Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1867 Page 5
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?MM Internets OA which light Mi MM I . , Inquiry oimM Ib all porta of the territory Onrl wae will then has* fat etyaot the rMieaoa af ? ?uw which weigh too beastly oa landed property me apeedy completion of our channels at Internal naviga tion, of out porta, oar railway^ ami above all af oar vicinal road*?the md.spendable agents of a juat distri hution of the prod 11 ca of tha aoU. Laat year folia para brought Pel ore you on primary iaairucuan and on ao operative societies. Yon wfll approve. I do not doubt, of tha proviMsaa which they contain. Tbay will ameliorate tha moral and malarial condi tion of tha rural population and of tha working cIssms at eur largo clues. Thua ovary yssr opana a new bori sou to our meditations and our afTorta ??ur task at this moment m to form tha public maonera 10 the practios of more liberal institutions. Until now, In France, liberty baa only been ephemeral; It has not been able to take mot in the soil, because abuse baa immediately followed itM usage, and the nation Has preferred limiting the ex erciao of Its rights to submitting to disorder in idaaa as in ibioga. It ia worthy of you and of me to make a larger application of those great principles which sra the glory of France; and their development will not com promise, as formerly, the necessary prestige of authori ay. Tha government Is at present founded; and aidant passions?-the only obstacles to the expansion of our lib erties?will be extinguished in the immensity of uni versal suffrage. I have full confidence in the good sense and patriotism of the people and strong In my ?Igbt, which I hold from them?strong in my coo aeience, which only desires good, I invite you to ad vance with me with an assured step in the path of civili sation. (I?ud and long-continued acclamation*.) When the applause had subsided the Grand Master of the Ceremonies, having taken the orders of bis Majesty, intimated to M. Roulier, Minister of State, that the oatli was to be administered to such Senators and members of the Legislative Body as had been nominated since the last session. That act having Men gone through, the honorable Minister declared that the session of 1867 was span, and be reuses led the members or tha two Cham bers to amenable next day in their respective places of Billing Tor the despatch of business. Their Majesties than withdrew in the same order as had been adopted far their coming, and another salvo of artillery an Bonnced that the ceremony had terminated. The Effort. ?rn"?* ?* TH? raw? raorut on th* ihpkrul dbtlar STION8. P row tlie Pari* Cou?Uitttionn?l, Feb. IB. 1 tx ttS&Sntm$lCZl i?beW?Cttho'f"F^Jm' Clr 222 *iVth*Tl;T?b0.f 1oonc'!if00 80,1 ?)?*'<*?* "t Wta>iDtoe?2 lu?<1tPr0?r?Bli ??> 'he other, such are the Cs^d Md^o dni?? , 'mP<,rlal !*>"<* Invariably takes tomZu.n J! l h' government has been enabled iuqiduud PMC6 without being Accused of woAkriAsc B?itiffo^S?iihUb !c ,ib*rltM ?toout compromising the mSn?;.T^?r Imperilling public order Peace ? ' m those two words the policy of France up' bala mu?t he a dignified peace and ISSSta teiSLVr? Y8i*nBatic -n^at any __ {From the Parle D- bate, Feb. 1B.1 xS\pi8c?to **?* u> eftK irl. ^ be ?P#*ch. If a reorganization ?n.n" , to necessary, the cause is *?)*iy tbu fcrerao?*a"fwi rttpeeUd, and must place her military ?>w?v? JMS !?'JS th" 0f thw ^her European nnZrid?*.!? '"?to'*"y? hody will have te weigh those oofeidcratioiis when the new bill relative to the *rmv "hail be submitted to iu deliberations Oar relations 2? #re' - i?"ld-- ?"ehint; "|~i 88 *? the aggrandizement of ftussla, there is no rerailT S?--?eyP>f" I1?thaiextanelou was a natural wanlt, .Napoleon I. had foreseen it, and be thought that th .r?Uld h*1,0 oUler Possible equilibrium ta tinrepe than that winch must result from the con yr^wn.of Popolation* of the same race. The irape rial speecb, therefore, considers that there arc no grounds^ far fears respecting the maioteunce of the ?hr!n!> a A1 bonl* the moment has arrived for fhL r-mnil^ dev*l0Pro'nt to the public liberties, nf Janusr?L?,i"2 to the decree of the 10th ?w# r*yk ?fth pleasure that it does yjf^*P.L>h* t**??*>? contained in that measure ^55 o ? definite crowning of the hopL. and "Vk-s i u> nrwo Hopen, and ha ?ook?l u'?n ?1 VMMr Passage In the sbeech may ee ieohed upon as an advance on the preamble to the decree of January. __ _ fFrom U Ubegtt, of Parle, Feb! If l ?ara?r^bvP!E22 n*hL Th? object pursued for half e gy.'l? b?.f?* " ?" '<> ?"'* ?n her Institution* UtInv fVwdatmn/qJ tfitat of [Mr ?rer?/?dum?liberty and 4r 232&U.J SZ UW^ yrauc< *? ** llbertywIUj "yy'I' tj|" P^opl* bare made a weapon of the for ?32t22^?t?'?L'W'-_. KT,*ry ,tae th?t France has ardently aeptred to liberty. Why ?beeld not the empire which has restored universal euf frags do the same for liberty ? Why, when it hra so SrauTif^a^nif 8br*f"ting the law of the 01st Mar, ?22 andiS? * IK!?* voutb lor ite government in TbcsTcrm l^i l ^ #f tb? PrtDC,I*<* of liberty T tmw prmciplea, iht Kmporor wisely ways, tie the rlor? of France. Her eternal honor will be to liave proclaimed Muralmtnd'tohl si worWln 1799 i and "bo would r2T. *'*<l ty b* 8lor>*;jo not opjoying their beeefliK wner Having been uhi first lo ret-ognl/e tbem. * t t Mwimred as lo hsr future, France will apply hwrwelt lieeel.'itely to 'he dersiopmewi of her immense reeourcee; ,?Tr.^ goonratlons, tho yoenp men who !? ' ^ther U.. retrograde Mndsociee nor the rancor or yhr oeetow, wUI eoe pe mora lo the oonsoli.lation , . than the preaeiralion ot nmveraal SSTIi - m wv<:,nH?? wmW porbaps, 5?ht nolti i'?*rty, which a revolution {From U Franco, or rafts, Feb. 18.1 m 7 rourt at prr^Dt observe with a fmimt #?r noble franknees wUhfrbbhibr ?nvereign has affirmed ami upheld tbe great prim Iples i * constituted the moral power dr ""'Aiw ??? thus been given from J* tfi?."? '? !bB ,mPrrlat Initiative, which the letter ef 2iLS ?ku wr>-. a,r?"dr ''onscTsted. -Oir V.""8 ?fm< nt," oxrlaamed the fimiierot, ?ia to nsowid the public man nets to tbe practice of more I bcrsl yitutlppn" There la is those words an entire rro gnmme for the Menatr and the legislative body at a penodtn wbicti tboeo great assemblies *rr railed'on to vmuixs Ula Rmpsror'ft tdoos^sod that laoa 11*4:0 conwil UMes for the country a new hnd fraafut path, in ?he elected of the uatton gill Bod at many suffrages to *up|iort him as be bad to raise blm to the supreme era! (From the Pane Freest, Feb. 16.1 The speech lias beeo as pacinc and as liU ?, WB ?mini nave owlred. Wt hays on ninny fxnwiuriii o* ted our ootelon on the events sccomplished'lo fiei ? y, but we could not have tspecied to find our <*?. ems repsated so acrorately lathe address from tbe ?one. A government like that of France usees MSca a jwtpwv' wittnu' Mug riwlg l? hoiAs iti wo nit *?** ii* ^Warns alone is already an act of some impou ?"Q. Vrom the momeot that 1 ranee did not mink u a*ternary to throw any olwta le in the way of tbe menia ?wmg place in (termany, she was bound to accept pi.s TMonall* ell accomplished facie, ?nd to take tbem m a JJJ* ?r Policy. There la, then, in the pasting* re Jatthg to German alfcirs, hut on* word that rfrock >,*. r0""1 H.TPeaw to reveal a fact atiU unkaewa. wwwee, iwnasit. observed a dnot neutralitv in ibe mnr between Proseta and Austria; out " It was ??? gehe^ng known that this same neotrnittv, leeenpw iMiWrnitunt, was rjk m*u ?*a praetws loiimnie iwtnsmns with hogtand. ettoru ef ??)? 10 awaken our nailnnel suww^iihilities. .wn etllewrT dleposlttawn ef Itnsein- ?ocj? H ear sHu at (or m lto>F. .? ?"? *? "mmttad a the impend apeech, laplnoed w*esame rank andaWude.i to m me rams language as FjMn. for wlwin we Mens lougbi no MMg?,nnd who te not indebted lo us either far ino* ?" ?"??*?! liberty. Fecillc ai.raad, the imoe (tMaolKy eouid not be otb*rwi?e than libera' at hew*. wmm Kmperor has reverted twice over to tbu opportui ? ?eeeand necessity of uking a step in advance Ktpe rtram wlU show that hie Majesty is right in the appeaeessept of passions ami the weakening of par Man from tbe development of public liberties. Kvsry ptegiess accompiishsd is a w napoo takes awav rront ?eastle passions. This is why I he inoel dangerous ene ? ies ef the empire are the men who would wisb to we " *!"? ???bie in lis reetsteme at a time whoa the whole ~> m ready to march in its wake. f Front the Porta Wpie, Feb. 18.1 It eeesne to us that tne Kmpen.r has Ivit a certain y."'" '? ?>'" iMguage. Hw Maiesiy .ommei ? e, hv WWheliag to Napoleon ihe First me honor of having wfwtn lb* movement of trMftfonnaiion wfiirli in m process of> rompiishment in Europe; he thioks that tale change I* ronfonnahle to the vast programme traced era by the prisoner of N Melons, aud in lhe elorts .n tempted bv the naUon* n pmumtty to Fntnce to re nrarrabie their moiuberv. mattsred sime toman? .?u ioriee. He see* tbe {-roof ibai all the peoples ol the - on Unoat are new advam ing towards tbe ?tahl|.hmco' of ? great confTdoralton. Mus speciarle. m> the Kmperor a oonniry tike France. Howeivr. the ffitrach thiass aeiwsrarv lo aay that Ibe ? ountry had MMilied the desire to ratnaie a 'tranger to tiie Struggle iii German?, and aittilMtles to me nstiou Ik* revpousimllty of the Inactive police mam mined during the war. As to the quwuon ? Mexico, Hie natioeai s-ni.uieoi whFb we in aiorayr .n the Brat lino, forbids us trout here entering on fet-riwiiealions-. let usonlv say that the mpotiel speech trngoi have been mere espMrit .<? /? i?e /orate .omm.tu.t In what ooucorii" Ute inform* announced bv the dc-rre ml the Ibtli oT January we regret that the speech has ?ol defined the vsrione bpertlee to be adopted, and w Mrh were, sars'be Kmperor, in the thought of the Fttiate and the aspiration o( the le^lsUtive node. \v? oniv saake one siuip.e reHectton?that Tor the two greet bodies of tbe State the e*ten*ion of poltitcal liberties wasdwuMlewi one i?r oppoitimur; but tinti biiherto that tune bad mil yet appeared to have arrived. I., sum up tbe speech of the Emj^ror wl<) illsaptmint the evpecta' lions of ftmee who dc- re to know tfie extent of the re forms sceouih-ed. It rnrtaialy doe- not inotradku tbe pvwmises of Hie 19th of January, but umber doer it spe. Ifv the r ? ope. and ?-u shall only !>? able to judge of Ihetn from the hllis which aie go.itt to be mtrxHtmed let" the tegislanre body. [From the Paris I moi iletitlmirt orgsn) Feb. 16] lit# general lone doe* n-dappear lo e?cspsas? nluueot of protound pre<H> upxtlnn which, especially as legiirtla Ute alinwd, pieric: tlirojgh a i-ertain reserve of tbngiiagn. There i? no posaibility of dUNitmlstirg (lie ?xteul t'fllie cares jo-tly tau-s'd by Uioee e\eniii whi.-p Move -urprlse.1 the teorld bv llialr rapidity a* well as by the imporiaD' <? ol their rcsulls, and which are piaeentnil as lt*\log had lo be inevitable a''muphsht'd Kvery thing, even the allusion to the prov.rotisof St. He eiut. give* lo tins psrt ol tue speec h ti l aracier whi h no '?III misiiuilsrsfaiid. Itmibile^ llw spee? h ixirsaf'-rv thai this ipt'ctucl* onght not to tlpqtilol n onuotry France, the unity of which fv InrtertrnctiMe; bill de seeadinp lo <letailH and rairolallug the coose'tueoce* t nannoi lie ri stimulated thai ihe eoliiiittides of public npt'iin? are only too well iuvllHetl Mbaleter map hare **r,< attitude in le<enf tbe Germsn ronll't, wl.ab ?enr may Itnve iieen Ute irawer of sur mediaUmi to arrest omjucnu ai tb#gai*Hof Vienna, whatever may be V.rrn nf ?, ,* Mt.t ... c _a a'* ?* * a ... "? ? ?raetivvray W Mwvr,. vi asraj i? thw fbire of o If wlajjee in favor et Austria, whose great ?era ie tadiainpaebw to the gepsral eonlltbrlusi it is Mraaikataratraatkat Jrarala kpep? df ????if alt "ueebe u? avoid everything that might intN tlM nwaptibiUUM of France, ttie ' place la the map of Europe nhangee which bc*? taken piaco la ta? map of Europe leave Fiance la a real perplexity aad damaad "wuh lha increase of bar defensive forcee5' a "military organus Uoa" which will reader bar ?Invulnerable." ' Paaoa, we wKh to baltare, will aot ba disturbed, aa the (poach ae rate oa; neverthJeae, thla paaoa baa to b? prodigiously armed May wa ba parmlttad to aak what can be the re canty of a peace which Impoaaa cbargaa altnoat aa heavy aawart Nothing haa oocarrad te dissipate the uacer talaty which atOl prevails aa to the practical results or tha latter of the 19th of January. Mot one word la there, net one syllable or allnaioa to the lawa on tha preea aad the right or meeting ' To rum up, and espe cially in studying the beginning aad the end of the speech, one will ba tempted to think that tha lirely ex pectation of which It waa tha object baa been hat lutle satisfied, and to regret (till more that the supproaaion or the address does not permit IKt placing in full hgkt all vUek new rnanhii enveloped in an otncwity and uncer tainty ?e grave in the conjuncture in which Fran 0, Europe and Urn world new/nd thenuelt**. NORTH RERMANY. The Basis, Artie Caaredemilea. From Preeden wa hare the following particular* of the constitution prepared for the Confederation of tba North: ? Chap. L (on territory) enumerate* the tw*nty-two States which belong to the new North German Confeder ation. Chap. II. (federal lawst enacta that tbe Confederation, in its own territory, aball exercise the right of making laws; that tbe federal law* are superior to the local, and that there is no longer in tha Confederation more than one single native right, tbe inhabitant of ono State being able to extabliah his domicile in all tba others as if ba ware born in than. Tha federal legislation applies:?1. To domicile and emigration. 2. Customs and commerce, 3. Weights, measures, aoins anil imue of paper money. 4. Tbe system of hanks. 6. Patents A Literary and artistic property.' 7. Tbe collective protection of com merce and of tba German flag in foreign countries, navi gation and the common oonsular regime. A Railway*. 9. Navigation and dure on water course* common to tha <11 liferent States 10. Post office and wlecraphs 11. Civil and commercial law procedure. The Federal Coun cil and the Diet exercise collectively the federal legis lative power. Every federal law Is in vigor from tha moment that tbe two areemblies have come to an agree ment Chap. III. (Federal council! declares that this body is composed ot the repreeentathen of the Confederate States. Tbe vote* are distributed as follows:?Prussia, 17; Saxony, 4; Mecklenburg-Schwsrin, 2; Brunswick, 2; and each of the other State*. I; in all 43 votes. Each Confederate ciui send to the Council aa many represen tatives aa it baa votes But each State can put forth but one opinion. Each Confederate has the right of making propositions, and s discussion must take place on the same. The constitution cannot he modified without two-tbirds of the votes; any other resolution i* taken by a ample majority. In case of an equal division tbe President baa tbe raiding vote. The cooncil com prises seven permanent committee*?1, army; 2, ms, ruie: 3, finance; 4. commerce, .1. railways. Post office and telegraphs: 0. litigation, and 7. accounts. The committee* are named by the < ouncil. except the first two, which are appointed bv the King a* Generalissimo of the Con federation. This nomination will be annual. Every Federal Councillor has a gnat iu the Diet and ha* a right to speak there: he eujoys the immunities accorded to the diplomatic body. ? Chap. IV. (I'rcaidsntahip of the Confederation) as signs that post to tbe Ktng of lVussla. who declares war, makes peace, onm ludes treaties, sends and receive* em bassadors In the name of tbe Confederation. He nom inates the chancellor of tbe whole body, who presides over the Federal Council, convokes it and close* the deliberations. He also convene* and clones the delibera tions. He also convenes aud close* the sessiou of the Federal Ibet. The convocation of the two assemblies takes place every year. Tbe council can stt In the absence of the DI<M. hut the latter is never to sit in the absence of the Council. Tho King of Pruiwia submits propositions to tbe Itiet; sanctions and publishes the federal laws, and provides for their execution. name* and revokes federal functionaries. Military execution is authorised against members of the Confederation who shall delay to fulfil their federal obligation*. The Fed ernl Council, and. In case of need, tbe King bitnseir, carries it out, and, when ne canary, occupies tha re fractory Stale and sut*! lutes )iim?elf for tbe local gov era mom. Chap. V. ;The Pletl litis body te elected by universe) and direct suffrage. While waitlog for the voting of a federal electors! law, tbe Diet will be elected according to tbe method determined on by Prussia. Public func tionaries are not eligible. Its sitting* are public. Tbe session is for three veers. U name* its own boresu. The vote is-taken by an absolute majority.' Member* b&ve no right to any indemnity: they cannot be prose ? ec,ted for their voles er speeches; they cannot accept from their constituents any order* a* te their votes i (bap. VI. (Custom* and Commerce) provides that ihe confederation aball form a complete territorial custom* union, aud regulate its tariff* accordingly. Chap. VII. treats of rail way a ? (bap. viii of tbe postodlce and telegraph. Chap. IX. of the marine and navigation. I bore la to be but one navy for the North Pea and tbe Baltic. Tbe King of Prussia has the command, appoints tha officers and receives their oath of e'legtanc* aa well aa that of ihi crew*. Kiel aed Jabde are federal seaports. The flag is black, blue and red. t'-hap. X. 'reals of consuls, who tie to he nominated by the Ktng of Prussia. Chap XI speaks of the military organisation. Every Inhabitant or tbe *taie* of the North I* bound to serve wituoqt being alio aed to find a substitute. The Confed erate f^ates bear a proportiona'e (bate of the military budget. Everv iehcbHant serve* in the active army from the age of 20 to 27. aed in the landwehr till the age of 32 The effective of tbe fedsral army, during ten years, and on the peace footing, will be one per cotil of tbe whole population. Fur each man of the effective the King will receive 22". thaJcrs IZtr. 76c. each) He command* the army, dire- t* It* movements on all occasions, puts it on a war footing and fixes tbe whole number: recslvoe the oetb of tbe troops, names generals and cointuaudau .* or fortresses, sod can con struct fortresses, (he other officers are named by the Confederate Princes, whose contingent thuy are to command. Ihe King or Prunca can proclaim martial law. Iu n state of war the cbier power passe* exclo sivelv into his hand* throughout tbe whole federal ler ritory: the civil aulhor'tiet alto are under his orders. Chap. XII. treats ot attacks on the t'onfederation, aud oss.uiilatea them to the crime of high treason. Tbey are to be tried by tba ftoprrme Court of tbe Hanse towns, at I.uheck. Chap XIII declare* 'hat special treaties submitted to the Diet will regulate the relation* of the Confederation with tbe Hiate* of the .-Smth. SEW JERSEY ISTKLLIGEHCE. Jrrwe* (II). Tn* F.?< ipk lbi.i?Petitioaa arc helm e.gned in Jersey City, Hoboken and surround lug districts In favor o: an bil! embracing Hudson county. .Several bill* am new before tb* Assembly. each concerning aoma par ticular locality, and the pot 11 ion recommend* tfiey tie combined in one meaaure. A meeting or the IJqoor Dealers' Assoc alien of Hudson county will be held ibis afternoon te < nrndder the beat nienoa of averting this blow at thrlr interests. The Kuntlav cloning regulation. wb!< h was agreed to at the taat meeting, *a> disregarded bv raveral rumerllers lant Muadajr, and the arreaU for drunkennem ware numerous. Tn FaiaaaiT Pose or IwaiASiv?A meeting oftbia aaelaty waa held at Franklin Hall tart e ten rag, when the beet ineana of celebrating It. Patrick * Hay were dta cumed. Ihe rommittea on Inritnilona mnda ont abet of guest* to he In*Itail to the grand dinner on that even ing. Ah tbe society I* vat in its Infancy, no badge or distinctive ambient baa Iwen agreed upon. Hndaoa City. Tu Faaa Pi arjr l.imttav.?The ladiee of Hndeon City gave a grand eupper and musical entertainment at New ktrk Hall last evening, in aM of the new llbrnry which waa opened In the present month Tbe troatoee acted xt manager* on <be o< -aston. and contrihnted with pf.uvewor.hv res I to tbe comfort of the guaeta. A table, with choice article* fee aale, wa* laid, elao, In tbe hall, the p-tv eed* being for the rame oblecl. TNE ?UROCK AT STEW ARTSVULE. M. I Ulster* of the l'aa*-Arrr?i of tbe Alleged Perpetrator. , An account wa* recently published in the H re tin of the frightfal murder of a Mr*. Kay*, at Rtewartsv'lle, aad now that the arrest of ihe alleged perpetrator has l>een made, the details of the crime and subsequent ar rest may lie made public. t?u Friday, the 1Mb ln?i , Mr. Kay*, tbe bur hand of tbe murdered woman, returned from hi* work on the Morri* and F.?-ex extension at tbo noon lionr for the psrpmo of hl? dinner At. rivutg at the houae, which )? a one story hulldinr. he rouad the door longed. Waiting awhile, and hi* wife not returning, be went lo tbe bark part of tbe house, crawled through a window and partook of ht# meal, which bad been prepared uy bla wife for the last time, lie left the house and resntnad hl? work. Ppr.n return ing In the evening lie found the door Mill locked, and be began tr wonder a* 10 hie wife's whereabout*. ' ailing on seyrral of her friends and Undine that eba lied not been *een hv them, he pr* ured Hie aaaietanre of a neighbor, and broke Into the hoove, M'II fcelins; thai she whom he sought wa? atlli allvo. hut perhap* ill I'pon the two entering lb* room one of iho nits'-in, woman's nndergariimnis was found upon the door, hane*tli which waa a hatchet. The husband remaiked lhat it was "vary sirange," ae the hatchet did not lielong to him. In the centre of the lloor ww ? trap door, which tad into a ?mall cellar where provisions were kepi. Not finding Mr* Kay*, the friend of the husband gpipoeOd that he should raise the door. Mr. Kay* did an, and Iwhold ilia dead body or hi* wife, in a tMilinllr erect condition, bcr hesd horribly mutilated and msshed almost to a Jelly, t pon ?ha althir becoming known the extlMfi nt waa intense, and maty boldly declared their lielier lhat none n'her waa the nerpeiraior of the deed except the hu* oaad bimsclt. Indeed, a party of citizen* of Huston at tempted 10 Inflict summary Jnetlce upon Mr. Kay* *? the murderer. Governor Ward promptly issued a reward of three hundred dollars for the dele- Io n of the murderer and hie arrest. Tbe Indepen dent Imtecnve lore* of Newark thereupon atarted out Detective* Pecker and ilmrgerty to work up tbe case. Arriving at dtewartnvills, the officer* ascertained that a neighbor of the murdered woman had observed a matt dressed n a dark mat and wearing a light hat call at the house .n the morning, he and Mm Kay* standing In tlm door a few monienta. after which the two entered. A abort time afterward the fallow van anon to make hie eiit aad bumadly walk away, rmagihf vacant lota The o?oer* with tb|p eluo, tram to Work, and ysnterday njw?mr ? 14 Via* land. Cumberland county. B? is a large, wall bath fallow, and la Mid to bear aa excoedmgly bad reputation, and It a aliegrd baa tbreo wlvea. oae of whom Urea la CMtoa, Pa., another la Viaaland, aad tba third la War raa county. ~ T VIRGINIA. ?M IHMMM CMKSMMEKt Tba Hecaaet ruction Mcaaaraa la Virginia? The Klekaaad Prone I'p.i the Sabjerf-The Hea. Keierdr Jahaeaa Doaoa need-Haw It Affeeta t'ltlaeae of Klchaiaad?Crape aad Labor la Virginia?Important Legislative Proceedlaga? Charitable Lottery Mrheatee la the Hon tb?Decision la Relatlaa ta a Slave hy the Hnpremn Court ml Alabama, Arc. Richmond, Va, Feb. 24, 1867. The preaa of thie city are exceedingly angry and vio lent In their denunciation of tba Sherman bill, aa amended, and aa it paaeed both houses or Congreaa Without comment, which la needless, I give extracte from the papers themselves. The limtt speaks aa fol lows:-? It erecta a military despotism upon the ruins of oar liberties and given to each "district ' a military ruler whose authority Is aa autocratic as that or tbo Czar Ufa, liberty aad all wo hold dear will be at the mercy of the aoldlor If this bill becomes a law; and la this de plorable condition ten States are to be kept until thev submit to the disfranchisement or every donth ""f., ** ability, and the enlranchlaement and political equality of every male negro in the South who i# twenty-one rear* of age. The forma of State government which are allowed us are to be hollow mockeries, and are expresxly deviat ed '' provisional. '' and subordinate to thejinuitary wrap- at whose dlspo-al ourlhresand liberties are to bo placed. Kach "<riga dler is to b? "t lit* unto bimi>eirin w#I! a* a coin plot# code, ?both criminal and civil, lor hundreds of thousands of people. 1 be proud and honored names of the eld Southern States even are pructi. ally a bolt lied, and. " Virginia ' ia hereafter to llgure upon the statute books of the nation as "District No. 1." ?|?e i? to be treatsd like a convicted felon, whose head is shaved, and who, when locked up. is thenceforth known as "No. ?tt '? or "No. 86." "Furl that banner" which has so long admonished pros!rate tyrants of the wrath of indignant liberty. Down wltb that flag which the mother of Stale, and or statesmen has proudly hung upon her outer walla for many a glooous decade. The Enquirer thus excuses the Hon. Reverdy Johnson for voting for the tnea.ure ? The vote on the now section was veas On. nava 70 The vote on the whole was yeas 126, nays 46?a strict parly vote. 1 he scheme, as thus amended, went back to the Senate and was concurred In, yeas 35. nay? 7. Mr Johnson, of Maryland, waa among the veae, "because he saw in it a mode of rescuing the country from the pan lethal now threaten it, not because be approved of it in any particular." The Eaaminer. however, demands of the seme gen tleman to know if "there ia no legal state government In Vlrsinla." or "no adequate proiection for life or pro perty In Virginia?" and says:-? It Is the most wicked, wanton and lyranni. ?! bill that ever passed a civilized assembly. How Iteverdv John ?on could have voted for it i? au inexplicable mystery. Let ua hope that he felt some reinone yesterday*inorii ing when he found iMmsolt eulogized by "fohu W. Forney in the Washington >'kroiiiclr. The DitptUch goes more fully into the effect- of the bill at the South, end gives the uames or leading gentle men In this city wbo are disfranchised by it. It save:? When we state that Judge Meredith J am ee Lyons Thomas P. August, General Havtnood. David 1. Burr, Joseph Mayo. Dav'd J. Saunders, Robert Howard. VI . W. Crump, James N'eeson (both ihe proprietors or this paper), John W. Wright. John K. Regnault, R. D. -anxav, J. K. ( askle. J. A Caskle, 1*. H. Ayiett, Thomas H. TVynie, 4c., are among the proscribed cla-ses, the reader will see bow sweeping f he pros ripl ion is, althoegh so few men are touched. We have omitted the name of Judge Lyons, became his Is rather a municipal than a mate office. He may escape by a "ilgut squeeze, " especially if, as some contend, hit office c not onlv extraoonstitiuionsl, but unconstitutional. The eri fMochised class consists of negroes. The hill provides I bet whether we ratify the constitutions1 amendment or not negroes shall hereafter vote for all on. r* or the '"proris.ona! government,'' aa our maulers are pleased to term our State government. Negroes. however, are not ettgiDl* to offica. It is suppoetd there will he abuof double as many while as black voters In Virginia. The present Legislature cannot ratify tbo amendmenf. It meet be done by a Legislates to he elected under a constitution hereafter to be framed. From all parts of the Stale come cheering accounts of the crops; the Wheat sown liut fall covers a greater space than baa been tilled for the last ten years in Vir giata. and is Mid to be of a very superior quality. Added to tbi^ the farmers In all sections aro making the great - eel efforts to plant a large corn crop thie season, which gives the most ample assurances of an abuudaot harvest. The only drawbaok has been tbe exireuie dtffl. u'tv or ?souring labor?tbe freedmen In almost every Instance ret asms to make contracts, but the prohibition bv u.e authorities of the Huraau to furnish lations to ihe" able bouied has had a wholesome effect in forcing them to work mtbor than starve. A largo number are. however, yet unemployed?in this city. Tor inatancs, not less than from fifteen hundred totwotbouMud able, vigorous men. This, with tbe recent copious emigrslioo io (he West and South, bM canned a great dearth or labor, which can only bo remedied by the return of a portion of the emigrants or the Introduction of a new class or labor. The return of large numbers is, however, cacerlv Ir ked fur tbe couung spring, as there ?? -aid lo bo aii excesi of negro labor la all ihe Soolhweeiern M.atee, and even la Texas, from where there are serious complaints of ihoftaaud outrages by wandering t?eo<f? of idle negro immigrants. A bill was passed by the Legislature here yesterday extending the time for tbe oompteMoo of rbe Jain** River and Kanawha Canal, by a French coii.pauv. from whom intelligence was received by the caiilc from staling that the Sonet- He lira's, of that city, had aqreed to furuish the capital. 640,000 000, required for tba run. str union of the i ?n,v'. i"bi? will extend the James rivr lloe of canal to the Ohio, and will lie a M>ur-e ofgi eut wealth lo this city. Another imporimii bill lo the ."'tale, which hat been passed, is ibat in orporaiing ihe t'hepapeake and Ohio Railroad Corupuuy, ?iul the con aolldaiion in the same compiiuy of fbe Norfolk und Petersburg and ibe Peroral and Hootb-ide roe.1*. 'lbm also t cunecis Virginia with the Ohio river, and place* Norfolk on tbe road to prosperity, as n great commer cial city. The work is lo be commenced at an early day and will be uken in hand by Northern capitalist*. ??imu' of the charitable gambling -o>.elie*or enterprise* recently gotten up ut tbe bouth are said by an ex-Con federate officer (bellet ed to be Colour! John f.'. ) to' be nothing mere than schemes for the benefit of spe<-ulatora Ir. this category is included the Southern Orphans' Association, not long-ice incurporsted bv the Virginia Legislature. the public hare been warned through the press against ho*u? ugeuts of memorial arsoctalloux wbo are now travelling all over the .South swindling the fieople. The following dfritlen, of some ini|x>rtai* e n ihe South, has recently l>een made by ihe SupremeCourt of Alabama, rbe raae waa fouuued upon a prmniesxrv note given for tbe hire or a slave In I8C.V ma slave went into tbe pomesstoa of the dafendatil on the 2d or Jannary, 1865, aad remained (here nntil May I, IMI.V when tbe country waa occupied bv tbe unfliarx forces ef tbe lulled Stales. Tbe aiave then left the defendant's employment, withoni any action on the pan of the roi mer owner, uo watch tbe Alabama s it pi ems Court ue cidae as rollowa ? I'irtt - That the hirer wax bound to par the acieed price for tlie ruM term of the hiring, although be had loot the service* ef tbe alava for a part of fbe term Aferawd?That tbe emancipation proclamation |.ub llabed by Preaident Lincoln >n January, 1*63, bad no force or efleet in this State; and fbat slarer.v *u de stroyed la this State in May, 1866. Third?That fbe note not being set out in tbe record, aad being (by legal presumption from the averments of tbe complaint) payable la money, its legal effect could not be changed by proof of a parole agreenirot between the pert lee ihat it waa to be paid in Confederate Stales treasury notes; aad that tbe ordinate c of ihe Conven tion, passed in September. 1865, did nit authorize the admission of parole evidence m su- h caae lo defeat a recoeery in teto. ft Is reported here that an Injunction has been served npon two banks In Raltimorc, supposed to contain Hie funds of tbe Rosa'r lolterv eoterpr>se, by ibe ladies' southern Orphan s Assoemtion of that ritv. In imiae. quence of this thai sthenic has ceased lo ofsirate, and henceforward no tlrkeu will he sold by Its agent* The government refused In restore the Jutvis mansion, one of the pri/M advertised hj Rmser. ( wlwresl Troops IHsbas4r4 anil Pal4 ?* In Rlrhmwnd. Ac. ftmnnvo, Va, IrK 25, 1667. Last Thurxday morning ihe Thirty-eighth I'n red Plates colored infantry marrbed Into Richmond, witb their colore flying and bad playing. Tbey arrived from Texas, and came to this cily lo be paid off and dahauded, their segregate amouat of pay upward of $100,000 Rumor* ef Ibe arrival of the sable warrior*, aeon to have woll filled pnrsea, spread far and wide and sreal ihe excitement among the vender* of rloihing and articles moat attractive to the negro's eye. Much m tlie?e *?' d,?? aro.dlrUked by the unrecunetru' le<l. their money porsesevdcharms ton Irresistible, and runners from tbe stores were despatched to the camp on Nstnntav ipav day) fo secure tbe rich trad- that would envir. Nothing* was left undone. Carrisges, hacks, omnibuses, ike., were purposely hired lo convey the gallant black*, with their greenbacks, into lown ; and soon metamor phoses of the meet ezlraordtnary < hararier had taken place?the ragged Mouse and Mue pan Is wm abandoned, and tbe travel-vein soldier was transformed Into ? nondescript individual, arrsved In many colored, dear clothing, and decorated with sretT imaginable ornament known to the wearer* of false Jewelry. The Jews were active aud nwped a rich harvest at the close rf t-.iwtr Pahhatb, while niimMrs of other* were benefited by good sah-s TUe maior !ty or the colored soldier* left that evening for Maryland where the regiment was raised, and SO ihe dark crowd,' laden with dangerous metal, moved away, their depart

ure regntted hy the Israelite, hut without aetoniabing the natives or efting Or* to the Jsmee Among the incidents of the day, Mies were mede ef a large number of revelvera, two gun stores disposing ef their whole stocks, by no means small ana In oae in I "1,*. toT 6 ?erenty-flve rent chain for $16. and, from tbo eager crowd around the "J"**', tbo probability ia that somesoMMer parted with his greenbacks for the other a hrma Va lisse were sieo m grant ilemnnd and the proud pnaaeaanr of the peeudo "solid leather" walked triumphantly ip the wrest, almost nnoonsetoo* of being a eubeaary m ??"Mng elm mate aeee onnmd, but 11)6 rtort on almogi the type of tbe GEORGIA. Macon, G?, Enb ?, 1MT. 41* to nut! The rubwoa hu bNi crossed! Georgia ? under a military government, to practically territorial toed t The son Indeed shines brightly, the trass are robing tbemaelvea la their cay apparel; hat 'tia Georgia, bat living Georgia no morel Many feel die poeed to shed a tear at the rate that has overtaken the State. It took ysara ef hard lighting and a length of time to convince the people of tne State that the negro is a man?"a higher title than president or king"?and note chattel. Events of a practical nature will speedily follow which will make assurance doubly sure on this subject. When the negro shell, under Sherman's recon struction bill, vote; when he shall sit in the councils of ths Stats, then indeed will there be none to dispute the foot that the black man it a man and Ihas all tbe attri butes of a man about him. Tne negro has been quicker to divine the greet change that was coming to hit condition than the white man hat bean of the same fact. Indeed the negro has been Impatient of tbe long delay in the full realization of all his rights, and will vote with a gusto that he only kuows bow to exhibit. " if the' " But what or the white populationf They can only Rich at tbo degeneracy of the times' The delay in conferring on the negro the right to take part in forming the con stitution under which be is to live end in making the laws by which be is to he governed, nee b-eti eminently beneficial; for be has had the more time in preparing himself for the exercise of mi important a right, and it has gradually prepared the white mkn for conceding the right. This being done tbe two ra~es uiay be fairly left to themselves?tbe negro having tbe training to labor, and tbe white man possessing the little there w, in value, of the lands. The condition of tbe Slate body politio is so healthy, tbe encouragements to labor are ho great, and above all the necessity for work of some >ort is so pressing, that the shock will not be no groat in the change that has been ordained .by tbe people of the country. Now if only contidence can be restored be tween the two sections prosperity will <-ome as Hie glori ous spring lias already hurst upon this land Things could not be worss hare than they have been Coder the fear of political troubles the stream of capital which should have been flowing -outh has been reversed, and instead of permeating every noon and cranny ef the body politic with its vivifying influences has flowed back to the centres, no more to circulate until coniidence, tout word of magic import in commercial circles, shall ba re stored. May that time soon come and our country be once more united, happy and prosperous I To go to the cities or iuto the country oue sees evidence of labor among all claaaea Every day the nntnher of drones is lessening. Tbe slap of the laborer is brisk and cheer fulness steals upon the countenance of both tbe employer aud the laborer. The wat -hword is labor. At the lirst of the year I was disposed to take a gloomy view of the cotton prospect; now. X am forced to concede a laws crop of cotton. It is rarely said now that ths negro will not work; ofioner you hear that he wor^s a? well as ever, and sometimes you hear it said that lie works better than ever. The strongest and lO'ei convincing argument I have ever beard in tin or of ireo over slave labor, aven at the North, was vacantly inula by a gentleman in one of the low counties o> tlie Hi ate, who bad had some forty ne groes emancipated. II- would not, he said, alter the condition of tbo negro*- were it lu his' power. Thus does experience overthrow th-jory; thin does run* iencs come to the asset iou of right. Vlitis U may not ituve been considered wrong to continue in a slate of slavery persons lound in that state, the conscience of the South would revolt, at putting a tree people into u atato of bondage. 1 wait fcr'her comment' on the !!? construc tion bill until It shall lie better understood than It Is possible to under'tand it from lite telegraphic accounts we have had or it. In all my communications I have studiously striien to conform to truth. I fear i may be considered to have departed irom tliis rule in the several tolerances I have made to tbe National (emetery at Marietta, in this Slate. A strict attention to the words employed would have conveyed a dlflnrent tmpres.-ion hi those who understand the subicr1 better than it is possible for any mere observer to nod r stand ik 1 raid the cemetery wo* "reiiutcd" to commit so many bodies. I did not beltei e it at the time, end my object was to show how the citizen* of ilia; beamtfnu now national city wore awe-sirtckcn nt the- ihunvht. I am nappy, however, to hove had.'be opportunity of conversing with a rentlemao, > fedkral nlrtc*r, wlioUtu' charge of the reinterment of lite dead bit ion mud tor*. He informed us that the impression ??t (which iue newspapers had tended U> wi-ten) thai those Who had charge of gathering up the remains of the l.'nion sotdisn were making ? goml thing out of it, nnd that they some* t imea took up 'lie bodice of rebels, and cvoo di\ itlod ilie bones ot the Union soldiers, so as to got the price for the burial of tbe more. Re Informed m? that up to the present time tbero bad been bu-ted in tbe cemetery be fore referred to leas than Ave thousand persons, and that in tbe diaaetroas battle of New Bopa t'hurcb, in one pit, where there were said to be eight hundred I'mon soldier* buried, only one hundred and forty-three were lound. 1 bene tacts reflect Ute highest credit on the military si IP of General Sherman, who, it is well known, reached Atlanta only alter having made his men charge breastwhrke lor almost the entire space between 11Mton and Atlanta? u durance of one hundred miles. It may interest those who have made put b'lium in vestments tn tbe bonds of the Plate coDdi'toncd on the mortage of the .State's mil road, that that railroad m now paying into the treasury of the Slate monthly instalments of S-'O.OOO, with' the nroepect ol an in i reuse in such instalment* to $ to 000. The New Yonx Hknat.o. tiie only national paper, Is holding the same sway iu thl? State It enjoyed beinre thenar. It is the only paper thai inaeta with universal acceptance or that is generally quoted from. Tbe auapension of tho banking hodse of Brown k Wild man, of Atlanta, promisee Meserctee a disastrous Influence on soch <top?*iiaiiea of money. It Is thought that at leaet $00,000 will be loe' by depositors. fttnri ling evenis tie lust hetore us KENTUCKY POLITICS. Oirt FRANKFORT CORRESPONDENCE. Tlif llrrriil llewvcrmir I"on vrntlon mill lis Copitrrhrnii Klrwe.l -IHaloval ProrrnlliHt - Ckecra lor Jrlt' Matla-^krli'lii'i of ikr I'd* didnlr*. A r. Vkimotr, Kv., r#i\ w, ik?:. Ibe couventioa of democrats and rebel* * hkb as* ui Mi>d here yesterday was oue of the ui??t remarkable political gathering* ever witnessed m tbi* -late It was comix wed of all the leading rebels o'' tbc Stale, and all tbe lower order of confederated, who di.r a. tbu war were known as guerillas, but now style tliem?rlvo* dem orrate and r-gulators. It nmo bad alt the democratic eletnaut proper, witb not a raw oT those known a* con servatives who are in a constant state of vacillation between their hatred of relic's and of sboti lionise It wee predicted Iba*. It would be Impossible fir Ihin Inoonpriintta mass to har monize, and while-tbe printed proceedings show no evidence of de? ord, it w known to men on the ground Ibat heart burning" and cornea, not load bet deep, pervaded tbe aiaemhlftfe. Although lie manager" are the most expei iemed and tnccessful adept* In tbe aria of Intrigue and wire-pulling, it required all their akil) to prevent a bona np of Ibe whole ennrera And it required ton utmost skill In the lebei offlc tr* to keep their distended snMtera within the hound* of reason They < rowded late the convention, and in various stage* of drunkenne'S interrupted tbe preceding* by shout" for John Breckinridge. /e(T. Davis, A*'., he. It was determined tbe Bight before the ennventiaa that General Wkliam Prestos, ex rebel general, should withdraw hia claims for tiiiiternaiorial boners. This "sacrifice," M bis friends termed it, was a most hitter pill forth* Confederate portion of the party, and the nomination of D. Howard Mmlth, ax-rebel colonel, laHed to sugar-coat tt sufficiently to prevent wry facet On the other betid the nomination of S<mith was pro tested against by the peaceful portion of tbe party as aa Indignity and an outrage upon tbe people of Kentucky, almost as glartog as Smith used to commit while no bis Incursions to despoil hia native 8tate. One prominent actor in that convention a:nrmed that this act would lose tbe party thirty thousand votes in iba gtate. of tbe nominee" but little need be said. Jobs I. Helm, tbe candidate for Governor, Is a vain old man, who has tba moat unlimited confidence In hit own abilities and merits. He Is a Ingot of the old school. The second en tba ticket is John W. Stevenson, an individual wllb many traits of character not unlive those ol his i b.e.* and derived Irotn the same source?a Virginia ancestry. Ha represented the Covington dis trict In Congress once. Of the other nominees each has yet to make bis his tory, wllb the exception of Smith, wboae exploits have been of a character diversely regarded by bis coo ?tltMStt. But the assfmw of tbe Convention was moat natnis takahly exhibited at night, after Its adlournment. Tbe roughs were parading lbs streets sad thronging tba corpse bouses, cursing ibe ITaton, ridiculing the courage of Union soldiers, shouting for Breckinridge sad long log for tbe appearance of "nigger troops " To the grades above, tins spirit manifested iueif|in a diflerent manner. Omups of ex-Confederate officers r mid bs board re. counting tbeir exploits during tbe war. Tbey worn all "Harry tiiltnores," and it was dreadful to bear the num ber of Tanks tbey had despatched' hell-ward" " Tbe air was Oiled with snob sentences aa theta?-Taking the bridle in my teeth and a pistol in aecb band. I killed Ore of them, when my horse stumbled, and th* other tlx got away,'* or "I charged them with twenty-five of my men. We killed, f suppose, thirty, and took forty nine prbsoaara," he , he., od nsmeenm. The legislature has adjourned over to tbe 27th. THE HUSQWI RAILROAI INVfSTttATINC COIMNTTH. ?r. I/ma, Veb 17, INdl, The committee appointed by tba Missouri legislature to investigate all mat lorn connected witb the aala of certain railroads In that Mats, which has been In session bare for several days examining witnesses and papers relative to tbe sale of the Pouithwest Pacific Railroad, closed tbalr labors to day. It is uaderatood that Uioir report wllk, entirely exonerate Governor Fletcher from all suspicion <* trend in regard to the sale of that road. ARHEST OF THE POSTMASTER AT NIAGARA FALLS. _ Bcvrau), Pah. 17, ??#?. T. W. Parsons, Poetmaater at Niagara Falls, was ar re?ted on Msoday loot, charged with opoaiag letters re ceived at hia office. Ha was examined before Untied Mate* Oommtamoeer Gorbatt to-day, ard held to hall at >1.?X) to anpur for trial at MM Vailed Mates Otmrt to be hold at Cites oa March If, Horatio k, Parsaro termor, fefihartf Jhff THE SOCIAL BTCL. *?t?H of lk? M*(r*?tlllU r*lk* l mmmim ?laim M Ik* UiMuu*. Tl>? following I* ? copy of Ik* report forwarded by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner* to Lb* Mel* Leglsla luro oa the cause and eitoat *f Uta aoclal ovU la Uita e?ty:? Cbtiu Panamase. MwraorouTiw Pours i Maw Yon*. February, 1H67 i To ran a ran iaaum or ran Stira or Viw Yobb ? Th* Board of Metropolitan Police, la compllaoi * with the roaolulioo of tk* tsaambly, aaopiod tbo fith day of January laat. tequastlag tU* Board of MeUopolitaa Police to communicate to lb* Assembly the opinion of the aaid Board aa to the Barrenly and probable result of legialallon looking to the more thorough real i letIod of proatltutlon in lb* olty or New York, respectfully report that, on recelrlng a copy of tai l resolution, this Board caused an enumeration to be made of the boueea of prostitution aud assignation, of the public prostitute*, of the mlooaa where waller girls are employed and of waller glrla employed In saloon* iu the cities or New York and Brooklyn. The result of that eaumeration la contained la the report of the Superintendent, herewith submitted. This enumeration include* house* of prosti tution and assignation, publicly known to be such, and of public prostltntoo who follow their vocation without disguising it undor pratenc ? of other employment. It la not assumed that thorn is aot a greater number of houses or apartments used wholly aa place, of prosti tution, nor that there is not a greater number of lewd women who whollv or partly subsist by prostitution than i* shown by the superintendent's report. On the con trary it is believed that tbo figure* of tbis enumeration do not oxhiblt the full extent of the evil. It is impos sible to *lale with precise accuracy the number or l.-wd women in the city of Now York, inrludlog thorp wbo reside in Brooklyn. Jersey City, Hobokeu and other adjacent towns, but resort to Now York to follow I heir vocation. That the nnmber is considerably greater than that slated In the report of the Superintendent Is certain, but bow much greater this Board have no moaus or de termining. The rcpori of the Metropolitan Board of Health, lately transmitted to the Aaeembly. exhibits an appalling pic ture of the Sanitary evlla intllried upon society bv pros titutes and places of prostitution. The aril eflerts of prostitution aud the evil influences of prostitutes and places or prostitution extend much furtnor, and afflict society In ita aoclal, political, moral and business rela i.ODU. Intimacy with prostitutes Is in numerous in stances tbo Urst step In s career of debauchery and dissi pation, which lead to drunken nets, gambling, inattention to business, lavish oxpendlinre, frauds, forgeries, robbo. rle* and homicides. The results of s career of prostitu tion In too many Instance* are an Impaired health, cor rupted morals, depraved habits, ruined reputation, the pr son and ignominious death. Tbo existing criininaf laws authorise tbo indictment, conviction and criminal punishment of kee|>era of bouses of prostitution and the arrest and punishment of public prostitutes as disorderly persons Though prostitutes and the keepers of bawdy house* are numerous, the evils resulting to society from their influence and prac tice are confessedly degrading and truly alarming. The convictions and punishments of these offenders against law and public di-cncy are comparatively few. and do not seem to linvo any observable iufluonce in siippre-a ing the eril. I nder such circumstances it canuol be pretended that further or more effective measure* <>i legal restraint are not required by the highest ptiblic consideration. 11 may not he possible to suppress, entirely, the pr.. - lice of prostitution uud eradicate its evil offe-ts- but stringent laws, honestly and fearlessly enforced by the cuur r, jorcis sod police, w ith the encouraging support of public opinion, would probably greatly circuit)<erlbc and raitlga'aiho er.t The evils of prostitution arc not visited upon the eulliy parties only. TI.e etils of Ibis d grading and ru'tioo* vi- e aftiict, with their tearful conseiiueni e*. the most innocent, reape initio and exemplary inemiiera or l ocinty. In ibis gieai and putahle la t in found nmple motive f u all cnbgbteued legislators to sees b\ i tore n eans ivith'n reach of the latv risking i . to restrn'n oircumscrlho and eiadi talc, i. pi.ei,.- iii* piueiicti ol priirtitution. Theex lei te. .' ????. rltuultl Pe mode practically more ep.s-ii.u l> wo t'h in our opinion. !>e useful, in ad ni mil to the#- -no; 'a ? a. to enact a sVf'otn of prohibi tions. i;...h i lie.e , l u.jiio-, Pi_hy_.iiloiced in the civil roiffe ?.#???? ? i",.o!e kcepo"1 of liO"*-s of pnypitu ttoil and pir-i . ? b it am- owneiH of leaT property w|n> knew# .' . I'h i- house*, or apur'aieni* to be used .'or this in .si- ! ion (?)?. cofoaiclug well considered pro*] mips i : ?'(w n.o ah<? popisiting Mi* guilty parlie', and Vi?i.xbiisliiu(- ,n ?? ibeni a worn eltleirnl tiotice ?ur veibau. " iikg Bftsv* iwntis, c i? cititiileTt'ty liellnvvl* would put iUc bod o* eros'nii.e-. 1.rejiers i?f ha ?*dy heusra ;.ii<t pe-? us r I l.ev uiol alsa. iue tlienr mure copi ptei.dv urtder ine l.ww wC holiewt and looil materially to restrlci the vice ,n bsernnt and ally uiilLgoto ita evil* wiiliin ihe continuo'liv decreasing apliere of their Influeuce. thru r. St'ttaiMfcMitJLT Mi mom i.iia . Foyer, i Na* York. Jan. -.'4, lfifiT. ? Couai moXkrh or '* Fount!? liKN.I.KVKV -AB order was issued irom this ollli e (fieneval Older No 4841 on 10U> instant, directing a ceuiu* of all house* of prostitution nnd B's.glial ion. within each preciucl, to be made,'under and with It, to give th* locality nnd designation of urn b. the name nnd assumed name of the propi'ie ore, the natnos ol tlie owner* of the properly so occupied, and the number of proatltwteH resident In eeeb. Tlila duty lias been per formed, and bv it I nin enabled to report that the wbule number of houses of praMlliiUoii In the cities of New York and HrooVlyu Is .175;" or asdgnatiou, !>"; ot saloons where waller girl* are employed, TH; of nubile prosti tutes, 2,iNH; ot waiter girl-, bad?showing a re ductuin iu each iiem s nee Die 'J4ih of Jatiuarv. isfifl. The redaction in New York In the year Is as fellows:? 1MB of prostitution, 62; of hollars of assigns I ion, ?; ol concert and drinking Mt.oon", where females are em ployed, 48; of public proalilu<es, 110; of waiter girl*. 411. The aggregate number. In the two cities, of establish tn*nla la TOO, and of females so employed. 2,024. JOHN A. KK.VNKirY. -u; erun <niloni. 10*110 OMLOFRHt*. Tbo 4'lts Chain brrlnln- Peter H. hweeay Ay. pointed to the Ofltee. 4 special meeting of the Board or Aldermen was held yesterday to confirm the action of the Mayor In the nom ination of Peter B. Sweeny for the offlc* of t'ltv Cham berlain. At a csocu - of Iho Board II was understood that Matthew T. ilrennaa would lie Ibe most available man for the position, but some hours he.ore the Heard convened the general impression was that the slate had been broken and that a majority or the Aldermen had sin tied upon wwecnv. Tho meeting of the Hoard was called lor one o'clo. I hut the Mayor not having sent in the nominal'on an ad journment wok bad until ihrea o'clock. Alderman l.oow ac'ed as chairman In the absence of ibe President. Some fifteen o.' twenty minute* were consumed in isk ing action upon some unimportant papers from the Board of Counrlltneu, when the Mayor's private secretary was obrerved to enter with a cotnmuulcs- , tlnn from his Honor. Alderman Norths moved that the further hnslne** of the Hoard he dp-paused with, iu order to take tip tne Mayor's comiiiunicxtiou, which woe agreed in. A communication from Mnyor KnfThian. uemluuting 1 Peter H. Hweeny for the office or ? jty Chamberlain. wes then read. Alderman I'm** moved that the Board confirm the action of hi* Honor the Mayor. Aldertnao Hsanv called for the aves and noes Tito count reeullod in a rote of 12 to the aitlrtnaiive and 2 in th* negative, whereupon the chairman an nounced that the action of hi* Honor the Mayor ?as duly confirmed A PMHO AT AMtAST I.MIUM sriPW Alderman Kxast presented ihe repoit of the Finance Committee on lb* fax levy, sod moved that It he printed in document form and mad* ibe special order for Mon day n*xt. Alderman O'Ban.v inquired how many copies they proposed printing. Alderman Nortow?Two thousand live hundred. Alderman O'Batax- is that not a little extravagant * Alderman Noaros?Not lor our parly; not a bit. (Inuahter.) Alderman Ran tx inquired tbo reaaon for anchanax ponditura of the public money. Ha was free to admit that he could not tee any reason whatever, nnd thought fire hundred Copies would do Just a? well as fire thou Aldermaa H*anv. open being ealled upon for an ax planation. staled that nine-tenth* ot the report was In reference to the abuses that exist la our city government under Albany legta.xiinn. Ihe committee waa prepared tn show that th* anormoOH increase In taxes was doa solely to tlie cum missions appointed by the legislature, and that New York never was ?> well nnd economically governed as it was bafbre these commission* wore introduced. Ha thought, in view #f Ibe circumstances, that twwntv-flv* hundred copies of the report were not too many. It was one of the f?w document* that they should take pains to dlslribut*, and for hts part be would pledge btiuratf to see that five hundred copies of th'- rcpori were properly dlsUibnted among the suffering taxpayers of the me tropolis. The explanation of the Ab*ermsn being deemed en tirely satisfactory. It was ordered that twenty five ban dred copies of lit* report be printed, and that N ?-e printed in tnef; orporatlon new?pai>cr* a* well. The Board than adjourned until Monday nest. IDAHO If SUPEIW1SOHS. lirmr't HIIN Allowed?More HIIU far the New Cnrt doier. TL# Hhard of Pnpervleor* held a special meeting yea terday efternoon, Super*leor Twend presiding. A resolution was paaeed referr ing the tnbject of met ? Ing en appropriation to asaiei tbe erection of tbe Hall of Military Records to the Commlttoe on annual taxes. The Committee on County Officer* reported In furor of e11<fe!n| the bills of the Coroner* for tbe lart quarter of Hett. amounting to #5.67* t?. The report wee adofWM. The Committee ?a the new t 'onrt Honee reported in faror of paring the following bill* J. & A V. W. Cornell $3?,97T J. T. Barnard At Son*. Tor coal and wood 1.244 A. Moell and otbare, lor glnee I.flfto A. Hnnkle, photographing IM | CJ. Teet<, tinning, Ac flg The report wee adopted. The same committee reported in favor of allowing the pay roll 01 laborer* on the now Ooort Honee, amounting to gft.OftA 91. Thl* report wm al*o adopted. Tbe Board then adjourned, enbject to tho call of the obalr. ___ Hif W nVLAKlflRA. 1'Hikann.rnu, Feb. 27, 1M7 The exteneive cotton mill of Mr. Rlondin, in the Twenty-fourth ward, we* horned this morning. The loot M anatamed by the fo Bowleg uompaniea ?Com roerce, l.enox, A inert con Fx change, Niagara, North Anartaan. Albany CHv. Troy i dene* Wwfcj nates, Ntf Reeolute, Kgcelstor, New England, Peoplen', Borehole , Msrvlaod, Horns of New Haven. Arclle, Citizen*' end Mechanic!', Harmony, City of Hartlbvd, CiUxeoa', Pbeatx of Brookivn, each 910 000; Metropolitan. 17,600; North America of Hartford, Knickerbocker, Howard. Fulton, Mercian.*' and M*> ebanlo*', etik $3,MO. Total maerao. ?. $ ur, ouj. CHINA AND JAPAN. RMlreethre Kir* la Jedde-Pour Tlltc* ?r the llualnraa Portlww of Ike City Ueairojril Toe Qertile* efO?e*l*f III*#?, tie. Ma? FaAxnaou, Fen 27. i*?7. Hong Kong advice*, via Yokohama to January la, Lava been received. A moat dlaaatrooe conflagration occurred at tbe city of Jeddo. Tbourand* of hotia?s cowing a plot cf four miles, bad lieen burned to the ground. Tbe foot of tho city, wbicb war laid In ashee. waa ibe most prominent business end commercial part of the city. The conflagration at Yokohama waa comparatively in significant. The Yokohama H'taU! of January 24 vera tho Tyc. on ha* Invited tbe foreign representative* to Osca, to aeitle tbe great question of opening Hiago. The movrmfDl in considered important in tb> political gamo being played In Japan. Hong Kong was threatened by tbe NeltiAe rebels. The country people were flocking to Craven Inland. The Chinese at Hong Kodr wero preparing for an attack, and had been reinforced by Imperltl troops. Tbe Vice Roy of J'ekiu was collecting hi* force* to march to tbe province of Rheersbl, where lite Mulinru endern Nclafle rebel* had taken possession of the capi tal. The clipper ship Ariel bad made the return voyage from hondou to Hong Kong ia seventy-nine dove. The 1 niledStates frigate Shenandoah hid lert Calcutta lor China, and was expected at Hone Kong in a fow day*. The Italian war strainer I amgeuta, at Hong Knot', at tracted great attention as the first representative of tho Italian llag <n t hina or the Japan sens. There wan a treat destruction of rlci by the fl.iod near l'eiaog. Thousands were suffering on account of the complete destruction of their rice field*. BREECH-LOADING SMALL ARMS. Further Te?t el (Tuna Thorough Kximitnnf ion ky tbe Board?Foreign Officer* Prroent?Tbe Kobrrte, .llent-Mtorui, Poullney, Ifciruugteu, Penbody and National Kltlrn. The board of officers for the examination of breech loading email arms met yesterday morning at tho state Arsenal for a public examination of the gnus presented. No fresh entries of guns will !>e received, ihe board having protracted it* examination* long enough to give inventors ample time for entering their weapons, fa a large number of breech-loaders havo ltecn tested, and the thorough aud rigorous tests which tbey have undergone Indicate tbul the board have uparod no panic lu the endeavor to procure h first class aud efficient arm for the use of tbe National Board. The officers coin prixing the board IT. W. Palmar, I'rosulcnt: Colonel W. A. Ward. Colongl G. W. Baiter nud Colonel . W. Burt, recorder. Thev are all efficient and prut ti'-al nrdiuunce officers, aud have so far performed their duly to the State in an aide and faithful manner. voarma ofmckM, The Russian, British, l>anivh uud Spanish government* *01110 time since soul to this country severs! officers with instruction* to exaiuiae and report upon the dillrr cut liroecb-loaders of .itrioncaii invention, The I olio? ?tig are their name*:?Colonel (iorlofl and Captain H ie ulna, uf the Russian arfdleri : Colonel Dsrila uutl < otourl liarrie, of tbe spunl-di artillery; Colonel de Boeck ut.u I.ia'tenant Milled, of the lhiuiah artillery, otid ' oloiiel Rowan, of the Mrdish ordnance. Thee officer* were iiwifod by the b.wnl to ait'-nd tho trials of tlic g. n- n Ida. ?? ot their IjuidHip parole hoard* of examine! wo, and for till* net of int"iiuiti.?ual courtesy they ap|w?r ? err appreciative. They have dally attended tt? meet in*' of lire board, un.l'take lull uolea of Ui? *.fl*rriil weapon* examined and tested. rue roi uxav Hint This gun was.tested, ir-derdav with a Clod -nr'r'^f, and Rtooit me lest nturiu -torily. Tbe erawn tg ? o s weapon is road* on the [4* of niu<tion. awl .* alio.>-t iievo d of work. The bru.-cb mock cor. Ja'v of a solid p ece of iron ronnoete.l witli a {in wh ? h loans the trigger guard and awtngirr.; on an a' s Attached to ilie block is a spur, which *iei ?* i|i**n< I by u post'Ive motion, The weapon is very ? Imply voc stmcted. it* chief ineiir ciiuji- itpy tn the aonenco of spring* and complicated imuirivsiic - with whirl uu.ny* un- eucu inhered. It. lip" v*?? .spill >, and can be uaed welt ctn ati'l despuh li by atn .uu after five minutes'tea lunr. It* |K uefm';<>?. cijoni to lhal of auv gun hi lieioro the Uoi.-vt n.r inventor claims for it. sitniilicHv ol.oti-im.i oi. i-?p.? >v ot fire and general Mvcn-ln. 1'hc B.Mtd ' *1 ? ? ? * ? taction at the reanlt of ihe lets of thl > g m ?rek s.outtrs tin ; I. I iiis g..B is ult ailoranoit iroui u n>t i.e. * lli-> inventIUU of (Icueiul Rols-i!J, ol lha I i ???. Vufr* Aruiy. The breoub nines revolve* in u piece rr-i.i.g . i. a cylindrical Ror.ace, and i* by nr.-.v ?.i t. ? sit lat.'il on ihe toil of the ? f". k. which, ni.?i, n..?od, throws dowu the b'ouk *nd expo* ?the Pn-e.-.i it,,. btecuh is cloved by :!ie i '.'king of tlic humti.t .. a.. after firing, tho slietl i? epotrci liy a po-i... t i. mumni of the oitrwior. 'Utc hrcc-it piece con M- or i?o piccea, tho front part ol wnh h i* lastcued to the lever and breech block by a niorti.v i joutf. fhi g < rr; t'.c stranrtb of Ihrec firta....'!* of metal to * u port toe o.> char, e. t he iMtrrel ,? the tiiu/x o-loedT fron ?t,., it i- uio . .'d i* ? .i aw** at . be hap t h m d a rw >*d oi to sn arlachnient made for ihe porpo*c t< c o d . to. k soil P? k being retain* t. Tbe Rolierm gnu vrs- fired vcv rmpo ?, and tbe in-netrat!on wa* ihrongb thi- ftflecrto i>"a*>d Til. Sn.Vlol.lRS Thia gun wp* tested rcslcrdav and fired eleven alttoa tn fifty-*cven seconds, seven of which ontei g u.^ tarvet. lis gooefraliou we* through the eleventh l?-ar,i Ibl* gun is iiu altenumii I row a uui.'le loeuer, and m -oiaevrhat a .iiilar to tho lier.luu .Ulen and i*n<prou inreittions It hn* a swim ng hreech block, to who I. s iittadied an elector which ibtow. out 111" -liell hv a pos Hive amvemeat. K> .a novel srranfemcut tl .. leli of the bauituer, when the g.ju i* drod, eB'ec.tually .o k- ;i,e bieech l?y mean, of a small snob attached to the han. mer in tbe stock, and which eaten a cavity at the .? k ol the i.reech block at the luomem of firing, loo gun is very strong, and will prove a formidable weapon, tit* JUTWii trrcr. This weapon wa* again loougnt hefiire the -.1 vc?. teiday. fbe lest of lha filed cartridge was applied a. d proved satisfactory tu tho ikwrd. The owner mauc an additional ctnlm I he1 the ?Ueil l< ejefed by umic of fwo cxirectors sipiaied on tioth sidee of Uio tno. k. at .1 which seize tbe rim of tbe cartridge by itw luUvdie, Miw ensuring'a certain and postUve cjei-tiou; in lhi*re*|w? t p hein? different from the other breech-loader , uh'ih bam but one e|. dor. I h" owner also claimed tliat the ejecior of tlic shell depended .ipoo no ?|?nngs, boi was Ibe ie?ult uf a (Mivitive iu .vemenl of tbe Icve thi ihrhiiit um.r. I hi* weapon lircd twelve abuts lu one minute *>d niucty-uinc in foui miuutes aud Ulty-tlv* secoMii. It* penetration wee through lite eleveuth t*oard. Tb? trrt of the filed cartridge was applied and provett sat'sftu rory. Ihe hrceeb rooMwueuta were taken apart in en# minute and twenty second*, and pot together ugatu .a ene minute after the mainspring bed been ed'usieo, tbei part of tbe mecbautsm raqtitrlng tbe ow *' > i he. i*n HraivtroN imphovko. Thle weapon Hied foortecu shot* m fifty-five second*, aud Mood tho filed cartridge te-t In a satisfactory man nor. It was taken apart in tMrtr second* aud put togotber again in one minute. In tbe description givcu of mis gun two mistakes occurred. The breeuh move ments are eontposed or two pieces, on* of which forme the breach lock and is composed of a solid p.e o* iron, through which the firing pin I* Introduced. The other niode comprise* the support to tbe breech bk> k, end lo It I* connected (in one liody) the hammer. The shell m elected by a po-i.iv* ran-, .uneni. The we.ipon food ail the tests aatwlaoiorily, ullliougli the Inventor claimed that It was fired with' grsa *i rapidity in Uosiob a few daya ago, the average then I win* eighteen sboN. |?i minute rn? at m ns=r. To-day two niopi gnnv will lie tested, and iLeu the public tfiai* will ccti<e. In the mcnnlltne all the gun, alreedv examined will be evpnved and allowed t > rnsi, after which the hoard will proceed to retevi ti em p;. vately. NEWS FMM NEW MEXICO. Km** *???? iropredwtiona of ibf IKUm. Sf. l/rna, Jlo., Feb. 27, 1M7. A deapat b from Junction City rave ? Uoveri.or Amy. of Vesica, bar jnat armed from datiia Fa. Heavy auow had fallen la Now M?xh:o. (lot. ??raor Ami re|wwt* Mi at the Indian* on tha 1'laiaa ara dle poard to ha peaceable, hnt thoae ta Arizona and Now Wat too ara atlil on the * ar path, and have committed a number of tintrderi during the part mAn'V The mili tary camp oa the Membra* ha* bean broken up and the troupe compelled to laavo. live rottler* hare Itarn killed, and their etock, valued at over f20,000, drum off All tha aettlere and minora on t':e Membrei rirer have gone to MVtailla for protection, tine bawd red and aevanfen bureau and tuiilee were atoioa from Wewuila three waeka ago, and about tha tame tunc eight thonaand aheap were driven .tour from a point on the IVurce Hirer. Fifteen Iron drad Indiana had laft tha rweivatlon near Fort tioodwtn, .laaaary 21, for Naw Mesloo, wham tbev *td doubt leaf depredate oa the settlors and commit murder* and other outrag e. Three men were killed near toe Crnwz, Jannary 20, a pitta of MatriraM from tbwrictnfty of Uea, While canipaiijatntr. The Apaehea amde aa twi provoked tumult on the Moquin village in Ari/Aioa, ami carried Off a wotnan and eleven children and act en hundred head of etock Through the ainrtlona of ov ernor A?y the wotnan and atwaw (blhlrnu wera re stored to their friend and all the atook returned. AllltfVAL Of KSStXSEXS. aJdVSri&J vK^r^r? "*'? "" a r.i?? fa laliiiiiin It ft A.idemon, .Ittle* ft ya . Jam D U.vt? tir r.mcH ii Benaatl, and eervant, i. It route , .Inlmr.rttoo'Tt Si SLi & iftw*h?i MMbraM I' Hardy, Mii Matg^ Wr? BBSA KSS?uTTti SET Hernai^T . waum J* *tabre> aMabmiW, Wr M.Bi.el Rlbon. Wr llowbefgar j t rinwr'T I'altad atiicdom?Wr I.wraaJa. * tar ran.