Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1867 Page 2
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JBTTVATIOItS H'A^TEl)?FEMALES. OERMAN LADY WISHES TO LBARN THE ENG. jf\ lisb branch and would like to exc'iange with a ladv by ?"Mi; none but lint cia-a ueed apply Direct Miss liuw O. ATOCTNO AMER!iMN PERSON DESIRES A P08I Mon as oomimniuu to a Udy, would prefer to travel. A.lJrs*. A. L. C., Herald oflice. AYOl NO OIRI. DFSIRE8 A SITUATION IS A finer or emfectionary (tore; oau give undoubted refe rence as u> character and capabilities. For particularsapply for Ore days at 36 Crosby at., N. V. A FRENCH DRESSMAKER WISHES WORK BY THE day in private families; is a good cutter and litter; also children'-. doilies, boys and girls. is rery obliging, and ran ?;lve go--) satisfaction; also one for plain sewing and mend ?u two davs in a week. Address a. Dressmaker, station O. It will be sailed for an; time. a ukrman woman wants to go with a fami. J\ If to California. or else to Europe. ?? nurae; nerer gets ses sick, and is aceuatoiued to travel. Apply at 410 Bth avenue. A WOMAN WITHOUT INCUMBRANCE WISHES TO go out washing for a few daya; or would take care of an loralkl; Can be seen a( the intelligence oflice. No. 99 Bloom Oeld ?t.. Hoboken. from 10 to IS and from 8 till 3. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD TAKE IN washtngaad Ironing at her own bouee. 884 10th a*. Call In the store. AYOUNO LADY OF THE HIGHEST KE8PECTA bllity desires a sltustlon as companion to an Invalid lady or as housekeeper; la Tally competent for either poei tiou: best reference given arid required. Call on or addreaa for three days B. J., No. 1 Brevoort place, aecond door. Hours from 12 till 9. A WOMAN OK EDUCATION, REFINEMENT AND uucxiepuxnable reference would like, by combine tioo of same position In another, to aecure a borne. Ap ply to Adams A Cone, 9S8 Broadway. A DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A FEW MORE BN gageraeiiis by the day or week. 14) West-33d at., near A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN WISHB8 TO DO THE wasmng of a small family, or a few gentlemen's washing; would go out by the day. Call at 99 West 27th St., room No. &. fourth floor, front. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A situation as nurae and to do plain sewlnp; capable of taking charge or a baby. Call at 335 Division st. A LADY IN SUDDENLY RKDUCED CIRCUM stance*, wishee a housekeeper's situation. Pernmnent home preferable lo large salary; children unobjectionable. Unexceptionable references for competency. 4c. Seen for ?ne week at 110 West Twenty-sixth street. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as flr<t class cook; Is an excellent baker; would assist with the wnshlu:; and ironing. Be-t of reference can lie given, ( an lie seen for two days at 104 West 19th St.. be tween Sin and 7th av?.. third tloor, buck room . AYOUNO LADY DESIRES TO OBTAIN EMPLOY, nient a- copyist; would be willing to write iu an office or al her residence. Address Writer, station A. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN a store or photographic establishment; ha* worked five year* m the latter. Address for two days A. M. M., box 'MI Herald oMIoe. HOUSEKFEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A widow lartv. for a widower's family or a party of gen tlemen. or an companion to au Invalid; can furnish good re ferences. Address Housekeeper, station O. ?VTIIRSK -A LADY WHO HAS LOST HER BABE DR. sires a situation for her nura. Address 131 East 16th street 7th av. OITUATION WANTED-AS chambermaid AND O waitress, good city reference. Call at 38 West Slat at., ne.'ir Bt tintiway. TO CU BS ?A PRIVATE CI.UB. TAKING A HOUSE IN a respectable neighborhood, wishing a vert careful and ri**ponAi?I?* p?>ifMin to lake full charge either at 1*1 of M?y or aouoer, ran addreaa Mra. Mure. Herald office. UnqueiUon abie inference* given. ANTFD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPRCTABLE you rid girl, bs nurne lor children and to do plain sew Inix; a 'ioine 01 more object than wagos; nlue years' refer ?lire can l?f given. Call on Monday and Tuesday at US Fort Oreen place, Brooklyn. w WANTED?BY A LADY OF GREAT EXPERIENCE, A few more engagements a* lady's monthly nurae: reference drat claaa. Addresa Mrs. Hope, box 390 Herald ollioe. "11TANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A vv noKltion aa housekeeper or .storekeeper in a hotel; the heal of referenoe given. Addreai for three days D. C., Herald office. ? WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. EM nloyment to go out by the day to waab and iron. Call at 339 Kan: Iflth at. front basement. 11/ ANTED?BY A MAN COOK. A SITUATION; HAS A TV thorough knowledge of Ilia business; ia a respectable, ?otter, Industrious man. Address R. B., Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS nur^e; la fully competent to take the care of uu in fant. or would do chamberwork; satlatactory reference given. Call at or addreaa 4X1 3d av, Monday. HELP WAWTEU-PKNALES. ADRKSSMVKER WANTED?IN EVERY RESPECT competent to take entire charge of tbe dressmaking of one of tbe flrat claaa houses In thia city. To a person in the employ ot one of tbe first claaa dree*makers doing all the work and the madame getting all the credit this will be a ?noil opportunity, and a liberal aalary wtU be paid. Address Confidential, Herald office. A YOUNO OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK?IN a good, steady home. Call at 151 38th at. between 2d ?ml 3d avs. A LADY COPYIST WANTED.?ADDRESS, STATING addreaa. terma, Ac., J. Q. M.. Herald oillcc. C1LOAK HANDS W.ANTED?FIFTY OOOD WORKERS. J Apply to Mra. Cletinge:-, W) Warren at., up atalra. DRESSMAKER WANTED?TO TAKE THE MANAGE, mentof that department: a good fitter and trimmer, and one accustomed to a flrat claaa trade, will receive a sal ary?inure than they can make In fhalr own business. Ad dreaa. with referoncea. H. S. Herald office. DRESSMAKERS WANTED.?ONLY THOSE REAI.LY competent and accustomed to flrat claaa work need apply at No 2 West 2Ud St., corner 6th aT. IiANCY HAT TRIMMERS AND HAT AND CAP nuWbera wanted; tirst claas bands onlr need apply. ALFRED P. REYNOLDS. 493 Broadway. Housekeeper wanted?an american woman, willing to do the work in a family of two; must be rei'ommended. Call tbla day only nt 23 East 85th at. QALBS WOMAN WANTED-OVE WHO HAS HAD EX penance in ribbons and trimmings; store loc.vad on Rioadwav almve Mtli st. Addresa, stating time engaged in buaineaa. with reference. Ikix 974 Po?t office. TIT ANTED?A KRST CLASS DRESSMAKER: MUST BE vf a good litter and trimmer, capable of taking entire charge ot that branch in a first d iss house In Broadway. To the righi party salary no object. Address with refer encea. A. G. B., Herald office. klTANTI D?A FIR<T CLASS CLOAK AND DRESS " eiifter. fitter ana trimmer to take charge of a cloak and dresadepartment in (, 111. Ltlbcral wages will be given. Address, with references, W. H. I., room 319 Metro politan Hotel. ANTED-A CLEAN. TIDY YOUNG GIRL. TO DO the housework of a small private family None need ./ wltluct good i itv Call st iHj 8th av., near at., second floor, aficr 9 o'clock on Monday morning. ANTED-A COOK FOR A SMALL FAMILY L1V Ine a short distance in Ihe country: llrst class refer w an w -?ncea required Apply Monday, the 4th; at the rooms of "man, ITS Kasi 13th at., between lOand 1. Mra. Manella llanati, U'iNrKD-lV A SVILL FAMILY IN HARLEM. .. yf callable girl to cook, wish and Iron and do down ataira ?or? good city reier-nce re quired, and good wagea given Apply on Monday, from !> to 13 o'clock, at 78 2d at., ncartih al. WANTED-AN experienced NUR8E, ABOUT 2S years of age. to take charge ..f a small child. Apply between 10 and 3 o'clock nt 17 Weat 33d at. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO COOK, waab and Iron In a small I'aml'v: none need apply un |e?i they are willing to make themselves generally useful. Call on Mn-iday at -80 West .ti h IU WANTED?A OOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HoUSE work . must be a good washer and Ironer. A Pruteatant preferred Apply at 7'tt tireeuwlc.h si., in the store. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY GIRL. TO DO GENERAL nniisewurk; a good waahcr and ironer; one from the country prelerred Apply at M Barrow at., near Hudson. WANTED?FIBST CLASS BRAIDERS, EMHROIDBR ers and tuckers; also cloak mtkera. Apply to A. T. Stewart A Co., Broadway, entrance on 9th st. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. to go to King'a Bridge, on tba Harlem river. Apply at 143 Woat&U st. w ANTED?* RALM LADY FOR FANCY STORE. IN ?luiroat 13b 8th ay C. M'HW AB. WANTED-A COOK. A NURSE AND A LAUNDRESS to assist in ctaambenyork In i\ ?m-ill family, a short dla latioe frum Ihe city. Rcleren-es required. Apply at 42 West 25<n at . between 10audi-'. Monday. W ANTED-A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL ffOUSR. work In a small family. One with city reference may apply at IS) Wev. 2&th si. WANTED?A OOOD COOK, WUO understands her business with City reference*. Apply at 136 Weat Slth at . from 9 to II 11'AN TED IMMEDI AThl.Y?A FIRST CLASS TRIM. ?? met. Non* oiher need apply at Mrs. Mulohlnock'a, 83k Broadway. SITUATIONS lVl\TKIU.VAI<Kt. A FRENCH GENTI.KMAN, SFEAKINO english J\ well, with Uest city reference*, offers hla aertlces as in terpreter to a I .mily going to th? Paris Exhibition. Addreaa A. D , iMtt i.WI Post office. to make himself generally uaeiul In any occupation, ia venr drair cia Of obtaining employment; writes a fair hand YOUNO * AN, ANXIOUS, ARljR AND WILLING tin d ..... _ and Is (jnlck at Hsurea; can give the beatof elty reference, w ould lie willing to take a very small aalary to commence. Addrnss A. H V., hoi 331) Herald office. PABIS EXFOHITION.-A young oerman, tho. rmigliW conyersant wlih the French and English Iso gnag* i desires to go aa companion and Interpreter with a nsrty in need of a (aide: unetcepllonable references given. AJdre>~ Bismarck, atatlon D. Situation wanthd-bt a practical man, fully competent to Uke charge of a Urge manufaet ir boatoeu: woold take an Interact. Addreaa W, B., boi Herald office. tef ill SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO man. WHO writea and aneeia Rnglleh and Gernen well. Addreaa C J., Herald offlee. Theatrical or mbrc anfile.-?thb advertiser haa been ten jreara In tbe broker bnalneea andI wishes a ?<1 mil II aa eaahier or bookkeeper. Addreaa Whitney, 41 ?hariMo street) NT. Beet rererencea given. SITUATION by a first class 'V wu,iae. Best city reference. Addreea Bemmct. J97 MTVATIONI WASTKlVMAIiES. II/ANTED-BY A KliSfKCTABLi: YOUNG MAN. A vT (iluce as first H"? steward or cook; lormerly em ployed it Johu Tftflor'a International Hotel: hm the ml of referenoe. Can be -een or applied to for three day* at Lao's saloon No. 8 Broadway. \A/ ANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO M AN, AS f T porter or packer In a fancy good? or dry good# nou??? ean give g<*>d reference a* to honesty, capacity, Ac. Apply to or addreaa ftf. Dunn, 256 Hudson *L OWAC1IMKN A SID aABLPKHf?EI. A YOUNG MAN (GERMAN). WHO SPEAKB UOOD English wants a situation aa eoaehman and groom; ha* the beat city reference from hit last place, mid wll be found willing to m.ike blmaair generally uaafuL Addrese for throe daya L. M.. boi 108 llnrald offloe. CIOAOHMAN WANTED.?A MAN WITH BEST CITY J reference*, obliging, sober and capable, and well ac quainted with the city, may apply after 11 M. at 71 South at pOACHMAM WANTED-TO OO TO WESTCHESTER. 10 miles from the city; he mint thoroughly understand his business and the care and treatment of hoi see, and hare good recommendations; a single man profaned. Apply At S Park place, from 11 to 13 o'clock. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COACH O man; understands the care of horses and breaklag of young colta. Best cltv reference Apply at, or address, M. A. Coloman, aaddler, 153 4th sr., near 14th st.. for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, A8 coachman. h ? experience all his life time. Will go for small wsge*. Would like to lire in the city or Brooklyn; no objection to th<- country. Is a handy man aronnd the place aud is willing to insfce himself generally useful. Beat city reference. Address M. C., box 164 Herald offloe. CLERKI AND SALESMEN. TJQOT8 AND SHOES.?WANTED. BY A YOUNO MAM Jj just from the South, and of some two years' experlnoe in the shoe business there, a situation aa salesman or clerk; would hare no objection to travel; best of city reference given. Address for one week R. B. J., box V,048 Post offloe. New York. SITUATION WANTED?IN THE WHOLESALE, BY AN experlenoed dry ^oods salesman of 30; is a thorough hosiery man, beat oity reference. Address L., Herald office. WANTED?FIRST CI.ASB SALESMEN FOB THR v y principal cities of the United States snd Canada*. for the sale of the fine steel engraving of Bicrstadt'a Rocky Mountains, sold by subscription only. Address E. Bleratadt, studio Building, 10th at. WANTED?SALESMEN, IN A WHISKEY HOUSE; TO competent parties a liberal salary will be paid. Ad? dress boi 4.785 Poat ofllce. New York. WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, A POSITION AS clerk in a grocery store, or aa barkeeper. Inquire at 436 1st ar.. corner 36th si. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN OF OENTEEL ADDRESS and business activity, as sslesman in a gentleman's furnishing Htoro. A young mau of the above mentioned atamp from an adja'ent city preferred. Situation perma nent. Address E., Herald ofllce. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ACT AS CASHIER IN a gentleman's furnishing store; must write a fair hand and reside with his parents, up town. Situation permanent to one that suits. Address 8., Herald office. WANTED-A HOSIERY SALESMAN. ONE OF energy and experience. To such a liberal salnry will be given. Apply to J. A C. Johnston. 767 Broadway. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS CI-OTHINO SALESMAN; one with good trade preferred; no others need apply, with refereuoe from 9 to 11 A. M., for two days, to A. C. A J. W. Bell, 30 4tli av. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS MAN AS BUYER AND salesman for the hosiery department aud one as buyer and salesman for the lace and embroidery department. Apply personally or by letter to J.J. Campion A Co, 425 Broadway. TV^ ANTED?DRY GOODS S A l.BSMEN ? ALSO ir?."&ivf,rm,,n aAppiyt- u u?rt?n * <*>..?? Pulton stM Brooklyn HEW WA IVTBIJ-JuImT A ff ADVERTISING CANVASSER WANTED FOR \ ^Ulj^Mn"do ^n? rdi?hm: ?n* ^*vlnR experience and 1?,!.;'" Bp"' no oltirr need upn v. ('?|| at wi room t>*tWae" 8 *nd 5 ?*? M.! third floor froilT BO\ W ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE STORK nnm town logo af crrandsjand make hlmaeir general uaofu'h gag^rS? ^wS'MK.X"" flASH BOYS WANTKD-SMaRT, TIDT AND B-RI r ^ A?r^BWNARVC2TnWelL^'"?,",ed _? ? 1 KW ART A t o., Broadway nnd Tenth atreel. Farmer wanted?married, protivstavi*' a working man who andei*t*nd* his buaineaa Aihi'reM r. B. T.. Herald office, for two daya, wru^fui! nl'ttpnil^ CMREMAN WANTS A situation ADDRESS Fntt ?? "?< ??" ntSm 3E ifSf. pORTRR WANTED?IN AN UP TOWN 8TORR- iw TTAwuh n^A LW THOROUGHLY acquainted wanted-A WAITER in A PRIVATE Pa wrr v Ss J2SK.1F '*""" "?>????AW VVTANTED?IV THE OFFICE OF AN UfPORTINfl ail y,,rU?V "TdHlrU7 l,oy- "Jr>"t ,R /?>?? OM taU? offlw ' Addr"u' 10 ??" han.lwrliln,. box ?g j'o.t VV" ANTED?A FOLDER and MAKER UP OF I INPV JLIr** Tint TRADER. A PMT CLAM PHOTOGRAPHER <>F 11 YEARS' hamTt;. f'T' m iy Iwk ,1^? ? ; telliuent bo?, who ha. been at the bnainr? m7 1 nI I he atore of Ceorge Eelk. iS6 Al .ntJr .. ^ - *''' r and Clinton ?U.JIrookly? Atlantic at., between 1'ourt PAPER HANGINGS.?WANTED, TO OO WK?7~~I Plumbers wanted.?fikst clam only i*F*n Fl?&nkskss?-fiSSi.'?? Rectifying distiller wasted.-^a pRAnrrrar AM who understand* tl.eabore bualnea*, and clt ^/e iir?t (i(i?? r?ff?rwicp, may obtain a i.J ;1J? " ! box 6,7? I'iMt otiler. Mtuatiou by addrt.Minj VJTEKL LETTER cutters THAT CAN MAKE viuc saa"^ Fsss w*a?a>282 wiraaKi WMMJtCH ADV BHTIBKMKIVT*. U*de ?"nV? d^lw"-*'^8, RErR*"RNV ARRIVES diaire ae placer corame bonne d'enfanta d* bo"*"'" reco'nmandaUona. B'adraaaer an M8?th at u k \ r laTar. A J?"D**FUI. DISCOVERY-TEETH ex. ranon n^vTi'^ri"!"*"1! 7'?") bj benumbing appli sfanc"""-'' w/jJr" ? M6 Qrand Hwt, near Bromdwty. "A T'?rIt!'l1.? THREE TO FIVE HOURflZ ^,'^'AN0 T^kN.??in! g'liiranleed K 1 ,7# 8"U 8Ml?f?cUon AWu5?BiwbV* Mii-?KAtTIFUL -GUMO t?e h aStd vT ?l0 np*mrda. Filling decayed 'i?iJ (j?!;, "" '"P'a'tic, ?!. Ritraetlng teotb with t?i 1,219 Broadway, near Thirtieth atnwt. " " DR- M ANSON, Dentist. I new amd IMPROTBD Ainrifflii ? is lr.\ Whole Heu ta. SS, tlO aM superior bea 11 ty, durability and uaefulneaa. (*all H?ick"^et,P^lm',,? b"r0r* '?VlrtVNMWb^..U?l 0"rTln?lWh Ata ?ar?M?.??fLP ^HWOll, EO? %? ^ W ^dT^^h^t^n10 room*. If Ea?t Fourteenth atreet IS,UI0 teatimonlata. ninTella^mk N. ===== A SffS^SgTUi *? '!'i&HSSl ?Si? fcKT.L'te I)RIMMOND ? MOORE. * J 7 (I^te Manlne. Totten A Co.,) w??ii'. ? l,,h f"nne' eornrr Twenty-third atreet. -aia*: "Ks. - Of entry dea. rlptlon; Imported WINES, LIQU0RV1 aiVd SEGARS ? ANMSD AND PKEitRRVRD FRUITS, F??r#lirn nnd Dofn^?tl<% Whoteaato and fuuil. "()Rrt^;,Rp;R'K,r"R,sToir!^""? t?,r nEST-sug _ ' Mltule for aolld atlrer Uhle ware. 711 Broadway SHKW>.Br-^?? & PATNK'.s, wakrantkd KJ the beat in tbla market. For aale to the trade. W. IRVING A CO .MCUlTttrML HOVSES, ROOMS, dtC.. TO LET. AO E N T I. IMA N~AN cTwiFE C A iTTTaVE A LARGE front Room, on lirst floor, with Hoard. Al>"> single Koum *t 32 K?m Oeventeeuth street. Muliit maoaiou. NEATLY FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM TO I.RT, To a slugI* gent only Apply at 177 Bleecker street. ALARQR ftJHVISJtKD ROOM TO LKT?WITH OR without Board; with board. $18 per week, without, $6. Other Rooma, from $io to $86 per week with Hoard llou.a contain* a good bathroom and all Improvement*. Any par ties desiring a pleasant Home, with good lioara, mar ?>ply at the house, liB Waverlay plaoe. Mo moring on the lit of A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO A GENTLEMAN and wife a back Parlor or nice Room, on second floor: both elegantly furnished. Term* moderate. Apply at 8$ East Seventeenth street. Am rleoaict small oottagr?containing TEN rooma; water and gas; nioely altuatrd in Brooklyn. Pos session given Immediately. Rent $42 per month. Apply to C. P. CRaIO, XI Broadway. A SPLENDID PROPERTY TO RENT OR FOR SALE? House containing nearly ISO rooms, handsomely fur nished, with large grounds filled with fruit trees, built for a male or female school In winter, and hotel in summer. Lo. cated at one of our most fashionable watering piaees. Will be sold on easy terms to a responsible party. Apply to DYE t CURTIS. flOB Sixth avenue. Apart or whole op premises, m east thir teenth street, two doors west of Brtwiwajr, to let. from May 1, for business snd dwelling, or will sell three years' lease. J. o. WHITCOBB, on the premls?. A PARLOR FLOOR TO LET?FURNISHED OR UM fnrulshed; possession immediately. Inquire of P. OLOR, 10 West Fourth street, two blocks west of Broadway. A GOOD TOP FLOOR. WITH BEYL1UHT. AT NO 181 Fulton street, suitable for an artist or some quiet business. Rent $100 a year. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT.?UNFURNISHED Houses to rent; Country Seats to rent, furnished and unfurnished. Houses. Karma and Countrr Seats for sale oheap. FREEMAN k CO.. 1H3 Broadway. A SUIT OF VERY DESIRABLE CORNER ROOMS to let at 817 and 819 Broadway, corner of Twe.fth street, for business, An. JOHN 8. KELSO, 44 Nassau street A HANDSOME OORNBRFLOOR OF SIX AND SEVEN Rooms to let. In Jersey City; alio one of four, perfect for housekeeping; moderate rent. Apply at MProapeot street (Paron la ferry.) A?TO RENT. FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE . Store on Broadway In the uew Herald building, the most eltgib.n location In the city; dimensions 21x48 feet. Plans aud Information furnished at present office of Herald. A?TO RENT, FROM 1ST OF MAY, TUB STORE ON ? Ann street In new Herald building, the most eligible location for btiilnens purpose* in the city; dliuennion* ii by 3B feeL Plan* .mil Information furnished at Herald office. A -TO RENT, IN NEW HERALD BUILDINO. COR ? nerot Broadway and Ann street. Offices, singly or in suits; mobt desirable location in the city. Plan* and Information furnished at office of the Herald. A BEAUTIFUL OUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR RBNT rV On the Shrewsbury river, near the Navesiok Highland* and nearlr opposite Red Bank, N. J. An acre of land end ?tabling if desired. Terms moderate Apply to JOHN 8. APPLEUATK, Esq.. Red Bank. New ,Ier*cy. A CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.?A FIVE YEARS' Lease for sale or to lei; the house Nos. 4? aud 49 Bleecker street, 40 leet by 98. A. P. MAUOE, No. 9 Chambers street. A T 819 FOURTH AVENUE?OFFIOK HOURS10T0 4.? A FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED CITY AND COUNTRY HOUSES TO LET. SKK STANLEY DAY'S REAL ESTATK CIRCULAR, WHICH CAN BE HAD FREE OR MAILED UPON RECEIPT OK STAMPED DIRECTED ENVELOP?:. A SUIT OK FURNISHED ROOMS I'M SKCOND lloor, front, for two gentlemen, at $30 per week. Also Hall Room for$5 per week. No meals. IS Bond street. A private family will let an entirb third Floor, hand'omely furnished, with back parlor agd extension, to parties desiring lint class socomtnod itlon*. Private table unlv. The highest rsfercnoea required. Ap ply at SI Weal Sixteenth street. Aprivatk family will let one or two elegantly furnished Room*, without Board, to gentle men only- houae Ural claes: neighlmrhood unexceptionable. For particulars pleaae addreaa box 3,?69 I'M*. office. A FURNISHED HOU8H TO LET?IN EAST POUR teeenth atreet. between Fifth avenue and Union square. Apply for permit to F. BLANCHKT, 294 Sixth aveuue, before 10 o'clock A. M. or after 4 PM. A THREE 8TORT HIOILBTOOP HOUSE ON THIRTY, fifth atreet between Fifth and Sixth arenuea to rent, completely fiirnl?hed. to a reson?ible private family only. Kent %'M per month. Inquire at 724 Broad war. HUMPHBY8 A MATHEWS. AT rOBOBAM, NEAR ST. JAMES' CHURCH-TO let. a House, Stable and Carriage Houae. with about one acre ot laud. Apply to JOHN BUSSINO, 14 Pine atreet At simonds a co.'s, broadway and thirtieth street?Parlies baring houaea to rent can immediately accure responsible tenants who will pay good pi icea. A HOUSE WELL FURNISHED IN THE FIFTEENTH ward, west of Broadway, to let to u private family; rent ?*? a month. Address Homer, box SB Herald bflloe. 4 WHOLE FLOOR?furnished FOR IIOU8 ? KEKP .*\ inn, to let; also a Room and Kitchen. Inquiie at sye Fourth avenue. ALAROE ROOM AND HALL ROOM, THIRD STORY, front to let singly or together, without board. Terms , moderate; private family; reference. 71 West Twenty seventh street, near Sixth arenue A FAMILY. HAVfNO MORE ROOM THAN THEY need would rent out a part of their houae from 1st Msy to a small family without childrao: up town, west aide. Addrees Kalpti, box 114 Herald olUce A-FROM MAY I. ON THIRTEENTH STREET, TMKKE . blocka from Broadway, three Floors of brown stone modern improved house; family occupying one floor, three American adults, drat claaa people; rent $.60 per month. Address box 6.S40 Poet oilier, and yoa will be called upou. A COSY UNFURNISHED COTTAGE AND SEVERAL Floors to let.?Iteut $11 to $3& month. Also snlendidly furnished suit Immediate posaesalou. Open day and ere ning. 114 Third arenue. A SMALL OFFICE TO LET-IN NO. 3 PINE street. __ Rent>400. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY. ANRAT THRKE STORY HIOH BASEMENT AND sub ocllar House to let to a small family only. Kent $1,300. An elegant place to let on the Hudson, furnished. An extra large flouae rurntaheri, on Waverlev place POTTER BROTHER* k KELLAMY. Mo. 3 Pine atreet, up stairs. A HANDSOME SMALL THREE STORY BRICK House to let, completely furuUned. Possession May 1. Rent $180 per month. Apply between 10 A.M. and ISM., on Monday, Majcli 4. POTTER BROTHEBS A BELLAMY', No. 3 Pine atreet. up st-tirs. A LARGE BASEMENT TO LET.?<89 BROADWAY. A COUNTRY SEAT TO LET-IN WESTCHE8TKR county, a short distance from Harlem bridge. The house ia a comfortable uimnirr and winter dwelling, and grouuda and outhouses drat ciaaa; splendid East river view. Apply to JOHN K \VAN Atill. northeaal corner of Isrt) aecond atreet and Sixth urenue. a FIRST CLASS SI'AClOt'8 HOUSE IN FORTY ? J\ seventh atreet. betwean Fifth and 8lxth arenne.a?<- III be rented, furnished, to a strictly privste family; none other need spply. JOHN KAVA'NAOII, cortbsast corner Forty second atreet and Sixth arenue. A-T. J. OIBBONS. 100 BLEECKER STREET, IIAB . to let. possesion Immediately: ? Houses 147 Wsverley place, three atory and basement. $1 400 liS Mercer street, four story and store 2,&0t Also, from May I? 9 Huberts!.. 3 story and basement, with extension... 1.800 101 Prln<-e ?t. 4storyand basement ISO 223 Ka?t Broadway, 6 story and basement 3,100 105 Ureenwkh sr., 3 atory and baaement I 400 l$3 Bleecker St., Boarding house, 30 rooms 3.U00 A FIRST CLASS HOUSE?NINETEEN ROOMS, THREE water closets, two bnths; splendid gas chandelier*; unobstructed view front and rear; 400 feet; 47 Oreenwlch avenue. Apply at 64 West Tenth street. Broadway store loft, corner of Houston street, to let; It Is the beat business location In New York. HALL J. HOW. No. t Pine street. Bar to rent on broadway.-four years lease, with oigsr stand and flxtures complete; eon nected with a Drat class restaurant and doing a line bust ness. Apply to BLEECKER A DENIHON, Bo. Pine stj COOPER SHOP TO LF.T?SB KINO STREW; RENT $?00 Apply to O. W. N1LES, US Broadway, up stairs. CORNER STORE TO LET?WITH SPLENDID FIX lures for sale, with Are years' leaae; mnst be seen to be appreciated; an old stand: the best up town. Apply to C. K. MAUUIRE, corner of Thlrty-flret street and second arenne. pOUNTRY SEATS TO LET?FURNISHED. FOR THB V year or summer months, at Fort Washington. Lake National-, Peek skill. Bull's Ferry and Orange. Apply to A BEROKANT. SI Wall street. ELEOANT HOUSE IN FIFTH AVENUE TO BBNT furnished, near Madison square. to ? first class private family only. Apply to BLEECKER A DENISON, No. ?H Piae street. factory TO LET?WITH WATER FRONT AND r dock. Apply to 8. B. BCH1BFFBLIN, 170 William street. IR8T LOFT; IS MURRAY STREET. TO tET-SSMO, with part ol fourth. Apply to SHERMAN BROTH RS, 43 Warren street. Furnished nousE to rent, akv possbbbion immediately.?A full furnished three story House In Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth arenue; reatBl.fOO per an num, with lease one year from May ns*t. The furniture, which la nearly new, will b* sold at agreat bargain, particulars inquire of F. COLTON, 7*1Broadway. TjH'RNISHRD HOUSES FOR RENT-IN DIFFER^.-, r parts of the city. To let to strictly private families. No houses are taken to rent by a* that are known to be In dif ferent agents heads. LIsU furnished on application by mall, "taring owner's name and Hhw. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. fjWRNI8HED HOUSES TO LET?THB FOUB STORY r English baaement IS Bast Nineteenth street; also. a three story high stoop in Thlrty-flret atreet. near Madison arenue. to private families only. Fee permlte apply to C. BAILEY, IP Fifth street Furnished house to let?situated on Bloomlngdale road, overlooking Hudson rtver; ten minutes' walk from upper part of Central Park; double frame house, with stable, iM about two acres of ground Addreas box 4.Sit Post offiee. Ij'UBNISHRD HOUSE TO RE NT-SI SO PEB MONTH T Possession April 1. Apply at Baal Rlath street, near Second avenue. l/URBISHKD ROOMS TO LET.?flRBT fLOOR AND J Hall Rooms, men preferred. Will let to maa and wife, with U>e privilege of Kit. hen. Apply at 1SS Wast Nine teenth atreet. h'lVB STORT STORE, DOWN TOWN, TO LBT?WITH slesoi power. A Idress E P.. bos 110 Herald nflloa K HOl'SBS, ROOMS, TO IjKT. fJuRNIHHKD AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO P let, for uib summer months ?r longer, at Sputeu Duy vil, Bivrrsdalr. Tarrytown and Slug Slug. Further particu lars wili^ 8. KMUkKSuM 421 Eighth avenue. FOUB HP I KNIHD LOFTS (BACH 1U FE ET BY 26) TO let?together or separate. In the while marble building corner of Hroomr and Crosby ?treei?; rent low. Inquire el 419 Broome street. FfBOM THE 1ST OF MAY?TWO SUITS OF THREE OB more Room* each. In a magstuoent brown atone mau alou, near Delmonioo's. Befer to kino A CO . . Ho. 9 Weet Twenty third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. First class furniture, carpets, bbddibo, Pianofortes, Mirrors. Ac., furnished upon monthly pay ments bv tleo. A. CLARKE. ?4S Broadway, opposite Astor place. Houses snd rooms f urnlahed enure. Houses to lbt-by j. o. bailey,

10 FIFTH street, SM Broome street, two story and store. BO West Fourteenth street, four story h. s. SB Seoond avenue, three stonr h. a. 2#S West Nineteenth streat, four story s. b. TJOU8EKEEPKRS OR PERSONS OOINO TO HOUSE 1X keeping will be supplied. snd cm pay weekly or monthly paymenu for Carpets, Oilcloths. Furniture of every description, Bedroom and Parlor Suits, Bedding, Ac., at BBNDALL A scott'B. corner of Canal and Huason sM. ITOUSEKEBPBBS-A BABB opportunity.-ALL * I the handsome Furniture of s parlor snd four bed* rooms for sale, at a great sacrifice, for essh; magnificent rose wood Planofoite, cost (6:0. will be sold for $270: a beautiful Parlor Suit, cost (276. for 9135; one do. for $76. Inquire at 118 Wost Eighth street, near Sixth srenue. HOU8B BENT?EXTRA CHANCE.-1I ROOMS FULLT, newlr furnished; must be sold. Only those hann* (2,300 cash, meaning bustness. may call after 10 A. M. Lease transferred gratis. Immediate possession. 110 Weet Twenty sixth street. _____ House mbwlt furnished to bbmt.?large four story, suitable for a lsrge fsmllv, between Uni versity place and Broadway. Bent (310 a month and board for three parsons. Address R. S. E., box 168 Herald offloe. T OFT TO LBT?WITH OB WITHOUT STEAM POWEB, lj (1x42; well lighted, snd suitable for light manufactur ing purposes: possession Immediately. Inquire la the store, 180 Centre street. VfABONIC LODGE BOOM AMD ARTISTS STUDIOS JYL to let. at 836 Broadway. OFFICES AND DESK BOOMS TO LET-O* RKCOND floor, front, at 78 Cedar street; also Lofts at 2(1 Broad way and ft) Bowery, near Canal street. D. D. ORBELL, 78 Cedar street. PART OF BROWN STONE HOUSE. SECOND AVE i]ue, near Kifty-tlt'th street, to let; small family; all conveniences; (700, with use of laundry. Apply at 167 West Seventeenth street. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE FOR RENT-A FRONT BASE ment at 21 Brevoort place (Tenth street), between Broadway and University place. Possession Immediately. No moving 1st of May. Rare chance fob business me.v. -stork and House to let. Sixth avenue; best location; five years lease. Also House. Seventeenth street. Call on owner, St ?Sixth avenue, up stairs. STEAM POWER TO LET?ONE ROOM, 80X100. OBOUND floor, with 10 to 2U horse power. Possession immedi ately, at 300 Seventh avenue, corner Twenty-ninth street. STORE TO LET?NO. 117 ORAND 8TRERT. NEXT door to Broadway. Also Brick House IS* Laurens street, next door to Broome. Inquire at 20 Howard street, up stairs. STEAM POWER ?BOOM OS OROUND FLOOR, 80x?0, and Room on first lloor, 3Ux(0, with power, to let. Ap ply on premised. 8. PITOU. 302 First avenue, corner of Tweoty-fourin street. SIX OR EIOHT BOOMS, IN ONE OF THE PRETTIEST located houses In the cily. 306 West Forty third street, will be rented to a centeel family of crown persons; the rest of the house will he occupied by the owner and wife. Pos session at once If desired. May be seen from 9 till 2 Monday. STATKN ISLAND ?TO LET. furnished OR UN furnished. Second and Third Floors of n stone house, containing large rooms, kitchen and basement room: line farden connected; distiuce from ferry about eight minutes, uquire at J. I oellier's photograph gallery, oorncr of Bar and (.rani streets, between first and second landings, Tomp kins vi He. 8. I. CiTIOP TO LET-ONE BOOM, 20X30. SUITABLE FOR S chasers or engravers ; has eight ?'"^VrrLaNDKr"* four lu the bacn; rent low. Apply to OBBR L AN D L tt ? WALDRU^, 46 Heekiiun nireel. I om^hIqp immediately. STORAOE TO I<ET?FOR FURNITURE A NO MER chandme. In the first ola- .t^??. warrho..^ N 0.2C Hudson street, between Canal and 8,>ring. Apply to JOHN L. BOGUS, tn the more, on the premUo. mO LET-ON BROADWAY, W THE NEW AND SPLEN 1 did building known ai>Soi. 4fi?and?7, SaMAr.M?i!S3 and on tn** mont fH*?riblij terma. lA v n Apply to Mr. CODLlNO, on the premises, or to E. H NICHOLS No. > Fine "reel. mn t irT two FIjOORS 23X100. AND SPLENDID ^hL* T Ur O,T ?nv. slwT "? ? e? Vnjlhree .lory brick Bui ding; alfio a three story brick Building, with cellar, lirtS, with raniToom and entrance for carta andtra..t?; aultable for manufacturing nJHr Chat Manhattan Brewery, at J2 and M Baiter ?"*'> ?"ar ' ham. Inquire on the premlaea. Immediate possession It required. mo I-ET-FIRST FLOOR OF KSTORE, ?? H*1*}!! 1 square, on street, on reasonable term of years, al?o fine basement of sirne: h1s<> -econd Floor, up one Might of same; will be leased together or separate. Inquire on the premises. mo I FT?A HOUSE IN I12TH STREET, FIRST HOUSE Tnortheast oorner Third avenue, with all the newe>t un proremeuts. Can lake poa?ession immediately. Rentfl.WW. Inquire of M. SOLI,IX'. 5J hleecker street moTET^ANTLEOANTLY FURSISIIED HOUSRIN 1 one of the most aristocratic ^ iiase from next May. The houae la tilled and Irender* ? Tearir lno.mV '.f o?er tl-VOOO. Will tot it at ??,?? paid ? uarterlv in advance. For the rent as well as the furniture, ih^h is insured for till,000. best security on cl t yor near by real estate Is required. No oihers uOttcod. Addreei X. station D, New York t'oat oillce. TO LET-THE BRICK BUILDINOS, III AND IIS East Thirteenth street, piano warerooms: 115 to 141 East Thirteenth street, soluble for a tactory with part of rear bulldinus' dwelling house 1 Itl Fourth avenue, suitable for a soreand Stables lor 10 hor*e?. with ro .m i?r wagons, at rrSunh?"m.e. \ ppiv at I? Fourth avenue. mo I VT?TWO COTTAOE8. CONTAINING ABOUT SIX EwSP Inquire of TILMAX. on the premi-es. mn I FT?FURNISHED, TH ? 8KCOND FLOOR OF A T h'ntse ill a private family: handsomelv ""<t suitable tor houMkeejtrc. with water gas. Ib?tliroom. sta ,,,i? >c ? reference required; rent $75 a month, ffifr two Jay^at lUWest ThS, a~enUi .tr~C .1 dress box 4B7 Postofflce. KSSaS sponsible parties need not ap^y. House in University plsce, Xhrec story, with CarpeU and M?l2.r"'furnished House (small), in Fortr-fourth street, be Ap?ly W jf.H^A. YAN BU8KIRK, 78 Fourth avenue, corner of Tenth *tre?*t. mo rLMAW HAVING A FURNISHED r Hrmse in a desimble ?rt o f*e ?*.!? fl~r^orlbhl3. wljh"private tsbie and Board .or three. Call for three days atSiO Broadway, up atalre. mn I rr-AFCRNISIIED HOUSE, NEAR FIFTH A V E T nuo w t private family only; ISA per month. W. W. B., Jr., Hcrald oOee. . TTrtZa VEBY DESIRABLE HOUSE IN LAMAR tine place (Twenty-ninth street); Immediate poaeession; saswast Twsilth lUSSt i,et-a FOUR RTORY HIUH stoop brown ?tone How In West Twenty-w?cond street. m^olH rentiv lumished. to a prtvaie famll*; possession Imuiedi Heir inquire oT I rfBHOD^ Sft Thirtv-tecnd street, between 10 A. M .anda t. M. mA lkt-A firbt floor, four rooms, to a re Twetsble family, wlthoui children. #18 Sixth avenue, 'tween Thirty-rtiltt ??d Thtrty-eevenlh Ml?U. r LET-FURSISHKD HOUSE 1? WEBT FORTY fifth straet; rant miirterste; to a unsll fstnlly. Apply to BAKER k CO.. Broadway, corner of Forty-fifth street fPO LET?SM FRONT STREET. SECOND DO<?B FROM 1 Fuitoo, with steam power: also four ^elx>ru onFi'l ton street, with staam power. Inquire of WM. H. OOOD WIN A CO., 807 Water street. _ LET-HOUSE m WEST FOBTY SI8TH STBEET: ?1,600. Apply to BAKER ? CO.. Broadway, eornar of Forty-fifth street. rH LEASE?A COMPLETELY FURNISHED "?TE^ near City Hall. Imiulre at No. b W all street, rooms a and 28, between ? and 5 H- M. rM LET-IN CLINTON PLACE. BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenues, uifurnlshed second Floor, seven room*; alio, aeparste, baok Parlor snd etians^n. posses ion Apnl I, or May. Addrese Clinton, Herald oWea. rmim LET-THREE STORES. WITH I*MEDIATE POB session for one. let of May for oth^?; rin^ s iltahfe Ing lease, nxturee or stock, and M a reasonbale rent. for any reepeouble buslaeee; oo Sixth Twenty Bfth and Thirtieth etreete. Apply to W*. 'AN WAOKNEN A CO., 472 Sixth svenoe. T^io LET-Fl^NlSHED ROOMS, *ntU and wife, or single aenllemen. at renv u the let of May, at >7 East Twenty-elMbtH ati eet. m LET-FIVE STORY BRICK BUILPINO. WTT^ 1 steam power, UxlOO feet. Inquire on the pretnleea, P? Wooeter street. rPO LET?FROM THE FIRST OF MAY W^XdTfe<?M 1 nlshed or unfumtehed Apsrtmente. priors aml^K JHna, suitable for trade, medical oBloee and lodgings, eltnai W) Bond street. Apply at ?4. f|10 LET-ONE HALF OF A hanUr'o^'ga" 1 Basement, suitable for locksmith. bell hangw ga fitter. Inquire at Mft Klghth aveaue, ha?? rpo LKT-A SECOND FLOOK Nif'illulLd" imn^edlate 1 a.mall famllv; water possession, at l?Wooster street. cornar o^Frtnoe^ __ rpo 1,1 f in '''"NSTREET TnBmiNn^H^n,, mo LFT-IN IHTH STREET. "?ABw^r,Vl'n^.^'-n ? ? Taita.** 10 Filth etreet. HOVBKS. BOOMS. JCC.. TO LET. r|.0 LET?KUKNIaHED, THE THREE STOKY BRICK X Huuoe 3o l.aal Iweniyeigluh aUeel. between Madtaou and I'ourtb aveuuea. For penult, Ao., *i>uly to WILLIajI DbPuW, W Cedar street. TO LET?WITH FURNITURB, NO. 816 EAST TENTH ktrt'Ki, near becoud avenue. Oka be MWU uujy by pel mit trom w. 11. WOOD, 66 Wall aireeL rpo LET-COLLINS HOTEL, CORNER OK WEST AND 1 Hoboien MWU. Immediate possession. Apply at 192 lin>adway. from 11 to 13 oViuck, or ?l m t wenty sevsnth iuwi to PETER A. H. JACKSON. TO LET-THE BROWN BTONE HOUSE 108 WEST ThirlySeeond street, partially furnished. The owner, wife and hod will board with the tenant. To be seun fiom a ? ? p.m. rpo LET-A llANDSOMELT FDRNI8HED ttOOM, ON J. second door, with every convenience: alfo one on fourth floor, with gas. Ac., with or without Hoard. Mr*. H. BALL, 136 Leiington avenue, between Thirty-second and Thirty third streets. rpo LET-ONE OF THOSB FOUB HOUSES ON A Twenty-fourth street about 100 feet east of Fourth avenue, with iron verandas in front Can be seen on Wed nesday! ADAMS, 933 Broadway. r LET?SEVERAL DESIRABLE FURNISHED Houses. to private families only. Inquire of B. H. HINE, Ml Sixth avenue. TO LET-IN THE FAMILY OF A WIDOW, A FOB nlabed Room, to a gentleman; alaoa second Floor, partly furniahed, with privilege of housekeeping if deaired; will be let separately or together to a lady and gentlemau. VI Weat Thirty-sixth street, betweeu Eighth and Ninth ava. rLET?A VBBT DESIRABLE MARBLB FRONT Houae. with bay window, one door above Thirty sev enth street, on Seoood avenue. In perfect order: rent 11,100 tu$L 209. ADAMS, 963 Broadway. rLBT-TWO ELEGANT FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR gentlemen, without Baud; gas. hot and cold water. Inquire at 119 Clinton pis on, between Fifth and Sixth ava. fPO LET-FIRST FLOOR AND BASE MB NT. APFLT A on promisee, Seveoty-aeventh a treat, between Seoond and Third avenuea. TO LET-A VBBT DB8IBABLB LITTLE OFFICB, AT 96* Broadway, to be nicely fitted up, near the forka of Broadway and Twenty-third street. ADAMS, 968 Broadway. TO LET-FURNISHED. IN A OOOD LOCATION IN Brooklyn, a large Houae, containing 27 rooms; It haa all the modern improvements, and is in good order: rent $3,000 per annum. Apply to T. C. MOORE, Real Estate Agent, corner of Clinton and Degraw atreeta, Brooklyn. TO LET?FCRNISHED, THAT LITTLE OEM OF A Houae on Twenty-fifth street, one door west of Lexing ton avenue, in perfect order; mantle mirrors throughout seen by permH. Poeaeaaion April or May. ADAMS, 968 Broadway TO LET-FOR ONE OB MORE TEARS, THE FIVE story brtak Building northeast corner of Thirty-seventh street and 1 hird avenue. It is well adapted for hardware, tea business grocery, crockery, boots ana shoes or any other business requiring space and population. Will not rent it for sale of liquor. Apply to JOHN KAVANAGH, northeast corner of forty-second street and 81xtn avenue. The upper part of the house mi canal street to let?Suitable for most any light fancy business. Inquire of J. NEUBAUER, 367 Cnnal street rpo LET?FURNISHED, A TWELVE ROOMED HOU8E, X situated at MdVitclair, N. J.. with good garden, fruit, Ac. Is withiu ten minutes' walk of depot, and one nour l'rom New York. Address Malaon, Herald office. TO LET?A FURNISHED PART OF A HOUSE. SUIT able for anv like buslnese as dqctor, dentist, dress maker, Ac., at 67 Eaat Twelfth street, near Broadway. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF THE BROWN STONE English basement House 148 East Thirty-fourth street. Can be seen from 10 to 12 o'clock Monday and Tuesday. r LET-NO. 220 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEXT to Stuyvesant square; four stories, handsomely and completely furnished, from 1st May or 20th April, for one year; will be let to an unexceptionable party fo- private use ouly. Apply to JOHN L.A1IMAlMt. 131 Deuue street mo LET-AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP X Houae. in a good street near Fifth avenue; in first class in every respect and in perfect order, having always been occupied by tlie owner. None but parties of stability need apply. Rent *4.000. REMsEN APPLEBY. 10 Pine st. ^HU, A FIRST CIjASS BROWN and tk!5.5im .??P. Ho"*?> w?rnei- "f Lexington avenue ana Thirty-first struct. Also an Eozltflh HascmenL tour stories, in 1 wealy-third atreet, n?.r Third avenue. OKMY A OUrLAWU, 4!0 KourJt ureaue. TO LET-A FURNISHED ROOM, SUITABLE FOR housekeeping, at 381 Fourth avenue. Kant roaaonable. TO LET?A FIR8T CLASS FOUR BTORY BROWN JP!kll!out Hou'*'on .venue, near Twenty J^ihln r*e^ f *" "n?*ceD?*on*ble private family only, fur niahed or unfurnished. JOSEPH juahon, s? Pine al. TO COWER PART OF HOUSE 170 EAST Tblrtjr-fourth street. first Floor and basement- nine ?!??aja *?*!"? .>'n .P**1 order: Immediate possasslou; rent $46. Apply to It. II. HINn, Ml Six 111 avenue. T<Twr^Tr?fth5t!Li,I2i*8E-0.'i Thk nortii ????? of .h^fr**,7 between Lexington and Fourth ave Hi III . J "'Odern improvement* an.I g*. fixtures. Ad ply only to Mr. VAN B It uMT, on tlie premiMsa. H'O LET-IN TARRYTOWN, A FINE QonVTttY bmt. A donee, commanding a good ylew of the river. Au.. with ?ir2i'.ani T I*nd s'lached. Alao, in West l-ourteenth street, a large four stoiy high atoop Houae wlni all the modern improvements. J. t W. DEMIAM, Eighth avenue corner Mueenth atreet. M?uui avenue, r LKT?A SECOND FLOUR. SUITABLE FOR DEN in'auJi^h^k pbUSlnM"",? AUo* w,lh 'ui mediate poa. urCih*fe^a;,nyd ,Il"n"i,,u App" *l I 'PO LET-TWO ELEGANT FULL FRONT THREE ehean^JSai^'ok lloueee In Fortieth atreet. near Park avenue. N.n&^^e.^ nDUm- McUKATU * ^KAin-. So. Si TO LET-A FIRST CLASS FIVE STORY~AND~ATWC iiC'h!iII?r S? on Twenty-third Mreet; contain* 'Jo available rooms, exclusive of kitchen. laundry three bath rooms, two butler1. pantries Ac To let "rauhnd or tha l-urntture would bedispnsed ot with luue at a fair valua Hon. Apply at a. H. TAYLOR'S, 8 and 10 Pine street. T0U,LBT?PART OF AN KLBOANTLT FURNISHED Store, bent location on Broadway nultuble for an onti ctnn or dealer In meerschaum or other fancy ?^,^ w,s session Immediately. Inquire st i;? Bro..uirJj. Clga^iio?. r";ET7jHR FOUR STORY MARHLE BUILDING AW and ^ Canal street. Erected by itie Uniou |>ime saving. Hank, (except banking room). very de" ,able ?i? mercantile business. Inquire at ilauk. Ior rpo LET?A FLOOR, TO a sMAi L fa Mil v np rthe prfn"CT-8,t swth r LET-UPPER PART OK HOUSE NoTt lAVFS Kt^corner of Oak with klichen and outhnui- rent ysai. Apply to EDWD. HART A CO., 144 Pearl mn-et'. r LET-furnished, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSES, sion. a neat two atnry lilgh atoup usmmd! and collar ?'?n.'iK ?*'"> sll modern Improvement*, located on 130th street, near the steamboat landing: beautiful view of the rlvur;JMt only $100 per month. Or w'll sTtoe FWnl. S^"S? y?lur and rert the Hon," for fJenue 10 WM VAX WAOKNKN, 471 Sixth r. r KT-JW(,) FR^NT ROOMS ON Tfl'RD FLOOR, in a reapectntile private hoti*?. to a amall family In quire of J. A. MOYNA, 156 Kldrtdgo atreet or* Bowery rpo LET?SUITS OF APARTMENTS, FURNISHED OB I nnlronialted. with Hoard at private tables It dealied ?1L_ i1"* JT st Perth A mix.v. v. j ;u mln; iii<>? from New \ork by the new cxpre** train of Staien I "land Railroad. Apply nt 31 Merrer mree accond floor. Mhnday. Wetlneaday or Friday. ' rLET-AN EXCELIiFINT FARM OF 110 ACRKS within ten miles of the Htv. tovcli- wit', good hnlid VvTtioHT, la'slr,1!.^ productive. Apply to H. rl.ET IV BROOKLYN-ON HI AVK\I F a I very fine Stoi-e, with Fixture.. OfKid for ,lrv I tx>ot? and shoes or fancy goods. Apply to N. COOKER 27H r niton T? L5T.fT manhattanville-housf. grounds and RUhle, very dealrnhly lo nted. with Que v.ew of r PSficuIars apply to J A MEM M. TAYLOR, 37 fpo LET fcrnisiied?THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE 1 on East Twelfth atreet, between Senond and Third' ?venues, 2.VWM00. with sll 'the improvemTn,,; "n ?Iior der; poj.esakiD Immediately; also !. bSdsomi furShUi comer hpusenn I.e,toy ten .venue ; the bou.e and furnltu^ " 1 u'7 'V f?"; r*n? W10 P*-" month. Other HouZa, fur nished and tinturnlahed. to tat, Inmi $|,go* to $7.0U0 Mr an I",m JOHN K A VAN AO II northJaiTTornerof aecond Street .nil Sixth avenue. J T(Nn1 fITmiiivi!1 nJRiHE?ra t-ar<ik ?tone house KViaai'iffiuss?' rrfLr;Tf^Ilillf!?H^iD.-THRKE "ORY BROWN stone front House. 274 Lexington avenue, lo a private ramily. Far permits spply to W. I. FLAN AU AN, lOtfChri" 116 strMt* r LET furnished-THE FOUR STORY ENGLISH basement brown atone front Houae 81 Haat Thirty ninth atreet. between Lexington and Fourth avenues, fo let. the three ak-rv Haaae :!? East Hlity.wvond street For r*r?lu 'I'r'y'oJ B MARREVELLA. Ml Third .venne. rLET, POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY?THE TWO story and attic Hanae 227 I.ewla atreet. near Kuhth J. C. BAILF.V. 10 Fifth .treat. T? .I,ET5 OB BXOWANOB?A FIRST CI.M Resident* .t Eliubeth, N. ,1.; In per led aider and calculated for. large family; Communication toitv times ,ddrr-?w TO let OR LEASE?LOTS IN FRONT STREET NEAR a.ree't Inquire of A Da M WALKER, :U6 Frost rf.mul J'i? TJ* LKASI--TO A SMALL PRIVATE in ?'! u 7l' "r"1'"" "?ry hrn,rn '"*h Stoop llOllae on -Hitmy Hill, fresooed and new.y tum.ol.eil. will, .ill modern improvements. Pomcaion l?t of April or latof wiJy "?Illcul*M call o or addre.. ll. W.?4I1 Itn^d. T'dan^T..9R Li'A8E-*LKGANr COUNTRY RKSI A den< e, at Inwnod, on the Httdson; br<< k m insi'Mi, wlih Bf*ro"staWes, carriage hr> i?e and other oui L. ?r U n i U ?"" f,om fsllroed nUtloti and tire mllM fYom 'J^itritl Park; will he let with Furniture. Ap ply to F. A. THOMPSON. f.? W.rr.-n -ii-e,. V fpo let OR LEASE?Ft>R STORAGE. MANUPACTTR. nl^,i!"/i.0rr0-il;rr. pn,T)fM' s,,>r* Basement, *VxM0. rffn?i Thirty 'Ichth atreet, First and Seomri ;?y?nuea. avenue A * " Apply to WM. KltOHNE, W5 Ta|u^h.15n?yia?,'R vr,2" ^ARTMAB S STABLE, liiacksmlth *bon Ac . the Premises Na. S4 Pell ati-aM Inquire nf p WF.FKS 411 Mott sfaree * T?..^*WE?THH FOl'B STORY AND BABEMENT Ins notthwest eorn?r of Foiiiteenth street M i?x ""?"'<? snd 1110 leal on Frnir tTiHn2 adapted f ir bunii t or .ny msuufat iieJi i *r/^ basement* large and we|| Kf. Apply to llfcSHT M. baITy, SM Biootno street. HOUSES, ROOMS. OiC.. TO LfcT. npo LEASE?FOR TWO OK THUS YEARS. Kl'R X niabed or unfurnished, one of the beat Houses lu New ark. fronting the Park and near ihe depot*. with Hue ?Ubla. Iuqutrauf^aHKHMAJf BROTHERS, 43 Warren street. _ r LEASE?A rectifying HOUSE. ORAIN DISTIL ^vA.J?,lMP?UUu'lrrJ' "d iiatoratus Mauufactoiy Ap ply to LOW BEE, V AUK ACQ., M6 Front street. fO LEASE?THIRD AND FIFTH FLOORS OF MAR ble Buildin* 814 Broadway; building 110 by 25 feet. In quire of ALEX. LAULK8QW. No. 7 Bible Hiiilif. rpO LBA8E?CORNER OF THIRTIETH STREET AND r .Soeoud avenue. Hoaae Mx30 feet for a term of years. ADply to N. Bl'RG'liELL, 130 Earn Thirty-first aueet. T? ,OK A TERM OF YBAB8, THE PROP erty 140 and 144 Elm atreet and 101 Pnnoe street; lou 9 iiS-'j?1- A1"? f<* ?ale at Roslyn, L. I., two a tor* House, owl* kitchen; lot 88x*0 feet. Apply to W^R RBW ^ wlLKEY. B Sprmoe aireet, from 10A. M. to U M. TOO LEASE?A CONSPICUOUS CORNER, *4X90. SUIT ?k. or ? fa^taurant or bask, being altuatad botwet the grocery and dry gooda trade. BALDWIN. No. t Harrison atreet. (TW) LEASB-THB larob FIVE STOBT MANSION MAB^VgAr^ny.n'Sr*^- APPl7 10 ^ T?W EJ^T?A thobouqhlt furnished HOLSK I i Madison square, for one or two ?oars. AppKj CHAUNCBY BARNARD, No. lOu Braadwaj^ TO BBNT?POSSESSION ON THB 1ST OF MAT. T. X Houae and Store No. 147 Spring (treat, ? feet fr? handsome show window*; the (tore has been occupied t the pant fifteen years for the aula of drygooda. Apply to WILLIAM SOB, Bun a Head Bank. TO BBNT?POSSESSION ON THB 18T OP MAT, Firat rlua b a. front Hou-a, M B. ?th at. rant $ FlralJcUaa b. a. front Boose, 108 B. 00th at., rent v. Two first class b. a. front h. E. 78th St., n. 4th ar.,each. l,% House No. 83 West Washington place l.a. Houae and Store, No. 147 Spring street Three Floors pver #uU's Head Bank, each 14*06 feet.. 2,00 Apply to BICHTWILLIAMSON. at BuU's Head Bank. mo BBNT?BLBOANTLT furnished, X 4 story E. b. b. a, Wast JSd at. per month..., 8 story h. a. b. a.. West 86th at, per month 8 story h. s. brick, West 48d at, par month Bemaen street, Brooklyn, per month Apply to BIOBLOW A BERNARD, 14 Pine atreet | r RENT?A THBBB STORY AND BASERENT brick Houae, with all the modern improvements la' good neighborhood: rent $900. Apply to MoCLAVK BROS., Lumber Yard, Eleventh avenue and Twenty-secood atreet mo RENT PUBNISHED?A FIRST CLASS HOUSB OM 1 Weat Thirty-third street, near Fifth avenue (One of Aa tor's); possession about 12th March. Adureaa box iUIBi Post ofttoe. r BENT?BY S. P. IRELAND, 801 BBOADWAT. An elegant brown stone House on 54th M. Two do. on Broadway. A three story brick on East Broadway. One do. on 68th st One do. on Spring st. One do. furnished, on 15th st. Two do. do. In Brooklyn. Also, several Country Seats, furnished and unfurnished. TO BBNT?A FEW DOOBS PROM 8TBWABT8, AH elegant Suite of Rooms for millinery; plate glass win dowa; has been oocupled for millinery. Apply to Mr. WALSH, 87 Naasau street ? TO RENT?FURNISHED, NO. 86 PARK AVENUE, throe Nlorr m irble front Uouse. Can be seen only by permit from W. H. WOOD, ?6 Wall atreet TOO RENT?the FOUB 8TOBY HOUSB 88 BEACH X atreet fronting St John's park; all modern Improve ments. For permits apply to J. C. 11AILEY, 10 Fifth streak. rRBNT and LEA8B?PROM 1st MARCH, A ORO oery Store, with fixtures complete, situated corner Gold and Second streets, Jersey City. 1 Three rooms on second ploob to lbt. with privilege of kitchen, to gent and wife; locution, Claasou. near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; SO minutes from Fulton ferry: rent low to a (jood tenant; poaaeaslon Imme diately. Address t>. P. T., box 167 Herald office. TO phy8ician8.?TO let, AN OFFICE IS A VERY desirable neighborhood, for some time paat occupied bm a physician: la offered on reasonable terms. Inquire of J. p. Chamberlain, am eighth avenue. WATER POWER TO let?ON second PLOOB, room 30x60. Address box 1, Belrldere, N. J. WATER FRONT ON EAST RIVKR.?A BLOCK Ofl Ground to lesse, with bulkheads complete. Water I deep enough for the largest vessels. Apply to J. T. WIL-I HAMS. 7?Wall street. WORKSHOPS TO LET?THREE NICE. LIGHTl Workshops to let, for light business?real low?at f" Burling slip. HOU8B8, ROOMS, ?C.. WASTED. A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO OBTAIN] a floor of throe or four Rooms: terms must be mode rate; down town location preferred. Address J. H., 14S Herald office. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE WANTEDfl to a good neighborhood. Address, slating rent. H. r box 3,966 Post office. Any person about visiting eueope can nbJ gottate with an adult American family, of un able references, to take charge of tbeir house until they turn. Hatiafaotlon guaranteed. Addresa R. O. T., bos Herald office. A GENTLEMAN (MIDDLE AGED) WlsnKB m large, quiet room on second floor, near Broadway. In M permaueut, ruilned family, with home attractions. Aadrsaafl wltli terms, Clinton, Herald oflloe. ? SMALL HOU8E WANTED?ON EAST SIDE, WTThI in six blocks or Cooper institute, or Dwelling over store not objected to; best city and oountry referenoe; ak rent in adranoe. A'ddi ess box 5.808 Post oooe. N UNFURNISHED MODERN THREE BTOBH House wanted, by a verv responsible small prlralfl familv; possession 1st May or before. Address ddsws A Co.. ?$< H road way. | D~~ BUO STORE WANTED.?ADDRB8S A. B., 70 Forty-sixth street, giving particulars. House wanted?in Brooklyn, fob a smal^ family; must be oonvnient to cars. Bant not 10 f >400 a year. Address U. M., box 833 Herald offioe. Fart of a house wanted-by a small familJ (no children); east side preleired. Possession May S r 10. Address, with full particulars, bos 1,701 N. Y. Po't r SMALL HOUSE WANTED?BY A RESPONSIBI vonng married couple (no children); an nnfurnishsd 1*1 story and attic or three story House, with hot and " water; on west side of town and below Fourteenth si preferred: rent from $1,000 to $1,6U0; would take a lease suited. Address, with full purticulsra, Charles B. Ko"* Uerald office. WANTED-A PART OF A HOUSE. UNFURNISHrfl? with convnnienees for housekeeping, to a good netglH borhood. iu New York or Brooklyn. Address with nioba UN FURNISH | of rooms aud rent, 8., box 495 Post offioe. WANTKD?PART OF A HOUSE, BY A OENTLEM and wife, without children; located between El toentb ami Twenty-fourth streets and Sixth and Tenth mi*'*. Would take possession Immediately. Address terms, G. C. N., S0J Eighth avenue. WANTKD-BY A MANUFACTURER OF LADIE trimmings, au office about the 1st of May, on or i Bmadwar, between Broome and Leonard streets, or wi like part'of a store from a millincrv or fancy goods Johb house at a moderate rent. Address Trimmings, Herald ( WANTED-ON OR BEFORE MAY 1, BY A MAN ANf wife, with one child throe unfurnished Roama, i able for hou?ekecplng. Address, stating loeatiou and I W. K., 8# John street. WANTKD?THE LOWER PART OF A MODFf built House, with oue room on third floor, by a i family without children. Address, with particulars, W. i ()., box -AVI Post otlice. w WANTED-PART OF A HOUSE IN A GOOD LOC4 lion; rem not to exreed $703; for A small family, ctie neighborhood of Second avenue to Sixth avenue. Hiitl Street 10 Twenty-fifth street. Address Maisea Violet, I Cedar street. WANTED?IN JERSEY CITY, BY A GENTLE MA and wife, without children, either the Upper or Lswi Fart of a House, unfurnished, not leaa than four rootm reference* exchanged. Address, with terms, bos 1,6S7 Fo> oflice. ANTED-A SMALL. NEAT OOTTAflE OR FRAM | House. In New York, not above Thirtieth street, or Hoboken, tors respectable tenant who dislikes a tenemst I house. Kent not over $200. Address C. M , room 101 Trlnll Building, 111 Broadway. WANTED-FOR ONE YEAR, WITH privilege 0> I purchase a three or four story modern Honas. betwse | Bleerker and Thirtieth streets. Apply to HUMPHRE BLAND, 14$ West Fourth su-eeL WANTED?FURNISHED HOUSE FOR OM YBAl" must be well located and well furnished, by a i family all grown persons and highly respectable. Addre* box ?572 Post office. WANTED?FROM MAY 1. BY A RBSPOMJUB! yoing married couple i no children I, a OM* Vi M nlsbed dwelling, wltb modem improvements; eaa*. H 'e ct ferred; possession not required i>?fore the m'ddl* *' Ma would take a lease if suited. Addreas box $W Puetofflc Ni w Y< rt ' WANTED-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY OF THRE adults, from April It. or before, a small un/tirmsh< House, or part of a house of four or live rooms, not too I from Broadway and Thirty-third street. Address k. k Herald office. WANTRD?BY A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE, THRE or lour Rooms otv second floor. with improvements, a good locality, below Twentlem streei. east ?tde, with a i spectable family. Address II. 8., bos 2,3m Nsw Tork Pi offioe, stating terms. I scat ton. Ac. \\T~ANTE D? A SECOND-'OR"TKI*D rUMMK. SUIT bis lor housekeeping. with r;ts and water. Addis with terma, Ae., C. f. r.. bin 4.SIW Post oflV.-e. ANTED?PA IU Of A "FURNISHED the Ninth < r Sixteenth ward preferred, for a sru family fsc housekeeping. the beat of ret'ercore given * required. Add ers. Mating terms and location, H., m \\ Thirteenth street WAMTKD-HY APA.MILY OF ADULTS, AN UlSi wished mortem House, bv An?? 1 If poeatlilr for or m?ws vears, m good localitv, below Kortlrtii itreetj tw*?n Ibird nai Nlislh avenues. Meat of r"t urea.? g(i Address, staling lowest terms, Ac., Wst-on i? iUndr <41 up stalp*. WANTED 1MMK l>I ATRfcY?AN iFtWRNli House* high stooi>, with all modern impntvetnet. ha alt nated between Third and Sixth avenue*. ?lm*e >j Htret t. Addreas, stating tenus. M. W., bos $JUQ po?t ANTED' TMMKDlATBl-Y?an UNFl'HNlsl HiSLse, with all nvnlrrn Impioretaenta, situ . t.-t Iween Ninth and Kourteenth streets. Adilieas. *ta terms. M. W., box 2,(60 Post office. WANTKD T7V*RKNT-AN ttNKURNISHED^Fk>T ff?r story; $1,W0 to $2,000 rent. Address box York Feat ofltee. II Wanted h? rknt-ry a small famii.y children), from one to three years, a model de si House with modern imnrovenienu, sast side pret. i red. drsss, wltli full partlculsrs, W. 4. B? Hrrsld uf$re Wanted to rent -With "?m*ehTate"FtlsiJ ff slon, an unfiirnlsiii-il Ilon?e or llun ? purtlr ni'hed, by a small lamily of adults, in s uuiet resiwet no'ghborhoud; house must sun am from ten t<> imJ twms; n? attention paid M answers unlsss terms soiffi two ars stated. Add eis M. 8. M.. Iltial l oDlss.