Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1867 Page 10
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WASHINGTON. CCNTIHIjED FBOM THIRD PAGE. timiMri ??od (NgM from Io 8 <?oi? ? p**?nd Adopted. ' The amendment was to make wrought, iron nut*. t?oit* ?>r rh?w- not ' luetic* if, length J'%' cents per pound Adopwe. The /mi ITandmee. ?a* a "i on *???*. '/ iota ?r/r.-, 6 cwb > pound. Adopted 1*? next amendments were to inane* <ft* tax on gbl iron tube* and flues ,rfi* **[ *"?? .id; on wrought iron binge" and bed scff.iws, from a ?0 cent" per pound; on ealvani/ed iron, 'in plate* gal mxedamtironeMiedwltb rn.o froin '.^ to < canto ?* i pound; on rut nails and aplkaa, ftrom lJe to 1* t* ?nie per pound. Adopted. The next amendment was to lBCtf??e tbo duty on * horuwhoc nail ft.un 5 to fl cents per-pound. U Iji Huoie oppoaed the amendlv ?nt Ur tjaariKU advocated it, Aeal ng vnat tbe'prepaawd tax ww< rvully a small our, eoiW.iiiug thai those naii* sold lee JO cents per pound. Mr. Hansnna suggested that If'the friends of the tariff wo. Ad hold their tongues and r.ot tul* en much, rlmre xri *m be some chance of be*.-log the Mil passed, but ?t ?*trw wcoot. iLaughter.) Tt> e amendment ?t< adopted. rue next amendment wayt0 add v. the paragraph tax u 9 screw holla lees then four im tiea in length 0 cents I *?? pound. Mr. i I'Nsn.L movecL -to Insert the words " partially Arixhed, ' and spoke in favor of it. Mi fHANisit called attention to the fact that Mr. WT Swill was violating 4be rule laid down hy Mr Stevens, nlaiugtiter.) ruo annulment proposed by the Committee ?en ways and Means was adopted. The aeat amendniauts were to mcrenss the tax on fgiuddled end blistorcd steel, .Vc., from 2 to a.i$ ceots per pound, on east end shear steel frutn 4}i to A cems; ?n steel rods, net exceeding three eighths of an Inch in diameter and not leas than one-eighth of an inch, from S), tee cents per pound, with lb per cent ud valorem; and en too same, lees than one-eighth of en inch in diameter, from 4 to 4>j cents, with 10 per cent ud veto vein Adopted. The next amendment wan to increase the duty on steel wire, not less then So. 18 wire gunge, from 6 to &' , oeiite per jiound, with StO |ier cent ad valorem Adopted. The committee then rose, having progressed as far as amendment No. #2, leaving still one hundred and niuety three to be considered. Mr Morrili. gave notice that he would to-morrow try ?and press the Tariff bill to e final vote. thk kihuuom on (uxjua Mr Ratwokd, (rspi) of N. Y., asked leave to offer a resolution declaring that the establishment In the imme diate proximity-of the United States of a powerful mon archy under the support of e foreign nation cannot he regarded otherwtae than ns being hostile to the peace, and menacing the safety or this republic, and requesting the President to Inform the House whether any remonstrance has been made by this government against tho proposed consolidation of all the Hritish North American provinces into a single confederacy under the Imperial rule or an Km-llxh prince, and whether the oonsent of this government has beeu given In any way to the consummation of that pioject. Mr Conkumc, (rep.) of S. Y., objected. Mr Kstnord moved to suspend the rule*. On the vote being taken there was no quorum, and then the House, this resolution remaining as the un 8nl*bed bua-.Dess to come up to-morrow morning, ad jenrned at twenty minutes past ten o'clock. ARMY BULLETIN. ?ran urtartiiivt or thb colcmra. Major lien ra) Steele, commanding in the Department Of Columbia, in general orderr, dated Fort Vancouver. W T..January 1, announces tbe gallantry ol' Captain .'?hn D. Walker, eecond battalion United States infantry, who, on October 21. with a force conshtiny of bimsell, inivaio Kol>ertson, Company H, First cavalry, and tbree civilians, defeated a band or thirty Piute ravages, who had been committing depredations in the vicinity of Camp C. F. Htnttb, Oregon. Central Steele also com aaends the conduct of l.ieuienant II. B. Dntman and h!a ?detachment of ? ompany 1, i'.rat Oregon infantry, who, with three Klamath Indians, from Fort Klamath, in <?njan<iiOD with a small detachment of troops from Camp Bitwell, California, under Lieutenant Small, First Halted States cavalry, on the 26th of October, tu the vicinity of lake Abert, attacked and completely mated a bond of Snake Ind'ans, seventy strong. In this engagement, lasting three hours, fourteen savage* were killed, more than twenty wounded, aud fifteen lodve*. together with winter supplies for a hundred w?r? da Mroyed. aumwai. ounlaws so* m rwnin'l stunac ra mp. ?vevsi Major General Griffin, commanding the District ? *1 Tens, has issued a circular, dated Galveston. 4th Mai. ptaciagat-tbe diapoaai of the chief aMdieal officer ?f the Bureau of Freedmen'a Affair* for the State of Ynaa all medical officers and acting medical oScera un der his eommaod whenever their sarvicea tnay be re ?wguraA Thsy are not to be detached,however, troat their regular duties to which the* may ha asx.gued by - w4o fram General Griffin's headquarters. . ewnn en nra, ?revet Major Generals Q A. Gill mere and J G Rar *nmrd have been ordered to duty on tbe Board of K*i?en mental Flrlhff. hovorasvt mecuAkcan, Brevet Major John Tyler, Captain in tbe Second rsgi Veteran reserves, has lieou mustered out aud hon orably discharged from tba United Suites ?erv ico frotn i 30th of laal Janus kha 30th of last January. IJCAVS fir ABMlNCe. Brevet Colonel W. H. Sideii, tenth infantry, baa pnr aalasiob to delay joining his regiment until May 1. ?revet Lieutenant Colonel J. McAllister, Ordnance Department,-has had leave of absence extended tllteen Mays. Flint Lieutenant U Howard, Thlrty-mnth infantry, Is ordered to his regiment, in tbe Department of the Gulf, and permitted to delay thirty days "< malt. Thin loUowiog have delays >? ran ted before rejoining their regiment*:?r-econd Lieutenant Jesse M. Lee, Thirty mum infantry, thirty days; be 'ond Lieutenant It ff. Oliver,.Kirbih cavalry, thirty days; Second Lieu tanaut M. J. Arulck. Tenth cuvalry, fifteen days KAVY BULLETIN. WilTISU OKIlER! Acting Becnd AfmhUii; Engineer John K. Snfford box been piaood on walling order*. IMfR-kAH-T RHRMGrn. Ai ting Firet Aaaiktanl Engineer Alexander Magee. Acting Tbird A*?l?tant Engineer W.l'.ain J. Moore* and Ailing Master Robert Baratow bare been honorably Um ehatged. oa ana a. Fareed A aalattuit Paymaster Robert W Allen baa been ordered to tbe Swatara. neTArnai). Paymaster t'corge F. He Hur on detai bed from Ibe ?waters and ordered to nettle account*. n**ni Aanrtant burgeon J. H. Petherutite, United State* Mary, died at Carl kale Barrack*, Pennsylvania, oti the ZM .uKtanl oantaan or tnrui. mrrr. Chief Engineer Kdwin Kitbon has lieon order oil to spe cial Oety on tbe Hnaderiierg daring her trial trip. THE REBEL REBUUT6RS M KENTUCKY. Ueteraer Rraaaletle Ordered te l,ear# the Htate-Ma le TMeataaed with Vinltare If He Imsm Aar Mere Prerlaw arlvM* AaalM the ?ifcelaier*. dkr. FaaaBnwr Ry., Feb 27, IM7. ? Havener Bramlette, Colonel A 0. Hodges, editor of the Ommmmatth, and other Caion men bare been not ? M by Jodge I.yaeh, tbe gamdoeg*# of tbe rebel regu kalart, to neaiot iron their efforts to atop mob proceed taga amd to leave the state. Ti er are threatened with vulenne If they do not. Ooreraur Bramlette baa re eeived* letter waramgbim against ieauing any more proclamation! egaiaet Judge l.yc It's court. A organ attempted rape on a little white girl and le new In jail Preparation* are en foot for a mob to take turn en* and hang blan to-night A strong guard it on delg ?t the Jail. KEI7 hCKY JLEHSLATDBE. FliwroiT Ky., Fe!< 27, 1*B7. The teg i a latere baa adopted a reeuint'on to ad tour n en March 1L Tbe raeelation railing a national con ven Men Is May in LoaieviMe was (Reeled, the Leg i datura aot deeming it In conformity with the province of a leg talatlve body. A bill la before tbe AeewMy to appoint a committee to Impure iito the doubtfal oendltioo of keotorky banks. NEWS FROM FM7RESS MONROE. lletadbMef tbrClrtl Ki?htn Rill VleHwf the Drlawam fAgMtaiare-Martae Dtwnetrr. Foaraaae Monaco, Feb. 27, 1*07. raited Plate* Commissioner B R Feeler Issued srar raata tbw morning for the amat of ffve magistrate* of the o?rporatton Coart of Norfolk for viokttlng the elrh Kitt le MU by miutlag colored teetiaaany Ja legal pro Xenon of the Delaware legislature accompanied ? PbKlMl ctti/cfia of the State ? lading fete rail org arrived at Norfolk from Dot Of by the AW Una route tbta afternoon. W**". ?'?y-"oo dave from Hai fa* for JfcrfolB wBn a cargo of Ash arrived this evening In tow of the * tester Seppbe dtvmaaied and utherwi.-edauiaged m a heavy gale experienced on the Afih dav out She was biewa aoroee tbe Oalf atraam aeverml ?MTUMMtuYics. BaLTtaoea, Feb. 27. 1M7. Flit Badica1 Mate Oonvanttoa assembled to day and waa Bamarouify attended. The lower part of the Front etceet theatre wee Mled with delegates [>r. Obr, of Allegheny county, presided Strong ro-,lai,on? w,re Adopted an a platform for the party la tbe but*. unlver ml eteahoed suffrage was proclaimed, and the ?>aeerva tivee of the Mete wen threatened with Congremtonai tptdUfenece If the plan of calllbg a Stale ronttltotionei ftoaedBWon la carried out, except on the broad platform ef oanf real miff rage. The earns party held a large maa* meeting .at tbe same piece to-night; tbe bouse was crowded gpeecbee were made by Heu. Horace Marnard of Tee Bow* V, Hon. Oolambne Delaao of Ohio and others, ell In favor .*f negro suffrage lbs President wea de nounced aud t>* courae of thug rose com mended. RAiiAeen Acn.',"*T ?'"? ?? 3ltt ? r" fc*,f fell of namenger* Nfl tbe track, on the Kuiiaiid and Rurlingtoe (toad ado' fas thrown down an embank moot The car was badly bco*N?- 601 w>l*<?y bvri' the VrATE capital. sr>e?M. mmmmm* * tne icialb. Dlntmln mf tho ('?Mllallaaal tlen Vlllw Ptaga-Tfce Now HekMl Bill Biraa* ?lcd-Thc ('Mially-Kriif^ 3Mkrocll? Movrmrni far ike Hale of "New Yark Mar ket*- Ktlruhn of the Fifth Avenue, ftr, An art, Feb. 47, 18C7. me <T>"?vriTi-nrmM. <?>*vsirnos. The filibustering on the constitutional convention sub ject, continued to-day, and occupied both Houses during the whole of the executive session*. The votes on the Lit Vojobn amendment indicate a victory for the liberal prin ciple in the Asaemoty, but a probable defeat in the Henale, the lattar being due to the efforts -of Senator Felgnr, who refuses to sup port nay plan but that reported by himself from the Judiciary Committee, and who shows strength enough to gather nmnnd him a sufficient force to carry him through. The result, as indicated now, is likely to be the appointment of conference committees who will d recuse the whole subject and probably In the end settle down to Mr. Littlejohn's plan, with slight amendment, as the most proper, feasible, liberal and judicious. TH5 80IKK1L un.l. PXAB. 1 foretold weeks ago that the commission business was likely to meet a cruel quietus from the present Le gislature, but 1 did not think that the work of strangu lation would begin so soon. To-dav one of the most barefaced but yet mdst sweeping and Important of the commission Jobs met with a sudden death In com mittee. I allude to Senator Mann lore's bill for the abolition of the existing school system of the metropolis. Every member of the Awrmbly School Committee has come to the conclusion, after a careful examination of the arguments pro and con, that the pre vailing system, all things considered. Is the best that can be contrived, and therefore that any Intermeddling would be improper and uncalled for. "Lot very well alone," they say; "we have inspected the school*. And those said to be the poorest quite good, and believe (be other classes of school* highly creditable. A svstem which can alt net Jews and Christian*. Catholics and Protestants, native and foreign, high and low. rtrh and poor, must be meritorious and should not be disturbed." Mr. Archer, chairman of the committee, will make a re port at an early day. giving his reasons why the existing system should not be meddled with. THS OlTSinU.Y XKjrSKDV niFFlCCt.TV. The "Big J >dge" loom* up here in herculean propor tions, and Is to he seen circulating through the Csp'tol with s big stick in bis hand, "dreadfully on execution bent" against Superintendent Kennedy. Judge Mike has hta pockets full of circulars for distribution among influential people here, and is "moving on" with magis terial dignity. OSIDLFT"* VARST sn.1. There is a story here that Gridley has made an ar rangement with the Cifren-' Assoc atlon relative to his bill for a market commission. It Is said that the Citl sena' Association have agreed to drop the markets from their bills in consideration of Gridley striking out the objec-tlunshlo feature* of his measure. I do not think there m much in this Rtory, and I should state that Mr. Rands, chairman of the Citizens' Executive Committee, repudiates the bargain in Ma I have reason to think tbst a bill to Mil the markets and allow private market corporatious to be formed will shortly be in troduced. This will effeciually squelch Gridley and his innocent little market commission. THS IXTVWBIOH OF THK FIFTH AVTRCK. Senator Thomas Mnrpny will Introduce a bill to mor row for the extension of Fifth avenue to the Battery by the Central Berk Board, and placing that aveoue. when so extended, nnder the pernianeot jurisdiction and care of the Park Board, to be macadamized or otherwise improved as a thorough fare, from which railroad tracks are expressly excluded. The Jurisdiction of the stoops and courtyards will alto be Tested in the Park Board, and its peilfldical agitation in the Cnmmoa Council disposed of flnsllv. The bill also transfers the powers heretofore vested in the Common Council for ordering the opening of streets to the Park Board, so that the control of this subject may rest In some intelligent and rellahlo faculty, having the information, character and skill to deal with it hones!ly. The powers and duties of the existing city departments are not Interfered with, and there is no in novation in regard to the existing statutes as to the assessments on the legal proceedings. TOR * SPORT OF IHX BOARD OF BXCI8B, In reply to a resolution of the Assembly received to-day. ?SI l*|?V m | VI M**J ?MVIIIIH/ IBIO |I?tt WVH/. shows that 864 suits were commenced against tbst Board, of which 404 wet* by plaintiffs who bad previ ously. obtained Moon sua. In 301 of thane cansi thsfooets have been paid, producing in the aggregate *13.768, the attorneys of the Board of Po haF of whieh goes to < lice and half to the attorney of the Board of Excise, though the latter stales that he Is not to retain that for hmown nee, bwt if to aocount for itto the Board. Ills estimated that more than 100 mom of the plalntift are pecuniariy responsible, and se tfcey are allowed to settle on paying $60 cnoh. the aggregate amount that can be received will he leva itaau 620.000. The liqnor business seems to he a floating htudaese. for It is stated that of the 864 plaintiffs 288 hare abandoned the business in a brief nix months. Nor does it seem to he very prnflia ble for It is estimated that at least one-half of those who oommeaced soils am not able to par the costs. This report shows that the stories of fabulous amounts being received for costs are groundless. xsw toss wnaavBs am rants. The Wharves and Piers hill was discussed train this afternoon before the Penale Committee. Mr. Beni. !>. 81 Hi man spoke in favorof exempting from the operation* of the bill the Atlantic Docks and other Brooklyn prop erty, and Corporation Connsei O'Gorman pitched iino the whole hill as unconstitutional. ?e cited a case to show that tbn ferries and wharves and piers were held by su indefeasible right by the city, through ancient grants, with which the Legislature could not interfere. Mr.' C. P. fhaw, Colons! Bliss and Mr. Joseph B. Italy a'aO mads remarks, whan the arguments were rlo*ed. The committee will report the bill in spite of oil the rcu rone urged runinst it TMr l Ol lTICjU. HITCH OF VISfUJTIA. Tbe case of Cnptain Olney, of f ho steamship Washlng (nn Irving, involving quest mm of the political status or Virginia, came boron* Governor Ken'on tine aitoruoon. Kx-Jndge Dear, it counsel for Olney, contended that bin client had committed no offence rendertnv him liable to be returned to Virginia, and that the charger In the indictment were not true, and if they wore they would not Justify bis surrender. Governor Fenton con cluded to iranafer the mafierto tbe care of Attorney General Martlndale for final decision. Wjuivr* To BH Tbe application of the counsel of Wagner to havt Ms sentence commuted has been denied Dv Governor Fen ton, add the unfortunate man will bo banged next Friday. TFT urn :xscuAi?ce onnrANimt The Cbatnlwr or Lire Inauranoe of tbe United Slate* rea?rembled at the DOIavan House lo-day. The com mittee appointed yesterday to confer with Soperin tendent llurnee reported that they bad oome to an agree ment. Tbe Superintendent agreed to an extension of the time within which to make returns, and the explana tions bv him were sat Inferiority received. It t* sup posed all the companies ean satisfactorily answer the questions proposed by Ibe Superintendent, some by estimate others by actnai exhibit. The Chamber Is now In accord with the Fuperiutendent and tbe officers of each State having charge of insurance affairs. HEW TOSS LEGISLATURE. NCMII*. Ahtvtr, Feb. 17, 1*67. TUB **r4TB IVKHUKTS 4m.nL The Prseldcn: announced an a select commit tee en the pert of the Senate to Investigate the affairs of the State Inebriate Asylum, Heave Fir* Cornell, O'Donneil and Chambers. tub cosormnosAi. ooxvrwrw*. Hie bill providing for a Constitutional Convention, to nHer the State constitution, was debated until the bonr of leceoe by Hesrr*. White, Andrews, O'Donneil sn<l Willis tna H C. Hurpby spoke in favor of thirty-two delegates at largo. Mr. Cot oic* spoke against It The question woo finally decided In I he negative? yeaa 14, Days 16. frogreee was then reported, and the bill was made the special order for to-morrow. rsNamaH onwncnnuTiP*. A memorial was presents.) from the French Cana dians lu the United States against the proposed Canadian confederation ou?tje atriwrm r?voit*m.T. To incorporate tha Mechanics' Barings Bank, Rochester. To incorporate the Orleans Strings Bank. To iixorporate theliermari Tailors' RsnerolentSociety. Amending the otoartor of the Maaontc Boll Association, Buffalo. ' looorporatiog the (ierman Mission Bonos Association m Ksw York. The risbkill Borne Railroad bilL TOW IMDOiircTO IVi rioea cut on Fourth avenue, between Seventy ninth and Ninety sereath streets. New York. Par the consolidation of certain railroad rotnpaaloo to New York. I Mr. Csowurr?To incorporate the Niagara Oaa I Company. By Mr CaaMsnne?To provide for the final olostag of I he Caisklll Bauk. By Mr. Foujss?To amend tha charter of the Tailed Slates Warehouse Cenu>eay , to construct a canal lam tali I c bridge ta Rochester. Adjourned. Assemble. Aikakt, Feb. 27, 1MT. rhw.fsgags* presented Ihe report of the State Kngl aeer ow companies naeigatlng lakes and rivers. Also the report of the State Institution for the Deaf ssdlhimh. Also the deport of the Metropolitan Board of Excise Id reply to a*eso?mton of the Assembly. By nnartrmoes consent Mr. Rosoirre Introduced 41 hill authorizing the Collnctort to renew their bondo at any time before Ihe lib of March. By oaaolmoth cooeent it m road a third time sod The ('oeetltutlooal Convention Mil was agstn taken np and discussed at length. An amendment allowing negroes to vote for delegates waa lost bv .16 to 00. An amendment providing for thirty-two delegates at large was adopted by a vote of 76 to ML The Assembly then fcijooroed. DEATH Fill MTEMPflARCE Ky , N?h 27,1667. Jams* Robertson, a eon of fiho Obier Anetiee, ooa foond dead this morning In thpsStharha lalsmporoeco ?ssl riMeurs were tha? THE NATIOHAL QUABD. YUJRD tuatM, nKUMn OBnUUL TilliX. It has been erroneously stated that the commandant of itii efficient infantry brigade contemplate* ordering out hie officer* and non-comrniastoned officer* for drill at Torapkin* square parade ground some lime during the present spring. However convenient this might be It certainly I* not consistent with true military discipline. -Officer* may associate with their men a* much a* thoy ! please wbea not acting a* soldier* of the 8tate, but thie familiarity cease* the moment they pnt on their nnV forms. The dignity of the officeri' position must be pre eerved, aad nothing should at any time be done to 1 eaten their importance ht the eyee of their men. ' As Brig*, dier General Vartan never Intaaded such a commlngtiog of commieeioned and warrant officer* for purpose* 0f ** ** well to annonnoe that on or abont the middle of Hay next the whole brigade will either be or dered out form field day, or instead a detail of six files. In eluding non-commissioned officers from eacb company, will be required for field exercise* at East New York or in Tompkine square. FIRST CAVALRY HRIOADS, BRHlADtKR OKMCRAL rOTLBT. lengthy circular Issued by the commandant of tnw brigade the.attention of officer* is railed to particular paragraphs In the Genera) Regulations and Military < ode respecting company and regimental discipline, in ternal government of the some and the penalties and fines for neglect of duty. Unitary courtesy is particu jarty en joined. Genera] Orders No. ft require the assem bling of the commisslon-d officers at the brigade riding School, In Thirteenth street, once erery week for manage practice, under Major Green. Three dlamouutcd officers' dniu are ordered for April at tbo Third regiment armory. 1 t'pon the recommendation of the Inspector General, tbe Commander-in-Chief ha* ordered the cnneolidaiion of lompanieaA, B, I) and H, First regiment cavalry. Into on<> company, to be knowD *s company E, First cavalry, Captain Jobn Madden. Tbe Fourth squadron of cavalry i* tranaferred 10 the First reglmant of cevalrv, and Com pany A of *ald regiment Is divided into two companies, to bo designated Companies A and B, First regl ment cavalry. The company of cavalry known as the Washington Greys '* divided and will con stitute two companies, which will be designated the "Squadron of Washington Gray*." Elec tions for officer* of the new troops A and B, First cavalry, will be held the present and next week. Colonel Henry Brinker. commandant of the First regiment, baa snrreeded In securing a sufficient number of uniforms end horse equipments 10 meet the requisitions of tbe new companies The appointment of his stall will be ? announced about the 12th proximo. At en election in | Troop o, First cavelry, held on Monday evening, D. I f*ar" w? chosen First Lieutenant, Jacob Harms necond Lieutenant, and Harmnn Wulbera second Second Lieutenant. The municipal authorities have ordered now flag* for tbe First and Third cavalry regiments, to be presented some time in April. I rum? RFf jvRvr, mirrn ssu. idibr obtorai. budtx. j By General Orders No. 3 thin infantry command have drills, without inuskels, next month which will close their scosnn of indoor drill*. The com miHsioned officer* and non-commisstoued stair officer* assembled for instruction and drill at the regimental armory on Monday evening Cox's system of street ?? 'he most noticeable feature. Other drill* of the officers and non-cotnrels-loncd staff and company officers are announced. Lieutenant Colonel John lieattie, Captain P. F. Murray and D. J. Humphreys constitute a regimental board of examiners to examine into the qualifications of the non-commissioned officers. The monthly meeting* of tbe Boatd of Officer* bus been changed. Captain Jobn Feb mitt ha* been commissioned engineer, a stand of color* will be presented to tbe regiment by the city ?oine time during March. FIFTH RBOltlKsrr, COLOVFL VKTKR General Orders No. 3 are promulgated. Captain L. 0. 1 Tn. Bruer, Captain Henry Kloebcr, Lieutenant Adam Kerm and Quartermaster Ed. a Brehni form tbe Ar mory Committee for this year. Company drills ordered for March have been suspended, and weekly drills by j division at the regimental armory In Hester'street sub "tinned. The follow-in? elections have taken place ? I Henry H*mann. Captain of Company D, vlco Mater, re j signed; Henry Meyer, First Lieutenant of Company A, vice Chtuesrn, resigned; John M. Gnrtelmunn, >*cond Lieutenant of Company H, rice Hcinr, reelirned; An tnonr Ff*her, Second Ueufdnnnt of Company K, vioo Goettler, reelrned. I.ewjs Geissler, First Lieutenant of Company F. vice Hemenn. promoted. An election for Major, vice Hillcnhrand, promoted Lieuteaant Colonel le announced. SIFTT-FIFTH RKOIMBHT?<1ARDB LAFAVKTTB. The oM and efficient commandant of i hie patriotic French regimen). Colonel Le Gal, being in III health (he .2?"?' 7"?- B- >???. In asenmfiig command of the same be desires to impress upon the members of tbe regiment that he shell bold them strictly accountable far on deficiencies le the (the of duty. Frank W. Wood bee b^n elected Captain, vice Jobn W. Wood, dismissed; John McBride, Flm Lieutenant, vtoe Barter, resigned; T. J, Rosheck, Second lieutenant, vice Wood, promoted. ? "is-nr-eevBictB^ rranumr, eoto**> fabrab. ? Tbo division drills bald by tbie regiment daring (be **->j?B<U?seeing. Om this occRston Companies-B end C, ectmprtsmg tbe Fifth division, went through (bo several evolatione In n truly '? manual and company movement* ?specially they are to ho commended. Colonel Farrar 7nL?a.,"r1aHT M"towd in 'fa* drills by Major Rooine, who ha* labored very assiduously to perfect the rank and file In company and battalion evolutions. A regimental court martial was beta on Tneedsv evening Lnet evening a complimentary soiree was gtven by the drum corps to Brum Major Hill, at tbe re Imental armory comer or Broadway aad Thirty filth strera, which was largely attended by tbe members and friend* of the regiment It wee a very sociable and brilliant afiair. aicomevT, colokix post. ? A" "cellent drill of the right wing of this reglmant. comprising companies 0. F, G and H wee held at the regimental armory. Fourteenth street, on Friday even ing lest, under Colonel l'urt, recently promoted to com mand, assisted by Lleuteuant Colonel Ketnmoy. As naoal, the movements executed by this fine body of our citizen soldiery were correct, and showed considerable improvement In discipline. By General Order* No. 3, the newlv elected com mandant .having been commissioned, a sumes charge of if? raelment?headquarter* at No. ? Hanover street. The following staff anpoin'rncnc aro announcedRev Kiibert RusaelL Booth, I?. D., Chaplain. (re-appointed); Frank A. Otis. Engineer; Or. Everett Hcrrlek, Surgeon (re appointed); Charles S. Buuksr, Quart*rmaaler; D*r lev R*iid*ll, Regimental Treasurer, (re-appointed). Each month dnring tbe drill season there w II be one bat talion drill of each wing, one skeleton battalion drill ot tbo officer* and non-commissioned officers, drills by divi sion, and meetings for tactical and theoretical instroc tlou, under commend of Colonel Pont and Ueuteuant ( olooel Reiomcy. On Monday evening last a regimental court nwrtial. constating of Captain Porter and Pav matter Otis, wit* held at the armory. R1XTP RRniMRHT, COTIRUOR'e lil'APD, IOLOSCI HASOR, A regimental drill of this old command took place at tbe Mate Arsenal, on Seventh avenue, on Monday even ??K MM. Tbe principles of regimental formation, ae "rr ?r5r ?nc"?T explained end lllos ,D ,b* manual of anna the battalion did very well, but in firing by file, eomnanr Ml!/S VSf m"S ?**Tne<t h,v* lest their former P iST' , *rjB* w1n* 1Bd battalion was ?xcalioot. Tho form* of ravtow and drm parade a<> if fi*0*?1 ragniations of tbe state, followed. L?'0"*1 M reviewing offlcor, while Major Kinney assumed command of the regiment Many '"TV?? tbe part of the officer* in Minting noitcaahi*. yet as a general thing the review and dress parade waegood. Ouiail paradae of ceremony tbo tCrnn*^I rsj?uiL^'i. i- y lhl" ?oei?rfh?g to L geoeral regolauoea Nara companies of filtaen fliaa flront reported on this oemton. At the close of ilia CtagMit^eeord' tar L ?Hh an elegant aword by tbe member* of the regiment ae a KarrAuon. ragLrroa aro nmsitnt nmuji Tna Second regiment. Colonel Raid, bed en exoellent battalion drill at the stale Arsenal on the JWb l^ A marked improvement Is noticeable in tbetr dwcmllne ihe#??irt 0,11 B0,u ?tron?' notwithstanding IrnlTT? i. w J7 *0O<L, 00 tbreeU ne a from their AtuploT such empkov6A drill? and ether oQiUtary dutiM. CeJ?6now R^blh rt*1ni*,lt' t'olenel . rawing to n close, have been pretty well attendee, and productive of much good to the regl men L ^neiehftw' follow,end continue until the Indoor ^.-7 Si. ,on c?m"itoned officer* of the Eighty-fourth regiment. Colonel (Oakling assembled *l thtr *?^T^r of fouiio itnrt and Broedvty, on lfondair evenliiff and wera very effectively exeirlaed la tbe lessons tor thie 7^*7 *ood.,pd ""'mctlve skeleton haltalion drill of non-oommimloned officers of tbo Fourth 7-oeeve*, Colonel Hull, took place at tb?lr armory, Broatvijr, on ThdNay ?roninf teal ?Willimora itkiia. ?"?^"^^Jheeeen. em one Sf IK 2Tli - IwLu? *T,Y*k*B P1*?* ?? ?*? nratrop 5l PAwau off with ranch ecUu. T*" """ ?u~>. Mix last even tug. A more lively and congenial gathering exceotln^t^e ^me <*w?i,Urb /Brorilb'e anspto*% not even duly troop did escort OsSata rSHZ? ?'1,^ Cowytoy B, farenih re.lmest, e?!S?n! ??!'?VST.rr'("1*Dt*1 *rmory on Monday Choacn^iecmTri^ SnSt! ?f WSi OeulIi^Sf i v anderroort. resigned, snd rammliadone? It brt?lld*. hSS appointed tar A??dTS, H*? ?" offlw In the late 2f V rleB dfrl"wdi and in place WinTX. fd^T' hMBPPBIB?"d ??? ?. ScKf emen?*U^f^mmlil!7,r*nr* r7nr?BT bas been started rrwiua ?Aoh ZlT o.. i*0?* w c1lf German regi . . .. men pay* in so much a year to a general ta^rd ^ ?y m\Tb,;?w,? d T* "" W,d0,r aDd ? KCITIBHT W BUFFALO. Fir* Pend Rodlea Kound fey rk? Pallra M lk? Trunk liailrrad Depot. Bcmixj, Fob. ST, 1MT. Five dead bodiaa?laro malar, tiro famalea and oa* aawborn infant?ware bound by tba detactira pollco at tbo Orand Trunk Railroad dapol Hi in afurnaon. Tb ay wera ahtppad through tba &'niertran Rtpreaa < nmpany for Ann Arbor. Michigan. khe bodla* wara packed in floor barraia, In a node atata,\JUid bad not been daad or at a wank. TTiry vara not deomtpnead, and bora no marka of rlolanea, Tb* bndlea art* now being unarmed of flour. and mil ba aipoaed for idanVAcatinn to-morrow miming Tba city la wild nth ei.uiamaat to know whoaa relative* have been tbua den.xretad kv body Wak krr* CONNECTICUT POLITICS. SKCIAl TEliGIUH T8 THE HEIALB.

BarNa'a NMe Hli>w Hxttfc nf Gnml J oh a A. U(?b. BtiDoiran, Feb. 71,15*7. I A large radical fair, which will be moved about the 8ute, originated for charitable purposes, waa opened this evening, in Franklin HaH, where General John A. Logan held forth on behalf of Mr. Barn one, the show* uan, and the whole radical republican ticket The meeting waa largely attended by abowmen and others of like profession, hundreds of whom are now in this neighborhood, and who will go on their usual summer campaign soon after the political aide shew now open In this district it cloeed. General Lagan being on interesting living cariosity took vary wall The interest of the exhibition was greatly enhanced by n large number of 8tate fossils, who oceapted seats on tbo platform. General Logan, In the course or his speech, spoke as follows:?It affords me much pleasure indeed to meet so many of the citizens of Connecticut tonight, and to be able U apeak regarding the political questions that art now before the country. It would seem that after the terrible struggle we have bad for the maintenance of this republic and the liberties of its people that now peac+at least should dawn upon us; tbat now at least tbe people should be permitted to be quiet; but such is not tbe case. Wc have a vary different state of things. Peace, It is true, hen been proclaimed in this distracted country by a distracted man?(applause)?but tbe great object far which tbe war was carried on has not been fully accomplished. There is but one way to have peace, and tbat Is to do right sad to do Justice to sll man kind?do right whether It pleases or displeases one section or another?the North or the Mouth. Tbe speaker then went into an ezamlnation of tbe origin and progress of the democratic and republican parties, and saidThis republican party is not so aged as the democratic party, and bonce not so sinful. (Applause.) This republican party was born at a fortunate time for this country. It came forth a man in all It* parts; it is the cbiid from tbe womb of liberty. When tbe speaker touched rather reveralv upon the democratic party some one behind him said "You wers a democrat, ' to which tbe General replied "We all do wrong some times in our lives." He said wheuever treason has shown Its head it had come out of tbe democratic party. "In speaking of the President, be used these words:?Mr. Johnson then became President?he m President. I recognize him as such. He said treason should be made odious, and traitors must lie punished 1 wish be had stuck to that sentiment. When be said that you all said "Amen!" Every honest, loyal man in this land endoraed him. He said he was going to make treason odious and punish traitor*. The demo crats were not Johnson men than?now they are. Boine one has changed. El I her th<> demo crats have changed or Andy has. How has he made treason odious? He has not hung Jeff Davis, ?or Brack inrldue nor Beauregard. In bis own persoD Johnson stands with tbe lie in bis throat He has kept. Jeff Davis in prison, and pardoned C. C. Hay and all others who have asked him and some who have pot asked h:m. lie has returned confiscated property to the value or millions, and bag attempted to force rebels Into Concress to mako laws for loyal people. What is Johnson's policy? He says that, under the constitution the rebels have a riclit to "be represented in Congress and to organise a government for themselves without the consent of Congress I assert tbat Andrew Johnaop has usurped power which he has no right to exercise. He is simple the KviyiuMve. Where did be get tne right to organize a Suae government V We say the rebel States have no rig ill to exercise the functions of a gov ernment i ccctiH" they have been guilty of treason. By rebelling tliey overturned their Mate goveanments and acted under another constitution. They were without rights when the war passed. Johnson 'says iliey were Stales I deny It. Soil, civilized people, political organization, a constitution and laws are necessary elements for a Slate. These laws must he acceptable to Congress. When the States were admitted they had these requisites. They loot them by the war, and when the war was over all that was left was dirt and traitors. There waa no State, and the man who asserts there was Is too big an ass to be President of an insurance company. | let alone being President or the t nited States. When tbe civil government is destroyed then tbe military is tbe only law. When tbe was wag ever then the Presi dent bad tb? right to establish military gov-- ] eratnent'j, aa Lincoln did in Tennessee. In tbe case af Johnson, alter Jeboaen organized these mates, he appointed governors, and than ordered an aieoiea. aid rebels ware invariably elected toeCBee. Note loyal men has bam gmatiMiit to held an effiae and murder have hem committed with impunity. Why? Bee?or the fleet h ebsla etfllL em yeegie are rebels stm Thai w the mesne of the passage of the Heceecraethm Mil byGou grass Hot , Johnson will veto M from feme af babiL 1 would go further than tbe Recooerrorttee ML I weuMjmee mage eeeh Htete a 'mMWary depart meat, and would have wiped eat these Sum governments. We are in no hurry to here tbe rebels come back. We did not ask them to go out. We inland thai loyal mm ahull legislate for treason. I do not inland to aver vote for any man to eater Congress who has the smoke of treason about him. They my we exelude intelligence. Well, it waa tbe intelligent men who got ep tbe rebel lion. not tbe blacks nor the poor whites I am more radical than you hero in Connecticut. I my (Ito tba black man the ballot, ana tee if he do sot vote right They voted right in Georgetown the ether day. Did the blacks shoot the way their masters told them? If you were hi ask a democrat hare who be was in favor ot for Congress he would my Baruum; hut If you ask b:m which Barnum, be would say not the Bam< in who ptite copperheads in cagea Are not toy id men fit to be trusted with tbe government ? If we ever effect pence we must have it because loyal men make the laws, expound the laws and execute tbo laws. Xofhlng bos tbe right to get in the way? neither traitors, nor rebels, nor mobs, per Presidents. If the President violates tbe laws let ua have tbe nerve to remove him and to my that laws shall he executed though the heavens fall. 1 my to my democratic friends, never undertake to elect a Governor or Presi dent till this tbiug ie settled, and then organize a new party with a new set of men. The duty of loyal men ta to elect none but loyal men. Let tbe doubtful onee be placed on probation. We republicans do not claim Johnson now. The Philadelphia Convention, made up ef broken-down republicans, old-fashioned copperheads aod rebels, has died of treason. In God a name, and that oi our noun try and Hag, put none but true-hearted men on guard until this question le settled. In that way we shall restore tbe country and have pea-*. General Logan war followed by P. T. Barnum, the showman, who argnrd that it was not so much with tba paople to consider If a man did exhibit a mermaid as to dwall upon tbe <*100(1 be was enraged in. After General Scbaffer, of Illinois, had spoken, tbe meeting waa adjourned. Kptrltnaliara, the Rival Batraumn and the Political Campaign. BmoGgroBT, Conn., Feb. 71, 1M7. All of a sudden this suburban retreat has loomed op as a gnat news centre, pmscsslng a goodly share of the spice ef life, aside from the wooden nutmegs and other spicy Inventions for which it ia so famous la addition to the political contest between tba rival Barnomt, one af whom la now strongly supported by ait tbo matrons in the State, who caaaot forget bow zealously he worked to latest them te exhibit their fat babies, there ta a In s oh oggie going on between the beUwers ia spiritual ism and those whom faith travels la an oppo site dDoatlim. In order te convince the former of their error there Is a respeetsMa show man, strange as it may worn, who well might be s rival of P. T. Barnum, if his Intenst and object wovo hot to conceal trick* Instead of exposing these, who has a foist looking boy named Rowe on exhibition, whom ho style# an astonishing physical manifestation medium. With a view to wit naming the wonderful feats of this gitted youth, a vary large body of Intelligent persons, ladies and gentlemen, assembled in Franklin Hall, ta this sity, two nights age. At Crst all the wonders which the mediums have aspirad to control wore executed in the usual humbugging man ner. Nothing was omitted. When It name to the pert whore Individuals among the nodienea were requested te ask questions, to which the "intelligence" would g-ve answers "from the spirit world," me young man, who had vary much the appearance of a newspaper corres pondent, Insulredr? "Whe will be elected to Congress from this district ?" Tbe spirit promptly spelled out, with rape, tbe follow ing.?"A Great Humbug " This of oourae produced laughter and applause. In order not to tasks tbe exhibition tedious a block of waod was plaoed In the medium's mouth, end the spirit was requested to answer In the same manner aa when on oartb, and not by raps. 80 far tbe nadir must bear In mind tbat Urn medium, when ia oommuulon with the spirit, was abut up ta a cabinet, as were the Davenport brothers whan they appeared in public and were pen forming. Incidental to the abnve I mar mention that the "la teHtgeaea" preeeai on this occasion was stated by the ma Baser of the show to be the asm# one formerly pos sessed by s renowned girt medium, Mtss Iaura V. kW And that the spirit was that of a poor soldier who lost his mortal Dart at tba first hauls of Boll run, near the place where Mr. Mumeil, <ff tbe Loadon Timet, witnessed tne horrors of the engagement. More meat tone were put and answers returned Mm ww*. which shewed that tbe spirit was very well posted on the character of the people and politics of this State. During all this time, when every feat known te tbe sptrhualletle order was being performed, a gray-headed committee ef citizens were proeenl upon the stage, and whan called upon fot their decision nnantmou?iv wo when eeuea upon ror tnetr dsctnon unanimously pro nounced "tbe thing" te he totally Incomprehensible, marvellous, while the verdaot ones am ng the audience confessed that thaw ekspticism was fairly staggered. Indeed, them was an ev ident amazement on the Conn tenances of an the uninitiated throughout tbe house. This result being accomplished, tbe exhibitor removed tbe front of tbe oeMnet, and the medium shewed in full view of every one present how all the physical manifestation* were obtained. Tbe tricks were so dexterous!? executed, and, beside, so simple, that there was a universal ory of '? Oh, pshaw I" and a gene ra) clapping of tuuid*. We mar safely my that the first of the performance was a neater humbug than any ever dreairud ef by l'hhteas T. Barnum, the showman. Had William & Barnum, tbe showman's political rival, only been present on occasion, the interest of the exhiMtion\would have been greaily enhanced, as ewrb would havff stood In such remarkable comparison from the standpoint' jtf analysis in character, Ac. The occa sion being on# designed especially for an erp> ss of a humbug. Mr PhisealT. Barnum, who, according to hie own contagiosa, h.vei?t trait pre eminently developed in his character, reuid b.V? enstl? shown how hia name sake, the tracmenaer of KRjelmrv p/ie has u? hnmhie to kit composition, but to ad tn? rtool, fMirt soceaa fully compote wiiL Lim even la an election enterprise. iirtker Vclw Haaku Bar*ootl*wto-Cwrrow. P?l4?irr Bmwmi a Political "Htrllwr" aato >to# ikowaaa. Tbuimidi. LMOMsM Co., Ooon., Feb. to WW, P. T. Bajuu'M :?Dear Sir? Although Fairflelg county was an titled to the nomination of the copperhead candi date for Congress from the Fourth district, and andar ordinary circumstances it would hare been glvon to William F. Taylor, of Danbury, you are perhaps aware that they hare changed their tactics and nominated a wealthy namesake of yours, simply for the purpose of idQ| lite money igtinil you. A democratic ex-Con grew man is said ta be preparing a tariff of prices to be paid for votoa, aud they boast that their candidate will expend 9*0,000 to secure hie election. Already. I am credibly Informed, the greenbacks are being freely cir culated by hie friends I write to ask what your inten tions are in regard to counteracting this effort of the oopperhead party. Do you Intend to fight Are with flrei j The day of election to fhsi approaching, and we are cer tain of your sacaess, as all our friends are wide awake. Respectfully yours, I Kit. aaanjo's hsplt. BainusroKT, Feb. 23, 1M7. ?? , Esq.?Dbav Sis?Your kind letter of the 20th lost, has caused roe painful emotions. I now wish to say, once for an, that under no oouceivable circum stances will I permit a dollar of mine to be used to pur-* chaae a vote, or to Induce a voter ts act contrary to hit honest convictions. The Idea that the Intelligent, reading men of New England can be bought like sheep In the ahamoles, and that the sacred principles which have so far guided them la the terrible struggle between liberty and slavery can now, in Una oventfol hour of the national existence, be set up at auction and knocked down to the highest bidder, seems to me a* preposterous as it Is shameful and humiliating. But If U ts possible that occasionally a degraded vote rean thus be Induced to ? wall his birth right far* mess of pottage," God grant that I nuty be a thousand times defeated sooner than permit one grain sf gold to be accursed by using it so basely. I will not believe that American citizens san lend themselves to the contemptible meanness of sapping the very life-blood of our noble Institutions by encouraging a fatal precedent, which ignores all principle, and would eoon pr vent any honest man, howevtr distinguished for bis intelligence and loyalty, from representing hto dia - trict In our national councils. None could then succeed except unprincipled vagabonds, who. by the lavish ex penditure of money, would debauch and degrade the tivemen whose votes they coveted. No, sir! Grateful as I am for the distinguished hen or of receiving a unanimous nomination for Congress from the loyal Un.on partv in my district, I have no aspira tion for that blvh position If It is only to be attained by bringing into disgrace the noble privilege of the free elective franchise. Think for a moment what a deadly weapon la being placed in j^e hands of tyrants through out the civilized world, with which to destroy auch apostles of liberty as John Bright and Garibaldi, if It can be said with truth that American citizens have become se corrupt and degraded, so lost to a Just estimate of the value and true nobility of tba ballot, that it to bought and sold for money. toy dear sir, any party that can gain a temporary as cendancy by such atrocious means, not only poisons the body politic of a free aud impartial government, but is also sure to bring swift destruction upon itself. And so it should be. 1 am unaccustomed to political life, and know but little of the manner of conducting a campaign like the pres ent I believe, however, it is customary lor the .-date Central Committee to assess candidates, in order that they aball defray a proper portion of tba expenses in curred for speakers and documents lo enlighten the voters upon the political issues of the day. To that ex tent I am willing aud anxious to be taxed; for "light and knowledge" are always desired by the friends of buuao rights and of public order. But 1 trust that all money used for any other pur poses in the pending election will come from the pockets of those who now (as during the rebellion) are doing their utmost to aid traitors, and wbo, still unrepenting, aro vindictively striving to accomplish at the ballot box what their Houthorn allies failed lo accomplish on tbe tleid ol Iwttie. If any of our friends misapprehend my true sentiments upon tbo sobtect of bribery, corruption and fraud, I bope you will read them this letter. Truly yours, P. T. BAKNUM. >' S.?The following is the taw of Connecticut on the bribery of electors:? Sac. 61 No person shall offer or receive anv monev, or other tiling. By way at gift, fee or reward, for giving, or re fusing to give, a vote for electing member* or the General i at Assembly, or any officer chesen at an elector** meeting, nor prooiice, procure, or in any way confer any gratuity, re ward or preferment, for say vote even or to be given, in any election; and every person guilty or so doing shall for feit the qum of 917, one-half to ban who shall prosecute to ?tfdet, aad tbo other half to Oka treasury ot (he towa where the offence IS committed: and every person who shall ba convicted a eeesod Mma of a Ilk* atoeass aeeMhe lahaa akiosd. Tha* seetkm oodhmswaa itself tsthssksMow to ovary law abiding voter, sod I shall ho (too taot to eoaeOnt v> itt vtsialiou. F. F. B. BBooxLYjr nrmuesBca -xj Tn La dim' AraiutfT Sotmaaa Rsunr Amninu? or BwootLvat, whaee lainrw toustebtiah a society to rxprmti with tht Southern Belief Association of Now York gives promise of once?, have Issued * circular calling for aid from the aitiseao lo their Christ? like eflhrta to alleviate the ? tarring and destitute condition of the women and children of the Booth. Contributionx of money, food and clothing are earnestly solicited Donations In money may he sent to Mrs James U Wheatly, 12> Rem sen street Donations to the total amount of $902 are acknowledged by the association. The ladlee propose elving, at an early date, a concert in furtherance at the above named obiect Ri'sobiuiw ?A youth named James McRlroe was arrested yesterday by the f orty-third precinct police, charged with complicity in the robbing of the pre ml? of Daela Murpby, in 8mitb street, for which offence Belford Ryan and another individual were pre viously apprehended. On Tuesday morning last the botcher's store or F rancis Bnnnon, 14b Plymouth street, was entered by thieves through a rear window and robbed of some articles of clothing ard a small sum of money which was in the drawer. Dim a sot t> ?John Logan, arrested on Tuesday )att on suspicion of being Implicated in the robbery of the ?table or Mr. John Grant, No. 2 Doughty street, was re leased by Justice Cornwall yesterday, the evidence being insufficient to bold him on that charge. The horse and wagon used by Pickles snd Banders, tbe other two parties under arrest, were identified yeeicrday by a resi dent of '-taiae island, Mr. Jobo B. Gates, ae his pm perty. CamtTt to imuut -dvil* a number of arrests have recently been made of persons charged with violating #ie law enacted for tbe protection of animals. Andrew Mcb'linehy, a charcoal dealer, was arrested by officer ?keiton, of the Kortr-fourth precinct, on Tuesday laet, for ill-treat,or bis horse He appeared before Justine Corn well yesterday and was discharged from custody. Fatal Railroad Cascaltv.?A man named Patrick Booney, while in (he act or alighttog from the front platform of one of tbe Brooklyn City Railroad cant, at tbe>inction of fifth and Atlantic avenues, yesterday morning. *** struck by another car earning from an op point*direction, and died from tbe effects of bis iniurte* in a few mutates after. Tbe deceased was a married man,end leaves a family, former Lynch wtU bold an Inquest on the body this morning. TBAMtntisn? rou Iioaa Law.?A widow named Marta Hodgeon, raaidmg at No. 306 Jay street, arreted oa Tuesday tor violating the third section of the Excise law-iaelling liquor without a license), appeared before Vast Ice Cornwall yesterday, and the examination wan set down for this morning. Mm Hodgson la accused of sell ing oa the sly. A beer pump Intull play and a quantity of ttqaor ware found in her sleeping apartment. Lou* Marcella, llquur dealer, US Fulton avenue, for keeping open after twelve o'clock, was examined before Justice Cornwall, sad discharged, the evidence not being ruffi cinnt to convict him. Frederick Schuesler, for selling without license, was also arrested yesterday. A%T7*ULAB t Prune .-esrascsn *o vas Pamrmmsnv.? WtRlam Carney nod John Walker, pupils of ah alleged Dotorlsns burglar sad thief named Joho Shields, were yeeleiday sentenced to the Penitentiary for sixty days nach by Justice Deiley. All tbe parties belong In New York. On Saturday night last they visited the Eastern District on pi of see tonal business, and at an early hour on Pundny morning officer Lester Lewis, of the Forty, ffth prurlnot, got on their track and followed them to a saloon at the foot of South Seventh street, where be found them in tbe set of dividing the sum of fJO, the proceeds, probably, or larcenies committed during the nighi tbe officer took tbem to the station house in Fourth street to give an account of themselves, but their stories wen as contradictory that tbe sergeant la charge concluded to lock tbein up aa suspicious persona Pbleld* It still held by the police oa suspicion of his bar Ug perpe trated a burglary at the residence ef Mrs. Brock, eoruci of North Niath and Second uresis In October last, when a lot a valuablo sliver plate was stolen. Re will base a hearing before Justice Dalley on this charge on Saturday next It la understood that some or this all ver wars was yseterday recovered in New York by a special officer, when Shields heard of the convict? of Carney, whom ha has educated from boyhood In all kind.- of viilanieo. be shed Mars of genu Ins sorrow, but exhibited no special regret about Walker, whom he suspects ol talk lug too freely to the police Tim Bcmtwrox Bocureana. ?Work on th* grant local Improvement ban bean commenced. Yesterday a large foroa of laborer* was engaged la the wort of exieosma In tht aeigbboihood of Cooper avenue STATU 81 AW WTtlUKHCt. A Jtwncuop ran Pnacu IsDirnn row Ail to so Mal. paanaitan v Osrcw ?At the Court of Ctnoral sessions, just atUourned at Richmond, Mr. John G. Vaughn, a justice of tbe peaee for SonthfieM, was ladictad on a charge ef tempering with the ballot box at the lata election bald in Richmond county, upon the testimony of one Alexander, a member of the Metropolitan "He* force, who swore "to havieg seen Mr. Vaughn take from the ballot box, while canvassing tbe votes, a handful of tickets and replace tbem with others." Gen tlemon who wero present at tbe Urns, and who were po litically opposed to Mr. Vaughn, rworo directly lo the reverie of the police officer's statement, ae they aHuge. the _ statement, M they silage, "they had a better opportnait? of aeelag Uio car*, ff snrb bad oceurved than any others " The rose wro argued at some length by Mr Wm H Anthou. on the pert of the people sad Mr Henry L Clinton for the dofeudept . af|*r whieb it warn m*en to 4 m rfiaii 90 Jury, who, after a few mtautae ahManti, rendered a verdict of "Not guilty." The *wl? ?* verdict has given general eatiafhctlow *> the fkuiew Islandem, as Mr. Vaughn has always enjoyed the confidence of the community at Urge. It is expected that the police officer, together with others who urged him to make the charge, will be indicted for perjury ana malicious slaaaer. Fran.?A building belonging te Mr. Btetnheieer, of North Bold, end known as the pipe factory, caught fire n few evenings nnce and was entirely consumed. WBSTCHE8TER 1HTELLIGEBCE. ? IdmovntBrre i* WAaxnnnoa A voce, MosawAinA.-* The time specified la aa agreement entered wto by the contractor for oomplettng the work of supplying Wash* iagton avenue, Morritanla, with gee light will expire m a fe* days. The lamps are already up beyond Seventh street. The work of grading the lower end, wbere It Join* the Boston road, ia also rapidly drawing towards completion Several wealthy gentlemen bave recently purchased txteosive lota with a frontage on thie aveuue, and purport building elegant end commodious residences on tbe sane. These, along with other improvements now project*!, will mat triaily increase the value of real estate in the neighbor hoed. Tu New huNCVAL von School Na 3.?At a special meeting of tbe Morrieania Board of Education, held re cently, Mr. H. M. Jones, who was some years since so favorably knovn among the townspeople in his connec tion with tbe sthuola, received the appointment of Prin cipal oi School Na a. This was in accordance with a petition signed by a large number of tbe most respect able citizens of tbe vicinity, which bad previously beea laid before tbe Board. Mr. Jonas is to enter upon bis duties on the 1st of March. Cbiktsr Elmtiuk.?The annual chart* elect.on to.the town of Yon It era takes place on Tuesday, Marco 6, when a president aad a trustee for tbe village at large will be elected, end a trustee for each of the three wards. Democratic ward meetings will be held on this and to morrow evsmnga. The republioau ward meetings came on on Monlay evening A Hard Case.?On Tuesday night a woman named Mary Horn, about forty years of age, while la a state or luioxicatlon, commenced breaking tbe windows of Mr O'Kourkt'a store, on the Boston road. North New York, and committing other "extravaganzae," when fortu nately a police officer made his appearam e aad effectually put a' nop to any furtbtr display oi destruitiveness on her part, by talcing her to the I <ck up, Morrisanie. Yes terday morning she waa sent to the county prison lor tbirtv days, to acquire habits more in accordance with her ) ears. IEW JERSEY LEGISLATURE. TinufTOf, Feb. 27, 1W7. JL Dint meeting of tbe Legislature.ww heW m-dae. H.,waM Ivans, republican, was elected Mate lreaaur -r, I l'e'erP Robinson was elected Keeper of theStale ITleon; Stockton, of Burlington, was elected lector'.r the Delaware and Rarttan Canal, and Benjamin O. Ctart, or Hudson, Director of tbe Camden and Amboy Railroad C?lnPihe" Houae the whole afternoon was spent >?t^bai. Ine tbe Morris Canal bill granting a lease ot l?o.lKun<le* water, and the bill Onallj passed by a Tote of 44 to 14 SAILIMG Of ThTsTEMSWP CHIKA Bosto*. Feb 27. IMJ Ti,a ateamshio China sailed at two E. M. l??-.i?y. tak ing seveniv passengers for Liverpool and twenty or Halilui. she took no specie. Died. LaajtT.?On Wednesday, February 27, Htion T-sakv, t? 1 ? of U. MS .? invited to attend the funeral, on one o'clock, from bla late residence, No. 20? West For tieth street. , ffUr Otter Dtal'u S*t Wiinh Pag*-1 MISCEIiliANKUVA _ HOC8EHOLD WpBD.-BUT J'DH FRENCH CHINA DINNr Do., Tea Seta, 44 piece#. A PIECE*. ?*?. Do., 'I'ea Sets, U pieces *2 i!. Do.. Dinner Elates, per dosen ? ?' Do., Breakfast Elates, per down ? <? Do., Breaaiast riates. per . .? Do.. Tea Elates, per down ? E o^VngVw,..^ fnJeraLrsaad Housekeeping Ariiclss of wn the moot i ?lnar~t aasostinent in the eitj, at prioee eons'Car ** 'Tti&ffiVCTS WEORITS. BARHFOBO* way* A"IMPOBIA!,Treal?*?KAr.TH J , STe feel ' tmeellinc the attention at physfaueoa ae* aSSfMM&--S2gS3?a i S?0FB^^iSfrTS?5S& ?TicaWffiBSl^gafe -.swsnegmiy or malt known us ale, beer and porter; farther, thai jt U calculated t? aot as a mild tome, and even us a sslntM. esiecMlv In ooineuueiice of the moderate <iuarliijr o. isiro h >1 It contains in comparison with them. .. We cotiline ourselves to the statement that HolTs Mall Js* e-.-iot ootiuloa less alcohol than the nuuiclous matter tlian the strongest; and wn rely twon thw profess III sud ills public to give the preference tol?*? V*7 pari.tion ov-rall the alcofaoflo drinks and other ao-nanmS sjirttltcs which are praised only by tlielr proprietors norrs MALT EXTRACT. Depot for America Mo. MS Broadway. t?ne'di*w*andCapwards delleered to any port of the rity and suburli*. Sold at druggists generally. .. U ? DEATH FBOM SEVERE BURNS. * Were tbe merits of DALLE! "d MAUIGAL IAIN NX? TRACTOR nnirersaily known sueh heeding" as the sheep wo old n-rer be seen in our news columns Hundreds ef thousands who have for the past lweuty-?to yrare used it. ran testily that no burn or scald la too severe to yield i? iie-? soothing and healing i?ccnce. II retlevee the dreadful agony in a few moments, and heals qulshlj wiUiiatt loath.? lb* slightest scar. As a specific for chilblains, -on s, Inflam mations, piles, swellings hrmsee, Be., R has sot an e.,oal In the world. One trial Will convince you. 2f> rents a but. For sale by all drusgMl* and by the down or single hot at the depot, W Cedar street. N. Y. __ a BBOLUTE DIVORCES OBTAINED IN ANT ST*JR A without publicity ?>r eapossro; good ?n every warn, consultations free; no fees charged nmll djymee I- "ds^d M UlOkUt LINCOLN, lawyer. W Nassau sties-. A _PERRYS FAMILY OINTMENT IN CCRtNO HITS. , Oreds of Burns, Bcald*. (lathered Bn-sta. hwra tvtfinles pile. ' RUcuniailsm, Bores, chilhisuis ',f 1'r? ( 'happed Hand'. An Price UmlT Bold bvalldnigglit't IsepotlsT Chatham streei. Try this loraluable curs. T ssntilTV DTVORORS OBTAIN ?D IN MEW NORK A and Stales where dnssrtlou, Ac. suginen, cause, he publicity or fee In advenes. Cons illations fre*. P . M. HOW KB. Atturasy. 78Nem*e Bardainb.?waTBRFalia ?; "RKJ.'tAN. Bk: slnsts furls. ?1; Walarfall 1'uffs (to .wets, ae??y I ,h ng cheap? at I'BUKiUM'S Hair Baasars. :-?l Onwui . slnsaft nesvOis Bowenr, *-w York, or earner oftnurih^iu. South Ninth streets, Williamsburg. Hair dsssslt*. U) wwdA 1 Cut this out. ? ? iriOMkORT AMD CURE FOB THK V l> postpaid on receiptorteuuesta. Addresa Dr. K. h. EOCTE, 1.130 Rroadway. Mew Vork. OLD BTRN M SDK MEW. WITnOPT RFFCTAOUBC dsrtor or medicine, sent psstsgi ps*d*n iee*,ip? ef ten rent*. Addiesa Dr. E. B. FOOlB, 1,1*1 Btwadway, haw York. CONFIDENTIAL mrORM A TIOM FOB THE MARK I LB, sent DOS'ago jiatd In sealed snvelopeonreoaipt rents- AdtSess Dr. E. B. FOOTS, l.MU Broadway. New York. . . CTONBUM FTION CAM BE CCRED.--THK THt K I i rsmedv at last disenversd. UEHAM s r KBBH SB il (TRK.sprrj.srrd from the formula of Prof. Trnu-sean. "f Vsrls, cures Consumption. Lung DLeaaes, Hron' lutia Dt " petisla, Msrnsmus, (leneral Debility and all 7T Jl' lions of the system dependent on ,lttr_?; It Is I > the taste, and a slngU hotUe the mn-t skeptical of Its virtue as the great renp j ol the age ti a bottle or all bottles for $A Nrdd whole, sale and retail DEM tB BARN KB A CO.. 21 Eark row, ini prlnclptl iiru||iiii. Ctfgq)>ri ?PI frwft. /SORMR." RUMH>MB,^?MLAnci KD JOINTB^vNfli*M. C-f Diseases of the feet cured by Dr. EAOIURIB. No. W Bmndway. _> ? Diyobcrb leoali.y obtaimed^fkoh ;>hk courts of eevsnd States wtlhoiri pubilrlj. < r.-*t>. drunkenness or de. ertion on.ise sutheleiit. Ad_ ? ' F. I. KINO. Counssllo at Law. lH Hroeeway. ^ C^BEAT DIBCOVBBY.-DK WAW|sfiSSTrr Vili IT is warranted loeure Limhs, Ktl-sandallBormandFaiuslnrp^ooeni ia,WW?S RSf8fMf851'? >??. Fhlladslphla. ,!..?> Tiiosr. a.sgssaA^K.y.CiSlVf.r K.rSrk"snr-2'e-s-"" ?" Tort. One price house. - TAEANESB HAM ^"-JSSS? ?> r?nWb*v' W . Jt Park row; P. O WELlS A CO^lla rrntiklln sireet. and all druggmta^ Mtiiore "'''M?^S^7Kl,rli?LBAWKKD ^ inw^istshrsted'siid popular medieines h?v? These Aeserred^eeWbrst?ae?? r"Z"rr4 -mssd the fsi effected a revulnUonMn i 4 tnanr years obstruct \wr? at sevsrsl ?"??"h?ve forma ^ ai|pp,wH,0>> ed tbewngress of tuedl al j^iMrsd phyrirh.ns from that -tlonsomptlon Is tbll disease and |?tieiit stieniptlng to tod ryy4m* ^ to death without afltc.od withiU meon^ Bkenmomn^ lh?y Sup. mating aw . nnW pmved however, lh?? posed to hs nnsvrddable.1 fihss been cured In o Coasuraptloo can he eWNft ",hi?Vpnsr?nUv dea vert |ree?wmbw e^nsee I o(f! H p nMM ?nd, in pants snssi bT Bcheook s ^ ,n aosngt Hon with Other b^he same ? k(( p,u^ ?ne or Iwth. Bchwek s BeawoedTonK anu s. ^ ha ^ 1>T. ttehenrt. according to tbe r^ulremsnts o. health for himself, who has enjo^d uomtern^^ ij <>m> um, ^ mow then tWMtr Ave vsare, having pronounced to hlsrV. He was tiSriTJasald^Brrup, and since his rsrovery many cured by the arure a i u,ed Dr. Boherrh s medf. ^^^chrSok^iX.^-?; ?~\i n^sMJsMWT be obtained there at all home TTrBAM'i HAIR OLORB AMD WRt.lMU FLUID M I I .V. best hair dressing in (he world, prl.e ? eei.s. ??-' V, nTti ABB A R N f" A CO, II r.vf row P U W KUA" B CUo 111 f'raakttp stress spd all di?us?