Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1867 Page 2
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h1ti'%ttot? w.%>wtict*?kt'1 \x.k*. ? i.ekman i.adt WISHES TO leaii.v hik KXG. J\ l.nti i'ract'b a'ut would men to eiehanie with a latfy by wwiik', none mil tlrat oliuo need apply. Direct Mlaa How ard, r.i ition 1). * YOI'no G'M. desires A SITUATION in A JX (tuv ire nfe tlonery st ru ?lr* un kxim?t rtf* renee ui. to cba n '.rr an 1 -!ip*l lilies. t'or lurucularb apply for ttve d ty ? ai 56 Cro? y m , n. v. a ill KM AN WOMAN WANTS To GO WITH A KAMI i\ iv i t'.u ferula. or ?-!*? to Europe, as nurse; nnv> r grt? soa ok, auu :? accuatomed to travel. Apply at 41u oia avenue. A SITUATION W as TED?by A R kh I*ECT ABLE GIRL. . i do _ ?n? r?i houai work. Good reference given. Call at 10* wem 19tb ?t.. third floor. All families wasting capable servants .in i i. ernian riru; immadlately; city or country; aNo go >d m n.ii ns r.' for well recnumii uded girl*. at largest nod iw-.-t nrst class hmployiaenl Institute, lilbtithav., be low ikh kt. A woman wants to oo out to wash ok house clean, or take m washing. Inquire ut w Mulberry at.. boi ? basement, to mm. Steers. liest refereuce glren. Avkuy wi LL. educated pkotestant oehman g ri jenri'i a place to leud children and teach the Ger man l mguage, or a^ lady's maid and to do plain sewing; good relejon rs au be given. Inquire at M West jutu at., in the baacment. Am.MBKK ok wet NURSES waNT situations. inquire at Mrs. HANSEN'S Nuises' Institute, No. 5 6th ut., near Bowery. A ROTATION wantkd-by A rkbpeftable tounx giil. in a priv.tle family, to do general house, work, the beat of city reference. Can be seen for two days at ui West -list at., m ar dili av. Asitlation WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as cook, understands rooking in all us branches; can pro cure tlic bett of city rcierem* a* to hoonsty and capability. Can be seen at her prcseut employer's, lus feast sutli at.. Dear Lexington a v. A SITUATION AS OOOD t.'OOK; HAS NO OBJECTION* to aaslat in tlie washing and Ironing; goou city refer enoe. C all at :i4l Weat 23d it., between 7th und 8ili avs A SITUATION WASTED?by A RESPECTABLE OIRL, as cook und excellent laundress; good elt.v reference. Call nt .113 \l?.t wdth at., between stti aud jili ava., second floor, back room. A WIDOW WISHES a SITUATION AS m ltsk; HAS no olijoctlou to travailing. Can be seen for two days at 1k? Madison st., near Rutgers. A SITUATION wanted?by A RESPECTABLE 1'iouauut as t ook, washer aud irouer m .i amall pr vale fandlv; good city reference. Call lor two da), at 4;<i 6th av., house, room no. 3. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A sit ATI ON to cook, waali and Iron ma |>rirata lain ly; is .i ? ??1 baker, and thoroughly understands her i.Usii.' .. good i i, reference, t ali ?; ?n:i3d av., corner of i&th :-t? in crockery store, for two day*. A respectable WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE washing ami ironing to do at lierowu house; is an ex cellent washer aud iiuei. and has the beat o. oiy rcfor ence*. full at or ..ddn--.s K., neat j*;h i.'ectihi.b YUi NO MARRIED WOMAN wishes a nutation as wet uurse. Cull on mm. O'kourke, fts nhorlll si., first floor, rear hou*e. ABESPE.CTABLB YOl'NO ENdLISH OIKL WISHES a rUuuliou uk chauilorwa.d mid inmr ??*; can assist in w,u.ii.iu and irouiug; best city icictcnceo given. Inquire a: 40 .11 uv. AUIV-l-'ECTAULE WOMAN WISHES TICK WASUINO ut :i luin lj ot ladieaaud :onilrnicn, at her own home. Uood t w e: c u Cull .a 'JW v\t'it:,..> ?t., 111 tnu rear. AN CNCUSII PERSON OK RI.SPECTABILITC BB quires a situation an understands dreax making; would a?.i?l m lb'- light inn ?>( lite ->uU housekeeping. Addrt.-s Muudu, l out oillco, Mr .oklyu. A GOOD FRENCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS wet nur.-e. l a:i l>e seen lor two days at :U0 Molt t.1. Akkspkotah/.e woman wishes to<;kt WOKK. by the dn}'. at inodt.ral ? |>ri--?*? ; cm w.i !i and iron well, (iood rutcrcuuea given. call ui AO v\ c* Wuabingtou placi'. rear hou e. An experienced woman wishes v situation as a first rain cook: I* an cxcclleut I nker ol bread and v. li?a no oil jei-tlon to go a short o. -tonne in lh?t uotiutry. lias good city iclcicncr. Call lit tti:: (>t!> uv.. corner 38'.ti at Ayoi sc GIKL WISHES A .SITUATION AS CHAM bermairt uiul plain can o|?eralu on a Whooict i Wilson machine: no objection to a.-tst with the washing and n mug. Cull for two day* at 124 \\ eel J7ih s;.^ AEESPECTABLK CIRL WISHES A SiTl AliON To do gei.r.ial housework. it a good wuaiier and trotter; or would l<c u ilblig to do ilic no sta.r* w.nk. I mi come wel. recommended. Call lor two days at^Uj V. e.tliSi h at., between 7tU and ?th urs. AKi KPBCTABLB WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO WASH un.l mend tor t.iree o? lour jotiUeut.'u Call at or ad* iiiT ? lor two day> 341 tnti av.. butwean ii and -Mi t?l?. A RESPECTABLE t.EUMAN OIKL WISHES A SIT':? auou an chambermaid In an Am?rie.i:i fanny. Inquire al III Iji aibetween 24iti und Jotu at*., iu ?iue hardware ?tore. A RESPECTABLE YOt'NO UIUL, 15 YEA US OLD, want* a Mtualion to uke care Ol children. Apply at 175 Weal jtat >k, in lite rear. ABKSI'J.C TABLE PlU iVEST \ N V "A IMVN WANT-t A situation aa oook; understands hoi business m all Ita bianclii--. Ileal of city Apply for two days al 423 Kaal l'.'ln Ml., Ihjiwiwii 1*1 av. and uv. A ABBSPKCTABLE (SIBE WISHES TO TAKE IN ALE kind* of family washing; be.t t it/ reference can l? given. Call <1 152 ?e?t Slat at., near Silt av., third iloor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YoUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT It ?lion In a private family in tirat cl ma wa.lieas; has llie boat C.IV lelercuce. t'au oe acea at 144 Kant 2lat at., Uitar ?v. O. ABKSPECTABLE WOMAN H ANI'S A SITUATION AS cook in n prliato lam ly ur inniil Hg houte, gooil cily pofrppncp. Call at l!'J Kaat littl at. A BESPKt'TAHEE TOCNtJ ANI> IIEAI.fHV I'B ?TKS J\_ taut Worn .ii, wall a lull breast of "n v harlug |m| iii i own babr. la dealroua ol a -ilu .tioo na ?el IIIIM Hi a rt'ape< labia fainny. Call at 4J4 <to av., ucar 3t>:h at. ARKSI'ECrABLE YOt'NO OIKI. WISHES.A SIT'Ia lion in a confectionery or bakery; na* (lie tx*^t ol refe retire for hone ,ty. Apply at 56 V\ ea, ll'.h xt . near tttU av. front hotiae. Abeki'kutabee yoi so woman 'visa:-:-, ash uatlon aa chambermaid ami laitndreaj, or lauudre<a atone; be?t ol c.iy re.eieutc. Can lie ajeu lortwodayaat IttV Weal LSth at A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT uatinn to dt> general h .uaework in a ainall private fainlly; gc?.d city reiorauce fr in laat place; no oojoouotia to go a altott dl>taace In the country." Ca.l al Ow W?.?t til >i ?ear the ferry. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOt'NO MA). AS clcrk iu a grocery atore; la thoroughly acquainted with the buattti .a. beat r ty refereneea given from laal euiployer Addreaa for two days ?' K.. Ileral l oillce. AYOl'NO OIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS LAl'N drehs, who under-tanda tiuttng and line waahlttg. beat reference* given. IiaI West 27t!i st. A YOUNO f.FBMAN OlRL WISHKS A SITt ATK'N In a lespertable American family. Iiaa the tmat city telercner. Can aneti lor two day a at &!1 Weat Unth at., between ?!h and Wh a. ? . baa MM M. Abitcation wantED-BY A YOI NO WoMtS TO do up Hairs wt rk; t> willing Ui make hrraell generally uaeftil. baa good c ty refer*ttee. t'aM at ffr-i ism M coMi'BTBRT pbbbon wishes k sn ition as norac, who has ai'U'd in thai capacity lor .I'-irrii!years: la lully com; etetit to take thu e-itue charge of au uilanl fmtn ns birth; has the very bust of ctty releteiiiea. < an it ?em for uo ls)i at IM 11 av., b.ow. .-a Wth and l/lh ata A/IRHT CI.ASH LAl'NDRBSS WANTS A ?alTHAriON in a private faintly; lius e*cc|!eul ehy reference. Cail for two tl tys at <M& Ath av. BITOATION WANTBD BY a i: IWBLK g.rl. as lir?t rlnaa laundress 11 n the b^st of city re|. eren e from her laat place. Apply for two daja at 511 7lh av., Iteiwt'en aJ<I and 4lat ata. A FIRST ri.ASS DRESSMAEER W?i LI? UKE TO anrstte bv the thy or week to g > out in private fatulllea. Call at or aildreaa No. lti W'Mt yth at. ARESPKfTABLK YOVNO woman WANTS A SIT nation in a private tsmtly to dn plain 'ewlng or to take care of ehildten, ?.r h?? no objection Ut cliaiulwrvkork. Oood city referein-.' Appiv it if . near XatUretta BE3PKCTABLE Yol Ntl OiRi. wi .;if?. a siTI a lion to i ehambet .o K and to aa. at with waahlus. ran do Ane washing and Ironing In tlr?t clan style, or watt Ml , ha. flveyeara* reteien. a Irotn her last ptace. Ca.l at av., between 45 It mi l Puti AMU AMERICAN WOMAN WIsllBS A sITCATIoN AS cook and to assist lit wsabing and Ironing; ?? a good \ baker ol bread and bisouit; haa good city refereneea inun lier last plae. . t all al Ml Weal 3od at., corner of 7th av. ASIIl ATIoN WANTKD-BY A BESPBCTABLE OIKL, aa cham'.?r ma a! ?r waitress. Iiest referent es from last ptaee. Call at IJb vt est lltb st , between ,'tb slid 0th ava A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITI ATION AS waitress ai>d chamberiuaid In a private family, has no ?bjeetioa to Co to lb* ou?ntry; I* Beat and competent In ber Imaineaa, will give tha t.esl of city reference ironi her laat employe'a. Can be seen for two daya al ?7? fib av.. between MM and A4th sia. AiiIIKAT Nl'MBER or OIRLS want SITLA tlooa. Apply al H4 East llonsuiu st. near ad av. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES WAHHINO and ironing at ber own home; can give the very t>esl of eily refeiencee from the family she washes for al pres ent. Understands fluting If required. Call at lUl West 27til St., In ihe rear, second floor, room No. 6. AMITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ? clrl. as first elasa chambermaid and a good waitress, beat city references given. Call al last employer's, 3dA Mh av.. for two days. ABKAMMTBBSS WOULD LIKE A FEW F.NOAOB menta by Ibe day or week, can cut and lit ladles and ?ileeaa' dresses, and trim Call at 367 West 26 b si , l?p floor, front mom. situation WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa chamberjnald and_ fine waahsr and n oner, or In do the housework of a small, has no objections 10 the country; good city relsn nce. Can oe seen for two di ?l 301 Weal Met st., I?tween !>tli and 10th avs , t >p tloor. ^^twe*" ??j seen .1^^' '<* ?W? iajPflr*l* fttuiir mmZ?~ do 1*n"ral "" ??M West ?Hh ?l '? refersao? caU aifVATIOH WARTRD.F!fKALB!l. A art? ATI N WANTED-llY A llBSTKi'TA BLI: j\. PrMMiiit girl, to MM oare of children or to do < H iiu lii rwom, it willing jo in ilea herself win-ril)} useful. the bi .ciiy rnieicuue. Call al Jtlli We?l Jo... at, between 7th aud *th av?. \ RESPECTABLE CTRL, wishes A MT'"ATION AS * V cook, washer ami ironer or to do general housework in a small laimy. fall al \?m Wwi IMh .1 Ueil of city reference. A SITUATION WaMED?BY A YOU.NG WUMA.t, ? \ laundress, or would do ch'uuberwork and watt'ig in a (mall iiriviOti family; beat city reference. Call at ivi East au. between Luxington and Sdava. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa cook, would assist with the washing atxl ironing: best 01 city references given. Call at 13V East JHlb at., uear 31 av., mat door, I runt room. ARE&I'ECTARLB WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION uacook; ha* the beat ol oily reform ace. has no objec tions to a private I warding bonne. Can for *cun lor two day* alUi West 27th sL. bttmn 7th and lib avs. AYOl'NO AMERICAN GIRL DESIRES A PERMA ucnt position to take char/a of one or two children; she Would tench litem the routine of an English education, or would act aa seamstress: would eo fur ?? * month, as wait-a la no object, but an ,.gi erable and pfo'.uant home u dcaired. Addreaa Miss K. timitB, <M Maciougsl at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIBL WISHE8 A SITUA tton aa Utindresnand chambermaidor clininfoermaid .tad waltraaa; city reference g.vcn. Call at 1W East 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and Iron, in a private family; city reference. Can be aeeu at 24H Weat 16th at. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A PUILADKLPBIAN, wixiio a i>o?ltlou aa liousc!iei'|ier or companion, feel. In ' herself ''omflu'fill to till any business trust, would en. gage to go to California or Europe; a perm.inent borne pre leranlc to large salary. MRS. WEST, 414 4th av. A SITUATION WANTEO-BY a PROTESTANT WO. man, aa we! nurse. The beat of city reference given. None need apply but firm claaa families. Call at 19H Went 40th at., between 8tl> and 9th avs. A YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid land waitress, or chambermaid aud seamstress; would t>c willing to as-iist with tin' washing aid Ironing; no objection to the country. Uo >d reference* can be given. Call at 21W Went 2t}th at. A SITUATION WANTE!>?AS COOK, BY AN I.XPE rlenced person, who understands h;*r buuttCHs thorough ly. lias the beat city reference Call for wo days at J14 Mh av. A SITUATION WANTED AS COOK?13 A OO0D washer and Ironcr; h is no objection to the city or oonntr. < ait lie aeeu for two days at 4i Hester *t. A SITUATION WANTI'D?BY A P'ltST CLASS COOK j\ is thoroughly ontnpeteut. and understands .ill k.nds of i i ik;nj{. hat the or..t oi city referencefrom last place t'au I, t.,. for tw i day* at ill West 1 titli a*., a-sond A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN .,'Y Birlf waul situations at Mrs. Lotve'aGerman Ionllute, 17 Stiulon st., near iJowory. \YOtTNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS plain co )U, washer a tut ironer; has the beat of city reference/), ;io objections i go a short distance In the countty. Can bo aeeu lor two days at ^41 tiasi ldth at., near 1st av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH PRO 1 \ te.'tant ylrl to do chnmocr worU. or to talto cate ol > hlldren; la wtiiiu , i ? ma!;o liarnolf grlientlly nnuftil; lias no ofojecti .ns to ;oiiu; t;> tne country. Kefet ini e trout her last p.ace. Call a I Uo IVont 4ist ?' , lieiwee't Utii aud 3th avs A BK.-PKUTAIH.K UIUT, WANT.-. A SITUATION AS ( ' \Vasi"'rais<! uonur? or to c'.o ^ houa^work; 8?hm ''it> rt'iiTeuco. call nt 0^1 3(1 av., corner of -1 in *>., M.-oond uoor. * A "''ATION WANTED?BY A UESPECTABI,B W(7 oil. '"Cook. wash -*i j ?? I iron; is ca|iaiilc, willing and ?,. !! . 800(1 ci" '"'ermiuo. fan t.e sera at With , (IK HUllfu. A S,V ,'1I9N, wanteu?as nitsr < ..ass cook, ? ,_"ICiI'akms and |>a?try, at.o a voting woman lot cciior..! Iiou?<iwnrk. city r,?reroutes. Call lor two day* at 4jl J.I av , near 3ltU Hi , second Hour. * SI ru \ r;t)N WANTKD?BV A BKSPECTABIjE llllfl., ""I'lOerniaid mid waitress, or would take c,u< or ? Y. .. il l ' '.'J:1. " st ,v!"F- i;ily rcleiunoe. Call *? ?Ml 111 ? between jjiIi and ?ti'li si*., loom |\'o. it. A 'f -i''-'"''\lii,|.; WIDOW WOMAN WHO iiwa iv.Ti k ,!'iC ?"? /? " ",,,1 w.-lie. ? aituat.wi to do house work in a sin.ill private !,.uiily; I. a pu.i coo* washer nutl I loner or is .a?wl>!c of tuklt;?; .1 housi-kernier'a position, "age* no object oJ alien su, nearOratid. I A VO0NG WOMAN WlSillOS A SITUATION AS WET "^r^d ? '?">!> ,H 1.Mir i" , * ,?' .!' ico" Hl r,J' 2u IV . balweeu IM and :Od At*., llo..r, 111 the rem AM. (or Mr*. I'lagan. A R';.8?'botab:.k woman wishes to knoaok 1 ...... "f " f,'w lauililis 1 he cloilie* will be done up in (he in-aujst m m nor Also Muting. Tim b-stul . tMW w Mt A dill? IrtJ nr., b*0* I-O <111.1 A "TAnMi PROTESTANT WIDOW Wl; H.-;K to tatn 111 wa litug, or would k'> oui oy Hut d v nest '? 0 y r oot> vjZ 111 ? MM at tru 4 W, z X& at. ' A ?JJJPKffTAKIjS Woman WANTS A BABY T.iWKT 1 . niirsa; aa own b.ioy was bom anil died on Hi ? 24tb ypbiuary.^ Call at No. H Orchard at., 1U the lullk ?.t.:ru A YOUNO KN'OI.IsH WOMAN. WHO WR1TKS AND spaaka French fluently. and has reamed lu P?H? wwhiM to a?iRoin|iai>y a laiinly to l.urope, wbow.ll lind Iter jralu viil" a",a> aiiendaiit iipi.ii the lady ormii- or two .-bH-lren, U??nc.<entloiMl.t? ivimnnoes ulven; llbi-ral oimi|w.mut on %xp?i.W. Adding Mi-w I'., carr ol V\ in ?ortloif. City Mall I'.ik m J^Mn.WMKNT wanti:i?-uv a lady spkakino ?alm?r8!^ " '""'r *l"re Ad'''^" r?' LMJiII.IKS HOITKD 1MMHDIATKI.Y WITH OAI'ABI.K IA ?eTrV'"i,!i'!i.V"r.,:^ni|;loyinoiil ?.;licr (e?lablikl.ed 10 ].w mil Mt , corner 01 tkh av. tjiiosekkei'kk -wantkd. nv a rrspkctahlr 1 . ?? mliialioii n? liou>oltei>|iei In a ^i-nii?l lamily; ,? .od refen-nce glvon. Call *? Xm Uant 2lili ?r uiti'atio.v wanted?by a photkhtant oihu towalt ona lady and *ew. or , Ik, k? ui an tof.ntl ?% !ivpd Hvo *'?>'" l,",t "Huaiiou. 6in av in (loo? P-11*. l*iween lOlli and llili tu., QITUArtON WANT.KD-BY a RE4PSC1ABLB *l>. k uiao, chainImnnald mid ?e*iii?iri-?f. and to make ?i.eJ lioiiorally umiIuI: (food City ralui-onoe. aupiy at :U6 'Jtb ar.. corner of Went HUt ?t., for two day? S'TbVh Vn'rf1 ,VANT! ['~nY A ItK.SPKCTABLK YOUNO c,rl- 10 Itioioral housework in a small prv .ie f.iniilv laa*Hii| .rulier Htid Ironor; la ? illmK ool. ? i1/!; iia? ti.e a*^5> 1 nfi'i"* lix,"" 'W ;a,t l'llice. "ol loiiii in ti, ? country. hi.Mii.. li ?'???'." jears old to mind rblldrtni and Jo J J mivw.'iK ,,, K?(K| reference from lici Ih.I t^r,,:;,;".," .'r.T, / "'""v"."11 r,,? ^u'413 ??*-' ??"? at.. netween i\ ? A ami l-.t av., 11 rut lloor, uont room 0!T!;vriiiN WANTXD?AS OOOK, AND TO AMIBT M win V?tbn?t ",U'11'1 Uo"<' c,IJr ??Icionoe*. Cull at SITUATION WANTKD?BV A KKAPKCTABUt OIRI, Bonier lN,rrtf?"1 <ioa' dy rrlcreiic.-j, Apjily at W CirfATiiiN wantf.d-uy a Protestant woman wfeiia,". *1^ ?' V4' -1-?/1'1 ",c .mil ironing. Uo.*I rt*.? 1 rtll I - i fill At ?'|? at.) HV,, lil'.U St. S!rr.'',% WaN'iki>?by A IIKRPBuTARD* MAS. O rled ivontun, a* wci nuiao. nulk liv.- uionlba uul Aii.?r to Mr*. Owr ai Hamilton at., it. tlic real" 11 ? O IT'1 ATI ON WANTKD?TO T.VKM C\ltH OK llili, 2 ? ,tl. is# Waahmrf a?,1 ironing. no chamberiMirk; aood city rofireiiet. c, | ?i iV i JJd at., iiiiiil K 'lied. S'T! ATIO!?t; WANTI II -BY TWO RESPEctAIILB h aa lirht class waitress, tic oilier a< nhanibermal.l; i.? iviUinp n> ,,s tine umluLin aaW'I'R; liest I lly reler..,?.-.?? In.,,, t!,c.r lant enip.' o , 'can be ne,. , lor two a-iysai^l. , n-, IH.I, ft ' ClTt ITIOK WANTED?All OtlOK. WASBKit \\n , ir "ior orlo .jo clmmlieiwurk m,d aewiiijj: ph?I clly r?. iVut'l^n 1 a" at i. Ll?|.?aard at., battveen in-si broa nv.iy .411(1 1#; (I iliu ,4 V . ' CITt'ations WANTKD?BY A YOUNO MAIiKM{D t , .ia,"m. V hl,nHe,f Keneraliy iim-iuI ?? 1 .i/tilir ''""'T'' of the Kitchen or m Ik ami ? i.te! ii reqiliie l ..k. ,..?.llt ,*iere,iCa. jjall at Mi \t . ?i um ?t . h..t.?een ytli and av? SIT.nV,V!'!. M/N!l.|,-rA-s SKAMSTRKU-s; CAN CIT ... . f . l"rt"H a i l ch Idren'a dnrssea; uin!*rRtands fain I ) pl.ti i wwuig, or would go as initae and aeamsti c<* or do iijii.t.cii.iiii.M>rw?ri. ? u.l ior two d .>* ai Ii4 ti rat i.tb at. ?ei-.m-i I.O.H, ii.Kit riMiiu Be?: of , el ere,ice. Q ITT ATION WANTKD?AB CHAMBERMAID AND w.ii r?i*? and to mssini nub Ihe wash ua. good city re'. e. ?n .? i >n I'e > ? ii :.t :i64 7il, ,,v . iieiir TJ1 st. S,r' ATli>M WANTBD-BV A YOUNO WOMAN, AS 4I4 , *U 10 h*T* lbr car* of ehlld">n Addre a Sin"ATIONS WANTED?BY TWO OIRl<8; ONK AS in ? F I'l f "Zi' r' r a","1 lr?nci . ih? other as ol,umber 3d st waitreaa. giwd relarences. Call at No * East S,TV,y!?N WASTKD-HY A YOUNO OIRL.. TO DO m? ^ Ml?" and SJ.SHI Wilb washing and Ironing, or ?wre of ukHdnn. i^,|| 37J Sd ,1, tb# doom froi crnar of ?th at ' " "" '?? St7-'L*T10?I!< WANTED-BY TWO OBRMAN PRO. l'.'rrhamtw.?wnr'a'I!I ' *1*,U'r ??4 the .ther ?? . ibe*1 ^0,11 S?'ItlAT'S,"w w antbdTby two rrhpectXbli l> an ax?ellcnt'' hLv.J"' c<>0,, ?n<, ??undreaa. and lhr ?>'!'" ?? chamlwma.d and walt tidanaVf^ u.i .o ""' ? "Mran. Has the brat of city it wr 1 * t;*U "1 #7 w"? ???>?!?. aaar Atb fj'Wn VOCNO BCSPKCTABLK OIKLS W1HH HITUA T^OM^J^d vMn''Ks'RK situations? ih.. sz?js2i:&v.T., "??us Slii iJs ?*' C*" " S"7 We" ^ .t bXain\h.0nd TWO KKSl'tt'TABI.K OiBLS WISH KIT.lAltnVH 1 on? m chainImmmaid; can ?<>? on ? Ti ii i ' mra rmtiroldarer; ihe,.iher as nnrs* ?n,ii,.aH.i." *^L * b. no objection lo do , hanililTr! ts. o^U ^f^n^ Uil for two d??y< at 259 ooriii*r LMh at, nv. B. TM f> KK8Pf( 1ABLR PRiVrK^tAHT Glftl M WIflll ?ItnalioQH; one m rhtmbennnld and linindra!! ihJ ?t2ir ? mmmnuvm and aaaUi with the referenca. Call at I JU Kan ?th st , fortwodTyl' ^ 01,7 VLrANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMaN~a aiTUATinv Jf as chambermaid or Waltrea. has Utelr . * li.a rl?? WANTKD?BY A YOU NO WOMAN,"ABAH V~ TO~W KT nur-a at bar own bouaa; baa lost bar owl iT.L ? I miintbs nli Call at WOald st, Brooklyn ^ flr# \yANTBD-A SITUATION AS WBT NURSR fi wtf XLCM^ia-rsi'-untS,t.SSS CKfnt,A 2a ?Sf6r .~ ^?tTlTATIOK* WAJTTKn?FF.MALES.^ \LTASHING AND I RON I NO WANTED-UYA IIIW ?? talile w oman, m b<r )?u house ut would K" out bv the day. can give 4 ,.4 ohy refereti ee. Call i'or two days el 1#7 33d at . UeTwwuJUi sua fltfc era. IITASHINO WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE WO Tf titan, at ber own house, family or genlleiaeu's wash ing done in the neatest manner, French tiutiug good con veuience (ot UmIiIu. t>eai of city reiereuce gifeu. Call one week at 198 Baat 40th at. third floor. WASHING WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, at iter own house; priee 75 eeut* a Joxea; good refer mc" < all at 127 Wen 24th at. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. 15 YEARS Or AOE. TV a initiation to in housework or take care of chil dren Call at 173 Weat 14th at., for two dsys. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT girl, a situation aa cook. will assist with the wsshiug; good city refereuce. CaL at 183 Eaat 'Alb at., lop door, 1'rout room. ANTED?BY A SOBER. STEADY WOMAN, WASH VT lag at her own houae, or to go out by the day to wash or clean; best of city reference. Call all the week at 561 Went 42d si, between lUth and Uth a*a-. top floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CI! AMBE KM AID, OR chambermaid and laundress; best of city reference. Call lor two daya at 22 4lh sr., in the trimmlnjj atore WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa cook and li aaut with washing and ironing in a private family. good city reference. Can be aeco lor two uaya at SU1 Ulb at, near Ut a*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT f* American woman, a aituatiou as cook, launders* or to do seneral housework. Call at 612 Wt?l 26tb ?t., in the atore below 10th a?. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation aa plain cook, waaher and ironer, or to do gen eral hot 1 sework. Good city reference Can be seen at 1? 7lh av., licl'.reou 19th and 20th at*., for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cbrfmbermalJ and wailresa,and assist in washing and ironing, bout of city relert-nce given. Ap ply lor three daya at 336 Weal 12d at, bbtweeu 8th aud #tb ava. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PBKSON. A SITU alion aa laundress; thoroughly understands her bust neaa; good cl!y reference. Can be aceu at 241 22d at., be tween 7th and 8tb ava. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIltL, A 8ITUAJ lion an flrnt cls?a laundiess, understand* her business in ail in brauchee; doea tinting and mauglltic in the Uost style; best cur reference. Call at 127 1-aal ?Hli at. 1X7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED ? > unrse; it, capable 01 taking care of An lufant: can wive tho best ot reference, being three years and a half in iast piacr. Call at 214 titli ar., near Wlh bl, lor two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young giii, as chambermaid and waitress, or to do tlic housework ol aamitll private family: baa very good refer* eneo. Applv a: Ml Pearl at., Iietwecn Water auil Plymouth, Brooklyn 1'ionn tlo?r, Irani room. lirANTKD?A SITUATION, HY A PROFESSED COOS. ?? ttilly competent In serving up dluuers and suppers 111 host style good city reference. Call at SIS East 13.h si, between 1st aud 2d ava,, tor two days. 11/ ANTED?A SITUATION. BV A lUSHl'ECTAllLE. ' 1 l'iote*tant woman, to do gener il housework in a simul family, city or count: y. < all ?t 33d \\ t-si -ttth M I V ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Vt I'roiesUnt girl, as tirat class cook, no objection to as sisl ia the vvaalnng or go a rliort disUnce 111 .be rounir> Good rtleionce. Call ut 427 XI av., bulwccu 3lsl uud AM sU in tbo Imkuiy, lor two dais. W> ANTF.D?BY A UBSPECTABLK WOMAN. FAMILY ? > waalilng, can du poil.Ulug ami l!iil uu of all kind.-, or children's ivaxhiug. Good releiJllCi. ChI! nt 410 3d ?v? btf (VIM WUl NllOlt *ti., third Hour, ba k MB, UrtBTBP IT TWO BtiSPfiOTABLB Yot Nil SIRLt Hltiialtona. one aa cook Minother as chambermaid; lio objection (o I in- vouuliy, good lelereui ea. Call nl ai8 ii tal il'kl at.. Iir<l Uou.. UfAN'ii.D-A SITUATION AS NUB IK AND SHAM atis-**, by a lilglily icapoctabln woni.ia, who ????i Inr. nlab beat oi testimonial* from ber late m.iployma. Apply Mnnda . mid'I nuaday al littr proaent adiii ??<?, i?4 .Motiti.fic at., Brooklyn. IV ANTI 11-nY A RE"<PKOTAHt.R WOMAN, A S1TUA Vt itoti na co >!:, tjooi baker of bread and olaiuit; will m wuainug; puilcclly uudtmlniJi lmr bti'dnc-a; good reiorei.ce. ('all at ii'l lt)tb av., between i'aii nt.d iiulu M>. fTTAXTl D?A SI i'PATION. BY A YOfXii WOltflt Afl ?? itUiae a?l an. i mures*; la k.inl and goml lu cn.ldren. giio.) leioieiieea. Can U) aocii tor twoutiya a'. No. 71 IVmi ?tola at. UlWl MJl:SiJ.-A YOU NO /SCOTCH WOMAN WViIIEh u Hitnaiioii as nurse In a I!' o.i lamily, can do plain suivinR. Apply ai .YA? 2d av., Ural boo". AMi.o-iiv \ i.i.-i'i.ciaiw.i; a mm ?' noli aaehaiul*rnwtld ami name** or aoaiiia.r' *>; bat fioo.J leferenco iroin Iter Ijai pi io>' Call hi I Hi U' a at, lit tot', nuir, near Hth av, l\, ANTED?HY A KKsPROTAIILE YOUXd WOMAN. A 0 aiiuataiu aa ciu?ui-i-riti.tid and w*i<ress; Ik \i Uliai. to l?l:e liMMif I14I11I. Address *11 lUlh .iv., betneeu Se^lli ?im lirtih ai . lint U b?r? riom. \\T ANTED?A BITtI A'l I1 ?N. HY A PSOTBSIA.NT tt young wont in, a- acnm*lrv<t* in a family; understand 1 flu ng a id fin, *it|( ? >i Idrctr* iiioH (if, o.*?i it: ell/ ri'.ettnu ; no objection 10 t? n.f i-ouiUiy or to tiara:. App,ytu&4 31 uv? oeisrenu -J.ti and .'I in nu. ?V ANTED?BY A RESPKOTABLli PRO riiSf ANT Tt girl a MtiiatS'JO m? inaiiibemiai t and iva ire";-; iui 4L Je-tloli in I fc l?l In line vfaalillig ur lak" cur? aid tio vlrilnlier.'.urk; noouji cliiNi 10 tbe coiinny. igo hI t.iy r> Ici.iiPf tan UtT M*en i.t *2! 3J .ar., 0ei? ce;i 3ixi .nu .ill in the liawsry, lor two d >y*. U! a\j"i;i?-hv A KltfBOnilil vu;ri.;i> wo ivllh a fr?*b Ureaal ol in Ik lliii'i) ?trkan|i|, ? 10 ivf, liurM a: lie? i.tru liou <?; imin- need ?! ;i > . \ccpt ttioac of 1 ?"*|Kvt-ioilily. 1 u<|uire in the alorit Si, h..i,iauA ?' UANTi H-A SITl ATiON 15Y A YOl'NO W(?! \N As la'ly'a liiiud or regul il an.i 111 ?lra>a, can CUl ai d lit all kinds <d lalinl/aew Inn Call 0|atratit ou Wiieeiei'A i\i.mui? l.ianiiiiiu; 1 ? 1 .nod li., rdreaaar, g?oJ relerence. call I'o. lu u na) ? ..I Vi, li eat JKIi at. l\' .V,'i l-.!?-A MTUATiUS AY A KKSJ'.,C. A:ll,r, M ynung i idy, i-aj a!de of taking caie of 1 Imhj, Aj |d) ..11.3 L??'ia at., BuCiliiki li(MI/. "IJt'ANTE!)-BY A YOUNil WOMAN. A SITUATION AS Yt niirae, tu lake ebatga vi ;> baity Iroiu its miaucy. H i 0.1) It lelalice. lie ?j.'li at acr ein;i.o>ur ?. ajb V. ?nl Jtilt klroet, u lDtten kt.> .111.1 .Uln at a. ANTKO?A SITUATION AS WET NUKKK. BY A 1' re i-cci .tile Can Uo ?can for tliroa ?la>s at Ili bllZiltcl i ai , l?'.ueeu Brootne and Oiand. in the t?ai' Jliiii/ one in..inki old. IV ANIJ'.W?A SITUATION hY A Kl HfECTABliK 11 yoiing woman. 10<logeneral bOB?iiv*'?ik. lelei cncei; 110 oojei nun m tbe ewuuiiy i.ail at 4.4 \> e?i l?iu ?i \*'AMI.|i-hY A Ft llel ULahS VOUK; lt at .lid* Irancli anil^li cooUiiig. Beat ot Co} ief? crence givtin; no uUjeelion 1.1 a 11.1,11 ling 11011^ or lime.; c<u tai e tue I'ltiirc ciiaiife 01 i!io tilclicii. t ail foi tiireo daya IM Weal IOlii at., leal'. VI AN r .D?HY rt KIl.sTC'I.ASft COOK. A Mfl ATUi.N 1 ill a |>ilvate I only, uitueialaiMia cooking In all Its branch; a; no olijei-.l tt to .lie e.,i.mry, neat and -10a. I Ntioiil licrw i.K. Il.o i.vo .if. ta' relet',?ti.'t ii'itu u? |>ia mn lady 111. < c ii'i'i'. lite i'r.vale M rvaiiia' u.<i.,u,e> ,1;, i\c.-i2r>.h s ., ootwerti bill av, uitu l.ionil?..y. V\' A ? IK A 1'OSIl'lO.M -A I'JJOTKBfANT Olltl, WIIO It uilics a i.ijni |cgi .!? band, w. .1 b- lo;nd reliable and nbni;oi,s ui.uir Iter ->ei r.cett 111.,) be rt*<iinred. Canal HXI tVe. i lb it ai., It.iaeitiaal. \i;anii;d-a rmuaiio.n. hy a'Eor.iBu: 11 nai liaTniM i'iitiiid t.r plain acwer, or m> waitiuaa; baa go,?i tily ra.ateaua. uail al U.'7.n a*., near ail at. Vt ANTED?A Sll UATION, BY A liESrECTABLK Tt Klii, to tltt (liain.annoin and w otl iy, or ganoial no.iae* woll,. noiMt irle.eii .'. Adtiru.i.^ ;ifri till a.'., IMlifei'u JUd aial >> l a.a., nuor. v. INTbD.-A TOI NU WlDo\Y LADY DB8IRBM a 1 t? aitiial.oit aa oi u? n cop;. Ul; U'nlcr-landa { tr.i lc, Mitt a a kooJ band. Addiesa CUabluaU, linald i'ANTKU-BY A TIDY OII1L, WITH EXCEEJ.KNT t illy rcleiencn. a flliiaiiun A3 (rtnlti cia?k or aarrant; wa-lit-a alio Iroiia well; or aa regular wuiueaa and cita 111 be 1 inaid; "agrtjIO Call ai M iJui ilil al. U! A aTKD?BY A NEAT (1IKI. Of 18, A HITl'ATION aa childreii'a maid and plain aawrr: t|inck at lite nee ilia; would w. II on it la.iy w bo onarda; wai;ea )j8; city or Coiintr). Call al or addrera Iui Kual Jim at. HKIjl' Wl NY LADY 1 1- IRlNi; a PAYINO. ?U8INEHB OH A w A pleaaanl pa-Iline oc. ii|tatloii alnnild learn plioio ;raph ink: instruction tltorougb and rapid, ror parncu.ara color! ivI on Miaa llccd. 74U llroadwar. HliAD WORK.?109 UANOS WANTED TO bead PAK aaol*. Aj'ply from W to 2 at II# Varlck atreet. /tool -WANTED IN A OENTEEMAN'S PAMI..Y, CY \J a re?peiiab'.e stcotcli l'roir>t*nt. a altnatlon ?? coo*, thorongbly unCcr?taiida her bu?ine??; baa good relareiicea, country pralerred, Can be ?ceu at 88 W eat 80th at., near 6U1 ar CilBLH TO WORK ON PATENT MEDICINES; EX PERI f rncad hand* pieferred. Apply to Job Moaea, n ? ori la nrtt V-URSK WAN I ED.?AN EXPEKIENOED WOMAN To lake care of a baity and u.ialat with growing children fur raierence re<iulred. Call for two daya ai No. 1U0 Chatham si. (new No. 118.) PROTKSTANT WAITRKSH, WHO CAN COME WELL recommended, wanletl al No. # Mh ar. WANTKD?A COOK FllR A HMAI.I. FAMILY MY Ing a abort distanced* the oounlry, Drat claaa refer enda required. Applr Monday, the 4lli, at the rooma of Mr*. Maroella llanan, 171 Eaai IStli at., bolween 10and I. IV ANTED?AN EXI'ERIENCKD NUK8E, ABOUT 20 ycara of age, to like charge of a small child. Apply between 10 and 7 o'clock al 17 tVeal Wd at W4NTED-A (IOOD (IIRL. FOR OHNKKAL HOUSE wort; mna( be a good waahar and Ironer. A Prolealant preferred^ .Apply at 7U5 Oreenwlch at., In the store. WMBaN lEi?A HI Kl, TO DO THE OENEKALt IIOIIBK work In a amall fa.nily. One with city reference may apply at 530 tveai 16th at 1JV ANT: D-A ItAUNDREBB; MUST BR A FIRST CI,A MM " ironer of ki-iuieincn's shirts Apply with good refer erica 11 an H 10 li ?l , at 12 ("Union place. WANTED-A KMART, RESPECT A RER OIRL, TO nasiat A lady to tan* rare of ? little child; one who wsnta a giaxl home and can do plain tewing preferred. Call at <1 Hast Slat at oily reference required WANTKD-A PROTBHTANT OlBIa ABOUT 18 YEARS of afe, to go a short dlalance In tbe country, to take eare of cblTdrrn and do light work. Reference required. Call at 70 M. Mark's plaoa, 10 to II A. M. WANTED-A FIRST CI,ASS COOK, FOR A FRIYATE ? family, one who understands French cooking pre faired. Applr with city rafereoeaa, at *7 West IM at., be twern 10 snd 11 o'cloek. fX7 ANTED?A WRI<L BDUCATBO FBMON. AB SB AM JT ^'ress AM to Uk? MM W ofcUdfM. A mil Al II Bast HELP WAHTBD-F1MALKI. WANTED?TWO YOUNG WOMEN, IN A SMALL i'ltl rale : .mil* , out to cook, waah aud Iron, tha other to 4o (hiruU-rwark ami plain new tng, mu?i conn; weJ4i acum* Bended Ai>ply at l.oH 2d a*., between tttb and Bill Ma., after 10 o'clock. IV'ANTLD-A SEAT OIBL, ABOUT 15 <>B lft%YEAK8 TT old. to take car* of an infant Apply at Eaat Broadway. WANTED?A PROTESTANT COOK; CITY KEFEB encus rHquired. Apply at S Tenth at., between Fifth av. and Uuiveraity place. WAN TED-AT ?7 SECOND AVENUE, A OIBL TO DO general housework. Apply from 3 to6 P. M. ll'-ANTEIt-BY A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO TV Protestant stria; one aa plain cook, washer and Ironar, the other a* chambermaid and wa.tre?s; uiuat *>e well rec omtneuded. Apply at 148 Weat Sub at. WANTED?A BBLIABLK OIBL TO DO THB HOUSE work In a sma.l family. Apply at l&i Baat SM at, ?ear Id av. 117ANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY-NO CHILDREN? TV a young Protestant woman, aa chambermaid and walu

ress; only tlios* who thoroughly understand thnlr business and haw* tirst clasx city relercm-es may apply for two daya atj7 li,aat 38th at.. !> to 11 o'clock. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY AT K9 MADISON ?treet, a wonmu for cooking, washing and ironing. To one with city refereuees goal wajM will t>e paid. \\TANTED?A WOMAN WITH GOOD BEFERENCB 'i to cook, waxh and iron. must be wining to go into tha country, luquire at No. 37 Went UKh at., t;om 10 to3. TITANTED?T"OR A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A " good cook, wtio will ataist in the washing and ironing; good city retcrcnci) required. Apply from to 13 o'clock at So. V Baal Jdth at WANTED?A OIBL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, and one to do up stairs w >r? and take care of chil dren Apply after II o'clock at 1*1 Went 4Gih ?l. WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WHO IS A COMPETENT washer and irouer; best of city relercr.ces must be Iiven: no others need apply. Call at U) South Oxford at, trooklyn. WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT, NEAT OIBL. AS nursery mull and to awiat lu the charge of the chil dren of a private family lu the country, anil to do the hjht Hawing of the nursery. Wanted, al?o. a good cook for the aauie family Apply for either situation at 43 We?; 16th at, this day beolweoii 10 and 2 o'clock. 11/ ANTED?A SERVANT FOB OBNHR.'.L HOUSE * ? work lu a (tui.l family; good roleruuce required. Ap ply at 73 West lilb St., baaeincnl door. \? AN USD? A COMPI TENT WOMAN TO COOK. WASH It Hii.i iron in a private lumily. Apply at 4(4 North Movie ?t l\' AN'l'.-D?III ti.'RLs TO WORK ON HEAD TRIM. <1 niing. only those who have worked at the business need npj.l; at East Broadway. \\,'ANTED-A OIBI, AIJOUT FIFTEEN YE.MIS OF it bm>, to make heraell' generally uaetui. Apply at li'J Priuoe b. \1TANTED-A KBKNOH WOMAN TO TAKE CHABOB it of t1"" boys, th'; o itivwt seven year* old; mil si I).- a pood -e iiu-tre*, .in I unburst >ud Kngli m i o a rc.*;ioct.jhle neisnu good u j.ds will be pi.-en Vv'ty i'ir three day.t. with ?ood recommend it on i, at .No 5 1. i*t win Hi U,.'ANTED-A REtPEOTABI.B PEItSON IQk A Mn .il pi ? v.i11 .utnuy in l.'n'.h at., Hrru til; must bo a pood plain i-.'ii -. \\i viu ;aud ironei'i boat re. ere.ices require J. a' si. II,' ANTED?A COOK WHO UNDHRSI'ANDS HER TV bit.Hitii-i*. mii 1 is willing to do'.lie uotrse w.iabiug. Ap ply ut No. '. Won.. 'AIM al., irom 10 lo i. w ANTED-A WlliUNI! AND ACTITR OIRI.TO DO W ci-iiT.1 nou-mm.I. hi h ?iii i' lunilly, t.erma i Prr fc . i?*i ?? rcitim-.:. A|?|.jy iK-i^ we Uo-.a oi ?* uiid 4 .u tJy 1 ?u?t?JI Hi., bctweeu i.nJ situations W AX'tEU?aum?? ? YOl.'Nt; MAN. a.nxkm.s. Alll.h aNU WIM-IKO A i'rr* I co? k*r.iliy u.mtul ni any oucu.ut < n, i* \ ??. v <io <?i obUiiuinR writes a lair hand rtii.i i-quick Mt liguroM, caw 4W tiiO boat oi city r,''?ro,J^i# bo w.'lliu? tike a vo.'V i*niHll >-..u*ry to cointuence. A? tS?M A .1. V ? box il M n n>M. ft. 1 H1TUATION WANTED?HV A Y('UNU MAN WMO A undei*u....l< i lr.aiii;... M it* hrwoh^ and thr car? vi cat io; can c iiv woii rocomuieiideii. Aud tw M M.? box il-'taM ofiica. __ *7 W"M<r?~AM WWIK'* A UTUATION TOTAKT5 A hn -.-' or would drive if lU.rod; ooui.ii/ IMf^; h -.slH..jv.? -.-.p!or.-:io?. Addreaa or call ut. I'. i\, an \\ mt t#tii *i- __ ? ' 1ITTATION WANTED.-A YOUBO MAN. 17 YKA1W (S ..iTC doxirUMH'l III H U'll.l.JS.llP bu?in.-*s 0 l.iet hi r .n ?.r I.. -Inc.: '???'-? Il .'I .voar*' ?p*r ????? ? vl,ol"".l'-l.uV,K". ",.i hi mill. l?itoi cuy retire:.**. AUu.msr i, , iintVjf herald oiuee j CITIUTIOK WAKTRD-BY A PROTEST ANT YOUi.'O k ) mtfti in wmi^r; ? ii lie Ui<en?u#M on th-6th li.-t cull for .??> <uiy? rt' bia prem'i.i employer it. No. a Wiint2;i*i? *i. ? - ma IA;!: i. ? ?j:"mbuo.^tm.k -tii H a dvkrti SR it J |iu? 1 df ii Ion year* ill tln4fci???*r buno**- au|I ww.iea a .'ii c.a'ueror bnokkoepcr Addreaj Whitney. 41 tJbarlMiu mr-'xl, N V. Beat rolerou ??* given. WANTED?A SITU A TI >N, Bf A PROTHSTANT MAN V> H 11.1 WI'O whn.'ti inum.iniiw; the niii#M?w<*?:"' ?nil nl.iiimii: Jn.f i??oniau ??* cj .!t ?"? to WK-liintr. i. <. ? nil about ;ni!k and buU?r; .iii'i*oy> r.on!..?i.. - Apply ?. <i' a* - r'?? *??< No olijri'Uot. to a ?;..??{ ilUuri* In Hi?" cotiufy WANT.v.l?-A HITUATKIV II* A VUl.NU MW, Ai \\ i.n ?? di-r; one wl.o Uaa Iih.1 Arc >r?rt. ?*i ??.i. -ue in th? btiMii.' ' Ca?: ?n or ?Uji?W It il?Hin??T 4J7tnar., r for tbrw* csnvm ?? I W \ VIT l> ?I'Y A OBItMAN IMtlO.ilST. A SITIf a ruiN in n vi u lpsale or reUU drnf ?un* A'luivw. M. Ji r.. ll.iaM olllir. ______ ^1TANTKI>?BV A YOl'NO MARRIID MAN, A SITITA VV (Ion *? Im mi-r. or I ? tnkr oar.' ..f a ron.lormni'j pi**. O' r..Hd 111.11 enii give ti l- l.. ?t of rrtffcrencaa. Applv U. or io iwn .l?y?, J ?? . 6/ ? '"l'1 ?' Cotialrf pre inriej. . \< HMBM AflO UARDK*KH#. t "siNtil.F. }M ' WAN18 A SITUATION AS COACH A man or nl .tn gardener. Call on till ?uiU*l or addresa K. W. : . IS5 Wi-il Mtli at. ? HITUATION WAN-TBD-BT A RRSPKfTAlll.'" \ viouia ma", a* flr?! <:1.)m cuchman and; gi>>d c IV rriri'i'iic- <*'H !?? C V?. t'an l.f "?>n for ttvo days at lh?* pr.vnle hUb^ E..?t 33d , ,jc,!M\N ': A HI)'' N K.R MIN :l.i:i WHO UNItlilt \ - ndi Ilia Imaineta (X'lfe.'llv in grrrnhonwi, nowpr c.nlpii or' vi^t.l.lP* na.'tx a Mt.iitlon in a gcutlpinau'g place rpfpronce gl.???>. /t on i.lin *t .v \\ WAXTBD.-A M AN WITH BPsr flfTT (/ rpfp; p.iPP*. olil:Tt"F, *'>l>',r nnd rhikIiIp, and well ar qua ntp.1 wi:li Hip ."ity. may apidy I-' M '171 Hnuth ?t. t lOAntlM AN -WANT"0. A BIT0ATIO* ?Y AN K.-vil ' I ?bmati. nvur.pd; )' fn'ly .mmpnfpnt. I-p" of. 17 r. i. r pi'fp?. Applv lo J. M . *t the st.ib'.f ?. Uu pioaent eniployrr. Ko. 2 Kami Slat at. /m.rilMWS ?'-:'vlov WANTXTt BY A RTOTOIf \! ni in who nn.1-r*..! .'I? III" h.i? np?? |w. .????tlv . vp p| .'?!.? c.ird'-npr. i>nl h ??< ?>? I""*' ?"y rpferaace Ail di??? A. B., bo\ 101 ??.*__ /t \ri< N ? ItS1TI ATTDN WAVTRil??Y \ SiX'M.F. (l young man ? f lonf o*pp-io.iM *t> ilii. pi. nr;* of gr?"n hotiap liotho..?p grnpcrv ,"7 ?TTi n 14 I, lio* ko :? t'lin i.p hijhly reocomn*nd"d. Addr.** M ??-. no* 212 Ilerald ollli'p. IK <^NY ViBl.r. KNOWN (H!MTI,V.M\?i Alf '-Ti: UN.! I nlr-o il or nliontp-irtwith ap> ?d, IiiVpIII nt enarlim?n. a ???.?''? in in I>p -an r ;mr:..'.i.J ?i4C'? . ?? nnd wl.0 m'.y nn do -aU'.d* Ine w ?.. I I. >nd 11, - n' i.n!- "i. ? ? drlvpr. u? ? -Iim ? ? - Mn \ tii.o b-riio*?*. ? Ut^' ntjtl s-'t, will fid?liv^> ? . I o*t Iw.x 4.4W h<* v 111 < onloi a f*rjr, ?nd thr mm wilt get a g??(?d. pffmnn^U wiiuatibii ^_ ,.T, O'TIMTION WANIP.n?AS t?\r.l?ENPK, BY \ 8INOLE. k*. middle ?SC<1 nmn. uuder-t.n.U the m-inupmpnt ot v.ih l.?t and pn-enhotiap*. .v- , i;o.i I toltrcnce glve.i. AddrP^a V-. (lanlpnar. Bw?M wWIpc. IV \N1 BO?A illTOATlOW ASfMBDBNBB. B\ kOl \\ ' mmi in irrled man. Willi a vprv am til family . tinder aland- gardpnitvl tn all H- rariona brat.rb^il. *> a. c-.denPr and m If rp.|nli?d; Ii ? * the N>?' ">'? prpt.po from hi-l .? "iK >l vpara' nmploymeiit It. K. cure I'. Mclionvill*. 61 flenr^at ?rTv7kD?A TilORO01111 COAt HMAN ANDOROOM. ii mnclp to i?< t < Vprmont and inak-lilnuelt cenerally II-. M. \pi'l.v II it NMBMB loon. VII, >>|WPMM. 1I7ANTKD?BY AN KSOU8IIMAN. A SITUATION AS \ ? ro irbmaii, one who iiiiiIpi ?'uiid? hi. bualneaa an.1 pan come wpll ipon iiinpinled. Oau be a.en at or a.ldreK* Walter, jWWwl tTth t _________________ ill aNTBD?A fOOACH MAN'S ABD oboob'B BtTVA* W (Ion bv a Prencliraan. in a prlvntp family, lua IIred in amp of thp bp.t MUhllehmenU In thp nllT. btat of ?? fprpnppa. TnilonoraddrpaaJ. Union Stab.?, 1,^.1. ?na 1JM Broadway. ! CLBBKH AIMi> sAi.nsMKi. A SI I' ATMS WANT D, MY \ YOU no MAN. MID 21 not afraid of work and will hlmaplf uaefnl; fully nndwatande b.K.kfcppmng by alngle eut.y: refereneea llrat ela-a. Ad.lte?(5. K. S.. ho^ IB Herald offlro. I A sai.esman wantbd-ib the WHOLBBAMI A clothing liuanipaa: Ilia right kind of a man knowing the bnaliipaa nnd having a good trade can make a fatorablo airan*fincnt byaddioaaing II B., b"?l 4.67S I oat office. . T\by OOuns.-WANTED TWO COMPETRNT SAl.ES \) men, with r??il rlty reference* f?r qitallfli-atlon ami honeaty. Atiiny brtwcaa 10 and ? o'olwi lo-?la*. al ? O.nn.l at.. Williamabiirf, U I. JAMBS WAKP. E WANTF.H-AS ASSISTANT BOOK J j kepppt, ahipplng or entry .lerk, or naoayenfr by a young man, well aeqimlntcd wnii t ie city, good reference*. Addresa Ii 0., M a?. ___. ? aNTKD-A KETaTL ITaI.FSMAN in PABCT^DBT WANTKII-A retail SALFSMAN IN fAK > ' u -Hla. Ad.lrnaa, atatlnjr where iaat employod and how long. Broadway, atatlon D, lllblc llouaa WANTFD-A OOOD AALBSMaB, WB a WHVTB gooda lohbing houae with a good trade, aalary Addrena X X. Q. Horn 1.1 office. WANTED-TWO GOOD DBY OOOD8 SAl-FSMFN H. B. IMISSB1.U 890 Bowery. WABTBD-BV A YOVB0 MAN JPBT ABBI TgPPBOM tlie clly of Dublin, Ireland, a altttatwii aa 1() bartondar; la 21 yeara of a*.', and haa fcww f ?fer tile groppry and liquor bnauipaa. can ?'?knd i?" encp; aalary uot to much an oblod aa a ro^JPcU V_ mauent aitnatioa Addreaa J H . bo? IW Herald abted-a i.ivr uotel clbrk kppper. muat underatand tbetr_Jflj and Barkeeper, lule aeciuitlpi required. Addreaa Herald ollice. _ . wabtbd-YOUNO ^Mh*k??wlJdgV "how bum W man, moat h.? ,i^L?,^na,n0?i ?*ohandl?o ?' oeaa and 01 "* Broadw./^lw HBLP ? iSSI 8T ANTBOORKRBfBB. "J ?Mnl *1^^ A , rio? ?r HELP WAKTED-BAUS. ^ A"S^UBNTU?WE WANT AiJENTS IN EVERY CITT and town nil ever the w<rld, to Mil Uire? or four ar lie:km Indispensable to every Uuiily, at *18 Fulwu at., K. Y . room Ko. f Agents wanted-all oveb the oountbt, to sell a new mventiou wauted everywln-re: ibe Urgent lnduc?jm.?nu over offered to agent* Bella atSSoeuta. Ad dr<-?? .s baler A Co., 'Si Cliff st, third floor. A T KM BROADWAY. ROOM 10.?WANTED IMMKDI J\. ately, clerks and von ng uien for ln;ht business, salary %U par week. AUj bookkeepers, porters, gardeners, wawli. man. AOOOD BU8IKKB8 CHANCE FOB YOUNO MEN with good re.'erence, at til Chambers street; desirable vacancies this day; good paying salaries American protectant hoy, about i? .years old. wanted; one wbo can read and write, t all before 10 o'clock tbla mornaig. Odke'W Spring ?t.. near Hudson. Wages $8 80 per out. All desiring situations in all bbanches of business call (10 Nassau. up stain. Eicelleut pay. ing situation* thu day. Permanent empl"ynient. AT THE MERCHANTS' AGENCY. ** broadway? Wanted, bookkeepers, clerks, salesmen. porters, trav ailing agents, watchmen, and good men lor all kiud* or busiueee. AOOOD WAITER WANTED.?ONB WHO UK DEB atanda the use of checks. Apply to J. McLaugblmg, U Eaat at, East Hirer Hotel. Boy wantbd-for the opfice and stock, h to 14 years of age; remrlenoe in the city and with parents. Address, with reference, box 1,040 Post office. BOY WANTED? FROM H TO 16 YEARS OLD, IN our oSlce down town, that can c>>me well reeouimeuded. Address G. O. J.. Herald ogice. Boys and pkdlkbb wanted?with a littls money, to sell a pamphlet on "Religion of Nature." F. H. I'appey, corner of C .nitre and Granlsta., up stairs. IjlXPSBIKNCKD CANVASSERS WANTED-AT 75 J Nassau st., room No. 3; also news agents, to sell a work lilgbiy remunerative and in good demand. Call about WANTBD-A PKRS >N thorouohly acquainted with the wholesale wooden ware business. Address, giving real uauie, age, Ar., M., box 2Zj Herald olllce. WANTED-A WAITER IN A private PAMM.Y; I ronch or German preferred. Apply to Edward Ret tor. City J udgc'* oQlce, Hi Nassau st, between 11 and 1 o'clock on Monday and Tueiday next. WANTKII-A man TO WORK IN A garden, TAKE V T cure of homes, and make hlmsnlf generally useful, in the country. Apply at 111 Broadway, room 37. V\;AN.'IiD-A yoi'NG, INTELLIGENT LAD, FROM VI 18 to IH years In a wholesale trimmings business; one having been in the business beforo auu living with Ills p&rcnu prelerred. Apply to L. Stern, 3>? Howard st. \\TANTED-AN ACTIVE person, OP good AD. Tl dress, to canvass tor two popular niagaxlnen, also a countr agent wanted: n permuuent tilt'iakon insured to an eOicieut man. 11URD A UOoGllTojs, 4jW Broomu st. TXTANTI'D?AN american YOUNG MAN FROM \ V ci^iteon to twenty-two yearsot' age; quel reoomraen Iv tlcus required. 11x411 re til's <lay at Dl. lriaii's bj.auie diuj aui.e, Ko. 58d nr.. b.:ore M) A. M. |\' ANTRD?6'JO RECRUITS FOR THE regular VI army; al?", a good olerk for a recruitlnj par /. Ap ply to Major t.lBBS, l?i Artillery, M (Iranu atreet, near Broadway. VVr ANT.'D?A GOOD ok:: am: ntal japanner. AI' Vt ply immediately to Marvin A C 235 Hroadwar, N. Y. \h! AMKD?AN RR'IAND BOY. WELL REC'-MMKND VV cil, hi n real estate oitiue. Apply 10 Eugeue Oievallur, 81 Cedar ntro -t WA?TED?A/BW MEN TO ASSI8T IN THE PRE parution or th? Commercial liegMer, to accdppany Trow'* New York City I) 7. Ail ireaa, with rof?rrr?c<)H. K. K. iliill'jck, UJ u're ii" mi-ct t Ap;>lioationa in person uol attended lu. WANTED?A KRENC1I Oil HERMAN pastry COOK, bavinc a kua;yled?e of couki.ig. Apply al Mo. H Clinton ; lice. WANTED?A YO'JNO MAN WAITER. WHO UNDER aim m hi? l>'i-ii?o<* and willing to uuko bimaelf uae fut at u We*t98tb at. KUI GOOD AOENW, TO INTRODUCE A NEW rU patent Lnjbi, vh.liable territory for aal? low; .1 luiug m LUo market. Apply at No. V Hpruoe aircet. iu the P n-ci store ?ALSH AT ALCTIOX. ^ Auction sale.-a. both, auctioneer. lawh and positive sale op IS LEO A NT AMI COSTLY HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, M/.UN1KICEKT KD.iBWO'H) PIANOFiU TK, BEAbtlPOL fARl.UK &U1T4 IN HICOC.VTBL, T.iLVKr, BRUSSELS AN1> INGRAIN carpets. Hi a (.Voii'lay) morning, M ircti 4, hi it o'clock. U10 olc^ant lluuHoii Oil Kui'iiltu. j of lti'3 four atory hoiuo 119 Oli:ik>i> primus, K14MI1 ?'.i?et, b'nwjeti I'lftli ari l Sixth ayanue*. Magnificent Ro.< iwooil Pianoforte, *?> fln# OH raintmgi, Work* 01 Art an i liroaxia, 13 Bruiaisi* aui lug/alp Car peu; lot o! rich Pari*. Bodr.Mitn ami Dlmo,; liiii.n F 1 n tut*; .spring and ltair Mattreaaea; Ulaaa, Ciilna aud Silror Wan-; Cuu.rjr, Ac. Adrian it. mullbr. ii. MUl.LBR, I'. B. Wll.KINS A Co. will sell, at auo. (1011. un Wednesday. Marab (i liit. at LIS* o'clock, at tin; E .change 8u:?aro.>ui. .No. Ill l>ro.?dwa>. lor aroouot of whom 11 may conoo.'n, 4.SJ0 abarea BuaaeU Kile Co. (held aa collateral). AUtrriON notice JAMES JENKINS. auctioneer, will *<M1 at auctioa, un I'uoad ?v. March 5, at 11 o'clock, at 1,!W>1 anil I.9 I'nird avenue, ncir 12 iih sir?i, Ilorma, I'irnisM, UnKont. i.ockaw ?ya, llariin.*, UlaukeU, llaJuira. Wliips, ,tc . A". AD. OORXWELL. AUCIIONBER.-thb HOUSE . hold Furniture contained in tlir four atory dwelling W it. Murk'* pl.tce (Eithlh atriwt, between Second and Tlwrd avui.u>-a) will Ix- aoid at public aucuou bv IUL?hT A UORNMtlili, Auctioneer* on 1 uasday, March 5, 1807. at 10 o'cl.?ck A. M , oouaiattnif, In part, of a 1'lano. Lice Cur t una, inalion my So:aa, Oiahiun*. Ch.ura, Minora lirtiFaela ? arpola, Bod* and Bedding ami a genunl assortment of Parlor, Kitchen auil Bedroom Furniture. Terma caali. Auction notice.-all the eleoant house hold Kurnttura contained In the Ave at >ry brown stout houae No. 44 iVeat Ulilnmlh <in?'t, botwuAn riUb aud Sixth avoimea, at ptiratn aalo at leaa than auction prlcoa?Parlor Mlllt*. c ivnroil btOv^iiHl; Et lai-rea, llo kisPlanolnrte, Itioiizm. PaintlUxa. Mirrora. iTarpt'ta, Horeana, lled .ieada, \Varil:-oi?ea. Mailr??an<., Duift-U Em.nai^n TaoV, China, Ulaaa and Silver am. Table Cutlery, Ac., in use but ai> montba. In porinot onlor. BY HENRY 11 LEEDS A MINER. HENRY II. LBUDs, AUCTIONEER. on 1'riday, Mairbg. at II o'clock, nt their ivl.ury. No. 98 Libertv atreot, a lew doora *cn of Broadway, ANClBNi' AND MODERN OIL PAiWTINOS, many of <vhlcb art' ?Itriluited to oelebrated urtiata. Alao Watri! dolM*. Kid wrings Ac. BY HENRY II LEEDS ft MINER. I1ENKY 11. L.'.EDS, AUCTIONEER. W'c beg Inarir to iutorm the nuolic that we ahull sell the eutiri! l-uriiituiii of tlieaMAlsoN DoREh, Inclndn.^ *th? MOS. VAitUABL ? B'fOOK Of WISES AND LlQUOK* in tlna coimiry s.-.Ie will take plaoe I9tb, DOib, Slat, Hf "iiil and Jfttn ot Marcli. / K'JLL P \ K i'lUUL.VRS HEREAFTER. BY OR OKU OP MOl'KBME COURT?a P1NB CO# N iry .s.??t. at Pordfcaat, VVeatc'.ieater county, will bee^ld ata'i 'tlon, by JAS M. MiLLnR, auctioneer, at Wilon'a Hotel, adjoining nilntil ht-ilion, at Koniliatn. on SaK^day. M.iti'h H, at IJ m. ilonm contaiua w.iter, biuh tub, ?tu?tiary tul*. Ac. liar 11. frui. treea, grape viuea, Ac., on pn-miaea. BTLANDT k '.V/\:,DrlOJJ, At TTIOMREKS, ?t'i HROA? way. wMI aell at auition, 011 TbunrfajT, at il o'cto'k. *?? Nlitnec'a aiilr ol uupcrb liiij oruxl t;io?k? and llronaa Orouj^. Higncea, Ac. II r KNi:Y I). MINER, kVVI !ON:UM.-9\Lr.8UOOf L N*yvau Mirect, opposite the I'otl oitioe. mre<?, an as*ortiara I of Household Jfwrivlurjv . iogtJkA Hurea?in, Hohis Mirrors, Bn*icU Carpet*. Bmkltug* Ac. at so A large HDd Due Btfitow wa.ntii ami ?Mk: Miting anJ 8t?n<llnc / Cliali. Irjn Hoiks, ?Hev.lvinR i .hnie, sia.Is ai.d*'\ pmlujng4 of hales. Hesters and about iilty line >.*nu0 r*'"" our principal ocaiu ?uuuaera, > acuta. a>~ H [kN BY D. it IN KB. A?C riOITKRB.-^AlJt5^0OJI 37 N a iau street, opposito the I ost MI N F.B A SOMKBVI Noli day. Man* 5. at lii'4 o , ^l,1. h?^ n J1itl)( Houae Maodotwul "tree , ;i*hi ? .hat 1m t."ar,.?u *oua, Chain, hold Furniture, ur i??'?* ? ,d 1 l",u Bureau*. lt*dauja<l*? liedditu, ttc F'ff?>Sph? w"1I! f, iilithS wTni Je . 'iU at pub&e ?u<y"n }o 'ho ffiS with '--'?i""10 ?*<"rit,.ror ? te* ten >""? Trom ihrultTl or tli'l* i rry at ,pw esta.Uhod frot. the foot of Whitehall street u. ^""'"^ui.ed from the foot of Ibr U ??f tbo I'fny H Df ?au?; JV ? ? Twenty-third ?l^t, hQfth river. tflf ( ^ w|t(l 4U th^ kulo"gm, 10 ,h8 ^fflVindn.ndiu.H^nf ^e rt?X be h?d ?P<"> ?*>ll0?U? at ttu? Ooapirolltf'* #.?,? Fund. by order of Ctror Naw.Yoaa. "^o'rr H. t attrrrON?tltf ~P * T_ AtCT ?g larch 6. at IJ o'clock. '^?,Lady Suffolk ?nd m.i e, of troili'l ?r: .aids, sound and kind; a r*old, *'."L?rjj|rll?!i; very long tall* and A bug rosd Wngon. Ilglit 7? c ty tn .kera, to be sold. Fob hale 80MKRVILLB the splendid team of alt and aevet? Tajraj,. .,-. lady can rule or drive the" ? " * manes; al?? a han>l?i hp lo dnu'iin Harneee, ma'y Y ^ u the highest bidder, wuh u the owner la ,ne out reaerre Tt KSI)*V MA'11 5 AT 12 O'CLOCK. _ Trnir'Auction Mart. Union PUr? SUbEi ev'',; fiinml ?y f ,n,l"v the y,Mr. HMomiltNBOTItAtJCnoHKErti.?BBNRT Mm TM AN I i?i 't?^?y. March 6, the enCre oLuS?5eSaw?2? Korfu? pot iicular* aep Ti.esdar1. Herald. ~ U. AI'CTIONKKB-WILI. HKM.TUH 11 Kilny, at i o "4, ? rich aa^ortmoai of Ko'ncli Ci.ina ifili?mlan <lla??rl ParUn marble Krrnrh Clurka. Ac , Uie comolete ltnpor>l.?>?f B. Behrlacli. 4.'H) Uron.iway, T BOOABT.AiyinAEER.-BT TIRTUK OK A ?p . chattel mflRiql will e*po*e for *a!e at public aar. tlon. on Mon.laj.M irt 4, H):, nt li}^ o'clock A. M . at tho foot of Korty n'*trtt, Kaat rlrer, on north* mde of *?i l ?Up. one liarr Kuiliig, one Layer, one Kurnaue Layer, Pana. Kal'roadeack.l'nUiU, on? Oeak, three t liairo, one Iron Hafe,ono-'??e, A, and all Toola contained In aal.l bunding John r. kauiiinuion, Attorney for Mor.< ifee. BOOAR AUCTIhERR.?TUR8DAY, MARCH 5, , . at look, at llW^ .nard street, cornerof Klin, tho jtook and fnr* of a ^ - Coffee. Couir*. ?e*le1 the Auction * ID?ul of lipoid Fur. i noerr Store?Kii jara, ftoap, Te??. height*. Ao. We lnesday, 6th, at >rth WUIimb atreet, large aagort ura. M"^{ glAAVKUQi. AOHKAT BBDIIC1ION IN TUB PRICK OF B001 and Sbwu until t>e i?t of May. at IltWIN'H cliei, Xtl itowcry, oornar Uond atraet. Soiled atock than naif price. CIONUCVPTION POSITIVELY CUBBD BT A RBCKN1 J diaco.'ery.?Free cotiKiiltatlon can be had Irora I to ! P. M. on Monday, iueaday and Wednesday, at I6t Varies street. T ONDOV TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. *J No. HH dtRANI) (opp'iHite Rxi-ter 11*11., LONDON 4es?r?. iiAMILlON A KlMPlwN tflre the boat gooda. is til'* , r,t An<. ^Am.'-.cii. laaliion. it fair pr.oes, ?ud ca? (tire efernnci-4 t.> gi'utie.ncii in New York. Boston, Hi. i.o<iia roacvj, 1'itUburg, Cincinnati,, lias ton, Mowport, Kiiode.g^uj sadoCier parts ol the Statna. NO. I Jo 8fBANI>, LOMHJN. 0; r,l0T'*i laundry and tamily man ilkh 5>?)l/.Pium>lng,'j?, Kittuij. ItUck, LockMmith and Bell Hanging. N?K 4 anuig |,l >ruy place. New York. AITHOUKIY, APusiruK faCT.-mm r h o' i.iiaiiam. i great nltural CUIrrOS.,,. ,,,.^,1, ,u others li'e with inn rate aud and wotfu , t>(l|r(,r l( 4rw tB tru'ible visit bei. hbe I'll* your n^.., g.vos tofor4 i.iation of thi- wherei'xiuta of stolen p. ,J|d (,irrlBllJ al. ooliiiiig ersnis thr >u*h your lite. Tli/', ? pre^nt%,,3 tuture will in; mads known to you. ItU ^ear'.l^(,ul atreet. " AM CARD.-MADAMK i:.hs, MEDICAL AN!) lC -trfl neaa Clairvoyant, has removed to 119 West Klfteeutt^ atreet, near Sixth avanue, where sba shows tbe likeness atil tells the uaineol tne u<>r?on you will niarry. Beware >f ill literals pretenders who try to imitata her. Lucky nun A FACT -MIS-i wbllinuton TELLS Of BOHINEAhJ theft, go.'l luek and numbers. 3D J Bowery, ouimmus huth atreet Hours ? to 4. A8T('Nl!<HIN.J ? MIW. nruhrdbl TELLS PAST, present and future. 4J Stanton street, over tbe eery. Ladies. 90 cents, gentlemen, f I. ATR.-'T-NO IMPOSITION?SEVER KA1I.IV.J -MRS.I Htair, Irom Kiirope, born with a nstnml gif' .IreatT aat Business an I Madioal ClalrvayaBt kaowa mm uamel and lisenesa, past, present and future, t.'ause spee.i n.tge i in I ive otTurs. She was never known lo fail :tiz Fourth a entic. ticuts not admitted. Hours Lorn ? A. M. tillS P. M. 4 O'.aiiivoyant WHO HAS NO E<)r'AL?AND y*. $ 10.'W reward i? oflered to any per. on who esu s ir pas* her in Riving correct aialcmeuti o-i all ms.iers of tm I'm ;ain e On ln?ie-, vrk'nua i,. I '.'Kines, she never faila. L ptease rail ami left bar skill. N. B.?She does nut preten ll to "tiow f " ire li i I 4 lik.'Me* t>,!i ? No l >l?l:?st| Thirty third s.ree' hi iwo'in Iinxin;t?ii an 1 ThlrJ :iveu ii\ MAD'V!-. RYUOM rftIC flBKA'rr ;T BPSTNPSs ,\NI* MeJical ttpir.t ialist k.i iwii, causes speely msrriagea.l 111 Kourth areuue. Ladies $1. I MAIMMK NORMA, NATIBAL CI.AIRVOYAMT.I Ir i n Parts. Consults'mil on past, prescsn tiid fut ure, V East Bleecker Street ?' ' Madame Walters, dxbtini^ished CLAiitvor ant. Visit her for everything??rknes?. bus.neas, theft, names, numbers, good luek. Ml Canal street. M ADAMK hope-by palmistry, on all APKAIR8 of life. 1* Biith avenue Ladles, ft gentlemen. 91. THIRTY SIXTH RTRRRT, NEAR RBVP.NTRI avenue.?Msdame DAY, Clslrroratil. Consutt herl for everything. Lucky numbers. Speedy marriages 207 o?ju SEVKNTII AVRNI-Ej. NF.AR THIRTY PIKNTl OOO Street -Mme. It tv. .*%trv .y.r.; | Aatrotoaiel Lu-ky number*. Speedy Marua^es. Ladio*. A guiH genu, tu (vol*. * -rr?rr m BALM AT ACCTIO*. JAMES JHNICIN- A ? (TIONEEK. WILL SELL AT aucuon, on Weduesday, March 6. at 11 o'clock. atl.WI Bro .iw.iy, near Fori) -Hist street, four Coaches, ten R ?ck six Top Wagons nve open Road Wagons, two doctor# Phaetons, two pony Phaetons, two ?u seat Germaiitowa U?. k.MW.iy?, Ore Depot Wagons lift? ku Harness. thirty pair Blauaets, Haliers. !SureiugTe*, Whip*. Ac. Ai? one !a*i hay Marc, one sorrel llambleionian Horse, one Mar Mure on* trotting i'uuy, una black Marat wlli several oilier work Horses. Sale posiuv*. JOHN L. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER, ltW I.IB rrty street, will sell at 12 o'clock, Tuesday, a an# line of Horses, Ac. spsn of blood bays. Rattlers. six year* old. 15.1 high; will travel to the pole la 2 SO, warranted. Aisa sereraT other llors*s, Wagons, Ac MYER ELSAS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT I o'clock this day, at 151 Second street, the stock of good* oousistiug of Hoop Skirts. Hosiery, (Mores, Trimmings. Ac., MORTGAOE SALE THIS DAY.?THOU. H. LINDSAY will aell at auction on Monday, March 4, at 12 o'clock, at the corner of Washington and Myrtle avenues, Brooklyn, two Coal Carta, equal to new; two seta of Uarneas, in goo? "roer, one splendid Draught Home?together with a Weigti .?* "*"c'1'ne capable of weighing G.OUO Ids. By order of Clii*. H. Urubey, Mortgsgee. Outdoor sales attended to by Thos. H. Lindsay, salesroom* 115 Atlantic street. Brooklyn. MARSHAL'S 8ALE.-MYBR EUlJUl, AUCTIONEER, will aell at II) o'olook, at 173 Attorney street. Chairs, Mattresses, Iron Bedsteads; also 43 yards Brussels Carpet. L. R1NSKOPF, Marshal PEREMPTORY SALE OP VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. JOSEPH McOUlRE. Auctioneer. will sell on Tuesday, March 5, 18B7, at U o'olook, al tho Exchange Salearooui, 111 Broadway. the following desirably located Lots:? Southwest corner Lexington ??. and 5Sth st., 5, each 20x90 fu Northeast corner 3.1 av. and 5Sth St.. 7, each 25x100 ft. Northwest corner 1st ar. and 52d St., 7, each 15x100 ft North side (Stli St.. 300 feet west #th ar, 4. earn 25x100 ft North side With St., 375 feet west 8lh ar. (Central Park), t, 25x100 feet. South side 77th St., 205 feet east 3d avenue, each 25x100 ft. East side 4th av., 26 feet south 81st at, 1, 25x100 ft. Terms liberal Title ;>eriect. Positive sale. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER. 4-W l'earl ?tn-et. will aell oil Monday, at 11 o'elock, MP Iota of men's Clothing, comprising Business, Frock and Over oats., cloth and cssaimere Pants and V?.ts; also one splendid Sable Cape; also Revolvers, Baas, Ac., well worthy the attention of dealers. By order of J. Lynch, li Gran.l stteet. PAWNBROKER'S BALK.?THIS DAY. AT BELL A IN GRAHAMs. SSNew Bowery, 300 lots Mnn'J and Women'* Clothing. Costs, Pants, Vest*, silk and other Dresses, Bed-I ding. Boots. Shoes. Ac.. also Watches and Jewelry. Order of ?. J. fly, 116 avenue 0. | KJ. PAULISOS, AUCTIONEER -BY (JUACKEN . BUSH A PAULISOX, al salesroom SI < eiaratieot, near Broadway, willon Tue-.<lay, M.ireh 5. 1H^7, at II o'clock, 00.0JO domestic Cigar.*, So barrels elder Vinegar, 25 barrels Scotch Al ?" ill p! o< and quarts, 20 i ases Champagne Cider. 10 case ? Madeira Wine. TJK HARI) WALTERS, SHERIFF'S AUCTION EER? I JV Bxpra**Wagotj- rill lellonMottdxj.M 11 o'clook ?tl 27 r'ast Broadway, !0 pay storage and advances, one new I Express Wagon. SHERIFF'S S\LK. ElNE CLOTHING, HOSTEtY, CLOTHS. CASSIMKKES, TRIMMINGS. AC RICHARD WALTERS, auctioneer, will sell o:i Moti.Uy.i at 11 o'clocs, nt No. SI East Broadway, u very s'.iperi ir sio-k of line CM!ii:ur, Over, ?rer.? mi l Business (' >a ,1' iiits.l Vests, Cloths, Cassimere*. Twoed*, Linens, Trimming*,! II lie, fine, white and inside Smrts, Drawers. Velvet anil o'.iiei Kibbon*, Glove*, Ac. U. W.Mi iti'UY. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. riU'I .SDW MARCH 6. AT 11 O'CLOCK A M., 101,,aw| t i'.. ! ?? . : iiik s at miction. of all size* au.l varieties of! styles; ov.ils and arched tops, linitat on rosewood and gold,| Ku:.*ii!e tor pnotographs. portraits, Ac.; all lust cluaa good*.! Goods on V'hw at the salesroom Tuesday uuirning. LK.VVIT1', Sl'REBEIOH A CO., 1)M B oidway TiTM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS Oay| V T at 2 o'c oc!t, at 4"<l Canal street, p.irior Suits in bio- itelj repe and Hairuioth. French Plate, Pier ami ,Ma:it"! Mltmu Outre. Fane/ iiid l.xteusiou Table : Velvet and l'^p?,try| Carpet*, Chamber Butts in blark wilnut< mains;aiijr ro* wool, anl enamelled. Hair and Spring .Mat r?s l eather Beds Sheets, lliankets, spreads l.ounjes, s Be Is, K :'.ik'ng an 1 o'.lier Chairs; Stoven, Woadware, f 'i ti second hand ( arpnto, lariio lo< of Oilcloths full aHM>i tni>'nd for housekeeping: Chin*. O.ass and Silverware Ooxl* packed and shipped. WM WITTERS, Al'CtlONERR?SELLS THIS DAV| at II o'clock, at 61.' Broadway, two super? Ilil.iard Tabes and appurtenances. Counters. Mirrors Tanles. Ch itrs. Paintings, (Jlassware, Fixtures. Ao , in eluding everything usually found In a Brat class establish! ment. Sale positive. William topping, atotioneek?by willia Ti;mi ii? A Co.?wl;l sell on Tuesday, March 5, UB7, al their stole, M2 Cnurch street, on aoo iunt of whom It u O'lnnu'ti, a lar^e lot of bedding, consisting in part of I, Pillows, feather and tloci; 5SKI feather aud Hook lied*; hair, husk an 1 so i i;raas Mm tresses, Ao., Ac. WM JONES, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT HIS salesroom. *?> Pearl street, New York, a large assort! IMof CrockeiT, iladdook A CLarke's plain W.O. War Mtu.ltr, March 4, at lOSi A. M. WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION, BY MULLER A WILB KINS, a net. me*, Tuesday, March 5. at It o'clook. *B Rxeha.M :.ile*room. trinity Ku ldlng, the extra Isrte U ' ?O' oorner llleet ker and Multn?rry stiH-eta, with the aud four iiory tiu lding.51 Bleecker aud SOS Mulberry st?. j U'lLLlAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE I Chatham square, sells on Tuesday, at 10W o'elot the St'jck sin I'lxLiirus of the Lidunr store No. SMulberi street. Hue Gotiuter*. Beer Pump*. Measures, a good *1 of Liquors. C g irs. Ac. THE Tit AUKS. A FIRST CLASA PHOTOGRAPHER OF 12 YEAItl experience want* a situation. Address Photograph far ouo week, care of Wm. Folk, Police Headquar Brooklyn. N. Y. Engine turner?a pirst class watch cas^ Engine Turnsr desires a steady situation anywhere, lis good rnierenoes Address, for one week, II, o*re of C. fllll, 23 Maiden lane. Paper hanoings.-wanted. to oo west, good paper hangiti;* packer; also three or four gooS p*|ier haugora. Addres* box No. 6, station E. PLUMBERS WANTED.?FIRST CLASS ONLY NES< avoir. Addross, slating reference* and where to be i J. L., lux 101 llerald oQioe. UECTHrYINO DISTILLER WANTRD.-A PRACTtOAfl AV man vbo understands the abore businea*. and can girH flrtt c ass reference, may obtain a situation by addresar* box 6.728 Po* otlice. TO MILL OWNERS.-A VERY 8TEADY AND CO* peUuit miter wants a situation, with an opportunity c ?USaging hV ttn. year. No objections to go West or Soutt Address, with particulars, J. B., 223 1st at. Brooklyn, B. L fO MERCHANT TAILORS.-WANTRD, BY A COMPI lent man. thorough I v eonveraant with city trada. a situi tlon as cutter. For parUculars addra** Business, station 0 Blblo House. WANTBD-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS TIIL crockery business, to pack and make himself general al!r useful. Apply from 9 to II o'clock A M. *t Hadley'^^ bufiitti *v., between 35tn and #5;h sta. w AN TED-PI Vii MASONS AND TEN LABORK al the bake y. 1IM and 119 Weat Twelfth street FKKNCil ADVEUTI8EMEKTS. UNE FILLS FRANCAI.SK DESIRE SE PLACER PuUI bouoe t'enfanu et c >udre. S'adre^aer 128 Went J7tT ?treet U NK PI LLP. PR.VNCAI8E DESIRE SB PLACE! ^ com mo bonfte d'eofanto. Ell? ftxiruorA let meUleur refcreacea. S'adrv^er ?u 2V4 We*t 21*1 Hi.