Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1867 Page 4
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THE FC3TIET3 CONGRESS. Personnel nnd Poll lies of the Members. Who They Are and What They Have Done. Ii, Ac. At* Atxvnling to a recently enacted l?w the first regular session of the Fortieth Congrera will assemble on the 4th of Mareii nest, Instead of tho first Monday in December, M heretofore. The two houses will conaltt of two hun dred and forty-one members, Tls., tlftf-two Senator* and one hundred and ninety-one Repreaentatirea Who tji>ee men are and what their antecedenta the people will be particularly anxious to know; and we have, therefore, obtained irom the forthcoming edition of JLanoaan'a ' Dictionary of Congreaa" the subjoined series of biographical sketches, whlclj have been compiled from original data, and may be depended upon aa entirely authentic. 8U States California, Connecticut, Ken tucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Ialand and Teanewae will not be represented in the House at the time of or ganisation, aa their Congressional eloctlona bar* not yet Minn place, and tbe number of Repreaentatirea who wtil be tbua excluded from the privilege of voting for a naw apoaker la twenty-nine. To those may be added twenty Senators and 11! ty Representatives elect from the Southern states; so that the coming Congreee on the day of aaaembling will be composed of only two hundred and forty-one members, Instead of the grand total of three hundred and thirteen who will have seals in tbe two boueea of congress, exclusive of delegates, after the re bellious Stales bare been readmitted. THE SENATE. HKMBT a AHTHONT. He waa born In Coventry, Rhode Is: ' 1, Arpil 1, 1816, of Quaker ancestry; graduated at I>ruwn University In ISM, and In 1888 he assnme 1 i .j editorial charge of tbe Providence Journn', v.; lie retained until called to a ?eat In the Unit ! elates Senate. He was sleeted Gov ernor of Riiodo Uland tn 1849, re elected in I860 and de clined h re-election. He was elected a Senator In Con grtss ii om Rbode Island for tbe term commencing In 18S0 and ending In 1806, serving as chairman of the Committee an Printing; and bo waa re-elected to the Senate for the term ending in 1871, again aervlng at the head of tbe printing committee, and aa a member of the committees on Claims, Naval Affairs and Poat Offices and Poet Roads. He was also a member of the National Com mittee appointed to accompany the remains of Proslden t Lincoln to Illinois; and was one of the Senators desig nated by the Senate to attend the funeral of General Scott In 180& He waa also a delegate to tbe Philadel phia " Loyalists' Convention " of 1830. CIMKLM R. BCCK4LKW wu born in Colombia county, Pennsylvania, December 38, 1821; adopted the profession of law, and was admit ted to praotioe in 1843; waa Prosecuting Attorney for bis native cou^y from 1844 to 1847; was a Senator in the State Legislature from 1860 to 1850; in 1864 be was a commissioner to exchange the ratifications of a treaty with Paraguay; was a Senatorial Presidential Elector in ISM; la 185T was chairman of the State Democratic Committee, and during the same year was re-elected to the State Senate, and also appointed a commissioner to re vise the penal code of Pennsylvania; tn 1858 resigned the two latter posftlons and waa appoiuted by President Bu chanan Resident Minister to Ecuador, returning home In 180L In 1843 he was elected a Senator in Congress from Pennsylvania, by a majority of one vote, lor the term ending in 1804, serving on the Committees on Indian Aflhtn, Poet Offices and Post Roada, Pensions, Mines and Mining, Foreign Relations and Contingent Expenses of the Senate, and Retrenchment, and also aa chairman of the Committee on Ventilation. SIMON CAMSnOIV. He was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, In 1TW, and waa left aa orphan When only nine year or age. Be educated hiuuetr ?iui< putaatug u? employment or ? printer in newspaper oflicee at HarrtSburg and In Wash ington c ty, and when twenty-two years of age edited and published a democratic journal In the former olty, having previously had charge of a paper, the Pennsyl vania InMiigencrr, at Doyleatown, Pennsylvania. In 1842 besetablished the Mlddletown Bank, and devoted much of his attention to the railroad lnteroste of his native State; and before entering Congress, be was oaehler of a bank, Presldeat of two railroad companies, ?ad A<VuUm>? Oeueral or the State. H j was first elected a Senator la Congree in 1845, where he served.nnttl 1840, and he waa re-elected to the *ame position in 185? fur the term ending In 1803, but resigned in 1881. He was spoken or In 1800 as one of tbo candidates for the Presi dency ; end in 1841 be became Secretary of War under President Lincoln. He resigned that position and wm appointed Minister to Russia In 1802. He was also a delegate to the Baltimore Convention ot 1804, and to the Philadelphia "Loyalist's Convention" or 1800; and in January, 1807, he was again chosen a .Senator In Con gress from Pennsylvania for tho terra ending In 1873. ALSXASPF* U. CAT!ELL He was born In Salem, New Jersey, February 12,1810; was educated at the village school; spent a part or his youth aa a clerk In his father's store; was elected In 1840 to the State legislature; from 1842 to 1844 he was Oerk or the General Assembly, and In the latter year he was a member of the Mate Constitutional Convention. In 1840 be settled in Philadelphiaasa merchant; became n director In tbe Mechanics' Bank, an-l was elected to the City Councils from 1800 to 1854. In 1850 ho returned to New Jersey, but continued bis business in Pblladel phla; was one or the early presidents or tbe Corn Ex change Aseoclation of that cay; in 1858 be organlaed the Corn Exchange Bank and became President or the same, and in 1800 he was elected a Senator In Coogreas from New Jersey, for tbe term ending In 1871, in tbe place of J. P. Stockton, unseated by tbe Senate, servtnx on the Committees on Finance. Agriculture and Public IjwIa. He waa alee a delegate to the Philadelphia loyalists' Convention of 1800. SACTMRIAB I'UAJil'LU. Born in Bedford, New Hampshire, December 10. 1813; reoeived an academto education; was bred a merchant; was Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, in 1851; defeated can didnte for Governor of Michigan In 1862, and a Senator In Congress from Michigan, having sncceeJed General Case in that capacity, and taking bis seat In the Thirty fifth Oorgreae, serving aa a member ot the Committee en the District of Columbia and Chairman of the ( on mittee on Conunercc. He was re-elected to the Senate in 1444* for the term ending In 1800, serving on the Ceaunittee ea Revolutionary Claims and on Mlnee and Mining, and again aa Chairman of the Committee ea Commerce. He waa a asember of the national commit lee appointed to accompany tbe remains of President Lincoln to Illlnola. He was also a delegate to the "Phil adelpbia Loyalists' Convention" of 1900. soems oanruxo wis here in Albany la 1428; received a ;<ied ed icai'ou; adopted the profession ?r law; in 1840 was appointed Dtetrtet Attorney for Oneida oounty; in 1858 he waa eleoted mayor of Utiea, to which place he had removed In 1404, and at tbe cloee of 1464 he was elected a Rep rseeatative from New York to the Thlrty-etxtb Con gress, and was a member of the Committee on tbe Dis trict of ( ola,obta; re-elected to the Thirty-#ev*nth Con Csse, serving ss chairmen of the committee on a bank nipt law, and also sa chairman of that on the District ef Columbia; reelected to the Thirty-ninth Con rresa. His father, Alfred Conkllng, and his brother Tedertck A, were alae Representatlveo la Congress, t the Thirty-moth Congress be was a member of the mmlttees on Ways aad Means and Reconstruction. Ho js re-elected a R-preeeeuUve to the Fortieth Congress, ? v :n January 1W wiacl.oseu Senator in Coagrem for i'' era ending In 1878. rommurs coin i was born In Lodl, New York, September If, 1 SSI; i t > the business of a farmer, graduated at tho Wcs re r Diversity In Connecticut; adopted tbe profusion 1. ; emigrated to California m 1844, and w orked in chines for gold one year; subsequently prosecuted if eesioe In San Francisco and Seersm?nto; wu ir -t Attorney at tbo latter place for two y*sr?- snd . ir.03 be waa elected a Representative from ( altfornla 'lie Thlrt?-eigfel* Congress, seivh.j on ttc Commute, - i'ost Office! pod Pj?lt Roads. From I860 to 1880 -- ? . Wannhii< Commit Hng**?be*P^^enllXSLfTpeiTn"Sift cd tor or a newspaper in OallfornU. Was el#ote.l to Tnnte of the Cd I ted States for Ike torra commenc / in 1807 and end ng la 18*3; spd waa k delegate to .??? 1 uiiAJslbhla Loyalists Convention 0( 1M4L MR court*. i 1/s w?s bom In freland IIIMP k|L( <*??? to this ooun u Hn Ifcj||?tfi 14444 i?i nil*/ ?rTim? ?? llll in igr?nn to California, wliore ti<-1>?< ame engsged in mining i anJ tueivsiitlle p'lrtul.^ In 1S52 he was 01 cted to the Stale Leg! Mature, ao<l wag re-*loot*d three Um<*. !u 1-oK be wo* a candidate for Liuuleuaiit Gv'.ernor of Call furuta, una iu 1801 candidate for Uoveroor of the Uuten ?Wiou m'.ic pattr. In IHtlS be wee elected a Senator iu Conyresj from California for the term onding in 1S68, serviug on the (ujumlttees ot Finance and the Pad Do 1U11 road, as rbalruian of the Cuinui ttoe on Mine* and | lliuiog, and also ??< a m?r.iber of that on Poet Ollices aud Post ltuads. Ha was n delegate to the Philadelphia Loy alists' COU> DIlUliD of lsttd, hmnkt w. loanrrr. Be mm born In Westboro, Uha , February 18, 1?2T. When quite vouns hp rfinnvyd to Washington county, New York; was educated chiefly at the Cambridge Aca demy In that county; when sixteen years of age lie re moved to New York city, where he remained nearly eight years engaged In mercantile pursuit*. In I860 he shipped a stock of goods to Portland, In Oregon, and re moved to that Territory In the following year, where he has since followed the mercantile business. He took an active part in politics, and was identified with the organ isation of the republican and Union parlies in the State; was a dol<-gate irom Oregon to the Chicago Conveulion which nominated Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency, and in 1800 he waa elected a Senator in Congress from Oregon, for the term commencing In 1807 and ending la 187a. 4AX0K B. CTUGI*. He was bora In We.ton, Vermont, February ft, 1821. Advene circumstances prevented him trom obtaining a collegiate education; but, having studied law, camo to the bar la Alhany, New York, la 1847, and the same year removed to Lebanon, New Hampshire, and prac tised his profession. He waa a member of the New Hampshire Legislature from 1852 to ISM: was elected a Representative from that State to the Thirty-fifth Con gress, serving on the Committees on Revolutionary Claims snd Printing. He was re-elected to the Thirty si sth Congress, serving on the same oommltteea (a 1869 he was again elected a member of the State Legisla tors. In 1800 he wss a delegate to the Chicago Conven tion, which nominated Abraham Lincoln. In 1804 he was-elected a .-Castor In Congrsai, from New Hemp. hire, for the trim of six years, from 1865, serving on the Committees on Naval Affairs, Terrttor ??, tho Pact 9 o Railroad and Engrossed bills, and u ;d also a delegate to the Philadelphia Loyalists' Convention of It!(XL OARRKT I'AVIS. Hs was born at Mount tirtitm, Kentucky, September 10, 1801; received nn K:i, i?h and classical education; while yet a bov 1.3 was employed as a writer la the county and tin: courts of his district; studied law and came to the I.v.- in 182ft. In 18.13 ho was elected to the State l.r? . la ure, and twice re-elected; in 1839 he was a menv r oi the Stats Conslltutlonsl Convention; from WJio 1847 he wss a representative la Congress from Kentucky, and declined a re-election; and though al ways actively engaged In the praclloe of bis profession he has ever devoted much attention to the pursuits of agriculture. In 1861 hs was elected a Senator in Con gress from Kentucky for ths term ending In 1867. serv ing on ths committees on Foreign Rula lons, on Territo ries, Claims and Pensions. From early manhood until the death of Henry Clay he was one of the most Intimate personal and political mends of that statesman. In 1864 ho was appointed a Regent of the Smlthsoulsn Institu tion. and in 1866 he waa one of the Senators designated by the Senate to attend the funeral of General Scott. In January, 1867, he was re-elected to the Senate for the term ending In 1873. JAMS MXOlf. He was born in Enfield, Conneetlcut, In 1814; gra duated at William's College, Massachusetts, in 1884; adopted the profession of lair; was a member of the House In the Legislature of Connecticut in 1837, 1838 and 1844, and of th-s State Senate In 1849 and 1864; was a Representative In Congress from Connecticut from 1846 to 1849 ; wss elected a Senator in Congress for six years from 1857, and was re elected In 1863 for the term ending in 1869, serving on the Committee on Manufac tures and various other committees, and as oha'rtnan of that on Contingent Expenses or the Senate, and also of those on the District ot Columbia and Post Offices and Post Roads. He was also ? member of the National Committee appointed to accompany the remains of Pre sident Lincoln to Illinois, and was a delegate to ths Philadelphia National Union Convention of 1866. COARl.SB O. DRAKE. f"l "? 1 "y u?.*a ?JmHt?d 10 ?'? K? in i1834 he removed to St. l.ouls, wtaM b? , profession; in 185# ho waa ?lected 10 lh0 practised bis profesai ?lg#1 >n(, 1863 lie took an active Missouri Legla at , Recession movement; V., vir? President of the convention that EZX.MmXoK""" ?' is^irsraa ? ?-?????.???? UiMonn for the term ending in 1873. jamb* a nooumi n? ?as born in Hampton, Washington comity, New v S 1816- irraduated at Geneva College in ISSSssssssi is-fiS-sSasSS but signed inMM. ?r?,mchainnan oT the grew in m7 for slx year^ wrv ? ^ ^ m#nib r of the ? STsUSSfto? >H. I 1H0L in i |m) Uurini the nmoitr recess of I ^.'sssasis?s g5?.'??gaii ?~ sretf Erases: not wiic?iu? ?" ' Mors, he declined to do so. ' o voxel r. MWW ononis r. , 1MI He was born in Richmond, Vt, February 1, 1828, ^sii,r?rP?r,sKr tn the bar In 1849, deroiioi hlnwolf eicluil?elf to the SE-S KSlfSSSyW.ffif tin. - PrTid'nt pro tm. of that body during tlioso Imhl On the breaking out of the rebellion he was a member of the State Convention which met to form a betweenthe republicans and the democrats, and drow up the res tluilona which were adopted In that convention as the bonis of union for conntry. Ontlje death of Solomon root he was applaud l" ^LS^faa? ,?T? nmtj?ii Rtiites Senate, taking ?!? aoat ,B Apni. lono, and 'he appointment was confirmed ..wevmmittiiii uncii which b6 Nrvod woro tlio.o or rnmmmt? Pabllc Land, Pensions and Retrenchment. H,CX'o a delegate to tbe Philadelphia Loyalists Convention of 1868. ?' omn s. run**, . Rorn in Bethel, Connecticut, August 10, 1*23; graau . j y-1Collotre in 1844: studied Jaw and was ad E^s^j^sssssm *??dVtZ?.*nMLorocy W.Jr.f IMi, C?ncr>**s from Connecticut, serving as a member ol the ??TSw?jwT"^? '??*** "?'V'""", ES ernl in the war for the Union; and in IMC lie "aselected alienator in Congress for the term comn^nonglnlRfiJ ?nd endlut In 1*73 He was also a delegatei to ihu 1 h la delphia loyalists' f'onvoDtlon and tue Pittsburg Soldier* Convention of lSt?. ? whuaii rmr mwiw. ? _ n? was born at Po*aw> n, New Hampshire, October IS, lSOrt- graduated at Howdoln College in M2*;*t jaw, and was admitted to practice in PortKmd in 18^7, where ho has continued to to the wus ,i IT mber of the Maine lAjgnatur* In WSJi and re "lA ! n 1H40' WBA B H0OfN98tliiTI ill C<>U^rfW lail to 184& docllnlnc funhcr ?enrlce; wai again In th? 81 ate I .ecuilat ore in 1845 and 1S40, and receded m is53 snt 1854, and was elected a & nator In CoJW'**? jj* six years I run March, 1853, wrviog as a mem?^of the Committoe on Finance, and in 1869 was r^eiecteu ror^a mrrn o; six vears, serving a* chairman of tue L-om muue on 1 niance on the Lilrary Committee, and aifo as a Regent oftlie Smithsonian Institution. Hewaa aLo chairman of the Spoclai.^ol" CommUi^on Rjoojj ?tru'tlon. He was a member, m,11J3J, ?^IMWewg Hon which nominated Henry Clay for uylor also ef the oonventiona that nominated General j and Scott. During the lutnwer of 1?M th* d?gre* ? IX O was eonforred npon him by lmitutton he to a ln July IHdi ho ber of the Peace Coogrm of '7^ was appointed by Ia^w3SSL?f?o2 Treasury In the piaoe of deaiee tteL for the ier?^ commencing in 18? and ending in is7i He ridigofii bin toot in tht Coblnoi on4 his Ui?^U.e S?nate March 4, 18M. and wnaagais .Tared -t the head of the Committee on Fioanc* At th<> noc*eedln< session of Congrees he wae made chair man of the Special Joint Oominlttee on ?*oonft"Jc^*. So ?0led) and was the anthor of the report of that committee recommending an amendment to the coostl tution. j nwTU S FOW1.BL J wIH ? rviw?.?t^ ttnn. He was born in ^teubenvlhe, Ohio. Augnat ol, ij'sa, grnduiTed at Frwnkltn Coi^ge i'<iM >? a . ?ofc?aor ol matbematlce for fonr T**faj the study of Uw in Kentucky, hut ' ?AtkA tvit In that tion he was a nr be commenced he commencea me nvmj ui ??? ??? - removing to Tennessee was admitted t? the bar in that Bute, which has aloce lieen hii home. Wh?n the rebellion broke ont he warmly eepou ed the Union Jause- !? H^pumber, 1M1, 1? left the Maws uader tbe fony days' pwclamstion of Jefterson IMvla, and rejided In Sonukfleld. Illinois, unui April, 1R?2; a?d o? his iStura he w- Comptioller of Tanneasee under Bcv^nor Jbhn on, and took ? leading part In orgamslngthe BUM .! In 1M6 ho was elected a Senator in ?ongr??s from Tennepaee for ?i* ye??, hot WM not fc/imtiiid to his neat uniu July, 1W. lie *ai a delegate fn^h.? Philadelphia LovallsU' Convention of ISM, aa l ih a 00 mm It Uea upon wtiich he was placed in theJ*nate ?r. S!?? Muuiacturea, Temlorlcs and nunwonc t. nurmrart*?n. h? was born st MUlstona, 8oia<T-?t wunty New J?r a 1817 and is U10 nephew and adopted son 2yVHtXi graduated at Rutgers College 'B '^AU^oi^rNiw J^;a.n Si, *nd a iHiKif in t*>ngrosa from W>w J?raeyjor,^?^ne^ KiT-,BtSSA<!SK.I-u In 1W?. _ ___ ji*w w. <??* ^ W4<r He wm bora in IWrfnii h^a"Snaiiioii >v...,K.r is ml: eomtneooed his e4?ioat?ou JVSt ftnSJfyrf Iowa, to wet* b* WW I r*-e> >C Ms ?w Ovrerwr of Um MBi? af 1864 to ISM, ai.d in 1??9 lie m m ?lw ted % n?t >r Id Cnnimu fr nn thiti St for sin yea>, ? v i? k mi lull* in.tiu i-r tli < Cbmmittee on tlm District ol Columbia md sl-*? iUj* Oil NHui Ali'Uir*, ami tU u wuuib >r of thl* '? I'uUiio LauiU aud i'ublio Bull hug ? H ) W*9 * delude to Uie IVuce i otigrcfctul li-6l Uu tU rc-sied J to ibo S> oaie for Um* tenu ouuitiiui.c u< lit 1 65 ifit "till ing to ln71, and in 1S65 roueivad from tUe luwaCoUa.e t!io iii'gi-e? uf 1.1.1). Uu ?u also * tnuu.U r of the hpeiiai Jolut Committee on the* ftotas Him ou Coutiu*- ut fcxi tniN of the Sonata, am: ii? one ol the -t'un.ura dangnatad by the Sana.o l > atieud the fuusral ol Uenaral S> uu in it>8?. jam&s ooratu*. He was born our Lardstown, Nelaon county, Ken tucky, la 17?5; educated at Raids town Aotii :uiyv Wuon twenty y< Mi of age contaittuced triuliug wish Ur lean* us the owner of lleiboau; studied la*, and 'n tweuty-tlfUi year settled at LoutsvUio ai a l.iwyor. Fur a long time be held the office of Proie. utiug Attorney fi* the county iu which be lived, aud lor ti.any y**re Sractised bis profession with success. During tliut period e ww Hhot bjr a political opponent, and was >t> 0 "80" quonoa i*?nflneJ to hia bed for throe yean. lie uarved nine year* in the Legislature of tbo St-.ia anil six years in the Slate .Senate; waa Presi lent of the State Constitu tional Convention of 1861; took au actus part in the banking business of Louiavlile, and, after ongtaatjaf, became President of the Nashville sad Louisville Kail road. In 186S he want into Presidout Pierce's Cabinet as Secretary of the lroasury; waa a delegate to the Chi cago Convention of 1864: and was e.e ted a Senator to Congress from Kentucky in 1886 for the term in 1871, serving on tbo Commit, ees oa Klnaa>e, Agricul ture, Patent* and Mines and Mining. Ha was also a del egate to the Philadelphia National Union Convention, of MM. JAMB BAKLAM. Ho was bom la Clarke county, Illinois, August 16, 1890; graduated at the Indiana Anbury University in 1846: adopted the profession of law; was Superintendent of PubUo Instruction for Iowa in 1847; was Presidsnt of Iowa Wesley an University iu 1863, and was ekcted a Senator in Congreaa from Iowa in 1866, serving as chair man of the Committee oa Public Lands. On the 12th of January. IBM, because of Informality in his appoint ment, and after long debate, his seat was declared va cant; hut on the 17th of the same month be was elected by the Legislature for the term ending iu 1801 He was also a delegate to the Peace Convention oi 1861. He was re elocu-d to the Senate for the term ending in lbG7. In March, 1866, he was invited by President Llnoolu to succeed Mr. I'suer as (Secretary of the Interior Depart ment. After the death of Pr aidant Lin oln he waived his right to a seat in the Cabinet of President Johnson, but the appointment of the lormer was oonflrmcd by the latter, and on the 16th of May he resigned his seat in the Senate and entered upon his duties as Secretary of the Interior. In January, 18M, he was again re elected to the Sonate for the term commencing in 1367 and ending in 1873, and in July be resigned his portion as Secrotary of the Interior, the resigt-ation to take effect on the Septemljer following. He waa also a dele gate to the Philadelphia Loyalists' Convention of 1*06. JOHH P. HBXDIHMKf. Ho was born in Virginia, November 16, 1826; In 1836 removed with his parents to Iflasourl; tpent s part of his boyhood oa a (arm. While obtaining an academical education be taught school for his support; studied law, and came to the bar in 1846, and was soon afterwarda elected to the Slate Legislature; re-elected In 1?86, and In the same year chosen a Presidential elector. He waa a delegate to the Charleaton Convention in 1880; had command for a time or a brigade of militia. On the ex pulsion of frusten Polk from tue United states Sonate he was appointed to Oil the vaoancy, and in 1863 waa clected for the full term ending ui 1800, serving on the Committees on the Post Offices and Post Roads, on the District of Columbia, on Finance, Expenses of the Senate, Foreign Relations and Claims, and as chairman of the Committee on Indian Aflkirs. TBOMAS A. aOiURlCKS. He waa born in Muskingum county, Ohio, September 7, 1810: waa educated at South Hanover College; studied law and oompletcd his legal studies at Chain boraburg, Pennsylvania, In 1843; tetUed in Indiana and practised his profession with success. In 1848 ho was chosen to the .Hate Legislature, and declined a ro election; was an active member of the Indiana Coostitationai Convention of 1860, and was a Representative in Congress from In diana irom 1861 to 1866; in the latter year he was ap pointed by President Pierce Commissioner of the Uane I ral Und Office, in which he was continued by President Buchanan until i860, when he rwlgnei He quentiy elected a Senator la Congress lor the term com mencing in 1898 and ending In i860, serving on the ^honJ,m't,??, on Claims, Public Buildings and Grouudj the Judiciary, Public Land* and Naval Aflaii*. JACOB H. HOWAID. He was born In SUafubarr, Vermont, Jul* 10 1806 was educated at the academies of Barringtoii and Brat il ima Collage, where he graduated M?.h *cadem/In Mas sachtisetta for a time; removed to Michigan in 1832 and came to the bar of that Terrl ory ta 1666 la IMslS wm a membor of the Legislature of the State; from 1841 to * R?Pr?M?tatl*e in Congress from Michigan: ta 1664 he was elected Attorney General of the fctata. twice re-elected And nrvinc in Ail six years* and in 1 jura he wa. elected a Senator I?Congrws?piece o/ K 8 Bingham, deceased, for tbrterm ending la 1885 asrv tag as chairman of the Committee oa the PaciHc Bail road ai d as a member of the committees on Military Affaira. the Judiciary and Private Land Claims. He was w ?? Congress for the term commencing la 1666 and ending In 1871, serving on the Library Com. ml tee and thee oa Private Unf Ctafi*S^l clal Joint Committee oa the Rebellious States. He n cetved from Williams College In 1861 the degree of &Dt*5&S$:V Up*. Tinonr o. aowa _ "? o?n? la Livermore, Oxford oountr u.<?. Legislature or Maine, In 1845; in the 7aUer i*rt to Green Bey, Wiaconsiu ? was ? < Irourt Judge ta thai ctmte lm ia/wi ...eJert*d until 1856, when hejwlgaed; a* u iU?, a Senator in Congrtw from Wisconsin. ro^?1J*,t? tag a 1867, serv'ngoa tbeC*Witu? StnZjS?" s&rea?swmssSS PVS 9"'t "i'S'-B WUM eo ?? 1*?? S*a?te for the tsna ending in ? . , aavKRBv j. h*so.*. iass vsjsa* ?f wisp7"* "CSyja ?? serving live year*; w.s re elected and resided second year of that term; In 1846 ho wasThiln . tor In C> ngress, where he remained until 18M wh? i ? resigned to accept the post ol Attorney Ou^r^ of t ^ United .States, bestowed upon him tv PreaM.!?r ?i On his leaving tho latter position, he iurneJhi.Ik i attention to his profession, practising ri i ??. preme Court of fit Unit.d Jtatc* He h^al^Ji?.,**" active part in the preparation of a?v?n fli lalten an pons of Decisions in tiis Court of ApDeal*^ir^K?!i H" lo was a delegate to the l'eaca CooEress iSIf Joint Committee on I-trr. n t. ./.., "i~on the special Bcnntors dMlgnateS byTh.InZiZ 5* Wu* ?r "?? of (ieuerai Scott >n .T*0*1* 10 attend the faneral ftlX faUST1" ??!Syw' ""?? cantile pursuits; In 1840 he was oiiiiwi10 this city; during the same v!*"4U ,AW*r?? of Siate 8m.*, ,0d ?*?.??*** ?? the pointed Comioififlioner of Km I a ration ***" until 1668; was Vice l'rJ?id??^r ??ce caa Convention held at Pitubura i!^is?^55?f K"Pub,? has been Ci.airmaa ? the ?b Wi.rtBC# ??? we; ta 1866 he wasS^tld Commit re-eJeoled .? lfieo- le 1801 ii? ? ^iw Vork, a?4 deqt Lincoln IfejoVueQ^ii of v!u?!JfP<> ^ ^ he rendered muc*S?"S Md' Uloa?h , the number of Iroona aa^t? I11 <or?>penHiiion. ietration amounting to 22)000 in lniu' so: ^aad wWTp^* j^"??f*Couv?tion of Secretary ra?en>ieii '?tlwaient of Secretajyshlpof the Tr^n? hm ???? 18?6 be ms irpotauauZ to .h- pk!. I? ^.?jersurrsr -?ved aulta unui the rear 1648 m*re?ntlie pur to MrtcaUunT Me f?"*- ?*?? ?Umttm Vermont to the Thiriv fuiinh r * ^*1"?uatatlve frost to the Tb^yVn l&te., iff n ,m"9 of tu oji'ssrtf dent IJncoln aDd"?TR^n!itrocZ2n d**th s asws aSffl/ usm _ I/>T H, MOR MIT I 181?'; *taaw<r W^u^u^'on^^s^b'i' ta 1864. and ^ Lecislatura of Columbia and Chiml h?'!!" on lb# District Peace Sngwi of ?mi a " ,U*? ? m<"???sr o.' the ?iUd States Senate in mm , WM re-elected to the ? s^iV? m rh-.L.^8' /!* ** torm ending In iwtnssa la the 8en?u ^ f ,?i . ?5to?WUa# ou Ei iamMa. of Una oa tho OiateM of Co ? OLrvsa p. aorro*. J? was bflfn m ^.,1," 7"n,?- T?<1l??a, An^ygtA e|* ted Unlnivl Otnnor of Indiana, and in 1881, on ll.u transfer of CJovornor H. K Lane to the Seus'e, be r 'iinted tbo oil: e of liovt-rnor ana beld it lour year*, In UGl ho w*m a.icto I Governor !uu? cond term: and in 1805, on uccoitit of hut been stricken wi.b para lysis, lie visited Ku ope in the liope of improving hia health, but ret jrned in IsBO, and iii spits of continued Ul heullb rt^mued bia exe. uiive duties. Ia June, l?6d, he delivered a political tfpoacti while seated In bis chair, which created tnucb entlnu?iafito in lb* Stale, and or which more than a million coplea wore published in pamphlet form; and on tl.e subsequent meeting of the LogiBiatura in January, 1807, he ?u elected by a re nmrka'oie vote a Senator in Congress for the term ending lu 1873. PAsrnti. a. *i-bto!?. Be was born In Mount Vernoa, Knox county, Ohio, April 12, 1820; was edrested at Keuyon College, aerved one year lu the war with Mexico, in the Second Ohio revimcnt; commenced the study af lav in 1848, at Mount Vernon, and in 1860 went acron the plains to California, ?pen Jing a part of that and the following year in Nicaragua. Returning to Ohio he renewed the study or law, and came to the bar in 1852; practised hia profession in tliai state until 1855, when ha removed to Minnesota. In 1857 be was elec'ed to the Stale Senate, declining a re-election In 1850, but waa re elected In 1S90, am* alco In 1863 and 1804, having been a member of the State House of Representatives iu 1802. In 1805 bo took hi* a at aa a Senator iu Congress from Minnesota for the term ending in 1871, Ferving on tbo Commlttaes on Indian A (lairs, Claims, Territories, and Patent*, and the Patent Office. He was also a delegate to tbo Phila delphia National Union Convention ol 1880. JAMBS w. ML ?i waa born In Madison county, New York,-June 10, * ; adopted tho profeaaion of law; In 1801 he waa ap pointed by President Lincoln Governor of Nevada Terri tory, In which poaiUon ho continued until the adoption of the State constitution, when ho was chosen a Senator tn Congress from the new State, for the term commenc ing in 1805 and ending in 1M7, serving on the Commit teea on Naval A Hairs and Territories, and as Chairman of that on Enrolled Bills. Ho waa also a member of tbo national committee appointed to accompany tho remalna of l'reaident Lincoln to Illinois, and in January, 1807, ho waa redacted to the Senate for the term ending in 187& lurin t. fATTTsaaoa, He waa born in Ureene county, Tennessee, February

28, 1819; received an academical education; waa en gaged for a time aa a paper maker and aim aa a miller; studied law and came to the bar In 1841; waa elected a Judge of tho Circuit Court in 1854, and re-elected in 1802; and In 1805 be waa eleoted a Senator in Congress from Tenne-sss for the terra ending in 1800, havinc taken hi* scat on tho laat day of the first aetslon of the Thirty ninth Congress, and during the subsequent session waa a member of tbe Committees on Commerce and the Dis trict of Columbia. He is a son-in-law of President An drew Jobnaon. JAM*" W. PATTBFSOX. Ho was born in Hennikor, Merrlmac county, New Hampshire, Juno 2,1828; waa edacated at Dartmouth College, graduating in 1848. Prom 1858 to 1801 he waa a School Commissioner for Graft on county, and at tho same tlmo was Secretary of tbe Board of Education for tbe State. In 18f2 ho served in the State Legislature, and was eleoted a Representative from New Hampshire to the Thirty-eighth Congress, serving on the Commit tees on Espouditures in the Treasury Department and for the District of. Columbia. In 1804 he was appointed a Regent of tbe Smithsonian Institution, and waa re appointed in 1805. Re-elected to tbe Thirty-ninth Con gress, serving on tbe Committee on tbe Death of* Presi dent Lincoln, and also on those on. a Bureau or Educa tion, and Kree Schools In the District of Columbia. In June, 1800, be waa elected a Senator In Congress for ttie term commencing in 1907 and ending In 1873. Ho waa also s delegate to tko Philadelphia Loyaliat Con vention of 1800. auirKL a pomkrot. He was born In toutbampion. Massachusetts, January 8. 1810, and apent his boyhood on his father's rami. After an academic education bo entered Amherst College in 1880; spent four years in New York; returned to his nativs town snd held various local offices, and was sleeted to tbe Legislature of Maasachusstts in 1852. In 1854 he waa engaged in organizing the Now England Emigrant Aid Society, and became Its financial agent; removed to Kansas in the same year and participated in Ha alTalrs; was a member of the Territorial Defence Com mittee; a dolegate to the Pittsburg and Philadelphia con ventions of 1850, and alao to that of Chicago In 1800. Durinc the famine la Kansas be was chairman of the Roller Committee, and In 1801 took hi* seat la tbe rolled States Senate from Kansas for six years, serving on tbe commute* on Pensions, Claims, Territories, Mauufactun aand as ohalrman of toe Committee on Pub lie Lands. In January. 1867, he was re-elected to the Senate for the term ending In 1873. AI?T AIIn111 nmn Be wm born In Dauphin county, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, September 8, 1816; was a clerk In the office of tbe Regtater of that county In 1828; was Secre tary or the Electoral College of Pennsylvania la 1840; la 1841 waa clecied Olerlf of the State House of Represen tatives; was a Representative In Congress from Penn sylvania from 1848 to 184T; and was Chairman la 1848 of tbe State Central Committee of Pennsylvania. la 1840 he waa appointed by President Taylor, the Brat Territorial Governor ef Minnesota, holding the offloe until 1863, dnring wLich service be took part la 1840 in aegotiatlag a treaty at Meudota for the extinction of the tllTe of the Sioux half-breeds to the land > on Lake Peplm, and In 1861 negotiated another treaty with the Sioux nation, by which the government acquired all the lands in Minnesota west of tbe Mississippi river. et)d opened that Mate to tbe largo population bow settled there; and also made a treaty with the Chippewa Indians on Ked River, which he followed yp with another in 1888. In 1866 he was Mayor of toe city of M. Paul and was elected (Jovjrnor of the State t>r Miitp'sota la 1868. con tinuing in that office until 1881 In 186& tie Was elected a Senator la Congress, lrom Minnesota for the term end lag In 1800. serving on the Committees on Naval AfTklre, Poet Offices and Post Roads, Patents and the Patent Office. Kxpenses In the Senate, PaclOc Railroad, and as Chairman of the Committee on Revolctlonery Peuiions, and of those also on Revolutionary Claims, Poet Offices and Post Hoods. Be was also a member or tbe Nat local Committee appointed to accompany ths remains of President Lincoln to Illlno'A (IL.lHOi: BXADS MOOTS. be was bora la Nowcaetle, Delaware, in 1817; odnrated at ibe Delaware College; studied eogiaeeriug and waa engaged ror years la locating and constructing railroads ard canal* in Pennsylvania. Delaware, Maryland aad Vlfliojt, the last of which was the great work at Har per'* P .rry, Re jubaequHflly studied la>, was admitted to the bar la 1844, aud was appo nted Deputy Attorney General for his native county, wh'cb position he helid notll I860, when beWka elect* d a Kepresentatlve from Delaware io tbe Thirty-second loogreea and re elec'.ed to tlie Thirty-third Congress, sen iog on the Committee oo Roada aud Canals and was Chairman or tbe Committee on Kiigravin* aud also or a ?pe< i*J comm ttee on the Po ruvlau guano question. In 1840 he was appointed l<y III'' Governor or the .-late a Commit loner on tho part of Delaware to retrace the celebrated "Mason and Dixon's line," tho reportof which was printod by the Le?rlt!a t in en of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland In 18D0. Ua was aleo a deiegnte t-> the several Democratic Na tional Con vin lion* of 1844, 1848 and ls66. In 1864 lie was elected a Senator In Congress from Delaware for the lertu endmj m 1M19, fcrvlng on the i ommittee* on the Disirioi ol' Columbia, Private Land Claim.-., Manufactures and Print .ag. MU? ABD O. ROOM. Bo was born iu W t con-tin, receivod a good Pnglith eduoation, nnd, having commenced li.e a* a printer, and been foreman lu the odice of the Milwaukee dentin'I, *o? Iwrane an editor in bis native f'taie. On the breaking out of tlie troubles In Kansa?, Io i860, he re moved to that State, and took aa active part lu Its local, was a member of the Kansas Constitutional Convention or 1860; from that time until 1861 he served In the Stale Lsglalature; enlisted as a private soldier ia a Kansas regimeut the rebellion, attaining tbe rank of Malor, and subsequently became tbe siaoclate ftyor e( Djf j>"[$noe Jwt??, (a July, 1806, he wis ai po ntM by the Governor a Senator In Congress, from lunms, ror the unexpired term of Jaaiea H. lane, de- { ceaaed, ssrviag oa tbe Committees oa Pensloas aid 1 Priming. Ia January, 1807, bis appointment to Uie ! Senate was confirmed by the Legislature, his term ex- i piling la 1871. | willam sicLSat tr. Be was born ia Kant county, Delaware, Juae 3, 1820; waa educated at Delawate College and also at Dickinson College: studied law aad was adattted to the bar la 1846. la 1860 be waa appointed Attorney General of Delaware, and held the office for five years; and la 1860 he wm elected a senator ia Cengrew lor the term ending 1866, servtng oa the Conmittees oa Commerce, Peasleaa aad Patents and the Patent Office. He wm a too a dele gate to the Chicago Convention of 1004, and wm re elected te tbe Senate for tbe term commencing la 1806 aad ending ia 1871. josih smuuu*. Be wm bera In Laaeastar, Ohio, May 10, 1833, receiv ed a good education, adopted the profession or law aad came to tbe bar ta 1044. Ia 1848 aad 1863 he was a delegate to the whig Ooaventlone of tfeoM years; la 1864 be wm elected a Representative from Ohio to the Thirty fourth COnarsM ; re-elected to tbe Thirty firth ; and oa Ming returned to tbe Thirty - sixth Congress, be wm tbe republican candidate lor Speaker, and, after aa unprecedented ooateet, wanted oaty one or twe votee to aecure bis election, and durlM that Congress ha wm Chairman or tbe Committee of Ways aad Meaaa la 1800 be wm elected te tbe Th trty Mveath Congreaa, but la 1001, on tbe reatgnatlea or Senator Chsss, be wm ohoeea a Senator In Congress for tbe term expiring In 1807, serving as Chairman of the Committee oa Agriculture and Pinnace and m a member of thoM aa tbe Pacific Railroad and the Judiciary. In 1800 he waa re-elected for tbe term commeartag la 1807 Sending la 1878- Tbe distinguished general bearing name is bis brother. wiluam rmAor*. Be wag born In Cranston, Rhode Island, September 11.1180, his aaceatota having bton for set-era I genera tions honorably associated with tbe manufacturing buM nea of New England; wm educated chiefly at tbe Irving liuUtate, Tarry town, New Tort, aad subsequently speot several years In tbe counting room of aa uncle, an the death of whom one of tbe lamest manafoctaring in tercets ta tbe oonatry came Into his possession. Bavlag a taste for military aftklr*, he joined aa artillery company m Providence in bis eighteenth ytr. and became a Colonel; In 1800 he visited Europe, and wm rrieodly to tbe oauM aad person of Garibaldi. In 1801 he wm eleeted Governor of Rhode Islaad, aad on tho breaklag out of tbe rebellion he took a gieat internet In the na tional cauM: wm wltb the troops of Rhode Island at tbe first battle of Bull Run, and in 1003 he wm elected a Senator la Congress, rrotn Rhode Island, for the term ending la 1860, serving aa Chairman of a newly formed Committee on Manufactures, and m a member of the Commltteee on Commerce aod Military Affairs. Be la also PrMident of Mveral tanks, aad when at liome takoa an active part m a director In various Insurance com panlea. He wm a delegate to the Philadelphia loyalists' Convention of 1800, aad also to tbe Soldiers' Convention at Pit tabu rg. Bis uncle, bearing tbe same name, wm also a Senator In Congreaa WILLIAM K. ffVIWABT. He wm born in Wayne county, New Tork, August 0, 1817; removed with bis father to Ohio IB 1836; left borne In lils thirteenth jnr aad prepared himself for collsaa, chiefly la New fork; entered Tale Collage la 1048, where he romajned eighteen months aad then left for tbe gold Oelda of CbllTofnla. He spent two years in tbe " *** ~*wtmenoed rtodlog law, ^gd ainlog o-.^ * " ? -xMriot Attorney for tbe | dariag that year wis tMAiaw* - ??'d to Uie ' oounty of Nevada, sad wm subfirfdMtiy ?*?*... -i Mine offioe. ? 1864. durlaa (be abecnee of Uie R'JKV* ' of California, ha ?u appolntel to perform the . that office. II? next speul ab >ut e ^bleca montus v. r*?| lising h?pro:e*>ioii id Ban k"r*ucu>co; ait r that ho K the twine io Nevada City and Doauievitle. In I860 ha removed to (lie then Territory of I tali (Bow Nevada), served is tbo Territorial legislature in 1861, was also a n.ember or the Constltut onal CoovenUuu liold in 1803, nod ? as elected a t-ecator in t oogre?e I rom Nevada, for the term commencing in 1805 and end q? in 189U, serv ing oa (be Committees on the Judiciary, Public Landa, Paaific Railroad and Mines and Ulniag. In 1885 lie re oelved from Yale Collie the degree of Master of Arte. cuarui smsra. He waa born In Buatou, Massacbuaettis January t. 1811; graduated at Harvard t ollcge in 1830, spent the throe following yearn at tl.e Cambridge Law School; bad the editorial charge for three years of the AMtrUim Jwut, waa adm tted to tbo bar tn 1834, and settled in Boston: waa subsequently the Reporter of the Catted Statea Circuit Court, and published three volumes, which now bear his name; was for three winters a teacher at the Cambridge Law "School, Boon afterwards edited "Dunlap'a Treatise on Admiralty Practice," and about this lima declined a professorship tendered to him by hla Alma Mater. Ia 1837 he visited Europe, was re ceived with marked attention la England, and remained abroad uatll 1840. During the years 1844-40 he pro duced an edition of "Vesey's Reitoru," la twenty voluntas; from that time onward he frequently appeared In public aa a speaker en various philanthropic and liter ary autyecla, aad two volumes of hla orations were pub lished^ 1850. la 1851 he waa elected a Senator In Con freaa from Massachusetts; in I860, for words uttered ia wbala oa the subject of slavery, be waa assaulted at bla aeek la the Senate chamber, by Preetoa Brooka a Repre sentative from South tfcrjlina, from tbe effeoir af which hla health Buffered, aad he again vlalted Europe, having been, Just before hla departure, elected for a eeeoad term to the Senate. Ia 1853 he published a work oa "White Slavery la the Barbery Stoles," and In 1850 a volume of apeeebea aad addreeaea In 1803 he was re-elected to the beaato far the third term, ending in 1889, serving aa nhalrman of the Committee os Foreign Relations aad oa several other Important committees, aad waa alao a member of the national Committee appointed to accom pany the remains of President Llaootn to Illinois. Ha was alee a delegate to tbe Philadelphia Loyalists' Con vention oT 1800. inui *anmu. He was born la Colchester, Conn., ta 1818; reeerved a good education; adopted the profeasion of law, removed to Illinois and became a member of the Legislature of that Slate la 1840; was Secretory of State in 1841 and 1842; Justice ot the Supreme Court of Illinois Arom 1848 to 1853: waa elected a Representative from Illinois to the Thirty-fourth Congress, and waa elected a Senator in Con gress for the term commencing in 1855 and ending ia 1801; serving as chairman of the Committee oa the Judiciary, and as a member of tbe Committees on Public Buildings and Orounds, and Indian Aflfclrs, and was re elected for the term ending In 1807. In 1804 he waa ap pointed a Regent of the Smithsonian Institution; waa a delegate to tbe Philadelphia Loyalists' Convention of 1800, and ia January, 1807, be waa for tbe third time elected to the Coiled Stotea Sonata for the term ending In 1878. ranot a. va? wikkul Be waa born In the city or New York, September T, 1808; removed to Parkeraburi, now Weet Virginia, la 1835; was a member of the Virginia Constitutional con vention or 1850; also or the Wheeling Convention of 1801; and also ol tbe Convention which formed the oonalitutlon of West Virginia in 1803; waa a member of the Legialalure of that Hale from ita organization to June, 1803; and in November of that year was elected a Senator in Congress, from West Virginia for tbe term ending in 1809, serving on the Committees on Finance, Pensions aad Post Offices and Poet Roada He was also a delegate to the Philadelphia "Loyalists Convention" of 1860. imunx v. tah He was born in Feediag Hills parish, Massachusetts, October 27, 1800; received a limited education, and com menced active life by teaching school and attending to agncultural pursuits In Ohio, to whkfh State be removed when twenty-one years of age; he atudied law and was admitted to the bar in 1828, and held tbe various posi tions of Justice of the Poace, Prosecuting Attorney for Ashtabula county. State Senator and President of a Judi cial Circuit. In 1851 be waa elected a Senator in Con gress from Ohio for the term ending In 1857, and he was re-elected for a second and third term, ending In 1800, serving as Chairman of the Committee on Territories, and of tbe special oommlUee on the Conduot of the War, and as a member of the Committees on Foreign Relations and on the District of Columbia. He was also a delegate to the Philadelphia Loyalista Convention of 180a" W Aim AM *. WILLST. He wu born on Buflalo Creek, Monongalia county, Virginia, October lis 5 roc?y?d VX??0," ?SqS'} education, and graduated at Mad toon OoMf. studied law. and cam* to the bar in 1838. In 1841 U was elected clerk of the Mon^f^CountyCourt^old^ i?i tSSSXVST thl'o^itatior of'^Sni0 W~deTis?w a^erleeof lectures w Methodism took fart to various local aociotlaa, ?. topic* and wrote for the renews. In ISM b?*M adale. ' ?u m the National convention of-Abat year. In the StM MM**"* was a delegate to the Richmond ccmvenUon, and in 1M1 ha w? elected by tba reor?n lead Lac^lature of Virginia a tonator in Congreta. and at tiia closo ot that T(tr wu a delegate to the wheeling constitutional convention, lo I863be way elected ? ?*?" SSTin Conerees from tfest Vlijt inia, serving on tteGom miLtoea on Naval Aflbirs, the Dlstr.ct of Columbia, and Inl80lU? degree of hh. D. was con Fem?Stt hiB ?>y Alleghany Col lege in Pennsylvan*. hlM4 M wule'lcoted to tie gynaiej^tba??{? wy roemlng in 18M and ending in l^^eerr^nt? ?a cbtlrman of tba Committee of Patent! aad the Patent ODoe. oconcc a. wiu um. | ?a waa born in* Columbia county, hew York, March *l 1823' received an academical education in Onon dagna county, studied law, and on betas admitted tothe bar in 1844 immediately emigrated to Iowa- In 1847 ha ela ted Judge of the First judicial d etrlct^ of that state- w?? a Prssidentlal elector in 1*63; ftom President Pierce received in 1868 the appointment of Chief Justioe nftbe Territory of Oregon and re reappointed by kit tormatlon of a State government, and In 1804 he was elected a Senator in Congress from Oregon, for the term commencing In 1866 and ending in 1871, ?erring on tba Committaae on tba Judiciary, on Claima. on Pnve'* Land Claim*, on Finance, and the .Special Committees on the RcbfUloun SUtee, aad Retrenchment, and as chairman of the Committee on tba Expenses of the Senate He waa alao a member of the national com mittoe* <o accompany tba remains of President Lincoln to iiiiuols. RnuT wuson. He was born February 16. 181a, in Farmlngton. New Hampshire, waa brought op on a larm, aud when twenty one went to Natlck, Massachusetts. wher* be learned to make shoes. la 1840 be waa elected to tba legislature 01 Massachusetts, In wliKh be served four voars. and then four year* in the State Senate, of which tie waa President two sessions; in 1848 he became the proprietor and editor of the Boston Rttmbliww. Ia 1*M He waa the tree soil candidate tor Congress, bat was j defeated by a MnaU vote; ill 1W8 bo wa? a member of the Stale Constitutional Convention, and has since then taken an pert In political convention"; and in 1866 he waa elected a Hew it or in Congress to succecd Edward Everett, and wa* re elected in 185ft for a long term From 1842 to 1841 be was actively connected with the militia of MaaestuaeaHs as iw\ior, coionol and brigadier general. In lwil he raiaed the rweatyseooud refluent of MaHsarliusell* Volunteers, of which he became oolonel, and alter .tolnmif In. the Army of tie Potomsc was mad? a member of Gene ral MoClellau's stall, on which b# served unt.l the moating of Congress. Blnea the cowmencemeut of the wrr ha has been chairman of the Committee on Mllilarv Aflbirs. which has had to pa*s on ele\ en thou sand BtfPOlnunenti and to deviee moat Important mean urea of leg slation during the rebellion. In JPiSfli Ji} WU challenged b? Preston Brooks, of ^outh t.srolina, for pronouncing file aeegalt on Senator Snn.nat' murderous, brutal snd cowardly:" but ha replied, thai abile be lievlDg In the right of ?eif-d?*rence be declined thechal lenge, an duelling, in his opinion, waa a violation of law aud tb? relic of a barbarous age. He waa again re-elected to the Senato for tne term coinmen< ing in 18?6 and end ing in 1871, and waa inade chairman at the Committee on Tensions, though continuing at the head or tba Mil ? tary Committer He published n wor* entitled "AnU Blaverv Measures in Congreaa," and a "History of tba Thirty-seventh and Thirty-emhth Congreaeee, as well mm 0f the CoDirMtooal meaaurea connected with toe prosecution of the war for the Union. He vraa tbe orir natorof tba bill abollabtng alavery In the District of Columbia, and alao of that eetabiisbing the American Academy of ft Wncea. He was alao one of the Senatora itesicnated by the Senate to attend tne Mineral of General ^TlSs Re waa also a delegate f tha Pblladal pbia lyovabsta' t onveatton of 18M. aiCHABV TAT? He waa born ia EMtncky in MIS; removed to Illi nois; graduated at the Wlnoia Cotleg*. ??d waa bred to the profeeston eC law. He frequently served In tba st?u? T nsisiaiw. and waa a B*preaeaiatlve In Congreaa from 1861 ? ^^^'^o^n'ot^for ?.? u imi ha waa elected Governor of Illinois ror Umr VMM. aad narticipated extensively in tba raising of the MUoniU army during tba rebellion, and troopl fbr tne ,ri?igrei from Illinois, for i^lllBl I l? MM ???ndina In 1871, har *? Oomnaitteaa oa tne Uatrtct of Tarrlteries. Fensions aad Ba waa also a delegate to tba ing beea | ColumMn, BevoluMwHn Phiiadeipbla Layaii^a Coaraawoa ot house of representatives wuxua a a meow. Ha ?m bora la U? tawnablp of Parry, Wayna county, Ohio Marolt S, ISM; apaat tha moat of bla boyhood on a Uubi'j waa adnoalad chiefly at Alleghany College, Pann. aylvaaia, and at the beaten Beservs College, Ohio; ?tadM law, cama to the bar la 1S61, and practieed tha profaasltn ia Ohia until 1M7, wbaa ba settled In Do* buqoe, laws. Ha waa a delegate to tka Chioago Coa rantlen *t ISM, aad ia 1881 ba was a member of tba Governor'a sir*, sad rendered essential settles In ralalnf troopa far tba war ; aad ta ISM ha waa elected a Repre sentative from lawn to tbo Thlrty-eightb Congress, eerr. ing oa tba Oommitteea on Pobllo Lands sad Roads aad Canalsi reflected to tbo Tblrty-nlatb Con/reaa, serving oa ths Committees of Ways and Meam, Mines aad Mia lag aad lipensea la the Interior Department, and waa re-eleeted ta tba Fortieth Congreaa. ? oasss ah se He waa bora In Kaaton, Bristol coaniy, Massachusetts, January 10, 1804; baa ever been a manufacturer by pro fession; waa a member for two yeara of the Executive Council of the State, aad in 1869 he waa eleoted a repre sentative from Massachusetts to the Thirty-eighth Con gress, serrtns on the committees on revolutionary claims aad mapufaoturers. Re-elaoted to tbo Tiilrtv . >k cnnaress serving on the commiUeea "onthe taw?s? ninth Congreaa, serving ?? ^ delegate to BailToed sad Maaafbrtnrss. He was also ace. a the Philadelphia Loyalist*' Convtmioh of Is elected to the t'ortiuUi Con. rati _ CI W? W. AXDCtSOff. He ?u bora in Jefferson county, Tennessee, May "> f? iSk 'i received a liberal education; adopted the profe*^ won i?f settled In Missouri In 1U3; in 18M be ha- ' came (V* ?dl'or of the Sortk East Mitteurian new* paper; wad fleeted la 1868 to the State Legislature, after ft previous defuM; In 1843 he was chosen a State Senator remaining In thai capacity until ISM, when ho resigned, tiaviag been elected a repreeentetive from Missouri t? Lhe Thirty-ninth Congrssa. aerrlng on the Committee om Public Lands, and as Chainnaa of the Committee m Mileage. Early In 1841 he organized a home guard and was ohoeen colonel thereof; and was subsequently ooa? missioned a oeloael of uiiliUa aad had commaad of tto Forty-ninth regiment or bis Stat*. Bo was a delsgdte to the Philadelphia Loyalists' Convention of 1888, aU wss re-elected to the Fortieth Congnaa He was born la Harford ooonty, Maryland, 1W| , paduated at f?gia CoUaaa, tnlMd; adopted the prn resaioa of lawj was a member of the Maryland LigM> ture la 1888, aad la 1886 ha was elected a BepneeatalM from Maryland to the Fortieth Congress. His faths% bearing hts own name, aad his grandfather, aaated Job* vera both BipresantalWiia la Uangnaa ftatt the eensa district whlsh ha now repceseata mm a, iisi ar. He reoeived a general education, aad studied law la Monroe, Michigan t treat to California la 1848, where ha held theoOoe ef DMrtat Attorney la 1881, 188* aad 1868; was a member of the California Assembly la 18M and 1888; a Slate Senator la 18M aad 188T, aad State Treasurer in 1883 aad 1888. Early la 1884 ho removed ta Austin, Nevada, and wes elected a Bspreaentattre few* tbst State to theThlrty-ninth Congress, eervtng as Ohat? man of the Committee on Mines aad Mining, aad on thai on Free Schools la the District of Columbia. Bo elected to the Fortieth Coagresa jAxaa m. aanutr. He waa bora la Psansylvanls November 14,18M; %a* self-educated; became an adventurer at the ago al fifteen, at one time noting as clsrk oa the store boats sg the Ohio aad Mississippi, aad then doing service in a printing office. Ho stadlod law, aad waa admitted to tfen bar of Ohio la 1880; but, Instead Of practising bis pro fession, he went late the bustesss of boat building, aad was oonneoted with the press. Ho sabooqoenUy settled at Toledo, and went Into the wholesale drag bosines* snd was elected a Repreeeatatlve from Ohio, to tUn Thirty-sixth Congress, and eerred aa a member of thn Committee on Territories. Ro-elected to the Tblrtjv seventh Congress and made Chairman of the Committed on Territories. He was also re elected to the Thirty eighth Congress, aad was a member or the Committed on Claims, and Chairman of the Committee on Ten* toriee, Arizona, Idaho and Montana being organised under his Immediate supervision. He wss re-elected In the Thirty-ninth Congress, and was again at the head *4 tbe Committee oa Territories, aad a jnomber of the Qw? ml I tees oa Unfinished Business and Mines and MtninfT He was a delegate to the Philadelphia Loyalists' Convesa. tioa or 1868, and was re-elected to the Fortieth Congresa jtnv BAxnu He was born In Fayette county, Kentucky, November 4, 1822; received a good education, studied law, anA adopted it as a profession; was elected a Representatlvn from Illinois 10 the Thirty-ninth Congress, aad waa n member of tbe Committee on Private Land Claims, and wes Chairman of tbe Committee oa Expeadltureo la tha Poet Office Department aad the 8pecial Committee aa the Civil Service. Was re-elected to the Fortieth Con gress. 10HH D. BALDW0. He wu born in North Stonlngton, Connecticut, . tember 28,1810; graduated at Tale Collet*, reoeivta^ the degree of A. M.; read law, bat never praottaed| went through a ooarae or theological stodtas, himself to lilcraiy ponulte, aad published a entitled "Raymood HID and other Pbema" In - . became aasociatsd with the press, first in Hartiird ud than In Boston, and was sdttnr of the BmOg Obamsm. waith, a writer for the Adwrfter, and mrin?H of ths WertetUr Am. He was T*j?S" <* M?dM Ut IN j* from llsassonoeetts to lb ?j: mi g ftembercr tfiicoUBL pendlturee on Public Baldlngs and on Prink Was re elected lo the Thtrty-nftth Conrrw s3 snared on the committees on the Dwtjot of Ceiombta ?-* Expenditures on the Publie Doildmga. He devetai many yean to the etu4y of ancient history, and to An author of a work on that subject, not ret published. Kb was also a delegate to the PbitadslpMn I Ten Hon of 1868, and was re-elected te Congress. HiTHAJTIXI, r. RA3KA "as born la Walt ham. Mass.. Janurr M uu ^ ?>or but rsspeetabie parents, TTMI-tstn ? ? s bad no advnnugss but those of Ut* irriamnaanliS* became a lover of books at an early Or. His 0imV2 pursuit at LowelL He studied law, bat did not msnihn to any groat extent, and In IMS was eleoted to the Leg? latere of Ma'saclitiseits, esrved In both hoe see andinm for a time Speaker. He was cbossn Host dent of Ika Convention held in 1863 for nvMfef the toMUtotiot ? Hss-achuseUs, and was soon after eleoted a "irn wn live in Congress from 18ta te 1887. and was nlnmad Governor of Mas?achaeetts V ^TuiFfuy of lir7nir^D?r thousand, p .riar his second t3mo??Wh^2 elected Speaker or the House, aad It is said that not enZ~ ol his decisions was ever overruled by the House. Ha .*?*? f>overnnr er Massachusetts fbr a seoond term in 1868 and for a third term in I860, Dunns the rabelltan J' 1W1-#I he was a msjor general of volanteen In tnn federal army, and saw much servloe In the field. Ia 180B lie was elected a R nressntatlvs to the Tbiity-nlfitb Oen. Kiees in the place of D. W. Oooeb, resigned, wm ehaSt man of the Committee on Foreign Afiatm, warn mem ber of the Committee on Rules and the Doeth of Praak <:*nt Lincoln, was one of the representatives delegated to attend the funeral of General ScoU, was a deleave m the'Philadelphia Loyalist Convention of 18M and of the Soldier* Convention at Pittsburg. Was re elected lo in* fortieth Congress. DMUS BABXm. He was born la GcrUam township. Ontarta eouas*. New York, Apt 11 4, 1827. received & aoadea.i?l ! ciassiail education; spent bis boyhood on a farm- bT came a clerk in a country store; eubeeoaendva mm* chant, and, id hia twenty-second veer, he amoved In New Yoik city, where he followed the drat and ~ cine business with branch houses in Hew OrleaM anS Montreal. After sen-In i ess member of the Chambes of Commerce, and as president of several incorooratad companies, he crossed the American oonUneatinn ssaiarifiiics.fij'tf Representative froff New York to the fortieth (ZnLl (SUNaKOO & BfcAMAK. He was born la Htester, Windsor county, Vt, JuaelgL 1814 remor-d with his father to New Yortc whVa a*5 and was left an orphan at the age of fifteen' MtHaTa good education at the Franklin county academy: studies law id Requester, removed 10 MicWan ia If *ifi ul commented the practice ef his proremlon; wai Tot sin yars Prosscnting Attorney for Lenawee oouti ? sm Judge of Probau for fosr yosrs, was" pSMS Elector in It"58, and in 1880 was slectad a Representative from Michigan to the Thirty-seventh Congress. Serve* as a member of the iJsmnillse en Roads and Wasi re-flectcd to the Thirty-eighth Congress. and serrad <Uao ,hat m Territories. Bm elected to the Th rty ninth Congress, serving on Mm Com. miitaes on Territories, the Death of Preside* MmS arjd Frauds oa the Revenue, and as Chairman ot that an oads and Canals. He was also a dslsgate to the PhiC delphia Loyalists' Convention of 1808, snd re-elected In the fortieth Congress jobs s. samm. I v ?.rBln ,h*Li?wB of Cicero, Onondana count*. ^-T? ' Jaua,,T 23, 1817; reoefved a common ecCsefc edocntioa; spent three vears In Tens mid m lean 1803 he was s member of tbe Missouri Legislature to PB 1 .w .lo* slto a delegate to the Baltimore Convention* ig? 13 * RepfsaentaUve from Missouri to the thir?r ninth Congrsss, srrvin* on the Committee of laraJd Pensions asd Ixpenditures in tbe Interior Denart?rfa Re-elected to the Fortieth Oongrms. "n^tsae^ _ /on a. stVGSAJf. He was bo** in l ennsylvania In lSUi received m academical eduction: spent twe yean In a nriaitS ofllce; entered Franklin Cothge, Ohio. b?h!sheel!l prevented him from graduatlngT he stndlsd law ia nbZT and was admitted to the bar li' 1840lMB io ,? . ilU ?Attorney for the Stale, la Tusoarswaa oooniy an? I" ' nm e,#outf ? Repreeentatlve In tbe ndm! fourth OonrrM mnd u tkn ^t-n- 11 . ^ j contested casss which wag adopted by the Hoasm and he also served as s member of the Cbmrnliued Expenditure f- ?*-" ? ?^w-m.^e as t??^ '*7 C7ui*ji??r ci in# court ^sS!Ss~SSX. n'nth Oobgreas, serving en tbe Commit" " >/klrs, ths Freedmen and Rscqmut"' of ths Reproeeotalfves destgnatad u of Ganeral Bcott. Jn 1M0L He wes nL Philadelphia I^fietfoon vent lot or 18 elected to Ike Fortieth Oongrssn _ . 'tan ooxians ajiaia. He was bora tq Wg J Several yesra. He sen su iuur yoan in ine name Lseuts ture^ two of whitii ag Spacer oflhe Vbogdi an? |n I* he wu sleeted a Representative from Maine to the Thirty. ;f?s