Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1867 Page 3
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townw I mmm ? ^ ? Cm agAL BITATK FOR BALE. "a T Jt H GIBBONS * OO.'S REAL ESTATE AGENCY , A ?l BROOKE STREET * yjnl clan Houm* to let In th? t.nowlng (tracts ? NEW YOKE. Grand it. Kim ??., Bom (t, Water >L, >irrvue (t., Liberty >L, l>u?er .1. Lauren* ?L, Greenwich (t. But ITh at, Manglu ??., K. Broadway, Jlarucr il, Barrow *t, West Vtli (t, Greenwich it, "th avenue, Weal ?U at BROOKLYN. K Be nan ?<-, 118 Ninth at.. ?7Fwnt?t. Amity street property for sale-two story attic brick Honse. 9x49x!1S, replete with modern tm Cvewenta, la excellent order. Apply to A. JOL' R.NEAY, 4 Pine atreet. A BROWN STONE HOUSE, WEST TWENTY-TBIRO ?treat, for kale.?Poawnalon ta April; beautlfuOy situ ated .price ?30,US0. Apply to A. J. BLEECKER, SON k CO., 77 Cedar street. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE FOB SALE?NO. MO Weat J*orty-*lnth street Inquire oa the preml A?FOR SALE?A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT . frame Cottage, with (table In tfce rear, lot $6x100, on Thirty til lli atreet, a ear Ninth avenue; price $6,101). Atao four story tenement Houee, with (tore, oa Twentieth atreet, near Sixth avenue; price $U,OUO. Terra* eaay. SM ITH k CUTLER. ?H Eighth avenue. 1T3U FOURTH AVENUE. OFFICE HOURS 10 TO 4.? A CITY AND COINTBY PROPERTY FOR SALE. RKK STANLEY DAY'8 SEAL ESTATE CIKCULAB, WHICH CAN BE HAD FREE OR BY MAIL UPON RE CEIPT OF STAMPED DIRECTED ENVELOPE. A T McEVILY'S UF TOWN SEAL ESTATE OPFICE, -TV 882 Third avenue bargains can be had of Houses on Ft rat, Second, Third, Sixth and Sewen'h avenue". Store Prop arty; alaoof private Dwellings en the principal up town atreeta, eaat and weat, and of down town Property on Rlv tngton, Attorney. RMjjt. Worth and Baekman streets. _ A SPLENDID BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET-IN Fiftieth atreet near Third avenue; rent $1,800 per year. Forpercnlts apply to T. J. McEVlLY, 863 Third ave nue. near nfty-alith atreet A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK, IN OOOD order, with aU Improvements $7,600: also a well built three atory brown atone, Sll.M); othera u> auit all partlea from S0.0U6 to $66,U0U, at McCAHILL k CO.'S Real Estate Exchange, ?Ti Third avenue, between Korty-flfth and Forty sixth atreeta. A GOOD FATING FIVE STORY BRICK TENEMENT, J\. in Kood location; street paved with Belgian p tvemaut Kent $L600. price $10,(?0. Othera paying equally aa good from $3,000 to $26,000. Apply at McCAHILL k CO.'S Real Latatu Exchange, 071 Third avenue. > A SPLENDID CORNER BOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE l)n Third avenue, 36 5x00; fonr stories, store and flu id baaement. Price $36,000; $16,000 can remain on mort i. T. J. McEYILYTtti Third a*., near Fifty-aixth at A THREE STORY BIGH STOOF BROWN STONE J\. trout Houee in Eaat Fifty-aeventh atreet for sale; prioe $30,090: part can remain on bond and mortgage; possession en May 1; one floor at |any time for atorage. Address box *jm Poet offloe, N. Y. A FINE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH il atoop Houae and Lot, in Madiaon atreet. near Jefferson, for se e. JOSEPH McGUIRE, 116 Naaaau atreet A LARGE ELEGANT HIGH STOOF BROWN STONE Uouae and fine Stable, with or without the new Furni ture; fluent location on Murray HlU; cheap. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A HANDSOME FOUR STORY BROWN STONE A Uouve, on Forty-second street (wide atreet), $0x68x100; %utt hy days' work In the tnoat substantial manner; sepa rate etalrcaae for servants; side windows. Price, if sold befoic owner leaves town. $23,000. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. S Pine street, up stairs. APB1NTED DESC RIPTIVE LIST OF A VERT LARGE number of oholoe Houses for sale, will be tamed 011 prnlltn"? it oar office. POTTER BROTHERS A B&L EaMY. Wo. 8 Pine street up "lairs. A VERY NEAT THREE STORY BRICK HOUR*, NEAR A Lexington avenue. well built; poseeaaion Hay 1; price POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. 3 rine streeL_ A FIRST CLASS HOUSE AND PRIVATE STABLE on one of the beat atresia up town, near Fifth aveuue, la beautiful order; poeaesalon immediately; price very low. POTTER BBOTHER8 A BELLAMY, No. 8 Pine street ALAROE FIVE STORY AND BASEMENT 1IIOH ?loop brown atone Hnuae, with thirty two room*, com pletely aud handsomely furnished, to rent; located well up town, near Broadway; it la admirably adapted lor a profita ble tnt elaaa boaidmg boaae; price |ftX) per montb. KINO * CO.. No. ? Weat Twenty-third atreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. AMITY 9TREBT. NO. MB-A TWO AND A HALF atory high atoop brick House, replete with Improve ments; frescoed throughout and lu elegant order: price only $i?.SOO; Mrma very eaay If desired. Apply to KBHSBN Al'PLKBY, 10 Fine atreet A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK HOUSE IN Baal Nineteenth street uear Fifth avenue. *0x46x100; ?ontains every improvement and lu perfect order; price flt.UOOoan remain tf desired. For particular* and permR apply to REMBEN APPLEBY, 10 Pine atreet. A DECIDED BAROAIN-CORNER OF CENTRE AND Worth atreeu. thla desirable plot la offered for sale at aaaoh less than iw value. JOSEPH MASON. No. g) floe street AMITY BTREE? .?FOR SALK, A VALUABLE COR A Mr west of Broadway, 20x75 ieet with four story fhek store and dwnlllug. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A 4X>? No. SPlne street A THREE STORY (MASTIC FRONT) BRICK HOUSE JuL la fortv alith street, near Broadway, for sale; price klt,000; immediate poaaeuioB. Apply to A. J. BL..ECK - MR, HON A CO.. 77 Cedar street 4 SPLENDID FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN J1 stone House, with all modern Improvements, for sale, ?? Twenty-fourth street, opposite and a little below the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Fries S2AUOO. Apply to kino A CO., Ha > Twenty third atreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A THREE STORY HIOH stoop BROWN STONE Houae, on East Forty-first street; all modern Improve ?asta and In perfeet order, good neighborhood, high as any ?art of Murray Hill; will be sold for il&OO*. kino A CO., Mo. ?Twenty-third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. A FOUR STORY HIOH 8lf>OP HOU8E. ON WEST A F<feenth street, near Fifth avenue: eontalna 17 rooms, wtth all modern improvements: marble halls, rosewood Aoera, Ae., and la a bargain at $M,000. kino A CO . No. 9 Twenty-third street Fifth Avenue Hotel. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE A high stoop House for sale; ill modern Improvements; tanas easy. Inquire of owner, 44 West bixieenth street, kotwero Fifth and "ilxtb avenues. AUCTION?THE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY PHI ladelphia brick House 249 West Eleventh street eor Bar Fourth, finished in the handaomeat manner, four efcandeliers, walnut atairs, parlors frescoed: all latest im provements, built by days work, and one of the best built m Mew York; fine locution; rents for 91,000. By A. J. BLBf.CKRR A CO., at Merchants' Exchange room. 111 Mreadway, Tueeday, March a, at U o'clock. Tei'ins easy. A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY HIOH STOOP brawn a tens Houae for sale, immediate possession, on avenue A and 131st street, with four more Lots If desired; a three story high stoop brick on Twenty-second street, near with avenue, possession soon; an elegant foor story brown atoae on Forty-eighth street near Sixth avenue; two four atory brown stone, on Twenty-second street, bear Seventh avenue; very cheap; easy terms: two five atory brown stone an Seventh avenue, near Fourteenth street; an elegant four Mary brown stone on East Forty-first street, with Beautiful Furniture; tmmediate posaesslon. Price, terma, Ac., with S. BMBBAsoM, m Eighth avenue. A ?JOSEPH A. LEVY, M BROADWAY, OFFERS FOR J\. sale brown stone and brick Houses In West 47th. 46th. fih. 44th, ?d. Mth, SBth. 10th. Mth, 8Vi, W?t Mth. *1. 15th, Bast Mth. WOi. Mth, Uth, llkh and other alreeu, from $lA,000 to $7A,00v; also good Tenemeut Property, Boulevard ?venue aad street Lata in all parte of the tUf. DwelMaga ?d tlMrai to let and treated. A MEAT HOUSE IM FIFTY-THIRD STREET, A between Broadway and Eighth avenue, three story high stoop, arilb all modern Improvements, hi fine order. Thla is a good neighborhood, some of the beet Improvements ta the dujov^yoin^on la It For permit apply at US same A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK DWELLING ea Beet Thirty fifth street aheap; 110,006. Three atory Wown atone. Bast Twentieth atreet ; good looa taea; AlutOO Alao aevarml good paying Tenement Houaee; capitaliaveauaeot BROWN A MoLSAN, Ml Third av. Broadway property.?for sale oheaf, one 1 of the beet Leeaea on Broadway; will be anld at a fair prtee; splendid matkls Building oa the premises erhteb will ke paid for at e *^4 ration of lee as. Apply paraoaally or by TJROADWAY. t> A Store Property en Broadway, near aad above Union aeuare aUe Mi IB; priee 97S.OO*; win real for SA.OOO from May, for (ale bp AYAH BEE BR AtOU., MeTVs CMH jgLEOAMT RESIDENCE** prosfSc? FARK. tyOCSUTT MORR A^KSSIRT.R, MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE HEALTHY Stylish, new brown stone Houaee, with all modem Im provements on Third atreet A Beietad paved boulevard madlaf directly to the Park, will be sold by I. COLE, Auc Weaaaf. at the Commercial Exchange MS Fultou street, Brooklyn, on Wednesday. March 6, leg. at U o'clock M. Exchanob.-cahii AND VACANT LOTH IN HAR lem to offer la exchange for Improved property In thla e?ly For panlculara apply to REM SEN APPLEBY, 1C Fine atreet. ? OR SALE?NKW BROWN STONE FIRST CLASS FOUR atory high atoop Houae, anth etien?l?n and lot. M West Irty-ninth street between Fifth and Sixth svennee, splen didly flalalred, with reeeweod doors. Inquire on the prem Ij'OR SALE-THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK f House on West Thirty-fourth street JlxWO feet In per fect order, containing all Impnveinenta and In fine locution, for MO. DEWTTTC. BROWN. It Naaaa.i street For salb-a first olask four story rrowm ?tone House In Forty-seventh atreet. between Filth and Sink aveauea; all modern improvements and in first ?ate order. StriSUy A rat daaa. both aa to house and leca ?tea. Addraae S., box 484> Post olllce. P5R sa/je-the handsomest new frtnuh and Oolhie Houae In Harlem, llith street eoroer of Lexing ton avenue; three atory and baaement high stoop; sixe Hftx M, tat IM, wMb all the modern tnvprovemeats; will he sold *ar SM*0; eea great bargain. <W; could net be bull! for $?#*). This houae it a MMtetaMif Apply to WM. FETTKETCII, 434 Third a*. LX)K SALE-A THESE STORY HIOH STOOF BRICtf M: Houae, In perfeet order, together with ge* fixtures, o:l ?oths, esrpete aad parlor furniture; and a neat three story taaa. JSLf*1" WW*10- Inqolto on the pram tfOR SAL%JMRH STORY HIOH STOOF BRICK * . J?**"'W"Ml# M Fifth atreet, between the Bowery pkv. CITY KKAL> ESTATE rOR IALE. Ir*OK 8\LK-TH/.Ka"trrOKT BRICK HOUSE. IN 1 We* Tw<-mr-f jarth stre-t, $l?.?Q0; du. West Thirty, ninth street, 8151*0; WmI Thirty-Brst street, $15,000: Vtnl Forty-sixth stie*i ftp OOO; Weal Forty-eighth, FMBMtlnth. Fiftieth and rif-HM struts, near Broadway, $11000 to $18,01 Ml, three"?ad four story brown stoas Houmi In Twen ty-sixth. Twenty-seventh. Thirty-second. ThiW-tbtrd, Thir ty- fourth ar.d Forty-eighth itrwu, from $11,000 to $J4 000. McOKAi'H k ORADY, SM Nluth avenue. POR SALE-A BRIOK SLAUGHTER AND LOT IN J? tarty-third street, between Tenth sad Eleventh ave nues. 1'rioe (4..VU. Inquire of JAS. VAN BIREN, ill Washington Market. IpOlt SALE?A TWO STORY, ATTIC AND basement " frame House, full lot, south side of 13bth street, IIS faet east of Fourth avenue; gas and water throughout; house in perfoot order. Possession Immediately if desired. Price $6,W0. Apply from 8 to 10 A. M., or affcr 4 P. M.. to JANES McKENNA. northwest corner of LBd atreel and Fifth areuue, Harlem. fOB SALE?AT HARLEM, A LARUE DOUBLE Houae. with four Lots of ground; Hue river Tlew. Bil liard room, conservatory, Ac., attached to houae. Address box t,3?l Poet ofllie. Fob halh-thk beautiful cottage house and brick Stable, lota 18x100. every modern Improve ment, three minute* from the ferries, with or wltuout the Furniture: possession immediately. Apply on the premises, 106 South Ninth street, corner Fifth, wailamsburg. For salk-a three story high stoop brown ?tone Houae, 30 feet wide, SO feet deep, lot 100.0, with all modern improvement*; It (? perfect and In elegant order throughout; neighborhood unexceptionable; with Furniture and Carpeu nearly new; possession given April 1 next, the owner move* South and oilers a bargain. Apply at the premises Xll East Fifty-second street. Jj'OB kale?$8.1#0-TWO STORY HIGH STOOP base X* ment brick Houae, sub cellar. East Forty-ninth street, with all the Improvements. oontaiulng 10 rooms; bouse lftx-itt; lot 100; good neighborhood: terms very easy. For all* particulars ana permit* apply to H. McKENNA, 45 Duaue street, between 9 to 12 A. M. and 1 to 4 P. M. Fob salb-two story brick oottaob, filled in with brick, containing nine rooms, gas, Croton water, range, all la One repair. Apply on the premises, 118th street, fourth houae from Fourth avenue. FOB SALE?44 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, three stories, Mx(J feet; also on Forty-second street, near Eighth avenue, three story brown stone Houae?price $11,000: lour alary brick. House on Twenty-fourth street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. $11,000. Furnished House to let. opposite Sluyvesant square. Apply to H1NMAN A CO., 15 Wall street. FOB SALB?THE EXTRA WIDE HOUSE NO. 884 Fifth avenue. SB by 70 feet: lot 1S5 feet. Possession May 1. Apply to E. H. Ll'DLOW A Co., No. 3 Pine street For sale-brick house and two story brick Stable, In the rear, situated at 906 East Thirty second street, near Third Avenue. Apply on the premises. 5. CHH1BTBNSU.N. I^OB SALE-ON TWENTY-SECOND STREET. A r three story brick House on Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenne, in complete order, ana furnished through out In the most complete manner. The furniture, which Is nearly new. was made U> order for the present owner. Price, Including furniture, $30,000. Apply to MILLER, W1LKI.NS A Ca, No. " Pine street. FOR sale?thb three story house AND LOT, 70 West Eighteenth street, near Sixth avenue. The house has a store, hall door, water and gaa. and an indepen dent passage from street to Turd; said yard is 00x86 feet and could be used ror another building. Terms easy. Apply to DA.MKL NOONAN, 206 Sixth avenue. For sale?on west thirty-seybnth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, a first class four story high s'oop brown stone House '21x80x14 the block. Ap plv to BLEECKER A DEN1BON, No. 6>t Pine street. Fob sale?thb three story English base ment brick House and Lot 10 East Twentv-drst street, near I bird avenue. Apply to joseph KIERNAN, Ki Court street, near Atlantic, Brooklyn. ipoa HALE?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORT ENG ' liib basement street House, with all the modern Im provement*. located below Foriy-seooud street. near Broad way; lot 80x100 feet For particular* apply at 895 Fourth ?venue. Also a Cottage to real, losseeslon May I. For sale-by robert maclay. 77 cedar street?Third street near Bowery. $IA000: Luncomb place, 128th atreet, three story browo atone, $9.000. For sale?on east fifty-third striset, two tlrst class saull Houses, three story, high stoop, brown stone; 19 8x40x76 Terms easy. Apply to BLBhCKER M DENlttU.s. Ko. 6^ Fme street IjiOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH 1 stoop t louse. in Kortjr-second street, between Klfth end Madison avenues; possession May 1. E. H.JLUDLOW A CO., Mo. ? Pine street Fob sale-two rocR story brick high stoop Houses on WeslUlb street, between 6lli an* iia are nuee, 1 u #no<l order, $20,000 each; on W'Mt 48th ftreet, be tween tUh and 7th avenue*, 3 three stoiT high stoop brown stone Houses. 30x10*100.6, prlee e-jch ?M,000; oue With furni ture. In good order, trescoel and painteu throughout, $2j-<M>; four story brown on 48tb street, 5tu snd 6tb a,?en\ie*. 20x5Ux 1UU. $26(NO. on 4Stb street, four atory brown. four story brown atone. West SBlh street, near 7th avenue. $11 000; on street,between7ihamiDtbavenues. 2four vtoir brown 23x66xU0. $22,500 and $2M*<) in good order, lately frescoed, painted. Ac.; on Sbth street between 5th and 6th aveuuee, elegant tour story hrowu stone House. In splei.did order, $?) 0U0; on Laxtagton avenue,a choice of A four story brown stone (new). $?;,M10 to $31,JU0; choice ol S three st.rv browu atone Houses on Lexington avenue. handsomely finished. For permits to view the premise*, applr to JOI1N Kava NAUll. corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. TTIOR SALE?A THRER 8TORY BRICK HOUSE, HO. * 266 West Seventeenth street 136 leet East of Ninth avenue. 26? <6x911.9. with frame building on roar ol lot; rent, SI.U70 per annum. Thla property cun be purchased at $*,6tW. I ?,uuo to remain on mortgage. Apply to KEMnKN APPLE IV, 10 Pine striiet TTtOR hALB-TWO OF THE CHEAPEST HOUHESIM ' New York, three story and baaamaut, briek, In good neighborhood; price $7,600 each. Ayplv to Mct.L., VE BROS., lumberyard Eleventh avenue and Twenty-second atreet ? 1,X>R SALE-OK TWBNTY-FIBST STREET. BETWEEN ' Fifth and Blith avenues, a foar iter* ?ou*e, twenti four fest wide and In eomolete order; prtoe $k*tKI0. Apply to M B " "B. WILKIN S I CO., Mo. 7 Pine atreet n0R SALB-A FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN ' atone front Housa, wtth all modern Improvement#, In splsndid order throughout Apply on the premises, 66 J-"' Twenty eighth atreet, near Fourth avenue. inOB SALB-TWO LOTS. CHURCH STREET, BROOK ' lyn, between Court etreet and UamUtoo avenue, $3,000. erms easy, inquire of E R. JaCKnON, 228 West Twenty fourth street. Mew York. T7IOK.SALE.?THE FOLLOWING HOUSES ARE OF . J fered for ealer-Thirty-.eveoth at, near Fifth avenue. Flftr-eecond street, between Broadway and Eighth av. Fiftieth street, between t-lghth and Ninth ava. Forty-eighth street, between Broadway and Eighth av. Thirty-third street between Seventh and Eighth ava. Twelfth street between Fifth and Stath ava. Also llousea Id all J-rtJ o#U|%p|D# ^ VOB SALB-THE FOUR STORY FIRST'CLASS I? brown stone brick House 14B West Twenty-fifth street. Inquire ol COLT, 136 West Thirty-second street. Price $ I0U0U. ___ I^OR SALE-THE HOUSE AMD LOT SIS EAST r Tliirw-enth street; three story and attic high stoop brlek, 23x60x1US; In fine order; Immediate possession. ??. B. JENMNOm, 111 Broao.vay, Trinity bulldlnga, basement fAOR SALB-A THREE 8TOIIY "OWM STONE r House, on West Twenty-sixth street, $18,000; three story brick. West Thirty-ninth s.reet, $18,000; una on Thirty-sixth street $16, 00; fonr story English basement, Eaat Fnity. first street, $6Ml; also Properly on Wooeter street, MilW, $5 1JYB iCUBTIBf, MB Sixth avenue. U'OR SALE?HOIMES AMD LOT* IN ALL PARTSOF r the city* Apply to Ja MATHKWflOK Sl HO)% 1*0. 8 pine street, U toe o'clock^ __________ >OK SALE?HP TOWN LOTH, IM LA ROE OR SMALL plots; good chanees for Investment ATHEWSOWB BOW, So. 8 Pine street II te ? e'eoek. For sale-at a vkky low figure, u ybabs; < i ml three splendid Lots on Tblid svenaa, w1th two adjoining on the street, will be (Old together or separ ately T. J. EYILY, SM Third avenue. F~ OB SALE?Ff BNISHBD HOUSB, IM THIBTT fourth street between ElSbth and Ntoth avenues. In quire of J B. BULLOCK. 6? Nassau street. tilOR SALE?HOUSES, IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY, I at reduced pneea. For paruculare apply to ISAAC ON 1G. 23 1'ioe street room No. A rB SALE?BY WM. KEJINBLLY, OFFICE ? 2M St., Ne. ? nasi, near Broadway, furnlehed.. t*0.OCO m st, IN W Ud st. >5-?o 30th su No. $ East, near 6th 1st av., US and 366. four stones 1T.OOO For sale?on biohty-sixth stbeet. near First avenue, a three story high basement brick In good order, has gas, bath, hot and cold water. Inquire en the premises. i premises. SH)B SALB-THRBB HOl'BKS. ON THE SOUTHEAST ' earner of Fourteenth street sad Seventh ?venue A Plot of Ground, over 300 leet front on New chambers ? j "iMMeet squaie, fronting Central Park, near Flfly-alnth Tl<* on Fifth avenue, onoslte St Thomas' shurrh, 43 (est front by 136 feet deep, with alleyway. . A Oernar en Madison arsnos, near Forty-second street, l<To^St,JMtrol!Su', on Mew Chambers street, Offloes, suita ble for bankers, brokers, Ac., In Mo 100 Broadway. Apply toCIIAUNCRY BARNARD, Ne W0 Broadway. J|X>B SALE-FOUR LOW OM TU1RD AVBNUB, BE 1 tween Seventy-seventh and Seventy-eighth ?trest^ I side, cheap, about $1,000 cash required. Apply to 8. CABD- - WeLl, 4M Third avenue, or to WM. MccoNNBLL, 461 Third avenue. - CV)B SAUB?FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOCSK, r 30x66, burglar proof, furnlahed or unfurnished, near Fifth avenue ami Dr. Chapln1* church. p. D. OBRELL. ^ Cedar street liHlll SAI.E?A VERY DESIRABLE THRKE STORY r high stoop bdek Houaa In Twenty-faurth street, near Fourth avenue. Inquire at fill Eaat Twenty ? seventh street. FOB RALE?THE FIRST CLASS FOl'R STORY House No 13 West Forty-seventh street, nesr Fifth sve. ?us. Apply on the premises, or to WILLIAM H. WOOD, ~ Wall street. For sale?on wi:st forty fifth ktrebt. a 6rat claaa four story high suonp brtiwu stone House, $26.00ML Apply to BLBEt'KfcB k DEWIbON, 1% Pine st. EOB SALB-A VERT NEAT THRER STORf HIOH stoop brlek House on Forty-thlrd street near Broadway, tOilW Poaaessmn Mavl. $1X,6nO. Apply to POTTER WROTHBRH A BBLLAMY, Ha. > Pine street, UP stairs. _ IJtOR SALB-THE FEB OF AN ELEOANTLY LOCATED 1 oorner tot. fifty odd faet square, near Claflln. Mr lis n A C?.'s, now paylns over ten i>er cent. For particulars apply IB GEO. HlTSSiY, 30 Wlrtlam sires' ti^OB SALE CHEAP-A BBICK HOUSE AND LOT, 1 36xS6, Ne. $41 Water street. House >ias 16 Inch walls. BOBBRT MAT LAY, 77 Cedar atreet Fob salb chbaf-an bleoant corner norsE * and Lot oa Third avenue, ????*, fnnr stories: posses ston of ihe entire premises May I, 'itIre $20,630. SlU.tlOO nan /?main for Sve years T. J. BrEVTLY. 862 Thud avenue. *OB SALE CIIBAF?THBBB STOBY BROWN STONE front House, on Thlr Vavenue, near Fifty ninth street; ? "and nOhrysOe street: lots fBvMHI each. Wj V. F LAMaO Alt, l\fl Ckrvstia siraat _ CITY REAkJCITATl FOR MLB. rR SALE AT A BARGAIN -TWO TURKU STORY high stoop brm* Houws, JUxiArtMO e? b, on ?mi Thirty. eiebUi bmween Secuud and Third afeuues. Prico for ?IS.IWU can remain If required john *.A> A N At. H, northeast corner Forty second sires' and bixth avenne. IjVlR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE MOST DESIRABLE oontei Property ou t.tatid street. near East Bruauway, St*l r?-?t on Grand; la capable <>r being improved, a guod in vestment; terms lo suit. Apply to A. M. FANNING, E?<4., 225 Uowrry. FOR SAW OR TO LET?ON EIGHTY FOURTH street, near the 1'ark, a first class three story Utah ?loop House; liaa all the Improvements. Apply 'o JOHN ROSS, 4a Eighth avenue. LH'KMSHKD HOUSE FOR balb.-a very nice J1 three stoiy modern House. neatly furnished through out and suitable for a small. gentee: family. Price, Int'itid tng Ptanu, Gas Fixtures, Mlrrorn and Furniture, $10,500. Apply at 8<B East Forty-tirat street HOUSES AT ALL PRICED, ON THE EAST AND WEST Side of the city, aud of every description to suit the wauta of ever} one. JOSEPH MASON, 2$ Pine street. HOCSEB FOR BALE?BY LB MY k COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. 30th ?t, between 3.1 and Lexington ava $l?.0?i 13th at., near 12.0IIU l'jtb at, near 'id E. 13.0(10 5);h ?L, between Id and 3d ava 14.U0J 4Hiii at., between Sih and Mth ava 14 OtO Wih at. between Mb and 7th avs..c 14.IM) 30tit at, between Lexington and 4th ava lS.OOtl >Ui at, between Lexington and 4th ava. I#.uu0 60th at. (Beekman IIII1) $17.00 and a>nC0 Lexington av, corner Atth at,... 22.0U0 HOUSES FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?SOME FOR Investment, others for aocommodatiou and private residence*, In different location*, at from $7,000 to j 10,1)00. Parties wishing to Invoat or rent wlllpleaae call for pint culara at the Real Estate office of WM. TAN WAGENEM A CO., 478 Sixth avenue. Lots for sale. 10 Lou ou Lexington av., between 42d and 40th streets. 8 Lou on Madison av., between 47th aad 48th streets. t Lota on Madison av.. a. w. corner of 06th street. 1 Lot on Madison av., a. e. corner of 46th street. 8 Lota on flfttli at, between Madison and 4Ui avenues. 0 LoU on TSth at., between Sri and 4th avenues 40 Lots on 7Sth. 76th, 77th and 78th streets, 1st and 2d avs., besldea other Lota on ail the streoU and avenues nurtlt of 4id street W. H. WOOD. 66 Wail street. Lots for sale cheap?at mcEvilys real Estate office, 8S2 Third avenue, on nIT the streets and avenue*, east aud west, from Thirty-fourth street to Harlem and High Bridge; some with builders' losn. Lots on eighth avenue, corner of fifty. fifth street; on Fortv-flfth street, between Sixth ami Seventh aveuues, for sale bv ISAAC 1IONIG, 25 Pine street, room No. 4. Lease for balk?on west Houston street, near Broadway, building 2A\!'.ri feet, suitable (or niantt facturii g or other purposes Apply at the coal yard 179 Wooster street. Messrs. e. h. ludlow a co. are fully authorized to negotiate the sale or lease of the Malson Doree property. H. C. At?AMa, Owner. NO. 8 PARK AVENUE.?FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown atone, 23x60: most desirable re-idence In New York fwr the money. Permits of H. L. RllJEK, Si Piue street. VfEW HOUSE FOR SALE-M7 EAST FIFTY-FIFTH ll street, three story, high stoop, Philadelphia front; most superior finish: price $14,000. Inquire on premises, or of JAS. THOKNE, 174 Canal street. ON UNION SQUARE?FOR SALE OR LEASE, A large fine Property; possession April 1, 1867. Also other desirable business Property ou and near Broadway, between Wall and Thirty eigntb streets. W.T. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. ON BAST FORTY-NINTH STREET?A THREE STORY high stoop brown stone Dwelling, moderu improve ments, walls beHtitil'ully frescoed, gilt mouldings, every thing complete, with or without furniture; also a splendid Carriage Horse, Phaeton Wagon, with Harness; sold sepa rately if desired; a bit renin; owner going to Europe. BROWN A McLEAN. 531 Third avenue. UIZTH AVENUE LOTS FOR SALE?LOTS ON SOUTH Applv*to HAlKKR?i?'(VhH''T<!';Ue *nd Forty-'iehUl ftrwi. *P " * Q ' Broadway, curuer of Forty-nfth at. TO BIJILDERS.-I OFFER FOK DALE A SPLENDID corner on Lexington avenue, IlKhlOil. tit lor Immediate improvement, and the dneat now unimproved on tlieavonue. _ T* ^M cL V ILV, H&2 Third avenue. T(iA-lh.Ij!?EiK^?KOB HaI'K' THE lots on cornfe tor "? THE EXECUTOR* OF ROBRHT II arcHPR nc ceased "Her for sale the externum Picture Frame Fw" of S'ewT^l ? W"hi Tihe'lu, .?I?.1?? 'a,'v,r,1r? ?"> provided with the bent constructed and organized ranchmen, adupfd to every varictr of work In the tiade, many of them the invention 01 Mr. Mureliei The I?,"*."*4* BUOOewfuHf carrifd on with a .argi? Hn?* of cu*tom?*r* and < ft** 1 rat) I* ?u?ck on band. The m.tchlnei-v Mnri ?j"fcVoW ou ??U .h. buildm?'S.*4S for n. terra ,.f yearn, or mild. u? Ue?lr<<f. For DiiruouLia-anH term, apply to IV VAN AMTwjgg, No. 1 1'aik place. That lakuk, bi.eoant brown sru.vp housp and Lot aouthwent c<irner of Second avenuo and K f J. nrat street for sale; .!?, several others i? the3 1Yv bl Joseph Mcmh ike. i i* w,T? fTENEMENT PROPERTY FOR SALE AT A SACKI BOK?*i wtWSiKSK? ??> ?. H. Ul?. MARK REDMOND, 2US? and 210 Washington market. S5K srijtswsr yALUABliB LEASE OP BROADWAY CORNPH bulldln?? to: suitable fo* wj&tsjss:%*r ~ur,dwheo ?u J. W. boDQHTT A OQ?, MM Broadway. | WA7uriem^^?3?i BHICE HOUSES IN oEZV??ul%?'.'J?W"' 8M0Dl1 "d Th,r<< aTenuec RANDfcLL * PORTER, 1.951 Third avenuo. ?5T?_^lEnNl Ai N,"ilK THIRTIETH STREET, To LET? id- ivmu. T? ?l*n* Honae, elegantly fum ah. tkss: sxfsst ?&SZ!i?P^?Z83m%SZ^ ??! avenue.?ooon building lot* on thf 177". "P**1! BETWEEN UNION SQUARE AND A I Irving pUee_|nr*t four ?torr h'gli *toop full sized House, superior order. (libera, $J?,OO0 to $M Oiju . J. P. *ttEQg?Tm Broadway. QQTH STREET, MURRAY HILL?A SUPERIOR IIIOH stoop lull aued brown utone House. freacoed through out; the elegant Furniture ir dealred; ? barm In __ W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broad ir ay. QJ-TP 'JTRKET?for samc, a lot west of the '?'k; also Sixth avenue Store Property, on the wcat aide. Inquire at <87 Mitli avenue. JR8 500 WfL.1, "i77 T"B THREE STORY. BA8E yP-V,V(Vft"d <*l'?r lirirk Monae and fnU atte Lot, with brtek atahlc on tbe roar. No. 30! West Nineteenth aireet A capital plai? for a ctrmaD. 1 JOSEPH XcQl'llcE, 118 Naeeen etreet ftOO TWO SPLENDID LOTS ON "S"1 ,lr**S ue*r T,llrd avenue; celUri ?a*i perty wilj, and eonnertlon wlih newer: $7 000 can re maiauntil built on. T. J. McKVILY. H52 Thlrdav^ue, S10 000 rPR ,A Vi?RY NKAT THREK STUR* yil/.V/V/V hlgn stoop brown atone ITouae: modern Im proveaenta. Alao a three atory brick, for f 7 UM. I 8- IKBLAND, !M1 Broadway. i ^~9?.K-1,Yjr ?E*L KlTATH FOlTlliiliK. A --*Da"^s- TH*h-ti and cellar house, t^.^1 t and ?T* beautifully <1 turned on ItS^toJoSilH?/ 52frSS'Soe1' Brooklyn, fEua?. *PP?r lOJtJBMPH MoOL lRE, 116 Naaaau atreo>. Dew York. ?RRQOKLTN.-44.ggo WILL BUY A TWO STORY ~f. frame llouae of ten room* and aood dfr nub taK kHi? "T*1 ** ?Dd <?W water. ?MW PuUonTtrSt, N^^ "d Inquire ?^^E-FROM 93,MO TO JACOB SHARPE, M Pipe etreel | BkXKH??Sy!St- '? VARIOUS PARTS OP THE CouA in re Jti Lo,? ol> F1r*tpUc?, between CHnton and une" l * 7 IMAAC HONIU, ? Fine *Bh,DB"PE8, II* PERFECT ORDER, avenne foTttiillS^I Olford atreeU and on Atl.ntlc SEN, AfS'uSlt SZ R PIm itJSrt. ^ rBED A ,'BT8B W (l) f^r .mr.t!>-.V2r,) blLown ,ton* I'ouaei.... lojftuo ?o(J) bTOwn rtone Houeea. .. I?,0U0 One 11 1 fnnl - n "*??p "O"" atone llotiaaa..... It (MO (eopbrown .ton.To,?e !?Jlio tmptovemenla. in tha h*.i^n V with all modern sr;sssslis ?iagy ?&unr.y? ss?wtsssSsMSEai^gg valuation. For oarda apply'to OEO^feET"rwUWUU? pUce, between court and CMntontWirrt ??? it. CORNBLL, 18 Court aireet. For SALB-BROOKLYN ?to FlFn??J ?TT7 butrhera, distiller* or any bnalneaa i

Blind and hulldinga, one large houae 11 rnrlm?^ P'#nV i?e, ? talilea for l5 hor^a, Xrrl^ bon?^S J. ?D* "T*" etreM. Inquire in tbe eorner iwewyakSl **h tlOR SALE?A LAROR THRF.R BfORY AND^ASk" F n"mSiJV l'ou"> at 110 South Plret atre^L &K>,^AwL5tor,,Ui I BROOKLYN HK M, ESTATE FOB. SALE. r H S t LK?A THBKK STORY BASEMENT AND 8UB llous?, ill periect order. Parlors and hall frea ooed, hot and oold water tUr< u?t>out the houi-e, marble waab stands, bath tuba, stationary wash tub*. heater ran??. Baa aril ft*turea eomplele. front veranda. ba<rk piazza V Furniture will be sold If wai'.ed. Apply on the premsea, 66 Dean street Brooklyn. Ten minute*' walk to Tarry. session mimed laisly. Price *M,WI CHIK sale?#600 CASH DOWN, 12.UO0 ON 1ST OF r May and farther iutn by initalroeuis and aortgaae, will purchase the splendid brown alone front Jbree story attic and sub-cellar Hons# 10S Amity -treet. Brooklyn: tt rooms, vestibule doors, marble balls, -even ui.,-ulf mantels, statlouarv Withstands sod tuba, hot and i-dd water, bath and water closets, very handsome. ornaro-tited parlora. sliding doors and inside blinds, stalued and (round glass ball doors; built In the most fashionable style, and very conven lrui nud MnW ?? a genteel residence. l?t 30X100, home 25x46: ground leased, but equal to pertierual possession May L Apply to A. 8. WEWMKHRY, lfc Headway. New York. EK)R sale?TUB TBRKE 8TORV basement STONE r House IB Clearer place, Brooklyn: all modern lrn piorementa and in Ana order; also "tore Properly in Carroll street, Tenement Property id Col??n?la street. ^ Joseph kiernax, 9J Court street, near Atlantic, Brook lrn. I JOB 8ALF.-TWO NEW THREE STORY basement 1 Suboellar, with all improvements, price 9?,0UU; also two 97.U0O each, and U?rae*5 000 Apply to WM A. BRI 811, Owner. 410 Cumlierland weet, Brooklyn. For sale-in apslphi street, brooki.yn. be tween Oieene a??'1 afayetie aveniK a. luree story brown stone front House, witb all the modern Improvements. put in perfect order aed painted last year. Tins isoneol the host locations fora rosidenee in the oitjr. House *2x16: lot 100 feat. Price *11.600. Inquire at 244 tireenwlcb st, N. Y. For sai?>-iwo four story ekulish bask inent oriok Houses, US and 125 Adelphl street, near Wllloughky avenue. 22 by about 46x120. gas and water. Per mits MV or JOHNSON, MILLER A HALL, 28 Nassau street .<?? York. _ rn* SALE, IN BALTIC AVENUE, BAST NEW r York?A handsome Cottage House; two story and base taent, containing elghi rooms and cellar; it ia new and in til ion;jh repair. lT>r particulars inquire of B. BRADY, 17 Ooerck street, New York. For SALS, IN MOUTH BROOKLYN?ONE OF THE two thiee story and French roof aud browu stone front nouses on Henry street, opposite First place, convenient to onurchae. railroads aud lorries looking into the beautiful gardens in the neighborhood. With a southern aspact look ing towards the Prospect Park, the bay and adjacent shores, the \ lew Is truly um^nilirent. The houses areBnished In the best insniier; walnut stairs aad all the modern impiove merits. Apply to M. DIXON, on the premises. Terms very e. i sy. For sale cueap-a nice three story high stoop brown stone House, with all the modern Improve ments. convenient to ferries; price $I6U0U. Also a nice three story brink House, with water and gas, price $4,000. J. ELLIOTT, 34 South Seventh street, Williamsburg, or 79 Cedar street, N. Y. Handsome three story, basement and sub oellar brick Houses, situate convenient to ears and fer ries; oa Papula street, $7>k) and $11,6(10 : on Degrnw street, 95,600. qii WtllMghby street. $K,!HIU and 96.600; on T.awrenoe street. fS,000; on I tycroon - uvet, $!$,(**); oil Uold street, 99.600 and $S.,"iii0; on t' irrill street, $6U<10 and |6.SU); on Adams street, f!),90U; ou Canton street. Also nume rous Houses or nil <?! sses In ever? eotlon of the city. Ap ply to TYLER A COOK, No. 4 Sands stAet. Brooklyn. House for sale in buooklyn.?a first class Ilonse, on Adelphi street, between DeKalb and Wll lough by avenues, with ever/ convenience and modern tm movement; lo: 3U by K10 feet with a Hue stable, Ac. For rurtner partlcnUrs, with terms, inquire at 200 Broadway, room No. 4 from 1 to 5 o'clock P. M. rPENBMEST PROPERTY F>R SALE-WILL PAY 27 1 per cent on nulla* si lite present rents; after May next will pay over t'urly wr cent; situate on lirst rale avenue In Brooklyn; convenient to earn and ferries. Price 99 000. Terms very easy. Apply lo W. COOK, 43 Naasau street, Brooklyn. Thk DES6RAHLE HOUSE mt JAY street, BROOK lya, near 1,'iiy Hall. ^-4.(4x103.1#. Present rent 91|900, wiU let for 91.500. Price $#.U0> See outside. J. RICHARDS. 38 Naaaau street, N. Y. THE STORE ON THK NORTHWEST CORNER OF Twelfth street, on Third avenue, for sale, witb Lease and Fixtures. Apply at 101 East Twelfth street. <2!fWinA -THB ELEGANT THREE STORY AND ip<).l;Uut basement bnuk House 83 Hamilton street, Brooklyn, convenient lo ferries; 13 rooms; oha idell"rs In tirst aud second stories, water cl'jset, Ac. Adapted for two famiies. Terms easy. Apply ss above. Qnn ?51 south fifth street. Brooklyn, "PO.OuU. t. 1>. brick House, three storiee, basement and celiac: water and gun; three minute* from ferries. Ap ply a* above. fMlH -THB HANDSOME HIGH STOOP PHILA ?rO.U\M/. delphia brtck Home, bcw. located In Park avenue, near Wanainjrtoo avenue, Brooklvn; oontaw* 10 rooina and cellar. oil improroienU. Eitr* lot laid out iu f.uit Ac. Furniture for ssie. Immediate possession, IS minute* from lorry. Apply to tha owner, asabove. Cll nnn -BROOKLYN Hi.KJ1ITS.-KOR sale. 1 J. .Ul" HoukeW Sidney place, 23i4dilM, furnished or uuiurnlshed. Gas. bath, UM mid cold water. Possession May or sooner Call from 4 to ft o'cl ock nunWILL m?Y uNK op T,,E ip?>AU')U brown stone corner Residences. tor nlsbed. witn extra sized f.o', id H ooklyn. and but a abort distance from Proepect Park; possession immellaiely. Call and net permission to m- it troiu tf. ilufi u?(JW, Montague at reel, near Court; or of A. VAN NOM1RAND. 3UB Pearl atreet. N. Y. IOI NTRY REAL ESTATE POR SALE. A CIIOICR FARM Pt?R SALE. OP FROM 40 TO 70 acres, at Koithport, L 1. handsomely looated by tbe h rbnr one m le from the vl'lage and stesmboa' landing, under a gt/od state of cultivation, and a line location for an muter boarder*; handy for ttshina, uunnlng and vaebting. For further particular* address H. 6. Ackerly, Xfli West Thirty-I)ftli atreet. AT FORT HAMILTON, N; W TORE HARBOR?A two story Collate. with basement, to let for alt months or one i ear, ul $*> it |*r m"nlh (and situated Within one block of < he oh ra run nine to and from Brooklyn). Ap ply uxiKOrtOE G. KENNAHD, United Stalea Hotel, Fort Hamilton. | A COTTAGE IN LLEWELLYN PAKE, AT ORANUK, N. J. (only one hour from Harclav ?lretL Ifew Torki, for aale at $8 000. Apply to K K. HASKELL, Library Build ing. Oiange, N. J. A FARM FOR 8ALK-IN ONEIDA COUNTT, N. T.; 87 acres of good land, with two good botaea and barn Price $1,100. For particulars apply to Mr. SMITH, 176 Kaat Twelfth street. AT MILI.BURN, NEW JKRSEY.-POR SALE, A dvurable Country -'eat, at a very low pi Ice, by KRaD. A. PETERSEN, Architect, No. M Pine strset. A THREE BToRY MIOH RV-EMKNf HOUSE?RE pla e with all modern improvemat la, well located Up town, for aale by Fit ED. A. PKTKRSii>i, Architect, No. ft;, Pine atreet. AN BXCBLI.RWT HOt'SB AND GBOUNDS?IN A ooinniandlng location, 12 mile* ia N?w Jersey, for Ml* at a sacrifice, on eaajr term*. PRE.). A. PETERSEN, Architect, N?t 6J< Pine atreet. AT HPl'YTEN DUYVIL?FOR SALS, TO LEASE OR to let, furnished, well hullt brick Hooae, 13 rooma, good stable, ooitage ami other outballijnga; 8 1-8 acres or IuikI, id first- rate order; line garden, abundant fruit of ail kinds; uiieicelleJ river view. Apply to TilOMAS M. NORTH, ill Naa-au Street. A DESIRABLE HOUSE AND LARGE LOT, ON THB best street la Montgomery, Ala., will be *old or ex changed for real estate la Now York or vialnlty. Address Soutb. station D. Avery desirable farm on long island, con veaient to the city. 10Ja acrea rich and highly cultl rated land; 2,400 choice dwarf fruit trees, mostly Dears; brink bouse and frame hum, nearly n*w; pne* $10.01)0. Addrea* Farm, box 9,170 Postofflo*. . A VERY FINE LA RGB HOUSE, WITH ALL THB A modern conveniences, and two acre* of land, beauti fully laid out In flower, fruli and vegetable cardan, all naoee aary outbuldlnga, situate at New RocheUa. five minute*' walk from depot. Will be aold low. POTTER BBOTHBBB A BEI.LaMY, No. 8 Pin* street, up talra. A SUPERIOR FARM, WITH THESrOCK AND FUR* Dlture In bouse, naar Peekaklll containing flftr-flve acrea; large modern bouse and barn*; fauced, r raited ami watered; all for $12,000. A. SKROBAIIT, a Wall ?tr*et AN EXCELLENT FARM IN ROCKLAND COUNTY? Seventy acrea; good building*; four fruit orchards; well fenced, with steak and farming tools oomplete; must ha aold. FREEMAN 1 CO.. ?H Broadway. N KLEUANTCOUNTRY SEAT?AT NEW ROCHELLE, _ i within one tnlla of the denot. having a splendid view of the Sound, ground* beautifully laid out. The property must be *een to oe appreciated. JOSE PH MASON, 80 Plae street. AL I GOOD BRICK HOUSE. U BOOMS, CARRIAOB house and stable, two acrasa of good Land, fruit and ihade trees, oo high ground, on the river bank north of Tarrytown. between railroad and the river; Immediate pos sesion ; price law; terms easy. H. KMBEBBON, 4SI Eighth araaoa. -QBRuEN HEIGHTS PROPERTY.-FOR SALE. IN THB J) moat rapidly Improving loeatlon m Hudaon city, a Store and Dwelling, with all the modern oonvanlaneea; building contain* bealdda store sixteen commodlooa rooms; ?Itualloa in the vary eentra of bvatoese JOHN W. PL ATT, oppo*lu Court Hon?. Hndaon City. gEAUTIPULLY located, 0* THE HCnioN, ONE hour Northern New Jersey Railroad?A laitg* fin* brick lldenee; neat outbuilding*; lea houaa, filled; three acre* choice gardea; feolt, ibada. i for Mta nohaaga or n*t furnished W. P. BBYMOt R, 171, Broadway. B"eROBN HEIGHTS PROPERTY AT PEIVATE SALE A commodious residence. $1,100; one for $3,000; ona $8,000; two SI.700 each. Terma van aooommodatlng. Also a number or Prench roof villas with modern oonvenlenoea. arnsmental gardens, Ac. Cottage bntlt houses from $8,000 ? af,,a COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOB BALB OR TO LET? At almost every station on the I In* Of the Hudson River Rallmad, between thl* ell* and Albany; alio Farm* for sale In almost every county In the State. Particulars with S. EMREKSON, 491 Eighth avenue. CIOI'NTKY SE ATS AT ORANGE, millburn, St'MMIT, J Montrtalr, Bloomdeld, Belleville. Elisabeth, Red Bank, Portcliavler, on Staten Island, on the Hudaon and on Long Island, for aale by FRED. A. PETERSEN, Arehltect, No. m Pin* street. Bast okanue, n. j.?a small cottage poe sale, cloee to station oa Morris and Hssax Railroad, forty minutes from New York. Coutains six rooms; nearlv an acre of ground ; plenty of frnll, slrawbevrlea. currant*, blackberries, appios. peaches, paars and cherries aa pa rag us bed, good water, Ac. For term* apply te P. H. LEONARD, 30 and 8* Ban lay street, N-w York. I^ARM for BALE-OF IS ACRES, $ MILES PROM ' Saratoga Sp-'n?s, IV mile from the Adirondack Railroad station, well watered; large two etory houaa, two largo barni, and good outbuildings, all repaired over new; good location lor public or boarding house. Iaquireof G. L. AN DKKWS, oler 47 North river, or the ownar, P. V. HEWTIT, Porter'* Corners, Saratoga county. N. Y. OR SAI.E?>T PATEBBON, A SPI.ENDID RBSI dence, all tne modern Improvements, with ft or 10 ee of laad, buildings uaw.Uvge aad commodious Par ttcularsof n, 11. HINB, >$l Sixth avenue. ClOR 8Ai>E?A HOUSE OF NINE ROOMS, BARN, J* carriage boaM and aoont ? acres of land. near Olaa C??ve, L. I., five ?mt.ta* from r?llr<iad|dapui and fiftoeo frmn jtcamboal tandlnS; price Apply u. vIm. MACEBY. M/iltet sinm. Breoklvn. COt'WTIT MIL K 8T AT* fOH *A tJC. hiK)B SAI.K?ONB OK TUB FINEST RBHIDENCB8 IN W-atehMter county, ten minutes' walk from Pouches ler depot about ten vru of (iround, or will exchange for a first <?(??? Residence or writ located Lou to Mow York city. For particulars aud lull description inquire of 8. BII>I'AT BJCK. lull's Hud Uuk Balldings. Will Mod description by mall. I/OR SALE-A FINE COTTAGE HOUSE, IN WBHT I* Mount Vernon, lieautlfully situated, only two minutes' walk from either llaib-ui or New Haven Railroad depot: tan room*. dining room, kitchen, and a tine garden, beautifully laid out. Address B. P., Herald offloe. rB SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. PIJIAHANTLT located In New Jersey nearlrvington, about one hour's ride from Cortland street ferry. The bouae la cottage built, nearly new, cootalniug thirteen linuhed rooma, bath room, waah kitchen, wtlb hot and oolil water and all modern Improvements. Urge liable, carriage house and other out building*; four acres of land, set out with rhoioe fruli, and a house for gardener. Also a Karm adjoining, of abonl M acres. with suitable buildings; may be bought in separate lots or Id one; terms easy. For further particulars inquire of r. B. CURTIS. J8B Broadway. PUR 8ALE-AT TABRYTOWN, A SHORT DISTANCE from the depot, a good House, with lire acma of nice Land; abundance of choice fruit, elegant river and Und views: neighborhood flrat clnaa; price Innur'Uate poaaesslon. 8. EMBEBSON, ?ll Eighth avenue. FftOB SALE-HOTEL AND FURNITURE AT SARATO. ga Springs: large, oommodlous and In perfect order; one of the tlnesL lOcatlous at the Spring*; or will be exchanged for New York or Brooklyn properly, on reasonable terms, for particulars apply to G. H. BENEDICT A CO., 31 Pine street Ij>OB 8ALE?THE KINK LARGE COUNTRY SEAT ON 1 Water street. Fliialieth, known as the Rlckett Man sion. with spacious grounds, admirably adapted for a board Ine bouse or school. If not sold bythe 1Mb will be let. Arply to C. R. CHRISTOPHER, No. 8 Wooatcr street, from Iff to 12 A. 31. Foe ha lb?a farm, in eockland county, half a mile lrom Mnnscy depot, contalnliig 40 acres, plenty of fruit, good bunse, 'barn and outbuildings. Inquire of JAMES I). bKCOK, auoet, or at No. 3 Erie Build* ings, Reade street. FOB 8ALE-THK PECONtC HOUSE. SITUATE AT the terminus of the l ong Island Railroad, tireenport Long Island. l or salubrity of climate sea air, iishing and bathing this cannot be surpassed as a place of summer re sort, aud lias fo yeur.- heeu doing a successful business. In; quire of DANIEL J. W1LLKT*. No. 303 1'earl street, N. V. POE SALE?Co IIN Tit Y SEAT OF TEN ACRES, within forty-live minutes of city; brick house, bam and all necessary outbuilding, hum# lia* twenty rooiua. gas, bath, hot uuJ cold water on I'.ifshic river, opposite Newark, N.J. Apply to GEORGE W. fLATT. 20 Maiden lane tPOB SALE?IN JERSEY CITY, ON 1IIQH AND SOftlD ' ground, a corner House, new, and built for the owner's use: three story, basement and suncellar, ooniainlng all the modern improvements, marble hall Ac.; will he sold par tially furnished. I no one on ilic premises, 244 Wayne street, or at No. 4 Erie buildings, Keade street, N. T. FOB SALE?ON LONU ISLAND WITHIN ONE MILE of Westbury station, a desirable Residence, with 0 acre* of Land. Terms easy; price $1,40(1. lnqu're of 8. R. POST, OB Broad street. FOB SALE?BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED ON TOE banks of Cayuga Lake, eiaht miles from Ithaca, an ele gant Country Residence ami Farm of 02 acres, with first mass outbuildings mid tenant boose. For further Informa tion address box 36 Jacksonville Post office, N. Y. LiOR SALE?ON NEWTOWN CREEK. THE SIXTEEN r lots of Land, with Dock, Intel v occupied by the Laurel Oil Works. Apply ou tne premises, near Calvary Cemetery, to R. WALLACE, or, HEYHPALMER RIEB, N Broad street For balk?four acres in lots, opposite the Trinity chapel, at Far Koctaway, L. L Apply to 8. NORTON, Far Rockaway. L. I. For sale? at yonkers, price *?aoo, genteel brick Dwelling House, with English basement gas fix tures. Ac. Apply to T. YOU MANS, or FARHINGTON A ROCKWi-.LL, ut Yonkers. rriOR sale?at tarrytown, on the hudson, a r Que double brick House, containing 17 rooms; every thing requisite for comfort, price $M,0U0. For full particu lars apply to TERRY A BERRiaN, No. 400 Broadway, room 20. tpOB SALE?A DESIRABLE HOUSE, ON PALISADE ' avenue. Bergen Heights. Apply to E. GODFREY A SONS, 29 *pruco street, New York. 1MR SALE-A LARGE DOl'BLE HOUSE (FOUB F teen rooms), with tiine acres of choice Land, In White Plains, one ho ir by rail iroin Twenty-sixth street; view of the sound and Kurrouiitling country, and very healthy. Ad dress 8. Hopper. White Plains. It. Y.t or at the Custom House i rotunda ', dallv from It) A. M. to It M. m v vitnPBRTT ON 8TATBN Srry at Factorjv']tejFNK 1N;;. K.ecntor, Ml Canal ?treet ? gy.aa.'ggta^ l. e from a U?*"*r l'i}hlt^ wyuig ?. <or,Iing to the aire and lo an rom $J6Q ?> H ?*' vary' g room allot r??JWsr?;SraM^t-'ttss srrKi'sa'c-" * >>*?>"< lotienvlllo, ?. V. ? WOB HALK-A VERY Oaf>T" r Hard avenue, btaien Wlaii'l,^?eai Kail rj fl'CK tfOiT^-vr MANM, HOUM^JStSSSg r .even room*, l?? ^SrJS^wy Hod of Ac., with half an ten "f *roun.l. w W "e*^'' . ^ ^?rla fruit, within three ""n"U > w.thln une Uourol New *1 Nanaau atreet. ? J70R SAliB CHEAP rOR SI^^KSTou?K? L gsszrrr n 173 Tbo,np ">o alreet and No. ? Beekmaa -IfMMgM >0- ?? gj^Jgggaps MSSSfSSS ?H)R HALE. OR v.^?T?b^r'uiS0lnACl55>n r ptae, heml'^k and and Vallruad. Sold * u'KNi,toN- ?*y"t>"tr"' ^^bIxTeT)*? young fruit tree* of atI kind "* iinBum. For further par Price $? UOO: will w.t for |??? r hr,hT,e HofitQ? tlculara Inquire on the prem"" " ?? spring. N. J. ? ? tX)RKAl-BOR S^?Irkf on'VuHem 1 r on CroUin rite. J"Ul%bu land, good young Zl' ml NT. U I.-POR SAIA AT AUCTION, 8., ^^uTmau road dei>ot, uy O. KDWARO ' AR '**? Call at 96 Veaey atroet. H. '? H Mr." - _nR haLR-THR RXTBN8ITK EGNRRA MMm K?w Mills at Marietta. PennaylTanla, aodatop* PlS.Tnitt at Kleo?.l*try, N.J. Apply to roJrrturE.Iw Y If lb a? cane. .. haLK A KOUR 8T0RY HIGH *2?2 *?? yFsStisi f*!!7:U' "" /amV^ R Ill Broadway. HEAL KNTATK WAMTBD. , FpiSmi ?A?Ti!D-wmi .?"Ja'fiJfSSW't &E3S D?WITII ALL TBIBUUBMi" w Broadway. aSTa^iiwSSstt Una wit" '1 in he r, term., I^N^Up , PnrofcMir, bo? (It Herald ?fll<*. Teas ?r:rir.:. *W?s ?* OliBONi A ? O ?? Mreet. w l7^7irii -noCf^BB or f.vert okrcriftton, re* H&w "p"Tt?iWmarc tower*, which mid o(u<*?. mi Ha**au ?tr"ei. tirtNTi-'l) ? ANV rlllON HAVINO A 8*AU< HOU"? WAKUSrtly"or>ale ,he.p ean hear of a~U^r bVaddreMing. with full particalara, L. ?.. IXM Fo?t oWre. ? ? ? .... M*c>n a fuRFp ofoRT norm, fri^ rba* W Vrm." y Aililreaa, wltfc M P^tte-lar., H. J., bo* aW Hera U ml .* W4S^%i^tS*fcSajf^BR Alrtf ?'?urtfc ?lr??t anted TO A BALK. 4 Anew too gallon still. rtTBiT~oi!rnfRr75' for sale 'J"*1* _Adilre?* .'._B.. Jxix lt? Herald office. A BOOT AND 8HOB STORK FOB 8ALB?IN A 00<*> A looauon, ?l ? (rout sacrifice. Address W. II. H , Hrriid TWELVE YBAB8 LBA8H.-8TOCK FIXTURES and Huiioru of an up lowo Coal Yard for s?le tt??t loratiun In the city Those wishing to Inreet Iran thu $*>.UUU neeu not reply. Address t. U. Arnold, 43 Flue atneT, room 11. A BARB CHANCE.?OLD established PHOTO graph Gallery. I eaae. Stock, <Jood Will: cheap rent of the No. ? Chatham square. The preseut proprie tor, Intruding to leave for Kurope, will dUpoae of tke above business, ten year* established. at a low price. Apply at the above number. A?BOOT AND shoe STORE; FIXTCBE* com pletc; established seven Tear*; excellent chance for the tame business. low rent. Prior of food will and fixture* $AJ0. Inquire at #6? Eighth avenue. A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT and hotel now doing a splendid builuesa, Lease and Fixtures for sale ; located In Fourth strert, near Broadway; or will be rented to a good party, furnlabed, for one year. KINO A CO.. No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. APAPBB HANGINGS AND WINDOW SHADE STOBB. Ion# established and favorably known. This is an ex cellent ohanee, as the owner retire* from business. REUBEN O. DKEW, Ageul, 96 Carmine |trcet. ADBY HOODS STOBE FOB BALB.-THE STOCK, lease and Qxturee oi an old established dry goods home will be sold cheap. Apply at 43 Catharine street, corner of Madison. ABCAINK TV SAPES -HEBRINGS, WILDER'*, LII lle's and Marvin's Safes, of all sixes, for salecbmp. 8. G QUIRK. 73 William street. OAL AMI WOOD YARDS FOB 8ALB-ONK OF THE \ / best I-Iianoe* ever offered to engage in the business. The largest retail coal and wood tradeln Brooklyn. Aetna! sales during the past year 13 OUU ton* of coal and ?.om mrds of wood, ss will be siinwn bv tha books. The real estate consist* of 14 lots of ground, sheds, office* stables. Ac ; also a valuable lea?" on dock property where the cool and wood are landed. There are nine h<''r*?? and rsrte. two platform ?rales, three sen of hoisting tackle, besides everything ne cessary to carry on the business. Reason* for selling tha owner wlshe* to retire Into the country on a ootn peteney made In the business dnrinu the past few years. A litieral amount of the ruruh.iae mnnev msv remain on bond and mortgage for a term of years. Persons who actually wish to embrace this opportunity (no other* i mav apply for full par ticulars to JOHNSON, MILLER A 'HALL, 35 Vasenn strict. New York. FOB SALE-MEW SCHOOVRR ELLA L. COOPFB. carrying 10*1 tons, draught B feet loaded: built and fitted out In the varv beat manner. For particular* Inquire of WM BLAIR, ltB BarcUv street. rB SALE?A FIRST t'LAPs <; E NTLE M F. V FUR nlshlng Goods Store In Chicago. 111., for rash only. Ad dress C. L. D. B., Furnishing Uoods, 148 Dearborn sueet, Chicago. 111. riOB SALF-BFSTAUBANT. PBOPBIETORS rOB r templating removing, or wanting a branch establish ment. can secure a location unsurpassed in the cllv. and with a ten year* Lease. For full particular* address Bon? Fide. Herald office. Fob sale-tub lease and fixtubp.s of a corner Liquor Store: license paid up to the 31*t Urinary, IMS. Inquire of J. CORHITT. House Agent. No. 331 Ninth avenue or P. H. MCLAUGHLIN, Plumber, 4<J9 West Forty aecond atieet B FilOB SALE-MEAT MARKET. 47 MULBERRY STUERT. with Fixtures and everything complete; satl>factory reason* for aelllng given. Inquire at the store. For sale?the lfasr. fixtures and good Will of an old established Mtlllnerv and Dressmaking business, near Broadway. I'll Fast Thirteenth street, cor ner of Fourth avenue. Inquire of Mrs. JACKSON. FOB SALE?BOABDtKO HOUSE, located in Clinton place and full of boarder*; lease to May I. 18M: rest paid to June 1 next. Furniture for sale None but cash customer* need addrea* Caah Customer, box 130 Herald office. FOB 8ALR-LBASK, FIXTURES. STOCK AND Lf cense of the well known St. Nicholas Restaurant, comer of Broadway and Spring street, under the hotel, In complete order; cheap rent. Apply for ooe week ou the premises. Fob sale?a first class mtt.lineby estab llshment on Broadway, splendidly fitted up: will be aold with or without slock. " Apply at S87 Broadway. FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST STANDS IN WEST Washington Msrket nr would take in a partner Ap ply to or address WILLIAM MOORE, 388 Washington street. New York. For sai.k?tiik furvibhino department or a Mrat claae nothing fitnre: "lock email, but well (elected Price (1 300. Addrea* Purnlihlng. ReraM oflot. For sale?an rleciant marri.e top liquor Bar, with Back Bar Atplw. n. IIALBEE, 4M Slith avenue. For balk?at hobokf.n, *. j.. the stock and PWtnre* of a Qrooerv and Liquor Store, with two tear*' Leaae and I .lean en. at m aeorlflce. aa the owner la riving up bn?tne*?. Inquire at the atore, corner of Newark and A damn street, Hobo ken For sale-thf fixtures and goodwill or a flrat rate butcher'* ahop on Third avenue. T. J. McRVILY, 8M Third avenue, ne?r Plfty-aiith atreet. 10B BALE?A riSU, OYSTER. VF.OKTABT.R AND Butter Stand, ioe?l?d in the bualneaa part of the city. SOUTnMAYD * CO.. 64 Cedar atreet For bale?a ckiar store in one or the flneat location* tn the upper part of the city; doing a Terr good bualneaa. Particular* given at 202 Chatham atreet. Price $2,MX). FOB BALK?THE OLD ESTABLISHED NADni.E AND Harnea* Bualneaa of JOHN BROWN, (U Myrtle are nua. Brooklyn, with Slock and Fluurea, together or is part aa may be dealred. Fob sale cheap-at laurel oil works, near Calvary Cemetery, four SObbl. Sttllf with Worm* and con nection*. BOCERT STORE TOR BALE?CORNER THIBI> AW. IT nue and Fortv-aeeenth atreet. with Block, Future a, Horae and Wagon. A good aland, low rent; eetabllabad I tan year* Inquire la the atore. Hotel lbase A*r> furniture fob bale? . Hoiiae doing a Mod bMfbaaa. For particular* apply to A J. BOB, IB Broad rvay. Ladies* and children's bhob store fob balb at Harlem.?Flral ctaaa atore, been In operation lor all year*. 11,900 net proflla laat year. Fartlaufara 65 IJberty at., third door. _ SCROLL SAW FOR BALE-NEARLY NEW; ONB Or Wright k Hmlth'a patent, P rloe 1116. Inquire at B1 Weat Farly-aecond atreet S A FEB.?FOB BALE (HEAP, 6 SECOND HAND Safe*, at No. 8 Cortlandt atreet. THBBE FIRBPRO'JF KAFES rOR BALE CHEAP.. A large alte Herring'* arid medium ?l*e Murvln'*,, ?landing Deek, Falrbanka' Scale*, at IB Liberty atreet, near Post olDce. d>() C/in-roR THE STOCK ABD riXTlHES OF A ?D^.yjv/U Tea, Coffee and Spice Store a ahort dlaUnce from the city. Steam Engine. Holler aud Roaater. Mnitb* ?old on account of other bualneaa. Addraaa B. Monaun, Herald office. NAl'HISIBRT. A STEAM P.NGINK For BALB-AT HALF FRICB nearly now. about twelve horae peartr, without hollar. Apply at WARD'S, S1' Hrotulway. Amachinr KOR MAKINO EMBROIDERED PAT tarn* toi *ale, wilt be aold at coat price. Inquire of F. GLOR, 90 Weet Fonrth-atreet. L- "bcOMOTIV R R< <iI.ERS and HORIZONTAL BOIL. era of all ataa* for aale at Franklia Bolter Work*, foot of Morgan atreet, Jcrae. City. All klnde of bolter* built. Y?ORTABLB AND stationary STEAM P.NOINBS X AND MOlLERU AND CIRCULAR SaW MILLS The beat and nioal c"replete In uea. Circular ?ent on appl*?Uon, WOOD A MAN* HTEAM ENGINE COMPANY UttoavN. Y.. laaaTNe ~ and M Maiden lane. New York. SCREW CCTT1NO AND OTHBB LATHES, MILLING and Moulding Mac-hlnea. llat I'reaaee, Shafting, Pulley*. Blower*. KoHera, Belting*. Ac., at Ml Eaal lloiiatoa atreet, oppoalte Norfolk *traat. CHARLES JORDAN. STEAM ENGINES AND BOILBBB AND ALL KINDS of Maotilnrry, new and second hand; Prupaller Engine*, shafting, Pullrva ?nd Helling, ainall Copul*. WILLARD A MTIJ.ITABD. Water I The mobt improved California stamp mill* and Mining Machinery, Engine*. Breaker*, Concentra tor*. 1c. Mod*;* and drawing* can he eeen at MORKY A SPERRY'H, Mlninc Engineer.,? Liberty ireet. MANUFACTURERS. OP HAIR NBTB. AC.-OB ?ale a Lace Machine, In luaalag order Addraaa Own er, box 1BI Herald oflioe. _ ____________ rmm BB1NE WATER WHEELS -THB PLAOR. JOIUY the mo?l ^oDomioil, im povml Turl|Ma? now eiteMiroly a*ed, I* at W Liberty *tra?t, Bjw York, where aa aeaortment can be aeen. OEOROK TaLI.COT. nrANTED-TWO MUSTARD MILLS. IB GOOD RtN VT nlng order. Addreee, with parti*utera, W. A. B., bo* 8*6 Poet oBce. LKUAL ROT1CII, JBBLAND not,rb ^ jjj,? or Where aa Richard Barry, lale of Droghada, In the nouaty of Lauth. Irelaad, |a>llc?inan, died 1 ntaalata*1 Droghada, on tha ??! day of June. IW*V |?Hweeaod af Boner and pmpertt. And wharea* hie aiater* ? ?ihar;ne Barry, Euan Barry andJdary Barry amup-ated to America over ten year* ago, and hie brother*, oaree Barry aad William Barry, ateo etalgraled la America over aeveo rear* *a* rhi? U to give notloe to aald partle* or their child or chlldrea (If aat), ar aay at her par son or perwn* who claim to be ueMof kin uf Mild deceaaed. or entitled to *ald monev and property, ar aay part tbaiaaf. that David l<vmbard, or Hal.rmacaUaa. near Fermoy In the nenntr of Cork. Ireland maternal uaele to tha aald Richard Barry, i? ala>at to apply lor leueni of adoiUil*tr*tioi> to the eatate anrl effe. |? of the aald Klehard Barry, to tie principal; of (he Court of Prohate, la Ireland, on the ?rou|d that all the *ald hrothera and >leter* of the aald Richard Barry are dead without Imuie, aad the aald Catharlaa Barry. KU?" Harry, M*ry Barry, (IwMi Barry and WlllUm Bany or their' hildren (If anyi are required forthwith to communicate with Thoinaa K.o Solicitor of Kermoy. la tha county ot Cork, Ireland, and to elate whether thar will lake out administration to the aald Richard Barry, aua In denmR of their no commonting with the eald Thomaa Bice, or or their takiug proceed!nil* to ohtaln admlnlatratlon In fh* *ald Rich*rd Barry within two month* froai the puh%eay?a af thle ?dverti?einent, notice ie heiaby given thai DhvM LIB bard, of Ballemaealten, near Fermoy. la the eald e?*utm of Cork, Fanner, will apply to tha Jung* of the Court or rrfb bate, *1 the prlaeipal reglatrr at Dahlia, for adadl*?lr?0aa and po*ae**lon of nald money Rlchurrl Lomhard, orBairy maclanrenca and W III la rn Lombard, 01 ('a*tieWa farmer*, and Johanna Barry, otharwiae iximbard. Wife ft RIAard Barry, of tv^lecorrin, farmer all near farmer m the I e .aniyol Cork, tha natural aad lawful malarn* "n<?*a I aunt of eald Richard Barry, daceaeed, hartgc raaeaa their right ?o leltera af adminutratlon of (her and effect* of the eald dereaaad, and ar granted Io mid Dand l^mihard. Dated the 7th day of February, 1*87. CBO A CIULDRON FOB C >KE IN TUB YABp' QB .pZ del rered hawBately h> etuidgNn' hm? tlR. fVam B?w Yarh on WoAa. tw*atyly