Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1867 Page 3
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I ? ? p ?JUP^L ~ V UftDKM AKP fcftttflliM WAMT1P. or togt iti?r.. ?? ? e^~r~ . It_rt_ Amiiw\fl ua nr tiuy.-tneir U> ft ? ntl*H-~ ?oa WUB or ?iu?i? groiw ariih^Board; also an unfurnished Haas. Apply st Bo. ku?l pine*. Oh#*#* etreet. FfRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OF FRANKFORT a ad William streets, Wf ,?*??"?; treat reduction In i. 36c, to 50c. par day; $1 60 to $3 per week. Open all tAMDSOMELT FURNISHED ROOM. WITH BOARD, tllabl* for a young gentleman and wlfa: term* reasou For particulars apply at 4IM Wast Xwsnty-tliird streak [third stobt front parlor and bedroom to let?Without moats, or with Breakfast If desired, at Teat Siileeullt street; references required. HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE THIRD floor to 1st. with first class Board. Apply at lit Waver blare. References exchanged. SUIT OF HANP80MELY FURNISHED ROOMS fur gentlemen, with full or partial Board, oa second in a private house, Si West Twenty-seventh street, brences required. NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OB without Bosrd; also a hall Bedroom, at 82 per week; he has all Improvements. Apply at 181 East Sbveuteeuth FEW DESIRABLE ROOMS MAT BE OBTAINED, with Board, at M3 West Fortv-second street, near ad way; terms very moderate; bouse first class, very bandy located; references. [PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OF CHOICE Rooms, together or separately, with Board; house first , brown stone, modem Improvements: central and kaat neighborhood Call at or address 191 West Twenty hh street. No moving In May. PRIVATE FAMILY, AT ? WEST TWELFTH street, can accommodate a gentleman and wife and ben demon, with furnished Rooms and Board; servants Children not taken. References required. ?91 CLINTON PLAOR. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE AND Brevoort House, two or three single gentlem-n can of LRouuia on fourth floor, without board; do moving 133 NINTH STREET, FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, gentleman and wife or two single gentle , can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Beard bouse. 51 IEXINOTON AVTiNDE?NORTHEAST CORNER Twenty-fifth street, newly furnished Rooms; plain cook abundant table; terms reasonable; those seeking cheap mmodations should not call. References exchanged. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET. WITH OAS and beat, $4 per week at 9fl Third street, two blocks Bioedway. References required. [TEW PLAIN YOCN0 MEN CAN FIND NICE Rooms and comfortable Board at No. 79 Rivlngton BURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO ONE OR TWO 1 single gentlemen, ur a gentleman and wife, In a private UT, near St. John's park, M% Laigbt street (?NICELY FURNISHED CONVENIENT ROOMS TO to let, with Board, In a desirable location. U East Ly-flrat street. 77 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?TO LET, WITH [Board, a large, pleasant Front Basement; also two b Rooms on third Boor. References exchanged. LA ROE THIRD STORY FRONT AND FOURTH |story Room, with Board, at SI St. Mark's place. , 18 AND 10 WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW I York Hotel?Large, handsome Parlors and Bod rooms ht, with first class Board, on the first floor. Freuoh lan pspoken. FEW MEOHANIC8 CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board, at 18 Wooster street FEW VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET, AT [moderate prtrev, to single renllemen or gentlemen Fives; house first class. Apply at 76 East Nineteenth PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A MAGNIFICENT alt of Apartments on first or second floor, with first cla ? I and rvary convenience; location unexceptionable, artlculika address L-, station G. . HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM. WITH OR wlthont Bedroom attached, to gentlemen onlv, In a prl French fatally, at 86 West Fourth street (Washington FARLOR AND CHAMBER WANTED ON SECOND floor, with full Board, for gentleman and wife; unfur d preferred; near Broadway and above fourteenth b Address Constant, Herald ofiles. FINE SUIT OF ROOMS'. AN BLROANT SUIT OF Parlors, consisting of two or more rooms. Also a i, all convenience* sod handsomely famished, to let. first c.asg Board. Table d'hote and privale tables, ?or Hotel, 22 Fourteenth street, between Broadway fifth avenue. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AND nicely furnished Front Room, on third floor, with or ut B.j.n d. gas, water and other oonvenlennaa; very de> o Incau.m and convenient to all ears: only 16 minutes City Hall; very reasonable terms. Call at 12 King st PRIVATE FAMILY OF THREE. OCCUPYING A ?whole hautre, osn accommodate two gentlemen with II odglng on moderate terms Reference required, at No. 4 Gregory street, Jersey City. RICHLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO ONE OR Ewe g-ntletneu. Call for three days st 191 West Twen bAROB. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT Boom, over pailor, to let, with Board for two. $25 per I at 328 West Twcuty-fifth street, between Seventh and m avenues. IE FINED, INTELLIGENT FAMILY OF THREE OR 'our sdults, or two gentlemen and Iholr wires wishing nine Rooms and a h.une In a private family, please ad Reflnemeat, station F. Must furnish references. Large second floor front boom, hand homely furnished, to let, with Board, in a strotly pri house; all modern Improvements; good neighborhood. | st 116 Ea.-.t Thirty-first street. NULL FURNISHED THIRD STORY HALL BED L m to lei, with Board in a first class house, 37 Weet month street, near Fifth avenue. Reference* ax ERY DESIRARLR SECOND FLOOR OF FIVE rooms to let, with Board, or furnished for housekeep epemte or together. In a genteel house with one family, Ird avenue, near Forty-Bfth street. Address box 6.203 dDce, lor two days. PEATLY FURNISHED BACK ROOM ON SECOND Hour to let, furnished, to genilemnn only, without IT at $4 per week; at 211 West Tenth street, near . 17 WAVERLEY PLACE?HANDSOMELY PUR pished Rooms to let, with first class Board. Refer ? required [TWENTY-THIRD STREET,*?, PLEASANT ROOMS lor families or sinflle gentlemen, with good Board; land elosts connecting; superior location. Terms Irate to permanent parties. 'IT OF FIRST CLASS ROOMS WITH EXCEL it hygienic Board, can be bad at the Turkish Hath ihment i3snd flflColnmblastreet. Brooklyn Heights, mates' walk from Fulton ferry. I WisST TWENTY-THIRD STREET-FRONT AND ick Hall Rooms, with Board for gentlemen, (food ess required. INDSOMK LARGE FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, gentlemen only; 51 Clinton place, near Broadway; us the door; pleasantly located. 9.-83 CLINTON PLACE.-PARLORS AND ir Rooms, for flret clsse boarders. References 4 expected of first standing Terms moderate. ARD AT 101 BART FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPO site the Aosdemy of Music.?Some very handsome is, en suite or singly, with first class Board, tn a private lOOKLTN?A LARGE ELEGANT UNFURNIftlBD [Parlor, with first cine# board, for gentleman and wife, S gentlemen. The parlor is ou first floor, opening nservatory. In a first ela-s oomer bouse, with all improvements. In Henry street, Brooklyn, con }rn Improvements, . . . . lot to ferries. If desired alflo. two Furnished Kenras private table. Reference# required. Apply at XE Henry loOKLYN BOARD-A PLEA8ANT FRONT ROOM Lad good Board osn be hsd by applying at No. 1 Carroll tone door west of Carroll street OOKLYN BOARD.?A FURNISHED front par lev second floor, for spring and summer months, at ale street, near femes. Dinner at 6 o'clock. BANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LI ? or singly. Table d'hoM or private. Terms rexeeu lo moving in May. M West Twenty- fourth street oadwuy. CLASS BOARD?WITH FURNISHED ROOMS, private family (suitable for a. gentleman and wife mUcmen), can be bad at 95 South Oxford street, i. on same block with Dr. B. L Cuyler*s eburah; bl# reference glren eud require^ ' CLASH BOARD CAN BE HAD. WITH OR hoot private table, tu a pleasant .house ou Or Address Park, Herald ofllee V BOARD AND FRENCH LESHOMR-XtIOT I Twelfth sA, to a French family. Several nlealy I Rooms to let, with firs', does Beard. Relerenoee. IHED ROOM TO LET-TO A SINGLE ORM id, without Board; no moving May L Inquire at rt place, Trn:h street, near Broadway. (IRD ROOM, WITH BOARD. TO-GRNTLEMKN itlssnan and wlfa; horse has medern Improve sbberhood Urn class. J4U East Tsrolfth snack 3 avenue. TLT FUNNlill ED ROOM TO LET TO A ?r gentleman and his wife- with Board. Call for a i.IF West Wash tug ton pbsce, near fltaih avenue. KNISHKD PARLOR TO LET TO GKNTldtMBN? One double brd and wardrobe eloseta. No. 4 Minolta I, two (too ?? tre>m Ht9toff*r. tanoMMf lately, v* lug In May. Rcf>r*nc? required. RNIFH1 D OR UNFITM MINHBD ROOMS, WMR' OR vlthont Board, ou re. rtd orihtrd flour of house Ftp. 194 Fourth street, near Sixth at- nue. Private family RNTSMSD ROOM 9 FOR aaMTLEMEN ONlT.Y. without board; reference rsq* red. 49 East Tweatie&t tNTI.EMEN CAN FIND PLEASANT ROOM At 24(1 West Twenty-second street, between Seventh Slshth avenues. jNDHOMRLY FUHN19HED APARTMENTI rent In single gentlemen only at W West T lib street, near Broadway. ?.NDBOMBLY FtrilNISHED ROOMS TO LET AT ?Ninth stieet near Fifth avenue, with or without Bnar unoe- e^chaqged. No moving in May. ? ?ttool near Fifth ? ' *tfh*ngnd. No n 3me ?? i-rainr?kTIONB FOR GENTLEMEN AT CllaieE |UM, fWvnrr of University plsoe; trsnslent p >l?y- CUAi. LEFLRR, Proprietor. U.v FURNISNND ROOMB TO LBT-TO ORN. men, pt 94 Lerov street, near Bieecker. Term# ta. ? ibitDBKi At? tr^beBRfl wMrrfco. N"IC?nI !??**??? TO LBT-NBAR THE e?i !2^Ji U.*i? ' ** gentleman ud wives: Board for ladles only. Address i. K. C , station D, for una wouk. "^CELY PCRNlEr ^,, APARTMENT* TO LET?WITH J.T or without Boa- g. a|W) ane Flior, su'lahle for huitnes, porp-i?a?, Jre*?maVr? or milliners. 57 Ks.t Twelfth street, ? frw doon from &rotUlwj Three ob porR snmiERN gentlemen, ihttt wives, e-^ti obtain flrst class Rosr i in a Bontherp family. Best references required. Address M. M.t station D. fTO LET-TO GENTLEMEN ONLY. FRONT ROOM, i. third etorr, nicely furnished. Back Room, unfurnished South Brooklvn, ten minutes' walk from Uamllton ferry. Jtddreaa W., Herald office. LRT?MICRLY FURNISHED, WITH OR WITHOUT Ronrd, two Is rye Parlors: slso smaller Rooms, ft West Twenty-fourth street, between Pi fill and Birth avenues. TO LKT-A ROOM AND BEDROOM. FURNISHED, suitable for two rentlemen or for boneekaening, wKh every convenience; has water and fas. At 77 Greenwich avenns. TO LET?WITH BOARD. A FUBNI8HKD ROOM TO A gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen: (Ire end gas Included; terms moderate. 175 West Nineteenth street. r LET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH Board: slso a few day boarders can be accommodated et No. 8 Ashland plaee. Perry street. mo LET?A NEATLY FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM, 1 In s prtvnla family Tn<inlre at 118 Fulton street, Brook lyn. Referenoe required. mo LET?AN ELEOtNTf.Y FURNISHED BUTT OF 1 Roon s, with a private family; respectable neighbor hood, with or without Board, to s gontleraxn and wife or single gentlemen. Refereneea exchanged. Address E. W., Herald offioe. r LET?WITH BOARD, A LARGE FRONT ROOM on third floor, with Bedroom adjoining. Parties fur nishing their own room* preferred. Terms moderate. Ref erences exchanged^ Apply et 17ft Best Sereuteenth street TO RENT?A NICKLY FURNISHED FRONT nALL Bedroom for one or two gentlemen. 803 Eighth avenue, three doors above Forty-second street. TO BtRANOERB and OTHBRfl.?a htohly be spectacle German ltdy will let a oho'ee of handsomely furnished Room#, with Board or Prints Table. Apply at lift Eighth street. Cllntoa.pUce. - "s ? 1 l\YO RESPECTABLE MECHANICS CAN BE ACCOM modated with Board, where they can have the comforts I mouatod elth Board, where they een have the comforti of a home, nnd nicely furnished Bo ons and single beds, slso s gentleman and wife. Terms moderate. Call at 58 Pike street TWO OR TnRRE GENTLEMEN CAW FIND PLEASANT , Rooms, with or without Board. In a private family, at 9ft Clinton place, near FHih arenue. Ilouse and location first class. Of WERT FIFTEENTH STREET?WITH OR WITH ?'x nut Board, two pleasant, medium sited furnished Rooms, on Fourth floor. A A UNION SQUARE.?A SUIT OF RoOlfS ON SRC IT T ond floor to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife. References required. TO FORTY-FOURTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH AVE ? > nu*.? Furnished or unfurnished Rooms, on second end third floors, to let with Board. References exchanged. 1 AC NINTn STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, TO LET? _11M / with Board, one large Room, suitable for a gentle men and wife, or two slugle gentlemen. Also a few day Boarders taken. 1 OK NINTH STREET.?A HANDSOMELY FUR 1 JjO nlsbed Parlor Floor, en suite, with or without Board. Private table. Also third story front Rooms. Mff TWELPT1T STREET, NFtR SECOND AfKWUK? 't Small Room for a gentleman, with Board, 87 per week. Q7Q FIFTH AVENUE?ONE LARGE FRONT ROOM, AlO three flights: gas and lire; nse of parlor and bath; with or without Board. Q"l Q WF.ST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, WEAR ETGHTn O I.O arenue.?A large, well furnished Room, with Board, for a entleman and wife or two gentlemen. Family small and quiet 1 3^7 BROADWAY. SKCOWD DOOR UP PROM _ Fiftv-flrst street.?A few respectaMa men can be neoommd ife'd with good Board and pleasant Rooms aud washing for 88 per wool, or 83 80 without board. BOARD AWO IiODQIYO WAWTKO. AGEWTLEMAW DESIRES ROtRD FOR HIMSELF end wile, In a private family, up town. Addrea* B. C., box 982 Post ofllce. B OARD WANTED?BY A GEMTLEMtN AND WIPE, in a private Jewish family, west side preferred. Ad d*-ess for three d^fs, stating terms and_ ac-mmmodatloas; reference requ:red. J. L. S., station D. New York. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED?NEAR COOPER TNSTI . tut*, by a brother and. alster. In a private fanifly or where then- are but few hoarders; teims moderate. Address P., Herald oiBen. ?YTT"ANTED?BT A OKWTLEWaN AND WIFE A PAR TY. lor and Bedroom, with IIrat class Board; references exchanged. Address box 2,076 Port ofllce. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A HANDSOME R'om. In a respectable private faintly, with break fast If convenient. Reference, given and required. Ad dreaa P. P.. Herald ofllce, for two days. WANTRn?BY A NTNGVE GEWTT.EMP.N. A NICELY TV furnished Room or Parlor snd Bedroom adjoining, on the west side of tills city, not below Fourteenth alreet or shove Thirtieth street. Family to be strictly private. Best of references exchanged. Address for three days, stating terms. L. I? Herald ofllce. TIT ANTED?A PLEASANT ROOM AND OOOD BOARD, TV by n cmitlemin and wife; location must be good and trrma moderate. Aildreea, firing particulars, W., box 1,281 Poet office. HTANTKD-BT A GENTLEMAN. A COM FORTAB LR ?f Room, with partial Board, in a respectable prirate family (German preferred) re*ldlng in a pieaeani, reniral location: one where there are no other boarder* deairable. Plraae addreu, rtalin.? term*. Colton, Baker A Co., No. 9 Maiden lane. | WANTED?BT A YOPNO MAN. A NICELY FUR. nlabed Room with Breakfast, and Dinner at ?. In a quiet family, where there are no other boarder*. Term* not to oxceed $10 per week. Addreae T. J. C., Ill Nassau street. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, BY A YOPNO OF.NTLK man, a nieely furnlahed Parlor and Bedroom In a re ?pectable prirate nnnae1 wh*re there are no or onlr a few boarder*. Address, atailng locality and term*, box 3.782 New York l'o*t office. HOTBbA. DB LANEAU HOUSE, 71 WEST FORTIETH STREET, frontier Reaerrotr Park.?One ?uit of three r on* on 8rat floor, elegantly t ornlahed with hot and cold water In room. Alan one Suit on tlirrd floor. Table d' hoi*. PIERREPONT HOUHK, ftROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? Suit* and single Room*, permanent and transient. D. P. PETERS. Proprietor. RK.UNION HOTEL, FORTY-SEOOND STREET AND Fourth avenue?Room* in suit or stbgle; newly end elegantly ferntehed at reasonable rate*; table ale European or table d'hote. YJtTALL HOPSK, WILLIAMSBURG, WILL FURNISH TT anperior Board and enmmodlon* Room*, at reduced rate*, to Immediate applicant*. Only three minntee' from ferries. CITY RED Ala ESTATE FOR RALE. A -FOR SALE. AN ELEGANT NEW HOUSE, BROWN ? atone front. high stoop. four sterr. built to the moot substantial manner, near Park avenue. No. 81 Raat Thirty, ninth street. Inquire en the premise* of R. II. CoRURN. A SACRIFICE.-FOR RALE, TWO FIRST CLASS four story Tenement House* in Raat Thirty-third street; rent for R'-'.iiK): price (14.000. Apply to WILLIAM FBTT* RETCH, 454 Third avenue. - All of the following first class houses for eele by WILLIAM FBTTRBTCH, 454 Third ave nue:? One lu Kant Thlrty slslh itreet. nrar Third avenue, three story and basement high stoop, price $12 IV): one In Best Twentieth street, three story ana basement high stoop, prloe $114.2.10; one In East Thlrty-aeoond itreet, near Third aeonue, three storr and haeement high stoop, price gll SOU; one In East Thirtieth street, near Third avenue, three *tory and basement high stoop, price $14,280. A POUR STORT Hlflll STOOP BRICK nf)U8E, IN I flrst class order, with all modern tmprovemcnta^for ?ale, en West Fifteenth street, near Fifth avenue. This bone* Is a bargain. KINO A CO., He. ? Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A NEAT HOUSE IN FIFTY THIRD STREET, BE tween Broadway end Eighth avenue*, with all modern improvements three stories, hlsrh stoop; iMs I* a gee neigh borhood and same of the best improvements In the dty now gdng up. For permit apply at 115 samo street, opposite. Prtqe $14,000; terms made te cult A| FIR*T CLAM HIGH STOOP BEICE HOURS, W0 Seventh avenue; Ports-Ant and Forty-second -treat* $14,600: do. W4 Forty-seventh atreeL $1100$: do 154 Fiftieth street, $11800; B. b. b. s , 961 Fifty second street, RIS.0OO, All ere between Broadway and Blghlh avenue, veryflnely located, and within half a blook of Broadway oars. WIU be sold on very accommodating terms. A pipy te owner, 11$ Forty-ft Bh street, near Broadway, before ft or after 1 MODERN. WELL LOCATED THREE BTORY brown atone, In an aneieeigtonaMe location, almoat . ill front, high ateop, and all improvement*. Price $16,000. Also e large four story brown stone, full lot, $91,000. Also e three story brnwu atone, $11,000. Others from $8.0110 to 886.000. McOAHiLL A ca~e Reel Estate Exchange, 671 Third avenue, between Forty.flfth and Forty-sixth streets. A FOUR STORT BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE J\ for sale, on Thirty eighth street near Fifth avenue, SOiMUOO. price $10,960; also 78 F.*?t Sixtieth street, very Tow. Apply to JOHN FETTRKTOH, 416 Third avenue. AYERT NICE TUBER RTORY AMD BASEMENT House, with sit the modern Improvements, on Fotly fliat street; alee 100. Price $8,600; only $1,600 cash required. Apply to WM. FETTRETCHTwt Third erenue. ALh HANDWORK FIRST CLASS BRICK FRONT AND | rear Tenement House, lot 98 by half block. In Bast Thirty-second street, near Seeend avenue. Price lew; Ap ply to R. WYMAN. 25 Chambers street and atM avenue C to the evening. Also other desirable property for sale. A CHANCE TO AYOID HIHTI RENTS-FOB SALE, two 1* story high stoop brick Houses, with brown stone bs*an"iiIs; sme 116*39*86 eeeh; have gas, stolon, he., and connected with eewar; in good order; rented to owe family; 16A and 187 Wed Twentieth street: lowest pries $M0U eeeh; terms easy. HBM8ER AMPLEST, 10 PlneatreeL Amity street, near rroadway?house and l et for sale; also a valuable Corner Property, HNsllO feet, on Fourth street, Ninth wars. Apply to XOSEPH 1 MoOUIKK^li* Nassau itreet. T laroe RLEOANT BROWN 8TONR HOUSE AND A Lot. aerny Heoacd avenue and Fifty Ami street, for ?RMM DG1 UAWn Diy.iH UvuRQ Ai'l# Lot. oerner Second avenue and Fifty flnt street, for also another line Corner oa ?*ld avenue with private JOH.tPH MoQUTRE, lUNeeeen streak a rr.KUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE HOUSE A otPfVth it , between Id and Leilngton awe $9R.(*?) On corner of Lex^mavdMo and Sixtieth etreet.., ^ uoy Am NUMBER MY FIRST CLASS HOUSRB FDR SALR o? Murr iy hjllt alao one on TMfcreighth street, near aYiyftifera Third erenue. CITY MU CITATE FOB BALK. A three story high stoop house for sale ou Wert Washiiftoc r lace, near SliUi arenue; modern improvements; price $M."dn. R. K. IK F.I. A WD. 101 Broadway, A HANDSOME PROWS STONE FROST HOURE. S1 three H'orr hlKh et x*; all modern lmn?(Mrtl; brick furnace; cy tal eh ndrl'er >r.; about it*55xlOO; prloa >t vwa ilk Writ fiftieth street, near Klghtb avenue. AVITY STREET PROPERTY FOR PALE?TWO STORY attic brhk Hou?e. It's till 16, replete with modern tm Rroreinenta. In exeeilent order. Apply to A. JOURSBAY, A ? Pine street. A T 718 THIRD AVBMUE-FOR SALE, A VERT DE A atrable three atnrv high stoop brrwn stone Flou-e, on the son I heart <mrnar of'Hast Ftftr-ttrst street and Second avr-aue tReekman estate, restricted); site W.fixtfi: K? see It. A let one of those eery desirable three story brick <lo.. ou the Boekman terrace, Essf FIftv-llrst street; UiU l? worth look ing altar; price only $10,(00, now rented AT 788 THIRD AVENUE?FOB SALE, FRAME. BRICK and brown stone high stoop end English basement Houses, 93,OOP to $30 ODD; every attention pnldtothoseJtsh lug to rent or nurchnse real estate. JAMES KOWK. A T Wl THIRD AVENUE?BY FRAXCTS FTTZSIM J\ MON8-A first class Am story doable cornrr House and Lot on Pernod arenue. cheap. A double Are atnr/on East Forty-sixth street A four story on Senond avenue. A four atory brown atone on Second arenue. A brown atone cor ner on Second avenue. A three story brown atone on East Fifty first street and an elegant Tenement Urope.-lv on West Fortr-flrst street, at a bargain! no mtarepresentations. A E1IMHER OF LOW PRICED HOUSES IB DEPfRA ble locations for sola by A. BKEBK A CO., 78 Cedar Street A LARGE, ELEGANT HTOTI ETOnp RR8TDENCK, with or without extra lo* and rtable; the now furnl ture If desired; finest location on Murray Hill. A bargain, W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. ^ BROWN STQN^ HOUSE, WEST TWENTY-THIRD street for sale.?Possession In Apr!!: beautifully sl(n. a ted; price $201)00. Apply to A. J. BLKECKBR, EON A CO., 77 Cedmr street T>Ori.EYARI> LOTS.?ELEVEN LOTS, BEAUTIFULLY Jj sltUAted for building, niuswa iw saawesi on 147th Street, UP r Eleventh sronue (the new Boulevsrill, with water tront on Iludann rlrttr, for sale by J. 11. WESTEjROELD. 17t> Will-ami. Brick Al5t> framb houses-all sizes and tirloea, In New York, Bmnklvn and Williamsburg. Fur sale low. Apply soon to JOHNSON, MILLAR A HALL, 36 Nassau street. T>ROADWAY PKOPBRTY, jD Near Fortv-aecond street a whole front, which will In crease rapidly lu value, for sale by ALVA4I BEEBE A CO., 78 Cedar street BROADWAY PROPERTY.?FOR SALE CHEAP, ONE of the beat Leaeca on Broadway; will be sold at a fair Erlee: splendid marble Building on the premises which will ? paid for at expiration of lease. Apply personally or by latter at 213 Wast Fifty second street. /TENTRE STREET.?THE VALUABLE PROPERTY, \ / Hadd, west side of Centre street, near Orand street; terms easy. Apply to J. PICARE. 617 Broadway. FOR BALE?THREE STORY RRICK HOUSE; LOCA tlon 23 Commerce street Ninth ward. Inquire of F. DE VOE, Executor, 73 Morton street, or on the premise*. For bale-a three story high btoop brick Hons*. In Tenth street, near Fifth arenue. Apply to DYE A CUKT1.N8, 808 Sixth avenue. For sale-the four story brick house and Lot situated on the southeast corner of Houston and MnTherrv streets. Good location for almost any business. Price $19,009. F'OR sale?new brown stone first class four slory high '?toon House, with extension and lot. 37 West Thirty-ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, splen didly finished, with rosewood door*. Inquire on the prem ises. F OR HALE?TnREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House on West Thirty-fonrth street, 51 *100 feet. In per fect order, containing nil improvements and in flue to-iiion, for $13,930. DRWITT BROWN, 82 N i fasaait street. F OB SALE?THE FOUR STORY nOUSE AND LOT No. 14 Mansfield place. West Fifty first street: price $19,300; also Lot adjoining, 13x100 feat. Apply to J. K. HOLDEN, 645 Seventh arenue. FOR 8ALE-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HTOH stoop brown stone House, on Nevrnteenih street, front ing Stuyvesant square. Modern improvements. Fine loca tion. S. F. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. FOR HALE?THREE 8TORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House and Lot 98 Fifth street, near the Bowery; has gift, bathroom, washtube, water do ate, Ac., and la in good order; also has Qua yard; lot 93.4 lu depth. Apply fin the premises. FOR BALE?AT HARLEM, A LARGE DOUBLE Honae. with four Lota of ground; flne river view. BII ^m^niwgratorjr, Ac., attached to houae. Addreaa IDOR HALE?FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT " brick TloU'ft and Lot, Twenty-llfth at-eel, Seventh and Eighth avcnuea; 16.8x60 feet by half: the ? lock price $12,60 I. SMITH k MEAI?, :kM Eighth avenue. POR HALE?(SO.500) \tlREE STORY niOll STOOP baaement Home Enet Piftv-nlnlh struct; all Improve meuteendln perfect order: wall" all painted throughout; hnnee '21x48, lot 10". Permit". *r., of 11. VnRRNNA, 45 Duene atreet, from9 to 19 A. M. aud 1 to 4 P. M. Fon SALE?FOUR STORY BROWS STONE HOUSE, Fortv-aeventh atreet, near Fifth avenue, with Furni ture. If wautad. Aleo English basement Thlrty.flrat atreet. near Madlaon avenue. o. D. ORRRLL, 78 Cedar atreet. OR BALE?THK FULL LOTS, W1T1I BUILDINGS. Nob. 8 Mangln and IS Lewie atreeta, two etorjr attic and baaement front", four a ory rear, double; $10,530 and $8,500. Apply to FANNING, 833 Bowery. IDOR BALR?FOUR 8TORY BROWN STONR HOUSE, r oa Eaat Thirteenth atreet, between Second and Third avenuea. 8914x64x168. Price $90,003. Apply to <\ H. BLIVBN. 23 Plue atreet R SALE?$1AOOO-WKST FORTY-THIRD STREET, ? three atory high atoop brown atone Houses jnat Unlett ing, built by day'a work. _AibayUr F F?t VAN TINE * MYERS, SB Pine atreet rR BALE?IN THIRTY-FrFTII STREET, NEAR Fifth avenue, a hand.o.n" and deal ruble 90 fool Houae, with full depth of lot. price $35,000. Apply to E. H. LUD LOW A CO., No. 9 line atreet fj.OR BALE?AN KLEOANT THREE STORY HIGH r atoop Houae, In Fortv-ftflh atreet. near Fifth avenue, In fine order; completely furnished: desirable l.icatloii. B. F. IRELAND. 901 Bi Had way. 1DOR BALE-SECOND, THIRD AND LEXINGTON r avenue Lota; Lota on Sixtieth atreet near Fourth are na#; Lota on 113 m at root, noar Fourth avenue. BROWN A M. L AN, BSl Third avdnna. IDOR SALE?IN TnP. TWELFTH WARD, AT.Pfltt.OOO, ' Ave acrea choloa Orounda: river front; an elegant real dence; mansion and sta'les. very complete; the land ie worth the money; ooat $80,000. Addreaa hoi 706 Poet nffloe. POR SALE?AN ELEGANT PRIVATE RESIDENCE, on Forty-eixth atreet, neer Fiflh avenue, with the fur nltnre; everything of ibe beet: re t son for selling owner going to Europe; this la oue of the Rohblna' houaca. 18. w BENEDICT, \os 4 end ?i Pino atreet. For salk-a nice two stobt and basement Cottage Houae and Lot, 931 Went Twenty-seventh atreet. with stables for Ave horeee on rear of lot. Price $8,18)0. Ap ply to J. CORBIT, ill Ninth aveaae. For bale?proprrty h and s7 chrystte street Will be eold low to cloae an cetala. Lola 18x100 each. , W. C. FLANAGAN. 107 Chryatle atrcet For sai.k?the handsomest new French and Golhlc Honae In ilarlam. llSth atreet. comer of Isling ton avenue; three etory and basement high -toon: alxe 93* 40, lot tOd, with all the modern Inyiroveraents; will be wild for$8,300; could not bo built for $9.'0). Thie houae la a great bargain. Apply to WM. FETTUKTCH. 434 Third av. FOR BALR?TWO GOOD FOUR STORY TENRMENT llnueee In Thlrtr tlfth Greet; rent for over $.',000. Prt $19,000. ApnlytoWM. FBTTKBTCII. 494 Third avenue. F?! >R SALR-ON SEVENTY-THIRD STREET, BE _ tween Third and Fourth avcnuea, flne location, three ?tnrv high atoop brick Hnnee; modern convenienses. Price $10,880. SMITH A MEAD. 864 Eighth avenue. U">R KALE?HOrSBS AND LOTS. NOB. 88, 88 AND 71 r Mangln atreet: throe stories, brick, with baaement; 82x60; lot. 188; rente for $1300: will bo aoM low. Apply lo WINKKN8 A TOW LB. IH8 Third avenue. IDOR BALE?THE LOT NORTHWEST CORNFR OF F Seventh avenue and fllxly- fourth atreot; 163x100: the heat corner oa the avenue. Apply at lit Waat Fifty third atreet. * F. CUFF. For bale?reasonable, a beautiful base meat Houae la Thirty-fourth atreet, laatefullv decorated and painted throughout. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. I Pino atreet. IDOR 8 A LB?A FIRSTCLAM THRBB STORY HIGH r atoop brawn atone Hnnee oa Lexington avenue, near Fltty eighth atreet; 80x30x76. WM. ff. JEN N IN OB, 111 Broadway, Trinity Buildings, baaement TDOR BALE CH1AP?FIRST CLASS THREE STORY I1 brick and brown atone Houses. In Forty-eighth. Forty ninth and Fiftieth streets, near Broadway. MoOR ATI! a GRADY, <J4 Ninth a vacua. IDOR BALR OR TO LET?THR FURNISHED HOU8B, JJ 88x70, Net 161 Waat 8M at .with vaaant lot In the rear; all in perfect order. PHILIP RET HOLDS, 09 Liberty at. Fm~OR BALE OR TO LET?TITB HOUSE 184 HENRY atreet For particular! apply to HBNRY MoCORM ICK, IN Eaat Broadway. For sale or to lsarb-on union souark, the Houew and Oround" known na the Maioen Doree, 43 by 808 feet, through tn Thirteenth ? treat Poeeeaatoa Jot of 'SB* _ HOME^OAN^ Tbla properly la offered for aale by tpoelal authority from M. C. ADAMS. Fib. 86,1*17. IfOUHEH FOR SALE-BY A. JOUBNEAY, EOt 8 PINE 1 atreet Weet 88d atreet 4 etory B. b. brick.... ..$14,800 eat 49>h street, 4 atom E. b. b. t ./M 0t*? West Stat atreot, .1 etory h. e. b. a t 16,000 Waat 488 atreet. 8 etory b. a. h. ? 16,000 J~"?HKPH McOUIRE WILL BELL AT AUCTION, ON I Saturday. March 9,1R8T, at It o'clock, at the Riebengn Metfaan by order of the Supreme Court, four Lou. north o3e of?orty.6f th etreei, 818) feet weet of Second avenue. MKRCto STREET.?NOR SAL'S, 878M FEET, HEAR BleoNnr atreet, at a low Ogura. P. M. SEAMAN, 14 Fine atreot N UNION1* fcOUAKB-FOR SAI.K OR LEASE, A large, Pr?K'r?7: aleo other dealraMe builneea prop r. ?aiaotix. m mm For bale-a first class four story brown atone Hou?e In Forty-aeventh atreet between Fifth and Sixth avenuea: ail modern improvement* end In (bet rate order. Strictly Aral claaa, both na to honae and loca tion. Addreaa 8., box 4 549 Poa' office. IDOR BALE-ON SIXTEENTH STRF.KT, NF.AK UNION r anna re, a handaome three atory Houae. 88xR5 feel; lot 103 feet deep; price $3i,u00. HOMER MORGAN, No. 8 Pine atreet CITY REAli ESTATE FOR MLE. ONLY ONE OF THOSE THRRB 5T0BT H4SBMENT

MMHhr brown *t?ne front nouses on Seventy-eighth street. near Fourth avenue. toft; prion $11 inn. halfeaab, or $11,(KM. rash; all modern Improvement": coiiuttcted with ??rr in iti trl. R. THOM ION A SON, HO Cmlar sim. t, 11 to 3 P. M., or 1,SB Third avenue, na-r Eighty-third el root. Q1XTH AVE NUB LOTH FOR HALR?LOTH ON SOUTH O eaat corner of S'xtA avenue and Fortv ewhth street. Applv to BAKER A CO., Broadway, corner of Kony-ilflh at. qtork property iw fee, for str.E-fW green ii wloh street, near Warren, neit adjoining the Irving Rank. Full particular* By applying at 71 Niveau itreat, Mi.lit lift O raora No. 9 Tenement proprrtv?for rale, four htort brick House Thirty-fifth street. nr-r First nrenua. unw renting tor $975; prtea only $6.F??; alao 964 and 266 Ess* F Hirt cnlh atreel, Sililtw feet, with iwe Ave rtorjr double Houses, now renting for SA.400 price $65000. ^ D. M. SEAMAN. UPlne itreat YTALUARLK BOWKBT PROPERTY FOB SAI,E-ON " we?t side. between 8pr1ng end Prince: a three ?tory ' brick building, MilUO. Apply to BLEECKEH A DEN IRON, Vn Al/ Dlna llMal No. 5'{ Pine street. YTAl-UABLE LEASE op BROADWAY CORNER V Property for sale?T-eese aeenreil when rents ?rn> low: suitable for any lira! claaa hualne a; five year* more after Mayl. Apply in.I. W. DOlfOHTY A CO., 1 7M Broadway. WA1.PER STREET.?THE VALUt BLF. PROPERTY, 25xlU9, on the north aide of Walker alreet near Chnreh: terms eaay. Apply to ,T. PICARE, 617 Broadway, WOORTER PTREET-*tXi00 PPET, NEAR PRINCK street Elm ftreat-SOtlOfl foe:, between Grand and Broome atreeta. D. M. SEAMAN, 14 Pine iireet 8TTT AVENrK.?LEA8F. FOR SALE. TWO YEAR8 from ?yl, Of two Rtorna. and Dwellings sdiofnlng, with Futures. Ac,; one of the beat location" on RlgMb awe nue. Korfnll partlenl.ira Inquire Of JAS. R. EDWARDS, ITT Weal Twrnfr-third slr6ct. 1 jm STREET, BETWEEN. UNION SQUARE AND _ . Irving place?Flrat clas< four atorv high atooo full tiled House, superior order. Of he-a $17,030 to $60 0T0. W P SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. Q 4TH RTRRET.-POR SALE, A LOT WEST OP THE OHh Park; nl?o 'Ivth avenue store Property, en the west side. Inquire at 687 Sixth avenue. $3,800. ?A NEAT TWO STORY PRAME HOUSE, brt -V basement. 123d street near Third ave nue Anplv to J. PICA BE, 617 Broadway. $6 500 ~THB TWO *-TOBY-A,,?- ATTIC. BARE ... mont brick Hou?e No. 61 Barrow street two doors (Tom Bleecker street. Term* atq. Lot96x50. Apply on the premises. <?}Q RfMl ?THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK fhn,-)WU. limine, ell modern Improvements. In thorough order. Filet street noar Second avenue. (CO ?Hfl ?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT French roof brkk Building, new. having all modern Improvements. 118th street, near avenue A. Apply to J. PICARE. 617 Broadway. $11,000; ?FOB RALE ON RECORD AVENUE, A . neat three Htorv hleh sloop brown atone House 90x46x65. Apply to BI.EF.CKER A DBNISON, No. SVi Pine street. rtJPTi I rCAfA ?FOR RALE, WITH IMMEDIATE POH no *. aton, the high sloop brick IIouae 25 by 4", lot 100,219 West Twcnty-flr?t street in good order. Also others, by WM. H. ROotaB, uew No. 966 Weet Twenty-first street BROOKLYN REAL H2STATK FOR SALE. AVERY THOROUGHLY BUILT RESIDENCE IN Brordtlvn for ?ale.?Eirst class til all rennets as re gardn location and finish: house 38 feet wide, three stories, attio and ba-ement: lot 50x110 feot. Keys at 191 President street. Brooklvn. House not ocounled; In flrat rate order. Term* eisy, In dose the estate of the late Edward Kel logg. Kor terms apply lo E- li. KELLOGG, 66 Cedar street. New York. SUPERIOR CORNER ITOURB, WTTH BRICK Stable on rear of lot In en excellent neighborhood in wide, three stories end nasem-nt In Brogklyai leSt feet . ? . _ fine order, and ready for Immediate occupation; wrU i>e sold on liberal lerm*. with or without the atible; lot 31x133. Can fie aeen by applying at No. IS Second place. Brooklyn. Kor terms. Ac., apply to E. B. KELLOGG, 66 Codsr street New York. AnESTLEMKlf ABOUT LEAVING THE tJTTY OPPRBR his House In Brooklyn, with every article of Furniture; In perfect order. EDWARD a VAIL, WARREN HARDENBEROH, 88 Wall street BROOKLYN.-A COMPT.ETE THREE STORY BRTCK Hou<e. ell imnrovement" and In perfect order, wttbin ten rainutea' walk of Cite Hall. Immediate possession. MACiiMBRR A SON. 891 Fmton avenue. E LEOANT BOMBS PUAR PROSPBUT PARE. r/vjijTT MORE ^OOBSgniLB, MORK REAITTTFIIL, MORI'. llEiLTUY thai* CENTRA I, PARK. Stylish. new brown xtoae Uou-os, with all modern ho Cr-ivcnents, on Third iiml. A RHCao parol houtwvsrd "ndlng dtrertly to tho i'artt will be Hold b? J. COLE, Auc ilonnor. at the Commerein! Exchange, W Fulton street, Rrnoklyn, on Wedne-day. Maruh C, 1837. at U o'clock. ,-OR SALE?THE THREE STORY WOE STOOP I' House 14JdRouth Second street, corner of Sixth. Brook, lyn, 14. l>. Tetroaoaey. J. O. ll.tlLKY, >4 Court st fPOR SALK?TflREB NEW THREE STORY. BASE r mcnt. rub-cellar, brown ?lone etoope, with all the Im provement* Prlc- JtS.OOd. Aleo two three storr lweemeril, pro# >7 m\ end four three storr, hnsement 9-1 Bio. Apply Jo \V?A. A. BRUSH. 4IO"Ouiuherlnnd street, Brooklyn. pOR SALF.-TH ' BEAtTTTPt'L HOTYAOB HOl'sF , ? and brick Hlabl* lota Mi 100. every modern Improve, ment three minutes from the ferries. with or without the Fi.rnli tiro; com slon Immedlttnly. ?pply on fh? promises. 109 South Ninth etreet, oorner Fifth, WII'ls msbnrg. POR SAf E-TITRKF STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE: all Improrements; handsomely fitted up. Adelphi ?treet. between 1 afayette ?nd Greene avnnues. Brooklyn, El-MKN OOKF RROT1M5RS, 1S9 Broadway. FOR' SALT?BROOKLYN?FOUR STORY BROWS ?tone, 2ftx(ir,; tvo.iilit'fnl 1nl?h; all 'raproremsnts; P'ret nlace. between Court eml CllnAos: furnished or unfurnlehed. J. E. COKljBLL, H Court etreet OR SAI.E ? BROOKLYN ?TO EMPRESS ME*. ? hotelier-, dieill'ere or any buelneee requ rlrg plenty of ground and buildings one large coney, SI roome. on# email house. atablee for 11 Imrsee. oai rtaje house, too hnuse,Ar.; seven loU: kusstriuie* yo ferry. A pply to J. K CORN ELL, 16 Court street, or at) Harrison street. New \nrfc. fOR 8ALE-A NUMBER OK YERY CHOICE LOTS, la the ncl-hhnrho').! of Prospect Park ranging from S600 to STOO: al?o ri'?r AllenUo.iivemi?, from $76 to $126, all of whloh are rspidlv advnnonp In ralne. DRAKE A CO., No. 9 Wlllonghbv street F?kJk%!"1 W.LLIAMSBURO-TM* TIIRKB STORY a high stoop brown atone haeeinent House 7-.,rner tm, i iwwr &?ms. streets: tta water, Ao.; prlee $ >AI? each; terms eaey. Apply to JAMF.3 II. COLAtlAN. 1ZJ North Sixth streets. fOBBALE OR TO LET?FURNISHED, A FINE THREE story brick House, lit Brooklyn, B D., on Rodney Street flrut bouse west of Bedford avenue. Inquire on preuilaee or Of D. ALLEN. 71 Pine street, hew York. ]? OTS FQR SAI.E?617 LOTg ON LAt'Rl L HILL AND J Newtown Creek. Apply to 8. B. SC111EFEKLIN, 170 WiUlem street. mult DESIRABLE nOtJSF. Ml JAY STREET, BROOK ' " Present real $!,*?. 1 lyn. near City Hall SS.OxlOkP. Present will let for $1.MO. Price SIM 01, b ee ontelde. J. RICHARDS, S3 Nassau a h X.l\A CASH DOWN. $8,000 ON 1ST MAY, AND A bi)tlU farther sum by losUlmenie and mortgage. will urcbaee the splendid brown stone front three atofy. aMIe nd sub oellar (louan 1(6 Aralty atrret, Brooklyn; IS rooms, eatlbule doom, marble belle, aeven tnarMe mentals, sta lonery waahetends and tuba, hot and cold water, bath end rater closet -very handsome ornamented parlors, slui ng nnrs and Inside blinds, staloed and ground (lass ball doors, hi tit in the moat fashionable etyle and very ceu|enleoi and Mtrable as a genteel residence; let 25*100; Abuse MxlD; nund leased but ?qual to perpetual; possession May 1. iPply to A. 8. NEWBERRY, 1? Broadway. ?o nnn fob cottaob-bbvb* booms, barn, jrl.UUU twelve loU, choke fru.t, on Maspeth Avenue ailroad Brooklyn suburbs; thirty minutes' from ferry. RI8INH, fit East Twentieth street $e onn -6I south fiftu street, brook ltr, O.oUU. B D. Brick House, three story, basement and oellar: water and gaa; three minutes from ferry. Ap ply as above. ?? COUNTRY RF.AL RITATB FOR BALIS. I FIRST CLASS BROWN NTONB HOU8B FOR SALB, 1 Sussex place. Jersey City; sub-cellar; a large mirror Ith It Wee fittW". Terms half eaeb. Inquire of A. ILSON, at Uoolgnmery etreet Jareey City. N. B.?A umber of other Houses for sale. I oqulrs as eoore. t CHOICE FARM FOR BALE. OF FROM 40 TO TO i acres, at Nortbport, L I, handsomely located by the ?rhor, one mile from the village and steam boa i landing, adar a good slate of cultivation, and a fine location for jmater boarders: bandy for fisMu, gunning and Jjpbtlng. or farther particulars address IT. f. Aokerly, ? West btrty-fiflh street A LL WANTIRO FARMSL-aOOD SOIL, MILD CU \ male. U ratine south of Philadelphia. Prlee eobr {il sr acre. Aleo Improved Farm* Hundreds ere tetOlnt. aformattoe sent free. Address a K. LANDI8, Ytnelafid. tw Jersey. VERY D8SIRASLB FARM ON LONO ISLAND. CON . venlant to tho city, Wi acres rt* and highly caltt M land; t,?Q ehoke dwarf fruit tress, mow I y pears; ck house and frame barn, nearly new; price flO.WO. dress Farm, Sox A174 Post offiee. L frC; ? ?F1.RNDID COLS TRY SEAT AND FARM, AT BOM L srv.lle N J.; HO acres elmlee land, fralt and abade; -re modern house, 16 rooms; ample outbuildings. E?enr Ing In p-rfect order, and location unsurpassed for health ll^***%TnT 1T1 Broadway, room No. ? FARM OF 60 ACRES. HEAR PLAfSmLO. ggOOO; r>ne 104 ACrf^Vt 15 5HU; 089 on? m>l? ffoni 4?pot. 01 Mfff| I buildings, |7,0?, one of ecrea, first olavs buildings, yot <?"*** g^-pBFf4L, KELLY k CO., Ml Broadway, PaROAINAT NEW BRUNSWICK?A# ACRES OF t superior lAUd, good House and outbuildjugr. plenty of fcJsr *"?" ""TTiifiwiamr' iy PO.UW. Ko, 30 Nassau streat room Nov H CHOICE FARM, 191 ACRIM, ORB MI LB FROM ? gomerrlBe, N J -Fjno bulldmge, beautiful and healthy *B1)WaRDT*/a/l?wTrR8* HiRDByBEROH, street fia,00 FARM OF 44 ACRES, IN SOHFRRRT nenVr, " ii for *??h?"44. cheap, Also a At bar rfjithar Fbrmn U Naasen street, oflk. No.jLv 8. R. LENT COimTRT REAL BIT AT* FOR IALB. A * EXCELLENT TAR* FOR S4LK-OF 70 ACRRSi -1\ fine buildings; four fruit o.?harda, wsU feaosd; slack and farming too la all toulila Terms easy. Roeklaad oonety. ikKLMaN a OO. HI Broadway. AT NEWBURO.?FOR SAT.B 01 TO RKWT. ON AC. oounl of the owner going abroad, a cuug Collate, hand somely and completely furnished. onntalnlng all the conve niences^ euoli aa water, Ac., with 4W acres, only Hd aiiloa nor'h of the land! na, and dlrcetlyjnn the water; outbuilding* eommodlona and In good ordrr: views unsurpassed: location Erra5tt'!S2.H^J?J 'r'Skhorhiod the boat. Apply to E. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. A FARM FOR BALE?IN ONEIDA COUNTY, 1*. Y.J 67 acres of rood land, with two goad hoii.ea and l>arn. PRwjKM For particulars apply to Mr. HMITII, 176 East Twelfth street CTOUNTRT SEATS AT ORANOE, BLOOMFIKLD, MONT ) Clair. MUlburn, Summit, Morrlalown, !lcr*en and other places. l*rtoaa $3,000 to S30.ootk Prlnte-l llsfean be had frre on application. PARSONS A WARD. TV Cedar St. GOUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-SEVF.N MILES from Brooklyn; Ureehoase, three acrea of huid hand somely laid out. plenty of fruit end shade trees. Apply ai 74 Kaal Twenty-third street BLKGANT FIRST CLASS MANSIONS FOR 8ALF.HMT Newark, N. J.. Llewellyn Park (Orange*, and W iWw Tree. I. I. For terms and particulars apply to C. H. BI.l VKN, M Pine street PARM FOR SALE OB BXOQANOB FOR CITY PRO * perty.?Thirty acres of exoelleut land, good dwelling house and outbuildings, with plenty of fruit and about one bnnrfroinNew York eltv by rail, with steamboat comma nfoatlon twice a dav. TfUci perfect. Apply to QEORGE W. W ALh ER, pier 30East rlrer, N. Y. PARM FOR SALE OR BXCHANGH-JO ACREA, GOOD house, and orohsrd of every kind of fruit Apply at 73 Eighth avenue, lu the basement. Terms easy. F ARMS COUNTRY BE ATA, COTTAGER. AC., FOB aula and to let. W. A. LUDLOW, 33 Pine street. For bale-a store and dwelling, with a barn and stable, situated In Spring Vallev, Rockland county, N. Y , on the New Yotk antf Erie Railroad; a good bnalnrssln the boot and shoe trade is now carried on In the pl ioes Stock for sale: prloe of place 38.500. Apply to VAN WART A HO BIN BON, 2SB Myrtle avenue, ooruer of Port land. Brooklyn. fjlOR SALE?A COUNTRY HEAT, AT NEW ROOHELLE, nraf the water; about two acres: good house and cur good house and oar* rlage house; very cheap. Apply to JOHN O. HIGGINS, No. 7 I'ine freet, room No. 8. Fob sai.k-at smithtown, l. l, the farm or the late Knnjamln Mills, containing 70 acres home stead and 8*1 acres woodland; good house and large and con venient outbuilding*, with a Tine young orchard and large bn.nk satiable for making a trout pond. The stock and movables will t>e sold vrlth the farm If desired. Apply to LYMAN B. SMITH, Administrator, Rallhtowo, L. I., or E. 8. MILLS. 61 White street. N. Y. * IT?OR SALE-COUNTRY BEAT OP TEN ACRES, I' within forty-five minutes of city; brtok house, barn and all necessary outbuildings; hnuse has twenty rooms gas, bath, hot sua cold water, on Passaic river, opposite Newark, N. J. Apply to GEORGE W. PLATT. 20 Maiden lane IDOR SALE?IN CENTRAL MORRI8AXIA, WRSTi HES r ter oounty. a two story knd sttle Frame Honse, with two wings attached; houee oonialn* twelve rooms, furnished lu best manner, with water, gas. speaking tubes. Ao. Lot 60x Sf.O. Well slocked with spplo, pear, cherry and qulnoe trees. All the smaller fruits in abundance. Twelve varieties of grape*. All In good bearing aondltlon. Apply to JOHN B. BUXTON, 736 Broadway, up stairs. FOR BALE?A VERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE ON Bard avenue, Rtaten Tsland, near RsUore' Snug Harbor binding; for sale low and on eaay terms. Apply to TUCK KRMAN, MULLIGAN 1 CO., W Broadway. F OR 8ALE-A NUMBER OF LOTS, OF BEROEN Hill. Address Lots, Herald office. pOR SALE?DESIRABLE RESIDENCES. FURNISHED ? and unfurnished, at New Brighton and Clifton, on the shores, and at short distance front ferries. ApplvloA. R. JAN1N. 27 William street, or New York st'euue. CUrlon. 8.1. pOR SALE?IN JERSEY CITY, ONHIOH AND SOLID . ground, a corner House, new, and bollt for the owner'# use; three story, baserneifl and suhcellar, containing all the modern improvements, marble hall Ac. ; wlll_he sold psr tlally furnished. Inquire i ? on the premises, 234 Wayn a street, or at No. 4 Erie bandings, Rende street, H. Y. POR BALK-ON LONG ISLAND WITniN ONE MILE of Wcstburv station, a desirable Residence, with 3 acres of Land. Terms easy; prloe $1,400. Inquire of S. R. POST, 66 Broad street POR SALE--FINE FARM OF 340 ACRKB, WITH river front, at Riverside, Ulster cnuiity, nearly opposite Pcughkeep-de. aboni three nonrs from New York; house finely hteated; lively views up the rirerfor 20 miles; farm house, carriage house, barn, and all other usual outbuild ings; two orrhurds, small fruit and garden; railroad pro jected and surveyed through lower- part ?f property. For further particulars apply to JAMBS PRICK. RIO Hudson strnet lilOR HALE?IN NEW JERSEY, A BEAUTIFUL TWO r story and basement frame House and Lot situated oa Malu street. In the village of Mlddlctown Point, N. J. The riiui ?trt uu in in*; TiiiHKG ui /i uuicwwii ruini. an. h# iiib lot M 4(1 hv JIB feet. For pariloulari apply to Mrs. A. B. P1KKSON, ou the premises, or lo Messrs. VAN PBf.T A. PI14KSON. ou the premises, or lo Mpssra. VAN PEL' MOORE, 27 louth street New York, or to 8. PETTIT, Atlanticstreet, Brooklyn. For bale-beautifully situated on the banks of Cayuga Lake, eight miles from Ithaca, an elo gsnt Counlrv Residence and Farm of 53 acres wills, first ciu?s outbuildings and tenant bouve. For further lufoirma tlnn address bo* 86 Jacksonville Poet offico. N. Y. For halb-sbVbral splendid farms, with rivrr front, on the wost bunk of the tludson. I*artlcu larsof R. II. HIKE, 501 Sixth avenue. ' Y.AOR BALE?IN BERGEN. N. J.. HALF AH HOUR r from .lernrV t'lty ferry by horse cars, Urge Dwelling House, containing 15 rooms, slate roof, goad dry cellar; em lot 100 feet ?<juiire: all In good ordor. ROGERS. ltd Broadwav, or to R. C. MARTIN, 36 Waters* FilOR SALE?THB STORE AND PREMISES OCCUPIED 1 by the late T. D. Pratt situs lad in Essex. Conn. , on Connecticut rlrer. about Ave miles from Its month. Fnrpsr tlcnlara apply by letter or otherwise to ALBERT PRATT. F OR SALE?ON NEWTOWN OBBRK. THE SIXTEEN iota of Land, with Dock, lately occupied by the Laurel Gil Works. Apply on thenruBiiaes. user Cblvurr Cemetery, to LACE, or, HKYE PALMER RIBS. 39 Broad street. R. WALL At flOR SALE?ONE OP THB BEST DAIRY OR STOCK Farms m Grange ronaly, two and s half miles west from Newburg; about 150 acres, well watered, and fruit of ail kinds. Buildings all In good order. Terms easy. Apply te W aTKRLOW A CO., 39 Nassau street. FOR SALE-ONE OF THB FINEST RESIDENCES IN Wcstc-heitrr county, ten mlnutns' walk from Poftehes ter depot, about ten seres of Ground; or wIM exchange fur a first class Residence or well located Lots In New York city. For partionlars and full description Inquire of 8. KILP lT IttCK. Hull's Head Bunk Buildings. Will send description by mall. r r?f the E10R HALE?STATUV IBLAND; 63 ACRES; CHOICE r location: no nth aid* Apply to 8. B. SCHIEFFELlK, 170 W ilium stieot. VOR ?AT.B_Hf)TIL AVD FURNITURE AT SARATO. rt Hprlii. n; large. ommodlons and in (icrfecl order; one e lineal locations at the Spring*; or will bo exchanged tor New York or Brooklyn property, on reasonable terms. For particulars apply tot). II. BENEDICT A CO., 81 line street. I/OR SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY PL AUK AT r Flushing, L. I , of 75 acres of highly cultlrated land, with s large orchard of aboloe fruit; all kinds of pears, dwarf and standard, in full bearing, the house la Lug', with beautiful lawn, table. bouse and all other out buildings Ineo d repair; within 3&) raids ol' depot at : nst Flushing; 30 minute' from Now York. If not sold previous to March 10. tbe whole or part will be let. Pi ton $3',001 logulre of WILLIAM A. HAMMIH, Bridge street, Flushing, or W. II. XVILKIN8, Lcxl.i.ton arenue, Thirty-second street. New York. Frton Sale?a house of nine rooms, with Barn. Hennery, woodhouee, Harden, Spring and some fire acres of Land, near Patrraon. N, J., within one hour of New Yiuk. and two minutes of a railroad station. Apply Immediately to Hey. J. HCUnDEK, 163 Chambers street. New York. |JV)R 8ALP?COUNTRY SKAT OR STATEN ISLAND, r two miles from Vandnrblil landing; superior house and outbuilding!, with 40 aerea of grouWl; will be sold cheap. Permits oTa. JOURNEaY, No. ? Pine street. FOR 8ALE-AT CLIFTON, 8TATEN ISLAND. FRONT logon the water, and within 10 ralnntea nf the ferry, n beautiful Country Seal, with nearly two acres nf ground; wilt be sold low. Apply to A. JOCKS BAY, No. A Fine si. For sale?first class brick dwelling llouse. all modern impr reman I. forty mfnutno by rail road from Wall street, In Newark. N. J.; price $K MM; tsro thirds on mortgage. JOHN J. SHARING, 136 Broadway. fj^OR RALE-FIFTY ACRES. WITH BUILDINGS, 20 1 miles In Jersey, for $3,000 rash; mu-t be sold. Also irma of all sines, cheap FKXBMAN A CO., 3)2 Broadway. For pale at oranof.-an elfqakt mansion (Italian vtlks style! ami eight aerea; flyomionfea' walk from atallnn; o n < t the moat oomr tele and *Uraatli-e coun try seats in this rlelnlty. TIMS E. FISH, 36 Fine street. tpOB SALE OR EXCHANGE?100 ACRES. A GOOD r dairy and grain farm. In Weateheatnr ooumy. Address for one week Country, New Tor* Post oflloe. 1JYOI* SALE OR EXCIIANOE IN WESTCHESTER r ootinty? A Bne Country Residence, With 10 or 80 acne of good land: buildings Aral clans; one hour from this clly by Hmrtem Kallroad and near Scaradale depot. Fur partteu lara apply to F. 8. M., 143 West Forty-second street. |?0R SAtJG OR RENT?A LARGE, COMMODIOUS r House and Barn, nearly new; ltd sera of ground, young fruit trees of all kinds: bee minutes' walk from depot. Free $36011: will rent for $ddn per annum For farther ear. tjctdars Inquire on tbg premises of II. CHRISTIB, Boiling ipURNTSHni) COUNTRT-SBAT FOR 8At.E-PI.RAS L antly located, oaar rallrond depot, on SUten Island; dwelling, outbuildings and 4V acres ground; high ground, superior rlew. Price $IO,twJ. Apply to A. JOURNEAT, No. 0 Pine street Bi"t7D80N RITkITpROPRRTT.-FOR BALE. ON THR wntbankof tbe Hudson, a number of handanme Idennea, with riser fronta, between Plermont and Nyaeh. with from I to 1$ acres, ranging In prion from $I0,U?U to $2,600. Apply to WM. H. PLAff. Piormont. N. V. iH THE CHARMINO VTLLAOE OF OYSTER BAT. Long Island, a desirable two stagy and ai tic Hnnae, nf rooms: ample hams, oarrlaje houses, and It scraa tact, No. Pine street. Mills for sale?thr extensive eureka steam Haw Mills, at Marietta, Pennsylvania, and stone flre.proof Flouring Mill* at Bloomsbury, N. J. Apply to E J BERT la. FELL. 316 Fifth amnnn. MHILL PROPERTY FOR BALE.?THE UNDERSIGNED offer for sale a Urge atone Flouring Mill, with a very valuable water powers water wbael >4 feet diameter; to gether with N acrnn of Un-L two Dwelling noueen, onn a Ann large brown stone, the other a neat frame, with all neeea sary outbuildings and a choice variety of fruit trees and plants. The property la tamed In a good grain region, on a railroad end canal, nenr Trenton, N. J. For further Infor address Rnf I'*! &tt T.-POR 8ALR CHRAP-A | is ted fn n grove, with n Am acre as; 16 minutes' walk to i 86 Chambers street, New ) bosnti^it Cnuotry Seat elluated In a grove, with n Ann arAea, ontrprlMM about throe screes; 10 ie springs. Address S, No SSChami mo RRNT-THB LARGE AND R LEO A NT MANSION, JL former residence nf E K. Collin*. F,n<i , situated on 1^ la^ro-^W^mmst^t'm m ijesaaai of New R wbaiie. Apply vvyninv KKAj, RSTATK FOR SALE. VLKY VALUAU'-? and highly productive AT RnrL'vvr w"A'tr PROPERTY, AT ROCKBTTs, IN TUB CITY OK &ICHMOND m. 0 FOB UALK. ski:w?r/^f.wje'.KSS hSVTo J u.u! H? . r ' VT',0,' 14lK"u lau '?*?? ruuulM. Tli? ? ' UU wl,lch lt >'** a front of Jill feet. * nrf now undfr a rental of It 000 n?r Annum R,,1r.,i.*!T''T* b"*n "-girded us I ho most popular ATo. ?n i t. r.'nwM "*\r,r ln !rm" it i? very (toon DTV A APKKHA((N,n Apply to HARRISON, 00D Kiannuro, Feb at rnn. WVtZZSr"X!L, VgRSfc*' J r"Avn Lot. 101*140 foot, first roto* .cktlnn, tuym"nuii. from de?7 house. 10 moras. marhl. m.n?t" SlK^ Hemes and Farms to rent. Kendfor d^tfptwSlhk 1 /)A COUtlTBV PRATS AVI) K\T{\|^ m virtv t*p IUU me, Connecticut and Sew York a short .MauS!* from city, for sale or exchange. aisiancs JOHNSON. MILLER A If ALL. > Nassau street. $9 000 WILI' 'UB0MA8E A FARM OK FIFTY y-;""" I""?* a good orchard, large house ??d buildings, 1J0 miles from New York, on the Erie Railway JnV,'rr 0f W LOOPS'. t? West Thtt ly'stxjh ?meet In the evening. $2 ^00 -.T')R flAW5? A NKW TWO STORY FRAME . /? House on)' Lot; of* roonui, new wood house fES* A,pplv t" 8'lOREe, haereae shop, uear Fire ofSiTIhlw r"y. or to J. THOMPSON, comer or Jay and West streets. New York. $.1 000 Tr'V1, t^HAM 0|*? Or TlfK BEST buildings, fcodfrnif easS"** C0Un,Jri TO it Land a IVttUKY, lt Chambers Street. S#5 ,500 ~F.?R SAI,,K' A NEW "ff.RNnro THREE of l atcrson with!5f 1,1 lh* '""l P?r? of the cjts oort.Hr toi'?ul?,"V^ShVSX^f?J lot 50x100 fee( Torlc, or H. B Now Jenw?. r?tMAwUi?a. v V ? irrn improvement?; HMOOtlU') rnet YSTofg bWnhi** 1U Pr/noe street, Ndii Tor*. oMLB VAN BLAitCOUM, U4 Muiu street, Peterson, KfiAL KMTfVT'5 H'AVTKD? A TWO AND A HALF OR THRRH .8TORY RfTTOR n*'? Wintt!{|, >n a goorl tiolghh ?riinod fuM lr?t with boum 2ft feet fponTj prtoe not ovrr $12 o?* A tn ' with sersragajg-*?- ?- ?* ~ a J??" SMSb and 8eycnth avonnca or Hammmd or Rnnk street or <4rw ?ln.h.*r::rU,": Pr,U,1!T fnrniHb'J preferred. A^re^, ?u M HirsldX-e. ' ' PO'^on.iAc , 1'urclurs,lu? /lOrNTRY IIOTTHR, NINE ROOMR AND THBEE^ATUKS y of land, wanted: New Jersey preferred; not over one Post'omce! N." Y?1 with deufla'000 Addre" 1,01 2-380 raKKfflMilffl ?tock. Add raw or aypfy at 71 NnKvau street, room *No. 9. Pauttrs having houses, lots farms and a,B.trT l,#a.U f?r or 10 ?* f"'r P' lees. osa *^'5vn?B7oidnwaye CaMh Puroll*'1?" at KltKEMAN rriBNEMRNT PROPERTY WANTED-TO PURC11ARK thlrd^fretiPT? iT* llonse, between Canal and Twenty! ?Jlr ' ^'"1 *0<1 Slith avenues; $4,000 to $12,000. Address Kennedy, bo* 104 Herald ofllce. ^ q)RNF,MENT PROPERTY WANTKD TO BOY OR oi?SS!Su1Je,.11gblS ???*???>?? frtren. Apply to R. H. (IIHBONS A CO.. ttd Broome street. WANJSRrIP.vPr?.C,!A8,::- A HOCSR AND STORE. ,, J on Tntrd, Sixth or K.lnhth avennes; west aide preferred. Price from $1B,H00 to $1(1.A part In cash, tnlanoe on mortgage, by a thoroughly responsible party. Address for three days, stating the lowest nrlce and terras, tbs location numlisr. tic., H. c., Herald olllce. ' 11^ANTED?A DWELLING OP ABOUT 10 ROOMR IN h i E"'" onlPr, with Improvements; $2,000 cash. Address H. J. P., Herald olllce. W AK','?,JrPR,rl: ,SnT IP 114,000 TO i?oi four stol^ llonse. west of Broadway ?,RtlWS >TONB HOUSE. ABOUT $ IS'100; will n.,y $?_>, vWe.ish; second mortgage $0,000. on properly for which there la a standing cash offer for 2i&l^?x^.d*omc?10r*ma"100 the VyANTED-A OOTTAOK RESIDENCE, WITH ALL ' ' modern Imnroremcnt*. u? bo sttualed on the Hudnon .55r " .5 1".of V?cr*n ot itsniind. garden, fruit trees. Ac. Address \V. II. A., hex aH43 New York Post olllce. IA7ANTED TO PURCUASP-FOUR OB MORE LOTH. ?T below cnnalnphrr street. Location must ba suiUbto for a ntaunfaciory and In or ranter or a xrtda thorough rare. A neuntbtilldlng sovorlnn snacn rem I red will suit Address with full parUculsrr. O. fl., bt.i tlM New York Fostoffloe lyAETBDTO PUKCHASE?A SMALL COTTACB, IN YY good order. In narlom or Yorkrllle Must hsva the mprovemenu. Tnras must be easy. Addiwas O. W.. ba 1,701 New York Port olll ;e. ' UUY OOODt. AM EVENING DREHS JUST PROM PARIS TO BE dS _0t?im.od of eta reduced prloe at Miss GLENNON'i, i(B Broadway. * /NARPETS.-D. KELLY * Ctt HAVE JUST OPENED y a new and chore selecUon of CarpaU, Oilcloths and Mattings at greatly reduced prices Corner Twcnty nftb Ntreat and Sl*th avrnue. ? GO TO RONALDSfIN A MR ARRS-CORNKR OP NINE, teenth street and Hxtb avenue, and 181 Eighth arenas, between Nineteenth and Twentieth sts ?For cheap Home! keening Goo<la, Dresa Trimmings. Embroidered Edgings. Gibbons Hosiery snd Gloves. Now otenlng. great bargains Rulfllngs and Linen Collsra; 4,<00 pleo-s Dlinlly Rufflings, 4s.. worth Tk ; wide Alpecn Brsld, $1. 48 yards. teMSYfii"!!.!^sfsiA"itSes: lWoes, at theJtrgnst Carpet and Furnllurs Wareroom a In d'i* vli.T' idp and f7l Thirty, flfth Street, one door east a? eighth avenue. All foods watratiled as rsprasinlsd. LOTBRAU'S PATIENT HOOP BKIRT ROLDEB. No mor.- Hcoi.tents from lump skirt*. No more rl<he<;1o<is situations for lad tea No more springs showing below the BalmoraL No more tingled springs. No morn hoop skirt turning everv which way. With the LOIXKAI '8 HOOP MkIRT HOLDER. Abwlntfl immovahlliif. itlfiy. aim uod itecanM. RaM $i totall In all fan. ? and dry goodi^T^ Whl^U dZj.Al Wanted a' , SfKA,V * ??., ?? Broadway, New York. Wftpfq?A^ffoUi for the country. WANTED TO BUY?A HOI'RR >N EXCHANGE FOR a ret y handsome lot of black Chanlilly Laos, and part ln money. Address box 1.3SJ New York Post okloe. MJvt BIp AMEot ?. /?lONNTlTL'TfoN WaTP.R IB A CERTAIN CURE FOB . U *n of the kidneys Depot 41 i/iiiT street. IRON WORK FOR RI ILDTNGN. JAMES L. JACKSON A BROTHER, w , ?$lh St.?3d sr. ?2Pth sb, Mnnufsetnrers ef every daseriptinn of wrought and cast _ ?IK.ON f'Olt BCII.Ol NO PUR POURS. Entire Iron Building Fronts, Iron First Story Fronts, trea Girder* and Beams. Interior Columtia Iron Doors sail Shot. ?!>l RAjI'lbts. Floor! Ight?, pnlent Vault Lights, omee. court. Z2i ?n 7*22-? ?*'',DIC'Gni tings, Ac. window i.lntels ****} ,of pattorns, stobln Fixtures and rfrtltiM. fimtc and fender i MlWi. Hole manufnrturera of bondings*",n' ?*"r* Uhairs far Thentms and public ^Particular attsnDon paid to the manufacture nf fine Cast Ltimates famished whenever i OTATIONER8 ATTENTION. ? rsv "?*??VfIB'<9aS<Hw? sswsus. Send two red sumps for sample. Address Taunton Pen Holder Company, Taunton. Mam. P A. HOLM KA. Agnat. SOMRTII ISO REW FOR T.AD1PB.-MADAM TKRUA, baring tual arrleed from Knropa, baga leare f ladle* of tbl* oouutry a mmlpl tor I eye?. She guarnntena II to femora i nrope, bega leare to olfar Um 'or naaoufrtng Um faoo and ore all ftoetlee, blotohaa and wrinklaa, rende-ing tha completion fair aa alpha afar Um rree brilliant and sparkling, without tbn laaat Injury. Prim |1. Addreaa Madame Tcreaa, hoi ttl Brooklyn To* odtaa A LL StSOEiVS PATBMT RPRINO BROS ESQ CI BR IX. hut oae inattreaa. Clean, durabla. Warranted for voara: no leatliera or atrlnga about them. Bold ererywhera. Wartrooma flh Contra atraat. Ami MAONIVICKXT PtANOPORTK FOB BALK, FOR $v;?, co<t $300; a beautiful Parlor Salt, la Fraaai aatln omental, for $126. met $k"A. "?? d?- for $7?; alao a lot of I'arlor and Bedroom Fiirnllnr at a graat eeerllwo, fkr oaah. lniulro at 111 Wert Eighth alreet, aoar Blath arena*. At private balr-alt. the rlroant rottbr hold Furniture .-outau.rd m the Bee atorf brown eloaa honaeMWeot Huteamb atreel, between Firth and Slatfe arenuea, a ewrlflee, for eaab: Pianoforte. Par bur BaMa. ent ered In b-oe*t?d; Ktagerea, Bookneaa, Painting a, Btataarr, Mronzea, Mlrrore, chandelier*, Cham bar and Dialog Furai tnre. China, Olaaa, Btlrer Ware. , SRVKRTT tarda, ard suit , roeewood aad eatin, bat liuia and. it H Liberty atrpot, room It. BnrSSRLR CARPRT, SRVKSTT TARDA, ARD 8DIT of Parlor Furniture, i for (ale cheap Apply at I T7IOR HALR-TIIB FCRNTTURB lit A FIRST OLAR8 r Tlonaa, *1*1, on Murray Hill, oonaiating of Mlrrort, Oarpala, Chandelier*, Sofa*. Ohulra, Hedateada. Aa. PHoa about $7,1)00. Would eaoOeoge for city Iota. Addreaa J. ?. M .. boa 2,007 Poat ofllne. FVuRKITURE WASTED. -I WILL PURCrtABB | oaah at a fair rate, the enUra Furniture, Co Mirror, Tlano. Ar? of a bauee, euit*Me far a beta) or I log honaa. Addreaa or apply T. MATllEWH, 7M Broa for tan day* tfuTRRlfCRR OF RVF.RT DESCRIPTION?PARLOR r Bulla, Chamber Balta, Looking (Mann, Mattremae, Aa. at coat, prior to remaraL R. ?? OOWPWRTHWAIT, || Bowery. | lOl'SKKBF.I'tRtB OR PKRBORR OOISO TO lioVMR XI keeping will be a up piled aad oan par by weakly or SkVdalla WwSft SXZ oTuSftff HuaSAl >otod Ooenm, Feb. IT, IN?. __ - BURiHAM'S rSnStw