Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1867 Page 2
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WITT ATTONW WAVTER?FF *l MRS. , GERMAN LADY WISHES T?> lETC rllE ENU tlsh brunch and would Vkr to ?xcianj * w tfc j bv Mr; QoDt but tirai dan* hoed *m>1/ D.itct Hww *"Wiuf; nona but brat clan* need apply ard. atat'.uu D. k SITUATION waxteo-hv a respectable !V young glr' In a priests family. t? do ? willing to moke hcr-clf u-eful. I iiulre at 119 East 84th st AN EXPERIENCED N17R~K WISHES A SITUATION to UK full ,h*rg? of ? bM^T. i"d a? seamstress. city or country. city rnfrrence. Cell at i9v 2d ?v. A SITUATION WASTED?BV A LADI WHO HAH \ burled ber baby, lire moutba old, aa wet eurae; beat of referem e given. Apply at Mr. Tierney'a, 95 Kooeevelt ?t, New VorE a KIIt.ST CLAS* PROTESTANT COOC WANTS A JK situation In a first rlaaa place: first classc4ty rafarenee. (tall at ?3 It'eat 38th at, between 9th and 10th are. No notes answered. A RESPECTABLE ORBMAN GIRL WISHES A SITU ?tinn as chambermaid and aeamalreaa; waiting on the labia objected to. Apply for two daya at UM Chrystie ai. A respectable person wishes a situation aa nurae, who haa ae'ed In that capacity for tha laat fifteen year* and It fully competent to take entire charge of an Infant from ita birth; can furnish t be very beat vr city reftrance. Can be eeen for tw t daya at 188 SJ av., between Iflth aod 17th at#. A SEAMSTRESS, HAVING A WHKKLER * WILSON tewing machine, can work on Ornrer k H >ker'?. eon out aod fit rhlldren'e elothee, would go out by the day or take work home. Can be eeen at 345 East 13th at, between lat and 2d art., second floor, back room. A LADY WISHES TO GET A SITUATION FOR A girl sixteen ybare of ace: wage# not eo much an object aa a good borne. Would go In the oountry. Apply at 151 West ISth ?t. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A* AMERICAN GIRL of eighteen, to take care of children or do plain sewing, or any kind of light work; best of reference. Call for two daya at IN 7th >r. ABKRPBCTANLB YOUNG GIRL WI8HB8 A BITCA Uon to do up stairs work. Call fer three days at No. S7 Cehnabia at GERMAN CURL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermttid. Inquire et No. MS 6th et.( room 18. ARBSPKOT.iBLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ohambermaid end wattreaa*. U trilling to asslat In the washing and Ironing. Call at WO 6th nr., room No. 6. A SITUATION WANTRD?BT A TOUNO OIRL, TO DO floe sowing or embroidering and take oare of ohlidren. or up stain work. Can be seen for three days at 16141at at., near HI ar. Oood otty refereneea. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, to <lo cbamberwork and take care of children, or to do Ught homework. Has good city references. Call at 41 West 16th et., between 6th end 6th ara. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, at seamatreaa or plain sewer, to go out by the dey or woek. Call at 400 6th ar., room No. 0. A YOUNG LADY, LATELY ARRIVED PROM CANADA, la desirous of engaging a* children's resident gorernesa; Is fully competent tolnatrnct them in Engll h and music, together with the rudiments of French Address C. F., station U, for one week. AYOUNO LADY or EDUCATION WISHES TO OB tain a situation as companion to a lady or invalid: la wilttog to assist la household dntlea and make herself use. ful; no ohjeetlnn to travel. References ezohanged. Ad d -ess E. L.. Union square Post ofllce. A her ^w^'iome.^PwcmM hr?r!rLD LIKK A CHILD AT childreu; would rwiiVeT milk ri.r'* up by hand haa nl ???be given. I>""1 ?"we?n? floor, for two day* wooater el., near Canal at, thIH A DEP.WAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook or housekeeper, In e private family. Call et ISO Greenwich ar , from 10 to 6 o'clock. a RESPECT ABLE OIRL. LATELY LANDED, WANTS J\ a situation to do general housework: li a good plain osok and ati eieallent waahek and Ironar. Call nt 140 Sul livan at.. In the rear. ? SKIS"*A ?""? 947E?iS AYOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waitress; would assist with the washing or do plain sewing. Beat city reference from her last place. C-U et 836 West 86th at A JBHSiSSS,aSffiffi&.ijF" A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION In a small private family, to do general housework. Can be aeen tor two days nt 26 Hester st, front room, top. A TOUNO AMERICAN PERSON DESIRES A PJB8I Una as companion to a lady; would prefer to travel. Address A. L. 0.. Herald office. TOUNO GERMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION as first c'aes cook. Call at 131 West 87th at, room 16 A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A PLACE AS COOK OR J\ chambermaid In a private family. Can bo eoen at 180 Baal Bmadway, corner of Pike. OOMPKTKNT SEAMSTRESS WANTS WORK BY the day In private families Can be aeen nt 817 3d av. RES PRCTABLR TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT. -- nation as seamstress or would do light cbamberwork: can lake the entire enargeof s baby from Its birth; lived tan years In that capacity; baa lour years' reference from her last place. Cell at 666 Otb av.. near 88th et. AH RESPECTABLE VOUNO WOMAN WINHKB A SITU aUon in a private family as chambermaid and to assist ^n|i washing and ironing; boat city referaoce. Call at 81 Waal 18lh at. ARBRPBCTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN wlahas a situation as oook, washer sad Ironer; no ob ?m t? the country or dir. Call for one day at 4J8 Bast M., between 1st av. and av. A. Oood reference given. A YOUNO LADY WOULD LIKB A POSITION .A* KM*' Ad." dress for one week files H. Tyler, station F. A rtSSiM'fMA SITUATION as her UM nisoe. CMl? M6 WSt Skh 8th a vs.. m the rear. fortwoday* *" W*oen 6th Vad Arksprctablb woman wishes a situation as ftrsl class cook la a private family. 4 an furnish good rvfereuee. Call for teo day*at 77 We?t26ib *t. AYOUNO PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION iu a re-pertsble family in any capacity in which she csn pake herself generally useful; satisfactory reference* cen \ given. Apply at 236 West 13th st., third floor, for two Oi > A TOt NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS Jb oook; undersinndi cooling In all lU branch?*. Cap be \ her present employer's, 106 East 39th at., near Lei Injttoiry, ASE-'XLirr.VBLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT uathh as sen ins tress end to Uke care of ohUdien; has two yOrr.'jytrPnc?. Apply at 214 East 14th aL . KRKNClf DRESSMAKER WISHES WORK BT THE A SITUATION WANTED?BY A Ftmrr CLASS CHAM bennaid with the be-l of city reference; a Mrty'a Ik> ird Ing house up town preferred. Call at 311 1st nr., top dour, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU alien as e-at nurse, lie reel f and baby can be sjrn at M iv , between 38d and 33d sis., in the rear, ftrat Boor, Ask far Mrs. Flagsn. OOOD FRKNCU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as wet nurse. Has a goo I recjn.mendatlon from the that attended her. Call at >10 Mott at. A PLAIN ENGLISH COOK (A MIDDLE AOKD WO j\. _ tnan wlsues a situation. Oood reference* given, ('ail A ) BITVATION To uHieiii w.n<1,* ?r ?*?<"? In s private family. Apt*!/ at ail cat JMth ?!., tatirttii mh and 9'b fir*. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE altiialtoii to ruperintend s gritt'-msn's house la wil *?*?? ?*>agpt Ofoaa or two children- or as plain as slree*. r all on or address for two dara Wra tima -T us pi.tin se, ? on or address for two days Mra House at. dear Yarlok. from 10 to 13 or 2 to 6 I'. M u: RR.l'HITABLE OIRL WOULD WI.1I TO ,1RT A aitti ilion to do ehamberaork; good eity refetenee i. t all lor one day at 178 Eaat 38th at., between 1st and avs., Ilr-t flOAir. Aw RESPECTABLE PROTT ST \ NT WOMAN WANTS A aitmlinn In a very smsN family; etty praforred. Cell 1 West 23th St., near fth av. A HIGHLY RBSPRCTAIILN GIRL WANTS A SITUA tkm In a private family aa good plain eonk andfttst rate weaker and t. onert is willing and obliging;^!s th? beat M reference. Call et 77 '.Test I8lh st, between 6th and L. b p lloor. third door from the butcher's. AMTUATION WaNi BD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, Ai honse servant in s smalt familv: Is neat sol tidy, and can glrs tha beat reference. Cell at 66 West lHh Aral floor. In the rear ALL FAMILIES WANTING GOOD SERVANTS?OKk man g.rls, Sr., Immediately at Large Employ lostl sate, KM6th av.. below 9th el. A h2JUaJION WANTBD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Aa. mamMvmald and waliresa; Is a good sewer end flne rv t-.ill!"?"1 elly reference. (Jail at 871 6lh ' ??<??* fri.m t8th si, for two days. A "^WRBS A SITUATION A8 (a #vmvMAnT^?J' m*l|o herself generally tmnl ?n aewyimpaetty. ( all for one week at llggtk av. A MMmmdhu'bv iha aI"'D UKB * rZW by U# 4*T *? '? WW M AJ raaaad 2tt2S 22?SwmM^lIlrtS WA!,T* > 'situation ' keeper or pro Ik RBSFKCTABLB WOMAN WANTF Aanrse her bebv was ?nrn end' hTua^v ?? at No. 6 Orehard St.. In the f*brnory 81 A jmtuationto n^wsss Cai ay,tVl'it!' ,0<*, Ji A JiT' A ring A3 1 ho oblamtrn to tho couSWJ^ |66tnber??i4 and r TRUSTWORTHY [veto family, willing . Can h? seen (Font mom. DESIRES TO OBTAIN EMPLOY J\ m-nt as nopytoM would write at js^uhed. Agitato Cmartot, ataUwa A HTl'ATIOH WA'TriV-fEMALB*. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A _ ami: tioa M foreworaae in no eataM'?hni*nt either In New Vink or-11 y other cAy where a liberal salary will la) paid; U thoroughly cmn| .-tent to take the entire charga; can fiimlah th? bestofreference te tbli cltv and Boaton. Ad dress Iireanmsker, Boaton (Mass.") Foat office. RF-PKt'TAW.B YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITr* _ atlou as chambermaid or waltreaa, or aa chambermaid and to do plain sewing: U an excellent embiolderer: beat of city refeienoe given. Can be teen for two day* at SOI 3d ar., Orel Hoor. A REFINED GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION .A aa lady's maid or aeamatreaa, or to go travelling with ladies. Address R. E., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLARB CHAM ? barmaid and to assist at waiting; good city reference. Call at 885 5th a*., preaeut employer's. A NUMBER OF WRLL RKOOMMENDRD GERMAN J\ girls want allnattons at Mrs. Lowe's German Institute, 17 Stanton St., near Rower*. A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A BRSPBCT A B LB girl, to take care of children and to do plain sowing: la a good embroiderer, and is willing and obliging; would make herself useful in the bouse. Calf a I !M West loth St., front basement. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waitress or to do general houaewo rk in a small private family; good reference from last pleoe. Call at or address 238 East lilth at, corner of a*. A. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid: has no objection to assist with (he washing: beat of city reference from her last plaoe. Can at Hi West 15th at., tu the basement. MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. JUST arrived from England, wishes a at lust ion as chamber riiiKintiUi wioinra ? aiiuatiuu M ciutiuuvr* maid or good cook In a small family: has had good expert children; wotud travel with a famllv; enoe In the oare ef _ has the heat of reference. Cen M seen for two days at 838 West 19th st. A LADY FROM PENNBYLVANIA WISHES TO PRO ?cure employment, either as housekeeper or in any re doub ted reference aa to c ha racier and cnpnblllty. Oan bo scan st her residence 414 4th e*. Mrs. WEST. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 8COTCH WOMAN wishes a situation in a small private family to do (he rooking, washing and ironing; has good city reference. Call at 147 Molt St.. near Grand. CHAMBERMAID.?A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation as chambermaid and wdltress; bns the beat of reference. Can be seen for two days at 813d av., over the VflLLllfYRY AND EANCT BUSINESP?A YDCNO . J; * ?. ?ll,s* ?lMWl?*n and pretty (food mllHner, want* a situation In n roaj?ectahle trade. Salary uot an ob JeoL Address J. C? box 108 Herald office. 7 QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ^TBwoman, m ebaimbermnld and Uundreu; beat of ulty re rereoee. Call at 107 Bast 234 st. WANTED-BY A YOU NO GIRL, TO DO ?yp? homework |n a .mall private family. Can be ^2y nwrn nj 9 ' 'SU4 *?? FH<U'or 8,t* S"#* rfl'k'* ^"WP-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL. nlv at ? w2i"i?f,r"I0rk and ??uln?- Oood reference. Ap piy at Jo Wast 41?t st., corner Broadway. OITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND ? . waltroa* or todenlaln sewing. flood cllv r.f.r.nn. Call at 81187tli at., between 10th nn5 11th ark., for two days.* *fTsn5B a SITUATION?IS A GOOD iM^n^2%STarrfn do b'ndjof family aewtng: no ob /wWe.t^Tth at W? ' city referenoe. Call at Wtrd-b,\ a kbspkctablr pro. w"hln?"d '">?? S^nJJS? tr?ilT*P~?r AS WOMAN, IN SiHusrs.': ?> '?"?'? 'T.' yi 7i aw' - V. r ""u* vuugjn?; w elty. Call at No. 6 3d ar., near Houiton at. OITUATION WANTED?BY A RBSPEOTABLE YOCNO k5 woman, to do light homework. sewing, or tendioe chll dren: willina to do Hat liAat? iittriinui ?? ^ . ? d^:TWiFln>Vt hV,'r': Ti: "ttn T. E. E., atntion 1>, for three daya. OITCATIOH WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE . iWOrf n * ,m?" private family and ,to asaial at waahluc and Ironing. Call at 413 Weal 28th at. wasning OITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND wltreaas, and to assist at washing and Ironing; seven fhe^la"1 nCe rr?m ' plM ('"U ?' 99 Weal 27th at., In the rear. CITCATION WANTED-BY A YOCNO WOMAN, AS kj seamstress; nan make ladies' dremei: no objection to see to grown children or to do light chamberwoi k; good re feranoe. Can be aeon for two daya at 839 West 2?th at. QITPATIOH WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN B^M^^"fe,enee- C4U" ,##WMt SITU iTION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. In a small private family, ai good plain cook washer aodlroner; no objection to make herself generally useful? 'J?? ?'*?? ^an be seen for oat day at 2M West Mth at., between 10'h end llth are. CITCATION WANTRD-BT A PROTESTANT OIRL. AS ~L?^"2S5rm*^ and waitress and to assist at washing or ""IbiSl ^twr^aTia'Sl avenue, between23.1 and Mth ata. ' U " M OITUATION WANTRD-BT A PROTESTANT OIRL. AS J"0?* ?SSJ$ .?? Jhjeeuon to aaaiat at washing or logos nhort dliUnw in lh? country; food city i^fsrfncB i*mii f?p two day. atfaO M ,v? bmw^nSd anfitth aTa fw OITUATION WANTED?BT AN ENQLIBH OIBL TO OMdelf7rwferenMaer2nC i'm MMH. respectable family, aiujlthhava! Can a. * 3tth at.. between 9tli CTTPATION WANTBD-AS NURSE; CAN TAKE O charge of a baby frum its birth; no objection to go in the country or travel; good etty reference. Call at 91 \fest 19th at. op Boor, front room, for two daya. QITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO PROTESTANT WO mcook, wa?h and Iron; the other to do aham ITSi'i&V** preference. Call at #S Ut CjrTUATION WANTED?'TO DO GENERAL HOUSE SooTfrar8?^ l':r Arefereoc?- 5 & M?hHrt!!"J5: SITw.uTm N,o^NJBD-,TO 00 PI'SMBERWORK AND Ulw^isf ao?d WdhC"vVfereDM C*" " 889 We" SITIATKK WANTKD~BY A FRKNTR OIRL AH our** orUdy** companion, with a family folne t?*? Fu. Herriart'a attVg e^iT1'K,n'""h 9neatly. Call at Mm. w^rrmrq a, win cat Houston it,, room U4. CITCATION! WANTED-RY TWO BESPrcTABTE '< 'nt"nih UITCATIONS WANTKD-RY ..fl ~~ rh chamhennaMand wcltreaaandV' OIRL8 ONE AH lug, the other aa nnr-e nitd to Mkc LJJ? 0n" wash ?"fat ???" "*inr ?? um*' Xkp i h i herm-lf generally a?eftil; heat city refCT '1l",'rI',n, "r mifi? 3il at., front m*.o, third floor. 'f?' Call at 347 OITOAIIONS WANTED-BY TWO R|T ; - O young girl*, one ?* eook, who Underalanda htTAalK cooking and b.iklng:th' other ;i? chamtn-rmaid ??i. k'nd? of l>e*l cVy tefrren ?? can heghen. Call at IIS M'rn Spltre?a; the tear. at., in ro respectabt^ uiRi.'t wish sitcatiow: one aa cook, waaiier and Irouer, the other aa . hanhei. nmld and wdtreaa: gool rltr i-elarennc Call for two tayl at ICt Wet 15th at., between 8tIt ai.u 9llt ava. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITl ATlOfH; one to work at dresamakint: can ouernie on Win elet A Wllaou'a machine, sod the other aa nurac and aearaalreaa tu o prlraie family. Call for two daya a. 138 Kail SJth at., ?o? tarean Jd and Sd ava , areotid tlooj , buck room. TWO RESPECTABLE VOUNU OTRI.S WHII 'iVk; llona together In one houae; able to lake "?spV. houaework. tlood cite reference from I heir laat ntery t-an be teen for two daya at 2M Weal Slat at. / W??ANTED?RY A RKSP EOT ABLE YQVf] $?***' A situation aagrod plain rook. waah?vj?7{{ ' not an nineh an offieet aa a g.vid.;"l?i * ?*-. ' r ,U1"- H,i w ANTED?A SlTrATrt?< BT AN AMERICAN VO "sn- In ? "mall prt<at< family, to do general house ? < arml ie?k *** aood tefetem*. Apply at WSNiailh?RV ^ pRHT CLASS LaUNDRKHS A KIT. "?.121 'tnst 41 rlly inference Can he aeen at C* weatJ>a?htngton phho, flm lloor. front roetm IVko^ h7. hi I ?TWO*V' * SITCA tlON^m dtyataiida all mil i. It T^llfi or mo,>th. aa aomnattwaa; un iS 5rctenof. at-Tar fv7n'n ^k-t^rmr. experf wi?rn 9l*t und f ?mi l prlrni# ibm* .VisU* "# HMa nouuewort m a w,? & at* r?" ??'? WAiToR.Vi7nlIT JWO rr"'*B"TAB?.B TOUNO OiRI.S, WA2un^"lfl SSmU* 5*A*STRBS?s UNDER. d^-.M.Vl^2;;i,?fn',,,teeni Wnari ntarhlno" D'eTlon'tofha ^'2!2l5i'!;*?b#rw?!i or """ ob fc1l?.1a^id7rinytUhdU^,.refcr#nee ',St? WANTKD- BY a BESPRCTABI.E AMERICAN WOMAN a allttnlion aa wvil plain cook, washer and ironor In a small family, onn ?n aeen for three days at *9 Raa> 2Sth at WANTRD-TO 00 OUT BT THE DAY BY A YOUNO TT who thorOngftly undatntanda dreaaiMklna; house ??flSnfe^riTP4 ,f1mnMKl ,T,?"'PWlorma???r. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT TDllNn WOMAN A altuatlon as good plain eook. and to a*^t with tha waablug and Ironing; la a goo-l baker, country tonferred Apply Ar two days at 397 East Mth at., between Ut and M ATiilllM. WANTRO-BT A MOST RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged woman, n attnatlon aa Irsl elaaa cook aha la fnjf ootnpe .EM ?he country C woman, a attnatlon aa Irsl elaaa cook ?be la fnvf it In every branch of her business; p? ohjrrt/"/ !? ontry or to * boarding houan. c?n ^ snen at I|dfSM WAio??^7h,\j*,}.9A5' Sr^ONO WON4*. EM do u li**4 r*'* EssitW. or would .?f&gr** App,r NT A rtUT CLASS COOK; tesara?i,YAiRsans; srrrATiowg w *htkp-peihalki. WANTED IMMEDIATE LY?JIT AN AM KB] CAN seamstress. A >1(11*11 in; understand* cutting and tilting and la* gi>od operator on Wheeler A Wilaon'a sewing machine; can give four jeara' referunoe. Apply for two day* at 111 KasttWth at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO glrL In an American family, where aha <-*o da light work, taking care of children and mating herself generally useful. Oood references guea. Address M. 8., No. 22$ Chryatle aU, room 16. ?HTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yeuug woman, as chambermaid and aaalat in the washing and ironing; understands fluting; is willing and obliging. City reference. Call for two daya at 138 West ttth street. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, as food cook; has no objection to assist in washing and Ironing if required; has boat city reference from herU.*t employer. Call for two daya at la West Silk sk, near 7th as. XtTANTED?A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COOK " and to assist in the washing and ironing, by a respecta ble woman with good referenoe. Inquire at MS West 30th at, top floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE v * youug woman, to do general housework: is willing to make herself generally useful Apply at 108 East ltd at. w ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A PROTESTANT WO man. sa cook; understands her business in all Its branehes: in a restaurant or A rut e'asa boarding house, or n short distance in tbe country. Can be seen for two daya at B CorndUa it, second Boor. rear. ? WANTED?BY A SUPERIOR NURSE. WTTIT EXCEL vt lent city reference a situation in the city or country; ean take charge of an Infant from Its birth; or to wait on a Ud^who boards; sewa neatly; wages $10. Call at Itt Bast TIT ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, TT an Infant to wot nurse at her own residence, having lost ber own babe of four days old; good referent* given and required. Apply et IM West NBCls St., second floor, rear building, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young colored woman, as chambermaid and to assist In fine washing; good reference. Can bo aeon for two days at ?1$ West lfltn st __ WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. vT aa oook. washer and troner in a private famllv; best city reference given from last pUoe. Can bo seen for two daya at 820 East Slat st, front room. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE Yv you" ' girls; one as waitress, 'he other as chamber maid; la wiling to assist with washing or plain sewing: would like ' > go together. Ran be well recommended. Call at 328 East 24th at., first floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a situation to do general housework; ia a good plain oook. washer and irener; would go in the country at housekeeper, with or without a boy 1? yoara old: best refer enee can be given. For further information Inquire at 368 Hudson at. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE SWEEDISH PRO. testant girl, a situation in a smell family to do gruentl housework. Call at Mr. Pederson'a, 377 id av., on Thursday and Priday, from 10 to A -WA*TEr)-BY * RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8TTUA TT Uon aa chambermaid or waitress; e-n he seen for two days at 1X3 East 20th st., between 2d aud 3d ava. HKT.w WAN TIC IX? PK5T A I.K.N. A large number or a ind* wantfd-to be \t> parasols. To experienced hand* good prices puld. Ap ply between the hour* of 8 anil 3 o'clock at 933 lluason at. A GOOD FAITHFUL WOMAN TO IH> GENERAL houHswork; innat he a good Ironer and not afraid in work. Only those with good reference nerd apply at 140 East 64th at., near l-ertngion ay. A WOMAN WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSB work; must be a tmoj cook, waaher and Ironer; Oer' man preferred: good wanes. Apply to Nr. Parker, West End, Hudson City, near watch factory. A PLAIN BUT BXI'ERfENCKD COOK WANTED-BY a small prlynte family: she most be willing to assist In washing and ironing. Apply from 10 to 3 o'clock At 131 East 14th si., near 3d av. C10I.0R75D HELP WANTED IMMEDIATELY?OHLAM ) bermaid and parlor maid. Apply At 74 East 14th at. C1O0K WANTED?ONE THAT THOROUGHLY UNDER. > stands her business; must be willing to aa.tst with the washing. Call for two days, from 0 A.M. nntil 3 P. M., at 103 West 43d at City references required. /TOOK AND CHAMBERMAID WANTED?T IRBE IN " I family; cook to do the washing; chambermaid to assist. Apply at 81 f ast 51*t ah. near Madison ar. Dressmakers wanted.?positively none but competent hands need anply at 31 (formerly No. 8) Weal 10th si., between 5th and 6tn are. PARASOLS.?WANTED, EXPERIENCED HANDS TO make line lined parasols. Apply lo Wetmore, Dearborn k Co., 406 Broadway. ? SCOTCH OlBIi WANTED?FOR THE GENERAL housework of a small family. Apply at Dr. Buchanan's, 338 West 18th at. TIE HANDS WASffKfc-kfcAT sfewRRS, TO FINISH gentlemen's bows and ties. WETMORE k E1TCHCOCK. V Chambers at. Wanted?first class operators oh the Wheeler k Wilson tearing machines, to work on draw ora. Inqnlre at 08 White at., up ilaire. TXTANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO THE W ganoral housework. In o email family, with city re re Apply at 3ii0 West 36th at. WAKTED-THRRE OR FOUR FIR8T CLASS MTLLI nera for the city. Apply at 46 Howard at., drat floor, between 1 and 3 o'clock. TXT ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED P5RMON. TO TAKE YY oare of an invalid lady; lo be handy with her naedle. Call for three days In Green ar., between Clssaon and Frank lin, third kou?e, north aide, Brooklyn. WANTED?A CHILD'S MURSK: A PROTKSTANT preferred: good recommendations required. Apply lor two days at 36 West 35th at., between 11 and 3 o'clock. TITAN TED?A RE8PRCTABLR AMD COMrRTENT VY neraon to set aa nurse In the eire of ehlldten and aa seamstress. Cull at No. 7 East SOth at., between the houm ST 3 and 11 A. M. WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL FOR ORNRRAL housework; muet be a good cook, waaher and ironer. Apply at 313 West 30th at. near 8th sr. TXTANTRD-A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOU8KWOEK: D must be a good plain I cook and wisher and.Ironer and hare c?od reference. Apply at 333 East 53d St., be tween 3d and 3d art. TXTANTED-A GOOD SMART GIRL FOR GENRRAL 7? housework; one who la a good waaher and Ironer and good pin In cook: one with references: no other need aoptr; wages $10. Apply at second brick honer from 3d ay.. In 63d at., south tide. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK; WAGES $15. Apply, with references, at the Wordeo House, 38 Bowery. TXT ANTED?A GOOD COOK IN A RESTAURANT. 71 Apply In ibe basement 480 Broadway and Broome at., after 10 o'chwk. W AMIED?A SMALL PROTESTANT GIRL 14 OR 15 years old, to make herself generally anefnl In a rmsli family and take rare or a little bo* three' yrut s old. Call at 137 East 83d at.. Yoi kvllle. WANTED?A OIRL WHO CAN COOK, WASH AND Iron, and to assist In general bousewnrt. Oiist r'ty reftrrner requited. Inquire at .350 West 33d it, basement (I..or, after 8 A. M. ANTED?A PROTESTANT 3COMAN TO TAKE CAKE of children: city reference required. Call between f ?-at |? 3d nr. ANTj*~ in a amb.t.OOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. family. Apply at 106 Fast 38th ?L JANTED-A Fit ' ? learn bound frsm. RESrECTABLP, l.ADIRS TO w I w w w w ting. Apply at 462 ltnndwny. *- I.ORT A BROTHER. ANTED?A PIRflT CLAH8 SAI at Mma. Railings', 318 Canal at. "*v APPL* WANTED?A FOREWOMAN; ONE CAPABLE OY making wire and Illusion bonnet frames. 33 How. ard at. antrd^-a~cuambIrmaidrooob vrrbXiTcTtv reference required. Call at 37;$ St. Mark's plies. WXntrD-A oTSiTTO COOK. WASH AND IRON; also one to do chambertfor 3, la a private boarding house. Ite.'eicncca required. Apply at 36 1 flight ?t XTr-ANTRD-A OIRL rOR ORNRRAL HOU8RWORK: yy one who nnderataods her business; wagee $10. Apply at 81 Weal 13th at. YX7ANTED?T#0 PROTB8TANT GIRLS; ONE AS FT nook and lawndresa, and one aa ebambermald and waitress With city reference. Color no objeolion. 110 Bleecker at. SlTI'ATIOltN W A NTRO?MALES, YOCNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS rORTBE. Addroea Wallaoe. box Std Herald afllee. Am Young man, is tbars of aoe, wants a situ. si too aa porter or assistant porttr, or to make htiaeell generally useful: referencn Irom present employer. Ad | dress, stating salary, Q. W. 8.. box 3,734 New York Font i office. A PRACTICAL FAKMHk a*D W1PB WANT A SITU. A ationta take charge of a small farm. Bilnatloa wanted by n good man, aa porter. Address W E., box i,M3 Post A GERMAN. SPEAKING ENGLISH AND FRENCH ,'Y well, ee>-usiomed ta trarelllng In Rnrope. offers hie eerrlrwe u> aotne gentleman or family going abroad; Bead references. Addre?a H., Helyldere House, oorner Ml* at, and 4th av. AM FRENCH ORNTLRB AN, SPEAKING ENGLISH well with best eitr ryferenoes, offers bis aerrlces aa in terpreter to a family gniqg to tha Paris ExhlMtian. Address A. IX, bet (.Ml Post oftise. A MM FIRST CLASS BARKEEPER DESIRES A FORI tion tn or out < the rily ; will preeent the beet testimo nials. Address Claries Miller, statlou A. CITUATION NANTRDl-BT a colored youno man, k? aa waller a prlrate family; la mine steel in every re spect. Ca.1 at 83 West 30th at. CITUA'rflN WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL MAN, O Di'Y competent to tale charge of a lama rnannfeatur Ing bis'neaa; would take an Interest. Addroea W. B., box III ivratd office. I ,pd COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND COUNTRY OEN I tleinen ?'Wanted, by a young married gentlemen, of

education, capability and charaoter. a position as elerk, salesman, scoonntnul, superintendent of a tarro, or In some oilier capacity pertaining to oonntry bnalneas or rural ooen patloh: said applicant will preaant the moat Battering teati monials In support of the shore lodlTtdtial recommenda tions, and Is desirous of making a permanent engasemen',, eren In some remote locelUy. Will accept a reasons >>Je eompenaatiou In rrlurn for fnltlifnl eerylces. Please addmsa for ten days i'ouutry Uentl.'inan, Herald piles. mo 8TEAM8HIP COMPAN1R8.?AN ENGLISH, DOC Jl tor, aged 30, speaking Frenoh and Italian, with, (be bart degrees sad highest referenoea, aeeka Immadla'M employ, menl at sea or ntherwlea. lies been ship's debtor before. "a SITUATIONS WANTKD?HArA/'V THEATRICAL OR MERCANTILk!-THK ADVERtU^*? hat been ten year* In lbs broker busineaa and wlabea tlluailon ?? c.iahfer or bookkeeper. Addreat Whitney, A Charilou street, N. Y. Beet retereuco* gireu. WANTED-BY AN AOTITB BUSINESS MAN, A 8ITU aUun at collector, or in aome out door capacity; good reference* and aeourliy given, Addreat Collector, ltd ana 197 tulton street. fJITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. A '* place at Bret data atewa-d or oook; formerly em ployed at Johu Taylor * International Hotel; baa the beat of reference. Can he ?e*n or applied to for three daya at Leo'* ?aloon No. 8 Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MAN WHO YHO ronghly understand* the ear* of boreea. Beak of reference. Addreaa A B., box 191 Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE roung man, two week* In the country; U willing to make hlmaelr generally useful to hla employer; will g* on a faim or at any other employment. Call for two daya at 779 Myrtle ay., between Sandford and Noetrand av*., Brooklyn. Waitted-by A MAN COOK. WHO THOROUGHLY node rata nd* hit bualneaa. a aitnatlon; la n respeotable, aober, iudmtrtoua man. Addreaa J. B., Herald office. UTANTED-A situation to take charge or A " . fana. by a Scotchman U years of aas, married. Un deretaads all branches of farming, hothouae and grapery, yen furnish (he beat of testimonials from laat place. Ad dreaa W. L.. boi l>7 Herald office. TXrANTBD?TO LEARN THE DRUO BUSINESS. A '. young man of thorouch business habile and having flood city and oountry references, wishes to learn the retail drug business; no objection to the country; aalary not so much an objeot as a good position. Addre Herald office. Address B. W. F., WANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITER IN A FIRST clan hooaa. be an Englishman, who thoroughly un derstands the duties of an Indoor servant Apply to J. Gart land, 191)4 Qreene at, between Bleecker and Amity. CO AC HNBI AMD GARDENERS. ' A FIRST CLASS OOAOHMAN WANTS A SITUATION; JX a single yonng man; good city reference will be fire a. Call on or address J. M. Oowdea. If Bleacher st A GENTLEMAN BREAKING OF HOUSEKEEPING 18 desirous of prpcurtog situations for a coachman and a dining room aod otoamber maldt he oan highly recommend. Inquire at room No. 2, M Liberty at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A HITUA tion as groom snd coachman; first class city reference. Address (Iroora, bos 2U6 Herald office. ACOACHM tN WANTED ?NONE BUT A FIRST cUas single mao. with the heat of oltr reference.", ca pable aod willing, need epply at 87 Eaet Sith st., between 9 end 10 A M. (COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A ROBRR. V steady man (English); thoroughly understands his busi ness; one horse or a pair of horses: good cUv references. Address K. S. M. Brlggs, New York Tatteraalla. comer of 40th at. ahd 8th ae. QWIATON WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COACH ? J man; understands the cere of horees and breaking of rr f-w nun, unnftmitna* euro or L_ ^erenoe^ Apo.y .at.; or .<? breaking of , ?, or address, near 14th at, for two CLERIC* AND NALRSt.ilTIN. INO MAN, WILLINO TO WORK. IS ANXIOUS ibtnin a situation as olerk. waiter or bnrteuder In n Jrntel or restaurant; would go for email wages; can furnish ''Very best cltv reference as to character, honesty. Ac. Ad. dress J. N.. bo* 19! Herald office. A Drug clerk. WANTED?A COMPETENT MAN, Apply at aw East Broadway. D I) ift G CLERK WANTED?ONE USED TO THE CITY business. Apply at corner 8tli ay. and 28th at UY GOODS.?A YOUNG KNOLISHMAN, JUST AR _ rive.I. desires a situation as dry good* aalestnan or bookkeeper: h 'S len yeira experience and first e'ass testi monials. Aildreis I'ritrhard, rare Of John Williams, Kaq., No. 3 Bow ling Green. ^SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOrNO MAN. AS SALES. i~ msn In a fan iv goods or dry good* jobbing house; would travel part of the time; has had eereral years' experience and some Wealern acquaintance; can furnish satisfactory references. Address S. P., box 9)1 Herald office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN or 22. A SITUATION VI as elerk or assistant bookkeeper; has hid Ave years' experience in bus neas; can furnish be.t of city releronoe . Address W. 11. L.. U Morton it. WANTED?A SITUATION AS OLBRK OR AMANU en- Is, bv a young man who would be Inclined to make himself generally useful In any capacity If found snitsble. Please address 0. W. 8., ISO Fulton at., Brooklyn, care of John IVortblngton. WANTED-TWO EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS talesmen. Apply at 279 Pulton av., Brooklyn. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS SALES man, at O'Neill A ^.'roru'g^ 108 8th jr. tlTANTED-TWO GOOD DRY GOODS 8ALBSMEN, AT YY 390 Bowery. XX7ANTF.B-BY A YOUNG MAN WELL ACQUAINTED TT with money, a situation as eaahier or olerk In a atom or exchange office In New York or Brooklyn. Is at present cashier for a Urge business in Brooklyn. Rest of refer ence from present employer. Addrees B. Q., Post office, Brooklyn. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED SHIPPING CLERK, YY with good references. Address box 880 Poet office, elating salary, Ae. tXT ANTED?THREE OR FOUR SALESMEN WHO CAN YY inflnenee cash or short time buyers In a silk goods jobbing house; also a bookkeeper and hosiery and white goods buyer. Addreea box 4.381 Poet office. wANTED?IFIRST CLASS SALESMEN FOR THE YY orlnclpal cities of the United States and Canada*. for the sale ef the fine steel engrarlag of Bleratsdt'a Rocky Mountains. sold by auheorlpslon only. Add res i E. Biersiadt, studio. Rroadway and 10th st. WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT YOUNG MAN. A SIT nation as clerk in anrospaettv; beet city references. Address M. McX., bet 1MB Hersldoffice. A HELP WAITEO-HALES. LL DESIRING SITUATIONS IN ALL BRANCHES _l efbtialnoas. call at 89 Nnssan street, up atalra. Permn aent and excellent paying situations this day. AYOUNO MAN WANTED?W1TII $800. IN A MAVU fart tiring business; pmflts 300 per cent monthly; money secured: half Interest given. Addrees Investment, Herald office. A OK NTS WANTED?IN EVERY SECTION OP THE J\. country, to sell an article entirely nsw; onat* 33 cents, and ebsfdutely necessary to every family; exclusive territory granted Addrass Sbnl*r A Co.. 20 0 IN st.. third floor. Agents and pkdlers for an article ru quired everywhere ffi to $10 a day easily made. Poster AO.. 2Z1 Grand at . N. T. 79 Main at.. Brooklyn. ALL DESIRING IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT eniyloytnont In all d<-p<rtmentsof business call nt 81 Chambers at; desirable vac,ncies this day; excellent salhrle*. ALL YOUNG MEN wisniNo employment Should eall at 212 Broadway, r.orn 19. eorner Fulton at Established under the patronage ot merchants. Information free. Agents wanted-for the best invention of tho day. necessary to an. Call at 7$ sad 77 NassaiFet., room No. 21 Assistant bookkeeper entry, shipping. Ho tel, steamboat, -allroad and general clerk*: also copy, lata and men to go South. Cell early at 834 Broadway, ro im 10. third floor. No Uslioreri. AOKNT8 WAKTEn?TOSF.LL AN ARTICLE WANTED In every hotel, house, store and nffiee. in elty and conn r try. Call on or addreea C. M. Bmwn. 74 Bleecker *u X. Y. A FIRST CLASS WAITER WANTED TO TRAVEL? he must understand his business perfeetly In every nr. tfcnlar. and have the best or reference from his lest employ, er. A German speaking English desired. Addrees Judge A. D. Russel, 82 Nassau street YD ARM HELP WANTED-TO WORK BY THE YEAR r on a farm le Ohio; a man and wife, with not more than two or three children, can hare e a'eady home for years, gilh a scpar ite house to Bre in: if the chl!d"en were nearly one oi*bey would also he peld for working. The place Is family, tf x^wellhiest to A merles. The expenaca of such a telBgeoee oflwes pIMffipt'dM. would be peld to go oat. In. ** -^WBBOUOIt, 284 ?th av. PF.NMKN WANTED?GOOD AND *A. .?--.-.IT C^SSiSuS^ ??iag. FiRTBR WANTED-IN TUB JEWELRY AND Mt-van were business; mum writ* a good hand sad he ccrrers Bgvrea The very highest rwvnntrndat Ions reqnlred aa Jo hooestv snd ability. Agiply, Wweaa g aad 8 ?'. M? nt SUrr A Marrna', 22 John at. n WANTED?A YOUNG LAWIRR, WHOSE TIME IS not Wholly onrtioled, to aasirt in the compilation of | law works; wages moderate. laqWra at 44 aad44 Nua*?u at., third floor, front. WAN!ED?A YOUNG MAW TO MAKE HIMSELF saws i allv useful in a lunch mom; s Get man speaking Bnj^pmywd. Inquire at Llsyenard MnSt, aftar WANTED-AT THE REUNION HOTEL, 42D ST. and 4th sr., threa oolored walteia an A one bellman (tkiUlK WAJ'fKD-A HURT BOTjOWR WIIO.IS WELL .AC WANTED-A MAN AND niS WIFR; THE MAW TO a work to the wife to de house-, w*ok. Those that rsn come well recommended may apply to John R. Elv, eerqer of 1st st. and North 4th st, Williams IslXd0' "re Reierrolr Houge, Cypmae hills road, Long WAJJ*D-A TOUNO MAir, WHO WRITES A GOOD hand aad corrrnd at figures, to do plain bookkeeping owa handwriting, 8. 8? box lOB llerijd office. WAoTil?~'^?Ky78 TP.SK,'L RELIGIOUS AND MA. ?,T . P"?101*! *nd Bibles, la thta elty and n^in nZl?" plom of Sroedwsy, after 10 o'clock. nfoome at., corner BRO I * R .? 53^ * ?aidw'i1" . 0NMu"flfkd^w?.*22? fANILLB rRr h ipShK ?lT40.i ?Twm 4i!aed*raXnn*" *i*?"52rS?ad^3! ?Ajbs at avorow. A - - - _ _ _ --WN.-wNr *'"** W UCTION SAT.R ? ?10H COIlf SILVER PLATED WARE [3 DAT, at 11 odoek, at C' . . _ ?*" BROADWAY, v oraeeoanlofaaalgnees. Jw K UAKDIXBA Auction*.,. The ? !f^**?!. .oe* the "Bolcant patterns of English and AtoerieaO Oood?, In amended variety, all warranted of the' mo?t eup?^'>r workmanship and doalgiia. Tea 8rta, Crus, Ioa PlWbeei. ??????. Oestera, Spoons. Porta, Cake BaakrtV Ac. Handst" families and dealers ara especially notMed that the <ele la poalUr# and without maarea. Also 17 ladVa Pearl and Jet Nrooohes and two alecant French Ohlne Tea Bets, complete. DCTIO.T NOTlCK.-R. T. HAZELL. ADOTIONBRR. THIS DaV, PRIDAY, MARCH 1, At 1QK o'clock, at our Silearoom, HI Cortlandt street, RECEIVER'S BALE OP TH1RTY-PIVE CABES PRKXCn. ORBMAN AND AMERICAN TOYS AND PAXCY GOODS, eompristng a large assortment of desirable Goods, In lata to suit the trade. ALSO, TINNED WARE, AC.-lnvoioaa Tinned Ware, Cutlery. Ae. (With which the aale will oontmenee.) Cataloguea on morning of sale. R. T. HAZEL! A CO., Anrtloneera, B Cortlandt street. A tlon. oe Wwlneedrr. Merdi 6 account of :ssr-sssst ?iwrsa?^IUUl ?ADRIAN H. l aue at l be collateral). AuSS.?ArlSZSSzEZ "St AU?^?W? 'rSitu^Tu^^r) TAbla! Buffet an* Dining Cbalra to raateh; MIrrw*. black ?^J5S5l B&t?d?2& Bn. rvanrroe; bla* w^utaodrMW^od Rockere, VT.Stfc'chti jff?i*~ w5?; ?i?y.*r- ?; B,r Reliable men In attendance to cart, paek and aklp goo | purchaaera at a roaaonable^iharge. T)J MINER * BOMEBTTLLE. AT HOK8E AUCTION ^ART^M EAST FOURTEENTH (Lane * McMabon'a Sublet.) ? ^pftehSi?outVr 3H?B?wssk*&; TtoUWiSSK sksmi ?SS '"park PHARTON?<yy bunt, tn food order, and Double H'dTrK MO^N HbRSE-ThornughbmJ; 16X baodahifh; 7 'a^SPLKN!)ID Th?AM "bFIOFA"9T TROTT1NO MAREK erVmeUhtS! Wband.high: ..wenrearaold; very atyllah "^K^ravnMittbSRtwowFoon. eity bum. ^,gL^RV^LL^kT<tRa,?14ti hand, high Bre year, olrl: kind In all harnca; pood traTelieTa and raaU KREW?SiK^wTTTt<>0? ????? n ??onbi.'m4 ril f' H^r llaamilAP Hoinn HllPS At OUT AUCtlOll M AIT. I'niOU riBWJ Stabfei, every Tuead iy and Friday throughout the year. Meaara. MINER A SOMBRvTlE offer u^rpM.ed ?d I vantage. In location, e?|?erte?ee ?"dtteMaaaa yiggg** hffi'Mj&fSSfeSji .1ngj"ajs as .a-?ffsys $te ofllce of the mio'lnneer. M Liberty atreet. " "S'S Sjffifi SEVERAL 8RTS HARNESS. AC.. AC. D. KL^igOTS^gSA^ G"saa^^kfl7?A raana? o'clock, aereral Parlor and Cbamlyr reau* Bookcaae*. Kktenalnu and Library Ta"lea. manoganr KS, Office Pliturea, Ral!ln?a. Oaa fcteree. an I oil and water color Pain Pop. large ma nted Mirror, auparto maewood TK octave PlanerfSrte. neari? new. Hale absolute, on acoouih of remormi. _ ttknrt d. miner ?^TOT^-^iKSES?:2Ia" IX Nniua ftr^et. onpoilt* the Post OW*> w uh of (Touaehold and bmoe Pnrnlture. lion Safajt *e^*?a by MINF.P. A ROM BRVlLLE. at auction, on Monday. March 4. at 10)^ o'clock. Henry d. miner. aucti<wkfr?r albs room 87 Nr?Mii atreet, opposite the p"*Ji(?21<5:..*L|l|i'| POMKRVILLK trill sell at auction, K^ty, M^ L etU n''.\" Xu ^Cl"^ra^A^lV" ^e" SXr^nrt ffra ?>. on ertlbltbm Wednesday, with catalogue. TYFVr.Y O !??'VANS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL T'llS , T I d.vyTalSoclnck'n rich estortwen' of Frenchi ChUa Bohemian Olas-ware. Parian marble ^ complete imporUt'on of B. Behrlanh. 4dJ Broadway. ?irf pfjftTt?Y AlUiTIOMEER. RfiLTtS THIS DKY (FRI H. d?y%?VwA.M., Stock and atore 37 Cherry atreet. conalat ng o(_ ? "?.?*? Itr.twera, Cotton*. Il.itton,. Showciae., Shelving, everything appertaining tn flie bnaloeaa. In lota. HCOOLKY. AUCTIONRVIR. s'S,!'I^.T'V2i^-ru^ . 1 P. M., at aalevrovm V New Cham -r* aOwet-t ur iSHKESHSS lljlit Buggy Wagon. MOHN I. TANDRWATRE. AUCTIONEER, NO. 100 Mrdx"Sii or un.l r aaddle: good Wtlwi'i"' ^ root livdv animal, aound and kind arery way. Al^xilhar dftlrable Horace. Wagon a. Rol>e?. Blenket , llarncaa, Ae. Neit/egnlar aale Tueaday. ^ t 2SSI ,. " - V?|'~"V Hnwaehnld F.irnit ire oaua.allng of em"* KluPion Furniture: alao one marde bed Looking Olaaaea, Kltel 1&^r^?Sk^;LUen. bale BOOTS AND 8HOKS.-RSCHARD \f \??I ririA. AuetUnaer, trill aell at It o olock o.? Prtdap, a?\^? iStBro^duwy^ Vtnnwy ?r ladlaa'. geurtamen'a M. rn?*,T?nn. . K.mft traSsf fcswssr&it!! !i=^a/Sg^Bgt.-rs"fc" " OAWNBBOKKRH NALB-tHIB DkJ. BV JOVtU MOB dlug^md other flwda By erder A. Ot?*. SI < autre at. Tb R. ROLI.INN k CO.. AUCTIONEERS. WILL SELL 1\ thla dey^at 1#K a'eloek, at 17 Oreaby atreet, the enUre J-?- .. .* aS!: .0d Farmom Plttureaof the abora houae, w^^ .T '^ Orapf^^aoalallng er Mabmpmy. Wal.Tii STEtSiwoid B^rtJida, Bureaea. Waahatanda, Cbalm. SSua Souchea, Parlor Bulta, Cottage BeUta.ida, Mattreaaee, wVtSt-pa and ptllowa b beet a. BUnket*. Sereada, Brnaaela, TkM?y asd liwrala Carpdu. Olletnth, lilrrora. Paintinga i5dFniirartnga,7Tard Tablea, Ba- and Bar Fit t area Threa mill F.eil'ak Beer lttmp. Copper Tnbn'ar BoHea Hot Water fug. Range, Kltehen and Dining Hoc* FnmKnre. Saloon Tablea, Btwroa, BUrar PUted Caatera. CutleryAc., Ab. AU tebeeold without reaerra. Gaa FUturea and PlumUng.Be. KICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL thliday (Frtto) at 11 a'eloek. at No. fJ Kaat Bread , ? auanuty tffRar and HouaehoUl F.nruttura. Mlrmra, ^nnlorfc OTtWr Bar. oane and other Chain., marble-iop and oSar tablea. Pleturea, Kngrarlng,, Paur doaen new ui 'i-j. Caraata Be. Mao to pay adeaneea, Tete-e-tetae, SXSayTffi, 'kitte TabletlCarp au, Beguile Table, PlrtifelL one WbaeTer end WBaon %wlng^aoblne; alao one nnml Iron Safe, Deaka and, other Furniture. OAMUBL WTNN, AUCTIONF.F/R?SKLIJI THTSDAT, S at MB< o'clock, at W Bulllran atreet. the FUtgrea and ^nreHnra of an oyater Aoloun; Tablea. Chalra, Bed and Seddln* let of Crockery, fonnFAa, An., In loU. NITBU STATES NAVY TABD, BOBTON.-C'J*. mandent'a omoe.Vob. II, 1W7. . for baiji at auction. The United SUtea rdtip Ino will be aold, at IjubUe dtutim, at the United SU tea Nary TarC Boa ton, ot Thuraday, the 14th of Maroh, at llVdock M. , , , ... u The Ino l? a full rigged ahlp, length IBB feet, depth 17 ftuw, aheetflM tone, draugRtnedA." feet * Inohea; hae-e Wag poop oabha, and topgaUr^H foroenatM wmm*L and n Inventory nfnrtlelee oMmtdt, Be., to bo be depublled on the day of the kale, %0d tbe l*rment <mm gas.?.A%g IUM Af AUCTION. 5* SUPRHMB COURT 8ALB?OF VALUABLE ?EAL ESTATE. JOSEPH McCUIRB AUCTIONEER, will Mil en Saturday, March A 1807, at U o'clock, at tba Ri change aalearoom. No. Ill Broadway, four oalualoe Lob north aide 1 urtp-dftb atroot. SOD foot wact of Second area* Br order of JAMES H. COLBMAN, Eaq., Before* W. J. Km a, E?<1,, Attorney. w 'M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-SELLS THIS DAI ?P at 2 o'clock, at AM Canal street, Parlor Sulta, Dlnln Room. Chamber and Kitchen Furniture, Pier and other * rora, yelret Tapeetry, Thruo-ahr and other CarpoU; Otlolothi Kxteaeioa, Centre and Tee TaMee: China, GUsa and Stlri Warn; black walnut, mahogany and othor Bodotenda; Hal and other Mattroem. Blanket*. Bheeta. Lounge*. Sofa Bedi Hocking and other Chair*. A aeooad hand Carpet*, an ererything nsef el for housekeeping: a Lao about *00 yante ? Oilcloth* of deetrebli pattern*, from a Broadway oarpt WHILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE J1 Hi Chatham aonaiw, eeile an Saturday, at MX o'tdoo* i me stock and Fixture* of the Lienor Store HI Cherry eUnel SS^ Tjb^cre?^D. MW CWARTRBBSHlPi. PARTNER WANTED?IN A SAFE, LONO B8TAJ A liTk.^ n A. BAro, ia/hv OOIM avm PfffPE buahtem; the right man. *? Saw, will be UbewUly dealt *,th and allowed one-balfHi JjS* J' H. BBOWW, B Folton street, ap stair* A EJtSti Addraae A. B., car. of Mr. BTrKaia M> Viler.tract. PABTT WANTED?IN A WELL ESTABLISH! W mannfaeturlat business, ta take tba ptae* of a rettrla partner: or buatneee man of meana. OaU for two daya I lis Pearl, oornar of Cherry at, aeoond Am partner wanted, with ?imo-ik the : ? tlfring buatnoao. A good abaaoo to make money, dress C. 0., Herald oAo* rtOPABTNBRSHIP. \J OtBoe Of wmiaa MaBor A Sow, Staooa Sagar Retlnan No. M Wall Mr. WIBiam F. MoUarS* this day admitted ao a partner I m bnalneet, which will hereafter be conducted under tb anameof WUdam Mollor A Bona. ^? WILLIAM MOLLBB A 80N. Naw Toww, Marsh 1, IMt CM0PARTNER8HIP.?THE UNDERSIGNED HiTfl | formed ? copartnership, under the HUM ud style M W?bb. McLoughlln A Co., forth* transaction of the buslaefl of manufacturing. Importing end dealing to whtt* i**d **? tlno paints, colon, Oil*, WMito. tap ? KCKPORD WEBB, ? job if mclougwltn, ? ROBERT B. DICK1BSON. ? <U Worn Sttnr, How Tout, Mareh 1,18(7. I BMI8SOLUTION.?NOTICE 18 HEREBY OIVEH THJB I Mr. Charles Ltebensteln, having thl* day withdraw! from the firm of Hnbcrpt t Co., the eoportnerahlp htraM fore existing under the above firm name la hereby HI aolred by mutual consent. J. NRUBKROKR. m Haw York, Mareh 1,1887. CHAS. LIRBRNHTEUf. T\I880LtnriOH.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERRI 11 fore existing between the undersigned under the nai of Eddy A Churoh la thia day dissolved by mntual cooao ANDREW J. EDDY, CHARLES O. CLINCH. Fan. 38.1887. SAMUEL EDDY. jpO^AL^PHIMNTERESTMM^^tETimHj^A _ ner. in an old eatabllabed Photographic Oallery location In a thriving oity. For partloulara address ' care of box 840 Bridgeport, Conn. Horatio k. barstow becomes a partner my business from January 1, 1887. The name of firm In future will be Wm. Qale, Jr., k Co Naw Yobs, March 1.1887. WM. GALE, Jn. I Notice.?the copartnershIp betwebn . undersigned, under the firm of Wright, BriukerhoN I Co., expires this day by Umltatioa. 1 WILLIAM W. WRIGHT. AARON BRINKERHOFP, OKOKOB 8. PHILLIPS. .lAWOARTl, 1887. ANDRES W. KhTCH AM. The undersigned will continue the xilk and fancy ? goods business nt 83 Walker street, under the Itrm named A. W. A J. H. Keteham. ANDRES W. KETCH 15,1 March 1, 1887. JOHN B. KETCH AM. 1 VTOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE CO PAR IN nerahlp between Wm. Bnlow A Mathlaa Bubrer ' ?T. BILLOW * " ? dissolved under tills date. WM. BULOW A M. BUHBBR.1 I keep the business from this day on my own i Payments and debts will be settled by me, WM. BULOW, Cigar Co, Manufactory. 188 Kid ridge striae!. I NMOTICE OF DI830LUTI0N.-I-THK FIRM OF HUOM A De Leijer bare dissolved this day by mutual oonM The business will be continued by H. de Letjer. and be al it authorized to aettle the claima due the Arm. and algu I name of the Arm in liquidation. A. HUGART, I Dated February 88, 1867. H. DE LF.IJBB.I TJARTXKR WANTED?WITH A CAPITAL OP FRAfl 1 18.000 to $10 0U0. In extending an eatabllahod ImportM Business, which la constantly increasing. Address ? Herald office. THHK COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTIMfl H between Presoott A De Noyelies la this day dissolved! mutnal consent. CHARLES F. PRESCOI Dated February ?, 1887. DANIEL DE NOYKLL^H The business heretofore carried on by Preeoott Noyelies will be continued by the undersigned. . Dated February 88. 1887. CHARLES F. PRE8C0TTT| TWIE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE BXI8TIM ? between the subscribers, under the Itrm name of J. fl Johannes A Co., at 88 John street, la this day dissolved ? mutual consent. The busineas aflhlra of said Ann ugU| aettled by Henry B. Reddish. J. G. JOHANNES. Naw Yobs, Feb. 87, 1887. HENRYS. REDDISH.! TXT ANTED?A MAN WITH 88U8 IN CASH, TO TAKfl TT entire charge of a dining' saloon about to bo oe^^B as partner, or security given Tor hie money, with slMH salary; the beat of reference required and given. Apply ? Mr. HUNT. M and 55 South street, between th* bourn of! and 11 A. M. or 3 and 4 P. M. ACnn -PARTNER WANTED. STEADY MAN, IN SOUU. clean, honors bis and profitable establish manufacturing busineas, which will bam*WP|||Wum^ ply at 84 Dnsne street, top fleer. *1 An/k -AM EXTROEDINARY OPTOBTUNITi Hp 1 .UUU. for making monev. Partner wanted, la U| very best paying travelling busineas ia America, ytaldiag large deilr income. Apply at 887 Hudson St rest $2.000.-^nB.T^R ?A2KSS SJTSra terest In an established, well paying aeda water fuotory. For full particulars call on or address Advert team BO Bond street stating where un ifllervjewcxn be bad. NeuJ principals need apply. tl> Iflin WILL PURCHASE THR HALF OF G.OuU foreign Pa'ent Right for a discovery In the United States, not yet made public, and by which mense profits can bo realized. References of practical scientific men. Address X. Pasmo, Herald office. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. ALL CliOTHIXO BUYERS.?A STOCK OF FI I 'lotting, made for dtv retail trade, $8.U00; will be ? let a great ssrrittoe to close the business. Address Raw) box 6,078 New York Post office. a RM8 CONTRACT -* PARTT '"^^tl^te-A out ooebmm^l H. and would^dWde P^^RnENBRBOH, 17 Oedar. A PRACTICAL BUILDER AND ARCHITHDT WOULI | like to m ike an arrangement with a pariy about build login some thriving country town, where there ia a guw Erorooct for an energetic man te settle. Address A. B. C. ! a Hem Post office A FRF* PASSAGE TO CALIFORNIA ANP A Birtldlti' f ot In Newport. California, terminus of I gre .t Pacific Railroad, near San Frs-ncieeo. Office 137 r mn, room 18. OMKNM OPP' >RTUN ITY.?PARTY, NILENT ol awlvo. wttbglft UR) capital, can hear of a good chat of inrestmcn': capital well secured*, also one with $3,0 one with JI.CS"> and on* with $210. Now. tlieae are ( liver* In legitimate businesses. Apply at Busineas 4i<7 Li Midway. elflMI TO IMPAIRED HEALTH. AN EXCEL LBN! Pbotogranli ClHll?ry for sale lew. Inquire for one weem of n ion rdns. Sir New York. Jhls It worth stienann of srtlels. ? UPSRIOR PRAT TOR FUEL.?THE ADVERTISER has for sale two vet? superior Teat Beds vtaldlng extensive quantities of Moss Pont, ranking a mat al a cost 4 less than per ton. and equal to xba best of ooah The P V. orhaal Brooklyn L. I., Ihe stock M which laat rear wagl ir less thnnfl per share, baa mode such divldeadM sailing for 1 ____ ifiat the stock now commands $4 at Board of Brokers. A5| dreeaT. H. 8., box 312 llersld office. i"6~DENTi STN?B A KG AIN.?FOR hAl.E. FINRLT i T _ sated completely furnished Dental Rooms; good I ness . good will grit!*; low rent; owner leering elty. drese Molar, station F. rrto gardeners and florintn.?to lease, I Greenhouse and Bnsiaess of the IsteGeorg* Ingram, Qresuwood Omciery. For particulars apply a! aeraer Twoaty.iftli street and Fifth avowitu, Brooklyn. T7ALUARI.BP ATRNT flftairt FOR SALE * IMPROVED HANGING FOR CENTREBOARD* Address J. F. Hall, Westerly, R. 1. $2 000 atie'p BCV r>WK"rtJllJr 0r A VAL0J , ... Patent rlgh! for the United Btatea, las* June; wanted In every family; very small capital ad. Address $3,008 Herald ol JceT ftftn TO 810.000 IV AJfTBD?TO CARUT ON 1 1 Lusnber and Manii'??s>stil| business, sell a mir morvst is sas riHt man. Best of secu ndght sell a half :aisr*?t is iL right man. Best of seourltul g ien. Address mark, bex 1,143 New York rest office. ^3 traded. IWfIRS^LASS SOAPMAKER WISdE^^tTO^l A ??a as fereman or to be ceunectert ia the btnlaeaet understands aaennfactuitag all kinds of lamHy and Asm aaupa. Ad^ ena bax I6S Herald offiea. AN EXPERIENCED ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHT*] man wanted?Oae who ia well acquainted with manner of detail and 4anateuctlou. Refatenoe reanlreaLl Address O D. F? Herald office assmiw reqnwumj AN KNiiHNEKR OF A NUMBER OF YEARS' RXpfiJ nm oe desiree a sitnati jo to run a stationary angina SI to cheat, east of reference given. Address R. ** inhM office. ? A LOT or SECOND HANO JEWELLER'S TOflLR I far sale Chrap. at JOHN K. UNDEUUILL'S, No. M lton street, Brooklyn. I Lave papeil-wanted, a ma* wnG undiulI stands manufacturing lace paper for ladies' taper ooUl lure. Applv at Ware*a, ?f Broa.i^y, 1 STEEL I JtTTKFt CUTTERS THAT OAN MARE Na] stamp*, .nlphabeta, figures, gc can obtain iiermai* ^oyrnjet and good wage* hp addrtsting Wm. H. Lorn 117 ANTED-^-. NORA VERS FUR ETCHING ] " biting of photogri.i>bs and heliographs upon and 138 West Rib at. # AND atari. D?THIS DAY. A GOOD ?\Ki;R AND COM. fectlonor. to go In the country; a young man nr*rerre4 I Avplv at the Doy mi set Hotel; impure for L. Lhillliw, WANTED?BY TUB SUBSCRIBER, A SITUATION jS printer in a photoeraphlc gallerv; one who has had three yearn' experience in the business and can give goad references If desired. Address C. W. O, New Lrunswiek Poet office, Middlesex enunty. New !leveey. W ANTRI)?THRBK TIN ROOFERS, APMLTTTTlii Wsvurley place. GRokOR HRKA80M rl VHM