Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1867 Page 8
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the courts MITED STATES MMBgltl'S CMIIT. 4u?irl?a Fxtr*ditioa t mme ? C'barae Acasmi Adolphe H'llllaa Hckwarix?C'aa llepoMiiUn* Agaioal a Prisoner be KeaM la III* Absence f Before Com mias oner White. The too of Adolphe William Schwartz, who la charged with havivg commuted forgeries of bills of exchange u> ihe asi ' i.i.! of 160,OeX) dorms at Groeawardein, in Hun gary. *as called on yesterday at a quarter to two o'clock befci-e t'ommi-rioner White. Sr. farm que appeared aa counsel for the Austrian government, and Mr. Dittenhoefer for the prisoner. Mr ' htrles F. de Loosey, Austrian Consul General, wa- also i reseuI, with Mr. Julius von Grioffy, the Him garuui i-wyor who has come over to identify the pris oner ur. Larocque said he noticed that the prisoner had not been brought down to the court to day. He understood lne Honor had had eoine con\ ersation with the physician who bad eeon.S-hwartz in jail. The Commissioner asked Mr. Dittenhoefer if he would eUil object to going on without the prisoner. Mr. Diiietihoefer said he must do ho. Mr. 1-uocque remarked that be would ask the Court to go on with or without the prisoner. The ClommiHsioner sun! that if ibis were a rase In which witnesses were to be examined against the prisoner, undoubtedly the prisoner should be present but us tbst was not so, it might not be necessary to hava him present. Mr. Iaincque replied that he had seen the physician who attended the prisoner, and he believed from what the physician slated, Schwartz was quite as well as he (Mr. Urocque) was on many days that be had to so aboo! Ills business. * Mr. Diurnhoefer. In reply to a remark that the prisoner had been treated with tenderness by the Austrian government, said "God save everyoody from eucli tenderness '? Ho (Mr. DlUenboefer) was instructed to avail b.ainell of any technical objection that the law aOoided in favor of the accused. Mr. Larocque?A sum of money was voluntarily given to the prisoner. Instructions bad beeu given to tbo Mavdiai to tieat Schwarn aa leniently as possible com pel ibie with liin safe keeping. And finally an orter was wane to bun that if ho endorsed the check that he brought to a banker here a sum would be given him out ef the proceeds. But he would not do that. DlUenboefer?And the Austrian government would keep the balance. The Conimixsioner said that every tlmo this rase was ap charges of want ol tenderness to the prisoner wero tuade , but there was no foundation lor such cbnrgee. Me I the Commissioner) did not want to try (his case on public opinion or whut appeared m the newspapers. Mr Uittnuhoefer? Nor do I either; but I repeat there La* not been lair treatment sbown the prisoner. The Commissioner?It will tie better to drop tbis dis cussion. and lot us go on with the reading of the papers If IHw-ihie. f?r Mtneod was called on the stand. He eaid?I have ??en lint prisoner in jail; he is suilenng Irom slight con ?tipatiou end lover. I have proscribed for him and be was up yesterday and looked weli; he is in bed to-diiy and complains of being heavy; he 1b not worse than many or us are who have to go about our business: 1 cannot exactly say that it would do him any barm if be canit to-day out of his cell. lo Mr. lb lien hoofer?1 would preler tbat the prisoner would for a day or two more not come out, and be left in my care Mr l-arocqne siiid that he now moved to go on In the ftnM'iieo vf iho prisoner. His ptvhence was not at all needed. Counsel quoted some author.ties on this point. The Coir.m .-siouer s action in this matter could not be ?object to review tn the Supreme Court of the United tiuii-y, and therefor? n uhs not neces*arr to have the jneou'r pftMBt. ?J?iri?.D,,mBl'?f'er 10011 ",0 OPI"08"? ?nd repudi ated the Idea that a mull was to be sent back to meet a Worn" in a foreign country on ,-x parte testimony, taken i ?*U.Brf?!10,r.,D',e* *""? 'n t0e *?Gence of .he iccuacd. 1 ?<M?Mii.tlon f?w 'he right to ihe prisoner to be pwvttBt at the inquiry. Tho .'omnussioner "suid be would send for the prisoner and bavabm down here, if he was not worse than what Lad been stated by the phyaic'an. No right of the urli wner was put in jeopardy by Mr. Diiienhoefor coo?ent atienV r<-Udl"g ?r ,be re8t wf lba depositions in his Mr. Dittenhoefer was willing to adjourn ihe cssa for a day or two, and then, if his client was not better, be would go on without htm. But be could not new pro eead without the prisoner being pre-ent. He was acting wsidci instructions. These adjournments ware no favor to bun personally, on the contrary, they were an injury to film, as he was obliged to come her* from <l*y to day ?ad give attention to the case without receiving any ?smpansation therefor. Ha wav simply di-charging a gtofawitokal duty in professionally attend ag to a case In trusted to bte hand?. foe .'ommi-sioner ordered an officer to take a car Jtog*, proceed to the prison, and bring down the prisoner, in the meant-me he would adjourn the court for half an Bo ur. At twenty mlDiitaa after three o'clock the prisoner was brought into court, and Mr. I.aroeque proceeded with the reading of the dapositlona Among these were ?r l*u*u boh wart/, Samuel JaKob ?art the Uiingar an lawyer, Grioffy, whose testimony we kavo already reported in tbe Hnuuk 7 Mr. DtUenboefar having coma into court. < ommia **uner White t.iid that he could consult with h'a client. If Mcbwaru wm unwell he might return to ihe pr.eon wd In* reeding of the deposition* could pro ee<l in lire ?nieuce. Mr. Ihttenkne'er?Aa your Honor snd the Austrian governirent have taken the responsibility of bringing IB* pr.soner here he must now remain. Tie commissioner?1 do not think vou ought tomato thai remark. ..Mr . karocqua?There iscansinly no compulsion on Ms prisoner to remain The >.onimt-*'oiier- -You need not di?c-.iwi that. Go on WHb the reading of the depositions. Mr. Tamri,ue did ho. He r-ad the depo-iiion or.Tulins Cohen, who had accompanied th? prisoner from Gross, wardein to Hremeii. Iran ihe deposition It arpeared that Schwai/. had eoafaeaed to Cohen that he war an un fortunate pernor. that ha had forged bills to the amount of i nO. 000 florins, and that be had roaooived the idea of ?#tng io America, or of shooting himseii, as he always smrned dangerous weapons about bis person. Tbe depo sition of J. B. Sohwartz, brother of the prisoner, stated skat ha d<d not know wby be was nrre.ted, ev.-ept on account of the swindles of bis brother. Adolphe, tn whwh he had no participation. He declared that be had ?of received a farthing ol the proceeds or these swindles. Jmoa von Gn-dly examined?{Three Metiers produced). These letters art referred loin the deposition of J B warn and Helena Schwartz as having lieen sent bv the pr son r to them; I know the handwriting very we'l; It la that of Adolphe Schwartz. Counsel read tbe letter of the prisoner to Ins brother Janata, stattnr that ha had sullied the name of hit family; that be had long suffered from his misfortunes; that he requested his brother to take charge of hit rblll ?od Wife, and lhat II he got happy abroad he would let thorn tins. There was niso a letter from the prisoner to Ll? wire Jtoea, suggesting that, as there was hardly a c-haa-e of >>? aver seeing her again, she might marry some m tn who would b? kind to liar. From Monthampton he also wrote an altecting latter to his wire, m which be grapht ?wlly described a storm at em. Ha vates that be de. ?avvest puntahmani. hot that the |<aln* and torments ha aa tiered were sufficient for a murderer. He rouctudce ?Htod Da with you, dear left one. and may uiaka vou yWf'.wMi M also you mr dear and innocent child, yaawwall. and do not forget your faibar, whom voa laved ao much. I kiss all heartily, and beg to be lor Adolphe *? ._yr de l.ooaay, Anstrlau Consn! General, depoead lo having reoaired a rasrrtpt and a teteciam flrcm the Department of Foreign Affairs at Vienna in reference to the charge alleged against Ui# pri-oner. ?,0n f" ' ?rnr*'ua **m1 w** 'be raae for the proseeu Mr. iJitlenhoafer then aupiied for time to bring over (ri?oaer* ^ HuB,r"r-T lo r,b"1 ?"barge against the t'oiua.4s.oner lTbtte Mid he .ould not do that. I.ut if Mr. Dittenhoefer bad auy present ha inizbt a i am I ne them. * Mr. Dittenhoefer had one wane-a. but be did not know >at whether ha would put him ou the stand or n?t. After soma further discussion the esse m adjourned Mil Monday nan. at three o'clock. SUPREME COURT-CHAMIERS. ikartn H. MnN?rl N?l ?? be KxrrnlrA ?? Ihr HHh ml April?A W rit of l>r?i UrailrA. He'ore Judge l.eonard V>ait*r B. Haiiurl if. Tkt I'eoplr. A<. ?Applies)loo mm ?rti in ih'g court veeterdar by Kinl/in-, and b<lda>. ? ?ounarf, tor a writ of error and afar or proceeding* ii tlx race of i harle* B. Manual, alls* "Bawmar t harloy, a colored roan, who wa? convicted at the Court of Hen* nil saasiona of the murder of Henrv fccBPamnr, a vuuni Wtrman shoemaker, In Ttiotn|>aon -ureer. on the nig In ol lu. rnii? r JV, 2sg|?jf and sentenced to l-a bung on Hit 3ft a day of April next, Ibe Court granted the appll oat lea. IUPREK COURT?CIRCUIT?PART 3. A'lU* t? Keraser Krai from a Parly bf lll? ItVttr'a Tratirr- A Hippie mm the Matrlrwsw aial Hen. Ita'cre Judge K. It. Smuti Mirm rt. 7a ? ? n.?1 hie a< I'OD was brought by the j-la.ntift to recover rent of a house which the plaintiff es tni'tee for the defendant's wife leaaed to the defendant, !r r ll* mT!l^ n,MUr ?**' 1 he defendant claimed riTlJil* JT! !? h!? "-ire, sn.t that bran .VjfTT" htinselt he had paid two third* or the amount ei?\tnr?i tn the |ea?e (n full for WlfJtaiUV tU- "We,Warn hndde. ?XK2 1 *n<l <5*m* '0 this . lie. and wa* with another wi.maa, and that hie wile had procured a divorce front htm in New terser The court admitted under object ,0n (he defendant and hi. wfe ae wltneerea, and tlieir lettlmony wag in dire, i , rtot After the plaintiffs counsel h.,t nnh?t.* i tummrng wp the defendant requested leave to, htfoh ""J* from the SHporaion* made agamat him. and ter a ounri.'r ?f an hour made a very pointed spoe. h M ktmwW,, that he had dono wrong. and bitterly complaining of tn* anaaner in whioli plaint 1(1 a rounael hud sen tit m aoou, of him. Ibe Jury found a verdi-t for the plaintiff 'oi fl.WJ T* f.OURT OF OTER ANO TERMOR. I targe af Amow Trlal ef John Kane ft. Murder la tba PI rot llegree-Tke Kuraiug ? aba Teaeaseat Haaaa la TblrtpeBrat at reel. Before Judge Ingrabam and a Jury. The trial of John Kane for mnrdar In lite ft rat degre mm imp* ,UM,I * * Court The prisoner is charged with having oh the night of the 12th of December, IMS, maliciously set lire to a tenement house, of which be was the proprietor, sod thereby caused the death of Mary fiaadfonL Mr. Martin dole. Attorney General for the State, sod Mr. R C. Hatchings, Assistant District Attorney, ap peared for the prosecution; and the prisoner's counsel are Mr. James T. Brady and ex-Judge A A Thompson. The interest in the trial teems to Increase, and the court room was muoh more crowded than on the pre redmg day. Among the spectators was the Hon. John Frauds Mogul re, M. P. for tho city of Cork, Ireland, who is on s risit to litis oily. ?vidkxci rm nix psaearm >*. George E. Sheohao was further croes-cxsmlned by Mr. Brady as to the value of the fixtures, Ac , in Kun.'i liquor store. W tineas voted at the last election; he be lieved he was naturalised under his uncle. Re examined by Hr. Hartindale? An aunt of mine came to see me at tits Tombs; I s ut her to call on Fire Marshal Baker to come ana see me; Mr. Baker came next morning; he held oat uo inducement to me; I told him that I wanted to make an houost statement of ail that occurred at the Ore; bo took down my statement in writing; that was all tho agreement; before tho lire Kane figured up his accounts and said business wad bad, that he waa doing business at a loss; I have been on lite roof; It is a Hut roof, with accommodation ?or drying clothes, the roof was level along the avenue; i have seen Kan > un tho roof before the lire. By Hr. Ilrady?Kane got $14 a mouth from Puninger, $40 from Zitte, $12 trom .-anrtford and $20 from Wobb. Policeman Killeeu deposed that the store on the night of the Ore was closod about twenty miuules past eluveu o'clock; tho usual hour for closing it was about one o'clock in the morning. To Mr. Brady?I used to generally look into the store each evening; I know the store was closed the night of the tire after eleven o'clock by lookiog at the cluck; the night before the Ore it was closed at about half-post one; I saw the bartender putting up the shutters; the second night before the fire the store wus closed aoout the same hour; the place is stillest at abont half-past one o'clock in the morning. Q. Is it not your experience that men select a late hour and not an early hour to commit crimes V Mr. Martindale objected. Mr. Brady?Why do you object? Is not the witness an expert? The objection was allowed. Police officer Loram deposed that be saw two i bildren on thereof of the burning house on the night of the Ore; he also saw Kane and bis wile on the roof; Mrs. Kane was nearly naked; Kane had on a white overcoat and black pants; he bod ono boot oil and one on. aud he was so much uuder the influence of drink that wit ness told him he would take him to the station house if he did not get off the roof. To Mr. Brady?I saw two men who, I think, were dressed in soldiers' clothes, going into the store uboul a quarter-past twelve o'clock. To a Juror?1 presume they were customers, fnptain Wilson, of the Twenty-llrst precinct, deponed that shortly after the lire Kane met him and said that the place was set on fire, and to look out for the barber; that ho did it; Kane gave him tho names of the parties that lived in the bouse; Kane was dressed; tho parties who were burucd were not dressed; hano said he had had a difficulty with the barber; after the lire witness went down to the cellar, where there were woodsheds and eleven barrels; two of thcin he supposed contained liquor; the others were parts of barrels which he dis covered from the boope; the woodsheds were burned more in the front than rear; there was a cun of turpou tme, about four-filths foil; it bad not beret; the cork was out of the ran; there was not much burned in the barroom; there was a kerosene oil con behind the street door, on Thirty-first street; tho con was empty, but It smellod strongly of kerosene. To a .piror?When Kane said to mo to " look out for the barber," he did not say what interact ibe barber would have In burning the place. To Mr. Brady?There was some white lead in the cellar; I have seen Hbechau; I do not know- who filled up i he papers when Sheehau applied for a license. Peter Lougworth deposed that he took some materials ? oils, paints, paper, brushes, white lend, glue, a can of turpentine, calcctnine, ladders, planks, working pots, Ac., tho day before the fire to Kane's premises; the can contained about three gallons?ono of oil and oue of turpentine; after the fire be discovered that about half a gallon of the oil was missing. To Mr. Brady?Got tho order from Mr. Kane on the 1st of Dot-omber to paint aud pa|ier tho place, and was to commence the job on the 12th; Hr. Kane spoke to him about placing the materials in the barroom, but witness said that waa no place for them, and witness then put them in the cellar, with the exception or the ladder. i To a juror?The can of turpentine had a cork in it, and the nut was melted off by tho fire. Mr. Martindale said he agreed with the other side that s policy of insurance for $0,000 had been effected on the building on the 2d of April, 1848, to secure a mort rage of $8,000 on the building, which was continued to Mr. Kane to the 2d of April, 1847, in addition to the pol icy of $4,000 Insurance put in evidence yesterday. That made the whole amount Insured on the building $12,000. Catharine Duchesne, examined?I live with my bus band on board his canal barge; I am the aunt of Kane and Sbeehao; about the middle of last June I put $2,200 into the hands of Kane; next morning 1 '-ailed en him for the money; ho gave me bark $1,700; be said bis wifo waa the person who took $500 out of the package, and that if 1 would keep still he would give me the money soon; be went down on bis knees and took bta oath on a book that if I would not expose him autong hla tenants and neighbors he would would let me have the money aa soon a* possible; I told him that I could not go home to my husband without the money; Kane said hla wife had purchased clothes with the money, end that be could not lei me have it then; be said he would try and sell his hou-e. and if be could not sell it he would insure it for a large amount and burn it down?isensation in court); I begged him not to do anything of the kind. The witness was cross examined by Mr. Brady, but her direct evidence was not shaken, ibe mated that on one evasion she bad lent Kaue $300; be threatened to kill her. hot ?he now bad no feeling against him bat one of kind. Christian regard. A policemsn named Adam Trtbanl deposed that Kane bad ai ked him if be had hoard of his difficulty with the tixrlier; witness said no; Kane said lie bad offered the turner $.100 to gel him out of the bs-euient; the barber refused, and prisoner said he would get him cut if it mslhint $1,000. Penh) S. Sullivan, a private of the Metropolitan Fire Departuieni, swore that he had had a conversation with Katie the day after the fire; asked him how the fire ori ginated; Kane said he would not tell for reasons best known to himsell, and that he would keep it to himself. James M. Webb, who occupied the top floor of the bourn with bis wife, five children and sister-in-law, de posed that after twelve o'clock on the night of the fire be was called up bv Mr. Kane, who said that the house waa burning; witness jumped np and saw the liames a-.ending tho stairs; he took bis children to the roof, sod bis wife, supposing that one of the children, whom he hail token to the roof, 'still remained in the room, returned, and perished; when he came down from the roof Kane was the first person he met; Kane said to him, ' the barber has fixed us at last;" the prisoner told him that he expected 'o have a belter plaoe down town, that business was bad where be was: he met Mr. Kane at Harrison's barroom since this charge; Kane naked hint bow uiuch his furniture wss worth; he said aoout. $1,600; he also asked what rent he paid; witness sab! *2o o month, Kane aaid be would make that all right and give him $770 if he and all the other tenants would sign a <?rd in the papers exonerating him irom all blame. fo Mr. Brady?I have sued Kane in I ha courts for | $2 000 lor loss of furniture. Bernard Hodges, proprietor of the Henna, deponed to having Mild the premises to prisoner fur $19,000, $12,200 of which was cash, the remainder ha gavo a mortgage for. .This having closed the evidence f?r the prosecution counsel for defence proceeded to review it. and in the cuurve of his remarks said that the prosecution, alihough luougnt on in the name of the people, was, in reality, instituted by their servant Firs Marshal Raker, who was present at the altiow or the counsel fort lie prose cutiou prompting them continually, and wss no doubt well paid for ins trouble, and it would, indeed, be profita ble tor persons to invest in lire ompauiee when their vtock is protected and defended In sucb an extraordinary manner as the present prosecution tends to point out. EMIIKV r. VOS THK liSfKMK. This. A. Hurley, sworn. deposed to being agent for a breoety where the prisoner was in the habit of dealing; on the evening or the fire was playing billiards with him irom seven to eleven, sad Kaue was perfectly sober, as he always was, ami on leaving left him end >h?ehan to gether behind me at hi* bouse. (By prosecution)? Hs\e known htm since be commenced business witn us. John Gilien, officer? Saw tue prisoner on the li ght of the tire, be seemed to bate been drinking, hut was not dionk. John 0. V. t.regor testified to the f?? t of the pi !--oner having dealt with bun for clothe", lor whirb he paid $147 Thome* Grabatn- N'ever heard anylbine had of the jwisoner; hl? general reputation iraag>od. lie w is bar keeper si Hs'rt on'* for shout three vear*. and when he went there first did not know of his having any pro pertv. I'aifick Nolan, baker?W?* at work near the corner of Thirty-fi t air - t uu t be n gtit ni the fire; iny attention wa* attracted by th" rapping or a (Mb, aud on going out In ilie street could s e no tire or smoke, but saw s man come out of a rellsr or hall In Thirty-first street, run down about sixty feet, then land looking ?up. and im mediately lie started up third avenue; be wss a man about six feci high John M ilion Wss wtth^be l?-i witness on the night In question, and heard the tape of the < lub and saw the man ruuniug out of Kant's cellar and run up Third av<-. no", isoon after saw Ibe fire breaking out nod saw Mr. Kane bringing his wife out In hit arms; the man ran Dins was at least six fret high. Hi-nrl Koehler tesiitled to the prisoner hsi ing bought from him honor* to the value of $3,'K)d, all dcilvsied at hia bouse, Thirty-first street and Second avenue. t he Court then adjourned tu tea o'clo k this morning. COURT CAUNMP-TH* OAT. PvniKia Corn*. i rorrrr. ? Part g.?Nan. l.odd aw 1.1BU ?*?, 8.7M, VIT. V47, **9, l.Ofll, ?|? 1,264 1W*. 1,0>>1, 1,144 1,17i, 1 -0-!4 >rrtt*?* OMIT, Cm*****.?No*. 87, 71. 7-t, 74. Call OMinMM* W No. ?. Alt oth?r Urnn'ho* of thi? court tor* i>o*n ad.minwd for the (arm. 0*00X1 TP LAW COURTS. I Nllr* M?tr? Iflatrlrt Court. Before Jadk? Benedict. IMAil Sta!'t ML ISm 7 Avurand Calli*! tf MrJtiimt ?Ai Hi* openinr of the court yitlirtet the jury In thl* can* returned with ? reeled TriHtet, according to direction*, hut m ih? do< umont *u Irregular and Informal, Judgo ?ni??i4>rt a?nt tltom out again. Tim Jury reoyp**rod at naif.paat two o'clock wit* a rerdlot in favor of Uia got ?rnmcnt tto the molaman claimed by Mr. Kodmood ?ttrti* h. condemned re Ti?nma numpt. ?'Hun rear, already *v?rt<d,. turn gg and hoRrt Jwty j*gndjot y?H?rtdr afternoon. All the testimony was submitted, and the case adjourned until to-day. United Sitmcoo Cwinmlaalonvr'a Court. Before Commissioner Newton. VnUtdSLaU* " a TAoawu ttodgcn.?The defendant, wbo la a distiller at No 8 Navy street, was charged with using false brands and Illegally removing whiskey. According to the testimony of Inspector Burroughs, Of the Third district, he detected Bodgera at about half-past four o'clock on the morning of the 11th inst leaving the yard at hia establishment with a wagon containing fly# barrels of whiskey falsely branded. The testimony for defence proved that Rodger*' distillery was closed from the preceding Saturday until the day in question, Mon day, the 11th; that no whiskey had been manufactured in the interim; that only three barrels were in the distil lery when It was locked up ou Saturday, and, moreover, that Rodgers himself did not leave his bed until between seven and eight o'clock on that morning. It wae also shown that the yard belonged to the tenement house adjoining as mnch as It did to the distillery, and that subsequently traces of a still were found in the cellar ol this house. In view of the testimony submitted counsel tor defence moved for the discharge of his client, and Commissioner Newton granted the motion. Cwwrt of Mesalena. Before Judge Dikemau and Justices Boyt and Voorbeea. The People vs. Martin MeCormaek.?Tha Jury In this case, after having been locked up over night, returned at half-past niuo o'clock yesterday morning with a ver dict convicting the prisoner. It will be remembered that MrCormaclc was one of a gang who broke into the house No. 202 North Seventh street, E I)., early on the morning of December 2, 1886, and robbed and ravished three serving girls, named Ellen Walkor, Margaret Lacey and Anna Campbell. John Aionaghuu, wbo is said to have been the leader of the gang, has already been con victed and Is now in jell with MoCormack, awaiting sen tence. The third participant in the outrage, James Hiueson, will probably be tried in a week or so. The I\nplt m. Patrick Holland.?Tbe defendant Is charged with having robbed one James (larrity of a watch and chain valued at about $100, while the latter was waiting for a car at the comer of Atlantic and Smith streets, ou the night of tbe 23d of August, 1866. H"l laud was arrested shortly after, and convicted in the Court of Sessions; but on the following day a man named Henrv Mackay appeared before Judce Dikeman and stated that he was the guilty party, instead of tbe already convicted party. To prove the truth of his assertion, Markev conducted an officer to the party who bad pur chaseu tbe watch from bim, and in consequence thereof tbe case of Holland, as far as the conviction went, was quashed. Mackay was then about to be tried for the robbery, on his own confession, when District Attorney Morns received certain information which inclined him to believe that the story of the confession was not altogether a veracious on", and that M.ickuv had thus come lot ward lo receive tbe punishment which properlv belonged to Holland. Moreover, it appeurcd that tbe man from whom Jackay recovered the watch had re cei\ort it from Mackay ; that Mackay in disposing of it bad said he was acting for another party, and that after the recot ery, the money paid by the receiver was re turned. Holland was placed on trial yesterday tor the second time, when i.unity renewed his statement, under oath, that he was tbe party wbo robbed bim. The case was not concluded, an adjournment until Saturday hav ing been made. TRIALS AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS. The Cnir of Nrrfrnni Field, of the Filieentb Preclnoi ? Keno or Mot. Ar. The in* of Sergeant Field, of the Fifteenth precinct, who, it will l>e remembered, was discovered oo the night of the 2let met., in citizen's clothes, beatod at a kcr.o table at JotfayeUe ilall by Sergeant M< Dcrmott, of the Kiphtli precinct, who hail been sent, in company with Sergeant Ferris, of the tame precinct, and a squad of tuen, to "pull ' the honee, came up yosiqrday. A large number of tbo worshipper? at the shrine ot kcno were present, who manifested considerable interest in the proceeding* of the (rial. The tlrsi witness called woe the complainant, UcDerraott. Tie said ?About ten o'clock on the night 01? the ?'Ht of February 1 entered the gambling motr. No 66? Hi tail way. In company with doorman Hanover; I noticed ?Mirgeant Field seated at a table toward the right of the room; wo look pur Mate at. another tabie. when h# i Field - came aver and sat beside me and asked id a tone quite audi ble. '?What is up?" and " Is AT lit going to pull the place ?" he then got up, went round $0 my left, sat be tide the doormen and entered into conversation with Itlm: again, almost immediately, he arose and started lor 1 he door; by this lime tli re was quite a rush for it. Mid the doorman audi passed along with the cfowd; whan we got into the ball 1 caugnt hold of tbe door with my left band: at that moment Sergeant Field was on the Inside, and In getting out he pressed against tnv arm; while iu that position I said to hiu- ?? Hold on. ! waut you to help me; I am going to pall this house;" l.c then replied, "I cannot, 1 nu-s; go;'' which words were ac companied by an oath. Sergeant Field, the a com*.', was next called, and made the tollowtng sworn statement:? 1 am a serves 111 of tlie Fifteenth precln t Mc.ropoiitau I'; on Thursday evening. February 'il, it being my night on duty, 1 went In citizen's dress to a theatre, remaining there until half* pest nine P. M.; 1 visited utii rwardn the Han Fitfo ?ro Mm ire Is, leaving '.he Inner place at fori) -tivo minutes past nine P. M.; I met oBfeer liavis, of ;he ventre! ttfll" e, their, and ported with Khu nbout fifty minutes past nine P.M.; f then walked up HronOwry uk far m> Lafnvet'o Hull, No. 69? hreadwny; J went into saldlbu'ld ing to Inform myself of ibe class of perwona woo foe queried the place 1 having heard it wis a resort of thieves and vamblort . and where Hi ? game of kcdo no.) been lor several weeks played publii ty an<! often doors; in the performance of my duty during the time 1 have tieen sergeant of the Fifteenth precinct; 1 have , oeeu directed by Captain Caffrey to rrre-t the nmu'.es of eleven gambling bouses, tbe majority of prhlcb eases, wheu prcs"?i'ed in court, having been <!!* mssed, because 1 was not familiar with the game; I lever gambled my-oh In any manner or tortn, and urn jot conversant with the details of rnch cames. of ?hance; I therefore vis ted this p'ace thut 1 might he. :une tamilisr or posted in this game; 1 inquired of two persons, strangers to me. how- to gain access to the keno room, and soon found myself 111 a 100m where there were some fifty or more person*, .-.fling around tables; 1 took a seat separate from Uic persons whom I sup posed playing, when svon after u person asked me 'if I would take a card," 10 which 1 replied "that ! did not nome in for that purpoeo;'' 1 had not licen 10 the room more than two or three minuter when Sergeant McDermolt (in citizen's drear and in company witbn person unknown to me) came in, and as soon as I saw him 1 left my seat and seated myself next him. a>kiug at the same time, "Is anytb r.g to be done?" and t<> which be did not reply; I remained |ierbaps a couple of minutes, remarking, "This is a great game," to which he replied, "Ves, it in;" I then rose to leave the mom, when he said, -'What is your hurry?" to which I re plied, "I have aeen all I *i-h to." and then left; al' the doors were open; I then went down stairs and pawed Into the street, and, seeing a dozen or more persona standing ou the sidewalk, stopped a few ivinnv nt.; e perron, s stranger to me. spoke to me and wild. "There Is sergeant Ferris going intotlie harrooiu;'' I Immediate ly followed the Sergeant, and. approaching him, asked him in a low tone of voice "What Is going to be done V and 10 which he made no rcp'v, walking up stairs; toy design In thus making Hie inquiry of Scrgenm 1 errts was to off w my services In case such should be required bin he did not aeem disposed to talk with me ou the sub ject. and I did not volunteer; I remained a few momenta and then returned to tbe Flfteanlh precinct station house, w here ? related the alfair to t'np>aia Caffrey and Herqeant Miller, at about twenty-three pest ten P.M.; and further that n?ithrr Sergeant UcHermott nor Ferris nor any other police officer informed me of what was going to take place nor asked my ar-iataoce; nor did 1 play or have any intention of playing the game; l visited the establishment simply for information which I thought murhiheoi value to me in the fulfilment of my duty; ami further that I wee not In the room over five or tlx minutes. The doorman. Hanover, was then examined, who cor roborated the statement* made by VcHermou. Officer Paris, of the Central office, tes< tiled to hie having met Field at tbe Hen Francisco Minstrels at ten minutes to ten o clock the night o! the 'sieecenl" Messrs. John f-amh. Alex. Marshall. V, m. Purine, of Brootue street; John Melville, of Hou-ion afreet, and Paniol B?nojes, proprietor Of I.ofayeite Hall, testified that Field had en tered the keno room but live or six minutes previous to (he srrtval of Hit Kigtnli ward police, and that be did not engage in the game, and, in fact, when asked to do so, reinsert. Captain Caffrey. of tbe Fifteenth precinct, also 1 "?siiiied Hist Field, at a quarter to eloven on tbo night of the 'Jlat, caine to tic station house and told him I/iifayetre Hall had been "pulled." In his opinion Field dirt not know bow 10 play at any game of chance, and was adverse to gambling In even shape. Hec:*ion in the case was reserved. MCSUUERA Alio THE PANAMA MAILS. ro this cniTon or tiik hkbalo. fix Some days ago you pvJrtlshert an article respect ing 1 he right that the Columbian government had for compelling the Panama Railroad Com pan v to deliver ovi-r to iha Post Office of tbe republic all tho corre spondence that is to be transported across the Istbmitsi In "uxler. therefore, to prevent, sny further misunder standing on the snhjerl. I take the liberty of copying soma of the provisions contained in the contract be tween the republic or New ? irnnnda (now Colombia) and t-ald Panama Railroad tompany Abticls i.1" All 1 vrrevponde'iee which may arrive from the trrr tare of the lepuhHr or from torelv 11 countries to be tr?ii?pn i"d over tic-railroad, wh?l?Ter may be Its destine - ? lun. niu t absolute r pass through the pout offices of New ? Iraaxila. w htch sh-ul open with the rompnny an annuiil sc. eouat current of poeyige, hi o.iler 10 eonipuie the share of piotlts belonging to N. w Hranada, in rnntovmlty with the |W?vlstnn? nf the thirtieth article of this rontrarC and la ?oder to guaid against Hand in this respect. Vnt. aT ro rai-ry out the stipulation of ?h* preredlng ar Mrtw the ?-otapar r bisrt- liseli net 10 receive anv other peok ,-ges of isirreepouden-" than those delivered to It by the post offices of New ('.ranad", to be 1 vrrled tiv the rnllroad 10 tlietr roitof embarkation. or to ihe rotnl "n the i?thrau?for vrbiah thev wvev he d? ilnid on ihe lino of Ihe said road, eowiulylns with thi- collations which U10 enseutlva power may lay down oil the atibjeri. and also with 'Uoee which may be tus'ln r?i rarrvtng .11 oa.d road the rorsenpoBdenee 01 foreign hak'on* v hn-h may be delivered to the company by the officers of the republic for ?hat potpoee. And as yon likewise stated that it was necessary to ob tain the iutenrent on of the Pnlted state* government in order to prevent the carrying into (feet the late orders given by General Koequora ou the matter, I may also copy another article of said centred, which will show you that the imervuntion of anv authority distinct from tbo*e legally estate hed with jurisdiction In the rvpabllo of Coiombin eould not bo allowed. It says ? Ast fin. P'.ntruvervtM which may arlaebetween the ezeeu live power of New uransds and Hi# 1'anama Itailrond Cewr pmiy la regard to the ruinimeat of or failure toflKHMNB eontract, er upon the understanding nr eon at ruction uf the clauses it ivtnwdoa, shall be das-tited by the ra*i*trntea and accord!ns to the '*?? of the rep< bile of Few (iraaeda. Ac. Haw Tut*. Feb 2#. j?t; vebitah A BRAND BOLD SWINDLE. SU Hwodred Thousand Dollars PrM?rtd m Forim. (-.Id I'eriiflrateo?The Ptrp.tnu.r H?* He Kffertrd flu Korape-The Victims Crass Halts (irowlig Oat of the Affair?The Matter Mean te he Broaght Before the Courts, Arc. On the 2d of May, I860, a man by the name of John Boo* who had been engaged in boeineea aa a broker, la Wall a reel, for aboat six or eight month., aaceeeded in

fraudulently obtaining over half a million dollhre in gold from various bankers and broken In this city. A meagre report of tbe affair was published shortly after the occurrence, bat the victims of the swindle assiduously kept the real facts from the public in the hope of securing tbe perpetrator or getting back a por tion of the immense sum stolen, the following state ment Is the only true one yet published of the affair:? now rim money was rnoctntsn. the money was chiefly procured on a number or forged gold certiflcateii, apparently signed by the Conti nental Bank, but a portion of the total sum was securod by means of some forged Michigan Central bonds. Olgsntlc as was the amount Involved, tbe whole sum was H^i i. rto* between the honrs of twelve and two o clock, and he at once decamped with his booty. Al .? H fr*uds w?r? slmon immediately discovered, .w lect, M WPre Pot uPon bis track tbe same day HilaJ . s*1""1'* wes perpetrated, the criminal sue '??vlnff tbe city, and be has never since been arrested. The whole transaction bore traces of careful 1 *. further investigation has but Mrenzth !k!; ? ? 8*neraliy entertained n? the lime that usual *kP.been, in all iu details, planned with un mode or kscape i ne mutiuer in which Rot* so successfully mails his escape, however mysterious and perplexing it may have appeared at the time, has since been thoroughly brought to light On the very day that Hie fraud was consum mated, and only an hour or iwo after the monev had IhT'n,.,'*!1ho embarked on Itoard n ve.jei Lamed the Dakota, which had been waiting, as it has since been presumed, especially for the purpose or enabling Mm to evade (he pursuit of ju?Uc4, already coaJed, harbo ^ Pro*'8:oned tor a long voyage, iu the Tm OAt-OTA, until wl'.bln a few days of her leaving .Vew York had noli#tne. K^y WarrrB I/)laud- ?r *he Metropolitan Hotel. Just before her departure she hntl l?eon pun ha-ed by a man named Lawrence C. Woodruff; wbo la reported to be a bunker in Bullalo. At tbe time of the sale ike vessel was fully prepared for tea, and was perfectly ready to start at any moment 'ipon a ionp voyage, she wns commanded by a man wbo had been appointed to ,. J!?*1 fjy Mr. I.eland, at the recommendation of Mr. J. hilnell, and who played 110 iinunponant ri,lr in tlie subsequent history of this case. Of mo aulecedonts of TniH CAPTAIN nothing certain is known, but It is supposed that he is identical ?lib a man who was removed for misconduct from the command of the ship While Squall, at Rhi Ja neiro, in 1855, another railing master b-ing sent out from -New York to lake bis place. It is alleged that subse fluently he was in the employ of Meiers. I'cndegrnss .k ( o.aud ihut ce was agaiu disi'barged lor improper con "i11' It is lurtber stnlnd thai the parties wbo planned the frauds .-elected hitu specially en account of his notoriouslv had reputation aa a fit person to undertake the important task of bearing Ro*s beyond the reach of Lis \i.ilius. Yo avoid Ruspic'on, end by tho most tiki I in I engineering, they contr.i.-d that he should be ap. pointed ci|ibiiu, while the vessel yet re in a iced in the hi.iidr of Air. J,eiand. and by son) ? tutuns or oilier in duced Mr. Klhvcll to recommend him. s'lAWM. the SITII s. On leaving New York the Dakota sailed for South America, ami after touching at several ports by the way anchored outside Miimnham, where tbe most amur-lug scene :u Hie whole iram-action was unacted. U is stated thai the captain, instead of fuithiullv fiilfllllns his share Sin i!m Jundinz Ross u|?on payment of ? lO.fXiO in cold, the sum originally stipulated for his pas sage, Kept tho ship lying outside the harbor for lour days, and would not con-mni to pur him on shore until he had extorted $26,000 of the stolen money. Ross was only persuaded io accede to the rapacity of h?a quondam friend by tho necoefutits or his position and doubtless repented bitterly having been compelled to place himself so completely in his power. As soon as be bad complied with the demands of the captain and bad safely reached terra flrroa, it is sa'.d ho lost no time in lay ins plans of ret euge, but at once, by a lavish out lay of the money be bad acquirod at go much nsk to himaelf. hired the services of a gang of Portuguese des peradoea and instructed, them to assassinate him. Tbe ?*ptain, however, by tome means became acquainted with the designs 0f Roes, and at once left Maranlism and proceeded with the Dakota to Rio Janeiro, where she bad been consigned. Hero the vessel was transferred to tbe possesren of S ax well, Wright 4 Co., the consignees, and sold. I be captain, about t>.vo months ago, . . Kf TCEXKn TO NEW YORK, bearing wub aim bis share ol the spoil* It is reported that bo brought homo a magnificent set of jewelry valued at $5,000 ii; gold, which bo hod purchased In Bio' and presented mem to his wire. Ho i iaye.i in New York six days, and notwithstanding the threats which bad been wade by the t ontiuental Rank that tbey would at net him at the first opportunity, and altboueh they were acquainted with tbe Tact of Ida return no effort was made to pumeh him as sn accomplice 0f Ross, and he was permitted to return unmolested tn his home In Maine, where ne has since lieen living in tbe most luxu rious aud extravagant manner. But he has pot been a..owed to evade entirely the appropriate rawer! of his part or the swindle. Tbo I acts connected will ?!.? de partureof ibe Dakota have been brought to ilia know. I"dge of the llourd or Pnderwrttere, and the < iplaiu has been unfilled that unless he can nnke nn adoqu ite and satisfactory explanation his certificalo sailing muter will be revoked. He has replied, exprcccm. untprl-o at the note aud asserting confidently his ability to clear op the matter so tar aa It aflc :tM him personally, but excus ing himself for the present f rom coming to New York on tbe ground that his wife is seriously 111. t'XTFXSIVK Lrili.ATKiV. Meanwhile there have been almost endless lawsuits anting out of tills enormous swindle. Tho parties vic timized have naturally endeavored, if possible, to find some legal mean.' of retrieving the terrible losses which they have sustained. Tbe signature of ibe bank teller or the Continental Bank appended to the certificates was executed with reinarkablo skill, and tho most ex per ?t>ce<J experts in this city have failed to discover kuy difference between th? genuin -.igu.-uure and thoic- al leged to have been forged. Meastv Black 4 Spauldinc wia (irofjbeck h Co. and tho other chief sufferer* bave. therefore, opened pro-e-dmcs agaiust the Continental Rank, on the ground fbat the signalures were genuine thus in effect denying that any forgery at all war com' niiitid. There is also a suit betweeu the Commonwealth and i ontitiental hanks, wbicb is founded on apparently yet strouger grounds. A OPUMICAT*l> I Asa. It i? alleged that when Ross presented the gold certifl rates to Musts. ? roaue 4 Co.. the latter at once for worded tbeiu to tbe Continental Rank, to ascriain if they were genuine, and the inesseuger returned staling that the cashier, after closely scrutinizing them, had pronounced them to lie good. Tbe cashier subsequently denied having ever made such a statement, or having had the ortinimtes sttbmiUed to him by tbe messenger ? romse A Co. sent the certiucates to the Commonwealth Banx tho Mine day, to ba placed to their credit and they were [lassed by the Clearing Bocae in the usual manner, and the money paid to the Commoaweaith Dank. J he CnntlnenUl asserted sutacquenilv that the certificates were forgeries, and bave commenced an a? lion for the recov?r>- of the money. As soon as the Commonwealth Bank were Informed that the certificates were disputed, they decided to retain wbalncr money tbey held tn the credit of Crohise k Co., until ihe ruse wns finally settled. There wits a balance of .bout 918 000 remaining in their bands, and CronlsofcCo. bars <>i?ned an anion to compel the hank to pay up tbi. amount. THE CAfTAIN AtiAIS. Another and constantly incrensing crop of lawsuits has arisen in connection with tbe Dakota. Mr Wood ruff originally bought tlie sblp with tbe slow of sending ber out to Brazil, and selling her there as a war| when she left New York, alie was vaJueu at $50 00? ,n gold, and considering tlie price at which she had been purchased. Urn speculation appeared an extrwmi lv prom ising one. Tbe captain, bowevnr, not satisfied with the compem-aiion he was to receive Lorn Ross has. it is ttid, perpetrated a further awiudle tn connection with tbe ship. It is state.| that h. called at several port, be ?idea Maranham and Rio and contracted a number of debt, at each place. At Pernambnoo b. procured aliout 96 000 or $0,Ouo in gold on a bill which was endoraad br ibe ^ tontul fw ">?? <"ity. Before the vessel reached Rio tbe machinery by aome means or other had greauy depreciated In value, and tlie ablp onlv realized $2u,0tNk The debts which had been Incurred at various W,U| th? Previous lienor $10,000 held by Wright A Co., exceeded this sum by several thousand uol lars. and tbe consignees have written to Mr. Woodruff ro qiicstins the pavment of thl? balance. Mr. Woodrufl'has been InformoU that the shin. ?v# days arm the ,sle for $'2X000, was again sold $.'0,000, aud is naturaiiv aus picious ibat he has not been quite fairly ireale I In addition to this, it. ia sorted that Ihe ?Se bmw... Woodruff and Leland was not perfect, and there arc now no lom than five lawsuits between these parties in refer, ern e to the legal liability of each tm whiRKtHntTa or com Rosa, it Is nippooMt, has rsmalncd, amce the dale of hla escape, in Brazil, where, of course, he i? t eifcciiv secure, aa there is no extnidiilou treaty existingYetwe m thet country and the Inited Sta.ea. f ronlioi co lud Black A SpanIdlng, it is said, hoiiere that ir he could only lw brought to this country his evidence would sat I ?J?Al.h the fact the cert'fbal ea w cro not) or* od! and that the toniincntal Rank it legally bound io ac! knowledge them aa genuine, nbtwithstandiDg the man ner they may have passed out of ilb puss saion. But of course the obstacle standing in tbe way ot bringing Rova back to this country ore almost Insurmountable He might, perhaps, be kidnapped, and pcsalbly aome such course may have suggested itself to bis despairing rio tims; but It would undoubtedly !>e an extremely dan gerous measure and one likoly to result in serious con sequeaceo. It is said that it ha* been i ontempiated to apply to Mr. Reward and endeavor to obtain bis o-ope ratioo, though In what particular tbo assistance or that gentleman ooula help tho matter is exceedingly enlg mm leal. The sufferers profess themselves atreiigihoned In thslr convictions f hat Boss, if he told tho truth, could give evidence adverse to the IWTIMimt SANK, by tho alleged fact that the latter Institution, although It wns mode acquainted with ibe circumstances of 1W escape the day after bis departure from the city, made no attempt to bare him followed and arrested. The bank, on tbo other band, state that tho Information given thorn appoarod at tbe time so vague and untrust worthy that they did not feel justified in making it a has# of actio* CIMVICTED OMWClhOURIt*. Bostok, Fob. 27, 1807. needy, the twcondinrv, area yesterday convicted of ig fire to a dwelling boose in Hcmervllte last No | ty Mat$ J'rieor for llf* POLICE DITELLIQEECB. Alukxd Larcest?A 8cm in Cocmt.?For several run put, a vary pratty young woman about twenty two years of aga, the wifa of CharlaeV Owens, baa beta employed aa a waiter in the Oriental Concert Saloon, Broadway. Among the frequenters of that place waa Mr. Levi Knowles, an aged man, doing buaineaa sad living with his family at No. 478 Broadway. Mr. Knowtes ?pent many of bit evenings ia the Oriental 8aloon, con. versing and sipping wine with the pretty waller glrla Mr*. Owens waa a great favorite with Mr. Knowlea, and, according to bis own admission, he has lavished nearly 91,000 upbn her. chiefly In allowing h?r to keep money due him after paying for drinks which be had called for. Mr. Knowlea eventually fell so deeply in lovo with Mrs. Owens, that be told her aha waa too good a woman to remain in such a place, and proposed to hire and furnlah apartments for ber and ber husband at the corner of Essex and Rirington streets, provided ahe would leave the concert saloon. Mra. Owens partially consented to accept the proposition of Mr. Knowles, and subsequently she found herself duty installed in her new home, at which her kind iriend was in almost daily visitor. Mrs. Owens and also her husband solemnly aver that Knowles gave ber the furniture as bar own: bat this Knowlee denies. During a recent visit of Kuowles to tbe house of Mrs. Owens a setloua misun derstanding occurred between them, as she alleges, in consequeuoe of hla making a proposition tbe terms of which sbo could not comply with. Knowlea then be came angry, threatened to turn Mr. aud Mrs. Owens into tbe street sod concluded by saying be should send for tbe furniture tbe next day. That night Mrs. Owens, in anticipation of speedily removing to other apirtments, took away two blankets, some crockery ware, knives, forks and spoons, Ac., which articles Knowle* subsequently missed, and claimed as his own. On 'I uesday evening be caused the arrest of Owens on a charge of larceny, and Justice Hogan committed him to the Tombs for examination, which took place yesterday morning. Previous to the arrival of Knowles, however, Mrs. Owens appeared in court and told the magistrate that ber husband waa not guilty of larceny; that Knowles had presented her with the articles claimed to hare been stolen, and also stated the complainant's motive for bringing tbe complaint. Shortly afterwards, while sitting In Justice Hogan's room, .Mrs. Owens be came deeply affected at tho mortifying position in which her husband was placed, and commenced to weep bitterly. 8be seemed to be almost heartbroken, and found it Impossible to dry ber tears, till at length she swooned and fell to the floor. Restoratives were promptly ap plied, and In tbe conrso of flfteen minutes tbe fainting woman wan restored to consciousness. By this time the prisoner bad been brought Into court, whereupon Mr. Knowles was called up by tbe Magistrate and asked what complaint lie bad to make. His counsel replied that although Mr Knowles had lost some blankets and other articles be had concluded not fo press tbe charge any further, and therefore declined making an affidavit against Owens. This sudden termination of the case had a magical effect upon Mrs. Owens, who almost instantly resumed ber usual cheerful appearance and left the court with ber bustiand, whom Justice Hogan had discharged from custody. Aixhokd Attkmft to Extort Monet?A Wali. Street Broker rnt Complainant.?An aged man, named Henry Wells, living in M estchester county, was yesterday ar rested In the Gold Room, Broad street, by officer liow dell, of the Tombs Police Court, on the complaint of Mr. George M. Rowen, a broker, doing business at No. 68 Wall street. In his affidavit on file belore Justice Hognn, Mr. Bowen ew cam that on tho let of September, 1865, Wells, for the purpose and wtlh the Intent to extort money, did verbally thrcatou to accuse liim of an offence against the i'nited Stales Internal Revenue laws. Wells said that bo (Itowen) was doing a "short" business, and demanded $600 of Mr. flown, at the same time stating that, in case of refusal, he would make a complaint against hint liefore the Internal Revenue officers or the United stales, aqd accuse him of defrauding tbe government out of large sums of moneys from in ternal revenue taxes and having tnado false returns to tho officers. Mr. Bowen refused to pay Wells tbe money he demanded, and several times subsequently be renewed the threats and told Mr. Bowen that if be did not pay the money be would cause him great tronble aud have his business closed up. Mr. Bowen denies that he ever defrauded tbe government; but Wells made good hia threat as far as making trouble was concerned, as Mr. Bowen*s premises wero seized by a government (MQcer and an investipatlon had. which res itted in re llevlog him of the charge made by the defendant, Tbe magistrate detained tbe accused to await an examina tion. It has been stated that Wolls has played the same game with other broken, and with much better success than attooded bis efforts with Mr. Bowen. Dei to iso a* Omen.?Yesterday afternoon officer Read, of tbe Twenty-seventh precinct, while passing n cbeap jewelry ertabliabment in West street !n citizen's clothes, was seized hold of bv one of the "ropers in," wjto endeavored to decoy bim down late tbe cellar to make a purchase. Read rudely shook ofT tbe roper, and producing bis shield, announced hlm-elf as an officer, much to the astonishment of tbe cheap jewelry man. whose name is Edward Roach. He was taken before Jusiice Hogan, when the officer endeavored to substan tiate a charge of assault and battery against tbe prisoner, but failed. Roach was discharged and requested to be more careful in future bow be caught bold ef men pass ing through the street. Au-Lvr.D DisoRnxmuv lloc.-x?Yesterday Justice Mnns fleld issued a warrant against No. 20 Green sweet, npon the application of Anson W. Bailey, of Brewster's Station^ Putnam county, N. Y., who stated that his daughter/ Julia, under eighteen years of age. and a son, David, younger, had been enticed from their home with hiui by James G. Charlton and his reputed wife, Lillie, Ibe proprietors of this establishment, where bis said daugb ter Julia wss then living a lite of shame. He farther stated that when he visited this house, about a month slnoe, to look for bis daughter, he was forcibly ejected and abused. Dining tbe day Sergeant Totter, or Ksrex Market Police Conrf, with tbe court squad, made a dem ent upon tbe house, and arrested a dozen girls whom they found there, but failed to catch the proprietors. The erring daughter of Bailey was not among tbem. They were sent to tbe Island. A imped Violation or a Citt Ordinance.?John Pay was arraigned before Justice Ledwltb yerterday, charged with a violation of the ordinance of the Board of Health In dumping manure in vacant lots Nos. 204, 296. 208 and :>00 avenue A. Pay was held to answer. Alixpcd Maltractics.? Mary Sebaub, of No. 45 t rushy street, made complaint yesterday at the Essex Market Police Court against George Williams for having represented himself 10 be a physician when, aa she has sicce ascertained, he was but a shoemaker, and obtain ing from her $25 for pretended medical services and medicine, from which she derived no bcueflt. The ac cused, who resides a: No. 88 Bayard street, was com muted in $500 to answer. OBTAINING NONET UNDER ALLEGED FALSE PRETENCES. Tfcf llM of (irnrrfll Saaia Anna in Troable? The iirarral Reported te be Ammi the Victim*, ftc. Dehor Xnphegyi, alias Bonnenberg was arraigned yes terday at the Essex Market Police Court on complaint of Hans Casper Von Noslits, of No. 218 Korsylh street. Napbegyi It la stated is tbe present ho*t of General Santa Anna, and was brought to tbe city from bis resi dence on Stat en Island on a warrant issued by Justice Mansfield. The complaint charges him with obtaining money irons tbe complainant by false and fraudulent representation, and l? tbua recited la the affidavit. During the month of October, 1S68, the deponent bolng nhoot to leeve this city for Vera Cm* waa solicited by Xaptiegyl. ihen doing btisnesa as a com mission merchant ?t No. *li Beaver street, te cash a draft Tor him for $:j.Vi upon Oarcia Bevtlla, A Co., Vent Cruz, be (Naphcgve) stating that be had a large amount 01 money in the bands of this firm subject to bl? orders. Relieving these representations, deponent, not having the money himself, took the draft and obtained tbe cash from Somann A Edyre upon giving his personal guaran tee for its repajrtnnat Subsequently, upon bis arrival at Vera Cruz, deponent preaented tbe dealt to Garcia Ba rilla A Co.. by whom 11 was In--faulty dishonored, this Ann stating that tbe drawer had not thea and nerer bad say funds in their hands; that bo was a man of no credit, and wa* well known in Vera <'ruz as "acommon scoun drel" Deponent then paid the money beck, upon his guarantee, to Slotuann A Edyre, through their agent In Vera Cruz. Deponent further states that when he wa< leaviug New York and when oa the steamer N'aphegyl gave Win a note, telling him not to open It nntll he got to sea. in which be admitted that he had no funds in the hands of tiarcia. Sev lla * Co., and requested deponent to pay the draft without presentation, and that frequently since be has admitted the falsenosa of the rcpre.-ieniations be had made, but refuses to reftind the amount of the draft, ami that hi'name Is HonnenDerg. Justice Mansfield held tbe eccnsod for examination in SI,000. bdll tving at once entered. As be was lesvtng lh?' Police Court Naphegyi was rearrested bv one of the sheriff'' deputies upon a process Issued some time sfnee from one of the civil courts, snd which could not previously be served because of tho defendant's constant absence la another county. It being the principal object of the criminal prosecution to effect his removal here to render h'm amenable to this order or arrest. He was subsequently released by the Sheriff upon giving bail in two sureties of $2',000 each. It b is boon said that other and similar suit* are pending or about belug commenced a.-ainst Naphrgvl. In one ol which his guest General Santa Anna is or will be the plaintiff. Tbe enure of action has been asserted to oe the fraudulently obtaining by the accused from the Gen erol of a power ot attorney, uuder the authority of which he disposed of k valuable real euate property la New Grenada, belonging to the (ien<ml. and appiopria led the proceed* to his own use. This is. however, not given upon positive knowledge, but simply as wlint has been -sid; lis truth Is not voiu lied/or. VIOLATING THE EXCISE LAW. Metthcw Gum. oi 7" Cannon street, wits oommitted by .tustice Munsfleld yesterday, to answer to sn alleged vio lation ol the Excise law. John C. Donnelly. MA Sixth avenue, wee arraigned liefore Justice iodwitb. at the Jefferson Market Police Court, charged with a violation sf the Excise lew. The aoruscd wa* held to answer. MORE WHISKET gIZURES. The revenue sutborltles made the following seizures yesterday and day before in thlectty ? One hundred and forty-eight karrels stored in Dnene street. Pelted by erder of the Collector of the Thirty pocood dintiiot. Twenty-six barrels at No. 87 William street, removed, supposed from Brooklyn, in violation of the Kiolee law. Five barrels, round by the officers In a etable uader aomff Mrsw^ wtttyut en/ bran da whatever oa them. r?Brts David Owen, Chadbourue, Matanzaa? Miller A 11 Brig Belle of the Bey, Noyea, New Orleene?Tupper A AU8UMKRT OF THE KANSAS LECSLATUK. Tome, Feto. 1867 The LsglalaUira adjourned to-daj. The bUi to loan $800,000 of State bonds for the construction of a bndgo at LaavenwortA, and a bill to provide for $4,000,000 of State debt for Internal Improvements, were postpone*!. Both bills were passed by the beaate. The Committee on Senatorial frauds reported that they believed money had been used in elections, bat coald not ascertain by whom or who had received It. LECTURE IY HORACE GREELEY. Hinmnio, Feb. $7, 1WJ. Horace Greeley lectured to-night at the Court House on "Self-made Men" to a brilliant audience. The pro- * oeeda will be devoted to the purchase of a library for tbb use of the workmen of the Luchiel ironworks SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAMA0 FOB MtW YORK?THIS DAT. SDK risks 6 87 I moor kisks morn 8 * SCR HTI 6 51 I HIUU WATSB CtC J SB PORT OF NEW YOtt. FE?RUArT27Ti?87. Cleared. Steamship E B Souder. Lockwood, Charleston?Livingston, Fox A Co. Steamship Saratoca, King, Norfolk, City Polo* ane Rich mond?C< Helncken A l'oimore. Fleams hiD Albemarle, Bourne, Norfolk, City Foist and Richmond?N L McCready A Co. Steamsblp Yasuo, Hodges, Norfolk?O lleineken A Pal more. Ship Alexander (Br), Stinchcorab, Panama?8 L Herchaoti A Co. Bark Prairie Bird, Davis. Mauritius via Boston?A Abbott. Bark Progress (Nor), Oisen, Cork for orders? Kuui-b. Meincke A weudj. Bark Danuebrog (Dan), Thuroc, Cork and a market? Fuueh, MelDcke AAAeudt. ? Bark Pallas (Br\ Biddle. Belize. Hon?Josiah Jex. Bark John Mathues (Br), Loughiio, St J ago do Cuba-C M?arkVllxa Bars* (Brl, Conyerm. Itermuda?J N Harvey. Bark Annie M Gray, Geun, Philadelphia?J E Ward * Co. Bart: Sacramento, Law?on, Eliiabethport?N L Mclreauy k Co. . ^ Bilg Saxon (Br), Greene, Demarara?M E Greene At ur ^BrigEA Reed (Br), O'Donnell. Greytown?Central Am Transportation Co. Brig Bocky (Hen, Wallace, Ponce, PR?Warren Ray. Brig Wild Pigeon, Phillips, Havana?Trujlllo AY tniog. Brig Music (Br), Klein, Havana?J E Ward A Co. Brig Arctic (Br), Crane, Hi Jago de Cuba-D B DcWolf A Brig >uirbt Brig 1_ Beattle. - . . Schr Dundee (Brl, Jensen, St Thomas?Penlsuin A to. Schr Richard 11111, Hulse, Havana?Russell, Collins A ^Hchr Triumph (Br), Orr, Cornwallls, N8?H J DeWolf A ?8chr 8 S Nelson (Br). Atkins. Mattland, N8?H J DeWolf A Co. fc'chr Wm Flint, Post. Charleston?Smith, Brown A Co. Sebr Adalixa. Loveland, Petersburg?Van Brunt A Hlught. Schr Julia K Pratt. Nlokeraou, Philadelphia?Bakvi A Dftyton. Schr Cameo, El well. Ellxsliethport?Jed Frye A Co. > Schr Mabel Hall. Hall. J'ortUud?W U Brown A Co. Schr (1 M Partridge, Dnw. Gloucester?H P Buck A Co. Sohr Hon 17 Crosky, Rackett. Boston?G K Uaenert. Schr S P Godwin, Waterbury, Stamford. Arrived. Steamship rolled Kingdom (Br), Smith. Glasgow Teh f. and Movllle 10th, wllh indue and 76 passengers. to Kranrla Muodonald A Co. Had strong westerly gales; 16tb ins I. lat bl 63, Ion 33 30, satv bark Rival (Br), standing NB. Steamship Pereire (Kr), Duchesne. Havre Feb 14, and Brest 1Mb, at 4 PM, with mdse aud 61 passengers, to George MSleamKhip Carlotta, Colllne, Chsrleeton, 80 hours, with mdse and passengers, to Chaa A Whitney. iThe O arrived at her pier at 11 o cloek Tuesday night.) Steamship Florida. Jtarstow, Baltimore, 00 benre. with mdse and passengers, to J B Sinull. Reports seeing a steam* er ashore 20 miles S of Chinootoague Shoals; went to her as. sistance. and laid by her two hours, during which time aha got off herself and prooeedrd on her voyage southwa. il waa uuable to ascoruln her name, but supposed her to be one of the Cromwell line. _ ... Steamship Chesapeake, Johoeon, Portland, with noise to J F Ames. Steamship Neptune, Baker, Boston, with mdee and pas oengers, to w P Clyde. Ship David Crockett, Burgoss, Philadelphia, 6 naye. in ballast, to I.awrenoe, Giles A Co. The D C will load in Bol ton A Co's line for San Francisco. Bark Harvest Home (of Stockton, Me), Beriy. Havre. 46 days, wttb mdse and p? pasaqngers, to Boyd A Mim-ken Had one birth on tho passage. Brig Tereslna (Ilal), louro. Naples, 63 days, with frnlt, to Lawrence. Giles A Co. _ Brig Clara P Gibbs (of Bangor, Me), Gardner. Casleiia mare. Italy, 70 days, with fratt, 10 Miller A Houghton Had heavy westerly gates. Bt lg Convert, Allen, Neurits*. 13 days, with sagar oaAj molasses, to Thompson A llunler. Sohr G M Partrklgs. Dorr, Savaunab. Schr Caroline A Corbella, Da via. Georgetown, J8C._ Schr Senator Grunea, Aahford, F.Uxs both port for Portia s? and hast pert, Me. Bobr Lamnrtiue, Lane, Eliiabethport tor Prnridonee. Hchr Gray. Hamlin. Providence. Schr A J Bentley. Williams. Conneoticut River. Schr Nightingale, Be bee. Orient. Schr Amelia. Belies, Orient. Sloop Blaekslone. Jackaoa, Providence. * Bel aw. Bark F.llser (Pros). ITensen, 68 days from Sh-elde. Bng Mariposa, from Cuba. Marine Dleaecera. Rntr Kon-i-soon?The cargo of the ship Koh-1-..o. r re ported abandoned at sea Jan 1, waa Insured in Boston for and ta the Atlantic. New York, for $1C.0$>- total. S1U1.6U0. Bang KrotvA dki. Mark (IUI), Gennsro, from New York Dee 28 Tor Cette. ashoie at Grnnd le .tout elle, near the lat ter port, has a cargo of 32 700 staves. Bark Ibma, Camming*, from Galvaston for Liverpool, baa put into t'ayal leaky, and with other damage. Schc Maiit AdKtrs. Lussen, of and from Savannah for Nassau, before reported lost, left Savannah 12th Inst, alt A M, aud same day experienced u heavy gale from the north west. ffhlch split lore sail mid mainsail, and eaused the ves sel 10 leak badly. The gale continuing on the 14th, eprunx a now leak, the water gaming on tho pumps three leet, alao lost rudder, and the men gave oat. The same night the captain and orew abandoned her In the boats, the waisr being then even with the schooner's deck, aud made land JO miles north of 8t. Augustine. The vessel was net Insured; ? the cargo was partially, and waa valued nt $28,OK ?lapteiu and crew lost everything. Bonn Jambs Vocso. before reported ashore on the point ? f Cape llenlopen, on the 24th Inst lay iu the same position, the coal oil and corn having been discharged Into the a* hr Thomas War*, which has left tor Philadelphia. Another schr is alongside, and will take all the grain that Is cry. .tllsrellaieatis, Stfamfr Virgiicia, of Pott .mouth. Va. has b*e? soW to the realioutd and Hoanoke Railroad Co for$46,(Mi. Bark Mart. 334 ton* register, well found and rradr for sea, was sold at Ban Francisco 21th ult for BioBB-aat., 1* U S gold. The Thames Towboat Company have purchased lb* sole wheel steamer O E Win* nts, or 148 tons, built In New .V, acy in 1*3, for about $18,001!. hhe is to run Uto com ng *ea?ou between Watch 11111 and Norwich, under ooanmsbd of Cspt J Lovcll. VVkaleMrn. Bark Globe, Tripp. NB, wm at 8t Helena Jan 1$ with ift bbla sp oil ou board?all well; was bound on a em tea see to the North Atlantic Ocean next season. Kpakee, Ac. Ship F.udeavor. Doane, 124 days from New York for Shsngltae. Dec ?, off Berry Island. Mchr hearsvlUe, Irom barannah for Boston, Fell 23, off Cape Hstteias. ' Foreign Parka. BoRnxarx. Feb 7?In port sblpa N?iraaan*ef, llamlln. for New-Orlesns about Feb 2$ ldg; Ceres, Humphrey, for New , York about March 2U. do; bark Veritas (Nor;. Ove-ran;, tor I 1 do do about Feb A do. ,1 Bk-at, Jan 7?la port bark Gem, Lang, from Rslem Deg 1 A ai r 8th Livxitrooi.. Feb 28? Arr ship Energy* Canlkins. N Yort. Loaado, Dec 80?In port berk loiiM, Woodh try, waiting rat-70. ? Nutitas, Feb 15?In port bark Catallna, far XYork ?Oon ; | brig II Houston, tor do do. >r Yircrxt, CVI, Jan 21?In port schr Ella Fraakbn. fills buiy, for isl* 01 May soon. >r Donm.o Cinr. Feb 11?Bid brig Knrea, Spragne, New Tork. Aasertrnn Parte. BOSTON. Feb 56? Arr steamer George B L ptoi . Crowell, < harle-ton; brig Jenme Cushmau. Berry, Galveston; vlire 1 Kidgewuod, Dcrrlcksun, do: H French, Burgess, do, Rmh N Atwood, Rich, and R L Kenney. Dutton, Tangier: Col Ells worth. N York. Cld stesmsblp Chios (Brt. Hockley, l.ivrr el vis llallles; rhlp < .irtoge, Hogari. Calcutta, biigs Kobt tg, sir.csleud. Goree; J Brlghlntan, Gray. Cienmegis; schr* Mary D liaskell. Baboon, Tencnffe and a market; F Nieker*oii, Keller, I'hlladrlphU: Senator. F'aulgltn. Wo k. 8,d, wiait RYV te NW. '?*rk* lei*graph, Daniel Wabs'er; bng Kobt Wmg: and irow .he Roads, barka Flori*. How lend. .'7tb?Arr bark Rebecca Ooddard, Smyrna; bug Nlgreia. Cardenas. h ALL KIVEH, F*b24? Arr schr S H Poole, Mc7oiid*'M, Fllsabeihport. 3I<1 28ih. schr* Richard Borden. BoirVn, I'hll.uleliilua, Fanny Moss, Jtavs, .Work. HOLM KB' UoLK. hcl- FM? Arr brig Mine Brl. Ilol dei, .Work for 81 John, NB; schr* Clara Bell. Amshu 7, Wllmtnzlon, NC. for Bo?turi; Aus Ames, Marston. Baltimore te ,1 Pr./e Banner. Dosne, K .ppAhsuowk for do. In me, Itltfglua, Fhiladstphts lor St Johu, NB; Georgwi Deei iug. W illerd, do for 1'ot eland; Hiawatha, Howard, and I'dw*yd Leo. Lee. do lor Newhurvpori; White Sea, June* Newcas tle Del. for Klttery, Me. Bid schr Cndlne. 28th, 8 aM? Airerhr Benj H Wright, Brown. Bo*'.<m Tor Norlulk. Hid -elirv Rebels Florence. Eastern Log If, it m U Atwood, Nellie C fame. Mary 8 Luut, B K Fabeiis. ?v, f, emitli, Ada Ames, Irvine, Prlre Banner, Ueurgle Doeritig. Illewalh Edward Lee, Beoj 8 Wright, J Raitenhwale. in oort bark E itxa A t ochiane; brigs Mlaa 1 Mr>, Anu s M Roberts, Anita D Torrey; ocbrs Clara Bell, Carrie A Cla.-k. While eea. Mtona Rcppiler. NEW OR1.EINH, Feb 21?Arr steamship f.ihertv. Bain. Baltimore via Kev B est and Havana; ships Uolromla ? Hsi, Dartes, Idverpoui; Oastina. rhurs?Ott. Havre; tuna Carrie Wright (Brl. vtoraaD, Csidiff. Cld NteamihiBK Fire V'l'-rn (Br), V uliatnsoti, Liverpool; Thames, Swift, NYurg, Frude Wind, Champion, l'ensacola. ship Crusader , Br), Jenkma. Llter?'Ol. barks Rosina. 1'earaoii. Bordeaux; Walla.e a*| "nNKW fnlcr,'1 rei> W?Hid achr Charles R Yh'kory, Babbitt, Taunton for Newlotrn, 30. 24*b? Arr achr Uvta I earl, raarl. Providence foi Balil a M?Arr schr Paelflc, McMahan, Maltlevoe r< r B !?th?Arr ** hr Joseph P Ames. Turner, WiMrrport, Me, ^NLw'loJiDhN, Feb EV? 8|d srhra A Thomas. Matthews, Wilmington, NC; 8 It Yi heeler, McLaughlin, PrioMeme lo* "eWCaslie, uel. _ PHILADELPHIA, Feb 28? Arr barka Eureka < Hn, Minitb,.1 .iverpool; I hunts* Dsllett, otnnh, Klo Janeiro; *. i,r C? tilla, Huriiihiirt, Pmtlaud. Cld acbra Maggie \.m Huh n, i-rson. Qulni'y Point via Nawcasllc; J T Weaver, Waaler, 'lLww, Del, Feb94, ? FM?Mr Ed Maul! hat the ship David Crockett, for Work, weni to *??n in, ftrrno'in; bark linion, for Tnnniad. went to **-H ad it 1; hip Island Home, for Antwerp, I* at anchor ofl Fourteen not Rank; bark An*gsi. from Bordeaux for Plulailclrh.;*, 1 at anchor ofl Braiidywine Light. PtiKTLAND. Feb 2<?Arr steamer* Tttrigo. Nherwoo,; ami 'ranconla, bberwood NYork; bng Endoras, Hssksl , Tun. sri: sebr* Enterprise iBri. tfonld. Cornwallls, NS, i,a- brw ork; Ida 1* Howard, McD'lilio, N York: Veto, KoUusou. do or Thomation. Old bitg Merrtwa, Inueraoll, llavami si,t ?rk Triumph; brigs Hyperiaw, Geo W Chase, L Hhiplea; ihr* Addle Kjerson. Norah, Annie freeman, I'ltot I HENCE. Feb 28-Arr eehr Bleavo, Heath. I'jira lethnnr.. Sid * ;hr Richard H Neweomh, lllcgm*. r?ng,i. ? AN FRANCISCO, Feb 2?-Ari ship (f eau Fipreas, M*' ? aw, N York. Cld 28th, shin W m M lleos, .Maoter. Cork MARKS, Fla, Feb If?Arr schr Rarhrl Vaunemen, Irower, NTork. SALEM. Feb23?A d brigs Hnleorn (from Tsvke lalamt*), 4 York; 24th. Knilorss ifrom TrinidadPortlaod; AAti , ?. hr Hying Rend (from Belfast). Baltimore.* In port 2ftih, ? FM, sebr .1 Whltehouae, Gil<dkrl*t, from Rw illla River for Bath. WICKF0KD. Feb M-8ty hckf AlWa, Ekfm. NVrnk.