Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 11,141. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 186?-TRIPLE SHEET. . PRICK FOUR CENTS. T?EUSO\AI? Brecon, coon walks..-mr. oha.ri.K9 no^RO. .-.end your addres-. Itnnimiiaie'.v to your fnen I, Mr. Ltrt'tfi tr p rr ! for y?u, oik m im I rou? ?*' ur stater announcing the de.ih of your reaped-*! fulher. Your frModi are auiioualy wiiui.' to bear from pau. * P . N. J. BV. H.?MOTE OK L 1ST WEEK RECEIVED. A , personal later :?* M lmj'ortiuv. Strictly oouidaa tUl Pleads seud uuie to saino tuldreus, suit..' time aud place. ILLY. SO. 8.R.8?HOW MUCH FOR ALL? ADDRESS by letter tt bet ore. CHRISTIAN ADAMS I* REQUESTED TO CALL AT (ieo'.'e i A t'.a.'s, 200 Church streat, N. Y. C1APTAW DBH.TBfBD DIVISION, SECOND CORPS.? ) Coiurjtulute you upon Itrevet promotion of at eight aeund a*.d- lemmo t" vour auflT. thuee adwa buttons and two stars. OLLY.?FRIDAY, SAME TIME AND PLACE. JARS. B D ? LISA RETLY.-IF ELIZA REILY, WHO FORMERLY hv' i at ilaW.ensark, N. J.. In out of a situation, ahe oa* fM one by applying at Na. J Ferry at., immediately. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMES OWENS, WHO eer-etf in* ap.'reutl<Msii(p to WlliUm Her.ry Cl iop. b:?at ?ad ib t ranker, Turrv.own, N. Y. Aluo ?t kis brother Br>r aard. Hy oalii'.ic on or addre?Minir Captain Maguire, 7i <-/?aar mrrmt New \ ntk o<ty, they will bear of something to their advantage. rI formation WANTED?O? ROBERT McMAHON or John j'tillan. Bobert wai laat beard from whea he left the riuv? und -rent to Harlem. Acy cominuu'cfctlon thank' ullv receive#. by John McMahon and Kate McMation, <12.!t Roosevelt street, N. Y. JOHN B. ORDNANCE?HAVE WRITTEN YOU ON 8aUml.iy. A?i*?r we. OTTO ORDNANCE. ?fI8StN<>?SINCE SUNDAY, FEB. 24, CHARLES Mi Wood , vvmt laat seen on noard ttc baige Globe. pier V North river, wis eased tn a blue roundabout, crav pants aadpnirof blauk do., check flannel undershirt, white :nm Ma shirt over; pnir of b*x?f9, with rubbers on; black rap, koaod with fur: age about nine-years, light hair nnd blue EAnv lnlorniHtl >n wtU oe thankfully receded by Wll W..od, corner of Leonard it.d Withers streets, Wtl ?burg. McK ?RECSTVED FIFTY DOLLARS AF. REWARD for information of L. M. Carter. W. WEEKS. M M AOHIK ? MEET M? AT SAME TIME and PUCE. Re ca'itlous. NEW YEARS. RS M. AY?CALLED TN THIHTY-FIFTH STREET; ami heard you iwoT tl lnat ye ir. Please send your nd through ti.e Po.t o.iice to your frle .d. B. ?fftHE SOUTHERN LADY who TOrtR FROM A J Bro .rtway store a Diamond Rltig In mistake will plaate nra It and <an herself 1 urther. trouble, aa she la well petarn known WILL THE CARTER EMPLOYED FERRrTARY 15 TO take five gr >**, a package marked "Swletenta for the %enth." nddn-M-M-d tc Oolllns Bros., 8t. Louis, to the Tiudaon Strer Railroad, call -at 17 Wooster atreet and say where ha taftk? w w ?nfte T ANTED?A vw BORN INFANT. CALL AT MMK De.?pard'*, 332 Bowery, opposite Sixth street. ILL THE YOCNO LAt?T WHO RECEIVED STRTP of paper from little boy on Greenwich street Saturday ?oooii, addre** * note, stating where an interview can Do to D. Henry, Her&fcl oflice. ?8?ALL RIGHT. DID YOU GET MINE, LITTLE oner x. WIST AXI) FODXP. LOST?ON THE EVENING OF MARCH I, Thirty.?lxthetre?t and Fifth avenue, and Ftty-ihird ?(mt and 8tith a^enne, an Ear Drop containing eight nia ?Kinds. The f.nd^r will be lib*rallv rewarded bv l?ATinR tho rate at the office of the American Rank Note Company, 1U Broadway. ? LOST?YESTERDAY MORNING, A 8ILVKR WATCH, with a Venetian goM chain and blue gold medal at. tasked to it It being a present from a deceased ftlend, the Mater will be handsomely rewarded at No. ^S^^Mar* ? I' OBT?ON SUNDAY EVRNING, SD INST.. IN OOTNO J from <90 We?t Fortyaecoud atmet up Tenth aveoua., te ?Metlio>i'*t fcpiaoopal church In Forty-fourth street, a |y'* Kur Collar. The flndcr will bo luliabiy awarded by I It with Mr*. Wan<lell. at the above oumher. ORT?A DARK LEATHER POCKBTBOOK. CONTAIN ing paper* of no value etoept to the owner; aim a >u<ium Book. The Under will he rewarded by lear ,, 0r either, at 81 Beaver street, fourth Boor. * OBT?Sl'ND AY EVENING, 11* GREENWICH AVE 1 J nue, bet.vren Christopher and Eleventh gtreet*. a gold Watch and Chuin. The finder will be rewarded with $23 or the full value of the article* (It waa a p-e^ent from my father> by returning the came to George Bobenfelter, i avenue. IO8T-8AT0RDAY EVENING, IN GOING THROUGH J Fourth, Jane ami Greenwich to lloratlo street, a lady s t?k Collar. Vhe fiud-r will be suitably rewarded by re taining it to 23 Bank street. LOOT?ON BATrRDAY EVENING, A CORAL BO**' Pin, surrounded by a gold serpent. More than the vslH o. the pin will be rlwn if returned to t. N. Orpen, ?I Richard Douglas A Co.'a, 47 Maiden Una BW YORK, MARCH 4, 1857.?LOST, THIS MORNING. a Certified Chi-clt, No 1,1120 drawn on the Merehante laage National Bank, payable W 'fce order of the New [Lire Insurance Company, for $8UW Payment of the i has HERWIO, lit and 114 Broadway. ? AEWA1IDS. ?Kreward.-strayet), on stjxday easing, so March 3, f-cm the stable* No. 18 Pitt street, a black ?eat, with twi white ears, giving milk. Whoever will re ?n her to the above numV will receive i?," KLU nl ma thanks of the owner. JAMES FAWlih.L.i*. $5 $10' REWARD.?LOST, A WHITE DOO. WITH BLACK face. Whoever wl'l return himi to 88 He?ter ?tr?et WfR woeive the above reward. JOHN H. Tl t.NBR. I REWARD WILL BE GIVEN TO THE FINDER OF I two Lodge Books, written In the German lunguarte. were !o?t or left at about 10 o'clock morning of 4th, ?? aae oI the .Seventh avenne oars, near Chambers, and wno win retaru them toT> Centre street, rooms .No*. 6 and*. Arn FOR THE PERSON WHO ADVEBTISF.D IN sou the Herald of March 4, 1W, to have ? 2?aaed to O. ti. Green. ear* of hatterlee, Lyon A Go.. SSI w street ^s no uenxin har autliuiitv to n*e our nntne. Wmt ,u^18aITL|'RLBK) LYON k CO.. *1 Pearl Street. MACHISKRY. ~A VoRTYFTVE HORSE ENGINE AND BOILER. A Jk. all aud two horse Engine sod arfur. Power. Drop and l erertPreMes, I'tilley*. shafting ?nd Hangers. Ma/liinery and Tool* of all kinds, for sale, Jf SMITH A cLaRK. 2.8 Paarl ?treet. fTOTTINO MACHINE WAJfTEO?SHKRIDAN'B MAKE, I i or one equally good; to work without stesm powet M be des?rai' e; knife blade must be 3D inches. Aadrea* line, box 2,?W Poet office. UH>R BALE-THREE RRTVRN FUTE BOIIERS; ONE r (tity dorse Knglna. Shafting and Louuter bhaftli.p, f?a?y. Ac. The angina can be seen at work now. APP'T a*. MS Sooth utreet. I htualk-at flt PARK STREET, five points, a 40 horse Engine and tubular Boiler, and onesof 10 horse, oaapiete; mast be sold. WM. McKLNaie . }R SALE?A F1FTT HORSR CORLIB3 ENGINE, ? with turned pnUey flywheel snd foundation bjdstcne; Uncomplete order, can be ?een running; price $3.<*X): no labon: will be ready for delivery In about two weeks. I oa or address W. E. THuMAS, sere of Joho Kellum, ^ 179 Broadway. ?]H>* SALVcHEAF-TH*KE FLDE boilers. W1TII J^ fronts; size- SO feet long, 4 ft diameter, 114 Inch flue*. ? feet loae, 46 luches diameter, 114 inch flue*. M feet long, 44 Inche* diame?*r J 14 Inch flue*. Vhe abovs boiler* wlU be sold sing y <* tnjr'her. and can *naeen at steinway'* factory, corner Fifty-tiJrd street aod Foerth avenue. lJtOR~SALK CHEAF-AN ENGINE AND BOILER, IN P good order and now in u?e. Inquire nt 122 t^hurch 4*eeeC np ataira. Wanted to purchase, n small Upright MaOsr. lnqnir* as abovs - VpOB BALE LOW?A W HORSE ENGINB-AND BOILER, 1? C. Currier's aaaha, Newark. N. J.; been In use only iht mi'mhT Inquire of W. T. A J. MBR&KREAU, oa >*aae street. . nScOMOTIVB BOILERS and Hl^ribontal BOIL j ars of all slaae for sele at Franklin Boiler Works, root 'Morgan *treet, Jereey City. All kind* of boilers built. FABLE and stationery BTEAM ENOINRS and boilers and CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, i bnst and most complete In una. UUWOOD'i'iANn"iItrAM ENOUTE COMPANY, t'tioa, ^.^r.. and M Maiden lane, New'Yerk. ATIONERT AK.D PORTABLE TRCnF"ENOINRS, Soiare Double Engine*. DnJIlng and HolsUag Na si very compact and complete, at low prloea. R?II>T ?1>;aM I.NGINE CoSjlPANV, I5? Ouane ?t.. N. T. STEAM ENGINE8 and boilers, new ANDSEOONi* hard, all sties; I.ntkes, Placer*. Blowera. ticee. Shaft ana 1-uilevs and Belting .fropellor Knjlne<, ?maU copaU. ?? ru' wil^LAKO A MfLI.WARD. P4 WNter stroer. C11RE MOST improved CALIFORNIA ST A JtF 1 aud Mining Machinery. Enflnea. Bresker*, Vftr*. nr M<k1?U nnd drawka^t cmt b# Mtn h\ MUHCY ?% RPRRltT'S, Mining Eaglneera. 86 Liberty street. _ Turbine water wwerls ?the place tb.bvt the must ecoaomwU, retUbleM-d powerf^ Tni*]nee, ?ew e>lcnslve)y naod, Is at * L,b#lW "lJT.ei* if??i where an a?torim*al nan he eeen? qftOBOE tallCOr. WANTED-TWO MfOTARD KILLS. I!? 2??? tiing order. Aticimsa, with particular*, W. A. B., ?.o? m P?*t ^nice. PHOTOOnAPIHC ART. PHOTOGRAPH.?THE OLD AND WELL RSTAB ? llahed Photogrsph Gallery 1? Chatham street, now do lag * good business, will be sold *l>*ap if applied for imaso gmiol< ' r. rHOTOGRAPHERs'.?WANTKD, 4 OR 8 FERRO tube*; alto a Quick joung omit, not MrtW to worE. otV.rrm u**#d Apply lift ?*? W. L B)U1ARU9,AC. * ASSORTED STOCK Or NEW AND SECOND HAND . Tai'les, wl'h our otw and impnived cn*hion, patented V>etemb*r, I8SD. ready l? chip at the shortest po^ible *KAV*ANAQH A DECKER, corner Canal and Centre *ta. 1|M)R 0A LB?ONK THREE-QHAtkTER SIXB BILLIARD X: four rnckAiA. For lnfor^^noo ftSip'f to H. 4 * 9. TU Jk#T<?r, mo# it ?ti e?k * PORTING. A Li Ki vrw uV ?v??";?? aho biros for Situ \T B Uttv pjV'S, SVi Onul Mreet ne?r CMRk Street III.!*! :llPt ior ait Pre^'ed Kooil for mucking buds. F^RANCl* BETTER. NO. f PF"K SLIP. TI%S ALL THP, Chokssbrit'd* of Oor?. lluUW"* fnf'riWi'n Mange Ottrn and F!?"i Ester m in stor, 'aoonts. H itfer < now work on the t- i>ov* trained, uoefded, Ac. Medicine* tor ail Jl? ?ll'WH. f^OR SALE?A SLOOP YACHT, *0 TONS, NP \KLY ot'w an<l in line order. Addi tv ? bt,x 4.137 Pogt oilice. l^O* BAI B?IMPORTED BROKE* POINTERS AND r Setters, puro SewToun<lland p h;*, white Esquimauis aiBtH BIjck and Taos, Ac., at DAFIKL l'osTKK S, No. 13 Rocsevell street. F OR SALE?SMALX BLACK AND TAN, SCOTCH and Skve Terrier*; one lilack and Tan P ie. T pound*, kept for flock puiposea; pur of Newfoundland I) >gs. JOHN ilKAY, 11 Kooscvcli street. FOR SALE-A OENTRK BOARD YACHT, 3D FKET Ionic, wUhrv.bin; pric! $300; aUo ? Sailboat 13 feel long; price 51 <'0. AdJre&s or call on C. \f. PLYER, 117 Hroad way. N. Y. ONR PAl* OP ROE HEERH, PHEASANTS, SWANS, Egypt lap Geese, "Mandarin Dorks, Crown Crane*. Piping Bullfinches. Germain and Beigit n Canaries. Ac., at CHA." RETCHK A BROTHERS' Bird More, 65 Chatham, near Ohasnben street 1 OArt STAND or ARMS, WITH BAYONETS COW I?"'' Pi''"a, Sp;IntT;,1 < 1 |iuterr. Cutlasses, all of which will be sold che.,p. Apply to HENltY DEVLIV, it7 Pearl Street. HORSES, CA ItRlAORI. A -FOR SALB?A VERY SUPRRIOR AVD HKTJD . some Brown norse, 15* "hands high, seven years old, sonst] and kind, magnificent ntyio tnd set.on, prompt driver, can He driven by a 1 idv, fas.t trotter and of great endiarauco and power; is the property of a private g^ntlem ?n ijolug aim .d find will he soi l withont reserve this day, at 18 il., at VANBEWATER'8 auction. ItM"Liberty stmet A?AT VANDEWATHR'S AUCTION. 100 LTBERTY . street, tltia day, at 12 M.. the finest and handsomest Kentucky thoronchhred saddle in this uitv; was bred br Alesnnder out of famous horse Oold Dust; la 16t{ high, with great style and action, flowing till and mane: can ho ridden by :i lady with perfect safety : will cantor amble or trot an l can trot very fast; is very docile and kind and warranted sound; sold without reset-re for want of use. A?FOR SAT.E, THIS DAT,' AT VANDEWATER'S . auction. 100 Liberty street, at 12 M.. a superior blood ba.vfroitin;* Horse, six year* old. I4I< high, sired by Clay, in Orange connty; line style and action, sound ana kind In ?every particular and can trot in 11:30, and promises extraor dinary speed. Must be sold without reserve. A FINE TEAM OF TROTTERS (LADY 8CFFOLK AND msti-) will ho sold at auction this day. by MINER A BOMERVILLE, at their Horse Auction Mart, <3 East Four teenth street. See Auction head. ATTENTION IS ESPECIALLY CALLED TO THE ?nle of Horsee, Carriages, Wagons, Ac., by MIN'KR A BOMERVILLE, this day, ,it Horse Auction Mart, S3 East Fourteenth street, at 13 O'clock. SEE AOCTJtON_HEAD. A SECOND HAND. SHIFTING TOP BT7QGY. IN EX. eelient order, for sale cheap. Apply to D. THOMAS, a85 Broadway. A COACH, COUPE rockaway. WESTCHESTER l>og Cart, Boggle*. Cabriolets. also a? now carrliige-i, Harness, 25 par cent lens than Broadway ?lor fa, to imtk? room for spring trade HAMS, 10 Eaat Fourth (treat, corner Broadway. At public pale, on rosso ay, march 5, at 11 o'clock, .-it 1(k1 and 1,953 Third avenii*. Hor*es, Car. rlafy-n. Wagon*, H arnes*. Blanket*, Robes, Ac. See auotion ?ale*. Avert stylish brown horse, is* hands high, for sale. for want of u?e; warranted aound and kind. Inquire at ITS Washington street. A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES AND IIAR npkh to be sold, at any price, before may 1, at TAY? LOR's Carriage Warerootns, 50 Cedar street A gentleman ABOUT TO LEAVE FOR EUROPE oiler* a pair of blown Marcs and a Gelding for aale. Can be seen at private stable corner of mudlsou avenue -ml Thirty-fourth street. ABARGAIV-A ONE HORSE COUPE; ALSO TWO Trotting Wagon*, olty make: or wou!(l exchange one or the wbolo three for a light coach, suitable for hacking. Call at 197 hatt {seventeenth (treat. Alight half spring jaoier wagon for s.ile?Weight 152 lb*.. made br Brewster & Co.. of Broome street; ha* never been run. Apply at private stable rear of 787 Broadway. Ahorse wanted-that can shovt 2:<o on day of sal*. For such an animal a cash customer may be found by addressing W. 8. C.. Herald office. A SPLENDID DURHAM FRESH MILCn COW FOR Kile; milk* <3 quarts of milkadny; would exchange for a cow not so valuable. lttl Ea*t Twenty-tlfth street. /CORNELL, a 8charch, OF TWENTY Dfth street, near shcth avenue. invite inspection of their new style of Rosd Wagon, hung on their patent steel b<>(l plate. Thl* Improvement supersedes the eluinaf wooden spring bars, and is unequalled for lightness and durability and easy riding. They hjve on exhibition at their ware rooms (opposite factory), Clarence*. Coaches, Bretts, i'hae ton*. Ac., suitable for the spring trade. C1HEAP?TWO HORSES. HARNESS AND butcneb . J Carta; horses l*1* hands, sound, voung. kind; suitable for express; separate or together; cheap. Corner of Fourth and Charles streets. in the market. r)r sa1.E-a GRAY HORSE, 16\ HIGH. CAN not bfl surpassed for beauty and action. Ask for Wil liam. nt private stable 41 West Thirteenth street. FIOR SALE?HORSE CART AND HARNESS, WITH nod down town work; all In the best of order. Apply ! at 336 West Twenty-ninth street, after 8 o'clock P. M. No agent* need apply. euuknk 8HUFELDT. For sale-or would exchange for a good Top Buggy, one Bu*lnes* Wagon, Rockft way, no top Buggy, Coal Cart or black Pony do., a pedler in any WorkT Address Y. A. F., Gerald office until March 10. jjior SALE-ELEVEN HORSES. AMONGST THEM r are ausw fine Farm Hofses. also some tine Draft Horse*; also one line blind Horse; tl*o Horse. Coal Cart and Harness; also one French Mare, $m5. 80 New Chambers it . Ff?or SALE-A LOT of FIRST CLASS HORSES, JVfT ' 1 from the country; fit for c?rt?. trnoks. express or any business. Warranted sound and kind. Inquire at Ml Canal street, cornsr Washington. For"- rale?a span or handsome~carriaoe Horses, well matched. bay in color and about 15Vhands high; sold for want of use App'y at private stable 108 weet Eighteenth street, betwaan * and 10 A. M. and after 4 P. M. For sale-a fast pony, suitable for a light wagon: Is sound and gentle. Can be seen bv applrlng at the shop in eonnectlon with Sixteenth street packing house, between Tenth and Eleventh avenue*. For sale?a skoond hand feed wagon, in goad order. Apply at IS1 West Fifty.fourth street, be [ tween Sixth and Seventh avennes, until sold. Fob sale?a * hor he" and" set or cabt bar i nesa, new; the borae i* 0 year*, gray, 15)4 baud* high, aound, kind; separate or together Inquire at 130 Eaat For ty second street, near Third avenue. >R sa1 if ohe ap?one SECOND HAND ENOLISH jl Phaeion i bank seat ahuttlnf up), with pole and shafts. Can be seen at sublaa corner or Korty-rourth street and Fifth avenue. r~ ir sale"rhekt-k set of liohtsingle'har neas. not much used (made b y w alto a). Price $4$. Can be seen at am Greenwich street, coal office. Government property at private sale. 10 0n0 sets new and second hand Harness, Saddle*, Col lars, Bridles, Halters, Wagon and florae Covers, Paulina, Awnings. Bed Ticks, Grain Sags, Tenia, Tent Stock, blan kets, Ac., vary low. Officers' meclelun Saddles (new), from til to ??; Plated Bit Bridles S3, Artillery Saddle*, good aa new. with Bridle, $15. PITKIN A CO.. 3? narlb-Frout street, Philadelphia, fa., and new i Park place. New York. Small ordera by expreee C. o. D. SECOND HAND PHAETON FOR SALE-CAN BE SEEN art Bradley'* livery (table, No. i Eaat Thirty-firat (treat. STABLE TO LET-OS EAST thibtt-SIXTH stbket. near Third avenue; averv accommodation for a private establishment J. c. BAILEY. 10 Fifth street. The fast trotting flag tail bat mare Mary Taylor, 15V hands high. 8 years old, sound and Bind; has trotted two miles In in: warranted to trot In 1:43, wtllfce sold at public auction on Wednesday. March 8, at ii evjeck. at j.flw Broadway, near Fortv-ttrat street, where she can be seen sny time before the aale; le condition the owner tfctoka she can trot In s:s5. oft WILL BUT A HORSE 1$? HANDS HIGH, ?plov seven years old; one do. ii hands, nine yearts $75; both aound and kind; aorrel, $85. b7 seventh avenue. ipbcial hoticel vew tojtr typographical UNION, no c?THE in regular monthly meeting of the Union wth be held thla (tuesday i evening, at 7w o'clock, at Metropolitan Bcoaaa. 1$j fleeter aUeet, between klixabeth and Matt. R. mckecumib. prealdent. _ji- Record'ng sa-reWry x'rw TORE HISTORICAL SOCtETY.-A "ated j> meeting will be held thla (Tuesday) evening. March ?. at 7h o'clock William H. Tbauson. M. D.. w u read a paper on "Modern Statistic* Applied to ancteat History. OTICE?ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY oartlon. jl 1 ed against harboring or trusting any of tbe crew^of toe pyntihh oi*mu?*r paui* dal (>?*?tio, as no of uieir N' coatrsctmg will ba paid b/ the captain or ">n?lgnee. / M. cbball9h, ? Broadway. San fbancihco, California, feb. ji -botice. Ths un*er?lgned beg to notify their friends and the jmblle genially that they are net and never have been fnterealed In or connected with the house of Helo, roekell A Co.. corner of Jacob and Frankfort strnet*. New % .rk efty. Thl* netloe is published not with a rlew of direradltfnf orln snv manner injttrlng the house er Beln M Co., but simply to correct mlsaonce|Hion.^^ .umw Brat, 41$ Battery street Tm?. NEXT MONTHLY MEETING OF THE JOURNEY. ken Ollders' Trade Society will be held on Thursday ?vening March 7. at J. mesorlers, No. 8 Seventh street The regular monthly meeting or the new York Ll'iuor Dealers' Society will be held at MetronoW tan Rooms, 1(*' hes'er street, Tuesday evening, March i, at ;u?r clock. By order. * JOHN b. T1ETJEN, Vice Praeldsnt. Jon* nlsdhiirt, Recording Secretary. cy'lal. WOOD. *c. A CIIALDR<w? FOR ookb IN THE yakp, (?b del vered lmmes.'talaly to euatomer*' houae* at $8, from New tori uh wi<r??a, Twenty-first street and aveoii# s k. SHERWOOD. CUPlRINKRtHIPSj rioPAHTVKB^nip?a w. jomlym bap toih day \J awoctated wt<h h'm km partner Mr. ?'"tin Y. Hos'wick, and will rouUnue t>"> lUnkin ? and -toek OommtsaKMi ilusi nc? lit No. as Broad street, uuder the tir u Duma of O. W. JoMyn k Co. Nnw York, March 4, 1867. TVBSOLITIOI-Tfl!? flOPAHTNK'MRIP BR 5ETO I " fore existing r..nder the flew of Ercdk. WUtseACo ts lhl? day citauilved by mutual consent ^ WU T-K .JOHN OOCI.D. The fulness *vlll he continued at the aame !>v _N?w Yqk?, M arch 1, WW. >K' UK. Wll.TSF, PARTNER W\NTED-^?rIT1! ?ft,**), TO TAKK. IIA1.K tnV-rest In the plumbing. otl wll. gas ?nd steam flt UDgtm*I!!<???., .ilresdv Wrtl established to the Wen, witli the mowopolv of the Uade; pre*'.* *?!.?>?) to $1 W) a yi> ir aaa no risk; a practical plumber preferred, nr a Kfient piriner. the h<*si of refrr-uoe given and required, ?iid must be first "In**. To those who desire a permanent an.l pro"t?"ile hu stress thin I* a rare ehnnee. None bsit prfnepsl* dealt with, Crinmnnieatlons \v<B resi'h the advertiser through W. H. B. i Ca, 247 Washington street, N. Y., woo will alio gtve necessary detail*. PARTNER WANTED-SILRNT OR A'TIVK TO IN. rtst $10.0<10 In * splendid firm; l'rom Its convenient lo cation th" advertiser, aprartic it f irraer, nun mtke It net M toTSjerecnt each. Address for aniutervlew, Farmer W., Herj.d office. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKB ONR-HAT.F IN tcrest in a good Brewery In this city. ->r Business (?|> port unities. C?ll on or address J. ('. robertson. Mer? chants' Hotel. 41 Cortlaudl str.-et, Wednesday and Thurs day, this week. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing BE tween the unilen, gn.>d, under the Arm of ^chwib <k Heyman, ts this day di"olvod by mutual ronsent. Mr. A Heyman will continue the business on his own no-mint. A. IIEYMAff, Okaho Rintis, Mleh . Feb. ft). 1*57. M. SCHWAB. WANTED?A PARTNER. WITH $3,0(10, TO ENOAHR in manufacturing, Profits large. Apply to T. C. 8., 7* Maiden lane. WANTEn-A PARTVKR WITn $8,0110 OR $10,000 TV an established business. to take the place of a r< tlrnir partner. One seiiualnted with dry goods preferred. Ad* dress Veda, fler.ilu office. WANTED?$10,1*10. A PARTNER IN TUN PATENT med'rlees; some in the market and doing well. Ad dress Medicine, box 163 Herald odioe. <3t~| nnn ?an extraordinary opportunity ?J> L.\M/IJ. for m*km: money. Partner wanted. In the very be?t paying travelling business In Asaocia tion first class. Apply Immediately at 237 Hudson street. <tl <>^0 ?PARTNER wanted IN A TOBACCO 'pi. Juv. factory. Inquire on the premises, 460 \\ oat an Kfm ?a gentleman of large ex peri. ?Pl.tJUVr. enee, with the aboye amount, desires to enter, .is partner. In somo respectable, legitimate buiilnesa. In which his caiiltal and services will vecure a fair return. None hut principals need apply. A B. C., box 173 ilerald office. CiQ nnn -PABTNER WANTED?MANUFACTURING ?rO.v'llv/. moncpoly; $60,000 annual profit Would like to see Mr. Allen asain. J. DAVIS, 242 West Thirteenth street ?in nrtn T? ????#> WANTED-TO EXTEND A ?iU?UUU legttlroite business, Mtolillsbed three yeirs, paying large profit*, well located aud out of debt. Inspec tion solicited. Oniv parties giving real name will be noticed. Address A., box 201 Heiald ofUue. BVSIKBS8 OPPORTUNITIES. A SAFE INVESTMENT.?$8,000 WILL PlTRCTIASE ost-lMU Of a well established patent Solicitor's and Architectural business- also oiih half interest In nix or more vakdwf Palent Rights. Apply In per. on for one week only, from 13 to > P. M. J. McLA.SE. llroadway, room 31. AF4*tner wantkd?to take the interest of h retiring partner in the Hrewlnp business in this city. Thin. perhaps, in one or the best opportunities In the city for a basine- * investment. The brewery Is in an excel lent location, with a favorable lease. is In perfect running order, has all the modern Improvements and la now doing a profitable business, with room to enlarjfe xnil custom to war rant the enlargement to twice it* present oapealty, winch in now eighty barrel*. nearly all citv custom. Thia will bear the strictest Investigation and will show a fortune to any orrthi iry bnrtlncss m m In a short time. Would prefer one who understand* l;ie business; but tliHt is not really neon*, aary. Call on or J. 1!. ROBERTSON. MorcUanU' Houil. Cortlandt str et. from It till 4 oa Wednesday and Tbutvday of ihla week.- person n*e<l apply unlesa ne can grre the beet of reftimaee and iovssl $L&.MU>i cash. (Vsixkss opMRtuwitt.?pabty silent OR active, with $l3.QUil capital. can hear of a Rood ehanoe of Investment; capital well secured; aiao one with $3,1*10. one wltii $1,OUO and one with $J?). Now. theee arr good chaticea In legitimate buslueases. Apply at Business Agency, 4UJ .Broadway. I EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY J Store for *ale?Stock consisting of Parasol* and Fancy Goods. Business well established. Rent low. Apply on the premises, fjtil Broadway, ueir Seventeenth street, west side. Proprietor going into tUn manufacturing business. T^OTICE TO CAPITALISTS.?THE undersigned. l.v being solic'uir for a first eln?s slate company . respect fully usX* tbe ittention of capitalist* The property of this company Is situated at Slatington. Ba., on the Lehigh Val ley Railroad, ninety-fire miles from New York city, and seventy miles from Philadelphia, and is aece?lble from eitherjplace by rail. The tract contains one hundred and one (101) acres, all improved, and partly well developed. Ihe quality Is superior, the quantity lfcmrtleea, and Ihe facilities n>r qttarrvlng and shipping unparalleled. For ftmher par ticulars applv for Ave days from ? A.M. to IS M. at 175 Frank lin street. B. H. WILSON, New Tort. ONE-HiLF OF ONE OF THR MOST VALUABLE Patent Rights of the United States will be sold for ?IV.UMO. One.half of the amount must lie In eash, the balanoe may be Eild out of twentv.flve per cent of the profits. Atl partlcu rs will be satisfactorily glren. Address S., room 96,ISO and 107 Broadway. T> ARE CH VNCR.-RIGHTS, ONE OR MORE STATES, I\ in ralnable Railway Invention, now being introduced South; saves oompanies from $10,000 to $S.\i)n0 per year. Real estate taken in exchange. Model and particular* at room 18 French's Hotel, from 2 to 4 P. Mor address Inven tor, ller.ud office. THE RIGHT MAN CAM MAKE A VERY PROKITABLE Investment in an established medicinal manufactory: a ?narter or n half interest ran be bought. Address box 163 Ierald office. $2,000 required. TWO EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES-SAFE INVEST m?nt< are otTered to parties desiring to enter Into es tablish I hnslacss. A Manufactory and Ladles' Fancy Goods lloo-e. SOI' I'HMAYD A CO.. 64 Cedar. fQAA TO $S OWL?BUSINESS MEN WITH CAPITAL OUU wanted In different kinds of mercantile and me anieal pursuits; good openings. 30S H road way. ^ CHAMBERLIN * CO. ?Q nnn wanted-^r thr half of a very vOiUIFv valuable Patent right; Immense beaeftt*; success certain; references of engineers. Address P. Maao, Herald office. AF flfiA WILL SECURE AN ACTIVE AND RE WUtUl'U liable man an Interest In an extremely profit able cash business, capable of almost Indefinite exienslon; monopoly secured. Address, with full name, A. B. C.. box 30&1 Pest oflloe. A1A nnn cash will PURCHASE will be vIU.UUU cured exclusive rights for California, Orw gon, Washington snd Utah (or each right will be sold sepa rately), to manufacture and sell an ludispeusable article of wear in great demand. Very small working capital required, and pavs aUO per cent net profit. A thorough, practical, manufacturing knowledge can be acquired In two days. Factories for same now established In Pennsylvania, Mnsau cliu setts and New York. Unexceptionable references given. Principals only need reply. Address T. B., box 113 Herald ?See. LOAN (WflflM, At n? MONEY LIBKRAI.LV advanced ON DU MOND8, WATCHES. JEWELRY. Ae? OR THE SAME BOUGHT AT THK HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKER-*' TICKETS BOUGHT POR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY Ac., at 77 Bleecker street, upstairs. Advances made on watches, jewelry and Diamonds, by ObOHilK C. ALLEN, 416 Broadway, one door below Canal street. A T W7 BROA DWAY. NEAR TWENTIETH STREET, A room No. 4, the highest prices are paid for Diamond*, Watohes, Jewelry, Ac., or money advanoed on the same. MARKA CO. AT OH PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOW BUY and Franklin square, LKDERICR A CO.. advance lib erally at reasonable terms on ail valuable property, Watcbea, Jewelry. Diamond*. Ac., or purchase. AT HYMAN BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND street, will ne paid the highest price for Dlamonda, Watches and Silverware, or will advance on the above articles. Advances made on watches, diamonds, jew elry. Dry Goods and Personal Property of every de scription. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Grand street, two door* west of Broadway. Advances made on diamonds, watches, sil verwaro. Furs, fine Furniture, Cornels' Hslr Shawls, Ac., or bought for cash. Terms moderate. J. 8. COHEN, *ro*^*T nearly opposl'e Aslor place. AT Ml BROADWAY ?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRtCBS for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or advance on the same. ISAACS. Diamond Rroker, Opposite Wallack's theatre. A T NO. $ TWENTY-THIRD STREET (FIFfH AVENUE J\. Hotel)?The highest price paid for Diamonds, Watches, An; or advances made on the aame. A?S17?MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA . M()Nlis. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC., OR THE gfMF MOVGHT"fur"CASH. N. H.-hAWNBROKERS' F?..R DIAMOND?, WATCHES, AC. LKRv" ? ' * ,LEED8' AHr ^AL* PAWNBROKERS' Tt^KNTB BOUGHT Of DIAMONDS, THIG BVlA 'tKASOsT QERMAN L1EDBRKRANZ. ' ' ' ' TI1B ANNUAL GRAND MASQUERADE BALL OF THE GEBMtN LIBDERKRANg, win Mike place at th? ACADEMY OF MUSIC, THURsdaT. MARCH 31, ISW Tickets $15 each, admitting one gentleman nod two ladioc Can be had of members uf the Society only. By art*" of the Committee, H. C. F. KOCH, Secretary. Kxp]UUHB1Bfla i'?BURNH Ala'S FURNITITRR EXFRBSS. Tl$ A. West Elevemit stre-t, near sixth aveuiie.-.Nurnttnr? stored; furniture mAved, city or country; furnltui* packed and shli ned rannas fumiture. pK* fiiiAicul. iNMSVt/.'AHlA t-TATft LOAN. PVOPOSALiJ FOR A LOAJf OP $^ 000,000. An act lo create i loan for iha redemption of the ov?r <lua bond* uf the Commonwealth. Ws.'re .. the bonds of Urn t'omnvnwe alth snd certain or tl$"aiesof liicebte.lnes*. amounting to $23 OOU.UOO, h?ro bf? si ov?*r ina and uupahl for soiU' tiw put; Aud wh-rea- it * d?slr?lie that the seme should ba paid and w.ilidrawn from Uta market; therefore. Section 1 Bi It ?nucieI bjf the itanila tad House of Rep reaentatlvea of the Common** <Hh of i'ennsylvanla In '.eu er.?l Assembly met, m l It is hurt*by enacted by the authori ty of the asiii'* That the iiovernor Auditor (?eneral and State Treasurer be, and aro hereby authorized and etupow e ?d to borrow on the f.tth ot tue Commonwealth. In ?uch amounts and with snob no tea not less man forty days) a* they ntnv deem most expedient for the interest ot the state, twenty-threa million* of dottaro, aud issue cert ileal** of loan or bond* of the Commonwealth for the same, bearing Interest at a rale lot axoeeding Kit per centum per annum, payable aeml annually on the l?l of February and l>t of Au SUHt. In the city >il Philadelphia; which certificates of loan or ond*shaB not he *ubjcct to any taxation whatever for | fttate, municipal or local purpose. and shall bo payable a< follows, namely:?Klve million* of dollars payable ut any j time after live year* and within ten year*; eight uiiMlous of dollars payable it anytime after ten year* and within fif

teen year*. and tea millions of dollars at any time after fif teen yearn at.d within twenty live year*, aud shall be signed I by the <Governor and stata Treasurer and counter* gned by ; the Auditor General, aad registered In the books of the ; Auditor General, and to be transferable oa the boot* of the i t'ouinonwealth Rt the Farmers' aud Mechanics' National Hank ot Philadelphia; the proceed#of the whole of whioh 1 'all. Including premium*. Ac.. received on tue saw, shall ba .11 ' od to the payment of the bond* aud certificate of lndet lia-ss of the Commonwealth Sec. 2. The bid* for the said loan shall ba opened In the pretence Of the Onvemoi, Auditor tlederal and State Treas urer. and awarded lo the helliest bidder; Provided, That no ee lificain hereby authorized to bo issued ahall be ncg 'iatod for less llinn it* par value SRC. 3. The bonds of tlie State and certificates of Indebt edness, now over due. ahull be receivable In payment of the ?aid loan, under such regulations a* the Govarnor, Auditor General in 1 .star Treasurer rrny prescribe: ami every bid de.r for the loan now nithorlzed to be lotted, -hall state In his bid whether 'ho earn* is pay i bla in e ish or in tho bonds or certificates oi indet t -dne a of the Commonwealth. I-BO. 4. That atl trustees, en cuius. administrator*, guar dians, a :e'iis, treasurer*," ornnmteea or other persons hold ing in a lidticiarv capacity bomlao MrtlSwtee of la looted nes? of the Mite, or moneys ar? hereby autUriri/.^d to bid for the loan hereby au.honxed to be Isaued. and to aufreu der the bomls or oert Bastes of lo.ui held by them at the time of makins such bid. nnd lo receive the bonds authorised to be issued tar th'? act. Skc. a. Any person or pofe ns standing In the fiduciary ca etclty suited in the I'onrui aeotion of this a.'t trbo may desire invest money in tlieir iiands f. r tlie lieneflt of t':ie tru-t may, w iihottt ?ti order of court, invest the same in the botiila authorited to lie Isaued bv tula act. at a rate ot premium uot o,c.'ecilu? twenty par oaoUim. Sao. t?. That frt'in and after the pass ige of this act all the bonds of thU Commonwealth shall be juid <>dT lu the order of their maturi v Rue. 7. Tnat all loan* of thla commonwealth not yet due ahall l.e exempt Irom Male, municipal or local taxation alter the internal due February first, one thousaud eight hundred und sixty seven shall have been paid. Sec. 8. That all exiatlnaing laws, or portlou* thereof in oonaiatent herewith, are hereby repealed. ?l.ilIN P. OI.ASS. Speaker of the House of Representative*. l^ W. MALI., Ki eaker of the Senate. Approved the aecond day of February, one thousand eight hnndred and sixty-seven. JtlllN W. UKAUY. In accordati<* with the provision-of the above act of As aetnblyaealed proposals will be received at the olllce of the Bute Treasurer, in the city of llarrlsbunt, Pennsylvania, until 12 o'clock M. of the 1st day of April, A. I). lSi". to be endorsed as follows:?"Proposals for Pennsylvania Suite Loan, Treasury Department, liarrlsburg, l'a.. Culled State* at Amer ch. lilda will be received for $6,0011 (100. reimbursable In Ave years and payable In ten years: $8,000 000 reimbursable In ten years and payable in fifteen years, and $10,000,000. reim bursable in fifteeu years and payable lu twenty-live year*, the raie of Interval to be either five or six percent per annum, which must be explicitly slated in the bid; and the bid* most advantageous to the htate .rtll be accepted. No bid for leaa than per will be considered. The bonds will be issued in sum* of $30 and such higher sums as detlred by the loaners, to be free from Stan-, local aud tnunic pal tax** The over due bonds of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be received at par in payment of this loan; but bid der* must state whether they intend to pay in cash or in the overdue loans aforesaid. No distinction will be made between bidder* paying In cash or over due louna. JOHN W. GEARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. IIA RTR AN FT, Auditor Gnneml. W. H. KEMHf.K, Slate Treasurer. N. B. ?No newspaper publishing the above, unless autho rized, will receive pay. QTOOKHOLDERS FOR 96.000 EACH. WANTED.?C A PI i' tal ntxl at leant 2a per cent profit fully s?cti red by real eatate. D <\ NPO^llHY, No. 5 W'nll street. between 2 and 6 P. M. ?J1HK INTEREST ON LAND GRANT BONDS OF UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, EASTHIIN DIVISION, due March 1. M87. will lie pnid on prewntdtt'in of coupon* thorelor, on and after dme. at the Hunki"-* Houaeof DABNEV, MOIMAN A Cel., 83 Exchange plur-e. New York. W*. J. Palhkk, Treasurer ?OA AAA LOAN WANTED ON PROPERTY ON V?".V"V Htalen Inland, near ferry landing. end worth fonr times the amount. Also loa.nn wanted on aeve piece* of Rrookiyn properly by JOHN U. COLEMAN, 147 Broadway, room 17. 4S9A AAA TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE <P r of city property. In ene or more *um*, to ?ft; no commlsalana. Apply toCIMRLK* OI1K.NEY, IBS Brmdway. 41 7fk rtnn t? loan ON FIRST bond and ?P I I '/."WW mort? .i?? on tily property. Apply to REMSEN APPLEBY, 10 Pine street. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT one or nor* luma, on real ronklyn. JOIIN F. COS KEY, 82 Wall street, room 12. $175,000 Stf? estate In tbia city or Bronkly ?OKA AAA tf> loan-in new york, brook WdOUd/UU fjrn and Jeraey: seven per cent; sums to suit. Second mortgage* ca*hed. TRAVELLERS' INSUR ANCE COMPANY. C. E. WILLIS. 31 Pluentreee. CfOHA AAA TO LOAN?IN HUMS TO SPIT, ' Brooklyn, New Yerk and New J? ON Jeraey Real Estate Prompt attentlou. CIIAS. F. OILMAN, 1 IS Broadway, room No. 6. OK* OOOD&. A GREAT RtJKll AT BOTH 8TORF-5. Auction rooms ooaheMk|Uirlera. Two store* enable <>? to buy ing lout cheap, and to keep both supplied with bargain*. IMMKNsK LOTS DKESS GOODS. 15c. IMMENSE L?T8, 37X?. andfl#e. AUCTION Ml'SUNS, 10c., 13?C., 15c. an 1 20e. BKST 4 ? W A M SUTTAI. 30c. ALSO IMMKVSE LOTS ALPACAS, TABLE LINENS, EMPHKS8 CLOTHS, Au.. Ac , (rum anctlou, AT NEARLY HALF PKICi;. FOSTER BROTHKUS, W7 Eighth avenue, near Eighteenth street and FOSTER BROTH lilts, VI Bleei ker street OlSEAC'S PATENT HOOP SKIRT HOLDER. No m.ire accidents from hoop skirt*. No more ridiculous situations for ladies. No more springs allowing below the Balmoral. No more t ;n(l<-d spring*. No more hoop skirt turning every which way With tli.i LOlSEAl ? HOOP SKllir HOLDER, Absolute Immovability, safety, eaae and elcgnnre. Sold at retail in all f.niry mil dry mom stores. V, holeaaln dealer*, BM. LoISEAi; A CO., m< Broadway, New York. Wanted?Agent* for the country. L MIAHMIt.' A LADY OF MANY YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN THE Broadway milliner? trade, would make, at her own residence, Bunnell- in the latest style, either mourning or eolored, for a wholesale or retail business; best reference given tt required. Address for on* week Mme. Kavre, sta tion F Post office. Siith avenue. . NIM KIiiiAX Mil >. A "great REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS and Shoos until the l*t of May. at IRWIN'S chesp store, W0 Bowery, corner Hand street. Soiled *tuok lesa than half price. LL NliRrtAMES IB ONE-SEND STAMP FOR price list. L. L. wniTLOCK, 37 Park row, N. Y. YJROOKLYN ARMS COMPANY. J) corner of Bridge and John streets, BROOKLYN. L. L. Mar landing of Bridge street ferry. BKINO FULLY PREPAKliD with tM best machinery and workmen will execute work of all kind* *nd metals. ("TONSCMPflON POflTIYBLY CTTRED BT a"RECENT J discovery.?Free consultation can be bad from 2 to 3 P. M. on Mohday, Tueaday and Wednesday, at 101 VarUk street. COMPBEShED PEAT AND DUST COALl^ATENTS. Owners of such Patents will probably find a customer by sending particular*, describing prooees, term*. Ac, to M. ?., Herald office. aTlXTnail 'a<?ENcy wanted in new or. laana. A Arat das* house In New Orleans would Ilka to have the Agency of a good Nail Company: would mnko cash advsnena and quick salesand return*. Addresa boi 1,376 Poet office. New York. pEMlNOTONS TTBEABM8 SOLD BY THE TltAD*GENERALLY. A LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO DEAl.l-RS. 900,000 furnished the United Slate* Government. We offer for *ale on favorable terms:? 1tf>0 United $tatea Bide*(steel barrel) with tabre bayonet*. OOll United States Ritled Muskets. lfi.WW United Ut iles Army or Cavalry Revolvers. We are also pie pared to contract for supplying ;i? early da-e onr approved Breech-leading Klfleand Carbine fnewniolel) for military *ervloe, and for the alteration of nnitzlo load ing arm* to tirteuh-loadlna under the Berilan patent. B. RJIMIWOTON A SONS, Illon, N. T. TonumnjIs.-wantbd to piTrcha?e," i>ke"half or tbe whole of a well established Job office. Call on or addresa B. C. tJelchell, M Sixth avenue, froia 7 to 8o'clock P.M. TfTANTED-AN IRON SOAP KET1LB WHICH WILL vv boll IfjOOO to 16,Oft! pound*; also one holding about 120 gallon*. Inquire at 70 Murray street. W~ antkii-pbTnt fAPk% thb TdvebtTpITr Wsnta to buy from 10 to HO tons good rmg "new*," to be made tn order. Paper manufacturers will please send rmall sample and atate price and term* to R. H., Herald office. WANTED?A LAEOB BECOND HAND BOOK SAFE; most he In good order, of approved make, and with divisions for book* only. Addran* bo* 2,l?>6 Post office, N. Y. WANTED TO PURCIBASE ?A NKWSPAPER BOCTF. with JCO or no aubeorlbenb Addreae M. O. K., Herald ofBoe. WANTED TO PHBCIIASR OR CHARTER-A SMALL $2,000.04(0. JSMwHS!^ L L WMITIOCK, 87 Park row, H. T, i AMi'HCMBrn. 1WCOADWAY THEA'IR : ADMISSION 00 C&HTB. Jj Corner of I n .lw<vuti.l Broome .treet Second w< ek of the most b engagement ihis HUM of lUo W0<UW?uownt>d omjv dhtna and original dollutaUM* of IRISH *\U YANKEE LIKE. MIt. AMI MRH. BAKN'KV WILLIAM*. Owlnff to the eivire tatisfaction expressed, mil to great numta-a bring turned away unable to witness tue bcauiuul Icuuidary drum..of the fury circle, it will by *p"eMI solicitation continue to be pre-euted up to Friday. Mini 0, followed by the protean '.true of IN AND III r UK PLA?K In tvhlch Mrs. Bsxuey Williams v.-.11 muuiiie all different characters. Box odea open from * to 6 o'clock. Scats may 6i> secured si* J?y? tn advance. Door* nen at 7. Perform inct commences at 71; o'clock. Saturday. Much 9, isKOOND (?HAN > of MR. AM) MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Broadway theatre. FRIDAY EVENING March 8, 1*57. First I? netlt of M BARNEY V ILLIAMS. DRAMA, COMEDY, EX1 ItaVAUANSLA. IRELAND AS ll WAS . HIE ROUGH DIAMOND. TtlB IIAPPY MAN. Box book now open. nAHTZ'H TKMPLE OF MYSTERY, S06 BROADWAY. Tickets, Ml cents; resarved seat?, j>i. Soais secured all days In advanue at the Hall, from 9 till 5. Continued success and unbounded enthusiasm. causedby the NEW PROGRAMME. WITHOUT APPARATUS, and the eri- it-m Spectacular Illusion of the day. PttOIEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS, FROTSUS, WH ARE HERE, BUT HOT HERE, TTIEIB ASKET TRH'K. Growth of Flower*. 1!outing llcu.l, and other wonder*. *111 be produced EVBKY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY ATS. WEDNESDAY JUVEMLB NIGHT. Children half price. OVERMAN STADT THEATRE. 45 AND 47 BOWERY. X Thi (Tuesday), March 5. will be presented DIE ZAUBERKLOTc. (THE MAGIC FLUTE), Gram) opera in lour acts, by Mozart. M wl. Hotter as Queen of the NljfliL Mad. Frlilertd oh Famina. Mr. Ohandon as Sarastro. Mr. (Jroschel (is i'amlno. M.. Formes an Puponeno. Mad. Rotter as Papagcna. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS?585 BROADWAY. The Trouble com nence* at quarter t<i eiu'ht. THE ('REME l?K l,A CRI ME OF MINSTRELSY. B1RC11. WAMBOLD. BERNARD & BACKUS' S\N FRANCISCO MINSTRELS whose success has never been equaled,by any similar or,rani xat'nn In the world. New and cheerful Btirlnrqu* every week. Hilton Head Institute. Norma and Greasy. A D>in. gerous Game, or the Kcuo Sharp'*. I will Mary Her no Early in the MoriunR. .Shouts of Inn.'hrer at the Shadow Panto mime, a.iJ the scro.ituini; Black Cook and Atrican UaUct Troupe. Kelly a leon'S minstrels, 720 broadway. CINDERLEON. The luxuries ready at el-ht. The madagascar Agony terminates at ten. only BALl.t'T rROUPE. Demon Danee at 9:30. L K ON BROOKS'BRIGADE. With Kellifante, in e pern a NAUUHTY GIRLS. Seymourgati, and Burlesque. belisark). Alleuall. Sinn the grand trio STOP TH AT Priclnl with EDWIN KELLY. LAUGHING. and the "Life Has No Power" TRUE LOVE Fairies, creams intense enthusiasm. NEVER RUNS SMOOTH. (1HARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. J Bvery night ai Bryanta' i Mechanics' Hall) 472 Broadway, cheapest and most agreeable' place of Amusement in Ameiien. SPLENDID CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE. HINODO SPORTS, BY BALDWIN TO-NIGHT. THE BOARDING SCHOOl TO-NIGHT. PROMISING YOUTH TO-NIGHT. INSlOE AND OUTSIDE TO-NIGHT. THE ORIGINAL broadway BOYS TO-NIGHT. BEAUTIFUL BALI.ET, THE CAMELIAS TO NIGHT. CONCLUDING WITH JEALOUS WIFE TO-NIGHT. Madame parepa-rosa IN SAMSON, THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING. HANDEL'S GREAT WORK, "SAMSON," will be produced on TUESDAY. Mareh 5, AT STEIN WAY HALL. with the following eminent artlsta and chorus of 309 male, female anil boy voices:? MaDAME.P vREPA-KoSA. Prima Donna. MISS (J. V. BVTOHINGS, Contr.llo. MR. GEORGE SIMPSON, Tenor. MR. J. R. THOMAS. Basso. MR. E. J. CONNELLY. Organist. MR. G. W. COlBV, Pianist MR. F. L. RITTER. Couductor the NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY, TOGBttlKK WITH THE CECIMAN CHOIR, Dr. Gutler, Choir Mailer. AND THEO. THOMAS' FULL ORCHESTRA. L. F. HARRISON Director TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Re*er??d Beats an cents extra, at Beer 4<clilrmer's, 701 Broad'vuy; Pond A Co.'a, 547 Broadway; Rullman'aTic ket ofllcn, 112 Broadway, and Steinway llall. Samson.?steinway hall. TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH B. ladles and gentlemen of th? Chorus and Orchestra are requested to be present on the above evening at liu1f-ps>-t seven o'clock prtdwl;. Also to attend full rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon, March 5, at two o'clock. CtHOII.TAN CnOIR.?THE MEMBERS OF THE CECIL J um Choir arc respectfully inv.ted to take part In the per formmtoe of the oraimlii of Snwoou, at Sleluway Hall, on TueHday evening, March 6. Tickcta of admission for the ?i?ce door can be obtained on ?pplioallon to Mr. Harrison, Irving Hall. D. H. JOHNSTON. Secretery New York Harmonic Society. SHROVE TUESDAY EVENING, (Mnrcb BL grand concert at the Tree CHURCH OK THE REDEMPTION (East Fourteenth street. opposite the Academy of Muslo), To aid In discharging the floating debt ? of the Church. MRS. MARIE abbott,, MRS. .V LA HOU, rontrxllo, MR. C. O. lock WOOD, Tenor. MR. FREDERICK STEINS, Baritone. MR. GBOKOE WASHRUKNE MOKUA.V, (he emlu< nt Organist. M?. JKBOMK HOPKINS, Organist of the Church. MR. J. M. abbott Conductor. (Organist of Church of the Saviour. Brooklyn.) To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* One Dollar. Galleries ^Reserved) Two Dollar*. To be obtained at the Church on the evening of the per foruutnee. The republican court in tht days of coln, NOW DRAWING CROWDS OF ADMIRING VISITORS, DAY AND EVENING, AT THE GALLERIES, 625 BROADWAY. STUDIO BUILDING?tl WEST tenth street. Last week of I)e Unas' painting. "Farragut'* Fleet Passing the Forts Below New Orleans." _ 'ERADF.s TO-NIGHT. The ftne?t assortment of Co*twrae* >-aj? be had of K. W. WILLIAMS A CO NO. 66 EASr THIRTEENTH street, near BROADWAY. VfASQCERADE. masquerade, ill GRAND MARDI GRAB BALL or TIIK CKRCLE PRANCaI* |?E T/HARMONIE, AT IRVING IIA 1,1 . this TUESDAY. MARCH 5. 1?I7. Great preparations are being made by the Committee to render tbl? ball a success. FULL ORCHESTRA. Ticket* may be obtained of Messrs. L. F. Harrison. Irving If .til: L. C. Koppel, No. II Ann street; Jscotltot. W5 Cedar street; Ed. Dechau*, 17 Howard street: Francis Kinkier, Hoffman House, corner Twenty-fifth street rturl Itroadv.av: D.-lmonlco's, Fourteenth street end Fifth avenue, and the Members of the Society. MAX KKW PIHU \ BBNRY hard W KKi'IICK'S great "SLEDGER" Story In YANKEE NOTIONS tpnee IS CNIi), uow ready at all news stands. miDE TABLES. GIVING THE TIME AND HEIGHT OP X High Water for every day In the year, at all ports In the I nlted States, have been published by the United Slates Coast Survey Oflloe, snd are on sale at the principal nautical store*. They can also lie obtained by application to the Coast Survey Ofllce, In Waablngton city. Price twenty-live rent* INSTRUCTION. At townkerd's business college, m bowery, between Prince and Houston, Instruction day and evening In Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic. Spelling. Grammar. Correspondence, Ac. Rooms for ladies aud private instruction. No classe*. A YOUNG LADY, WHOSE ATTAINMENTS, PATRON age and references si* strictly first class, visits and receive* .idult pupils and married ladles fur private lessons In nil tin Bitnmnn English I ranches, mathematics, rhetoric and belles lettrea, coin position, em responded c?, convwaat'on, criticism. topic- of the dav, reading, the |<oets, history, Eng lish literature, music. Boi JO Union ?qu?re Po>t office. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION TO IN airuct children in English, muslo and plain and fancy work; has Ihe highest recommendation*. Address Miss F., care of American Emigrant Company, No. 3 Bowling Green. * -TEN YOUNG t A DIES WILL BE RECEIVED AT J\. one of the Vw-it ladles'bo?r ling son.-ols In New York State, at ?!**> per school yeer. including board, tuition in English, Lstln. modern languages, Iii*trnm ?U: aiMTWHl mane, painting, drawing. *??.. provided application I* made within two weeks to J. W. HCHERMEHUOBN. 410 Broom* street. New York. At paine-r brbinem colleges, m bowery and Fulton, Brooklyn, Bookkeeping. Writing. Arith metic, Latin Grammar. Spelling. $M per quarter. Ladies' day and evening Wrlllny Lesson*, ffl for |3. BOOKKEEPING. PBNXAMaiP AND IPSINEM AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial In?tital?, 74# Broadway. Established IMA Private Instruction. _ BOOKKKEriMO. WRITING, AO., FOR BUSINESS Mefars. DOLBKAR. fit*, teach"* Bookkeep Ing practically, as used In the beat New York houses: they also remove ? tlffnes* i ramp'ng or trembling, and make ele gant bualnesi penmen. Gentlemen oan secure private rooms. I FRENCH IN SIXTY LESSON* D A MONTH, DAY 1 class; also Conversation. Neither.grewnar^nor dlo 110nary 1* required. I'ROF. JOSEPH J. "IUKRRE, No. 1 Breroort plaoe, Tenth street. INSTRUCTION AND BOARD FOR A FEW children under the age of twelve, with an Epl^npal family re dding a short distance I* the country- Addreea A. B., bog 1,73* Post office. ______ WANTED?A situation AS OOVERNESS, BY A yovng ladv of good education; best of reference* given Rto qua. Ideation, ' koracter. to. Address K. S., boi M) roy, (lenesce county, N. T. 01)NG NRN WANTED-FOR WRITINO AND BOOK, keeping. Term* only ?? Premiums awarded month I* Bmployn ent given while learning. Student* la el I oat tone Call at th* I neWtete, 6H5I broad way. .iMIIKMKSTS. VITOOD'B THBATES COMIQOB. IT SH Uroadwuv (MoilW^t 1 ADMISSION SB CTK. a family BESOKT. Nicholas Huul. Complete suflflcu of the Grand <Vu''c Combln'itlin. Mr. B1 ftXELL HI NNELLS am] bl? TWO SONS, Mas o' Gale-thenics, in their animated posesaod wonderful t nnter* I UIUII jillilJI I ? U uwpw? -I jym Prof. GEO. 1'. lit: TCUINSON and mar vellous troupe of Aim NO DOGB, ? ?uu li rici! exhibition of canine sagacity, far **ce'llng I? pom of cum ii._r. d vierlty an 1 >iyle any feats ever done by Is. Mr. (JllARI I's AUSTIN In his Lightning Zouave Drlli, icgetlier with Mm?trel?y, Ootnlc .s|ngm? nil Panto ml iic, t! o wm'jIb i liming .i combination of attractions never before o'lored. This ei'nun;, at 7J?. Wedu?'day Mil Sak? urday, Slatlne-, at lu,.-k. a select Kamily resort. MATIN'EE.?WOOD'S TllfCATltB OOHIQCK. Wedt . lay, M rih H. *' lft o'cVy?. KunneB* and Son*. Iluuhl?Son aiv! Acting Mr.-w Anitln in Z >u ive DrllL A URaND Family M AT INK E?Admission 8s cents. \|i EDN 1SDAY MATINEE.-WOOD'S COMIQUE. 514 ?? Broadway. Kuiinelbt an 1 Sons in C..vmtia?tlc E*er<-I?e*. l'role??Ol HttKhliison and lu? Acting Hon, Austin in Zouave Drill. A FAMILY entertainment?Admission 23 eenta. K JEW YORK THE Arm:. '! n a- th I etrln Biker and M . rk Smith Third wuek of the brillian' aarl .icrompiMljak argute, lady pon, m who will appear thla evening In two of herKlfist ce.'bratad roles. prnsEUs. In Brou.;h'( m^i'rnr"nt bt>rlo<?)\ie of l'LKfiEUS-ANLi a NDKOMEDA; OK TilE MAID AND THE MONSTER. AND MBS. > MY LIE, In Tom Taylor's eiqnlilie comedy of SINK POINT?. OK LA*. MR. MAUK SMITH, MR. LEWIS BAKER, and tbeir unapt roachable COMEDY AND BURLESQUE COMPANY, will appear iu both pieces. OLYM 1*10 TIIKATKE. Coutmued sueoess of the great local romance, the STR'.ETS UK SEW YORK. STREETS or NEW Y'"KK. STREET! OK NEW YORK. HTUHKTS or NEW YO tK. Mondnv evening. March 4. commence* the THIRD W l-.KK OK Hits i IKE AT MIRROR OP LIKE IM THE MKTlloi'OLl.S, which ha* been presented to an unbroken succession OK DENSELY CROWDED IIOUFES ?inee the firs; night of it* pro iucti >n. OltAND STREETS OK NEW YORK MATINEE on Sat urday next, commencing at 1 o'clock. MliS. V. B. CONWAY'S PARKTUEATRE,BROOKLYN. THIS EVENING, EAST LYNN. Lartv Isabel Mm. P. B. Cinway Archibald Carlyle Mr. P. li. Couway Theatre pbancais. . comedy. THE OKAND SUCCESS tuesday, MARCH k 1HH7, FOURTH REPRESENTATION OP L\ PAMILLE BBNOtl'ON (Original of The Kant Kiimlly), fnmedy, In live acta, by M. Victor'.en Snrdnn. Ticket oJlce at 11. HurdonvlUe's, 678 Broadway. French theatre?Thursday, march 7. BENEFIT OF (IEORUE DESSOYE. LONDON ASSURANCE, with a host of Volunteer*. Prlvavato boxes and tickets to be bad at No. 3 Park row. Tony pastor's opera house, 201 bowery. Ati entirely new drama, iounded upon reoent event* and entitled tue HILLS OF KERRY, OK ireland'S LAST STRUGGLE. New scenery, machinery, appointment*, Ac. A new loeal farre. TH hi INVALIDS. Anew ballet. IDE POMT8R Of GOLD. Neiv son.:* by TONY I'ASTOK. An entirely new OLLA PODRIDA of novelties by tnis inoomp mible variety troupe. Matinee on Wednesday and Saturday, at '2'y o'clock. Griffin a Christy's FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE minstrels. G. W. H. ORTFFIN Manager. The greatest Miicce** ever uoliieved. UKA.ND SPECTACULAR burlesque. THE BLACK CROOK, every night until further notice. He cng igcment of Mr. <mo Burbnnk, who will positively app<* ir on Thursday, Murch 7. HOOLEY'8 orERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN.?THE llouke thut Jack Built. BurlaWjuo Black Crook .md Bullet Troupe. Kir^l appcunuus in America of the (rreat Enc!i?h artist* Mr. A. batnlord and Mr. J. S. Uarttwr. Bur le?que I'aiepa Cone. rt, Hamlet the Dainty. Two t'ompeys, Ae. (irand Matinee Saturday, March 9, at 2>{ o'clock. BUSYAN TABLEAI-X?LAROEST PANORAMA lit the. worl 1. Sixty magniUoMt scenea, Ulu?tr?tlug "Bun van's PlWrlra's I'logr-s".** Union Hull, Bro.viwny and jwentT-tulril street. Open every nipht at 7; commencing at 7^ Admission 50 ceutx; children 26 cents. Matinee Wed nesday ami Saturday, a! S o clack. ROBT. J. GRliENWOOD. Manager and Proprietor. WONDERFUL FP.EA.K OF NATURE?'THE WAHH INGTON TWIN.-','' borti alive having two lie#1!*, four arms, *nd but one hody and otiu pair of legs; alan the head and right arm <>r Probn, th? -ivirnerer of the Doerlng fami ly; together with the magntflcent collection of bjects in rUynlo our, Anatomy. I'atll'ilogy and Natural Hlftnry, all of which hre illustrated dully by Lecture* and Mt<soee"i*? Vlewi, at the New Y rk .Mumum of Anatomy, CIS Broad way. 0]K"!i from ? A. M. to 10 P. M. The ore at uistorical paintino. "THE KKI'l HL1CA* COURT" IN THE' DAYS OP LINCOLN'. GITINO 70 OR ?0 F|NK PORTRAITS OF THE MOST PROMINENT PERSONS OK TI1K PERIOD. RY n F. ROTHERMEb. NOW ON EXHIBITION, DAY AND EVENING, INSTITUTE Of ART (DKRBY UALLEKY), . m BROADWAY. Theatre tickkt opfice. Re?erve?l* for all first cl*?s Theatre*, Concert*, Bails, to, can always he obtained ut the X1JK ATRE TirKRT OPFICE, I 112 and 114 Broadway. PIA M'POHTES, A PINE ASSORTMENT OP PIANOFORTES TO LET. and told on ' Instalments, at the manufactory. ISA and 186 Bant Twenty arm -licet. l> P. CUM Ml NO A AU BATTBRMON IIAS ON BALE TWO MAONIFf* . rent 7.'i octave rosewood Piano*. from the bent nty ma ker*. which lie filler* ?t a remarkable bargain, In eom-cqncnre of the stringency of the times. For full description c?Il and ??*. glrti% ?(jiiBBi MtnM. Mr vtorttoih MfMI. N. B.?Tho Piano* ure of Hie rarorest e^egmcs and reMaW" In every re sp-cL A. 1/ BaTTERSON'S aud Puru.ture Stor age Warehouse, (BO SlsttU avenue. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OP TnE FINEST Y and cheapest ne?v anil second h in'l Pianos in the mtv. for *aln mill to let at AM. CaNDIoUS* wareroout. 40 Bleecfcir street. * GREAT REDUCTION IN PRIOBS, SPLENDID AS s\ surtmeut Piano*. HvRMOItE'S wsrerooms, 848 Bleecker. warranted live year*. 17 prlxe medals. Flu* aecond band Pianos cheap. A MAONIPICENT PI AN OPORTO FOR S*r,E-POR 1\ $375, ewttM Al? i a Parlor Suit. fur $121; one do. for $75. Also the Furniture of a parlor aud four bedrooms, at n bargain, ln'i'tlre .it 110 Weal Efehth street, near Sixth avenue. ' V SWEPT TONED, MODERN ROSEWOOD CM OC lave IMuno tor Balo. I'rtc ? $1*0, Including Kt'Ml and Cover. Apply at 8W Oreenwlih s'reet. AMAONIFIOEJTr, FIRST CI,ASS ROSEWOOD PIANO forte fur sale: made order, city tnnker. eoMIM, for $$'I0. Parlor Suit*, lOtaffxr**, Komrtna, Kronzes, Painting*. Bu reaus, Bed'tead* Wa?h*tind*. ButtreH?e*. Extension Table, Buflnt. China. Ula?*. silver Ware; a aaerifloe. 44 West Hia teenth etreet. near Sixth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE FIANO, WITIt the oi'idern improvements, will be sold at a reduoed price lorcaih. I'M) Amity street, near Sixth avenue. H. llAHDMAN. BAKOAINS.-HANDROME PIANOFORTE. 8U OCTAVE, Wm. ilall A Son. makers, $H0; rosewood 7 octave, ne.irly new, fur half U* or.ptnil price; nl*o a*?ortment new Pianofortes at greatly reduoed pnoei. McDONALD A CO., SO Fourth avenue, oppo*lt? Cooper iMtltnte. WILL PURCHASE A FINE TONED SIX OCT lave Piano city maimer. Apply at *J2 Msdieon si $100 Mt'SICAL. A LADY WILL CIVK PIANO LESSONS TO A PEW A scholar*, at her own or pupil'* residence, at $13 i>e? quarter, in a'lvanee: thorough instruction guaranteed. A|>? ply at tit*' sixth ,iv., between Thirty-ninth and Fortieth eta. A T TUB NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, A 83 MADISON AVF.M'E. TERMS $10 PER QUARTER A BASSO SINOKR OF REPUTATION DESIRES TO aeeept ? plsee in a flr*t elast church ebolr. Addreso J. P., care ut J. Scliuberiu M Co., Vo Broadway. /^UITAR, PIANO. TIOUN, STNOINf)-*4a WEST IjT T??>ntv-sUth *treet, between Seventh and Eighth ave> nue*. Mrlr'Iy | riVHte le ons at tho lowest rale*. Coll or Knd fi r elrenlar, .\ocl.ts*es. . uejr, Ac., .HI cent* mL at the music storos. DALY'S. 419 Orand street. C'?PRANO.-A COMPETENT SOPRANO DESIRES AN i? eng uremeot In * i|iiartet oho Ir, fr'-m May I, in t&l* citr or Brooklyn. Address U. M. B? Herald oSica, 1HIR MISSES RI,OMAV?PROFESSORS OF PIANO, Sinking and Hiirti, residence M Kan Hevonteeuth street, ltefsreuco. Beer A ScU inner, Broadway. Q1A PER QUARIER FOR PIANO MWSONS; NO JA'' cln'*?wa? at otin-rmusicalnttadsmles. No. 187 Wen Flevi ntli street. F'vilai' far nailies. OSloe hours 18 U.I i o'clock. UAMC1NM ACADEDHEO. DODWORTH'S DANCINO ACAOKMY, NO. JU PIFT1I ATBSU*. For terms, A?i. tend lor a rlrcu er. A BROOKES' DANCINO AC \ DBMY, 8*1 SSOOMB ST A NEW CUM FOR TUESDAY. All MM rashtooaMe D*?r-? In one course ^Mawm* LADIES meet Tuesdays and Frldiys. I lo J', P. M ORNTLRMEN, Tuesday* ?nd Frday*. 1% lo 10 P. M, CHILDREN. Wednesdays and I<^ *? LADIES' Primary Class :natr.i(n|d ><[*r?i SOI REE E VE R Y WE I>N ETOA Y BTBNI NO. BBOOKBS' BOOK ON MODERN DANCINO, JUST PUBLISHED. PRICK $1. DE OA HMO'S DANCINO AOADBMY, 80 Fit Til svemie, rorner of Fourteenth strrst. ?Open tor the re eeptl.m of I'tipil* or l ursdv' ?a<* Pf<l?T?, Weduetd iy? aud Ssiird*ys.