chase. Mobile, to Jo d s i t Twriool- barks Daniel Webster, Nlckereon. Cadll and Mlll'g* fe^ew. of Boston. 960 (?.in0th* to^O. Kill a sail Vrenetsco; Telegrsph. RoMnsoa. St Petereburff. vim Phlladolplihi: brig Timothy Field. WleweU, CardeMs; ecbr I ewls cEeeter, Gookln. Baltimore, hid, wind NNW to W and NE. steamer Roman; barks Howlana an^FloHsstarted. bUBaCTIM^fRK. r'ehSA^x'rrhart? BlrHnmBf Dtry (Brt. McDonald. Rio Jsmero: Agercon (MrvmnlMi AtMla. it.i.o Drnscovitch, NYork; scbrs John Bagrutnu. Bred Portland; 8uirrtte.Lorit.g, Bostony #MgieTV?TO._5ere m in Boston; Wm Arthnr, Andrews, IfewBrdforrf; M b Ttbbrtta Shaw. NYork; E II Barber. Cobb. Bo-ton; itsmp. bt, 1'iLin,n. M"l, SSMd; J.I. J H.fV OS". "ST2?'^^,VS?Ss^.v7.tu~r SUshrtT k'?' C^ft 0(bS^RLE&,?:** n"LAV?5p ^Sli,nnJ^nerim-rB''^ Havana. Cld bark Tnmnrl (Br . .tkowpson.' schr Alert (Br), Mann, t slbarlen, Meanor, Haxwam x-ar FALL RIVeR, F^i-Arrsehr EmellneMetA I to Sleeper, Wrn^if. ?yJSWBI JohT. Nil Tfctabarg. H-ske.l. do Xth-ArViehrs John H French SSTiSEWA* W13.T a, jsafe. i~oV; B^k Impudence, w V Uuichlna Cosmos, KM ttmch. "lith^ AM-A^f Wk K?" AmCeehrsne, Matanaas fo, D?Ton*y: Haskell. Charleston for TKKYf?E8T. O aires ton for NYor*(to prosed same dag); sshrHorello. ? re. us?. ?"> WNEV>nRLB.">,Uj5^lT SJ^WU Hurl. HOBlon. Kjtu nib v*?wn ^ - w. W^rh^riVr'^Sire>'AV^nt?Iird. IJverpooi, Fr ror rette steamer FoovekDe ^8 Yo%T'co7t' LX?.i,rtuT^to?^?r), ^w(?.'npo?iv^VA^n5r^ Mnrr5*n^rom Cardiff. At qunmntin^ nh\p C v+J* r3, fr^HsJre. Cld bik Celeste Ctark, Foster. Havre b%NF0LK F^h ^A^mhre LO Cnvtls, Atwood. Boo BUWiyna. "? ? JSidlu, Roston: Annie Borland ilsll. NYork; Morning Star Slnny. Boston; Arltofbff; ^WoVrrbWrVdtr ? B Jameson, Jmne ?"p'HlLAI?OTA. F4.?-Arrhart^tffJgyjS York; schrs Eredonli Thomson, Rt.tohn.N^. J B^? : Mart C Wootsey, Psrkm ; J W Wblldon, Parker^ w wn.^ Md'rnTr?i.X"m Cohb?; NYorki feTs' W-d, Lawren AITI), Feb 8$-Art 1. Staples, Blowers, and Geo W I Bsse, ? o-p ?* ?STS??, ??? ??"??.?? ihif Klf Philips Kff York. _ . SviNNAiL r?b ?- Arr ?tram?hfp L?o, IHarborn, May ague.