Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1867 Page 1
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' r THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,143. NEW YORK. MONDAY. MARCH 4, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERKO.V A L.. Blob drbhs.?drum majors reception, Thirty-seventh Regiment. Address P. U. P., *U Uoo P. CThINOARORA ! 1 ) A. N. S. T. For adoption?a beautiful female ixpakt, one day old; parentage American. Apply to Dr. 'Du rant. No. 7 Beach ?treet. Information WANTED?OP MATTHEW MrLEOD. Win, last heard from, in Iflftl, was working urn tha Al bany and Huaqnehaiuie Railroad. Any lulorui.itloa of him will he thankfully received by his slater, Mar?am McLeod, by applying at *JUH l-eet .-<? vi.U , ?t? stresl, N V. JOHN DK CORDT.?INFORMATION la WANTED OP John De Cordy. If this iiwi-ts hij eye, he Is earnestly entreated to return bane, where the past wlH be forgiven ??d forgotten. Hi* son is at present in the llixtse of Refuge, when- lie it being treated m the moat cruel manner?ronf.ned mi a damp cell, without a bed to lie itu and furnished with no more food than M necessary to keep Ufe in ills b?,ly. If he wishes to sea his son ahve' he ia entreated to return home. Ha* PkANCifCO, Jan. 38, 1867. JANE DE CORDY. JOHN-SEND WORD ABOUT THE OTHER THINGS, and do not come to New York on any account. ELLT * LEOH'S MINSTRELS, saturday EVEN. enlng.?Wni the lady who a&t in the baek orchestra seat send her address to tlie gentleman ?he noticed on her left, stating where an interview can he had? Address Prank Brooks, staU,>u D. ISiJINO?SINCE SUNDAY. FEB. 24, CHANLE8 W?vv,( , was laat seen on board the barpe Globe, pier 47 Worth river; was dreaaed tn a bli?e roundabout, grav panta mnd pair of black do., cheek flannel undershirt. white mus lin ahirt over; pair or boots, with rubbera on; black cap, bound with fur; age about nine years, light hair and blue ?ves. Any saformation will be thankfully received by Wil liam Wood, corner o! Leonard and Withers streets, Wll Bamsimrg. ? XJ OTI < ? K-M OllTO N L. KKLOtKl, LATE SECOND JN l.leiiteuant of Companv P, One Hundred and Sixty aecnnd regiment N. Y. V., will plaaae call on N. Seagrist, .Na 4 Centre ?treet. N. Y. KLLlE W -Till\K I saw" YOU ON broadway. Have you returned from England? Remember 57. Ad dress Williams, box 2116 Ileraid office. Kan away prom school, Friday last, a girl, 1!) veara old. black hair and eves, wore plaid poplin drenK. irrc. n plaid shawl an,l sailor hat. Information lead ing to her recovery will be rewarded by calling at 407 Bank street. TI7ILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED TO TAKE A FIVE YT groaa package, marked Swietenls, for the teeth, to the Hudson Hirer Railroad freight depot on February It, ad dressed to Collins Bros.. St. Louis, call at 17 Wooster street anil say where he left it? MATRIMONIAL.. A young gentleman wishes to correspond with a lady, with a view to matrimony. Address Rob ert Petersen, station P lAMT AND FOUND. FOUND-ON the 21 ST FEBRUARY, NEAR SIXTH avenue, a Silk Dress Pattern. The owner can have It by paying for advertisement and applying to John T. Hunt, West Morrinania. Westchester county. FOUND-A MINK OOLIA.R, ON tuesday. FEBRU. ary 2G, which the owner can have by sending particulars to C. H. C., box 6.(101 Post ofliue. REWARDS. $rc JtEWARD.?LOST. ON FRIDAY EVENING, A <J large yellow Ilull Uog, with big brad mid burnt apots ?D back. answering to the name of Janck. The Under will plew leave him at plnmber shop, SKI Iiudaon street, and ?aecive the a bore reward. $C REWARD WILT. BE PAID TO THE DELIVERER ?J of a am* 11 white half shared Dog, with new bra** col lar, lr?.t on the 2d Inst.. between 1 and > o'clock. Morning Star, 147 Chatham street fx REWARD.?STRAYED FROM ?8 SIXTH AVE 'J nue, on Thursday last. at noon, a small Spanish Poo i, white slut, blank num. dark brown eyes. The abov?|re ward will bo paid 10 the Ander on returning the same. *90 ' REWARD.?LOST, A WHITE SPANIEL DOO with blank bead, Mark spot on his back, acd black ?gonad hi* tail. By returning blm to 16 Weal Tweniy-tbird tree! the above reward will be given. REWARD.?RUN AWAY FRO* THB 9CB _ scrlber, an Italian Boy, about 10 year* old. ?atber ?tout, chestnut hair, full face, lair complexion, dark eyes; had on round Mock velvet jacket, itark cloth cap. light gray paats; plays Um violin; has been away ab >ut a mouth. The ?hail reward will lie paid to any one who will tiring him to tbe subscriber; or their expense* will be paid by giving aura (?formation, bv addressing a note, where the asid boy may be found, to the subscriber, aad receive tba tkanks beside*, at 114 Baxter itreet. New lark. GIUSEPPBI* STEFANO. RKWARD.-ALL WHO com TO THB BC V'JUV reau of Information, lt>0 Fuli-m street. are well (?warded. Instead mi charged. Merrhaets, manufsetarara, tod professional man <lve t orn mis* isn on hutinaaa sent Am; thla we divide with our patron* IFBC1AL *OTIt Es. T?ABERUPT LA W.?CITIZENtl INTERESTED III THIS XJ law are invited to meet at room No. 14 As tor Hoaae, on TMalay, March u. from 3 to ii P. M. SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA, FEB. M.?NOTICE.? The undersigned bee to notify their friends an4 the yabUc generally that ihey are noi and never havebe-n Interested In or connected with the house of Hein, BaokalLA Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets. Hew York city. Thla notioe ia published not with a view of {(?crediting or in any manner injuring the house of Hun Socket A Co., but simply to correct misconception. HL1N A BBAT. Job* Brat, 416 Battery street Tammany society, or Columbian order.? Brother*?A regular meeting of the Inaufcitlon Wll be kild in the i nuticll Chamber of the great wigwam on Ion day evening, March 4, .it half an hour after the netting of Mfte sun. General ana punctual utt'-ndaaJe ls re.jne?u.-4. Bv order or JOHN f. HOFFMAN,Grand S? hem. Wiuotf shall, Secretary. Manhattan. sew-on of bloi-oms, third moon, year of dls eovei^ STtih. of Independence 90th. anl of the Institution The recclae monthly meeting of the nk* York Liquor Dealer*' Society will be held at M>-iropa|. tan Room*. 1#) Hester street, Tuesday avening, March a,at TV o'clock. By order. _ JOITN H. TIETJEX, Vlea President Jo?s MxarRAtrr, Recording Sectary. Bl'RMBM OPPORTUNITIES. An ESTABLISHED CITY NEWSPAPER, FILLED with yeaily caab advertising, for sale; small espital ? required and terms low to a responsible party. Address In tagrity, Herald nfllcn. A SAFE IXVESTMENT.?96 010 WILL PURCHASE A ene half of a well estab'ished patent Solicitor's and Architectural business: also one hall Tnter>as< in six or mora valuable Patent flights. Apply in irr.o i f<r one week only, from 13 to 5 F. M. J. McLANE. <529 Brwdway, room 31. AREUABLE PBRSON. WITH SWO OR $100. WANTKD. to take entire charge of a mousy making huslnese, f aaad reference required. Addreas for three days, Sincerity, I H eTaid tBASE, HTOCE AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY Store for sale?Stock consisting of I'araaols and Kanrv "le: Bttanea* well esUblixked Rem law. Apply en the premises. gt>l Bteadway, na?r Seventeenth street, west aHe. Preprtrtnr going Into the aaanufacturtng business. PAPER EAUS.-A PARTY HAYIMU THE RJOHT TO maaufact lire patent maohine made Paper Bags in Petiu ?ylvanU, would IIKe to form an arrangement with some party whereby their business could be incrraaed. Addres paper Bags, box I ffi Philadelphia Post ortlee. PARTNER WAViBD-IN A HOTEL JN Tills CITV<>F X 100 rooms. to be enlarged twice tta present site; -ni?t hecompetent to take charge of one of the depsnmciV al,d have trom ?10.000 to 936,000 In rseh. with uo lonbtel ch?r aeter; lease several years to rua; not more than e?*-thtid tatereet will be sold. Addreaa, wltk .teal name, V. Z., hex AW3 I'aat o?ce. AO/IA WILL SBCURH A HALF IJI^rEST IN A ??JUU good paying, long established ."I"-1*''; receipts 9*> dully; one aian cannot attend to IV l-*il "t 81 Nxaaau atreat, o?oe No. 9. ? 7 on ?YACiiXBLE " PATf NT - ! ?? ARTICLES ?IM 'U, ready far mark*!*, S* fionths. (.'all on ar address r. M. *>? aroadway, n im o.?. AO tutn CASH DO"J* A ROYALTY OK $1 X^.V/U'l on e?cb ' ' mantifaolursd veil I pun-hsse An exclusive casluj o? er 9? ..?10 prof'U per annum None *?". ajptv unless ftrai fins ren, ousii le JSA"e" ' O WIS, West Tlrtrteenth st.eet. ?vii OIH) ?'ash vn.r p-Ki'HAs:-: wn.L pe xvr.v/v.?\/ cured e? Iiulve rights fef ' alKornl*. t>re (on. Washington and Ut <h im each rtcbt v HI be suld *-pa Jately,, to miiniifactnrqa'it sell a:i <U'ti>r<eii*m le sr'.cle of ?mear In Jre a deinaml. Very small wnrkinrcnpitfl re<|uired, aad pay* Ildl per rent net | roOt. \ tlo-run^h practical. Maniifsntui'in* know-ledge u hr or^irre l in two (lay*. FaeVirlne for snme e , *t*i?t|iv..? >n I'e insylranta, Massa ehesetts and New Yors. I. n. if [Hio:iai'1^ ret. rences g.vea. Priatlpaw only aeod replv. Vddress T. B , box 113 Herald attce. ?PltBTIKU. a LI, (KINDS OF DOCK AND BTRDS FOB HAL# AT It. DOVKY'S, ?JK? ?t' ?. cet. Ciiurch sireet. Medicima lor all diseases. I't-pared Food tor taorsing htrds. A LADY WISHES Tu1kM. II CANARY BflTlH J\ perfectly hniiibaime audgu r singers, at a iwisonaJile price. < all at OA W est higla ccnth a'.ieet, near Sixith uvca.ic, aemnd IIihi EpBANOii BUTLBK. MO. I PiX.K Ft i I.L tiTb r choice4>reeiis of llog<. It-itle-'s int Ulible Wie?;e Cure and Me* Exterminator, 76 cents . Hull r s new ivork on ihs Dng, fj. DogK trained, boarded. Ac Medicine) lor all dis ease* IjV>R SAl.e-A HI.?H?r YACHT, W TONS NRABLY ,JT nee and in ane order. Add revs box ?.J3? Post oflicc. f"j>OR sale-imported bronen roiNTt:!:" and s^xecm pare NewWundland Ivgs. wVlc Es'|*ii(? awnsM Blank and Tarn, Ar., it DANIf.L KilvTKR'S, No. 13 JaooarvaJi. sir ret. 1>R a A L fc?SMALL BLACK AND ~'r\ S,~ SCO H'll and skye Terriers, ami BlacA and full IV'K. 7 pouni.'", kept for Mack purpose!. pa r of Ne>vU??fc.l.'and I logs. JOHN OUAY. II B?0*e?.?l"street. "CV>R SALR-ONfl^KINO CflARLE^ DOO H).K FIVE ,a weeks old, and two aid Sl'tfa. Krcncil Fi-ad'e anT Cocker S.nanleL W. BROWN, ? Crasby str?e?. rear. One pair of "rob dekhs. Tmiba rants, swawh, Egyptlnn (leese. Mandarin Ducks, Crown t'Hkies. Fipih.* nullfliii'hes, (ieim'in and Belgian t'snsrie- A< , at CHAN. REIt'UB A BitOillRKS' Bird Store. *4 Chath?ai, ?ear <:|t mber* street. IQAjl STAND OF ARM>. WITH 1 v TO NETS COM n|ele, Sprlnxlleld pattern; also 40U hwords and ?'5af"? al>v't Which will be aold cheap. Applv to HENRY BTMN. ?T r/arl xtrceh A GENTLEMAN "ooWlMNCINO THE FRENCH LAN guago, and willing to ilevole l'are? or Tour evening* or mornings per weak to the wi he* to tiud aj tdy teacher of education. Address W. Collinx, ? UK ion D. Blote Uouw. _ _ A SITUATION WANTKD.?A YOI'NO FRBNCUMAN. who ?t>eak? four language* and plays the piano, v. i- lies to enter In a |-nvate fam'lv or collec- a* teacher; he w*s teacher of mu>ir mi>l language* In the coenlry. Address Cha*. Be?ker, 176 Earn 4tli at. __ AT TOWNSF.ND'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 3rt0 HOWBRY, between I'rince and llomton, instruction day and evening in Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic Spelling. Unmiiiu, Correspondence, A<\ Boom* (or ladiea and private instruction. So Jimm. A LGEBRA, BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AKITH A mellc, Spelling. Ac., i'JO. The extraordinary and In iTtanna patronage bestowed upon t'aine'a Business Col leges, ? Itowery and S4? Fulton street, Brooklyn, a fi ord gratifying evidence that the facilities for acquiring n thor ough business educ-allou are appreciated by a discerning public. Over I.SOU stiideuts have been registered and In at teu-ience within the |?uh( year. 4 PARISIAN ltl)Y DESIRES TO GIVE LSSt-ONS IN J\ Frem-h and'conversation: lemon* private, from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Adres* Teacher, 9J Thompson *treet. Arm floor. A?TEN YOUNG LADIES WILL BK RECEIVED AT . one of the beat ladle*' boarding ?ehool* in New York State, at 4i?W per echool year, including board, tuition in English, Latin, modern languages, Instrumental and vocal music, painting, drawing, .Ire.. provide! application I.- made within twe week* to J. W. SCHEKMEKHOKN, 430 Broome street, New York. BOOKKEEPING. PENMANSHIP AMD BU8INK8S AFFUR3, At QOI.r)8MITH'8 Commercial Institute, 736 Broadway. Established 1310. Private instruction. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AC., FOB BUSINESS.? Mesar*. DOLBEAR, fiDH Rrofcduray, titaehe* Bookkeep ing practically, a* used in the best New York houaea: they also remove stiffness cramping or trembling, ?nd make ele gant bublneaa penmen. Gentlemen can secure private rooms. Dramatic reading, acting and plain read lng. One more cheap course at pupil*1 ie?ldenena. Take advantage of this course. Private lessons. Terms $e. Address Roberts, Herald office. TESPINASSE FRENCH BOARDING SCHOOL, WASH J ington Heights.?French U the lanruage of the sehooL SO acres of beautiful ground*. Circulars?Broadway, 186, Mllhau's drug .,tore, 701, music store; 918. drug store. SPANISH LANGUAGE TAUGHT III A FEW LESSONS. Address A., box 191 Herald office. SITUATION AS GOVERNESS WANTED IN A PRIVATE family, by a young Herman lady, to teach the German and French languages and rudiments of music; can do all kinds of needlework; highest references given. Address M. W.. box 476 Post office. CJITUATION WANTED?AS GOVERNESS IN A O scli<ail or family, l>y a vonng French lady, perfectly com petent to teach both French and English; ha* no objection to travel; bent references given. Apply for one week at lime. Dougall's, 17 West 4th si. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSERY GOVER nes*; understates music. Can be seen at MO Bloom field St., Ho)>oken, N. J. WANTED?BY A LADY, A SITUATION I* A RE spectahle family as governess or to do any light work; would like to travel' speaks both French and English; refe rence given and required. Address lor two months ?. J. M., box 23o Terre Haute,' Ind. A Wanted?a protestant lady, as kksidevt governess, to teach T""n* children the KnfUih branchis, music (piano) and French ?r <-enn?ll.AddreM for one week Governed*, box 737 hew \ork Post ofllce. ~ HORSES. tARRIAGBS. ?<". AnltniSTFR OP HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT Kte\25,to ke*? MINER A SOMERVJLLE, at 87 Nassau street. All person! wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horses or Carriage", should hare ihelr property, or ths artl?>* desired registered as above. U..T AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, union square every Tuesday aod Priday ttroughoot^Uie year, and at 87 Nassau street every Tfcsdnesday and Satur day. See auction head. . A HANDSOME, STYLISH. DARE BAT HOR8E POR sale?Warranted perfectly sound, about ,1'X kande high. long, heavy tall and mane, nerfectly Kettle, a IP** traveller; prioe $360. Inquire for John Carroll at B?M*? ? stable, 83 Wert Twenty-fourth street, between 9 A. M. and 4 p. m. A TEAM OF HORSES AND THREE CARRIAGES, flt for h?kl?? for sale cheap, at ?M Third avenue GOOD ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAGE8 AND HAR , neaa to be sold, at any prloe before May 1, *1 TaY R'S Carriage Warerooma, fc Cedar street. A NUMBER OP SECOND HAPD CARRIAGES. BY A best etty makers, consisting of Wagons, Phaetons, *0. one Brewster top Wagon, but little used, ymi 41 the Church Building, corner of t.roabv aod Grand streets. _ A NICE SORRBL HORSE IS HIGH: CAN A trot la 2 tip. Also four Cart Horses, flt for heavy wot*. To be smi at mOotd street. Brooklyn. ___ A SECOND-HAND. SHIPTINO TOP BOGGY. IN EX A eellent order, for aale eheap. Apply to D. THOMAS, MB Broadway. __ . A COACH, COUPE ROCKAWAY. WESTOHBSTBB A I)o? Cart, Buggies. Cabriolet*. also SOO new Cairlage', Harnf??736 per ccmleas than Broadway stores, to make room for kSft.^il^Kaot Fourth street, corner Broadway. At public sale, on Tuesday, march b._ at 11 ui 1 061 and 1.H53 Third avunu*, HorMi, Car grn. Wagons, iUnMM. Bokwa, Ac. auction ?ales. ? - Anyv jiarMFBS TENTS. WAOON COVERR? AM buUni Rubber cW-MeClclU. Sidles, Bridle., Mule Collar* ami Harness, Shrouds. Picks. Army Clothing. W. A. CARTER. 63 Cortlandt street, near Greenwich. 77.TV MADE LEATHER TOP WAGON IN FIRST A rate order; $1W. Also a Hack Coach. In goodtrunalng order; price tlOU. At 218 West Twenty-seventh street. GOOD CHANCE.?TWO HORSES: SOUND AND ki.j. a VMrs nlil ? fast travellers; atyllsh drivers; lit for bu.cb"rVo^?r ?? ?'i' -fJS"5* a? avenue B. between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets lager beer saloon. - - /lARltlAGES. HORSES AND H\RNESS POR SALE^ I 1 1 irM giiock of new and i^*cond hand V Himly 6ix^Tnd^.uta.? Wagoosi..ning off -heap, 10 Nevlns street. Brooklyn. /lHEAP. SACRIFICE.?TWO HORSES. HARNESS AND \J Butcher Carts togetheror separate; horses 15'? blinds, tin* and harness in good order. Apply at oorner of Charles ?d Fourth streets. In the market. __ ?fcOR SAl.E A LOT OF FIRST CLASS HORSES, JUST I fromtlie ?rtT. M for carts, trucks. e.prr?orany bwlness; also a few low priced Horses; warTant^ soend ant kind. Inquire at Ml Canal street, oorner or Waahing ion. . _____ FOR SALE?A BAY PONY. LATELY PROM CANADA, ili veXrs old. sonnd and kind In slngle or doul^e hsj^ neea. Apply at?W East Ninth etreot. New York. Cell for <iree Aays. filR SALE-LIGHT AND HEATYEXPRESS WAGriSS; J* Un ftrst clans new Buggies oonstontly an bandL No. 94 WcsCWenty-ninth street, betweeen hlxth and Seventh avs_ FOR\aLK^a"TEAM OF WOREING OK GOOD F faml. 11orsee, 1?X hands high; sound aad kind, stylish drivers, y, be seen at 7flf) Greenwich street. For sau_a heavy built ?orsB W 5#!?*! for cart y truck; prioe $1*1. leouliw of-IOHB WYLIE, corser Fourth avenue and FettyeecosMl etreet, In freight AffllB onioi FOt 8ALE-f4 horses. JUST PRHM TnB^OCIITRY. f"*i a to8 rears old; prices frsos ??> to warranted smind rnd kind. Apply at 211 Wooster street. B ^LR?TWO NEW EXPRESS WAGONS. ROBERT BIELIVO, 1? Broome ^reet. F? fjVVR 8A?_fr*YLISH SORREL HORSE 1#V. * 1 years old. "or fsmtv, use; t.%H. twe Herses 15X. $?snd MB; all aount%l)d klud; aew light liamess, (M. 144 Wert Tweiity-ninth ireet. f^OB SALE Ol RXCH ANGE?A B*QOND BAND DOC r tor s Wa^on also a two sen' Top ??on; both In best sr.ler Applet 83 Marlon street, up eta.rl. CJOYEHNMK.NT UtOPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE. JT 10 0^1 acts new ?,| M,rond hsnd Harney ?a?tdl?>. ( o^ lars. BridW*. Ualt? r. Wsgo;i ami H?rse Covers, Paullns, Awnings, B?d Ticks, Vialti bags. Tenia, Tent Stock, Blan ket?. tr , ve?y low. . Ob?tiV Mr leilan Ad iies (new t. from fl* to $*); Plated Bit UrtMes $3, Art UsrV'srldles, ?<>od as pew. with Bridle, ._ PITIflN k CO., **^iliudelfhla. Pa., and No. I Park Small or.le^\?prpl(, Q n ' T"!^ ?AWnTRU?*0 " AG TAIL BAY MARE i A . J ' * >??id* liigii. S years old. sound and I kind; hs? iret'eo twt n In% w ?t? 1 to trot In 2 43, 1 11 1 nrosuJC1*? Weilneeday, Msrel. ?. at U i 5S.R she" ^WArnm ;W;-V I 1 iiranted?a do 1'Ri<E lft hanns hkjh. to 'arfV ?"m lieraiil ,for : Prl'* n"x nTer I UtM Addr-?S R M? lleraid giving description of | horses offerwt m ' \\f ANTED?LIGHT SECONDAjfDED HACK- ALSO \Y - VfcH ZFiSZZSnX* "So. Warm, 'state price, Wb!-b mill I be eitrcwely low. immediately J. G. E., Herald olU?* * xtotict to b urijiEiis. -j>r? >ibalh ^ iaa of stone a n*w Chorch Efc. la the . ..^^uirourtv, N. aooojto Plans and s??f ?c *1' is, 1? ""en the stone aKA, Post, In ??l<f I yrfn be re-elT<Hl until the tirst flf April next. Sepa r tt# pwprtflli tat mason and ?rinuftr.rt. or for t:.e. ^n ure building, may be forwankw V 1M. I AIL, Goshen, m' r' SANPOBD, JOM WALLACE. P.IH dostivF. Feb. 97, 1WJ. ^ Cownlttee. V. D. SNODORASS. D. D? b. 37,1WJ. FINK A**?;. ^ ?% 1 ON 1' MCNTS.?THE UNDErtlONB ABOUT OK* M Ing op his business, offers f.^i? ? aVery low price a Bne . Section 01 original dnjwlnt far Moments, original code's fo^t-.uej^H^fO fcTm|h DRY GOODS. J A SPECIAL NOTICR. . We have juMt received from motion ?ome EXTRA ORDIMKY HAltUAINS. which ?re efor at GREAT IN DUCRMENTS. corseting o( BOMBAZINES, DELAINES. TAMM! wid CAN 1\>N CLOTHS. LONG and SQI'AKK THIBET SHAWLS, BLACK SILKS. ELEGANT GOODS; FOULARD HII.KS. $1, worth $1 50. Onecaaeof GENAPPB KTR11* K It. very li-ndtome, $7 50 per dr?*s. worth $10. AUo 1 <?S? of ALPACAS, 5& . w*th *6c.; 1 oaao at worth w>'.; 1 cue lit 7V: , worth <1.; I <-?ae SILh. and wGRhTKD STRIPED POPLINS, $)t 7? and ?4 W per tlreaO-JUST HALK PRICE. N. B.-A very choice STOCK of BOB NETS, SPRING STYLE**. Call and examine at JACKSON'S Mourning store, HI Broadway, oppohlte Tiffany A Co. AOREAT RUSH AT BOTH STORES Auction roomaour headquarters. Two Htemt enable ui to buy big low cheap, and 10 keep both unpolled with tanning. IMMENSE LOTS DRESS OOODS. 28c. IMMENSE LOTS, S7Hc. and80r. AUCTION MUSLINS, 10c., W??-,Ifc-1,1(1 **? It EST 4-4 WAMSUTTAS, SOo. ALSO IMMENSE LOTS ALPACAS, TA1ILE LINENS, EMPRESS CLOTHS. Ac.. Ac., Iroui auction, AT NEARLY HALF PlilCK. FOSTER BBOTUBRS, 167 Eighth a*c:iue. noar Eighteenth street, and FOSTER BROTHERS, 272 Uleeckcr 1 ClORNYN BROTHERS WILL OFFER, TUTS WEEK, A J FINE STOCK OF 8PRING <iOODS, PROM AUC TION, AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES. DRESS OOODS, VERY CHEAP. BLACK, COLORED AND WHITE ALPACAS; COLORED AND BLACK ALPACAS AT 80 CENTS, ORTH $1 A YARD. FINE PRINTS AND MUSLINS AT 12S CENTS A YARD. PILLOW CASK MUSLINS AND SHEETING, VERY CHEAP. SHAWLS, LINEN AND WHITE GOODS. GREATLY REDUCED. DIAPER LINEN AT *3 A PIECE, WORTH ?4. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND SATINETS. SATINET AT 50 CENTS A YARD, WORTH (1, AT CORNY* BROTHERS, 487 Eighth avenue, near Thirty-eighth "treat. (10 TO RONALDSON A M BARES- TWO LARGB T trimming mores, corner Hhith avenne and Nineteenth atreet, anil 185 Eighth avenue, between Nineteenth mid Twentieth atreet*. Great bargain? In Trimming*, Ac., thia week. LOISEAU'8 PATENT HOOP SKIRT HOLDER. No more accidents from hoop skirt*. No more ridiculous situations for Imlle*. No more xprtng* ahowing below the lialmormL No more Unglnil springs. No more hoop skirt turning every which way. With the LOfsEAl'S HOOP SKIRT HOLDER, Absolute Immovablhtv. safety, eaae and elegance. Sold at retail in all fancy and ilrv good* more*. Wbolcaale dealers, EM. LOISEAU A CO., 5iX? Broadway, New York. Wanted?Agenta for the country. MME. DEMOREST'S GRAND OPENING OF THE NEW Spring Kaahions for LadleiT and Children'* Dresses, Including all the beat style* for Indie*' *hort dre-aea, aleevea, waist*, jackets, cloaks. Ac., Ac. We propose to offer at our Spring Opening the moat brilliant display of new dealgca ever presented. Monday, March 4. 478 Rroadway. Mattresses. In Husk, Straw, Hair, Mobs and Sea Grass. FEATHERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, or made into Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, Ac. SPRING BEDS, COM PORTABLES. BLANKETS IN oommon, medium, fine and superfine qoaMUea. BED AND TAHLE LINEN, NAPKINS, DOYLIES, TOWELS, TOWELLING, COTTON SHEETING AND SHIBTIMO, In all the popular makes. SHEETS AND PILLOW CASES on hand and mad* to order. MARSEILLES AND ALRAMBRA SPREADS. EMBROIDERED TABLE AND PIANO COVERS. ?1*0 manufacturers and dealers In IRON FURNITURE. I BON BEDSTEADS, CRIBS, CRADLES. HAT AND UMBRELLA STANDS, BRACKETS, SETTEES.GARDEN CHAIRS. VASES, STORE AND PIANO STOOLS. MARBLE TOP SALOON TABLES. WASH STANDS AND TOWEL RACKS. Everything necessary to supply hotels. Institution* anl private families, for either bed or table use. At the lowest market pnees. All goods warranted as represented. WM. GARDNER, 1M Canal atoml PAR1^^?b:L^P oi"Kh, ft* floor. R. H" MACT' ? SPRING TRADE. MOW OPENING. A? ?sssjf"'SJ^iastsss.sast Velvets, Drees Trimmings In all tho lateet novelties, ??Mt>ne, Motions, French PRICES. DMCHAHPmWOTttaAUTT FBWKTH EVERT FAIR WARRANTED. AT POPULAR PRICES. housreeepino goods, HWSJ'.? WHITE GOODB, FLAEiniLB. HOSIERY AN? LACES OEM AT 1-UrUL.All. rBM-oo. No. 66 Fourteenth street, between Fifth Mil Birth HI. Km -JM sod M Siltb avenue. Fourteenth (treat nod Sixth avenue. _________ MIIXINKRT. ? ruy tuh* 1FNK WALTON, 60? BROADWAY, IS ROW M ??^toVh<^ her Spring ???? ln Flowem and Wreaths for the hair. ^ " OOPAWTW ERU H1PS. C?T*^inrt^"nrdNhareCformM a ropartnerahlp f? the Broadway, New York. CHAUNCEY VIBBAKD. New York. March 1. 1867. ITi Lock WOOD. COPARTNERSHIP.?O. W. JOSLYN HAS THIS t)*T aa?ociated with him a* partner Mr. John T. Iloetwick, and will continue the B?nk,n? "rV"w" nesa at No. 35 Broad atreet, under the firm name of O. W. Jo?lyn A Co. ^ New Yomc. March 4, 1967. DMSOI.rTIOS.-THE COPARTNERSHIP. EEEgTO fore existing under I be firm of Fredk. Wlltse A o ? tfaU day dissolve* by mutual consent FRFT)K WIL1s,B. johs r.ori.n. " "'sr-fc ting business. weU wt^ll?he4ln U?e W^w^ th? _ thi? im b rare cbunrc. JinnG but principal* SST < omm?nl*Mic>n? wlU r~h UJ. . W. H. B. A Co.. 147 Wsshlngton street, s. i.? ?" alio gi*e necessary detalla. _ P^HARTXRR WANTED.?A OOOD OPPORTUNITY, ONE Set la seldom offered in thla city, where there la mn do connected with the business; a gnoti business man with ftSAOO ran have one half Interest In an honoraMe a'Vd mon#iv making bit nines*. thoroughly wUbli?h?d. iogBiUer ^Shone Wfofall.e rears' lea* at a very low rent and other Drooertr amounting to more than one half of the 1_! _? .? \Si-IkIi nMiniiwd None but |>rt?el|>als and thnrnneb tai'tness mr^dealt with. For :ull particulars ap pljti^fV VAN WAGENES *<^?7S SI?h avenue where everything will be shown sad ?? plained to the entire salts faction of any one. ?. | t%ahtvpk THR ADVERTIflRU, CONTROLMNO A P manufacturing hudnesei flnely '""V1*1 ?? (with 626.000 raah Invented I desires a party to inve-t SI"-'"' rash to extend the business. The concern l? ?"''re'7 from debt and will bear the eloaeet having the caah need applr and must ft ??" references; no agents. Address B .. bo* 1W Herald onice WA55?ri. ?! ?2~ ~r?i? rarri'1 jrz ku^ks bo.Id-.. For" In |utl. of ^ J ** J New England Hotel. M Bowery, corner of Bayard street. ?7/rn -PARTNER WANTFP (A LADY PEErBRH Sf) | OU. red), with the abore amount of J;'"1 * liberal experience, intake a hall interen In ?nd t?*e eharr of the uprer part of a small hotel of: Broadway, op tvi Addreaa Immediately. stating when and where an .ntrrv t? can be had, O. G. Green, eare Sattcrlee, A Co., & I Pearl street New York. . . | ?1 ftHf? -an extraorihwary orroNTi NiTr 91.UUU. for makln* money. Partner wanted, lo 'he very l>e?t paying trarelllng bltsflliSS la Amerits. A? xaa . Hon first rlasa. Apply immediately at 2S. Hud* >n strre onn -A FAETNEE WANTED IV A TOBACfjl 91?mvU? factory Inquire on the pr^mine*. 4* J * ??t street. thlr?l floor d?1 Cnn -A OKNTLEMAN OF LAltOF. EXTERI IJll.wWU, ence, with the shore iimoi.Qt, de?ire? ?? enter, as partner. In some respectnble. leglt'ma'e buslnese. In which his capital and nervices will secure * fair return. None but principals need apply. A. B. C., hot 173 Iltrr il olllee. ?in nnn~? thoc."ko dollars wii-l ?lv?U''U. puicbase a half lnterert In a lagltlmatq mantifsrturlng business which will psy sn snnus! |.ro1t of tJOOOP. The srtlrle miinnfsetnred I* staple nnd of r*'<iy sale. A K<>o<l bii?lne<s man will l>e admltte.f, ??Itli the shore a-noiint, pnividlng li?? Is willing to do theofliK' business Uuportuuitv will be ?lren to Invec'gau, thoroughly. No agents. Aadress R. F. F.. Herald olDce. *t.W HI Hl.l' 4T10WN. B^HHANRRCPT LAW of IM7.-WII.L BE PUBLISHED on Wsdnesdar, March 6, the new bankrupt net, nsie fullr arranged, annotated, and with inaijpnal references, toae'ther with the eietnfilon laws of all fbeMtatea, which laws sr? referred to In the operation of the ?et. Paper a?vsra Ac i Cloth covers. We. Sent to any address on reee'pt of the prare 1HKO. RUMSKLL, PaUlsher, M centre street. New fork. American News Co., Oener.>l Agents. T^HinDlTTABLE?ralVINO THE TIME AND HF.IOHT OF llMh Waier fer every flay In the year, at all ports In the guIesThave been published br the Cnlted States 'W <>??. ?nd are on sale at the principal nanttoal S2?'?,.JLv aan also be obtained by apr inalon to the Coast Murrey j- Wsahlnsten dty. Price twenty-flw rf?ratM. ' , _ 1 vVATCHKM, j V.WBJI.U> . At . CLCKOO CLOCKS. WHOLESaCK a mo RETAIL?A. FRANKKIF.f.I) k CO., patentees and n'Oih msniifaetu rers. I.sdles' Washes, with secret Locket k,or likenrrana, beatdes great variety of One Watches, French Clocks, Jew elry, Silver and Plated Ware. A. FRAXRFIRLD fi'O.. m Siith seenna, corner of Fourteenth street, and W Eighth ? svenae rorner of Twenty-lllth strev FIVANCIAL. T\UNCAN, SHEUMa.N a CO., BANKKRS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STEETS, NEW YORK, Ihu Circular Neies and Letter* of Credit for traveller*, available In all tee principal eltlei of the world. Mercantile credits for aae In Europe, China, Ae. Also make tranifere of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Intereat allowed on deposits. Money to loan at seven per cent-iv large or amall amounts, on first claaa proper! v In thin city. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. OFFICE OF MONTGOMERY AND EC FA I'LA RAIL road, Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 83, 1867.?The semi-an nual intermit on the H per oent bonds of this road will be ptid in gold coin on the 1st of March proximo. Holders of Coupons No. 2 will present the same to the Chatham Na tional Hank, New York, tor payment. L. OWEN. President. P ENNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOBAL8 FOR A LOAN OF $28,000,0001 An act to create a loan for the redemption of the over doe bonds of the Commonwealth. , Whereas the bond* of the Commonwealth and certain cer tificates of Indebtedness, amounting to $23.00u,000, have

been over due and unpaid for some time past; And whereas It is desirable that the same should be paid and withdrawn from the market; therefore, Section 1. Be It enacted by the Senate and House of Rep resentative* of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania In t.?n eral Assembly met, and It Is hereby enacted bv the authori ty of the same. That the Oovernor. Auditor General and Slate Treasurer be. and are hereby authorized and empow ered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth, in such amounts and with such notice (not less than forty days) as they mar deem most expedient for the Intermt of the State, twenty three millions of dollars, and Issue certificates of loan or bonds of the Commonwealth for the same, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually on the 1st of February and 1st of Au G?t. in the city of Philadelphia; which oertiArates of loan or nds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever tor State, municipal or local purpose, and shall be payable a* follows, namely:?Five millions of dollars payable at any time after live years aud within ten years; eight million it or dollars payable at anytime after ten years and within fif teen years, and ten millions of dollars at any time alter fif teen years and within twenty-live years, and shall l>e ?iguod by the Governor and Slate Treasurer and countersigned by the Auditor General, and registered In the books of the Auditor tieneral. aud to be transferable on tbe books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bauk of Philadelphia; the prooeeda of the whole of which loan. Including premiums. Ae.. received on the same, shall be applied to the payment ol the l>onds and certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sep. 2. The bids for the said loan shall be opened In the presence of the Governor. Auditor General and State Treas urer. and awarded to the hgihest bidder; Provided, That no certificate hereby authorized to be iasued shall be negotiated for less than ita car value Sac. 3. The bonds of the State and certificates of indebt edness, now over due, shall be receivable In payment of the said loan, under such regulations as the Governor, Auditor General and State Treasurer msy prescribe; and every bid der for the loan now authorized to be iasued, ahall stale in his bid whether the same la payable In cash or In the bonds er certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Sac. 4. That all trustees, executors, administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, committees or other persons hold ing in a fiduciary capacity bonds or certificates of indebted ness of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan hereby authorized to be Issued, and to surren der the bonde or certificates of loan held by them at the. time of making suoh bid, and to reeeive tbe bonds authorised to be Issued bv this aet. . Sac. A Any person or persons standing In the fiduciary ca pacity stated in the fourth section of this act who may desire to Invest money In their bands for the benefit of the trust may, without an order of court, inveet the same in the bonds authorized to he issued by this act, at a rale of premium not exceeding twenty per centum. Sic. ft. That from and after tbe passage of this act all the bonds of this Commonwealth shall be paid off la the order of their m&turitv. Sue. 7. Tnat all loans of this commonwealth not yet due shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the Interest due February first, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven (hall have been paid. Bsc. 8. That all exlstlaging laws, or portions thereof In coa si stent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House of Representatives. L,. W. H AUL, Speaker of the Senate. Approved the second day of February, one thousand et*ht hundred and sixty-Keren. JOHN W. UKAKY. In aooordauce with the provisions of the above act of A? eemblysealed proposals will be received at the office oi the State Treasurer, In the city of Harrisbwg, Peuneylvania. until It o'rlock M. of the 1st day of April, A. I). 1807, to be eadersed aa follows:?"Proposals for Pennsylvania State Lou, Treasury Department, Mania burn. Pa., UM Hiatee ^mSc*wili be reralved for t6.OOB.On, reimbursable la Ave Eand payable la ten yaare; $8,000.MO reimbursable In ?are and payable In fifteen year*, and $ HI, 1*0,000. reim bursable In flfteen year* and payable in twenty-live years, the rate of interest to be either live or all per cent per annum, which moot bo explicitly Mated In tha bid; aad the bida aod advantageous to the Btate will be accepted. No bid far lee* than pur will be aoaeldorcd. The bonds will be laatiad la sums of $60 aad suoh higher earns aa ttaelred by - Mm ioaahra, to he free from lkla, keaal aad municipal "Re overdue bands of aiMk of Pennsylva nia will be received at par In payment of thin loan; but bid der* mint 'tale whether they Intend to pay la each or In the over due loan* aforesaid. No distinction will be made between bidder* paying in caeh or over due loans. JOHN W. GBARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HARTRANKT, Auditor Ocnml. W. H. KEMBLE, State Treasurer. N. B.?No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rised, will mielve par STUYVE8ANT BANK. 744 Broadway, corner of Astnr place. Will nommctice bualneaa at their banking rooms on Monday, Mareh 4, IH87. JOHN VANORDEN, Cashier. Stockholders for $6.ow each, wanted.?capi. tat and at leaat.36 per rent profit fully sivured by real d. c. spobkry, Na 5 Wall street, between 2 and 6 P. M. nnn AND $3,000. to LOAN. on 1'NIN iPZli""? numbered real entate, In New York or Brook lyn. No brokerage charted. 3. BMILER. 2!?3 Broome street. AQQ nnn TO LOAN?ON BOND AND NORTOAGE. ?r^SO."'U" Wanf-d, for investment, a small House; price $14,000, cash. BRODHUR?>T A FIELD, Ml Cedar street. $-o HAH -TO loan on improved reai ?yO,UV/U, estate lu this city, in any sum. W. If. WOOD, fifi Wall street. $175,000 T*;.1 estate In thle city or H'ik. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT Re, in one or more sums, on real v or B'lK.klvn. JOHN r. CON RET, <L' Wall, room 13. OiWi T" LOAN-IN TOW YORK. IIROOK ?DUl/i' lyn and Jersey; seven per cent; sum* to suit. Seci nd mortgages '-ashed. TRAVELLERS" I.NX'R ANCR COMPANY. C. B. WILLIS. :il Pine street. diOCA nnn TO loan-in RUMS TO SUIT, ON S^Ov'.l"Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey Real Estate. Prompt attention. OHA8. P. OILMAN, 119 Broadway, room No. $ T>ONrH-$? BE GTTRN POR THE USE t>P $300 FOR 1) fmir months: Hoard the tartiea for $& per week in Jersey < tty; prlvnto family. Address W W., Herald ofliee. ornoM. At yj?money liberally advanced om~ dia. MOMD8, WATCHES. JEWELRY. Ac., ??R THE SAME BOUGHT AT TUB HIGHEST RATES. ALM1 PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT POR diamonds, W \TCHL?. JEWELRY. Ac.,at 77 Bleecker street, up stairs. Advancer madk on watcher, jewelry and Dlem?nr!?. by (lEORCE C ALLEN, 416 Broadway, one door below Canal sir.*et Advances made on diamonds. watches, ril vrrware, Purs, tine Furniture, ''small' Hslr M bawls, Ac., or bought fnr Terms mo.ler.te, J. 8. CtiHBN, ;,V. Hro.ide-*y. nearly opposite Astor place. AT BROADWAY BRIDGE, 213 KNOX building. DIAMONDR, W ITCHIift. PRECIOUS STONES. AO. Tilt* old F.hf '.RLISHKD OFFICE PAYS the UTMOST TALUS FOR DIAMOND JKWRLRY, WATI llhH JEWELS. Pi.atk, PEARLS. AO. OPTICAL INSTHI'MENIA AC.. *1. N. B.?DIAMONDS watcher, AC. for ralr. OfPlCK HOURS FKtlN 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. .?fit. r.J Brou IWa.,, room No. H IT NO. 9 TWBNTY-THIBD STREET FIFTH AYR A nuo lloH. ?lie lilsben pric? paid for IXamo^ids. Walshes, k<- or advances maiie on the ?ame. k T 907 BROA DWAY, NEAR TWKNTIKTH STREET, room *io. 4. the highest pr"e? *r? jmld for niamorHls, Watches. Jewelry, kr., or money aovancatl "n tb? ssn.e. NARKS A OOi AT .m I'VARf, STREET. BETWEEN new ROWKRY snd Fraiiklln *'|iitr?, l/BDKKKIt A CO.. advan"e lib erally at reasonable lorms on all valnanle prope. ly, Watcbr s Jnwo'ry. Diamonds, Ac , or pnrekaae. AT HYMAN S.MH KROADWAY, CftRNER OF BOND street, will ne r*"l the hlg'i^st pries for 'llsmtmda, Watebes snd FiUrrware, or will advance na the above article*. , . ' AT 907 BROADWAY, NftAR TWENTIETH STREKY, room No. 4, the highest price* are paid for diamonds, Watobes, jewelry, Ae.; ki? 1 mon-y advan>-?d. MARKS k CO., Diamond Brokers. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT or DIAMONDS. Watche* and Jewelfy, Gnna, Pistols, Instruments, Tools Silks, k \, kf., ?t ISP Bowery. OKNTlNTItY. wttli Pinmper* mj nu n'u in? .'n? ?s snu restore yotilhrtil Spi earance. leeth extracted without pain with .Sitrnus flitule <lss No charge far extracting when Teeth arc tn sorted, at VAN YLEt.K S, 175 Slvth avenue. Satisfaction gnuran'eed. T\R- WHITE S NEW AND improved AltTIFICIAL J f Teet'. at price* to suit ail. Whole Seis $t. f), $lo snd $18, of superior bes ity, durability and usettilnesa. Cgii and etsmlne tpeclmena before inqnlring (elsewhere, at IK1 llleecker street,. EOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION originated THE anasthetic use of nitrous ottde gas, administer it in nvist spprowi! mrthmi, do nothing but Eltri.ot Teotb, and cerlsltdy do it without pain; to iW.OWi patients testify. See ihclr n??nes at the oflloe, 19 Cooper Inet'tute. ' MxnuinMB* ' " J A -fNLiPNHAN'S rilRMtUM EXPRRRR, lis WEST A, [Eleventh street, near Mlitii aveanei Iurniwre ?efte$. city t* oou.itry, furnit ure etore.1: turaiture p<Mkad aad shippM, money advanced on farslte ra. amvhenehtr. Broadway theatre admission m o|M Corner of Broadway and Brvome street. S#con<l week of the most brilliant engagement this season of the world-renowned oomediaiM ?d<1 original delineators Of IltlSII AND YANKEE ukk, MR. AND MRS BARNEY WILLIAMS. Owing to the entire satisfaction expressed. and to great numbers being turned away unable to witness the beautiful legendary drama of Til* FAIRY CIRCUS, It wilt br speelal solicitation continue to be presented up to Friday. March 8* followed bv the pro'em farce of IN AND OtTT OK PLACE. In which Mr*. Barney Williams will asmine all different character*. Hot o&ce open from 8 to (J o'clock. Keut* may be secured all day? in advance. Doors open at 7. Performancecommences at 7'.' o'clock. Saturday, March 9, SECOND GRAND MatINHTk of MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. HARTZ'ri TBMPLB OK MYSTERY, SW BROADWAY. Tickets, SO cents; reserved seats, SI. Beat* secured six days iu advance at the IInil, from 9 (111 6. Continued success anil unbounded enthusiasm, named by the NEW PROGRAMME, WITHOUT APPARATUS, aud the greatest (Spectacular lllusioo of the day. PllOTElS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS. PROTfUa, WE ARE HERE. BUT NOT HERE, THRIBASKET TRICK. Growth ( be protlu WEDNESDAY E ARE HERE. BUT NOT HERB, THRIBASKET TRICE, rowtli of Flowers, floating Head, ?ud other wonders, will ? produced EVERY EVEN I NO AT a SATURDAY AT 1 EDNESDAY JUVENILE NIOHT. Children half price. GERMAN 8TADT THEATER. ? * 47 BOWERY. T Thbt (Moudav) evening. M?roh I. will be presented Eugene Sue's grand five act drama Der Bui kligi: Marquis. oder die Reiche Erbin. (The Hunchback Marquis or llie rich helrese.) Mill MR. BOGt'MIL DAWISON In bl* great character of Uaiqnls do Maiilefort. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Every nlgbt at Bryants' (Mechanics' Hall) 472 Br?a<hvay. cheapest ana most agreeable place of Amusement in AuicrtcaJ) SPLENDID CHANGE Or PERFORMANCE. HINODO SPORTS, BY BALDWIN T0-NI0nT. THE HOARDING SCHOOL TO-NIOHT. PROMISING YOUTII TO ?NIOHT. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE TO-NIGHT. THE ORIGINAL BROADWAY BOYfi TO-NIGHT. BEAUTIFUL BALLET. THE CAMELIAB TO-NIOHT. CONCLUDING WITH JEALOUS WIFE TO-N1GIIT. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS?485 BROADWAY. The Trouble oommeneea at quarter to eight. THE GREME DE LA CREMK OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMDOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. whose success has never been equaled by any similar orpanl xation In the world. New and cheerful liurle*i|iieH every week. Hilton Head Institute. Norma and Great.v. A Dan. geroue ' iame, or (ho Reno Sharps. I will Mary Her so Early in the Morning. Shout* of launhter ut (lie Shadow Panto mime, and me screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. KELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, TlS BROADWAY. C1NDERLEOR. The tasurles ready at eichU Tlie MADAGASCAR Agony terminates at ten. only BALLET TROUPE. Demon Dance nt !? SU. LEON BROOKS'BRIGADE, With Kelbfaate, iu operas NAUGHTY (IlltljS. Seymourgall, and Rurlesqne. BELISARIO. Allen ill. Sings the grand trio HTOP THAT Pricini with EDWIN KELLY. LAUGHING. and the "Life lias No l'ower" TRUE I.OV'R Fairies, creates Intense enthusiasm. NEVER RUNS SMOOTH. STEINWAY HALL. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 4, 1897. Signor LOTT1 begs (o announce hia KAREWEI.L CONCERT previous to Ms departure for Europe, when the following artists will ateatst?Mile. Naddl. Prima Donna; Mr. Ed. Mollenhauer. Violinist: Mr. .1. .V. Pattisoti, Pianist; The Arion Society; Mr. Carl Annchutx; M?. Carl Bergmann, to gether with full orchestra. Tickets $1; reset red seats 60 oenU estin. For sale at Beer k Schirmer, 701 Hroadway; Fond M Co., 647 Hroadway; Schuberih k Co , ?J0 Broadway and fiteinway Hall. STKINWAY'S ROOMS. Severinl A's Fourth Morning Concert To-day, March 4. at 3 1*. V. |>eors open at Of. Assisting Artists;? Si*nor Fo-sati, !??-?? M". G. W. Colb>. piano. Tickets, $1. For sale at Beer A -? >o.tier's, 7U1 Broadway, and at Stein way's. Samson steinw vy hall. TL'KSDaV tVKNINO, MARCH ft. l.adtes and gentlemen of the chorus and Orchestra are requested to b?t present on the above evening at half-past ?even o'clock precisely. Also to attend full rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon. Match 6, at Iwo o'clock. CEOII.IAN CHOIR.?TIIK MEMBERS OF THE CECIL, tan Cboir are reapc-tfully invited to lake part In the per formance of tho oratorio of Samson, at Sielumj Hall, on Tuesday evening, March 5. Tickets of admission for the stage door can be obtalnod OB ftppiication to Mr. Harrison, Imui Halt. I), a JOHNSTON, Secretary Hew York Harmonic SocisAy. fTIHE OREAT HISTORICAL PAINTING. !? " THE REI'l BL1CAN COURT" IN THK D*Y8 OK LINCOLN. GIVING 70 OR 80 KINK PORTRAIT* OK THE MOST PROMINENT PERSONS OP THE PERIOD. BY P. F. ROrHBKMf NOW ON EXHIBITION, DAV AND EVENING, INSTITUTE OP ART (DKRK . ??ALtlMRY>, " BROADWAY. Dr. hebbakd will deliver HIS LAST PRIVATE lecture to ladle* In Clinton Mall, on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Till* lecture will-involve the great mysteries of life, and should be beard by every lady in the olty. Hla lecture on Food and Di Ink will be given Tueedsy evening. This is the moat im|>orUiit la the oourae. A sample of the beet Bread erer eaten will be presented to the aoalence. AMD THE CRY 18 STILL THEY COME. NOYKLTIEH. NOVELTIES. NOVELTIES. SOMETHING NEW AND AMUSING. Now being performed every night 'o crowded housea. The highly amusing and Interesting dramatic ajieclarle, entitled TEMPERANCE IN NEW YORK BY GASLIGHT: or THE MARIC EFFECTS OF THE NEW EXCISE LAW. NEW SCCNl'.RY. NEW COSTUMES. NEW ARTISTS. Startling effects. Wonderful and amusing. Music by Professor Knglcmans celebrated Bund. Every night at the great REVEILLE MUSIC GARDEN, ?37 Broadway. Admission free. VfEW YORK HARMONIC SOflETY.-OLD MEMBERS is and all In Brooklyn who know und can alng the "Mes. alah" are'Invlfd to assist In (be chorus at the Brooklyn Academy, on Monday evening, Man b ?. Rtuge door. 7V o'clock. D. B. JOHNSTON, Kiuanclal Secretary. THE RKPUBLICAN COURT IN THE DAYS OF LIN COLN, NOW DRAWINtl CROWDS OK ADMIRING VISITORS, DAY AND EVENINO, AT THE GALLERIES, IBS BROADWAY. MIMICAL. A LADY WILL GIVE PIANO LESSONS TO A FEW scholar', at her own or pupil's residen -e, at f 10 |>er quarter, in advance; thorough instruction guaranteed. Ap ply at M90 Siith av., betweeu Thlriy-nrnth and Kortl'tB sta. ADELINA PATTI AND THE WOt'.REL SI>TEK8 were taught tn singing and piano by Elisa Valentin!. Parsvnlll. prima donna soprano, who receives pupils at 65 West Eighteenth street. Guitar and singing-napoleon w. oould. Solo Onltanat. enables his pupils in a few leaaoi.a to accompany Mings and play effectively. S3 Sixth avenue. Baujo taught practically. MUSIC FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY, WITH WORDS, "And doth nut a meeting like this make Amend*,'' ? Bide your Time," "Bells of shandon." "Clara's Dragoons," ?The Oroan Flag" "Who fears to apeak of 90" "Old Ireland you're my darlln," "Our Own Little I?le " -*0'D>n nell Aboo The Rath of MnlUghfnaat,"' "St. Patrlck'a Day," Ac.. 30cents each, at tb? uiualc stores. Published at DALY'S, 410 Grand street. Mrsir tka' iiers dealt w:th AT ITS Stub avenue, between Twelfth aod Thirteenth ?trwta. PIANO. Gl'ITAR, VIOLIN, SINGING. Ac.. ON VERY liberal terms. Mi West Twenty.aiith street liftnon Seventh and Eighth avenuea. Call or send lor 'Jrcular. Private lessons. No classes. CJIG1IT SINGING SCHOOL-ST. JOHN'S CHAPEL. ST. tj* John's Park. Second term nomniennes on Moniae evening. March 4, at 7Jtf o'clock. Advanced pupils "sn join the class. Terms?Oenllemeu, $6; Ladies, (3. H. Malik, Secretary. C. R. KiNG, Cotmocior. WANTED-TO ACT AS A AND SOLO ? Ingcf In a choir of boys, a boy. atwvit 13 or 14 yat.i t of age, who has some knowledge of chui'-h tnnsie. Address, atatlng name and reslden<-e, N. B., atatlon C. <3?1 /\ PER QUARTER FOR PIANO LESSONS (ALL ?J>1U lcs?ons strictly prlvntel. Musical Institute 137 West Eleventh street corner Sn.h avenue. I'lamata for partli-a. O.Uce hours 10 t II 2.| 1MNC1NU ACA1IKMI KM. AIKIDWOKTII S DANCING A CADI MY, . NO. IU FIK1I1 AVENUE. For terms. Ac., send to< a circular. BHROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, Kll BROOME ST. A NEW I Ll-'i 1'OR rUKSDAY. .?!. ti c!.i iM Haiires in lilt tn le ? ma. I.AIHK.s m ,c*. Tncsdajs and FrM.vya, 3 tn p. \|. OENTLEMKN, Tuesdays and Fridays, 7V< t > tn P. \f. CHILDREN. Wednesdays -nd sstor 1 ivj, 3 to ft;; p. LAI>li>' Pilia.try 1 Mm ln?tr'i 'ted by Mr. Brook"* SOIRl'E EVi.itV WEDNESDAY EVENING. BROOKES Book ON MODh.RN DANCING, J 1ST I I Bt.L HED. PRICK $1. Ballet master dumar's danctno aoadrmy, jm I ?r?i Fiiitrth ?tree|.?|,?a?ona ever, dav. r?r children ladles nnd grntlemen. til da*ic?a taught In one quarter. ?l? dan <-s in sn pdvate l"?wn?. D^MEGARMO'S DANCINr* ACADEMY, .? FH TH ? avenue, corner of I'.nt. t.?-ni,i s'reei ?Open for the re ception or pnptla on Tuesdays ami Kr.dava, We..n?idays and Batnrdajra. Jm A. MoPHERBON'R DANt'TNG ACADEMY, ? . !P3 BOWFCV OPEN ALL THE YEAR ROUND. Classen Tuetilav ami Fi loaj ?veumtt?; also Private Clasaes Monday and Thursday ev?n!ngs. and Private lessons giren ??crv <laf to thme Wlm wish to Iram | il'ikly. Soirees every Mondev evenin'. This Hsll to let, lot hells and snciabirs, Ac. Ilraldenee ISS <4rand street. T THOMPSON'S DANflNG At'ADEMY?NO. V% *3 ? lilcerkf r street. Is now open for pupils on Tneedajr and Friday evenings. Soiree on Mjnd*y? THK LEtTURK -K \st?N. A LECTURE BY HON. RICHARD O'OORMAK, UM. der the an.piees of the New torh Yovng Mew? Roman Catholic Benevolent Association, at t ovper InsUtuta, on Monday evening. March It, 11*7. at S o'el *>k, In aid of th? Monument Kund ol the association. Johw H. Mt( LtT, Searetary- JOHN II AYES, Cbalrtnai Tickets SO cents, to be had at I he door on evening of , i. tttra, and at the pnoclpal Catholic book stores. IMPORTANT LBCTrRKH PAILT-TO GENTLE) HN otilr at the New York Museum of ABalomy, CIS R wav. Those unable to attend lli?w Isrtnus matre?>tea BS1SSS31S - *?* _ AJIU8E.HENT8. ^ XTKW yokk thevtre. ... , 1> Mauafera Lewi* Baker and M.TrkSinlih. THIS BVBXINO, .MARCH 4. Third ?wk of tbe brilliant tu <1 accomplished arii?i LADY DON. ( . - wlio will appear (bin erenliiK in two of her most celebrated rote*. FRRSBUB. In Brontch's maffniftcent Hurlcsque of PERSECS AND ANDROMEDA; OH. THE MAID AND THK monster, ANT* MltS. SMYME, In Tom Taylor'" cx<|tu<it- oomedy of SINK POINTS OK THK I,UT. MR MARK SMITH, MIC. LEWIS HaKKK. tod tbelr unspproacb ibla COMEDY AND BURLESQUE COMPANY will appear In b >t!i pieces. WOOD'S THEATRE OOMIQUE.?ADMISSIO* 25 CTS. COMPLETE SUCCESS of tne (!R AND COM HIS \ P?OW. THIS EVENI N<r AND WEDNESDAY MATINEE. Mr. H. Ill'N NELLS and bit TWO INFANT HONS. Mr. CEO. P. HUTCHINSON ami hi* VCIINtJ Di?<;H. Me?M*. WaMHOLD. COKS. PUItl?Y and EMMET IN rilEIR rHIOPIAN Al l . uanjo, solo*. Ac. Mr. i HAS. AUSTIN In bU l.liill r.VIN?i ZOUAVE DRILL. TOM VAKUE In Ins Ml IXil l Ol' COMIC .SONUS. A CARNIVAL or FUN. Fumilv Mntlnce. every Wednesday and Satnr lay. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Coiuuiued success of the Rre>it local romance, ' bo HTUFKTB OF SKW YOKK. STREETS OF NEW YORK. STREETS OF ,\KW \ORK. STREETS OF SEW YOiiK. Monday evening, March 4, commence* lb ft TllIKI) WKEiv <iF THIS ORE AT MIRROR OF LIFE IX THE METROPOLIS. which has been preannte I to in unbroken SUCCESSION of densely CROWDED UOUSftrt alnen the llrst night .if 1:? production. GRAND STREETS OP NI'.W YORK MATIN KB on Sat. urday next, commencing at 1 o'clock. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MONDAY. M VRCII 4. Mr. HARRISON bega to announce one cram! perform ance o( THE MESSIAH. as ^Iven with such ureal 'uccesa in New York by tbe fol lowing eminent artUm:? MADAME PAREPA-ROSA, MISS 0 V. IMTCHTNOS, MR. OEO. SIMPSON, MR. J. R. THOMAS, UK. E. J. CONNELLY, MR. 0. W. COLBY. THE NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY. Mr. F. L. RITTER. Conductor, and THEO. THOMAS' full Orchestra. Tickets. One Dollar. Reserved Wats, ftOc. extra. for sale at the Academy of Music, lirookiyu. HANDEL'S CI RE AT WnKK, 'SAMSON," will be produced on TUESDAY, March 5, AT STEIN WAY hall, with the following eminent artlits and cborus of MO mule, female and bnv voices ? MADAME PAREPA-ROSA. Prima Donna. miss (I. V. HUTCIllXRH, Contrilto. MP.. OEOROK SIMPSON, Teuor. MR. J. R. THOMAS. Basso. MR. E. J. CONNELLY. Organist. MR. (i. W. COL1Y. Pianist. MR. F. L. RITTER Conductor THE NEW YORK HARMONIC S< CIETT, ToovTHka vrrru THE CECIL I \S, CUOIB. I)r. Cutler. CbMMMttter. AND THEO. THOMAS' fWt ORCHRflTRA. L. F. HARRISON..., .Ttv Dlreeto* TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved Seat* 30 ecou extra. The sale of which will commence tbls morning at Beer A Kchlrmer's, J01 Broadway: Pond A CoJa, 54. Broadway; Riillman'K Ticket oiliee, US Broiuhvay, *|Nl Steluwsy Hall. RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK TIIEAttnt, brooklyn. THIS EVEXINQ, " EAST LYNN, srfili Lady Isabel .Mr* ]f. K Cooway Archibald Carlyle. . ,l|r. F. B Conway Theatre francais. ? v comedk. THE ORAND SITCCEP*. TCESDAY, MARCH &, 18*7, FOURTH REPRESENTATION OF LA FAMILLE HEXOl TON I Original or The Fort Fsmlljl Comedy, in fire acts, by M. Vletorten Sardon. Ticket oillcii at H. Dardonvllle'a, 678 Broadway^ Tony pastor's opera house, am bowkry. An entirely new draiua, touuded upon recent eventa and entitled TBE HILLS OF KERRY, M vv IRELAND'B LAST HTRUGOLB. New scenery, machinery, appointments, Jin. A new loeat farce, THR INVALIDS. tit* ballet. I'HE POWKR Of GOLD. New songs by TONT PASTOR. An entirely Dew OLLA POKRIDA of uoveltlea by ttti* Incomparable variety troupe. Matinee mi Wednesday and Saturday, at 2<4 o'clock. Griffin a christy1* minstrels. FIFTH AVENUE OP KUA HOUSE, Nw. 2 and * We*t Twenty-fourth stieet. O. W. H. QRIFFIN... TliIB IB TI1R FAMILY RESORT. CROW I) ED HOUSES nightly greet th's excellent troupe to witness the ORAM) SPECTACULAR BURLESQUE. THE RLaCK. CROOK. THB RLAOK CROOK. Nothing caii exi-eed the ?nagnlbcenae of thia aoul-atlrrlng spectacle. The beautiful creature* who form the Bifiknb HALLET TKOIPB are nlghfly enveloped in a cloud ef bouquet*. From the nme the graceful ''ire? glide Sylph-11 ha upon the stage to the moment the stupendous PALACE OF OKW DROPS breaks to view, the audience are in a state of ELYSIAN DELIGHT. Secure neala through the d?v If v?hi wish to be In Lima, Doom open at 7. commence at H o'clock. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOl'SE, BROOKLYN.?THK Iloime that Jack Rulll. Burlesque Black Crook and Hallet Troupe. Plral appearance In America of the great Engilah arli?t* Mr. A. Hamford and Mr. J. ri. Hartley. Bur in.que Purcria Concert, Mamie; ihe Dainty. Two Pnmpeya, Ac. tJrand Matinee Saturday, March 9, at S}, o'rlook. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGBST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty mngniiiceiii scenes, 11 lu at rating "Run fnn'a Plkmui'* Piogreaa,*' Union Hull, Broadway and nenlv-ilnrd atreet. Open every eight at 7; commencing at 7*4. \dni asion SO e?nt?; ehildcau lift cent a. Matinee Wed neaduv ami Saturday, at 3 o'clock. BUMS. J. MKltvOUl, M inager and Proprietor. VrESBlAU.?BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. JV1 MONDAY, MARCH 4 f.adlaa and gentlemen of the t'horiia and Orchestra are requested to lie present at half-past seven o'clock preciaely on the above evening. ONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?''TUB WASH INDTON TWINS,'' horn alive, haviog two haada, four arm*, and hut one hodv an I oun pair of leg*; alao the head and right arm of Probst, the murderer of the Deerln# fami ly, together with the magnificent collection of > bjecta In Phyaloingy, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of whkh are llluit rated dally by Lecture* and Miemooplo Views, at the New Y<rk Mu?eurn of Anatomy, gll) Broad way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. THEATRE T1CKRT OFFICE. Reaerved Heat* for all first claas Theatre*, Coaoarta, Balla, Ac, cau alwaya l>e obtained at the THFATRE TICKET OFFICE, | 112 and 114 Broadway. PlAXOFOItTE*. AFIN.J ASSORTMENT OF PIANOFORTES TO I<ET, and aold on Inatalmeuta, at the manufactory. IDA and 1*1 E**t T*.,iity.fir?t ?treat. L. PTCUMMIMOB. 4 I.. BATTERKOK 1IA8 ON SALB TWO MAONIFT. i \ oent7U oc'ave roaassaod Piano*. from the beat rlty ma ke a. wi ll' he ? irer. kt a remarkable bargain. In cooae<|uenoo oi the of tlie times. For full dcerii'tion call and eg., atiKi Slith avrnua. ne>ir Fortieth at met. N. B.?'Tito I' ihiko art. of the rarereat eiegatico and reliable In evary re spect. A. L. HATTKRSoN'S F.xpieaa and Furniture Stor afe Wi>rchou*e. itiK) Sixth avenue. 4 CHKAP PIANOFORTE?ROSEWOOD CASE. ROt'NB A earners. earned leg*, In good order; pnoe <74. first claas Piano* very < he n. J. 1I1DDLK, IS Amity atreet, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THB FINEST J\. anil rhoapost new and second hand Piano* In tho eltr, for a!') and t<? let At WM. CANOIDW wareroosn. ?? Ml MkM street. _____________ A BABOAIN.?BLBOANT SEVEN OCTAYE CARVED /\ ro*ewon<l Plaxoi <*o?t 5i<5; price, if aold thlaweak? $36>, at 74a Broadway, 0| poalto Aatoi place. N, g * D. CURrinH, % aUKAT EED0OTIOK I If PRICE*. RPLRNDID AR J\ BA RMURB9!! wurtmoiM, 3MR R'eacktr. * irrantod fire yeara. 17 pr las medals. Flito aerond hand Planoa ehvap. * MBONIFICKfT PfAN'OFOUTE FOR 4ALR-FOR SSTii eott ?-V>! Alao a P trior soli. forflM; ana do. for *7ft. Alao the I- urn.tore of ?> parlor and four hedmotns, at a bargain. Inquire at ll? West Kl?hth street, near BMi avenne A LADY WILL SACitlFICB A BRAl'rIPUL MSB* wood 7 nctare Plan ll'orte; orl/lnal price $**?, fm lews than ball, if taken iiii.UB.IIataly. Inclmlmg Sto<il, earve.t ler<. oyerstrnng h.?a, nearly new; c lebratod maker. Ap Plv at )* i h?rl atreet. _ ___________ 4 MAOMiriCEST FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANo. J\ fofe for *<ile ?Made order, city maker, coat $600 for $:?*)? Pa lor Stilt*, Kt?gere*, Bookcase, Krontea, P.iintlnga, lu-aaua, B?d?wad% Wardrobe". MaUreasea. Kxtonaien Ta bl". Huffet, Clili.a, <tl?a?, Sllrerwaic; a sacrifloe. 44 Waat hliteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Ar\?'LY WILL BELL THEIR MAONIFICKNT carved ro?ew xxl Pianoforte, worth $M0. for less than hair seven octave, or-ratrnng, Iron (Yams, nearly new. Ap ply at 3.>i P.ast Teath street. ANAOXinCBNT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PUnoferle at a great bargain; haa fall Iron framj. overa'rmiK has*, rich and powerful tone, Be. CaB at IN ? Iran i 'treat, wear Mott. . BAROAlNS.-HANDSOME PIANOFORTE, SMOCTAVB, Wm Hall k Bon. maker*, $140; ro*awoed 7 aetave, rearlv new. for half Iti original prloe; alao assortment uew pianoforte* atgresny reduced pi ice* NcDtlNALD M CO,, $0 Fourth avenue, opposite Coopar Inatltoto. F~i)R S A1.8?A SEVEN OCTAVB PIANO. AX ??? Statb avenne. corner of Twenty-Sfth street, op Wft Pianoforte fob sale.-a finb rosewood Pianoforte, la perfect order, win be disposed of If ap? I .led for *t I?S KM* Tweatleth slntol; has Waadjwsin saga, brilliant tone. Iron frame, stool and eovar; prisa $1*. tI'atersmjrand SQUARE AND ufriobt PIANOS, Melodeons, Osblnel Oiwana. wholesale sad Wtf. m i, . ^ rent applied If purchaiwl Monthly pa|inssMs r^ ~ > r 4handPian >s at banMM~Pll3l from M$< to B29L Ne- ' ? ve Pianos for $U$ T pteno. fcikeL in ? '-snge Cash plane*, rsetrrj sau 1 >r? rooms 4$l mvn -aa: