Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1867 Page 2
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Hoarders and lodokri wastbr. A PRIVATE KAMI I,V, at 4* W?*T TtTRLPTH Jf\ itrart, can ar-onvnolrte ? g.ntla'tnn and wife anil two gentlemen, with furnished Ho?'iii? un t B >ard. servants ?uil children not taken. Reference* required. A VINB SUIT OF ROOMS; AN BLBOAN f HUITOF il Parlor*, const-hlng of l?ro or mm rooms. A ?o a Kusrn. all Conveniences anil ha'' ?>iuely fnrniahed, la let wlih A rat uu lliurd. Table dh ta aw) V?'?{? *?? Windsor lloinl, Z1 Fourteenth street, between bioadway and Ptflh avsr. us, A 6 Baal Thlrty-aecond street, llrat bouse from Filth arenue. Kefereucea given and required^ Ay i"N avi) 174 BLEAKER STRKBT, SIX BliOt.'KS west of Broadway?Pleasant Rooma, with excellonl Board, from >7 to ?!3 per w. ok. Families accordingly. A PRIVATE FlKIIiV WILL LET A LARGE AND ulci'lv fnmlahed Front Room, on third floor, with or without Board gas. water and other conveniences; rary de sirable l? allon ami convenient to all cat*; only 16 minuiaa from t'lty Hall; >ery reasonable terms. CaU at *1 King at A PRIVATE FAMIiiY WILL LET A PLEASANT Room, on sei-ond floor, with flr*t elaaa Board, at No. 888 Islington avenue. A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, ON SECOND floor eiilt ible for a grotletnan and wire or two single gentlemen, to let, with Board. 61 Weat Fifteenth a tree t. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LBT?SEPARATE or togelbor. to a gentleman end wite or ungle gentle man, wtih Hoard; alao an uaftirnlahed Room. Apply at No. I Vauneat place, Charles street. A CHOICE OF ROOMS. LIBERAL, FIRST CLASS Table for single of married gentlemen. 105 Weet Twenty-Brat street. AT FRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OF FRAMKFOBT aud William streets, MO rooms; great reduction In priene; Hoc, 106JC. per day; 81 80 to $8 per weak. Open *11 night. - . - A FEW DESIRABLE AND ELKOANTLY FURNISHED Room i. en suite or atngly, table d'hote or a la European, at reaaouable rates. Reumou Hotel. Forty-second street and Fourth avenue. AT HO fclACDOrfOAL BfREKT?ELEGANTLY fur. nl-be.l Rooms, with everything necessary for home keepln". lu order that a family may have a complete boms. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISHING TO LE-SEN F.X J\ peuaea will let a few elegant Rooma to eligible parlies. Locality easy ol access to all bualueaa parts of the city. No moving in May. 166 Weet Fourteenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE THIRD Floor, hand'oraelr furnished, with back parlor ami extension, to parties desiring Ural rlaas aoco iiuiod iliotis. Private table only. The highest references required Ap ply at 31 Weal Sixteenth ?lr>-el. AT *) WEST ELEVENTH STREET, FEW DOORS from Hroadwsy?Front Room, with alcove, to let. wtth Board. Convenient to cars, stages and places of amuse meuta. A SUIT OK ROOM4 ON FIRST FLOOR TO Lf!T? J\ Without b'lard. 10 a pit ty willing to pay 11 be 10 Uy, ut 4l> Bast Twenty lir?t street. A PLEASANT ROOM, ON THIRD STORY, TO LET? i\ To a single gcnlleuiwn. Apply to 100 East Niuoteeuth ?treat A ?ONF. Oil TWO OENTLRMKN CAN OBTAIN J\ . pleas inl Accommodations and first class tablo, at 215 East Tenth alrcot. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM WITH BOARD J\ suitable for a young gentleman and wi.e; turms reason. nhle. For particulars a;.p)y attw West Twenty-third street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEV li 8E * handsomely furnished Room, with Bleecker^ree^' * pr'val8 f,aullf' 14 Vartok place, uear A ??kTJ^?G I" TIIEIR OWN HOUSE WILT, withird. a large handsomely furnlslied Room, 142 cloM"'> on A'"* flour, 10 a gentleman and wile. ltd Wea Twenty-fourth street. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM?17 PER i&nilhe?. ,r? *n'1 lifht 6# West Forty-ninth alree English basement house. Boaid if required. ? AT 18 STUYYESANT STREET, NEAR TIIE BIBLE House.?Roomi to let, with Board. Dinner at 6. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO SINGLE GKN llemen can be accommodated with Board and Dbasnut Seventh'avenues!0*' 8UMWnth ^ A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN GOOD Rooms and Boird, in a private family, on very at tractive terms, at 48 Weat Forty-filth street. Location first cim, A T."LU.D?T^RT KR?Nf FARLOR AND BEDROOM u m?'lU /,r wl,h BWAkfaat if desired, at M Weet Sixteenth street; references required. AN^T,'Y? ?N*NtBHED FRONT room" TO LBT, without Board, to one or two gentlemen. Good refer - required. Apply at 88 Weat Nineteenth street. ATM BOND STREET?SUIT OF NICELY FURMSIlED A Rooms on second floor, with lirst elaaa Board, for a family or party of gentlemen. No moving in May. A FURNISHED BOOM, WITH BOARD, FO*R OKN A tleman and wife, with ga* and Ore; 816. Apply at 116 l?barlea_ street, oorner of Hudson, ever druggiara Alcoa A FEW SINtlLE GENTLEMEN OR OKNTLEMAI1 aud wife can obtain furnished Rooms, wtih Board, at 64 WcstTwemy-Orat street. Terras reasonable. - AFURKI8T1KD ROOM TO LET?TO OXB OR TWO gentleman, at 116 Suffolk street. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LBT. WTTII OR without Board, nicely furnished Roams, on sec radand third floors. Terms reasonable. Apply at 176 Wavorley place, Between Perry nod Hammond slreots. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR SINGLE OBN A tlemeo, can And handsomely lurnlskeJ Roome, Board; house flret elgea; locution excellent. Apply at M Boot Twenty-eighth street A THIRD FLOOR BOOM, WITH BOARD, TO LET-TO A n gen tleman and wife or two gontlemeu. at 41 West twenty fourth street; references exchanged. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE THIRD floor to let, with first elaaa Board. Apply at 116 Waver, ley place. References exchanged. A SUIT OP HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS for gentlemen, with fall or partial Board, on aeoond floor, In n private house, 83 Wast Twenty-seventh street. Roloronree required. A NIOKLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OR A without Board: alao a halt Bedroom, nt $8 per week; house has all improvements. Apply nt IS Bnat Seventeenth timet. A LAROE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT i\ Parlor can be bad. with first clam Board, at No. 116 Fourth avenue, near Twelfth street. A YEW DESIRABLE BOOMS MAY BB OBTAIN BD, A with Board, at MS Waal Forty.aeoond street, naar Broadway; terras vary moderate; house 8rat elaaa; very plcacjiitlj looatodi refereaeen A*" Frifate Family will let a suit of choice Booms, together or separately, with Board; house Brat ?less, brown atone, modern Improvements; central nnd pleasant neighborhood. .Call at or address 161 West Twenty eighth street- Ho moving in May. A CHOICE OF FURNISHED ROOMS ON SECOND and third floors. In n utoe private house. Immediate [MMarasion. No moving ta May. 180 Monro* street, near Clinton. . AT 17 WAVERLSY FLAON, HANDSOMELY FUR ?tshed Room* I* tot, with Aral elaaa Board. Refer Snooe required. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM idItlift, ? separate If required; view on Broadway, to gentle man only. lf_Eaa4 Nineteenth street, corner of Broadway. A LARGE THIRD BTORY FRONT BOOM, NICBLY furnished, wtth an the ?onve*lene*o, to lot with or Without Board. private family. 149 Kaat Twelfth street. A PARLOR SUIT TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT Board; also Rooms for gentleman, nt 1,187 Broadway. A FURNISHED ROOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR, with full or part at Board, In a private house. Apply at 81 Weal Twenty-elllh street, 00 the block wtth St. James' HoteL BOARD.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR families or single persona. Apply at Mfl No. West Twenty-second ? treat, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Board?a okmtlbman and wifb or sinolk gantleman oan obuln pleasant furnlahad Rooms, with raaeoeabT' applying at 180 Kaat Twentieth street. Terms Board.-test desirable booms, with ob without board, for ram'ly or party of gentlemen. No. I Netlaoa ptaee between CUnloa and Waverley, near Broad way. Battofeetory reference. TIOARD.?A FEW SINOLB &1NTLEMBN CAN BB AO D commodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms on riaoonablk terms. Day Beard. Apply at SSd Greenwich atraoi. Wyoming HoteL Board.?beautiful rooms, en suite or sbpa rate wtth Board, for gentleman and Wife or ? Ingle gen tlemeo. In a private family. 887 Weal Thirty-fifth street. Mo moving la May. Board.?43 clinton placr.-parlors and other Rooms, for Brat elaaa boarder*. Refemoom fl?a* and eipeoted of flrat aUndlng. Ten? mederaU. UOARD.?OF.NTLBM8N AND THBIR WIPES OB A P few single genvtomon can be aecommodoloit with good Board by eal.lng at 188 Bridge aire*I, near Johasoa, Brook tya. Din set al Stg. ?OOARD-TWO FINE BriTB OF ROOHB, HaYINO C "?T eooveuienoe, and a fair single Rooms, at MB Baat Twelfth street near Broadway, ilalereooea required, no moving to May. FiIJI2^L'l2.'T. r?R?'?"ED ROOMS TO LET-BE fiu No i U d'^lS,8r PLlTi'* Terms raaaoa near Broadway 7' K Twonty fonrU Mrmt, ITUiNL!!ml^?n0i?V *j?. NOAED, TO OBNTLBMBN ?._ * ' V* Improve FUEEIBHED BOOMS FOR ORBTLRMRN ONI.T BBB without board; refrranc* required. 48 Bask TweuttoU EUBNIBnXD ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD TO mepeeiableand peroiananlpartlee. Loeatioa desimble I uire at No. 8 Weat Fnrty-flrtt itreet, near Butb avenue. Handsomely furnishrd booms-modern im provemenle, gaa, hath, Ac., to gentlemen and thalr wires, or single genUemen, with or without Board. Inqulra at 8J? Beet mfiteepth atraet, Kaat flluy vassal square. HB^Haelnm board.?first class board oan~e obtained, with all necessary aoeommodations sad con jr^noea^hy applying Utoh aireet, auth brown atens houaa TJOTBL AOOONNOOATIONS FOR ORNTLBMEN at IT ilOlldton plana, corner nt University plana; traii!<-at p 88 p*> day. OHAB. LEFLEE, Proprietor. PUT CTTT?COMYOBffAiLY FURNISHED ROOM let, with Board, to gnu'lemon and wife or two etngle nen^ private family; fiUuaMea unmirpaaeed. Apply HOARDERS AND M?DCKM WillTKD. VTEAR UNION SQUARE?TWO EINE LARGE RHOMB In to to'itl'-m -i w ih or without Riwrt; hnl'y mil: hoi m mid lovntion tlut uses. for particulars c.<11 at 72 Kail Fifteenth urert VJ*IOKLY PURNrSIIBD A PA R I'VE NTS TO LIT?WITH la or without Bctrd; *!?" "no Floor ?u l-tblr for ludnea.1 purp ?e <, dre??m*lt*ra or rnlUluera. (7 Leal Twelfth street, ? fow doora from Broadway. . ^ 0. Id EAST TWRNTY-ETOHTH "TREKT.-TWO large Room* on second Boor to lot, with Iburd. N VTO. 1 MONR<>R STREET, CORNER OF CATHARINE ll eireet? Board for gentlcmea. Price from $6 #0 to $6 50 per week. ONE ROHM WITH GOOT> BOARD. ?.-TWO ROOKS, for one, $11 for two, fltft; two Urea llooma for two, *20; for three, fl*7. 17 East Twelfth street. Dinner at 8. TO LBT-WI1H BOARD, TO TWO OP.NTLF.MRN. A fnrntkbed Room: WO ner week. Including lire and gas. Referqucee. Apply at 53 Weal Twelfth etreet. TO LET-TO GBNTLBMBN ONLY, FRONT ROOM, third atorr. nicely furnished. Baok Room, unfuralahed. South Brooklyn, tan minutes' walk from Hamilton ferry. Addreaa W., Herald omen. ? ? ? -r ? . i ? . w a. Mi TO I.ET-WITH BOARD, A LAROR. PLEASANT, fourth floor Front Room; alae laree llonm on flret floor. 80 Eaat Fourteenth etreet, weatnf Un Ire rally place. TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, IN HOOD LOCATION. _ 86 Bands etreet. Brooklyn, near Fulton ferry. TO RENT-A NICBLY FURNI8HKD FRONT nALL Bedroom for one nr two gentlemen. (OS Eighth arenue, three doore ahore Forty-second street. TWO FRONT BEDROOMS, IN A FRIYATB HOUSE, to let handaomely furnlahed; none need apply but re apeeUbte gentlemen: reference required. Apply at resi dence 21* Fulton street, New York. TWO NICELY FUR MIS HED HALL ROOMS TO LET? With Board, fn- gent lemen. llouae flret class. Apply for for two daya at 79 Seoond avenue. mwp OR THREE OENJLEMRN CAN BE AOCOMMO 1 dated with Hoard tn an American family, at $8 60 per week. Apply it II Third areaue. rpWH RF.SITCTARI E MECHANIC* CAN RB ACCOM I modaldd ellh Itmrd. where they can hare the onmfort* of a home, rod nleely turnfahed Room* and single beds; aUo a aetiUeman and wife. Terma moderate. Call at 63 Pike street. TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? Tnee'bor or separately, with or without board; location Prat cla??. Annlr at 45 Eist Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth arenue. 5ril AVENUE. NO. 23.?ONE LARGE DOUBLB Room to lc, with flrst c'aaa Board. 1 r WEST TWENTY.FOURrH STREET, NEAR FIFTH J?) avenue, a handsome suit of Rooms, on second floor, front, with first clnsi Hoard; references given and required. A t UNION SOU i 11K -A SUIT OF R 'GMT O.N SEC Tr' r on,l floo" to let, with Kourd, to a geutlcman and wife. References required. A 7 SEVENTH AVFN'I'R?A II \NDSOME ROOM ON r i flr-l floor, rit'tib'n for i gentleman end wife or single gentleman; Board flrst class. Also single Iloo us. fenteel tinirtmenls t, let, wi h Board, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, ltofereueo* eicliangeil. Ijn FlFTH AVENUE. NEAR PKLMONICO'S, IIAND I \) furnished Rooms to let, with or wl.hout Board. Be ferencea exchanged. 1/\- WOOSTER STREET?EURNISHRD ROOMS TO l"?c* let. In gen Heme < only. Rooms from $150 to $6 per week. Al?o front Parlor suitable for a physic! in. in/J EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, GRAMBRCY II M) Park.?Suits of eleKiuilly furnished Rooms, on gee ondfloor, with Board, suitable for families; p-ovule tablo If desired. House and location des'ruble. hondsomelv furolnhe,). with p,ntry attached, to let with Board, suitable for one nr two persona. One door from Second avenue; house modorn. BUABD AA'I) LDDGIYO WASl'El). A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO RPOCURB A RARI.OR end Bedroom, on flrst or fieeond floor, with Board for his wt'o and child: locution between Fourth and Fourteenth streets. Address Thaddous, station D. Hoard wanted, citt and country.? all wishing I'oard, Room* o ? Hoitaes directed to desirable localities, without charge, at the Hoard Exchange, 532 Broad-, way. App'toat'one impel red dally. . Board wanted?in a rbsprctable German family, for a family of two adults and a boy tire years o d, from Mar I, In the vhetnlte of Ihs city. Blsten Island or Jersey. Address, stating term*, h im 2,778 Poet ofllce, N. Y. Board wantrd-by a gentleman, wife, two children, aged one end six years, and nurse. Address, stating term*, which must be moderate, D., box 1861ler.?ld ofllce. FRRNCIl BOARD.-A YOUNG aMEETOSN MAN HE. sires Board In a French fain IW. In New York o:- Brook ton: terma must be moderate. Address for three day* A C. R., Herald ofllce. - - Ami? LAftoR~\tooM, wrrn board, wantpd-by 1.1 Mttun i>i9M; ...efw. lieiHw T 'tiiig limn, \rime ?? em peed fl?each |>er week; loeition between Fourteenth and Twenty-#fth streets, and nol o tat Of Second avenue; beat of city references given. Addreaa A. B., box 5 427 Post ofline. YkOQM WANTRD-BY AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN JV and wifa of the highest respectability, with Board for tha Ud* only. Terms must not be over flu) per week. Ad dress II., Herald office. Room, with board, wantrd-by a man and wife, between Twentieth and Fortieth street\ west; price not to exceed 813 per week. Addreaa Mechanic, sta tion R. Eighth arenue. W'ant'ed-for a widow lady and guild, a comfortable home, with a quiet famllr. Room and Bedroom, furnished or otherwise, with or without Board; will ray promptly about fldO per month. SMITH A CO. 82 Fifth arenue. WANTKD-BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIEK. BOARD In sprlvele family, from last of April; Rrooktrn pre ferred. Address, slating terms, L. H. O.. Herald office. TflTANTBD?A NKATLY FUBNI8HBD ROOM AND TV Board, with a private family, bv a qentleraan and wife; loeatfon between Fourth and Twentieth streets nnd west of Rroadway. Addreaa, with term*, J. H., ears of Llbby, Butcher A Co., 418 Broadway. WANTRD-A FURNISHED ROOM. TO ACOOMMO TT flats two gentlemen; terma moderate. Addreaa D. Kerrigan, AH Broadway. ANTRD-BY A GKNTLBMaN AND WIFE A PAR lor and Bedroom, with flrst elaas Board; references exchanged. Address box 2,(776 Po-t offloe. WANTKD?BOARD IN A PKIYATB FAMILY, BR tweea Thirty-fifth and Fifty* ninth atresia and Third and Sixth a realise, for about all weeks, by a gentleman, 8fe. child and two naraaa'; good aeoommodatlone wanted, r which a liberal prtea will be paid. Addreaa L. D. 8., Herald office. ANTRD-BY A OKNTLBMAN. A HANDSOMR Room, tn a respectable private family, with break fast If convenient. Reference# given and required. Ad dress F. T . Herald office, for two days. WANTRD-RY A YOUNG MAN AMD WIFR, WHO would be willing to take care ef their own room, a fur nished or unfurnished Room, or Room and Hall Room, with trd,tn agaateel hnuae and neighborhood; terms to be derate; good but not flrst class aeoommodaUtms looked for. Addrey National, sta^og 9. SlfTRD?IN BROOKLYN. BY A YOUNO GENTLE lan, a nloelr furnlahed Tarter and Bedroom In a ro lls private hemes, where there are no or only a few rl Address, stating looellty aad terma, box 2,782 New 'oet office. 1 . ? YYTANTRD-ROARD. IN THE YICINITY OF FIFTY TV flflh atro.:i and Second arenue, by e young lady, teacher; good re'erencee given and required. Address A. A. R., Brooklyn. Post office. WJ w COVITTHY BOARD. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, ABOUT TO TAKE A . V eottcge In the country, thirty minutes' ride from New York nnd convenient to the cars, could aooommodate four adulia with comfortable Rooms and Board, from 1st of May. Address D. M., station P. Board wantbd-at a farm houbr, near thr ? city, for lady and girl. Address, stating location, terma, Ae., F. O.. ears of J. J. Johnson, 100 Veaey street, N. Y. HOTELS. American hotel-broadway and eighth street. New Tork, en the European plan. Rooms |p salt eor singly, at moderate rates. Atlantic hotel, Chatham souare.?wki.l Furnlahed Rooms, at modems prices, by the iay, weak or month. Open at all hours. JOHN OERKRN, Proprietor. A SUIT OF ROOM", HANDHOMRLT PURNI8HBD, l\ aad two single Room* to let. Terms moderate. St. John Hotel, 718 Broadway. B LANKAU HOUSE. VI WEST FORTIETH RTRBKT' fronting Reservoir rark, one salt of Rooms, on flrst and one on seoond floor. Table d'hote. K CWT R1A| BITAra NR IUB.w AM ?FOR 8ALB, AN ELRGANT NEW HOUSbTBROWN ? elans front, tiigfc stoop, four story, butll tn the meet substantial manner, nanr Park avenue, No, 82 ftaat Thirty ntath etreet. Inquire oaths premises of R. H. OOBCRN. A LOT. 8TM FEET FRONT AND RRAB AND 8KFNRT deep, with frame House, 88x46 oe front, and brick lldUf la rear, three storlea and oellar, aad aovnvad allay. i M wide, need for otnhf m w terma. Alee Hudson ? treat. I>H feel wide, need for etnblae. for sole en easy Moaaea and Lou In all pert" of etty. HTl. i 1. TT BURN Ham. 601 Had A GOOD OFFORTUNITT TO PUROHASB CHBAP.? iwra, ?old from 8lfl.M6 la *11,888 aaoh to atom an estate. Aim two Bagiln bneemant Hon eon brown stonn. four too ilea, on ta ?4 avenuT^mjV^t wonld nnw omtTlM* to AFOUB BTORT HIGH 8TOOF BROWN RTONR noomon Fifth avenue, either fnrntohnd or unfur ?treat. THRBB 8TORT _ leeatten, almost 'id?Tm"^ Tfrem fl8.0? to t Bxohanga, 871 dUtiliiiia jan, sue. r.NT UMty HIGH 8TOOF BBOWN "JONI CITY RRAL IITATB ROR liLR. A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BHIOK. 7VERT Twauty-alxlh atreet, near Sixth avenue. (II '00. three atorv lilfli ktoop brown alone, We?t Forty-eighth atreel. 8'MXV. three vtory blah atoop brick. Weit Forty-third atreel, $13,000: Fiftieth e'reet, near Fifth avrmm, $12,10); Meat Thirty-fourth street. n>ar Seventh avenue, 116.0 n ,nd $36.0,> > ?l? In Eighteenth, Tw> nty-third and Thirtieth street* end I.exlugtnn avenue, $22 UO) to 550.00). Apt ljf la 81MUNDS 4 CO., Uresdway, oornri of Thirtieth ATI1KKE STORY niOH 8TOOP HOUSE FOR aale on Went Washington plane, near Sixth avenue; tuodaru Improvements; price $14,000. B. Y. IRK I. A WD. $01 Broxdway. A FOUR STORT BROWN STONE HALF ENiU.ISH ba rment Houae for aale, en Fortyeeoond atreel (wide street* built In moat aubaiantial manner by day's work, in dependent walla and aide wtndowa; has all modern Improve ments and separate a tan case lor aervants; six JfiifililOO. " a *?--?- ?? t> siven May 1. No. B & menu ana st-peraw iuii<i?t Price, If aold Immediately. $23,000. Pneseaalon gl Apply to POTTER BROTHERS k BELLAMY; street, up stairs. A VERY NBAT LITTf.B TIIRER STORY BROWN A atone Houae and Lot on Thirty-eighth street, between Lexington and Park avenues, for tale; price $17 OOll. -? ? KILPATRIOK, Bnll'a Head Bank Bulldlnga. A FIRST n:.A22 BROWN 8TONK nOCSR AND LOT A West Thirty-third (trees flr? Lot. Grove street, $10,000; corner House a.. I'0*' ""?J" street, let tor $AM0; prion $22,000. Other eofnen. properly cheap. W. ITMBLICK. 421 Broadway. A FOUR STORT BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE for sale, on Thirty eighth atreet. near Fifth avenue, | 10x80x100 price $$,180; alee 78 Bast Sixtieth street, very low. Apply to JOHN FKTI'rbTOH. 418 Third avenue. Boulevard lots.?blevbn lots, beautifully ?itnated for building, on 147th street, near Eleventh avenue (the new Boulevard), with water tront on Hudson river, for Sale by J. H. WESTER FIELD, 170 Wllltam at. OROADWAT PROPBRTT.-FOR BALE CHEAP. ONE ?I) of the beat I-cases ou Broadway: will be snld at a fair prioe: splendid naarble Building on the premises which will be paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by letter at 22d Woot Fifty aeoond street. CENTRAL PARK AND BOUL8YARD.-FOR SALE, 8 Lota north aids Sixty-third atreet. 78x100 5; no rook; no filling In; with grade: distance 800 feet from Eighth avenue, 138 from Boulevard. Apply at 111 Wast Fifty third ? " h P. CUFF. street. FOB 8ALE?A FOUR 8TORY MARBLE FRONT Store l'rupertv, in the best part of Sixth avenue. In quire of CH. HUSO IIENDORF, 421 Sixth avenue. FOR SALE-THREE STORY BRICK IIOU3B; LOCA tton 23 Commerce street, Ninth ward. Inquire of F. PR VOP, Exeoutor, 73 Morton street, or on the premises. For sale-tiib four story brown stoke basement House West Twenty-third street, between Elgin b and Ninth avenues. Price $19,600, of which $10,000 miy rem; In at 8 per oent. Apply to J. N. BALK8TEIR, 38 I'ina street. For sale-two drsirarlb small houses, three sto'-y brick, centrally loom tod, about 18 feet front; bath, water and gas throughout; good roara; naigltborbood unexceptionable. Fair prl o to cloao an eatale. IVil. II. WEST, 67 Vesey street. For salk-a there story high stoop briok llou-e, In Tenth atreel, ne.xr Fifth avenue. Apply to DYE A CUltTISS, 80S Sixth aveuue. For sale?to carmen and others, the three storv and basement brick House and Lot 169 We t Eighteenth i,treat, with brick Stable on the roar; accommo dation for five horses; Lot 28 foet by half the block. Ten ant's lease expires May, 1888. Ptioe $10,000. Address Owoer. Station C. lilOR SALE?THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE F on Lexington avenue; price $IS,90o. Address U., Her ald onice. liXOR SALE?346 EAST THIRTY-SECOND 8TRBKT. A r four alory brick Tenement; rents for $30); prloe $68)0; half oan remain on mortgage Apply to 1VM. B. QL'INN, Counsellor at Law, 188 Broadway. FOR SALE?VALUABLE PROPERTIES OX NEARLY all the leading streets on woat aide of the cltv, including some very large Fronts and Corners, togother with several desirable small properties; all cood investments. Apply to JAMBS PRICK, auj Hudson street For sale?by robbkt h. oorr, 77 cedar atreet 8 s. b. a. brick front House, 22d at., near 7th av $17,000 8 a. h. a. brick front House, 131st at., near 6th ev .... 7.0,0 FiORSALE-TflS N IRTIIE ART CORNER OF LKXINO ton avenue and Portv-sixth street; cellars excavated; 100x110. a line dinner for builders. Also e very Urge num ber of vacant Lola in all psrtaof llie city, for Improvement or investment. KILPATRICK, Rutl'a Head Bank Rutldiogs. For bale-in slip, near south stubby lino four story brlek Redding, 86x6:1. cheap. Ana tavesL uenl. W. I*. aKYMi.UU. ?7l Broadway. PNOR P VLB?THE IvfVT AND WIMIKll 84 PRINCE 1 atrrct, near M at, 21x107 feel; 8:1 020; on very er~ terms or Cash. Apply to FAXXlty'i. 235 Bowery. 7/IOR 8ALT3? PLOT 45X AND f7 FIRST STREET, NEAR I" Second avenue. 37Mx7S fret, $13,'V0; five story front, four dory rear. Houses 197 Molt at c-t, 25x96 fecL gt'lO l; four story double llonvc and ten ainll'St.ib'e, 444 East Thir teenth street, tibou: 25x193 feet. 512,500; Are new splendid Houses. In the I* (part of llarlom. with all improvt-ments. cu avenue A, $15 010; all easy tertns. Apply to FANNING. 235 Sou cry. IjlOU SAl-K?IN WI??T fiptt-secono strkrt. fur. ntabed four alory brown stone Lndi*h-h**onient llouae, price $13.500. Permits of A. JOUBNEAT. No. 6 Pine at. b^OU SALE?A FGUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH stoop Houae en Murray llltl. between Fifth end Madi son avenues; price $35,000 A four story b-own stone high stoop Ileum on East Fourteenth street; prloe $35,600. Ap ply to AENOl'K k PIKE. 160 Nassau street. _ Ij'OR SALE-TWO HOUSES IN TIIE SKYBKTH WARD; P dealr.iMa loestlew; three eloty brick; brown alone basement, auboellera, water and gas. Apply to A. FIELDS, 61 Catherine atinet. IjlUR RALE?A RltlCK COTTAGE: GARDEN IN 1 front. All modern Improvements. In Tweuty-thlrd street, below Teoth avenue. $6,800. For sale?the four story prior house and Lot, situated on tba southeast corner of llouaton and Mulberrv streets. Oood location lor almost any buaiuess. Prloe $22,CO). * FOR 8ALB?AM ELKO ANT FOUR STORY HIGH sloop brown stone House, on Madison avenue, near Thirty eeventh atreet; full elze, in oomplete order. S. F. IRELAND, $91 Broadway. For salr?$6aoo cash-three btort hioii sloop; end three story high stoop rear Houses, with Let, In perleot order; price $1IJM. Inquire no the premises, 28a Madison street. FOR SALE?NEW BROWN 8TONB FIRST CLASS FOUR P story high stoop llouao. with extension and Int. 67 West Thirty-ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuuea, splen didly Snlehnd, with rosewood doors. Inquire on the prem ises. YTIOR SALB?THE TWD BRICK R0U8BS AMD I.OT r 277 MoU street: let 28 by 82 feet deep. For partienlara inquire of JOHN HA TBS, Counsellor et Lew, IN Broi way. M. Y. For salb-two houses and lots, 25x100 kaoh, Noa. 110 end 115 Weat Twenty-third atreet, between Sixth and Sevanth avenues. Apply to R. A. GUKGORY, 8W Sixth aveuue. EPOR SALE-FIRST CLASS NRW FOUR STORY BROWN I* atone Houses end Lola, IS end 66 Weat 89th, between 6th andOtbnva^ rosewood doors. W. FAMNfXO. 87 W. 8?th. EOR 8 a LB-O* TOR WEST SIDE OF UNIVERSITY place, between Twelfth and Thirteenth street*, two usee nnd Louse of Lota. 16 years to run; alas SB by 17 feet 1 Inch; prloe $d,60ficash. Apply at the paint Mora, #4 Cat varsity pUoo. TJIOR SALE?HOUSES AND f.OTrt US AND 135 WEST r Twe ity third atreel, between Sixth and Seventh sve noon. Apply to k CO., Broadway, ooraer of Woat Forty-? fin street. Fob sale-three story iiioh stoop brick Itonse on Wast Thirty fenrth at root, 21x100 feet. In per fect order, containing all Improvements and in Sne locution, for $IV ?0. DBWITTC. BROWN, $8 Masaau atraet. For sale-a very drmrablb high stoop House io Weat Twenty first street, aexr Ninth aveuue; price $11,603. Also a fin# high atoop llonao In Weat Thirty ninth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenuaa; prloa $18,060. . DTE k CURTIS. 603 Sixth avenu rR SALF-TWO FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASE ment llouaes. In perfaet order, near Lexington avenue, on very reasonable terms. Apply to CHAR. HUSTON, 8l Nassau atreel. For balb-thr four story nousE and lot No. 24 ManaOald pines, West Fifty Oral street; price $12,800, also I<ot adjoining. $8x106 feet. Apply to J7 E. HOLDKN, 048 Seventh avenue. FOR SALE-HARLEM-HOUSES. BROWN STONR, brisk and frama; modern style and ennvnnleneea, on I out slreeta and svenura, with extra Lola If dial red Also great variety choice Building Lots, on Boulevard, 12bth atreei. Ar. Apply to R. H. BROWN, 121 Nasaau atreet, from 1 to 3 P. M. I DOR SALE-THIRD AVENUE STORES AND BAKERY. < the two four story Philadelphia brick llouaes, 23 and 28 feqg wide, oorner Third avenue end Rlghty third street. Apply to LOPKK k DAVIS, oorner First avsnn* nnd Tbtrty aixlh atreet. ClOR 8ALK?SEVERAL DESIRABLE HOUSES IN I Henry and Med Don streets. For pnrtleulsra apply to YAN TINR k MTF.RS. W Pins street. FOR RALE?A THREE STORT HIOII STOOP DWRLL* lag. an Twenty-Bret atreet, neer Rlghth avenue; com pletely flotahed. nnd In |g? d order; prion $9,060. Ap ply to JOHN Hoc LAVE. 44 PinnatiwotT rB SALB-TWO DWELLINGS ON TWBNTT-BIGIITH street, near Ninth avenue: three stories, blgk sloop, nnd finished with ail the modem Improvements; prloa ?9,680. Apply to JOHN McCLAVB, 44 Pine street. rt SALB-A HOl;$I AND LOT ON BIOnTH AYE nua. but wo on Twenty eighth and Twenty-ninth streets. Apply to JOHN MoCLaVB, 44 Pine street 1J70B 8ALB?IN WEST THIRTT-SETBNTH STREET. F MmaFlftt nnd Sixth nveaaee, n first claee four >B SALB-A FIRST CLASS FOtfR BtORY HIOH atoop brown stoat Uouas, on Reran toon th street, front lag Btnyvaannt square Modern tmpravements. Flan toon B. F. IRELAND,BMBrandway. 14W? BALB-A THRBB STORT HIOH STOOP BRICK For balb-thrbh lots on fiftt'bybwth gtrnat, star Seventh nvenue; twe Lota en Ninth t?nt. "".""-"?"Ta-a..t, a QO,i?am~wwv a aaicx CITT RBAli ESTATE FOR MLE. _ J3K1R SAL" CHB VP-TWO FOUR gTORY AND CRL r lsr brick t?n? nen' hmaes In Thlrtr-thtrd (treat, each

lOxi/UxlCO; pr ce >14.-1*) for both; rent for ti.SOO. KII.PATRICK._BuU'a_tlend bank Building* FOR 8ALK CHEAP?A PAOTORY, VIVR BTORIKS, 40 148, with engine R) bor>n power; patent bout wheel, Ac., to Boat Thlrty-eevculb atreeL K. 11. I1INE, 661 Sixth orenue. IjlOR RM.K AT A BAPOAIN?THREE FULL LOTS 1 and a good three story brick Tlnuiie on Second avenue, near Seventy-fourth a'reet. ? ?nod aafa Investment: >12300. KILPATRtcK. Bull'a Head Bank Building* FOR BAI.U FOR >10,OTO-NOT A DOLLAR LBB8 Terma to suit, a handsome three atory bleb stoop brick Honaa and Lot, In Sereniy-thint street, near kourth avenue, eery good order and contains all improvement* Poaltlrely not for sale to-ranrrow at the shove pr'ce. KILPATRICK. Bull'a Head Bank Buildings <10R BALK ON BPILDrR'B TERMS?THE NORTHBAHT J earner of Fifty-fourth street *nd Second arenne, lUOx too, with seren lota on street. This property will be sold reasonably. KILPATRICK, Bull'a Head Bank Buildings. F T7IOR SALE ON PORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH P i?enue->A rerf fin* br^^rn nt<?nf IfotiM and Lot, No. T8; a bargain wtifb* irtr*n *f i*?M at one*. <-all for Dormita. KlLfATKlk'E. BulUllqd j?6tt>8utldlng* ? POR BALK ON THIRTY-FIRST STREET, NKAR THIRD V arenne?A three story high stoop brick: heated by fur Bar*, sod Qpotains all modern conveniences: In moat perreet order front^ceVaj' to roof: aidi 73iffi:!nu: >12.000: terma to suit. KILr.ATR'PK, Bull's Head Bank Bouamga. r?R BALK OR TO LIT?TUB HOUSE 164 HENRT street. Fer particulars apply to HENRY MoOORMICK, HO Bast Broadway. rR BALK OR TO LRASR?ON UNION SQUARE, the House and Grounds known aa the Mataon Doree, it by ** feet, througk to Thirteenth street. Possession let of April pest Apply to HOMKR MORGAN, No. I Pine street This property le offered for sale by speclsl aulhoritr from Fan. 28, 1*57. H. C. ADAMS. For balk or to leabk-a larok mansion, with Ore lots end stnbte. en a corner of Fifth .avenue, suitable for bo'el. olub, or private residence. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Pine street For bale or exchange? corner property to this ettr, paring la rente. Would exchange for n g?od dwelling la this ettr or Brooklyn. Oood location. Address S. A. T., Herald oflloe. Houses for sale by a. journeay, 8 pine st WestiCth street, four story h. s. b. a ...r. $88 "MO West 48th street, four storv h. a. b. a 28If) West. M?t street, three story h. a. b. s as if 0 West Hid street, three story h. s. brtch 17,000 TOFKF.R FOR SALE. IN FIFTIETH STREET, BE twern First end Second avenues, a large three story high stoop brick llouss. cont.inlnr all modern Improve ments, and in snlecd'd order: slxe of house 28 br 48: lot 28 by 180. with the nrtvllege of a lot on each side. 'This house and lot will b? sold for 818 00). Desirable nronrrty. Apply to K'U.I'VTKICX. Bull s Head Bank Building*. Tease for sale?on west Houston street, 1 near Brnsdwav, building 2fl?f6 feet, suitable for menu fscturicg ?.r oilier purposua. Apply at the coal yard 179 Wooster street. Tots?choice plot, iooxini, cornpr of madt 1 eon s.voiiue mid Forty-eighth a'roct, obentv. also three Plot* on Fifth nveutte. between Forty-flflh, Flf'y-ulnlh and Ninety-eighth streets, bargains, and a cl.otoe Eighth avenue riot iioar Slxtv-socutid alrnol. W. P. SF-YMOUR, 171 Broadway. Tot for sale?arout 46ym feet. vos. ?io and i 642 Water at rret. with two frame house* well situated for stores, or factory imnrovemont*. STANLEY DAY, 819 Fourth avenue. XfADIRON AVKNUR, MURRAY HILL?EXTRA <v| large and element corner TTousc, with or without stnMo; very desirable resideuoe or club house Furniture If desired. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. QTORK PROPERTY IN FEE, FOR SALE?ON GREEN, t? wtrli street, near Warrrn. next adjoining tha Irving Bank. Full particulars by applrtng at 71 Nassau atrest, room No. 9. THE PROPERTY KNOWN AS THE MAISOV DOREE for sale or to lease. Apply to E. II. LI'DI.OW A CO., No. 9 Pine street TO OLOTIUKR8. MILLINERS. AC. A Bnatne-a Property on Twetilr first street One door frem Broodurav: splendid brown stone house, 15x70 feel: >50 000. For sale only by A. REEBE k CO., 78 Cedrxr street. TTNIO>f BOUARR PROPERTT TOR HALE.?'INN U veere' lease of a Corner, fronting on Unloti squ.rc; abtsof b*tldli?T 98x91. No agents need apply. Address boi 4<H Herald offlco, for one week. CQftlt -FOR SALE, A L'.rT IK USD STREET. BP UpOUU. tweeii Third and Fourth avenues; gas and water In street: nnlv >300 required. Apply In the eigar store ISO Greene** street. a>f* enn ?the two story and attic, rase. uHJ.ilUll. ment brick (Inw. No. g| Harrow alreet, two doors from ttleecker street Terma easy, I<ot SBxSO. Apply ou the preralr.e* CM ^ flflfl C VS'I?IN f'ONSKQUENCR OK THE Vl'Mlvt" owner wishing to leave the ettr, he will sell a good three atory high stoop baaement and cellar brick House, with brown alone trimming.: house 28x-*6, Lot half block: the whole house in perfect orJer throughout; hot and eotd water on each floor; every wall painted: the house contains 18 room* bes-des closet* clothes presses, Ac.; located in Weal Twentr-alxth street; good neighborhood. Apply to WM. V ANU AGENKN A CO., 479 Sixth avenue. rmOOKLYIT REAI. ESTATE FOR SALE. A TWO BTORY FRAME HOUSE?BASEJUENT AND anb cells-, fllled In with hnck, at 48 North Oxford street, Rrooklyn: rasriite inaulel* cs* and eight rooms, in good order, with corner lot; price >8 MD. Inquire in store. Fulton nvenne, corner of liumeld street. ANKAT TWO STORT HOUbF IN OREENFOINT? Willi full I.ot of Land, about four blocks from ferrr; price $1,839, Easy le-ms. Inquire of SEIXAH, 7/8 Eighth BROtiKLTN. -PRGSPECT PARK LOT8 FOR BALE. 648 feet front by 181 feet deep, on the north side of Wyeknff street, between Oarlton and Flatbuab avenues, beautifully located, end near the main entrance to the Pnrk. The lots are rcstrleted to flr?t clars residences, with court yards oftweniy feet: uralcr, gas and sewer in the street. Apply to K. MKTTLER. 87 I'eek slip. BROOKLTN HOUSES TO SELL?WITn YEBY LITTLE 6A?h or rent frem Kir L near Fulton ferrr, wllu every oonvcntenoe; three at|8.RM), rent >W'u two at $1,900, rent >650, and one at >4.0U0, rent >600. Apply In New Vork at 87 Fulton street, up stairs office No. I, from 12 lo8. ITtOR SALE-THE THREE BTORY HIOII STOOP r House 143 South Seoond sliret, corner of Sixth. Braok lyn, B. D. Teimarvay. J. C. BAILEY, M Court st. FVOR BALE-THREE NSW THREE STORY. BABE ment, aub-cellnr, brown stone sloops, with all the Im provements Price >9.000. Also two three story, basement, price >7 000, sod four thine atory, basement. >5.00(1. Apply to WM.|A. BRUSH, 410 Cumberland street, Brooklyn. Fob bale or to let?furnishrd, a fine three story brtck House, in Brooklyn, E. D., on Rodney street, 6rat houso west of Bedford arcuuc. Inquire on premlaos or of D. ALLEN, 71 Pino street. New York. Fob sale or to lrt?in south Brooklyn, the four story brown alone Dwelling 64 Second place; also the marble front, 76 Third place. Price of either >10 OD: rent >1,000 per annum. For permit spplv to D. W. O. VAN TUYL, 768 Cherry street, New Yw.-k. Also to let, an Elerant Country Residence, furnished, at M.vuaroneck. fflAKE NOTICB.?ORE AT BAROAIN?FOB SALE, A 1 two story brick Houee with modern Improvement* containing tai rooms and sub-cellar; tor ess easy and pos session given nnmediately, aa tbe owner Is giving up house keeping. Inquire at 181 Hoyt, street, between Dougla-s and Degraw atreela, Brooklyn. Thb drsirahlr nousE at jay street, brgok lyn, near City Hall. Present rent >t,SO0; wfll let for >1.609. Price 89,001. Sue outside. J. RICHARDS, 38 Nassau street N. Y. riiwo TWO HTORY, BASEMENT FRAME HOUSES. 8 X rooms, water, gas, 15 minutes' wrlk from Fulton ferrv; floe neighborhood; price >4,000; cash >2000. D., lleraM of flee. QHrt ?*0- 81 BOUTIT FIFTn STREET, BROOK ?P?.I,Ol/V/. lyn. E. D., lirlrk IlOOOe. thiee stories, base ment and cellar, water and gas; three minutes from farrier Apply aa nbore. d?1 Q Anil * MODRRN THREE ?TLd!5.VfU\y e'.ory high stoop marble House and Lot. In one of tha finest streets In Broolyn A decided bargain. Tsrma easy. Ownsr, R. T. BUSH, 149 Broadway. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. All farms.-good soil, mild cli mate 34 mllaa south of Phlladelphts. Price onlv 621 per sere. Also Improved Farms. Hundreds are settling. Information sent .'iro. Address C. K. LAN Did, Ylnelaad, New Jersey. A FIRST CLASH BROWN BTONE HOUSE FOR SALE, Sussex place, Jersey CUT; sub-rellar; a large mirror with It. Price $14,000. Terms Inlf oaeh. Inquire of A. WILSON, ku Montgomery street, Jersey Cliy. N. B.?A tBimbc^if other Houses for salr Inquire aa above. A FARM FOR BALE-IB ONEIDA COUNTY, N. Y.; J\ 57 acres of goed laud, with twn good houses and barn. Fruee $1,100- For particulars apply lo Mr. SMITH, 176 Last Twelfth street. NBAT COTTAOE AND BIX LOTS. $2,604, AT MOB risen la; fruite, flower* Ac j handy to etty by steam and boras ear* Apply to u. W. DITCHETT, No. 2 New Chambers street. AT MORRISANIA, HARLEM, MRLROBB AND FORD ham. Bona* I.ots for sale end to let: prices fitu ""0, down to >2,000. DITCHKfr. It eatchester Land >0ice, No. > New Chambers street. A N ELEGANT REBIDRNCE FOR BALE, WITH CNR J\ or four acres, si West Hoboken, N. J? a substantia! House, replete with every oon rente nee; adjoining the reel denceof Jamee Kerelgan. Tbe above It highly Improved and cultivated, and commanding a fine view of New York bay; Within 90 irlnutea uf alt tha ferrlnn by horse railway. Also 50 building Lots for sale. Inquire of A. MAG08CH, on tbe premise* or address box 101) Herald office. AN BI.BOANT MANSION ON LONG ISLAND, ONR hour from city; finished In modern eity style: every Improvement, Including gas; ten acres of land, gar 'ener's lodge, loehoue* stable and carriage houae; will bo avid low for caeb, or ekohauged for a good farm.. THOS. K. FiAh. 25 Pine street. ACnOICE PLOT, 44 ACRR8: NO BUILDINGS, frnlis abundant, near I.lltla Neck hay, halt mile from depot, 14 miles from New Tor* Price >!?,imo. W. II. MELICK, 411 Broadway. A CHOICE FARM FOR BALE, OF FROM 40 TO 70 A acre* at North port. L. I., handsomely located by the harbor, one mile from the village and steamboat landing, under a good state of eulUvatloti, and a line location for summer hoarders: handy for Halting, gunning sod yachting. For further particulars address IT 8. Aokerly, K2 West Thirty-flfth street. T1AROAINB AT RAHWAT.-14 ACRES, OOOD RU1I.D D Inge and fruit, >4,000 : 80 aere* good buildings and fruit, 36JOO; U acre* splendid property, >19,000; 90 acre* J. 6,*/IDliiftoS k CO., B Naaeau street, room 94. TJBAUTTFULLT LOOATRD ON THB HUDSON?OMR D hour by Northern Mew Jersey Rmlroad, a large. One SfM MMUtneei neat outboitding* leehouee. three seres SSXt"- Hf* JSutSk.'StSX^T' WtnTTBT HBAl. *** IfVli D1NKH OF THE HUDSON RIVWK?FOR jStMiJJf If Olenwood, Yonkera. several tow of land, very allgtbU ascoti*** only twenty mlnulet from Tnlirturtliatri aud near ibe station. Also 14 acre* at PfX'*t *5!?,? ^}?1 lauoo. charming view for mi lea up and dfltj tba nm. aim Karm of Ml acre-, less than CO miles 1 r?? N,VL i&'pi |7?? good house, for $4 OlW; SiOUI caah. Apply to JAMES FB1CE, *U0 Hudson street / AOUNTRY HOUSE, NINB ROOMS AND *?>?* 4J of land, wanted; New Jersey preferr^. not over one hour from the City rtall: $12,000 caah. Address boi 2,300 Post oBice, N. Y , with details. "PVK8I rablk farms, country K.ES,l??NS;E2t Uses? &?s???5 hour from N.wYork QodwlBTtu>L^ Farm for salb at auction, *? J?"?r A raluable Farm of 100 acres with good Bona* and Out buildings (90 acres of Orchard): also Houaa end8 seres *? Joining, will be sold at public auction on Monday, March ?, arssvwnr&ftSJtSi.?a!a'JS?' ?> 1 T"~I,,,g-.I.DVALL.Ct..l.W.?e* Farm for salb or exchange fob city pro perty.?Thirty acres of eioellent Und. good dwelling house ana outbuildings, with plenty of fruit, and about one hour from New York dty by rail, srlth stesmlxmt rronmu nlcatton twice a day. Title perfeet Apply le UEORUB W. WALKER, pier SB fast riser, M. Y. 271 ABM FOR 8ALB.-OMB OF THE MOST PLEASANT JP U inflated Fafms on Shrewsbury rirer, two miles from and In ?lew of the ocean, one-quarter mile from steamboat Undings; In neighborhood of schools, churches, stores and l'oet office; with a good water front, good dwelling and out buildings, and eery desirable for a country seat or truck farm; consisting of about do acres. For particulate Inquire of 8. B. COMPTER. 261 West Washington Market Farm for rale?ts acres, at derby, conn., one mile frwaa three Tillages; need heme, herns Ac. A rsre chsnoo. C. AT PAUL, 88 CortUndt street. IjTARM FOR SALE OR BZOHANOB?IV 8C8SEX r county, Delaware, near Brldgevllle, on the Delaware Railroad, MB0 acres: about one half under cultivation; house aud barn euUrelynow, coat $7,880; good wagon house, corn cribs and sheds; 20,000 peach trees In nursery; good fences, well and stream of water. For further particulars address (J. H. llulktey, 136 Fulton street, New Yortb IPARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS FOR BALE?AT JA 1 males, L. I.; prices from $4,000 to MO.OOO: Village Prop erty from $1,080 to $i6,0U?. GEO. SKIDMOltK. 78 Cedar street. FH OR COUNTRY PROPERTY. WITHIN IK HOUR OF New York, by boat or railroad, 1 offer good House and Titee garden In Newark. Owners address Vlntero, Herald oflice FOR EXCHANGE?WOULD TARE PART IN WEST F ern lands?for four acres of Ground, good Buildings, Fruit, Ac., 12 mites fiom New York, on railroad. Address j Wiley, Leraldoffice. FOP. B\LB-IN NEWARK. N. J., THE I WO STORY frame Dwelling House No. 8 Ward street, near Market street, and within three minutea' wMk of the Mattel street depot. House contains 1.1 rooms: lot 30 leot front bv nearly 100 feet deep. Price $!,?0; gl.OJOcan remiin on bond and mortgage. Application tnusl be nude on or before oatur day, Si irch 2d. Also the property corner of High and street, convenient to Centre street and Morns and beset Railroad douota; let SO feel fronton High street. 103 ferl deep, with two story frame Dwelling (No. 7jU?? "JESS street Price gi.tJ.i. Termseasy. Apply to THEODORE II. ROSS. 2U7 Market street, or ClIAtiLES It. ROaS, No. 8 Ward stioet. __ POR sale?A DOUBLE CUPOLV IIOUiH F ILL ED tn with Brick: eight City Lots. 8S miles Irom dty. In Westchester oonnly; puroliase money except a small sum, may remain as long as wauled. Apply at No. V Chambers street. For salb-a store and dwelling, with a barn and stable, situated in Spring Valley, Rockland county. N. Y , on tli? New Yo'kand Erin Railroad; a good business In the boot and ebon tr .de le now carried on lit the pl 'cc: Stock for ?uilo"i p*loc uf place $11,500. Apply to VAX WART & ItOBINSOrf, 28$ Myrtle areuue, corner of Fort Und, Brooklyn. rlc HALE?A COUNTRY SEAT. AT NF.W ROCHELLB, linear the water; about two ncres; good house and car nage houee: eery cheap. Apply to JOI1N O. tllOOIN.d, No. 7 Pine > treot, room No. 8. 1JOR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY PLACE AT lr Flushing, L. I , of 75 acres of highly cultivated lsnd, with a large orchard of choice fruit; all kin is of peart, dwarf and standard, tn full hearing; the house Is large, with beautiful lawn, table, oarriage house and all other out - buildings tn rp>..d repair; within 3WI yards of depot at Ksat Flushing; Mnuiitiiw from New York. If not sold previous to March 10. tho whole o.- part will he lot. Prion $35,OTJ. Inquire of WILLIAM A. 8AMM1N, Bridge street, Flushing, or W. H; WILKINS, Lexington oveuue. Thirty-second street. New York. OH BALK-GROVE STREET, EAST ORANGE, HOUSE a ad Lot, with Urocflry yaorcand Stock, vow del ng_a gned business, immediate posaeaiion. For particulars col oe the premises. I7?OR SALB-ON nr.lNKF.RHOFF STREET, SOUTH T Beraeu, N.J., a two story f.sms House, cnnUinlhg 9 Rooms, lot 37? feci by 110. convenient to the Jersey City end Itorgen liore* Railroad Apply to GEO. HASTftJUH. 187 OUamliers street. New York. Price $4,000. FtiToB SALE-AT SMITITTOWN, L. L, THE FARM OF the tale Benjamin Mills, containing 70 aeres home stead and 88 acres woodlnnrt; good house and large and oon venlent outbuildings, with a fine young orchard and large brook suitable lor maktng a trout pond. The stock ani movables will bo aold with tbc far in If dealred. Apply to LYMAN B. HMITH, Admioisirator, Smithtown, L. I.,or K. H. MILLS. 51 White stioet. N. Y. For sale-country siat of ten aorhs. within (orty-flee minutes of city; brick house, beru and all necessary outbuildings; house has tweuty rooms, gee, bath, hot and cold water on Passaic rirer, opposite Newark, N. J. Apply lo OF.OKUE W. PLATT. 20 Matden lane For salr-in central morrisania, wbstohhs tar county, a two atory and alllc Frame House, with two wlimaattached; house ooulalna twelve rooms, furnished In hf sf manner with water, gas, speaking tubea, Ac. Lot fiOx am. Well stocked with apple, pear, cherry and qulnoe trees. AU the smaller fruits In abundanoe. Twelve varieties of grapea All In good bearing condition. Apply to JOHN B. BUXTON. 706 Broadway, up stairs. TjlOR SALB?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, J? with three lota of ground, pleaaautly l waled In the town of Morrlaanla, on the northwest corner of Washington avenue and Klrhth street. Price $4,300 cash. Apply to F. 8. WIN0UL8TBB. 30 Nassau street, up atalrg. FOR 8ALE?IN NEW JERSEY, A BEAUTIFUL TWO atory end basement frame Houee and Lot, situated en Matn street. In the viltoge of Mlddletown Point, N. J. The lot is 44 by Ml feol. For paritouUre apply to Mrs. A. B. PIERHON, on tbo premises, or to Me?srs. VAN PELT 4 MOORE, 27 South street. New York, or to S. PETTIT, 382 Atlantic street. Brooklyn. Fob sale-bbautifully situated on the ? banks of Cayuga Laka, eight mllas from Ithsoa,, an ele gant Countrv Residence and Farm of 88 acrea, with first cites outbuildings and tenant house. For further informa tion address hoi 18 Jacksonville Post office. N. Y. Pon HAI.E?SEVERAL 8PLENDID FARMS, WITH ? river front, on the weei bank of the Hudson. Partlcu tore of R. If. HI NR. 881Mlxth areoue. IVOR BAI.R-IN BEROEN. N. J., HALF AN HOUR 1 from Jersey City ferry by horse care, large Dwelling House, containing It rooms, slate roof, good dry calsr; on lot 100 feet sqn.rr; all In fond ord?f. "? ROOBRH. 191 Broadway, or to R. C. MARflN, M Water at fROR SALE?A COUNTRY 8RAT TWO MILES FROM T Riamford; Fumlslied House, containing IS rooms, larte kitchen, pantries. 4e.; superior outbuildings, hern, house. sUblea for four horses, lee house filled,and aUln complete order; 3 aeres of ground, well stocked with fruit trees; Wtll be aoM at a reasonable prkw with or Without far nltare. Apply to ELBERT WHITE, Stamford, or boi M? Poet office, New York. For sale-laroe and elegant hotel in mas eacbuaetta, completely furnished. In perfect order. Will exchange for New York or Brooklyn property. O. U. BENEDICT A CO., 31 ?ne street. FOR SALE-COUNTRY SEAT ON staten island. two miles from Yaodarbllt landing; superior house and outbuildings, with to aeres of ground; will be eora cheap. Permits of A. JOURNEAY, Mo. ? Pine street. For s ale-at clifton. staten island, front. lntr on tho wntor, und wilhiu 10 mlnutei of too ferry. ? beautiful Country Seat, with nearly two acres of ground; will be aold low. Apply to A. JOUBwEAY, No. 6 1 lue si. OlTsALE?THE STORE AND PREMISES OCCUPIED by the late T. D. Pratt, situated In Etaei. Conn., on Connecticut riror, about flvemllas from lla ^mouth. Forpar ticulara apply by latter or otherwise to ALBKRT 1 RATT. For salb-a dbstbablx house on palisadb avenue, Bergen ll.ilgbte. Apply to B. GODFREY A SONS, 28 Spruce street, N. Y. FOR SALB?ON LONO ISLAND. NEAR SOUND, A P desirable Residence, with Ave sore-. Price $IJ?X Terms easy. Inquire of M. MANIF, 287 Front atreet. IVOR BALE OR TO LET?A LAROB HOUSE ON BRR. ' aen Heights, elagani, oommodlona, all modern improve ments: Urge lot, esrriage house end outbuilding, complete. v3?in.*>: rent $1,SK F^r pUn. end dmeripUoa. apply to HOME* MOKOAN. No. ? Pin, street. FOR SALB OR TO LET-FIRST CLASS HOUBF8iAT r Hackenaaek, N. J.: <4 acre ?arm on the Northern Ra ilroad- 80 ac-e Farm at Crown Landing; 8V acre Farm near I'alYraou; fine plac*e at Piermonk near roirrwou.a- v K M MAHOKt K#. gTryonrow. FOR sale or to lbase?a housb in WW r Haven, sllnated In Wooster square, within a hundred rods of the railroad depot; lioaae la four yaars eld. ta par feet rrnair. and is one of the no-t convenient and genteel I*Sd?5?e. in the city. Apply to HOMER MOROAVTNo. 2 F?I FOR SALB OR RKNT-A LARGE, COMMODIOUS f Houee and Bars, wurlr new; lk mere of ground, fruit trees of ell kinds; Ave minutes' walk from depot. Price MUM: will rent for $608 per annum. For further parilou lars Inquire en the premises of H. CHRISTIE, Boiling hpriog. M. J UDSON RIYER PROPERTY.?FOR SAI.B. ON TtlR west bonk ot the Hudson, a number of handsome Residences, with river fronts, between Piermontand Nysrk, with from 1 to 12 sere., ranging In price from $14,1*0 to Apply to WM. 11. PLATT, I'lermont, N. Y. Lots for balk or exchange, with cash-in Hudson City, for Imp oved property. Apply to AL BERT H. CLARK, room 30,143 Bicadway. Vf ILL PROPERTY FOR SALE.?THE UNDEBSIONKD iYJL offer for mle a large atone Flouring MIU, with a very valuable water power: water wheel 24 feet diameter: to 6ether with 86 acres of land, two Dwelling Houses, one a fine irge brown stone, the other a neat frame, with all neces sary outbnlldlnva and a choice variety of fruit trees and pianta. The property Is located le e good grain region, on a railroad and canal, near Trenton, N J. For further Infor mation address luff Bietliere, Poat emee hot 184 Trenton, N.J. NEW JERSEY FARMS FOR SALE-Af PRICES from $1,800 to $M),8UU. en eaay terms. City and eonn try real estate bought, aold and exchanged at the German and French land agency of F. K1.ATAC, No. 9 New Cham here street. WEAVER A MOORB, BLOOMPIRLD, N. J., OFFBB at a great bargain, a Hotel and Roardtnclfonse, doing a paving bualneaa, in a growing, prosperous village; no enm petition; eaay terms; fS>,?X>. Also a very nlca new Conn try Seal. 12 rooms, two acres, Bve minutes from depot) beauUfnl location. Plaoas to rent. Band for deecripUve Met. ______ r^nft ~roR A new splendid thrbb TViUUV. storr iulldtng la tha best pert of the ehr ?f Peterson, with all modern Improvements; lot 88x180 feat punier lot. Aprdy to B.MUHL1NO 183 Prince street, Ndw Ki, or S. B VAN iisiftVOML 11$ Malq atregV f$4?88n. Jeraw ? ? px rr # ANY PBR80N WISHING TO D1BPOMI OF A SMAUj Co autry Store business cheep may hear of a enatgmM bv addressing A Freeman. Albany^ Atao a .mall TtuM (If. Y.) Farm wmtod, a??r achooU aid ohuroh?? BRICK HOU8B WANTBUFOBI^RC^aK-JNTB* th. Blrven '.h, Twelfth or Thirteenth street, th and Haventh evenuae, or Hammond ?r Bonk atroot or Sew enth avenue. Addreaa, statin* street number, terms. pa* So., Furohaeer, boa 208 Harold oCttoe. Dwelling wamtbd?8A.000, Bs.uaa-oooo looa. lion: $8,000 reeh. Full particulars required. AiiOieM 8. B. Q.. box 4J08 Poet office. _* Farm on country sbat wanted?within onb hoar of Now York, to exchange for eoah and Roll rood aiock. Addreaa or apply at 71 Noaaou atroot. room No. It Earn and housb wanted to lea he?for a term of years; not laae than 80 aoraa. Addreaa, wttb ^ l^portlcnlora, J. L., Weat Forma, Weetcheetor county, mENBMBNT FROPBRTY WANTED TO BUY OB 1 laaao-Tha Ugh sal market rolue (Iran. Apply to B. H. Q1BBON8 A CQ.. ttO Broome street. Tenement pbofbrty wanted?to purchase or lease; alao o Dwelling Hooaa, between Canal own Twantv-thlrd streets, Third nod Slxtk avenues, H.Q0S ta >11000 Addreaa Kennedy, box It Harold office. WANTED?SMALL BROWN 8TONB HOUSE, ABOOI 811000; will Bay 88,000 eoah; aaaood mortgage 88,088, on property for whlah there ie o eUndlag eoah offer M Wanted?a three story, or two story amr attlo House. Addreaa, ate ting terma and locality, <A B. L., hoi %m Foat offloa. WANTED TO BUT?AN OLD FASHIONED HOURS YY and Lot, eeat aide. No aaonta need apply. Addreaa, atnMnsprlca and aire, R. Hoatldga, atotlon D. Bible Henna, WANTED TO PUSOHABB?FOUR OB MORE LOT* below Christopher street. Location moat ba auttabli for a manufoatory and In or corner of a wide thorough flora A Bound building oovertnx apace required will euR. Addrao^ with full particulars, O. H., box 1.181 New York Foat offioa. WANTED TO PVRORANB-A SMALL COTTAUB, IB good order, 4a Harlem or Yerhvllle Muat have the Improvements. Terma muat ba eaay. Addraaa O. W., ban 1.7*1 Naw Tort Foat offloe. ? ? ,_i_i HOV8B8, RUOKI, SC., WASTED. ANY PRIVATE FAMILY WISHING TO LET PART 08 their Honao, either a aaoond or first floor, unrumlahed, raat side of the city preferred may meal with a desirable tenant (three adults; by addressing A. M., bog 5.719 Foil olllco. for three days. /vnARLES E. MILLS, 49 WEST THIRTIETH STREET. \> 1ms tenants waiting for fifty Houses, unfurnished and furnished. House wantbd-by a responsible party. I.ooatlon. Fourth to Slxtaanlh street; good site; real moderate. Address U.. station D, for three days. IF THE OWNER OF A FIRST CLASS STORAOB Warehouse wishes to lease It for a term of years for a bonded war house, ha oan addreaa Bona Fide, Herald offlon> WANT A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, NOT A ROY B I L Fortieth nor below Twentieth street, for a family M ?three; perfectly responsible. Addraaa hiker, SO Broadway. WANTRD-A FIRST CLASS, WELL FURNISHED House, for ono or two years from May 1, far a email ? private family. No ootloe will be token of answara to t bin ? advertisement tinleaa thor state lowest rent and eltuatlon ?f 1 house. Address box 4.400 I'oat olOce. I 1*7ANTED?A COTTAGE RESIDENCE, WITH ALL I YY modern Improvements, to be situated on the Uudsoa Iriver, with 10 or 15 acres of ground, gulden, fruit trees, bat I Address W. II, A., box 8.848 New York Foat oflloa. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, WITH. out children, two or three furnished Rooms, Suitable fur housekeeping, in a respectable neighborhood: refereeoen given. Addreaa, stating location and terms, whloh must ba moderate, C. A. Milton, Herald oflloe. Wm ANTED-A RETAIL DRUG STORE. ADDRBS* with particulars. Druggist, Herald office. WANTED-A HOUSB FOB A SMALL PRIVATE PAH ily. Rent not to exoeed 81.200. Location bet weep Fourteenth and Fortieth atreeta and Lexington end Sua avenues. Possession preferred about middle of April Ad dress box 4,770 Poet ooloe. W ANTED-A GOOD SIZED HOUSE. BY A RBSPON. elblo pnrty, between Lexington end Sixth eveonext net ebove Fortieth street; would Board the oocupent; beet mi* erenoes given. Address for three days W. W., Unioa qttrt Post office. \JD ANTED-A COMMODIOUS HOUSE, FOB A Rl> YY vets boersdeg hoe re, at e moderate rent, centre! teen* tlon, farotshed or unfamtsbed. Ad git i a, otth toll per* eulara, H. J . L? IlereM eiBoe. ^ WANTRD-A SMALL HOUSE. BBTWBRp'*WBU?f8 end Thirtieth atreeta end between MaMIMR evemtoa, rant eat to exoeed 8US per year. AfiWm tm three duye-L., HereWToffice WANTSD?BY A YOUNG OOUFLH, BOOKS MR* eble for heuaekneplag; below Fourteen I h street,-Mew York, east aide, or Month Brooklyn. Addrem B. WO.,Ota tlon B. New York. |*7 ANTED?A MODERN THRRB STORY BRIOE TV House, by n reapeetable family with aeM tnftunoaq on the east aide of the oity, between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets: possession May 1; terms about 8800 to 8LS88. At dress 11. A. T., box 1,677 P * WANTSD?AN UWFUBNItoBD HOOMLC* MWEjB Pert of n bouse, anywherebeUvesa Eavoe end Fifth iimoli. out of Hroadiraf. AddroM for oat wtok H. <Uttoi> By Grand trtti. ? WYBK7K.A gjBSM^'ggbSE family. In the lower part nf the olty. Refereoeee axobangnd, Address I. T. Z.. Herald office. 818 per meats. Addreaa P., boi FOUB BOOMS FOR H eth atroot; rant not ta ban 10t Herald adtoe. ANTED TO HIRE-FltOM AFBIL OB MAY1. A large tret clam House, In n good _ nelgjiborboed end m cation, for sresponsible tenant; rent aboutM008 para Address Tenant. 11 Grove street. N. Y. WANTED TO LBASB?A STORE ON BROADWAY. between Fourth end Thirtieth streets, 100 feat .deep. Ibe applicant is a first class tenant, doteg a good busts sea. and will give beat aeourity. Addraaa Merchant, station D. Foat office. f ANTED TO BENT-FOB THB SUMMER. A.FUBc (XTARTBD to rent-fob the.summer, xruy i^t?asri3"W2# eaawgagass ^tiassss- arsr-tsaFEs WANTED TO RENT?UNFURNISHED OR PARTLY furnished, a good, roomy family residence, hatwiaq Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth atraata; wast side preferred, or would rant two adjoining Houses. Tenant first -'in. with aeourity. Address W? box 4.488 Postofiiee. WANTED TO RRNT-A MODRRN RESIDENCE, CRN trally located, also one Loft, 88x180, ana less, plana, light and plastered celling To Exchange Brown Stood Ucsidenoe In Harlam for lx>t on Sixth avenue ALBERT HAMILTON. 187 Broadway. IVANTED TO RRNT-A MODERATE SUED ROVSB. YY for one or two years, abort Twelfth etrcet and seat ai ilghth avanue. Addreaa, elating location and lowest terma, V. box flW Foat oflloa. 1*7ANTED TO RENT?IN THE OITT, A SMALL, COM YY forts hie House, suitable for a family of four aflulta. Will purchase furniture If suitable; or will rent n plants at place la the omiutry If on the Harlem or New Haven HaIV rood, and within one hour of the city. Parlies desiring ? good tenant will address C. F. O., Ilaral loffioa. ANTED TO BENT OS PURCHASE?IB THE HI NTH ward, a good, oonvenlent Honaa, with modern Improve menta; If for aelepnoe not to exoeed 88,9?*: cash down from (1.800 to 88.08a Address Mason, beat No IS, foot M ?west Tenth streak IWANTED TO RENT, FURN18BBD?A FIRST OK I TV Second Floor, In a house not ebove Twentieth etreek iddreaa Mrs. Morris, atattoa D. rtHNiTrKis. A MAGNIFICENT FIANOFORTK FOR MALE FOB 8278 cost 8580. a beautiful Farlor Suit. In French satin broontel. for 8128, ooat 8278; one do. for 878; alao a lot e# parlor and Bedroom Furniture at e grant aetriOea for scab, pnqntre at 119 Weat Klghtb street, near Stxthnveaon, i T FRIYATB BALE-ALL THB ELEGANT HOUSE hold Furniture, As., contained In the brown stooa sett West Slxtaanlh atraat, between Fifth end smtb venues Parlor Salt*, novated Preach broeote tookreae, Paintings, Bronana, Bnraeaa, Beds obee, Extension Table, Bnflbt, Chine, Glass, to. A sacrifice "ol^E&WM -A BAEB, O^OSTimiTY-ALL IOUBBKSBPRRS OS FBSSON8 GOING TO R'HISB. keeping oen be inpphed. and pay by weekly or montMn lyments, Tor Carpets, Furniture, Redding, Ae., at BKIV. ALL A SCOTT'a, corner af Canal and Hu faon siraetZ j "proposals. ~ ;, ^ MONSULATB OSNBRAL OF PORTUGAL IT, Vp.W O York.?Proposals are wanted for the r?ubll?Am?nt of ragelar Unas of atanmarn between Lisbon and A ,31 JaaSaWeet ?* tha rortugnaaa>t'oniulaU, UN