Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11440. NEW YORK. FRIDAY. MARCH 1. 1867. PRICE POUR CENT wmpiiL. / - tm adopitaa; n 741 OroaawtaKA "* ** *? ?Mra ?m, ?J ?mowjit ebchtbb m'l,,,^ latk. I u^^-1'' *R& BIAS WILL ana W af gBT^ ? MdUt*? J-J^^oTi^b^^JEO^OK PHILI* DRMIY, IgsgSgtfffiggU&tt ^Of CaeUe^L, JAMBB *n ?? THE WHEREABOUTS ? r^TT. m.wW. L In 18 A IJSTnut *0B YOU gay**"*'*. ??wTtJr^u!wS wtt csftrfrwort SSSr^ ?lTaoU?^ Dated the 33d day of Ji Stafford -II hear of January, gC^pOLOlBL._WUjL PI SB A LETTER AT 8TATI0S ? BUOBWB. S'l5^XtTirit?fi^ *KDNK8DAT SIGHT ?THR isss =??? I TO rews'is*" ?'" AggflMJtjjmsfc;*?<?? cVKcTTKV as2?B^^^^A53SK; WO0I.D LIRE TO *?~,auww?ff? Adtt a! DU>L*Ti|>e^ ???? Udl" ? W8T AWD POUSD. PESB^siiBBa ?3frs ^aB^^-^WEDSBBDAT, PER. ?Wable wward win fce paid Sf deii?IlL? ?rfe.,J,d u*wl A afaU ?irm. "? wa ,r aeliTered at 131 We.t Twenty. Xj^SaJo? IT ALL STREET, gar* ?awwysssfffc as j&r ^Deeoe, 117 Pnltoa ?trcat[*,r>rJ*<l by lft*vlp? '* with P. Xj(D<^h!S?t?n?'^Hth'EBi-.1* A NKWPOBSDLASB ?">'???. P?*?ed with bran*: ^a- ?s.???a tss^riiartfsi, *js;~ ]L"SJS!aa. mjLM'.R*j??"i ??Mr* fit a Una and mi cellar with Jl?. *1, **ot 00 gasustwjtf^1 ?s s sswasu E^SSj^^^^TSS ?jtessS36r%* asCiS'SSE! 1 Cga8SP^tB-*^pOg?CTBO0K. OS WgffTRi I L *. I . IWBt trmn A Oreenwnrwf ??? ?.. _ i sT2^**-"S1- F? r??* 1? WEST TBI RY-8IXTH kSSSs'St;?? PROS SR. oolored; had II S"^ -l*nn, OS TH8 t7TH aLy gay^e, a wall liait.n 8lut.?e^, I reeetre the ahare ilEaV ? ** tV?'J "'nUi .treat, $20 A REM ?a?a of Tkar* A' r^wJS!ff T^r,i ????** ?"* a wtereSrTiSSSsSSMWa ?LOUT, FSBBUARY IB IK TIIK HTORB. 7ft ?Z!ui Wait street, aoruar of Carlisle strait, a Hold ?Fatah. Tha finder will rsaaira tha a bora raward br return ^tgRMlheproprleteref tha more, 7? Waaft atraat. wen RBWARD -Lorr IB bboadwat, or mom ?t)U Bay erenlof, Fab ?, a O .ld Walrti, with Hair Chain. As flndrr win raeaire thaabore raward oa bringing or asnd tag tt Mdl Allan atraat, aaaaad Boar. *50 t?&3^>Jn-gV2!a% ?V?ii aaaraa QaarU HU1 Mash, Ma I.BM, asMi aataa and other pa pers af bo aaa bat la myaetf aa pa? meat has been_hcen_ itijppid. Tha Bndar aan hasp tha money aad baas the |IMH reward br retundag the pookaibaofe and paper* to ?aid. B4 Maw atraat. ar baa Ml* Maw Yerk Fostaflca^H nn MKWAMlX-LOWr, OM JTBMIMO OF MTU vU Inst, egold huntingaaaa Walsh. JamesHtoddart, ?r, Londea. Mo. <7,SH; ohaln aad loahat attaebad. Tha i raward wlU ba paid and na <yie?tu>n? flat for tha *200 gKflg freaa# Birth aranoa. near Fonrti atraat. sa Monday ere ?tag. Fab. BBl Aay paraoa raturatng the paede will rsaaira tha abore reward, aad poattiraiy aa faeallaae aabad. BBBmhiiii ?lllHllO b^?35 xgtare .gearis', BTSF-it UM. 111 MP w TOU-MBDIt AL DRPAMT. tafca plaoaoa ^^^?aod ptiblle are reepectfaOy larltad la at Mad. * VTKV.Vt BPOBTIWr^ A Lit K1NDR or DOOH AND ir*S5B~FOR~BALK AT A B DOVBra, SW Canal *^ ne?r Chnrch .t^I Medicines far all Uiisssaa , nifMld Food for mocking TjlOB (ALB?IMPOBTP,Q BROKEN POINTERS AND r Bel;|n pureNewfa'.odland Dan, white Esquimaux!, small Bleofc aad,Thaa. 4i, at DAMiKL FObTBICB, No U ehesh?1 raa?| Ksaraaaisss "" Waa EMalnttor, vB NnU. Butler* new work on the Dog. d Dt?i trained, kisrgst, to. Medlslnas for all dls TOB* GRAT, 11 ROOSEVELT. BAB FOR BALE PAIN V JF bafldaoma Newfoundland Dogs, black uad tea, Sooteh and Skje Tarrtara; on* small blaokand tan Dog, rory AO CHATHAM BTREBT. SB?P. MORRIS HAS JUST TO roealTad the boat Sinning German Caoanss, which ha ?fori for aala at vary low prices. Alao aU kinds of Parrot* and Parroqueta. _ HOHBBB, CAHHIAOHB. OC. A SPLENDID PAIR OP CARBIAOB RORBB8 PON tLst. A worm WHEEL DOO CART, COACHES. CABRHV lata. aU aaat Rockawey, Coop* Rook. Top Buggy. also OOP new Carriage*, Harness, IB par eaut leaa than Broadway stems, to aiaka room for spriag trad*. MAM'S. 10 Ba?t lotirrt street, comar of Bwadway. A -HORSES, HORSES, HORSES.?ATTENTION IB ? called to tho aale of Trotting and Road Morses, very superior atock, by JMO. L. VAMpKWaTBK, Auctioneer, 100 Liberty street, at 13 M. thla day. A?TO BB BOLD, AT TANDRWATEE'S AUCTION ? Room, 100 Liberty (treat, ihla dar, at IS M , foot tmttlDg Pony "Voting Slack Ifawk," It band A 8 year* old, prompt and anappy driver, vary stylish, bardy aad rugged, pare galled, ean trot any day a I SO gall, will aiand timing every day, la eery handaome, and warranted eoued end kind, the property of a private geulleman. aad to be aold without reserve. * ?. A -"SPEND AND BEAUTY."?A STTT.IBH BLOOD ? boy Horae, 6 yoora old, 10 haada, warranted In alt mspeeta, One driver for ooupe or road horse, oao trot In 8 mlnutea. not afraid of looomotlva, atands without tylns. the property of a private gentleman, who baring lost hi* mate, will eell him without reserve. al VANDKWaTBB'B auction room. 10U Liberty etreet. thb day, at 11 M, ADU8ENBPRY HALF 8PRINO ROAD WAGON. Coute no top Wag? Harnaaa, Blankets, way, 1 Depot Was >n. 3 top Wagena. 8 I^^JBxpres* aad flght Harnaaa, double H. ORAV, 17 Wooatar street. ABAROAIN.-HANDROMB BORRRL HORMK, ? yeara old, 15*^ hands high, gentle and aound, good stepper; a lady or abild oun drive him: with Kockaway and Harness. Mr. VAN ORDXN, 27 Woostsr street. ABAROAN FOR CASH -ONE LIGHT ONR-HOR8B Coupe for $200: one Trotting Wagon ISO lbs., $100; one light Rockawav, wltn pole and abaft* $1W: Bute bar'* Cart, nearly new. $66; Or# Mb of cheap light Harness, at 1(7 Baal Seventeenth street. ABPLBNDID DARK Bat HORBB. BIOIIT TEARS old, very kind; a lady can drive blm; olao top Buggy and liarnesa; bare been naad but a short time, will he sold cheap, as the owner ie going to leere tbe oilr. Apply at pri vate stable, Second avenue and Fortjr-utath street. A SPLENDID FRESH M1LOH COW FOR SALE .V Warranted to milk twenty quarts a day: also make tan pound* of butter a week. Apply at UB Baal Twenty-Mlb at. Am GOOD CHANCE?ONE BLACK MARB; BOUND and kind; ean trot a mile in 3 mimics 10 second*, In good order; lit for butcher, grocery or express. Price $H6 Inquire at 308 avenue B, between Twelfth aad Thirteenth streeta, in the lager beer saloon. A BREWSTER 4 BALDWIN TOP BCGOT. (136. A fast lltlle Horse, vrh'cil a ean drive, $119. war muted; Harness, $16; Saddle, Bridle and Saddle Cloth, $16; Cuttlag Box, $0; or tho lot for $36U. and Stable to rent. Ap ply at 616 Seventh avenue. < A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP TOP AND OPEN WAO ous. Depot Wagons. 3 pony Phaetons, 1 doctor's do., locks way ?, 1 Business Gig. 1 Coach, 11) Express Wogona, all sizes; 1 six seat Germantown, 2 Quo Trotting Wagons, 5 Sulkies, 1 Skeleton, 100 sets of tlarne-s of all kluda. Hol e*. Blanseto, Halters, Whips, Ac.; 3 Furniture Trucks. 1 Pony. At 1.89D and 1,601 Broadway, near Forty-brat street - A CITY MADE LEATHER TOP WAGON IN FIRST j\ rat* < rder; 8180. Alao a Hack Coqcb, In goodtruiinlog order; price $100. At $18 West Twenty-seventh street. A HEAVY BUILT BLACK TEAM OF CANADIAN Ponies, 8 yeara old, 16X hands, kind, soond and gentle; would make a splendid farm or truck team. Prlee low. 608 Pearl street. A TTENTION IB ESPECIALLY CALLED TO THE sale of valuable Trotting Stock, Carriages, light \Vu tons. Ac., this day, bv MINER A HOMKItV.LLK, at their horse auction mart. Union square. Particulars uuder an c ttou head. AT PUBLIC BALB THIS DAY, BY MINER A SOMKR YILLB, at their horse auction mart Union square, SPEED 4 STYLE, PATCH IN HORBI'., TBOTT1NG WAGON, 4C. 810 lucttoii hitftrt /TARRIAGE8L BOOflBB aVd HARNESS FOR BALB.? U Large stock of BOW and second hand Family Csrvsges, Orooers' and busloess Wagons selling off cheep: 10 Novlns street, Brooklyn. (1AKEIAGB8 AT TWENTY PBR CENT LB88 THAN J Broadway prloae at 100 Liberty street. riORNELL, CORBETT 4 8CHARCH, OF TWENTT. \ ) fifth street, near Sixth avenue, invite Inspection of their now style of Road Wagon, hung on their patent steel bed plate. Thb Improvement supersedes the clumsy wooden spring bars, ana is unequalled for lightness aad durability and easy riding. They have on exhibition at their ware room* (opposite factory), Clarences, Coaches, Bretls, Phae tons. Ac., suitable fo. the spriug trade. FOR 8ALE-A VERT FAST BLACK MARE; PER. fectly sound and gentle. Inquire of T. JACKSON, l'benta stables, Atlantic avenue, near Classen, Brooklyn. Fob bale?a young horse, comino four years, broke to harness; will be aold low, Apply In cigar store firtd Ninth avenue, two doors past Fifty-first street, east aid* bpOR SALK-TWO HORSEH, ONE$180,ONB $80- ALSO 1 one top Buggy, nearly new. A flue rockawav and two Sprinkling Carts. Inquire st 368 Went Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. Fob 8ALB-A POWERFUL PONY built BLIND llorsv. alao several Ann farm Horse*. also one *L year old Horse, $60, In eoheequenee of a hurt. 80 New Chambers street. TTIOR SAI.K?16 H0R8BH. JUST FROM THE COI7N 1 try. from 4 to 8 rear* old. Prirea from $ldu to fSUO. Warranted found and kind. No. ft Lnurcns street. C'OR RALE?A NICE CLOSE FAMILY OARRIddJK, J? made for the owner by Rrewtter A Baldwin. Alao donble act of Harnett; bean utcdona year; In porfert order. Price MOO. about half the ooat To be seen at private atabta, <2 Went Fortjr.third street, one door from Hlnth avenue. IriOR SALE?A YOUNG HORSE, HARNESS AND 1 Grocery Wagon. Apply at MM Spring itrert {JOB SALE?TWO CONCORD EXPRESS WAGONS. 1 one ceond hand Otg and on* Pony Pbaaton. Apply at Woottor street. LH'R SALE?A RAY MARK. FIFTEEN HANDS TWO P Inches blab, wnrraatad aanod and kind, aeren yeara old, aired by Rysdyk't Hambietonlan; baa trotted In t:Sl to wagon; alaoablaek Hone, aeren yeara old. aound and kind; hna trolled in Id; price ftl.W anek. Canbe aeen at Maoa'a atable, 148 Watt Forty -eighth street. /NOYBRNMBMT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE. \J 10 Oud tola new and aeeond band Harnett, Saddles, Cob lara, BilMn. Ilalten, Wagon and Horaa Coyrrt. Paulina, Awnings, lad llcka, Grain Bags, Tenia, Taut Stock, Blan k*wh^rt' MeMelUn Saddlaa (new\ from gift to $90; Plated RHBrtdlee M, Artatery Saddlaa, ?oodl, Bri?a, \m North Prant street, Philadelphia, Pa, and No!' ft Park placets?w York. by aipraaa C. O. D. HHARNESS, BLANKETS, LAP BLANKETS, SCM A* M gwatfy radnaad prtaaa at 100 Liberty street fourth ?<r?l and Fifth ay?no. . 6SSSHSSSMSg* Broadway? Tddrem WTS^ira IIc mid cdfce. P^HirlA NKW FIKBT CLASS PRIVATE 8.TABLB, ? with all the rngdsra improvement#. In Fortieth itreet, between I ntngita aad Third avenues. Apply en the pre yi/antrd-a pony phaeton and harness. ad TY draaa. abating prion, IN Broadway, room No. 8. | {xrANTfD-ONR OR TWO HORSES, ABOLT14 HANDS TV bands high, am over etrht yeara old, etyilah. ttutable tor hawses and saddle. Address, ttatln* price, boi 4U Poat ?QOm -Raboain-splrndid tot buoot, fu40. Mdllo order for g4?; splendid Horn ess. ooat ?7ft. Owner mtM aatl Una walk. Both good ae new. Stable MHeeeaib naiaai. DBBTHTHYt ? t BET OF TKRTN" IN THREE TO riVB HOl'RS - A Splendid set*, ftt ft*, ftlft n*) Beautiful Hum te<a. with Plnmpiia toRBaal the cheats and restore youthful I anpeaienea. Teeth ealwUfi without pain with NRroos HOST WONDBRFI L DlgCOVBRT.-TEBTII EX treated wRbeui it pain ton years) by benumbing appM ,n^?&u' fel Teeth l? Grand -trset. near Broadway^ a?UOTfPVL CONTINUOUS OQM SETS OF TEETH, I g%QS?g? sjnaz sszssi\ ftOLTON DBNTAL ASSOCIATION OSIOINATND THE V anwMfeaMa ess nf tutrrst etido gas admlattter 11 In , FO* liil* . A HANDSOME SILK fUO SOB SALE.?WILL BB ?old for BIB; ooat BUM. Apply at 1b7 Eighth trruu. A COAL YARD SOB 8ALB OB EXCHANGE SOB Improved property, illuated la WtUlamaburg, in a food location. and doing a m bnglnoae. wltt everything com pitta. Addraaa Coal Dealer, box ill Williamsburg Peat office. AREOULAR PHYSICIAN DBKlROrS OP 81'GOER n. tug to an established 8r?t daaa Raw York oil) peso tlee la offered an uifuaual opportunity. Apply to Mr. flTRICKLJjfD. BO Bread way, baaemant ATM CORTLANDT ETREET-TWBLTK RECORD A hand Raalaa for ante cheap; stores, factories, markets, Aca atip^ltad^wHh warranted Scales at lowest prlcca Buffs A SCHOONER FOB 8ALB-878 TONS; ONB DO., 1? A ton*; one do.. 86 ton a $l,'JO; one Sloop, DO tone; on* do., ?? toes, $1,<00. on* Barge, 170 tone, $dU0, one Propeller; one Yacht, 16 tone PR1CB A OOODWIW. 3$ Naaaau .treat, root ft ASAPB FOB SALB AT A BARGAIN-OR EXCHANGE far a shifting top Buggy or Coal, at ooach abop U Marlon street, between Spring and Prlnoe. A BABB CHANCE FOR A CASH CUSTOMER. AS A the owner la engaged In other bu*luess._Th? National Restaurant, llt^eaeau street, for eale; (team boiler, rouges, Anew m gallon still, tubs, heater. AC., for aala cheap. Addraaa J.S., bo* It* Herald office. A NANS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKB A FOBTUNB. A For eale, for want of means, onme valuable IneentlODS Apply to Internstlonsl Pstant Company, 34 Liberty street A FIRST CLASS MANTTFACTURTNO BUSINESS FOR sale flood run of work; proflta large; aapital required $2.M?. Inquire at 161 Oraud street, seoond floor, or would sell half interest. A LAROB SISB HERRING 8 RAFB FOR SALB t. sheep; also two medium else Rafae. and one small Hafe, all sa good aa new. 8. O. QUIRE, 72 William street. -OLD ESTABLISHED PHOTO >, Block. Good Will; cheap rent o am square. The preeenl proprie tor. intending to tense for Europe, will dispose or Iks above business, ten yearn established, at a low price. Apply at tba shore number. A BARK CHANCE.?FOR RALE, THE STOCK. Fix tures and Lease of an old eetabtlahod Grocery and Li qnor Store, one of tba "Meet stands in the Eighth ward, suitable for almost any business, with the nse of a very Urge yard. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire on the premises, 14 Thompson street. New York, for two days. A BOOT AND BHOB RTORK FOR SALE? IN A GOOD A loeatien, at a great escribes. Address W. II. B., llerald ACHANGB-NRAT LITTLE FITTBD UP CIGAR Store for sale; long lease and cheap rent; apartments r to lire in owner going west. Apply to WYMN, Auctioneer, J?7 Bowery. A^m ?FOB RALE. OYSTER SALOONS. RESTAUR4NTB, . Liquor end l.uueh Rooms. Corner Linuor Stores, Btl ltsrd Saloons. Rowling Saloons. Hotels, Meat Maiketx. Grn series, Candy Btore and Factory, Cigar stores. Hat and Cap Store, Dry Goods Hlore, old eatablislied Laucdi * Ruslneea, Coal Yard, also a Bakery In Brooklyu. at a sacrifice. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedir street. A8PLRND1D CIIAMCR.-F< Flaturee sod Furniture of Railroad depot. I-oug leu so am and Iwsee of llounee and Stores for any bua'neaa Old eatablUb MlUimry, Fancy. Boot and sbo rery Store-, Saloons UotcU B A CON FICTIONS.RY AM ? - -t Steefe, Futures and I'uml $8Bft; rent $90, g>?rg Into nthei ? avenue, THOMAb SCAN ? < 1 " AHOTKL FOR BALK?ON BROADWAY. IN THK Immediate rtetnlty of tlie heat theatre oeulrally to asted, with orer 100 rooms, s hsrgnlr.. THOMPSON, 7Sf> Broadway. A TOY AND YAR1ETT STORE, STOCK, FIXTURES, Ac., established, doing a guud bu-oueea, SHIP, worth $1,300; rsnl $3U per month. ill health oauae for selling. Eighth avenue, want aldr THUS. SCANLaX. NH Eighth ar. BITTCnFR SHOP FOR BALR-PAVONIA M a.RNBT, $W Par on I a avenue, near Grow street, Jri toy City flORNBR LIQUOR RTOKK FOR SALE?PITTED UP W flrst etans, with tire year-'lease. Aoply to C. K. MA OUIBE, earner of Tbtrty-firal street and 1 .ret avenue. Dbuo sturr for sale-a first class retail and *l?eeilotion hutineas, rereipts over $14,0*0 our year ; Drug Mores In Brooklyn snd New York, with office practice attached STRICKLAND'S DruKgune'^Agency ^ DBS RUG RTORB IN RIUUGBPORT FOR SALE .?EX salient Mention . good ato.k. shout tA.UOU, |?e> lug wetl. For particulars apply 6? W. H W HURLER A Oo, Br-.tge jjnrt, Conn.. or HENRY II AVI LAND Baq , B street. ?DOB SALE-A SAILORS' BOARDING NO ITS, lW.y r Cherry street, hew York. TTtOR SALB?NEW SCHOOMBR ELLA L. (OOl'RK r carrying 100 tons draught t feet headed built and Utter, out In the very beet manner. For psrtiruUia Inquire of WM BLAIR, I'd BarcUr street. DOR SALE? PROPELLBR QriCnSTEP; ENGINE * r inch en square, hollt by Msltie A Laavy Ir.qo're at 167 Burnett ntreet. New Brunswick, N J. rOR SALE-ONE OF THB BEST LOCATED RESTAU rant and Confertlenery Saloons In the rlty domes hnewieea of $4,lXJU a month. Pot interview address be* 111 tlernld office. rlt 8ALR-TIIE STOCK AND PTXTVRSR OF THE Ladles' Hair Dressing Store 84 Blevrker mrret, a few doors west of Hmedway ; win he sold cbeao. sa tbc present proprietor W'shes to retire Apply at the spue. FOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS GENTLEMEN'" FUR ut-hinr Goods Blurs in OhW ay.,. III., for rash only Ad dress r;. L. D. H., Furulaliing Ce.'ds, 148 Desrben. stieet. Chicago. Ill FOR SALE?THE FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL t?F an old establiabod Cos I Yard Apply on Uto praimsee, 81.1 Pauton (treat, near Goerck rR HALE?THB OLD ESTABLISHED CROCKERY Store. No KJR Orsiid slrort. Future, for sale "lore to let. The present proprietor retiring from bus,seas offer* the rare Inducement of an established bua '.eea on reea in able terms; the Sletk en band la aelect sad salable Call and ciamine. For rale-lbare and fixturep of houmr and Blore. S years, from lat of Nay; ?to?a S6 feet deep Purchaser can have -lore free and Ino M of $4g0 Apply el tn bib av. For sale?at tarrytown, a wkll srtapi i?h ed Boarding llcuse. Inquire of GEO. (I. RM1TH. Mam street, near Washington. CVIR8ALB-OK EIGHTH ATBNUE, A DRUG RTORB. L thirty seven yoara eatnbllgbed. Apply to J. H. GREENE, 181 Eighth avonue. _ For bale?a first clasr bakery, apply at 346 and Iff Centre street, In tae bneement. CVJB SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF \ Vt'ree'i. r Htore. establlabed 10 yrara. Inquire at $46 ? between Waeblngten and WeeL ? tic tii stfps* Bob sale-the lbg?k. fixturrr and good r Win of ?" old estaWtabol MllHnerv and Dressmaking buttr*?. near Broadway- 101 East ThbteenUi street, oor ner of Foortk a venae. Inquire of Hre. JACKSON. IJIOR 8ALB?A 'IRST CLASS HOTEL, UP TOWN, OR JT a partner tmnted; newly fumlahed. In a tral clam loeetloa. Apply at 64$ 8bth avenea, te G. DONADl. >" 8ALF-A DOUBLE BUTTER, BOOS AND Edict's SALB OHBAF-A SMALL RECTI FYINO House, In oompteU ranting order, with three veers' te. Rent lew. Tddreen BSldm. flenOdoScT "ALE CHEAP-NEWS DNPOT AND ROUTE. ?lUlLii .*' ?cuU>~? corner of Third srenue end Kine BH)* ^flAI.1 CHEAP?A GOOD BOARDING AND VTOR SALB CHCaP-AT LAUREL OIL WORKS, NRAR _r Calvary Cemetery, four ? bbL Stttg with Worms end een 17?OR BALE IN BROUKLYN-A COAL AND WOOD Hamfltonfeny?Ulr* ?? "w oremteA ? flea f T BASE OF STORE ON BROADWAY FOR SALl JL With or without Stock and Fixtures, te close a business. Inquire at 1,1*1 Broadway, between 1 and ? e'cloak P. M. T BASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY IJ Store for eale, stock constating of Parasols and Fancy Goods; buMneen well eetebllsbdd; rent low. Apply on tba premises, 861 Broadway, near Sevan lean th street, west aid* Proprietor going into (be mass factoring butlnaea. Paper box pactony fob salb-hachinbry new and oomplete. 178 Grand ntreet, neeond floor. r TAILORS.?THB ADJBBT1SBR WISHK8 TO 8BLL out (he Biulnnes and PUteres or a Tailoring RbtahHsh ment of some yeare' standing, In ana ef tba beat bunt sees partinne of Broadway, batwaan Twenty-fburth and Thirty Leegj etreete. Poenggtoa can be bad now. Address X. G, T? . CHEAP. THREE jlT^gglTw^iSgSt *? rd$DK;K * -^^^^-inaegygga VllABCUU TTNITHD STATEB TUB AS IT fly. U Behadnias Of (SO) thirty or more HMO eoupoua. due Mareh 1. MW, will now be received for eiamlnatlon at tbe United iMtW Treasury. H H. TAH DYCK. Assistant Treasurer. A LBBRT B. NICOLA Y, ?o. a rin> aaa'P? ESTABLISHED FIFTRKN TRA1U. - TelsgsanK lotion and Ineuraaee, City lUllroad, Gu Light. Bank. Bin: tea and Mining Stock* receive special attention aoc oa hand for sale,.paying front 10 to Mpar oentdlrl i, at law rates for Investments. D1 , UN CAN, SHERMAN A CO., , BANKERS, COBJfBB HOB ABO NASSAU STENTS, NEW TOR*, Iaaaa Clraular Noiea and Lettera of Credit for travellers, available la all taa pnoolpalciUes of the world. Mareantila credits for uae la Europe, China, Ae. Also make transfers of money to California and Unpon by telegraph, interest allowed on deposit* OFnCB or MONTGOMERY AND EUPAl'LA BAIL road, Montgomery, Ala., Feb. SB, 18#T -the aaatl an , nual lataraat an the H per coat boada of this J \d will bo paid la gold seta on the let of March p roil mo. * ilders of coupons No. twill pretest tbo taato to the Chatham Na> I tlonal Bank, Bow Turk, for paj stent. L. OWBN, President. rvrncK or pacific mail steamship compaNt, j riven that tbe Board of Directors have t dividend of three (Si per cent out of the 0 quarter ending January 31, 1887, payable 1 company Friday, March I. the will be closed Tbureday. February II. Djpened Monday, March 4, at 10 A. M. Hoanl of Director*, Notice la hereby riven thai tbe Board or Director! have this day declared a dMdend of three (Si per oent out of the net earnings of the quarter ending January 31,1817. payable at the office of the company Friday, March I. The trsnsfer books win be " " ~" at? P. M. and re op By order of the I THEODORE T. JOHNSON, Secretory. rjllIB INTEREST ON LAND OBANT BONDS X OF ONION PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, KAHTKRN DIVISION, due March 1. I8S7, will be paid on prebeti'alloo of coupons therefor, on and after that dale, at tbe Ranking House of DABKKY, MORGAN A CO., 63 Birhanse pin-e. New York. WW. J. Pai uae, Treaau er. TJ|7ANTED?BROOKLYN CITY AND JAMAICA RAIL " road Bonds and Stocks: also Kmc* County War Loan Bonds. Ac- Apply to N H. JACOBS, No. I New street, cor ner ef Wall. $75,000 Sty any sum. ON REAL LSTATE, IN THIS sum. W If. WOOD, ?. Wall street. $175 000 ** LOAS os BOXD ANI> M0RT" estate In Ibis city r join $250 000T<) L'djH~iS MBW TORK? bbook . ?*rr. in one or more sums, on real In Ibis city or Hioiktyn. JOHN P. CON SKY, ?1 Wall sties', room 11 suit. Second mortgages rantied. - rlKS' seven per cent; sums to TRAVELLERS' INSURANCE COMPANY. c. E. WILLIS. 31 Pint:street. tZM lift fHlft TO LOAN ?IN BROOKLYN OR NEW wtUU.UU" Ycrt. te euuw to suit; -'cjund Mort gages bough*. Trsvellera* Insuuiuv Company. C. E. WILLIS, 3i Piew street. tdQA A(l/)TO I.OAN?IN BUMS TO HOTT, ON ?M a" t'lf'1 ? law York and New Jersey ??.*;? ' a. 113 Broadway, room No. d. FFICE4., A iltMONDN, WATCHES, NIL rnttiire. I'smels' ll.ilr bhntvls, mi moderate. J. 8. OOllEN, te Aster place. UN?OFFICE HOCUS 10 TO it UNFURNISHED CITY AMD

LET. S'.jK STAVLKV DAY'S anau aoiain l.ittt.t:l-AK, WHICH CAN HE HAD FKfcE, OK MAILED ON RECEIPT OF RTAMPED DI RECTED ENVELOPE. _ A -BM?MONEY LIRKRAI.LV ADVANCED ON DIA . MoND-'. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AC., OK THE NAME BOUGHT FOR CASH M H? PAWNIIUOKF.RS TICKETS BOUGHT POM DIAMONDS. WATCHES, AO. hi. BROADWAY. ROOM No. ? tLISEDV ART GAL LERY'. AT HYMAM S-tKB BROADWAY, CORN BR OF BOND street, w ill be paid Ihti Ugliest pri-.-e for Diamonds, Watches and Silverware, or will advance on tbe abuse articles. ? _____ T NO fi TWENTY-THIRD STREET, FIFTH AVENUE Hotel, the highest pi Ice peal for Diamonds, Watches, ?c . or advance., oiade on tbe sumr. AT Mff BROA DWAY. NEAR TWKNT1KTII HTKEET. room No. 4, the highest pi Ices are paid fur Dlatnondr, Watches, Jewelry, Ac , or mousy advanced on the same. MAKK i A CO. ATWI BROADWAY -I PAT THE WDiUKsT PRICES for Diamonds, Welches, Jewelry, Ae.. or advance on tba aamc. ISAAt-h, Diamond Broker, Opposite WaUauk's theatre. 1TM PEARL HTR1CBT. BUT WHEN NEW BOWSRT , Y nnd Franklin square, Lt'DERSR A TO., adrancs Itb ?ially at retmnnshls tensison all valuable proper*!. Watches, Jewel ty Diamond- Ae . or imrebase. A I) VAN CM MADE on WaTCITNN TWaMONDN, JEW-" Fi. jfrlns# Rxritt'* ssas; Of Broadway _ AT NO. 11 CHAMBERS HTRKKT TOU CAN 08T TI#E cull value fnrOin Gold and Nllvcr, Bar Gold and Silver Diamonds. WaRrl>e*. Jewelry. I'recioiie Stoaes and Sweep legs. WILLI AM LEWIS. Gold and Silver Asvayer. At n-MONBT LIMRAf'LY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac., OR THE SAMR BOUGHT AT THE HIGHEST RATES. ALSO I'A wN BKOKERa' TICK ETA BOUGHT EOK DIAMONDS, WaTCIIKm, JEWELRY Ac,at 77 ble-cker street, upstairs. Money advanced on diamonds, watoiieb. Jewelry, Silver Wsre, bilks. A. .. or the above bought. I'avcUreters' tickets he .ght. It1 Bowery, nesr Urand street, roorua No. I ami 7. up ruurv Pawnbrokers tickets of diamonds, W?ichc?, Jewelry, Oune. Pistols, Vnsical 1 a-tiuments. Tools. Silka. Ae.. A< , at 18i Bowery. POST OFFICE NOTIt K. T>OWT OFFICE NOTICE. Tke nrih'i- for (if Hi Bitiin ami iba Continent via F? ltbsinplou and Hambitia, yer sit.imn AUnnsnnis; for Ireland ?la Qn'euame u md Liverpool. per steamer City of New York, and for Pninre t i* llevra, par steamer Missis ?!(jpi, will close at ton oPWe on Kacirdsr, March 2, at I0-8U A. M , and at Ibe up town ofliCrt aa follows:?^lotions A I h, 8 Oft A. M . stations C and D. .46 A. II.. alatlODa K IP, ?:*>A. v" M ; nation G. 7 26 A. M. JAM KM KEI.LY, Postmaster. OANCMU ACAOKMUCt. L DODWCHTH'ft DANCING ACADEMY, {. ?o. 211 fifth avlkce. for terms. Ac., sand tor a dlcolta ceptlon of p i p. la on TueatWye and lv Mtiinlaja DE GARMONt DANCING ACADKMl^en for thare aeonne, oorrer of Fouitaeath strefk, Wednasdarmnd " ' I on Tueodi " ~ ' aaaav .?B FOR RALE?AT HALF P? A ^ abou (twelve hoise power, wiibout esfi naert ANft'K. SW Broadway. LViR KALB-A ? BORNE FOWKR NTFAM ENGINE P Cornea' make, with Pipe Boiler, ftaara ramp. Heater. 'Ipsa and connection. all In eomplate order: to ba dallrered Elbe let of May aeat May bo aeon la operation dally In basement, B Duane street To bo anld a loo tba Steam lolatlag Macblno aad vbo HbafUna in the bmfldiag. R. HOB A CO., Vand SI Gold atiaof. KOR a ALE-A GREAT BARGAIN?NTB AM ENGINE and Bctlar, Id boraa power, all complete. Mist be sold IE fork i srv&ssff irk stswet. Plra fata FE BADE CURAP?BIX HYDRAULIC PRR8RE8 If oar kenaoBial and twouprt?hw,wtlb Mdependenl umpa and aonnaattona: oaa 2b boraa Eagiao and Bolter; all lode si the Waal Point Kotm.lryf A large lot of eaeosted t'aadla Molds, la Stand a A large lot of Cooper aad Tla Crystallsiag Pana I (hi good seeomdaeMeoppar Turpanitae dtlll.bO barrels. I Oaa 7t barrel aad aaa IS barrel aarond baad copper Brow J Hie *? barrel aad aaa IS aarrol aarond baad copper 8raw io' KatUaa, all pearly aa Madaa paw. Also Mm new PM iiSS. ^otWoS nSfiii ladaaa street. Jersey 0%. POR BALE CHEAT-AN ENGINE AND BOILER, C now In aaa. Iwqnlra at Ml Cbarrh streak. ap stairs ran tad ta purr beat, a small upright Bollsr. laqalrs aa CtOR NAI.K CHEAP-ONE TUN HOkkl I'PRfUHT P Boiler; om> wronaM Mall, tan foot Ml laahaa dtsasa sr. foer Oil Tanks^ with aseaaaras, drip peaa, Aa, at 'itbo'N Iroa yard, <1 Radeeo straat, Jersey Ottf. MSB . sso eiiosss aif" ???" The beat aad ansa* complete I "?jfcCTwnrssTi. ENGINE COMPANY. Cttsa, N. V aad N Naldaa lene. Now Tork CCRBW OCTTINO AND OTHER LATHER, MILLING O aad Monldlog MariMea. llat Preaeee, Shafting, Paileys . Blowers, Rollers, Beltings, Act, at M8 Esat lleneton atrial, jppo.ite Norfaih street. CHARLE8 J Of DAN. QTEAM KNGINBB AND BOILER* AND ALL KINDS O oFMschiaary. aaw pad aaawd baad; Pwpaller Engines, Rbafting, rallrya s?d Eaitiafi mmll cipala. MILLARD A mHamani). spi Water siraaL fPHB MONT INTRO VBO CALIPO*kia STAMP MILLS I straat. mO MANUPACITEERB OP HAIR TETR, AC -ON Fbrt'?k>.^7id,<^ '?r""t rnOOLN AND MACHINERY OP CHANPIGag ma I h ss.SMr.arH rrURBlNE WATER WHEELS -THE PLACE TOttrT iaa aaaostaisat samba 1Mb, OBOBGE TALLOOT. "1*7ANTED?A FOOT LATHE 'NEW OP SECOND S?aasHi?S? AMUNBMKMTS. | tjroadway theatkk. admission oc X> Ooraar of Broadway and Brqp? eRow} Poor* open at 7; begins at 7K QW* prom?ty. The world- raiovHlBHritaBHH MR. AMD MR*. BARNEY s&rtasw The original delineators of ?? and iRisn and tanker urn, aregwrfonnliig Um Mat brilliant mupMll of JJUl IMIJ. which la regretfully limited to ONLY FOURwlSmS ? Houses crow dad before the time of rAlatOg the cur tain. rendering it advisable that PATRONS SHOULD 8ECUKB PLACES IN ADVANCE. MIS EVENING AND SATURDAY MATIN KB, the delightful Legendary Drama, in twe acta, of TI1E FAIRY C1RCLB. CON. O'OAROLAN, | their oilginal i Mr. Barney WIDIaidi MBLB8HEB. I character* . .. I Mr* Harney Williams And the Roaiing Comedy of the CUSTOM Of THE COT) NT ST. Melllaea (with tonga) Mr*. BARNEY WILLIAMS Both of which wecee, owing to announocmeot, in net be withdrawn after the present week. MONDAY, March 4, SHANDY MAUDIRE and AN HOUR IN SkVlLLK. THURSDAY. Match 7 IRELAND AS IT WA8. Box ofDoe open from 8 te M o'clock. Seat* may be seouaed six days In advenes. German start theatre, u and 47 bowery. This (Friday) evening. Marob 1. wlU be presented URIEL A CO ST A, Tragedy, la Ave acta, by Dr. Carl OuUkow. Mr. BOOUM1L DAWIBON in bit great oharaoter of URIEL AC08TA. Khart/ h temple or mystery, aos broadway. ? Tlokata, 5U omits; reserved aaaU, SI. Beets Secured six dat - In advanoe at the llall frwin 9 Oil A. Coutlnuad success and unbounded eutbnetoeoi, oauted by iMMiiiiHiMkMBfinaiMM the NEW PROGRAMME, WITHOUT APPARATUS, and tba greatest Spaclacular Illusion of the day. PKO'KUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS. PROTEUS, WE ARE HERE. BUT NOT HERE, THBIBASEET TRICK. " "? ~ ~ "" " ? other wonders, will SATURDAY AT 9. Children half prtoe. VfB. AMD MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS' MATINEE, ivl On Saturday, March 1. Open* 1314. Begins It. o'c PAIRY CIRCLE AND CUSTOM O? THBCOUMTS JMTRY. BROADWAY THEATRE. Seoure aeeta In edvaeee. CHHARLEY WHITE'S TROI PB-47S BROADWAY. ? SEE THE GREAT MATINEE TO-MORROW. SHE TUB GREAT MATINEE TO-MORROW. SEE TUE GREAT MATINEE TO MORROW. SEE THE GREAT MATINEE TO-MORROW. 8KB THE GREAT MATINEE TO MORROW. ^ AJ^RANCIgC^IINSTRELS ?The trouble cnmineuoet at a quarter to THE CR8M1TDE LA CRSXE QF MINSTRE'-SY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRAKOUCV) MINSTRELS, whose euooeet bat never been eqiMtuu by a?y etu.U ie org in. *?'? "ie world. New and cheerful BurtAi Ira'Ion In the world. Netr anil cheerful Burt*aqua* every week. Wambold't new song, "Will You Come to Meet Me, Darting!" Police Court sehnet. Animated Pholographs. U tmbnmie' Opera of Lnger Beer. Nanoy Fat. Shouts of la lighter at the Shadow Pantomime and the screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. K1 ELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 710 BROADWAY. sffga This ELEGANT ILALL continues to be flllcd to its utmost capacity with the BEAUTY and fashion of the eity. It It popnUrl^eeterm ed the WALLACE'S OP MINSTKBLaT r^W DOCTOR OP ALL CANT IIBAR HE It , OINDKRLKON AND { DEMON DANCE. 9,i?, ai{r i iiunua uaihck, i;w, ?S ->0 Dcdglng for a Wife, ?-S.?2 I KallifnnU, Bermo'irgal) 2 *1c 5 ? and Allennllai Pricine ?* 9 7 r I Pal rise, Coryphee >, Ac STEINWAY'fi ROOMS, CARL WOLFSOHN'B NINTH BiiKTHOVEN MATINEE, TO DAY, MARCH I, AT 3 O'CLOCK. At thbt concert?the las' hut one of the aeries?Mr. WeM eohn will be aealmed by beoeiohralod prima donna Madame BERTHA -IOHANNsEN, and will play the eelebrated la?l Sonata of Boethoveii, Opus 111. Doors 0|>en at akP. M. " "* " Wm " Ticket$i each. For tile at Slelnway't and the principal uiualu stores. S?W!5 "SaTiS ^*"*3223- i? "cWtU/or8P?ER,^?-^ place a STBINWAY HALL MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 4, 1887. Hlgnoi* LOTTI begs hi announce his _ PARKWl'LL concert previous to his departure for Europe, when the following article will a:s?ui?Mile Maddt, Prim - - ? .. , ..Ima Donna; Mr. ltd. Mol?e*M?ei. Violnwi; Mr. J. N. Pattlnnn, Pianist: The Arioii Society; Mr. Carl An,ohutz; Mr. Carl Berunann, to gntlter with full orehecra. Tlekete $1; reeerved seats 80 cent* extra. For ante nt Beer A Hcbirmer, 7U! Hruadwey; Pond A Co., 647 Broadway; ' bohuberib A Co., SCO Broadway and Btelnway Hall. - . Madame paukpa. sunday concert. BTKIN WAY II ALL. L. T. HARRISON, IHreotor. TWENTY-SRV KNTII SUNDAY CONCERT, MARCH A Kutire New Programme bv the following greet artist*:? MADAME PAKKPA. NIBS MARIE GILBERT, Plargat (her first appetrance la New York). MR. CARL ROSA. MS. O. W. OKI.BY, MR. THBO. TltOMAH AND VIIS PULL ORCHESTRA. TlCaKTS, KIF'IY CENTS. Rneerved Bests. Fifty aente ex tax. M ADAMS PAKKPA IN ORATORIO. HANDEL'S GREAT WORK, "SAMSON." will be ggwluoed en TUESDAY, March ft, . AT SI KIN W A Y 11 ALL, with the f'dlowl ng ami neat artiste and chorus Of MO male, reoiale and boy voleas:? MADAME PAKKPA, Prima Donna MR. JA THOMAS. Jil ?>- CONNELLY. Orennl.L I MH. o. w. COLBY. Pianist. _ TOOKTI1KR wire THE ChCfLIAN CHOIR, Dr. Cutler, Choir Maxtor. AND THMO. THOMAS' FULL ORCHESTRA. L. F. HARRISON Director TICKETS OR J DOLIAR. Reserved Heals 80 cente extra. The sele of which will eommence this morning at Beer A Hehtnner*s, 701 Broadway; Pond A Jo.'a, 647 Broadway; Rullman'a Ticket olbee, lW Broadway and Ktelnway Hall. j^BOOKLYN ACADEMY OF IU8IC. JD Mr. UAKRIHON hews to annoince one (rand perform ance at THE MESSNH. a* given with such great auccesgAa New Terk by the fol lowing eminent arttais:? MAD \ MB PAf?PA. V.JflTCHINOH, MISH O. V. MR. GEO. KIMfSON. I. J. B. nifilAS. MIL MIL K. A COMNElLt, MR. (I* COLBY. THE M. y ?AJIMOWIC SOCIETY. ^t kets. One Doll", r. Mr. F' ? N'TTEk. Cond> lor, and THEO. YHO'fe.1f?u Orebealra. _ Tickets. One Dolla Reserved seata. ftOc. extra., for aale at Ac,"""7 ofMiiak. Brooklyn A C^^rpHH L?P A WlTPoiV.rPP, L'OPKRA TO. -A M\BUhlir that theee ?rd?h?Il ^ '?forrn """U- patrons and pumrc wat tnere will be no nosflimer* at lha Ball in. no those who wUh to provide ih(>iuap|m with mm I^OR SALE-TICKETS ADMITT1 NO LADY AND GK F?"iliJ-SrS,rT WSJEMr* ?" ?""" Til* BAU NK WON QERMAN UEDBRKRANZ. ' ' THE ANNUAL 0RANDMA8QCERADE BALL THOlgUAT. MARCH II, 1M7. "d Udt^ 7 of tho Committee. H. C. r. EtX-R, -- r - _ Sacretary. nwHvmoii. ATTOWN8BNMQR880OLLEOE,M BOWBRY. between Brio ok am Monitor! atreata, laatruetion to given la Bookkeeping. Wrttag. Arttvmetlc, Spelling, Oram Hod. YOUNO LADY, WHOM ATT AIN X Kit*, PAT RON - "BSswS A T PAINE'R BUSINESS OOfcLKOEB, OYER ? BOW. A ary aid MB Fulton, Rrovkiyn. opponlte CM Halt? Bonkkrapiiig. Writing, Anlhm?tie, Latin, Oramaaa, Spell I lag, Reading, prltaMI;, day and evening. No moving. I ^""-"^NMANRmP AND It CRISES ft AFP, IRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Oomnntlil Institute, 7M BroaAray. UHA Private teterueNaa. (A C. MARSH'S PRTTA^i ROOMS J, FOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUCTION IN BOOKKRRPINO AND BUBINJ&8 AFFAIRS. H? BROADWAY. CIRCULARS. fft.E?ANr itllflfftf WRITING.?DOLBEA R'R ITS fi Ian of hand training, ago Broadway. will positively rw ?ova all ?ttWhean, aramplna or trankling, and give an eesr, rapid, alegaal bualaaaa it/Is. Osntlsmsa ear. aseura private WRENCH IN THREE MONTHS' TUITION.?PRIYATR tioii 0**?*" * cUa* dmllj. 4<Mi*m boi T ttPINASSK FRENCH BOARDINO SCHOOL, WASH Ju ington Belohta.?French to tba tanguagay 'VT'TL lOaeraaoT MauMtel grounds Clivnlara-Nroadaray, im, MlStan'a drag atom; TH, wmateMora; HE drag atoro. Teacher wantkd.-a* . man, oorapeitnt to Meek {Bi K fifS Mortal way may Ind an accepts bis altaauoo. I'rom tbalet of iy ami, la a hoarding and day aobool 7or '?. 1 " horbood af Raw York; a arbitral# of a iaoraaalaahtMSl wad. Address, with rafaraaeoa, Eduaator, ha* #,?7I iUETODEieagBTg. NEW YORK TUKATRB. " S?H?? ? Lewie Baker ?aU Mark Mb,ib. ooooud Heek oi the ?oeo<iiptJ?bed artist, , -* ? . . . LADY DON. +* i-*? uighta of ih? Tory tucccMful burletaut of ? LEICESTER (with aoog.J. To be preoeded by the admirable comedy of TUB PRETTY HORBK BREAKER. ... .. . BELLA SUNNYHIDR, i Lore the Merry Sun.btne" and the "Morn of t baa*" LADY DON. n- w ?iTCK.{>?T-KKNILWORTII MATINEE. Ob Monday will be produced ... . ?*a?C2 AND ANDROMEDA, with LADY DON as PERBECh and the unapproachable borlooqao eompany in the cast. rULINPlO THEATRE~ t/ CONTINUED SUCOEBGI UNaB tTED BNTHrSlASMI The great looaL moral and .eiutaUuiuil drama, tl,e STRBKTS OP SKW YORK HTBKBTf or NEW Y >RK HTRRKIfi OP NEW YoitK STREETS OP NEW YORK BtlU crowding the houae to repletion nightly. GRAND MA TTWKfe ON S^RDAY, Doors open It l$j4 'Aemlwioa to Matinee, FIFTY CENTB. Performance commence, at 1. w ENTB. Perlortiun, ?- umic* aces at OOD'BTHEATREOOM1QUK. ADMISSION 26 OENTH. Betervod Seate, Ocebeeoa and Balcony i luci oilra. HI Broad way. npnoaJto SkMieboIa. H tol WILL OPEN ON -SATURDAY EVENING. M AI'.CHKS, with a GRAND COMBINATION ENTERTAIN Mi-NT, embraeing the highest order of talent lu every di-inrUnent. Engagement for a HnMtedeegM with the celel rated rjm naat. Mr. BARNELL BUNNELL* aud hi* two INFANT SONS, wbo are the embodiment, of grace, refinement and *gUJly, and who havein lug iratud a new etyle of _ ANIMATED PHYSICAL PONES and earned for tbameelyei the uiiireranl nils of;s of plLigTjiKMjcii. Engagement aU,. f>,r a limited period." wit t. Prof. OEOKOR P. nUlTffTNsON, MARVELLOUS TR(UTPEUOP ACTING DOGS, a wonderful exhibition of onlne sagacity by BEAUTIFUL AND DOfiiLB POOpLBR MINSTRELSY by the well kuona Ethiopian Comedian., Wambold. UOea, Purdy and Emmet. PANTOMIME b? [to be it Sutler and Ballet. LIGHTNING BOUAVB DRILL Mr. Charles An.tin Dniiclng and *vuealLation by Premier ami.tea. tlx; whole forming a COMBINATION OP ATTRACTIONS never before equalled. GRAND MATINKK every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Notice. First class talent only engaged. J^RS. P. B. CONWAY'S PARK TIJEATRE, BROOK. "" FRIDVY, MARCH L BENEFIT. OP MRS. P. B. CONWAY. THE LADIES' BATTLE. CooBteas d'Autrnvall Mrs. P. B t'onway. buy LA It BOARD WATCH. THE LITTLE liEVlL'tl UUARK. R. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAM*' FIRST MATI _ N i-.K? At the Broadwny Theatre Saturday, kfltreh 8. FAIRY CIRCLE AND CUSTOM oK THE COUNTRY. M H THEATRE PRANCAIS?COMBDIE. jninuMihe success. Bv general reqn set, SATURDAY, March 1. at 7* previa, ly. Third repre.entattou of LA PAMILI.K BENOl ION. (Original of Tne Fast Family!, Comedy, in Aye acta by St. Vletorien Sardon. Ticket office at H. DardonnUc's, gfj) Broadway. OOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. First week of Urn Grand Fairy Legendary Trick Pan tomime, with new aoenery, machinery, mechanical ntleota, dro?Je?. music, tableaux. An., enUtlod THE MOURE THAT JACK BUILT. The Hurle.que BLACK CROOK AND BALLET TROUPE. Grand Matioee Saturday, March 8, at tii o'clock. CTR1FPIN A CHRISTY'S MINRTRKLS, X ' FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE. No*. 8 an J i Weal Twenty-fourth .tr-w-i. The nrettieet Minstrel Hall in the ciiv. ?. W. If. GRIFFIN MANAGER. First week of the Grand Spectacular Burlesque. TiiK BLACK CROOK and PALACE OP DEW DROPS, PALACE OF DCW DROPS. Second week of (he descriptive eeene. OCEAN YACHT RACE. Door, open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. UNYAN TABLEAUX-LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. UNION HALL Broadway and Twenty third ai.met. Open every night at 7; commeneton at TV. AdniLaloa, 00 centa; children, 20 cent*. Matioee Wednas day and Saturday, at 8 o'cloek. SEVENTH REOTMKVT N. O. BAND.?THE COMPLI menury Concert to U. H. Ural nils. Band Mentor on Ratnniay evening, March 8, at Seventh Regiment Armory, tickets to be had from member, of the regiment Oi from C. 8. orarulla. No. 1 Staulon atrect. B G RRAT BXHIBfTIGM OP PAINaNGS. To he wan daUv from M A. M. to 10 P M .OSA BONIIEUB'S original and renowned picture of , "THE II01WB FAIR," and one hundred and fifty other splendid work* by cele brated American abrt for -lgu artiets. at II. W. DKItilY't NEW ART ROOMS. No. 80S Broadway, opputile Wal'ack'a Theatte The orkat historical painting. "THE KKPCBLICAJt GQTltt" IN THE DAYS OP LINCOLN. OlVniO 70 OR GO FINK PORTKAlTi OP THE Mtd-T PROMINENT PERRONS OP THE PERIOD BY P. P. ROrUBRXEL. NOW OX EXHIBITION, LAY AND EVENI NO, iNimTDTK ^A^n)K^BY GALLERY), OTt'DIO BUILDING, $1 WBbT TENTH MTRKST - O DM HAAS' lul pistinfc "Fariegut'g Let i???iug Ik* tort*.below New (mesas." Admission free nrnm thiki* anncal sacred concert will hm 1 given at HI. Pater a church. Barclay street, on Sundae era* Tog. March 8, at 8 f. X. Tlchata $J. WtK?g???JL,.la**!t op..*atitrb?? the wahh .Ha J1S ^ *1,r^ h"r,n? two heads, four aad hot one body and one nair of logs; also the heap indrtght Arm of Probst, thamurdorer pftTr Peering ram Ylewe, allIhe Wow Tort Museum of Anatomy, 8Ih Bwt* way. Ope* from 8 A. X. to H P. X. CHFTV J**"#"-'DB- XBBBARD WILL LECT** tbla P. X. at 8 o'clock, to ladlee only, and io the NLH gentlemen only. Thcec lecturer win be ttiiafeW* Of models tha stir of life, and will be the moat interest!, ad Important of soy over delivered In this country. Ad*"100 78 ocsts. Tloketa to tlio three lectures. |I SO. BAL D'OPERA.-SECURE YOUR COSTUMES. OOXI >OBH, MASKS. AC, ' R. Wlll.IAMS', t'ortrn,er, Wo 88 Beat flSSSS atreb , Between H road way and Pn've^o I lf'f> rPIIEATRICAL NOTirK.-BALT.KT MAST* WANTED. X IiiStruntlona given to ladle* and gt.utieii! A. fitt.i.g them for the stage Meveral young ladles wanted^.' I'AYIB A CO.. Theatrical Ageatr Br.wtwny Theatre ticket offiob. Rcrervcd seats for all first class TW"**- Oaaairl-, Ac , can always be obtained at the THKATRE TICKET sFFM'B, 111 and 114 BROJJWAY. PIAVOFOHTE*. A MAON1PICRNT PIsJtOFORTE FOR SALE?FOR J\ $278, eost $tM. .sum a Parlor Sulk for $1* one do. for $75. Also the rniattnre of a parlor and four titlmomr, At e bargeta. Inqadre at Ul Wast Bl?bth street, near Hulls sue. A FAMILY WILL HELL THEIR MAOWJF1C' NY A oereed rosewood Pianoforte, worth $8M, for leea than half; a*yea octave, overstrung Ire* frame, nearly sew. Ap ply at 887 East Tenth street. FIXE ASSORTMENT OF PIANOFORTES TO LET end sale on Instalments at the manufactory, lad and East Twenty-Aral street. L. P. CUMMIWOM. A A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP THE FINEST and cheapest new and second band Plaoea In the edy for aale aad to rent, at WILLIAM CAltDIDCS' Wareroeet* street. Ird street ? Jroiiit*, OWH rsllffllk^D ?Mriflct 44W#w| i, II W ibl fell i ? Eii ntnew rian^ertes. one, opposite Caspar -??I ' III - - ? 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