Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NO. 11,142. NEW TORK, SUNDAY. MARCH 3, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. PERSONAL. A-IVO NEW BORN MALE INK ANTS, WITH DARK , tjrta, wanted. A Utile girl oue year old to tw adopieJ. Ml Greenwich street DBVONPOBT-I SHALL BR OLAU TO SEE YOU AT once If your iuienli >na are as stated. TitOR ADOPTION?A HEALTHY MALE CHILD, TEX J weeks aid. Inquire at 1M West Thirty-sixth street, be tweed Broadway and Seventh avenue. R ADOPTION?TWO INPANT8. APPLY TO MRS. Worcester, 140 Charles streak ?% rpirr M? or vtaw u> H AVENUE STAGE TO PULTON FERRY, SAT urday morning. WIU the yo?n? lady grant an inter to the gentleman who held her umbrella to C olivet ?a the Brooklyn side. Address 11. W. C., Eclectic Club, Mow Tork. POtTON FERRY, BROOKLYN 8IDB.?WILL THE two voung ladies who, on Friday evening, March 1, ao er-ited a few lmc? signed Hsrrv D.. address a note appoint ttfao interview, box i,i&7 N. Y. Postoflioe * HARRY D. AMD FRIEND. ^ NATION WANTBD-OF MATTHEW McLEOD. n hut heard from, to MM, was working en the AU d Susquehanna Railroad. Any information of him wflTbe thankfully received by his sister, Mariteret McLeod, If applying at Mb Kast Seventeenth street, N Y. INFORMATION WANTED?OF THE WHEREABOUTS JL of Maria Burke, a native of Oalwajr, Ireland. When laet Taahington House, Cincinnati, Ohio. Any thtt Burke, M B*it heard from was at Waahlngton House, Information will bo HUB ion nOUHf UiU?IUBMI? v/uiu. *11} nkfully receded by her brother ,Io Nineteenth street, or Mr. William Oavanagh. Cincinnati papers please copy. JOSEPHINE-YOU DID NOT SEND THE LETTER that you exhibited. Yon have the number of my box in eral Poet office. Send letter to mv box. GRAIIAM. If R8. ROSA HUDSON, LATE OF ltt WEST FOUR JuL teenth street, is requested to call at the law office of Saunders A Oaksmrth. SB Chambers sireet. ARY?WRITE TO YOUR BROTHER. ADDRESS F. Church, box MO Herald office. M TtTOTICE TO COOPERS.?INFORMATION WANTED ll of John Roeendall and Mr.-lagler both of North fleet, England. Address W. J. Elger, 880 Broadway, New York. Notice.?morton l. kelooo, late second Lieutenant of Company F, One Hundred and Sixty ?Bond regiment N. Y. V., will please oall on N. Seagnst, No. 4 Centre wrnet N.Y. LLIE W.?THINK I SAW YOU ON BROADWAY. Have you returned from England? Remember til. Ad WlUlams, box 206 Herald omce. **fpO-MORROW8 HERALD." STAIRS. YES. IF YOU X will pass Union Square Hotel, Fourteenth street and Broadway. Monday at4 P. M., I will see you. N*i ILL THE CARTEB EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE gross package, marked Swletenia, for the teeth, to the W] ? Hudson River Railroad freight depot on February 16, ad 4MMed to Colltns Bros.. St. Louis, call at 17 Wooster street ?at say where be left ttf w OODIE?WHY WERE YOU BO LATE f I OUSSIE. 2iJX> 8TRBET?YOUNG LADY IN GRAY WILL & please write to her friend opposite. B. B., Herald office. MATRIMONIAL. A WIDOW LADY. AGED 30, OF RESPECTABILITY mil prtpoiwuinf appearance, desires to form the ac aoaintance of a sensible gentleman of means, with a view to ?atrlDwoj. Add real for one week Mrs. Emma J. Bennett, " - id, Post office. LOST AND FOUND. EC If D?ON THE 318T FEBRUARY, NEAR SIXTH .venue, a Silk Dress Pattern. The owner can have it tying for advertieement and applying to John T. Hunt, I Morrisania. Weatcheater county. Lost?at the post office, Nassau street, on Saturday, a dark green ailk Umbrella with my name ??graved en the Ivory handle. HENRY LANOE. 6* Beaver Street. Lost?at the academy of music, thursdat evening (Fire Departmeut Ball), a Lace Handkerchief. Aiy peraon returning it to the owner. Mil* L., Brooklyn Feat office, will be suitably rewarded. T OCT?THURSDAY NIGHT. IN OR ABOUT THE Xj Academy of Muslo, a (old Bracelet. The finder will be ?itably rewarded by leaving it at No. 7 Qramercy Park. T OST, ON THURSDAY?A BLACK AND TAN KING I1 rharlea alut: one white fore paw. Anybody returning ik. ?? u, Charlea Shtrwood, New York Clreux. four atreei, or 730 Broadway, ahall receive five dollara iika. T OST?IN 9:10 SATURDAY MORNING TRAIN FROM Aj Momeania, on Harlem Raliroad. a DreasCoai, done up ? I MWipaper. made by iiunham A Bro.. Karr; name In - ?Me the collar A liberal reward *111 be paid b> applying at MFhMetreev T OBT?A ROMAN MOSAIC BIIOOCH, BETWEEN POST 11 agtoeaad feouth lerry via Kourth avenue stage. or iu Brooklyn to Greeuwood. * liberal reward given by !eav. tag It at Cobb'* printing office, 43 Ann street. X OST?A LADY'S SMALL CLUSTER DIAMOND PIN; 1 a feat at the Academy ul Music, on Friday eveulnr. rhe Star Will be aultablv i ewarded by aendlng information to ?r calling on F. C. Schuyler, US Wall * treat. T OST?ON MONDAY. FEB. 1?. A GOLD CHAIN, WITH I j gold gur attached. The finder will be euitably n-warded to leaving H at fcirht\ flrat street, between Second and AM svsnues. N. B.?The owner's name la on the atar. ' REWARD.?LOST, A WHITE SPANIEL DOG t with black head, black apol on his back, and black j bia tall. By returning him to It Waal Twenty third I the above reward will be given. ?inn REWARD-STOLEN. ON THE WIGHT of SxUU the 14tb of February. In the village of Newtown. Z. I., one turnout aeat Buggy, and three acta ailver plated San^WhTp. Ac. The above reward will be paid /or re ?mt of the property or conviction of the burglars. ' H ^ W. 8. WOOD. Newtown. L. I. *1 nnn REWARD.-A LIBERAL REWARD will SI.UUU be paid for eecret information regarding rob foreerv embexxlement, fraud, crim. eon. sad every u>oioa of rianalitT Bureau of Information, 160 Fulton ?MMt where all dlahoneety ia aifled for parties interested. ?IJIIXEII OPPORTUNITIES. T?l CLOTHING BiTtERS?A RT()CK of fine Clothing, made for eltr retail trede, $S,?on-. will be aold it sscrlOee to eloee the buslneee. Addreee Rawtoo, New York Poet office. a PRACTICAL BUILDER AND ARCHITECT WOULD A like to make an arrangement with a party about build tag la aome thriving country town, where there la a *?od ?aaatiirl for an energetic man to eettle. Addreae A. B. C., liitai Poet office. a CTCVE BUSINESS MEN?TO SELL EXCLUSIVE A Rights of a valuable Patent: ?hould be sold ID every town- aalarv or commission. ISAAtv A. SINGER, Manufacturer, 21A Centre street. AM ESTABLISHED CITY NEWSPAPER, FILLED with yearly caah advertising, for aale. email capital naalied aad term* low to a responsible party. Address la> tartly. Herald office. ? A CHANCE FOR A FREE PASSAGE TO C4LI fornla and a free building lot in Newport, teraluus of the great Pact fie Raliroad, near San Francisco. Office 1S7 Broadway, room 19. A SAFE INVESTMENT.?$6.00S WILL PURCHASE A one half of a well eetabllshed patent Solicitor s and Architectural bnalness: alao one-half interest tn six or more valuable Patent Rights. Aprfly in peraon Tor one week only, fM 13 to t P. M. J. MoLANE, m Broadway, room 31. A OBNTLEMAN WOUD LIKE TO HAVE THREE A er four persons anlts with him In erecting /'"'?J?*' Brawn stons nouaea. 21xfift each, on property within 200 feet STtC Can M*1 Park; Iota wlU cost fr.ofo, iouses not to ai Md gig ?0Ql aad will be far superior to bouses that builders dolls rsllbr. Parties ",3M Broadway. aC too l-eatrai rara; iota wiu ?sod gl? (OU, aad will be far superior to b< ask freas thirty to thirtv-five thousand d feeling la teres ted may call at the office, 1 A CAPITALIST WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO MEN A ef miaiillri bualaeee habita and controlling a large iall, ia a very profitable buaineaa. Very beet refereaeea. Addreae Baetneaa, boa MSI Poet offiea A THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED .YOUNG BUS! A mm maa, able ta procure a few thoueand dollars aa atther security er laveetnient. with tret class reference, ??ll reread In modem languages, bookkeeping, cor re. pond ?na gc.. qalck accountant, bans note Jadge and cashier, deans to meet a reliable nartv to engage ]n business or a UglHe situation; agsnta lalt unnoticed. Address K. K. K., herald o?ca. A SUBSTANTIAL INVESTMMT?#S,M0 REQUIRED? A Manufactory forartielce pertaining to Wheeler A WiV Ma'e aad all other sowing machines in the world; demand anlversal. unchanging aad iBcreaalng. complete ma-btneij, belting, puileys, dies, tool a. etock. Ar. $341*10 can be msde ?early. Aleo s genteel money making Office Business. S3UU. Call so M. WKSTBROOn. 114 Third avenue, rooui No. I. BUSINKSS CAPITAL WANTED?TO INCREASE A LI > gitlmate Iron bualneea--0A.OM to $10,000 gradually re .?wj auual Interest allowed; closest investigation invited, Snwpeota unusually promlalng. Addreaa Iron, box lie lie PR SALE?A VERY VALUABLE MAl'.HINE FOR Callforntaaad the Paelfle coast T.rrliori.., la.aly pat ?Blag. Rights for sale. Addreea box 4.0W I oat office. PaPFR RAGS ?A PARTY HAVING THE RItiHT TO manufacture patent mschlne made l'ap< r Bag* In Pe"h svlvaala, would like to form an arrangement with ?om? Mrtv whereby their bo?lne?s could be increased. Addreea Cffr Baga,i>oil?81 Philadelphia Poet office. ARTIES WISHINO TO DISPOSE OF THRIR RU^I n-mm or having capital to Invest, or wlahlns to procut^ gartners. should call at the Buaineaa Agency 4?- Broadway. tct Anil -FOR SALE, A PLEASANT AND LF.OTTI 2 000 mate Buelneea. by which any seme man a reaJIse Ill'.tW Tn three months Hatiafactory given fer selling eut. AddrMa Alpha, Mation C. HKW PV BfaKATstlMS. ?TO^Y ON CAT4RRH. M HERRy'^aTdANIELS, M. DJ Vj Hmgeon, No. 3 Unioa square. Mailed on reea^Naf rad stamp. mHE REAL LIFE OF ABRAHAM LIWCOI.N-WITH i Htael Portrait, now ready. Prioe IS oeala. For as is by all booksellers smi newsvendere. Sent free by mall ?n re aetnt of the price. Puhlished at ? Bible Houee, fee York. JaMRS FOHTRI'S, general agent. awwrawpwi., A YOUNG WIDOW WOULD LIKK TO ENGAGE AS A govc-rnei* to go u> California, or would act In the oa p* lly of housekeeper. Address Wkjnw, station C. A young lady, experienced in teaching. will give private lessons In Music. French, English branch** aud indite literature to ladies of neglected educa tion. Addrena Education, sutiou G. AS EDUCATED WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, and limited mean*, would be glad to have the care of a little girl, and educate her at her own houaft, for a liberal compensation. Beat of reference* glruu. Address Mrs. L. F. W., Poet office, Brooklyn, N. Y. AT TOWNBEBD'S business college. *? boweky, between Prince and Houston, Instruction day and evening In Buokkeplng, Writing. Arithmetic. Spelling, Orvm mar, Correspondence, Ac. Booms (or ladiea and private in ?tructlon. No classes. A GENTLEMAN commencing THE FRENCH LAN luage, aud willing to devote three or four ev?mngs or morning* per week to the study, wi*he? to find a lady teacher of education. Addreae W. Colllna, aution D, Bible Houae. Bookkeeping. PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute, 7M Broadway. Established 1840. Private Instruction. Bookkeeping, writing, ac., for business.? Mesar*. DOLBKAR, #* Broadway, teaehea Bookkeep ing practically, aa uaed In the beet New York houses: Hhey also remove ?tlffneaa cramping or trembling, and make ele gant bualneaa penmen. Gentlemen can secure private rooms. LESPINABSE FRENCH BOARDING SCHOOL, wash Ington Heights.?French is the language of the i-chooL 30 aere? of beautiful grounds. Circulars?Broadway, 1M, Mllhau'e drug store; 701, music store; 9U, drug atore. Spanish language taught ih a few lessons. Address A., box 191 Herald office. SPORTING. ^ All kinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVBY'S, 160 Canal street near Church street. Medicine* for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. Francis butler, no. s pbckslip. has all the choice breeds of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 eents. Butler's new work on the Dog, (2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all dis eases. Fob sale-a sloop yacht, to tons, nearly new and in fine order. Addresa box 4.187 Poet office. For sale-a sloop yacht, m feet long, and very fast. Apply to JOHN TREDWELL, corner of Broadway and Pine street. Can be seen at Johnson A Fish er's, boat builders. Port Richmond. 8. I. Mocking bird for sble?in full song and tame; price 930. Bird and Cage. Apply at 371 Weat Forty-sixth afreet. In the baaemeat. ONE PAIS OF ROE DEER8, RHEASANT8, SWAN'S, Egyptian Geese, Mandarin Ducks, Crown Cranee, Tiplng Bullfinchee. German and Belgian Canaries. Ac., at CHAS REICHE A BROTHERS' Bird Stbre, 65 Chatham, near Chambers street. A Q CHATHAM STREET. 43.-F. MORRIS HAS JUST TO received the best Singing German Canaries, which he offers for sale at very low pricea. Aleo all klnda of Parrots and Parroqueta. Ionn STAND OK ARMS, WITH BAY0NET8 CO*. .ZiUU plete, Springfield pattern; alao SOO Swords and Cutlasses, all of which will be void cheap. Apply to HENRY DEVLIN, 477 Pearl street HORSES, CAHRIAGE8, ?r. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT private sale, la kept by MINER A SOMERVILLE, at 37 Naaaau street. AU persons wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horses or Carriages, should hare tbelr property, or the article* desired registered as above. AUCTION HALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square every Tuesday aod Friday throughout the year, aud at 37 Naasau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A SPLENDID DARK BaT HORSE. EIOHT YEARS old. very kind; a lady can drive blm; also top Ruggy and Harness; have been used but a short time, will be sold cheap, as the owner is going to leave the city. Apply at prt taie stable, Setuud avenue and Forty-ninth street. A TEAM OF HORSES AND THREE CARRIAOE8, fit for hacking, for sal? ' heap, at 604 Third avenue. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND nAB ness to be sold, at any price, before May 1, at TaY ? LOR'S Carriage Warerooma, SB Cedar street. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, BY best city makers, consisting of Wagons, Barouches, Phaetons. Ac.; one Brewster top Wagon, but little used, $850. At the Church Building, corner of Crosbv and Orand streets. A SECOND HAND. SHIFTING TOP BCOGY, IN EX oellent order, for aale eheap. Apply to D. THOMAS, MS Broadway. A COACH, COl'PE RO<'KAWAY. WESTCHBWER A Dog Cart, Bngglea Cabriolets. al*o 600 new Carrlsg ??, Harness, Xi per < ent lass than Broadway stores, to make ro?m lor serine trade 1J AM s, 10 Kaat Fourth street, corner Broadway. 4 T PUBLIC BALE, ON TUESDAY, MARCH 6. AT 11 A o'clock, at 1,(61 and 1,853 Third avenue, Horses, Car riages. Wagons, Harness. Blanket*, Robes, Ac. See auction sales. A NUMBER OF GOOD BUSINESS WAGONS, SUCH AS grocer's, baker's, milk, plumher'a, depot and oxpreaa. light or heavy, suitable for any business; also a number or plat form spring wagons. You will find this plaoe more fa vorable than any In the city, andevenr artlole warranted M represented. STKWART'S Wagon Factory, Fifty-third street, near Broadway. /CORNELL, CORBF.TT A SCH ARCH, OF TWENTY V fifth street, near sixth avenue, invite Inspection of their new style of Road Wagon, hung on their patent steel bed plate. This Improvement supersedes the clumay wooden spring bars, and is unequalled for lightness and durability and eaav riding. They have on exhibition at their ware rooms (oppoiite fac toryt, Clarences, Coaches, Brett?, Phae tons. Ac., suitable for the spring trade. 1TIOR 8ALE-A DARK ROAN MARK. ? YRARS OLD. A1 over 16 bands, very stylish, perfectly gentle. sound and a good traveller; suitable for a coupe or family horae; price $380. Can be seen at private stable 21 Third street. T7VIR SALE-A HEAVY BUILT HORSE. 17 HANDS. J for cart or truck; price SIM. Inquire of JOHN WYLIE, corner Fourth avenue aud Forty-aecond street, in freight office. Government property at private sai-e. 10 000 sets new and second band Harness, Saddles, Col lars, Bridles. Halter*, Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grain Bags, Tenia, Tent Stuck, blan kets, Ac., very low. Officers' MeClellan Saddles (new), from $1$ to $90; Plated Bit Bridles $3, Artillery Saddles, good a* new. with Bridle, $18. PITKIN A CO., fes North Front street, Philadelphia, Pa., and No. 6 Park place. New York. Small orders by eiprees C. O. P. Must be sold?a valuable young horse, i$ hands high, It cwt. SO lbs.. 8 rears old. sound and kind In every respect. Will be sold forfMO. worth $M0. Inquire at 2D Eaat fourteenth street, coal yard. PART OF A PRIVATE STABLR TO LET.?STALLS above ground. Apply at S3 Weet Eighteenth street, be ? tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. STABLE TO LET?SB BAST THfRTY 8IXTH STREET, near Third avenue; every accommodation for a private eatabltehment. J. C. BAILEY. 10 Fifth street Stablbs.?several desirable private sta blee on Forty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuee; others on Porty.first and Tblrtv-ailth streets, with all the improvements. JOHN KAVANAOH, northeaat cor ner Forty- second street and Sixth avenue. ?? tl'EMITHWg, tViU'?SliAT?r?' "T? REQUIRE Amaonificent ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR niture for sale .Pianoforte. Parlor Halts. Btagerea. Bookcase, Paintings, Bronxea, Mirrors, Chamber; Dining Furniture, Silverware. Ae.; sacrifice. 44 Wast Sixteenth ?treat, near Sixth a venae. A MAGNIFICENT pianoforte FOE BALI FOR $176. cost $860; a beautiful Parlor Suit. In French satin brocatel. for (Itt, cost $276; ooe do. for $71; also a lot of Parlor and Bedroom Furniture, for cash, at a great sacrifice. Inquire at 119 Weet Eighth street, near rtxth avenue. FURNITURE. FUENITUBE.?BRAONSDORF A MET*, r eueressoea to Well A Braunsdorf, offer thetr stopk of well assorted Furniture, ooneisttng of Parlor, MtUng Room, Library. Bedroom and Dining Room Suits of the latest atylea, lo the public at wholesale prices, at IS aod W Riving loe atreet- N. B ?All goods warranted l^rBNITURE WANTED.?I WILL PURCHASE FOR " rash at a fair rate, the entire Furniture. Carpeta, Mirror, Plaao, Ac., of a house suitable for a hotel or board ing bouse. Addreee or apply T. MATHEWS, <M Broadway, for ten daya. ____ ?tlURNITIJRB WANTED TO PURCHASE.-$6,0M OR r $6,000 worth of medium rlass Furniture, Mattretsea, M;rmrs, Carpets, one or two Pianofortes, Ac. Partlee hav ing such lo disnoise of in any quantitv for a fair eaah prtee, may address Hall, Herald office. PURSITURR OF EVERY DESCRIPTION-PARLOR Suits, Chamber Suits, Looking Olasaea, Mattresses, Ae., at cost, prior to rsmotai, B M. OOWPERTHWAIT, H Bowery Ij'CKN ITfTRK, CARPETS, BOOKS AND libraries 1 . bought for oesh at ISA Sixth avenue, between Ninth end Tenth streets. *UM) volumes of Books for sale. PURNITORE FOR SALE-ONE PARLOR SET OF ?even Pieces, oiled walnut, In crimson repa, new laat summer 171 Bast Thirty-ninth street. _____ For salr-oh accocnt of leaving for eu rope, new Carpet and Furniture. Apply at 142 fhlr teenth street, two SighU froai, Meoday from i to 6 o'elook. f?E SALE?THE purnitore IN A FIRST CLASS H?"We, 16x60, on Murray Hill, consisting of Mirrors, Carpett, ObandftlieM, Sofas, Chair* Bedsteads. Ac. Prloe about $.,?A Would exchange for city lota. Addreee J. H. H? box 11)07 Poet office ?)R SALE-A FINE BLACK WALNUT MARBLE TOP Chamber Suit Apply at No. Si East Broadwajr.^^ Housekeepers or prrsons going to house keepiag wtli be supplied and can nay by weekly or B'P'I?' /?f FwnMore of every description. Car iSMrKm OOU^BKPKES^FOR SALB LOW, ONE CAED iSsnrffi's: rte4b" DRT OOODR. STEWART A CO. ~ Wit) offer Monday, March 4. The last of the parcel uf PARIS MA OR MLKCL0AK8. Price from US to SOU, US88 THAN HALF TUEIR VALUE. ALIO. 8erflr*l new ?lrle? in CLOTH OA SILK AND CLOTH GARMENTS, JWAtT an5" TENTn 8TREBT. HuiUMe for *| BKOAl) AT. 8TKWABT A CO. ? will largely replenish ? ?? r r Goods, ut aac., 80c.. Me., 75c. imr yard and upwards. replenish all their popular stock< of Drew ON MONDAY, MARCH 4. BROADWAY AND TENTH STREET. AT. STEWART A CO. . will open, on Monday, March 4, a handsome assort* ment of 8PRINO dress OOOD8 SILKS, foclards, JACONETS, OBGANDIBS, BAREGES. OBENADINES. Ac., Ac. broadway AND TENTH STREET. AT OF THE rush. Oar stores, too small to sooommodate the great crowd* of customers after cheap goods. If other merchants would buy goods for sasb and abolish the system of big profits they would be busy too. This they would And more PROFITABLE than to fo down town bowline. "FOSTER BROTHERS sell a great many goods, but they sell thea so near cost they deu'lakahe any money." OUR AUCTION baroains FOR this WEEK ART? lots CASSIMERES, tii'Ue.; FORMER PRICE il. ca88imeres, 75c. and *1; FORMES PRICE, $1 IS and fiaoi IMMENSE lots dress OOOD8 at 32. 26, 31. 37and SO cenU. These dress roods are its < heap as before the w*r. AUCTION ALPACAS at 31, 37 U, GO and 82WcenU per yard. These Alpacas are 26 cents a yard cheaper than they were a few months ago. We hare them black and all colors. auction TABLE LINENS BO cents per yard below former prices. AUCTION MUSLINS. GO TO FOSTER'S KOR MUSLINS. We shall nell to-morrow a full yard wide bleached shirting Muslin QOOD QUALITY for 12% cents per yard. We have but 40 pieces of these Muslins, and those who want them had beit?r come early In the morning as they will hardly last longer than 13 o'clock. You can buy of uh almost every hind of dry goods at half the prices changed > IN OTHER 8TORES. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION MI'SUSS,10c. to IDA IMMENSE LOTS, i4c., Me. aadlSa. IMMENSE LOTS 20c., Sc. snd 2Se. BEST4-4 WAMSUTTA8, Me. IMMENSE iiOTfi TABLE LINENS. CRASHES, FLANNELR. BLANKETS. CASSIMERES. CLOTHS, PRINTS. delaines. SHAWLS, HOSIERY, SHEETINGS, Ac.. FROM AUCTION. AT ANY PRICE YOU WISH. FOSTER BROTHERS, 1*7 Eighth av., nearlSth ?L And FOSTER brothers, 2?2 Blf.-nker street. AT MRS. OAYNOR'8 NEW STORE, BROADWAY, CORNER OF TWELFTH STREET. SPECIALTY CORSETS (SPRING UOODst. Ladles, before making their dresses, should procure a pair of Mrs. Oaynor's celebrated Paris band made Corsets. THE MOST ELEGANT SHAPES EVER IMPORTED. Also every variety of French woven Corsets for ladies and children. SKIRTS. SKIRTS. Latest Paris fashions, regularl? imported. Including the favorite train attachment, adapted to skirts of all sixes. Full dress over Skirts, with trains for balls and parties. Skirts and Corsets to suit sll figures. N. B.?Mrs. Gaynor personally attends at this upper store. 8M BROADWAY, oornsr of Twelfth street. 7M broadway, between Eighth and Ninth ?ts? AT F. DE PERCEVAL'S, THIS WEEK, WILL BE offered, at venr low prices, CHILDREN'S SACKS AND SPITS, INFANTS' CLOAKS, DRESSES, AI'RONS, SLIPS, CAPS, Ac., Ac., FRENCH LINGERIE FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. LARGE STOCK OK EMIIRI-IDKRED YOKES FOB CHEMISES AND NIGHTGOWNS. 738 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ASTOB PLACE. AT F. DE PERCEVAL'S, 739 BROADWAY. Opposite Alitor place. HANDSOME INITIALS EMBROIDERED TO ORDER, ON HANDKKRCHIF.Fii, TABLE LINEN AND BEDCL?TllKS. STAMPING AND STAMPED UOODS OF tVERY DK.V HIPTION. A SPECIAL NOTICE. We have iuat received from auction some EXTRA - ORDINARY BARGAINS, which wc offer at GREAT IN DUCEMENTS. eouaiatiug of BOMBAZINES, DELAINES, TAM1S1-. and CANTON CLOTHS. I.ONM aud SQUARE THIBET SHAWLS, BLACK SILKS. ELEGANT GOODS: FOULaRU SILKS, $1, worth SI.XL One case of GE NAPPE STRIPES, very Band some, $71U per dres*, worth $10. Also 1 case of ALPACAS, Mr . worth Jfta ; 1 case at 63&c . worth W>'.; 1 case at 7ftc.. worth $1. - 1 ,-aee SILK, aud WORSTED STRIPED POPLINS, S3 75 and *4 5? per dr??o-JUST HALF PRICE. N. H?A Tery choice STOCK of BONNETS, SPRING STYLES. Call and examine at JACKSON'S Mourning Store, Ml Brondway, opposite Tiffany A Co. AT MME. E. Q. EDWARDS' 333 FOURTH AV??ffE between Twenty second and Twenty-th! rC\ ?tr?and 7ft Third avenue, near Twelfth at.?Stamping sod Biaw.otlf erlnf, Initial* and Monograms forJiandkeroElefa. table Unrn and bed clothes. Ladies' and baby'a linen ready made or made to order. At mme. vioouroux, lao fourth avenue, be ween Twelfth and Thirteenth street*.?Stamping. Em brolderlng, Lingerie, on band or to order; Initials for hand kerchiefs, monnvrama for curtain, tabls and bed cloth. CORNYN BROTHERS WILL OFFER, THIS WEEK, A FINE STOCK Or SPRING GOODS, FROM AUC TION, AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICE8. DRESS GOOD8, VP.KY CHEAP. BLACK. COLORED AND WHITE ALPACA8: COLORED AND BLACK ALPACAS AT 30 CENTS, WORTH SI A YARD. FINE PRINTS AND MUSLINS AT 12K CENTS A YARD. PILLOW CASE MUSLINS AND SHEETING, VERY CHEAP. SHAWLS, LINEN AND WHITE GOODS. GKt.ATI.Y RRDUCVD. DIAPER LINEN AT $3 A PIECE, WORTH f.V CLOTHS, CASSIMEP.ES AND SATINETS. SATINET Af 40 CENTO A YARD. WORTH $1, AT CORNYN BROTHERS, 487 Eighth avenue, near Thirty-eighth atreet. CLEARING OCT OF DRY GOODS.-JAMKS WARD LAW k CO., 34 White atreet. corner of Church. win crmnienf selling off their stock of Staple Dry Good* on Monday, without reaerre. to cash buyers awav under ruling price*. Lease ol the Store for aale, remaining two years. From the lat of May. JAS. WARD LAW A CO. DRESSMAKINO-IN THE NEATEST MANNER, BY a practical and thorough dressmaker. at less than usual charge*, and guaranteed to please. Apply St Mrs. Thomp son's, 124 Fourth avenn.i. BESS CUTTING"?ROBES GABfTlELLE, PBIN oesse, Chlnolse, Baaquoa and Sucks cut snd fitted; also mads up by Madame KIEFFER, 14ft East Ninth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. MOIl MO?BY A PERSON IN DISTRESS, IS YARDS f rlchblack Dreas nllk; cost SH. Address Silk, Herald office. H ARMSTRONG, 140 SIXTH AVENUE. New, choice and desirable Good* at aitractive prices. LACES, RIBBONS, HOSIERY, GENTS' FURNISHING, SMALL WARES, EMBROIDERIES, DOMESTICS. WHITE GOOD1' In all the popular makes. TOWELS, TOWELLING, NAPKIN8, TABLE LINENS. FINE FRONTING and FAMILY LINENS. JACONET, CAMBRIC. MAIMSOOK. SWISS MILLS, ENGLISH LONG CLOTH and a splendid assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. ALSO a great variety of embroidered F.DOING8 and IN8ERT* I JIGS, and SPECIAL GOOD VALUE In LINEN CAM BRIC HANDKEKCHiRVS. ALSO SEVERAL JOB LOTS at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Ha FAERELL HAS JUST RECEIVED HIS HUT . spring Importation of Royal Velvet Body and Tapes try Brussels; Three-ply and super Ingrain Carpets, oil cloths, Mattings, Window Shades. Ac., which for beauty of design and texture cannot be aurpaaaed by any house in the Union, and which he la determlaed to sell at unusually low prices, at the largest Carpet and Furniture Ware rooms In fbeaifr, 387, 388and 971 Thirty-fifth street, one door east of Eighth avenue. All goods warranted as represented. T OlSBACS PATENT H00~P~SKIRT~HOLDER. JU No more accidents from hoop skirt* Mo more ridiculous situations ror ladles. Me mere spring* showing below the Balmoral. Mo more tangled springs. ? No more hoop skirt turning every which way. _ With the LOIBEAO'S HOOP SKIRT .HOLDER, Absolute Immovability, safety, ease and eleganoe. Sold at retail la all fancy and dry foods stores. Wholesale dealers, EM. LOI8BAU A CO., MO Broadway. New Ysrk. Wanted?Agaats for the country. VTUBLINS, MUSLINS, MUSLIN8, JML AT CokE DOWN PRICES, AT LAMBEErS, OS GREENWICH STRRET. Great esnaatlon caused by our selling muslins at from Jc to Me. per yard lees than former price*.

Lane lot of Muslins at It Ms., former prloe I Sc. Better quality Mnallna st lie . Me., 18c. snd SOr. Yard wide fine white Muslin at ISe . 20c. and 23c i 8ns whits Muslin at Me , 20c. and 23c. t and Be, 118c., 30c. and Mc. Extra quality 4-4 Muslin at 7%n. and 38c. Yard wide Brnwn sheeting* at 18c., 2l>a ? Auction lota of Black and Colored Alpaca* at 87c., 44 and We. Auction all wool Oaaatmeres st 78e., 87c. and 81 per yard. Beautital spring Dress Goods, Just arrived from auction, at Sic., 87c. and 30c. Very desirable. Best Merrimack Prints. 30c. Don't fail to oatl and examine oar prices. LAMBERTS. MS Greenwich street. XHB LIONS OP 43S GEAND STREET CARRY THE DAY. E CHEAP STORE OF THIS CITY 18 4M GEAND STREET. EOUSS, BELL A 00. ELEVEN FAILURES YESTERDAY. Go to 48ft Grand atreet and eee the frightful pa ale. Open day and night. Heavy poilee force on the ground. Read the price*, then move like lightning, nor waitasii gle hour. Time worth more than money. American Prints 13b. Wet Muslins, worth SBe., only ISe. Wet Tweeds at tTc., worth fun. Wet Calteo, Flannels and other good* at lie In the dollar. Splendid Dress Goods at 18a and Sc., worth ?ta.;splendid bargain; about 4,800 yards aa hour' Magnificent bargains la rich Rlhbone. Reel Thread Glove* Enamelled Collars 8 tor I*. Best Soap Sn a cake. Pins4c., Needlea8b., J00yard Spool Cotton 8W., Comets, a.tjhtl, wet^only 3fcv; 3D spring skirts 7?e. Standard Muslins le. under the market prloe. Taper Collars So. a boa. Save 8b. on even yard of MuaMn you boy, and Sc. on Call ones; save Sc. on Flannels. The masses swarming fro* every quarter for good* at 'Wat'Nerrimae OaBeo 17a, worth 98*.; CHiilmim at agiorl *"o?I^dI guaranteed fn?y 18 per sent under quotation figure* this dav. and many 40 per cent under. Good* sent everywhere free. ^"-"?Tsiwajrrjstawrra _ dry goods. 1 A DISH' AND CHILDRKN'S DRPAKTMHNT. Li NOVELTIF.K IN KVKKY VARIETY. Moralng Dreeses, Undergarments, Bey*' Spring Overcoats and Suits, Girl* Suck* iltd Drosses, IntanU' Cloaka, Dresses, Bhpa. lr , 4c. WW be opened on MONDAY, MARCH 4. A. T. BTKWAKT * CO.. BROADWAY aud TENTH hTKKHT. rR GREAT CLEARING OUT SALE OF D RY UOODH, Cloak a and Shawls, at Adolf Hunter's, US Eighth avenue, ends positively on March 16. Thou* who want to secure some of the beat bargain* la dry food a that hare been offered for a number of years are ad vised to call aa aoon aa poamhle. All tne goods are perfeet. of ihe very beat qualitlea and *tyles, and the price* fully M per cent lower than anywhere. Muslins, Calicoes and all other Cotton Goods, from 6c. to 8c. below the regular price; extra Goods. white all wool Flannel, at Vc., and ??verytblng elae equally cheap. Before buying else where price the good* at ADOLF Ml'STER'S, 31$ Eighth avenue. MILLINERY. _ HME. HARTLEY, 809 BROADWAY, HAH JUST RE turned from Europe with an elegant assortment of Paris Bonnet* and Norelilea. MME. RALLIN1S, 518 CANAL STREET. CALLS THE attention of her wholesale ruaiomera to her magnifi cent assortment of French Pattern Bonnet, With those of her own manufacture. MME. IMOUBNE WALTON, W> BROADWAY, IS NOW prepared to ahow her Spring Style*, also noreltiea I n Flower* and Wreathe for the hair. PATTERN BONNET8! PATTERN BONNBTS! PAT tern Bonnets I-At Mrs. MiTLCHINOCK'S. MS Broad, way. Wholesale buyer* will find a moat magnificent assort ment of imported Spring Millinery, at very reasonable prices. riWAWClAL. Forty dollars bonus to any one who will lend me $900 for three montha; good security. Addreaa immediately A. V., station D Poet office, OFFICE OF MONTGOMERY AND BCFAULA RAIL road, Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 33, 1867.?The aeml an nual Interest on the 8 per cent bond* of thla road will be paid In gold eoln on the lat of March proximo. Holders of coupons No. 2 will present the name to the Chatham Na tional Bank, New York, for payment. L. OWEN. President. P ENNRYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOB A LOAN OF (23,000,000. An aet to create a loan for the redemption of the over due bonda of the Commonwealth. Whereas the bonda of the Commonwealth and certain cer tificate* of Indebtedness. amounting to $23,OOu,OUO, have been over due and unpaid for some time paat; And where** it is desirable that the a*me should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore. Section L Be it enacted by the Senate and Bonse of Rep resentatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Gen eral Assembly met, snd it Is hereby enacted bv the authori ty of the same. That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treaaurer be. and are hereby authorized and empow ered to borrow on the faith ol the Commonwealth, in *uch amounts snd with such notice i not less than forlv days) as thsy may deem moat expedient for the Interest of the State, twenty three millions of dollars, and l**ue certificates of loan or bonds of the Commonwealth for the same, bearing Interest at a rate not exoeedliig six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually on the 1*1 of February and lat of An gunt, In the city of Philadelphia; which certificate* of loan or bonds ahall not be subject to any taxation whatever Tor State, municipal or local purpose, and shall be payable aa follows, namely:?Five millions o( dollars payable at any time after live year* and within ten years; eight millions or dollars payable at anytime after ten years and withia fif teen year*, and tan million* of dollars at any time after fif teen years and within twenty-five years, and shsll be signed by the Governor and State Treasurer and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor General, and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmer*' and Mechanics1 National Bank of Philadelphia; the prooeeds of the whole of which loan, including premiums Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to tne payment of the bonds and certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth the ?*'d 1,wn ,h,J1 *? opened Id (ha *^Sf?hMl|u'n:?lTh^? 10 ^ ",uml "h,dl ?>? Mfttated J&2L *' * honda of the Bute and oeitlfiwtei of inriabt. ?"r du?- "? receivable l? pTrmeui of ?,? Sen?nS *n!|D<r^""t rt?";?llon? ?? the Oovw?,?, *udlto? dtoft" ?I?!"?o?. adiuml.tratura, ruar KKtfSa'; ir^'izinsr ^rJl,'bot"'? oreertlfcwte. of loan hold br thrmat th? tta? &&^^^-zs-"sar?SX? ^iiwssj-aa'acsBs mass's -k If*J* Iomi of thUi commonwealth mt a.? ii *JSd ?'*{*?*??? ahall have been p*id. * Speaker of the ** "? HALL| 'S-?ar*"' HKSi' iV^iTST-i" 'J14^" <* H*n555k until If o clock M. of the 1st d?T of April, A. O IM7 to bi I ?ndon?od m follow*:?-"Proposal! for P?iioif]?AQlA Hiats ?fAmarwi""7 D,,'*rte*I,t' Uarrlaburg, Pa., lotted State* CH^*.J!i"Lb<,Kr?lT?d for ^000 00?. relm burnable In Ave 7?2. .5V" ,ei? 'f r?ar?- *".000.000 rrtmb.iraahla In hurlSE? r? ??TT* ,n Llte*P Tfara. and $10,000,0U0. rolm n f Pa? ud parable in twenty.Qre rear*. l?ki? Intereat to be either Hmoreti per cent ner annum CIP,,ei"' ?'?"*? '?> !Kw?rtteb& ?no*t advantageou* to the State will be aooented No bid S??SdtaltKJ2rrA,1L'^toVt4!^4-nSw- & Z Msuea id lumi of $60 and nuch b ifher iubi ta desired ht the^oan.r^ to be free from St?, ?Sj a" mJZL& niVSivrS ?"*.bo5d? of the Commonwealth of Pennaylr*. rfinTin2?JT?* .? V par tn payment of thl? lonn; hot bid ss hum?i"" io,",d w ? ?? ?* ??* jsrsssatts' ^ b#tw*,? ^ ^ ?? JOHN W. OKA RV, w. H. uASK",Wl AW^S^Sr pub,1,blu? Xh<?boTuIui'Ttho. on bond and morj^oHgJnd 14 Wall atreet. room 2(, GTCrVKBAMT BANK. Q? 74* Broadway, corner of Actor nlara v^LdlTTSS** b U,'D*** at their banking rooana'on Monday March 4, taw. JOHN VAJMrdbh, Cnable?7* STt?f^nd ?iLufi?i^!2.R 9t^00 K4CH- WANTED.-CAPI. Mate. leaaM* P*r ee.t proat f?ly mmI * rml Nfc 5 Wall atreet, between S and > I*. M. fJIHE 1NTKREBT ON LAND GRANT HONOR OF UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY ? .. . . HA8TBRN DIVISION. ' J1 *re'1 '? "t'l ha paid on premutation of mnnmn therefor, on and after that date, at &u Hankina Hooae oF ' OARNBY, MOROAN ICO, m Eichange plaee. _ PTreaatirer. THR PARIS DNITRR8AL EXHIRITION. NORTON A CO.. AMRRICAM RANKKRk AND CO ? MIS I ON MB RCIIA VTH. s manv?shw raSr^aViin'^piSi fji" i-.*"0"-/"* ?P??menU for Amert. aialL ? of T,,<o4r7 r*P>M to by re lew York. POR W Ar^*^,!Sf C,TI i?D Jamaica rail t4 000 . UD-r?11 ? HALP or A YBRY fO.UUU raliiable Patent right; Immenae beneflu K3d '' *r*nC<" of Addraaa rMaaS,' pnoa 114.000, eaah. BRODHURST A FIRI.n ' ? Cedar atreet $53.009.-J2u^i"?a2"? ,*il if wooij, $160,000 ?* HALL J. HOW, No. ? Pine atreet. >oo JoTin^oKrb ^17.^ 000 r?-.L9-AIL9w._?o?p *wp mort -PA l.UiVVV gage, in one er aaora auma, on real In thiai <RBY. tiWall atreet, room 11 0H*? f. OILMAN, n$ Broadway, room Na. $. i^aw oyriciBB. ~? one door aetow Caeal atreet. "* ?'o^wey, AWATCHRR ML A 2KJ2SL Pnra'ture, .Pamela Hair nkawla, fe B^x^y^??sn.g^*-j- ?? ct,h". IT NO. $ TWRNTY-THIRD KTRBBT PTPTH it*. A noe Hotel, the higkeet prtoe natd watehee, kr . or adraneea madeoathe aaaie WATCHIIWBWSI.R Y. *C~ DIamondp.-rv a orntlbman lrayino rm city, line aolltelre Breaatpln; JV mraU A M'asr-rtn,s* A<w?Ba,lT I'* 000 ~["'P'"* Or OOI.I) AND 8ILYRH ^^Jrr,fariar^-aarg} 1 _ ?HvsBMafrrau _ nROADWAY theatrk ADMISSION so cents. MJ Corner of Broadway and Broome street Second week of (he moat brilliant engagement thl* season of the world-renowned comedians and original delineators Of IRISH AND YANKRB LIFE. . . **? AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS. Owing to (he entire satisfaction eipreaeed, and t? great number* being turned away unabld to witness the beautiful legendary drarnu of THE FAIRY OIRCLH, ft will br special aoiicltatlon continue to be presented up to Friday, March 8, followe.1 by the around fare* of * IN AND OUT Ofr PLACE. la which Mr*, Barney Williams will Ma time sii different character a. . Boi office open fVom 8 to 6 o'clock. Seats may be secured all daya In advance. Doom open at 7. Performance commence* at 7*? oVIock. Saturday, March*, SECOND GRAND MATINEE of MR. AND MR8. BARNBY WILLIAMS. Hartz-S TEMPLE OP MYSTERY, 80* BROADWAY. Tleketa, 90 cant*: reserved aeau. ftl. 8e.ui aecured all day* In advance at the Hall, from 9 till 8. Continued aucccaa and unbounded enthualaam, eanaed bv the NEW PROOBAMMB, WITHOUT APPARATUS, and the greatest Spectacular Illusion of the day. PROTEUH, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, I'ROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, be produced BVBRY EVENING AT ft SATURDAY AT WEDNESDAY juvenilb NIGHT. Children half prlee. SHERMAN stadt THEATRE?(S AND <7 BOWERY. IX MR. BOOUMIL DAWISON will appear ttila (second) week ef his engagement as fol PORT"00 M0NDAT- March *' M MABQUTSDK MAILLE In DE& BUCKLIGK MARQUIS (the Hunchback Marquis). On thursday. March 7. as RICHARD III., and on SATURDAY, March 9, as FRANCIS DE MOOR, In Schiller's tragedy. THE ROBBERS. Kelly a leon's minstrels, 7*1 buoadway. cinderleon. The luxuries ready at eight. The MADAGASCAR Agony tormlnato* at ten. only BALLET TRO0PE. Demon Dance at 8:80. Lh ON BROOKS'brigade. With Kellifante, In opera* NAUGHTY wIKl.S. Seyinourgaii, and Burlesque. BEMSARIO. Allenall. Sin** the grand trio stop THAT Prlelnl with EDWIN kelly. LAUGHING. and the "Life Haa No Power" true LOVB Fame*, creates lntenae enthusiasm. NEVER RUNS SMOOTH. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Every night ai Bryants' (Mechanics' Hall) 472 Rroadway, cheapest and most agreeable place of Amuaement in America. SPLENDID CHANGE OP PERFORMANCE. HINODO SPORTS. BY baldwin TO-NIGHT. THE BOARDING SCHOOL TO NIGHT. promising YOUTH TO-NIGHT. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE TO-NIGHT. THE ORIGINAL broadway BO*8 TO-NIGHT. BEAUTIFUL BALI.ET. THE camelias TO-NIGHT. concluding WITH JBALOUS WIFE TO-NIGHT. SAN francisco MINSTRELS?MB BROADWAY. The Trouble ouuimeuce* at quarter to eight THE CKEMK DK LA CREME OF MINST&BLfTY. BIRCH. W AM BOLD. BERNARD k BACKUS' SAN francisco MINSTRELS, wbOi-e success haa never been equaled by any almllar organ U cation In the world. New and cbeerfnl Burleaquea m'ery week. Hilton Head Institute. Norma and Oreaav. A Dan Erous Game, or the Keno Sharp*. I will Mary Her so Early the Morning. Shouta of laughter at the Shadow Panto mime, and the screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troup*. The thibd annual sacred concert will bb be given at St Peter's cbureh, Barclay street, this (Sunday) evening, at 8 o'clock. A number of distinguished soloartlsis and an efficient chorus have been engaged for the occasion. Tickets $1; can be had at the door. Madame parepa. Sunday concert. HTEINWAY HALL L. F. harrison, Director. TWENTY-SEVENTH SUNDAY CONOBRT, MARCH I. Entire New Programme bv the following great artists:? MADAMK PARBPA, MISS MABIE GILBERT, Planlat (her first appearance la New York), MR. CARL ROSA. MR. Q. W. COLBY, MR. THBO. THOMAS AND HIS FULL ORCHESTRA. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. . Reserved Seats. Fifty eents extra. Ctbinway hall. T^^5,DvA* KVXXIW, MARCH 4, 1887 elf nor LOTTI begs to announce h !? nrarta... kt j FAREWKFX CONCERT SulS win ? ?r<TrMTu "ffJ?"? *h?n th' following gather with A ; ^T?4 -'^?Wcent.eitra. Por tale at Bm i'r!? ?.r2ld"ril3,; Pond * C*,?W Broidw^ Schnbcrth A Co., tat) Broadway and Stein way Hall. DROOKI.YN ACADEMY OK MUSIC Mr HAMNnvW MAIlCn ? anocof &E MeSSiaH* ^ rM,<l P#rfo,m E^Tinto^t'SttJft*"?- Jn New York by the fel MADAM parbpa. mr%Vh?&^?wo8' SfrUSgSL THE *^Y? HARMOrI aad THEO. Tlekata. One Um^r. r-j?ZXri,-SZt?S,XZ: BROOKLYN ATBBN*UJf. ?oxnmenoiDc toc?^b\.?sSHoi,,?,, and A?ted by ,h. SSZS^ m"QtRH> M k.M.hQ,IWOT^*^**A^A*K?roRMAHCK oS^rM^Wr^^ffi'v'Va^ W?r,d ORAM!) MATINRK HATURuIy Mareh ? Sfljlf admlealon AO o?nta; children IS cent* Children admitted to Ihe MallneJTfw UoSS?. w-..-?D.oor* ?p*? lt Is ?wmen? at B o'clock. Matinee doore open allP.M.; to commence at I P. M ADAMS PARBPA IN ORATORIO. ..n^.sssfMSKrai""'0"'' -i.k ,v , .. _ AT f""NWAY HALIj, ToliLi(h:?fd,^^l5i;'rD',rtU,'?nd choru? ?' *0 male, MADi??n?A?EP\ Prt?? Do?~ MIHSOVHlhcH'NfljL Contrail* MR. OBORUE SIMPSON. Tenor. MR. .1. R. THOMAS. fla*ao. ? UR liJ- CONNELLY, Oraaniat. MR F I It ITT ir p MR- W COLBY, Flaplat. THE NEW Yolfc HARMONIC MOCiktT^ rocrrnaK with ? THE CEC1LIAN CHOIR, ,MR "hoir Master. l. r. ah\dhSffi.?0***' fcll ?rchr8tradlrerto . TICKETS ONE DOLLAR.' D""*? TV. ?ST!2tf H*au 40 r*nu 'lira. ? .J*?1";" *?'' commrnee thl? morning at Beer A Joa* * Co'?- ? ' Broadway; nuuman a Ticket ofllce, 1H Broadway, and Btelnway Halt MAaORir.-WARHINOTON OOPF WILL DBLIVBR *"9'J"?"? ???eml Waehlogtoa,and Mr. Ouatarui ; . M1? ??*ry willing In ike ereat hall of the ?naudbul one body aad one pair of len- ?i*? ?<.. ?. r;dt^vh:?!hp-^ .*???? Vffircf Phw.1E~JT rUh. th* ??jn>HI<*nt collection of objecta In kuMmj'm bto* OANJO INSTRL'CTION.-WE WILL OtJARANTRF TO ai&Bg?'*"MrwutK ?;? BAVV????*-*r MT CHAMPION METHOD , Jj> ? oourec; $t. Bach pwpll Uuahl eeoaratalw a ieot tune a leeeoa, er no ehane? r-rawy a per J. 1 BtfCBLBT, 178 Hndeon atreet. TH?^?a^ PV<? WAOB ?*"'?' profa'-lonal lUr- AppiyTTRe. tS^TrtHk wanted; In.tniotion. ctren to Udlea and ?3ntl?m.?* _ DA?MCO'^ MtllCAL. A? m '^ijf^Mg^wisssr ? tbrmb fit fig qpartbr AB YIR8T CLASS IAUO IR OPBN for AN nam. m^nt la a cbuieh; le perfect)* famiur iii reada It at alght. Add^ gwT&^WmwStmUS^* A COMPETENT RAUO, With A aoan vn.r. A WMheejMl engage moot In a cho*; omIJS J^rnK-e^.fr^nir^. AM LADY WILL OIYE PIANO lemons to a rw. aeholara, at her own er pnpU'a >2^7. ?A?.f,W Sirtor in adranee: thorough fnaVwtCIrl^Zi.ILi10 P* at tio tilth a?., between Thirty Alath and^fSrtMh *? Guitar and sinoino.-napolbor ' w ?olo (Julurlet, enable* hie puplla la a few .?-?nLD ???dm! ??kt?>yenaee; etrtcOy prirate leeeensiie *222?* JC,1 or aend for dreular. Term* moderate. *a<eea. Call Ml'SIC FOR PARTTE8. |t PER BVtNTNfl trr mmmZ Eleventh atreet, between Plflh and Rtttb mnniment furnlahed. N. B-We are tow riUS *n ?"f**?m?nt for the tnmmer mini ha to make VfUBIC POR iT. patrick'S DAY, WITH WrTlTr.V ?ell Abnm'' "The Rath of MulUghailaV' -u-^fca SIGHT SIROINO I Jnha'a Park. erealaf, March ?, at the claaa. Terme-Oe M Maun, Secretary AMUWMKIITI. NEW YORK THEATRE. 4 Manager* Lewis bkarnd Mark Smith MONDAY KVENINU.MARCH 4 , Third week of the brilliant and toouinpllahsil artiste, LADT DON, ^ _ . who will appear thii areolae to two of bar Mat aatebraiad rolea, . . v. FERMI ITS, in Brough's magnificent burlesque of ___ 1'BKbKl'S AND ANDROMEDA; THE M*1D Aire MRS. DSITUB, In Tom Taylor's exquialte coined* of NINE POINTS Or TmUf. MR MAKE SMITH, ME LKWIB BAEJE, Ud their unapproachable COMEDY AND BURLESQCB OQtfPAIFY will appear In both pieces. WOOD'S THEATRE COMIQUE.-ADMI C( >MPl>ETK 0UOCBHH of 0h> OR A N D C THIS EVENING AND WEDNESDAY Mi Mr. B. RUNNELL8 and hla TWO IMP A J Mr. GEO. V. HUTCHINSON and his ACT! Mesara WaMHOLD, COBS. FORD* and E? TIIF.I R ETHIOPIAN ACTS, BAN JO. HO LOR. Mr. THAN. AUSTIN In bla LIOHTRMU, ZOUAVE TOM VAN CIS In hU BUDGETOFCOMIC SON< A CARNIVAL OF FUlT Family Matinee every Wednesday and Saturday, ? OLYMPIC TIIBATRE. w Continued nuccaas of the great local romance, the STRKETS OK NEW YORK. STREETS OK' NEW YORK. STREETS OF NEW YORE. KTRKE18 OF NEW YOrtK. Monday evening, March 4. commences the THIRL) WHKk OF THIS OKEAT MIRROR OF . ^ LIFE IN THE METROPOLIS, which haa been presented to an unbroken SUCCESSION OF DENSELY CROWDED HOUSES ?lnce the (lrat night of Its productlM). GRAND STREETS OF NKW YORE MATINEE on Sat urday next, commencing at 1 o'clock. MRS. F. B. CONWAY'S I'ARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. THIS EVENING, EAST LYNN. Lady Isabel Mrs. F. B. Coo way Archibald Carlyle Mr. F. ?. Conwaf Theatre feancais. comedy. THE ORAND SUCCESS TUESDAY. MARCH 4. It*7, FOURTH REPRESENTATION OF LA FAMILLE BENOl I'ON (Original of The Faat I'amily), Comedy, In fire acta, by M. Vlctorien Sardou. Ticket ooloe at H. Dardonvllle'n. B7B Broadway. GRIFFIN * CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE. Noa. 2 and 4 Went Twenty-fourth direct. O. W. H. GRIFFIN Manager. THIS IS THE FAMILY RESORT. CROWDED HOUSES nightly greet thfi excellent troupe to witness the URAND SPECTACULAR BtlIILESQI'E. THE BLACK CROOK. THE BI.A'K CROOK. Nothing can exceed the magnificence of thla scu! stirring SPECTACLE. The beautiful oreaturea who form the Biglimb BALLET TROUPE are nightly enveloped In a cloud" of bouquet*. From the time the graceful creatures glide Sylph-like open the stage to the moment the stupendous palace of dew drops breaks to view, the audience are In n ?tate of ELYsIAN DELIGHT. Secure seats through the day if you wish to be In time. Doors open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. Tony pastor's opera house. 201 rowerv. An entirely new drama, founded upon recantereuta and entitled THE HILLS OF EERftY, on IRELAND'S LAST STRUGGLE. Nsw aceners, machinery, appointments, Ac. A new local farce. THE INVALIDS. Anew ballet. I HE POWER OF GOLD. New songs hy TONY PASTOR. An entirely new OLLA PODRIDA of novettte.4 by tbls Incomparable variety troupe. Matinee on Wednesday and Katurday^attM o'clock. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOELYN.-TnK House that .lark Built. Burlesque Blaafc Crook and Ballet Troupe. First appearance in America of the mat English artists Mr. A. Bamford and Mr. J. 8. Harttgy Hur leaque Parepa Concert, Hamlet the Dainty, Two Fompeya, Ac. Grand Matinee Saturday, March 9, at 8^ o'clock. Bunyan tableau*.?largest panorama im the world. Slity magma* ent scenes, Illustrating "Buiv van's IMlnrim * Piogresa." Union Hall, Broadway ana Twentv-lhird street. Open every night at 7; commencing at Admission 110 cents, children S6 cents. Matiuee Wed nesday and Saturday. at li o'cloo* ROBT. J. GRnUNWOOD. Manager and.Proprietor. SHROVE TUESDAY EVENING, (March ?>, GRAMI> CONCERT at the Free CHURCH OK THK REDEMPTION (Baal Fourteenth sired. opposite the Ai-atiemy of Mostc), To aid In discharging the flouting debt of tba Chur.i. MRS. MARIE ABBOTT, Soprano, MR8. A. LA HOU, Contralto. MR. C. O. LOCKWOoD, Tenor MR. FREDERICK KTEINfc, Barltn* MR. george WASHBURNK MORGAN, the eminent Oiwunlft. MR JEROME HOPKINS, Organist of thr Chnre* MR. J. M. ABBOTfrr; Conductor. (Organist of Church of the Saviour, Brooklyn, j To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* ..One Dollar. Galleries 'Reserved) *w? Dollars. To be obtained at the Church on the evealng 01 Wx per BROOELYN ACADEMY OP MUSIC. THURSDAY KVBNING, MARCH f, IW. MRS. a. O. HOWARD In hor original and Inimitable oharactar of TOPBEV, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Mr. vamdbrhopp'b bead'ingb in lmnt commence on Saturday, March 9. at two oWoek. la Chapel of the University, Washington equal*. ~ Ac., at Jones's Bookstore, 841 Broadway. M R. OSCAR PFEIFFBB , begs leave to announce that he win giro his FIRST GRAND CONCERT ON SATURDAY EVBNIMO, MARCH M, IRYIN 0*11 ALL. on which oceasion he win be assisted by SIGNORA GIUDITTa aLTIERI, RUDOLF HENM1G, and other distinguished artists, whose nam so with particu lars will duly be announced lip realtor VTASQUERADB. masquerade M GRAND MARDI GRAB BALL or THK CERCLB FRANCAIS DR L'HARMOME, AT IRVING HALL, TUESDAY. MARCH 0. 1847 Great preparations are being oadit by the Committee to render this ball a snores*. FULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets may be obtained of Messrs. L. F. Harrteon, Irving Hall. L C. Kotipel, 11 Ann street. Jacoutet. M Cedar street; K,l. Dechaux, 17 Howard street; Francis Kinaier, Hoffmann House, corner of Twenty tilth street and Broadway: Det monico'a. Fourteenth street and Fifth arenas, and the mesa be rt of the society. Banjo and jig dancing, clog and sono and Dance tausht by JOHN BOOAN, 111 East Houston street. Terms W per course. Banjos bt all price* Central normal musical conservatory West Twenty-sisth street, between Seventh and Eighth a-en wee. Piano, violin, guitar, singing. Call or saodfar circular. Leeaons private. JAY JAT WATSON, Agent. ~ 1^IAW0V<?RTB8. * juntrnm pianoforte for sale-for A $875, cost SMO Also a Ptrior Suit, for $ISB. en* do. for S7A Also the Furniture of a parlor aad four bedroom, at a bargain. Inquire at 119 West Eighth street, near Sink avenue A FINE ASSORTMENT OF PIANOFORTBS TO LET, and sold oa Instalment', at lbs manufactory. IM and 1M Bast Twenty-Bret street L. P. CUMMIN OS. AU BATTBRMON HAS ON SALB TWO magnify . rent 7^ octave rosewood Pianos, from the bast elty ma kers. Whkih Be offers at a remarkable bargain, la eoaMaenca or the stringency of the tlmee. far fall descrl p Uon ?B_and ss amlae, at Wl Sixth avenue, nesr fortieth street. N. B.?Tha Pianos are of the rarerest elegance and reliable In evarffa saeci. A. L. BATTKRSOVrf Kipressand furnitureBtor ago Warehouse. 90 Sixth seenus. AX AON 1 Ff C E NT~ FIRST CLASS ROSSWOOD PIANO forte for sale, made 01.lor, city makers: eoet ??*?, ?or tin Parlor Suits. Ktageres. Bookcase, Painting* Branson, nreaus. Bedstesds, Wardrobes, Eiten*ion_TJ?le. BslK Chins, Glass Sllvsr ware, s sacrifice. 44 Wes* Sltteeath street, near Sl*ib Svenue A CHRAP PI A NOFORTR-ROHKWWD CASB, BOUND A corners, carved legs, in good order; pnee $7> first class ianos very 'Ih*^r)DLpi g Amity street, near Broadway. VIAONiriCEST SKVfcN OCTAVE BOBEWOOD PI A BO JV1 for sale, at II Greene street UTATBRS' GRAND Ml ARB AND 0FRIGHT PIANO*. W Mekvleons. CsWnet Organ a, wholesale aad retail, ta aa? Sea to sm New 7 octave Pianos for WW and upwards. 0*d pianos taken In eichaage Cart P*"> f,,T second haad pianos ^T'^warer^stSl^w^.N.^Y^ 7PIANOFORTBS-AND MITSIO TAUOHT IN A FEW lessons on the Fisno. Hinging, Guitar, Aecordeoe, Coo ? certlna aad Violin No classes. Pianos for Mia, tuned and to let, by I'rof. DUNSDAT, 1* Grand atreet Ai nn WILL PURCHASE A FINE TONED SIX OO 55IUU tave Piano city maker. Apply at M Madison st THK LECTI EE MEAROH. a LBCTUEB BY IION BICHARD O'GORMAN, UN A der the ausptoes of the New York Yotiag Men's Roman raiholio Benevolent Association, at Cooper Institute, en Monday evening. Marsh 11. IW7, att o'ok ek, to aid of the Monsiaent Fund af the association. _ . Joan S. Seou.t, Seeretary. JOHN HAYBS, Chalrma?. Ticksts M ceata, to be had at the door oa svaaing of mo tors, and at the principal Catholic book ? tores. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY?TO OBNTLJIW | TORN FRANCIS MA0U1BB. M.. P , FBOM .PORE, Tteksti fvWssi the Calholle heolt?tore% U the action* af tka ehurskee, aaA ? Chiabfln tffls |-a#K YANDRNHOPrS RRADUfO> IM LINT