Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 11,141. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL. Black crook-w?when and where shall i see you t 21V Herald otilee. IP ?IK NOT ON HAND ON SATURDAY AT USUA7. J. tin*, will l>? because of new* Ity of going out of ^owt^uuUl Monday altsruoou, la which caae, will Me you uu EOR ADOPTIOW-A healthy male CHILD, TKN week* old. Inquire at 183 Went Thirty-sixth street, ba led f.roadway and Seveuth avenue. uU APPY NKW YEAR."?S~*? 8""?. HAVE returned to New Y ork. Write me. "SWEET WILLIAM." %TOTlCE.-IP THIS SHOULD MKfeT THP. EYE OP ??. Frank L. Wood, who waa In the city of New Orleans, I th?breaking out of the late war, ha wtli hear of now. >1 to hU advantage by calling on Mr. H. B. Thorn**, \ - rrn Hotel. ?#. THE PFRflON WHO PICKED UP A POCKRT . Handkerchief, In which waa tied a heavy cold ring, ant ? ,1th a small Motalc, valued aa a inmilv relic, In a Hlxth ?venue ear, on Wednesday afternoon, will return the aainc ?o 79 Hack man, atrnet be will be liberally rewarded and no faaatloni asked. TNPORM ATIOW WAKTED-OP MATTHEW McLBOD. 1 When lust hoard from, in KM, waa working on the Al bany and Susquehanna llaUroad. Any information of him Cll be thankfully received by his atsler, Marcaret MeLeod, applying at SOB Raat Seventeenth street, N Y. TMPORMATION WANTED?OP THE WHEREABOUTS J * Maria Burke, a native of GaWraj, Ireland. When last 1 w from wan at Waahlngton Houae, Cincinnati. Ohio. Any lb., .latlon will be thankfully received by her brother. Jo pp"' Rurke, 926 Raat Nineteenth street, or Mr. William agh. Cincinnati papera pleaae oopy. .N DS CORDY.?INFORMATION IM WANTED OP JohnDeCordy. If tbla meeta hla eye, he la earnestly uatod to return home, where tlie paat will be forgiven foraotten. His son ii at present in the House of Refuge, . ..j -e he la being treated tn the most cruel manner?eoliCned In a damp cell, without a bed to lie on and furnished wltb no fesor food than Is neeeasary to keep life in hla body. If he wlabes to see hla son afire he la entreated to return home. 8ak Fblmcisco, Jan. 18, 1807. JANE DE CORDY. T W. WANT3 TO 8S8 D. N. ?VpSSING?SINCE SUNDAY, FEB. 34, CHARLES Jvl Wood; waa laat seen on board the barge Globe, pier 47 >orth river; waa dressed In a bine roundabout, grav pants ?ad pair of .black do., check Sannel undershirt. white inn? ?n shirt over; pair of boots. with rubbers on; black cap, wound with fur; age abont nine years, light hair and bine EAny information will be thankfully received by Wll Wood, corner of Leonard and Withers streets, Wil bury. XTOTICE.?MORTON L. KELOGG, LATE SECOND il Lieutenant of Company P, One Hundred and Slity ? faoond regiment N. Y. V., will pleaae mil on N. Seagrot, No 4i 1 Centre street. N. Y. OSA BONIIEUR?I HATE BEEN THERE BVERY day since I saw yon. Will be there this day. R fflR LADY WILLNOT. WILL YOU GRANT AN IN terview t When and where T A. R. J TXTANTED?INFORMATION OF MRS. ANNIB WENIO, i ff who left Limerick, Ireland, for New York. If thin ?hould meet her eye she will pleaae call or send to her Brother, Denis Kraneis Ryan, 111 Eldridge street ? MATWIMOXUL ' A TOUNG GENTLEMAN OF MEANS WOULD UKK l". ?? make the acquaintance of a neat and respectable T?unf ,adT (? blonde), ahout'JO. and not extravagant, with a I* y*K"io matrimony. Address E. M. O. P., station G, N. V. , 4 GENTLEMAN OP REPUTATION AND MEANS D" ilree to mwt with a handsome tnd wealth v lad v. *ltl ? . ?? "? ???* v ininriv AilM .T| niiilCI !/' ? T ?Ires to meet with a handsome and wealthy lady, with view to matrimony and business. Address L. W. J.. ata ?ra D IjOST AXD FOUND. Y'OST-A BANK BOOK, NO. 2W,575, NAME HENRY X Brunj, Bowery Saving* Bank, corner of Grand and mowery. The Under will please leave It at the bank. IOST-THUR8DAY NIGHT, IN OR ABOUT THE i. Academy of Music, a gold Bracelet. The finder will l>e "pliably rewarded by leaving it at No. 7Gramercy Park. T.?5T?(1N TnE AFTERNOON OF WEDNESDAY, FBK. /I JJ* * fl?? MlnkPur Collar, with coni and ta**el. A yuble reward will be paid if delivered at 131 Wul Twenlv aiith atreet. T OST?ON FRIDAY, MARCH 1. IN THIRD AVENUF. ^Jrnear Twenty-eighth atreet. a patr of Gold Spectacle*. Th* liberally rewarded by returning fUem to John ^nlnn, 67 Lexington avenue, corner Twenty-sixth itrert. t OST?VROM 196 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET. A AJ ttna.ll black Dog, long ear* and white ?pot 011; %ore a blue and red collar, with sliver plate. An*wera to *me of Skip A liberal reward will be paid for hit return M the above addreu. HE WARDsT A MATTER * CO., M WALKER STREET, WILL W? ? . ? suitable reward for the reeoverv of a parcel of Jbnples dropped on Thursday evening, about 6 o'clock, on Omrch treat, between Walker and Canal streets. f!; REWARD.?LOST, A TAN COLORED SCOTCH ?n?y Terrier Slat; anawers to the name of Nellie. Return Of Grand atreet THOMAS ALLEN. f?t REWARD.?STRAYED AWAY ON THE EVENING >f of February K from 40 South Second street. Wll auburn, a lane black Newfoundland Dog; answer* to the f?? of Nero. The above reward will be paid on returning > the above number. Or any Information concerning 'd'for *t?n Fl*b ket' N" T ? wlu 68 llber ?4c reward-run awat from THE SUB '*J eorlber. an Italian Boy, about 10 years old. rather L chestnut hair, full face, fair complenon, dark eyes; )? round black velvet Jacket, dark nap. Ilcht gray E plays the violin; has been away about a month. The ) reward will be paid to any one who will bring him tr> kepbecribor; or their expenses will be paid by giving sure ? litontion. by addressing a note, where the said boy may *04. to the subscriber, and reoelve the thanks beside*. miL Baxterstreet. New Terk. GIUSEPPEDI STEFANO. REWARD -LOST, ON MONDAY. FEBRUARY IS, JP*-'' while going from West Twenty-fourth to Washing - ?en Feet Hoboken, via Tenth avenue and Cbriatopher ?treet mnj a Lady's Double Case Watch. It It greatly valued as * Betake and the above reward will be paid, and no que*. ?oMaaked, by returning It to No. VB Weet Twenty-fourth mtr% New York. REWARD IS OFFERED FOR A GOLD WATCH Vv lMt |D * Broadway stage about 11 o'clock Thursday glgk between Cortlandt street and the St. Nicholas Hotel. If Ik finder will leave It at the private office of the St. Eoauk'd Ul h* W1" raoatT* th* *bove reward. No ques REWARD.?STOLEN, ON THE NIOHT OF February R, from C. H. Byno's utablc, corner of Env street and Jamaica avenne. Astoria, L. I. a mouse Mare. Has been sheared, baa a white streak up and tie faoe, two front teetli broken off, has a sore on right >g. Is very gentle, and answer* to the name of Klttv. A retard of $1(19 will be paid for her recovers by applloatlon ?a attre. or at T7 Chambers street, N. Y.. up stairs. ftPKCIAL. NOTICED. IAKTY DRESS BALLS.?JUST RECEIVED A LARGE racier Win and Beards. To loan i WM. DtlfBLKE-S, KM Broadway. ?ak ? issortment of character Win and Beanls. To loan or -jgr 1TAUAN COURIERS' OFFICE. SB OOLDEN SQUARE, London, England?Families or single persons about to wjeit Krrope are Informed that they will always Id4 at the ?bov* sBlce experienced and Intelligent couriers, possessing Jke highest testlmoslsls. By ad if re using a letter to the ?onrolery, J. FOndaTORI, by the steamer, In advance of Coring Amerloa, a courier will bo despatched to *rrtTa' ?* Liverpool. For further Information Address as abov*. gOTICB IS HEREBY OIVEN THAT PAYMENT HAS been stopped of Draft of the Equitable In*nranee Com y of Philadelphia, accepted by the Kensington Insurance 'g1"*: ?f. PhlUdslphia. Jan. II. WS7, at four months, and 1?f U-lft, for tUH. Further negotiation of the same ? hereby cautioned, and Information In rsferenes thereto ?an be had by addres'tng A H. Allen, Boeteo. or T. O. Ro> **ngnrten. attorney for A. H. Allen, southeaat corner Sixth Md Walnut streets Philadelphia. JrOTlCE.-THE MBMBKRS OF THE ACTIVF. SOCIAL I Ol'bnfo hereby requeeted to sttend a speclsl meeting the reaidenae of Mr. Geo. Green. 1? West Fortv eighth Mreet. on Monday evening, March 4, at TU o'clock precisely. fcvorder. WM. H. KKLLKV. President. w. c. Kiel* secretary. IgTAPLB BOOT AND lHf)R CONTENTIOM.-NO P tleo.-'nie next meeting. March K WW, at Brown's HaiL m store at Bast Mow York, at 10 A. M. and 4 and 7 P. M. JOHN R. PITKIN, Chairman. VTHB "AMERICAN ORCHftSTRA FOR AMATEFRS" X will meet at 7Woclock this (Saturday) evening. In the JiSMlaUim Hall, <81 Eighth avenue, near Firty-fonrth pcreec All deelrons of joining are invited tn sttend. W?. a Amnt, Secretary. B KHERHARD, Director. MUSICAL. , A t THB NATIONAL OONSRBVATORT OF MUSIC, sA a MADISON AVBNUE. TERMS $10 PER QUARTER ft COMPETENT PERSON IS WANTED TO LEAD THB JV music In a Brooklyn Epleoopsl church and train a choir Per the purpooe: good remuneration If eatlsfactory. Ap t<; te Alexander Agar, flm of Oweoa A Agar, oorner of |ehn and William streets, New Tort "V TBNOR SINflER DESIRES AN ENOAOEMRNT IN J\ a first cl**s quartet choir. In a Proteaant church, Cther Immediately or from May 1. Address, staling partieli ra, C. F. O., box 191 Williamsburg Post ouior. <* 1IJITAB, pTaNO, YIOLInTsInThNoTac., AT MOIiEK T ate prtoes, at M'J West Twenty-sixth street, between Sev #t th and Klghth avenues, call or send for circular. Leeoons frivate. JAV JAY WATSON, Agent \ I ASON 1 nAMMN. MANUFACTURKRS OF CABINET Jll Organa, salesrooms AM Broadwav, Mow York, where be found tbe largest aaeortmcut of Inatrnments of this ?M'S In the country. Prieee, $7?or leas to $l,tll?eeoh. TOlTLEt I'l IIK iBAMML "a I.F.CTtTBR BY HON. BICHARD OtlORMAN. f'N. J\ der the auaplcaaof the New York Yming Men's Roman Ba'holic Benevolent Association, at Cooper laitttute, on ? nnday evening. March II, IW!, at ? o el?fc. In aid of tho JH . nim.-nt Fund of the aaxociatlon. > Jon* S. Sruixv, seerctary. JOHN HAYES, Chairmnn. Ticket^ (0 cents, to be had at the door en evening of leo Bare, and at the principal Catholic book store*. Important lectpurbs dailt-to grkti.kmkn J only, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, cis Hniad Wsv. Tbo*e nnable to attend theao lecturea mat re.-clve a ?; ? br fnrwariling ten nent*. Address Hecrotarjr of haw 'or* Museum ef Anatomy, (II n road way. Blt.LMKIM, AC. t%ALL AND EIAMfNi: W. II. GIOFriTH'S NEW IM. ) proved combination Cushions and Table* before you iy eiarwberoL IM Fulton ?treol IK fntPCTIWI. 4 T PAINE'S BUST .K38 COLLEGE*, OTKH (S BOW. A err ?nd Mil Ku on, Bnxrktyo. op-wvilte City H?U? Bookkeeping. Wrttlnr Anthm 'tlc, Ijiltu, Crwuiu?r, Hpell Ing, Heading, privele , day ind rthdui^ No moving. A YOUNG WIDOV WOULD LIKB TO ENGAGE AS governess to go "? California, or would act la the ca pacity of housekeep. . Ad !rm Widow. aUtlOB C. 4 LADY WHO : \S HAD GREAT ElI'ERIENCK IN /A leachieg. dc?ir. an engagement ax dally governess; *tie Is thoroughly (]<' iHnd to Impart the English language t .teller with the n. -nenta of French. AddM>w Teacher, Po?t iidloo, Hohokeu. J. \ T DOLBEAR"- COMMERCIAL ACADEMY. CO.) V Broadway.?Ho ice* pi Of t* taught practically, ax used In the beet New York >a?en. Gentlemen eau secure pri vate d.'Kkn this wee! without extra charge, and be fully quollfled aa huad hoc nepers la the shortest potable time. ATTOWNSBND'P BUSINESS COLLEGE, 200 BOWBRY, between Prlmv md Houston streets, instruction Is given In Bookkeepra Writing Arithmetic, Spelling, Gram mar. Correspondence Ac. Open day and evening, Saturdays included. Boons ft ladles. Nodgaaea. Private Inatruo Book keeping. PE fMANBHTP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial' Institute, 7S6 Broadw.. . Established 1810. Private Instruction. c C. MARSH'S PRIVATE ROOMS PGR PRACTICE AND INSTRUCTION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BUS1NBS3 AFFAIRS. UK BROADWAY. CIRCULAR#. E BENCH IN THREE MONTHS' TUITION.?PRIVATE lessons and evening class dally1. Addreaa box 16, ata i D. Y ESPINAS8E FRENCH BOARMNO SCHOOL, WASH IJ Ington Height*.?Frenoh is the language of the school. SO acres of besutlful grounds. Circulars ?Broadway, UJB, WUiau's drug ntoro; 701. music store; 913, drug store. TEACHER WANTED.?AN UNMARRIED GENTLE man, competent to teach the Engliah branches In a ra tional way may find an aooepuhle situation, from the 1st of M.iy next. In a boarding and day school for boy* In the neighborhood of New York; a graduate of a normal school preferred. Address, with references. Educator, bos 6,879 Poet oflioe, N. Y. rrranted?a firbt bate gentleman and lady TT teacher for the Engliah branches. Apply at the Ger man-American Institute. 147 East Eighteenth street. SPOKTIMG. All kinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'S, SBO Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all disease*. Prepared Food for mocking bird*. filOR BALE?IMPORTED BROKEN POINTERS AND " Setters, pure Newfoundland Dogs, white Esquimaux* small'BUck and Tana, Ac., at DANIEL FOSTER'S, No. 13 Roosevelt street. For bale?two steam yachts, one so, the other 70 feet long. For partloulara address 8. L. Roberts, Bordentown, N. J. L^OR SALE?A SLOOP YACHT, S3 FEET LONG, AND r very fast Apply to JOHN TREDWELL, corner of Broadway and Pine atreet. Can be seen at John ion 4 Fish er's, boat builder*, Fort Richmond. S. I. FflOB bale cheap-a handsome bewpound land Doc; well trained and kind. Apply to H. PATT BEBQ, 4t? Broadway. Francis butler, no. s peck sup. has all the ehotoe breeds of Dog*. Bntlcr'i Infallible Mange Cure <ne Plea Exterminator, 75 cent*. Butler'* new work on the l>os, $S. Doga trained, boarded, Ao. Medicine* for all dls rase*. TOHN GRAY, 11 ROOSEVELT, HAS FOR SALE PAIR ?J of handsome Newfoundland Dog*, black and tan, Scotch and Hkye Terrier*; one ?mall bites and tan Dog, rerj handsome. QCREW YACHT WANTED-ABOUT FIPTY EE! T O long. Send lull dc-cript.on. style, dimensions of ma clifnery; apeed guaranteed. Addre iH.T., box 4,WO Pus! olHee. JO CHATHAM STREET, 4S.-K. MORRIS HAS JUST tO received tlir beat Sinjln? Oerman Canaries, which be offers for aale at very low jrieea. AUo all kinds of Parrot? and Parroquets. HORDES. CARRIAGES. 4tC. A SPLENDID DARK BaY HO RSI". EK1HT YEARS old. very kind; a lailv can drtre him; alao top Bujjg" and Harness; have been u*ed but a short time, will be tolil -heap, as the owner is golwr to leave the city. Apply at pri vate stable, Second avenue and Porty-ulnth stroet. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF TOP AND OPEN WAG. on*. Depot Wagons. " Dony Phaeton*, 1 Aootor'k do.. Hockaway*. 1 Builnen Gig. 1 Coach, I't W?|oir?, all *Uc?; 1 *1* "Mt Oerti.rtmowtJ, 3 line Trotting Wagon*. t snfltles, 1 Skeleton. 100 sets of Harneta of all kind*, Robes, Blankets. Halter*, Whip*. Ac.: S KurnitAre Trucks. 1 Pony. At 1.8W and 1,401 Broadway, near Forty-flrat street A team OF HORSES AND THREE CABRIAOF.8, fit for hacking, for aale cheap. at W4 Third avenue. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGES AND HAR neae to be sold, at any price, before May 1, at TAY - LOR'S Carriage Ware room*, 6S> Cedar street. A NICE SORREL HORSE. 15 HANDS HIGH; CAN trot In 2:80. Also four Cart Horses, 8tfor heavy work. To be seen at 164 Gold street. Brooklyn. ASACRIFICE.-MUST BE SOLD this DAY, A close matched team of Canadian Ponlea, 6 years old, strong built; warranted sound and gentle; tit for any use; ? price very low. 468 Pearl street. A REGISTER OF HORSE8 AND CARRIAGES. AT private sale, la kept by MINER A SOMKKVILLB, at 37 Naasaa street All persons wishing to buy, eell or ex change Horses or Carriages, should have ihelr property, or the article* desired regiatered as above. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 87 Naaaau street eveiy Weduesday aad Satur day. See auction head. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, BY best city makers, oonalatltig of Wagon*, Barouche*, Phaeton*. Ac.; one* Brewster top Wagnn. but little used, $S5o. At the Church Building, corner ef Croebr and Grand ?ireeta. A -AUCTION NOTICE.?HORSES, AC. ? The aale of fast Trotting and Road Horses to have taken place yesterday. a* advertised, embraflng the faat trotting Pony Yonng Black Hawk, to travel In 140, as well as the stylish blood Gay Horse that can trot In 3 minus*. and the celebrated roan Mare,8yoars old, 15^ hands, will be nnalHvalv nfff i itita Ha* ?( anHlnn at If n'ntAdk TKta aala poattlvtlj this dur at auction, at 13oTat#rfc. This salt postponed from yesterday In oonsequence of the extreme storm. Sale positive. JOHN L VANDEWATER, Auctioneer. 100 Liberty street. CTOUPE FOR SALE?I* GOOD ORDER, SUITABLE J for a private family; will be sold cheap; warranted a good aacond hand. Applr at 4S8 Third avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth streets. W. P. DREW. FOR SALE?A NICE wCLOSE FAMILY CABRIAGE, made for the owner1 by Brewster A Baldwin. Also doable eet of Harness; been used one year; In perfect order. Price $8U0; about half the cost To be seen at private stable, III West Porty-thlrd street, one door from Sixth avenue. OR BALE?A BASHAW COLT, PIVB YEARS OLD. Can be seen for one week at E. Luff's, Harlem laoe. F For sale-two pirst class horses, bound and kind. 16 hands, suitable for any purpose, at 181 Baal Fourteenth atraet. Government property at private bale. 10. OHO Beta new and second hand Harness, Saddles, Col. tors, Bridles. Halters, Wsgon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grain Bags, Tenta, Tent Stock, Blan '^iirs''v?H;ieUan Saddles (new), from Stt to ??: Plated Bit Bfldlaa $3. ArtUlery Saddles, good a* new. with Bridle, JIA PITKIN A CO., B North Front atraet, Philadelphia, Pa., and No. ? Park plaeet New York. Small orders by axpraaa C. O. D. Horse and bugoy wabted.?horsb most be sound, young and kind; price low. Good opportunity for a private party to eell out Address B., box iJK Post Horses. carriages. - three valuable Horses, nsw shirttn* top Buggies, torn over seat Phae. ton. Also Harness, at Fifth Avenue Stable*. ooruer forty - fourth street aad Fifth avenue. Stables "to let-no. bboadwat, near Thirty-eighth street, and Noa. 98 aad 41 West Thirtieth street between Broadway and Sixth avenue, each four stalls. Apply to JOSIAH JEX, 43 Bearer street STABLE TO RENT-IM EAST TWENTY-SECOND street near Third avenuo; brick stable, four stalls, to ml for three yean. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Pino street. LOAM OFFICII, AT W BROA DWAT, NEAR TWENTIETH STRRET, A room No. 4, the highest prices are paid for Dlsmnoda, Watches, Jewelry, Ac , or money advaoead on the same. MAHK< A Advances madb on watches, jbwelby and Diamonds, by ORORGB C. ALLEN, 418 Broadway, one door below Canal street At aai pearl street, between new bowery and Pranklln square, LEDERKB A CO.. advance lib erally at reasonable terms on all valuable property, Watchea, Jewelry, Dlamoads, Ac., or purchase. A DVANCES MADB ON DIAMONDS, watches. SIL JV verware. Purs, line Furniture, Camels' Hair Shawls, Ac., or bought for cash. Terms moderate. J. S. COHEN, T36 Broadway, nearly opposite Astor place. A T NO. 11 CHAMRRRS STBEET YOU CAN GET THE A full value for Old Ootd and Silver, Bar Clold and Silver Diamonds. Watches, .lewelry. Precious Stones and Sweep ing*. WILLIAM LEWIS, Gold and Silver Asaayer. AT 77?MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCH KS, JEWELRY. Ac . OR THE SAME BOUGHT AT THK HIGHEST RAI'kS. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCH Eh. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleeeker street upstairs. a ?81"?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A. MONDS, watches, JEWELRY. AC..ORTHB SAME BOfhlfT FOR CASH. N. B.-PAWNilBOKEBS' TICKETS BOUOHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES. *0. 817 BBOADWAT. BOOM NO. ? (LEEDS' ABTGaL LEBY). AT broadway BBIDGR, HI KNOX BUILDING. DIAMONDS, WATCHBS. PRRCIOWS STONES, AG. THIS OLD aSTABLlBHKD OPFICB FAYS THE UTMOST VaLUB FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, J. H. BARRINGRR 818 Broadway, room No. A Money apvaiscbd on DtAMOBOs, watches, Jewelry, Sliver Ware, silks, Ac., or the above bought Pawnbrokers' ticket* ftonght ISO Bowery, near Grand street, room Bo. 1 aad 8, np alalia I FOR SAL.BU A coal yard FOR balk OR EXCHANGE FOR | Improved property. situated In Williim bur*, In ag'*>d location. and doing a itns buam 'ss, with everythiua e.>ni- j pltils. Addreas Cool U?alar, box 111 'A Ultamabuig Post i odlco. _ AT U CORTLANDT ktrkft?'TWELVE SECOND A hand Scales for <:?le cheap; stores. friclonrs, rasjrkite to., supi l ed with warranted Scales at loweat pr***. Bufi lo Scale works Depot. Anew too gallon still, tubs, heatcr. ac., for aula cheap. Address J. B., box 18B Herald oflloe. A BOOT AND 8hok STORK FOR balk-IN A GOOD lueatiou, at a greet ncrlfloc. Address W. II. B.t Herald nfflca. A TWBLYE YEARS LBAHE.-STOCK KIX10RX8 A and Business of an up towu Coal Yard for sale Beit I location in the city. Thoae wlsMiu to Invest leas th in $20.1101) need net reply. Address B. R. Arnold, 13 Pine street, room IS. ? rare CHANCB FOR A CABII customer, AS A. the owner la enraged in other business?The National Restaurant, 114 Neaaau street. Kteam boiler, ranee*, patent Ice, to. Apply at the saloon. i ?FOR BALE?HOTELS. RESTAURANTS, OYSTER J\. Saloons, Liquor and Lunch Rooms, Billiard Saloons, Bowling Saloons, oorner Liquor Stores, Groirr.cs, Paper Bbk Business, Soda Water Mamifactory, <"fg*r Stores Dry Goods dtore, Coal Yard, Bakeries, Confectionery and Candy Manufactory, Meat Markets, Ac. mitchell'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street AN OLD AND WELL FATING HOTEL AND EATING House for sale, on Broadwar, above Bleecker street; Is finely fitted up without regard to oest THOMPSON, 780 Broad war. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORK FOR sale, situated In the Fifteenth ward; fitted up In rood style; English beer pnmp; or lease for two years at the whole house at a low rent Apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, ITU Chatham square. DRUG BUSINESS FOR 8ALR-OF TWENTY YEARS' standing: In one of the principal cities of the Weal; In. cation first class and business facilities unsurpassed; capital opportunity for a whole*,Je trade. Inquire of GEiiRIT NORTON, 11 Ann street Drug stoke for sale in brooklyn-loca tlon one of the heat In the elty and dolug a fine busi ness. Apply to MITCHELL A SWAINS, 78 Cedar street, room 15. FOR SALE?A bailors' BOARDING HOUSE, 108** Cherry street, .New York. For sale?new schooner blla l. coopkr. oarryingHK) tons, draught 5 feet loaded; built and fitted out in the rery best manner. For particulars inquire of WM. BLAIR, 103 Barclay street. For sale?propeller quickstep; engine an Inches square; built by Naifie A Leavy. Inquire at 107 Burnett street. New BrunsiHclt, N. J. POR BALK?THE 8TOOK AND FIXTUEKS OF THB Ladies' Hair Dressing Store 84 Bleecker street, a few doors west of Broadway; will be sold cheap, as the present proprietor wishes to retire. Apply at the store. For sale?a first glass gentlemen's fur nlihfng Goods Store in Chicago, 111., for caah only. Ad dress C. L. D. B., Furnishing Coeds, 148 Dearborn street, Chicago, 111. 47IOB SALE?THB FIXTURES AND OOOD WILL OF r an old established Coal Yard. Apply on the premises, 315 San ton street, near Goerok. For sale?lease and fixtures of house and Store. S years, from lit of feet deep. Purchaser can bare store flree an# Income of $480. Apply at tnatJtbev. FOR StLRvA FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE ^in.TlTAdl.Wif the city; Inhabitant* 100.000. Must be UBS. of 01 health. Apply to A. J. BATES A poR salr-K^^B1?- PROPRIETORS OON. T tempUtlng^^HpRBr wanting a branch establish uient. oan seen i^^BKit ion unsurpssiicd in the city and with a ten rear* Lease. For full particular* address Bona fide. Uerald oflloe. rpiO R SALE ?LO w7~TtfE M AOHINEEY. OF THE r steaming Fearless, built In 1<*M. consisting of Main and Monkey Engines. Blower, Ao.; stxe 'iSxM. Address IS Centre treel, room No. 8. 1.1 OR salr-A NEWSPAPER ROUTE OF ABOUT T Ave hundred papers. For particulars apply to GEO. J. TYSON. 46 Ann street For sale?a coal yard, now doino a large business; Lease. Fixtures. Horse* and Carts, Ac., low for ijash. Addresa Dealer, station F. Now York city. TJ'OR sale?THE lease and fixtures of-a Xmtf H. mcLAUOHlin, Plumber, 489 West Forty second stieet. > LX>B sale-meat MARKET. 47 MULBERRY 8treet. P with Fixtures and everything complete; satisfactory reasons for selling given. Inquire at the Store. F~OB sale-a bars OHANCR?alon? AND OLD established wholesale and retail Clear Store, with stock. Futures and Lease, till 1871. Satisfactory reasons tfven for selling. Inquire on the premises, ? Catharine street, New York. __________ |j>OB sale?A LAROE rectifying HOUSE IN T Brooklyn, with all the appurtenances, complete and In g?od order. Horses, Carts, Ac. Addreaa bos 8,948 Post office. _________________ IpOR SALE CHEAF-AT LAUREL OIL WORKS. NBAR 1 Calvary Cemetery, four 80 bbL Still* with Worms and eon nec lions. " ITtOR SALE IN BROOKLYN-A COAL AND WOOD p Yard. Inquire on the premises, 43 Union street, near Hamilton ferry. *? COX. TrERY desirable HOTEL AND RESTAURANT IN V Philadelphia for eaU fart exchange. Landa In Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Georgia, fer sale or exchange. O. REED, 8S Broadway, room *1. .1 nta. IOR SALE?A FIRST BATE SECOND HAND PRINT tag Press (medium*, hand machine. For sale cheap. WALTER HAWKBS, 11 Gold street JBACUIXBRY. A STEAM ENOINB FOR SALE-AT HALF PRICE nearly new, about twelve horse pewer, without boiler. Apply at WARD'S. 387 Broadway. For sale-a great bargain?stram bngine and Boiler, 10 horse power; all complete ; mn?t be sold aud removed. ? Part" tr^Fl^Polr F 10 Centre street. Also small Steam Engines -PORTABLE AND stationary STEAM BfOINES L AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILL* The beet and most complete In use. MUEAk ENGINE COMPANY. Utioa. N. Y.. 'and 96 Maiden lane. New York. SCREW CUTTING AND OTHER LATHES, MILLING and*Mouldlng Machines. Hst Presses, Shafting, Pulleys , Blowers, Rollers, Beltings, Ac., at opposite Norfolk street. CHARLES JORDAN. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS AND ALL KINDS ef Machinery, new and second hand; Propeller Engine*, ..~c The most improved California stamp mills and Mining Machinery. Eagloe*. Breakers, Concealrs tors. Ac. Models and drawings can be see* at MOREY A SPERRVS, Mining Engineers, ? Liberty street. to bookbinders ?FOB SALE. TWO RULING AND 1 one Cntttng Machine, with a good ran of work; together or separate. Address Paper Fuler, Herald offlee. r manufacturers OF HAIR NETS, AC.-ON sale, a Laos Machine, in ruanlng order. Address Own er, bos 13S Herald oflloe. OLS AND MACHINERY OF CHAMPION'S MA chine Works, In Sussex street. Jersey City. wUl be sold by simvics sale en Saturday morning, March I, 1887. DRY GOOD*. (NO of al 708 Broadway. A 9 RYENINO DRESS JUST FROM PARISi TO BE a disposed of at a reduced price at Miss OLENNON'S, SABPBTS.?D. KELLY A Ca HAVE JUST OPENED a new and ohairs selection of Carpets, oileloths and l""fid St rsdnced prices. Corner Twenty-11 flh QBBAT EXHIBITION,^1887.^ 87, lOL"LEV*KKD "dE8LCAPUCINEB, 81. inmost te the Grand Hotel. SILK STUFFS, V18ITES. CLOAKS, nted Muslins; MANTLES^ V^OLfcKB. AC., INDIA AMD FRENCH' cachemibes, FANCY TISSUES, WEDDING OUTFITS. The COMPAON1E LYONNAISE has the honor lo Inform American ladles that they will And at their esteblishmsnt ware rooms, for the Immediate editing out and making op, Dresess In the first style of faahton and moet slsgsnl pat D BBSS KB, BEADY MADE AND TO MEASURE. Sinew Its foundation Ihe COMPAONIE lyonnaisb ha* not ceased to occupy Itself parttmlarlv In the selection of articles of Suite and of superior quality; consequently this Uotnpiny Is unrivalled In Parts, and enjoys 1 universal reputation H u O. FARRRLL HAS JU8T RECEIVED HIS FIRST XI. spring importation of Royal Velvet Body and Tapes try Brussels; Three-ply and super Ingrain Carpels, Oil eloths. Msttlngs, Window Shades. Ac., wbleh for beauty ef dnelgn and texture sannot be surpaaeed by any bouse In the Union, snd which he Is determined to sell at unusnslly low prices, at th* largest UsrTjet and Furniture Warerooms In [he oitv, 3tT. U88 and *71 Thlrty-fiflh street, one door east of Eighth avenne. All goods warranted as represented. T OIPUAO'8 PATENT HOOP SKIRT BOLDER 1 j jie more aecklenta from hoop skirts. No more ridiculous situation* for ladies. No more springs showing below the llslsaerat No more tangled ?orlngs. Be more hoop skirt tnrnmg every which way. w'th the LOlSKAU'S HOOP SKIRT HOLDER, Absolute immovability, safety, esse and elegance. SoM at u tsr Wanted?Agents for the country. MIL1.INKRV. ?WMB DEMORE!rr* ORAND OPRNINOOF THE NEW JYl Spring Fashions for Ladles' and Children'* Dresaee, Including all Me beet styles for ladles' short dresses, sleeve*, waists Jackals, cloak*, dr., Ac. We propose to offer at our

Spring Opening the most brilliant display of new design* ever preoMttd. Monday. March A 411 Broadway. P1KANC1AU ALBERT H. WCOLAY, 8 Torn BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, MO. 18 P1NB BTRlCr.T N. Y . KnTAHLISIIKlt FfFTBEN YEAitS. insurance, City Railroad, <,.m light Hunk. Telegraph. Eitiroi and Mining Slock* rec Ive special attention and some on bated for tale, pitying from 10 W) 20 per cent divi dend.-, at low rr.leu lor investments. MONEY TO LOAN-ON BONO AM> MORIOAGE, ON Improved real eats'* Id tbia city and Brooklyn; alto Mvtril luui for New Jersey property. J..MRS STEPHEN.-', 119 Broadway, room 18. OFFICE OF MONTGOMERY AND EOFAULA RAIL, road, Montgomery, Al*., Feb. ?1, 1867 ?Tlie semi an Dual Intermit on the 8 per cent bond.' of this road will be pud In gold coin on the 1st of March proximo. Holder* of oonpons No. 2 will preaent the tame to the Chatham Na tional Bank, Haw York, for payment. L. OWEN. President. OFFICE OK PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, Now York, Feb. a>. IW. ?HlBTY-riFTH DIVIDEND. Not >oe la heieby given that I he Board of Directo- s huve tkia day declared a dividend of three (Si per rent nut of I he net earulngsof the quarter ending January 31, 18l>7, payabla at the oilwe of the company Friday, March 1. The transfer books will be closed Thursday. February 21. at 4 P. M.. and reopened Moud .y, March 4, at 10 A. M. By order of the Hoard of Director*. T1IKODOKE T. JOHNSON, Secretary. P KNNSVLVANIA t-TATK LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OP $28,000,000. An act to create a toon for the redemption of the over duo bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonds of Ins Commonwealth and certain cer. tlficatesof ludeb1 eU was, amouutin< to $23.00U,UU0, have been over duo aita unpaid lor aom > time past; And whereas it is asslrabir that the same should be paid and withdrawn from tfte Market; therefore, Section I. He Ueiiaetcd by the Senate and House of Rep resentatives of the Coi.uuonM'ealth of Pennsylvania in tien eril Assembly met, and it is hereby enact'-J b.- tlie authori ty of the S'ime That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treasurer be. and are hereby authorised ami emp<>w eif.d to borrow oil the t ilth ol Hie Commonwealth, in Much amounts and witfrsuc'.i nonee mot lens than forty daysi as they may deem moat expedient for the interest or the State, twenty tnree million* of dollar-, and Issue certificates or loan or bonds of tl)? Cotpuwnwe tkh for the same, l>e i ring Interest at a rale not exceeding six per cculutn per annum, payable semi-annually on the l?i of February and 1st of Au gust. In the city of Philadelphia; which cerebrates of loan or Douds shall not be subject to auy taxation whatever for Slate, municipal or local purpose, and sh ill be payable as follows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after lire years and wvhiii ten years; eight millions of dollars payable at any time after ten years and within fif teen years, and ten millions of dollars al any time after fif teen years and within twenty-five years, and sha^l be signed by the Governor and Stale Treasurer and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor Oeneral. and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Fanners* and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia; tho proceeds of the whole of which loan, including premiuma Ac . received on the same, shall be applied to the payment of the bonds and certificates of indebtedness of the Commonwealth Sec. J. The bids for the said loan shall be opened in the presence of tlie Governor. Auditor General and State Treas urer, and awnrded to the hgibest bidder; Provided. That no certificate hereby authorized to be issued shall be negotiated for less thau its par vafcia Sec. 3. Tiit bonds of the State and oeitlflcates of indebt edness, now over due, shall be receivable In payment of the said loan, under such regulations as the Governor, Auditor General and Stale Treasurer may prescribe: and every bid der for the loan now autborlled to be Issued# tdiall state In his bid whetker the same Is payuble In cush Or In the bonds or certificate) o! indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sic. 4. That ail trunoea, executors, administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing In a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of indebted ness of the Stale, or nyheys. are hereby authorized to bid for the loan kereby authorized to be issued, and to surren der the bond* or certificates of loan held by them at the lime of making ?*h bid, and to receive the bond. authorized to b,sl"uJ1 Anv pf>riion or Mnou? rtandlng In the fiduciary oa paclty ?uwdL^^o!maEcuoo ofthtaaet who n??y dgfr* SJHSgSrxrasttsss loan. of tht? comma*wealth not ret due eoQ?i>dent herewith, ere eereoy p Speaker of it* Hou*e of Heprf?enUkt?ve?. Li. HALU Speaker of the Senate. #fRMie^Ini ha received for tt.000.000. rrimhnreahle la #ve -JI2!JiL?l?taten waia; $8,000.1100 In ^yaWa^firtUnyaar^ and ?10,000,u00. relm hnruhl? In ftftMi nifi and i a??hla In tw.nty-flve yeare, uSTnta^oMrJeraSttoS?eitherflvaor ?U per centP?r?nnura, Sjyja *; ?i?o m3 555S59uL^.ldSU The &JJIB he KueTin^miof >60and.uch Higher nmi ? tho ^nara, to ha free from Bute, local and municipal *"tS? orer dne bond, of the rommonwa^th of IPann.yl^ ?*> ??"?? bidder, p.,11.1 ? cash ar orar 4u. loaua jOHV W. OE ART, Corernor of Penutylvanla. JOHN r. HARrRANFT, Auditor General. W. H. KEMBL.K. State Treaiurer. n. B.-NO newapvar jmbliahlnf the above. unlaaa autho rlie'd. will reoeiv. p?y. JAMAICA BAII Couulv War Loan New ?tract, cor Bond.? Apply to ? ? R. JaOOBB, to. I ner of Wall. $20,000 5 S^ertJ No eefcmlMlon.. Apply to CHAS. CHBNBT. lV6 Broadway. Sjw York. /tnn to loan-in sumb to suit, on $75,000 property In thli city, property rented and .old; WtMm BRU3H ? ch-aher. ~.rrr ryv/l TO LOAN ON REAL B8TATB. IN TIII8 $7O.UUU city, in any?.m. W(>OD * wdl**k_ _? . nAA TO LOAN ON BOND AND *ORT $175,000 M*. In on* or mor* ,um*-on ?eiatein uu?^r|"colNRBV, ? WaU Ureal, room 11 lorn ami TO LOAN-IN NKW VORK, BBOOK $250,000 lrnan,iJe^y y?n^r cent; urn* to awsasir?-ykgagtsfft.-* MIWEM OPFOHTUHITIBi. Vw'nrwo MAN OF EXPERIENCE WOULD LIKE TO bo*S?w Yerfc Poat oOc* ? samrtrRANCB FOB A OOOD BUUHMB-?AN A rtfS??-<SVffis?*n *^ Mt. Apt# at M Water Mreet. NewhnH. . PWAdTICALBUTLDKR AND ABCHITBCT WOULD Am nkMRPAPBB ADVERTISING AGBNCT, year, and doin# apood b?.ine?s S^^e^SS. WAvKAfi# fair |IIW>' a?4 a good credit email oar' SJ&SSSftffiW?KE5 wanted, wtth caah ?? Ul frow liw to 11,000. Apply at Bnalneaa Agency. No. 487 Broadway.. in a ?aMW""""'^!^ nfrnnem ghren. Erery rinanatal, Ha?ld o?oa. ? ?.. \m Harail olW. ..T- A TBRY TALOABLE MAOIIIHB FOB EHs|a? L Stt?? 'i' pwaNCB AT WILMIWOTON. DELAWABB? P fi nrtui-imirei and S yeare' I-aaae of a Dry Oood. and XV >l Wf^7. r ..nine ?40 0 4a year M M Per eent ; rent of Adilreaa O. H.n<fc?n, W.lmln, inn, DeL, Mlaware Ho?? " n. nntsRRS AND FLOBI9TB.-TO LEASE. TUB asd Bu.lnea* of tha lat. Oeori* In*r?m. ?t i^SSSSUry. For partkralare apply at oara.r of ^TTTprir AL1RTR -for BALB, AT DENTER PITT. r?^WJra?^*?tfjK!ss; AddVii Dro??'??- b0,t "iS p,,,t offl<*' ? bil*del(>hia. ^ V*VmP"oVFrDAHANOIn'J1 ">^0* NTRKBOARD9. AddreMJ F. Hall. We?terly, R. L ~~ ? ? _ _rtOOD BUBINEBR CHANCB?8TORB (Q 000 "2S Owd Will of of hotM f?rnl.h. 8>0.<MMy. Kwhth aeenue. Apviy w J. *? IWLLlWf*'??*"? *** ll?hu a*a?aa, aaar Thirty fonr'th .treei, ? - T, -T7T/\/\ WANTED BT AW IRfWHEORAlTip ftlO.OOO? ^,'%rfflp,,"t Proflu Urf*'Addrt" H o . bo? 1,11 Po?i omea. _ ?25 000c/ffl^S'.-^WT?Jffi3 AMl'HKMEVTS. Broadway tiikathk. admission to uEim. Corner of nrmilwaj and Biooiue utri-eL HOUSES INCREASINGLY CUAMMKD. For comfurt teuure mhIi in advance. The woiM ren?.vii?.| comedians. MK. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, for the acooinmodaUon of patrons at a distance, will: "ear at the MATINEE PERFORM ANCK , presenting the sumo entertainment th.u i? jiven In ?1. -en 1*0 PERFORMANCES THIS (SATURDAY) Ma MATINEE. EVENT* Open* 12)$, begin* 1U. Opens 7, be, t On each occasion the beautiful letrendary dram > <1 THE FAIRY CIRCLE, and the roaring comedy of CUSTOM or THE COUNTRY. Boi office open froui 8 to 6 o'clock. KuaU may be secured ?lx days In advance. Theatre francais?comedie. * Immense success. Bv general roqo ?t, SATURDAY, March 3, at 7% precis .f. Third representation ol LA FA Ml LLB BE NOTION. (Original of The Fast Faml>y), Comedy, in Are sets. liy M. Vlctorleu S.irdon. Ticket office at H. Dardonville's, 078 Broadway. German stadt theatre, ? and 47 bowery. Tbla (Saturday) evening. M.trch 2, FA U.ST. Grand Opera, In nve acts, by Qonnod. Mad. Marie Frederic! as Margarethe Mad. Berth.i .lohunsen as Siebel Mr. Pram H'mmer as Kaust Mr. Josef Chandon as Mcplilsto Mr. Wllhelm Formes as Vflentln GKRM*N 8TADT TIIKATUB-45 AND 47 BOWERY. MONDAY, March 4, MU. IK HH'MITi DAWISON AS RICHARD III. N EW YORK THEATRE TO-DAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK. KRNILWOBTH M ATI NEK. HARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, ?? BROADWAY. Tickets, 90 cents; reserved aeati, $1. Seats secured sis davs In mlvaiioe at the Hall, from 9 till 5. (.unturned success and unbounded enthutlaKm, caused bv the NEW PROGRAMM B, WITHOUT APPARATUS, and the greatest Spectacular Illusion of the day. PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, WE ARE HEBE. BUT NOT HERE, THEIBASKET TRICK. Growth of Flower*. Floating Head, and other wonders, will be produced EVERY EVKNINO AT 8. SATURDAY AT 2. WEDNESDAY JUVENILE NIGHT. Children half price. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. S? BROADWAY. The trouble commences at a quarter to 8. THE CREME DR LA CREME OF MINSTKKMT. BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD * BACKUS 8AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose snores* has neve' been equHllod br any tlmlUr organ ization In the world. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Wambold's new song, "Will You Come to Meet Me, Darling?'' Police Court Scenes. Animated Photographs. Gsrabrtnus' Opera of Lager Beer. Nancy Fat. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. J^ELLY A LEON'S MINBTBELS, 730 BBOADWAY. This E LEO ANT HALL continues to be tilled to its utmost capacity with the BKAUTY and FAKllloN of the city. It Is popularly esteem ed the WALLACE'S OK MINSTRELSY. DOCTOR OF ALL CANT HE v R HER. S rSHI CINDERLEON AND S?r DEMON DANCE, 4 s 9* I urinU.i i/AilVyCi, ?5 m3 I Dcdgmg for a Wife, Sa^S^I Kellifantl, Seymonrgall and Alleuallni Prlcine, * ? 7 ? ? I Fairies, Coryphees, 4c. c 1HARLVY WHITE'R TROUPE, 472 BROADWAY. BALDWIN, THE GREAT JUGGLER TO DAY AT 2>i BLACK BLONOKBS TO-DAY AT THE BROADWAY BOYS TO-PAY AT i"; HINDOO SPORTS TO-DAY AT 3W DAUGHTERS OK TERPSICHORE TO DAY AT 2>, LORD OF CLATTER DUFFY TO DAY AT 2* OK MONKEY OF TIIK BARONY 1'o-DAY AT 2 BUDGET OF COMICALITIES TO-DAY AT 2 THIS ELEGANT MATINEE COMMENCES TO-DAY AT 3 i (HIARLEY WHirE'S TROUPB, 47S BROADWAY. J Cheapest and most agree* bio place of amuaemcnt la America. SPLENDID BILL FOB THIS EVRNINO. THIS EVENING THIS EVENISO THIS EVENING THIS EVENJ[NO. BW YORK THEATRE TO-DAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK. KENILWORTH MATINEE. N STEINWAY HALL. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OP NEW YORK. Public rcbearaal No. 11, <>n Saturday, March 2, at 8 o'clock P. M. Admiaalou 80c. Kztra ticket* for aale at the u-ual places. L. SPIER, Secretary. STEINWAY HALL. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 4, 1887. Signer LOTT1 bes? to announce b It FAREWELL CONCEKT previous to Ma departure for Europe, when the following artist* will a:astst?Mile. Naddl, Prima Donna; Mr. Ed. Mollenbauir. Violinist: Mr. J. N. Pattlaou, Pianist: Tlie Arlon Society; Mr. Carl Anachuti; Mr. Carl Bergmann, to gether with full orcheatra. Ticket* 91; reaorred aeata 60 centa extra. For aate at Beer A Scblrmer, 701 Broadway; Pond A Co.,MT Broadway; Schuberth A Co., (SO Broadway aud Steinway Hall. CTBINWAY'S ROOMS.?SEYERINI A PEASE'S 0 Fourth Meriting Concert. Mondar, March A at I P. M. Doors open at SU. A saluting Artiata:?Klgnor FOSSATI, baaso (by |iennlaalon of Max MaraUek), Mr. U. W. COLBY, piano. Tloketa $1. For aale at Bear k Schlrmer'a, 701 Broadway, and at Stelnway'a. VfADAMZ PAREPA. SUNDAY CONCERT. iVL STEINWAY HALL. L. F. HARRISON, Director. TWKNTY-BEYBNTH SUNDAY CONCERT, MARCH I. Entire New Programme bv the following great artists:? MADAME PAREPA. MISS MARIE GILBERT, Pianist (her 11 rat appearano* in New York). MR. CARL ROSA. MR. G. W. COLBY. MR. THBO. THOMAS AND HIS FULL ORCHESTRA. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. Beeerved Seuta. Fifty cent* ex tra. M ADAMB PABBPA IN OBATORIO. HANDEL'S GREAT WORK, "SAMSON," will be produced on TUESDAY, March ft, AT STEINWAY HALL, with the following eminent artiata and chorus of 3110 aale, female and boy voloes:? MADAME PAREPA. Prima Donna MRS. FANNY RAYMOND HITTER, Mezso Soprano. MR. GEORGE SIMPSON, Tenor. MR. J. R. THOMAS. Baaeo. ? MB. E. J. CONNELLY. Organist MR. G. W. COLBY, Pianist. MR. F. L. RITTER. Conductor THE NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY, ToorrwtR WITH THE CECILIAN CHOIR, Dr. Cutler. Choir Master. AND THEO. THOMAS' FULL ORCHESTRA. L. F. HARRISON Director TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Seats 80 cents. extra. The aale of which will commenee thia morning at Beer k Schlrmer'a. 701 Broadway; Pood k Co.'s, M7 Broadway; Bullman's Ticket ofllce, IIS Broadway, and Stelaway 11*11. BOOKLTN ACADEMy"OF MUsicT MONDAY. MARCH 4. Mr. HARBISON begs to announce one grand perform ance o! THE MESSIAH as given with such great sucoeas In Now York by the fol lowing eminent artlala:? MADAME PaBBPA. MISS G. Y. HUTCHING*, MR. OBO. SIMPSON. MR. J. R. THOMAS, MR. E. J. CONNKLLY, MR. O. W. COLBY. THE N. Y. HARMONIC SOCIE1T. Mr. F. L RITI-KR. Conductor, and THBO. THOMAS' fall Orchestra. Tick els. One Dollar. Reserved seats, iOc. extra., for aale at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn. B The third annual saobbd* concert will bb given at St. Peter's church. Barclay street, on Sunday evening, March 3, at 8 P. M. Tickets ?1. OB AND NATIONAL PALACE OF AMUSEMENT. THE REYBILLE MUSIC GARDEN ?7 Broadway. A OBEAT COMBINATION. EXTRA ATTRACTIONS. MAGNIFICENT. BXTBAOBDINABY. Professor Bngleman'a celebrated Band diaooursee beauti ful music every evening. Chotoe Excise Refreshments of ell kinds. New aad smiling faoes, kind words end pleasant greetings for all whoeome to the REVEILLE MrsfcBARDEN. (BT BROADWAY, up stair*. No charge for admiaolon to tbie elegant Palaee of Amuse ment, exoept good behavior. CIRCLE FBANCAIS DE L'HARMONIB, AT IRVING HALL, Ti'BSDAY, march & IM7. Great prenaratlone are being made by the Committee to render tola ball a snoneae. FULL ORCHESTRA. Ticket* may be obtained of Meeera. L. F. Harrison, Irvtnf E: L. C. Koppel. II Ann atreet: Jacoutet, 64 Cedar street; ? Dosha*!, 17 Howard street; Franola Klneler, Hoffmann se, eorner of Twenty#fth street and Broadway: Del roonioo'a, Fourteenth street aad Fifth aveaae, aad the mem bers of the aoraety. Z WAIOFOBTBII. A MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOB SALE-FOB A (178; ooat tm. Also a Parlor Salt, for |I?; one do for 97A Also the Fnrnltare of a parlor and four bedrooms, at a bargain. Inquire at HI West Eighth atreet, near Sixth avenue AM LADY WILL SACBIFICR A BEAUTtFUL SBVEN octave Pianoforte, original price SOW. for half price, including Stool; carved legs, overstrung base. Apply at H third street. I MAONIFICBNT FIB8T CLASS BORKWOOD PIANO J\ forte for aale?Made to order, oily makers; coat Man, for SM; Parlor Sulla, Eta sere*. Bookaaaa. Painlinga, Srnnses, Hureaue, Bedsteads, Wardrobe, Mattreeees, Kitensloo Table, Buffet, China, Glass, Silverware; a eecrtfloe. M Weet Six teenth street, near Sixth avenue. ______ Bm abgains.-handso?e?h OCTAVE PIANOFORTE modem Improvement*. Wm. Hall A Son. makers, #I4?; rosewood 7 oetave, good as new, for half price, assortment new Plaaofertee, af manufactures' P^,0 ? WATBBS' GBAND SOUABB AND UPRIGHT Malodetma. Cabinet Orwan*. wholesale *nd?t*!l, " let, and rent applied If purchased. Moollilv reived. Sooon<4 hand Pianos at ba?ain*. Prfc* f?*" fJJ to |tB New 7 octave Piano* for W7J ??< ??"?' ?? pianos taken In exchange. Cash paid rr>rseoona hand piano* Faetory sad war* room. ?1 SrW-aj-. nn WrU' FUBCBASB A .** **JTi'.l'ias'nr.V.^ 1 y 1.1" ' If applied fur lain "?'**F Inquire st 1M Ureeae nAKcino AUDiwnw. A # WDWoiTBt-.^^Jp jfljjftl'* tor term a, Ac., aend lor a circular. DK GARMO'S DANCINCI ACADEMY, ? FIFTH avenue, corner of Fourteenth atreet ?Op*n for the ra ceptlon of pupils on Tneodeya and Fridaya, Wodneadaya and ?aturday? AiriNE /KKTS. ^ ^ V' KW TOHK THKATBB. i.\ Manngnrs T.^wli Bal;er nod Mark Smith second -Vt <? k of ihi aoco:iig)Ulied artut, i,aii? iion. Last night* of the ver. aueoeufut burlesque of KEMLWORIII. LA r?Y DON ax YE i: \ tt,l ?.JK LEICESTER (with aongs). To be prewled bv the admirable comedy of 1IIK PBBTTY IIORS E-B RRAKB&. Ml 1.1.A sfNNYSlDE, with the song* of "Il.ove the Merry Sunshine," and III* " lluru of Chine." LADY DOM. TO-DAY?KENILWORIil M ATI N HE?AT TWO OCLOCK. On Muudiiv will be produced PBBSEUS \ NI > ANDROMEDA, with LADY Don ?? PERSHUs, mi J the unapproachable Burlesqu* Company In IklNM, * WOOD'S TH K ATRB OO XIQPE. AOMISSION 3d CBNTfl. R*vervn,| Sents, Orchestra and Balcony* extra. 614 Hroadwav. oii:h>?1U' St. Nlcfi olau Hotel. WILL OPEN ON SATURDAY EVENING. MABOflU, with a ORAM! COMBINATION ENTERTAINMENT, etnLr .cliig the higheat order of talent In every department. Engagement fur a limited period with the celebrated gym "**t, Mr. BARNELL RI'N VELLS *'?1 hi- two INFANT SONS, who are the embodiments of gr*?**, refinement and agility, aud who hare In indurated a n"? i.tyle of ANIMATED PHYSICAL POSES and earned for themselves the universal title of MASI'KRS OP CALISTHENICS. Engagement aUo for a limited period, with Prof. GEORGE P. HUTCHINSON ( MARVELLOUS TROUPE"oF AfflNO DOGS, a wonderlul exhibition of c.rtnlue aagictty by L.IL, ,, BBaPTIFUL ANIi DOCIEH POODLES MINSTBELSY by the well kuowu Ethiopian Comedians, Wuuibold. Con*. Hardy and EumieU PANTOMIME br Robert Butlerand Ballet. I.Killl'NIMJ ZOUAVE HU LL. M-. Charles Vuatiu. Dane! ig and 'vocalization uy Premier Artiste*, the whole forming u COMBINATION OK ATTRACTIONS never before e<iunlled. , GRAND MATINEE every WEDNESDAY and 8 V TUB DAT. Notice. 1' Irst class talent only engaged. OLYMPIC THEATRE. SAT 17KDAT, Maroh I 1M7 Two perform*! ice? of the miceemfnl drama the STREETS OP NEW YORK. STREETS CP NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OP NEW YOllK. MATINEE. MATINEE. Door* open at 12,If. Performance commence* at 1. Admisalon to Matinee 90 sen's to all neat*. Childreu under ten years of mi". cenia. TONIGUTI Fifteenth performmce of thl* crest drama, which I* NIGHTLY CROWDING THE ITOUSE TO REP..ETION. Door* ojyn at 7 o'clock. Perfortuanee commence* at 8. \TEW YORK THEATRE TO DAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK. EKN1MVORTH MATINBK. jyj-RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOK 8ATtJRDAT, MARCH 2. THE THREE GUARDSMEN. D'Artagnau. an adventurer Mr*. F. B. Conway. rjtONY PASTOR'S Ol'ERA HOUSE, 301 BOWEBY. GRAND Last performance* of the great GRAND MATINEE drama, New York Volunteer*, MATINEE To-day, Brim* Bund, 4c., which must be To day, AT withdrawn to give place to the new AT 2>4 Irish I'rama. Tony Pastor and lila '2k O'CLOCK great Troupe appear in a macnifl- O'CLOCK cent dlverslrted bill of moat enjoyable attractions. The beat Matinee Bill of the aeason. ON MONDAY?The present day drama, HILLS OF KERRY. GBIFFIN Jt CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, Noa. 3 and 4 Weal Twenty-fourth Htrert. The prettiest Mlns rel Hall In the city. 0. W. H. ORIKMN MANAGER. Firat week of the lircitid Spectacular Burlesque, THE BLACK CROOK and PALACE OF DEW DROPS. PALACE OK DEW DROPS. Second week of th* deacriptlve scene, OCEAN YACHT RACE. Door* open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. HOOLEY'S OPSRA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. Klrst week of the Grand Fairy Legendary Trick Pan tomime, with now Kceimiy. macliinory, mechanical afreets, minis, Ui'iIi'h'Ii. An.. entltlod TRli UOUHR THAT jack built. The Burlesque black crook and BALLET TKOUPE. Grand Matlneo Saturday, March *, at 1)4 o'clock. UUNYAN TABLEAUX-LAROEST PANORAMA II? l> the world. UNION HA1 Aj Broadway and Twentr third "tre't. Op?u ercr. night at 7; commend"* at 1\. Adml..?ion, BO cents; children, V cents. MaUuee Wednaa day and Satunlu}, at 8 o'clock. SEVENTH REGIMENT K. O. BAND.?THE COMPLI menlnry Concert to C. 8. Grafulla, Band Mailer, on Saturday evening. March Si, at Seventh Kerlmeut Armory, fl'-keia In be had from members of the regiment or from 0. 8. lirafr.lla, No. 1 fuinlon street. The historical painting. " TUP. republican COIRT" IN TUB DAYS OK LINCOLN. GIVING 70 OR HO KINK PORTRAITS OF THE MOST prominent PERSONS OFWHIt PERIOD. BY P. V. ROrilKRMEL. NOW on EXHIBITION, PAY AND EVENING. INSTITUTE OK ART (DKltBY UALLBRY), BROADWAY. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?'THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive. baring two beida, four arms, and but one body and one pair of ten; also the bead and right arm of Probst, tha murderer of the Peering fami ly; together with tiie inagniNreiit collection of (.bjeota In Pbyalo'ogy, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all or which are Illustrated dally bv Lectures and Mcoeooplo Vlewa, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, CI8 Broad way. Open from H A. M. to 10 P. M. Banjo and jig daxcinq. cloo and bono and Dance taught by JOHN BOOAM, U1 East Houaloa street. Terms $6 per course. Banjos bt alt prices. Theatre francais.-french theatre to lbt. For arenings and mnlinees, for operas, dramas, concerta, lectures, ke., Ac. Apply to Mons. DHIVET, oOoeof Free ah theatre. Theatre ticket office. Reserred seats for all Urat class Theatre*, Concerto, to, eaa always be ohtiloed at the theatre ticket office. 113 and 114 BROADWAY. COPA KT KKHKHIPI. A PARTNER WANTED-WITH #10.000 OR tlAOfli" TO engage In the beat paying theatrieal baslneaaln the city F of New York. An equal ranital furnished. Security given If required None but principals need addreaa, for flvedaya? Koscius, statloa D. /COPARTNERSHIP. Vj Offlre of William Motler k Aon, Steam Sugar Refiners, No Of Wall street. Mr. William K. Moller is this dar admitted aa a partner la our business, whleh will hereafter be conducted undar tha firm name of WU.lam Molle- k Sons. WILLIAM HOLLER k SOB. Naw Yo?*. March I. 1*17. Dissolution.?thb copartnership hereto fore existing under the firm of Fredk. WIlteeACo ta thla day dlasolred by mutual oonsent FREPK. WTLTBB. JOHN COULD. The huetneaa will be rontlnned at the same place by N?w Yong. March 1, 1W7. WRKDK. W1LTB8. U?OR BALE?THE INTEREST OF A RETIRINO PART P ner. In an old established Photographic Gallery: good Inflation In a thrtviax city. For particulars addreaa Photo, ears of box (40 Bridgeport, Conn. Horatio k. barhtow becomes a partner in tnf business from January 1, 1887. Tha name of tha ?rm in future will l? Wm. Gala, Jr., k Co Naw Tom, March 1. IM7. WM. PALE, J a. Mr. titeo. m. morgan this dat retires from the firm of Morvsn. I.athrnp k Co. The bustnaas of [T the Arm will be continued at the office No. BNawaadM Broa'l street, by lbs rematalnc partners under the Prm name of Lathrop k Catlla. THEODORE M. MO ROAM, thos. a. Lathrop, WILLIAM H. CATLIN. Nrw Tons. February W. 1M7. PARTNER WANTED?special OB ACTITE, WrTH ?I0. n0 or ??,0Q0, In a whnlseala'Yankae notion house; not Involvedt established, with food trade. References en doubldd. Address Aetlva, sox ift Herald offlee. rMRTNER WANTBP?TO JOIN TUB ADVERTISER In piirehislng the stock. (Iitnres and good wlU of aa old 1 established Caipet Store In an adl'lolng c.ty, now do tag a large and paying trade. Satlsfastory reasons (Iran for saU ! Im Promt I loon to MO.flOO required No parte treated with until thev establish their raspousibHity sad eSaraei^r. wltli good references, whleh will ba esehaagad. Addreaa w. A. Btlmsoa. <1.1 Broadway. RARK CHaNCE.-PARTNBB WANTED WITH *1,000 In the liquor and cigar trade?one who baa aim acquaintance In the Apply at Sample Boom, M Broadway. _ rE partnership HKBETOFOBB existing BB Iween the under Up Arm J Aehwab k Heyman. ts this day dlsjolred by mutual eon eaa t. Mr. A Heyman wUl commas the bustssas on hi* awn ftaaan Rarwa. Mich ? Feb. ?, IWI. M. ?CHWAB*. ANTED-A PATENT LAWYBR, OP A PBW TEAM* pr>etle?, to he eonneeted with a law Arm in thla dty. n Address Patent Lawyer, Herald a?ea. *1 Ann -A1* "XTRAORDIMARY opportunity #L.UUU. for making money Partner waatad, la th? in?ry be^ paying travelling bnslnaae In America, isaoma ttoa first claas. Apply lmme<liataly at Vtt Hudson street. wabtbd-an bnbrobtic Jri.WUo. man, with thla amount, to take a half la t?re?t In an esubltshed. well ptflag soda water awe factory. For full particulars call An or addreaa Advert leer, m Bond Street, stating where as Interview eaa ha had. Boa* but prlnol|<ais need apply. <59 *nn WAWT A '**TT WITH THB ABOT* amount to join nM In the etslu'lre Sgeney for the United State* of a houae In France for the sale of aa article In the stationery hne. Addreaa. appointing an later Tie*. But loner box t,WB Poet ulhaa. ________ ?Q nnrt -partner wohld bb takbb IN reetlgation will prove It strictly traa. fie laying ft*? $10,000 M0 (TOIn all montbei no risk. Apply hntaadlately Broadway, room 14. S'?ir.:!!a c^ria1:vzs ?Ui A goid hu.lness man will ^ ?dmlttXwRh tfce ab-rr. amount, prondn.g be is wiilla^ to Uej)J^_buelneg. A^vv^H?lsu^^?,fcwWf- *?